Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 19, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 19, 1873 Page 7
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CITYKEALESTATE. LEASRS-fiTATIt-ST., 28X14. • a IlUlo north of llandolph-st., W years' leaso At ttxod rate; c&nboelegantly improvedforsß,ooo: noauohJon«o to bo had onHtato-st., or elsewhere; will noil till* lonso for A moderate bonus. Alio, Anothor P9 years* loa*o on Wabash-av., between Pock and Uldrldoo-cnurtst InMOx 170, with good house and barn; terms of lease, fpl.POOper year lor throo yours, and 93,M!0ppryonr for balance or term, with privilege of purchase embraced In lease 5 horo Isaonanou for a wan to Rot a tdeasant homo and a saw and profitable Investment combined: will bo sold for a ronaannblo bonus. J. K3AIAH WAHnUN, 18 Cb.mbor of Commerce. . I* jibiTBALE-WY DIXON A MITCHELL, 147 RAN ' dolph-st., RtmmO: „ . . Now house and lot on Taylnr-st., SB,OCO. Now cottage and lot on ♦“•JCjI. 9 now iimuos and iota on Taylor-st., fl.utw. • B now houses on Adams-st., with all modern Improve- m Nowhouso and lot ou monthly payments, 93,900. Now house and lot at Western Springs. 41footonMllwaukoo-nv., #1,600. 11.0 Is on Oskloy-St., SMporfoot. Lota on Leavltt-st.. 960 per foot. • T^,I2O FEET CORNKR Ij 0 f Ooatro-nv. Oalumol-av., Mxlßo, near Fwonly. ftttrth-sl UANFIBLD A MATTSON, CO i^Salta-st^ ?.tOR SALE—AT A BARGAIN—IF SOLD IMMKDI ‘ atclr. ouo lotaSjhU, on Pralrio-av.. just north of iotiglas-placo, oast front. J. H. KEI£LeR> 140 Clark at., corner Madison. TTon BAi.n-i.Akis snoitß diuvb-w aouhb J.' . running through to Bholllcld-av.. facing the Lake Shore Drive just north of Us InlortcoHoii'vihllMjfml at, ‘.cheap. on liberal terms. W. D. KBRbOOT « CO., 90 Bast Washlngton-st. __ lIIOR SALE-LOTS ON* TWFR.FTH-ST., NEAR J; Roboy, soulh front; lota on Ashland, Cypress. Cheat nut, Olivo. Robey,-Taylor, aud Kmi<Ull ; sH 7 and Ocdon av. Low prices and easy terms. AV HHTLESLY, BUW NELL A BATES, Roo|n °» 149 LaSallo-at.' • TTIOR-BALK—FIRST-CLASS COINAGE AND LOT, J.' cast front, on Kvndnll-st.: _ ca *h» J’AUVJS 0 monthly. wIUTTLEBEY, BUNNELL A DATES, Room 9, 149 LnSallo-st. „ For sale-a "fine business building on Rail Lake-81., 40x186 font, 4 stories and basement, built In modern stylo In tire most substantial, manner, leased for 6 years, and paying a rental of “boot 17 per cent par annum ovoy and above all ta* " *> n °>£? “ * 0 “?;.l on price asked. Apply or address G G D, Tfos. 196 ana 197 EastLako-st., up stairs. . _ rnon balu-2 Lots oh webster-av., ajxia Jb ouch, south (rout, just ouUido Hro V ni Jt*» Lincoln l*wk and borso cats; only 0^ 00 tonrn easy: litlo Hotfoot. 8. W. KUOFF, 116 LftSallo tt., Iloora 14 -TIOR SALIt-OOIW LOTS ON THE LOI.LOWINO 1' oltoola: State, Burniido, Butterfield, Aran d, Oati- Caldl, Hanover, Bailor, Wallace, ray. and HaUtod; alio qn Wentworth, Bliurtloff. 1 artlana imn 81owart-ors; *lio x on Alf'xanao r , Twonty*alxth, Twenty-tovonlh, Twonty-dßhth.Napoionn, Twenty-ninth, Bart. Thirtieth, .Haven, ThUty-iirat.Tblr. ty-tocond. Thirty-third, Thlrty*lllth, Thirty-sixth, Thirty forcnlh, fcontalno, and Thlrly : ol«hlh.Bls. Title perfect. Warranty deed*. A very smell payment clown, tlvoyoar «, tlm®. 6 percent Interest, No anenoy business. Apply to owner, ALBERT CRANE, 873 Wabimb-av. 371 OR SALE- 8400, $460, AND S6OO, ON RASY TRRMR, J lots noar Milwaukoo-av. ami Inside of the old city Urn* Its, accessible by street cars and- omnibus lino: high ground; titlo perfect. These lots will bo worth SI,OOO In two years. Biggest investment in the city- Call ami lot us take you to soo them. A. G. STUIIEY A SON, 145 Booth OJark-st., Room 8. . IjlOR SALE—CHEAP LOTS, NORTHWEST OP ‘ Humboldt Park, only S2OO osoh; toms easy; titlo perfect. B. W. KROFF. 145 LaSa»o-Bt.. Room 14. TTIOII aALE-WTCSHINOTON-ST.-MXias, SOUTH JP front, on Washlngton-at., near Homo. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nlxou Building, northeast corner Monroe and XdSallo-BU. ' i J nOU SALE—IO I.OTS ON EOAN-AV., CORNER OP 1 Slownrt-av.: 25 foot on Lnncloy-av.. between torlj eooond and Forty-thlrd-sts.; 4‘JxltO on JClmbark-av., ho* tween Fifty-sixth and Flfty-seventh-sls. 5 60x160 on Ira dlana-av., between Fifty-third and Flfty-fourth-sts,, 10 lots on Second and Erlo-sta, between Ruben and Noble- K.s lOlotson Woatem-ov., near Laughlou-st.; JOlotaon ughlon-sl., noar Wostorn-av.; 10 lots on Camnboll-Bt., near Mooro-st.; 60x170 on Mlohlgan-av., with first-class house; 25x110, with two-story frame house, on Fourth *7., between Harrison and Polk-sts. WING A lARLIN, 65 East Washlngtou-st., Room 4. I BOR SALE—CENTRE-AV.—HOUSE AND LOT, NO. ■ 105. between Jackson and Van Baren-sts., 8-story brlok, $7,000. on cany terras, or $6,600 to a cash buyer; good nolgnborhood. J. ESAJAS WARREN, 18 Chamber of Commerce- FOR SALE-NORTHWEST CORNER COTTAGE Orovo av, and Forty-llfth-st.; 100x170, to a 20-foot alloy. This corner will double In value in tho next 12- month. J. HENRY WEIL, 160 Doarbom-st., R00m.5. For sale-lots in the new subdivision, comer of Ashland-av. and Douglas-placo, at S6OO to SBOO each, according to location; special terms to those who will Improve at once; those are among tho best In vestments In cheap lots now offered la tbo market. MEAD A COE, 168 LaSallo-st. •tilOll SALE—AT A BARGAIN-LOTS ON WEST* IT cm-ftv., Polk, Taylor. Twclfth-sts., and Campbell av. Patllos wishing to build no money required down, and. If desired, wiirfurnlfhapartof tho money to build. Inquire ofQEO. OADWELL, onpremises, or at 133 South Clark-st., In bank- IrOU SALE-NEAR FIELD, LEITER A CO.’S, ON ‘ Madlson-st., €oxlß3 feet: long tlmp on Isrgo portion of purohaso money. MERRILL A ENGLE, Room 6, Metropolitan Block. FOR RALE—S2OO DOWN—NEW BRICK COTTAGE and lot, between Tblrty-aovonth and Thlrty-olghth ets.; excellent finish ; $8,200, oasy terms. Possession lm mediately. It. O. OOODWILLIE. 134 Sooth Clark-st. For sale-at a bargain-tub desirable residence, 1119 Indlana-av., containing 14 rooms, hand tome saloon parlor, conservatory, brick store-room, two bath-rooms, hot ana cold water all through tho bouso, frescoed ceilings. painted walls, plate glass windows, etc., etc. There is also a tine barn on tho promises, and everything is in perfect repair. Possession given at any time. Call between 4t06 on any day during the week. T7IOR BALK-5 ACRES AT HOOK ISLAND OAR 1’ shops, fronting on Wentworth and Stowart-avs. SNY DER A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Mon* rooand LaSallo-sts. - ■ IHOR SALK—VERY OIIOIOR LOT. PRAIIIIKAV., ' of 100 foot, at *IOO, worth $125. MERRILL A ENGLE, Room 6, MotropolUan Block. __ FOR SALE—LOTS* MxlC3 ON PRAIRIE AND IN dlnna-ava. at *ls foot. Tonus, H cash, balance in 1 and 2 years. Socuro ono beforo they aro all gono. By talcing 100 foot will sell olthnr ono of four earners for aarao price. J. HENRY WEIL, 150 Doarborn-st., Room u. ; ___ FOR SALE-CHOICE LOTS ON HARRISON, Flournoy, Lexington, and Polk-sts.. west of wostorn av., cheap ami on easy terms. Apply to owner, B. M. DURHAM, 148 LaSalle-st. ___ F" OR SALE-ON EASY TERMS, OR EXCHANGE for pood building lot on South Side, a nice 8-room cottsgo (iud lot on corner of Thlrty-lblrd-st., all m bcst of condition. Immcdiaio possession given. KEbLKU BROS., 131 Clark-st., Room 5. F“’ OR SALE—AT A lURGAIN-A NEW COTTAGE with let on Erio-st., botwoon -Robey and Hoyno. Terms easy. S. M. MILLARD, 155 Clark-st. Room 5. I'ftmT sale-iTots on Arnold, thirty-ninth ! sta., and Wontworth-av., SDSO to sBsll each, no pay ment required down It improved. J. C. STARR, 5d West Randolpti-st. TPOR HALE-41.4H0 ; NORTH SIDE. COTTAGE J? and lot. near llnlstod and Contrn-sti.; JtklJ down. It, Q. GOODWILLIIf, 131 South Clark-st. FOR SALE—S2,SIXI ;saw DOWN. LAST CHANCE. Kmnll, neat cottago and two elegant lots near Fourth end Oakloy-sta ; terms easy ; owner 803 Fulton-st. 11. O. GOODWILL!K, 11H South Olark-st. FOR SALE—LAWNDALE-8 ACRES, BETWEEN Ijvwndalo and Douglas Park Boulevard. SNYDER & LEE, 14 Nlxou Building, northeast corner Monros and LaSallo-nta. For sale—raub ohanck for men of lim lied moans to imrohaso homo and lot on monthly pay ments. Four now cotUuos on Hwanu-it.. near Forty* Bovouth-at. and Wontworth*av. These will pay to ox* iitnino, cars luavo ovory hour on 0. & K. I. or r. <fc F. W. IC. U., faro 10 cents; will stop at tho cottages or Forty •oventh-Bt. Apply tn I'. R.SviLSON, 77 South Clark st., from 13 to 1 o'clock. w iTIOR BAIiE-INDIANX.ST.-LOT 25X100, ON INDI- X? northeast corner Ulllor-il.’ SNYDER & LEE. I t Nixon Unlldiiig, northeast eoruc-t Monroe and LaSallo-sta. For sale-on adams-st., east op wood, JJPxIPO; also 60x135, corner Jaclmunand Llnooln-sts. J. 11. KEELER, 146 Olark-st., corner Madison. IBOR RALE—EGAN-AV,—B ACRES FRONTING J? Kgan-av., near Aroher-av. and Brighton. F. J. WEIDINGER A CO., Real Estate Agents, Room 61 Metropolitan Block, northwest corner Randolph and La- Ballo-sts. - I~nOR BALE-CHEAP-DASHIELL-ST.. 4 LOTS. ' oast front, on Duebicll-Rt., between Thirty-fourth anil Thirty.ftfth-st. F. J. WEIDINGER A CO., Real Rotate Agents. Room 61 Metropolitan Block, northwest corner Randolph and LaSallo-ato. FOR RALE-ONLY $1,260, $1.26t1.51,2600A8H, YOU all can't have this nice lot, 31x138, on Hamlllon-av., near Adams-st., half bluok from street oars. 11. O. DOODWILLIB, 131 South Olark-st. IBOR SALE-RESIDENCES IN THE CITY AND JU aoro property in tbo suburbs. Please examine our [isl before purchasing. OHAS. B. HOLMES A CO., 71 Uearboro-sl. * WOR BALE—GROVE PARKWAY—BOXI2S FEET, J/ oast front, on the Grove Parkway, near Brook-st., at $l3O por foot. SNYDER A LEE. 14 Nlzou Building, pnflhoost corner Monroe end LaSallo-sta. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. For salr-or exchange — acres of lowa land audio suburban lota to exchange (or city improved property and assume soma incumbrance*. Ji, h\ QLAUKE AGO., 123 LaSnlle-st. For sale-or exchange for city prop orty or merchandize—A luxurion* country seat in Michigan, of 1,50U acres, with lake, residences, fountains, mills, etc., fitted up for a retired gentleman of fortune and leisure; or may bo routed at tlx farms, with a farm er’s residence on each. Value, $150,000. A splendid first-class stock, dairy, and fruit farm of 1,100 acres, near the above; $66,000. Valuable and cheap farm of ICO acres, in DoEalb County, half a mile from railroad, with orchard, maple grove, good water, well fenced; SB,OOO. Now brick residence, 16 rooms, at Highland Park; Qll 000. Jlfarblo-front residence, 15 rooms, onUnlvorslty-plaoe, (worth $15,000); $12,000. Stock and dairy farm of 210 acres, near Elgin, 111. . Neat dwelling at Highland Park, very low; SI,OOO. Call from 2 to 4 p. m., at Room 29 Tribune Jlnlldlng. 1?0R"H ALE—“J5 ACRES, WELL IBYpROVED, GOOD . buildings, 23 miles from city, on U. li. AQ. R. R., gilto nor aero, with crops. Uash farms and lots by J. U. LVMAN, 17 Portland block. I‘ TiORSALE-EW ACRES NEAR KILLUOURN CITY, ; Wls., value $2,000, or to oxehango for a good slock of groceries. NOOlilN A REICUAIID, 75 b ooulh Dear- I>oro-nt. REAL ESTATE WANTED. Ty ANTED—FOR A CUSTOMER, A GOOD REST- Vi deneo lot un North Hide, south of OhiCsgo-av, IIBNRV P. GEOUOK jL Wolark»t 1 _ *1 \r ANTED—A dilKAP'nOUfiß AND LOT, SOUTH T V of Twenty-ninth and east u( blato-sts,; will pay SI,OOO cash down. Imiuire at 72 Madiaun-st. ANTED-A HOUSE'AND LOT, OR VACANT ground, city or suburban; nay seme cash, assume incumbrance, balance lu property South Side. Address, with full description, Mr. KING, care i'ruoadell A Broun, ftfWcst MadUou-it, HOUSEHOLD GOODS. iSmUpAT PRIVATE BALE-THE CONTENTS OP I / . nrivato house, comprising beds, table linen, pillow f cates! damask table cloths, napkin*, spreads. fiultts, and DOW iWu machine. 2M WestMadjion st., Room 6.. . o*f all kinds on installm enth J’ at lowest cash prices; now end elegant design* of tim J-irnpiro Parlor Bedstead now ready; chamber suits. P»r* fir suits, lounge*, spring beds, muUroimt, pillows, chslrs, etc., ole. I'-mplro Parlor Bedstead Co., removed to <M3 Watt Maillioi>-»t. 1 i OUSRIIOIiD boons ARE selling at cost J l. at 71 and 7B Nurdj Wolls-st. A large stock of furni ture must be sold by July L HEAL ESTATE. SUBURBAI ■ffOß SALE—CHOICE SUBURBAN LOTS ON THE J} Mllwaukoo Hallway, sU miles distant, and twenty minutes' ride. In Oljbourn’s Addition to Haveiwwood. These lot* are laid out Mxlß9 foot on W) foot streets, and will bo sold upon easy tonus, at. from »fROU to 4700 per lot. Tho facilities for acoo»» to and from the clly-tho desir ability of tho Innd-lt being high and thoroughly drained -tho proximity to llrst-olns* Improvements, churches, schools, and soclniy, omuntond this properly ns tho best at tho price now In tlio market. , . Comunrlson challenged! Iho attention of tho In Jus trious—tho thrifty—tho oaullous-ls called to thcoo lot* os alto* for homesteads or Investments. Call, for a printed abstract ami idol, won ROBERT GREER, Rl Lafeallo Room 3. T.-101l BAT.K-OR III',NT-TWO lUIUSKn ... ... _ I? Kvanston.' Thcao tiouioo arp desirably located nonr dopot, And will bo Bold or routedfor tho balanoo of tho year at ft bargain. AhoSWloU, Including smno of tho moat donlrnblo suburban properly near Uhlongo for salo. Toparllosnho will Improve- mi tbo most reason* able terms. AIIHOTT, at donut. North Kvanalon, orU. M. KIDURU, 1W West llnndolpb-at. T7IOU BALE—IN TUB* NOIVM~AL BOfiOOL BUBDI- J? vision nt Englewood, 100 desirable lots. Parties look ing for suburban homos should ,R uro lVttm r °? visit this locality. WHITTLESEY, BUNNELL A BATES. Room 9, M 3 LaSnllo-st. filOR BALK—AT NORWOOD rAniC-KhVBRAL 1' nloo houses and lots; also a great variety of lota. p.-M. FOX. RoomC; 169 LaßaUo-st. . TJ'OR SALIv—AN IMMENSE BARGAIN AT BNOLR- X* wood—2oo foot oornot Wnbiwh-av. and Blxtloth-st. IIULBURDACU., £*« LaSallojit. ■ FOR SALE—BY TUB OWNER—A LOTON WABABII av sonth of cltyllmilss will bosold for S6O per foot If takenfoils week. A. BAljttoT. 623 Buttorflold-st. - ™» ON LONG TIME. LOW 1' price, and easy terms of payment, on tlalstod. Murry, Union, liosptalnos, and Wallace-ata., just north of tho Pavilion Parkway. Persons desiring lots for houses, and those wanting a lino Investment, with sure prnspoota of increased value, ore Invited to examine those lots. Call on POTWIN A CORBY, Agents, 110 Franklln-st. Soil SALK-ONLY 810 DOWN. $5 MONTIII.Y JM unpaid for, a few lottof our larao lots only 1,000 feet from three depots at Washington Heights, ft nd dry; troos on every lot. Title P^« t i TI .V I I .°S?' r^ ViiUOtVN* Call and go and too them. TUUEBDBLL « Ultown, 175 West MadUou-st. ■ - OR SALIf—IN EVANSTON, A BEAUTIFUL NEW house of Brooms, good collar, laundry, bath-room, etc.i on choice lot; nice location. Four houses In Nptth Evanston and ono in Glencoe, at tlijurcs. Also throe houses to rent In North Evanston, ot slo, 9 A), and 9-A per month. Lots In any of tho places named for sale cheap, ami lumber furnished those who will build. Terras for houses. onr-Htth cash, balance In monthly or yearly pay ment*. and lot* on still bettor terms. Lall at my offlee la Kvanslon, or Room 3,1W Alonroo-it. O. K. BROWNE. P~ OR SALE—AT~RAVKNBWOOD—A DESIRABLE dwolUng-houso of Brooms, good brick collar, jupacp, herd and toft water. Lot 149x163 fruit and shado trees. Apply to ROBERT GREER, 81 LaßaUo-st., Room 2. . OR BALE-DESIRABLE LOTS AND ACRE* traotsat Montrose at prices affording a margin; no property presents bolter prospects, or enjoys hotter fncill* ties for easy, quick, and cheap acceM. For particulars apply to RKA a COATES. 168 Washlngton-at. TTIOR SALK—THIRTY COTTAGES AND T WO-STORY I 1 houses at Englewood on easy terras. Apply to 11L LOTSON nuoa.. ari and U74 State-st. . OR SALE-TWO "BLOCKS 4 H ACRES BACH short distance west of Northwesterncar-shops, con vonlont to depot. HENRY WALLER, Jr., 86 East Washlngton-st., Room 4. FOR BALE—O.4 N. W, LOTS. BETWEEN CENTRAL Park and O. A N. W. car shops, a non-resident owner will soil very cheap. Abo, boulevard lots, «d Into near boulevard. f FYoo tide, cars or carriage. PIIINNICY A LOMUAUP, 165 LaSallo-st. =TtOR SALE—I HAVE A SPLENDID SELECTION X' of houses and lota In Evanston and South Evanston on easy terms. Parties wishing to purchase will do well to call and examine. J. R. FOWLER, Evanston. FOR SALE-LOTS AT MAPLEWOOD, ONLY FOUR miles from tho Oonrt-Houso; commutation faro, CM cents; largo frontage ou HnmboUlt boulevard, Fullerton, and Wostom-avs. 5 sidewalks have boon laid, and trees sot ont over tho ontlro property; artesian well superior to any other In this vicinity, fiowlng at rate of JLO gallons per minute of pure water, equal in every respect to that of Lako Michigan. Parties looking for homos would do well to visit Maplewood before purchasing. Price of lots from S4OO to S6OO. WING A FARLIN, 85 East Washington st., Room 4. _ OR SALE-AT MAYWOOD. A NEW FlßßT olass 9-story frame house, 10 rooms, bathroom, con crete collar, wall and cistern, good barn, lot 132x183, and well cultivated. Parties desiring a home In this thriving suburb would do well to examine this property, ns It can bo bad on very favorable terms. Possession given la reasonable time. MEAD A COE, 153 LaSallo-st. For sale-evanston grove lots, $350, in flvo-doUar monllily payments, with no payment down. Tbb is tho best chance yet offered to got aliomo. IRA BROWN, Ha LaSallo-st., Room 4. For sale-several good residences at HydoPark and Oakland; one for $6,000, S6OO cash, balance to suit; 66x135 noar depot; ono for $13,000, fine lot and house; ono bouso to rent at 860 per month; good lots iu Oakland. Kenwood, Itydo Park, and choice corner In Egandalo. ULRICH A BOND. 87 Doarborn-st. F~~OR RALE-AT PARKSIDE, ON ILLINOIS OFN tral Railroad. Smiles from Court-House, 35 minutes’ ride, lots on Madison and Llndou-avs., within one block of depot. Trees havo boon planted, streets graded. Bix teon trains daily furnish easy access to and from tbo city. This property is within 8 blocks of the South Park. Priro of lots from S4OO to S6OO, and will bo sold on easy pay ments. WiNO A PAULIN, 65 East Washlngtoa-st., Room 4. ■ For sale-5 acres near the proposed col lego at Washington Heights; price, S4OO. SO acres in 800. 86, 83, 13; will sell 10acres; price, SSOO woolen factory, Sooth Chicago; price S9OO per acre. THOS. A. HILL, 123 Doarborn-st. FOR BALE— I2SxI66, CORNER FOUTY-EIGHTU-ST. and Konwood-cmirc; U-Q foot on Kcnwood-oonrt, be tween Forty-seventh and torty-clgbth-sts. Will hp sold on easy payments. Tho above property Is within 2 blocks of Kenwood depot. WING&FAULtN, 85 East Wash- Ingloo-at. • OR SALE —AT LKSS THAN COST, 9-ROOM Gothic house, lot 50x150. barn and garden, uoarsta lion, H mile from city. LARKIN A JKNKS, 145 La Salle-st., TPOR SALE—6M ACRES NEAR BRIGHTON, $1,500 .1? per aero. 5 acres la Lake View, near tho lake. $2,600 per aero. Fluo loU In Norwood Park s sl2 to 20 por foot. PHILIP MYERS A CO., IS Major Block. For sale-at Washington heights, near two depots, by tho block; uvurngo slzo of tho lots 35x 150 foot, at sllO per lot; onu-thlrd cash, balance In one, two, and threo years, at 7 per cent Interest. Tho best oronorty for Investment In Oook County. Proa ticket* to boo tho properly. B. F. CLARICE A CO., Room 4, 123 LaSnllo-st. FOR SALE—SIOO WILL BUY A BEAUTIFUL LOT at Dosplalnes, ono block from depot: they wilt doublo In valuo this summer: only slo down and $5 a month until paid. IRA BROWN, 142LaSalto-st., RomnL FOR SALE-SEVERAL DESIRABLE RESIDENCES in Evanston, South Evanston, and Koiroru’ Park ; also building lota and aero property. ALFRED L. SEW ELL, RonJ Estate Broker, 159 LaSalla-st. For hale-bvanston grove lots, ssso, in llvo-dollar monthly payments. with no payment down. This Is the best ohatico yotolTorod to sot a homo and not fool it. IRA BROWN, 142 LaSnllo-st.. Room 4. For salk-canfield a matteson, go la- Sallo-at.: J t Englewood—Residence and lots near depot. Irving Park—Residence with 50-fnot lot. Maywood—Residence and largo lot. Evanston—Brick residence and large lot. Waukegan—Robldcnco and largo lot. Rock Island car-shops—Vacant lots. Humboldt Park—Vacant lots. • For sale —or exchange —at Norwood Park: ono of tho choicest 10-auro blocks, 00 minutes’ ride from Chicago. J. R. STANLEY, 100 Doarborn-st. TjVOR SALE-NEW COTTAGE, 8 ROOMS, AND C X’ acres good, dry, Improved lane! mllo from depot, Hobart, on Port Wnyno Railroad, 83 miles from ChleaßO, price, with crops, ss2s;cashsloo;balanoosl2por month. OtUoo days, Monday, Wednesday, and Prlday. J. EARLE, Room 3, 163 Wooroo-at. FOU SALE—LARGE SUBURBAN RESIDENCE; modern improvements: house for gardener, conch* bongo, Ice house, spring, SO acres, block from depot, Ho bart, 82 miles from Chicago: commutation $lO por month. J. EARLE, 113 Monroo-bt., Room 3. OUIco days, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. TBORBALE—HINSDALE—SEVERALVERY CHOICE X 1 rosldoncos for sola or exchange for city property; also somo very desirable unimproved property. Prices low; terms easy. CiXAB. B. HOLMES A CO., 71 Dear* born-st. * For sale-at south evanston-several oxcoUont now framo houses, with collars, from 8 to lOrooms, arranged for water and gas, ahd all modem im provements. Also, throe largo and elegant brick houses, iromUllol? rooms each, besides bath-rooms, closets, and cellars; hay windows, largo piazzas, towers, oto.; sewerage as good as the city; line view of liio lake. Also, lino building lot* that will soon double in value. All or any of the above properly will bo sold on easy terms, or toms to suit. Give us a call and go with uh to Evanston and look for yourselves. WARREN, KEENEY A CO., 180 Dcarborn-st. IBOR SALE-CLARENDON HILLS-WE ARE OP ? faring In this beautiful suburb, 13 miles from the city on the CT., B. A Q, R. it., the most desirable suburban property about Chicago, allow prices and on easy terms, will build houses for purchasers If desired. High eleva tions, beautiful undulations, attractive scenery, and 33 daily trains connecting it with the city. For plats, in formation, and free transportation to examine the prop erty, apply to (JIIAB. B. HOLMES A CO., 71 Dear born-at. For sale—ouoiok lots at englewood; oon. venlont to depot, schools, and ohutohoa, at $25 to $1(0 par foot; also, several now houses, on easy terms; ami 50 or 100-foot lota in the grove, on Michigan, Wabash, or In* dtana-ava., within 2)6 or 0 blocks from depot, and <1 blocks from Groat South Park. UULUUUD & CO., yj East Harrisonst. STRAYED OR STOLEN. gTRAYED— FROM OUR MORGAN PARK FARM, 1 large also chestnut horso, stripe in forehead, and loft loro-foot white. - Ibrownhorso, small white mark on right hip. I'dark bay homo, branded D on loft hip. white spot on 1 dark sorro! marc, loft /oro-foot white, loft him! log white to gambril, and right hind foot white around hoot. Will pay suitable reward. Please leave information at 113 and HA South Waterst . luumuvovuu. VOX 0 ; n . RKOKWITH A SONS. STRAYED— TAKEN UP. AN KfnTRAY, BY THE auhicribor, at his roaldenco In the town of Worth, Cook Co., 111., on tho Uth day of dune, 187H, a dark bay bone, scar on inside of loft bind leg, gambrel joint. Own er may obtain possession of same by proving property and paying expenses. j)AN!EL KLINE, Blow Island. S'“tuayeiP6r stolen - Sunday evening, Juno 111, from 580 West Adnms-st.. a dark sorrel bursa with star lu forehead, and n little knee-sprung. A suita ble reward will bo paid for Ida return or any information that may lead to his recovery, which can he loft at the above number or at tbo ollicoof O. 11. CASE, 160 East Washingteu-st. S' TOLKN-ON TUESDAY NIGHT ABOUT MlD nigiit. from tim Ten Milo House, Vincennes roud, n valuable black mare. Has heavy mane, medium-sized tall, milk-hag heavy, having lest colt a few days since. SSO reward will bo paid to the person returning her to 11. C. BHKARE. TenMiio House. CLAIRVOYANTS. rtHIOAGO SPIRIT R00M5,317 WEST MADISON \j at., second Hear. Cabinet tcanco every evening. Medium handcuffed and securely tied. Private sittingd dnringtho_day._ ! DU. MATHEW AND MADAM MAYNAUD, 1)1181. ucasaml medical mediums, 103 West MadUoii-st. III iv-THKWONnERI'LJL fIYI'HY, lou. in. to tilt. m. (.Sunday*oxaepiud). I-adlo#only. Tuo, WconU. 209 WestMiuliuun-bt., Uuom43. _ UM'"f."jr"l.lsWlß-UICJ,IAIUdroIVAIUVOYANT dno«« and medical medium, W_ \V r «tMn dIV in - at. ]VI Imi mvoRCEy. DIVORCES-LEGALLY OUTAINED-KKE AFTER decroo. Scandal avoided. Nino yearn' praotlco la of Chicago. Address 11.I 1 . O. lloa 1037. BUSINESS CHANCES. A PACKING BUBINRBB IN TEXAS-FOR SALE AT a bargain. Tho property Ilea on a railroad 40 mllos from ono of tho Gulf ports, Biidoan*lsU of a largo pack ng bouse, substantially bnllt, having all the necessary facilities for curing and packing In that climate, In cluding flrst-olasi 100 machine, manufactured In Franco, nnolllno, boarding house, and IB aerosol land: capacity (mm 6,000 to Kt.oiiO barrels; satisfaolnry roa*ons given for soiling. To an experienced,man, this opportunity pre sents extraordinary inducement*, lor full particular*, apply to HNYDER ALICE, 14 Union Building, northeast corner of Atonrooand Laballo-sta. A fTrstTclarb stock , OF hardware, iV stove* and tinware, for sale cheap, at IMUhlcago-av. ArnoMINHNT EIIIST CLASa IIBTAII. I'AMILV grooorjr for solo, doing a largo and profitable busi ness, which can bo greatly uicroasod by a lUo. onorgotlo, pushing man, who onn give his entire attention to the business, Tho owners nave other business to nttnnil tn, which la their reason for selling. Address BURTON, riKUOIC A OQ. t wholesale grocers. 64 Mloblgan-av» A FIRST-CLASS MEAT MARKET. ON TIJE COR- J\ nor of two principal streets, on the West Bide, for ■ale or exchange for real estate. For particulars address U 79, Tribune office. )URKH At NORTH A YOUNG MAN WITH 98,000 TO 96.000 CASH can take tho place of a retiring partner as cashier and bookkeeper In an established and well paying business. Address W 97, Tribune offloo. A FIRST-CLASS PLANINQ-MILL AND LUMBER J\. business, with teams, tools, and lumber on hand, for sale to olosea copartnership. Tho concern Is doing a suc cessful trade; It will bo sold at a bargain, or exchanged for nnrothor equally desirable property that can bo di vided. Address Q 89, Tribune omoo. A GOOD INVESTMENT-MY PHOTOGRAPH J\. gallery Is now for nalo; host located * n VJ® ®.( Chicago; doing a lino business, but olrcumstarfbos which 1 will explain compels me to soil very c l , , o ,'JPVrß' ir rMhM?A and balance on time. Address D. D. IIBLME, Tribune offloo. • - A RARE CHANCE—WILL SELL FOR 92,600 A J\ good paying business. Guarantee to any oao a good Investment. Address W 10, Tribune olßco. » LODGING . HOUSE IN SAN I’EANOiaOp 808 J\. B«lo. A fine oontral location, oonl.tnlntt IJOrooni, with . won-o.tabll.liod bu.lno». Bor lortlwr Tnlormatlon and jiartloulars address O. G. MOXLBYV Real Estate, No. gaMontgomory-st.. Ban Franolsoo, Cal. . A GLASS-WARE AND CROCKERY STORE FOR sale; good location; selected stock. No. 383 Wost Twelfth-st. > ' - - • A FINE OPPORTUNITY FORA YOUNG ORINEX- J\. porlonood man with money to obtain a good position with steady, Tollable, and oomootont persons in a oj tnblishod business. Addroes WHOLESALE GROCER, Tribune office. A WELL-STOCKED GROCERY STORE, HORSE and wagon for sales no tlxturos to buys will take onsh or roalostato. 69 West HandulpU-st., Room 8. B~ GAUDING HOUSE, GOOD ■ LOCATION, 914 North Halstod-st., corner Fonrlh-et., furniture for sale cheap. Rent, 920 per month. . USINKSS"OPENING JN THIS CITY; RETAIL cash, no trust? also rooms furnished for housokoop. lug? profits $lO to sls a day; sold foruo fault. Partlou lars at Interview. Price $1,600 cash. Address U, Car rier 86. BOARDING-HOUSE, LB ASK, AND FURNITURE for sale; good location and business. Reason lor soiling, 111-health Apply at ltd North Halstod-st. /'AARRIAGR MAKERS-ATTENTION I ONE Off tho best sites forth© business In ll lln o U for sale op root; small capital required. Address A. M. WESTON, Eureka, Wbonford Co., 111. IRBT-OLASB CONFECTIONERY, STORE, WITH stock and tlxturos, farsalo at a bargain., Address L 0, Tribune otHco. ~ 1" iIUttNITUBE, riXTDBKS, AND f.EASE OP A * hotel centrally located, for sale. Flrat-rato chance LEVI WING A CO., 96 Doatbom-at. Grocery and sample room attached ./or sale, full stock of groceries and liquors. Apply to LYNCH BROS., 127 South Watorst. Lease op the best located store in town for some light business, onClark-st., between Madi son and Washington, for salo. Apply to J. I*. LAT CIIAW, 79 Doarboru st., Room 13. NEW YORK—lkabb and fuhniturb op a first-class Broadway Hotel for salo. Address U U, Station D, New York.. NE OF THE OLDEST AND BEST EBTABLIBU od corner groceries on Wost Madlson-st. for pale, about $3, too wllf take It; other business. Address Q G6, Tribune ofllco. ' • T)ERTAURANT AND SAMPLE ROOM FOR SALE— Xv clo&r ln«$l,0CO per month; host location in thooity; must ho sold Ur oloso copartnership. Address WB, Tribuneoffloo. STEAM FLOURING MILL FOR SALE CHEAP, IIAS 7 run of atone, now engine of ample power In good nr. dor; Is In a town of 9,006 people; good local trado; ship* ping facilities, two Eastern railroads and BlbsUslbbl Jtivor. Terms easy. Address or call on F. L. UNDER WOOD, Muscatine, lowa. OTOOKAND FIXTURES OF A GROCERY AND O meat-market, In splendid location and doing a good liuilnoHn, for sale; or will eoll fixtures and rent store- Ap ply at 712 West Washlngton-st, The whole or part of patent right of a Flae-Cloanlng Machlno for sale. Tho machine can bo soon In operation at tho Chicago Steam Boiler Works, 65 lo73MlcDlgan-st. For particulars Inquire of ANGLES A CO., Oalhoun-placo. between Clark and Dcarbom-sts. rilO MERCHANT TAILORS AND CLOTHIERS— X An excellent huslnesa chance may bo secured by a morobant tailor and clothier at Elgin, ill. Tho business la established 26 years, possesses o fine trado, and Is only disposed from ill health. Stock at present light and eotoot; tho store is fitted up expressly for the business, and will bo rontod at a reasonable rate. Inquire of 1- *- Phillips, No. 10 East Madlson-st., Field, Benedict A Co., corner Market and Wasblngton-sts., Biddle A Boyd, 274 East Madlson-st., or tho subscriber, S. MO* OSKEK, Elgin. 111. ’ nn WILL BUY HALF INTEREST IN A GOOD «S).tUU paying, established roofing business. Including two horses, two harness, and buggy. m Other Jmslnoss pa hand cause of selling. Call on FRANK W. OIIAFiEE,, Manager, Builders'Kicbnngo, 188 LaSallc-st. mO KXOIIANQE—FOR ANYTHING THAT I OAN X turn Into cash, a patent rlghtfor any tpwn In the mate of Illinois, to uso the best carpet boating and brushing machine over Invented: also, rocolptwlth it for scouring on tho lloor. Apply to Boston Carpot Gleaning Company, 44 and 46 West Aaams-at., Chicago. TO EXCHANGE—A GOOD FITTED-UP.RESTAUR ant, worth SBOO, for a cottage on leased ground, within 3 miles of Court-House. Address WB, Tribune odlco. . fnb EXCHANGE—AN INTEREST IN A GOOD J. woolcu-mlll, vrull located, machinery all lint-class; will take any good properly to liio amount of sx.OoO to 410,(W. J. \V. HE DEN BERG, 00 East Madlson-st., Room 4. rno EXCHANGE-LOCO FEET ON BTATE-ST. AND X Wabash-av.. near Englewood. Will pxcbangp for good farm or other property. GILBERT, BUMWALT A CALDWELL, 200 LaSallo-st. __ fllO EXCHANGE-GOOD SUBURBAN LOTS FOR X homo ami lot, worth from $2,500 to $5,000, on South or West Side. Will assume an Incumbrance orpayaorao cash. 11. S. DIETRICH, Room 3, lint lloor, 143 LaSalle at., Major Block. ~ rno EXCHANGE—WANTED—STOCKS OF MER- X ohandiso of salable kinds, largo or small amounts, or household furniture, for Improved real estate and cash, or notes scoured on real eatato. Inquire of WILLIAMS, 63 South Canal-st. rno exchange-for real estate, a NO. 1 X manufacturing ostablishmontdoluga good business; pays 40 per cent. Apply to T. BU6HNELL, 1451 lttb-av. a* >0“eXOII ANOK-FOU CITY PROPERTY, A FRUIT . farm, BlOacros, ll.OOOtrtos; will pay Its cost In two years; incumbrances assumed upon Improved property; price, $14,000. Address Box 16, South Pass, 111. TO EXCHANGE-ABOUT $1,600 WORTH .OP onstom-mado clothing, manufactured by ono of tbo leading bouses In the city, for diamonds, horroa and car* rlagos, or a desirable lot. CHAS. JJ. HOLMES A CO.» 71 Dearborn-si, WANTED-A CHAMBER SET OF FURNITURE in exchange for diamond pin. Address LIU, Trlbuno ofilco. OO KAn TO $26,000 FARMS, OP FROM BO TO 600 acres, for sale and exchange, In Lake, Cook, Dupage, Loo, Henry, Will, Kankakee, Irouuols, Union. Livingston, and other counties, and In the States Of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, and lowa. Also, tOO acres pood Umber land, cheap. $lB, 000 house in city for good houso at Riverside or oth* or suburb. . _ .. . SB,OOO house in city for $4,000 to ss,OCObotwoon Twelfth* .1. null En.l.v.ood, MANN 4 „ A omtmo^ Room 18 Major Block, 143 LaSalle-st. OPH nnn •‘worth of improved rehi* •jpUu.UUU douce property to exchange for good business property, or $7,000 bouse for brick. B. I. HEAD, 1M LaHallo-st.. basemont. LOST-A MEDIUM SIZED BLACK AND TAN terrier, from 292 West WoahingUm-st.; ho wore leather collar, with license badge 47; and tab bearing abovo number and owner’s name. A reword will bo paid for bis return. Lost-on or near centrk-bt., north Side, momor&ndum book, binder will bo rewarded by leaving at 44 Raclno-av. R. J. LEWIS. LOST-SUNDAY EVENING, ON 11AL6TED-BT., near Twelfth, a gold watuli and chain. The iindor will receive a reward of. s£o‘ and no uuo&tioni aakodby leaving It at 490 South Hulsted-et. LOST— TUESDAY EVENING, ON FORTIETH AND Stato-ata.,s dark brown homo, C yearn old, marked on loft shoulder; $6 reward paid on returning t0&53 South Canal-st. - 1 • LOST-A FLAT GOLD SLEEVE-BUTTON, ENAM oled and patent clasp. The tinder will bo rewarded by returning It to 175 lASalfe-Bt. W. H. CUNNINGHAM. Lost-on sixteenth and btatb-sts,, a package of notes In favor of O. B, Ward; iindor will bo rewarded by leaving them at EH Stato-st. LORT-310 UKWARD-A SMALL BAY MARE, LlT tlo star on tho forehead, about 14 yean old. Addrosa &16 West Dlvlsloo-st. P. BEVGEH. L~ OST-THEPERSON WHO PICKED UP A WEST Side Assessor's book will confer a favor by returning it to tho Tribune olHco. tpOUND-ON THURSDAY EVENING, JUNE 12, IN J> a Halstcd-st. bus, a pocket-book, containing money. Tho owner can have the same by calling, after 6p. in., at 2J MoQlaabon-at., near Twenty-secoud-st., or P. A. CUNNINGHAM, Western Cathollo ofllco. 17IOUND-A STRAYED COW. OWNER CAN HAVE X' her by paying expenses and applying at 153 Cologne st., Chicago. rpAKENUP-AT MY PLACE ON AROHEU-AV., 1M X miles west of Brighton, one black cow, lino back, under belly, about 7 years old. Quo whitish speckled cow about it years old. M. J. TEARNEY. Taken up-stray horse and express wag on—While ©stray, on Wostorn-av., H mile south of tho Brighton House, on Sunday morning, Juno IS. a bay horso, attached to an express wagon marked “No. 037. 11. McDowell." Tho owner can have the property by call ing at my house, paying charges and tho cost of this ad* yertlaomont. BRUDUH DkVRIES. REWARD-LOST—BY A POOR MECHANIC —a pocket-book containing aiwut $l6O, on West ern-uv., between Madison and Van Bnron-sls. Finder will rocolvo the above reward by leaving tho same at HATHAWAY'S Drugstore, oor. Madison and Wostorn av., or 162 Walnut-st. l?OR SALK-A NEW 16-lIORSIS POWER STATION X’ ary engine j also a large 5-yoar-olu horso, suitable fur team or carriage. P. J. oEXTON, Builder, 59 and 60 Paclllo-ttv. 1?I0U HAI.I’.-SEKOSD-HA.Nn rORTAIU.K, UP. V rlulit. ami tubular bollon. norlablo and stationary on {I1109; mm lluokoyoomilno ami bollon Üblcauo otocm lu 11 or Works. 6tl Mlohlgan«st. ■\l/ ANTBD-6 EXPERIENCED MUSICIANS. WHO » id*y string and brass, to trnvol: good salary and •toady ongaKimiont.^Ainily 215 West Laku-at. W" ANTlin'-VOlbES'fb FILL OUT* QUINTETTE. Apply SIC West Lako-sfc. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: THURSDAY, JUNE I'J, TO EXCHANGE. LOST AND FOUND. MACHINERY. MUSICAL. TO BENT'-HOUSES. rnoiu?isT^N , NonTn , BniirrourAnnOTßLrT»R I, « MS r °r rS4I« rho itTMi-A 6-sWkVAtfb basement marble i front house, with all modem Jmnro?miMfits, and famished. Apply on tnopromlsos 1133 rralrlo-av. BRICK HOUSE. TWO-STORY J, and basement, No. 207 w ,? rt l^X 0 l \ l ?;^y.^° T ? 10P w,llt * log. Rent S6O per mt*tb« H« BRAUOKMAN. rro HUNT—A BPKNDID HOUSE, M 4 SOUTH DEAR. 1 corner with tarn, .only S3O. Inquire of J. W» QOHUI* at9M» nno KENT— IN A VERY DESIRABLE LOCATION. 1 164 North Doarborn-it,, ono 3-stopy and basement brlok dwelling, 15 rooms, with cloaol* and modern Im provements ; for iwlvato residence only. , Apply to M. BOANLAN, 7 South Olatk-st. mo RENT—9S3 INDIANA-AV., NEAR TWENTIETH, i at. . with or without Inmlture. for tho season or year, nr for sale, looatlon very desirable, furniture now and handsome. billiards, bam, and oemvonJoneoa. marblo front, 18 rooms?. D 0”?” 1 ™ hnmbplato. Call between 8 and 10 a. m., and b and 6 p.m. , rro IIUTCK HOUSE IN GOOD NRIQH. X borhood, near Mncoln-av. oars. • ■ • • J^V?S.“7nfcV mo RUNT—NEW 9-STORY FRAME HOUSE, • 0 T°rwms, bouUi front, W3 West Monroo-st., close to Wfutcrn-nv, Kent low to desirable tenant. Apply to JOHN WEST, 991 \Vost Mouroe-st., ps»t door to above. mo RENT—ONE OP NEW , X homos corner Indiana-nv, andTwolfth'St. jlakojdow? all m? i|n r n improvements. •* Osll at house. ■ 8. WIIITTIN. mf R AND FURNITURE FOR. BALK, X 2-story ami hasoraont stonor with swell front. Apply on tho premises, No. 609 West Monroe-st. fpO RENT—COTTAGE NO. 705 WEST LAKE-ST., 9 X rooms, besides tittle. Impure 823 West Madlson-st. mo KENT—-HOUSE NO. 724 WARREN-AV., IS X rooms, with modorn Improvements. Inquire at 415 Wnrron-aV., of at Room 69, liiohango Building, corner of Clark and Washlngton-sts. mo RENT—BY DIXON * MITCHELL, 147 RAN. X dolnh-st., Room 9, 2 now cottages on Tylor-st., near Robey, 9 remits and bathroom? will rent cheap. , fro RENT-NEW COTTAOB-UOUSE, 3TORY AND X' a half of 8 rooms, bosldos bath room, nan try, closets, ©to., on Tylor-it., throe doors wostof WlnohcstojMvy., short block from Van Bnron-st. ears. Apply to TuOS. HOOP, 123 LaSallo-sU. Oriental Bnlldlnff. Room 28. fTO RENT—SIX-ROOM COTTAGE WITH THE AT- X tlo floored.-near VAn Buren-st. cars and Roboy-st. D, LEONARD, Room U Methodist Church Block. fpO RENT-DWELLING 72 X oontainlufflO rooms In Rood repair. Apply to PUR LEY A GODFREY, 166 La9allo-»t., basement. mo RENT—TWO-STORY HOUSE. 7 ROOMS, ON X West Washlngton-st., near Wostprn avouuo. D. LEONARD, 11 MethodistOhurch Block. rro RENT—A GOOD BOARDING-HOUSE OP 18 X rooms; good location. Loaso and furniture for salo nt a great bargain. Good reasons for selling. Inquire of J. L. LINCOLN, 163 Washlngton-st., Rooms IB and 19. TO RENT—2-STORY AND BASEMENT MARBLE front residence, U rooms, 1026 Wabash-av. Inquire of VBRD. W. PECK. Room 8, Nixon's Buildloc. mo RENT—NICE COTTAGE—PRAIRIE-AYS6O. X Elegant marblo bouse, Wlohlgan-ar., $126. _ U-room elegant marble house, Wabash-av,. $176. S.'MEARS, owner, 200 LaSallo-st. mO UKNT-OALUMET-AV., CORNER TWENTY -1 nlnth-at.. beautifully finished 10-room house, only S6O pormonth. STORKS h WARE, 01 Washlogton st. mO RENT—FURNISHED HOUSE OF 8 ROOMS TO X email family who will board owner. Address BENE DICT, Boston Square Dealing Store, Clark and Madison- TO RENT—FOR,A FEW MONTHS-A NEATLY furnished cottage, near Union Park. Apply to H. T, it CO, at 2 East Madlaon-st. ’ mo RENT-HOUSE NO. 878 MIOHIGAN-AV.; 10 X rooms and barn; part or sir of tbo furniture sold cheap, if wantod. Apply at 61 South Wator-st., between 11 and 12, or6tog, p. m. TO RENT-788 WEST MADISON-ST., COR. LlfT coin, 7 rooms, bath-room, pantry, and closets. Inquire at store, ■ mo RENT-NEW COTTAGE; 8 ROOMS: closets, X water in kitchen; bam If required. 406 West Erie at., near Aabland-av. Inquire on promises. Suburban- mO RENT-THE MOST DESIRABLE HOUSE AND X grounds In Evanston; near depot, lako, and public buildings. Has barn and all conveniences of a countnr residence. Will rent cheap to the right family for bal ance of year. Apply to J. 11. FOWLER, Real Estate Agent, Evanston. ' ‘ . ' TO RENT-SUBURBAN 7-ROOM COTTAGE HOUSE, with largo grounds and small bam, at Norwood Park,

Block 23, convenient to depot. Rout only $lB per month. Address J. W. STEBBINQB. Irving Park. TO RENT—I HAVE TWO NICE FARMS. WITH comfortable bouses and largo orchards, near tho depot; would make good summer homos for city business men. O. J. BTOUQII. 72 aod 74 TO RENT—ROOMS. mo RENT-ELEGANT ROOMS, FURNISHED OR ' X unfurnished, Ashland Block, opposite Sherman House. Inquire at Room 81. Elevator In tho building, mo RRNT-TO~3ENTLKMKN, AND GENTLEMEN X and wives (without children), handsomely furnished rooms; sl6 to sto. 41 Clark-st., Room 80. References. T" O RENT-834 WABASH-AV., A FURNISHED square room, willi or without board. Holso modem Improvements. TO RENT-A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, suitable for ono or two gontlomon. in a strictly pri vate family; also small barn. References exchanged. Apply at 270 West Lako-st. O RENT—AT 761 WABASH-AV., A NICE FRONT room on first floor; marble-top furniture. O BENT—FIVB ROOMS OONVENIRNT FOR housekeeping. Inquire of Dr. NORTON, Dentist, 838 Cottage Grove-av. 0 RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS, CHEAP, AT 345 WostMadlson-st., near Sangamon. TO RUNT—A NEATLY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM and largo olosot, with or without bohrd. 763 West Madlson-st. •• rPO RENT-FURNISHED PARLOR WITH. BED- X rooms for gentleman and wife or single gentlemen, with or without board; very moderate charges, West Jqokson-at. __ 110 RENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, . by tbo day. week, or month, torma reasonable, at the St. Julion, lot and 153 Dcarbornst. mo RENT-UPPER PART OF COTTAGE NO. 685 X Oontro-ar.; 4 rooms, closets, ondpantry, all now. A small American family preferred. Call aa above. TO RENT—THE LOWER PART OP A COTTAGE, No. 1U Twonty-nlulh-st., 4 rooms, or tho upper part, 6 rooms. TO RENT-1000 INDIANA-AV.. PLEASANT FUR nlshod front rooms, without board. Good day board near by. ______ TO RENT-A SUITE OP FRONT ROOMS. ALSO, back parlor, furnished or unfurnished, at 140 South Ban gnmon-at. ' Fpo KENT—A SPLENDID SUITE OF ROOMS, FUR- X nishod or unfurnished: also, a snlto of rooms; fund turo for sale, very cheap. 278 Woat Madlson-st. mo RENT—PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOMS; X also, gentlemen room-mates; moderate rents. 147 South Halstod-st. TO RENT-A SINGLE FURNISHED FRONT BED room; also, 4 unfurnished rooms, at 145 booth Hal- Btod-st. THO RENT-148 SOUTH PARK-AV.—A GENTLEMAN X and wife or two single gentlemen can bo accommo dated with a handsomely furnished parlor, with or with out board. __ r RENT—IF YOU WANT A PLEASANT ROOM, secure ono of tboso elegant rooms at 164 and 166 East Waihlngton-st., Room 44. TO RENT-426 WEST VAN BOREN-ST., ONE VEUV ploaaant room, furnished or unfurnished, In brick house; pioasaut location, 3 blocks from JolforsonPark. References. ■ mo RENT-VERY NICE COOL ROOMS, WITHIN X one block of tho lako, 874 Mlchlgan-av.; would board ono oouplo without children. mO RENT—VERY HANDSOMELY FURNISHED X rooms, at tho St. Elmo, by tbo day, wook, or month. 8s and 87 Dcarborn-st. Charges reasonable. . TO RENT—STORES, OFFICES. &o. TO RENT—THE STORE 98 EAST KINZIE-ST. corner of main entrance to Wells Btroot depot, ooou pled at present aa a clothing store. mo RENT—WITH USB OF STEAM ELEVATOR—B X lofts, each 82x160, with front sldo and roar light; tint loft finished, and heated by steam. Tboso lofts aro cen trally located, and among the most desirable In tho city; and to a reliable tenant they will bo rented at an oxlrotno ly low rate, much below their value. Inquire on tho promises, al Loko-st. mo BENT-THE SECOND FLOOR OF 66 LAKE-ST., X corner State, 20x80, well lighted, easy access. In quire first tloor. mO RENT OFFICES, AND UNFURNISHED X rooms for gentlemen, In Pressing's Building on State* at.,between Congress and Harrison. Inquire at the oluoo of Trussing Vinegar Works, 341 State-st. mo RENT-STORE AND DWELLING, AT635 NORTE X Wolla-st., a good location for boot and shoo trade, oi fancy seeds shofvlngs and oounton, with, thq storo all li sood order. Inquire of J. L. Rood at 63 South Canal*st,| or of the owner at 134 Woat Lako-aU TO RENT—A NEW STORK AND HOARDING house combined, fora term of years, at a low rental, situated on the comer of Elstnn-road and Paullua-st. Apply to J. R. BROQKMAN, 100 Tweaty-socond-aU nrro rent-a part op office or desk room X In the now oftlea of tho Hainbnrtf-Bromon Flro In* •uranoo Co., in tho Slaata-ZoUuug Bunding. Inquire at 76 Fifth-ar. • mo rent-store no. m south olark-bt.. X close by the PaolQo Hotel. Inquire instore from 9 to 11 and Sto 4. Apply to JAMES MATHEWS. mo RENT-A SMALL STORE, SUITABLE FOR X light business, oa Madison, between Clark and Dear* bora, north side of the street. Address L 98, tribune office. ____ mo RKNT-NUAT OOUNER RTOIUI, WITH LIGHT X basement and rooms above, 76 West Washlngton-st. Apply to ALFRED L. SEWELL. 169 LaSallo-st., or to MARSHALL A DIOKINSONTRoom 10, Otis Block, southwest comer Madison and LaSallo-sta. __ WANTED—TO RENT. WANTED— TO RENT-A STORK SUITABLE FOR a furniture storo: small tint Uoor and largo upper floors, A. L. CROCKER, 631 Stalo-st. WANTED-TO RENT-3 OR 4 ROOMS SUITABLE for housekeeping by small family; must bo In picas* ant neighborhood; would purchase some of tho (urnlturo. References glvon. Address WH, Tribuna olßoe.^^_^_ AGENTS WANTED. Agents wanted-ladies are doing a, fink business with my two elegant toilet articles and ladies'rubber goods. Solos rapid and profits largo in city or oountry. Sample sent froo to country, Mrs. PALMER, Room 8. 25 WostUkest. A GENTS WANTED - THREU EXPERIENCED il agents W soil the best Imported grapevines for family trade: extra inducements offered. Apply at 87 Thlru-av., basement. Agent's wantkd-malb and female, in city and conntry, for tho fastest soiling goods on record. Those who can command a little ready cash can certainly make Immense nrotlts. $lO a day is only a fair average, It will oast nothing to In vest) gate. Wo samples to country applicants sent for 850. MERRILL « CO., 85 west Lake-si. A GENTS WANTKD-GOOD CANVASSERS ARE ii. making SIU to sl2 a day with my needle-beaks, ma* ohino-iiuodlus,. dross elevators, Ao., do. O. M. LIN* INUTUN, 177 HastMadlsun-st., Chicago. Agents wanted-to bell our new but* ton-hole cutter, neodlo-throadlng thimble, and other now article*. WKa*tMaoUon*it., Ugom <» boarding and bodging. Wont Side. 6 SOUTH PEORIA-BT.—FURNISHED ROOMS, with or without board, for gent oman and wlfo or "In. Clo gontlomon. (Jowl ocoommodatlons, $0 to $7.50. Day oard, $4.60. • o A BIBIIOP.OOUHT-FINnLY~FunNiaiIRD AL- Z4: coto, with superior board} also, other rooms, suitable for famlilo# or single gentlemen. Iloueo first-class In all tespoota. Oft ARERDIfiRN-RT.-MARBLE FRONT, RLK £O K antiy furnished} every summer comfort} hand* nomo rooms; onascoptionablo tablo} a low more rooms} from $7 por week. M south moroan-st.-two VERY NIOELY ■ furnlshod rooms, largo, cool, every convenience, and with excellent board, atvory reasonable terms. , QQ SOUTH MOROAN-BT.-TO RENT, A WELL QO furnished room, sultablo for two gontlomon, with first-class board. * Homo has all modern Improvements. Also, accommodation for a fow table boarders. QA SOUTH MOIIOAN.BT., NEAR MADISON -04; Nicely famished front room for two gentlemen or gentleman and wlfo. QC SOUTH MOROAN-ST., NEAR MADISON-TO OU rent, with board, furnished or unfurnished rooms, suHablo for families or single gontlomon. (\n WEST AUAMR-RT.-ONK LARGE FRONT ,\f I room and two amalloronos, with board, at $5 per eck,. - ■ ■ . • TOO THROOP-BT.-UOOMS, WITH OH WITH. Xout board, slngloor on sultosfirst-olasa place} furnlshod or unfurnished; terms rcnsonablo. m SOUTH IIALSTED-ST. —TO KENT-TWO nlooly-fumtshod front rooms, with board; also, one small room. First-class table. TQ/1 WAHRRN.AV.. CORNER WOOD-BT.-TWO lux delightful front rooms; best light and ventilation} for few single, or parly, or couples of young gouts, Bur rnnndlncsvcrv Inviting. Table superior. Terms moderate. Only ono block from MadUon-st. oars. A Q WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—PL EAB AN T .rtO rooms, with board, $6 por week; also, furnished arlor. - - . ,J 1 CCI WEST WABHINQTON-RT.—PEOPLE LOOK XOtJd ing for rooms, with nr without board, will find tho nicest and coolest In the city. Day-board $1.50.' . ift-TWERT^WARTIINWON-aT.^TCrRENT—WITH JLUXbonnl, 2 nlcoly-furutsbed chambers fur 4 gontlomon la > small private family. • l)m WEST WABHINOTON-BT.—PLEASANT ZAJx, rooms, slnglo ordoublo, with or wltliout board. 3 WITH A L kO board. OftO WEST MONROB-RT.-LAROB ROOM, COM*' Z/UUiortably furnlshod. fur gentleman and wlfo, or two gentlemen. Private family. Terms moderate, QHO WEST MONRdE-ST.. NEAR MORGAN OU u rvirga furnished room adjoining bain-room, with board; severaltablo-boardorscan bonccommodatod. QO,l WEST VAN nUR^.RT.-9LAROICWELL jT furnished rooms,' or a front room, to rent; with or without board, at reasonable ratoi. QQO WEST WASHINGTON-ST.-ROOMS WITH OOZi board for gentleman and vrllo, or single gonllo man;boat of accommodations; references.required. QQQ WEffIVRANDOLPH-ST.—NIOBLY FURNISII {jOO od rooms, with aboard; house has nil modura conveniences. Terms to suit. • A OQ WEST MONROE-ST.-PKOPLB LOOKING *-j:£ U for a delightful homo and lint-class acoommoda* lions, board, Ac., furnished rooms, ploaaocnll. /IQO WEST MADISON-ST,—TO RENT WITH , XOv board, very pleasant and novriy-furnished rooms to gentlemen and their wlroJ. or single gontlomon. Tablo boardera can bo accommodatod. • WEST ADAMSBT.-ONK' HANDSOMELY lOvyO furnished and ontrnnfurniahed room with board; .location and accommodations boat In Uio oily. S' T. CHARLES HOTEL, 48 DHMPLAINE3-BT. room and board $8 and $7 per week; tlrat-closs accom modatlooi. _________ . South Side- HLDRTDOB-COURT:—A VERY DESIRABLE furnished or unfurnished room, with board. AO HUBBARD COURT-NEW BOARDING ttO - bouso, finl-class board with moms, $4 to $6.60 per week, with uso of piano. Day board 61. Arj AND 49 UUBBARD-CODRT -FURNISHED *± | rooms, with or without board. Day boarders ao-' commodatod. __ cyoa MIOHIGAN-AV. - WITH OR WITHOUT ono or two gentlemen, or email room back, OQ/I WABASH-AV.—GENTLEMEN AND THEIR families, or single gontlomon, wishing largo pleasant rooms, with good board, can bo accommodated. OOP MIOUIOAN-AV.-A LARGE ROOM, BUltf OoD 'able for gentleman and.wife, or two or or throe gontlomon, to rent, with board; also, single room. Ror croncos required. . A (in MIOHIGAN-AV. -ONE BEAUTIFUL FRONT tLU 4 alcove room; also, ono square and single, and a aiilto of parlors, after tho Ist of July, furnished or unfur nished, with or without board. Tonus reasonable. Ant\ WABASH-AV. PLEASANT, AIRY, AND i U desirable rooms, with hot and cold baths, and first-class board. Elegant front parlor, unfurnished, suitable for gentleman and. wlfo. Day boarders accom modated. AQI MIOHIOAN-AV.—A LARGE FRONT ALCOVE \x;tvX bedroom, furnished; also, a back room on tho boo ond floor; Arab-class tablo board. A QQ WABASH-AV.—FRONT ROOM, FURNISH *Xt*U odor uniumlshod, with board; also, largo fur- Dished back room. Houso has all modern Improvements. References exchanged. A QQ SOUTH DEARBORN (BURNSIDE)-ST., BE tween Twenty-ninth and—A nlco cheerful family hotel, first-class, and positively tbo cheap* cat ratos in tho city; single rooms, SO. KA Q WABASH-AV,— A PLEASANT FURNISHED tJxO room for two to rout, with board. Also, vacancy for single gentleman. CQ rj WABASU-AV-TO RENT, WITH BOARD, A UO I pleasant front room, back parlor, and fclnglo room> for married couples or gentleman. nr\ n wabash-av. - rooms, with nick Uv/tJ board, on suite or single, with nloo board; two day boarders accommodated. QQ/t INDIANA-AV., NEAR EIGIITKENTII-ST,—A OOW parlor, or parlor suite, partly furnished, to root, with board. *IAfT,| WABASH-AV.— A SUITE OF FRONT iU f rooms, with largo closotatlaohodjalao, a largo back room, unfurnished, with or without board. 1 OOQ WABASH-AV. —A NEW YORK LADY. X.ZiA O haring rented thin nowly-furulahod house,would liko to accommodate a fow llrat-cloas boarders. T ARGE, ELEGANT FRONT ROOM, SECOND Jj Hour, furnished, with board, Inamarblo-fronthouso noarSlxtoonth-st., on Michlpan-av.; very cheap to gout and wife, or two gents.. Address LO, Tribune otlico. TVfIcniOAN.AV., NORTH OF JIVX 4 gonls who are willing to rout room together can find a very Fargo furnished front room, wit h tlrst class table, at $6 per week, by addressing Q 89, Tribune oQico. N’' BAR WITH board. Use of horsos and carriages freo; S2O to $25 por wook. Address U 61, Tribune olllco. Rooms, with first-class board, for man and wife, or two single gentlemen, in fine mansion. 11981’ralrie-av., corner Twonty-elxtb-Bt. North Side. T OP NORTH DEARBORN ST.-LAROE PARLOR. XwO with bedroom oU, unfurnished, except carpets, with liret-olaßi tablo board. Country. Desirable board oan bk obtained in the beautiful suburban Tillage of Wlnnotka at rcaaonablo rates. Address DORMITORY, Wlnnotka, 111. First-class acco.mmodations for adults may bo bad in a private family at Riverside. Address 4j 76, Tribnno otlico. ■CURST-CLASS BOARD FOR TWO FAMILIES, ONE JP hour’s ride north from Chicago on lako shore, In a pri vate family. Large, shady grounds, near depot. Rooms well furnished, and lighted with gas. Inquire at 177 Ran dolph-st., second tloor. First-class rooms to lf.t, with board. 3 minutes’ walk from depot. ISAAC L. HINDS, Hina dale. _ BQARD WANTED. BOARD-AND TWO ROOMS, ON WEST SIDE, IN a private family, by lady and gentleman (Israelites). Address, stating torma and location, J 73, Tribune ollico. Board-suite of rooms with board for gentleman and wife and two children, aged 7 and 9. Would profor being near tbo lako. between Ilftocnth and Twenty-alxth-sta. Must bo tint-class. Address, with full particulars and reference, A 48, Tribune otflou. BOARD-A PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOM FOR gentleman and wife, with board for l&dy only, in a K’ t neighborhood, whore there aro no other boarders, ross L 4, Trihuno olllue. FINANCIAL. IOANB MADE ON CITY REAL ESTATE, 6 TO *l3 J months, or purchase real estate mortgages; also loans on collaterals, houses, on leased ground, hone and rig; diamonds wanted, W. OTTAWaY, 79 Doarhoru-st. Money to loan on household furni turo, pianos, houses, ami good collaterals, at No, 113 South Clarkat,, Room 6. IC. WINNE. Money on hand to loan on improved and unimproved city property. Loans perfected without delay. McCQRD A QO., 103 Doarboni-st. Money to loan in various'sums, on oity and Cook County real estate for a term of years. CHASE A ADAMS. SO Bryan Block. . Money to loan on"oity real estate, a. 8. HUmiARD, Jn., 168 Washlngton-st. Money advanced at lasren's loan of llceslato JACOBS A C0.,0n diamonds, watches, and other valuables; 177» comer of Monroe, Room 6. Real estate, collateral, and oommer olal loans made In sums of SI,OOO to SIO.OIXI at ouj tent rates. W. M. WILLNBR, 11 Otis Block. fllO LOAN—MONEY TO LOAN ON REAL ESTATE X security in sum* of $6,000 and upwards. Inquire of DREW A NEWBURY, Rooms 8 and 9 Bryan Dl’^lr. T* 6 LOAN-MONEY ON GOOD CITY RK L 1!8- tatoat9aud 10 nor cent. Can close without delay. JOSIAIIII. BIBSELL, 46 Bryan Block. r LOAN-MONEY ON WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS, furniture, and other good collaterals. JAMES B. STOREY, M and 66 LaSaUo-at., Room 26. WANTED— GOOD REAL ESTATE PAPER. TUOS. A. HILL, 133 Dearborn-st. WANTUD-TO LOAN FOR A TERM OF YEARS, SB,OOO on real estate worth $70,000, situated outside of Chicago, Address or call at Room 17, Oriental Build* big, 133 LaHallo-st. WANTED-«C00 AGAINST THE ‘BEST OF PEU YY soual property security and good Interest, for 4 months. GEO. M. MILLER & CO.. Law and Real Estate Office, 145 West Madlaou-st. WANTED-TO LOAN-S2IX). WILL GIVE GOOD If security, or borad a good person. Address L 7, Tribune office. ClOh nnn TO LOAN IN SUMS OF $5,000 OR estate security. Apply to R. 11. FORRESTER, Attor, Metropolitan Block. c*h,| nAn PuhoiTa& 1J *M ON E Y NOTES, IK sums of S6OO to SB,UOO, foreale, suoured by trust-deed. O. W. RIUUUN, fhlMouroo-st., Roam 3. d; lnn nnn 'TO LOAN ON FIRST-CLASH CITY faXUU.UUU security. F. E. SHANDUEW, 85 Waahingtan-st. PERSONAL. TJERSONAL— SOIIOEFFENR, FROM BIN* X gen, is required to call at 13 South Wator-st., whore a lady front Han Francisco la desirous to sou him. INFORMATION WANTED. INFORMATION WANTED-THE BISTER OF MR. 8. J. Knight has lust arrived from Cornwall, England, is stopping at Rail Road House, No*. 80 and 8J Sherman* st., Chicago, and would to glad for a call or hi* address Immediately. W HELP. Bdoklcoosiorai Olorka. Etc* TXTANTRD BALBBMBN IN TUB WESTERN VV States and Territories by a boot and ataoe jobbing house i only those nood apply who can inilnonoo a largo trade ami are thoroughly acquainted with the business. Address, with reference#, P. O. Box 9717 Now York, ANTItD-SALKRMAN—BY A BOSTON BOOT and shoo lobbing house, n salesman with an estab lished trade In Wisconsin and Minnesota, and also nno for Southern lowa and Nebraska. Address Box 2,661, Boston, Mass. _____ WANTED— A COMPETENT. DRUGGIST AB PRK* sorlpllon clerk i must spook English, Gorman, and gWo good references. Address WOT, 'lrlbunooCioo. accurate and a good penman. References re quired. Address W 09, Tribune ofllco. WANTED-A GOOD RETAIL CLOTHING SALES, man. Address R. 8. WILCOX, 161 and INI Olark-st. TTTANTED-A TIIOROUOALY POSTED, RAPID, VV and correct bill clerk for a wholesale grocery. Ad dross W 9, Tribune oUlco. Trades* WANted-an aeoiiiteotueaii nnAuaiiTS VV man.. Steady employment to an qtHolont man. For particulars address immediately Lock Box 8017 Terra llauSo, Ind. WANTED - A CARRIAGE-TRIMMER IMMEDI* atoly, who understands light harnoss-maklng: good > wncos by the piece or week. Como to FRANK MILLER, Inolauola, Vermilion County, III* • WANTED-GOOD CABINnT.MAKBRa .FOR THE VV country. Apply personally, between I aud 3Thurs day. K. UIUIIAUpb. 121 East Elgbtoonth-at.- W*“ ANTED—TO-DAY-BINDER, WHO IS OOMPE tent at cutting, ruling, and numbering. Apply to Union Lithographing Company, Nos. 1 to 9 Mlohlgan-av., WANTED— A YOUNG MAN WHO HAS HAD from Bto 19 months' experience In priming busl nass. Inquire Room 18 Central Onion Blook. [Xtantdd-a oaruiaob woodworkman at VV 175 West Adams-st. •• • . WANTED-A BOY TO LEARN THE HARNESS trade. Apply at 901 West Madlson-st. WANTED-A MAN WHO THOROUGHLY UN* demands the propagation of ornamental stock: roses, dowers, oto., under glass, to take chargo of this dopartmout la an lowa nursery: references required. Ad dress W 100, Tribune ofllco, giving your address. WANTED— IN WHOLESALE CHAIR HOUSE, 211 and 918 East Monroo-st., young man who tmdor slauds driving up and handling chairs. Apply atonco.. ITANTED—BAKER. APPLY TO THOMSON * V TEMPLBXON, atonco. 213Randolph-st. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS SIGN WRITER. A. STEMPEL, 188 East Mndlson-st. • WANTED— IMMEDIATELY, AN EXPERIENCED vlnogar maker; a man that nmlorstands thoroughly how to make vinegar from (train nod limit 1 , a first-class, man can not a goud situation and Tory Rood salary. Good references required. Address, stating full name and roildonoo, L 74, Tribune office. WANTED - A FIUST-OLABB STKAM-FITTER, VV. one who thoroughly understands hlsburitioss; nnno nlhora need apply. 169 iCrio-st., oomor Wells. U. ASH FIELD’S Steam Fitting and Hand.ltalllng Shop. WANTED— FIIIST-OLABB WOOD KNOUAVERS AT 110 Monroo-st., Room 6. OLINB A KUHN. WANTED— GOOD FEEDERS OF GORDON presses, at Printers' Exchange, No. 0 Ttlbuno Building. J. W. DEAN. • Conohxnon. Teiunators. &o. TVrANTED-AN. UNMARRIED MAN; COLORED, ,II as coachman j must cqmo well recommended. Ap ‘ply to*day between 12 and 1 at 146 South Bahgamon-st. Employment Agencies. WANTED— 600 LABORERS AND 100 FOR STATION work at big prices; bark poolers,, woodohonpors. Ap ply at 269 Randolph-st., Lind Block. (J, V. SNELL, Agent. WANTED—2OO RAILROAD LABORERS FOR WIS VV ennsln, #2.20 per day: 60 farm and sawmill hands. ANGELL A COAKER, 3l West Randolph-st. WANTED-TO LEAVE TO-DAY, 800 LABORERS, good wages, company work, plenty station work, from IS to SO cents per yard. Saw-mill bands, and bark poolers, and 60 teams, $4 per day, froo fare: also an active man as partner in a restaurant, small capital required. Apply to A. ANDERSON 4 CO., No. 16 South Canal-st. Itoom 1> ■ ■ WANTED-25 RAILROAD MEN, #3 PER DAY; 8 teams, $4 por day; free fare; must leave to*day. 60 West Randolph-st., Itoomß. WANTED—TWENTY-FIVB SAW-MILL HANDS VV to leave this day by steamer; wages $3 per day ; steady work. Also 100 railroad laborers; companywork and tree faro. Apply at 874 South Watoe-st. SHAW 4 CO. - WANTED—TO LEAVE TO-DAY-100 MEN FOR VV construction train in Mlchlgon; froo faro; also, 600 for Ohio and Indiana; one year's work; also, saw-mill bands, farm bands, choppers, bark-poolers.' and quarry men. For particulars and transportation, apply to CHRISTIAN 4 BING, 1 South Olark-st. .Miscellaneous, WANTED— A WASHER AND MEN TO WORK ON stook at GROSSMAN 4 CO.'S Livery, Boarding and Solo Stables, 414 to 418 Wort Randolph-at. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS EXPERIENCED PER son to assist a lecturer. No nonsense like a Chris tian, temperance, drunkard, or dlssontlst person need to apply. Direct JT, Tribune office. WANTED— SOLICITORS AND AGENTS FORTHE "Penn Mutual Life Ins. C 0.," of Philadelphia, In Northern Illinois. Office, 66 Washington-st., Chicago. WANTKD-MEN IN EVERY TOWN, COUNTY, VV and State; biggest chance over offered to roako money. Our articles ore new, and sell at sight. If you wanttomako money In allght-and pleasant business, don't fall to call at 99 East Madlaon-st., Room 6. WANTED-MEN OUTOP EMPLOYMENT TO CALL on JONES 4 00., 71 South Oanal-st.; S3O to S4O a week sure money. WANTED— A MAN WELD ACQUAINTED WITH city trade to soli Tollot Boa pa oa a liberal oommls altm or salary. Pioneer Manufacturing Co., 61 and 63 Caual-81. WANTED— A GOOD BUSINESS MAN, WITH 88.000 capital, either as partner or otherwise, lu a business vrhoro tbo annual inoomo will bo guaranteed at $3,000 por annum, and Iho capital secured by real estate. Address H V, caro of Gorman American Advertising Agency, cor- tor ’Madison and LaSallo-sts. W*" ANTED—A PRACTICAL MILLER, WITH $3,000 capital, to take entire charge of tine steam custom mills, as working partner, whoro the capital Invested by the Bleeping partner is over $23,000, which will remain In tho concern without Interest ns against the other's labor. W X, Gorman American Advertising Agency, corner Madison and LaSaUo-sta. WANTED— MEN TOR LIGHT WORK. SITU at lons furnishod in city; also man In ollico. with S4OO, at 178 Stato-st., Room 13. WANTED— MEN OF ANY AGE. IN CITY AND country, to soil our non-oxploslvo fur koroaono oil. Costs Band Irt cents; sells for 23 and 60 ooato; $3 to sls a day. A. KAY, £5 west Loko-at. WANTED— TO-MORROW MORNING. AT THE corner of Wabash-av. and Twouty-slxth-st., SO good laboring men, to whom g<md wages will bo paid and steady work alt tho reason. McQLINUEY A MERIOOLD. •v\ rANT BP —FOUR SEWING MACHINE MEN. VV Call West Madlson-st. wJiKTEI)""-rEMALE HELP. 1! Domestics- X\T ANTE')—A GOOD GIRL FORGENERALHOUSB -11 worlc In a small private family; must bo a good laundress; \ will pay good wagos. Apply at 773 West Adauis-st. \ ■ ■ 1 ■ ANTED- A SWEDE, GERMAN, NORWEGIAN, nr oulardv' woman to cook for a small private family. Tho highest w.gos paid. Call at 7d Twcnty-slxth-st. after dinner. \ ANTED-A '■ GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND Irooor, at 601 Mlchigan-av. . WANTK*-A GOOD GIRL. ONE THAT OAN cook, wash, and Iron, at 64 Twenty*foarth-st. WANTED-A COMPETENT GIRL TO DO HOUSE VV work; Gorman, Hwodo, or Norwegian; references ro quire J; wages $4. Call at 217 South Qroon-st. WANTED-A GOOD SCANDINAVIAN OR OER tnan girl for general housework; family small; resi dent outsldo slty llmita; good placo for right person; terms must bo reasonable. Address A 57, Tribune ollico. WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSI work In a family of two. Call at 47 Forroet-av. ANTED-A GOOD GIRT, ONE WHO UNDER dorstands cooking, washing, and ironing, for a small private family; host of wages paid to one who oan come well recommended to 314 west Monroe-st. WANTED-A GERMAN GIRL FOR GENERAL housework. Inquire at 63d South Halstod-st., in grocery storm WANTED-A GIRL TO GO IN THE COUNTRY with a private family, will bo required to wait on tablo and run a Urovor & Baker sowlng-machlno. Inquire at 618 Michlgan-av. VV ANTED—A COMPETENT GIRL FOR GENERAL Vv housework; must he good cook, washer, and honor; good wagos; no children. References required. Call Thursday, at 729 West Woshlngton-st. TITANTItD—SECOND GIRL: ALSO NURSE FOR VV 1 children. Inquire at 939 Mlchlgan-av. WANTED-A GOOD COOK, AT 0 NORTH SUED dou-st. WANTED— A GIRL TO DO THE COOKING AND washing for small family on South Side. Call at 64 Langloy-av., or 188 and 140 LaSnllo-Bt., basement office. i lArANTED-A SERVANT GIRL, APPLY AT 1661 VV South HaUtod-at. WANTED— A COMPETENT GIRL TO DO WASII ing, Ironing, and cooking. Apply at 839 West Wajjh- Ingtou-st. ' WANTED—A GOOD COOK AND A WOMAN TO VV takooliargoof children, at SSI West Washington' it. Apply after 10 a. m> WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS COOK, WASHER, and honor snono others need apply. Call In tho forenoon nt lU6 Prnlrlo-av. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO COOK, WASH, VY and Iron in a private family: good wages and steady employment. Inqiro at 1061 Wabasb-av. lAfANTED-AT 109 WEST WABIIINGTON-BT., YV two good girls { ono as dining-room girl, and tho othor to do general housework and assist In cooking, Como In the morning. ■\,I>ANTED-A OlllL IN A FAMILY OP TWO PER VV sons. 1818 Pralrto-av. . WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO COOK, WASH, AND Iron. Apply at 1316 lodlsns-a?.' - WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework, at 165 West Van Buron-st.; good wages paid {call to-day. ■ WANTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE- Vr work; good wages. Apply at 17 South Sangamon* at., throo doors from Madison. WANTED— AT 47 SOUTH OURTIB-BT., A WOMAN to cook lu a private boarding-house. WANTED-A OIUL EOU OENKUAL IIODSE work in a small famlly;mn«tbeagood cook, washer, and honor, and havo- city raforooces. Apply Inunedl* atoly at fl&lX West WasblngUm-it. ’ WANTED-A aim. TO DO GENERAL HOUHE work; good wagosandsteady omploymoat. 665 nest Wasblugtou-wt. TAT ANTED—A GOOD COOK. TO A PARTY WHO IT understands tho business good wages will bo paid. 813 West WashlngUm-st. Lauudrensofl. W.rANTED-3 IRONERS AND 1 WASHWOMAN IN it tho morning at 191 South Clark-st. WANTED - THURSDAY MORNING - LADIES’ V V clothes and shirt honors, 863 West Madlsou-st., Jof forson Park laundry. ———— WnruoH- ■WANTRD-NUUBE GIRL; BEST OF .RRFRR II uncos required. Apply at 299 Mlchlgan-uv., Wednos day a»ul Thursday, between l and 4 p.jn. , WANTED-A WET NURSE GIRL AT 81 ILLINOIS •(.« North Side. WANTED-FEMALE HELP. SimmstroMOs. TXTANTED—ONE FIRBT«OLAHS OPKHATOJI ON W tim Whoolor A Wilson machine, at 0. W. AE. PARDUIDQK A Co.*B. 121 Stato-st. TITANTED—THREE FIRST-CLASS HANDS TO VV tow ladles’ undonvoar with tholrowu sowing tun* chine. No. 085 South Olark-st. TITANTEU-A FIRST-CLASS LAUNDRY WOMAN vv in a private boardlog-houso, Apply at 63 South Morgan-st. _____ Honsolcoonor»< •tJfTANTED-A NEAT AMERICAN LADY, WIL vT ling to do (ho worknf a widower's family] pond, pleasant homo at moderate salary. W3, Tribune nßlco. Employment Agencies. WANTED-OBIIMAN ANDSOANDINAVIAN GIRLS for private families and hotels, at 60 Mllnaukoa-av, No foes. WANTED-A BWEDECOOK AND SECOND GIRL] vT also 10 first-class girls for houso servants. Mni. Patch having recovered from her lata sickness, Is toady for girls} come one, come nil ]no foes, lf>&6 Stato-st. WANTED-A 6'dobGIRLFORPRIV ATEi'AMTLYT to go to Ulnsdalo. Apply to MRS. BATES, 10 Pock-court. Misoollaneons. WANTED-TWO GIRLS TO LEARN TYPE-SKT tiog on book-work. Chargo for Inslruotinu modor ate. Address PRINTING, Tribune ofllco. WANTItb— TWO YOUNG LADIES WHO WRITfI a rapid hand, t« address circulars. Apply Imtnudl- Atoly. LESLIE UOFFLKR CO.. 1W SITUATIONS WANTED--MAUE. Bookkeepers, Clerks. &o. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN OP good address, ns bookkeeper or olork In some whole sale store! not afraid of work] good roforoncos given] wages not such an object os to learn tho business. Call, or,address J B IC. lafWost llarrlson-st., lor three days. QITUATION WANTED-THE ADVERTISER (31 kJ years of ago), who has had 13 years' experience In tna retail general merchandise business, desires an Indoor situation; wages not so rauch'of an obloobas steady em ployment. Can adapt himself toanyollioo work, and loan employers a few thousand dollars. Address B 71, Trib une otllco. ■ SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN OF 4 O years' experience In a retail store, In n wholesale houso; not afraid of work; salary nut so much of anob iuot ns steady employment; speaks English and Uonnau. load reference furnished. Addrooa O B E, Tribune ofllco.: SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GERMAN, who has good oxporionoo In tbo grocery business, and is willing to work. Address A 49. Tribune ofllco. , SITUATION WANTED—AS BOOKKEEPER, COPY- O lit, or any position in an ulUoo or inotcantilo bull* noss, by a steady, active young man. wlio is a good pan* man,- and understands (hn EnglHn and German ton* guagos. Address L 6, Tribnno ollico. , SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG, UK* spoolftblo Scandinavian, Just Arrlvod In tbo city from the Northwest, in an office or wholesale business; should prefer railroad business, whore ho has 8 yean'export* once. Address Al, Tribune oftico. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN IN a grocery store; hist arrlvod from Ireland; of good address; nob afraid of work; has had 4 years' experience. Address 8 T, 768 Indlana»av. CITUATION WANTED-BY A GERMAN DRUGGIST O In some retail drug store; has had over 4 years' export* once; host of references. Address LI, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN OF steady habits, with some good firm: boon in drug bust* ness boro a number of years; not particular tbo kind o( business; has a largo acquaintance west, and would not • object to traveling. Address 813, Tribune office. S“ ITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, IN A wholesale or retail Jewelry boose; baa had four years' experience, and oanenmo well recommended from last employers. Address A 61, Tribune office. . SITUATION WANTED-UYA RESPECTABLE MAN In any capacity whore bo can make himself nsolut; understands bookkeeping and all ollico work, salary not so much an object as a steady place; best of references. Address W 7, Tribune ollico. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNQ MAN AS clerk In a store, or light porter, or any similar capacity; could fill a position of trust. Address W 96, Tribune of fice. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN IN some wholesale store, or ollico, for either out or inside work; oily references given If wanted. Address 721 West Madison-st. Trades* SITUATION | IWANTKD-BY A FIRST-OLAB3 sculptor from Paris. Torra cotta, bronze, model molt ing ana ornamental figures a specialty. Baltsfaotioa guaranteod. Best of reference. Address U 76, Tribune olfico. • . SITUATION WANTED—AS ENGINEER— HAVE bad2oyears' experience; understand high and low pressure. Boat of city references. Apply 663 South Hal stod-st. SITUATION WANTED—IN SOME TAILORING DE parlrannt. by a first-class outtor (Scandinavian) 30 years old, with 10 yean' experience In tbo cutting; has good references. Please address JOP, 24 West Oak-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A THOROUGH AND . practical printer and good Itcmlzor, as local manager or foreman of some reliable country weekly. Unexcep tional references from present employers. Address Lie, Tribune office. • Ooaolunon, Teamsters. &o. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNQ MAN, AS coachman in a private family. Ploaso call or addron J, 280 West Lako-«t. SITUATION WANTED —BY A FIRST-CLASS coachman that has long experience and well acquaint od in tbo city. Please address L 99, Tribune ollico. SITUATION WANTED —BY A YOUNG MAN (Swede) os first-class coachman, has had several years' experience, of sober and steady habits, Is nol afraid to work; beet of references. Ploaso address W 4, Tribune office. MlsooUrmocms. QITUATION WANTED-BY A DANISH MAN; UN* O dorstands good English, well acquainted with bit buslnoia; good references. Address LA, Tribnno ollico. SITUATIONS V/ANTED-PEMAL3 Domestics. Situations wantkd-by two first-class cooks, ono as llrst cook, tho other as second: also a girl for general housework, and ono for second work. Ad dress 79 tluron-st. QITUATION WANTED-BY A GERMAN GIRL O to do second work in a tlrst-olass private family. Cali at hardwaro store, 012 Stato-st. SITUATION WANTED—BY A NORWEGIAN girl In a small American family; general housework. Address 188 North Ourtls-st., up-atairs. QITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO DANISH GIRLS O who don’t understand much English, to do general housework in a small American family. Apply at 3d West Erto-st., in tho roar, . QITUATION WANTED-BY A CANADIAN GIRL, O to do second work in a first-class private family. Can bo soon at her late employer's, 833 North Ohioago-av., foi two days. • y QITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD GIRL FROM O the country to do gonoral housework in prlvnto family; good roforencoa. Address or call at 85 East IClnzlo-st. Seamstresses* QITUATION WANTED—AS SEAMSTRESS IN FAM- O Hies; terms reasonable. Call or address 850 West Madison-st. Nurses. SITUATION WANTED-A WET NURSE DESIRES an oagogomoat. Apply at Room 9. 145 South Clurk-at, Employment Atrenoios, SITUATIONS WANTED—FAMILIES IN WANT OF good Scandinavian and Gorman help can bo supplied at Mrs. DUSKE’S olMoo, 60 MUwaukoo»av. QITUATIONS WANTED-MRS. WHITTAKER HAS Q some good cooks, second girls, and others, wanting places, tho best of help, at2BSOhlcago'-av. SITUATIONS WANTED—FOR TWO COLORED girls; have good cooks, and Gorman girl lot second* work. MRS. BALKAM’S Othco. 885 Wabash-av. Miscellaneous. QITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY WHO IS A O good penman; would Invent S2OO whore It would sccuro her a lair salary. Good references given and required. Address, with full particulars, J 72. Tribune ollico. HORSES AND CARRIAGES. A GOOD PONY PHAETON, ALL IN ORDER, VERY cheap at SIOO. Call at 73 Doarbom-st., main lloor. A SLACK BUGGY HORSE, 7 YEARS OLD. GOOD traveler, and very stylish, for sale, at 37 East Klu* tlo-st. A NY MAN WISHING A READY MARKET FOR J\. horses and oarrl&gos, will find such a place at 281 and £t>3 Stato-st.; tbo host of stabling and care, with plenty ol purchasers at tholrlroal valuoj salo stables of horses, bug. gios and harness. BRADLEY & WILLS. * ■bOARDINO STABLES—I HAVE RECENTLY X> enlarged and rolltted my stables; can acoommodato ft few more boarding-horses at reasonable rates. Hornes kopton first and second lloors. Call and oxamlno same. BASSETT'S, 19 and 31 Uarraon-court, botwoon Wabash andMtohlgsn*»va. Barouches, victories, rock aw ays, phar. too, jump-seats, Blldo-aeats, and a groat variety nl top and open buggies. H. U. HILL, 97 and 13 South OlloUm-st. BOARDINO STABLE-BEST ACCOMMODATIONS and moderato prices; no basement stalls. I. S. COOPKRAGO., tiff Wahash-av. (roar), entrance from Hubbard and Peek-courts. TJUGOIE9 AND CARRIAGES OP EVERY DR. JJ soriptlon, with or without horses, by tho day, week, month, or year, I' pOR BALK-A USEFUL BLACK GELDING, fl ! years, 1,800 lbs; kind and good Inevory respect. 317 Asbland-av., orO. W. DEAN, ItO South Clark-nt. FOR SALK-CARRIAGE, HAMBURG CURTAIN rookuway, bung on combination C and elliptic springs, handsomely furnished, weight 626 lbs; has boon run but a short time. Call at Barn, rear 073 Wabash-uv., between 6 and 7 p.ra. ■ rnou SALE—BY J. R. BROOKMAN, 190 TWENTY JD sooond-st.—Tho loose and stock of a good paying livery stable, well established, upon liberal tonus. IJIOH BALK-ONE HEAVY pUAUOIIT HOUSE, U also one good buggy horse, just from tho country. Vo. 100 West Moaroo-st. ■ isldll OF HEAVY HAY HORSES X' from tho country. Can bo soon at 160 Mllwaukoe-av. OR"hXIR—aTpHAETON-STYLE BUGGY, NEAR, ly now, at J. D. EASTER A CO.’S. 70 South Canal* st. I BOR SALE—LUMBER TEAM, COMPLETE, CHEAP ■ for cash. Inquire at 130 North Canal-st. IBOR BALE—HORSE, WAGON, AND * suitable for grooerlos, 713 West Waalihigton-st. /-tOOD PASTURAGE FOR HORSES AT STONY lx Island farm, la Uydo Park. $1 per week. IS. Q. CLARK. rtO TO HATHAWAY'S, Art) BTATK-ST., TO BUY UT tho finest light top-buggy lu tho city for lowest price. Horses and oarriaq'eh-wantbd to trade solid gold watch and chain (now) for hnano and buggy, or hoarao; will pay dllluronco. WWost Lako-eL _ The best in the p'iTyr bright hay, 16>d hands, weighs 1.100, good goer, stands without hltculng, (or sale. Room 47, South Clark-st. _____ WANTED-A FINE PAIR OP WELL-MATCHED carriage horses. In oxohango for nrst-claii real ostato, oVWI payoasti. WARREN, KEENEY Jk CO., 160 Doarboru-st. • WANTED-A NEW OR SECOND-HAND (IN GOOD order) top buggy. Address, to-day, J 1, Tribune W- ANTBD-A GOOD BUHINEBB HORSE. WEIOIL lug not loss than 1,200 lbs, lu exchange for a bind, sumo gold watch and chain: cost $176; wUI lWy r ‘i I 2ST snou, If any, Apply from 4to fl p.m. of J. U, WILLEYi fin, M Wwt A<Uuu*(.i uw OwutU 7

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