Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 22, 1873, Page 15

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 22, 1873 Page 15
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WANTED—MAI*E HELP. itooSreouers. Clerks, Etc. . KT^n_ATHOROUGHLY COMPETENT BOOK- W iw-iSrlo whom & liberal salary will bo paid. Ad- Si£ro handwridng, with references, L 94, Trib flnsflffiCS- - - - prescription clerk who can \\ Tpoak English and German. Apply at 712 South fli’ned-ri. : ; : drygoods salesmen, mon. VV Ait morning, 7to 8 o’clock a. m. Nona bat expert nwl apply. MANDEL BROS., Twenty and Mlchigan-ar. • FIRST-CLASS CLERK FOR A GEN \V *nl merchandise store in a mining region. Apply . r>vim 22, Sands House, Fifth-ar., 8 to 9 o'clock &. zn., and JS. COMPETENT DRUGGIST. AS PRE- V\ scrlplion dork; must sneak English and German jnd give good referuncoa. Address W 99, Tribune oißce. tTANTED-A SALESMAN IN AN OIL HOUSE, yy coa who has trade and experience. Address G 78, Tribune office. ■ TTANTED BOOKKEEPER IN A PRINTING \V bonse. Address, stating salary expected, G 83, Tribune office. ttTANTED—AN EXPERIENCED SALESMAN FOR \\ th e tobacco trade, city and country. Also young din for the office. Address, with reference, F94, Trib une office. 11'ANTED-DRUGGIST-IF a. e. spencer, of \l Clinton, lowa, will send his address to, or call at, lu West Indiana-st.. it will be to his advantage. E. PAULSEN* WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED BOOKKEEPER with unexceptional references: one who speaks Gor don and English preferred. Write abort letters to GOOD MAN. BARriE & MAYER, Wholesale Boys' clothlqg, 80 ml a Wabasb-av. tttANTED—AN ASSISTANT BOOKKEEPER IN A If hfoinsurance office. Only those wno can fnmiab the best of rofeicncea need apply. Address M 25, Tribune office TF - ANTED—AN APPROVED BUSINESS MAN. If willing to lend £I,SOD or'sl,6oo on adcauato real estate tecorUy, can find an excellent position, with liberal talar?' by addroesing M 98, Tribune office, unexception able references given and required. TIfANTED-AN ASSISTANT IN A LOAN-OFFICE; if also, an entry clerk; must have first-claas refer faces. Apply at GOLDSMID’S Loan-Office, 113 South Cl*rk-»t. t Monday, from Bto 9 o’clock a. m. WAKTED-WE CAN GIVE EMPLOYMENT TO 5 or 6 mon h, salesmen. Call Monday mnmlngbo iron 9 and IS o'clock. BARBOWS BROS, t, CO., Cl Woet Madisoa-st. a—^. Trades. ¥ anted—a lithographer, THAT TINDER. stands all br&nchos of tho business. Address C E L P. O. Box IGS, Peoria. 111. rifANTED-A JEWELER THAT CAN DO WATCH 1T -work and engraving; steady work to a trusty young nia* reference required from last employer. Address, j c: psrtlcoiara, T. J. QUICK, Jeweler, Warsaw, lad. WAKTED-10 GOOD CARRIAGE PAINTERS AND one first-class carriage trimmer, at southwest comer sf Quincy and Fraoklin-scs. WANTED— 15 CARPENTERS TO WORK NEAR ths new O. AN. W. Car Shops. Gc*od pay and steady work.- Apply to C. W. SHARP, 123 Dearbom-st,, Boom 10, first floor, at 8 a. m., Monday. TrrANTKD—BLIND-MAKERS, BY THE GARDEN 11 City Manufacturing and Supply Company, comer of Treaty-second and Morgan-sts. . TFANTED-OARRIAGE-MAKERS. TO GO SHORT \f distance in country; 1 good buggy body-maker; 1 raod carriage-maker. Constant work and pay prompt. Eqpjie of BOUTON, SMITH A CO., 7 and 9 Lake-at, Tir ANTED A GOOD, RELIABLE PRINTER, 11 competent to take charge of a country printing-office, [aqalre at Room 34 Continental Hotel. yttaNTED - CABINET-MAKERS. NONE BUT IT first-class workmen need apply. A. H. ANDREWS tCO., I£6tol7oMather-it., between Halsted and Dea phlnaa. WANTED —BY A LEADING COFFEE AND spice factory, an experienced spice-grinder; one who thoroughly undorstands hia business. Address, in cona- Jeaco, M2O, Tribune office. TV ANTED-2 PAINTERS. APPLY TO D. J. OAR II BOLL, 38 Nebraaka-st. TTfANXED-A FIRST-CLASS BAKER AT ENGLE- Vf wood. 111. Call or address D. C. CUTLER. TTTANTED-MONDAY MORNING, TWO OIL FlN if labors, at factory comer of Lincoln and Kinzie-sta. L B, WOLFINGER. WAKTED-ONE GOOD CARVER; ALSO BOY H who can carve. Apply to SCH-RAM BROS. A CO., 70 ted 72 West Waahington-st. ' T\rANTED— ONE MACHINE HAND AND A FEW II good Joiners, at sash and door factory comer fine- Kihand Horgan-sta., one block north of Twenty-second. WANTED— A. PHOTOGRAPHER WITH INSTBU menu, for outdoor work. Call on HIGGINS, 22% Bice Island-av., for three jays. TT7“ANTED—ONE BLACKSMITH AND ONE WOOD- V T worker os jobbing, at Express Wagon Manufactory, corner of Twenty-third and Burnaide-ats. TVANTED-AN EXPERIENCED VTNEGAB-MAK9 IT sr. a man who understands thoroughly bow to man ufacture vinegar from mslt and grain. To a first-class nsa a lengthy situation and very high salary will be given. Address, with came, references and Residence, F 8, Tribune office. ~ TIT ANTED—A GOOD WAGON PAINTER AT 160 II -West L&ke-st, WANTED-A WAGON-MAKER. AT £53 NORTH Wells-et. Monday morning. Also a good express wigoa for sale cheap for gash. WASTED—A CARRIAGE BLACKSMITH*. GOOD V? wages. Inquire of BARROWS, CARPENTER A CO., SCLake-st., or GEO. SMITH, Beloit, Wis. HARNESS MAKERS.; ONLY Vi those accustomed to fine work need apply to T. G. CFSkCKS, West £Ol Madlson-st- WANTED— GOOD BAI6TER ON LADIES’ SHOES. Apply at 379 South Jefforson-st.. up stairs. TU ANTED—A YOUNG MAN HAVING FROM ONE f I to two Tear*’ experience In tbe job printing business. InJttireatTENNHx 4 POTTER’S Engraving and Sten cil Works, Room 13, Central Union Block- WANTED -10 GOOD FIRST-CLASS FRONT bricklajsrs, comer Michigan and Dearborn-ste., next Monday unralug, on County Jail. W u - TTC fr^. o -‘ CR rinß BLACKSMITH'S HELP ii ft •; Adams-st. . TTTANTED-ONE GOOD CARRIAGE TRIMMER, u to whom steady employment will bo given; also, top tesgiss to be trimmed by the piece. Apply at 230 Bonin i'nakiln-st. _ Con-chraen. Teamsters. &c-' TTTANTED—GOOD MAN TO TAKE CARE OF II horses. Apply at SPRINGER’S Iron Yard. Employment Agencies. • TVANTED—IOO MEN FOB CONSTRUCT ION-TR AIN It la Michigan; free faro; also, Wdl’or Ohio and In tAos;ohe yeartwork; also, men for city work, sawmill fciadi, fana-bands, choppers, bark-peelers, and guarry nen. - For - particular* ana transportation, apply to CHRISTIAN A BING. 1 South Clark-st. T\7ANTED—2OO RAILROAD MEN, SAW-MILL AND if farm hands, 15 bridgo-bnildor*, 50 for city work, /pply to SNELL i BPERBECK, 27 West Baadolph-ct., EoanA - ..... - - TTASTED-100 GOOD RAILROAD LABORERS; ' I one year’s work and goo 4 wages; free fare and com ply work. Apply at 274 South Water-sfr. SHAW A CO. WANTED—TO LEAVE THIS DAY, 25 MEN FOB • I gravel train: good wages; company work and free ‘V*. Apply 274 South Water-st,, near Lake-st, bridge. eeaw A CO. TTTANTED-TO LEAVE MONDAY, £5 MEN FOB Ji gravel train; summer’s work, and good cn hrely-freo fare and company work. Apply 2.4 South BHAW A CO. TU ANTED—MONO AY. 200 RAILROAD LABORERS; •I guod wages; company work; plenty of station work boa 15 to & cents a yarn. Also, bark peeler* and 50 wmu, P| per day. For particulars and transportation jPPlyatlS South Canal-st., Room 1. ■ WANTED-TO LEAVE MONDAY, 600 LABORERS 11 for the Wisconsin Central, company work, fare and osc* charges advanced, wages $2 per day; 20u for thd triads Southern; 500 for the Baltimore A Pittsburgh ihilrosd; qlfp, 5u carpenters, woodeboppen, farm, and uv-niil hands. Apply at 259 East Bandolph-st., Lind gbek. Q. y. SNELL. Agent. .. MiscoUaneoas. ■Wasted—2o good laborers, accustomed I* tanning nr, on Government pier at Michigan City, “ E - O. BOYLVGTON, TUA2JTED—MEN IN EVERY TOWN. COUNTY, if «*d State; biggest chance ever offered to make ’■*?«?*• are new, and soli at sight. If you. • ?»*• aouey in a light and pleasant business, ' ~? B t Hil to call ay 99 East Madlson-st., RnamS. ENT MEN, AT LEAST 5 FT. * »inchp»high, lorU. 8. Army, at 33 North Canal-st. FKW HEX TO SELL NURSERY tw— la wbwban tovnj near thia city. Call at 117 9 o’clock a. m. t0.4 p. ra, Mon- MAN WITH A CASH CAPITAL OF H.OttUo take the general agency of a compmjr’i good*. Tni* i* » raw chanca taisH.^ 7, - capital, 11 tha btuWesfl ia wall «*- S’ « d Mn from iu to *3O per d»j, with no riok Compaq, jfl Eabt jtfrdiaon-at.. Room 5. *WKO MAN. ABOUT 18 TEARS B S»-«4id“ b00t ' lnd * IIM bnilno “' WiS&e 4l S 7 WEST MADISOS-ST., A FEW -LLg«a lor the Mrttt-mtehiaa trade. W^I^rA. FE W YOUNG men Df CUT AND fcttMUlM^soom6 ' lp,n “‘ P* l4 - 99 ‘^SmiArf? o ® o - 06 ? OkSVABSR TO TAKE i ’Cirf ?r‘ cn ?^ I ? n doparunentof a well estab l JSJggW paper. AddressF2a T Trihnnn office. T\ PERSON TO j ’ , wi l *VT®rarer; no nonsense like & CbriitUn or Addrese Fa. Trlbana office. WiS-'?hiJ H< 2 KOCGHI ‘ T Abr-B musical iounal - AddroMMD TPASTBD_I?Ircjr AND <0 TEA JIS TO WORK ON ffie BaJUmorO* 4 Chicago Railway; plenty »tatlon tore pay: >df » all ennimer. Apply at bO7 Sonth conierTwi'tiftbi where all Information will b« enr CANVASSER FOB PROF. sSfi-Ti 1 Celebrated .H**marck Bitters; a Gorman prewired. 74 East Twoiith-st. Wanted -four goost active men" to n«. sad take orders for > article that ererybodr ktl£ on,£S ! ~i?“ to miko m-cey. GOTXWALS*, SgINOIIUH. au South Clork-it. / W"Ssyg3L OB WOMEN Cp ANY AGE, TO Tr_R«oJs’» compound for kero -2 i^ e mad© on «»aiJ capital A. male waiter anda LAUNDRY r-p-i” lanßUcrant. 85 South HoUtod-,*- 'V a^ d -«ood canvassers, ims ob 6 Uad 1 * Biock, cast eocof Ban- ACTIVE YOOKO MEK“oS /taS* * In the eityfor a whohgalo encouragement /jiveu. wrm lw APPLY Ai «»iM>bArd. COttrt oa Moaday. _ TOR MINSTREL PARTY; fcia. to i4od oi experienced musicians to »Wog and bra*«; itead: engagtinent to .. me , a » *ad good wlarr. Appj bawmeat 215 k * o®tw®ca X aafl 6 o'clock. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domestic*. *TV"ANTED—A GOOD GIRL AT 698 WABASH-AV., VT lor general homework; must understand her buxl- WANTED—NURSE GIRD—A SCOTCH OR DANISH If girl to take care of children; one who understands Engushi and has bad experience; reference*reouired. Cafl at 232 Ontario-st., North Side.. WANTED- A FIRST-CLASS COOK AND LAUN- drew. Apply for throe day* at 1131 Wabaaij-av. W AKTED-A ' SWEDE." GEHMAN7"6r NORVPE" ■t, Eirl to c ‘K ,kl w “h and Iron In a prirabj lamily atHydoParii, near Station. Inborn’. paid a (food CirL Inquire at Room 11, Pullman Company, corner of Adaa»-Bi. and Mlchigaa-ay« WANTED— A RELIABLE GIRL FOR GENERAL housework, to whom liberal pay will be (riven. Ap ply at onco, with references, at 426 West Van Bnren-st. WANTED-A GIRL TO~DO GENEIt-tiT UOUb£ work In a small lamily. Call at 627 Sooth Dear bom-st. ry*ANTED —A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL I* housework, German or Swede preferred. 31 Cottage Grove-av,, near Twcnty-second-at, T\TANTED-A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK »T at4B9West Madlson-st. WANTED-A GIRL TO COOK. WASH, AND Iron in a private fatally. Apply at 1074 Wabash-ar. WANTED-A GIRL TO bo GENERAL - UOUSE* work in a family of 2. Call at 47 Forrest-av. WANTED-A GOOD OIHLFOU GENEHALHOUSE work, to go to Evanston. Apply at 137 LaSalle-st., basement, between y and II a. m. W” ANTED—GOOD COOK FOE PRIVATE BOARD- Ing boose, northwest corner of Paulina and 1 wunty ■econd-ata. WANTED —AT 4M WABASH-AV., PRIVATE boarding-house, a good cook. Good wages paid. GIRL. ABOUT 16, TO MIND baby of 3 years. Apply at onco at 979 West Van Buren-st. WANTED— NURSE GIRL, NOT OVER IG. MRS. PAR BY, 3e5 Oakley-s:., corner of Polk, ANTE~D—GIKIT*A B6UT^3*VEA.RS ~O F AG E TO assist laths care of a child and to do light work; Swede, Dane, or Norwegian. Apply at No. 7 South May- WANTED-A GOOD GIRL AS NURSE FOR A child 30 months uf age. None but those accustomed to the caro of children need apply. Call Monday at 65 Park-ar. TXT ANTED—A GOOD GIRL TO COOK. WASH, f T and iron, at 64 Twonty-fourih-st. - TV^ANTED—A GERMAN, SWEDE, OB NORWE- T V gi&n girl for general housework in amall family. 880 West Washlagtoa-eL WANTED— GIRL TO GO TO HINSDALE; SMALL private family. Address LSS, Tribune* otGco, ~ANTED—A YOUNG~GERMAN7IsORWEGIAN. or Swede girl to assist is doing gonoml housowork in a small private family. Apply at £*7 West Tyler-si., cottage house. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework In a unall family. Call at 622 West Mad lsun-st. T\TANTED—A GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND IRON yV cr; German or Scandinavian. At 471 West Adanis-st. WANTED —A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL W housework in a small family. Inquire at 6u9 West Twolftb-st. WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE- work in a small family. 1437 Jndiana-av. TX7T GOOD GERMAN OR SWEDE GIRL TV for general housework at 1190 Prairio-av. ANTED^A~COMPETENT - GIRL TO DO GEN eral housework: if there are tiro friends, to work to gether, would take them; Gorman or Scandinavian pre ferred. Apply at 3bß Wcat Jackson-et. TXT ANTED—A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE i V work for a small private family. Apply at tho house 108% South Robey-st. \\TANTED-AT 2*3 ILLINOIS-ST., SECOND DOOR W from - Kush, a girl for second-work and take care of children; German or swede preferred. WANTED-A COMPETENT YOUNG GIRL TO GO in the country fer tho summer to do chamber-work. Apply at 406 Michlgan-av. WANTED-A KITCHEN GIRL. AT 838 WEST Waahington-st. Wanted —*an experienced diningroom girl at 281 Mjchlgan-av. TXT ANTED—GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK- Vr in family of four; mast be good cook, washer, and Ironer; good wares: no children; references required. Call at 729 West Wsshlagton-st., Monday. W ANTED—A GIRL TO DO COOKING, WASH ing, and ironing. Inquire at £l4 IndUna-av. anted-an exper lenced"cook, washer and ironer. Irish extraction preferred, our second girl of that nationality. Reference* required. Apply at 641 West Washingion-st. TXT ANTED-A GIRL FOR LAUNDRY W’ORK AND rV assise in the kitchen. Private boarding house. 523 West Washington-st., corner 01 May. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO SECOND work and cake care of children. Apply at lUIO Mien* igag-ar. TTTANTED-A GIRL TO GO TO OAK PARK TO T i do general housework In a family of 3; German or Norwegian preferred. Apply at or address A, lid Wash ington-at., Room 19. . TITANTED—SIX GIRLS, COOK, LAUNDRY, KIT- V V chen, and second girls, at 1-1 and 16 Charles-placo, between Harrison and Van Burcn-sts., naarFtfth-av. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework for a small family. tiSSStatc-st. Inquire Sunday or Monday. 1i r ANTED—AN EXPERIENCED DINING-ROOM Vi girl at 447 Wabaca-av. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS COOK AT TUB VY Rovcro House, 610 South Canal-st. - WANTED—A GOOD GIRL FOB COOKING, WASH- V V lag, and ironing; also, good second girl at 23 biz teenth-st. _____ \\TAiiTED—X GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL VV housework in & small friuily at 913 West Ilanison st., a car Loavltc. GOOD GIRL. OR MIDDLE-AGED VY woman, lor general housework; Gorman, ijwodo, or Danish pruurred. Apply at 715 Tyler-at., Sunday and Monday, fromlU to 3. ANTED—A GOOD GIRT, TO DO GENERAL lioußowork in a small prriato family; to oua willing ' to Work good wages will be paid; also, a young girl to taro care of two children. Apply Monday, in grocery store, 274 Blue Islaud-ar. TV/ ANTED —a uo'qd iaißi. WHO UNDERSTANDS ii cooking, washing, and ironing. owedoorxsornegi&M preferred. Apply ai 216 U'ost Waahington-st. TAT ANTED—A GIRL ABOUT II YEARS OLD, TO DO VV goneral housework in a email family. Call at 454 West Van Buren-st. WANTED— 2 GIRLS FOR KITCHEN AT BOARD Lunch Room, rear of 121 LaSallo-st. T t TAN TED^GIKLTO~COOK AND DO GENERAL fl housework in a small family. Inquire atNo.lLLl llb-av,, or No. 144 East Lake-st. WANTED—GOOD WAGES AND STEADY EM V V ployiaent for a first-class cook, washer and Iroaor m a private family, at KxH Wabash-av. WANTED-A GIRL COMPETENT TO WASH AND IV iron and be generally usetui, at hi llobey-st. ANTED—A GOOD COOkT WASHER, AND IRON er fora first-claasprlvate family. MISS BARTON S, Olijcobß3Si*te»Bt., uaixaacoonEicUtooath. Call Monday. TVANTED-FOUR TAILORS TO WORK ON VV coats ;alflo throe girls to sow with machine. Apply at S6U West Chicago-av. . ’VA r ANTED—A GOOD GIRL IN A SMALL FAMILY VV of four; best of wages paid. Apply at £2l Wabaah ar., from 9to 12, Monday. , rifANTED—GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK VV in small family. Apply to &j2 South Doarboro-st. TVTANTED-A GHUT TO~DO GENERAL HOUSE- V V work in a fafiilly of three, at South Englewood. Cay at IKK Prairio-av. WANTED— A. GERMAN GlItL FOR GENERAL housework, ouo that can understand English. £9l Mlchigaa-av. VirANXED—GOOD COOK, WASHER AND IRON VV er, $5 x>er week; references required. Northeast comer Tyler and Paulina-sts. 'T\TANTED— A GIRL IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. <l7 V V Larxaboo-at, T\fANTKD-A GOOD GERMAN GIRL TO COOK. V V wash, and iron; also ajdrl from IS to 14 years of ago to take care of children at 116? ■\irANXED_A YOUNG ENGLISH PERSON TO CARE VV. for twoliulo girls, sew, and asbist in up-stales work. Call, for two days, at6i Warrou-av. WANTBD-A GOOD. SMART GIRL, 14 OR 15 year*’ old, to do light work in small family, at 194 Eoary-ii. WANTED— AN EXPERIENCED. OOOK IN FRl vate boarding house at 12U Tnird-av. near Harzi eon-st. . • WANTED— A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK la » taiall family at Lalto Vimr. Apply. Monday, to JOHN N. HILLS, Boom 1? llMn BaUdlnc, 176 LaSallo-st. "rrrxNTED —GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK V i at 582 Blue liiand-ar. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL Vr housework, at 523 Wabash-av. Como prepared to Tir ASTED-A COMPETENT GIRL TO TAKE CASK VV of a baby and do ligiat second work. C*U at J97 Michlgan-av., nearThirtooath-it- WANTED— A GOOD WOMAN TO WASH DISHES and assist the cook in Webnmr*s restaurant, 61 South State-st. No Sunday work. WANTED— A GOOD GIRL, MUST BE A GOOD cook. CaU immediately, at 7t5 West Monroo-st. WANTED— A GOOD COOK AND LAUNDRESS, also girl for eoooad work. Apply at SioWest Mon roo-st. - ANTED —A COOK. WASHER, AND IRONER, At 121 South Sangamon-st. Oao that is thoroughly competent <•*" have good wage* and » steady place. ANTED—A WOMAN FOR KITCHEN AND DIN- Ing room; Swede, Norwegian, or Dane preferred; light work and a permanent, pleasant home to oao who thoroughly understands her business. No frauds need apply* Call corner of Campbell-ar, and Jackson-st. sake iaadisoo-st, cars. ANTED-HEAD LAUNDRESS, DISH-WASHERS, kitchen, and scrub yir!*, at Burdick House, comer Wabash-av. and Adaros-st. WANTED IMMEDIATELY, A FIRST-CLASS pastry cook at Burdick House, comer Wabash-ar. and Adams-st. _____ . TXrANTED-A GOOD SMART GIRL TO DO SEC- W ond work. Apply it Hi Abcrdocn-ot. W‘ anted-agTel for general housework, at Ko. 401 West Via Bnron-au tit a TfTR D—GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND IRON EE VT 2M Illinois-at. 84 per week. . TXTNNTED-A GOOD KITCHEN GIRL. 156 WEST IT Moaroo-fit. _ _ TOANTED-A SWEDE. GERMAN, NORWEGIAN. V V or colored woman to cook lor a mail prlrato family. Tho highest franca paid. Call at *0 Tnenty-oUtn-st., afiei dinner. __ - WANTED— A COMPETENT GIRL FOR GEN ERAL homework for small lanily. Must bo o good cook, waiter and Iroucr. Good wages paid. Apply immediate |j at $55 South (Jartis-at. WANTED— A COMPETENT COOK, OR GIRL TO lopenoral hoxwmork, aiS37 Wabe^Q-av. WINTED-A FIRST-CLASS LAUNDRESS, ALSO i second girl, at 10 North Groen-at. _ WIUTED-AT 235 WAENtJT-ST, CORJER OF VV lojna, la a private family, a strong, cay-iblo tfirl to dy ggioral iiouaework. X\Tj. NTED-AT 19 CONGRESS-ST.-A GOOD GIRL IT <0 work in the kitchen. Good wizci to tho right one. 2nTED—A GIRL FOB HOUSEWORK. CALL »IS DepmrstenU Reference roQulred. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: SUNDAY, JUNE 22, 1873. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domestics—Continued. tttanted-a neat, tidy girl to wash »t dishes and wait on table, where there aro boarders. References. 467 Mlchigon-ay. WANTED-AiTEXPERtEN'OED WOMAN TO DO general housework la family of four; wages no'object to the right one; German preferred. *707 Jackson-st. WANTED-GTRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSB ___.J?ol*' _ ApplyJiunday atJ9 Oskar. W "anted jlgoou~~gioiT'' for general housework ati;9 Warren-ar. Good wages. Bofor ences required. No Irish need apply. TWANTED-A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE »r work at 459 West Madlson-st. TXT ANTED—AT THE MAULTON HOUSE, KINZIE tt and Markct-sts., a good steady woman to scrub. \\TAKTED-A. GOOD COOK FOB A SMALL FAM it ily; good wages given. Apply at 164 Calumet-ay. WANTED-A GIRL WILLING to work for moderate wages, at light housework. Apply at 1026 Indiana-av. . - T\TANTED— A SECOND COOK; MUSTCOMEWELL TT recommended. Also, fenr diningroom girls. Call at 126 South lioisted-at., Monday, 9 a. m. WANTED-GIRL TO dooeneral HOUSEWORK in a small family; good cook preferred. Apply at 811 We»t Mouroo-st. WANTED-A COMPETENT GIRL TO DO GENEB aI housework; no Dish wanted. 468 West Jack son-st. T\TANTED-A GOOD AMERICAN GIRL, OR TT woman, to dc general housework in a small family; must be a good washer and Iruner and plain cook. Apply at 290 Fifth-av. WANTED-A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN TO COOK, tt wash, and Iron, at 1622 Wabash-ar., nearTrfenty third-n. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO PLAIN COOK ii ing, aid make herself useful, at 37 West Washing ton-st.; prlrato boarding-honse. WANTF.D-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work. Apply at 174 North Stato-at. TirANTKD - GOOD GIRL~ FOR HOUSEWORK TT early Monday morning. West Waabiugtoa-»t, WANTED^A - 300DC00K - WAVfED~IAIMEDL ately at 3t2 Wrst Washingtoa-st. first-class cook for a PRI > T rate boardlng-housa; must bring good rafersucss. Apply at Odicc 33 U.ds Block (third iloorj, soathwaat cor ner Madison and LaSallo-st?., after 10 o’clock. ANTED - A THOROUGHLY - COMPETENT cook for a rat-class private boarding-house. Good wages. Call Monday at No. 1300 Pralrie-av. • WANTED-A FIRST-CLaVSS GIRL FOR DINING room work in a private buarding-bonso. Apply at 134 Warren-av., corner Wood-st. \\rAN TED~AtTs EAST HARRTSON-ST., A GOOD IT moat and pastry cook. Cal! on Monday. girls to work at ben. ■f nett’s Dining Room in kitchen, Monday morning early., VV7ANTED—A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL f T housework in a small fainilv; none bat good wash ers and iruners noed apply. 358 West Madison-st. WANTED-A SERVANT, ONE THAT CAN COOK, wash, and iron. Cottage house, 914 Michigan-av. Seamstresses. ■\T r ANTED—DRESSMAKER FOR TWO OR THREE n weeks. Scud address, with references, or call at 85 Centrc-ar. \\fA NTED—EARLY MONDAY MORNING, THREE IT first-class finishers at dressmaking; nono others need apply. JORDAN BROS., 301 North Clark-st. T\rANTKD— A GOOD DRESSMAKER TO”tRIM AND Y r finish oil dresses. 21 Cottage Grovo-sr., near Tweu ty-sccond-st. \\T ANTED FIRST-CLASS SHIRTMAKKRS AT 1* the Chicago Shirt Factory, 2U9 West Madison-st. COYLE A DICKINSON. WANTED - A FIRST-CLASS TRIMMER FOR dressmaking, and one good sowing girl, at 1033 Wa basb-av., on Monday. TV*ANTED—A GOOD, STEADY GIRL TO WORK y y on white shirts, at store 113 West Randolph-st. IX f ANTED—A SEAMSTRESS - BY THE WEEK. IN y 1 an American family, at 214 North Bangamon-st. TXTANTED—GOOD APPRENTICE GIRLS FOR yy , dressmaking; good terms given. S3S West Van Buron-st. TX r ANTEI>—A PERFECT SHIRT MAKER ON THE YY Wheeler A Wilson machines; will pay well. Apply at 267 Blue l&iaud-av. Yy AN TED—T W O GOOD IRONERS AT 633 STATE- W ANTED—FOUR FIRST-CLASS OPERATORS FOR if ladies’underwear. No, 385 Sooth Clark-st. TIT ANTED—A FIRST-CLASS OPERATOR ON y y Wheeler A Wilson sowing machine. Apply to Mrs. O’LEARY, 97 South Jofferson-st., up-stairs. Norses. WANTED— NURSE—WILL MARY MCDONALD please call at the bank. S. W* ANTED-LNE XPERT E NCED NURSE, COT- Grove, near Egan-av, Addren G2, Tribune office. TVTANTKD—A GERMAN NURSE GIRL WHO » r speaks English. References required. Inquire at 9U3 Indiana-ar. T\r ANTED—A WOMAN TO TAKE CARE OF A SICK T » lody. Call, with reference. Tuesday from 1 to3p. zn.. at Room 3 Major Block, 113 LsSalls-st. T\TANTED—NURSE GIRL FOR A YOUNG BARB it by a family going to Evanston for the summer. Apply, with references, at 1u92 Indiana-ar. liatm drosses. YTTANTED-ONE LADIES' CLOTHES IRONRB, V ? one shirt Ironer and polisher. Laundry, 352 West Madison-st. IirANTED—FIRST-CLASS IRONEBS AND POL- Tl isbers corner Twenty-seventh and Stato-sta. FIRST-CLASS VEST IRONER, it one collar ironer, ana ladles’ clothes Ironer, and two shirt ir.mers, at ANDERSON'S Steam Laundry, State-st and Eidrldgo-court. WANTED-S FITIST-CLASS-WASHERS IN LAUN .V i (try: alao one 13-year old boy. Monday morals?, 353 West Maai«on-9t. T\r AN TED—S LAUNDRY GIRLS AT TWENTY if Second-Street Laundry: 3 good shirt ironers, 3 washers, 1 starcber. No. 177 Twcmy-sccond-Bt, ■ WANTED - THREE SHIRT-IRONERS, THREE ladicr-clothos ironers, and three washwomen. To first-class lady clothes ironers I will psy sl2 to sl4 per week. Apply at MIDDLETON’S Stoam Laundry, 14 Adams-«i. \TTANTED—2T» GUUu suifvr moKEIta AT ITUN f T OEH’S No. IS6 Michigan *t. ’ \\T ANT ED-A. HKST-C'L.\SS~ IRONER; AIEO A V t good washer, at 114 and 113 West Madlson-st. T\7A NT E A~FfRB T-C UVS 3 IRONEB AT LAUN rT dry £27 Waba»h-av. None but firstr-class nood apply. J. A. UALLIDAY. WANTED- FIRST-CLASS WASHER AND IRONEB at IS6 North Psuliua-et., U. 3. Launkry. Honsekoonors, TX’’ANTED—A STEADY. RELIABLE. AND COM -11 patent woman, as housekeeper and to do the work of a small family of 4, in a pleasant home near the city. Ap ply at 113 and 115 Sooth Wator-Et. * i\T ANTED A MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN AS Vl housekeeper, where there aro children: one that ia not afraid to work, and no other. Address F 95, Tribune .office. Employment Ag/oncics. TTfANTED-LADIES DESIRING GOOD HELP TO V V call at Miss C. O’CONNOR’S new Employment Of fice, No. 167 Wcsson-st., ono block from Larraboo-st cars. W" ANTED-AT THE NEW EMPLOYMENT OF fice, good girls of all nationalities wanting good planes to «j*-M Monday morning at the office, 167 Wcssoa-st. ITT ANTED ~ GOOD GIRLS FOB CITY AND iV country. Families supplied with first-class help at MRS. HAMILTON’S, 46 3uutb Union st. • WANTED-GOOD GIRLS FOB GENERAL HOUSE work, 2 barbers. 1 barkeeper, bookkeepers, entry clerk, and other male and female help for lucrative situa tions. Apply at tbe Mutual Benefit Employment Bureau, Room C Major Block, 154 Madison-st. I\fA NT ED—SO GIRLS IN PRIVATE AND BOABD VV iapr-honscs, restaurants, hotels. Apply to Mrs. REES, 529 State-st. WANTED— 50 GOOD GIRLS FOR GENERAL housework; no fees. 97 West Raudolpb-st., Room 3. ’VX7‘ANTED—G ERMAJf AND SCANDINAVIAN v V girls for private families, hotels, and laundries, city and country, at £0 Milwaukoc-ar. WANTED —A LARGE NUMBER OF GOOD cooks, washers, and ironers: also some girls for tbe country ; good wages paid. 446 Wabash-sv. Bdiac© Jlaneotis. YT7*ANTED—PERSONS COMPETENT TO CANVASS VV a valuable sewiug-msebino attachment. Employ ment profitable. Call from 3t06 p. m., at 154 South La- Sallo-st., Room 19, Otis TtrANTKD-AN EXPERIENCED SALESWOMAN VT for fancy dry goods* millinery, oto. £, TOPPING, 787 West ilaaison-«t. f corner of Wood. TirANTED—A GIRL FOR BOOK-FOLDING AND »f book-sewing. P. RINGEK, 56 Wot Randolph-st. tttanted-ladies to sell my rubber goods V Y for ladies and two excellent toilet articles: $6 to sl2 s day can be mado. MRS. PALMER, Room 8, 25 West Lake-st. WANTED- A YOUNG GIRL TO HELP DO LIGHT housework and take care of a baby. Apply at Boom 81, S9Clark-tt., any time after 10 a. m. SITUATIONS WANTED—MAUE. Bookkeepers, Clerks, &o« SITUATION WANTED—THE ADVERTISER (35 years of age), wbo has had 18 years’ experience in tne retail general merchandise badness, desires an indoor situation; wages not to much of sn oMsctas steady em . ployxnent. Can adapt Himself to any office work, and loan employers a few thousand dollars. Address £ 74, Trib une onico. SITUATION WANTED—COLLECTING, EITHER on salary or commission, by tho subscriber, who has bad 9 /oars' practice in tho city, and has the highest ref* erenco from merchants and others; security if required. A. WESTON, 1221 btate-it. SITUATION WANTED—AS BOOKKEEPER; COM petent; S5 years of ago; strictly temperate: good ref erences as to character, Ac., Ac.; moderate salary. Ad dress M la, Tribune ohico. SITUATION WANTED—IN A GRAIN COMMIS eIsn house, as bookkeeper, br a joorg man who has had experience and can give good reference. Address L L 2, Triuuao office. . • SITUATION WANTED-AS ASSISTANT BOOK koepor, bill clerk, cheek dork, or any office work, by ono fully competent; salary not of so much consideration as a permanent situation; good reference* glren. Ad dress L 46, Tribune office. OITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN, AS O dry good* clerk. Has been in the business throe years, sud understands the business well; also a good rec ommendation from last place; his sister wishes a sUcaUou Jn same business as saleslady or cashier, Cali at 145 North Huron-st. OITUATION WANTED-BT A if AN SO TEARS OP O ago, is well acquainted with grocery business, and the manufacture of con/BCtionerjj and will make mauols useful la any capacity. Address L 48, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—AS PRESCRIPTION OB cenaraj drug clerk, br a competent druggiJt. Ad dteiiC. A. BUFFINGTON, Jcrsa/vUle, HI. OrrUATION "WANTED—BY A YOUNG MARRIED O man, in a wholesale or retail honsa; hE» bad roar years’oxporionco as bill clerk la a Chicago house i can come well recommended from last employers ; can German, and la not afraid to work. Adores* M 51, Trib une office. - - - CJITUATXON iTAXTED-BY A YOUNG MAN WHO Hrm an«*l£ both Germ vs and English, In either ft grocery or liquor store. Address G 77* Tnhooo office* SITUATIONS WANTED—MALE. fioo&keepors, Clerks. &c.—Continue QITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG KAN WHO O is willing to pay from $lO to $25 for a situation; has been In business 4 years: speaks English and German; rood reference furnished. Address for 8 days BIZ, Trib une office. QITUATION WANTED-BY A MAN 28 YEARS OP O are In piano and organ salesroom; is a good salesman, baa a good ear for music, and baa had some experience in the business; can also keep books; references hat-ciaaa. Address for three days FlB. Tribune office. QITUATION WANTED-H. I. DIXON. EXPERT O accountant, Room 1,118 Dearbom-au Books opened and closed. Complicated ecconnta examined and adjust ed- Posting by the day, week; or month, on reasonable terms. QITUATION WANTED-AS BOOKKEEPER. BY A O middle-Agod gentleman, who has bad several years* experience in banking and mercantile houses in this city. Will be at liberty to form an engagement with some first-class mercantile house or bank on thelatof July. Refer to past employers-. Address WILLIAM BAILEY, Tribune office. " ' SITUATION WANTED-AS BUYER. RECEIVING. or general out side business, wholetalo grocery prefer red. by a young man of 30, that understands the business. No, 1 city references. Address F 83, Tribune office. • SITUATION WANTED-AN ACTIVE, ENERGETIC, and thoroughly competent business man (first-class) wants a situation with a good hotxso -In city. Address G ©Tribune office. • SITUATION WANTED—IN SOME WHOLESALE or good retail dry goods store, by a young man of SI; baa bad 1# years* experience in dry goods and 6 months in the.aatnag machine business. Will come woll recom mended from his former employers. Address F. R. WEAVER. Ttoekford, Pi., P. Q.-D- 985. SITUATION WANTEDr-BY A, YOUNG MAN (Scotchl, who is not afraid of work. In wholesale dry goods or grocery house, whore he can make himself use ful and earn s moderate salary. Address F3, Tribune office. : ' SITUATION WANTED-AS SALESMAN, IN SOME gi>od reliable firm, either in bouse or oqt door, city or country; would take city on commission for awhile. Reference good. Address M 33, Tribune office. •• S~ ITUATION WAKTED-A BUSINESSMAN, WITH 25 years* experience, with some wholesale house;wouid give satisfaction a* ealesman, correspondent,. cashier. or bookkeeper, having had a thorough education In each of thjso branches. Good references. Address K R, Post- Office Box 202. S' nUATION WANTED-BY A SINGLE MAN IN A store or factory. Seven years’ experience in packing and shipping goods. Reference from employer. Would loon $201) on good security. Address F 21, Tribune office. S~itua™nwanted-a young man'ii a vino 4*3 years* oxperioaoa in grocery .department in one of tbo largest company stores East, wants a good grocery situation in Chicago. Best of references. Address F. M. CRAWFORD, W South Morgan-st. SITUATION WANTED-WORK ON BET OF BOOKS ur other offico work, in evenings, by ft ronngmaa: can' furnlshreforonoo from present employers. F37, Tribune office. perienced bookkeeper, who has good dry reference. Address P. O. Box 12a. ~ Trades. SITUATION WANTED—AS ENGINEER HAVE had 20 years' experience; understand -high and low pressure.- Best of city references. Apply 663 South Qal stod-at. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED hooso painter; baa had some experience at sign writing. Address DVH, 73 West Vaoßoren-st. CITUATION WANTED-AS FOREMAN OB MAN. O aeer in the'manufacture of furniture for bank, office, or stair work, by oue who knows his business and is ft good designer., and-cau apply machinery. , Address FORE MAN, Tribuno office, or 357 West Chicago-av. SITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS MALE head cook; hotel preferred: best reference given from a first-class hotel. Address L 38, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, 18 years of ago, to learn the tinner's trade; beet refer ences can be given. Please-call or address GRW, 255 Miohigan-av. * SITUATION WANTED—BY A COMPETENT shirt-cutter; no objection to go to the country. Address L 27, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-AS FOREMAN IRON moMor; one who has had twenty years'experience as foreman, and workman of steady, sober habits. Address HOLDER MONITOR, Streator, Til. SITUATIONS WANTED—BY TWO YOUNG CABl net-makccs to work in a private family or furniture ■tore to repair furniture and no French polishing. Can give best of city references. Address A. JOHNSON, 415 Third-a v.. Ohicago, 111. SITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS MlLL man as foreman in a shingle mill, or to tile saws And keep machinery in running order, for a manufacturing es tablishment. Best of references from last employers and others. Willing to leave the city. F 31, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-A YOUNG MAN. WITH good references, wishes a position as engineer or fire man on the railroad, or as engineer of stationary engine. Address F 4, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A PARTY HAVING six years' experience In this city in charge of frame* making and jobbing department of sash factory; can refer to former employers and prominent builders aa to ability, •to. Address M 36, Tribune office. - SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AS gardener with a fiorlst or private family. Address F 40, Tribune office. Coadunen. Teamsters. &o. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AS coachman in'a private family; thoroughly sober, and understands the care of hones, harness, and carriages; best of references given. Address X fi. Tribune office. S~ ITUATION WANTED-BY A MIDDLE-AGED, single, German man aa fint-class coachman: is a first cloas driver, and knows how to handle and take care of horses, harness, and carriages, also garden and green houses ; city or country. Address M S3, Tribune offleo. • SITUATION WANTED-AS COACHMAN; THOR onghly understands the care of horees and carriages;. Is a careful driver, willing to bo nsrful. -and has good city references. Address Ml 7, Trlbnno office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MARRIED man as coachman or pmora In a private family; wife to do housework; best of reference* (riven. Call or address CHARLES NEWBERRY, 44 Bremer-st. SITUATION WANTED—AS COACHMAN BY A first-class young man. In a first-class private family, who thoroughly uudorstana* the cars of hones and car riages; can furnish beat of city ta/erence. * Address Jl2, Tribune office. • SITUATION WANTED —AS COACHMAN -OR

gTocin by an English a tableman. Address M M M, 665 btat«-st., city.. • ■ _____ SITUATION WANTED —BY A YOUNG MAN. Swodo, aa first-class coachman: has had several year*’ experience; of sober and steady habits, and if not afraid to work. Beat of references. Please- address F 87, Trlb» one office. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN ENGLISHMAN AS firat-elais coachman. Best of ctiy references. Ad* dross F 26, Tribune office. Miscellaneous. SITUATION WANTED—AS JANITOR, COLLEO- O tor, timekeeper, or any other light business, by a thoroughly competent person; nine yearn'-reference from ast situation. AH B, Tribune office. - • SITUATION WANTED—IN A CHURCH - CHOIR for a baritone voice, of good compass and volume, with three years’ experience in. Episcopal. Church service as basso. Address K, Post-Office Box 3QS. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY A MAN AND HI3 wife; man to take charge on * farm or on a gentle man’s place, wife as housekeeper or general servant; both Scotch.' Best of reference from last employer. Apply at 230 West Indiaua-st., Monday and Tuesday. SITUATION WANTED-BY A CARPENTER, AS janitor of a block of building*, or would like to hire wito *ome property owners by the year to keep building* in general repair. Address CARPENTER, 103 East Monroe-it. . , SITUATION WANTED-AS COLLECTOR, BY A middle-aged man w«Uacquainted in tho city; host of reference given. Address ADAMS, Tribune office. Situations wanted—by man and wife: the woman as hotel oook, the man willing to make himself useful. ’Good reference*- Apply at HRS. BATES* office, 10 Peck-court. - SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN OF good habita, intelligent, and with flnt-claas refer ences, where he can team tome legitimate business and have a chance to work his way to a good position; expects no more salary than position worth- Address P 76, Tribune office. SITUATIONS WANTED—rEMAX*E Domestic*. SITUATION WANTED—A GIRL WISHES TO znakeafow engagements for the months of July and August, to do dressmaking In private families. Will come well recommended from where she Is working.'' Address DRESSMAKER, 346Butterfleld-st. • - SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT NOE wogian girl to do general housework In a private fami ly, on the West Side. Address L 63, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—A YOUNG, STRONG BOAN dlnavlan woman want* to havo house-cleaning, scrub bing, and washing for some families. 106 Maxwell-st., up-stair*. SITUATION WANTED—BY A.- COMPETENT GIRL to do general housework, onthe Sooth Side. Apply at 763 Stato-st. Referonco If required. Situations wanted—by two girls, one to do cooking and the other second-work; bare lived to* gethar before. Gall, for two days, at 419 East Twenty* second-st. QITUATION WANTED—TO DO GENERAL HOUSE* £) work In private family; reference from last place. Ap ply at S9I Park-ar. - SITUATION WANTED—BY A CAPABLE SWED i&hgirlto do general housework In a tmall family; a good home for a good girl* Address P2, Tribune office. QITUATIONS WANTED—BY TWO SCOTCH GIRLS, O sisters, for cooking and chambermaids in private fam ily ; good references. Apply at MRS. BATES’ office, 10 Peck-eoart. • SITUATION WANTEO-BY A YOUNG GIRL IN A small family, to sew or do light housework. Csll for one week, at 6 Sooth Sbeldon-at. ~ . SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT GIRL to oook, wash, and iron, in a private family. Good references. Call or address for three days, 69 Moagher-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS COOK in a private boarding house, or pastry cook in a hotel. Apply personally at 77 East indtana-st. - SITUATIONS WANTED-FOB GERMAN. SWEDE, and Norwegian girls, now in waiting, at the Star Em ployment office, 126 West Monroo-sL and 5 West Madi son, Room 5. SITUATION WANTED-BY SCOTCH GIRL AS second girl or dining-room work. Inquire at 103 Wost Adama-st. SITUATION WANTED-TO DO HOUSEWORK with a small family or second work. Apply. No. *3 Weat Krle-»t-, in the basement. ' SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG LADY, IN A respectable boarding boose or private family, to wait on table and moko horsolf generally useful. Adr dress J 15, Tribune office.! SITUATION WANTED —BY A RESPEOTABLB O young girl as second girl in a private family. Please call at 4£a East Erlo-sL * _ SITUATION WANTED-BY A WOMAN AS COOK, washer, and ironerin a boarding house or private family. Call at 250 Twenty-firet-et. . SITUATIONS WANTED-BY t RESPEOTABLB girls, as cook and laundress, in a private family. Good references. PI ease call at 332 Micnigaa-av., basement door, Monday. -• SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN AS cook in a private family: reference* if required, call or add l *—, Monday, UO, w BmUhat., West Side. SITUATION WANTED-BY A BESPECTAJJLK girl to do general housework or second work. Gau Monday at 179 Wsst Elgfateeoth-et. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young {dr Ito do second work In a firstfolaas pnvata family, or housework in a small family. . Please call or address, £fo. 13 nfilwaukoo-av., up stair*. SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMAL E Domestics—Continued situation wantbd-by a respectable O girl to do second work in a private family. Please call or address 22 Ruble-st., West aide. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO SISTERS IN A O private family, one tQ cook, wash, and iron, the other fur second work. Please call or address 28 Hubla-st-, West Side. Seamstrrossos- SmjATION WANTED—BY A DRESSMAKER, IN private family, to sew by the day. Coll or address MRS. A, 436 West Van Bama-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS FlT ter and dimmer, a faw more families by tho day or weak. Address, by letter, 453 Wabash-av. QITUATION WANTED-A DRESSMAKER OF O several years* experience would hk-? a few private fam ilies to saw for, or would taka work home. . Address 400 South Maj-st. QITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY USED TO O dressmaking: Is willing to go out by the day or week. .CalloraddieasN J D, 77 South Saugamon-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG LADY, IK A respectable private family or boarding house, as seamstress: is willing to assist taking care of house and moke herself generally useful. Good references. Ad dress, for three days, Jl6, Tribune office. QITUATION W ANTED-AN EXPERIENCED DRESS O fitter aai trimmer will go oat by the day. Address H H B, 365 Faltou-st. • • SITUATION WANTED—DRESSMAKING AT HOME and in families done In afirst-class manner. 325 South Alorgan-st. Laundresses. SITUATION WANTED-AS LA UNDRESS OR PLAIN cook, in a private family. Call at, or address, 195 Aberdeen-st. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO LAUNDRESSES O in a private family. Apply, Monday, at 103 Butter field it. - SITUATION WANTED—IN A FEW GOOD FaMl llos by a good dressmaker. Cuts and fits itdlos* and children’s clothing. Address F 39, Tribune office. SITUATION WANT ED— BY A FIRST-GLASS HEAD laundress. Apply at 90 Foster-st. . Curses 'QITUATION WANTED-AS NURSE BY A LADY O who can give good references. Address for three days M I, Tribuna office. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED prufaiiioaal nurse at 995 Stato-st- S' frUATiON WANTED-AS WET NURSE. AD dross L £6, Tribcno office. _ QXTUATION WANTED—A LADIES’ NORSE OF O many year* expsrionce desires enesgemems; no ob jections to tho country. Apply at 565 Waehingtoa-av. SITUATION WANTED—JUST DISENGAGEDrA (first-class English monthly norso who wishes »aen g&Kemoat, or would take charge of on infant from its irtn; no objection to travel wita an invalid. Address £ A, £59 West Adams-at. CITUATION WANTED—BY A NUR3E OP LONG O experience. References from the best city physicians. QaU or address NURSE, 302 South Pjoria-et. • .. HouseikeouerH. SITUATION WANTED—TO ASSIST IN HOUSE keoping and sowing In ft gentleman's lf.raily where the lady requires some one to fill a position of trust. Best references given. Apply at 412 Michigau-av. ; S~ ETUATiQN WANTED—A ’ LADY WHO THOR onghly understands her business, and can come rec ommended, wishes a situation whero she can take the entire charge of ft house or hotel. Address M 53, Tribune office. . - SITUATION WANTED-AS HOUSEKEEPER. AD dross L 95, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—EY A RESPECTABLE lady as housekeeper; will work for moderate wages in ft comfortable house. Apply at-127 West Harrison-et. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WIDOW AS housekeeper; for a widower or bachelor preferred. Ad dross F 83, Tribane office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY AS HOUSE kcopor for widower. References given and required. Apply at 69 Wallor-et. ' SITUATION WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN WO* ; TTutn as housekeeper, or to do general housework. Please call or address Mrs. E. A. F.. ITS West Madison. Employment Acencies. Situations wanted—families in- need of good help of all kinds can be supplied at MBS. THOMPSON'S office, low Stste-st. Situations wanted-good help of vari ous nationalities can be had 355 Wabash-av. MRS. BALKAM'S. Office orders promptly attended as soon aa possible. Situations wanted-families in want of good Scandinavian and German help can bo supplied at Mrs. DUSKE’S office, SO Milwankoo-av. - OITUATIONS WANTED —FOR COOKS, AND O girlsof all nationalities, for all kinds of work, Croat western Easiness Exchange, corner Union and West Washington-sta. SITUATIONS WANTED-FOR SOME .OF THE best help the city affords. Families carefully suited at 365 East Chicago-av. IWis cellane ons. SITUATION WANTED— ASS GOVERNESS BY A well educated young lady, lately arrived from Ger many. Address Xl, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG LADY WHO bad experience, as organist in a church. C&U or address A M L, 347 West SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG LADY, OP some experience, as photograph artist, where the can learn to retouch negatives. Address M 6, Tribune office. ________ SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG LADY TO do writing in on office. Coll or address 272 Abor deen-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN LADY, as housekeeper, on a moderate salary; comfortable homo. Apply at 425 Harmon-court. SITUATION WANTED—BY AN EXPERIENCED lady, writing to do at homo. Address M F, 574 Mil wankoe-av. QITUATJON WANTED—BY A YOUNG LADY, TO O give instruction and attend in a sc .vine machine office. SITUAtON WANTED—BY A YOUNG LADY iOF literary attainment* and good reader, as traveling companion to a lady, or Invalid. Would accept a position as traveling governess. Address F 93, Tribune SITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY WHO Tlloß ougbly understands the details of housekeeping, or as traveling companion. Address, for five days, F £3, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—AS GOVERNESS, BY A lady, in a gentleman’s family. Acquirement*, music, French, and drawing, and English branches. Can giro the beat reference, and have had several years’ expe rience: would like togo the seaside. Address GOVERN ESS. No. aoTvrcnt,T-nfth-fT.. __ ________ FINANCIAL. Baldwin, walker a co„ i hawley build ing, have to loan, for three year* on Chicago real es tate, 33,000. 32,00, 32.000. $1,500, SI.COJ. Southwest corner Dearborn and Madison-sta., 9 to 13, and 3 to 4. CLAIMS AGAINST KNICKERBOCKER, Illi nois, Mutual, Lamar, Groat Western, and other bankrupt Insurance companies cashed by J. N. WITH ERELL, ISO Dearborn-st. Fob sale-25 shares op stock of nation al Life Insunvnce Company of Chicago for loss, than cost, as the party Is obliged to sell. Apply to W. M. WILLNEE, Room 14, Otis Block- I WILL PAT 9 AND 3 PER CENT COMMISSION for $125,000 for 5 years; secured by first-class Inside real estate, worth twice tho amount in cash. Principals that can- furnish all or part of tho above amount will please address U 8?, Tribune office. Loans made on real estate, eTOiaMONrns, 8500 for 3U days or purchase real estate mortgages; also loans on collaterals, houses on leased ground; diamonds wanted. W. QTTAWAY, 79 Dearborn-st. VfONEY ON HAND TO LOAN ON IMPROVED AND J.U. unimproved city property. Loans perfected without i«y. J. G. McCORD A CO., 103 Dearborn-st. Money to loan on household furniture, houses, and good collateral security, at No. 143 South Olark-st., Room 5. K. WINNB. Money to loan on. city real estate, o. S. HUBBARD, Jb., 168 Washingtra-at. Money advanced at lassen’s loan of fic*;lato JACOBS4CO.,on diamonds, watches, and othsr valuables; 177 Clark-st.. corner of Monroe, Rooms. T>EAL ESTATE. COLLATERAL, AND COMMER XL cial loans made In sums of SLOW) to cur ront rates; securities bought- W. M. WXLINER, 14 Otis Block. • r LOAN-MONEY ON WAREHOUSE BECKETTS, furniture, and other good collaterals. JAMES B. STOREY. 84 and 86 LaSalle-et., Boom 25. TO LOAN-MONEY IN AMOUNTS 81.GU0 OB MORE on city real estate or Illinois farms within 100 miles. B. L. PEASE, Reaper Block. Good mortgages bought. TO LOAN-MOSSY ON CITY REAL ESTATE, 9 and 10 per cent. Can close without delay. J. H BISSELL, 4o Bryan Block. TO LOAN—SB,OOO FOE STO 6 TEARS. ’ p. COLE 4 SON. Loan Agent*, I£B Wes', iladiflon-it. TXT ANTED—TO BORROW—SS,OOO TO BE SECURED . W br first mortgage on a farm joining the City of Paxton 111.: will famish abstract and worn statement of ▼alue beingsl2,ooo. I will pay 10 per cent Interest per annum for five year*; no commiitlons: none bat pan* pal* with cash on need answer. Address r. U pox SU, Paxton, 111. _____ TirANTED—TO BORROW—§3,SOO FOR TWO YEARS W on iosldo city real estate worth double the amount. Apply at Room 21 Reaper Block, northeast corner Clark ana Washlngton-sts. Wanted— $8,000 or SIO,OOO op good real estate papar; will pay good rates. THOMAS A. mr.r., 12a Doacbom-st. WANTED— $3,500 OR $3,000 FOR 3OR 6 TEARS, on good real estate. Address F 31, Tribune office. e“HAVK“tHE FOLLOWING SUMS ON HAND to loan on real estate security: $2,500, $1,500, 81,C00. McKinnon a marsh, las ci*rk-»t. /Vi n(\f\ s2c,coo, and larger sums to loan oI.UUU oacity property. Secured notes bought, xs. PALMER, JR., Rooms 16and 17.W Washingum-su TO LOAN ON CHICAGO BEAL ESTATE DJfUUU foroyear*. at lOperceat and low commls* slon. ALFRED JAMES, southwest corner Madison and Clark-st*. . (T./1 nnn to sio.reo good Purchase money ijJO.UUU note wjutted. Addreiu O 63, Tribtino othce. fTA A/lA-WF. HAVE Tills AMOUNT TO LOAN J_U. UU U oa Inside real estate In sums to unit. J. McCORD A CO., It#Dcarbora-it. A - AAA TO LOAN IN SMALL SUMS ON bIO.UUU houses on leased land, Ac., by GEO. W. RKED A CO., No. 146La3alle-Bt. _ Fin/l nnn TO LOAN IN SUMS OF 53,000 or SIO,OOO, forfiro years, on first-class real StMoUcdTltf. IpplrU-B. H, ■'FORRESTER, Altai ney-at-Law, Metropolitan Block. >6-1 A A AAA TO LOAN ON FIRST-CLASS CITY SIOO.OOU security. P. E. SHANDREW, £5 Wasbington-st. INTOHMATION WANTED* TNFORMATION WANTED OF DANIEL D. RICU- X ards. Addmsa his cousins, RKSS and WILLIAM JONES. Sparta, 111. . TNFORMATION WANTED OF TIH CULKIN BY X his uncle, at the* Bsrae* House, corner Canal and pj«nHalph-»tS. ; TAKEN UP, mAKBN UP—A SMALL,- DARK BAY HORSE, X with-brand H. H. on rifht shoulder. Owner can have tho same by calling at o5 Wahpaaseh-av., paying charges, and cost of advertisement. FOR SAIiB. Forsale-the cheapest and best stock of Eastern baby carriages Is thocityac the Willow Ware Manufactory, No. 25S Wo it MadUoa-st. FOE SALE—cannons mounted-firearms. ammunition, liars of all kinds. Chinese lanterns, red and blue light* for illuminating, tents, wagaa-coTers.miL Itary equipment* at Government Good* Depot, 19a and Ilf? East Lake-st. I' :ToR SALE-A LARGE DIEBOLD A KIENZLB * doable-door safe, cheap. 132 South Clark-st. • F^OR's A FIRST-CLASS STOCK OF hardware, store*, and tinware at 138 Chicago-av. For sale-chf.ap-a new story and a half honso, ICx2O, to be stored by Ist of August. In quire of owner, on premises, tfJ7 Wo«t Krie-st. FOR SALE—CHEAP—2O ACRES OF GOOD HAT, road/ to cat. D. W, SANDERS, 607 Buttcrneld-st, ORSALE Za VALU Alt LE '“PATEN T, WITH large stock of tho manufactured article, or will ex* change far real estate. A fortune for a lire man. Ad dress M 100 Tribune offico. For sale second-hand microscopes, from 200 to 1,000 diameter*, at DR. JOHN PHIL* LIPS’, Optician and Oculist. Don’t forget the place, 129 Fourtn-ar.. a few door* south of Harriaon-st. Specta cle* suited by Inspection to the eye. ItOR SALK-ONE BREECH AND JIUZZLE-LOAD lag gun, No. 1; Geo. T. Abbey make: will *ell cheap. For particulars call at 679 West Madison-st. FOR SALE-A SET OF APPLETON'S' RNCYOLO* pedis. 27 volumes, sew; bound In calf; 8100 cash. Ad dress if 2, Tribune office. F~ OH SALE—aTbILLIARD TABLE IN GOOD OR dor. Apply to ALLEN A MACKEY, Monroe-st., near Slate. For sale-cheap, an ice-box and butch cr’s tools; all new. Address X % •Tribune office. I ~ HORSALE—A - LARGKSIZKD“SAFE, IN GOOD ’ condition, cheap fur cash, or in exchange for real oe tetc. 123 LaSalle-sf., Room 7. T/6k SALC-f FIRST-CLASS RAILROAD TICKET X* to Cincinnati and recura; also 3 for St, Louis, at a discount. Address M Id, Tribans office. _____ pOR SALE-A VERY FINK BLACK AND TAN J? dog; price Apply at £37 West llarrisoa-st. TOOK SA COMMERCIAL BANK JO charter; legal stains and organization unquestioned. Apply to WM. 11, SAMPSON & CO., 144 LaSallo-st., o:ia Block. • * FORSALE-TO BE MOVED BY AUG. 1, FRAMK house and bam on Indiaua-av., between Twenty-third and Twcuiy-fourth-sU. Appy to DAY 13 A PIKE, 125 Daarbom-st. FOR SALE-STATE-ST., 99 YEARS’LEASE. 23X44 feet, just oastof, Randolph; three panjr-walla: the nrnst remarkable lease in market. J. ESAIAS WAR BEN, IdChamborof Commerce. TIOR SALE-OR RENT-A FRAME BUILDING, X comer Bamtidaand Sixloauth-su.. iMsloo foot; has bean u»od for a tale stable. Can bo mod for any other purpose. Apply at 159 Eightecnth-st. FOR SALE-GOOD CHANCE—I YOUNG POINT ere. Apply at Mr. ISRAEL’S dreg store, Walsh-av. I>OR SALE—CHEAP—SSO—A SMALL HOUSE ON * leased lot. Apply to-day on premises, 167 Wca aoa-st. For sale-a no. i soda-water apparatus, suitable for a druggist or a aiuaii factory, at No. SI North Canal-at, PAUL BOUZB A CO. OR SALE—CHEAP—TWO OA3HMERB COATS; aro giving milk,-3 pints per day. At ted West Mon roo-st. J*VOB SALE-LUMBER IN BARN 80X30, TO BB , tom down. Give mo a bid. JAS, B. STOREY, 84 andbdLaSallo-st., R00m25. • For sale-saloon fixtures-first-rate counter, mirror, table*, chair*, do.. Ac., all nearly now; owner giving ap business; will soil .at a bargain. Addresa F 17, Tribune office. Fob sale-saloon counter and fixtures, cheap. Apply to WM. H. HEWITT, 343 West Twelfth-si., up-stairs. . Fob sale -one large new diebold a kien zio bank safe, double doors and burglar proof, with office furniture complete for banking business, together or separately. Apply to £. A. CLARK, 177 East Madi eon-si.. Room 9. Fob sale—we are prepared to import to ordorbrecch-loadora of Greener’s, Westley Richards’, or other best English makers, in time for fall shooting. A large variety of breech and muzzle-loaders on hand, with sporting goods of every description. BIGGS, SPENCER A CO., 235 Wabaah-av, FOB SALE-SEVERAL LARGE MIRRORS, VERY cheap, at 74 East Madison-st., Room 3. F~OR INSTRUMENT. KEY, sounder, and all complete for $5. 6SO South Hal ated-su FOR SALE—S2S, A VERY FINE BASS OR SAL mon rod, with rivd extra ttpa, and one extra second joint. BIGGS, SPENCER A CO., 335 Wabaah-av. FOB SALE-BANK COUNTER, DESKS, RAIL; all walnut; show-caso and counter, 14-foot counter and desks, all walnut, cheap. Apply to MURRAY, 189 LaSalle-st. For sale—a small black and tan ter rier dog. Prico, SSO. Apply at 425 West Hand •on-st. F' OR SALE-THREE FIRST-CLASS TICKETS TO St. Louis at a discount. Gall on Mr. FERRIS, 89 South Waior-st. - FOR SALE-NEW PATENT ICE-BOX, SUITABLE for wine business or boarding-house. SCHWEI ZER'S Restaurant. 148 South Clark-at. PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNER WANTED—A BARB OPPORTUNITY IS offered to an active business man with SIO,OOO capital, —54,000 ready money only required,—to buy the interest of a retiring partner in a safe, legitimate business, thoroughly established. Apply to WM. C. GRANT, 28 Portland Block. PARTNER WANTED—IN A LEGITIMATE AND gootool retail cash business; no credit; establish-J and pays well; good chance for an honest and earnest man; particulars at interview; references exchanged. Address D, Carrier 36. PARTNER WANTED—A YOUNG MAN IS'LOOK- for a chance to Ret into business through the in vestment of over sl,2iw cash. Addroaa L 22, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED—WITH SI,WO. IN AN Es tablished euh business paying per month.- None bat parties who are read/ for business and hare good references need apply. 127 Sonth Clark-st., Room 2i PARTNER WANTED—WITH A CAPITAL OFBI.OOO or more, to invest In watches, clocks, and jewelry) business established since 1S61). or wonld like to go in with another business already established. For fall in formation address M 12, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED-AN ACTIVE MAN. WITH froms3,oCo to $5,000, either in money or liquors, to join the subscriber in the liquor trade; I will furnish the store and trade; fifteen years’ exnerieoca in the city. Address or'apply to WILLIAM r. CARDWELL, 300 West Harrison-sL, PARTNER WANTED—A PARTY WITH A CASH capital of $5,000, to inrest in a profitable business; good references exchanged. Full particulars by sddross Ing M 10, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED—WITH SOME MONEY, IN a blacksmith shop, coracrStato and Forty-ninth-sts. One who can do wagon and buggy work.. PARTNER WANTED—A GENTLEMAN ABOUT starting in furnishing trade, wishes a lady partner. Reference given and required. Address L 23, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED-A YOUNG MAN AS PART- Jl nor in os established business: only a small capital needed. Address X 96, Tribune office. ARTNER WANTED—WITH ABOUT $7,000, TO purchase interest of a retiring partner, in a legltl mato and established business. Address for two days, M 52, Tribune office. . PARTNER WANTED—SSOO—A YOUNG GERMAN, who speaks good English; pays 100 per eont per month. 74 EastTwelfth-st. H. C. FINNEY. ■PARTNER WANTED—IN THE BOARDING AND _i_ Salo Stable, at 421 Stato-at. • PARTNER WANTED-VriTH $5,000, IN A LIGHT manufacturing business that will bear investigation. It is on iopportumty to realize from S3.UA) to $5,000 per annum to tho right parly, and la safe and permanent. Address F 37, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED—A FIRST-CLASS PHOTO graphor, who can famish 55.000 to 810.000 capital, to go kiss partner with a well-astabllshoa firm, to take charge of a gallery in connection with publishing, and carrying on a general trade in stereoscopic views, photo praphs, Ac. Address “B,” Tribune office, stating where an interview can be had. PARTNER WANTED—WITH FROM $2,000 TO $3,000 capital, to join two practical men already established In the carpenter and building business; machinery and plant In good working order; none bat those meaning business need apply. Address F 86, Tribane office. PARTNER WANTED—I WILL TAKE A MAN AS partner in grocery store that can furnish satisfactory references; purchase money. SI,OOO, port or oil down. Nice store and splendid location. More capital and help required. Address GROCERY STORE, core Carrier No. 99, City. PARTNER WANTED— AJBDSINESS MAN SAVING $3,000 or $3,000, may become a partner in a business already established, and have the chief management of the affairs. Address Q 83. Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED—A LADY AS PARTNER with anothorlady; dressmakingorotiier light busi ness. Address FlO, '1 rlbuno o/Bee. PARTNER WANTED—WITH '£B,ooo TO SIO,OOO IN to Iron manufacturing business, to take charge of office and finance!. Address G 35, Tritons office. PARTNER WANTED—IN ONE OF THE FINEST diningroom* In tho city; capital wanted about s3,Out}. Address IR4, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED—WITH $2,500 CASH, TO Es tablish a manufacturing business; goods are ready sale, and atford ICO per cent profit. For par tier tars call at 47 LaSaiic«st., Room 5. . • ■ PARTNER WANTED-A GOOD RELIABLE MAN to join mo in tho purchase of a good paying business. Capital wanted, $3,000 to 83,000. Will fnrnlah the same amount. For an interview, address F 12, Tribune'office. PARTNER WANTED—WITH A CAPITAL OP SI,OOO in the soap trade; also patent right for tala. Address Q sd, Tribune office. Partners’ wanted-two first-class prac tical business men that can furnish from $3,000 to $3,000 each, to join thr*o others in the manufacture, sale, and delusive control o! an article la Chicago and tho United States, that Isas staple as flour, has an unlimited sale, and will pay 75 per-cent net profit. Over $5,000 worth of orders already secured In Chicago. Parties only that can famish the money and mean business will please address F3lt, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED—IMMEDIATELY. MUST BE a good office-roan and have $350, Profits last month, 8427.63. 70 Eaat Madison-st., Houma 6 and 7. PARTNER WANTED-CHANCEFOR A MAN WITH SSOO. in an established business: done $7,000 busi ness last summer. Address G 74. Tribune office. MUSICAL. 1 FULL RICK-TONE ROSEWOOD 5-OCTAVfc SIE- J:x lodcon. made by Swan, for sale; in perfect order; price only $25; worth $75. 7 Eighteenth-it. A BALLET A DAVIS CONCERT GRAND PIANO, cover and stool, for sale, one-third less than cost, or will trade for ftorso and phaeton in part payment. Ad dress L 43, Tribune office, For sale-a steinway pl\no, carved legs, in perfect order; cost $625; at a bargain, PROS SERA CO., 574 State-st., cearVanßarcn-st. MAGNIFICENT CONCERT GRAND PIANO JOE sale, very low; nearly new. Address, for three days, V lO, Tribune office. - T)IANO—VERY FINE ONE, TO BE SOLD AT CON- X stablo'a sale at 1446 Pralrio-ov., where now stored, on Monday, Jane S3, at W o’clock a. na. Come for a bargain. _ TSLi.NO FOR SALE—AT A GREAT BARGAIN—6££ X octave, rosewood ease; good full tone, in goedorder. SIS Lake-st.- - - - • ‘ ' OOnn SAVED IN BUYING A PIANO OP THE «2LLUu subscriber. Instrument* first-class, and fuU7 warranted. Cali and examine them at 251 P«k-*7. J. H. WOLCOTT. MISCELLANEOUS. Abstracts copied accurately by an Ex perienced abstract maker aaJ Notary Public. at reasonable charges. D. THOMPSON, with >V, V. Boil* rin, 48 South Clark-st, Ask your grocer and druggist con Satin Starch Enamel, used by all !irs:-cla«s ho .«^s. abstract?, etc., will be copied by ad- A dressing K 35. Tribuas office. AWIDOWWISHE3THE LOAN OF .-JICO. FRONT room, with hoard, and uood security givja. Address* 012, Tribuna office. Ask your 'druggist for “dr. sykes*sure cure lerjcatarrh.” Free trial givr-n at hia office. 119 West Haadulph-«t. caras when everything wise /ails. BUSINESS-I WILITbuy AND PAY*CASH FOR baa laws chances and qoods o i all kinds at low prices. Addre**. for throe days, X a. Tribune office. EOOK3— CASH PAID FOIU.TV/JID OLD BOOKS In any quantity. CiIAPXN’b Cheap Book-Store, 2it and 235 Eart-SlnJlaos-s;. BUY WARN ER’S CHERRY-STONER. PATENTED Jan. 31, 1873. Practically *upt?r‘eda* all o'bers. To be had wholesale of WM. BLAIR «i CO.. 172, 172, and 17d Lakc-st., and principal retailors cf the trade, Retail, 15 cents. CASH PAID FOR CAST-OFF CLOTHING AND miscellaneous goods of any kind, by sending a letter to I. GKLDKH, Loan office, 864 State-st. DR. KENDUICK'S CARMfNATIVH ANODYNE is warranted to cure cholera and ch dera or money refund-id. Sold at I*s West MadLioa (up sr-in), and by dtuegute. DR. AUSTIN HAS REMOVED TO CORNER Hal'iei and Monn>o-<t*., whore calls of every des cription will bo promptly amended. DR. KENDRICK’S CARMINATIVE ANODYNE IS warranted to care chronic diarrhea, or money re funded. Sold at 143 West Madisoa-st. (up stairs), and b? druggist*. TJXPERT ACCOUNTANT-BOOKS OPENED AND xli dosed, complicated accounts adjusted; p-js'ln*; and ? -serai officowork promptly attended to. Address L 55, rlbnno office. Furniture and general .murcitandisr received and sold-at auction, by BRU.vI, SOI* A: CO., every Wednesday and Satnrday. S of fv.raitar* made at dwelling*, and stock* e.i Kitin'? *i->* many years’ experience, making cur re— i so’-*, .-.nd promptretorns,wo can give entlr* saU'f'vcU-m. BRUSH, SON A CO., Auctioneer*, 41 Soul. CTRAGEN SIE THREN. GnOClfn AND DRUGGTstT jT fur satin, starch, enamel, os In dea boston famiHen gcbrauchl. T WANT EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT i)R. JOHN A PHILLIPS has a very lar*:# aa-tortment n? Brarlllaa Pebble Spectacles for which he suits by in*pes;ioa to the eye. Don’t forget the place, I? 0 Fcurth-av., Opti cian and Oculist, a fjvf doors from Uarri-'.-rj-at. T WLSH TO IN VKSTMY TIME AND SIO,OOO IN SOME JL legitimate whole-alo ence* given, and all communications received in confi dence. Address G4, Tribune office. Ladies, if you want a good switch of real hair* frmn 32*50 to $lO, call a: tho reliable little halrstorc. Sod West MtdLon-st, ■\TOTiCE— ALL THE PARTIES INTERESTED IS IN the Chicago Boulevard A‘ldi:iaaMrScf'tt’*)srcruuaest cd to meet at 133 Blue Island-av., Tuesday evening, at 3 o’clock. TsTEW LAUNDRY AT NO. 40 WEST LAICE-ST. IN General washing done at $1 poc dozen, shirts ISM cents each. N. HANSON. STATE RIGHTS ON A PATENT STSA3I WASH ing-machiae saleable on low cash terms. Address C. W, G., Chicago Univcn.t/% rMAKE MONEY, TO SAVE MONEY. LEARN Madamo Ccstin’s self-fitting dress chart. FU»t>cla*a dressmaking. SB3 Wabaah-sv. Agents wanted. WANTED— 3-STORY FRAME HOUSE OR l.v story cottage, to bo moved; mus* be la gtv,d con dition* and on the Wost Sido. Address W. HOUSE, Tribune office. TTTANTED—TICKET OR PASS TO COLORADO. T f 183 South Clsck-st., basem.’ut. WANTED— I WANTA YOUNG SIAN AS ROOM mate, on West Madisou-st,, near Hoisted- Terms reasonable. Address M 13, Tribune office. WANTED— COTTA GS TO MOVE; Union Park preferred. Slate agj and price. Address L 43, Tribune Ty”ANTED—A WIDOW LADY. HAVING A PLEAS > V ant home, would like tho caro of two little girls. Address G 5, Tribune oiSeo. WANTED - A GOOD" HOME FOR A GIRL 6 months old; has boon raised by baud: a ploeopro ferred near llmit*« of tho dry. Address staling terms per wook or month, F 73, Tribune office. T\f ANTED - LUMBER IN EXCHANGE FOR A >V good draft borso. FURRIER BROS. 376 West Madleon-st. \\TANXED-TO BUY A GOOD SAFE. ADDRESS, VV stating price. Letter Carrier No, 6. \\fANTED^TOIUJY—A~r»IXOND-HAND TWO OR it throe barrel ico-box. Oivo eiza and location. P. O. BAUMGARTNER, Maywood, SW.. or J. A IS. Rob inson, 193 Lako-st. TTfANTED—A PARTY TO TAKE AN INTEREST l> or manufacture the best refrigerator la the world. Call at 111 South Clsrk-st., on Monday, in basement. TiXANTED—GOOb'PATENT'RKITfTH—GO<>IS*T/AN YV vassers wanted. STONE A SKINNER, 119 Dear* born-st.. Room 6. WANTED— BUSINESS OF ANY KIND TO TBAN s*ct in California by a party goin;r io San Francises, San Diego, Ac., iu a few dsy*. First-class reference* given. Address F 19, Tribune office, fITALKEB. JOB CARPENTER, ’REAR OF W YV Wabaah-av., where you can gut all kinds of work done on short notice. Houses put up with caro and at low prices. All orders promptly attsnded to. WASHING AND IRONING DONE AS REASON abIe as any place in the city. All plain clothes at $1 per dozen, leaving out dresses. Call and too us at ?>sl Btato-st.,' and we will try to pljasn you. vyANTED—WOULD LIKE A PLEASANT GEN YV tleman for room-mate, room elegantly furnished, location desirable, terms roaanuablo; rt iarcuces and famished. Call on W A H, !9S East M.-.dison-st. WANTED-GOOD STOCKS OF MERCHANDISE V I ui aut kind; *.lsOj now srul second-hand furniture, pianos, and all kinds oi household goods; al*o» h->r*o anti eipres* ';r lirhttruck at cash price, WILLIAMS, 63 Smth Uaasl-ri, SEW IK G- MACHINES. Fob sals—nearly new, American button Hole Honing Machine; cheap to the first p-.-rtoa; only 8-10. 369 West iuonroc-st. r»OR SALK-A VERY FINE GROVER A BAKER J sewing machine: latest. Improved; l>e**n in uso a few months; cost $35; will sell for $5). No. 7 Elgbroomn-sl. (‘ S rovbrTbaker’s sewing^ackines^g'en.' T oral office, I LO Stato-st,; branch office, 97J Wabtsh ar. Persons baring old Grover 4 Baker are Invited to call and so» the new improvements, and hear something to their Ladies wishing a ringer sewing machine can feccure tho services of a lady agent who will no: only give five extra attachments, out will teach r.p shirt cutting free of'charge. Call or address BROWN'S Pattern Emporium, 335 Hta:c-st. SINGER SEWING MACHINES—OFFICES OF NICH OLS A PEARSON. 144 Konttt Ilslstod-Bt. and U4 North Clark, corner Ohio, machines fold or rented on easy payment* and sewing given when required. Ma chinas repaired. SEWING MACHINES - ALL KINDS, AT HALF price, warranted. Repairing done. PERCY 4 CO., 537 West Madlson-st, Q EWING MACHINES WANTED—2O WHEELER 4 O Wilson—thsy mast hare ths latest improvements oa them—in trade for Singer’s Improved, or cash. 411 Wctt Msdison-st. Also, horse wanted. SPENCER A DALY. SINGER OFFICE, 2!5 SOUTH IIALSTED-ST. —H. J. 51ELCIIERT, Agent. Machine* sold on monthly pay ments, and rented. Open evenings. THE NEW FLORENCE SEWING MACHINE—WE call special attention to recent improvements made in the Florence, also to the new and elegant styles c* caxqs added to our list. To meet the viows of these preferring a machine feeding tho work away from tho operator, wo have mado No*. 13 and 11, whlco combina tho desirablo features to bo found in machine* madu by others, with all the peculiar excellencies of ths Florence, wit. H. SHARP A GO., General Agents, 254 State-si., Cbicago. T\F ONS AC HI N ELS. TUB YY new Improved, sold or rented on easy montniy pay ments, BURNHAM 4 FLANNERY, City Aganu, ohre 155 Statc-et. TV ANTED—PERSONS COMPETENT TO CANVASS Yf a valuable sowing-machine attachment. Emt>l->y ment profitable. Call frem 3t05 p. za., at 151 Soa.a La- Solle-st., Room 19, Otis Block. OTA WORTH OF ATTACHMENTS GIVEN A WAS* tpXU to every poraon purchasing a sewiug machine 05 253 Srato-st. INSTRUCTION. A LADY WISHES TO FIND BOARD IN A FAM ily in exchange for instruction In French and Gor man, or would take charge of a bonso during the absenen of tho owners; best references. Address il 99, Tribune office. AT S6ATERM A SKILLFULFIRST-CLASSTEACH ercao accept four more piano pup!!*; t.«c«l cultpra, £8; very best references. Address L. 29, Tribune office. /TLOG, JIG, AND SONG AND DANCE TAUGHT VJ st 207 West Madison-st., Room 31,' by WILLIAM HOMER. CHARLES HARRIS. TEACHER OF THE GUITAR and banjo, 145 Clark-st., corner of Afadhon, Room 45, A reduction of terms for the summer season. FOR SALE-$3,000 WILL BUY A FIRST-CLASS private boarding-school on the Mississippi River, near Keokuk, 11 taken soon. Highest reference. A rare bar gain. Address Dr. J. M. aNDEILSON, Montrose, la. ■INSTRUCTION IN PENMANSHIP. BOOKKEKP- J. ing, and Telegraphing, at Drew's iiurinesa College. A special els is in writing during vacation. M. Jio* OMBER will teach an evening class in telegraphing. College at 27b and 2cO West MadUon-st. M" ns. H. BDIONS’ DAY AND BOARDING • school, formerly of Thlrly-ninth-sU, Now York, will continue school until JoI/35. Young ladles can join tba French and Gorman classes; needlework taught. 460 Mlchigin-av., comer Eourtsenth-eU PROF. DELOULME, 413 WEST MADLSCN-ST., piano. vocal'culiure, singing, French, Latin, Span ish. Teaching at my rooms or pupil’s residence, bum mor tonne. ___ WAXTED-A FEW SOHOf.ARSTO TEACH PIANO. VV Chares, lo*. st U3 Thlrd-.r. Jllss. NtIXIH BECKER. TVTaSteD—IMMEDIATELY. AX IXSTI«’CTOROP“i VY Itsiisn for two Lwiios. nsliro-horn prolorrad, st IC6 Twonty-fourth-Bt. _ PSKSOHAI*. TJERSONAL—EF THE ELDER OP THE TWO i vuqdz ladies who, with their mother, reached Cai cago about Bp. m. on the 0., A. A dt. la. R. “R., Satur day evening, will »*?nd her address to the gsailcman who eat opposite them la the cars, and who auvistd thorn to take a back at the depot, she will hear of •uiucrliing to her advantage. Address T. WALLACE, Look Box 425, Milwaukee, Wis. ■PERSONAL - ANT PERSON GIVING INFOR, X mstion of the whereabouts of one Adaleoo Taylor, formerly living at 600 htate-st,, as dressmaker. will, bz leaving word whoro she can bo found at 813 West Luko-zt., , be suitably rewarded. K. H. M. PERSONAL— **MY. OLD LITTLE FRIEND” KIT- tie, whydoh[t you write, or call, as you promised.* ¥_ EKOXAL-^Ii^oirS^ENEFnVB6w*~A?TEE- wards—Soaday afternoon. North Clark—North-av, PERSONAL— IF CHARLES with this advertisement, nlcaso tend your address A A. care of Mrs; Abby. 573 wabash-av., where yon rchf' hcarofon oldandvery dear frlmd. 23XVOHCES. T\IVOR OBTAD?rfD-FEE a ITER " Scandal avoided. .Nlao years* practice in taecoum of Chicago. Addrtas P. O, Boa I£G7. Divorces and all law business attend. mm oa equiU£jo' terms, South CUrk-eU, Rooms. ONE WEST OP &izo, location.

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