Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 21, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 21, 1873 Page 3
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THE APPROPRIATION BILL. Farther Consideration of the Annual Cstiimitcu by the Council* •] . ' Tbo'Council mot again yesterday evening, Aid. MoAvoy* in the chair. Present, Aldermen Richardson, Dixon, Warren, MoOouniss, MoAvoy, Bldwoll, Tracey, Schmitz, Ouliorton, Mo dowry, Bailey, Powell, O’Brien, Bond, Clark, Koboo, Heath, Sherwood, Moore, Cleveland, Quirk, McGrath, EclibarJl, Stout, Mabr. Longacbor,- Bohaffnor, Carney, Cannon, Woodman. , : Tbo Council resumed in Committee of tbo Whole tiro consideration of tbo Appropriation bill, and furnished tbo various salary items for tbo Fire Department, leaving thorn unchanged oxcopt that instead of sixteen janitora at S4BO oaob, provision is inado for twouty-ouo at $720 Ca, Iho next increase was by ixuttiug in $4,000 for tbo erection of an engine-house on the lots' to bo bought near tbo comer of llalstod And Thirty-fifth streets. , : ; . A motion..was mado to put in tbo sum of $22,(300 for tbo purobnsoot a lot near tbo comor of Lincoln and luulana streets, for the erection of an ongino bouse, purohaso of steam engine,- etc. 'Estimates wore long ago made by the Board; of Flro and Police for t this work, but tbo item: was dropped out by the Finance Committee. ,-, v ; , - Tlio motion was agreed to. . • • _ A motion,to insert SB,OOO fora now engine house on Blue Island avenue was temporarily postponed. . <1 . Whoa tbo Health Department estimate- pros reached, the salary of tbo Sanitary Superinten dent wna stricken out, but when tbo Council found it bad no authority .in tbo matter, it r6- coneidorod its action, and, after/ trying to strike out tbo salary of, the Health Officer, postponed tbo.wbolo subject, and called for a copy ot the . contract for tbo removal of dead animals, it,being insinuated that there was something queer about it, and that men who bad the money worp made io pay for the removal- of dead animals,' and that tbo contract was only for the benefit of poor, people who could not pay. , .. ; Tbo following items passed without question: Bonaire of apparatus, $17,000; new hose, $17,- COO: fuel, horses and supplies, $30,000; rout of- Louses and ground, $1,887.50; supply truck ■wagon and horses, etc., $1,480; now book and ladder truck, $1,600: lot near State... and Twelfth streets, , $7,500; building,- oto., corner of, Franklin and Washington, $8,485 building corner of Washington 'ami Clinton streets. SIO,OOO ; lot near Halated and Thirty-fifth streets, $4,000; for lot .between- State and Weils streets,. Goethe and Elm streets, erection of building, purchase of ongino, etc., 625,000 ; for lot near Oanaiporfc avenue,and,Hal stod street, for building, ongino, etc., $24,005 ; for lot between Madison and Vanßurou, Tliroop ind Robey streets, for building, ongino, ‘etc., $24,505; for lot near corner of Ashland andßluo ’ Island avenues, for building, engine, otc., -821,- 505; for an engine for boso-bouso on Webster avenue, including horses, etc., $10,655 ; for tbo same in the hose-house on Madison stVoot, near Western avenue, $8,385 ; repairs to Fire Depart ment buildings, $4,000. ■ „ , The Committee rose and tbo Council ad joumed. SUBURBAN GOSSIP. EVANSTON. Dr. David H. Wheeler will preach to-morrow In tho Presbyterian Church. Tbo Bov. Georgo 0. Noyes, pastor of tho church, will Gil tho pulpit of tho Third Street Methodist Church at iloekford. Tho Bov. E. N. Packard, of this place, will de liver an address ou next Monday oveuing before tho Society of Inquiry of tho Bookfdrd Ladies’ Seminary. Dr. Charles H. Fowler will deliver tho Bacca laureate sermon to tho graduating class of tbo Northwestern University to-morrow morning at 10:80 a. m., in tho Methodist Church. At 7:35 p. m., Dr. J. 0. Peck will deliver tho annual sermon before tho Ladies’ College, at tho samo place. HIGHLAND TABS. A Union sociable, hold at this village on Thursday night, was very generally attended and i'ljoro will bo a reception at the Highland Park Hotel this afternoon and evening. - Every preparation has boon mode to make tho occasion a success. It is understood that this reception oelohratcs tho completion of the hotel and ito opening. LAKE VIEW, Arrangements - aro being mado for a grand celebration on tbo Fourth of July, in tho Town ship of Hyde Park. Thp committee having tho matter in charge has succeeded in obtaining from the Hon. Thomas B. Bryan tho uso of his flfty-acro grovo immediately adjoining Ba venswood. The programme has not yet been definitely decided upon, but it will consist mainly of speeches and popular games. PERSONAL. J. H. Hardee, U. B. A., is at tho Sherman. H. B. Payson, Now York, is at tho Gardner, • Washington Libby, Boston, is atthoMatteaon. John G. Brother and family, St. Louis, oro a( tho Gardner. £. A. Sothoru, tho actor, was at the Sherman yesterday. Ho Is on his way to California. ■ Orlando H. Moore, V, S. A., is at tho Sher man. 1 Frank H. Edmund, U. S. A., is at tho, Sher man. Col. Floyd Jones, U. S, A., is at the Sher man. Gnpfc. Hinsdale, Hartford, Conn., is at the Mattesou. Judge Bryant, of lowa, is among the promi nent arrivals at tho West Side Briggs House. A. B&pp, Superintendent of tho Pullman Pal ace Car Works, at Elmira, N. Y., is at tho Mat toooo. Among tho arrivals at the Gardner yesterday wore tho following: O. Mcßurney, Boston; F. H. Laxter. Newark, N. J.; N. Papin, St. Louis': Bamuol Walloch, Now York; Honry Adams and wife, Boston. Gen. James Tilton, Civil Engineer of the Northern Pacific Bailroad, arrived in this city yesterday from Puget Sound, and is stopping at the West Side Briggs House. The General was Surveyor-General of Washington Territory dur ing both Pierce’s and Buchanan’s administra tions. Among the arrivals at the Grand Pacific yes terday wore tho following t T. 0. Bucgga, Shanghai, China; E. G. Bailey .Vermont; John M. Harnoy, St. Louis; A, G. Wright, Atlanta, Ga.; Honry Hogan, Montreal; T. W. Stone, Philadelphia; Henry Long, South Australia; T. G. Moore, Louisville, Ky.; G. F. Manning, Boston. Among tho arrivals at the Sherman yesterday were the following: Edward Hunt, London; 0. J. Coleman, Fond du Lao; John H. Bond, New York; B. Wall, Providence : E. S. Adams, Minneapolis; E. B. George, 6c. Paul; G. D. Chapman, Now York; William B. Kerr,' St. Joseph; Charles Arthur, Philadelphia; 8, H. Warren, Kansas ; P. Arnold, Montreal. - lu tho fall of 18G7 Miss Kato Cameron, of this city, loft hero for Paris, whither she wont to pur sue the profession of art. She has remained there, os she writes to a friend in the East. “ through war and peace, sunshine and shade, until tho present month, when she proposes to visit her friends in Now York and Chicago, re turning to Paris in tho fall. During her pro longed absence Miss Cameron has pursued her studies with such success as to command for her pictures the special notice of critics, and corre spondents of loading American journals have favorably mentioned her work. A greater com pliment than those, however, was a recent re ceipt of an order from tho French Government for ono of her pictures. In an art centre where thousands are striving for recognition, it may bo regarded as quite a triumph for on American lady artist to receive such notice. Gen. B. W. Crawford; in war-times command er of the Pennsylvania Reserve, has taken leave of absence and gone to Europe. Henry 0. Bowen's fnco is represented as “be ing quite bronzed with bis Western trip." This spoils the supposition that Henry bad been keep ing in the shade. H. J. Stevens, the Assignee of Bowles Bros. & Co., bus started (or Europe. The Court allows him SSO a day forservices, and sl6 a day for ex penses, In gold. Gen. Thomas E. Champion, formerly Colonel of tho Ninety-ninth Illinois Volunteers, died, Juno 10, in Knoxville, Tonn., whore ho liad re sided since tho war. T. B. Hnut, of Elkader, lowa, late Circuit Judge, and for some years State Senator from Clayton County, died at his homo on Tuesday last, after an illness of some mouths. I. W. Cord, of Mason City, who has been promently named as the Republican candidate for Lieutenant-Governor of lowa, has been taken to tho Insane Asylum at Independence. Judge Johnson, of Halifax, who is now 82 years of ago, and at present in the south of Franco, ban boon appointed Lieut on&nt-Qovorn or of Nova Beotia. Thla woo moat unexpected. Jamofl B. Rock and family will upend tbo wbolo summer abroad, visiting rolntivos In Scotland most of Hint llmri’and putting Mr. Book s back pay where they think it will do themsolvoß most good. Jacob fltovor, ago 03, of tbo Massillon (0,) Furnace Company, is out of pookot to tbo tuno of $7,000 for bis auporfluona attoutlons to Miss Kimball, need 41, according to tbo verdict of tbo jury, and Jacobs laments that playing with tbo coals of a smoldering lire is apt to load to burnt Ungers. A circular from Osslan E. Dodge sent to tbo tress everywhere, In behalf of a Bk. Paul road ug-room, concludes with tbo remark. I would gratefully acknowledge the receipt from you of your magnificent paper.” And yet the editors can’t find anything green in Mr. Dodge s letter when they rattle it. Thi Mnynvillo (Ity.) Eagle rolnlcn that •* tlio lato llov. Dr. R. J. Brookiurldgo. Br.. roroarkoil, a short time before bis death, iliat tbo reunion of the Presbyterians would take place after- the Lord takes mo to Heaven and scuds Dr. Stuart Robinson back to Ireland.’ This prophecy is nearly fulfilled. Dr. Breckinridge has gone to tbo spirit laud, and Dr. Robinson has loft, or is about leaving, for Ireland,, and the reunion of tbo Churches seems to bo, not far distant. Senator Harlan, who is a, Methodist pillar,: saya In bis romarKablo dally paper: “The report credited to tbo Now York Jleratd that Henry Ward Boochbr, on last Sabbath, preached another TJnivoreaUst sermon, ought to bo received with many grains of allowance. Tbo verification of its truth might oroato tbo impression that tbo Bowon-Tilton stories bad some foundation, and tbAt Beecher folftbo need of a gonoroua provis ion for future salvation." ' Gen. William O. Butler, of Mexican War celebrity, who has Uvod-al 'Carrollton, Ky., for seventy-six years, has two brothers, one 84- and the othor 80, and also a cousin who is 90 years of ago—all residing. in tbo same town. In 1848 and while in Mexico,'tbo General was nominated for Vico-Brosidont oh tbo ticket with Gen. Cass. Ho has since been remaining quietly at bis homo in • Carrollton, and, .although in bis 83d year, novor walks loss than six miles a day for exor cise. • Light and Ventilation. Thoro Is no situation tinder which the requirement of a perfect system of sky-light ventilation is more needed than in tho composing-room of a largo news paper. This perfection has hoon attained in our com posing-room. Tho breathing of so many men, and the great heat generated at night by tho many gas-Ughte, Tender It'necessary that strong means should bo brought to counteract tho ill effect. Hays Hroa., of Now York and Chicago, have Just completed over our composing room a moist perfect arrangement, consist ing of a largo, high skylight, with a ridge ventilator, and also a kind of dormer from each of tho four sides, In tho front of which Is a aeries of iron louvres so arranged that they may bo ononod and closed from the floor at option, .by which means tho full benefit of a good current of air Is scoured, Tho great impetus given to building by. tho lato gigan tic fires in Chicago and Boston, and by tho general de sire for improvement arising from tho increasing value of real estate in our principal cities, naturally leads all interested In tho construction of buildings to accept tho latest Improvements In this most important branch'. Of these, none aro more essential than tho admission of light ami ventilation, and the perfection of tho roof, and all that pertains thereto: and if tins la not satisfactory, all other outlay on tho structure la misplaced capital. In view of this, with pleasure wo call the attention of our readers to tho method of admitting both light and ventilation through tho roof, as described above. Hayes Bros, have not only accomplished Oio thor ough ventilation of skylights, but tho thus far almost inevitable concomitant of water, from either leakage , or condensation, la entirely overcome, tho benefit of which is apparent to any practical mechanic who ban experienced the continual trouble following tho use of ordinary skylights, whether of wood or Iron. Vo are also pleased to find that Chicago has not been back ward In adopting this Important change, for tho Hayes skylights are to bo found on most of tho principal buildings In this city, os well as on tho principal build ings in most other cities of the United States, espe cially Now York. The Wabash Avenue Billiard Parlor. The climax of elegance and neatness In tbo furnish. Ing and ornamentation of a billiard ball has boon rcashed In tho now establishment of Mr. E. Jacobs, cor ner Wobash-av. and Twenty-first street, on the ground floor of tbo Woodruff House. Tho room contains eight beautiful Inlaid tables of tho “ Now Chicago” bevel stylo, from tho celebrated factory of Emanuel Brunswick k Co., Nos. 47 and 49 State street, and all equipments and accessories of corresponding rich ness. Tho proprietor, Mr. Jacobs, is ono of Chicago’s oldest and best-known citizens, and ho will bo nnuko himself if ho does not succeed In rendering hla beautiful placo extremely popular, and a credit to tho fashionable neighborhood in which it la situated. For superintendent ho has engaged Mr. Joseph Vor moulon, a well-known billiard-player. The new hall will be formally opened to-night, and Messrs. Ithlnen. Uonohan, Snyder, Vormoulen, and other experts, will bo there to set tho balls a-rolUng. . Improvements in Pianos. Wo have recently examined, at Reed’s Temple of Music, comer, of Dearborn and Van Duron streets, some' Chlckcrlng Square Grand Pianos, with a now patent double-boaring agraffe, a recent improvement of the utmost value with regard to durability of tone and standing in tune for a length ,of time. These In struments arc sevenand a half octavos, and have three strings thronghout the upper register, with French ' action and over-damper. For power of tone, sweet ness, and brilliancy, one has but to hear them to bo convinced of their superiority. They arc Intended for general parlor use, and ore being purchased largely by tho fashionable music-loving public of our city. In order to render their Introduction general, Messrs. Reed & Sons will furnish them upon payment of SIOO cash, balance In monthly installments. The prices are very low for tho quality of the Instruments. California Sunday Train. the Chicago, Burlington & Qnlncy Railroad Sunday train, the through Paolflo expms for Council Bluffs, Omaha, Sau Fronclaco, and all Far West points, will leave tho Central Depot of the Michigan Central, Illi nois Central and Chicago, Burlington A Quincy Rail ways ot 10.00 a. m. Sunday, Juno 22. 1673, stopping at Indiana avenue and Canal street stations. This road baa been awarded the last contract for tho transportation of the overland malls to and from Ban Francisco, Aus tralia, China, and Japan. Through tickets via Chica go & Northwestern and Chicago, Rook Island it Btuillo Railways, will bo good on ibis train. Fine Clothing at Cost. We are determined to sell our present* stock of elc-t gout and stylish clothing at cost, previous to removal to our new quarters, northwest corner of State and Madison streets, Aug. 1, embracing all the novelties In white vests, linen and mohair sacks and dusters, English and Scotch cheviots, and an immense stock of boys* and children’s goods. Must bo sold and will bo If low prices will do It. Call and see ns. Edwards. Bluott A Co., Nob. 16 and 17 West Madison street, and Ko. 80S State street. Llama Points. Opening this dty, a largo line of llama lace shawls and Bocquos, of our own Importation. Buyers can save at least 40 per cant. Also, 1,009 salts of every kind and stylo, at about half price. A fine braided suit can bo bought for sl9. the price of which'a few days ago wpa $36, - Colored and plain white suits, in great variety, at $4, $5, and SO, loss than half the old price, and 1,000 dozen Babbrlggan hose at 60 cents ; old price, sl. O. W. AE. Pardridge A Co., Nos, 118 to 121 State street. Inman Steamship Office. Mr. Francis 0. Brown, tho General Western Agent of this Justly celebrated line of steamers, bos lately removed from Central Block to No. 32 Clark street, comer of Lake, where ho occupies ono of the most pleasant and finely-fitted offices In tho city. This Uno of steamships Is tho royal mall line, and la one of tho most popular of tho trans-Atlantic hues. Pure Wines. n, August Klrchhoff A Co., No. 24 Lako street, have the largest assortment of the popular Missouri vrlues, Black Rose, Virginia Seedling, Concord, Ac., so highly recommended by the prominent physicians of this dty and elsewhere for their purity and excellence, and offer tho same at tho very lowest prices. Billiard Opening, The new and elegant billiard hall of Erast Sadler, at No. 221 West Randolph street, near Green, contain ing four splendid tables from the J. M. Brunswick A Balko Co.’s manufactory, will be opouud to-night. Lovers of the one will do well to bo on hand. The Govornmont Ilrldgos nt Hock In land Anoual-No ITloro Transferring 1 of Railroad Freight Permitted* From the Rhode laland {III.) Aruue, Jan, 10.) This (Thursday) morning wo learned that a now order bad just boon Issued by the Secretary of War in regard to transferring freights over tbo Government bridges at Rook Island Arsenal. Heretofore, the freight business of the Peoria <fc Rook Island, and of tbo Davenport «k St. Paul Roads has boon trodsforrod by wagons over the Rook Island Arsenal bridges. It has also, to some extent, been the practice of merchants and manufacturers, on each side of tbo rivor, when having their goods, wares and merchandise on their wagons, to haul them over the govern ment bridges, for shipment, if anything could be saved by it.—oc to roooive them in Che samo way. The Heoretary of War has directed that “ hereafter no railroad frVUjhts bo allowed to cross the Government bridges in wagons." Dealers and manufacturers in Rock Island, South Rook Island, Milan, and Moliuo I must, therefore, hereafter ship from and to [ their respective places. The samo in Davou- port. • The practice of carting stores from ono side of tbo rlvor to the othor for shipment, or of receiving stores in tbo same way, Is to bo uio conllnuod. Wo presume that tbo G., B. I. A. I*. Railroad Company, having paid one-half tbo expense of building tbo Rook Island bridge, would naturally fool that the bridge ought not to bo used to in ure tbo business of tbo rood owning one-half or t, or tbo business of any other railroad which hereafter might obtain ah interest in it. This order will, doubtless havo a more direct effect upon the Peoria & Rook Island and tbo Davenport A St. Paul than any other roads or parties, tboiio roads having as yet, no right to run tbolr trains over the bridge, and, therefore, have boon using it to transfer freight by wogbuß between their roads. . ,' If tbo now order shall bo strictly confined to freight received or sent by railroads, wo soo no objection to it. Tbo Intercourse,.social and. bus iness, between tbo people on each sldo of tbo river Is not to bo interfered with, as matters now stand. But “ Cap” Robinson and Hiram Prioo •have very suddenly and very privately loft for Washington, and it will ho well for tbo people to keep their eyes and oars open. Tbo businessi or those monopolists in Washington may not bo for tbo purpose of getting a now order cutting off people generally from crossing those bridges, in order to blood them for tbo benefit of tbo poor Holrs "—still it in well enough to keep I ‘an oyo out, for their visit means something. ■WEST YAN BDBEN STREET. A targo Number of Propcrty-Owncm Petition ,o JDnTo' It Opened from Uoynv to Leavitt Street* A largo, respectable, and representative meet ing of tbo owners of property on West Van Baton street, from Leavitt to Kodzle, including about two miles of front* was bold last evening in a dimly-lighted, but largo, respectable, end repre sentative grocery store near tbo corner of Van Burou street and Western avenue. Mr. F.-O. Bradley called the mooting to order, and ox-Aid. Campbell presided. Ho announced tbo object of tbo mooting, which bad in - view tbo removal of a jog in Von : Buron Street, between Hoyno and Leavitt streets, which In reality amounted to tbo closing of tbo street at that point. Should tbo street, which bod tbo advantage of possessing a main sower, and gas ami water mama, bo opened out, tbo West Sido Rallroad Company would a{, once ex tend their track to Western avenue. Messrs. Bradley, Boydon. and others, sustained' Mr. Campbell in bis viowß, and wore in' turn/sus tained by tbo mooting. A committee, consisting of Messrs. Boydon, Bradley, Bcbuylor, Crane, oiid Whitney, woo appointed to draftroaolutions, which they did as follows: .• f - 7 limited, That this largo, respectable, and, repre sentative mooting of citizens of the Iblrloonth VarJ request thp Common Council to take such immediate action os will speedily straighten Von Baron street, between Boyne and Leavitt streets, and that a special assessment of all tho property benefited by this Im irovdmont is desired, and that tho property-ownors jonefitod oro willing to advance, tho necessary funds to tho city for tho advance of tho tax. JtMolvedy That Von Huron street, being one of tho groat streets leading oast and west from tho heart of ho city, ought to bo opened directly from tbo lake to Control Park, and that we. the property-owners rep resenting over two miles of frontage on Van Buron street, botwceaHoyno street and Kedzlo avenue,- are desirous of having tho small strip of laud between Hoyno and Leavitt street condemned by the proper authorities at once. , „ . Jicsolved, That one copy of these resolutions bo S resented to tho Common Council and also to tho loard of Public Works. Olio resolutions being acceptable to tho large and respectable mooting, that representative body dismembered itself oy adjournment. THE COURTS. Mabbtiall, Mich., Juno 10,1673. To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune: Sm *. In your issue of the 13th inst. I notice your article ou tbo rocont decision of the Now York Court of Appeals, overruling tho decision of tho Supremo Court of that Stato, thereby awarding to Stokoe a now trial, for tbo errors committed, first, by tho trial at nisi prius ; and second, affirmed by tho Supremo Court on tho questions of law presented by. tho record. I have road your article with caro, and. al , though I am not prepared to * indorse the princi ple to the extent you seem to advocato, yet, I can boo much wisdom in somo of tbo reflections; but, at tho samo timo, think something may bo said on tho other side. You soom to advocato tho making of somo Codo—aomo written arbitrary set of rules—to bo adhered tb in such trials; and lam aware that tho results of many trials tend to give tho greater part of public tbo impression that, after all, ,tho legal investigations is aforoo. Now I maintain that laymon and casual observers do tho .legal profession groat injustice by their hasty oriti* cisms. No ono who has not boon called upon to administer tho law can understand tho difficulty inherent in this branch of government And I apprehend that but few appreciate 'the import ance and bearing that tho courts have In secur ing our lives, liberty, and property. Now if wo take a retrospective view of tho efforts of mankind to advauco from barbarism, anarchy, despotism, and oppression, wo shall see that tho masses have boon found to run l Into extremes, and, during tho heat of excitement are always liable to do Irreparable wrongs. Frequently this oxoitemont reaches tho executive ana legislative bronchos of govern ment. But the history of civilization shows that the courts have boon more stable; and, af ter all the imperfections and shortcomings, hero is where wo have been saved; here is where wo are brought to fooo both sides of questions, which results in sifting minutely the whole; ana it is hero whore truth —everlasting truth—comes to tho surface; and what, to a casual observer, ofteu seems absurd and more delay, is but tho price wo pay for our liberty. Now, Ido not say that tho tmrgings of tho public mind, and tho inordinate passions of tho mad hour, never ‘ reach and operate in our Courts; but I do Insist that this branch of civil government is tho fast to give way, . We all know that, for some time past, the masses have been clamoring to hang,'—bang: and it is quite possible this may have warped tho honest judgment of courts. But tho groat right of having those cases reviewed in a calm, dispassionate manner is hut tho sober second thought, and surely our Government is strong enough to make haste slowly whore life is at stake. The wonder, after all. is, not that so many mistakes ore made in trials by jury, but that so few are made. I notice that in tho Stokes case, tho Court of Appeals find mistakes In ruling upon evidence, ana in the charge of tho Court to the Jury. Oho of the most difficult things a Judge boa to do in presiding over a trial by jury is “ruling”; on testimony. In Grooeuloai’a work on evidence, the whole doctrain is stated in a very few words, and would soom, to a person without practice, to bo plain and quite simple. But we notice that, when wo came to' apply this doctrain, or, ‘in other words, these general rules, to tho thousand and ono particular and over-varying cases that came up on trials, wo are often per plexed; and the Presiding Judge is called upon to decide, as it wore, upon the spur of tho moment. And certainly It is quite possible that testimony that, at the time, might seem entirely useless, might, in the end, prove of groat value ; and if, upon a full and complete survey of tho entire case, it should appear to bo of any value, tho defendant is injured ; and. if this is disregarded, thou liberty as regulated by law has suffered. And not only has this party been wronged, but this becomes a precedent tor all time to oppress others. And hence it is that, in this way, good or had law oomes to operate to save or injure, os tho caso may bo. And bo it remembered that, of all the rules of law operating on persons or prop erty Lu onreountry,whether written constitutions, • acts of Legislatures, or otherwise, the rules that are published from courts of tho lost resort, like tho New York Court of Appeals, are tho most numerous, the moat valuable and endur able. Thls is common law, founded in justice,— everlasting justice,—tested by the experience of ages. One of the marked differences between a written code and an unwritten mlo Is, the code attempts to anticipate and decide in advance j the common law rule applies the rule of justico in the spirit of equity to the transaction as it oc curred. And, whenever a 00111*1 lays down a rule that does not square with good, sound logic, and la not in accordance with justice, it Is oust aside as a mistake, and is not fol lowed. And It is a singular fact that, at this moment we are protected Incur per sons and property, to a very great extent, by rules of law, that have boon promulgated by those courts of Inst resort in a quiet and unas suming maimer; and rules that the mass of mankind do not learn of until, perchance, their rights bavo been invaded. The civilized world is governed by tho/orco of the wisdom and justico of tho decisions of tboso judges. Sometimes the uninitiated will, in tbo heat of excitement, displace a man, as thoyhavo in your Htato but, sooner or later, good sense will prevails J. N. R. AN DITOIITANT BAH/UOAD DECISION. Juilffo I) rum 1)1 olid, of tlmVnltoil state. • Circuit Court, Declines to latorfero With tho Kano County Circuit Court In the Settlement oC the Difference lletwecn the Chicago A Pacific ana Chicago ft Northwestern Kallronda. The Ohlango A Northwestern Itnilroad Com pany, oomo years ago, constructed a road on tho onet sido o( tho Fox Illvor, from tho mala lino to Elgin, a dlatanoo of about a mile and throo-quartors from tho turn of tho main lino. Tho land was acquired hy purchase or condemnation, and operated tho road for a groat many years. In 1805 tho Legislature passed an act incorporating tho Atlantic A Pa oiflo Ilallroad Company, now called tho Chicago A Pacific. This Company had tho right to con construot a road within certain termini,—ono of which was tho eastern boimdary of tho Stkto In Cook County,—extending by way of Chicago to tho Mississippi Hirer, and made a Surrey to tho Town of Elgin. It claimed tho right to enter Elgin and strike tho lino of tho North western Eoad rory near whore it luma off, to eroos and go up dn llio oaat sldo of tho river, and to tako a portion of tho track appropriated by tho, Northwestern as a right of war, Tho claim wao disputed, and tho Chicago A Paoiflo Company filed a bill In tho Circuit Court of Kano Comity, stating that it had boon unable to agree with the Northwestern upon the point, and ask ing that, under tho law of tho Stnto, a portion of tho*right ot way of tho Northwestern bo con demned for tho uso of tho lino of tho Chicago A Paoiflo. While tho proceedings wore pending, a bill was filed In tho United' States Circuit Court by Mr. W. G. Wiloy, of Now York, a stockholder of tho Northwestern Company, in which ho al leged that tho rights and franchises of tho Oom pany would bo impaired, and. hls.intorosto as a stockholder jeopardised, by tho continuance of tho proceedings in tho Kano County Circuit Court, and tho condemnation on tho part of tho 0. & p, Company, and asked that they bo arrested. His main ground was that the 0. & P. Company had no right by law to condemn land belonging to tho Northwestern Company,, because it was n part of tho right of way of tho latter*, and; ho urged that there was really no necessity for tho uso of this particular portion of tho track by tho 0. A P. for tho purpose of entering or passing through Elgin. Biudo tho bill was filed in the United Stales Circuit Court, tho proceedings In the Kano County Court bavo gone to decree, a Jury having assessed the 'damages, and the case ■ became res adjudicata. Yesterday morning, Judge Drummoud delivered his decis ion on the application of Mr. Wiley, and his opinion was that Mr. Wiloy bad no right to come to tho United States , Circuit Court, under tho circumstances of tho case, and ask that tho pro ceedings of the State Court bo Interfered with.' Tho proceedings, the Court. said, aro ponding in the State Court, and to issue an injunction would be an unwarrantable interference, which no press ing necessity Justified, because'an aggrieved party would have his remedy through tho appro priate channels. The injunction was therefore refused. THE cm IN BRIEF. i Henry Sullivan was fined $5 by Justice Scully yesterday morning for carrying a pistol. On Thursday afternoon the MoYiokor nine de feated tbo nine from Aiken’s Theatre by a score of 9 to 0. Tho Board of Pnbllo Works, yesterday, lot the contract for Egan avenue bridge to Pox & Howard for $950. The Board of Managers of tho Newsboys Home will hold a mooting at 3 o'clook'this after noon, at tho offico of tho Chicago Belief and Aid Society, No. 51 LaSalle street. Tho Dean, Weatlako & Covert Base 801 l Club will play the Socials, this at tho cor ner of South Pork avouuo and Thirty-fourth street. A base ball game for tbo Junior championship of tho city was played bn Thursday afternoon between tho Blue Stocking and Social Clubs, in which tho former was victorious by 83 to 21. O. M. Morton, of Brooklyn, will preach at tbo North Bide Tabernacle, corner of Wells imd Ontario streets, to-morrow morning and evening at 10:45 and 7:15. Tho seats will bo free. A tholf named James' Carroll, was fined SIOO yesterday for assaulting and trying to rob a ped dler, W. J. Minlllno, of No. 220 Ohio Island avenuo. Pupils of tbo High School classes who woro examined for tho Normal School, on Thursday, are requested to moot at the Normal School building on Monday morning, at 9 o’clock, and. bring their singers with them. Frank Boatly, who accidentally shot little Maggie Collins, on Thursday night, was brought before Justice Scully yesterday morning. Tho ease was continued until the 21th, hi bail of SSOO. Tbo littlo girl is not seriously hurt. The Catholic societies who intend to toko port In tho procession at tho laying of tho comer stone of tho Church of tho Sacred Heart, at the corner of St. John and Lincoln streets, next Sun day, will meet at St. Patrick’s Church that after noon at l:30o’olookv yesterday morning Mrs. G. Frank, of No. 670 Archer avenuo, in attempting to light a fire by pouring koroaouo oil over somo slumbering coals, was seriously burned. Her husband was seriously burned in the bands in attempting to save hi I wife. - Tho liorabors of tho Young Mvn’s Sodality of tho Hoi y Family Church are requested to moot at their rooms, In St. Ignatius' Collego, West Twelfth street, to-morrow afternoon, at half past 1 o\ lock, intake action on business por ta Lning to 'ho laying of tho corner stone of tho Sacred Eea.'t Church. An adjourned mooting of tho Univorsalist Mia-' fiion Union will bo hold at tbo Synagogue corner of Wabash avenue and Pock court, on Sunday tbo 22d Inst., at 4 o'clock in tho evening. Tbo subject of discussion will bo “ Tbo Terms of Christian Fellowship," and addresses will bs mado by tho Rov. Dr. Rydor, Rov. Dr. Forres ter, Rot. Mr. Pullman, and Mr. A. G. Throop. Tho Board of Pablio Works Issued tho follow- Ing building permits yesterday: W. E. Docgolt,

two-story ana basement brick. 63x40 feet, Huron street, west of Wells; W.M. Turomau, two-story and basement stone front, 27x52 foot, Dearborn streer, north of Ohicago avenue; W. S. Gurney, throe-story and basement brick, 80x45 foot, South Wa.or, between Franklin and Lake. The propeller Erie is tho second of a lino of thirteen now vessels, forming tho Lake & River Line, whloh will ply between Chicago and Mon treal this season, making connection with ocean steamers, and carrying produce and passengers through in twenty-one days. The Erie loft last evening with 10,000 bushels of wheat, and a lot of Hour. Mrs. Charles Perkins, who has boon missing for some days from her residence, No. 886 Mich igan avonuo, . was found yesterday morning at the residence of Mr. Farnsworth, on Thirty-sev enth street. Bho has been suffering under an attack of temporary Insanity. Ilor friends will bo glad to know that her condition is Improved. Tho mystery in tho matter of Susan Donin, Mr. Muir, and tho SI,OOO, cleared up yesterday. An hour after tho receipt of tho money by Mr. Muir, it was legally attached at tho instance of tho Journal proprietors, to whom Miss Donin owes a little bill, and tho Treasurer thought that, under the circumstances, ho had better . freeze to tho money until legal process was had to make him surrender it. Yesterday morning , Daniel Wright was held for further examination In SI,OOO bonds by Jus tice Banyan, for stabbing Joe Lee in the ohost at a late hour on Thursday night, or Bouth Clark street. The wound is painful, but not dangerous, and was Inflicted tyith a pookot knife. Lee was the and tho stabbing woe done In self-defense. About G o’clock Inst evening a horso attached to a buggy belonging to Mr. John Froizlo, and containing two ladies and two children, took fright at tho south end of tho Lincoln Bark drive, and ran away, uutll he reached Diverey street, when ho turned on Clark ond was stopped by some men. No one was hurt and tbo ladies behaved with commendable equiulmity through out the entire trip. Ofllcor Oudmoro yoslorday afternoon found some boys' clothing on the lake shore, at tbo foot of llarrison street. Ho watched it for some hours, hoping It would bo claimed. Ho at lost took It to the Armory Station. It consisted of two hats, a pair of boots, with a pair of stocks stuck Inside, a pair of suoos, a dark-blue vest and coat, and a brown vest and coat. There was nothing in tho pookots to ludicato who tho owners wore. Tho clothing was that of boys about 10 years' old. No pants or shirts were found. It is probable tho boys wont out in a boat, or wont into bathe, and wore drowned. Tho Marshalltown (lavya) Times, of this week, contains a very flattering editorial on tho growth of Chicago since tho groat fire of IS7I. Tho article closes with tho following paragraph : “ Wo once thought there was a content between Chicago and fit. Louis, each striving to booomo the commercial emporium of the mighty North- Trout. Wo think uo no longer; It Indeed thoro lino boon olio, It la In tho pant, onil oxlntu no longer uavo In tho Imagination of aomo onllmai anllo St. I.oulnan, faintly (Ivlng away In tho damn logo of tho Lower lUßßlaalpni. Grant ami glmi oua In Chicago I and innrvoloun In tho outcqalao and novor-nay-dlo spirit of hor pooplo.” It la really a pity that every Inuno of tho Jour nal should onntaln nomo article which almdowa forth tho Infirm anil domontod condition of its local force. Yoatorday, It stated that Buporin tondont Woahburu had boon Informed by a I 01100 1100 Captain, who had boon Informed by a rollon Sergeant, that apollco ofilcor, named John Stitt, had boon stricken down with tho cbolorn. No body foil alarmed, because everybody known that tho Journal has never, since it was on Infant, given out o startling foot. Upon tnvoßUgiu -1111? tho matter, it was found that Oill cor John Btltt, of tho Huron Street Station, had .boon Buffering for aomo days from an attack of cholera morbus, but would bo ready for doty to-day. It may therefore ho stated that, notwithstanding tho herculean efforts of tho Journal and tho Tfwcs, tho cholera han not yot appeared in this city. Tho Board of Public Works hold a moot ing yoatorday afternoon, and considered tho petit ion of Mesara. Fnrwoll A 00., and others, praying for tho removal of tho “ tar factory ”on Mon roe' Blrcot, near Franklin. Tho Police Com miflßlonorfi, Dovbral Aldermen, and tho Corporation -Coniinel,- wore prosout. Iho owner of. tho establishment, Mr. Barrett, I claimed that tho Imainosß was not hazardous and I it did not endanger the Hurrouuding property. 1 After considerable diacußßlon, it was decided;to have another mooting, and in tho moantlmo got tho opinion of insurance mou as to whether tho factory is daugorouu or not. Tar 1b notmado nor distilled thoro ; tho hualnoßßdono Is aoturating felt with tar for roollng purposes. •A largo quantity of tar and pitch is kept onbaud, but Mr. Barrett offorod, If that was objection able, to reduce tho number of barrels ao oo to render a largo fire impossible. Ho baa carried on business there for twenty years aud never boon burned out, and this fact may prevent tho temporary location of tho Poet Olllco near Chorloy FarwoU’s dry goods store. Tho Flro Wardens submitted tbolr annual re port to the Board of Police yoatorday. They discovered 6,070 violations of the lire ordinance, aud received 670 complaints from citizens. They served notices as follows i To alter construc tion of buildings in course of erection, 267; to tako down dangerous structures, 6 ; walls, 10; smoko-stacks, BO; to build brick basement, 40; chimney, 2,231; to build oldranoy higher, 161; to construct shed as required by ordinance, 692 ; to construct flro-proof protection for stove, ovon I or boiler, 154; to stop erecting wooden build ings in flro limits, 079; to cease enlarging houses with wooden material, 258; to prevent wooden buildings being moved into flro limits, 40; to remove ashes, straw, Ac., from promises, 408 ; to remove explosive oils and gun powder from promises, 26 ; to remove stove-pipe from combustible material, 409 ; to repair dolap idatod building, 9; to close hatchways after 6p. m., 52 ; to repair hatchway, 12 ; to furnish ven tilation for chimney, 48; to furnish atops for chimney flue, 148; to construct flro-proof vaults for shavings at mills aud factories, 29 ; to clean foul chimney, 197 ; to remove obstructions from ‘fire hydrants, 2 ; to repair defective chimney. 14 ; to desist from building fires la streets and on promises, 2 ; to desist from locating lumber yards in fire limits, 2; miscellaneous notices, 20. Total, 6,065. NEWS PARAGRAPHS, The Detroit Common Council has passed a i stringent ordinance in regard to the blowing of steam-whistles. ...» —The most outrageous tax to which the people of San Francisco are subject is the charge for water. It is even higher than the charge for gas. . , —A clerk at Xenia, Ohio, voted himself SSO Sack pay, and they Jugged ulm quick as a wink. [o can’t understand why he hadn’t as food a right as a Congressman. —When “ beautiful young women ore found lying stone-blind drunk in the streets of Mom ihio, kind-hearted Christian gentlemen haul hem into their door-yard, ana sot thorn up against the house to sober off.” This is from the Appeal, —Tno Dundee (Scotland) Advertiser appeared in print, the Other day, on Julo paper, manufac tured almost wholly from refuse Jute-bagging. The impression is said to have boon very neat, though the paper—a defect easily remedied—was too thin and transparent. —The Dos Moines man who wore a hat hand inscribed “ Sweet potato© plants for sale," has committed suicide since ho hoard of the old Illi nois farmer who walks around tho streets of Springfield with a sign on tho seat of his pants, which roads j “ Use Brown’s patent bee-hive." —Only 135 foot of tho distance between tho shore end and lako end of tho tunnel remained last Monday and that amount has been steadily decreasing since then. It is intended to com mence pumping tho water out of tbo shore end this week, and If nothing happens to prevent tho tunnel will bo completed under a mouth’s time. —Cleveland Leader. —The Houghton (Lako Superior) Gazelle laughs at tho ado made by tho Pacific coast press over tho gold-yield of mines, sot down at $1 600 to $2,000 per day, whilst tho Calumet and Hecla Copper Minos, in tho neighborhood of Houghton, last montu produced $20,000 worth of copper per day, and still keeps up that rate. —How is this for high in tho “cool North?" Tho Houghton (Lako Superior) Mining Gazelle says that on tlio Bth iust. tho mercury there reached ninety in tho shade, and tho mosquitoes were lively, full-voiced, and more than nuraor ona. On the same day there was Ice enough in Marquette bay to interfere with tho progroaa of a steamer. —Grading out in California, in tho San Diego country, must bo exciting business. Tim TFbWd, of San Diego, mentions an instance whore tho workmen grading for a railway near that oity, came upon a colony Thcso ven omous spiders attacked tho Irishmen and actu ally drove tho men into tho water, tho only sofo retreat against those animals. —Newspapers think it strange that tho Mobile and Ohio lload has had such wonderful im- mimlty from fatal accidents. The roueon is plain. Its trains can't do mischief. If tboy leave tbo track there aro no embankments to descend. It traverses a level plain, from tbo Mississippi to Mobilo Buy, which wili become, in future years, tho choicest abiding place of civilized man. It is now given’over in part to tho domination of savages, and districts along its route, naturally most attractive, aro half desolate. —A curious presentiment is mentioned in con nection with the drowning of three school boys at Norwalk, Conn., Juno 7. The day before the accident, Dr. Days, an assistant teacher, re marked to a follow-toaohor :• “ I have dreamed two nights In succession that throe of our boys wore drowned. It Js very foolish to speak of it, hat somehow it haunts mo, and plcaso have a care to tho boys when on tho water." When Charley White, tho first boy who reached tho houso after tho accident, came in drenched with water, tho Doctor exclaimed : “ How bad is It ? who is drowned ?" and fell fainting into White's arms. —Tho young man on tho Indianapolis Journal who wrote this will soon graduate if ho keeps on: A strange story came to tho ears of a re porter for the Journal , a few days since, which Is vouched for by several well-known prominent citizens who are cognizant of tbo foots. A Mr. James Shepherd lost his right foot at tbo ankle joint some months ago, by a railroad accident. While amputation was being performed, a pot female dog watched tho operation closely, and Boomed in great distress that her master should puffer so. Afterwards tho dog gave birth to a HUor of puppies, every one of which was horn with tho right fore foot, just at tho auklo, miss ing. GENERAL NOTICES. OAR ID- O'Oounor A Baynes, auouobHura to O'Connor, Baynea A Nauchton, givo notlco tliat they will not bo responsible for debt ■ coutrnotod by I’atrlok Nangbtou, late of O’Uon nor, Baynes it NaughUm, anld firm having dissolved part nership Uth Inst. Also, that said Patrick Naughton has nuati* horlly to collect uny money In tho nanmnfthn lato or linn. Q’CONNOU A BAYNKS. SALVE. All KitfUt Salve for Duma, Bolls, CORNS! £6 coni* a bo». DR. RTKPIIRNS. 1M Dnarborn-at. WIRE WINDOW SCREENS, 17 n cts. per sa. poo l / O|J Fur Wulmit-friunoil Screens; 2f>ote. for Alaliv r> D Q Flower Stands, wholesale ami retail, and Jflß kimUuf Wire Work. 1008 SMITH A lUIUKART. UU B5 OLARK-ST. SCALES. -ter FA IK BANKS* ¥r-Tl STANDARD | 4 SCALES < .l OF ALL BIZKS. ui and m lakk-bt. AMUSEMENTS. AIKEN’S THEATRE. Cool and Comfortable IN Tlin HOTTEST WEATHER. The Dost Ventilated Tboatro In America. A Cool Draft from Krory Rich. Lighted by Chemical Procesi. No lllnalng to Honttho Almoiphoro* No Tana Noooannry. GICA NT> HATINEIQ TO-DAY I The Groat Spectacular Opera, BO3LaOE3i Tbla Afternoon and Kronlng. Tho PorßOrn, Knasell, and all (ho Htara appear. MoYIOKER’S THEATRE. MONDAY EVENING, Juno 10, and until further no loo, tlio brilliant young nrtlflto, ; ipg: a.ti o Fritoam, In » now ami l«r IfIIKUBMO BX.A3DB O’ GRASS 1 nimlo 0’ Urns*, | Ml-<n I.ti'iy, I Kliui" KoltZj I Lucy ftQ( j or )g|nal Sonfffl and Donees. MTMatlnoo flalortlay at a p. m. .KATIE PUTNAM. NISON’S AMPHITHEATRE, Oommenclog MONDAY, Jane 10. Saturday MatJnoo. lAI WAGNER’S MINSTRELS. J. 11. IIAVERLY. WITH 2i POPULAR, ARTISTS! u 8 imiIiLIANT oonrp.niANSi •;,k , - G TALIiNTHO VOCALISTS Ami Full Jtrnn* Hand. rricosasnauhl. Reserved Seats on said at For 01800. HOOLEY'S THEATRE, This (Saturday) afternoon and night, positively tho last performances of the beautiful Society Comedy, GAME OF LOVE, Embracing the entire strength of tho Mammoth Company. Monday, Juno 23,- first appearance of Mr. Bhf.VIL RYAJN, who has been expressly engaged to Immnnouato his groat character, "llccles,** In Robertson's favorite society drama. OASTIS. Also, first appearance of Mis; SUSAN DKNINni tho '' Miss SYDNEY COWKLL ns Polly Ecclcs, Mr. 0150. GIDDENSasSam Porridge, their original oharnctora. MYERS’ OPERA HOUSE. LAST GBAUD MATINBB AND LAST Jsria-HT on Moran & Manning’s Minstrels, Tills (Saturday) Evening, June 21* Don't fail to sco them. It is positively their LAST AP PEARANCE. A Branil Programme tor Mr Closing Perfomance. . ACADEMY OF MUSIO. An entire change of BUI, and first appearance of MISS MINNIE LODER, MIRR ANNIE YEA MANS, LITTLE JENNIE YEA MANS, and the Now Drama, O O 2 Matinee—WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY OCEAN NAVIGATION. Immlir Soiling from Now York far Queenstown and Liverpool every Saturday, and for Loudon direct every fortnight. Mil Passage SBO, S9O, anil SIOO Currency. Excursion Tickets at favorable reton. Intending pon sougOra should make oari^apgUcatlonforbortha. PropaM BteCTafo\ickujU’fruin Liverpool/ QaeonsfowD, Londonderry, Glasgow, Card Iff, Bristol, or London, SBI.OO Cn pa«cngore booked to or from Gorman and Scandina vian polme at low rates. , , ...... The Steamships of this lino aro tho largest in tho trade. Drafts on Great Britain, Ireland, and tho Continent. * WILLIAM HACALTSTER, Oen'l Woatern Agent, Northeast corner Clark and Bandolph-sts. (opposite now Sherman Bouse), Chicago. BUNAED MAIL LINE. ESTABLISHED 1840. Steam Between Now York, Boston, and Liverpool. FIIOM NBW YQIIK. Ratavla Juno 311 Java July 3 Russia Juno 35 Partbla July 5 Calabria June S3l Cuba July 9 And from Uosto every Tuesday. Cabin Fustmue, SSO, Excursion Tickets at Reduced Ratos. Steerage Passage. S3O currency. Passengers and freight booked to and from all parts of Eoropo at lowest rates. BlghtDraftson Grcoi Hrllaln. Ireland, and thaContinent. • P, 11. DU VERNIiT, Gon’l Wost’n Agont. N. W. cor. Clark and Itandolub-Hts. FOE, EUROPE. miMUffl ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. Will sail from Now York ns lollows: CITY OF BRISTOL Thursday. Juno 19. I P. M. CITY OF BROOKLYN... ....Saturday, Juno SI, 2 P. M. CITY OF WASHINGTON. .Thursday, Juno 2b. 7 A. M. CITY OF ANTWERP Saturday, June 28, 8 A. M. And each succeeding SATURDAY and THURSDAY, from Pier No. 45, North River. Gubin Ptuitago, S7O anil 800 Gold. Stowage, to British Ports SBO.OO Currency. Round Trip Tickets at Reduced Kates. SIGHT PIIAFFS tor .alo at lot. rate.. FRANCIS C. BROWN, General Western Agent, 32 South Glark-st., corner Xittko. STATE LINE. new ooa " l,t - These elegant now steamers will sail from State Lino Pier, Fulton Forty. Brooklyn, N. Y, as follows: VIRGINIA, 2,500 tons Wednesday, Juno 25. ALABAMA .Wodnosday, July 23. PENNSYLVANIA, 3,600 tons Wednesday, July 23. GEORGIA Wednesday, Aug. 6, Fortnightly thereafter. AUSTIN BALDWIN A CO.. Agents, 73 Broadway, N. Y. SAMPLE A HARGIS, Asonts, Cor. of Canal aud West Madlson-sUi., Chicago. Sailing twice a week from New York, and carrying pas* Bongors wall parts of Great Britain, Ireland, Coutlinntal Kuropo, and lira Mo.iitorranean. Cabin from $65; Siour ago, British aud Ivlsb ports east, S3O; west, sw. Conti* Ddutnl ports baino as other regular lines. All payablo In U. 8. currency. Apply for full information at tho Com pany’s otllouß, No. 7 Bowling Qroon. Now York, and N. E. owner LaSalleand Madlson-sts., Chicago. ttfutderbON BBOTHER3, Agenta. NEW TOEK TO OAEDIFF, . BRISTOL, LONDON, And all Other Points in England and Wales, Tbo South Waloa Atlantic Steamship Company’* now first-olaas Steamships will flail from I’onnajlvanla lUU road Wharf. Joraoy Oily: PKMBUOKK (JLAMOfIOAN Tbflso steamships, built oxprosily for tho trade, aro pro vided with all tho latest improvomonta for tho comfort and oauin'and steebaoe passenqees. Rocond o.bln g oarroncy Htoorogo SOourronoy Prepaid kteorago certificates from Oarultf .....SBV Drafts for XI and upwards. , _ __ For further particulars, apply In Cardiff, at tho Cpm uauVs Offices, No. 1 Dock Chambers, aud In Now York to AItdIUBALD UAXTEB i 00., Ascmt;, No. 17 Broadway. MISCELLANEOUS. BARLOWS INDIGO BLUE Is tno cheapest and boat artlolo In tbo market for BLUE* ING CLOTHES, The gonuluoliasboth Barlow's and wlltborgers names on (ho label, and la putunot TVlUhorgor’B Drug Store, NO. 18. N.,tk S pnjprlslor -IZT For sale by Orooura and Druggist*. WILLIAM A. HARRIS, Provtdsnco, U. L, Builder of tho HARRIS-00RLISS ENGINE, With Harris' Patented Improvements. Bend for Circu lars. - TUo Urnic.ll.m nir(!.iiiHin il>ll.' J.TVnnt- Ihk. «ml llullßo.tiuu, »ro B»™ry .t “'"".f,,( “SJ'™ S Uimil.Um aadlWnutln., UgSlMl J r A° It. siiootul .uuly Ui.tlly t i«t 111. '• ‘LA K. markable maimer, appetite, iiroiigin, and weight mark on each bottle. SUMMER RESORT. GBEEnSTBRIBB WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, West Virginia, Fomoiw for tlioir Alterative Waters and Fnsli iimnlilo IWronoßO, nro Now Open. Tlmjnro3,UOOlootolwvo 1 lilo wflor. : entire ire. : lluf fniiii imulrnllnn Mmimpr lionl. SS?°SI tnmlaUnjr 2,000 portoim. Oliargoa, s3.W)por (iVi P of i 10 ntllua from tun Wlilto, known for tliolr Norvlno Touk* Wntora and buttling ndvanUfrcH. # Wlilto Hulplnir Water kept noro for Ibo mo of rlutorfl without extra obnrfto. • 'l'ho route to tboiu Kprlnan from fill point* In tlio Weal will bo to Cincinnati by mils tUonon by Jlral-clcms pftpknt- , boot to llntilinidon (i(so mlloM, j*ml tbonco bylboChoßO* ponko A Ohio Hailrond to tho White Hnlpliur. Pamphlet oru bo had for both watering places at tii» | ofllco, Mid also Rltbo drug Mnren of.Vim Hcliaack, oi»» Tomoo 4 Hold, aud Onlo A Ilhiokl, Chicago, 111. n.VTKH! "Whllo Buhiliur, per <lny. ijtJ.ftO; vrook, s2l; month, sßs* Hvroot Uhaljliunto, ppruiiy, S3; month, 87(1, For llokotn, apply to Tiokot Agnnt, Union Dopot. GIiOUOIS li. I'EYTON 1 0 3 BALTIMORE AMD OHIO RAILROAD COMPARTS DEER PARK HOTEL, Qarrott County, Moryland. A delightful summer retreat In the Alleghany Moun tains, twenty-eight hundred (eot nuovo Udo water, will In ready forgucsts duly I, 1873. Howling Alloys, Hilliard Rooms. Oroauot and Quoit Oronnds, Hoarding and Liv ery Stables, uaths-tmt. enld. and shower. A llrst-clnu# orcboslra connected wltn tho liotisa. * Terms, #3pordayt S3O per week; S7B per month. Spo clal tnniiß mndo with families for longer porhidH. Child. ton under t«i years of ago and mirw*. half price. Round trip excursion tickets good till October Jl, at re* duood ratoa, for particulars, address «-™RTirv H, M. KIPJoLISY. GonT Manager Ilntols D.AO. R.R.O».,CumbcrlandjHd. .Manager. ROOKY POINT HOTEL, KHODK ISLAND. SEASON OF 1873. On tlio European 3’liiu. ThiswolLknnwn and popular Summer Resort ell noted on NurragannoU Uay.botwooD thffXllloflof Providence and Newport, will ho open for thq roooptlon of guest* Juno 2ft. To moot the growing demands of tlio public, the capacity of tbo liouso has been Increased sinco last season, by thi addition of anumbor of rooms, nil largo, airy, and nowly. furnished. A now Restaurant of an Increased seating oa> pnclty has also boon added. Right, steamboats a day frois Providence and Newport. For tnformntlnn In regard U terms, 010., address CITY lIOTHL. I>r,, ;Jd2S co *• ' 1,. H. HUMPHREYS, Prop. “ISLES OP SHOALS.” THB OCEANIC, ST-AJK. XSXi-AJKTD, Tlils new anil elegant Ilotnl will open Jnly I, 1873, with ample accommodations fur live hundred guests. Tuo location, scenery, climate, and facilities for boat* Ing, bathing, and Uahlug aro unsurpassed. A ilret-clasa physician will be connected with tho house. Transient Board, W-M to S4,(W por day. Weekly Hoard. $3.00 to $3.60 per day. Monthly Hoard. £3.60 to $3.00 nor day. , _ Communlcatiimt, until dime 20. may bu addressed to F, W. HILTON, 80x5120, Boston, Mass.; after tbahdale U Star Island, Isles of Shoals, N. 11. \ FRANK W. HILTON. Manogpr.__ RAILROAD TIME TABLE. ARRIVAL AHD DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. Summer Arrangement. Explanation or RrvKiiKNcr. .Marks.— t Baturdayex* copied. * Sunday oxooptod. l Monday oxcoptod. I Ar rive Sunday at8;00a. m. (Dully. MICHIGAN CENTRAL & GREAT WESTERN RAILROADS Depot, foot (if Lake it., and foot oj' Tttenty-teeomUit, Heket after, 67 Clark it,, luiithemt corner Of Jlandolpn, ami 76 ranaf-rt., center of iladtion. I Leant, Arrive, * 6:00 a m. • 8:18 p. m. • !*:00a. m. * 8:«|p. f B:3m p. in. flo:*2oa. ra. i 5:15 P. m. 4 H;00a. m. Night Express |t*fl:oop.m. t* (IRANI) HAVLDO AND PEHTWATEH. Morning Express P,oon. m. 8:00 p. ro Night Expros I t»tU> P. n>. *6:ooa. m. CHICAGO & ALTON RAILROAD. Chicago, Alton «£• it. Louis Through Lins, am hfo.) nete short routs from Chicago to Kansas C Depot, West Side, near MndUon-tt. bridge. gt. Leals A Springfield Express, via Main Lino Kansas City East Express, via Jacksonville, 111., and Louisi ana, Mo Wonona, Laoon, Washington Ex proas (Western Division.) Joliot A Dwight Acoomo'untinn. Bt. Lonls A Springfield Lightning Exprose, via Main Line, mid also via Jacksonville Division Kansas City Express, via Jack sonville, 111., A Louisiana, Mo.. JofTorson City Express Poorlo, Keokuk A Durl’n Ex UDally. via Main Lino, and dal Jacksonville Division. 11 Daily. 1 oxccpt Monday, via Jacksonville . CHICAGO. MILWAUKEE & SI Union Depot, corner Madison mid 63 South Clarhtt,, opposite Sherm Arrive. Milwaukee, Bt. Paul A Mlnnoap* • ' . t( . oils Day Express 9:30 a. m. 16:60 a. ra. Milwaukee A Prairie da Chlon Mall aud Kinross *6: oop, ni. *ll:00a. m. Milwaukee. St, Paul AMlnncap- .... oHiWight Express . t9:3op. m. ”4:15 p. m. ' CHICAGO. BURLINGTON OtOUINGY BAILROAD. Denote—Foot of Lake-tl., Indiana-at., and Sixleeuth**t„ and Omni and Sixteenth-st*. Ticket office* in UrOjgt Jlotue, A’o. 59 Clark-tt., and at depot*. Leave, Arrive. Mail * 7:15 a. iu. * 4.15 p. in. Ottawa and olroator Passenger.. 7:45 a. ra. 8:00 p. in. Dubnouo and Sioux Oily Exp.... •9:10 a. iu. 2:18 p. m» PncHic Past. Lino •WsOOa. ra. • 8:16 p m. Galeflburgd’aßßangor. 9 S A^ P * m ‘ • § : « p * I5 1 Mondotn A Ottawa Passenger... • 4:20 p. m. * 0:55 a. m. Aurora Passenger 1:45 p. 1,1 • - § : J* a * Aurora Passenger 0 s 2S **• m * Sr-* !?• Aurora Passenger (Sunday) , JWp. in. 2b£i a * *?* Dubuque A Sioux City Exp + 9-00 p. m. s7:oob. ta Pacllio Night Kxpro 'R:(Wp* m. i 8:00*. JJJ Downer's Grove Accommodation *11:00 r. ra. 6.«iop. to Downer’s Provo Accommodation * 6:15 p. ra. 7:laa. in ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. Drvotfootqf tAike-rt. and foot of T*re.nty*teond*t. Tick* office*, 121 Randolph**!., neur Vlnrk. Leave. Arrive. St. Lout.Exprc.l : 2 : S p - “■ St. Uml.Ka.t Lino t S:lsp. m. • Msa. ra Cairo Mall * «®a. “• : I’ffil 1 ' '? Cairo Express t Bslsp. ra. 7:.>5a. tit Springfield Express .giyoa. m * • 4 : 'J5 P * Knrlncrllpld Kxurca5............... t B:l5p. in. 7:5»i a. in. Dubuquotl 1 Sioux Oily Hx • 9:lfia. in. • SdOp. ra. Dubuque A Sioux City Ex t 9:00 p. in. t 7:Wa. ra. Kltingiram Ikuaougor * P:lsp* in. g:2op. ,a * Kankakee Passenger Ml;l0p. m. 9:20 ft. in. Hyde Park and Oak Woods * 6:10 a. m. 6:43 a. ra. llydo Patkand Oak Woods * 7:10 a. m. 7:16 a. m. Hyde Park and Oak Woods 5 9:00». m. 8:10 a. ,n * Hyde Park and Oak Woods {13:10 p. m. 9:20 a. m. Hydo Park and Oak Wood * 8:00 p. ra. }10:.W». m. llydo Park aurt OakWooda * 4:30 p. ra. | l:l6p. ra Hydo Park and Oak Woods ..I* 5:15 p. ra. 6:10 p. ra. llydo Park and Oak Woods I* 6:l0p. in. * 6:66 P* ra. llydo Park ami Oak Woods 1*11:111 p. in. I 7:40 p. m. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN RAILROAD. City office*, renter Jlandolph and LaSalie-tt*,, and 75 CanaL *t., comer Maditou-tt. Ltav*. Arrive. Paolflo Fast Lino ‘10:15 a. m. • B:]8p. m. Dubunuo Day Hi. via Clinton.,.. 1U:15 a. m. 3:15 p. in. Pacllio t10:46p. ra. *6:30.0. m. Dubuque Night Ex. via Cllnlou.. ld:4op. ra. BuW a. m. FreeportA DubuqueExpress • 9:16 a. m. * 9:00 p. m. Freeport A Dubuque Express • 9:15 p. m. 6:16 a. m. Milwaukee Mall .' • 8:00 a. m. *10:15 a.ra. Mllwaukoo Express * 9:30 a. ra. 4:00 p. m. Milwaukee Passenger... • 5:00 p. in. • 7:Wp. m. Milwaukee Passougor (dally) {11:00 p. ra. {5:00 a. in. Preen Say Express 9:40 a. m. 1 7:00 p. m. St. Paul Express *10:10 a. m. 4.00 p. m« Maruuotto Express * 9:00 p. ra. 6:60 a. m. St. Paul t9:30 p. ra. t6:2oa. ra. CHICAGO. ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC RAILROAD. Depot. comer of Uarrltnn awl Shermanite, TiekM office, 33 Wml MudUon-tt, Omaha, Leavatiw’tUAAlohUmi Isx Peru Accommodation Night Kipress.,... Leavenworth A Atchison I£ipro«» LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SO Dejiol, Von Uuren~»t„ foot of £« norfmreet corner Clarh ami Ham corner t'unul and MadUoiftte. „May2B .June 18 Express Aoeom. via Main Lino.. Mall, via Air Lino amt Main Lino Special New York Express, via Air Lino . Atlantic Express. via Air Uuo.. Night Express, via Main Line.... Klkliart Accommodation,.. South Chicago Accommodation.. PITTSBURGH. FORT WATNE & Day Kinross.... Pacific Express. VtthiarMßO^Acc'oVnVnudatiun. CHICAGO & PACIFIC RAILROAD. (OPI’H TO J'SLCIIN.) . „ JJtvot comer HaUled and Xorth nraurh-til. Otncral cjU 4 Id Velrovolitim Jltork, comer llawMph and Elgin Accommodation,. Silver Park Accommodation. Hlvur' Park Accommodation. CHICAGO. INDIANAPOLIS & CINCINNATI THROUGH LINE. VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. /Vom (As Great Central Hallrowt Depot, foot v //»*«•«. for through ticket! ami tltei>(ng’Car htrlh* QPPjff at nu * tieio Uditt office. 191, near comer Clark, 7ft CVirint.*!., corner Mailhonf W ia.S-i (!«•<(., earner UusA* injton; aha jwd <\f' I\cenlU’iecond-4t, Loavo Ghleuffn .. , Arrive at IndUnapuUs Arrive at Cincinnati Trains arrive nt Chicago at 7:57 a. m., 8:33 a. in., and 7:40 p. m. Only lino running Saturday night train to In* diauapolifl and Cincinnati. South End passenger* oan gel baggage chocked aud take train at 'fwenty-aocond-at. Depot. fORTH, C«r Atfcat. HENRY 0. WENTW( General Pastoug* (1 Louisian'S Ciljf. Union Arrive, Leave, * 8:10 p. m. • 9:15 a. m. 1 8:10 p. m. * 9:15 a. m. • 8:10 p. m. * 8:40 a. m. * 4:10 p. m. * 4:10 p. m. U7:30 p. m. U9rfWp. m. 117:30 a. m. H7:20 a. m. * 8:10 p. m 119:00 p, m. H9;oop. to. • 9:00r. to. ilurday, via o, and daily illy.oxcopt Ha via Mala Ltni Division, ULWAY. PAUL Rfl 7anaf-s(s.; n Mouse, at Ticket Qflr% nd at Depot. Arrive, I, rate. • 3:16 p. m. • 9:10 a. ra; 1 7:00 a. tn. I 7:00 a m. *111:15 a. m. • 6:00 p. m. tlOtfUp. in. 110:00 p.m. ULROAD. lUTHERN R, aS<(ll»-*l. T {ektl often. mi toul/iireil a> Arrirs. fl.EBp. m. 9:00 p. m. S:fti». m. • G:4oa. m. • 8;00p. m. 8:00 a. m, *1 (5:110 a. in. « 11:55 a. m. |:tiO p. m. • (»:00a. m. 5:15 p. m. •19:00 p. in. • 5:10 p. m. 19:00 m. lAILROAD. CHICAGO RJ Arrive. ; 7:30 p. m. t 6:1X1 a. m. I*8:00a. m. 1 (s:lft p. in. ' tt:Ul u. ni. * >l;{<oa. m. {5:10 p. in. t»9:00p. m. * 4:65 a, in. * 8:40 p. m. Arrive. Iwn, DrUlp.m. 9:30 a.m. 0:15 a.m. 10: Ma.m. 1:81 p.m. ■ 0:50 a. in. S P;tßp. m. * 6:10 p. m. I 6.00 a. in. *10:30 p. m. {10:00 a. m. \ 1

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