Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 20, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 20, 1873 Page 8
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8 THE SPORTING WORLD. The Dextor Park Association, and tho Gentlemen Who Com pose It. lino Trotting on the Track Yesterday-" A Mueh-Kccdcd Improvement in iho Park Interior. The Coming Horse, Dixia—What a Kentucky Authority Has to Say About Him, International Amateur Boat- Racing—Sporting Events at Homo and Abroad, THE TURF. TUB DEXTER FABK CLUB. Tho euddon leap into popularity which has boon achieved by tho Uoxtor Parle Club has de cided tho officers of that organization to admit ono hundred more members. Tho original num ber of 100 members bos boon filled up j tho sheds and privileges for that number have boon dis posed of for SSO each. Tho additional hundred will bo sold at S3O each, including all tho privi leges of tho track, stands, olub-houso, admission of ladlos, oto.,—all, in fact, bat tho sheds. Tho Secretary has opened his olfico in ono of tho epaoiouu rooms off tho ozchango of tho Paolflo Hotel, whoro ho can ho found from 2 to 6 o'clock every afternoon to roooivo names and issue tickets to tho additional hundred momhors. Tho Ladies' Grand Stand will bo quite a now feature. It is being handsomely fitted up with 1,000 chairs, all numbered, so that ladies and gentlemen can have their seats secured In ad vance, and enjoy the same privacy and security from molestation that a first-class theatre affords. Admission to this stand has boon fixed at sl. A ladies' rofroshmont-roomhaa also been added, free from any objection, and conducted in a style befitting tho dignity of tho Olub, No objectionable persons will bo allowed in tbo ladies' stand, nor will outsiders bo admitted to toilet-rooms. Now lot tho management avoid tho pool-soiling nuisance by banishing It to a re mote corner of tho fiold, and everything will bo os it ought to bo, Tbo following list of members of tbo Club guarantee its tone, embracing, as it does, many of tbo most distinguished gentlemen of tbo Stato, and placing tbo organization on a par with, if not ahead of, any other in tho United States : David A. Ongo, It, O. Mesorcau, Fred Gould. George W. Qago, 11. T, Karnes. Cliaa. Durpny, J. A. Ellis, J. Aiken, Jolm A. King, H. Fulrbauk, Geo. O. Walker, J. W, Pannelee, Jolm DoKovcn, O. B. Dickinson. O. M. Culbertson, Howard Priestly, J. 11. Dole, D. M. Ford, D. 11. Campbell, Joseph ModIU, J. A. Hamlin, Ira Holmes, W, M. Derby, O. J. Griffith, Gen, Sheridan, L. Laflln, Frank Milligan, James Stinson, D. D. Flake, J. G. Bead, Abner Taylor, J, M. W, Jones, o.l*. McKay, E, 8. Wadsworth, J, A. Holmes, B. H. Whcclor, ii. O. Goodrich, John O.Partndgo, M. P, Boeclier, Jool D. Harvey, Harry For, John B. Lyon, A, J. Wright, Alfred Spink, T. 8. Kirkwood, C. S. Muuaon, Henry Graves, O. J, Adams, Fml, Gaylord, John T. Leator, 11. It. Day, W. C. Hough, L. B. Hodges. John Somes, D. H. Hill, W. F. Tucker, 11. F. Pickett, EdgarWillintnmm, A. S. Gags; . Philip Wadsworth, W. 8. Shepherd, J, C. Simpson, W. It. Loomla, George Sbcrmau, John B.Sherman, Enos Ayers, J. G. Brown, Wash. Ueslug, O. J. BUilr, Charles H. Itoed, E. G. Auay, AT DEXTER PARK, YESTERDAY AFTERNOON, there was a very enjoyable private raco be tween Mr. Tom Foley's black colt Tod Cowles and a bright sorrdl colt belonging to a wealthy banker, residing on Michigan avenue. Thero wore only a few gentlemen present, and those wont out for tho purpose of sending their own roadsters around tho track a few times. Mr. Morse's bay horse Torino, an animal that onco showed time down in tho thirties, trotted with the colts for one boat. After two ineffectual starts, tho three were sent away for tho first heat. Tho banker’s nng broke at tho very com mencement. and, being young and inexperi enced, could not bo got down until tbo others wore far ahead. Tho race between Tod and Ferine down tho back stretch and around tho corner whs a very pretty ono, tho horses being neck aud nock all tho time, and go ing at their best. revise dropped off going around ou tho homo strotch, and consequently Foley’s property won easily by over a length in 2:42%. Tho timo aatoniehod Tom moro than anybody else, as bo imagined the colt's best gait to be 2:50. The re sult of tho first boat, however, proved that tho animal is ono of tho best and most promising of our local trotters. He made tho second boat in 2:44%, and again defeated tbo banker’s horse with ease. The latter made two or throo wild breaks, but still managed to got around in 2:48. Tho third heat was won by Tod by several lengths in 2:42%, which la remarkably good timo for tho third mile for a young and green horse. Tho spectators propbecied a good record for Tod in tho fall, and ho was removed to his stall. He is ono of tho squaroet, most reliable, and witbal most stylish, horse at tho Park to-day, and will undoubtedly hold his own among 2:35 trotters if nothing happens to him. The banker’s horso is a good one, but bo needs moro practice and training. AN IMPCOVEMENT in the arrangements on tho track is the removal of the old Judges' stand from between tho run ning and trotting tracks, which was done yester day afternoon by Mr. Joseph Cairn Simpson, who is making preparations for the coming mooting in a thoroughly and masterly way. The stand has been placed outside of the outer track fence, at the rear of tho saloon, and will ho given over to pool soiling and buying. Kiia is the proper place for tho auctioneers and their patrons. It is close enough to the track, and at tho same time sufficiently far away from whore tho main body of tho spectators will sit to save it from tho execrations of those people who ad mire horse-racing, but never bet on it. The view of the track from all tho stands is now en tirely unobstructed. DBXTEII’s DESTINED IUVAL. Tho HopUiuaviilo (Ky.) Conservative, of tho ICth, has tho following to say about a compara tively unknown horso named Dixie, which has sprung up rather suddenly in that State, and which is looked upon as tho “ coming animal": Borne weeks einco we noticed the Bale by Messrs. Bryuut & Baker of Ibctr trotting boreo Dixie, at SI,OOO cubh. Aa Dixie had been used and known up to that lime only as a saddle-horse, having only been handled by a trainer for about two weeks previously, some sueuied to douul tho correctness of tho statement. By way of showing that Dixie was not over-estimated, wo will state that wo have it from reliable authority that the present owner of Dixie has declined au offer of. SIO,OOO for him, and furthermore declares that $26,000 would ho no Inducement for tho young prodigy. Dixie con already trot his mile in 9 min utes and 25 seconds, end, after thorough training, Dexter may look to his laurels. Dexter’s best time is 2:171/, showing a difference of 71* seconds only; whereas Dexter was well matured, properly and thor oughly trained, white Dixie Is young, unaccustomed to the turf j and has only boon under training for about flvo or six weeks. Dixie has as yet made no race, from tho fact, no doubt, that, should he enter the ring of green and untried horses ut Nashville, ho could win at most only a purse of about $l6O, and thou, having made a record, ho would ho excluded from the "green ring” la the fall races of tho East, where the purses do not stop ot hundreds. ■Whatever Dixie moy bo knowu to have accomplished, he cannot, under tho turf rules, be excluded from tho green ring, or the ring of untried horses, until ho has first made a race, and it has been recorded on the turf register. If wo nre correctly Informed, only twenty horses in the whole country have trotted thoir mile under 2:23, and half of those woro of tholtysdik Hamiltonian family, from which we claim that our Dixie haa de scended ; 1. e., Dixie’s dam was by a Canadian hone raised in Bourbon, and brought by N, E. Mitchlson to Caldwell; Dixie’s grand dam was of tho Philip and Komulns stock, mid llomulus was said to have come from the Hamiltonians. Mr. It. I. Hookes, of this place, owns the dam of Dixie and her two-year old filly, and wo learn from Mr, It. himself that hobos just received a letter from Connecticut requesting a full description of Dixie’s dam ; also to know whether he will part with her, and at whrft figures, *Tia truly wonderful how a Kentucky scrub of only flvo or sis weeks’training could have attained so wide a reputa tion. Yet the celebrated trotter, Bob CBlonnls, who in tho rtrst race that ho ever made, entered against the far-famed Lady Jane Suffolk, at St. Louie, and though ho failed to win the race because of breaking, yet in tho odd heat only in which ho was kept down to bis work he made bettor time than Lady June had ever been able to do 011 that track, and in a subsequent race, two weeks Inter, ho beat her fairly. That horse was bought In this State for sixty dollars only. Other horses have been sold ruceutly in our county for as much os Dixie brought. Messrs. Jessup & Moans shipped two to New York einco the sale of Dixie, for which they got SI,OOO each, Mr. Wm, Brown shipped one at SI,OOO to Texas, and has einco sold others at from S6OO to SI,OOO. Mr, James Parish has declined an offer of $5,000 for his trotting mare, Luclle, from Ba con’s Exchequer. Lucile Is young and thought quite promising, and if she is golnjg to make sny man a t ojp. tun® *° fiddly have It /nil to our Roncrmis frlonu Parish an to any gentleman lu our county, f ' ELSEWHERE, i ' ' UNION cmr, JKD. i Special Dievatch to The Vhieatjo 'Tribunt. Union Ctrl, Tnd,, Juno 10.—Tho interest In to-day's roooß has boon moro than tho moat san guine expected. Onr city is full to-night of strangers from all parts of tho country, and so far tho success of tho Association us assured. Tho first roco to-doy was for horses that never boat 3 minutes, for a purso of $450. SUMMARY. Whalebone 1 1 1 Materia Maid 3 2 3 Lucy Boy 3 0 8 Tlrao—3:3B. Tito noxt was a pacing race, froo to all, for a purso of S4OO. SUMMARY. Oopporbottom Itoonler Tom Billy Hopper., Olpsoy Tom... Gotten Bicker, Time—3:2o This woe ono of tho most oxoUlng raooa of iho season, and large amounts of money changed hands. Tho next was a running dash of 440 yards, re uniting: Bod Rover, Is Moggio Taylor, 3; Billy, 8; Nottio Armstrong, 4. Time, 2:51#. Tho weather promises fair for to-morrow, which will bo tho host part of tho progrorarao. Flint, a doublo-toom trot for a purso of $100: second, a pacing race for horses that novor boat 8 minutes, for a purse of $250: third, a trot froo for all. for a purso of SOOO. Pool-soiling is lively for all tho races. AT PEORIA. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Peoria, XU., Juno 10.—Tho first day of tho spring meeting in this city was very fine, and tho attendance fair. Tho first race, milo and ono-half dash, for a purso of $l6O. froo for all, was won by McKinney's Boxoy, byWostßox bury, dam Flora Menard, by Toxan, boating Reynolds' sorrol filly hr Zero, In 2:53#. Tho second raco, milo and ropoat, for a purso of S2OO, second horse S6O, froo for aU, was won by S. M, Reynolds* bay flUy Venus, by Zero, dam Ada Leonard, by Epsilon, boating Balloy’s Fannio B. and Stiokloy'sLanogan, in 1:48# and Preparations are being mode for a largo at tendance of visitors to-morrow. SPRINGFIELD. Springfield. 111., Juno 19.—Tbo races on thd track of tho Blooded Hofsfc Association yester day afternoon wore both won by Springfield horses. Tho brooders' purse of S7OO, a three quarters of a mile dash, was won by Jones' filly Bangamo, and tho smaller purse by Waddoo’a horse Billy Buff. There was a large number of entries* new tons. New Tonic, Jnno 19.—Tbo attendance at tho Jerome Park to-day was small. Tbo first raco, of 1% milo, for SSOO, was won by John Boulgor j time, 2 minutes. ' The second race of X milo, for SGOO, was won by Joe Daniels; time, 1:44%. Tho last raco, two milo hoats.'for a purse of SI,OOO, was a walk-over for Hubbard. riTTSDunon driving pass backs. Pittsburgh. Juno 19.—At tho third day's meeting of the Pittsburgh Driving Park, tho first raco was for a puree of $1,600, best three in five boats. First Heat—Tho favorite maro Taylor having the load, King William second. Ring William won tbo neat By a hard struggle, amid tho wild est excitement, in 2:80. , Second Heat—King William took tbo lead, and. although bard pushed by White Hawk, won tho beat by a head in 2.85. Third Boat—King William took tho load. On the first quarter White Hawk broke badly, but gained tho boat by a nock's length in 2:88%. Considerable dissatisfaction was manifested at tho judges' decision, as it is claimed that White Hawk galloped half of tho course. Fourth Heat—White Hawk was tbo favorite in tho pools at odds of 80 to 20 against tbo fiold. King William seemed the choice. Tho horses got off together, Whito Hawk breaking badly ou tho first and second quarters. The judges, after consultation) decided this a dead heat be tween King William and Whito Hawk, with Lu cretia Borgia third, Hot Punch fourth, Mary Taylor fifth; Time, 2:40. . Fifth Heat—Luorotia Borgia took tho load, King William second. Whito Hawk gained rap idly on tho third quarter, and won tho heat by three lengths. Time—2:44. Sixth Heat —Only two horses started—'White Hawk and King William ; Whito Hawk loading and winning tho heat and race in 2:15%. 'Whito Hawk, King William. Mary Taylor. LucreUa Borgia. Hot Punch. Timo—2:3o; 2:33; 2:3B*£; 2:40; 2:44; 2:45tf. Pacing race for SSOO. Four horses started, namely, Harry, Hunkidori, Nancy, and Dave. Harry was tho favorite, and won tho raco in throo straight heats. Time—2:B3 ; 2:83 ; 2:27%. JACKSON, Midi. Detroit, June 18.— Tho third day of tho Jock son races roao quite hot, but clouds and a fino breeze kept the temperature comfortably down. Tbo attendance was much larger than on yester day. Tbo two raoos passed off in good sbapo, although presenting no special features of In terest. In tho 2:40 race pools sold: Frank Palmer, $10 ; Vaughn, $4. Six horses started, Bay Dan being withdrawn. Tho dash was closely contested between Nyck aud Vaughn, tho former winning taking the first purse, S7OO ; second purse, S4OO, by Vaughn, named by F. F. Wanmakor, Chi cago ; third purse, S2OO, by Lady Fauootfc, named by T. F. Boach, Cincinnati; fourth purse, $l5O, by Bob Huntor, named by Bob Hunter, Torro Haute, lud. a 14 11 Vaughn, br. g 1 3 14 3 Lady Faucett, br,mare. ......3 <639 Bob Hunter, b. g 4 4 3 9 6 Maggie Casey, bl. m 6 6 6 6 4 Prank Palmer, r, g 6 9 9 dr Tlmo—2:36#; 2:29#; 9:39; 2:41; 2:40#. Seven hones started. In tho 2:80 race Logan won in three straight heats, without serious di£Qoulty. The pools sold oven on Logan and the Held. Logau, named by P. Winneman, Joliet, takes the first purse, 3760; Hilly Caldwell, named by L. Y. Caldwell. Cin cinnati, takes the second, S4OO : Lady Lightfoot, named by Samuel Reynolds, Pirropont Manor, N. Y., third, $200; Hattie, named by T. P. Roach, Cincinnati, fourth, $l6O. Logan, o. h 1 1 1 MHly Caldwell, b, m 9 '3 9 Lady Lightfoot, b. Mr 4 9 8 Hattie, o. m 3 6 6 Hope, s. g 6 4 4 Edgar, blackg..... 6 6dr Lottlo, br.m diet. Time,- 2:33,2:3f1#, 2:34#. ( Somo beautiful work was done iu this race, es pecially in the second heat, Nearly $16,000 in pools sold on these two races. To-morrow is freoforall. Byron and Pilot Temple will start, Mohawk, Jr., being withdrawn. Also, a $260 race with Emma, James H., Lady Ida, Hough and Ready, Albert, Dan Brown, Ada P. George, Barney, Bay Dan, Joe Udell, Henry Todd, Mattie Sturgeon, JJnt Brower, and Billy Sanderson. Tho pools aro 10 to 4on Pilot Tem ple aud Byron, and in the $250 race, Udell 10, Todd, 5, Field, 8. Prospects of a storm to-mor row. WAPAKONETA, OHIO. *• WArAKONErA, 0., Juno 10. —Tho Wapakonota Driving Pork Association Inaugurated their races yesterday afternoon. Dolly Yardon won the trotting purse for horses that never boat throe minutes. Time, 8:06, 8:03, and 8:03. The running race was won by Oaptain Jack in 1:20, •1:21, ajid 1:22. Tho track is a short haif-mlio, but Is In excellent condition. AQUATICS. THE INTEENATIONAIi AMATEUB UAOBS b&vo produced a result not surprising to those who havo criticised even at a distance the pecu liarities of our American aquatics. The com plete defeat of the Harvard foor-oarod crow, by tho strong team of Oxford, followed by tho over whelming triumph of tho Loudon Rowing Olub over tho ambitious Atlanta boys, has led thought ful amateurs to on investigation of the various methods obtaining among University oarsmen in England. The consequence of this is a determi nation on tho port of the rowing-men of Yolo to adopt an alien stroke, and endeavor by this means to recover tho ground they have lost in thoir contests with Harvard. Wo append the fol lowing correspondence to tho Now York Tribune , which is worthy of Investigation by lovers of rowing t Nkw Haven, Jane 14.— -The groat Interest taken by all boating men In tho usual preparation# far tho col lege regatta is augmented thin year by tho fact that Yale is about to try the experiment of the English stroke. It was felt that there would he groat risk iu attempting a change so radical; but Yale’s iU-succesa for several years aeexned to Indicate something wrong In her system of rowing. Capt, Cook has spent part of the last year at Oxford and Cambridge, ami is now trying to introduce a stroke similar to that used la those universities. I shall endeavor to give some notion of this system, new at least to üb. Ilfs la every respect Just opposite to that rowed by Yale In last year’s regatta. The general principle Is, fast through the water and slow recover. The reach is moderate; the water U taken very deliberately, aa aa to avoid spanking or clipping, end tho oar Is then surged through on the stroke with tho whole strength of the man, Tho logs have to Uko a Tory Important part. In tho beginning of tho stroke tho/ aro drawn up with tho knooo apart, allowing tho body, which la kept perfectly straight, to He between thorn, Tho wclgul Is put into tho oar by first throwing tho body bock and then straightening tho logs, thus moving tho sliding seats about throe Inchon. Tho arms aro not used at all except In tho recover. Tho feather la mado by dropping tho wrists, with tho elbows closo to tho side, and tho hands shoot forward rapidly on tho recover, and .got over thokneoa before the body begins to come forward. Tho men alt low In tho boat so as to do the work as nearly horizontal with tho shoulders as possible, and moke tho boat move steadily on hor keel. This stroke has ono peculiarity which, 1 believe, is condemned by American oarsmen. Tho hands aro held elx or eight Inches apart. By this It Is claimed that what la lost in leverage by removing tho Inside hand toward tho hlado is gained by tho power being applied In a diroot lino with tho boat, bostdo allowing the chost and lungs more freedom. Of tho stroke In general, any Judgment now hoforo It Is trlod la more speculation. But cortaln results aro already noticeable. Tho atroko proves easy on the wind, hut It tells first on the musotcß. Its effectiveness has boon well toatod in England on a long race. Whether enough speed can ho put into It for a three-mile course remains to bo shown. ...111 ...8 3 3 3 3 8 A 4 4 6 6 5 Tho crow now pulls from 34 to 40 per minute; but tho stroke Is evidently a difficult ono to catch. There Is no regular swing of tho body book and forth, rond oring tho tlmo marked and easy, (ho movomont bring quick back and slow forward, compelling tho oarsman to mako a distinction In his motions with every stroke. Tho novel difficulties of this stroke, coupled with thrir confirmed habits In other stylos, mako tho University crow rathor slow In getting into form. The last paragraph is oitbor a savage criticism upon the attempt of tho Yale oarsmen to accus tom thomsolvos to tho 11 Oxford stroke," or olso it displays tho correspondent's ignorance of tho subject. If it is true that, in tho rowing of tho trial crow; “there is no regular swing of tho body book and forth," oto., thou tho. Yale oars men have yet to loam ono of tho fundamental principles of scientific rowing. BASE BALL. A FIBBT-OLABB AMATEUR CLUB is needed in this city, and aU who aro in favor of organizing such an ono aro requested to moot at No. 164 South Calstod street at 8 o'clock this evening. The Mutual Club, which can point to local reputation only, defeated tho Bantams, yester day, in a stem contest, by 16 to 8, which isn’t a bad score for little fellows. W. T. Hall, of No. 454 Michigan avenuo, who is iho Secretary of tho Mutuals, would like to hoar from aU clubs composed of bqvs under 14. Baltimore, Juno 19.—Baso BoU—Baltlmoros, 10; Atlautics, 2. THE TRIGGER. A riOEON TOURNAMENT, to bo governed by the Eonnloott Olub rules, will bo shot at tho Bololt Driving Park, Beloit, Wls., on tho Ist, 2d, Bd, and 4th of July. Prizes amounting to SI,OOO are offered. Tho entrance foe is $lO. birds extra. Tho tournament is open to all. and it is to bo presumed that tho profes sional sharks who are constantly rushing around tbo country “ takingln ” unsuspecting amateurs, will capture all tho prizes worth having. Tho honest people of Beloit, and tho honest people of other places who will bo in Beloit during the holiday week, had bettor keep a sharp oyo k on those fellows. Beloit, Wia., Jnno 19.—A four days* pigeon shooting tournament, open to all, has boon ar ranged to take place at tbo Driving Park at this city, beginning July 1. The Fourth will bo the big day. NEW YORK. Customs Frandi««Clionp Transporta* lion—Colored IflCon Want Places on tho Police Force—mail matter llurn> cd—miscellaneous* Special Dispatch to The CMeano Tribune, New Tonic, Juno 19. —James Stephens loft on yesterday's steamer to tako charge of tho Irish Bepublioan Brotherhood in Ireland. [TO the Associated J^ress.} New York, Juno 10.— Tho customs authorities aro making au investigation into an attempt to dofraud tho revonuo by what is characterized os a "heavy and hitherto respectable mercantile house." It seems that tho house which is in volved imported from Huddersfield, England, twelve largo cases of fine Mexican shawls and shipped them to Mexico. Seven of these wore roshippod to this port and invoiced from Moxlco at $2.60 a shawl. Examination showed tho in voice valuo of the shawls at Huddersfield to bo 106 shillings sterling, or about a thousand per cent more. Tho goods aro now in tbo seizure room of tho Custom House. .32111 .112 2 2 An adjourned mooting of tho buslrioea mon who aro interested in a solution of tho railroad transportation problem was hold yesterday, and a permanent organization was effected by tho clootiou of William Duryoa, Chairman, and S. 13. Thurbor, Secretary. The organization is do* signed to bo an active and influential auxiliary to the American Cheap Transportation Associa tion, organized by tho Produce Convention, held in the Astor House in May. In their address, issued, the promoters of tho organization favor tho construction of a double-track road, ex* cluslvely for freight, to bo owned but not operated by tho Government, by moans of which goods can be laid down in Chicago, Cincinnati,or St. Louis, from New York, in about throo days, whereas it now takes ton. Tho ad dress also says that it is not intended that this movement shall bo a political one any further than the present monopolies compel it to bo. Tho Postmaster at Batavia, N. Y., has in formed the Postmaster of this city that tho mail matter which ieft this city at 8:80 o'clock on Tuesday morning, by tho Now York Central & Hudson Biver Railroad, was nearly all burned boforo it reached that placo. Tho matter was nearly all Intended for delivery in the Western States, and included, besides tho Now York mail, forty-eight sacks of papers and eighteen pouches of letters, the large Eaetdm mail received at Al bany. An investigation has been ordered. Qor. Dix has signed tho New York Industrial Exhibition bill. .2 3 4 6 6 .4 4 3 3 3 .6 6 4 Tho polico, last night, arrested William Lam bert, a curb-stone broker, at Reservoir Square, charged with attempting to negotiate, bonds stolen from Eetchanrs banking house, Toledo, Ohio. Ouo of tho stolon bonds for SI,OOO. No. 81, was found on his person. On tho 6th of April; last, bonds of $21,000 altogether woro stolon. Lambert has been arrested before. Tboro was groat oxcitomont at tho polico headquarters owing to a report that tho Com missioners woro about to appoint twenty five colored mon on tho police force as patrol men. Commissioner Russell says. ho supposes tho minor arose from a resolution yesterday to appoint twenty-five colored mon street sweep ers, but if tho motion Is modo to appoint colored patrolmen, ho will support it, as the question of equality is settled and colored mon should have their rights. . Tho Attorney-General has decided that tho res ignation of Surveyor Cornell took effect on tho 81st of January last, and not on tho day of the appointment of his successor. This decision is believed to deprive Cornell of bis share of tho moioUcs from tho famous Phelps-Dodge case, amounting to $22,000. Tho Coroner’s jury to-day fonnd Edward Kirt laud guilty of killing Patrick Duffy, by stabbing, on Sunday night, oudKirtioud was sentenced to the Tombs. Gen. Horatio O. Stevens was buried to-day. Ho commanded the fort at Oastlo Garden in 1813. The Order of tbo Cincinnati attended the fu neral. Ho was tho first militia General la this State, la tbo Supremo Court, to-dar, W. SI. Nowmao recovered $39,090, gold, of George Goddard, tbo lattor being charged with driving tbo former from his storo in Arkansas in 18G1. The heat to-day was excessive, tbo mercury being 91 ° in tho shade. There were a number of sunstrokes. Among the speakers at tho National Division Sons of Temperance, to-day, was Mrs. DoGoor, of Illinois. Gold Discoveries In Wyoming* Laiiamib City, Wy., Juno 10.— Considerable Interest and oxoitomont prevails hero over the recent discovery of rich and extensive placer gold mines about tbo head waters of the Dig Laramie Diver and its tributaries. Experienced and reliable men wiio have boon prospecting in that region, report that there are forty or fifty miles of gulches which will pay $lO per day to tho man. Several parties are leaving hero for those mines to com mence work. It is some thirty-five or forty miles from this city. Somnambulistic murder* San Francisco, Juno 10.—A terrible tragedy took place near Santa Dosa,) on tho line of tho Northern Pooifle Dailroad. Charles Hoefuer and Valentino Scbolnor wore sleeping together in their store. Hoefuer dreamed that a man was robbing tho storo, and fired at Sohoinor and killed him. Hoofnor was dismissed on tho groond that it was porfooty ac cidental. Tho moo wore on perfectly friendly terms. Ocean Steamship Newt* Liverpool, Juno 10.—Tho steamers India, City of Limerlok, and City of Now York have arrived out. New York, June 19.—Arrived Steamship Cambria, from Bremen. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE; FRIDAY, JUNE 20. 1873. WASHINGTdjSI. £ Moicby’s Political Programme as Told By llimsoir. Another Eeport .Concerning Van En ron’s Irregularities. Postal Card Treaty Negotiations With Canada. Special Diepateh to The Chicago Tribune, PRESIDENT AND CABINET. Washington, D. 0., Judo 10.—The President, accompanied by hia Private Secretary, Qon. Bab cock, arrived hero this morning. There was no formal Oabinet mooting, though all the heads of Departments wore in consultation with the President, every member of the Oabinet being in Washington. Tho President will leave for Long Branch to-morrow evening. Tho Cabinet officers called at different times during tho day and transacted mainly routine business of their respective offices. Mr. Boboson road to tho President hia report on the Polaris investiga tion, THE SU-ELUZ PREACHER ELBOLL. • Persons ignorant of tho facts declare that the pardon of tho South Carolina Ku-Klaz preacher Elsoll was procured on tho ground that ho was not a regular member of tho order, but Joined it for tho purpose of induoingtbo leaders to aban don their criminal ways. The truth is, Elsoll was an exceedingly dangerous man, and, clothed with the Influonoo of hia aaorod oaluog, aid more than any one man In the State to keep tho Ku- Klux together. Now that ho Is released from Federal power, it is probable that bo will be tried by the State authorities for embezzling Sunday-school funds. OOL. MOSEDV has again boon Interviewed, and Is represented as having said that ho desires to win tho Con servatives of Virginia over to tho • Administra tion ; that Gen. Grant ogress with his (Moso by’e) policy, though the Radicals are opposed to it; that Grant is the ablest man in America: that ho will stump tho State for Grant’s third term ; that ho will take no part in tho ensuing Gubernatorial eleotion ; favors ox-Gov. Wise or Mr. Lyons, and so does Grant, and that ho (Mosoby) is an Administration Conservative, and is eternally opposed to carpet-baggers ana plunderers. DEPARTMENT OP JUSTICE. Tho act of Congress establishing the Deport ment of Justice mokes it the duty of the Attor ney-General to report annually to Congress tbo business of bis department, including statistics of crime arising under tho laws of tho several States. To enable him to do so, he has sent to tho Wardens of the several State and oouhty prisons andFonitentiarios throughout tho nation tabular blanks, to bo Mod out and returned hero, showing the number of inmates on the Ist of January last, their nativities, terms of sen tence, nature of crime, etc. VAN BtJREN’a CASE. The Secretary of State has received a second report of the Commission appointed to investi gate tho conduct of Gen. Van Buren os United States Commissioner to the Vienna Exposition, which is understood to contain evidence con firmatory of tbo misconduct already reported, and also additional revelations of a disgraceful character. A FATAL CASE OF CHOLERA Is reported from Georgetown, in this District, the victim being a lady. BEORETART RICHARDSON. Tho Secretary of the Treasury ia authority for the statement that ho has no intention of re signing ; that ho has not boon offered, nor would no accept, any. position at tho head of a foreign banking house, os has been published. Judge lUohardson was appointed Secretary of the Treasury with tho understanding that ho was to remain, oxcopt somo serious difference of opinion should arise between himself and tno President. So far, they are in porfoot accord on all matters pertaining to tho financial policy of the Government. Tno stories about Secretary Bichardson’s resignation have all had their origin in Wall street, and it is behoved they wore started for speculative purposes. [To the AssociatedPres*.] CANADIAN POSTAL THEATV. Washington, Juuo 10. —Tbo Poatraaater-Gon .eral to-day signed additional articles to the pres ent postal treaty with Canada, providing for an interchange of postal cards of the United States and the Dominion, at the prepaid rate of two oonts in fall to its destination in either country, tho prepayment to bo effected by affixing to tho card on ordinary one cent postage stamp. Postal cords not so additionally prepaid are not to be forwarded. Correspondence nas boon la progress with the Canadian authorities for some time on this subject, and it is known that those additional articles will be nromptly*signed on the port of the Dominion. If thus concluded, the arrangement will go into effect on July 1. postmasters. The President to-day appointed the following Postmasters: Wm. H. Mann, Oilman, m.; Emory Qrogg, Foirbury, HI.: Thos. Moore, Me tropolis City, HI.; Goo. K. Kimball, Golden City, Col. The President appointed as Internal Bovenuo Collectors Josiah Andrews for the Second Dis trict of Michigan, and Adam Nast for the Third District of Ulnois; also William B.Defroos.of Now Mexico, agent for the Indians of Magnols Pue blo Agonoy. POSTAL CARDS. The Postmaster-General to-day determined to issue an order directing that all postal cards which cannot bo delivered to the person addres sed shall bo immediately returned to tho writer without charge. ENVELOPE OONTDAOT. 1 Tho Acting Third Assistant Postmaster- General to-day awarded the contract for supply ing the Post-Office with registered package en velopes during the next fiscal year to Geo. F. Nesbitt & Co., Now York City, they being the lowest bidders. TOE JUNIATA CRUISE. Commander Braine, of the Juniata, Is here for tho purpose of receiving final and additional instructions concerning the cruise,of tho Juniata. On his return trip Commander Braine will make soundings along the coast of Newfoundland. TUB MEXICAN PAID. Information has been received at the War De partment that the Legislature of Texas has commended Col. Mackenzie's late pursuit and chastisement of tho Kickapoo Indians. There is a decrease in tho customs receipts and an in crease in cattle stealing reported by Treasury Agent Abbott at El Paso Del Norte. REVENUE SEIZURES. Collectors of Customs and of Internal Revenue have been instructed, by circular, to report to tho United States Attorneys the foots in all seizures within ton days after the seizure is mode. TUB PRESIDENT, accompanied by Gen. Babcock, arrived here early this morning, end will return to Long Branch by Friday night's train. It is not sup posed that there wul be any formal Cabinet mooting in tho meantime, although tho heads of tho Departments will call on him for the trans action of business of a routine character. . THE BORDER COMMISSIONERS. Among the early oallers, tUla forenoon, wore Mosers, Robb, Savage, and Osborn, the Commie* ' sion appointed to inquire into the outrages and depredations on the Rio Grande. Although this visit was mainly one of . courtesy, there was . some . incidental , conver sation relative to the results of the inquiry. The President expressed his satis faction with the labors of the Commission, and remarked that ha would do all in his power to afford the required relief to those who had so severely suffered by the raids. NEW CONSULS. It was stated several days ago that there would bo about twenty changes m Consulates, for the benefit of tho President's Southern po litical friends. Several such changes have al ready boon made, tho latest being the appoint ment of Henry Ray Myers, of Alabama, Consul at Hamilton, Ont., in place of Blake, suspended. SECRETARY DELUNAP. Tho Secretary of War has returned. won’t be given up. Tho Secretary of War telegraphed Gen. Sheridan that the Government decides not to return tho Kickapoou captured by Gen. McKenzie. valuable appointment. New York, Juno 20. —A Washington special states that George P. Bangor was to-day ap pointed United States District Attorney for Massachusetts. Itallrood Accidents* Bloomington, June 10.—Last evening a pas senger-train, bound north on the Illinois Central Railroad, ran into on Indianapolis, Bloomington Sc Western freight train at the crossing of these linos near this city. The engine of the Central train vm doraolUued sod several mts of gyaln wore badly mriashfcd. It is olaimod tliai tho In dianapolis, Bloomington Js'Western train did not stop at the crossing.' Bt. Lome, Juno 19.—While a train, with two engines attached, belonging to the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Hallway, and a train, with ono engine, belonging to the Bt. Lonlu, Kansas City & Northern Hood, wore running as ono train on the Hannibal A St. Joseph Bead, a few miles from Kansas City, on Saturday last, they collided with a train going west, and the four locomotives were almost entirely ruinod. Several stock ears wore smashed. The tout engineers wore more or loss injured, ono of them, named Snyder, it is thought, fatally. The loss in engines and oars is about $75,000. WEATHER AND WATER. War Department Weather Deport. LOCAL OBSERVATION. ♦ OnioAao, Juno 10,1079. Hour of J3ar- Ther * cheertaHon, ometer, . mometcr, 6:53 p.m 39.83 78 73 11:18 a. m 30.77 80 61 S:oop.m 80.74 00 60 3:68 p.m 30.74 00 70 0:00 p.m 30.87 78 80 10:18 p.m 30.80 73 40 other exports. OnioAoo, Juno 10—10:18 p. m. Tho following reports have boon received from the placqs mentioned below: ' Station, Bar, TArl Wind, Weather, Breckinridge..., 30.80 68117. W,, gentle. Clear. Buffalo 30.68 . 71|W V brisk. Thrcafßing Cairo 30.00 77 8. W., gentle. Clear. Cheyenne 30.17 08 B. E., fresh. Fair. Chicago 30.80 73 N. W., gentle. Clear. Cincinnati 30.80 80 8, W., froah. Clear. Cleveland 30.70 80 8., brisk. Clear. Davenport....... 30.03 77!n. W.,light. Clear. Denver 30.03 78 N. W.,light. Cloudy. Detroit 20.68 81 N. W./frceh. Cloudy. Dnluth 30.80 68 8. W. f gentle. Clear. Keokuk 30.00 76 N., froeb. Cloudy. La Cr055e....... 20.04 70 W., freeh. Clear. Milwaukee 20.84 70 N. W., froeh. Clear. Omaha 39.00 71 Calm. Clear. St, Paul 20.87 60 W., gentle. Clear. Toledo 30.08 83 8. W., brisk. Cloudy. PROBABILITIES, ■Washington, Juno 19.—For tbo Southern States east of tho Mississippi, on Friday, light to fresh winds, mostly from the southwest and northwest, and very generally olear or partly cloudy weather oro probable. From tbo Ohio Volley and Missouri to Ui6 Upper Lakes and Minnesota. Very generally oloa? and somewhat cooler weather ami winds diminishing to gontlo and fresh from tbo north and west. For the Middle States and Lower Lake Re gion. during Friday, verv generally dear weather and gontlo to fresh and occasionally brisk winds from tho west and northwest, with lower temperature over tho latter. For Now England, occasional rain areas over the north western portion to-night, bat on Friday, clear or partly cloudy weather, with winds veering to fresh and occasional brisk southwesterly and northwesterly. STAGE OP WATER. Dally report of tbo stage of water, with changes in the twenty four hours ending 8 p. m., Juno 19, 1878: ABOVE LOW CUA??gE9 - WATER. nU( ' FaUt Cairo 37 ft, II In 7777777777 Cincinnati.. 8 ft. 11 In. 0 In. Davenport 11 ft. 10 in. 3 In. Fort Benton 8 ft. 4 In. 3in Kookuk 12 ft. S In. 1 In Leavenworth ft. 3 in. 1 in Louisville 6 ft. .. in 2 in. Marietta 4 ft. 4 in.; 11 In Memphis 22 ft, 6 In.' 1 In. Nashville 11 ft. .. in., 0 In •Now Orleans 2 ft. 8 In Sin. Omaha 13 ft. 0 in 3 in. Pittsburgh....'.... 3 ft. 2in 4 in. Bhrovcport 27 ft. 0 in Bt. Louis 23 ft. 11 In 6 in. Bt. Paul 12 ft. 0 In 2 in. Vicksburg 36 ft. .. in 6 in. Yankton 13 ft. 0 in •Below high water mark of 1871. W. S. Kaufman, Observer, Major Block, Chicago. SPRINGFIELD, Raid on the Gamblcrs««Xncorporatod ■■Tho Rinderpest* Special Dispatch to The Chicapo Tribune. Spbinopield, 111., Juno 19.—8y order of the Mayor, a raid was made on a gambhng-bouso last night, and about twonty-llvo knights of tho groon cloth captured, together with their imple ments of warfare. The authorities intend to fohow up this assault, until overy gambling house in tho city is broken up. The American Bureau of Minos, of Chicago, capital $500,000 ; tho Briggs Bros. Bolt and Nut Machine Company, of Chicago, capital $500,000; and tho Mulligan Monument Association, Chi cago. have to-day rocoivod certificates of incor poration from tho Secretary of Stato. A groat many horses and cows are dying boro with a disease which presents somo of tbo symptoms of tbo epizootic. POLITICAL. Idaine Republican State Convention— , Tlio Salary-Grab and Other Frauds Denounced* Bangor, Me., June ID.—The Republican State Convention mot hero to-day, Eugene Halo presiding. The usual committees wore appoint ed, and the Convention balloted for Governor. The following is tho result: Whole number of votes 1,203 Nelson Dlngloy, Jr. James hi. Stone.... Edward Kent, Scattering Nelson Dingle, Jr., was declared nominated. Tbo resolutions protest against granting tho pablio lands to canals and railroads; denounce all Credit Mobilior transactions and tbo salary grab, and demand tbo repeal of tho law by which the book-pay was obtained. DESPERADOES. A Guns’ of Eighty Betrayed byOnoof Their Number* Cincinnati, June ID.—A special to tho J?n- ? Hirer reports the arrest at Owonsvillo, Ky., yea arday, or an outlaw named Hogan, who has con fessed tho names of eighty members of a largo bond of desperadoes of which ho has boon a member. Ho says this lino of robbers and thieves extends from Pendleton County through Kentucky and Virginia into North Carolina. A man named Satterfield was arrested at Owens vlllo, on his own information, charged with setting that place on lire. Railroad Nows. Special Ditpatch to The Chicago Tribune, Washington, Juno 19.—A dispatch from Har risonburg, Ya., says : At an election hold there yesterday tho town subscribed an additional $25,000 to the Washington, Cincinnati & St. Lotus B&llroad, bettor Known as tbo narrow gauge. If completed it will form tho connecting fink between 18,000 miles of narrow gauge roads in the Valley of the Mississippi and the Atlantic. New Yobs, Jane 10.—The mooting of tho Di rectors of the Chicago Vk Northwestern Railway Company took place to-day. Tbo resignation of John F. Tracy as President was accepted, and Albert Keep, of Chicago, was elected to that po sition. M. L. Sykes was elected Vice-President and Secretary and Treasurer, to take effect July 1. Mr. 6. O. Howe was chosen Assistant Secre tary and Treasurer, in place of 0. R. Marvin, re signed. The question of a dividend was not reached, bat tho Directors meet again to-mor row, when probably some action will bo taken in the matter. : New Yore, Juno ID.—lt is reported that, at the forthcoming election of the Erie Railroad :Oorapany, Alexander. 8.. Divon, John Taylor 'Johnston, and Homer Rarasdoll will retire from ; the Directory, and that President Devoreaux, of ‘ the Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati it Indian apolis Railroad will bo chosen Vice-President. Mr. MoHonry, one of the principal Directors of Erie in London, is expected in Now York this month, among other things to arrange certain matters relative to tho Erio and Atlantic <t Groat Western Railways. Telegraphic Brevities* The Connecticut Senate yesterday passed tho Usury law, fixing tho rate of interest at 7 per cent. No preparations are being made to celebrate the 4tu of July iu Peoria, aud no public demon stration will take place. Tho schooner Gilson Carman was lost off tho coast of Brazil, May 20. She was from Now London, an her way to Ban Pronolsoo. Albert B. Williams, tho soldier indicted for murder at Port Mogara. and in Jail for two years, pleaded guilty of manslaughter, and was yester day sentenced to tho Albany'.PeuUeutiary for one year, and to pay a fine of SSOO. Gov. Bovorldgo, Auditor Llppinoott, Secretary of Btato Harlan, Col. Mooombo aud others of the United -States Engineer Corps, wore at Peoria yesterday, inspecting tho mouth of Copperas Creek, for the purpose of viewing tho site pro posed for the now dam. Tho Govern- monk boa agreed to spend SBO,OOO on tbo enter prise. Tbo liabilities of tbo firm of B, It. Mo01oan& 00., bankers, of Pittsburgh, which suspended a. day or two'ago, cannot ns yet bo fully ascertain** od. It is alleged that tbo depositors* accounts will roach SOO,OOO, the reat being divided among bonks and Tbo assets are considerably in excess of the liabilities, and it is thought an amicable settlement will bo made at an early day. MADISON. Commencement Exorolaoaat the State University—Tho Catholic Total Al>« ■llnonco Union* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Madison, Wa,, Jane 19. —Tbo annual com* monoomont of tbo Stato University compared favorably to-day, with any previous ono, though tbo number of graduates was somewhat smaller than last year, being forty-seven in all, of whom twonty-flvo wore from tbo law school, fourteen from the scientific school, seven from tbo classi cal college, and throe from tbo school of en gineering. Several woro from adjoining States; ono from Joddo. The finest ofTortof tho day was the first honor oration of J, W, Basbford, of Fayette, on “Do yolopmont by Synthesis," combining the ele ments, material, mental and spiritual, with bond, and bead, and heart work to produce tbo highest results. F. W. Coon warmly advocated co-operation as a defense against monopolies. O. S. Maxonj of Washington County, gave warning of a political revolution unless co-opera tion and men in high places gave over endeavor ing to use tbo people and Government for their agrandizomont. 11. N, Hewitt, of Dolafiold, regarded tbo ele vation of tbo laborer as best attainable by bis education, ond by employers forming co-opera tive associations with them, and allowing them a sharo in tbo profits. James How, of Madison, scathingly condemned tho corruption'of tho day, and suggested a basis of reform in cultivating stornor honesty among tbopooplo and holding public Borvontato stricter account. Other graduates bad theories of loss public interest. The dogroo of Lli. D. waa oonforrod on Gov. 0. 0. Washburn and E. G, Ryan, of Milwaukee; A great merit of the graduating exorcises was their brevity, all, including sixteen orations, oc cupying little over two hours. The Alumni address by George W, Bird, last night, on “ Tacts," waa largely illustrated by selections from history, and was a creditable ef fort. The poem by Georgo D. Oline waa rather a lame effort. < Tho Alumni this afternoon elected Col. W. F. Vilas, of this city, President. It was resolved to colobrato tho twenty-fifth anniversary of tho opening of tho University next February. The Catholic Total Abstinence Union last evening elected tho Rev. Father Willard, of Fond du Loo, President, and had a stirring meeting, with numerous, strong speeches. Articles of association of tho Wisconsin Rail way Company woro filed at the office of tho Secretary of State to-day. ACCIDENTALLY SHOT. At half-past 8 o'clock, a little girl named Mag gie Collins was accidentally shot over the loft eye by a musket in tho bauds of a man named Frank Bailey. Tho accident happened at No. 884 Fourth street. Dr. 0. J, Lewis extracted the ball, which did not break tho bone. Tho wound is not dangerous. Bailey was locked up at the Union Park Station. Northwestern Saongorfcst* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Dubuque, lowa, Juno 19.—Strangers in at tendauco on tho Saougerfost are already arriv ing, and to-night tho streets are crowded with animated throngs. A number of arches are be ing stretched across Main aud lowa streets aud Ooulon avenue, while stores and private resi dences in many portions of the city are decorat ed with flags, festoons, evergreens, and leaves, Giving to tho city a decided gala-day appearance, ho first formal concert and reception will bo hold at tho Congregational Church to-morrow night, when Mayor Poasloo will tender tho sing ing societies the hospitalities of the city. Tho Saturday and Sunday concerts will be given at the now Round-House of the Chicago, Dubuque & Minnesota Railroad Company, which has boon put in order for tho occasion, and handsomolydocoratod with flowers, festoons, and wreathe of every description, whilo in tho body of tho building seats are placed for 10,000 visitors. Most of the societies and delegations will arrive to-morrow. Tho Milwaukee Musical Society, under the leadership of Prof. Von Gum port, while on route to Dubuque, entertained the citizens of Freeport with a grand concert at tho Opera-House, which was patronized by a largo and approolatvo audience. A Wedding- Tour on tho Erie Canal. A young man. residing at Castloton oloped with a grass widow recently. Arriving at Al bany the bridegroom fell snort of funds; but this mishap was remedied, however, by a gener ous-hearted canal-boat captain, to whom they hod related their misfortunes, and the nuptial knot was duly tied, after which they shipped with the gallant captain, tho bride as cook and the bridegroom os driver, for a trip to Buffalo. When a short distance from Albany, the captain declared tho bridegroom to bo utterly incom fiotont for tho position of driver, and accordingly anded him on tho tow-path, and loft him with out money and without friends. Tho bride was informed that sho could accompany him if she desired, but sho elected to remain with tho bravo captain, and tho honeymoon was promptly ended. St. JLoiils Failures. Bt. Louis, June 19,—Tho following provision dealers faded hero yesterday: Harris 4, Thomas, liabilities, $326,000; Guthrie 4 Co,, liabilities, $250,000 : Cheatham, Dranghan 4 Co., liabili ties, $376,000. Tho aggregate amount of meat on hand and bought for future, for which those firms are liable, is 0,000,000 pounds of moat and 20,000 barrels of pork. Tho Indebtedness of tho firms is boro, Now Orleans, Cincinnati, Louis ville, and Chicago. Serious Charge Against a Clergyman. Wheeling, W. Va,, Juno 19.—Tho Rev. Mr. Lampo, of this city, pastor of tho Second Church, and a teacher of Gorman in tho public school, was arrested yesterday for an attempted rape on a young girl 12 years of ago, ouo of bis scholars. Ho doniod the chargo and gavo bail for hia appearance. Parties cognizant are about equally divided as to bis guilt or in nocence. Obituary. SjieeiatDitpatch to The Chicago Tribune, LaSalle, 111., Juno 19.—Dr. 5?. J. Corcoran, who has boon a prominent physician of this city for nearly sixteen years, and one of tho most enterprising of our citizens, died to-day, after a brief illness. Ho was distinguished for his pro fessional benevolence, and his loss will bo mourned by tho sick poor,. Tlio Californio. Wliont Crop* ' San Fbancisco, Juno 10.— Latest compiled ro turua of tho wheat crop show an estimated yield of over 13,000,000 centals. The surplus for ex port mil doubtless be fully as largo as that of last year. ■ ■ Tito Cholera* Nashville, Tonn,, Juno 19.—Deaths from cholera during tbo day. twenty negroes and four whites. Tbo weather is considered much more favorable to-day than on Wednesday. - lluffalo lilvo-Stoclc market* Buffalo, Juno 19.— Cattle— Receipts to-day, in cluding CO cars reported to arrive, 2,018 ; total for the week, 10,389. Market slow for the want of stock, ami little doing. All heavy cattlo wore disposed of, and the light stock woa bought at about yesterday's 'prices. Six hundred were disposed of. Bales: 00 Illinois sloe re, 1,04010 1,306 lbs, $5.0036.37)4; 117 . Michigan stcCrs, 1,000 to 1,050 lbs, $5.00@6.60; 23 Michigan stackers, 803 lbs, $4.00; 163 Cherokee steers, 004 to 1,145 lbs, $4.C2>4®6.60 j 10 Indiana steers, 1,240 Itn, $5.75 ; 20 Ohio steers, 1,000 lbs, $5.60. Sheep and Lamps— lleooipta to-day, 8,800; total for tho week, 10,000. Markot flat and heavy, and and )4o off yesterday’s prices, buyers holding off, Most of the sates wero mode yesterday afternoon, before un favorable advices from East were made known. Tbo bulk of arrivals go East lu first hands. Tho fiist sale of Canada lambs and sheep: for this season was made to-day at $9.00 for the former,- and $5.00 for tho latter. Western clipped ahoop rule $4.0035.37)4: Western woolcd, $0.00(90.60; sales, 1,900. Ohio clipped sheep, 70 to 99 lbs; $4.6035.03)4 : 210 Illinois sheep, 90 lbs, $5.00; 234 In diana do, 87 lbs, $4.02)4; 108 Canaan lambs, 69 lbs, $9.09; 40 Canada sheep, 125 lbs, $5.00 ; 8 Canada bucks, 132 lbs, $7.00 Ilona—Uecolpts to-day, Including reported arrivals, 3.000; total for the week, 11,600, Market dull ami a shade weaker, but fow lo.vla offering. Most of tho ar rivals aro through consignments. Bales ; 634 Illinois hogs, 204 to 227 lbs, $5.0039.20, Allmuy liivo«8(ock JllarkoL Aloant. June 19.—Cattle— Tho supply promises to exceed that of lust week. Tho markot opens dull, not enough sales effected to establish quotations. Tho fow sales made show a decline of );o. Miloh Cows—Wore lu demand, and nearly all offer ed taken at $40,00300.00 for Inferiors; $00.00370.00 for fair to good ; aud $76.00 390.00 for fancy. 8 11 be p—Receipts, 23 car loads, mainly poor quality. But few salee wore made and prices wore unchanged, Bales of ohcop at 6<s6J/o. bio spring lambs in market. I (Oalvkr—Receipts, 1,400, Nearly all went forward in first hands, Rales of Covington at JO.0007.00; good and heavy, J7.0007.50 j grass-fed, JO.OOCS7.CO. .. I , Baltimore Cattle Market* 'Baltimore, June 10.-Oattlr—Dull and k'o lower. Very boat on sale to-day, s®7*<o • that goncrolly rated first quality. 8W0Oo; medium, or good fair quality, Haled, 1,323; receipts, 1,843. .. uoos—ln fair demand and firmer. Corn fed, 6v<a 7ko; BllUora, 0^@0^o; receipts, 8,180, Biibep— ln fair demand. Common to fair, 4®sc : fair to good, J receipts, 3,880, MARRIAGES. 'WILSON—ANDERSON—At the residence of tho bride’s father, H54 Indlana av., on Thursday, tbo IPUi, by the Rev. Charles W. Windto, Luolns P. Wilson anA Kittle, yoangost daughter of Goo, Anderson, Karp, allot Chicago. BATHS—LEONARD—In tills Ally, Junol7, by tho Rev. R. Ij. Coltysr. at tho residence of the bride’s parent*, Mr. Richard W. Bates and Mias Marla Leonard, both of this city. DEATHS. At Oak Park, on tho 16th Inat., William B r Immoral at Unity Church, Oak Park, on arrival of Doom train from Chicago to-day, 20th Inst, .JJ^S^TON—Juno 19» el convulsions and raoaales,-* Alice 0., aged 7 months and 10 days, infant daughter oC James and Ann 8. Hamilton. ■t; to°arac<daaA ftt * o’clock p. m., from lot Michigan- J ARBUOKLR--At the Old Ladles' Home, Juno 10, Mrs. Dorathy A. Arbuoklo, aged 04 years. Funeral at 10)4 o’clock a. m, .N?w Orleans, Juno IS. George B.*' MaodCTUlo, brother of Mrs. Georgo 11. Uozot, of this HORSES AND CARRIAGES. FOR SAXR-A FIRST-CLASS DELIVERY RIO,: * onoofthobMtlnlhoclty; will Mil altogether or aoi£ aratc. 267 Woat Lako-at. PERSONAL. •pBRSONAD-IF MARY MoINEMAY IS IN TUB’ X city will aha call at 1179 Wabaah-av. atonco. MISCELLANEOUS. TJIDS FOR A CELLAR, EXCAVATION, BTONI3 JJ and maaonwork, roeoolvod by OLATLIN BROS. St 00.. 181 LaSallo-at. T?. X P E RT ACCOUNTANT-BOOKS OPENED AND XJ closed, complicated account* adjusted: poatlng amf om°co WOtk pron,pt,/ »ttaado<l to. AddroaaLM^ THJS PECK AUTOMATIC PRINTING PRESS COi pnera to moo of largo capital, and olio to men of mod erpto moans, a monopoly In tlio job printing business. Call and investigate, and soo thoproti in operation, att tho Blonis House, corner Canal and Wo»t Randolph-sla. AUCTION SALES. By War. A. BUTTERS & CO. New Carriages, Open‘Wagons and Top Buggies, AT AUCTION, On FRIDAY, Juno 20, at 10 o’clock, in Bowen's Block, 16 and 17 East Ilandolph-st. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO.. Aoctioneori. BUTTERS «& OO.’B WEST SIDE REGULAR SATURDAY’S SALE. Household Furniture, Parlor ami Chamber Sets, Carpets. Crockeryi Glassware, Table Cutlery, &c.« ON SATURDAY MORNING, AT 9’tf O’CLOCK, AT 55 & 57 SOUTH CANAL-ST. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO., Auctioneer. DESIRABLE STOCK OE Assorted Glassware, Tens, Groceries, Hardware, Table Cutlery, Carpetings, &c., AT AUCTION, On TUESDAY. Jnnn SI, at 9,4 o'clock, in Bowen's Block, 16 aud 17 Kart HandolpU-st. WM. A. BUTTERS 4 CO., Auctioneers. GREAT AUCTION SALE OF South Shore Property. BOhalf-acro lota of beautiful Orovo and Lako frontage* 10 acre-blocks of Lake (rontogo. ON WEDNESDAY, JUNE 25, At 9 o'clock p. m., at 16 and 17 East Xtandolph-st. (Bowvtt Bros. Block). Tho above is tho moitboaullful Qrovo and Lako trout* ago property south of Chicago, * WHICH MUST BE SOLD. To boo tboproporty, take the Michigan Southern, Pitta burgh, Ft. Wayno 4 Chicago 8:4(1 p. in. train to Cornell Crossing, wbero conveyance will bo found to tako partio* to tho property, returning in time to tako tho 6 n. m. train. For particulars see maps ami bills at otDao of T. 8. Fitch 4 Co., 167 Boarborn-st., and WM. A. BUTTERS 4 CO., Auctioneers. BY GEO. P. GORE & CO.* 68 & 70 Wabaah-av. GALL AMD SBB TUB MAMMOTH AUCTION HOUSES ALSO, TUB LARGEST SALE OF Household Furniture EVER OFFERED AT PUBLIC AUCTION. MARBLE-TOP CHAMBER SETS, Parlor Suita of evory description, Wardrobes, Moatt Safes, Marblo-top Tables, Pillar Extension Tables, Sofas, Lounges, Ico Choata, Bureaus, Bedsteads, Chairs, Rock ers, Tables, Mattresses, Parlor and Cook Stoves, 800 Mir rors, IB Crates W. O. Crockery, 10 Crates Decorated Ware, 6 Casks Yellow and Rockingham Wore, 100 boxotf Lamp Cblmnoys, Velvet and Wool Carpets, Plano Organs, Parlor and Office Desks, Show Oases, Bowing Machines. Buggies and Harnesses (at 11 o'clock). On Saturday, June 21, at 9 o'clock sharp. GEO. P. GORE & CO., Auctioneers, j 68 and 70 Wabaah-ar. By ELISON & FOSTER. Grand Closing Sale OIL PAINTINGS, ' 1 On Saturday Evening, June 21, ■ AT 8 O’CLOCK, At Store 953 Wabash-av. ' This will boaroro ohnneo to obtain Pic tures, as tho entire lot will bo sold regardless of oost, to save shipping them bnok to Fhila* delphia. EDISON & POSTER, Auctioneers. FIVE LOTS ONSHDETLEFF-AT., ■Bet. Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth-sts.j ! A. T AtTOTIOW, • ■ON TUESDAY AFTERNOON, JUNE 24, - ; At 3 o’clock, on tbo ground. . Being Lot# 34. 25, 28, 83, andß3; 24 feot front by 125 foot deep, to a 1 0-foot alloy. Tllto purfoot. Terms—Ono fourtncanli, balanoo I, if, sudJ years, with 8 per coat In * terest. These Lota aro situated only live block# wont of ‘ Btato-st., In a thlokly-Bottlod portion of the city, and aro : valuable for roiddonoe purposes. Pomona attending th# • sale can take tbo Btate-st. Oars to Thirtieth-#!., which U ‘ only o fow mlnuto#’ walk from the property. ; I • ItLISQN A FOSTER, Auotlonoora. ;house and lot, 537 Wentworth-av., Between Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth-sta* -A.T On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, June 24. at 3)4 o’clock, oa tbo promise#, Lot 25 by 125, with two-etory frami Itnuso. Uoata for S4O a tnoulh. Terms, S cash; pur ohaior to asiumo a mortgage of $1,200, duo October. 1874, nt 10 par emit Interest, and balanoo la 1 aud 2 years, with 8 pur cent Interest, Title perfect. BLIhON A FOSTER. Auctioneer#, By TAYIiOII & HAKIIISON. ■Regular Saturday's sale of Household Goods, &0., June 21. at 0)4 o'clock, elegant Chamber Furniture, Rich Parlor Hot#, Bureau#ln all stylo#, llrueaol# am Wool Carpets, Lace Curtain*. Mattings. Cniokory, AUrrori, and a large assortment of general uieroliamUso. TAYLOR i UABBISON, Auctioneer#, South,Cauilkt.

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