Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 20, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 20, 1873 Page 7
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CITY REAL ESTATE. Fon SALR-HY DIXON A MITOIIRLL. H7 HAN dolph-nt., RoomO: Nowhoiiß, $3,000. Now coUbro find $2,700. 3 now houses nod lots on Taylor-iU, $5,000. B now homes on, with all modem Improve ment*. • . Now house find lot on monthly payments, $3,000. Now lumso mid lot at Western Rprlng*. 44 foot on Mllwaukoa-nv., si, Got». Lots on Oaklvy-ct., par fool. Lota ou, sso per loot. • TBOll HALF.—VALUABLE LICABIC ON BTATIC-BT,, X’ runnlngl® yearns 28x41 foot,’ east front, with throe party wall already built. Just north of oumor Randolph, et., will be sold for $6,500 cash bonus if taken immedi ately. It can ho handsomely Improved for SB,OOO or loss, with a front at elegant as thu stunt adjoining on the cor ner. There Is not a lot of Us sue In Chicago that can bo made to pay as well In proportion to the capital Inverted. And aa there are no reappraisals, tho future certain ad vance Id valuo will bo altogether on tho side, of tho ten ant. Tonus of lease sloo per month until march 1875, nnd 150 per mouth for W year* thereafter, Now atho lime to ImiUl cheap. J. LBAIAB WARREN, IB Cham her of Commoroo. ITtOR SALE-LOTS ON TWELFTH'S! 1 ., NEAR ; Robey, south front; lota un Ashland. Cypres*. Chest* tint. Olivo. Robey. Taylor, nud Kondall-sta.. nnd Ogdon* av. l«w prices and easy tonus. WHITTLESEY, BUN NELL .k PATES, KoomP. HltLaSallo-st. • ■ For balr-first olars cottage and lot, cast front, on Kcndalt-Bt.; SI,OOO cash, balance monthly. .WHITTLESEY, BUNNELL & BATES, Room 9, 140 l«aSnllo-Bt. IpOR SALE—A FINR BUSINESS BUILDING ON ■ East, 40x185 foot, 4 stories and basement, built In modern stylo In tho most substantial manner; leased for 5 years, and paying a rental of about 17 per cont por annum over and above all taxes, expenses, eto.. on price asked. Apply or address QO V, Nos. Z95 and IP7 Coat Lakq-st., up stair*. FOR BALE-GOOD LOTS ON THE FOLLOWING streets 1 Stale, Burnside, Bnttorflold, Arnold, Gari- Hanover, Butler, Wallace, Summer, Winter, Mar. ray, nnd Halslod; also un Wentworth, Mhurtloff, Portland nnd Mtaivart-nrs; Also on Alexander, Twonly-fourfb, Twenty-sixth, Twcnty.sovontb, Napoleon, Twenty-ninth, Earl, Thirtieth, Haven, Thlity-flrst. TUlr. ty-t?cond. Thlrty-thlnl, Thlrty-llfth, Thlrty.stxth, Thlrty snvonth, Foiitnlne, anilThlrly-olghth-st*. Title perfect. Warranty (loads. A very small payment down, flvoycar'* time, 6 por cont Interest. No agency business. Apply to miner, ALBERT CRANE, 873 Wabash-av. ITtQR BALE—CHEAP LOTS, NORTHWEST OF * Humboldt Park, only S2OO each; tomm oa»y{ titlo perfect. B. W. KHOFF. 145 LaSallo-it., Room 14. FOR BALE-WARHTNOTON-ST.-50X125. SOUTH front, on noarHoyno. SNYDKIt i LEE, HNUonßulldlug, norlhoostcorner Moaroo ami LaSallo-sta. FOR BALE-NORTHWEST corner cottage Urovo-av. and Forly-fifth-st.; 100*1 (0, to nSO-toot 0.1107, This corner will double in value la tho next 13* month. J. HENRY WEIL, 160 Dcarborn-st., Room 6. Fob sale—lots in the new sunorvistoN, corner of Asblaud-av. and Douglas-placo, at?MX)to 8800 each, according to location ; spoolal terms to those who will Improve at onco; thoio aro among tho best in* vostmonta In cheap lots now offered In tho market. MEAD A COB. 163 LaSallo-st. •filOR SALE—AT A BARGAIN-LOTS ON WEST- X* orn-av., Polk, Taylor. Twelith-sts., and Campbell. bv. Parties wishing to build no money required down, mid, if desired, will furnish a part of tho money to build. Inquire o/GliO. OADWELL, onpremises, oratiaSSouUi Clark-st., In bonk. IPOR BALE-AT A BARGAIN—THE DESIRABLE X 1 residence, 1119 Indlana-av., containing 14 rooms, band cumo* saloon parlor, conservatory, brick store-room, two bath-rooms, hot and cold water all through tho bouse, frescoed ceilings, painted walls, plate glass windows, etc., oto. Than is also a lino barn on tho premises, and everything is In perfect repair. Possession given at any time. Oiul between 4to 6 off any day during tho week. 1"BOR BAL&-OALUMET-AV. LOTS, CHEAP-LOTS • on Calumot-av., between Thirty-second and Thirty* tblrd-sts., on terms, one-tenth cash, balance In nlno eonnl annual paymonta at 8 per cent Interest. W. D. KERFOOT A CO.. 90 Bast Washlngton-st. F" OR SALE—AT A BAROATN-A FIRST-CLASS residence lot on KUls-av., near Thlrhr-sovonth-st., orwould oxchango it for a cheap house and lot in good lo cation, near Cottage Grove. Address L 17, Tribune office, immediately, aa tho owner la going East. rR SALE—A 3-STORY HOUSE, 20X24 FEET, 8300, with 4 yean' lease of lot at 840 par year. 231 Camp boll-av.: terms, S3OO cash, balance on time. Inquire at itoro, IC3 West Harrison-st. - WOR SALE-60 FOOT LOT WITH FRAME DWEI.L- X' lug and bam. corner Lake and Wahpansah-av*. In qolrostSOanUgJiAko-at. J. B. JOHNSTON. F“ OR BALE-AT A GREAT BARGAIN, IP TAKEN Immediately, two lots on Cottage Grovo-av, $1,600 under market prlcq. Apply at Room 67 Bryan Block. For sale-nos. boo and an twenty-second at., between Purploand Wentworth-ava., with one very largo building and one cottage, wit blots. This property can bo bought under the market value by a cash customer.UNo trade. G. 11QL2,106 Archor-ay. TTiOR SALE—BY K. 0. COLE A 00., 138 LA BALLE- X 1 st., 100 or 300 feet on Indlana-av., corner of Fiftieth at., very cheap. 26xlfi3 foot, Adams-st., cast of Paulina. IFOR SALE-BRICK HOUSE AND LOT. COTTAGE ’ Urovo Place, near Thlrty-first-st., $o,oOO. Lot on Stato-st., near Twonty-tlfth-st., $l4O per foot. Lots on Contrast., near Lincoln Park, $133 pur foot. PHILIP MYERS A CO.. 18 Major Block. 'iBOR SALE-$25 MONTHLY, $”00 DOWN, SMALL, f neat cottage and lot; Fuurih-st.. near Oakley: $1,700. Domo quick it youoxpocbit. It. G. OOODWILLIE, 134 South Clark-st. For sale-sao monthly, s»x» down, ele gant now brick cottage and lot, Buttorfiold-et., be tween Thirty-seventh and Thirty.clghth-sts. SB,BOO. R. O. OOQDWILLIE, Vi\ South Clark-st. I BOR SALE—S2OO DOWN. $25 MONTHLY, NEW ? cottage and lot, 118 Qalno-st., near Thirty-first. $1,500. It. O. QOODWILLIE, 134 South Clark-st. TTBOR SALE—WHITINO-BT., EAST OP WELLS. 48* X' HKJ toot,; EvnnsUm-toad, 148x126, cheap. CANFIELD A MATTLSON, 60 LaSallo-et. I" BOR SALE-SEVERAL LONG LEASES ON WA * bash and Mtohlgan-avs. and Stnta-st. J. ESAIAS WARREN, 18 Chamber of Commerce, •poll SALE-TWO BRICK BUILDINGS, ON THE X* southwest corner of Michlgan-sv. and Madlion-sf.; • will soli tbs buildings at, s3,ctX), and giro a loaaoof tho • lot at a reasonable rate. J. ESAIAS WARREN, IS f Chamber of Commerce. TpOR BALE-RESIDENCE LOTS ON THE BOULE JD yards, and on all tho main avenues aoutli, at the low e-it market prices, J. ESAXAS WAJIIIEN, lb Chamber of Commurco. ' IpOlt SALE-LOW-A FAVORABLE W-YEAII 1 lease ou Lnko-et., running back to South Walec-sl.} cheap. JACOB O. MAGILL. 81 and KtOlsrk-st. iriOß SALE—HOUSES AND LOTS NEAR CENTRAL ,X’ Parkrtud now car works of 0. AN.W.U. R. Co,, at view prices, and on easy terms; monthly payments, If do , shod. S. W. KROFF ACO., 146 LaSallo-st., Room 14. I‘ pOR SALK-FINE AND DESIRABLE NEW RESf ' donoo and barn near Auhland-av. and Van Huron at.; ft-Limi: easy tonus. BRIGHAM A MOULTON, 13 . Mcthodlst Church Block. • - IpOH HALE—CHEAP FOR CASH. OR ON MONTII .X' ly payments, story-and-balf cottage, nine rooms, • water and gas. one block from stoam andhorso-cars. Ap , ply to FRANK. 186 Twcnty-accond-bt. IpOR SALE-AT A BARGAIN IP BOLD IM : mediately, one lot on Prairio-av., oast front, just v north of Dmiglas-placo. J. 1L KEELER, 145 Clark-st., -comer Madison. For sale-wabasH'Av.-lot eoxisi fef.t, east front, 160 foot north of Forty-flrst-st.; only SIUO tier loot, for uno wook; y 3 cash, balance I and 3 years at Q per cent. Title perfect: a choice and cheap lot. J, , ESAIAS WARREN, 18 chamber of Commerce. "IpFOU SALE—CHOICE ACRE PROPERTY NORTH, a’ south, and west. In large and small pieces, at bar . gains. WM. 11. CLARKE, 146 LaSallo-st., basement. .IpOR SALE-B ACRES AT ROOK ISLAND OAR 1} shops, fronting ou Weutworth and Stowart-av*. SNY DER A LEE. 14 Nixon Building, northeast ooruor Mon itoo and LaSallo-ata. ,17' OR SALE-LOTS 60x163 ON PRAIRIE AND IN- J? diana-avs. at 815 pur foot, Toms, cash, balance :ln I and 2 years. Secure one boforo they aro all gono. By .taking lOU foot will sell either ono of four comers for same price. J. HENRY WEIL, 160 Dearbora-st., lioom 6, 77' OH SALB-AT A BARGAIN—A NEW COTTAGE _D with lot on RHe-st., between Robey and Uoyno. Tonus easy. 8. M. MILLARD, 135 Clark-st. Room S» 77*011 SALE—LAWNDALE—B ACRES, BETWEEN X 1 Lawndale and Douglas Park Boulevard. SNYDER •A LEE, 14 NUun Building, northeast corner Monrou and XaHallo-ste. T.IOR SALK OALUMET-AV. LOTS, CHEAP. X 1 Lota on Oalumet-av., bbtwoon Thirty-second and T'hlrty-tblrd-ita.. on terms of ouo-tenth cash, balance In rr.inu nniial annual payments, at 8 por cent interest. W. D. KKItFOUT A to., 90 East Wsahlngtop-et. FOR SALE—INDIANA-ST.—LOT 26X100, ON TNDl ana-at.. nortboast corner Diller-st. SNYDER A .LEU. 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Mourn* and .•LayaJlo-fltß, TJOR SALE-COTTAGE-HOUSE AND LOT, 233 .J) South Jefforaou-st. Will bo sold at a bargain; terms •easy. Gallon the owner, D. O. OEAHY, 74 WCfltMadi mm-tt. Hotisoracant. Title perfect. 17»OH8ALEw$3,£COWILL BUY 1« STORY HOUSE, JL' lot 39x126 foot, west of Unlno Park, only (S2OO down, CtUnco monthly. WHIPPLE 4 CLARKSON, 113 Iriadlbon-tt. IJtOR BALE—GROVE PARKWAY-80X125 FEET. •JL T vast from, on tho Orovo Parkway, noar Broolc-at., at Sl3O per foot. SNYDER & LEU. 14 Nixon Building, gurlhosat corner Monroe and LaHallo-sts. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. IPOR SALE—OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROP ’ orty or merchandize—A luxurious country teat la Michigan, ofI.UXJ acres, with lake, residence*, fountains, yulUs, uto., fitted up for a retired gentleman of fortune and leisure; or may to rented as su farms, with a form er's residence on each. Value, ftIfiO.OCIO. A splendid llnt-olaaa stock, dairy, and fruit farm of l,loil acres, noar-tho above; $'t56,000. Valuable and cheap farm* of 160 aero*, In DoKalb County, half a mile from railroad, with orchard, inuplo grove, good water, well fenced; $8,009. Now brick residence, 16 rooms, at‘Highland Park; C14.W0. Marhlo-front residence, 15 rooms, on Unlvorfilty-plaoe, (worth $15,00(1); $18,090. Slock and dairy farm of 310 acres, soar Elgin, HI. Neat dwelling at Highland Park, very low; $ I.UCO. Call from 2 to 4 p. in., at Room 29 Tribune Building. WILL BUY 6‘ROOM HOUSE AND 1' . half acre land; also $3,600 will buy 9-room house and 1 aero land, noar depot In pleasant village, 69 minutes’ ride from Chicago. WHIPPLE * CLARKSON, 3.i3 South Clark-st. IPOU SALE-CHEAP, ON EASY TERMS, GOOD ' farm of IGnacros, fit) mllos from Chicago; must ho ■fid soon. Address L2B, Tribune ollico. .. TPOR SALE-FARMS OF 80 AND 813, ACRES; BERT J 1 of Improvements; 25 mllos from Chicago; at a decid ed bargain. WHIPPLE 4 CLARKSON, 183 South flark-Bt. I'pOU SALE—OR EXQUANOK-3,000 ACRES OF 1 high rollln/r prairie lands lu the Statu of luwa, along the lino of railroad] will soil at a low price fur cash, or exchange for other property. PHIL. F. BOANLAN, No. 380 west Washlngtou-st. • REAL ESTATE WANTED. twanted-a cheap house and lot, south 1V at Taouty-nlntb ami cast of Hlntosla.; will pay Ul, 800 piiah down. Inqulro at 73 MadUun-st, ?a;anted-a good house, well located. Vy ' Meat ho a bargain, JACOB C. iIAGILL, 81 aud W South Clark-st. WANTICri-A HOUSE AND LOT, OR VACANT VV ground, city or suburban; pay numoeash, nauumo InoambMium, hnfanco In nroiinrly Bui}tli Bldo. Addrosu, wilh full (Juacrljillou, Mr.KING, careTruusdell4 Brown, 175 Wust Alr.dUon-st. . ■ . MACHINERY. WOR BALK-A NEW 15-HOIIKK POWER STATION It onuino: at* >a argti ,S-y.>nr*o d Imieo, sultablo for tasmo?carriage. I*. J- BEATON, Builder, 69 and 60 fackie-ar. SUBURBAN BEAL ESTATE. tPOR SALE—OHOIOB SUBURBAN LOTS ON THE JP-' Milwaukee Railway, tlx miles distant, and twenty minutes' tido, in Cljbnum's Addition to Itavnnawnod. Those lota are laid out 50x159 foot nd 60 foot struct#, and will bo sold upon easy tonut, at from SSOO to S7OO per lot. Thb facilities lor aooesi to nnd from the oily—tho dealt ability of tholand-lt being high and thoroughly drained —lliu pnislmlly to llrat-oinsa Imtmivomoiiln, churches, schools, and aonloty, commend Ibis property as tbo host at tho price now In tho nmkot. Comuarliim challenged 1 The attention pf tho Indus* trioua—tho thrifty—tho onutloua—ls called to thoao lots as sites: for honicstoada or Invustmonlo. UsU,'for a printed abstract and plot, upon . ■i ROBERT QUEER, MLafialle-at.. Room 3. TBOR BALE—I WILL OFFER FORM DAYS CO LOTS J? (within 8 blooka of tho Evanston Depot nnd within 4 blocks of tlno residences, and property worth SSO per foot; for SBOO per loL fn $lO monthly paytnonla, nr will furnish lumber to those who wish to build. Graded strooti, trees and sidewalk. Thin Isa rare opportunity for non of small moans to secure a homo or buy for Invest ment. Two carpenter* wanted. Call at Room 3. 150 Monroo-at., from Ulofi o’clock, or at an/ houratmy office near tbo depot In Evanston. O. IC. BuOWNB. FOU BALR-AT A BARGAIN—BY GOLDEN A FRESH WATERS, 83 Mouth OJnrk-sl., Boom Jo> 40 acres In See. it, 88, 13. 40 acres In Hoc. 15, 39.13 40 acres In Soo. 88, 88,18. to acres in Hoc. 11, 68,14. In acres In 800. 22, 89,-13, ‘lo acres In flee. 17, M, 14. 0 acres In Hoc. 15, 39,18. 8 nurow lit boo. 1,89,18. IBOR BALK—IOM AGUES NEAR BRIGHTON, RB r tng Lot 3of Stuart's Subdivision, 800. 1, 88, 13. ED WARD g. BWICRT, 8 Honora IBook. FOR BALK-IN THE'NORMAL SCHOOL RUBDl vlslen at Englewood, 100 desirable lota. Parties look ing for suburban homos shnftld not purchase mitlrlho/ visit this locality. WHITTLESEY, BUNNELL * BATES. Room 9, 119 LaSallo-st. : • EOR SALIC—AN IMMENSE BARGAIN AT ENGLE weod-tSOO font corner Wabash-av. and Blxlloth-st. JLBURD A CO., SuaLaSalloat. . ■ . TpOR OWNER—A LOT ON W ABASH* X 1 av., south of city limits: will bo sold for QSO por foot If taken this wook. A. BARRETT, 523 Bnttorflcld-st. For sale—cheat lots, on . long Tiain, low prloo, and easy terms of payment, onllalstod, Murry, Ualbn, Dosplalnos, and Wollaoo-nts., just north of tlio Pavilion Parkway. Poisons desiring lots for bouse*, and thoso wanting ft fine Investment, with' sure prospect# of Increased value, are Invited to examine these lets. Call on PQTWIW A CORBY, Agent*, 119 Franklln-st. OR BAIR-ONLY $lO DOWN, $5 . MONTHLY till paid for, afow left of our largo lota only 1,000 foot from three depots at Washington Heights, blgu and dry; trees on every lot. Tltlo perfect. Prices, S9OO to #3OO. Call and go and soo them. TRUE3DELL A DROWN, 175 West Madlsou-st. For salk-at ravenswood-a desirable dwolllng-bouso of Brooms, good brick collar, furnace, hard and soft water. Lot 143x163 feet, omamontod with fruit and Stando trees. Apply to ROBERT QUEER, 84 LnSalle-st., Hoorn 3. - . • TBOR RALE—DESIRABLE LOTS AND ACBB i? tracts at' Mootroio at prices affording a margin; no property presents bettor prospectb, or enjoys bettor faclll* lies for easy, quick, and cheap access. For particulars apply to RCA A COATES, 168 Wawhington-et, TBOR SALE—THIRTYCOTTAGES ANDTWO-STORY J? houses at Englewood on easy toms. Apply to TIL LOTSON BROS., 272 and 274 Stato-st. TBOR SALE-TWO BLOCKS AH ACRES EACH- J? short distance west of Northwestoni car-shops, pen vcnlont to 1 depot. 1 HENRY WALLER, Jr., M East Wsshlngton-st., Room 1. 3 BOH SALE—O.4 N.W. LOTS. BETWEEN CENTRAL } Park and O. & N. W. oar shops, a non-resident owner will sell very cheap. Also, boulevard lots, and lots near boulevard. Free ride, can or carriage. FUINNBY A LOMBARD, 165 LaSnllo-st. For sale-i have a splendid selection of bouses /and lots in Evanston and South Evanston .on easy terms, Parties wishing to purchase wiUdowoll to call and oxamlno. J. R. FQWLKIi, Evanston. For sale-8100 will buy a beautiful, lot at Dosplatnos, odd block from depot: they will double in valuoAbfs summer; only $lO down and 86 amonth until paid. IRA BROWN, 142LaSalle-st., Room 4. FOR SALE—EVANSTON GROVE LOTH, $650, IN fivo-doflar monthly payments, with no payment down. This is tho best ohatico yet offered to got a homo and not feel it. IRA BROWN, 143 LaSallo-st., Room 4. TBOR BALE-NEW COTTAGE, 8 ROOMS, AND 6 X} acres good, dnr, Improved land H mile from depot, Hobart, on Fort Wayne Railroad, IQmilon from Chicago, price, with crops, sM6icnsh'ißlOO;balanoosl3por month. Office days, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. J. EARLE. Itoom 8,153 Mouroo-st. POR SALE-LARGE SUBURBAN RESIDENCE; modern improvements; house for gardener, coach hongo, ico house, spring, 20 acres, block from depot, Ho bart, 83 miles from Chicago’.commutation $lO per month. J. EARLE, 163Monroo-sU,RoomB, Olfloo days, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. TBOR SALE—IN GLENCOE. HOUSE WITH 9 X 1 rooms, with largo and finely-situated ground*, con venient to depot, for $4,600. Terms oasy. IIOVEY, 4 Metropolitan Block- - For sale-a bargain in glrncoe acre property. There Is nothing within roach of Chicago more desirable for ronldonco and subdividing lute rosl douce blocks. HOVEY, Room 4 Metropolitan Block. For sale-all or part op forty lots southwest from Stock Yards, and Insldo boulevard, at a bargain; also a block of 2)6 acres. Address L 61, Trib une office. For sale—do you want a pleasant home. away from foul smell* and demoralizing Influence** Look at our nico Ravonswood cottages andjota. 293 La- Ballo-st. W. P. JONES. _ TBOR SALE-AT A BARGAIN-FIVE . ACRES X northwest corner of Wcstorn-nv. and Twelfth-st. In quire at 186 South Clark-st., In hank For balb-at irvino park, for half its value, two of tho best corners, 200 foot each, near de pot; owner wants money. J. W. UEDENBEUO, 99 least Madi*on-»t., Room 40. For sale-six acres near city limits, south of Madlson-st., SIO,OOO. J. U. KEELER, 146 Clark-st., corner Madiion For sale-lots at northwestern oar shops: $400; one-sixth cash, balance in 4 years: oun- Jomota taken to ace property. LARKIN A JENKo, 146 OR SALKLTEN ACRES CORNER OF JOHNSON av. aud South-*]., near Alorgan Park; a bargain. ABELL A HOTCUKiaS. 43 OtU Block. I p'Oll SALE—THIS ADVERTISER DESIRES TO DIS ■ hoi© of bis houso and lot, located In Cottego Grove, contiguous to sto&m andlioree cars. liouiolsa frame fjotbic structure, eoutalnsf) rooms, oloiuls, etc., largo ot, highly Improved. $3,000 required on dm payment,ami $4,0u0 In four years. It. J. GOODRICH, 135 Dearborn st., will furnish particulars and arrange for an Interview with the owners. For sale—oiioiou Austin lots, cheap. WM. H. CLARKE, 146 LaSalle-at., baaoroonl. FOR SALK—CHOICE ENGLEWOOD LOTS, cheap. WM. 11. CLARKE, lip LaSallo-at., base ment, HORSES AND CARRIAGES. ARK YOU TRYING TO SELL HORSES AND bugglcsat private places, after you gal through and don’t aull, bring thorn to 961 Klato-at., where they can and will bo sold at tholr real value on short uotloo; don't forget tho number. 1161; sale atablo of horses, buggies, audharuoss. BRADLEY A WILLS. ANIOR LOT OF SECOND-HAND CARRIAGES, brotla, top, and open buggies, light bu«lnnsa wajiona j for sale cheap; C 25 Wabash-av. PENNOYER, SHAW A CO. ♦ AUCTION SALE OP HORSES, BUGGIES, AND harness, 010., at tho Brlokmakors* Umulhus Barn, on Kino Dland-av.. No. 600. JOHN MORTON A .1. H. HOWE, City Auctioneers. Every Wednesday and Satur day at 9 o’clock a. m. HOARDING STABLES—I HAVE RECENTLY J > enlarged and rolUtod my stables; can accommodate a fowmoru boardiac-lmrsos at reasonable mtar. Horses kept on first and second doors. Coll and examine same. BASSETT'S, 19 and 21 Uarmon-oourt, between Wabash and Mlchlgau-avs, ■ BAROUCHES, VICTORIES, ROOKAWAYB, PllAE ton, jump-seats, slldo-soats. and a groat variety of top and open buggies. U. B. HILL, 97 and 99 South Clintou-st. Boarding stable-best accommodations and moderate prices; no basement stalls. I. S. COOPER A GO., 427 Wabash-av. (roar), ontranoo from Hubbard and Pack-courts. TBOUR HORSES FOR BALE; ONE BIG HORSE, X’ $75, fit for a truck. To bo soon at 717 West Mailt son-st. For sale-a tiiree-seated park phaeton. -noarly now. M. O. WILBUR A BUG., 167 MloLd gan-av. TTIOR BALE-A USEFUL BLACK GELDING. 6 JJ years, 1,200 lbs; kind and good In every respect. 217 Aahland-av., orO. W. DEAN, 133 South Clark-st. FOB SALE-CARRIAGE, HAMBURG CURTAIN rookaway, hung on combination O and elliptic springs, handsomely furnished, weight 626 Iha; has boon run but a short timo. Call at Barn, roar 673 Wabash-av., between S and 7 p.m. JnOR BALE-APONY; KIND, GENTLE IN EVERY ! roepeot; can pace a mile In a minutes; ono of tho andiumost phaoton ponys in tho city. Apply at 907 Wcat iladloon-st. , InOUSALK— A SHIFTING-TOP BOX POLK BUGGY, 1 very little used, mado to order by Mol'arlnno; price, 8300. Q. B. DUPRE, corner of Clark and Rlitooutb-ata. 170R BALII—BY J. K. BROOKMAN, 190 TWENTY JL 1 socondst.—Tho lease and stock of a good paying Hvory atablu, well established, upon liberal tonus. in Oil SALE—A PAIR OP HEAVY BAY HOUSES J} .from the country. Can bo soon at 160 MUwaukco-av. For balis—two op the nicest ponies in tho city, kind In saddle and harness} one nice pair of matched horse*, and tome good tingle driver*; good ac commodations for boarders at Ul Twenty.thlrd»at. For BALE—or tradr-por a SPAN OF IlOßS osand wagon, Lot 80, Blocks. In Phare and Saokott's Subdivision. n ok Koo. X, T. 83, 11.13. Inquire of OER MAN FRENCH, 141 Booth llalatod-at. G”0 TO HATHAWAY’S, 600 STATE-ST., TO BUY tho finest light top-buggy in tho city for lowest price. Horses and oarriaoks-wantedto trade solid gold wstch and chain (now) for horso and buggy, or horse; will pay dllleronce. 98 West Lako-tt. JR. BROOKMAN, 190 TWENTYSEOONDST., • has for salo or exchange a good stock of open and top buggies, phaetons, busmen and express wagons, side-spring Concords, single and double haruosn, oto. Also a span of handsome ulaok carriage horses. Tho above aro well worthy tho Inspection of parties roiimrlng a llrst-oloss tosim To let. buggies and carriages of over/ description, with or without nurses, by the day, wook, month, or year. ; QEPARATE OR TOGETHER—HORSE, WAGON, O- and harness for saloicompluto rig fur commission house or osprosalng. A bargain. 48 North Halutud-st. niEAMS ' WANTED—2O TEAMS, BOTH MEDIUM X and heavy horses, Imtnodiatoly (no wagons required); good pay and constant work fur tho season. Apply to SloW/LLIAMS 4 CO., 109 South Water-st. WANTUD-100 CAVALRY HORSES. M. O. WIL VV BUR 4-BItQ., 167 Mtchlgauav. WANTiCbr-TRAMH TO HAUL RUIHILK STONE Vr at tho stock yards. Apply at the .Job Exchange Building, or 33 Magarot-st., after 0 o'clock U>-dny. O. IIOLDSTAGK. PARTNERS WANTED. 7JARTNER WANTED-ARARE OPPORTUNITY IS X offered to uu aollvo business man with $19,C00 capital, —54,900 ready money only required,—to buy tliu Interest of a ratlrlng Partner in a safo. legitimate business, thoroughly established, Apply to WM, CJ. GRANT, 28 Portland Block, 7JARTNKR WANTED-WITIL «I,MO, IN AN US’ X tabllshod cash business iioylngstOU per month. None but parties who are. ready, for business and bavo good roferonoos ncod apply«__ 12J South Llark-st.. Room »8. P* "ARTNKR WANTED —WIT!I A CAPITAL OF $1,14)0 in (bo soap 1 radu; also patent right (or salo. Address Q 58, Tribune ollioo. ■ PARTNER - WANTED—IN A LEGITIMATE AND ■ goutool retail cash Imolncss; no orudlt; istahlbhud •rid pays .well,• good chance tar an liumit and earnest man; panlculurs at luturvlow: roferonoos uiolmngud. Address D, Carrier 80. IjAllTNEli WANTED—I WANT A PARTNER IM X mediately, must have $359, ami hu a gvKid otlicu man pro&U silN) pur month. 70 East Madtsun-st., Room 7. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE;; FRIDAY, JUNE 20, 1873. > BUSINESS CHANCES. A , PACKING BUSINESS IN TBXAE—FOR BALE AT JX a bargain. ■ Tho property lice on a railroad 40 mtloe from "nun uf tho Gulf ports, and constate of a Urge pack* fmr flnnse, nubitantlally built, having all the nooemry facilities for earing. nnd packing 1* that climate, Itv*. eluding flrat*cUii |na machine, manufactured In Franco, an oilier, boarding bourn, and ißaoreaot land! capacity from 0.000 to 10, Uw barrel* [ naliafaetory reasons given for eonlng. To an experienced man, this opportunity pro* Simla extraordinary Inducements. For full particular*, apply to RNYDRR A LICK, 14 Union Building, northeast eomerju Monroe and Laßallo-sta.' ArinaT.oi.Asa hbtail ohoohuy on this West Side for ealot In good neighborhood, with.a ge<Kl paying trado which ia constantly fiiero**lng{ a mao with common business tact and energy-can clear at least $5.000 per year over all ozpouioo ino bonus asked for rtoqd will; capital required, about $5,000. Address L 08, Trib une otflco. A WELL-LOCATED GROCERY STORE, WITH Jl. good stook, homo and wagon, for sato cheap for o&sh, ,or homo and lot. 59, Room 2. A YOUNG MAN WITH 88.U00 TO $6,000 OAHU can take the plaoe of a retiring partner at cashier and bookkeeper in an-established and woll paying business. Address Wl ft, Tribune office. - A LODGING IIOUSRIN BAN FRANOIHOO FOR sale. A fine central location, containing 140 rooms,' with a well-established business. For further Information and particular* address O. G. MOXLEY, Real Estate, No. S3B Monlgomory-st.. San Francisco, Cal. A FINE OPPORTUNITY FORA YOUNG ORlNßX poriencod man with money to obtain a good position with atoady, reliable, nnd competent person* In a well es tablished business.' Address WHOLESALE GROCER, Tribuneollioo. • • A YOUNG GOOD BUSINESS MAN IS LOOKING forachanoutu make a good living through tha in vostmontof $3,000 or s3,ooocash. Address, with full par ticulars, L 73, Tribune office. A WELL-ESTABLISHED' OABH BUSINESS FOR sale or exchange; paying from 60 to 100 per cents Jo-, eated on Lake-st.; stock on band and 1 la manufacturing about $50,000 cash prloo. Address JR N, pox 83Tribune offioo. _ BI LLIaSd AND SAMPLE-ROOM,” Month Side, fair sate at a bargain to-Csr. Various, other business ohaucoa worth InvesUgatlng. ■ J.' B.' KIM* BALL, 120 Doarburu-st. BOARDING-HOUSE, 'LEASE, AND FURNITORK for#alo[good location and business. Reason "for soiling, ill-health Apply at 116-North llal»ted-*t> Oaru'iagk makers - ATTENTION I • ONE ,OP tbo host silos for tho baslnots In BllnoU'fot' vmlo or runt; small capital required. Address A. M. WESTON, Eureka, Woodford Co., 111, a flourlng-mlll at $35,000, and good suburban lets. Will take farms or other good property. J, W. HKD KNIIKUO. PO KastMadlson-st., Room 4. TJtDRNITURE, FIXTURES, AND LEASE. OP A j 1 profitablomonoy-maklng botol. with bar. good stnok. elegant fitting, all complete, for solo,, Apply at 59 West Randolpb-st., Room 9. Grocery and sample room attached for ealo, full stock of groceries and liquors. Apply to LYWOU BROS., 127 South Watorst. ■ TNVESTIO ATE THE CHANGES TO MAKE MONEY, X with small capital, offered by STONE A SKINNER, 119 Doarbom-st., Room 6. Patents wanted. . ' N~~ EW YORK—LEASE AND FURNITURE OP A first-olasi Broadway Hotel- for sale. Address ii 11, Station I), Now York. NEW STOCK OF CONFECTIONERY and sta tlonary for sale cheap, with fixtures. counters, and ■bow-caso. 9 Aberdoon-st. 1 • NE BEST LOCATED SALOON,‘RRS tanrant, and confectioneries In tho oily for sale, doing a flrst-olass business.!’ Proprietor going In other busluoss. WIU tako real estate In part payment. A good obanco for tho* right man. Call at 66 hast Klnzlo-st., Chicago, 111. ONE OP THE OLDEST AND REST ESTABLISHED corner groceries on West Madison-at. for sale; about sn,Boo will take it; other business. AddrossQ 06, Txlb miooffloo.’ • ’ SAWMILL, AO., FOR BALE-A LANE A DODLET sawmill and a Daniels’ timber planer, respectively, with carriage and bod, capable of sawing and planing lengths to sovoutr foot, together with planer and match er, surfaoor ana Cuttlng-off saws; also aP. W, Gatos' eighty-horse power engine, aro offered for sslo. All am in good working- erdor, and esn bo examined at outworks, oastof Stock Yards. Apply t0........ TUB AMERICAN BRIDGE COMPANY, , 210 LaHallo-st., corner Adams. STEAM FLOURING MILL FOR SALKCHRAP, HAS 7 run of stone, now engine of ample power in good or der; is in a towu of 0,000 people; good local trade; ship ping facilities, two Eastern railroads and Mississippi River. Tonus oasy. Address or call on F. L. UNDER WOOD, Muscatine, Town. STOCK OP LADIES' AND GENTS’ FURNISHING goods, fixtures, and lease for sale; dwelling in roar of •tore and In second stoty. ODELL A MYERS, 147 Ran dolph-st., Room 8, over Fidelity Hank. The furniture and lease for sale op a pleasant first-class house, suitable for boarders; prom- Inentstroot, Likewise a handsome-now piano.- Address L 79, Tribune office. • ■ • _ aMIE WHOLE OR PART OP PATENT RIGHT OF A . Flno-Cloanlng Machine for sale. Tho machine oun bo soon in operation at tho Chicago Stonm-Bollor Work*, C 8 to 72 Micmaao-at. For particulars inquire of ANGLES A CO., Ottlhoun-placo. between Clark and Dcarborn-sta. TO MERCHANT TAILORS AND CLOTHIERS— An excellent business chance may bo secured by a merchant taller and clothier at Elgin, 111, The business Is established 25 years, possesses a lino trade, and U only disposed from ill health. Stock at present light ana select: tho store Is fitted up expressly for tho business, and will bo rented at a reasonable rate. Inqulroof T. F. Phillips, No. 10 East Madhum-st., Field, Benedict A Co., corner Market and Washlngtou-sta.. Biddle A Boyd, 274 Hast Madlson-st,, or tho subscriber, S. Mo- OSKEIt, Elgin, 111. /DO C A PIT ALISTS —A FEW ENTERPRISING AND X builnoia mon with a moderate capital are roqirod to co-oporato with tho patentee of a most valuable and es sential steam invention, for tho purpose cither of manu facturing tbo same or disposing of rights for the Western States. Tho right for tho Now England States and tho Stato of Now York have Just boon disposed of. This pur chase is highly remunerative and valuable to tho In vestors. Apply to THOMAS PIPER, at Burke’s Hotel, Madlson-st., or at tho law office of J. Dutmo, 167 MadL son-st. • ■ WHOLESALE AND RETAIL MILLINERY AND fancyyrKxlsba'dnoss for sale lu one of tbo finest cities fntho West. A fine ohanoo for gentleman or lady. Good ro&aous given for selling. Aduroes Fl, Tribune oUlco. CIKAOASn WILL BUY A SMALL OPEN STORK v>l)U and fixtures, beautifully located; rent sl3. Ap ply, at 10 o'clock, aouthwost corner of State and Jackson, jjnnn WILL BUY ONE OF TUB BEST DINING ®OUU rooms in city, worth $1,600. Doath the cause ot sale. SUMMERVILLE A 00.. E&Stato st., Room 12 CjjO non CASH WILL BUY A GROCERY STOUR O—uvJUU In good running order, a 3-story •house, a barn, and a largo lot, In tho flourishing village of Lolund, outhoG., 11. 40, Railroad, actually worth 83.800. In quire of 1,. U. SCHAEFER, with 0. M, Henderson A Co., gquthcflst oomorMadison and Franklln-st«. TO EXCHANGE. rro EXCHANGE—I,2OO FRET FRONTING MORGAN X Park, at Washington Heights. 1,000 feel on Htato-st. and Wabnsh-ar., near Englewood. One acre (residence lot) at Aurora,, and $3,100 cash. Will exchange tho wbolo or part for good building lots or other property In tho city. - ‘ GILBERT, SUMWAt/T A OALDWEIX, COO -LaSalle-st. IDO EXCHANGK-AN INTEREST IN A GOOD X woolon-uill), woll located, machinery all ftrst-olaas; will take any good property to tho amount of $3,0C0 to flO.OlX). J. W. . HEDENUERO, 99 East Madison-st., Room 4. ■ r EXCHANGE-LOW FEET ON BTATR-RT. AND Wabash-av.near Englewood. Will oxohnngq for good fann or othorprnporty, GILBERT, BUMVVALT A CALDWELL, LaSallo-at. ' ' EXCHANGE-GOOD SUBURBAN LOTS FOR . houso and lot. worth from 83,600-to $6,000, on South or West Side. Will assume an Ineurabranoo nrpaysomo cash. H. 8. DIETRICH, Room 9, first floor, HSLaSailo sl., Major Block, TO EXCHANGE—FOR CITY PROPERTY, A FRUIT farm. 130 acres, 11,000 trees; will pay Its cost lu two years; Incumbrances assumed upon Improved property: prico, $14,000, Address Pox 19, South Pass, ill. TOEXCHANGR-A CHOICE PIECE OP UNOUL tlvatod suburban property to exobatago for good Im proved business property. Aodross L 69, Tribune office. T‘ FraxbIIANdR~THE ENTIRE FURNITURE, carpeting, Ao., of a two-story and basement homo for good suburban lots. Address L IS, Tribune office. 110 EXCHANGE—FOR CITY PROPERTY OR MER . obandiuo, 30 acres In DoKalb, HI., laid out Into lots, situated 20 rods from depot. Addrosa A. K. STILES, 623 Fulton-«t., Chicago. TO EXCHANGE-FOUR FARMS, MTO6IO ACRES —53,600 to 840,000—good land; well improved; will take any good property. J. W. HHUENBURO, 99 East Madlson-st., Room 4. r EXCHANGE—WANTED A GOOD HOUSE, TO foot lot, pari pav In good lots atoaahvaluo: Üboral cash payments. JACOB O. MAOILL, 81 and S3 Olark-st. T'o’EX OHANO E- A GOOD BUSINESS AND ABOUT 81,000 In cash goods; will take ft homo, buggy, piano, cample, fumituro, morobandlao, or lands. Address L 64, TriDUjjo ofiico. ■ EXCHANGE—A BINE C-STORY AND BASE* mont brick bouso In good location, froo of onoum. branoo, fora $7,000 to $13,C00 farm, with good DOlland buildings, noar depot, within 76 miles of Chicago, prefer N. W. It. It.: will take Minn (arming stock. O. L. MANN A IS. A.CONQDON, Room 18 Major Block, US LaSallo-st. WANTED - BRICK IN EXCHANGE FOR S2O acres of choice solootod Western land, entered by Xnyanlf, or 60 town loit In tho growing Tillage of Galva, lu Henry County. JOHN L BENNETT, Room 18, No. 161 Monroo-st. : SEWING MACHINES. A S7O WHEELER 4 WILSON SEWING-MACHINE, xv. in good condition, price only $29. Residence, No. 7 Elghtoonth-at- F* OR SALE-THREE ALMOST NEW SINGED SEW ing machines, sultablo for tailoring or manufacturing aaos, also other sawing machines at very low prices. It not sold at prlvatn sale will be sold at auction Saturday, Juno 31, at our sales rooms, 83 BouthOanal-st. HAVENS, OSGOOD 4 CO., Auctioneers. IA O U SALK WHEELER 4 WILSON SEWING ■ machine with attachments; good at now; cheap. Apply at Drossmaklngßooma, 276 West Madtson-st. G" ROVER 4 BAKER’S SKWING-MAOHINEB-GEN oral otHce, 150 Btato-st.; branch oftloo, 073 Wabash av. Persons having old Grover 4 Baker sowing-machines are Invited to call and soo tho new Improvements, and hear something to tholr advantage. SINGER SEWING MACHINES—OFFICES OF NIOII OLB 4 PEARSON, Hi South llalslod-st. and 131 North Clark, corner Ohio, maohlnoa sold or rented ou easy payments and sowing glvoa when required. Ma chines repaired. riHIE NEW FLORENCE SEWING MAOIIINE-WE X call speoial attention to rucunt Improvemontaraadola the Floroueu, also to thu now and ulogaut stylus of oases added to our Hat. To moot tho views of those preferring a machine feuding the work away from tho operator, wo have made Nos. 13 and 14, which combine tho dosirabln fuuturos to ho found in machines made by others, with alt tho peculiar excellencies of tho Florence. WM. 11. BIIAuP 4_CO., Qouoral Agents, 354 Btato-st., Chicago. WHEELER 4WIWON SEWINd-MAdiUNKsTTHB new Improved, sold or routed ou easy monthly pay. munis. BURNHAM 4 FLANNERY, City Agents, ollico 155 Blalo-ot. ei n WORTH OF ATTACHMENTS GIVEN AWAY Js>Xl/ to every person purchasing a sowing machine at IS-JjStato-st. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. A FEW HOUSEHOLD GOODS FOR SALK. IN. eluding furniture, oarpot, and stove. Suitable tor light housokooplug. inquire at 130 West HnrrUun-st. taOR BALIf-FURNiTUIIE OF TRUER ROOMS, X 1 and roeins fur loot cheap, all complete fur bemssuosp. Ing, Address L 63, Trlbnnu oUloo. VIOUSEHOLD GOODS ARE BELLING AT COST Xl at 71 and 73 North Wolls>et. A largo stuck uflarnl ture must bo sold by July I. TO RENT—MOUSES. fpoTRJEK^BY^aTnirLAO^ Piimlshed house, 11 room*, modem Improvemonts, Oh I- Cn ft'imUhed C h’onfe, 14 rooms, modem Improvemonts, Mlohlgan-sv. $l6O. _ -- - . ~ , Furnished house. TlirooP'St., 10 rooms, part or all of same. , . « all modem Improvo- Mher dealrabla places to rant and soil. T0 RENI A. 8-BTOHY. AND BASEMENT MAlu*...- front booio, Willi all modem imnrojromont*, and furehbod, Apply on tbo promises 1193 Pralrle-ar. mo ; r TWO^T6iiY: X «ndb«otnont, No. W North WTO*r WhlU lug,' lUnts6opof mo»th« 11. DBAUOKMAN. nio IU2NT—A 81*KNDID HOUSE. WM SOUTH DIE Alt ihbrn-st.. comor Thirty-ninth, with bate, only SBO. Inquire * OOULD. UP33. rollfj/w TO HUNT—IN A VfCRY -DEaiRANIiB LOCATION. 1 ItM North PoSrbom-sU', ono 3-story and buoraont brick dwolllnf, 15 rooms, yritU closoU and modern Im provement!) t lor- privato rotldonoo only., Apply to M, KUAN LAN. 7 Sou Ui Olark-st; TO ÜBNTV963 INDIANA.AV.-, NEAR TWENTIETH. it,. with or without furniture, for tho season or year, or for oalo, location Vor l desirable,. futnlluto now and Bandsomo, billiard*, boro, and modem. conToaloncng marble Jront, 18 roomss.possession Immediate. Call between Baml 10a. m., audßahdtp. m.' T~ O UENT-NBW miTOK HOUSE IN GOOD NEIGH* borhood, near Llncoln-as. caw. . ■ BniomQnt, (ti3 V?hTri-Bt. . ■ fTO RENT—NEW 3-HTOHY FRAME UOUBR, 8 .1. room*, south front, 993 Went Monruo-it., close Jo, Woslormar. Kent low to desirable tenant. Apply to jOIllSf WEST, 091 West Monroo-st., next doo^onbnvo. O HUNT—ONE OF TllO SBR KAU T ITU I, NEW hotnescorner IndlanaiaT. and Jwolf th-st. (Ijikorlpw• all modern Improvements. Oallathouao. 8. WIHTTIN, hIITR ENT-HOUSB, AND FURNITUIUC FOR SALK, X‘ isturjp and Basement stone, with iwoll front. Apply •on thrfpromUes, No. 099 West Monroe»st. . : • TO Ri2ST~OOTTAQR NO. 70S WEST LAKK-BT., 0 ■rooms, botliloa nitlo. Ingnlro {KJ West MaJUon-st. TO HBNT-BX DIXON * MITOIIBMj, I«.KAN dolph-st., Room 9, 2 new oottneos on-Tylcr-St., near lloboy, 9 rooms and bath room; will rent ouoap. - TO RENT-NEW OOTTAQR-HOUSR.hBTORY AND, a haifof 8 rooms, beside* bath room,-.pantry, closets, etc.» on Tylor-st., throe doors ‘wostof Wlnohcstor-av., abort'block from Vanß oars.--Apply to TUOS. HOOD, 123 LaPiillQ-st., Oriental Building. Itoom aa. mq RENT—3-RTORY AND BASEMENT. MARBLE X front residence, 11 rooms, IWd Wabaah-av. Inquire of FKRD. W. ri.CK, Room 8, Nixon’s Building. rnO RENT-OAUTMET-AV., CORNER TWENTY* X nlnUi*at., boantlfully finished 10-fnora house, onlySGO per month. BTORRB A WARE, M Washlogton-st. mO RENT-NEW COTTAGE; 6 ROOMS; closets, J, water In fcltohonjbam It required. <o6.WestErie st>, near Asbtead-av. Inquire onpremises. . . - n- RENT-SEVEN-ROOM GOTTAOB, SOUTH urnsldo-at., newly papered and oaloimlnccllurough out, ij SO. 8. At. ALLEN, 25 Metropolitan Block. fpO RENT—FRAME DWELLING.. WITH BARN, X corner Lake and Wabpansob-avs. Inquire at6l Ellis* w.,nmo block. ' 1 1 . mO RENT—HOUSE—IC69 WABABQ-AV.: 960 PER X mouth. <6B Hubbard-st., 9 rooms, SBO. K. 0, COLE A CO., ISaLaSailo-at. TO RENT-HOUSE 651 WEST LAKE-ST., CORNER Pago. 7 rooms, In nice repair; rent $37.60 per month. Apply at house. fpO RENT-FROM THE Ibt OP JULY, TWO-STORY X and baaomont house 1078 Wabaah-av. Inquire at cor* nor Twenty-second and Btate-iU.,over Broadway markot. TO RENT-NEW BIX-ROOM HOUSE; GOOD neighborhood; $26, tory cheap. 0. W. DEAN, 183 Clatk-st., Room 16. fro RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE.? ROOMS. ADAMS X and Abcrdoon-sts. Owner and wife would llko board with party routing. Address L 77, .Tribune offleo. mo RENT—WABASH-AV,—HOUSE AND LOT NO. X <Ol, between Peek and Eldridgo-ennrts, will bo rented low to a responsible tenant; lot <oxl7o, with a good barn. J. ESAIAo WARREN, IB Chamber of Commerce. r RENT—TO PARTIES. .WISHING TO KEEP boose, a nice cottago furnished complete, and Inane, for S3OOI cheat* rout: best bargain Over olTorod. W. H. SAMPSON A CO., 144 Laßallo-»t. TO RENT-CHEAP, UNTIL MAY NEXT, A NEW X two-story and basement marble-front bouse, homing on Kills Park. Apply to CLARKE, LAYTON it CO., m LaSoilo-st. fTO RENT—NEW 11-ROOM STONE-FRONT X house 6SB Monroe-st. 11-room, English basement, 100 Wood-st. IK Abordeen-st., with good barn; 10 rooms. 76 Paulina-st., 7 rooms. TO RENT—NO. <l6 WEST TAYLOR-ST., 6 ROOMS, closets, Ao.: location first-class. Rent. S3O. HART

MANN A QUINN, Room 10. S3 West Madlson-st. Suburban* mO RENT-OR FOR SALK—AT HIGHLAND PARK— X 10-room house. half acre ground lot, both in complete order; house nearly now partly furnished; rent $35 For month, till May next,' ‘Ripply to owner, 86 Metropol ian Block, oral Highland Park- This Is a raro chance. 6 M. ALLEN. ■ . r RENT-SUBURBAN 7-ROOM COTTAGE HOUSE, with largo grounds and small barn, at Norwood Park, Block 23, convenient to depot. Rent only QIB per month. Address J. W- STBBDINOS. Irving Park. rpo RENT—I HAVE TWO NICK FARMS, WITH X comfortable booses and largo orchards, near too depot; would make good summer humus for-city business men. O. J. BTOUGII. 73 and 74 Doarborn-st. TO RENT-ROOMS. fpO RENT—A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, X suitable for one or two gentlemen, in a strictly pri vate family; also small bam. References exchanged. Apply at 879 WoatLako-st. 110 RENT—FIVE ROOMS CONVENIENT FOB . housekeeping. Inquire of Dr. NORTON, Dentist, 628 Cottage OroTQ-av. f|7ORENT—FURNISHED ROOMS, CHEAP, AT 216 X West Madison-st., noar Sangamon. T" O RENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, by the day. wook, or month, terms reasonable, at tho Bt« Jullen, lot and 163 Doatbom at. T- O BENT-TWO and two binolb rooms, handsomely furnished, In a lino house, with all modem Improvements, on Waba»h-ftv.,ncar llarrlsoa-at.; reasonable terms. Address L 16, Tribune otfleo. 1 !0 RENT—FOUR GOOD ROOMS, CLOSETS. PAN try, nowj cheap to right party. Inquire at 1091 Jack son-st. - fITO RENT—NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS SUITA x bio for gentlomaa and wife. Addroas L6B, Trlbuno office. T'O RENT - FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED rooms on Twolfth-at., noar the lake, noV house. Ad dress O 83, Trlbuno office. nib RENT—SUITE OF NICELY-FURNISHED FRONT X rooms. Apply at 813 West Monroo-st. TO RENT-A LARGE FRONT ROOM, OR WILL rent the lower part of bonsoat $25, or to parties that will buy tho fumtturo. 1266 Wabtub-av. TO RENT—FIVE FURNISHED ROOMS ON MAD- Ison-at. rumlturo and business for sale. No cues Hons aekod. 178 Stato-st., Room 12. 1” 10 RENT—NEWLY FURNISHED ROOMS; TERMS . reasonable. 119 Uoarhurn-at., Room 7. TO RENT-236 ILLINOIS-ST.. SECOND DOOR from Rush, nicely furnished rooms, single and double, with or without board; pleasantly and con yonlently located;.onty two blocks from Rnsh-st. bridge. TO RENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, overlooking tho lake and tho Exposition grounds; transients accommodated. Apply at Room 43,10 and 12 Madlson-st. •" rpO RENT—TWO FURNISHED ROOMS AT sl2 TO 816 X por month. 40 East Harrlson-st. TO RENT-ROOMS FURNISHED OR UNFUR nUhcd, Utter with oarpots; convonlont to first-class board. 812 West Washlngton-st. TO RENT-SUITE COMPLETELY FURNISHED rooms for boasokooplng; also sleeping rooms. -147 Sooth Haliled-at. Also, a splendid suite of rooms 27b WoitMadison-st, r RENT-VERY HANDSOMELY FURNISHED rooms, at tbs Bt. Elmo, by tho day, week, or month. 85 and 87 Dearborn-flt. Obargos reasonable. TO BENT-STORES, OFFICES. &c TO RENT—THE STORE 08 EAST KXNZIE-BT., cursor of main entrance to Wells SUoot depot, ooou plod at present as a clothing store. rpO RENT—THE SECOND FLOOR OF 66 LAKE-BT., X oomor State, 20x80, well lighted, easy aeocss. In quire first Hoot.' TO RENT—OFFICES, AND UNFURNISHED rooms for gentlemen, In Praising's Building on StatO ■t., between Congress and Harris on. Inquire at tho office of Priming Vinegar Works, &11 Stato-st. m 6 RENT-TWO FINE, FURNISHED, NEW AND X largo stores, particularly adapted for dry goods, boota and sboes.or oluthlng business. Inquire at the £Uoo, 673 and 673J4 Elston-av., near tho rolling mills, of ». O. PRESLER? TO RENT—WELL-LIGHTED OFFICES AND TWO lofts. 20x116, on Stato-st., opposite Palmer Hotel, cheap. Inquire at Room 13, 178 Stato-st. fllO RBNT-DOOK PROPERTY ON SOUTH BRANCH X* hoar Twonty-socond-st. s 100 foot on tho river by 820 foot to O. 4A. ft. U. Apply to JIENRY F. IStfAM, Room 89 Portland Block. . TO RENT-TUB 3D AND BRD FLOORb OP TUB throo story brick building. No. 27 South Oanal-at. TUPS. LONEROAN, 87 Booth Oaaal at. TO RENT—EIiBQANT BRIOK STORE, 2S»80, COR. net Fiftieth and StaUvaU., wall located for a dry «ocdi or Brecon; atoro. Apply to WM. U. HOWARD, oatral Union Block, eaatona MadXion-au bridge. mO RENT-PART OP STORE 08 AND 68 BTATR-BT., X corner Randolph. Inquire of Q. U. GRIFFIN, 183 KastMadison-flt., corner Olark, up-slatra. _■ TO RENT-DESK ROOM IN FURNISHED OFFICE, With use of private office. Terms roasnuable. New desk furnished if doalrod. J. B. TAYLOR, 128 Dear* bom-at., Room 11. .■ nto RKN'IWTUR DIVIDED HALF OF STORE NO. L 43 West Randulpb-st., with usoof fittings, awning, Ao. WANTED—TO BENT. ANTED—TO RENT-A STORE SUITABLE FOR via furniture storo: small first door and large upper Ilnurs. A. L. OUQOKER. Ml State-st. FOB SALE. ■jjIORBALE—THE OHEAPE3T AND BUST STOCK X’ of Eastern baby carriages In the city at the Willow Waro Manufactory, No. ftlS West Madlaon-at. For halk-oannons mountkd-fhcuaums, ammunition, flags of all kinds, Obiuoso lanterns, rod Snd bino light* for Illuminating. tents, wagon-euvers,mil iary equipments at Government Goods Depot, 195 and 197 Eaat Lake-st. T?OR BALE—A NEW PATENT. APPLY AT 288 X 1 Abordoen-st. J. MARTIN. 1" POR SALK-ONE AWNING, IN GOOD CONDITION . and used but little. Can be soon at 4til West Madison at. MoOAHTNJCy k HAMBLIN. ' IjtOn H ALB-OUBAP A NEW STORY AND A I’ half house, ItixilU, to bo moved by Ist of August. In* quire uf owner, ou promises, 967 West Erlo-st. 1* AOU BALE-LEASE OF FIVE ROOMS. NIOKLY 1 furnished, on Madlsomst., oast of llalstod. Hunt at nice profit, Price, 8370. JACOB O. MAQILL, til eodtiSOlark-sL ■ IPOR BALK—BANKCOUNTER. DESKS, AND RAIL, X 1 walnut, cheap; walnut counter and cylinder lep show case; also walnut counter ami desks miitablu fee any klud of olnoo. Apply to MURRAY, lti9 Laßalto-»t. - • T?ORBAJ.R-AT HALF PRKTb, 700 FRET OF RUB X’. bsr and leather belting aud 700 foetul 4-ply rubber hose, dllforout sizes, lu quantities to suit. luquUoatKk) West Washlngtim-st. F~ OR HALE—TICKET, riRBT”OLAHB, TO OINOIN* n&U;BL Addnnw JORDAN, Tribune office. BOARDING' AND DODGING. : Wont Side. 0(1 ITIONT, ItLTS- Z»U gautly furnished} every summer omnfort} baud sumo rooms i unexceptionable table; n fow raoro rooms; from 87 per week. A A SOUTH MOROAN-ST.-TWO VERY NICELY Jt.l; furnished rooms, with unßxcopllonable board and every aooummndatlop.., CM. BOUffI“iOROAN-aT., NEAR MADISON- Oi Nicely furnished front room fur two gentlemen or gentleman and wife.* MAnm.R 11 Q WEST WABIIINOTON.BT.—LARGE. COOL, XJLO and pleasantly-located rooms, futnlßhcd or unfur nished; first-class table. Ifdoslrod. m WARREN-AV., CORNER WOOD-BT.—TWO delightful front rooms] host light and ventilation; for fow single, orpnrty, nr couples of young gouts, nnr roundlncsfory Inviting. Tablo superior. Terms moderate. Only one block from Mndluon-st. cars, near Union Parle. 1 KK SOUTH IULBTRD.RT.~FIU3T.OLABB BOARD XOU given to a fow young mon In a private family; terms reasonable. 1 70 WKSTJACKfION-ST.—FUBNIBURDPARLOR X I with bed-rooms for gentleman and wife or olnglo gontlomon. wither without board ivory moderate charges. OAO "WKBT WASHINGTON-ST.-ROOMS COM forlably furnlshod, to rout with good biian), for gontlomon. Also room suitablo for a parly of ladles well recommended. * 999 WEST MONROEST.-A NICELY FUR nlsliod front room suitable for a gentleman and wife or two or more gontlomon. Accommodations first cUm. ’. ohn WEST MONROE-BT.. NEAR MORGAN uu O Largo fumlsbod room adjoining bath-room, with board; several tablodionrdors can bo accommodated...' mWEBT RANDOLPH-FIT. A LARGE. AND pleasant front room for gentleman and wlfo or two slnglo gontlomon, ~ . . 00,1 WEST VAN BUREN-BT.—B LARGE, WELL kj£j .t furnished rooms, or a front room, to rent, with or without board, at reasonable ratoa. 1 ’ . ,QQO WEST WASTTINGTON-ST. —ROOMS WITH 00-i board for gentleman and wIM, or slnglo gentle man; best of accommodations; references required. QQC WEST RANDOLPH-ST,—ONE LARGE ROOM, 000 nicely Jurnlahnd, with board, for man and wlfo, or two single gontlomon. • - . . /fQQ WEST MADISON-ST.—TO RENT WITH \tOt/ board, .very pleasant and newly-furnished rooms to Bontlomnn and their wives, or single gontlomon. Table boarders can bo accommodated. • A QUIET, PLEASANT HOME FOR TWO OENTLK mou or gentleman and wife, In private family, on Adatns-st., near Aberdeen. Address L 74, Tribune oflloo. South 'Sido- I Q EI.DRIDOE-OOURT - A VERY DESIRABLE 1.0 fumlsbod or unfurnished room, with hoard. 10 CONOUERS-ST^—PLEASANT FRONT ROOM I>7 to rent with board. Very pleasant location. One took from tbo Tromont House. Day hoard $5. AH EIGHTEENTH-ST.—ONE OR TWO DESIRABLE XX rooms ami board, In ft private family, at reason* ablo prices. Location pleasant. . ./jo HUBBARD COURT—NEW BOARDING ttO bnupo, llrnt-claan board with moms, $t to $5.60 per week, with nto of plant). Day board $4. 'aH and <9 IIUBBARb cOIIUT FURNISHED Tl moms, with or without board. Day boarders ac commodated.' . nh twenty-fifth-kt.-a cosy,single room I U to rent, with or without board; gas, bath, and use of piano. Near cat* and stages. > QQ/L WABASH-AV.—GENTLEMEN AND THEIR OOT families, nr single gentlemen, wishing largo pleasant rooms, with good board, can bo accommodated, ■ OuU ablo lor gentleman and wife, or two or or three gentlemen, to rent, with board; also, slngla room. Rof croneoa required. • 1 - Ann WABASH-AV. PLEASANT, -AIRY, AND desirable rooms, with hot and cold baths, and first-class board. Elegant front parlor, unfurnished, sultnblo for gootloman and wife. Day boarders accom modated. | CQ7WABABII-AV-TO RENT, WITH BOARD, A OO I pleasant front room, back parlor, and tingle rooms for married couplos or gentlemen. . • ■ npn WABABH-AV.—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED I OX front unite for gentleman and wife; also, nice largo room for gentleman, with first-class table. nnA MIOHIOAN-AV. - RUPpR FURNISHED I i front roams (n rant, with board; also, single room; 3 doors south of Twonty-sooond-st. Prices reason able; . QOO MIOHIGAN-AV.-A suite of FURNISHED O/uO rooms on second floor, front, toront, with board. norr miohioan.av.—two large desirable I fnrnlihod rooms to rent, with first-class board, suitable for gentleman and wife or two gentlemen. IH7yl WABASILAV.-A SUITE OP FRONT XU I u; rooms, with largo closet at (ached; also, a largo back room, unfurnished, with or without board. MIOUIGAN-AV., BETWEEN SIXTEENTH AND Twontloth-sts.—To rent, for three munlhs, a largo front room, furnished, with flrut-clais board. For par- Honiara, address L 23, Trlbano offleo. Rooms, with firstolars'board. for man and wife, or two single gentlemen, la uno mansion 1193 Pralrlo-av., corner Twonty-slxtb-st* ABABH-AV., BETWEEN TWELFTH AND Thlrtoenth-sts.— Rooms, with board, for goatloman < and wife, or two single gentlemen, in a ilrst-oloaa private family. Address Lw, Tribune oltloo. WABASH-AV., NEAR TWKNTYSIXTH-BT.- East room, with flnt-ctass board (no better in tho city); will furnish to suit; everything now; for lady and gonUomon, or two gentlemen; a homo with pleasant sur roundings; no boarding-bouse; no one need apply except those who aro prepared to paywoll for tho acoommoda- Hons. Addross L 21, Tribune offleo. Country* First-class rooms to let. with board, a minutes 1 Walk from depot. ISAAC L. HINDS, Hina dalo. Miscellaneous* T AROR FINELY FURNISHED ROOMS: ALSO, Jj front alcove, with board; good ntablo; oicollont looa lion. For particulars address L to. Tribune office. BOARD WANTED. Board-ry a lady AND GENTLEMAN (ENO. Hah), with a private family, between Twcniy-mfh and Thlrty-llfth-sta., and east of Rtato-st., alcove room preferred. Addrott. atailog termSj L 7fy office. LOST AND FOUND. Taken up-atmvplace on aroher-av., i** mites west of lirlshton, one .black cow, Use back, nntlor belly, about 7 years old. One whitish speckled cow about Q years old. M> J. TEAUNEY. T OST-A SMALL BAY HORSE, BRANDED ON XJ loft shoulder. $lO reward for return to 853 South Canal-st. Lost-on morning of ihtii, in cottage. Qrovo-av. oars, between city limits and Thirty-third* st... a gold locket with monogram on one side. Tbotludor will bo liberally rewarded by leaving at 6 Orovoland Park. TOST—GOAT ICO LOR BROWN AND WHITE; LEFT XJ horn broken ell and half grown. Return if found to 40 Orosby-st. LOBT-A CREAM-COLORED MARE, ABOUT 11 years old, without shoos. Any person reluming her toW. T. NELSON, corner West Tylor-st., Carpenter's Shop, shall bo rewarded. » T OST—WEDNESDAY EVENING. A NEWFOUND- Jj land dog (pup), with plain leather collar on, from a yoatclonTwonty-aocond-st., near the Gas-Homo. Bft re ward will bo paid for his return to 85 West Adams-st., corner Jefferson. LOST— BETWEEN FORT WAYNE DEPOT AND corner Market and Madlson-sls.. one cold onr-dron with amethyst and poor! sot. liberal reward will bo paid If returned to Room 10, Contra! Union Block, Madlson-st. bridge. ■■ T OST—WEDNESDAY EVENING, BETWEEN UN -4-1 ion Park and Wood-si., on Park-av., a baby's Valen ciennes laca-cap, trimmed with pink gros-irraln ribbon. Tho tinder will no rewarded by leaving It at 109 Park-ay. LOST— BETWEEN SANOAMON-ST. AND CENTRE av., on Madison or Wasblngton-als., a cashmere capo, edged with silk and lace.. Suitable reward to finder by returning to 167 Contro-qv. T OST—GOLD LOCKET; BLACK STONE ON ONE XJ . side, light on tho other, with picture of lady. Loavo at Central Police-Station. Liberal reward will bo paid. J. W. STEVENS, Albany. N. Y. T OST—A MEDIUM SIZED BLACK AND TAN Xi terrier, from 2M West Wasbington-st-; ho wore loathor collar, with license badge 47; and tab bearing above number and owner’s name. A reward will bo paid for his return. Lost— a gold bracelet, marked hattie, Juno 23,1871; lost between Field, Loiter A Co.’s store and Grand Paulllo Hutol. The finder will bo rewarded by. rolurnlng the some to T. B. QASKILL, Grand Pacific Hotel. S' TRAYED - PROM SOUTH CHICAGO—GRAY horse, nearly white, toweled In tho right fore shoul der. Flador will bo liberally rewarded by returning to owner. MoIIENUVS, 43 ITarmon-cotirt. STRAYED OR STOLEN SUNDAY EVENING, Juno lit, from 680 West Adams-st., a dark sorrot boreo with star in forehead, and a little knee-sprung. A suita ble toward will bo paid for hla return or any Information that may lead to his recovery, which can bo loft at the above number or at tho office of O. U. CASE, 160 East Washlngton-st. CTRAYBD-A BAY HORSE, WITH HALTER ON O six years old, Botum tho tamo to 861 Will bo rewarded. STRAYED —PROM LAKE VIEW. TWO BAY maross also a blank horao. Information will bo to warded by P. KELLER, 83 Waibioslou-eU, or at Boko Vlow, (I>l A A REWARD-LOST, AN ENVELOPE OON. fIpXUU tabling *4OO In Canadian bill. Whosoever has found the same ami will bring orsund it to T. J. TARL 'INO. oaroof Trlbuno office, aball receive tho above re ward. AGENTS WANTED. A GENTS WANTED—47,OOO PROBLEMS (MORI! OR XX loss) iu interoat, computed for four distinct business Serloda of time, in ono mlnuto. at aoy rato per cent. o\r arithmetical alphabet. Tim Leaver. Absoluto right method of itndlng uubo and square root: also, au unlim ited number of ways; tho moat remarkablo discoveries of tho Nineteenth Century: book contains HW pages. Price, 81. Address J. A. HENDERSON, A. M., Author, Han Franotaeo, Pal.. Box No. 85. A GENTS WANTED—GOOD OANVARBERH ARB XX making 810 to 812 a day with my noodle-books, ma chine-needles, dress elevators, Ac., 40, O. M. LIN INQTON, 177 Eaat filadlsou-st., Chicago, GENT 3 "WANTEI FTY~AGENTS WANTED for city and country; business permanent, legitimate, and honorable. For particulars call at 220 Mlolugan-av., corner Hubbard-eourt. ■ A GENTS WANTED—TO HELL OUR NEW HUT XX ton-holo cuter. needle-threading thimble, and utbor now articles; 99 East Madison-at., Room 6j, A GENTS WANTED-MALB AND "FEMALE, IN XX city and country, for the fastest-selling goods ou record. Thoso who can command a Httlo ready oath can certainly mako Immonso profits. slo a day is only a (sir average. It will cost nothing to investigate. Mo sum- Bios to country applicants sunt for 250. MERRILL A 0., 25 West Lako-st. CLAIRVOYANTS. rUHOAOO SPIRIT ROOMS, 917 WEST MADISON \.J st,, second door. Soaaco every evening. Medium handoulfed nud tied. Uuoqualml in Chicago. Sittings durlmt the day. \\ ADAME IDELL, THE CELEBRATED FEMALE JiX pbysiolsn and olsirvoyaut, has no oqtul. la her pro fession in telling the past, present aud future. Call and bn'convlncod of her wonderful power at her rooms, 191 Weatjladlsomst., Rooms B and 9, from 9 a, in. to W p. in. DIVORCES. BIVOROICS-LEUALLY OUTAINED-THU AFTER decree. Scandal avoided. Nino yuara’ practice in tho ouurU of Chicago. Address P. O, Boa 1997. WANTED—MALE HELP. BooUcofiporii 01erki4 Eto* . WANTED— TRAVELING SALESMAN, DT A NEW York papor-hanglng# bmuo, toe tbo Nortbvroitora fllntoi. Ono nimorttftndlcß tiiobnilrtoM preferred. Ad« Oroßi, fltivUnz Unw long And where provl ouely employ, oil, Amlin what buainou, with reference*, BAS. Paper itnnglnßi, Dot 1907 Now York Past-O/iloe. ANTED—EXPEUtRNOI&D DRUG CLERIC AT 11M Hlftlo-Bt. Onll from 0 to It a. m. D. n. LEAVEN* WORTH. w . ANTBD-A. YOUNG MAN, Itt OR 20 YBAKS OP .i T nod, icbml i>onnmn, quick nt ilßutos, aoduot afraid to work. Addroes L 73, Triliunn ollloo» TITANTHD HOOKKKBPBR, - ADDRESS, WITH VY roforonoo, salary oipootou, &0., L 2-1, Ttlbuno oflico. Trades. TtrANTKD-A. MAN WHO TUOnOtIOIILV' UH« VV dnntnhdd. tbo jimpn«ntlon of ornamental itook: rnnoi, Ilnnorß,, 010., undov aliu*, fo.inko olmrnoof this dopnrtinont In an lowa minors s roioretiooß required. Ad- Urngß W 100. Trtbtita’d offlOri,' iflVinff your nddron. WANTBD— DAIIPKNTKUfJ, TWO O'nOU OAHPKN ton. to go SC mllos fnto tlm oountryj fair wagoa; nmntiiur’B Job. Apply at TAYLOR A TIIOMAO, north* west onmor Market and Van Rnron-ata. 1 WANTJ2D— A YOUNO MAN THAT HAB HAT) eomo experience in running a Rfatlonary engine. In quire at tho Oriental Steam Laundry, 420 WOBt Ran* tlolph-at. , ‘ WANTICD-TWO- FIRST-CLASS JOURNEYMAN VV barbers; steady work; good pay; 975>J West Madl ■on-at. - ' ; ' • W~ ANTED—TWO DAURERA TOR SATURDAY and Sunday, nt 885 Wont Lako-tt. J. W. OU AM. 1 WANTED— TWO CARRIAGE-MAKERS, ONE ON bodies, andthooihor on poari steady employment and good wages. DANIEL IIKUSIIRURQER. Jollott, Illinois. TIT ANTED—TWO GOOD imASSFINISHERS AO •VY enstomed to working on plumber's brass work; no others need apply. JOltN GREEN, roar of 311 Ran dolph-at. -i ■ ’\XT ANTED—CARPENTERS—I WANT R OR 4 OAR VV pontors to go to Evanston, who wish to buy a lob worth from SBOO to SI,OOO. and will apply at leasts of thotr wages towards tala lot. add rooelvo tho balance In cash every Saturday night. Fair wages will bo given. Nnno bnt good, steady, active men need apply. Lumber will bo furnished Iboao-wishlng to bnlld ontholrlots. Gall at Room 3,158 Monroe-«t., from 3 to C o'clock, or at nnr hour at tor office, near tho depot In Evanston, O. E. jmoWNE. , ■fSTANTED—OIL FINISHER. ONE ACCUSTOMED >V to working on mouldings. SAMMONS, CLARK A CO., 107 and 1W South Olloton-at. \V’- ANTI2D - TAn * ORS ' AT CO AROIIBR.AV.S TWO ¥ Y pants and two coat makers; good wages paid, and steady work. • • W' "ANTED—TWO COAT AND THREE VEST MAK ora. Apply at 165 Twonty-socond-st. ' Coachmen. Toamator*. dfco. TtTANTICD-A MAN TO TAKE OARK OF HORSES VV and drlro wagon. Nonnnoed apply unless they un derstand limit busmoss. J, B. SULLIVAN <k BUO., m North Olark-st. . W" ANTKD-A. BOY TO DRIVE OIIDIiU WAOON i ono uaad to moat market preferred. 8. HOUSTON, coroor Itarriion-st. and SeuthffOßteffl-av; Employment Aconoios. TITANTED-l CLERIC FOR GROCERY, J SIAN V V for wholesale grocery. 6 salesmen, 1 for meat mar kot, 1 man lor offleo with SIOO. 176 Stato-st., Room 13. WANTED-TO LEAVE TO-DAY-HM MEN FOR construction train In Michigan; froo faro; alto, 600 forObioand Indlana;'one year’s work; also, taw-mlll hands, farmhands, choppers, bark-poolers, and quarry mon; -For particulars ana transportation, apply to CHRISTIAN A BING, 1 South Clark st. TXT ANTED—26 RAILROAD MEN, IB WOOD CHOP y\ pert, 10 teams. High wages; free faro; steady 'Work. 69 West Randolph-st., Room 8. ■ .■ ■ • TTTANTED-800 RAILROAD LABORERS; FREE Vv faro; also, 16 sawmill and 4 farm hands. Apply at 46 West Randolph-st., Room I. np-stAlra. TXT ANTED— 2OO RAILROAD MEN FOR WISCON VV sin, $3.20 and $2.40 per day: free faro; Mo for Illi nois, Michigan, and Indiana shark poolers, choppers, saw mill and farm bands. ANQELL i COAKEIt, 21 West Randolph-st. XXTANTKD—9OO RAILROAD AND BAW-MILL HANDS VV —good wages: froofaro: good pay. Call at 97 West Randolph-st. SNELL A SPBRBKOK. titantkd-m girls for general housb- VY work, at 97 West Randolph-st.; no fees. SNELL A BPERBECK. WANTED— 4 FOREMEN, 60 BRIDGE OARPEN tors, M 0 laborers, and choppers, farm and saw mill hands, lox teamster, 60 for work In city, and for sta tion work: highest wages paid. Apply at Chicago Em- Bloymont Bureau, 239' East Randolph-st.. Lind Block. . V. SNELL. Manager. Misoollonoouft* WANTED—A MAN FOR GENERAL OUTDOOR VV work. Call Friday morning, at office of Lako For est Hotel Company, ISO LaSallo-at. \vANTED—A BARTENDER; A MAN WELL REO VV omnmnded; must bo a smart business man. In quire at 22 West Lake-st. WANTED— MEN OP ANY AGE, IN CITY AND country, to soil our non-oxplosivo for korosonooil. Costs Bam] 10 cents:soils for2s and 60 conts:s3 to SIC a day. A. RAY, 25 West Lako st. ■\7ITANTISD— 4 SALESMEN TO SELL GOODS ON Yr cnrnnr; none but experienced need apply; salary Enod; also 4 good canvassers. Apply 8 to 11 this morning, 1 South Wator-st. XITANTED—MEN OUT OF EMPLOYMENT TO \> call on JONES 4 CO., 71 SouthCanal-st.; S3O to $lO a week sure money. WANTED— CANVASSERS THAT HANDLE OUR goods make from $25 to SSO par waok. Goods soil on sight. A. M. RICHARDSON. 146 Mndison-st. \\rANTED-20 GOOD LABORERS, ACCUSTOMED Yl touting an ax, on Government pier at Michigan Cltv. Wngos, $3 por day. Apply to 15. O. BOYINGTON, Michigan City, lud. ■\\f ANTED—A STRONG BOY TO DELIVER u grocorloi. Apply at Qoldon Toa Store, corner of Twonty-sooond-Bt. and Indlana-av. \VANTED-AN ENERGETIC CANVASSER, ONE V v that speaks English and Goman: n good opportuni ty offered for the right man. Call at 63 South Oanal-et., basement. ■ WANTED— A COMPETENT COLORED BOY IN A barbershop. Apply at 13 South Wator-st. ANTBn“MEN IN EVERY TOWfL BOUNTY, and State; biggest ohanoo over offered to make money. Ourartlclcs aro now, and sell at sight. II you want to mnko money in a light and pleasant business, don't fail to call at 09 East Madlson-st., Room 6. TIfXNTED—A YOUNoTIAN TO TAKE CARR OP 1 V horses and mnko himself useful around crocory store. Apply at 158 West llarrison-st. WANTED-TWO BELL BOYS, AT ANDERSON'S European Hotel, Madtson-st. TATANTED-A PORTER. WHO OAN TAKE GARB W of a horse. Wages sl6 a month and board. Apply atl69Stato-at, - TITANTBD-A BOY FROM II TO 16 YEARS OP Vv ago to nttond bars must have good roforoncos. Apply to 0. H. ROAWLON, 223 Wont Randolpb-at. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domestics. TirANTRD—A SWEDE, GERMAN, NORWEGIAN, v V or colored woman to cook for a small private family. Tho highest wages paid. Call at 78 Twonty-fll*th-st. after dinner. WANTED— GOOD OOOK, WASHER AND IRONER in small family: Gorman or Scandinavian preferred. Apply at 39 Twonty-fifth-st. TITANTED-A PLEASANT. NEAT MIDDLE-AGED VV woman accustomed to tho caroof children, to do general housework and take charge of a small family for a gentleman whoso wife is an invalid. To imnh a person good wages and a permanent homo la offered lu a pleasant nuhnrh thirty minutes’ rldo from tho City Hall. Address Trlbuoo office, stating wboro an Interview can bo TIT ANTED—A FIRST-OLARB COOK. NO WASH TV ing or Ironing. Call at upper door, with refer paces. 1131 Pralrlo-iiv. TXTANTttD—A GIRL TO COOK, WASH AND IRON, YY at 41 Twonty-fifth-st, Good wages paid to capable ponton. WANTED-A GOOD GERMAN OR NORWEGIAN girl to do general homework, at Washington Heights. Apply at TRUSSING Vinegar Works, 811 fitato-st. GOOD OIRLFOR GENERAL HOUSE v T work in a private family: must bo a good laundress; will pay good wages. Call at 778 West A'daois-st. WANTED— FIRST-CLASS COOK, WASHER AND Ironor: also, second girl; good wages given; rofor* eneo required. 810 Mlchlgan-ar. WANTED-A GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND tv ironor, at 713 Mlobigao-av.; private family. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS COOK FOR A PlU vato hoarding-hnnso: must bring good references. Apply at Offlco 83, Otis Block (third floor), southwest corner Madison aod Lsßallo-eti«, after 10 a. m. WANTED— GOOD KITCHEN GIRL-. OOMB EX. pocttng to stay; good wages. fe23 Wabaah-av. Til* ANTED—A GOOD OOOK. WASHER, AND VY Inmor. Applybetweenthehoarsol Saadi. Room 8. 155 Lnß TXTANTED-A GOOD FEMALE COOK, I.MMBDT. VV atoly, at BU Charles Hotel, 48 South Dea. plslnes-st. WANTED - A COMPETENT GIRL TO DO kitoboa work and laundry work, at 833 Wa« WANTKD-FIHBTOLAB3 OOOK. LAUNDRESS, T T and a young uurno girl In r small family. Good refer once required. Applyatß3f*alumot*a?., corner Twenty second-at. / TtfANTED-A SERVANT IN A COTTAGE HOUSE. YV None need ftVl'li/Aiat cannot cook, waab, andiron. 914 Mlolilgan-ar. ■ / ‘ WANTED— A'NIfCI’RIUENOED COOK IN A PHl yat« fftmll), ay .16 Mtcblgan-av. nrANTi'.u-JTJ--- TT Ironnrlu ft Mi ftt.. near Pralrlo-nj' JOOD COOK, WASHER. AND (inU prliate family. No. 7 Klghtooath- 'ANTUD-A IVHST-OLASa GIRL FOR OKNEU aI homework* Inquire at 314 South Sangamon-st. TXT ANTED A GIRLTOCOOK FOR A SMALL FAM*. W tly; good wagos given. Apply at 101 Oalumut«av, TifANTKD-A GOOD, SMART DINING-ROOM 11 girl, ono who understands her business. luqulro at 117 WestWalnut-st. WANTKD-COMPKTRNT KITCHEN GIRL AT 87 Patk-av.; also, man to taUo caro of hunoa and do chores. TV'ANTF.D-OIRLTO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK M in ft small private family. 404 Woat Vau Buroa-st. ITT A NTED—A GOOD GIRL TO DO OENEAAL it housework. Apidy, Bdays. 657 Wost Mouroo-st. T\7*ANTED—A GOOD COOK* AT RANDS HOUSE, J V lid and 118 Fi ftipav. Apply immodlatuly. WANTED— A GOOD GERMAN OR NORWEGIAN jetrl to do general housework in a small private laiui ly. To ft good girl good wagna will tip paid. I6^rark-ny. WANTED A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL housework In a small family. Must oomo well rooom mended. 65 South Poorla-at. ’ Nuthos. TV’ antri l-A NURSE-GIRL NOT OLDER THAN If lfl, at 1017 Wnhash-ay. Employment Acenolos. TITANTED-aERM AN AND SCANDINAVIAN GIRLS it for privato families and hotels, at W MUwuukeo-av, No foes. WANTED— ASSISTANT LADY BOOKKEEPER IN music storo. Ono who can play tho piano preferred. Apply at Sit Htato-nt. WANTED-GIUL TO DO .SECOND WORK AND Y> holy wind children. Good place. «9 Wahft«h-*T, WANTED—FEMALE HELP, lifinndroßtios* .■\TTA NTItD-TnmSß laundry OIIILfJ, ONI? pan- VV tryglri, ouooh/unhof elri, Call Friday morning at oflJoo of Lalco Foroat Hotel Company! 160 WANTnD~3~GOOD LAI)IES r OLOTIIEH illONßifa J". ami two for now ahlrte,'At tho Oriental HtenmLaun day, tzoWoitJUmlolph-at. WANtKD~LAn\ OLOTHKB IRONBRB. WILL baud*. Also, S waal»» women. Apply at U Adams-sU ■ WtNTRD-ONIS OMTIIKS IIIONRR. nno Blurtfcna dollar ironor and polliliori irugos Qj.CO P/lTi 1111 *’n 00 '* butr BtrJotl/ flr*t«n)n(i irarkor*. Apply Friday morning curly, M 3 Wait Modlioa-nt., laundry. WANTKD-A FlflHT-(fr,\RH IRONKR AT"THM J ’ lJoirliori l.Mmilry, 7a Doarbora-at. WAiTRb-A PiUST-OLASa T.AUNbRRaa, TT ointely, Norwegian or Gorman. 476 Wnba»b-nv, JVli'jooUanoonf. WANTF-D-TIITH MOUNINO AN RXPK!URNCIR|> MloaliHljf for notion cjopurtmont. Nona bnj n thor opßUßnloftwotnfui nnrt willing to work o»nnlm»« iP-otl ntj. MM, “■ “• “•M"D U w. ! II, >y , ANTKD - LADIKB AIUC DOING A FINII (, liualnosa with my two elegant tollot article* and arlio*’rubber aood*. Halos rapid and profit* larct to cl(y T pr country. Hamnlo aont free to country. Mr*. PA.LMRU, Iloom fl. 2/5 Woat Dako-st. \V A NTKD -IMM EDI AT E LY. A HOOD WOMAN Yf cook at tho Iloslon Oofloo-Houso and Dining-Rooms. 89 North Wnlls-st, ■\\TANTKD-100 GOOD RAILROAD LABORERS: Y Y ono year's work and good wagon 5 free faro anil com pany work. Apply at 374 Haul It Wator-st. HU AW A CO. T\TANTED— A RESPECTABLE YOUNG* LADYTO YY attend a cigar stand; must oomo well recommended. Address 1-60. Tribune nthoa. SITUATIONS WANTED—MALE. BooltlcooDPTH, Glories, &o. QITUATION WANTED-TIIB ADVERTISER (35 O years of ago), who has had 13 yeard experience In tne •retail general merchandise burltioHS, desires an Indoor situation; wages not so much of nn obleotan stoady em« ployntent. Can adapt himsolf to any olllco work, and loan employers a few thousand dollars. Address JS 74, Trib une ntneo. OITUATIONWANTHD-BY A GERMAN DRUGGIST O in some retail drug store; has bad over 4 yearn' export once; best of roforoncos. Address Lf, Tribune olllco. QITUATION WANTED—HY A YbUNG~MAN, A JJ good accountant," rapid and correct at lleuroa, n« bookkeeper, assistant, nr similar occupation; bust city rotoroßcos. Address L 12, Trthunoolfico. Trades- SITUATION WANTED-AS ENGINEER-HAVE O bad 20 years' oxporionco; understand high and lon pressure. DostofcUyroferouoos. Apply M 3 South Hal stod-at. ■ SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED kJ house painter thns had some experience at sigu writing. Addroag DVH, 72 Wont Vanßuren-at. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-OLAH3 .MALE J cook, rostanrant or hotel. Addrosa L 18, Trltmno )ffico. S~ ITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS PRAO tlcal tailor and cutter? had 8 year#* experience to. custom cutting! Lost of references given. Addrosa 11. NOBLE, Clinton, Rock County, Wls. QITUATION9 WANTED—TWO YOUNG CABINET. O makers,want to got work In private family to ropslx furniture and do I< ranch polishing. Can glvo oust of city references. Address L 23, Tribune oiTico. QTTUATION WANTED-BY A BLACKSMITH OP O 12 years’experience, ,wUh some firm that gets tip buggies and express wagons. Call or addrosa PF K, R5 West Vanßuron-st. . • ■ Gonchxmm, Toamstorn. &o. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG 80AND1NA. O ylan as coachman In a private family s thoroughly un derstands Iho caro of horses and carriages; willing to make himself useful round the bouse. Address L 20. Tribune office. Miscellaneous- SITUATION WANTED-AS SPECIAL POLTCB watchman, unitor, nr assistant onginoor, by a respon sible person. Address Ll9, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN. AS O porter In a hole), city or country. Call ntTOShor tnaa-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN TO work In a grocery store or warehouse, or at any other employment; can bo highly recommended; wagesmodcr* ate. Address J IC, 113 Shermnnsl, SITUATION WANTED-AS FIREMAN. OR TO run a stationary onglno; alto as a howl clerk. In quire at 97 West Randolph-st. SITUATIONS WANTED—jPEMAIjE Domestics. QITUATION WANTED-BY A NORWEGIAN O girl In a small American family; general housework. Address 188 North Curtls-st., up-stalra- SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD GIRT, FROM the country to do general housework In private family; good roforoncoa. Address or call at 85 East Klntlo-st. SITUATION WANTED—WITH A RESPECTABLE family, as cook or laundress, or general housework In a small family, by a girl arrived from tho East and ot many years’ experience there. Apply atDS West Van Bnron-et., corner of Jefferson. SITUATION WANTED—Bk A YOUNG GIRL TO do second work or tako caro of children. Call, for 3 days, at No. 362 South Park-av. S" ~ITUAT IO N IVA NT ED-1* OR COOKING, BY ONE that undorstauds her bm-lnosa; private family or boardinc-bouso. Also a first-class laundress for private family. Call at 883 Wahasb-av. S* ITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT OIBL to cook, wash, and iron In a private family; good ref orcnco. Call, for three days, at 69 Meaghor-st. QITUATION WANTED-BYA NORWEGIAN GIRL O to wash dishes nml take caro of children. No. U North Erio-at., in roar, enroot Mrs. NASIi, QITUATIONB WANTED-BY TWO GIRLS, ONE TO O do general housuwnrk. tho citlior as second girl. First* class references. Apply ab 10 North Shcldon-st., for tiro days. Sonmstrossom SITUATION WANTED-A DRESSMAKER WILL go out by the day: very rossonablo tonns: giro good references; fitting and trimming to Into patterns. Ad. dress L 83, Tribune offlco. lintmtlrosoos. QITUATION WANTEH-BY A FIRST-CLASS LAUN. O dross, either in laundry or private family, or would tuku family washing at homo. Oull or address 483 Ar. nold-at. QITUATION WANTED—BY A NORWEGIAN WOM. O an, to do washing and Ironing during two or throe days in tho wcoh. MU3. NASS, No. 15 North Erie-st. Nrirsos. HoTißekooTiors. SITUATION WANTED-AS HOUSEKEEPER IN A respectable private family, by an American woman, widow, thoroughly oompotuut. Address LIU, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-AS HOUSEKEEPER, BY A widow lady. Wages not so much an object as a ploas ant homo; references. Address L 81, Trilmno office. SITUATION WANTED-A YOUNG WIDOW LADY wishes a situation as housekeeper; Is willing to do tho work for a small family. Gall, forenoon, 4-18 Wahaali-av., up-atairo. Employment Ajronoios. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD GIRL, TO DO second work. Inquire at 418 Wabaah-av., in base* mont. QITUATIONS WANTED-FOR SOME FIRST. Cj class girls, for cooking, chamber, amt laundrr work. Call early, before your neighbors got them. 448 Wabash* av., Room 4. Mis oollone oub . SITUATIONS WANTED-BY 2 YOUNG LADIES, in astoro; can give tho best of roforoncos. Call or address 868 Wast Wasbington-st. QITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG LADY, AS O oopvlst, cashier, or clerk In somo honuritblu huslnosu; has had some experience. References given. Address L 80, Tribune office. FINANCIAL. I WILL PAY 9 AND 2 PER CENT COMMISSION FOR $126,00(1 fnr&years; secured by first-class inside real es tate, worth tlirleo tho amount In cash. Prinotpniu that can furnish all or part of tho abovu amount will please' address U 88, Tribune office. Money on hand to loan on improved and unimproved city property. Loans perfected without delay. J. O. MoOOuD A OO. t ll)0 Doarborn st. TV TONEY TO LOAN ON CITY REAL ESTATE, a IVL 8. HUBDAUD. Jn., 168 Washingtoa-st. M" ONBY ADVANCED AT LARSEN'S LOAN OF flooslato JACOBS A C0.,0n diamonds, watches, and other valuables;l?7 comer of Monroo, Room 6. TU'ONKV' LOANED ON OITY REAL BSTATE.JI.OOO IVX to?‘20,000s real estate paper wanted; loans on leaser bolds. D. QROSSMAN, Room 13, 176 Btato-Bt. ; Money to loan-on real estate and other good securities. W. VAN O. LINDA, 110 Dearborn-st., Room 6. r LOAN-MONEY ON WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS, furniture, and other good collaterals. JAMES 11. STOREY, SI and 60 LaSalle-et., Room 25. /pb LOAN-MONEY IN AMOUNTS $7,000 OR MORE X on etty real estate or Illinois farms within 100 mltoa. It, L. PEASE, Reaper Block, mo LOAN—SS,OOO, ON SHORT TIMES, ON CITY X real otiata, or welLseourod paper; money in hand, florae first-class paper (or sale. S. W, KUOFE, 145 La* Balle-st., Room U. WANTED— $500 AGAINST THE REST OF PER. aonal property security and pood Interest, for 4 months. GEO. M. MiI,I,ERA 00., Law and Real Estate Ofllce, 145 West Madlson-at. TTTANTED—«3,KbOOU S3>o FOR FIVE OR TEN VV years; real estate security. Address 8 75, Tribnuj 00100. WANTED-TO LOAN-SI.SWONCHATTItITMOim • »» gago of 6LWO worth of nearly nmy furniture; or will board ft party very reasonable who will advance thu cmli and take locurity. Address LS7, Trllmuo nfllcn. <2O $1.r.00, 61,1*0; THESE RUMS IN HAND JpJ/.VMIU, tolunn for 2 years nti city real n«Uln. BALDWIN, WALKER A GO., 7 Hawley Ilnll.lliDf, southwest oormir Dearborn and Mmilioujata. _ IN "SUMS OF OR &ZU.UUU 610.000, for fire year*. «n llral-olasv real citato Bocurity. Apply to U. 11/FOUuEBTItR, Alter. noy-at-Law, Metropolitan Block. 56d nmi piirohask.mokey notes, in sninsoffMiiuto 6«.nno, forsalo, a.-ourod •by trust-deed.. O. W. lIKiDON, lllJMuuroo-at., Room 3. Ai nn TO LOAN ON FIRST CLASS mi’V ffILUU.UuU soourlty. F. It. BUANDRKW, M watfhlngton-st. MUSICAL. 1 AM SELLING A SPLENDID FUf.I.SI/.ED 7. L octave piano, with serpentine moulding un i carved logs for 6350 cash. You womlor how I can doit. Oali and boo them and I will explain. J. 11. WOLCOTT, SJI Fark-uv. eiQn GASH WILL RUY A GOOD TONED tP< •pLOU ootmo rosewood piano, Lulght A Bradbury mnko; or will rent It fur 65, Hh) l.uke-at. BUILDING MATERIAL. T UMBER AND TIMBER CHEAP AT SHEPARD’S I | Yard, North Plor, near Ltght-lluuso, ICO mft lung Joist. Bills out to order. WANTKD-fib’OiH) 'GOOD BRICK CHEAP FOR cash, 0t45l West LuUe-st. ntOU BALB-60>»,€00COMMdN BRICK, BEST QUA!* V Uy. M. D. FLAHERTY. IW Madlsou-st., Room 13. 7

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