Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 23, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 23, 1873 Page 6
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MONEY AND COMMERCE MONETARY. „ ' rn,« 1 , . SATOBDAT EVKKI-lfl, June 21. XM demand for money in this market seems «o bo a little moro notlvo, but Iboro is plenty of *t yot for all borrowers who can produce sdtls tnotory collatornlß, All tho banks would bo glad to incronao tbolr dlaoounla of prlmo paper at 10 Jior cent (which really moaua 11 porcont inter est), and most of them wonld malm call loans »u collaterals at considerable loss than 10 porcont tthoro Is a groat deal of paper oitorod In’ by brokers, ‘but tho malor demoralization of the craln marimba tn SSSSSis ?? S fiToat uncertainty in almost all uXorablo^n fl B :,' Uld 1,111 doubtl “ Ba “scrolao S. eomo wceks yot ’ 0 trado to ' B toc n oun°t! flr “ **** 250 f ro a ,ff°°d deal of onrronoy coinff to tha Si?i sn,5 n , I 8 bol i ovod b J aomo that ß this in- SSJwS doßiro tet 6ol M muob groin ana other * “ P? Bflibl ° across Illinois before the UowlUilroaa law goes into olToot on July 1. . trook°wSoT nff9 ° f tb ° 01licaBO banbfl for tb » Date, Monday... {Tuesday..., Wednesday Tlmndoy, Friday.... Saturday. 'oS&naig ■•wVck ii;,-*”- 012 -™-" vrnm.m J' Mr 21,788,130,29 9,145,272.27 Too following quotations of local Blocks aro lurulabod by Hosers. Hammond <fe Gago s Tlrsl National Bank $Sh A,k,d - Third National Bank *'* 3Fifth Notional Bank 137* jIA Commercial Nalioual Bonk 345 Merchants* National Bank 200 Gorman National Bank 4*A Manufacturors* National Bonk 103 110 Northwestern National Bank 320 National Bank 120 126 City National Bank 345 Cook County Notional Bank 10s nn Nallonal Bank of Bllnola * 113 w Rational Bank of Commerce 101 North Division Hallway, Elgin Watch Company Chamber of Commerce....,,, Traders’ Insurance Company. LOCAL BXOCK AND BOND MABKET, Mosers. Lunt, Proston A Koau quoto ag fol *ows this p. m. s e-20aof’M *-20» of ’B4 ...... 1“X V. S. 6s (now Issue) ’ *'nv n?8 Gold (full weight) iH£ Gold Coupons iij»f ?}£'■ Gold Exchango..:::::::::;::: }}®« 'Sterling Exchange in«u'/aiini/ rnoifll oou ;;;; •CUciibo Oily 7» tSV. ? {?{• Cook County 7a iS# , | n J* Ullnoia County and Township ioi; LAND WAniIANXa, BOs War 1812 178 20a War 1812 .. . ?ZS }™ BOs not War 1312 "" i";;' - 170 }„ 180s not War 1819 m ;?I •Agricultural College land script _ LATEST, cent? W onK * un ® 21.—Money was easy at sto 6 per wK Un ?f rma ‘ «Ixty days, and 110 V for fci'ortrd ranßftCt lon In foreign exchange was (iOTfirnmonta wore quiet and firm, bonds ruled dull. Stocks boro been strong all day. with Union i|l“ and tho latter from 01V to 03The *“fiS oo“rtoB m “ r s?‘ x r rs^!# ib |j! SgklffiSl » SV3 iTAh “S/rSh 1 S?ftSi!mJH?is n^ MPB I tho P roc « oda to bo applied to tuo pajmont of the steamers now In nroccas of ron 2?' ucU «k Itli understood that nJt morothan^ U% call. hM mUUo “ wiU “‘'‘“toil. »t about 00 par Sterling, 109. r n,™ Ts^ P r.\ 7 - SSiSW*::;:: d^ M:::::::;: g* aw;te:;gi& ra.EF : ss , r . , btatk bonds. *** * gSt;-as:;:::S* a^jg*ar» v )CSB, 8t Paul pfd 711/ Wabash. {J# •Wabash pfd ’* 80^* Port Wayne....,..,, 94 Terre llaute 15 Terre Haulo pfd 40 Chicago A Alton 109 Chicago * Allonpfd.lio Ohio A Mississippi.. 08V 0., 0. & 0 86 M-&Q 105 . J-ako Shore 92V Indiana Central 27V Illinois Central lo4^ Union Pacific stocks. 24 V Union Pacific bonds. 86V Central Riclflo bonds.lo2 V Del. Lack. A Western. 99 v Hartford A Erie a# I i fiTOl £ a nton 86 Western Union 85V Quicksilver 33' Adame Express 03 w «ells Fargo..' 82^ American Express... C 4 JJultod states Ex..,. 71 Pacific Mali.. 38 V new York Central... 101 v Erie fi-i'xi Erie pfd *,*.*.! 12* Harlem, ex-dlv ..125 Barlem pfd 130 Michigan Central.... 08 Pittsburgh g7V Northwestern * 72’v Northwestern pfd,,.. B.TV Rock Island 102 f; Central 103, V Ht. I’aul cig REAL ESTATE. than nau “ l t0 =“y about real ealato this week. Speculation in outside landa, which has been a prolific source -of items for three or four months up to about tho middle of the current month, sooma to have almoat ceased, aho furorotoEothold of acres in tho district vest of the Great Eaatorn Ilailroad and eouth ot the South Branch, anywhere in the-towns tt “ d Worlh > bas boon anc on dismJ y T al “ tlly thnt borders on disgust, and wo hoar of instances in winch parties who made bargains In the speeu latiyo excitement two montha ago, who are now willing to consider their trades “ ott," and would Me to take hack tho S2OO, S3OO, or SOOO they paid then to “ bind tho bargains,” until abstracts could be examined and papers for tho formal transfer of tho land made out. Two montha ago. when wo pointed out tho entirely speculative character and probable temporary duration of tho excitement in regard to land in that particular quarter, wo wore subject to some unfavorable criticisms from persons whoso interest it was to stimulate tho excitement. Tho present dull eaZi U thl fl t?i what !" BaitUt ‘bat time. But in eajmg that tho excitement is over it should nnt bo understood that there has been any decC Su uncos. .Land in that direction la mirth luat as much as it oyer was, and tho prospects of its being made accessible by the build. i' 1 ”, ot ‘bo Banyillo * Vmeennos Ball read aro just as good as thoy over wore—perhaps hotter—but tho ohaucoe of buy "K to “«! ‘bo next day or tho noit Jin.™ i 4 ‘bto 25 per cent advauoo hayo disap il? ‘ j. IH ro ”Poot, howoror, tho case of ihe district referred to is not yory different from that of others in almost any direction around rnnn^U 1 ’ ) 011 ;" V ‘bat in other quarters improve bunt Mrri„ b<i “ S Dl , ad0 ’ raU *°ada aro *boing built, carriage and wagon-roads aro being - or graveled! houses aro boinf iTitolnu “n’ ? ro b°. ln S dug, and additional value in steadily being given to tho land by reason of its being made available for ooenpatibn. STONY ISLAND AVENUE Mb now been- graveled and made as pood a car xmgo-road aa tho Booth Park boulovarda all the J’nn utreot—aa far south as Oor ?n°! * fr ll ,B J uo ' r oul / “bout an hour’s drive from nty ' H6CO , Df * fltroot > flouth on SouSl to the PIUS’ ?i OWn 4110 Gr “ ncl Boulevard vlri, s,.? 1 ' thence aoroaa to tbo Hydo thonco south on Stony Island ‘o Oornoli. The whole dietanco la aa ®;“ .“‘b S carriage-road as can bo found in tbo aottjSStfSS, ffi-asS? bT.“tb.“nd Sfc rago. an objective point toward which the citv is ppiSy r £ a pj , b r o o^„s i 'lo' 1 o 'i n n t s io t,:^o - tho Oalumot Harbor tot£2*i.?« Iraiflo of Chicago will bo roaltod. “““ kk ° AUViNOK IN BUDBIUUH FAMB. The now Eailroad law appears Uke a cloud In ill 0 of suburban real estate eneoulatlnlf She Illinois Central has already raised its rates for suburban fares, and other roads will doubt! 4e*> soon follow lie erample. There aro“ ow : t ltrttjnll} °‘ lho tost kina Of Masons Why tlilß cannot bo permanent. First. It is mi than Xlia o a T^‘h rooplo I„ at k ‘LoJad oi“; SS XttM s s £ s, ffi® ' “ K foils • of Mssaaohu- P»»« tbo. Ohosp Suburban Para •that^ra ol)llßCn oV , ol 7™Urond running but of ar !7 ouburban passengers at tho IbSt Sir “ r!S„ iV W V . ln tbo violnlty of boltiib fl ’ l " Q rabr oad oompantoa thom fa Onf W. onco “ ra S° ■ ouburban travel, as It ja ono of tbo most profitable classes of their S“«". Wholbor Ao now raUro J law is ro thtafhaSl noxi Loglalaturo In tuts State, or whether It is evaded, as 11 can bo * ‘ n >5 aßon ‘o holiovo that tbo advaSoooi suburban faros cannot bo pormanont. vt it. . around inn suburbs. i„.,thstandlng tbo general doolinoln snocu latiou in suburban lauds, tboro is muob activity Kbi, flvo , or olv, moat prominent suburbs, buildings^ 0 o a it . . „ . at oobnell, tbo tool factory has just received Its roof, and ®. p *wonly now dwellings soatlorod around It and tbo watoh factory aro Just noor enough completed to require tbo painters. Henry J. Goodrich sold this week Clock 4 in Webster's Subdivision, floo. 34, 88,14, located 5/ ? f ft -S? l i^ weo . t , of 29 mol l? “ foUows: CX acres for $0,666. Also Block oin tbo samo subdivis ion. being OX acres, for $6,006. Those woro OABh sales, and tbo prices woro aomowbot bolow what the ground has boon bold at. AT WASHINGTON HEIGUTS property Is changing bands every day, and a number of residences of a suppnor class aro be ing erected. ( S' Mms™. Mason f- Mills sold a tract of 40 acres I - X of Section 17, Town 87, sngolft for $28,000, or at tbo rate of S7OO por aoro, SIO,OOO cash and bslanoo in snuuol pay monte. r J u I w’ tTm-* n ; g ittba " a,ao Just purchased of bora;tsCMpor”cra iork ’ “ otte 10 - Mro ‘ rao ‘ AT ENGLEWOOD. Abo long lino of now cottages is extended al most ovory week toward tbo city. AT LAWNDALE a number of now bouses aro being built, and being modo. As an instauco of prices and lbs dogrso of confidence in that di rection, mention may bo made of tbo rcoonl sals of a tract of eight acres on. tbo north aido of Oe-' don avenue, ono-balf mile west of Douglas Park. ' S’® ™ a "old by tbo Hon. Lyman I™¥ Marol > for $2,800 por ooro. Boosntly tbo pnrohaaor sold , four acres or it to Judge Boarls, of Aurora, at $4,000 nor aero. Judgo Ssarls intends to build a ilno sub :” banb °“ 6 “>»«. »nd will retain the whole four acres for its surrounding grounds. Clearing*. Balance*. $<,297,a80.7J |319,663.44 8,820,378.20 . 801,683.23 9,016,013.10 810,898.20 8,847,202.34 244,761.60 9,408,776.27 876,205.78 8,068,103.24 838,718.63 105 . 108 08 < 100 95 100 AT THB HOBTHWBSTBnN OAH-OnOP9. J ♦h. rou ?f ■ hon l l> flnisltoa, and some of the other buildings aro being rapidly pushed to completion. A groat rainy workmen are buying lota and building b °“°“ ‘i 1 ‘ hot J ioin >ty, espoolally m tho quarter S"* h , of “*? " h ,°P B ;, 'Tho activity in thatdirec ti°n alon oatonda all the way up to tho line of d * OUt ila NKAIUSB TUB OITT, Moßira. OHnger &-Ballard and’indgo Olla, who T™mt. B *° rc » Bltualrf between Harrison rad Twelfth Btroota and Kcdzie and Central Park avenues, propose to open all streets, ami grade *??„ "““o and P“t in good order, ran west and north and aonth, indSw, d jl a °f ho » prol !' rtJ ' into B - Mra blooke, i?° largo numbor of trooa on each block, all of which will bo thrown on tho marnot as aoon as those improvements aro made. Thlo property waa pnrehaaed last spring for tho aum of 8403,000. Tho contemplated fmprovo montawm coat several thonaand dollare, and ri^sn^t^Si^L™ 0 . 0 ' tho oholCMt ploc °“ “‘P* “aAHiatafi of Philadelphia, who has oi> Pt i ot 'j ° f S 0 “arkot the largo tract of land | situated on Harrlaon and Throop atroota, Oontro SIS 1 !”?'! l i oo ! n , ia l Tallin, and Twelfth atroota? haa lately decided to throw this property on tho Wn kot «' a largo number Sf Kta hive been Bold to bona lido purchasers, rang m prico from «2.00ff to $2,C00 nor lot. The moat of the purohaacra will at once erect brick residoncaa on their lota ?f7l,s oa ,n°.?w y th ,' s Propany haa boon kept out 'SnffiSn. H l* °°. !i J? k “ 41 * e fact that Mr. Mo : Alliator would not allow auy frame houses to bo greeted on tho property. ■ • ■ tho toioreat of the TVoat Side tho property. “ along Van Enron street should at once &OTnl h »nJ?°T ng X™ ? uron atroot. between mPSL m otreota, at which point a aingle block stands In tho way of extending tho atroot-car lino to Western avenue. ® AN IMPORTANT TRANSACTION if.™ 1 ! 1 ” b , UBi “ O , OB Property took plow recently, w ln ?« to tI ?“ of ° r of tuo old Oroaby Opora-Houao lot, on Washington street, to Mr. Charles Busbv Tj" I * ll ™ building there a fine 4-atory marblm front buaineaa block. The Mothodiat BookCon oorn have either bought or exchanged their lot Sthn 6 f 2ta , l ® 0 ’ on Waahington etreet for 80 foo{ nf °i. tho ?Pei'«^Houßolot next weat Sr- T,° V old . Jemoa Hotel lot, and Mr. Busby la to build It up for thorn M , P«t of the block which will extend from the comer of State to the McCarty Dni dine, now occupied by the Commercial Bet l wi»i a Sn' Tho Oiulding of thia block to? gother with the one being erected next weat of the Hint National Bank and the one for which !?5SP ai ?f, tm ™ aro P°' T boil iS made on the lot next east of the Chamber of Commerce, will fill up st.°tl S ra”E“vc l mr , ' hlllßlon bU “ botwoo “ _ ADOTIOIf SALES. tit? * Co ;» Bold at public aullon, on Jana 18, eighteen lota, aituatodbo- TIrS?Si r n tj ,' tlUr i “5 Forty-fourth atrcete, on Th- -L B v “ rd ,“ nd S°ttago Grove avoiuo. *ien^ C « l i 7 . on Pi 0101 Boulevard from f lpo to $172 per front foot. On Forty-tnird Bitoot the price obtained wao SB6 per foot. On Forty-fourth etroot, $08.60. On Cottage Grove avenue from $72.60 to $70.60. Tho sale wm largely attended and bidding fair. ’ f ayt S? , wiu a»U at public auction ,on Thursday, tho 28th day of Juno, at 4 p. m thmtoon tola on Filty-flrat etroot, fronting S?jSV J ?Bie between Droxol avenue and, South I ark. At the same time, and on tho ground, "a™ o , parties will oop five acroa lying bo? twoon Forty-nmUi and Fiftieth etroote, fronting eaatonDroxel Avenue Boulevard, and within two blocks of tho South Park. Henry J. Goodrich aold thia week a two-atory .and basement hnok dwelling, No. 67 Vincennes avenue, near Oak avenue. Consideration, 20 100 —cash payment. ' 1 J,® 1 ), 1 " 011 * Foator Bold at public auction on laat Monday, 67 iota in Maroh & Oaldwoll’a Subdiv iaion. fronting on Ylncennoa avenue, State, Dearborn, and Clark atroota, anti intor aoctod by Sixty-ninth etreet. i>ricea ranged tS eiv ir lotß , 01 “ rk street from §l6 «°ir?t^'oio P r 0 n r foot , ! ? n Dearborn etroot from |$ M por foot: on State etroot from S2O to $25 per foot; and on Vincennes avenue from $lB to $25 per foot. Tho total amount of tho aalo waa $28,511.28. amount or The eamo partiea aold at public auction on tho ground on laat Tuoaday, 66 lote, being a Subdi vision of the S. B. if of tho S. W. % of the . ~ .X °f 800. 12, 30, 13, lying , fronting on Sacramento Square and Central Bark Boulevard and weat of and fronting on Sacramento Square. SiniSu , fron o?,?, on . Contral Fail: Boulevard ftom to sl7 per foot: those front j?B Sacramento Square wore purchased by Goo. J. Sherman, at s4l per foot. The n£ Thi D i B | g from * IB t0 $22 por foot 841 024 7*6 tl Tt C nil‘ a Vli 8 dlTid , od and Bold brought i if' ot ‘J 10 ” 0 Balo “ wore largely at wiDß. ?i5. Paoaengar coaches on cach traiu. and the bidding waa spirited. Eliaon * Boater will aell at public auction. on itn,i B £ii U M d, i OU S“ J ? da - v l Ju| y x i fl ve acres, aitu- Cl?^.Te b i n io’''2i b oo ¥ 0 ContrlU Park and tho II ? Northwestern car-shops, all subdi- Ijjj?? l n sf , » yorty-elght lota. Torraa, one-fourth at Spo? cODt tW °' aud thrM y°‘™. ' or TBAVBFWia VOB TUB WEBB , /oltowliig la tho total amount of city and «üb«rb , property transferred during Uio week ondimr Hhi urd.yfun.2ls City property-Numbcrof B ffi /S: coni . hforaUou. $M3,Bfo. &rt L of city f Nnm/ i 5 s*»»»d€*mUon, $5,200. South of city iffiS a/ » 30 .» oun.ldor»Uou, $132,940; Veit ” city limits—Number of uio., 3; coußl(i«r*<<nti $3,200. Total mica, 174; total consideration, $1,001,101] Amat of a Mexican Desperado* n Jnnß 21—Manrioororta- Mexican desperado, formerly Ohio! oriolicoof Matamoras, was arrested hero to .Sihoriti^VM 03 * 40 M “ lo ° demand of Uio S™ ? .“ 01 {?** country, under the Extradi- OH?.?nf t^’i? aU V 1 « h “ r80 of having killed the Otlef of Police of Matamoras, who had boon an pqlntod to jraooeedPortnga l , iom. time ago, su'd several policemen during the revolution last £“•. *rtogal.»t the Lrulof asZuparty Backed Kanohato and Bagdad, Mexico, and lr£S?i MT * r “ 1 °* tlz «ut of those places, and has S?S! *"!“ »“K»««d In cattle-stealing and plun dering along the frontier with Ida confederates. „ Xho Polaris liire.llgatlon, n June Sl,— Additional tastlmonv In 18 Published. One TrnP kestiflad tbit Baddingto n natd that nail's death lifted a Beat load &om Us heart. GOMMERCIAI ‘ ‘ „ BATUnOATET* Tho following wore tho rooolplf of tho loading arlloloe of prodi during tho past tvronty-fonr houi coiTOHpouding date ouo year ago i iom- I Flour, brls. • | Corn, bu,... Onls, bn...... llyo. bu Barley, bu Grass seed, lbs. Flaxseed, lbs... Broom-corn, lbs, Cured meats, lbs. Beef, brls Pork, brls Bard, lbs... Tallow, 1b5..,,.,. Butter, lbs Live bogs, N0,... Oatllo, N0.,,,,,,, Sheep, No,. Hides, lbs. Highwlnos, brls.. Wool,' 1b5.,,.,.,. Potatoes, bu...... Lumber, m feet.. Shingles, m....... Lntb, m ~... Ball, br15.....,..., 3.000 10,480 76,4.16 6,810 3,003 1,131 l 06,030 170 203,706 3.000 6,031 1.000 770 Withdrawn from otoro yesterday for city oon aumption: 420 Imooraj 3,8X8 bnoata. With drawn for do during tbo wook i 11,834 buwhoati 13,001 bn com j 10,427 bu oats ; 1,680 bn ryo • 0,743 bn barley. ’ 1 Tbo following grata baa boon taapoolod into otoro, tbla morning, up to 10 o'clock: 107, cara wheat | 448 oara ooms 6,800 bn rojoolod'do by “““! = °A oarß °“ ta > 7 Mrf > To; 1 oar barloy. Total (7U cara), 200,000 bu. , 3 Tbo following woro tbo roooipta and shipments of broadatnffa and atook at tbla point during tbo wook ending with this morning, and for cone. spending wooko ending as dated: HEOEIPXfI. i Ju ?‘ H An. 93, nuoai) uu 451,225 454380 lM fl.ll n°™’)m U ” J,320,670 1,101,’ B10I,357;«7 ntif’lm “MB3 700,330 789,09k BaSoy bn a 7 -717 8177 Ilv.i’nUJ'wi t M«) 8,000 0 630 ?!■«* 01.0 M 64 808 wiue, «o 10,704 22.010 ie!lo4 . , BniparxNTß. * * WhShn® 3 038 59,846. 32,803 - Cor?S,,. 810,348 887,771 60 020' 1 OatT'hn J »323,1211,135,3201,010*818. Ift •••■ ’*• «1603 °12;130 a « No . 10,000 18,330 10 339 Tho com question was again tho ail-ahaorbing topic on Change, and tho moat opposite rumour in regard to it worn circulated and bolioTod. It was generally nndoratood that tho com la out of condition in three other bounce, the Hongh EIo- ' ■vator, tho Union Elevator, and tho Eock Mand A j and ovorybody eoomed afraid to buy, or hold on that account. Many wiahod that those honeoa ahonld bo poatod, ae that would restore con udonco in tho receipts remaining, the only once which would then bo regular. Homo there wore who thought that,- although tho corn 0f condition . that etronuono *2 U T b ? mado to avoid posting till after inW,? ™ 80 “!, t0 Si,™ holders a chance to unload on to two or three heavy firms who have Ik°!Ii Bll nrnh i of tllQ °P tlono for next month. 44 1, 1 R r 9 bl l 4do » however, that posting will bo !?SJ “ tx ?° of .those houses, bodanao tho pro pnotors would rather Buffer loss themselves than allow nesting The proprietors of ono cm FwV° “ UIlblom ; Bl ; c d record in this rospook Ol P ondod many thousands of dollars !i»f On K° r ?S Ilrß , 10 keop tlft Brain in condition cither by atiaming and cooling,or byshipplng out tholSSt. 8 ”^to before it had time to* contomfnato About half-past 13 o’clock to-day. a notloo wen & 0 l“tho °No th o buUo ! in 0flr( l, to the offoot that I all tho No. 2 com m tho Chicago & Bt. Lonis Omt“«?L. (H ?“ ghß) wtt ?, out of condition, and nn“til ■ ?M 000 1O bn‘| I n an t, 6 !;' 0 , 00 bn - ' trail, 800 bn in tho house six weeks ago- but ■ m “ d ° efforts to clear it out, ani ano coodod by buying up their own receipls, and aoll on board; Yesterday they dolor !!. „ mn b h T Up ? U 41,0 roooints out against i‘n ? ow „,V loro ’ end placed a broker in tho market for that purpose, but tho holders of those receipts generally refused to soil at cm" 1 rent qnotatrone. Honeo tho Moeara. Hough only secured eome 11,000 bn, leaving the re parUos? (81y) 60 '° 00 bu In tho hands of other . ?’ b ° 7odowiri ff preamblca and reeolnliono, rol “4i,™*Sfll#“mquestion, dioonaood inonrool ‘h*B “O'n'ng, wore offered on 'Change to »>y3 W, Sykes, and Dooondod by H. O Ran. nay. They will come up for action on Monday It la charged by the daily press of this dhr that corn has been posted as out of condition when the facts did not Justify such action, and thft tho subsequent withdrawal of the com from slow showed that only on insignificant portion of tho nested com was really out of condition ; and 108 pCßted \Vbebbxb, . B^ e . h alleged improper posting of tho said tended to depredate to a vast extent the value of all the com In store here, causing a severe loss to thorcof t and affording to suchparties? whS may have possessed oorroot information, an omiortn. nity to purchase said com at a depredated and Tho law gives a mtaSTafi torrablloly pool com oat of condition, or beooSigii mUX thell P<,WBr ‘ o I ™“. t » Committee of throe be appointed bv f! « ° f ‘Ht. I !‘ J ? l r . a ’ " üb J oot to the OOTro'vS of H‘f “0 11 that tide Committee be, and hereby I instructed to make a.full, and carofuL ami irn partial Investigation of tho acts of tho posting and the «,TJ^ the po fi ln ff ° l **• com,?? tho ff ’offwt of said posting on tho value of com In this market and uf «f n fftCta cond!tion of tho subsequent withdraw al®?.^ 1 ® posted com from store, with the statements of the- parties who withdrew tho com. an? tho SSSS{S^“ d 1118 D^“ti M who exUued it of the said com was properly and legally domt ■«.! substantially found correct when fho ?oS WahlS ped, then tho facts sbail be stated to tbloßMrd md made pubUo. to the end that no such unwarranted 3 Ur St°£ °, By PT, Without cSSS 10 * 4iut if it shall bo found that such nentino . r aufllc >cot legal or propot oauseTiSf that tho subsequent shipment of the com so nr™ ?*• alleged, then this Committee <,« before tho Directors a record nf d ? and sbali report to tho Dlroclora wholhor ’bo pljriM who so posted tho corn are members of this nnor.i and what action, If any, i. mth?S- tain or cover eulllclent Krouna for eny orimloS ohS??» «n<£ S i» B J° pß tLa parlies who are bo pubUcL aUeged to luito wrongfully posted the said corn DUUy TUB MABKBTfI, ; Tho loading produce markets wore tmiot to day. oxoopt own and oats, which engagea the at tuition of the groat moon of oporatoro. Outaldo of thoso there wore fow important foaturoa to i oar r ? co J 1 ’, ta °L ,,roduco COQ tinuo liberal and shipments fair. The general fooling to-dav waa one of comparative steadiness. J Dry goods jobbers reported afair inquiry from local retadors, and a liberal “ order businosa" on “‘?™r account waa also transacted but so- S “ maU ’ and did not make a very sallafaotory aggregate. Values wore not subjected to any appreciable change, the leading fs°adT and comparatively Arm* while undesirable makes, and uusoasonahin goods generally, wore irregular in price. The S™cnr trade, (hough etllf lacking P iu aotivitJ ' odiibiJs more life than at the Wi£ nlng of the week, and prices seem Thoro b °is T° r< i 8o(tl ° a and uniform. ~‘‘ rQ _ “ a largo movement in sugars the extreme low prices etlmulaUng the consumption and holders are more eonSdent oS?v I ? aUl . dal1 ’ ttm ? aro not especially Arm! r amount of trading was dine hi au , ( i choo “cmarkets, and the depres sion noticeable for some some past has Fa no SJiSfcf 0 I’riooa for both of these staples are unsettled and irregular. Goal was nlSn & nf on n or The opinion that the price of anthracite coal will not go much, if anv “ P«“»nt location («a.Bo)Zms to bi gaining ground among dealers, and at the market is Arm. Fish continue to aotive demand and remain firm at the prices current, earlier in the week Mackerel are, temporarily, scarce, and most other descriptions are In light stock, tried fnUts woroaolllug to a moderate extent at yesterday's revised quotations. The hay market pas hut 1m? , i lO- Receipts are falling on some, but the stocks on hand are largo, and sellers *t Impossible to realize at any bettor prices. Hides and leather remain inactive. No a ' ia, '«° a ° ( bnpertanco worn noted in connection with the patiits, colors, and oil markets, a fair movement being witnessed at substantially yes terday’s quotations. 3m The wholesale lumber market was only moderately aotive at about the same range of prices. At the yards 2 : fair business was transacted for. Saturday ' too common grades being principally in demand! I There waa no quotable change in prices, though they are eaay for common green lumber. The < ton trttdooontlnTOa HdfloMW, ailcl raids on' o'cm-’ mon bar aro woak at a dollno of 2-10 i stool ro malno otoady. Nalls' aro aUo rather weak, Wi h . 0, l ,r ot “ lj ' o otynge. Motolo, naval etofio, and building .materials wore unohangod Now wool la Coming In oloirlj, and raoota with tt modOrtlo Inqulrjr. l Brobm-coru la loss aollyo, but steady at Bio quotations. The rboelpts aro In - Dressing. Seeds woro qulot and nonilual., Thorb • was a fair Inquiry 'for.groou fruits,'and lemons ,a - fl £ ra U ® lB, S° I’ ol ' bb »- • Berrios also .to slow. “■ r ° u ! tr 7 and eggs woro plenty and 'a.™: .. I '? k0 ,rol 6 h , ta wore loaa »Uto at Jjfo advanoo, ’Jai carriers early insisting on a rlso In rates, whloli 750 o,ll PPora wore reluctant to pay. A total o( sovon 800 (mom?,, wa i" r bP o rt<«lj which will oarrr out .... 80,000 bu wheat and 76,000 bu corn, ,In ad- J'to", 10 this, frolght-room was engaged for ’am ® 8 i oool) uwnoatfromMilwaukee. Ohloogo rates ’to Zv/ t0 P nm °i 70 on corn , and TUa on wheat i 30 loriiot? 011 or Ojirogo, lijiffflilxo on com, and .too ™ wheat. Corn to Now England .000 points by through rate was quoted at 230 via ,600 UUuftlO, • • ' ‘ ’JSS Hjglmlnoa wore quiet and rtcady at the docent ,«o decline,’the paucity of offerings preventing a mo drop fo sympathy with Now York dull sso ne JP* Ba loo woro roportdd of 160 btla at 800 nor .’,OOB gallon. ’■ ■ ■ • ■ ' 1,168 -Provisions worn rather morO aollvo, and weak. .■KB “ aaa P°rJ 1708 in good demand last ovoning, at ’ higher prices, and thp top sales reported boiow •o5 ! , » r °, m a (I f, toon. But that, foot broughtbut free “£? r ing” tola morning, beyond what was wanted, fbooW “d a i a 1 0ll ?S,.?l B ®loo per brl from too closing pripoS of Friday’s session. Lard was nuu and a shads easier, though held with° r .„ a * *l° “nlanf. Moats . woro qulot, „to, -A an easier- fooling In middles: Thd market closed at tbo following radge' of Moss pork, cash or seller Juno, $14.86 g, l !’,™! d° aa ßor Inly, ei4.M@14.06i do soUor SlfflXi A 1 i, do soil or September, miinn 18 i 2 5i do soUor Dooombor, $13.76 !f™>, c , aal i„ or ,, seller Juno, $8.26® , for aW olou? I for hams, all packed. Mobs hoof. $8.75@D.00i $9.76010.001 bool! hams, $27.0(1 § 2 6kSs(lS-n 3r *B 1 .i OW ’ W@ 7 &> i groaao quotable at 6X@6Jfo. Sales wore ropotlod of 2,M0 brls Sn; i Hml 410.00; COO brls do, seller July, at I eiC-10l M 0 brls do at iSunatymK i rl s d° ®I4M; 760 brls do at M n do i '“Hof August, at 816.16 600 tos lard, soUor July, at , sß.Boi 600, tos do. .flojjor June and July, at $8.27W, u ' Report gives the follow for of T provisions from this v™! S?. , ending Juno 19, 1873, and since Nov. 1, 1872 1 also.oomparstive figures : totiko, June 21; * Is and shipments luco In Ohlcngo: ira, and for Uio RECEIPTS.

SHIPMENTS. 1873, . 18^ 0,1101 83,870 ai7,oat 74,101 3,707 ‘ *38,0401 10,300 60,0701 0,140| 6,036 30,300 348,840 00,007 700 3.000 3,384 36,740 0,600 40,080 8,030 3,' oo.con a: 318,1114 303 1 116,006 184.4 a,ar,o *, 1,314 ( 1,411 ..... 60,036 6,1 363,4001 624.1 136 ~ 8,000 16,300 00,470 7,380 3,008 46,008 317,: ......I 61.1 01,720 58,' 10,288 o,' 8,002 £. 642 ....7. 9LIOO 88.1 150f 190,103 250 20,000 231,903 197, 803 , l.j 3,042 1,1 3,843] 3,1 858 t 400 8,304 9,403 a>77Q, • a,i .WUc ods«Taael9 8,018- -OAs| 600 100 000 — tuTiw, „ D^ ( ? Ilr TO J7 quiet—muoh more so than usual—and nominally: weak at previous prices Inm£J ,X3 T?r°*f hipplDß ,demand, and iu tlo P lP?’ Itl T< Bran' was tamo and 600 lowor SaToa worn reported of 100 brio winter oxtrw °, n .„Pnvato terms i 100 brio spring extras S«Dn lM <i?m 0 kV rto j do at *°- 2B Il™ brlsdo*o? ®6.00,| 200 brio dO :on private terms : 00 brls ?L n S g , on , perfl “a B » t «l- 2B ! 80 atfct.oo . «■ j)o at 88.76; 160 brio do at 93.26 :■ led brls rye flour on private terms, Total loan brio. /Also, 80 tons bran at 98.00 on track. !rflo waa tho range of asking prices at tho |^winte? 1 "iS!!.T!?. t »fa §'»■“ jffig Spring aupcrflnea § 5*95 Rro flonr.T... * ?•?? ® 4.50 Bran. . **°° @ <.BO m V *.*: 8.00 ©8.50 i wnoal troa quiot, and averocod IWVsh/a lopror than on ’dbango yesterday, though* ®ar|o She m,tSS docl i llo elTcotod last ovotiing, iw tiSlff' 01 was steady, and not much influenced £M J rom ? tl ! or P'aoos, as moat of tboso ÜB SS l| y cp orato in wheat were attondingto i i ? premium on cash wheat over July diminished to about -lo per bn to-day, bnt tbo 18 to ,° great to allow of much . ? J ot abipmont, and tbo purobasimr is caflhwl.Jn 0 / ‘S 038 who , b °y and ‘boao who ifold cash wheat doing so in anticipation of an oi p?°!fd B ? uoezo t°r this month, at the end thoro small by degrees, and beautifully loss." There ■ovj.?? o3 domand % shipment at this point, but ■ordore aro generally hold book till teo gap is olosod np. Tbo uncertainty with regard to the f”E? 1 l Un ? 9 - Operators do not know what mA h (u l> “ bou ?. t , 110 rebmio of our receipts next month, though inclined to tho belief that it will not be much affected by tho now low. Bat they d ,° car ” ‘° trado, except in setUomont, and almost nothing olso was done to-day. Now York was quoted qt3ot and dull Seller July opened 8) if 6 6, .„ i^ uod , *? •!•“«, advanced to ° loEed “f cad » at 81.16. Seller r.7. 8 waa , luectiyo, there being no offerings. Cash No. 2 spring won in some demand from tho short interest. It opened at 91.10. fell off Vo, advanced to 81*10Jtf. and closed at «I.l9@lriOV, Seller Au gust sold at $1,12@1;121£, closing at 81.12 V “‘’Hjr tho year was inactive. No. 1 spring was entirely nominal; No.-S do closod at SI 07V and rejected do °t SOVo. Cash sales wore re’ P°ii od ° f „ 10 ; 000 bn No. 2 spring on private MOObndoat 91.21 i silObSdo at?h2o • &“»•? “ oat 81.19 V, aU hard ; 6,000 bn do ai . 17,200 bn do at 91.19 V: 9,000 bn do at 81.19 ; 8,000 bn No. 8 spring at 91.08 • 10 000 b“ d° a «l-°W , 4 800 bu rtjolited oprtogTt 96p ( 1,600 bn do at 800. Total, 87,100 bn. b _ Com was active and steadier, bnt irregular in movement. There was more oonfldonoSito r£ gard to tho condition of com now in store, and a “ o '3?“P“b din K bnproyomeut in tho, tone of the S“ iL ,/°9 ca »b mis, which were 2@30 per bu P?bil touched yesterday,while tho more deferred options ■ avoragod a shado on Friday, but wore string, in s™“ ■ “nb porn. Tho business transacted JJf, bowovor. cluofly in. settlement, outside of Urn purohaomg for ehipmont, and that waa much more sparing than on Friday. Most of the com aheady declared hot tad boon bo££ht up already, and that bollovod to bo mw’i . ta ‘ not ? ot posted, was tho subject of so much uncertainty that nobody T a “f ßd ,‘ l - Ibo poatmg of tho Chicago A Sri lata m tho session, had no offoct S po 9, marllat i aa Iho foot had been oxpoctod Sfcl 1 T ,boro was considerable spec ie w“V“ r °g ard to Ibo condition of tho com in rn. 101 r^ on!,eii > , eom(1 of which is boliovea to ho nn.V wP V \- rp ?. waß q u °lod'6d lowor nor 180 lbs ?? a offe' r /°f, lt ™ a nominal, SoUor July opened at fiii’ feS 04 b 1 S 1^0 ’. aDd advanced toB2V ffliive I ,?- S ?, ller Au g“t, sold at ,30 V 9 01 l September at 88V @J9o, both closing firm at tho ont side. Seller • the month, or regular "•sisaass bll do at 32c; 6.000 Lu do ilfc aiWo*? 30,WK) bu do at 30o; 25,000 tu do at 296 • 17 000 MVn°. a in board j 3,290 bu rojictod at K? 10,400 b“do at 20xo ; 0,800 ou do at 200 ■ Bt 2001 2,000 bu/do atlOo.' o»‘a S’ 0 ™ , ln hotter demand, and about Vo higher, though with no oncouragomont to hold- touo of Now York diapatohea. But wo , r . c> smaller, and thoio woro soyornl flo , or ? rom Partioa who hollered that oats have already touched bottom for the present. Seder July opened at 2GVo and ad- Jl^oeAeS/^" 7^o ,tho close. Seller August sold \L 2 0?i 27^ 0 ’ Sio outaido. Bogular No. a closed at 200, and strictly fresh receipts at S“ '“l'' Solos woro reported of 1,200 bu at S; 7 r^. hn at 20Jfo; 0,200 bu st2oVo • 1,600 bu at Moi 10,000 bu at j 2,400 bi! SL 23 , 0 ; 2 ' 402 lra . do i 000 ba do at 230 j too bu no grade at 16e. a'olol, 73,000 live waa qulot and rather woafc, at the price of Friday, Holders insisted on COo for No. 2, while bid ; Sales woro reported of 0,2 a * i l and ®°o hu by sample at 620. Barley was nuiet and unchanged. Wo quote 2 af W@63o, No, oat 86@400, and rejected fnr 3s^ 0 /!' 1110^^ 0 at I UiO lt°ci Island Elovn? tinz, 250 ' "hot CORN ’* AND SHARP PHAOTIOB To the Editor of Th* Chicago TribHiU' . fllu: *onr remark* in Thk Tmuuna of this morn, KM;? another Inatahueut of .harp praotloa m itfs ™rl b««£.»teas I Te£H dird of commercial honor which /©ema managers of our elevators, what wSStI M w\, tho Pfrr*, Lord, namt Shouldfn brU - tct. let. Bn, ibt,. , to ** L^ BU 7^ co }*.^ oaß remain the nmo as on tho Tirrv the week. Lake flah aro now In fair -sfL*** 9 T ,^ ier descriptions are In moderate stock and rule * 1 whltoflah,# brl,so,oo@C 25• No ad0.55.76@6.00j No. 1 trout, $5.2505.60 : No la\iore No *4 ; No. 1 bay, $9?60@9.?6 • £& VoSSmS’. &. Sr/tk. £»® a ’^?» . ank Co( lflHb, per 100 Iba. JO so 9™ codllah, $0.5000.75; Labrador her s3*; do, % LrJ, $4 76(25 00* « S°in?'£ to , B ' I 2 und U b ' l . M-WIBB ’«oj doTb?i; bozliorHug No. 1 28(2300: Lot berrlm. 01& 85 ® 370 ' oolumM »Hiv(!rßataon, a btla,slo.o<i ryfo^iufuS?*? lll ! 8-I^ ol,0 ,™ 0 raotioralolntitil- BliitW. .t r , 8 i? d ’O ud prlc<l “ wore ra ‘l‘or Btcad « ° f 'i“- V« quote: Fobhum—Dale. W. ’ SV> U@Uo; In Lot ui? Jp,}® 0 * ~ lu r ki * h rrmiM, ralatna i" Mra £o 5 5 o LhTh™v4 0 'o4®«o : i P d™mii.n?J«^ bla ea, B,V @9o; raapberrlcsl 40@410 • SSTvo’. a ‘®“ ) S*« pi “ JjjnuVaS / dS* GROCERIES—In tho grocery market them worn nrt gfSCdfc Si!! ,, n* bO V® b 4 10 B cueral market was ateaiSor than on vSSS&fr- of 1110 weck - Oabd Soda—7*'@B#o. Corrase—Mocha, aa^oawo; O. a Java M/aoa»>»«. dS; 2 4^2 2 4^o 2 f^m?S mss# dard,' 10««I0«o ; do, nJ 2 ’luV‘(?lo.of. ! Sl|liV"“ d vVo®elV.wX^ extra d°,BCK3Mo ; NowOrhSus £.«i I>rime ' 73 ® 780 i 4,0 common, 06@70o; i*orS OMo 0 ' 0^80 *' cbolco » ® 6 ® Cs ° J common mulaaaca, 30 £aueuatu9—Common to best, o@loo. 'iQ%.Vn 0Ea ~ Alla i )^Co ' H@18o; cloves, 87@38o: cassia 38@40o; popper, 35020 c: nutmegs, $1.35®! 30* gegor,pure,2B®3oej do l)o. l,2oaSii to No. a, Hoaxs—French mottled, : German mnHind i. a °il tlcu y«*. 4V? vSuTlu; °lfi-§ o>tf o , lute Itoso, *Xo, palm,, 6®(ytfo; Savon Imperial, 6V@oW. STABou-aioas, 0*0100; corn, U0llo; Tawdry. 0® 7o; common, 6*ooo. * wuur '' ut ® QUEEN yilUlTS—Lemons coutlmio very Arm ami •f? |IS.M, a row common balng adored at $13.00014.00. Struwborrlos were arrlvlnglu poor con dUlon, and choice borrloa advanced to Uiolßc. Ilaun berrlca were also firmer. Apples worodullf Wo quote* Lemons, $13,00015.00 per box. Oranges, ll!l.oo nor i°3 Apples, $3.0004.00 nor doe, Wueappfes, 13.00 (A afeV™ & 00 ® 7 - 00 hunch. i>eucW Wco|l.W, Now apples, SI,OO i>or box, Strawberries, JTJINTT 1873. XJl\ X f i in the Fulton ElivVtorU r „MIyL 1„ H h„°,?™ day, aa witnessed personally by tLu mlior om! hi paragraph. Tbo floarj of\v„,irw ll nrnL w appoint a ooramlttoo to ascertain tlm faclu ln l - ooao, and roport, ComtunoiAi, Ed.] thu rm , cm ° p rHOSVIiOTa. Tbo Dubuquo Times Bays j .Our correßpoodont from Wcbaiftr rm» ~ ~ r? m i 6 ? * rom °vory part of tbo istalo Tlw? n!S ry s^esaas^s# wli2t“oa d ti| BO M^! ilno ? B °» lfl >lrao «* failure, bvt epSSg .l^? ra ’ Bni L ffrftM nover looked bolter A |f£»S««wfS wake similar Quolatlona from tmnrirn.i. jjowigut throughout lowa ana tha wbol” KorlhwMl ‘ r " POr " Tbo Dubuquo Telegraph says i A letter to this ofljce from a former resident r>f mi. T “JaS STwW ° ff tcm P orft f ll 3; “t BloomlSgtWD* i.., Bays the wheat crop never looked better than. « rt » WhML* n OuU. C £7o' P ° ndlml l ,Mta ,or hM 000 ittL to wheat. Quite a scare was given to the farmer* nho IhrcSod, for o ‘ Ul ‘ > l 'B ro 'rtaß vogllntlon, but “ho Trent I d.r.go T,r ' grasshoppers Old not do S, WOOL nT AURORA. offflftW Bays tba * tbo WOOI market St£i°?° moro , bllßlnoßß than tho' ontiro State of Michigan, and given hotter nri. f aß t A 0 Mr * D * Volintlno purchased, Pup rfin inwf tu>mt u Otousandpounda of tbinyoor^' i „ S n . OO 010 nbovo waa written, Sfr. Tolintlno i as will bo soon by our Hoard of Ttiula - rtT 7,!ll , SSiSS! fi'S'Kti""*™ ‘ K T LATEST, landvV M t J rnool !1 wboat was modoraloly active, Ijad Afo higher. No 2 closed at il.wk seller «fs°ofio"? i K o?Jor S^ra^ vißiona wore quiet and unchanged 1 . pr ° 0 e . tal ° moot in our issue of this moraine ' that only about 7,000 bu of tho ( then?noJtifl tio? W ”?- ln “ to ™ Wulroa » ( Sgble P ora “o? iiZ'it fT? i h . 1p , l ? ont of ‘bo rest bad boon pro- for, but it was not all moved. A vessel da^ b fnd e thJ?° d fromth " Fulton Elevator to- It&ot comw “ o uitQ warm,—aome of CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. Pr S!£l O, .iS?* d ( J !I ' *X®Go' t No. 3 do, 3tf@fo' ill,;(in SSV® !d0 rca *4. >X»; lo'S a’ml Aa, iJJ l ii NS ~’ r, ,','; ro I '. Tcr r IHtlo Innulrr for beans at thin season. Wo note n decline in navies and choice mediums, ns follows: Oboleo hand-“ted n.S M.M; do mediums, s3.«j inferior grades, tl.M§ BDTTBn—Thobnlter-lrado mas dull, with nrieea ioc, inferior to common, 100140. 6 * 43 BAGaiNQ—Prioea wore without quotable chan™ aman wU y -£ U * rottna ? ~T ho denmndcontiiS BmalL Yio repeat our Hat as follntrn • 01..1, : Ludlow, USo; Lewiston, 31o; American 1130 • Amosbeog.asc; OttorOreek, burlaTw? Uaml largo lots have. been sold at lower flaunts w« Joo^°p : S u UCC t 0 * * 2 * Bo * New York stucco. casUnuts GOfa a?ir“sh* 7 - I Mi homSoT S m J bc'iisvUlc, and Akron cement, Tbri“»)f “s; j" as S’n POr a T \ f?-? 0 ® 2 - 6 ® 5 l’lMtorlug P bu bri °k, per 1,000, $10.00000.00; buffi Ing brick (common), $0.6007.00; sowerbrick *lo no. SSfiuiSPf’ $lO * C0 ' d 4 veml prsS2d: §™Sn d ? * J . ?°. common » *U.OO:RacineprcssoJ, $25.00 r)OoS&o3i ? . ?. common » SIJ.M; Indiana prosacd. s'erb?®M.™of!So. <: ° m “° n ’ « 2 - M ® l6 '«>i & cl.*; ™SJS? E ~^?. cri ’... w< ’ I '° no new features to nolo in connection with tbo cheese market. Orders were rido U LT™ r fi nd “t“‘ w 'ro*one r olly effected st in! aldo and medium figures. Wo quote* Now Tort E J RiQ faci °ry f l‘i@l3o: Ohio fao toCOAlS»,nlt~‘o t<irn , f " Ctorj ’i He^O. UUAU—Anthraclto ooal wm quoted firm, while moat descriptions of soft coal regain oa«y7 Wemake om quotations, as follows : Lehigh lump, $11.00• prepared, $11.00; Lackawanna. so6o* Erie, $9,50; Briar UUI, $9.50; "Walnut Uill7 49*50* $9 wf^fStlfc, 00; oh< Y y M } no i 5 locking Vailey! » J. n^J ana . coal, $0.50 ; Indiana block ton M fo 1 S) rkland 5111101 * B,W ' Miuouk ' *7.00; WUmlngl «u o nn,t^ AGB ~ T . he f? Ia a “Bht trade in flour-bar- JjJf* 111011 M l ofl o7 packers* goods t? * 1 b J? fc M l ® Roneral trade is quiet. Wo ft W.25Q1.06 lard tierces, $1 60 whl . Bk ? barrol,, » $1.90(32,10; flour barrels \*fl rOURb ' * l7 *°°®2o.oo; do, fl& ed, $-0.00 (325.00 , tierce atavos, rough, $20.00025.00 • sawed, do bucked or sawed, $25.00028.00 : whlskv staves, rough, $21.00028.00; do bucked, $30.00033 00 • . v . e8 - $8.50010.60; circle flour heading, 7@ " hoop polos, $11.00015.00 per nS ?vn«s d ft?” 50 P° lo8 » *Bo.ooo3s.ooperm. * ».ii a. °1 WM * moderate demand from the ro toU dealers. The receipts wore liberal, andTricol ruled rather weak. Sales were made of 184 cao Pq n » d ° Z “ d 235 C * Beu at Vl * a 1 32 brla and 900 doz black, lOQIOO • rod do ao/a imi?» 00 w berr,oß l 1 ?^ 0 - ' ® irAV ß^>ih?«^ u el n . 125 <5H flo for Western. . , ' ' dftvH of V B ? about tho aamo mon tlio earlier ??«f fey k «,™ n l «S5S?f iwo-lhlri. prtMf* “■ c,lt - or AND The demand continued niadnn. nto. Commonlrouls quoted 2-10 lower ~,,1 ®°‘‘ or “ B*ed launobangcdl UonMihoo iron. * V.V.V.V.* *.V.V ** 0 Si **!*• Waldron, common tank ' cif S 5-10 !*!•■ Zluaala Iron *'■** ®„.‘ rates nuuala iron, No. lalolnod**.l.**.*.;; oja N0rway1r0n,.,......... ■ n • Wlb Norway nail roda .'.***** OJrf SiS?° & £ Gorman plow elcel n'* SJ2° Vlb English cmil nlowilooi;!! - .; la Miatro S!? American tool 5t001..1 1,1/ S!2*° 3? ”> Ohromotool stool H* Sis° W lh' English tool stool i;:*;;.*.*.v.*;;**aijk S K ffi^ E Wn-,mi;v- ■■■■■“* SSr SS HEMLOCK, City harness Country harness.. Line, city, W 1b... Kip, V 11j : Kip, yoala City upper, No. 1, 9 ft City upper, No, 2, W ft, Country upper, No. 1.. Collar, « ft Calf, city.:.,.,. *’* Calf, country,, ’** Rough upper, standard! Bough upper, damaged. Buffalo Slaughter sole.. “ B. A.’’sole Oal l w Kip :•'••• • 7.20® l.« Harness 75® 1.10 French calf, Jodot !!.* is French calf. Lamrinn French calf, 24 to 30 Hm. C0.00@80.00 French Wp. 60 to 100 fts... oSifft irade ™ is. msot aw^wsrjat ? a Tm—Largo, 420 • email, 430: bar. 44c Icfq^uS^pS 1 .35f, : : SnKBT Inon-Ko. 24, rates. NoaS z i“ %yi°- vt* 18o i of2o per cent I« mado/Vom (hK’ A ‘ U,l!o,u ‘ l «?? bollomß . «o: brazier., over la Ihs StuXSJST"*' Woi pW< ’' 1 'wTeo 1 ? 55 wmmm »^t, 8 iflfau^T^ 0 , c(mt lnuo to quotei Manilla *gSs| b a^S 0 ® 0 - 60! iarcl, *halo, and other oils were steady. A fair amount No. 2, 050; linseed, raw,oßo; do boiled. shtt• wlmln , u "■!■«»—Waa in liberal supply and dull Turkovs 18 coop. apring .1 $2 76«3.00; 3do at $0.25 “2do at boo, Hungarian at $1.0001,10 ; timothy at S3 0004 in • KfrV'-SS® 5 - 00 : $1.2591.00. ® - °• oAI/I— There was no change. Following •**> ♦s,_ prices current: Onondaga and Saginaw, fine. 12 00* ordinary coarse, $2.00; coarse DiamondO* S ’iq.* ground fi olar, $2,10; dairy, without bags, dalrv* 'S(^o* ,a ® 1,, As&ton dairy, per saci t^o& gg»f ßT alum ' •wwSy &“*£“ there la some cutting under. Wo quote s YounJhS™ ctm}^ 01 # to / ftlr A * s ® sso J do good, Co@7oo *do choice to extra lino, 05c@gl.10; common to fine q i,i {£ 80 ?» i 70 ® 9c °5 common Imperial, 60@660; good 70c«S?S. d a^ oc^ ,I - 10i ebOdganrfar, 7Uc@JI.OO; choice Bingsuoa, sl,lS@l.2o*-extra. Mal K , . $ ?;?S9 1 -“ ! , c i‘ olc s 10 •"» ai J.pan. S SI.OO ( fair to good do, Cs@7Cc ; common do. 40@450 • Oolomr asSis lcaf J ? p 2?» 65 ®C50; common to fine Oolong, 85@45c, good, 65®C0c; choice to extra, BSc@ f(jtn?-- CC ?7T ho i obacc ? mQrket ™ without hew foaturea. A fair demand exists, and the prices riven below are hold with considerable firmness, . ®* n^*rspJ~ Eltra ’ 75@860; choice, Cs@7oc ; medi um , 60@GOo; poor to common, 40@600 —* ,8 ® 3 “ o; h “ lx sio^"^ 820880 * mNl,um > “Q Y, OOD—Waa weak and unsettled: Beach 49 on • “vE&JSTffiauJSF’ ”■“»=.M^Mdilvomi: _ V ,.i —Were In largo supply, and nricoa wore lower for most varleUoa. We quote • PeasW m 3 - 00 ,E?, r bu ! slrl “K •>““>. $1.00®1.75 perbp bors, ,09000 per doz; now onions, per brl, $1 6095 00 • Bormudo do, $2 00: radiation, 20®25ojsquMOo - mi lb, asparagus, 60@760; cabbage, 76c@$i 00 per doz• ***> doz; lit do I: W wVin?^iw s toni * to « B i per box, ' -J»? OI T“i Vaa . 1 l? clian ß o d. New Is coming in and selhng at about tbo quoted prices : Tub, washed, extra medium..'. i7/»nn« Tub, WMhod, common to fair "I!""; - "loi'So Common dingy F coco, washed, XSXX, llgbl riceco, waahod, X&XX, dingy........ ImtbS Iloeco, waahod, medium Ilglit '3^^° F occo, nnwaabod, X4XX,fiigood oondltlon. :;.25a27S Fjooco, uuwaahod, coamo to medium 209280 “ d ««■•••::::;: |S Extra, pulled .*.*.*.*lll*.* Burry wool 10®20o lees J»®44o CHICAGO LIVE-STOCK MARKET. Review for tho Week Ending Satur day Evening, June 31, • aa^So r S?: ipl8 '° f Uvo ’ Btocl£ d th^ekhm been Monday..,, Tuesday.... Wednesday. Thursday.. Friday..,.. Saturday... ...18,913 67,600 C.295 -.22,287 35,275 4 410 ~.20,354 65,304 6 329 ...20,381 64,009 3 723 Total Last week Week before 1a5t,..., Week ending May 31. Tola) Shipment* were u follows .81,034 212,874 18,7fifl Bw, Sh&p, .. 2,870 2,055 ifo .. 3,710 6,830 ... .. 1,838 0,452 • 1,311 0,407 • ... ». 8,000 10,288 042 Monday,... Tuesday.,., Wednesday. Thursday., Friday board have kept tho market dull ana depressed ami tnan that received during : last \VB«k wm /•*- from being satisfactory, Texas cattle, cows' and thin 10 par sl“ p r °?^ Üborkl-eiliajlil" 1 ’ I Tcaily T ” X “ crMß C “ tl^;", lrc “ t, J' ■teors, averaging 1 004 R* ThoimiVnf fifi 1 ? graded SSf?ssS3i Extra Hooves—Graded steers, Averaging 1 400 Ito and upward »«fw»»niugi,«ju Choice Hooves—Fine, fat, well fonned bycar 8,8030,10 1 330 3 1(2 r ° J 8 UCr8 ’ ttvoru ß |n ß 1,300 to Good steers, averaging l.ioo to 1,360 t0... B obah *n Medium Grades-Sleora iu /air tlcah, av* a i- 8,2508,50 “Slug 1.050 to 1,200 Iba ' aTor K nr\f*K o. Butchers' Stock—Common to fair slVors' 8,0 °® 8,25 *ud good to extra cows, for city slaughter, averaging 800 to 1,100 lbs 3 a Brvai ik Btouk Cattle-Common cattle, to B*so®<-75 8 * 50 ® < - 75 liwlu averaging 700 to 1,060 lLa 8.50(21,05 ? mI . 411111 • eowB » hdfem, - '^'w!’* lo ' ?, ml «callfiwng idoera 8.0003.25 • S K OX “' Northern Entered .. 8S 00 iVn^ T °W hro^ h,lroVM !.!, 3.000380 wwo ?i?Ih? \ r J. Dfl «° flMt . hMf of <h ® week price* Si %d tK ?*f 8 flCftJo ' tbo unexpectedly Heavy : ■ theexperiences of thet»«t t»«*1, i} fl 40 continue Jmvo but to rcgulorlv Iho “boll remitfrtJ thrown to thorn ot Ito oloio of oooh wook mtt tlw mericet opened active andatromr Thii rocolpta amounted to only about 3,800 bead, and unde! Sr&S. to rt woroon ok.l a&.SSnMM A’ZT!T n ; *}m*M to medium,ViaS M. ko S'fSoX ? A ”°“ g 018 lna * U. Av. Pr j 68 231 $4,60 00 aip ei on ‘ M 231 4,80 41 311 4*70 80 305 4,70 03 00*1 , 1»2 a» 406 S3 178 100 00 3“ J-JO 68 881 1.00 03 2S M 2 2i 231 4 *6° 00 2sn i ‘S 22 3(53 ou 320 4.08 68 307 480 S 370 J-Sptf <3 280 4.60 TV il* **6s 43 803 440 • iJ 222 * ,7S 104 243 4.70 68 OU I'SS 47 267 4,C0 S. 071 tS “ 103 M 9 . . . We quote poor to common at S3 0008 7s^ B nJ^? r * cea » *4.0004.35, ,nd good to oholM lt ,“° ,iium »*. CHICAGO LUMBER MARKET. •I SO® 4 1 • ■' BC@ S3 •• COO .1.10 • » 800 1.20: • • 380 80‘ •• . 35(4 27 • ♦ 35® 27 .. .20® 23 1.200 1.40 .. 1.10(4 1.35 • • . 00(4 35 ' •• 27(4 80 • • 830 87 •• 800 83 : boards at fll 00* *17.00, and common .hla B , M i ‘Ste UiD!r ‘‘i K.“ntacKSff"i M iff!?' Cargo .ohr Cargo Bchr Mincrra, from Muakcaon lift m tt •», B m oSS^ £-A zs ; 25W°£Slg^^ M .. wrarani rnEionia. mu . . .• TIT* TABDS. ii 11 ® 0 continues /airly active, and prices I first cioar. .nm /»kkm I ss^^s, 1 . 0 . iiss <3,0 ° 016,00 iat and 2d together'!!!!. ®SoS. . I 50*BHI0D .siding,,,, . in no /aoi nrt I n« mm 2 n doo F} n J» drcaß e<i» first 35.00 @3B*oo I Commonfloorlng.drcasod,second..,. 28.00 @3O 00 Wagon-box boards, selected, 14 inches ® 0,7 w A sSSkSSrJIq 30.00 @38.00 dbSbSSS;::::;::;;';;;: K IK o siock board :;:::; ?J-ss fM Common boards...; ioSJ IjJ'JJJ Joist, scantling, small timber, fencing! ® H,O ° etc., 10 feet and under 12,00 @l4 00 lH>w»fL nd 8 «t0 24/oet 16.00 @2o*oo hSS&Si" 0 ■..•u.00 ©icioo Cedar po«ta, round l?ioo gasloo No. 1 sawed . .1 1M dollars per car to bo added* when transferred, which charge follows the shingles. . ncaa CkUeaa '~ l>lTa Bldn ß l *i 10 k* two inches in thlofc* Length—Sixteen inches. . w , . HAUDWOOD. “ Couutor8 ' $100.000160.00; Clear. I So.00; flooring, t50.00@C0.00. ’ wu * wu< ® n 6 *T^Si? ar l $^0.00940.00; common, $20.00@25 00 • cuU,slo.oo@is.oo; flooring, $30.00940.00. W ® * CUU %w£@i& W@ioM '’ “ mmon - «°.00@25.00; OS^cMSS^K® 15 ' 001 s2s ' oo ® , oii?iiMo@« r 6o 3u-ooaw -” : commo “' a8.00gj3.00 j sofenifaaK® 60 - 00 ' «** ©sr^s&a 00 ® 40 - 00 : *».«> Wagon Stock—Hickory axles, ner sat <1 nn/mi sn. Wagon poles, each, 45@550 ; box boards, $35.00940.00’, Herkimer County Dairy market. TvmTnl? N. Y., June 21.—The market at Little H en duU aDd depressed, with a S?ddtat™kf 1 '“‘“‘““■UyXoroL ft™ dairioa V lO delivery was nearly 900 boxes. wore made at 10c to lor poor to com- ■ m^^H d / fl rom 12 ,° t0 } 2 * 0 for ext» and fancy. • PacUjrlM were largely represented, the offerings ag. from 7*ooo to 9,000 boxes, only about 3,000 ol a™ "'?• J* th » of holdere were : f '“O'® of buyers, many feclorymsn ro. ™„V’> mU .. proferrlug to. bold over oi . Th« !nni—^ r ' tar *i(.? 1^r . B°°ds oo commUeion. , ftnd tbero was a florco con httl™ Si f hol . d , cr “ and buyers for more, but aa # e *i. to . havemotwiUl baavy lessee on the , Bbipmenls of the two previous weeks, the «o ires not ' low.". 116 ?™ "W T “- lmi.sacM?ns “ tol! b’V” i Avery 4 Ives, St boxes at 134f0; Bates. 123 at i * otiurl, 49 at 13c; Brockett’s Bridge, 67 at livSi 130 ! Vairey, 66al J 3 * c Cold Brook, HO at 13,1fc; Cook 4 Ives, 76 at IWo; Crane’s Corners. 210 at 13Vo; Crum Creek 79 BIB 11 at 13Jf o; EatonviUe, 124 at 13*0 j Ealrlleld AssoclaUon, 187 at 13*oj Foster: St 101, . 130 U “obdoraob Association, 79 VairV? 1 5m „ _ County Central, 60a ‘ Bn’it 'SK 0 V K f J ‘i 66 * tl3 °! bowvlll? “ ; LaduovUle, 05 at 23«o; Munliolm lorn! fillet’ p..- 3 #V MbldlovlUo, 14?5t13,*0; Newport, JS fa 1 ?/ 4 . ■ P “™°f Hoß °W|.' 63 180 ! Buesls, 13o; ffld Salisbury, 70 at 13*0; Shells’ Bush, 60 at 134(0 : Turnof 4 Welch, SO at H*o; While Creek, 168 at 13c! There was a very Ught doUrory of butler! and sales vrero made of Uno grass mako at 200. r ,,A, t t 5* f u a t l ea Oily market trade opened exceedingly ? rt^v£ U i * bo °, fferlnffß wer ® and about 3,000 boxes cheese were sold, The. range of prices * rom , 12k(o to and one or two factories JSfS- 1 ?i? 0 * Inß t0 Complaint is made In New York Olty that some of tho cheese arriving during tho hot weather is not sufficiently firm to stand up. Other lots aro not sufficiently cured, and receivers are afraid or them, as tho hot weather affects them more or less unfavorably. in . Herkimer County Is dry, and tbs most serious drouth is prevailing that wo bare scon at / twa season of the year for many years past. Tho grass depreciating 0 B11(l P aßturft ß9 1* from day today Hops, Shttp. . 0,933 6,653 7fr4 ■ 3,Mi 13,027 709 3,077 17,658 914 . 3,975 11,8W 1.347 . 3,003 6,810 1 121 600 ■ 3,800 420 In IQoraorlam* - New Yobk. Juno 21.—At a mooting of tho Executive Committee of the Western Union Telegraph Company held to-day, on motion, the following woe nuanl moualy adopted: It baa pleased Him, whose ways are not oar ways, to toko from hla friends and his labors the Hon. Horace *. Oiark, and we, who have known him,'will desire to record on the pages where his name appears so often, : an expression of sorrow for his loss, as well as our tribute to bis varied services: thorc/ore, _ f e ,°l that one who has been so long a leader In tbo material enterprises of bis country, and S?SiffiVn?M ong ll i* chlo (.? ,eu ot ltß eNef City, needs h2l?«i£ni fWi^°, r . kaor . htH Varactor. Tbo trusts < bo was filling, and tbo position bo bad won, boar testi mony weightier than words to an Integrity that never was questioned; to the mental’keenness, power, and attainments manifested on so many exacting fields: to tbst broad group of groat undertakings of bis time, wblob yet with rare felicity was associated with ex ceeding accuracy and mastery of detail, and to that death resulted alike la bis success and In bis Jtoolvtd, Tbst wo wish* rather, to record hero our , sonss of bfs wise couubols and unremitting devotion to the Interests of this Company, our sorrowful recol lection of long and pleasant personal Intercourse, and ,o ® # » friend whose fidelity was positive! and who whoa be promised support norsr wavered or for- Jit-solved, That wo tomior our sympathy to (ho family lU “‘ oomml ' lM WU attend hfi Serious Explosion of Cartridges. New \cihk Juno 21. —Tims afternoon, while Nathan Harsh and a porlor named Charles Leon- M™, breaking no old cartrldgoa in Marsh 55,‘5"5 M-daiatico store, at « Doy street, a tor niio explosion occurred of over 3,000 cartridges OVO i f* 10 floor- - I ’ llo and back wlu- W . Sl ° blown ">d, «nd two men sitting in the S“‘ "to™ wore violently blown Into the street, r l;?" 1 , H6 rtonslyinjured. Mr. Harsh, thoportor, Wj ®fr. Marsh’s throe little sous wore _irn?/ r r r/ ul 7 n J uro< * - One of the children «oi„ o h ro i ßt Harsh—was terribly dlsdgnred, the h!rdr b « g .i bu ?l??° ,, of Mm greater part of his body. Moth children w U die. Aa. Av. Price, 48 803 $4.40 ISO . 301 4.60 74 374 4.60 01 310 4.70 180 341 4,60 . S3 033 4.05 473 101 4.80 68 308 4.60 64 225 4.03U 68 200 4,75 - 01 . 215 4.63 60 399 4,60 32 918 4.40 Obo. n. Muuronn, Secretary.

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