Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 19, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 19, 1873 Page 3
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Unpleasant Nows for Holders of Laud in Part of the Southwest Quarter of Said Section. flints in Chancery to Annul Deeds Made Before Madison, Ran dolph, and Elizabeth Streets were in Existence, Tho Grounds ou Which Mrs. Wright Intends to Contest t tho Ownership. Mrs. Catherine B. Wright has determined to Litigate tho ownership of 8 8-100 acres of land, between Randolph and Madison streets, west of EUeahoth street, described as follows t All that portion of tho southwest quarter of Section 8, Township 89,14, which was allotted to John 8. Wright by an order of tho Cook Comity Circuit Court, beginning at tho southeast corner of said quarter section, thence north fourteen chains and thirty-two,links, thonco west six chains and thirty four links, thence south fourtoon chains and thirty-two links, to Iho south lino of said Quarter section, and thonco oast along tbo south lino six chains and thirty-two links to tho placo of beginning. (At tho time this de scription of tho land was mode no streets woro' laid oat thoro). Mrs. Wright will file a hill alleging that, la July, 1840, whoa her namo was Catherine Black burn Tumor, Uor guardian purchased for her, out of hef own moneys, tho anovo-montionod land, from tho State Bauk, paying therefor tho sum of $4,000, tho President of said bank, on tho 10th of July aforesaid, executing .to hor a flood of conveyance of tho premises, whereby tho foo-elmplo Utlo bccamo vented in hor In her own right, a copy of which deed will 1)0 submit ted to court, tho original having boon filed for record on tho 6th of August, 1847, and duly re corded. In September, 1847, MUs Tumor married John 8. Wright aforesaid. Soon after marriage, for reasons thot will appear, eho determined rooo-. lutoly never to execute any deeds of conveyance either of tho lauds of hor husband or herself, which determination, she allogos, eho has rigidly adhered to. Ou the 19th of July, 1849, she will show that , hor husband contracted to sell to Augustus Par sons part of tho said property thus bought and hold hor own right, namely, commencing in tho centre of Randolph street, on tho west line of said southwest & of Section s, adjoining Oar yfoutor’s Addition to tho city, thence ouo-holf tho distanco to tho centre of 'Washington street, thence west 94 GO-100 loot, thonco north to tho centre of Randolph street, and thonco oast to the place of beginning, supposed to bo half of one acre. Bho will contest tho ownership of this troct, to which William E. Smith, E. Eugono Caldwell, Lester H. Robinson, Sophia 0. Cham berlain, Obarlos 0. Winter, Eliza Pierce, Louisa B. Fowler now lay claim, on tho ground that, al though sho unwillingly signed said deed at hor husband's command, no officer authorized by law (o take tho acknowledgement of deeds was present when she so signed, nor did sho oyer acknowledge the signing or execution thereof, nor was she ever examined separate, apart, or out of hearing of hor husband, nor wore tho con touts and meaning of tho deed made known or explained to hor, nor did she over road said deed, or know that it was intended to couvoy her separate property until long after it had boon signed by her and delivered by hor husband to Parsons, for all of which objections she contends the oaid deed is void. Sho charges, on information and belief, that tho deed did not, at tho time of its being's© signed, describe tho Bold half-acre, or any part of hor property, but. instead, a similar picco of land west of tho west line of said quarter section, and that said deed has since been altered by somo one to hor un known, by changing tho word “west” to tho word “oast" of said west lino, so os to locate tho said half-ecro on her premises: that tho deed signed by hor did not purport to convoy nor fee simple, or any greater interest than hor right of dower; that the production of said deed to tho Court will be necessary to prove tho alteration charged: and thot the persons named above are alone able to stato the rents and profits which have accrued by tho handling of sold halt aero, which she calls on the Court to cause them to discover. The defendants are said to have refused to ad mit Mrs. Wright’s claim, alleging that they hav ing paid tho taxes assessed under a paper title ao ■ qmred in good faith for seven years consecutive ly, her claim is barred by tho statute of limita tions ; that she has acquiesced in and ratified the conveyance to Parsons; that sho has boon guilty of gross laches in tho en forcement of her rights; that she is not now in equity entitled to call in question tho validity of said need ; to which she will charge, in reply, that none of said parties have paid tho taxes assessed aa aforesaid; that, having boon a femme covorto from the date of signing said deed to tho pres ent, tho statute of limitations constitutes no bar; that, being a married woman, sho'has not and could not acquiesce in or ratify tho convey ance. and could not be guilty of laches or neg lect in tho enforcement of her rights. Wherefore, sho will pray the Court to caueo tho defendants to make discovery on all points connected with the obtaining and holding of said property ; that an accounting bo had; tho parties decreed to pay hor whatever may bo found to bo duo hor; and oxclusivo possession of tho prop erty given hor. Another action will bo taken, on similar grounds, on a contract to sell to Albert Crauo and William B. Wesson tho north part of Lot 9, in tho subdivision of tho southwest quarter of 800. 6, allotted by decree of Cook County Circuit Court to John 8. Wright, except one half ooro previously deeded to A. Parsons, commencing at a point on tho southeast corner of sold Lot 9, in the centre of Washington street, running west along tho centre of said street 421 23-100 foot to tho west lino of said Lot 0, thonco north along said west lino 400 foot to tho centre of Randolph street, thonco cast along tho north lino of said lot 826 57-100 feet to tho northwest corner of sold half-acro lot, thonco south 280 foot to the southwest corner of said half aero lot. thonco oast 9*l C 6-100 foot to the oast lino of said Lot 9, and thence south 280 feet to tho placo* of beginning, containing 8 048-1,000 acres, tho consideration being $5,035 28-100. Tho defendants to this suit will be Albert Crane, Wm. B. Wesson, Maiy 3?, French, Isaac O. Wilbur, Samuel 8. Hayes, Voro Bates King (heir of John B. King), Helen Rock well. George Rockwell, Jefferson Farmer, Poter Qerliarlz, Elizabeth P. Dwight. Wilholmlna Johnson, Annie Johnson, Nellie Johnson, Frank Johnson, James M. Morrison, Lyman J. Todd, B. Coriuna Atkins. Caroline M. Parsons, Eliza Wilcox, Louisa 8. Fowler. Theodore W. Phlonoy, Rose D. Phinnoy, John almonds, David J. Lake, Mat. B. Marsh, Mary Lincoln. Carlos A. Cook, George Bobnsider, Mary A. Rjoreon, Marlin Byerson, Nathaniel Norton, Wm. H. ' Oriugton, and Lucy A. W. Oronkhito. Another similar action will bo commenced for tho ownership of the promises commencing on tho south lino of Washington street (100 feet west of its Intersection with tho west lino of tho southwest quarter of Section 8), thonco south 209 foot, thonco west 100 toot, thonco north 209 foot, thonco oast 100 foot to tho place of beginning ; consideration, SBIO. Defendants, William Blair, M. Tolcott, and John Miller. Another similar action will be commenced to recover the following described premises, to wit: Lot lln Block 2of 'Wright's Addition to Chicago, against Benjamin w. llayraond, John Miller. Charles E. Oalvor, William 11. Orrlng tou, Charles H. Morse, David B. Hunger, James Moore, Martha A. Morse, and Charles £. Morse. A similar action will be commenced to recover Lot 2, in Block 2. of Wright's Addition to Chi cago, against MUliam Blair, John Miller, and M. Talcotl. A similar action will ho commenced to recover Lots 4 and 5, in Wright's Addition to Chicago, against David J. Lake, Charles B. Brown. Will iam 11. Patton, luoao Waixel, Caroline Wuixcl, Julia L. Stool, Julia Wilson, Homy E. Mason, Bennott Bailey, Prooilia E, Akorly, lUchard 0, Akorly, George A. Folnshoo, Margona D. Brown, John Forsythe, Thoodocia N. C. Badman, and Albert 11. Badman. A similar suit will bo commenced to reoovor Lcti 6. 7, and 8, In Block 2, of Wright's Add!- ry a. mmllhgtoli, A. is. .urysD, Simmon Haas, and Ilonry P. Morrill. A similar suit will bo commenced to recover Lot 8, in Block 2, of Wright's Addition to Chi eftgo, against Thomas Goorgo, Edward Hamil ton, ana Charles W* Whoolor. BANKING EXTRAORDINARY. Same Interesting; Facta Concerning the Defunct .Farmers’ flank. Tho committee of tho creditors of tho' Into Farmers 1 Bank appointed to examine tho books of tho concern and And out what they could con cerning Its assets and liabilities, roado a partial report yesterday in Bla «fc Parkor’s office, No. 154 Washington street. From their general exam ination of tho books, ll appears that tho con cern owes (15,883. To moot it, thoro are office-fixtures which, cost $1,688, which will soil foe about S7OO, and on whioh thoro is a mortgage for $424, and thoro Is also a draft for S7BB, whioh is now being litigated, but on which tho monoy may finally ho secured. Tho hooks showed a cash balance of SOBO, but Hr. Ton Eyck, tho banker, explained how that had moltod away. Thus, at tho best, tho depositors cannot expect, to got more than about 15 cents on tho dollar. Those investigations aro very interesting, since they show how a man and his brother can Uvo for a year or so on borrowed, money, doing it In such a - manner that tho lenders thought themselves iho obliged persons, and that the' bankers have done nothing which is legally wrong. Those two Ton Eycks seem to havo fancied that banking was iho easi est way for moneyless people to earn a Jiving, and, having scraped together enough to poyfor printing a row circulars they rented, an office,, rent payable at tho end of tho month, bought Bomo desks On time; had a railing put up, and opened the savings bank. As tho deposits camo in. tho bankers began paying off those little debts, and purchased a safe, paying monthly installments, aa- if it woro a ; sowing machine. They also used . those deposits to buy themselves clothes and food. If their operations - hod boon largo enough, if their deposits had .amounted to $50,000, Instead of $5,000, thoy might havo used tho monoy to advantage, lilco some other hankers in this city, and gradually built up a paying busi ness. But tho figures show why they failed. They took in $5,883. Thoy paid $2,300 for per sonal expenses, for office rent, etc. Their furni ture cost them $1,080.-' Their stomp account, gold account, etc., coat about SIOO. The disput ed draft was S7BO. Tho remainder was eaten up by littlo expenses. But this does not fully state the case. The partners, seeing they woro running behind, and hoping thoy might pull through if they had a littlo mouoy, borrowed S4OO, paying therefor G percent per month, and giving as security a chattel mortgage on tho safe. Of course 0 per. cent a month is immoral, hut it pleases one to see a banker caught in tho trap in whioh thoy have so often caught others. Still, tho Ton Eycks, who havo dono. nothing illegal, aud whoso hooks soom to bo obrrootly kept, havo hod their liviugfor a year at tho expense of tho tfo- Sositors. Tho Committee will moot again Satur ay afternoon, when a detailed report will prob ably bo made. JEFF. DAVIS 1 ALLEGED DISGUISE. To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune Sin: In a Chicago paper of Juno 0 there ap peared an article headed “Ton Thousand a Year Adversity, 11 which was false In every statement it made. It is high time tho pooplo should know tho truth in regard to tho capture of Joff Davis. X havo obtained the following truthful relation of tho capture from ono of tho participants in it, and submit it to tho accept ance of The TninuNE’s many readers, believing that it is right to bo Just, though tho heavens falL X. From (Tic Portlatul {Me.) Argue. I am an no admirer of Jeff Davis. lam a Yankee, bora between Saccaramm and Gorham Corner, am full of Yankee prejudices; but I think it wicked to Uo oven about bim, or, for that matter, about the Devil. I woe with the party that captured Jeff Davis; saw the whole transaction from its beginning. I now say—and hope you will publish it—that Jeff Davis did not bavo on, at the time ho was taken, any garment such as is worn by women. Ho did nave over his shoulders a water-proof article of. clothing,—something like a “Havelock.” It was not in tho least con cealed. Ho woro a bat, and did not carry a pail of water on bis head, nor cony pail, bucket, or kottlo in any way. To tho boat of my recollection, ho carried noth ing whatever in his hands. His wife did not toll any person that her husband might hurt some body if bo got exasperated. She behaved like a lady, and ho as a gentleman, though manifestly ho was chagrined at being taken into custody. Our soldiers behaved like gentlemen, as they woro, and our officers like honorable, bravo men; ond tho foolish stories that went the newspaper rounds of tho day, tolling how woliluhly he de ported himself, woro all false. I know what lam writing about. Isaw JofforsonDaviamauy times while ho was staying in Portland, several years ago; and I think I was tho first ouo who recog nized him at the time of his arrest. When it was known that bo was certainly taken, some newspaper-correspondent—l know his name at tho time—fabricated the story about tbo disguise in on old woman's dross. I board the whole matter talked over as a good joke; and the officers, who know bettor, novor took tbo trouble to deny it. Perhaps they thought tho Confederate President deserved all the contempt that could be put upon him. I think so too, only I would novor porpotrato a falsehood that by any moans would bocomo his tory. And, further, I would novor slaudor a woman who has shown so much devotion as Mrs. Davis has to her husband, no matter how wicked ho is or may have been. 1 defy any person to find a single officer or soldier who was proseat at tho capture of Jolt Davis, who will say, upon honor, that ho was disguised in woman's clothes, or that his wife acted in any way unladylike or undignified on that occasion. I go for trying him for his crimes, and, if ho is found gnilky, punishing him. But 1 would not Uo about him when tho truth will certainly make it hod enough. £llbuhuvxx&b, Pa. James H. Pabueu. CHICAGO BUSINESS-MEN. To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune Sra; Allow mo tho„ privilege of taking some of your valuable space to give my opinion of Chicagoans. I am a stronger hero, and, after having visited some of tho most prominent cities in tho North in search of employment, havo not as yot mot with success. Ero I leave this enterprising city, I desiro to givo vont to my feelings by saying that your boslnose-mon ore the most pleasant and agreeable persona a “poor man" over moots with. For instance: One may atop into a St. Louis business-house. As soon as the threshold is crossed, they ask, somewhat pleasantly, “ Woll, sir, wnat con wo do for you i ” This, os I say, is askod rather Sloaaontly, in bopea of aelUng a bill of goods, at os soon os they find out that ono is looldng for honest work, they turn about with scorn, and gruffly reply, “No, sir ; we are fuU." But hero, in Chicago, the answer is. whoa not need ing more help, something similar to this : “ No, sir, we are not now requiring more help, but think you may succeed by inquiring diligently ; at least we hope you may." This gives a man encouragement, and the result is almost always successful. There is not the haughtiness and pride boro that are shown in most other cities : but, on tho contrary, the business-men are kina and sympathetic in their nature ; of which you all may well feel proud. A Poon Man. Chicago, Juno 17, 1673. Lace Jackets and Points. tVe have Just received onothor largo lot of Llama points and Jackets, among which are some of tho best bargains wo have over bad to offer. A splendid Jacket for sl2 and up. A genuine Llama point for $3.76. Hotchkin, Palmer ts Co., Nos. 167 and 160 6tuto>st« Dlvldond. At (bo Juno mooting of the Cook County Land Com pany, tho regular semi-annual dividend was declared payable 20th last., being part of not earning of last six months, OiUce Ho. 01 Dearborn street. Oiuulks A. Quecout, President. The Genuine Ooysor Spring \Tator ta drawn by Uaok k liayuw, at both their etotea. Elgin CXiccmo and flutter ITlarlcot, To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune: A number or new factorial were represented on tbo Board on Tuesday, which increased (be number of cbeMo offered; 2,120 boxes wore offered for sale, and 1,013 taken at a decline of from last week’s prlcoo, viz.: ll#o including commission. Parties wore on tbo Board wishing to buy for thu Liverpool market, but, as prices were still above tholr views, but few wero taken. About 1,000 crooks butter wore sold at 230. Omnvmt, Commencement Exorcises nt llio EiUto Forest Boys’ Academy. Another Mooting of tho Evanoton Board of Trustees, LAKE FOREST. Tho closing exorcises of tho current school year of tho Boys 1 Acadomy,Lako Forest, continu ing three days, terminated yesterday after noon. Tho commencement season is al ways ono of interest, not only to parronts whOßo children are being educated at tho many excel lent institutions which abound in our country, but also to the intelligent general observer. A serious charge has in years past boon laid at tho door of almost all “fresh water 11 Institutions, whether preparatory or collegiate in their in struction. It lo with groat pleasure that men notice tho efforts mado within tho past few years to make this charge, of lack of thorough ness, groundless. Those efforts havo raised tho standard of scholarship till now tho Yalo or Har vard alumnus can havo his boy 'prepared for college without risking him hundreds of miloß from -homo nt tho .very, .tender ago at .which thoeo preparatory studios must bo takon up to bo pursued with tho greatest pos sible pleasure aud profit. It Is not too much to affirm, as those who woro present universally testified, that tho examinations to whioh tho students of tho Academy woro subjected on Monday and Tuesday gavo ovidonoo' of ■ a moro thorough and elaborate system of training than has heretofore boon undertaken at any preparatory school, except those few famous ones of Now England, some of which antedate our national existence. Tho examination in Latin, conducted by the Principal, wnsfull of pleasure oven to those who bad almost for gotten how Cicero overthrow Catalina. Of all tho examinations it is sufficient to say that thoy gave evidence of thorough instruction given by experienced and scholarly teachers to willing ana apt pupils. To say that every'"hoy was C erfect would bo a libel on tho “gonna puor," at oven tho slowest woro unusually prompt. Those efforts to elevate tho standard of scholar ship cannot bo too much encouraged for iho most obvious reasons, and wo ore glad to boo .the start so thoroughly takou by an Aoodomy which has long boon prominent on account of its good deeds aud progressive principles. Tho result must bo an increase in tho demands for admis sion to the Western colleges. Of the graduat ing class, two go to Yale College, which for many years has boon without, a representative from Lake Forest; ono to Ann Arbor, whllo others embrace tho mooted curriculum nearer homo, or seek to mako for themselves a name among tho business-men of tho city. Tho recep tion, occurring Tuesday evening, was largely attended, notwithstanding the dralt mado on tho people by tho elegant afternoon reception, given in celebration of an' unusually brilliant wedding. Prof. Cumnock, tho distinguished elocutionist, added to tho interest of tho occasion by reading several'selections from Shakspoaro and Dickons. The closing exorcises—that is essays, declama tions, and other rhetorical and musical efforts, which occurred yesterday (Wednesday), drew moro people, and woro in a general way moro in teresting than tho examinations, though thoy could not havo been more satisfactory. Tho ambition of the students was somewhat quick ened by the presence of a largo number ol dis tinguished clergymen and teachers from tho city. Tho exorcises, whioh woro bold in tho main hall of tho building, woro, as has boon intimated most excellent, Tho decora tions, consisting of most beautiful flowers, both wild and cultivated, with evergreens ana hanging baskets in profusion, rested and pleased the eye; the delightful choruses and well exe cuted pieces of instrumental music gratified tho oar, aud after a session of nearly throe hours tho stomach was propitiated by tempting offer ings such os became tho occasion. The exorcises woro concluded by brief remarks from Mr. J. V. Farwoll, the Ilev, Dr. Davis, and Prof. Ungers of tho West Bide Ladies' Seminary. From what has boon said, tho opinion which wo ‘hold of this school cannot bo a subject of doubt. In short, wo can but recommend it to all inter ested in educational matters, as one of the best managed and most prosperous in iho West—or in the laud. EVANSTON. Tho Board of Trustees of the village mot in their now chamber last night There woro pres ent Charles J. Gilbert, President; Herman G. Powers, Lyman J. Gage, and Wilson Phelps. Tho attorney of tho Board, Hugh A. White, ex pounded tho technicalities of tho municipal law relating to tho opening and construction of streets. Tbo project of lighting Davie street with gas, to bettor enable tbo police force to bunt down tboir victims, was discussed, but it was thought that the denizens on other streets would object to the utter outer darkness iu which they would be plaoed by contrast. A petition was read by the Cleric praying for a sidewalk on the oast aide of Shorman avenue, from Clark street north to Foster street, which was referred to tho Committee on Streets and Alloys. Several ordinances drawn by tbo Clerk wore referred to tbo Corporation Counsel for revision or approval. Tbo resignation of Lyman J. Gage ns Library Trustee was accepted, anclE. S. Taylor appoint ed iu bis stead. The Street Commissioner was ordered to open Chicago avenue its entire length to its proper width, after giving the owners of property on tbo street ton days* notice. The Committee on Streets and Alleys wore ordered to investigate os to tbo right of the vil lage to widen Emerson street to CO foot. The Committee on Street Lamps wore in structed to solicit bids for lighting tbo streets for tbo rest of tbo year and award tho job to tbo lowest responsible bidder. Tho Street Commissioner was invited to mako a nasal examination of a number of alloys and back yards, and report his impressions to tbo Board. Tho necessity of obtaining tbo plaW of tbo original survey of tbo village was recog nized, ana tbo President of tbo Board appointed a Committee to confer with tbo parties having them in possession. Tbo Board adjourned. TUB SOUTH EVANSTON Trustees mot in council on Monday night. Tbo ontiro Board wore present. President Adams related tbo circumstance of tho shooting of Brantz, and tbo following gentlemen, upon motion, wore appointed to investigate tbo affair: Adams, Goodman, Dl'dior, and A. E. Warren. Judge Ido presented on ordinance on streets and sidewalks. S. Reed and Jacob Bonn presented bonds os Street Commissioners to tbo amount of SSOO. • Approved. The President was appointed to mako on esti mate of the cost of material, etc., necessary for tbo erection of sidewalks. Warren, Watson, and Morporworo appointed Committee on Sidewalks. Adjourned for ono week. liITEBABY. The last mooting of the. Lakoaidos, on Tues day night, at tho Congregational Church, passed off very pleasantly. The performers were vroU received. ENGLEWOOD. At an early hour yesterday morning tho quiet suburb of Englewood was visited by a gang of burglars. They did not, apparently, attempt any other job than that of robbing tho village Post-Office, which is located in tho store of W. 14. Smith A Co. An entrance was effected to tho honso by removing tho sash of a rear win dow. Tho safe was, by some moans, unlocked, and about SOO in currency taken. Besides this, SIOO worth of goods wore removed. The letter boxes wore not disturbed, for which omission tho Inhabitants of Englewood desire to return their sincere thanks to tho robbers. A llerolt in a ISarom* Tho short sojourn of tho Shah of Persia In Moscow was marked by a striking change in his arrangements, for Bis Majesty, while in that city, came to the decision to send back to Tehe ran tho four or tiro Persian ladies who had traveled so far in his household. It Is stated that during tho journey from Astrakhan to Mos cow tho Bhah was much occupied with tho ques tion of tho proper accommodation of tucso ladies, who traveled under tho title of servants. Ids Majesty telegraphed to Moscow more than onco upon tho subject, and. on looming that apartments in tho palace nod boon prepared for them, tho Shall suddenly decided on their being placed in a county house near Moscow. Tho ladies, not relishing this isola tion, sent a messenger to tho Shah complaining that thoy wore not suitably lodged, His Majesty was displeased with hia Ministers, and directed that tho ladies should como to tho palace, whore ho waited till after tholr arrival before he proceeded to tho theatre. It appears that his favorite wifo wished to eo also to tho Tielt to thoballoFand to tbo ball at tbo ball of tho hotel of Prince Dolgoroukoff, It Is said tlmt Iho ladioo wore loud in knoir complaints. proba bly because being In Europe they oxpootod to bo allowed in eomo sort to follow European fash ions, However, iho BhaU determined to send them back, ami, despite tbolr tears and protes tations. ho adhered to his determination, so that a few hours before His Majesty loft Moscow tho ladlcfl slatted by railway for Rfazon, on route for Persia. HOW AIXEN WAS ARRESTED. Sintomontof Chief of Police flock, of Plllvvttukoo—lttouor to Whom Honor In Due. Ohio! of Police Book, of Milwaukee, arrived in town yesterday morning. Ho said tho brat object of bis visit waa to grasp tho hands of officore Tom Simmons and Ed Laughlln, and ox press to them his ardent admiration of tbolr conduct In tho light with Allen and Baggio, on Monday morning. This bo did yesterday afternoon. Mr. Bock says that, la tho ac count of tho capture of tho burglars, tho Inter - Ocean gavo undue and uumoritod credit to Sheriff McDonald, of Sioux City. Tho facts wore that tho conductor, tho brakesman, or any other train man, might have done Just what Mr. McDonald did, and, if they wore first-class men, oven more. It acorns that Mr. Dickinson, the owner of tho building which is occupied by Whoolot A Co., tho Arm which was robbed, saw tbo thieves taking tho trunk containing tho goods to tho depot. Ho followed thorn. On tho way ho mot Mr. Duncan McDonald, the brother of tbo Bloux City Sheriff, to whom ho related, in tho latter's pres ence, what ho bad soon. Tho men wore soon to Sot on tho cars, and it was also learned by Mr. ilokinsoa that tboy had chocked their trunk to Chicago. Mr. Sheriff McDonald got aboard tbo samo train, and paid no raoro attention to thorn. After the departure of tho train, Mr. Dickinson decided to Bond a dispatch to Raclao to Mr. Sheriff McDonald, requesting him to for ward tho telegram which was received at tho Madison Stroot Station. This ho did. and this was abont tho only important thing ho did do. Tbo Inter-Occan thought it a remarkable action, indicating a sagacity which only lacked opportunity to make its owner nota ble. When the train arrived in Chicago, Mr. McDonald permitted iho thiovos to go out of tho oar. In tho fight ho did no sorvico at all. If ho hod boon efficient tho third thief would now bo in jail. Officer Simmons says that, during his con test with Allen, McDonald bravely stood behind him, and when ho llrod tho contents of his Derringer • thoro was no causo for so doing. Mr. McDon ald la a gentleman, and a very respectable Sheriff. Mr. Bock says that Allen ana Baggio will ho takon to Milwaukee as soon as tbo former can bo romovod. Yesterday afternoon ho was much hotter, and, it is feared, will re cover. Mr. Bock says that, in answer to tho characterietio article in the Times, of this oily, which spoko derisively of tho polioo of tho “ City of Bricks,” that tbo authorities thoro woro not informed of tho bargl&ry until tho morning when tbo contest botwoon tho robbers and tbo officers occurred in this city. . THE LATE JUBILEE. Financial statement of ITlcssrs* Car

penter & Sheldon* They got plenty of abuse from country editors, and a fair share of oonsuro from tho city press, but, after all, did not make as much money (so they say) os everybody supposed they would. Their receipts, like their music, wore below tho general expectation. Tho following statement is that of Messrs. Carpenter & Sheldon, man agers of the Jubilee for a third prrty : To the M.inagcrt of the OJi, I, & P, 11 It, and the L. fi, «6 X Gentlemen ; Wo send you horowlih a financial statement of tbo Jublloo, showing total receipts, $40,021.60; total expenses, $20,076.10, Including amount paid you for rental of depot, for which wo In cloeo our chock. Thoeo figures show the not receipts to havo boon $13,019,01 to bo divided between our selves and tho goutiomon for whom we acted os busi ness agents, who assumed (ho largo risk of tho under taking. Hoping you have not based your estimate of tho receipts <upon tho exaggerated statements of tho press, and that you wore pleased with the manner and time of our return of tho depot to you, wo remain very respectfully yours, Carpenter ft Sheldon, Business Managers Jubilee, CniOAOO, Juno 10, 1873. And to this tbo authorities of tbo two railroads whoso depot was loaned for tbo occasion mako tho following highly flattering reply: JUeesrs, Carpenter J; Sheldon: Gentlemen j Wo havo received and examined yonr statement of tho receipts and expenses attending the late Jubilee Concerts, hold in (ho depot building, and find all satisfactory and correct eo/ar as we can judge. Wo also acknowledge fecclpi of check for amount agreed upon for use of tho depot, gas, etc, Hospcct fully, Uuoit Riddle, Gen. Supt, O. It. I. fc P. U. It. F. K. Morse, Lake Shore & Mich. Sou. Hallway. Tho public is a rather inquisitive body, whllo It has no absolute right to do so, it cannot re press a desire to ask quietly for an itemized ac count of tho oxpomlituro of that $20,075.10. Not that tho public cares, bnt it would look bettor if some proof were given of tho oxpouso. Tho public did not think tho oxponso would bo bo heavy. It has somo misgivings. Will not tho managers gratify a pardonable curiosity ? THE APPROPRIATION BIEL. Progress HI ado by tho Council Last Evening. Tho Council mot yesterday evening, pursuant Co adjournment, Aid. MoAvoy in tho chair. Pres ent, Aid. Bowon, Dixon, Warren, McQoauiss Oooy, MoAvoy, Sidwoll, Stono, Tracey, Schmitz, Cullorton, McOlowry, dowry, Bailey, Powell, O'Brien, Bond, Clark, Heath, Minor, Sherwood. Macro, Cleveland, Quirk, McGrath, Stout, Mahr, Longachor, Schaffnor, Cornoy, Cannon, Ogdon. Tho Council resumed tho consideration of tho Appropriation bill in Commlttoo of tho Wholo, Ala* McGrath in tbo choir. The following items wore passed pretty unan imously : Unexpended balance of last year’s ap propriation for tho Canal stroot viaduct; su,- 675.11 for tho Washington stroot tunnel; SO,- 892.69 for tho LaSallo stroot tunnel; SSOO for Founds; $15,000 for Small-Pox Hospital; sll,- 846.17 for tho Public Library; $10,160 for gas, coal, oto., at tho City Hall. A communication from tbo Board of Pnblio Works, relative Co building a bridge at Four teenth street, was token up, and a motion mndo to appropriate $33,679.60 therefor, provided land damages could bo satisfactorily settled. It was agreed to, and tbo total sum asked for new bridges Is increased to $68,000. A motion to out tho item of $21,000 for bridge repairs down to $15,000 was lost. Ono to mako it $20,000 was also lost, and tho itom adopted as reported. When tbo item of parks was rooohod, an at tempt was mado to reduce tho appropriation from $20,000 to $15,000, but, ponding its consid eration, tho Committee rose. Aid. Powell offered a resolution that the heads of departments bo requested to bo present at tho Council mootings daring the consideration of tho Appropriation bill. Before it was acted on tho Council adjourned. THE CITY IN BRIEF. The Board of Public Works have prepared estimates for a bridge at Harrison street, aggre gating $103,000. The inventor of oroquot may remain satisfied that lie hoe “ made a noise in the world." A West Side Croquet Club do it for him on stroot cars. The smell in tho Washington stroot turmoils becoming Intolerable. No time should bo lost in pumping out tho catch-basin, John Hoor. a little boy 8 years old, fell out of tho second-story window of No. 170 Soulh Canal street, yesterday morning, and broke his right arm. Tho Chicago Cliristian Union will givo a so ciable this evening at tholr rooms, No. 114 Madi son stroot. Headings by It. F. Burbank, and others, with music, will vary tho entertainment. Tho Joint Committee ou Court-House Finns mot yesterday afternoon, and listened to H. L. Qoyfn his explanation or his plan. Mr. Thoodoro Karl will explain on Saturday afternoon. At a special mooting of tho Board of Police Oommlssiouers yesterday afternoon, Frod. J. BaitU was appointed special policeman to do duty in the employ of tho Chicago, Alton A Bt. Louis llailroad Company. Two rafts of lumber, ono containing 1,000,000 and the other 000,000 foot, havo loft Muuistoo, Mlcb., for South Chicago. They are being towed across tho lake, and tho ' experiment of transporting lumber in that cheap way Is being watched with considerable interest. Bllen'Larsou, who slabbed hor husband some time ago, was yesterday morning hold in bail of $1,500, on tho rooolpt by Justice Boully of a cor patient would probably recover In ton days. Fred Itoohonhochor was arrested on Tuesday night for tho alleged larceny of a quantity of silverware, from No. 880 North LaSalle street, and yesterday morning was hold in $1,600 by Kauffmaun to appear at the Criminal Court. At 1 o’clock, yesterday. Joseph Ohllotto fell from a street-car. In front of No. D 2 West Van Huron Btroot, and being run over, bla loft foot was crushed. Ho waa taken to his homo, No. 516 'West Madison street. p. A. Barton, a brakomnn on a Michigan Southern freight train, was accused (some say unjustly) by James Hyde, a conductor, of pick ing his pockets of S2O. At tho Harrison Street Police Court, Banyon, yesterday morning, bold tho prisoner for trial at the Criminal Court In bonus of S7OO. Yesterday’s Journal contained an editorial on “ tho code of newspaper honor,” in which the Tartuffo of tlmt concern piously observes “ that tho vonal policy is poor policy.” Has a refusal to notloo concerts and other entertainments un less tbo managers thereof patronize tbo Job office any connection with a vonal policy? At half-past 0 o’clock yesterday morning, a boy named Joseph Kiolal, li years old, while attempt ing to board a passing freight train of tho ‘Chi cago A Northwestern Railroad, at tho corner of Ooutro avonuo and Bobccca stroot. had bis loft log crushed just above tho ankle by being run over. Amputation was not necessary. Tho stockholders of tho Chicago, Danville A Vincennes Railroad, at their annual meeting, yesterday, elected tho following Directors s James w. Ehvoll, James D. Fish, Amos Tcu ny, Mathew Taylor, W. D. Janson, Now York { John Tonny, Boston; Alvin Gilbert, Rossvlllo, 111. j John L. Donovan. Wntsoka, HI.; Goorgo No Valior, Covington, Imi. Tho West Division boasts a oroqnot club. Its members visit on street-cars and declare in a loud tono of volco that they have not hod a single quarrel yet. Hero is a bint to Julia Ward Howo and a solution of tho Indian question. Tench tbo Hodocs to piny croquet, ana savo iho ex pense of Indian wars. Tbo mason contractors bavo been obliged to suspend work on tbo now County Jail on account of tbo failure of tho otbor contractors to furnish material. Tbo basement is up, and operations may not bo again resumed for two or tbroo weeks, Iron is especially needed, and tbo per sons who havo tho contract to furnish it should hurry up its delivery, if they do not want tho Board of Public Works to prod thorn. Tbo corner-stone of iho Church of iho Sacred-' Heart, to bo built at tbo comor of Luko and John Btroots, will bo laid at 4p. rm, noxt Sun day, with appropriate ceremonies. Tho now edi fice will tako tbo place of tho Church of Saint Stanislaus, which was erected five years ago to accommodate tho people living in tho southern part of tho “Holy Family” parish. Various Catholic societies will tako port. Now that tho Importance of out-door cleanli ness Is being urged, it may not, perhaps, bo amiaa to call tho attention of tho propor authori ties to tho froquont and noxious stenches arising from tho garbage deposited in tho roar of tho restaurant owned by Messrs. Whyland A Foss, in tbo alloy running south from Madison stroot, between Dearborn and Stato. This offense is rank, and often emails to tho fifth story of sur rounding buildings. Nearly a fortnight ago Mr. Patrick Dooley lost two horses from nis barn, corner of Clayton and Robey streets. Quo of those valuable animals hoe tho advantage, besides his looks and dis position (which is oven, kind, and pleasant) of possessing a spring halt. Ho can bo distin guished by this peculiarity. Tho other has not, and noeds no further description. Thooo gener ous creatures supported Mr. Dooley, who would bo glad to hear of or from them. Word might bo loft at this oflico. Mr. N. 8. Ronton, Secretary of tho Board of Managers of tho Old People’s Homo, will re ceive proposals until noon on Monday next for tho salo of a lot, 200 foot front and 160 foot deep, to bo located on tho South Side, between Thir tieth and Thirty-ninth streets, oast of State, or on tho West Sluo. between Van Buren and Lake streets, oast of Western avenue, or on tho North Bide, between Division street and Fullerton avenue, oast of Ualstcd street. On tho lot a building to bo used as a borne for old people will bo erected. Portions of tho Sixteenth and Seventeenth Wards aro smelling to heaven, from tho stench arising from garbage, decayed vegetable matter, and stagnant water in tbo gutters. Mouominoo street is a fair sample of tho condition of that region. There is a green scum on tbo surface of tbo water to gratify tho eyes of thoso who de light in groon scenery, but tboodor is worse than tho Concentrated essence of a dozen tan yards, and is powerful enough to drill a hole in a grid dle. Somebody should soo to it. Tbo Commlttoo on resolutions appointed at tho lost mooting of tho Gorman Agitation Com mittoo bare coucludod tboir labors. They will submit, as tho result, quite a lengthy platform, which extends a cordial invitation to tuo people of all nationalities, and irrespective of party predilections’ to join tbo M Reform Movement, and denounces tbo present strict Sunday laws, but concedes that saloons should bo closed on Sundays till 1 o’clock p. m. Tho ontiro docu ment will probably bo published in a fow days. Tho Board of Public Works yesterday issued the following building permits : Simon Do Cos ta, four-story brick, &&100, No. 221 Clue Island avonuo ; 8. F. Wrigbt, tbroo-story stone, 23x140, No. 823 Chicago avenuo ; Joseph Menard, two story brick, 82xC0, on West Taylor street; John Ott, tbroo-story brick, 23x60 foot.. No. GOO Mil waukee avenuo; Charles Honrotin, tbroo-story brick, 38x50, North LaSalle' street; Trinity Church, one-story stono, 72x108 foot, corner of Michigan avonuo and Twenty-sixth street: J. S. RosonUml, two-story brick, 20x10, No. 71 Purple street; Franz Drier, three-story brick, 21x65, on Centro avenue ; O. Oloeon, ono-story brick, ICx 16, on Frio street. -The sale of property InElston and Wright’s ad dition to Chicago, by Eliaon ik Foster, yesterday morning, was not well attended. Tho sun boat down upon those In attendance, and tho bidding was not very spirited, about 20 nor cent less than expected being realized. Tho property sold was in Blocks 70, 75, 70, and 77, south and north of Division stroot, noar tho canal. Tho lots sold, and tho' prices obtained, aro os fol lows: West half of Lot 13, 25x125 foot, $900; oast half of same, 25x125 feet, $776; south half of Lot 9, .15x110 foot, $G00; north half of Lot 10, 25x110 foot, $650; oast half of south half of Lot 17, 25x70 foot, 8375; west half of south half of Lot 17, 25x70 foot, $375; north half of Lot 18, SG6O ; south half of same $650. Tho property facing tho Canal, 205 foot front, with 282 root front on Division street, sold in a lump for $10,600. The total sum realized was $21,475. The solo was postponed until next Wednesday. So lato as yesterday, Sergeant Fitzpatrick of tho Twenty-second Street Station, reported to Superintendent Washburn, that a man named William Morands, of Lafayotto County, Mich., attempted to commit suicide, at noon on Tues day, by lumping into tho breakwater of tho lake, noar tho Illinois Control shops. Qeorgo Baker, and Joseph Arl, res cued tho man at the peril of tholr own lives. When taken out of tho wator ho sputtered and spattered, and seemed glad to walk in tho di rection of tho oity. As a cause for committing tho rash act, ho stated that ho had no money, and could got nouo, and was, thoreforo, weary of living. Bo is about 50 years of ago, and a sail-maker. At tho Twouty-soeond Street Sta tion ho was 4 * booked ” for disorderly conduct, which is presumed to havo boon an attempt at wit by tho station-keeper. Banyon, upon near ing tho ovidonco in tuo caso, decided that tho charge was sustained, which conclusion was quite as rational as most that ho roaches. Tho Eoor follow was, thoreforo, fined $5. Of oourso o could not pay it, and it was remitted. DISSOLUTION NOTICES. DISSOLUTION. Tho copartnership heretofore) existing botwoon J. I). Thompiou ami Goo. A. Hoavornn, umlor tho tirm name of Tbonipsou A Keavoru*, Is dlsßOlved this day by mutual consent. Hither partner is authorlrod to eottlo ouUtand lua accounts. J. It. THOMPSON, Ohloago. Juno 13. 1873. GKO. A. SKAVItUNB. MISCELLANEOUS. WILLIAM A. HAEMS, Providence, U. 1., Rudder uf tho HARRIS-GORLISS ENGINE. With Harris' Patented Impruvoaioulti. Komi for Circu lars. Ole of me file Lis. Co., Ho. 112 LaMe-st. CUIOAUO, Juno 12, 1573. Tho annual mooting of tho Stockholder* of this Oumpa* ny will ho hold at its ulllco. No. 17’J LaSallo-sl., on Wud* uoiday, the filth lust., at 2 o'clock p, in. H. P. WATiKKTI. Hop. SCALES. rjgff rAIEBANKS’ jjr**J STANDARD L SCALES , f t t OP ALIi SIZIiS. FAIRBANKS, MOUSE &GO 111 AND U3 LAKIC-ST. MYERS’ OPERA HOUSE. I.ABT Will!It OP Moran & Manning’s Minstrels. A Clront 1)111 for tlio Closlilff Performance. Monday, Juno in, and every evening, AN iONTIKR (i icw riRHT I’aut; XXj TEOVATOBB. RTJHRNR In bit groatoharaolor of.. .Leonora UNaWOUTlfru tbo F10rjr...... Count (il I.unatlo "With a cost comprlMna the entire Company. IMday Kvonlug. Juno 90, CompUmontary Houoflt to biijiXjV nrjijsnsrx: Orand Family Matlnoo Saturday at 3 o’clock. MoVIOKER’S THEATRE. MONDAY RVRNINO, JnnoW, and until further no tice, tho brilliant young artlate, 2ES.!atio 2Pxxtxxcu3L, In a now and beautiful Hocloty Drama by I'HKUEUIO HOOK, KBQ., BLAX3S O’ GRASS I Blade O’ OrAs«i 1 Miss Lucy. I Klnun Koltf, I Laoy Brightly, J With new nnd original Songa And Dances, Saturday at 3 p. m. ■ KATIE PUTNAM. NIXON'S AMPHITHEATRE, Commencing MONDAY, Juno 16. Saturday Matluoo. CAL WAGNER’S MINSTRELS. J. 11. HAVEULY. with 24 POPULAR ARTISTS! 8 BRILLIANT COMEDIANS! OtTALENTCI) VOCALISTS! And Full llrnss Hand. Pricoß as usual. Reserved 9oaU onsalo at Box Oflfioe. AIKEN'S THEATRE. Every evening until further notice, the magnificent Spec tacular Opera, Grand Operatic Oast, Full Chorus. Brilliant Costumes and Hennery, the Groat MOULACOHI, and Ballot, the BBUOHII FAMILY, and SOU SMITH RUBBULL. . Mallnoo on Saturday and Wednesday. West Bide patrons can aoouro seats at Gilo* Brea.', 331 West MadUon-st. HOOLEY'S THEATRE. Wednesday, Juno 18. daring tho week, and at the Matt* noos, ibo beautiful bomody, GAME OP LOVE, Embracing tho entire strength of tho Mammoth Company. Monday, Jnno 23, first appearance of Mr. BKI/Viu RYAN, who has boon oipresely ongogod to Irooorsonato bin groat character. * ’ Eoclos," in Robertson's favorite (moiety drama, OABTE. Miss SYDNEY OOWRLL as Polly Rcoles, Mr. OEO. GIDDENB os Sam Oorridgo, tbolr original oharaetors. 800 future advertisements. AOADEMJ OF MUSIC. An entire change of Bill* and ilnrt appearance of MISS MINNIE LODER, MISS ANNIE TEAMANS, LITTLE JENNIE YEA MANS, and the Now Drama, 0 02 Wfttinno—WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. FINANCIAL. LAO SHOO i IICHIGAI SODTHEEB RAILWAY COMPANY. ' NiSW SINKING FOND BONIS, COUI’ON AND REGISTERED. $6,000,000. Bonds Duo Oct. 1, 1882, with Interest at Seven per Cent, pnynlilo snml-nmmnlly* April and October, at the ofllco of the Union Trust Co. of New York. $600)000) or Ton per Goat of tbo Loan; to bo retired annually “by tie Sinking Fund. Goapon Benda of $1)000 each. Registered Bonds of $1 ( 000) $6)000 and $10)000 each. Price, 94 and Accrued Interest. ROBINSON, CEASE & GO. BuftJSTKBRS, No, 18 Broad-st,, New York. TO RENT. OFFICES. A few Very Desirable Offices are offered for rent in the Trib une Building. Single or in suites. Witn and without Vaults. English Tile Floors through out the Building. Elevator running during all business hours. These Offices axe not equaled in the city. The best for all classes of business requiring a central lo cation. W. C. DOW, Room SI Tribune Building. SUMMER RESORT. “ISLES OF SHOALS.” THE OCEANIC^ STAR XSXiAJSTIO- Thls now and elegant Hotel will open July 1,1873, with amnio accommodations for five hundred gmwts. Tho location, scenery, climate, and facilities for beat ing, bathing, and tlahing are unsurpassed. A tlnt-olau physician will bo connected with tbo house. TERMS; Transient Board, $3.50 to 94.00 per day. Weekly Board. 198.00 to $3.60 por day. Monthly Board. $3.60 to SB.OO per day. Communication*, until Juno SO, may ho addressed to F. W. HILTON. Box 6126, Boston. Mass.; after that date to Star Island, Isles of Shoals, N. H. FRANK W. HILTON, Manager. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD COMPANY’S DEER PARK HOTEL, Garrett County, Maryland. A delightful summer retreat in tho Alleghany Monn talQß, twenty-eight buDdrod'feot above tide water, will be readyforgnosta July 1, 1878. Howling Alloys, Billiard Rooms. Croquet and Quoit Grounds, Boarding and Ur* cry Stables, Baths—hot, cold, and suowor. A flrtt-olaes orohostra connected with tho houao. Tonus, $8 per day; S2O nor vrook; $76 per month. Bpo oial tonus tnado with families for longer periods. Child ron under ton years of ago and nurses, half prloo. Bound trip excursion uokotc good till Oetobor 81, at re duced rates, for particulars, address H. M. KINBLRY. Oen'l Manager Hotels B»AO. R.R.00., Cumberland, Md. ROOKY POINT HOTEL, RHODE ISLAND. SEASON OF 1073. On tlio Bnropoau X 3 lan. This well-known and popular Bummer Resort situated on Narragansnu Bay,hetwoontbo cities ot Providence and Newport, will bo opon for tbo reception of guests Juno 25. To moot the growing demands of tho publlu, tho capacity of the houao has boon Increased since last soaaon. by tho addition olanumborof rooms, all largo, airy, andaowly lurnlahod. A now Restaurant of an increased seating ca pacity b&a also boon added. Bight steamboats a d%y from Vrovidenoo and Newport. Tor Information in regard to terms, oto,, address CITY I. HATFIELD HOUSE, Mnssena Kprlngs, on Raquotto River, throo miles from Ht. Lawroncu River, will upon Juno 20 for reception of guests, Aecummodatlou first-oUss. Thu Hotel la entire ,ly now, and has boon titled and furnished with ovory mod ern convenience. Good llsblng and hunting. Tho pro-' priolora have detennlnud to present a house m every way Worthy of palronafo. Thu waters are highly recommend ed by tho medical faculty In wide rangp or digoasos. Guido to Springe way ho had of Caswell, Tlaxard A Go.. Filth av.lriutul. N. Y. Address IIATFIKLD BROS., Massons Hprlngs, Bt. Lawrence Co., N. Y., or ISO Front-st., N. Y. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. COPARTNERSHIP. Tho undersigned have this day entered into copartner ship undor tho Arm name of Htephuns A llonly, for the Purpose of carrying on tho PJanlng-MUI and Box-Manu facturing business In the city of Chicago, and have located at tho corner of Quarry and Oologno-sts.. having nur ohaaml Oharnloy, Bros. * Co.’s I’Janlna Mill. hRNUY h I JU'IIItNH, formerly of Htephuns A Curb; JAMKB f. ÜBALV. Chicago, Juuu 17, IWd. SMITH’S AMERICAN ORGANS! NEW STYLES! NEW CATALOGUE! NEW PRICES! 800 Organ* now In atom. All orders from. doalors filled with dispatch. Alsojtrand. thiuaro, and Upright Pianos for rent or talo. W. W. KIMBALL, Oor. State and Adnms-sts. OCEAN NAVIGATION. MT3OML LHE. .Manager. Sailing from Now York for Queenstown and Liverpool every Saturday, and for London direct every fortnight. Cal Passage SBO, S9O, and SIOO Carrency, Rrourslon TlckoU at favorahlo rates. Intending paa* sougon should mnko early application for bertha, BTEKRAOK, 423.00 cummer. Prepaid steerage tlckota from Liverpool, Queenstown, Londonderry, Glasgow, Oardlfl, Bristol, orLondon, SBI.W currency. Passengers booked to or from German and Soandioa* rlnn points at low rates. The Htesmsblps nf this lino are tho largest in tbo trado. Brails on Groat Britain, Ireland, and the Continent "WlLLlAM MACALLSTBB, ■ GonH Wostcru Agent, Northesitcnmor Clark and Randolph-ats. (opposite now Sherman Ilotiso), Chicago. CUNAKD MAIL LINE, Slemn Between Now York, Boston, and Liverpool. FROM NRW YORK, ~..Juno 911 Java ....Juno 231 Parthla... ....Juno 28) Cuba And from Boßto®orory Tuesday Cabin Ponnuffc, 880, 8100 and 8130, Gold Eicorelon Tlokota at Rodacod Ratos. Stooracro Possoao, BMonrronor. P/iaß D ngor» and freight booked to and from all parts of Europe at lowest rates. S/ghtDrafl* on Croat Britain, Ireland, and the Continent. P. 11. DU VRRNiCT. Gon’l Wost’n A«ont. N. W. cor. Clark and Ratidoluh-sta. Batavia.. Russia... Calabria. STATE LINE. NEW YORK AND OLABOOW, LIVERPOOL, BEL FAST AND LONDONDERRY. Those elegant now steamers will sail from Stato Lint Plor, FultonForry, Brooklyn, N. Y, as follower VIRGINIA, 3,500 t0m,..,,, Wednesday, Jane 26. ALABAMA Wednesday, Jnly 23. PENNSYLVANIA, 2,600 tons Wednesday, July 2H. GEORGIA Wednesday, Aug. 6. Fortnightly thereafter. AUSTIN BALDWIN i CO.. Agent*, 13 Broadway, N. Y. SAMPLE A HARGIS, Agents, Cor, of Canal and WeatMadisen-sts.. Chicago. Sailing twice a week from Now York, and carrying pas sengers to all parts of Groat Britain, Ireland, Continental Europe, and the Mediterranean, Cabin from $65; Stoqr. ago, British and Irish porta oast, S3O [ west, $33. Conti* nootal porta same as other regular linns. All payable in U. S. oarronoy. Apply for fait Information at tho Com* pony's offices, No. 7 Bowling Groeg, Now York, and N. B. corner LaSalle and Mndisun-sts., Chicago. HENDERSON BROTHERS, Agents. FOR EUROPE. IMMUNE EOTAL MAIL STEAMERS. Will salt from Now York oa tallows: OITYOF BRISTOL Thursday, Juno 19. I P. M. CITY OP BROOKLYN Saturday, Juno 21, 2 P. M. OITY OF WASHINGTON..Thursday, Jnno 2d, 7 A. M. OITYOF ANTWERP... Saturday, Juno3B, BA. SI. And each succeeding SATURDAY and THURSDAY, from Pier No. 46, North Rlyor. C’ttbht PattanffCi 870 find 800 Gold. Steerage, to British Porte $30.00 Currency. Hound Trip Tickets nt Reduced Rates. SIGHT DRAFTS for sale at low rates. FRANCIS C. BROWN, General Western Agent, ■ 32 South. Clark-st., comer Bake. MEW YORK TO CARDIFF, BRISTOL, LONDON, And all Other Points in England and Wales, The South Wole* Atlantic Steamship Company’* new first-class Steamships will sail from Pennsylvania Rail road Wharf, Jersey-Oily: „ .. PEMBROKE May M GLAMORGAN ............U Those steamships, ballt expressly for the trade, are pro vided with all tbo latest Improvements for the comfortand °o nVO OAHIN AND STEERAGE PASSENGERS. FJrstCabln 480 currency Second Cabin bicurrency Steerage , Wourro SSZ Prepaid Steerage certificates from Cardin.............. Drafts for £\ and upwards. For further particulars, apply la Cardiff, at the Com pany’s Offices. No. 1 Dock Chambers, and in Now York to ARCHIBALD BAXTER A CO.. Agents, No. 17 Broadway. FANCY WOODS. T. S, CONSTANTINE, Importer and Dealer in VENEERS, Mahogany, Hosowopd, Florida Hod Cedar, French Walnut, Hungarian Ash, Walnut, and Ash Burls, &o. 17 South Jefferson-st. WIRE WINDOW SCREENS. 17fl CTS. PER sa. FOOT / I ForWalnat-frnmodScroon.; S&cki. forSl.lnod. I Flower Wands, wholosalo and retail, ana all I | kinds of Wire Work. h ■ BMITU A BURKART. UU B B OLABK - ST- MEDICAL CARDS. DR. C. BIGELOW CONFIDENTIAL PHYSICIAN, 461 Htato-st., Chicago. It Is well known by all readers of the papers, that Dr. C. Bigelow Is the oldest established physician In Chicago, Science and experience have made Dr. B. the most re nowned SPECIALIST of tho age, honored by the prose, esteemed of tho nlghost medical attainments! by all the medical institutes of the day, having devoted TWENTY b oo!4l?ltation“Ti'eb. for ladies and gentlemen. Call. CORRESPONDENCE CONFIDENTIAL. Address all letters, with stamps, to Dr. O. BIGELOW, No. 4M Btate-st. DR. BIQKLOW la a regularly bred physician. Bis rop. utatlon ia heat known horo m our midst. Ho wants no dls* (ant reference, but la well spoken of by ovary ono on trusting themselves to his oaro. Whllo tho world endures this class of physicians are required, and If any ono needs such service, ills of tho utmost Injportauoo to ongaua only a man whoso experience la equal to liu oiler of medi cal aid, and without prejudice, or any Interest in saying other than tho truth, wo recommend moat cordially and emphatically such to visit DU. BIQfSLOW, at his Central Booms, 401 Stato-st., Chicago. . 58ffi¥?i Dr. Kean, 360 South Clark-at., Chicago, May bo confidentially consulted, personally or by mall, (roe of charge, on all chronic or nervous diseases. 1)R. J. KEAN is tho only physician In tho city who war- Book sent for 60 coots. Illustrated with numer- FRACTIONAL CURRENCY. $5 Packages CDF FRACTIONAL CURRENCY FOR BALK AT TEIBHRE OFFICE. .July 3 ..July e .July 9

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