Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 20, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 20, 1873 Page 6
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MONEY AND COMMERCE MONETARY. TnunupAY Evauntn, Jnno 10. There was scarcely a feature worthy of men tion In tho local money market to-day. Money Is still plenty, but there seems to bo a little more demand than a day or two ago. Now York exchange was Armor to-day at 600 per fI,OOO discount. There Is a liberal movement of currency to all parts of Iho West and Northwest. Tho business public, not only of this city but of tho whole Northwest, should bo well satlsflcd with tho election of a gentleman of the high business standing of Mr. Albert Keep, of this city, to tho Presidency of tho Northwestern Railroad. Mr. Keep le a largo property owner In Chicago, and will doubtless do everything In his power, so far as legitimate, to Lannouizo tho Interests of tho business public of Cldoago with those of tho Northwestern roads. As will ho soon by our dispatches, tho Vice-President, Mr. M. L. Bykos,' becomes tho Secretary and Treasurer of tho Northwestern, in place of Mr. 0. It. Marvin. NORTHERN I’AOIFIO RAILROAD RONDS. ■ wo have boon asked what grounds we hare for the opinion expressed lu this column yesterday to tho effect that it woa “ expected tho Northern Paciflo Railroad bonds would soon bo Introduced in tho Now York market, and that tho price of tho bonds would soon approximate to 110.” Wo can only say that tho insertion of tho paragraph referred to was occidental. Tho Northern Pacific Railroad bonds have boon on tho market in Now York for a long time, as will bo soon by roforonco to tho bond lists of several of tho Now York financial periodicals. They ore nominally quoted at “ 100 asked,” but wo have never Boon a quotation of a sale In that market. Some Northern Paciflo bonds sent by a Chicago bank to Now York within tho past year wore said to have boon sold to an agent of Messrs. Jay cooko & Co. at about 00 cents on iho dollar. The ogonts' of Mcsors. Jay Cooko & Co., In this and other Western cities, decline to mo any quotations for tho purchase of Northern Paciflo bonds ; their business is only to sell bonds, not to buy them. Tho Northern Paciflo Company have about l.OOO'mUoa of road finished, but tho revenue is necessarily small be cause os yet tho western terminus of tho rood la in the wilderness. It is to bo presumed from tho advertisements of tho Company that there are now eomowhero near $30,00U,0000f tho bonds outstanding. If this is correct, tho annual in terest is something near $3,200,000 per annum, an amount just about equal to tho total not earnings of tho Illinois Central Railroad Com pany.which operates 1,110 miles of road, a creat or mileage than tho Northern Paciflo. THE COIN IN TUB TUBAS (HIT. Ever sinco tho oxposuro made by Treasurer oprnuor, about a year ago. of tho manner of making up tho public debt statement, by count flomo $17,0110,000 or $18,000,000 of redeemed 6-20 bonds aa that much com, and thus swelling , a , m ° unt of the coin-balance, there has been a lack of confidence in tho Treasury reports of the amount of coin on hand. We ore always in clined to toko Wall street statement!* cum grnno satis, but, in yiow of tho circumstance above referred to, there maybe good grounds . 1 . ro P ort circulating there • now to tho effect that a large amount of tho so-called com of tho Treasury consists of chocks of tho syndicate, and that gold certificates have boon issued against them for the redemption of tho so-called bonds, while tho now fives have not boon delivered as yet to tho subscribers s this operation having tho tendency to make gold heavy m tho market, and depress the premium for the benefit of tho syndicate who are short of -.1 f bo *increase of $10,000,000 in their amount within the last thirty days would tend to confirm the report. It la a well-known fact that tho Trooaiiry at Washington is but little morothan tho omco of the Secretary, whore ho receives tho reports of tho transactions of tho Sub-Treas urers, and of tho financial agontk of tho Govern ment throughout tho country, but that, as a rule, no amount of gold com is over held In its vaults! but m kept on deposit in tho Sub-Treasuries throughout tho country. A f\ow York banker writes 1° tho Sun of that city as follows: .The largest amount of coin has always boon held br tne Bub-lreasury In Now York, It is stated as fol lows on Junul2: Coin Jill 851 723 85 Tao real gold balance, however, is only $37,600,060. the romaiuder being In silver bars (fl,000.000) and cer tlflcatcs received for duties, but not marked off or can- If lt bo true that the Government holds tcventy-ieven million* 0/ gold coin, and the New York ofllcecan show So onn'one * 37 ’. 01 | U » 00 ?» thcu » 1» the remaining depoeU? oo , d wbat Sub -^ r « is it hold on LOCAL STOCK AND BOND MARKET. Messrs. Lunt, Proatou «fc Kcou quote as fol lows this p. m.: B-20s of ’O2 0-20? of *G4 6-20aof Y,5 6*2 os of *CS, Jan, and July 6.20 a of »07, Jan. and July. 6*'ioa of ’OB, Jon. and July l(M0a U. 8. 5a (new issue) Gold (full weight) Gold Coupons... 6oiJ Kxcbaugo B!eri!ng Exchange Northern Pacific Gold 7-30 a Cblcsgo.City 7h Cook County 7b Illinois bounty and TownahlViua' REAL ESTATE. Tho following inDtraments wore filed for roe ord on Thursday, Jnno 19 j OITT ritOPEBTT. Milwaukee ay, between Ellen ami Houston sis, oof 25 ft to alley, dated Juno 12; consideration, |2,600. * Hamilton ay, between Division and Ellen els, w f, 25 ft to alley, dated June 10 ; consideration, $740, West Chicago ay, 151 ft wof Sangamon et a f, 25 Vx 100 ft, dated April 8 ; consideration, $2,600, Thirteenth place, near no cop of Paulina at, af, Lot 28, dated Morch 27; consideration, SBSO, Thirteenth place, between Ashland ay and Paulina si, a f, Lot 37, dated March 27; consideration, SB6O West Fourteenth at, n w cop of Wood st, a f, 31x121 ft, with bulldlngo, dated Juno 19; consideration, $2,000 IMJOQ 10 aboTO ’ dntod Jua * 18 J consideration^ Lots 33 to 35, In Block 2, of Pblnnoy’s a w v n « v ?i%50. Se ° 1X * 39 ' 13 ' d£t " d JUDtt 8 ’ eam °' dnled Juno 13 • consideration. North place, 35x80 ft, In Block 21, Sheffield's Addi tion, dated Hay 1; consideration, S6OO, o d . 7 M9 V*lWOi\'B Lots 1 and 2, In Block $2 000 ft eld M Add Uoa » dated Juno 11; consideration, Hoisted et, 108 ft n of Archer ay, 0 f, 23x114 ft, dated Juno 6; consideration, $2,400 ’ * *» bu Bremer st, 271 ft *of Oak st, wf, 20x00 ft. dated June 4; consideration, SI,OOO. ** Orchard at, 116 ft aof Sophia st, w f, 60x12434 fl doted April 3 j consideration, $8,00(1, ■ 1 ™ * Indiana av, no cor of Thlrly-third st, wf. 60x123* ft, dated Juuo 16 ; conblderatlon, $7,000. * irm*.orav.betlii ßering and Bonfleld a(s, a f, 139Ux ft “lalid o°l . 10 ° “ ,’, or n ! ck ° r * •*' • 4 u, nated oa. 8, 1872; consideration, $20,000. \Vest lolk st, 244 ft e of Campbell av, sf, 25x134V fL dated Juno 17; conulaoration, $3,600. * * ** . , nv { Y°l “ n d near Staunton av, nf, Lota 62 an -^- 6 A^ n . ted A P ril 25 i consideration, $3,000. ■a%a i g^\!£a!AslS. , BM - 13 ’ .iderUt'ursi,m is> seo - ’■ 3 °- u - ‘ u, “ d 3 s Burn.ldi! et, 03 fl» of Tldrly-Htlh it, ef, at ft to it ley, dated Juuo 1C; consideration, $l,lOO. Mohawk st, near n w cop of Menominee st, e f, Lot $1 400 tU buildiDßfl ' dated Juue consideration, Lot 29, in Walker’s Block 11, of o V Soo 31. 89 14 dated June 16; consideration, $1,200. * ’ 14, dated Juue 19; consideration, $760, 1 * Schiller at,wof end near South Wells et, ■ f. 23 ft, dated Juuo 14; consideration, $1,400. 1 ** a ?’ iu flub-Block 1, of Sutton’s Block 28, 800 S3, 89,14, dated May 29 ; consideration, $576 ' ’ Lowe av, near s 0 cop of Twouty-slxth st, wf.Lot 40 dated Jan. 22; consideration, SB6O. et, 214 ft n of Thirty-eighth, e f, 303tfH03 ft, dated April 1; consideration, $12,000. * * Undividedl >4 of n7Bftof s w Block 15 also undi vided % of Lot fl, In Block 6. au in Sherman’s e 34 w atlon VO6O SC ° i8 ’ 39 ' U ’ alted Feb * 10 • consWer- Sumiijor st, 60 ft a of Twenty-eighth, tf, 25x124 ft, dated March 21; consideration, S3OO, ”. eB t Mcjuroo et, a w corner of Wood at, n/, 84x129 ft, dated Juue 12 ; consideration, $6,000. -, MOBTU or 01TY LIMITS. Blvorsey ay, 821 ft west of Halsted st, a t, 39x124 ft, dated Juno 8; consideration, SI,OOO. * h Dlvcray av, 271 ft w of Halsted sL a f, 76x134 ft, dated Juuo 17 ; consideration, $3,000? 1 * BOOTH or OITT LIMITS, Lots 1 and 2, in Block 16, in Adam Smith’s sabdlyl aUonftSM.* He ° M ’ m ' 13 ’ d “ tcd Jun “ 10 i COMHIM -2f1i89 ft of Lot 23 of 7 to 10, In Johnson’s a 34 s 0 IYoSf $1,37* 600 881 U ' d “ “ 1 J “* < 17: 100 ft In Block 3, In Lookwood’a ikwk n s Vof S«> 8 » 0% dated Fob. fl;? Lake Freights, Charters were made at 6>tfo for com and 60 for wheat. There were only a few vessels on the market, and many ogsnU wers a»klng*c advance on tho above Quotations, lutes to Kingston, tic on corn. Charters "ft* ? w t llot ? EU»b«ti» Jones, onm atßifo; achr Montauk, wheat at Co: to Dunkirk. fl ? 1 * (yMlonUy), corn at 0 Vo t lo Now York, vlo Buffalo, prop Russia, oala Uipougi? rator prop Mol bowk, corn through to Boston atflOot to Erie, prim ?"<«* S& r * to l to »<*lon, ** Ogucna* nurg. prop Oily of Concord, corn on through rate. im orio i? 20, ??f? bM whdat, bu m 0I 5» rS'h 00 v Fr Y m Mlwaukoo to Erlo, propa Merchant and sohr Annlo Sherwood, oSo. N ° W Y ° rks Bchr Nlokplaon, whoit to 1 V« clir i. chartered for coal to Milwaukee at ll t achr A. J. Ttoanta ensi »n Muskogon at $1.80; achr Ellington, aalt to Erie at 6o «rhr J. O. narrlaon, coal from Erie to Chicago a ! $1.40 { prop Alaska, 1,000 btla salt to Milwaukee at 150 per brl, f, o, b. TmntBOAT Eveniko, June 19. The following wore tho receipts and shipments of tho loading artloloo of produce in Chicago during tho past twenty-four boars, and for iho corresponding date ono year ago j Flour, brls Wheat, 1m........,. Corn, bu Oats, bu Rye, bu Parity, bu Qraei teed, tbs Flaxseed, tba...... Broom-corn, 1b5.... Cured meats, 1b5,... Beef, brla.. Pork, brls Lard, lbs Tallow, lbs Butter, lbs.• ~,,,, Ltro bogs. No Cattle, N0.... Bbeop, No Hidofl, lbs High wines, brls,... Wool, tbs Potatoes, bu... Lumber, m f00t,... Bbluglos, m Lath, m............ Balt, brla Withdrawn from store yesterday for city con sumption t 640 bu corn; 100 bu oats ; 830 bu rye ,• 400 bu barley. The following grain bos boon inspected Into Bloro, this morning, up to 10 o’clock: 221 cars wheatj 604# cars com; 13,100 bn N0.2 do, and 6,000 bu rejected do by canal; 74 oars oats; 2,000 bu rejected do by canal; 6# cars ryo ; 1 car barley. Total (807cors), 344,000 bu. A car load of no grade com sold yesterday at 200 per bu on track. It had come from lowa, and tho railroad charges and commissions amounted to just 180 per bu. Tho shipper will thus receive 2o per bu for hia com, which will yield him but a soiry profit. Wo referred this morning to the Lyon anom aly; and It la but fair to state fn sequentia that that gentleman figures his liabilities at $30,000. Inasmuch as ho offers to pay 600 on tho dollar, this reduces tho amount at issue to $16,000, which la not much of a margin on lawyers’ and brokers’ foes. The battle, therefore, is evident ly ono of principle; and hia sidewalk experi ences call to mind tho conduct of tho harmless lunatic who insisted on occupying a coll in tho Now York Tombs last year. Posted com sold to-day at 240 per bu ; it sold yesterday at 260. * A groat deal of apprehension exists lost tho operation of the now railroad law should inure to the groat detriment of Chicago. There seems to bo little doubt that It will bo effectual in di verting from our city some trade which would have otherwise come hero, while there are no corresponding advantages. Tho loading; proiiuoo mtriola were again on the down grade to-day, with leas doing, eicont in corn. Continued-lino weather, giving nrou poots of more liberal crepe of coroala? ind a llrmor tone in froighle, canaod tho downward tondonoy, which waa aided by liberal rocolpla, and the oapootnlion of even more voluminous arrivaln, with a light shipping movement. Wo nolo that ocean froighta are now'about tho aamo from Montreal aa from Now York, for tho flrat tU rr? hlatory of tho chipping trade. ~ -the demand for dry goods waa again light and pricoa wore not subject to any appreciable change, ruling Bloody for atapio and eoaaonoblo Corpohnga wore in fair local roqncot, ™n th v lnqU r7 fr ?“, intorior merchants waa ™ alL . former quotations wore well auatoinod. though tho market can acarcoly bo called firm Ihoro waa no change in tho condition of tho butter and chooao market. An absence of activ ity ™ noticeable, and tho prevalent feeling waa . Gr ,“ ljl 1) “8» wore Inquired for v nt “'S', ,“ lul were oaayatSßWo lml 8t 8 5° for . Lndl °h r ; Lewiatou, » fo ? American and Amoakeag Iricoa of coal wero unchanged. Lackawnnnn being hold at 80.50, BloaEat «0 00 and Minonk at 87.00. l'ho fish trade wae fairly active at firm pricoa. Hay woa not ao plenty as early In the week and holders wore a trifle firmer in their views In conaeonence. Hides andloathor remain inactive at unchanged raloa. Oila, paints and colors wore moving to a fair orient at abou! previous prices. UUI Trade at tho lumber yards continues fairly active, all good dry lumber being firm, while EJkT‘ k and unsettled. There waa no quotable Change in prices, except for lath, which Plokoto are quoted at a wider range. MoWa and iron wore In tolerably fair request at former rates. Building materials were unchanged. Considerable now wool haa * r “K° floe unwashed to 38@300 for fleece-washed, and 4B@Mo for prime tub-washed. Tho receipts are only moderate. Broom com continues iolrly active and firm. Seeds were quiet and unchanged. Green fruits wore active, and a further advance of <51.00 was made on lemons. Small fruits wero plenty, and sold at about yesterday’s range of pricoa. Poul try was in largo eupply, and, being in moderate cbangeii ““ lower. Eggs wero un- Hlghwineswero rather more active, and steady at tho recent decline, though reported easier in New York. Sales wore reported of 200 brla at olio per gallon. Lake froighta wore rather loss active, and steady at yesterday’s rates, carriers being unable to obtain any advance,!though they hold off for ii , . near 1116 Bates wero Co for wheat, BXo for corn, and 4o for oats; and lie for corn and 120 for wheat to Oswego or Kingston. A total of eight charters waa reported as taken to day, which will cany out 20,000 bu wheat. 100.000 bu corn, and 160,000 bu oats. Besides those charters wore effected In this market to take out 03,000 bu wheat for Milwaukee. Provisions wore dull and steady, except a weakening on moss pork to the extent of 6@loo per brl, in sympathy with a further decline in hogs reported from the Stock Yards. There was no demand for any description of products, but holders were firm in their views, with tho excep tion of pork, which was offered rather freely, though not to a largo extent. Tho trade is about over for the season, but it is probable that soon •fin tho Fourth there will be some dealing In December deliveries, which will grow as tho summer progresses. Tho market closed at the following ronge of P5i c es: Mess pork, cash or seller Juno, $15.00 @15.70; dp seller July, $15.70@15.76 : do seller do seller September, ; d° seller December, $13.76 0 i w seller Juno, SB.SO@ 8.82 X; do seller July, $8.35@8.40; dosollor Amr ust, $8.C0@8.65{ summer do, SB.OO. Bwoetpioklod hams quoted at oK@H>*o. Dry salted meats for short nhs; and for short clear. Boxed shoulders, English moats, m for short riba; B&@BJse for short clear! Bacon is quoted at 7Ko for shouldoA: OVo for clear nhs j o>£o for short clear, and 13@14W0 for hams, all packed. Mesa hoof, $8.75@0.00: extra moss do, $0.76@10.00; beef hams. ®27.0fl @ a8 R io. City tallow, 7X@7%0; grease q'uStabto at 6>g@oJ£o. Bales wore reported of 100 brla moss pork at $16.76; 600 brla do, seller July, at $16.76 ; 600 tea lard at $8.30 ; 260 tea do, sura- J ner » a A $7.25, loose; 20,000 lbs sweet pickled hams (U lbs) at H#o. Flour waa loss active, and decidedly weak, though sellers made no change In their quota tions. “ ~PP. era off, in consequence of a dull New York market, and tho local trade were not anxious to take hold except considerable concessions were made, to agree with tho decline In wheat. Our receipts arc now larger than tho shipments, giving fair stocks. Bran was firmer. W S!£ *pP, ortc d °f 100 brls winter extras at $7.00; 100 brls do on private terms: 100 brls spring extras at $0.60; 100 brls do at $0.26: 1,000 brls do on private terms; 25 brla rye Hour at $1.25 ; 200 brfs do on private terms/Total! 2.176 brls. Also 10 tons bran at $8.60, on track. The following was the range of pricoa at tho close t Euirinp, Selling, • 115# 116*/- 116# 115*/ .117* 117# .118 J( Uo}( .I2o*i 120;tf • 119.Y 120 .112;*' US ■II3»X 114 ' .US* .115;; 115*; . .... 116*/ .9.... ioovoiiok 100 k lut. C9>f k iut. 09# tint. 05098 Fair to oboloo white winter extras | a.oo qio oo Hod winter extras 7,00 & B*oo Good to choice spring extras 6,00 m 0*75 Ijjwlo mMUum.,.. *.&%(& o!ao Minnesota* (patent) 8.00 00 Good to fancy Minnesota 6.00 (A 800 Spring superflnea 3.75 3 <'.6o llye floor 4.00 q j.uq Eran, 8.60 (4 9,00 Wheat waa lower than yesterday, and firm at the decline, (hough dull during (ho commercial. SHIPMENTS. nECKirifl. 1879. 1673. 6,879 60,343 309,377 180,718 36,000 6,196 34,685 913,700 0,160 60,640 9(18,640 69,080 8,837 1,680 6,370 8,160 83,390 107,330 4,140 8,837 334,809 81,743 8,830 4CO 1,600 116,990 1,600 16,860 18,100 19,460 80,770 310,326 10 37,770 319,600 888 87,860 76,100 69,268 6,803 3,710 11,800 6,820 70,043 13,037 3,361 8,710 16,000 80,396 16,833 2,077 10,600 24,000 61,300 4,068 1,301 709 64,348 1,100 05,820 65,098 138 109,390 1,106 6,374 3,078 405 257 107,483 1,144 7,789 836 76,488 303 43,620 7 8,109 1,807 640 4,401 719 1,870 8.669 . 186 1,900 1 3,300 5 740 1 1,187 TILE MARKETS. nroator port of the session. The advices frdm Jjivorpool were not particularly encouraging, os tuoy intimated that the French demand was inot provocative of much strength in the English markets, yot Now York was quoted firm, with a fair export demand. Tho chief feature'“of our. market was tho further widening of tho differ-, enco between June and July options to nearly Bo per bu, though It is difficult to find any one who will admit that ho Is short .for this month, and but few who claim to bo long, while tho ship ping demand had fallen off to very small dimen sions. Jlho reason of tho Increasing difference Is the uncertainty that prevails in regard to the Juno deal, as tho llltlo cash wheat now hero Is hold off tho market, and many oper ators aro apprehensive of a sudden squeeze at tho end of tho mouth. Uonco tho relative firmness in Juno wheat, while tho more deferred options wore weak'ln consequence of general expectations of a further decline when the char acter and extant of the now crop is known. Boiler tho month opened at $1.20#, declined to $1,20, advanced to $1.21, and declined to $1.20 at the cloao. Seller July sold at SI.I6#(SH.IO, closing at tho outside. Holler August sold at sl.l2#@l.lß#, closing at sl.lO. Seller tho year was nominal at SI.OB. Cash lots of No. 2 commanded no premium over seller tho month, except for hard. No. 1 spring was qnlot at $1.25; No. fl do closed dull at $1.03#, and rejected do at. 02c. being a drop of Oo from yesterday. Gash sales were reported of 2,000 buNo. 1 spring at $1.25; 15.000 bu No. 2 spring (hard, in Northwestern) at $1.28; 21,000 hu do (hard) at $1.22#; *OO hu do at $1.21# j 1,200 budo at $1.211 10,800 bu do at $1.20# j 7,200 bu do at $1.20# ; 400 budo atsl.2o# 1 1,000 budo at $1.20; 1,800 bn No. 8 spring at $1.09 ; 6,600 bu do at 1.08#; 7,200 bu do at $1.08#; 0,400 bu re jected spring at 02o: 400 bu by sample at $1.29. Total, 87,800 bu. Corn was active, and averaged lo lower, the greatest decline being in cash lots and the least in tho more deferred options. There was little Inquiry for shipment, owing to the discouraging touo of tho advices from Now York and tho lack of freight room, hence tho business was obloily of a local speculative character, of the kind known os changing over. Holders of cash lots wore anxious to avoid the responsibility of carry ing, at tho same time that they wonted to keep In tho deal, believing that corn must :bo good properly at present prices, tho only difficulty being to keep it in con dition. Tho price of com la now but about CO per cent of its average price at this season, in former years, and this with tbs prospect of a poor crop. It is no wonder, therefore, that so many hold on to It in tho face of so much dis couragement, ond aro willing to poy not loss than 25 per cent of the present price to have it carried for six weeks longer, which is at tho rate of 200 per cent for carrying one year. We not© that tho present price of 27s per 480 lbs in Liver pool only allows 400 per bu in Now York, so that there is not much profit In shipping to Europe oven at tho reduced prices of to-day. Boiler tho month, or cash No. 2, opened at 80#o. advanced to 30#c,and declined to flOo at the close! Seller July sold at 82#@330, * closing at 82#@32#0, Seller August sold at -87@87#c, closing at 87#o, Seller September sold at 88# (®3oo. Strictly fresh receipts closed dull at 82#o. Cash sales wore reported of 1,600 bu No. lat 84c; 12,000 buNo.2at 83o;'2,800 bu do at 82#oj B,Boobudo at 82#o; 19,000 bu do at 82#o; 10,800 bu do at 02#o; 2,400 bu do at 31#o; 5,000 bu do, regular, at SOITo; 15,000 bu do at 30#oj 30.000 budo at 30#o; 20,000 bu do atSo#o; 25.000 bu do at 80o; 6,400 bu rejected at2Bo; 6,400bud0 at 27#0; 11,600 bn do at 27#cs 1,600 bu do at 27#; 2,400 budo at 270; 8.000 bn do at 290 afloat; 2,800 bu no grade at 20c; 4,000bu “hot” at 240. Total, 190,600 bu. Oats wore #@#o lower on options, and a shado easier on cash lots, though quoted firmer la Now York. There was uq special pressure to sell; but the market weakened under liberal re ceipts, and in sympathy with wheat and corn. Seller July opened at 26#0, advanced to 27#0, and closed at 2G#o. Seller August sold at 26# @2G#o. llogular No. 2, or toller tho month, sold at 20#@2Co, closing at 25#0. Coiih sales wore reported of 5,100 bu at 2G#o; 6,000 bu al 26#0; 82,000 bu at 2Co; 6,000 bu at 25#oj 15.000 bu at 25#0; 5,400 bu rejected at 2§c; 8.-100 bn do ot 22#0: 7,600 bu do at 22#c. Total, 84,800 bu Ilyo waa quiet and lower, in sympathy with the decline in corn, and but little waa wanted at the reduction. Sales wore limited to 1,200 bu No. 2at 600, and 800 bu by sample at C3e. Rejected was nominal at 53>£@540. Wo note a good shipping movement in rye, and it ia probable that wo shall Lave not more than 78.000 bu in store hero at the close of tbo week. Barley was dull and again weak, sales being possible by making further concessions. We quote No. 2 at C0@550, No. 8 at 40@460, and rejected at 30@85o—the inside at tbo Book Is land Elevator, and the outside at the other houses. Sales wore limited to 400 bu No. 2at Gsc ; 400 bu by sample at COo: and 400 bu do at E2o. Total, 1,200 bu. WOOL. Tbo Boston Snipping List says t The transactions of (ho week havo been quite Urge, and but few straight lota of fleece are now left. The en tire stock of fleeces, In fact, Is mostly in the hands of one house, but supplies of now ere near at band, and manufacturers’ wants aro not pressing, eapeclJly as they have a good assortment of lino foreign to fall back upon. Manufacturers have been fres purchasers during tbo week, and prices ore steady and firm for all lots in good condition. Good Ohio and Pennsylvania fleecea havo been selling principally from 60Q63!*c. Borne fancy lots have been sold as high as 67 Wc, and Nos. I and 3 as low as 460 per lb. Michigan, New York, New Hampshire, and Maine have been sold at 42(351c. as to quality and condition. California spring clip continues to corns forward freely and meets with a ready sale. The supply of this wool has also been sold up close, the principal receivers having scarcely any stock on hand, and the article should be forwarded as fast as possible so as to meet the demand before tbo new clip from-tbe West begins to come forward. Manufacturers are still determined to purchase the bulk of their wool hero, and all good lota are likely to meet with a ready sale, at full current rates, until the stock of domestic begins to accumulate. At the West, there has been very little movement as yet In the new clip. Forty centals freely offered In Ohio and Pennsylvania, and 46®G00 is asked, but it is evident that 45c Is the outside price that can be real ized for the best dips, and manufacturers and dealers would besitato to contract to any extent, even at that figure. Wool throughout the West Is generally held above tbo views of bnyers, but if growers fall to real ize now when manufacturers aro in want of wool and disposed to pay fair current rates, they will probably repeat ths same mistake made for somo years past. - ' OALIFOUMIA WHEAT. Tho San Francisco Bulletin of tho 11th giroa tho following: la round numbers, about 830 ship* will have taken, by tbe end of this month, ten million centals of the Wheat crop of last year to foreign markets. Wo have now entered fully upon the harvest of *73. Reapers, headers, and threshers aro already in- tho Holds, and grain sacks aro going forward to all promi nent points for distribution. Tho wheat crop through put the State Is beyond the point of danger from rust, blight, otc. There has been a steady Improvement in most of tho stands of grain nearly up to the point of Later reports from nearly all quarters are better than those sent in a few days before. I. N. Hosg, of the Slate Agricultural Society, bae given tho result of his inquiries touching tho wheat crop of tho present year In tabular form, as follows j 1873-73. Counties. Yield Acre*, centals. Alameda Butte Ooluia Contra Costa. El Dorado..,, Fre5n0....... Kern Lake Marin Mendocino... Merced Mouterey Napa P1acer........ Sacramento... San Joaquin.. Ban Mateo,.,. Santa Clara.,, Santa Cruz... Shanta Siskiyou Sol&uo 50n0ma,,.,.. Stanislaus..,. Suitor Bftuta Barbara Tehama Tulare Tuolumne.... Yolo Yuba 407.000 380.000 COO, 000 311.000 67.000 74.000 35.000 10.000 11,000 85,000 1,400,000 034.000 157.000 08,000 40,500 100,000 62,000 0,500 10,600 6,000 4,000 2,000 7.000 300.000 153.000 91,600 10,000 8,500 180.000 85,000 143,000 8.000 80,000 61,000 1.303.000 210,000 855.000 48.000 40.000 48.000 1.701.000 613.000 3.125.000 SCO,OOO 64.000 800.000 81.000 30.000 420,000 80.000 7,500 8,000 840.000 102,500 840.000 CO,OOO 0,000 CO,OOO 11,500 6,000 70.000 13.000 Total 2,114,000 13,701,000 The harvest prospects la Oregon are very favorable, Thcro la a largely-increased acreage sown to wheal la Umt fitate, end there has boon no Jack of moisture. The amount of wheat exported from the Pacific coast during the present harvest year will not. according to this showing, full behind the amount exported last year. A difference of twenty sblp-loads, or putting the cose with the greatest possible extremes. Bay 830 cargoes last year oud 300 cargoes this year sxpin-ted from thla Blato, Is not a very serious onV: Sh quite possible that this difference may bo bridged over financially by stlffer prlcoa for wheat In *73 A hardening tendency In the foreign wheat market has been observed for some time. The condition of the crops lu various parte of Europe Indicates a falling off la production this year, England alone will draw on other countries for not less than 100,000,000 buah cls of wheat. This coast can only supply a small port of this demand. On the whole, diminished produo. tlon of breadstuff* In Europe this year will probably have the effect to stimulate prices, so that the returns realized by farmers hero will ho nearly as great os lost year. The difference would bo lu tho greater amount of labor bestowed and the cost of seeding of a much larger sroa. While the wheat-growers arc not coming out at the point anticipated at the sotting lu of the raining season, they axe coming out a long way ahead offtfftilnr*. .There Is not * Slate. on ifaeeastern rtdo of tbo Ilocky.MounUlnß which .would .produce* fait wheal crop with so email an amount of rain as that which ban fallen this year on tbo wheat fields of Cali fornia. Tbla dty neason hh« aerted fnrtber'to dcrmm ttrato tbo fact that-wlth all drawback*. this la the best wheat Stale In tba union, [A table nlmllar to the above was pnbllnbod in Tint TmnuHK & few days ago. but contained sev eral errors. This table la believed to be correct], weatbAn onbra. *• Tho SI. Lotila democrat uaya j .There la & paragraph circulating among our ex changes to tho • fleet that tlm present winter wheat crop (now largely being harvested) la ft had failure, From every quarter of Missouri, Kansas, aud Boulh om Illmola, wo boar but one story, namely: that no crop ever looked bettor, or promlaod to yield better wuoot or more of It, than the ono now rlpcnlug, I Tito Champaign (IU.) Gazette lajet The planting In tbla vicinity la about finished, some low places yet remaining nnplanted.. The early plant ed haa been aomewhat Injured by wet and alao by cut wonna. The area planted ia not ao groat aa last year; and with the beat of weather, the crop will fall far be low that of 1873, Of small grain, but Uttlowaa plant ed, and much of tbat waa afterwarda injured by atand “B water; the crop will not be large in any event, As yet thsrssrsno Indications of any Insect depreda tions t but for this there la planty of lime, Potatoes promise well, and the beetles, which have rained the ®£®P to yeew past, a com to bo in diminished numbora, Xrult of all kinds la a failure In commercial orchards, where tho trees are Isolated : but In towns and protected places, the yield will bo fair. Many va rieties of apples, supposed to bo as hardy os oaks, were badly Injured by tho severe cold t among theeo aro Bon Davis, Slinkier, Smith's Older, and Willow Twig. Early Richmond eberry trees are, In many Instances, killed outright {ln one caso of an orchard of 050 trees! one»half aro dead or dying. Small fruit, owing to the drouth of last season, is very light. About iwenty-flva acres have been planted to strawberries this spring, In. this' vicinity. Grapes promise a light crop, many varieties having been killed. Over 1,000 acres or broom corn have been planted, and hoeing of the crop has been commenced. - In tho afternoon wheat waa quiet and a Vo higher j No. a spring noli at ♦1.20@1.20>* eeUor tho month, end seller July, both optione closing at tho Inside. Corn waa in mod erate demand, and declined >fo, Boiling at S2V® 82J£o eollor July, and 87@37.tf0 aollor Auguat, closing at tho inside. Other grain and provis inoa wore inaotlvo. Lake freights were quiet. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. „ TnnBSDAT EriDiiKa. Juno 19. 1 Was unchanged} quotable at $1,78® BISA|NB AND PEAS—Were quiet and nnshangcd, as follows: Oholco hand-pricked navies, $3.75 • do mediums, $3.60(33,05; Inferior grades, $1,35®2.00; goon poos <in hrls), $1.4001.60 5 yellow do (In bags)! BROOM-OORN—Continues In good request and firm* Wo quote: No. 1 hurl, 7@B#o; No. 1 stock braid, 6Vf «8&o; N0.2 do, 4)tf®6o; No. 8 do, 3,K040; inside groom 4®60; do rod tip, B,tto4#o; do polo and rod, PUTTER—Remains dull ot about former quotations, Shippers are now doing but little, owing to the ex treme hot weather, and, as local buyers coniine 'their purchases to meeting Immediate wants, stocks are un dergoing a steady augmentation despite the efforts of sellers to prevent it. Choice yellow is hold with some show of firmness, but all other grades are selling Ir regularly, Wo quote: Strictly choice yellow, 18020 c 5 medium to good, 15010 c; Inferior to common, 10® 14c. BAGGING—Trade In this department continues sluggish, and although prices are pretty well sustained, (he tone of the market ,s rather favorable for buyers. Stocks are fall. We repeat our quotations: Stark, Amoekesg,32o{ OUerOrcck, 3%b; burlap bags, 4 and 5 bn,20022c; gunnies, single, 17@18o; do'double, 38 (929 c; woolsacks, 650070. BUILDING MATERIALS—There was no particular change. Trading Is fair for the season, but, ow ing to tho large supply of materials, such as brick and lime, prices are rather weak. Cements wore steady. Wo repeat; Stucco, $2,50: Now .York stucco, casting, $3.60(34.00; Portland cement, $7.0007,60 per brl; Itosenoale cembut,-$3,25®3,50 j Utica, Louisville, and Akron cement, $2.00 per brl; marble dust, $3.3503.60; Umo In bulk, 600 @$1.00; lime (brls), $1.1001.29 per brl; white' Band, per brl, $2.0002.60; plastering hair, per bit, 40050 c; fire brick, per 1,000, $40,00000.00; build ing brick (common), $0.0007.00; sower brick, SIO.OO 5 country brick, $10,60, delivered Milwaukee pressed, $32.50, del.; do common, $14.00 : Raclno prefised,' $25.00 028,00, del.; do common, $14,00; Indiana pressed. $30.00033.00; do common,, $12.00016.00: fire clay, per brl, $3.0004.00. • . * Tho following Is tho list of prices per box of > 60 feet for (lomeollo wludow glass, from which a reduction of 66000 per cent Is made to dealers: .Tirrt Double _ Quality. tlrenqth, 7xlo to Bxlo 6.75 y.OO Bxl4 to 10x15.......... 8,10 12 00 12x1810 16x20 . 9.25 16.00 18x22 to 18x30 11.00 19.00 20x28 to 34x30 13.00 31.00 36x60 to 40x60 45.00 COOPERAGE—Was quiet and nominal, as fol lows : Pork barrels, $1.2601.36; lard tierces, $1.60 @1,70; whisky barrels, $1.9002.10; flour barrels,

48067 c; pork slaves; rough, $17.00020.00; do, buck ed, $20.00 025.00 ; tierce staves,rough, $20.00025.00; sawed, do bucked or sawed, $25.00028.00; whisky staves, rough, $24.00028.00; do bucked, $30.00033.00; flour staves. $8.60010.60; circle flour heading, 70 80 per sot: floor hoop poles, $14.00016.00 per m : pork and tierce poleSs, 30.00036.00 per tn. CHEESE—The cheese market was without a single new feature. Only a small amount of sales was ac complished. interior merchants as well os local retail ers restricting their purchases to small lots to meet current necessities. Prices continue weak, with a downward Inclination. Following are the quotations : Now York factory, 12>f@13o ; Elgin factory, 12j*0 13c; Ohio factory, 110l2#o; Western factory, 110 13>tfO. COAL—Prices remain nominally unchanged. Orders are few and smalt Quotations are as follows: Lehigh lump, $11.00; prepared, $11.00; Lackawanna. $9.60: Erie, $9.60; Briar Bill, $9.60; Walnut Hill? $9.60; Blosahurg, $9.00; Cherry Mine, $8.60; Hocking Valley! $9.00; Indiana cannel coat $9.60; Indiana block, $8.00: Kirkland grate, $8.60; Minonk, $7.00; Wilming ton, $6.00. EGGS—Were In moderate local request at 12#0130 In caaea. Many are coming In In bad order, and more care ahould be taken in packing. Salea include US cases at 13o; 135 coaes at ISjtf c. FEATHERS—Were quiet and unchanged. We quote: Prime to choice lire geese feathers at 76078 c; Jobbing pr|cea, 8214087 c; common to fair geeao feathers, 260 OOo; chicken, 6@Bc. FlSH—Nothing new ot importance was developed In tho fith market. The acarclty of mackerel oouUuuoa, and the prlcea current earlier in the nock are adhered to with great firmness. Ood are a llttlo more plenty, Lake flah are in fair supply at unchanged prices. Wo quote: No. 1 whlteflsh, X brl, $6.0006.25: No. 3 do, $5.76 06.00; No. 1 trout, $5.3506,60; No. 1 shore mack erel, X brl, $11.60011.76: No. 1 bay, $9.6009.76; No. 3 mackerel, # brl, $8.6009.75; No. 1 shore kits, $1.0503,00; bank codflih, per 100 Iba, $6.60 @6.75; George’s codflih, $6.6000:76; Labrador her ring, split, brls, $0.0009.60; do, brl, $4.7606.00; Labrador herring, round, brl, $9.0006.60; do >4 brl, $4.2504.60; box herring No. 1, 3808Uo;box boning, scaled, 35037 c; Columbia River salmon, 34 brls. SIO.OO 010.26. ’ • FRUITS AND NUTS—Onrnmts, raisins, and figs were weak, and most domestic fruits were also easy. Prunes remain Arm, and are in fair demand. Nuta are in'light request at steady prices : Fousioh— Dates, 8>4®9>40; flga, drums, 11014o; figs, box, Turkish prunes, 10^0110; raisins, $2.30 @2.40; Zanto currants, 707140, Doaizano—Aldoa apples, 17030 c; Michigan do, 6@70; Western do, 6@s#c; Southern do,• 405 c; peaches, pared, 180 SOo; peaches, halves, 606>f0; do, mixed, 4VOSc; blackberries, £00#o; raspberries, 40®41o; pitted cherries, 32034 c. Nuts—Filberts, 14®l&o; almonds, Tarragona, S1033o; Naples walnuts, 340350; Brazils, O09>4o; pecans, U012o; African peanuts, C.V@7o; Wilmington peanuts, 7@8o; Tennessee peanuts, 6 ®6c, • ■ ’ GROCERIES—The • movement Ift goods coming under this head was of a somewhat limited character, sugars, rice, and coffees being .the only articles for which the market exhibited anything like activity, and the demand for thoeo was not ss largo as in former seasons at a corresponding period/ Prices were not especially firm, though there was no appreciable change in any class of goods, the annexed quotations being tolerably well sustained; Bi Oahd Soda—7^oßWc. OoiTiES— Mofha, 33®33>40; O, O. Java, 98®38?<o: .Java, No, 3, fancy Rio, 24«4024»40; choice do, 34034,14 0 ; prime Rio, 33*/034o; good do, 9314@33J4fi; common do, 22j<®33J40 : roasting do, 31j4@31&0; Singapore, 240 24tfo: Costa Rica, fancy, do, prime, 24W@i!4Jtfc; Maracaibo, 23>4®24c. 1 ’ 1873-71. JjfeU'm’d Acres. yield. 400.000 250.000 617.000 343.000 . CO,OOO 70.000 17.000 24.000 21.000 00,000 876.000 1,100,000 331.000 100.000 08,000 60,000 116,000 67.000 10.000 20,000 6,000 4,000 0,000 250.000 170.000 33.000 20.000 10,000 235.000 35.000 142.000 10.000 10,000 Oamdues—Star, full weight, ipu@2oo; slcarlne, full weight, 14X015o; do, short weight, 13*i@Hk'o. lliox—Patna, BX®3Xc; 3laugoou,7x®Bo ; Carolina, 8X@0o; Louisiana, 7X@B,Vc. Buoajis—Patent outloaf, IQX@I2,Vc» powdered, II 012o; crushed and granulated, UXOU-XO: A, atan dard, 10K®10’fet do, No. It, 10X®10&o; D, 10.V® 10>ioj extra O,IOXOIOXO { O No. 3,10X@10Xo; yel low 0, o>*Qloc; choice brown, OJ£01Oo; prime do, OXoO|£o J fair do, OQOXo | choice molasses sugar, 0^®10o; fair do. OOOXo : Now Orleans sugar, choice, 0X®10o; do prime, OXQOXoj do, fair, 8;»®9Xo: common, 7X07«0.' * ’ BTsurs—Diamond drips, $1,2501.80; silver drips, extra fine, 70®730; good sugar house syrup, 4604H0; extra do, 600650j Now Orleans molasses, choice, IN)® 83o; do prime, 78@780 : do common, 05070 c!; Porto Itlco molasses, choice, 65®050; common moiasees. <lO 035 c. * Balxiutu*—Common to best, 0010 c. Bpjoes—Allspice, 17@l8o; cloves, 870300; cassia, 8804Oo; popper, 26® 20c: nutmegs, $1.2501.30: Singer, pure, 20030 c; do No. 1,20025 c: do No. 3, la @loo. Boats—French mottled, 6X08Xo: German mottled, o.K<9o#o: Golden West, C0Otto; white Lily, 6XO CXo; White Nose, OX®6Xo; brown Windsor, 4XO 4Xo; palm, 50OXo 5 Savon Imperial, OXQCXo. BTAUon—Glon, 0x010c; com, 00 lie; laundry, 50 7o: common, 6Modo. OIUiBN l r llUlTß—A further advance Is noted In lemons, and they are very Arm. Berrios wore plenty, and sold at irregular prices. Fancy strawberries sold now and then at 13014 c, but the hulk of the sales were at 6012X0. Huspborrica were quiet. We quote: Apples, fair to choice, $2.8004.60 per brl. Lemons, $12.00013.00 loti. Oranges, $12.00 per case. Pineapples, $3.0004.00 rer rioa. Bananas, $3,0008.00 per hunch. Gooseberries, 1O013X« por quart. Strawberries, 70 13Xe. Gharries, 15030 c. lUspberrloe, black, 120150 : red do, 800550. Currants, Coßo. Pears, 52.0003.50! Poaches, $1.0001.50. ' * * lIOPB—Were unchanged, We quote: Woatem at 250450 for common to choice. 45.000 1,013,000 210,000 710,000 70.000 60,000 40.000 1.676.000 810,000 1.600.000 910.000 70.000 826.000 106,000 80.000 800,000 68,000 6,000 850.000 131.000 400.000 75.000 10.000 05.000 80.000 C,OOO 80,000 13,000 2,418,000 11,184,000 HAY—Prices were somewhat more settled, the late decline having caused a marked falling off lu the re ceipts and chocked the downward tendency. There wore some orders for small lots for shipment to Lake Superior, but the chief demand cams from local customers. We quote wholesale prices paid i by 'deklen- a# follows, cam lo contain 20 non ffm* ' —Ximotliy- beater, .pressed, tI4.od015.oo! timothy, looae pressed, $10.60011.00 • pralria nrnß«i».l oh Wiooß-TlraoibVj TSZ/iia E H.0O; rralrio, 100.., M.00913,00;, im dollvorr of RCC °rdlug toclJfitnnco. * HIDEB-Notlilng transpired In tills market worihv of npccU! mention. There Is no counldomble move ment either on local or outside account, and for the present quotations ore purely nominal s arocndtv oilJiln” ’ 7O • P reen curoa, Unlit, lO>/0110 sdo hprw/ B,VOIOo ; part cured. OWfllOos iff eon calf lßfam7.’ Wft 180 ; dnr calf, 240; e ®f t ° e V 170180; dry flint, 100200 ; lonß-hn rod kinf lovra 1°; dwcou akin., 46f1580{ grubby, .core? cuTS ot i'orwl« damaged. two-thlrds price. • ** r .1 a " m ““ a ™ WmMr oood ii«»» * Plate iron, common tank ov %7 W0 {JISJ Russia Iron * ”«" RtWßla iron, No. 1 stained 21J Norway iron . a Q?> a If {» ggf s* pK \°oo\ lu£l S r ?,£ English 8pr1nga1001...... * . mu “ “ Irnn^ l iff I i“S U '' lll0 ”w r i ClnillM aUiominal ly unchanged pricca. Below aro the quotations: «... . hemlock, * gS S Ii?; g hj .City upper, No. 1, Vft *.* soot $ ouyupper:No.a?ft..g« » Country upper, No. 1 ofira 27 Collar, it. . oofa 2.1 Calf, country, J.ioca 1 as Bough upper, standard gofl ’35 Bough upper, damaged 27® SO Buffalo slaughter sole 37 “ 2), A. n a010..,» JW® 33 OAS, ®l» * 760 1.10 Harneea 400 46 French calf, Jodot 65,00000.00 French calf, L0m01n0,..» C0.00f180.00 French calf, 24 toSfl lbs 1.C5fl 2.60 French kip, 60 to 100 U5.... l.OOfl 1.00 METALS AND TINNERS’ BTOOK-Th6 demand waa fair lor the aeaaon, and prlcoa wore steady oa fol lows : , Tiw Wx14.114.60! do. 12x12, $16.00 ; do, 14x20. $16.60; do, rooting, 10, $14.00; do, 30x28, $28.00. • Pia Tnf—Largo, 420; small, 430; bar, 440. Suekt Zwo—Full casks, 11c: half casks.llVflll uo * less quantity, 11 wo; slabs, oc. Sheet InoK—No. 24.6tf0 rates, "**&**i*‘-** u -** t ~ Galvakized leoh—No. 16020,16o; No. 22024, ICo; No. 26028,170; No. 27, IBo; No. 28, 20c. A discount of 20 per cent is made from this list. Comer—Copper bottoms, 40o; braziers, orcr 12 Bs, 470: tinned copper, 400 5 planlsned copper, 400 s do, cut Vo sizes, 48c, * ' Wnts—3 to 6, 80; 0, 8, and 0,10 c; 10 to 11, lie: 12. ll*o;l3andl4, . loo; 10,10 c ; 20. 20c ; full bundle, 16 per cent dis count; fence wire, 7>tfo; by car load, 7J^o. ! NAILS—Wore in good requoat at unchanged ralca: lOO6Od per keg, $6.00 rates; 8d do, $8.25; 6d do, $5.50: 4d do, ss.B7>tf 5 3d do, $0.50; 3d do fine, $3.00; 2d do $8.26; clincn, J7.37W ; 12340 off to the trade. NAVAL STOREB—The trade is active and market firm at tho quotations following: Manilla rope, W lb, 18018o; sisal rope, 7? to, 10017 c; hemp sash cord, 79 lb. 20035 c ; marline, W lb, 2O022o; tarred rope, « lb, 17018 c; oakum, halo, $6.0000.60; pitch, « brl, $0.0007.00; Ur, brl, $5.0000.00. ' ' OlLS—Dealers reported! a fair business doing at steady and unchanged prices. We continue to quote : Carbon, 18#®19o; extra lard oil, 730; No. 1, C8o; N0.2,050; Unaoed, raw, 98c; do boiled,sl.o3; whale, 87o; sperm, $2.0002.10: neats foot oil, strictly pure $1.10; do extra. 90o; do No. 1,76 c; bank oil, 70c; slrails, 76c; , elephant oil, 05c; turpentine, 660; naphtha, 03 gravity, 20c; naphtha, common, 16017 c. POTATOES—Choice poachblows wore scarce and linn. Now aro coming In rather more freely, and cholco sell readily at $6.6007.00 per brl; 1 car old poachblows was sold at 69c, delivered. POULTRY—Tho supply, was In excess of tho de mand, which, as usual at thin season, was light, and prices were weak, and declining., Chickens sold at $1.6004.00; turkeys at 12019#0. Sales include 20 coops chickens at $4.00;* 4 coops spring do at $3.00; 2 coops at $2,50; email spring are quoUble at $1.500' SALT—Was - in continued good demand and steady at the quoted prices: Onondaga and Saginaw, fine, $2.00; ordinary coarse, $2.00; coarse Diamond O, $2.10; ground solar. $2.10; dairy! without bags, $3.25; dairy, with bags, $4.1004.25; Ashton dairy, per saok, $6.0006.36; ground alum. $2,300 2.40; Turk's Island, $3.00, . ’ SEEDS—Wero quiet and nominally unchanged, cr eeping Hungarian, which sold in a small way at SI,OOO 1.10. We quote: Timothy at $4.0004,35; clover, $4.6006,00; millet, 76@900; Hungarian, $1.0001.10; buckwheat, $1,2501.35. Sales include 24 bags Hun garian at $1.00,16 bags do at sl.lO. TEAS—Remain quiet as previously quoted. Follow ing are the price current: .Young hyson, com mon to fair, 45065 c* do good, 60070 c 5 do choice to extra flue, 95c®51,10; commou to fine old hyson, 70@05o; common Imperial, CO0C3o; good to cholco do, 80c@$l,10 ; v falr to good gunpowder, 70c©$1.00; choice Tingsuca, $1.1601.20; extra Mo yune, sl-3601.40; choice to extra leaf Japan, 85c@ .$1.00; fair to good do, 65076 c ; common do, 40046 c;' colored natural leaf Japan, 650C50; commou to lino Oolong, 360450 1 good, C50C60; choice to extra, 65c0 SI.OO. TOBACCO—prices wore steady and unchanged : Fine Out—Extra, 76085 c; choice, 65070 c; medi um ; 66060 c ; poor to common, 40060 c. Plug—Natural leaf, 76®600; half bright, Co®7oc; black, sound, 460 66c. SuosiNOr-Oood to choice, 32036 c; medium, 220 81o: common, 20038 c. VEGETABLES—Were active, and tomatoes, beets, and onions were lower. Ws quote : Peas, $1.0003.00 per bu ; string beaus,sl-7503.25 per bu: cucumber*, CO ®760 per doz; new onions, per brl, $4.6005.00: Ber muda do, $3.00. spinach, 76c@51.00 per brl; radishes, 20025 c; squash, 60 per lb; asparagus, 75090 c; plo >lant, 103 Wo per lb; lottuco, 60c0|1.00 per brl; cab >age, 75c051.26 per doz; turnips, 30060 c per doz; beets, 80c per doz; carrots, 20026 c; tomatoes, $1.60 per half bu. WOOD—The market was weak and tending lower. We still quote: Beach, $9.00; maple, $10,00; hickory. $11.00; slabs, SO.OO delivered. WOOL—Quite a number of salsa of now have been made to Eastern manufacturers. Tho receipts aro still moderate, and about all the good gradca sell on arrival. Quotations are revised, as follows: Tub, washed, extra medium 47050 c Tub, washed, common to fair 40®450 Common dingy ,36043 c Fleece, washed, X&XX, light 30040 c Fleece, washed, Z&XX, dingy 35®330 Fleece, washed, medium light 38040e Fleece, unwashed, X&XZ, In good condition.... 25027 c Fleece, unwashed, coarse to medium 30®280 Fleece, unwashed, coarse, and dingy 25028 c Super, pulled 36043 c Extra, pulled 88044 c Burry wool 10®20oleeB The following sales were reported: 6,000 lbs fine unwashed at 25c; 2,000 lbs light medium unwashed at2Bo; 2,000 ILh fleece washed at 370; 1,000 lbs fleece washed at 38c; 8,000 lla prime tub washed at 49c* 4,000 lbs do at 46c, ZiATEOT. Thursday Evbktno, Juno 19. The receipts of livestock since Saturday have been as follows: w . Cattle, Hops, Sheep, Monday 6,933 6,653 7Bi Tuesday 8,204 13,037 709 Wednesday 2,577 17,658 014 Thursday 4,100 13,000 1,347 , „ Total 16,874 49,137 3,764 Shipments wore as follows : Monday?.i Tuesday Wednesday Total... 7,424 19,237 138 OATTL&—The situation of the cattio market wuo unchanged In any essential particular. Trade was vervdufl, neither local nor outside buyers taking hold with any show of interest, and prices were unequivo cally weak. The fact that the fresh receipts amounted to 4,100 head, taken in connection with the uuiformly unfavorable tenor of advicoo from tho markets bo low, sutUclchlly accounts for tho unsatisfactory condi tion of to-day’s market. For really choice beeves there wore buyers at tolerably full prices, but any thing below choice was slow of sale at on Ko off. Tho offerings embraced a larger number of first-clans steers than vrero received on either of the pre ceding days of the week, and the average quality showed some Improvement, but tho average of prices, after all, was tho lowest for many weeks. Tho tops fetched but the groat bulk of tho day’s business was transacted at {irlcos ranging downward from $5.40. The wants of ho city butchers were supplied at $3.0004.76 for com mon to extra cows and inferior to fairish steers, while shippers paid $4.6006.10 for Texans aud'eommou to medium natives, $5.25(35.60 for good steers of from 1,100 to 1,300 lbs average, and $5.0006,12.54 for choice to extra steers averaging from 1,250 to 1,600 lbs, Tho market closed weak, with many cattle remaining in tho yards unsold. QUOTATIONS. Extra Beeves—Graded steers, averaging 1,400 lbs and upward 8,8000.10 Choice Beeves—Fine, fat, well formed 3year to 6 year old eteers, averaging 1,200 to 1,350 IM 6.0035.75 Good Beeves—Well-fattened, finely formed eteers, averaging 1,100 to 1.250 Us 6.8506.60 Medium Grades—Steers In fair flesh, aver* aging 1.050 to 1,200 lbs 6.0005 25 Butchers' Block—Common to fair steers, and good to oxtra cows, for city slaughter, averaging 800 to 1,100 tbs 3.6004.78 Stock Cattle—Common cattle, lu decent flesh, averaging 700 to 1,050 lbs 3.C004.75 Inferior—Light and thin cows, heifers, stags, hulls, and scallawog eteers 0.0008,25 Cattle—Texas, Northern wintered 8,7505 00 OttlUo—Texas, through droves 3.0003 60 51 choice steers.., 48 good steers..,. 82 extra steers..., 02 choice steers... 17 choice steers... 60 oxtra ateers..., 26 extra steers.. i( 18 extra steers..., 65 extra steers.,., 61 Texas steers... 36Texas cattle... 83 extra steers..., 88 good stosra..., 17good steers,.., JUNETW, 1873. CHICAGO LIVE-STOCK MARKET. Cattle. Hone, Sheen, . 2,876 3,965 138 . 3,110 6,830 ..... . 1,833 . 9,463 Av, Price, 6.H7X ■ 1,310 5.00 ■ 1,201 6.00 51 good stoors 1,900 6.36 . 83 pood iloort 5.45 11 butchers* cows ......1,142 475 IfKooJ .teem HSU jjio ■ •81 cliolcoalcora..*, 1,480 8.87 V 30 good steers. 1249 6*4.5 16 choice steers |,ai3 6.05 ID medium steers • jno 41)0 19 cow» U49 a|w 17 cows '..1.034 4 B7V 13 butchers’ Block 1 inn 4 75* 10 butchers’stock ’*Vo<ii 4'on lOslockslccrs.,.. ’ *** Vun 4’nn 19 «iock S;JS 13 COWS , D 44 11 on SO good etoere '.'j, 103 MO 10 Bond ntcora j ufl «>.« 03 choice steers. 1*213 6*co 16 oion and Bloom '.l/.M also 104 choice Bloom 1,2115 6,00 ““I™ 816 8.50 ID COWS n la choice nicer !1,303 eies 68 extra Bteon ..........1 487 n inu> 88 Texas ntoon . 039' 4 \YCc 80 good ntcora .....! 1.141 ' mn* 00 choice ateera 1.824 a'ns 87 Toxaa ateera . 1 148 ain 41 choice ntcori i ,aj 3 6.75 eogooa.l.ora 1,4131 6.60 upas—ln aildltlon to tho otolo' hoge ooma 10,000 fresh rooclplo wore ndded to-d.y, enohlng the eupnlr to full, 20,000 heed. Codec llile l.rgo “nppV ~flu the thermometer .hewing “00 »In the, the mer *«, as mar be supposed, was much depressed. Buy ora, though out in full force, aeomed disinclined to in- S»i° , auy . lnrgo ?* tont i aml » though them were a plenty of anxious aollora at a further reduction of 10a 15c, tradowas devoid of animation, and barely half tho offerings were disposed of. Tho extreme rango of prices was $4.0004.60, with very few Bales above $4.36. iJnßwtea woro $4.0004.10 for common: $4.1604.20 for medium ; and $4.3604.35 for good to cliolco. UOO BALES. Ao. Price. 60 313 $4.36 113 330 4.16 24 168 4.80 01 190 4.80 66 210 4.30 104 260 4.25 64 103 4.25 160 285 4.20 62 173. 4.35 86 213' 4.26 23 252 3.75 CO 185 4.40 63 178 4.40 61 373 4.20 67 181 4.23 33 300 4.00 43 264 4.16 33 839 4.00 37 370 4.35 64 323 4.35 63 331 4.35 103 234 4.35 Ao. Jv, Priee.\Ko, Av. Price, 01 188 $4.25 90 210 $4,36 20 289 . 4.16 35 244 4.10 101 203 4.15 03 229 4.00 03 187 4.00 60 235 4.10 03 210 4.12# 83 210 4.12W 80 262 4.10 07 223 4.10 49 215 4.1S 00 193 4.35 33 252 4.20 47 243 4.15 63 244 4.35 03 208 4.30 00 195 4.35 07 208 4.35 06 214 4.30 34 289 4.25 67 174 4.25 CO 174 4.30 25 250 4.00 C 4 229 4.00 64 281 4.25 63 343 4.12W 41 101 4.30 60 204 4.05 01 183 4,25 60 205 4.00 104 233 4.10 64 205 4.25 03 175 4.40 61 213 4.15 64 207 4,30 40 248 4.15 273 357 4.35 40 200 4.30 33 211 4.15 29 191 4.35 SHEEP—There waa a fair demand for aheon at prices not varying materially from those currenton tho preceding days of tho week, common to medium 1 , ?^J , 5S b!e T® i f S - 00 ® 4 / 00 » and « ood t0 choice at $1.2606.00. Lambs aro In Btcady request atSISOA 8.00 per head, according to quality, T CHICAGO LUMBER MARKET. _ . , Tiiubbdat Evjchjno, Juno 10. The demand for cargo lumber wae quite active, and. a« the receipts were light, tho market wae quite firm Uiough no material advance wae reported. Wo quote Joists and scantling at $0.0009.60; "common hoards and strips at $10.00011.60; good to choice mill-run uoarda at $14.00017.00; lath, $3.00; ohlnglea, $3.00. Tho following sales wore reported: Barge Wolverine, Grand Haven, 140 m strips and boards at $11.00; 30 m lath at $3.00 ; 314 v “ A ” ahlnglcß at $3.00. Prop Oconto, Dopore, COO m A-shin gles. Bold by Irish, Pullen A Co. Bcbr E. Seovillc, Muskegon, 100,000 ft stripe and boards at $16.76, mill tally. Bold by Blanchard. Bor land A Co. ScbrJ. P.Wcd, VbltQhoad, 99 m combo mixed &1 19.90; li m loth st *2,00. Lustocn ynnonis. Manistee, $3.60; Ludington,s3.Co; Muskegon, $3.00: Oconto, $3.2503.50; Menominee, $3.6003.75 ; Pont watcr, $2.60; White Lake, $2.26 ; Grand Uavan, $3.00 02.25, AT TUB TA3IDB. ; Tli® yard trade continues fairly, active, being stimu lated to eomo oxtout by tbo threatened advance in rail freights. Dry lumber remains firm, while common, which la moßtly wanted at present, is sold at various prices, though $12.00 Is at present the Inside rate fop common, Hquar® plckots are firm at $14.00016.00; fiat do sell at $12,00014.00, Lath wero about 250 lower. Wo quote: First ciear. J $52.00 065.00 Second clear, 1 Inch to 2 inch 45.00 @50.00 Third clear, 1 inch 88.00 @40.00 Third clear, thick 43.00 @45.00 Clear flooring, let and 2d together, rough Clear siding, Ist and 2d together Common elding Common flooring, dressed, first....., Common flooring, dressed, second.... Wagon-box boards, selected, 14 inches ami upward.. A Htock boards. 11 stock boards. ostock boards... Common boards Joist, scantling, small timber, fencing, etc,, 16 feet and under 12.00 @14.00 Joist and scantling, 18 to 21 feet 15.00 @20.00 Pickets, square 14.00 @16.00 I’lcksts, flat 12.00 @14.00 Cedar posts, split 14.00 @IB.OO Cedar posts, round 17.00 @25.00 J* 0 * M 5 ® a - M ho. 1 sawed shingles 1.50 @ 2.00 Aor Star 3.25 @ 3.60 Shinnies on track 3.12#@ 8.37* No. 1 sawed 1,26 @ 1.60 Three dollars per car to bo added when transferred, which charge follows the shingles. Thickness—i’ivo shingles to be two inches In thick* ness. Length—Sixteen inches. UAWV .. wu D* Black-Walnut Counters, $100,000150.00; clear 1C6.00@75.00; common, $10.00050,00; cull, $30,000 35.00; flooring, $50.00000,00. Ash—Clear, $30.00040.00; common, $20.00025.00: cull, $10.00@115.00; flooring, $30.00040.00. Oak—Clear, $30.00040.00; common, $20.00025.00: cull, $10.00016.00, * Hickory—Clear, $35.00046.00; common, $25,000 85.00 J cull, $12.00018.00. Maple—Clear, $30.00040.00; common, $18.00022.00: cu11,510.00016.00. Butternut—Clear. $50.00000.00; common. $25,000 85.00. Cherry—Clear, $50.00000.00; common, $25,000 85.00; cull, $12.00018.00. Wlmewood—Clear, $30.00040.00; common, $20.00 ©2SJ&O; cull, $10.00016.00. Wagon Stock—Hickory axles, per act, $1.0001.60; wagon poles, each, 450620; box boards, $85.00040.00 MARINE. Port of Chicago* ARRIVED June 10. Barge City of Grand Haven, Grand Haven, 120 m lum ber. Prop Vanderbilt, Buffalo, 271 brls sugar. Bchr Cuba, Menominee, 180 m lumber. Prop Europe, Montreal, cargo of liquors. Prop Canada, Montreal, 600 brls cement, and sun dries. Scow Home, Olay Bank, 6,000 cedar posts, 10 cords wood. Prop Toledo, Buffalo, .09 bars railroad Iron, 110 brU sugar. Prop Toledo, Cleveland, 600 kgs nails, 200 bdls sheet Iron. Bark William Sturgos, Esconaba, 460 tons Iron ore. Scow Hercules, Carlton, 05 cords bark. Bchr Presto, Ludington. 157 m lumber. Bchr Lumberman, Black Creek, 160 m lumber. Bchr John Bean, Jr., Muskegon, 135 m lumber. Bchr Little 8011, Muskegon, 120 m lumber, 10 m lath. Scow D. R. Owen, Munkogon,*9.6oo railroad ties. Prop M. Groh, Mnulstoc, 112 m lumber, fitmr Sheboygan, Two Elvers, 110 tubs butter, and sundries. Prop W. T. Graves, Erie, 010 tons coal. Bchr George I). Russell, Erie, 1,420 tons coal. Bchr Champion, Saug&tuck, 28 cds slabs. Prop Georgo Dunbar, Muskegon, 185 m lumber, 100 m lath. Barge Comet, Muskegon, 220 tn lumber. Bchr Kate Howard. Ludington, 100 m lumber, Bchr Progress, Holland, 45 cds wood. Bchr Black Hawk, Stony Creek, 110 cds wood. Bchr Lizzie Doak. Bt. Joseph, 00 m lumber. Bchr Planet, White Lake. 00 m lumber Prop Mubuwk, Buffalo, 431 bags railroad Iron, 317 brls sugar, 1,700 pbgs flab. Prop Ira Chaffee, Baugatuck, SO pkgs flab, 110 m lum ber, 60 cords wood. Bchr Wm. Jones, Manistee, 130 m lumber. Bchr Cortez, Oswego, 3,200 brls salt. Prop Ira U. Owen, Escauaba, 760 tons iron ore. Barge Contest, Muskegon, 276 m lumber. - Bchr A. M. Beers, Bay do Noc, 140 m lumber. Bchr Dawn, White Lake, 80 m lumber, 23 m lath. Bchr Mary MoVoa, Jackaonport, 11,000 cedar posts. Bchr Argo, Ahnapoe, 0,306 cedar posts. Bchr Dispatch, Sturgeon Bay, 170 in lumber. Barge City of Erie, Graud Haven, 180 m lumber, 26 m lath. Schr O. B. Purlngton. White Lake, 125 m lumber. Barge 0. O. D,. Grand Haven, 800 m lumber. Schr Hullo Walbrldgo, Sturgeon Hay, 380 m lumber. Prop Bake Erie, Montreal, 1,300 brls cement. Schr Kale Hlncbman, Oconto, 190 m lumber. might AnmvALa. Sclir Pcrola, Swenson, 05 m lumbor. Btmr Olovelaud, Ogdonsburg. sundries. Blmr Peerless, Houghton and Marquette, 18 brla con per, 3CO tons pig Iron, 829 tons iron ore and ■uudrlcfl. Barge Wolverine, Grand Haves, 100 m lumber, 100 m shingles. “ ■ ' - CLEARED Bark ronsaukee, Buffalo, 38,600 bu corn. Bchr Win, J. Preston, Kingston, 16,061 bu com. Bcbr O, 0. Finney, Kingston, ID.UOI bu corn. Bchr Juo. Magee, Kingston, 10,200 bn com. Slmr Corona, Bt, Joseph, 10 kegs boor and sundries, • Btmr Cheboygan, llacmo, Bnudrles. Bohr Swallow, Buffalo, 20,000 bu com. Bohr Bridgewater, Buffalo, 60,000 bn com. Bchr Kate Kolloy, Oswego, 17,000 bu corn. Bchr Wostsido, Kingston, 20,000 bu wheat. Boow Coaster, Luka llarbor, 6,000 brick, Bchr Trl-Culor, Holland, 350 bu com. Bchr Sky Lark, Buffalo, 21,000 bu com. Bchr Trinidad, Kingston, 10,600 bu corn, Bcbr Halstead, Buffalo, 37,600 bu cam. Bchr J. 8, Molt, Oswego, 23,000 bucorn. Bcbr Jessie Drummond, I't. Oolborne, 20.000 bacom. Prop Nebraska, Buffalo, 0,600 bu corn. MIGHT OLEAUANOKU, Prop City of Concord, Ogdousburgh, 10,050 ba corn, <SO brls fla\ir, and sundries. Blmr burgs Monitor. South Haven, 100 bags oats. 800 bit coni, ana sundries, Bchr Aiuoskcag, Dunkirk, 15,109 bu corn. Prop Empire fltnfo, Buffalo, 18,000 bn corp. 8,220 bfl wheat, and sundries; 1 ' Blmr Bcnlln, Buffalo, 34.C00 bu corn. 88,880 bu oats. l t 2oo brla flour, and 04 empty oil barrels. ' Thei aehr O. North lost her Jlblioom yesterday after* noon in a collision with tho prop Toledo. Tho pro peller was also damaged to soino extent »i.rSiu 1 A ,r n KB \ 01i,1,c 1 , . n,81, » w1,,0h Injured In the Wetland Canal somo time ago, is In port. Her re pairs are now being completed, Bhohnaa nowulcm. bowsprit, oto, ’ -Tho prop Toledo, which was ashore at Mackinaw, arrived In port yesterday, safe and sound. --The now slinr Beotia, while coming down tho river, yesterday, partly loaded, got aground near Van Duron ■£ OBt J.? n<111 ro< l ulre{ l *be aldofflvo turn together off. Tho Beotia was drawing only fourteen foot of water, but owing to tho strong southwest wind tho water In tho river was unusually low yesterday, Tho achr Toslorla got Into tho moloo and had her Jlbboom craekod. r«fflatoro(t lonagoof tho ’Alex D» Moore la 1097,37 tonsjofthocchr 13. B. Buciout 351.70 lonhl of tho Bloom bargo Ballentlno 072.13 tons. —Mr. Schlckluna, of St. Catherines, Ont., baa ro celved orders to bulM two propellers for Montreal parties. —Tim alcamer Kowoenaw from Lake Superior ar rivod at Detroit Tuesday afternoon. Bho says the water In the Sault Canal on tho lower mltor-slll la ro» ported at nearly 13 foot, fla^H^®$ on . doa i of Ul ®, Do,rolt Poet writes from “S r °* , Juno U * on follows: "Nolwlth. ‘, 0 ""‘o; 11 ?" hy Hia ice on b ,™‘" °! 111 5 Oenel Officechowthat to. number of TM.ol»pußl n g I. a. laat 00 llio corresponding dele el Jol }r* Tho tonnage la considerably larger, as there are more vosaela of hcayy burden thau b ? 8 bCOn * U ° *«■!«&?slScklSS that Mr. Oarloton has boon corapollod to Increase his force and organize them Into reliefs. With tho excen tlon of the atoaiu-shoTol there Is no work being dona ? n . t n?.r ow Po p tl Ol V»* Meaara, Barker k Williams Lava but Uttlo work which they can do during the summer and Messrs. Boyle & Roach havo not yet commenced! MQ C lK. Mthwi i t^ l ,B .!i m °, n lbo Neeblsh, buuKarw thnwi 8 ychtlng her up. During tho summer Ind b ßo t^°J?u g °/ aW ‘^ ll ‘!!. bullt CCttr «»!■ place, *L&» it ß 1 < ? nce ’i 6 # 1110 co °‘e*t tho honor ofbolng the great metropolis north of Detroit with Marquotto, It Is our intention at once to divert lha Mackinaw Ilallroad In this direction, and, perhaps m.°J?A l ! 10 i lron hero, as tho cUmalo atout quelle ia 100 cold and tho town la too far out of tho . „ Thootterapt to recover a cargo of railroad Iron from (bo wreck of tho schooner Bultlllo. aunk r evcml yeara ago In the River Bt, Clair, has been unauccexafuL * b V^i^ 0 ? a F°pd or tblr d effort which baa failed . “A. dispatch from Allonburg, Ont.. received «i* rio had^cm^Pdß^ BUtf 8Ut f 8 tbat l ,r °! ,oUor Granite State mi fi , a Y,ay four grates of the Welland Canal bohkeTyto flolay buffiSffftrT?ft . BC^r Beals wan launched at Black Hock 5!‘ ls ~ u U “ n “ l •“» Mid win carry •m Sun . bu 1 1 graln 10 Buffalo, Coat about launched at Notter’a yard about ten days aao Hop earning capacity la about 1,000 lona, bbo if ouiagod in the oro trade and will tow a bargo, tho latter belnir w^ rrißsed * two *”«« wßi issa p“ A i ftrg0 a, bMl 'a n ! linoa ‘ho B. F. Bruco was launched f° * y , ard at S n Blo»w, Monday. 6Uo la M t i?nM d * a rS o ( ?J» O i llsl) » r(len » ontlls expected to car- Sjft.'ffiSK corn - 81,0 wmiw ■ aUa n>7 OCEAN NAVIGATION. MTHM, mi, Balling from New York for Queenstown and Llvemool every Saturday, aodfor London direct every fortnight? 100 Cabin Passage SBO, S9O, and SIOO Currency. Tickets at favorable rates. Intending pas sengers should make early application for bortlu. ~ SlKliltAOlfi, 823.00 currency. _ Prepaid stvorago tickets from Liverpool. Queenstown. Londonderry, Glasgow, Cardiif, Bristol, or London, 48L0& currency. . Passengers booked to or from Gorman and Scandina vian points at low rates. «rW?iS. n fi ~lp? ?,L t . h l* n ?° ?*» \ ho 1 W 9t ,a ‘ho trade. Drafts on Great Britain, Ireland, aud the Continent. • WILLIAM 3FAOALIBTBR. -t . . _ Gcn’l Western Agent, Northeast corner Clark and Itandolph-sts. (opposite new Sherman House), Chicago. CUHAKD MIL LINE. 184:0. 40.00 @43.00 23.00 @24.00 19.00 @21.00 35.00 @38.00 - 28.00 @BO.OO Steam LchvccnNewYorl FROM NEW YORK. ....Juno SI I Java ....Juno 2*» Purthla.., ....Juno 2s | Cuba And from Uo?tc n ercrx Taosduy, Cabin Pnnsuso, SBO, 9100 and 8130, Gold. TtatATtn.. Kustla... Calabria. 30.00 @38.00 34.00 @37.00 27.00 @BO.OO 18.00 @IB.OO 12.00 @14.00 •HiauralonTlokoteatllcdnoed Ratos. Stoerago Pas»a*o. 830 currency. Pasapngora and freight hooked to and from all parti of Kitropo at lowoatratoi. bigbtUrafUon Giaar Urlialn, Ireland, and tho Continent. P. U. DU VKKXfcr, Gen’l Wcst’n Agaat. N. \> . u»r. Clark and Raudolpti-sU. STATE LINE.- NEW YORK AND GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL, lIElk FAST AND LONDONDERRY. S wo olegantnow atenmers will sail frnm SUto Lin* YK'?^V l Ju „. au j.Sif Foruilxhtlj Uweafter.' ‘ AUSTiX'RALDWIN J i , Cf>. ! f' V „ Agents, ?J Broadway, N, jf. n . _ SAMPLE A HARGIS, Agents, Oor. of Canal and West Madlaon-ate., CUlcagp. Sailing twice a week from Now York, and carrying pas ■eager* to all part* of Croat Britain. Ireland, Continental Europe, ami tho Mediterranean. Cabin from $66; Steer* age, British and Irish porta oaat, stk); west, £32. Conti* noutal porta tame as othor regular linos. All parable in U. 3. currency. Apply lor full information at tho Com* pauy'a otiloos, No. 7 BowllogGroen, Now York, audN. C. center LaSallo and Madiaou-ats., Chicago. HENDERSON BROTHERS, Agents* NEW YORK TO CARDIFF, BRISTOL, LONDON, And all Other Points in England and 'Wales, The South Wales Atlantic Steamship Company's now first-class Steamship* will sail from Pennsylvania Rail road Wharf, Jersey Oily: PEMBROKE.,.. Mar 28 GLAMORGAN June 18 Those steamships, built expressly for the trade, are pro vided with ail tho latest improvements for the comfort and convenience of CABIN AND STEERAGE PASSENGERS. First Cabin SBO currency Second Cabin 65 currency Steerage Wcurrency Prepaid Steerage certificates from Cardiff. $33 Drafts for XI and onwards. For further particulars, apply In Cardiff, at the Com pany’s OtSoos, No. 1 Dock Chambers, and in Now York to ARCHIBALD BAXTER i CO.. Agents, No. 17 Broadway. MEDICAL CARDS. DR. O. BIGELOW CONFIDENTIAL PHYSICIAN, 464 Btate-st., Chicago, It is well known by all readers of the papers, that Dr. O. Bigelow la the oldest established physician in Ohioago, Science and experience have made Dr. U. the most re nowned SPECIALIST of the ago, honored by tho press, esteemed of the nigbest medical attainments brail tho medical institutes of the day, having devoted TWENTY YEARS OF HIS LIFE in perfecting remedies that will ours positively all eases of CHRONIC AND SPECIAL DISEASES in both sexes. CONSULTATION FREE. SEPARATE PARLORS for ladies and gentleman. Gall. CORRESPONDENCE CONFIDENTIAL. Address all letters, with stamps, to Dr. O. BIGELOW, No. 464 Blato*s6. DR. RIOTCLOW is a regularly bred physician. His rep utation is beat known hero m our midst, lie wants no dis tant reference, but Is well spoken of by every one on* tnistlug themselves to his earo. While the world endures this class of physicians are roquirod. and if any one needs such service, ills of tbu utmost importance to ungaua only a man whoso experience is equal to lilt offer of modi cal aid, and without prejudice, or any Interest in saying other thnu the truth, we recommend most cordially aud emphatically such to visit DU. BIGELOW, at his Central Rooms. 46i Btate-st., Chicago. S8 SSS! Dr. Kean, 300 South Olork-st., Chioago, May ho confidentially consulted, personally or by 'mall* free of charge, on all obrunlo or nervous diseases. UU. J.KBAN Is the only physician iu tbo city who wap rauU euros or no par. Green Hook sout fur CO cento. Illustrated with nunier ous one engra rings. DR. A. G. OLIN, Chicago, the longest engaged and moat successful Specialist In tbo treatment of oh private, chronic, aud nervous diseases In both sexes. Bond two stamps fur Medical Treatise. Full iuforiufttlou. Con. sultatlon free. Corroipmidonco confidential. Hoparato rooms for ladles and gentlemen. Hoard, attendance, etc. .Juno 10. Late Vief-Sito for Higli School Wanted. Lake View property owners are hereby notified that Boated Proposal* tor the sale of a lot of about one acre, suitable for tbe location of a ** High School," intUO.Rhl township, will be ruoetrod at the olMceof theTewushm Treasurer, Room* 1 and tt, Olt» Hail, Chicago, till 13 o’elook iu., July 1, 1673. Proposals will bo addressed to W.R, LAIIIIAIIICK, Trnaiuror, and will be endorsed, * * lilt! for Kale of Kohool Hnuso Hite. 11 PAIE BANKS* STANDARD 1 SCALES . ftl OF ALL SIZES. JsBgSSQhSftffIPAIIIBAJJKB, MOUSE & OO iff • in AND 113 LAJOS-BT. Itilncolinnoons. rV, Boston, and Liverpool. .July 9 .July S .July 9 PROPOSALS. SCALES.

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