Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 19, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 19, 1873 Page 6
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MONEY AND COMMERCE MONETARY. WEDNESDAY EVENING, JUM 18. In tho local money market there woro uo fea tures of Importance to-day. Money Ib super abundant, and is to ho bail at 8 per cent on call i loans, Bocurod by good collaterals. Tho money , put out on loans of this kind Is not llboly to bo , called for during tho next two months, so thot, • practically, they will bo.sixty-day loana.inmany Instances. _ ' . . Now York oxohatigo is abundant and weak at , 600 per SI,OOO discount, ; There la considerable currency going to tho j country, and Mag pretty well dlatribulod all : over tho States of llliuoia, lowa, Wisconsin, and j Minnesota. Business la getting very dull in nearly all de partments of trade. About tho ouly exceptions ! to tho general dullness Is tho movement of grain Eastward, ond some activity In tho trades con nected with building. But In what ore known aa tho strictly mercantile linos of trade t dry goods, grooorloa, boots ond shoes, hata, oto., business has become Tory dull within tho past week or two. Largo crops and tho consequent high freights loft tho farmers but little profit out of their last year’s labor. This little Is practically made less by the foot that, while pHeea of, agricultural products are down to a lower average than before the war. all manufactured articles are still high. Tho fann ers feel unusually poor thla spring, and are buy ing comparatively little. As an instance, it is said that not half so many reapers, mowers, cul tivators and other agricultural machines are be ing gold in the country as at this time loci year. Tins is also tho rule aa regards clothing, luxu ries, oto., 010. This falling off in tho consump tion of goods is shown inlho diminishing sales of merchants, and tho effects extend through all the ramifications of trade and transportation} oven tho railroads are not making money. They have heavy freights eastward, but light ones westward. Tho diminished demand for goods this spring is shown by the fact that consld* erablo quantities of imported goods have ’ boon re-exported from Now York to Europe, thus showing that tho demand for foreign goods has fallen far short of tho expectations of im porters last fall. ThoNowYorkitoUeflnmontlons the fact that the importations of silkik for the first flvo months of tho year, amounted to ouly 814,000,000 against $16,400,000 for the sometime of 1872; yet so dopvcsuod has tho market been that it has boon found impossible to fully mar* * kot this comparatively moderate importation, and now, at tho closo of tho season, a largo job bing house has boon buying out tho stocks of importers and re-exporting them to Europe at a profit. Tho record of exports for tho last two weeks shows several largo shipments of dry goods (exclusive of domestics} to England ana the Continent of Europe, which have boon mainly sent out in this way. Tho decline in the consumption of manufoo tured and imported articles snows that taxation Is impoverishing tho agricultural classes, and that tho bounty paid to manufacturers in tho eh ape of a productive tariff comes out of tho labor of the farmers. Thus, while tho protective system builds its lofty structures of home manu factures, it at tho same time saps the founda tions upon which thoy stand. BT. JOSEPH * DENVER OITX RAILROAD BONDS. Some months ago wo .mentioned tho fact that Western holders of St. Joseph & Denver City llailroad.bonds wore hut unsuccess fully, inquiring for tho ofiiciala who woro to pay tho promised 10 per cent gold interest. Wo eoo now by tho Boston Bulletin that there bos boon an excited mooting of tho bondholders, that tho bonds have fallen to 81K» the hold ers are indignant. It is reported that the road has but 500,000 acres of available laud,instead of 1,500,000, as it supposed. A committee of . five has been appointed to investigate matters for tho anxious inquirers. NORTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD BONDS. The Northern Pacific Hoad recently announced its intention to close its 7-80 loan at $80,000,000. and complete its work by tho aid of a G per coni gold bond. By thus limiting tho 7-30 issue, it is expected that tho present bonds, which will then bo introduced in tho Now York market, will approximate toward tho pi ice for which thoy are made receivable by tho Company from tho pur chasers of lands, viz.: 110, and for which purpose they aro already m constant and increasing demand. LOUDON FINANCES. Tho changes in tho Bank of England rate of discount during tho 18st six weeks have been re markably rapid and largo, viz; May 7, 4to 4K per cent; May 10 to 5 per cent; May 17 to 6 per cent; Juno 4 to 7 per cent; Juno 13 down to 0 per cent. Chadwick's (London) Investment circular, in Its wiow of tho money market for tho mouth of May, says: American railways have declined in public confi dence, and 'Western mines are entirely distrusted. Tho greatest, though, perhaps, not tho most notori ous, is that of tho Emma undertaking, which, stand ing last year at CO per cent premium, Is now being dally thrown upon the market at 75 per cent discount. Other foreign securities in tbo London market dur ing the month hnvo been generally depressed. Turk ish bonds Buffered a severe fall, followed by aa equally rapid recovery. THE B1UTIB& TABIFF. Tho simplicity of tho British tariff as con trasted with our own is shown by tho fact that while our tariff covers several thousands of ar ticles, tho entire hat of dutiable Roods In tho British tariff includes only 65 articles. For tho fiscal year ending March 81, 1872, tho British tariff yielded a total revenue of £20,513,000, or nearly $09,000,000. Of this amount more than nine-tenths was collected from duties on five loading articles, viz: . From tobacco From sugars. From tea and coffee. From spirits. From wines. From all oilier articles. Total. LOCAL STOCK AND BOND MARKET. Mosers. Lunt, Preston A Kean quote as fol lows this p. m.: C-208of ’O3. 0-208 of ’64. 6-20b of ’OS. 6-20 a of ’OS, Jan. and July, 5-200 of ’O7, Jan. and July, 5-20sof ’OB, Jon. and July. 1040b TJ. S. 6m (new Issue) Gold (full weight) Gold Coupons. Gold Exchange Sterling Exchange Northern Pacific Gold 7-30s Chicago City 7s Cook County 7s Illinois County and Township 10a REAL ESTATE. The following instruments were filed for rec ord on Wednesday, Juno 18 : oitt rnorEiiTT. Lota 45 to 48, In Block 6, in Millard & Becker’s e * o*ofn w*, See 2tf, 30,13, dated April 25; consider ation, $3,000. West Ohio st, between Oakley st and Western av, a t, 80 ft to alloy, dated Juno 10; consideration, SI,OOO. E * of Lot 43, in Block 13 of a e *, Soo 30,39,14, dated May 17; consideration, S6OO. Calumet av, n e cor of TUlrty-fllth st, wf, 100x75 ft, dated April 31; consideration, $13,135. West Van Quren at, GO 6-10 ft, wof Manblleld st, n f, 20 3*10x117 ft, dated Nov. 0, 1872; consideration, SIO,OOO. west Huron st, 144 ft o of Nobto it, n f, 24x110 ft, dated April 20: consideration, $1,760. Mitchell st, 25 ft w of Jefferson st, a f, 26x90 ft, with buildings, dated Juno 10: consideration, $2,000, Superior at, a o cor of Kingsbury st,n f, 18x100 ft, dated June 18 : consideration, $2,000. Lot 38, in Walker and KrclgU's Blocks 16 and 10, in Smith’s u o * of 800 18, 89, 14, dated May 0 : oonsld eraUon, $4,376. Onondaga st, bet Laurel and Auburn sta, a f, 25x145 ft, dated May 24; consideration, SOOO. Adjoining the above, 25x145 ft, dated May 24 ; con sideration, SOOO. Lot 22, in Wilson’s Subdivision, o 231 of n 004 ft of w * u w * Sec 18, 89,14, dated May 24,1672 : consider ation, $2,250. Qrovelaud court, w of and near Vincennes av, n f, 20x100 ft, with building, dated Juno 13; consideration, $1,200. Emerald av. n of and near Thirty-ninth si, w f, 24 ft to alley, dated May IS; consideration, SBOO. Lot 42, In Gibson’s Block CO, School Section Addi tion, with improvements, dated Juno 0; consideration, \Vest Huron st, eof Noble st, n f, 24x110 ft, dated Juno 9; consideration, $1,900. Indiana av, bet Thirty-fourth and Thlrty-llftb stfl, o f, 00 ft to alloy, dated April 28; consideration, $5,375. Calumet av, a w cor of Twentieth at, e f, 87*x177* ft, dated June 2; consideration, sl7, 812. SOUTH or OITT LIMITS, Lincoln av, 844 3-10 ft n w of George at, n e f, 24x129 ft, dated March 81; consideration, SOOO. Twenty-four by 125 ft adjoining the above, dated March 81; consideration, S6OO. BOOTH Of OITT LIMITS, Xgandsle av,n w cor of Twenty-fourth at, • f, 308# xCSlft, dated Feb. 1; consideration, $14,430. Lots 6 and 7, In Blockl , in Wilson, Ueald k Stab binge* nw#of sw # Beo 18, 88,14, dated May 17 J consideration, $11,680. Lot 7, In Block 1, in Borden’s w part of Lot 0, In See 18, 88,14, dated June 7 ; consideration, S4OO. Lots 9 and 10, in Block B, In Adam Smith's Pabdi- vision, In «w K 800 3(1, 30,13, dated March 10, 1872{ consideration. I-SSO. Lot 87, in Flah ft Toung*n Lot 0, w of Wallace at, In Boo 4, 88,14, dated May 92 ; cohold oratlon, $379, The following worp tho receipts and shipments Of tho loading articles of. produce In Chicago during tho past twenty-four hours, and for tho corresponding date one year ego 1 RECEIPTS* SHIPMENTS. 10t3. 1873. 1873. 1873. Flour,brls 022'0,030 0,201 7,089 Wheat, bu 09.050 07,820 29,220 85,314 Corn, bU 104,400 208,040 937,635 367,003 Oats, bu; 04,830 122,080 63,000 21,648 Ryo, bu 6,077 1,100 8,400 600 Barley,bn 9,000 9,600 1,200 Grass seed, 18,000 19,720 4,600 Flaxseed, lbs 11,600 6,700 Broom-corn, 1b5,,.. 88,000 2,100 80,880 Cured meats, 1be.... 0,180 18.330 107,200 160,000 Reef,brla.... 70 Pork, brl 14 185 4 Lard, lb 0,940 7,300 105,624 116,000 Tallow, lbs 8,040 11,070 Butter, lbs 70,180 77,118 94,723 49,600 Dresecd Hors,No Live hogs, No 18,027 10,768 0,830 0,620 OatUo. No 0,204 8,130 9,710 , 009 Sheep, N0.....r.. k . 700 927 Hides, lbs.., 160,222 118,687 07,708 23,800 HlghwlnAs, brls.... 318 235 184 239 Wool Ibfl. 87,710 178,100 14,067 166,610 Potatoes, bu 1,180 1,305 1,617 000 Lumber, m feet.... 6,000 8,427 8,000 9,300 Shingles, m 1,797 2,044 1,362 9,660 Lath, m. 003 146 230 104 Balt, brla. 8,700 ..* 8,319 700 Withdrawn from store yesterday for city con sumption t DIO ha com; 1,008 ba oats. Thb following grain has boon inspected Into store, this morning, up to 10 o'clock: 127 cars wheat; 607 care com; 18,100 bn No. 2 do, and 6,700 bn rejected do by canal; 77 oars oats; 7 care ryo, 2 oars barley. Total (720 oars), 810,• 000 ba. As the lawyers s>y, “Item." Returns wore received this morning of a 6,000 bu lot of com sold in Boston at 400 per bn, theoxponsoof transportation and handling from tho station in tho country being 800 per bu. Tho net return to tho shipper was lo per bu. Ho sent it to Ohi oago, whore it was graded rejected ; this did not satisfy, and ho ordered it forward to Boston, with the result above noted. Tho average price per cental of spring wheat in Liverpool, during Juno of oaoh of the years from 1861 to 1870, Inclusive,, was 9a 6d \ and for July, 9s 4d; which m Chicago was equal to about 04@08o porbuln store. The present price in Liverpool is, therefore, mnch higher than tho average for tho season, notwithstanding lib eral receipts on tho other side of the Atlantic. It is a striking satire on tho eternal fitness of commercial things, that J. B. Lyon has shipped out nearly 8,500,000 ba of grain from this city since his suspension (or expulsion?)/from tho Board of Trade, not quite ten months ago. Of course, most of this grain was bought on ’Change, from members of the Board of Trade, by other members of tho Board of Trade, for him. Of course, also, it is necessary to tho dignity of tho Board that he should bo confined to the sidowolk instead of being allowed,to lose his breath ascending those long flights of stairs, which tho provision men object to. It is right enough, undoubtedly ; but thou, it is also Just a little curious. • HOT CORN. A correspondent writes from Roohollo to Tna Tninxma as follows: Wo notice that oorn is on the decline in your market. Now, this cry of hot com wo think is a put-up Job to throw tho market so low as to enable some parties to make a fortune out of it. Com in tbo country bore now commands 230, and at Ibis rate tho farmers will not sell. Wo notice, yesterday, that tho grain elevators woro having a very dry day. Wo saw the streets wore bare of teams, and notice that tho shipments woro reported as nothing by both railroads. If present prices continue, Chicago will soon bo boro of com receipts, if this town is any sample of others. Hot com may do very well to cry, but any one shipping com knows by his ox- Sorionco in tho inspecting department that no b. 2 com can got hot, as almost all tho com la inspected rejected for tho most trilling excuses. Let them' cry hot com, and in a few days they wUI cry com of any kind. Shipper. We can only say that Shipper is mistaken in regard to tbo foot. There is hot com in Chi cago, hnd what was inspected Into store as No. 2, though tbo shippers will not now take it on receipts calling for No. 2 com. Pnrthormoro, the event with which Shipper threatens Chicago is just what we have advised for two or throe days past. It is to tho interest of country own ers of com to hold np a little till tho corn now here can bo tnmql over and sent forward. If, however, they cannot take this disinterested advice, they must take tho consoqhoncoa. It is not improbable that there will yet bo con siderable trouble about July deliveries of com. There is much reason to believe that none of tho old receipts can ho depended upon, and the ship pers are already discriminating in favor of fresh receipts beyond what Is warranted by more dif ference in storage charges. On those receipts they expect to got cool com, which they do not expect if it has outran the first storage. Some operators think it not im probable that tne Board will bo obliged to go back to first principles, and declare com regular only when It is on first storage* It is an undisputed fact that aU the com hero that has been in store 80 days or over is in a critical condition, and may sour any day; the fact depending largely upon tho weather. The loading produce markets wore less active 1 to-day, with less extensive changes in prices 1 than has been noted on any day for a week past. The markets seem to bo slowly recovering tone after the recent excitements of weakness,though several of them are for from having attained to the strength of convalescence. The shipping movement was fairly active—more so than might have been expected, and the receipts con* tinue ample. , , , No changes wore visible in the market for dry goods. • A steady,''moderate - movement is wit nessed in staple and fancy fabrics, and prices are steadily held, except for unseasonable goods and unpopular brands. In the grocery market only a fair aggregate of sales was accomplished, orders generally being small, buyers still mani festing a disposition to buy no foster than the necessities of their trade require. Coffees, which for some time past have boon weak and unset tled, to-day declined all around. Sugars are moving freely, and continue weak. Bice, soaps, spices, candles, andstaroh were quiet and steady. There was a dull fooling in the butter and cheese markets. Neither of those staples wore moving to any large extent, and both wore unequivocally weak. Goal was unchanged. Bales, comparatively, wore few, at §9.50 for Lackawanna and Briar Hill; at §B.OO for Indiana block; §7.00 for Minonk, and §O.OO for Wilmington. The fish and dried fruit markets remain quiet at former quotations. Hay, hides, and leather were ex tremely dull. Oils, points, and colors were moving fairly at very full prices. The lumber trade continues good, former prices being generally adhered to. For common green lumber at the yards prices are shaded now and then, but there was no quotable change. Trade at the docks was more active at the same range of prices. Metals, iron, and nails wore in moderate demand, and steady. Building mate rials were unchanged. The wool trade was quiet, and prices for new are not yet established. . Seeds were inactive and nominal. Green fruits, except apples, wore in active request. Lemons were very firm at the recent advance. Berrios wore plenty, and sold at about yesterday's figures. Poultry was In liberal supply, dull. and lower. Eggs met with a fair inquiiy at 12X@Ufc* Highwmos wore quiet and steady at the de cline noted yesterday, with the demand equal to the supply. Sales were reported of 150 hrla at, 890 per gallon. Lak freights wore fairly active, and steady at the quotations of yesterday, at Oo for wheat and for com to Buffalo, and lie and 12Wo for corn and wheat to Oswego or Kingston. A total of 12 charters was reported, which will carry out 54,000 ha wheat, 210,000 bu com, and 00,000 ha oats from this port, beside charters to tako 80,- 000 bu wheat from Milwaukee. Through freights were unchanged, with a fair demand for Now wore quiet, with little ohange in E rices. Hops wore plenty and lower; but that ad little effect upon the market as not much now product U being mode now to compete with the cud. Moss pork was a shade firmer under a light demand for options ; while lard was dull and 2U®6e per 100 Ids lower, though reported 6d per 112 lbs higher in Liverpool. Moats wore quiet and steady, with some demand at figures below the prices insisted upon by holders. The market closed at the following range of prioes: Mess pork, cash or seller Juno, §16.70 @15.75; do seller July, §15.80@15.85 s do seller August, §15.00@16.05; do seller September, f16.00@10.25; do seller December, §13.75 @14.00; lard, cash or seller June, f B.Bo@ I 8.82W; do seller July, §8.86@8.40; do seller Aug ust, §8.55@8.00j summer do, §B.OO. Bwoetpioklod bams quoted at oK@ll>£o. Dry salted moats . quotable at {ytf@6>io for shoulders; 85£@8>£o .X 0,843,094 . 3,424,521 . 8.684,374 . 4,627,777 . 3,019,680 . 483,031 .£20,613,283 fiieKfnp, 11C 110 117 110* 121 no* 113* IH* 110 Eui/ing. ....115* ...116* ~..110?* ..,.110* .....120?/* no* no* ioo*@no* 100 &Int. 09* A lot. 00* A Int. o&aos COMMERCIAL Wednesday Evening, Juno 18. for shorf' riba; And BW@BKo for short clear. Boxed shoulders, English meals. (728%0 for short riba t 8&@8Ko for short clear. Bacon 1b quoled-at 7Wo for Bhonldora; 0)io ior clear ribs 5 OWo for short clear, and 10(®14ko for llama, all packed. ’ Hobs . hoof. $8.75@ 0.00: extra raoßß do, $0.76(5)10.00 ; hoof hams, $27.00 @28.60. City t&Uow, 7>*@7%o} grease quotablo at Ctlalcs woro reported of 360. brls moBB pork Boiler July, at $16.80 1 QQO brls do Boi ler August at $16.00 ? 00 brie old pork at $15.00,} 760 tos lard at SB.OO. : , . ... . Flour was rather more active, ana Bala to 00 •unchanged} though there Iblittle doubt that the market wob weak. There woro a few director dors on the market, and a light demand for Buporfinoß to chip to Canada} nothing olso. Mran was steady. Sales woro reported of 100 brla white winter extras (OoloradoV at $11.601 200 brls spring extras at $0.50} 50 brla doat so.l2>^} 1(30 brla do at SO.OO j 2,050 brie do on private terma: 40 brla spring auporfluoa at $4.00} uo brla do at $0.251 45 brla do at $2.601 GO brls ryo flour at $4.05. Total, 2,700 brla. Also 80 tons bran at $8.50 on track. The following was tho range of prices at tho oloao 1 Fair to choice while winter extras......l 8.00 010.00 Rod winter extras 7.00 0 8.00 Good to choice spring extras 0.00 0 0.75 Low to medium MlnuesoUa (patent) 8.00 011.00 Good to fancy Minnesota 0.00 0 8.00 Spring suporflnos 3.75 0 4.80 Rye flour 4.00 ©4.80 'Wheat Tfflß i rather quiet, but firm, averaging %(®%o higher than yesterday, though a ebado lower than at tho close of last evening. The ad* vlooa from other points woro again conflicting. Liverpool was quoted sluggish, In anticipation of more liberal supplies, while tho French mar kets wore represented to bo strong, under a good demand. Now fork was quoted Arm, but quiet and neglected. Hero tho weather was duo, and tho advices from tho country all indi cated a largo inoroaso In the wheat yield: but tho market was sustained by tho faorthat thoro is very little wheat hero, and the receipts of tho next six weeks would hardly do more than fill the gap of tho Juno and July shorts, oven - if there should bo no shipping movement; There was a fair Inquiry for shipment to-day, which was fully oqual to the volume of current offerings, and tho wheat now In storo hero is . not on tho market, being probably hold for shipment. A good deal of tho Juno wheat yot undelivered was also bought for shipment, oud expected to bo paid for before this j hence tho buyers refuse to ao copl differences on settlement, saying that they want tho wheat, which fact, tends to inoroaso tho premium on ‘Juno, wlnlo tho shipping in quiry makes another premium of lo on cash lots over seller the month. - Tho latter option opened at $1.31, advanced to $1.21%, declined to $1.20%, rose to $1.22#, and closed at $1.21%. Seller July sold at $i,16%(§)1.17%. Seller August sold at $1.18%@1.14%. Seller tho year was nominal at $1«00%@1.07%. Gash No. 2 spring was irregular, closing at about $1.21%. No. 1 spring was steady at $1.26 for ordinary. No. 8 spring closed at $1.09. and rojootod do at 050. Cash sales woro reported of 20,000 bu No» 1 spring (hard) at $1.27 ; 8,600 hu do at. $1.20; 7,000 bu No. 2 spring (hard) at $1.23; 29,800' bu do (port hard) at $1.22; 2,100 bn do at $1.21%j 10,800 bu do at $1.21%; 1,200 bu do at $1.21% ; 8,200 bu do at $1.21% : 0,800 bu do at $1.21: 800 bu do at $1.20%; 800 bu No. 8 spring at $1.00%; 10.400 bu do at $1.09; 1.200 bu do at $1.08% ; 6,400 bu rejected spring at 9So. Total, 120.400 bu. Corn was active and variable, at a further de cline of fully 1c from yesterday's average, owing to continued flno weather, and uncertainty about condition, joined to the fact of largo re ceipts. The market opened rather strong, wltu a good shipping demand, but weak ened when it was found that shippers would only take railroad receipts, and really didnot want any corn bat that which has oomo In recently. Now York was quoted weak and demoralized to wards tho close, and then our market declined somewhat further; but the Now York drop was tho consequence of tho Ohl oogo weakness, not its cause. No - ono seemed to doubt tbat com is good property at present prices, if it will only keep: but thoro is tho uncertainty. Tho last crop was damp all over tho Northwest, and wo have really bad but very little com boro that oug! . to have been graded as No. 2, according to tho popular ac ceptation of tho term. Tho confidonco In its future is shown in tho big premium paid for carrying into August. Seller tho month, or regular No. 2, opened at 82%0, and declined to 81%0 at the close, when new receipts woro firm at 83%0. Seller July sold at 84%0, and declined to 330, closing with sellers at 83% c. Seller August sold at 87@38%0, closing at 87%0. Bo joctod closed tamo at 28%0. Gash sales woro reported of 5,000 bu No. latßG%o; 43,800 bu No. 2 at 83%0 ; 6,800 hu do at 83%0 ; 16,800 bu do ot 53%0 ; 5,000 bu do at 33%0; 10,800 bu do at SSo: 10,000 bado at 82%0j 89,000 bu do at 320 : lb,ooo bu do at 81%0 ; 26,000 bu do at 81%o: 20,000 bu do at81%o; 16,000 bu do at 81%0 : 11,800 bu do at 85%0 afloat; 29.000 bu rejected at 290; 2,400 bu do at28%0: 7,200 bu do at 28%0 ; 6,600 bu do at 28%0 : 6,600 bu do at 800 afloat; 2,400 bu no grade at 220: 800 bu do at 21o; 2,400 bu do at 200. Total, 278,000 bu. Oats woro more active, and firm at %o decline, thoro being a good shipping demand, though with no encouragement m tho Now York advices. Tho receipts woro again large, though smaller than tho recent average. Seller the month, or regular, sold at 25%@2C0; seller July at 26%@ 27%0, dosing at 26%@270 : and seller August at 20%@27c, closing at 26%@26%0. Strictly fresh receipts closed at 26%@20%0. Cash soles wore reported of 2,400 bu at 26%0 ; 6,000 bn at 26%0: 6,600 bu ot 2C%0; 47,000 bu at 260 ; 40,000 bu at 25%0: 2,400 bu rojootod at 23%0; 6,600 bu do at 230: 1,800 bu by sample at 830 t 600 ba do at 82%0. Total, 113,400 bu. Byo was quiet and firm at tho quotations of yesterday, which was freely offered tor more than was on the market. Sales were reported of 1,600 bu No. 2at 60%o; 400 bu rejected at 540 : 800 bu by sample at G3o ; and 400 bu do at 62%0. Total, 8,200 bu. Barley was dull and nominally unchanged. "Wo Wo quote No. 2 at 55@C00, No. 8 at 45@60c, and rejected at So@Bso—tho inside at tho Bock Island Elevator, and tho outside In other houses. Sales woro limited to 400 bu by sample at 650, and 400 bu do at 500. The Grand Ilapids Eagle presents the follow ing crop advices from Michigan : A correspondent writes from Lansing as follows: 44 Tho wheat as a general thing Is looking well,,but spring crops rather poorly. Too late season and the very dry weather have not boon propitious for spring crops. There is some complaint of tho potato-bug, but it is thought they are not as plenty as last year, but as tho season progresses and the late planting comes forward they will probably be os troublesome aa over before.*’ A correspondent writes from Dundee: 11 The cut worm is bualfy at work in ooru-flelda in this pari of tho country. Tho complaint is general of the : allure of seed com to germinate, Some of the farmers have planted over their fields tho third time.” The Hillsdale Democrat says: “Crop prospects In this township are very fair. Com will bo late, but with a good season it will ripen.” , Tho Kalamazoo Telegraph has tho following: 41 Tho frosts of last week out the com In low localities. There is groat complaint of the com In this section. Most of tho formats who planted lost year’s seed bavo been obliged to plant over with com raised tho previ ous year.’* The Concord Neva says: 4 'Wheat baa Improved very much the post two weeks, and promises a good harvest. The need of rain Is beginning to bo foil, aa tho ground is too hard to plow easily. *' Tho Manistee I'imes says: 44 Tho fruit prospects were never hotter in this vicinity. Apple, pear, cher ry, plum, and In fact all other fruit trees, are loaded with blossoms, and oven pooch trees promise a fair yield,” Tho Kalamazoo Gazette says : 44 One of tho .oldest Portage Township farmers informs us that corn looks very poor in that municipality. Wheat la short in tho stem and short In tho head, as well as badly winter killed. One of tho 4 Indlan-Flelds* farmers informs us that wheat in thut neighborhood will fall short a good deal of an average crop. Borne of tho farmers of our county tell us that tho wheat is heading out very short this year. Tho consequence will be, less straw than usual.'* Tho Peninsular Courier bos these items: “J, J. Bohluson, of Bharon, called at our office on Wednoa day. Ho reports wheat iu Sharon and (ho southwest ern part of tbo county oa looking well where it was protected from west and northwest winds: other nieces axe badly winter-killed. It la bis opinion that there will bo about two-thirds of a ’ crop In that vicinity. Ho reports that more than half the corn bad to bo replanted on account of poor seed; It is, however, now coming forward rapidly, and looks well. The yield of potato bugs will bo larger than over, with a good prospect of lots of small potatoes. Sheep-sheering baa boon com menced and the yield Is good, Jesse Shaffer, of Lyn don. was in our office Wednesday, Ho says that there are nut few pieces of good wheat In that town. Ho thinks there will not be over half a crop this year He also says that they have planted their corn over two or throe times, and the prospect looks bad for the corn crop", Tbo Toledo Blade say a: Farmers are much discouraged through this part of the State, aiid our intelligence from Central Ohio la quite unfavorable for crop prospects. To-day, when the bladea of the com should rub the sides of the horse In cultivating It, much of it la scarcely out of the ground and very little Is ready for cultivation. Oats must bo exceedingly short ana grass very light. Good . rains may bo of material aorvlco, even now, but the time fox insuring good crops has gone by for this sea son. LATEST. In tho afternoon wheat waa in moderate de mand. and declined Mo. No. 2 spring aold at 21 eolior tho month, dosing at the outside, and at aeller July. Corn was active and irregular, closing about tho aame aa on ’Change. It aold at 81®81k’o seller tho month. 82%®33k'0 Bailor July, tho lattor closing at tho outside, and at STk’o seller August. Oats sold at 2i%0 etUor July. Two charters .rroro reported for corn to Kingston at 110 i capacity, D5,00P bu. .. , CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. : Wedkesdat Evmmm, Juno 17. ALCOHOL—Was unchanged,. Wo quote 04 por cent proof at 51.76A1.83. . . ' - - -BROOM OOllN—Was In fair request. and firm. Wo qnotq:' No. 1 hurl, 7(%8<i0; No, 1 stock braid, B*rf (SIAMo; No. a do, 4)4gBo; No. 8 do, 8,V04o; inside green, 40Bo; do rod tip, 3>f®4>4o; do pale and rod, bEANB AND PEAS—There was no change to nolo. Trade la light, aud mostly in choice beans. Prices range as follows : Choice hand-pricked navies, *2.78 ; do mediums, $2.6003,55} inferior grades, t1,35®2.00; rreenpoas (In hrls), $1.4001.60} yellow do (in bags), 11,38. BUTTER—Business was very nnlbt today, the ox* cesslvo heat tending to cheek the demand. Prices underwent no decided change, though ruling weak and irregular. We quote* Strictly choice yellow, 180 SOo; medium to good, 16®10oj Inferior to common, 10014 c. . ' LAGGING—Mot with only a limited Inquiry, and former quotations wore nominally unchanged, we re peat oar list t Blark, 88)4o ; Ludlow. 880; Lewiston, Slot American, 82o; Amoßkeag,B2o; OUotOrcck. 83>tfo; burlap bags, 4 and B bn, 20022 c; gunnies. single, 179 18o; do double, 28@200 s wool sacks, C60C70. BUILDING MATEMALS—There was no perceptible change. The inqulryis tolerably fair for most mate rials.Common brick in largo quantities baa been offer ed at (8.00, but (0.6097.00 la about the ruling prices. The following arc the quotations t Btucoo, (2.60; New York stucco. oaaUng, 13.60(34.00; Portland cement, (7.0007.60 per brl; llosendale cement, (9.25(38.60; Utica, Louisville, and Akron cement, (2.00 per brl; marble dust, (3.28(38.60; Umo In bulk, 800 0(1.00;. lime (bria), (U001.25 per brl; white Band, per brL (2.0002.60; plaaterlng hair, per bn, 4O06Oo; firebrick, j»r 1,000, (40.00000.00; bnlld lug brick (common), (0.0007.00 J sewer brick, (10.00; country brick, (10.60, doUvorod ; Milwaukee pressed, (32.60, deL; do common, (14.00: Racine pressed, (26.00 @28.00, deb; do oommon, (14.00; Indiana pressed, m00@22.00; do common, (12.00016.00; flro clay, per brl, (3.0004.00. The following Is the list of prices per box of 60 fool for domestic window glass, from which a redaction of BSOCO per cent Is made to dealers: .1 _ first DouMs Jf quality, itrenqth. 0.79 0.00 8.10 12.00 0.2S 18.00 TxlOto Bxlo, BiU to 10x15. 12x18 to 18x20. 16x32 to 11.00 10.00 20x28 to 24x90 13.00 21.00 Mxooto4oxflo..: 45.00 COOPERAGE—’Was quiet and nominally unchanged, as follows: Pork borrow, (1.3601.89: lard tlorcce, (I.GO 01.70; whisky barrels, (1.0002.10; flour barrels, 46057 c; pork staves, rough, (17.00020.00; do, buck ed, (20.00 025.00 : tierce staves,rough, (20.00025.00; sawed, do bucked or sowed. (25.00028.00: whisky staves, rough, $24.00038.00; do buokca, (30.00033.00; floor staves, (8,60010.60; drdo flour. heading, 70 8c per set s flour hoop poles, (14.00016.00 per m; pork and tierce poloss, 30.00006.00' per m. CHEESE—An easy fooling still provados the mar ket for this staple. • Stocks, while at the moment, not unusually largo for the season, are undergoing a steady augmentation, and prices have an. unmistak able downward tendency. Wo make no change In oar Ust as follows t Now York factory, 12#013o; Elgin factory, I2#018o; Ohio factory, Uol3#oj Western factory, 11012# c. ' COAIi-Waa again quoted Inactive, and unchanged in firico. There Is beginning to be more inquiry, but boro Is 1 - Uttlo or no Increase in the volume of solos. Wo quote: Lehigh, lump, sll.oo{ pre pared. (11.00; Lackawanna, (0.60; . Erie, (9.50; Briar Hill, $0.60; Walnut HUI, $9.60 {. Bloss burg, (9.00; Cherry Mine, $8.80: Hooking Volley, (9,0o: Indiana caunol coaL (9.60; Indiana block, (8.00; Kirkland grate, (8.60; Ulnonk, (7.00 { WOmlilg ton, (0.00. EGGS—Were In fair supply end request at 13#0 013 a Sales Include 195 eases ot 13o; 05 oases - and 1,100 doz at 12#o. . . , „ FEATUER&—The receipts ore Increasing slightly, though the demand Is Still good, and fall former prices are obtained. .We quote: • Prime to choice live goose feathers at 76078o; Jobbing prices, 82#©870: common to fair goose feathers, 250600; chicken, 6 FlßH—Lake fish are becoming more settled. Slacks crol are still scarce, Ood, also, ore In light stock, and both are held with great firmness. The demand con tinues good. TheßoßtonSMppfn^X/totsays t “Mack erel bsvo boon arriving very slowly the past week, and (bo catch so far is considerably loss than at ibis tlmo last yea*. Prices are decidedly higher* In old mackerel not ranch doing, but holders are firm at previous quotations. Pickled herring remain quiet, and prlcoe are without improvement. "We quote: No. f whlloflsh, * brl, $0.0006.26; No. 2 do, $5.75 @O.OO : No. 1 trout, 15.45(48.60 { No. 1 shore mack- SrcL X brl. $11.60® 11.75! No. 1 bay. f0.60®9.75; No/2 mackerel, X hrl, $8.5008.75; No. 1 shore kits,' $1.0502.00: bank codfish, per 100 lbs, $0.50 00.75; George’s codfish, $6,5006.76! Labrador her ring, split. btls, $9.0009.50; do, X $4.7506.00 ; Labrador herring, round, brl, $0.0008.50; do X b *l, $4.2504.50; box herring No. 1, 28030 c; box herring, scaled 350370! Columbia Elver salmon, X btls, SIO.OO 010.25. . .. FEUITS AND NtJTB—In foreign dried there was rather more doing at a trifle firmer prices, so far as prunes, currants, and raisins wore con cerned. Domestic assortments remain dull and easy, Nats are selling fairly at former quotations: FonxiOK Dates, B*®o*o • fig®, drums, 11014 c; figs, box. 14*01Oc; Turkish prunes, 10*®llo; raisins, $3.80 02.40; Zanto currants, 7*®7*c. Domestic—Aldon apples, 17®20o; Michigan do, O07o; Western do, 506#c; Southern do, 405o; peaches, pared, 180 20o; peaches, halves, 6@6*o; do, mixed, 4*050: blackberries, 9®o*o; raspberries, 40®41o; pitted cherries, 22024 c. Nut a—Filberts, 14016 c; almonds, Torragona, 210230; Naples walnuts, 24026 c; Brazils, 9@9*o; pecans, 110l2o; African peanuts, d*o7c; Wilmington peanuts, 7®Boj Tcnnessoo peanuts, 0 —The coffee market has shown signs of weakness for two or throe days past, the quoted prices being freely shaded on anything like fair orders, and was to-day determined to drop the quotations a *o all around. Wo revise our list accordingly. There has boon a very light movement recently, but at the re duction dealers look for an Increased volume of sales. Sugars continue active, but remain rather easy. The only change in value was an *o decline in patent cut loaf. Other articles in the list wore quiet and un changed : Ooo^-^Mochs,^^W#o; O. G. Java, 23028*0 ; Java, No. 2, 2C026*0i fancy Elo, 24*@24*0; choice do. 24034*0; prime Elo, 23*0240; good do, 23*023#0 ; common do, 22*022*0; roasting do! 21*®2i*o: Singapore, 24024*0: Costa Elea, fancy, 41*0250; do, prime, 24*024*0; Maracaibo, —Star, full weight, 19*®200; stearins, full weight, 14*®160; do, short weight, 13*014*0. Ero®—Patna, 8*08*o; Eangoon,7*®Bo; Carolina, A12o: crushed and granulated, ll*0U*o; A, stan dard. 10*010*0; do,*. No. 2,10*®10*o; B, 10*0 10*o ; extra 0,10*®l0*o; 0 No. 2,10*010*o; yel low 0,9*0lOe; choice brown, 9*®10o; prime do, 0*®0*o; fair do, 9®9*c s choice molasses sugar, 9*01Oo; fair do, O0O*o; Now Orleans sugar, choice, 0*0100; do prime, 9*09*0; do, fair, B*@9*o; common. 7*®7*c, Bxnurs—Diamond drips, $1.2501.30, silver drips, extra fine, 70073 c; good sugar house syrup, 45048 c; extra do, 60®550; Now Orleans molasses, choice, 800 830 • do prime, 73078 c: do common, 66070 c; Porto Eico molasses, choice, 65®C60; common molasses, 30 0350. Balxbattjb—Common to best, 9®loc. Srioxs—Allspice, 17®18o; cloves, 37038 c; cassia, 88040 c; popper, 25®26c; nutmegs, $1.2501.30: ginger, pure, 28080 c; do No. 1,20025 c; do No. 2, lo @IOO, • Boaps—French mottled, 6*®o*o ’.German mottled, 6*0O*o; Golden West, 60O*o; White Lily,.o*o 6*o; White Eose, 6*®o*o; brown Windsor, 4*@ 4*o; palm, 60O*o; Savon Imperial, 6*®o*c. . BxAiion—Gloss, 9*®10o; corn, 9011 c; laundry, 60 7 °GUEEN market was active at about yesterdlif’s prices. Lemons are very firm at $ll.OO 012.00 padbox. The crop Is not only light, but the receipts at the seaboard also, and unless the Eastern market should ba suddenly bo largely stocked, which is scarcely probable, prices will go still higher, and dealers say it would not be surprising if lemons sold at $10,00020.00 per box by tho 4th of July. Boles from tho cargo were mode In New York, yesterday, at SIO.OO per box. Oranges are about out of tho market. Berries were in liberal supply, and sold readily to the local trade. Strawberries are firm at 7012*0, and many look for an advance soon, as the plants In Michigan are suffering for the want of rain, and the season will probably bo short. Apples, fair to choice, $2.6004,60 per brl. Lemons, $11.00012.00. Oranges, $12.00 per case. Pineapples, $3.0004.00 per doz. Bananas, $3,000 8.00 per bunch. Gooseberries, lOOlQ*o per quart. Strawberries, 7012*0. Cherries, 16030 c. Eaepbor rlcs. 120160. Currants, 6010 c. HOPS—Were quiet and nominal at 25®400. UAY—No improvement was noticeable In the hay market. The demand was small, while the supply was largo, and prices are weak even •at their present low range.- Wo quote wholesale prices paid by dealers as follows, core'to - contain 20,000 lbs: Ok Tbaok—Timothy, boater pressed, $14,00015.00; timothy, loose pressed, $13.60014.60; prairie pressed, $10.00012.00. On Wagon— I Timothy, loose, $13,000 14.00; prairie, loose, $9.00012.00. For delivery of pressed, $1.0001,60, according to distance. HlDES—Dealers report no change in tho con dition of this market. There is no appearance of activity; indeed, .scarcely enough is being one in the way of sales to make reliable quota tions. W© repeat our list. Green city butch ers’, 7o; green cured, light, 10*®llo; do heavy, 9*®10o; part cured, O*01Oo; green calf. 16016 c ; veal kip, 13c; dry calf, 24c; dry Bp, 21o; dry wUtod, 17ffll8o; dry-flint, -l{)®20o; long-haired kin, 10*0 llo; deacon skins, 46056 c; grubby, scored, out, or otherwise damaged, two-thirds price. IKON AND BTEeD—Tho demand is Improving and tho market la steadier. We quote: Trnn 4 2-100 4 4-10 TOIOS Uorso-shoo iron 6 06 6-10 rates Plate iron, common tank 6* 0 7 rates Eussla iron £2° Itussla Iron, No. 1 stained 210 V J*» Norway iron.. 0 0 9*o B> Norway noil rods.. 0* @loo gib German Plow stool ........11 0120 1b EngUsh cast plow steel 12 <412*0 Vlb American tool stool 17* Mlßo Wlb Ohromo tool stoel 18 »200 V English tool steel 31* 0230 rates English spring stool 11 012* rates - MATllEE—Nothing now was developed in thl' LEA-. .-jubho;. —fOionoa Jlf . markot. Tljo few email orders received from day to day are promptly tilled wltUia tbu tumoxed range of prlcce: HKULOOS* City Uarneoi Country lianiesß.-. Line, city, V lb Kip, V lb Kip, yobu .... City upper, No. 1, ft. City upper, No. 3. $ ft. Country ujper, No. 1. OolUn'w Ft........... 200 23 oSJJc’uy , Uoaua Calf, country Hough upjtor, standard, Hough upper. damaged. Buffalo slaughter sole.. “ 1). A,” solo Oslf, Kip Harness. French calf, Jpdot French calf, Lomolno... 'French calf, 34 toM lbs., French blp, SO to 100 lbs, METALS AND TINNERS’ STOCK—'The volume of business yraa not largo, though very good for this tlmo of the year. Prices were unchanged os follows: Tin Plate—lo,loxl4, f 14.60; do, 12x13, |1B,00; do, 14x20, (16.50; do, roofing, 10, $14.00; do, 20x20. $38.00. PioTm—Large, 420; small, 430j bar, 44c. Sheet Ziuo—Full casks, llo; half casks, 11 K®ll>tfo; loss quantity, 11 Wo; slabs, oc. Sheet Inou—no. 24,0)tf0 rates. Galvanized InoN—No. 16020, 180 } No. 23024, ICo; No. 35020,17e; No. 37.180 t No. 28, 30c. A discount of 20 por cent Is made from ibis list. Oorntn—Copper bottoms, 40o; braziers, over 12 lbs, 470 j tinned copper, 40o; planished copper, 40o; do, out to sixes, 4So. Wm*—3 to 6, 80; 0, 8, and 0,10 c; 10 to 11, llo; 10, ll#o; 13and 14, 12#o: 15and 10, Ho; 17,150 ; 18, lOo; 10,19o; 20. 20c; full bundle, 16 per cent dis count : fence wire, 7#q; by car load. 7#o. - NAVAL STORES—The trade la fair at the annexed prices: Manilla ropo, W lb, 18010 c; sisal rope, lb, 10017 c J bompeaah cord, 9 lb, 30©260; marllno, H», 20©220; tarred rope, lb, 17018 c: oakum, 7? bale,' fs.OOoO.sO{.pitch, V brl, (0.0007.00; t0r,br1,(6.000 0.00. NAILS—Were In continued good demand and steady at the given nice: lOOCOd per keg, (6.00 rates; 8d do, $8.26; Cd do, (3.60; Id do, (5.87# * 3d do. (0.00; 3d do, fine, (8.00; 2d do (8.26 ; cUnch, (7.37# ; 13#o off to the trade. OlLS—There was a fair movcmonrln the loading oils, and the prices current earlier in the week wore

fully maintained. Wo continue to quote: Car bon, 18#01Oo; extra lard oil, 73c; No. 1, CBc; No. 21 65e; linseed, raw, 98o{ do boiled, (1.03: whale, 87o; sperm, (2.0002.10: neats footoll, strictly pure, (1.10: do extra. 00c; do No. 1, 760; bank oil, 70u; strolls, 76a; elephant oU, 06o; turpentine, CSo; naphtha, C 8 gravity, 20o; naphtha, common, 10017 c. FAINTS, COLORS, AND PUTTI—The demand for this class of goods was liberal, and format prices woro steadily hold. We quote: . Strictly puro Fancy brands Genntuo Vollle Montague. American...'....... Masury’srailroad colors... palace car oolors, In cans.. Rochelle ochre English Von. rod English orange mineral.... Pittsburgh orange mineral. English red load American rod lead , English vermilion, per 1b.., Scarlet vermilion.. j....... Paris white Whiting * In bulk, In bladders. PIG IKON—Wo quote tho market quiet and steady at tho following range of prices : Scotch (according to brand), ff13.00@C6.00; Tuscarawas, $60.00; Massillon, $00.00; Lake Superior, J58.00@D9.00; Chicago stono eooL $57.00; Missouri stono coal, $57.00058.00. POULTBY—There was a largo amount, offerings and sales being rather slow. Prices wore weak and Ir regular. Turkeys sold at 12)^0; chickens at $2,500 4.35. Sales include 3 coops turkeys at 12#o ; 10 coops ehoico chickens at $4.96; 20 coops do at $4.00; 35 coop* spring at $3.6003.25. POTATOES—Poachblows mot with a good Inquiry, and, owing to scarcity, prices ruled higher for eboleo lota. New potatoes are coming In sparingly, and re main firm. Sales comprise 1 car peochblows at SSo I 1 car in bags at 60c; K car choice do at COc, on track; 3 cars choice do at 060. delivered. BALT—The demand continues active, and. tho market tolerably steady. Wo quota: Onondaga and Saginaw, fine, $2,00; ordinary coarse, $2.00; coarso Diamond O, $2.10; ground solar, $2.10; dairy, without bags, $3.26; dairy, with bags, $4.1004.25; Ashton dairy, per sack, $6.0000.29; ground alum, $2,300 3.40; Turk's Island. $2.00. SEEDS—Were quiet. Thoro is a light order trade, but prices are irregular, and few sales sro reported. Wo quota: Timothy nominal at $3.7604.25; clover at $4.5006.00; flax, $1.0001.05; Hungarian, SI,OOO : .10; millet, 75@850; buckwheat, $1.2601.35. TEAS—Tills market presented no now features. Business is now reported fair for tho season, and ' iriccs aro steadier and more uniform, Wo quoto; ‘ toting hyson, common to fair, 450550; do good, 00071)0 ; do choice to extra fine, O6c0$l.lO; common to lino old hyeon, 70@05c; common Imperial, 00005 c; good to choice do, BOcosl.lO ; Quo to good gunpowder, 70c@$1.00; choice Plngsuca, $1,1601.20; extra Mo • mno, $1.3501.40; choice to extra leaf Japan, 85c0 a.00; fair to good do, 05@760; common do, 40045 c; ;olored natural leaf Japan, 65@650 ; common to lino Oolong, 850450; good, 650O5o; ehoico to extra, 85c0 SI.OO. TOBACCO—Was quiet at the prices given below: Fine Cot—Extra, 7C@850; choice, 03©700 ; medi um s 65®G00; poor to common, 40©50 c. Plug—Natural leaf, 76080 c; half bright, 60@70o; black, sound, 450660. Smoking—Good to choice, 32036 c; medium, 200 Slo; common, 2C®280, WOOD—The demand continues good, but tho re ceipts have boon pretty liberal recently, and the mar ket Is working easier. We quote; Boeeb, $9.00; ma ple, $10.00; hickory, $11.00; slabs, $6.00 delivered. VEGETABLES—Wore in fair supply, and sold rcadl at tbofollawlng prices; Peas, $1.0002.00 perbu {string beans, $2.0002.60 per bu; cucumbers. 350780 per doz; now onions, per. brl, $5.0006,751 spinach, 750 OSI.OO per bri; radishes, 20@350; squash, 6o >or lb; asparagus, 760OOo; pie-plant, l@2)tfo per lb; ettuco, 60c@$1.00 per brl; cabbage, 7Bc@sl.oo per doz: turnips, 30060 c per doz; beets, 40050 c per doz; carrots, 40060 c; tomatoes, $2.00@2.60 per box, or $4.00 per bu ; carrots, 10025 c. , , . , WOOL—Tho market remains quiet and unchanged. Wo quote old wool os follows. Tholusido prices for fleece, It is supposed, will bo about the range for now wools * *-*.-• Tub, washed, extra medium. 490600 Tub, washed, common to fair 450480 Common dingy Flooco, washed, xixx, light .....880420 Fleece, washed, X&XX, dingy.. Fleece, washed, medium light 380400 Fleece, unwashed, X&XX, in good condition....2so2Ba Fleece, unwashed, coarso to medium 2G0280 Fleece, unwashed, coarse, ancWlugy .'....250280 Super, pulled Extra, pulled 580440 Burry wool 10020 c loss ...» We note sales of 0,000 lbs coarse unwashed at 2Co ; 4.000 tbs good fleece washed at 35c ; 2,000 lbs do at3Cc; 1.000 tbs tub at 400. CHICAGO LIVE-STOCK MARKET. Wednesday Evening, Juno 18. Tho receipts of live stock sinco Saturday have been oa follows Monday.... Tuesday.... Wednesday. Total Same time last week, Week before last Shipments were as follows. Cattle, Jlogt, Sheep . 3,876 2,955 183 2,710 0,830 Monday. Tuesday. T0ta1..... 6,680 0,785 138 OATTLE—Tho general features of tho cattle market 'wero by no means as favorable for tbo selling interest as on yesterday, the demand being less active while prices for moot grades were unmistakably in buyers' favor. Receipts comparatively were light, which was a favorable circumstance, bat this was more than off set by the deterioration in tho quality of the stock offered for sale, and the reports of lower prices at Buffalo and Albany. Of really choice beeves tho offerings were few end, with perhaps a balf-doccn exceptions, nothing fetched over $5.65. Tbo highest reported sale was 16 bead, averaging 1,406 lbs, at SO.OO, —sold by Gregory, Strader U Co. Two or three bunches changed hands at but moot of the day's business was transacted at $4.60@5.60. Texas cattle were in liberal supply, and sold slowly, at $3,00 @3.76 for through droves, and at $4.00®6.20 for com mon to extra droves wintered North. Gregory, Strader & 00, obtained tbo outside figure for 85 head, averag ing 1,120 head. Tho market dosed heavy, with a good deal of common stock left over unsold. QUOTATIONS. Extra Boevofl—Graded ctccre, averaging 1,400 lbs and upward 6.8006.00 Choice Beavoe—Fine, fat, well formed 0 year to 5 year old steers, averaging 1,200 to 1,350 lbs 6.C0Q6.75 Good Beeves— - Well-fattened, finely formed steers, averaging I,looto 1,350 1b5........ 6.36(35.50 Medium Grades—Steers In fair flesh, aver aging 1.050 te1,200 lbs... 6.00Q5.25 Butchers’ Stock—Common to fair steers, and good to extra cows, for city slaughter, averaging 500 to 1,100 1b5....... 3.5004.75 Stock Cattle—Common cattle, In decent Audi, averaging 700 to 1,030 its. 3.C004.75 Inferior—Light and thin cows, heifers, slags, bulls, and scallawag steers 3.0003,25 Cattle—Texas, Northern wintered 3.7606.00 Cattle—Texas, througudroves...; 3.0003.50 No, 17 extra 5tc0ra,...rk....... 14 Cherokee steers 10 choice steers.... 10 COWS 04 Cherokee steers U cows 42 fat pony steers 45 choice steers 14 cows 01 good steers 00 choice 5teer5........... 41 Texas cattle 15 oxen 01 medium steers 82 choice steers 36 Texas Oteera IB extra steers 10 good steers ■ 14 cows 44 choice steers 78 Texas cattle 32 Texas cattle 18 good ite0r5........ • ■ 17 good steers 78 goodstesrs 06 good steers Bti good steers.... ' 20 cow* 80 choice steers 67 good steers 41 Texas cattle 03 Texas cattle 40 good steers jm t*us cttUe .9 300 41 . 300 36 . 410 46 . COO U0 . 860 X.QO . 380 00 . 350 37 . 350 37 60 Toma cattle, 40 Texas caltlo. 40 Texas cattle. 10 Texas caltlo. 1.25 3(l@ 85 27(3 HO 83(3 87 80® 82 1100 9—Tho table of receipts published al>ovo docs away with the necessity of an explanation of the cause of the further depreciation of 15@200 in prices of hogs. It is rather matter for surprise that, with the ther mometer Indicating about 00 In the shade, a supply of 33,000 head should have resulted in a no more serious decline. It was an exceedingly unsatisfactory market day for sellers, sales dragging heavily from the opening to the close, cron nt tbo relatively low prices at which the stock was offered. Unless there is a marked lot-un In the receipt prices will go to $4.00 before the end of the week, as there are now In tbo pons enough hogs to satisfy the legltbnato wants of tho trade for at least two of tbo three remaining days of the week. Baton were reported at $4,20(34.35 for common, at $4.80(34.85 for medium, and at $4.40(34.46 for good to choice. Some selected lots wore disposed of at a higher figure. Nicola 8c Addoms soiling throe car-loads at (5.65, but $4.00 may fairly bo considered tbo outside quotation. 1.200 1.45 760 M 0 400 45 05,00®80,00 .. 00.00(480.00 Loo® 3,n0 .. 1.000 1.05 JV'o. Ar. Price . 40 203 $4.20 41 **lß9 4.40 40 230 4.2S 66 170 4.35 85 185 4.36 110 260 4.60 [ICO 240 4.40 CO 217 4.40 08 230 4.40 C 2 103 4.C0 00 all 4.C0 00 208 4.00 107 245 4,05 43 273 4.35 40- 272 4.25 04 240 4.35 05 215 4.25 CO T‘>o 4.25 44 289 4.26 108 200 4,25 100 224 4.25 58 225 4.25 SHEEP— I Tho demand for this class of stock was fair, and the supply was worked off at tolerably full-prices, or at $3.00(33.50 for poor to common jat $3.75@4.00 for medium; and at $4.25Q5.00 for good to choice. Wp.unebdat Evening, June 18. There was a fair attendance of local and interior buyers, and tho market ruled active to the extent of tho offerings. There was no quotable change in prices, though a bettor fooling exists, and it is under stood that prices for some cargoes wore a shade higher. Wo quote good to choice boards and strips at $14.60017.00; common do, $10.00011.50; Joists and scantling at $9.0000.60 s lath, $2.00; shingles, $3.00. Bales were reported an follows: Cargo sebr Jo Vilas, from Qrcon Bay, 1,000 m A shingles at $3.00; schr Curlew, from Muskegon, ICO nt ft strips and boards at $13.50; 770 m lath at $3.00. Bold by Blanchard, Bor land 4c Co. (11.00011.60 9.00010.60 14.60 11.60012.00 11.60 .0.60010.60012.60 8.600 3.76 . 4.00 . . 16.60010.00 . 13.00 , 12.00 . 11.00011.60 . 1.400 1.46 . 23.00 . 3.600 4.00 . 2.000 3.60 Manistee, $3.60; Ludingtou, j'i.GO; Muskegon, 1-2.00; OcontO, $3.25®3,50 ; Menominee, $3.60(32,76 ; Pent wator, $3.60: White Lake, $3.35; Grand Haven, $3.00 @2.26. ' The yard trade continues fair,'at about (bo same range of prices. Hardwood was in moderate request. Following are the quotations, the inside oa common pine being for green lumber‘ First clear. PUTTT. 3#®3tfo B#o4 / Second dear, 1 inch to 3 Inch Third dear. 1 Inch Third clear, thick Clear flooring, Ist and 2d together, rough 40.00 @43,00 Clear elding, let and 2d together 23,00 @24.00 Common siding.. 10,00 @21.00 Common flooring, dressed, first 85.00 @38.00 Common flooring, dressed, second.,.. 28.00 @30.00 "Wagon-box boards, selected, 14 inch os and upward.. 80.00 @38.00 A stock boards,. 84.00 @87.00 B stock boards 27.00 @30.00 O Block boards. Common boards. Joint, scantling, email limber, fencing, etc., 10 foot and under 12.00 @14.00 Jolstnnd scantling, 18t024f00t...... 15.00 @20.00 Pickets, square 14,00 @15.00 Pickets, flat 13.00 @14.00 Cedar posts, split 14.00 @IB.OO Cedar posts, round 17.00 @25.00 Loth. 2.50 @3.00 No. 1 sawed shingles, A or Star Shingles on track 3.l2)tf@ 3.37# No. 1 sawed 1.25 @ 1.60 Throe dollars i>cr car to be added when transferred, which charge follows the shingles. Thickness—X'lvo shingles to bo two inches in thick* ness. Length—Sixteen inches. Dlnck-Walnut Counters, $100.000160.00; clear $05.00075.00; common, $40.00050.00; cull, $30,000 ‘35.00: ilooriug, |50.00@C0.00. Ash—Clear, $30.00®40.00; common, $20.00025.00; OUIJ, f10.00@15.00 ! flooring, $30.00@40.00. Oak—Clear, $30.00040.00; common, f20.00@25.00; cull, 510.00@16.00. _ Hickory—Clear, f35.00@46.00; common, |25.00@ 36.00: cull, f12.00@18.00. Maple—Clear, $30.00040.00; common, $18.00022.00; cull, $10,00016.00. _ Butternut—Clear, $50,00@G0.00; common, $25,000 85.00. Cherry—Clear, $50.00000.00; common, $25.00© 35.00; cult, $12.00018.00. Whltowood—Clear, $30.00040.00; common, $20.00 025.00; dill, $10.00015.00. Wagon Stock—Hickory axloa, per sot, $1.0001.50; wagon polos, each, 15055 c ; box boards, $35.00040.00 Cattle. Iloija, Sheep. ... 5,933 6,659 784 ... 8.904 13,027 709 ,/, 2,677 17,558 010 ,11,774 30,137 2,409 .13,474 18,390 2,539 .13,404 43,838 2,757 Av. I'rice, .1,972 $5.80 1,098 4.60 .1,324 6.05 . 051 4.25 . 870 4.60 .1,197 4.16 . 022 6.00 .1,326 6.80 . 813 4.60 .1,102 6.40 .1,093 6.76 878 3.60 .L 674 6.25 ..1,095 6.20 ..1,201 6.65 ~1,120 6.20 ..1,400 6.00 ~1,203 6.50 .. 049 4.00 ..1.403 6.70 ~ 810 3.25 ..1,220 4.37# ..1,211 6.46 ..1,240 6.30 ..1,162 6.30 ~1,213 6.45 .1,100 0.40 .. 047 4.25 ..1,203 6.76 ..1,270 6.60 . 051 4.05 , .1,184 4,37# ..1,213 6.60 ..1,109 4.70 MOO SAItKB, j.Yo. Av. Price, I .Vo. Av, Price, 60 204 sU7tt 63 315 4.35 60 100 4.60 65 235 4.35 43 311 4.45 61 175 4.35 65 243 4.60 39 235 4.25 120 204 4.40 00 260 4.25 53 . 166 4.35 67 229 4.40 61 210 4.35 109 200 4.35 43 331 4.25 44 164 4.37tf 63 205 4.36 63 213 4.25 184 200 $4.65 270 4.30 CB 200 4.30 201 211 4.25 125 108 4.35 140 233 4.C0 37 104 4.30 185 4.25 Cl 255 4.25 CO 251 4.25 49 232 4.25 40 2CB 4.80 55 238 . 4.25 04 203 4.25 LUMBER. AT TUB TABDg, MARINE. Fort oC Chicago* AHRIVED Juno 18. Schr Enterprise, Muskegon, 25 m lumber,. 30 m lath. Prop India, Buffalo, 616 bam rtllroad iron, 68 bags coffee. Btmr Manitowoc, Manitowoc, 12 bxs flab, 62 tubs but tor. Stmr Corona, St. Joseph. 3,718 casco strawberries, 86 bxs flab, 3 dead calves. Schr It. J. Sanbourn, Frankfort, 150 m ash lumber. Prop Scotia. Buffalo, 176 brla sugar, 225 pkgs buck wheat. Schr Albatross, Cedar River, 160 m lumber. Barge Horscheu, Ludingtou, 260 m lumber, 60 m Lath. Schr MaJ N. n. Ferry, White lake, 80 m lumber, 600 mablnglefl. . Prop Ohos, ItietE. Manistee, 160 m lumber, 20 m shin gles, 20 m lath. Harmony, Manistee, 250 m lumber, 30 m shingles, 20 ro loth, Schr Guido, St. Joseph, 60 m lumber. Barge Mary Amanda, Grand Haven, 200 m lumber. Scbr Milwaukee Bello, Little Suamlco, 200 m lumber. Scow Lillie Gray, St. Paul's Pier, GO m lumber, Schr Maine, Ludington. 165 m lumber. Schr Ella Elllnwood, White Lake, 173 m lumber, 25 m lath, 48 pkgs fish. , t „„ , Scow Granger, St. Paul’s Pier, 20 m lumber, 15 cds bark. Scow South Side, White Lake, 155 m lumber. Schr M.Dall, Muskegon, ICO m lumber. Prop Annie Laurie, Muskegon, 225 m lumber. Schr Westchester, Muskegon, 140 zu lumber, 20 m lath. Schr Ivor Lawson, Muskegon, 175 m lumber, Bargo Windsor, Manistee, 250 m lumber. Burge Advauco, Peebtlgo, 300 m lumber. Scow Sea Bird, Gruud Haven, 136 m lumber, 40 m lath. Bargo Mara, Ludington, 250 m lumber, Schr Jo Vilas, Green Bay, IC6 m shingles, 30 m lath. Schr Curlew, Muskegon, IGS m lumber, 75 m lath. Schr E. Boovillo, Muskegon, 110 m lumber, 25 m lath. Schr Mary, Muskegon, 150 m lumber. Schr Hamlet, Ford Illver, ICO m lumber. Barge Peebtlgo, Peebtlgo, C6ora lumber. Bohr Ashtabula, Kewaunee, 3,600 posts, 1,400 ties. Schr 11. Blood, Jacksouport, 6,000 cedar posts. Schr Dolphin, Muskegon, 145 m lumber. * Bchr Fannie and Floy, Saugatuck, 63 m lumber, SO m lath, C m pickets, Bchr Ostrich, little Suamlco, 240 m lumber, 40 m Inth. Brig E. B. Tyson, Menominee, 400 m lumber. Brig E, B. Robinson, Mouominco, 400 m lumber, NIQUT AUUXVAX.B. Btmr Muskegon, Grand Uavon, sundries. Btmr Truoadoll, Green Bay, Bimdrlca. Scbr Arrow, Holland. S5 cdß wood. Mlebael Grob, Manistee, sundries. Stmr City of Concord, Ogdonsbnrgh, 448bdls Iron, ana sundries, CLEARED Juno 18. Btmr Manitowoc, Manitowoc, & tons pig lead, and aim- dries, . , Stmr Corona, St. Joseph, 44 pkgs sundries, Bcbr Wm. Hunt, Buffalo, 8,000 bu corn. , , Prop Chas. lUotz, Manistee, 300 bu oats, 6 brls beef, 6 brls pork. Scbr O. M. Bond, Kingston, 20.000 bu com. Bohr Geo. Waud, Buffalo, 30,000 bu rye. Prop Philadelphia, Erie, 37,000 bu com, 3,100 brls flour. Prop Fountain City, Buffalo, 22,000 bu corn, 800 brls flour, 42 bales sheep pelts, 43 cases eggs. NIGHT GI.EAnANCKfI. Btror Muskegon, Grand Haven, sundries. X>rop J, G. Truosdcll, Green Bay, sundries. Bcbr Sunrise, Buffalo, 2,802 bu corn. Bcbr Barbarian, Kingston, 19,100 bu corn. XTop City of New York, Ogdousburgh, 6,316 bu com, 350 brls pork, and sundries. Bcbr O. O, Finney. Kingston, 10,391 bu com. Blmr Michael Grob, Manistee, 112 m lumber. Bohr Brooklyn, Buffalo, 29,000 bu com. JLnlco Freights# Freights wore fair and active at 6#e for com, Co for wheat, and 4c for oats, to Buffalo, and lie for com to Kingston. The vessels chartered wore: To Buffalo— Scbra P. B. Locke, Uulstod, X’onsaukoo, and E, Jones, com at 6#o; scbr Sunrise, wheat at Go; scbr Two Fannies, wheat on private terms; bark Bridgewater, oats at 4c. To Kingston—Schrs W. J. Preston, Trini dad, Goo. O. Finney, and Barbarian, com at lie. To Boston via Ogdcnsburgb—Prop Olty of New York, com at 260. -Total, 13. capacity equal to 64,000 bu wheat, 314,000 bu corn, 00,000 bu oats. From Milwaukee to Buffalo—Bcbr Marengo, wheat at 0#o; to Kingston— Bcbrs M. Flllinoro and liobolren, wheat at 12o; capac ity about 80,000 bu. The schrs McGee and Atalanta wore chartered In the afternoon fur com to Kingston, at lie; capacity. 63,000 bu, —At Cleveland the coal freights are very Arm, the supply being large and vessels scarce. The prevailing rales are; To Chicago (down town), $1.40 ; do (up town), $1.66; Milwaukee, $1.40; Detroit and Wyan dotte, 70o; Buffalo, $1.30. Iron ore from Marquette to Cleveland, $1.20 ; do to Erie, $3.60. Coal to Toron to, $3.25, gold ; to Kingston, $2.75. ' Milwaukee, June 17.— Grain freights dull and easier. Charters i To Buffalo—Bohr Enterprise, wheat atfl#o; scbr Beotia, wheat at C#o; scbr A. D. Moor, wheat at C#o. To Klugston-schrs Clayton Bello and American, to eomo to Chicago, wheat at X2#o, BllflCoHanoons. TUo mammoth barge Monokauboo camo Into port vcolordoy for tho Aral time. I'blo Urge 1. the eocoud, the Morriouette being tho lint, that bee boon built tbU teueu lor the Uonomluoo lUvor Oomumy, The Moneknunoo won built ot Sangatuck tiy Mr. Jotm Map loll, formerly of Buffalo, who has earned an excellent roputullon tin a ship-builder, ami will certainly enjoy It fin long as lie continues to bring out such vessels as this one; The dimensions of the vessel aro 179 feet length, 03 foci 9 Inches breadth, 13 foot bold, measures 685 tons. Bhe is very strongly bull nud In thoroughly odgoboardod all oven Bbo coot between $30,000 and SIO,OOO, and will be used by her owners for carrying lumber from Menominee (o Chicago, It la thought that sbo will carry OSO m ft, Capl. J, Travis la Id command.' .1,049 8.7S , Bflo 4.13# . 870 8.70 .1,023 8.03# —Tbo engineer of the prop Ouyohoga states that ilia now schr W. 8. Croslhwaite is still aground on tho No blah. Tho Oroslhwalto was coal laden, and bound for Duluth. A tug and lighter were at work, and It Is thought that tho vessel will begot off wllhauttnjury* —The prop Ouyohoga arrived frpm Lake Superior last evening. On tho trip to Duluth she met largo quantities of ice. but reports that It was fast disap pearing, and on the return trip there was very little to be seen rrouud Marquette. The Cuyahoga made a quick ran from Marquette, leaving there Monday morning and arriving hero Wodncaday evening. —Tho prop llurd broko her shaft and lays at North port. Tho Norman is to tow her to Chicago. —Tbo prop China, of the Anchor Lino, while coming alongside of tho dock between Woodward avenue ami Bates street, at Detroit, collided with tho tug Bartlett, which lay at the dock, seriously Jamming her hull rail and other parts, which will require considerable re pairs. —Messrs. Wolf & Davidson, of Milwaukee, are about to make arrangomouls for tho addition of a mill foe eawing ship plank to their establishment. As soon as tho vessel now on tho Blocks Is launched, tbo abovo mentioned Arm will commence work npon a canal schooner of full size for themselves. —The lost sclir w. D. Brown was found badly broken up and not worth raisin?. —Twenty thousand bushels of wheat was secured dry from tho barge Royal Oak, sunk In tho Lacblno Canal, and tho balance, some 12,000 bushels, was wot* —There are about forty steam tugs at present at Detroit employed In towing through tho rivets, ol which number about ton or twelve are in tho rafting service. —Tho prop Princeton, which came out Jn 1847, and was lost off Barcelona In 1854, was the first three masted propeller on tho lakes. She was noon found to bo too crank under that rig and two of her spars were taken out. —Tho propeller Alleghany, with barges, bound up, ran hard aground Sunday night, at the bond opposite the light house, at tho Flats. She was not off at last accounts. « —Steamers crossing St. Clair Plats at night fre quently ground at tho bend opposite tbo lighthouse, where, thus far, there bos boon no light located. Mr. Jefferson Williams, who attends to tho piloting of steamers over that thoroughfare, will from tonight have a light fixed at tho abovo point, and keep It la trim the remainder of tho season. Three blasts of the whistle will call attention to those requiring assistance over the flats,— Detroit Post, nth. RAILROAD TIME TABLE. AMVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAIS. Bummer Arrangement. .$52.00 @55.00 Explanation op Eepxiixnce Manks.—+ Saturdayon copied. * Sunday excepted. t Monday excepted. | Ar rive Sunday at 8 KX) a. m. 1 Dally. 45.00 @50.00 38.00 @IO.OO 18.00 @15.00 MICHIGAN CENTRAL & GREAT WESTERN RAILROAD? Depot, foot qf Jxike it., and foot qf Ticket office, 67 Clark it., imtiheail corner qf Jlandolph, and 75 corner qf Hadiion. Mail (via main and air line) Day Express Jackson Accommodation Atlantic Express.. Night Express GUANO RAPIDS AND PEKTWATEB. Morning Express Night Express 15.00 @16.00 12.00 @14.00 CHICAGO & ALTON R Chicago, Alton ifc St. Louie Throu\ (J/o.) new ehort route from Chieag i Depot, Htjt Side, near iladiton-al 1.50 @ 2.00 8.25 @ 3.50 Gt, Louis A Springfield Express, via Main Lino Kansas City Fast Express, via Jacksonville, 111., and Loulsl* nna, Mo tVonona, Lncon, Washington Ex* press (Western Division.)....'.. Joliet A Dwight Accomo’dation. St. Louis A Springfield Lightning Express, viaMaln Lino, and also via Jacksonville Division Kansas Oily Express, via Jack sonville, 111., A Louisiana, Mo.. Jefferson City Express Peoria, Keokuk A Buri’n Ex 11 Dally, via Main Liao, and dal Jacksonville Division. iiDally, i •except Monday, via JacksonviUo 1 CHICAGO. MILWAUKEE & Sf Union Depot, corner Hadiion and 63 South Clarhat., oppoaite Shermc Milwaukee, St. Paul A Minneap olis Day Express Milwaukee A Prairie du Chlon Mall and Express... Milwaukee. St, Paul A Mlaneap oils Night Express.. CHICAGO. BURLINGTON & C Drpola—Fool qf Lake-it., Indian: and Cnnaf and Sixleenth-ats. Home, Ho. 69 Ctarfc~*t., and at c Ottawa and Stroator Passenger. Dubuqne and Sioux Oily Exp... ’aolSc Fast, line Jalosburg Passenger Mondota A Ottawa Passenger... Aurora Possongor*. Aurora Passenger Aurora Passenger (Sunday)...,. Dubuqno A Sionx City Exp ?acifio Night Express Downer's Grove Accommodation Downer's Provo Accommodation ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. Depot foot rf Lake-tt, and foot of Tieenly-eecot pffieet, 121 near Oiurft, St. Lenta Express... St. Louis Fast Lino. Cairo Mail Cairo Express.... Springfield Express Springlleld Rxprois Dubaqao A Sloax City 8x...... Dubuauo A Sioux OUy Ex...... Effingham Fosacagor Kankukoo Possongor Hyde Park and Oak Woods. Hyde Park and Oak W00d5..... Hydo Park and Oak W00d5..... Hydo Park and Oak W00d5...., Hydo Park and Oak W00d5..... Hydo Park and Oak W00d5..... Hydo Parkond Oak Woods Hydo Park and O&k W00d5..... Hydo Park and Oak W00d5...., CHICAGO & NORTHWEST! City offices, comer Randolph and Lc »t,, corner Madii Pacific Fast Lino Dubuque Day Hx. via Clinton... Pacific Night Expnw Dubuque Night Ex. via Clinton. Freeport A Dubuque Express..., Frooport A Dubuque Express..., Milwaukee Mail Milwaukee Express Milwaukee Passenger Milwaukee Passenger (daily)... Green Bay Express St. Paul Express Marquette Express.... St. Paul Express CHICAGO, ROCK ISLAND & I Depot, comer of Jlarriion ami Sh * 33 .UaJlit Omaha, LeaTonw’thA Atchison Ex Pern Accommodation Nitfbt Eiprosa . Lunvoaworth A Atchison Express LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROAD. Depot. Tan Duren-et., yoot af LaSalle-tl. Ticket officer norlfaeeet corner Clark ami Itandolph-eti,, and eouthuest turner Canal and JBadf<o»t»if«. Leave, Arrive. Ezproaa Aceom. via Main Lius.. 2:30 a. m. fi:ssp. m. Mall, via Air Lins and MniuLino • 6:40 a. m. * 9:00 p. m. Spools! Now York Jfxproaa, via _ Kir Line........... * 9:00 a. m. • 8:00 p. m. Atlantia Express, via Air Lino.. 6:IS p. m. 8:00 a. m. Night Express, via Main Line.... *19:00 p. in. *10:30 a. in. KlkhartAccommoUatlou.......... * 8:49 p. m. *ll ;.V>a. m. South Chicago Accommodation.. 13:00 m. 1:60 p.m. PITTSBURGH. FORT WAYNE 8i CHICAGO RAILROAD. Leave. Arrive. Day Express.... * 9:008. m. t 7:30 p. m. Pacific Express k tfrlOp. m * {&&*• m * Fast Lino.. V?:00i». m. t*B:ooa.ra. Mail 4:65 a. in. * G;l0p. m. Valparaiso Accommodation...... * 3:40 p. tn. * B:Ma. m» CHICAGO & PACIFIC RAILROAD. (OPEN TO ELGIN.) „ , _ Depot comer JTahted and L’orth Jtraneh-itt. General office 10 Metropolitan Block, corner liandolph t»wd LaSaHt'tte. Sl?l n ,^,n?eS&Vnn: lUvor Park Accommodation. CHICAGO. INDIANAPOLIS & CINCINNATI THROUGH LINE. VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. JVotn Ike Great Central Jlailraad Depot, fool of D\ke-*t. for through tickets and sleeping-car berthi applv of our rtero Ticket office, 121 NomlofpA-if., near romcr t’wrAr; 75 CtamiUL, corner Madltan; 90 LaSalle-et,, corner ll'ai/l* inglon ; aUoJ'oot of 7Hffn(y»»«condwf. Leave Chicago... Arrive at Indianapolis Arrive at Olnolimati .. Traloa arrive at Chicago at 7:67 a. m.. 8:36 a. ra.. and 7:40 p. m. Only lino running Saturday night tralu to la* dlanapolls amt Cincinnati. South End passengers can gal baggage chocked and take train at Twsnty-aocomM** Donut. All Right Halve for Bmi. 8011.. CORNS! Si oonU > box. DR, BTIII'UKN3, UlDooibom-ot. Arrive, 1 8:15 p. m. ' 8:00 p. m. ilO.'OOa. m. 8:0n a. ni. N:3on. m. * 5:00 a m. * 0:00 a. rn. 8 8:35 p, m. I R:lsp. m. 1*9:00 p. m. 8:00 p. m i •6:00 a. in. 9,00 a. m. tflilO p. m. O. WENTWOETH, loral Passeugor Agent. UKNIty I Gem RAILROAD. ugh Line, am goto Kansas C at. bridge. d Louisiana dig. Union Arrive, iMve, * 8:10 p. m. * 0:16 a. m. * 8:10 p. m*‘ * 9:16 a. m. * 4:10 p. m. * 4:10 p. m. • 8;10p. m. * 9:10 a. m. U7:SO p. m. HOiOOp. m. 117:30 a, m. H7:3ou. m. * 8:l0p. mi 1T9:00 p. in. UU;00 p. m. * 9:00 r. m. lly except Saturday, via via Main Lino, and dally < Division. PAUL RAILWAY. inal-st*., Ticket Of le# House, and at Depot* Leave, Arrive, * D:3O a. m. 6:50 a. nt* *6:oop, m. to;3Op. m. •11:00 a. du' *4;lsp. CU lUINCY RAILI M«.. and Sta Ticket offices lepota. .ROAD. i (n Mriggt Arrive, £mm, * 4.15 p. m< * 7its a. m. 7:45 a. m, * 9:10 a. m. •10:00 a. m. * 8:15 p. m. * 4:20 p, m. * 1:45 p. m. * 6:30 p. u. IJDOp. m. tO.-GOp. m. +ll.-00 p. m. *11:00 a. ra. * 6:15 p. m. 8:00 p. in. * 2:18 p. mi * 3:15 p. m' * 8:00 p. ml * 9:55 a. ml * 8:16 a. m. •B:ssft. m. 9:55 a. i 7:00 ft. to. t 6:00 a. m| * 5:50 p. m. * 7;18a. m. vUI. ticket Arrive, Leave. • B:30p. m. • 7:56 a. m. • 4:45 p. m. • 7:55 a. m. • 4;4Sp. m. • 7:55 a. m. • 2:00 p. m. . t 7:00 a. m. • 6:25 a. m. 16:15 p. m. • 8:25 ft. m. tß:lsp. m. • 8:25 a. m. 16:16 p. m. • 6:15 a. m. . t 9rtX)p. m. • 5:15 p. m. •II ;10 p. m. . * 6:10 a. m. , • 7:10 a. m. , 5 9:00 ft. m. . 412:l0p. m. . 1 8:00 p. m. . • 4:30n. m. . • 5:15 p. m. . * 6:10 p. m. ■ *ll:10p. m. • 8:30 p. m. • 9:30 &. m. • 6:48 a. tn. • 7:46 ft. ra. • 8:40 a. m. • 9.-20 a. ra. $10:30 a. m. $ 1:45 p. m t • 6:20 p. ra. • 6:65 p. m. • 7;40p. m. FERN RAILRI ai i»on-4t. lOAD. and 76 CanaU Arrive, Leave, * 8:16 p. in. 3:15 p. m. *6:30 a. m. 6:30 a. m. * 2dX)p. nu * 6:15 a. m. *10:15 a. m. * 4:00 p. ra. * 7:40 p. ra. S 8:00 a. ra. * 7rfXJ p. m. 4.00 p. m. * 6:50 a. tn. 16:80 a. in. *10:15 a. tn. 10:15 a. ra. +10:45 p. ra. 10:45 p. ra. • 9:15 a. ra. • 9:15 p. m. • 8:00 a. ra. • 9:30 a. ra. • 6:00 p. ni. , {11:00 p. m. 9:40 a. m. *10:10 a. ra. • 9:00 p. ra. 19:30 p. ra. ULROAD. Ticket o PACIFIC RAI 'imnanwtf, 3 on-K. Arrive, Leave, * S:4sp. in. * DslOa. in.. t 7:00 a. in. j 7;00>. nu *10:15 a. tn. • 6:00 p. m. tl0:0d p. in. tluioup.m. Leave. Arrive, 6:00 p.m. 0:30 a.m. 6:15 a.m. lo:Ma.m, 8;30p.m. 7:21 p.m. 1 9:60 a. ra. J 8:45 p. m. • 8:10 p. m. 1 fi.UOa. m. *10:30 p. m. 119:00 a. ni- SALVE.

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