Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 20, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 20, 1873 Page 5
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ncrpeiralor and originator of thorn. Nobody looks to film for economy In State expenditures. If ho were disposed to bo economical, bo could not bo so. He is A predatory chief, whoso war cry is “ booty.” —Tlio party that in Massachusetts claims 75,000 majority and supports Butler, In lowa claims 60,000 majority and supports Carpenter. Tho Chairman of that same party lu lowa, Jacob Blob, says of Butler in the Dubuque Times .* For unbhißhlng Impnflonoo, and cool audacity, Don Bailor Is certainly without parallel. Showing his con tempt for hono»l public opinion by conspicuously ad vocating and ungfneorlng tho salary increase. Duller yet boldly announces himself a candidate for Governor —boldly goes to tho people on his record, and flaunts a challenge In the vet)* teeth of high-toned and puri tanic Massachusetts. He finds no one yet dlsnoaed to contest the nomination with him before the llopubll can Convention, and unless some very strong man consents to mnko tho raco against him, his success is assured. It hardly seems possible that Massachusetts will accept Dutlcr for her Executive, and yot his friends nro very confident. —Tho people demand that in future elections they may have au opportunity of •voting for measures and not have their mauhood contin ually Insulted with tho possibility of a bribe, lu tho shape of federal patronage.— South Bend (/ml.) Union. ■ —The signs of tho times indicate a fixed de termination on tho port of tho people to havo a now deal in political matters. Wo hail them as au omen of coming change—a chance that is going to swoop tho Republican party from power and place. Wo care not for the name of tho party that ia springing up. Call it what you will. If it can redeem thonatlou, and chock tho tide of corruption, and restore onoomore tho suprem acy of constitutional rule, it shall havo our hearty support,— Madison, (IKfs.) Democrat. —By common consent of oil men opposed* to the rascalities practised by politicians of to-day, the old parties havo outlived their usefulness, and it io the proper time to bury them out of eight. Light is breaking In upon tho dark places, and it only needs a forward movement of ell parties who desire to sco reform Inaugurated to witness tho utter rout of tho corruptionists end in their place have honesty and capacity. All good men will hail tho ushering in of such an era with gladness.— Galesburg (III.) it is foil by thomrnmla of both EopubUcana and Democrats, that tboy aro aoparotod politi cally by namo rather than aubutanco—that tholr interests aro identical, and that in tho cause of reform they ought to act together.—Sl. Paul (Minn.) Pioneer. , , —Tho Credit MoblUor, salary-grab, Louisiana frauds, and other public rascalities, are produc ing tholr natural tide-wave of revulsion; and tho general disposition seems to bo to make a. I clean swoop of all tbo old political rubbish, aud 'make a plump “ now, departure" for bettor or for worse, but hoping and praying for better.— Nebraska City News. ’ —“Who would bo free, himself must strike So blow.” This is a conviction settling deep to tho minds of tho fanners, end they say.thoy are, therefore. Justified by long experience in abandoning all hope of reform from political parties who havo no longer any distinctive pol icy.—Peoria (Jli.) ifccicio. —lf tho Republicans freed tho black race, and the Democrats help free tho white race, tho lat ter will certainly ho entitled to some credit: and, for our part, if they do this, wo shall think a groat deal more of them than wo have over bo-, fore. — Monroo (TVw.) Republican, —Unfortunately it hos come to such a pass under tho present Administration that not only are Its own hangers on initiated into tho ways of corruption and made partics‘to schemes of plun der. but Democrats arc also industriously plied with money, patronage, and jobs, in order to secure tholr acquiescence to, or silence regarding grabs at tho Treasury. This fact has become so patent of lato that it is now not unusual to hoar members of tho opposition, spoken of as “Ad ministration Democrats,” oud, while wo regret to betray it, wo must confess to a serious alarm, lest, upon examination, It shall torn out that tho Democrats who havo yielded to those tempta tions are men of high, not low, degree.— Quincy (III.) Herald. —The power of tho Republican party has been bo groat that all political movements outside of the party, which it could not absorb or control, it has managed very successfully to destroy. In this it has merely repeated tho triumphs of tho Democratic party before the year 1860. Now tho opposition to tho Republican party will, by tho natural law of political antagonism, bo drawn Into tho farmers’movement. What the Republican party will do with this now political element is of some interest to tho country; what It will do with tho Republican party is of es pecial concern to tho politicians.— Memphis wiu clanche. —Somebody’s party is going to got hurt before • the fight between monopoly and production is ended.— Chattavooga Times. ' ‘ —'Whenever the farmers resolve some good Vf„ thing, all papers of tho Republican persuasion t spin out tholr columns'in tho endeavor to prove. * that such has boon tho theory of tho Republican I - party all this while. If so. why havo they not { • put their theory into practice, aa they were able | to do so, having tho majority? That they havo » not, is proven by tho dissatisfaction of. so many Republican fanners. —Peoria (Hi.) Dcrnocrat. —A pro-slavery Supremo Court could make of tho constitution of tho United States tho very bulwark of slavery, while Judges imbued with a love of freedom ‘found ample warrant for guar antees against slavery encroachment. A . court tinduiy influenced by overshadowing corporations can find in State and National Constitutions no power in tho people to restrain and control what they havo themselves created. But a Court dis posed to regard tho interests and rights of the people aa above those of corporations, readily finds tho power in tho fundamental law of tho State and of the United States to subordinate tho corporations to tho people.— Dubuque (Iowa) Times. ...... —Wo venture tho opinion that, if there is any possible opportunity, tho railway companies will make every effort to render tho practical results of tho Illinois Railroad law as unpopular as pos sible— jlist out of pure cußsodueas, you know.— Bunker Hill (Jtl.) Gazelle. —As it ia proposed hy tho present manage ment of the Toledo. Wabash & western Railway to coaso running trains into Quincy, if certain demands are not complied with, it is proper; to inquire if in such event they propose also to re fund tho $200,000 paid hy our citizens to aid m tho construction of said road ?—Quincy ( Ill) Herald. . ’ —Since tho Now York Court of Appeals grant ed a now trial to Stokes, there has boon a groat hue and.cry raised by tho press for a radical re form of tho criminal law of the country. Tho general expression has boon that offenders have too many loop-holes of escape, and that changes should ho made with, the idea of giving the prosecution a bettor chunco to convict. — Buffalo (N.Y.) Courier . —The interest attaching the Olom case, and the concurrence of tho decision of the Indiana Supremo Court, ordering a now trial, with tho (travailing tendency of tho administration of tho aw to obstruct justice hy irrelevant forms, and, balance the safety of community with tho preser vation of technical rules and precedents, must'bo our apology for further reference to what wo must regard as one of tho most mischievous acts of judicial “ formalism.” A third chance of es cape from punishment ia given to a convicted murderess for no reason at all affecting tho cer tainty of her guilt or tho character of her of fence. The rulings aro all purely technical, and plight ho admitted or excluded with no more ef fect upon tho case than upon a problem in en gineering.—imltannpotts Journal. p —The number of members of Congress who havoroturnod tholr hack pay is stated to he forty four, Whether this includes those whoso names are known only .to the Treasurer is not clear. But tho country has at least saved nearly $200,000 through this tardy morality, or rather has re covered so much of tho steal, and it may be credited to tho vigorous expression of a wholo pomo public sentiment. There is a good deal of Virtue in a fine burst of popular indignation.— Evening Journal. —Tho press still keeps up tho cannonade on tho salary grubbers, and it is now assured be yond a doubt that many prominent politicians who wore just blooming into notice and striking out on tho path to distinction, have boon blight ed forever by this one unmanly and treacherous pet, Among thpso who'fpU'to riao up more in llip political arena, are many old favorites of the respective parties, hut it is found impossible to tavo them from tho common political morgue prepared by Butler when he sot this * salary Otoal” before them, — Quincy Herald. Run Over {inti Killed# gpeefut Vlmtch to The Chicago Tribune, Uiuuna, O.; Juno 19.—Willio Powell, aged 11, son of Olay Powell, a farmer living about two miles south of this city, was instantly killed about 9 o'clock this morning. Ho was returning bomo from tho pasture, whuro ho had taken his powa : was walking beside a four ox team which was drawing a heavy load of lumber, and en gaged in talking to somo of bis companions, when ono of'tho oxen kicked him, knocking him under tho wheels of-tho wagon, which yasaod bvor hia head crushing it into a Jolly. A Rricc-lßorno isnvuniU Bpbimofiem), Mass.,' Junn'l9.—Tho suit to re cover damages on account qf tho alleged uu- Bomidnboo of the'trotting mare Nonesuch re- Bulled in favor of tho plaintiff, damagee being laid at 6D.000. Noiioauch, when bought by plaintiff, waa warranted Hound, but proved to bo a eribbor. but tbo dofonao maintained that tbo prlbbimr waa habit, not UDaonnduoaa. THE APPROPRIATION BILL. Action of tlip Council Lust Evening In Committee of the Whole. Two Hundred Thousand Dollars Allowed lor Cutting a; pitch from the take to Hie North Branch. The Connell hold nn ndjonmod meeting yoe- Isrday evening, Ald.McAvoy In tho chair. Proe ont. Aid. Bowen, Dixon, Warron, McQennlßU, Cooy, MoAvoy, Sldwoll, Stono, Traooy, Bohmltz, Cnllorton, McOJowry, dowry, Balloy, Powoll, Clark, Swoot, Heath, Sherwood, Moore, Clovo land; Qnirk, MoQrntli, Eckhardt, Lougaohor, Cannon, Ogden. Tho Council wont Into Committee of tho "Whole on tho Appropriation bill, Aid. Dixon in tbo chair, the ponding question being a motion to strike out tho appropriation of $20,000 for Lako Park, and substitute $15,000. Tho item was adopted os U originally stood. When tho itom of $150,000 for cutting' tho ditch from the lako to tho North Branch was reached it was moved to Increase it .to $240,000. Tho City Enßlßoor . bod said It would coot $490,000 to do tbo work, but that tho sum, of $150,000 was oil that could bo oxpoudcd tbifl year. It wao clobnod, however, tlmt tbo work watt ono of bo much im portance, 1 In a sanitary point of view, that Bomo tldng more should bp done than woa proposed. There wore ilrms that could do tho wholowork in a yoar. Still, without insisting ou that, it should at least bo dono in two years, for which reason it ■was moved to put in half tho sum nocoaeary to complete tlio work. , ' Tho motion was opposed on tho ground that, tho aura In tho hill wao all that couiq ho expend ed this yoar, and that a twolve-foot sower two milps in length wan not a work to bo pushed through In a hurry, aud that whatever wiih dquo thir year would not help against tlio cholera. The importance of the work was admitted, but fears wore expressed about piling on tho taxes too heavily. Tho Finance Committee had Won governed by tho opinion of Mr. Cboßbrough; ‘ , Subsequently tho mover accepted a suggestion to mako his amendment $200,000, and tho mat ter was postponed in order to have an opportu nity of consulting tho Engineer as to tho amount which cau bo expended tuis yoar. A motion to strike out tho sum of $2,500 for entertaining ofllcial visitors, Fourth of July, etc., waa'followod by ono to mako it SI,OOO, aud tho unexpended balance of $l7O, was adopted. The appropriation for salaries for tho Flro De partment, amounting to $209,180, wont through, as much of it as was considered, with slight al teration, hut not without dittcuasion. An Icf fort was made to put tho First Assistant Mar shal’s pay up to $2,000. ou tho ground that SI,BOO was too small, aud that ho was really a hotter man than tho Chief Marshal. Amotion was made to strike out tho Third Assistant, ho rcauao three wore unnecessary. It was resisted because of the increase of tho forco, and was defeated. An attempt to strike out tho appropriation of SO,OOO for five Flro Wardens, and to .devolve their duties upon tho police, proved successful. Tho item of $37,200, for thirty-ono foremen, was temporarily passed over till it was ascertained how many wore needed. , , . Tlio following items wore adopted without modification: Dearborn Park, $5,000 ; EUls Park, $1,500; Jofforaon Park, $1,500 ; Union Park, $13,000, of which $6,000 is for an ar tesian well and $4,000 for a fountain; Yoruon Park, $2,500 ; Wicker Park, $5,000; Lincoln Park, $5,000; Washing ton Square, $8,000; Union Square, SI,OOO : part of salaries of Commissioners of Board of Public Works, employee, etc., $15,010; office and miscellaneous expenses of Board, $5,000; drinking-fountains, $800; city cemetery, $5,000; hay scales,-$3,000; contingent fund, $10,000; ' costs of tax sales, $80,000; evening schools, $12,000. i Tho Committee rose, and tho Council od i joumod till this evening. HOME OF THE FRIENDLESS. Reception and Donation Party at the SnytUutlou Ycbturday Afltcrnoou aiul evening. The lady managers of tho Homo of leas have boon putting thoir fair beads together for two months to got up something that would I draw a crowd, and attract attention to that worthy institution. After much delibera tion, and some heavy thinking, they resolved on a reception, to which all tho wealth and beauty and fashion of tho city should bo invited, and bo brought in contact with on establishment whoro poverty finds re lief, and tho homeless a homo. Tho idea was excellent. None will have an excuse for not knowing all about tho wants and working of tho j institution, as everybody was invited, and every body who went will havo no oxouso ror not con tributing according to thoir ability. There was aprintodnotlcooh tho wall, stating that it was 1 more blessed to give, than to receive, of which there is no doubt. . Yesterday was honored by being chosen ns tho day for tho festivities. The avenue kitchens havo boon running full teams for a week propar ing visuals for tho event, and all thoyoungladios agreed to go with all the young gontldtaonnud grace tho occasion by their presence. They wore there all day and had a good time. Tho tables woro spread in tbo basement, and they groaned under tbo weight of delicacies. All kinds of young ladies, blondes and brunettes, waited on tho caters, and broko tho ohinawaro with consummate case. Thooating was free, and I anyone who felt so disposed could partake of tho 1 generous hospitality without greenbacks and * without cost. All day tho house was crowded with visitors. They inspected tho vari ous departments from tho kitchen to tho nursery, whore mysterious babies are brought up on the bounty of tho charitable. Those babies woro great curiosities. The older children wore dressed in thoir host garments. In tho school room thoy showed how thoy woro being educated for tho battle of life, aud tho industrial depart ment proved that tho instruction imparted is practical as well as theoretical. Tbo rooms wore pleasingly ornamented with Hags and dowers, and bits of tho country hung around tho walls In tho shape of evergreens. Mrs. Grant, the matron ; Miss Bowman, the assist ant, and Uliss Bissoll chaperoned tho visitors. It would bo iuvidious to mention the names of any of tho ladies who made tho affair a success when all did so well for the good work in which thoy aro engaged. In tho evening tho attendance was vory large, and there WA* a concert and good singing uy ' Mrs. O. N. Johnson, Mr. Foltz, Miss Ohumbor • lain, and Mr. Brittan. ' Tho entertainment was a gratifying j/uccoss. ; and it is hoped it will rodiuud to tho substantial welfare of tho Homo. \ CBOQUHT. ludiffnunt Letters from Hoiubon qI the West Side Cluk', One reporter put hia foot in it' by wilting two paragraphs about tho anclout gamo of croquet published iu Tub Tribune yesterday. To nmko tho matter worse, another, writing of the excur sion to Hammond’s farm, said: “ Tho young ones played tho meanest gamo that was over in vontod—croquet." Thin was too much. Tho West flldo Croqnot Club would havo turned up their noses at tho innuendoes about quarreling and the like, but to call it ‘‘ tho meanest game ” was more than they could stand. The club has 100 members. A. gentleman said so on a public vehicle. There wore 100 indignant souls belong ing to that' club yesterday, and, 105 of tbo mom bora bolug ladies, tboro was just that number of special tormouts imprecated upon tbo head of tho offending reporter. Worse than any of thoso, ho has boon summoned by tbo city editor to select one or two from tho bundle of letters unou tho subject, lie would not havo cared if they had boon addressed to him personally, but they wore not. The city editor received them, and kept tbo beat, handing tho balance over for selec tion and—tho waste paper basket. Following are some of tho views of the olub of 100 mem bers upon this important subject s To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune: But: It boa boon too worm to play croquet to-day. and Is now too bot to go to Ilooluy’d, bo I will juul •ncml the evening in tolling you what I tbluk of your abusing croquet. It would take more tbau all tbo evening to do It. I tbluk It is tnouu; that’* wbat. tbluk. Supposing I was to coino up to your office uud auv that billiards was stupid, ond curry off your incor srhamn ever uluyud eroqubldu yotir life. You don’t know bow to. or'you would not call It "tbo menuusl gamo that evw ’aw Invented.” If you will enpio up to dur bojwp o ,i street, near Aalpauil 'uyenuo, I SyUl tench you. ■ • 1 rpus, p q.—You rnqat find out who this Ih from, To the Editor of The Chicauo Tribune t Sin: i mink tb&t tbo uutbor of those infamous oojv S' n about croquet In your paper this morning, to have a whole not of croquet balls hammerea down his throat with the mallets, and then have them wlckolcd in securely, I*. B.—lf ho 1 digested them easily bo ought to bo mado to swallow the box. To the Editor (if Tht Chicago Trihunt! 8m: Your Btrlolurcn, you know, upon croquet, you know, aro In UoraulUon bad tunto, you know, bocauso. If n foP has any accomplishment bo ought to bo al lowed to allow It, you know, and croquet a a deal batter than tho horrid gamo of blllynrda, you know, bocauao tho holla an* ao big and you cau t mlaa ’em, you know, and thcro, many of them, inoiw you will take It all hack and oblige. Dctldoa, tho glria throw thorn at each other when .they got through, ana It’fl such fun Auok. Wo liavo received a lottor from on estimable married lady,- whoso name, at her request, is not published, taking exception to tboRO rp marks already referred to, as recently publlsnoa in Tub Tiudohu, ami which tended to disparage the noble game of.cipquot, and to throw dirt on it. She appeals to The Tiudune, which she seems to look upon as a married -man with a largo family, to consider tho damage ; which will bo dono to the matrimonial ohancos lof girls if tho game is abolished. She speaks by I authority as one /having‘pi largofamily, all.of I girls, and most’of them marriageable and willing i to bo married. According, to • her,-there omnsomont which so tonus to facilitate _matri mony as croquet. It brings tho boys and .girls together. They take sides and choose partners lin sport: and aro' . .thereby to choose them In oanibst. . Tlibro aro opportuni ties for . furtive band-pressings 'and altioctlvo costumes, and tboro aro chances to show clonn-ont ankles. Proximity is tho moth er of love,” says tho matron, and proximity,is to bo found on tlio oroquot' flold.' She stales with becoming prido that one of her daughters fputul tho shortest road to tbo'churoh tbrotigh tho aforesaid field,, and .pitifully asks what will be-, come of tbo.roroaiiulor.if. youngmon are taught that croquet la.ridiculous and resort to soino unsocial amusement • instead. Wbat she says has much weight. CITY-HALL TALK. Tho Quc»tlon««llond nnd Burley Sald to Uo in Training for tho SncccN9lon«»Tholr Strong Point*., ! Tho wise men atound the City-Hall, who loaf in tho corridors nnd about tho door, are begin ning, early in tho season as it is, to discuss tho Mayoralty question,, chiefly, however, from a regular Republican standpoint. Two gentlemen alone seem to occupy the attention of tho politi cians—Aid. Rond, of. tho Tenth Ward, r Comptroller Burley. Tho , said to bo' a good Republican, who kopt his skirts froo from Liberalism, and bo Is a resident of tho Wost Side, which is still irritated by. tho dofoctionof Mayor Modlll, and which intends, to have tho next Mayor,:lf it can. Tho Alderman’s standing in tho community, is excellent. Ho is popular, pleasant, and honest, and, what is more than all, by a singular fatality ho has boon un able to bo present in tho Council whon any of tholiqnor disputes, tho. Sunday ordinance, or tho cloven o’clock ordinance have booh voted on. His rooord is spotless. Tho temperance people may claim him, and the. other slue may bo told that ho novor voted against thorn.' Ho has availa bility in an ominont degree, and it is reported that J. D. Ward is grateful for Bond’s determination Qot to run against him for tho Republican nomi nation for Congress last fall. This is not looked upon as trustworthy, howovor, for gratitudo is not Mr. Ward’s chief peculiarity. As for tho Comptroller, it Is reported that ho has a burning desire to bo Mayor, partly becaueo it is an honorable placo, and; partly, because ho lias some old grudgo to pay off, tho innocent ob ioct of ono of thorn being Mr. Carter, of tho loord of Publio Works. Tho Comptroller's friends urge his acquaintance with tho finances of tho city, and tho faot that ho comes from tho North Side, which has long boon out in tho cold, so far os having a Mayor is concerned. Mr. Burley, too, is an aboriginal Republican, and while in tho Legislature voted against the State Liquor law, which makes his boor and whisky record alittlo hotter than Bond’s, which is merely negatively good. Tho quiet advocates of tho Comptroller aro said to bo Aid. McGrath, Dixon, and Powell, —three Irishmen. Ono ob ject of this selection is tho hope which is enter tained by tho Republican loaders of winning over tho Irish to take tho placo of tho deserting Gormans. It is also Bald that those three aides have ‘private views which they hope to farther by getting Mr. Burley in qb Mayor. Dixon wants to bo appointed a member of the Board of Publio Worka in place of Carter, who goes out next year, and ho knows that Bur ley will not reappoint the present incumbent. Ooorgo Powell wants to bo ro-olootod Alderman, and knows ho will need, all tho help ho can got. If ho docs got beaten, ho hopes to bo mode Gas Inspector. ~ What McGrath wants is not so clear, but ho cortaluiy wants something; and, while ho bus gone pretty deeply into the now departure, deeper thau ho over did into Liberalism, yet ho has a facility for chauging Hides when it is worth his while. It is also assorted that tho economical motions oftheso gentlemen, while tho appropriation bill is under discussion, are dictated by tho Comptroller, most'of them for ■the purpose of slapping at tho Board of Publio Works. Of course, all this is merely City-Hall talk, aud nobody is hound to take it for gospel. The knowing ones, howovor, aro inclined to hot on Bond, and think that Hurley is too san guine, and that ho is calculating without Far well, Scammon & Co. They aro beginning)to worship tho West Bidor as' tho coming man. Sometimes J, M. Rountree is mentioned, but the general impression is that ho is trotted out mere ly to bo bled and then slain. HOT WORK ON A HOT DAY. Three Alarms In Twenty IHlnutcs-- A 83,500 Fire oh £ust Uandojph Street. Although the past two days have boon and summer-like, whoa flroa occur but rarely, the Firo Department has boon called out uo leas than mao times. Yesterday 'evening thoro wero throo alarms within tho ppaco of twenty minutes. Tho first was from Box 15, at tho comer of Washington and Franklin streets. About half-past 7 o’clock, Officer Hooler observed flames issuing from the roar end of tho four-story building No. 231 East Bandolph-atroot, near tho top. Ho immediately sent in the alarm. Before the arrival of the Department tho firo had gained considerable headway, and the flames were bursting from , tho front windows of the fourth story. About .this time ' the bolls struck for Box 372, which was quickly followed by a second alarm - from Box 15, and hot work was promised the boys. They wept to work with oven more than usual daring and energy, and by so doing prevented what promised to ho a most destructive firo. With the aid of tho Skinner Firo Escape, several streams wore very soon playing on the flames through tho fourth story windows, and the scorching elements wore confined to the fourth floor, whom they began. Them was no stock here, and tho principal damage was, there fore, done to tho building, which was occupied by Grommos Sc Frankcl, jobbers of wines and liquors, The building is a four story stone front, and is owned by Hr. 6. Koofllor, of Milwaukee, whoso loss is about $2,800. Grammes Sc Frenkel worn damaged about SBOO, They oarry a stock valued at $22,000, upon wbioli thoro Is tho following in surance : Commercial Union, London, $6,000; Homo, Columbus. $3,000; Amazon, $5,000; Union, Bangor, $3,600 j Browers’,, Milwaukee, $5,000; Fireman’s, Dayton, $9,600. No. 239 is also owned by Mr. Kootllor, and is occupied by Messrs. Dawson Sc Shields, manufacturing con fectioners, who wore damaged SOOO. TliofrlOßa I is fully covered by insuraucQ. The origin of the firo in a myatory. Tho floor upon which' it apparently started has boon va cant for some time. Yesterday morning, in re pairing the elevator, some workmen worn up there, and it is surmised that they may have boon careless in tho use of flm. The alarm from Box 372, at 8 o’clock, was oc casioned by tho discovery of flames in a one story building, situated iu tho roar of No. 707 South Halstod street, owned by John Hohroodor, and occupied by John Lady. A defective lino caused it. Loss, S6O ; insured for S3OO in tho Lycoming, Tho alarm from Box 5, at tho corner of Michi gan avenue end Lake street, at half-past 0 o’clock, was false. CUtnumen Leaving l|oimvyivtmia< rmsnunon, Pa., Juno before 12 o’clock last-night, the Erio express’'arrived at tho Arion depot, hi this city, ono car'being filled wltirOhinoso strikers'from Boav6r Pay; Pa.; numbering' ninety-nine’men. y\\o worq \\iia6r charge of OUow Hung,* who. * headed tho first \o , that canio to Beaver Palls. They waro also ac companied by Web I#y, who headed thp third im portation. They arc on their way to Cincinnati, and from'thoro io Now Orleans, where part of tliolr number will depart for Sau Francisco. They appear to havo no engagement at any other place, but will work at anything they can Audio do. Chow Hung and Wall Ly state that tho trouble et the cutlery works wen cetteed by Ah Per. who wee their treeuuror, withholding from Hto ®8 per month from peoh men. The petty left et 1 o'clock this morning, on the Pen ilandlo Hoad. ; j WALL STREET. Review o» tlio Money,, Rond, IJolil, nml Produce lllnrltoli. SvfdatDHimleh to The Chicago Tribune. New Yoke, Juno 19.—Money oasy to-day at 4 to 0 nor cent on call, with most of tbo lato bnolnoas at 0 por cout. Prime discounts quoted at 0 to 8 pot cent.Ourronoy loans on time 0 to G por cent lor thirty to sixty dayo, 0 to 7 pof dont for ninety days to four mouths, and 7 pot oont cold for all tho year. Gold loans on . time Hat to % for carrying for thirty days and for use, 1-lOfor sixty days, H for ninety days K for four months,ls4. P or * or B I mouths, and I’i to 1% for oil tho year. , . fIKOUKTAUX RICHARDSON. ; Dispatohos from. Washington, which scorn to bo on authority, say that Mr. lllohatdson has no. idoa of'resigning tho position of Secretary of tho ■ Treasury. 010 0 m... ;- . ■ wore aitomatoly woah aud strong,with doprosiUon chiefly prominent from, tho opoulug.untll midday, and tho strength most marked towanl tho close., Tho early depression Was most'consplauous In Union Paclflo and Paclllo Mall, reports from 1 ■Washington in regard to tho Government with holding bonds from tho former Company, audtho agitation In regard to tho isauoof Honda by the latter Company, having oansod a pressure, of sales in both stocks.' Tho largest doe Mugs, of tho day woro in Union ■ Paoiflo. Baolfle MaU, Western Union, Lako Bborp, and Chips. North western shares wore weak, i and. .doplinod from 74 to 72M for common, and:B6 to. SIX' for pro ferrod, on small transactions. . Tho Paclllo Mall people mot to-day to. doviso moans for paying 8130.000 which wore duo yoatorday. • They prp posod to issue a bottomry.hond; pledging their ulcamcra and collateral,- but odjoiirnoil until to-morrow .without taUlngaption. It is bclioyed ( that ‘an attempt Is being m&do to induco short .ealofl na almßm.for a corner. ■ . ■ , HORACE*. CLARE.' . ' t ... ■ It was ascertained tills afternoon that: Mr. Horace E. Clark ia not do ill as. bo-was ropro eoukod. ' 1 ‘ 1 GOLD wonkor on London advices, but closed with a Btciuhor fooling.. Bids for Treasury gold to-flny amounted to ®4,310,000, and auawariTot 60,000,- 000 waa made at prices ranging from 115.70 to 115.88 W. Tboro waa not much; strife for gold, and no largo bids. Excbango weaker in tone this" afternoon, though the rato is, un ebangod. Shipments of to-day consisted, of about $130,000 In silver bars. GOVERNMENTS closed qalet and a fraction lower, in sympathy with gold. BREAD STUFFS* Flour lower and very irregular for aU grades under SIO.OO, and to, effect largo Bales decidedly lower prices would litwo to bo submitted to. Sales, 12.600 brls; receipts, 16,900 brls. Wheat irregular; ohoioo No. 2 Milwaukee scarce and salable; common qualities heavy. - Winter quiet, but comparatively well hold. Demand chiefly for export. The bulk of that arrived to day was previously sold and freight-room en gaged for It. •• Sales, 68,000 bu» llocoipts, 203,- 618 bu. PROVISIONS. Pork very quiet and prices about nominal.

Jobbing lots 'firm at bid. and $17.00 aakod. , Sales, cash and regular, 40 brls at $7.00 for now mesa. For future delivery, no sales; Juno quoted at and JulYi $1C.87K@17.00. moats—Business rather limited, but prices still quoted firm. Bales, 400 smoked hams at 140, quoted as high as 14>$o, and shoulders, 9@9K°» with 400 sold at the lower figure. Bib bolDes, B@B%o, as to weight. Pickled shoulders, B#@B}£o. Receipts, 231 packages. Bacon very quiet and prices un settled ; long clour quoted at B>f@BKo i sb°n dear, 89£o ; short rib scarce, last sale at B*tfo. Lard moderately active; Western for Juuo, 8 15-lG@9o ; city, about 100 tea sold at B|£o for future ddivory; 500. tea for July at 9>tfo ; 600 tea for September at DMo ; 250 tea for August at 9 5-lGc. Receipts, 220 toga, 308 pkga. THE INDIANS. An Indian Agent Roßlgns"M|htary Intorforonoo Required in the Sancar lis Reservation— Depredation#. Ban Francisco, Cal., Juno 18.— The Union's Tucson, Arizona, correspondent says that Maj, O. F. Larraboo, tbo United States Special In? dian Agent at tbo Sancarlla Reservation, where tho last Indian uprising occurred, in which Lieut. Almy was killed, had arrived In Tucson. Fearing, that ins life wpuld bo taken, ho has turned oVor tho Agency to tho military authori ties and appointed Maj. Brown Acting Agent un til tho authorities at Washington shall make fur? thor arrangements. . ■ „ • . . . ' Tho correspondent says that tho Washington authorities will show wisdom by allowing tho military to control thorn without.tho aid of tho civil agents until tho Indians show signs of civilization.- '' ' * About 200 Indians loft tho rosorvatlon aftov tho killing of.Aimy, and have not yot returned. Last week fourteen Apaches took sixty mulos from Joseph Parson, a miller, this side of Mag dalena and Sonora. Parson sent out throp par ties, in a circuit, two following tho trail, tho third taking a short cut to tho Arizona lino, in tho belief that tho Indians "wore from Arizona, .os heretofore. • - • < When the Indians camo up, tho party recap tured tho mulos and a lot of- United States blankets. Ono band ot the Apaches made tboir appearance this side of tho Sonora lino, aud killed sorao stock, Tho farmers fled. Harvest ing la progressing rapidly. AURORA, OpontQtr ot .tlie Board of Trade* ETuncral of Robert Nap or* Special DUpateh to The Chicago TrtOunt, Auboba, 111., Juno 19.—Tho Aurora Board of Trade hold their first mooting this afternoon, at < whioh ihoro woe a largo attendance of farmers and buyers from Kano, Kondall, JJuPago, and DoKalb Countios. Many now members wore ac cepted, and a general fooling of dotormination to make tho ontorpris" a success was shown by tboßo interested. Tho traneactlona of to-day wore 6,000 lbs of wool at 40@450; 2,200 lbs of butter at 18o; 100 boxes of ohooao weto held at 10>£o, buyers offering 10c. This being the first mooting, largo sales wore not looked for, but all wore well satisfied at tho opening. ‘ Tho Knights of Pythias and Odd Follows of Aurora, assisted by tho Aurora Cornet Band, proceeded to Naperville by tho. noon train to conduct the funeral services of tho lato Knight Bobort Napor, formerly proprietor of tho hotel known as the Fitch jEloubo. The cortege was tho largest over Boon at NaporvlUo, ana full] evinced tho deep respect in which ho was hold by his follow-oitlzons, amongst whom ho hat lived for forty-two years, his father being tho founder of Naperville, The ceremonies at tho grave wore conducted by Past Grand Ghauool fors Usher and Bice, assisted by Dr. O. M. ■Walker, Ohancolior of Oriflammo Lodge. Obto Hirer Improvement* PiTTSDunon, Juno 10.—Tbo Ohio River Com naUslonon met ot tho Mouongabela House fit 0 o’clock this morning. Alter a of resolu tions, - tho announcement of a committee, com posed: of members from each State, to confer with the Secretary of ‘War.,through Oltfef glncor Gen. Humphreys, with .ainlug a plau of improvement of tho Ohio boats suited to thp wants ftt counts, the Commis sion tulinunuKl lo meet at tho Galt House, in £ooiavUlo, Ky., on the second Wednesday (tho 10th) of September, at 10 o’clock In tbo foronocyi, MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH, Now Yorlc.Financial Nows* New Yomc, Juno 19.— Money was easy at 4®5 per Sterling ruled quiet end steady at ICO,’* for aixty days and 110)* for tight. ..... - Gold opened at 110 ,and was Arm until the Govern ment sale, when tho market broke down to 115?*, but rallied at tlio clone to HBV@llsJi. It was thought that tbe clique would buy the Government gold, but they were sellers at the lowest prices. Loans 3to 5 nor cent fur carrying. Clearings Treasury disbursements, SBI,OOO. ' J ‘' ‘ ' Governments doted heavy, Jp sympathy. v(ltn gold, Btato bonds were dull ami nominal. ' ' ’ lint detained front sto 1 per cent. The wan Aaoufconsplcuous In Unldn Tapitto Vaclj\o Mail. Tbo reports from\Viudilugum li\ rocam to the Government withholding Urn bonds frbiq tl\n former Company Uhdvho igilatlon in regard to tbo Issue of boiuf* uy.tW6lull6r,■'caused a pressure to sell both BhHika, Northwestern Kharoa were also weak, i’hp lament ddaupts wen* In Union I’adflo, I‘acldo Mail, ivoattu-n Union, Lake Shore, and ‘ Chios, Iho market dosed with a slight rally, but does not appear Arm. Tho I‘ftdflo Mull Directors mot to-day and discussed the Ouaucial condition of tho Company, but adpuifued till to-morrow Without any action bejug taken on the question of a new Issue of bonds. Sterling; ICO, oovximMr.NT eomds. Coupons, ’Bl WISCI Coupons ’O7. 6-Otia of *6O U6tf [lO-iOi X, SUITES — Currency 0«, Mow 5s Oonponi,'Ci 117 V I Coupons, ’W 110 V i Coupons. *CS (now), ..120*i 1 * BTATtt J Ulnonrl Tonnoßoew, old 70 Tonncdßoofl, now 70 Virginias, now 60 BTO( Canf'' nouns. Vlrtfnlss, old North Carolines, old, North Carollnao, now.lo )0K«. ntrautpfd 71% Wahnnh jJJ Wabash pfd......... 00 Fork Wayne.,.. 94% Torro Haute 30 Torre Haute pfd <0 ■ Chicago & Alton H19% Chicago k Altonpfd.lll ' Ohio k Mississippi.. 37% 0..0. fcO BO 0., B. k Q IDS Lako Shore 91% Indiana Central 37 ' Illinois Central 101) Union I’aolflo stocks. 24 Union Paclflo bonds. 86% ' Central Pacific ; Del.Lack, k Woatoru.lOS ( Hartford k Brio 0 wanton 97 I Western Union.....* B*7< Quicksilver *0 I Adams Express IW* Wells Forgo 81* American Express... 04 United Slates Ex.... 70* Paolflo Mall ....88 Now York Central... 101* CO* ErlopM ..70 Uorlom.. 100 Harlem pfd......'....103 Michigan Central...,l2o* Pittsburgh... 87 Northwestern........ 73 Northwestern pfd.... 84* Hock Island ....108* N.J. Central ..105* fit. Paul 00* Foreignmarkets. Liverpool, Juno 10—11 a. m.—Flour, 27* B(l(?-28n 6d. Whiter wheat.. 12a 2d; nt>pitift r Il«f^l2i4; *hHo, Us lOdQlIslld; club r ias4d. OorurOftaOd. I’otk, 635, Lard, 395. ’ _ , . _ .... Liverpool, Juno 10—1:30 p. m,—Breadstuffa quiet , and unchanged. Fork, 02c, . . ..... London, Juno 19—5 p. in,— I Consols for money, 03% , for account, 03% ;B-20s of ’O3, 92%: do of ’07,02%; 10403, 89: now Bs. 69% ; F.rlc, 60%. Tho bullion in tbo Bank of England In £992.000. Halo of discount for 0 moutliß’ blilß in open market, % below bank rate. - Tallow, 43a@4353d. . . , ; Paris, Juno 19.—Bentos, GCf 19c; Specie in tho Bank of, Franco has Increased 333,000 francs, • , , . , ; ,, Liverpool, Juno 19.—Colton quiet and steady; mm- Img upland, B%®od } Orleans, 0%®9%d. i.Bales. 10,000 bales,; American, 5,000; speculation and export, 3,000. BrcadalufTaqulol., Pork, 02a ; Cumberland middles, 375. New York JLlvc-Stoclc market. New Yens, Juno 19.— Beeves—To-day’s receipts, ICO cars, or 9,014 head, making 4,040 hluco Monday, against 0,050 tho came tlmo hint week. Tho market yesterday aud to-day was dull at a reduction of about , vc. Tbo quality,was fair, ranging from common to primo, ‘Native steers, chiefly from Chicago, sold at 11 (ai2c,‘ .with a few at 12K®12%c, and 44 car-loads of Texans at 10®ll%c. Smooth, fat native (deers, nv 1,200 to 1,400 tbo, In lots to wholesale fllauphtereru, add at ll%®U%c. Sales Include; 19 cars Illinois steers, av 7% owl, at ll%c;C caw,'scantav7% cwt, at 13Vo *, 6’can, av 7% owl, at ll%o; 10 cars, av 0% cwt. at ll%c; 13 cars, av 0% owl, at Ho; 10 cam mix ed Texas aud Missouri cattle, av 6% cwt. at 10®Uc; 10 cara good Btlll-fcd Texans, av 0% cwt. at llQlllfc: 11 caw Illlnolß blcom, nv 0% cwt, at H%®12%0; audio care Texans, av 6% cwt, at 10%®10%c, Dressed Beep—ls Bolling slowly at B®loo, with ex ceptional sales at 10% c, Calves—ltongcd from 3%c to 0%0. Sheep aud Lamps—'Receipts to-day, 7 cars, or 1,000 head, making 4,400 since Monday, against O/hiO the Bamotime last week. Twdo extremely dull, at 6@0%0 for ordinary to extra sheep, and B®l2o for common to choice lambs. Bales include: 3 cara Ohio sheep, av 87 lbs, at 6%0; 1 car, av 84 lbs, at 6%0; 1 car, av 83 lbs, o{ 6%0; 1 car, av 86 lbs, at 6c; I car, av 84 lbs, nt BUo; 1 car av 110 lbs, at 0%o; 1 ear Jersey lambs, av CO lbs, at 12o; 1 car, av 67 lbs, nt 11®11%o; and 1 car Ohio, av 51 lbs; nt 8c« „ , ... „ Swine—Receipts, 33 caw, nr 3,800 hogs, making 11,000 for three days, against 13,800 for the same time last week. Market steady, at 6%®5%0 lor live, and 6%®7%c for city dressed. Now York Dry Goods Market. New York, Juno 10.—Tho market was quiet for ell doacrlntlouH of cotton gooilu. Shootings and Blurting* are held more firmly since tho advance lu cotton, but quotations aro unchanged. Denims and Ohovolt stripes aro well sold up. Heavy fancy cassiraorea and overcoatings aro in fair request. Shawls aro dull. Tho Daily Bulletin- ssye; 44 A sensation was created In tho market by enlarge jobbing house reducing tho prices of prints still further, viz.: American, wash ing, Alien, Dunncll, and Conestoga, to o#c, Garner to oc, Aocoua to B#c, Amoskcog, Somerset,- Yacht Club, and Japanese stripes to Bc, and Qarnor’a stripes and Ohevort'a to oc, ■ Tho Procluco fhTarkots. NEW YORK. New York, June 10,-Cotton—ln limited demand; middling upland, Qlc. .. , . Breadstuff*— Flour heavy and lower; receipt*, 10,- 000 hrl*; Buporfluo Western aud State, $5.00@5.20 ; common to goon extra, $5,9000.40; good to choice, 10.800t7.25; white wheat extra, $7.1600.20; Ohio, $0.3008.76; St. Louis, $0.7 C©ll.oo. Rye flour un changed. Corn meal Bteady; Brandywine, $3.00. Wheat quiet and steady; receipts, 108,000 hu; No. 3 Milwaukee, $1.40; Northwestern spring, $1,48#; No. 2 Milwaukee, $1.62; No. 1 Duluth, $1.67. Rye, barley, and malt unchanged. Corn heavy and lower; receipt*, 00,000 hu ; steamer raized Western, 43®52c: high mixed, 60@02c: white, 07c, Oats quiet and heavy; receipts, 100,000 bu: new mixed Western, 39# ®42#c; white, 45@47#0; black, 40@42c. Efioß—Dull and heavy ; Western, 15#®10c, Hat—Dull and heavy. Hors—Quiet. ' « . QiioaiiiuEQ-rCoffco q\Uct; Rio, 17#@19#c. Sugar quiet aud oaay. Molasses Irregular; Cuba, JM)j. Provisions— Pork weak ; new mess, $1G.b3.?517.00 ; prime mess, $16.75017.50. Beef dull and unchanged. Cut meats unchanged. Lard weak ; Western steam, 8 15-lCc ; kettle, oc. Butter—Quiet; Wcslorn, 15023 c. Cheese—Qeiot and easier at ll®l3#c. Whisky—Unchanged at 03c. bT. LOUIS. St Lome, Juno 10.—BarADHTUFFfi—Flour dull and unchanged. Wheat dull and lower; No. 2 spring. OJo, samples; No, 3 fall, $1 O'vn dull unit un ecttled ; No. 2, S7o on track; 39 Vc In olovutaf; 451® 440 for August sacked. Oats dull, lower, and irregu lar; No, 2, 28tf ®30o on truck; 3J®3se cached. Ryu dull at 50c. Wiiisey—Steady at 89c. , Pbovisiosb —Pork quiet; small lots, $10,75 ; cash offered at $10.50 for July without buyers. Bulkmonta nominal; shoulders, 6#o; clear rib, 8o; clear 8 l u c. Bacon dulland only small order trade. Lard nominal at So. Oattue—Quiet and Arm ; fat Texans, 3>tf@4?*c; prime to choice native steers, BQOc. , Hoas—Quiet at 4@*X C * 1 . MILWAUKEE. Milwaukee, Juno 19.—BnEAnsTurrs—Flour dull; extra spring, $5.90<30.50. Wheat firm ; No. 1, JI.UOV ; No, 2, sl.22*£ spot; $1.22 Juno; 11.17 V; July. Oats atcftdy; No. 2,2 Cc, uorn dull aud lower; No 3, 32;{0, Rye dull and nominal { No. 1, 02>£c. Barley in fair demand but lower ; No. 2, Cso. Freights—To Buffalo, 0«c; Oswego, 120. Receipts— Flour, 8,000 brla: wheat, 125,000 bu. BuirAimtTß—Flour, 0.000 brls; wheat, 125,000 bu. BUFFALO. Buffalo, June 19.—Flour steady. Wheat dull; little dolus t No. 2 Milwaukee Club offered at $1,% on snot and to arrive; sales, 11,100 bu at $1.45, Guru dull and lower; sales, 16,600 bu No. 2 at 42042 c. Oats nominally hold at 350; no buyers. FnEiouis— Unchanged ; little shipping, CINCINNATI. OmaiHNATi, Juno ly.-DnjuDSxuyFß—Flour dull at *6.73(37.25. Wheat quiet oud weak, at SM9. Gora dull at 41c. Rye quiet at Cs@ooo. mrloy dull and nominal. Gate dull and nominal at 35®45c. I'novißiONfl. —Pork quiet at $1f1.00®10.23. Lard quiet and nominal; steam BJrfo; kettle, B>tfo. Hulk meat* quiet; shouldora, clear rib, dear, Btf@BJ£o. Bacon steady; jobbing sales; shoul ders, 7Ko; clear rib, O.^c; clear, fl^c. WniflUT —Steady at 890. DETROIT. Dixnorx, June 19.—DnnAnaxurFS-rFlour dull and unchanged. Wheat dull and a shade lower; extra white, $1.8001.81: No, amber, *1,51. Corn dull oud lower at dull aud lower at J4c, MEMPHIS, Memphis, June 19.— Cotton— Firmer • good ordi nary, lO^QlC'Xc; low middling, 18018J<o, Bukadstuffb— Flour, no demand. Com dull and unchanged at 57®58c. OntH dull and drooping at 43® 45c, Oornmoal firm at $3.90. UkX— Nominal. Dsian—Dull at $13.00. Bacon—-Qulot; shoulders, 7X@7X C *, sides, 9X@ OXO' OSWEGO. OflWßao. Judo 19.—Bueadstuffb—'Wheat dull; will la State, $1.90; No, 1, red Woatcru, $1.75; No. A Mil waukee. $1.54. Corn dull; high ml*od, 630540, * rHILADtfLPWA, PmLiDiLpniA, Juno 10.— UnoADaTurFs—Flour Tory dull and daolining; superfine, $4.0004.50; extra, $5.0006.50. Wheat quiet, but firmer; red, $1,5001.60; amber, $1.66. Hyo: State, 050. Oom firmer; yellow, 56057 c; mixed Western, 650570, Oats lower; white, 45048 c; black, 41a, ' Outing p*v«ou:tm—l3®l3t£o; refined, lO’^o. UALTIMOUE. Baltimore, June 10.— llbbadstotpb—Flow and wheat dull aud unchanged. Corn active amt firm; mixed Woatcru, COo. Oats wop.Ui mixed Western, 40(3 4'Jo; white, 440180, Rye dull at 70076 c. ruoviajoNH—sall aud nomiuul. Ilurniu—Unchanged. WiiißUY—Small sales at 03J<a. TOLEDO. Toledo, Juno 19.—UuiansTUrm—Flour quiet end unchanged. Wheel Irregular; No. 9 while W'uhanh, $1.50 • No. 1 white Michigan, $1,58 ; ntnlwr Mich igan, $1.54; spot, $l.83«; June, 11.48; July No. 1 red, *1.58. (Jorn steady t high mixed, 420 ; spot, 43jtfo; July, 440; August, yellow, 41,‘tfo; no grade, Oats steady; No. 1, 35,tf c; No. 9, 33tf c ; Michigan,' Wo. Fokioiits—Unchanged. ÜBCKn»T»—Flour.2.oo9,hrh>; wheat, 12,000bu; corn, 85,000 hu : outs, 4,006 hu. SuiPMpjriß—Flour, 3,000 brls; wheat, 6,000 hu: corn,’ 10,800 hu { oats, 8,000 hu. '■ • ■ OEEVELAHB, Cleveland, Juno 19.—.IUikauhtufii*—Wheat flrr and hotter; ao. 1 red hold at $1.55; No. 9, $1,41' Com stead? 1 s3@lßo. OaU Ann at 380, ‘ l^TnoLKCM—Quiet, steady and unchanged, LOUISVILLE. Ix)DieviLLEj Juno 19.—BuiupaxarFS—Flour di ihuJ Bomograilea lower: oalra fumlly, $5.25. Cora Bteiuly • 65u457c. Oats steady; 400400. pj»ovisioMß—Moaa pork steady; $17.00. Uacou firm J shoulders, 7 l *@7#o; sides, O>$0Oj;o; clear do, Utfc, packed, Hulk moat quiet, steady arid unchanged. Lard—Qbolco loaf, Whisky—Steady ut MSiHto, HEW ORLEANS. Hew Obuuhh, Juuo 10.— Uhkiubtujts—Corn dull ana easier: C3@Coo. Oats lower; Ho. IhtiN—rientlful nnd lower: 70c. OnooKuiKs— Sugar firm; fully fair to prime, 00 9*^o. Others unchanged. Cotton—Firmor : sales j 2,200 good ordinary nl ; low wlddUugs, l7fto ; middling*, 18j«o; ...120tf middling Orleans, 18'£o. Receipts,' 172 hales, No exports; Stock, 60,498 bales. .114tf .114% Illinois Hirer and Cnnnl nows* Special DiapaUh to The Chicago Tribune. LaSalle, Juno io.—Tho slcamhr Kollo arrived (bis morning,- towing tho canal-boat Parson Brownlow, from Ohllllcotlic, loaded with oom, and Iho Bcneca, from Lake Dopuo, with corn and oats, both bound for Chicago; alao the prop Mohawk Hollo, tow ing tho canal-boala Mcaflcngor and Waterloo, from St. Louis, all loaded with plg-lron, for Chicago; tho W. T. llonkwood, from Klnga ton, with coal for Chicago, and tho Gold Uod, from Ht. Loula, light for Chicago. Tho elmr McCook oomo up from Porn light, and towod tho canaMwat Marion, Unlit, to Peru for repairs. Tho Poreon Brownlow, loaded wllh com, tho Benccn, with corn and oata, tho propeller Mohawk Bello and tho canal-boaU Wea poneer and Waterloo, all loaded with plg-lron, and tho W, T, Bockwood with Kingston coal, and tho Gold Hod, light, all panned Into tho cnnnl for Chicago, and bargo No. 4, light, for .LaSallo, paaned out. Blx feet of water reported on tho Ilonry I/oek, and 0 feet and 3 luchsH of water on tho mltrcyslll of Lock 16. | Vohsclu I*nnuu(l Detroit. Urtroit, Mich., Juno 10-19:25 p. m.-PARorn Up— I>ropH Idaho, Oawcgntchlo, Colin Campbell bargoa, bark Montmorency; sohra Dundee, hmorald, Ontario, Columbian, Kccd Case. „ ’ ' . . n ' Parked Down—Propn Ballua, Belle Cross, hark O, J. WellB; Hchr P, 8. March. - ' . Wren— Southwest. „'' ’ __ . ,J‘ m Dethoit, Mich., Juno 10.—Tabbed Down—Props Chicago, Michigan ; hark Montgomery; Rchrs Oruton, John Miner, Borchnlow, Polly Rogorn, Back, Chand ler, Butcher Boy, Uolfonatcln, Aluuto, Lay, MacDou nld, Molroflo, ■ Pahhkd Up—Prop D. M. Wilson ; schr Pcnflold. Wind—Southwest, fresh. ■ SPECIAL NOTICES. A Kcliiforccmcnt Demanded. Whoa tho system begins to wilt under tho effects of tho first "heated term," Ills obrlona that it' ought to bo re inforced and sustained by wholesome stimulation. To ro- Buri to tho adulterated liquors of ; commerce In such » crisis, as too many do, Is tho height of Infatuated folly. A 1 jh fiery have a sting. • After the first ef fect has passed away, that sting is felt. The reaction Is terrible. The prostration of body and mind which onsnos is more complete than before. lint the operation of a medical tonic like Hosteller's Stomach Billers, In which extracts of tho rarest remedial herbs and roots an blended with tho epirituonn essence of rye, pure' and undofilod, Is very different. No unpleasant reaction follows Its use. It is a permanent,' a perpetual Invlgnrant,t'and there Is no phase of- debility. Indigestion, biliousness, norrontnpss, or Intermittent foror which It will not speedily core. ON TUB BREAKFAST. LUNCHEON; ©INNER AND SUPPER TABLE, LEA & PERMS’ Y/orcestersliiro Sauce IS INDISPENSABLE. JOHN DUNCAN’S: SONS. Now York. Agents fur Uio United Stales. Dutclier’s Lightning Fly Killer Swoops all before It. Bogus Imitations are being crowd ed oil. Look out for (bom. Aik for Dutohors, tbo old original artlolo, and tako no otbbr. 1 ' MEDICAL. The Moat Wonderful Disooyory of tie Hino toenth Oontury. . DB. S. D. HOWE’S ARABIAN iltE-CUEE, POE CONSUMPTION, And nil dl.oa.rn ot tbo THROAT. OHE3T. and 1.DN03. (Tlio only medicine of (ho kind In tbo world.) A substi tute for Cod Llvnr Oil. Permanently curoa Asthma, Bronchitis, Incipient Consumption. Los* of Voice, abort noisof Breath, Catarrh, Croup, Cough*, Colds, ale., la a fow days, like magic. Price, $1 per bottle. DB, S.D. HOWE’S Arabian Tonic Blood-Purifier, Which DIFFERS from all other preparations In Us Imme diate action upon tbo LIVER, KIDNEYS* AND BLOOD. It Is purely vegetable, cleanses the system of all Im purities, builds it right up. and makes, pure, rich blood. It cures Scrofulous Diseases of all I nn * t A’ nation, andropulatoa thoßiiwola. tor GI2NI-UAT. DL BILITY,” ‘M.OST VITALITY,” and “ BUG KEN DO WN CONSTITUTIONS,” 1 ‘'challenge the Nloo tconth Coutury” to find Its ociual. Every bottle Is worth Us weight In gold. Price. 81 por bottle. Sold at wholesale in Cb page by tbo MUmlas.Dnut .l. s . D . now. B .i. STOVES,- RANGES, &o. Miarrenaanp pa®|f . irfk WSWs Flrot K3 CM Am. Ins. Wi \aa Promlum £3 ua 1871. Poublo Honied Oven, WmlK CIo«tl, Brallliii Door, Fender Guard, Dumping and Shaking Grate, Direct Draft. FBT.I.En, XVAUUEN *. CO., Manufacturer«, Troy, S. X. BuAHOU IIODEEO—Uew York, Olwliai tad Chlcigo. ipsyAHOMD t# -ft' ROBY FURNACES. JAIIES A. LAWSON, Patentee. i For Reitting Church™, School Houses, Public Build imw ucd Privntu Residence*. PULtEB, WARREN *. CO., Manufacturer!!, Troy, N- X. BSAIISR EoU3ZE— h'flw Tori, Clmliad tad Chlstge. fITEWARm ||TO¥ES. I 1073 Fattorn. Fen Sale bv FULLER WARREN A 00., £band CO Lako-st.i OUloagt Also a f nil assortment of Stores. ' NEW PUBLICATIONS. SCRIBNER’S FOR JULY. Opens with EDWARD KING’S SERIES OF PAPERS, “ THE GREAT SOUTH, PROFUSELY ILLUSTRATED* from sketches by tho bolohratod pstirs artitt OHAMPNEY, drawn on tho wood by Sheppard, Moran, and others, and engraved and printed In tho highest style of act. Tho story opens with “THE NEW ROUTE TO THE GULF,” wiE ho continued with Papers on Now Orleans, Tozas, and tho Southwcstom Frontier, whoaco It will proceed Northward; the whole will con ■Ututo ono of Tho Most Brilliant Series of Illus trated Papers on an Amor lean lliomo, over prosontod to the American Public, and will make a book equal to a thousand 13mo page *, with more than Avo hundred Illußtratfonß, , Tbo July Number also contains able and Important Papers on “THE EIBEUTY OF PROTEST ANTISM,” “THE MFE AND RELIGIOUS SENTIMENTS OF AWIIAUAM LINCOLN,” •* RECOLLECTIONS *OF A RESTORED XjUNATIC,” ** CHILDREN’S MAGAZINES,” A:c„ &o.» boaldoi other Illustrated and Descriptive Articles, Stories, Poems, Essays, Reviews, and Etch ings, oonaUtutlUß cue of tho best and tnoak attraotlvo numbonof tbs foremost magazine of tho world, Price euly 81.00 a Year, 35 cent* a Number, SCRIBNER & 00., OANNEL COAL, Money marto by eubaorlblng for k° boat ft Um market. Call on J. K® u ',| h ± Koo IJmi Ottloo, 121'Itamlulpli-at., Chicago, ami bud ■ortbo early. ■ ■ • • • . IE 3sT toT l*or7j n *Tormo lutyoblo*".! * imo o* tho'lmre. Auditor WAKD GIIAY. 11l Boulb UUtlt iu ior ot bl» otoblo, Uoi Wr Park. Sob Us! New and Stylish Colored Lawn Suits, at $5 and $6; White Lawn Suits, from $5 up; Good Linen Suits, from $7.50, SB, $9, and $10; Braided Linen Suits, sl2 and sls; Five Hun dred Braided Linen Polonaises and Redingotes, very great bar gains, at SB, $9, and $10; White Lawn Polonaises, from $3.50 to $8; White Lawn Redingotes; Embroidered White Rodin gotes. Misses’ Linen Suits, In every size, from $4 to $lO. , Very attractive styles of Gren adine, Batiste, Mohair, and De bege Sedingotes and Polonais es, with large additions to our stock of Llama Lace Saeques and Points, ■which, merit the at tention of the general public, Ch 4* Go., STATB-ST. 106, 108, no. tei,fWCii, White Piques, Victoria Lawns, Figured Swisses, Organdies, Paris Muslins, and Dress and Suiting Linens, ALSO, Lot of White Flg’d Piques, at 12„V, 20, 25, 27, and 00 cents. Very cheap. Voryßioh White Piques, finest imported, reduced from SI.OO to 40 oonts a yard. Great bargain. Lot Batin Stripo Victoria Lawns at 25 cts. Bargains in Plain Victoria Lawns, ftom 20 ots. upward. Cheapest Dross Linens in tho city, choice natural shades. Handsome Striped and Figured Xilnonßat istes at almost half price. 6M JV«i# York, ST. • riNA' iCELLANEOUS. LADIES’ GO' cxaiEij&JPi m* Gossage DRESS GOODS. MADISON AND PEOEIA-STS. INTERESTING FRIGES LAKE NAVIGATION. 600DEIGMEA1EES For Endue, Milwaukee, Sheboygan, etc., daily, Sundays excepted, 1) a. m. Saturday Excur sion Bout for Milwaukee, etc., do'n’t leave un til 8 p. m. For Grand Haven, Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Spring Lake, Prnitport, Manistee, etc., daily, Sundays.excopled, 7 p. m, For St. Joseph, .Daily, Sundays excepted, 10 a. m. Saturdays, Boat don’t leave until 11 p. m. For Green Bay Ports, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7p. m. Wednesday's Boat goes to , Escanaha. IPOII 3MCO3XTT3EI3ESySuX., The Now Low-Trossuro Stoamor ERIR (Capt. Forrotto), Will Icaro hor dock, foot of Jaokson-it., corner of Mar kst, Friday, Juno 20, aU p. m., on ft crnml pleannro ozourdon through tho whole chain of Lakes, Thousand Island*, and Uapldaof tho River St. Lawronco, stopptin at Narnia, Windsor, Bt. Catherines, Kingston, Bfuck vlllo, Prescott, end Cornwall. For passage, apply cn board, or to i’HOS. McOAW,’ Passenger Agent, 2(H 520UlhMiukoMt iiiee-iei-^^ EXCURSIONS. Gral Ptesra Esmsioi! TO LAKE SUPERIOR. Lalto Superior Pooplo’a Lino Steamers, dock botwoon. Madison and WosUlngtou-ats. Tho magnificent low-pressure Stoamor PEERLESS, Capt. Allan Mclntyre, will loavo on a Pleasure Kzcurrinni to Duluth (Load of Lnko Superior), on TUESDAY EVENING. JauoSt, atß p. m. NO CATTLE CARRIED ON PEERLESS. • State-roojua soourod ahead of time, and further In formation obtained by applying to LEOPOLD 4 AUSTRIAN. TO Market'-at... corner Washington, Chicago. DISSOLUTION NOTICE, DISSOLUTION- Tbo partnership heretofore existing under tha firm name of Stanton 4 Go., Is Ibis day dissolved by.mntuaV- GEORGE IC. STANTON, consent. LUCIUS 0. PARDEE, Chicago, Juno ID, 1873. CHARLES TATUM. Tha undersigned will oonllnuo tbo business of IM PORTERS and FAMILY GROCERS, under tho firm, namool STANTON i CO., at No. 976 Wabaab-av., with: a branch at N0.191 West Uadlson-st. GEORGE E. STANTON, LUCIUS 0. PARDEE. Having purchased the Interest of niy partner# In the atoroNo. 146Ku»tMadUon-st., Iflhall continue bualniw there as heretofore! dissolution . The copartnership heretofore orlotlnit B. Melver .ml B. Melvor, under the Orm n.tne of Melvor lire.,, lo title doy dleeulvod by mutuol oouoont. Bobert Melvor i. .utborleod to oottto ell oulotandUnt aooonntio OimcauOi Juno IS, 1873. • COI’AirXNEI«SII I X > . A ooportnorablp boo till, doy boon termed between Heb ert B. Molvor end Wllllem K. Otton, to bo conducted umlarlhciUnuunnin ot Molvor A Oworu LOTTERY. Comblnnliin Lottery: CLASH NO. 188. FORJUNE 19. 1&73. 8. 7J. 20, C 3. 6, C 9, 7. 33., 29, 81, Sfi, 18. Sealed plays scoured ou doi*n»lt. Prlroa oa^, C I ,* Information given by tliohoaled DonasUory, fr. PA; VIS. Manager. llonm# 0 and 7.. 161 p*>uy» UiarK**i.. Ili-iiHoh Oniooa. 837 Nurth-av., 63 West Madlaon at., ami Hfi South.flnual-at. - - —■ SALVE. All Ulubc Sulvu Tor lliinui. Ilttiln, CORNS! £5 conU a box. PR. STEPHENS, 131 Doaibom-*U OIIAHIKS TATUM,

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