Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 22, 1873, Page 14

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 22, 1873 Page 14
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14 TG EXCHANGE. Achat'S seldom met with to exchange inr itct. estate ora Louvo on leased ground eligibly a . IfI*® 1 *® finisiod marble front'. rtatTaliT situated near Maalson-et.* 16 rooms gswwj&clGsantJj famished, for a tirst-class family or rpr <IO KXCHASQIt-i HOUSES A_\D LOT3~AT -*• fnr ct*r property, tbonsa and lot, fora 500 a .arsxlu Nortuerc Tlucoi*. Improved city proDcrtv .ur a jito ftrm in Isoriliern Illinois. lianas, for city prc;**r.v, imprevt-d or naltaprovod. ijl.&oo worth of cue i-):a-:r.aue clothSufr. fcrLotwa a-»d carriage*. diamond*, or coca tev. CHAo. B. UOLMKS A CO., 71 Dearborn. ni6KXCRANGII_I,2.xVEET TU OHTISG iLOEGAU X P.irh, Heights. <.»uy feel on SU.u--ft. anci V« aLisli-ev., ii'nr Englewood. V?. n f. acn !^ rc£^c, sce lot) at Aurora, end S2,OW) caeh. \v iU cicbr.r.ffo tho vrhcle or far pood building lot» Or outr properry m the city. GILBERT, SUMTTALT A CALDWELL, Ci'6 LaSilic-st. fT 1 © EXCHANGE—THKEF.FINESTOCKS OF GOODS property or imrrored farm. SHANNON & TRIPPE, Reaper Block, basement. rro EXCHANGE - LARGE BODIES OF WILD X land* in Wt-siem States, and 2d pond HHno»; hud Wis consin farms for city or suburban property*. will assume or pay each. SHANNON A TRIPPH, Reaper Block, basement. TTO EXCHANGE -ftXJ.OTO BEST BRICK FOR 2 OR X more acres of land on iako shore, this side of Highland Park. BOILVIN A GO., 4»j SouthOlark-st. fpO EXCHANGK-A FINE FARM NEAR GENESEO i Henry County, for city property. Inquire at 123 Clark-st., IbocmSl. TO EXCHANGE-220 ACRES ILLINOIS LAND FOR «ltr lots oraore property; vil! pay deference oraa encumbrance.Address L3S, Tribune office. fpO EXCHANGE - $6. (KXj NEW GOODS. TEAS, A tobacco, crockery, glassware, woodeuwaro, cigars, etc., for unincumbered Tots in or near Chicago. Deal with owners of property only. Address M 7. Tribune oAee. q’O KXCH.VXGE-OSEI-STORY HOUSE ANDTTVO j. lot* on Hubbard-stv, for a good farm, or fmt-clasß suburban property. Lots In Norwood, near depot, for lirat-tias* furniture, house and lot. house on leased lot, corses, etc. Address 8. S. MILLER, I£S Wsbash-ar. rrq exghange-for texas real estate-is lots in Gilman, 111., or would soil very cheap set cash. Addrena 636 West Lake-st., Room D. rro EXCHANGE—VALUABLE BUSLNESS LOT IN •A- heart of the city, on which *hero Isa slight Incttm omuce, for boulevard lots (south) unencumbered- Thih Is oao cf the best we hate yet offercd v W.M. u. bAMI’SON 4 CO., 14* LaSalle-«t. TO EXCH ANOE—r OR RHICK OS OTHER BUILD ing material, ayn>i L.ickboaao with largo Jot, on £jath>iio. G. J>. VAJiD, 145 Flfth-ar. rpo f.::ch v:.gc-okk grocery stork, well I lucked; stock, faoraos and wagon;doing good buJin-jfi; ouo not- well secured by real estate, for bonse aa:i lot in a health location. Address F 2C, Tribune office. rpOi:XCHANGE---rFJ RST-CL \SS~t)RUG "STO'RS -j- ou t!.o West Sldis, for a good lot and some money. E. hi. ROUGHER <t CO., Room 23. Otis Block. *7*o FA CHA XG E - GOOD LOTSrJfEAR THE SOCK Jblmd car-shops, for brick to be delivered at Lawn dale. R. „i. PC-U'CIIEH A CO., Room 13, Otis Block. rro EXCFT AN G E —R.ARE CHANCE; VALUABLE ■L mining interest; rich silver mine and tunnel fsrother property. Address, viith particulars, B. ESTATE, caro Carrier 74, Chicago. TOO EXCHANGE—FOR ANYTHING THAT I OAN i turn into cash, a patent right for any town in the E'-ate c! Illinois, tc use tQcbcst carpet beatlngand brush* Jug machine erur invented: also, receipt with it for scour ing on toe floor. Apply to Boston Carpet Cleaning Com pany, 44 and 4G Wes; Adamt-st., Chicago. TO EXCHANGE-600 ACRES WISCONSIN PINE lands for city or &M>d suburban property. W, M. WXLLNER, 14 Otis Blijck, rro KXCHANGK-NEW 8-ROOM HOUSE. SOUTH X Side, for outride ornnimproved lots. Q. S. LACEY A CO., 1:9 Dearborn-*t, rro exchange-good lots on north side JL for hon«e and lot. 10 acres at Evanston for h oa»e la city. Good sere property, free frem Incumbrances for Im proved btumnea property. 4 pood lets tor a stock of rood’s. 4 seres in City of Omaha lor good Ohio land or stock of ffOotlK. Good house and 200 feet ground In filonx Citr. with cash, fee Chicago prop'irtv. WILSON A MONTGOMERY, Room 11 UtU Block. 'O EXCHANGE—A FINK BRICK HOIJS3 (CtEAB) JL lor pood $..u00 to $12,000 farm within 75 mile* of city. ji. .‘.tic marble-front brick house forunsntuiDbered lots or for •mailer house and boujo eiib. 815,000 farm at Aha Arbor, Mich., sod ethers in liliH’-ia, lor city or suburban property. £&oo3h oaee, prod location, for s<,ooo to $5,000 Louse unt farther touth than llyrio Park or Englewood, f.-.rev- housa and cash for good building lota. Hoom 13 i:ajor Llock. rpo' ■* EXCHANGE—FURNITURE OF ELEGANTLY •*- f-rnisbca b&asoof 15 rooms, grand r.'.ano, Ac. for some cash and. real estate. J. S. WOLFE. 113 Dear boro-st. fro" : - F.XCHANGE-LOT At ENGLEWOOD EOS X pcrj3c,il A-Mtcm G 71. Tribnno uHco. rpo exchange-new organ, finb'finish^ - 5:1 aouse-paintiDjr, parJor iurultore. or torse. AG.lrcsa ii Tribune office. • * ■ flpO EXCHANGE-ONE NEW' 4-TON HAY SO ALE f iron yard, 22 North Clicton-et. rpO EXCHANCK-FOR AVAILABLE MERCHANT ir or oOicr land*, forty good lots h ii ? ton . Hchthta. on new railroad, well located. Address G 73, Tribnno rro EXCUAKKE-SO ACRES TtNE LAND ON TLLI j- njii -.iter, tor horse and boggy and piano, or any property. Address X 3 68, Tribune office. /TO EXCnANGE^HOICE^UBURBAN LOTS, BET s on miles Irom Court-house, at tfca crossing of two , r3rt f ; Btallenhouses aadfirst-class edj.igs already erected, fata, good farm within rowon aL'l:' fremthe cltr, or for lumber, brick, or mer c..aa4he._PEßLEi_A GODFREY, 166 LaSallo-st. n’O FXC^KGE— iviLt EXCIIANGE A 3-BTORY i-L comer brick Lease, on Wabash-ar., north of Twelfth paying, safe, respectable bjsmeßs. Addnta Fyj, Tribiin- office. . SF.lCX*large, new, J- splendid, Italian maurinn, with all modem Jmprove '•t"- law bam. over 342 acres «n hill beautifully atn stsl trr health End scenery, a little over a mile from • m ma ha. Neb. Also, other city lots; here f* m th©most flourishing business place -be cs>. Plats and photographs can bo scon by apply tng at 25 Aberdeen-st. rro exchange-fob new tork or brook- Proi>erjy, l*sy4o(> f?wt, with 14-room brick base meat dwclllae. east /ronf, on C2ark-«L, near Diverter zv. T. B. BOYD, iso West Washington-st, XyANTED-A GOOD LUMBER VESSEL IN EX * , change for good improved property on the West near HsJstod.sf. D. COIXJTSON. HcS EatSa Agents. IfeS West Madison «t. W^ r^ D jJ?,-^J CH 4- VGE . GOOD house ASb 10-, worth BG.OOO cash, unincumbered, for a eood eponm-mt of now carriages. Addrota O, 75. Tribune Vy'ANTED—TO EXCHANGE PERSONAL PROP. caah ji.-ic for Louib and lot worth $7,00). and trro of incnmbmnc3; perfect title. AddrCM G 75 j r.f-ana occo. WANTED-TO EXCIIANGE-A GOOD SINGLE vi“ ior 1 lad htrneas. or will buy Marie hone tf cheap. Call Monday at 30S Huiibard-at \\f ANTED—TO EXCHANGE-GOOD IMPROVED .*. 1 ,/’ roprrty .N , 10 minuJc5 ’ walk from Court-House, for miles from Chicago. to EDWARD GRAY. 91 South Clark-st. XSTANTED BRICK IN FOR 320 " ,f llcre ? n or * ch^c ? *elcciod Western Jsnd, entoroa by rnys_j/ t orso town lot* in the growing Tillage of Galva. \flMonJi% ntJ ' JOH * J ‘ BfiNKETT. Somß, N?. WANTED t° EXCHANGE-FOR NEW ITmyn ,ll k 1 ’ * h ? rl >s?'. r:rr ' T Coin A Ten Brocks shlitln*- a ®“ 6st fhsh black horse; can trot easily <broo minutes..perfectly gentle, sound, srlthonts fanlc. Adorns, Carrier 13, Post-Office. W®.,H;' VE S 9I ,E FARMS _ AND'LOTS STOVP tßN?Vviin U ?^ e rv , "V , ‘ 11 ttod * at .Property, f Dearborn-st., Room 5. W A P El) y- A STOCK OF LUMBER IN EXCHANGE Lfi WO £H i‘>cited on a Icadingrall. r«d ICO mile* from Chicago. Address W. F. SEMPLE, bkonat Yomon, Ohio. ' TTTANTED—IN EXCHANGE FOR REAL ESTATE. ’ c * Pp°d stock of watches and jewelry in a good loca t!ohjn «ty or largo village. M 4, Tribune office. W‘^T E P“ TO EXCHANGE—A FEW FIRST and lota, ccntraUy located in the City of w^ orth^ roi nSo.t'Coleß2o,fX)ocaßb each, clearof a i« CB . c s d 4 rertoct for good real or personal pwperty located in some thriving Eastcnjclty. No com- Address G 75. Tribtmooa7e. y r-o corn- Ty*ANTED—TO EXCHANGE—SB,SOO FIRST LIEN „?lv npoa , real Jy worth livo times tbo amount! ?.^t^;7i 0 7 in '. d 7 awicff intereat, for naln l-^S,cb d from 83,000t0 $5,000, and L -lanca cash. G 7u, Tribune office. *\yANTED—TO t:XtjHANGE—SIO, OOO S FIRST -4, Si r, J**P L>oa . d f* «*niply secured, and drawing lo per i-Ti J. semi-annually, for uninenraberod r-aUsUte worth $5,000, and bslsnco in cuL jSS. r.isslcn. Address G 75. Tribaao office. stocom- n vV' A dS?^°i ;XCH . ANGI S -FIRST - CLA!,s RESI no incumbrance. worth §-13.000, for I >Vribum gfllgf* 1 ynPoiirttoah nine. Address G lOST AND FOUND. L 0 TwS,T° N hoks e-caes. between j-d A.aauon aau iTvonty-Bocond-sta.. oornnr of WaHuK Ip AREN UP—A CREAM-COLORED MARE, WHITE A mane and tall, about U Lands hich. 8 yemnirt tomtaa. to THOMAS «j£ ■address I.SO, Tnbuao office. LOST- A GOLD BRACELET. MAPTTPn HATTTF~ Jane 1871; lost between Field, Loiter A Oo.’s store •nd Grand Pacific Hold. The finder will bo rewarded by r 3 turning the a&me to T, B. GASKILL. Grand Pacific Hotel, T/£ T ” A ? L A. CK AND TAN SLUT;LONG KARS; -Li answer* to the name ,of Dolly. The finder will be liberally rewarded by bringing hor to Q West Lake-st. L°F S Xr;? !^ PPr - D °UT,OF MY BUGGY ON LAST afternoon, on Madison-st.. between Wood 1 a c«at *nd account book, containing 11- * «^/'^ t<>Bmui * 4ll .^,®P ltir J >A P orto f noT alo fl to anyone I j°r» T i — °. N TH URSDAY EVENING, FROM 141 AJ Calumet-av., a dog with light scoU over his ° ld » sfxswer* to the name of More. A re T OST-ON STATE AND SIXTKENTHBTS.. PACg: «fte of note, parable to G. B. Ward. Tlio finder '■ J l PICBJW leave them «H5 Fifth at., or ffltStatMtf and receive reward. Ti OST “,? 1 ? halsted st,. near maxwell, a AJ. aniall hay mare, wish hareoaa on. A liberal ro?.rf wit^ldo t SS.l n °” nmun * the mmreatlSSaodia T. o wJa“^ A t 7 f A P Y ‘ ON SATURDAY EVENING, X; bovwocn the hours of 6 and 7 o’clock, a gold neci 'Arif* a croMrVery valuable to the owner. 613 Wabaih^T retlir nofitoMc. WRIGHT, T. OST SM ALL GOLD CHAIN, ONTHORSDAY */u'ort, he Saia: leave It at BOARBirfG AND LODGING. XVest Side. Q SOUTH MAY-ST.-43COMS WITH BOARD FOR O gentlemen and irfffi, or single gentleman; beat of ae oommodali ona» . 1A SOCth”cURTIS-ST.-BOARD FOR SINGLE and gentleman and rlfajnlcely-furnlsbed rooms;good board; good ncighbortc6d; and reasonable rates. . UAND 13 EOtTE GREEN-ST. PLEASANT rooms, with oath, and firet-claes board. Alao, day* board. 1 C) NORTH SANG A MON-ST.—ONE GENTLEMAN can ham board and pleasant room, with water in it. In a strictly private family TO WALNUT-ST.-A PLEASANT* FURNISHED Xw front room, with board, for two gentlemen. T O SOUTH SANGAMON-ST.-tVvO OR THREE gontieurm caA obtain ploaaant rooms, nlceli-far- Bjshpd, with first-class board. M , JO&rd, for two; also vacancy for Joubc lady with another. Ift BISHOP-COURT—ONS PLEASANT, WELL XU famished room, tultablo for man aid wiK or tw6 stngle gentlemen, with beard. ig.™^ CREEN-ST—PI-EABAKT FURNISHED iglag-rooms to gentlemen. IQ FURSfcSHKD rooms, Trilh board, fur gentleman and wito or two ungiogcutlQinea; also day boarder* wanted. Two doors from Randolph-at. 1 Q NORTH PEORIA-ST.-GOOD ROOMS. WITH -L«y or without board. Furniture nil now. Terms rea sonable. Call and see at. MABKRDEEN-ST.-PLEASANT FRONT ROOM* 'with board, for lady and gentleman or two gentle men; terms reasonable. O C ABKRDEEN . ST. MAUNIFIOBNTLY - FUR- U nlsbed second-story front rooms, en suite or single. Also first-data for single; 6:30 dinner. From £6.30. or aßerdeen-st.-marble front, kle jfciU gantly furnished; every summer comfort; hand some rooms: unexceptionable table; a few more rooms; from £7 per week. 90 PARK-AV. PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH Ot? board. References required. Q7 MYRICK-AV—ROOMS TO RENT, WITH O i first-clacs board. A.R 3 AND MNORTH HALSTKD-ST.-REVERE ■rvy, HOUSE—This la theplaco to engage in a good, coed game of billiards and get a choice cigar. Also, first class board can bo had at $4 per week. FRED. WHITE HOUSE, Proprietor. A 7 SOUTH OABPENTKR-ST.. Between wasr- I Ingtoa and M«llaoU-at«.~?flcely rnxniihcd rooms for man and wife, or two fclilglo pedts. gg BOOTH HALST rr -emt.-qnk rnoKi' koom -, .mm bo&rCf rultablo for S fonliomoa. Tonxu roa tonabU. 7Q AND 76 EAST MONROEST.-FURNISHED • rooms, Srith or without board, by day, week, or month. Inquire Room 10, entrance Mjcra’ Opera Hobio. Ol SOUTH M ETftbb M W.handsomely furnished and alsoh single room with board or without; bouse bee ali teodern conveniences. QO ashland.av., ONE block south of UaJon Park—Two front rooms, with board, suit able for a family or three gentlemen. Ql ABERDEEN-ST.—ROOMS FURNISHED, WITH yx or without board, to gentlemen and their wires or single gentlcmsn. Also, barn to rent. Q9 WALNDT-ST-. NBAB WOOD—TWO FRONT j7_r room,, fnralohod, to Tint, wlthboord, Ini private funll s, lUluble for cent and wifo. or two eenUemen. in a lino location, wlUi bath-room attached: also a low da r hoarders. QO JRFFERSON-ST.-NEW MECHANIC BOARD* CTO ing house; board flnt-olass at $6 par week. Pleas ant, airy rooms. qq NORTH BALSTED-ST., NEXT TO REVERE y House—Two largs front rooms to rent on reasonable terms, with or without bosrd. 1 "hi SOUTH S ANG AMON-ST—FURNISHED FRONT XVi rooms, with hoard* to seat And wife or two tents, in a private family. mTHROOP-ST.-BOARD FOR TWO RESPECTA bIo young men, or mAu and wife, la an English family, with comforts of home. ’ll7 SOUTH GRBKN*4ST.—NICE FURNISHED A-L f rooms, single or cn suite, with gas, good bath room, hot and cold water, aaduso of piano. Also, young u.Qj vo room with young lady of the house. 11Q SOUTH GRKEN-ST.-UNFURNISHED ONE iiv largo front room, with closet And bedroom, single or In suite, with board. Fire or six gentlemen can bo ac commodated with pleasant rooms and board; modem im provements and roal homo comforts. Day boarders ac commodated. References exchanged. mTHROOP-ST.— FURNSHED OR URFUR niahod rooms, single or en suite, or part of tbo bouse; all first-class modern improrpiaents, With or with opt board; good location, near Van Barcn-at, cats. Floaao call; terms moderate. BODT r = JO HA ISTED-BT. —TO RKTT - TVTO —JU nicolj fumiahod front room*, with board: abo, oao small room. flrst-cllsa Üblo. 1 WARREK-AV., CORNER WOOD-ST.-BEST J-i>x accommodations for throe young gents and for married conplo; front rooms cool, good light and ronfllr.- Hon; table superior; surroundings unusually InTlllng. Tonus moderate. Only ono block from Mcdleoa-st.. near Union Park. 1 OK SOUTH PEORIA-ST.—FURNISHED BOOMS, XOJ with first-class board. 1 Qft 'WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—BOARDING BY the week or day can bo bad; also famished or un* furnished rooms. *1 OQ WEST AD AMS-ST.—FURNISHED ROOMS TO i-UU rent, with board, for gentlemen. >• *| AO WEST AD AMS-ST.—BOARDERS WANTED- Two rooms to rent, with board. Also, day-board ers accommodated. Terms reasonable. SOUTH PEORIA-ST.—NICE ROOMS WITH board; day boarders wanted; terms reasonable. 1 TKROOP-ST.-NKARVAN BUREN-ST.CARS; largeplaasaat/urnlshed mom: now brick house; modem improvements; private family: two gentlemen preferred. References required. I£l SOUTH SANGAMON-ST.-LAROE FURNISH- X'-IA ed room, with board, suitable for gentleman and wife or two gentlemen; also, tingle room. Bam room to rent. 1 WEST MONROE-ST.-ONE FURNISHED ItlU room, with first-class board. 1 fiQ WARREN- AV.-TWO SOUTHFRONT ROOMS, lUO In suite or single, with board. Location desir- 1 (KA. WEST AD AMS-ST.—FRONT PARLOR, FUB lDttalehed, with board. I (\A_ PARK-AV—A PLEASANT HOME FOR A iwx gentleman and bis wife or two gentlemen In & private family. Rooms famished or unfurnished. Terms reasonable. 1 ft ft WEST AD AMS-ST. —VERY DESIRABLE FUR XUU nUbed rooms to rent, with board. Terms, $5 and $6 pet week. mWEST WABHINGTON-BT—PLEAS ANT rooms, salted for married or single people, with desirable board; homo modem and contraL. m SOUTH PEORIA-ST.-PLHASANT ROOM TO rent, with board, suitable for gentleman andwlfe or two gents. "I O'! SOUTH MOKGAN-6T—TWO SINGLE GEN XOX tlemcn, wishing a good home and pleasant room, with few boanlttrs. Please call as above. Terms very moderate. IQC WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—LARGE FUR XC/«J niahed front room for 4 gatlomen with first-class board; also, a few day boarders can be accommodated. *IQQ WEST WASHINGTON-ST. —9 GOOD ROOMS Xt7? 7 to rent to gonts with first-class board. Location good. Table-board for Bor 4, 1 Qti SOUTH PAULINA-ST. FURNISHED Xt7 Tf rooms to rent with board, private family, mod ern improvements, near Van-Boren-st. cars. MADISON-ST.—ROOMS, RN SUITE iwuU or single, with board; all modem improvements. Terms moderate. OAQ WEST WASHINGTON-ST,—ROOMS TO ju\JtJ rent, with board, to gentlemen or ladles. 91 ft WEST WASHINGTON-ST. - A WELL-FUR wXU nUhcd room, with good board, for a gentleman and wife; also a pleasant single room for a gentleman. o*l £ FDLTON-ST.—NICELY FURNISHED ROOM will for gentleman and wife, or two gentlemen, with first-class board; house all modern improvements. 991 WEST FULTON-ST—FIRBT-OLABS BOARD XJJmiX. by the day or week. Terms, 85; day-board, $4. 999 WEST MONEOK-ST.—A LARGE FRONT room, suitable It rgentlomna and wife or 2 gents. Good accommodations.' Honee has modem Improvements.' >Q MORGAN-ST.-A SUITE OF THREE ROOMS? i U with board for a party of four; no other boarder*. 9QO E ST WASHINGTON-ST- - ELEGANTLY “GU famished rooms, single or en suite, with board. Day-boarders accommodated. 9QQ SOUTH'gBKEN-ST,—PLEASANT FURNI6H- XrfOU ed rooms, with board. In a private fawitw • term* reasonable. 'WASHINGTON-ST. —A PLEASANT, X handsomely furnished front room with board, suitable for married couple or two young men. WEST , BUBEN-ST.-ONB PLEASANT room, furnished or unfurnished, with board for gentleman and wlfo or two gentlemen. 9Q4. SOUTH HALSTED-ST.-ONE ROOM. WITH VI. hoard, to one or two gentlemen. No other boaruars; no children; just the place for homo com fort; very reasonable. QAC WEST MONHOEpST.-FUENISHEO BOOMS Y to rent, wllh board, to gentleman and wife or single gentlemen. Day boarders accommodated. qnn west monrob-st.. near Morgan- V Vjl Large furnished room adjoining bath-room, with board; several table-boarders can be accommoduten, ;nn Jackson-st.-tornishkd rooms with board; pleasant location, and near to cars. Q*Jl WEST LARGE AND ifiM- pleasant front room suitable fora gentleman and wife or two gentlemen. Sl 4* WASHjyGTON-ST.- SUITE OF V- 1 - * Ploaaant front rooms unfurnished with board: also, single rooms with board. * .334 WASHINGTON-ST.—BOOMS, WITH ° r without board; accommodations first-class. 339 ADAMS-ST.—ROOMS, WITH BOARD, hii. th/S4,r n ?f » Print, family, when you can fa.T. the comforu of » home. Reference 343 roi-TON-ST—TO RENT. WITH ALL MOD three ream,, cheep, wither 344 JESS. WASniNGTON-ST. -PLEASANT , i rooms for gentlemen and their wires: also, rooms for single gentlemen. Tablo boardera wanted. • 544- If?!I monrorst. - pleasant fur nlshedroom, with or without board, lua pri rate family, for one or two gents; terms reasonable. QQfi WEST WASHINGTON ST.-AN ELEGANT OOU parlor *aito. aoparatoly or together, with tm claaa board; also 0,10 tingle room. Reference! required. Q4-fi WBJ | T ,.' , i A SI ING TON-ST.-DESIRABLE OttU rooms to let, with firabclaaa board. OC7 WEST JA.OKSON-ST—LARGE FRONT BOOM O O I and board; moqeret.price,. QKQ WEST RANDOLPH-ST.—ROOM FOR TWO 000 gentlemen or two ladies; breakfast and 6 o’clock dinner; private family. $5.50. QQC WEST KANDOLPH-ST.-ONE LARGE ROOM. OCU nicely fumiahod. with board, for man and wifo or two tingle gentlemen. QQ7 WEST MADISON-ST.—TO RENT. WITH Ot7 I board, one large front chamber, newly famished. also one small room. Day boardera wanted. OQQ WEST BANDOLPH-ST.—NICELYFURNIBH uwuedbed-rooms for eg aingia gentlemen; location pleasant. . . A Oft WEST VAN BURKN-ST.-OVE VEEYPLKAB - ant roots, fnrnlahed or ttsforaiafaed, in brick hooae pleasantly located two block, from Jefferson Park, wlta fint-clui board; refcitncei. fHE CHICAGO DAIJ.Y; TRIBUNE r SUNDAY, JUNE 22, 1873, BOARDING AND XODGmS. West 61d£'--Continued. MADISOX-ST, -PLEASANT ROOMS xrith good board for gontlomon; day boarders ranted; Si per wock. AO! WES T MADISON-ST.—DELIGHTFUL SOUTH (marble front) rooms, with firas-claa* board* at reasonable rates. KAK WEST MADISON-ST. SHARES BLOCK- UytJ Largs front «uU<» of rooms, unfurnished; also ?~-. ea Rn _ sl °S‘ e f furnished, with or without board. fiOA WEST. WASHINGTOXST.. KEAK UNION UU \J Park. Furnished rooms to rent, with board* flit gentleman and wife, or two single gentlomem £QQ WEST MADL^ON-ST.—PUUNISHED Oft tJN OOO famished rooms* With forgontlerpedand their wired or single gentlemen; terms moderate; loca tion soar Union Park. KAA WEST MAprSON-ST. SINGLE ROOM, i With board, for young gent. . jOAQ WES? BRIB-ST.—TWO STEADY, SOCIABLE UuU gchliomoa can find board in a private family. ft 1 7 WEST .MONROE-ST.-TWO VERY NICK UXI finite of rooms to let; in private family, with or without board. Reference required. Call Monday. f'OO WEST ADASIS-ST., WEAK O'IOJT PARK— \JA:O One elegantly famished and one nnfarnishod room, with board. Location and accommodations best in the city. Cholora don't get off at our station. £9Q MADISON-ST., NEAR UNION PARK—QQOD U«0 board and comfortable $5 por week; abo, furnished rooms, with or without board, at very rea sonable rates. Call sod sec; £9Q WEST ADAMS-ST.-LARGE FRONT PAR- UwO lor; boose all modem improvements. Brick barn, very low rent. £QQ WEST ADAMS-ST., NEAR UNION PARK vJOO New brick —Rooms, on suite and single. £Q/f WEST MONROR-ST.—FURNISHED OR UN UOtt famished rooms, single or cn suite, for single gentlemen or ladles, and gentleman and wife, with oard. CiA/7 WEST MADISON-ST., NEAR PAULINA— L/tt I Pleasant rooms to rent, with board, to gentlemen and wives or single gentlemen. RRA WEST MONROE-ST., NEAR WOOD-TWO UUi very fine rooms with or without board; term* mod orate. 79Q WEST LAKR-BT.* CORNER OF LINCOLN— %*4 tJ Will havo o few rooms to lot* single br connected, or unfurnished* with board. _ _ 42i Q WEST MONHOE-ST.—PEOPLE LOOKING —---.V lor a delightful homo and finUclasa MMirnniv. gallon*, board, or rnralahed rooms, will ploace call. AQ \ SOUTH HALSTED-ST.—NICE FRONT BED room and brat-class board for two gentlemen. Tennti moderate. “ 7rto WEST WASHINOTON-ST.-FIKST-CLABa iUW board and accommodations f*>r a fa# single gen tloraon or & gontlom&n and wild, In a private family. Tn. quire at office Jfo. 37 OtUJßlook* LaSalle-and Madison sis. GEO. T. GRAHAM. QiV J FUT:TON-ST.—FIRST-CLASS BOARD FOR *-»<-/Ttone or two gentlemen, with nice room, or two day* board ora. Terms moderate. QQO WEST MAD ISON-ST.—BOARD FOR MAH uUJ and wife; also two single rooms. References exchanged. Also, a barn oQ premises. A QUIRT PLEASANT HOME. IN PRIVATE FAM XX ily for four gentlemen, or gentlemen and their wires, bh West Wasblegton-st. One of the rooms is . a largo furnished back parlor, with bath-room adjoining. Gall at Room 37 Otisßlock, corner LaSalle and Madlson-sts., from 10 a. m. to 1 p. m. A DESIRABLE ROOM, SUITABLE FOR ONE OR two persons, and a single room, with first-class board, in A pleasant neighborhood, - West Side, two blocks from Aladison-at., in a small family. Terms reasonable. In formation at 14 Nevada Block, Washington and Frank* lia-ats. A QUIET, PLEASANT HOME FOH.TWO GENTLE men or gentleman and wlf A in private family, on Adams-st., near Aberdeen. Address L 74, Tribune office. A PRIVATE FASTIBY, NEAR WESTERN-AV“ would *ake a couple without children to board, if per manent, at sl3 per week. Address M 28, Tribune office. A GENTLEMAN AND LADY OR TWO SINGLE -O- gentlemen can find a pleasant homo os the West Side by Addressing FIDO, Tribune office. ACOUPLB DESIRING A PLEASANT PLAGE TO board, with a small family, living on Centro-ar., room east front, handsomely furnished, bath, hot and cold water, good table, all homo comforts, mi address G S, Tribune office. Bishop court hoted-elegantlt furnish ©d rooms, single and en suite, with board, at reason able rates: honso newly furnished, now proprietor*, and tho only first-class boarding hotel on woat Bide. 511 YTcst Madlson-st. PARKER HOUSE, CORNER MADISON AND Uabted-sls.—Two largo front rooms, unfurnished, to rent, with board. PHIVATE FAMILY. TSXST OUDB—PLEAS AJ7T rooisa and rood board: bcmao dolishtta)» larno crcnnds- Quiet and frea.froz* dust C 3 eOTmtrr; £orc2aUc nenrad ttL'o and trro rent Ictaon. or party cl four ac« gralnScd* Addrgsy 211 8, Tribune cCIco. TTWO CLOCKS FAST OF UN 1021 PARK, PLEAS* ± r*»r?rrr-sf'i biy wfndor*, bed-room, tot aadccld cator, Address WIV ft, C 7 fTaSST. CHARLES HOTEL, CORNER OF WASH* J- Listen end Desrfaims-si-.; ria board merchants, clcrkr, or.tesmm, etc., for 53 to 97 re? waak, Pay board. s•*.&?, and acconncdaMom urst-clasc. WITH BOARD-TO TWO GENTLEMEN, A suits cf roo-na fronting the lake, cn Indisnn-aT,, near Ttrolfth-st,» in a first-clc«3 house; m other bourdon, Addr.-yy L SI, Tribnno cSc?. PARKER HOUSE; CORNER MADISON AND Halsfcd-ris., now open to geesfr, t-uuricut end per manent. Terms 92 per cay. Room cad board. S7 to 610 per weak. Day beard, 55 per week, or 21 n*?al ticket t» 65. House cad fumitaro now. Tablo ftmt cluss. ScmtU Side- 2 PARK-BOW—FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED K>oma,with board, fcrgcnJlamea end their wire* or •ingle gentleman. A low day-bcardora wanted. Refer <moo required. ELDRIDOC-COURT—ROOMS BN SUITE OR single, with ftrst-claso board, forlamilice or single illcmen; Day-bo ardors received. 9 EAST POLK-ST., NEAR STATE—FURNISHED front room to rent to respectable parties, with or without board, in private family. 7f| ELDRIDGE-COURT. A PLEASANT FUR JLVy niahed ringle room, with board, for ono gentleman. Also one gentleman to room with another. •[A SIXTEENTH-ST—VERY PLEASANT FUR ■L" nishod rooms, with board; also, a large front room cnfnmiahod overlooking the lake. 1 O SIXTEENTH-ST.. BETWEEN INDIANA AND XArf Prairie-av.—Two nicely furnished front rooms,nlnale or in snites, with board; day boarders accommodated. MELDRIDGE-COURT-ONE fSINOLE ROOM, 1 doable room; day-board, $5 per week: transient, 81.50 per day. I Q BAST HARRISON-ST. ROOMS FOB TWO XvJ gentlemen; also, day boarders accommodated. 1 Q OONGRESS-ST.—PLEASANT FRONT ROOMS X u to rent, with board. Day board §5. A~] EIGHTKENTH-ST.-A NICE SUITE, CON jTX fisting of parlor and bedroom; also 3 Large pleas ant chambers to rent, with good board. *on reasonable terms. AO HUBS ARD-COURT-NEW BOARDING- Tu hotue; first-clan board, with rooms, 84 to 85.60 per week, with use of piano. Day board, $47 4_Q SOUTH CARPENTER-ST. FRONT ROOM, Tire? with closet and alcove; house with all modem im provements. Good table board at reasonable rates. CO RHODES-AY., NEAR THIRTY-SECOND-ST.- KJAj Board for gentleman and wife, with first-class ac commodations, in a private family, all modem Improve ments; references exchanged. 7 O ELLIS-AV., ONE BLOCK SOUTH OF DOUGLAS I 7 Monument—Famished and anfamlshed rooms, with.board, in> a private family at reasonable rates, ono block from I. C. depot, on Thirty-fifth-st. 7ft boom, with I '-J or wlahont board; pleasant home, bath, gaa, and use of piano; no other boarders; neatness and refinement do alred. QA TWENTY-SECOND-ST.-TO RENT, WITH Gx board, nioolyfurnished rooms; also day boarders wanted. O Q TWKNTY-THIRD-ST LARGE FRONT ALCOVE UU room, furnished, or only with carpet, with board for two. 1 m WAHPANSEH*AV.-LARGE FRONT ALCOVE XUX room to rent, with board, for gentleman and wife. 109 THIRD-AV.—ROOMS TO RENT WITHFIBST- S.\J class board; accommodations for a few day boarders. . 10ft A NKLUS T -S T .. CORNER WASHINGTON X\f v (Nevada Block}— Famished room for four gentle men; Rlsodayboarders, at 81.60 per week- Please call at Room S3, third floor. HR C 9T TAG L E ghove-av.. faoino calumet- Xiy A large front room and bod-room will be rented single or together, well famished and pleasant view of take; dinner at 6:30. Terms moderate. HOANDUOTHIRD-AV.. NEAR HARRISON-ST.— XXU Several nicely famished rooms, with board: also first-class day board at $3 per week. 1 Q/LSOUTH pabk-av.-one very pleasant AtJ’xwomfortwo, with fine viewof iako; good board, and near atoam*cara; roforoncoa. TOK DOUGLAS-PLACE-TO BENT FURNISHED AO O or unfurnished a large front room on the first floor, suitable for a gentleman and wife, or two single gentle men ; also large room np stairs; board, with bath; beau tifully situated near the Boulevard. Day boarders taken. 1 TWENTT-ITRST.ST.. between state and A'i/l Wabash-ar.—To rent, one large front room, with or without board; unfurnished, except carpet. Also, two f ornlahod room*, snitablo for gentlemen or ladies. Day board of the beat $4 a woek. • 71 SpUTHWATEB-ST—A NICELY FURNISHED . I A front room and board for two persona at 875 per lonth. * 1 QO TWENTY-FOURTH-ST., EAST OP STATB XOjLi Three or four respectable parties can find good board and rooms at low prices: please call; private family. 9.Q0 fitth-av., southwest corner op AaVJv/ \anßuron-st. Good board and clean rooms, with spring beds; terms moderate. - - MICHIGAN-AV. A SUITE OP FRONT rooms for three or four gentlemen. MICHIGAN-AT.-PLEASANT FRONT ROOM overlooking the lake, with board, for single gen ■ Day boarders accommodated. tlomen. • 1 Q MICHIGAN-AV,—FRONT ROOM TO RENT, ’AO with board. Also, a few day-boardera. Q/1 A . MICHIGAN-AV. pleasant rooms, yTX with board; house newly furnished: all modern Improvement*. Terms reasonable. 3fi9 FABASH-A-SL-rpENISHED ROOMS. WITH ._V t/ first-claaa board. Terms reasonable. WABASH-AV. parlor, with board. UNFURNISHED BACK 7fi F ATE-ST.-PLEASANT BOOMS AND GOOD I vJ board by the day or woek. 717 SOUTH STATE-ST.—GENTLEMEN OAK BE > % accommodated with rooms, and good board. SB4- ?abash-av.-gentlemen AND THEIR familios, or single gentiomon, wishing largo pls&aant rooms, with good board, can bu accommodated. PER- WEEK FOB 396 8^; hoard; aHo, Matf, room. Ref- QQ MIOH.IQAN-AY—A SUITE OP ROOMS. with or without board; also, a tingle room. , 4-4-7 J”’? LARGE FURNISHED -LA I room*, also, one sing la room, with good board. 465 BOOMS, EN SUITE OB ’ board; also, {rent with aloova. A few ladieo can be acTOmine- 467 AODHIGAN.AV.-ONE BEAUTIFUL FRONT • alcove room to rent, fumiahod or unfnmiahcd. with or without board. BOARDING -AND LODGING. South Side-•"Continned. Ann WABASH-AV.—PLEASANT ROOMS AND jCt\J the beat of board for gentlemen. Only those who can appreciate a home heed 4pply. Day boarders accommodated; JQI WABASH-AV., SOUTHEAST CORNER OF TtOJ. Eldrldgo-court—Handsomely furnished front room, with or without board. Also baeomont to rtot; - AQI b*det»o*nt ffirinaueov withlioardV on.lecondflonr also, a ferfeobabk room;accommodation for tiro or three |e&tWmeb; marble frobt: . -- j.OO .WABASH-AV. FRONT ROOlt ALSO large back room, with hoard, suitable for gont and wife or uncle gentlemen, Houso haa all modern ha* frrovementa. - Table first-class. /lOQ SOUTH DEARBORN-ST. (BURNSIDE) NEAR *3:W Twenty-ninth—A nice cheerful family hotel, ex cellent table and positively the lowest prices m the city; slnglo rooms $6 per week. CftO WABASH-AV.-ONK LARGE. HANDSOME* ly famished room, very desirable for gotttlcmau and wife; alto pleasant tingle rooms, with board. Ref. erenocs required. £QO WABASH-AV.-TWOFRONT ROOMS, MOD* 004 ern improvements, en suite or separate; also other desirable kooma, with board* References. KAQ WABASH-AV.-TWO OR THREE ROOMS TO UttO rent, with board. Reference required. AWABASTT-AT-kOOMS WITH BOARD; DAY 00\J board. Bam to rent. C7Q MIOHTOAN-AY.—FRONT ROOM, FU S3 O4 O nlshed, with board; particularly adapted f or two young men; private family; location choice; terrn. reasonable. ft 08 w d? A S H ; A y-v 4- few first-class UUO parties dmired; board and room,. A 1 reference, exchanged. KQ'7 WABASH-AV.-TO RENT, WITH BOARD, A L/tJ | pleasant front room, back parlor, and slnglo rooms for married couples or gentlemen. WABash-aV. -THREE rooms, ftjr. •Mb SrSSdore llat “ rnl * lMd * with fint-olm, board; fiflQ WAB ASH-AV,—TO .RENT. WITH BOARD, Uy v largo second-story front room for gentleman and wife or single gentlemens also, single front room. Dav* boarders accommodated. A 79 WABASH-AV.-TO BENT, WITH BOARD, Lf •two nufanushed front rooms for gentlemen aoa tbetr wives; also single gentlemen «« be accommodated. The best of references given and required. 7*71 WABASH-AV.-FSONT ROOM NJOELY FDR. I K/ J. nlshed for gentleman and wife* also nice large room for single gentlemen; with first-class table. 7ft 4. WABASH-AV. —AN ELEGANT FRONT • also a room suitable for two gentlemen, with board. r 7rTA , MICHIOAN-AV. SUITE FURNISHED I IT: front room* to rent, with board. . Also, single room. Two doors south of Twaaty-socoad-st; 7Qft WAD AS HUY. —FURNISHED OB UNFUB » O\J niahod room*, with or without board, to firat clft*« parties. Reference* exchanged. Qf)p; WABASH-AV. —A FURNISHED FRONTAL ijyJU core; also, a famished back room, first floor, to rent, with or wtthont board. QOQ MICHIGAN-AV—A SUITE OF FURNISHED rooms on second floor, with board. QOQ WABASH-AV.—ONE LARGE FURNISHED tJOO room, with board, in private family; no other boarders; references exchanged. '7Q WABASH-AV.—FURNISHED ROOMS TO >« O rent with board. OQA INDIAN A-AT., NEAR EIOHTEENTH-ST— tJLH/ To root, with firsUolass board, an elegant parlor ot parlor suite, partly furnished, with carpets, cur tains, etc. Q97 V^ABABH-AV—TWO LARGE DESIRABLE t/juj famished room* to rent, with first-class board, suitable for gentleman and wife or two gentlemen. QCQ WABASH-AV., BIGELOW HOUSE - ONE UtJtj suite of front rooms and one sluclo room to rent, with first-class board. Terms reasonable. Q77 INDIANA-AY.,CORNER TWENTY-FIRST-ST. w| J —Pleasantrooms, furnished or unfurnished, suit able for families or single gentlemen, to rent, with board. TAT C WABASH-AV.—ELEGANT BOOMS EN suite or single, in marble block, ncarTwenty •ocond-st., with board. mnn Indiana-av.-furnished rooms to X\J\J\J rent, with or without board, between Twonty flrst and Twenty-second-sts. lADA WABASH-AV. (FLORENCE - PLACE) J.”uu Furnished or nnfumlebod rooms, single or en suite, with first-class board. All the modem izzmrovo moute; rooms largo and pleasant; tho finest location in tho city. Day boarders accommodated; i'fi'TA WABASH-AV.—A BUTTE OF FRONT X\f I jC rooms, with largo closet attached; also a largo back roczp, unfurnished, with or without board. XCMA. WABASH-AV.-A SUITE OP FRONT X\J i rooms, wlthlargecloaotattachod;a!3o, a largo back room, unfurnished, with or without board. IHPft WABAfiHrAV. —»PLEASANT SUITE OP iUOU front rooms unfurnished, alto largo furnished mem, Braakfartaad too if required. Also barn for rent. linK PRAIEZE-AV.-A FINE SUITE OP FRONT lx \JO' teems for a'cgatlcman and wife, wUh first-class board; aRo rooms for tingle gentlemen. Rofarcacca Also bam to rent. non STATE-ST.. NEAR TWENTY-FOURTH, South Bide Houso—Soto!; oxcalleot tabic ana room* at 35 per week; families ot reduced ratoo. - 1 99ft WABASH-AV.-A NEW YORK LADY XLiAiKJ havingrcnied this nowly.fumishedhcuio would Ilka to accommodate a fow first-class boarders. 1 9ad WABASH-AV. - NICELY FURNISHED X£*\J\J rooms, with board. In a private family, for gentleman and wife or single gents. Prioo, from $6 to 87 par week. Buses pass ths door. 1 Q1 f\ INDIANA-AV.—PLEASANT BOOMS, FUR XOIV niahed or unfurnished, with board. 17’OBTT.FIRST-ST., FIBST HOUSE WERT DREXEL J. boulevard—Two room*, on suite, on first floor, to rent, with board; within few minutes’ walk of steam or horse cars. IS o other boarder*. TF YOU WANT A NICE ROOM AND A PLEASANT J-horn o , good board, and plenty to eat. apply at onco at USD Wabash-av (Floronce-plaoe.) TIfIOIUGAN-AV., SOUTH OP FOURTEENTH-ST. ill —NIco and cool; near the lake. Two genteel couple can hare two elegant front suite*. House elegant, arid just furnished new. No boarding hoaso- Table flrst elaas. Terms moderate. Addreas G 96, Tribune office. MICHIGAN.AV., NEAR BIXTEENTH-ST MAR ble front bouse—Large, elegant front room, second

floor, famished, with board; very cheap to gentleman and wife, or two gentlemen. Address L 9, Tribune office. Near kllis park-desirable rooms to rent with board, furnished except carpet, toa family or thirty of adults; house modont Address L SO, Tribune ON WABASH-AV.. SOUTH OF ElGHTEENTH st.—Accommodations for single gentlemen or fami lies, with all the comforts of a home, at reasonable prices. Table board $5. Addreas F 91, Tribune office. PLEASANT SUITES OF ROOMS AT THE Douglas Home for gentleman and wife. Prices reasonable. Transient board, $2 per day. T>OOMS, WITH FIRST-CLASS BOARD, FOR MAN XV and wife or two single gentlemen, in fine mansion 1198 Prairte-av., corner Twenty-slxth-st. Call to-day. WOULD LIKE TWO GENTLEMEN TO OCCUPY A t T handsomely-furnished room, with board. Private family; near Douglas-placo, Addreas X 97, Tribune office. North Side. A O OA6S-BT.-THREE MINUTES' WALK FROM TtZ/the corner of State and Lake-sti.—Two young ladies can find pleasant homo and good board; also vacancy for young gentlemen. 7Q NORTH OLARKBT.-ONR NIOELT-FURNISH- I O ed front room, 2d floor, suitable for man and wife or two gentlemen, with first-class board, clean bed. private family, so children'; two or throe gentleman day boarders wanted; $8 per week. • OAQ SEDOWICK-ST. - NICELY-FURNISHED 1(1/0 rooms, with good board, for singTo men, for $5 a week; rooms cool ana pleasant. - Of n ILLINOIS-6T., TWO BLOCKS NORTH OF Z/JL 1 State-st. bridge—A large, pleasant, nowly-fur nishod room, with closets, for a family, or couple of gen tlemen. House has all modern conveniences. OAQ HUBON-ST., EAST OF CLARK-A PBI- Z/\tt7 rate family will rent an unfurnished suite of rooms to gent and wife, with board; tonus SSO per month. 9Q£ ILLTONIS-ST., SECOND DOOR FROM RUSH ZOO —Double and single rooms, nicely furnished,, with or without board; on two blocks from Bush-at. bridge. 9QQ ILLINOIS-ST.,THIRD HOUSE FROM RUSH ZOO . Four gentlemen can find good board and rooms at $5 per week; also one large front parlor, unfurnished, suitable for gentleman and wife, with board. »Q/f ILLINOIS-ST.—TWO GENTLEMEN CAN BE r£/tzr accommodated with board and room. ICO EAST INDIANA-ST.-NORTH BIDK-A >OZi Urge front room nicely farniihod with board. •QK ONTABIO-ST.— BOARDERS AND DAY- It/t/boardcrs wanted; good lake view. COO NORTH. CLARK BT—FOUR GENTLE iJOU snen boarders wanted In a private American lam* ily; pleasant rooms; fine view of tho Lake; two .blocks •own of Lincoln Park. . • ffCC NORTH WELLS-ST., OPPOSITE LINCOLN rOU Park—Boardorrwantod; also, a large front room and hod-room to rant, with board. mWO GENTLEMEN. OR GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. 1 can be accommodated with board in a private family on the North Side, within 10 minutes* walk of the Court- House ; a large, well-famished front room on the second floor. References required. FII, Tribune office. WITH BOARD FOE THE SUMMER, TWO NIOB- Iy furnished rooms, on North LaSallo-sL. near Chlcaeo-av. Coll on or address F. H. SHEPHERD, 108 and 110 Dearborn-sc. Country. A T EVANSTON—TO GENTLEMAN AND WIFE u\. (no objection to'children), suite of front rooms, with board; location East Ridge: large grounds ana beaatlfal shade trees. Address G 7s, Tribune office. Desirable board can be obtained at the beautiful suburban Milage of Wlnnotka, 15 miles from Chicago, at reasonable rates. Address DORMITO RY, Winuofka; HI. Good accommodation in a pleasant country homo for a gentleman and wife. Inquire of F. S. WEBSTER, C&y National Bank, 158 East Wash- Ington-st. SUMMER - BOARD—PLEASANT ACCOMMODA tIons imd first-class board, for Bor 10 persons, on a farm, witilna mile of Ripon, W|s., and just a pleasant drive from Green Lake, at a moderate price. One of the most plessant and healthy locations in tho country. For fnrtfaer parti colors inquire of H. C. FOSTER, 335 West Modison-it. ■ • •• rpHB MAYWOOD HOTEL-AT MAYWOOD. THE X* most comfortable of country boarding-places. Clean and elegantly furnished rooms. Board from $7 to sls per week. 8. 8. HUBBELL. Proprietor. MKftICALt T\R. KENDRICK’S CARMINATIVE ANODYNE IS XJ warranted to cure dyson terry, or money refunded. Sold at 145 West Madison-tt. (up stairs), and by drug gists. • ' " TtR. KENDRICK’S CARMINATIVE ANODYNE IS XJ- warranted to cure cholera Infantum, or money re funded. Sold at 146 Weat Madison-at. (up stairs), and by druggists, • MBS. M. O. J. NEWTON, PROFESSIONAL 1 nurse, 995 Stato-at., having recovered from her lata illness. Is prepared to meet all business engagements. > \fISS L. M. HENDBE. MAGNETIC AND RCLBC- ItL tic Physician, 340 Weat Madlson-st., Chicago. mHfi ELECTRO CHEMICAL CURE, 706 WABASH- X- *Tf, Tr «»taeat superior to all/either to euro or ore- Teat oi*ease. BOARD WANTED. BOARD-A, FORNIOHeD feooit FOR GENTLE- ClaU ind lady id & quiet plsfco where there am do oth er boarders. Board for lady only. Address L 62, Tribano. pOARD-BY A YOUNG GENTLEMAN IN A FIRST JJ elm private family dr boardlng-honso. former pro forred ;West Bldo. Address L 31, Trib nnn office. BOAr.D~ON facing the lake, a mite of furnished front rooms, with board, for gentleman and wife. Address X <l, Trib une oSoo. - ■ pOARD-IN A WIDOW'S FAMILY FOR ONE; WILL •U furnish room; alio, would like room to sloro some. Address AT 6, Tribane office. pOARD-A QUIET GENTLEMAN DESIRES A -Li plain-forniabod aloeplng-rocai, with or without board; terms moderate. Address L 49, Tribune office. SOARD-ON NORTH SIDE CONVENIENT TO Raah-st. bridge, by gentleman. Address stating location and terms, M 21, Tribano office. _ TJOARD—ABOUT IST OF JULY, BY LADY AND J-S three (3) Children; aces? to lit, one largo room or parlor, and small room. State price. Good references. Address G, 77 Clark-st. pOARD —PERMANENT, AND FRONT ROOM, -L) with largo closet, second floor, west side of Michigan or Wabash-av., north of Foartoentb-st., In prirate fam ily, by a gentleman and wife. Excellent references ex changed. Address stating terms, W3, Tribano office. pOARD-FOB SELF, WIFE, AND SMALL CHILD, -LI with front suite of rooms, famished or unfurnished, except carpet; private family preferred. A permanent, 9?!®? home desired. Address giving location and terms, if 19, Tribune office. % pOARD—UNFURNISHED SUITE OP ROOMS, OR JLI largo alcove front room, between Sixteenth and Twenty.fonrth-sts., east of Slate, with good board, for gentleman and wife. State prico and particulars. Answer through Poat-Office. E B O, Carrier 14. TJOARD—BY A GENTLEMAN, WIFE, AND TWO D. children (with nurse) in the country; farm houso pre ferred; good prico will bo paid. Address, stating terms. F25, Tribnoo office. TJOARD-FOR LADY AND LITTLE GIRL 8 TEARS A> old, in shady qalet place; would go as far as Oakland. Address, stating terms, which must not exceed SIO nor week, FlB, Tribune office. TJOARD-BY A LADY IN PRIVATE FAMILY; JLJ would give leesous in vocal or Instrumental music, and famish piano if desired; references given. Address if 2T. Tribune office. pOARD-WITH TWO FURNISHED. OR PARTIAL -U ly furnished, rooms, in good locality, on West Side. ■Address F 90, Tribune office. pOARD-A YOUNG LADY WOULD LIKE BOARD a .small private family. Address F S3, Tribune office, for two days. pOARD-AND ROOM FOE LADY AND DAUGH -Ll ter. on one of the avenues: will pay from sl3 to sl4 per week. Address, for throe days, F 97, Tribune office. Board-with pleasant rooms, by man and wife; term* not to exceed 313 per week. Address M 29, Tribune office. , TJOARD—FOB A LADY AND CHILD 4 YEARS OLD. J-) Address J 10, Tribane office. ■HOARD— SOUTH SIDE, NORTH OF FOUR- D teenth-ft.—A famithod room or two for a lady; rout reasonable; prompt pay. Address F 41, Tribune office. BOARD-A PERSON ENGAGED DURING THE day requires board for borsolf and little girl where the child can be oared for daring the day; references can bo given. Address G9. Tribune office. BOARD-BY A YOUNG GENTLEMAN ON THE West Side in a private family, whero thero aro fow or no other boarders. AddrosaG 10. Tribane office. HORSES AND CARRIAGES. A LL OF THOSE PARTIES ADVERTISING HORSES, JjL . carriages, express wagons, or harness for sale, in to-day’s Tribune, would save time and any amount of money by leaving them with us. where there are plenty of cash customers at their real value. We have established a trade and guarantee everything as represented, and the consequence is have trade with men who mean business. No shysters or loafers allowed in tho establishment, and either ladies or gentlemen can boy for any purpose without fear of deception., Tho number Is 261 State-sfc., between Jackson and Van Baron., Sale Stables of Horses, Baggios, and Harness. BRADL&.Y k WILLS. A BARGAIN FOR ANTONS NEEDING A VERY large draught team, weighing 1,400 each, for s2s. A good assortment of horses cheap. Partica wishing to dispose of horses or boggles will find ready sale at my Sale Stable, 43 Hannon-court. A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OP ROCKAWATS. cabriolets, phsotoos, slide teals, top and no ton bug gies. Ac., at low prices. 837 Stata-st. P. L. SKITH. A NICE LOT OF SECOND-HAND CARRIAGES, brette, top, and open buggies, lirtht business wagons; forsalochoap. £25 wabashav. PENN OYER, BHA.W k CO. AJIMALL BAY PONY. 6 YEAP.S OLD. QUIET, sound, $75, or will trade for goods of any kind. 301 Walnut-st. A LARGE LOT OF NEW AND SECOND-HAND rockaways, breta, half top cabriolets, top and open boggles, two seat carryalls, all kinds at low prices. Sii Wabash-ar. J. H. CARSON. A HANDSOME YOUNG* DRIVING HORSE FOR sole at a bargain • 6 years old, and sound as a dollar. Call at 48 and 50 Franklin-at., up-stairs, Monday. Boarding stables-i have recently enlarged and refitted my stables; can accommodate a fow more boarding-horses at reasonable rates. Horses kopt on first and second floors. Call and oxamino s&mo. BASSETT'S, 19 and 21 Hcnnoa-cooak between Wabash and Miehigon-ars. Chattel-mortgage sale of a span of heavy horses, wagon, and harness ;epaa of fast mules; now three-sprieg wagon and harness. Comer of Market audßandolph-sta., on Monday, Juno 23, at 9:30 a. m., wlthoot any reserve. JNO. GRAHAM, Mortgagee. For sale-a three-seated park phaeton, nearly now. M. C. WILBUR k BEO., 167 Miciii g&n-av. F* OB SALE-CARRIAGE, CURTAIN rockawsy, bung on combination C and elliptic springs, handsomely furnished, weight 525 lbs; has bocn run but a short time. Call at Bam, rear 673 Wabash-av., between 5 and 7 p. m. FOR SALE—two second-hand top buggies and cheap hor»«. at CROSSMAN A CO-’S Livery Stable, 414, 416, and 418 West Randolph-fit. For sale-by j. r. brookman, ioo twenty socond-st.—The lease and stock of a pood paying livery stable, well established, upon liberal terms. IT OR SALE-OR EXCHANGE FOR - SUBURBAN J? lota, one horse; baa boon driven by a lady two years; top phaeton, naed six months, and two-ecat carriage. Coll at 1123 Indlana-av, FOR SALE-BY MILTIMORE. STRUNK & CO., 100 West Moaroo-st.: stone truck, team and harness, 4 second-hand wagons, express and buggy horsas, clone carriage. tpOR SALE—A FINE SADDLE HORSE. N. K, JD PAIRBANK, (HO Mlchlgan-av. For sale-a nice clarence horse and harness, separate or together, on monthly payments OSCAR FIELD, 42 and 44 Congress-st Fine horses for sale-three pairs fine . Kentucky carriage horses. ' Ouo pair chestnut horses. Ono gray coupe horse, Kentucky. One bay coupe borso, Kentucky. One gray Canadian horse. One fair cream mare for light harness or raddle. DAVIS A CO., 175 and 177 South Paolina-st. FOR SALE-CARRIAGES, PHAETONS, ROCKA wan, buggies, Ac., at reduced prices, to reduce stock till July 4, at 553 and 355 West Randolph-fit. G. L. BRADLEY. For sale-in rear op 779 wabash-at., 6 gentlemen's fine road horses, also 2 coapo horses, black, 16 hands high and very flno stylo. For sale-horse, buggy, and harness, for $365. A No. 1 rig, can be soon at SOI West Ham son-st., to-day, Sunday. For sale-a pony, kind and gentle in every respect; can pace a mile In 3 minutes; one of the handsomest phaeton ponies in the city. Apply at 907 West Madiaon-st. FOB SALE-TWO OF THE NICEST PONIES IN the city, kind in saddle and harness, 1 nice pair matched burses, and some good single drivers. Goodao commodations for boarders, at 141 Twenty-third-st. FOB SAXE-OPEN BUGGY, IN GOOD ORDER; price, $80; will not object to taking groceries or dry goods in part pay. Call at 269 Walnut-st., corner of Leavitt. For salk-or exchange—an open buggy for a sewing machine, at 555 Butterflcld-at. FOR SALE—CHEAP —ONE-HORSE LUMBER wagon, with box. as good as new. Apply at 413 Third ar., near Fourteenth-at. For sale-one large norman horse, pair of grey mares, fine black, 16 hands, road wagon, and dog-cart. ANTHONY, 17 Slxtocnth-st. For sale-at the boarding and sale stable 441 State-st., alot of country horses cheap; good stabling for stock; money advanced on goods. FOR SALE—AT HALF-PRICE-ONE BAY HORSE *7 yean old, sound and kind; weighs 1,050; can trot. 292 Stato-s t. Fob sale —sl3o will buy a first-class buggr mare, 6 years old. 15 hands high; perfect for a lady, and can trot easy In 3#, and a perfect pet and a boauty. Barn 288 Caluroet-av. FOR SALE-A MORGAN HORSE, TROTS IN 3K; best lady’s horse in the city: top buggy and harness. Can bo soon In rear of IffCongross-st., Sunday and Mon* day from 9 till 13, and from 3 till 5. Fob sale-ob exchange-a 5-tbar old bay mare, wood driver, for a good gold watch, or for custom-made clothing to order. Address A, Tribune office. For sale-fine grocery riojnewwagon, with top; No. 1 horse, suitable lor business or pleas ure, separate or together; must bo sold immediately. 267 West Lake-st. tOR SALE—LADIES' PHAETON, NEARLY NEW cheap. Apply at 77 East Twelfth-sU For sale-a very fine dog cart with shifting top, and 3 fine saddles and bridles, very cheap. OSCAR FIELD, 42 and 44 Cocgrcis-st. THOR SALE-OB EXCHANGE-A NO. I PAIR OF X 1 males, wagon, and harness as first payment on lot or house and lot. Also lime to exchange fur borso and bug gy, O. B. WARD, No. USFlfth-av. fPOR SALE-A SORREL PONY-LADY OR CHIL- L 1 dren can drive him; afraid cf nothing; perfectly sound and gentle; can bo seen third house south of Post- Offico, in Hydo Park, or address H, P. O. liar. 8, Hjdo Park. T?OR BALE-0R TRADE-FOR A SPAN OF HORS- X 1 es and wagon. Lot 30, Blocks, in Phare A Backoffs Snbdlrliion. no *4 See. 1, T. 38, It, 13. Inquire ot GER MAN FRENCH, 141 South Haiated-su T?OB SALE-PAIR BLACK PONIES, SUITABLE X for family carriage; used to city. 82 South Water sfc, comer State. Trotters, roadsters, single drivers, .and a beautiful saddle more, roar of ICO Wabash-av. ORSALE—A B LACKGELDING, 1; YEARSTL sound and good in every respect. 217 Aohiand-av., orO. W. DEAN, IS3 South Clark-st. TX)R¥aLE—A GOOD DOUBKE-H ARNESS. CHEAP, X at grocery of P. RYAN. KP State-st. TT’OR SALE—PHAETON STYLE BUGGY, NEARLY X now, cheap, at J. D. EASTER A CO.’S, 70 South Canal-st. *l?OR SALE-CHEAP, A BAY PONY. WITH LONG X 1 tail and mane, sound, kind, and gentle for a boy to ride or drive. H. C, GOODRICH, bam cornorof Hoyne •t- and Warren-av. FOR SALE-ONE SECOND-HAND TOP BUGGY, one doctor’s phaeton, one open buggy, very cheat*. OSCAR FIELD, 42 and 44 Coogrcss-st. TBOR SAXE—VERY TWO GOODBUSINESS X’ horses, and two sets single and ono set double har ness. QSOAR FIFT H, 43 and 44 Congress-st. Fob sale-a splendid black Morgan horse, for carriage or driving, very kind • a I*dr can drive him. 175 West Adams-st. FOR SALE-ONE SECOND-HAND EXPRESS OR «wagon: *«<>f new express and delivery wagons ot all kinds at &9 South Canal-st. F)R SALE-LEATHER SHUTING-TOP BUGGY owie.t. neirljr MWi » birgala. la roar 7t« HORSES AND CARRIAGES, Fok saLe-SajecaiS-a BEAijimn, Baoirta lag dirk bay Andy Johnson cqlt, 5 years old, sound and kind; also, a fast pacing horse. and Coan A Xpn brocke »hiftujg r top; iquaro-box, buegr, polo, Jtc. Most •oil; gentleman guing East. louLaSallo-it., basemouV F6r~SA HE AP~ONIT”PA ARG^ stylish carriage horse*; ono pair of well-matcb-jd bay mares, weight. 1,100 each; will drive donfalo or elngle.aud areoxtra travelers;also theraostsfjlli'hbucgj’-horseluthe city; can trot inilde of 3 minutes ; gonad la every rosnocf, and a lady can drive him. Also fivocr sir other good driving and work horses, and ono good sccond-hana top baggy at a bargain. Order* for livery of all kinds promptly attended to at the State Srreot Livery, Boarding, and Saio Stable, Nos. 1145 and 1147 State-*t., corner Twenty-fifth. C. DAFT A BHO., Proprietors. Fob salk-a GRAY MARE;. WEIGHT. 1,100; works single or double; cheap for cash. Bottcmeld at. 613. FOR SALE—a FOOR.SEATED FAMILY OAR riago, T. O. ILLS LEY, dealer in hardware, 59 Third-av. . . For sale-a pair of bay makes, is* hands high, 6 years old, good road ora; also a large work bone for 350- To bo soon at 747 West Madison-st, riOR SALE-HORSE, HARNESS, AND TOP J wagon, at a bargain. Gall at 70 CanaNst,. near Mad laon, Monday morning, between 7 and 9 o'clock. FOR SALE-ONE LIGHT SET SECOND-HAND double harness; 1 pale, whiffietrees, andnsek-yoko; 1 tip*tot> Henry spring sqnare-bnx road-wsgon, light. 729 West Washlngton-st., or 61 West Matuson-st. J. B. CHAMBERS, SALE-FAMILY OR CARRIAGE HORSE, 16 X 1 hands high, 6 rear* old. bay. with black points, thoroughly broke, ana can trot In 3:20, and is very stylish. Bara 2SB Calamet-av. FOR SALE CHEAP-A NF.W SIDE-SADDLE; never boon used but once. Call at 401 Micblgau-ar. OR SALE—AN ALMOSTNEW~FOU bervwagon, very cheap. Apply Mond&j at 451 Clia ton-st., near Twelfth. FOB SALE—AN EXPRESS AND HARNESS. En quire at 400 Tbtrd-av. . p OOD PASTURE FOR HORSES AND CATTLE AT U tbo well-known 4SO-Acro Pasture House of John A. Brounstoln. on the North Branch, 1M miles west of Grace land; part heavily timbered, seeming shade, and never falling water. Crippled horses will be attended by a practical veterinary, free, and stabled nights. Leave orders at 155 West Lako-at., or at HOFFMAN'S Livery Stable, 13 North Clinton-st, Horses will be taken out free of charge. I WANT TO BUY A GOOD HORSE THAT CAN trot in 3 minutes in the road, for which I am willing to pay a fair price. None otter wanted. Address, with particulars, for 5 days, F 94, Tribune office. I HA YE AN ORDER FROM THE COUNTRY FOR abouts4.oooworth of first-class carriages: must be new, and at low prices for the fall equivalent of cash. Address C 75. Tribune office. T WANT TO TRADE A LOT FOR A PHAETON OR J. two-seated carriage. Address M. D, LATHROP, Kuhn's Hotel, for oao week. JR- BROOKMAN, 190 TWENTY-SECOND-ST.. • has for sale or exchange a good stock of open and top buggies, phaetons, basinets and express wagons, sino-epring Concords, single and doable harness, etc. Also a span of handsome black carriage bones. above aro well worth/ the Inspection of parties requiring a first-class team. To let, buggies and carriages of every description, with or without nonet, by the day, week, month, or year. SEPARATE OB TOGETHER—HORSE, WAGON, and harness for sale; complete rig for commission house or expressing. A bargain. <8 North Halsted-st. TO MY OLD PATRONS-I WILL OPEN ON MON dsy, Juno 23, s livery and boarding stable on Sherman st., between Jackson and Van Btmm-sta., where I will give my personal attention to all gentlemen’s roadsters, and make it a specialty. My stable is well ventilated, and an abundance of carriage room. A. DINGLE. TO EXCHANGE—A PAIR OF HORSES, HARNESS, and grocer's delivery wagon, for one large horso and a light covered wagon, for groper’s ose. BURNET A CO., 614 Cottage Grove-av. TO EXCHANGE-FINE HORSE, CAN TROT IN 3:50, safe for lady to drive, with or without boggy, Ac. 1238 Indlana-av. C. F. BEMICK. The celebrated stallion p.tthan allen, Jr., the fastest stock horse iu the West will stand this season at 421 State-st.; good stabling for mares. * Trotting horses tuckahoe and black Diamond, thoroughbred horse Crightoa by Glencoo, at stable on Slxty-thlrd-st., first east of Cottage Gruve* ar. Ceil and see V. ROBORDS, Axcnt. WANTED— ino CAVALRY HORSES, M. C. WTCr- BUR A BRO., 157 Michlgan-av. WANTED IMMEDIATELY —A GOOD, SOUND business horse, six years old and upwards, accus tomed to city use. in answer to this give color, height, weight, age and price. Address S4I, Tribune office. WANTED-TO PURCHASE—THREE OR FOUR heavy work horses or mules. Coal office, 138 South Canal-st. WANTED—TO BUT—A LIGHT DELIVERY WAG u on. with homo and harness; must be cheap. Ad dress L 34, Tribune office. TIT ANTED—TO TRADESOLID GOLD WATCH AND »» chain for top-buggy, or will pay cash. 713 West Waahlngtou-st. TVTANTED—NURSE—JULY 1, NEAR CORNER VV Miclilgan-sv. and Twclfth-st.. a competent nurse J-LrL to assist mother in care of child. Prefer one who can edge at home. Address immediately, with references, G 11, Tribune office. TTT'ANTED—FOR ONE HOUR OR SO, FOUR, OK iV more, rcornitigs each week, when weather permits, a man, with bora© (or horses) and carriage. Addroaa, with price per day, Gil, Tribune office. * WANTED-FOUR LARGE, LOW-PRICED. WORK horscs. Apply 159 South Watcr-st., at MCWILL IAMS’ . WANTED-A GOOD HORSE AT 349 STATE-ST., will give a good lot In one of the finest cities In Wis consin. - TXfANTED-A HORSE IN EXCHANGE FOR A II new sewing machine. Inquire of Howo Sewing Ma chine Co., corner State and Jackson-sts. TTT ANTED —TO PURCHASE —8 OB 10 HEAVY » T to-ims, with wagons and harness, for railway work, Will pay part in good lots and balance In cash. Also, & bujjer-liorse cheap for caalu BOILVIN A CO., 48 South Clark-st. • WANTED—BUGGY HORSE. CALL BETWEEN 9 and 10 a.m. B. X. HONORS, 193 Dearborn-st. • WANTED-A GOOD SADDLE HORSE. ADDRESS L 50, Tribnne office. WANTED— A NICE LIGHT SHIFTING-TOP boggy; also. lady's side-saddle and bridle. Ad dress, with lowest cash price, X 42, Tribune office. Cfl A A WILL BUY A HORSE, WAGON, AND harness, at 19 Blelcerdike-st. Call early. BUSINESS CHANCES. ANY ONE WITH 82.500 DESIROUS OF ENTER ing into a well established business paying 8400 and 8500 per month, can hear of tha samo by calling at 88 Sonin Jofferson-st. The whole or half max be sold. An improved stock and dairy farm for. sale, with cheese factory, and first-class buildings and Improvements, 700 acres; fully stocked with cattle, hogs, workhorses, and everything to carry on thoplaco;' 75 miles from Chicago, on railroad; or will exchange for Chicago property. Address F 23, Tribune office. A NO. 1 BILLIARD HALL AND FINELY FITTED npbsg for sale: good the North Side; rout very iodr. NOCKIN A REICHAJU), 75 South Dear born- st. A FIRST-CLASS BUSINESS MAN WANTED THAT esn furnish $3,000 or $5,000 caah or securities, to take tlio control and salo of a mannfactnrod article that is sta pie and wlllpay from $5,000 to SIO,OOO per annum. Ad dress F 20, Tribuno office. A FIRST-CLASS EUROPEAN HOTEL, WlTHßES tanrant attached, newly and neatly fitted up, for sale. Location good. Everything complete and in good running order. Address C, Box 845, P. O. A WHOLESALE JEWELRY BUSINESS FOB sale. Stock comparatively small and well selected. A good and prompt paying trade already established, which can bo easily and largely increased, making it an excellent opening for a good party. Particulars on ap plication of paruoa wishing to purchase. Address J 11, Tribuno office. A SPLENDID OPENING FOR A BATH-ROOM, trank, or other business. Apply to PEKIN TEA CO., 576 State-st. An energetic surgeon and chemist wants a silent partner to take half interest in a well advertised and paying practice, with drugstore; $3,000 capital required. Will pay this amount this summer manufacturing. Address J 14, Tribune office. - A GENTLEMAN WITH $3,000 TO $4,000 CAN learn of s good opportunity to invest the same In a genteol, well-established, and paying business, by ad dressing F 76, Tribuno office. A SMALL, NEWLY-FITTED-UP CIGAR STORE for sale, with or without stock. A bargain, as owner wishes to retire from the businos. Call and see it. S39>£ West Randolph-st- j A BOARDING-HOUSE FOR SALE VERY CHEAP, near basin©**: good reasons for selling. Inquire of J. L. LINCOLN, 163 Washlagton-st., Booms 18 and 19. A YOUNG MAN WITH $2,000 TO INVEST CAN secure a paying position in publishing business. Ad dress G 1, Tribune office. * A HARK OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE A FORTUNE with email capital 1« now offered by STONE A SKIN* NKR, 119 Dcarborn-et., Room 5. A FRUIT OART AND PEDLAR’S LICENSE FOR rale cheap for cash. Inquire for H. BROWN, 855 Sooth Clark-at., in rcstanranu A LODGING HOUSE IN SAN FRANCISCO FOE sale. A fine central location, containing 140 rooms, with a well-established business. For farther Information and particulars address G. G- MOXLEY, Real Estate, No. 233 Montgomory-st., San Francisco, CzL A FINE OPPORTUNITY FORA YOUNG OR INEX- J\. pcrlenccd mao with money to obtain a good position with steady, reliable, and competent persons in a well es tablished business. Address WHOLESALE GROCER, Tribnao office. A WELL-ESTABLISHED CASH BUSINESS FOR sale or exchange; paying from 50 to 100 per cent; lo cated on Lake-st.; stock on band and in manufacturing about $50,000 cash price.. Address J RN, Box 83 Tribune office. A NICELY FITTED UP DRUG STORE DOING A paying trade, and well stocked with salable goods, for sale. I hare business oat of tbo city which compels mo to sell. Toe responsible party I will sell on easy toms. Address M 3, Tribune office. A LAUNDRY AT 61 WEST RANDOLPH-ST., Do ing a good business, for sale cheap. Apply in the basement. A PROFITABLE EMIGRANT HOTEL, WITH EL egant bar and good stock, horse and wagon, all com- Llrto, for sale or exchange for house or lot. Apply 59 West Randolph-st., Room 3. A WELL LOCATED GROCERY STORE, WITH good stock, horso and wagon, all complete, business good, for sale cheap. Apply to owner, 59 West Randolph st., Room 2. Abargalv-restaurant FIXTURES FOB sale cheap, at 63 West Randolph-st. Inquire at 34 South Clinton-st. T> ILLIABD AND SAMPLE BOOM FOR SALE AT A Jj bargain. Present owner is called away on urgent business. A rare chance for the right party. Nuns but those with money need address, for particulars, M 3L Tribune office. TJOARDING-HOI SB FOR SALE FOE CASH,WELL JJ filled, with sood, paying boarder*. Address G 39, Tribune office. Board lvg housefor sale-ii rooms, well furnished, good locality. Has lately boen thoronghly repaired. A good bargain. Call 1U Berth Jeflorson-st, TjOAKDESG-HOUSE, FULL OF BOARD KBS. FOB JL> sajo or rent; good location; rent cheap. Only re ■pomlhlo parties need apply at 116 Bluo lalond-ar. from 4 to S today, Sunday. Best patent in Chicago, manufacturing Improved door-plate, bell. and&l&on; sells oo sight* State right* for Bale. On exhibition at Boildaris Ex change. i£3 LaßaUo-»t.; also, at 119 Deirborn. Booms. pONFECTIONRRY AND ICE CIBAM PARLOR for sale at very low figures If takes this week. 4C6% Wabath-av. BUSINESS CHANCES. BUSINESS^CfIANCES-EF^OU^WAJfr'^TO skVT . bny.othjde for a bttalneM Chance, call at our owS established, offices, ihelargest la the West, whcrevoniriii find,businesses on sale bt oxebango requiting canitkl m I to map. «aa represemlcg mor2 t53»535*3 a mlllioa of dollars, all of which will bear the strict*** i* vestiptlon, which we eonrt. We taka no property thatu in n* her agents* bands, and wo guarantee a speedy sale nf exchange. Amongst cur list are the following mills (floor sad feed), Wiscoi Fine hotels, Wisconsin, $12,000 and .a#,COO. $1?C00 sOOda and sroccriM » Iow *» !4l « 570,000 per annum. Dry good*. lowa. SIO,OOO and $15,000. Fta.ion-hotel and eatlng-honae, £SS Stora *' Chicago, well fitted op, $2,500. 34.5C0, and Tobacco route, with bone, wagon, and harness. ASM. Transient bctol and boarding-house, Chicago ilTfiS old established jewelry business; $18,000; A good saloon on-West Madlsoa-at., $4M.' - 4Mo to 0”° EX®?BS , E’bN-LV b0 f4, 000 stock of drygoods, netlous, etc. 1,500 stock of millinery goods. St,BGO gents’furnishing goods, clothing, etc. fi.SPO shade trees from a nursery, delivered in Chicago. 1, SCO gold watches, jowrlry, and silver watches. 55.C00 watches and imported jewelry. Most of the above bosineaacs are old established, and Will be sold for real estate, cash, and on time. Give ui a call if you want to enter trade. BO ILYIN A CO., Auctioneer* and General Business Agent* 49 South Clark-st., Chicago. niGAR, TOBACCO. STATIONERY, ETC.. FOR t-/ sale; a well-established business. Inquire at 3M Blue lalond-av. INFECTIONERY, NEWS DEPOT,' AND ICE cream parlors for said. Apply at 13 North Ccrtls-st. Confectionery and restaurant for V/ sale; 20 day boarders; rent low. Will sell for cash or good property. Addresa H. O. LAMB, 133 South Green. Gigab and news boom for sale CHEAP” Inquire at United States Hotel, corner of fint-et.. and Cottage Grove-av. Reason for selling, pro. prlotor haring other business. CIGAR AND TOBACCO STORE FOR SALE; ONfl of best locations on the South Side, with or without stock; cheaprent. Inquire of NOCKJN A BEICHARD. 75 South Dearbom-st. • CANDY. ICE CREAM, AND CIGAR STORE FOB sale. Call at 115 West Lake-st. T\RDO STORE FOR SALE-ONE OF THE BEST XJ locations in the city; established six years. Grocery kept by present proprietor four years. Amount of stock about 32.200. Grocery—Good location; flock Small: has been kept by present proprietor three years; stock, about SBOO. Meat Market—One of the best locations Id the cltv; lease throe years to run; worth double tbs rent called for by lease: price, $450. Ice cream and confec tionery parlors, $250, including carpets, . fixtures, enq furniture. Lime Kiln—Will sell or take a partner. Everything I offer will bear close investigation. Tops;, ties either wishing to buy or sell grocery stores, lean be of service, as I have been an old wholesale grocer. Thor oughly acquainted with the trade and localities in till city. I can be of service to buyers, and, in all cases, will give my candid opinion. SOO.ODQ bricks to exchange for acre property. G. H. LAWTON, Boom 1, 48 South , Clark-3 1. Office hours from Bto 10, and 4to 6 p.q. Drug store for sale, with a labgb established business; part cash; balance on tine; ci would exchange for Improved city property. McPHER. SON A CO., Druggist Agency, 163 East Wkxbington-st. Drug store for sale, in good location on South Side, with lohg and very favorable Isai* must be sold, as proprietor is about leaving the city. Ad* dross G 70, Tribune office. Drug store fob sale-exclustvely re tail; no paints, etc. Sales 1873. $20,000 In a city of 40,000 inhabitants. Price', SIO,OOO. Address B. KEMPER, Dayton. Oblo. Drug stock for sale in one of the best towns in the State of Illinois: store doing largest business in that Uno In the town. No dead stool cor fix. turns included. Owner i« engaging in a larger and differ ent lino of b calc ess, which requires all nis tlma sad capital. Value, $7,000. Will inventory. Address “J,” care E. BURNHAM A SON, Wholesale Druggists, Chi cage. FITTED up drug store, well ij stocked, and doing a good trade, for sale at a bar- on easy terms. BOILVIN A CO., 43 South PIBST-CLABS DINING ROOM AND BAB FOB sale, or would taka partner to replace one retiring. Address X 7. Tribune office. First-class restaurant, ice cream, and bakery Saloon, with 25 to 3D day boarders, for sale; a bargain. BOILVIN A CO., 43 South Clark-st. FIRST-CLASS RESTAURANT, IN SPLENDID LO cation, doing a tip-ton business, for sale; wtU trade for cottage on leased ground nr cottage and lot. Apply to JOEL K. FINLEY, Room 47, Nos. 125 and 127 Clark-st. First-class dining-rooms for sale, new Jy-fltted up. and in the best location in the city, and making money. Owner must sell on account of othar bunincet. Real estate taken in part payment, 11 desired. Address Q 6, Tribune office. F~ IRST-CLASS SALOON ON WEST MADISON-ST. for sale; rent-moderate. Apply at 243-East St» dolph-st. • Grocery and sample room attached for sale, full stock nf groceries and liquors. Apply to LYNCH BROS., 127 South Wator-at. Half interest in a billiard hall and bar for sale at a bargain. Call at 105 West Randolph. OFFER A SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY - FOR~A man of small means and large energy to got a first class business. Those who mean business may call for further particulars on J. F. PIERSON, 124 Dearborn-st., Room 6. Laundry for sale at 683 lake-st. apply for two days. Lease and furniture of a first-class boarding-house of SO rooms for sale; 50 boarders la house. R. KENNEDY, 145 Clark-st., Rooms2s and V. EAT MARKET FOB SALE-CHEA P-ICK-BOS and all complete. Corner Carroll and doing a good cash business. Meat and vegetable market for sale cheap for caah, owner haa basinets abroad; on* of the best locations on Stato-st., with al 1 appliances; aQa order, pyd trade. No. 169 East Madlson-st., Boom A MEATMABKET FOB SAXE, INCLUDING A GOOD business six jean established, ball dins', lease of lot* and fixtures. Bound to sell, no reasonable offer refused* Apply at 355 North Market-st, w, New york-lrase and furniture of a first-class Broadway Hotel for sale. Address BE, Station D, New York. Restaurant on state-st., and 13 fde nisbed sleeping rooms above, doing a good business for sale. Root cheap, and will bo sold at a bargsa. SEWELL CLARK, Room 13, Oils Building, southwest corner State and Madlson-sts. PAINT SHOP FOB SALE, CHEAP; DOING A good business In sign and henso work; best location la the city. Northwest corner Madison and Canal-sts, QAWMILL, AC.. FOR SALE—A LANE A BODLBY O sawmill and a Daniels 1 timber planer, respectively, with carriage and bed, capable of sawing and planing lengths to seventy feet, together with planer and match er, enrfacor and cuttlng-off saws; also aP. W. Gates 1 ejghty-horso power engine, are offered for sale. All are In good working order,«and can be examined tl our works, east of Stock Yards. Apply to THE AMERICAN BRIDGE COMPANY, _ 210 Lasalle-st., corner Adam* CJALOON AND BOARDING-HOUSE FOE BAU O vory cheap. Inquire 45 East Kinxle-it. STOCK AND FIXTURES OP A FIRST-CLASS MlL linory and fancy goods establishment, in very des hah Is location, for sale; or will exchange for unencumbered real estate. Address F 96, Tribnne office. STEAM FLOURING MILL FOB SALE CHEAP, HAS 7 ran of stone, new engine of ample power in good or der; Is in a town of 9,000 people; good local trade; ship ping facilities, two Eastern railroads and Miaaiadrpi River. Terms easy. Address or call on F. I* UNDER WOOD, Muscatine, lowa. QTOCK OF LADIES 1 AND! GENTS 1 ! FURNISHING kJ goods and fixtures for salo: lease; dwelling lu zru of storo and In second story. ODELL A MYRES, Iff Randolph-st., Boom S, over Fidelity Bank.' . STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A RETAIL DRY goods store for salo; will sell fixtures s epantely. Ad dress P5, Tribune office. • - ‘ SODA-WATER MANUFACTORY DOING A LABOH and profitable basinets in this city, for ejde,lUtartti and machinery now and In good order. Win boaoid cheap. CUSHING 4 BILLINGS, Real Eital. Deatev 2QO LaSalle-st. ' , SALOON. LEASE, STOCK. AND FIXTURES, OF poslte Court-House, will be sold cheap If applied w* soon, to Q-7, Tribune office. ■ . SAWMILL FOR SALK-OR EXCHANGE—IN THE lumber regions of Michigan. Would prefer a partner with $4,000 to $6,000 cash. MCPHERSON A CO., la East Washington-fit. - TO PARTIES SEEKING BUSINESS. WB HITS for sale, for part raah and balance real estate, bmp ware, grocery, confectionary stores and manufactories McPherson A CO., 162 East Washington-st. TWO FIRST-CLASS BOARDING-HOUSES AITD an office for salo, cheap all doing good bottnrOi' Call at 34 Union-st., corner Washington. TBS STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A GROCERY and meat market, in splendid location and doing I good business, for sale, or will soil fixtures and rest Kurt- Apply at once, 712 West Washington-st. rpREASUREB’S POSITIOH, FAIR SALARY, AiTO X security, or afonrth internet, in a very profitable bad* ness out of tho State (or $3,0)0 cash. Adores* F3, Tab* one office. • 'r rro NEWSPAPER MEN-FOR SALE, ONB-THDUJ. J. or one-half interest in two of the oldest eatabßsny newspapers in tho State of Texas, in one of tbeUrff*? wealthiest, and the most beautiful city in the Stats- Tw ly and weekly issues in English, tri-weekly and weeklJa. German. The German baa the largest circulation of so? Gorman newspaper in tbo State. Sale carries with torial control of Issues in ‘ English. A paying jcbaSfJ. connected with tbo establishment. To a live-man viJ acme capital this la a rare opportunity. Address TEXA*V Room S3 Barnes Houae, Chicago, Dl. • * The well-known occidental laustst. 112 South-Halsted-st, for sale on Ist of Joly. • TIT ANTED A GOOD BUSINESS MAN,WITH»*J: V f capital, either aa partner or otherwise, ia afcuiu®® where tbo annual income will be guaranteed at annum, and the capital secured by real estate. Aaflx* R Y, care of German American Advertising Agencz* ner Madison and LaSalle-sts. . —• WANTED-A PRACTICAL MILLER, WTTHJJ® capita], to take entire chaw of fine stem mills, aa working partner, where the capital invest** J tbo sleeping partner is over $23,000, which will tbo concern without luTereit as against the other# W X, German American Advertising Agency, Madison and LaSade-ste. (JjOrnWILL BUY A GOOD IMPROVED right, good for 16J4years; reason w #s^3 want to leave the country. Call on Monday or TacsW 877 West Kinzie-st. THOS. HOBBS, city. <SO nnn cash will but a geocebtjsw** running order, barn, and a large lot. In the flourishing village on the C.j B. AQ. Railroad, actually worth quire of t, B, SCHAEFER, with C. - M. Ewdan* Co., southeast corner Madison and TO IiEASE. Hotel fob lease-tue finest jeaDWO la Soathern Illinois, jnst completed. »od 60 room*, will b« Iravrd oa eaaj term* to jrowfl will tarnish it. Call on or address JiOßXo* BELL ± CO.. Carboodale. Dl. TO LEARB-CW •U, bait block cut ol Union Psrk. J. C -56 Wealßmdolph-at. r LEASE-VERY noxr Harrison. IVES A BOBISSOS, Motbodist Block. TO XJEASE-26-TOOT LOT UOETHWESJ ESjS of yvin'.-lln And TOImU. 1moE« « •“ Franklln-at. REWARD. COT REWARD—DARK OaKSTKOTOB 9-iO nutre, »bont I<H hjndii hlft. »U» gasßu? ofe 7ta s. M& at. and Van Bartn-it.

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