Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 17, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 17, 1873 Page 3
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A BATTLE WITH BURGLARS. One of tbo Most Desperate Fights on Record. Throo Officers Tnokle an Equal Num ber of Burglars. Revolvers Used in a Reckless Manner. Two of the Robbers Captured—The Third Escapes With a Bullet in His Body. Tbo otoro of L. A. Wboolor, on Wisconsin struct, Milwaukee, waa robbed lent Sunday night of about $>3,000 worth of shawls. Tho thieves effected an ontrauco by jumping a board fence 10 feet high and breaking a light of glass in a roar window, gaining acocuu tboroby to tho latch. They carried out about SO,OOO worth of shawls and deposited them on a bill in tbo rear of tbo Hero, where ono of tbo gang was waiting with a largo Saratoga trunk. This roooptaclo was pocked full, but tbo larger portion of the property could not bo' stamped In, aud homo tbo burglars wore obliged to loav? it on the ground. Silks and laco would have boon preferred to shawls, and tbo mon un doubtedly expected to take only that class of goods Fortunately Mr. Wboolor locks oil bis valuable stock, such as loco, silk, and ribbons, in a lotgt vault, built especially for tbo purpose. When tho trunk was pocked full, and would not bold Buolhor shawl, tbo thieves looked it, and started dtwn an alloy-way. The owner of tho building, ,vbo lives on tho second floor over tho ston, bad witnessed their opera tions, anl when' they started off, ho came downstairs and followed them. They went toward the railroad depot, aud, fooliug confident that they intended to take tho half-past 10 ( o'clock train, ho ceased pursuing them and com menced searching for an officer. Ho was unable to find one, and,having very little time to spare, imagined tho thieves would escape. Accident ally mooting John J. McDonald, a Deputy Sheriff from Bioux City, lowa, who was on a visit to bis brother in Milwaukee, bo acquainted him with tho circumstances, and requested him to watch tho burglars end telegraph tho Chicago outhoriUoo t .whither they wore bound. Wbou on tho tram McDonald wrote a dispatch to tho officer in charge of tho West Side Police Station in this city, and at Ra cino delivered it to the telegraph operator. Tho dispatch requested that officers be sout to tbo Milwaukee uepol to await the arrival of tbo train. McDonald took a walk through tho oars, aud soon discovered the men bo bad promised to apprehend. Tho thieves wore Jack Allen, Dave Bagio alias “ One-Armed Rogers," and another follow whoso name is unknown. Sorgt. French handed the dispatch to Roundsman Tom Simmons, who selected Officer Edward Laughlin to accompany him on his dangerous errand. Anticipating that the thieves would abandon the train before it reached the depot, tho officers went up the track to Hoisted street, whore they got aboard. McDonald mot and told thorn tho three men hdd just disem barked. It seems tho thiovos wont south on Hoisted street, ns if coming towards tho city. Ragio had a valiso and a bundlo in hia hand; the other two wore unincumbered. Tho throo officers, Simmons, Laughlin, and McDonald, ran across tho yard of tho North western Bailrod and intercepted their prey at tho corner of Hoisted and Brio streets. As soon aa the thieves saw tho officers they broke and ram Bagio was caught by Laughlin os ho was jump ing off tho sidewalk. Langhlin said, “Don’t move or I’ll shoot you.'* Bagio was' inclined to como to terms, and said, “Don't shoot, I give up." At this juncture a second thief came oat from behind a fence on Brio street, and said, “ G—d d—u you, lot him go." Laughlin re plied that bo would not. Tho unknown person then fived at Laughlin but did not bit him. Tho latter returned tho llro, and it is boliotod with wholesome effect, as tho unknown man clasped bis bauds across his stomach, and ran away. , LaughHu has no doubt but that his shot was effective. Bagio, being encouraged by tho en deavors of his “ pal" to secure his escape, kicked Laughlin in tho stomach. Tho officer then struck him with tho but-ond of bis re volver. This settled Bagio, and ho mode no moro resistance. In tho moantime fMmmons was a deadly encounter with Alien. When Simmons told Allen to “ hold on," tho despe rado turned around, and, at a dis tance of four foot, fired at tho officer. Fortunately Allou was a poor marks man, and tho bullet spent itself in tho air. Sim mons returned tho firo without affect. Then Allen turned like a tigoratbay. and, leveling tho muzzlo of his revolver at Simmons' head, ho pulled tho trigger. The weapon being rusty, tho trigger did not go down, and onco moro tho officer was unscathed. It was not tho fault of the ruffian, who hud murdor in his heart, that his bullets wore harmless. Now it was Sim mons' turn. Taking deliberate aim ho fired again. Tho thief bounded into tho air and fell to tho ground, writhing in tbo agonies which a wound in the loft side bad indicted. The ball entorod between tho fifth and sixth ribs. Officer Simmons, without waiting to loam tbo condition of Allen, returned to assist Laughlin, who, ho' supposed, was being overpowered, on account of the number of shots fired. When ho mot Laughlin that officer said to him to run in search of tho desperado, who bad attempted to rescue Bagio. Simmons ac cordingly ran east on Erio street, and saw tho criminal running south on Union street, to wards Indiana. The officer was so much ox haunted by his previous exertions, that be did not long continue his pursuit. Laughlin by this time had placed his “ como-a-long " on bis pris oner, and was ready to taka him to the station. Bimmoua found Allen in a condition of soml-in sonsibility. Ho therefore procured a wagon and bad him taken to tho station. Tho ruffian’s re volver was found near him, half cooked. It is supposed that bo attempted to firo, after ho was shot. Dr. Clark ottondod tho prisoners at tbo Madison Street Station. Bagio’a wounds wore painful, but not f&tal. Ho was at once placed in the most secaro cell of tho lock-up. Allen was laid upon a mattrass, in a hall in tho lock-up. Bagio was very sullen, und by hia answers showed himself to ho “ game ” from head to too. Allen appeared to be suffering greatly, and could give no answers to tho many questions that wore asked him. Upon Alloms person was found a check for the trunk referred to, which was found at tho Mil waukee depot, on Rlnzie street. It contained about $2,000 worth of property, which consisted largely of showla. Those wore identified by Mr. Wheeler yesterday afternoon. About II o’clock yesterday morning, tho crimi nals wore removed to tho Coutral Police Station. Both men ore well known in police circles. There is not a rogue's gallery in tho West that does not contain their portraits. Prom their in fancy, almost, they have sustained themselves by robbery and thieving. Their countenances reveal to the close observer their true character. I Jack Allen Is about five feet nine inches high. His appearance is that of a lithe, active follow, whoso intellect and nerve combine to make him an unpleasant antagonist. Ho is smooth-shaven. Ills eyes are of a light blue color, and over them aro well-developed bumps, which indicate that his powers of appre hension ore more than ordinary. His nose is of the aquiline order, and his mouth is firm. His general appearance is that of a man endowed with considerable mental power. David Bagio, alias “One-Armed Dave, is an individual of much loss intellect. Tho 11 smartness" which ho shows when ’an interview is at tempted with him is rather acquired than irate. Unlike Jack Allen’s, his conversa tion is of tho Bowery kind, boastful and full of oaths. Ho is about fivo foot six inches high. Like moot “ ICnucks ” hie hair is cut short, Ho is also smooth-shaven. It must not, however, be supposed that his features aro gross. On tho contrary, his Ups are thin, his noaa Is likewise, and his eyes are of a peculiar gray tint. Tho dress of both men was gouteol. inmootlng that they hod not boon unsuccessful lu the pur suit which they had boon foUowing. When questioned by a Tkidonb reporter, Bagio an swered in monosyllables, and tho utmost inge nuity failed in securing anything which would be of Interest. Jack Allen acquired some prominence lost February by escaping from tho clutches of a po lice officer in tho Armory Station. He had boon arroslo-l on tho charge of being tho leader of a . gang of robbers, and having been shot and se *• verely wounded by Ur. Jolm Olsten, of No. COD West Adams street, while attempting to rob the latter’s bouse, was given n soft couch !n the kitchen of tho Armorv Station. While tho officer who woe pet to watch over him aloinborod Jack oioio away, ana hao not boon soon In Chicago until voßlonlay morn ing. To give a fow fragmenta of lilo llfo, It xnay ho oald that bo was horn In Philadelphia. Ho waa known aa a thlaf boforo ho hooomo 10 yoara old, and alnco that time haa operated in that lino. It la a matter of much rogrot among ppllca olHocrsthat Simmons' bnllot did not kill him. It io prohahlo that ho will recover. Yoatorday afternoon. Dr. Brodloy, of tho ■ Arm of Clark & Dradloy, visited.him at tno Control Station. A reporter of Tn* Tnnrnmi aooompanlod him, Alien wav ovidontly atrougor than ho waa during tho morning. Ho lallcoa frooly with tho physician, and hod enough aonao lolt to answer tho reporter in ouoh a manner that nothing could bo lonmoil from him. Jlo very pooltWoly denied all complicity in tho J 11- waukoo robbery, and oald tho police ollloorfl hod punished innocent mon. Tho au *S r is muoh pain, and oomplainpd olao of tho look of freah Six in tho coll. Ho importuned 'ourtlv for more oDinraodious quartora, but Mr. will not give them to him, boornao ho lemom hora that Alien ooonrod Wo liberty onco boforo by Just ouoh on opportunity. Iho roouit of tho oxaminalion of tho wounded man, as re lated by Dr. Bradley soßlorday ofloroomi. wM atotod by that gontlomon to ho that tho prißOiior would not dlo. This roanlt of tho “ c ° UD t l ," above rolotod io unfortunate, elnco crlmiuaio Uio opportunity of running tho gannt lot ot a Judicial investigation, which la not oo voryaovoro after oil. Eagio Is, oo hla namo would indioato. of Italian paromago, and bom in Philadolphla. Hla career in tbia Stalo la well known. Ho boa aorvod two years in tho Penitentiary, and * rom /“ 8 Youth ban been regarded m a tnior. The Cook County Jail baa often sheltered him. Jack Allen bw boon, In one sense, ;more Tor lunate. Ho boa escaped arrest almost in every instance, but what be has gained a this way bo baa lost by being shot twice. Hla wound this time is severe, but, as boforo stated, is not fatal. Tho boll entered Juat below tbo loft abouldor blodo, and baa, it ia boliovod, lodged uoar tbo If botfi of tho villains bad boon killed, tbo job would bavo boon ono of tho best over done in tliis city. As it Is, tho officers aro deserving oi tho highest commendation, having shown them selves to bo mon of nerve, pluck, aud sagacity. THE COUNTY BOARD* A Tcomstor “squeal*” on Ml* Em ployers County Charities JBacU Taxes—An Attempt to Increase Cer tain salaries—Did* forlVorlt on tlio Snsaiio Asylum* Tho Board of County Commissioners mot yesterday afternoon, President Miller in tho choir.' Present, Commlaaionerß Aahton, Gallo* way, Jones, Pahlmon, Singer, Lonergon, Hot ting, Crawford, Clough, Roollo, Boguo, Harris, Russell, and Harriaon. . J. F. Waito offered to aoll to tho county tho original plot of tho School Section Addition aa made by tho Canal Commissioners. A teamster named Patrick McLaughlin sent in a communication stating that a number of loads of wood driven by him to tho Poor-House wore ouly three-quarter loads, and yet wore ac cepted at tho Institution as full ones. The Superintendent of tho Department of Char titles submitted his report for tho quarter end ing May 31. There were helped 6,069 persons; the total running expenses of tho department wore $63,702,77, being on average coat, of $10.52 for each person. Tho number cared for in tho different institutions was: Peer House—Average number, 600; running ex penses, $11,676.65; cost per oapltoj $21.41. In sane Asylum—Average number, 288; running expenses, $9,830.66; cost per capita, $83.80. Cook County Hospital—Average number, 206%; running expenses. $10,433.36; dispensary. $181.85; medicine for jail, $6.66; cost per bead per day, 66.8 cents; oared for at hospital dispen sary, $1,588. County Agent’s Office—Belief given to 8,669 families: cost, $33,878.81; per family, $9.64. County Physician—visits made, 210; alleged insane, 74 \ found insane, 31; not proper to be tried, 43; Coroner's cases attended, 40; treated in the County Jail, 42. By the above it will be soon that the work of tho department is increasing. Tho utmost care Is taken to prevent imposition, and every person who can ho cut off from the books consistent with humanity is discontinued. Tho demands on tho county for caro of the insane are assum ing grave proportions in every quarter. There aro a largo number of admissions. Of those, tho numhof eont to State institutions and cured is about one-third, leaving two-thirds for tho county to core ror. When tho additional story is built on tho Asylum it will rollovo tno over crowded condition thoro for tho present. At tho Poor-Houao thoro aro tho usual number of aged and helpless inmates, while the demand on tho hospital department thoro Is growing, Tho season this year has been so very jaqkward that the crop on tho farm docs not promise oil that could ho desired. However, there is In cultivation every ovoilablo acre of ground, and every effort will bo used to got as good a crop as possible. The County Attorney stated that, by virtue of a law recently passed, back taxes could be in cluded in tho warrant for taxes in subsequent years. -The amount of delinquency for 1870 ond other years was very largo. Ho suggested that those scattered memoranda /relative thereto bo gathered together, and a record be perfected, so that persona desiring to pay might know whore to go to got tho facts. The Recorder of Deeds suggested tho pro priety and necessity of securing for his office tho main floor of the old PoatrOffico building, which it was thought the Public Library would not want to occupy. • Tho Committee on Finance, to whom was re ferred several communications from the Board of Auditors 6f North Chicago and tho Assessor relative to town orders, reported that in their opinion too Board was not called on to take any action In tho matter, which report was con curred in. The same Committee recommended that tho iropoeals for tho buildings and fences at thb ' Worm School bo rejected as being too low, bat that tho offer of F. Munson of $75 for tho green house be accepted. Tho report was concur todin. , Tho Committee on Miscellaneous Claims rec ommend tho payment of tho compensation of J. H. Pahlmon for SIBI.BO for tho quarter end ing May SI, of John Crawford for $809.40 for tho same time, and of 0. H. Harrison for SOSO, from March 1,1872, to March 1,1878. Tho Committee on Public Service recommend ed the compensation of tho Recorder of Deeds bo increased SI,OOO a year, commencing Jan. 8, owing to tho Increased labor caused him by the copying of yearly abstract*. Tno report was temporarily tabled. The same Committee recommended that the ' pay of tho Deputy Sheriffs for tho county towns ,o raised to SBOO and $1,200, which report was not concurred in. Commissioner Singer submitted the plans, specifications, and estimates of tho addition to tho Insane Asylnm, Tho latter are as follows: Mason work. $10,000; carpentering, $11,000; out stone, $1,250; galvanizud Iron and tinning, $3,750; slating, $1,680; iron work, $1,706; plumbing, $745; painting and glazing, 81.200; plastering, $2,370 j steam heating, $5,000; total, $38,695. The architect’s foes will bo 4 per cent on that Sum. The architect thinks the item for steam treating unnecessary, and that the present boilers will suffice to hoat the additional story. Tho whole subject was recommitted for more definite information on certain points. A resolution was adopted providing for tho payment of tho Judges and olorka at the last election. The Board adjourned till Monday. Toilets at Queen Victoria 9* “Draw- IngoXBoom*” The last drawing-room hold by Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace, was more numerously attended than any that have taken place there for a long time. The presentations, too, in creased in proportion, there being no loss than 850 names on tho list. Tho drawing-room was remarkable, by tho increasing bad taste of its tollota. It seems to bo tho fashion to place in juxtaposition all and every of tho glaring colors hitherto supposed to bo inharmonious. The Court Exnreaa writes in favor of a reform of dross at the royal drawing-rooms, and strongly urges that ladies should bo permitted to appear before Her Majesty from 2 to 4 In the afternoon in doml-tollet, Instead of in ball costume. A woman, however young and fair, does not fool at her ease, or look her best, thus decollete in garish daylight; she feels shivery and wholly uncomfortable. Bo rigorous is the etiquette enjoined by the Lord Chamberlain that the most transparent gauze Is not permitted to bo worn over the sheuders even by the grandmothers of (ho debutantes. These septuagenarian ladies attend the drawing-rooms out of duty to their children's children, and not with a view to dis playing their faded charms. Tho Genuine Geyser Spring Water li drawn Utf jjavnar, at both tholr stores. THE COUNCIL. f Mr. Tuloy Instructs the Aldermen Regarding the Mayor's BiU. The Sunday Saloon Opening Ordinance Filed Away for Future Reference. Street Improvements Ordered—Licenses. Tbo Counsel mot yesterday evening, Aid. McGrath in the chair. Present, Aid. Bowen, Richardson, Dixon, Warren, MoQonnlss, Cooy, Bldwoll, Stono, Tracey, Schmitz, Oullorton, Mo dowry, Bailey, Powoll, O’Brien, Clark, Swoot Kohoo, Heath, Minor, Sherwood, Mooro, Cleve land, Quirk, McGrath, Stout, Mabr, Longacber, Camay, Cannon, Ogdon, Brandt, Woodman. PETITIONS. Petitions woro presented and referred for a sower on Elizabeth street j for wator-pipo on Willow street; against tho uso of tho sldo-traok of tbo plato and bar mill across Ashland and Archer avonuon \ from proporty-ownors on Car roll street, between Clinton and Jefferson, pray ing redress for damages caused by tho Chicago, Milwaukee St. Paul Road. ORDERS. Tbo Board of Public Works waa ordered to cause the 0., O. &I. O. Road to make proper orooolngs at Lexington and Tyler streets; to lay a side-track on Bickor diko street $ to inform tbo Council why no robato has yot boon paid on the money collected for paving Archer avenue, and to ro movo certain tracks of tbo Chicago. Burlington & Quincy Road from Sixteenth street: to report an ordinance for a sidewalk on both sides of Ar thur street, from Sixteenth to Seventeenth ; to build a sower on Park court, from Milwaukee avenue to Wiokor Pork, tbo expense to be paid, from tbo fund for tbo improvement of tho funds io report on ordinance to open McGrath street to Leavitt. Tbo Board of Health was ordered to oauso tbo removal of all manure and garbage now lying in the streets, alloys and gutters of the city, in cluding dead, cats and dogs, to bo removed forthwith. THE BIATOn’s DILI*. The Corporation Counsel, in reply to the reso- • Intion asking what rights and duties of tho Po- ■ lice Board wore abrogated or put in abeyance by} tho Havoc’s bill, aud whether tho Mayor and Council wero authorized to promote a Sergeant, to a Captaincy, stated that, as to tho'. last question, the charter expressly pro-; vidod such vacancies should be filled from.; among tho Sergeants. As to tho other part of tho inquiry, ho answers, generally, that all au thority given by tho charter to tho Board which is inconsistent with tho power given to tho Mayor, by the Mayor’s act la repealed thereby. ! STREET IMPROVEMENTS. | The Board of Public’Works submitted ordi nances for widening Eighteenth street from' Hoisted; for curbing and filling Third avenue* from Twelfth to Fourteenth streets; for chang ing the grade of Thirty-first street, from State l ' So South Park avenue: to vacate tho west half; of the alley in Block 17, South Branch Addition». to Chicago. They were passed, except tho losif one. ' I Tho Board submitted tho formal estimate or; tho coat of such water-pipe aa they doomed noo- \ oaaary to bo laid thia year, the sum being S3OO,- > 000, an estimate for $300,000 for laying Bowers • and maintaining tho same, and an estimate for* SBOB,OOO for interest on sewerage bonds. The Board also submitted an order directing f tho Comptroller to pay tho Philadelphia Archw iectural Iron-Works tho sum of $533.40, which? was expended in putting in ventilators in thoj roof of tho Water-Works, and strengthening 3 some of tho tie-rods. It woe referred to thoj Committee on Finance. licenses. Aid. Sherwood offered tho draft of on ordi nance on tho subject of granting licenses, in tended to so change tho present ordinance as not to make it imperative on tho Mayor to grant* a license if tho money is tendered, as is at pres ent hold to bo tho case. It Is s “ Tho Mayor shall hoar and examine all applications, and licenses shall bo Issued to such person or per sons only aa are of good character, and shall j comply in all respects with all the provialona of ] tho ordinances of tho city, and as the Mayor, in| bis discretion, shall doom suitable.” v It was referred to tho Committee on Licenses. ’ THE BRIDEWELL. Aid. Loncachor*offorocf tho followJnfj, whiohj] was roforrca to tho Oommittoo on tho Bndowoll :fa Wheheab, Tbo Finance Committee baa rccom-lj mended on appropriation of {CO,OOO for tho support tho ilouso of Correction during tho ousulng fiscal year; j and > Wnxmua, This amount exceeds tho amount appro- ; Srlatcd for tho year 1803, $33,000, and $38,000 moroj wn was appropriated for tho year 1871; and Whereas, None of tho 100,000 asked for Is to ho ex pended in Improvements, but is to bo used principally In furnishing largo salaries to tho high-toned gentle men who havo charge of said Institution; therefore, Jietotved. That a special committee of six, two from each division, be appointed by the Chair,whose duty it shall be to Investigate tbo mattor with a view of having j a reduction made In said amount. ( On tho recommendation of tho Bridewell Cora-| mlttco, the Hon. J. 0. Haines was confirmed as; Inspector of tho House of Correction. BTODA’X LAWS. TJio ordinance providing for keeping open, saloons Sunday afternoons was taken up. Aid. Longachor moved to refer it to tbo Clerk for engrossment. Aid. Woodman moved to postpone tbo whole mattor till December 1, ho as to got it out of tbo present Council. It was to bo a tost caso at the coming oloctlon. Aid. Dailoy moved to recommit it. It was moved to table that. Tbo motion was agreed to—yeas, 27; nays, 6. Aid. Powell moved to refer tbo whole matter to the Judiciary ComjnJttoo and tbo Corporation Counsel, He wanted to leam whether the Coun cil could pass an ordinance allowing saloons to bo kept open Sunday, when tbo State law forbade * Aid. Richardson moved to place the whole mat tor on file. Aid. Tracey moved to table it, but it was not ogrood to—yens, 14; nays, 19. Aid. Richardson's motion was carried—yeas, 20; nays, 18—as follows: r«M—Bowen, Richardson, Plxon, Warren, McGin nis*. Coey, Blilwoll, Stone, Clark, Swoot, Heath, Minor, Sherwood, Moore, Cleveland, Quirk, Carney, Cannon, Ogdon, and Woodman—2o. I Tracey, Schmitz, Cullerton, McClowry, BaK loy, Powell, O’Brien, Keuoo, McGrath, Stout, Mahp, Lcngaoher, and Brandt—l3. A. RESOLUTION empowering tho Board of Publio Works to nee what sum was necessary to pay for raising the buildings at the Sixteenth street viaduct to grade was passed. DELINQUENT TAX. The Finance Committee reported book the ordinance directing tho City Golleator to turn over his books to tho County Treasurer iu order that bo may obtain judgment and soil. Tho date fixed for turning over tho books is tho 18th of July. Tho matter was laid over. .... The Finance Committee reported book tbo Ap propriation bill, which wos laid over. The Board of Fite and Polico was ordered to station a policeman at tho intersection ,of Twelfth street and Bine Island avenue. • BMUIOXDS. The Committee on Railroads recommended tho passing of tbo ordinance allowing tho Danville & Vincennes Road to lay a track from Western avenue to tho old pumping-works, which was laid over, Tho same Commutes reported that they could flud no authority for laying a railroad track across Archer avenue on Steel street. The Committee on Streets omd Alloys, fl. D reported, recommending tho passage of the ordinance for the construction of a sower on South Delated street. Tho Committee on Streets and Alloys, W. D„ reported back tho Milwaukee & fit. Paul ordinance, with an amendment striking out tho power given the road to construct all “ neces sary switches and turn-outs," on tho ground that a railroad interprets those words so liberally as to occupy tho entire street. Tho Committee on Licenses reported hook tho ordinance requiring llvery-stahlo keepers to take out licenses for standing-top carriages, and it was laid over. * The Couuoll adjourned. EVANSTON, Mra. Rebecca Mulford, aged 80 years, wife of Maj. E. 11. Mulford, died on Saturday afternoon, at itSO o’clock, After a protracted illness, Mrs. Mulford has lived with her husband In the vicin ity of Evanston for thirty-eight years. The Baptist Church was draped in honor of her mom oryon Sunday,'lt being founded In this ploeo mainly through hor Instrumentality. Her funer al took place yesterday, and was attended by a, largo number of friends. The Eclectic Club mot at tho residence of .T. 3. Bennett lost evening. Tho Lakosldoo will moot this evening, at tho Congregational Church. The Baptist sociable will take place this even ing, at the residence of Mr. Way. xmthor D. Bradley, Eaq., is soon to loato this place to spend tho summor in traveling in Eu rope. Ho will return In September. THE APPROPRIATION BILL Eoport of tlio Finance Committee to the Council. Tho Running' Expenses of the City Es timated at $0,600, 011.61. To tho Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Chicago, in Common Council OMcniWfd .• Your Oommittoo on to 'whom wan re ferred tho estimates of tho Comptroller for tho several departments of tho City Government for tho Cecal year on ding March 31, 1874, havinghiul tho samo under advisement, rcßpootfully report that they havo examined eald estimates, ami have also consulted with ofllcora in charge of tho sovoral dopartmonta, and havo mndo some changes from tho estimates, aa will appear from tho ordinance. Your Oommittoo hoped to bo ablo to mako a much larger deduction from tho amounts estimated, but, in view of tho pressing wants of tho city, wore not ablo to do ao with justice to oil inter ests of tho city. From tho estimates of tho Board of Public Works, tho reduction amounts to $128,040.43. From that of tho Board of Po lico, $183,036.17. •From tho Firo Bopartmcnt, $210,080.05. From tho School Board tho reduc tion from tho ' estimates is very little. Tho amount to bo raised by taxation will bo tho. amount slated in tho ordinance. Tho amounts for this department is largo: but your Commit too, recognizing tho principle that, if tho city, takes tho education.or tho ohildron out of tho hands of tho parents and taxos all to support' schools, it is tho duty of tho city to afford facilities to do It properly, could not in justice reduce tho estimates materially. A considerable reduction has boon made from tho estimates for tho Firo Department, princi pally on account of uow buildings and engines, 010,, for thorn. Tho reductions mado still leave the force with rooro engines and apparatus than are found in any other city in proportion bo population and buildings,' Tho entire amount estimated, with tho •sev eral “mill M taxos carried on (on an estimated valuation of $300,000,0001, was $0,776,1/13.21. Tho amount appropriated by tho accompanying ordinance is $5,500,011.51, being a reduction from tho ostimatos of $1,270,101.70. Tbo amount to bo loviod will bo still further reduced by amounts to bo rocolvod from fines, etc., estimated ai; $835,000. From thisSt will bo soon that tl'As amount ap propriated docs not materially o&ceod that of last year, adding tho Interest on tho bonded debt, which was paid last year from funds re ceived from tho State, and whlcjh this year must bo raised by tax, amounting to tho sum of $025,- 000, oxclusivo or Interest on wptor bonds, which la payable from water income. For cleaning tho North Branch of tho Chicago River., tho estimated sum la $480,000. Only $150,000 is appropriated, as wo wore advised by tho Oity Engineer that that*btun would bo suffi cient to pay for all that can fco done by tho Ist of July of next year. Tho, plan adopted by tho Board of Publio Works, ‘fcna approved by your Oommittoo, la to connect tho rivor with tho lake at Fallorton avonuo by ! a twolvo-foot brick sower or main, with pumping 'works on tho rivor. Tho police force hoa.'not boon increased to tho extent asked for, but jour Oommittoo aro of tho opinion that thoyhaTO recommended as largo an increase as they would bo justified in recom mending for anyjone year. Believing that tho result of their labors will, in tho main, bo satisfactory, tho ordinance la herewith respectfully submitted. li. L. Boro, M. D. Ogden, J. H. MoAvov, J. W. McQinkiss, George Sqeuwood, Oommittoo on Finance. lie it ordained by th* Common of tht City of Chicago: Section X. That tho following Bums, or bo much thoroof as may bo authorized by law, bo, and tho B&mo oro hereby appropriated foe the objects heroin specified, for tho fiscal year com mencing April 1. A. D. X 873, and ending Hatch 31, A* X>. l§7d: TAX-OOMMIBMOHEB8 1 OFFICE. ABBooement oxpc&soa Tax Commlssloncre’ ofilco zjoasd or rumjG wonts. Ftor cleaning streets and repairs—South 'Division, SIOO,OOO ; West Division, $155,- 00O; North Division, $60.000 Dor sidewalks—South Division, Including k walk at Lake Park, $16,000; West Di vision, $4,600; North Division, $7,600... 30,000.00 (For street obstructions—tbo enforcement ■ of tbo ordinance* concerning same, etc, *For street improvements ordered by the Council and ordinances passed 140,601.68 For Btrocl improvements ordered by Coun cil for which ordinance*} oro in couno of preparation 28,454,00 For lamp posts 0,784.00 For water service pipe. 600.00 For private drains 1,000.00 For sidewalks 2.500,00 Excess on special assessments to bo re funded 1 36,345.23 Special assessments annulled * 1,080.60 For Chicago borbbr ' 1i, 450.00 For land damages at bridges / £0,101.34 For construction of bridges.... -95,000.00 For bridge repairs 1 24,000,00 For bridge tenders’ salaries 98,120.00 For Washington street tunnel 0,676,14 For LaSalle street tunnel 0,892.60 For pounds 600.00 For public buildings.... -43,005,17 For public parks. 02,500.00 For salaries 15,040,00 For office and miscellaneous expenses 6,000.00 For drinking fountains 800.00 For cleansing the North Branch IBOjOOO.OO Total for Board of Public Works $1,147,054.40 UiaOELLAXBOU*. •Fordty cemetery,,.. ....$ 6,000,00 For city hoy scales..,. 0,000.00 3?ot contingent fund 10,000.00 For cost of tax sales 30,000.00 Fcr Criminal Court—the unexpended bal ance April 1,1878, or bo much thereof as may be required ‘For entertainment of official visitors For oven In g schools For Interest Judgment account.*.... Legal expense... * Poll co Courts VDUC DEPABTireNT. For salaries of 1 Marshal, 3 Assistants, 1 dork, & wardens, 81 foremen, 21 engi neers, 31 otokors, 109 pipemoo, 00 dri vers, 1 superintendent of machinery, 1 veterinary surgeon, 10 Janitors, and flro alarm telegraph superintendent and oa- . elstants 269,130.00 For repairs of apparatus f 17,050.00 For now hose 4 47,000.00 For fuel, food, horses, oil, and other sup- ' plica, m addition to unexpended bal ance,. For rout • •• For now building lota and apparatus, In cluding six steamers, etc For repairs to buildings, For flro alarm telegraph. Total lire department UEAX.TH DKTAHTWINT. For salaries of six Commissioners, one Sanitary Superintendent. onn< Health ' OlUcor, ono Secretary, two clerks, 18 sanitary policemen, and vorloia ©xpen lea I 88,148.73 HOUSE or COSSEC ITON. For completion and furnishing of build* iDgu. workubops, additions, et a., the un expended balance of tbe proceeds of bonds already Issued and so Id for City HrldowcU, or so muob thereof las may b« required.. For salaries of Suporlntendonk land otbor employes I. $ 10,230.00 For dieting prisoners, etc,.;.,, j <0,770.00 Lessreceipts from 1ab0r....... t Total for Urldowell rOUOB DKPAJ rTMKNT. Tor salaries of 3 Commission jrw, I Secre tary, 3 dorks. 1 General Superintend ent, l custodian, 3 Capt sins, 11 Ser geants, and 425 patrolmen ( 475,100.00 For 100 additional patrol men for ulna months... 4, 75,000.00 For 34 roundsmen i. 31,000.00 For aeorot-florrlco polloo. 8,000.00 For gas, f not, eto /. 15,000.00 For special policemen for 1 more cades.... 0,000.00 For repair* of atationa..,, 3,000.00 For remodeling, enlarging rebuilding sta tions, purcUaao of lot mlscoUaue ous expenses 127,600,00 Forreutof lot* 4,204.03 Total Police Dep sriment $ TW,4f11.83 c /l-y GOVEUNMUHT. Mayor's office.... 10,733,03 Comptroller's oIT ........... 10,300.00 City Clerk's offi 19,400.00 U.* Dopartm .Si ..i...... City Troosur 9,600.00 o»y I‘bjßio' »» Felice .Tnntlcos ami Otork*. City Collector ami AnnlulimU.,.,. 8ft,780.00 Deficiency in lont ycar'a appropriation.... 0,277.50 Printing and stationery... ? 155,000,00 I’ubllo lilbrnty 150,000.00 Total. ROtIOOL sbfahtmiott. Buildings and grounds Apparatus and furniture.............. Janitors and supplies For salariesof fonohsrs For printing, stationery, tout, etc.... Tor relates during past 0 years Total School Dopartmbnt fiRWEIUQE VUNU. Fop cleaning and repairing Bowers, forro* otorlng Biirvoys, etc., etc., etc.|183,600.83 For sewerage tax fund 300,000,00 fIINItINO ITONDB. To provide for the liquidation of tho non oral bonded debt of ilio city, In addition to Uio unexpended balance of April It 1873, nud for payment of bonda lasuou for school pnrpbscn. aa authorized by Bco, 8, Chapter 7. or Obartor Amend ments, approved March 0,1807, In addi tion to the unexpended balance April 1, 1873 *310,000.00 BTUEET UIMPO. 3Tor gon for Biroot lampa ami tuunoln, Haul ing nml donning, repairing and thawing lamps, for deficiency In last year’s levy, nalnrlcs of Gas Inspector and Watchman nt teat motern, and oxpenaos of Gaa Innpoctor’s olUco $500,000.00 tax balk onuTinaATna on arnoiA.!, AftansuuuMta. 3?or amounts duo contractors and othorn from property forfeited to tho city at tax Balca $10,000.00 TnurorunT loan fund. For payment of temporary loann mndo to pay judgments rendered against the oily, and Interest thereon, the unexpended balance April 1,1873 WATKU TAX FUND. For extension of main water pipes. EnniNO WOMAN'S lIEI'UOB. Tho amount of flues of Police Oourla mado payable to same by an net of tho General Assembly, approved March 31, 1809...... houhe or tub good biicphriu), The amount of fines of X’ollco Courts made payable to same by an aut of tbo General Assembly, approved March 31,1809 WASHIKOTONIAN HOME. Tho amount from collections of saloon li censee, made payable to same by an net of the General Assembly, approved Feb. 10,1807 Beo, 2. All unexpended appropriations and porta of oppropriatlouQ of tbo last fiscal year, not hereinbefore specially conllimod, are hereby repealed ; and tbo proceeds of all bonds hereto* foro issued and sold, not otherwise specially ap propriated, are hereby appropriated tor tho pur poses for which tho same wore authorized to bo issued. • Sec. 3. Tho nmonnts appropriated for tho pay ment of salaries to tho respective oflicere and employes In this ordinanco mentioned, Bhall bo paid. monthly, at tho rnto nor annum of tho amounts respectively appropriated, until other wise lawfully provided for. Sec. 4. All ordinance*) or parts of ordinances inconsistent herewith, shall ho, and tho same are hereby repealed. RAPP REPLIES. With tho Assistance of a Notary Pub* lie and Some Witnesses, lie Proves Conclusively That tho “ Times» lifted About Uftou It is hardly necessary to call tho attention of tho readers of Chicago newspapers to tho fact that every article in the Times which reflects on tho honor of anybody is euro to bo followed by a vigorous denial from tho party assailed, and an bnmbloretraction on the part of tho “enter prising” paper. On Sunday the sporting re porter of tho Times attached a billiard-room hooper named Bapp, basing bis charges upon on unauthonticatod rumor that has boon floating about tho city for several days. Tho result is that Bapp has employed a notary public, with tho fol lowing stunning effect: State oj Illinois, Cook County, Ss, Charles V. Alien Pie, being sworn, states that ho was tho Interpreter at tho interview between Mona. Übassy and Ur. Bapp, referred to in tho Sunday Times of tho |6th Inst., in tho article headed “ Tricks That Were Vainthat ho has read tbo article in tho Times, and that tho statements therein contained as to what oc curred at said interview are, with tho single exception that Ur. Itspp gave Mona. Übosay a card, absolutely false. Ho further states that ho wont to tho hall of Messrs. Bapp & Blake, at tho request of and in tho company of Mens, Uoaesy; that Mans. Übosay first camo to aidant at Conley’s Hotel, and stated that he bad lost all confidence la Lacoumo and Foley.—that they had not treated him fairly, and bad cheated him, as ho believed ; that ho would have nothing further to do with them, and requested afilnut to go with him os his interpreter to Bapp St Blake’s hall, as ho de sired to make propositions for anotffor game with Doaaungor in Chicago, and also for giving exhibition games with him In other cities; that they accordingly Bapp Sc Bloke’s hall, lions. Uhaany providing a carnage tor Uiut purpose; that ho (affiant) was at that time unacquainted with Mr, Bapp, ana was introduced to him by Uous. Übassy upon their arrival; that at tho interview which followed, at which Übassy Messrs. Bapp Sc Blake, and affiant, were tho only persons present, tbo propositions to play another match game with Hessungor in Chicago and exhibi tion games in other cities camo from Übassy, and not from Bapp; that Mona. Übassy stated emphatically that ho would have “ no more of Lacourao, no more of Foley that tho games in other cities wore to bo exhibition games merely, and not match games. Nor was anything said about advertising them os such “in order to give the contest an air of genuineness.” No one “ suggested tbo idea that tho players should win and lose alternate games.” Nothing was said about a “ hlppodromiug expedition,'’ and no “ schomo to gnll tho public ” was proposed by either party. At tho close of tho interview Mr. Bapp handed Uous, Übassy a card on which was written tho name of tho cities they would visit, and tbo probahlo receipts in each. Affiant further statco that Mr. Bapp never made “ overtures ” of any kind to him, as stated in tho 2Vmes’ article, and that ho has never made any statement of what transpired at said interview differ ent from tho statement heroin made. Ho farther states .$ 33,076.00 316,000.00 3,300,00 that the agreement, os concluded between Moos. Übassy and Mr. Itapp, was, in substance, os fol lows : That the, fourth game should bo for $260 aside, Mona’ Übassy to play 800 points to Eessunger’s 600 points, each to receive ono-half of the not proceeds of the game, win or lose. At Übassy's. suggestion, the contract was made to travel through the Eastern cities, and give exhibition games with Beeaunaor, Itapp or Blake to bo the manager, and Mens. Übassy to receive onc-balfef the not proceeds. In case the receipts from said exhibition games should not bo sufficient to pay expenses, Mr. Rapp was to stand the loss. Charles V. Allkx Pie. State of Tllinoit, Cook County, si. Albert P. Itapp and George M, Blake, being severally duly sworn, state, each for himself, that bo has beard read the above affidavit of Charles V. Allen Pie, and knows the contents thereof, and that bo knows the same to be true, so far as relates to the interview therein mentioned: that said interview was sought by Mods. XJbaesv • that all the propositions emanated from him, and that the account of sold Interview la the Sunday Times is utterly false In all the essential par ticulars. A. P, Itai*i*, Geo. M. Blase. State of Illinois, Cook Count!/, 89. Personally appeared before me, this 16th day of Juno, A, D. 1813, Cliavlca V. AUoa Mo, Albert P. Rapp, and George Af. Blake, who, being severally sworn, stated,each for hinißof, that the above statement by him subscribed is true. Emm* Queen, Notary Public. 3,600.00 13.000. 385,000.00 10,410.35 16.000. 0,000.00 SMITH’S AMERICAN CUBANS! NEW STYLES! NEW CATALOGUE I NEW PRICES! 800 Organ* now In atoro. AM order* from dealer* filled with dispatch. Also Quad. Square, and Upright Piano* for rant or solo. W. ¥. KIMBALL, Oor. State and Adams-sts. \ ’30,000.00 1,887.00 1 155,05.00 4,000.00 . 17,800.00 .$ 512,002.60 .$ 90,000.00 .$ 40,000,00 3ST33W OECHOMO,, I’NTITI.KD THE FRIENDS, Oivoo to nnoh customer by tho GREAT ATLANTIC A PACIFIC TKA CO., 110 West Washluaum*st., 13d Twon ty*s»'oomb#t. Thin Is a lino picture of u kind-hearted boy footllutt HU ho»vt>bold puts. DISSOIiTJTIONNOTIOES. dissodutionT The copartnership heretofore existing between J. U. Tboirtiiauu ftu J (100, A > Koaverus. umlor Urn Unit name nl TUnmuton * tUaverus, la dissolved this day by mutual consent. EUbor partner is authorized to sotilu outstand ‘"filKr 'J'ua, 13. 1873. QiiO. A^aitiviiuS'3. DISSOLUTION. The firm herotoforo known as Obennalprl MoWiJllami, Is this day dissolved by mutual consent. AU UablllUoa will bu assumod by J. Lewis Oboruialor. who will carry on the business as usual at 71 Dearborn-st. _ a lu “ w ” “•“** j. LEWIS ODERMAIEE, Ohlcaio, Juno 19.1873. 080. UoWILUAMS. 10,1500.00 AIKEN'S THEATRE. All Ready for To-Night. .... $107,590,613 ... $030,030.00 ... aa, 000.00 ... 70,010.00 ... cia.oan.oo ... 20,308.31 ~. 128,803,08 THU FIRST BPBOTAOUfjAIt'OPKitA EVER PIIEBENTMD IN CHICAGO. Aubot’i °LA DAYADICIHS," prosrntcd In » aljrloot un paralleled m&aQliloouoo, umlor llio title o( tOM, With Full Operatic Cant, Full Chorus, Grand Incidental Ilntlot (modestly dremied). (The Finest Transformation over exhibited hero All Elcsnnt nml Strictly Refined. Tho First Legitimate Spectacle. Tho whole preceded by a GRAND CONCERT by tho celebrated This (Tuesday) Evening, Juno 17, And ovory evening until furthor notlco. ns well as every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY AFTERNOON. $ 300,000.00 MUSICAL. CiIROMO. AMUSEMENTS. A TREAT TOB THE REFINED, EOLiOEJ BERGER FAMILY AND SOL. SSSILXTIX XVtJSSBXiXi. To bo positively prosontod MYERS' OPERA HOUSE. LAST MEEK. OF Moran A Manning’s Minstrels. A Great Dill for tho Closing Performance. Monday, Juno IC, and evory evening, AN ItNTIUIE NEW F[RHT PART. 133 TBOVATOHB. RUQKNR in Ills groat character 0f...... Idonora UNSWORTH nsllio Fiery. ..Count al Lunatic With a cant comprising tho ontlro Company. Friday livening. Juno 20, Complimentary Ronolit to SSZXiXj'ST 3VI. .... Grand Family MutlnaoHutnrday at 3 o’clock. MoYIOKER’S THEATRE. MONDAY EVENING, Jimn 10, and until further no let), tho brilliant young nrtiato, 3EC.Ea/ti© ZS^xa/fetiEwaa., In a now and beautiful Hoololy Drama by I'IIEDBIUO BOOK, I£3Q., BLADE O’ GRASS I Bl.ndn O' Oraaß, 1 MBs Lucy. I Klaus K-.Ur, f Lucy Brlshtly, J ' With now and original Songs and B&noot. Esf*Matlnoe Saturday nt 3 p. m •KATIE PUTNAM. NIXON’S AMPHITHEATER Commencing MONDAY, Jane 16. Saturday Matinee. CAL WAGNER’S MINSTRELS. J. U. HAVERLY. WITH 24 POPIJIiAIt ARTISTS! 8 BIUIiIiIANT COMEDIANS! 6 TALENTED VOOAJ.ISTS And Full Braas Band. Prices as usual. Rogorvod Soata on salo at Hot Ofßco. HOOLEY’S THEATEE. BEST COMPANY IS AMERICA! Tnoeday, Juno 17, daring tho week, and at tho Mati nees, aftor elaborate preparation, tho beautiful Society Comedy, onkltlod GAME OF LOVE, With every member of (his excellent Company la tho cait In rehearsal, “CASTE." In preparation, a now Sod etyprama. by Bronson Howard, anther of ‘ Saratoga,' “Diamonds," do. ■ ACADEMY OF MUSIC. An entire change of Bill, and first appearance of MISS MINNIE LODER, MIS 3 ANNIE YEAMANS, LITTLE JENNIE YEA MANS, and tho New Drams, 0 02 Matinee—WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. UNION PAEK. Miniature Steam Yachts The Bookman Mfg. Co., of New York, will exhibit thu day at Bp. ra., as above, their beautiful and wonderful Stoam Yacht. Tho publlo are rospcotfally invited. MILLINERY. MILLINERY! REDUCED PRICES FOR OTHER SEASON! We reduce prices of Straw Goods and Trimmed Hats to day, for the Summer Season. Just opened, more of those Elegant Imported Flowers. WEBSTER’S, 241 WEST MADISON-ST. FANCY WOODS, T. S, CONSTANTINE, Importer and Dealer in VENEERS, Mahogany, Hoaowood, Florida Red Oodar, French Walnut, Hungarian Ash, Walnut, an 4 Ash Burls, &o. 17 South Jefferson-st. GETTYSBURG WATER. GBTTYSBtJBa KATALYSIB WATER. Tho United States Dlaponiatory. the authorized record of out Materia Modlca, classes this water with tho moat renowned Alkaline or Carbonated Springs of Europe. It far oiooU any other known In It* solf.prosorylng proper, ties. It does not duteriorate by bottling and keeping. It ha* never boon claimed for any other mineral water the power to dissolve the a rates, or so-called chalk /ornLotums In the body or on the limbs and Joint*. This the Octtj** burg Kataljaloo Water has done In hundred* of Instances. Gout, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dyspepsia, Gravel, Dla botes, Kidney and Urinary Diseases generally have all yielded to IU Influence. It has restored Muscular Power lo tho paralytic, cured Abdominal Dropsy, and given healthy action to tho Torpid Uver. It ha* cured Ghrntuo Diarrhoea, Plloe, Ooastlpatlgn, Aathma, Ca tarrh, Diseases of the Skin, General Debility and Ner vous Prostration from Mental and Physical Excess es. All these by the bottled water. It la a powerful antidote for Bxoesslvo Bating or Drinking. It correct# tho Stomach, promotes Digestion, and re liuvos the Hoad almost immediately. Pamphlets contain lag a history of the Spring, reports from eminent Physi cians and medical writer*, marvelous and well-attested cures, and testimonials from distinguished citizens, Will (,o Innibuod uni 237 South Proat-st., Philadelphia, Pa. iS»«Sg&AAO K . STEVENSON 4 REID. RUCK A UAYNKR, and druggists generally. MISCELLANEOUS. BARLOW’S INDIGO BLUE Ts tnn boat article in the market (or BLUI Barlow's and Wlltberger’s nam on tho label, and is nut up at Wiltborgor’a Drug Btor Nn. 223 North booond-st., Philadelphia. r,n D. H.WILTBUKGBH, Proprietor. TV For sale by Grocers and Druggists. WILLIAM A. HARRIS, Providence, R. 1., Bolider of the HAERIS-OORLISS ENGINE, With Harris 1 Patented Improvements, Ssod for Clrou lars. SALVE. Alllllglit Strive for llurne* Holla* CORNS! aseentaaboju pE. BTKPHKNS, m FINANCIAL. m SHORE & lICHIBAN SOUTHERN RAILWAY COMPANY; NEW SINKING FUND BONDS, COUPON AND REGISTERED, $6,000,000. Hands Duo Oct. 1, 1882, with Interest nt Seven per Cent, payable nemUiinntinlly, April and October, nt tho ofllce of tho Union Trust Co. of New York. $600,000, or Ton por Cant of tho Loani to bo retired annually by llio Sinking Fund. Coupon Bonds of SI,OOO each. Eogistcred Bonds of SI,OOO, SO,OOO and SIO,OOO o.icb, Price, 94 and Accrued Interest. ROBffISOH,6nASB&69. 38.A-i'T 33:3333,3, Ho. 18 Bronct-st., How York, TO RENT. OFFICES. :3xro-. A few Very Desirable Offices are offered for rent in the Trib une Building. Single or in suites. Witn and without Vaults. English Tile Floors through out the Building. Elevator running during all business hours. These Offices are not equaled in the city. .Manager. The best for all classes of business requiring a central lo- cation. W. C. DOW, Boom 21 Tribune Buildini OCEAN NAVIGATION* FOR EUROPE. INMAN LINE ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. Will Rail from Now York as follows: CITY OP BUIBTOL Thursday, June 19, IP. M. CITY OP BROOKLYN Saturday, Juno 21, 2 P. tl. CITY OP WASHINGTON..Thurodny, Juno 2d, 7 A. M. CITY OP ANTWERP Saturday, Juno 23, 8 A. M. And each succeeding SATURDAY and THURSDAY, from Pier No. 4-1, North Klvor. Cabin Passage, S7O and 300 Gold. Steerage, to British Porte SBO.OO Currency. Round Trip Tickets at Reduced Rates. SIGHT DRAFTS for salo at low rates. FRANCIS 0. BROWN, # General Western Agent, 32 South Glark-at., oornor.liake. NEW YORK TO CARDIFF, BRISTOL, LONDON - , And all Other Points in England and Wales, Tho South Waloo Atlantic Stoamsbtp Company's now first-class Steam,hips will sail from Pennsylvania Rail road Wharf, Jersey OUy; PEMBROKE May 23 GLAMORGAN .....Juno 18 Those steamships, built expressly for the trade, are pro vided with all the latest Improvements for the comfort ana convenience of __ _ . CABIN AND STEERAGE PASSENGERS. ■First Cabin mwroncy Second Cabin 6S currency Steerage .-••• IWoutroncy Prepaid Btoorogo oertllioatos from Ourdlil.... .SB3 Drafts for XI and upwards. „ _ For further partionlors, apply in Carom, at the Com pany's OHiow, No. I Dock Chambers, and In Now York to ARCHIBALD BAXTER A CO.. Aaonta, No. 17 Broadway. Sailing twice a wook from New Vork, and carrying pas sengers to all parts of Groat Britain. Ireland, Continental Kuropo, and tuo Mediterranean. Cabin from ; Steer age. British and Irish porta easr,-*5Wj west, *3B. Conti ncntel porta sarao aa ollior regular lines. All nsyablola U. S. curroncy. Apply for fail Information at tuo Com pany's ottloos, No. 7 Bowling Oroen, Naw i ork, and N. Ju>. corner LaSalle and Madlson-sts., Chicago. t=rwNPBBBOU BROTHERS. Agents. . STATE LINE. NEW YORK AND GLASGOW. LIVERPOOL. BEL FAST AND LONDONDERRY. T| Those elegant now steamer* will call from Ktato Lino Pier, Pulton Fony. Brooklyn, N. Y. as follows: VIRGINIA, 9,600 tons Wednesday, Juno 26. ALABAMA .Wednesday, July 23. PENNSYLVANIA, 2,500 tons Wednesday. July 23. rjicnßniA .AVodneKnay, Aug, C. ForWlßhts*&oroaftor. AUSTIN BALDWIN A CO.. ‘ w Agents, 72 Broadway, N. Y SAMPLU A HARGIS, Agents, Cor. of Canal aud West Madlson-ste., Chicago. CUNARD MAIL LINE. ESTABLISHED 184:0. Steam Between New York. Beaton, and Liverpool. FROM NEW YORK. .....Jane 181 Abysainl*. And from Boßto»6ToryTnßsday. Cabin Pcissiitfei 880» 8100 nnU 8130* Gold' Kjoureloo Ticket* »t Reduced Ratos. Steerano Passage. 330 currency. Passenger* ana Htugat b<KST nnaSoro .11 n.rta nl Burapo 10.K.t r.Mj, BlirbtDrnfUon Groatßrimln, Ireland, and ttoContinent. Dwra ‘ rn P. H. I>U VKIINBT. Gou’l Woefn Agent. r, u. y, cor . QUrk and ItaudolplMta* . Algeria. Russia., Java.... MTiiAL LINE. Caliin Passage SBO, S9O, ai SIOO Cnrwy. Kioanrlon Ticket. at farorablo raloa. I°<<l|dliic aengora ahonfd make early application for norths. *“* o BTKBRAOB, mOOcarrenoy. Pronald ateorage tickets from Liverpool, Queenstown, Londonderry, Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol, orLoudon, 531.00 Cl PMarugerß booked to or from Gorman and Bcandlna ?I Tbo of this lino are the trade. Urafta on Groat Britain, Ireland, and tuo Continent. WILLIAM MACALISTEU. Gca’l Western Agent, Northeast comer Clark and Randolph-ata. (opposite now Sherman House), Chicago. —— SUMMER RESORT. ROOKY POINT HOTEL, BHODB ISLAND. SEASON OF 1878, On tho European Plan. Till, well-known uni popular Summer addition of ammibor of rooms, all Jaw. < »Wi “? a tln«oa. SS.-ESSR^fs.^- lar-c.~^Vsffr'MSS>4. HATFIELD HOUSE, Springs, on Kaquotte Illvor, three miles from Massvoa nprmg . « .j.H juuo2Q (arcoeopUan of Arst-oUss. The Hotel is entire- Er noiv’ and hnTOoen fltfod and furnished with oven- mod •rn mmsolbdoo. Good fishing and hunting. Tho pro- Eriotorshavedotormlned to present a house in every way worthy of pkironago. Tbs waters are highly recommend, od hr tbs medical faculty in wide range of dlsuaios. Guido ti> HnrluKS may be had of Oaswoll, Hazard A Co., I'lflll* SlfiSffiClT Y.Address HATFlkl.l> BUGS.. Maasona hi. Uwrenoe Go.. N. Yor 120 Prent-st.. N. V, jagr FAIBBANKS' JpTJ STANDARD | SCALES obaubw •Juno 14 .ituno 21 .Juno 23 SCALES.

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