Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 21, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 21, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 26. CLOTHING. K CLOTH AT COST. Over SIOO,OOO 11ST Fine Clothing ■Jaja? oosu?, Trovioua to removal to our now store, northwest corner State and Madiaon-ats., August 1. A Pino Assortment of Boys and Children’s GHDOIOS. EDWARDS, BLUETT & CO., 45 & 47 West Madison-st., And 308 Statc-st. NEW PUBLICATIONS. To Travelers. GUIDE-BOOKS, rOBUBHED BT D. APPLETON & CO., 849 and 551' Broadway, IT. V. APPLETONB» BAUjWAT GUIDE. 95 cents. AI'PLETONS’ NORTHERN AND EASTERN HAND-BOOK. OP TRAVEL. $3.00. AFPLETONS’ WESTERN HAND-BOOK OF TRAVEL. SB.OO. APPLETONS* SOUTHERN HAND-BOOK OP TRAVEL. SB.OO. _ rAPPLETONS* EUROPEAN GUIDE-BOOK, 80 Maps and 120 Engravings. 720 pages. Now edition, brought down to 1678. French morocco. $9.00. S Toll., $6.60. THE MINERAL SPRINGS of the United States, Canadas, and Europe. By Geo. E. Walton, M. D. Ivol., 18roo. Price, SB.OO. NEW YORK ILLUSTRATED. 99 Engravings, In the highest stylo of art. 90 cents. SKELETON ROUTES through England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Poland, and Spain. By Uknux WtHTBBOP Saboemt. Limp cloth. SI.OO. Either of the above eent free by malt to any addroaa on tycelpt of the price. . ORNAMENTAL IRON WORK. Mil Bros. Olies, 149 & 151 State-si, OMcago. OIAHEHTAL & ARTISTIC Metal Work, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. , Fountains, Vases, Statuary, Drinking Fountains, ■ Aquariums, • Deer, Dogs, Lions, ■ Emblematic Signs, Copper Weather Vanes, Stable Fittings, Crestings, Iron Furniture, Brackets, and Store Stools. EXCELSIOR LAWN MOWERS. Agent, for the French Patent BOULEVARD CHAIRS AHD SETTEES. Agents for Younglove Architectural Iron Patent Illuminated Tile. DISSOLUTION NOTICE. DISSOLUTION. The partnership heretofore existing tinder the firm awae of Stanton * Oo„ Is this day dissolved by mutual GEORGE E. STANTON, LUCIUS 0. PARDEE, ChJctiio, Joo« 1«, 1873. CHARLES TATUM. consent. Tba ondertlgnod will contlnuo tb« baiineM of IM PORTERS ud FAMILY GROCERS, under tho Arm D&moof STANTON 4 00., at No. 975Wabash-ar., with » branch at No. 191 Wool Madlion-ai. GEORGE E. STANTON, LUCIUS 0. PARDEE. Darin* pnrcbaied the Intoroafe of my partner* in the •tore No. 146EaitUadisoii-B(., label! oontlnne htulnou there u heretofore, DISSOLUTION. Tb* firm of 0. H. WARNEOKE A 00. U dlaiolfad from tbli day, B. Kluge withdrawing. 0. n. "WarneoVo la alone authorlied to collect all oaUtaoding debta, and •fill Mttla aU UabUltiM. o. n. WARNEOKB. B. KLUQE. Tbs baalncß* wilt bt continued at the old ttand, IM, 154, tad 156 W««t Erle-tt, CONRAD IL WARNEOKB. Chicago, June 19, 1878. DISSOLUTION. The firm of Emonon A Oeddls Is this day dissolved br mutual consent. William 11. Emerson Is alone authorised to collect the moneys doe to said firm and to sign the lira name la liquidation thereof} and paid bj sold Emerson. WM. IL oKDDU. Chicago, 111., June , HOTEL. iHDEBSOTS HOTEL ON THE EUROPEAN PLAN. North sue MadlsoMt., hot. Clark and LaSalle. Rooms 9Uo $2 per day. Restaurant open from Ba.m. SUMMER RESORT. GKLBUST HOUSE, Mount Wa.lilnßton, N. H. TbU (.vorllo [umraor rOTjJrt will be opened June 12, 1878. J. M, THOMPSON A CO. Address till June 1, Vl f . 4 O. R. MILLIKEN, Port- LOTTERY. Official Drawing of the Dally Oorahlnallm Lottery: GLASS NO. 187, FORJUNK M, 1878. ML 62, 60, 7, 80, 60. 18. 86, 40. 67. 60, 40, W, 8, ** OiiAfiß NO. 188, FOR JUNK9O, 1878. W, 11. 18. «, *> A 16 . 65. 4, 6d. SB. Raalml nlars secured on deposit. Prices cashed and Unuob Offlo.i, 337 North-..., »Wut M«dU«n it., «mt 116 South Q.nnl-»t. SHIPPING TAGS. PATENT T A itl SHIPPING TAGS. fljdßSSSffifiSSS li &VV Companies use them. field bi printer# nud Stationer* Brcuwlicro . JHCERWJiR. ' W© havo a largo stook of Summer Merinos, Angola Flannels, Bilk, Xilslo Thread, Joan, Linen, Jaoonot, *o„ in lino goods at bottom prices. . . Hosiery. Our stock contains about twenty varieties of fine goods for Men’s wear, adapted to, the season, at unusually low prices. , Wo have a very rieh and select stock now, and replenish every month. Uffl COLLARS AND GUFFS. The greatest variety of styles over offered to Goods. . - larger quantities of extra fine goods for Men’s Wear than any other firm, wo buy ot closer figures, and do sell at cor rospondingly loss prices. WILSON BROS., B. B. Oor. State end WosMnßton-ata.; "Ax cade-court. Olork-st., south of Madison-st., Chicago. • . Pike’s Opera House, Fourth-st., Oinoin nati. • DACES. RIBBONS, &o. liprtfflt Notice to Ladies! Great Bargains WILLBB OFFERED IBIS WEEK. REAL LACES, ALL KINDS OF RIBBONS. WHITE EMBROIDERIES. FANS AND JEWELRY. ON ACCOUNT OF MY EEMOVAL. G. MENDELSON, East Madison and Franklin-sts, IMPORTANT SALE BUSINESS PROPERTY We are anthorUed by ELIJAH SMITH, Esq., Trn* tee. to receive sealed proposals for the purchase o»48 foot front by 180 foot deep, situated pa Mloblgan-av., be twoen Madison and Monroe-ets., described as follows: ft"of Lots, and the northßfootof Lot#, in Block 1, Fractional Section IB Addition to Chicago. Cook County, 111. Purchaser to assume motlgago of $90,000, duo tire years from Jan. 1, 1873, with semi-annual Interest; bal ance H down, and 1, 9L and 3 years, with B per cent Inter est. Bold proposals will be received for ton days, to the 27t1, Instant Inclusive, and will bo opened on tho 38tb and acted upon. Capitalist* should give this their attention, as the Dronerty most positively bo sold. Direct proposals to ELIJAH SMITH, Trustee, care of Ellaoo A Foster, 87 Markot-st. _ Great Auction Sale of 100 RESIDENCE LOTS IN THE FAMOUS TAH BHSEL4IE TRACT, ’ The Most Beautiful Grove Property inWaußegan, Thursday, June 86, 1873, ON THU GBOUND. An EXCURSION TBAIN wiU leave Ohl coko at 9 o’clock a. m. FBEB TICKETS will bo ftirnishod by _ WM. A. BUTTERS & CO.. Auctioneers. BEAUTIFUL HOMES. GEO. SUMMERS, 188 Bast Madison-st,, Room 4, is now selling splendid lots in Nor wood Park on MONTHLY PAYMENTS, also offers assist ance in the ereotionofdweUlngs. STOCKHOLDERS* MEETINGS. Office of Hid Joliet & Horten Mena Rail roal'Company.- BOSTON, May 14, 1873. The annual meeting of tho Stockholders in the Joliet & Northern Indiana Railroad Co., for Ohoioe of Director* for tho ensuing year, ond for the transaction of such othorbuslnoas as may properly come before such meeting* will bo held at the office of said Company at Joliet, Dl., on Wednesday, the 25th of Juno next, at 9 o'clock a. m. J. W. BROOKS, President. IB A k a bXVBRMORB* Secretary. OBATtLES TATDM, ¥ ANTED—ACSENTS—FiIOfII 875 to 9350 por mouth, svorywhorfl, to soli one of the most useful articles ever Invented oeodod la every family. Seud for Oirou u,. Add»«. BEOOMB4Oai 167 Statost., OnxoAoo, 1»» "tf 105 ODAIIK-BT., Methodist Church Rloclf. Six per cent Interest allowed on deposits, payable semi. ■’ ul,l “ d j “6ko “ob’viELE. rwidmt. Wm. Kkuxt Reed, Cashier. NOTE.—Until further notice, any boy or girl calling at tlio Bank will bo presented with a pass book free, and ono dlmodoposlted to bis orhor credit, wldoh sum can bo drawn out at pleasure. 1310-- We have Attornsys everywhere, and collect the claims of Wholesale Merchants and others In any, part of the COLLECTION AGENCY, HO Madlsonst. TO LOAN. 96,000 or 910,000 for two years on Inside properly, at 10 tier cent aadflif per cent commissions. Inquire of JACOB WEIL A 00., Comer Madison and DearhornsU. MONEY TO LOA: On first-class Ohioago Real Estate. Large sains at 6pt cent On Improved property. MEAD A nOR, IU L*6ftUo*U UNDERWEAR. BRAD ESTATE. OP VALUABLE WANTED. PIN AN CIAIi. INSURANCE. SCOTTISH Comma] Inrato Go, GLASGOW, SCOTLAND. ASSETS: United States Bonds held by Trus- toes $50,000 1 United States Bonds deposited in this country for security to Amer ican Policy-Holders: $200,0001' Total Securities in Scotland and America: S3,600,000! Parties desiring insurance in tills substan tial Company will ploaso apply IN PERSON to tho undersigned. Xiossos (sustained by the Company at this Agonoy willbo promptly adjusted and paid by DAVIS & REODA Apits, 164 LaSalle-st. BABIES’ GOODS. MMDEL BROTHERS, State and Harrison-sts., Twenty-second & Micliigan-av., Will exhibit this day New Stylos of LINEN SUITS, LAWN SUITS, SILK SUITS, Swiss and Lawn Polonaises, Linen Comers Cloth, and Batiste Bedingotos. Groat Reactions in BraiM Suits. Our $lB Suits for sl2. sls Suits now $lO. HATS. HATS! PEARL CASSIMERES, LIGHT COLORED FELTS, MANILLAS AND STRAWS, The BEST VARIETY and BIG GEST STOCK is at' ' BREWSTER’S, COB. CLARK AND MADI3QW-STI}. MTou can save money by purchasing ymn v PLATS at J. S. BARNES & CO.’S, Wo. 164 East Madiaon-at. FOR SALE. FOE SALE, A FINE SADDLE-HORSE. BUSINESS CHANCE. FACTORY FOR SALE CORNER OF Twenty-sixtli-st. & Stewart-av., Built of briok, with hoiler, engine, and wood-working machinery, al mostnew. Inquire on the premises. RUBBER GOODS. E. B. PRESTON, 13S LAKE-ST., RUBBER GARDEN HOSE AND FIXTURES, Bolting, Packing, Clothing, (Jlovus, Spittoons, Springs, and all kinds RUBBER GOODS. GENERAL NOTICES. Office of the Inter-State Induatrial Exposition of Ohioago, PUBLIC PTOTICH Is hereby given that a speolal moating of tbo Stockhold ers of tho Inter-State Industrial Exposition of Chicago will be held at theoffioo of said Corporation, No. 87 Wash. Ington-st,, In the city of Ohioago, on TUESDAY, tbo IDth day of July, 1813, at 4 o'clock p. tn., for tho purpose of submitting to a vote of said Stockholder* tho question of Increasing the capital stock of said Corporation so that the same shall be two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. By order of tho Directors. JOHN P. REYNOLDS, Secretary of Inlor-State Industrial Exposition of Chicago, •pTTRTETTNTS* IPAITESMT IRON FIRE-PROOF SHUTTERS. Manufactured by BBAVBY 4 CO., TO RENT. To Jobbers or Wholesale Trade REQUIRING LARGE FLOORS. The fine stono'bulldlng, 6 stories, 40x160, No. 144 and 146 Wabaah-av., to runt (except second tluor) to a first-class fu-t. .t lou prloo. Apply to JAMBg ti nOWB _ With Hoddla A Hamilton. DENTISTRY. M. B. JOHNSON : . DENTIST, 60 Mudlmm-at.i fPPWItq Tclbaaq UqiidiD*. CHICAGO, SATURDAY, JUNE 21, 1873. WASHINGTON. Promulgation of the New Clvil-Ser vlco Reform Rules. Partial Adherence to tho Jacksonian Doctrine, “ To tho Victor Be long the Spoils.” Condition of the Chicago HTa tional Banks on the Last Statement Day. Diplomatic Interview Between the President and the French Minister. Special DUpatch to The Chicago Tribune. CONDITION OF THE oniOAQO NATIONAL BANKS. Washington, D« 0., Juno 20. —Tbo Comp troller of tho Ourronoy has lately boon in tlio habit of calling upon tho National hanks at un expected times and without warning for reports of their condition at periods several weeks prior, this practice being adopted in order to discover irregularities or discrepancies, should there be any,' in the accounts of those institutions. The l&ut call was made in tho latter pprt of May, for reports showing tho condition of banks at tho close of business on tho 25th of April. Tho following will bo found in tho abstract of the re ports made in pursuance of this call by tho twen ty Notional Banks in the City of Chicago s Loins and discounts.... ......$29,700,937,47 Oveidrafts 180,049.40 United States bonds to secure circuit tloQ /.<••• 7,080,800.00 United States bonds to secure deposits... ■ 100,000.00 United States bonds and securities on _ ‘ band 180,760.00 Other stocks, bonds, and mortgages.,.... 209,063.00 Duo from redeeming and reserve agonU. 2,704,084.04 Due from.olhor National ilauka.-v.r.'.'.... 671,457.00 Duo from State banks and bankers 605,677.16 Real estate, furniture; and fixtures. 733,007.47 Current expenses 241,322.16 Premiums.... 136,867.88 Checks and other cash items 74,786.19 Exchanges for Clearlug-Uouso.. ~ 1,682,069,(10 Bills of all other National Bonks.,. - |69,760.00 Fractional currency,... 40,886.38 Specie..., 85,339,10 Legal-lender notes. 6,CC5,366,00 Total. Capital stock 18,950,000.00 Surplus fund 3,171,000.00 Undivided profits . 885,388.50 National Bank notes outstanding, 6,334,685.00 Dividends unpaid 3,370.49 Individual deposits 17,577,735.70 United States deposits 70,081,71 Duo to National 8ank5.......'..... 6,033,160,86 Duo to BUite Banka and banker 5......... 4,033,£>04.45 Holes and bills rediscounted 477,006.38 Total. Tho attention of the Secretary of War having been called to the statement about certain rec ords alleged to have been abstracted from tho War Department, bo baa instituted a search to ascertain whether they have been actually car ried away or ouly mislaid. It is due to Secretary Belknap to say that, whatever baa been done in the way of carrying off official records, waa done before bo became Secretary of War. Tho result of Gon. Bnlknap'a investigation will be awaited with interest. Tho French Minister, Marquis do Notifies, called at tho White House to-day, and announc ed officially tho rooeut chance in tho Frouch Government, whereby Gen.-McMahon became President. The usual speeches wero mado, the President expressing the hopo that the French Republic would bo successful. Congressmen Sawyer and Busk, of Wisconsin, arc boro with roforonco to the recent decision of tho Attorney-General on tho looaiion of tbo bridge of tbo Milwaukee A St. Paul Railroad, across the Mississippi. It will bo remembered that the Attorney-General deoldod that tbo Sec retary of War bad no authority to locate tbo bridge, but muat either accept or reject tbo re port of the Board of Engineers. Tho engineers reported in favor of locating tho bridge at La- CroBBO. whilo tho railroad company wanted it two miles below that town. Tboro was some misunderstanding about tho effect of tho opin ion of the Attorney General, and both parties >ro boro to have an explanation. Tho Attorney General says in hia decision thattbereportof tho Bot.rd of Engineers, having been accepted, fixes tho fixation of the bridge at LaCrosßO. [To the Associated I’reu.} CXYIL-BEIiVIOE REFORM. Washington, June 20. —Tbs Cabinet had un der oonsido ration to-day, for* several hours, tho subject of civil-sorvico reform. The modified rules, ton in number, having boon approved, wore promulgated this afternoon. One of them declares that, while it is not tho purpose of tho rules and regulations either to restrict tho power of removal or to extend tho tenure of service, snob power will not be exorcised arbi trarily, and therefore application must not bo entertained by any authority having tho duty of nomination or appointment, for the removal of any person in tho civil service, nor will any person bo removed for the mere purpose of making a place for any other person. Tho following are extracts from the rules: Tbs grouping heretofore made for the Executive Department at Washington is modified by striking out the words “ female dorks, oopyieta, and counters at S9OO a year," Those places being below tho grade of clerkship of class 1, selections may be made by tho appointing power at discretion from tbo list of those reported competent, being at liberty to give the preference to such as may bo Justly regard ed as having tbo highest claims to pubho consider ation by reason of the loss of support or property, oc casioned by tho death or disability of any person in defease of tho Union In war or in other public service of tho Government. „ „ . Applicants for appointment as cashiers of Collectors of Customs, cashiers of Assistant Treasurers, cashiers of Postmasters, superintendents of money order divi sions in PosUOlficcs, and other custodians of largo sums of publio money for whoso fidelity another ©ni cer has given official bonds, mry bo appointed at dis cretion, but this rule shall not apply to any appoint ment to a position grouped below tho grade of Assistant Teller. In cases of defalcation or embezzlement of thepublto money, or other emergency calling for immediate action, whore the public service would bo materially Injured unless tho vacancy Is promptly filled without resorting to the methods of election and appointment prescribed by tbo existing regu lations, or where a vacancy happens at a Since remote and difficult of access, and re methods proscribed for filling it cannot be applied without causing a delay injurious to tho public service, tho appointment may bo made at discretion, but this rule shall not apply to any place which is provided to be filled under the rules of competitive examination. For the purpose of bringing tho examinations for civil service as near to the residences of thoso dcslrinj to be examined as tho appropriation at thooommam of tho President will warrant, and for Uio further purpose of facilitating, as far as proo ticable, tho making of selections for such service equally from tho several portions of the Union, whilo at the same time preserving tho principle of promoting merit os tested by fair competition, it is provided tha . tho States shall bo ground into five districts. Tho President will employ or designate a suitable person to be Chief Examiner, whoso duty it shall bo, subject to tho supervision of tho Clvil-Servico Commission, to promote uniformity in preparing for, conducting, re porting, and grading tho examinations by said Boards at Washington, audio prepare for, attend, supervise, and report the examinations heroin provided to bo held elsewhere than at Washington. Tho district examina tion shall be hold not moro than twice in any one year in tho same district, except in Washington, where an examination may be held in respect of each Depart ment os frequently as tho head of such Department, subject to tho approval of tho President, may direct j and all persons so examined in Washington, wherever they may reside, shall bo entered on the record of per sons eligible for appointment equally as If examined clsewhsro. N. K. FAIRBANK, G4O Mlohigan-nT. June 16, 1878. Tho report of tho Olvil-Servioo Commission to President Grant says, among other things: It appears to bo the uunulmaua opinion of those at the head of time departments that there has been a doildcd mitigation, under tho operation of auoh rules, of the serious evils that before prevailed and steadily Increased. Moro personal importunity aud partisan Intrigue have diminished in tho eamo ratio ; and that individual merit ami tho Just mica for testing such merit have boon made tho bases of appointments aud promotion. Tho application of thsse tests has boon gradually extended, as experience has seemed to war nyt. in nn ww. with msd *)»« uwb- RESOURCES. LIABILITIES. .$40,706,300.18 MISSING RECORDS. DII’LOMATIO. BRIDGE MATTER. mission aro convinced that tho aueeca of civU-aervico reform is to bo decided by (bo IhteUigancft and fidelity with' which its friends ahull present Ha Into tnotboda to popular Judgment. It has boon our aim to recognize tho right which re<iulroa that a victor!- ous party should bo able to name tho ofilcors so far down tho official scale as Iholr principles may Justly bo involved in a fair and honest administration, at tho name time that wo havo resisted that theory which in sists , that every clerk in publio office, no matter lioyr subordinate of how useful, shall mlnglo as a partisan in every contest, and go out, as a matter of course, with a retiring head of tho De partment; but tho now rules they submit will show that: they do . but regard tho question of tho proper duration of (ouuro of office or of clerkships as one with which the' clvil-flotvlco reform, as now Inaugu rated, has any other than an Indirect connection. . Tho Commission say In conclusion: Wo ought to-bear testimony to tho altonllon and co-operation with which tho Executive one! members of tho Cabinet havo aided our labors, and the more wo bare boon brought into familiarity with tho practical boatings of tho great principles of individual Justice and national safety, which must bo tho basis and •auction of all true methods of improving tho civil service, and tho ampler! our opportunities havo been of measuring tho allegiance which such princi ples command from those whom the people havo placed ntthe head of tholr groat affairs, tho more pro found is oar impression of tho Inestimable value of tho reform itself, and of tho solemn obligations of all its friends to loavo no means untried, durlug this boat opportunity our generation has seen or may boo, to place that reform upon a suro foundation, and to transmit It in healthy vigor as (ho greatest political blessing this generation can confer upon generations to como. (BIguod) Dohmah B. Batch, HfMDEL SIM'LLAIIAHaEn, DaWRON A. WALKEB, E. V. Elliott, Joseph 11. liLAaEvAM, David 0. Oox. Tbo denature of Alexander 0. CattolJ, ono of iba momboro of tbo Comtniboton, does not ap pear in ooußoqnouco of bin absence in Europe. DIPLOMATIC INTERVIEW. Tho French Minister, accompanied by Secre tary Fish, had an interview with the President this morning. FREE DELIVERY. Aa order ■was issued to-day for tho establish ment of the froo-dollvory system at Davenport and Dos Moines, lowa, with flvo and four car riers respectively, tho service to commence July 1. PERSONAL. Tho President will leave Washington to-night for Long Branch. Secretary lloboson will leave hero to-morrow for Now York, and bo absent about ton days. His visit is in connection with the fitting out of tho Tigress for her expedition in search of tho Polaris. Secretary lUchardson will leave to-morrow night to attend tho Com mencement exorcises at Harvard College. WALL STREET, Revtow of tbo Alonoff Slock, Bond, Ciold, and Produce Markets* Special Diepatch to The Chicago Tribune, New Yobk, June 20.—Money easy on call to day at 4@6 per cent, with exceptions late in the day at 8 per cent. Prime mercantile paper quoted at (%@8 per cent. The supply of paper on the market is small. STOCKS weak at tho opening, tho death of tbo Hon. Horace F. Clark having caused a sharp decline In Union Pacific and Lake Shore of 2 % and 2% per cent respectively. The general market con tinued in this condition only a short time, how* over, and. a steady advance In prices soon fol lowed. The strength lasted until after the Second Hoard, at which time an advance of 3W per cent from lowest point had been estab lished, with the improvement most marked in Union Pacific, Pacific Mail, Western Union, Lake Shore, and Atlantic & Pacific preferred. The last was more active than for some time past. After the Second Board a weak fooling sot in, and a general reaction ensued, the market closing heavy in tone. Brio was very steady, with small sales. The general impression hero is that Augustus Scholl will ho chosen permanent President of the Lake Shore Road. It is not ex pected that any change will bo made for the present in the Union Pacific. Tho TKiwitora of the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad, at their mooting to-day aociw»«a «*am dond of3K per cent on preferred stock, payable, on and after tho 15th of July, to stockholders of record on tho closing of the books on tbo 28th of Juno. Tho transfer hooka will ho reopened July 10, at 10 a. m. No dividend is declared on tho common stock. Tho Pacific Mail Directors mot to-day and ad journed until to-morrow without taking ony no tion on iho bond question. Tho Directors of ths Canton Land Company have appointed Messrs. Barlow, Duncan, and B&ukor Executive Committee. GOLD quite active to-day. After touching an effort was made by a party who sold a largo amount in the neigoborhood of XlB to cover his shorts, and in this ho partially succeeded, though in doing so tho premium moved up to 115 X* The closing quotations wore DRY GOODS. Imports of dry goods at this port*for tbo week ending to-day $870,805, and amount marketed $1,020,184. Tho total imports for the week to be reported to-morrow will bo about $0,000,- 000. TUB JUNE INTEREST. Books for tbo payment of tbo registered in terest, duo July 1, will not -be ready before tho 25th, consequently tho prepayment of interest without rebate may not ho expected before that date. • STERLING weakened by drafts to tbo amount of aboul $500,000 for Erie account. GOVERNMENTS dull and a fraction lower. DUEADBTUFFB. Flour irregular, with a moderate Inquiry. Sales were effected only by making large con cessions. Superfine and good No. 2 fairly ac tive. Bales 0,800 brls; receipts, 18,GG3 brls. Wheat opened firm, but closed lower, although the supply is quite limited of good No. 2 spring. Common qualities are neglected, and heavy winter quiet. Bales BG,OOO bu; receipts, 97,738 bu. PROVISIONS. Pork was decidedly lower, owing to unfavora ble advices from the West. Now mesa for Juno is quoted at about $1G.60; for future delivery, 250 brls for July at $10.75, early ; subsequently 500 brls do at SIO.OO, and 500 brls do at $16.60. Cut moats—Business limited, and prices, though quoted steady, oro moro or loss unsettled ; sales yesterday wore reported of 1,000 pickled bams, 10>£ lbs, at 13#o; shoulders sold yesterday at and smoked at 00, with hams at lie. Receipts, 497 pkgs. Bacon very quiet, aud prices rather unsettled. Long clear quoted at B>£o, and short clear at B>£@B%o. Lard easier, witu a moderate degree of activity. Western, 8 15-ICo ;of city DO tea at B>tfo. For future de livery, 250 tea, June, at 8 16-160, buyer paying brokerage ; 500 tes for July at 90, do ; 250 tes for July at U 1-IGo regular} 760 tes for Augußt at 9#o. Receipts, 850 kogs, 547 pkgs. SUSAN B. ANTHONY. Xlio election Officom TVUo l*ot Her Vote I'uniihod* Canandaigua, N. y.. Juno 20.—The olootion officers who permitted Susan B. Anthony to voto wore fined each to-day $25 and S3O coutu. Inuuranco Matters. St. Louib, Juuo 20.—Tho Boardof Directors of tho St. Louis Life Insurance Company had a prolonged discussion to-doy of tho proposi tion of Charles H. Peek. President of tho Company, that they should join him in resigning their positions. There waq a general opinion expressed that tho Board should resign, but there being a legal point in volved, no definite action was taken. It is probable, however, that tho Board will bo fully reorganized within a short timo. Tho prin cipal officers of tho North Missouri Insurance Company arrived hero to-day. aud say that tho impairment of tho capital of their Company has boon made good by stockholders, aud a sur plus over all liabilities placed to tho credit of tho Company. A full statement of tho condi tion of tho Company will bo nmdo to the proper authority hero and elsewhere, and hereafter the ofllco of tho Company will be at Bt. Louis. Important Cotton Cano Decided. Boston, Juuo 20.—Tho caso of Gozawayß. Lamar against Albert G. Browuo and others, on trial in the United Blatos Circuit Court for a week post, closed yesterday. It is an action of tort for tho conversion of 1,800 bales of cotton valued at $500,000, which tho plaintiff claims the defendants took from him in Georgia, in 1805. Judge Ohoploy, after tho evidence was closed, ruled that, as tho ovidonco was unooutradioted that tho cotton was turned over by (Uq . piUitwy to tho defendants claimed thoy wore appointed special agents of tho Secretary of tbo Treasury to tako charge of captured and abandoned property in seceding States'; no action could bo maintained bv the plaintiff, and directed a verdict for tho defend ants, subject to revision by tho Supremo Court of tho United States. WEATHER AND WATER, War Department Weather Report. LOCAL OUSRUVATIOK. OmoAoo, Juno 20,1973. Hour of Hof- 3W oßscnmMon. omelet. momeUr, 80.05 30.00 30.07 30.01 30.07 30.07 fl:B3 p, mi. 11:111 a, in. 2:00 p.m.. 0:53 p.m., 0:00 p.m., 10:18 p.m, in nnroRTS, ntCAoo, Juuo 20—10:19 p. m. >rtahnva boon rocolvod from 1 Uolow: ) WW. | irwitfar. ‘ fj Tbo following rope tho places moutlonoi Station, 07 17. W., frenh, 75(8. W., light, 70 E., geutlo. 70|S,, gentle. 751 N. W., light. 67 N. W.. gentle. 7C]E., light. V4|B., ftooh, 08NNt. t fresh. CO Calm. Buffalo ;.... 99.88 Cairo 30.07 Ohoyonno. 99.90 Chicago 90.07 Cincinnati, 30.01 Cleveland.. 29.0.1 Davenport 30.00 Denver..;,. 29.03 Detroit 29.06 Duluth 29.00 Ke0kuk.......... 30,00 Fort Gary 29.81 lift Grosso 80.01 Milwaukee 29.00 Omaha 29.88 1’0mbin0..,..... 29.88 Bt. Paul 90.09 Toledo 29.00 70 8.. fresh. 04 S. E., light. 71 8. R. fresh. OB 8. W.'gentl?. 78i8. E., fresh. 60 E.. gentle. 73 R. light. 71 N. W. t freeh. rnoiuniLiTiKa. Washington, Juno 20.—For Now England on Saturday,westerly to northerly winds ana goner ly clear wonlhor aro probable. For tho Middle States and Lower Labe region, gontlo and fresh northwesterly to southwesterly winds and gen erally clear weather during Saturday. For tho South Atlantic States, generally clear weather and light to fresh southwesterly winds. For tho Gulf States, oast of the Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky, gontlo and fresh southeasterly to southwesterly winds, and oioar or partly cloudy weather. For tho Ohio Valloy and Mis souri to the Upper Lakes, winds shifting to southerly and easterly, falling barometer, and generally clear weather. For tho Northwest, falling barometer, and easterly to southerly winds. BTAQR OF WATER. Daily report of tho stage of water, with changes in tho twenty four hours ending 3 p. ip., Juno 20, 1873: . GUANOES. ABOVE LOW , WATEIt. FalU Cair0........T..... 28 ft. .. In I Cincinnati......... 9 ft. 1 in. lln Leavenworth........ ft. Sin. -3 In Louisville 4 ft. 0 In 8 in. Marietta 4 ft. 9 In 3 in. Memphis 22 ft.* 7 in. 1 In Nashville 10 ft. 10 In 2 In. •Now Orleans 2 ft, 10 In 2 In, Omaha 13 ft. 7 In 3 in, Pittsburgh 3 ft. 10 in 4 in. Shreveport 27 ft, 0 In St. Louis 23 ft. 10 in 1 in. Vicksburg 35 ft. 8 lq 4 in. •Below high water mark of 1871. W. 8. Kaufman, Observer, Boom 78 Major Block, Chicago, MUSICAL. Tho Northwestern Saeagerfoit at Du« • Imquc. Special DitpaUh\o Th* Chicago Tribune . Duddqub, la., Juno 20.—Tho streets to-night * are fairly alive with people to participate in tho Northwestern Saongorfoat now in session hero, tho trains and boats arriving to-day being crowd- SJi&fWai “.stgißsAi* acchos and garlands of oak loaves, inter mingled with flowers, ore stretched across Main street, tho principal thoroughfare, bearing many appropriate and pleasant devices in Gor man, euob as, “ Gorudo Wlo in Deutsohlond, ” and: M Am Mississippi wie-amltholn, Tocut Deutcher Bung; porlt Doulachcr wcln.” Another is :, , , 1 « Cor Deutsche llobt Qeiang una \> ein, Drum kanu or ouch kein Mucker s«ln,” To-night many private dwellings are Illumi nated, giving the city a brilliant appearance. James A. Buombing’s house, on the bluffs, is magnificently lighted up, while from the walla . surrounding the blufftops 1,000 Chinese lan terns aro suspended, and colored fires caot their lurid glare over the scone brlow. The Inaugural concert at the Congregational Church was largely attended, the programme being most creditably carried out. The concert opened by the Dubuque Maounoicbor, with a welcoming chorus, in fine stylo, and to which the audience testified its satisfaction by repeated rounds of applause. President Jaeger, of the Bund, then introduced Mayor A. 11. Poasleo, who In a few brief remarks welcomed them to the city, bidding them “lot lh*ir mer riment ring out, lot your solos and choruses flow out on the full tide of air, and these bluffs that girt us round, all radiant and fresh with a now Ufo, echo hack to you Dubuque's greeting and welcome.” .. , The Hon, 0. Wullweher then followed with a speech in German, which was most heartily cheered. In closing ho said: “Years ago wo joined hands in celebrating several grand festiv ities. The brilliant ovations offered by our citi zens generally to the immortal Humboldt • and Schiller will always bo remembered as mark-stones in the history of our love ly city, and now oven more intimately united than of yore, wo again proceed to in augurate another festival, and why wonder at this universal participation In tho Saongorfoat by all classes of our citizens. Tho song? Does it not emanate from tho heart and again pene trate to tho heart ? Don't music and song mani fest their heavenly origin from tho fact that they aro easily . understood by all men. Tho genius of music and song soars aloft on purely cosmopolitan pinions, and hinds together tho hearts of man. There reigns su premo concord and happiness, and blessed Is tho mortal who lives in Ins toraplo of light and har mony, and, in conclusion, once more bo hooray welcome in our midst, ye Bieugor-bruodor. Wborovor our songs in harmony meet, There also our hearts in unison beat. Mrs. O. J. Rogers, of Dubuquo, thoa sang In a splendid manner. Casta Diva, which was en cored. Bach’s Milwaukee) band then played “Dreaming” by Schuman.:During itsporfonn ance tho audience was epell-bound, and at its close tho applause was tumultuous. E. Schultz, of Chicago, thou rendered his tenor solo in a masterly, pleasing manner. Tho Helvetia Mron uorchor “ Der Gosang,” by O. Hoaor, which was a skillful performance, and well receive Miss Emily Hawton, of Dubuquo, sang Alma Virgo, with chorus and orchestra. This was effectively ren dered, judging from tho manifestations of tho auditors. Tho concert closed with a grand chorus by tho Milwaukee Musical Society, after which tho audience dispersed, evidently more than pleased with tho evening's entertainment. To-morrow at day-break tho rovoillo will bo sounded from various stations In tho Bluffs City, accompanied by booming of cannon, and later in tho morning a grand rehearsal will bo hold at tho Bound-Houso, when all tho delega tions will bo on hand. In the afternoon a grand procession will bo formed, and parade tho prin ’ oipal streets. Tho St* Louis Failures* Bt. Louis, Juno 20. —It is asserted to-day that the amouuts telegraphed yesterday as the sums for which the provision-dealers hero failed on Wednesday are greatly exaggerated. The real’ loss of the three lirms is said to bo less than SIOO,OOO. All the moat bought by those firms has reverted back to the original owners, and the only real loss involved is the margins on pur chases for the future. The figures given yester day wore, however, furnished by tbo parties themselves, and wore supposed to bo correct. Tho failures created no oxoltoraonc on 'Change, nor have they produced any iuilueuce on tho markets. Kitnaiw Items* Topeka, Kan., June 20.—A man named Harris Jones was killed at the rolling-mills lu this city to-day by a derrick falling on him. Tho bones of a largo mastodon have boon ajs covered in Marion County, on the lino of tno Atchison, Topeka & Santa Vo Ilallroad, and tho wholo .skeleton intact lies hidden in lawuoo County on tho samo road. Tho bones appear larger and are of a somewhat different shapo to any woy qublj aueQYWOi THE FIRE ERA. The mining Town of Mlolilgninml, Iwiiko Superior, Destroyed. Serious Conflagrations in Sagina Bal timore, Cleveland, Alban I and Elsewhere. , ,£•/ humidity fifl H 75 B4 73 38 74 48 70 63 70 44 Destructive Forest Fires In B ' Tojionto, June 20.—Vary dostrn £2 a brush- Aroa arc raging throughout the atry north and northeast of this city. The' N orta from Aurora, Fenton Falla, and other U ifl covering a stretch of over sixty miloa, state that thou sands ofacroaof timber together with crops, fences, farm-houses, barns, etc.. aro being swept away. Vegetation la Buffering. greatly owing to the drynons of tho season. Halifax, Juno 20. —A firo In the woods in Kent County. Now Brunswick, swept the lino of the Inter-Colonial Hallway, now under construc tion there, for a considerable distance, destroy ing storehouses, shanties, and other inflammable matter in its progress. Tho loss, chiefly to tho railway contractors, is heavy. ijjfrnolT, Juno 20.— Special dispatches to the Free Press say that Miohigamml City, Mar auotto County, Lake Superior, was yesterday cstroyod by fire. It caught from tho burning woods. Tho plaoo was a mining town in tho iron region, and contained some 800 inhabitants. Among other buildings burned was tho mill of Jacob Houghton, just equipped at an expense of $40,000. A t tho Spurr Mine two hams and a number of log houses wore burned. Tho heat has so warped the rails of the Mar qaotto, Houghton & Ontonagon Itailroad as to render the passage of core impossible. In cer tain places the polos have boon burned and tho wires are down along tho track. Bunt. Merritt, as soon as ho board of tho catastrophe, sent a special train to aid in tho relief of too sufferers. Milwaukee, June 20.—Tho following dispatch was received by SupU Haskins to-day, dated, Qroou Bay, June 20 : “L’Anso reports tho town of Miohigammi de stroyed by Are. Eight bodies wore found, and more are missing. The people took refuge in tho lake.” East Saoinaw, Mich., Juno 20.—About 1 o’clock to-day a fire broke out in tho planing raill of Mead, Loo & Co., corner of Hayden and Franklin streets, and before it could ho suppressed had spread over tho_ great er portion of tho square, destroying the planing-mill, 700,000 foot of lumber belonging to this firm, warehouses, dry-kiln, Ac., fifteen dwelling-houses, mostly tenomont hoasos, and damaging six or seven residences of a bettor character of buildings on Washington street to a greater or less extent. The burnt district is bounded by Washington street on tho west, Cass on the east, Williams on ths north, and Hayden on tho south. This should exclude the line of residences on Washington street, which sustained only partial damage, and should include two dwelling-houses, ware house, and lumber piles on tho blocks south. Mead, Leo & Co/a loss is about SOO,OOO j insured for $12,000. It. O. Horr, who owned live of tho buildings burned, lost $5,000 ; insured for $3,000. Alice L. .Coats owned four buildings. Total loss, $2,100; insured for $1,400. The total loss will aggregate about $75,000, with an insurance of $32,000 on prop erty destroyed. Some twenty families aro left homeless by this Aro. . . , Cleveland, Ohio, Juno 20.—At 4 © clock this morning a Are broke out in tho extensive barrel works of the Standard Oil Company, destroying the stave-drying house. Tho lot's is ‘from SB,OOO to SIO,OOO, & portion of which is covered by in suj ance. , „ Baltimore, Md., Juno 20.—Tho Mount Vernon cotton-duok mills, of which William Kennedy is this morning. Tho total loss is $267,000; insur ance, $187,500. No Western companyis involved. About 200 hands aro thrown out of employment. Albany, Juno 20.—Twenty frame tenement houses wore destroyed her© to-day. Loss not Minh., Juno 20.—A rtinpatoh to-day Bays thp.t fivo fitoros and two blacksmith shop* were burned at Maysville, Mich., yesterday. There is, as yet, no report of the lobb at Cold* water. The Copperas Crcelc Ijock—lncorp* - ratoil—Fir© Insurance iTlattors. Special DUmteh to Tho Chicago Tribune. SruiNOFiELD, 111., Juno 20. —Tho Copperas Creek look and dam has boon located about ono milo below Copperas Croek Landing by the Canal Commissioners ami Col. Macomb, United States Engineer in charge of tho Federal im provement work of tho Illinois River. Tho Gov ernment has appropriated SIOO,OOO for the work, and thiswlll probably bo expended, in accordance with tho recommendation of Col. Macomb, on this dam. Tho funds to complete it will coma from tho receipts of tho canal, tho net amount of which was appropriated for tho purpose by tho lost Legislature. Last night a pair of horses ran away with a coal-wagon, and so badly injured wilhara Grimes, a boy U years old, that ho died this Printing Company, of Book Island, capital, $32,000 ; tho Star Brick Machine Com pany, of Chicago, capital $200,000 ; and tho Now Haven Manufacturing Company,of Gallatin Coun ty. capital, SIO,OOO, filed certificates of organiza tion in tho oflicoof the Secretary of Tho following telegram was forwarded from hero to-day: SruinaFiKU), Juno 20.—Tho impairment of the North Missouri Insurance Company's capital, lm t#on made good. My examination and statement wIU bo published tho flrut of next week. ’Wat. Staddbh, Supt. Ins., Illinois, The Cliolora. Special Diipatch to The Chicago Ttibune. OAino, 111., Juno 20.—There has been no. cholera in this city this season, although otato monts to that effect have boon circulated. Tho nows to-day from Paducah, Ky., is dis couraging. Six deaths and forty cases were re ported in that city tho day before yesterday, and it is said to have been worse yesterday. Weather warm and showery. . _ , . Oaiko, 111., Juno 20.—Parties from Paducah, Ky., report tho appearance of cholera m that city. Fivo deaths occurred thoro to-day. No cases in. Cairo as yet. ~ _ Memphis, Juno 20.—The weather to-day was hot and clear until about G o’clock this evening, whoa a heavy rain aud thunder-storm oamo from tho wost. Thoro was considerable excitement to-day in regard to tbo cholera, owing to the publication of tho mortuary report of yesterday, which contained tho largest number of deaths that have happened in one day since the cholera epidemic of 18G0. Thoro were twenty-four in terments to-day against thirty-throe yesterday. Of this number, seventeen died of cliolora. Beblin, Juno 20.—Several cases of cholera are reported at Dautzig. , , , , Cincinnati, Juno 20. —Throo deaths yesterday and throo deaths to-day have boon reported in this city as from cholera. They oinbraoo cases that in ordinary times would ho classed as oboloramorbua, but tboy aro reported boro aa sporadic cholera, and aro bo reported in those dispatches. Senator* Speculating In Pul** Does* from the CinnnmtU Ga:ette. In connection with (ho discovery of tho solo of valuable public documents to second-hand dcal ora in Washington, two oases of noto have conio to light. In tho find » Senator wa« applied to by a vendor of oil paintings to purchase a land scape for 9200. The artist Anally offered to ex change for doenmento thou duo the Senator, and tho aalo waa made on theao torraa. Tho artist received nearly all tho hooka dno for tho laal Oongroaa and aold them to aooond-hand dcalera. Tho other caao waa that of a Senator whose terra expired with last aoaaion. Ho traded all boohs duo for two years for a single raro volume in tho hands of a second-hand dealer. Party of Proiiiooton missing 1 * S*H FniNOIBOO. Juuo 20.—Judge 0. T. llaydon, of Arizona, loft Camp MoDovroll. May 21, with a party of four Amorfoona and throo Moxioana. to proapoot along tbo Salt Blvor. Tboy bad olcht daya' provlaloua only, flinoo that timo nothing haa boon hoard of tho party, and it la foarod that thoy hava ben tnurdorod by til. Afaabos. NUMBER 306. ada. tJ , SPRINGFIELD.

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