Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 18, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 18, 1873 Page 3
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THE COURTS. A singular Horse Case That Smells of Omaha. Eailroatl Condemnation Snit—Verdiot ..' ,for Damagos—Hinta to . Attorneys. I lloliroad Fight—Condonscd IfoiTS from ' All tho Courts—Sow Suits. George H. Clark flloo hla bill. in tho Circuit Court against Consider B. for tho.spo-j ciflo performance of a contract. Complainant avers that bn tho Cth of May, 1878, ho possessed tho E. Kof N. W. H of Soo. 0,, T. 29, N. R. 18, 1 E. of 3 P. M., which ho purchased from one Lewis Foulko and William Waddle, of Chilli ootho, 0., foe $16,200 ; 'payable ,S2OO In hand and the balance lu throb equal yearly payments tho understanding being' that' the' promises should bo convoyed to him. in foo simple on thol Ist of September, 1873 that on tho Cth ofMay lost defendant, Consider B. Carter, agreed to purohase said promises from complainant for SBB,OOO, payable $20,000 in-three ©qua! yearly payments, and for tho balance to convoy ‘to complainant Lots 0 and 8; and .the . ,W.’ 2517,8-12 foot of Lot 7, Block, 40,•'Carpen ter's Addition to • Chicago, together 1 with ‘buildings and improvements • situate * thereon that both parties to this transaction wore to fur-j nleli on abstract of titlo to their promises; that in order to obtain a full end clear title to his land complainant procured $15,000 aud paid Foalko and Waddle in full* and received' from them their duly executed deed of conveyance,' whereby ho acquired a perfect and indefeasible ostate in foe simple to tho promises described } that complainant paid for SIO,OOO of insurance upon tho property which Carter was to convoy him ; that at tho time of tho making of said con tract with Carter an action:of ejectment was ponding in the Circuit Court wherein ono ’Yore Bates King was plaintiff and Edwin Doan and coni-, plainant wore defendants, to recover tho prom 'isos sold by complainant to defendant; that tho suit was founded upon a claim of titlo having no 1 legal validity, and was doomed by complainant on insignificant cloud upon his title ; that said adverse interest had been offered to complainant for $250 hut ho did not care to purchase it at even that low figure; hut that in ' order to ho able to provide Carter with a perfectly clear title ho hound himself to pay $4,000, from which ho is now unable to obtain a release; that com plainant procured an abstract of title on tho 27th of May last and caused it to bo presented to defendant for examination, hut defendant absolutely refused to receive it or examine it, giving aa a reason for his refusal that ho pro- , posed to hack out of his bargain as it was not an advantageous ono, and that lie would not carry it out; that complainant has often expressed a willingness to carry out hla part of the contract while defendant has invariably refused, giving different reasons for his refusal. Whereupon complainant prays that Carter may bo summon ed before a court of equity and aocrood to spe cifically perform tho contract ho entered into. A OUIUOUB HOUSE CASE. The ease of Van Narnoe v. Bradley ot al., an action of replevin was begun before Judge Booth yesterday. This case presents rather peculiar features. One McDonough had a debtor in Omaha, the plaintiff in the present. suit, and he found it hard work to got paid. Ono day while walking along the streets of Chicago ho espied a Ettir of horses which ho fancied he recognized as avlng belonged to Van Namoo. Ho followed up their track and got out a writ of attachment against them. Tho present action for replevin of tho horses is brought on the ground that tho horses belong to the plaintiff’s wife, and wore not, therefore, subject to attachment. RAILROAD condemnation veediot. In tho case of tho Chicago, Milwaukee. A St. Paul Railway Company v. John Hubb ot al., im pleaded with John F. Eborhartot al., a petition for right of way, triod in Judgo Booth’s room, the jury returned tho following yordiot: Thai tho petitioners in tho above-entitled cause do take of the respondents, John Nubb and Annio Nubb, his wife, Henry Brooks and Harriot Brooks, his wife, tho laud or lots described on tho petition as follows,'to wit: Lota 85 to 40, inclusive; 54 to 57, inclusive; 60, 07; 68, 70, 102, 103, and 104, of Reynold, Lathrop A Faluott’s Subdivision of Block 11, of Wrigbt A Web ster’s Subdivision of the N. £. # of Sec. 18, T. 39, B. IS, £. of BP. M., and that tho respondents, John Nutt, Annie Nutt, Henry Brooks, and Hor net Brooks, bis wife, are entitled to the sum of $9,000. being SSOO each for eighteen lots, in full compensation for tho same, and that the respon dents. John Nntt, Annie Nutt, Henry Brooks.' and Harriott Brooks are entitled to $2,725 in full damage to lots injured bat not taken. IN BANKRUPTCY. Discharge was entered and issued in the mat-: lor of Levi Hungerford. Report of Assignee in the matter of Henry P. Childs was filed and referred to Register to take proof and report as to correctness. The sales reported wore confirmed In the mat-‘ tor of Peyton R. Chandler, objootions to bo filed, to tho sales of real estate in ten days and to tho sales of stocks by Saturday. Tho rule on J. Morgan, in the matter of H. Liobonsteiuot al. was discharged. Reference of issues on amended petition in the matter of Henry Holst woo mode to Register Johnson. In the matter of Hitchcock A Endlcott, leave woe given to Hotchkiss’ sons to prove their debt against the bankrupt. TUB SEA BIRD. , Judge Blodgett yesterday decided the case of • the Sea Bird, in admiralty, on petition of A. E. Goodrich and the Goodrich Transportation Company for limitation of liability, ordering that Gilbert Hubbard, Goo. E. Purmgton, and Samuel T. Atwater be appointed appraisers to appraise the value of the lost steamer remain ing after ibo fire, and the amount of freight saved; and enjoining all persons who have commenced suit against tboowuors from proceed ing with said salts, or commencing now ones. DIVORCE, Emilio Schnlz files her petition for divorco In the Superior Court against her husband Ed ward. Complainant avers that she was married to defendant on the Cth inst., that, is to say, last Friday week, and since that tlmo he has treated her with persistent • cruelty. On the 7th, a day after tbo wedding, when benedict should have boon all love ana tenderness, and the bride a suffusion of bliss and blushes, ho beat her so badly that he had to call in the po lice to her rescue. Complainant says she has also learned since tho marriage that defendant haa another wile living, and. under tho circum stances she concludes that the best thing is a divorce. BAILROAD TIGHT. In Judge Farwoll’s room, the case of the Lake Shore 4 Michigan Southern Bailroad Company v. the Fort Wayne Bailroad Company came up on a motion by defendants to dissolve tho in- t unction restraining them from building a dou lo track east of Englewood. It was argued by defendants' counsel that the old Fort Wayne «x Chicago Bailroad Company went into possession with the acquiescence of the Lake Shore Bail road ; that m 1802 the present Chicago 4 Fort Wayno Bailroad Company was formed, and a deed of the right of way in possession of tho old Company was mado to the now Company, and they have held possession for more than seven years, under claim and color of - title and payment of taxes ; also (hat, being responsible and having gone into possession with tho acqui escence of the owners of tho land, an Injunction to prevent further uso of it will not lie, thoy having power under tho statutes for condem nation to compel an assessment of tho value of the premises and payment. Tho argument will not do concluded until this morning. CRIMINAL COURT ITEMS. Thomas Greenwood was placed on trial, charged with driving away a horse and buggy belonging to one John Mulyoll. The defense sot up was that prisoner was V beastly drunk" at tho time of the commission of tbo offense, and an attempt was mado by hia attorney to shield him behind the “Temperance act, at tbo cost of tbo liquor-seller, but it failed. After a brief consultation, the jury found him guilty and mentioned SSO fine and costs as a suitable punishment. The charge against Sophia Harris of stealing a bunch of curls was dismissed. . Tho murderous case of James Wright and hia wife, Mary Wright, charged with an assault,with Intent to obtain a confession, upon Kate Wright, their daughter, tho. particulars of .whieh, have already boon published, was commenced. HINTS TO ATTOKNJCVB. Attorneys had bettor attend closely to tho coll iu Judge Slurphy’s Court, as several suits, have boon dismissed for want of pfoaooutionj ou account of tho ahseuce of attorneyo. Judge Xloger» will have a peremptory call of . all motions for now trial on Tuesday, tho 24th lust., and will continue for two days if necessary; TUB COURTS COKDKKBXD.' . Before Judge Porter t Q, H, 0. Williams et hi. ’v. •’ Joseph ■ McCollum \ assumpsit t verdict for plaintiff, $576.00. W. Powoll et 01. v; ( M; Kauffmann ; assumpsit;' Verdict for plaintiff, 1753:18.- Josoph’W, Griswold v. W. A, Collins ct al.} assumpsit} Tcrdlctfor plaintiff, $201.70. E. L. Jlllottet al. v. John Price et al.} distrobb torrent, $1,088.03. •• •'' ) ' Before Judge Murphy j Kirk v. Cass; case verdict, for -plaintiff. - $2,444.08. Leavy y. 1 Rogert l action involving question of waged; verdict for defendant, $3,021.05. ’• 11 | 1 In'the. County Court the will of Ivor Sand son was prorin, and letters tcataraontatT’; wore granted to Kiiud Ivoroon,’ under a bOiid to bo HpJ proved of $17,000. Tho will of Charles Wotttfio was 1 proven, 1 Sod letters toalamonlary worq granted to'LOuirio Wontho, under a bond to' bo ' approved, ~of SIOO,OOO. • Carl ’ Lulghioff *s will won also proven, and letters testamentary wore granted to Wilnelmimv Lulghott, under a bond To bo approrod, of $3,000, Frederick L. Steb bin was appointed guardian of Harry F* Lodyard, a minor, under a bond to be approved of $3,000. Wm. Hoareon flies a petition in the Circuit Court against NY. M. Burbank, for a. mechanic’s lion of $6,105 upon Lets 20 to 24, Inclusive, in’ block situated on Webster avonuo, in said City, of Chicago, with dwellings thoroon. HenryT. Stowoll flies a pnccipo In trespass In the Circuit' Court against Joseph' Freunds,; claiming $20,000 damages. In hla declaration complainant charges defendant With having, on the iotli of February ladt, brbkon into hotel at Nos. 114 hud 110 West Madison street, "and laid, tho hotel furniture out in tho street, andojoctod complainant and his family along with it.’ ’ Tho case of Hamilton v. Doarlovo was'oon cludod before Judge - Tree, yesterday morning, l tho jury returning a verdict -for plaintiff with SI,OOO damages. ■ , Jbhn M. Dumnhy files a prroelpo In. assumpsit In the Superior Court against Patrick Cash et al.; damages, $6,000. - ; JoShS. Sharp flies n pnccipo in 'assumpsit in • theSuperior 1 Court against Alanson Dwight; • damages; $9,000. 1 * . 'I KateKntgiitet al; file a-prreoipo' in trospaas in l - the Circuit Court against Frederick ; and Sophia; ■Jennings and Sophia Goldsworthy; damages,, $6,000.' ■" ■ . - ■ - W. S. Johnston files a prtcclpo ‘ in the Superior Court against F. W. Smith and Lewis Portneb, in a suit for distress for rent of 118 aud : l2o East Washington street. 1 • William Carter, Richard O. Chaney, and Caleb H. Booth begin suits of assumpsit in tho United States Circuit Court against O. D. Austin; dam ages, SIO,OOO. PERSONAL, Senator Voris, of Shelby County, Is at tho Pa cific. . , . • W;W. Watson, of Now York, is at the West Side Briggs House. Hugh Rose, of Plymouth, Ind., is registered at tho Weet Side Briggs House. - O. F. MoElwaln, Petersburg Democrat , is at the West Side Briggs House. Dr,” J. L, Morrison and Hon. William Perry, Richmond, Ind., aro at the Gault. H. T. Burch, tho Assistant State’s Attorney, has loft for a trip to Lake Superior. ■ • Ool.'W. Barton, of Pierco City, Mo.. Is among the prominent arrivals at tho Wost Side Briggs House. W. S.- Callabou, Chicago, Alton & St. Louis Railroad, is among tho arrivals at the West Bide Bnggs House. Tho Hon. Isaac N. Oundall, of St. Louis, ar rived In the city yesterday, and is registered at tho West Side Briggs House. Judge Rogers was sworn in as Circuit Court Judge yesterday evening by Eli Smith,. Chief Cleric of the Circuit Court Clerk’s office. : Samuel H. Davis, editor of tho Insurance JZerald, of this city, will call upon the American Eagle at LaSalle on the coming Fourth. Tho Bot. A. E. Klttredgo. of tho Third Pres byterian Church, will preach this evening ot tho prayer-meeting in the ohapel corner o i Washing ton and Carpenter streets. , Mr. J. M. Van Horn, formerly Assistant Super intendent of the Chicago A Alton Railroad, and now Superintendent of tho St. Louis, Kansas City A Northern Railway 1 , was in tho city yester day, and loft last night rot Milwaukee. Mr. Jnstieo • Haines has been suffering for some days from fever. Yesterday hia condition was quite serious. It is not probable that ho will to dispose of any coses for some time. His many friends will bo glad to see him well again. Among the arrivals at Anderson’s European Hotel yesterday wore: E. Hall, Auburn, N. Y.; O. D. Boyne, Omahaj David Stems, Now York; H. W. Osborn, Now Orleans ; Thomas Hollander, Halt Lake City • L.‘A. Bchmodtnor, Milwaukee; T. Karbel, Ban Franeisoo. Among tho arrivals at tho Gault Houbo yes terday were i H. G. Graves, Now York ; Warren Fredericks, Virginia ; Goo. Weiae, Detroit; O. B. Oakley, Fort Wayne; P. F. Duffy, North Carolina; J. T. M. Studdard, St. Paul; H. K. LaTour, Now York ; E. E. Chapin, Wisconsin. Mr. Frank J. Burnham, a young lawyer re siding in Glyndon, Minn., was married yester day aftemoOn to Miss Hattio F. Laughton, ono of tho fair members of the First Congregational Church. The Bov. Dr. Goodwin performed the ceremony in the presence of a largo number of people. In tho evening, Mr. Bnmham and lady departed on a bridal tour. Mr. Tom Foloy received a letter from Alder man Corcoran, yesterday, which was written on the steamer Calabria, off Queenstown. The Alderman says the Chicago party is enjoying the • best of health, especially Mr. Dan O'Hara, who is .fooling better «nm over before. It will interest .bis many friends to know that he eats • heartily five or six times a day, and la getting cured rapidly of the skin disease which bothered him so much. A fifrs. Nindo preached, last Sunday, in tho Central Methodist Church, St. Louis. . Gen. Horace Porter and family have takon SOBfltsßsion of their cottage at Long Branch for 10 season. Almon Whitcomb, City Treasurer, and one of the earliest settlors of Battle Creek, Mich., died last Sunday evening. E. Thorpe has purchased John L. Boatt's resi dence on East Jefferson street, Bloomington, HI., for the sum of SIO,OOO. J. H. Dovoreux assumed the duties of General Manager of tho Atlantic & Great Western Bail way at Moodvillo on tho 12th inst. Col. Daniel Lane, who commanded the Forty fonrth United States Infantry at the battle of Plattsburgh, died on Sunday in Newtonville, Mass., aged 80. F. B. Myers, General Passenger Agent of tba Fort Wayne 4 .Chicago and the Cleveland 4 Pittsburgh Ballroads, has taken up his residence in Canton, Ohio, again. Wm. M. Corry, of Cincinnati, formerly Secre tary of tho French Legation, and at one time editor of tho Commoner, was married the other day to Miss Antonia Frank. : The death of Sir George Etienne Cartier cre ated a vacancy in tho Dominion Parliament from the constituency of Provenohor, In Manitoba. As yet thoro is only one candidate in the field for the seat, and this is none other than the notorious Biel, of Manitoba rebellion fame. Judge John A. Jamoaon, of Chicago, who has been spending the past six months in Vermont, left Boyolton yesterday (Juno 12), to try the effect of a voyago to Newfoundland in a coasting schooner. The Judge's health, wo are glad to learn, has improved since the spring opened.— Burlington (.Kf.) Free Brest, THE CITY IN BRIEF, There will bo an examination of teachers at the Normal Sohool .Building at & a. m. Friday next. On Monday afternoon the Tiger Base Ball Club defeated the Haymakers by a score of 80 to 9. Templar Lodge No. 440,1. O. O. F v will meet ibid evening In their hall, comer of Washington and D'osplalnoe streets. Visiting brothers are cordially invited. The Hon. 0. H. McCormick baa donated a large room in the fifth story of tho McCormick Block to tho Presbyterian Ministerial Associa tion of tho city, It will be nssd for religions , meetings of tho denomination, &o. A follow named James ,0. Weaton was flnod $26 by Justice Scully, yesterday morning, for grossly insulting a lady on West Madison street on Monday nlgbt, by making'improper advances, A very dry thief broke into the store of Peter Crape, at no. 632 Beath Halstod street, on Monday night, and carried away sis bottles of |trine. He was seen as he left the place, but -managed to escape. Tiro , commencement exercises at the Lake Forest Academy began on Monday, and will close to-day. They have been attended by a largo number.of tho friends of tho students, and have bobn highly BUccoasffiUn their result. To day’s programme commenced at half-past 10 o’clock, anti will afford to mofo Advanced schol ars on opporinnlty’to. exhibit thblr acoomplla|i ipents In eeSay wrlllpg f music, and elocution. . , Tho alarm from Box 817, at half-past 8 o clock yesterday morning, was occasioned break ing out in a two-story frame building, ’No. 70 West Randolph street, occupied by J. H. 1 Knowl ton as a dwouing and restaurant. Damage to building $200; mmirod In tho • Globe, of Chi cago, for SI,OOO. < '■> ■ ■ 1 ' Tho lady managers of tho Hotnoof the Friend less will receive. tho frUndsof the‘Homo to morrow during tho day! and evening. There will bb instrumental muslo tn tho afternoon, arid vocal and Instrumental music In , the evening,’ with short addresses by Gbu. Logan, the Hon. William Dross, ondotheru.'y. M ;;-r , j Tlio Board of Publlo Works ’.yesterday issued tho following building penults: J. S. Waterman, two-storr brick, Nos., 77, 70. and 81 Hinedalo, . street; K. Sack, two-stoiy briok, on State street William Mark, two-story briok, on West Jackson street; M. 8001, two-story briok, No. 408 West Jackson street; Phil Hoyno. two-story stono, 06i48,N05. 090*T and 095 Indiana street.. . i On Sunday last a young and rathor good-look- Ing woman, with a baby In her arms, put up at tho Oomtherolal Hotel, and registered as Mrp.■ Mary Wilson, of St. Paul. On Monday evening: ‘ she paid her bill and departed ; for regions Uti-' known, leaving the infant ‘behind her in tho 1 room. ’lt wifi bo taken care of by tho pfoprio-. tors of ( the hotel.- ; ; , > i • Tho combination of - George Francis Train and *» Briok ” Pomeroy who edits tho Weekly.Gaticaa tar»,of Lexington, Mo., says Chicago is “the most; . marvelous spot, tho most astounding munloipalj Jonah's gourd, in the modern-world.: Over the 1 burnt district,now solidly rebuilt with stone - and iron structures, beside which St. Louis’) proudest blocks dwindle to shanties and cow sheds.", . . .Yesterday afternoon' a : magnificent group of, zino statuary, which is to he placed immediately over the main entrance .to.the Palmer House,, was being hoisted into position, when a board to) which the ropes wore fastened broke, prooipltat- 1 ing tho group to tho stono sidewalk; Fortunate ly 4t was but two feet from the walk, and In fall- j ing was not seriously damaged. 1 'lt will bo ready; tohegin another ascent 1 ' , Tho alarm of fire from Box 367,.at noon yos-j torday, was causod by tho burning of a ono-story: house, between Sixteenth and Eighteenth streets, near, Blue Island avonuo, owned and occupied,by Anton Aloboys. Tho fire was ,occasioned by a defective flue. Loss $600; insured for SBOO in tho Merchants’ Mutual Company. In addition to .this loss, it is said that a bureau which was de stroyed contained S3OO in curronoy. Tho loss falls heavily upon Mr.* Aleboys. ■ 1 . At 6 o’clock yesterday morning, as tha Milwau kee A St. Paul express train was nearing Mol rose station, a man was soon to come up through tho troatlo-work when the train was not -fifty foot away, and deliberately seat himself bn the track. The engine struck him in the back, and so mangled him, that ho became an' uirooognitf ablo mass. Ho was apparently a Gorman, and bad rod ohin whiskers, sandy hair, and wore poor clothing. Ho must have been tired of life, or drank. , Tho map showing the sewerage system of the city, printed In another portion of , this paper, corners from tho engraving'department of Hand, McNally A Co.’a immense printing. establish ment. It is tho neatest, cleanest, and most cor rect piece of work of the kind over turned out in this city, and demonstrates that tho artisans of Chicago are advancing toward perfection with rapid strides. Tho map gives a well-propor tioned outline of the pity within the limits,' and is out In suoh a clear manner that no mistake in localities can possibly bo mode by persons who arc at all acquainted with tho oily. It should bo preserved for roferonoo. - Mr. Washburn was somewhat alarmed yester day, when he received a letter written upon wide banded mourning paper and enclosed in .an envelope of the same kind. His alarm, however, was quickly dispelled by finding that the letter was a report from the sorrowing victim of a burglary. It contained tho statement that tho store of A. W. Buohor, of 223 West Vanßuren street, was entered by thieves on Monday night, and robbed of S2OO worth of jewelry. Sergeant Fitzpatrick,' In charge of the Twenty second Street Police Station, reports that at half-past? on Monday'evening a sailor named William'MoCroady, covered with small-pox, which had jast broken out upon him, called at the station, and bogged /assistance in obtaining admission to some medical institution where ho could bo taken care of. The Sergeant procured an express wagon, and had the sufferer convoyed to the small-pox hospital on North avenue. The persons in charge of that institution refused to accommodate KloOready without a certificate from tho County Physician, and he had to be taken to the station again, whore he was furnished with shelter and medical attendance during tho night. Before call ing upon the police, McOroody applied for admission to the County Hospital, and it was peremptorily refused. ' Dr. Emmons, tho County Physician, denounces the brutal rod-tapelsm of thoso in onargo of the public hospitals, and says it ought not to be difficult for small-pox'patients to gam admission with or without a certificate. It Is generally tho case that, when the truth is spoken about Justice Banyon, that corpulent offi cial is not thereby recommended to the confi dence and esteem of tho . upright por tion of the community. But, ■ yes terday morning, ho rendered &: decision which might persuade some impressible citizens that old Dogberry had reformed. Charles Bus soil, an Archer avenue saloon-keeper, having, ac cording to tho testimony of e police officer, kept his place open up to 2 o'clock Tuesday morning, Banyon, bringing hia fat fist down upon tho ju dicial bench with a thump, shouted, “Fine him S6O and costs. Tho decision created quite a commotion In court, and several gin-mill opera tors wore hoard to say, “ Ob, where shall rest be found I" The St. Louis Democrat relates a story which it entitles 11 How a Shrewd Woman Outwitted a Chicago Merchant.” The merchant referred to is a spioe-dooler In this city, and the evening pa })oro yesterday with one volco asked, “ Who la 10 ?” We would address au answer to these in fantile sheets by referring them to an artiolo In The Tribune of May 4, entitled “ Inconstancy,” wherein the name of tho unknown merchant la shown to be Horry Itedifor. Our St. Louis con temporary may also look at tbo article in ouestion, slnco it will give It the same story that tho Chicago . twilight journals have so extensively abstracted, with the exception of the account of the arrest of tbo woman who duped tbo spice-dealer. This did not. however, occur until last week, when she was found in a disreputable houso in St. Louis. She carried away about $2,000 worth of jewelry, most of which was recovered. Elison 4 Foster, real estate and general auc tioneers, mado some large sales of good residence property in the suburbs of the city, on Monday and yesterday. On the first day mty-eight lots in Marsh 4 Oatlwoll’s Subdivision, South Engle wood, woro sold, the prices aggregating $28,000. The lots averaged $17.60 per front foot, and are considered cheap at that figure, as they lie near tbo Normal School, between Sixty-eighth and Seventieth streets. Yesterday afternoon they disposed of sixty-six lots in Millor 4 Bigdon’a subdivision of the southeast quarter of the southwest quarter of the north west quarter of Section 12, Town 89, Bange 13 oast. The property is east of and near Central Park, being situated on the Grand Central Park boulevard, and only about three miles from the Court-House, and one mile inside the city limits. .Lots fronting on tho boulevard wont off at from sl7 to $lO per front foot, and those fronting on Sacramento Park found purchasers at sll. Lots backing those, and fronting on Yager and Nichols streets and Sacramento avenue, sold at from $22 to $lB. The solo aggregated sll,- 021.76. Jack Allen, the thief who was shot by Of&oor Simmons, pn Monday morning. Is, unfortunately, in a fair way to recover. With Baggio, he Is still confined in a cell at tho Central Police Sta tion, Ho appears to suffer intense pain, but it is believed that bo feigns much of it. under the hope that he will again bo sent to tbo County Hospital. Both men are sullen and: un communicative, Baggio is even saucy. The presence of Mr. Washburn and Commis sioner Wright in his coll yesterday af ternoon did not in the least awe him, He was oven more snappish to them than to tho re porters. Ho should bo removed to the jail at once. The cell he now occupies, although con stantly guarded by a poUcq-omoer,Js a very un safe place. Ho has laughed at bars repeatedly during hia life, and a police-officer, armed to the tooth, is no terror to him. Alien should bo given an attendant, if it is nooossary, and Baggio ro • moved to zuoro secure quarters, under Jailor Foltz' care. Now York Dry Ooodi Markon New . Yode, June 17,—'The trade movement con .ttmieo alow, and transactions are gaueroUy Uykt vrlth 1 lielh ogeuta and Jobbers, Cloths, casehuerei, and heavy coalings are In fair request by tho clothing man ufacturers, ''-Kentucky Jeans aru venr dull at nominal In-lew., Cotton goods ore unchanged In first bands, mt quiet. Dculms are In good demand, and firm. Japanese atrlpod prints aru in wore request. Black grenadines and No. 12 black and colored groa-graln ribbons iro brisk. Other Imported goods rule dull. BOARD OF EDUCATION. Dearborn School Lot for'Salo; Price, SI,OOO a Front Foot. Appointment, Transfer, tpid Resigna tion of Teachers. Ah Exciting ! Discussion pi tilfo Qermnu Question. ~ Tho Board of Education hold on adjourned mooting last, owning, Prooidout King in, tljd ohair, and present Inspectors Goggln, Pinioning, nibhborg, Bnnyan, Bholdon, Wollo. aud Wiles. the DEARBORN SCHOOL LOT. Mr* Wllco moved 4 that that.tho Clerk ho au thorized; to advertise, tho old Dearborn School lot for sale at not loss than SI,OOO per foot front, ilia proceeds to bo invested In city 7 per cent bonds." Adopted. ’" * | THE ANNUAL RETORT. Mr. Runyan offered a resolution providing for the publication of 6,000 copies of tbo annual report, and authorizing tbo Committee on Publi cation to buy tho paper. Adopted. , I. V,:; ! TUB bhroBWELL LOT. ; • •' ’ Mr.-WUco moved that tlio Clerk bo instructed to procure an abstract of iho old Bridewell ■ lot, 1 preparatory to its conveyance to the Govern ment; * Adopted. ’■ 1 ' - SALE OF SCHOOL LAWDB. ' Mr. WUoe,' from tbo Committed on School Property, reported that Henry Wisnor, who bought the ofghty-olgbt acres of school property at Brunswick Station, bad fulfilled all tho con ditions, and recommended that the property bo transferred to him at the fate of SB6O per acre., It* was so ordered, aud tho necessary papers wore ordered to ho made ont. APPOINTMENTS. . The Committee on Appointments reported as follows: 1 ' Avcrill T. Shockley, HaiUo Feeney, Aasutanta la Klnne School: It. Nettle Mott, Ida J. Mackintosh, Assistants in tho Franklin; Lida A, Bam , Un, -Flora A. Holcombe, Assistants in tho Washington; .Mary F. Burbank, Mrs. H. O. Keeney,Assistants in tbo Brbwn; Mary 0. Clarke. Marie Soott, Assistants in the Foster; Emily A. Williams, 1 Wells School, Elolse A. Randall, HAven ; MoryF. Johnston, Holden;Millie A. Hand, Carpenter; Julia H, Downs, Hayee; Alary: A. Thompson,” Moggie 8. GUI, and Kate Coughlin, Clark School; L. A. Vandorvook, Rolling Mills; Ellch L.Smith, Lawndale. / TrvMjir— Sarah M. Smith, from Newberry to Franklin. •. Confirmation—VUm W. H. Draub, Sangamon' Street School. -. Retignatton— Mary f. Com, Sarah E. Wilson, Lonra •M. Busford, •' .... • - Full CwWjlcafca—Mary L. Allison, Hattie O. Blglow, Hattie J. Brown, Martha D. Busse, Anna A. Culver, Mary A. Curie, Anna W. Cravens, Louisa A. Chandler, Marie La Fontaine. Gustave Bomars, Kato Dalton, Ida Dennis, Ida .M, Edwarda, Moggie Flanders, Minnie- Gills; ' Oarrlo J. Gaylord, Mattlo M. .Howard, Ellon Holland,. Lctitla m. Harvey, Ada Hub bard, Minnie W. Hanna, Mary O. Hanning, Eleanor D. 'Johnson. Mery J. Jones, BtlfoS. Jones, MayG. Jock son, mia F. Irwin, Anuu Kilie. Rose- O, Kellner, Louise C. litka, Grace O,- Lamb, Mary G. Mann, Lizzie M. Mullins, ' .Elizabeth E. Mather, 'Kitty - O’Brien, KoUIo A. Purcell, Fhoebo Pride, Harriett A. Ramsay. ■ Emma T. Bchnmaker, M, Lulu Stephens, MatUldo Bteinmeyor, Jennie Spratt, Mary J. Scanlon, Lizzie O. Smith, Lizzie R. Tustin, -Una Freendle, Elolse O. Tracy, N. It. Tustin, Llzzio V. Patten, Emma A. Upson, Nevada A. Williamson, 'Johanna Walsh. ORADDATHfO EXERCISES. The President stated that Mr. McVickor had tendered the use of his theatre to tho Board for the graduating exercises on the 27th inst. Mr. MoVioker received a vote of thanks, and so did the Centenary Church for a similar courtesy. RAISING SALARIES. The Superintendent recommended that the following named experienced teachers have their salaries raised: - Bolle S. Jones, $350 from appointment; Mrs. W, IT. JDraub,. ss6ofrom appointment; Sara M. Smith, $650 from Ist Inst.; Flora A.. Holcomb, $660 from appoint ment, and Elolso A. Bandall, |MO from appointment. The recommendation was adopted. OERUAK INSTRUCTION. Hr. Brassing argued in favor of putting Ger man ou the same footing aa drawing and music. It was far more useful, and the strife would con tinue until German was elevated. That was a branch of instruction without a Superintendent. The SIO,OOO expended in German was not wasted. They could get a good Superintendent for $1,600 a year. That was very little. Aa long as they had not a Superintendent as able to su perintend ' Gorman as everything else, they should have a man to go round the schools and see the German was taught. Then they would have no fault to find with tho inefficiency of the teachers. Be had heard outside there was hard- S' a friend of Gorman instruction on tho Board. o had denied that, claiming there was but one member opposod;to .'Gorman instruction. Ho would not oall up the reports, but instead would offer the following; Jt*4ohed, Thai in all schools where 200 persons have petitioned for. German instruction, and. in. all school* whore the same la now Introduced, the benefit of said Instruction be tendered to the pupils of the five upper grades, and bo obligatory for all those pupils who have - commenced the same for the current year, but that excuses be granted at the beglnnlngjoi the year to all such pupils who shall bring » written statement from their parents, or guar dians desiring such excuse. Mr. Pruflsing spoke further in support of his resolution, ana said , that if it was adopted he would move for the appointment of a Gorman Superintendent. . - Mr. Bholdon offered,. as a substitute, the por tion of the minority report providing for the teaching of German to the throe upper grades only. Mr. Wells was sorry Hr. Prusemg introduced the resolution, as it would inevitably be defeat ed. The sentiment. of the Board was against compulsory education in German. - President King was in favor of letting well enough alone. German was doing all that could bo expected. Mr. Biohburg made & long speech, reviewing German Instruction generally. Mr. Brassing announced his willingness to modify his resolution by striking oat the grading and the compulsory part. Mr. Wells moved to lay the whole subject on the table. The motion was lost, as follows j Feas—Banyan, Wells, Wllso, Mr. President—l. /Tops—Qoggln, Trussing, Blcbbcrg, Sheldon—i. There were some more speeches. Mr. Goggin inquired if the whole matter was not laid on tho table. - The President —“No, it way lost by your vole.” [Laughter.] After some more speeches, wrangling, and fun, Mr. Prusslng’s resolution was lost bs the following vote • j;! Yeat — rrußalng, Rich berg— 2, Jtoys—Goggin, Bunyau, Sheldon, Wells, WUcc, Mr. President—o. . Ur. Richberg offered a substitute for every thing, to the effect that the Gorman instruction, mode of examination, oto., remain as heretofore. Mr. Goggln said if they voted for Ur. Rich berg's resolution they would continue German; if they voted it down they would discontinue Gor man. He would say that he would vote against the resolution, if he did then and there end his political existence. ■ Mr. Richberg (excitedly) observed that he and

other members of the Board were insulted by such remarks. He could not stand it, and sought the protection of iho.Ohalr. • The Ohair extended his protection, and did not think it right to reflect on the motives of mem bers of the Board, political or otherwise. i Mr. Goggln thought they had'better oast it out altogether, and thereby improve the schools. Ur. Runyan moved to lay on the table. Ur. Richberg withdrew his resolution. Ur. Goggln then offered the following t RMolvtd, That after tbs close of tbo present year tbs study of Gorman. in tbe district sob ools of this city bo discontinued. Mr. Richberg moved to lay the motion on the table. Tho motion was lost-yeas, 4; nays, 4—as follows: Flea#—Pressing. lUobberg, Sheldon, Wolla—4. Kaya —Qogglu, llunyan, Wlloo, Mr. President—4. Mr; Richberg moved to adjourn. Tbo motion prevailed, 6 to 9. A Terrible Punishment. Ur. James Greenwood has published a fright ful account of the silent system which is in operation at tho Holloway Model Prison, in Lon don : , It is an offense for a prisoner to speak one word, and ho is never addressed except in whis pers. so that he may he In prison two years with out hearing tho natural sound of tho human yoico. The.effoob.of all this is so terrible on tbe mind that prisoners will speak out in desperation, at tho nek of any punishment, rather than en dure that horrible silence. Tho prisoners never see one another, but re main in .perpetual solitude. Qno poor wrotoh, driven to desperation by nine mouths* solitude and;silence, recklessly broke out in Mr* Green wood’s presence: ■ " For God’s sake, Governor, put mo in anoth orcolh Put mo nomowhoro olso. I’vo nounted tho bricks in timed! I am in till my, eyes ache.” Tho request of tbo tortured wretch was ro fusod. Thoro is a fine holo in each coll, and an tbo i wardens wear shoos of ludin-rnbbdr bolcb, tbo prisoners aro novor sure of being alono. Those condemned to tho treadmill. have to ascend 1,200 Btopu every altornato twenty min uloH for hlx hours. And this in a place bo hot and close that prisoners often loso in prosplra tion throo stono in as many mouths. Every day tho prisoners aro taken to a ohapoli sotarrangod that thoy can coo no one savo tho; chaplain, and him only throughian iron grating.; Ahd thho Is tho order of dovotiou' observed.' ■ Wardens aro oountantly on tho wfttoh, lost for a' slight instant thoy. through tho whole of thosor* vice, depart from tho rigid rule of !* oyos right.*’ l Thoy must look steadfastly at tho proacuor;, must raiso and lovror thoir prayor-book.with tbo elbows squared, and nil at onoo, liko soldiora at! ‘ drill!/ ’Thoy may not sorapo thoir foot without' ."having,afterward to explain tho movement.! They scarcely wink an eye or sigh without dan- 1 gcr'of rebubo or punishment. God holp thorn, poor wretches 1 ’ • THE Ari’KOI’RIA'HON BILL. : 1 Action of tlbo Council In Committee - of tUo Whole on tlio £«timatoi« • Tho Ooonoil hold a special mooting' yesterday; evening for tho purpose of considering tbo Ap propriation bill. Aid. MoAvoy.was called to tho Chair. The following Aldermen wore present: Bowen, Dixon, Warren, MoGonniss, Cooy, Mc- AVoy, Sidwcll, Stoho, Tracey, Bchraitz, Olowry, ‘Bailey, Powell, O’Brien, Clark, Heath,* Mlu'6r,l • Sherwood, Moore, 1 Quirk, McGrath, 1 ‘Eckhardt, Stout, Mohr, Lcngachor, Carney,' Cannon, and Ogdon. . jOn motion of Aid. McGrath tho Cornell went Into Committee of tho Whole on tho Appropria tion hill; Aid. McGrath in tho Chair./ ' 1 ' ‘ Tho sum of $28,076 ( for assessment expenses, •was passed without material objection. Amo tion to raiso tbo salary of tho Assessor of tho South Division fiom $2,600 to $3,000, was lost— . ayes, 2. • . . . A motion to raiso tho salary of the First Clerk in tho Tax Commissioner's office from $2,000 to $2,600, was also lost. The next item taken np was street cleaning, and no alteration was made, it hoing loft at $165,000 for iho West Side, SIOO,OOO for tho -South Sldo, and soo,ooofor tbo North Division., Tho items of $30,000 for sidewalks, and $3,800 for street obstructions, .also remained uu * changed. Tho estimate of $43,8C0.08-to pay up the con tractors for doing tho paving.on some of the streets where horeo-rallroads ‘ ran, thoy not having boon settled with yet, l sinoo tho assessments „ against the horse railway companies wore declared invalid,-—, ‘led to some discussion, Aid. Powell and Dixon opposing it, and favoring a reassessment on property-holders, or the doing nothing at all i with It. Tho mattor was finally temporarily .postponed. ' ’ f Tbo items of $110,601.68, to pay for intersec tions 'on streets, iho ordinances for the paving of which nave already been passed ; of $28,464 for intersections on streets whore iho ordinances aro in preparation; $4,000 for the city’s portion of expense for now water-pipes, drains, and sidewalks; of $11,445.36 on account of certain special assessments which woro annulled, were passed without dissent. When tbo item for Chicago Harbor was token np, Aid. Dixon moved to strike out the sum of s6o,ooo’oaked for dredging tbo rivor and harbor, etc., and to substitute That item was temporarily laid over, ana the item of $14,460 for dredging tho West Branch, dock-lino sur veys, eto., was agreed to. The matter of constructing bridges was taken np, and Aid. dowry moved to add to what was aekod for, the sum of $85,000 for a bridge at Fourteenth street; but it was ruled oat on tech nical ground, and iho item of $20,000 lor tho new bridge at Lake street was passed. Tho Committee then rose, reported progress, and obtained leave to sit again, after which the Connell adjourned till this evening. Costumes at Vienna* "Wo were rather disappointed,” writes Hr. Fulton, from Tietuie, "In our expectation of seeing people dressed in the costumes of all na tions among the exhibitors and spectators., ■ On tho contrary, there woo nothing to indicate that wo wore on this side of the Atlantic in the dross of any one, except two grouoy and dirty-looklng Syrians, in their long gowns, whom wo passed in the grounds. Alt, even Turks, woro tho Europ ean dress, except that tho latter retained their red skull caps with a long black tassel hanging down. Even the Chinese have out off their tails, donned coats, pantaloons, vest, necktie, and felt hat, and no longer attract attention except from them almond-shaped eyes. FLORIDA WATER, IMPERISHABLE FRAGRANCE! MURRAY & LAMM’S CELEBRATED Tbs richest, moat lasting, yet most delicate of all Per fumes, for use on tbe HANDKERCHIEF, At tb.o TOILET, And in the BATH. As there are imitation* and counterfeits, always ask for tho Florida Water which baa on tbo bottle, on the label, and on tbe pamphlet, the names of AIuIUtAY ik LANIIIAN, without which none Is gsnulno. For sale by nil Perfumers, Draaidsts, nnd Dealers In Fancy Goods. FINANCIAL. LAO SHORE ft iIGHIGAN SOUTHERN EAILWAT COMPANY. NEW SINKING FUND BONDS, COUPON AND REGISTERED. $6,000,000. Bonds Due Oct* 1, 1882, with Interest at Seven per Cent* payable semi-annually, April and October* at tbo olllco of tbe Union Trust Go* of Now York* 6000(000, or Ton per Oont of tbo loan, to be retired annually by tbe Sinking Fond* Coupon Bondi of SI,OOO oaob, Registered Bonds of SI,OOO, $6,000 and SIO,OOO oaob. Price, 94 and Accrued Interest, ROBINSON, CHASE & GO. 3STo. 18 Broad-at., Uew York. SUMMER RESORT. “ISLES OF SHOALS.” TUS OOBAUIO, STAR ISLA.3STI3, This now and elegant Hotel will open July I, 187 X with amnio nconmmodatluna for tiro hundred gnasta. Tilt* loontion, scenery, climate, ami facilities for boat* Ing, bathing, and fishing aro uuaurpnssod. Ahrit-clsss phyalclan. will bo oounocled with tho huoao. TICUMH: Transient Board, to $4.00 por day. Weekly Board. SB.OO to $8.60 por day. Monthly Beard. jJ'J.W lo s3.ooper day. Communications, until Juno SO, may no addressed to P. W. mi,TUN, B(>x6li6. Bostoa, Ma«a. t aftor tiut dato to Star Island, Isles of tiln'ots.N. 11. FKAWICW. HILTON. Manager. FLAG POLES. 3ST OTXOE, 2P3Lsj3l<Q- IE 2 * <o>3Lv jSS £3 Of all »lzn, roady-pmdo or mnito to order. Whlto Aib Palm of all tisea always ou hand. Orders left with UlL* IHCUTnUBUAUUAOO., and 228 South, will receive prompt attention. A good supply of well boron 1 polaa oouitautly oq hand. AMUSEMENTS. MYERS' OPERA HOUSE. LART WEEK OF Moran & Manning’s Minstrels. , A Great Dili for the Cloaltisr PoiTortimncn. IMond.y, J..M AN EKTIBB XXi TROVATORB, RUOKNKInhU jrwatoHamcUir of.^J,;.,...Ui:.T<ooDora UWSWOIITH mwo 1T10ry...... ..Count dl Lunatic •' - 'With a cast cortiprftlnrt tho entire Company. ' Friday firenlng, Juno #O, CJompUmcmtMy Benefit to D3IXj3CiT ’3M^JSnsnaSTGr m ’ Grand Family Matinee Saturday nt 8 o’clock. • MoVIOKBE'S THEATRE. MONDAY KVRNINO, June 16, and until farther no ' ttce, the brilliant yoang arttate, ES-Bntto la a new and beautiful Honied? Drama by FUEDUHIO -ROOK, ÜBQ., . Bli-A-XDE O 3 GRASBI ißlndo 0’ Grass,l Lucy Brightly, J 1 • • 1 __ With now and original Sons* and Dances. ; CN*Matluoe Saturday at 3p. m. * ■ NIXON’S AMPHITHEATRE. Commencing MONDAY, Jana 16.' finturdny Matinee. CAL WAGNER’S MINSTRELS. J. H. HAVEULY. WITHi ' 24 POPULAR ARTISTS! 8 BRILLIANT COMEDIANS! ' • > OTALENTED VOCALISTS! , j . And Foil llrnns Band* Prices as banal. Reserved Boat* on sale at. Box Office. AIKEN’S THEATRE. ; GRAND MATINEE TO-DAY, And every evening until further notice, Ibo magnificent • • • Rpooteoular Opera, • aaoainOEJS Grand Operatic Oast, Full Chorus. Brilliant Costumes Matinee alio on Saturday. Woat Side patron* oan secure aeata at Giles Bros.*, 334 West MadlxoQ-Bt. HOOLET’S THEATRE. .Wednesday, June 18; daring tbo week, and at the Mail* nees, Uie beautiful comedy, GAME OF LOVE, Embracing tboonUro strength of the Mammoth Company. Monday. June 23, lint appearance of Mr<BBLVIL RYAN, who has boon expressly engaged to Impersonate nu groat character, "Beclos,". in Hobertson’a favorite epolety drama, CARTE. MU* SYDNEY COWELL m Polly Fooloa, Mr. OEO. OIDHENS as Sam Oorridge, their original oharacton. 800 future advertlaomontf. ACADEMY OF MUSIC. An entire change of Bill, and first appearance of MISS MINNIE LODER, MISS ANNIE YEAMANB. LITTLE JENNIE TEA MANS, and the Nuw Drama, 9 02 Matinee—WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. REAIi ESTATE* YOMGIEI! Here Is an opportunity for yen to make acme money, or oooure a fine lot for a home. Wo have opened our Saudi, vision—B blocks from the South Evanston depot. Side walks all laid, fine trees in front of each lot, and a sewer extending to the lake. We are offering lota at snob a price as to make tt the best Investment, with a certain and handsome profit, you oan find. OSBORN A BKILLMAN, 128 South Otark st. OCEAN NAVIGATION. NEW YORK TO OAED! BRISTOL, LONDON, And all Other faints in England and 'Wales. The South Wales Atlantic Steamship Company's new flrst*e)ase Htcarai*bip* will sail from Pennsylvania Rail* road WliarL Jersey City: PEMBROKE.. May 88 OLAMORO AN Jnno 18 Those atcaiMfalpe, bnllt expressly for the trade,.ore pro vided with all the Uteftt Improvements for tho comfort and cenvoaletMs of , CABIN AND STEERAGE PASSENGERS. First Cabin...... SBO currency Second Oaten 55 currency Steerage.. 80currency Prepaid Steerage certificates from Cardiff $33 Drafts (dr £1 and outwards. For further purUouJir*, apply In Cardiff, a% the Com pany’s Offlooe. No. 1 Dock Craunbor*. and la Now York te ARCHIBALD BAXTER A CO.. Aponte, .. No. 17 Broadway. Sailing twice a wook from Haw York, and carrying pai ■nngon to all narta of Groat Britain, Ireland, Continental Europe, and the Mediterranean. Cabin front $65 j Steer age, British and Irlah porta east, S9O; west, $92. Conti* sontoJ porta same a* other regular line*. ’ All payable in U. 8. currency. Apply for full Information at tho Com pany’* c[Been. No. 7Bowling Qroon. Now York, audN. IS; corner LaSalle and Mndlaon-kte.', Chicago. HENDBRBQN BROTHBB9. Agents. STATE LINE. NEW YORK AND GLASGOW. LIVERPOOL, BEL PAST AND LONDONDERRY. Those ologant now ataunoni will sail from State Lina Pier, Fulton Forry, Brooklyn, N. Y, as follows: VIRGINIA, 3,60) tona Wednesday, Jano St. ALABAMA .Wednesday, July 23. PENNSYLVANIA,.2,MO tens.*.... Wednesday. July 23. GEORGIA ~,u . ..:..'W«dns«day, Aug. 0. Fortnightly tlisrea'ter. AUSTIN BALDWIN A CO., Agents, 1% Umadway, N. Y. SAMPLE A 11AUQ1S, Agents, Cor, of Canal and West MadUon-sta., Chicago. CUN&RD MIL LINE. ESTABLISHED 184:0. Steam Between New York. Boston, and Liverpool FROM NISW YORK. Juno 311 Java Judo 231 Parthia ....Juno 281 Cuba And from Tuesday. Cabin Paatmse, 980, 8100 and 8130, Gold. Bionrsioo Tickets at Reduced Ratos. Steerage Passage.' BSO currency. Passengers and freight booked to and from all parts of Borope at lowest rate*. UigbtDraftaCo Groat Britain, Ireland, and the Continent. F. H. DU VKRNifiT. Qea’l Wcat’n Agent. R. W. eor. Clark and RandolDh-ste. Batavia.. Russia... Calabria, MTIOMLIffi. Sailing from New York for Queenstown and Liverpool every Saturday, aodfor London dlrsotevery fortnight. Cal Passage SBO, S9O, and SIOO Currency, Excursion Tickets at favorable rates. Intending paa* aengovs shoold make early application for berths. STEERAGE, 829,00 currency. Prepaid steerage tickets from Liverpool. Queenstown, Londonderry* Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol, or London, $31.00 currency. Passengers booked to or from German and Soandlna* vlan polula at low rates. Tin Htoamsbips of ibis lino are the largest in the trade. Drafts on Great Britain, Ireland, and the Continent. WILLIAM MACALISTER, GonT Western Agent, Northeast corner Clark and Randolph-ata. (opposite new Sherman Home), Chicago. TO RENT. A few Very Desirable Offices are offered for rent In the Trib une Building*. Single or in suites. Witn and without Vaults. English Tile Floors through out the Building. Elevator running during all business hours. These Offices are not equaled In the city. The heat for all classes of business requiring a central lo cation. W. O. DOW, Room 21 Tribune Building. DISSOLUTION NOTICES. DISSOLUTION. The copartnership heretofore existing between J, B. Thompson and Goo. A. Bearerne, under the firm name ol Thompson A Beaverni, Is dissolved this day by mutual consent. Hither partner la aulhoruod to sottlo outstand ing accounts. J. U. THOMPSON. . Chicago, June 13,13Hk WW. A. BHAVHRbS. RAILROAD TIME TABLE. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. Spring Arrangement. RxPtiAHATfOR op n.p.rKnp.NOK IMaiiks.— t Satnrd&yot. opplort. * Sunday oxcopUJil. t Monday axoeplod. | Ar il?# Sunday at8:OOa. m.; fbally. MICIIIOfIN CENTRAL * GREAT WESTERN . RAILROADS u( 1-nke. tl,, amt Soot n/ Ticenlj/second-it, *67 Clark «(,, unulfienet rnrntr rtf Jtandolph, ana 76 comer Af' Mlitleon, Mali (rift main and Air H0e).'.,,!. Day ISxproaa Jackson Accommodation Atlantic Express, .. Night Kapnjaa, mUMD ItAflDfl AND PKKTWATKU. Morning Express.... Night Express HKNUY Gem CHICAGO & ALTON fl Chleage, Allan «fc St. LouU Throu j Ulo, ) nsis show ronliSrom Chtragi Depot, h'ti( Side, near }fadlion-it St. Louis * Springfield Express, via Main Lino,. Kansas. City Fast Express, via Jaekaonrllle, 111., and Louisi ana, Mo 5i..... ‘..V Wonono, Lacon, Washington Ex press (Western Division.) Joliet A Dwight Accomo’dstlonl BU Lon Is A Springfield Lightning I Express, via .Main Lino, and also via Jacksonville Division Kansas Oily Express, via Jack ' ' Bonvlllo, 111., A Louisiana, Mo.. Jefferson City Expre55,,,.,.,.,;.. Peoria, Keoknk A Buri'n Ex..;.. .Manager. DDally,'via Maln Llno, and dai JaoUßonvllio Division, 11 Daily, : azeept Monday, via Jacksonville : CHICAGO. MILWAUKEE & 81 Union Depot, earner Afaitfian and M Rmlh Clark- Tf., oppaiile Sfiem Milwaukee. Bt. Paul A Mlnneap ‘ ollsDey Express Milwaukee A Prairie du Ohlon Mall and Express....... Milwaukee, Bt, Paul A Mlnneap ollfl Night Express. CHICAGO. BURLINGTON & 01 Depolt—Tool qf Loke-tl,, Indiana and Canal and Slxleenth-ete, Route, A'o, El) Ctark~*t., andatdt .Ottawa and Stroatorf’aisnngor. Dubnqno and Sloox City Bin.., Paoillo Beat Lino.... QaieabnrgPassenger. Mendota A Ottawa Paasengor... Aurora Passenger,..., Aurora Passenger.. Aurora Passenger (Sunday)...., Dnbuqno A Sioux City Exp .Pacific Night Express Downer’s Grove Accommodation Downers Grove Accommodation ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. 1 fool of Lafie*t, and foot q f Tteenlu-eteoni •fficee, 131 Randolph-et., nsar Clark . St. Louis Express... St. Louis East Line. Cairo Mall, Cairo Kinross Springfield Kxpross Springfield Express Dnbuqno A Sioux City Kx.. Dubuque A Sioux Cily Bx., Klllngham Passenger....... Kankakee Passenger llyde Park and Dale Woods, Hyde Park and Oak Woods. Hyde Park and Oak Woods. Hyde Park and Oak Woods. Hyde Park and Oak Woods, llyde Park and Oak Woods, llyde Park and Oak Woods. Hyde Park and Oak Woods, Hyde Park and Oak Woods, CHICAGO A NORTHWEST! City oSlete, vomer Randolph unit Lx el,, corner JladU Pacific Fast Line, Dubuqne Day Kx. via Clinton.,. Paolflo-Nighi Express Dubuque Night Ex. via Clinton. Freeport A Dubuque Express,, Freeport A Dubuque Bxprees.,,, Milwaukee Mall.. Milwaukee Express Milwaukee Paasengor. Milwaukee Passenger (da11y).... Croon Bay Express St. Pant Express Marnaotte Express St. Paulßxpreee CHICAGO, ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC RAILROAD. Depot, comer nf ,1/arrfron and Shermanite. Ticket office, 33 ir«i(, Omaha, Loavonw’thAAtchlsonKx *10:15 a. m. * 3:46 p. tn. Peru Accommodation * 6:00 p. m. • 9:70b. tn; Night Express ~ tlOsOOp. ra. 1 7:00 a. m. Leavenworth A Atchison Express flO:00 p.m. i 7:00 o. ra. LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROAD. Depot, Van liuren-tt., foot of fxi&iUe-sl, ITe ket etfleee, nortnwetl earner Clark and and tauthueH turner ftinaf amt Mo'lieon-tte, Eiprew Acoom. thi Main Line.. 3:50 ft. m. Mall, via Air Line and Main Lino * 6:<{U a. m. * Special Mow .York Express, via : Air Tilno * QiOOa.m. * Atlantia Hxprow. via Air Lino.; ‘ 6:16 p. m. Night Express, via Alain Lino.... •ft): 00 p. m. ElkdartAooomtnodftUon *B:4op. m. * South Chicago Accommodation.. I3KX) ro. CHICAGO. DANVILLE & VINCENNES RAILROAD. Pauevger Depot at P, , O.ekSt, Louie Depot, earner of (k< nai and Kineie-ite, freight and Ticket ojlee 163 iro»Afnp.fon*i(. KTansville A Torro Haute Ex.... * 7:00 PITTSBURGH. FORT WAYNE & CHICAGO RAILROAD. Day Expreie Pacific Express Fast Lido Mall Valparaiso Accommodation. CHICAGO & PACIFIC RAILROAD. (OPEN TO ELGIN.) Depot corner Halittd and Aorth Jirancn-iU, General oflet 16 Metropolitan Utoek, corner Randolph and LaSalie-eti. Rlgtn Accommodation River Park Accommodation, River Park Accommodation. CHICAGO.. INDIANAPOLIS & CINCINNATI THROUGH LINE. VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. From the-Great Central Railroad Depot, fact of ZaJu-rt, itor through tiekeU and ihtping-eor berlhe apply at out neir Ticket office, 121 NamfolpA-sl., near comer Clark: 7. Canalat,, comer jifadliottf 06 LaSalU-et,, turner ITaiA* inglonf alto foot oj' Vuenty*teoond‘il, .July 3 .July 6 .July 0 Leave Chicago Arrive at Indianapolis...... Arrive at Cincinnati Trains arrive at Chicago at 7:67 a. m., 8:83 a. ns.. and 7:40 p. m. Only.lino running Saturday night train to In* dianapulls and Cincinnati, South End passengers can got baggage checked and take train at Twenty-aocond-sl. Depot. ■ ' ~ ’ MEDICAL CARDS. DR. C. BIGELOW CONFIDENTIAL PHYSICIAN, 464 SUto-it., Chicago. It Is well known by all readers of the papers, that Dr. O. Bigelow Is the oldest established physician in Chicago, Science and experience have made Dr. B. the most re* □owned SPECIALIST of the age. honored by the cress, esteemed of the nlghcat medical attainments by allths medical Institutes of The day, having devoted TWENTY YEARS OF IUS LIFE In perfecting remedies that will euro positively all cases of CHRONIC AND SPECIAL DISEASES In both suxos. CONSULTATION FREE. SEPARATE PARLORS for ladles and gentlemen. Coll. CORRESPONDENCE CONFIDENTIAL, Add roes all letters, with stamps, Dr. O. BIOBLOW. No. 464 State-sU DR. BIGELOW Is a regularly bred physician. His rep. ntatlon is best known hers In oar midst. Ho wants no dfs* tantreference, butts well spoken of by every one en trusting themselves to his care. While the world endures this class of physicians ars required, and If any one needs tuoh service, it la of the utmost importance to engago only a man whose axperlonee ia equal to ms oner of meal* eal aid. and without prejudice, or any Interest In saying other than the truth, wo recommend most cordially and emphatically such to visit DR. BIGELOW, at bis Central Rooms, 464 State-it., Chicago. ' NO CUBE! NO PAY! I 860 South Clork-st., Chicago, MuboooQfld.ntlalty consulted, ponatullr or by meil, free of charge, on all chronic or norvoiu diseases. DU. J. KKAN U the only physician In tbs city whs war ranto euroa or no pay. , . a Green Hook sent for M oonta. Illustrated with Btuner* oui flneongrftTiugg. . DR. A. Gr. OLIN, chronic, and uorroua diseases In both sexes. Send two ■Umpe for Medical Treatise. Full Information. Oou* sulfation free, Correspondence confidential. Separate rootna for FRACTIONAL CURRENCY. $5 Packages OF FRACTIONAL CURRENCY FOR SALS AT I TBIBUIffi OFFICE. Arrive, f^ove. OtIC p. Ip i§iSS:S: ' 8:00 ». ra. ■•6:30». ro. I* B:00a m. * I * DiOO a. m. • I 4 3:35 p. in. IK 4 6:15 p. tn. 11 jt*9ioop, m. >• 8:0(1 p. m *0:00 a. m. P,ooa. m. ,1*0:10 p. m. O. WENTWORTH, inral I’assoncsr Agent. RAILROAD. »gft Line, and Louhlann jo la Katutu City. Union tf. bridge. • -• Iftace. Arrive. * 0:16 a. m. * 8:10 p. m. * 9:16 a. n. * 4:l0p, m. * 4:10 p. in. 1 i:l#p. ra. * S:l0p. m. * 9:40 a. ra. UOIOO il; in. HfitOO jL’m. H9;oop. m. • 9;00p. m, U7 ;S0 !7:30 a. m. 7tßoa. m. 6:10 p. m illy except Salt via Main Lina,': Division, turday, via , and daily f. PAUL RAILWAY. OnnoMli,; TYeAel OjJtfs uxnUouee, and at Depot. Leave, . Arrive. *.9:80 a. m. {6:6oa. ra. *.6:00p, ra. *llrooa. m, Itfltao p. m. 1*4:15 p. m. )UINCY RAILROAD. 3-av., and Sixieenth-el,, Ticket ' ojfleee <r» Brlggt lepoti. ;, Leave, ■ ■ Arrive. • 7:45 a. m. 4.15 p. m. 8:00 p, m.j 2:18 p. ra.B S:lsp. ra. I 8:00 p. rad 9:65 a. ra 8:15 a. m. 8:55 a. tn. 9:55 a. mj 7:00 a. ra. 6:00 a. mj 6:50 p. m. 7:18 a. m. 7:46 a. ra. * 9:10 a. m. *10:00 a. n. * 8:15 p. m. * 4:50p, trt. * 1:46 p. tn. * 6:80 p. mi I.OOp. m. tO.-OOp.' m. tllKlOp. m. *11:00 a. m. * 8:15 p. m. td-*f. TfeJbet Leave. Arrive. * 8:25 a. m. t B:Wp. m. 4 8:25 a. m. T 8:lSp. tn. * 8:25 a. m. fß:lsp, m. 9:16 a. m. t OKMp. m. * R:lsp: m. •11 ;10p. m. * 8:10 a. m. • 7:10 a. m. {9:00 a. m. 13:10 p. ra. 3:00 p. m. * 4:30 p. m. * 6:15 p. m. * 6:10 p. m. *ll:10p. m. * 8:20p, m. * 7:56 a. m. * r 4:4Bp. ra. * 7:66 a. m. * 4:4Sp. m. * 7:66 a. in. * 2:00 p. ra. i 7:00 a. m. 1 8:20 p. ra. * 9:20 a. ra * 8:43 a. m. * 7:46 a. ra. * 8:40 a. m, * 9:30 a. m. 110:80 a. m. I 1:46 p. m ‘ 5:20 p.m. * 6:55 p. m. * 7riop. m. FERN RAILRI itSilb-iO,, oi iioii-m. tOAO. and 75 Canal* Arrive, Leave. • 8:16 p, tn. 8:l6p. in. (6:30 a. m. . 6 -M a. m. •3:00 p. m. • 7:00 a. in. *10:16 a. m. • 4:00 p. m. • 7:40 p, ra. fi BdW a. in. • 7:00 p. m. 4.00 p, mi • 8:60 16:20 a. m. *10:15 a. m. 10:15 a. ra. t10:45p. m. 10:45 p. m. * 9:16 a. m. * 0:16 p. m. • 8:00 a. ra. * 9:90 a. m. • 6;UO p. ra. SllriX) p. tn. 9:40 a. m. *10:10 a. tn. • 9:00 p. ra. 19:30 p. ra. Arrive, Leave, Arrive, Leave, 6:55 p. m. 9:00 p. m. 8:00 p. m. BrOO a. ra. t6:3oa. m. 9:66 a. m. I=6o p. m. Arrive. Zeare. I* 7:40 a. m.|* 1:40 p. n It 7~ioS. in, Arrive, 7;30p. m. 6:30 a. m. ♦8:00 a.m. 6:I0p. m. 8:60 a. m. * 9:00 a. xn. 1 «. r »:lo p. m. 5 t*9:oop. m. r * 4:55 a. m. 1 * 8:40 p. m. * Arrive. Leave, B:00p.m. 9:30 a.m. 6:16 a.m. 10:61 a.m. SJUp.m. 7:21 p.m. ,1* 9:60 a. m. 6 8:46 p. m. ,1* 6:10 p. m. 9 6.00 a. m. .1*10:80 p. m. 110:00 a. to. Dr. Kean,

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