Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 22, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 22, 1873 Page 1
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VOLC3IE 2(5. REAL ESTATE. AT AUCTION, A GENTEEL RESIDENCE AND LOT, 161 Wahpanseh-av., fa Tuesday Afternoon, June 24, at 41-3 o’clock, ON THE PREMISES, m I* aid as Sestssi Eesiite, 161 Tunr-sßTtmii-si,, trfilpaMHT., let Ytemes aifl Stanton-ars. rbe honse 1* * two-story and basement octagon brick, *,Ol trtsimlacs, has 7 rooms, 3 alcoves, bath room, clos kL Tuntries, sc. ; hot and cold water on every floor, cu, Errand sewer pipes complete to tho street: beating wnetcroogbou: tho house; location odd of the most de l-Slem the city, being in the vicinity of the Bonle nrdi nd EUii Park, and la surrounded by a beautiful g&n. Title perfect. Abstract of title furnished, gile positive. No reservation. % cash, purchaser to assume an Incumbrance ei Hs»ineinlß74oad 1B77: balance In one year at 8 per C. C. THAYER a CO., Real Estate Auctioneers and Brokers, Office 186 East Madlson-st. ifllCl BARSiffIS IK Suburban Property, BY Uffi&pi & CO. A . , to KM oa near Ashland a of Tlncozues-av. and■ Fortytlvchoicest Urc-ocro block in 7 Ifl-footlobrtJS *ke grp/ery beautiful and convenient tethaOsHglU., JOfjA jezy cheap. 119 feet, eastthe atandale-ar,, next block north of Colonel F 5 . residence, at a groat bar gain, aim, north front, on Forty-filth st.. near the sAr old only STpcer foot. Mkl ICQ lot* on th 2L nnr 'b Park, Drexel-ar., and other streets south of on very oasyterm* of psyaent. x/ The shore, sod several outer fine bargains, and over 400 ibup lots within the city limits, can be had at the office OLAME, LAYTON & CO,, No. 120 LaSalle-st. ADMmSTRATOR’S SALE OF ATTRACTIVE REAL ESTATE, Toteke place on WEDNESDAY, June 25, at 1 O’clock p. m., el the north door, near est LuS&Ue-st, of the Court-House, comer of Adame and LaSallo-ota. At itii **l« wffl be offset d 2H acres ot ground. with ■°sai frontage of 19$ fest ot MadUon-st-, and north front* afpolUsie«ton , ‘V?arren-ft»., situate 3£j mile* from tbs Cocrt-Hwis* (about 600 feel east of California**.) lTT 5 ** fcet south front or Madi*on*t., between Oak «7*t. *ad we*tena-aT. feet south front os Lako-st., about 100 feet east * Aiiaaiaf present Incumbrance*, the terms of sals are r e 5 Uir J« r ( C*ah, and balance in three equal annual pay- n a ?r.JfCis*alewill beb«n* fideand peremptory: no He-bwdlag will be allowed Regardless of the sacrifice, te estate wul bo closed oal at tb* abore-mentionod time H pliee For further Information in regard to abstract* *w ttcuabraaccs, call on POTWIN A CORBY. Real Estate Dealers, US Frankiinet. Real Estate AT AUCTION. We give .pedal attention to the sales of RIAL ESTATE. fcavßmado the LARGEST. MORE ftFA FIDE, and MOST SUCCESSFUL “USB ever made in CHICAGO. Office, 15 & 17 Eandolph-st. Js*-A BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers. 200 LOTS FRONTING ON HUMBOLDT PARK AM) TOE AVENUES, WILL BE SOLD Dt Hocks and Lots, ON WEDNESDAY, JULY 2, Olf THE GROUND. ? fa bai; »nd p»porj In a fair dayi. WM - A. BPTTEafi « co.. Auctioneer!. New Country' ?! p,ri cre, cold; Improved ud nn : “ i co ‘ oal “*’ B « Ajg, rtras? sta ? tee State, promise to Texas, after an 1 2S*iotJon e 1 ? fccUWe* of easy and rapid ISSttoSLS? 1 te* balance of the Union, and a IfefspSS^f te» a°«t prosperous State*. i« Tw and wishing to &5 in the Northwest, will ««««*» convenience, list* of given to purchasers and i (X)., 151 XaSaCe-at. Chicago, m TAKE IT! 1 ■ h e^aa»d l^Ml tndcertal acf a handsome profit," "“Softer st South Bvansten. It locate and have their tha* 1 ** Eaciid-av. Will take you to the OSBORN t BKILLMAN, ISB Sooth CUri-aL medical 1 iSScSI A^ GtrBT -FSSmVEH, o ?P u»ito mi Sherman vffioehonr»—3 to 10 a. m.. 2to 3 n.m. ' ©lf ©lifaip REAL ESTATE. SECOND CLARKE, LAYTON & CO. (HOKE B001EV&ED SOUTH PARK LOTS, We will hold another BONA FIDE sale of Drexel Boulevard and South Park lots On Thursday, June 26, AT 4 O'CLOCK P. M. On the Grounds. This first piece to be sold consists of 13 choice lots at the corner of Brexel Boulevard and the entrance of said Boulevard to the South Park. If any residence property in Chicago will ever be worth SI,OOO per front foot (which is only one-third of the prices of similar property on Fifth-av. and Central Pork, New York City), this certainly will be the property. It commands on© of the very finest views on the Park, looking, as it does, up Droxel Boulevard and out on the finished portion of the South Park. The second tract to is a five acre tract fronting east on Brexel Boulevard and weston Cottage Grove-av., corner of Forty ninth-st., and is subdivided into lots of 50 by 200 feet to on alley onDrexel Boulevard, and 60 bylß7 feet to an alley on Cottage Grove* av. This Is also very choice property, being within one block of the entrance to the Park. TERMS OF SALE--One-sixth cash down on the day of sale, one-sixth 90 days, bal ance 1,2 and 3 years at 8 per cent interest per annum. Free transportation to and from the grounds. Tickets, plats, and all needed in formation by applying at; the office of Olarke, Layton & Co., X2O LaSalle-st. Title perfect. Printed abstracts furnished each purchaser. CIMEE,IAYTON&CO., 120 LA SALLB-ST. Tie Great Auction Sale AT WAUKEGAN. HUNDREDS OF MEN Gan be counted in Chicago who purchased, ago, property that made them YOUNG MAN, Ton have the same Golden Opportunity, At the Great Auction Sale of that beautiful GBOVE PBOPEBTY, well-known as the TIF RENSBLABR ESTATE, In the City of WAUKEGAN, Thursday, June 26. IT WILL COST NOTHING TO ATTEND THE SALE. Twenty Cars Will leave the Milwaukee Depot at 0 o’clock on morning of tale. GO PREPARED TO BITS' A BEAUTIFUL HOME, That no man, by any process of law, can take, from you. Only IO per cent on day of sale. Balance easy and on long time. FBEB TICKET To Waukegan, and HETtJBH, and a PLAT OP THE GKOtTND, furnished by WhL A. BETTERS & CO., Auctioneers, 15 & 17 Bandolph-st. IMPORTANT SALE OF VALUABLE BUSINESS PBDPEETY yf% us authorised hr ELIJAH SMITH, Esq., Trus tee, to receive sealed proposals for the purchwo ol 46 feet front br 180 feet deep, situated on Michigan-aT., be tween Madison and MonnJ«-«U., described ae foilowj: 8 34 of Lot 8, and the north 8 feet of Lot 9, in Block 1, Fractional Section U Addition to County, yn, Purchaser to assume mortgage of $20,000, doe five nui fjoni Jan. X, 1878, with eeml-annual interest; bal ance k down, and X, 3, and 8 year*, with 8 per cent inter est. Said proposals will be receives lor tea d®?®* if fa® 37th Instant inclusive, and wiU be opened on tee wth and acted upon. Capitalist* should give this their attention, aethfcpropertymastposfUvelrbesold. ■ Direct proposals to ELIJAH SMITH, Trustee, oare of TTT«*iitf A foster, 67 Market-st. Cotaio Pnertf AT PRIVATE SALE, Or for Trade. WSL A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers. MEETINGS. Special Masonic Kotice. Summon* communication of H. W. Bigelow No 4SB A.F.4A. M„ Wednesday evening JunoiS, at Leasing Hall, No. 1* North Clinton sf., to complete ar rangements for laying the corner-stone of the Olaatieal Academy** Heights, on Saturday, the 38th Inst. Members from au &e lodge* in the city, and the haterrdi/graertUy, are _ f , ri 4i, if T jnvitiid to meet with us, as it ia Intended to dS ot SSmSSS far all Tbo Wednadv miimff t>.p«. wUI oonteln fall "g. d g™- rnmmo. Br order ■ 8.1. saim, o. «. *hTo. COLLINS, Secretary. Knights of Pythias. i f<-rrA tsa l2dge. as well as tlie election of offi ts» 53g« .treat hfar- B7°nfar at g. B. t. 8. Masonic. Corinthian Chapter, No. 69, R. A. oonTO cation Monday evening, June 2S, at "H o'clock. Work on S. Soioo. J. O. DICKERSON. Sec. Masonic. £p«cUl oomimnlcatiDa of GhlM£o Ko. 437 t for irork, Toned*!, Jane Si. By order of the 'W. M. ~ I. O. O. F. Attention, member* of Kill* reauerted to attend the nett regular meeting, J 320 *5, 40 ,l«t U.. JOHK. a. s. OF OF CHICAGO, SUNDAY, JUNE 22, IB73—SIXTEEN PAGES. MUSICAL. SMITH’S AMERICAN ORGANS! NEW STYLES! NEW CATALOGUE! . NEW PRICES! 000 Organ* now la «toro. All order* from dealer* filled with dispatch. Also Grand. Square, and Upright Piano# foe rent or tale. . , ¥. ¥. IIMBALL, Cor. State aM Aflams-sls.j CMeai#. STEINWAY Grai, Sine, ill tfrtttMos. First of tho Grand Gold Medals of Honor. World’s Fair, Porta, 1867—London. 1862. The moot perfect!/ arranged and the largest Piano Man ufactory in the world. One Piano Every Working Door. TEN PIANOS EVERY DAY. An unlimited guarantee accompanies each instrument. K7~N'ew and Socoud-Hand Pianos of other good manu facturers constantly on hand. SMITH A NIXON, General Northwestern Agents for Stein way’s Pianos, IQ and 164 StaU-st. FINANCIAL. P, B. WESTFALL, Pict't, BIDHEY MTES3, CmMm THE MEEORMTS’, FARMERS', & MECMICS’ SAVINGSBIM. Incorporated 186 L Commenced Business 1863. 75 South Olark-st, Chicago, Opposite Old Court Bouse. WEST SIDE OFFICE, 62 Halsted-st., near Madison, EXCLUSimYASAYINfiS BANK. IDIOidLHS mSMBANI 105 CLAKK-STm WeihodUt Church Block. Six per cent Interest allowed on deposits, payable semi annually, July 1 and Jan. 1 In each year. GEO. SCO vHJjB, President. W*f. KiMxrßrED, Cashier. NOTE.—Until farther notice, any boy or gtrl colling at tho Bank will be presented with a pass book free, and one dime deposited to his or her credit, which sum can be drawn out at pleasure. DIG. W® have Attorn era ererywhere, and collect tbs claim* of Wholesale Merchant* and other* in an/ part of the eonntry. No Attorney'* fee*la salt*; no charjei nntli collection* are made. FRASIER'S MERCANTILE COLLECTION AGENCY, U6 Madi*on-«t. TO LOAN. $5,000 or SIO,OOO for fire years on Inside property. »t 10 per cess and diaper cent oommisrion*. Inquire of JACOB WEIL Jt CO., Comer Madison and Pearborn-st*. CURTAIN GOODS. OißTlieOOii X will offer on Monday, Jon© 23, the largest and most complete assortment of BEAT* and NOTTINGHAM LACE CUBTAUSTS, WIN DOW SHADES, OOHNIOES.eto., at greatly reduced prices. SPENCER H. PECK, 195 and 197 Wabash-av., Con. ADAMS-ST. EMPIRE PARLOR BEDSTEAD. Tie Ernie Parlor Beflsleai $35 $45 SSO $75 SIOO Economizes room and surpasses aIL An elegant piece of Furni ture, convertible instantly into & luxurious bed. Savon styles: all sizes. Adapted to Parlor, libra ry, Dining-room, Office, and Store. Sold on installments (if desired) of $lO a month. ESHBE FABLOR BEDSM CO CBEHOVED TO) 383 West Madison-st. CARRIAGES. CARRIAGES. B. M. STIVERS, W 144, 116, 148, 150 aMIS 2 Fast TUItJ-M-St, NEW STOttS? Ikminnftctnrine, tni bu ttrM Imoahow romn& TOnnJ to «0 feat long by JS foot wide, fiUej krtlb . .plonmil m- Kitod .lock of Top Mid Lliht Out*, Foot .nd Six Se«t PhMtoM, LwUm’ Podj PbMtonj, Roofcmn, io. Partle. In Cblc*£o. b, eilllnx on O. M. CLAKK. So«. 79 and 81 Slxtoentb-it.. eta tee tomplw. Ast narticnlai*. and order through him if moreoonve njramm K. M. STIVERS. New York. HOTEL. A ISJE!W HOTEL. THE BDHDICE HOUSE, Oarnep nt fatel-at. and Mns-sl This elegant and commodious hotel is fitted up with all el the modern Improvements throughout; Is very centrally located, offers great inducements to transient travel, and especial accommodations to permanent boarders. {£ above hotel Is complete in all its departments, and Is ready to receive guosta. TBBMS, - SS-BO I»EjR Tt. S. LOW A CO., Proprietors. _ BUSINESS CHANCE. FACTOR? FOE SALE OJ=& IR/ZESTT, CORNER OF Twenty-sixth-st. & Stewart-ay., Built of brick, with boiler, engine, and wood-working machinery, al most new. Inquire on the premises.. SILVERWARE. Sterling Silverware. We have a very large assortment of the celebrated “ GORHAM” STERLING SILVERWARE, which we offer at extremely low prices. Spoons, Porks, &0., &c,, sold by the ounce, \ Fancy Pieces, in cases and trunks. Tea Sets, Cake Baskets, and Jelly Dishes. Knives, Forks, and Spoons, for children. Card Cases, Tobacco Boxes, Nap kin Rings, and Fruit Knives. The largest Stock of Silver Goods in the West. N. MATSON & GO., State and Mbnroe-sts. DRESS GOODS. COST SALE! Previous to our semi-aunufll inventory, wo will offer, on MONDAY, June 23, our entire •took of Paisley and Ottoman Shawls, at cost, Lace Shawls, Saogues, and Fichus, at cost Black Gros Grain Silks, at cost. Mohairs andGashmeres, in new shades, at cost. Striped and Brocaded Japanese Silks, -at cost. Alpacas and Poniards, at cost. 1.000 Fashionable Parasols, at cost. 1.000 Ivory and Satteen Fans, at cost. Table linen and Napkins, at cost. Towels and Towelings, at cost, Marseilles Sc Honeycomb Quilts, atcost 200 Linen Suits, at cost. 25.000 Yds. Hamburg Embroideries, At lom than half the cost of Importation. MANNHEIMER BROS., 224 & 228 West Madison-at. mBNITDRE. CHAMBER SETS. $ 35, $ 45, $ 60, $ 75, $ 90, SIOO, $125, $l5O, $175, S2OO, $235, $285, $345, $425, SSOO, S6OO, S7OO, S9OO, SI,OOO. W. ¥. Strom Furniture Co., 206 & 268 Wabash-av. STOCKHOLDERS* MEETINGS. Chicago, Danville & Vincen nes Railroad. OKSZBAZ. O fries, 399 W£BT RjUCDOtra-STM I CmOAOO, Mars, 1873.V The meeting of the stockholder* of the Chicago, Daarilla k Tinoennos Railroad Company, for the election of Director*, and the transaction of such wthar business as may come before the meeting, will be held at the Sea of the Company, No. 299 West Randolph**!., lathe City of Chicago, fli., on Wednesday. Jane 18,1873. The poll win be opened at 11 o'clock a. a. J. S. CAMPBELL Secretary. LAKE NAVIGATION. FOR BUFFALO AND IRMEDIATE POINTS, anchor link steamer Oapt. MoDODGAL, from dock foot of North LaSalle *t,. Monday, June 33, at 7 p. m. „„ western Tranaportation Company's Steamer IDAHO, Oapt. Fenny, from dook foot of North Dearborn-sU, Tuesday, June 34, at 7p. m, . , Union Steamboat Company** Steamer ST. LOUIS, Oapt. Shannon, from dock at Randolph-*!, bridge,

Wednesday, June 35, at 7 n, m. For Berths and Passage Tickets, apply to 78 CanaleL, oomer Madlscn. A. A. SAMPLE, Passenger Agent. GENERAL NOTICES. TO MANUFACTURERS. We Invite the Attention of Uannfaotnxeiß to Sonth Englewood. W« dosln as Interview or correspondence with manu facturers of Boot* and Shoes. Woolen and other staple goods, with the view of establish lag a large and perma nent factory at thta gaewing suburb. Land and money will be given sufficient to encourage the carrying out of such an enterprise. None but large manufacturers need apply, as we propose to contribute liberally in order to put the thing on a sound financial basis. Apply or address GILBERT* Q IVINS. 68 LaSalie-st., or to NQBLB A RICHMOND, Boom 2 Tribune Building. ISTOTICB. We, the undersigned, having purchased from the ad ministratrix the establishment known as Northwestern Bomoeopathio Pharmacy, will continue at the present location, 619 Wabaah-aT.. until farther notice. _ &BEBACH A DELLBBIDGB. Chicago, June fl, 1873. PEKKn>TS J PATENT IRON FIRE-PROOF SHUTTERS. Manufactured by SEAVEY A CO., ipe Tjike-aL PEREXJMERT. TEAT Wonderful Perfume is called THE PULLStASt PALACE CAB. BOUQUET. DRESS GOODS. nsr LABIS’ SMfS, RBBinS & POLOHAISES. Colored Grass Cloth Suits, new styles and very cheap, $5 to SB. Linen Suita, SB, $7, SB, $9, $10,312. . Braided Linen Suits, $lO, sl2, sl4, $lO, $lB, S2O. Braided Kedingotes and Polo naises, SB, $9, $lO, sl2. Plain Linen Redingotes and Pol onaises, $5, SO, $7, SB. ’ White Lawn Suits. $5, SO, $7, SB, $9, $lO, sl2. White Lawn Redingotes and Pol onaises, $3.60 to sl2, embroidered and plain. Misses’ Embroidered Suits, $5 to $lO. White Swiss Suita, $lO to $35. White Swiss Polonaises, Over skirts, and Jackets, in great variety, new and stylish. Spring Suits very much reduced in price. Black and Colored Silk Costumes at half the cost of importation. At im i Mrs, 36 EAST WASM6TON-ST., ONE DOOR PROM BTATE-ST. PHOTOGRAPHY. HALL, HAIiLj $a m $a sa Photographer, 217 W. MisoHt, Has just introduced a Hew style card Photo, greatly ad mired by all. He is still offer ing his BEST BERLIN 0-A.3F5.33i3 AT THE LOW PRICE OP $2,50 PER DOZEN. CHEAP PHOTOGRAPHS HAVE PLAYED ODT. GotoMr.MOSdEß’Sand get a first-class Photograph taken under hla Patent Improved Skylight, and, with his Patent Burnisher, will make every man, woman and amid perfectly beautiful. 951 Wabash-av. TO RENT. TO REST. Stores, basements, and offices, 70 and 73 East Ban* dolph-at., np-etalrs: . 46 Lske-at, S3 and U Lako-st. |<S and 68 Lake-et. 69 and 61 Lake-et. 183 and 188 M South Clark*st. 179 and 181 South Clark-st.. single or double. 197. 2JI, 309 and 211 South Clark-st., single or doable. 46 Bast Van Baren*st. 138 and 140 Wabash-ar., single or doable. 80 and 83 Adams-*t. 819 and 945 South Stalest. 661 and &63 Soutn Clark-st. _ Tartar Block, on Wabash-ar., opposite Aiken’s Theatre. Offices in Reaper, Speed’s, M’Conmck, and Kentucky Blocks. Also at 117,158 and 130, and 183 and 185 South Clark-st. T.wryw fa AH corner Civ rk and Monroo-eta. Apply to . T _ r*r\ . J. AL. lyift-HanaiiD « l/U., ■ Booms 9 and 10 Eeaper Block, 97 South. Clark-st. TO RENT. Second, third, and fonrth floors in building 65 and 67 South Canal-st. WI. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers. TO RENT. Cheap, 146 East Xiake-st., first floor and basement. Inquire at 144 Lahe-at. STEM FACTORY TO BIT, Largs room* with power, at reasonable ron* la my fac tory on State.*!., between Fourteenth and Fift©eath-»ta., suitable for wood or Iron workingraaohinory. L. 0. BOYINGTQN, 753 State-flt. TO RENT. Third and fourth tloor* of 168 Sooth Clark-st., between Monroe and Madison. Splendid location for lodging snites. Building now In coarse of erection. C. FROUT & CO.. 188 Madison-rt. HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. REFRIGERATORS, Ice Boxes, Ice Groai Froozors, AT REDUCED PRICES. DALTON cto CO., 80 * 83 BAND OUH-81, dost State. REFRIGERATORS, Ice Boxes, Water Coolers, Ice Cream Freezers, Gas Stoves, 40., BEIiDfQ CHEAP AT BANGS BROS., COB. STATE & VAN BTTBEN-ST3. WANTED. A BAM NEWSPAPER MAN. Of EXPERIENCE. GBNTLEIAANLT DE PORTMENT, INDUSTRIOUS, and HON ORABLE, con loam of a very pleasant and remunerative position by colling on PRANK GLOSSOP, Proprietor National Hotel Reporter, 05 South Canal-st. WANTED, To r«nt a portion of bonding now erecting on eonthweit corner of FUth-ar. end Arcndo-conrl, iu MadUon-at.. Tom, reapomiblo party who will pat In power to run elevator, heat building, and ran other michlooiT. Sl<ire« to rent. Apply to H. H. HOrrMAJ., “ v 131 South Clark.t., fourth atotr. WANTED. nS£ r d f iSto 3150 per week cza bo made on a capital of 5-5 to SIOO. Address M 16, Tribune office. MERCHANTS. WASTED— I with to connect mytolt with a fint-cUas bonte, to aoUclt In Utah. Am well acquainted, and can control trade. Addree. F 89. Tribnne offlee. SHIRTS. @XT WILL BAT TO ORDER SHIRTS! From HARRIS 4 COBB, 171 Sooth Clark-at. INSURANCE. ini! FIRE lIOEAIE COMFI. Capital, $500,000 l S. WHIT Ss 00oi GENERAL AGENTS, OFFICE, 156 & 158 LaSalle-st., CHIOAGO, The following telegram, explains itself, and will be gladly read by many of thepatrons of the Company: BT. LOUIS. June 20,1873. H. S. TIFFANY & CO., Chicago; Impairment of North Missouri Insurance Company made good. My examination and statement will bo published the first of next week. WE SXAIXDEN, Superintendent Insurance De partment. State of Illinois. PRINTING AND STATIONERY. J. J. SPALDING & CO, Printers, AND MMHatn 158 & 160 Clark-st., Have a fresh and fad stock of STAPLE & OFFICE STATIONERY, To which they invite the attention of CITS' CONSUMEES. Eailway, Slioiiefj&Fratiiii Supplies A SPECIALTY. Facilities for Large' Orders. PAIN CURE. MRS. DR. CLEVELAND’S GREAT REMEDY, Tie Pesisti Pail Care. AND CHOLERA PREVENTIVE, 'Will Instantly Roller* and Permanently Coro Nervous and Biclc Headache, Toothache. Earache, Catarrh, Sore Throat, Colic and Cramp, Neuralgia and Spinal Affection, Sore Eyes, Rheumatism, Coughs and Colds, Diar rhea, and Dysentery, Paver and Ague, In* flummntiQn of the Kidneys, Pleurisy, Diver Complaint, Palpitation of the Heart, Deaf* ness. Piles, Erysipelas, and Dyspepsia. It relieves Asthma, and Phthisic in its severest forms, when all else Pails. It regulates and equalizes the circulation, thereby removing the causes of Pain and Disease. Tor Sale by all Druggists. Price, SI.OO. MAinJFACTDHED BY TAILOR Sc CO- 3 341 TTest ifadison-st. Chicago. DL PAPER. 3SSLAJSTELIaA. WRAPPING PAPER. CM, PAGE, HOME & CO.. 118 and 120 Monroe-si. Chicago. FOR SAXE. 4TH jJTJXj-y. TENTS, TENTS, AND HAMMOCKS FOR SALE OB HIRE. Oampia* partloe, family picnic %. fcmrtiac or fishta* Turtle*, camp moeUn**, partloe some Into the eountry for » brief period. wUiflnd It much ehoeper end pleeaant; er to here e hotel of their own. pitched noon the beak of tome lovely Uke or tannin* ttream. tnMu* aattra** recreation, when n»ln* ontfiu ae farnubed by OOVBBJf- M£NT odODS DEJTOT, IV and 197 Beat Lake-et., Obi ca*o, PL GOLD PENS, Holders, Cases. Pencil Deads, &Q., &c. * MOHSE’S GOLD PEN’S, 07 Clark-st., corner Washington* Mathematical Instruments, AT J. O. LANCGUTH’S, Optician, FRENCH FLOWERS. D. B. FISK & GO. WILL OPEN On Tuesday, June 24, A large assortment of American and Pine French Flowers. The city trade specially invited. WINDOW SCREENS. WIRE WINDOW SCIIS. Call at S5 Sonlh Clark .t- and »ee for youxaaiTea. Cheap, art and beat TVfr. Bento* made. Floirer Staoda at whedrta. . and retail. BWTH A BUBKAftT. NUMBER 307. REAL ESTATE. A General Dullness in Land Speculation in Acres. Advance in Suburban Pares Under tie New Eail road law. A Fair Volume of Legitimate Easi ness is Sales of Suburb an Lots. Cornell, Washington Heights, Engle wood, and the Northwestern Suburbs. Auction Sales Last Week— Forthcoming Ones. Transfers for the Week. There 1b lea* than usual to say about real estate this week. Speculation in outside lauds, which has been a prolific source of items for three or four mouths up to about the middle of the current month, seems to hare almost ceased-' The furore to get hold of acres in the district west of the Great Eastern Railroad and south of the South branch, anywhere in the towns of Lake and Worth, has been suc ceeded by an apathy that borders on disgust, and we hear of instances in which parties who made bargains In the specu lative excitement two mouths ago, who are now willing to consider their trades “ off,* 1 and would like to take back the S2OO, S3OO, or SSOO they paid then to u bind tbe bargains," until abstracts could be examined and papers for the formal transfer of the land mads out. Two months ago, when we pointed out the entirely speculative character and probable temporary duration of the excitement in regard to land in that particular quarter, we were subject to some unfavorable criticisms from persons whoso interest it was to stimulate the excitement. The present dull ness justifies what we said at that time. But in saying that the excitement. is over it should not be understood that there has been any decline in priced- .Land in that direction is worth just as much as it ever was, and tbe prospects of its being made accessible by the build ing of the Danville & Vincennes Rail road are just as good as they evei were—perhaps better—but the chances of bay ing one day and selling the next day or the next week at 10 to 25 per cent advance have disap peared. In thia respect, however, the case of the district referred to is not very different from that of others in almost any direction around the suburbs, only that in other quarters improve ments are being made, railroads are being built, carriage and wagon-roads are being macadamized or graveled, houses are being built drains, are being dug, and additional value is steadily being given to the land by reason of its being made available for occupation. STOinr ISLAND ATX2TDX , has now been graveled and made as good ft c&5- riago-road as the South Park boulevards all the way to Seventy-fifth street —as far south as Cor nell. It is now only about an hour’s drive from, say Twenty-second street, south on South Park. avenue, down the Grand Boulevard to the Park, thence across to the Hyde Park Station, thence south on Stony Island avenue to Cornell. The whole distance is as smooth a carriage-road as can be found in the environs-of any city*. This summer it is only a delightful suburban drive, but at the eud of the route one can look four miles further south and see the smoke-stacks and roofs at South Chi cago. an objective point toward which tbe city is surely growing. Kow, the houses between Hyde Park Station and Cornell are few ana far be tween ; five or six years from now the whoI« route will be lined with. houses, and the im portance of the Calumet Harbor to the lake traffic of Chicago will be realized. ADVANCE IK SUBURBAN VASES. The new Railroad law appears l*ke a cloud is the horizon of suburban real estate speculation. The Illinois Central has already raised its rates for suburban fares, and other roads will doubt* leas soon follow its example. There are, how 1 * ever, several of the beet hind of reasons whj tM« cannot be permanent. First, it Is an abso* lute necessity that people in a crowded city should hare every possible means of easy and cheap transit to the suburbs, where homes are to be had cheap. Boston only fell in with the pro* gresaive spirit of the times when she got the Legislature of Massachu setts to pass the Cheap Suburban Fare law. which obliges every railroad running out of that city to carry suburban passengers at the present extraordinary low rates in the vicinity of that city. Second, the railroad companies them selves want to encourage suburban travel, as it is one of the most profitable classes of their business. Whether the new railroad law is re pealed or modified by the next Legislature in tbi* State, or whether it is evaded, as it can be, there is reason to believe that the advance of suburban fares cannot be permanent. ABOUND THE SUBURBS. Kothwithstanding the general decline in specu lation In suburban lands, there is much activity yet in the five or six most prominent suburbs, both in the sale of lota and in the erection of buildings. at oomretn, the tool factory hae just received its roof, end fifteen or twenty new dwellings scattered around it and the watch factory are Just near enough completed to require the painters. Henry J. Goodrich cold this week Block 4 in Webster's Subdivision, Sec. 34, 38,14, located % of a mfle west of Cornell, as follows: acres for 96,666. Also Block 6in the same subdivis ion, being scree, for *6,666. These were caeh sales, and the prices were somewhat below what the ground has been held at. AT WABHISOTOtf HEIGHTS property ia changing hands every day, and a number of residences of a superior clast are be ing erected. Messrs. Mason * Mills sold a tract of 40 acres (8. W. ii of S. W. yi of Section 17, Town 37, Bangs 14) for $38,000, or at the rate of S7OO per acre, —$10,000 cash and balance in annual pay ments. Mr, Isaac B. Hitt has also just purchased of F. yr. Hurt, of New York, another 40-acre tract here at S6OO per acre. AT INGLEWOOD. The long lino of new cottages ia extended al most every week toward the city. AT LAWNDALE ft number of new houses are being built, and other improvements being made. As an instance of prices and the degree of confidence m that di rection, mention may be made of the. recent sale of a tract of eight acres on the north Bade of Og den avenue, one-half mile west of Douglas Pari. This Was sold by the Hon. layman Trumbull in March for *2,800 per acre. Bfieentlv the purchaser sold four acres of it to Judge Beads, of Aurora, at 84,000 pet acre Judge Searls intends to build a fine sub urban house there, and will retain the whole four acres for its surrounding grounds. AT Tiyc HOEIHWESTEBS CAB-SHOPS. The round-bouse is nearly finished, and some of the other buildings are being rapidly pushed to completion. A great many workmen are buying lota and building ho toes in that vicinity, especially m the quarter north of the shops. The activity in that direc tion also extends all the way up to the line of the Chicago 4 Pacific Railroad, and out along its line to Cazenovia. HEABES THB CTrr, Messrs. Olinger 4 Ballard and Judge Otis, who have 133 acres situated between Harrison and Twelfth streets and Kedzie and Central Park avenues, propose to open all streets, and grads the same and pat in good order, run ning' east and west and north and. south, and subdivide the property into 5-acre blocks,

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