Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 17, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 17, 1873 Page 8
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FOREIGN. tflie Croat Eastern Laying Another Atlantic Cable. The Shah of Persia Expected in Eng land on Wednesday. The Italian Senate Discussing the Su| pression of Church Corporations. GREAT BRITAIN. London, Juno 10.—Tho Shah of Persia -will arrive in this city on Wednesday evening. Ex traordinary preparations are being made hero for bis reception and entertainment by the Court; the city, military, and naval authorities, and at Crystal Palace, open houses and various theatres. Tho Shah will aubacquontly visit Liverpool ami Manchester, Tho steamship Great Kostern has commenced tbo laying of tbo now Atlantic cable from Val ontla Bay, Ireland, to Sydney, Capo Croton. A dispatch from on board dated noon to-day reports that the groat ship was in latitude 52 de grees 22 minutes, an?, longitude 64 degrees 83 minutes, and had. paid out 170 miles of cable. All well. CANADA. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Ottawa, Ont., Juno 16. T. N. Gibbs, on Saturday, was sworn in as a member of tho Privy Council and Postmaster-General, and the Hon. Alexander Campbell, ox-Postmautor-Genoral, was at the same time appointed Minister of the Interior. It is now definitely understood that Mason, of Terrebonne, will bo Minister of Militia, and Campbell, of Groysboro, President of the Coun cil. The Hon. A. Langevin has boon chosen at a mooting of Conservatives as a loader of their parly, in succession to SirGoorgo E. Cartier. Some interest centers in the choico of a suo cossor to Lout.-Qov. Howland, of Ontario. BELGIUM. ' London, Judo 10,—Tho Shah of Persia arrived at Brussels to-day. ROME. Rome, Juno 16.—Tho bill for tho suppression of the religious corporations, having passed tho Chamber of Deputies, is now before tho Souate, which has adopted tho first sovon douses. CUBA. Havana, Juno 18.—A detachment of ninety soldiers was surprised by tho insurgents, under Sangmh, near Yucatan, and forty lulled, includ ing tho commanding officer. NEW YORK. New York, Juno 10.—James Curtin, while drunk, early yesterday morning quarreled with ins wife, when a young and idiotic brother of tho latter interfered, and struck Curtin with an ox, fatally wounding him. Tho reported seizure In Brooklyn yesterday of fourteen copper stills, 25,000 gallons of mash, ami other articles for tho manufacture of illicit whisky, proves not to havo boon altogether cor rect. dhyovonuo men thought they could man age tho affair without tho aid of tho police, and made tho seizure, but a mob pelted them with bricks and stones, and tho illicit whisky distil lers coolly procured a cart and drove off triumph antly with tho stills and other property worth preserving. Meanwhile ono of tho rovouuo offi cers mado his way to tho police station, asking that his associates, then confined in tho abandon ed distillery, might bo rescued. This Turn district will send a delegation to tho Bund’s Turnfest of the North American Turner . Union, soon to bo hold in Cincinnati. Edward Kirtlaml, who fatally stabbed James Duffy in a porter house last night, was arrested early this morning. He is a car conductor and claims to havo dono tho slabbing in self-do -1011 so. •M J l° National Division, Sons of Temperance. twenty-ninth annual session hero on Wednesday, Juno 18. Representatives will bo present from all the States and Canada. STRAWBERRIES. Loss Than Half a Crop Expected Around 81* Joseph, ITlich. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Bx. Joseph, Mich., Juno IC.—Wo aro suffering from a heavy drouth in most of this fruit region. Hundreds of acres of strawberries aro burnt, and the crop, without rain, will fall fully 12.000 bushels less than half a crop. Tho bulk of the strawberries from this fruit region will be shipped before tho ond of this week, unless wo got a heavy shower, of which thero is no prospect at present. 4 4 Fatal Lamp Explosion. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Joliet, 111., Juno 10. —Tho explosion of a Jf®P 111 V 1 © hands of an 8-yoar-old daughter of william Lewis, this morning, caused her death this afternoon; and their child of 8 months was also seriously burned, and It is thought must die. Iho oldest girl was kindling a firo at tho time, and tho pouring of kerosene from a lamp on tho embers caused tho explosion. At the time of tho accident tho mother was insensible from liquor, and could not realize tbo situation. Iho father was absent at tho time, but, when informed of tho accident, was in a like condition Ex* Senator JPomcroy’s Trial. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tributu, Kansas City, Juno 10.-— The Pomeroy trial is postponed until the fall term of tho District court, upon tho Court's own motion. Pomorov vaa present for trial. York is in Topeka, but was not present in Court. Ho seems to bo in not very good odor. I opera, Kan., June 16.—Tho trial of Senator Pomeroy for tho bnborv of York wee postponed to-day until tbo December term of tho District Court ou the motion of Pomeroy’s counsel. hnt mSrO TI, t0 b ° for trial, but that bis counsol had- not bsd Umo for preparation. There woro thirty-five witooeeos present for the State, and none for Pomeroy. The Prosecuting Attorney urged, in a forcible manner, that tbo application for a continuance bo denied. Railroad Accident**. OosnEk, Ind., Juno 10.—Edward Bonham, of Wabaah. wae patently killed, this morning, on a tram of tbo Cincinnati, Wabash i Michigan Bail road, ant m.loa south of Goahou. Do was in tho IS™ ““““Bo.from tho platform to some laborers, when, leaning over too far, hie head camo in contact with a fouco-post, and ho was thrown under tho cars and fearfully man ,iniJ Diohed up dead. Ho waa tho General freight Agent of tho road. Noawigu, Conn., Juno 10.—Three men have re * a » toc1 ’ charged with placing obstructions on, and throwing trains from, the track of tho Si nni ch n* Y° rceHl « Hailro&d - A reward of SI,OOO baa been offered, to bo paid upon tho conviction of those whp aro guilty of tho crime. Suicide* Sptciat piepaich to The Chlcapo Tribune ItADiBON, Juno 1.,-Tbo wife of Silas Chaplin, of the town of York, Dane County, Win., “ 2 herself to a bod-post with a pioco of cniloo ra Rimj r «v Sy Ri gh i' 81,0 wo , a do!>d when found on Smulay. Sho leaves a husband and four ohil- St. Louis, Juno 10.—John Loohloin, a Qor to^ivor mm U d " Uioldo lo ' da y Jumping into Indianapolis, Ind., Juno 10—Charles Hahon man, a German carpenter, shot himsolf in tho ridd oar at 1U o’clock to-day, and diod an hen? five I'cnooH Drowned* Montpelieii, Vt,, Juno 10.—While a number or persona wore on a raft, composed of two Joata ami aorao planks, in a pond in Calais. fr , on ? llor °i yesterday, one of the poftta filled, ami tho wholo party were thrown into tho water. Fivo were drowned and about tho samo number wore taken from tho water unconscious, hut restored. stoaiaboal Lxplo.lon— No Ono Injured. *»BW YOBK, JUUO 10.-Tho old fltnsTnni* Will Sdii UU |M X1>l0llQ(l or k° iler tllis morning when loaded with passengers from Kllzabothport and landings on the Kells. The entire bout was filled with steam, and groat alarm was mani fested, but the passengers wore all taken off un injured by ho W-boat Thomas Hunt. Tho vessel was Httlo damaged. 0 Drowned* Special Dicpatch to The Chicago Tribune. X/psuqu£) Juno lib—Two snujl Gorman boys, ml'Z™?}' T otz “■’Pwoliart, 12 and 10 yearo irnvnJ Fll5 U y ’' v ?, r0 t dro ’ v ' lod while bathing In 1 over llivor, noar Galena, 111., on Sunday ovon- Bali^ 1 ?, 0 ! 1 ; 1 %!?,?• 10 o'clock on OriS? t!, 8hl * ) Vi , 111 "?' s ' Otinty. Of tho Arm of a»*? h °l£"‘ “ .oonfcotlonon), No. 180 Vorl[ ', wll llo bathing In tho drmSS f* )1 /n T0r ’ ' r “ a aolzcd with orampe, and drowned George V. Snodgraeo, traveling for a SE! <, i bou ? ( V woo with him, and hocirto bo , I '„ " 8 , od .“l ld hnnntnhod by hie efforts to roaono ho liarolv escaped with Ida own life. i/'° r . oma ‘ nß . of OHfity wore recovered yesterday morning, and sent to Ills family iu Now York. SPORTING. „ „ BILLIARDS. . K| ULnimy, tbo celebrated billiardisl, arrived to-day from Chicago, to join “I ' l .” g™"' 1 International Billiard Tournambnt, n dob Bogina at Inring HaU on tbo 23d loot! 10 !*. V ItLVO ,' 1 ia » tbroo-bali oatom Fi . ;... Ro , voral rlo “ prizes afo olTorod, and all tho billiard exports lu tho country are oxpootod Jo tftk ? lt P & rt, including Maurice Daly, Oyrille Dion, Albert Gander, and John Doery. THE TURF. Special Dievatch to The Chicago Tribune, Peoria, Juno 10.—Throe races will take place in this city tho last throe days of this week. 1 hoy will bo under the management that re cently carried on tho races at Pekin. A flue track has been secured, and tho attendance will doubtless bo largo. New York, Juno 10.— Tho trotting raco at tho Prospect Park to-day for horses which had never beaten 2:34, was won by Jack Draper. Time. 2:30; 2:27>£; 2:30} 2:32 W. * Lida Picton won tho second boat. BASE BALL. Washington, June 16.—Bose hall—Baltimoros. 7 5 Washingtons, 6. UTAH. Perjury Caic*«Xho Liquor Question* JTllning Intelligence* Salt Lake, Juno 16.— Tho trial of J. W. Has kin, of California, for perjury, lu the case of tho patent for the Windsor Silver Mining Company, is now going on before Chief Justice McKean. The case excites general interest on tho Pacific Coast. New raids on the demi-monde and liquor dealers on the part of tho Mormon police Arc an nounced to ooonr at an early day. It is expected the City Council will pass a pro hibitory ordinance on tho liquor business to morrow night. To tho attempt to enforce it by destroying tho properly the newspapers ore gen erally opposed. Tho Evening Journal has passed completely into tho hands of O. J. Sawyer. Tho weather Isunprocodontodlyhot, The snow is molting on tho mountain comps, and the pros pects arebright. LOUISIANA. Got* Kellogg’ Reports A Prosperous Stale of Affairs* Washington, June 16.—Atty-Gon. Williams has received an official telegram from Now Or leans, from Qov. Kellogg, m which tbo latter contradicts tho reported Interview with him, and says: “My requisition, calling on tho Presi dent. was fully justified, and tho President's proclamation has had a most salutary effect in all respects. Taxes are being paid more rapidly ly than ever before in Louisiana. After provid ing for tho January and February interest, wo have over $45,000 of State funds to-night in tho hands of tho fiscal agents. Wo will pay tho March, April, and Juno coupons early m July. The injunctions only restrain tho payment of the interest on five scries of bonds out of twen ty-five. There is money enough to pay tho in terest on all tho bonds in the hands of tho fiscal agents.” LODGING-HOUSES AND GOOD SOCIETY. To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune: Sib: Seeing my name used in connection with lodging-houses and restaurants in Sunday’s pa per, allow mo to correct you in this, that I keep no restaurant at all, nor lodgings for vile pur poses ; but I confess that my efforts to regulate society, when endeavoring to manage six dijf foreut establishments in our oity, are almost failures. It is lamentably true that lam often inundated with thieves and bummers, but no more so than others who charge moderate prices. I perfectly coincide with tho authorities so far as they have endeavored to punish tho delin quents, and am unwilling to allow my reputation to suffer wrongfully without an effort to save it. I have had tho bofiofit of good society nearly all my life, and 1 am determined that tbo remainder shall be given to sustain good morals. By giv ing tbo abovo a place in your paper you will much oblige yours, ac., M. Westbrook, Omoiao, June 10, 1873. CITY ITEMS. A dispatch was sent to Coroner Stephens yes terday evening that the dead body of a man had been found in the Calumet Eivor, near Dalton. No particulars wore given, and tho lateness of the hoar prevented an investigation of tho mat ter. A painter named August Zendor has been missing since tbo 4fch day of this month. On the morning of that day he wont to a store at No. 860 North Wells street, to do some ornamental painting. Ho was much addicted to tho use of liquor, and, when lost seen alive, went down into the base ment of the store to take a drink. Yesterday morning a clerk in tho establishment found his dead and decomposed body under the sidewalk in front of the store. Zonder’s brother identified him, but declined to toko charge of the remains. They were accordingly sent to tho Morgue. No marks of violence appear on tho body, and it is believed that tho man died from excessive drink ing. Railroad Nows* St. Louis, June 10.—Application was made on Saturday last to Judge Dillon, United States I Circuit Judge, sitting in chambers at Davenport, I lowa, by tho attorneys of the Atlantic & Pacific I Bailroad, for an injunction to restrain Gov. I Woodson, of this State, from advertising the I Missouri Pacific Bailroad for sale to satisfy a I State Hen on tho road for $8,000,000. Tho case I was argued at length by Judge Baker and tho I Hon. John B. Henderson for the road, and At ! tomoy-Qoneral Ewing and Hill and Bowman for the State. Tho argument closed to-day, and Judge Dillon reserved his decision for some weeks, and tho attorneys for tbo State, at the request of the Court, agreed to postpone adver tising the road for sale until the decision is given. St. Louis, Juno 16.—Tho annual mooting of tho stockholders of tho Laclede & Fort Scott Bailroad was hold In this city to-day. G Q Merrick, G, T. Fitch, O. W. Colohour. and Morrill Ladd, of Illinois; A. O. Mitch ell, John Hogan, and O. Harris, of Missouri, were elected Directors. A mooting of the Directors was subsequently hold and necessary action taken to insure the speedy completion of the road. i Ban Francisco Juno, 16.—The nows of the sal© of Huntington and Hopkins 1 interest in tbo Central Pacific Bailroad to Sharon, Beeuo. Cohn and others, is confirmed. * A Mystery Solved* Special Diepatch to The Chicago Tribune. Carle, Ohio, June 16.—0n removing an old houao in Middletown, laot Friday, which was used as a hotel twenty years ago, u akoleton of a man was unearthed. A number of the citizens claim to remember the mysterious disnnnoar ance of a horse-dealer named Caleb Bussell about twenty yooni since. It was thought at the time that ho hod been murdered for his money, but no trace could bo found at tho time. On examination of tho floor, it showed that a hole had boon sawed out large enough to admit tho passage of a man’s body. This, no doubt, is the skeleton of the missing horse-dealer. Ocean Steamship Now*. Q York, Juno 16.—Arrived—Tho steamship Utolaf, from London } Canada, Nevada, and City of Brooklyn, from Liverpool. * Liverpool. June 16.—Tho steamships Frisia and Minnesota, from Now York, and Corinthian, from Montreal, have arrived. Tho Will County Republican* Tot Tht Chicago Tribune. Odd-Follotvahip* DiiriMon*, Juno IB.—Tho colored Odd-Fol lows of lids city celebrated tho sixteenth amil- Torsaiy of tho organ zation in this State to-day hy a grand parade. Tho display was very flue, and an honor to tbo order, ’ Obituary* Boston, Juno 10—Tho Hon. Mosei Bates a prominent member of tho Democratic party and tor sqm* years Chairman of its Btato Central ■urn imuAW iJAIIiV TRIBUNE; TUES Committee, died at Ida lioino in East Dridtro- Wfllor this morning. ° Special Viepahh to The Chieapo Tribune. MONTiiEAii. Juno 10.—On Saturday night Mayor Ganoidy, M. P. P M died aflor a bfiofllJ. man* U(Mvna a B° uornl favorite to ft public The universal exhibition, Tlio Austrian D«pniliiiont**«Jowolrn CatiuN, l/mlircllny t Musical luatrau inonts, &c. * Vi'orna (Wuy 22) Cor'rewondchee cf the JVet/» York v ~ 7'ribunt, In the Austrian Department of tho Industrial ralftco, near tho rotunda, just at tho outrouoo of tho East Wing, atanda a flinall glnns case, from wliioh tho jmbllo aro hopt at a safe distance hr no Iron rail. There In always a crowd of poonlo loaning over tbls rail ami Btrotobiug out tho r nooka to got a good look at tbo contents of tho cane. Aa font as aomo go, others tako tbolr plncoa, and thoro is seldom a vacant foot of standing room. Tho little glaeo case con. 4 #i iß i i ft ! )ont , ft million dollam’ worth oftrlukote. exhibited by tho Court Jeweler of y 1 "' 1 "-.!* 1 "" 1 ™ 1 valiiahio thing In it la n noolt ■aeo of 40 brllllanta of remarkable slzo end lua lor. tbo property of tbo Archduke Carl Ludwig, which tho policeman who otands guard over tho troaauro says cost *250,000. Thoro are olao three coronets of diamonds and rubles, which perhaps count for SIOO,OOO or $160,000 each, and a nnm- Jj” o* mognlflosnl broochoa, earrings, and pearl c ”’ 1 T tll illamond cloapa, tho coat of which the policeman dooa not protend to know ™± Cln to guests, One of tho coronets repl r of R n 'l ,t ";iuo, the atom and leaven ‘°j"B of diamonds and tho bunohoa of grapoa of nS. rU | bl “- .. A :‘, ccklaco of "even rowa of “ noticeable, more foe its gorgeous, uoaa and costliness than from Its bennty of do- S&n i° IMm . r ! B “o each alraoat aa big aa a J-i™. 11 ’ 5 ’ s marble, and tho strings hang pendent P roß t broochoa, — one an emerald but* y tt hro 2 jowsof diamonds, and tho 'ot'omodoof diamonds In aUvor aotUnge. Jiow it la to bo worn I cannot Bay, nnloas tho bt 0 ?,? 0 ?’ '. vll 0 i uo n »“ rl J aa big os saucers, aro to bo foatonod on tho shoulders so tbai tho pearls shall hong over tho breast. A more tnsto fut uockloco is ono having throo strings of equally largo pearls fastened by a lustrous soil i■! u! Tl ,', oro nothing flnor In tho wholo Ex nsy of diamonds and pearls, than that which Is contained in thisoaeo. Iho Eronoh may bring eomothing to surpass it, but they have not yot opened tho jewelry in their department. w ™v P / Cialt w o f !?° *y( onna jewelers is rococo work, for which tbo chief market is in Hungary, whore it is used for tho adornment of tbo na tional costume. Another specialty is enameled silver jewelry, of which thoro aro beautiful specimens exhibited in black and bluo enamel, ornamented with diamond sprays of llowora and oara of wheat. The manufacture of garnet jow plry is a peculiar Bohemian Industry, carried on in Prague. Tho stones are found In tho moun tains in tho yioinity, and tho beauty and cheap ness of tho Jowolxy has secured it a market all over tho world. Among the great number of pretty and curious things In tho cases of garnot wprk aro photograph albums and prayer-books with covers and backs incrostedwlth tho shining blood-rod stones. Tho many cases of diamond jewelry display a groat deal of fine and costly work, but not much that is unique. Thoro aro plenty of diamond butterflies with wings mottled with rubles and emeralds, diamond birds of Paradise, sprays of white and rod roses in dia monds and rubies, wasps, beetles, and bees m precious stones of all kinds, and other similar conceits of trench Invention of which specimens often find their way across tho Atlantic to tho great Broadway jewelry stores. Opals aro much used with diamnds for brooches and earrings, and specimens aro shown larger than pigeons l eggs l>roat lustrous stones with changeable tints of emerald and sapphire shim inonng «pou their pearly surfaces and mysterious roseate fires burning in their hearts. Very pretty ornaments, and of moderate cost, aro tho sprays of forgot-mo-nots made of turquoises, sot in silver, and imitating very cleverly tho natural flower, of which thoro are so many shown. Tho pyramids of soal-rimra and tho cases filled with gold and silver chains are also worth a moments notice. So aro tho curious little watches in oxidized silver to ho hung to ladles bolts, chatolaiuo fashion. Incur search for something unique wo came at last to a round gold brooch with a solitaire diamond in the centre, from which radiate curved gold rave, to tho rim, like a Catherine wheel. Under this upper wheel is a lower one, whoso rays curve iu tho opposite direction. Bysomo concealed ma chinery those two wheels rovolvo in different ways, producing tho effoot of a fountain of gold on water always bubbling over, of wind? tho diamond is tho source. Tho possessor of this pin would only havo to wind it up like o watch before going out to a party and eho would bo euro to attract tho attention of tho wholo asaom- Ou leaving tho main gallery, and this glitter of gold and goms, and going into tho neighbor ing transept, many articles will bo found that aro more peculiarly Viennese. Hero is a Ion" row of cases filled with fans, tho manufacture of which is ono of the loading industries of Vienna and employs 4,000 artisans. It is of quite recent growth, aud was begun a fow years' ago y tho manufacture of fans of maple wood, painted and carved. • Other materials wore soon employed—a variety of woods, and of silk, feathers, lace, paper, papier-macho, 4c., and tho arts of tho goldsmith aud tho painter wore called in to docorato tho costlier kinds. Now, tho va riety of these pretty feminine toys is endless, and they range iu price from a fow cents to almost any sum ono is willing to pay. It is said that some of tho moat renowned of Vienna artists do not disdain to employ their talent in painting fans. A special industry of Yiouua, which makes but a small figure in tho Exhibition, and will bo passed unnoticed by most visitors, is tho manufacture of mother-of-pearl buttons. Yot tho value of thoso buttons exported to tho United States exceeds that of any other article which Austria sells us. It amounted, last year, according to tho Consul’s hooka, to over §BOO.OOO. Buttons of horn, wood, and papier mache ore also made iu largo quantities hero aud in a remote corner of a covered court there is a curious exhibition of glaas buttons from Bohemia of such flno color and brilliancy that they might easily ho mistaken for precious stones. Glass imitations of stones aro also shown by tho samo makers, of the samo material os tho Duttons, but more carefully cut and pol ished. Of walking sticks thoro is a long array and, like tho meerschaums, tho ingenuity and labor bestowed on tho carving of tho handles of those sticks are something won derful. Every race aud typo of man and beast is represented, and there are ovon portrait busts of sovereigns and other important persona, cap itally executed. In buying a cane, a person can select what Emperor or Empress, King or Queen he prefers to havo under his thumb while taking a stroll. Theso sticks mako an important item in tho trade of Vienna. A kindred occupation is tho manufacture of umbrella handles of wood ivory, horn, and metal, on which as much pains is bestowed to produce quaint aud fanciful do vices as upon tho canes. A person could linger an hour among tho onnos and umbrellas woro it not for tho troublesome consciousness of tho oxistonco of innumerable attractive things yot unseen. A glimpse of tho caaos of parasols just be yond makes us loavo with loss rogrot. Buch wonderful parasols wero surely novor soon • before. Hero is a list of a fow of tho oddest specimens : A small parasol, with a cover of hght-groen ostrich feathers, nothing hut tho mass of feathers visible from without a bit of white satin lining ; a larger parasol, with a cover of the ends of peacock’s feathers laid ono upon another like a thatch, and with a real peacock’s head for a knob on top 5 a small parasol that when spread put. is a snowy bank of swan’s down flocked with bright-colored bits of feathers that appear to havo snowed down upon it: ai V?n ~ covered with pink and white artificial flowers sown so thickly together os entirely to conceal tho silk lining upon which they are fastened; a number of largo black parasols, gorgeously embroidered with colored silk thread; a white silk coyer, dotted with tho eyes of peacocks' feathers; a cover of alternate bands of swan’s down mid bright scar ot feathers; a white silk cover fringed with yel low straw, with a broad bow at tho top with tho h?rli° W ’ nn odd dimming made of SSn 11 i T lfc 1 1 l *?, urrow B tripa and colored green and pink, shading off to white, used iu bunches with swan’s down and as a fringe. I ‘jM.'rith the catalogue for a column or two, and then say nothing about tho carved and jeweled handles, The vast transept Is full of pianos, cabinet organs, and smaller instruments of sound. In tIS B i n&H.° f i BOOdH 0X ,0^ tl /r °m Austria to J? iv l BU 4 fc(1 i B ' musical instruments form P no °f, tho IU0 “ t important lloras j but it would bod Moult to ooujootmo what kind of Instru luouls tboy aro j uut pianos, although tbo Vlouiiu pianos are tho host In Europe; not oablnot orgims, or fiddles, or horns, but, strango to toll mouth-organs and jowsbarpu. Tbo Vienna nlal nos aro not of snfflolont strength to oudnro our trying oliiuato. Tho square form is unknown ' oro |“ ml tho upright, so popular In England, Is llttlo used, Judging from tho small number eihlbitod. Thu grand piano, or flugel, au the Gormans call it, from its rssomhlanoo in simps to a bird a wing, iu tho instrument of general use A combination of piano aud rood-organ Ju ox- hibltod by an Innsbruck firm, on which fiuo or- Si < 2 t i ra !i offcot s cnn 1,0 Produced. Tho samo keys play both roods and strings, and tho whole in strument is ;contained in a grand-piano caso of Iho usual size. It can bo played ns a piano or an organ sonaratoly, or tho two can bo oombluod. or only tbo bass of ono can bo used with tho ui> of tbo other. It has nil tho usual cabinet-organ stops. Tbo Into Prof. Louis, of Boston, invented A similar Instrument several years ftgo, but it never oamo into übo in America; Ibo objection to auch combinations ia that tho piano strings must always bo tuned to concert pilch or they will not chord with the roods. NEWS PARAGRAPHS. Alnaies’ boat club has boon organized in iniiaaolphia. and seems to bo a groat success. . —A careful lowa farmer whoso cow wis bitten oy a mod dog sold her to a butcher in loss than fifteen minutes thereafter. —Springfield, Ohio, Is to bo surrounded bv camp-mootings this summer, aud tho Republic fiop°ft l l of an Improvement in morals. 0,1h.™w om ? loyoo Chicago, Burlington <k Wuincy Hoad are soon to meet in Burlington for tion l>UrFCao ° f formln ® a bonoflt oosocla- „,T7 I?lorI<lr> ' Proposes to supply tho United Elates with oranges in a few years: W a million of #iYa h1 0 t 0 V s ? flings are under cultivation on tho St. John’s JUvor alone. —Northwestern lowa exchanges notice tho thftfr wm« Untold A mi,li ? n £ of grasshoppers in Rz^i® o^ 08 *! As yot, however, little harm seems to have boon done by them. i«r2? lo . town of . P S m .? rc tf» °*» ia Htorolly crack rfftr°Jfi CCOO !* A slip of the earth destroyed a iargo flouring miU, Inst week, and subsequent cracks threaten serious damage to other valuable property, A 9?iL an s° u y taxoa duo and uncolloolod r.on^K 187 1’ ® 2 * o0 1 a » 085 *^; collootod in May, f a 7 J?„ ?duo and uncollected May 81. 1873 10,^5 ’ 8 °’ orc ßoing figures aro of- ..—/I, 10 gentlemen who wore last In charge of tho fish car that was so unceremoniously dumped into tho Eikhorn, have gone book for a million moro of tho finny tribe. Tho loss was greatly exaggerated. It woo only about sß,6oo.—OmaAa Republican. —Bamum’s fat womon waddled into the Police Court at Albany, tho othor day, to complain of her exhibitor, who had contracted to pay hor S3O a week for tho season, but now turns hor off having supplied her ploco. Tho “exhibitor,” by tho way, ia not Barnum. 1 J —Tho car shops at Aurora, HI., have boon staked out and will soon ho erected. Thoy are six in number, 800 feet long by 80 wide, and will bo built 20 foot from Broadway, leaving room for a sido track. —Somo sportive draymen employed in a grain 8 f Portland, Oregon, dropped a bag of wheat down a hatchway upon tho hood of a fol low-workman named Blake, the other day, just foraioko. ‘ Tho executrix offers tho horso and dray for sale at a reasonable figure. —According to tho Marshall (Mich.) Statesman tho capitalists of that city stand ready to invest in factories that will coat from $50,000 to $76 000 each. Thoy have lost tho Michigan Central Kail toad shops, which havo boon moved to Jackson, and thoy propose by themselves to fill up tho vacancy. —Ever sinco the Juhe riso began, tho water has boon reported on a stand at Omaha. Tho mystery was solved a day or two ago, when it was discovered that tho reporter had gauged himself by tho height of tho water on tho bottom of tho ferry-boat. —Tho burnt district in ‘Wisconsin is again suf fering from tho ravages of the army worm, wluoh is said to bo marching through tho farm lands again this spring, destroying everything in its path. This unhappy section is passing through troublous times, and it seems as if thoro is no lot-up to tho calamities inflicted upon it. —Last Friday tho Now York Central KaUroad Company completed tho substitution of steel rails in either track in tho placo of iron ones. Tho work, which has boon in progress for a long time, was completed in tho vicinity of Oneida. Now both tracks from Buffalo to Al bany aro ofimported stool. Stool rails havo boon in uso on tho Hudson Rlvor Railroad for several years. —.Tho representatives of the French bond • holders of tho Memphis & El Paso Railroad havo finally compromised with tho Texas & Pacific Company upon tho following torma: For each aharo of tho value of SIOO the holder is to re ceive a title to thirteen acres of the Toxaa land grant, or 76 per cent, in Texas & Pacific bonds, payable within five years, or 83 per cent, cash. —Tho farm lands of California are generally deteriorating, according to tho San Francisco EulMm. Daring tho last ton or fifteen rears the crops have.constantly boon growing smaller. Tho trouble is .■ attributable to a bod system of agriculture, and tho failure to sow crops of a fertilizing character. Tho evil is widespread and serious, and, if not abated, wUI interfere with tho progress and prosperity of tho Slate. —The cessation of the running of freight tral ? B Atlantic, Mississippi & Ohio Road, on tho Sabbath, has already been followed with good effect. Wo loam that on Sabbath last, in this city, eleven engineers, fifteen firemen and a number of conduc tors attended church, dressed in their best attire, and tho most respectful attention to the services. Gen. Mahono deserves credit for tho thoughtfulness thus exhibited in extending those privileges to his faithful employes.— Lynchhurgh ( Kd.) Republican. —The Poston Advertiser, in correcting some misstatements as to tho sizo of tho Hoosao tun nel. says that it is no part loss than 21 feet wide, and nowhere less than 20 feet high in the centre and that it is, in all parts where it has boon com pleted. amply wide and high for tho highest cars, when tho double track has boon laid. It would ho incredible that tho work should havo gone thus far without tho necessary measurements having boon made and verified, timo and again. Koclt Inscriptions In Brazil* From tha Kcw York Evening Post, Tbo brief account of tbo discovery of Phm nioian inscriptions in Brazil printed yesterday, ia sufficient reason for directing tbo attention of scholars to the general importance of tbo sub ject. Those rook inscriptions in South Ameri ca aro peculiarly worthy of attention, because they soom to belong to a vast series, to tbo study of which Mentone on tbo Mediterranean offers important contributions. M. do Bour bourg, in bis Quatre Lettrea stir le Mexigue, points out tbo astonishing analogies between tbo myths of tbo ancient Mexicans and those of the Egyptians; and though tbo idea of an ethno logical relation between tbo races has been re garded as very fanciful, it borrows singular con firmation from this rocont discovery. It is now generally admitted that tbo rod raspberry first passed from America into Asia by way of tbo northwest and returned by woy of Europe, thus polling tbo world ; and it may appear by-aud-by bat the American races, of several typos, are identical with old-world stocks, or oven that America was tbo boat dwelling-place of tbo hu man race, as it is geologically the older world of tbo two. Brazil, for example, has, according to Mr.Hydo Clarko, of tbo Loudon Anthropologi cal Institute, partaken of at least two groat mi grations. Tbo Kiriri of Bahia aro allied by lan guago to tbo auoieut Pygmean or Negrito race : wbilo tbo Guarani languages are allied to tbo Ague of tbo Nile region, tboAvkbass of Oauca sm, and probably to tbo antique Udos, who woro the Polasgiaus of Egypt. Tbo Moudono inscrip tionß probably belong to tbo same ora. Those Phronicion remains render ibis early relation of tbo continents no longer a dream. Do Facto ana Oolmicto. from the Natchez Democrat, When Gou. Amou woo firm appointed Provis ional Govornor of Mississippi Gov. lion Hum phreys, who had boon recently olootod and in stalled In offics, wao oisroiaing tho Executive fnnotione. Gov. Oharloe Clara, however, who had boon taken from tho capital a prisoner to Port Pulaski, while trying to orordao tho func tions of tho office in a way which time and ex perience have ulnco proven to bo the host way to speedy and successful reconstruction, claimed to bo tho Govoruor do juro, nud used to toll his warm personal friend Humphreys as much when the latter would reply to Clark in a friend ly way, “Wolh Clark, yon may be Governor do Jure, but I’m Governor do faoto." After awhile oamo the appointment of Amos, and in duo time tho latter, with bayonets at his back, ousted Humphreys from tho Governor's mission, and himself became Governor do faoto. Borne dnvs after Humphreys was pushed out Clark and Humphreys mot, when the following converse- Uon ensued j Ilunmliroya—Well, Clark, how about it now. old follow ? Borne time ago you claimed to bo Governor do juro ana I woa Governor do faoto Now Amoa in Governor do facto, ami if you oro Governor do juro, thou what am X ? Clark—Well, Bon, you’re Governor do funotl A I'riuco of Inula nud ISU Wl(o. !n 1805 I had tho pleasure of meeting Duleop Blngh at Cairo in Kgypt, together with his wife “iambu," Ah she also Illustrates tho irood which can bo acoompUshod by teaching a flltlo benighted child in a mission school, I must toll you something about her. Her mother, who had been an Abyssinian slave, lived hi a narrow street In Cairo and dressed and ate like the Arabs. But she sent Bamba to tho girls' school at the mission house of tho United Presbyterian Church, Tho little pupil proved to bo Tory bright and attractive, as X oau myself teoU/y, »AY, JUNE 17, and not only acquired a fair education, but be came an earnout Christian and at length engaged in olaea In the mission Sabbath school. In 1803 Duleop Singh passed through Cairo on his way to Inula. Ho was on a singu lar errand. Bis mother had died in England, and ho was, at her request, returning to India to buni her body. Being detained at Cairo ho visited thd mission Sabbath-school, where ho very unexpectedly saw Bamba. Ho at once be came so deeply Interested in her, that bo after ward sought a fuller acquaintance, and at length engaged her to become nla wife, when ho should return from Indio. As ho should return in afow wooKs tho missionaries took Bamba Into their own household in order to loach her to speak English, to wear tho European stylo of dross, and to oat her food with a knife and fork, which liatlvo Egyptians seldom do. In tho Juno fol lowing, Duleop Singh and “little Bamba” wore happily married, and she, who had always lived poorly In a book street, and oaten her food from her hands, received a dowry of tons and hun dreds of thousands besides bridal presents of jewels from her husband equal to those of an Empress. Tho wedding fee given to tho mission was $5,000. Tho elevation of Joseph in that same land from slavery and a prison to tho second place in tho government, was scarcely more remarkable. When I saw Bamba two years later in Cairo, whore she and her husband were spending the winter, she had become a refined and attractive lady. They wore both liberal sup porters of tbo mission, ns they have been over since.- Correspondence Nexo York Observer. Ohinoso Superstition* I Amoy Letter to tho Shanghai Courier. > Some time ago, when writing to you, I gave , you a brief account of tho depredations of tho tigers to tbo west of Amoy. Since then nows I has arrived of their having appeared in tho mountains that lio about fifty mllos north of this. From nil accounts they appear to bo com mitting groat havoc, and to have become tho twjor of tho region they inhabit. In tho course • of throe or four months they have killed twenty i persons, and, of course, an indefinite number of , pigs* oto. A certain temple, which is situated * lOT J el y spot among those hills, 1 l »/ ot V? 6rod tonanlloso and unlni habitable by them. A short timo sinco 16 t Tr i fU, _- occu P‘°d by throe persons—a priest, whom h * engaged to assist him In tilling a few fields belonging to the tomplo, and tho mother of tho latter. One ovon ing, inroturnlng from tho fields, they wore sot upon by tho tigers, and the whole of them killed, ouch terror has taken possession of tho country people that they dare not go out early In the “° t ? ,n^ 1 0r after a certain hour in the aftor noon. The fanners, each morning, are accus tomed to assemble together, and, after healing f ° and Arina of guns, they feel they may wUv!^ 06 ? *° Jkofr fields. Various consulta tions have boon hold among tho wise heads, both as to tho cause of tho irruption of those unwel come visitors and iho moans by which they might ro ? lUt » afl often tho caso in such deliberations, baa not been very satis factory. It was at first boliovod that those ani mals would, of course, bo under tho control of tho god of the earth and tho spirits of tho raoun oins. The elders of tho people accordingly se lected a spot In full view of all tho prominent i !!? a r . oUl] d. and there offered sacrifice to theso invisible nothings, at tho same timo imploring thorn to Isyßtnngont injunctions on tbo tlgora that they should behavo thomselvosin a moro becoming mannorifor tho future. Tho tigers re plied to this challenge by tho vorV next day de vouring another man, and by repeating the same process whenever chance gave thorn an oppor tunity. After another consultation among those who were supposed to know all abont ouch mat ters, it was decided that those animals woronot. in reality, tigers after oil, hut certain powerful de mons that, for tho timo being, had assumed tho form of tigers, in order the more effectually to cany out thoir feelings of hotrod to man. It was t therefore, decided to apply to tho Imperial louistpriost, who is regarded as tho very high pnost and Pope of tho Toulst persuasion, and who is behoved to bo able to control tbo opirits. and to have iufalUblo specifics for bringing them to submission. Tho wise hoods ‘advised that a messenger should bo sent to him for yellow paper charms, to bo posted in convenient places on tho hills, which would have tho effect of driving tho tigers altogether out of that neighborhood. Tho loss knowing, and such as wore not initiated into tho mysteries of spirit hfo, took a raoro practical view of tho matter, and suggested that this plan would not only ho expensive, but also risky; as thoro was no cer tainty that tho charms of tho imperial wizard would bo successful. It was proposed, instead, that a foreigner from Amoy should bo invited to como up and kill tho tigers. This proposal was evidently a popular one; for a deputation was at once sent to Amoy, who somehow or othor found their way to my place. They had a very sorrowful talo to toil, and thoy bogged mo to assist thorn in tho object for whio thoy lull como to Amoy. American Denotations to t&o Cause ot .Education* Do not Americans appreciate education ? Ilero ia a list of acme of their benefactions : SI,BOO - 000 by Mr. Simmons, of Boston, for the indus trial education of women i $10,000,000 by Daniel T. ro , w » J '9 ondow a theological seminary, to which Abel Monand adda SIO,OOO more “for the educa tion of women for the ministry; M $200,000 by Erastus Coming, for a fomalo college ; $400,000 by Robert Bamoa, of Indiona, for the education of orphans in that State: SIOO,OOO by Orange Judd, the agricultural book publisher, for scien in Wesleyan University: SOO,OOO by Oyrua McCormick (tbo reaper), for theological seminary at Chicago; SIOO,OOO by Darnel Appleton (tbo book publisher), for eban- SSliS 1 ? 111 ? and library in New York University: SIOO,OOO by Nathaniel Thayer, of Boston. <to Harvard University} SIOO,OOO by Obaunceyßoso. , 110 Emio > for female college : SIOO.- 000 by Henry Sago, of Brooklyn, N. Y., for female college building at Cornell University; $500,000 by Ur. Shaw, of St. Louis, for pork and botanic garden j $200,000 by Ur. Pardee, of Pennsyl vania, for scientific department of Lafayette College, at Easton, Pa.; $75,000 by Horace Sib ley, of Rochester, N. Y., for a library building at Rochester University; $50,000 by the Rev. Jesse T. Peck to tbo now University at Syracuse, N. Y., which has boon Increased by other citizens to $1,500,000: $160,000 by Samuel WUlistou, for educational purposes in Eaatbampton, Mass.: $250,000 by Cant. Richardson, of San Francisco! Cal., to found tbo Richardson College in Chi cago University } $50,000 by Edward Tbompkins. to found a chair of Oriental languages m the University of California; $20,000 by Mr. Ray mond, of Oakland, to the college at Toledo. O.: $75,000 by Dr, H. H. Toland, to endow a medical department in tbo University of California • 8100,000 in property, and $50,000 in cash, bv Mr! John Anderson, of New York, to'found tbo Pomkoso School of Natural History. Sale of a Gallo-Itonmn Treasure* Trove* Tbo Pall Mall Gazette of May 20 says: Fol lowing closely upon tbo recent auctions of pic ture-galleries at tbo Hotel dos Ventcs in Paris collectors of ancient moneys will bo attracted in largo numbers to tbo coming sale of tbo valua ble Gallo-Roman treasure discovered beneath ?o,°r, 0f mJ} court-yards of tbo Lycoo Napoleon ia . Ibis sale is rendered necessary by a judi cial decision as to tbo quotient distribution of tbo troaauro-trovo between tbo City of Paris and tbo workmen who lighted upon it. Tbo col lection comprises 800 coins, known as auroi, each, worth something more than a 20- frauo piece, and forming a complete series of tbo numismatic history of Lutotia during the reign of tbo Roman Emperors, from Claudius to Septimus Sovorus. These auroi are all in an excellent state of preservation, and those found nearest to the surface, dating from Commodua Portinax, and Septimus Soverus, look as fresh as if they bad just come from .the mint. Coins of tbo Antonino epoch aro largely represented in this collection} tbo “Faustinas," young and old the “ Vospasinus,” and tbo “Titus," one with tbo inscription “Divus Titus,” and, on tbo reverse, tbo ourulo chair, surmounted by a thunder-flash among tbo number. There is also a “Julia Domna," tbo wife of Septimus Sovorus and Caraoalla, a Restitutio August! porTrajanum," an “iLhua Oa)sar,"flvo or six of tbo time of Por tlnax, and tbroo “ Plautinas." Upon tbo reverse of a coin dating from the reign of Ooramodus. the Lmporor of tbo Circus is represented In the of making bis boruo leap over a lion. Rarer still is an aureus of tbo time of Antoninus Pius, with two figures on tbo reverse, and tbo inscrip tion “ Concordia) Eternal." Those are some of tbo gems of the treasure, and there can bo littlo doubt that tbo French Department of the Fine Arts will bo ready to bid very high for every item In the collection rather than lot it bo dis persed throughout Europe. X« Hydrophobia lumglnary? Medical men are beginning to suspect that lu many cases imagination is to a groat dogroo in strumental In developing hydrophobia. It la well known that tho disease aoldom appoara bo foro tho eighth day after inoculation, Tho porlod of Incubation, as medical men term It, la often botou or eight weeks, and caaea havo oc curred in which too spasms have not supervened uutiUoven years after the bite. This fact has led physicians to study tho whole subject anew, and Dr. Luke, lu his late work on tho “ Inlhi once of tho Mind Upon the Body," supports the hypothesis that hydrophobic symptoms aro often developed without previous {uooulation. In illustration, ho relates a notablo Instance of a physician of Lyons, who, having Mutated in tbo alßooptlon of several victims of tho dlsordor, Imagined that ho had boon Inooulatod. On at tempting to drink ho was seized with spasms of tho pharynx, and hi this condition roamed about tho streets for three days. At length his friends succeeded in convincing him of tho grounloaa noas of his apprehensions, and ho at onco rocov crod. Dr. Marx, a Gorman physician, writing to tho Ojimo, regards hydrophobia an a morbid offoction of tho imagination Induced by fear, and cites Instances in which persons unaware of tho superstition have escaped the spasms. San Francisco Items* Ban Fuanoisoo, Juno IC.—Tho Fourth of July Committees effected a compromise to-day. It is stated that twonty‘sovou steamers are In China waters, waiting to bring Chinamen hero to tho number of 29,000. Tho Indians. San Francisco, Juno IC.—All tho Modoc prisoners have been removed to Fort Klamath under a strong guard. ’ Tho reported invasion of Sonora by two bands of Apaches from tho vicinity of Tucson Is doniod. Dangerously ill. Washington, Juno 10.—Intelligence has boon yecplyod hero from Now Orleans that, on tho 10th inst., United States Commissioner John B. Wollor, formerly. Governor of California, was lying dangerously ill, almost hopelessly, at bis residence in that city. * Civil Service, Deb Moines, lowa, Jauo 10.—Iowa postal dorks have boon ordered to Chicago for ro-ox •rmnation, and thoro is need of it in some quar- Vcllow Fever* roniiuas Mohsob, Juno 10.-Tho Norwegian Havana for Havre, arrived in the Roads to-day with yollow fover on board. 2“® “jj n dlod U*o passage. Tho Captain and turoo mon have tho fever, but are convalescing. Stabbing Affray. New Orleans, Juno 10. —Joseph Garcia was fa aUr Blabbed by B. F. Illvoro in* this evening. Both aro Guiana. i*?JnA? lbrolße T ¥ n ? aal “Mgnon" ban attained its 300 th representation at tho Opera Oomlquo { and tho event was made tho occasion of tbo nro- Bontation, by tho composer, to fitllo. Gnllo-Mario. tho heroine of the opera, of a splendid necklace of pearls and Jewels, exquiaitolr mounted, in a pattern of the timo of Louis XIV. JAGES. Sun JayTjuna lin'Rar^ SIm 0 !* o ,?*. 4 1. Ml«« Dortba Fallor, of Grumoaob, Qorl r™%»re.ld r c -aul.MteV K "‘ ,laUll - “o* l * DEATHS. «t his lato residence In Oataklll. N. Y., nfifnni rl In U" *6th joar. Father of Edward ii. Day! of Kont, 0., andO. Atwater Day, of thia city. Advertisements Received too Lute for Classic flcutlon. ™co°M rCTION SALE! By mi. A. BUTTERS~&~COi WHISKY, WIIE, ALE, Pipes, Cut Nails, &c., at avotiott, * Tuesday Homing, June 17, at 10 o’clock, At our Salesrooms, 65 and 57 South Canal-st., 10 H rls i* Old Bourbon, Sour Mash, Old Grow, Silver Creak, Marshall. Bourbon, and Body Whiskies, all prime goods, full proof. l# “- Al °’ &o - WM. A. liUTTERS A CO., Auctioneer. ■WEODITBS3DA."Sr 9 is Fine now Top Buggies. Open Wagons’ Phaetons, Democrat ami Express Wagons, Double and Single Harness, AT AUCTION-, At SB and B7 Oouth Wodnoaday moraine, at 10 o'clock. 1 WM. A. HUTTERS Jk CO.. AucUmi.or.. SPECIAL SALE. OktS,^* n .? ta V™. r ,*4o.. 110 ° °' Olothlny, •A.T AUCTION, OoWEDNIISDAY. JUNK 18, at 9* o'clock. In Bowen Bro*.’ Block, 15 and 17 East Randolph-st. WM. A. BUTTERS 4 CO., Auctioneer*. DRY GOODS, fancy Ur.., Goods, Straw Goods, Jc,. AT AUCTION, On TnonSDAY. JUNE 19, at 9« o’clock. In Bowon Bro*.’ Block, 16 and 17 East Randolph.^.* WM. A. BUTTERS A CO., Aootioneor*. South Shore Property AT AUCTION. This Delightful Suhnrhan Property Embraces Some of the Choicest lots od the South Shore LAKE FRONTAGE AND GROVE, will te sold by ns on Holiday, lane 23. This Property Must be Sold. SEB BILLS. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO., Auctlon.ers, BY GEOT^r-GOKE-&-CO; 22, 24 & 20 Bandolph*Bt. DZR/5T GOODS!! GREAT OPENING SALE On Tuesday Moruiug-, June 17th, at 9:30 ©’Clock, 70 Wabaßh’a? 10 * 40 ** aDd quarter*, 68 and A very attractive lino of Drew Good# la Alpaca*. Delaines, Linens, Suiting*, do., do. v * n A*plondidLinu of Gent's Summer Stylos, Fine Fell And Invoices of White Good*, Hosiery, Underwear. and Parasols, Yankee Notions, do., do. o’clock *poclal offering of Ingrain Oarpota by the GKO. P. GORE d 00.. Auctioneers, . 68 and 70 Wabosh-av. BY BRUSH, SON & CO. At 74 West Van ■ Buren-st., TUESDAY, Juno 17, at 10 a.m., Will be sold FURNITURE, CARPETS, BEDDING, Orookory, Refrigerator, Stoves, Mirrors, oto., ofToots of a 11-room house. BRUSH, SON & 00., Auctioneers. Wednesday, Juno IS,at 10a.m., Will bo sold Parlor Suits, Chamber Sots. Rodstoads, Bu roaus, Tables, Mattroasoi, Redding, Lounges, Garnets, Cook StOTss, Parlor, Dlnlug*rooui, and Kllobon Enrol, ture. BRUSH, SON A GO., Auctioneers, il South Canabst. By TAYIIOB & HABItISON. ATTBAOTIVB AUCTION SALE OF Dry Goods, Notions, &o. Wednesday, June 18, at OX o’clock. Points and Jackets, Ribbons. Pique 11V.".' Jf? 00 , Covers, White Gronadlno Shawls. White Wool Hhawls, Mrijiod Shawls, and our usual full line of seasonable goods, TAYLOR A HARRISON. Auctioneers, By HAVENS, OSGOOD & CO. TBADH SAXE OF $7,000 OF ZDIR^Z - 0-0 CODS, ("OUT STOCK"). On THURSDAY, 19th lust., at tt:3Ua.m., sharp, at our Haloarooms, we will soil, without reserve, *7,000 stock of Dry Goods, consisting, of Dross Goods, while Goods, Hhawls, Cassimoros, Broadcloths, Joans. Waterproof Gorman, trench and English, Flannels, Ladies* Under, wear, Ribbons, Notions, OomiUirs, Fixtures. Show Oases audono, largo Safe, with Hall's Combination Look: the whole of whloh must boolosod on Thursday, Halo oosl. tiro. Terms oast. HAVENS. OSGOOD A 00. Aaib, Uouw,. S3BouUiO,iul-,(. 1 * " AUO ' AUCTIONSALES. «y EDISON & rOSTEIi First Grand Said PEREMPTORY SALE OF TEI ACRES, To 1)0 Sold la tots, AT AUCTION, On Tuesday Afternoon, June 17, ' subdivision of the S. E. 1-4 of the sr W. 1-4 of the N. W. 1-4 of Section 12, Town 30, North of Eango 13 East, lying south and fronting on Baoramonto Square and Cemtx°a“ K. Boulevard, and west of and fronting on Baoramonto-av. In this ?rt^!r l 0 mow elegant Eos! on Sacramento IS t0 130 usod as a SnSSini •5 l 0 fronting on Contra! Park Boulevard, which 2SO foot wide; 10 elegant Lota ? n Sooramento-av.. which is ZOO foot wide; and 30 ohoioo Lots £2?«? g0 * nlTlo ? 10118 ond Yagor-sta “ • “ u ? u t° a ’walk from tho Depot of tho O. Sc N. VT, Eailroad. n^Sl s „, 1 S op , er i y . is east °f and near 1 n Pa J k, , b S m ? situated on the '■ Central Parkßoulevard, and . a s° ut throe miles from tho R 0 r '“ t , and one milo inside tho mty limits. Of all tho ohoioo property fronting the Parks of CM oago, none is more accessible or de value ti) an thi ß “ Erettt ° r proßpooti ™ fir wrasse ja per/cot. Printed abetraota will tio farnlnhnrt iVc h ,«M ELXSON & EOSTEE, Auctioneers. The Last and Positive CLOSING SALE ME. GALE’S COLLECTION OIL PAINTINGS, Will take place THIS EVENING at 053 Wabash-av. Sale will commence at 8 o’blook. ELliiOW «t FOSTER, Auctioneers. TWO MILLION DOLLARS. GEEAT CLOSING OCT. TRUSTEES 5 SALE REALAND PERSONALPROPERTY Belonging to tho CHICAGO LAND COMPANY, AT PUBLIC AUCTION. on Wednesday, the ism day of Jane, 1873. By the articles of tho association of said Company, It Us < provided that all the proparty In tho bauds of the Trustees lo the month of Juno, lain, most bo sold at auction for ooab, to close the trust. flcatrnlly located In tho CITY OP CHI. ** valuod at $1,800,000, and composed largol* of rlvor ard canal frontage, docked and ready for Immodi dUM*^i^,!t y '. a ,i ar s° “umber of vacantlou In tbe Imrao. # * 11,1 woll adapted for business. ,a unquosUoned, haring been hold and owned by tho Association for twenty years, r-nt in P f «^?'*l?l? pcr / y oonß i of notes bearing 7 per com interest, having from one to Are years to run. and amounting to about $700,000. Those notes wororooolvad or deferred payments on land bought from the Company by the makers thereof, and tholr payment Is secured by mortgage on tho same. TERMS OF SALE, OASIL ThS £ arsenal property will bo ready for transfer and delivery nmodiately after tho salo. Purchasers of realty will bo required to mako a deposit on the day of salo of 10 per con? 0 wl 1 . 0 f.”? 0 . 00 ! of thelr I'urohaso, tho btlanco to bo paid within thirty days, orns soon after tho salo as deedscaa bo made and delivered. “ MAHLON D. OGDEN. L. 8. BKECIIER, ’ _ , GEORGE WATS6N, Chicago, March 13, 1873. Truatoaa H. B.Vooui:. Secretary. iruatooe. OUioe southwest corner of Lako and Clark-ala., Room S, second iloor. * TZEaZIB ABOVE Peremptory AND GLOmn SALE OF THE CHICAGO Ml COM, B-2" A.XTOTIO 3ST, Will Positively Take Place on Wednesday Morning, Jnne 18,1873, at 10 o’clock, ON THE GROUND, commencing sale at East Division* •t. bridge. Free carriages will leave Ogdon’* Building, comer of Lake and Ct&rk-ata., from 9to 10 o’clock a. ni., on 18th mat., to convoy intending pnrobasors to tho ground*. . ELIoON d FOSTER, Auctioneer*. CietSlatesßrMaclwCo. IN BANKRUPTCY. We will soU on TUESDAY MORNING, Juno 17. at II o'clock, at thu southeast corner of Clinton and Monroe* ifi..Uioontlro otfoota of tbo UNITED STATES BRICK MAOIiINE CO. -A.T -A-TJOTIOUNT, Conslstlng'of letter*patent issued by the United State*. and Belgium, for Improremeate la brick machines. Also tho ottlco furniture, ouo second* engine, and machinery of all kinds, largo lot of wrought, scrap, and nig iron one horso, buggy. and harness; one derrick at Madlaon-st. bridge, and all tbo personal prop* erly belonging to said estate. Ity order of ~l lDft„ HIRAM X. LEWIS, Assignee. LLIBON & FOSTER, Auctioneers. tAKKHUPTCY! BANKRUPTCY! Wo will soil on WEDNESDAY morning, JUNK 18, 1873, at II o'clock. at (ho brickyard of aald Company, on tho IllinoU A Michigan Canal, half mllo west ni ilncl\t« on. Iho remaining »aoot« of tho United Staloa lirlokAu« ouiuo Company, \ -A.T -A.TJCTXO3ST. A Ons horse, S wagons, 31 carts, 150 liriok boxos, 37 tracks. S3 wheelbarrows, I brick machine, 13 sols of harness, full aseortmout of implements ami Cools of various kinds, largo lot of Crockery, Kitchen Utensils, Ac., do., be* longing to said estate, liy order of HIRAM ti LEWIS, Assignee. ELISON A FOSTER, Auctioneers. FIVE LOTS OH SHUETIEFF-AV,, Bet. Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth-sts.; AT AUCTION, ON TUESDAY AFTERNOON, ME 24, At 3 o’clock, on the ground. Doing Lota 31. 25, 20, 83, and 83: 81 feet front by I2S feel loop, to u fc-foot alley. Title perfect. Tonus—Quo* uurtu cash, balance 1, 2, and 3 years, with 8 per cent In- . eroat. Those Lots are situated only live blocks west of t> Jtate-it., Ju a thiokly.aottlod portion of the city, and are valuable for residence purposes. Parsons attending tho sale can take the Htate’st. Oars to Thlrtlotb-et., whloh la only a few minutes' walk from thu property. ELlhOil A FltaXiOt. AuoUooasrs, f It*

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