Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 18, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 18, 1873 Page 7
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CITY REAX, ESTATE. <OR BAtB-HY if. 0. VIRRLINQ, IUUL BATATA • Axont, IMDoarborn'it., Itoomlßi t Wabub-ar., 60 foot, caaat front, near Miobltan-ar., ooUaro and lot noftr’f wonlr-fourtU-Bt. Indlana-at., homo tad Pralrlo av., homo and M foot lot, near Twonly-fourth-Bt. Twenby-aUth-tt., homo tnd lot near Indlana-ar,, linmw, oottAflea, tml ttoiut lota, ‘ •<“ ThlrtjMOTonth-st.. 36 foot, near Wabadi-aT. Twonfy-nUilhit., ho foot, At awa-at., at or 48 foot, near LlnoolnaU. Adama-it., 80 tail, near Abordnnn«at<'i *>'< t \ ABhlAUd-tT., 2Bfoot, nearTwolftb*»t.' , J nnlturon-Bt., 60 foet, n««r Woaloru-aT. Warwm-ar., BO loot, near ’ ■ Warten-ftT.. 46 foot, near Oakloy-at., Krlff-it., 35 fool, near Olark-it. )yhUlnß-(it. M foot, oast of WclU at. , Hubbard»al., 80 foot, cursor Nobloifci F.O. VIimUNQ. T?OR, SALB-LOT9 FOII IMPRUV2Z MKNT"” ON *■' 4aay torma and at loir prices. _ . Wabaab-av., aouth-ooit coinor Thlrly.fourlh-at., l S2sx 170 fopti , , , , • Wabaah*AT., aoutliwoat corner Thirty-Qnt-it., ICOxIW foot, . • • MloblAnri-at., between Thlrly-iocoad and Thirty*third* ate., 6o*ii» foot. Mlchlgan-nr., between Thirty-fourth and Thlrly-Qfth •!«., 60x160 foot. InJlana-a?., norlhoait comor Thirtieth-at., 180x180 font.. . • ■ , South Park boulevard, near Thlrly-iovonth-ifc., 800x804. j; klaus WAitowC‘.r. •. 18 Chamber of Commerce. F J BOR SALE-LOTS ON T\VKLFTII-BT., NEAR ’ Robny, couth front; lota on Ashland, Cypress, 1 Ohoat dut, Olivo,' Uobsy, Taylor, aud Krndnll-stej, and Ogden av. Lotvjiriens and oaay terms. WHITTLESEY' BUN NEI.r.’ABATES, RoomO, 140 Laßallo-et. FOlt BALE-FIRST OLAB3 COTTAGE AND . LOT, cast front, on Kondali-et.t #I,OOO o&sh, balanco monthly. WHITTLESEY, BUNNELL * BATES, Room 9, 149 LaSallo-at. .• . ; IHOR BAI.E-A FINE BUSINESS BUILDING ON ’ EnstLako-at.. -10x195 foot, 4 stories and basement, tmUtlntliodera stylo la tlio most substantial manner; leased for 6 years, and paying a rental of about 17 par oontnor annum over and above all taxes, exnomos, oto., on price asked.- Apply or address OO D, Nos,-166 and ltd List Lako-st., up utiilrsj , -■ j - TTOR BALK—3 LOTS ON WEBSTER-AV., £5X125 1} caoti, south front. Just outside Bra limits, and near Lincoln Pack and horse can t only nor foot, worth 870; terms easy: title perfect. S. W.KROFF, 146. LaSalle ■t,t Boom 14< • ~ •- ■ -■ * FOR SALE-FINE 9-STORYpWELLING, 18 ROOMS, wntor, 010., on West Side, lot 43x180, cast front: only 6*1,000 down, balaneo on easy terms,- Apply to GIBSON* A iIOSMEIi, 116 Randolph-st. IjlOR SALE—OOTTAOB-IIOUBIS AND LOT, 293 1 South Jefforson-at. Will bo sold at a bargain; torme easy. CalLon tbo owner. D, O. GEARY* 74 west Madl son-st. House vnoaot. Title perfect. * Foil* SALE—OR RENT-1477 PRAIRIE-AV.—NICE cottage, 3 parlors, dining-room, kitchen, ;4 bedrooms, closets, gu, water, marblb mantel, lot 39x125, shado tree*. currant bushes; (9,000; only 0500 down; .900: monthly. ... Mlcblgan*av,—Elegant octagon marble homo, oppoillo tho splendid residence of K. 11. Hadduok Jtin.- - . . 371011 SALE-MICHIGAN-AV.— THREE BRICK • stores, southwest corner of Mlchlgan-av.-'and Madl aon-st. Will toll thoao buildings for 04,000 and giro a lease of tho Ist at a reasonable rate, or will soil the two; corner stores for 00,600. Tboea storos will ■ furnlih * Tory convenient storage. J. E3AIAS WARREN, 18 Cham ber of Commerce.- i . ‘ ' IBOR SALE—MIOIIIOAN-AV.—HOUSE AND LOT • near J. KSAIAB WARREN, 18 Clumber of Commerce. TBOR BALB RIVKR-ST.—LARGE FIFTY FOOT P warohouso, renting for 06,000. Price, 046,000.' Terms. 00,000 cash; assumption or incumbrance for 825. cop, balance in good property, or time. J. EBAIAS WARIIEN, 18 Ohatnbor of Commerce. ■ - ■ TBOR SALE-GOOD LOTS ON ,TER FOLLOWING JL 1 streatat State, Burnside. Bnttorilold, Arnold, Gari baldi, Hanover, Bailor, Wallace, Summer, Winter, Mur ray, andßalstod; also on Wentworth, Shurtlolf, Portland cud Btowart-avs; also on Alexander, Twenty-fourth, Twenty-sixth, Twenty-seventh, Twenty-eighth, Napoleon, Twouty*nlnth, Earl, Thirtieth, Haven. Thirty-first, Thlr ty-sccond. Thlrty.thlrd. Thirty-fifth, Thirty-sixth, Thirty seventh, Fontaine, and Thirty.olghth-sts.. Title perfect. Warranty deeds. A very small payment down, five year's time, 6 por cent interest. No agenoy business. Apply to owner, ALBERT CRANE. 873 Wabasb-av. - Jhoa SALE—LINCOLN PARK-LOTS FRONTING ’ Fullorton-av.. Raoino-av,, Fremont-st., and Webster-' av.. inthe neighborhood of Lincoln Park; street railway within a fow blocks; cheap lota and on very easy terms. ■Apply WW. D. KiCRFOOI A 00., 90Ki.t tfuhSi ton-su >R BALE-CENTRAL PARK-LOTS FADING Washington, Lake, Madison. Monroe, Adams, Jack son, andFulton-st*.,and Park, Warren, and California-, are., between Wostcra-av. and Oontral Park, at from **?h on easy lenni. Apply to WM. D. KKRFQQT A CO., 90 East Woshlngtonst. *l7Oll SALE-WEST TWELFTH-ST WB HAVE JL: just mads a Subdivision of tbo Blook bounded by "Vost Twelfth, Sampson, Eohoy, and lloyno-sta, and wo arc prepared to Roll lota on either of those streets cheap, on easy toms, Twolfth*BU or boulevard UIM foot wide, and is finely macadamized. Parties purchasing lot* on 16 now can bo Buro of realizing a handaomoprontfrom thoir Investment. Apply to W. I). KEUFOOT4 Ooi, 90 East Wafhington*st. F 'pit BALE- tm, SIM, AND«WO, ON EASY TERMS, p. lots near MUwaukee-av. and Inside of the old city lira* Its, accessible by stroot oars and omnibus-Hno: • hlch nround; title perfect. Thcso lots will bo worth SI,OOO in iwo years. Ufcgoat Inrostraontln the city.' Call and lot os take ron to soo them. A. G, BTOIIEY A SON, US Booth Olark-at., Room 8, , f For sale-cheap lots, northwest of Humboldt Park, only 8200 each; terms easy; title, porfoot. 8. W. KBOFF. 145 La.S\llo-it., Room U. . For bale-by n. o. mouey, ti cbarkst.- Store and lot northeast cornor Boddan and Twenty elfflitli-Bls.; storo 20x60, and rooms baok; lot, 83x125: s!<■ &QO, sl,Booensh, balance long time 6 por cent. 'CTOR6ALB—IO LOTS ON EOAN-AV., CORNER OP Ju Stownrt-ftT.; 23 teotonLangloy-av,. .between Forty ■ooond andForty-lbird-sts.; tftxlGO on Klmbark-av., bo twooti Filty.alxta and Flltr-sovcnth-sts,-; 50*160 on la* dUntt-aT., between Fifty*thlrd-and Flftr-fourth-sta. 1 10 lots on Second and Krlo-ata, between liubon and Noble* •U.; lOlotson Weit-nrn-av., noarLsughton-et. j3olotson near Woatorn-av.; 10 Jots on CampboU*st., E oar Mooro*st.; 60x170 on SllolHgan-av., with first-class ouso; 25x110, with. two-Btory frame. hoaso, on Fourth* rt. , between Harrison and Polk-sta. WINQ 4FABIAN.-, E5 East ~\Va»hlncton»Bt. t ‘ Room 4. - F IOR SALE—THE THREE VERY HANDSOME now iwoll-front honaos, with brick stable*, Nob. 182, 181, and ISC Park-av., between Wood and Lincoln*aU. Terms to suit. Also, ,4 lamolota on Taylijr-et., botwoon Wood and Ltnaoln-ats. Prioo ifl.lOOofloli. Term* Tory Apply to Uio owner, 534 >yo»t Waahlnfiloa-at., or ot IBt Parlc-ttT. TROR SALIi-A GOOD HOUSE AND LOT ONMIOHI. X irnn.Rv., near Forty-sooond-st.; can' be bought at a bargain; alao vacant lots on the nvenues and 6n the South’ 1 ark. No. 65 Wathlngton-st., Room 6, L. ,W.'STONE. ' F*Oli SALE—BY MATSON HILL, 108 AND 110 Doarborn-st.: _ ... Indlnna-av.—3sV(ilßo foot, between Sixteenth and Elglilconth ats., 8256 per foot, all cash... Dcarborn-et.—SoxllQ feel, touthwest corner Huron-st. TBOR SALE-LOTS’TN THE NEW X' corner of Ashlandwiv.- and D<mglaa‘place,-<at SSOO to 8800 each. According toTocatloa;' special terms' to" those who will improve atones; those aro among the bost : ln. •vestmenta In cheap lots now offered In. the market. MEAD A COE, 163 LaSalla-et. . For salr-n. e. m.of block 5, corner of Grand llavon and Astor-ste., opposite Union sonars, and bounded by street* and alloys, Address-U 18, Trib une etttoo. < - - . - •6*>OR BALE-AT A BARGAIN-LOTS ON WEST- X? ern-av., Polk,- Taylor. Twollth-fts.,-and Campbell. Parties wishing to build no money required down, nnd, if desired, will furnish a part of tho money to build. Inquire of QUO. OADWELL, on promises, -or at 135 South Clark-st., in bank. 1?OIl BALE-NKAB FIELD, LEITER i CO.’S, ON Alndlaou-at., 60x183 foot;! long tlmo on largo portion of purchase money. MERRILL A ENGLE, Room 8. Metropolitan Block. ‘ , ... CIOR SAI.K-AT A BARGAIN—THU DESIRABLE X 1 reiiuonce, 1119 Indlana-av., containing 14 rooms, hand some saloon parlor, conservatory, brick store-room, two bath-rooms, hot and cold water all through th« house, frescoed celling*, painted walls, plato glass windows. vlo.,ote. There it also a lino bam on the premises,-ana everything Is In perfect repair, Possession given at an; tlmo. Callbotwoon4 to 6on any day daring the week.. POR SALK-VERY CHOICE LOT’ PRAIRIE-AV., of 100 foot, *t*loo, worth*l2s, MERRILL A ENOLIi! Room 6, Metropolitan Blook. :• , i . . ; IJIQR SALK-BY IT. F. ELDRED A CO., REAL ’ Lstato and Huuso Ranting Agents; 166 Munroo-st. 80 acres between Harrison and Twolfth-st*. and Crawford av. nud tho bonlovard.. • . .30 fccres in Sec. 25, 89. 18.; 20 acres in See. 7, 87, 14. a abort distance sooth o( where the seminary is located. 20 acres wftst of Central Park, noar Northwestern ear shops, or will sell Aaoro blocks. ■ 13 acres in Sod. 18, 89,13,-northof Barry Point-road.- - I?OR SALE-LOTS 60x153 ON PRAIRIE AND IN-. Vdlana-avs. at 816 per foot. Terms, Kcash, balsnoo In 1 end 3 years. Soouro one before they are all gone. By taking 100 foot will soil either ono of four corners for somo price. J., HENRY .WEIL, 160 Dcarbora-st.. Room 6. , - EOR SALE-2-STORY AND BABESIENT HOUSE, with good lot, liancley-av. and 8 rooms anci well built; *8,oU0; small payment.down and longtime. 190x135, Langloy-av. and Forty-aeoond-at., only 60 foet from tho corner; cboloo bollding property; nr will soil part very cheap. LINGLE A DARLOW, • 135 Dearborn-*!. FOR SALE-CHEAP—A ritOPKHTY-4 LOTS ON MadUon-st., 4 lota on each aldo of Monroo-st., 4 lota on Wlloorst., and bouao and barn, inquire at 1064 Woat Madison-st. For salr-20 acres near asiiland-av. and D'iftr*fl(tli*Bt« boulevard, In Mucks of onoto tiro acres, at low figures. J. W. UEOENBEUO, 99 East Madlsoa at., Room 4. FOR BAIJC—96O,OOO—a desirable piece op improved business property, pajing $10,600 per annum scourod rental; part oau remain on time. B. lIBNNB >DY, 145 Olark-Bi., Rooms 3d and 37. ... FOR SALK-IMPROVED BUSINESS AND RESl denco property, To oapitallst* socking Invostmonts of this clans wo can offer some good bargains CANFIELD A MATTESON, 60 LaSalle-st. ■ 1?OR BALB-AT A BARGAINHIF SOLD IMMR . dlatoly—ono lot 26x135, on PraTrlo*av., east front, HUlo north of Douglas Place. J, H, KEELER, 146 Clark* et., corner Madison. Ip UR RALE—3OxI2S, ON OALUMKT-AV., BETWEEN . Twenty-third and Twcnty-fourlh-uta. Also 49x161, on Wabasb-av., north of Thlr(ioth-at. J. 11, KEELER, 145Clurk-st,, oornor Madiaon. . IrtOß SALE—BRICK HOUSE AND LOT, COTTAGE ' Grave Plaoo, noar-Tnlrty-lirst-at., S6,MW. Lot onStato-st., near Twonty-iUth-ni., $l4O per foot. LotaonContru-at., n*ar Lincoln Park, $135 nor foot. PHILIP MYERS A CO., 18 Major Block. FOR SALE-100 FKKT CORNER KVAKS-AV. AND' oicMS^oif,fk.J?! dcd b ‘ r “* ta ' “ uAy FOR BALE-FOUR DWELLINGS, RENTED TO on West MadUmi.«t.. for about value of tho ground. BOYD A WISNKR. Ki Do&rbnrn-at. FOR SALE. FORBALE-TIIB CHEAPEST AND BEST STOCK of Eastern baby oanlnpo* In tho city at tho Willow Waro Manufactory, No. 116 west MsdUim-st. FOR SALE-CANNONS MOUNTEIi-FlllßAUMfil ammunition, Hags of all kinds, Ohlnoao lanterns, red nnd bluo lights for Illuminating, lent*, wngim-oovurs.niil. Itary equipments at Govommout Goods Depot, 195 and 107 EastLako-st. I-pOB SALE-DOG, A BRIGHT, YOUNG, THOR* ' oughbrod Nowfoundlund. Call aftorSp. m., at4b9 North LsSallo»at. ; [TiOR SALB-A NEW PATENT. APPLY AT 238 U Aberdoon-st. J. MAHTIW. Ti’Oß BALE—A NO. 1 NEW MILCH COW. INQUIRE I 1 at BARCLAY'S, corner Munroo and WlnchosUir-sta. or ill Biato-st. • - TpOR SALE-A QORNIOK BREAK; ONE.SET OF I 1 rollon; one folding ina.diluc; drawing table; ono burring msohlno, do. J. E. TAVLOH, lid Doarborn-st. 1 SEBURBAN REAI, ESTATE. ,771011 BALR-OHOIOR SUBURBAN LOTS ON THE •J.’ i Milwaukee Hallway, tlx tnllee diilanl, and twouty nilnntea' tide, in Oljbourn’s Addition to Ravenswond. Those’late ore laid out WxlM foot on 80 foot streets,'and will be *old upon easy terms, at from 9CKU to S7OO per lot. Th 6 facilities for aooois io and froth ilia city—tim desir ability of llto land—it being high and thoroughly dralusd -- tho proximity to flnt-olast itnproromonia, enurdhns, ■ohools, and aocioty, commend tills property as the best at (ho prioo now In the market. . ' - . Comparison ohallonged i Tho attention of the Indus trtoui-tho thrifty—tho cautious—la ooltucl to thoswlota as ilte* for homosluada or invoitmoniiM Coil, fora printed abstract ami ploL upon ; 1 f UOBaftTOß, Room 3. OR SALE—TO BUILDERS—THAT BEAUTIFUL ( tract of ground adjoining thd city limit* on the south and fronting on Egan and Vlnoenn:s-ivvs., and on South Dark and Oakwood boulevards, la now oflorod to builders r and capitalists, in lota to suitpurebasers, and mi tho most liberal tortus. The strongest Inducements will be glron to those who wish to bulla Immediately, and those who build In so choice a location, while mat oriel and labor are very low, must mall to a handsome pro (It tu tho fall. Title beyond question; J. BSAIAS WARREN, 18 Chamber of uotnmoroo,, . * FOR SALK-IN TUB NORMAL SCHOOL flUßDl vlsion at Englewood, 100 desirable lute. Partiua look ing for suburban homos should not purchase until they Visit this locality. WHITTLESEY, BUNNELL A ( BATES, Room 9, 140LaSaUoat. .. ~ , .. Foil sat,e-lots in ievambton, n front by 160 deep, luoludlng trees and sidewalks, for SMJ); terms, QlO monthly payments, orif cash, balance In 1, 8, and It years. 1 offer lo more at thle price. Those lots are within 6 blocked school, depot, stores, and market, and 8 from the M. E. Church, and 2 from tho railroad. Como frosiot expense and boo the improvements and Indnoo ments 1 am offering. ROBERT COMMONS, 142. La-. SaUc-st,’ ■ ijifcll SAIE-AT- NORWOOD PARK—SEVKIIAIi JL* ' titofl bmiFM and lofaj aluo a great variety o{ lota, r. M. FOX, Koomß, 169 la8all(M6. ■ - i.IOR SALTS—AN IMMENSE DAEAaIN AT ISNOI.H J’ wooil-J-200 foot Curnnr hod Slxtiolh«Bt HULIIURDAUO.. 3C13 LaSaUo-Bt. ■ . . F~ OR SALE—DYTHKOWNER-A LOTON WABASH av., south of city llmtfsi will bo sold fur 9W_por foot' If falcon this weak- A. BARRETT, 623 BiUtorfleld-st. For sale-po acres in sro. 7. 37, 13; a bar -1 gain. BOYD A WJBNER, 85 poarhorn-st. IjlOR BALE-OANFIELD r A MATTESON, ,60 LA * * Salle-st. j 1 ■ • Ebslowood—Residence and lota near depot. Irving Park—Residence with 60-fpob lot. Maywood—RestdbnCo and targe lot." KVanaton—lJrlok residence and largo lot. • *’ Waukegan—Residence and largo lot, slock5 lock Island oar-shops—Vacant.lota. . lumboldt Park—Vacant lota. ;CIOU SALE-LAKE FOREST RRBIDKNOK PROP JL* i orty, improved and vacant. Ilolldences from $3,000 to $80,000:rosldonco sites from S3OO to $1,600 por aero. Thoes sooKlng horaoa should' visit Lake Forest, which, with Ita beautiful scenery, elegant private rosidonoos, •ohoolsof high grade, odors unusual Indiidmnonta to there desiring suburban residences. CANFIELD A MATTE SON, 60 LaSalto-st, , > • • ■ For SAi/B-ex agues nbar Brighton, 91, c0d 1 poracro. , - . - gaores in Lake View, neat tho lake, 03,C00 poracro. .. Kuo lota In Norwood l*ark« fil2 to »2(Jpor foot. PHILIP MYERS A OQ., 18 Major Block. FOR SALB-12 LOTS CORNER STEWART-AV. and Slxty-thlra-st., Englewood, Tory cheap, One fourth cash, balanco 1. 2, ami 8 yean ntSnorooat. In* quire of owners, BPOFFOHD A BYRNE, Room 4, south* cast corner Clark and Madtson*ats. • <\ •fBOU SALE—FIVB OR TEN ACRES BETWEEN .J.’ Humboldt and Central Parks; beautiful plooo for sub* division. HENRY P. GEOKOri, 83 Olark-st. For sale-cheap lots, on long time. low price, and easy terms of payment, on Haiti ted, murry. Union* Doiplalnos, and Wallaco-sts., Just north of the Pavilion Parkway. . Person* desiring lots for houses, and - those wanting a fine investment, with sure prospects of Increased value, are Invited to examine those lota. Call onPOTWIN A CORBY, Agonte, 119 Franklln-st. FOR SALE-ONLY 810 DOWN, 05 MONTHLY till paid for. a fow loft of our largo lots only 1,000 foot' from throo depots at Washington Heights, high nnd dry;, trees on every lot;- Title perfect;' Prions. 0200 to S:V|O. Call 1 and bo and see them. TUUE3DELL A BROWN, * 176 West Madison-st. . ... . EOU SALK—IN EVANSTON.-a BEAUTIFUL NEW house of 8 rooms, good collar, laundry, bath-room,. etc., on choice lot: nice location. Four houses In North Evanston and ono In Glencoe, at low figures. Also throe bouses to ront in North Evanston, at'ol6,'o3o, and 025 por month. Lota in any of the places named for snlo cheap, End lumber furnished thoso who,will build. Tonus for ousos, ono.fiftb cash, balanco lo monthly or yearly pay* nionte. and lots on still better terms. Call at my office in Evanston, or Room 3,163 Monroo-st. O. I{; BROWNE. For bale-rbsidenoe property, at south Evanston, ot low prices and on long time. Evanston U Chicago’s oldest, largest, and best suburb, and our preporty Is but five squares from ths contra - of ISvanston, clone to tho lako shore. Houses built for purchasers, or 'loans dn long tlmo made to assist thorn in building. An f x .W. , 9. ! 1 , . ,0 . n °* 1110 property and torms Is Invited. JU LIUS WHITE A CO., 61 L&Sallo-at., Room!, - POIVBALR-AT A BARGAIN—BY GOLDEN A IRESIIWATERB, 80 South Olark-st., Uoomlrt;, S3, 18, 40 nores In Soo. IS, OS. 13.. . . .*• 40aorosln Soo. CO, 88, 18. 10 acrca in Soo. £2, 80,13. lo acres la Soo. 17, 38, 14. 6 acres In Soo. 16, 80, ID. 2aoroalnSoo. 1, 89, 13. FOR SALE—a cottage and grounds, also, & flno building lot, 76x180. Both are In South Eraas ton, on OhiOARU-BT., la a good neighborhood, and within 8 minutes* walk of tno depot. For terms apply at the oQlco of tho Evening MaU. 123 Flfth-ftv. . • P' OR SALK—IO« ACRES NEAR BRIGHTON, BE ins Lots of Stuart’s Subdivision, Soo. 1, 89. 18. ED WARD F. SWEET, 8 Honore Block. FOR SALE—AT RAVENBWOOD—A DESIRABLE dwelling-house of 8 rooms, (rood brick collar, luruaco, bard and soft water. Lot Hllilw fuct, ornamented with fruit and shade tropa. Apply to ROBERT QUEER, W LaSallo-st., Room 3. FOR. SALIC—DESIRABLE LOTS AND ACRE tracts at Montraso at prices affording a margin; no property presents bower prospects, or unjoys batter facili ties for oasy, quick, and cheap access. For particulars apply to REA A COATK3, 168 Washlngton-«t» ,TPOU SALE—THIRTY COTTAGES ANDTWO*STORY 1} honsos at Englewood on easy terms, Apply to TIL* LQTEON PROS., 273 And 274 Slato-st. *pOR ’BALE-TWO BLOCKS 4« ACRES . EACH A’• short distance west of Northwontorn car-shonn. con vonlant to depot, HENRY WALLER, Jr.. & East Washington**!., Room 4. ■ ■ VERY DESIRABLE RESIDENCE X at Oakland, on Ellls-av., noar depot and horse-cars. • Furnace, conservatory, g<iß, and good water; house finely, finished, good barn; lotWxlUO It. toallry. Will soil at a ‘ ?r«at bargain if taken at onoo. Furnished or unfurnished, Vico, 813,000. BOND, 67 Dearborn-*!- •TIOU BUR-0.4N.W. LOTS, BET Wll l£N*C ENTHAL X.-l ark and O. A N. W. oar alloys, a uou-rasldout owner will soll'tory cheap* Also, boulevard loir, ami loti near boulevard. Froo ride, cart or carriage. PHINNEY A ,LOMBARD, . ' * FOR BALE-I HAVE A SPLENDID SELECTION of homes and lola'ln Kvanston and South Evanston on oasy terms. Partloa wishing-to purchase will da well to Call and examine. J. R. FOWLER, Evanston. • FOR SALE—I4S i ACRES IN COOK COUNTY, ON Chicago A Pacific Railroad ; now dopot- lKcMed on promlies:,willtake part tu Chicago pronortrinuroat bar gain can bn bad in this If taken aodn. Apply totIIBSON A HQSMBR, 116 Hast Randolph-st. • , FOR SALB-1M ACRES IN TOWN OP WORTH and west of Washington Heights, for 8100 per acre, on good time. 20 acres lu Soo. 4, 39, 13 to exchange for other property. HILL A BLISS, 94 Doarbom-st. EOII BALE-LOTS AT MAPLEWOOD, ONLY FOUR miles from tiro Court-House: commutation faro, B>j cents s largo frontage on Humboldt boulevard, Fullerton, and Wostorn-ava.; sidewalks bavo been laid, and troos eotoUt over tho entire property; artesian well superior to any other in this vloinity, flowing at rate of 850 gallons’ for minute of pure water, equal in ovory respect to that of Laka Michigan. Parties looking for homos would do woll to visit Maplewood before purchasing. Price of lots from 8400 to $600.. WING a FARLLN, &S East Washington tt., Room 4.. • ■ OR BALE-AT MX7WOOD. A NEW FlßST class 2-story frame bouse, 10 rooms, bathroom, con crete collar, well and cistern, good barn, lot 132x133, and woll cultivated. Parties desiring a home in this thriving nuburb would do Welt to oiamine this- property, as it oau bo had on very favorable terms. Possession given in reasonable tlmo. MEAD Jt COE, 163 LaSallo-it, FOR SALE—EVANBTON GROVE LOTS, *B6O, IN five-dollar monthly payments, with no payment down. This la-tho best chance yet offered tocetahomo. IBA BROWN, 113 LaSallo-st., Room 4. SALE-SEVERAL GOOD RESIDENCES AT HJrdo Park and Oakland; ono for 86.000. «6co cash, paianoo to suit; 66x185 near dopot; ono/or *13,000, tiuo jotand house; onohuuso to rontat.*6oporinontb; good lots in Oakland. Kenwood, Hyde Park, and choice corner In h’cxndttlo..ULßlCH A BOND. STboarhorn-at. For bale-5 lots fronting south on Hfty-first-at.. near P. A Ft. W. R. R. j only $3,000 cash, n. W. KllOI’F, 145 LaSalle-at., Room 14. F)U SALE—AT PARKBIDE, ON ILLINOIS CBN tral Railroad, 8 inlios from Court-House, 85 minutes' ride, lots on hladlsonand Llndon-avs., within ono block of depot. Trees have been planted, street* graded. Six teen trains dally furnish easy access to and from tho city. This property (a within 8 blocks n( the South Park. Price of lots from *4OO to *6OO. and will bo sold ou oas; nay .monts, WING A FARLIN, 85 East Woßhlogton-at., Room 4. , - . FOii SALE—6 ACRES NEAR THE PROPOSED OOL logo at WatUlmrtou Height* 5 price,'*4oo. 20 aoros in 800. 66, 86, 13; will aoll 10acres; price. 8600 per acre. 6 acres near woolen factory, South Chicago; price 8000 per aero. THOS. A. HILL, 123 FOR SALE—I2SiIW, CORNER FOUTY-EIOUTHST. and Konwood-court j 160 feet on Kunwooil-court. bo* tween Forty-sovouth and Forty*elghtbsU. Will be sold on euy payments. The above property Is within 3 block* of Kenwood depot. WING A FARLIN, 85 East Wash* ington-at. .... For sale—sloo will buy a beautiful lot at Deaplainos, ono block from dopot; they will prob* ably double In value thUenramor: only $lO down end SB a month until paid. IRA BROWN, 143 LaSalle-st., Room 4. TBOU SALE—CHOICE LOTS AT ENGLEWOOD, CON* -IVvonlent to depot, sabools, and churches, at $26 to $M porfoot; also, several new houses, on and BO or 100* foot lota In the grove, on Michigan, Wabash, or la* diana-nvs., within 33<; or 8 blocks from depot, end 4 block* from Great South Park.' 11ULBUUD A CO., 06 East Ifarrlson-st. COUNTRY HEAL ESTATE. 1: orty or merchandize—A luxurious country scat In Michigan, of 1,500 aorus.wlth lako,‘residences, fountains, mills, do., titled up for a rotirod'gentluinan of fortune mid lolsuro; or may borentodaa six farms, with a farm er's residence on each. Value, SI6O,UUO. A splendid first-class stock, dairy, and fruit farm of I.tOU acres, near tho above; ifCd.uXl. Valuable and cheap farm uf ICO acres, in DoKalb County, halfamlio from railroad, with orchard, maple grovo, com! water, well foncod; SO,IWtJ. Now brick residence, Id room*, at Highland Park: SHAW, ’ Marblo-front residence, 15 rooms, onUnlrorslty-pUoo, (worth 416,010); SI3,MW. Stock and dairy farm of 340 ncros, near Elgin, 111. Neat dwolling at Highland Park, very low; S4,(WO. Call from 51 to 4 p. m., at Room 30 Tribune Building. FOU HALR-NKW COTTAGE, a'ROOMS,' AND 6 acres good, dry, Improved land mile from depot, Hobart, on Fort Wayne Railroad, kl miles from Chicago, price, with crons, $536; cash $100: balauooslUiior uiuntli, Ortlov days, Monday, Wednesday, and i-riday. J. EARLE, UoomU, 163 Mouroo-Bt. For balk-fink farm of m acres, kkndall County, $37 poracro. I-ami of led notes, nuarDunton, Cook Co,, $75 por acre. Lands In lowa. Improved and unimproved; file to *IOO poracro. .. PHILIP MYERSjkUO.. ISMajormook. FOR"BALE-76 ACRES. WELL IMPROVED, GOOD Imildingu, S3 miles from city, on C. 11. AQ, 11. H., slfoi»or aoro, with craps. Cash farms and lots by J. 11. LYMAN, 17 Portland Illnck. TCiOIt SALE—WK OFFER FOR A SHORT TIMM 1.280 X acres of fine prairie laud iu ono body, 60 miles from Chicago, al sl3.fn) por »ni-o on rtllroad time, and invito Inspection. UIHSUH.t lIOHMKU, lit) Uaiicloluh-at. DiVOEOES.’ TYIVOROILS—LEGALLY* ORTA I ?TkO-FEE AFTER. AJ ilocreo. Kcaiidal uvnldod. Nino year*' pvuutluo in the courts of Otdesgo. Address p, O, Box luif, ♦Mfcl CiIiCAGO JbAiLlf 'fIUBUNE: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 18, 1873. ! . BEAT, ESTATE. WANTED, TJTANTBD-llQUfln AND LOT OK (WEST- BIDEt Jt a ft M Wit'ffl Mpi'ESC AX ' ly end lot on'WcSt Madison; Randolph, brLaso-it.; Mllwaukoo or, Uhiq i liland-av., worth from 95,000 to .Willr 000 - onali. balance on tlme,-orw|H trade (vlioiif>j and lot worth SojMOon Ellzabeth-af., near ■Randolph. foranoh a property, Hend particulars or call ••tonne. Q. S. LACEY A 00., 119 Uo.uhorn-lt. i WANTED— A LOT FOB IMMEDIATE IMPROVE ment, between Loomis, Itoboy, Adams, and Park* ar. J. N. ROBINSON, 119 South Franklin st. WANTICD-A RESIDENOBLOT. FROM W TO 100 TT feot front, dostrahly eituatod on North Side, south of Chicago.av. will pay part cash and part la lapldly Im proving suburban property.’ Address, describing lot and stating lowest price, Q 60, Tribune oineo. \\T ANTED —HOUSE AND LOT, SOUTHEAST OF. T i Stataand Twonty-snoond ita., in oiohangq for aero propertyahdoottagoand lot west of, on small cash payments.’ l Apply to BNOS TURNER, W Bait Madlaon-sU ’ | • .’ . ■ ■ i' ■,•>«!. -h • ■fST’ANTED—FOR A CUSTOMER, A GOOD!REAL ,*• donee lot on Northr.Hldo, Booth of HENRY P. PKORQB, $ Olark at.i , , . . TV ANTED—A HOUSE AND LOT ON BOMB Off vr tbs avenues south,-worth abouts7,ooo., Twu lota In. Hyde-Park, near Fiftytfnnrill-st.rwOlbo rivon la part payment. balance cash. J. U, KEELER, 145 Olark-kt;, 1 comerMadlipn. i - —,■■ . • \VAMTJID_A, tlOUei! A'f.D toT, 61l VACANT ’if - ground, city. Pr suburban; pay some cash, assume Incumbrance; halanoe ln properlyaonMi.nide.' Address,; with full description, Mr. KINO, oaroTruoidsllA Brown, 175Wost Matllwm-at. • • .... ■ irv- • BUSINESS CHANCES, A FIRST-CLASS MEAT MARKET. ON THE OOR nor of two principal strcntsr.on tno Weal; bld« .for sale or exchange for real oiUto. For particulars address U7g, Trlbnne offloe. ■ • ‘ .7: ? A FIRST-CLASS PLANfNQ-MILL .AND, LUMBER i business, ; with teams/tools, ahdlnmbcr on baud, for sslo to olosoacopartnersnip. Tbo concern Is dolngasno* eosifal trade; It will bo sold at a bargain, or oxohangod. forarty othoroqdatly dnslrablo proport/ that oati be di tided*- Address O 80, Trllmnoomoa. 1 • ’‘‘l' 1 : 1 >:1 | LODGING-HOUSE IN SAN PRANOISOO FOR I JX' sale. Aflnooontral location;'containing IWrobirts, whha woll-ostabllshod business.' For furthor-inforraatloav ■ and ■particulars address O. O, Estate,, No. 288 Montgomery-at., Sad FrandUoo, Oal. \ ’ A PARTY WITH 53,00(1 1 TO SB,OOO CASH, CAN hoar of a obanoo to ontora godn paying bottling bus iness by addressing Q£9, Tribune office. .j.vyj.. A OLAS3-WARK AND OROOKEUY STORE FOR s&lo; good location;-selected stock. No. 233 {West 'TrroHth-it. , , . . . A N OLD ESTABLISHED SALOON FOR SALE ON JV West Madtsou-st; rent modorato. Apply at Room 14;, Oils Block,' Madison and LaSalle. J. A. NOWAK, A PINK OPPORTUNITY FOR A YOUNG OR INKX-. poritonood man with money to obtain n good .position with Btoady, reliable, and competent persons In a wall ai tabllshod bnslnoss. Addreaa .WHOLESALE GROCER, Trlbono office. • A i MANUFACTURING RUHTNESa THAT HAS A : largo demand.' and in nothing Hlco it Intbo entire West,- loraalo; thlaisi thoboetchonoo over offered’ for making money. Profit*! aro large. .Will noil-cheap for' oath, or trado for roal estate aud part cash. Call or ad. droaaß6B West Madlaon-at. •• ‘ HARE OIIAKOE FOR * FinsT-OUASBUUSINKSS man that can fnrnlsh 83,(00 to ?5,000 cash.-dr soeurl ty, to engage in a legitimate holiness, and solo control of an arllalo already manufactured ready for Bale, that will nay from $3,000 to slo,oooporannum.' Address AB7, rnhonooffioo,.- - . - ... •. —■ .• A nORSE-SHORINO SHOP, WITH TOOLS, ETC., xi. to ront; a good stand and low rent. Inquire at 176 : West Adams-st. ‘ A RELIABLE PERSON. WITH 0600 CASH. CAN secure, hall,interest, with a lady iu elegant dining parlors; pnylrig big moneys boat location in town; rare , obanoo. Apply to KIMBALL, I2fl Dcarborn-sI. »• • Boarding-house for sale, in good re* pair; will bo sold at a bargain; wlthTJoanlers; loca* tlongood. Inquire at 111 SouiS JolTorson-St. * Business opening in this city:, retail, oaebf no trait; also rooms furnished for housekeep ing; profile 010 to W6 a dor; sold for no fault. Particu lars at Interview.' Price 01,500 each. Addroas O, Oar* ricrSO. >• CARRIAGE < MAKERS ATTENTION 1 ‘ ONE OP the host sites for tho bualnonsin Illinois for aaleoc ront; small capital required. Address A. Ai. WESTON, F.uroka, Woodford 00., 111. 1 • Drug store for sale at a bargain? do. lng good business, and well located. Inquire 619 Wa baSh-av, up-stairs, between land 8 p. m. »<- . Drug store for sale, part cash, bal* anoo one and two years; alto a drug store on small csshpaymont, balanco In lots In Chicago, or farm in lilt* pels or Indiana. MCPHERSON, A 00., 163 East Wash* ington-st. ; 1 ’ : • •»t • f[lOR BALE—BY J. E. KIMBALL, 128 DEARBORN. JL\ st., billiard and sample-room, South Sldo; bargain. Flno paying grocery storo, drug store, Ac. Good open, logs. . FOR SALE-SODA WATER MANUFACTORY, doing a largo and profitable business In this city. Fixtures, machinery, Ac,, ttIU be sold cheap. GUSHING A BILLINGS, Real Estate Dealers, 300 Ijiaallo-«t. . \\TEAT MARKET FOR SALE FOB sl3s} EVERY a.rxthmtrnaw, 100-box and tools, Icasoflyoars, S3O, shop, .and 4 rooms. No. 481 ludlano-st. 1 - * ■VTBW'YORK-LRASE AND miBNITDRE OB' A Ai first-olasißroadway Hotel for salo. Address B 11, Station D, New kork., ~. ONE OF THE. BEST-AND OLD-ESTABLISHED corner grocotlo* on Wost Madlsou-st. for sale: about, $8,600 will takolt; other business. Address Q 60, Trib une ofßeo. • - ' • • i •• STEAM FLOURING MILL FOR SALK CHEAP, HAS 7nm of ntons, now engine of ample power In good or der: Is la a town of 0,000 pooplo; pood looal trailo; ship ping facilltlos, two Eaaloni railroads and MlmlaMppl Ilivor, Tormsoasy. Address or call on F. L. UNDER WOOD, Musoatiao, lowa. ■ •.. STOCK OP LADIES’ AND GENTS’ FURNISH log goods, Arturos, lease (dwelling In rear) of store, and in second story. ' ODELL <k MYERS, 147 KaodolpU at., Room a, over Fidelity Bank. • * ■ HU WHOLB OR PART OP PATENT RIGHT OP A hmo-Cloanlng Machine for sale. The machine oan bo soon iu operation at tho Chicago Steam Holler Works,-CO to 73 MleoigßD-st. For .particulars Inquire of ANGLES A 00.,’ Oamoqq.plaoq, between Clark and ■ Doarliom-fIU. Q' 10 MERCHANT TAILORS AND OLOTHIERS- An excellent business chance mar be secured bya merchant tailor and clothlor at Elgin, HI. Tho business is established 25 years. possesses a .lino trade, .and U only *dl(posod from ill health;’ 1 fitdftlr at pre&enb light and select ;tho, store li fitted up oxprcasly for the business,- and win ba rented at a rnasonablo rate. Inquire of T. F, Phillips, No. 10-Kant MndUnn-st., Field, Benedict A Co., corner Market and Washlngton-sts., Biddle A Boyd, 274 East Mariison-at.. ior, the subscriber, 8, Mo- C.SKb.U.‘Elgin, 111. ' * • r • milK LEASE OP THE CHEAPEST AND BEST LO-i X catod i*tor® In town, for* eampla rotnn; for snlo. ’ An ply to J; P. LATSIIAW. 70 Dearborn-sl., ItOOm 18. W~ ~ E ARE OFFERING TUB BEST CHANCES TO make pnclnon over offered. Small capital required. Lcgltlmato business. STONE A SKINNER, ,119.Dear born-st.. Room ft.* ; • • • ■ TO EXCHANGE. •rflO EXCHANGE-FOUR FARMS, 80 TO C 49 ACRES, ■X value *3,000 to mww, In Illinois, lowa, and Wlsoon eln. J. W. UEDKNBErQ, W East Madison, Room 4. TPO EXCHANGE—AN INTEREST IN A GOOD X woolen-mill, woll located, machinery all first-olass: .will take any good broporty to tho amount of *2,000 to 810,000. J. W. HEDENBERO, 09 East Madhton-st., Room 4. rpc j EXCHANGE—WANTED—STOCK, MERGHAN- X dlso, farms, timbered land*, bouses,- )pts, city or sub urban property, &a,, Ac., anywhere, to cxchango. Have a good-mil for trading property. L. O. MAYNARD, Room 29 Major Block. - : ; rrib EXCHANGE—I,OOO FEET ON BTATE RT. AND X Wabnsh-ar.. noar Englewood. Will exchange for aILUEnr - BDwA t» TO EXCHANGE-GOOD SUBURBAN LOTS FOR hone® and lot, worth from *3,500 to *5,000, on South or West older WiUaiauran an inoumbranoo or pay some cosh. H. 8. DIETBIOII, Room 3, first iloor, 143 LaSaUo it.,-Major Block. * , T3 KXOHANQE-T\yO ELEGANT BROWN STONE resident lionsos, with all modern improvements,’ in the City of Now.York, for Chicago propuriy. Address' Q 63, Trlbuno ofHoo. • • , ,7i TO EXCHANGE—A SPLENDID SPAN OF BLACK liorsoe fur wooden or paper boxes mado U» order, both at cash value. OILLKTT, 31 andß6 South Water-at. . nio ; EXCHANGE - OOTrAO'u AND LOT ON X Bamstdo-st., between-Fortieth and Forty-llrst-sts.. for a lot ou Bunuldo-at., between Thirty-seventh and Thirty-ninth, free of luaumbr&noo. -11, F, 4 CO., 165Monroe-Bts.' ' ‘ WANTED-IOWA LAND IN EXCHANGE FOR suburban enoumbored and unencumbered property. LEONARD A VAN ORNUM, U Methodist Churuh Blook. WANTKD-DUIOK IN EXCHANGE FOR A HAND . somo family carriage. Inquire at lOd West Ran* dolpb-st. • MISOi^IiIiANEOUS, Abstracts copied neatly, and misckl. laneous writing dona ohoap and promptly a 177 South Clark-H.. Room 6. JOHN A. 11ARTEELL. A YOUNG MAN. WITH FROM 87,600 TO 83,000 capital, would llko to Invest In a allont interest In some legitimate and profitable business. Only those with thobost reference* need apply. Addrois Q 06, Trlbana office.: • ’IjyiLDKRS ATTENTION—WANTED—DWELLING* •XJ bouses built. Bulldor must take part payln suburban property. TUUESDKLLd BROWN, MsdUoa. CASH, PAID FOR CASTOFF CLOTHING AND _ B A , JL°, e U'SP.? O V of any kind, by sending a latter to I. OBLDEU, Loan OlHco. 861 Stato-tt* . FIGURE HAND AND SECRET WRITING—THE alphabet of either soot free for Mounts; of both for 60 onnts: only ton lottora. Address A. P. PAYTON, oornor Twonty*soeond*st. and Blue laland-av. WANTED— TO PURCHASE A BTOOK OF HOUSE, furnishing and tiuwaro. Call on UoPHEUUUN A uu.i Ida East Waablngton-st. "\\T ANTED—IMMEDIATELY—A GOOD SECOND. JLLiLd»LLhj>w-casn at tho bakery, 100 Twonty.acoond-st. LOST AND FOUND* Lost— a gold bracelet in a twknty nlath**t.'bus, or on Madlson-st., going to Franklin, ‘i'ho rumor will bo suitably rewarded by returning It to this ofllco. t OST-SUNDAY EVENING, ON UALSTED-ST., AJ, uoar Twelfth, a gold watch andobain. Tbuflmlor will rooolvo a reward of S6O and' no questions asked by loaving it at 490 South llnlstocl-st. T OST-A BROWN MARE, 18 OR 14 YEARS OLD. U A liberal reward will bo paid for hor return to 176 JobDHon-st. JOS. MIZNKR, ■ ■ . i T OST-OAP NUT OFF OF CARRIAGE AXLE. JJ Liberal reward for its return to 44 Congross-st, rpAKBN WAG- A on—Whilaostray, on Westoru-av.. H mllo south of the Brighton Homo, on Sunday morning, Juno 16, a hay hutsn, attached to an express wagon marked "No, fid/, 11. BloDowclI." Tho owner can have the property by call, log at my house, paying charges s rid the cost of ■ this ad> vurltiuiiiont. BRUDUiI DkOuIES. HOUSEHOLD GOODS* irtURNITURE OF ALL KINDS ON INSTALLMENTS I* at Inwust oa«b urlcos; now and elegant designs of the Empire Parlor Boustoad now ready; chamber suits, par lor suits, loungoi. spring hods, mattresses, pillows, chairs, etc., etc. Empire Parlor Bodstoid 00., removed to ob 3 WostMsdlson-it. POR SALE-HOUSEHOLD GOODS-80 YARDS velvet oarpot at $1.60 pur yard; can ho soon at 161 La- HaUo-st., bsioniont. jl. F. HEAD. • ' •• 1 nOUS"I<rHOLD GOODS ARE SELLING AT COST at 71 and 73 North Wolls-it, A largo stock of furni ture must bo sold by July I, 1; To Rent—houses. mo runt-on Nonrn sidß iron ahothl,. Tim JL ■plemflil foUMlory and haaorannt Blono-lront ImJld infe, 80 hy fo6 foot, sUaMod on tho aontheaat cornor nr North WoIU ana Mlohl«an-«ly. Apply to U. A. JACOBS A FIfIOHEE, No. M Worth WelU tC fliO RENT—A. 8-BTOUT AND BaH&MRNT MAIIDLIB XI front home, with til modorn ImnroTomonta, and (urnUbod. Apply on tbo preralaoa 1193 l_ralrlo-ar, , mcT"two-sTonr X ami baaamoot, No. 297 North Wolli : «t., ofirnor Whit tair.( iymts6opar month.. U. DRAUCIKMAN.,, , mO ÜBNT-A BPJCNDID HOUSE,; 031 SOUTH DISAJI. X|bnra-at..’enmor Thirty-ninth. ,wlth_ barn, t only S3O. Inniilr* of J. W. GOULD. atPSJ. ,mo RENT-IN A VERY DEBUIADLI3 toqATION, <Xr 1M North Dsatfom-sU.ono3 iiory and basement brick' dwelling, 18 rooms, with olosota ant! modem 1m- Eoas?Lal?* 7 S rtildenoo onlj., Apply,to M, T“0 RENT-OMINDIANA-AV., NEAR TWENTIETH, it., with orwlthont famltoro. for tlio sowon tfr year. Er for sale, location very desirable, fiirnltDro ,now ana andsomo,'billiards, bars, amt modern oonrenUnees. marble front, 18 roomai possession Immediate. Call between 8 and 10 a. m; t and a and Op. m. : .. TO RBNT-TO A FAMILY WITHOUT OniLDREN, I a bouse’ecntnlnlntr 6 roomii. 'wlLh tatrmtor kltobon. Location good, and rent only 930 to the right party. Ad* dro—fr, Tunasojllgo. , ■ -■ mo RENT-TWO FIND fe'INISHRD NEW AND X: •largp.hoiissi; particularly adapted for dry foods;’ boots and shoes, or ololhlhg business. Inquire at tlio 61000 ATB add 578 near the Rolling Mills at i. O. PRICBLEU. , . >’ » "•'! ■ ■ ! TO RENT-NEW BHIOK HOUSE IN GOOD NEIGH. ! .borliooO. near Unooln*ar. oars.. ’ . • i - Rasomonl, IMRandolpb-st., near Sherman House.. . ' i: '* ' W. J. DAVIS, HO Madlsoii-st. mo RENT-NEW fl-STORY FRAME' HOUSE, 8 X 1 rtiottoSr'Muth front, P03 1 West ■ Monroe-et., closo to \Vanterniar.r.ReQt'low to desirable tenant.■ Apply:to JOHN WEST, Wl West.Moar&p-st., neat doortoaboyo. mOjRKNT-NIOK, J.IQUT HOUSE,.’BIX ROOMS,' .X olospte. water,,4(l3 West Krio-at.. foodneighborhood. ; O. W. DEAN, IMOlark-st., RoomlO. ■mo ms.vT-on. Ron hai.k-cohneii oalifoU. ,-X nta-kv.ond Jackson-sb., now hpuso, Brooms,’closets, , pantry { also * rooms to rent, i Inqairo at 1001 mO RENT—I 32 THROOP-BT./ A BRIOIC HOUSE OP ,‘X flOroqtns,,hotand.cold bath, gas fixtures. Inquire at Thypbp-at,, • .... ... . TpO BENT—ATWO-STORY . FRAME HOUSE, 7 X ropms. water la tho kltobon, soworod, street paved, all In good repair. Inquire on tbd-promUos,Bof West lbdlana-st. : . ■ . \..V’ : ' ■’ ' rpO RENT-HOUSE OPIB ROOMS; MODERN ■ IM« X proToraontfl., Furniture mostly now. for sale at a bar pain.; Ripply on tho promlsoa.g?? Indlana-av. T" O RENT—WABABH-AV.—HOUSE AND LOT NO. 4B1; Lartfo house, .largo yard, largo barn, tine location; Ji KBAIAB WAR REN, 18 Ohathbar uf Commerce. ; .fro ■ CONVENIENT FOR J. housekeeping. InqairoofDr. NORTON, Dentist, 838 Cqltage Orovyar... ■ ■ ’ r - :i • ; Suburban* • , TO RRNT-I HAVE TWO NIDI! FARMS. 1 WITH comfortable houses and largo orchards, near too depot;. would make good summer homo* for city buiiuou-mou. Ot J. STOUOiI. 72 and 74 Dearborn-wl. TO RENT—ROOMS;*' rpO RENT-NICE FRONT ROOM AND A> SINGLE' •X zoom, torespectable nartloi. Board it doslrod:.prl- Tate family. ~~ flgl Went l < ' ■ mp RENT-168 WEST JAOKBON-ST., B ROOMS, S2B ,-X pormonth; 4rooms West Qulnoy-at,, olTDoaplaloos osar Jackson, $lB pormonth; 4 rooms at BS South,Groon* ■t;, sl7 per month. . ■ . , f ;rpo RENT-A NBA.TLYFURNIBUBDFRONT ROOM X and largo closet,' with or without board. 763 West •Mfcdlabn-sfc ’• n: n.'iv / <■' ■■ ’< • fpO RENT-TWO FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH OR' : X without boahhMTontisreasoilnblo to flxst-olaas ooou panta.. Appjy q(|o7 South Peorla-gt. , i 1 . m TO RENT-TWO;LARQB ROOMS. 40X100..SECOND and thirdfloors; Nos,, 60-and 63 -Bast Madlaon-sfc. Can famish steam-power If. desired for third floor; Ap* ply on premises, <p. AV OABIIMAN. ’ TO RENT—B - ROOMS AND OLOSRTS, WATER IN tbs rooms, No-467 North Boaben-st., one block from •Alllwaukoo-aT. horso cars. 1 Apply on tbo promises.. mO RENT—4 ; OR6 DESIRABLE ROOMS, PANTRY

X and olosots,- water Jnkitebon; just calolnunod; cheap to a small family. Apply on premia us, 193 South Wood-st. i ■> ■ rpO RENT-FURNISHED PARLOR WITH BED- X . rooms for Kontloman and wlfoor single gentlemen, with or without board; very moderate charges. 173 Wost, .. • - . ■ TO RENT—TWO FURNISHED ROOMS, EN SUITE orslnglo, 461 Mlchigan-ay. TO RENT—IN PIirVAT E FAMILY 940 WABASH av. to'gontloman and wife, or 2 slngtoraan, a suite of rooms newly furnished . M itu batb-rocui adjoining; con- Tooloqt to hotels. Loforoncos exchanged. T~ O RENT- LLEQANT FRONT ROOMS BN SUITE or singio, In marblo front 797 Waboab-ay., at moder ate prices; tint-class table board next door. , . rpO RENT-9 NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS AT 834 . X Waboah-ar.,: Tormslow. TO od rooms; I 40 l EastMsdlsoD, Room 23. TO PART OF COTTAGE CON talning Brooms famished, halfblook from North Glark-sb. Inqolro of JAMES 11. MAY, l&i East Madlson st., Room 1. . mo RKNT-W2 WABASH-AV.. 1 BLEOANTLY-FUR • X' niahod front room, also slnglo room for gentleman. JpO RENT—NICBLY-FCRNISUKD ROOMS. SINGLE X’ or on spite, In a now bouse, with now inraituro and tnodum ItaproyemonU. Call at 7 Ccntrc-av.; threo doors from Madison-it. ~ fpO‘ RENT—LARGE, AIRY, - WELL-FURNISHED X rooms, suitable fur ono or two goutlomoa, at now brick building southeast-corner East Van Huron and Fraiikllu-sta. First floor, Room 6. TO RENT—AT 763 MIOIIIOAN.AV., A LARGE AL* . cbVo room and a front room, third story, both woll furnished. 'Also a famished basomoat to a party who will tako boarders. . . - . TO RENT FRONT - FURNISHED ROOM 166 Sooth Dosplttlpos-it. .. TO. RENT-A NICELY FURNISHED,.COOL. AND 'Comfortable mum, In private family, suitable for emu or tvto gentlemen, oboap, atllO South Oroonit., near Monroe. - , , TO RENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, by tho day. wook, or month, terms reasonable, at tho Bt. Jullon, Island 163Deatbomst. , rno RENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS; A Transients accommodated, Apply at R00m43,10 and 13 Madlaon-st.) naar Mlchlgan-av. ■ TO. RENT-LARGE FRONT AND BACK PAR ’ lon, fumlibed, • either i for a dentist'business or houiokcoplng for two.. Call IromO to, 13.,- No. 629 West TOl RENT —l9O .WEST MADISON-BT., THIRD, floor, 8 wollifurnlflhed rooms, kept neat and clean; rent from sloto sl6 por month; rent to gentlemen only. TO RENT-IP YOU WANT A PLEASANT HOME* aoouro one of those elegant rooms at 164 and 166 East Washlngton-si., R00m44. v TO RENT—A LARGE FRONT ROOM FURNISHED, at 173 West Adima-at. ■■ , mo RENT-TWO FRONT ROOMS, UN SUITE OR X;alnglo; terms reasonable. 163 Warron-av. O RENT-2 FURNISHED ROOMS. AT sl3 AND sl6 'per month, Ur gentlemen with rofazonees. 40 East IlarrUon-st.. T“ O RENT—CHEAP—4 NICE ROOMS, WITH WATER and oloßots, Suitable -for houiokcoplng, two blocks from the comer of Halatod and HarrUomsts. , Apply toi P. MoHUGH, Roomffl, No. 173LaSallo-Bt. . r RENT—FIVE FURNISHED ROOMS WITH oath, ront only $26 nor month, and board ono person for uso tu furniture. Call at IS6 Booth Cllnton-st. • • O 'RENT-VERY HANDSOMELY - FURNISHED rooms, at tho St. Elmo, 'by the day, week,' or month. 86 and 87 i Obargoa.reasonable. ■ : TO RENT—STORES, OFFICES. &c. r RENT—THE SECOND FLOOR OP 66 LAJCE ST., eomer State, 88*90, well lighted, easy aocoas. In* qalro 11 rat floor. TpO RENT-BARN IN REAR OF 897 WEST, RAN- Xdolph-st., room lor six horses. Apply at 1W Madison, or 839 West Madlion-at. ' * fpO RENT—BTpRK BO6 DIVISION S'! 1 ., CORNER X Olyboum.av.; suitable for millinery, tailor, or 100 oroam talorn. Apply on tho promises. . ‘ THO RENT—OFFICES, AND UNFURNISHED X rooms for gontlomoo,-ln Prauing'a Building on Btato it..between Oougross and Harrison. Inquire at tho ollioo of Praising Vinegar Workg, 841 Btato-at. . TO RENT-DESK ROOM IN FURNISHED OFFICE, with uso of private ofTloo: terras reasonable; desk furnished if dealrod. J. B. TAYLOR, 136 Dearborn-at.. Room 11. .. ■ . . WANTED—TO RENT. TCTANTED—TO RENT-A STORE .8 UITABLE FOR. Vt a furniture store: small first floor and largo upper* floors. a7L. CROCKER, 63IBtato-»t. - WANTED-TO RENT—HOUSE OP 5 OR 8 ROOMS, Tv on-North or West Side, convenient to cars, by a careful, -prompt paying tenant.' Addroei, stating prico ami location, A 8% Tribune office. BENT—A BUILDINQ SUITABLE ii for a carpenter shop, between May and Uosplainoa. and Carroll ami Jaokiou-sts. Answer by letter Uu South Wostorn-av. MOXBONA 00. - > WANTED-TO RENT—A LADY WISHES A BlN sle room, t mulshed i must have gat ami closet, and front west or South: West Side, west of Morgan-st. pro forod. Address stating tonns Q 74, Tribune oTBoo. X\T ANTED—TO RENT—A MEDIUM SIZED EUR- Vv Dished house in good locality on Sonth Side; root not to ozceod *1,600 per a responsible party. ■ Address O 91. Trlb»*qe oflloo. • ■ ■ ■• 1 STRAYED OR STOLEN. STRAYED-PROM OUR MORGAN PARK FARM, four horses, viz: ' 1 largo alee cbestnut horse, stripe la forehead, and left foro-foot white. . » 1 brown hurse, small white mark on right hln. . . . 1 dark bay horso, branded 1) on loft hip, vrhlto spot oa loft nostril. 1 dark sorrel mare, loft fore-foot wblto, loft hind log white to giuubril, and right hind foot while oround boot. ..Will pay suitable reward, Ploaso leave information at 113 and IIS South Wator-sr. o! H. BECKWITH A SONS. STRAYED-ABED .AND WHITE MIXED MILCH onw. having metalllo tips. The finder will be ro* warded by giving information to the owner, 976 West Wasulngton-st. ’ QTRAYED-OR STOLEN—SUNDAY. EVENING, 1 O Juno ID, a dark sorrel hone, from 680 West Adama af. Asuitabla rowardwlllbapaiafor the return of the samo to the above number. QTRAYKD 6*ll STOLEN - SUNDAY EVENING, O June IS, a dark sorrel horse, fmm 660 West Adamo st. A suitable toward will bo paid for tbu return, ef the samo to the above number. • AGENTS WANTED. A GENTS WANTED—MAI.E AND PEMALM, IN XX olty and country, for the fastest soiling goods on record. Those who can command a llttlu ready cash can cortatuiy make Immouoe protits. It will eost nothing to' investigate. Mo samples sent for 930. MERRILL A (JO., 83 West Lako-st. A GENTS WANTED—LADIES AUK DOING A PINE JX busiupss will: my two elegant toilet artloloa and Indio.’ rubber goods. Sale* rapid and profits largo In city or country. Mrs. PALMER, Room a. 85 West l,ako-at. A OKNTB WANTED—GOOD CANVASSERS ARK .xX making $lO to sl9 a day with my needle-hooka, urn. rhiuu-iuiodius. Ureas elevators, do., do. O. M. LIN* INt/lON, 177 East Madlsou-Bt., Otdoago. AGENTS WANfED-TdIiELL ’OUR NEW BUi’- JX ton-hole uuttnr, neadlo-tbruadlnii thimble, sod other now artloloa. 69 East UadUtm-it., Room 6, WANTED—MALE HELP. ; Bookkeepers* Clerk*. Eto. ANTED—TRAVELING SALESMAN, BY A NEW t" York papor-hanglrigß bouao, for fbo Northwestern otatea. Ouo understanding tlio business nrolmrod. Ad dress, slating Loir lung amt vrhuru previously, omjdoy-, sd, and la what hntineAs, with rofororioos, 8 A 8, Paper Bangings, Bo* 1907 Now York Post-Oilloo.' WANTED —A ' STUDENT IN A LAW OFFIORj Jr must bo a good penman. Giro namo and address. A M, Tribune oittoo. . ■■ ■ . \\T ANTED—A YOUNG MAN. GERMAN PllK .'l, fomtl, whoundorfllnndaaomothlngof doublo-ontry bookkeeping: must bo good penman, noournto, and bring good raforonofla, Address LUMBER, card CarriorTl. \\T ANTED—M AN FOR GROCERY. OTHER SITU A > 7 .tlotufurnlahod. One man for offloo with SIOO at 178 olate-Bt., Room 13. \\TANTED COPYISTS —STEADY YOUNG MKN{ good rapid ponmon. Addrosa All, Trllmno ofllco. WANTED— I NEED $3,000 TO CARRY ON A PAY* Ing manufacturing business, ami also a competent man u> take ohnrgoot tho dflloo work. To tho person fur nishing it nlllpayasalary of S3,MO, and give good socu niy fur the loan; eltuatloa pormanout. Address Q CJ, Tribune offloo, . . WANTED-AGOCD ROOK-K EKPERj A STEADY J ’ practical man who thoroughly understands lil-i busl- and whoso habits nro: temperate and regular. Ad> drfia A 35, Tribune odlco. , . ' Trhaoa. ■* •W A^ TIt MPHOLHTERKIia. immediately, at TT 7laml 70North Wolls-at. WANTED SHOEMAKERS ON SEWING BLIP* __ _ pors, ■ Tnqalto at 132 lATANTED-ONH GOOD, HOUSE PAINTER TO GO J,. In tho country. Apply at Northwestern Hotel, op posite Northwestern Depot. from fl to 9 this morning. WAPS 15 ?,"^ 0^. 6 CARPENTERS. INQUIRE AT ■ »_M 861 North or 507 Milwaukee*!?. WANTED-I JBLAOKSMTtIi ANT>““BC)Y FOR alio 1 carriage trimmer. 1 Call* at 213 South ptaio-st., from Ho 2p. ni. ■ ;•* WANTED^- iIAKER. iINQUIRK THIS MORN* IngabTHOMPaUN ± TEMPLETON'S, 213 Kan- Gomh-at. .W——. ' ■ WANTED-A- FIRST-GLASS OAIIINKTM AKER. ■»I '-Apply at22o Klarto-st., Wostora KlocUJo Manufac turing Company. TtTANTED—IMMEDIATELY, AT 239 SOUTH OA -»» niu-it., a boy who bai bad aomo experience in car- Hugo painting. j, TV*ANTED-GOOD COMPOSITORS AT WABASH ' Steam Printing Bouse, southeast corner TwolftU-at. and Wabash-ar. TWANTED-A GOOD CARRIAGE PAINTER AT 44 J V ’.Kldrldge-oourt. WEBER k CO. "^yANTED—A GOOD. BAKER AT RS WEST LAKE- ‘VSTANTED—FOUR GOOD TAILORS TO WORK IN VV thoßlmp at 878 Stete-st, WM. OUDSON, noar Elghteenth-ei. TyANTED—AN ARCHITECTURAL DRAUGHTS ■• • man. Steady employment to an elDolont man. For Jftrtlculnrt address Immediately Look Dos 8017 Torro •WANTED-A MAN TO RUN SOUOLL-SAW AND VY ehapor. Apply to JOEL BULLARD, corner Indiana and Klngsbury-sis. s . , WANTKD-A GOOD CARPENTER. APPLY AT Dlu CLARK A OO.i Roboy-sb., near \\TANTED— CARPENTERS AND PAINTERS TO 11 tako contracts at Hlnhwood, half cash, half real oitald: nono but gentlemanly appearing raon need apply, it. ASHLEY MEAUB, 200 LaSallo-at. WANTED A OARRIAGE-TIUMMER IMMKDI atoIy, who understands light hamois-tnaklntrj good wages by (bn ptooo or week. Uomo to FRANK MILLER, Indlanola, Vermilion County. HI. . Ty ANTED—AN ADAMS PRESSMAN, OVER 23, TO . YY tako charge of pressroom: ■ only a* flrit-olass man wanted: no hoys nood apply. Franklin Printing A Pub lishing 00., 160 South Olark-st. • . WANTED IMMEDIATELY TWO SILVER burnishers. L, B. BALDWIN. Oalhoun-plaoo, roar 118 Dssrbom-st. TyANTED-A GOOD GERMAN OR COLORED VY harbor, ato33 Stato-st. WANTED-GOOD CABINET-MAKERS FOR TUB country. Apply personally, between 1 and 8 Tburs day. E. lUOHAiiDS. 181 East Klgbtoontb-Bt. Ty ANT ED—A FIRST-CLASS JOB PRINTER; NO V Y otbor need apply, at 344 llllnols-st. WANTBD-TIIREH FIRST-GLASS COAT MAKERS? Good prJcoo and steady employment to good work men. JOHN MoNAMABA, 93 South Joltoraon-st. WANTED— FEEDER FOR CYLINDER PRESS. BASSETT, HUSH A MITCHELL, 13 and 14 La< Sallo-st, ■ - WANTED— 8 BARBERS AT WHELANS', CORNER Clark and Woeblngton-sts. • . Coachmen. Teamsters. <Ko. TyANTED-A YOUNG MAN TO DRIVE A ONE VV barse truck; must boorporleneod. well tcquAinfod with tbo oily and dopots, and have tbo best recommenda tions. OILLUT. McOULLOOH A CO., 81 and 38 South Wator-st. Employment Aconoios. Ty ANTED—2S MORE RAILROAD LABORERS; VY long job and good wages; company work and entirely free faro. Apply at 274 South Wator-st. B|£AW A CO. Ty ANTED—TO LEAVE TO-DAY-100 MEN FOR YY construction train in Michigan; fro# faro; nlao, 600 for Ohio and Indiana; one year's work; also, eaw-mill bands, farm hands, choppers, bark-poolers. and quaixy mnri. ■ For partloaltrs and transportation, apply to CHRISTIAN A BING, 1 South Clark-st. ■ Ty ANTED—3OO RAILROAD MEN; GOOD WAGES >Y and plenty of station work. Also DO teams, $4 por day. A. ANDERSON A GO., 18 South Canal-st., Room L • ' Ty ANTED—IB WOOD CHOPPERS, 95 RAILROAD YY, mens good wages, free transportation, steady work, ■nropay; loavo to-day. 69 Wost Randolph-at., Rooms. WANTED— 300 RAILROAD LABORERS; BO GOOD choppers: 26 bark poolers; plenty of good station work at 17 cents nor yard; saw-mill hands, Ao., Ac. Apply at 269 Boat Handolph-st., Room 4 Lind Block. O. V. SNELL. Agent. '‘Ml'toollnnoous. TXTANTED—SOLIOITORS AND AGENTS FOR THE »» “Ponn Mutual Life Ids. C 0.," of Philadelphia, in Northern UUnols. Ollico, b5 Waslungton-st., Chicago. T\T ANTED—MEN IN EVERy“TOWN, Vt and State; biggest ehanco over offered to mako mono?. Our articles aro now, and soil at sight. If you wauttomako money la a light and pleasant business, don’t fall to call at,99 East Mndiaoo-st., Room S. T\TANTED—ROY AT TURKISH BATHS, 874 WA it: boah-av. Call before 9 o’clock. TIT!ANTED—A YOUNG MAN THAT OAN LOAN VT | his employer $ll)0 ur S2OO, to learn the drug bind nose; steady-omploymout and aoonrity given. Address D CO, Tribune Pinto. ‘ ■ 1 TXTANTBD—SCO RAILROAD MEN FOR WISCON VV ■ Bin, S3.SO por day. companywork; 800 lor Michigan • and Indiana; bark.peeloraj choppers, and (arm.han.lfl. .ANGEL A OOAKEK,;M Wcatltoadolph-at. \ITANTED—THREE GOOD SOLICITORS FOR A 'if , flrst-cla*n advertising medium, on good salary. Ad* 'dress Q 60,' Tribune* otHoo. ■ ■ '^y ANTED—BOY, AT BABEMENT44IWABASU-AV. WANTED - THREE EXPERIENCED FARM bands, permanently. Amorloansproforrod. Cull to-day botwoon 11 and 13 a. m. -A. N. HART, Room 9, £lO TtfANTED—FOR OFFICE WORK, A GOOD, RE TT liable boy. Addroaa In own handwriting, Q 60, Tribune ollico, ’ ••. TATANTBD—A - JANITOR; A -MIDDLE. AGED MAN VV without family. Good references required. Apply at office of tho Prußitng Vinegar Works, 341 State-et. . TXTANTED—GENTLEMEN OR LADIES FAMILIAR IV , with sowing machines to canvass for tha most ualu* able aowlng machine attachment yotpatented; can make from'SS to 810 a day. Callnl Room 19 Otis Block, comer LaSalle anti Madlaon-ats., from 3to 4 o’clock p« m., WANTED— MEN OUT OF EMPLOYMENT TO CALL on JONES i CO., 71 South OanaLst.; tsUi to S4O a week auro money. ANTED-A ROY FROM 14 TO 10 YEARS OF •go, to attend bar. Must have good references. Ap ply to O. H. SCANLON, 323 West Rantlolnh-Bt. HORSES AND CARRIAGES. A GOOD PONY PHAETON, ALL IN ORDER, VERY cheap at SIOO. Call at 73 Doarbom-st., main floor.- - A TROTTER, A ROADSTER, A ‘BEAUTIFUL mare, and somo good drivers. CHITTENDEN, roar of 1060 Wabash-av. . •, ■ . , A BLACK BUGGY HORSE. 7 YEARS OLD, GOOD traveler, and very stylish, for sola, at 37 East Kin* . TSOARDINO STABLES—I HAVE , RECENTLY X> enlarged and refitted my stables; oaoacoommodate a few more boarding-horses at reasonable rates. Horses kept on first and soound floors. Call and oxamlno same. BASSETT'S, 19 and 31 Harraon-court, between Wabash nud Mioblgan-avs. • BAROUCHES, VICTORIES, ROOKAWAYS, PHAE ton, jurap-eoals, blldo-atiata. and a groat variety of ton and ppon buggies. 11. B. HILL, 37 and 39 Booth Cllnton-st. tjO*ARD!NO STABLE—BUST ACCOMMODATIONS X) amL moderate prices; no basomunt stalls. I. B. UOOPKRd CO., 42r Wabasu-av. (roar), entrance from Hubbard ami Peak-courts. FOR SALE—CHEAP—A • LIGHT, HANDSOME, shlftlng-top, square-bo* buggy, 454 Mlohlgan-av. ITIOR SALE—AN ELEGANT PARK CARRIAGE; X* i will be »old cheap. Inquire at 108 Weet Raudolph-at. TOORSALE—6 SECOND-HAND WAGONS AND BETS X* of barpeßa: will sell ehoap or trade for building ma* to rial. DONNE A SPAN LAN, 161 East Monroo-at. GO TO HATHAWAY’S, 600 BTATE-BT., TO BUY the flpoat light top-buggy in the olty for lowest price. GO TO'HATHAWAY’S, 600 BTATE ST., ‘ TO BUY wagons; 3open express wagons, also 9 with fops; I two-seated top-carriage, 9 light top-buggys, I open. 1 ■TTORBKS FOR S ALE, CONSISTING OP NIOKDRIV. XX ers. and In the lota Tuukahao unit that can trot fast: now is the time to buy cheap. SUUHLEIN A CLARK. 169 State-st. WANTED-A GOOD. EQUARK BOS TOP-BUGGY IT of Cblosgp nialco but littlo used. CoaUforasuod one. Address LUMBER, csro of Carrier 71. W.ANTED-nORSE AND BUGGY SUITABLE POR TV business, furwlilab 1 will give a good lot. J. W. UEDKNIiERQ, WKuatMadUon-st., Room 4. W“" ANTED-TO BUY-A GOOD, CHEAP RIDING pony. Address, statingprico, Q6l, Trlbuun officii. PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNREU WANTICD-WITII SI,OOO, IN AN EH. tahllahcd etudi Lublnesi paying S6U» per mimtU. Nona but parties who are ready for busluose and havo good roforonpoH need apply. 197 South Clark-st., Room 3d. PARTNER WANTIJD-AN AGTIVIT~BI7SINESS X man, with $6,000, ■ as required to lucroano tho iimuu* faoluro of au artlolo paying 00 to 76 per cent, ami porfectly safe. Address Q 67, Tribune utlluo. T>ARTNItR WWkIT-toTakTs AN INTEREST J. lui a Buda, mineral water, and bottling factory. Ad. dross 1‘ 74, Tribune office. PARTNER WANi’EI)—WIT!I A CAPITAL OF SI.MO ■X In the soap trade; also patent right for salo, Addrosa (1 M.JI tllnmo alike. pAETNItII WANTKD-WfTII S4OO, TO JOIN ME i. In Ibubcißt enterprise In Chicago; a safe and honest business. >U West down-alahri. PERSONAL. TJEESONAIi—A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN WJD. X ow lady, a stranger, aged 30, uf refinement, Mlslu<aU>moot n party who Is aldo and willing to assist hurlu buelnuss. Good security given, and best of references furnished and required, g 79. Tribune ulllco. PERSONAL-BROWN" EYES PLEASE EXCUSE any Bocmiog neglect. 1 have boon detained and only returned list evening. 1 WANTED—FEMALE HELP. > i. . . Domestics. WANTED-A GERMAN OR NORWEGIAN GIRT. t f to do gonoral housework,at Ilia Pralrto-ar; WANTED— A GOOD GIRL TO COOK. WASH, Bl» U U 10 KTlln,U^ Q, & t 800 LsHalle- WANTED-A COMPETENT GIRL TO DO'ODN * T oral housework. Applly at 8t St. Jeho's.plaoe. ’ i WANrED-GiIiLTODO GENERAL IIOUBKWOUK . VT In a small family at South Englewood. Apply at Hog Pfolrlo-ftT. ' WANTED-A GERMAN OIRLi ONE THAT UN. TV dorstands how to oook, wash, and Iron. Inquire at M Twentlotli-st., between Indiana and Pralrlo-avs. WANTED-AN ASSISTANT FEMALE OOOK IN restaurant. 95 South ilaistcd-st. WANTED-A GOOD OIRLFORGENBICALUOUSU. work in a small private family ( must bo a good laundress; will pay good wages; Apply at 77D West Adams-at, TITANTED TWO GIRLS; ONE AS COOK; AND TV pnoas second glrl» Apply It.South Sboldon-at. W ANTED—GERMAN OB NORWEGIAN GIRL, TO "TV : oo,ok, wash, nnd Iron. Onllat<77Fulfon-sU < TiTANTED—A GOOD GERMAN OR NORWEGIAN tv girl to do gonoral housework, lat,i Washington' Heights. Apply at TRUSSING Vinegar WorksT&U Suite.Bt, • . “ ‘ ; WANTItD-A OOOK, WABUim, AND UIONEII, VT at COU West Mtmroo.iti •UTANTED-A NEAT. nONESTrOIRL TO DO THE /V # gonpral housework, cooking,’washing, and Ironing for a family of two. Call, after 11 o’clock, No. 40 Cottage GroTo-av.,,noarTwcnly-seoond*st. ■ WANTED-a GIRLS—ONE TO OOOK, WASH, AND WMhfngton Bt onotOd ° MMni * Wot k. ’ ■ at .400. West WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE- wanted-a woman to do thk cooking and No 3W Bmall * ainlt *I tood wagon. .Apply at “IMBMATELY, at WANTED - A dOOD 000K,, WASUKR, AND TT Irouor, at 838 l*rnlrlo*Av.; references required. Gormau, Norwoglag, or Swedish preferred. ' W~ ' COOK, WAttUBR, AND Irooor. Apply at DPI lodiaua-QT. ■ • : ■ ■ OOOK, .WASHER,AND IRON. J T or, Gorman or Scandinavian, at 471 West Adajns-it. W A TC&tA P ood uook. washbrTao. call * * at 702 Juohleao-av., corner Twontioth»at. WANTKb-A,OOMiMSTKNT QIRL FOR GENERAL f T Housework for a small family: must bo ft good cook, washer, andinmer; roforonoo required. Apply tO’dar at 60 bouth Uurlii-gt. - ' . , j■. .. ' UfANTBO-A COMPETENT GIRL TO COOK, TT , .wash. andiron, laprivate family, ata»*Warren* »v. .Must, bo able to give reference. i ■ WANTKO-IMMEDIATF.LY, ’; 3 DINING-ROOM 1 1 -girls and 8 chambermaid* at too Übllch House. cot norSbutoandTHfouty-Bocond-Bta; ' • , ANTED—A FIRST-CLASS SECOND girl none ¥ T other nood apply. 1170 Wahasb-ar. ffgaiiian.a C v ****** **?.. WANTED-A GERMAN OR ENGLISH GIRL, AT ¥ • U7fl>4 Indlana-sv,, for gonoral housework; must bo a good cook ami a good waslior and ironor; Sin family s nitoroncosrequired. . . J TSrANTKD-ABWIIDK, GERMAN, NORWEGIAN, trt J? r S ol< J rotl woma n/'? cook for a snlallprlvsto family. Thnhltrhest waßos paid, Callat 76 Twsnty-olghth-st. after dinner. • , . WANTKD-BIX FEMALE RESTAURANT COOKS. > T Apply at 563 State-st. . 0 WANTED-A GIRL AT Itf DEPUYSTER-BT.‘ FOB general housework. Roforonoo required. TWANTED-AGIRL TO aOOK,WABH, ( AND IRON. TT ’ Call at 76 South Poorla-st. Also, a good second girl.; • , “ Seamstresses* i WANTEDf-M FEMALE , IIAifDS FOR TAILOR TT lug; operators for Singer's Machines: button-holo hands and linlshors! clrls to learn tailoring. Apply at 470 Wabaab-av. J. DLUMKNBEN. , ; TWANTED—A GOOD OPERATOR FOR A RINGER TT tuaohlno, one usod to work on cloth and leather slip per uppers. Apply ot 199 West Harrison-st. , - ; WANTED—TWO GOOD NEOKTIB MAKERS >TO TT work three boars every evening. Apply after half past 6 this ovonlng, at 133 East Madlson-st., Room 10. \TT ANTED—AN EXPERIENCED DRESSMAKER TT to act as forewoman at 409 State-st. \\T ANTED—6 GOOD SHIRT MAKERS AT THE YY Oriental Shirt Factory, 420 West Randolph-st. WANTHD-GOOD BIURTMAKER3 TO TAKE TT work homo; only first-olaes bands need apply. 319 West Madlson-st. Ty ANT ED—GOOD STITCHERS ON HOWE'S MA TT china to work Inside shoe factory; those who under stand tho business. 6U South Canal-st. TYrANTED-lO FIRST-CLASS DRESSMAKERS FOR T r skirts and watsta. Apply at £ll Wabash-av. i WANTBD-OAP-OUTTER. J. H. A I. M. PRANK, northwest comer Madison and Market-ste., Room 17. T\T ANTED- TT seamstresses who understand trimming and llnisb ing dresses. None but tho best nood apply. At 636 West Madlson-st. Milliners, TXTANTRD—IMMEDIATELY—6 FIRST-CLASS MIL VV liners (trimmers.) TELFAIR BROS-. 169 Was* Madlaon-st. ■ ■ 11 Mnrsoo- W ANTKD - WET NURSE, AT 489 WEST MADI- T T * Hon-at. W~ ANTED— A SMALL GIRL TO TAKB CARE OP a baby. Inquire at-014 Mlahlgan-av.J ' WANTI2n-NURaK GIRL: BEST OF , REFER TT oncoa required. ApplyntlcuMlohlgan-av., Wodnoa day and Thuradny. between 1 and 4 p. m. Laundresses. WANTF.D-OOOD WASHER FOR LAUNDRY, »Y, and female help of &U kinds. Apply at Moulton Homo, Kinslo-st, WANTED-l BTAROHER AND 1 BHIRT-IRONBR il ntN. Y. S. Laundry, West Madlson-st. Honsokcouors. WANTED— HOUSEKEEPER, FOR A WIDOWER with ono small child, la tho country; no (jifjectinns to a widow with ono child; roforqnoo desired. Apply IDOU Btato-st., uintalrs. . , r. "nrANTED—AN AMERICAN WOMAN TO TAKE 1 Yr ‘ charge of a house on a farm: no objootlou to ono with ono child.' Inquire at 180 Luko-at. ■ ' Employs? out ' TU'ANTIID-OEUMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN GIRLS VVt for private families and hotels, at 80 Mtlwaukoo-av, No foes. WANTED —6O GIRLS, DININGROOM GIRLS; 1 ?,*’ cooks, and seconds for tho city and country. Apply ‘ at L 29 Stato at., by Mrs, REISS. . ■ . ; ; WANTED— 100 GOOD GIRLS FOR GENERAL hnosowork; no foo. Apply at 07 West Roadolph-st., Room 3. 1 ' W“ ANTED—GOOD COOKS FOR PRIVATE FAMl llos at Kenwood. Alsu laundroison and girls for general housowork. MRS. THOMPSON, 1000 Stato-at. WANTED-FOR THE COUNTRY, SOME GIRLS for housework. Call early, and go whoro you ■ can save your money, rcoolve kind treatment, and breatbo fro3h air and got good wages. 416 Wabasn-av.. coruur of Feck-court, MlsooUanoons. TYTANTED—ROME ACTIVE LADY AGENTS. TO Wr Mil MADAM DKWEY’B Dross Klovalor; tolls at sight, and has only to bo toon to'bo' appreciated: largo ludueomonta offered. Call in forenoon, at 416 Wa fa aab-av, WANTED—A FIRST-CLASS WOMAN AS HEAD YY cook, at Clark’s European Hotol, corner Laßalla and South Wator-sts. WANTED WEAVERS, SPINNERS, WOOL VY ' sorters, and other help for woolen mills. Address ENOS BROWN A CO.. Blond 31 Randulph-st. WANTEIV-1 WAS AT THE BRIGGS HOUSE LAST VY Thursday, not West Sldo Briggs House, as printed by mistake. I wish to engage a young lady of good ad dross, with soprano voice, to travel with a troupo‘who are conducting musical conventions.and giving lloral con corta. Address Prof. SCOTT, Sandwich, HI. TYTANTED—LADIES FAMILIAR WITH SEWING VY machines to canvass for tho most valuable attach mont yot patented. Can make 56 a day. Call it Room'' 13 Otis Block, comer LaSallo and Madiaon-sta., from oto-: •4 o'clock. ' FINANCIAL. Loans made on city real estates tom months, or purchase real estate mortgages; also loons on collaterals, houses on leased ground, horso and rig; diamonds wanted, W. OTTAWAY, 79 Doarbora-at, \fONISYTO LOAN IN SUMS OP $5,000 AND DP ■LYi. wards on real citato security at 9 per cent, $1,400 short time 10 pur cent; short tlmo commercial paper wanted. O. 8. LACEY A CO.. 119 Dearbom-st. VfONEY ON HAND TO LOAN ON IMPROVED AND •OX unimproved city property. Loans perfected without delay. J. 0. MoOOltD A 00,, 109 Dearborn-at. M" ONEY TO LOAN IN VARIOUS BUMB. ON OITY and Cook County real estate for a tonu of years. PHASE <t ADAMS, 2011 ry an Block. 1 ■ Money to loan on oity real estate, o. 8. UUBDARD, Jn„ IC3 WashlngUm-st. Money advanced at lashen’s loan of noo j lato JACOBS A 00.,0n diamonds, watches, and oilier valuables; 177 Olark-at., comer of Monroe, Room S. THO LOAN-MONEY ON WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS, ± furniture, and other good collaterals. JAMES B. STOREY, fri and 80 LaSailo-at., Room Bi. T\rANTRD-$3,00a OR 83,000 FOR SORB YEARS ON iv good Improved farm 60 miles from Ohloauo worth 88,000 or $9,000. LINGLE A DAHLQW, 135 Dearborn-at. T\TANTED—GOOD REAL ESTATE PAPER. TUGS. IT A. HILL, 123 Doarborn»at. TVANTKI>-$15,000 OR SIB,OOO FOR 8 OR 6 YEARS if on Inside oily real estate security. Fair commission paid. Address U 01, Tribune office, ■ ■ \V a WANTTO PURCHASE SOME GOOD FIRST ' Vi morltraflopaiior, haring one roar and over to ruu. BASH A miAPLEY. Room 6 OtUßlook. WANTKU-TO LOAN FOR A TERM OF YEARS, IT. 88,000 on real ostato worth $70,000. situated outoldo of Chicago. Address or call at Room 17, Orloutal Build* lair, 123 LaSaUo-st. • WANTED— $3,000 ON GOOD SECURITY' IN RN* glowoed, for Q toB years: will pay 10 Dor cent. JAMKB 11. HILL. .1 Donrbucu-,1. 1 . WANTED—SOOO FOR TWO YEARS, AT 10 PER II «»nt; security given on house worth $3,000. Address A 18, Tribune ellloo. &10 OHO A ND UPWARDS TO LOAN ATO AND •pXUsVuy lopor oonfci notoa soonrod purchased; long and short Umo. A; 8. PALMER, JU„ W Washing! l»n*st., Uoiima lttsnd 17. ■ CLAIRVOYANTS. DIU MATHEW _ ncossud modlcaUiedhims, 106 West Madiaim-at. At A J»AM K I DULL, TfIEOICr.nDRATED FEMALE ill. physician and clairvoyant, baa do equal In her pro* fuiolou in tolling the past, present and future. Call and lm convinced of her wonderful power at her rooms, 191 WostMa.dlMin-st., RonmaHaml t>, from3a. »». toHp. m, MACHINERY. l?OR SALE—ANEW 16* HORSE POWER STATION X' ary engine] also a largo A-yoarold horse, suitable for P. J. 81CXTON, Builder, 611 and 60 T/Toil > SALIC-HKCOND-HAND POUTAHLU, UP* •I right, and tubular boilers, poilablo uud stationary un* Bines; ouo liuokeiu uuglno ana boiler. Chicago steam Duller Works, 60 Mlolngau-vt. i SITUATIONS WANTED--MALE. ' BooldcooDots, Glories* &o. 6U QITUATION WANTED— ENTRY OLRRTC AND O single entry bookkeeper wanls a position; Is willing to mako himself Useful in (lie aloroj Is An onorgotlc and tomporato American, I’loaso address Box 07, Tribune 0ß100, • SITUATION WANTED—A BOOKKEEPER, DOUBLE •VJ or slngloonlry. Iropon for an engagement; han boat roioroncos; is Induslrloua, temporal®, and straight* i?L?l anl, .W 0 k no.junro. Bot&ry than position If wprtlu PloaßOaildrolißox,67Tribanooffice. aiTUATION WANTED-A’ GROCERY, ar.ERK, Amorlcßn, Sflynars of age, would Ilka a position with 5iL r, £r° lass rotoll grocnr; understands the business and i nouou nls nostlr, correctly, and with the # I ® n orgotie and saber young man, nnd Is T?lBSnoofflM? ln ■ ri0l “ 0 “Mroßa Box W S I SKaT?? M VANTRD-UY a YOUNG MAN OJT , aB *»o<>kUor>po r or obrk in some whole. « ro * l Rfra J ( } °1 work; good KJfcrnncos'glvnnT ,o ? ru tho business. -(Jail, oraildross J BK. ldf West, for Untie dayn. SITUATION WANTED—BY A or collector; speake English, Gorman*anti Trlbuno oliico W ° nc ' lualnto(l ,a tho city. Address QUI, SITUATION WANTED-A YOUNG* GERMAN?' tP "Peaking and corresponding English, , Gorman, French, and Danish, who Imnurtod goods from Europe haroUiforo, but whoso losses by tho lire forbid him to import on a scale that nays, wants a situation in a mer cantile business. Address A 47, Trlbuno otlloo. SITUATION WANTED—THE ADVERTISER (M kJ yoara of ago), who has had IB yean’ experience in tho rolnll gonoral moroliandiso business, doslroa an Indoor situation! Wagoßnotsomuch of an object bb steady cm. ployniont. Can adapt himself to any ollico work, and loan employers a few thousand dollars. Address E 74, Trlb nno ollico. ■ r ; . 1 . - QITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN OF 4 O years' experience In a rolall store, In a wholesale house; not afraid of work; salary not so much of an ob ject as steady employment; speaks English and Gorman. Good reference furnished. Address ODE, Tribune office. .j • . SITUATION WANTED-BV" A YOUNG MAN W-J (I'TOdoui In some grocery store, who I* snbor In ovorj Totooot, andhashad? roars'nxpDrlonoo in thobusiness. Will Klro Jlrst-olas* rofornnacs, which oan bo had at 114 and lid Twenty-soertnet-st.! botwoon 10 a. m. and 3D. in. Address to MR. SMITH.; ~ ». -.,.i SITUATION /WANTED-:Aa, ;; BOOKKBIIPISU,, Blupmnf, or entry-dork; 7 years’ experience. Addrosi AM, TribuneofllgO.v. i ; ,-.i;-• S~~ ITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN WHO nad liroroars' the lumber, sash, aoop, ana blind business as saloopian} has some know/, edge of bookkeeping, writes and speaks English and German lluontljrj wants a plaoowboro fair wages can be earned, or would Invest a few hundred dollars In tomi paying logltlmato business. Address A 63, Tribum olllco, • j • . Trades. QITUATION | rWANTRD-BV A • FinST.Or.ABB pfloalptor fpom Paris. 1 .Torracolta, bronze,'rondel molt ing ®nd ornamental llgnros a specialty. Satisfaction guaranteed. Best of reference. Addroa* U 76. Tribune office. • SITUATION WANTED AS ENGINEER WITIY Some good- firm. 'Have bad experience with wood working machinory. encage for one or two year*. ■Address ENGINEER, 1001 MilwaukCe-av., Chicago. SITUATION WANTED—TO HOTEL-KEEPERS—BY Q a practical head-waiter, In which .position tho under •signed has no superior. The highest testimonials given to that effootl Address U 27, Tribune olHco. • - ' QITUATION WANTED —AS AROHITKOTURAL kJ draughtsman. Boat references can bn given. Ad* drew 81 Laßallo-»t.V Room No. 21. lIENItYB. QRKEN. SITUATION WANTED-BY A BUTCHER, WHO" V has nan experience in the business. Inquire or ad dress 208 ..WoatLako-at.. QITUATION WANTED—AH GARDENER; NO OB* kJ jqatlon to look after horto and carriage or cow: willing to make hlmsoit useful; Address A 43. Tribune ofneo. QITUATION WANTED-BY A PARTY HAVING? JO had • six years’ experience In this city,'ln Charge ol ramormaklna and jjubblng dopartment of sash factory. Jan refer,to former employers and prominent bulldom as to ability, Ao. Address FRAMB-MAKER, • Trlbuni office. QITUATION WANTED-AS ENGINEER HAVE O had 20ycnrs' orporlonto; understand high and low pressure. Boot of city references. Apply 603 booth Hal- , stod-st. QITUATION WANTED-AS ENGINEER OR MA. O ohlnlat to do repairing around a factory: la an oxoo?l* onoed man and haa his own tools: can dohohmd vise work lathe-work, or hlnchrmlthlng. No objection tho leave tbs city. AddressQTO.'Trlbunooffico, furl week. QITUATION WANTED-BY A THOROUGHLY practical newspaper and job printer; strictly sober, with? years' exporlonoo intho position. Desired— flu* feme manahlp of a good country otlloo. Address FOREMAN. Trlbono office. Coaclunon, Tonm»tors. &c. SITUATION WANTED-BY A BOY 15 YEARS OLD who can drive and take caro of, a horse. Reference given. Address Q 55, Tribune office, SiTUATION’WANTED-BY A VOUNO ENGLISH mao os coachman and gardener, and make hlmnoll useful about the house. Apply to4o West Rarutolph-at. QITUATIONS WANTED—FOR MAN. WIFE, ANdI O child In a private family; man as coachman, woman to do general housework, or on a farm. Address U 74,' Tribuno office, for live days. Eligcollanoona, QITUATION WANTED—IN ANY RESPECTABLE O business by a-Scandinavian; writes and roads the English language perfect; cau give tho best of references: can bo seen at No. 13 Bromor-tt., oraddresa to samoplaon lu caro of P. Sylvan, llotoll Swoa. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG FRENCH, man, In a French business house or farm (English would salt In order to loam the language); goodroforon ooa. Address GEORGE, 76WostMonroo-nt. ■ QITUATIONS WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AND O wife, together In a hotel, man as porter and wifo at waitress; city or country. Call at 70 ahorman-at. QITUATION WANTED-BY A BOY 18 YEARS OLD, O.todrlvo a delivery wagon of any kind; good city refer onooa given. Address Q 95, Trlbono office. QITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS BAR. O keeper who understands tho billiard business. No ob jection to going to tho country. Boat of references given. AddroasQ 73,-Tribune olßco. SITUATION WANTED—BY A BOY, 15 YEARS ' old, to work la a private family, toko caro of horso. oto. Call at 142 West Adams-st. QITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO FRBNOH- O man who spoaka French, English, and Spanish, to work at mostanything. Address A 49. Trlhnno office. SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE iDomoatios< QTTUATION3 WANTED-BY TWO FIRST-CLASS O conks, ono as first cook, tho other aa second: also a §lrl for general housowork, and ono for second wore. Ad* teas 79 Huroa.-st». > SITUATION WANTED—BY A GOOD RESPECT-' lahlo girl to do general housework la a small private family. . West Side preferred. Pioaao call at' 855 West Polk-st. • QITUATION WANTED-WITH ,A RESPECTABLE O 'family as cooker laundress by ono of 20 years’ oxporl enco In the East. Apply Wednesday and Thursday of thli wook atßl7 Maiwolbat. . ■ SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED woman as cook, or nurse for small children. Apply at ' tho Woman's Homo. ■ . SITUATION WANTED-AY A COMPETENT GIRC .to do general housework In a email private family. Beat of roforoncoa. 155 Bnttarflold-st., in tho roar.. QITUATION WANTED-BY A DANISH GIRL. O lately come over. In an American family. Apply STa MUwaukoe-av. N, LUND.. QITUATION WANTED-BY A DANISH GIRL AS O second girl or gonoral housowork In a small family. Apply at C6o South May-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE girl; can cook, wash, ami Iron, or un-stalns work, and can oomo well recommended, Addross 456 Ar nold-st. . SITUATIONS WANTED-DY 3 SWEDISH GIRLS (sisters), In a private family. Apply at 80 Wosson-at., North 81 Jo. • SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO GIRL Please call at 353 Mltchull-st. QITUATION WANTED-BY A STEADY GIRL, FOR O socond work, or to tako oaro of chlidron and do plain sewing, with reference. Apply At 1&6 Taylor-st., for two days. . • ■ . SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE girl to do general housowork in a small private family. Qallatl4oTowoßond-Bt. Apply In tho roar. SITUATION WANTED-TO DO KITCHEN OR chamber work la a private family. Apply at 633 In dlank-av. 1 Soamstrossoa. QITUATION WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED O dross-titter and trimmer will go out by tho day. Ad dress HIX R, 265 FulUm-st. Nnrsou. QITUATION WANTED- BY AN EXPERIENCED O American woman to tako oaro of ladioa in contl no nient. Call for 8 days, or addross No. 781 Fultoo-st., MRS. LEWIS. . Honsokoonorsi SITUATION WANTED—BY A LADY OF REFINE* mont, alone and a stranger In tho city, wlibouta homo, to keep bouse for a widower or bachelor. Uuu glvo refer* poors. U 30, Tribune olfioo. ’ • Employment Aeonoios. ' QITUATIONS WANTED—FAMILIES IN WANT OF O good Scandinavian ami Gorman help can bo supplied at Mrs. DUSKE’S ollico, 60 Mllwaukop*av. Situations wanted-fou a large number of coed girls. nowin walllnc at Star Employment ollico, K6 West Monroo-«t. Also, Gorman cooks for roe* tauranta and bosrding.houtog. . : I <i Misoollnneonsr QITUATION WANTED—BY A LADY WHO IS A O good penman; would Invest S2OO where it would secure her a fair salary. Good references plvon and required. Address, with full particulars. J 73. Tribune offleo. SEWING MACHINES. A LARGE LOT OF SECOND-HAND SRWXNO-BfA* ohinca. nearly now, embracing tho Singer, Wheeler A Wilson, Howe, Grover A Baker, and nlftho leading tnacbluea, for Bale very cheap, by (ho Domestic Sowing* Maohluo Company, at 74 H'hto iu Porsons about to buy any of tbo above hluda will tlnd horo s bargain. T^ORSALE—ONE LATKSIMMiMIOVKB!ENT, NEAR* X* ly new, Singer sowing machines, prico 840. -39 Meal MouroO-st. ! • ~ PUOVKK4 BAKKII'3 SEWINQ-MAOIIINKII-pnJI. Ijp oral 011100, 160 State-at.; brnnoh nllloo, 072 Wabash* ov. Persons having old Grover A Baker sewing-machines aro Invited to call and sou the now tmprovomcuti, and hear something to their advantage. C?K WING-MACHINES ALL KINDS—AT HALS O prlcoj’warranted; repairing done. PERCY A CO., 837 West Msdlson-st. fIIHE NEW -7 FLORENCE HEWING MAOHINE-WU X call special attention to recent improvements made In tho Florence, also to the now and elegant styles of onset added to our list. To moot tho viows of those preferring a machine feeding the work away from tho operator, wo have made Nos. 11l and 11, which combine tho desirable features to bo found iu machines made by others, with ail tha peculiar excellencies of tho Florence. WM. 11, SHARP A_oo., General Agents, 26-1 otato-ot., Chicago. now improved, sold or rented on easy monthly pay* ments. BURNHAM A FLANNERY, Oity Agents, ollico 163 Stato-st. fi WORTH OF ATP AO 11M ENTS GIVEN AWAY «piU U>every person purchasing a sowing machine at saasuto-gt. BTJILBINO MATERIAL. •\VANTKP-AUUUT 200.000 HUIOKH FOR BUILD* It lug, for which cash will bo bald. Inquire of J. D. MACLEOD. 190 Thrwop-at. 7

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