Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 22, 1873, Page 16

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 22, 1873 Page 16
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14 SPECIAL LEGISLATION. A. Decision in the Indiana Axenne Horse* Hallway Case. An Opinion that Deeply Interests Stockholders. 'The case of the People v. Chicago City Rail way Company was decided by Judge Williams yesterday morning, and the decision will be read with great interest by stockholders of city pas senger railway companies, inasmuch as it virtu ally lays down the ground that such companies will not, under the new constitution, he able to obtain rights from tho Common Council, but will have in each case to get a general law. Die casein point, one of quo warranto, was brought x>n the 10th of July, 1870. A charter was granted defendant Nov. 14, 1559, authorizing It to use the streets of tho City of Chicago for the laying of their tracks upon such terms as the Common Council should prescribe. In 1864, the Company obtained authority from tho Common Council to lay a single track upon Indiana ave nue, on the conditions that it should be finished within fifteen months from the passing of the ordinance, and that the Company procure tho •consent of two-thirds of the property-owners of Indiana avenue. The grounds of forfeiture were, among others, that the Company con structed the track to Thirty-first street only, leaving a mile unconatructed, and that they tailed to got the requisite consent of the -owners. In a decision delivered by Judge Williams, about a year ago, these ob jections, as grounds of forfeiture, wore fceld to bo valid. Nov. 13, 1871, the Railroad Company procured the passage of an ordinance extending the time for the construction of the track two years, and confirming their rights to the track already laid on the avenue, and giving the right to lay a double track upon getting the sonsent of the requisite number of owners. This ordinance was cited by the defendant as evidence Df authority, and to that plea the State de murred, on tho ground that, under the new Con stitution, a special privilege could not be granted by the Legislature nor hy the Common Council, Which is & mere agent of the State. Judge Williams, as will be seen by the following de cision, agreed with this -view of the case: Demurrers to some of the replications having been Sustained, amended replications were filed, and to the original and amended replications the respondent has filed several rejoinders, and to all of the rejoinders a demurrer has been filed. The first amended replica* lien set up tho failure of respondents to obtain the consent ox the requisite number of property-owners on Indians avenue before constructing its track. The wecond amended replication sets up the failure to etcuro such consent within fifteen months from the passage of the ordinance. The third amended repli cation avers that respondent did not complete tte road within fifteen months, but only a small part thereof is yet completed. The eighth amended replication sets up the failure of defendant to obtain the consent of tho requisite number of property-holders on Eighteenth street. Tho sixth original replication alleges the failure of defendant to keep its tracks in the condition prescrib ed by the ordinance, but permitted them to be so laid las to obstruct travel, Ac. Tho first rejoinder to the first, second, and eighth amended, and the sixth orig inal, replications, takes issue upon the facts stated in such replications, and is well pleaded, and the demur rer should be overruled. The second rejoinder to each of the replications sets up tho passage of an ordinance 3n the 13th of November. 1371, amending and modify ing the ordinance of 1864, by extending the time for the construction of the road onlndlanaavennefortwo years from the passage of the ordinance in 1871, and confirming the right of defendant to maintain and use •its existing tracks for the time mentioned in the ordinance, and further granting to it tho right to construct and operate a double ’track upon Indiana avenuo upon certain conditions ■which were accepted by defendant, and due notice given to the city. The third rejoinder to the second amended replica tion eels up the obtaining by the defendant of the con cent of the requisite number of property-holders after the expiration of tho fifteen months before the com mencement of this suit. The third rejoinder to the sixth replication denies the cxistoncs of an ordinance compelling the respon dent to keep Its tracks in such a condition that they should not be elevated above the streets bo that vehi cles could easily and freely the track, Ac. The thirl rejoinder to the eighth amended ■mpUcation set e up tho obtaining of the consent of the Srcniaite number of property-holders on Eighteenth Knreet, after the laying down of the track. y The second rejoinder of each of the replications pre sents the question whether the Constitution of 1870 pro hiblts the City of Chicago from granting to defendant any further or other franchises than such as it pos sessed prior to the adoption of the Constitution. A full discussion of this question would consume more time than X can devote to it. I will indicate my conclusions without referring to any of the adjudged cases. If the present suit can be maintained at all, it must be for the reason that defendant, by its omis sions cr commissions,has forfeited some portion of its franchises. If there has been such a forfeiture It only be waived by the State. The Common Council of the dty cannot waive it. The rejoinders, therefore, do not show a waiver by the passage of tho ordinance of 4871. Nor do I think that If the franchises of the de fendant have been to any extent forfeited any new grant of power by the Common Council can -be made to It which would have the effect to restore it to its po sition before such forfeiture. The City of Chicago is a corporation, existing for the purposes of municipal government. It is subordinate IS-the Legislature which gave it its legal existence. It can possess no greater power than its principal. It has dot been granted the right to legislate for all future time, Independent of the General Aasemhiy and the State Constitution. When the city bu passed ordinances in compliance with existing laws, and rights have become vested un der such ordinances, the persons possessed of cuch rights cannot bo deprived of them by subsequent legislation. But the power of future legislation upon the part of the Common Council la subject to limita tion or abolition by the superior will of the State, whether expressed in laws or in constitutions. It cannot be admitted that the General Assembly haa granted to the Common Council powers as to future legislation which It could not Itself possess. If the principal and superior Is liable to limitations of . power by constitutional provisions, the agent subordinate must be liable to the same limitations. If thia is not so then the superior power of the State inheres not in the whole body of the people, but it has been in part merged in a fractional part of that body, in the Com mon Council of the City of Chicago. In that event the General Assembly has created a body not only as powerful as itself, but it has freed the object of its creation from the control to which it was Itself subject. I think it must be granted that the power of future legislation by a municipal cor poration must for every purpose be held subordinated to the supremo will of the State, whether expressed In laws or in its constitution. By tho Constitution of 1870, the General Assembly was expressly prohibited from amending by special law any existing railroad charter, so as to give to any corporation or individual the right to lay down railroad tracks, and from granting to it any special or exclu sive privilege, annunity, or franchise whatever. I think that this limitation as to future legislation upon the superior (the General Assembly) was also a limitation upon its subordinate (the Common Council), A con trary doctrine carried out to its legitimate conclusion would be fraught with tremendous consequences. In this particular case, where the charter of the defend ant exists for some eighty years, it would give to the Common Cpimdl of Chicago for all that time the pow er by ordinance to grant special franchises to tho de fendant throughout the city, as it now exists or may hereafter be extended during the existence of defend ant’s charter. And yet, no one doubts that the Legis lature of the State is prohibited from any such exer cise of power. I do not thtnir therefore, the ordinance of 1871 is valid. The demurrers to the sec ond rejoinder to all the replications will therefore be sustained. The third rejoinder to the second amended replica tion is bad. If- there was a forfeiture thou, after U had once assumed, the City of Chicago had no power to watTfl it The demurrer to this rejoinder will there fore be sustained. The demurrer to the third rejoinder to the eighth amended replication will be sustained. A. forfeiture could not be waived by the owners of the property fronting cn the street. The first rejolnderto the third amended replication and the third rejoinder to the sixth original replica tion are good. The demurrer to these will be over ruled. MAYORS' PORTRAITS. To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune Sts: Every city has, or should have, a great pride in preserving authentic records of its past history. Commencing her life as a city with some 4,000 inhabitants, in May, 1837, —only thirty-six year? ago,—Chicago has not had time to make much history; and yet so rapid has been her growth in wealth and population that, meagre as it confessedly is, her citizens have scarcely had time to note down the facts of that history for the benefit of future ages. Xn one respect, previous to the fire, Chicago had the advantage probably of every other con siderable dty in the world. She had a portrait of every Mayor who had ever presided over her destinies. That gallery in the Council Chamber, already so interesting and so valuable, was totally destroyed by our great fire. If im mediate action is taken by the Common Council, it could probably be restored, for doubtless copies of pictures of those who have passed away could be obtained, and the million of people who are soon to live in Chicago could loornpon the fftces of all those who hare boon our Chief Mag istrates. I presume some one of our beat artiata would bo glad to restore the entire gallery, sa as trni-te arc only twenty in all, for, eay, $4,000. Die names of the Mayors—those that are dead being marked with a * —are as follows : William B. Ogden, 1837; D, 8. Morris, 1833 ;B. W. Raymond, 1839, 1843: A. Lloyd,* 1840; P. C. Sherman,* 1841, 1802, ’ll, ’4 ; Augustus Garrett,* 1843, '4, *5 ; John P, Chapin,* 1848 { James Curtiss,* 184T, 1850 ; James H. Woodworth,* 1848, *9; W. B, Gumeo, 1851, *2; O, M. Gray, 1853: J. L. Mlllikon, 1854; L. D. Boone, 1855; Thomas Dyer,* 1850 ; John Wentworth, 1857, 1860 1 John O. Haines, 1858, *9 ; J. 8. Bumsoy, 1861; John B. nice, 1865, J 6, *7, *8; R. B. Mason, 1869, •70, ’1; J. Mcdill, 1872, ’3. Of the twenty Mayors, thirteen are still living, and of course would willingly sit for their por traits for tb* city. I venture tho assertion that in no way could so email a sum contribute so much to the gratification, and secure so much of the gratitude, of those who ore to come after us. Probably no city in tho world, of 400.000 people, has, or can get, portraits of all the Mayors who have presided over it. I trust the Council will, at their next meeting, unanimously add the needed amount to the appropriations for the coming year. Several of those now living may pass away before many months. Hence tho subject admits of no delay, if a thing so desira ble is to be accomplished. An Old Citizen. THE CITY IK BRIEF. The County Clerk issued forty-two marriage licenses yesterday. Tho Decoration Committees will meet in tho Pacific Hotel to-morrow evening. The Board of Managers of tho Newsboys, and Bootblacks’ Home did no business yesterday, because there was no quorum. Erin’s Hop© Temperance Society will meet at Wail’s Hall, comer of Adams and Hoisted streets, at 2 o'clock this afterpoon. The Police Captain at Hyde Park has in his keeping a single harness, supposed to have been stolen, and for whicn an owner is wanted. Tho Cambrian Benevolent Society will meet Tuesday evening in the Welsh Presbyterian Church, comer of Sangamon and Monroe streets. No entries trill be received for the Dexter Park meeting Jator than Tuesday. Mr. Gage will receive the last of them at 9 (/clock on that evening at tho Grand Pacific Hotel. The Board of Public Works yesterday opened bids for painting several of tho bridges, and furnishing lumbar for the use of tho street de partment. Neither contract was awarded. A strawberry and ice cream festival, for the benefit of the Jewish Hospital, will be given by the ladies of tho Hebrew Benevolent Society, at Standard Hall, Wednesday evening. A meeting of the West Side Pastors’ Associa tion will be held at 9 o’clock to-morrow morning in the lecture-room of the Third Presbyterian Church. Important business will bo transacted. The Union Catholic Library Association will give a picnic, July 4, at Tracy’s Grove, and the Committee of Arrangements will meet in tho hall corner of State and Monroe streets this af ternoon to talk over the matter. Calling and carriage dresses for New York ladles are of white barege, and very stylish. They are made up all white, but are more be coming corded wxth brown, blue, or gray. The suits are very cool, and do not soil easily. Complaints are made that the South Side Rail road Company run no earn on Archer avenue from 9:30 to 11:15 o’clock at night, and that there is no car on this route later than that hoar. Mr. Holmes’ attention is called to this fact, if it is a fact. In tho Wabash Avenue M. E. Church, Tuesday evening next, there will be a festival for the benefit of the Sabbath-school. Among the at tractions will be an express office in charge of ladles, a Kebecca’s well, and strawberries • 4 smothered in crame.” Members of the United Sons of Erin Benevo lent Society are called upon to meet at their hall on West Twelfth street, at 1 o’clock this after noon, to participate In the ceremony of laying tho comer-iitone of St. Stanislaus Church, cor ner of Luke and John streets. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday even ings there will be a grand festival given by lady friends of the Boman Catholic Temperance Society, at Klare’s Hall, No. 70 and 72 North Clark street, at which a pleasant time is antici pated. Good music in attendance, furnished by Nevans A Dean’s band. The Board of Public Works issued the follow ing building permits yesterday: A. Heller, 2- story and basement brick, 20x50 feet, No. 112 Sherman street; Begins Kirchner, 3-story and basement brick, 24xti0 feet; No. 90 Archer ave nue ; A. H. Castle, 2-story and basement brick, 24x18 feet, rear of No. 202 Park avenue. So frequent have been the depredations of burglars at Englewood, recently, that the in habitants of that suburb are clamoring lor a night patrol. Householders are bringing their silver-ware into the city for safe-keeping, and arming themselves with revolvers, bludgeons, bowieknives, blunderbusses, and shot-guns. The Committee of Arrangements for the mass meeting of Irish temperance societies to repudi ate Aid. McGrath will call a moetingon Sunday evening neet, at Father Mathew HalL This meeting promises to be an important event, and mar decidg upon which side the Irish citizens mil stand In tho coming municipal election. Mr. Charles Boding has the acknowledgements of the city editor of a handsome bouquet of roses from the Humboldt Pork Nursery. The growth of these charming flowers ia quite a fea ture of the parka. One can wander over Messrs. Sullivan & McClure’s lota and pick them up as freely as real estate at Washington Heights. Lo, the waste places blossom with tho rose. The commencement exercises of the Universi ty of Chicago will take place this week as fol lows: Monday, 7;45 p. m. f Second Baptist Church, corner Morgan and Monroe streets, Freshmen’s declamations for tho Keen prize; Wednesday, 2:30 p. m., class day exercises Uni versity grounds; 7:45 p. zn., Junior exhibition, Michigan Avenue Baptist Church; Thursday, 11 a. m.. commoncomen exercises, Michigan Ave nue Baptist Church. Tho exercises of tho twenty-ninth annual com mencement of the University of Nortre Dame, Ind., and St. Mary's Academy will take place on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week. A large delegation of the parents and friends of the students from this city is expected to be present. Mr. J. J. Fitagibbon, editor of the Western Catholic, of this city, will deliver tho annual address before the Alumni of the Uni versity, of which he is a graduate, on Thursday evening. The Western Catholic at this week comes out under the management of a new editor, Mr. John J. Fitzgibbon, and'the issue is one of the best that haa appeared. Hr. Fitzgibbon was educated at Notre Dame University, where he took a degree and where he will, during the commencement to take place this week, deliver the oration, an honor eagerly sought by the Alumni. To his editorial duties Mr. Fitzgibbou will bring a mind stored with theological and general information, and under his management the Western Catholic promises to increase its circulation and influence. The attaches of the manufacturers’ National Bank came to the conclusion that the marriage of Mr. M. H. Jamieson, Bedeving Teller of the bank,to Mias Daniels, daughter of W. Y. Dan iels. Esq., wae an excellent opportunity to let that popular gentleman have an evidence of their good will. They accordingly pre sented him on Friday evening with an elegant French clock as a wedding present. Pleasant remarks upon the occasion were made with characteristic grace by Messrs. Caleb Bar ratt, George Eobart Quin, and Walter Mills, and a general good time indulged by everybody. The other gentlemen in that bank are seriously contemplating matrimony. A beneficiary concert will be given in the first Baptist Church on the evening of the Ist prox., under the direction of Mr. C. A. Havens, organ ist of the church. An excellent programme baa been arranged, embracing a variety of talent that cannot fail riohlyto entertain lovers of good music. In the instiumentalparta, Mr, Havens will be assisted by Mr. L V. Flagler, organist of Plymouth Church, and Mr. Emil Liooling, an eminent pianist. The vocal numbers will bo rendered by Mrs. Havens, soprano ; Mr. James Gill,, baritone ; Mr. G. O. Stebbins, tenor, and several singers from the church choir, including the famous male quartette that created such en thusiasm at the recent State Sunday-School Con vention in Springfield. Yesterday an officer of the Humane Society arrested a man by the name of D. Kent, employ ed at James Tamer’s packing-house, for gross cruelty to an animal. He hod lassoed on ox, but the rope got entangled around the legs of an other animal, and the first one was unable to move along. Kent got angry, took up a sledge hammer, and began besting the animal over the bock and head. Then be struck it on the legs and broke one of them, and kept on abusing the heiplees creature till it was dead. He was brought before Justice Scully, who fined him $25, and informed him that but for his youth he should hare imposed the fall penalty of the law. - THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: SUNDAY, JUNE 22, 1873. LITTLE NELL’S ABSENCE. The Indefatigable Moran Still on the TFar-Path* Did Charlotte M. Blake Spirit Little Kell Away f The end of the Ellen Kennedy case is not yet. The writ of habeas corpus was duly served upon a number of the ladies connected with the Or phan Asylum, and some of them returned answer thereto, and others did not do so. The nature of such answers as were made has already been published. Dio respondents denied all knowledge of tho whereabouts of the child. This failed to satisfy Mr. Moran, tho indefatigable counsel for the petitioner, and in the Circuit Court he yesterday filed the following answer to the answers. Two of the ladies upon whom the writ of habeas corpus was served have not filed answers. One of these, a Mrs. Fuller, makes no answer, and says nothing about the cause of her not doing so, while a Mrs. Henry Sayers denies having hod the writ served upon her, the fact being, according to the bailiff intrusted with tho serving, that on calling upon Mrs. Sayers, a servant denied him admission, on the gronnd of the sickness of her mistress. Mr. Moran intends, aa soon as pos sible, to hare another hearing of the case, when be will examine all the ladies in the establish ment with a view of elucidating, if possible, what still remains a profound secret. In the event of its ever becoming apparent that little Kellie was really spirited away, a glorious exception . will be discovered to an old rule, and it will be admitted that, whatever the failings of the fair sox in general, Chicago women, at least, can ioep a secret. The following is the document filed in the case yeslorday: The people of the State of HI mote, on the relation of WUIUm Weadley, y, Mts. Henry Sayers et ah: And now cornea tho said relator. William Weadley. and Bays tiiat tho several returns to the said writ herein filed by Mrs. F. W. B. Brawley, Mrs. Bonham, and Mrs. Ben nstt Botaford, respectively, are evasive, unsatisfactory, and insufficient, In this, that said aeyeral returns do -art state oil the facts within the knowledge of the said respective respondents aa to the custody and where abouts of the said Ellen Kennedy, aa the relator is in formed and believes, and to show to the Court the in sufficiency of said returns, and for traverse of any conclusion to ho therefrom drawn in favor of said respondents, relator states that he was duty appointed guardian of said Ellen Kennedy on the 7th day of Jane, 1873, by the County Court of Cook County. That at the time of his said appointment said Ellen Kennedy was confined in the Chicago Orphan Asylum. That at the time of his ajw plication for said letters of guardianship to said Coun ty Court as aforesaid, the attorney of said Chicago Or phan Asylum appeared in court and then and there opposed hia said appointment. That at the time of said appointment the said respondents, Mrs. F. W. S. Brawley and Mrs. Bennett Botaford, were officers, and stiU are officers of said Orphan Asylum. Thai said respondent, Mrs, Benham, was then an employe of said institution, in general charge and control of the children therein, and that she still is an employe of said Asylum. Th;;t the respondents, aa wefi as the other officers and employes of said Asylum, had notice that relator was about to apply for the custody of said Hllen Kennedy by writ of habeas corpus. That said Ellen Kennedy remained confined in sold Orphan Asylum during said 7th day of June, and during Sunday, the Bth day of June, and until a late hour in the night of Sunday. That said respondent, Mrs. daring said night was in chief control of the employes and. children in such Orphan Asylum. That said Ellen, as relator is informed and believes, wsa last seen at said Orphan Asylum in the charge and company .of one Charlotte M. Blake, who was a servant or employe of said Asylum, under the control and direction of the officers thereof, and under the direction of said respondenCMrs. Benham. That re Is tor has been unable by diligent inquiry to leam anything of said Ellen's whereabouts since she was so seen in charge and custody of said Charlotte M. Blake. That said Charlotte ml Blake la still in the employ and under the direction of the re spondents, Mrs. Brawley and Mrs. Botaford, conjoint ly with the other members of the Board of Directors. That said Charlotte M. Blake left the City of Chicago on said Sunday night, as relator is informed, and that she still remains absent from the City of Chicago, and In the employ and service of said Asylum, and that she could not be found by the Sheriff to serve the said writ upon her. And relator farther states that said Ellon Kennedy was spirited away from said Asylum on said Sunday night for the purpose! of keeping her from the custody of relator, and of avoiding the writ in this case issued, and that she was so spirited away by some person in that regard, acting with the knowledge and consent, and. at the time, under tho immediate control and direction of said respondent, Mrs. Benham, and also with the knowledge and approbation of the said respondents, Mrs. Brawley and Mrs. Botaford. conjointly with the other Directresses of said institution. And relator farther states that he is informed and believes, and charges the fact to be, that the said Ellen Kennedy is now in the custody ox some person who hold! her with the consent and knowledge and under the direction of said respondents, or either or all of them, conjointly with the other officers and employes of said Institu tion ; and that said Ellen -is now in the knowledge, and, constructively, in the power, possession, and con trol of said respondents. "Wiluam Wold let. By F, A Moran, his attorney. THE BISMARCK BUND. The Bismarck Bund, one of the largest Ger man benevolent organizations in the United States, and certainly the most extensive in the Northwest, held its annual Convention yesterday afternoon in tho hall of tho Bund, at the comer of Washington street and Fifth avenue. Tho Convention was called to order by the President of the Bundesrath, Mr. Louis Schneider, from St. Louis, who congratulated the members on the flourishing condition of their association, and the great increase in cap ital and membership. Mr, Nettolhorst, of the Tentonia Life Inr’Lr ance Company of Chicago, acted as Secretary. The chief business of the Convention, the election of new officers for the ensuing year, was next performed. The result of the elec tion was os follows; President—Q. B. LUens, Indianapolis. First Vice-President —August Weiss, Omaha. Second Vice-President —P. Bisdom, East St. Louis. Recording Secretary —Hugo Kreutzer, Evansville, Ipd. Corresponding Secretary —E. Ludwig, Winona. The Convention then considered several amendments to the Constitution ,and adjourned To-day a great festival and picnic will be held at Ogden's Grove, in which all the delegates from other cities and the Chicago members of tho Bismarck Bund, numbering .over 2,000, will participate. PERSONAL. Maj. Safely, lowa, is at the Sherman. Dr. Scott, Oswego, is at the Matteson. Smith Briggs, Albany, is at the Gardner. Judge Caton, Ottawa, is at the Gardner. H. Flichoy, Paris, is at the Grand Pacific. J. N. Palmer, U. S. A., is at the Sherman. Gen. Fitz-Henry Warren is at tho Gardner. Nicholas DeGralf, St. Paul, is at the Sherman. Antongini and Savio, Italy, are at the Sher man. The Hou. L S. Kalloch, Kansas, is at the Mat- teson. Lieut.-CoL Weaver, England, is at the Grand Pacific. Capel Wodohouse, Eoyal Navy, is at the Grand Pacino. Tho Hon. John H. Gear, Burlington, is at the Gardner. The Hon. O. H. Smith, Philadelphia, is at the Sherman. The Bev. S. Coleman, Pennsylvania, is at the Sherman. Dr. S. G. Bisloy, Bockvillo, Conn., is at the Sherman. The Hon. George W. Wall, Dubuque, is at the Grand Pacific The Hon. James F. Wilson was at the Sher man yesterday. The Hon, Judge Lowry, of Fort Wavne, is at the Gault House. Col. L. W. Sanford, of Ohio, is stopping at the West Side Briggs. 8 William B. Hanscome, of LaCroese, is at the West Side Briggs. The Hon. William L. Hearn, of Wheeling, is at the West Side Briggs. The Hon. John O’Neil and wife, Zanesville, 0., are at the Gardner. F. W. Lyman, Milwaukee 4 St. Pan! Railroad, is at the West Side Briggs House. Hr. Q. E. Bteyens, of Omaha, la taking his ease at his inn—the Gault House. The Hon. S. M. Cullom aud family. Spring field, are at the Grand Pacific. CoLElwood Evans, of Olympia, W. T.. Is among the prominent arrivals at the West Side Briggs House. The Hou. James G, Blaine, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and party, ore ex pected at the Grand Pacific to-day. 1 GeorgeiN. Carpenter, Superintendent at the Christian union* has resigned his position to accept the Secretaryship at a manufacturing company of this city. He is still a strong friend of the' union, and remains a Director of it. Prof, J; O. Freeman, of the Chicago Universi ty, will deliver the oration at the Michigan Uni versity commencement on Tuesday. The Horn A. O. Dodge, of lowa, ei-TTnited States Senator, mid ex-Minister to Spain, and his wife, are spending a few days in the city with their friends at No. 120 Calumet avenue. Among those at the Ganlt Eonse are Martin Allison, Freeport; P. M. Carroll, Salina, Kansas; William Bobertson, San Francisco; T. M. Fin ney, Madison, Wls.; L. G. Graff, Pittsburgh; James Comfort, San Francisco. . Hr. P, H. Tansoy trill, in tho latter end of the ensuing week, forward to Hcadford, Ireland, tho sum of £2O, the proceeds of Instate lecture de livered at Bridgeport for tho purpose of assist ing in the erection of a monument to tho, late Father Conway, , Among the arrivals at tho Gardner yesterday, were the following: George H. Wilkes and wife, OaCsda; Lottie Borsll, Alfred Mothe, Switzer land ; Sidney Shepard, Milwaukee; B. F. Hull, Manchester; W. D. Judson, New Haven; James B. Hoth, St. Louis ; Alfred Jones and wife, New Orleans; G. E. Garloek, Now York. At a meeting of the Jndgee of the Olronit Court of Cook County, elected on the 2d day of Jane, 1873, and commissioned by tho Governor on the IGth day of June met., there were present all five newly-elected Judges. It was decided that W. W. Farwell bo Chief of said Court. Tho Judges also decided that the midsummer vaca tion shall begin at the close of the June term and end at the opening of the September term. Among the arrivals at the Sherman yesterday were the following : W. G. Benedict, Boston ; George Paneost, New York ; J. J. Walworth, Boeton; CoL William Crooks, St. Paul; Charles B. .Pendleton, (Here land; Z. W. Dppercn and wife, Boston; Henry Dee Arts, Hamburg, Ger many; J. W. Meeks, Jr., Dresden; B. J. Ar

nold, Texas. Among the snivels at the Grand Pacific yes terday were the following; C. H. Stokes, Phila delphia; D. 8. Lenigan, Youngstown, O.; W. F. Long, Public liccord, Philadelphia: Bennett Hitchcock, Now Orleans; J. A. Thatcher, Cen tral City, OoL; H. N. Alien, Leavenworth; Wm. Oaiy, Salt Lake City; 8. W. Pollock, XT. S. A.; W. O. Tibbets, Boeton; E. B. Oolhman, V. 8. N.; M. B. Kent, Arkansas; Peter White, Marquette; J. W. Milner, Washington. How a Pmte Prisoner Forced tbo Sol dier* to Kill Him* J'VcTTn the San FrancUeo Chronicle, The Piute prisoner, named Tom, who was brought by Sergeant Sheehan from Camp 11c- Uormit, Nevad*, last Thursday, and taken to Alcatraz Island on the succeeding day, was sum marily executed by the soldiers on Saturday morning. This Tom brought with him to the island a venr bad character. Some six months ago he killed another Indian of his tribe, and was captured by his own people and turned over to the military authorities at Camp Mc- Bermit for punishment. They confined him in the guard-house at the camp, and reported the case to the authorities at Washington. In structions were sent hack to torn the murderer oyer to the civil auihoritiee of Nevada- for trial, but the civil authorities refused to receive him. Thus the matter stood for acme time, during which the redskin, confined in a small guard house, nined for liberty. His health began to fail, ana a surgeon's certificate to that effect having been forwarded to Washington, it was ordered that he be transferred to Alcatraz until the question as to who should punish him for his crime should be settled. Ml Also confined at Alcatraz is an Apache Indian, Qniwhatanava by name. The new comer waa duly presented to his brother of the forest and honored with an intodnetion. The noble red man from the wilds of Arizona enrreyed the Pinto from head to foot, and, with a contemptu ous grunt, turned hia bach npon Tom, and re used to have anything to do with hfan. This fppeared to hart Tom’s feelings, and he became moody and sullen. The next day he waa per mitted to leave the guard-house, and go where he waa pleased about the island. He waa seen seated on a rock near the wator’e edge for eome time. Near this spot' waa a pile of bricks. One of the guard passed by him, and the moment he had got by him and his book waa turned, Tom Jumped, with cat-like agility, and, seizing a brick, struck the soldier on the hack of tha head, felling him to the ground, and inflicting a severe wound. Tom grabbed bnck after brick and threw them at the prostrate man. A sentinel was pacing hie beat a short distance away, and witnessed the as sault. The soldier ran toward the Indian, and, leveling hie gnn, commanded him to stop. Tom paid no heed to the command, and the soldier fired over the Indian's hesd. This did not bring the redskin to terms, hat alarmed the guard, and several of them cams rushing to the scene. Tom's blood was np, and he meant fight. Ha kept on picking np bricks and throwing thorn at the soldiers. Several of the'soldiers fired toward the Indian, expecting to frighten him into surrendering, hot without avail. Finally they commenced to aim a little closer, and Bereral balls struck the Indian. Even after being bit he continued on the aggressive, and only yielded when a ball struck him in the ab domen. He then sank to the ground, and in abont an hoar yielded ap his warlike spirit. It was found that six ballets had taken effect, —two in the arms, two in the legs, one in t u s hip, and the fatal shot in the abdomen. —Only $19,000 have, tip to date, boon paid the architects and engineers of the Central Ohio Lunatic Asylum. This is a small sum where the building is a mile in circumference. —Cincinnati Commercial. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. New fork Financial News* Nsw Yo&s, Jane TL—Money was easy at 3 to 3 per cent. Sterling firm at 109# for sixty days, and HO# for prime. A large transaction In foreign exchange waa reported this afternoon. Customs receipts, $217,000. Gold was steady all day at Loans, 1 to 4 per cent for carrying. Clearings, $52,000,000. The Assistant Treasurer disbursed $85,000. Governments were quiet and firm. State bonds ruled doll. Stocks bare been strong all day, with Union Pacific and Lake Bhorq as the features. The former advadeed from 23# to 25, and. the latter from 91# to 93#. The strength of the market was generally attributed to . the' ! covering of . short contracts. The market doeed steady, at a alight reaction from the highest point of the day. The Commercial says that, ** * meeting of the Pacific Mail Directors yesterday,- ft was agreed to issue three millions of bonds (o run ten vean, the proceeds to bo applied to the payment of Ins steamers now in process of con* structlon. It is understood that not mors than two and ahalf million will be marketed, at shoot 90 per cent. Sterling, 109. * __ orr bonus. Coupons *B7. 120# Coupons, 63 120 10-408 .112# Currency f15..........114# New 5a... lU# BONUS. .121# .115# .115# .117# .119# Coupons, *81....... 6-208 of *62 Coupons, *64 ..... Coupons, Coupons, *65 (new). STATX Missouri*...; 95# Tennessee*, old 79 Tennessee*, n0w......78# Virginias, sew .60 Virginias, old *3 North Carolina*, 01d..37# North Carolines, STOCKS. 81 Paul pfd 71# Wabash .. 68# Wabash pfd 80 Fort Wayne 94 Terre Haute. 15 Terre Haute pfd,.... 40 Chicago & A1t0n.....109 Chicago & Alton pfd. 110 Ohio A Mississippi.. 38V c, a & 0 86 Canton....'..*..' 86 Western Union 85# Qaickiilrer S3 Adams Express 93% We11*Farg0......... 83 American Expren... 61 United States Ex.... 71 Pacific M&U 38% New York Central.. .101% Erie 63% c 7, B. k Q.\\\V, V. V. \IQS Lake Shore 92?< Indians Central. 27% Illinois Central 104 Union Pacific stocks. 24*/ Union Pacific bonds. 86*1 Central Pacific bonds.lo2% Del. Lock, fc Western. 90% Hartford k Erie 3% Erie pfd 73 ; Harlem, ex-dlr ~135 Harlom pfd 130 Michigan Central.... 98 Pittsburgh.... .87* Northwestern „ 73* Northwestern pfd.,.. 83* Bock Island.: .......109 K. J. Central 105* St. Panl.,».., M< 61* The ffew York Produce market* to Yoiuc, Jane 21.—Coxtoh—Quiet; middling up land, 31c, BEtADrrtrrr®—Plour doll and lower; receipt*, 14,000 brls ; superfine We*tern end State, $4.7505.00; com mon to good extra, $5.0006.80; good to choice do, $6.3507.10: white wheat extra, $7.0008.90; Ohio, $6.30 08.75; St, Louis, $6.60010.75. Eye flour dull enH declining. et $4.7505.60. Corn zneel steady ; Western, $3.3003.40. Wheat lower; receipts, 1X4,000 bu ; rejected spring. $1,200 1.29; No. 3 spring, $1.3601.87 ; No. 3 Chicago, $1.4501.46; No. 3 Milwaukee, $1,50 ; No. 1 do, $1.53. •Eye, barley, and melt unchanged. Com steady ; re ceipts, 08,000 bn; new steamer mixed Western, 430 530; selected, 40045 c; old mixed Western, 64c; yel low, 00065 c; white, 65c: prime shipping Western mixed, 67c, for August delivery, Oats e shade better, with fair inquiry. * Whjsxt—Steady; W^c. Eooe—Dull and unchanged. Hat—Dull end beery. Hors—Dull end unchanged. Wool. —Steady and unchanged. Oaocxxzxa—Coffee and sugar quiet and unchanged. PmonsTU—Doll and lower: crude, 8c; refined. Iteady at 45^c. Pkotkorb Pork don and lower; new mess, for June, $16.40; caah, $16.50. Beef and cut meats dull and unchanged. Middles doll; Jong clear, BVO ; abort clear, B>tf(&d£e, Lard weak : Western eUxm, 8X«8 L 5-16; kotUo. »0D Vc. . and unchanged. ATTCTIONSAUES, By ELiISON & FOSTER. CnMONDAY MORNING, June 23, at 10 o’clock. Wifi WILL SELL AT AUOTIOBT, AT 375 STATE-ST., Tho entiro furniture and fixtures of a hat ind cap itcre. .. ELISON A FOSTER, Auctioneers. FIVE LOTS OH SEHRTLEFF-AT., Bet. Twenty-ninth and TMrtieth-sts., A. T AtTOTION, ON TUESDAY AFTERNOON, JUNE 24, At 3 o'clock, on the ground. Seine Lots M, 25, 26, S3, and 83; 21 foot front by 125 foot deep, to » Ifr-foot alley. Title perfect. Terme—One fourth Oftsb, balance 1, 2, and 3 years, with 8 per cent in terest. Those Lots are altaatod only five blocks west of Btato-ei., In a thickly-settled portion of tho city, and are Valuable for residence purposes. Persons attending the sale can take tho titato-st. Cars to Thirtloth-st., which is only a few minales* walk from the property. ELISON & FOSTER. Auctioneers. HOUSE AND LOT, 527 Wentworth-av., Between Twenty-ninth and Thirfdeth-sta., .A.T AXTCTXON, On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. Juno 34, at 3M o’clock, on tho promise*. Lot 25 by 135, with two-story frame house. Bent* for S4O a month. Terms, K cash; pur chaser to aasumo a mortgage of $1,300, flue October, 1814, at 10 per cent interest, and balance in 1 and 3 yean, with 8 per cent interest. Title perfoc t. ELIbON A FOSTER, Auctioneer!. First Great Sale, BY AUCTION, FIVE ACRES, TO BE SOLD IN LOTS, On Tuesday Afternoon, July 1, At 3 o’clock, on the Ground, SITUATED NEAE THE MTHTESTESK CAE fOEKS, Being Block 4 in Morton’s Subdivi sion, E. 1-2 of the N. W. 1-4 of Sec tion U, Town 39, North of Range 13, East. Eleven lots, fronting north on Ohicago-av. Thirteen lots, front ing west on Hamlin-av. Thirteen lota, fronting east onEidgoway-av., and eleven lots, fronting south on West Huron-st., only two blocks dis tant from Central Park and the great improvements of the Northwestern Oar Works, less than two minutes’ walk from the Central Park Depot. These lots are situated in a part of the city where property is rapidly advancing, and no better opportuni ty will ever be offered to secure a pleasant home at your own price. TERMS OP SALE—I-4 cash, bal ance in 1, 2, and 3 years, with 8 per cent interest. Title perfect. Printed abstracts will be furnished each purchaser. A SPECIAL FREE TRAIN of cars will start from Wells-st. depot at 2 o’clock p. m. on day of sale, stop ping at Halsted-st. and Park Station, and return at 5 o’clock p. m., for the convenience of those desiring to attend the sale. A mammoth tent will be erected on the ground for the comfort of all present. Plats and information furnished by ELISd & FOSTER, Auctioneers, B7 MTAHKET-ST. By TAYLOR & HARRISON. AUCTION SALE OP Grocery Stock and Fixtures, at store No. 43 West Van Bnron-it-, Tuesday, June 24, at 10 o'clock, a. m., the entire flock consisting of sugars, teas, coffees, spices, simps, extracts, soaps, candles, oils, etc., etc. The fixtures comprise show eases, counters, shelving, desks, scales, awning, etc., etc. The lease can also be bought at the same time. Sale peremptory. Terms cash. TAYLOR A HARRISON. Auctioneers. Special and Attractive Sale DSY GOODS, CLOTHING, &C„ WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, June 25 and 25, at 9# o’clock. Fresh lot Swiss Mulls and Victoria Lawns; new Invoice of Corded Alpacas. Grenadines, Grenadine Robes, Em broidered Robes. Llama Lace Shawls, Alpaca and Linen Salts, Ladies’ Skirts, Ribbons, Silk Scarfs, Lace Tidies, Curtains and Curtain Laces. Laco Collar*, Suspenders, Long ami Broeha Shawls, White Wool Shawls. Grenadine Shawls, Striped Shawls. Lisle Thread and Kid Gloves, Albums. Perfumery ana Scape, Fans, Pocket Books, ?oz Wood Rules, Brown and Bleached Cottons. Ham urg Edging and Insertion, German Linen Tickings, Plqao Hats, and a large line of sundry goods, which must be closed. Also, large lot Elastic Cord, which must bo sold. By TAYLOR A HARRISON, Auctioneers, 51 and 33 South Canal-et. 200 Boz. Damp! Towels In lota to the trade, WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, June 25 and 26, at 9# o'clock. By TAYLOR A HARRISON. Auctioneers, 31 and 33 South Caaal-st. BY BRUSH, SOK & CO., 41 South CSDaI-Bt. Wednesday, Jnne 25, at 9:30, will bo sold now and second-hand furniture, marble-top eats, bureau*, bed steads, commodes, tables, spring bods, mattresses, lounges, cook stores,' show-cases, looking-glasses, cut lexr, general merchandise. Also at 11 a. m., a large lot of superior ebromot, to be closed out to make room for our Saturdays sale. BRUSH, SON A CO., Auctioneers, <1 South Canal-st. FLOUR. mm\ mm\ Having purchased the celebrated Eclipse, Magnolia and Dexter Mills, of Hannibal, Mo., we are prepared to supply the trade, and consumers in the city, at manufacturers’prices. The best Flour made in the world. All we ask is a trial. J. B. QUINN & 00., 50 and 52 West Lake-st DISSOLUTION NOTICE. DISSOLUTION. The firm of C. A Q. CAMPBELL, Brass Founders, is hereby dissolved by mutual consent. All debts owing to and by said firm will bo settled by C. Campbell, who will continue the business at the old stand, 116 and 1(8 South Desplalnes-st. PEET. CORNS! DR. KENISOJf, at his old offices* 119 Cl&rk-st, AUCTION SALES. BY GEO. P. GORE & CO. r 08 & 70 "Waboah-aT. SPECIAL S./VT.E OP- ELEG-ANT BRONZES, FRENCH CLOCKS, Vues, Stdtues, Card Receivers, StAtoottes, Gilt Candle sticks, Oil Paintings, etc., on THURSDAY, Jane 22, at 8 o’clock p, m., prompt. GEO. P. GORE A 00., Auctioneers, Tuesday Morning, June 24, at 9 1-2 o’clock. BE? GOODS, NOTIONS, HOSIERY, ETC. Gents’, Ladies’, and Children’s Underwear, Men’s and Boys’ Pelt and Straw Hats, La dies' and Misses* Trimmed and Shade Hats, Ingrain Carnots, etc., at Auction, by QEO. P. GOBS & CO., Auctioneers, BANKRUPT AUCTION SALE OF THE 800 l MM M 0. B. BUEGER & CO., On Wednesday, June 25, at 9 1-2 a. m., sliarp. This is on elegant line of Seasonable Goods. 450 cues of Goods, from OVERSTOCKED MANUFACTURERS, will be offered at same sale. GEO. P. GORE Jt CO., Auctioneers, 68 and 70 Wabaeh-ar. -A.T -A-TJCTIOIsr. Regular SOOTH SIDE SATURDAY’S SALE OF ELEGANT NEW AND SECOND-HAND FURNITURE. B,OCO lots of Household Furniture, Crockery, Carpets, etc.; Parlor, libory. Chamber, ana Kitchen Furniture; Wardrobes, Show Cases, Parlor and Office Desks; on SATURDAY, June 28. at 9 o'clock. G. P. GORE A CO., Anct'n, 68 A 70 Wabash-ar. SPECIAL OF 1,500 Oases and Barrels of Crystal and PUnt Class, assorted packages. 10 Orates of Decorated Ware. 15 Orates of W. G. Crockery. 10 Casks of Yellow and Eookingliam Ware. On THURSDAY, June 26, at 9% o'clock. GEO. P. GORE A CO., Anct’re, 68 A 70 Wabssh-aw. Peremptory Auction Sale of REAL ESTATE HINSDALE. We shall offer to the highest bidder, SATURDAY, Jane 28, at4:Zsp. m.. Two Hoaxes and Seven Lots, on the promisee. The elegant residence of W. Leland, Esq., adjoining the valuable estate of N. H. Warren, Esq, , and Jerry Nottingham, Esq. House contains 13 rooms, in per feet repair, all tho modem improvements, hot and cold water, marble mantels, cellar under the entire hoaso, loo boose, large atablu and hencry. Hoaso built by tho day. under the personal supervision of Mr. Lolond. Good kitchen, range, etc. Tho land contains about 53,000 feet, more or loss, on which there is a large asparagus bod. plenty of shads and ornamental trees, beautiful lawn, all kinds of small fruit, such as cherry, plum, apples, raspberry, comma, grapes, etc. This property is one of tho most desirable estates la tht« market far cither s retired gentleman or active busi ness man. All the buildings in the neighborhood ore specimens of taste and beauty, and this residence has been universally admired, and forms a most pleasing ob ject of attraction to theme whose hearts ore in the SUB URBS. Terms liberal. All necessary information "•an bo ob tained of tho Auctioneers, GEO. P. GORE A CO., 63 and 70 Wabash-av. S2OO deposit reoulred of purchasers. Free tickets to Hinsdale and return can be had of Ano- tionoere. Take ears at 111. G. Depot, Praizie-av., and State-st. crossing, and Canal-st. crossing. West Side. Train starts at 3:15 o’clock p. m. from 111. C. Depot. GEO. P. GORE A CO.,?Aactlonoera. By WM. A. BUTTERS & CO. DESIRABLE STOCK OF Assorted Glassware, Teas, Groceries, Hardware, Table Cutlery, Carpetings, &c.. -AJT AUCTION, On TUESDAY. Jane 21, at 9J$ o’clock, In Bowen’s Block, 15 and 17 East Itandolph-st. WJH. A. 7UXTTRIW * ct>.» Ancooneeia. FINE NEW TOP BUGGIES, Open Wagons, DodMb ail Single Harness, AT AUCTION, at 55 and 57 South Canal-st., Wednesday morning, at 10 o’clock. WH. A. BUTTERS A CO., Auctioneers. W GOODS, CLOTHING, &C, -A-T AUCTION, In Bowen's Block, IS and 17 Bandolph-st., on THURS DAY, JUNE 26, at 9)4 o’clock. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO., Auctioneer*. GREAT AUCTION SALE South Shore Property. SO half-acre lots of beautiful Grove and Lake frontage. 10 aop-block* of Lake frontago. ON WEDNESDAY, JUNE 25, At 3 o’clock p. m-, at 15 and 17 East Raudolph-st, (Bowen Bros. Block). The above la the most beautiful Grove and Lake front* age property month of Chicago, WHICH MUST BE BOLD. To see tho property, take the Michigan Southern. Pitts burgh, Ft. Wayne & Chicago 3:40 p. m. train to Cornell Crossing, where conveyance will be found to take parties to tbo property, returning in time to take the 6 p. m. train. For particulars see maps and bills at office of T. S. Fitch A Co., 157 Dearbom-sL, and WM. A. BUTTERS A CO., Auctioneers, BY HODGES & CO. We havo orders to sell the entire contents of the private dwelling No. 112 Walaut-st., between Lincoln and Wood sis., On Tuesday forms, Me 24, at 10 a. a, Consisting of 1 elegant 7-octave rosewood Piano, parlor, dining, 3 bedrooms, and kitchen furniture; also Crock* ery, China, Glassware, Cutlery. large Refrigerator, Ao.- Carpeta, nearly new. in use less than .one year, together with tho barn, one one span of Horses, 3 Boggles, 1 Gut ter. 3 sets harness, and stable implements. Sale positive and without reserve, as owner Is going abroad. HODGES A CO., Auctioneers, 6Z3 West ZAke-st. WE WILL SELL, On WEDNESDAY, Jane 25, at ourWareroom*, a largo Stock of nearly 2,000 yards of Mattings. Also, Oil Cloth, Carpets, Store, Fumltnre, do., Ac., at 10 a. m. HODGES A CO., Auctioneers. By HAVENS, OSGOOD & CO. SPECIAL SALE On Thursday, 25th lust.. At oar aaleeroom, atSp. m., wo will offer the finest ooV> lection of “Chromo*," comitting of 130 choice aped men*. They will bo eold to the inchest bidder, without rcscrre. Ladiee respectfully invited to attend. On Sat urday, oar regular sale of Household Furniture, Looking Glaun, and 40 tint-class Sewing Machines. HAVENS, OSGOOD A CO., Si Sooth Canal-at. DENTISTRY. CII^CJTJX.A.DEI. Br. 1. ¥. Sterol's Dental Booms ARE REMOVED TO No. 163 STATE-ST., north out corner of Monroe, opposite the Palmer House, and permanently located. He will do hit best to preserve tbo natural tooth en trusted to his care, with tenderness and skill, and is as sisted by a very competent young gentleman and partner, Dr. Marvin E. Smith, formerly with Dr. £. R.E. Car penter. Ho sivee Vitalised Air for the extraction of teeth with out pain. The greatest chemical care is given to the manufacture of gas, and it is certainly pore, pleasant, sod safe. He has given to more than 14,000 persons in this city this anesthetic, and not one has complained of injury or experienced any unpleasant effect. The most feeble and suffering Invalids take it with impunity, and eafoly have their troublesome and offensive teeth re moved. Artificial teeth are Inserted the tame day when reonired, and the very best denture ore made In bis laboratory, either on gold or the cheap and popular rubber base. AMTJSEMEKTS. L. 13. LEFT’S TraYßliniWorlfl’sFair LEVIATHAN UNIVERSAL LIVING EXPOSITION, METROPOLITAN MUSEUM, Monster Menagerie, Hippozoonomadon, Cara van, Eqnesouiriouhun, and Great NEW YORK CIRCUS! From its Fourth-ar. (Sow York) National Amphithcair* and Zoological Gardens, with 500 Men and Horses, 600 Animal Capti yes, 6,000 Museum Marvels, And 60 Car-loads of Curiosities. mp mm Will exhibit at Chicago—SOUTH STDS: Corner BtatS' and Twenfy-second-sts., Monday, Tuesday, and Wednes day, June 23, 34. and 25. And on the WEST SIDE: Cor ner Madison and Elizabcth-sts., Thursday, Friday, and: Saturday, Jane 26.27. and 38. In Six Mammoth Marquees containing seven distinct, dissimilar, and Colossal. Shows. To all of which one ticket for the usual pries ad mits. Door* open at I and 7 p. m. New York Circus. Grand Outer Circle and Equestrian Entree commencing' one hour later. tent's Brian! Pageant Win leave the lot, comer of Twenty-second and State eta., at 8 to-morrow morning, and pass to and through Mionigan-av., over Ruah-st. bridge to Illlnols-st., Clarz at,, Cnloago-*v.. Wells-st.. Fiftb-av., Van Baren-st. Wabash-av. , to tae lot. If too weather should be stormy, the parade will be postponed until the first fair morning HOOLEY’S THEATEE. MONDAY EYE, Joao S3, ovrry Evening, and at tha Matinees, Ail Extra Treat to our Patrons. Robertson’* Favorite Society Comedy, CASTE! FOB WHICH MR. BEIiVTL RYAN Boa been expressly e igagod to personate his great char acter of ** ECCLES" ( ,r This ecs 'ard n ), pronounced by the pablio and press to be one of the finest pieces of char acter acting ever soen In this city. The well-known and highly talented actress, mss SUSAN BENIN, Has also boon especially engaged for tbs character of' THE 3IARQCISE. Miss Eliza O’Connor as EstherEo cles; Mr. John W. BLalsdcli as George D’Alror: Miss Sydney Cowell as Polly Bedes; Mr. Georgs Giaden* as Sam Gerrldgo (their original characters); Mr. J. W. Norris os Capt. H&wtree. N. B.—This favorite Society Comody has been gottanup regardless of expense, with new and elaborate scenery and appointments, and a general “Mlse en Scene" hith erto unoqaalod at this house, the Mansion of George D'Alroy being a marvel of boaatyand scenic art, designed by J. C. Padgot, and painted by oar new scenic artist, Mr. Laron, late of Fecnter’s Theatre, New York. AIKEN’S THEATEE. Cool and Comfortable IN THE HOTTEST WEATHER. Tho Beat Ventilated Theatre In America. A Coo! Draft from Ercij Side. Lighted hr Chemical ProccM. No Blazing Firs to lioat the Atmosphere. NoFanaNecortazy. THE CROWNING SUCCESS. nC'b fr* n 2 xneMost Magnificent Spectacle. The Most Bosutifal Opera. And with the Celebrated BERGER FAMILY, AND SOL. S. RUSSELL, ASD THE GREAT JMK. O RLACOHI 2 The Greatest Performance ever riven In Chicago, and withal chaste and refined. Praised by the press. At tended by the most select of Chicago society. Every evening and on Wednesday and Saturday after noons. M’VIOKEE'S THEATEE. POSITIVELY LAST WEEK. Of th» Brilliant Young Artirte, KATE PUTNAM. MONDAY and TUESDAY EVENINGS. Jane 34. an entirely new dramatization of Mrs. Southwonhx Story, entitled CAPITOL A; OR, THE HIDDEN HAND. KATIE POTHA3C With Song*, Dances, Ac. FKIBAT EVENING, Jnae 37, Farewell Benefit ol KATIE oaphola.... itATINEB SATURDAY AT 3 P.M. MYEES’ OPERA HOUSE. Miss PMUis Glover tt»« tbs honor to announce that she will take has FABB» WELL BENEFIT on Saturday Eyenmg, June 28, At the above theatre, on which occasion she will tppett as JULIA m Sheridan Knowles' play of The Hunchback. For farther particular* sea future advertisements. FOURTH OF JULY. U. O. L. A. PICNIC. TRACY GROVE. Look Out Tor Sport. For partleul&n SEE POSTERS. _ ACADEMY OF MUSIC.- FIRST WEEK al tho gre»t ConudlM oo Oil BUB.&ESS Ana the laughable drama JOE HTTiBSBTT! SwradTOk of Mlm MINNIEWDES,. Mi« ASTO TEAMENS »nd LITTLE JENNIE TEAMENS. An entire chance of bUL Matinee* 'Wednesday and Saturday. ET'Extra Maiince July 4. HEST'ANNUAL PICNIC OF ST. MART’S CONFERENCE Of the St. Vincent Do Paul Sorfeg' For tho Bonofic of the Poor, will toko lalaodi JalT*. 1873, at OiM« Tailor Grow, on Pacific Cara loaaa corner Van B*«“ tnan-sta. (now depot), at 9 a. m., ito Pfriaelltnt BtaA Eighteenth, and Twentr-second-ata. ol teMMa! dancing, racing, qnoitlng, and all a““ “ ■port*, in ttoro lor lu patron*. —— * tjty(W!TAiyrPTttrHEATBE. Moadmr. J™ 3. VLSI ° CM, WA6SECS ffiBSMA, J. H. HAVKRLY boi Offica op"" , — : ——■ IVREWORKS. Fireworks! the -sABQEST STOCK west ofKawY 0 * J - rLa - gold at the lowest prices, »t 119 OXiPH-ST CHAS. HOEEIS, Manufacturer.

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