Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 16, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 16, 1873 Page 8
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8 M’GRATH REPUDIATED. Fifteenth Ward Ulnlhorshllo Mar Go Over to Hosing 1 , but Ho Cannot Carry tho Irish Temper , nnco Societies With Him. A Great Irish Law-and-Ordor Hooting: to Bo Hold in Two Weeks. A meeting of delegates from the different Catholic temperance societies was hold in Father Mathew Temperance Hall, Harrison street, near Ilalstod, yesterday afternoon. There wore in all about ono hundred persons present. Mr. Connell called tho meeting to order, saying that bo presumed all wore aware that a certain politician [J. J. McGrath] had made some false and calumniating statements regarding tho Irish temperance societies of tho city. Hence tho Father Mathew Total Abstinence Society concluded it was essential to correct them, and, dooming united notion preferable, had called tho other societies together for an expression of views, and such action as was thought necessary to nullify tho false assertions of McGrath, and place tho societies in their proper light before tho community. After several declensions, John Connell was elected President, and J. F. Daily Secretory. On motion, tho Chair appointed tho following named delegates a Committee on Credentials s Mr. Brennan, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Gleason, Mr. Norton, and Mr. Kelly. After tho Committee bad examined tho at tested documents presented by the representa tives of the different organizations, they re ported that the following delegate* wore entitled to scats: Father Mathew Society—lt, P. Collins, Mr, Brennan, John Burkin, John McNally, John Connell, John Bureau. Homan Catholic Society—John P. Dally, James Doyle, Patrick Murphy, John Duuton, Joseph E. S. Kerrltt. Holy Family Society—JamoiO’Noil, Dsnnla Gleason, Dcuflls Mutiny. St. Bridget's Society—James McDonal, John Mc- Cormick. Erin’s Hopo Society—Thomas'Taylor, P. H, Mo- Logan, ami Mr. Kelly. Annunciation Society—William Lyman, John Nor ton, and Thomas Laman. Mr. Collins said the object of tho mooting, as he understood it, was, in addition to refuting tho assertions of Aid. McGrath, to signify thoir approval of the Sunday law, so far os tho re striction of tho salo of lienor is concerned. Ho moved that a mass-mooting of tho Societies ho held next Sunday night for that purpose. Mr. Brennan hoped tho law and order citizens would be invitod. A delegate opposed tho latter suggestion. They should not drag politics into tbo contro versy. In his opinion only tho Societies should bo invitod. Mr. Collins claimed that politics would not bo brought in by inviting ail temporauco men. They should show McGrath that they did not •pond thoir evenings in saloons, and could not do it bettor than at a general mooting of all law and order citizens. Mr. McLogan indorsed tho remarks of tho previous speaker. Ho did not believe in ad vocating temperance three hundred and sixty four days in the year, and voting on tho throo hundred and ulxv-llfth for mm candidates. Mr. Brennan denounced Aid. McGrath, claim ing that ho had uo right to speak for tho Irish people, and traduco them by mailing assertions which woro untrue. Ho moved as an amend ment that a masa-mceting of tho Societies and all Irish law and order citizens bo hold next Sunday night week. Mr. Daily felt that tho Societies had boon in sulted by McGrath, and ho considered somo action necessary to correct tho assertions thrown out. Tho amendment was agreed to. On motion, tbo following woro appointed to moke tho necessary arrangements for tbo moot ing: Mr. Collins. Mr. Daily, Mr. McLogan, Mr. Norton, Mr. O’Neil, Mr. Mcbonal. On motion, the Chairman was added to tho committee. Tho Committee of Arrangements was in structed to prepare resolutions expressive of the views of tho Societies, and submit them at tho next mooting. Tho mooting thou adjourned. SUBURBAN. matters at IQydo Park, Evanston, and Kogcra’ Park* A regular meeting of tho Hydo Park Trustees was bold on Saturday. Tbo Attoruoy was direct ed to prepare ordinances for special assess ments : For a 2-foot brick sower from Fifty-first to Fiftieth street, and an 18-incb tile sewer from Fiftieth to Forty-ninth street,—both on Madison avenue; also, for a sidewalk on tho north side of Seventy-fifth street, from Cottage Grove ave nue to Grand Crossing Depot. Proprietors on Cornell street wore permitted to lay a 12-inoh sewer from Oak street to Walnut street, under direction of tho Civil Engineer, Tho Superintendent was directed to remove stumps and make Langley avenue passable, from Union to Bowen avenues. On report that tho bridge next south of Chit tenden’s is unsafe, and that residents unani mously wish it removed to Ono Hundred an d Thirtieth street, tho Superintendent was direct ed to report tho estimated cost. Bills wore ordered to bo paid to—Culver Page, Iloyno & Co., $15.85 s Isgal JS r tncs\ Special Police, $6; Hopkins & Ward, $47; Charles La Fleur, $10; Charles Creighton, $455 ; John McCaffrey, $2,924.40; total, $3,402.31. Platsof subdivision wore approved, viz.: Scam men »fe Dickey’s Subdivision of all that part of £,<? W* KS. E. X Sec. 28, 08, 14, lying east of Illinois Central Railroad, except ono acre in tho N. E. part. Cornell’s Bubdiv.sion of Block 57, m Cornell, the said block being in Sec. 26, T. 88, R. 14, E. Petitions wore presented and referred s From Win. A. Howard for remission of SSO fine im posed for broach of the peace; from owners of property for a two-foot brick sower on Forty fifth street, from Cottage Grove avouuo lo Lake Michigan; from George A. Springer and others to open Indiana md Wabash avenues 100 foot wide, from Sixty ihird to Sixty-aovonth street; from many resi dents to increuro tho liquor-license fee to SSOO ; from 25 saloou-kenpsora and 71 residents toretain tho old rates of S3U. Mr. Cady having been absent Juno 6, now moved, under tho rule, to reconsider the resolu tion fixing tho price of license not loss thanssoo; which motion to reconsider was laid on tho table until a full mooting of tho Board. Gqorgo M. Boguo, County Commissioner, furnished tho Board a certified copy of tho “ errors and abatement list” on taxes of 1871, showing uncollected $0,018.08 of town taxes ; of schools taxes, $5,707.87 ; aud of various special assessments, $36,408.78 ; total, $lB,- 029.38. with a list of lots, lands, and owners, and the reasons of the non-collection. This will supply an accurate official list of technical tax-fighters, who novorpay a tax their attorneys can successfully, resist, or which is cheaper to fight than pay; and also supply the reason why the Trustees oanuot keep oven with their obli gations. It was resolved that tho President and Treas urer be authorized to borrow $85,000 until tho close or tho fiscal year (Aug. 15), in order to moot outstanding indebtedness, and that tho faith and credit of tho village bo pledged for its security and repayment. Adjourned EVANSTON. Prof. Oliver Harcy, of the Northwestern Uni versity, is making arrangements for a scientific exploration of tho Lake Superior country. The Chicago <fe Evanston llailroad, which' has figured so oxtousivoly on paper, is again agi tating tho minds of tho people on the proposed lino of tho route. The Commissioners on tho Big Ditch are mak ing preparations to push the work to completion: 68,000 of tho $12,01)0 assessment has boon col lected. Work has also boon resumed on tho Ladies’ College, which was suspended on ac count of a scarcity of brick. A steam elevator ia to be nut in tho building, and tho brickwork and roof aro to bo finished in tho middle of July. Goebel A Webster, of this suburb, will re ceive contributions for tho party to ho given at tho Home of tho Friendless, in Chicago, on tho 10th Inst. . ° ’ A students’ reception will be held on tho evening of the 20th inst., on tho grounds of the Ladlos r College. Tho arrangement has boon entrusted to the young ladles themselves, who will provide refreshments and music, and make tho occasion one of interest. Tho Senior class of the University spent a very delightful evening in the -parlors of T. O. Hoag, Ean,, last Friday. The Index, tbo “ organ ” of tho suburb, will bo hereafter printed in Evanston. The new mao of Evanston and vicinity, pub* llshodby Alfred L. Sowell A Co., in not only cor rect, but very neat and taaty In its appearance, , ; , nooKnp’ park la to have a strawberry fosllval for the benefit of tho church, on Thursday evening, Juno 10. THE SPORTING WORLD. tub Ttmr. The t Ventem Sporting Gazelle hns only reached Its second number, but Its opinions already moot with respectful attention and almost general concurrence. “ Tod ” speaks, in a hopeful way of our July mooting i Tho Doxlcr Park summer mooting, which In to take placo on the first four clays of July, promises to bo ono of jho fashionable events of tho year 1873. The great Jubilee, through which wo have Just passed, was good In Its way, but It was mainly patronized by our cousins from the country and by the unfortunate Individuals upon whom, by tho more accident of birth, they had a claim, Tho Exposition In September is looked forward to by many with much pleasure! but here again the rites of hospitality will occupy a largo amount of our citizens’ attention, and there will bo little opportunity to indulge lu the exuber ance which seems to belong naturally to the mind of the average Chicagoan. Tho trouble of entertaining Siesta during the Jubilee was by no means small, aim ,6 reception of our visitors In September will prove no easy task. Hut wo shall forget the ono and rooup orate for tho other by tho four days' sport at Doxlor Park. Wo noticed last week extensive preparations which wore being made, not only to make the meeting a successful ono, but to accommodate tho large num ber of spectators who will undoubtedly attend. Tho signs this week are oven more encouraging, The poo- Clo are taking bold of tho matter, and from tho mar ie front on r * the avenue ” to tho little sporting resort where pools on tho races oro sold, active preparations axe being made. BABE BALL. The condition and prospects of base ball in Chicago are thus spoken of by tho Gazelle: Tbo visit of tbo Eastern clubs would have an Im portant bearing upon future plans and arrangements for base ball in Chicago. This city ought to bavo a good club noxt year. It can bavo ono If tbo right par ties lake bold of tbo matter. Tbo host of players can now bo soourod for little more than half tbo espouse of the old White Stocking nine. Fancy salaries oro a thing of tbo.past, and aunt-class nluo is not tbo costly luxury It used to bo. Wo ought to bavo a good club if for no other purpose than to stimulate tbo (asto for out-door ath letic sports. In tho year 1071, 'when tho Whlto Stockings bad tboir grounds on tbo lako front, and when it was no unusual thing to soo 10,000 people as sembled to witness a game,—in that year (boro were nearly ono bnndrod amateur baao-ball dubs in Chica go, composed of boys and young men, to whom tbo oxcrclso was of incalculable benefit. There aro proba bly not ono-qnarter that number of organizations in tbo city to-day. With tho discontinuance of profes sional ball-playing, amateur games bavo boon largely discontinued. The one seems to depend on tbo other, and It Is on account of tbo general benefit thus con ferred; as well as tbo highly popular amusement af forded, that wo urge that Chicago have a good base ball club noxt season. THE CITY IN .CHIEF. Tho first performance of tho spectacular opera, ° Zoloo,” which was announcodfor to-night, has boon postponed until to-morrow evening, in order to insure a complete success on tho open ing night. Two little boys, aged nbont 10 years each, named Willie Nyo and Harry Clark, aro lost from their home at No. 481 Wabash avenue. They aro both dressed in sailor suits, and aro bright little follows. b A woman named Minnie Doblinghor, residing at No. 802 West Erie street, is the last victim of the careless nee of kerosene oil. She was fatal- Iv burned In attempting to start a lire with tho fluid. Tho Coroner haa boon notified. Michael Lalloy, the omuibns-drivor who was injured Saturday evening by being thrown from his ’bus at the corner of Madison and Market afreets, died at half-past 1 yesterday morning at his homo at tho corner of Paulina and Hubbard streets. Lalloy loaves a wife aud two children. Tbo Coroner will hold on inquest to-day. Tho Times is endeavoring to make a few cop pers by tolling lies about tho cholera and the sanitary condition of tho city. It is doing Ub best to create a panic and injure tho country trado of our merchants by circulating an un founded rumor, and speculating on the chances of an epidemic. Such disreputable journalism as this should bo frowned down by nil classes of poox>le.' Yesterday ovoning at 2 oVlock two boys, named Robortßlck and John Bm, wore drowned while bathing in the basin at the Water-Works. They wore both good swimmers, but became ex hausted in trying to swim across the basin, and before help could bo given them they sank. Both bodies wore recovered. Robert Rick resided at No. 57 Nowton street, and John Bort at No. 58 Rumsoy street. They wore each about 16 years old. Tho Ooronor has boon notified. Why doesn’t the Superintendent of tho South, Division Street Railway got up a little earlier on Sunday mornings, and soo tho way things are running on tho road ? Yesterday morning, be tween 0 and 11 o’clock,—just tho timo.wuen peo ple want to go to church aud elsewhere,—there was a very serious lack of cars on the principal linos, and an ahundancoof grumbling everywhere. Tho man who got a ride after waiting half &u hour considered himself fortunate. It is generally understood around town that Banyon will make a determined effort to bo agam elected Police Justice next fall. It is also generally understood that the gamblers have considerable money and not a little influence with certain Aldermen. Put those two things together, and it will bo very easy to answer the question: Why aro gamblers allowed to escape fines at tho South Sido Police Court? “Good” and “ bad” gamblers aro treatou alike in this respect. A man named Westbrook is the proprietor of a number of houses, which are ostensibly lodging houses and restaurants. Tho police report that those places are,in fact, of the most disreputable character, being tho resort of abandoned charac ters and sneak-thieves. Yesterday morning Boundsman Vosoy, in tho course of his perambu lations, come across a woman who said that she had boon robbed of a pocket-book containing a small amount of money in an up-stairs room of No. 89 South llalstod street, which is one of tho Westbrook lodging houses. When Vosoy made known tho woman’s loss to tho proprietor of tho place, ho was imme diately offered tho full amount said to have boon stolon. After a few minutes' conversation, tho officer concluded that tho place was conducted after tho manner of tho defunct Dolly Vardou liarlors, and decided to raid it. A few raps on a amp-post brought four police officers, and, aided by them, Vosey brought in to tho Union Street Station twelve inmates. It was evident from their appearance that all of them wore abandoned characters. Oapt. Lull has given tho most positive orders to his roundsmen to raid houses of disreputable kind, and they have zeal in executing those orders. Last Thursday morning the Slants Zeilung published what purported to bo a report of a trial before Justice Scully, wherein a law-break ing boor-seller was defendant. There was a jury in tho case, having among its number several very sensible and respectable gentlemen. Two or throe of Field, Loiter & Co.’s employes served on it. The boor-seller was acquitted, though tho evidence against him was conclusive, and, on tho following morning, the Gorman par per fairly howled about rights aud privileges, constitutions, tyrants, etc., etc. Tho firm of Field, Loiter A Co. came in for more than its share of the abuse, because a few of Us clerks chanced to bo in tho Jury-box, and wore honest enough to perform thou-duties. Tho Gormans wore told the firm was composed of Know-Nothings, who wore horn with a hatred for foreigners, aud wore advised not to deal with it any more. It is now stated that a rival firm, when it discovered that tliis damaging article concerning Field &> Loiter was in print, endeav ored to buy 1,000 copies of tbo Slants Zeilung for private circulation. Failing iu this, it borrowed the article in typo, and had it printed in tho form of a circular. The Gorman paper was given proper credit for tho article, and an additional paragraph was attached to it, which called the attention of the people to tho fact that tho rival firm was tho friend of tho Gormans, that it had taken no port iu the boor matter, and that it was a good house for Germans to trade with. And this is what is called “business enterprise.” The Golden Opportunity. Tho opportunity afforded to-duy to huy a lot at your own price should not boforgottou. Tho great sale, by auction, of eighty splendid lots at Knglowood will take place Ihia afternoon at 1 o’clock. Afrcolraln of cars will loavo tho llock Island depot at IQ o’clock, stopping at Twonty-sccoiid street, and returning at 0 o’clock, a free lunch will bo provided oa the ground. You should bo on bund and buy a homo that will make you happy In the future. Tho sale will bo made by Ellsou & Fetter, auctioneers. An Absolute Sale of valuoblo bOflincßH aud roflldonco property, fronting on North Clark street, Webster avenue, and Sedgwick street, opposite Llucolu Park, with sewerage, lake water, and gas connections. Street-ear facilities every five minutes. Sale by Wm. A. Butters & Co. this (Mon day) morning, at 10:30 o’clock, on tbo property. Au English millionaire. When people talk about millionaires they usually mention Bothsohild first, but there is a man lu England by the name of Ward, in com sorison5 orison with whom any Itothsehlld is a pauper, his man Ward Inherits a vast property, ac cumulated investments and estates, which give Tim elite AGO DAILY TRIBUNE; MONDAY, JUNE 16, 1873, him an enormous IhComo ; ho haa tho moat magnificent house In Loudon, tho finest collec tion of art, and tho fluent country noata In tho kingdom i Ida wlfo la colobratod for her beauty, and her display of diamonda at tho recent festi val given by tho Emperor of Auatrla, In Vienna, made all tho other ladies, tho Empresses, Queens, and Prlncossoa, look poor. Wnot tho incomo of this British Ormans to wo have novor aeon any statement of, but a Manchester paper ?;ivoa an account of hta annual profita derived rom Ida coal mines, which amount to tho enormous sum of 414,000,000. Bo tho Incomo from ono aonreo alono of this inordinately wealthy person is not much short of $26,000,000 a year. A NEW BALLOT-BOX. A Contrivance Which lUnkos IKnllot. Hox Sluffing Impossible ■Front the Brooklyn (,V. I'.) Jt'ayle, There was exhibited to tho Mayor yesterday, by tho inventor, a ballot-box which haa boon patented in England and tbo United States and which is now being brought to tho attention of tho authorities of States and cities. By tho an plioatiotrof two simple principles, which will bo explained, absolute safety against the opening of . the ballot-box, except by tbo authorized parties, has boon secured. Nobody can got into the box without leaving tho plainest evidence of violence to betray him bohindhlm, and tho collusion of an impossible number of persona is necessary to effect an entrance to it, beside which every one of them would betray himself in tho effort. This Invention docs not, of courao, prevent fraud. But it requires any fraud perpetrated to bo dono either before tho ballots go Into tho box—or after they come out—in tuo counting of tho votes. Frauds of that kind are provontlblo by vigilance. The kind which has been nearly al ways successfully committed, when committed, has had to do with stufllng the ballot-boxes, for which end they have boon opened with duplicate coys. Access to tbo contents of this ballot-box is obviously impossible, as wo will show; so tho obanccs to commit tho kind of fraud known as ballot-box stufllng is out of tho question. Lot ua explain. Tbo box as now exhibited is of shoot Iron, tho material easiest for transpor tation. Tho boxes can bo ihado, however, of glass, or of any material thought boat. Tho ox Is *au ordinary cube in form, tbo top sido being tho lid, which fits down close and tight, liko tho lid of a toacaddy. Internal shoulders run up from all sides to tho top of tho lid. On tho front side tho lid slopes, and on tho slopo aro tho very simple but perfectly secure fasten ings. Upon this incline which tho lid makes is a sliding panel shutting with a catch, and oponablo by a provision on tho handlo of tho key. When tho panel is released or slid from its position covering, tho key-hole, a square of thin glass, about sovon-oightbs of an inch by ono-slxtoonth thick, is slipped into a “snug," which it accurately fits. "The panels (there are three) aro then shot back, at onco fix ing themselves and tho seals. It is now impos sible to insert tbo keys in tho looks without smashing tho seals all to pieces, and a flaw in any one would show that tampering had boon attempted. If those seals wore imitablo, thoirlikoa could bo substituted, but they oro Inimitable, and oro rendered so by tho fusion of rod and white glass blown into shoots or panes. On each shoot, wJiilo in a fresh state, is spread paper ruled into squares. On each square devices of uny arbitrary kind aro then penciled. Re moving tho paper, aaphaltum is applied to tho glass surface. It oats away of tho rod glass/ pretty much all, except whore tho devices aro penciled. Those it loaves intact in rod, with hero and there a separate, eccentric streak of red, different in every caso. These squares aro then cut by a diamond and become tho seals. Tho seals nro photographed, and while tho samo processes gone through with would not produce any such seals at all. tho photographs of them preserve their resemblance intact. Those photographs aro posted on tho pages of little blank books, and ono book each containing tho seals on each box at a polling place is given to tho ofilcors of election, to each candidate, or to the representative of each, or of oaoh committee. Every book holder thus becomes a cheek on all tho rest. If the seals aro smashed that shows. If tho seals aro changed each hook shows. And with out smashing tho seals no human being can got into tbo box except by breaking tbo entire thing nil to pieces. The panels thus covered by tho seals fasten tbo lid and box together by a screw on tbo inside, just os tho knives of a jaok-plauo ore screwed together, Mr. Homy Marston, tho patentee, and a resi dent of Washington, though a citizen of this State, patented this arrangement in England last spring. Ho took tho box to the oflico of the Loudon Times in tho fall. That paper stipulated in advance of noticing the box that it should bo given over to tbo custody of exports whom it picked for throe months, to soo if they could pet inside tho box without break ing tho seals. Two hundred and fifty pounds woro put inside as nu incentive. Tho exports tried for tho time specified and could not break tho seals, and could not make others just liko tbom for substitution. On December 0, lost year, tho Times stated those facta in an exceptional and quite favorable article upon tho ipvention. Since then tho box has boon patented in the British Empire and tho United States, and has boon ex hibited to tho authorities of several cities and of tho District of Columbia, securing from all attestation of its complete security and admira tion for its simplicity. Its general introduction, indeed its compulsory adoption by law, is only a question of timo, because it entirely neutralizes ballot-box stufliug, and by bo much is abdut tho host aid to puro polities and froo government which mechanical genius has yet supplied to tho world. Col* lllackouzlo’s Defeat of Ploxican IndiaiiN* Headquarters Department or Texas,) Ban Antonio, Tox., Juno 3, 1873. / General Orders, No. 6.] It is with groat pleasure tho Department Com mander announces to his command the gallant and successful attack by Col. 11. B. Mackenzie, Fourth Cavalry, with a portion of his regiment, upon tho combined camps of hostile Kickapoo, Lipan, and Moscaloro-Apacho Indians. Having ascertained tho location of those tribes, parties of which had just mndo a devastating raid on tho Rio Grande frontier of Texas, Col. Macken zie assembled six companies ot his regiment on tho evening of May 17, marched all that night, encountering and overcoming tho diflloidtios and obstacles incidental to such marches hi a strange country, and struck tho Indians at 7 o’clock ou the morning of tho 18th, killing 19 warriors, cap turing Costiiiotos. principal Chief of tho Lipaus, 40 women and children, and about 05 ponies, and destroying three villages with their accumulated property. Ilia own loss was throe men wounded, —ono mortally. Tho companies and officers engaged wore as follows : Companies A, B, O, E, I, aud M, Fourth Cavalry; Capts. N, B. McLaughlin, Clarence Mauok. John B. Wilcox, E. B. Beau mont, William O Connell; First Lieuts. W. O. Hemphill, G. A. Thurston, O. L. Hudson, D. Lynch, Jr.; Second Lieuts. O. W. Budd, R. G. Carter, H. G. White, 0. A. P. Hatfield, J. W. Martin,—all of tho Fourth Cavalry; Second Lieut. John Bullis, Twenty-fourth Infantry, commanding Seminole scouts,; Lieut. amlAdJ. L. G.. Parker, Fourth Cavalry; and Acting Assistant Surgeon Donald Jackson Col. Mackenzie's report says: . . . . “Private Peter Carrigan, Company D, Fourth Cavalry, who happened to bo boro on detached service and was attached to Company I, was mortally wounded. Private William Pair, of I Company. Fourth Cavalry, a splendid old soldier who has served in tho regiment since its organization, loses his right arm near the shoul der. Private Leonard Knipponbergor, Company E, Fourth Cavalry, slightly wounded in tho face, is now on duty.” i . . . Tho Commanding General tenders to Col, Mackenzie and his gallant command his thanks and congratulations for tbo very hand some manner in which they accomplished this perilous and difficult work. Tho cheerful and ready conduct of tho mou under tho unavoidable privations, having nothing to oat for nearly two days but a little hard broad, is quite as creditable to thorn as their gallantry in tho fight. It is believed that a few repetitions of this effective and summary punishment would give quiet to that portion of tho Rio Grande frontier so long outraged by those Indians. By command of Brig-Gen. 0. 0. Augur; Ciuunckv McKeeveb, Assistant Adjutant General. 'l'lifl bogie of Crime. From the Troy (,Y. l r .) Jlmljiet. Tilings come around in wonderfully strange wovs, ami connect persons with events with which they seem to stand in no relation what ever, Four years ago Hr. Gilbert H. Itoblnson, a jowolor in Mamaronook, N. Y., was found dead in his bod in a sleeping-room hack of his store. Ilia skull had boon broken, and his pockets had boon robbed, but the robber was not able to effect au entrance into tho safo whore tho jewelry was kept. It was a mysterious murder, and, after some slight efforts by tho police authorities of Westchester County, they abandoned tho search for tho murdoror. Several young inou bf tho town had boon in tho habit of spending an occasional night with Itobinsou in his room, and among those was I’etop Terrill, a young man of ?ood family, and Hr. llohinson’s most intimate riond. It appears not to Imvo boon observed at tho time that Terrill absented himself from town on somo pretense, and did nob attend Robinson's funeral. Last winter— January—Oapt. Gabriel 8. Burger ran off with Mm, Mary Rich ardson. the wife of George Richardson; of Mam aroiiock, Tho bereaved husband made aomo ef fort togothis wife back, but finding she was de termined to leave him and break up hie family, bo lot her go, and proceeded to get a divorce. lie got It, and Fetor Terrill waa a witncßß for him. who swore point-blank against the character of Mfh. Richardson for obaotity. At length Mrs. Richardson got tired of Oapt. Burger, loft him. end, rottiming to Mamaronook, aaltoa Mr. Rich ardson to take her back. lie declined the honor, end informed her that ho had very pleasantly P QBB od the honeymoon of divorce, and was quite satisfied to remain a oinglo raou. Mrs. Rich ardson wont after the court-records, and was somewhat astonished to loam what Terrill had sworn to. Sho denied the soft Impeachment contained In Terrill’s testimony, nna Bald she could now throw aomo light on tho mysterious Robinson murder. Terrill hoard of this remark and ran off. Mrs. Itichardson was interviewed by the police, and gave such a circumstantial 11. , omon t of liobinson’s murder, and how Tor i'*ll H9? a<lmlttod to her that ho had dono it, that lorriu waa sought and found in Now York City. Ho is now in the County Jail at White Plains, charged with tho murder of the Mamaronook jeweler four years ago. NEWS PARAGRAPHS. South Bond has reached tho dignity of hav ing a daily paper, tho Daily Tribune. the debris loft on a pionio ground near Now York. Sunday wook, was a dead baby. 1-n ftttnil T„ njooting of tho Western Asso- Erio d jslno B 2? Üb ° ho^d at I>ut - in * Ba y» Lake Niagara must pay for all their on loymonts, this season. Tho roor windows of all the hotel rooms havo boon boarded up to pre vent patrons from seeing tho falls, and all trav elers are compelled to pay 50 cones for hearing the roar, or havo cotton crammed in their oars. “-The great pneumatic tuboof Brisbane has faUed. Even between tho Capitol and Govom- Printing OfUoo, at Wattlilngton, it does not work satisfactorily. Pneumatic expresses may In tlmo travorso tho land in all directions s hut tho tlmo Is evidently not near at hand. - ■ ~ Bu fil\villo, tho county scat of Schuyler Coun ty, 111., at a lato olootion voted for and against whisky, boor, and billiards, resulting as fob lows i Against whisky, lOo; for whisky, G8;

ogamst boor, 145 ; for boor, 83; against billiards. 180; for billiards’B3. “ ' —Thoro aro not, perhaps, many Judges like that ono in a Western Btato who, whon an un waiy counsel had laboriously cited a long list of decisions of various tribunals, conclusive, as ho thought, of his caso, dismissed all with tho re mark : “Idon’t soo no decision from tho Gen eral Term of this doostrlct.” —An ontiro congregation of Gorman Roman Catholics, within tho jurisdiction of tho Episco pal Bishop of Central Now York, during the lat ter part of May signified thoir dosiro to the Right Rev. F. D. Huntington to bo placed under his caro 5 whereupon tho Rov. A, F, Rrtmpff, a Gor man priest of tho Episcopal Church* was sent to thorn. —The libel laws of Pennsylvania, no lose than Quaker traditions, ore promotivoiof mildness of diction by papers published therein. Honoo wo account for tho Philadelphia JPrcaa remarking that “ tho murder of Walworth in Now York, by his son. has naturally oroatod groat excitement, and called forth general condemnation of tho undiial act. 1 * —Tho names of tho canal boats on tho Dela ware & Hudson Canal oro about as various and sooraly as tho names of tho a modom novels. Hero aro somo of thorn, and they do very well for tho purpose to whicn thoy oro put: “Bo Just and Fear Not,” *• I’m Quito a Healthy Lad,” “ It’s Naughty, But It’s Nice,” and “Free La bor.” —Twenty-eight million dollars have boon ex pended in deepening and otherwise improving tho Kivor Clyde, Glasgow, by the Trustees of tho River Clyde Navigation Company. Tho work is still vigorously continued with six power ful machines, dredging over one million tons every yoor. —Hays tho Savannah (Georgia) Nmcs: ** A colored‘youth in Thomasvilio was hired by a charitable man to carry a shoulder of pork to any Eoor family ho could find. Ho went to every Ouse in town, but all denied that thoy wero poor. In somo instances bo was oven pursued to tho front gates by excitod females, who ex pressed a desire to curl his hair with tho small oud of a broom.” —A military funeral woo passing a fashionable church In Boston last Sunday, and tho band was playing thoDoadMarchinSoul, when tho preach er gave notice that tho services would bo sus pended 41 until tho Sabbath-broakors bad passed out of hearing.” Ho probably thought that in spiriting musio was St. ratrlck’aDay in tho Morn ing, or some such profane composition. —A tract of salt meadow containing 20.000 acres or moro, extending along tho eastern shore of tho bay of San Francisco, from a point noar the old San Joso Mission to Alviso, has re cently boon sold to some English capitalists for about sl6 an aero. This land had boon partly reclaimed, and the work of reclaiming the whole far enough advanced to demonstrate that every nore could bo converted into tho host quality of land. —A woman advertises in a Vienna paper who is evidently a very handy person to have in tho community, where humanity is subject to its present variety of waute ana-weaknesses. Her announcement roads thus: "Anna Agrihol, sick nurse, watches dead bodies, repairs straw chain, applies leeches, and makes pastries, desserts, and delicacies." —lt appears from the traffic returns of tho Buez Canal that in the eleven months of 1872-’7B 572 vessels passed through, against 288 in tho preceding twolvo months, while tho ton nago increased at a still larger rate—o74,Blß tons, against 293,862 tone. This gives to tho short cut 24 per cent of all tho tonuogo passing at present between India and Europe and America. —Farmers have commenced the wheat harvest in tho groat Valley of the Son Joaquin. From tho boat information the Merced Argns can ob tain, the yield will bof about two-fifths as com pared with that of last year. By adding tho in creased acreage in Merced County, that paper thinks tho aggregate groin production wul bo equal to five-eighths of tho amount raised in 1872, with a very groat increase in the amount of hay out. —San Francisco Call, June 0. —The following story is told to illustrate tho strictness with which the Cunard Steamship Line is managed. Tho Captain of one of their Now York ships having lately married, asked leave to take his wife with him on one voyage. This was granted, but, on going to tako command when tho ship was ready for sea, ho found one of his brother Captains on board, from whom ho learned that, though tho Company had no objec tions to his taking his wifo to America, they wore not willing to trust him with the ship too. —Tho London Times persists in ignoring tho Newspaper Press Fund. Tho institution grows in importance, and its annual dinners are grand affairs, some of tho most eminent men of tho day being present, but tho Times never reports a word of it, nor alludes to tho fund in any man ner. Last year tho King of tho Belgians presid ed, and Mr. Froudo filled tho same place at tho recent dfcinor. Tho explanation of inis is said to bo that tho Times has a fund of its own. —iWuc MilUarische Blatter, tho Prussian. mili tary journal, gives some items relative to tho Hauser rilio, henceforth to bo adopted in tbo Gorman army. It requires less timo for loading than either tho needlo-gun or tho chassopot. It is able to carry 200 yarns when under favorable circumstances and in tho host condition. Why tho obango has boon made docs not appear; but it may, in part or at least, bo owing to a certain clumsiness interfering with the offoot of tho uoodlo-gun. IHoro tlmn 121,000 Glilnumcn Already in Cnllforuia«-25,000 In San Fran* clttco—lTlilllouH in IKosorvo. From the San Francisco Chronicle, A fow days ago a Chronicle reporter, desirous of obtaining some reliable information In regard to tbo number of Ohiuamon In California, tho conditions upon which they aro brought hero, oto., obtained an introduction to Ah Yu, Olaiof Inspector to the Sam Yup Chinese Immigration Company. Ah Yu is a very shrewd and intolli gont man, whoso position gives him superior fa cilities for obtaining correct information upon tho subject referred to. Loo Wing, a commission merchant of Nevada, who has resided In Cali fornia for twenty-three years, was present dur ing the interview, nud corroborated tho stato-< mentu of Alt Yu. both men spoakEnglish well. Tho conversation ran about as follows: Reporter—l wish to got aomo information from you about tbo Chinese In California, Will yon toll mo what you know on that subject ? Ah Yu—With pleasure, eir. Q. Row many Ohinoso immigration companies aro there? A. Six; tho Yung Wo, Sam Yup, Bing Yung. Hop Wo, Yang Wo, and Cuu Chow. Q. Which is tho largest company? A. Sing Yung. Q. And which is tho oldest ? A. Bam Yup. Q. Now, will you toll mo tho number of Chi namen each company has in California. A. Yes. Yung Wo has 14,000; Bam Yup, 0,000; Bing Yung, 65,000; Hop Wo, 20,000; Yang Wo, 6,000; Oim Chow, 17,000. o , , , Q. Will you repeat tho numbers again ? [This was done without tbo Blightoet variation.] Q. I have made a total of 121,000 Chinese at present in California. Is it possible that ihoro aro so many iu tho country ? A. Oh, yos, thoro aro more. tThosb aro only tho men we have any account of. Moro than a thousand have come on ihoir own money. Q. How do those compaqio's got your oouhtry raon to oomo hero ? A. Each company has its headquarters at some largo seaportln China, and agents all through tho country, who gather tho men and womou to oomo horo. Q. Whore are tho headquarters of those six companies ? A. Sam Yup. Nt Canton 5 Yang Wo at Hongkong t tho other four at Macao. Q. ihose who oomo hero aro 'tho servants for tbroo yearn of tho companies who bring thorn horo, aro they not ? A. No 5 they belong to tho oompany untU they havo paid their passage money and a commission. Sometimes a mnn Kit in ono year ; sometimes, when lazy and . not at all. Q. What class—what sort of men come hero ? A. Mostly very poor ; some very bad : all low. S' ”"7 ao so many oomo ? A. Because a Chinaman at bomo novor earns more than 80 cents a day. and often starves. ♦ Hero ho gets $1 a day and lives much bettor. Q. Do von think many more will oomo ? A. urn yes ; twice as mfmy as now. ■Q. Why? A. Because Englishmen aro run ning steamers now at lower prices. Thousands moro will oomo. Q. How many Chinese aro thoro In San Fran cisco—are thoro as many as 18,000 ? A. Oh, many moro. Wait a minute. After looking at somo books, Ah Yu turned ond said 1 “ Thoro aro In San Francisco between twonty-throo ond twonty-flvo thousand Chinese. You think thoro aro not so many, perhaps, but I know It is truo. White men cannot count Chinamen.” Q. And how many moro do yon think aro coming? A. Woll, wo can spare seventeen mill ions I With respect to tho nnmbbr of women in tho city and deaths per wook, Ah Yu would or could glvo no Information, Women as Laborers In Vienna* Correspondence of the Baltimore American, I havo before alluded to tho fact that women Sorform tho hardest kind of laboring work in lormany, but was not prepared for tho sights I havo witnessed to-day in Vienna. In America mixing mortar and carrying tho hod is consid ered such herd work that fow white men con bo found willing to undertake it at tho present day. An Immense building near our hotel, occupying a wholo block, Is in course of oroctlon, on which not loss than 400 persons oro employed, fully 200 of whom aro women. AU tho hard laboring work is dono by women, such as making and carrying mortar In buckets on their heads to tho workmen, and handling the brick. •They aro not allowed a moment’s leisure, several overseers being on gnord to keep them constantly in motion. Wo found tho samo Proportion of women at work on all tho now buildings, and thoro must bo many thousands of them to-day doing this species of laboring work in Vienna. They aro both young, middlo aged and old, but oil soom to bo strong and healthy. At dinner time they swarm into tho shops to purchase a piece of brown broad, and oat their dinner sitting on tho curbstones. Tho wacoa la ono florin, or forty-eight cents per day, and I am assured by a gentleman resident hero that most of them sloop obout tho building on ehavings, or in horns or sheds, having no homos. It Is not to bo wondered at that of tho 8.000 births onnually in tho lying-in hospitals of Vien na, leas than 500 are of children bom in wed lock. A Now Orleans Dogberry* From tho New Orleans Herald , Bcono—Commissiouor Shannon’s office—Com missioner in his shirt sleeves, lolling back lazily in bis easy chair, conversing familiarly with several colored friends—Enter gentleman from bank, with sight draft on Commissioner. Shannon (Bristling up)—Tako your hat off, sir} don’t you know this is a court, sir. and in session, sir ? Bank Olork (Taking off his hat)— Did not know this was a court, sir: did not suppose the court sat in its shirt alcoves. Shannon (Outraged at tho inaolonco of tho clerk, hut smothering his anger)— Well, sir, what do yon want ? Dank Olork—Hero is a sight draft on you, sent us for collection. Shannon (furious)— This cottrt is in session. Take your draft away; bring it back after court hours. Bank Clerk—Very well, sir; you will find tho draft at the bank; if not paid by 8 o’clock, it wfll bo placed in tho hands of a notary for protest. Shannon—Do you mean to toll mo you will not bring it back after court-hours ? Bank Olork—Exactly. 1 take my hat off to the court, but will certainly protest the court if he doesn’t pay it by 3 o’clock. Exit dork, smiling ; Shannon looking as if be expected tho sky to fall and crush such impu dence to a United States Commissioner—a court. Herkimer County Dairy market* Firms Falls, N, Y., Juno 14. Another wook with a dull market and lower prices, tho falling off on facto ries being fully Tho delivery of farm dairies amounted to about 800 boxes, and solos wore made at 100 to 120 for skimmed, and from 13c to 140 for good to extra. In factories tho offerings were estimated to roach from 6,000 to 7,000 boxes, 3,000 boxes of which wore sold. There was a good deal of dissatisfaction among dairymen at tho low ralss, and many refused to sell, while others sent forward their goods on commission, Wo give the leading transactions, os follows : Bates, 13?* o; B roc Mills Bridge, 140 ; Brockolt h Futu, 13>roj Central Valley, 14o; Cold Brook, 14c; Cold Spring, 13?£c: Countryman, 14o; Crum Greek, 13*fo? Eatonvillo, 14c; Fairfield Association, 14o: . North Fairfield, 140 ; Old Fairfield, 14c: Herdmcu Aasocla tion, 14o; Herkimwr County Central, lie; J. D, Ives, 14c ; Little Falls Central, 13&o; Geo. Lodlno, 140 ; Mauholm. 14o; Manboim Centre, 14o; Mlddlovlllo, 14o; Mother Creek, 13?iO ; Newport, 14c;Nowvillo Association, 14c; Nichols, 14c; Old Stone Church, 13?/c; Paine’a Hollow, 140 ; Itathblnville, 140 ; Old Salisbury, 14o; Shell’s Bush, 140 ; Small’s Bush, Smith Greek, 14o: Small’s Bush, 14a : St, JohnaviUo, 140 ; Stouo Arabia, 140 ; Stone Arabia Centro, 140 ; Top Notch, 19Ko; white Crook, 140 : Zlmman Creek, 14c, Tho quality of factory cheese this week is report ed to bo excellent. Butter, only a few tubs of grass make and sold at 27c. At tho Herkimer Village mar ket prices wore a little lower than at Little Falls. At tho Utica City Market, trade was dull and only about 1,500 boxes changed bands. Prices ranged from 13?£o to 13?£c, the ruling figure being 13#c for facto ries. Buyers claim that money was lost on tho previ ous week’s shipments of cheese, and hcnco tho decline In prices this week. It will he seen that tho topprlco this week at Littlo Falls for "fancp” factories is 14c. Last year for tho corresponding week prices ranged from 140 to 14Vc— twolvo factories soiling at 14.Kc f and about 6,000 boxes wore sold. There was rain in Herkimer on Tuesday night and ■Wednesday which has freshened up grass considera bly, but it Is still very dry, aud cows arc not yet yield ing tbclr best. Edmund Yates describes Loon Qamhotta as a fat, gross man of middle height, with reddish brown complexion, and decidedly rod nose, with a oncer louche, or cook eyo, which gives him a half-jovial, half-sinister expression. Ho wears a curly-brimmod, grease-stained hat, a tortoise shell double eye-glass banging loose round his nook, shining coat and full trousers, into the pookots of wlilcb his bands ore thrust up to the wrists. DEATHS. thU city, on Sunday morning, Juno 15, Alisa Wealthy Brown, aged 72 years. The funeral services will take place from tbo rootory of Christ Church, 870 Mlohlgan-av., at 8 o'clock this (Monday) afternoon. mtOWN-Ou Friday evening, tholStb Inst., Mrs. Clara Starr Prtmn, widow or tbo lain Jndgo Henry Brown, fo tbo 78th year of her ago. Funeral from tbo residence of her son-in-law, Thomas L. Forrest, 419 Oontrout., on Monday next at 3 o’clock I>. m. Friends of tbo family aro invited. MULFOKD—FrIouds wbodcilro to attend tbo funeral of Mrs. Ilobooca Mulford, to-day, can Icavu by tbo 1 o’clock train, and rotum from RoseblH at 0:20. GENERAL NOTICES. NOTION. The firm of Roado 4 Hoaro, Knginoors, Rooms 86 and 87 Portland Block, comer Dearborn andWaablngton-Kls., Chicago, 111., having dissolved partnership, tbo Kahili tics of tbo lato llrra are assumed by Mr. It. D. Roado, who will continue to carry on tbo business. . _ UKADIC A nOARB, .Tuna 14, 1878. K. LIE. M. HOAHIC. AUCTION SALES. BY BRUSH, SON & CO. At 74 West Van Buren-st., TUESDAY, Juno 17, at 10 a. m„ Will be sold FURNITURE, CARPETS, BEDDING, Orookory, Refrigerator, Stoves, Mirrors, eto., offsets of a 11-room house. BRUSH, BON A 00., Auctioneers. Wednesday, Juno 18, at 10 a. in., Will bo cold Parlor BulU, Chamber Sots, Bedsteads, Bu reaus, Tables, Mattresses, Bedding, Lounges, Oaructs, Cook Stoves, Parlor, Dining-room, and Kitchen Furni ture. BRUSH, SON A 00.. Auctioneers, TO THE TRADE IN GENERAL. -A-TJOTIOHSr SALE OP GENERAL MERCHANDISE 'At 01-2 o’clock ai ra., June 10,1873, AtNo, 85 West Madlson st, (Galt House Block), $60,000 Stock, without reserve. E. A. JE&BELL* Auctioneer. By EIjISON & FOSTER, GREAT SALE Will 019 PSffiPUfY AT jA-TTaTIOISr, On Monday, June 16, at 1 o’clock p. m., on the premises, EIGHTY LOTS Aflapteft for Resilience ai Business, State-st., Vinoennes-av., Dearborn, and Olark-sta. choice property which, we will offer at thin sale is situated between Sixty-eighth and Sevontioth.sta., oast of and within two blooksof thoNormal School, aooosslblo by about thlrty-tw 0 trains daily, each way, on tho Book Island, and Pittsburgh&Pt. Waynoßailroads j six trains Hy», way. Btopplng at tho Normal School Depot at Sixfcy-olghth-ot.. within 3 minutes* walk of tho property. Englewood I?_s^ fll f b u r ban town; thoro la much ao- K™? In building and improvements of all Unas. Two now churches aro doing created this season j 60 to 75 dwelling houses aro now bomg built, and many othor substantial im provements aro going on. Streets aro graded , and graveled through tho property equal in all roapoots to any or tho avenues, Qooa plank sidewalks from the Normal School Depot to tho property, and during tho Summer aplank sidewalk will bo built from tho Depot on Taking this property all in au, it is oftbq most desirable and attractive character, and offers the boot inducements for speculation and occupation of any prop erty now offered for sale in tho suburbs of Chicago. This property is only sovon miles from Vanßuren-st. Dopot; time in getting there only about 20 minutes, and tho fare °py 10 cents. Tho location in healthy, with plenty of good water. Refreshments will bo furnished free of cost, and n freo rido will bo furnished all who wish to attend the solo. Terms of solo, 1-3 cash, balance in 1 and 2 ygaw. with 8 per cent interest. A deposit of SSO will bo required on oaoh lot. Pull War ranty pood will bo givon, with printed copy of abstractor tltlo. A special train of cars will start from tho K°oh Island Railroad Depot on Vanßuren st., ot 12 o’clock noon, stopping at Twenty* Bocond-st.. and return at 6 o’clock, freo for all OM Bnlo. Particulars and plats will bo furnishod by EDISON & POSTER, Auctioneers, 87 Markot-st. First Grand Sale mm mm'n. PEEEMPTOET SALE OF TEI ACRES, To bo Sold in Lots, AT AUCTION, On Tuesday Afternoon, June 17, At 3 o’clock, on tho promises, to close an undivided interest. Being subdivision of the 3. E. 1-4 of tho 3. W. 1-4 of the N. W. 1-4 of Section 12, Town 30, North of Range 13, East, lying south and fronting on Sacramento Square and Central Park Boulevard, and west of and fronting on Sooramonto-av. In this subdivision there are 10 elegant Res idence Lots fronting on Sacramento Square, which is to be used as a Park; 10 elegant Lots fronting on Central Pork Boulevard, which is 250 feet wide; 10 elegant Lots fronting on Sacramento-av.. which is 100 feet wide; and 33 choice Lots fronting on Wioholls and Yagor-sts., less than two minutes’ walk from tho Depot of the C, & N, W. Railroad. This property is east of and near Central Park, being situated on the Grand Central Park Boulevard, and only about three miles from tho Court House, aud one mile inside the city limits. Of all the choice property fronting tho Parks of Chi cago, none is more accessible or de sirable, or has a greater prospective value than this. Special Train of cars will start from Wolls-at. Depot at 3 o’clock p, m., stopping at Ualstod-st. and Park Slallnn, and return at 5 o'clock, for tho convenience of all persons who would like to attend the sale. All aro Invited. • TERMS OF BALE—M cash, balance one, two, and throe years. A deposit of i{6o will bo required on each lot. Title perfect. Printed abstract# will bo furnished each purchaser. For Information aud plat call on Messrs. Avery, MUlor A Rlgdon, 1-13 Monroo-at., or to TWO MILLION DOLLARS. CHEAT CLOSING OUT. TEU STBES’ SALE REALAND PERSONALPROPERTY Belonging to the CHIOAGO LAND COMPANY, AT PUIIIiIO AUCTION, On Wednesday, lie istlr day ol Jana. 1873. By tho articles o( tho association of said Company, It Is firovlded that all tbo properly In thobamU of tho Trustoos a tho month of Juno, 1b73, must bo sold at auction fur cash, tocloso tho trust. Tho realty la centrally locatod In tho CITY OF OIII OAOO, and is vahiod at $1,800,000, auit cumpnsud largely of river and canal frontage, dookou and ready for ItnmodT alouso. Also, a largo number of vacantlola In tho inimo- Uiato vicinity of tho ducks, all well adapted for business purpoaes. The title to this properly Is unquestioned, having boon bold and owned by tho Association for twenty years. Tho porsuttal property consist* of notes bearing 7 per cent Interest, having from ono to flvo years to run. and amounting to about $700,000. Those notes wore received far deterred payment* on land bought from tbo Company by tho makers thereof, ami their payment is secured by mortgage on tho same. TERMS OK HALF, CASH. The personal property will bo ready for transfer and delivery Immediately after the aalo. Purchasers of realty will bo required to make a deposit on tho day of sale of 10 percent on the amount of their purchase, tho balance to bo paid within thirty days, oroa soon after tho ealo as deeds can bo mado and delivered. MAIILON D. OGDEN, L. S. BEECHER, GEOKOISWATH6n, Chicago, March IS, 1873. Trustees. 11. XI. Booue, Secretary. Otllco southwest corner of Lake and Clark-sts., Room 5, second floor. THE ABOVE Peremptory CLOSffIMDT SALE CHICAGO LAID COM, 41 South Oanal-st. B-sr Will Positively Take Place on Wednesday Morning, Juno 18,1873, at 10 o’clock, ON THE GROUND, commencing sale at East Division al. bridge, Free carriages will loavo Ogdon’s Building, comer of Lake and Clark-sts., from 9to 10 o’clock a. in., on 18th I uni.. U) convey Intending purchasers to tho grouuds. ’ KLISJN A IU3TKU, Aucllimoori, AUCTION SALES, 03? FRONTING ON EIiISOW & FOSTER, Auctioneers. AND OP THE AUCTION SALES, By ELISON & FOSTER, THE ClflSM SALE ME. GALE'S SUPEEB OOLLEOTIOK OIL PAIITIIGS, AT 053 WABASH-AV., Willtako plnoo on MONDAY EVENING, JUNE 10, at 8 o'clock. BLIBON & EOSTBB, Allot’™. UuitflH States BMlacMne Go. IN BANKRUPTCY. V'.' ,?" TUESDAY MOUNINO, Juno 17, St 11 o olook, sUhoooutliimßt corner of CUliilon oncl Monroo. M*ainNK oo” ,00 ‘ ot lho UNIT,tu states uuiok -A-T A.TTOTIO3XT, SSll!Sli n St? , J* ltor * l ?* u « J l>y U'o united StstOA hVifi^ 6000 ' if nd . Bclfclttm, for Improvement* la brick machine*. Al*o tlio offloo furniture, one second- B Vnrt d n l iL a . o A ltlory °. f aUk, 2 (lB . •woo lot of wrought, J? l *, l ln>n onohnnio, buggy, and hat-noan; odd J^£.i™K^SJ,Vo2S'to B°' 8 °' iToSilSi BLIBON A FOSTEn!^.?^^" 18 ’ A "">“°»’ BAHKEDPTCY! BAMKRUPTCT! «"!• "I WEDNESDAY momlim, JUNE 18, Pil* h 0 clock. ft tho brickyard of said Company, on the Illinois A .Mlablgan Canal, half mllo wont nf 11 right* ogl^horwnoWngoDfoctaof too United Statesll rick Mo* A.l AtrOTIOW. BBBortmont of IraiilomonU snd of ~St™,°'kU,l. B^SlTro^"" I '' *-• b * -EDISON A TO3TER, H A.. i o / lll;'„. I : EW,B ' A“,sn'o FIVE LOTS OS SETTRTLEFF-AV, Botwixm (lorniorlrknowni.. auu liiirfloth-nt. (formerly laiowa ag Whltohonso-placo), -A-T AtTOTION, ON TUESDAY AFTERNOON, JUNE 24, At 3 o’clock, on the ground. nclog Lots M,«, 28, 33. and 83: 24 feet front by 135 fe<M deep, to a 15-foot alio/. Title porfoot. Torms-Ono fourth caali, balance 1, a. aiid3yoarg, with 8 por cent In- T ioio LoU nrofiltjiotod only five blocks west of Btato-at., Ins tblckly-aottlod portion of tho city, and are valuable for roaidonco purposes. Persona attending tlio aalo can take the Btato-st. Cars to Thlrtioth-st., which U only a few minutou' walk from thonrtmorty. ELIBON A FOSTER, Auctloneera. ■By TO. A. BUTTERS & CO. SALE Of VALUABLE CORNER LOTS, Biatis aid ResWeuce Property, Monday, Jnno 10, at 10:30 a. in.. On the ground, corner of Clark-et. and Webator-av., near Lincoln Park. 'vvm, A.. 23-0. - tt;o3L*ej cfi3 00. will sell B-5T -A.-CJCXXO3ST, At the time and place above named. 4 Choice Corner Lots aud 9 Inside Lots, (tultablo for stores and rotldoncos. A good aowor passoa each lot; also water and gas. R*l<e positive. TERMS-Ono-thlrd onsb, balance In I and 3 yean. WM. A. PUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers. WHISKY, WINE, All, Pipes, Cut Nails, &c., ■A.T A.rrCTiO3N“ Tuesday Homing, Juno 17, at 10 o'clock. At ourHalcsroonis, £5 and 67 South Canal-et., 10 Brla. Monongahela. Old Bourbon, Sour Mash, Old Crow, Silver Crook, Marshall, Bourbon, and Body Whiskies, all nrima goods, full proof. Olarot wino, Olay Bipea. Ale, &o. 20 Casks Out Nails. WM. A. BUTTERS i CO., Auctioneer. WBraresDAY, jttktb is, Fine now Top Buggies, Open Wagons, Phaetons, Democrat and Express Wagons* Double and Single Harness, -A.T -A-TJOTIOUNr, At 55 and 57 South Oanal-st.. Wednesday morning, at 10 o’clock. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO., 'Auctioneers. SPECIAL SALE. Largo and desirable lino of Boady-Mado Clothing, Cloths, Casiltnoros, do., -A.T -A.XJOTION, On WEDNESDAY, JUNE 18, at o’clock, In Bowen Bros.' Block, 15 and 17 East Knndolnh-ai. WM. A. BUTTERS ± CO., , . Auctloneera. DRY GOODS, (Fancy Dross Goods, Straw Goods, Ao., ■A.T ATJCTIO3ST, On THURSDAY, JUNE 10, at o>tf o’clock, In Bowea Bros.'Block, 16 and 17 East Randolphs. WAI. A. BUTTERS A CO., Soutli Shore Property -A.T AUCTION. TMs Dellghtfiil SttWan Property Embraces Some of the Choicest Lots on the South Shore LAKE FRONTAGE AND GROVE, Will to sow by us on May, June 23. This Property Must be Sold. 888 BILLS ■ WM. A. RUTTERS A CO.. Anctloneors. BY GEO. P. GOEE & CO., 22, 21 & 20 Ilandolph-st. ZDZR/3T GrOOIDS !I GREAT OPENING SALE On Tuesday Morning, Juno 17th, at 9:30 O’clock, In the now, elegant, and commodious quarters, 63 and 70 Wabash-av. A very attractive lino of Dress Goods in Alpacas, Dolalnos, Linens, Buttings, do., do. A splendid Line of Goat’s Bummer Stylos, Flue Kell Hats: And Invoices of White Goods, Hosiery, Underwear, Umbrellas, and Parasols, Yankee Notions, do., do. At 11 o’clock special ottering of Ingrain Carpets by tbo roll. GEO. P. GORE A CO., Auctioneers, 68 and 70 Wabash-av. EUREKAI Call and See Our New Store! Tho Largest and Finest Auctlon lloiise in America! Tbo LARGEST and MOST ELEO. Household Furniture EVER OFFERED AT AUCTION. Rich Parlor Suits of over}' description j Marble, Wood, and Cottage Chamber Hois; Black Walnut Wardrobes; Pillar Extension Tabled: Maible-top Tables; Elegant Bldiiboards: Marblo-lop Bureaus and Commodes: Betas, Lounges, Chairs, Hookers, Bedsteads, Mattresses. Mir rors, Volvo! and Wool Carpets; 15 crates W. G. Crock ery: 7 orates Decorated Waro; 6 caaks of Yellow and Rockingham Waro. At It o’clock—Buggios aud Har ness, Now York makers. i)n Saturilav, Jiino 21, nt 0 o’clock a. m. (iUO. P. GOIli: A 00., Aoptloiwon, 6d #ud 70 Wabash-av. By HAVENS, OSGOOD & CO., Auctioneers. 63 South Oansl-st. OUT THIS OUT FOR REFERENCE. Largo sale of DRY GOOD 3 ami NOTIONS, on Thors, day, June IK, Also, regular sale of Household Goods* , Now and Socoud-haud Furulluro and Goueral Moreham ob.. ““ t ‘ tl ipiV , l!Na;“oßGo o D A 00.. Au.Uouoon., IT stock of

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