Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 20, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 20, 1873 Page 3
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THE COURTS. town of Lake View t. Roschill Cemetery Particulars of ilio Cause. The Liability of Ship-Owners for Damages Sustained by tho Negligence of an Employe, The Estate of Kale & Cohn—Another Healy Slough Suit for $30,000 Damages. Kotos in Bankruptcy-Tho Criminal and County Courts—Tho Nows Condensed. Tho caso of tho Town of Lako \iow v. Rose bill Cemetery .Company, from Cook County. Cir cuit Court, ordered by tho Supremo Court to 1 bo redocketod, was decided by Jndgo Williams in tho Juno term, 1872. Tho case is ordered ro docketed for the purpose of being ro-arguod.! ■ The bill filed in tho case was to prevent the defendant from extending tho cemetery beyond its present Inclosuro upon tho sixty-six acre's adjacent on tho wost, and tho thirty contiguous acres upon tho north, .which wore purchased by it in tho year 1800, but have never boon used' as a place of burial, nor surrounded by any fence. Tho bill also prayed for a temporary Injunction, which was granted, to prevent tho defendant from obstructing,a certain highway which Inter sected a portion of tho sixty-six acres: north| of and adjoining tho defendant's enclosure. By tho act of tho Legislature of tho 20th March, 16G0, the ordinances of tho Town of Lako Ylow then In force, in roforonco to 'tho restriction of cemeteries, was ratified, and thus raised to tho dignity of laws. Tho Court,' in deciding tho issue, considered tho only question for sottlo moot was, whether tho Stato, by virtue of its po lice power, could tako from tho defendant tho powers it had granted by tho act of incorpora tion. Buch police power, tho Court thought, could only ho oxorted for tho comfort and well being of tho governed. It is to bo invoked by every member of tho community, but only as a shield. It Is to bo employed hr tho Btato in de fense of rights, but never for tho perpetration of injustice. Tho power is limited in its exor cise to regulations for tho safety and wolfaro of aocioty, and any extension beyond this was not authorised. Tho defendant’s charter authorized it to acquire land to an extent not exceeding 500 acros, for burial purposes, and tho Court hold that tho public would bq benefited by such an undertaking, which was a necessity arising out of tho civilization and culture of the ago; and that, untlitho defendant in somo way inter fered with tho comfort or wolfaro of society, tho Btato could not employ its police power.. Taking this view, His Honor dissolved tuo injunction, and dismissed tho bill for want of equity, at complainant’s costs. The dual result is looked for with interest. LIABILITt OF SHIP-OWNERS, In tbo suit, Malono v. tho Northwestern Trans portation Company and tho Now York Central Railroad Company, tho question arose whether one omployo of a corporation has a remedy against tho corporation for injuries caused by tho negligence of another omployo. Tho case camo up yesterday on demurrer, In the United States Circuit Court, Judgo Blodgett presiding. His Honor sustained the demurrer. Ho gave a brief history of the. facts as presented by the pleadings. Tho defendants woro owners of a vessel engaged in carrying freight. Tho Slalutiff was employed on board tbo vessel by no defendants or thoir agents in unloading hor cargo, when ho fell through au open hatch way and received injuries, for which ho now sought damages. Tho Court road authorities establishing that owners were liable for damages whore tho vessel wan defective in her construc tion and injuries resulted from such defects, or where they employed incompetent officers, to whoso neglect of duty tho accident might bo at tributed. Thoro was no charge iu this case that tho vessel was defective in hor construction, or that tho owners had not employed efficient and competent officers. It was not charged that the hatchway was improperly constructed. Tho plaintiff was employed on tho implied understanding that ho was a capable man to perform the labor of unloading a vessel; it was therefore reasonable to suppose that bo knew what a hatchway was, and whore it was. that it was open part of tho time when tho yossol was in port for tho purpose of unloading, and that when it was not closed at proper times it was at his own risk and peril, that ho passed it. His negligence in not knowing that tlio hatch way was open at a particular time was at least as groat as that of tho deck-hands who had improp erly loft it open. It surely was not tho duty of tho Captain or tho Mato personally to oloso tho hatchway 1 Tho presumption was that tho hatch way would ho open while tho vessel was unload ing, and tho plaintiff, as a mail' en gaged on board, was supposed to know ft, and to govern himself accordingly. In tho sight of tho law in this Stato tho duty of tho ship-owner is performed when ho has pro vided a good and suitable vessel, commanded and worked by capable officers. Probably three fourths of tho acoidonts that occurred on ship board wore tho result of somo one on board fad ing to do tho right thing at tho critical moment. Were tho owners to bo held liable for all suoh accidents, arising from causes they could neither foresee, prevent, nor control ? They could not, in'tho opinion of the Court, be made responsible for such acts on the part of tbo hands. It was not reasonable, nor was it contemplated, by the laws of this State. Tho demurrer must be sus tained. Mr. Cummings, for the plaintiff, representing’ that the ruling of the Court moot have been upon some imperfections in the pleadings, asked leave to amena, which was granted. A $10 J oob_TßEßPAfla_flUlT. The case of A. W. Crosby v. P. W. Oates came op before Judge Blodgett in tbo United (States Circuit Court yostorday morning on several de murrers which had boon filed on both sides. In this case the plaintiff suos Mr. Gatos, who ia a well-known citizen of Chicago, President of the' old Eagle Manufacturing Works, and prominent in aeverai charitable institutions, in on notion of trespass, claiming SIO,OOO damages, In his declaration the plaintiff claims !n sub stance tuat Mr. Gatos, “with force and arms,” entered into his (plaintiff's) premises,— a foundry on the West Side,—and took and car ried away property of groat value, including steam engines, boilers, and a largo amount of machinery and tools, sot forth in detail in the declaration, and converted the samo to his own use. There wore several pleas filed by tbo de fendant; among thorn were pleas settingup that tbo premises belonged to the defendant, wore his own “close and freehold." Then plaintiff filed replications, sotting up lease from Gatos to Crosby, Overman Co., and demurred to somo of defendant’s pleas, aud the defendant in turn demurred to tho replications. Those demurrers were argued by Mr. W. T. Burgess for the plaintiff, and Mr. John W. Ela for Mr. Gates. The pleadings wore very complex. The only Inportant ques tion raised by the demurrers was as to who was tho lessor in tho lease of tho foundry. It pur porting in tho commencement of it to bo tho lease of tbo “ Chicago Bad Iron Company," aud being signed “P. W. Gatos, President." Tho Court, after going ovor the pleadings to some extent, hold that it was the lease of the defend ant. Tliis caso ia on tho trial calendar for tho present terra, and will probably ho reached for trial in a few days. THE ESTATE OF KALB A COHN. Samuel E. Dale, Assignee of tho estate of Goorgo Kalo A Louis Cohn, yesterday brought suit in trespass and trover, damages SIO,OOO, against Foreman & Friodlaondor, copartners, for breaking into their premises and seizing a quantity of cloth, etc., on tho 25th of September last, or within four mouths of tho filing of the petition in bankruptcy against Kalo A Cohn, said premises being situuto No. 47 Congress street, tbo value of tho goods being placed at $3,000. .. Tho samo Assignee brought another suit, against James Bcuulof, damages SIO,OOO, for receiving and disposing of o quantity of bank rupts' stock, on the 25th of Boptemuor last, or within four months of Kale A Cohn’s bank ruptcy, valued at SI,OOO, well knowing at tho time that Hale A Cohn woro insolvent, and act ing under a Judgment on a note givou with in tent to secure said Schulof a preference. IM EANKBUPTOr, The Assignee of the firm of Doado. Brewster A Co., yesterday, reported a balance in hand of $40.00. Tho stock haa not boon sold. Tho re port was approved, subject to tho objections to bo filed by Monday next. In tho matter of Johnß. Luce, tho petition ing creditor jostorday prayed tho Court for on ordor for tho examination of Goorgo Ryan, Esther 0. Lnco, Amanda Luce, and John B. Luce, representing that their claims against tho ostaloaro fraudulent, and an ordor was mado accordingly. Lemuel 11. Florehoira yesterday petitioned for tho restoration of 'hie Certificate of discharge, which wasdoatroyod in tho October lire, and, tho Register having reported, tho order leaned. A motion of Benjamin Welsh, yesterday, to Bet aside warrant of soizuro wan overruled. Proceedings against E. B. Lincoln woro dis missed, or motion of tho attorneys, unless ob jections aro filed by Monday. UEALY RLOUCH1 — A $30,000 SUIT. Another Hoaly Slough suit was yesterday commenced In tho Circuit Court. Benjamin and Hamuel Schoouomann, tho owners of Lot 1 in Barnard & Evans* Subdivision of Block 2, of south fractional part of Section 29, T. 30. N.R. 14 E. of 8 P. M., fllo their bill against tho Chicago A Alton Railroad Company, and allege tho facts, already generally known, with regard to tho llokly Slough | tho original contract of tho Joliet <lb Chicago Bailroad Company to bridge; it with movable bridges; tho absorption of that railroad by tho present defendant: tho building of tho fixed bridge, and tho subsequent use lessness of tho Slough as a dock. Tho complainants claim that they aro damaged to tho bxtontof SBO,OOO, their bill winding up with tho. usual demand tnat tho defendant may bo ordered to scciflcally perform tho contract en tered into with Mosers. Barnard & Evans, tho original owner of complainants* property. CRIMINAL COURT ITEMS. Daniel Bcott pleaded guilty to larceny, and was sentenced to 20 days in (ho common jail. Edward Goran and william McQraw wore tried by a jury for tho larceny of a freezer, * MoQraw was found guilty, and Goran was acquitted. > } James Reynolds pleaded guilty to larceny, and was rematmod for sentence. ( r. Thomas Ilyan-waa tried on a charge of larceny of clothing, and was found guilty and remanded for sentence. John Casey pleaded guilty to stealing a horso and buggy, which he tried ineffectually to, dis pose of. Ho was remanded for sentence. ' Frederick Schroodor was tried on a charge of forgery and found guilty. Prisoner took a npto signed by ono,Myers, and got it discounted by a friend. Whbri it fell duo, tho friend discovered that Myers was a myth, and Sohroodor was soon after arrested. Ho was defended by tho ever present Qrooloy, who waxed unusually eloquent on prisoner’s- behalf, bnt tho jury decided pris oner should retire to Joliet for two years. COUNTY COURT. ■ Ann Korman was yesterday appointed adminis tratrix of tho ostato of tho Joto Lambert Korman, under a bond, to bo approved, of $3,000. Tho will of John Sandorlego was proven, and letters testamentary woro‘ granted to Catherine Adaberd Sandorlago, under a bond, to bo approv ed, of SIO,OOO. Alice Green was appointed administratrix of tho estate of tho late Francis Donohue, under a bond, to bo approved, of $2,200. TO ATTORNEYS. Several lawyers having on hand a stock of that class of case, a hearing of which it is de sirable to postpone as long ns possible, are ob jecting to have thorn tried before tbo temporary Judges, lu the hope of gaining more time there by. It may Interest those concerned to state that Jndgo Gary-yesterday remarked that ho .would try all such cases, if ho had to stay up all night to accomplish it. There is no doubt that in this decision tho Judgo moans business. Judgo Murphy, by his rapid decision of points submitted to aim, and his generally onorgotio stylo of getting through business, is already creating a very favorable impression, SUSAN BENIN SUES TOE “AOADE MX ” I*oll SI,OOO. Susan Bonin commenced suit in replevin in the Superior Court against John Muir: the Treasurer of tbo Academy of Muslo, for tao re covery of SI,OOO. Complainant alleges that tho defendant had in his posossion two packages of money of S6OO each sent to her enclosed m tho American Union Express Company’s envelopes, and addressed “Miss Susan Bonin, care of Academy of Music, Chicago, 111.” There woro no further particulars givon. THE COUlirS IN BRIEF. Tho City of Ohlcago begins a suit of eject ment in the Superior Court against Thomas Hays to got posossion of that part of Lincoln street iu S. J. Walker's dook addition to Chicago, l3iug botwoen Blocks 12 and 13 of said addition,' and bounded north and south by fences placed aerbsa said street by defendant. In Judgo Murphy's room, the ease of Boem savoll v. Calviu Guay ot al. camo up for trial. This is an action brought by plaintiff to recover, on a SI,OOO bond, to guarantee payment of ft dobt.. A verdict was rendered for plaintiff for the dobt, SI,OOO, and for damages, $265.97. In case of E. O. Trussing ot al. v. Thomas Moulding and E. Harlaud,.au action, in assump sit, was commenced before Judge Murphy yes terday, and will bo concluded this morning. In Judgo FarwolTs room was commenced tho suit of Field, King & Co. v. tho Chicago, Dan ville A Vincennes Bailroad Company. This is an action brought by plaintiffs for tho recov ery of $54,000. commissions for negotiating tho Company,s drat mortgage bonds. Plaintiffs succeeded in-negotiating them to the amount of $1,086,000, and tho Company refused to mako an account with them, on tho ground that they had broken tho original contract. Walter 8. Boglo and Samuel F. White file thoir petition in tho Superior Court against P. A. Loftus and Cyrus 11. McCormick for a mechan ics’- lion upon Lot 10, of subdivision of Lot 6, Block 38, original Town of Chicago, fronting 100 foot on north side of Washington street, and 100 feet, more or less, on tho oast side of Clark street, and buildings iberoon, the amount of .claimants' claim being $809.10. John H. Boeso, Coroner of Will County, be gins an. action of debt in tho Superior Court against John M. French, Charles G. French, Frank French, Albert W. Nichols, and Lowis L. Coburn, on a $1,600 bond, which defendants en tered into on plaintiff’s suing a wilt of replevin of certain goods on thoir account. Tho caso of Porter & Fuller v. Mechanics & Traders’ Insurance Company, of Now York, still occupies tho attention of Judge Word auda jury. The case will probably bo concluded to-day. Mary O. Blanlok flies her bill in tho Superior Cotlrt against Amalia Halla, Phillip Halls, Lena Gumni, Edward Gumui, John Slawiok, and Antoinette Slawick, for tbo partition of a part of Block 35, Wolcott's Addition to Chicago, County of Cook, with house thereon, property of tho es tate of the late John Slawick. Tho Proar Stone Manufacturing Company bo gin euik in tho Superior Court against Phillip Wadsworth, William P., and William Dickinson, and M. & P. D. Connor & Co., for the replevin of COO barrels of Portland cement, worth $0 a barrel. In Judge Peter's room the. following.eases wont by default, with Judgment for plaintiffs Kelly v. Tewksbury, $503; Grant v. Wilson, $821.85 ; Spalding v. Watt, $861.83 ; MaUay-v. Johnson, $523.12. NEW SUITS. Tns United States Disteiot Court.— Bamuol E. Dale, assignee of the estate of Kalo A Cohn, v Fore man A Fmdlander; trespass, $11,000: same v. James Bhuloff; same SIO,OOO. The Omourr Court.—7,434—Lavlnla H. Halladay v. Geo. W, Ewing, bill of revivor, 7,425—Ge0. T, Boobo et al. V. Clark Gclb 2 assumpsit, SSOO. 7,42o—Samuel A, French et al. r. A. Hoffman; confession of judg ment, $625,67. 7,427—C, W, Boynton et ah v. B. F, Plxley, Thomas W. Hall, and Joseph Hall; aaaumpalt, SI,OOO. 7,433— Benjamin Hhoenman etsl.v. Chicago A Alton Railroad Company; bill for specific perform ance of contract. 7,423, 80—Appeal, 7,43l—Appeal. 7,433—Withheld for service. 7,433—Thomas Raymond v. W. M. Kimball; replevin of piano. 7,434—Frank D. Walsh v. William Uansborougb, William Woodward, and Frank Shafer; trespass, $3,000. 7,435 to 7.447—Re stored eases. Tub Sdpebiob Oouht.—43.7B3—Joachim Bo&vor y. Caroline Beaver; divorce. 43,784—Tobias Clump v. Patrick U. Dwjer; oaaumpalt, SI,OOO. 43,785—8. A. Irwin v. Patrick Lamb ct af,; petition to confirm title to Lot 84, In 8. E, * of Seo. 34, T. 80, H, It. 14, E. of 8 P. M. 43,780— Mary G. Shawlck v. Amalia Halle, ok al.; bill, 43,787—Freluxioh v. Maria Bowman; divorce, on ground of deaortlon. 43,788 Union Foundry Works v. Ezra B. Lincoln; assumpsit, SSOO. 43,780—Charles F. Beckwith et al. v. Daniel It. Wilson and James Free* man; assumpsit, S2OO. 43.790—Henry v, Martin Tbunaun; confession of Judgment, $1,053. 43,701 Freer Stono Manufacturing Company v. Philip Wads worth, William P. Dickinson, William Dickinson, and W. h F. P. Onnex 4i Co.; replevin of COO barrels of Portland cement. 43,702—C1aus Anderson t, John M. Knudson; assumpsit, SSOO. 43,703 Edgar Farmer et ah v. Geo. Fla veil; assumpsit, SSOO, 43.704 First National Bunk of Madison, Wls., v. Otto Wehrmann; confession of Judgment, $72,50. 43,705- City of Chicago v, Thomas Uayca; ejectment, SI,OOO. 43.705 D. Loowouthal v. lllchurd Oarhray; ejectment, SSOO. 43,707—Susan Denin v. John Muir; assumpsit, SI,OOO. 43,708—Walter T. Bogle el al. v. P. A. Loftus and Cyrus U. McCormick; petition for mechanics' Hen. 43,730—J0hn 11. Ileoce, Coroner of Will County, v. John M. French, Charles Q. French, Frank French, Albert W. Nichols, and Lewis L, Coburn; debt, SI,OOO, 43,600—Thomas v. Betsy Holland; divorce on grounds of desertion. 43,801—Stephan F. Woodaum ol al. v. Alex. McGregor and Quo. Mitchell; assumpsit. $301). 43,802— Appeal. ILLINOIS CENTRAL FARES. Suburban residents who travel by Illinois Central trains had hotter procure commutation tickets forthwith. Tho schedule of faros on and after July X will surprise them if they aro not warned in time. Thoro is an average advance In rates of about 25 per oont, as will be seen by (ho following table, commutation tickets, it will ho understood, rouialuiug unchanged t J)Ut„ Old Kcw iniUa, rate a. ratef, . 1.4 ' 10 10 . 1.8 10 10 Station*, Park How... Weldon Twcnly-iecnncl street 3.8 10 10 Twenty-seventh street 0.0 10 10 Thirty-first street 3.5 10 15 Faltvlaw 4.1 10 15 Oakland 4.0 10 20 Forty-third street 5.1 15 20 Kenwood 5.8 15 25 11} do Park 0.5 15 25 South Park 7.1 15 30 Wood Lawn 7.0 25 30 Oak Woods O.'J 26 85 Park Side 8.8 .35 85 Grand Crossing 0.4 80 40 Burnside 12,1 CO 80 Kensington 11.7 TO 60 Wild Wood M 65, Dolton Junction 17.2 CO 70 GRADING GRAIJT. WUnt tiio flntlfonA >nnd Wnrohonae .Coinml..ftonorn Did I'c.torday* imho Way of Eatnlill.lilnir Grade. of Grata Under tho Now Law* Tho two Bailroad and Warehouse Commission era, Messrs. Pearson and Brown, mot yesterday morning In their parlor at tho Pacific Hotel, and after a few minutes conversation sallied forth to soo tho Board of Trade and consult with some of Us most prominent members no to tho' grades of grain to bo established under the now lawi • Tho result of tho consultation was in favor of removing tho weight tost in. tho caso of No. 2 wheat, so that wheat weighing loss than and More than No. 8, “ sound, reasonably olein, ‘ and of good milling qualities,” will bo‘ graded as No. 2. Tho orbitrary tost of weight has boon injurious to tho irado, os somo heavy wheat does not produce as much flour as a lighter article, though mlllora preferred tho latter. _ There will bo a now grade of oats, “No. 2 white,” which will bo tho classification of white oats having a alight Infusion of black. No. 1 will be all white, as heretofore. * Thoro ‘ will bo no change in tho inferior grades. In ooru thero will also bo a now grade. “ high mixed,” equal in quality and condition to straight No. 2, but not as dean as No. 1, and containing about throo-fonrtha of yollow corn. This grade is intended to moot the.demands of the Now England market. Tho Commissioners loft, for Springfield last night, and will meet in that city on Tuesday next. AN INDIANIAN BUNKOED. marry Lawrence Takes a Trick Worth 8100* and Is Tlicn Taken lu Charge by Sam Ellis* Ilarry Lawrence, tbo banko stooror, who, upon being brought before Justice Banyon a few days ago, pleaded that ho was a citizen of Now York, and not, therefore, amenable to the laws of the State of Illinois, and who was dis charged, has remained long enough in Ohlcago to play a sharp trick, and got arrested for it. In this last offense ho was assisted by a shrowd-looking follow named M. L. Smith, who tho detectives say, is imported stock. They mot an elderly man named John Stephens, from Indiana, on Clark street, near Madison, on Wednesday evening abont 7 o’clock. They watched him until they became persuaded that bo had money, whoa Lawrence managed to en gage his attention by remarking to him that he had mot him somewhere. After a time Stephens was induced to go with them to a bunko don on Clark street near Monroo, the oxaot number of which could not bo found out. Before tbo im pressible Hooslor got out of tho clutches of tho villiana, ho was minus $l6O. Yesterday morning ho told his experience to Sergeant Ellis, and in an hour Dotootivo Dennis Simmons hau safely caged Lawronoo and Miller in tho Madison street Station, Tho manner in which bunko men ore generally dealt with renders their arrest of very little avail. Tho practice of Bonding them off to othor cities, by compelling them to leave town is not only pernicious to tbo cities which they adopt, but is littlo or no punishment to tho culprits tbomsolves. They should be dealt with severely as being tbo meanest, dirtiest, moat unmanly class of villains going. THE CITY IN BRIEF. Wicker Park Church, corner of North and Mil waukee avouuos, will give a strawberry and ice cream festival on Saturday evening. John Koogan was hold In bonds of S3OO by Justice Kaufman yesterday morning to keep tbo Eoace. Ho was charged with threatening to kill is wife. Charles Hummoll,a driver for Soipp & Lehman, was brought boforo Jußtico Scully yesterday on the charge of ombezzlling property belonging to his employers valued at $125. Tho case was continued until next Monday. An out-door mass mooting of citizens inter* ostodintho opening of Yanßuron street, through from Leavitt to Iloyuo, will be hold this evening at the corner of Western avenue and Van Boron street. Good speakers will bo in attendance. On the 6th inat. the butcher shop of Henry Fritz, No. lUO Milwaukee avenue, was partially destroyed by Are, and John and Henry lUtzman were arrested on the charge of setting the fire. They wore examined before Justice ilauffman yesterday morning, who discharged the former, and held the latter for trial at the Criminal Court. The Board of Police mot yesterday afternoon, and, after acceptiug the resignation of Joseph Fritsch, pipoman of No. 5, and appointing Pbo lin J. Levitt a regular member of the Fire De partment, examined applicants for the position of fireman, and placed the names of fifteen on tho list. They will bo appointed when vacancies occur. Yesterday morning Officer Kuoop, a watchman at the Illinois Central Depot, found a*boat'float ing in the lake at tho foot of Lako street. It contained a pair of oars, a workman's dinner pail, an old coat, and some fishing tackle. On the gunwale was painted tho name “ Horace Greeley.*’ Of course those facts constitute a mystery, which, without any additional informa tion, is not capable of solution. Tho now iron steamer Scotia, Gapt. Howland, of tbo Union Lino, took out, last evening, the largest cargo that over left this or any other lako port. Bor cargo eonslstod of 34,000 bushels corn, 88,668 bushels oats, 1,200 barrels flour, and 04 empty oil barrels; total weight, 1,720 tons. Tho Scotia drew 13 foot 9 inches aft, and 13 feet 7 inches in forward. Her destination was Buf falo. Either tho expose made by Tub Tbibukx of tho weak sanitary points of tho city, or a certain unaccountable benevolence' and philanthropy worthy of a distinguished amateur “ gilt-edged " journalist-hanker,. has stirred the soul of the Hon. John Wentworth. Ho applied to Dr. Bauch yesterday, and promised to sower that portion of his oity property which so badly needs it. Now, gentlemen, follow suit. At half-past 8 o'clock yoatorday morning, Honry Burton, an engineer in thk employ of tho Northwestern Railroad, was walking on the top of a moving freight-train on tho Divi sion, when no fell between two oars, ana run over, receiving injuries to his spine which caused his death in a few minutes. He was taken to tho residence of Mr. Joseph Baker, at tbo cornor of Leavitt and Kinzie streets, where tho Coroner hold an Inquest yesterday afternoon. A verdict of “ death by accident" was rendered. Deceased was a single mau, about 80 years old, and had no relatives living in this oity. At a late hour on Wednesday night Michael Cavonnugh, who was employed at Calvary Oemo try, was instantly killed by lumping from the oars of tho Milwaukee Division of the North* western Itallroad near South Evanston Station. Not using proper precaution, ho alighted on a pile of rails, and was thrown violently upon thorn. His skull was fearfully fractured. The train was stopped and the remains taken back to Calvary. Deceased woe much respected, and has a sister residing in Evanston. It was stated in yesterday’s Tbiduke that the masons had boon obliged to suspend work on tbo now county Jail, on account of the failure of tho contractors, especially the Arm who are sup plying iron, to furnish materials. This informa tion, which was obtained from Hr. Dailey, tbo contractor for tbo stono work, proves to Lave been incorrect, tho iron contractors, 11, A.Stroot or & Co., having on the ground all tho iron that in needed. Mr. DaJloy Is prejudiced against this Arm, and houco it is supposed ho desired to “ got even " with them because they would not "pant "him on a point, whoa ho was preparing his kid for tho masonry contract. Everybody has supposed tho Journal to bo several months behind tho times in tho selection of nows. Bo thoroughly accustomed have the edi tors df tho "old ami reliable" become to stale items that they aro compelled to distort nows from tho East to make tlioir chronology como out even. Wo olip from a telegraphic announce ment lu tho Journal of last evening : " Tho tournament will bo on Monday evening by a game of 800 points between Oyrilio Dion and John Deery, after which Maurlco Daly and Francois Übassy will play. The winner of tho oup must play a gamoof COO points every sixty days until February, 1876, if ohallongod, for (1.000 and tho oup, and if ho is still tho winner la }o bo declared tho champion of tho world.** Tho Board of Pnbllo Works yesterday issued the following building porraito: J; 0. Oullln, throe-story brick, 25xC0, on Milwaukee avenue ; J. T. Rycrson, 2-story brick, 40x40 foot, at No. 80 Cabs street; Nathan Eisondrath, throe-story brick, 40x42, Nos. 11l and 118 North Dearborn street; B. F. Homer, two-story brlok, 28x42 foot, No. 042 West Madison street; Lachlan Me- Lachlan, two-story stone, 00x80 feet, on In diana street. Tho sun was glaring hot. and unoccupied shady spots wore hard to find yesterday. Mon and women hugged—not themselves—but clone to houses, and (Togs wont by with their tongues hanging out. It was a genuine August day. Bat ono case of sun-stroko is known to have oc curred. Brother Donough, of tho Christian Brothers* School, on Dcsplainos street, was stricken down at tho corner of Adams and Franklin streets. Detective Dennis Sim mons, happening along, ho removed him from tho midst of a gaping crowd to tho Long John engine-house. The Health Department, in the form of Dr. Rauch, was scut for, who soon restored tho Brother to consciousness. Ho was then sent homo in a carriage. ■ The alarm of Ate from Box 292, at half-past 2 yesterday afternoon, was occasioned by dames breaking out iu tho roar portion of No. 797 West Madison street. Tho flro was started by tho ig nition of a pile of shavings by somo children in an alloy. Tho building No. 707 was a two-stbry frame, aud was almost totally destroyed. It was owned by NY. B. Race, who will loso $3,600; insured for $1,500 in tho Phoenix of Brooklyn. Tho'first door was occupied by S. H. Carpenter as a confectionery store, who loses $000; insured for $1,400 in tho Globe, of Chicago. 11. H. Ferry occupied tho second floor as a dwelling; loss, SSOO. A car penter-shop in tho roar of No. 244 Warren ave nue, owned and occupied by Richard Brown, was destroyed; loss, S2OO. Tho flames spread to tho building No. 7U9 Madison, owned by M. E. Hamilton; loss, $4,000; insured in the Homo of Now York for $3,000. Pomeroy & Nyo occu pied tho front room on the first floor, and loso S4OO. W. B. Shoonmakor had a laundry in the roar of this; loss, nominal. PERSONAL. Dr. Reanoy, Cincinnati, is at tho Sherman. D. G. Swain, U. S. A., is at the Sherman. N. O. Conant, Detroit, is at tho Matteson. 11. P. Stovons, Cleveland, is at the Matteson. H. N. Mannoy, XT. S. N., is at the Grand Pa cific. Hon. J. H. Willard, Omaha, Is at iho Sher man. Capt. W. E. Hydor, England, is at tho Grand Pacific, Charles L. Mitchell, Cincinnati, is at tho Gardner. John A. Doveraux, Providence, B. 1., la at the Matteson. Gon, Farnsworth and wifo, St. Charles, is at the Sherman. Judge David Davis, Bloomington, is at the Grand Pacific. Tho Hon. A. S. McDlll, Wisconsin, is at tho Grand Pacific. Col. Honry Bryant, of Lewiston, is at the West Side Briggs House. Mai. B. T. Crowell, of St. Paul, is at tho West Side Briggs House. Hugh B. Knox, of Pittsburgh, is at tho West Side Briggs House. •Maj. A. W. Edwards, of Carliuvllle, is at iho West Bide Brings House. Tho Hod. A. B. Harris and wifo, Louisiana, aro at tho Grand Pacific. Tho Hon. Wm. M. Browor, Mayor of Omaha, is at tho Grand Pacific. Willard S. Pope, Superintendent of tho Do* troit Bridge Company, is at tho Mattoson. Tho Hon. E. W. Pomeroy, of Loo Centro, is among tho prominent arrivals at the West Side Briggs House. Attorney-General John K. Edsall and family arrived in tho city yesterday, and aro stopping at tho West Side Briggs Houso. J. W. Randall, General Ticket Agent of tho St. Paul & Pkolno Railway, Is among the arrivals at tho West Bide Briggs House. A. C. Coleman, General Passenger Agent of tho Illinois Central Bailway, at Cairo, is regis tered at tho West Side Briggs House. Col. Edmund Jusson, formerly Collector of Internal Revenue for tho First Illinois District, who hod boon spending several months inEu ropo, arrived homo on Wednesday. Among the arrivals at iho Gardner yesterday were tho following: L. F. Kosbough and wifo, Hannibal; J. W. Wells, Oconto; A. P. Lewis, Urbanaj Charles L. Colburn, Now York; A. W. DoForost, New Haven: Augustas Nicoll, Jamaica, W. I. Gen. James H. Brown is personally superin tending tho work on tho interior of tbo magnifi cent restaurant building whichho, in conjunction with his brother, aro erecting for Messrs. Went worth & Woolworth, at iho corner of Clark and Madison streets.

Among tho arrivals at the Gault Houbo yoator day wore: Martin Taylor, Winona. Wia.; Will iam P. Hubor, Allentown; J. T. Sandoraon, Champaign; Elmoro M. Daniels, Cincinnati; William T. Davis, Montreal; George L. Mason, Springfield, 111.; 0. W. Cook, Wayne; John F. Williama, Prairie da Chlon. West Side Briggs Houbo arrivals : Jno. Mc- Donald, St. Louis; 0. Smith, Plainfield; Jno. Porter, St. Louis; Ed. Jackson, St. Paul; J.- H. Weston, La Crosse; Hugh R. Knox, Pittsburgh; S. B. Marshall, Toledo; Wm. S. Clark, Brook villo, Pa.; Dr. 0. 0. Shoyor, Leavenworth, Kan.; Wm. Joseph, Lake City, Colorado. Among tho arrivals at the Grand Paoiflo yes terday wore the following : P. A. Billings, De troit ; James G. Flanders, Milwaukee; C. H. Emerson, Leavenworth ; J. Holt, Albany ; E. S. Waters, Providence; AJox. Paton, Liverpool, England ; B. B. Small, Vermont; L. C. Kinsler, Phuadolphla; J. A. Durgin, Pittsburgh; G. W. 8011, Cincinnati. Among the arrivals at the Sherman yesterday were tho following: J. M. Brown, Washington ; W. M. Hnnniford, Brooklyn ; John Doller, San Francisco ; M. B. HUlyard, Mississippi; Joseph Whitehead, Book Island; 0. G. Perry, Hobo ken ;J. 0. James, Kansas City; 8. N, Taylor. St. Louis; W, D. Spiking, Pittsburgh; W. T. Sylvester, Decatur; P. 6. Hewlett, Hewlett; H. J. Bliss, LaOrosse ; John 0. Dougali, Eng land. The late Henry Ewing, of tho St. Louis Times, had $15,000 insurance on his life. Frederick Pinkney, Deputy State Attorney of Baltimore for forty years, died on Saturday at tho ago of 09. Gov. Gilbert 0. Walker will turn editor whoa bis term of ofllco expires, taking control of a loading Virginia paper. The Bor. Theodore Woolsoy is said to bo writing a rejoinder to Ur. Caleb Cushing’s book on the Treaty ol Washington. The Rochester Democrat says that the title of Mr. Stokes' lecture will probably bo, (l Tho Judiciary—the Palladium of our Liberties.” Ex-Senator JohaD. Henderson and wife, of St. Louis, sail for Europe to-morrow; aud tho Rov. Dr. T. M, Post starts next week for tho same destination. Er. Holmes, on being asked by a young phy sician what sign he had bettor put ou his uoor, replied. 11 The smallest fevers gratefully re ceived. ’ It Is reported that R. W. Allison, son of tho editor of tho Steubenville Herald, will be ap pointed Secretary to John A. Bingham, who goes as Minister to Japan. Tho estate of tho late William H. Bordman, of Boston, has already divided $2,800,000, aud there is a balance yot in the hands of the executors. Tlio Rev. Mr. Tyng ob loots to being called tho Booohor of tho Episcopal Church. Tyng should not bo alarmed. This was probably moaut as a compliment and bad “no reference to allusions." —Toledo Blade. Tho St. Catharines (Canada) Times announces that Mrs. Lincoln, widow of the late President, arrived at the Stevenson House in that place, on Friday last, and proposes to remain a few weeks —perhaps all summer. A. H, Plquonard, architect of tho Illinois State-House aud of tho lowa State Capitol, having returned from Paris, brings his port folio filled with patterns of ornamental work, made by five artists in his employ. Item for J. Y. Soammon: Qon. Experience Estabrook called yesterday at the ofllco of tho City Treasurer and paid tho SOO so long with hold by him from the school fund. Wo are glad for bis own sata that he hue done this much to placo himself right.—Omd/ta Deraid, Judge It. D. Rloo has resigned the Presidency of the Maine Oontrnl Railroad, and ox-Qov. Anson P. Morrill hoe boon elected to tho posi tion. Charles F. Hatch has boon chosen Gen eral Manager of tho road. Jndgo Rico will at onco assume tho duties of President of tho Northern Pacific, to which ofllco ho has boon olootad. It was confidently stated on tho street this morning that J. D. McOullagh, of tho Democrat, was negotiating for a position on tho Times.— Bt. Louis Dispatch. Rumor was never worse at fault. Tho proprietors of tho Times can imagine no possible combination of circumstances under winch Mr. McCullngh could become connected with its editorial management.— 3l. Louis Times. Bishop Thomas Morris, of the M. E. Church, at tho tender ago of 71) became a bridegroom, and the Church, not being in full sympathy with his hymonlal proclivities, gently expressed its displeasure by reducing his salary from $3,500 to $1,600 annually. At least that’s the story, and tho Bishop remonstrates in a “card” to one of tho Church papers, which has awakened a pretty discussion. TlioDeForost gold medal, given yearly to that member of tho senior class in Yale College who shall write or deliver tho best English oration, was awarded on Friday to Frank Bigelow Tar boll, of West Groton, Mass. Tho same gentle man is the valedictorian of his oloes. Those two honors have been achieved by tho same person but onco before. Lonudor T. Chamberlain, of tho class of 1803, won them both. Ho also was from Massachusetts. Ho is now pastor of tho Now England Church in Chicago. Tho late Oapt. Hall wrote as follows to the editor of tho JVauffcal Gazette , before embark ing in tho Polaris: “I shall bring you tidings which will astonish tho world, and recompense my friends for all their labors in my behalf, or I will die in tho attempt. 1 will novor return to tho Arctic regions again If lam successful: but, if I am not, and llvo to boo tho United States, I shall toll my story, and then sock a homo in the far North, whoro, in peace, I shall pass away to a brighter and bettor laud. Goa bless you. Farewell." John Morrissey has got tho smallest doggie in town. Ho Is so 'little that when John whistles at him yon can't see tho dog. When ho gets tired Mr. Morrissey slips him into his vest pock et. Ho lost him yesterday, but after a long search found that he had slipped down into tho lining of his coat. Day before yesterday a man tried to stop on him. Ho thought it was a stray beetle. And two days before that ono of John Toon’s robins picked him up off tho sidewalk and carried him up to give to the little robins to eat. Mr. Morrissey’s "tiger" is said to bo an animal of very different dimen sions, and yet tho Hon. John can carry him also in his pocket. His pockets aro largo.—Sarato vian. [AdrortUomeatl. BusinoßQ Mon of Chicago do yoa know that Dr. 8. D. Ilowo’a Arabian Tonic la a grand chemical food for tbo brain, tho nervous sys tem, and tho blood, indispcnsiblo to all who labor with the brain, and Is tbo only moans whereby that life giving and life-sustaining element can bo supplied to tbo system. It is a powerful stimulant and a vUlllxing touloaudinvigorator. It Is of inoatlmablo benefit In consumption, scrofula, diseases of tho nervous system, dyspepsia, norvoue debility, prostration of tbo vital forces and powers, general debility, and all diseases proceeding from an Impure and Impoverished con dition of the blood. Sold by all druggists. $1 per botUo. Worth Knowing:. It Is a fact worth knowing, that fine clothing can be found, in style, fit, and quality of goods, equal to custom garments, at A. J. Nutting’s, the 0. 0. D. fine clothier, who is constantly receiving from Now York all tbo now and desirable stylos of summer suits, white vests, etc. Ho prides himself on being able to please every one. Prices range from a business suit at $9, up to an extra flue dress suit at S4O. Fifteen dollars will buy a good suit, out In tho Saint Bernard style, and floor suits of all tho various grades are constantly kept on band. Nos. 320 and 922 State street. This Morninff we shall open many new and attractive styles In Ince bats, bonnets, Normandy caps, etc., suitable for this season of the year. All now styles and low prices. All are invited to examine one of tbo choicest stocks of xnlllluory goods to be found in tbo city. HoctUWn, Palmer k Co., Nos. 137 and 139 State street. Jeff. Davis’ Bools, The rebel ox-Prosldont baa been “Inter viewed” in Memphis by a writer of tho Macon (Qa.) ficgislcr, who says: His health is good. Ho has but one sound oyo. You know tho vis ion of the other bos long sinco faded in dark ness. This defect forbids much reading and writing. Yet to-day, in the familiarity of old friendship, I remordod: “I think. Mr. Davis, you will not lose the other oyo until you shall have given to tho world your views and opinions as to tho causes which led to tho late war?” “I ara writing,” ho said—and ho drummed with his fingers on tho baize colored table, upon which his arm rested, and tho deep sadness which clouded his features, and followed the remark, was painful to contemplate. “You have just returned from a visit to Lamar, and contemplate a visit to Georgia, yoa tell mo. Say to Hardman and Lamar, when again you soo them, I have a pleasant memory of them both; and, further, toll them lam preparing a work with all tbo impartiality possible to no. and after years of sober thought, which shall not leave tho world in darkness as to my motives and my conduct, or that of dhose who acted with mo.” An Extraordinary ITlurdor* Tho journals of Bordeaux-contain accounts of an extraordinary homicide in* tho Palace of Jus tice of that city. A man named Gautau bad boon tried for attacking, some* months previous ly, one Tronit, with a billhook. Although tho wounds inflicted bad boon ratlsor serious, yet as it was shown that tho complainant boro a very indifferent character, and thajt Gautau was an Inoffensive man, who had boon* provoked by the jeers of his neighbors concern mg his conjugal misfortunes, tho Court only so) itoncod him to a fine of 200 francs. Uo, nevertheless, appeared greatly vexed at tho condemnation, hut he loft the bar, and another ease waai going on when groat oxoltomont was caused by tho report of two pistol-shots on tho lobby outside. Oautau. it appeared, had mot his adversary, Tronit. and tho son of tho latter, a young man of twonty fivo, and drawing a revolver from his pocket, had fired at each of them. Oxto hall merely grazed tho hlonso of the father), but the other entered the breast of tho son, kiiTUng him on the spot. Tho assailant was seized ana taken back to the Court, whero ho was questioned, hut ho manifested no regret whatever at his crime. Ho was removed in custody. FLORIDA WATE R. IMPERISHABLE FRAGRANCE! MURRAY 8c URIAH'S CELEBRATED fiomim Tho richest, most lasting, yot most delicate of all Per fumes, for nso on tho HANDKERCHIEF, At the TOILET, And in tho BATH. At there are Imlta'looe and counterfeit!, Always aak for the Florida Water which baa on the bottle, on tho label, and on the pamuhlat, the names of JUIJItItAY de LANiUAN, without whloh nooo Is geaulno. For salo by nit Pcrfumoni. Druaslsts. and Dealers In Fancy Goods. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE COPARTNERSHIP. The undersigned hare this day entered Into copartner* abip under tho firm name of (Stephens A Heal/, fur (bo (urpoio of carrying ou tho IMaulng.Mill anti llox-Manu* suturing business In thooltyof Chicago, ami have located at the corner of Quarry and Oolugna-ata., having imr ohaaail Oharuloy, Hroa. A Oo.'a I’lanlng At 111, lIKNUV RTKVHKNH, formorl/of fitophona A Clark; JAMUS T. IIICAI.Y. Galcago, .funa 17, lH7lt. FRACTIONAL CURRENCY. $5 Packages or FRACTIOIAL CURRENCY FOR BALD AT TRIBUNE OFFICE. AMUSEMENTS. MYERS’ OPERA HOUSE. LAST WEEK OP Moran & Manning’s Minstrels. A Creat Dili for tfao Closing Performance. Monday, Juno «>onlnf, AH ENTIRE XTj trovatorb. EUGENE In hU great character 0f,,,,............Le0n0ra UNBWORTII as the Fiery .Count at LunsUo With a oast comprising tho entire Company. Friday Evening, Juno SO, Complimentary BnnntU lo miiXjTr i\fiij±jsnsrx:isrGr. Grand Family Matinee Saturday at 2 o’clock. MoYIOKER'S THEATRE. MONDAY TtVKNINO, Jim. 19, >nd until torthor no. lice, tho brilliant young artiste, ZS.Ea.-tle yp-va-txaema.. In a now and beautiful Society Drama by FREDERIC LOCK, ICRQ., BLADE O’ GRASS 1 Blade O’ Gran, 1 M|** Lucy. 1 KATIE PUTNAM. Klaus K'lltr, | Lucy Brightly, J . . „ With now and original Songs and Daneoi. tWMaUnoe Saturday at ap. m. . ■■ NIXON'S AMPHITHEATRE. Commencing MONDAY, Juno 18. Saturday Matinee. CAL WAGNER’S MINSTRELS. J. U. IIAVKRLY., WITH 24 POPULAR ARTISTS I 8 BRILLIANT COMEDIANS! 5 TALENTED VOCALISTS! Ami Full llmnn Band. Prices as nsnal. Reserved Boats on sale at Boa Office. AIKEN’S THEATRE. Every evening nntU further notice, tho magnificent Spec* Uoular Opera, ZOLOB I Grand Operatic Ocat, Full Chorus. Brilliant Oottnmos ami Hennery, tho Groat MORLACCIII, and Ballet, the BERGER FAMILY, and SOL. SMITH RUSSELL. Matlnse on Saturday and Wednesday. West Bide patrons can socaro Boats at Olios 8r05.% 331 West Madlson-et. ' HOOLEY'S THEATRE. Wednesday, Juno 18, daring tho wooV, nod at tbo Mali* noos, the beautiful comedy, GAME OF LOVE, Embracing tbo entlro strength of tho Mammoth Company. Monday, Juno S3, first appearance of Mr. BBLVIL RYAN, who baa boon expressly engaged to Imnsrsonate bla groat character, “Bccles,” In Robertson's favorite aoclety drama, OAnTK. Mias SYDNEY COWELL as Polly Koolcs, Mr. OEO. OIDDBNS as Ham Gerrldge, thotr original characters. 800 future advertisements. ACADEMY OP MUSIC. An entire change of BUI, and flnt appearance of MISS MINNIE LODER, MISS ANNUS TEAMANS, LITTLE JENNIB TEA* MANS, and the New Drama, 98! MntInoo—WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. THE TUBP. A MATCHED RACE FOR SSO A SEE, Between M. J. Toarnoy’e bl. g, MOUNTAIN BOY, and W. Oglesby’s b. g. Roanoke, to bo trotted Saturday af. teraoon, Juno 31, on the halt mllo track, on ArcUor-av., two miles west of Brighton, at tbo plaoo known as Mnr* pliy'a Tavsrn. Half-mllo heats, throe ont of five. EXCURSION. STEAMER “ CHICAGO BEM.E ” Leaves every hour dally for Llnooln Park, commencing at 10 a.m.. to6p. ra.; at 11 a. m. slops at Qrlb; 8 t>. m., Moonlight Excursion. FINANCIAL. LAKE Sll & mum SOUTHERN RAILWAY OOMPAHY. NEW SINKING FEND BONDS, COUPON AND REGISTERED. $6,000,000. Bonds Duo Oct. 1, 1882* with Interest nt Seven per Cent, payable Beiol»auuually» ' April unit October, nt tho ofllco of the Unluu Trust Co. of Now York. SOOO,OOO, or Ton per Coat of tho Loan, to bo rotirod annually by tho Sinking Fund. Coupon Bonds of SI,OOO each, Begistered Bonds of SI,OOO, $6,000 and SIO,OOO cash. Price, 94 and Accrued Interest. ROBINSON, CHASE & CO. B-A-USnCEtRS, • ITo. 18 Broad-st,, Hew York. TO RENT. A few Very Desirable Offices are offered for rent in the Trib} une Building. Single or in suitesi. Witn and without Vaults. English Tile Moors through out the Building. Elevator running during all business hours. These Offices are not equaled in the city. The best for all classes of business requiring a central lo cation. W. C. DOW, Boom SI Tribune Building. HATS. BISHOP & BARNES, Fashionable Hatters, AND INTRODUCERS OP TUB CORRECT STYLES For Gentlemen's Wear, 16 4 STATE - ST.., OOHNBR MONROE. SUMMER RESORT. “ ISXiES OP RTTOAT.R,” the OCBAWIO. STAB ISXiAJSTO. ™* now nod el.i.nt IlaUl mill open Jut/ 1, 1873, irllh utiiila .coommotl.Qon. fur ll.e hundred guoite. f'fSfi 1 "”’"TO«,7. ollm.te. end f.clUtie. for bn.U «*• hetlilng, ana “■“ln* are unsurpassed. A tlrst*claa< physiclau will be connected with the house. ur,k * c,MB m TERMS: Transient Board, $3. W to $4.00 per day. Weekly Bwrd. *3.CO to *3,60 per day. AlonUily Board. $8.60 to *3.ooperdar. \v ui?'V'MM* t n U, V?2 tl \. ,Juas M i may ho addressed to P. BUr HutdM 1 th “ to PRANK W. HILTON. Manager. GENERAL NOTICES. _ CARD, ,u uonnor A Baynes, Buaoaaaora to O'Connor, Baynoa A naugiiton, giro notice that they will nut lie responsible for debt* contracted by Patrick Naughton, late of O'Oon* nor, Baynoa A Maugbtou, aald firm having dissolved part* neranlp llth iuat. Also, that aald Patrick Naughton baa no»u* borlty to oolloot any money In tho name of the late orPtTeaeatfirm. O’QUNNUR A BAYNES. To the Public. I hereby notify yon that 11. A J. Sehulkamp. of Bladl* •on, >VU., hold note* {uislnstGustav i£U«u to tho amount of $402, dated June 4, 1873, unou which 1 hare itoppeu payment, and Up) unit tpiy and void. NEW PUBLICATIONS. Now is the Time to Subscribe. UPPHOTT'S IMAM. AN II.T.USTRATRD MONTH!,Y OR POPULAR LITERATURE AND SCIENCE. JUST ISSUED. THE JULY NUMBER, COMMENCING A NEW VOLUME, WITH NUMEROUS BEAUTIFUL ENORAVINQS. CONTENTS = TITEI MBW H-X-JPEmiOlSr.’' A Narrative of Travel in Franco. PROFIISHLY ILLTJBTIIATED BY DOUG. TEXT BY EDWARD 6TRAIIAN. Part I. 2. FROM PHILADELPHIA TO BALTIMORE. By Hubert Morris Uopolaud. Illustrated. 8. CHARITY GROSS. By Margaret Mason. 4. BERRYTOWN. Chapters IM6. Concluded. By Rebecca Harding Davis. 6. STRANGE SEA INDUSTRIES AND INVER. TIONB. By Will Wallace Harney. 8. POSEY’S NUGGET. By Louis A. Roberts. 7. FRANCESCA’S WORSHIP. By Margaret J. Pres ton. 8. OUR HOME IN THE TYROL. Chapter! B and 8. By Margaret Honlit. 9. WITH THE AMERICAN AMBULANCE CORPS IN PARIS. By Ralph Keeler. 10. THE HUMMING BIRD. By JatnoaManrloaThomp. son. 11. A PRINCESS OF THULE. Chapters 10and 11. By William Black, author of "The Strange Adventures of a Phaeton.’’ 12. REMARKABLE PASSAGES IN SHELLEY'S EARLY HISTORY. By January Searlo. 13. OUR MONTHLY OOS8IP:-A Sleeping-Car Sore nado; A Picture with a History; Illute (or Novel* Writers; Fables (or Youth; Notes. 14. LITERATURE OF TUB DAY. .Manager. LIPPINCOTT’S MAGAZINE Is for Sals by all Book and Nows Dealers. TERMS.—Yearly subscription, $4.00. Single number* 86 cents. THIAIi SUBSCRIPTION. In order to accommodate persons desirous of acquaint* Ing themselves with the character of the Magazine, thr JmblUhora will for a time receive half-yearly suusoripiloug BU Montlia) at the rate of Two Dollara. Specimen number, with Special and Tory Liberal Pro* mlumLlat and Club Ratos, mailed, postage paid, to any address on rocolptol3o cents. J. B. UPMCOTT & CO,, MHslors, 715 and 717 Marknt-st., Philadelphia. Hf’Spcclal Agent for tbo aalo of tbo Magazine and Binding Volumes, 0. 8. BURROWS, RAILROAD TIME TABLE. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS, Summer Arrangement. Explanation or Retoience Marks.--+ Saturday or. copied. * Sunday excepted. 1 Monday excepted. I Ar rive Sunday at 8;W a. tu. i Daily. MICHIGAN CENTRAL ft GREAT WESTERN RAILROADS Depot, foot qf Lake if., and fool qf Treenly-ncond-tt, Ticket office, 67 Clark it,, louthenit corner qf liandolph, and 76 Canul-it., corner of ifadhon, Mall (via main and air line) Day Expras Jackson Accommodation Atlantic Express Night Bxprsss ONANI) TUl’inu AND PCNTWATSn. Morning Express Night Jliptsss CHICAGO & ALTON R Chleagn, Alton it St. lAtuii Thrown (J/o.) neit short mutt from Chieagt Depot, IVetf Side, near iladiion-tt St. Louis & Springfield Express, via Main Line Kansas City Fast Express, via Jacksonville, 111., and LonUl* ana, Mo Weoona, Lacon, Washington Ex press (Western Division.) Joliet A Dwight Acoomo'datlon. Bt. Loots & Springfield Llghtnlnc Express, via Main Line, and also via Jacksonville Division Kansas City Express, via Jack sonville, 111., A Louisiana, Mo.. Jefferson City Express Peoria, Keokuk k Durl'n Ex UDaily, via Main IJno, and dally except 81 Jacksonville Division. ilDtllr. via Main Lin( except Monday. vU Jacksonville Division. CHICAGO. MILWAUKEE & Sf Union Depot, earner ilndlion and 63 .SoufA Clarhet., oppotitt Sbermi Milwaukee, Bt. Paul & Minneap olis Dsy Express Milwaukee & Prairie <Ju Oblen Mail and Express Milwanken. St, Paul & Mlnuesp olts Night Express CHICAGO. BURLINGTON &0< Depots— Foot of lAihe-et,, Indiana and Canal and Sixteenth-ele. Haute, Ao, 59 Clark~el., and aid* Ottawa anil Hlraator Passenger. Dubuque and Sioux City Exp... Pacific East Line Galesburg Pasiongor Mcndota A Ottawa Passenger... Aurora Panenior...... Aurora Pa*»snß«r Aurora Passenger (Sunday) i)ubu(|ua A Sloui City Cip Pacific Night Express Jlonuor’s Ororo Accommodation Uownor'a Qrore Accommodation ILLINOIS UENTP* ~ Depot foot of Lake-et. and **L RAILROAD. ojfcte, 121 Jtamlolj'h-f' rf Tteenlg-eteond-el. ticket >«> hear Clark. ■_ . _ Leave. Arrive. St. IxmUEr* —. Bt. LouU'" * 8:26 a. ra. • 8:90 p. m. Cairo y -if" 1 1(108 18:16 p. m. • 7:55 a. uu Oatr (?•!!•*•*•* * 8:26 a. ra. * 4:45 p. m. F* HM-fl Bfl? 3 t 8:16 p. m. * 7:65 a. m. Express • 8:25 a. m. • 4-4Rn m Bprlncfiald Rxprots.... tß'l6u. m • 7*66 a* ra’ fcnbaqua A Sioux City Ex.....!;: * ra! • a’ooS’ m‘ Hfte, n .!A> 81oax CUj Ex + “• t 7:00 a. ra. w S M,#DBBr * *:I6P- m. *8:90 0. m. •UjlOp. m. * 6:30 a. ra. M{3*D ftr u an 3 C*s} v ood» • 6:10 a. m. • 6:48 a. ra. “7de Sffk »od Oak Woods • 7 «lo a. ra. • 7*46 a m nirtS n ar u * D 3B*^S ood * f 9:00 a. m. • 8:40 a. m. Uyda Park and Oak woods ilS’lOn m *fi'2oii m njd.p.,k. n<,od.: ' Imp m nSsi: S: JJld. P.'kmnrl°«k Wood ViOu. m i 1 : «5 S grd« O.k Wood 6-15 a 5 * t : Sn S Jjdo Park rod Oak W00d,...., ■ S oft S • oSsS'S' Hjde Park and Oak Wood..:::::: .lljlug! g| ■ ojog: m. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN RAILROAD. CitVO&cee, corner Randolph and tA»SaUe.ete„ and 76 Canal* el,, earner i/adieon.n. Leave, | Arrive. PaoW^I I !^*' ‘Via Clinton!:." lollf «! m! * s!l6p! m'. a *sas;s: w2JR2 r *ali u S UQM S* |,r * M * ® ;,fi »♦ “• • 2:00 p.m. M u .*?) uiiueKx P re “ ! g:l6 p. m. • 6:15 a. m. sf}{2? u Sj? o atl 8:00 “• “• **o:ls a. ra. }«n!! au fc 0 * r» * proaß * 0:30 a. m. • 4:00 p. m. Mljwankoa Paaaengor • 6:00 p. m. • 7:40 p. m. rii«2 U n e *w a,,onßor (dalW {U:00 p. m. ( 5:00 a. m. fbJ p "*L fix fi r8 “ *10:10 a. m. 4.oup.m, Jlarouotea Express • fl : oo p. m. * 6:60 a. m! fit, laul Express... 19:80 p. ra. 16:30 a. m. CHICAGO. ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC RAILROAD. Depot, corner of Uarrieon and AAtrmaiwU, Ticket office. __ 33 ifeet Madieon-el, Leave. Arrive. Omaha,Laaronw'thAAtchlionEx *10:16 a. m. • 3:45n. m.' Peru Accommodation • f,:oop. m. • 6:30 a. ra. Night Expre55.......... tl0:00p.m. t 7:00 a. in. IdCaTenworth A Atcbl«oaEipra»» tI0:00 p. m. t 7:00 a. ra. LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROAD. Depot, Tan Burin.**., font of LaSalle-il, Ticket oflea, norlhteeet corner Clark and Itandolph-tU, t and sou&iuwl comer Can at and MadUan’iie, Rzprets Aooom. Tin Main Line.. MaII. via Air Line and Mala Line Special Now York Express. Tla Air line Atlantic Express, Tla Air lino.. Night Express, Tla Alain Lino.... Elkhart Accommodation.... South Chicago Accommodation.. PITTSBURGH. FORT WAYNE & Day Express. PaolQo Express.. . Past 1ine..... . Mall Valparaiso Accommodation, CHICAGO & PACIFIC (OPEN TO ELO Jitpnt comer HaUteit cind North Hi 10 Metropolitan Hloek, corner Ua Eliio Accommodation Klvor Park Accommodation. ItlTor Park Aocommndatlon. CHICAGO. INDIANAPOLIS & CINCINNATI THROUGH LINE. VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. From Pie Ortat Ctntral tiaUroad Dtpot, foot of Ixtke-il, Far through Uektti and tlttplng-ear btrthi apply ul our nets Ticktt ajict, 121 UanJolph-tl., ntar corner Clnrli: 75 OtnaNsf., eorntr Madiion; M lAtSalle-tl,, eorntr ll<uA* fnjtun; alto foot gf' 7lf«n<y»rrco>id-«t. Leave Chicago. ~ Arrive at Indlauapolla...... Arrive at Olooinnatl Trains arrlvo at Chicago at 7:67 a. in.. 8:86 a. m,, and 7:40 p. m. Only lino running Saturday night tcalu to }u* dlonopolla and Cincinnati, South End nataungora can get baggugo cheeked and take train at Twouty.»eooad-i»t, Depot. Arrive, heave. ' 8:15 p. m. ' 0:00 p. ra. [10:30 a. ra. 8:00 a. u. 1*6:30 a. m. • 8:00 a m. * • 9:00 a. m. * f 3*3 p. m. 41 11:16 p. ra. t 1*8:00?. m. }* BKWp. m.' *6:ooa. m. P.OOa. ra. t9:10 p. m. rosmu ter Agent. 0. WBNTW #rol P*is«ni< "ÜBNRY Gem RAILROAD. i igh f.ine, an 70(0 Kama* if, bridge. (I Louisiana City. Union Arrive. Leave. * 8:10 p. m. * 9:15 a. m. * 6:10 p. m. *9:15 a. tn. • 4:10 p. tn. * 4:10 p. m. * 8:10 p. m. * 9:40 a. m. U7:30 p.m. 117:30 a. m. m :30 a. m. * 8:10 p. m 119:00 p. ra. 119:00 p. tn. 119 ;00 p. m. • 9:00 p. ra. itnrday. via s, and dally, ULWAY. r. Paul m Canal'tit.; ion Home, 01 f ticket Offlet iruiof Depot. Arrive. £<acs. *9:3oa. m. 16:50 a. m. • 6:00p, m. *11:00 a. nu t9:3op. m. *4:l6p. m. JUINCY RAILROAD. %-av., and,, 2leket qjfieei in Jlrlggi tepote. Leave. Arrive. • 7:45 a. m. * 4.16 p. m. 7:45 a.m. 8:00 p.m. • 6:10 a. m. * 3:18 p. mj •10:00 a. m. * 8:15 p. m. • 3:15 p. m. * 8:00 p. n» • 4:30 p. m. * 6:66 a. . • 1:45 p. m. • 8:16 m -J I.OSp. m. S' t>«M' siaSiSi Iffm” - -I* Trims. ! l > : 9 n .m. I C.-oo m 3 a. ra. * 6:60 p. m. •«p. m.|* 7:13 a. ui. Arrive. Leave, 6:60 p. m. 9:00 p. u. 3:30 a. m, * 0:40 a. m. BKK)j>. ra. 8:00 a. m. 16 JO a. ni. 9:65 a. m. I=6o p. m. * 9:00 a. m. 6:16 p. m. c t9:oop. m. * 8:40 p. m. 18:00 m. IAILROAD. CHICAGO W Arrive, Leave, i 7:30 p, tu. t 6:30 a. m. t *8:00 a. iu. * 6:10 (>. m, * 8:60 a. m. • 9:00 a. m. 45:10 p. iu. t*9:oop. m. * 4:66 a. m. I* 8:40 p. in. HAILROAD. JIM.) ritncn-tit, General office imtolpti ami LaSnlle-ili. Lta re, Arritt, 6:00 p.m. 9:30 a.m. 6:16 a.m. lU:Ma.m, 7:21 p.m. * 9:60 a. m. 4 8:45 p. ra. * 6:IU p. in. I 6.00 a. m. *10:80 p. m. till :00 a. m.

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