Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 18, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 18, 1873 Page 6
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6 MONEY AND COMMERCE MONETARY. _ , , | Tuintuv Etxmiko, Juno 17. Notwithstanding .the pfosont tendency 6f money to accumulate in tho financial oontros, * thoro appears to bo a general apprehension, not this country but in England, that next foil will bo a season of os groat stringency as last fall. Our telegraph reports from Now York show; that whUo'tho bonlm thoyo.aro oppressed with a surplus of money just at present, they are confining their loans to short time, In order to have iholr funds well in hand at an earlier date in tho fall than usual. Tho London News of-May 81, discussing tho probabilities of a strin gent money market in England next fall, says t There la every probability that the ihort ease vra now look forward to will ho need, to the uttormoat by the borrowora whose demands aro pressing. The very exlatonce of apprehension for the autumn will hasten every epooloa of Issue during the next few months, and so uso up tho more quickly what reserve may now be accumulated. The moat wo can hope li that what , may come after may not bo wholly forgotten in the buoyancy of the present moment. In spite of the loss profitable trade of tho present year, there .is ■ still no ntnall amount of spare capital for Investment. Between the owners of that capital and tho various competitors for It there la i fair amount of business .to bo done. But neither side should forget the warning of recent events—that we oro now in a period when excess of any kind may bo unusually dangerous, and that although capital Is abundant enough, and the ease of tba discount market seems qulto Inconsistent with the high rates prevail* Ing, we have had plenty of experience In psat times of the mischievous effects of a prolonged famine of bull* ion sueh*as we are now experiencing. The operation ,of a scarcity of bullion while -capital Is abundant Is a frequent puzzle in tbo money market, but the praatl cal conclusion Is. beyond all doubt, the necessity of caution when bullion tends to go away and la attracted back with dlfilculty. . - - Wo in the United States aro in tbo habit of regarding tbo oxtromo solicitude* with' which DntifiU'huanciora watch tho influx and outflow of specie, as an old fogy notion. It is too often assumed that, because our currency Is not on a specie basis, there is no analogy between tho of* 'foots of 'the outflow of specie from Great Britain on tho one hand, and tho United States on tho other. la either caso, however, it is tho indica tion of a deoroaso'of money capital* In Great ,Britain, Bank of Englond notes aro called in and destroyed in proportion to the decrease of the bullion In tho vaults of tho Bank, and the volume of paper currency is thus reduced. In the United States, tho volume of paper znonoy is fixed, and tho only way in which tho decrease of money capital caused by tho outflow of specie Is made Apparent is in tho depreciation of tho value of tho currency, or, as wo say, by a “rise in the. price of gold.’’ . Xn either case, however, it is adeoreaae of money in the country. Last fall and winter, when mobey became so - stringent in tho United States, there was an out cry that “wo had nob currency enough.” Every one will remember the ridiculous meetings called in thp various cities to demand an -increased is* euo of greenbacks. It is important, therefore, that before the stringency of next fall is export* cnced, tho commercial community should, if Sossiblo, got a little bettor understanding of tho Ifforenco between money and an irre deemable currency, and that they should. know that tho stringency of lost fall was not caused by a scarcity of currency but by a scarcity of money, and that this scarcity of money was - tho result of the enormous outflow of specie la tho summer of 1872.—th0 aggregate exports of fold and silver for iuo months of June and July, 873, having boon $50,614,278, against $20,020,- 97 H for tho same months of 18/1. This increased drain of nearly $22,000,000 of money in tho sum mer of 1872 was the immediate cause of tho un usual stringency last fall. Without going mto ,auy. discussion of tho remoter causes, of which “ this ; drain of money was tho result, it is suJHcient to know that it loft ns that much poorer. Tho effect was not made apparent un til tho usual demand for money in the.fall showed there was less money in the country. Nevertheless; wo had a largo exportable surplus - of all our loading products. The export began with unusual activity, and in tho months of Oc tober, November, ana December oar exports of products, otbor than specie, wore nearly double the monthly averages of the six., previ ous mouths. Temporarily this turning of products into money counteracted the summer drain of specie, but when theaoexports began to fall off, the effect was shown in the rise in the prictwof gold. In other words, our fixed volume of irredeemable currency shrunk in value to cor respond to the Amount of money capital in tho country. ■ In tho present season it Is an encouraging cir cumstance that thus far tho export of specie has been small compared to what it was fast sum mer, and, to that extent, is an argument against any oxtromo stringency next fall. .But it remains to bo soon yet whether wo shall bo able to sell to foreign countries as large a proportion of our surplus crops as wo did last fall. In tho local money market there wore no im portant changes to-day, except the decline in the price of Now York exchange to COo per SI,OOO discount. LOCAL STOCK AND BOND MARKET. Messre. Lunt, Preston & Keau quote aa fol lows this p. m.: 5- 0/ ’fi2 6- 0/’64 6-20so/’CS 0-208 o/ ’65, Jan. and July 6-20 bo/ ’O7, Jan. and July. 5-20s of *C9, Jon. and July 10-408 U. 8. 63 (new Issue).... Gold (full weight) Gold Coupons. , Gold Exchange Sterling Exchange. ..€ Northern Pacific Gold 7-300... Chicago City 7a Cook County 7s Illinois County and Township lOi. REAL ESTATE. Tbo following instruments were filed for rec ord on Tuesday, Juno 17 : CITY PROPERTY, Lots 63 and 63, in Block 36, Sheffield's Addition, iated April 16 ; consideration, (1,400. Tho premises No. SCO Milwaukee av, dated June 14 • consideration, SO,OOO. ' * Emerald av, between Thirty-eighth and Thirty-ninth streets, -w f, 46 ft to alley, with buildings, dated June 11; consideration, $3,000. Same as tho above, dated June 11: consideration, $3,000. Twenty-fifth st, 149 ft e of Harrison st, n f, 26x124 ft, dated May 6; consideration, $1,250. Hauls av, 216 ft u of North av, ef, 26x120 ft, dated Juuo 17 ; consideration, $660. Nora av, 43 ft nof Thompson st, of, 24x126 ft, dated Juno 10; consideration, $660. Lois 74 and 76 of Lots 3 to 10. In Block 8, Rockwell's Addition, dated April 30: consideration, $1,600. Catherine st, bet Loomis and Tbroopnts, n f, 24 ft to alloy, dated May 8; consideration, $1,200. Doan st, a wof and near Brigham at, n e f, 24 ft to alley, dated June 11; consideration, S7OO. Vincennes av, 100 ft s of Oak av, e f, 23x110 ft, dated April 23; consideration, $9,100. Same os the above, dated Oct. 1,1872; consideration, $9,000. * Hesplslnoa st, s w cor of Mather it, e f, 102x120 ft. dated June 4: coußldoratlon, $8,712. Archer av, 82W ft e of Lime st, sf, 24x100 £L dated Juno 17; consideration, $4,600. Howard st, 202 ft w of Loomis st, a f, 24x124 ft,dated May 30: consideration, SOOO. Lincoln at, 09 ft aof Leo av, of, 25x91 ft, dated June 9; consideration, $1,600. Lot 7. in ‘Waller’s Lots 20 to 28, In North Addition, dated May 29; consideration, $3,050, Sburtleff av, 126 2-10 ft li of Thirty-first st, ef, 26x IfiStf ft, dated June 14; consideration, $1,300. Indiana cor LaSalle st, sf, 45 ft to alloy, dated April 19; consideration, S6,SCO. Lots 1 and 3, in Block 2, in Control Park Addition, dated June 13; consideration, $3,000. Lot 18, In Block 1, of Johnson’s Subdivision, in s # of s w Bee. 81,40,14, dated Juno 17; consideration, SBIO. . Lots 23 and 24, In Jackson k Hall’s Block 17, of Ash land Second Addition, dated May 23: consideration. SO,OOO. * SOUTH OP CITY LIMITS. Aberdeen st, s of and near Fifty-first st, e f, 125 ft, dated June 10; consideration, $603. Lot 14, in Bowen’s Blocks 2 and 3, in Ridgewood, ttyde Park, dated May 13; consideration, $2,000. Lot 8, in Block 3, of s of eJf n e if, Beo 1, 38,13, dated May 1: consideration, S3OO. Lots 10 and 11 and a4O ft of Lot 12, in Block SO, in Village of Hyde Park, dated June 12; consideration, $9,376. Lot 3in Block 13, in Adam Smith's Subdivision, in sw if Beo 36, 89, 13, dsted Juno 17; conaldersUon, 1350. WEST O? OTTT LIMITS, Lot 7 In Winter's Lots 11 and 13, In McOovem’a Subdivision nw W 800 30, 40, 13, dated June 10; con sideration, S4OO. COMMERCIAL. Tuesday Evening, June 17. . The following wore the receipts and shipments of (be leading artlclee of produce in Chicago during tho past twenty-four hours, and for the corresponding date one year ago: BsoKirra, I shipments. 1873, | 1873. 1873. 1873.] Flour, brls 8,0931 9,203 i Wheat, bu 84,740 38,030 49,678 8,670 Dorn, bn 259,320 207,912' 176,711 211.140 Oats, bu 106,669' 178,010) 93,673 22,776 Bye, bU 3,4071 8,327 . 2,861 2,016 Barky, bu 350 1,190 .600 8,121 GrAM teed, 1b5..... riaxfocd, tba...... hroom-oolu, lbi„.. Curedmoatfl, 1b5,,.. V(Tf,brlß... Pork, brls Irfird, lbs Tallow, lbs Butter, lbs Live hogs. No Cuttle, No. Bhoop, No. Hides, lbs Highwloos, brls..,. Wool, lbs Bololoos, bu. Lumber, m feet.... Shingles, Loth, m..., Balt, brls. Withdrawn from Btoro Gumption i 010 bu wheat oola; 430 bu barley. Tho following grain has boon inspected Into store, this morning, up to, 10 o'clock: 171 cars wheat; 620 oars com;' 0,000 bu No. 1 do, B,COO ha No. 3 do, and 6,800 bu rejected do, hyoan&l; 73 oars oats; 0,000 bu rejected do, by canal; 4 cars ryo, 1 car barley. Total (778 oars), 841,000 bu. There was no more hot com posted to-day, and the excitement was over. It transpired that the way In which one man got wind of the decla ration of hot com in tho Fulton Elevator two days before the nows was given to the public, was in this wise* He had a tobbol loading with com at that elevator on Saturday morning, and a man watching the process. Tho com com menced to run hot, and his representative re ported the fact to him. It is not tho business of the Chief Inspector to report on tho con dition, of grain in elevator; if it woro so wo should probably have hod a little posting not loss than ton days ago. We are asked to state that tho roles for the inspection of No. 3 com do not require that that grade shall ho sound, hut only “dry and rea sonably clean." It is true that tbo rule roods in that way ; and it isalso trae that under tho cir cumstances tho mlo ought to be changed, or else the speculators should fall back on the grade of rejected, which enjoys a singular immunity from getting hot in Ohiosgo, whatever may bo its lia bilities elsewhere. It is understood that a mem ber of the Board of Trade is preparing a cate chism. in which he will give tho reasons lor this and some other anomalies. The produce markets wore rather more active to-day. Grain was firmer, having recovered somewhat from the extreme depression of yes terday, whioh threatened to carry everything by the board. The receipts continue liberal, but tho shipping movement has boon more active recently, effecting a gradual, though slow, diminution of our stocks in store. Dry goods wero reported quiet, at steady and uniform prices. The demand was almost wholly In tho shape of “mailorders,” very few buyers being noticeable at auy of our wholesale houses. There was little or no improvement in tho do- . mautj for staple and fancy groceries. If wo ex* copt sugars, there was nothing resembling activ ity in any article in the list, and the prevalent feeling was by no means buoyant. Coffees are neglected, and, at tho moment, tho tendency seems to bo downward. In tho buttor and choose markets trading was slow, and prices for both of those staples wore weak. Coal remains inactive at unchanged quotations. Thoro was but little change in the condition of tho fish and dried fruit markets. Hay was again dull, and a fur ther reduction In prices Is noted, pressed timothy now being quoted at $13.60@16.00, and prairie at $11.00@12.00. Hides and leather remain without tho appearance of activity, and values woro nominally.unchanged. The oil trade was quiet at about yesterday’s prices. Linseed and turpentine woro firm atthe decline suffered yes terday. Lard, sperm, and whale were easy. Carbon remains steady at 18>£@19o. Pig-iron, paints, tobacco, imd wood. woro unchanged. Trade at tho lumbor-yordscontinuoafnlrly active, and prices rule strong for choice grades, while common green lumber is weak. At tho docks thoro was a moderate amount of tradingat about the same range of pricos. Building materials woro without particular ohango. Brick is rather weak, though many dealers hold their property firmly at $6.50@7.00. ■ Metals, nails, and naval stores wero in .tolerably fair demand at the quoted prices. An improvement is reported in tho iron trade ; the local as well as interior demand is picking up, and tho market is steadier for common iron, wool was unchanged ; now is coming in, bat the market is inactive. Broom-corn continues in good request and firm. The trade in green fruits was good to-day, apples excepted. Lemons aud oranges have advanced, being in light stock. Borises wore in largo supply, and declined, choice Michigan strawberries being freely offered at $10@12;ko. Eggs wero in re quest and firm at 12>£@18o. Highwinos wore rather more active, but lo lower, though Now York was quoted steady. Local holders wore weak, owing to tho recent decline in corn and rye, and early offered their property at 89)£o, with no bnyors. Sales woro subsequently made of 250 brls at 890, at which quotation the market closed steady. Lake freights wero moderately active, and a shade easier to Buffalo, at yesterday’s rates, while lower lake ports wore quoted off. There was a fair demand for small vessels; hut several large ones were offered that woro not wanted. A total of fourteen charters was reported (including four lost evening), which will carry out 68,000 bu wheat, 280,000 bu corn, 100.000 ha oats, and 25,000 bu rye. Oom to Buffalo was quoted at 6££o, and wheat to do at Co. To Kingston wheat was taken at 120, and corn at Through rates to Now York were quoted at 230 on wheat, and 210 per bu on corn. Provisions wore dull and steady. Tho large receipts of hogs, and consequent decline, caused a backwardness on the part of buyers of pro duct, but holders did not seem disposed to press their property; bonce thoro was no weakening, except a trifle on moss pork, other products being unchanged. There was a little demand lor moats, but buyers woro unwilling to pay asking figures. Tho market closed at the following range of prices: Moss pork, cash or seller June, $16.66 @15.70; do seller July, $16.85@15.80 : do seller August, $15.87)£@15.90: do sollor September, $10.00@16.25j do seller December, $13.70 @14.00; lard, cash or seller Juno, $8.30@ 8.85 : do seller July, $8.40@8.45; do seller Aug . ust, $a.60@8.C5; summer do, $8»00. Sweet pickled hams quoted at Okf@llKo* Dry salted moats quotable at C%@6>£o for shoulders: for short ribs; and B>£@BKo for snort clear.* Boxed shoulders, o. English moats. 8% @B%o for short ribs; Bf£@BJ4o for short clear. Bacon is quoted at 7M° for suouldore; o#o for clear ribs; for short clear, and 18@14>£o for hams, all pocked. Moss beef, $8.75@0.0U; extra moss do, $9.76@10.00; beef hams, 927.00 @26.50. Oity tallow, 7^@7%0; grease quotable at Sales wero reported of 2,000 brls mess pork, sollor July, at $16.80; 1,600 brls do seller August at $16.90; 20,000 lbs shoulders (14W lbs) at G>tfo, Flour was in somewhat better demand from shippers, tho recent drop having brought out several buyers, who have hold off for a decline for several weeks past. But some, of them ex pected still "greater concessions than holders were prepared to make ; hence tho volume of sales was about the same as yesterday. Brim was steady. Sales wore reported of 75 brls winter extras at SB.OO ; 100 brls do at $7.26 ; 270 brls do on private terms ; 50 brls,spring extras (patent) at $10.00; 860 brls do at $0.50 ; 200 brls do at $0.26:' 100 brls do at $6.05; 100 brls do at $6.00 : 800 brls do on private terms; 100 brls spring suporflucs at $3,75; 46 brls do at $8.50 ; 100 brls rye 'flour at $4.26. Total, 2,290 brls. Also, 10 tons bran at $8.50, delivered; 10 tons do on through oars at $8.50 ; 10' tons do at SB.OO on track ; .100 brls kiln-dried cornmoal at $2.80. Tho following was tho range of prices at tho closo t • • Fair to choice while winter extras.... 8.00 010.00 Red winter extras 7.00 0 8.00 Good to choice spring extras 0.00 0 0.75 Low to medium 4.C3XQ.0.00 Mlnnesotos (patent)... 8.00 011.00 Good to fancy Minnesota 0.00 0 8.00 Bpring superfine* ,V 9.75 0 4.60 Buying. Selling, .116)4 116* HO# 115# ,11C)X 117 .118# 110# .mn 12 ix .119# 110# .112# 119 .i u* iu# .115*,' 115# .116# 115# 115 V 109#@UO# 100 &int. 09# & lot, 00# fclut. 05898 Ityo flour, Bran Wheat was rather Joss active, but strong, averaging l@2o higher than yesterday, the greatest appreciation being on lota for delivery during the present month. Tho reason for tho latter pbaeo was that tho feorwas again apparent that there will bo a squeeze on June options, as there are a great many of these deals unsettled, and hut little wheat in store, while the shipping demand on Oanadion account was about equal to tho volume of cash offerings. Still thoro was little bought for this mouth, the shorts generally preferring to await the chances. The demand for July was bettor, with loss offerings holders being quite firm. The advices from Liverpool quoted an advance of 2d per 100 lbs on Oolifornia, and a decline of Id on spring, with a good demand for cargoes to arrive, on Continental account, France taking a good deal of wheat lust now, but mostly of the better grades.. Then Now York was reported higher, and the two bfought out an increased speculative demand, though there were very few outside orders on the market. Boiler July opened at 61.10% advanced to 61.16% declined to 6J.18% rose to 61.17. and closed at 61.10% , Beller tho month *old ** 61.18(3)1.20% oloa- 9,700 400 no,wo 60,400 600 18,000 10,400 145,000 6,0001 39.000 93.000 38,030 70,187 110,710 06 606 SOS 67,700 'iV.OPO 6,810 1,000 80,000 70,C00 3,055 2,870 138 83,945 80,307 038 331,750 383 1,008 . 1,055 209 yoi 117 80,435 1,908 6,200 1,600 rostorday for city oon j 335 bu corn \ 050 bu TUX MAIUIETS. 4.00 @ 4.r>o 8.00 0 8.60 log at $1.20)1. There’ was Tory, lUtlb diHorlinlnntiou in' favor of fresh re ceipts ~ over eollor the month, oxCftpt for hard, which commanded Wo premium. Sollor August sold at $1.12)tf@1.14, and seller tbo year at $1.00@1.07. No. 1 l spring closed Arm at $1.20W; No. Bdo at ,$1,08: and rejected do at UOo. Cash sales wore reported of 1/200 bu No. |1 spring at $1.20; 800 bu uo at..51.26)1 ; 4,100 bu do at- $1,26 1 1,200 bu No. 2 spring (bard) at sl.2lWt 21,000 bu do (hard) at $1.21)*? 800 bit do at $1.21 ; 1,200 bu do at do at $1.20W: 4,400 bu do at $l.2OVs 12,200 bu do at $1.20: 2.800 bu db at sl.lO>K; 11.400 budo at $1.10W; 11,000 bu No. 8 spring at $1.08: 0,400 bn rejected spring at 03o; 1.000 bu -do at 02)£o: BOObudo at 020; 800 bu by sample at $1.28. Total, 04,200 bu. '-1 Com was loss active, and Armor, though Irregular, prices averaging fully lo higher than yesterday, the greatest strength being In lots for speedy delivery, yrbioh wore un duly depressed yesterday by • fears of bad condition. Tbo partial recovery from iho scare was partially the result of cooler weather, and the certainty that tbo difllonlty bad boon overrated, though there were not wanting those who expressed fears that other houses wIQ yet bo posted. Now York was quoted higher, but not till after our market bad advanced. The great diOloulty now is large receipts. The bulletin of this morning sbows . a considerable augment of . clocks, whereas they ought to bo on tho decrease, tit is . much to bo desired that parties owning corn in the country would hold It book till our bins can bo nearly emptied j otherwise we can*- not bo certain that other bouses will not bo de clared out of condition. There .was a good ship ping demand to-day. Boiler the month, or regular No. 2, opened at 829£0, advanced to 82%0, and closed. at 82%0. Strictly fresh re ceipts of No. 2 closed strong at 84&o. Boiler July sold at closing at 850. Seller August sold at closing relatively weak at Seller September sold at 89%(§)39){j0. Ro joolod closed Arm at 000. Gash sales were reported of 2,400 bu No. 1 at 80o; 6,000 bu do at 870 afloat; 25,000 bu No. 2 at 84)£o j 12,000 bu do at Bi%o ; 39.600 bu do at 3i%0 ; 5,600 bu do at 84Ko : 9,800 uu do at 84o; 8,000 bu do at gwo : 46,000 uu do at 829£0 ; 16,000 bu do at 83§fio: .80,000 bu do at 02Wot 10,000 badoat 82%0;’ C,uoo bu do at 850 afloat; 6,400 bu do at 84Wo afloat: 14,600 bu rojootod at 80o; 2.400 bu do at 2956 c; 14,800 bu do at 20Wo: 2,400 bn do at 20&’o ; 16,000 bu do at 290 ; 11,600 bu do at SOWo afloat: 800 bu no grade at 210 ; 600 bu do at 230 : 1,600 bu do at 22)^0; 2,400 bu do at 220; 11,400 bu do at 21o; 8,000 bu fresh No. 2 at 050, free on board ; 0,000 bu do at do; 8,000 bu high mixed at 83>£o do. Total, 805,200 bu.' Oats vrero quiet, and averaged a shade higher than yesterday. Tho market opened strong, un der a united effort on tho part of the loading operators to force up prices but fell off in inter est when they pulled their shoulders from under it, and closed dull, in spite of greater strength reported In the later Now York telegram. Seller the month, or regular, opened at 260, and closed dull at 25%0. Seller July sold early at 27#c.'. Sollor August sold at Cash sales were, reported of 6,000 bu at 270; 4,200 bu at 2G££o: 8,600 bu at 26)£0; 10,000 bu at 260: 10,000 bu at 25%°; 15,600 bu rejected at 240; 3,000 bu do at 23W0; 600 bu by sample at 84)£o; 1,800 bu do at S3o; COO bu do at 31o; COO bu do 'at 80)<fo. Total, 56,000 bu. Ryo was rather more active, at yesterday's out side quotation, in sympathy with other grain. Thoro was a fair though quiet demand for ship ments. Sales were reported of 8,600 ba No. 2at COWo. Barley was dull, and nominally unchanged. We quote No. 2at 55@G00; No. 3 ac 45<3)500; and rejected at 80@350 the inside at tbo Rook Island Elevator, and the outside in other houses. Boles wore limited to 400. bn No. 3 at 480 ; 400 bn by sample at C2o; 400 bu do at 690 ; 400 bu do at 58o: 400 bu do at C6o. Total. 2,000 bu. Tho following are tho footings of tho official report of grain m storo in this city on the even ing of Saturday last, and at corresponding dates: WHEAT. Jims 14, Juris 7, Jims 16, 1873. 1873. 1873. 370 No, 3 rod, liojectetl winter 279 270 .... No. 1 spring 15,679 14,631 143,329 No. 2 spring 170,469 151,002 089,690 No. 3 spring 84,305 127,331 43,091 No. 1 hard spring... 38,111 47,723 ....' No. 2 bard spring 68,948. 71,003 .... 82,212 32,659 ■ 37,812 2,420 1,407 Rejected spring. No grade spring, . 108.740 446,055 1,202,823 CORK. Total. , 23,034 26,747 47,320 . 03,459 109,649 112,213 ,3,650,032 3,556,777 2,639,142 . 319,454 303,488 170,419 . 8,633 8,633 . 25,780 Yellow, No. 1 No. 3 Rejected No 3 kiln dried. No grade....... Now No. 3 .4,(M2,108 4,020,486 3,079,501 OATS. • Total. . 4,637 6,347 27,373 ,1,481,494 1,496,268 3,680,680 . 133,113 110,601 66,363 . 2,880 1,547 .... No. 1 No. 3 Rejected. No grade. ,1,022,020 1,018,023 2,043,100 Total, 4,616 6,336 88,014 137,200 223,420 143,851 3,768 3,418 1,780 N0.1.... No. 2.... Dejected, ... 145,664 232,174 183,635 BARRET. Total, 41,869 47,002 82,667 6,514 4,704 18,335 7,210 6,670 8,087 No. 2.... No. 3,.., Dejected, Total ; 65.123 67,382 103,689 Total, 6,273,051 ba. . Inoro&eo during tho wook, 16,713 bu corn ; 8,307 bu oats. Decrease during last week, 37,216 bu wheat; 60,010 ba ryo; 2,163 bu barley. Total docroaoo, 100,603 bu. PRODUCE STATISTICS. The Now York Produce Exchange Weekly gives tho following: The visible supply of grain, including the stocks in granary at tho principal points of accumulation at lake and soabord ports, in transit on tho lakes, tho New York canals, and by rail, was, June 7, 1673: Wleo4, 6u. In »tor» at 631,895 6,200 141,663 8,749,864 61,000 128,351 18,000 Now Y0rk......... Albany Duffalo •Ohlcago Milwaukee... Dulnfcb Toledo. May 81.... Detroit... •Oswego fit. Louis Doston Toronto Montreal, Juuo.l. •Philadelphia •Baltimore Lake sbip'ts....... Kali shipments.... ■fOnN.Y. canals.. Total—Juno 7, '7B. Total-May 81, *73. Total—May 34, *7B. Total—May 17, '73. Total-May 10, *73. Total-May 3, *73. .Total—Judo 8,*73. 95,373 417,978 369.000 164.863 2i9,Ml 111,b31 325.000 £69,641 168,899 61,695 60.000 892,811 24,062 200 437.670 183.000 190.000 838,108 883,961 1,469,805 24,192 303,096 964,608 170,000 65,000 1,188,270 ’1861709 1,765,027 6,009,436 6,998,761 6,279,821 6,868,038 6.416,820 6,831,061 6,195,724 8,713,763 9,847,767 0,368.437 0,866,894 0,461,822 10,030,870 12.183,633 •Estimated. 29,430 hu. June 7, 1873, was 643,431 +And ryo, 1*17,474 bu; peas, Tbo visible supply of ryo bushels, The official statement of tho exports of cereals from all Russia for January and ITobruary, 1873 and 1873, compare as follows: , — January —. , — Februar-g-* 1873. 1873. 1873, 18fi Ttehtt. Tschte. Ttchts. Tuchls. 0,220 11,314 B,JJU Flour .loijfslo ico'ias 24^076 Wheat, 27,379 23,411 '82,628 87^807 Maize. 28)507 20)030 47,'837 20)1i6 llarloy, 11y0..., I’etts... . 37,820 45.031 61,389 25,389 .103, GUT 100,143 133.072 03,086 0,010 8,005 11,403 8,307 Otuorcoriiu:::::::: riioao Bsloia io,m fysi Total. .403,291 648,160 479,791 444,800 Decrease January, *73, 238,895 tacholwork, and In crease oa February, *73, 84,031 tachetworts of o frac tion less thau 0 bu each. Tbo exports from the ItnsalaAzoT Sea of Taganrog, from the opening of navigation, March 21, *73, to May 1, *73, were 73,470 Uohetwcrls of wheat, 8,090 tschet werts of rye. and 1,350 tacholwerla of oats. The supplies at Taganrog from the interior have boon smalt. About 60 boats ou passage May 17, *73, are expected to arrive at Taganrog, and their cargoes of all kinds of grain and seed aggregate 108,000 qrs, princi pally oil oake, barley, and oats, but very littlo wheat. No further supplies are expected till after the harvest of the now cron. Tho reports of tho growing crops in tbo valley of the Don are favorable, and tho harvest prospects aro satisfactory. With variable, though rainy, weather at (bo close of last month in most parts of Bohemia the growing cereal crops were expected to bo prolific. Tho latest reports of the crops in Hungary oroun favorable. There was a rain-fall for twenty-four hour* throughout Hungary, canning considerable damage In somo of the Southern districts by tho floods In the rivers. lu Germany during the Inot week in May the weather was uuseaiouably cold. Wheat firm, supplies small. lu Franco the weather during tha last week la May was rainy. Higher temperature was wanted to further the growth of the crops, which are backward, but har ing tho uppearauco or being healthy. lu Belgium tho weather during tho last week ia May was rsluy, and dry weather woo wanted. Wheat was slack hut firmly held. In Holland heavy rain had fallen, aud a warmer temperature succeeded a colder cue. Blocks small aud business light. In Italy, owing to small supplies and light stock, the market for wheat was firm, with. eager buyers had there .been stock to buy. The weather lu the British Isles had been, at tha latest moll advices, more favorable for the crons.. Mr. W. J. Lsugson, Secretary of tho Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce, gives tho following statement, based on estimates by the Commissioner of Agricul ture, showing the movements of the wheat crop of 1672 in tiio 8(*lc« of Waconaln,■IlUaol*, ilbwarf and Boln. an follows: The total yield of the crop*'Of'lß7l M»dlß73li eill-' anted M.ttuomi lm . \ ■ Jlu. lln. i 0 0... -33,007*000 - 83,200,000 r.VI .00,008,000., •. 1.83,208,000 , . , ; , 00,008,000 Increase..• ••30,330,i00 Tbo following tablde ozbtblt tho movement, paatand proapootlve, of the orotf of 1873 : ‘ ’! j Total production In 1873 *•*’•* 03,308,000 Ilooclpla to May 31. Including flour 'I ' reduced to buebolß—• At Milwaukee At Chicago..... At Duluth (estimated).. Wisconsin.... Illinois lowa., Minnesota. Total •Not Including through rail Alp* > " i n ; ! mcnts from Milwaukee.. <0,838,035 ' • Consumption up to next harvest • ) (population' .8,320,050, at hu - , : I each)...... 28,017,000 i . , . For seed, acreage 1873 (cstU . ;j mated), In— __ i Wisconsin,.. HUnol low* Minnesota..., Total • < • •,0,180,1DO__ ’.i At IX bu per acre 9,204,000 /tr Forwarded through other channels . to St. Louis and elsswbsro, sayi. * 9,000,000 Total thus accounted for. i ■ Leaving the available supply still to ! come forward • 10,722,000 The amount of wheat per acre estimated for seed*is one bushel leas than tho English estimate for seeding purposes. The consumption per capita is not less than Uve bushels. The direct Eastward shipments from tho Sower In the West to the consumer and shipper in the at, without passage through Obloago, Milwaukee, or Duluth, are unknown, but'are no inconsiderable quantity. Tho estimate of 8,000,000 bu, including flour, as forwarded to Bt, Louis and' other channels outside of • 1 Chicago, Milwaukee, and Duluth, is probably too small. ■ Tho - ship ments .through Racine, . Eonosha, Waukegan, l and Green Bay. aggregate a very considerable quantity, during the period of a twolfthmoath. The' foregoing! cellmate of 10,722,000 bu of wheat, flour Included, to’ come forward during the twelve weeks from June.'7l to Aug. 81, will probably bear a 1 moderate pruning. I The receipts of flour and wheat at all lake ports, In- 1 eluding, Chicago. Milwaukee; - Toledo, Cleveland, BU Louis, and Buluth, for the twelve weeks from June 7 to Aug. 31, wore, In 1872, In flour - end wheal, equal to 18,273,034 hu, against 31,673,040 bu for the corre sponding period In 1671, and 20,844,300 bu in 1870. | In tho afternoon wheat was active and Irregu lar, closing lo higher than on 'Change. No. 2 spring sola at seller the mouth, closing at $1.215£, and $1.16%@1.18 seller July, closing at sl.l7£|. Com was active and exalted. 1 ■ closing %o lower than on 'Change. It sold at 92X@32.fc0 cash or seller tho month t sol Tor July, closing at Bi%o, and BS%o sollor August.. Other grain and provisions wore quiet ana unchanged. A propeller was chartered for corn to New York via rate. Ca pacity,'B7,ooo hu. ■' CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. Tuesday Evewiko, June 17. ALCOHOL—Was in demand at a decline of 2c, curing to a drop in hlghwlnes: 94 per cent proof is quotable at51.78@1.83. BROOM CORN—The dealers report an active do* znand for all grades, and be higher ones are verys corce ' and firm, an advance having been made the past week In hurl, inside green, and stock braid. The receipts are moderate and consist moetly of common grades: No. 1 hurl, 7@BWo; No. 1 Block braid. 6X@6>tfo; No. a do, 4)tf@6o; No. 8 do, B.Jrf@4o; inside 'green, 4@50; do rod tip, 3# @4 Mo ; do pale and red,'3#@3.|so. L BEANS AND PEAS—Were quiet and' unchanged. Hand-picked beans sell readily, but tbe supply of such aro.vory light. We quote: Choice hand-picked navies, $2.76 5 do mediums, $2.60(32.66 • inferior grades, $1,25@2.00; green peas (In brls), $1,40@1,60; yellow do (In bags), $1.25. • BUILDING MATERIALS—The demand is fair for the season, hut the - largo supply of. materials,, more particularly of brick,' depresses the market, and prices for this last named article nro very irregular. ..Some, dealers, in order to soli, are willing ;to 1 grant conces sions, while others hold their stock firmly at $0.60(3 7.00. Pressed brick la also dull and easy. Stuccos and cement were unchanged: Stucco, $2.60; Novr York stucco, casting,' $3.60(34.00 ; Portland cement, $7.00®7.60 per brl; Rosonualo cement, $8.26®3.50; tltlca,. Louievfllo, , and ' Akron cement, $2,00 . pee brl; marble dust, $3,25®8.60; lime in bulk, 800 Oil.ool lime (brls), $1.10(31.25 per brl; white Band,'per brl, $2.0002.60; plastering hair, pec bu, 40060 c: hire brick, per 1,000, $40.00000.00; build ing brick (common), $0.0007.00; sewer brick, $10.00; country brick, $10.60, delivered; Milwaukee pressed, $32.50, del.: do common, $14.00: Racine pressed, $25,00 @28.00, del.; do common, $14.00; Indiana pressed, $20.00022.00; do common,' $12.00®16.00; flro olny, per brl, $3.00@'4.00. The following Is the list of prices per box of 60 foci for domestic window gloss, from which a reduction of 66®00 per oont is made to dealers: 4,183 25,301 TxlOlo 6xlo. 6x14 to 10x16. 12x18 to 10x30. 18x23 to 18x80, 20x28 to 24x30. 80x00 to 4QxGQ. COOPERAGE—Tho demaud la very light, ami prices were but little belter than nominal. We quote : Pork barrels, $1,2501.35 ; lard tierces, SI.OO @1.70; whisky barrels, $1.0002.10; flour barrels, 48057 c; pork stoves, rough, $17.00020.00 ; do, buck ed, $20,00 @25.00 : tierce staves,rough, $20.00025,00; sawed, do buckea or sawed, $25.00028.00; 1 whisky slaves, rough, $24.00028.00; do hacked, $30.00033.00; flour staves. $8.60010.50; circle flour heading, 70 Bo per sot: flour hoop poles, $14.00016.00 pe* m; pork and tierce poloss, 90.00035.00 per m. . BUTTER—The large receipts of the past week have carried a further depreciation in the value of this sta ple, prices now ruling l@2o lower than on the date of our last weekly review. Shippers have been steadily engaged, and local consumers also have operated on a liberal scale, but tho’oomblnod demand was not sufll cient to provent a steady augmentation of stocke, and a gradual sinking of prices. Small lots of fancy pack ed find buyers at So3o advance over present quota tions, bat round lots cannot be disposed of at over,2oc. Strictly choice yellow, 18020 c; medium to good, 1601 Co; inferior to common, 10@14o. BAGGING—There Is comparatively little doing In this market trade being unusually dull for the season, and values nave not been subjected to any. material fluctuation. We ' report our quotations of a week ago, os follows l Stark. 2G#o; Ludlow, 350; Lewiston, 340 ; American, 82o; Amoukcag, 920; Otter Creek, 83#o; burlap bags, 4 and 6 bu, 200226; gunnies, single, 170 IBojjoodouble,3B@29o; woolsacks, 65007 c, CHEESE—Since our last review there has been some improvement’ In the condition of the stocks, both as • regards size and quality, and some increase in the de mand Is also noted, but prices have ruled easier all around, and really are a #o lower, though the quota tions are substantially the same os a week ago. The present tendency of prices is downward; .Now York factory, 13#013a; Elgin factory, 13#©130; Ohio factory, ll©12#o; ’Western factory, 11012#o. . COAL—Prices range the same as for a fortnight past. Very little la being’ accomplished In the way of-sales, consumers manifesting no ’inclination to buy. beyond supplying current 'necessities, evidently anticipating lower prices later in the season. The Indications now. hro that prices will not go much below their present . range. Some dealers entertain the belief that the price ; of Lackawanna has already touched bottom. The fol lowing is from the Pottsvlllo Jffnsrs* Journal; 44 The. 10 cents monthly advance has been maintained, and coal will continue to advance 10 cents per month for tho balance of the season, which will bring itup to a fair remunerating price to those engaged In the trade, Lost year several millions of dollars wero lost in tho R reduction at tho prices at which ooal was sold, and as to production of Anthracite coal la limited, hereafter no more coal will bo produced than than market will take at fair prices.” We repeat our list lump, $11.00; •,prepared, $11.00; Lackawanna, $9.50: Eric, $9.60; Briar Hill, ’ $9.00; Walnut Hill, $9.50; Blobh burg,. $9,00; . Ohorsy Aline. $6.60; Hooking Valley, $9,00; Indiana cuuncl coal,’ $9.60; Indiana block,- SB.OO ; Kirkland grate, $3.60; ilinonk, $7.00; Wilming ton, SO.OO. DRUGS AND CHEMICALS—Tho trade continues fairly active, and the market steady for everything ex-, ooptlng citric add, which was a trlllo lower, and gum opium, which has advanced 26operlb. Following are the quotations: . . Acid, citric, 1b....1.65 0 I.CO Add, oxalic, lb 33 @ 35 Add, tartaric, powdered, !b.; 60 0 -65 Ammonia, earn, lb : .26 0 .. 80 AsafcoUdo, lb 60 0 66

Axle-grease, Bldwell’s, d0r........... 1.60 0 1.65 D0an5,Tauqua,1b...,...............1 1.85' @‘ 1.49 Borax, ref., 1b..... 80 @ 83 Bluo-vitrol, lb. 15 0 18 , Bromo-chloralum, ptß„ doz,..’, 4.00 Corroiivesubllroate.... 1.48 0 1.60 Barley, Su. 163,031 69.000 123,876 1,609,123 299,000 "mu\ 50,037 30,01)0 219,703 143.696 2.637 11,709 69.000 .60,000 403,631 . 692,687 620,667 18,697 16,000 63.141 14,000 8.030 7,275 40. W0 9,(120 6.174 8,787 11,990 6,374 23,323 919.894 201,049 260,318 503.203 583,096 730,838 868. (H6 4,437,850 8,4£L467 8,607,897 8,334,483 8,468,674 8,610,007 6.874,874 Cream tartar, pure, tb Cochineal, Horn!., 1b... Chloroform, lb. Glycerine. X lb bulk, lb Gum Arabic, picked,.... Cam Aralilo, .aorta* Oum camphor, 1b.......» Gum opium, 1b,..'.i... Gum ehoUac. Ib. Glue, white, lb, lodine, lb LyO, COUO, 0080.,..;. 8.35 Morphia, sulph'., 0z....; 6.75 (9 0.00 Oil, bergamot. Sand., lb to 0.50 Oil,castor, gal 1.40 to 1.75 Oil, lemon, Sanderson's,.... to 0.60 I’oiassa, clilor., H» : 00 to 05 Potassium, cyan, fused, lb *63 @ .... rotoßßlmn, iod,, 1b... 7.60 to 8.00 Potash, Babbitt's, case..o.oo,to .... Quinine, solpb., 05............. • 9.80 to . 9,85 lied prcclp., 1b... 1.05 @ 1.70 llootlpecac,powa., lb 1.76 to 9.00 Itooirlid,,JJ. 1., powd., lb. 1.60 to 1.75 Bslspsom, lb Oliver, ult.. cryat.,05..,.............. 1.15 to 1.90 Soap, catlilo, gen., lb 13 to 19 Sulphur, lb 6 to .... EGOS—-Wore In fair local requcit, and moderate supply. Prices were a shade higher,and strong at 13J< tolbo. Sales include 900 oases at l!lo; 00 oases and 75 aos at 13Wo. ■ J • FEATXUSllfl—Oontinue scarce, and sell readily at tho quoted prloea: to ' choice live geese at 77078c,fr0m first hands; Jobbing prices. 850 870 for assorted feathers; mixed feathers, 46O70o; chicken, Btoloo. ... Lakeflah are In belter supply. 1 and lower prices obtain. Mackerel and cod are •till scares, and hro being held with nriaWlted rimrness. Tlio demand Js_ fMrlyactlTp,.. and .do*lorn find. It impossible -to promptly flu all onion. - Following aro tho nuolatlono.l No. I .wnltoflfh, % tel. $0.00(30.45 { No. 8 tlo. $0,715 @0.00; No. 1 1rpuL56.4506.60 { No. 1 shore mack- brl, $11.00011.78] No. 1 bay, $0.60®0.76] H ,VA t -W.MOB.WfNo. , 1 short kiln, $1.00(39.00} Bank ' codfish, per 100 lbs, $0,50 00.76} George's rinff. nnlllr btl, $4.75(35.00} I^I , Jl d . O !A h^ rrln .®»£2H na xu br l* sß} do#tel, $4.45(34.60; box botrirlg "No. 1,28@300} ,box herring, scaled, 85(3970} Columbia Slyer salmon, itf brls, SIO.OO @10.46, 1! J • ■ ' ,rt - '■ | FIIUIT9 AND NDTB—No change for thohetter li noticeable In the situation of this market. Trade If dull in all departments, and as. a rule prltes are easy. Prunes are . strong, hut /aside from this there Is monr or loss shading all aroutidi The. following are the quotations t Fonxicitf— Dates,. o*o9*o} flgs,i drmns, ll@Ue{ figs,- box. 14*@10o} Turkish prunes, Jo*Qllc; r&tslus, $4.90 @9.4(1} Zanto currants, 7*@7*o,- Domehtio—Aldon apples, 180200} Michigan do, C®7o} Western do, 6®o*o; Southern - (16, 4®f?o; pesehes, pared, 18/4 20o; peaches,, halves, 000*0} do,: mixed, 4*oßo} blackberries, 0®0*o; raspberries, 40041 c; pitted ebonies, 22024 c. Not*—Filberts, 14@lfio; almonds, ■Tetragons, 91043 c} Naples walnuts, 24@230 jllrazlls. pecans, ll@19o:. African peanuts, o*@7o; Wilmington peanuts, 7®Bo{ Tonnoasco peanuts, 0 1 0Oo« < • • .17,840,609 .31,000,000 . 1,600,000 . GROCERIES— I The volume of Bates in this depart* ment,' comparatively, has been small, tho demand as for several' weeks past, being of a ll hand to mOulh ”, character,- and chiefly centered In the more staple The only ootlvity noticeable was In sugars, l the extreme low prices have operated to stimulate the demand. Coffees are.-neglected and weak.. Rice,' soaps, candles, end syrups rule steady. Spices aro' firm, and during tho week the price of pepper has ad vancedlX°*! We now qUcile: 1 Bi Chain Soda—7XoßX°- ' • Comes—Mocha, 83033X0 5 O. G, Java, 280 290; Java, Ho. 3, 20x077c 5 fancy Rio. 24X0 Sso; choice do, 34X074X0; • prime Rio. 24024x° • good do, 23X023X0 ; common do, 33X0330; roast ing do, 31k0230; Singapore, 24X®34X° t Oosla Rica, fancy, 24X026X° i do, prime, 34X034X® 5 Mar acaibo, 23X0240. ' , Oakdlka—Star, foil weight, 19X0200; stcarino, fall weight, 14X0160 ; do, abort weight, 13X014X0. Rice—Patna, 8X08X°: Rangoon,7Xo§°; Carolina, BXO9O ; Louisiana, 7X@oXo. BnoAUft—Patent out loaf, 13X013X°» powdered, UX 012o! crushed and granulated, 11X0HXO,. A, stan dard, lOX01OXo; lOXojextra 0,10X®10Xu; 0 No. 3, lOXQIOXc.; yel low C, OX01Oo; choice brown, 0X010°; prune do, ;9J4®OX°» fair-do, OQOXo t oholco raolaaies I, sugar, -9X019° ( fair do, 009X0 s New Orleans sugary choice, OX0lOo;; do prime* 0X09X0; do, fair, 8X09Xo;l common, 7XO7X O * ■ - -.. n • • ’ Btbotb—Diamond drips, $1.2501,80; sliver drips, 1 extra flue, 70@730; gOod sugar house syrup, 46048 c;, extra do, 60056 c: Hew Orleans molasses, choice, 800 ,8305'do'prlme, 73078 c: do common, 06070 c; Porto! Rico molasses, choice, 65006 c; common molasses, 80 : 0550. - BALXHATtm—Common to host, 9@loo, 86040 c; pepper, 26028 c: nutmegs, $1,2501.30; ginger, pure, 28080 c; do Ho. 1,200350; do No, 2,1 C 1 ©IOO.. Soaps—Treneb mottled, OXOCXO LGorman mottled, OXOBXO * Golden’West, 000X0; White Lily, OXO' Oxo» White Rose, 6X00X4. brown Windsor, 4XO 4Xo; palm, 600X0; SavonTmpcrial, 6X@ O X°- " . Stabob—Gloss, 9X01002 corn, 90Uo; laundry, 00 7o; common, BXO 60. • OREEN FRUlTS—Thaoxccllent demandfor lemons and oranges, together with the scarcity, of these fruits, this season, has caused another advance, oranges be ing very firm at $13.00. There was no change In tho apple trada; they are oat of season and meet with but little inquiry, and that la chiefly from the street stands. The market was full of small fruit, especially strawberries, and the choicest Michigan fruit acid at 10013X0. Raspberries',' were also lower. We quote: Apples, fair to choice, $3.6004160'p0f brl. Lemons. $10.00013.00. Oranges, $13.00-per ease. Pineapples, $3.0004.00 per aoz. Bananas, $3,000 8.00 per bunch. Gooseberries, 10013X0 per quart. Strawberries, 8013Xo. Cherries, 10016 c, Raspber ries, 12016 c. Currants, 6010 c. HOPS—There has boon no change In ibis market. The supply is very light, bat fnlly equal to present re quirements. Western are quotable at 25046 c. HAY—The overwhelming receipts of the past half dozen days have resulted In a complete breakdown In prices, the reduction amounting to fully $3.00 per ton. The demand has. been rather light, being main ly to supply local wants and for shipment to Lake 'Superior. Wo quote wholesale prices paid by dealers os follows, con to contain 20,000 tbs 1 On Thaos—Timothy. beater pressed, $14.00016.00; timothy, loose pressed, $13.60014.60; prairie pressed, $10.00012.00. On. Waoon—Timothy, loose, $13,000 14,00; prairie, loose, $9.00012,00. For delivery of pressed, $1.0001.60, according to distance. HIDES—OnIy a limited business has been done In tbls branch of trade, local as well as. Eastern tanners evincing no disposition to operate- beyond meet ing tho most pressing wonts, and prices have been weak and .variable. Wo-quote: Green city butchers’, To; green cured, Ugbt, 10X011°! do heavy,' OXOIO° J part:cured. OXOIO°. green calf. 15010 c; veal kip, 13o; dry calf. 24c; dry kip. 21o; dry salted, 17018 c; dry flint, 10020 c; long-haired kip, 10X0 Ho; deacon skins,-45055c; grubby, scored, cut.or Otherwise damaged, two-thirds price. 76,675,( LATEST. ' Tiret DoubU quality, itrenqth, ~0.76 0.00 „ 8.10 ' 12.00 0.25 10.00 11.00, ; , 10.00 ■ 45 0 60 .. DO 0 1.00 .... 1.40 0 1.60 ‘ 35 ® 40 ......... 61) 0 70 ........... 83 0 SO 45 @ 65 0.60 A 10.00 ‘ @ .... X, JUiNJS lu, IbiO. IRON AND STEED—Business, though far from be ing active. 1b Improving. The city trade is brightening up, and tue country demand remains steady. This boo a tendency to make tho market steadier for com mon, and it continued Ann for foreign' goods. Wo quote: 1r0n.... Tv..;..'. Horso-shoe iron. 4 2-10® 4 4-10 rates I'late Iron, common tank 0# ® 7 rated RUBBIa Irou 220 rates Russia Iron, No. 1 stained 210 Vlb Norway iron 9 0 9#o tsMb Norway noil rods 9# @loo lb Gorman plow-steel....; 11 @l2o’ 3Mb English cost plow steel,.., .12 @l2#o Vlb American toofstcol.... .: 17# @lßo Vlb Chrome tool steel ...... 18 &200 - lb* English tool steel 21X 0230 rates EngUahiprlngslool 11 012# rate* LEATHER—This market continues Inactive at un changed prices. Wo quote; hemlock. Olty harness.. Country harness.. Lino, city, V lb Kip, V lb Kip, veals City upper, No. 1, 9 ft City upper, No. 3. V ft.. Country upper, No. X Collar, ft Calf, city Calf, country. Bough upper, standard. ~ Bough upper, damaged Buffalo slaughter solo 44 B. A. "5010............. 0a1f.«...v...rt.*V Kip Harness. French calf, J0d0t65.00090.00 French calf, Lemolne,... 60.00080.00 French calL 24 t036 lb I.CS@ 3.50 French kip, 50 to 100 lbs 1.000 I.CS METALS AND TINNERS’ STOCK—Tho amount of business is up to tbs average at ibis season of • the year. Prices are ruling steady for tin; zinc, and wire. Cotton bottoms have declined.’ Wo quote: Tim Plate— lO, 10x14, $14.60 ; do, 12x13, $16.00 ; do, 14x20, $15.60; do, rooilug, 10, $14.00; do, 20x28, $28.00. -Pia Tim— Large, 420; small, 40o: bar, 44c, Sheet Zino—Full casks, lie; half casks,ll#oll#o; less quantity, ll#o ; slabs, 9c. Sheet Isom—No. 24, G#o rates. Galvanized Isom—No. 16030, IBo; No. 22034,16 a: No. 25020, 17o; No. 27,160: No. 28,200. A discount of 20 per cent is made from this list. Copper— Copper bottoms, 400 ; braziers, over 12 lbs, 470; tinned copper, 40o; planished copper, 4Co; do, cut to sizes, 480. ' Wise— 2 to 5,8o; 0, 6, and 9,10 c{lo to 11, llo; 12, ll#o; 13 and 14, 12#o; 15 and 10, 14o; 17,150 ; 18, 10c; 19,190 { 20. 20c ; full bundle, 16 per cent dis count ; fence wire, 7#c ; by car load, 7#o. NAVAL STORES—Tho trade is very fair, ond the prices given below are as a*rule adhered to: Manilla rope, $ lb, 18019 c; sisal rope, lb, lC0l7o; hemp sash oord, 9 lb, 29025 c ; marline, lb, 20022 c; tarr ed rope. H lb, 17018 c; oakum, y bale, $5.0000.00; pitch, y brl, $6.0007.00; tar, brl, $5.0006.00. NAlLS—were in fair demand and steady at tho pub lished rates: 10@60d per keg, $5.00 rates; 8d do, $8.25; Cd do, $5.60; 4d do, $5,87# ; 3d do, $6.50; 3d do, fine, $6.00; 2d do $8.25 ; clinch, $7.87# ; 13#o off to the trade. OILS—Tho only quotable changes In prices daring the week was a decline of Sc in united aud 1c in tur fienUno. To-day there was a fair movement, and be annexed quotations were well sustained : Oar boa, 18X@19o; ' extra lard oil, 730; No. 1, C8o; N0.3, 650; linseed, raw, 08o; do boiled,sl.o3: wbslo, 87o; sperm, f5.0035.10: neats foot oil, strictly pure, Jl.lO ;do extra, Quo; do No. 1, 75 0 ; bank oil, 700 ; straits, 760; elephant oil, 05o; turpentine, 65c; naphtha, C 3 gravity, 20o; naphtha, common, 10317 c, ; PAINTS, COLOUB, AND PUTTY—A liberal amount of sales has been accomplished in this department, aud tbe prices current a week ego have boon well sustained sll around. We continue to quote :' WHITB LEAD, Strictly pure.. Fancy brands, i . ZINC. Genuine Veille Montague American...............; OOLOBfI, Masury's railroad colors. Palace cor colors, In cans J Rochelle ochre English Yen. rpd.'. English orange mineral Pittsburgh orange mineral English red lead. American red lead. English tdnullloa, per lb Scarlet rermillon. * Paris white,,.*.<<w Whiting...; rOTTY. In bu1k..... In bladders, no IKON—No changes have taken place in tho gen eral features of this market. A liberal movement la wituosaed at steady prices: Scotch (according to brand), $62.00000.00; Tuscarawas, SOO.OO ; Massillon, $00.00; Lake 'Superior, $68.00000.00: Chicago stuns eoal. $67.00 ; Missouri stone coal, $57.000 68.00. FOULTlti—Chickens were in tolerably fair demand, choice spring being ready sole. The offerings were quite liberal, and prices were rather easy for inferior stock. Lucas and turkeys were very slow. Buies In dude 1 coop turkeys at 12>tfo ; Scoops do at 12o; 10 coops chickens at $1.60; 10 coops at $1:20; 7 coons at $1.00; 6 coops large spring at $0.0008.60: 1 coop do at $8,00; live pigeons sold at $1,60, rOTATOntf—New potatoes wurs scarce, and choice ’lots brought $6.0006.00 per brl. The demand for old potatoes In car lots was good, and as tho receipts were light, prices ranged higher. OUolcu pcachblowa were quotable at 60066 c on track. Bales include 1 oar choice l>eaohblowa at 550 on track. BALT—Was in active demand, and coarse and fine Sadea were held steady at $2.00. Dairy salt ia quoted jm $6050e lower aa follows; Onondaga and Saginaw. Ado, 10.00; ordinary coarse, (3.00; coarse -Diamond O, $2.10; ground solar. *2.10; dairy, without boon, $3.25; dairy, with hags, $4.1U®4.25; Ashton dairy, :per sack. $5.00(95.25; grourid alum, $2,000 3,40: Turk's Inland, $2,00. •' • ' I i bEEDS—Tfadlng wo* restricted to small orders for Hungarian, millet; and buckwheat, and occasionally timothy and oloveW Prices are irregular, Wo quotas Timothy nominal at $3.7604.35; clovor at $4.5005.00; flax, choice, at'sl,OOol.Us { Hungarian,’ $1.0001,10; millet, 80000 a; buckwheat nominal at $1,3001.60. Bales include 10 bags prime timothy, at $4.95 J 60 bags Hungarian at (1.10. ' TEAS—Only a moderate amount of trading has been done In teas since our last review, mid prices have undergone no quotable change. The feeling seems firms Young hyson, common to fair, 450660; do good; 6O07Oo ; do choice to extra fine, • doramou to flue old hyson, 70006 c j common Imperial, C00660j good to choice do, 8Oc@41.10; fine to good gunpowder; 7Oc0|l.OO: choice Plngsucs, $1.1601.20; extra Mp yuno, $1.85®1.40; choice to extra loaf Japan, Ssfco $1.00; fair to good do, C6@760; common do, 400466; colored natural leaf Japan, 66005 c; common to 1 fine Oolong, 850450; good, 6G0O6o; choice to extra, 65c® $1.00.. > • 1 . . ! TOBACCO—Is quloi and steady at former quota tions S'* I Funs Oct—Extra, 7C0B8o; choice, 65@700; modi-! tun; 66@C00; poor to common, 40060 c, 1 I Plug—Natural leaf, 76®B0o; half bright, 6O07Oo; black, sound, 460550. ' Bucking—Good to choice, 82®30o; medium, 29® 81o: common. 20026 c, • i WOOD—Is in good demand at the annexed prices t Beech, $3.00; maple, $10.00; hickory, $11.00; Blabs, SO.OO delivered. VEGETABLES—Fresh receipts were in request: at about the same ■ tango of prices, as fol lows: Peas, $1.0003,00 per bu; string beans, 1 $2.0002.60 per bu; cucumbers, 35076 c per dos now onions, per brl, : $6.0006.76 ; spinach. 780 OSI.OO- per brl; radishes, 2O02Bo;* squash, Bo per lb; asparagus, 75®00o; pie-plant, 103#o per lb; lettuce, 6Oc0)l.OO ;>er brl; cabbage, $1.0001.12# peri doz; turnips, 80060 c pordoz; beets, 400500 per dozjl carrots, 40060 c; tomatoes, $3.0003.60 per box, or $4.00 psr bu ; carrots, 35c. ! i WOOL—The condition of this market la substan-t Hally the same os last week. New wool is coming in * slowly, and in many parts of the country the farmers. are right in tbo midst of shearing. Dealers look for a fair inquiry from Eastern manuaaoturors, and two or three have been looking through the market the past! Week, but we have not hoard of any actual sales of: now wool, and tho market Is, still In on, unquotable : condition. Old wool Is very scarce. Tho following l prices aro more particularly for old wool, though the | inside rates on fleece are what the ■ dealera think wIU i be about the basis for new : ‘ Tub, washed, extra medium,.;; ;r,r. Tub, washed, common to fair. Common dingr............... Fleece, washed, XkXX, light, Fleece, washed, XAtXX, dingy. Fleece, washed, medium light. Fleece, unwashed, X&XX, In gc -Fleece, unwashed, coarse to mi Fleece, nuwaahou, coaxso, am Super, pulled Extra, pulled - Burry wool 10020 a loss RAILROAD FREIGHTS- 1 ! 170 continue to quote Chicago to Now York Boston ...... Philadelphia and Baltimore. Pittsburgh and 8e11a1re..... Albany.... .' 8uffa10........... Cleveland.... Washington Wheeling, W.Va Wilmington, N. O. Savannah, Qa Montreal and Prescott • CHICAGO LIVE-STOCK MARKET. Toesdat Evektko, Juno 17. ; The receipts of live stock since Saturday bavo boon as follows: Monday. Tuoßduy, Total Same time lout week. Week before last, Shipments were an follows . Cattle. Ilona, Sheep. Monday 2,870 2,055 108 Some Idea of the extent of the operations of one of our most prominent cattlo shippers—lsaac Wsixcl— may bo gained from the fact that between the hours of 0 and 2 yesterday, his individual purchases reached 1,671 head. Tho prices paid ranged from $5.00 to 16.75, and required tho dlsbursomout'of $130,000. CATTLE—WhiIe, in comparison with yesterday, there was no important change in prices, the general features of tho markotwere decidedly more favorable for sellers, a falling off of nearly one-half in the re ceipts, together with the more cheerful tone of advices from the East, rendering a more confident tone all around. The attendance of buyers wae somewhat above the average of Tuesdays, Now York, Albany; Boston, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Buffalo, Cleveland, and other. Eastern points beiug represented, and • although in-! divldually their purchases were not largo, the aggre gate made a good showing. Tho quality of tho stock offered was by no means satisfactory. Choice droves comparatively were'few, tho major portion of tho offerings coming under the head of “ common ” and 11 medium." Sales wero reported at. s3,oo(—prin cipally at $4.00@5.60, with $5.25 about an average. Shippers operated at $4,60(36.00 for Texas cattle and common to medium natives, at $5.26(36,60 for good’ steers, and at $3,65(30,15 for choice to extra. The wants of local butchers wore chiefly supplied at $3,00(34.75 for common to extra cows and poor to ‘ fairish steers. Texas cattle were, to d certain extent, neglected, and only those in good flesh wero eatable at any fair price. Veal calves met with a liberal Inquiry, at $3.60(30.60 for poor to choice. The completion of the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railroad opens up a now routo for tho cattlo trade of Eastern, Central, and Southern Texas, establishing, as it docs, an all-rail route between Guivoeton.and Chi cago. As the now routo offers tho most direct, 1 speedy, and cheap transportation to Ohiosgo, a large proportion of tho Texas cattlo seeking a Northern market will, no doubt, in the future reach tho city via Use Missouri, Kansas ft Texas Road. Ablleno, Ellsworth, Wichita, and. Ohorokco will, for some time at least, continue to bo tho'chief shipping points for the trado ef Northern and Western Texas. Tho opening of the now route brings Quincy into prominence as a cattle market, and the whig of that city comments as follows : «• Kansas City aspires to be the groat recruiting point for the cattle herds before they are sent forward on their last stage to tho Chicago market; but the line of tho Mississippi, as being nearer Chicago, and in tbs heart of a more richly stocked grain region, will come Into greater prominence in this respect, especially for those herds which come over the Missouri, Kansas U Texas Road. ’ - 44 The City of Quincy is especially favorably situated to become a great cattle market. It has abundant water, abundant food, easily accessible on both sides of the river, and Is convenient to Chicago, which is tbs headquarters of tho great cattlo-doalors' and backers of tho West. Hero must eventually ho established im mense stock-yards, for tho temporary accommodation and recruiting of tho herds from tho Southwest, before forwarding them to market, and there will also baa natural and increasing tendency to engage in packing hero, saving the cost of transportation here of live animals farther north, and leaving tho stocks ready for shipment cast, west, north, or south, as the necessities of the market may demand.” The market closed quiet and steady* @ 6 6-10 rates .$ SO® 41 , SO® 38 . 41® 48 . 60® 1.10 , 85® 1.20 . 25® 30 , 25® 27 . 23® 27 . 20® 23 . 1.20® 1.40 . I.lo® 1.25 . • SO® 35 . 27® SO . S3® 37 . 20® 82 1.20® 1.45 76® 1.10 40® 45 QUOTATIONS. Extraßeoves—Graded steers, averaglngl,4oo Iba and up ward 6.0006,10 Choice Beeves—Fine, fat, well formed 3 year to 6 year old steers, averaging 1,200 to 1,350 lbs 6.0005.75 Good Beeves—'NVoll-fattoned, finely formed steers, averaging 1,100 to 1,250 lbs., 6.9905,50 Medium Grades—Steers in fair flesh, aver aging 1,060 to 1,200 lb Butchers’ Stock—Common to fair steers, and good to extra cows, for city slaughter, averaging 800 to 1,100 tbs 3.6004,76 Stock Cattle—Common cattle, In decent flesh, averaging 700 to 1,030 lbs 3.6004.76 Inferior—Light and thin cows, heifers, stags, bulls, and scallawag steers 3.0003.25 Cattle—Texas, Northern wintered 3.7605,00 Cattle—Texas, UirougQ droves.. 3,0003.60 A'o. 33 good steers. 15 good eteura. 17 good steers, 17 cows 84 medium steers. 98 good steers, 10 c0w5....... 80 choice steers, Ib good steers.... 20 medium sheers, 107 good steers.... ICO choice steers.., $11.00011.60 0.00010.50 14.C0 11.60012.00 ilßTexas cattle..., 14 cows 60 choice steers. . 11.60 <0.50010.60012.60 . 8.600 8.75 . 4.00 . 16.60010.00 . 18,00 . 12.00 , 11.00011.60 . 1.400 1.46 . 28.00 . 8.600 4.00 . 3.000 2.60 14 choice steers, 10 choice steers, 15 good steers., 93 oholcestocrs, 18 cows. 11 butchers* 5t0ck.......... 81 good steers.... 48 extra steers..,. 40 good Htcera 10good stoeri.... 14 cows, 70 oholco stoora, 134 oholco steers, 133 Texas stoora, C 7 Texas steers, ViG* O 288 Tens 'stUicra!”. jjow *MH 11008—Tho bog trade was dull uudwcak, at a mark* od decline from last week’s closing prices, Opening sales did uot show a reduction of more than 16320 c, $4.1004.00 being paid, but before noon prices bad eoU tied down another 180, or to f1.2534.C6, from which low range they did not recover. Tho receipts were not unusually heavy, but wore sufficiently large to give buyers the Advantage, and they improved. % Olor iug prices were f4.MQ4.35 for poor to common; $4.40 @4.60 for medium, and $4.6504.70 forgood to choice, uoa BOLES. Xo. j v . JYiffl. iVo. Av. Trice. 60 921 • $4.40] 84 10T $1.70 18 90S 4.45 42 20!) 4.40 At 160 4.05 20 280 4.60 106 203 4,AS 20 383 4.60 03 887 4.00 20 800 4.80 1 40 100 4.65 82 312 4.80 61 102 4.60 80 134 4.50 40 840 4.25 61 105 4,70 40 200 4.C0 60 212 4.67 No, Av. Price, 40 225 |4.65 40 SO4 4.511 48 215 4.DS 50 275 4.70 ; 21 800 4.40 24 280 4.55 61 185 4.05 48 204 4.65 65 251 4.50 83., ,108 .4.00 53 200 4.00 84 221, 4.60 61 363 4.40 67 • 357 4.45 44 383 ■ 4.40 45 324 6.00 03 317 4‘GO 170 200 4.46 50 108 4.60 60 211 4.60 07 204 . - 4.40 68. 109 4.75 SHEEP—'The sheep trade was Inactive, owing to (he meagre supply of stock, and values may bo considered unchanged. Wo quote common to medium at $3,000 4,001 and good to choice at $1,25(45.00, Lambs sell at $1,6003.60 each. - THE CHICAGO DRY GOODS MARKET.,' Tuesday Evening, June The past, half doxoA days have developed no Impor tant changes in the market for domestic dry goods. ‘ Nothing bos occurred to disturb tho quiet mually prevalent at this period, or to unsettle price*, which are now steady and uniform. Very few interior mer chants are to'b« aeon, the bulk of the biinlncsi being transacted through the medium of mail orders, and a look through our loading wholesale houses would lead to the belief that comparatively littlo was being done, but while individually the orders - are small, they . make a very respectable aggregate, and taking Into consideration the extreme quiet characterizing moat other departments of. trade, our dry-goods merchants express themselves as well ? leaned with the amount of sales accomplished, la he more popular brands of bleached and brown cot tons Increased activity is noticeable,—a result of the extremely low prices recently established,—and, al though no immediate advance is looked for, the mar-. kot, at the moment, exhibits a decidedly firm tone. ) The demand for'carpetings continues steadily fair, both on local and Interior account, and the quotations of a week ago have been steadily maintained. The Jfiononttof and Dru Goodt Reporter says: "In the market for the eluplo there has been quite » flurry, and the price has rapidly risen under a pres sure of the bulls to squeeze the boars in providing themselves for their July contracts. For the months of July and August the market has boon largely over sold, and fine grades being scarce, the bulls have taken advantage of the wanta of their opponents, and cor nered the market on them. It Is one of (hose occur rences in which the tactics of Wall street have been adopted and successfully played, but If the wrecks that strew the way do not absorb all the profit made by tbo winning party, they will be more fortunate than they are deserving of. The prices are nominal, and show no response by the Liverpool market, which is a fair indication that the movement is a personal one, and confined, to the circumference of the Exchange and tbo operators therein." 4<K3Boe, . 430480 , 400450 ' id! 1i0n... .260380 ........<..360300 r...» 250280 AUanUo A, 4-4 13#o Allantlo H, 4-4 13 Atlantic D, 4-4 13 AUanUo P,4-4 11 Indian Head, 4-4,...13# Indian Head, 3-4., ..11# Stark A, 4-4 13# ' Naalivlus,-80 In 13 NaalxTilio, 801n.. ...11 rant bi Nashua E, 40-ln IS o Naahua It, 80-in 13# Nashua 0, 33-in 12# Popporoll E,40-1n... 14 PcpperoU 11, 30-in...13# Popporoll 0,33-in... 11# Pepper oil N,BO-1n,..10# >od coc edlum. 1 ding] id ateady. faro active a !To O O !il I 1! rn McrrlmaoW, Pink...l3#o Merrlmao D. Fancy.. 11 Oocheco Fancy 11# DnnncU Fancy 11 Richmond Fancy....ll American Fancy 10# Sprague Fancy 10# Glances ter 10# OIMOE ..H o I ..14 | OOBfIET SJ?§ ?S3 Renfrew., Lancaster 8a1e5.... Naumkcag Ratteens..M*c Peqaot satteens IS* Laconia 13 OAMnnica. Garner Flat 8 o I Slater’s Paper B*o Washington 8. j Manville Taper 8* High colors, 1 cent extra. BLCAOUEI Lonsdale cambric...33*c Lyman, do ...23 Now York Mills 20*o Wamsutta 10* Pride of the West.... 20 Langdon, GB ..19 Fruit of tbo Loom.. .10 Lonsdale IS Androscoggin. L....15 c Hill 15 Auburn, A 15 Cattle, . 6,033 . 3,000 Hogs, Sheep, 6,653 764 19,500 341 18,053 1,194 10,638 770 27,850 1,609 6,033 0,165 8,675 Minnehaha, 4-4 95 o Minnehaha, 7-8. 30 Amoakeag, AGA 39 Amoakeag, A ..33 Amoakeag, 11 20 Amoakeag, 0 18 Amoakeag, D ..10 York 51ue...........25 c Amoakeak 20 ,• Columbian.... .<....24 OtIs.AXA ;;,...22* Otis, 13D ;....20 * OtU, GO 17* Bxm Minnehaha, 0-3 23*0 : Amoakeag, 0-3 18 i Amoakeag, 3-3 17 XJncaavilie, A.' 14 . oinrEi Standard white 37#0 Rockford, QGG 35 Reaper City 34 CARPS Ta^utry V.iUs Thre* Hartford,>tf Hartford, 1mp'1.... 1.45 i Inn i Smith's tapestry SI.BO Hartford extra 1.10 Hartford mod 05 Belgrade jiHas, JirusieU, I Higgins. | Boxbury >Ply. I Lowell <1.40 | Smiths b Suifordi. 1.45 f aiM. Lowell extra..... Lowell superfine, ... Common w001... ,85 Union..... Hemp, Common plain., 23#@27c j Twilled and ox. pi’11,...340 ilatiinq. English cocoa, beat....850 China matting 4-4 80s American common.. ..650 China matting 5-4 35a American best ...,750 China matting 0-4 400 Bed and wb. chic 4-4 . ,35c Bed and wh. cb’k 0-4. ,45a lied and wh, chic 0-4 ..40c TERMS. Bright*®.. Orosslej’a, Spool thread, groin hags, etc., 80 days, or 1 per cant off 10 days. Domestic*, cottonades, Kentucky Jeans, etc., 1 per cent off 30,3 per cent off 10 days. llegular department goods, 4 per cent off 60,6 per cent off 30, 6 per cent off 10 days. MT IS HOME WHOM ORGAN? And what will an organ now be. without a copy of DITSON * GO'S now. delightful, complete collection of Hood Organ ftloalo, called tuo ORGAN AT HOME! Every Organ need* it I The Oraan at Home! Dost collection for Reed o Ivganel >OO not difficult pi ■ o o rCxan-ked that no dull muilo Is In them: - the or .-A*. smooth, legato style used, bat . aeanbrgalT at iTome should be cheerful, 1 light And staccato mualo Is not excluded. At present The Organlnabomelsoftensilent, for Xtomo music is not provided for it. Hero Is h Orao-Uke, easy, familiar, now muslo, at holVte In every nation, In footaUkisdeby whom Everybody considers the best com* posers. The publishers take pride and pleasure In pro* souttug suob a superior book U> the public, and bolievo It worthy to be at home in ovory family. ' Price, Boards, $3.60; Cloth, $3.00; Tull gilt, $4.00. OLIVER DITBON & CO., OHAB. H. DITBON & Oft BOSTON. 711 E'dmyi How Tort X.YOIT ■& HEAIiY. Chicago. Av. Priu, '1,030 $5.35 .1,363 6.55 .1,053 6.50 .1,039 4.00 .1,097 .1,004 s,oa>g , GBHENBBXEB WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, West Virginia, Famous for tlioir Alterative Waters and Fash* ionaWe ratrounffe, are Now Open. Tlinjr are % <OO hot .loro tlilo "ftor, n«orflniro»U™ ro. list trim. pruitrAtlng Aiimrqpr bet. CapAdlr for acoobi modatliik* 2.Oft) persona. Charges, $3.(0 par day, $-1 per Wl Wo’aro alSSironriotor?of the Snoot Chalybeate Springy, »«' N »" ln « T °“ l ° fc r. hr th. u.O of viAltor. ’ ri All point. In th. Wo., will be to Olcolnnatl by raft 5 thence by tint-claa* packet boat to Huntington (IWwlIoa). and thence by the Ohoaa neake * Ohio Railroad to the While Sulphur. P Pamphlet can bo had for both watering nlaoos at this office, and also at tlia drug stores of Van Bohasok, file veoioa <1 Reid, and Gale & Block!, Chicago, 111. iutbs: . ... White Sulphur, per day, $8.50; week. s2l; month, SBS. Sweet Chalybeate, per day, S3; month. S7O. • lor, apply 1. 00. ,1,101 ,1,295 .1,103 .1,263 5.G0 ,1,03‘J 0.00 ,i,iwa 6.:i5 ,1,321 6.60 730 3.00 ,I,2ft) 5.C5 1.243 6.C0 , 070 .1,183 4.20 STOCKHOLDERS’ MEETINGS. Chicago, Danville & Vincen nes Eailroad. The annual meeting of the itookbo Idere of the Chicago, Danville £ VlaoonnoaJUllroad Company, for the election of Directors, and tio tVaniaotlonof encli otiier buetneaa aa may come before tho mooling, will b« !}•*“ *i„HjS flloo of theOomnaay.No, Weit lUndolpb-et.. lath* Olty of Chicago, 111., on Wedpeeday.June 18, 1878. 111. I»UwlUba gM|ttaJli 4.60 00 103 4.78 4.45 103 370 4.75 4.46 07 100 > 4»05 4.40 40 SOS '4.40 4.45 21 253 4.30 45 250 114 245 205 3C3 103 241 164 234 QUOTH nnowN IOTIONS. OTTONB. Great Falla £, 4-4..,13 o Cabot A, 4-4 12# ; Cabot Vf t 4-4 11# Lawrence, L L, 4-4..11# Agawam F, 4-4 10 Sbawmut, LL 11 i Swift 1t1r0r*........ 9# Uoaler, 4-4 10 UUca 0 0 \ mowNfl. Dwight Star, 4-4. ...14 0 Continental 0.......14 Lawrence D ....14 Newmarket A..<....11#, Massachusetts 88..11#. Maaaaohuaetta £....10#- Poctamouth P fi I NTS. Garner Fancy o>£« Amoskoag Fancy.... 0 Mourning 11 to 11 if • Shirting 10 to 11 Mallory, Pink 12 Mallory Purple Manchester 11 V*amautta Fancy.... 7% IAMB. Amoskoag Glasgow. Hartford JUANS, Ilockport 12* a Columbian 11% Indian Orchard 13 Blackslono, AA 13* Cabot.; 14 Dwight Star IS Western Product.... 13 Harris ..........14 Quid Medal 12* Social, L 11* GroeuH 9* .10* Green, Q. Methuen, AA;..23 a Willow Brook, No. 1.23 • ■ Portland, AAA 35 York. 32-inoh 25 Ybrk, 30-lnch 21 Poclflc.... 15 Swift River 12* I IMS.' .Warren, AX A... 22*« Warren, BB 20* . Warren. CO 17* I Haymaker .14 Boston.. 13* ; Whlttonton, A 45 • Whittenton, 0 12* • American, 0-3 14 I American, 3-3....... 13 WABP. Peerless...,. 87>tf« Bee Hive, colored... ,35 NEW PUBLICATIONS. SUMMER RESORT- M a .12* .$1.30 . 1.32* , 060753 .eoOCOi

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