Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 18, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 18, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 26. REAL ESTATE. DREXEI BOULEVARD COTTAGE GROTE-AT. LOTS, On 'Wednesday, Jnno 18, 1873, At 3 1-2 o’clock p. m., sharp,. We.Trill offer at pabllo auction,. on the ground* WEDNESDAY, Juno 16. 1873, at 8 H o’clock; p. pi., •harp, that fine grove block Immediate!; north of Mr. James Stinson's flno rosidonoo, fronting oast on Drazol Boulevard, and troston Cottage Qroro-av., between For* 1 (y*tlitnl and Forty*fourthets., IN FIFTY-FOOT to tbo highest bidder, on the foDowlng term* yis.: Ooa* aUtb oash on day of sale, ono-slxth in 60 dir* and the baianoe in one and two roars, interest at B per cent, pay able annually. THE BALE WILL BE BONA FIDE AND FEREHP* TORY, AND NO SIDB-BIDDINO ALLOWED. This property la among tbo roost beautiful and desirable eildenoo property in or around Ohioago, and needs only to bo soon to bo admired. It la vary choice for residence' or investments. It is within throe blocks of tho Forty third-st. Station, on tho 1. 0. Hyde Park R. R , and within throe blocks of tho Cottage Grove horso-oar* and the Cottage Groro Dummy passes on tho wort Undo! the block. Tbo Cottage Grove fronts are Tory desirable - for either business' or residence.- SEWERS, GAS, AND WATER CONVENIENT. TITLE PERFECT. Print ed abitraoU will bo furnished oooh purchaser. , Call on CLARKE, LAYTON & CO., 120 LaSallo-st., for plots and further particulars. A FREE RIDE to and from tho grounds on da/ of sale, both by 111. 0. R. R. and Bircot-cans. TlokoU for aamo to bo had at office of OLARKB, LAYTON CO. Train leaves I. 0. R. R., foot of Lake-st., at 8 o'clock p. to., sharp. CLARKE, LAYTON & CO. TO LIVE -A.T WAUKEGAN YOXT ARE BURE OF HEALTH & ECONOMY. The Golden Opportunity Presents itself to secure a CHARMING LOT for a SWEET HOME, On Thursday, Jane SO, IN THE FAMOUS Van Renselaer Tract, The Garden Spot of Waukegan. WM. A. BUTTERS A 00. will furnish you FREE TICKETS, train leaving Chicago at 9 o’olook a. m. IMPORTANT SALE OF VALUABLE BUSINESS PROPERTY Wo are authorized by ELIJAH SMITH, Esq., Trus <o?, to rocolvo scaled proposals for the purohais ol 48 foot front by 180 loot deep, situated oa Mlohigan-ar., bo twooD Madison and Monroo-sta., doacrlbod aa follows { 8. .Jtfof Lots, and tbo north 8 foot of Lot 9, in Block 1, Fractional Section 15 Addition to Chicago, Cook County, HI. Said proposals will bo recolvod for ton: days, to the 97th InaUnl inclusive, and will bo opened on tbo 98th and acted upon. Capitalists should giro this their.attention, as tho property must positively bo sold. - Direct proposals to ELIJAH SMITH, Trastoo, oaro ot Bllaou A Foster, 87 Markot-st. BUmiLMB. GEO. SUMMERS, 188 East Madison-st., Room 4, is now selling splendid lots in Nor wood Park on MONTHLY PAYMENTS, also offers assist ance in the erection of dwellings. WILMETTE. We have for sale la this beaatlfa] suburb on tbo Lake horo, near Evanston, two modlara-sized now bouses, convenient to depot. Terms very oasy. Photographs and plans of houses may bo aoen at our office. , , YT . . OREENLEAP 4 PAUL, _J3 Central Union Block, cor. Madison and MarkoUsta. REMOVAL. REMOVAL. I have again gone back to near my old Quarters, Nob, 50 and QX Markeb-at,, where I have better facilities for doing business than over before, and, thankful Ibr past favors, shall bo happy to see all old friends and many new, and guarantee satisfaction to all. •W. B. STANNABP. HOTEL- ANDERSON'S HOTEL OK TUB EUROPEAN PLAN. Nora Side Mafllson-st., let. CM and LaSalle. Booms $1 to 93 per day. Restaurant opaa from 6a. m. to9p. in. Pricei moderate. PROPOSALS. Lale View-Site for Higli School Wantei Lake View property owners are hereby notified that oealod Proposals for too sale of a lot of about one acre, sultablofor the location of a ** High Hobool," In the sold township, will be rooolred at tbo office of the Township Treasurer, Booms 7 and 8, City Hall, Chicago, till l 5 o'clock ra«. July I. 1873. Proposals will be addressed to W. B, LABItABEE, Treasurer, and will bo endoned, *'Dld for Sale of Bobool Hnuao Bite." STATIONERY, &o. BLANK BOOKS la large yarioty retailed at wholesale prlooe, At Xi. 60HX0K ft oo.*s, 102 East Madiaon-at. SHIRTS. §IT WILL PAT TO OILDBB SHIRTSI From HARRIS A COBB, 171 South MEETINGS. Attention Sir Knights. Stated conclave of St. Bernard Commandin'. Ns. 15, K. T„ this (Wednesday) evening, atTslW o'clock. work on the 11, O. Visiting Sir Knights courteously Invited, It. order of the 11. O. «y oruor u* *. jQ. DICKERSON. Recorder. Masonic. Bpeol.l oomamola.tloa of Bl.oojr 1x.d.0, No. *7l, A, F. iA. M.. will bo lipid tOU (WodDO.ibir) *.onlo«, la Orloaul .t 1 o’clock. B< O. llOiV/KB, 800. I .( UNDERWEAR. UKDIEWIiR. Wo havo a largo stock of Bummor Morinos, Angola Flannels. Silk, Lisle Thread, Joan, lilnon, Jaoonot, «o„ in fine goods at bottom prices. Hosiery:. .Oarstookoontalns about twenty-varieties of lino goods for Mon's wear, adapted to tho soason, at unusually low prices. NECKWEAR. .WO havo a very rioh and select stock now, and replenish evory month. LINEN COLLARS The greatest variety of styles ever offered In Fine Goods.■ "., " Handling .larger quantities •of extra lino goods for Men's Woor than any other firm, wo bay at closer figures, and do soil at cor respondingly loss prices.- i WILSON BROS., Si 33. Oor. State and Washington-ats.; **Ar- ; cade-court, Olork-at., south of Madison-st., Ohioago. ’ t ■ Pike's Opera House, Fourth-st., .Cincin nati. c . i FIDELITY SAVINGS BANK. SECURITY FItOIH LOSS BY ROBBEHY ; ■ 8188, OK ACCIDENT. ■ ■ THE FIDELITY Savings Bank AND Safe Depository, Li tholr now Fire-Proof Building, 143, 145 & 147 Bandolph-st., Receive for safe keeping lo their GREAT FIRE AND BURGLAR.PROOF SAFE DEPOSIT VAULTS (among the beat in the world, haring ooat orer one hundred 'thousand dollars), Oonpon Bonds, SoouiiUos. Family Plate, Colo, Deeds,' Wills, and Valuables of orery de scription. Also, rent Safes lo tholr Vaults at from $lO to S6O a year. According to also. • • TRUSTS OF EVERY KIND RECEIVED AND EXE* OUTED. Intefeat Allowed on Savings Deposits. JOHN O. HAuvhiß, President. riNANOIAIi. P, E, WESTFALL, Prea't BIDHET HYEES, Caalilor. THE MERCHiTS’, FARMERS', & MECHANICS’ SAVINGSBAM. Incorporated 186 L Commenced Business 1862. 75 South Clark-st,, Chicago, Opposite Old Court House. WEST SIDE OFFICE, 62 Halsted-st., near Madison. exclusivelyTsavings bank. KOUNTZE BROTHERS, Bankers, 12 Wall St„ issue Circular Notes, and Letters of Credit on the Union Bank of London, available in dll parts of the world. MONEY TO LOAN On first-class Chicago Beal Estate. Largo sums at 9 per cent on Improved property. MKAD A COB. 183 Laßalle-et. EXCURSIONS. GRAND PLEASURE EXCURSIONS TO LAKE SUPERIOR. Lake Superior People's line Steamers, dock between Madivm and'Waahlngton-sts. Tho magnlfloont low-proas arc Steamor PEERLESS, Oapt* Allan Mclntyre, will, daring tho summer months, make excursion trips to bulnth (bead of Lake Superior), calling at all point* on the south shore, and occasionally visiting the north shore, giving passengers ample time te ▼low tbo great iron, eopper,'and 'silver mines, and con necting at Dnlnth with railroads for all points West and Southwest. HO CATTLE CARRIED OH PEERLESS. TIME-TAB Tiß. Leave Chicago. Leave Duluth. Juno3l, stop. m. July 1,16, 29, July A 99. at 8 p. m. Aug. 19, 26. Aug. 6, Id, atflp, m. Sept. 9,23. Bept. 9,18, aid p, m. State-rooms secured ahead ot time, and farther to formatloa obtained by applying to LEOPOLD 4 AUSTRIAN, , ~ 79 Market-*!., corner Washington. Chicago, WANTED. A DAILY NEWSPAPER IAN, Of EKPEBIBNOB, GENTLEMANLY DE PORTMENT, INDITSTBiOUB,' and HON OBABLE, can loom of a very plooaimt and remunerative position by calling on FRANK GLOSSOP, Proprietor National Hotel Reporter, 1 65 South Canol-at. WANTED, To buy for cash the stock and fixtures of a Detail Dry Goods Btore, either on West Madlaon-et. or the lower part of fitato-at., or would rent the store without the stock. Address, for fire days, QM. Tribune office.’ WOVEN WIREMATTRESS. y/* YOUR LIFE / IS SPENT IN BED, Yon get tho 1 fit Comfort by ueing PETEHB’ IMPROVED Woven Wire Mattress. jin Improvement over oM olftert. Bold by dealers in Furniture and Bedding. WHITTLESEY AI’BTBRS, 120 LnSnlle-at.i 3d Door N. of Mndltion. FOR SALE. GUM LABELS AND SHIPPING TAGS, AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. CULVER, PAGE, HOYNE & CO., 118 and 120 Monroo-et,, Chicago. i ■ i WATCHES. . i { FINE WATCHES, We have the largest assortment of Pine Watches in the West, which we are selling at remarkably low prices; We have just received another large invoipe of GOLD GUARD CHAINS. H. MATSON & CO, STATE & MONROE-SIS. r! ■ . • • ■ ; 1 ■. LADIES’ GOODS. 1 v 1 AT COST. In ardor to rcdnco our stock before removing to onr now location* No* 77 Btato«st.» we will. Tor n short time, offer great bargalnainLadlcs’ Muslin Under Garments nt cost. •• Comtii all the facet tnakea. at cost* Ladles’ rntli rogalar-mado Hose at coat. Ladies’ Bolbriggon Hdso> extra lengths* at . Ladles’ Llale Thread Hose at cost. Children’s Hosiery* all kinds* at cost* (fonts’Socks at cost* Ladles’ and Children’s Cnderwear at cost* Children’s Corsets. Waists* Aprons* Skirts. Swiss Snn-Bonnets* Chemises, and Overskirts at cost. Elegant lino ofTles In alt shades* Scarfs* Hows* Sashes. Roches. new styles, at cost. Point Lace Sets* folnt Applique and Vnlonolennos Sets and Sleeves* Cbolco Pattern In Point and.Thread Barbs* Collars* Handkerchiefs* and Parasol Covers nt cost. Onr Hamburg* French, and Nainsook Embroideries, in very handsome patterns* All of our elegant stocks of tilmps* Fringes* etc., pt cost. , Jowolry..Jet Sots* Crosses* Chains* Real Whitby* BVaCK. Carnot. Ileal Shell Combs* High Back Combs* Pans, of all styles, at cost. Infant Wardrobes nt cost. The large* stock of Real Hair Switches add Carls* In tho city. PIERCE & SIM, Cor. State & Twentieth-sts. ART GALLARY. FOR QUALITY IN PHOTOGRAPHS, CALL UPON BB.AKTI>, WhoßOwork is kept up to theVBBY HIGHEST STAND A HD of Photo graphic excellence. S3 PER 3DOZEN. Btndio, 590 Wabash-av. COPYING. $3 TAKE YOUR Old Pictures of De ceased Friends To BRAND'S to have them beautl- $3 fully copied and enlarged. BRAND’S ART GALLERY, 896 Waboah-av. GENERAL NOTICES. TO THE TRAVELING PUBLIC. F. PAEMELEE & 00,, (Mis Line & Same Express. OlHoe, 166 Dearborn-fit,, Chicago. Having Incr vuod our facilities, we are now prepared to deliver baggage to and from all parts of the city, and we make It a specialty to deliver baggage promptly and with as little delay as possible. To prevent confusion at tho depots, passengers, by giv ing tbolr checks to onrogont on the trains, need not have any farther trouble of Its reaching its proper destination. delivered to and from Hotels and Railroads. Onion promptly attended to by tearing word at our office. CAUTION! Our advertising patrons, and the public generally, are hereby notified that one Emmett Oulbreth is not au thorized to solicit or receive adver tisements for the “liakeside Month ly,” or to transact any business whatever for ns, as he is no way con nected with our establishment. F. F. BROWNE & CO., Publishers, liakeside Building. IRON FIRE-PROOF SHUTTERS. Manufactured by BEAVEY A CO., ’ . 180 Lake-at, GET YOUR MEALS AT CONDON’S Now and Elegant Dining Booms, N0.47 LA SAIXE-SX. Societies, Prirate Parties, Picnics, Ao., aarrod ouroa" aonablo terms, at short notice. ■ BUSINESS CHANCE. FACTORY FOR SALE OR ZEWEHLsTT, CORNER OF Twonty-sixth-st. & Stowart-av., Built of briok, with boilor, ongino, and wood-working machinery, al most now. Inquire on the premises. MEDICAL. CANCERS CURED! A New and Sure Remedy! 'With ihta wonderful remedy Cancer* can be killed la front 12 to SO hour*, and thoroughly ourod la from one to lour woeks. No cutting, no cauterizing.. Correspond* euoe ■ulicitod, oapeolalbr with those who have been ua* suooossfuliy treated by other parties. No cure, no pay. Oil la P«.oa Car JAy OlUlated.iUt UoomU, Chicago. CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 18, 1873. I WASHINGTON. Forty-nine Congressmen and Sena tors Repudiate the Sal ary-Grab. The United States: Treasury Enriched Thereby 7 $192,017. Gen. I Sheridan's Views on the Texas ! i Border, Ruffians. 1 Pardon of a Condemned Ku-Klux : Special Dispatch' to TM Chicago Tribune. KU-BXUX LEADER rABCONED. . TTAsmsaTON,'Juno 17.—During the Kn-Klux trials in South Carolina, a Baptist clergyman, named Elzwoll, was tried, convicted, and eont to the Penitentiary. Hla case was surrounded by > circumstances of a peculiarly aggravating nature. It was shown that ho was a loader among the Kn-Klux, and bod boon very active in organizing their lodges throughout the State. Ho,hod, moreover, labored with the members of hlaj denomination to make converts to the Ku- IHux, and with considerable success. When Judge Bond sentenced him, ho adverted to the cause in severe terms. ' Through the influence of certain parties in South Carolina, 1 the Presi dent has ordered a pardon to issue; to the rev erend sinner. ‘A report has boon mado on the 1 ! PNEUMATIC TUBE FBAUD by tho Oomxnission appointed by the Secretary of (the Interior'to investigate it. Congress ap propriated $16,000 for this, at tbo solicitation of one Brisbane, and a female lobbyist. Of coarse, tho tube, which was'to nm from the Capitol to the Government Printing Office,. was a failure. ThO Committee report that Brisbane has spent twelve oat of tbo fifteen thousand in making his experiment, and there is nothing to show for it. Mrs. Hall, tho widow of Capt. Hall, tho Arctic yoyagor, ■ who is at present in this city, as the guest of her oonoin, the Bov. Mr. Merrick, of tho Treasury Department, did not oomo to Washington to represent her needy condition to tho pubuo, as bos boon stated, but solely to see tho Esquimaux. Joe and Hannah, to loam from their lips of the sad particulars of her bus band's death. She knows those Esqui maux very well, aa' they spent sever al . weeks at nor bouse some time before tho Polaris loft on her last voyago. Un fortunately when she arrived in Washington, Joe and Hannah bad been sent to tho coast of Maine by the Secretary of the Navy.and she had no op portunity to converse with them. She hoe re ceived no intimation from tho Secretary of tho Navy that sho will be paid her husband's salary until Congress moots, but it is understood ebat this will be done, os,under the liberal construction of the foots, tbo Government can act on tho pro sumption that Copt. Hall Is still alive, since no really official intelligence has. boon .received of hlsdoath,nor can such intelligence ho received, except from Capt. Buddington, now supposed to he in command of the Polaris. Mrs. Hall con tinues to be greatly depressed on account of her, husband's death, and the circumstance that so many mysterious bints hate boon thrown out in this direction odds poignancy to her grief. * j ' Special JXivatch to The Chicago SViburns. ’ 1 ; BEOEETAnr niOHAUDBOK. |lNsw Yobk. Juno 17.—Arumbr was current on this afternoon that Secretary Biohard- Son would shortly resign,- and become resilient partner at Paris of an old New York and Paris banking finA. ; [To the Aitociated Press.] 1 BAGS PAT BKPUDIATOnS. Washington, June 17.—The, total amount of book pay returned to the United States Treasury is' $192,017. The number of Senators and Representatives who declined to receive it is forty-six. $3 $3 , : CINCINNATI TREASURY. , . , ’ The Treasury Department has issued on order closing the United States Depository at Cincin nati and assigning all the business of that office to Assistant Treasurer William E; Davis; who recently qualified. - 1 V- , APPOINTMENTS. *’ The President mode'the .following appoint-, dents: Isaac Xi. Mahal,'lndiana, Agent for the Chippewa Indiana, Lake Superior: William Pres cott, Illinois. Register of the Lana Office, Spring field, m. Tho Postmastor-Qeneral to-day ordered the establishment of free delivery in tho following cities,- commencing July 1: Columbus, Ohio, 10 carriers; Evansville, Ind., 6 carriers; Coving ton, Ey.. 4 carriers. Boblesid Jolly was appointed Ganger for the First Missouri District, and George L. Brown for tho Colorado District. Tho President will return in time to hold a Cabinet meeting on Friday. THE POLAHIB EXPEDITION. It was tho intention of the Secretary of the Navy to keep secret at present his negotiation for the Tigress, but now that the fact has been made public it is said at (ho Department that, there being no authority to. purchase, the ar rangement contemplates a lease of the vessel for a specified time. In addition to Commander Green and Lieut, Commander: White, Lieut. O.F. Wilkins has been ordered to tho Tigress. First Assistant Engineer Melville will bo the senior engineer. TREASURY DEPARTMENT EXAMINERS. The President has appointed, under the Civil Service roles, tho Roam of Examiners for the Treasury Deportment, as follows.: Stephen J. W. Tabor, Fourth Auditor; William H. Arm strong, Internal Revenue Bureau; and Charles Lyon, Secretary’s office. GENERAL SHERIDAN AND THE BORDER RUFFIANS. 001. Mackenzie's report of his attack, recently, upon the Kiokapoo and Lipan Indians has reached the War Department. Gen. Sheridan, in his indorsement on the report, says: “ I do not believe that. any boundary exists between the United States ana Mexico when wo are de fending tho lives of our citizens and protecting their property against a merciless banditti, whom to name murderers, robbers, or thieves, poorly applies as covering their acts. There can be no just cause for dissension if the lawful forces of either nation pursue them for the pur pose of capturing them or ending their deeds of violence.” Railroad News* Special Dispatch to Tht Chicago Tribune. Booktoud, Juno 17.—A surveying party has started oni on the proposed route of the Rook ford Central Railroad. Quinoy, 111.. June 17.—The first passenger train of the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway arrived at Hannibal. Mo., yesterday, and that fiolnt will hereafter do tho eastern terminus of bo road. The Toledo, Wabash & Western Road will hereafter run through trains from Toledo to Hannibal, instead of Quinoy. Ban Fuanoiboo, Juno 17.—Miohaol Reese says -the reported sale of tho Huntington and Hop kins interest in tho Central Pacific Railroad is not yet consummated. Special Ditpateh to Tht Chicago TVftun*. LaSalle, June 17.—A mooting of tho Directors of the Lafayette, LaSalle & Clinton Railroad was hold in this city to-day. The attendance was large, and exceedingly encouraging accounts of stock subscriptions were received from all along the line. Telegraphic Brevities* Henry Jewell, (ho would-bo assassin of Ella Woods, in Hudson, N. U., is dead. Miss Woods will recover. The Arkansas State Teachers’ Association met in Little Rook, yesterday. About seventy-five wore present. Dr. A. Gilbert, residing at tho corner of Smith and Tooumsoh streets. Dayton, narrowly escaped death by inhaling Paris green yesterday. Tho small grains are coming on finely in the vioinity of Prm||ton, 111. Tho com prospects, at this time, are not flattering. A man named Ferdinand Cook, while hunting Preacher* rcnsoHU.. POSTAL. CABINET MEETING. near 801 l Crook. Nebraska, on Monday, acci dentally shot and killed hlmoolf. Tho Oommoncomont exorcises of tbo Normal Public High School will tako place ibis after noon. Bovon young ladies will graduate. Two young mon, named Anton Mioholaon and Potor Jacobson, both Danes, woro drowned In tbo Missouri River, while bathing, on Sunday. Mrs. Qolnoy Bhaw, daughter of Prof. Agassiz, has contributed SIOO,OOO to tho Museum of Comparative Zoology, in which her father Is so deeply interested. Joseph H. Toro waa yesterday brought before tho Court of Orimlnal Correction at Bt. Louis, for examination, aud his ease was continued un til tho 27th Instant, ; The‘Alumni of tho Illinois Wesleyan Universi ty will bold a grand banquet and reunion at Pbamlx Hotel, Bloomington, on Thursday even ing. 'Tbo Oommoncomont exorcises of that in stitution will begin at 10 o’clock on Thursday. A few days ago Mary J. Hoover loft her homo for.a walk in tho fields, in Mahaska County.

lowa, and not returning, search was made, ana her body was found on Saturday In a water gully, whore she had fallen and was drowned. -.The anti-monopolists of Bureau County bavo perfected arrangements for a grand celebration of the coming Fourth at Princeton, HI. The programme' w»ll bo an unusually attractive one. The oration will bo delivered by Senator Castle. Tho body of a man was found in tbo Calumet River near Daltou yesterday. From inquiries mado tho following information was obtained: The man with a party of friends was hunt ing on tho river last Friday or Saturday, when tho man in question shot a duck and swam after it. Ho got beyond bis depth and was drowned. A*search of two or throo days was of no avail, until yesterday his body was recovered, and by outs on tbo head and body, it looks as if thoro had been foul play. FOREIGN. Serious Earthquake Shocks at Val paraiso, Chili. The Italian Senate Passes the Anti-Re- ligious Corporation Bill. Another Cable Bald Between Spain and England. CENTRAL AMERICA. Panama, Juno 17.— Tho United States flag ship Pensacola, Boor Admiral Steodman, sailed hence on tho 2d inst. for Callao. Tho steamers Omaha and Benicia arc daily expected at this port. Don Adolno Ballovian has boon elected Con stitutional President of Bolivia, to fill tho un oxpjrod term of tho lato President Morales. The restored President is fraternizing with tho loaders of tho revolution that wore banished, and drowning enmity in champagne, and those who wore discharging rifles at each other a few days ago. are now drinking each other’s health. A fossil mastodon has boon found at Corona, and not in tho Ohlloo Archipelago, FRANCE. Versailles. Juno 17.—The Special Committee appointed by the Assembly lost week taconsider the application mado by tho Military Governor of Pons for authority to prosecute M. Bane for his connection with tho Commune, has held several sittings. One of its first acts was to. summon M. Bane to appear before It. This .the; Deputy refused to do, standing on his privilege as a member, nud denying the right of the Com mittee to require lus presence. » To-day tbo Committee held its final session. A.roport was adopted, by a vote of 14 to 1, recommending that tho authorization for the arrest and trial of Deputy Bane bo granted by tbo Assembly. CHILI. Panama, Juno 7.—Several shocks of earth quake frightened the people of Valparaiso and the south parts of OhUi. The first was at 12:32 o’clock in the afternoon on the 16th of May, at Valparaiso,, and lasted forty-two seconds. A good deal of damage was done to public and pri vate buildings from the motions being vortical. Many persons wore thrown from scaffolds on which they were working. Several wore killed and a number - wounded. Chandeliers wore wrenched from the ceilings, and books and bot tles on shelves wore thrown to the ground. SPAIN. Madrid, June 17,—O’Kolly has arrived in the Santoui, Province of Santander, in .custody of the Spanish authorities. His effects wore scaled by the United States Consul at Santandor. Tho Oortoa has under consideration the propo sition of Sonor Ooon, granting tho Oovommont extraordinary facilities, under which it will bo empowered to levy contributions of 100,000,000 piastres on tho country. GREAT BRITAIN. London, Jane 17.—The Ozarowitob and bis wlfo aro visiting tho Frinco and Princess of Wales at Sandringham. Tho second cable from tho coast of Cornwall to Spain bos boon oponod. This increase la tho facilities for transporting dispatches has led to a reduction in (he tariff. HAWAII. San Francisco. Juno 17.—Tho steamer Costa Rica from Honolulu has arrived. She sailed May 7, and brought over 800 tons of freight, mostly sugar, and left the United States survey ing steamer Portsmouth in that port. The gen eral nows from Hawaii is unimportant. ITALY. Rome. Judo 17.—The Senate to-day passed the bill for the suppression of religious corporations by a' vote of 68 yeas to 20 nays. The measure now awaits the royal sanction to bocomo a law. CANADA. Halifax, June 17.—Judge Johnson has been appointed to tho Lieutenant-Governorship of Nova Scotia, mode vacant by tho death of tho late Joseph Qowo. CUBA. Havana, June 17. —A. French steamer arrived here to-day, with 600 Chinamen on board. Har ing tho passage there were 176 deaths. GERMANY. London, Juno 17.— A spool al from Berlin save: “ The Emperor William, in a few days, will have regained ms usual hoaltb. M Railroad Accidents. Joliet, HI., June 17.—Andrew Brewster, a Gorman, for some time past employed as cook at the Tremont House, in this city, was killed by the southern express tram on tho Chicago, Al ton 4 St. Louis Railroad, near Cass street, last night, at 11 o'olook. Tho evidence at tho Cor oner's inquest showed that be was killed while lying across tho track in a slate of Intoxication, and exonerated tho railroad employes from all blame. Brewster was a single man, and has re lations living in Montgomery County, Ohio. Lavatette, Ind., Juno 17.—At Danville, 111., this forenoon, a switch-tender in tho employ of the Toledo, Wabash & Western Railroad, named Frank Morgan, formerly from Baltimore, while switching, was knocked down and run over by an empty oar, tho wheels passing directly over his bowels. This evening ho is resting quite com fortable, and there is hope of his ultimate re covery. Dayton. 0., Juno 17.—Samuel Henry was run over in this city last night about midnight by a switch engine of tho 0., 0., 0. & I It. It,, and almost instantly killed. Ho was lying on the track and was soon too late by the engineer to prevent tho accident. The deceased was 60 years old, and loaves a wife and one child. Proposed .Exposition In Pittsburgh* PiTTSUuunu, Juno 17.—A mooting of tho olti xons was hold in tho Common Council Chamber, last evening, to arrange for a grand exposition of moohauio arts in this city. Tho mooting or- Saulzod by calling J. ii. llorron to tho ouair. fter some discussion, a committee of flvo was appointed to suggest an Exposition Committee to prepare plans and effect arrangements for on exhibition, and then adjourned to moot on Mon day next, when the Exposition Committee will bo announced. LOUISIANA. meeting of a Joint Committee .of Blacks and Whites at Now Orleans. ~ Adoption of Resolutions for the Unity of the People of the State. Perfect Political Equality to Bo Guaranteed to All, Irre spective of Race. . New Orleans, La.i' Juno 17.—An. adjourned mooting of tho Committee of colored and white citizens was hold last night, at ,Np. 27 Carondo let street. The Committee on Resolutions submitted the following, which were unanimously adopted: WnenxAß, Louisiana lo now threatened with doalh In every vital organ of her material and political be ing; and, Wububab, ITor dire cxlrcmltv la but the fruit of un natural division among the children of her soil and of her adoption rand, Wirenius, Wo have an abiding faith that there la love enough for law among her pone to unite them In a. manly ana unselfish struggle for her redemption: be It, therefore. Resolved. 1. That henceforward wo dedicate onr- Bclvca to tho unillcatlon of our people. 3. That by our people wo mean all men of whatever nee, color, or religion who ore citizens of Louisiana, and who are willing to work for her prosperity, - 3. That we shall advocate, by speech and pen and deed, (ho equal and Impartial exorcise by every citizen of Louisiana of every civil and political right guaran teed by tho OonsUtutlon and lawn of Louisiana, by the Constitution and laws of tho United BUtos, ana by tho laws of honor, brotherhood, and fair dealing. 4. That wo shall maintain and advocate the right of every citizen of Louisiana, and of every dtlzen of tho United States, to frequent at will all places of public resort, and to travel at will on all vehicles of publlo conveyance upon terms of perfect equality with any and every other citizen; and wo pledge ourselves, as far as our counsel and example may go, to make Uua right a live and practical right; and that there may be no misun derstanding of our views on this point, first, wo shall recommend to the proprietors of all publlo places of licensed publlo resort In the State of Louisiana tho opening of said places to the patronage of both races Inhabiting our State; second, wo shall further recom mend all railroads, steamboats, steamships, and other public conveyances to pursue the same policy; third, wo shall further recommend Chat our banks, Insurance offices, and other public corporations recognize and concede to our colored follow-dUzons, whore they are stockholders In such institutions, tho right of being represented in tho direction there of ; fourth, wo shall further recommend that no distleUon shall exist among the citi zens of Louisiana in any of our publlo schools or Slate Institutions of education, or any publlo institution supported by the State, cities, or parishes; fifth, wo shah also recommend that tho proprietors of foun dries, factories, and other Industrial establishments, in employing mechanics or workmen, make no dis tinction between tho two racea; sixth, wo shall en courage by every moans In our power colored citizens In tho rural districts to become tho proprietors of the soil, thus enhancing the value of tho lands and adding to the productiveness of the State, while it will create a political conservatism, which is the offspring of pro prietorship. rfnd wo furthermore recommend to all tho land proprietors of our State the policy of considering tho question of breaking up tho same into small farms, In order that our colored citizens and white Immi grants may become practical farmers and cultivators of the soil. Ittsolved, That wo pledge ouo honor and good faith to exercise our moral Influence, both through personal advice and peroonal example, to bring about too rapid removal of all prejudices heretofore existing against the colored persons of Louisiana, In order that they may hereafter enjoy all the rights belonging to citizens of the 'United States. Resolved, That wo earnestly appeal to the press of this State to Join and co-operate with ns In executing this monument of unity, and accord, and Justice, and like onnelvoa forever bury beneath it all past preju dice on the subject of race or color. * Resolved, That wo deprecate and thoroughly con demn all acts of violenceyfrom whatever source, and appeal to our people of both raws to abide by the law lu all their differences, as the surest way to preserve all the blessings to our liberty and prosperity. Jteeolved, That wo pledge ourselves to the cultivation of a broad sentiment of nationality which shall em brace the whole country and uphold the flag of the Union. Jlesolvedf That, as an earnest of our holy purpose, wo hereby offer upon tho altar of tho common good all party ties and all prejudices of education which may tend to hinder the political unity of onr people. * Iteeolved, That, in view of the numerical equality between tho white andcolorod elements of our popula tion, wo shall advocate an equal distribution of the of fices of trust and emolument In our State, demanding ns the only condition of our suffrage honesty, diligence,', and ability, and wo advocate this not because of the offices themselves, but simply as another earnest and proof upon onr part that the union that wo desire Is an equal union, and not an Uluaivo conjunction brought about for the solo benefit of one or the other of the parties to that union. . G. T. Beauregard, Chairman; I. N. Marks, 0. 0. Antoine, George 11. Eolao, Onarloa 11. Thomp eon, James I. Day, August E. Bohno, Aristide Mary, D. L. 0. Itoudonez, William Randolph, Committee. > A committee of fifteen was appointed to call a mass meeting whoa deemed expedient.. SPORTING MATTERS. THE TURF. Spectol Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Union Citv, Ind., June 17.—Our city Is olivo with tho sporting fraternity, now constantly ar riving, to participate in tho races beginning bore on tno 18th. Thero aro about sixty horses al ready here, among which aro Tom, Copperbot tom, Gipsoy Queen, Billy, Hopper, Cotton picker, Billy Collins, and Comet. Tho track is in first-class order, and everything promises to bo a success. Threo thousand dollars in pre miums aro to bo competed for. PiTTHDunon, Pa., Juno 17. —Thero waa a large attendance at the races to-day. In the first heat. Toledo Boy drew tho lead, and maintained Jt to tho three-quarter polo, whoa ho was passed by Addle, who was running on the homo stretch. Tho driver of Perry waa unable to hold his horse, and was thrown on the track, but was not seriously injured. This host was given to East End; Nellie, second : Toledo Boy, third; Bello, fonrth; Audio, fifth. Perry waa distanced. Time. 2:41. In the second host, East End took the lead, trotting well, and came in ono length ahead of Nollio, and two lengths ahead of Toledo Boy. Timo. 2:10. In tho third boat, Toledo Boy took tho lead, but was distanced by East End, who won the heat. Time, 2:40)£. Bommaux—Trotting race fora purao of $1,250: Toledo Boy 3 8 3 Belleßraaafltld ....4 0 6 East End 1 1 1 Nellie 2 3 i Perry. Addle Tomorrow, two races take place, one for a parse of $1,500 and the other for doable teams. Jackson, Mich., Jane 17.—The races of tho Jackson Horse Breeders’ Association opened to day with beautiful weather, a line track, and a largo crowd of spectators. Kino races started in tho throe minute raco, and four heats wore trotted. Joo Udell, a bay gelding, won three heats, and took tho first parse of $760. Time, 2:84 V? 2:35#; 2:33#. Tho second purso, S4OO, was won by James H., a chestnut horse; the third purse by Albert, a block gelding, and the fourth by Bertie, a gray more. auMwiny. Joe Udell, Junes U, Albert.... Bertie.... Tho heat by James H was won in 2:37#. The remaining horses that started wore, Kick Bar ney, Lady Ida, Sir Qoorge, Billy Lambortson, Oordiilas. The raco between tho winning horses was closely contested. Doubtless Joo Udell won easily. In tho 2:27 raco four horses started. Fred. Hooper, Bipon Boy, John H, and Qen. Sher man. Four heats were trotted. auuuAsv. Hooper, lllpou Boy Joimll Gen, Sberman. Time—3:3B><; 3:37# 5*3:38# J 3:31. Hooper won easily, and takes the first purse, $760 ? lllpon Boy tho second, $400; John 11. tho third, S2OO ? Gen. Sherman the fourth, $l6O, In tho pools Hooper was tho favorito at first at S2O to $lO, mid as the race progressed, SB6 to S2O. Five thousand dollars iu pools were sold during tho day. To-morrow wo have a 2:44 race, with Lady Ida, Ada F., Kate Bennett, and Mat. Brewer, and a 2:34 race with Kate Hazard, Vaughn, Indiana, and H. D. Fftloy, Weathof vonrAno. . New Tore, Juno 17.—At tho Jorome Park racoa to-day the handicap sweepstakes for all agoa, ono tnllo and a won by Shjdook; SunrißO, second j Conductor, third. Time, 2:10. Second race, for all agon, two miles, was won by Bobs Tweed; Suo Ilydor, second: Beoslo Loo. third. - Time, 4.41. •, . Tho raco for tho Members’ Cap, ono mllo and n furlong, handicap for all ages, was won by Sanford: Btookwood,, second: Cadence, third. Time, 2:o4>£; * Tho fourth raco, for alt ages, mllo heats, Springbok, Bnckdob, and Mildew Htartod. Springbok won. and distanced both horses In tho Booond boat. Time, I:44>£. •B ! e.'BALU 1 - • • - V The beet base li I game of the season was played in Boston*' oo» Saturday," between tho Bostons and Athlc gsa,. of. Philadelphia. The agent of the Press in that city must haVo boon by . local pride when ho neglected to send a Sri of mention of it to tho Western, press. Tli following is the Now York WorfcTsupooial nba gtho game: • Boston, Juno 14.—( So Orst homo of tho champion ship florlco between} 3 n ’ Bostons’ ond Athletics, of Phfladclphls, was pi ay j“horrf to-day in tbo presence of about 3,000 BpccUlorfCflThb wCalhct was cold, raw, and disagreeable. TU loatons.woro completely out batted and ouUflaldod tv tho visitors.* who only xnado two fielding errors in| i game—Sutton ono and An son one; Tho Athletics scored throo runs, but earned none, Tho game was umpired by Mr. Boraclslor with much satisfaction, oxcopt in ono instance, at second baso, when ho should' have given* Murnnlu out. Tho following is a summary or tho gnmo : Boston, Mass., Jmio 14.—First game of th pionshlp sorios between tho Bostons and Atbli Philadelphia. , . Athletic, .•(itjC|/ > (/l|| JSoaton. |/l| MoCtaary, s. s. Mcßride, p.... Anson, 1b..,. Flslor, 3 b Fisher, r. f..., Button, s b.... Olapp, o Mutnam e. f.. UoMulUn, Lf. Totals, Boston i 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o—o Athletics.... 0 3 0 0 0 0 1 0 0-3 Runs Earned—Boston, 0; Athletic. 0. First Bose on Errors—Boston, 7j Athletic, 9. Umpire—Mr. Bomolslor. ! - Time of Game—One hour and forty minutes., , ■ Boston. Juno 17.— Bauo ball—Bostons," 11 ; Philadelphia, 6. THE TRIGGER. Sfaeiai Ditvatch to TUt Chicago 2Wlmne, Rockford, 111., Juno 17. —Tbo groat pfgoon ihobtlng toumotaont in this 'city, at wblcn Bo- Sardafl and Kloinman wore to compete, has boon idoflnltoly postponed, as tbo owner of tba pigeons boa decided to toko them to RooboUo, Instead of selling them to tbo shooting men here. Much disappointment is felt in regard to the matter by sporting men. ■ New Yens, Jane 17.—A three-mile foot race for SI,OOO a side and tbo championship of America baa boon arranged between J. L. Kelly of Chicago, and William E. Harding, of ibis city. Tbo race is to take place in Troy, N. Y., in July. WEATHER AND WATER. War Department CmoA( The following reports hi tho places mentioned boh , Station. liar. Thr Wind, Weather, Breckinridge.... 20.18 71 S. W.,, gentle. Fair. Buffalo 20.00 Cl N. E., gentle. Clear. Cairo 29.80 72 8. E., gentle. Fair. Cheyenne 20.00, 71 3. W., light, Fair. Chicago 20.00 CO N. E., goutlo. Clear. Cincinnati 20.02 7S 8., gentle. Clear. Cleveland 29.04 70 Calm. Clear. Denver.... 20.01 7a's., gentle. Fair, Detr0it.......... 20.03! COE., gentle. Clear. Duluth 29.001 S2 Calm. Cloudy. Eookuk 29.811 77 S., gentle. Clear. La Crosse 20.87 76 8. &, fresh. Fair. Milwaukee 29.03 CO Calm. Clear. Omaha ... 20.81 70[Calm. Fair. Pembina 20.40 72 8., gentle. Fair. Bt. Paul 29.08 77(8., brisk. Fair. Toledo 29.90 C 7 8. 8., - gentle. Clear, Fort Gary 29.37| CB|fl. W.j fresh. Fair. rnoiJAMLiTics.. Washington, Juno 17.—For- Now England on Wednesday, light to fresh northwesterly and northeasterly winds, higher barometer and clear weather are probable. For tho Middle States; gen tle and fresh winds,'..mostly; from tho. oast.and. south, and increasing cloudiness, with ’ probably rain’ areas, from Pennsylvania. southward... For the Southern States, east of tho Mississippi, gen tle and fresh winds, generally ■ from southeast and southwest, clondy weather and rain areas. From th’o Missouri to tho Upper Lakes and Min nesota, falling barometer, fresh to very brisk winds from tho south and cast, Increasing cloudiness and threatening weather, with very probable rain areas. For tho Lower Lake Bo gion, easterly to southerly winds, and clear or partly cloudy weather. A cautionary signal is ordered for Duluth. STAGE OF WATER. Doily report of tho stage of water, with changes in the twenty four hours ending 3 p. m., June 17. 1873: ■ , ADOVS LOW •WATEB. R(sf ' j FaU ' Cairo 27 ft. 11 In 1 ln.| Cincinnati 7ft. Bln ; 1 In. Davenport......... Oft. oin Fort Bouton 7 ft. II In.( 1 In. ...v Keokuk.... 12 ft. 2 In. 1 2 In, Leavenworth ft. 2 In 11 in. Memphi5.......... 22 ft. 2 In. Nashville 0 ft. 4 in. 4 in •Now Orleans 2 ft. 4 in. 1 in Omaha 13 ft. 6 In. Bln Pittsburgh 2 ft, Bld 10 In. Shreveport 27 ft, 4 In. 1 in. Bt, Louis 24 ft. 4 In. 2 in. St. Paul.... 13 ft. 9 In. 1 In Yankton 30 ft. 11 In. 6 in Vicksburg. 13 ft. o_ln Pittsburgh. Bhroroport. St. Louis,. St, Paul... Yankton.... Vicksburg., •Below hlfib water mark of, 1671. W. 8. Kaufman, Observer, Boom 78 Major Block, Chicago. Three Negro murderers Hanged by a New Idehia, Juno 17.— The four nogroos who murdered Laret and Snaor. lost Friday night, at their store, wore arrested in that neighborhood this morning. Ono of them turned State’s evi dence, and related how tho atrocious crime was committed, tho plot being' made over a week be fore. After a close investigation by Mr. Sey mour Soaer, brother of ouo of tno murdered men, no doubt remained of tho guilt of tho negroes. By this time tho people in largo numbers had assembled and clamored for tho summary execu tion of the murderers, but they wore saved by the intercession of Mr. Snaor, who then de parted for this place. Tho prisoners wore Drought hero. On tholr arrival, indignant citi zens, numbering over 1,000, took them to tho woods on tho oast side of the Bayon Tooho and banged three of them to a limb of a tree. They confessed taking part in tho crime, but insisted that the one who turned State’s evidence cut tho throat of Barot. .dlflt. ,6 4 8 A Horse-Thief Lynched* Bt. Louis, Mo., Juno 17.—Joseph O. Howard, arrested hero for stealing bonesi in Franklin County, was taken up to Pacific City last night to bo placed in jail at Union, the county-seat. Ho was put In a calaboose at Malon, and about 0 o’clock p. in. an armed mob of some 200 men took him out and bung him. Ho made a con fession before ho was hung implicating several other men hi horse-stealing, who have disap peared. , .10 11 .3 1 10 .2 3 4 3 .4 dead boat a 4 A Perjuror Pleads Guilty* PnoviDBNOB, K. 1., June 17.—1n the United States Circuit Oourt to-day, Joseph Ferry was arraigned and pleaded guilty to throo indictments for perjury in the Madame Jumol estate ease. Sentence was postponed at tho request of the prisoner. dead boat 111 3 3 3 43 3 3 3 4 4 Sun Francisco Items* San Fbanoisco, Juno 17.—Tho Board of Sa- Servisoro will not act on the Mayor’s veto of the hinoflo pig-tall ordinance till next week. W. O. Itolston is to succeed D. O. Mills as President of the Bank of California. Rolling-Hill Accident* PniLADELiniiA, June 17.—A fly-wheel in the rolling-mill of Z. Bobbins <fc Sous burst last night, injuring six workmen, and John Murray family. NUMBER 303. lie cham lolics, of a. wight, s.« Barnes, 8 b Spalding,- p... Leonard, 2 b.... White,0....... O’Bottrko, r. f„ Manning, 1 b... Schaffer, 1. f.., If. Wright, o. f. Totals.. 0 27 10 nuns soonr.o. PEDESTRIANISM, Weather Report, 100, Jims 17—10:18 p. m. mve beon rocolvod from tow: Wind. I Weather. JUDGE LYNCH. mob.

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