Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 16, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 16, 1873 Page 3
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THE COURTS. Bankruptcy of a Large Notions Firm —Lightning Adjudication. Tho Garden Oity Insurance Company —List of Claims Objootod to by the Petitioning Creditors. Stoohanics’ Irions—A Young Wifo ItoVbcrt of Hop Uusbnud— Baulcinuitcy Matters* The Curtis Estate Difficulty—The Fam ily Tendency to. Insanity— Melancholy Case. The Union National Bank of Chicago, on tho 11th inst., filed a petition in bankruptcy for the adjudication of Cleveland it Johnson, traders hi notions, which .petition was “suppressed for service ” until Saturday. In this case tho fol lowing facta woro shown, in tho petition and ■ tnoub on a note belonging to petitioner, In favor 'of Q, A. Ivon, for 88,000, dub 10th May last; that two demands havo boon mado on debtors to , pay said notes, and that they havo refused pay ment. Tho same day Cleveland A Johnson entered confession of the act of bankruptcy charged... Tho samo day tho bank petitioned tho Court, for tho Appointment of a Provisional Assignee,' alleging that, for eomo reason to tho petitioner unknown, debtors havo boon losing largo ' sums' of money within tho past fow months; that, j notwithstanding such losses, and tho insolvency of tho firm, tho assets will pay nearly all its lia bilities, provided tbo stock of goods could bo im mediately disposed of; that petitioner feared, 'Unless it was so disposed of, or speedily disposed' of, it would suffer serious loss-by depreciation! in value, and by tho expenses .'of running said business; that they havo reason to believe a speedy sale could bo .made on advantageous terms of tbo entire stock if some man were ap pointed Provisional Assignee to attend to the disposition of said goods, and dispose of tho stock to some purchaser or purchasers, thereby saving tho heavy expenses attending tho posses sion by tho Marshal, ot.: wherefore tho peti tioners pray tho Court-to appoint Homan G. Powers Provisional Assignee. Whereupon tho Court mode an order to thoof foot that, having road tbo said petition, bo ap points said Powers Provisional Assignee, as prayed, with full powor and authority to toko possession of, manago, and control tbo eamo. And tho eamo day said Powers formally, in writing, accepted such trust. Next day, tbo 12th, tho Provisional Assignee petitioned the Court, representing that he finds a number of unfilled orders for goods which ho thinks it for the Interest of tho estate should bo filled; that an inventory shall be taken of the stock, which is largo; ‘ that bo wants authority to employ assistance to take said inventory; and ho prays loovo to mako sales from time to time for cosh until a mooting of creditors bo hold and an Assignee chosen, or tho farther order of Court; where upon tho Court made orders hi compliance there with, and tho case there vests* Chicago, ever foremost in all undertakings, whether commercial or social, boats tho world iu her thirty-six-hour bankruptcy cases, os abe has long ago done in her twenty-four-hour divorce suits. A VOUNG WIFE IS ROBBED OP HER OLD HUSBAND* " u. umi/ uuauamii A few days since wore recorded tho fruitless efforts of a too amorous coachman to tear from her father’s grasp his wedded wife. To-day it is a deserted wife whose husband is kept from her by tbo evil machinations of his daughter. Kath arine McDonald was a widow, on the sunny side of SO, and the solitude of her life was solely di minished by tho presence of her daughter Liz zie, & girl 11 years of ago. To her (Katharine) came John Golden, an ill-preserved but wealthy old gentleman of GO years of ago, with many a fond protestation and assurance that ho was well to do.—owned real and personal estate,—and Would devoto it all to bar happiness if sbo would become his wife. Now, at this time Kothariuo was dwelling in a small room at No. US South Jefferson street, was in delicate health, had u growing daughter, and what won der that, gazing into tho fishy depths of John’s gummy • eyes, she consented, ana called in Mr. Hock, her landlord, and his wife, and a Mr. Martin A. Jennings, os witnesses of tho pro posal and acceptance. Never before was match making carried on In such a business-like man ner. Had tho legal acumen of a Sam Ashton or a Charles O’Malioy been retained to aid tbo widow in drawing out her agreement, it could h&vo hardly covered the ground hotter. Before flying with tho gushing ardor of a ‘BO-yoar-old widow to tho old man’s embrace, tho latter entered, into tho following auto-nuptial agreement: That ho, the said John Golden, would rent or purchase a dwell ing-house, furnish tho some, at once com mence to keep house, and provide everything for the comfort and happiness of complainant and her daughter Fannie. That he would clothe nod board the said Fannie McDonald and send her to tho High School in Chicago, to bo thor oughly educated j and that ho, tbo said John Golden, would over bo a true, kind, faithful, and affectionate husband to complainant, and a father to tho said Fannie McDonald. The amo-- rous old fellow entered verbally into this agree ment as light-heartedly as Emile Ollivier began war* with Prussia, and tho services of Mr. end Mrs. Book, and tho mutual friend Jen nings, wore no longer required. On the 16th day of April lost the Bov. Father Sitters joined January and May in tbo holy bonds at the Jesuit Church in this city. Tho ardor of old men is ebortlived, generally, and m this particular In stance, that rule, ana not its exception, obtain ed. Shortly after his marriage tho old man broke bis marriage vows, disregarded tbo ante nuptial agreement, and deserted his wife, whom ho had never token out of her little room on Jefferson street. Tho mainspring of tho old man's heartless conduct is alleged to have boon tho persuasions of Ida two married daughters, which prevailed upon him to leave his wife and shelter himself under their roof, and now the wife files her bill for maintenance and for speci fic performances of the ante-nuptial agreement. THE GARDEN CITY INSURANCE COMPANY. The citizens whom it may concern will take notice and govern themselves accordingly, that Henry Newcomb <k Co., tho petitioning cred itors in tbo matter of the Gordon City Insur ance Company, who have done nothing else in prosecuting thoir case for tho best port of a year, on Saturday filed objections to any proof of debt or claim against tbo bankrupt being filed by any uf tho parties named below, for the reason, they allege, that neither of thorn have any valid or legal claim, debt, or demand against the bankrupt, viz.: Cris Ackerman, Paul J. Toft, Charles Camp, Thomas D. Bray, Wm, B. Morti mer ot al,, Nicholas Koch ot ah, Frederick Aiders, John Kucharski. Charles Paulor,Miobaol Fitz gibbona, Frederick Klelmhouse, Wondlln Moyer, John F. Wallher, Charles Hoffman and H. B. Dietrich, James W. Moyer, J. 11. Muhlka, P. Btasor, Hans Schlotthans and Juba Supple. Phuip Appel, Potor* Brausob, L. Boerlln, J. M. Bryant, Herman Brown, B. Grammes, T. P. Hatch, Fk. Goagor, John Korwin, A. Laugbtor john, J. S, Miller ot al., Andrew Miller et ah, Miller Bro., Mrs. Henrietta Miller, Louis Mossor. Max Schweitzer, James M. Thom »e, Charles Wetzlor, Peter Devine, W. Kurchhamn, A. Zich, Nancy B. Walk er, Caroline O. Bert, 11. A. Plants, John Ellingaou, A. Lawson, Orrin Benedict, Abner O. Keeney, M. L. Palmer, F. C. Overton, W, H. Morris, Charles M. Bailey, W. H. Smith, Michael Stokes, Daniel F. Barber, A. K. Waters, Joseph Schuster, H. P. Hall, Aim MoPherUn, James Streeter, K. K. Forest, Froerriok Horhold, Chorlos B. Newcomb, Edwin T. Osborne, Henry I’hion, L. W. Htioknoy, Adam Schmidt, William P, Emery, William MoPhoriu. Jeremiah Kimball, U, Parish, D. O, Crawford, Charles M. Roodor, T. W. Williams, George A. Alexander, William Harris, and O. W. Henkel. In connection with the bankrupt, but not with this particular matter, it may bo stated that tho claims against tho bankrupt are now nearly all owned by a few persons. 'They are endeavoring to make the most of the assets in a quiet way, and avoid bunkruptoy, so as bo clear os largo a profit as possible out of the transaction. tue charges against an assignee. Tho following aflldavits to rebut tho charges atoly brought against tho Assignee of tho Union .lithographic Company, In bankruptcy, were filed n Saturday afternoon with tho clerk in bank qptov: not with tbo Register in whose bvxb the objections are, having boon referred for tho purpose of taking proof. Thomas P. Power, business manager for E Mondol,—whoso solo of tbo property belonging to the ootato to tbo President of the bankrupt Company was part of tlie matter objootod to— j testifies (bat ho is tbo “ identical porsoh” who offootod tbo purchase of tbo property from tho Azslgnoo. Ho made an examination of tbo ua* chlnory, material, tools, 6t0., and considered ibolr outside value not to exceed $7,000. On behalf of Moudol bo bid for It, and U was oold to Mon-, del for that sum, Monad's instructions being not to pay more tbau $7,100. ‘Ho says bo afterwards tried to dispose of It at a profit, but tbo boat offer no received’was, 80,000: and Mendel finally, sold it for 610,000, on long time, not receiving a cent In cash. (It was ibis sale of which com plaint wan made.) ( Louis Nolko affirms that ho has boon in tbo business of lithographing and printing, and is particularly acquainted with'tho values of tho machinery and material used by tbo Union Lith ographing Company. Ho was employed'by the Assignee to make a valuation of tbo property, which bo found to bo about $19,000. Ho certi fies that up totbo time of Uio solo to Moudol, tho Assignee exerted himsblf by going among tbo lithographers, and otherwise, to make a good sale, (it was this valuation on which ■ part, of tho objections wore based.) . • • ■ Charles L. Uiudlo. of tho firm of Hindlo & Jenkins, commercial printers, thinking ho could do something advantageous fdr himself If ho ho' could got bold of tho property at a cheap and. easy rote, affirms that ho offered tho-Assignee, ' $5,600 for It, which tho. Assignee refused..; Hoj considers Lafiiu was delinquent as an Assignee,. and pays him a compliment for his exertions '.on! bobaif of tho estate. That is all. " . CLAIMS AGAINST THE CURTIS ESTATE. ■ A very Interesting boso is being tried, in tbo; County Court, consisting of tho claims .against the estate of Saumol O. Curtis, deceased, oqo by Jones A Raymond; another in favor of Homy 1 ■ Mllword A Co,, and another In favor of J. Burks Johnson & Co., amounting in nil to about 86,000. All those claims aro on account of pork contracts’ . mado with tho parties by Mr. Curtis, in his life-; time, In March, 1672, which contracts, to some ATtent, Imva r>ok matured or boon ootUod. Mr. ‘ Curtis diodon tho 27tU of Juno, 1672, after hav-' ing adjusted, some two or three months previous-i ly, one of the contracts with H, MUwartl AOo.;l butotliore, some time after death, matured by their terms or woro 'closed under tho rules of tho Board of Trado, Tho principal dofonso mode in; the .case ia that Mr. Curtis became insame prior, to his death, ami some evidence of this kina has been offered on tho part of -the administrators to show that ho appeared to be' deranged a day or two before bis death, which was by his own “band, and the same evidence tends to show he reditary difficulty in respect to melancholy, re sulting in aberration or mind, or partial Insan . ity in some members of his. fathers family, and . with some of his ancles and aunts. Evidence' hoe also boon offered to show his condition of mind to have been a failing one, and in some ro- 1 spools more unfortunate and peculiar after tho Great Fire. Tho testimony in regard to this branch of tho case has been partially taken, and tho examination will be renewed to-morrow at 2 - p. m. Bent A' Black for claimants; Buell A Mooch for the administrators.' A TEASING MECHANICS’ LIEN. Thomas A. Banning files a bill in tbo Superior Court against Nicholas and Margaret Miller and Francis A. Russell. Complainant avers that ho purchased from ono Mandornaoh a certain two staiy frame house, acquired by Mandernach at Sheriff’s solo, whereat it was sold to satisfy a mechanics’ Hen ; that tho original owner of tbo bouse, Nicholas Miller, Is now occupying tbo house, with his wife, and refuses to dolivor to complainant tho possession thereof; that one Francis A. Bussell has a mortgage on tho loud on which tho -bonso is built, and com plainant foars that ho is combining with the Millers to defraud him, and will secretly foroolooo said mortgage, .and soil tbo land, together with complainant’s building; wherefore complainant prays that tho defend ants may bo brongbt to answer in a oonrt of equity, and that Russell's mortgage may be de clared a lion solely on tbo laud on which com plainant’s building stands. PETITION FOR LIEN ON A THEATRE, George I* Batoholdor files bis petition in the Superior Court against Frank li. Aikon, for a mechanics’ lion upon 11 Aiken’s Theatre.” Com plainant avers that defendant, who bod some interest in said building, contracted with com plainant to have built tlio area walls of ibo thea tre. which work was accomplished by the Ist of October, 1872. Subsequently, complainant did a quantity ofexcavating. The amount of complain ant's claim is $1,468.10, and. Os bo is unable to have it satisfied, ho files the present petition. The same complainant files a petition for a lion upon the interest in the same building owned by George White. Ho also states tbo fee of the theatre and the ground on which it stands is in one Gertruda A. Quimhy, wife of Benjamin Quimby. and that one Norman 0. Perkins has some interest in said promises, os trustee under a trust deed made to said Gertrude Quimhy and D. P. Quimby; that one Van H. Higgins olso claims to have an interest therein ; wherefore, complainant prays for the usual relief. NOTES FBOM TUB JIANKttUrTCY COURT, Onthollthinst., Orommos & Ulrich, of this oily, petitioned for tho adjudication m bank ruptcy of Philip Bohlck, also of this city, the pa pers being suppressed until Saturday for service. The petitioners claim as creditors under a prom issory note of SSOO, and balance of account, $2,557,77. They allege that the debtor abscond ed on tho 10th mat. with intont to defraud. Said firomissory note falling due on tho 2Gth May oat; that on the sth May lasi ho gave to John Wick confession of judgment for SI,OOO, On which execution was levied' oh tho lOtli of Juno last, said confession of judgment being Infonded to delay and defeat creditors, debtor being at ibo time insolvent. Affidavits are affixed, showing that debtor woe for some time previous to tho transactions named in a state of hopolose insolvency. A rule to show cause and warrant of seizure were Issued on tho 11th, when the Sheriff was in possession. . In the matter of Henry Llobonatoln and Joseph Spiegel, on the petition of tho Assignee, showing that James Morgamlandlord of bankrupt’s pre i raises, 443 and 445 Wabash avenue, is in posses sion of tho furniture of tho second story for six months’ rent duo, and refuses to give up tho same oven on tho Assignee executing an under taking to see his rights as regards said lion pro tected, ibo Court, on Saturday, ordered tho said Morgan to show cause tho day after service why he should not withdraw from possession of said property and litigate his claim in tho Courts. Joseph Yeagh was on Saturday given an ex tension of time till next Wednesday to answer rule in tho matter of Henry Hurst. The sale reported May 16, in the matter of Wm. O. B. Baker, was on Saturday approved; objections to bo filed by tho 21st inat, George W. pampbou was appointed Provis ional Assignee in the matter of Louis Levin. In tho matter of Childs and Yerdior, a rule was entered on Saturday on Tim Yordler to show cause why ho should not ho attached for neg lecting to file schedules. TUB COURTS CONDENSED. Mathias Hordorich files in the Superior Court his petition against Heinrich Oolson for a me chanics’ lion upon Lot 10 in T. P. Starr’s sub division of Lots 29, 30, and 91, N. addition to Chicago, and dwelling thereon, for $1,421.23. In luo Superior Court, Edward and Alexander Price file a petition against Catherine, James J.. Elizabeth, Emily, and Agnes McCarthy, and James J. and Catherine McCarthy, as guardians of Charles J. J. McCarthy, for mechanics' lieu of $780.27 on a 80 feet of Lot 6, Block 37, of original town of Chicago. ‘ Horton P. Kellogg and William F. Johnson ask. in tho Circuit Court, for a mechanics’ Bon against Jacob Kelly, on Nos. 094 and 080 Michi gan avenue, for $1,024.04. Frank B. Fogle applies in tho. Circuit Court for a writ of attachment against tho effects of ono Jeremiah Starr, who, ho alleges, owes him $303.76, and who is living at present at Annrillo, In tho County of Lebanon, Pa. Edwin Loo Brown says that tho petition for a mechanics’ lien filed by him, and printed in this column, is not on promises “on Lake street, next door to tho Tcomont House." Ho does not say where it is. NEW SUITS. The United States Oxnourr Court.—The Chicago Paving Company of Chicago, IU., v. Jefferson L. Ful ton, Uezeklah Young, William 11. alien, Emery 0. Evans, George W. Stanford, and tho Bituminous Hock Pavement Company ; infringement of patent for con crete pavement. Tub Oiftouiv Codzjt.—7,3ll,l2—Appeal, 7.313—11, P. Kellogg ot al. v. Jacob Holly uml w, J. Tewksbury; Setltlon for mechanic's lion. 7,Bl4—Frank 1). Fogcl v. oremlab Blair: attachment, $393.70. 7,3l6—Mary Kelly v. Michael Kolly ; divorce on ground of cruelty. 7,316— Mary Aim Toaeord v. Josephine Moss :restored case. 7,317— Peter Duller ot al. v, Jobu A. Brooks et al.; restored oaao. 7,3l9—Albert Parker v. OUarlea Bradley fit ul.; restored case. 7,3l9—flame v, flume ; same. 7,320—f1. 6. Wickham v. 8. P. Newton; re stored case. 7,801, 3, 8, 4, 6, o—ltevtorod oases. Henry Wallace v. A. W, Mason and M. P, Lawrence t assumpsit, SB9O. 7,838,9— Appeal, 7,330 —12, Brunswick et al. r. J. Van Ituusell; eoufeaulou of judgment, (114.17. 7,33l—lie stored cose. 7,392—Appeal. 7,333—E, Noalu v. Jo seph E. flmith end John Morris : case. $9,990. 7,331, 6, 8, 7—Appeals. 7,W»— Appeal. 7,189— Appeal. Buhht ntooRDS, 90.' Virginia 8, K. Fetsb&w v. All whom It may concern \ petition to establish iwul con firm title (o Lots Mto 42 Inclusive,in Block 3, Williams' subdivision of no of aoU of soo 30, i 38, ur U, oof 81—Hannah A,Davis v. same; same to Lota 26,38, 37, ami 28, in Block 4 and 7, Lot 6, Block 0, Springer k Fore's addition to Chicago. The flUTUiou (lourr.—ikUaT-rrMatUlia WeUerinh lim t/HUJAUU UAILV THUHJINE: MOIVDAY, JUNE 16, 1873. v. Honrlch dclson; petition for mechanics’ Hon. 48,798—•Ilobcrt M. Douglrwi et si. v. Buson W. Harris and Robert. Williams; bill, *3,72B—First National Hank of Chicago t, Charles 8. Cleaver; oiaumjMfi, , SSOO. 43,730—J0hn MoNotlln v. Edward If., Charles A. Pnlslfbr. and WlUJara H. Rogers | bill. 43,731-Ed* ward Price ok al., r. - Catherine, James J,. Elizabeth, Emily, Agnes McCarthy, and James J, and Catharine McCarthy, as guardians and trustors of Charles 3, J. McCarthy *, assumpsit, $3,000. 43,733 Edward and Alexander Price V, same; petition for mechanic’* Hen* 43,783—May A. McCormick v. Ameri can Bridge Company ; debt, $3,000. 43,734— George 8. Rodfleld v. Peter Mollr! ataumpsU, SI,OOO. 43,738- OornoUusHaywoodotal. v. rotor, Reynard; ok ah; assumpsit, S4OO. 43,730, 7, 8, o—Appeals. 43,f40 George L. Hatoholdor v. Frank E. Aiken ok al,; peti tion for moclianto’tt lion. 43.741—f1ame v. Ooorga While. Rodcriok OlTirlr. Oortrado A. Qnimbr, Benja min r. Qulmby, .Van 11. Higgins, Frank £. idkon. THEY WANT A SEWER. L' ' A largo and Influential mooting of property holders living lu tho Fifth Product of the Eigh teenth Ward was hold at tho corner of North avenue and Reuben street oh Saturday evening, for the purpose of petitioning tbo Board of Pnb- IhvWorks to open a largo sower from the river to tho Intersection of Milwaukee avenue and North avenue* It is seriously needed t ln this neighborhood to carry away the superfluous wa ters which, at certain seasons, inundate the whole groat annoyance and incon venience to tbo people. * On motion, J, 'E. Balrnbon was appointed Chairman. .Ho .stated' tbo object ofi tho mooting briefly, and .said It was:necessary to appoint a oommlUoo from tho, proporty-boldore in thoir vicinity to, give expression of their immediate demand for a sower to’tho ‘Board of Public Works, and also solicit-'tho presence and • co-operation of their Aldormonic representative, J. J..McGrath, toi assist in presenting thoir claims.. Mr*. Patrick i 'Dalton ,in it very clear and forcible manner, ro : t called to their .minds (ho • sufferings and ihcon vonlonco of last spring. Tho entire district, ho -said, was submerged, and rapid oairoQts flowed through tho haoomonts of thoir dwellings,. Poo- ; ■plo hadto wade through. eighteen Inches of water in going to their' work, and in a most pa thetic manner no dosoribod the alarm and terror . of thoir wives and danghtors, wbo hod .to bo ‘frequently reminded of tho rainbow to calm thoir fears, and God’s promises to Noah that bo would novor destroy tho world again with a flood. A motion was then mode and carried to appoint; a OommlUoo to represent their grievances to tho Board of Public Works.: Tbo following-named persons woro appointed : LeonardWurffoll, Pat rick Dalton, Thomas Boirnson,' M. O. Freuoy', James O. Cavorloy, Louis Hubboy, Fred Walters* On motion also, a deputation from thoir Commit tee was selected to wait on ox-Ald. Buehler* who Is a property-holder, and notify him of tho decision of tho mooting, and request his co-oper ation as a member of thoir Committee in the presentation of thoir claims to tho Board of Pub lic .Works, On motion, tho mooting. then ad journed. . PERSONAL Every evening this week Billy Manning will appear In one log o£ Brock McViokar’s old pant aloons, which wore addoC;. stage ward robe a few days ago. Dr. R. Lndlam, of this city, has returned from attending tho rocont mooting of tho National Medical Society in Cleveland, and a subsequent visit to Philadelphia., Gon. H. E. Hudson, who practised law In this city in 1859, and afterward entered tho army to mako an honorable record in all tbo principal engagements of tho war, died at his residence, iu Memphis, on tho 4th lust. Ho was born near Rochester, N. Y. Master Willio Francis, a young pianist of this city of groat promise, loft on Saturday for Europe in company with Mr. Florence Ziegfold to pursue his musical education. Ho will bo placed under tbo charge ofDr.Voikmor, tho celebrated Loipsio instructor. Although quite young,’ hi 9 present musical attainments give promise of do cided future excellence. It is said that young Walworth was Illogical, That's a good namo for it. Hr. David P. Smith, of Bpringfiold, Maas., has boon invited to the Professorship of Medicine at Yale. Mr. Sowell’s $50,000 libel suit against the Cin cinnati Enquirer was quietly kicked out ‘of court. ' . God. N. P. Banks is making arrangements to go to South America to engage in certain rail way enterprises. David L. Wardtaw, Judge of tho Supremo Court of South Carolina, died at Abbeville, S. C., on tho Bth inet. , . Oon. John 8. (Corro Gordo) Williams has ac cepted tho Democratic nomination aa candidate to the Kentucky Legislature. > - W. 0. Tollman baa boon appointed General Passenger Agent of tho Grand Trunk Railroad, with headquarters in Portland. Mrs. Gen. Lee makes a publio statement that she does not desire to have the Arlington oatotq diverted from,the purpose to which it is devoted. .. Congressman Joro M. Wilson, of Connorevillo, Ind.. will make ludianapolia his future homo, and has purchased a residence on North Penn* sylvania street.. Gen. Low Wallace signed tho application of a whioky-sollor for license some days ago, and there is much indignation in Orawfordavillo, Ind., over tho affair. George W. Matsell, Chief of Police in Now York City, has a largo farm near Anamoea, la., and usually spends a pari of tho summer at that pleasant country seat. Judge George F. Hooffor, O. W. Nixon, George Sargent, J. L. SJovin, and Charles Kahn ore tho nominees of tho Mayor of Connecticut , for Fire Commissioners. , *'Col. 0. 0. Puffott; a Republican politician, has accepted tho political editorship of the Charles ; ton (8. 0.) Daily Chronicle. ' The Colonel has an I excellent name for tho position.' Col. Drake, of the Third New Jersey, has boon put under arrest by his Brigadier for taking his' regiment to Philadelphia, notwithstanding ho hod permission from ine Governor. E.Dr. William R. Smith, who was oh tho staff of Gen. Zach Taylor, and in charge of ai hospital at Monterey, and whom President Taylor made Col lector at Galveston, Tex., died in that city, June 9, aged 67. A Massachusetts Congressman (it Is not neces sary to mention names) is credited with saying to a Western member that “No one bos ovor boon able to hold np an idea thin enough to poke it into that old crack in his hood.” Lieab. Rlbletk, a West • Pointer, who lately re signed from tho army and purchased tho Pekin (111.) Republican, got hie foofeaught in tho prose on Wednesday week; and injured so os td require tho amputation o! the great too. There wore rumors in 6an Francisco, 9th, that Mark Hopkins and 0. P. Huntington wore about to sell out tbolroontrolling interest in tho Con trol Pacific Railroad,—negotiations being then ponding at tho Bank of California. Tho Connecticut Legislature has advanced Judges James Phelps and Dwight W. Pardee, of tho Superior Court, to seats on tho Supremo Bench j Judge Pardee to take his next February,' when Chief Justioo.Soymour will retire. Secretary Richardson states that ho Is himself SiUo willing to appoint women to any grade of orkship to which they prove themselves quail hod by competitive examination. It has boon represented that ho refused them positions wuoro.the salary la above S9OO per annum. Tho Cholera* Memphis, Jane 14. —There wore only twelve interments here to-day from all diseases, against seventeen yesterday. For tho week ending last evening the interments were 119, of which only thirty-eight wore of cholera. . Love, Murder, and Sitlotde* Nashua, N. H.. Juno 14.—11. Jowott, a reject ed suitor, shot Ella Wood, at Hudson, in this State, this morning, then attempted to kill her father, and. falling la that, fatally shot himself. Ocean Sloamvkijp Mows* New York, Juno 14.—Arrived, tho steamship Batavia, from Liverpool. London, Juno IL— Arrived out, steamships Cuba, Italia, and Lapland, from Now York. Rouge et ftolr* Baltimore, Juno 14.— During a dispute over a f;arao of cards to-night, Charles Soott, colored, atally stabbed Thomas Uosbrey, colored. Scott was arrested. —The Massachusetts Hous j of Roprosonta tlves spent much of the time passed la rocetui while waiting for business yesterday (Juno la) in singing, The musio ranged from secular to patriotic and religious, and included “ Wo Won’t Oo Homo Till Morning,” “ Homo, Sweet Home,” “ Glory. Hallelujah,” 44 Tho Star-Spanglod Ban ner,” Nearer, My God, toThoo,” and “Old Hundred."— JJonton Adutrliecr. THE RAILROADS. The New Passenger and Freight Tariffs. How the Now Xjhw Affects tho Chicago Roads. Knotty Questions with Which tho Agents Ave Wrestling. Since tho passage of tho now law to rogulolo passenger and freight tariffs on railroads, tho iniorosiod managers have had several confer ences. From tho first, tbo general sentiment was In favor of endeavoring to comply with tho requirements of tho law. Its constitutionality was not unquestioned, but prudent economy . suggested it would bo - bettor to accept Its most unreasonable, tonus rather than risk tho heavy penalties; Incurred ,by Us violation, In oaso tho Supremo.'Court should sustain the law. Community ‘of interest prompted concert •bf 'notion. It was,' therefore, agreed that ooch company should got up a tariff! to moot tho varying oiroamstanoea affecting thoir .particular linos, and that, when prepared, a gen-, oral mooting should bo hold to compare tariffs : ‘ ond docldo upon thoir adoption*, Tbo’Freight Agents thoh’withdrew, to enter upon tbo moat difficult task oVor imposed upon' thorn. : There woro Sundry loop-holes la tho law i of which they might havo token advantage, but tbo prevailing purpose was to conform to tho spirit of tho act. As Chicago is tho great re ceiving and dlntributlng ' point .of tho 'West, thoir aim was, if possible, to afford shippers 1 far and near tho easiest and most available . moans .of transit to and from this city. With tho Chicago . and Northwestern Railway this was not a very diffi cult problem to solvo, bocouso from every point roaohod by ft,within this Stato, it is tho.shortest route to Chicago. A'distance tariff could, there fore, bo profllably mado.'. Bat with tho North and South roads, tho,caso is quite different. Evorydozon miles, or so they aro crossed by through Eastern linos.' Tako tbo caso of tho Chicago A Alton Railroad. At Bloomington it is Intersected by the Indianapolis, Bloomington A Western and tho Lafayette, Bloomington A , ■ Mississippi. Railroads, either of which Companies make tho eamo. rato through . from Now York to Bloom ington that is mado. by tho Alton Railroad via Chicago. Tho latter being tbo longest, tho short linos will bo enabled, under tho operation of ,tho now pro rata law, to mako a lower rato and thus tako all tho business ; but they can maintain tbo rato Just as high as will bring it a triflo under tbo rato established by tho long road. This will bo discrimination with a von- Seance.. under tho operation of a law especially osigned to prevent it 1 It will foroo tho long est road entirely out of tbo competition and place it utterly at tho morcy of tbo short route. For, rather than lower tbo general tariff of tho road sufficiently to moot this competition and bring ing It, at mtormodiato stations, to moroly nomi nal figures, tho companies will prefer to aban don tbo business at competing points and mako up the deficiency its loss will entail by advancing tuo local rates. The 'General Freight Agent of tbo Alton Boad proposes to charge for business received at competing points ana consigned to bis local stations the same rate that would bo charged from. Chicago, This policy would violate the spirit of the now law, out bo proposes to evade the penalties of ira infringement by of fering to tako ear loads ot 20 and 80 Sor cent less than regular rates for first, second, iird, and fourth does freight, and will offer this advantage to any one who can ship by car load.; The result will bo that, if a snipper at Springfield is able to patronize the road by tho carrlood, and a man at Lexington or any point 50 or 100 miles nearer Chicago cannot ship a like quantity, tho latter will bo compelled to pay a higher rate for a lesser distance than tbo heavier shipper .for perhaps double tho distance. And their Justifiable excuse will bo grounded on tho wording of tbo law proscribing that for (i Uko quantities," etc,, a greater charge shall not bo made for a lessor distance than for a greater. The north and jjouth roads will suffer most, but not alone. -The Book Island Company, for instance,'wUl havo to abandon tho business of Peoria. Last year that station yielded tho Com pany SBOO,OOO. But tho T., F. &W.B. B. runs in on air Uuo across tho State, giving a shorter lino to tho East than by way of Chicago, and will, therefore, mako a rate lower than tho Bock Inland Company can afford to touch. Their freight agent recognizes this barren fact, and, like Mr. Smith, of the Alton, and Mr. Tucker, of the Illinois Control, is preparing to mako good this deficiency by increasing tbo local rates suf ficiently to maintain tho revenue. Tho companies say they cannot affdrd to com loss than they h&ro done hitherto, and that being compelled to, abandon such a largo portion of their business' they would bo Justified in making good tboir losses by increasing tbo rates for short hauls. This policy has one serious difficulty. If tho companies suddenly advance tboir rates for short distances, will not tho shippers arraign them before the courts, and be. able to convince any Jury that, If tho rates ohorgod for iho post ton or twolvo years wore remunerative, tholrmateriol advance now is extortion ? Those views may yet bo modified, ae nono of the tariffs—except that of tbo Northwestern Bailway—are in print. That Company assume an arbitrary rate to cover tbo expense of receiv ing, handling, and delivering freight at tho two etatlone where received and delivered. Tho

whole tariff la then mode by adding a fixed rate per 100 pounds per mile. varying according to , classification. Tho result Is somewhat to do . crease tho present rates and sensibly to equalize , them* removing many causes of friction. ' Special rates are entirely abandoned, except in . the cases cited whore shippers contract by tho oar load. Manufacturers along tho several linos who have boon encouraged in their hazardous enterprises by advantageous rates will have to grub along as beet they can. Tbo Ball road Commissioners have been approached on this point, and they take tho high', philosophical ground that, if the manufactories cannot stand on their own bottoms, they hod bettor fall; and, in regard to tbo north and south lines, they like ■ wise assume that, if the Unoa wore not properly located mtho direct course of trado ( tbo pooplo are not to blame for tho look of foresight. One other question has engaged tho man agers: The effect the law will have upon con tracts mode outside of Ulinoio. Tho 0., lb & Q., Book Island, Northwestern, and Illi nois Central Companies each have contracts 1 with lowa linos crossing them north and south by which; tho business of (hose Cross roads is transported to Chicago at a loss oar rate than the local rate between Chicago and tho Missis sippi. Tho contracts are made outside the Btoto, bat tho performance Is within tho Btoto, and, therefore, as some lawyers affirm, subject to tho law of the State. Others, equally versed in legal lore, contend that tho question is beyond the jurisdiction of the State, being of an internation al character. Tho point made by tho latter gen-, tlemon is, that, wore tho roads to charge their regular - distance rate, tho business would bo lost to tbo Chicago roads, which loss would benefit nobody; where as, taking it at tho beet proourablo rate', does not injure or affect tho people of Illi nois, while it does help the roads by swelling their gross earnings and enabling thorn to trans port their other business at lessor rates. This position was affirmed, by resolution, at the lost general mooting of the Managers. It has beeti sold that the roods can transport their business across lowa at a merely nominal figure if they choose, and put on tho full rate from tho river to Chicago. Tho Book Island and the 0., B. & Q, Cos. can do this, because they own their lowa linos; tho Northwestern and Illinois Central cannot, because they lease their respective linos upon a curtain percentage of the gross earnings, and the tonus of the agreement demand a fair division. It has also been stated that the north and south Unoa will secretly u pool ’* the business at competing points with the east and west linos, and allow tho latter to do all tbo business. Bhould the cross lines consent to this, they will » unprecedented • magnanimity, for they e Chicago linos at their mercy. The struggle in regard to the Freeport busi ness may bo revived. Tho Illinois Control Com pany have a contract with tho 0., 1). & Q. Company, I by whloh all the business of tho former, north and west of Forestou, is transported to Chicago for id par loaded oar,—a distance of 128 miles. When the now law comes in foroo. certain parties who ore now paying the local rato of S2O and S3O per oar propose to offer tho O.yß. & Q. Company tho same cor rate that is given the Illinois Central ) Company. In case the regular rajo is osaqtod, they veil! appeal (o ilio courts and ask tho Jurors to decide whether, if it pays tho Company to transport freight 128 miles for $9 por car, a charge of S2O por oar for a lessor distance is not extortion. Presented thus, tho jurors would not waste rmioh tlrao in recording an nfltnnativo vordiot. lint tho 0., B. AQ. Company intend to douy that it in tholr road. They will claim that the Illinois Central Company malm the rato with tho oh!ppor ( and transact all tho business; that tho Chicago, Burlington A Quincy Company merely haul ttio trains, and that, 'practically, those 128 miles are a portion of tho Illinois Cen tral, and Should bo considered such. If this construction is not accepted, tho Company may fall hnolc on tho clause referring to. 44 like quanti ties," and ask what individual shipper will con tract to give them an equal quantity with tho Illinois Central. Some of tho roads will not mako tholr tarllts uniform over all portions of tholr lino. Tho law rofors to linos running in tho l4 samo direc tion." Thus, tho Illinois Central will make a different rate on tholr main lino to what is given oh tho branch, because tho former runs S, S, I£. and tho latter S. S. W.—-an exceedingly nice dis tinction, and one that'tho Northwestern could also mako betwoon its Freeport subdivision and tho Dixon Air Lino. It will thus bo .soon that several knotty ques tions, with which the railroad solicitors aco wrestling, oan.ouly bo definitely settled after a fair trial of the law. CROPS IN NEBRASKA. NbhiubkaOixv, Nob,, Juno 10, 1873. 3b Iht Editor of Tho Chicago Tribune .* Bin: In your daily of tho Otb of this month there is a telegram from Plattsmouih, in Nebras ka, about crops in this Btato, which is a very sin gular thing in that tho truth Is almost entirely' omitted from It in. ovory respect. . Crops in Nebraska have never beoa a failure slhco tho first sod was turned and tho first seed sown, in 18C5. During eighteen seasons, successively and successfully, tho writer here of boa cultivated a farm in Otoo County. In no ,ono of ihoso seasons has there boon ovon a par tial failure of graln-orox>s generally; twice, com has been below on average; and, at times, wheat and other small grains have sufTorod ei ther from too much or too littlo rainfall. Tho prospect to-day; in Ibis county, for flno ,wheat and a big yield, is without precedent since tbo settlement of tbo Territory. The acreage is of greater breadth by five limes than over be fore. and both winter and spring wheat promise an abundant and bountiful harvest. Corn, having boon so exceedingly cheap during tbo tbroo years just ending, has not boon plant ed in os groat proportion os heretofore. And, owing to an extremely wot and somewhat back ward spring, it is not as far advanced as it gen erally is at this season of the year. Upon the farm where this is written, tboro is now growing —and part of It (14 acres) has boon plowed onco —between 50 ana 00 acres of com, which looks well and promises well. - Nebraska seems to bo filled with a brigade of sensational telegraphers, who delight in sending as “ specials" to tbo Eastern newspapers everything in tbo way of exaggerated storms, floods, freezes, boats, chills, aches, pains, ana disasters generally, which may have taken place, or may not have transpired at all. , , ■ Nebraska is a good State as to soil and oliraato. Few In tbo American Union offer bettor induce ments to tboso Booking homos in tbo West. And I fool confident you will do your friends boro, and tbo State, the justice to publish this, and so inform tbo rending public that crops in Nebraska promise a bountiful and golden bar* vest.; that lands boro arc cheap, and given away by tbo United States Government; and that there is room for a million moro of people now, who. by industry and sobriety, may boro acquire wealth, and always bavo strength and health to aripooldago. Yours very truly, Aobicoxa. Tho Seventeen Women of Clipping fforton* From tho Springfield (Maas.) Republican, They aro not celebrated yet in song or story, but they may bo somo time, quite as deservedly os tho women of that old besioged town who carried out tboir husbands on tboir backs. Clipping Norton is tbo inexplicable name of a little town in rural England. “It is a mag nificent country." says one visitor, “ a grand panorama of English pastoral scenery, whore tho eye delights to feast upon verdant spaces and noble woodlands." Tho forms aro largo, tho Btoom-plow may bo hoard in tho fields, ami tho farmer may bo seen riding along the lanes in bis luxurious drag, with men in livery handling tbo ribbons. A great slice of tho parish is farmed by ono man, Mr. Jlam bridgo. Hambridgo’s men, some of them, recently loft his employ, after a week’s notice, because ho would not ocoedo to tboir demand for 14 shillings or $3,50 a woek wages. Among tboso who loft was a carter who bad not given the usu al week’s notice. Ho was summoned before Magistrates and fined for breaking bis contract. Tbo peasantry felt it to bo a moan performance, and especially tbo women, who are said to bo the most hearty advocates of tbo “National Agricul tural Laborers’ Union.” A few days after, two strangers, non-union men, who had boon hired, essayed to outer a field to work, when they met at tbo gato seventeen of tbo women, who jabbered at them their rough patois and flour ished unkindly sticks. Not a mow was struck, however, and the only assault was that of tho tonguo. But a policeman, suporsorvicoahlo in doing tho bidding of tho landlord whoso crea ture ho was, came along, issued summons against tho whole seventeen, aud hauled them before tho local Justices of tho Peace, or Mag istrates. Tho Magistrates In this case wore two clergymen of tho uhtirch of England, tho Bovs. T. Harris aud IV. E. D. Carter. Tbo only lawyer in tbo place was secured by tho complainant, tbo women wore undefended. Tho statute was quickly found, “34 aud 35 Vic., cap. 82,” tbo two .Judges consulted, aud, before tbo poor women know at all what tboy had boon guilty of, sovon bad boon sentenced to ton days’ aud nine to sovon days’ imprisonment at bard labor, ono boing dismissed. These, remember, word honest English women. Not ono of them had over before boon accused before a Magistrate of any offense. Tboy wore os honorable in tboir lives aud to their spheres of ootion, though perhaps not as refined, as “ Vie.” to hors, or as auy seventeen women out of one of our Now England communities. Many of them, wo presume, wore mothers with bairns at. homo, and three of them wore young girls, whose language to the men was entirely of the roguish description, and whom tbo men treated with tho rude gallantry of their station. Tho men themselves wore as much surprised at tbo legal action as tho women. Even on English laborer is not “ a stick, a stone, a senseless thing." They wore slightly aroused and thoy smashed the windows of the police station, a night or two after. Police came down from Oxford by tbo wagon-load, and, be tween 2 and 8 o'clock of a raw morning, carted back to tbo old university town, nineteen miles, tbo captives, “ two of iho women carrying suck ling infants.” At tho end of a week, nine were released, and their return homo was an ovation from tho lowor classes. Tboir story shows still loss occasion for tbo outrage. But the lowor classes aro also not without a voice in Parliament, Two weeks ago, yesterday and to-day, gentlemen rose and asked Mr. Bruce, tho Homo Secretary, whether be had hoard of tho affair, and what ho proposed to do about it. Mr. Bruce, with tho ueuaj obiuseness of tho official intellect, hod not hoard of it; thou bo sent for information about it, and finally bo intimated to members his all sufllcleDoy to deal with it, unaided by otbor mor tal wit. Not so Jo Arch. Ho was ono of tbo first to boor of it and to start a subscription for the victims. Such is tho very latest sensation which our English files bring us, and, if wo mis take not, it is destined to make a merry pother In that venerable realm. It is tho very sunshine and rain to all organisms for tho union aud ele vation of labor. FLORIDA WATER, IMPERISHABLE FRAGRANCE! MURRAY & LANMAN’S CELEBRATED FLOBHAWH. Tbo rlcbost, moat lasting yet most dolloato of oil Per futaoa, for use oq tbo HANDKERCHIEF, At the TOILET. And la the BATH. An tlioro ara Imitations and oountorlolts, always uk lor tho Florida Water which has im the bottle. on tile label, nnd on tiio pamphlet, the uamoe of iuUHKAY ix liANJUAN, without which nuuo is goauluo. For anlo by dll Perfumers, Drmrfflsts, nn<l Ueulors In Fuucy tiooiU, AMUSiMENTS.) MYEBS’ OPEBA HOUSE. J.AST wkkk op Moran & Manning’s Minstrels. A Grant Hill for tlio C'lnning PoMormnneo. Monday, Jimo r.NTIUK IXj trovatokb. KIJOKNR In bin groat character of.. ..Leonora UNsSvoilTll a« liio F10ry.......C0unt 01 Lunatic _ 'With a catt edinprialQK tUo entire Company. Friday Rrtmlng, June 20, Complimentary Benoflt fo biiji trsr-> iVEATxnxrxjxro-, Grand Family Matlneo Saturday at 2 o’clock. AIKEN’S THEATEE. WuhftnU-oT. and Ooncroea-at. MONDAY TO-NIGHT, JUNE 16. Tltß GRKAT SKNSATION, ALSO WRONItBPAY AND SATURDAY MATINHRB. HOOLEY’S THEATRE. HBST COMPANY IN AMERICA! BRNItFIT OF .101 IN DILLON, Monday, JnnolC, 1873. AX.L THAT GLITTERS IB WOT GOLD I Toby Twink1e......... Mr. John Dillon JONES* DABYI Happy Fnthnr Mr. John Dillon' THE DOT FROM LIMERICKT! Paddy Milos (with songs)... Mr. John Dillon Tuesday, JunoI7—OAMJC OF. LOVE, with everything now ami a sirongoast. ' MoVIOKER'S THEATRE. MONDAY EVENING, Juno IC, and until further no. tlco, tbo brilliant young artiste, In A new and beautiful Society Drama by FREDERIC DOCK, USQ,, BIiA.X)B O’ GBASSI f Tllado O’ Grass, 1 KATIE PUTNAM. LuoyDHahtly, J > With now and original Songs and Dances. gyMatlnoo Saturday atap. ra. • NIXOFS AMPHITEEATRE. OomraonolDg JIONDAY, Juno 16. . Saturday Matinee. CAL WAGNER'S MINSTRELS. J. 11. UAVEELY...... WITH 24 POPULAR AIITI8TS! 8 BRILLIANT CQAIJEDIANS! 5 TALBNTKU VOCAXABTS*. And Fall liras* Band* Prices as usual. . Referred Boats on sale at Box Oflloo. ACADEMY OF MUSIC. An entire ohango ef Bill, and Arsf appearance of MISS MINNIE LODER, MISS ANNIE YBAMANB. LITTLB JENNIE YEA MANS, and the New Drama,- ■ ;9 8! Matinee—WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. NORTH SIDE TURNER HALL, North CUark-Bt. ' Monday ovonlng, June 16, Sonora LaVion’s Grand Vo. cal and Instrumental Concert, kindly assisted by tbo fol lowing artist*: Mias Fannie Goodwin. Soprano; Mias An gola Ho«c, Mozeo Soprano; Ste. A. Farinl, Daritono: Mr. E. Hohnltro, Tenor; Mr. Uno Wldosirnad, Socana Tenor: Beni, Owen, Conductor, and the Groat Woatom Light Guard Band. PROGRAMME. PaptL—l. Ovartaro—Zamps, nemld: Orchootnu 0. Duetto—Martha, Flolow; Sig. A. Fannl and Mr. E. SohnltM. 8. Darling (for Contralto), Millard; Sonora LaVion. 4. Aria—Luola, DonisotU: Air. E. Sohultzo. 6« Modi ah Modi, DoalxetU, Mias Fannie Goodwin. 6. Mai Begondo (IJuot). Verdis Sonora LaVion and Mr. U. Wldostrand. Part IT.—I. Overture—William Toll, Bos slnh Oroheatm. 3.' Wanderer, Scbabort; Big.A. Farinl. 8. Pretty Bird* (German Song), Oombert; Miss Angola Rom. 4. La Borooado, Boh abort: Mr. Ung Widoitrand. 5, Brindisi (from Lucrotia), Donizetti; Sonora La Vicn. 6. Lloboswonno, Abt: Mlu Fannio Goodwin. 7. Tana* bausor. It. Wagner, Orchestra. Doors open at 7.80* Concert to oommenoo at fl p. m. Tickets, SI.OO. Tbo Oonoort Grand Ptauo used on this occasion Is from the celebrated Docker Bros’. Manufactory, and it kindly famished by Mr. Elmore's Music Store, on Stato, near Hamtolph-st. OCEAN NAVIGATION. FOR EUROPE. INIII LINE ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. Will sail from Now York ns (allows CITY OF BRISTOL Thursday, Juno IP, I P. M. CITY OF BROOKLYN Saturday, Juno SI, 2 P. M. OITY OP WASHINOTON..ThurMIny, Juno 2C, 7 A. M. CITY OP ANTWKRP Saturday, Juno 38, 8 A. M. And each snccoodlng SATURDAY and THURSDAY, from Plop No. 45, North Ulvor. Cabin PaMiißO, BTO and 800 tfold* Stoorsgo, to British PorU SBO.OO Currency. Bound Trip Tickets at Kcducod Bates. BIQUT DRAFTS foraslo at low rates. FRANCIS C. BROWN, Oonora! Western Agent, 32 South Clark-st., corner Lake, NEW YORK TO CARDIFF, BRISTOL, LONDON, And all Other Points in England and 'Wales. The South Waloo Atlantia Stoamebln now Hnt-ol&wßtoaiuaHlpß will Ball from Ponnaylvanla Rail road Wharf, Jorooy City: PEMBROKE.. May 28 GLAMORGAN June 18 Thom stoamuhlpfl, built orprowly for tbo (rodo, aro pro* vided.wlth all tbo latcat Improremontsfor tho comfort and convenience of CABIN AND STEERAGE PASSENGERS. Pint Cabin., gBO currency Second Cabin.. " Btoorago W currency Prepaid Btoorago oortlflcatos from O&rdUf.. $33 Draft* for jCI ami onwards. For further particular!, apply Id Cardiff, at tbo Com pony's Olßooj. No. 1 Dock (Jbamliors, and In Notv York to akuuiuaxd Baxter I qo M a«od(«, No. 17 Broadway. Sailing twloo a week from Now York, and carrying pae, ■eager# to all parU of Groat Britain. Ireland, Continental Europe, and tno Mediterranean. Onbln from $65; ntoor* age, British and Irish porta oast, 930; welt, 933. Conti* npntal porta some as other regular lines. All payable in U. 8. currency. Apply for frill Information at tlio Com* pany'e olficea, No. 7 Howling Qroen, Now York, and N. it. cornerLaSalleandMadboiveto., Chicago. HBHXIBBaOW BBOTHEBS, Agenta. STATE LINE. NEW YORK AND GLASGOW. LIVERPOOL, BEL* FAST AND LONDONDERRY. These elegant now atoamon will soil from State line Plor, Fulton Forty, Brooklyn, N. Y, aa follows: PENNSYLVANIA, 8,600 tana.,.,.. Wednesday, June tU VIRGINIA, 9,600 tons, Wednesday, Juno 26. GEORGIA, 9,600t0ns ...Wednesday, July 9. Fortnightly thereafter. AUSTIkBALDWIN i CO.. Asoata, 79 Broadway, N. Y. SAMPLE AIIARQIS, Agent*. Cor, of Canal and WostMadisomsia., Ohloago. GUNARD MAIL LINE. ESTABLISHED 1840, Steam Between Now York, Boston, and Liverpool. PROM NEW PORK. .Juno 181 Abnalula June 14 .Juno 85 Uatarla Juno 81 .July 21 Calabria Juno 28 And from Bo»io»tTory Tuesday, Cabin Pa»»n«Oi 880 i 8100 and SJSO* Gold* Eioundon Tickets at Boduood Rato a. Steerage Paa«Ufo, s3l) currency. Poaaesgors and freight booked I.) and from all parte of Europe at lowest rate*. N.W. oor, tlark and llando/uh^ta. Alberts. Ruaala.i Java.... MTOIAL HNS. Bailing from Now York for Queenstown and Liverpool every Saturday, and for London direct every fortnight. Call Passage SBO, S9O, anti SIOO Carrency. Krcuwlon Tickets at favorable rate*. Intending pas* aongora should make early application for berths. BTEKUAOK, $39.00 currency. Prepaid steerage tickets from Liverpool, Queenstown. Londonderry, Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol, or London, S3I.W currency. Passengers booked to or from German and Soandlna* vlan points at low rates. Tho Steamship* of this line ate tho largest in the trade. Drafts on Great Britain, IroTaaoTand tno Continent. WII/LUM MACAXJSTBB, Oon'l Western Agent, Northeast corner Clark and Randolph-sts. (opposite now Hhuinmn llouso), Chicago. SALVE. All KlgUt Salve for Dunie, Uoila, CORNS! S6 cents a box. DR. PH6PUKKS. IW De»rbora-it. RAILROAD TIME TABLE. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. Spring Arrangement. nxPMHATioNor URTRireiiOE Marks.—+ Balurdayox* ceptod. • Sunday oioepted. T .Monday oxcopted. | Ar rive! Sunday at 8 ;00 a. m. $ Pally. MICIIIOAN CENTRAL & GREAT WESTERN RAILROADS' Drtinl, font (\f lAke H., nmt foot r\t I'lrfiil'i-rfcontlst,'- Ticket oflr*, fl7 Clark *t., mutheant corner of Jlan<tolj<n f atitl it> (,, corner of Madhoti . MMlftla main and air lino) Day Kxpross.. dnoknon Accommodation Atlantic Hxpro««.. Night Ifixpross., OttAKD IIAI’IIS AND fUNTIVATfUI. Mnrnlnp KxproM Night JCiproM.. CHICAGO & ALTON . Chlenjn, Alton ifi ,St. J.onU I'hnni (}fn.) fiem ffiorl rnulej'rnm fihirrvj H‘e»t mvir.'/nd/ton-ii 6t. Louis A Springfield Express, vt» Main Line KanfM 01(7- Fast Express, via Jacksonville, 111., and LoulaU aim, Mo ■WononA, I*oon, Washington I2t* press (Western Division.) Joliet A Dwight Aoooino'datinn. gt. Lonls A Hprlngliold Lightning Express, via Main Lino, and also tla Jnoksonvillo Division....... Kansas City Express, via Jack* son villa, 111., A Louisiana, Mo.. Jotlorson City Express. . Pooria, Keokuk A liurl'n Kx U Dally, via Main Lino, and dnll Jacksonville! Division, it Dally, except Monday, via Jaclcionvlllu CHICAGO. MILWAUKEE & H Union Depot. corner Mivliton <««rf . 63 South Clat/rd., oppoeUe Sherm Our*. Arrive. Milwaukee, St. Paul 4 Mltmoap ollsDay Express *9:3oa. ra. i6:Boa. m. Milwaukee A Prairlo riu Ghlon Mall and Express *6: oop, m. *11:00 a. ra. Milwaukee. St, Pnnl A Mlnnoap . oils Night Express...tD:BQp. ro. *4:15 p, m« CHICAGO, BUHLINGToin OUWCY RAILROAD. Depot*—foot r\f Lnk c.*t,, /iidfaua-rto,, and £fc(e*nts-si., oml Canal and tfxtrenth»»t», ticket offieet in Bright llouee, J\'o. EQ Clotkst,, and at depot*, Leave, Arrive. Mall • 7:45 n. m. • 4.15 p. ra. OUawaandßtrcator I'ausmigor.. ? 8:03 p. m. Dubuque and Sioux Oily Exp..., *9; •. 2:18 ji. tn,| , I'aolllo Fast Lino *lfi:oon. m. * 8:15 p. ra. GalosbargPaatongor * H:l6p. m. * 8:00p, raj Mcndofa A Ottawa Passenger... *4:3(lp. m. *P:6sa.m. Aurora Passenger.,,,, * 1:45 p. ra. * 8:15 a. m. Aurora PawoOßor., * 6:30p, ra. * 8:65 a. m. Aurora Passenger (Sunday)...;. Loop. m. 8:55 a. mj Dubuqno4Bloux City Exp...... tB.'COp. ra. 1 7:00 a, m. Pacific Night Express rlltOOp. ra. i 6:00 a. raj Downer’s Grovo Accommodation *11:(W n. m. * 5:60 p. m. . Downer's flroro Accommodation * C:10p. ra. * 7:18 a. m. ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. Depot foot rf hake-ti, andfoot nf Ticket tjffieee, 131 Jlandalph-et,, near Clark, Leave. Arrive. . fll. Louis Express. * 8:25 a. m. * 8:20 p. m. Bt . Louis Poet Lino + 8:15 p. m. * 7:55 a. ra. Cairo Mall • 6:25 a. tn. * 4Hop. m. Cairo Express,.... + 8;IRp. m. * 7;65a. ra. Springfield Lxproaa • 8:25 a. m. • 4H5p. u. fraringllold Kxpro t 8:16 p. ra. * 7:550. in. Dubuque Sioux Otty Kx 4 9:15 a. m. * 2:00 p. m. Dubuqtto 4Hloux City Ex t 9:00 p. m. 1 7:03 a. m. KiHngham Passenger *S;ISp. ra. *o:3Op. m. Kankakee Passenger *ll ;10p, m. * 9:20 a. ro. Hydo Park and Oak W00d5..,,.., * 6;l0 a. m. • 6:46 a. ra. Hyde Park and Oak W00d5....... *7sloa. m. * 7:45 a. m. Hydo Park and Oak Woods S 9:00 a. m. * 9HO ft. tn. Hyde Park and Oak Woods 412:10 p. tn. * 0:20 a. ra. Hydo Park and Oak W00d5....... 6 8:00 p. m. 110:30 a. m. Hydo Park and Oak Wood* • 4;3flp. ra. ft 1:45 p. m Hydo Pnrkand Oak Woods * B:l6p. m. • 8:23 p. m. Hydo Park and Oak W00d5,.,.,., • 6:I0p. m. * 6:65 p. ra. Hydo Park and Oak Woods *lltl(jp. tn. * 7HOp. nu CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN RAILROAD. Oily afflett, corner Handotph nn't Lafialle.tU., and 75 CVirnih el., corner Madlton-et. //rare. Arrive. j Pacific Fast Lino *10:15 a. m. * 8:15 p. tn. DnbuquuDay Kx. via Clinton,... 10;1S a. tn. 8:16 p. tn. Pacific Night Kinross t!OHSp. m. £G;3O a. tn. Dnbuquo Night Ex, via Clinton.. liJ :45 p.m. 6:30 a.m. Freeport 4 Dulmquo Kxprcss * 9:15 a. m. ' 2:00 p. m. Fraoport 4 Dubuque Express * 9;15p, m. • 7:00 a.m. Mllwaukeo Mali. * 8:00 a. m. *10:15 a. in. Milwaukee Express * 9:30 a. m. * 4:00 p. m. Milwaukee Passenger * 6:OOp. tn. * 7:4op.ra. Milwaukee Passenger (dally) (11:00 p. m. 5 5:00 a. tn. Orooo Bay Express 9:40 a. tn. * 7:00 p. ra. KU Paul Express.... *10:10 a. in. 4.0(1 p. tn. Mamuetto Express *9:oop. in. 'o:soa.m. St. Paul Express t9;30 p. m. 16:20 a. m. CHICAGO. ROCK ISLAND** PACIFIC RAILROAD. Dejiol, comer Of Ilarrienn ami Sherman-els. Ticket office, S3 West MadUan-st, * Leave. I Arrive, Omaha,Loauonw’thAAtchlson Ex *10:15 a. tn.j* 8:45 p. nt. Peru Accommodation ' 5:00 p. tn. * 9:30 a. m. Night +10:00 p. 7:00 a. m. Leavenworth A Atchison Express f 10:00 p. m.U 7:00 a. m. LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN'SOUTHERN RAILROAD. Dejiot, Van Buren-st,, fool oj lMiktUe-»t, Ticket officer, northweti earner Clark ami ttandalph-ete,, and eouthteest corner Canal and J/udi>on-i<s. /.•arc, Arrive. Express Acoom. via Slain Lluo.. 2:30 a.m. 6:55 p.m. Mall, via Air Liao and Main Lino ■ CHO a. in. * 9:CO p. ra. Special Now York Express,'via Air Lino * 0;00a. ra. * 8:00 p. m. Atlantic Express, via Air Lino.. 5:15 p. ra. 8:00 a. m. NlphtExpross, via Main Lino.... *t9:oor.ra. *4fi:3on. m. Ktkbatt Accommodation ■ SHOp. ra. * 9:55 a. tn. South Chicago Accommodation.. 12:00 m. DBOp. ra. .Manager. CHICAGO. DANVILLE & VINCENNES RA ro**«np*r fJrjmf n< 1%, C. tfe W, Lo\.i» Depot, et ■ na( a'id A’»»ui>.*a. rreii/ht uni/ Ticket oflee 168 h’lUfilng.tot EvausvUlo «fc‘*Tom» llauto * 7 :00 p. in. PITTSBURGH. FORT WATN6 a CHICAGO RAILROAD. Day Kinross,, Pacific Express . Past Liao Ma 11.., Valparaiso Accommodation. CHICAGO & PACIFIC HAILROAD. (OPEN TO lIOHELT.E.) . __ J)epot corner Ifalit'ii mid Aorth limneh-nli. General office 1(J Metropolitan Ulock, eonur Jiundolj)h and LafSaUe-tts. ’66 currency Rosolla Accommodation..... Hirer Park Accommodation, Hirer Park Accommodation. CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS & CINCINNATI THROUGH LINE, VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. From tAs Great CWnirai Jtatlroad Depot, foot of Laht-ti, For throwjh ticket* and ileeplng-car berth* apply at our neto Ticket office, 191 UnntMplfit., n<ar rom»r Clark: 73 C<inal-*l, t corner Matliion; 96 Xb.Saf/«-/f. f corner Was A* inffto n; alto foot of Ticevty-ieeond-el. Loavo Chicago Arrive at Indianapolis Arrive at Otnoinnatl .. Trains arrive at Chicago at 7:67 a. nj., 8:85 a. m., and 7:40 p. m. Only lino running Saturday night train to la* dlanopolii and Cincinnati, South End nasaongow can got baggage chocked and take train at Twonty-socond-st. POQOt. One More Week. OIiBARING-OUT SALE. Flowering Plant*. 76 cents por dozen; 96 por hundred. Largo Piantahalf prlca. WOW BITIT. Orocndioilsosinnst bo emptied. The land for sale at a bargain, POOL’S GARDEN, 97 OaWey-st. Open Sunday. COUNTRY ORDERS FILLED at those rate*. FAIEBANKa* JT - Tj STANDARD B SCALES « {L~±i OP ALL SIZES. ITAIBBANKS, MORSE &OO SS** f> ~§lSf* S ' 111 AND 113 LAKtt-ST. CHROMO. 3XT33W OHXIOMO, ENTITLBD THE FRIENDS, Given to each customer by tho OUH AT ATLANTIC 4 PACIFIC TKA 00., 116 West Waihlngt<m-at., 188 Twon. ty.socond-at. This in a fine picture of a kind-hearted boy feeding hts household PotH. - MEDICAL CARDS. DR. C. BIGELOW GONFIDKNTIAIi PHYSICIAN, 1M State-et., Chicago. It la well known by all reader* of the papers, tbs I ur., 0. Utgolow la (bo oldest established phwolan In Chicago, Science and esporionco have made i)r. B. tho most re nowned SPECIALIST of tho ago. honored by tho proas, oßtoemod of tho highest medical attainments by all tlva modtoallnetlliitiw of tho day, having devoted TWBNTY VlfiAllS Ob' lllH Ltl’U In perfecting remedies that will ?uro noslHvoly all cases of OHUONIO AND BPIiOIAC. separate parlors for Udloaaud gontloraeu. Call. COHHKSPONDUNOIf CJONFIUKNTiAR Addroasall letters, with stamps, to 1)7*0, BIOEIiOW. No. 4M Htale-st. No CUKE I NO PAY 11 3SO South Olark-at., Obiaago, May bo confidentially consulted, personally or by mall, froo of charge, on all ehroulo ur nervous diseases. 4 DU. J, KEAN Is the ouly physician In the city who war rants cures or no pay, . .. Urueu lluuk sent h»c 60 oonta. Illustrated with uuroor oua Hue engravings. DR. A. G. OLIN, 183 South Olark-at., Chicago, tho longest engaged and, moat successful Specialist in the treatment of aU.prlrate, chronic, and nervous diseases in hoth sosos. Bead two stamps for Medical Treaties. Full Information. Con. . sulUuun free. Ourrespnndenoe confidential. Separata rvQius for ladles mid gentlemen. Beard, aUeudouea* tts«> 3 Arrlcf. l.rnre. 1 fiiVOa m. • 8:15 p. w. ' l»:00a. m. * BiOflp. m. i n:.r, ,i. m. 410:20 a. m. i 0:10 n. m. 4 (5:00 rt. in. t* >*o#oa. in. fi.OOo. m. BrOOp. m 10:10 p :00 A. m* O.'WKNTWOHTIIt ipral Pauongor Aeoat. n/ lIKNRV Ovnt (Aiinoflo. i,lh Line, am /oh KrrnAii C it. d £ouf«foll t lUj, Union Lmift Arrive. * 9:16 a. m. • RttOp. in, * 0:16 a. m, 1 8:10 p. a. * 4:10 p. m. * 4:10 p. m. * 8:10 p. m. * 8:-i0a. m* 119:00 p. m.* 179:00 p, m. HOjOOp. m. • 0:00 r, in. P 7:3oa. m. 7taaa.m, 8:10 p. m Ily otcopt Hntnrdfiy, via vmMnlnUue,atuld&lly. Dlviiloti, ir. PAUL RAILWAY. ’ I'ieUet Office rinn Ihuee, and at Depot, UUIOAD. omertt/ Do- Arrive. Zettce, '• 7HU a. m.j* iHOp. m, ♦ U 7:80 a. in, Arrive. Leave. * « :00 a. m. 1 7:30 p. m< (5:10 p. m. i A£oa» ra.. t'»:00p. in. t*8:00 a.m. * -l:65o. ro. * 6:10 p. m. * 3Map, m. * 6:60 a. ro. Arrive. LfOva. 6:00 p.m. 9:10a.m 6:16 a.m. 10:61a.m 0:30 p.m. 7Jlp.m * 0:50 a. m. 5 8:45 p. m. * 6:10 p. m. | 6.00 a. m. *10:30 p. tn. {10:00 a, m. PLANTS. SCALES* Dr. Kean,

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