Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 22, 1873, Page 13

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 22, 1873 Page 13
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CITY REAL ESTATE. from the Fourth Page.) SALE-NICE COTTaGB ANIT LOT ON I North Side for $1,650; only S2OO down; balance „„fMr or discount for more cash; very cheap. W. M. W&ITSfiY A CO., 151 Madison-st., first floor. F‘ oRESALE—A FINE BUSINESS BUILDING ON East Lake-et., 40x185 feet, 4 stories and basement, hnilt In modern style in the must substantial manner; leased for 5 years, and paying a rental of about 17 per annum over and above all taxes, expenses, etc., asked. Apply or address Q G D, Nua. 196 and Lako-rt., up stairs. —OR SALE-GOOD LOTS ON THE FOLLOWING streets: State, Burnside. Butterfield, Arnold, Gari baldi Hanover, Bntlor, Wallace, Summer, Winter, Mur- W and Halsted; also on Wentworth, Shnrtleff, Portland and Stewart-a vs; also on Alexander, Twenty-fourth, Twenty-sixth, Twenty-seventh, Twenty-eighth, Napoleon, Twenty-ninth. Karl, Thirtieth, Haven, Tniity-firefiThir t?second. Thirty-third. Thiicy-fifth, Thirty-sixth, Thirty seventh, Fontaine, and Thlrty-elghth-sta. Title perfect. Warranty deeds. A very small payment'down, five year’s ti~e « percent interest. No agency business. Apply to ALBERT CRANE, US Monroe-bt. SALE-AT A BARGAIN-LOTS ON WEST. • em-av., Polk. Taylor. Twelfth-sta., and Campbell, tr. Parties wishing to baud no money required down, aod. if desired, will famish a part of tho money to build. Inquire ofGKO. CADWELL, onpremises, or at 185 South Clark-st., la bank. FOR SALK—S3O MONTHLY, S2OO DOWN, WILL secure tbo elegant new brick cottage and lot 905 But terfield-st., between Thirtv-seventb and Thirty-eighth. Possession immediately. Owner 882 Fulum-st. R. G. OQODWILLIB, 181 Sooth Clark-st. For sale—at a bargain-the desirable residence, 1119 Indlana-av., containing 14 rooms, hand some saloon parlon conservatory, brick store-room, two bath-rooms, hot and cold water all through tho house, frescoed ceilings, painted walls, plans glass windows, etc., etc. There is also a fine bam on tho premises, ana everything is in perfect repair. Possession given at any time. Call between 4t06 on any day daring the week. FOB SALE—CALUMET-AV. LOTS, OIIEAP-LOTS on Calnmct-av., between Thirty-second and Thlrty third-sU., on terms, ono-tonth cash, balance in nine equal annual payments at 8 por cent interest. W. J>. KERFQQT A CO.. 90East Washing ton-st. Fob sale-a cottage and grounds, also, a tine building lot, 75x180. Both are in South Evans ton. on Chicago-av., In a good neighborhood, and within S minutes’ walk of tbe depot. For towns apply at tho office pt tho Evening Mall. 123 Flfth-av. •ntOB SALE—THE THREE VERY HANDSOME JD new swell-front booses, with brick stables. No*. 133, J34, and 138 Park-av., between Wood and Llncola-sts. Terms to suit. Also, 4 large lota on Taylor-at-, between Wood and Llncoln-st*. Price 81.100 each. Term* very easy. Apply to tho owner, 634 »Vost Washington-*!., or at 13-1 Park-av. FOR sale—at a BARGAIN—a first-class residence lot on EUla-av., near Thirry-aeventb-st., or would oxchango it for a cheap bou&e and lot in good lo eation, near Cottage Grove. Address L 17, Tribune ' office, immediately, a* the owner is going East. —OB SALE—6OFOOT LOT WITH FRAME DWELL iuff and banf, corner L&Vo and Wahpansoh-avs. In quire at 30 and S2 Lake-st. J. B. JOHNSTON. -rrtOß SALE-NOS. 809 AND 811 TWKNTY-SECOND- V at., between Purple and Wentworth-*vs., withono Terr large building and one cottage, with lots. This uroperty can be bought under the market value by a cash spitomer. No trade. G. HOLZ, 105 Archer-av. rpOB SALE-THREE NEW HOUSES, WITH LOTS J> yiriis each, sooth front, near Central Park, on month ly quarterly, or yearly payments. This is a splendid Sianoe for a steady parson to save his money. S. W. RBOFF, 145 LaSalle-yt.. Boom 14. F’ OB SALE CALUMET-AV.LOTS, CHEAP. Lota on Calmnet-av., between Thirty-second and Tfatriy-thlrd-st*.. on terms of one-tenth cash, balance In nlns eoual annual payments, at 8 par cont Interest. W. P. gtrRFQQT A CO., 90 East Waahlngtoa-st. F‘ OR S.ALE—S2,26O WILL BUTIM STORY HOUSE, lot 30x135 feet, west of.Unlon Park, only S2OO down, balance monthly. WHIPPLE A CLARKS ON, 113 tfsdisottst. For sale-fine houses and lots on ail teslan-av., near Fuiton-et., from $3,500 to $4,000; long time; small payment down. 21, Q. GOODWLLLLE, IMSouth Olark-iu For bale-michiqan-av.—a fine bouse. with large lot, in one of the most desirable blocks on thUavenue; boose Dor 16 rooms, handsomely finished sad very attractive. Location, terms. Ac., on application to FRED L. FARE A CO.. S3 Washington-st. For sale-io, ao, or 40 acres en a section south Morgan Park on highest ridge in Washington Heights. YOUNG A ROWLEY, Boom 3, No. l£3Do&r born-«t. , FOB SALE—AT SOUTH LAWN, FINK HIGH LOTS or acres 17 miles sonth of Madison on Halsted: com mutationyates. Several hundred acres of tree* already let- A few lots will etlll bo given to parties who will build. YOUNG A ROWLEY; Room 3, No. 152 Dear bom-st. For bale-lot on park-ay. apply at aao Park-ar. For sale—is north cubtis-st., house and lot, cheap. Inquire on the promises. FOR SALE-TWO LOTS ON WEST MADISON-ST,. near Robey, this week; best located in dty for bnsi neat purposes. Cali on owner, 679 West Madison-st., Monday. FOB BALK—NEARLY NEW COTTAGE OF SIX rooms; housen nice order; Immediate possession rivea: in good neighborhood; with lot 95 by 107 feet on North Linooln-at.; abstract furnished, with a clear title; any party haring SI,OOO can secure agnod and cheap home by addressing tho ownar, A. WILLEY, 499 West K&diso&'st. Fob a ale-a smalt, house near union Park; roomy and convenient, in a very pleasant and respectable situation, with leaso lor ensuing yoer. SI,OOO. Address OWNER, 50 North Sbeldoa-at, FOB SALE—WITHIN FOUR BLOCKS (WEST) OF Union Park, a 12-room new house, worth ai«o a large house and lot, Buddan-at., nerrTwmCj ■ighth. worth $3,500. Belong to a non-roaidant, and ssast basold within ten days for what they will bring. A rare for a bargain. TRUESDELL 4 BROWN, ITS West Madison-st. SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. FOE SALE—I WILL OFFER FOB 80 DATS 80 LOTS (within 8 block* of the Evanston Depot and within 4 blocks of fine residence*, and property worth SBO per foot) forfSOO per lot, in $lO monthly payments, or will fortich lumber to those who wish to build. Graded streets, trees and sidewalk. This la a rare opportunity far man of small means to eocore a borne or boy for invest* meat. Two carpenters wanted. Call at Boom 2, 153 MonroMt., from StoS o'clock, or at any boar at my office nearthe depot in Evanston. C. E. BBOWNE. FOR SALE-RESIDENCE PROPERTY, AT SOUTH Evanston, at low prices and on long time. Evanston Ss Chicago's oldest, largest, and best suburb, and our property ti but five squares from the centre of Evanston, close to tbe lake shore. Houses built for purchasers, or loans oa long time made to assist them in building. An examination of the property and terms is invited. JU LIUS WHITE A CO..,, Room 1. T?OR SALE—AT A BARGAIN—BY GOLDEN A T FRESHWATERS, 83 South Clark-st., Roomlfi: acres in 8oo» 11, 38, 13. 40 acres in See. IS. 89. 13 10 acres in Sec. 22, 39, 13. 10 acres in Sec. 17, 33. 14. tacres in Sec. 16, 53,13. 8 aero* in Sec. L 89, 13. r)R BALE—TRYING PARK-IN BLOCK 18, CEN tral block of original Irving Park Subdivision, 4 cor ners of SCO feet each, 165 feet deep; best property in tbe RoWMsion,- and with tbe building of over 100 nrst-clana boose* daring tho summer, property mast increase greatly in value. Will bo sold low; terms easy. Address OWNER, 206 Kinzie-ct. 1?0B SALE—IOM ACRES NEAR BRIGHTON. BE- X, ing lot 3of Stuart’s Subdivision, See. 1, S3, 13. ED WARD F. SWJS2T, 3 Honore Block. POE SALE—BY THE OWNER-A LOT ON WAB ASH- A 1 av., south of city limits: will be sold for SSO per foot Utaktn this weak, A. BARRETT, 622 Buttorfield-at. FOE SALE-ONLY $lO DOWN, $5 MONTHLY till paid for, a few left of onr lame lot* only 1.000 feet from throe depots at Washington Heights, high and dry; trees on every lot. Title perfect. Prices, S2OO to S3OO. Call and go and see them. TBUESDELL A BROWN. 175 West Madison-et. pOB SALE—THIRTY COTTAGES AND TWO-STORY i> booses at Englewood on easy teems. Apply to TIL bOTSON BROS., 272 and 274 State-st. . pOB BALE—TWO BLOCKS 4H A ORES EACH i short distance west of Northwestern car-shops, con palest to depot. HENRY WALLER, Jr., 86 East W uhiagton -st,, Room 4. ’OB SALE—I HAVE A SPLENDID SELECTION X of bouses and lots in Evanston and South Evanston ou easy terms. Parties wishing to purchase will do well to call and examine. J. E. FOWLER, Evanston. FOR BALE—AT A BARGAIN—FIVE ACRES northwest corner of Wostem-av. and Twelfth-st. In take at 135 South Olark-st., in bank POR SALE—ENGLEWOOD. PROPERTY—43 LOTS X cn Junction (Sixty-third-gt.) and Eoglowood-avs., b ft»eett Scowart-av. and Wallace-st. H. caih. balsnco La 1, s, and 8 years. Apply to owners, SPOFFORD A BYRNE, Boom 4, No. 145 Clark-st. T?OB SALE-NEW COTTAGE, 8 ROOMS AND 5 D semi good dry, improved land, one-half mile from Hohstldepot on Fort Wayne Railroad, from Chicago 83 Pries with crops $535, cash SIOO. balance $23 per ttoßth;no*ttact business: office days Monday, Wednes day, EARLE, owaer,Room3, 163 Monroe, Fern SALE-SEVEN choice residence lots at Inins Farit, part on the Boulevard, at $8 por foot ■eu tun gang price*. Here Is a bargain for any one rsrid&noe property. B. F. CLARKE d CO., p'OB SALE-AUSTtN—FI.VE LOTS ON THE RIDGE -- with rrsveled and towered street, on favorable jya*-. 0. £. CRAFTS, 64LaSaUa-st. POB SALE-C. AN. W. OAB WORKS. AT WEST A Fine lots and help to boild, booses now building, on easy teams. O. £• caATTS. 64 lASsUs-it. POB EALS-OR EXCHANGE—NICE HOUSE AND $4,600, 10 miles from Court-House, very «wp;f3o6down; balance very ea?y, or discount for SSiS? - W. JI. WHITNEY 4 CO., lEI LiSaUo-lt,, POB SALE-iTEVANSTON AN ELEGANT HOUSE Awd lot near the lake, well shaded with large native a very desirable hotiße of 10 rooms two blocks ttatlon, excellent neighborhood; also houses and l°t« (some very choice at bargains) both cast GREENLEAF & PAUL, U Central *tg*ga **tocx« and Evanston, office opposite depot. VERY DESIRABLE BESIDEIfOB Fortlotb-et.. convenient to railroad boae-oara, one block from Droxol Boulevard. faSffJj. eonaervatorr, ra*. end water; houee finely alley. Will boU at JPf bacgaln If taken at one©—furalibod or nnfur- Rirri immediately. Price SIB,OOO. UL •- _ * PUJTD. 87 Dearborn-st. - ENGLEWOOD _ COTTAGE HOUSE EBl!wviL ottAnJoW -«t,» north of and near Fifty-ninth, nl i-a - r. m CAr * I bouse of 6 rooms, closets, pantry, condition: location very OoSriiJSS c “ h - Bl SEWELL CLaEK, Boom Eslidicg, aoatbTDst corner State ana Madl- F 0 ?- block corner atpn Paxk-avi., io Brighton. . JO n BKRGEH, goutlnrest coroor State and baaement- p O^SAISHSgSIb E LOTS AT HA-VTTHOR.VE, oSSS,'* 7- ’ 0M 111110 wpit of Lawndtlo; pries —:• ** *p. m. r OAD JEFFERSON HOUSE rucUd irif>r2_l? w *' etaadlcjr in an aero of pardon, toUce fa *? “H 1 troea. This health? place la worthy of ‘Addrlll vi *i? a ,epidemic which may comeamon* -..fmaretexg, Tnbane office. AUSTIN, (TWENTY MINUTES' fcrt tjisiffff & story and a half homo; six rooms; i««t or Owner bound to sell. Ad ?«q>4reoX O. Jf. UEOCKETT. vf&r CHEAP, LOCATED ne *r the depot and CotUco W£ SHSM.L- iroQlcllne ». northwest of Cornell; -iSciSrV food terms; also3acres onSerentT ßESKyj*.VrSv^^rJ*?“ •i.suo to £2,500 per acre. ' a 125 Dwwborn-it. FEONTXNG ON OGDKN II Eoolorard. A bargain. B©o. SAMPSON* CO., WlASillMto SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. For salb-or exchange foe city prop. orty or merchandize—A luxurious country seat in Michigan, of 1,500 acres.with lake, residences, fountains, mills, etc., fitted op for a retired gentleman of fortune and leisure; or may bo rented aa six farms, with a fann er* residence on each. Value, $150,000. A splendid lint-class atock, dairy, and fruit farm of 1,100 acres, near the above; $€6,000. YtluabU. and cheap farm of 160 acres, In DeKalb County, half a mile from railroad, with orchard, maple grove, coed walor, wnll lonced; SB,OOO. 8H 00) C * rciWenco » 16 roo “»* at Highland Park; (w^i% “ room3 ’ ontTnlvoreltr-pboc, Stock and dairy farm of 240 acres. near Elgin, HI. Neat at Highland Park, very low ; if.rco. Call from 2t04 p. m., ut Room 29 Tribune Building. FOR SALK-MOKTROSE-CnOICK LOTS AND blocka In this very accessible and desirable suburb for sate allow prices ana easy teims. Montrose in located 7 miles from the Court-Honse. at the crossing of the new Chicago, Milwaukee A St. Paul Railroad with the O. A £»• W.Railroad, and Is about 20 minutes' ride from depot. Commutation A good school and church and a number of fint-olaaa residences already erected and in course of construction. From 2o to 50 buildings to be bnllt this season. Streets graded, tidowalksTald, and tree* planted In front of each lot. Every train is com polloa to stop at this place, and there are 27 trains daily. Lot* are all LO ft wid* and full depth. Ground high and dry. Wo are making this town a epocbdty, and parties wishing a cboico nt lota should call on us at onco. PER LETS GODFREY, 168 LaSallo-st. T?OR SALK—THE CHEAPEST 20 ACRE TRACT Jj now in tbe market, ar city limits and now St. Paul li. 11. Call Monday. LaRKIN A JENKS, 145LaSaUe-«t. For highland park-one kbw gothic cottage, with lot jimmodf-vto possession. Also, one largo brick house, with largo lot. Also, lots on easy payments. Apply to W. H. SAJUPSOaV 4 CO.. HI LmStUo-jt, Oti. Block. T7!OR SALE-13 LOTS AT IRVING PARK, NEAR X* depot- , % ' v . 50 lots at Glencoe, on Lako Shore. H lots at Evanston, end 2 bouses and lota. It* acres in Sco. 9, IS, 14, corner S‘ewart-av. and Flfty third-st., on* block north of boulevard. 10 acres In Lake View, near Lako Shore. Inquire of the owner, MERRILL LADD, 134 Madison-st., corner Clark, or at Bank in Evanston. For sale or exchange-forty'acres in Thornton Township; will exchange for other property, and pay difference, if any. BASH & SIIAPLEiT, iloom 6 Otis’Block. FOR SAJJS-TKN ACRES A LITTLE NORTHEAST of Humboldt Park: will be sold cheap; very desirable for subdivision. BASH A SHaPLEY, Boom 6 Otis Block. FOR SALE-24 lots a little southeast of Central Park, to bo field together, cheap for & fow days. BASH ASHAPLEY, Boom 6 OOs Block. For sale-englewood-v/e are making plans for mure residences; parties dosiring to do so can see plans and mako required alterations at oar office. Elegant residence at Lake Forest; will accept good Chicago property is part payment. CANFIELD 4 MAT TESON, 60 L&S&Ue-ht. Fob salr-by h. f: kldred a go., real Es tate and Home-Renting Agunev, 155 Monroa-st.: Houses and the South and Wost Divisions, rang ing in price from 84,C00 to $60,000. 80 acres in See. 14, 29, 13. • SO acres in Sec. 35, 29, 13. 90 acres In Sec. 7, 87,14. 20 acres west of Central Parle, near Northwestern Car Shops. 12 acres iu See. 15, 39, 13. lots on Hubbard, Hoyne, and Roboy-sts. Also, some good improved business property ai a bar gain, with a good interest on the investment. FOR SALE-40 ACRES IN SEC. 13, 37. H, $12,000. 10 acres in Sec. 9. 38, 14. $35.000. 40 acres in See. 22, 39.13, $26,000. 40 acres In Sec. 7, 40, 14, $60,000. 5 acres In Sec. 25, 40, 13. slo,(iuo. CHARLES B. HOLMES A CO.. 71 Dearbora-et* For sale-evanston property-houses, lota, and acres. Call at our office, 173 Madison-st., Room 1, and get a list of our property contained In the Evanston Real Estate Nows, published hr ua. L. C. PITNEB A SON. For sale-c a n. w. oar works, at west Forty-elghth-st. depot. Blocks of 5 acres at prices which will pay 200 cent to sell by the lot or to bold one year. C. JE. CRAFTS, 64 LaSallc-st- For sals 7 acres garden and fruit land, near city, with house and store on same, only $3,000.- SHANNON A TRIPPE, comer Washington and Clark-ste. FOR SALB-90 ACRES IN BEO. 21 T. 41, K. 13; $175 per aero. CHAPMAN A BARBER, 90 LaSalle-st. For salb-extrkmely low figures for 10 days—HO acres near South Englewood. 28 acres at North Ravens wood, on railroad. 30 acres at Sonth Lynn. Bargains in cheap lots. West and South Sides. Also, 100 foot at Kenwood, cheap. S. DELAMATSR. So Washing ton-st. For sale-oheap-somb beautiful lots within two blocks of the depot et Washington Height*; will take a harness and buggy as first payment. OalTor leave address at 581 Hubbard-st, For sale—by j. f. pierson, room 6, 124 Dearborn-st.: 16 or SO aoros in Sec. 17, 89. 13. A 10. or SO acres Id Sco. 17. 39. 13. 40 acres In See. 25, 40, 18. Also will exchange a quantity of well selected lands In Qago and Jefferson Counties, Nob., putting some cash ana good securities with it, for a good clean stock of dry goods, boots and shoos. or hardware. Also several first-class marble-front rosidencra and good framo bouses In nice locations, cheap, and on easy terms. • F" OR ACRES IN VINCENNES ROAD Addition, Washington Heights, adjoining Morgan Park on tho east. In the immediate vicinity of tho now Military Institute, lying between two depots: the tyi* subdivided; streets opened. C. C. THAYER A 00., 186 East Madison-et. 7710 R SALB-WASHINCTON HEIGHTS-BARGAINS J> may bo had in tho follnwine choice tracts: ICO acres, the s. w. H of See. 13, 37, 13. ridge and grove. -120 acres In tho n. w. j£ of Soc. 24,37,13, ridge and grove. 40 acres In the n. e. M of Sec. 23, 37, 13, ridge. 4(1 acres in the n. w. £ of See. 25. 37, 13, ridge and grove, EG acres in Vincennes Road Addition, Sec. 19, 37, 14. 40 acres in Sec. 8. 37. 14. ... C. C. TH AYER * CO., 180 East Madison-st. U»OB SALE—OB K.XCHANGE—4O ACKES NEAR 1? Northwestern car shops, for a good farm. A. LOhB A BRO., 131 lASalloHrt. Fob SALE—9 VERY CHOICE LOTS AT BAVENS ■wood, neat depot, 100x1521* foot; price for bath lota, BL2CG: also, very onolco aero property in other locations, vSy cheap. GILLS ON A DALE, 87 Doarbora-st., Room 1. ' T7QR SALE—OR EXCHANGE-BO ACRES NEAR J Irving Park. Choice lots on CaJnmot-sv., north of Thlrty-scventh-st- 20 acres Washington Heights, near rail road. Cottage and lot Wost Sido, near cars. Splendid farm hi Central lowa. 1.600 acre* choice lowa lands. Also land* in Kansas and Nebraska, fer chy or suburban property. JAMES R. MAY, 1W Kooro 1. OR SALE—IO, 20, OR 40 ACRES AT SOUTH R7GLE wood. Have tbe cheapest plcoo tor eob-diririon In tho county, 30 aorei near railroad. Ono-tenth oasn, long time. Room 18 Major Blcc'x. For sale-by o. o. thayer a co., iss east Hadison-st. : 10 acres in Sec. STi, 39, IS. .. 10 acres la Stoddor’a Subdivision in noX of **c. 17, in See. 36. 41, 13. adjoining Rogers' Park. 240 acres in Sec. 10. 38, 11 near Riverside. TTfoR SAIE-A FEW MORE OF THOSE LOTS, EOX i? 180 feet, at wholesale prices; average about. SIOO per lot; atroota graded, trees planted: every lot suitable lor a nice home; and near cars, schools, churches, and mar kets. Terms: $25 before, balance $lO per month;!free tickets to purchasers to seo property. Call on KDMUMi G. STILES. 99 Madison-st., corner Dearborn, who I* sole agent for this property. Fob sale-acre lots and tbactß: s aches near cars, schools, and churches, S4OO. 1-acro lots do. at Desplsices, to S4OO. 1-acre lots at Downers Grove, S4OO. 6to 80-aere tracts at Desplainos, Downer’s Grove, and Wheaton. 8100 to s3np per acre. . EDMUND G. STILES, 99 Madlson-sL, cor. Dearborn. For sale-choice grove and rtdge'lots at Washington Height*. 33 aero* on the ridge in Sec tion?. 87.18, in tho Immediate vicinity of all the first clan improvements. O. O. THAYER A CO., 186 East Madison-st. _ FOB SALE—S OR 10 ACRES WEST OF ESGLB wood, near the boulevard; also, lot* 20x12a, located near the Boulevard, at $lO per font; cosy terms. J. SOUERBKY, 129 LaSalle-«t., Room 17. FOB SALE-FIVE ACRES CORNER COTTACB Grevo-av. and Scventy-fiftb-sL 20 acres on Sooth Chlcago-av., abont midway between Cornell and South Chicago. Blochs of 7.15, or mors acres on South Park Boulevard, comer Soventy-eovonth-et. Also block* of 6 acres or more fronting Stony Island-ay., and other good streets near Cornell and Sooth Chicago. JOS. B. CHANDLER, 1&4 Dearborn-*t.. Room 5. OR SALE-AT HIGHLAND PARK, A HANDSOME nlaoe. brick house, large grounds, etc. Easy term* md a bargain. S. T. KING, 70 FOR SALR-6 ACRES OF FINE ROLLING LAND at Hinsdale, cheap. Inquire of owner, 808 Slate-at. Fob sale-on monthly, payments-four new cottages and lots on Swann-st., near rorty aevenlh-at. and Wentworth-ar. These are well worth the attention of men of limited means, and will pay to exam ine; cars leave every hour, C. d B. I. or P. £ F. W. Rail road, and on Sunday, Madison-st. depot, Sp’clpck p. m., atop at Forty-seventh-fU, nfearcottagej- Apply tor. R. WILSON, 77 Clark-at., or J. VAN HORTON, comer Forty-flftn-gt. and Wcntworth-av. For sale-cheap fob cash, lot at trvtno Park, owner leaving city. Inquire of J. BUFF, &9 State-st. . FOR SALE—CLARENDON HILLS— I THIS BEST OP all the suburbs of Chicago is 13 miles from ithe city, onC., B. A Q. B. R., about 200 feet above the level of the l*fce: beautiful scenery, good school, and every at traction for a nice honso; save your rents and boy a place of your own with monthly payments; wo will build houses for those deslringjt: for health, wealth, and bapplnog, iro to ClareadonHlUi. Plate and particularsof OHAS.B. HOLMES A 00., 71 Dearbom-st. OR SALE—HINSDALE-WE HAVE SOME VERY choice, desirable residence* at Hinsdale, fro® $3, 600 to S 20, COO, on easy terra*; aUo.tomo very desirable uaim- SOTaSproportoTCHAß. 13. kOLMES 4 CO., JlDo»r oorn-st. OE SOME CHEAP COTTAGES to toll or rout at Hinsdale. Call from 9 to 1, at 72 and 74 Poarborn-aL O- J. STOUGH- Fob saie-at a bargain, a good store building and lot, with part of a stock of goods, eUu atod *u * new town located on one of tbo best railroads in the West, and in the best county in tbo Stale. A part of the town site can go with it. if an enterprising business man will take hold. Price low and term* easy to the right man. For particulars address P. t). Box 28, Hamlin. Brown Co., iCansas. Also, acre property for sale adjoin ing the town; a splendid chance /or small or largs invest ments. ' rnOR SALE— FARM—IOO ACRES ADJOUTING TOWN J plat, 20 mile, out; change lor city property. EDMUND G. S-a_L£b, 99 Madison-st., corner Dearborn, Room t. F— OFFER FOB A SHOBT TIME 1,580 acres of fine prairie land In one body, SO miloe from at 812.60 per acre on railroad time, ami tame InewcUin. GIBSON A HOSMEB. 116 RemSolpii-et. 9 AT/E—OF. WOULD EXCHANGE—ANY PAR- to remove their family to the City of ilsdi. Eon Wls.. one of the most delightful places in the ftorth we.V can bare a fine house, large grounds, house well fm&hS. honws. carriages, boats, etc., in exchange fer a good house In tho city or unimproved lots. G. B. GREFFCf, 133 Msdlsoa-st.. corner of Uarlc, TT\QR SALE-? 8M WILL BUT 6-ROOM HOUSE AIJD haU Mra land; also «.500 will bay 9-room honao and 1 aero land, near Sopot In plca^TrLiKiaSOV o mlnutoa’ rido Iron; ClUcaso. WHIPPLE 4 CLAKiaSUa, 133 Sooth Cl&rk-Bt. TTIOB SALE-FARMS OF 80 AND J« ACRES; BEST of ImproTemmt*: 25 mUw from Cbicaan; atadrcid id lilrcala. WRIPPLK A CLARKSON, 133 South Clark-at. ' TJIOR SALE-OE EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROP JU erty, a very dffiirablo residence In the City of «au began, with about T acres of ground. The aboro place if Jam state of high cultivation. with any quantity of # fnxlt. There will probata bo raised this summer bushels of apples of ill klndf. InQUiro of E. UAKIhKKJS, 1094 Pr*lii«-*T. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: SUNDAY, JUNE 22, 1«?3. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. For sale-a rare ohance-a splendid country scat of 40 acres of beautiful improved land, containing 7 acre* of timber and a fine bearingapple orch ard, m Kano County, only 88 miles from Chicago, con venient to railroad. This place can bo bought at a bar gain. Call or address W. B. SPEARS, 12ao State-st. REAL ESTATE WANTED. WANTED— NORTH SIDE REAL ESTATE-A good business lot on North or Sooth Clark-st.; also a good residence lot, comer preferred, not loss than 40 feet front, south of Cbicago-ar. and cast of Clark-st,; for either of above will pay part cash and balance in rapidly Improving outside property. Address LSI, Tribune of fice. WANTED-A CHEAP HOUSE AND LOT. SOUTH of Twenty-ninth and east of Stato-sts.; will pay SI,OOO cash down. Inquire at 72 Madison-at. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS SOUTH SIDE RESl doncc. worth $30,000, for which we will give one of tho choicest comers in Kenwood. STORES A WARE, 94 Washiogtcn-st. T*TANTED—A HOUSE AND LOT. OR VACANT YT ground, city or suburban; paysomocaah, assume Incnmbranco, balance In property South Side. Address. fwaa description, Mr. KING, care TmesdeUA Brown. 176 West Madison-st. WANTED-A COTTAGE AND LOT NEAR CITY hmita. Rill pay cash. or oxchango an unimproved lot. balance in cash. North or South Sidea pre/oned. CaUou or address G A S, 6 and 8 River-et. WANTED-BY KOCKiTf 4 REICHARO. 75 SOUTH V f Dcarborn-st., a lot on State, Halsted, Lake, Madi son, or Milwankoo-av. Price not to exceed $3,000. TAT ANTED—A $5,000 TO SIO.OCO HOUSE, AND GOOD / r groundr, near depot, within 20 miles of city, A good 40 to I2U aero farm within 50 mllos of city. Room 18 Major Block. T\7ANTED—I WILL PURCHASE AT ANY TIME »r unimproved city property, on which cash payment would be s2n> to S?2jhoo. if *rcperiy is satisfactory in loca tion an! price. EfJMUNDU. STILES, £9 Madlaoa-st., corner Dearborn-st. WANTED-A HOUSE AND GOOD LOT ON SOME of tho avenues south, worth about $7,000. Two lota in Hyde Park, near Fifty-fourth-at., will bo riven la part payment, balance cash. J. H. KEELER, 145 Clark-st., comer Madison. TTTANTED-.A HOUSE AND LOT BETWEEN T? Thirty-third-*!, and Egan-av., in oxchango for a first-class family grocery, doing a business of about $50,000 a year. Address if 14, Tribune office. TAT ANTED—WE HAVE SEVERAL CASH CUSTOM v T ers for houses on South and West Sides; also, cot tages at onco. SHANNON A TRIPPE, Reaper Block, basement. ‘ TO RENT—HOUSES, TO RKNT-G. S. LACEY A CO., 119 DEARBORN.: Famished hoate nu Ctdcagoav., U rooms, all modem improvements; $l5O. Furnished house on Hlcblgan-av., 14 rooms, near Twra alxth-er.; sl£o. Boarding house to real and furniture for Bale cheap*' Central location. 122 Throop-Bt.. jooms to suit. Call at bouse. 836 W-*at Monrop-st., 12rt*oms, 3-atory brick, all mod era improvements and barn: SI,OOO. First house south of Napoleon-place, on Stavrari-av., 8 rooms, closets, and pantries, $35. 499 Hurlbut-st.. 2*story 9-room cottage, $35. 369 Dajton-et.. 8 rooms, S3O; all modem Improvements. Twenty cottages and lots for sale cheap, boat bargains n Chicago, on monthly payments and time. TO RENT—THE 2-STOBY AND BASEMENT frame dwelling N0.1070 Wabash-av. Inquire oornor of State and Twenty-aocond-st., over market. TO KENT-BRICK HOUSE AND BARN, NO. 883 Warron-av. Inquire at 156 West Bandolph-st.. In drug store. TO RENT-A NEAT COTTAGE. PLEASANTLY located. No. 1&7 North Paulina-et. Apply at IC9,' next door. TO RENT—COTTAGE, NO, 591 BUTTKRFIKLD et. Call next door north, or at 15 and 17 N. Gaoal-et» TO RENT—I3-ROOM MARBLE FRONT HOUSE, and barn, with all modem improvements,* West Waahington-st., nearCurJls. Furnitorofor sale, if de elrod. Apply to GOLDEN A FRESHWATERS, 81 and 63 Sonth Olark-st., or at 163 West Madison-st. TO HENT-ON BLUB ISLAND-AY. (FOURTH house oast of Robey-st.l, well-built now store, with dwelling-rooms on second floor; will bo rented cheep* Apply at 229Heary-et., botwoosLaflln and Loomis. TO RENT-NEW 11-ROOM STONE FRONT, 868 Monroe-st,; 11-rocm English basement, now and in good order, 100 Wood-st.; rooms at 657 Monroo-si.; rooms et 78 Paulina-st. For terms call at 618 Monxou-at. TO RENT-A LARGE COTTAGE OF 5 ROOMS, with two closets and a pantry, with watex In titnhoa. Call at 106 Sigel-st, rpO RENT-A TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT X brick house on Johnsou-place, between Thirty-sighth and Thirty-nlnth-sts., with 9 rooms, besides bath-room, store-room, closets, marble mantel, grates, etc. Inquire at 27 Johnson-place, 2 blocks woat of Cottage Orove-av, TO RENT-TWO NEW FIRST-CLASS HOUSES, ail modern improvements, corner Erie aud Cass-sts., lo minutes’ walk from Court-House. O. N. HAMMOND. 144 East Madison-st. TO RENT—THE UPPER STORY OF HOUSE 437 Sooth Dearborn-st., containing 7 rooms, S closets. TO RENT-A GOOD 2-STORY HOUSE, II ROOMS, ' near Holstlcn School, good location and neighbor hood; buses run within half block; *t*f> 4 rooms on second floor of 75 Wilmott-av. TO RENT—A COTTAGE OF 8 ROOMS, EN GOOD order, on Blaokwell-et., near Eighteenth; none hot a respectable family need apply. Apply to ROBERT GRIFFITH, corner Nineteenth and Grove-sta. TO RENT-FROM JULY 1, A NEAT LITTLE COT tago, famished complete for housekeeping on Cottage Grove-av., nearTvrenty-MCond-st.CFor tenns, etc,, apply to R. S. DICKIE, care W. M. Hoyt «b Co., No. 1 Michi gan-av. TO RENT-SECOND STORY OF HOUSE NO. 32 Gold-st., consisting of 6 rooms, privilege of bath and basement; $25 per month. Inquire on promises, or 140 South Hal*tod-*t, TO RENT—A NEW TWO-STORY BRICK HOUSE on tho corner of Brown and Taylor-sts., 6 rooms on each floor, bath, and water-closets: suitable for two fam ilies. Taylor-st. Rent cheap. TO RENT—A FURNISHED THRKB-STOBY AND basement brick honso; modem Improvements. Owner would liko board for rent. No one with a family numbor- Ing mote than seven need apply. 277 ladiana-st. riiO RENT-COTTAGE IN GOOD ORDER ON X Coolidge-st., 2 doors from Bine Island-av. PHILO A LLEN, tH LaSalle-st. TO RENT-SEVERAL COTTAGES OE MILL43T., near Reuben. GILBERT A GIVIN3, 68 La-Salla-at. mO RENT-TWO COTTAGES ON DEKrTNO-ST., X near Archer-av. cars. GILBERT A GIVLSS, 68 La Sallo-st- TO RENT—THE LOWER PART OP A COTTAGE- J. boose, No. 114 Twonly-nlntb-st., 4 rooms, or the ups per part, 6 rooms. TO RENT-AN 8-ROOM HOUSE IN A NICE LOOA cation on tho Wost Side to a family that will board man and wife for rent; would ray difference. If any. This is a rare chance to get a good homo and cheap rent. Ad dress, etc., G 8. Tribune office. TO RUNT—TILL NOVEMBER OR DECEMBER. AS desired. No. £27 Prairie-av., near Sixtecnth-at., base ment, parlors, and bed-rooms, woll furnished, with every thing needed for housekeeping. Persons wishing to en joy a cool, agreeable summer residence can find nothing more desirable. A first-class piano, and 1.000-volumo library; all modern improvements. A party of gentlemen would hnd this cheaper and more luxurious than the heat ed hotel Ufo for the summer. References given and re quired. rpO RENT—COTTAGE ON MoGREGOR-ST., FOUR X rooms and closets: sl3 per month to good tenant. GILBERT A GiYINS, li LaSaUe-aU mO RENT-COMPLETELY FURNISHED MARBLE J. front house on Chlcago-av., opposite Water Works; honso contains 10 rooms; all the modern improvements; to rent reasonable to a good tenant.* Apply to W. H. SAMPSON A CO., Real Estate and Routing Agency, 144 LaSsllo-st., Otis Block. TO RENT—HOUSE AND LOT. NO. 461WABASH av.; large lot and bam. J. eSaIAS WARREN. 18 Chamber of Commerce. rno RENT—A FINELY FURNISHED HOUSE ON JL West Washlngton-st. Choice location. MBRRTTIi A ENGLE, Room 6 Metropolitan Block. TO RENT-FURNISHED BOUSE FOR THE BUM racr, convenient to horse and steam can; rent low to right parties. Inquire on premises. l3Ualon-av„ second street south of Egan-av. TO RENT-6 ROOMS, 2 CLOSETS, AND PANTRY; water in tho honso; rent, sl6, at 677 West Erie-st. TO BENT—A HOUSE OF SIX ROOMS, CLOSETS, and water in kitchen; S2O por month. Inquire at 33 Nowbony-av., between Taylor and Twelfth-eta. TO RENT-A NICELY-FURNISHED HOUSE OF 8 rooms, closets, and pantry: water and gas; centrally located; $l6O per month, Including furniture; rent In ad-- ranee: suitable for iadios’boarding-hoaso: none bnt re sponsible parties need apply. Address P 38, Trlbono office. TO RENT-A BOARDING-HOUSE, TWO STORIES, with basement, situated on North Halsted-st. Inquire at 134 North Halstcd-st. TO BENT—A COTTAGE OF 6 ROOMS. 1396 WA basb-av., newly painted, papered, and calclmlnod. Possession immediately. TO RENT—A TWO-STORY AND BRICK BASB njont house of 14 rooms, No. 1113 Prairle-ar., with tot and cold water, bath-room, water-closets, gas fix tures, marble mantels, and good cellar. Rent SI,OOO, to a good tenant. Inquire as above, or at 133 Monroe-st., corner Clark, basement. E. N. TUCKER. TO RENT-TWO-STORY ' BRICK HOUSE AND basement, furnace, gss-fixtarea, hot and cold water, 10rooms, batn, closets; Ac.; all modem improvements. Apply at 64 Rhodcs-av., near Thlrty-second-st. TO RENT-ON BUTLER-ST., SOUTH OP THlßTY first—History cottage ofTmoms; rent, S2O per month. Apply to THOMAS F. LOITUS, on third floor of 105, 107, and 109 Madl»on-st. TO RENT—A NICELY-FURNISHED HOUSE, WITH barn is rear, on Michiffan-av., north of Slxteenth-st, Will sell or exchange farnltaro, or rent famiahod- OSGaR FI KLP, 42 and 44 Congrca*-*t, £ TO RENT —A LARGE BOARDING-HOUSE, 119 Wot Lake-at. Call at 230 West Waahington-at, TO RENT-202 SOUTH PEORIA-ST., TWO-STORY and basement bouse, with modern improvements, and furniture for sale. Parties sot wishing to buy furruturo need not apply. TO RENT—A FURNISHED COTTAGE FOR THE slimmer, to a family without children. Inquire at 658 West Indiana-sU TO BENT—VERY ELEGANT MARBLE FRONT residence on Michlgan-av.. near Twcntletb-st.. No. 683; 15 rooms; all tho modem improvements; to rent fur nished or unfurnished; fumituro, very elegant, to rent, very reasonable. Appyl at the hoase or to Wil. H. SAMPSON A CO.. Real Estate and Renting Agency, 144 LaSallo-st., Otis Block. TO RENT-LEASE OF THE BEST LOCATED AND most desirable boarding house on the Wert Side, near Madison-st., for sale: also, partof furniture, If desired: very low rent; first-class; best <3l order; aiokness tho cause. Address F 99, Tribune office. TO RENT—HOUSE OF 10 ROOMS, AND BARN, NO. STS Michlgan-ar., SIOO per month. Part oral! of for* ultnre for sale cheap il wanted. Appij 61 South ‘Water-at., corner Waba»h-av. TO RENT—A NICELY-FURNISHED BOUSE OF 9 rooms; will be rented cheap for the next two months. Inquire at 860 West Madlson-st, TO RE-VT-THREE-ROOM COTTAGE, V»ITH WA ,er. Apply at 559 West Polk-st.: rent, «10 per month; also, a furnished room to rent, with nsool parlor; rent low. . . . rjlO RENT—COO PARK-AV. APPLY ON PREMISES. r RENT-TWO B-STORT AND BASEMENT bricks, 10 mlnatca’ walk from ths Court House. JA COB C. MAGILL, 81 and 83 Clark-it. mo RENT—THE UPPER PART OF A IM-STOHY JL cottage containing 3 pleasant room*, snilauie lor light housekeeping, or to single gentlemen, nnlornunoa. InQUiro at 418 “WestMadison-st. ' mO RENT—COKKEK CASS AKD KBIE-STB.. A 1 8-ttory and basement brick boose, IS rooms. JACOB o. MAGILL, £1 and S3 CUrk-sU TO KENT—HOt SES. r RENT—BY;WM. H. SAMPSON A CO., REAL Estate and Heating Agency, No. 144 LaSalle-st. Otis Block: SOUTH DIVISION. 8-story and basement marble-front house on Wabash av. t near Eldridge-oourt. Furniturefor sale; IS rooms* all the modem improvements. 3-atory and basement stone front house, tffy Wabash ar.; 12 rooms, modem improvements; very desirable red* donee. 2-story and basement marble front house, northeast cor ner Langlcy-av. and Thirty-eighih-st. 136 Vlcoeanes-ar.. 3-story and basement brick house. Two 3-story and basement frame houses. Nos. 34 and 28 Tblrty-seventh-st, 45. 47. and 43 Langley-st., near Thirty-eighth, 9 rooms each, $75 por month. Furnished or uafumlihod residence, 883 Mjohigsn-ar., 15 rooms, all the modem Improvements; furniture very elogant; to rent varr reasansblo. WEST DIVISION. 8-story and basement brick house, 1(77 Contro-ar.; 10 rooms, hot and cold water; rent S6O a month. 2-stozy and basamostmarble front Loose, on Moaroe-st., norr Aahland-av.; 10 rooms, all tho modem improve ments ; furniture for sale, or will rent without selling fur niture. good cottage, 5 rooms, completely fur nished ; rent. sl7: furniture for sale, S2OO. 18 living-place, 12 Irving-placo, 448 West Vanßurea-st., 3-story frame house, 7 roomA New cottago, SC4 South Robcy-st., 6 rooms. w 75 Floornqy-st., 8 rooms. 445 West Jackson-ft., 8 rooms* 183 Rehocoa-st., 10 rooms. Upper part of house 43 South-Msy-sti - NORTH DIVISION. Large frame house, 421 Suporlor-st., near tbs lake; 13 rooms; rent very reasonable; S7O a month. r Completely-furnished house on Chicago*?,. -near the Water-Works. 3-story and basement stone front house, 834 North La- Salle-st. HR North Deazbom-et-, brick house, 15 rooms. Apply to W. H, SAMPSON A CO., - 144 LaSalle-st., Otis Block. TO RENT—FIRST FLOOR OF 779 FULTON-5T., corner of Hoyno; 5 rooms, pantry, and closets; posses sion about Ist July; rent, $27. Apply on premises. Good cooking-stove for sale. TO RENT—PARTLY FURNISHED HOUSE. NICE grounds, and barn, or will rent furnished rooms, with or witboot board. 148 Walnut-st., comer Lincoln-*:. rno BENT-114 ABERDEEN-ST., 10 ROOMS. BATH X and bare attached. A1t0659 Monroo-st., 9 rooms, all in good condition. FERRI&R BROS., 576 West Madison, mo BENT-NEW HOUSE, 6 ROOMS, NICE YARX>7 X good neighborhood, WestSkft $35 to good party. C. W. DB ANVIiC Clark-sh. i Room 18. TO RENT—A SPEND ID HOUSE. 984 SOUTH DEAR born-al.. comer Thirty-ninth, with bare, only S2O. Inquire of J. W. GOULD, at 983. •. TO RENT-ONE OF THOSE BEAUTIFUL NEW homos corner Indiana-av. and Twelf th-st.; lake view; all modern improvements. Callathonse. 8. WHITTIN. rno RENT-3-STORY AND BASEMENT MARBLE X f rout residence, 11 rooms. 1036 Wabaib-sv. Inquire of F£RD. W, PECK* Boom 8, Nixon's Bull din*. rpo RENT-OALUMET-AV., CORNER TWENTY- X xrfnth-Bt., beautifully finished 10-room house, only SSO per month. STOKRS ATV ARE, 94 Washington-#!. rpo RENT-FRAME DWELLING. WITH BARN. 1 oomor Lako and Wahpanseh-av*. Inqolxe at 61 Killr av., same block. TO RENT—HOUSE—IO69 WABASH-AV.: S6O PER month. 438 Hubbard-st., 9 rooms, s3u. EL G. COLE A CO., 138 LsSsile-et. rpO RENT—FURNISHED HOUSE, TROO MS. ADAMS X and Abordeen-ats. Ownor and wife would like board with party renting. Address L 77, Trihone orfloe. TO RENT-CHEAP, UNTIL MAT NEXT, A NEW two-story and basement marble* frortt house, Soutine on Ellis Park Apply to CLARKE, LAYTON A CO.. 120 LaSsile-et. mO RENT-NO. 416 WEST TAYLOILST., 6 ROOMS. X' olosots, Ac,: location firstr-oloss. Rent, 830. HART. MANN A QUINN, Boom 10, 23 West MadUon-st. TO RENT-NO. 193 OURLEY-ST—HOUSE OF 7 rooms. JOHN K. ROWLEY, Boom 3, No. 152Deai bom-st. TO RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE. 7 ROOMS. AD azas-st., near Aberdeen. Owner and wlfo would like board with party renting. Address L 77, Tribune offloe- TO RENT—OB FOR SALE-HOUSE, ELEGANTLY fumlahod, valuable around lease. Inquire on the premises, No. 84 Sooth Halsted-st; ■ '• TO RENT-TWO STORY FRAME BOUSES NOS. 24. 26, and 28 Thirty-seven th-st-, near ElUi-av., 10 rooms, good repair; rery reasonable rent. 6. E. WELLS, 198 Dearbom-sL, or 81 Vinoonnes-*v., after t p. m. TO RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE, FURNISHED first-class throughout; all Improvements. Will rent to a good party cheap. Apply at 888 Chloago-sv., east of Glark-afc. rp6 BENT HOUSE CORNER OF INDIAKA-AV. X and Twonty.first-st.. 16 to 18 rooms, with or without furniture: possession immediately. Also, a nice resi dence at Hydo perk, near station, corner of Flfty-spr

enth-st. and Msdlson-av. W. H, HOYT A SON/fiS Washlngtoo-st., Room 6. ‘ TO RENT—BY WE. O. DOW. ROOM 21 TRIBUNE Building: Stone-front house 335 North LaSalle-sfe., near Oak with all modem improvements. Brick boose on North lASaiio-st., near North-a v„, two itorios and basement. Two brick houses os North Clark-et., near Belden-ar., two stories, basement, and sub-cellar. Famished house at'Kenwood, 9 rooms, large lot, and good stable, TO BENT—SEVERAL VERY DESIRABLE COT tages and houses tn-the South Division, near Thirty nlnth-st. HENRY J. GOODRICH, 135 Dearbcrn-at. TO RENT-NORTH SIDE, NEAR OARS, SINGLE cottage, S2O; Jowerpartof double cottage, sl4; both mix rooms. —A. T. CAI/r, 17 Dearbom-st., Boom 1L TO RENT—FURNISHED HOUSE. NO. 64 TWENTY third-st, Inquire on the premises after 7 o'clock p. m. only. TO RENT-NEW 6 r KOOM COTTAGE. 959 BURN, side-st., noar Thirty-ninth. Apply to Centra] Tea Company, 691 South Canal-st. TO RENT-NEW 9-STORY FRAME HOUSE, 8 rooms, sooth front. 993 West Monroe-ct., close to Wostero-av. Rent low to desirable tenant. Apply to JOHN WEST, 991 West Monroe-st, next door to above. TO RENT—7SO MTCKIGAN-AV., wfrOBY ing, just painted and eslclmined throughout. Im mediate possession and favorable terms to a good tenant. B. O. GARBABHANT, Woodmfl Hotel. TO RKNT-A FURNISHED COTTAGE OF 5 ROOMS from June 38 to September 1, near Union Park, or S rooms to lodgers—cheap. Address Carrier 78. mO BENT—B-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK X bouse end barn. Furniture for sale; small cash pay* mont, balance monthly. Location o&o of the most deslr abloou the North Side. Convenient to . business. Ad* dress Fl6, Tribune office. TO RENT—FRAME HOUSE OF 10 ROOMS AT 14 South Cnrtls-st. Very desirable house and neighbor* hood. Apply on premises. ■ / O RENT—A 9-STORY HOUSE, 7 BOOMS, WATER in the kitchen; sewered,- street pared, and all in good repair. Apply on the 304 Wait Indlana-at. TO RENT-HOUSE OF NINE ROOMS, PLEAS antly situated, near • grove and the entrance to borne* yard and park; furnished or unfnrslshed; rent, SBO. Ap ply at comer Indiana-ar. and Fiftj-srooad-st.; or address P. O. Box 125- • mO RENT FURNISHED OB UNFURNISHED— X House No. 11l Twenty-nlnth-st., between South Park and Oalumet-ay; a pleasant house, with large vacant sido lot, with Eowor-beda, do. j will rent for the summer months, or till May next. Inquire at the house on Monday. - TO RENT-NEW 9-STORY BRICK HOUSE; HOT and cold water, bath, do. Basement 153 Randolph st.', near Sherman House. W. J. DAVIS, 146 Madison-st. TO RENT-FURNISHED COTTAGE. FOB JULY and August, for board of mas, no children. Call at 601 Fulton-st. for partlcnlare.' . TO RENT-NEW HOUSE, CORNER JACKSON-ST. and Califomla-av; also, 4 nice rooms, new; water. Will sell cheap. Inquire at 1091 Jackson-st. T~ O RENT—COTTA OE NO. 685 CENTRB-AV.; 4 rooms* cloeets, and pantry, all newly finished; a small American family preferred. Call aa above. TO RENT-CHEAP—HOUSE AND BARN NO. 960 Dayton-et. Inquire to-day or during the week, at 859 Dayton-st- - TO RENT-COTTAGE NEAR HOYNE AND VAN Bareu-sU., S3O. Cottage on Warren-ar., near Oak* ley-eta., $35. Cottage on Park-ay., S3O. GEO* D-. PEASE, Reaper Block. ... ' mo RENT-HOUSE OF NINE ROOMS. N0..» WEST X Monroe-et. Inquire of WHITCOMB d HUMPHRB VILLB, Boom 3, mSouthOlork-et. - -• - _ TO RENT—DWELLING 73 TWBNTY-SECOND-ST.,. containing 10 rooms, bath-room. In good repair. Ap-' ply to VERL&Y A GODFREY, 166 LaSaUa-at.,faaaomant* TO RENT-COTTAGE OF 6 NICE ROOMS, ONLY S3O, to small family. Inquire at 191 Newberry ar. IJIO RENT-101 LAFLIN-ST., ONE COTTAGE; 90x43. TO BENT—HOUSE NO. <69 WABASH-AV., GOOD location for a millinery or dress maklngestablishment. Apply to W. O. DOW, Boom 31 Tribune oollding. TO BENT-COTTAGE, 5 BOOMS, IN GOOD ORDER. * Twenty-fourth-«t., west of State. IVES A ROBIN SON, Methodist Block, Room 13. • ■ To RENT-231 ORCHARD-ST., NEW 5-STORY house, 11 moms, suitable for two families; s4sper month. CHAPMAN A BARBER, 90 LaSalle-st. mo RENT—A NICELY FURNISHED RESIDENCE, X 8 rooms, on West Randolph-st. near Carpenter; $75 a month. Apply at Room 10,167 Bast Madlson-st. TO BUNT—FURNISHED HOUSE ON ONE OP THE avenue* south of,Twenty-seoond-st., in splendid cation, with large lot. PossMalon given July L .DAVIS A PIKE, 125 Doarborn-st. TO BENT-BRICK COTTAGE, 6 BOOMS, 905 BUT terfleld-st., 626• possession immediately. Cottage, 788Fourtb-sX. sls. House, 11 rooms, Erle-»t.,nßar Robey, $35. B. Q. GOODWILLIE, No, 134 South Clark-st. . TO BENT-LARGE FRAME HOUSE, 421 BUPE rlor-st., near the lake; a splendid location; house contains 13 rooms: all the modem improvements: rent very reasonable, 870 per month. Apply to WM. H, SAMPSON A CO.. Real Estate and Ren ting Agency. 144 LaSalle-st., Otis Block. Suburban- rpo RENT-SUBURBAN 7-ROOMOOTTAOB HOUSE, X with large grounds and small bam, at Norwood Park, Block S3, convenient to depot. Rent only 818 per month. Address J. W. STEBBINGS. Irving Park. TO RENT—I HATS TWO NICE FARMS, WITH comfortable bouses and largo orchards, near the depot; would make good summer homes for city business men, O. J. BTOUQH, 72 and 74 Dearborn-flt. „ TO RENT-LAKE FOREST-RESIDENCE PLEAS antly located, convenlnt to depot, church, and school; ground handsomely improved. CANFIELD A MAT TESON, 60 LaSaUo-st. TO BENT-COTTAGE WITH 8 ROOMS,' AT BA veuswood, 28 minutes* ride on Milwaukee Railroad. Apply at 881 west MM^n. TO RENT—OK FOB SALE-AT HTOBDAUE-SOMB nice places for the summer; large orchard* and grounds, Inoulre of O. J. STOUQH, 73 and 74 Dear* born-st,, 9 tola. m. mO RENT-AT ENGLEWOOD, NEAR NORMAL X School—A new cottage ot 3 rooms, with bath-room; rent, S3O. Inquire at Ixos Tpdt*q**av, ■ TO BENT-FOB THREE MONTHS FROM-JULY I, to a small family, a famished cottage 16 nmes from city; six trains daily. W. O. KENT, Blue island, IIL TO RENT—OH FOR S AU£—AT HIGHLAND PARK, 10-room house and half aero grove lot; bam,henhouse, vegetables all planted and growing; l°£*sr bernea; Rent, S3S. Appjr to 8. M. AIXE-N. S5 MetropoßUn Block, or at Highland Park. TO KENT—BOOHS. TO HENT-TO GENTLEMEN AND GENTLEMEN sad wlvee (without children). - handsomely furnished rooms, SIS4oS4O. 40Olark-stTßoon»♦ References. TO RENT—FURNISHED BOOMS. WITH GAS, lath, Ac., it 1100 Indtowr., north of TwoaDr fourth-st. r ■ • rpo RENT-TWO LARGE FURNISHED BOOMS* I wither without board. *4J WahaaU-aT, TO RENT—ROOMS. TO RENT—NEWLY .FURNISHED ROOMS, TO A gentleman and wife or single gentlemen: bathroom, hot and cold water adjoining; private family. 946 Wa baah-ar., corner Twonty-flrat-st. r RENT—NICELY-FURNISHED ROOMS; LOCA tion first-class and central: house nowly fitted op, and has all modem improvements. 48 South May-st., be. tween Madison and Washington. TO RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS FOB GKNTLE men at 43 East Hsrrieon-st. TO KENT-FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH OR without board; nso of bath-room. 19 East Hard •on-st. TO RENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, by the day, week, or month, terms reasonable, at the fit. «J alien, 151 and U3 Dsarboro-st. rno BENT—VERY HANDSOMELY FURNISHED X rooms, at the St. Elmo, br the day, week, or month. 85 and 87 Dearbora-et, Charges reasonable. TO RENT-A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM, with alcove, in the residence of a private family; lo cation central. Address O 79, Tribune office. TO RENT-A BACH PARLOR AND BEDROOM off, famished complete or in parr, with or witboot board. Tonus reasonable. Call at —4 West Monroe-st. TO RENT-A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT OF- Ace. op cos flight, at 190 West Madiaon-st,; also newly famished rooms on same floor. TO RENT—AT 135 WALNUT-ST., AN UNFUR nltbad front parlor, large bed-room and clothes closet, withont board. Day board near by. r RENT-THIRD FLOOR—3 NICELY FURNISH •d rooms at $lO, sl3, aud sls per Call to day beforegetting suited elsewere. 190 West Madison* r RENT-TUB SECOND FLOOR, FOUR ROOMS, closet, pantries, and water, at 554 Twouty-second-st., near Archor-av. RENT—DWELLING 131 WEST RANDOLPH-ST., 6 rooms (over siore). OMAR BUSHNELL, 130 Dear boro-st., Rooms Hand 12. . rjlO RENT-UPPER PART OF 68 HONOKE-ST., 6 X rooms, in tiptop order, $25 per month. Impairs at house. . . mO RENT—flu 9 INDIAN A-A V., NEAR TWENTIETH- X . sC.—Pleasant rooms, suitable for single gentlemen. TO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS-3 NICELY FUR nlshod rooms on second floor, together of singly; gas, bath, and all conveniences; fine location; terms moder ate. 1061 Indiana-av. TO RENT-8 OK 5 PLEASANT ROOMS-CHEAP— ■ 837 South western-av. TO RENT-TWO ROOMS, WITH WATER, TO GEN tlemon, or light housekeeping. 52S Washington-st., near Union Park. * < »i TO RENT—NICELY-FURNISHED ROOMS, SINGLE or on suite, in a now house, with now furniture and modem improvements. Call at 7 Centro-av., throe doors from Madison«st. TO BENT-THREE PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH or without board. 80 North Wollsat, TO RENT-A NICELY-FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, with the comforts of a homo. Apply at house, 11C3 Indian a-av. TO BENT—A WIDOW LADY WOULD BENT TO A gentleman and ladr. or lady, a nice, famished front room. Address B ICO, Trlbano office. rpo RENT—TO GENTLEMEN ONLY-A LARGE. X aloely-fumlahed front room, with closet, water, and rpO RENT-A VERY PLEASANT SUITE OF FRONT X rooms, in a pleasant neighborhood, famished or an* famished; no other boarders. 163 Parker. mo RENT FOUR ROOMS. PANTRY, AND X clothes closet, at sl6 a month. Apply to L. SHEA, 956 Dirtaloa-at. rpo RENT-THREE ROOMS POE HOUSEKEEPING X at 869 State-«t. Call Monday noon or evening. __ TO RENT—O TWENTY-PTTTH-ST., LARGE AND rooms for gentlemen or Tannins- TO RENT-THE REST LOCATED BOOM, 60x100, first floor, with all the msehlnezy far sash, doors, Ac., in the city. Address F7, Tribune osSeo. mo RENT—4 ROOMS AND 9 OLOTSE9-CLOSETS, X at CM West Lakb-si. Price, ?i5 per mouth. Inquire of Mrs. G. D. WYOKOFF, W7 West Madlson-st., up stairs. rpO BENT— BOOMS— TO LADIES AND GENTLE- X men. Address P 33, Tribune office. TO RENT-ON FULTON-ST., NEAR ANN-A comfortable front bed-room, furnished, snltablo for two gentlemen, without board. References required. Address O 80, Trlbano office. IJiO BENT-FIVE BOOMS, HO, 141 HUROK-BT. TO RENT-884 WABASH-AV.—A NICELY FUR nisfaed room, with or with out board, in private family. mo BENT—SIX NICE ROOMS ON WEST MADISON JL st.; water and gas, S3O. B, KENNEDY, 145 Olark st.. Rooms 96 and 27. _____ TO RENT—NICK FURNISHED BOOMS: GAS, closets, every convenience; at 219 West Adams-ei. TO BENT FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED rooms, and rooms snltablo for housekeeping, cheap. 856 West Madlson-st. TO BENT—A PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET TO desirable parties, with or without board, one or two rooms ; terms reasonable. Apply at 18 Winches ter-av. TO KENT-LARGE FURNISHED FRONT BOOM for one or two gentlemen, 53 Depnyster-st. TO BENT-PLEASANT ROOMS, FURNISHED AND unfurnished, with Or without board, at63o Wabash-av. TO BENT HICKLY.FDRNISHED FRONT AND back parlors, suitable for two or three gentlemen. 368 Wabash-av. rpO RENT—THREE UNFURNISHED BOOMS BUIT- X able for man and wife forhouskeeplng; rent, sls a month. • Call at 275 West Randolph-st. ' . TO RENT-NICE FRONT ROOMS FOB HOUSE keeping, also for lodging, with er without board, at 667 Wabash-av. T“' O RENT-FURNISHED FRONT BOOMS. BN SUITE or single, without board, with use of bath-room; hot and cold water. 320 Calomet-av. rpO RENT-A BEAUTIFUL SUITE UNFURNISHED X rooms, with or without board, at 657 W cat Moutoo-st. TO RENT-A FEW NICE FRONT ROOMS AT 366 West Lake-si. TO RENT-NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS, SINGLE or on suite: 374 Michlgan-ar.; would board one couple. TO RENT-49 NORTH MORGAN-ST., A FURNISH ©d front room and closet suitable for two gentlemen; also one small sleeping room. Call to-day. TO RENT-ONE OR TWO PLEASANT FURNISH ed rooms, with or without partial boaid, at 38 North Pooria-st., northwest corner of Lake; prlrato family. TO RENT—TWO FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS, together or separate, suitable for two gentlemen, or lady and gentleman: references required. 18 west Ban dolph-st., near the bridge. TO RENT-740 WABASH-AV.—ROOMS, FDBNISH ed or unfurnished, newly papered and painted, to good tenants, reasonable, mo RENT-FURNISHED, TWO FRONT BOOMS, X en suite; east front; very desirable; newly papered; closets, gas; rent cheap. Bud Indiana-ar., near Twenty second-st. mo BENT-VERY NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS X for gentlemen, or gentlemen and their wires; charges reasonable. 104 and ife East Wa»hlngtoa-st«. Room 44. fJtO EKNT-ROOMS-547 NORTH CLARK-ST TO RENT-AT752 MICHIGAN-AY., NEAR TWEN ty.second-at., a parlor floor of three largo rooms; also an alcove room, second story, front. TO RENT-A FINE FURNISHED PARLOR; ALSO a furnished bedroom, at 108 Third-ar., near Harri son-st. __ mO RENT-FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED X room. Apply at 235 West Washingtoa-st., or 406 Michigan-av. TO RENT—O79 WEST MADISON-ST—WE HAVE one large front room well-furnished, suitable for basinets or light bouse keeping; all modem improve ments. Call Monday rooming. TO RENT-FRONT ROOM, BURNISHED, FOB one or two gentlemen, gas included, sl9 per month. 6(5 Michigan-av., near Eighteenth-st. r RENT—4 ROOMS, FURNISHED OB UNFUB nlshed, 3 squares from Union Park, hare gas, water, bath-room, ana clotete; will rent 'cheap. Furnished rooms for young gentlemen, and board if desired. To parties deslriug peimancnt location the terms will be reasonable. So North Aihland-av, TO RENT - NEWLY-FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH or without board, by day, week, or month, 000 l and nice, to either ladles or gents. Day-board, $4.50. 155 X Wert Waahlngtcn-st. mo RENT-TWO PLEASANT FRONT ROOMS. X famished, suitable for one or two ladies. 66 West Madison-st. TO RENT—6 NICE ROOMS AND CLOSETS, water in the house. No. 465 North Renben-jt., one block from MUwaokee-ay. horse-cars. Apply on prom lies. O RENT—4 ROOMS, CLOSET, PANTRY, AND summer kitchen, suitable for a small family; rent,. S3O per month; only respectable parties and prompt-pay* log tenant need apply. No. 194 South Halsted-st., in store- r RENT-4 . NICE ROOMS AND 8 CLOSETS eboap to a family without children, at 636 Oazrol-at Call Monday rooming. TO BENT-LOWER FLOOR OF DWELLING house 123 Twenty-alrth-st., consisting of 5 rooms, pantry, closets, water, etc.; fust caldmlnea and painted. W. VAN O'LINDA, 119 Dearborn-st. TO BENT—FIRST FLOOR FURNISHED, WABASH near Fourteen th-it-, for the summer, SSO per month. Address P. O. Box 123. TO BENT-6 GOOD ROOMS IN A GOOD LOOA- Uoa. No. 190 West Van Boren-at.; rant only s2sg>cT month. Apply at the house. . TO BENT—4 ROOMS, CLOSETS. AND PANTRY; water in the house. Inquire at 493 West Indlana-st. O RENT—NEWLY FINISHED SUITES OF 6 TO 10 rooms with splendid alcoves: water and gas to fami lies for housekeeping. Also one floor of block, 28 rooms. No. 1 location for boarding-house; would rent the whole building. SI rooms, for hotel. Apply on premises comer u. and Westem-av. MUSBELWHITE. TO RENT-FURNISHED BOOM FOB GENTLEMAN and wife; board for lady. Address M 8, Tribune office. TO BENT-A LARGE FRONT ROOM. HAND somelv famished, to two gentlemen or gentleman and lady, at £3O Wabaah-av. TO BENT-FURNISHED FRONT ROOM. NO. 20 Coogreas-sU, one door East of Wabasbav. TO OB TWO GENTLEMEN DBSIR ing a nicely lurnUbod front room, with gas, well taken care of, may apply at No. 105 South Peoria-at., near Monroe. - ■ TO BENT—FRONT CHAMBER WITH ALCOVE, ON second floor. Inquire at No. 79 East Twenty* seooad-st. TO BENT-ROOMS. FURNISHED OR UNFUR nlshed, latter with carpets; bouse has all modem im provements; convehient to fiiat-claee board. 813 West washingten-st. TO RENT-TWO FURNISHED BOOMS, AT 35 COT taga Grore-aT, TO RENT-TWO NICELY-FURNISHED FRONT zooms, suitable for gentleman and lady.' Address M 60, Tribune office. TO RENT—S3O—7 ROOMS. SECOND FLOOR, NO. 859 West Lske-st., in brick block. T. B. BOYD. West Waahlngtoa-st. _______ TO RENT—THE SECOND STOBY OF 83 GRANT place, 6 rooms and attic; water in kitchen, woodshed and largo yard, all is good order, near Lincoln Park and two H"f»s of street cars. Bent, $25. Inquire on prem ises. - T~ O RENT-6 ROOMS 828 PBAIBIE-AV., NEAR Bixteeuth-st., S3O per month. Apply at 60 Cottage Groveav. * mO RENT-ROOMS SUITABLE FOB HOUSE- X keeping, with pantry ana clothes press; water on the same floor; rent reasonable; IS TO RENT-FIVE ROOMS, WITH CUPBOARD, TO small family. No, 277 West Poik-st,, second door west of 8100 IsUhd-av. Bout, S2O. TO RENT—ROOMS. mO KENT-CHEAP. FIVE EOOU3; OA3 AND 1 water. 601 Sooth Halstcd-it„ near Twelfth, TO RENT—TWO LARGE FURNISHED OB UN furnish od rooms, with all modern Improvements* In a private family, on Indlana-st.. near Stafe-st. bridge. In quire at No. ill Wabaah-av., fourth floor. TO RENT-8 ROOMS ON WEST MONROE-ST. overlooking Jefferson Park. See owner. 13Frank-»t. TO RENT—NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH or without board, with eras and bath-room. In a prl vate family, at 415 West Van Buren-st. mO BENT-7 ROOMS EACH; OVER STORES 218 X and 224 Cottage Grove-av. Store 234 to rent. Apply at shoe store 220 Cottage Grovo-av. TO RENT-ELEGANT ROOMS, FURNISHED OB unfurnished. In Ashland Block, opposite Sherman House. Inquire at Boom 84. Elevator £□ the building. TO RENT—VERY DESIRABLE NEW BOOMS. FUB niahed or unfurnished, hot and cold water, at rea sonable rates, oaTwelfth-st., threo doors oast of Mlchi gan-av. TO RENT-968 MICHIOAN-AV., NEAR TWENTY sixth-st.. a pleasant front room, furnished or unfur nished, suitable for gentleman and wife, or two single gents; references required. TO RENT—ONE GOOD-SIZED UNFURNTSHkD room, cheap: suitable for one or two persons. 331 West Madlson-st,, third floor. TO RENT—TWO FRONT ROOMS. FURNISHED, to throe or four nice young gentlemen; price, 830. Call this afternoon and Monday. 79 Peoria-st. TO RENT—TWO NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS, with or without day-bard, at 79 West Madlson-st. . TO RENT-THREE BOOMS AND CLOSET. ' Water in the kitoben. 16 Obrlon-rt. TO RENT-413 WABASH-AV., FURNISHED FRONT room for two gentlemen, in a private family. TO BENT-SIX ROOMS OVER STORE NO. 113 West Raodolpb-st. Apply at the shirt-store. TO RENT-FIVE ROOMS OVER 720 WEST LAKE st., or one largo front room, cheap to a responsible party. Call at jewelry store, 730 West Lake-st. TO RENT-ONE FURNISHED LODOINO-HOOM, suitable for two gentleman, at 14 North Halsted-st. TO RENT-GENTLEMEN DESIRING AIRY AND pleasant rooms, neatly famished. will please call at Room 32, 61 and.63 South Clark-st., Hlnlaa Block. TO RENT—A FURNISHED ROOM, FOB GENTS X only. 96 Weetßandolpta-st., second floor. TO RENT-TWO ROOMS, SUITABLE FOR housekeeping, at 166 Sooth Balstod-ct. Inquire of G. O. BOYNON. TO RENT-120 BANDOLPH-ST.-COOL FURNISH od or unfurnished rooms; moderate price lor gentle men, or ladies with references TO RENT - A NICELV-FDRNIBHEDFRONT aleeplng-room, suitable for 9 gentlemen. Inquire at 471 Statc-st., oa third floor. TO RENT—2B6 AND 237 MICHIGAN-AV., BE twooa Peck and Eldridge-courts, two large front rooms, second and third floors, with or without board. TO RENT-A LARGE ROOM IN PRIVATE FAM -1 If, suitable for front and wife, or two gentlemen, at 15M Depayatcr at.. near Halstad. TO RENT-A LARGE FRONT PARIOR, UNFUR pished; also a furnished room,at 190 West Jackson-*t. rno RENT-A LARGE FRONT BOOM. FURNISHED X or unfurnished. Inquire at 173 Weet Adams-et. TO RENT-FURNISHED BOOMS, EN SUITE AND single, at 189 West Madisos-st., Room 5. Mrs, THOMPSON. rpO RENT-FOUR ROOMS ON WEST MAD ISON - X st,, east of Curtis,-furnished or unfurnished, suitable for housekeeping or lodging; newly papered, caiclxntned, and pain tod; water and gae; rent cheap. Address M SO, Tribune office. TO RENT-ONE OR TWO UNFURNISHED ROOMS on second floor. Inquire at3sß Wabaah-av. mo RENT-ONE UNFURNISHED ROOM AT 47 X West Randolph-st. TO RENT—NICELY-FURNISHED ROOM, WITHER without board. 87 South Green-et. T' O RENT-193 WEST AIXAM3-BT., NEAR HAL tied, furnished rooms, single oren suite, for gentle xnca and their wires or single gentlemen. mO RENT—ELEGANTLY-FURNISHED ROOMS. X newly calclmined and painted, with large eloeoU and gas. Terms reasonable. 191 West Madieon-st., Room 13. O OF ROOMS ON SOUTH AND West Sides for families without children. Best of references required. Also, stores and basements on Dear bom-st. Alto, stores and basements on North Wells-ct. E. F. ADAMS A CO., southwest comer Madison and Statc-ste. TO RENT-FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, AT 577 State-et., corner Harmon-eourt. TO RENT—FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED rooms at 12 Twelfth-at., new honae near the lake. TO RENT-607 WEST MADISON-5T.-A FRONT room, with or without board, near Ashland-ar. TIO KENT-SOUTH BCDE-103 ELLIS - AV., ELE gautly furnished front parlor; also, other rooms; con venient to steam and street cars. TO BENT—NEATLY-FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS to two gentlemen or gentleman and lady, with or without board, at No, 130 North Clark-* t. TO RENT-A FIRST FLOOR, 4 BOOMS, SUITABLE for housekeeping. Apply at 112>$ South Jefferson-st. r RENT-FRONT ROOM. AND ROOM AD joining, furnished; gas, hot and cold water, bath room, heated by furnace in winter. Terms low to the right kind. Apply any time. 107 South Feoria-et. TO RENT-FURNISHED FRONT AND BACK room, with or without board, ISO South Jefferson-st. TO RENT-NO. 193 BROWN-ST., FOUR ROOMS, buttery, and two clothes closets, and a good bam in rear; a nice borne fox a small family; sewer and water therein. fpO BENT—WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD, NICELY X furnished and unfurnished rooms, at 35 Twenty* fifth-et. TO BENT-FURNISHED ROOMS FOB GENTLE mon. 349 W'eitMonroe-st. . . TO BENT-155 WEST JAGKSONST., 6 ROOMS, 828 permonth; 4 rooms, West Quincy-rt., off Desplainos st., near Jackson, sls per month; 4 rooms at ffi South Green-st., sl7 per month. TO RENT-OFFICE, OR SMALL STORE, AT 421 State-st. TO RENT-3 SPLENDID UNFURNISHED ROOMS with modorea improvements. Inquire At 710 Monroe-st. TO RENT—WELL FUENLSHED FRONT ROOMS, very desirable quarter*. Inquire at 446 Jackson-st. T'' O RENT—27I ISOUTH MORGAN-ST-TWO BOOMS in the rear, ’3B per month. TO RENT-THREE NICELY-FURNISHED ROOMS (two front) Erst floor. Apply at 13a West Randolph. *t.. Room 3. ■ TO RENT—AT 26 ABEBDEEN-ST MOST ELE gant rooms; parlor public; gas, bath, and every com fort; with or without board. /From $3 per week. T“orent-a large, Yfumlfhcd room, at a moderate rent; private family. 969 West Monroo-st- TO RENT—LABOR, FURNISHED FRONT BOOM, for $lO por week. 19 North Sanganon-Bt. rRENT-NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS, FOB gentlemen, in a private family. 306 Thlrd-av. rpo RENT-FOB FOUR MONTHS. FURNISHED ± house, 9 room*, $43 per mouth; small family. Apply at 207>$ Walnut-st. RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE TO FAMILY without children; owner wishes board. Apply at 836 West Lake-st. TO RENT-THREE-STORT HOUSE. II ROOMS. IN complete order, modern Improvements, No. 1099 Wabash-aT., nearTwenty-fonrth-si, Inquire at No. 23 Bryan Block. . TO RENT-ONE FRONT FURNISHED BOOM, with a large closet. 319 South Clark-st., Room 11. mO RENT-FRONT PARLOR BEDROOM AND ± closet on first floor. ;Aiso, sleeping room*, at 237 Woet Lake-st. TO RENT-FIVE ROOMS NICELY FURNISHED, suitable for housekeeping. 262 Dirlslon-st. Cars by tha door. TO RENT-A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT BOOM, with or without board, to one or two gentlemen In a small private German family. Inquire at 21 Carpenter sL, between Randolph and Westlake. TO BENT FURNISHED BOOMS. BY THE month or for any length of time desired, near Twen tieth-* t, Address Mrs. JANS FOSTER, P. O. mO RENT-TWO FURNISHED SLEEPING ROOMS X for gentlemen, at 721 West Laktvst. Reference re quired. TO BENT-6 ROOMS CONVENIENT FOB HOUSE keeplng. Apply to Dr. NORTON, Dentist, 628 Cot iago Orove-av. TO BENT-A PLEASANT, NICELY FURNISHED front room, at 114 South Pooria-st. TO BENT-FOB THE SUMMER, AT LOW PRICES, an elegant parlor suite; also, single rooms or suites, for families or gentlemen. Apply at x 53 Ontario-at. TO RENT-TWO UNFUEBBSHED FRONT ROOMS, with or without board. ESS Halated-st. TO RENT-NICELY FURNISHED FRONT PAR lor; also, front chamber and two single bed-rooms, with or without board. Inquire at 134 and 128 Weat Madi son-st. mo RENT—SEVERAL GOOD BOOMS FURNISH- X ed. that can be rented cheap. 345 West Madlson-st., near the comer of .Sangamon. TO REST-ROOM FRONTING EAST, AIRY AMD pleasant: price $lO per month, with roommate. 752 Michigan-av. • TO RENT-654 WABABH-AV.; FIRST-CLASS large and airy rooms, single or en suite, with or with' cot board. References exchanged. TO RENT—NICELY FtTHOTSHED PARLOR TO gentleman; also four untarnished rooms, at 145 South Halcted-sfc. TO RENT-A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, WITH private fatally, $lB. 154 South Sangamon-st. ‘ . T~ O BE-VT-TWO JOINISO AND TWO 81NOLK rooms, handsomely furnished. in a fine house, with all modem - improvements; reasonable terms. For farther particulars please call at 370 Wabash-ar., near Harrison. TO RENT-SUITE OF NICELY FRONT rooms, pleasantest location in the city. Apply at 213 West Monroe-st, TO RENT-FRONT FUJ Desplalnes-st. r RENT-3 FURNISHED ROOMS AT sl3 AND sls per month. 40 East Harrison-vt. TO REKT*"SXORE S. OITICES, Ac. TO RENT—A SALOON, WITH FIXTURES. ALSO a bllliard-tablo to sell or rent. Inquire at S8 West Water-st., Northwostem Hotel. B. HAJjNIGAN. TO BENT-A BOCK OS THE NORTHWESTCOIU ner <ff Lnke-st. bridge. Apply to R. CHESTER. Lamn Manufacturer, 4 West Lake-n. mo RENT-BUTCHBE-SnbF NO. 6J< WEST LAKE* iUtn "'’ App * wß * TO RENT—GOOD STABLE IN REAR OF NO. 118 West Lake-et- ApplyULaßAß A BORTRES, U3 West Lake-st. TO RENT—THE SPLENDIDLY LOCATED STORE, 108 South Clark-at. Apply on premises. TO RENT-A HORSE-SHOEING CENTRAL located; a good stand, and low rent. Inquire at 1«6 West Adams-sU O REST-A PASTY WISHING TO REST SALP of the finest store on West Madison-st., for a mnale or rimflar light business, addreo F 33, Tnhttaa office. TO RENT—BRICK BARN, APPLY 460 IHOHI gaa-av. • ; TO RENT—OFFICE, 90X20, IN BRICK BUILDING, lint floor, on Oongress-et., near Wahaah-av., cheap. OSCAR FIELD, <3 and 44 Congress-st. . TO RENT-THE BEST BASEMENT ON STATE-ST., 54x96. welt lighted, with rear and front entraaoe. Apply to Pekin Tea Co., 576 State-et. 1 . Ijio EEST-STOEE-M7 KORTH OT.awg.ST, TO RENT—STORES, OFTIGES. &o. TO BENT—WITH USE OF STEAM ELEVATOR—3 lofts, each 32x160,with front aido and rear light; first loft finished, and heated by steam. These lofts sro cen trally located, snd among tho most dflsirable In tho el'y: and to a reliable tenant they will bo rentod at an oxtromo ly low rate, much below thoir value. Inquiro on tho premises. 111 Lake-st. TO BENT-THE STORE » EAST KINZXE-ST., eoraer of main entrance to Wells Street depot, occa pied at present as a clothing store. TO RENT OFFICES, AND UNFURNISHED rooms for gentlemen, tn Prnstlng'a Building on Stre et, .between Congress snd Harrisnu. Inquiry at the office of Pmsaing Viaeg&r Works, 811 State-st. TO RENT—TWO FINE, FURNISHED, NEW AND largo stores, particularly adapted for dry goods, boots and shoes, or clothing business. Inquire at the Blase, 67S and BTSItf El*lon-»v., boot the rolling mills, of t. O. PRESLER. TO RENT-DOCK PROPERTYON SOUTH BRANCH near Twentv-second-Jt.; 100 feet on th« river b> iiu foettoO. AA.R. R. Apply to HENRY P. I3UAM. Boom 33 Portland Block. TO RENT-ELEGANT BRICK STORE. £sxgo. COR nar Fiftieth and State-eta., well located for a dry Bofds8 ofds or grocery store. Appte to WM. B. HOWARD, entral Union Block, east end MadUoa-si, bridge. TO RENT-PART OP STORK 66 AND Si STATE-ST.. corner Randolph. Inquire of G. B. GRIFFIN, 133 East Madisoa-st., corner Clark, up-stairs. TO RENT-HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF FIFTH av. and Adams-st., containing 65 rooms, including bath-rooms, water-closets, laundry; hot and cold water. Apply to OWNER, fed Stato-st. TO RENT-A GOOD LAGER-BEER BASEMENT, with fixture!and liquors for sale; the best along the creak; it is 72*23. No. 27 East Erls-st.. North Side. TO RENT-STORE, 20X70, NO. 215 EAST RAN „ dslc.b-»t., boiweon ‘Wells and Franklin. Apply to ROBINSON, 193 East Lake-st. Will rent cheap. TO RENT—LARGE, LIGHT FRONT ROOM. BtJlT able for wood engraver or architect, on fourth door of building No. 45 South CLark-st. r RENT-STORE AND BASEMENT, 33x90. 54 AND £0 East Madisoo-st. May be rented separate. If wanted. Applrto J. M. MARSHALL A CO., Rooms ! and 10 Reaper Block, northeast corner Clark and Wash* Ington-sts. TO RENT-HALF OF STORE FOR JEWELRY business; a good stand for repairing. A jeweler har< log just vacated and gone to South Side. Apply at 671 West Madison-st. TO RKNT-A SMALL STORE, WITH THRBH rooms overhead, at ISS North Desplalnes-st., $25 poi month. Inquire at 16S West Jackson-st. mo RENT-a ELEGANT FRONT ROOMS FOR OF- X flee; first-class location. 446 State-st., up-stalra. rpo RENT-ROOMS AND OFFICES IN. OPERA. X House building, corner Halstedand Harrif-on-st*. Apply to J. H. KELLER, IQ Cluk-at., corner Madison. TO RENT-A DESIRABLE STORE IN A GOOD locality. Inquire on the promise*, southwest corner Hubbard and Pauli&a-sts., or at 49 LaSalle-st. JAMipj ROCHFORD. rpo RENT-ROOMS FOR OFFICES. IN SUITS OR X single, in the third storf of building northeast comer of LaSalle and Madison-sts.; said room* are vorf central, desirable, and cheap. Apply at Ns. Bin same building. A, 3. SEELEY. rpO RENT— A LARGE CORNER BASEMENT IN X Block. Inquire at 145 North Clark it, J. S. TO RENT-SECOND FLOOR, GOOD LIGHT IN front and side, corner of alloy, suitable for jobbing bailees*; will bo rented low to good tenant. Apply on first floor to HERRING A CO., comer Fourtecnth-st. and ladl.ina-ar. TO RENT-LOFT 42X153, CHEAP. INQUIRE AT 207 and 209 Ekst Randolph-st., up-stairs. TO RENT-A MEDIUM-SIZED STORE, NORTH side of Madison-st., between Dearborn and Clark, agitable for light business. Address F L 5, Tribune office. TO RENT-STORE NO. 253 SOUTH CLARK-ST.* close by the Pacific Hotel. Inquire on the premlstw. from 9 to 11 a. m. and 3 to 4 p. m. JAMES MATTHEWS. TO RENT—OR FOR SALE—THE 2-STORY COB nor buildlng9l9 West Madisan-at. Good location far grocery or other business. Owner will show tho property from 10 to 1 th<« day. TO BENT-THE SECOND FLOOR OF NO. 66 LAKB st., comer of State; well lightod; easy of access. Inquire on first floor. TO BENT—THE BEAUTIFUL FOUR-STORY AND basemont stone front building now building north east comer of State and RandoTph-ats. Plan* at ooa office. Apply to WM. 2L SAMPSON A CO., 144 LaSalle* st., Qtls Block. __ r RENT-BUILDING 25x125 FEET, SUITABLE for blacksmith shop, or for any manufacturing bus iness, has nice office attached, on Cliaton-at., just south of Vanßuren. Apply to W. D. KERFOOx A CO., 90 East Washlngton-st. TO RENT-A SMALL BUILDING, NO. 47 NORTH GanaLst., suitable for a shop of any kind; rooms ■ overhead; rent cheap. Inquire at 23 West Lake-s U TO RENT-A LARGE BUILDING 44X20, 3 STORIES high, suitable for storage, carpenters, junk doalert or xaachlne-ahop; possession gives immediately. Please la* qolre at 23 West Lake-st., comer of Canal. TO BENT-ONE SIDE OF A FIRST-CLASS, WELL located Jewelry etore on Olsrk-et. win bo rented low. Address F SI, Tribune office. rpO BENT-HALF OF A STORE. 73 FEET DEEP. X Splendid location. Apply 2U3 South 01ark-«t. TTT ANTED—TO RENT-A GENTLEMAN OF SO VT clal habits desires rooms, without or with board where there are no other lodgers and South Side; would be permanent if well suited; state terms and location. Ad dress LW, Tribune office. TTT ANT ED—TO RENT-FOB A PERMANENCY, ft with or without board (the latter lor choice-), on South Side, securing the comforts of a home, soctablo surrounding*, sad wnero thero arc no other lodger* pre ferrod. bond locality and terms, addressed L 2U, Tribune office. TU*ANTED—TO RENT-LOFTS—THEV MUST BE YT well locstod for business, with or without steam, either on Michigan or Wabash-av*., or South Water au& River-fits., north of Lake and cut of Doarborn-«t-cira price, Ac. Address BOUSFIKLD A POOLE MANU FACTURING CO., 159 Michigaa-av. WANTED— TO RENT—3 OR 4 ROOMS ON SOUTH Side, out of State-st.. for ILrUt housekeeping fo* gentleman and wife, without children. Addioaa L S3. Tribune office. W ANTED-TO RENT-FURNTSHED BOOM~S FOB tingle gentlemen on Nona Side. Address X 96. Tribane office. TU"ANTED—TO RENT-BY A LADY. WHO~ CAM II give good references, a bouse where man and wlfo would board for rent, with the privilege of taking few other boarders. Apply or address 148 South Park-av. W' ANTED-TO RENT-A STORE WITH 4 ROOM* In the rear or over the same, in a nice neighbor hood, suitable for fancy dry good* and notion*, rent nol to exceed S3O. H. I£9 Flfth-ar. XXT ANT ED—TO RENT TWO UNFURNISHED IF room* for lady and gentleman on the West Side? price and location must be stated :r*for«nce given and re quired- Address L 64, Tribune office. W ANTED-TO RENT-FURNISHED ROOM BY 4 respectable steady young man, where there are ac children or lodger*. State term*. Address M 64, Tribuai office. TyANT ED—TO RENT-3 ROOMS FOR HOUSE. I keeping in the vicinity of Union Park. Address M 11, Tribane office. Ty ANTED-TO BENT-A RESPONSIBLE PART‘D IT wishes to rent a small house on South Side. Ad. dress or call at Room S3, 122 LaSallo-st., Oriental Build. Ing, WANTED -TO ~~ RENT A SLEEPING-ROOM,’ large and airy, and well famished, by a single gen. tleman. in a private house, located on Adams, Monroe,- or WashingtOD-sts., west of Morgan and east of Ashland*, ar. Address MT, 491 West Madlson-st., stating tetoa. W ANTED-TO RENT-A HOUSE ON WEST SIDS,' with about 8 or 10 room*, famished, suitable fo* boarding-house; furniture for sole, on monthly or weakly installments. Address FBO Tribune office. ■XXrAJfTED-TO BEST-A SMALL HOUSE OF 3 OBf IT 4 rooms on West Side, near street-cart. Address F 81, Tribane office. W ANTED-TO RENT-BY A GENTLEMAN. AIRY room- furnished, without board, on the West Side. Address M 49, Tribune office. Ty ANTED-TO RENT-A FURNISHED HOUSE OK IT 10 or 13 rooms. In a good locality, by a responsible party, who will give good reference. No children. Ad dress, with terms and locality, F 82, Tribune office. WANTED— TO RENT-A LA&GB-SIZE DWELLING on Wabash or Mlchigsn-ava., between Twelfth and ■Elgfateenth-sto. Address F 78, Tribune office. TyANTED—TO RENT—FOR A BARGAIN—ONQ IT year’s rent will be advanced for a dwelling in good location (not over S3SCJ, South Side preferred; will go out? as far as Hyde Pork, if necessary. Cadi or address W. VAN O. LINDA. Room &, 119 Dearbom-it. Ty ANTED-TO RENT—A FURNISHED BOOM ON. if tho North Side, convenient to Olark-st. bridge. Ad droes CHARLES J. JETTBR, 65 South Canal-n. W ANTED-TO RENT-FRONT ROOM, FURNISH •d, with or without board, by t bachelor: Wert Hldo preferred; best of references given, Address 031 Trib une office. \yanted-to rent—Parties having room! 11 to rent will consult their interest* by leaving descrip. Uon of tame with os. The only office in Chicago whom renting of room* is made* specialty. CHICAGO RENT AL AuENCY, 21 Oriental Bail ding, 122 LaSaUe-st, WANTED-TO RENT-IN A SUBURBAN TOWN— T i A honso, with S to *3 room, and barn, and Ito 5 acre* of ground. Apply to EDWARD GRAY, 91 South Clark-»t., Chicago. TyANTED—TO RENT-A FURNISHED HOUSE OP T» 13 or more rooms; would board owner, with privilege of taxinga few ftrst-claaa boarders; best of references Siren. F 74, Tribune office. WANTED-TO RENT-A GOOD-SIZED UNFUR- T t nlshed room, sooth of Fnltou-st.. north of Van Bir rea, oast of Morgan, by a young man; ll rolled will b# permanent. State sire and price of room. O, care Mo* Miilan A Co., 19 and 31 North Jegarton-et. WANTED-TO RENT—BY A YOUNG LADY. \ * » front room, unfurnished preferred, with or without' board, north of Twelfth and east of Stato-st*. Address y, 73, Trlbnne office. WANTED-TO RENT-3 OR 4 ROOMS. SUITABLE* »T lor housekeeping; would purchase furniture. Muctf be on South Side. Address G Tribano offieft. ROOM 138 SOUTH WANTED-TO RENT-SPACE IN A STORE WITH It entrance from alloy and Wnter-sA, !cr a first-claa* sample room. Address BRAD LEY* 23 Exchango-place, Monday. 3 to 10 a. m. A PIANO TO EXCHANGE FOR LUMBER. AD dross Q 51, Tribune office. TO EXCHANGE-CITY AND SUBURBAN LOT 3 to exchange for fnmltnro or a good doable team and carriage, or jewelry: lots will bo exchanged at their cash ralne. Address L 47, Tribune office. TO EXCHANGE—S GO WORTH OP DRY-GOODS for a good family hone, harness, and phaeton; jora® cash would be paid If rig suits. 84 LaSalle-ft.. Room 3S. TO EXCHANGE—A CHOICE PIECS OF UNlN cumbered suburban property to exchange for good im proved b train eya property. Address L©. Tribune office. TO EXCHANGE-LUMBER IN YARD - IN go. Tor an Improved stock farm. Address L Tri bene office. TO EXCHANGE-ICQ OR JCO ACRES LAND IN Humboldt County luw*. first-class, title perfect, l will take new or second-hand furniture. Call on, nr ad ■ <^feM owner, 675 West Lake-et., southwest comer Wood. ' TO EXCHANGE- FIRST-CLASS BRICK RE3L denoe, 3-story, basement, and Mansard roof, all' modem improvements. 2-story crick bam. comer Jot. vi cinity ol Lincoln Parg. Will exchange for good farm or improved property ia some thriving town In Illinois, JOHN M. WATTE.' •188 Dearbom-at. TO EXCHANGE—A SPL FIN'D ID FARM OF SO acres, with elegmrt residence. lawn, orchards, aatk nno to miles from Chicago, la Illinois, for s—y good prop«tr. ett, or fuburbon, BO ILYIN 4 C 0..0 Booth Clark-, V WANTED—TO BENT. TO EXCHANGE. 13

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