Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 19, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 19, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 26. UNDERWEAR. UNDERWEAR. Wo havo a largo stock of Summer Morinos, Angola Flannels, Silk, Lisle Thread, Joan, Linen, Jooonofc, »0., in ilno goods at bottom prices. Hosiery. Our stock contains about twenty varieties of fine goods for Mon’s wear, adapted to the season, at unusually low priaos. NECKWEAR. Wo havo a very rich and select stock now, and replenish every month. AND GUFFS. The greatest variety of stylos over offered in Ifiuo Goods. . . , _ Handling larger quantities of extra flue goods for Men’s Wear than any other firm, we buy at closer figures, and do sou at cor respondingly loss prices. WILSON BEOS., 8. B. dor. Stato and Washlngton-sta.! “Ar oade-court, Olark-st., south of Madison-st., Chicago. Piko’s Opera House, Pourth-at., Oinoin natl. . COD LIVER OIL. 0 •WIX.XjSO3ST’S CARBOLATED COD LIVER OH. la a Specific and Radical Onto for CONSUMPTION AND SOEOFUIOUS DISEASES. Remember tho name, "Willson's Ofttbolatod Cod Liver Oil.” It comofl In largo wedge-shaped bottles, bearing the Inventor’s signature, and Is sold by tho boat Druggists. Prepared by J, H, Willson, 83 John-st., H. T, For sale by all Druggists. Western Agonta: HORLBUT A EDSALL, Chicago. _ . RIOHAUbSQN I CO.. St. Loots. Mo. REAL ESTATE. IMPORTANT SALE OF VALUABLE BUSINESS PROPERTY We aro authorized by ELIJAH SMITH, Esq., Trus tee, to recolvb scaled proposals for the purchase ol 48 foot front by 180 feet doep, situated on Mloblgan-av., be tween Madison and Monroo-sts., described as follows: 8. )i of Lot 8, and tho norlhSfootof Lot 9, In Block 1, Fractional Section 15 Addition to Chicago, Cook County, HI. Bald proposals will bo received for ton days, to tbo S7tb Instant Inclusive, and will bo opened on tbo S3tb and aotednpon. Capitalists should glvo ibis tbolr attention, as tbo property mast positively be sold. Direct proposals to ELIJAH SMITH, Trustee, care of Ellson A Foster, 87 Market-st. BEAUTIFUL HOMES. GEO. SUMMERS, 188 East Madison-st., Room 4, is now selling splendid lots in Nor wood Park on MONTHLY PAYMENTS, also offers assist anceintheereotion of dwellings. LACES. RIBBONS, &o. T ittit ito to Lais! Great Bargains WILL BE OFFERED THIS WEEK. REAL LACES. ALL KINDS OF RIBBONS. WHITE EMBROIDERIES. FANS AND JEWELRY. ON ACCOUNT OF MY REMOVAL. G. MBNDBLSON, East Madison and FranKlin-sta, WANTED. A DAILY NEWSPAPER JAN, Of EXPERIENCE. GENTLEMANLY DE PORTMENT, INDUSTRIOUS, and HON ORABLE, can learn of a very pleasant and remunerative position by calling on FRANK GLOBSOP, Proprietor National Hotel Reporter, 05 South Oanal-st. ¥ANTED-AGENTS-FitOl>l 876 to per month, everywhere, to 801 l one of the most uaef ul articles over Invented needed In every family. Send for Circu lar. Address, BECOMB A CO., 167 SUto-st., Chicago, 111. - REMOVAL. REMOVAL. I have again gone baok to noar my old quarters. Nos. 50 and 61 Markofc-st., whoro I have bettor facilities for doing business than ever before, and, thankful for past favors, shall bo happy to seo all. old friends and many now, and guarantee satisfaction to all. W. B. BTANNAHD. MEETINGS. Masonic. Oourgas Ohatderof Roeo Croix. Regular conclave this evening, at Hal), earner ol lialstod and Randolpb-aU., »t 8 o'clock, XJy order. JAMES 11. MILES, Or. Secretary. Masonic. Waubsnala Lodge, No. ICO, moots this (Thursday) evening, at 8 o'clock. In Oriental Hull, 15E1 LaSaUe-at., for work mi 1 1 . O. Degree. Visiting brethren cordially lavlled. By order of tUaW. fil. B. ST. JOHN, Soc'y. Masonic. The members of Kilwinning Lodge, Bit, A.,F. ft A. &!., sro hereby nollflnd to attend a regular communica tion at Corinthian Hall, 187 East Klndo-it., on Thursday I. O. O. F. A medal meeting of tho Odd Follows' Building Abbo olMlon of South Chicago will bo held Ihi. (Thursday) «o&. at 8 o'clock sharp. In Odd Fellows' Hall isk Wbt pail® GENERAL NOTICES. WARNING I To Makers, Vendors, nnd Ilnjere pf Combine- nation Bank nnd Safe Looks i It has oomo to our nolleo that & number of Combination Looks aro manufactured and olTorod for »alo, which, as wo aro advised by oar ooansol, aro plain Infringements of ono or more of tho Patents owned or controlled by our firm. That nono may incur any liability ignorantly, w.o giro notloo that wo Intend to onforeo our olalms by ovory legal moans against all who make, ess, or vend auoh Looks In violation of our patented rights, and to hold parties who doollno to dlseonUnne tholr Infringements, or to obtain a lloonso from us, to a fall responsibility la damages. Salts upon oar Patents havo boon instituted, and aro now ponding in tho United States Court for the Southern District of Now York, against the Ynlo Look Manufac turing Company, and tho agents of Diobold ft Klontlo, of Canton, formerly of Cincinnati, O.; and wo have in structed our Solicitors to begin proceedings against oth ers, wborovortho same maybe nooostary foi 1 tho protec tion of onr rights. We will mako proper terms, with those who propose such a course, within a reasonable time after receiving notice of onr Patent claims, both In settlement of past infringements, and conferring tho right to futnro use, but shall Insist upon all that can bo legally recovered against those who, after dae notification, decline to mako any satisfactory arrangement. . For tho better information of tbo public, and facility of reference, wo give below the dates and numbers of tbo Patents above referred to: MOLTING BOLT PATENT, ‘ Patent No. 67,671. Dated August 28. 1866. Reissued* Jan. 9,1872, No. 4,696. JAMES SARGENT, Patentee. DOUBLE ROLLER PATENT. Patent No. 98,623. JAMBS BARGENT, Patentee. Thti U an improvement upon tho Single Eccentric Roller, patented by LINUS YALE, Jr., nnd combined with tbo cun for disconcerting tbo notion nponths tum blers. It boon found by experiment that tho single roller Is not proof against tho skill of an export look-plot. IMPROVEMENT IN PERMUTATION LOCKS. Patented by L. P. MUNOER, July 14, 1857. No. of Patent, 17,804. Reissued April 3, 1661, No. 63; Extcnaoi Seven Years; IloUsae No. 4,693, dated Oot. 17,1871. IMPROVEMENT IN PERMUTATION LOCKS. GEORGE ItOSNGR, Patentee. Patent No. 80,093, dated Bopt. 18, 1660. Rolssao dated July S3, 1871. Aav signed to HALBERT S. GREENLEAT. f Respectfully, SARGENT As GREENLEAF, Jnna 18, 1873. Rochester, N. Y. N. 8.-Hr. JAMBS SARGENT will bo la Chicago for a faw dayi, and can be Boon at No. 25 Randolpb-st. TO THE TRAVELING PUBLIC. F. FARMELEE & 00., OffliDS Line & Bane Express. Offloo, 156 Deailorn-st,, Chicago, Having laoroaiod oar facilities, wo are now prepared to deliver baggage to and from all parts of the city, and wo make It a specialty to deliver baggage promptly and with as little delay as possible. To prevent confusion at tho depots, passengers, by glv ' log tbolr checks to our agent on tbo trains, noed not bavo any fnrthor trouble of Its reaching Its proper destination. Passengers delivered to and from Hotels and Railroads. Orders promptly attended to by leaving word at our office. Office of the Inter-State Industrial Exposition of Chicago, Junk 16, 1873. ZPXTBXiia NOTICE Is hereby given that • spools! mooting of tho Stockhold era of tho Intor-Stato Indaitrial Exposition of Obioago will bo bold at tho ofßce of said Corporation, No. 87 Wash, logton-st., In tbo city of Chicago, on TUESDAY, tho 16th day of July, 1873, at 4 o’clock p, m., for tbo purpose of submitting to a vote of said Stockholders tbo question of Increasing tbo capital stock of said Corporation so that tbe same shall bo two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. By order of tbe Directors. JOHN P. REYNOLDS, Secretary of Inter-State Industrial Exposition of Chicago. ' OP-A/EEim? IRON FIRE-PROOF SHUTTERS. Manufactured by SEAVEY A CO., FINANCIAL. COOK COUNTY NATIONAL BANE on? cma.A.a-O;, NORTHWEST CORNER Washington and Dearborn-sts. United States Depository. CAPITAL, - - $500,000 OFFICERS: B. P. ALLEN, President. O. T. BOWEN, Vloo President. O. Q. BULKLEY, Cashier. A general Banking Business transacted. Accounts of Banks, Bankers, and Merchants solicited. Particular attention given to collections. ■ Bills of Exchange on tbo principal cities of this coun try and Europe. DIUIiCTOUS: Hon. Lyman Trumbull, Obioago: Pot ter Palmer, Chicago: Hon. B. 0. Cook, Obioago: Tbos. 8. Dobbins, Chicago; Chas. Stewart, Noponsot, 111.; D. F. Allen, lion. W. IlushnoU, Ottawa, 111.; O. T. Bowen, Chicago; D. D. Spencer, Chicago. ZDXQ-_ Ws have Attorneys everywhere, and collect tbo claims of Wholesale Merchant* and others in any part of the country. No Attorney's foes In units: no charges until collections are made. FRASIER'S MERCANTILE COLLECTION AGENCY, Hfl Madison-st. MONEY TO LOAN On fint-claao Chicago Real Estate. Large sums at 9 per coat on Improved property. MEAD A 008. 163 L»8a!le-at. BUSINESS CHANCE. FACTORY FOR SALE J±i T^" l -L l , ■ COUNBU OP Twonty-sixtli-st. & Stewart-av., Built of brick, with boiler, engine, ond wood-working maobinery, al most new. Inquire on the promisee. FOR SALE. QUILLS, QDILL TOOTH-PICKS, AND QUILL PENS, AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. CULVER, PAGE. HOME & CO., 118 ami 120 Monrog-nt., Chicago. HOTEL. ANDERSON’S HOTEL ON THE EDROPRAN PLAN. florid Side uadlson-st., let. Clark and LaSalle. Rooma $1 to $3 per day. Restaurant open from 6a. in. to 9p. m. Prices moderate. WASHINGTON. The Attorney-General's Advice to the South, “ Let Poli tics Alone.” Preparations for the Expedition for the Transit of Venus. The Civil Service Eules Applied to tho Patent-Office, The Uses of the “Trade Dollar.” Special Dismtch io The ChieagoTribune. .-VIRGINIA FINANCES. Washington, Jnno 18.—A commission sonfc out from London by a rocont council of holders of American bonds, is at present investigating tho question of tho debt of Vhglnia., Up to a recent period tho confidence of thoeo bondhold ers Id tho orodit and character of tho State of Virginia had boon unbounded, but rocont legis lation has groatly impaired that confidence. A lengthy resolution was adopted by a mooting of bankers and financial mon, hold in Bichmond last Monday night, embodying their views and sentiments in relation to .this subjoot, conclud ing “Therefore, undor all thoolroum stancos of tho case, it is• wisest to occopt what has boon accomplished, and trust that timo and a gradually improving condition will, with tho blessing or Providence, bring about tiio re sult which wo all so earnestly desire, tbo com plete re-establishment of our State.” TUB TRADE DOLLAR. a gonoral misapprehension Booms to exist in regard to tbo not? coin, which was provided for by Congress at tbo last session, 'to bo known as tbo trnuc-dollftr. Tlio fact is ttiat tbo solo ob ject of tbo act is to facilitate commerce between this country and China and Japan, by allowing silver to bo made into thoso dollars in the United States, instead of as heretofore, having to send tbo bullion to London for ooinogo. This now dollar will bo used exclusively in trodo with the Celestials, and will not enter into gonoral cir culation in this country, and will only bo coined as demanded for uso. TUB LOUISIANA QUESTION. Tbo action of the white and colored citizens of Now Orleans, hooded by Gen. Beauregard, contained in a dispatch from that city, which appeared in the morning papers, attracts con siderable attention boro in official circles. Tbo members of tbo Administration now in town aro puzzled to know what it all moans. Attor noy-Gon. Williams, in conversation to day, said bo was not prepared to give an opinion on the action of this committee or tbo character of their resolutions. Ho thinks there is some ulterior object in thorn, and is dis posed to wait for further developments, a dis patch, for instance, from Gov. Kellogg. On tho whole, tho Attorney-General Is of tho opinion that tlio best thing tho people of Louisiana, and of tho South generally, can do. is to mind their own business and lot politics alouo. PERSONAL. Mr. A. B. Moncham, tho Peace Commissioner, who was wounded at tho Canby massacre, will probably attend tho forthcoming trial of Capt. Jack, and his confederates. Ho is still a Ann believer in tho present policy of tho Government toward tho Indians, and says that thoio aro white men in California and Oregon more responsible for tho blood of Gen. Canby than Capt. Jack himself. Ho is nt present engaged in preparing his report of his attempt to paoillcato tho Modoca. [7b the Auoeiatcd Prets.} IIIE TRANSIT OP VENUS. Washington, Juno 18.—Prof. Henry, of tho Smithsonian Institute, and Admiral Sands and Prof. Newcomb, of tho Naval Observatory, were at tbo Navy Department to-day, with a view of making preliminary arrangements for tho details of tho different departments of an expedition to bo sent in a voeaol-of-war to various points to take observations of tho transit of Venus. Tho points it is contemplated visiting lor this pur pose are mainly la tbo Southern Indian Ocean. Australia, and tho adjacent islands. There will Erobably bo four parties, six persons in each, to e assigned at different ■ points; tbo western party at Hobartstown, Van Pieman's Land; a second party at Korgudan Land, in tho South Indian Ocean; a third party at Vladistooak, on tho Asiatic coast of Russia; and a fourth at some island adjacent to Australia. FOOLISH CANARD. The rumor from Now York, that Judge Rich ardson is about to resign tho office of Secretary of tho Treasury, is not worth serious oousidenv tion. FREE DELIVERY. The Post Office Department issued an order, to-day, for tbo establishment of the freo-doliv ory system at Quincy. 111., with six carriers, and Kansas City, Mo., with eight carriers, the service at both places to commence July 1. PATENT OFFICE, A largo number of promotions, based on com petitive examinations under tho Civil Service rules wore made in tho Patent-Office to-day to grades of tho First, Second, and Third Assistant Examiners. Among tho clerks promoted to bo Third Assistant Examiner was Miss Anna R. 8. Nichols, of Massachusetts, who is tho first lady that over received such on appointment. Four ladies creditably passed tho examination, which was strictly of a general scientific na ture, each standing above tbo minimum The Commissioners had Jgivon notice, how ever, that only one lady would bo appointed to try the novel experiment, and Alius Nichols, standing highest of tho four, received tho pro motion. The specialty to which she will bo as signed is not determined. SPRINGFIELD. The Salts Against tho Railroad Ro* sisters In Champaign County—Land Office Appointment election of Chief Justice— Revenue Suit—Par* dons* Special Dispatch to Ths Chicago Tribune, Bpiunofield, 111., Juno 18.—On Monday, tho 23d inut., tbo aoasion of tho United States Dis trict Court hero, which was interrupted in con sequence of tbo sudden illness of Judge Treat, will bo resumed. It is probablo that tho case of tho Chicago «fc St. Louis Railroad against the parties who refused to pay faro last winter will bo tried. William Proscott, Esq., of this city, has boon appointed Register of tbo Land-Ofllco for tho Springfield District, in ploco of 0. B. Beano, who resigned to accopt tho Judgeship, of the Nine teenth Judicial Circuit. Tho Hon. Sidney Brooso was olootod Chief Justice of tho Supremo Court of this State by tho.full Court in session at Mount Voruun. Tho vote was unanimous, Nicholas J. Cummings and leano Duggins, brought hero from Schuyler County, wore ar raigned before Commissioner Adams this morning on a charge of soiling at retail figures cigars and tobacco without having takon out a special license therefor. Tho accused, it is said, keep a floating bagnio on tho Illinois Rivor, whoro tho alleged violation occurred. They waived an examination, gave bail in tho sum of each for their appearance nt tho noxt term of tho United States Court, and wore permitted to depart. Henry W. Hooker, for robbing tho Post-oftlco in Pittsfield, Piko Co., was also arraigned in this Court this morning. Tlioro was not a particle of ovidonoo going to show that ho was guilty of tho offense charged., and ho was discharged. Tho Governor to-uay pardoned Patrick Costello, convicted of burglary at tho October (1872) term of tbo Criminal Court of Cook county, and sen tenced to eighteen months in tho llouso of Cor rection, and Jas. Reynolds, convicted of assault at tho May (1873) term of tho samo Court, and sentenced to six months in tho House of Correc tion. lUoiiry A. Wise. Salem, Va., Juno 18.—Gov. Henry A. Wlbo delivered tho annual addretsu before the literary Boolotiofl of the Roanoke College laat night, on tho fiubjoot, "The pbyuical utruoturo of the do* CHICAGO, THURSDAY, JUNE 19, 1873. mum of Urn United fllnton end its effect on the naet end present, end its fevornblo effect in tho futnro upon tholr progroHfl, power, ponce, com merce. oonetltntlon, nnd government.” It wee e romerknblo production, in which ho ndvocetod tho eonetruotlon of the Jnmoe Illvor A Knnewhe Onnel no tbo bolt of union. Ho oeld thnt If tho Hlonioolppl Illvor bed (lowed oeot nnd wool tho South would novor hnvo boon whipped. Slavery had boon a blight upon Southern Induotry, nnd proaporlty. Tho Inrgo plantation ojolom wan nnli-corainorciol and unfavorable to manufac tures. and that was tho reason why no groat commercial metropolis had sprung up at tho mouth of Chesapeake Bay. Tho lato war had changed tho relations of society. Tho bondsmen of yesterday woro tho freemen of to-day, and tho freomon of yesterday woro docitlzonizod and de nationalized. ■ SUSAN B. ANTHONY. She In Found Guilty of Violating: the Flection Law of Now York—Tho Charge of Judge IQuut—Trial of the ' inspectors of Flection who llccelvod Mer Vote. Canandaigua, N. Y., Juno 18.—Judge Hunt, in his opinion in tho oaso of Susan B. Anthony, says: Tho right of voting or tbo privilege of voting is ft right or privilege arialng under tho Consti tution of the State, mid not of tho United States. If tbo right belongs to any particular person, it is because such person is entitled to it as a citt zou of tho Btato, whore ho offers to exorcise it,. and not because of citizenship of tbo United States. If tbo Btato of Mow York should provide that no -person should vote until ho had reached tho ago of 81 years, or after ho had roaohod tho ago of 60, or that no person having gray hair, or who had not possession of all his limbs, should bo ontitlod to vote, I do not soo how it could bo hold to ho a violation of any right derived or hold undor tho Constitution of tho Unitod States. If tho Legislature of tho Btato of Now York should require a higher qual ification in tho voter for lloproaontativo in Con gress than is required for a voter for member of tho Assembly, this £ conceive, ho a vio lation of a right belonging to ono as a citizen of tho United States. That right is in relation to a Federal subject or interest, and can ho guaran teed by the Federal Constitution.' Tho ina bility of a Btato to abridge tho right of voting on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude, is a Federal guaranty. Its 'violation would ho tho denial of a Federal right. That is a right be longing to tho olalmnntas a citizen of tho united States. This right heroin exists by virtue c/ the Fifteenth Amendment only. If tbo Fifteenth Amendment had contained tho word " sex” tho argument of tho dofonso wonldhavo boon potent. She would havo said It woe an attempt by a State to deny tho right to voto, because ono is of a particular sox, la expressly prohibited by that amendment. Tho amor imout. however, does not contain that word. It is limited to raco, color, or previous condition of sorvttudo. Tho Legislature of tho Btato of Now York has soon fit to say that tho franchise of voting shall bo limited to tho malo sox. In saying this, there is* In my Judgment no violation of tho letter or of tho spirit of tho Fourteenth Amendment. This view is assumed in tho second section of tho Fourteenth Amend ment, which enacts that if Any right to'voto for Federal officers is denied by any Btato to any of tho malo inhabitants of such State, oxcopt for crime. tbo basis of representation of such Btato shall ho reduced in tho proportion specified. Not only does this section assume that tho right of tho malo inhabitants to voto was tho especial object of its protection, but it assumes and ad mits tho right of a Btato, notwithstanding tho existence* of that clause, under which tho de fendant claims to tho contrary, to deny to any of tho male inhabitants the right to voto which is allowed to other male inhabitants. The regulation of tho suffrage is conceded to tho States as a State’s right. The case of Myra Bradwoll. decided at tho recent term of tho Buprorao Court of tho Unitod States, sustains both these positions. The Fourteenth Amendment gives no right to ft woman to vote, and tho voting by Miss An thony was m violation of tho law. If sho be hoved she had a right to voto, does that roliovo her from tho ponafty ? It is acknowledged that tho knowledge referred to in tho act referred to roiatos to her knowledge of tbo illegality of tho aot, and not to tho act of voting, for it said that sho must know that sho voted. Two principles apply boro: Firal— -The ignorance of the law excuses no ono. (Second—Every ono is presumed to understand and to intend the necessary effects of his own acts. Miss Anthony know that she was a woman, and that the Constitution of this State prohibits her from voting. She intended to violate that pro vision 5 intended to test it perhaps, but certainly intended to violate it. The necessary effect of her act was to violate it, and then she is pre sumed to have intended it. There was no igno rance of any fact, bnt all the facts being known she undertook to settle a principle in her own person. She takes the risk, and she ought not to shrink from the consequences. The Court declined to submit the case to the jury upon any question whatever, and directed them to render a verdict of guilty against the de fendant. Judge Seldom counsel for Miss Anthony, then requested the Clerk to poll the jury, which re quest was denied by the Court, and a verdict of guilty was rendered. The defendant’s counsel excepted to the decree and action of the Court, and insisted that upon the construction given to tho law by the deci sion, there bod been only a violation of State law. and that tho United States Court had no jurisdiction. Sentence has not yet boon pro nounced. At 2 p. m. to-day the case of tho United States against Jones, Marsh, and Hall, Inspectors of Election, who registered tho names, and re ceived tho votes of Miss Anthony ana her co dofohdaute, was placed on trial. Tho proof on tho part of the prosecution was similar to that in tho case of Miss Anthony. Tho defense proved tho good faith of tho parties accused in receiving tho votes, and rested. The case was argued on tho port of dofondauts by Van Voorbios, of .Hochostor. At the close of his argument tho defendant's counsel asked to bo permitted to to address the jury in their be half, whioh request was refused by tho Court. Ho then asked tho Court to charge tho jury, that, if tho jury believed that tho dofondauts acted honestly and according to their best judg ment, they should bo acquitted. This tho Court refused. Judgo Hunt then announced his decision, overruling tho defense and stated that instead of ordering a verdict of guilty, as ho did in tho cose of Miss Anthony, ho would submit tho case to tho jury, with instructions that there was no justification for tho act of tho dofondauts, and that in effect they were all guiltyj aud thou stated to tho jury that they could agree in their filooes or retire for deliberation. Tbo jury oboso ho latter and retired, Tho Court took a recess of half an hour, at the expiration of which tho jury came in aud said that they had not agreed. They wore sent out again with instructions, that unless they agreed within a few minutes, the Court would adjourn till morning. Itallroad. Now«« Special IHa patch to The Chicago Tribune. Madison, Wis., Juno 18.— Nows of a now move In tho St. Croix land-grant game was received hero this morning, through tuo Eau Olairo Free l*ren» % which announced tho formation at Mil waukee on Saturday of tho Wisconsin* Hallway Company, with John W. Cary, attorney of tho Milwaukee & St. Paul itallroad Company, os President, and several other agents of said Company among tho oflloors and Directors; also citizens of Milwaukee, Chippewa Valley, Hudson, and Southwestern Wisconsin, which passed a resolution to accept tho land-grant in accordance with tho acts of tho Legislature and Congress, and proceed to build tbo roads on which tho grant is contingentj (hat a proper committee was appointed to wait on the Governor and deposit suflioiont sureties, which have likely been deposited, or if notwill bo as soon as ho is ready to receive them. It is further said that tho Wisconsin managers of tho Milwaukee A Bt. Paul Company will rondortho now Company flnanoial aid and encouragement, Alexander Mitchell advancing $200,000. Inquiry at tho Capitol ollol(a tho fact that the Governor lias heard of no such company, has boon inter viewed by no such committee, has soon no such sureties, though entirely ready to receive them, and that' no articles of association of any such company has boon filed at tho ofllcoof tho Secretary of Stato. It is u ques tion whether an unknown now company would raise the moans to prosecute au enterprise which lack of good title and funds deterred an old and rich organization from undertaking, Other cir cumstances raise tho suspicion that tho wholo thing is simply designed to throw dirt in tho oyos of tho pooplo and put a stumbling-block in tho way of tho North Wisconsin con tinuing tho work thoy had begun, Oov. Washburn has engaged tho Hon. Palmer, of Milwaukee, to assist tho At tornoy-Qonoral in ptouoouting tho West Wiscon sin Jlailway for failing to relay its track to To mab, ns required by Iho act of the last Legisla ture, and suit will bo commenced in tho Supreme Court. Milwaukee, Juno 18.—A company of promi nent business mon nnd capitalists of Wisconsin has boon organized, .ana seomltios deposited with tho Governor, for tho acceptance of tho Bt. Croix land-grant and all its require ments. Tho following officers woro elect ed j President, John W. Cary; Vlco-Proa-\ Idont, William Wilson; Treasurer, J. M. Whaling; Secretary, D. 0. Green ; Directors. Win. Wilson, J. 11. Knapp, Monominoo ; Thau 0. Pound, Olilppowa Falls ; B, P. Wilson, Bou Olalro j J. T. Gilbert, John W. Cary, M. Whal ing, Milwaukee ; John Lawler, Prairio duObion; B. 8. Powell, Bivor Falls ; P. Q. Boydon, D. N. Campbell, Hudson: John Maloy, Lafayette. Tho Company intend to oonslniot the road from Wabasha to Kau Claire. Wabasha to Menominee, and also to Chippewa Falls, and from Hudson to Lako Superior. Tho Directors havo advanced o largo sum to commence work at once. Burlington, lowa, Juno 18,—A largo and enthusiastic excursion party, consisting of dele gations of prominent business mon from this city, Keokuk, and Fort Madison, loft this city early yesterday morning for Unionvillo, tho county seat of Putnam County, Mo., whoro a grand reception and dihnor woro glyon thorn by tho citizens of Unionvillo, in honor of tho com pletion to that point of tho Burlington & South western Hallway, a distance from this city of ISO mitos. Council Bluffs, lows, Juno 18.— J. Edgar Thompson, President of tho Pennsylvania Rail road Company, and a party of Eastern capital ists, passed through this city to-day on thoir way west. They came hero over tho Chicago it Northwestern Road, and loft on tho Union Paci fic. Thoir routo is regarded as significant. Indianapolis, Juno 18.—Tho stockholders’ meeting of tho Indianapolis, Cincinnati it La fayette Railroad, hold at tho Company’s office in this city to-day, olcctod tho following Board of Directors : William A. Booth, O. T. Bliss, J. A. Rusovelt. 0. Langdon, Now York ? George H. Chapman, Indianapolis ; T. A. Porkius, Bos ton ; J. H. Bates and J. 8. Kennedy, Cincin nati. Tho vacancy which occurred by tho death of J. 0. Butlor, of the old Board, has not boon filled. At a Huusoquont mooting of tho Direc tors William T. Booth was chosen President. Ono hundred and nine thousand out of 110,000 shares of stock were represented. Des Moines, In., Juno 18.—Tho Dos Moines & Amos Railroad is now a fixed fact. All tho subsidies asked have boon secured. Two corps aro now on tho lino locating tho road and secur ing tho right of way. WALL STREET. Review of tho money, Gold, Bond, Stock, and Produce markets—ln surance matters* Special DkpaUh to The Chicago Tribune. New York, Juno 18. —There was a sudden and remarkable change in' tho monetary situation to day. During tho early hours money was easy and accessible at S@4 per cont, bat in tbo after noon tho demand bocamo active, and for a time borrowers on call had to pay 7 yor cent, with tho closing business at 6@o per cont. This activity is generally attributed to tho curront operations in gold. Prime discounts aro quoted at oto 8 per cent. STOCKS, daring tho onrly part of tho day, characterized by extreme dullness and narrow changes. Early in tho second call a raid was made oh tho mar ket, and for a littlo while a very active trade was done. Tho-brokors had begun to bo indifferent es to tho conrso of 011011*8, and wore lounging about or amusing themselves at play, when a dash was made at Pacific Mail, which hod boon banging in tho vicinity of for nearly an hour. This started business, and then a move ment was modo upon 0.. O. & T. C., Onto, Union Pacific, and Western Union. Tho raid was of brief duration, however, but Pacific Mail, West ern Union, Now York Central, Bt. Paul, Union Pacific, and Wabash wore forced down to per cont. After 2 o’clock tho market settled into a quiet con dition again, though a recovery of % to 'U per cont from tho lowest point ensued, whilo the final prices indicated a weak tone, and tho lowest made. Union Paofio closed at a. fall of 2 per cont as compared with tho . opening price. Several false rumors wore circulated, which had an unfavorable effect for a while. Notice has boon given that tho Lackawanna A Bloomsbury Railway has consolidated with. tbo Delaware. Lackawanna & Western. Several loading capitalists of the Pacific coast are negotiating for the transfer of certain in terest of Messrs. Hopkins & Huntington in the Central Pacific Kailroad. There was an increased demand for Central and Union Pacific bonds to day. A meeting of the North Carolina special tar bondholders was hold to-day to listen to the opinion of Mr. Ilovordy Johnson, who thinks that the bonds are binding upon the State, and that the holders can enforce the collection of in terest through the United States Court. He said that ho would undertake and carry to a final decision the case of the bondholders for a fee in hand of $5,000, and an additional fob of $12,- 000 if the suits terminated successfully, either in the courts or'.by acceptable compromise. A resolution was adopted approving of the action of the Committee. It was also resolved that the bondholders present subscribe their pro rata share of the expenses, and that the bondholders, not present bo requested to send in their assent and subscriptions. Suits will bo begun at as early a date as possible. GOLD was firmer and more active, with an advance from 110% to 11G. Tho upward movement is baaed on reports of a now p <ol, ns well as fur ther failures in Vienna. Tho latest report is that Dracowitz & Co., an old banking houso, had failed, with liabilities of 11,000,000 xlprins. Ho noris from Loudon aro to tho offoot that tho Bank of England bad gained £IOO,OOO during tbo day, making over £1,500,000 for two days. Tho shipments to-day embrace $020,000 in silver bars, and $30,000 in silver coin. Exchange is so dull that there is now no probability of any export of gold this week. Tho indications aro that tho bank rato will bo lowered for money in Loudon to B% per cont. liONDB. Governments wore without • feature. The offerings of bonds to tho Treasury to-day amounted to only $001,600, at prices ranging from 115.40 to 115.80. The bonds accepted worn paid for in National Bank notes, which are so much of a drug on tho market that they are % per cent discount. PRODUCE. Flour mot with rather moro inquiry,' but at very irregular prices, and all grades favor tho buyer, especially medium spring and winter wheat brands. Spring extras are plenty, and fancy brands are offered more freely and very heavy. Holders would havo to mako further concessions to sell freely. Sales, 11,000 brls; receipts, 0.801 brls. Wheat opened firm, but closed easier. Tho market ruled very quiet, owing to tho absence of freight-room. This very effectually retards business. Few oxpoit orders can bo filled, and millers aro holding off, owing to tho decline in flour. Winter was stronger but tamo. Sales, 00,000 bu; receipts, 08,405 bu. a Fork was lower, there bolng a decline of 120 per brl. Tho sales, cash and regular, wore about 100 brls at for now moss. For futuro delivery, 250 brls for July sold at $lO. In out moats a moderate business was done, and prices wore generally firm, with sales of 600 pbgs of shoulders at 120 for hams, 8%0 for bellies, and 7b»o for shoulders. Itocolpts, 1,*2G0 pkgs. Bacon was very quiet, and prices nominal. Long' clear Is quoted at B>^@B%o, with a rumored sale of 60 bxs at Short clear, Lard was In moderate demand, mid about steady for early delivery. Juno is quoted at 8 15-iGo for Western. Of city, about 80 tes sold at For futuro delivery, 260 tea now, to arrive in July, sold at Bbfo ; 250 tea were contracted for Sep tember at U 7-lUo ; 250 tes do July, 1) 1-IGo. Ito coipts, 024 pkgs. TUB UNDRnWIUTEIIS. New York, Juno 18.— Tho lire underwriters to-day appointed a committee to confer with tho authorities of Boston in relation to an Increased water-supply aud improved water-apparatus for that city, and referred to tho Executive Commit tee the subject of poril to underwriters iu At lanta, FOREIGN. Arrival of the Shah of Persia in London Yesterday. inaitcinl Troubles in Vienna—Failure of a ■ largo Banking-House. The liusso-Khivan War —Defeat of the Asiatics in Two Battles. Mild Punishment of the Au thor of the Northfleet Disaster. GREAT BRITAIN* London, Juno 18,—At a mooting Of building oporatlvoa last evening, It was resolved to ad* ’ hero to the demand for an advance of half a penny an hour, and If the mooter builders refuse tbo increase naked, thdn to strike. MaoDonnoll and tbo other bank forgers wore brought before the Mayor to-day,. The Attorney for the Crown took occasion to make a suitable acknowledgment of the services of Schonok, the American Minister, and of the authorities at Now York, In scouring the extradition of MacDounoll, and thus rewarding the ends of Justice. All papers in the case not having come to hand the cose was again adjourned. Tbo Shah of Persia crossed the Channel to-day In the royal yacht, accompanied by a Hoot of iron-dads, ana arrived at Dover at 2i30 p. m. Tbo city was gaily decorated and crowded with visitors, and tbo shipping in the barber was cov ered mih Hags and streamers. As the royal vis itor landed salutes wore fired from tbo iloofc and shore. lie was received by the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Arthur. The Mayor and Corporation of Dover then presented an ad dress, to which the Sliah replied by thanking them for his kind reception on entering Her Majesty's dominions. It was a reception, bo said, which made him fool that ho was among friends. The Shah and .suite,' ac companied by the Royal Princes, then took a special tram for London. They arrived at Charing Cross Station at 0 o’clock. The building was decorated with flags and flowers, an 4 tbo platform covered with crimson cloth. A heavy rain prevailed, but immense crowds surrounded tho place and filled the adjacent streets. On alighting from tho cars, tho Shah was mot by tho Prince of Woles, Prince Took, Prince Christian, and the Duke of Cambridge, who cordially welcomed him to England. Tho entire party then entered car riages, and drove slowly-to Marlborough House. Notwithstanding the inclement weather, which somewhat marred the splendor of tho spectacle, tho streets, windows, and housetops along tho lino of procession were filled with people, who hopt up a moat enthusiastic cheering. Tho Shah dined at Marlborough House to-night with the Prince of Wales. KHIVA. St. Petersburg, Juno 18.—Dispatches from Kungrad report that tho Orouborg division and column which started from Mangyshlak, on tho Eastern shore of tho Caspian Boa, effected a junction on tho 2Gth of May before Khojaili. Horo tho Khivans made a stand, and next day tho combined Hussion forces attacked and carried . tho ploco by storm. Tho enemy fled southwards, closely pursued until they reached tho Fortress of Mauglt, where, receiving reinforcements,they made preparations for another attempt to chock the progress of tho Hussions. Tho latter having come up in sufficient force by tho Ist of Juno, another battle took place, this time of a more desperate cnaroctor. The Khivans wore again defeated. The fortress was cupluiud, uud tho remains of tholr array fell back towards tho capital. At last accounts tho Hussion commander was pushing on in tho snmo direction. ’ Intelligence has also boon received that Oen. Kftuffmaun, commanding tho eastern column from Taskkond, has crossed the Amu-Daria River at a point only 25 miles from Khiva. AUSTRIA. New York, Juno 18. —The German mail brings some particulars of the recent failures at Vienna. Tho well-known banking-house of Brandies & Workorshoim suspended in tho early port of June, with liabilities of 6,000,000 florins. The cause of this failure was tho liberal ad vances to Turkish, Egyptian, and other rail ways in process of construction. The Arm of fered to pay 50 per cent cash, which was not ac cepted, and its creditors consented to a delay of twenty days for another offer. Tho defalcation of 500.000 florins in tho Credit Anstalt of Vicuna caused a temporary depression on the Bourse. The Vienna bankers reported failed yesterday wore Messrs. Draskovits A Co., whoso liabilities are placed at 10,000,000 florins. The assets are not stated. It is believed they have no business connections in America. Those statements rest on alleged private cable dispatches, and may bo the reiteration of a failure which occurred some time ogo. ■ SPAIN. Madrid, Juno 18.—In tho Cortes to-day tho Minister of Financo presented a hill granting tho Government special powers for the collec tion of taxes, and providing for economical re forms in all departments of tho administration. Tho draft of the diplomatic note announcing to foreign powers tho establishment of a Fed oral Republic was road at tho Council of Minis ters to-day by Sonor Mvzo. Tho Cure of Santa Cruz burned tho railroad depot with 800 passenger and freight cars at Boasaino. Cadiz, Juno 18.—Tho Admiralty Court of Cadiz has completed its investigation of tho sinking of tho emigrant ship Northtleot by tho Spanish steamer Murillo. A verdict was rendered ‘ severely censuring tho Captain of the Murillo, aud suspending his certificate for niuo mouths. PALESTINE. London, June 18.—Correspondence from Jerusalem states that tho geological plate, just completed by tho Oriental Topographical Corps, now engaged in making surveys ana sketches of Bible Lands, shows that tho exposed aud skull shaped lino of tho upper strata of tho hill out side of Damascus gate, and near tho north wall of Jerusalem, is strongly suggestive of Golgotha, tho place of skulls. This supports tho theory of this hill being Calvary. The Oriental Topo graphical Corps havo arranged, by moans of telegraph from Jappa to Jerusalem, for tho ac curate barometric notification of altitudes on tho coast between tho Mediterranean and tho Dead Sea. FRANCE. Versailles, June 18. —Tho floor and galleries of the Assembly wore crowded to-day in antici pation of an oxciting debate over tho case of M. llano, Deputy from Lyons. Tho report of. tho Special Committee, recommending that authority bo granted for bis prosecution, was road, but tho dobato thereon was postponed until to-morrow. GERMANY. Darmsdadt, Juno 18. —The Emperor Alex ander of llussia has arrived hero to attend tho festivities of tho anniversary of tho Grand Duke’s accession, which aro now in progress. CANADA. Toronto, Out., Juno 18,—Two men entered the ofilco of Forbes & Lownsbrough, bankers and brokers hero, this morning. Lownsbrough, who was alouo in tho oflioo, turned to his desk to uinko an entry, when he was stnlok over tho boad.witb a loaded cane, and a dangerous wonnd inflicted. Tbo mo tried to rob tho oflico, but Lownsbrough shouted “ Murder I” and tho vil lains escaped without scouring plunder, Halifax, N. 8., Juno IB.—Her Majesty’s ship Doris, from Nassau. N. H., arrived this morning. She has six oases or yellow fovor on hoard. One of tho patients died on tho voyage, and woe bur ied at soa. It is believed that tho flro in Uio Drummond colliery has boon extinguished, and that work will ho resumed shortly. The Gordon Tragedy* Bbltaht, Juno 18.— Tho Coroner’s inquest on tho Gordon tragedy will bo resumed on Satur day. It was intended to bavo tbo sub NUMBER 304. pootoc? murderer pronont. but tbo pop ular indignation against him is so groat that Uiu romovrtl from Jail is regarded unsafe. Tho little boy who waa wounded la recovering, and aaya bis Undo John alruck him on tho head with i axe. This evidence, al- 7 though regarded ob ; elusive of tho foot, in not admissible from hi. ondor years. A pair of socks and a woinnu’| CO itch, both aaturatod with blood, havo boon for § 1 in tho prisoner's room. Tho f(moral of tho Bma look placo to-day in presence of fully people. Nearly one thousand carria* - * ,\varo in tho proceasion. Tho priaonor iiiainH led an indifferent do meaner, which has nJS 4od Ids conduct since Uio arrest. g ] S ND WATER. WEATHEI ii Weather Report* ilioaoo, Juno 18—10:18 p. m. ■rtu have boon received from 1 below: jffnd. | Wtaiher,^ War .Dojpartmoi The following rope :io places montiono! JHaffon. Breckinridge, (WiN. w., fresh 70 8. W. f fresh. 77 8., light Buffalo..., 0n1r0.i..,; OUoycnno, Olilcngo... Cincinnati Cleveland. Davenport. Denver..,. 71 , C«1m. 77[H, W„ fresh. 77 8.. fresh. 77 H. W,, fresh. 7»]B. W., light. 75 8., gentle. Detroit. 721 W., nontlo. 71) H. W., fresh CB|B., Rontlo. 07 8. W., gentle. 70 8., fresh 80 8., fronh, 02 3., gentle. 7fiiß., fresh. 70 8., fresh. 07 8. W„ genii 711 8., brisk. 77 W., fresh. Duluth, KscAimba.. Fort Gary. Keokuk,... La OrosHo. Marquette. Milwaukee Omaha. ... Pembina, fit. Paul. Toledo... Yankton. FBORAIULITIE3. Wasus .. ton, Juno 18.—For Now England, on Thursday, gentle to fresh and occasionally brisk southerly to westerly winds and increasing cloud iness are probable. For tho Middle Stales and' Lower Lake region, fresh to brisk southerly ami westerly winds and increasing Claudiuses, with /very probably rain areas over tho latter during For tho Upper Lake region, fresh to very brisk winds, veering to southwesterly end northwesterly, generally cloudy weather,and occasional rain areas. For tbo Northwest, fresh and brisk winds, veering to westerly and northwesterly, partly cloudy weather, ami occasionally areas of light rain. For South Atlantic States light to fresh souther ly and westerly winds, with clear aud partly cloudy weather. For iho Qulf States oast of tho Mississippi and northward to tho Ohio Valley and Missouri, gentle aud fresh southerly ta westerly wiuds, and partly cloudy weather, with occasional rain aroas on Thursday. STAGE OP WATEB. Daily report of tho stage of water, with changes in tho twenty four hours ending 8 p. m., Juno 18, 1873: A DOVE LOW Cl ' AH<lM ' WAVED. FalL Cairo 27 ft. 11 Id Cincinnati 8 ft. 2 in. 0 in. Davenport 12 ft. 10 in 3 ft. Fort Benton 8 ft. 1 in. J 2 in.' Fort Sully ft. .. in, < Keokuk 12 ft. 4 In, , 2 in Leavenworth ft. 2 In T Louisville.... 5 ft, 2 in lieu, Marietta ft. 7 in Memphis 22 ft. 7 in. 5 in Nashville 10 ft. 6 in. I ft. 2 In •Now Orleans 2 ft. 6 in 1 in. Omaha U ft. .. in. | 7 In Pittsburgh........ 3 ft. Qln. 10 In. Shreveport 27 ft. 0 in. 2 in St, Louis 24 ft. 4 in St. Paul 12 ft. 11 in. I 11 in. Vicksburg 30 ft. C In. 6 In. Yankton ft. .. in.) .i •Below high water mark of 1871. W. S. Kaufman, Observer, Boom 78 Major Block, Chicago. MADISON. Temperance Movement Among the CntlioliGN Commencement Lec tures* Special Dispatch to The CMeaqo Tribune. Madison, Juno 18.—Tho Catholic Total Ab stinence Union of Wisconsin, embracing about a eooro of societies whoso membership is mainly Catholic Irishmen, is holding its Annual Conven tion horo to-day. At tho opening of tho Conven tion a splendid banner was presented to tho St. Joseph’s Total Abatinonco Society, of this city. Then tho delegates all attended high mass, in which several priests assisted. Father Vauey delivered an eloquent temperance sermon. Then came a fine procession through tho city with the green flag of Erin, society banners, and Stars and Stripes commingled. This was followed by short and pithy temperance speeches, mainly from priests present, of which thore are to be more to-night. In many localities in this State tho movement is very strong among Catholic Irish. Tho Bov. Mr. Jameson gave an eloquent dis course to tho University Literary Societies, last evening, on tho typical man, who bo said needed Boston thought. Chicago energy, and California' breadth; must nave tho culture of the Bast, push and energy of tho West, and tallness and breadth of tho far West. Ills characteristics would bo freedom, preparation for life-work, promptness, and patience. Mr. Kyan's address of last evening was highly complimented at a mooting of tho Bar and Uni versity law classes, and is to ho published. Tho Stale Journal (Republican) warmly in dorses tho Beauregard Louisiana resolutions as tho dawn of an ora of peace, good will, and prosperity. UTAH Tito Dilemma of Clio Governments Legislation Needed* Washington, Juno 18. —Tho Department of Justice attributes tho unhappy condition of af fairs in Utah, ab far as tho non-ouforcomont of tho criminal laws is concerned, to the nogloct of Congress to provide a remedy for tho difucultios alluded to in the President’s special message toward the close of tho session, and in which ho earnestly asked for legislation to prevent a conflict of authority, if no worse consequences. Tho President afterward wont to tho Capitol and personally urged legislation, as did also At torney General Williams, but without success. Although juries cannot bo procured In criminal cases, they can bo obtained in civil cases by con sent of parties. Thoro seems to bo no prospect of relief from tho present dilemma except by action of Congress. A Wanderer Heard From* Now York, Juno 18. —J. E. Van Darou, son of tbo Hot. L. H. Van Daron, of Boonton. N. J., who baa boon missing some oigbt months, has turned up. A letter has boon received from him, dated at Bottordam, Holland, in wbiob bo saya that bo loft his homo in Brooklyn for a day’s gunning. While ducking near Fir Island his boat capsized, and bis companion was drowned. Clinging to tbo bottom of tbo up turned boat, ho drifted out to sea, and on tbo following morning when almost exhausted ho was picked up by a Swedish bark bound for Buenos Ayres, B. A. When fifty-four days out, tbo Swede boarded a British bark bound from the Pacific for Itottondam, and, all consenting, young Van Daron was transferred and carried to Itottondam. from which place ho proposed to sail immediately to meet his wifo and children la Brooklyn, who have mourned for him 'as dead for several mouths. Northern l»aclfic Surveying Party At- lacked* Minneapolis, Minn., Juno 18. — A epooial dis patch from Bismarck, on tho Northern PaclUo llnilroad, reports that tho Northern Pacific sur veying party, which loft Abraham Lincoln yes terday morning, whon about two miles out from tho latter place, was attheked by about 160 Sioux Indians. Tho Indians woro mot by two compa nies of infantry And a detachment of cavalry, and four Sioux woro killed. Tho escort accom panying tho party number 200 armod men, and no serious trouble is anticipated. After ttie skirmish, tho survey was resumed. A Crippled Insurance Company. Bt. Louis, Mo., Juno 18.—Tho recent exam ination of tiio condition of tho Northern Mis souri Insurance Company, at Macon, Mo., dis closed tho fact that tho capital of tbo Company Is impaired over GO per cent. Tho State Super intendent of Insurance has given tho Company sixty days from June 2 to-make tbo impairment good. F.ilr, Clear.

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