Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 21, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 21, 1873 Page 6
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MONEY AND COMMERCE MONETARY. • * riUDAT Evening, Juno SO, . Tho groat feature in local (rado and finance, to- Way, wan the panic and decline in prices of corn, Wheat, and provisions. In fact, there was a gen eral orach in prices of nearly oil kinds of pro ducts dealt In in this market. Tho aggregate loss will bo very largo, though bnt a small portion of it will fall in this city. Perhaps the heaviest bosses are In pork, which bos been hold np by 'speculation—at a much higher price than, justi fied by the prices of hogs—over since last win 'tor. Most of tho Chicago dealers have believed ifor some time that pork was too high, and have Skept clear of it. Tho Chicago packers sold out {months ago. They mado a largo profit <ou 'tholr winter operations, and the moafei of ihom bavo kept it. As for com, there is touch an enormous stock of it hero, that eVcn if 3fc had not begun to heat in tho elevators tbo Overstocked condition of tho market would bavo taausod a break-down in prices before long. -Nearly two months ago, wo tried to Impress uj>on ■country groin-dealers tho prudence of bolding /back iboir com, and not sending tholr whole {available surplus to market like an avalanche- With the almost certain prospect that this stun, ’mor's crop of com will not ho much if any 'greater than ouo-half of last year’s crop, It wdnld • seem there was no occasion for the Inconsider ate haste In marketing tho com on hand. Tho decline which it has caused cannot fall to be a |eorious loss to tho whole West, though ultlmate = ly it will be of some benefit, because It trill put, corn down to a price that will leave the farmer 1 absolutely nothing above tho cost of transpprta \ ion. This will stop receipts, and will oblige fann ers to keep their oom at home until the progress fof tho season shall show there is not such an enormous surplus In tho country as most people .Imagine. . . Money continues easy la ibis market. Ap proved borrowers got all they want at tho banks at 10 per cent, and in some cases at loss. Wo notice that ihe practice of lending between banks Is increasing, the loan being ooknowl ■ edged sometimes by a cashier's check, and sometimes by a certificate of de posit bearing interest at from 6to G per cent per annum. This is certainly bettor than sending it off to New York, whore ’ they give only 4 per cent. Besides, it keeps tho •money boro. • Now York exchange was firmer to-day, and sold at 250 nor SI,OOO discount. The death of Mr. Horace F. Clark, almost at tho very moment of tho culmination of his long contemplated plans for tho most extensive rail road consolidation on this continent, has caused a profound sensation In financial and business circles. It was only yester day wo announced tho election of Mr. Albert Keep, of Chicago, te tho Presidency of the Chicago & Northwestern Ballrood. ' This election was acknowledged among railroad men as conclusive evidence that tho Northwestern Company and its nearly 1,300 miles of toads radiating from this city to every port of tho Northwest had passed into tho control of the . “ Vanderbilt party.” Only last evening tho tele 'graph announced from San Francisco that tho sale of tho Huntington and Hopkins, interest In tho Central Pacific Ballrood bod been, consum mated, it being understood that tho purchasers were the “Vanderbilt party.” lit. Clark was already President of tho Lake Shore Road from* Buffalo to Chicago, and . also of tho Union Pacific from Omaha to Ogdon. Tho Hudson River ond Now York.Cen tral are almost owned by Mr. Clark’s father-in law, Commodore Vanderbilt, whose name bos become tho conventional title of a powerful com bination of money interests, tbo operations of • which, for several years past, have boon mainly In accordance with tho comprehensive plans and successful financiering of Mr. Clark. Commo dore Vanderbilt was too old to take an active leadership in railroadraanogoment, or to venture ,0b any new voyages ou tho turbulent sea of Wall •street speculation, but Mr. Clark bod success fully piloted the Vanderbilt interests-orouud Its dangerous shoals for some years past. Notwithstanding tho personal- animosity between Commodore Vanderbilt ond Jay Gould, Mr. Clark bad managed to harmonize their In terests, and to make Gould, who really con trolled tho Northwestern, satisfied with tbo combination of the five groat linos, viz • tho Hudson River & Now York Central, tho Lake Shore, the Northwestern, tho Union Pacific, and tho Central Pacific. The object to which Mr. Clark directed bis ambition was to bo President of one grand lino of railway 8,800 miles long, from Now York to San Francisco, and, though tho details of tho plan by which it was to bo accomplished may now never bo known, it ia believed this would soon have been. Tho prize, iu fact, was just within his grasp when his outrcachod hand to take it was par ulyzed by death. Those who profess to know something of the capacity of all the loading members of tho Van derbilt party doubt if there is another man who can take Mr. Clark’s place and carry out his plans. This doubt, however, is usual at tho death of any prominent man in any department of Hfo. Experience shows that aomo man, be fore unknown, always comes to tho surface, and we soon wonder that dead magnates over monop olized tmblio attention to so groat an extent. As for the stocks of tbo roads in which My, Clark was so greatly interested, there has been nothing like the decline that might have boon expected. Union Pacific, which would have been benefited tho most by the combination outlined above, fell per cent, Tho other stocks wore affected but little. LOCAL STOCK AND BON'D MARKET. Messrs. Lunt, Preston «t Kean quote aa fol fows this p. m.: Buying. Silling. H6,v ....ll."t>i 1165? 6-20sof *O2. 6-20)1 of *64. B-20s»of ’OS . 11CV 5-20 a of '65, Jan. and July 110 s*2oa of ’O7, Jan, and July, 120 V 0-20s of *O9, Jan. and July 119 v 10-408...,/. :...::.:::::iiSj| U. 8,6s (new Issue) ...113Y Gold (full weight) UiJi Gold Coupons,. m r? Gold Exchange ; \ Sterling Exchange ’ Northern Tadflo Gold Chicago Oily 7b Cook County 7e Jiliaola County and Township 10s. MMERCIAL. Friday Evening, Juno 20. 'wo tho receipts andshlpmonta ticloa of produce In Chicago iToniy-four hours, and for the to one year ago: Tho following tv of the loading art during tho past tw corresponding dati UCCEIPTS, 1872. 1873. nottr. brla 7,290 0,200 6,078 7.008 Wheat, bu 88,080 21,(510 15 028 4 273 Cora, bu 221,175 171,520 258.054 81 021 2 at «»b« 100,400 102,430 147,308 141201 JJye, bu 4,070 7co 350 aw Barley, bn 760 2,250 1,200 1.200 Grans seed, lbs 11,080 27,340 .... Flaxseed, lbs 2,700 30,700 '* , Broom-corn, 1b5.,.. 27,000 10,800 23,700 **24.'so6 Cured meats, 1b5.... 88,370 51,120 341,860 897.680 Bcef.brls CO *M Pork, brla 1 9,37 aB3 Bard, lbs 31,100 7,000| 100,392 83,500 Tallow, lbs 10,074 63,300 04,755 1,000 Butter, lbs 70,042 88,140| 20,070 147,007 Live hogs, No. 11,819 0,332 9,407 10,889 Cattle, N0.,.s 3,075 2,553 1,311 -1 804 Sheep, No 1,347 1,107 Hides, lbs 110,813 152,248 85,848 61,000 Hlghwlnes, brls..,. 50 344 800 357 Wool, lbs 349,241 90,940 67,091 859,711 Potatoes, bu 3,503 1,340 690 800 Lumber, m feet.... 3,928 7,721 8.340 9814 Shingles, m. 2,700 2,880 1,179 8 323 Lath, m 103 C 95 429 123 Balt, brlfl 3,200 1,032 1,310 "Withdrawn from atoro y flomptlon: 3,377 bu -wheat ■oatorday for oil ;; 8,005 bu com ; l>u oats ; I,OCO ba rye; 409 bu barley. The following grain bas been inspected into store, this morning, np to 10 o’clock • 221 oars wheat; 651 oars com; .6,800 bn No. 2do and 5,700 bn rejected do by canal; 08 cars oats; 0 cars rye ; I car barloy. Total (860 oars), 330,- 000 ba. It is stated that tho pressure' on some of onr Western linos is so groat, aud expected to be so groat, that orders have boon issued to the effect that passenger Crains must yield tho right of way to freight trains. Iloeeipts of grain will in* crease, from present appearances. Tho thrash ing-machine has taken a new lease of life in Minnesota, and wheat is being made ready for market in immense quantities. Corn, too, will come forward iu large volume, if only that which has been sold to arrive. A car-load of no grade com was sold In this market yesterday for $08.75, tho freight charges on which were 670.00, to say nothing of com missions. Tho shipper will lose 80.00 to 87.00, iu addition to tho first cost of the com. ’ The com question is really a serious one; 270 per bu, or a little less than per tb bore, for good oora, lo.voa but lltllo to : tbo country nhlp por, rrhilo on tho Ipwor, gnulbn it in oven uorno. And tbo wbolo thing, no illnnotroun to tho onllro Northwost. la nllogothor unnooommry. A drop of Ho nor bu, or nearly 00 dor'Donl, hnn Onellod upon tbo cry of hotborh, whloh.ougLt novor to bavo boon ralood nt nil. Wo do not mono to ony that thorohns boon nb Lot corn in onr elevators, but wo do assort that It-baa no business there, unless in very exceptional seasons—much vroreo than tbo proaout one, A man. or sot of men, bavo no right to roceiro grain for storage, charging ft good round sum Uiorofor, and throw that grain Into big bine to sweat and rot, while they stand round and laugh, without ftltomptlng to avert tho ovil. They owo It to tho community to tako ■ aa good caro of tho grain committed to their keeping aa they would if it were their own property; : They say they cannot prevent grain from heat ing. They certainly do not, nor do they try. .we hod one grain dryer In . the city before tbo fire. Wo Lave nemo now, ao far aa known.' But there ought to bo a drying apparatus to every elevator; and the groin is not safe unless stored in a place which baa some each apparatus at baud, any more ibau property would be safe lu a city, which had no water sup ply and uo fire department, A little treatment with hot < air is all that ia noooaeary to put ggfla in good order and to keep it there. But ln!B£ nraon as that might carry oil a fow particles of dust, nud would toko away tho superfluous mois ture, and thus slightly decrease the weight, there is little hope that our warehousemen will do their dutv, except upon oompdlslon. The only way, then, to deal with tho question ia to make the warehousemen responsible for tho condition of the grain committed to their keep ing. If they wore obliged to give oat good grain on tho presentation of receipts which wore issued when good groin .was placed in store, wo should have no more erica of hot com. The warehouse men would still laugh: but tho laugh would not be at the expense of tho victims of a misplaced confidence. ■ ■ • How much of reason there la In the above ar guments lot ourrent facts decide. Tho holders of ihe grain declared out of condition in ouo elevator agreed to ship it out in concert, and it was transferred yesterday from the elevator to a vessel. 'What was tho result ? Of some 28,000 bu corn declared out of condition, not more than 1,600 ba was boated, and that not badly. ' Tho rest was os good as any No. 2 corn need bo. And for this tho commercial community has sus tained a loss of Ho per ba on 4,000,000 Em of com now in store, besides a corresponding loss on nearly another 1,000,000 received during tho past wfeok. Here Is a practical wiping out of 1,500.000 bu of com. whlon might have been averted by the prompt removal of not more than four oar loads of corn from tho building. If this is not pitiable, and disgraceful, wo do notknow the use of adjectives. . •It may bo that onr present laws, constructed by men who know nothing of the business, after long consultation with men who know loss, and a suspicious avoidance of men who do know any thing about it; those laws may not furnish tho moans of bringing to terms the men who are re sponsible for tills outrage. But the commercial community docs owo It to itself to pass upon tbo matter, and ought not to rest silent. Our grain receivers ought to hold a mooting, and in bohalf of tholr ouebred con stituents, as well ae of themselves, should take decided action in the matter, and then act after wards in a way that will show they intend never to forgot ft. At the same time, they should tako the broad ground of asserting their right to do what they will with tholr own, in tho foco of either an arbitrary State inspection system or a scarcely less injurious warehouse monopoly. Surely they have suffered enough to bo able to toll whore tho shoo pinches, and hare moral courage enough to insist upon a change of pres sure, whoa they have to pay tho shoemaker. The loading produce marmots wore steadier today, except com and pork, with ouly a mod erate amount of trading. The receipts of groin were large, and will probably continue so for the next ton days, as country holders will try to rush in as much as possible before the change in tbo rotes of transportation on Uliuois roods. Ship monte were only moderate. There was little or no ohaugo in tho situation of tho dry goods market. Tho movement, while far from being active, was fully up to the aver age of former seasons at a like period, and at the relatively low prices now current the market exhibits a tolerably firm tone. Stoplo cottons of standard make are moving with fair liberality, and are stronger tbau a fortnight ago. In tho market for staple and fancy groceries there were no important -changes. Trade shows some im provement, especially In sugars, coffees, rice, and soaps, and tho quoted prices wore more generally adhered to than at the beginning of tho week. Butter and choose wore again dull, and tbo latter dopllnod a Ko, or to 12@18o for Now York factory, and ll@l2o for Western do. No new features wore developed in tho fish mar ket. Stocks generally arc light, while of mack erel there Is a scarcity. Tbo demand continues good. Dried fruits, both foreign and dojnoatio, contiuno dull and easy, prunes being tbo only notable exception. Bafsins wore u off ” Do per box, while currants, blackberries, and cherries wore yi@ lo lower. Tho bay, hides, leather, and paper stock markets wore quoted dull. Oils and paints wore in fair request at substantially for mer rates, a decline of lo in turpentine being tho only quotable change. At the lumber-yards a fair business was trans acted at about the same range of prices. The movement is principally in common grades of lumber, and, as they are in liberal supply f prices are rather easy. Cargo lumber mot witu a mod erate demand at about tho same range of prices. Tbo trade in metals, tinners* stock, and nails continues very fair for tho season, tho market ruling steady. Iron was unchanged. Tho wool market was without special change. New is com ing in and selling to manufacturers at the quoted S rices. Seeds remain quiet and nominal, ireon fruits wero active and lemons advanced, now quoted firm at $14.00(5)15.00 per box. Strawberries wore also higher. Poultry was plentiful and dull. Eggs wore also slow and easy. Potatoes wero In good demand, and, owing to scarcity, advanced. Highwinos wore quiet and unchanged at tho recent decline, sales being reported of 150 brls at 80c per gallon, Tho igarkot closed steady, though New York wae reported cosier. Lake freights were moderately active, and daring the greater part of the session wore steady at yesterday's rates. Then a shipper bid up tho market lo on Buffalo rates, to 6><o on oom and 7o on wheat. Bates to lower lake ports wore lie on corn and 120 on wheat. Through freights to Now York wore quoted dull at 400 per 100 lbs by lake and rail. A total of 14 charters was reported, whloh will carry out 47.000 bu wheat and 370,000 bn corn. Provisions were quiet and irregular. Moss pork was early excited by tbo report that three or four St. Louis firms had failed, and the market dropped fully SI.OO per barrel, with free sellers at tho decline, and no buyers. "When dispatches from other points camo in It was found that while Now York was weakened slightly, Cincin nati was not affected, and then a demand sprung Zat tho reduction which caused an advance or from the lowest point, the market closing easier. Tho losses by tho St. Louis failures wore early reported at $050,000, but that amount was out down to about SIOO,OOO in tbo later advices received from operators in that city. Lard was dull, and fully 6o per 100 lbs lower. Moats wore nomi nally a shade easier. Tho first thought of many operators seemed to be that all products would decline severely, this being only tho beginning of a break; bat nothing was offered at a decline except pork, and that soon -strengthened whoa tbo facts in tho case became known. Tho market closed at the following range of prices: Mesa pork, cash or seller June, $14.00 f >15.00; do seller July, $15.00: do seller ugust, $18.1B@16.20; do seller September, $1u.00@10.25; do sollor December, $18.76 @14,00 ; lard, cash or sollor Juno, $8.25® 8.80 1 ; do seller July, $9.00@8.32>*; dosellor Aug ust, $8.60(3)8.60 { summer uq, $7.76. Bweotploklod hams quoted at 03*)@lljtfo. Dry salted moats quotable at 6#@o>fo fer shoulders; for short ribs {and B££@Bk'o for short clear. Boxed shoulders, B#@Mfo. English moats, sU lor short ribs for short clear. Baooa is quoted at for shoulders t OW'o for clear ribs | 9>fo for short clear, and 18@14k’o for hams, oil packed. Mesa beef, $8.76@0.0U t extra mess do, $0.78@10.00s beef hams, $27.00 @20.50, City tauow, 7%@7%0 ; greoso quotable at s)tf@Q9£o. Sales wore reported of 1,760 iris moss pork, seller July, at $15.16 : 1,000 brls do at $15.00; 500 brls do at $14.76 { 1,000 brls do, sollor August, at $15.15 ; 200 tea lard at $8.25: 750 tos do, seller July, at $8.85 (lost evening). Flour was dull «nd probobly easier. There was a better inquiry for shipment, but buyers gener ally insisted on a concession of 260 per brl. Wo cannot say if the sales effected wero made on these terms, as nearly all wore reported on p, t. Bran was steady. Bales were reported of 100 brls winter extras at $7.00; 100 brls do on pri vate terms | 100 brls spring extras at $0.60 ; 100 brls do flow) at $4.90; 2,200 brls do ou private terms ; 60 brls rye Hour at $4.00. Total, 2,050 brls. Also, 10 tons bran at $8.50 on track; 500 brls corn meal at $2.27>4'. and 200 brls do on pri vate terms. The following was the rouge of asking prices at tho close i 117 11OV 120 V 120* 112 V 1U 115 y. 115* 115 V lo9>;@uo* ioo &iut. oo* & int. 00* tint. 05^08 enil'MENTd, >v con -2,402 Fair to choice white winter extras, ~ ,$ 8.00 @IO.OO Hod winter extras 7,00 @B.OO Good to choice spring extras.. C.OO @0.75 Low to medium Minnosotos (patent), 8.00 @ll.OO Good to fancy Minnesota, 0.00 @ e.OO Spring snporflnes * $.75 @4.60 THE MABKETS. l juii. uiLiAbU PAJLIi I'KiBliiNJK; HATH HI)AY, 'JUNE 1873 nyo hour 4.06 aiiio Drnn it 8.60 0 0.00 Wheat woo quiet and dull, sometimes ataghinV but steadier, and averaged higher than , during the regular session of yesterday, though' 1 receipts wore heavy, and tho prospect Is thatjro colpta will be atilt larger, than now, The advices from Liverpool wore. conflicting, aomo quoting winter wheat higher, and private dlspatonoalrb-' porting spring wheat to bo id per 100 lbs lower. Hence there woe less disposition to trade in the early morning than usual, operators waiting.for the Now York dispatches to boo which way they interpreted, the Liverpool nows. Now York was quoted firmer, and onr market strengthened, but closed lower, In sympathy with tho later dispatches from tho seaboard. Tbo shipping demand was light, but about equal to tbo volume of offerings, as there ia not much pooh wheat on tbo market. That now hero is generally bold off either' for sbipment or In anticipation of a squeeze at tho end of' tills month, which may not come after all, as most of tho Juno deals seem to he settled up. Seller July was tho principal deal, Tbo option opobdd at $1.10.1/, declined’to sl.lO, advanced to $1.17, and declined to $1,109/ at the olose. Seller tho month sold at $1,20@1.209/ f and seller August at sUo@l.l4)/, both closingj at the Inside. SouoriJ the year was lifeless.’ No, Q spring closed at $1.20 ; No. Ido dull at $1.24>/(3>1.26 V No. Bdq at SI.OB, and' rejected do at D2o. Gash Bales wore.reported of 2,000 bu No. 1 spring at $1.25; 23,000 bu No. 2 spring (bard) at $1.22 ; 10.000 bu do at $1,211^; 27.000 bn do nt $1.21 \ 4.800 bn do at $1.20)/ t B,GOO bu do at $1.20>4; 7.200 ba No. 3 spring at $l.OB V; 800 bu do at sloßj/;; I,GOO bu do at SI.OB : 6,800 bu reject ed spring at 020. . Total 85,800 bn. Com was active, and lower, declining So on cash lots, and Vo on options for delivery after this month, under a rather heavy pressure to soli, with no encouragement to holders couched in tho advices from other points. The receipts wore again largo, and expected to bo so, at least for tho remainder of this month, as country holders are anxious to avoid tho higher tariff which will go into effect oh the Ist prox. The groat cause of weakness was, however, the fear that.u more corn would „fbfc posted with ini 'ft ' fow hours, and*» uncertainty as to whore tbo bolt would strike, though some houses wore looked upon with more favor than others. Tho market touched a lower point th&u at any previous time in twelve years, and yet holders wanted to sell, and buyers wore dif ficult to find, through fear that all the com will bo hot, and have to bo taken as regular, on re ceipts. Borne of onr shippers are making hercu lean efforts to got their com out, and It is prob able ■ that there. will bo no serious damage, no regards condition,' though. tbo pecuniary damage already wrought can scarcely bo estimated. Boiler tho month, >or regular No. 2, opened at 290, advanced to 29>/o, and foil to 270 at tho close. Seller July opened at about S2*/o, advanced to 32)/o, and sunk to 81)/o at tho close. Boiler August sold at 30 V® 87)/o, and seller September at 38c. Strictly fresh receipts closed nomiual at 32)/o, but that was when regular was weak at 290; there wore no fresh receipts sold during tho subsequent drop of 2o In regular. Gash sales were reported of 23,C00 bu No. 2at 82)/o ; 8.000 bu do nt 82540; 10.800 bu do at 82Vo ; 12,400 ba do at S2o: 3,400 bu do at 31 Vo ; 4,000 bu do at 81 Vo: 800 mi do at 31o; 1,600 bu do at 805/o ; 4-1,400 bu do at : 80o: 15,000 bu do at 2S)»/o; 15,000 bu do at 20)/o; 6,000 bu do at 20j/o; 10,000 bn do at 200 : 5,000 bu do at 28Vo : 5.000 ba do at 2SVo ; 5.000 bu do at 28Vo ; 15,000 bu do at 28o: 15,000 bu do at 270 ; 6,800 bn do at 840 afloat; 20,600 bu rejected at 27j/o i 7,200 bu do at 270 : 5,G00 budoatSlo afloat; 800 bu no grade at Qlo‘; 0,600 bu do do (part hot) at 2(jo. Total, 208,400 bu. Oats wore In good domand, and relatively steady at about tho samo average of prices of yes terday, tbo more deferred options being tho strongest. Seller July opened at 209/o, ad vanced to 27c, and doollnoa to 2G)/o at the close. Seller August sold at 20%@270, closing firm. Seller the month sold at 25%@2G0, closing at tho inside, and strictly fresh receipts cloaca at 2Gj/o. Cash sales wore reported of 5,400 bu at 2C«/o; 600 bu kb 2G%0; 12,000 buftt2oWo; 2,400 ba at 20)/o; 16,000 ba at 20c: 60,000 bu at 269/o: 8,000 bu rejected at 231/0; 10,200 bu do at 230: 2,400 bu do at 22)/o. Total, 111, GOO bu. Rye quiet and a shade firmer, GOo being bid, and 60)/o asked, all through tbo session. Sales wore reported of 1,200 bu No. 2 at 60>/o ; 8,200 at GOo ; 200 bu by sample at 621tfc. Total, 4,600 bu. ■ Barloy was dull and again quoted lower, there being such an utter absence of demand that holders Boomed willing to accept a largo roduo-' tlon. Wo quote No. 2at 50@53c, No. Bat 86(g) 400, and rejected at 25@30o—tho inside at tho Rock Island Elevator, and tho outside at the other houses. Sales wore limited to 400 bu No. 2 at 61o; 400 bu rejected at 260; 800 bu by sample at Csc ; 400 bu do at 480. Total, 2,000 bu. WUHAT IN BRITAIN. The latest received number of tho Liverpool Daily Courier contains the following : There is a good deal about tho present eoason which very disagreeably recalls tho past one. Tho tempera ture has not been high, and It has further boon subject to sharp variations from which vegetation more or loss suffered. With henceforth a ooutlnuoualy line sum mer there la acohobly nothing to prevent oor reaping an average harvest on tho breadth of wheat sown. But this breadth is generally estimated at aboat 10 per cent less than that of last year, and our domestic pro duction of wheat must bo estimated accordingly. It la not likely to exceed nine millions of quarters for consumptive purposes against possibly nine and a half In tho past season,, and this of necessity renders the question of foreign supplies a very interesting ono. At the moment tho quantity or wheat on route is— to ports of call for orders 650,000 quarters, and direct 760,000 quarters; total, 1,900,000 quarters; and of tMo quantity It is possible some portion may not reach ns before our harvest, whilst still more of it win probably be token for Continental consumption. The latter item may bo fairly put down as 100,000 quarters, and It is a somewhat remarkable circumstance that It Is for places which have boon most free in the unexpected but large and welcome export of potatoes to ns that tho demand for grain Is now most active. As regards our homo stocks, some little surprise has boon occasioned by the late liberal de liveries of farmers, as tested by the Oatetts returns. These returns have recently been of some magnitude, and If It could safely be inferred that farmers had been holding back their cropa the circum stance would bo Important, But this conclusion can not bo safely drawn In tho face of bo much and such strong concurrent evidence as wo have In contradic tion of it. There Is bat one opinion, and that is that tho stock remaining in stack or barn Is really light. Perhaps tho Gazette returns may have boon swelled owing to tho recent heavy purchases both for tho Con tinent and Ireland of home-grown wheat some what out of condition, or of Inferior quality, for which It was until lately difficult to find buyers. And it is further probable that tho buyers alluded to may have been somewhat more' careful In making the prescribed return than millers are supposed to bo, who probably regard the matter as something akin to a more form, to be attended to or not as It may happen. At any rate, farmers are not believed to hold larger reserves than usual at this time of the year, and mmors, who, so far, have kept well in hand, have lately worked freely on their stocks. Those stocks, however, are, no doubt, still respectable. The foreigu-grown grain and flour hold in England on importers* account may be estimated at about 1,000,000 quarters, which la more likely t obe over than under the mark. Add to this tho 1,200 quarters which ore advised as on tho way. and, further, tho stock held by farmers, millers, and bak ers—tho whole gives the extent of our visi ble supplies to moot the consumption of the three mouths between this and harvest. This con sumption (making allowance for tho reduction natural us fresh vegetables come Into free use) may bo esti mated at about 6,000,000 quarters, and tho large de ficiency Indicated can only bo filled up by Importations from the Atlantic States, with each assistance as Spain may bo able to render. Lately there has been some activity In tho export of wheal from New York, Mon treal, and other porta, tho shipments shaping for a few days towards 100,000 quarters a week, but no cal culation can bo fairly based on tntw exceptional activity* The conclusion is, that between this time and harvest It will tax pretty smartly tho efforts of the trade to provide for the wants of the country, and those ef forts will bo pretty much in proportion to tho prices ruling or anticipated. Tho present tendency of the different markets Is decidedly upwards, holders being everywhere firm in their pretensions. It would ap pear that tho production of wheat In this country Is gradually diminishing : if so, there Is nothing to re gret In this. The Industry of our agricultural popula tion can bo much better directed lu other ways, and the same causes which render wheat an uncertain and unprofitable crop ore highly favorable to vegetation in other forms ; more particularly to that description of food on which the preasnt margin of profit appears excessive, If a correct opinion may bo deduced from tho prceout prleo of meat. IjATEBT. In the afternoon wheat was moderately active, aud declined o. No. 2 spring sold at 81.19 V @1.19V seller the mouth, oloalug at sl.lOjZ aud Boiler July, oloalug at sl.l6>j(. Com woa active and Bold at SlK@ 3 2o seller July, closing firm at 81%0. and eellor August, tho latter closing at tho inside. Iu proyisionn solos wore reported of 500 brla moss pork at 815.00 cash, and 500 brla do at 816.10 Holler August. Lake freights woro quiet and unchanged, Tho excitement in com waa groat and several lorg© lota changed bauds. Wo note the failure of one firm, which has boon in the bufllnosa iu this city for eighteen yearn past. There is now only about 7,000 bu of the (so fori posted com now in tho city. / CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. I'uiDiy Evbhiho, Juno 20. ALCOHOL—Waa quiet and steady at $1.7831.83. hLANB AND I’hAß—Wuro quiet ondVnohanged, Choice hand-picked navies wore very scarce and brlmr i Ibices, Wo quote : Choice huud-prlubod navies. $3.70; do mediums, $3.6033.05 ; Inferior grades. $1.35 @3.00; green peas (in brie), SUO®I.6O; yellow do (in nags), $1,33. UIIOOM-OORN—Continues in good demand and firm. The stocks, eepeolally of good, com are being rapidly reduced; No. 1 hurl, 7@B#o; No, 1 stock braid, @o)4<s! N0.2 do, 4>40f50:' No'. 8 fnlldo , ’• Business oonllnttoi’slaok at about fdrmer ! quotations* .Shippers as well Muloeat thuyors 'aro ; steadily engaged, but their purchases during tho past row dkys hare boon* comparatively light, owing to ithjo extreme hot. .weather, Stock*' aro ,'fuoftly aeonnmlat ing. Wo quote • Strictly choleo: yellow, 18030 c • medium to good, 16®10o; inferior to common. 10® Mo. i • i . • , : BAGGlNG—Continues very quiet, with little or no' Variation in prices, Tho fow orders received are' being filled at -the annexed,'quotations:' Blark, .Mjtfot Ludlow,'osoJ Lewiston, 84o{ American;' 930j AmoekeAg, 82o; OttarOroek, S3Uro; burlap bags, 4 amt .0 bu,20®220; gimnlte, single. 17®16o; do double, 28 @2oot woolsacks, 650670. IIDILDING . MATERIALS—Woro unchanged. Wo quote} Stucco,s2.Bo; NewYorkatucco, oaetlng4B.6o® 4.00; Portland ooraent. $7,0007.60 per brl; Boaondalpoo*' moot, $3.2503,60; Ullco, Louisville, and Akron comfent, $2.00 nor brl; marble dust, $3.2803.00! Umo In bulk, 80c@$1.00; lime (brls), $1,1001.25 per brl; white Baud,per brl, $2.0002.50! plastering hair, per bu, 40050 c I flro brick, nor 1,000, $40.00000.00 ; build ing brick (common), $0.0007,00; eewor brick, SIO.OO ; country brick, slo.op, delivered ; Milwaukee pressed, $32.50, dob; do common, $14.00 : Itacinoproesod, $35.00 .028.00, del.; do common, $14.00; Indiana pressed, $20.00022.00; .do common, $13.00010.00; flro'clay, pop brb $1.0004.00. ! « « ■ • >: " The following Is tho list of prices per box of 60 foot lor domestic window glass, from which a reduction of 66000 per coat la made to dealers : | 1 /Vsf DoubU w ***- „ Quality, ■ 9tren<jtfu. 7xlo to Bxlo 6.75 0.00 oxl4 to 10x15 8.10 '12.00 13x18 to 10x20. 0,25 <lO 00 18x22 to 18x80 11.00 >IO.OO 30x28 to 4..; 18.00 21.00 86xC0 to 40x00 45*00 COOPERAGE—Was quiet and unchanged. Wo re peat: Pork barrels, $1.2501,85; lard tierces, $1.60 @1.70; whisky barrels, $1.0002.10; flour barrels, 480B7O! pork staves, rough, $17.00020.00; do, buck ed, $20.00 025.00 j tierce staves, rough, $20.00025.00; sawed, do buokod or sawed, $25,00028.00; whisky staves, rough, $24.00028.00; do buoked, $90.00038.00; floor staves, $8.50010.50; circle flour , heading. 70 80 per set; flour hoop poles, $14.00015.00 pox m: pork snd tlerco poles. $30.00035.00 por m, OH EES B—Tho continued downward movement of prices at the East, together With the steadily increas ing supply and tho prevalence of hot weather, makes holders anxious to realize, and the quotations— which have boon more or less freely shaded for several days post—weroltmday lowered a 340 j all mronnd, or to 1201 SO for Now York factory, and to 11013 c for Western do. ‘Wo now quote t New York factory, 13013o: Elgin factory, 120180; Ohio fac tory, 110130; western factory, ll@l2o. 1 GOAL—Wes in limited request ana was unchanged In prices. Following aro tho quotations: Lehigh lump, $11.00; prepared, $11.00; Lackawanna, $9.60: Erie, to.m; Briar Hill, 13.60; TValnnl HUIT ,0.60! Dlosatmrg, $9.00 ; Cherry Mine. $8.50; Hocking Valley, $9.00; Indiana canaol coal, $9.50; Indiana block, $8.00: Kirkland grate, $8.60; Ulnonk, $7.00; Wilming ton, $6.00. EQG&—Were In largo supply and moderate request on local account, quotable early at _ 12012j<cu Boles Include 316 caaca at 12>fo; 1,276 cases at 120. FEATHERS—Continue scarce, and prime live geese bring full prices. Dealers report a moderate trade. Wo quote: Prime to oholeo live goose feathers at 760 78o; Jobbing prices, 89V® 87o: common to fair goeso feathers, 250 60o; chicken, 608 c. FlSH—Thors is an active demand for fish, and were tho stocks in a Utile better shape the condition of the market would be eminently satisfactory. But; at tho moment, moat descriptions ore in short supply, which occasions greater or loss delays in the filling of or ders. Mackerel are, at present, virtually out of thomar kot,'and quotations are pnrely nominal. Lake fish aro steady: No. 1 white Osh,# brl. $0.0006.25; NO. 2 do, $5.75 .@O,OO ; No. 1 trout, $5.2506.60 ; No. 1 shore mack erel, 34 brl, $11.60011.76; No. 1 bay, $9,5009.75; No. 2 mackerel, V brl, $8.6008.75; No. 1 shore kits, $1.0502.00; bank codfish, per 100 lbs, $6.60 @0.75; George’s codfish, $6,6000.76; Labrador her ring, split, brls, (0.0000.60; do, 34 brl, $4.7506.00; labrador herring, round, brl, $8.0008.60; do V brl, $4.2504:60; box herring No. 1, 280300; box herring, scaled, 35®370; Columbia Elver salmon. 34 brls. SIO.OO @10.35.; FEUTTS AND NUTS—Dullness still prevails In department, And tho easy feeling noticeable for some time past is still a feature of tho market. Tho only exception is prunes, which aro a shade higher. In sympathy wlth-Now York. Eaislns, currants, block borrieo, and cherries are quoted •* off ” a trifle. Tennessee peanuts arc In Ught supply, and hove advanced 10. Wo rovlso our list: FonaoH—Dates, 834@0#c; figs, drums, U014o; flgs, box, 14)4 @10o; Turkish prunes, 1034011340; raisins; $2,260 2.95; Zanto currants, 6J4070. Domestic Aldon apples, 1702Oo; Michigan do, 007 c; Western do, 606)40; Southern do, 405o; poaches, pared, 180 20c: peaches, halves, C06)4o; do, mixed, 4)4@50; blackberries, 6)409o; raspberries, 40041 c; pitted cherries, 20022 c. Nuts—Filberts. 14016o; almonds. Tetragons, 2l®20o; Naples walnuts, 24®230;. Brazils, 0)4@10)4o; pecans, U@i2c; African peanuts, 6)4©70; Wilmington peanuts, 7@8o; Tennessee peanuts, 0 @6)40, GROCERIES—Prices woro without quotable change. Tho general market rules steadier than for a number of days post. Trade showed further signs of roturn- IngacUritj, tho improvement being more noticeable In sugars, rice, coffees, and soaps than in other articles In the list. Wo repeat our quotations of yesterday, as follows: Bi Cans Soda—7K@B#c, Coffees—Mocha, 33@33>tfe; O. Q. Java, 28028*fe; Java, No. 2, 20020X 0 i fancy Bio, 24«®24>i0; choice do, 24®24&0; prime Rfo, 33^0240; good do, 23V®23#0; common do, 22>tf®22*£c; roasting do, 2Uf®Qilfoj Singapore,' 24®24>j , 0: Costa Rico, fancy, 24>j®2Co; do, prime, 24^024^0; Maracaibo, 23W@240. Candles—Star, fnQ weight, 19V@200; stcarlno, full weight, 14>/@l6c ; do, short weight, 13&@14,Ve. lUod—Patna, Bx®Btf o : Rangoon,7,Jtf@so; Carolina, 8X»@0o; Louisiana, 72408& O. Sooahs—Patent out loaf, 12K012?fc: powdered, 11 Xf 012o; crushed and granulated, llj;@liu - c ; A, stan dard, 10J4®10Jfo; do, No. 2,10^a®10;fo; B, lOltf® 10‘ic; extra 0,10’i®10#o; O No. 2,loX®lotfo; yel low C, O#0lOo; choice brown, 9Jf®loo; prime do, ; fair do, 009ifo: choice molasses sugar, 0»i@10o; fair do, o®9>fo: New Orleans sugar, choice, 0^®10o; do prime, ; do, fair, BJ4®D>fo; common, 7>£®7^o. Braurs—Diamond drips, $1.2501.90; silver drips, extra fine, 70078 c; good sugar house syrup, 46@480; extra do, 60066 a : New Orleans molasses, choice, 800 83c; do prime, 73®780: do common, 66070 c; Porto Rico molasses, choice, o6066o; common molasses, 80 @B6o. SALznATUß—Common to best, o®loc, • - • Spices—Allspice, 17018 c; cloves, 87038 a: cassia, 88040 a; pepper, 26020 c; nutmegs, $1.2601.30; finger, pars, 26000 c; do No. 1, 20036 c; do No. 2,10 Boats— French mottled, 6^®o^o: Gorman mottled. 6>tf@oXo I Golden 'West, C08Vo; white Lily, C>tfo | white Bose, 6V®6,Ko 5 brown Windsor, 4fcQ 4 V 0; palm, 0®0#o; Baron Imperial O^QOVo. Btaboo— Gk)Sß, 0tf@10o; corn, CQUo; laundry, 60 7o; common, 6V@6c. GREEN FBuiTS—The only, notable changes wore in lemons and strawberries. Lemons aro very firm at (13.00015,00. tho inside price being for sound lots of common fruit; it Is probable they will bring SIO.OO In a day or two, os they are constantly advancing In Now York. The season for strawberries is drawing to a close, tho receipts aro falling off, and the plants In Michigan are suffering for wont of rain, and some of the fruit pow arriving 1s in poor oopdltlon. Choice berries bring 12V®160, Cherries were scarce. Wo quote: Apples, fair to choice, $9.6004,50 per brl. Lemons. $13.00016.00. Oranges, $12.00 per case. Pine apples, $3.0004.00 per doz. Bananas, $3,0008.00 per bunch. Gooseberries, 10@12>tfo per quart. Strawber ries, 10016 c. Cherries, 160260. Raspberries, blackj 12 ©loo; red do, 30036 c, Currants, 10® 12 Vo, Pears, $2.0002.60. Peaches, $1.0001.60, HOPS—Won unchanged. We quote Western at 25 ®460. 1 , , HAY—Was again quoted dull, but holders wero somewhat firmer In their views, In consequence of tho diminished receipts. Aside from supply ing current local wants, there was only a Uni. ited inquiry. We quote wholesale prices paid by dealers as follows, oars to contain 20,000 lbs:

Oh Track— I Timothy, beater pressed, $14.00016.00 i timothy, loose pressed, $18.60014.60; prairie pressed, $10.00012.00. On. Wagon —Timothy,. loose, $13,000 14.00; prairie, looee, $0.00012.00. For delivery'of pressed, $1,0001.60. according to distance. HIDES—Tho following quotations aro nominal at beat, - scarcely enough beinc done In the ' wny of sales to establish' prices: Green city 'but chers', 7o; green cured, light, 10*£@llo • do heavy. 0^©10o; part cured. 9V@10o; green calf. 16016 c; veil kip, 18o; dry calf, 24odry kip, 21o; dry salted, 17018o; dry flint, 10020 a; long-haired kin, lOVO Ho; deacon skins, 450550; grubby, scored, cut, or otherwise damaged, two-thlrda price. IRON AND STEEL—Was In moderate demand at the annexed rates : Iron 4 3-10® 4 4-10 rates lloree-Bhoo Iron 0 @0 MO rates Plato iron, common tank 0% ®7. • rates Russia Iron 230 .rates Russia iron, No, 1 stained 310 , q, Norway Iron 0 @ o>tfe ytb Norway nail rode. 0# ®loo $)Jb aormon plow steel.ll @l2o y lb English oast plowfltecl.ii.l2 (£l2#o ■§ B> Americantoolßteol~.. Oliromo tool ete01.,,,18 (S2oo y ib EngUah toolateol ...........@230 ' rates English spring stool , ~11 @l23tf rates LEATHBO—Wo iiuoto s BEULOOZ. City barn ess, Country bnrncis.,.., * Ltuo, city, 1b.,.,,............... Kip, 9 lb 4....*.,. Kip, Tea1a...... >.... Qlty upper, No, 1, V Oily upper, Ko. 3, Country upper, No. l.ui.nt , Collar, 1t....i..i.;..i. Calf, olty u. t, , Calf, country,,..... 4... ii.,i Hough upper, standard. Rough upper, damaged., a.,,;;;.;, t Buffalo slaughter b0T0,.,,... «B. A. M sole.iilu»i.<„i i Calf.., Kip... lluruces French calf, Jodot French calf, Lemoino French eatf, 24 to 3d lbs French Up. 00 to XOO 1b5...... METALS AMD TINNERS' STOCK—Dealers report a fair business for this season of tho year, Quotations were without variation as follows: Tin I'latk-10, 10x14. $14.50; do, 18x12, $16.00; do. 14x20. $16.50 j do, rooting, 10, $14.00; do. 20x28, sa«.oo. Tio Tat—Large, s3#; small, 40e I bar, 44a. Sheet Full casks, 11a; half casks,UWQlltfo t loeu Quantity, llMo ; slabs, oc. . * Buebtlkok—no. 24. Operates. Galvanized Ikon—No. 16020,150 j No. 22@24 1 ‘1f10; No. 26020,170; No. 27, IBo: No. 28, 200. A discount of 20 per cent Is made from this list. Ooppeq—Copper bottoms. 40o; brarlon, om 13 S& 470 copper, 40o; planished copper, i6o J do, 8» and O. 10c; 10 to 11, Ho 1 IQ. 19 and 14, 12340; IB and 10, 14o 117.160 • la* I 60; 19,190; 20. 20o; full bundle, 1 c«nt bS count; fence wire, 7340; by carload, Tko. , NaVaL STORES—Woro active anu Arm as fol- NAILS—The trade Is good and rates steady os nlvon J* 10 *'I k ®fb W-OO rates ;8d do, $8.25*5 j do, $5.8734 { 8(1 do, $0.60; 8d do. fho’trade ’ • d ° *' $7.07)4 i 13)4o off to reduction of loin turpontlno Is noted. o *°°ptdon former quotations woro genor -1 ally sustained. -Following aro tho prices currant! W.yoi9o; extra lard oil, 73c; No. l"Seo* No, 3, 660; Ifnsood. raw, 08o; do boiled, $1.03; whale! 8To; sperm, neats foot oU,'strictly purS d 2. c * trfl t sdo No. 1,760; 'bank oil, 700 ’ clorliivnt oil, 06o; turpontlno, B3065o; Cn Rrhvity, 20o! naphtha, common/16@170. * f PAINTS, OOLOlta, prices * f * Ud 1110 markot rul ® <i fltcftd y at unchanged B trictly '’pure , 4 v,v.... Fancy brands. _ ziho. Genuine Vclllo Montague...., American,......... OOI.OBS. Mksnryfc railroad colon.. u 80 *“s®®“*°? l 0»» to cans 0.C0@10.50@12!50 Rochelleochre. 3 r(va n 7k von. ma...fjs aigllnhopngo mineral.. IS.MQloloo Pittsburgh orangemineral in m English rod load. um Amoricanrod load.. 11 OOiatl*Kn English vermilion, p0r1b.... 1 1 *8 Scarlet vermilion,. , aa oo WintJmJ 1110 * 0,600 MO waluag •*«.*...* 3.00(4 2.C0 , • PITPTX. Inbuilt..,mminu..* B,V®3Ko In bladders. ok@*' o PIQIRON—Prices wore unchanged, ranging m fol lows : Scotch (according to brand), $02.00(405.00 s Tuscarawas, $00.00; Massillon, $00.00: Lake Superior! SS8.00@60.00; Chicago atone coal* $57.00: Missouri atone coal, $67.00@50.00, . POULTRY—Oood-slzed spring chickens are salable to the local trade, but other lota and turkeys were Small spring chickens aro almost unsalable. Sales includes coops tnrkoya at 12 Vo ;1 coop doatllo: IB ooopa chicken* at s*.oo j 8 do «t $3.75 : S coops spring at $3.36(33.60 S 6 coops at $3.00: B goods at $3.80! 8 coops smaU a* $1.60.. .tT. V POTATOES—There la a good-demand for potatooa and the market la very lightly supplied. Choice poach- Wowa In car lots would bring 08070 c, and 760 is asked. New potatooa are more plenty and aell at $0.00®0.50 perbrl. Bales Include 1 car choice poaohblowa at 680 On trade. • BEEDS--Wot© In Ught request*. qnoto timothy fit : oloror, $4.6008,00; Hungarian, sl.oo® 1.10; mlHot at 760860.. Sales include 86 bags Hun garian at $1.10; 7 bags do at $1.00; 28 bags millet at 760. . B^ l t?T Th#a ® ma,ldlaTor T“« il and M tho sup ply la light the market rules firm. • Tho receipts by lake have been unusually light so far this season, on account of tho scarcity of tho article at the shipping points, and It is also said that fovr Teasels can be bad at present. Healers look for liberal supplies in abont throe weeks* and then' a redaction will probably toko place. Wo quote : ■ Onoadaga and Saginaw, line. $2,00; ordinary coarse, $2.00; coarse Diamond 0, $2.10 { ground solar. $2.10; dairy, without bags, $3.25; dairy, with bags, $4.1004.25; Ashton ,J*Ml . Mck * $5.0006,15 ; ground alum, $2.30® 2.40; Turk's Island, $3.00, TEAS—A liberal o?dor business was doing in this ar ticle, and for fine goods the market exhibited a - Arm tone. Following are tho quotations: Toung hyson, common ■to fair, 46®560; do good, 60®70o; do ebolco to extra fine, O6c0$l.lO; common to lino old hyson, 70005 c; common imperial, OO065o; ■ good to choice do, 8OC0H.1O; fair to good gunpowder, 70c©$1.00j choice llngimeo, $1 f 15@1.20; extra Mo ynno, $1.3601,40; choice to extra leaf Japan, 86c® $1.00; fair to good do, 66®760; common do, 4O046o: colored natural leaf Japan, 66® «J6o; common to fine Oolong, 86046 a { good) 66006 c; choice to extra, 66c® TOBACCO—Was steady, as previously quoted; Fine Out—Extra, 76@850 ;.‘cholco, 05®70o; medi um ; 65@C00; poor to common, 40©o0o» Plug—Natural leaf, 76@80o; halt bright, CO®7oc: black, sound, 45©550. Smoking—Good to oholco, 82®30o; medium, 20® 81o; common, 20028 c, WOOD—The demand continues liberal, but slocks are pretty full and the market bos a declining tenden cy. Wo quote: Beach, $0.00; maplo, $10.00: hickory. $11,00; slabs, $6.00 delivered. ■ * ■ 9 * VEGETABLES—Were In moderate demand at the following prices: Peas, $1.0002.00 per bn; string beans, $1.7602.25jp0r bn; cucumbers, 60®750 per doz; now onions, porbrl, $4.6008.00 ; Bermuda do, $2.00; radishes. 20@25c: squash, So per lb; asparagus, 75® OOo; cabbage. 76c®51.00 per doz: turalps, 80@50c per doz; boots, 000 per doz: carrots,2o®26o: toma toes, $1.60®2.00 pernox. • WOODEN WARE AND BROOMS—Trade is rather ?ulet. There 'was no quotable change in prices: wo-hoop palls, $2.30 per doz; 3-boop do, $2.00; 8-hoop dairy, $1.26; extra do; $4.76; extra cheese tubs, $12.60; No. Itttbs. $10.60: No. 2 do, $9.00; No. 3 do, $8.00; tubs, Bin nest, $2.30; keclors, sin nest, $1.76; half-bushel measures, plain, $3.76 per doz; do Iron bound, $4.60; peck measures, plain, $2.60; do, iron bound, $3.76; chums, No. 1, $11.00; do, No. 2, $10.00; do, No. 3, $9.00; do, No. 4, SB.OO per doz; headed clothespins. $1.0001,35; washboards, $2.3502.00 per doz; barrel covers, $2,0002.60 ; kannaklns, $3.0003.50 per rack; butter tubs, oak, 3 In noet, $1.60; do, ash, 2 in nest, $1.10; broom handles, $13.00010.00 per m; No. 1 brooms, $2.76: No. 2 do, $2.2602.60: do, com mon, $1.7602,00. , . WOOL—New wool continues to arriyo In modorato Saontltlofl. Trade Is hardly under way, though con dcrablo wool has boon eold to Eastommanufaclurors. Following are the prices current: Tub, washed, extra medium.... ..‘.f.V.Ui1u,.47®500 Tub, washed, common to fair,;,;; 40®460 Common dingy .... 88®430 Fleeco, washed, X&XX, light.. ......36040a Fleece, washed, XkXX, dingy.. 89®380 Fleeco, washed, medium light .88040 c XHocco, unwashed, X&XX,mgood c0nditi0n..,.25@270 Fleece, unwashed, coarse to medium 28028 c Fleeco, unwashed, coarse, and dingy...w,,*,.25@280 Super, pu11ed,..,;,*;. ...’ 88@430 Extra, pulled ;..;..;...38®440 Burry wool 10®20o loss The following sales were reported : 8,000 tbs fine unwashed at 250j 2,000 lbs light medium unwashed at 280 • 2,000 lbs fleeco washed at 87o; 1,000 lbs fleece washed at 38o; 8.000 lbs prime tub washed at 49c: 4,000 lbs do at 46c.' CHICAGO LIVE-STOCK MARKET, Fnnux Evehiho, June SO. Tho receipts of livestock since Saturday havo been as follows: Monday. uT. Tuesday.. v ; Wednesday.. Thursday... 1 Friday... 1. i T0ta1,...; ; Shipments were as follows Monday, ,Vi TV.u'. i Tuesday...; .j.uuu. Wednesday Thuraday.i.iUiii..; STTotal. .u.r., ,u; 6,785 28,704 138 CATTLE—The cattle market was more active than on either of tho preceding days of tho week, but tho increased activity did not result In any hardening of prices, all grades of stock remaining weak at former quotations. Notwithstanding the discouraging tenor of advices from Now York, Albany,' and Buffalo, and tho by no means favorable telegrams from other points East, shippers bought liberally, some 2,000 head falling into their hands—chiefly at $4.7500.76. though a few extra wore taken at $8.00©0.12 V. Butchers also oper ated with considerable .freedom, at $3.6004.76 for common to extra'cows and poor to fairish steers, Stockers were but little Inquired for, and'prices are nominal, at $3.6004.09. The market closed quiet and steady* QUOTATIONS, Extra Hooves—Graded steers, averaging 1,400 Iba audupward . 5.8036.10 Oliolco Beeves—Fine, fat, well formed 3 year to 6 year old steers, averaging 1,300 to 1,850 lbs 6.00(36,75 Good Boovcb—Woll-fattcnod, finely formed steera, averaging 1,100 to 1,250 lbs 8,35@5.60 Medium Grades—Steers In lair licah, aver aging 1.050 to 1,000 Iba 6.00(36.23 Hoteliers’ Stock—Common to fair steers, and good to extra cows, for city slaughter, averaging 800 to 1,100 lbs 3.60(34.76 Stock Cattle—Common cattle, iii decent fleoh, averaging 700 to 1,050 lbs, 8.6004.05 Inferior—Light and thin cows, heifers, stags, bulls, and scallawag steers 8.00013.25 Cottle—Texas, Northern wintered.. 3.75@5.00 Cottle—Texas, through droveo.. 8.0003.50 OATT LX ftAi.yj, Jfo, Av, 01 choice ateora,. .......i...;,.'. I.i 412 17fair atoora; ..4 . 1 818 18fair atoora 1,145 63 Cherokee atockora 836 17 cows 1,02 a 17 choice ateora * i,aco 117 good ateora. .1.103 16good atoen ,1,184 83good ateora,,, 1,185 86 choice ateera,,,,,4.,...,,4,..,,..,,,1,876 20atockora,,4.4,44.4,;,.4.4, 1,017 18atookera.,4 4 U 070 Bfieowa i*i*i*»i**i^i4*4,* v *.«* 000 30 choice atoora, 4.* i;;i4;4.1.381 16 cowa, 1,004 16good ateera,4.;.i;;;i.iii4,44,1,309 123g00d atoora;a 1'...;444;;;;4.,106 • 13atoclrora,4f4 » % -..i;.4i;.;.;; 027 lßßtockcre.;.4Hvuv 013 113foe'dora.v.V4;;;.;4.:i4i;ju 201 10 C0W8,,(44,444.;,,,... 834 90COWfl, 144 14. 44., 1.. 4. ...... 085 83 cholcoßteerß,v,.;«4,44 4 4.,a-.a,.. ..1,333 10good atoora,. I,ICO 47g00d ateera,,,1,266 10 0xen.,... ~,.1,770 16 choice at00ra,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, 1,3-16 31 COWB 013 17 good atoen 1173 83 choleestaora 370 14 ohotuo ateera.,.,,,,. ......1,366 13Cherokee c0wa.,...,,,..,, 710 20 cowa 023 87cholco atoora,... ...1,361 136Taxaa at00ra,,,,.,,,,, 007 17 good ateora 1,200 12alockera,.,,, 078 83 fair at00ra...44144.4, 1,014 16 cholco ateora 1,431 16 cowa 016 13 choice aaoera 1,400 00 extra atoora 1,604 ITatookora 006 .-f 800 41 . zm ss . 410 43 i 60®’ UO i\ 85® 1.30 380 ao .. . 250 27 35® 37 200 33 i.\ 1.2001.40 .« 1.100 1,25 : '!l . 900 95 .270 1 90 930 >37 ... 800; 83 .■Vfsn .. 1.20® 1.45 , 7501.10 ..... 40® 45 ..... 65.00@00.00 .ii». 60.00® 80.00 10 good staera ,1.103 6.50 10c0wf1...... .. 'ooa 3.75 10 choice stocm 1310 5,33 48 good Bloom l t 23t 5.45 SOcholco Bloom 1,283 6.40 18 good Rtcdrfli * 1,187 8.40 81 exit'd Bloom...; .............1,070 0.12k n 9. a ?^* A foiling off of obout ono-Jmlf in the receipts roanltod In a sharp reaction In thin market, prices tak ing an upward turn to the extant of fplly 200 por ; 100 Ibo, Trade opened a little slack, and early. sales did not show any decided change from yesterday's rotafl. hut It soon uocanie.known that the arrival*would not' much oxcood 8.000 head, A more confident-fooling obtained, tho bidding became active, and prices went to 14.2001 4.80 for common; $4.85®4.45 for ntadlhm { and $4.80® 4.05 for good to really choice. -While tho improved lone of tho market wna mainly duo to the lighter sup ply, the cooler weather exerted a favorable- Influence, T ,h° market closed strong at the above quotations, with all sold. ■ Vo. Av. Price, 60 210 $4.65 61 233 4.80 62 lU3 4.80 80 284 4.40 63 223 4.60 100 242 4.80' 70 240 4.80 47 280 4.40 83 330 4.35 • 87 271 4.25 100 205 4.50 44 205 4.85 00 200 4.85 74 210 4.50 132 208 4.55 108 240 4.60 60 IH7 4.65 108 180 4.00 130 180 4.06 (11.00011,60 0,00010.50 14.60 11.60012.00 wigs 400 01 205 460 |BB - 233 440 Blm£P--ITo ma crial change was noticeable In thla narket. The demand equaled the supply, and the prtcea current on the preceding days of. tho week wore easily auatolnod. Wo quote poor to comruonat $3.00 51’5,LI n ,Sf lum 01 M.ooal.*, and good to choice at (4.d0@6.00, Fanur Evzwnio, Juno 20. The receipts wore liberal, and there was a good at tendance of buyers, and tho market was fairly active at about yesterday’s range of prices. Select lumber, thick, sold at $30.00. and inch do at $20.00! joists and scantling at |9,00®9.80; fair to oboloo boards and ■Jrtps at $12.00015.50; coarse boards at $0.60: shingles, $3.00; lath, $2.00. In tho afternoon trade was quiet, and several cargoes woro loft over* Cargo schr Arendal, from Manlsloo, 40 m feet long Joist at $13.00: 100 m foot jolat and scantling at $0,607 Cargo schr : nolmos, from Manlsleo, 140 m fool Joist andscauUlng at:s9.6o. Cargo.schr Alice 11. Boors, from Manistee, 140 m feet strips and boards at sl6 50. Cargo sebr Sea .Gem, from Noshoto, 100 mft slrlus and Boards, at $13.00; 4o m lath, at $2.00. Cargo schr Oflpper City, from Manistee, 65 m ft common boards, at $10,00; 65 mft Joist and scantling, at $0.50. Cargo schr Howard, from Ludington, 100 m ft strips and boards at SIO,OO. Sold by R. K, Bickford k Co. Cargo schr North Star, from Ponlwator, 80 mft eoarse boards at $9.50. Cargo schr Gertrude, from Goldin, 70 in ft plcco stuff at $0,60.. Cargo schr Skid more, from Pontwater, 100 m ft piece stuff, largely 10 ft, at $9.00. Sold by W. Mcglndo. J . Cargo schr Menomonee, from Manistee, 80 mft long Joists at $12.00; 148 ft mill-run Joists and scantling at $0.60. Cargo schr Raleigh, from Manistee, 160 mft Joist and scantling at $9.50.. Cargo schr B. IT, Wado. from Ludington, 160 m ft Joist and scantling at $0.60. Cargo schr Madison, from Ludington,-826 m shingles at $3.00. Cargo sohr Z. G, Slmmonds, from Manistee, 60 m ft selected lumber at $30.00 for clear; $20,00 for selects; and $9.60 for common; 80 mft Joist and scant ling at $9.60. Sold by J, M. Loomis k Co. Cargo schr Monsoon, from Muskegon* 130 m strips and boards at $10.60. Sebr Gipsoy, from Muskegon. 105 m strips and boards at $14.00; 87 m lath at $2.00. Schr Presto, from Ludington, 125 m Joists and scant ling at $0.25 ; 25 m selects at $20.00 for. Inch and $30.00 for thick* Sold by Blanchard, Borland & Go. AUbiUUlOi Manistee, $3.50; Ludingtoh,s2.BOr Muskegon, $3.00; Oconto, $3,25@3,50: Menominee, ' $2.50®2.75; Pont watcj, $2.60; White Lake, $3.25; Grand Haven, $2.00 f The yard trade continues fairly active, tho demand being principally for joists, scantling, fencing, end common building lumber. There was' no quotable change In prices; tboy are rather weak for the com mon green grades, owing to tho largo receipts. Wo ?uoto: 'lrstClear..V f32.00 @55.00 Becoml clear, 1 Inch to 2 inch 45.00 • @50.00 Third clear, 1 Inch ; 38.00 ' @40.00 Third clear, thick .. 43,00 ‘ @46.00 Clear flooring, Ist and 2d together, rough Clear siding, Ist and 3d together Common siding Common flooring, dressed, first Common flooring, dressed, second.... Wagon-box boards, selected, 14, ineboa and upward,. A stock boards, B stock boards O stock boards. Common boards, Joist, scantling, email Umber, fencing, etc,, 16 feet and under 12.00 ©14.00 Joist and ecautling, 18 to 24 feet 15.00 ©20,00 Pickets, square 14.00 ©IO.OO Pickets, flat i..„ 12.00 @14.00 Cedar posts, split a 14.00 @IB.OO Cedar posts, round 17.00 @25.00 Lath 2.25 ©2.50 No. 1 sawed shingles 1,50 @ 2.00 Aor Star 8.25 @3.50 BUldrlcs on track B.l2tf@ 3.37tf No. 1 sawed 1.25 @1.60 Throe dollars per cor to bo added whoa transferred, Which charge follows the shingles. Thickness—live shingles to bo two Inches In thick* ness. Length—Silicon Inchca. HAItDWOOD, Black-Walnut' Counters, $100.00@160.00; clear, {C5.00@75.00; common, $10.00(350.00: cull, (30.00@ 85.00; flooring, (50.00@00.00. Ash—Clear, (30.00®10.00 ; common, (20.00@25.00: cull, (10.00@16.00 ; flooring, $30.00®40.00. Oak—Clear, (30.00@10.00; common, |20.00@25.00! cull. (10.00@1R.00. Hickory—Clear, $55.00@46.00: common. (25.00@ 86.00; cull, (12.00@18.0Q. Maple—Clear, (3U.00@40.00! common, (10.OO@22.OO: 0n11,510.00@16.00. Butternut—Clear, (50.00@00.00: common, (25.00@ 35.00. Cherry—Clear, (50.00@CO.00; common, (25.00Q 85.00 ! cull, $12.00@18.00. • Whltowood—Clear, (30.00@10.00: common- (20.00 @25.00 J cull, (10.00@15.00. Wagon Stock—Hickory axles, per sot, (1.00@1.60; wagon poles, each, 46@65e; box boards, (35.00@10.00 Cattle* Hope. Sheep. Hit, 6,033 6,652 784 .... 2,677 17,538 014 ..... 2,672 6,785 1,121 ARRIVED June 20. Bchr Clipper City. Manistee, 120 m lumber. Schr Myrtle, Muskegon, 185 m lumber. Stmr Merchant, Edo, 130 hrls sugar, and sundries. Schr Pandora, Sarnia, 676 tons scrap Iron. Sohr Alvin Bronson, Menominee, 180 m lumber, 10 m lorn. - Schr North Star, Pontwalor. 110 m lumber. Prop S. O. Baldwin, Eacanaba, 030 tons iron ore. Schr Nassau, Oswego, 600 tons coal. Schr Wm. B. Phelps.Oswego, 150 tons co&L Schr Alice, Buffalo, SCO tons coal. Schr John B. Wilber, Cleveland, 710 tons eooL Prop Aunlo Laura, Muskegon, 225 m lumber. Prop Hawley. Edo, 1,031 tons coal. Bark John P. March, Cleveland, 700 tons Briar Hill coal. • Bohr Atlantic, Menominee, 200 m lumber, SO m lath. Bdg Commerce, Menominee. 2SU m lumber, 60 m lath, 6 in pickets. Schr Glpsoy, Muskegon, 110 m lumber, 25 m lath. Barge O. F, Allen, Grand Haven. ICO m lumber. Bohr Florence, Pontwater, 05 m lumber. Stmr Corona, St. Joseph, 272 coses strawberries, 123 bdls hides, 38 pkgs flab. Stmr Manitowoc, Manitowoc, 16 bxa Ash, and sun dries. Schr Esplndola. Manitowoc, 18 m staves. Schr Annie Muivoy, Kingston, 800 tons pig Iron. Schr Muars, Buffalo, 800 tons coal. Bark UnadUla, Buffalo, 700 tons coal. Prop Ouphogo, Marquette, 400 tons Iron ore, 850 half Bchr St. Peter, Grand Haven, 180 m lumber. Sohr Fosloria, Manistee. 100 m lumber, lUO m shingles. Bchr Jenny land, Grand Haven, 100 m lumber. Bchr Kitty Grant- Sougatuck, 70 m lumber. Bchr Tuscola, Lincoln, ‘ 1,000 telegraph polos, 3,000 posts. Bcovr Felicitous, Jacksonport, 10,000 posts. Bcow Forost, Foscoro, 600 telegraph poles, 3,000 posts. ■ Bohr J. B. Rowland, Manistee, 100 m lumber. Bcbr Boa Gem, Two Rivers, 100 m lumber. Schr WflUo Lontlt, White Lake,loo m lumber.66 m tim ber. : 1.18,321 63, 1 741 4,875 Cattle. Hops, Sheep, .'..Hi. 2,870 2,055 138 2,710 0,830 1... ,*....*1,836 0,462 .... 1,3U 0,407 Bchr R, J. Skidmore, rcnttvntor. 100 m lumber. Bebr Kate Wlualow, Erie, 1,100 tons coal, Bchr O. J. Rooder, Munkogou, 120 m lumber, Bebr Minerva, Muskegon, 120 m lumber, 100 m lath. Subr Idiot, Muskegon. 120 m lumbor. Bebr Henry Folgor, Little Sodus, 6'JO tons coal, Bebr Camden, Buffalo, 1,100 tons coal Bebr J. I*. Norrd, White Lake, 00 m lumber. Hark Meuomluoo, Manistee, 250 m lumber, Bebr Cecilia, Muskegon, 170 m lumbor, 10 m lath, Drop Russia, Buffalo, 120 brls sugar, and sundries, Bohr Cleveland, ,Ogdeusburgb, 25 bdla iron, and. sun dries. Bobr O. Harrison, White Lake, 100 m lumber. Bohr UatUs Flsbor, Davis Pier, 1,000 railroad ties, 20 m lumber, Bchr O. U. Johnson, Saugatuck, 120 m lumber. Bohr Muusoon, Muskegon, 110Jn lumbor, 40 m lath, Btmr Oconto, Green Bay. 1,000 m shingles, 00 brl* flour, 100 tons pig iron, 270 pkgs flub, Bargo Bronson, Monomlnoo, 000 m lumber. Barge E. Williams, Monomlnoo, 250 m lumbor, 75 m lath.. Bargo Sonora, Menominee, 200 m lumbor, 100 m lath, Bebr Truman Moss, Muskegon, 210 m lumber. Bebr J, D. Sawyer, Erie, 1,220 tons coal. Bebr Advance, Muskegon, 100 m lumbor. Bebr Lincoln Dali, Muskegon, 180 m lumbor. Bebr Bessie Boalt, Sturgeon Bay, 175 m lumber, Bebr Z. Q. Simmons, Maulaloo, 110 in lumbor. ItIUUT AIUIITAT.B, Bchr O. North, Muskegon, 100 m lumber. Bebr Q. L. floaver, Manisloo, 100 m lumber. Btmr Muskegon, Grand Haven, USD brls stucco and sundries. CLEARED Schr Bara Flint. Buffalo, ail,ooo bu corn Bebr K. Jones, Buffalo, il,ooo bu coru. Btmr Manitowoc, Mimltowoe, U9 bills sheep pelts, Btrar Corona, St. Joseph, lOu pVgs sundries, Schr P, B. Loobe, Buffalo, 21,0s 7bu corn. Prop Europe, Bt. Catherines, 10,800 bu wheat. Prop Europe, Moutrcul, 781 brls dour. Prop Canada, Montreal, 7,100 bu coru, 100 brls flour; 103 bales broom corn. Prop Vanderbilt. Buffalo, 18,000 ba wheat, 16,000 bu corn, 100 brls flour. Bchr Atlanta, XtugitNi, 23,077 ba corn. Vo.. Av. Price t 80 .200 $4.40 68 102 4.56 100-101 4.65 84 117 4.70 23; 208 4.35 63. 215 4.65 60 ■ 350 4.40 41 240. 4.30 20 Q24 4.40 80 232 4.85 45 .200 4.40 48 260 4.35 62-380 4.35 03’ • -207 4.60 'BB -180 4.00 68 305 4.85 103,200 .4.00 CO . 213 4.00 48 200 4.05 .Vo. Av, Price, L 88 232 $4.85 62 220 4.85 • 01 354 4.83 ■ 80 303 4.12k 111 224 4.65 40 280 4.65. 80 210 4.50 - - 62 217 4.60 05 215 4.65 88 SIS .4.60 01 SOI 4.05 61 288 4,86 101 225 4.05 83 103 4.40- 42 244 4.46 100 275 4.62k 60 108 4.05 . 67 188 4.06 . 00 200 4,45 ■ LUMBER. LtJMBUI FHEIOUTB, AT Tirr, TATIPB. 40.00 ■ @48.00 23.00 • @34.00 10.00 ' @21.00 35.00 ’@38.00 28.00 @BO.OO 88.00 @BB.OO 84.00 • @37.00 27.00 @30.00 15.00 @IB.OO 12.00 @14.00 MARINE* Fort of Chicago. .Juno 30. Bchr Algerine, Buffalo, 10,225 bn corn, Bohr Montauk, Buffalo, 31,000 bn wheat. Bchr 0.11. Johnson, Haugatuok, 1,000 1m oats. Bchr Oconto, Green Bay, 832 pkga sundries, Ihrop ITavorlta, Menominee, 10 brla Imcf, SCO hags oaU, -J, , . ' HldltT OMIAHAHOM. Bchr P tahugh. Kingston, 10,0(50 Im corn. Prop Cleveland, Ogdcnsburgb, 10,083 Im corn. Proplndlft, Erie, 49,000 bU oata; 1,800 brio flour. Bchr Mont Dlnno, Port Oolborno, 31,R20 bu corn, Btmr Mufllccgon, Grand Haven, sundries, BarkLnfrlnlor, 8uffa10,.25,000 bu wheat, Btmr Ouyhoga, Duluth, sundries. . Ijako Frolfflitß* Iho market opened at Stfo for com, Oo for wheat, and 4o for oata to Buffalo. After 1 o’clock tho demand booamo urgent, and tho rata for com and wheat ad vanced* Ic, Charters were: To Buffalo—BchmAl gerine. Daohlng Wave, Mocking Bird, corn nt 6ko; EOuho, com at 0o ; props W. T. Graves and G. D, oil. com nt flko; bark Lafrlulor, wheat at Oo; prop Blanchard, wheat at 7e. To Erie—Prop Japan, corn through. To Kingston—Bchr Pltzhugb, corn at lie. ■ To Boston via Ogdensburgh—Prop Oily of Cleve land, corn at 250. To Portland via Sarnia—Props De troit, S. D. Caldwell, and barge Guiding Star, corn through. Total capacity equal to 47,000 bu wheat and 870,000 bu com, * . Milwaukee, Juno 19.—Freights quiet end un changed. Charters : -To Buffalo—Steamship : Inter- Ocean, barge Argonaut; bark Tanner, and Bdxr A, J, Morey, wheat at o,kc, - - /m^i r T rA V O, ,^ an . 0 —® clir E. M * Carrington, salt to Cleveland at 00, free on board; schr Minnie Slawson, coal, Cleveland to Chicago {d td, at $1.45 per tan, free; schr Anna Maria, coal, Cleveland to Chicago at $1.65 per ton, free, up town j schr Whittlesey, paving-etano to Detroit at $3.00 por cord, free, ’ Amv,u *r« wn ' , 17,I 7, 9 ohr OoßsacVooal, Fair Haven to If?.?,? free In and out and towing ; schr P. R. Williams, ore, Capo Vincent to Cleveland at 11.50. free on board. JToticc. !Tho H&rbor-Maktor b&s received tho following In- Blrucllouß troin the proper authorities; "Tbo Board direct that you allow no more than five vessels to Ho abriast in the river opposite tbo lumber market, and a leas number near tbo Wells and Lako Blroetbridgos.” miscellaneous* The tug Captains have been requested not to blow their tug whistles while near tho bridges, os It frightens tho horses passing. A tug blow her whistle at Rush street -bridge yesterday morning, and frightened a horse attached to a carriage, and a lady in tho carriage was badly hurt. . ° —A largo raft of bridge timber Is expected hero soon from Ludington, Mint), --Tho now prop Do Pcro, of tho Goodrich line, will probably bo ready to ply on tho lako about tho middle of July. —A reception was given last evening by tho officers S f Jlno * 011 board tho now Canadian prop Lalro Erie. A largo number of prominent vessel men wcr ®l irofl cnt, and tho time was passed very pleasantly. »^ T i Q * no . w . o . tmr^( ! otla 1,11100 out of this port 1,701 w* f f£« Bht * TUIB 0 the lwe<»t cargo that has ever left this or any other port on tho great lakes. She draws 14V feet aft and 13# feet forward. Tho water In tho river has been unusually low for a day or Scotia met with considerable trouble In getting outside. Bho was on tho bottom several times, but with tho assistance of four power fid tugs she got into deep water, and thou was able to take core of herself. —Tho now four-masted schooner A. B. Moore, on her first voyage, Thursday, cleared from Milwaukee with a fcargo of 67,225 bu of wheat, which makes her tho champion carrier of tho lakes. Tho schr Scotia took out 62,000 bu. —Tho work of raising tho schr E. Ranter, which stranded about one mllo north of Leland, Mich., last fall, is progressing satisfactorily. Her cargo of rail road Iron has boon recovered and landed on tho South Manltou Island, and pumps uro already put in, so that It Is expected tho hulk will bo raised within a fow days. >■ —-The prop Idaho, while landing at the Western Transportation dock at Detroit, last Wednesday, sagged against the harbor tug Dartlott and came near destroy* ing her. , —-Tho Bchr Emma Leighton, on her last trip to White Lake, was run Into by the steam bargo W. T. Graves and seriously damaged. Her bowsprit was lifted and tho rail and quick work badly broken, besides having her Jlbboom, n timber-head, and stanchion broken. —Tho Coast Wrecking Company, which for tho post six weeks hovo been at work raising tho bark Butcher Boy, sunk near Bar Point, succeeded in tho under taking on Tuesday. ■Wednesday she was towed lo Do trait, by (ho tug J. 11. Martin, and taken to tho Detroit dry-dock. Being now at tho time of her loss, eho can bo reconstructed without great expense. Her cargo consisted of coal, a good portion of which has been saved. Her spars and outilt were lost. Tho hulk Is at present in tho hands of tho underwriters, and will prob ably bo sold at auction. —The now oro-dock at Eaconaba Is now In operation, which greatly facilitates tho loading of vessels. Only a fow vessels remain in port. ~A dispatch from the lock-tender, received at De troit Wednesday, 'from Allausburg, on tho Welland Canal, states that tho prospect Is favorable for having all tho requisite repairs completed and In readiness for tho passage of vessels by Saturday next or Monday of tho ensuing week. —Tho now propeller Arabia bos arrived at Buffalo with 1,053 tons freight. —Tho ncUr B, Parsons bos boon sold at Buffalo, for $13,000, to Mr. McQraw, of Sheboygan, Wla. Sb* will bo need hereafter in trade on tho Upper T^ltw. GETTYSBURG WATER. QETT'2'SBtJE& EATALYSINE WATER. ■ The United State* Dispensatory, tho authorized record of oar Materia Medina. olaaics tala water with tho most renowned Alkaline or Carbonated Springs of Europe. It far oxaels any other known In Ita solf.prosorvlng proper ties. It does not deteriorate by bottling and keeping. It has norerbeon claimed fur any other mineral water tlio {tower to dissolve tho urates, or so-called chalk formations n the body or on the limbs and Joints. Thla tho Geliys nurg Katolyalno Water baa duno In hundreds of Instancoa. Gout, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dyspopala, Gravel, Dla boh», Kidney and Urinary Diseases generally have all yielded to Ita Influence. It baa restored Muaoular Power to tho paralytic. oared Abdominal Dronsy. and given healthy action to the Torpid Llvor.. lb baa cured Chrome Diarrhoea, Piles, Constipation. Asthma, Ca tarrh, Dlaoaioa of tho Skin, General Debility and Nor* vooa Prostration from Montal and Physical Excess es. All these by tho bottled water. It is a powerful antidote for Excessive Rating or Drinking, it oorroeta tbo Stomach, promotes Digestion, and re lieves the Hoad almost Immediately. Pamphlets contain ing a history of tbo Spring, reports from eminent Physi cians and medical writers, marvelous and well-attested cures, and testimonials from distinguished oltltons, will be furnished and sent by mall on application to WHITNEY BROS., Gen‘l Aa’te, _ . _ 237 South Front-st., Philadelphia, Pa. Gettysburg Spring Co. - For sale by VAN SOHAAOK, STEVENSON A REID, BUCK A RAYNBR, and drngglsta generally. REAL ESTATE. YOUIG MEN! Hero Is an opportunity for yen to make some money, or secure a fino lot for a home. Wo have opened ourSubdl* vlßion—3 blocks from tho South Evanston depot. Side walks all laid, floe trees In front of o&oh lot. and a sower extending to tbo lake. Wo are offering lota at snob a price as to make It tbo host investment, with a certain and handsome profit, you can And. OSBORN A SKILLMAN, 133 South Clsrk-st. FLAG POLES. 3STOTTCB. POLES Of all sires, ready-made or made to order. While Ash Poles of nil sisos always on hand. Orders left with' OIL BRUT HUBBARD A CO.. 826 and 228 South Wator-st.. will receive prompt attention. A good supply of. well borers’polos constantly on hand. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. COPARTNERSHIP. The undersigned have this day entered Into' copartner ship under tho Ann name of Stephens A llealy, for the Fmrpose of carrying on tho Plaulng-MIU and Hnx.Manu noturlng business m tho oily of Chicago, and have located at the corner of Quarry and Oologno-sts., having pur chased Ohornloy, llros. A Co.’s Planing Mill. HENRY STEPHENS, formerly of Stephens A Clark; JAMES T. HEALY. Chicago, June 17. 1878. MEDICAL CARDS. DU. C. BIGELOW CONFIDENTIAL PHYSICIAN, 4« Blate-it., Chicago. II Is well kunwu by all reader* of tbo paper*. that Or. O. BLjolow In tbo oldest established physician In Scioneo and experience liavo made Or. 11. tbo moat re nowned SPECIALIST of tlis ago. btmorod by tbo Dross, esteemed of tbo highest medical attainments by all the medical Institutes of tho day, having devoted TWENTY YEARS OF 1118 LIFE In perfecting remedies that will cum positively all casus of CHRONIC AND SPECIAL DIBRABER In both sexes. CONSULTATION FAKE. SEPARATE PARLOUS for ladies and gentlemen. Call. OOIIUKSPONOENOU CONFIDENTIAL. Address all letters, with stamps, to Or. 0. BIGELOW, No. <MBtato-st. DR. BIGELOW is a regularly bred physician. Ills rep utation la bust known boro tn our midst. He wants no dis tant reference, butts well spoken of by every, ono on. trusting themselves to bis care. While the world endures this class of physicians aro required, aud if any one needs such service, it Is of tbo utmost Importance to ondatra only a man whoso experience is equal to bis offer of medi cal aid, and without prejudice, or any bitorost in saying other than tbo truth, wo roonmmoud most cordially aud emphatically such to visit DU. BIGELOW, at bis Central Booms, 4dl Statc-at., Chicago. ;. X? Jfcrt- ■ $3 KST C 3 IKT IfcJ - Confidential Phyololan, 112 W.Madlflon-Bt., Chicago, ill. (A regular graduate In modlolno) cures all ohroulo aud Special Disoasoa, of both sexes, at reasonable prices. Medioinvafurulshed. No mercury used. Consultation free, imrvmullyof by mall. Gurus Knarantood. Female diseases treated with ancoess. Oiroularafroo. • 103 SOUTH OLABK-ST., Continues to cure all Chronic, Nervous, and Urinary Diseases of both sexes, aud may bo confidentially com aultod. personally or by mail, free of charge. I’Oinals dltttonltlvs treated with safely and success. ills Medical Ttoaliss to ladloe and gentlemen seat froo. NO CUIUS I NO PAY! I Dr. Kean, 300 SoutKClark-st., Chicago, May bo confidentially cooiultod, personally or by mall, fnu» of charge, nu All chroulo or nervous diseases. Hit. J. KEAN Is tUo only physician iu tho oily nho war* ranta ouyos or no pay, . . ... _ Omen Hook soot tor BO conti. HI os Ira tod with numoti oua Hao engravings.

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