Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 21, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 21, 1873 Page 7
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THE FARMERS’ MOVEMENT. Tho Grange Demonstration at nt< Pleasant, la. Al tho rocont gathering of “ Patrons of Hus bandry ” atMt. Pleasant, la., there worq In pro-' coHalon sovonty-flTo to eighty Grange organiza tions, numbering 0,000 or 7,000. persons. The following too some of tho mottoes homo on tho banners: , ' - ' - 44 Organized Labor. Capital' and Labor Must Bo Equnllted.” •* »Tla Justice Wo Want, and Mon that Cannot Bo Bought,” 41 Labor is Honorable.” “ Oppoalllou to Monopolies,” “ Agriculture, Our Country’s Wealth/ “ No More $5,000 Crabs.” *' The True Principles of Political Economy Forbid Monopoly.” “ Farmers, Honor Your Vocation, Arise to tho Nobil ity of Your Employment.” 11 High Salaries Tend to Corruption in Office. ” "Honor tho Farmer I May His Sphere Bo Widened, and Ilia Stature Do Exnllctl.” "Equal Rights to All, Special Privileges to None.” 44 Sudcees to the Merry Old Farmer,” 44 Juitlco to the that Holds the Broad.” •* Wo Claim Our Rights,” “P, or 11. Our Country’s Hope,” 14 An Honest Man’s the Noblest Work of Ood.” "Fair Pay for Pair Work.” - 44 All Wo Ask is on Equal Chance in tho Race of Life.” • "Former#* Patent—GrantedlhEdon.” "Our Rights Must Do Respected and Protected/ - 44 Our Watchword, Combination.” ... 44 Farmers* Rights.” ; , 44 We Aro United.” ' ' V .• .. • 44 Our Congress, that Voted Themselves Back Pay. Had Bettor Hunt Their Holes To-Day.” Polo, 111, ThoFarraora and Mechanics* Association of Polo, .IU., havo : adopted tho following roaolu tlono i Ilegolved, .That tho law recently enacted, largely In oreasing'lho salaries of thoio officer* of the General Govenimcut who enacted If, and known as tho-“Sal ary-Grab law,” la‘ a gross violation of the pledge made by them when-soliciting our votes, and that we hold those members of Congress who accepted the In creased pay equally. guilty with those who advocated and voted for the measure. Jltiolved, That wo will support no candidate for office who has booh, oris how, opposed to tha laboring and producing classes; and, also, wo will hold those to rtrict account whom wo have advanced to positions of trust and power, ■ - Fulton Country III* Tho Fallon County (HI.) Formers’ Association, at its last mooting, adopted resolutions as fol lows: • , Resolved, That wo tho members of tho Farmers’ Ab* eoclotiuu of Fulton Cjunty, oro In favor of good fann ing, and Improved stock 1 , and tho boat farm buildings' and farm Implements. Second— I Tliat wo favor .tho 'encouragement of.our manufacturers, and tho advancement of our commer cial interests, and Increased and cheaper facilities for communication with tho seaboard. Third—' That wo favor good common roads and sub stantial bridges, good school-houses and teachers, and universal'education. Fourth—' That wo believe in the' supremacy of the law*, in tho regulation by law of all transportation and express companies and other monopolies, and In meting out equal and exact Justice to oil classes of men, Fifth—* That wa favor honesty and economy in all departments of the Government,—national, State, and county,-In the. reduction of taxation to tho lowest point consistent with our public necessities and integ rity and ability, probity and efficiency In our publlo officials. Sixth—ln tho present depressed state of our finances : the recent increase of pay of Government officials by Congress was unjust and uncalled for, and, so far as it was retroactive, it was simply a steal—«theft of mouty from tho publlo treasury. Seventh— That the salary-theft, and tbs rocont Con cessional Investigations, nave exhibited such disrepu table and dishonest practices in our publlo 'servants that the national safety demands a union of all honest men in order to elevate the standard of morality and purity in tho publlo service. CROPS. In lowa* Black Hawk Co,, June 18, 1873* !To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune: 8m : Tide county, considered ono of tho most prolific in tho State, and well deserving so high nn opinion, has, in common with the whole country, felt tho effect of tho severe winter, Timothy and clovor suffered some from being winter-killed; hut tho spring rains wore of tho greatest benefit, and tho grass is far bettor than the average. Barley is not as good os usual, tho sovoro weather having frozen out the uncovered roots. Cherries are nearly a failure, owing to the scarcity of timber to break the strong winter winds. A. great many trees wore killed outright, while others wore frozen nearly to tho roots. Apples and poors, of tho hardy varieties, will be a fair crop. Grapes seem to h&vo fared ill. Many of tho hardiest kinds wore, frozen, oven if covered; butthis is owing to defective protection, and ex perience has taught growers that largo yields are almost certain whou tho vines ore well protect ed. Plums promise a good crop. Oats nro' looking unusually well, and the ex pectations of a largo yield aro well founded. Spring wheat appears finely, and farmers con gratulate themselves on a good crop. Com is doubtful, the most of it haying been planted after Junol, and the greater part of that put in tho ground before had to bo replanted, in sorno cases two or throe times. Owing to the great number of small swine, and tho uncertain yield of corn, it is reasonably expected that tho frico of com noxtspring will bo iO cents at least, t is now worth 25 conts. Tbo cattle aro looking finely, and she op soem to have stood tho winter as well; whilo horses and colts have not rccovorod from tho old dis ease. Many young colts Lavo died with no symptoms of disease, oxcopt weakness and running at tho noso. X. Illinois Cheiter, 111. (June 18), Dispatch to the SL Louis Olobe. Monday, at Kaskaekia, tho first wheat crop of the season iu thin county was harvested ou the farm of O. M, Whcolor, and in the Mississippi Bottom, opposite this city, yesterday, Cant. T.. G. Chadwick started tho reaper. Tho yield of wheat iu Randolph County this year is almost a marvel—simply enormous. By a careful calcu lation it is estimated that this year's crop in this county takes iu an area of GO,OOO acres, and that tho fair average yield will bo eighteen bushels per aero, in tho aggregate 1,080,000 bushels. In tho Kaskoskia Bottom alone there aro not less than 5,000 acres, which will turn out an average to the acre of twenty-five bushels—l2s,ooo bushels of tho finest quality of whiter wheat over pro duced anywhere in tho West, for that matter equal. If not superior, to any class of wheat pro duceaon tho American continent. It is now an admitted fact that Randolph County is tho beat producing area of wheat soil in tho State of Illinois as to quantity and quali ty, and that the Counties of Monroe and St. Olalr come next in the lead, and that the throe to gether can challenge tho world as wheat'pro ducers. Tho corn and oat crop thus far in all that can be asked for, and tho prospect is that the yield will bo very groat. Potatoes aro also exceeding ly fine, their rapid growth this season outwitting tho work of tho bugs. The now crop la begin ning to come to market quite frooly. From the Streaior (Ul.) Monitor, Juno 19. The prospect for fruit in quito unfavorable in this section. Tho trees now show that the ex cessively cold weather of last winter wan very iu iurious to them. Peach trooa aro generally itlled. Cherry trees were injured so that they are making but little growth, and have cant most of their fruit. Homo varieties of apples aro pro ducing abundantly, but the crop will be short. Small fruits, except strawberries, aro as good as tbo average ; but grapes, except the most hardy kinds, aro very much Injured. The late frost, tbo last of May, undoubtedly caused port of tho injury; but tbo most serious consequences come from tbo severe winter. * A Very Curious Transaction* Sew York Diepaich to the-Jlueton Journal, In tbo fall of 18(34, tbo lowing of tbo pior and bulkhead at tbo foot of Watta Btroot,North River, known au Pior No. 40, sold at public auction in tbo Governor'll room, In tbo City Hall. Tbo pur chaser was Police Commiaoiouor Henry Smith. The couditloiiH cf tbo aalo gave to Smith a ton ycara’ loano of tbo pier from tbo bulkhead lino, hnd Bomo portion of tho main land, at a rental of $10,001) a year. HmitU paid out $5,000 tbo lirat year, tho next year bo paid nothing, and the sub sequent payraontu have boon Irregular, but uovor at tbo rate of moro than $5,000 per aunum. Ex- Corporation Counsel O'Qormau commonccd unit agofiißt Smith for tho unpaid rent, which tbo terras of bla loaao required him to pay; but for some unexplained reason tho euit wan not press ed. Since tho organization of tbo Department of Docks iu 1870, Smith it la alleged has not paid a cent for rout. Tbo now corporation counsel, Hon. E. Dcl&flold Smith, has consented to a set tlement which not only absolvea Ooimnieaiouor Bmltb-from tbo claim of tbo city foratlonat C'oo,ooo, but raukou it a condition of tbo, nettle tnout that a man named by him shall have tbo lease. —'There In a project to oxtoml tbo Wisconsin Lake Shore llailroad beyond Manitowoc aud J’wo liivexa to Kqwrurqo and Sturgeon Bay, CITY REAL ESTATE. T?6h 8 A LIE-BY' MATS ON' II UiL, 108 AND 110 JU t DBAR«ORNBT.-MxXlO foot aonthwoat cornea Ha* ran-it. IMOIANA>AV<— foot between Sixteenth and Klghtenntn-ata., $960 por foot, all cash. Thialotli aurmundort by elegant roildancca, and U oflordd for __ . oath at tf 60 per foot ten than IU value. WABAflll-Av.— Largo bomo, with lean of lot, near Twelfth-at. Win exchange for good acre property WABAflll-A V.—£wuifiO foot ooruor, for aal» In 60>foot lot* mi five yean' tlmo; no payment down to partloa who will build hmuedlatoly. Fog SaLB-NIOB OOTTAOB InD LOT ON North H do for iit«ttGo; only‘B2oo downj halanoo Koo'blyi or diacount for moro oaah | Tory cheap. W. M. WHITNISY AGO., 101 Madlion-at., flratfloor. 1 J? '■ |5,000{ #I.OOO down. Uooieandlot Art«»Uu-ay., 93,800t SBOOdown. Uonia and lot Mlolilawi-av,, sl6,MOt' 81,000 downs lOßyllme, 8. SIEAHB, owner, JOO La8al!o at._ I TOR BALE-LOTS ON WALLAOEdji’., NEAR 1 , Thlrty.fifth. • Lhtion.Wailaco-el., near Fifty-fifth. aioispußgaijclalo-av.,. clump. 3 tots In Hyde Park, cheap. HILL A BLISS, 01 Doathorn-st. FOR BALK—A -FINK BUSINESS BUILDING ON BastLako-st., 40*165 foot, 4 stories and basement, bulltlnmodern stylo in the most substantial manner; leased for 6 years, and paying a rental of about 17 per centrioranmimovsrandabovoallfaxes, expenses, ole., on pnott asked. Apply or address O Q D, Nos, 106 and 187 Ksst Lako-st., up stairs. r- - For bale-good lots on tiir following streets; Htato, Burnside, Butterfield, Arnold, Carl baldl, Hanover, Butler, Wallace, Summer, Winter, Mur rey. and Halstsd} also on Wentworth, SburtlelT, Portland ahq Slewarl-ftvs; alio an Alexander,. Twenty-fourth, Twenty-sixth, Twenty-seventh, Twenty-eighth, Napoleon, Twenty-ninth.' Earl, Thirtieth, Haven, Thirty-first, Tlilr ty-ioeood. ThJrty.third, Thirty-fifth, Thirty-sixth, Thirty seventh, Fontaine, ana Thirty.eighth-sts. Title perfect. Warranty doods. A very small payment down, five year's time, 6 per oont interest. -No agency business. Apply to owner, ALBERT CRANE. 110 Monroo-st. FOR RALE-CHEAP LOTS. NORTHWEST OTP Humboldt Park, only *2OO oaolt; terma oany; Utlo perfect. H. W. KitOFF, 146 - FOR SALE-LOTS IN . THE NEW SUBDIVISION, Corner of Ashland-av. and DpugUs-placo, at $500,t0 SBOO each, according to location; Apodal terms tothoso who will Improve atones; those aresrnong tho bost In vestments In cheap Inta now offered in tho markoU MEAD AGUE, 183 LaSallo-st. tjTOR SALE-AT A BARGAIN-LOTS, ON WEST- X 1 orn-nv., Polk, Taylor. Twclfth-ats., and Oarajiboll av. Parties wishing to build no money required down, and, if desired, wllffurnlsh a part of the money to build. Inquire el GKO. OADWELL, onpremises, or at 136 South- Clark-st., In bank. • - ’ fOR SALE-AT A BARGAIN—THUS DESIRABLE residence, 1119 Indlona-av., containing 14 rooms, band ■orrioi saloon parlor, conservatory! brick store-room, two bath-rooms, hot and cold water alt through tho house, frtscood ceilings, painted wall*, plata class windows, etc,, ate. There is also a iltio barn on tho premises, and ovor/thingls in perfect repair. Possession given at an/ time., Call between 4 to 6on any day durine tho wock. FOR SALE-OALUMET-AV. LOTS, CHEAP-LOTS on Oalumot-av,, between Thirty-second and Thirty tblm-sts., on terms, oao-tenth cash, balance In nlno onual annual payments at V per oont Interest. W. D. KKIU'OUT A CO.. 90East Waablngton-it. . TPOR BALE—AT A BARGAIN—FIRST-GLASS X 1 rosldoueeloton KUls-ar., near Tblrty-saveatb-at,, or would exchange It for a cheap house and lot to good Io« cation, 'near Cottage Grove. Address L 17,’Tribune office, Immodtatoly, as tho owner Is going East. For sale-60 foot lot with frame dwell- I Inrand barn, cornerLako and Wahnanseli-avi- In quire atßo and B9 Lake-at. J. 11. JOHNSTON. TjIOR SALE-NOS. 800 AND 811 TWENTY-SECOND- J? St., between Purple and Wsutworth-avs., with one very largo baUdlng and ono cottage, with lots. This property can bo bought uuder tho market valuo by a cash customer. No trade. Q. HOLZ, 106 Archor-av. TBOR BALE-BY E. O. COLE A CO., 138 LA SALLE- X? st,, 100 or SOU feet on Indiant-av., corner of Fiftieth at., very cheap. 95x183 feet, Adam»-at., east of Paulina. FOR SALE-HOUSES AND LOTS NEAR CENTRAL Parkand now oar works of O. A N. W. R. R. Co., at low prices, and on easy forms: monthly payments, If do sired. 8. W. KUOFFACO., 145 LaSallo-st., Room 14. For sale-at a baroain-a new cottage ■with lot on Erla-st., between Robey and llnyoo. Terms easy, B. M. MILLARD, 185 Olark-st. Room o. For sale - oalumet-av, lots, cheap. Lota on Oalnmot-av., between Thirty-second and Tblrty-thlrd-ats.. on terms of one-tonth eash, balance In nine onual annual payments, at 8 per cent interest. W. D. KERFOOT A CO.. 90 East Waablngton-at. FOR SALE—S3,26O WILL RUVIM STORY HOUSE, lot 80x135 foot, west of Union Park. only.ftSOO down, balance monthly. WHIPPLE A OLARKbON, 113 Madtson-st. For sale—choice lots on Harrison, Flournoy, Lexington, and Polk-sts-, west of Wostoni- For salk-at a bargain, monthly pat meats, 9 now bouses, 9 rooms each, on West Taylor st., near Wostorn-av. Inquire at XBS South Olark-st., In bank. T?OR SALE—FINE 9-STORY DWELLING, 19R00M9, X 1 water, 010,, on West Side, lot 48x130, oast (rout: only 81,000 down, balance ou oaay tonus. Apply to GIIJSUN A HOSMEU, 116 Randolpb-at. TBOR SALE—ON MONTHLY PAYMENTS, OR X' rout, nlco oottago, 6 rooms, on Portland-av., No. 206, by ELIJAH SMITH, Room 6, 86 Washingtuu-st. FOR SALE—AT HALF COST, BUILD 1N020x70 FEET and SMyoan loaao* of grouud, in boat business point of DivUlou-st. D. E. FIBkB, Room 6, Otis Block. FOR SALE-ON THE GROUND. BOTH CORNERS of Lincoln and Uinman-ste., Monday, Juno S3, 1673, at 9 p.m., bight lots, 35x126, at publlo auction: two of these lota are corner lota; title perfect. E. LIOKENS, Auctioneer. For sale-do you want to invest in south t it will pay 1 Call at 203 LaStllo- FOR BALE—IO, 20, OR 40 ACRES IN Af SECTION south Morgan Park on highest rldgo lu Washington Heights. YOUNG A ROWLEY, Room 8, No. 163 Dear boru-it. FOR BALE-AT SOUTH LAWN, FINE HIGH LOTS or acres 17 miles south of Madison on Halstod; com muUUuuratos. Several hundred acres of trees already set. A few lots will atlll bo given to parties who will build. YOUNG A ROWLEY, Room 3, No. 159 Dear bora-st. Foil SALK—€O ACRES IN BKO. 10, 83, R. 13; 4600 pur aero. 5 acres S. 12. *£ See. 23. 89, 14, If 2, £OO nor aero. 40 acres N. W. 800. 23, 40, 13; a fraud bargain. 80 acres In See. 4, 89, 13, on long tlmo. HILL A BLISS, OiDoarborn-st. FOR SALE—AT A.BA.KGAIN IFTAKEN AT ONCE, from 6to ID acres inside city limits. Room 28, 123 Doarbonrst. For sale-west lake-st., no. m, and lot 2ji125. Will bo sold at a bargain. SNYDER A LEE, 14 NUoa Building, northeast corner Monroo and LaSalle. FOR SALE-THREE 25x125 each, soutli front, near Contra! Bark, on mouth. lv. quarterly, or yearly payments. This la u splendid vuanco for a steady person to 'save bis money. B. W. ICIiOFF, H5 Laßnlle-st., Room 14.. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. For sale-or exchange tor city prop erty or merchandize—A luxurious country scat In Micblgsn, of 1,603 acres,with lake, residences, fountains, mills, oto., fitted up for a retired gentleman of fortune and leisure; or may bo routed as six farms, with a farm er’s residence on each. Value, $150,000. A splondld first-class stock, dairy, and fruit farm of 1,100 acres, near tlio above; $66,000. Valuable and oboap farm of 160 acres, in DoKalb County, half a mile from railroad, with orchard, maplo grove, good water, well fenced; $8,333. Now brick residence, 16 rooms, at Highland Park: $14,000. ’ Marblo-front residence, 15 rooms, on University-plaoo, (worth sl6,at)); $13,000. Htock and dairy (arm of 240 notes, neat 1 Elgin, 111. Noat dwelling at Highland Park, very low; $4,000. Cali from 2t04 p. n»., at Room SO Trfbuuo Building. FOR SALE-SB6O WILL BUY 6-ROOM HOUSE AND half aero land; also $2,503 will buy fl-rcora house and 1 note lam), near depot In pleasant village, 60 minutes’ rldo from Chicago. WHIPPLE A CLARKSON. 133 South (Jlark-st. • POR SALE-FARMS OF SO AND Sl2 ACRES; BEST of improvements; 25 rallos'from Chicago; at a decid ed bargain. WHIPPLE A CLARKSON, 133 South Clark-st. TTIOU SALE-FINE FARM OF CBO ACRES, KEN- A'dall County, $37 per aero. Farm oflbUaeros, uoarDunton, Cook 0a.,576 per aero. Lands In lowa, improved and unimproved: $lO to $l3O per acre. PHILIP MYERS A CO., Id Major Block. FOR SALE—I 46 AGUES IN COOK COUNTY, ON Chicago A Pacific Railroad; now depot located on provisos: wIU take part In Chicago property; a groat bar- Sain can bo bad in this If taken soon. Apply tu GIBBON IIOBMER, 116 East Uandolpb-st. REAL ESTATE WANTED. WANTED— NORTH SIDE REAL ESTATE-A good bualnosa lot ou North or South Olark-st.; also a f ood mldcnco lot. corner preferred, not lota than 43 foot rent, south of Cbioagu.av. aud out of Ularkut.; for either of above will pay part cash and balance In rapidly improving outside property. Address L UJ, Tribune of fice. WANTED— A CHEAP HOUSE AND LOT, SOUTH of Twenty-ninth and oast of Stato-sts.; vrlll pay KtLOOtl eaah down. Inquire at 73 Madlion-st. WANTED— FIVE OR TEN AGUES OP GOOD land, Improved or unimproved, near railroad, with in 16 mltea of Chicago, It. KENNEDY, 146 Olark-st., Itooma 90 and 27. WANTED-A GOOD COTTAGE AND LOT IN CITY or suburbs for unimproved lots. It. KENNEDY. 146 Olark-st., Rooms 26 ami 37, WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS SOUTH SIDE Resi dence, worth SOO,OOO, for which we will give imuuf the choicest corners In Kenwood. STORES A WARE, M Wasidngton-st. "WJ" ANTED—A HOUSE AND LOT, OH VACANT Yt ground, city or suburban; pay some cash, assume Incumbrance, bulanco In property Booth Side. Address, with full description, Air.KINO, caroTruesdoll A Brown, 176 West Mndlson-st. SEWING MACHINES. FOR BALK-THREE ALMOST NEW HINGED SEW lug machines, suitable fur tailoring or manufacturing uses, also other sewing machine* at very tow prices. If cot sold at private sutu will bn sold at auction Saturday, Junufil, at our sale* rooms, 63 South Canal-st. HAVENS, OSGOOD A CO.. Auctioneers. ' Grover a bakur's’seVvino-maohinks-oen oral otfico, 160 Stato-st.; branch cilice, 073 Wabash at. Persons having old Urovor A Baker sewing-machines aro Invited to call and sou tho now Improvements, and hoarsomottUng tolholr advautagu. SINGER SEWING MAOIITNKS-OFFICIfS OF NIGH OLS A PEARSON. Ul South llalilud-st. and 131 North Clark, corner Ohio, inuidilnuj sold or rented on easy payment# and sowing given when required. Ma chines repaired. S' EWING MACHINES-ALL KINDS, AT HALF price, warranted. Repairing done. PERCY 4 CO., tU7 West Madltun-sl. rpHE NEW FLORENCE SEWING MAOIUNE-WE X call special attention to roconl Improvements mndo In tho Elorenco, also to tho now aud elegant stylus of oases added to our list. To meet tiro views of those preferring C machine feeding the work away from tho operator, we avo made Nob. 18 and 14, which combine the desirable features to bo fouud In machines made by others, with nil the peculiar excellencies of tho Florence. \VM. 11, SHARP_«fc_CO., General Agents, 861 Htato-st., Cldcsgu. W’ TIBRr^R'iWiLHON^ new improved, sold or runtud on easy monthly pay ments. BURNHAM 4 FLANNERY, City Agents, utiluo 165 Hutoit, o*l A WORTH OF ATTACHMENTS GIVEN AWAY every person ptuohtislug » sowing machine at THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNESATURDAY, t JUNE 21, 1873. SUBURBAN BEAL ESTATE, . „ , IiIORSAL|MHiqiOa SUBURBAN LOTS ON TUB i Milwaukee Railway, iLx imloe die tarn, and twenty mlfmua’rldo, in Oliboum’i Addition to Uatnuwos(L ■ Those lota aro laid out Hxlß9 feet on 80 foot streets, and wlllbo soldupon easy terns, at from |BOO to 9700 per let. t?if? to and from the otty—tue deilr ability of the Iwd-ltholng high and thoroughly drained —the proximity to fliuwTass improvements, churches, schools, ami society, command this property ae the best at the prloo now In too market.. , Comparison challenged I The attention of tho Indus-• Irlous—tho tbrlfty—tho cautious—is called to these lots as sites for homoatoads or InTesUnonts. > . > Call, for a printed Abstract and plot, upon ' ; " ,/ ItOUBfIT QUEER, BfLaßane st., Room 9. TTOnSALR-fWILLOPFim FORM I>AYHMXX)TS i, • (within 8 blocks of the Brantton Depot and within 4 • mocks of line mldonooe. and properly worth S6O peri foot) for dBOO pop lot, In ipW monthly payments, or will, furnish lumber to thosp who’wlsh to Graded streets, trees and sidewalk. This Isa’rare opportunity for mon of amall moans to saeuro a home or buy for Invest ment. Two carpenters wanted. Call at Room S, 153 Monroe-et.i from StoS o'clock, or at any honr afcmy otnpo l noartliedspotio.Bvanston. 0. IC. 11ROWNK. ■ IFOR BALR-AT A-' BARGAIN—BY GOLDEN A L\ FRESHWATERS, 83 South Olark-st., Room I*; 4) aaros in Sec. 11, 08, IS. 40 acres in Seo. IS, 80. 18 „ <0 aorosln Sac. 80. 88,18. to noros In 800. 17,’ 88,14. ■ 1U noros in H«o. Su, 80, 18. lu acres in Bed. 17; 88, 14. 6 acreslq 800. 16,_ 80,18. 8 acrpt In Hao. I, 80, 18., IjIOUaALIt-DYTHBOWNKn-ALOrONWAJUBiI- A 1 av., Bonlh of city limits} will be sold for (SO per fool if taken this week. A.' iIAURBTT, 629 Duttorflold-st. FDR SALE—CHEAP LOTS, ON LONG TIME, LOW price, and sasy terms of payment, onllalsted, Murry, Union, Uospi&inss, and Wallsce-sts., just, north of.tbe -Pavilion Parkway. Persona desiring lata for bouses, and those wanting a fine investment, with sure prospects of Increased value, aro invited to ozamino those lots:- - Call on POTWIN A CORBY, Agents, 119 Franklln-st. WOB SALE-ONLY *lO DOWN, MONTHLY X' ' tilt paid lor, a fow left of our lares low only 1,000 foot from throe depot* at Washington Height*. high and dry} trees on ovary lot. Title perfect. Prices. *2OO to *3OO. Gall and so andsoeihom;--TXtUESDBLL A BROWN,. 176 West Madlson-sU •_. • , • , T7IOR SALE—AT RAVENBWOOD—A DE3IUAI3LB X 1 dwelling-houseof Brooms, goodbrlokcollar, furnace,> hard and soft water. Lot -149x163 foot, ornamented with fiultand shade trees.'jApply to ROBERT * GREER, 81 LaSalle-at., Room 9. . . ■ , TOOK - SALE—DESIRABLE!; LOTS •. AND r ACRE- X*.. tract* at Montrose at. prices affording a margin; no property presents bettor prospect*, or.enjoys better facili ties for easy, quick, and cheap .access. ■ For .particular* apply to Rif A A COATSB, lia Wa*bipgtfm-st«; - j • TBOB SALE—THIRTY COTTAGBS AND TWO-STORY X 1 liousoi at Englewood on easy terms,-. Apply to- TIL-, LOTdON BROS.. 278 and 274 Stata-st. 1 . FOR BALE-TWO . BLOCKS 4H ACRES BACH - short distance west of Northwestern oar-shops, eon ’Vonlont to depot. ■ HENRY WALLER, 1 Jr;, 88 East Washiugton-SL, Room 4. .-j .. . FOR SALE-O. A N.W. LOTS, BETWEEN CENTRAL Park and O, A N. W. oar shops, a non-resident owner will a«U vary eboap. Also, boulevard lots, and lota near boulevard. Free ride, oars or carriage.- PUINNEVA LOMBARD, 165 LoSallost. . FBI SALE—I HAVE A SPLENDID SELECTION of houses and lota In Evanston and South Evanston on easy tonus. Parties wishing to purchase will do well to call and examine. J. R. FQWLBH, Evanston. • TPOR SALK-AT A BARGAIN-FIVE AGUES A.’ northwest corner of Wsstorn-ar. and Twelfth-at. In qulro at 185 South, in bank -.. ■ . For salb-englewood property—is lots .on Junction (Hlxty-tblrd-st.)and Bnglewood-ars., between Siowart-av. and Wallaoo-st. M cash, balance In 1, 9, and 8 year*. Apply to owners, SPOFFORD A BYRNE. Room 4, No. 145 Olark-st. ■' - ■ EOR SALE-NEW COTTAGE, 8 ROOMS AND 6 , acres good dry. Improved land, one-half mllo from Hobart dopot on Fort Trayn# Railroad, from Chicago 83 miles; price with crop* 8636, cash SIOO, balance sl9 per month j no agsuoy business t office days Monday, Wednes day, and Friday. J. EARLE, owner. Room 8, 163 Monroe. ■ TBOR BALE-SEVEN CHOICE RBBIDBNOB LOTS J. 1 at Irving Park, part oa the Boulevard, at $9 per foot loss than going prices. a bargain for any one wautlnjr fine resldonoo property. B. F, CLARKE A CO., TAOR SALE-HOUSE AT HYDE PARK, NEAR DE iJ pot, 86,000: 8600 cash, balance to suit.- Fine largo house near depot, lob 100x160. offered at a great saoritlco, . oast front. Alio due building alto at Cgaudalo. * UL RICH A BOND, 87 Doarboro-st. - For sale-englewood-wb are making plans for mon» residences: parties desiring.todoso can boo plans and make required alterations- at our offloo. CANFIELD A MATTEBON, 60 LaSalle-st. ; For sale-elegant residence at Lake Forest, will accent good Chicago property In part payment. CANFIELD A MATTESON, 60 LaSalle-st. For sale-or bxohange->niob house and lot. $4,600, 10 miles from ■ Court-House, very . cheap: s3osdown; balance very easy, or discount for more cash. W. M. WHITNEY A CO., 161 LaSallo-st,, first floor. For sale-several desirable residences In Evanston, Soutb Evanston, and Resort’ Park: also building lots and aore proparty. ALFRED L..SEWELL, Real Estate Broker, I&6LaSallo-st, ■ For sale-at bvanston an elegant house and lot near tho lake, well shaded with largo uativo trees | also a vory desirable house of 10 rooms two hlooka from station, excellent neighborhood; also houses and building lots (somo vary choice at bargains) both oast and west of railway. OREENLEAF A PAUL, 13 Control Union Block, and Evanston, offloo opposite dopot. ■ For sale-a very desirable residence oa Bllia-av., near Fortleth-st., convenient to railroad station and bone-oars, oao block from Droxel Boulevard. Furnace, conservatory, gas. and water; house finely furnished, good barn;lot69xlßo (tto alley. Will soli at a great bargain if taken at onoo—furnished or unfur nished. Possession Immediately, Prloo 818,000. UL RICH A BOND. 87 Dearboro-ef. • ■ BUSINESS CHANCES. A FIRST-CLASS RETAIL GROCERY ON THE West Side for sale; in good neighborhood, with a good paying trade which is constantly increasing; a men with common business tact and energy can clear at least 85.000 per year ovor all expenses; no bonus aakqd tor good will j capital required, about ss,t*X». Address L 88, Trib une otlico. A LODGING HOUSE IN SAN FRANCISCO FOR sale. A flno contra! location, containing 140 rooms, with a wolt-ostablUbod business. For further Infuinatlon and particulars address O. O. MOaLEY, Roal Estate, Nu. 239Montgomory-st.. Son Frsnolsoo, Cal. A FINK OPPORTUNITY FOR A YOUNG ORlNKX porlenood man with money to obtain a good position with steady, reliable, and competent persons In a wall es tablished business. Address WHOLESALE GROCER, Tribune office. A GOOD MILK BUSINESS TOR SALE. ADDRESS J\. LC 7, Tribune office. AOREAT“OPTbRTUNITY-TnE ADVERTISER, who Is well known tbrougbont America In connection with certain successful enterprises, has just arrived at an opportunity to realize, within a year, SIOO,OOO. Can show figures to dumonvtrato it. Would like to moot a gnu* Usman who can represent from SBO,OOO to $50,000. cosh capital. Only SB,OOO to SIO,OOO cash necessary. Ad dress LB6, Tribune office. • A BILLIARD AND SAMPLE ROOM, SOUTH Side, central, for sale: bargain to-day. Also, gro cery store, Ao. Apply to d. It. KIMBALL, ISQDoar AIIOTBI, IN a BKAUTITOr. AND FASUION. able village on lake shore. 85 mlnuto’s ride from Chi cago, for a&lo or lease; first-class palronago at good pri ces. more than can be accommodated. w. W, WAT SON, 202 A YOUNG GOOD BUSINESS MAN IB LOOKING •for a chanoo to make a good living through the In vestment of $2,000 or $3,000 cash. Address, with full par ticulars, LTD, Tribune office. A PROMINENT FIRST-CLASS RETAIL FAMILY grocery for sals, doing a large and profitable busi ness, which can bo greatly Increased by a live, onorgotio, pushing man, who can give his entire attention to the business. The owners hare othor business to attend to, which is their reason for soiling. Address BURTON, PIERCE A 00., wholesale grocers, M Mlchlgxn-av. A $1,600 DINING-ROOM FOR SALE FOR 9800; death tbo causa of tho salo. Ono confectionery at an pralial. SUMMERVILLE AGO., 178 Slato-st., Room 12. A BIG THING—FOR RENT OR SALE, A SALOON il on tho South Side, with louo and fixtures. - Addruts 16 Y, Tribune office. A WELL-ESTABLISHED CASH BUSINESS FOR sale or exchange; paying from 60 to 100 per cent; lo cated on Lako-st.; stock on hand and Id manufacturing about $60,000 cash price. Address JR N, Bos 83 Tribune office. T\RUG STOCK FOR SALE IN ONE OF THE BEST JL/ towns In tbo State of Illinois: store doing largest business In that Hue In the town. No dead stock or fix tures Included, Owner Is engaging In a larger and differ ent lino of business, which requires all his time and capital. Value. $7.C00. Will Inventory. Address “J,” cars E. BURNHAM A SON, Wholesale Druggists, Obi cage. pROOKRY AND SAMPLE ROOM ATTACHED \X for sale, full stock of groceries and liquors. Apply toLYNOH fiRQS.. 127 South Watorst. t OFFER MY HOTEL, SITUATED ON TELE oTTIL A A Q. R. R., 19 tnllos from Chicago, for sale. Building 86x75. throe stories, has 811 rooms; billiard ball, 23x35, with bar room. Will take Chicago property (or part payment Coitso,6OO. Forpartlcuiara address A. D. SiIEPOD, Lolaad. LaSallo Co., HI. If not aold soon, will rout same partly furnlehod. ■ Laundry and furniture op dwelling room Insane building for aala; ohoap root; old and well established business, In paying community. Trade. ? 1400 per montU and Increasing. Price. $760, or one-half ntorost for S4OO. Apply at 110 South Desplatnes-at. XTEW OP A lirst-olus* Broadway Hotel for aalo. Addrcas II U. Station D, Now York. * SAWMILL. AO., FOR SALE—A LANE 4BODLKY sawmill and a Daniels'limber planer, respectively* with carriage and lied, capable of sawing and planing lengths to seventy feet, together with planer and match er, surface? and cuttlog-01l saws; also aP. W. Galea 1 elghty-horso power unglue, aro offered for sale. All aro In good working order, and can be examined at our works, east of Stuck Yards. Apply to ■ THE AMERICAN BRIDGE COMPANY, 310 Latfsllo»st.,‘ corner Adams. SALOON FOR BALK. CHEAP; LOW RUNT: throe rooms attached; South HaUted-st. Apply at 162 Blue Island-ay. STEAM FLOURING MILL FOR BALD CHEAP, HAS 7 run "of stone, new engine of ample power In good or der; Is In a town of 9,000 people; good local trade; ship ping facilities, two Eastern railroads and Mississippi River. Tonus easy. Address or call on F. L. UNDER WOOD, Muscatine, lowa. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL MILLINERY AND fancy goods business for sale In one of tbo finest ollios in tbs West. A lino ohanoo for gentleman or lady. Good reasons given for aching. Address Fl, Tribune cilice. 09 non OAHII WILL BUY A GROCERY STORE 'PAuUI/iMogood running order, a 3-slory house, a barn, ondalargu lot. In the Uourlshlng village of Lnlanrt, on tho O.j B. 40. Railroad, actually worth SII,BOO. In nulroof L. B. SoIIAEKUR, with if. M. Henderson A Co., southeast corner Madison and Franklin-ala. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. For halk-an entire housekeeping out lit; furniture almost entirely new, and situated In one of tho most beautiful places on the West Side. Largo Inland an abundance of shrubs and ilowors. 111-health the cause of Bulling, and a groat sacrifice will be made. Address L W, Tribune otHco. VidusiHidLD' goods are selling at cost XX at 71 and 73 North Wells-st. A largo stock of lurnl tnro must bo sold by July 1. MISCELLANEOUS. I EXPERT ACCOUNTANT-BOOKS OPENED AND li closed, complicated account# adjusted; posting ami fonural uincuwork promptly attended to. Address L 66, rlbuao office. WOULD bIICE TO TRADE, OR WOULD-PAY >T oath foramoillum-sisodsoooiid-liaQdsafe. Address ROBEHTH, 371 Htato-st., np-atatrs. DIVORCES. DIVOROKB-LKGALLY OBTAINED-FRK AFfEU docros. Scandal avoided. Nino years' practice la the court* ol Chicago. Address P. O. Box 1077. TO BENT-HOUSES. rro RENT—NEW BRICK IIOUSB^TWO-STORY 1 X and basement, No. 297 North WelU-it., corner Whit-; Ing. 11 lUot*6oporn>e>th. H. lIItAUCKMAN. rrtO'EBNT— A BPISNDID HOUSE. Ml SOUTH DEAR. X born-it.. oornor Thirty-ninth, with barn, only, S3O. Inquire of u. W. GOULD, at PB3. ' ■ ‘ - TO RENT-M8 INDIANA-AV., NEAR TWENTIETH > it., with or without furniture, for tha season or year, or for sale, location very desirable, furniture new and handsome, billiards, barn, and modern- convenience*, marble front,- 18 teems; possession immediate; Call between Band 10a. ro., and a and op. m; ■ ■ ~ rrdIRKNT-ONB OP THOSE 11RAUTIF&I,"nft W i, hnmn ooruer Indlana-av. * n d_T wolf tb • s t.-, lak o v low; all modem imprqvstnenl*.. Oallathonso. B. WtHPIIN, O RENT—NEW OOTT AG B-HODSB, - STORY AND a half ofl roams, besides bath room, naulry, closets, etc., on Tyler-at., throe doots west of Wlnohostor-av., short blooVfrom Van Buron-st. oars. . Apply to THOs. HOOD, 123 lASalle st., Oriental Building, Room 28. • ITO . RENT—9-STOUY ANDJJABKMBNT MARBLE . front rostdonco, 11 rooms, 1036 Wabasb-av. Inquire of FEUD. W. PKOK, ItoomS, Nixon's Building. ' npO RKNT-OALUMKT-AV., CORNER TWENTY -1 nlnlh-st., beautifully finished 10-roprahoaio, onlys6o per month. HTORRS k WARE, 91 Washlngton-st. T‘ O i RENT-FRAME .DWELLING. WITH BARN, oemor Lhko and Wahpansob-avi. Inquire at6l Ellis av., same block. . ' ' TO 1 lIENT-IIOD8IM«H WABABU-AV.J «U JPBU month. 488 Uubbard-at,, 8 rooms, SBO. B. C. OULU A C0.,‘188 LaSallo-st. 1 , IPO RENT-FROM THE Ist OF JULY, TWO-STORY X and h&semant homo 1070 Wabatb-av. Inquire at cor per Tmmty-aeeond.and State st*.,over Broadway market. TO RENT—FURNISHED HOUSE.? ROOMS. ADAMS add Aberdean-stg. Owner and Wife would like board with party ranting. Address L 77, Tribune office. npO RENT—CHEAP, UNTIL -MAY NEXT. A NEW X two-itory'fcnd bhiemont marble-front bouse, fiontlng on Kills park. Apply to CLARKE, LAYTON A C 0.,120 , LaSalle-at.- ■ ■- -y - fhO RKNT-NO. 418 WEST TAYIiOR-ST.. 6 ROOMS, X closets, Ao. t; location firat-elasi.‘ Rent, S3O. UART MANN A QUINN, 1 Room 10, M West Madlion-st.- TO RKNT-NO.-123 GURLKY-ST.-HOUSB OF 7 rooms. JOHN K. ROWLEY, Rooms, No. 163Deor bom-eti • - .- » - - " * , r RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE, 7 ROOMS. AD ame-it., near Aberdeen. 'Owner and wlfo would like boayd with party renting. Address L 77, q'ribtmooflloe,-. mo RENT—OB FOR SALE-HOUSE, ELEGANTLY X furnished; valuable ground loose. Inquire on the premises, No. 848onth llaUted-st. ' - rpO RENT—TWO STORY FRAME HOUSES NOS. ' X 91, 26, and 23 TUlrty-iovcnlb-st., near Ellli-ar., 10 rooms,--good’ repair; very reasonable rent, fl, E. WELLS, 188 Doarbom-st., or 81 Vinoonnoa-av.. after 6 p; m.’ / ■ ’ i ; fpO RENT-TWO HOUSES AT HYDE PARK, NEAR X - depot: nno to sell on payment of s6oCir.tmaauy. UL RIOH A lIOND, 87 Doarborn-»t. , ■ - - - 1 • mO RENT—FURNISHED HOUSE, FURNISHED X first-class throughout; all.lmoroToraonts. Will rent, 01 * cheap. Apply at K8 Chicago-ay,, oast of TO RENT HOUSE CORNER OF INDIANA-AV. ‘nod Twcniy-flpit'it.. 16 to 16 rooms, with or without ■fnralturo: -possession (raraodlaUly. .Alio, a nice resi dence at Hydo Pork, dear station, corner of Flfty-sor onth-st. and Madlion-ar, W. U. HOYT A SON, 85 Washlngton-st./RoomO.; ' . i Suburban* ' fro ! RteNT-LAKB FOREST-RESIDENCE PLEAS- X . antly located, convenient to depot, church, and gl-ngigw iiite’. 1 ' ° AMt ' iEto .' t mO RENT-SUBURBAN 7-RdOMOOTTAGBHOUSE, X i with largo grounds and small bam, at Norwood Park, Block 23,-eonvonl/mt to denotv Rent only 918 por month, Address J.;,W. STEPPINGS, Irrlng Park. TO RENT—I HAVE TWO NICE FARMS, WITH comfortable bouses and largo orchards, near the depot; would tnako good summer homos for olty business men. O. J.'STOUGH. 73 and 74 Doarborn-st. TO KENT—ROOMS. nno RENT—RO OMS—AT ON. 01 SOUTH GREEN. X st. Apply at No. il South Oroea-st. f|lo BENT—TO GENTLEMEN AND GENTLEMEN X and wires (without children), handsomely fumiihod rooms, 916 to $lO. <0, Room 80. llofercndcs. ■ TO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH GAS, bath, Ao., at 1100 In dl ana-ay., north ol Twenty. fourth-st. ■ . .. y. rpO RENT-NEWLY FURNISHED ROOMS, TO A X gentleman and wlfo or single gentlemen: bathroom, hot and oold water adjoining; private family. 048Wa bash-qv., corner Twenty-first-at. . . , mO RENT—NICELY-FURNISHED ROOMS; LOOA- X tlon first-class and central: house newly fitted up, and has all modem Improvements. 48 South Alty-sU, bo twesn Madison and Washington. . mO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS FOR OENTLE- X men at 43 Bast Harrison-st. ■ ■ ■ rno BENT-TWO BOOMS/ FURNISHED, EITHER X : with or without board; prirato family. 978 South Park-av. ■ * . TO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH OB without board; nso of bath-room. 19 East Hand son-st. • rpo RENT—CHEAP—THREE ROOMS, WITH X cloiete. etc., 919. .Also, two rooms, 97.A11 In good order. D. B. FiBICIS, Room 0, Otis Blook. TO RENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, by the day. wook, or month, terms roosonablo, at the St. Jollon, 151 and 163 Doarborn-st. rno RENT-VERY HANDSOMELY FURNISHED .X rooms, at tbo St. Elmo, by tho day, week, or month. 85 and 67 Doarborn-st. Charges reasonable. TO R£NX"-STORES, OFFICES. &o.

rno RENT-TUB STORE W BAST KINZIE-ST., X ;~uor of main entrance to Wells Street depot, oocu pled at present as a clothing ctoro. ' ■ r RENT—THE SECOND FLOOR OF 66 LAKGST., comer State, KUBO, vroll lighted, easy aoooaa.' In qulre first floor. O RENT -OFFICES, AND UNFURNISUED rooms for gentloxnon, lu Pmaslng's Building on State* et.,between Oongrossjmd Harrison. Inquire at tho office of Crossing vinegar Works, 841 State-si. TO RENT—TWO FINE, FURNISHED, NEW AND largo stores, particularly adapted for dry goods, boots and shoos.or clothing business. Inquire at tho Elaco, 678 and 673Elstoa-av., near tho roiling mills, of i. 0. PRBSLBR. mO RENT—WELL-LIGHTED OFFICES AND TWO X lofts, 20x116, on State-st., opposite Palmer Hotel, Cheap. - Inquire at Room 18, 17b State-st. O RENT—DOCK PROPERTY ON SOUTH BRANCH near Twonty-ssoond-it.: 100 foot on tho river by 221) foet to O. AA. R. It. Apply to HENRY P. IS HAM, Room 83 Portland Block. TO RENT—THE 3D AND BRD FLOORS OP THE _ three atory brick building, - No. 27 South Oanal-at. THOB. LONBROAN, 27 South Canal st. TO RENT—ELEGANT BRICK STORE, 2.1x80, COR. □er. Fiftieth, and State-ats., wol! located for a dry 6ocds or ffrooorr storo. Applv to WM. B. HOWARD, ontral Union Slock, east end Madlson-ei. bridge. rro RENT—PART CF STOREO3 AND 68 STATE-ST., •J. comer Randolvu. Inquire of G. U. QUIFFXN, 183 East Madison-st.. .corner Clark, op-stairs. rno RENT—HjTKL .ON THE OOUNKROP FIFTH- X av.and Arams-st., containing 65 rooms, including bath-rooms. * ater-cloeots. laundry; hot and cold water. Apply to TO RENT/-A GOOD LAOER-BEER BASEMENT, with fixtures and liqpon for tale; the best along tho crock; it is 72x23. No. 37 East Erio-st., North Bide. THO RENT-STORE, 20X70, NO. 215 EAST RAN- X jdnlnh-st,, between Wells and Franklin. Apply to ROBINSON, 193 East Lako-st. Will ront choap. mO RENT-TWO FRONT ROOMS FOR OFFICES, X 446 State-st., up-stairs. TO RENT-NEAT CORNER STORE, WITH LIGHT basement and rooms above, 76 West Washington-st. Apply to ALFRED I,.SEWELL, 169 LaSallo-st.. or to MARSHALL A DICKINSON, Room 16 Otis Block, soutbwuat comor Madison and LaSalle-ate. WANTED-TO RENT. TyANTED—TO RENT-SOUTH FRONT ROOM, VT fumlahod, with or without board, by a baoholor; West Sido preferred; best of references given. Address XIOO. Tribune offico. WANTED-TO RUNT—A STORE SUITABLE FOR a furniture stores ntnall first floor and largo upper floors. 'A. L. OROOKBU, 631 Htato-st. PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNER WANTED—A RARE OPPORTUNITY IS otfored to an active business man with 810.000 capital, —54,000 ready money only required,—to buy the Interest of a retiring partner la a safe, legitimate business, thoroughly established. Apply to WM. O. GRANT, 28 Portiaud Block. . Partner wanted-in a legitimate and X gontoel rolall oakb business; no credit; established and pays well; good obanea for an honest and earnest man; particulars at interview: references oxohangod. Address D, Oarrior 86. PARTNER WANTED—A PARTY WITH 820,000 TO 880,000, property and money. withes to join another with as much or more money, to boy, sell, aud Improve real estate; soma one In the bailnm preferred. and prin cipal! only, and Uioio moaning business, invited to cor* respond. L«, Tribune otHoo. PARTNER WANTED—A YOUNG MAN IS LOOK. X lug (or a ohanou to got Into business through tho in vestment ot over |1,20d cash. Address L 93, Tribuno *fflce. PARTNER WANTED—WITH. 81.000, IN AN ES- X tabllshod cash business v-aylng SWO por month. None but parties who aro road/ for buslnest and htvo good roferonoos need apply. la 7 South Clark-st., Room &8. PARTNER WA'NTED-Wmi $3,000 TO JOIN THE advertiser with same amouut, to open a branch to* store, and take charge of the same. Address TEA. Carrier XI. AGENTS WANTED. A GENTS WANTED-47,000 PROBLEMS (MORE OR XX loss) In Interest, oowpulod for four distinct business Serlods of tlmo, In ono minute, at any rate percent, ow arithmetical alphabet, The Leaver, Absolute right mothodoftladlngoubo and square root: also, an unlim ited number of ways: tho most rcmarkabP discoveries of tho Niuatoenth Century: book contains 108 pages. Price, 81. Address J. A. HENDERSON, A. U., Author, San Francisco, Cal., Box No. 85, • AGENTS WANTED—GOOD CANVASSERS ARB XL making $lO to $lB a day with my needle-books, ma chine-noodles, dross elevators, do., do. O. U. LIN INOTONi 177 EastMadUon-st., Chicago. A GENTS WANTED-TO BELL OUR NEW BUT ii. ton-holo outer, noodle-threading thimble, aud other now articles. 09 East Mudlson-it., Room S. "A GENTS XL for city and country 5 husluota permanent. Inanimate, anil honorable., For particulars, call at Slo6 Michlgau-av.! corner llubbard-couri. AGENTS WANTUD-MALB AND FEMALE. IN XL city and country, for the fastest-selling goods on record. Those who can command a little ready o&hcan certainly make Immense protits. 810 a day Is only a fair average. It will oust nothing to Investigate. 600 sam- Bo* %' WMt r Lrk l e ) st° &nta >6at * Qr MERRILL A * CENTS WAN’rKB-TO SUM, HASH HUITOIIT 4uVlVth n »p 1Q 0r * **l® Eood profit. PERSONAL. PERSONAL- ''THE LARK SOARS UPWARD, proclaiming," Ao, Wrlto again. Parlloulars. WANTED-IF MARY MoI NKRNAY - IS~1N THE olty will she pleas* call at 1178 Wabasb-ar., at once? \V’^. ,t^rl^^.l >,H ATloN °* arthuiToiTpi^ JLi—TEll MoDONKLL, slona-outtcr, in tbU city, LAWLOB( Sldo Urlggs Uoum, or Pest- BOARDING AND BODGING. ‘ j Wo»t Side. *1 O 'ROUTH fIANOAMON-ST.—TWO OR THREE XZrgoDtlomon can obtain pleasant room*, nicely-fur nished; with <lf«t-olM« board. Oft: AnKRDEEN-BT.—MARBLE FRONT. RLE, **\J, Rand/ furnished; otory summon comfort; hand •omd rooms; unexceptionable table i a few more rooms; jromfr? pur week. 'A'jl SOUTH MORGAN-ST.—TWO VERY HIGHLY X C fbrnUbod rooms, with unexceptionable board, at quite reasonable terms. * ■ OKIROUTH MOROAN-BT.. NEAR MADISON— FbrnUbod or unfurnished rooms, with board, suit able for famiUoa or single gentlemen. . *ll7 SOUTH GREBN-BT.—HOARD. WITH NICE XX| furnished rooms, single or on sullo, with use of piano ; also, young lady wanton to room with young lady of tbo house, ■ • m' WAIUUtN-IV., OOBNER WOODST.-Dll'- llghtful accommodations for fow tingle young Bpnuorapn, and.ono married conple. Rooms nave due slaw and alp,andsummmUngsnmißually Inciting, Table superior; tornu modorato. Only ono block from Madl ■on-«t. t neat Union Park. IKKI WEST WABIIINOTON-BT.-FURNISHED *.« 3 rooms to nmt by Ibo day or week, with or with* out board 5 day board s<.6o par woek. Qno WEST MONIIOK-ST., NEAR WOROAN ii»Vr *t sr fi o furnished room, adjoining bath-room,, wim board. Several table boarders can be accommodated. QQ9 WEST WABHINOTON-BT.-ROOMB WITH board for gsnileraan and wife, or slnglo gentle man;bottof aooommodatlons;roforencos required. QKQ WEST RAKDOU'It ST.-EOOM FOB TWO gentlemen or two ladica 5 breakfast and 0 o’clock dinner; private family. .$5.60. fill WEST MADIBON-BT.—KLEOANTLY FUR *XI.X nlshed rooms,. slnglo and on suits, with board, at reasonable rates! house newly furnished, now proprlo j*«. tbo only first-class boarding betel on West KQQ WEST AD A M 8-BT,—NIO ELY FURNISHED or unfumlehod rooms fur gout and wife, and ono slnglo room: hot and cold water; nice neighborhood, near Union Park; good table; tanas reasonable. ftOO WEST ADAMB-ST., NEAR UNION PARK— UZJO, Ono elegantly furnished aud one unfurnished room. wUUboard. Location and accommodations best lu tbe city. Cholera don’t got off at our station. • ft9Q MADIBON-ST., WEAR.UNION PARK—GOOD board and comfortable rooms at 05 per week; also, furnished rooms, with or without board, at very rea sonable rates. Call and see. A QUIET, PLEASANT HOME FOR TWO QENTLK • men or gentleman and wife, In private family, on Adaros-st., near Aberdeen. Address L 71, Tribune otQco. WITH HOARD-TO TWO GENTX.KMEN, A suite of rooms fronting thu lake, on Indiana-ar., near Twolfth-st., inn first-class house; no other boarders. Andress L Cl, Tribune office. , ■ South Side* *IQ CONGRESS-ST.-PLEASANT FRONT ROOM XO to rout with board. Very nlomut location. Ono door from tbp Tromont Homo. Day board $5. AO .HUBBARD COURT-NEW BOARDING JtO; home, first-class board with rooms, $1 to 96.60 por week, with use of piano. Day board 94. OJ, I ? WENTY , .3ECOND'sT,—TO RENT, WITH L/tc board, nicoly fumiihod room*; alio day boarders wanted. OQ,f WABASH-AV.—GENTLEMEN AND THEIR OU Jt families, or single gontlomon, wishing largo pleasant rooms,.with good board, can bo accommodated.. QQ£» MIUIUGAN-AV.-A LARGE ROOM, SUIT-' Ot7U ablafor gentleman and wife, or two or or throo gentlemen, to rent, with board; also, single room. Rof oroocos required. ' A C MIOHIOAN-AV.—ROOMS TO RENT. SINGLE TuUcJ oren aulto; also a large front room, with alcove, with llrstrclass board. ' . C/l Q WABASH-AV.—TWO OR THREE ROOMS TO UxO rent, with board. Reference required. ZAT AWTI^!I.AV-imOMS“WITir“BOARD; DAY dUV/board. Bam to rent. . ■. 7CI WABASn-AV.-IIANDSOJIKLYFURNISUnr) 4 Ol front room, for gentleman and wife; alionlco largo room for slnglo gentlemen, with ttrst-olass table. 007 WAJtASII-AV.—TWO LAUGH DESIBAULE X)lj I furnished rooms to root, with first-class board, snitable for gentleman and wlfo or two gentlemen. IH7/L WABASH-AV.-A SUITE OP FRONT XI/ I i rooms, with largo closot attached; also, a largo back room, unfnrnishod, with or without board. 1101 STATE*ST.. NEAR TWENTY-FOURTH, i-XAI South Sldo House—Uotol; oicollout table and rooms at 85 per wook; families at reduced rates. • GOOD ROOMS, WITH BOARD, FOR SINGLE gentlemen and ladles, or families, nt Harrison Court, southeast corner Harrison and llalsted-sts. MIOHIQAN-AV., BETWEEN SIXTEENTH AND Twentloth-sts.—To rent, for tbreo months, a largo front room, furnished, with flwt-olasa board. For par tloulare, address L 21, Tribune oflloo. PLEASANT SUITES OF ROOMS AT THE Douglas House for goutlaman and wlfo. Prices reasonable. Transient board, Sit por day, «e ' Rooms, with first-class board, for man and wife, or two slnzto gontlomen, In lino mansion 1193 Pralrle-ar., ooruor Twenty-slxth-st. Country* TTXOELI.ENT BOARD FOR A MARRIED COUPLE, Xli in a prirato family, one hour's rido from Chicago, on lake shore. Largo, shady grounds, near depot, and noil-furnished room, lighted with gas. Inquire at 177 Randolph-st., second lloor, : Desirable board oan be obtained at thaboautlful suburban rUiajro of Winuotka, 16 miles from Chicago. Address DORMITORY. Wimmtka. HI. BOARD WANTED. BOARD-A FURNISHED ROOM FOR GENTLE man and lady In a quiet place where there arc no oth or boarders. Board for lady only; Address L 63, Tribune. LOST AND FOUND. LOST— 85REWARD—ON HORSE-O ARH, BETWEEN Madison ud Twonty-secoud-ste.. oornor of Wtbasb av.. an envelope and inclosed duod, abstract of title, and S rebate of Plorco Butler's will, ana some accounts. The ood was from S. B. Strong to Hsunsh M. Butlor and Margaret SUnoy, recorded in Cuyahoga County. Ohio, 28lh May, A. D. 1873. U the finder will doUvor tno above document* toddies of tho above named ladies, at tbdr residence, 1063 Wabash-av., or to tbolr Attorneys, M. A. BORKB A BON, 8 and 6 Control Union Block, east and Madlson-st. bridge, ho will receive the above toward. Taken up-a oream-colored mare, white mane and tall, about 14 hands high, 6 years old. Uo wardfor return to THOMAS JIPSON, Lyons, Cook Co., Lost-dark bay mark, with long tail; walks stiflt had on a leather bailor. Findor will bo rewarded. Apply to JOHN ATKINSON, 1776 Hal- Stod-Bt. T OST—REWARD—IF THE GENTLEMAN WHO JJ called during the night of Thursday, at 190 South Sangamun-st.. will return tho jawolry ho accidentally car ried oil, ho will bo liberally reworded without qucsUoning. Address L 80, Trlbuuo office. Lost-trust deed and note for the bum of 83,000, oxooutod by Ohas. M. Trail, and payable to tho order of Nolhod A. Sanborn, payment of which has been stopped. Any uuu finding tho same will bo suitably rowardoaby leaving them attho offico of DAY A BAN BORN, IB3audl4oLaßalle-Bt., Chicago. LOST— S5 REWARD—BLACK AND TAN DOG, JOHN U. GILBERT, No. 48 South May-at. T OST—ON WEST MADISON-ST. OARS, BETWEEN JJ Western av. and Union Park, or at tho park, pair gold spootaclos. Tho lindor will bo liberally rewarded by leaving eamo at 46 LaSallo-et., Room 8, or 473 War rea-av. T OST-A OREAM-COLOKED MARE, ABOUT U JJ yean old. without shoos; any person rotnrulng her to W. T. NELSON, corner Wood and Tylor-ets,, carpenter, shop, aliall bo rowardod. T OST—IN A BUS ON MADISON-ST.. YESTERDAY JJ afternoon, a lady’s pocket-book containing a sum of money, also a proscription and an order on Hamlin, Halo A Co. lor goods. Tho Under wilt be suitably rowardod by leaving with W. 11. BEAN, at Hamlin, Halo Jk Co. EOST-ON THURSDAY, BETWEEN EIGHTEENTH and Congress-sts., on Waboab-av., a silver patent lovorwatoh. Tho findor will bo rewarded by leaving tbo some at 988 Pratrio-nv. L OST-A SMALL BAY HORSE, BRANDED ON .loftshoulder. $lO reward for return to 863 South Canalst. Lost— on morning of utii, in cottage*. Urovo-av. cars, between city limits and Thirty-third •t,. a gold lookut with monogram on one sldo. The findor will bo liberally rowardod by leaving at 6 Grovoiand Park. L OST-A GOLD DRAaELETrMARIdiD~HATOIK7 June 22, 1871 ; lost botwonn Field, Leltor A Co.'s stem - and Grand Psoitio Hotel. The Under will bo rowardodby pluming the eamo to T. 13. OASKILL, Grand Pooliio STRAYED OR STOLEN SUNDAY EVENING, Juno 10, from tSrt Wont Adnma-at., a dark sorrel botno with star In futuhoud. and a little kueo-sprung. A suita ble reward will bo paid for hi* rotum or any information that may load to his recovery, which can bo left at tho above number or at tho office of O. U. CASE, 160 East Washington-st. rpAKEN UP-AT MY PLACE ON AROHEU-AV., 1* X miles west of Brighton, one black cow, lino back, underbelly, about 7 yonts old. Uno whitish speckled cow vbout 9 years old. M. J. TBARNEY. TO EXCHANGE. SPECULATORS HAVING FROM 815,000 TO $28,000 O worth of Western farming lamia can got a good trado by addressing X 93, Tribune otHoo. rpo iexoiianoe-oity and suburban lots X to oxohnugu for furnlturo or a good double tonm and carriage, or Jewelry: lots will bo exchanged at their cash valuo. Address L 47, Tribuno 011100. rpO EXCHANGE—ELEVEN POUTAHLK GRIST* X mills, best manufactured, at a bargain, fer Chicago property. EASTMAN, 8 Aroado-oqurt, ritO EXCHANGE—SIid WORTH OF DRY-OOODS X for a good family horse, harness, and phaotuu: some cash would ho paid If rig suits. Bt LaSalle-at., Room 36. alO EXCHANGE—B FINE RESIDENOU UOUSKfC . brown stone, la Now York Oily, for Chicago property. Address Q 63. Tribune oflko. * v ' rpo EXCHANGE—HO USES, LOTS, FARMS, AND .X suburbau property. Given* a call; wo Imvo bargains. HAIR A CO., Bryan Rluclc,-LaSalle and Monroe-sts. rpo EXCHANGE—HOUSE AND LOT ON WEST JLMouroq-st.j near Leavitt, for unincumbered lot worth 81,500 and dllioronce in cash 81,500, and acsumo incum branoo. Also. 120 acres laud in Wisconsin, noar Pruirlo Du CUlou, and uomo ca«h, for ahouso and lot. Wo want lots to exchange, houses aud farms, with * lltllo cash. HILL A BLISS. 01 Doarborn-st. TO EXOHANOE—A 0110108 PIECE OF UNlN oumborod suburban property to oxohaimo for good Im proved business properly. AJdresj L 89,_Trlbuua oUioo. fpO EXCHANGE—LUMBER IN YARD uTcf)luX X go. for uo huprovod siuok farm. Addroso L Ku, Tri bone 011100. • a" to EX(3IIANQE-320 ACRES ILLINOIS LAND FOR . city lets nr aero property; will pay dllferouco oras sumo oueiinibrance. Address L ÜB, Tribuno oihoo. TXTANTED—SIO,OOO TO 820.000 OF GOOD MER »ji>r\\l'*F/c ? to , «*«ha»igo for ilrat-class lands. R.KKN NEDY, HJ)CUrk-at. t Rooms 20 and 27. WANTED - BRICK IN EXCHANGE FOR C2O i t aeroeof choice seleolud Wuslorn land, outored by myself, or 50 tuwn lots lu llio growing villain) of Galvo. lu Henry County. JOHN I. BENNETT, Room 16, No, 101 Meiinio-at. BUILDING MATERIAL. T UMIIIJB AND TlMlllttl OUKAI- AT EIIItTAUU'S JJ Yura. North I’tor, uo.r Ll.liHlouro, toy tu tt tuna joist. Rills cut to order. WANTED-AiibUT 2W.9CJ BUioKS~FOU RUII.U -bJ " M - ln,iu ' ra of MACHINERY. IpOR SALE—A NEW 16-HOUSE POWER STATION X 1 aryciie;iie;alßoalargus-Yaar*oldhur&e, suitable for toam or uarrUge. P. J, SEXTON, Rudder, 58 aud W V6CUIO*aT» , WANTED—MAIE HELP. l . Bookkeepers* Clerks* Etc.' w a bss«si sfflSKffiH. gsa houaojonly those need apply wlio can Inllncnco a Ursa Undo and nr* thoroughly acquainted with the baalnese. AddVciw, with reforCDQpe, P; O, Boi 8717 New York. TtrANTItD-ATIIOnOUaiILYCOHPETHNTDOOK. Vv keeper, to whom a liberal salary will bo paid. Ad* dress hi utvn handwriting, with reforeneos, L 91, Trib une omoo. i ; WANTBD-A PRESCRIPTION OLERK WHO CAN Vv speak English and Gorman. Apply at 713 South HalsUd-et. ■ ■ . . .■ _____ WANTED— IMMEDIATELY—3 STREET. BALES : men: none hut oiporlouced; salary good and ateaily work] also 3 canvasser*, ■ Apply from Bto 10 this morning, at 83 South Wator-st. ■\ATANTKD-A SMART MAN TO OLRRK IN A VV grocery store. Innuro of N. O. JOHNUON, 860 West lndlana»st., from otoa n« m.; Norwegian preferred. . Trades* • WANTED— TWO FIRST-OLABS JOURNEYMAN .barber*} steady work] good pay; 975>tf West Madl* soq-at.. • . - TITANTIED-OIL FINISHER. ONB ACCUSTOMED »T to wurklnnoumoaldlnßi. SAMMONS. OLAHK <k CO., IP7 anil 1W South CJHtitonat. ' WANTED— A LITHOGRAPHER, THAT UNDER* stands all branoboa of tbo business. Addrou O E T, P. O. Boa I(B, J’oorla, 111. WANTKD-4 OR 6 GOOD PUKHHJBRIOK LAYERS; atftßper day. Call on Maplo-sl,, between State and Dearborn. W. A. CORDEEMAN * CO. nTANTED-A JEWELER THAT QAN DO WATOH- T f , work and engraving: steady work to a trusty young man} reference required from latt BmplOysr. Address, for parllcnlara, T. J. QUICK, Jowolor, Warsaw, Ind, TATAnVeD—HANDS TO WORTToN GALVANIZED VV ’ iron. M. B. YOST k 00., South Bond, Ind. Como immediately. - • • Ranted - first-class window frame TT makers; none olhore need apply. 830 Mlchlgan-st. WANTED -TWO .COMPOSITORS. APPLY TO FOREMAN Itollglo-PhUoioDhloal PoblUhiDg House, corndr Fifthly.- and Adams-st. ... wTnTED-A GOOD-COOK, .FOR CO MEN? NO TT i ontllt wanted'.none but experienced men need ap ply to No. I Sooth Olaxk-at.,. apit&tra, Itoom 1. • WANTED- CARRIAGE WOOD-WORKER ON xuuftlilt ral ropilrilJ ‘ r ’ At .S3B SUtO-Bt. Apply to B. If ■tiTANTED-A. THOROUGH. PKAOTIOAL GOLD ‘ t T and illverglluortalac a good preparer onoval frame*} ‘SffigMr -■’ ,l * pp ! r ' : B ’" a * T\T ANTED—TWO HOUSE PAINTERS AT H7 JOHN TT ; son-st. Corns ready for work. iNTED-A FINISHER ON OYL- Jnder desks and lino office furniture, at R. T. HAM BROOKS’ factory, earner of Sangamon and Pratt-at#., uorlh of Mllwaukeo-ar. WANTRD-lOGOOD CARRIAGE PAINTERS ADD Tf ouo flrst-oiBM carriage trimmer, at southwest corner of Quincy and Franklin-sts ■ ■ Coachmen, Tcamitors. &o. WAntkd-a man to take oarr of horses and drive wagon; non# need apply unless they under* •tarn! theirbusiness., J. B. SULLIVAN k BUGS.. 266 North Olark-st. WANTED— A COAOUMAN TO GO TQ THU OOUN* try for tbs nest four months; ho must understand tho can of horses perfectly, and be a first-class driver, and sober; none need apply who OAOQOt giro the very best of £j. y^le ,£l n . c . e8 *. Can be aeon from 10 a. in. lo4p, ro., at 2tt3addS7o Bast Madi«on-at. ! j Employment Agencies; : WANTED— 1 SALESMAN IN GROCERY, 0> MEN for light work. Iman for an office with S4OO. 178 Statist., Room 13. . . ~ T\TANTED—IOO MEN FOR CONSTRUOTION-TRAIN Tf , in Michigan; free fare; also. MO for Ohio and In diana; ono year’ll work; nlso, mentor city work: sawmill hands, farm-hands, choppers, bark-poelon, and quarry men.: For particulars and transportation, apply to CHRISTIAN A UINO, 1 Boulli CUrk-.t, ’ • 1 • Miscellaneous. ANTED—MEN OUT OP EMPLOYMENT TO Vt call on JONES A CO., 71 South Canal-st.; S3O to s4Uawook sure money. . WANTED— CANVARBRH3 TEAT lUNDLEOUR goods mhko from 92.1 to 350 per woolt. Goods toll oa eight. A. M. lUCHAUbSON, HO Madlson-et. WANTED— 20 GOOD LABORERS, • ACCUSTOMED to using an ai, on Govornmontpiorat Michigan City. ■Wages, $3 por day. Apply to U. O. BOYINOTON, Michigan City, lad. . WANTED— MEN IN EVERY . TOWN. COUNTY, and State; biggest ohanoo ever offered to mako money. Ourartlelos aro now, and sell at sight, II you want to mako money in a light and pleasant basinets, don’t fall to call at &9 East ifidlioo-st., Room B» TyANtSD—AN EXPERIENCED ADVERTISING if canvasser for list of country newspapers. Apply to GKO. EARLIU, Franklin Company, 160 South Clarfc-at., fourth floor, •■ . . . . . . WANTED-A RAPID WRITER, WHO WRITES A good hand, and at a moderate salary. Apply at basement No. EM Wabaslrav. \XT ANTED—A FEW EXPERIENCED TEA CAN VT rasters for tho oily; good Inducements offered. Apply fromS to oa. m., at 74 Metropolitan Clock. WANTED-A BOY IN REAL ESTATE OFFICE. FELLQWE3 A CO., 152Dcarbom-at., Room 10. WANTED— YOUNG MAN OR BOY WHO UNDER stands Die oaro of horses; prefer Scandinavian, who lives at humo. Ineoulb part of city: good references from form or employer required, SWAIN, BARNARD 4 CO,, 43 and ID Stato-tt. T\r ANTED-A BELL-BOY, WELL RECOMMENDED, • r at tho Bigelow Uousu, corner Wabaeh-ar, amlTwcn tv-flrat-st. WANTED-MKN OF ANY AOB, IN CITY AND »» country, to sell our non-explosive for kerosene nil. Costs Band 16 cents? soils for 25 and 60 cents; 83 to sls a day. A. RAY. 25 West Lake-st. ' * ” WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domestics* ■WANTED—A GOOD FEMALE COOK. IMHEDI* V» atoly, at tit. Clxarles Hotel, 43 South Das* plalnes-st. . WANTED-A GOOD GIRL AT 698 WABASILAV., V? for general housework: must understand her bust* WANTED— GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK In email family, and help take oaro of children. Call at 677 Hubbard-st. WANTED— A COMPETENT GIRL TO DO GEN oral housework iu a small family. Inquire at 059 Warnm-av. WANTED-GIRLFOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK, in a family of two parsons. Apply at 517 Mlohl gan-av. ANTRD-A OOOD OIUIi TO DO GENERAL housowotk at IDS Sooth Park-av. WANTED— A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE* work. Apply at 801 Stato-ot. WANTED-A GOOD LAUNDRESS. AND ASSIST inkltobenwuck. Apply at 828 West Washington* st., cornorof May, WANTED— ONE GIRL? 14 TO 15 YEARS OF AOK, on winding machine. A. Q. GARFIELD A CO., 233 and 241 Lako-sfc. TATANTED—NURSE GIRL-A SCOTCH OR DANISH Vi girl to take care of ohildroo; ono who understands English and has had experience: referencesrequired. Call at 233 Ontarlo-st., North Side. ■ WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework In a small family; to a suitable person, with good references, liberal wages will bo paid at 1030 Pralrlwav. "WT ANTED—A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK VV iu a small family at Lako View. Apply to JOHN N. HILLS, Room IB Nlion Building, 175 LaflaUo-st. TtTANTED-A FIRST-CLASS COOK FOR A PRI* if vuto boarding*houso; must bring good references. Apply at Office 83UtIs Block (third lloori, southwest cor* nor Madison and LaSallo-sta., after 10 o'clock. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL housework at 379 Werren-sr. Good wages. Refer* cncos required. No Irish need apply. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS GIRL FOR DINING* room work in a private boarding-house. Apply at 13i Warron*av.. corner Wood-st. WANTED— GIRL TO DO KITCHEN WORK, AT Hi5M West Waihlogtoa-st. * Seamstresses. TyANTED—DRESSMAKER FOR TWO OR THREE VV weeks. Bond addroas, with references, or call at W Contrc-ar. . WANTED TWO EXPERIENCED MACHINE girls. IMarket-st. TAT"ANTICD—IO GIRLS AS SEAMSTRESSES IN VV dross-making department. MANUEL BROS., State and Harrisou*sts, Nnrsos* TATANTED—NURSE—WILL MARY MoDONALD V V ploaao call at thobauk. 8. WANTKD-A WET NURSE WITHOUT INOUM branco, at No. 1289 ludlaua-av. Latmtlrossoo, WANTED-ONIt LADIES’ OLOTIIK3 IRONRR, ona shirt Irouor ami polisher. Laundry, 1153 West Mndtaou-at, . -|\ r ANTED-ONJ{ BTUST-OtAHS VEST IRONBR, VT one collar Irouor, ono ladloa' clothes ironor, and two stood shirt Ironors, at’ANDERSON’S Steam Laundry, btata-st. and Eldrldga-court. Employment Agencies, \\rANTF.D-GKHMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN GIRLS >T for private families and hotels, at 80 Milwaukeo-av, No foes. Misoollnnoou* WANTED - A THOROUGH EXPERIENCED TV saleswoman forthodry goods at MERIUOLU A LLOYD’S, 826 West Madison-at ...... IV-ANTED-A O oob - I.A UK DRV ~0 fIU. IN 11ES~ TV tauraut. 06South Halstod-st. . TXTANTED—A FIKBT-OLA6B OOOIC. WHITE WOM TV an, atOLARKU'B European Hotel, corner LaLallo and South Water-et, WANTED - LADIES ARB DOING A VINE TV business with uiy two elegant toilet articles ami ladies’rubber goods, sales rapid and profits largo In city or country, Sample sent free to country. Airs. PALMER, Itoom 8. 35 WeslLuko-st. WANTED Hi DININGROOM .. GIRLS AT THE Christian Union Now Holly Troo Diulnarmmi, i n Fifth-av., between Madison and Monroe-sta. Gall to-dsy or to-morrow. . . WANTED-A FIRST-GLASS RESTAURANT COOK IV at at West Lake-fit. FOR SALS, TT'OR SALE—THE CHEAPEST AND BEST STOCK X’ of Eastern baby oarriagua j n the city at the Willow Vi are Mnautitotury. No. 235 West Madlson-st. T?OU BALK-CANNONS MOUNTED-FIREARMS? X 1 anmimi lion, llas-s of all kinds, Chinese lanterns, red and blue Ughta for Illuminating, touta, wagon-envers,mil itary oimipuiunts at Government Goods Depot. 195 and 197 East Ibiko-sU * * BALK—TICKET FROM CHICAGO TO QUIN- X cy. V.lll soil cheap. Address L 89, Tribune otfico. __ Ij’OH , HALE—A LARGE DICnbLirT'kfENZLK X' donblo-doorsafo, obeap. 193 South Glark-st. 1.1011 SALK—CHEAP, A OF X hardware, stoves,_uud tinware at 181 Glileago-av. TTUJr BALK-TWO BEGONDdi'AND JEWELER’S i* trunks. 1 Apply at Orient lintel. Room No. 8, INSTRUCTION. FOR SALK-113,0C0 WILL BUY a FIUST-OLASS private boarding-school ou the illssissippl Rivor, near Keokuk, if taken soon. Highest reference. A rare bar g*lu, Addxeu Dr. J, 41, ANDERSON, MuuUwto, I*. SITUATIONS WANTED—MAM, Bookkeepers* Clerks, &o. SITUATION WANTKD-TFIR ADVERTISER (35 O yean of eta), who has had 13 years’esperlenoe In lbs retail general merchandise business, desires an indoos allnation]. wages not aomnoh of an ohleotaa steady em ployment; Can adapt himself to any nfllco work, and lona employers a few thousand dollar*. Address B 74, Tdb uno oiuco. (ITUATIONWANTBD-BY AOKIIMAN DlUinaißT* ) la some retail drug tlorn i has had over 4 years' ovperl* ice i boat of references. Address Ll, Tribune offleo. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNO MAH WHO oan niieakboth German and English, olthorlnngro eery or liquor store. Address L4O, Tribune ofiloe. SITUATION M on salaryoroommlsslon, by the subscriber, who ha* hsd B years'practice In tho oily, audhastho highest ref oro«e from morohants and others; security If required., A. WKBTON, 1331 Btato-sU Trades* RrrtfATIQN WANTISD—AB ISNOINERR HAVID U hidaomr#’ oiworlnnco; undor»iftD<J Ul x h nnd lo ■* p™«« r o. Uo«l of city rofsreuees. Apjily 6Q3 youth II&l --girtr 77 "* . -IUTION WANTED-11Y AN RXPBUIRNOBI> houao naintor: limhart aorao oxporlonoa at alan wrltlng, Aildron 1) V 11, 72 Weal VanUuren at. * QITUATION WANTKD—BY A PRAo". O tloal tailor and flutter; bad 8 jours’ experience la onslom cutting} boat of references given. Address 11. NOBLE, OHuton. Rock County, Wl«. ' SITUATION WANTED-AS FOREMAN OR MAN agar In the manufacture of furniture for bank, offlocv or stair work, by on* who known his bmlnoan and In a gooi* designer, and can apply machinery. Addrou FOIIU MAN, Tribune office, or 857 West Oh!cago»av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN II " loan of age, to losrn the tinner’s trade] best refer. encoscanb#*glvou. Fleaaocalloraddrois U It W, 221 Mlohlgan-ar. ■ ' ' ' QITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS HALO. Q head cook; hotel preferred: boat roforonoe given from a Ant-class hotel. Addrou L 86, Tribune office. Ooaoltmon. Toamstnrs. &o* QITUATION WANTKD-BY A YOUNG 80ANDINA kJ vlan as coachman in a private family i thoroughly un derstand* the caro of horses and carriages; willing td make himself useful round tho bouse. Address L 26,, Tribune office. , SITUATION WANTED—BY. A YOUNO MAN A O coachman; understands his business. Address OA«i 169 North Water-st. MiaooUnnoona. QITUATION WANTED—AS JANITOR, OOLLEO- O tor, timekeeper, or any other light business, -by a thoroughly competent perion; nine yean’ reference from fast situation. AHH, Trlbuno office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN IN a! J atom or any other employment. Address T R W. 85 Cast Pearaon-U. SITUATION WANTKD-TO HOTEL KEEPERS-* «,-l ;»7 * nrst-olasa dining-room stnvrard or head waller, The boil of reference given a* to ability. Address X 93. Tribune office. . ■ *' SITUATIONS WANTED-FEMALB DomostioH* OITUATION WANTED —TO DO SECOND WORK? U of yi>;ilalrs yorlc and sow, or take caro of a child and sow. 76Buttorficld-it. Nurses. CITUATIQN wantkd-by a colored woman Miscellaneous. OITUATION WANTBD-ABI GOVERNESS BY A kJ well oducated jotmg lady, lately arrived from Gor many. Addrcsa Xl, Trlbupw office. ' HORSES AND CARRIAGES. A^SPHtNmSTASSORTM^^ cabriolets, phaetons, slide seats, lop and no lop bue« gloa. Ac., allow prices. 107 Btato-st. P. L. SMITH. •' A NICE LOT OF SECOND HAND OARRIAGEB,', brctls, top, and open buggies, light business wagons; mrealo cheap. 320 Wabash-av. PENNOYKR, HHAVf, Boarding havr rrornti;*. enlarged ana rotated my aUiblo#s can aceommodato a low mors boarding.borsoi at resjrmablo ratoß. Horsca nJ«u l i/r!U?ia at ™ •“contldooffl. Call and oiamlno ismo. BA88KiI"8, 19andiil Hormon-court, botwooaWabasli and Mloldgaa«ava. • *• JJOARDING ~,‘ABLI!-BBST ACCOMMODATIONS n ® bagemont suits. I. 8-' kOpil.ll A CO,, 427 Wabash ftY. (rear), entrance from Hubbard and Pack-courts. DUMBER TEAM COMPLETE. CHEAP Inquire at 120 North Canal-st. tforcaih, TOOR BALE-A ONE-HORSE LUMBER WAOOPft JL' wlthboia*Booda«now;ohoapforoa*li. CaUat4ll Thlrd-av., near Fourteontli-at. TTtOR SALU-A THREE-SEATED PARK PHAKTON.I JL 1 nearly now. M. O. WILBUR A RUO., 167 MlohK gao-av. FORSALR-1 BAY HORSE. 7 YEARS OLD.SOUNDr anc i, k a l 2i ,l . at^h !? actual valuo. 6UMMERVILLII. a CO., 178Stato-st., Room 111. For sale- carriage, Hamburg curtain^ rookaway, hong on combination O and olllptlo springe, handeomoly ftiralihod. weight 6‘lslhs; has boor* run but a short tlmo. Call at Bam, rear 673 Walaeh-ar.. between Sand 7 p.m. FOR, SALE—CHEAP —ONE BROWN HORSE, valued at SIOO. As 1 have no use for him now, 1 will •ell him for 870. Apply at 81 East Whltnoy-st., neac Pino, north of Chicago,tv. For sale-a team op heavy horses, wag on and barncea. Also a team of fsstnmlossa no« turoa spring wagon and harness, under a chattel morl- ESSaYSgfeSSuft BSHie-S 110 Moil,,ay * UOILVIN * IjIOR BALE-TWO SECOND-HAND TOP BUGOIP.S L 1 and cheap horse, at GROSSMAN & CO.’S Llvon llablo, 4U, 416, and 416 West Randolphst. 17’On SAI.E-BY J. It. BHOOKMAN, ISO TWKNTY-1 X saooml-st.—The lease and stock of a rood psyinif 11 very stable, well established, upon liberal terms. For sale-gr tradf~f"or a span of horh a and wagon, lot 80, Block 9. In Phareand Saokoti’g Subdivision, now See. I, T. 33, R. 13. Inquire of GBR* MAN iyuiNoll n-11 South Halslcd-it! HOOD PASTURAGE FOR IIORSKS; AT STONEV CLARK Dd HydaParkjtl per week. B. O*. HAY DARN, PRESSES, AND GRASS LAND TO ,Good ohanuo offered. J. W., bxEWART, 803 West IndUua-st. JR. BROOKMAN, lOo'TWKNTV-SttOOND-ST./ • has for sale or exolisnso a good stock of open anil top buggies, phaetons, business and express wagons. Bido-iprlae Concords, single and donblo harness, ofc. Also a span of handsome black carriage horses. Th»' above are well worth/ the Inspection of parties requiring' a lirst-claas team, lo lot, buggies aud carriages of cron description, wither without norsos, by tho day, week,' month, or year. CBPARATR OR TOGETHER-HORSE, WAGON? O and harness for sale; complete rig for conimhelos bouse or expressing. A bargain, 48 North llalsled-st. TO MY OLD PATRONS-IWILL OPEN ON MON* day, JuneU3, a llvory and boarding stable on Sherman* st., between Jackson and Van Buron-sta., whore I will give my personal attention to all gentlemen's roadstorn, - ' and make it a specialty. My stable is well ventilated, and an abundance of carriage room. A. LINGLK. Trotting horses tugkahoe and black Diamond, thoroughbred hoise Crichton by Glanooe, at stable on Mxty*fhird*st., firstoastot Cottage Gruvo av. Call and see V. ROBORDS, Agent. rPEAMS WANTED-M TEAMS? BOTH MEDIUM/ X and hoary horses, Immediately (no wagons required) p mod nay and constant work for the season. Apply t« Mo WILLIAMS A CO., 159 South Water*st. WANTED— TO . BUY—SIX HEAVY? CHEAP? team horses for slow work on ground roads. Will pay about SIOO a piece: also some harness. Apply to At.' WILLIAMS A CO., 159 South Wator-at. WANTED-100 CAVALRY HORSEfL M. O. WIL* BUR A PRO., 167 Miohlgan-av. WANTED TO BUY-A WELL-BUILT, FINE*! haired black horse, about 1B& hands high, toraatcla, a carriage horao. WARREN, KEENEY 4 CO., 18G* Doarborn*st. TIT ANTED IMMEDIATELY —A GOOD, SOUNDS Vt business horse, six years old and upwards, accua-i. tomed to olty use. In answer to this give colur, height, weight, ngeand price. Addrosa 841, Tribunooffioo. FINANCIAL. I WILL PAY 9 AND 2 PER CENT COMMISSION for <125,000 for 6 years; uooured by first-class luMdo. real estate, worth twice tho amount in cash. Principal 1 * that can furnish all or part of. the above amount will' ploaso address U 83, Tribune office. Money on hand to Loan on improved and unimproved oh v property. Loans perfected without delay. J. 0. McOOlti) 4 00., HfJ Doarboro-st. L/ fONBY TO LOAN ON CITY REAL ESTATE. O. »JL S. HUBBARD, Jb., 163 Washlogton-st, Money advanced at lassen’s loan oi i flceslatoJAOOßS4oo. l on diamonds, watches, and ocuorvaluables; 177Clark-at.. cornorof Monroe. Room 6. MONEYLOANED ON CITY REAL ESTATE, ai.Ot'O to BAj>W:reule»tite paper wanted; loans oaToaso holds. B. GROSSMAN, Itoom 13, 179 Stato-st. 7pO LOAN-MONEY ON WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS. ™ f o. r Sr lu Ji o ' other «ooa collaterals. JAMES li. BTOREV, Si and 86 LaSallu-st,, Room S3. TO LOAN-MONEY TO LOAN ON REAL KSTATIf SO,OOO and upwards. Inquire ot uiIEW A NEWBURY, Rooms 8 and 0 llryan Uloox. fPO LOAN-MONEY IN AMOUNTS 81,000 OR MORlf X real estate or Illinois farms within 100 miles. 11. L. PEASE, Reaper Hlock. Good mortgages bought. TXT ANTED—SSOO AGAINST TUB BEST OP PER? ft sonol property security and pood Interest, for 4 months. GEO, M. MILLER A GO., Law and Real Estate Office, 145 West Madlson-st. 09(1 non T P 10AN ™ BUMS Off *5,000 Olt 1 ,UUI/, for tivo years, on flnt-olais real .estate security. Apply to It, 11. FORRESTER, Alter ncy-at-Law,.Motropolltau Illook. ; C*9H non WANTED FOR FIVE OR TEN yours. Ploaso stato lowest rateof In. lerest and commission. Seourlty beyond question. Ad* dross DRY GOODS, 813 Cottage Qrovo-av. fh'O LOAN-MONEY ON OITY REAL ESTATE. 9 Ac2P.' , lo J'?> r c °n‘t pan close without delay. J. 11. uISh_ULL, llryan Illook. rro LOAN-si.wo for five years on a no. i A lILQII.M, 126 South Clark. \\f ANTKD-TO BORROW-HOCK) *OR *7,000 FOR vv one year on lualdu property. Room 26, 126 Dear born-st, WANTED-SIO,OOO FOR VIVK OR TEN YEARS TV at 9 par coat with commissions, or 10 per cent with out. Good city real estate aecurlly. Address at ouoo, or call npon, N, 78 Stato-st. WANTED— $2,000 ON GOOD SECURITY, FOR from Bto 6 years. L 83, Tribune 011100. i«,’i nnn $20,000, and larger suits to loan OX.I'UU on oliy property. Secured notes bought. A. H. PALMEU,_Jii.,_Roojub 16ondl7,MWashlngton-st. M nfThnn to loan on fiustolass city roiUU.UUU security. b\ E. SIIANDUEW, 85 Washlngton-st. MUSICAL. ITIOR SALE—A STUINWAY PIANO, CARVED J. 1 lugs. In perfect ordcr;oost $625; at a bargain. PROS SER X 01)., 27-1 Statu-at., near Van Uuitm-sb. fliO RENT-AND FOR SALE-NEW X band pianos and organs. Timing and rvpalrliifc promptly attended to. \VM, It. PROSSER A GO., lilS Stato-st. TO LEASE. TTOTKL FOR I.KABE-THU FINEST BUILDING XX in Southern Illinois, just uamploUul, aud containing 6d rouiiii, will bu leased nn easy turnii togOod partiea wbu will furnish It. Gull mi or address NOUTIi, GAUIN BELL A 00., CwbvmUu. HI. ' 7

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