Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 24, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 24, 1873 Page 7
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the Elevator accident. v; Mr, Ocorgo A. Dutchor, , Suporintondont of wo HortUwoßiom Manufacturing Works, ylhUocl fostorday tho atoro of Kellogg'* Go., wboro the •levator gave way Saturday evening, and In jured two men. Mr. Dutohor. states that the •levator has boon in operation about a year. It ttas an ordinary freight elevator, with an open cage. As In all tho elevators put up by this Company, tboro wore tbroo cables, a suspen sion, a safety and an operating cable. Tho bus £onslon cable holds up tho cage, or at least It Is itouded to hold It up. Tho safety oablo Is intended to take its place In ease it parts, and la* so connected with a spring that tho ■train loosens bolts in oaoh side of tho cage, so that - they catch. on a ratchet running- up and down tho sides of tho shaft, and prevent tho cage from falling. Tho operating cablo is oon npotcdwlth tho ouglno, and tho amount of steam lot on and tho velocity of tho cage are regulated J>y it. In this case the oago was crowded, some twelve persons being on it. It had descended fifteen feet from tho top of ,tho building, and ‘ had about fifty more to go, when tbo suspoiißiou cablo snanpod. Had nothing boon done, tbo cage would ha yo.descended > quietly enough, but the broken cablo fell on tho heads of those [n tho cage, .frightening them, and tho engineer hung on to tho operating oablo hoping to savo himeolf as ho supposed from going down by tho fun.. His weight on tho.cablo lot on tbo steam, and tho cage wont down with unusual speed. One of tho possongorsrlmrt himself by. attempt ing to Jump ouono of the landings. Mr. Dutchor laid further that this elevator was made to carry two tons, and insists that nothing but a want of presence l of mind and of an intelligent knowledge of tho machinery on tho part of, tho engineer , caused the disaster. Ho oomplaiubd that owners of elevators ore too stingy to pay > proper men to run those important machines, many of which are placed at the tender moroy or ordinary laborers. 19 going through Field & goiter's, - Mr. Dutohor found tho cable badly, worn, and Mr. Loiter immediately ordered a now one in its place. Tho iujurod elevator will bo in operation as soon as repaired. THE NEW COUNTY HOSPITAL. 3b the Editor, of Tho Chicago Tribune: Sib : Wby aro not tho County Commissioners moving in thb matter of a now hospital ? ' Tbo urgent nood of suoh an institution Is Just now being felt moro than ovor; tho present hos pital building is, and has boon, ovon during tho months when tho city is most healthy, greatly ovororowdod; its abominably filthy and unhy gienic slate, dospito tho efforts of its managers to koopt it dooont, has boon shown ns ropoatodly by exports, and by members of your own editorial Itaff, who havo examined it; tho most sickly season is approaching, with good prospects of cholera in abundance; tho fact stares us .in tho face, that temporary hospital advantages will probably bo roaufrod in addition to those at proeont existing, ana yot tho County Board of Commissioners takes, seem ingly, no notice of this urgent nood of suffering humanity and this plain duty that is upon thorn. If anything on earth is olear it is this, that, if we aro not to bo disgraced as a community who neglect its sick, wo will require moro hospital fa cilities long before wo need a now Oourt-Houso v'r new Wator-Works. Months and months ago, tho Commissioners Instructed its Hospital Committee to advortiso for bids for tho salo of ground for a now hos pital-site. This was dono; the bids woro received, out no action baa boon taken regarding thorn: Indeed, they have boon buried in tho dust of some committee-room} all this time. Whydooa not this committee roport ? If thoy do not, why does not tho Board appoint another committee ? Why aro wo delighted with bombastic talk about tho mighty things wo havo douo in tho way of progross, with jubilees, and with tho prospect of grand improvements, and with expositions, while not a.word is said about a hospital for our slok ? Will tho County Commissioners answer ? Citizen. hlasonio. The enterprising Regalia House of A. S. Wadhams A Co. have removed to largo and elegant quarters, Koe.lOO and 102 Clark street. They havo a largo ■took of society goods, Masonic R. A., K. T., A and A., B. 8., 1. O. O. F., K. P., oto. Wo had tho pleasure of Inspecting an elegant full equipment' for Corinthian Chapter of this city. Tho counsel robes deserve espe cial mention, being made of heavy corded silk and su perbly ornamented, and of a stylo unique. Tho whole equipment is first-class, costing some SBOO. It will be tin exhibition for a few days at their store. All aro in vited to call and examine. This house is also equip ping Oriental Sovereign Consistory of this city with Ibelr sew and beautiful uniform Just adopted. Gents* Furnishing Goods at Cost, Wo offer our ontlro stock of gents* furnishing goods at cost, consisting of silk, gauze, merino, and lielo thread undershirts and drawers, linen and cotton drill drawers, and a gno assortment of neckwear and gloves. Will bo sold without regard to profits previous io«emova| to new store Aug. 1. Edwards. Bluett k Co., Nos. 45 and 47 West Madison street, and No. SOS State street. Tho Genuine Goyeor Spring- Water indrawn by Buck ARayner, at both their etorca. BUSINESS CHANGES. A NO. 1 BILLIARD HALL AND FINELY FITTED up bar for sale; good location, on tho North'Sido: Emt very low. NOCRIN ARE1011AR1), 75 South Doar qm- sU A LODGING HOUSE IN SAN FRANCISCO FOR sale. A lino central location, containing 140 rooms, with a well-established business. For further Information and particular* addresa O. G. MOXLEY, Real Estate, No. aßMontgumory-st.. San Francisco, Cal. A well-established cash business for sale or exchange; paying from 60 to 100 percent; lo cated on Lake-at.; Block on hand and in manufacturing about $60,000 cash price. Address JR N, Box 82 Tribune office. i A NO. 1 GROCERY STORE, FRESH STOCK, AND •**-a good eatablisbod trade for salo; rent low. Inquire of NOUKIN & REIOKARD, 76 South Doarborn-st. A HALF INTEREST IN A LARGE MANUFAO turing business for salo; netted 60 per cent last yoar and will do as wolt in future. - Family troubles alone ren der sale necessary. Address Q 111, Tribune office. I A FRUIT-CART AND LIORNSEFORBALE. CHEAP «£Lfor cash. Inaulro for 11. BROWN. 866 South Clark ■t.. In restaurant, - from 13 to 8 p. m. ICE CREAM, AND CIGAR STORE FOR \J sale. Call at 166 West Lake-at, pONFEOTIONERY FOR RAID - TUB WELL- V/ known confectionery and Ice-cream establishment of tbo late James Curry, Milwaukee, Is for sale, at a rea sonable prlu>; possession given Immediately. This la a rare chance for acme one to obtain a lucrative and profit able business, which has been twelve yean* established, and doing tho best trade In tho lino in the olty. For par- Mooters Inquire of A. J.W. PIERCE, 144 West Water at., or address M. CURRY, 423 Mllwaukoo-st., Milwau kee, Wls. TVBUG STORE FOR SALE—EXCLUSIVELY RR XJ tail: no paints, etc. Solos 1872, $26,000 cash. I,ri ° o - * l|) - Sio - Addre “ GROCERY AND SAMPLE ROOM ATTACHED VT for salo. full stock of grocnrloa and liquors, Apply to LYNCH BROS., 127 South Wator-at. ,]T WILL PAY ANY MAN TO INVESTIGATE THE X ohanoot to make money with small capital, ottered by STONE A SKINNER, 119 Doarborn-st., Room 6. T BABE, AND STOCK OF A FIRST-CLASS BOARD XJ ing-boueo for sale. Term* reasonable; homo full of boarders, Owner unable lo attend to buslnoas. 80. 223 Hast Jaokion-st. *KTEWB AND CONFECTIONERY STAND FOR wlp, in a post-otHco in a thriving town, doing good trade. Price, $&0 cash. Address F. Box 212, Elgin, 111. New york-lrasb and furniture of a finUolats Broadway Hotel for sale. Address B 11. Blatlon D. Now York. ONE-HALF INTEREST IN ONE OP THE LARGEST and best-paying steam laundries In tbo West for sslo. Kualnea* well established, and everything In flnt-olass order. Good reasons given for selling. To a thorough and experienced laundryman good Inducements will be ottered. Address, with real nsmo, MOB Tribune office. ONE OP. THE LARGEST LIVERY ESTABLISH, mants In the city for sale s fmooash trade; will soil from $6,000 to SIO,OOO worth of stock as valuation'. Call tm LARKIN A JEN Kb. 146 LaSaUi-sI, w»d confer with tho owner. v ■ ■ ‘ SAWMILL, AO., FOR SALE-A LANE A BODLEV sawmill and a Daniels' Umber planar, respectively, with e&rrlsgo and bod, capable of sawing ami planing Jcngthstoaovonlrfeot, together with planur and match er, surfaoor and cutting-off saws; also aP. W. Oates' ,«>ghty-borso power onglno, aro offered for sslo. All aro In good working order, and can bo examined at •our works, oast of Stock Yards. Apply to THE AMERICAN BRIDGE COMPANY, SALOON FOR BALE, WITH FIXTURES AND furniture, for SI,OOO ; 6 rooms up-etairs, well furnish ed. Inquire 86i South Olnrk at. STOCK JOE LINENS AND GENTS’ FURNISHING goods and flxturoa fnr sale: leaso, dwelling In roar of •tore, and In second story. UDELL A MYERS, 147 Ran* dolpb-st.. Room 8, over FldolHyJlauk. * rpHIl OLDEST AND lIKBT FAMILY OUOOEBY ON t, Bouth-Bide between Twonty-socomi-st.. aud I|7d# Park; business about #60.000; slock, fixtures, etc,, •bout $8,UOo; uo bonus asked; bouse and lot on tbo South Sldo taken in part payment. Address M 31. Trib une office. ' W HO J! r^ N ’ r8 J 0 9 V >£wj . i ; i!l)Ba nd a complete ouUULjr .hotel and biiutd .ny Ismlly .ml .burn profits? 129 West MsdUoo-st., up-stalrs. HASH A BAIAJON WITH ALL two years' lease. Call at No. 129;$ pj. i Onow fixtures: lorth Wolls-st. SI,OOO la a well-established ttlOQ per month. 127 South Olark-st.. Room !tH. * * ’ * PERSONAL. __ MON day evening, June 23. Plosso address GB4,Tilbuua olDoo. MEDICAL. The electro chemical curb. 700 wabash av. Treatment suporlor to all, olthsr to ouroerpro y#ot dlieuf. ' CITY REAL ESTATE. Foil SALE-OnOIOB LOTS UPON UALSTEI), Emerald, Diwhloll. Twqnly.sqvonlh, Thlrty-tbl/d xulrty-fonrth. Statu, Arnold. Buddan,. and 'i’Mrty-nov gnth-aU. | alao on Wentworth, Archer, and rCgan-ars. Small payment dnwni balanoo B roam at fl pur emit. 'Applets owner. HENRY W. OIUPMAN. 163 Won. TT (^l IB A^ B r Tlll J ßß P noionooi iNPdis on south X Park iiuulovard and South Parktsl26 per foot will hr\y ono of thorn. FRED L, PARK 4 CO., 63 Washing. TpOjt SALK-OnOIOE-OALUMBT-AV. A , CO loot, oast front, Twonty-aooond and Twenty-third* I’ralrio-aT,, SO foot noar Twontloth-at. Indlana-av., SO foot noar Twouty tlilrd-st. Splendid treoi, shrubbery, oto. Mlchlgan-av.. 60 foot noar Twenty-sixth, fronting oaat. I’ltKLl L. FAKE it 00., 68 Wnshlnaton-st. T?QR SALK—IMPROVED BTATK-ST., TWENTY A’ olghih-si., 2-atory atoro, oast front, tfS.wH). Wabash-a?,. 699, 8-story FronoliToof, 14 rooms, brick barn, oto., will be sold cheap. Allpmgan-ar.. 603, marblo front, easy tonus, SIB,OOO. - Indlana-av., 3-story house, onrncr.'6o-fout lot, SIO,OOO, frkdufakrac/oT, , . ; • - - • 83 Washlngton-at.- JjlOU SALK— ' Cliolco tlvo acres, fronting 813 foot. Fifly-flfth-at. oulovard, • Fronting 800 foot, Wabash-av. . ; I’romlng Ike foot, Hlato-st. Attention of Investors invited; onn of tho most desirable trnota now ollorod. Tortus easy: title perf-jet. ' FHED. L. FAKE A OU.. 88 FOR HALE—UNIMPROVED—WAR ASH-A V. 325 foot on aouthoait corner of .Thlrty-fourth-st-, gas. water, sewerage, Ao. Suo foot at Thlriy-nlnth-at., $135. • 60 foot at Forty-Hfth-it., sßd. 60 foot at Fortloth-si.y iffto. 1 176 foot comer of Fitly •fourth-at., SOO. Siato-it.— 26footatThlrty-Recond-at., $123. 36 foot at Thlrty-slxlh-st., $(10. 60 foot at Forty-tlfth-st.. $?o. FRED. L. FAKE, 4 CO., • 88 Waablngtou-at. TjIOR SALE—WENTWORTU.AV.—FIVE ACUKHON ,X* Wontworlh-ar,, running through to Stowart-av., FOrty-aovonth-at. SNYDER 4 LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northoaat corner of Afonroo and LaSnllo-ala. FOR SALE-SOUTH PARK-AV,-63x135 FEET ON .w o ?)«. pap V' ,l n'..s oar Thirtylblrd-at. SNYDER 4 abdXaSalio its* northoaat corner of Monroe FOR SALE—IBOXIBI FEET ON MIOIIIOAN-AV., botwoon Fifty-third and Flfty-fourlh-nta., oaat iront: torma, 1A cash, and balance at end of 4 and 8 year*. Thoso lots aronpposlto that part of tho Pork now boing improved. Will lot all tho purchase mono/ run on Rarilo* who will huUd immodlatoly. MAT. BON HILL, 108 and 110 Dcarborn-st. TrOBBALK-SOniU PAItK-100 10TB FRONTING tho Sotlthl'ntk, «nd (in. SUill.on, Droml, ntliu dalo-avs. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon's Building, north east comer Monroe and LaSnllo-sta. lipOß SALK—INDIANA-3T.—LOT 36*100 ON INDl northeast corner Dillor-st. BNYDKR A Building, northeast corner Monroe ami For salk-mioiiioan-av. : 80 foot, near Slxtcenth-st., cheap. CO foot, coruor Twonty-llfth-st., S4OO. ICO foot. Twenty-fifth and Twonty-stxth-sls., S4OO. 60 foot, Thirty-first and Thlrly-second-sts., $274. 98foot, oornorThlrty-fourth-st., S2OO. CO foot, Thirty-sixth and Thlrty-sovonth-ata., SICS. .160 foot, corner Thlrty-soventh-st., $176, 80 foot, comer Thlrty-olghth-at.. $176. FRED L. FAKE AGO., 83 Washlngton-sf. For sale-choice lots on koan.av. (thir ty-nlnth-at,), extremely oaay tonus, lota 60*173 foot to 80-foot alloy. Also, on Oakwood boulevard. Also, on Grand boulevard. Also, fronting South Park-av., comer Fifty-thlnJ-st. J. BBAIAS WARREN, 18 Chamber of Commorea. FOR SALK—WABASH-AV.—99 YEARS' LEASE OP 40x170 foot, with largo house, No. 461. also largo barn; terms of loaao, SI,BOO per year for S years, aud $2,600 per yoar for balance of time. Will ho sold for a reasonable bonus, or tbo house and lot will lid rented to a responsible tenant at 83,000. $2,600 was ollorod on Ist of May. J. K3AIAB WARREN, 1b Ohamhor of Commerce. ■ FOR SALE-10 ACRES, HUMBOLDT PARK Bou levard, near Palmer-place. Will subdivide advan tageously and retail at largo profit. FRED. L. FAKE A UP., 68 Washlngtop-st. 171 OR SALE—OUR AP, OCTAGON FRONT BRIOK JL realdonoo, two stories and basement, 10 rooms. lot 29 foot front: excellent location, West Sldu j $9,608. HENRY Jn., 86 Boat Washlngton-st., Room 4. TOOK SALE-LOTS, THIRTY-FIRST-BT., BUDDAN. X 1 Sbumoff-av., Lyman and Haynoa-st.: cheap. aim easy terms. FREPTI. FAKE A CO., 88 Washington. For sale-at a bargain, monthly pay monta, 2 now bouses, 9 rooms each, on West Taylor st., dost Woatorn-av. inquire at 185 Sooth Clark-at.. in bank. FOR SALE—A FINE BUSINESS BUILDING ON East Loko-st., 40x185 feet, 4 stories and basoroont, pnllt In modem stylo In tho moat substantial manner: leased for 5 yean, and paying a rental of abont 17 per cent per annum ovor and above all taxes, expenses, oto., ■ on price asked. Apply or address O O D, Nos, 196 and 197 East Lake-st., op stairs. For salb-qood lots on the following street*: State, Burnside. Butterfield, Arnold, Gari baldi, Hanover, Butler, Wallace, Summer, Winter, Mur ray, and Halsfod; also on Wentworth, Shurtloff, Portland and Stowart-avs; also on Alexander, Twenty-fourth, Twenty-sixth, Twonty-sevonth, Twoaty-olghth. Napoleon, Twenty-ninth, Karl, Thirtieth, Haven. Thiity-flrst, Thlr ty-socond. Thirty-third. Thirty-fifth, Thirty-sixth, Thirty seventh, Fontaine, and Thlrty-olghth-eta. Tit Jo perfect. Warranty deeds. A very small payment down, fivo year’s , time, fl per cent Interest. No agpncy business. Apply to owner, ALBERT CRANE, 116 Monroo-st. FOR SALE-AT A BARGAIN—LOTS ON WEST orn-av., Polk. Taylor, Twolftb-ata., and Campbell av. Parties wishing to bnlld no money required down, and, if desired, will furnish a part of tho money to bnlld. Inquire ofOKO. OADWELL, onpremises. oraihUSouUi Clark-st., In hank. I7OU SALE—AT A BARGAIN-TUB DESIRABLE X' residence, 1110 ImUana-av., containing 14 rooms, band lomo saloon parlor, conservatory. brick storo-room, two bath-rooms, hot and cold water all through tho house, frescoed ceilings. pointed walls, plate glass windows, cto., etc. There la also a fmo barn on tbo promises, and everything la in perfect repair, Possuscion given atony tune. Call botwoon 4t06 on any day during the week. FOR SALE—OALUMKT-AV. LOTS, CHEAP-LOTS on Calnmot-av., between Thirty-second and Thlrty tblrd-ats., on tonua, one-tenth cash, balaoco in nine equal annual paymonta at M per cent latcrcat. W. D. KEUFOOT A CO.. W Bait washlngten-at. FOR SALE-NEW 2-STORY BRICK AND BRICK basement house, with lot, In West Division, south of Madlaon-st., with nil modern improvements, marble man tels In diningroom, front and buck parlors, front ami back chambers, 13 living rooms, besides bath-room, closota. and pantries. Good baru and carriage bouse. Lot 29x125 to alloy. Irlco, sl».fioo;v?ryea«y tonus; small pay montdown. J. 8. GOULD, 119 Jtearhomat. FOR SALE-NOS. 809 AND 311 TWENTY-SECOND st., between Purple and Wontworth-avs., with ouo very largo building and one cottage, with lota. This property can bo bought under tho market value by a cash customer. No trade. O. 11QLZ, 105 Archor-av. FOR SALK-NICE HOUSE ON PRAIRIE-AV., $6,000; only S6OO down, and SSO monthly. Elegant marble bouse on Miohlgau-av., $16,000; only 8500 down. B. MBAUB, owner, 200 LaSallo-st. FOR SALE-SOUTH PARK-AV., CORNER TVEN ty-fifth-st.. choice corner. CANFIELD * MATTE BUN. CO LaSttUo-at. FOR SALE—3OXI6O ON ADAISS-ST.. EAST OF S u Jftckson-at., cast of Wcstoru-av. J. 11. KELLER, 145 South Olark-st. For sale-60 or 100 feet on miohioan-av., near Forty-socond-st. A splendid residence lot on very easy terms. One-fourth caali, and balance at tho and of nine years. 8. E. GROSS, Room 16 Major Blook, 146 LaSallo-st. . For .SALE—TWO VERY CHOICE LOTS ON Shurtloff-av.. noarTwonty-alxth-st., oaat fronts fence and sidewalk bull t. For sale ut a groat sacrifice If taken Immediately. Owner must have mono/. WM. H. SAMPSON A CO.; 144 LaSalle-st.. Otla Block. TRIOR SALE-iLOT 100x200 ON HALSTED-ST , JUST X' eouth of Addison, running through to tho Dummy road; only $3,000. WM, U. SAMPSON A CO.. 144 Lai Balle-st., Otis Block. For salk-at abaroain-2-story and base moutbrlck house, West Adams-st., near Aahland av.: range, marble mantels, and all modem Improvements: lot M)xlß3 to 20-foot alloy. WM. IL SAMPSON AGO.. 144 Laßalie-at., Otla Blook. FOR SALE—99xI2O, NORTHWEST CORNER OF Thlrty-aovonth-st. and Wabasb-av,: a very groat bar gain, if sold immediately. WAI. H. SAMPSON A CO.. 144 LaSallo-st., Otis Block. ’ FOR, RALE—MIOIIIGAN-AV.—A FINE HOUSE, with largo lot, in one of tho most desirable blocks on this avenue; bouse 14 or 15 rooms, handsomely finished ? D 9.?. e .tL ara .9.Location, tenns. Ac., on application to FRED L. FAKE A CO. • BS Washiugten-st. FOR SALE-HOUSE AND LOT, WITH SALOON and fixtures, on easy terms. Inquire at 236 Buddau »t. t corner Twenty-eighth. FOR BALE-HOUSE, WITH 80 FEET OF GROUND, situated on Park-av., 191; house has hot and cold water, gas, two water-closets and bath-rooms, furnace, ate. j will bo sold with furniture If desired. A. UUL BERT, 191 Park-av. For sale-bythe owner-a loton war aril av.. south of city limits: will bo sold for S6O por foot If taken this week. A. BARRETT, 623 Ruttortlold-st. FOR SALE—A NICE LITTLE HOME COMPLETE, ly furnlsbod, 8 rooms. lot 50x150, largo shado and fruit trees, bam. and garden. Homo trade might bo takun. LAltklN A JENKB, 116 LaSallo-st. . FOR SALE-O!IKAP,~TWO NEW AND WELL FUR niabod cottages pleasantly located, containing 6 ami 9 rooms, with water, barn, and all noocssary conveniences. Apply at tbo place, 618 Sucoud-at. Mr. RABEY. FOR BALB-B0 FEET ON MIOIIIQAN-AV., NEAR Fortleth-st., 60x174; terrastosult. WM. U. SAMP SON A 00., 144 LaHailo-it„ Otis Block. For sale-ground lkase-a bargain— Hoqtn WalorandLako-ats., a valuable and very fav orable ground lease, 99 yean: no tazos on ground. JACOB O. MAOILL, B1 and 83 Clark-at. PARTNERS WANTED. TJARTNUR WANTED—WITH 83,000, IN A LIGHT .L manufacturing business that will boar Investigation. Ills an opportunity to realize from $3,000 to ss,ooopur annum to tho right party, and Is safe and permanent. Address I 37, Trlbugo office. PARTNER WANTED-A PRACTICAL MAN WHO X understands tho manufacturing of nrlltlclal stouo, with a capital of SI,OOO. Address ltd Wlolaud-st. PARTNER WANTED—IMMEDIATELY. MUST BE X a goad otlloo-man snd have $360. Prolits last month. $427.63. 70 East Madlstm-st., Rooms 6 and 7. PARTNER WANTED-A MAN WITH $6,000 TO $15,000, to engage with a responsible real ostuto firm in handling first-class property, luopur coot profit can bo realized. Address M art, Tribune ollieo. I.JARTNKR 1W ANTED—WITH FROM $3,000 TO X $6,00(1 cash, or part cash ami security, to join the ad vertiser in a No. 1 manufacturing business that will pay a largo profit and quick return. First-class article, with au unlimited sale. Address M PI, Tribune uttloo. PARTNER WANTED-A 61EUCHANT-TAILOR IN this city will accept n( an olielblu partner who has money enough lo tnko part In a big, enterprising oslab* llslunent. Address Q 23, Tribune oflioo. PARTNER \VANTKD-WlfiVsl,EoO OH S3.OOOOAPI taI, In a largo innnufsulurliig business. Profits llXl per cent. Address Cj 87, 'lTlbuno ollion. ARTNBU WANTISD—A YOUNG MAN, OF GOOD .L address, with SSOO to SBOO, iu apaylug, established utncabuslnoßs;ruallyguodopoulug. J. L. KIMBALL, 126 l>oarlmrn-»t. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. pURNITunE OF AXX KINDS ON INSTALMENTS X* at lowest cash prions. Now and elaborate design* of tho Empire Parlor Bedstead now ready. Why sleep this hot weather lu a Uttlo close bedroom when, by using Em pire, your can sloop cool lu the airiest parlor of your house. E6IPIRE PARLOR BEDSTEAD CO., 383 West MaOlioost. lilE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE; TUESDAY, JUNE 24, 1873, SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. " TfOR SALE-CHOICE SUBURBAN LOTS ON THE X K*Uwty, tix miles distant, and twenty a”!? 108 in Oiyboum’s Addition to lUvonswood. 11 .. 0 tyl* Rro I*hl oat 60*183 foot on M Toot streets, and will bo Mid upon easy terras, at from S6OO to 9700 por lot. : A *J® facilities for access U» and from the city—tbo desir ability of tho land—lt being high and thoroughly drained —uio proximity to llrat-olass Imnrovomonla, churches, .•ohools, and snclnly, oommond this property as tbo boat at the priuo now In tbo matkot. Comparison challenged I Tbo atlonllon of tho Indue trioua—tbo thrifty—tbo cautions—la called to thoso lota as Bltct for bomnstcada or Invoaimoniß. Call, for a printed abstract and pint, upon IPOR SALIfi-I WILL OFFER FORM DAYS 80 LOTH J- (within 8 block* of tbo Evanston Depot and within 4 ploolu of lino residences, and property worth 960 por foot) furs3Co por lot* In $lO monthly payments, or will furnish lumbar to those who wish to build. Graded ■(roots, trooß and sidewalk. This Isa rare opportunity for mon of small moana to aocuro a homo or buy for Invest* moot. Two oarpontora wanted. Call at Room 3, 163, fllpnroo-at.. from 3to 8 o’clock, or at any hour at my office near tbo depot In Kvanaton. 0. K. BROWNE. l?OR SALK—IO)4 ACRES NEAR BRIGHTON,' BE XI insists of Ktuart’s Snbdivlalon, 800. 1, 83. 13.' El)*! WARP F. SWEET, 8 Honoro Block. YPOR 8 ALE-THIRTY COTTAGES ANUTWO-STOUV J.' houses at Englewood on easy forma. Apply to TIL LOTION BROS., 873 and 374 Stato-at. ... 'TUTOR SALK—I HAVE A SPLENDID SELECTION X* of houses and lota In Evanston and South EvAnaton on envy terms. Parties wishing to nnrohasn will do well to call and examine. J. R. I‘oWLEH, Evanston. IPOR SALE—AT A BARGAIN-FIVE ACRES X'northwest corner of Woilorn-aV. and Twolfth-at. In qnlroat 185 South Cllark-st., In bank ■, , IjiOß BAJiB—EVANSTON PROPERTY-HOUSES,, -I- lots, and acres, Call at our office, 178 Madlsun-st., Room 1, and got a llatofourproportyconlalnodln tho Evanston Real Estate Nows, published bv us. L. O. PITNER4HON. FOR BAL*i{—AT RAVKNSWOOD-A DESIRABLE dwclllng-houso of 8 rooms, good brick collar, furnace, bard and soft water. Lot 143x163 foot, ornamented with fruit and ahado trees. Apply to ROBERT QUEER, 81 LaSallo-at., Room 2. For sale-10, so, or4o acres atsoutubnoi.b.^ wood. Havo tbo cheapest ploco ror aub-dlvlalonln, tho county, So norea noar railroad. Ono-tonth ’cash. long, time. Room IB Major Block. ‘ IpOR SALE—IO, 20, OR 40 ACRES IN H SECTION ' south Morgan Pork on hlshoat rldgo In Washington Uclghta. YOUNG 4 ROWLEY, Room 8, No. 163 Doar born-at. FOR SALE-SOUTH PARK PROPERTY, 465x170, being tho N. E. and S. E. corners Pralrio-av, and tho B. E. corner Indlana-av.. being within two blocks of tho finest portion of tbo South -Park; a portion'Of tho pur* chaso monoy (being mortgages on tbo 2 corners separate ly) runs for nearly 6 years longer at 7 per cent. Will sell elthorof tbo corners separately. Tbo land la remarkably high and beautiful. J. ESAIAS WARREN, 10 Chamber 'Of (JommorCQ. , • FOR SALE—LOTS IN EVANSTON, F3 feet foot front by 160 deop, Including trees and sidewalks, for $350; terms, $lO monthly, or H cash, balance h 3,and' 8 years. I odor 10 moro at this price. Those lota are. vritbln five blocks of school, depot, stores, and market, and throe from tho M. K. Church, and two from the rail* road. Oomo with mo, froo of expense, and too tholm proyomonU and InditoomonU 1 am offering. ROBERT COMMONS, 142 LaSallo-st., basement. IpOR SALK—OR EXCHANGE—A RESIDENCE IN X' tho highest and healthiest suburb of Chicago, honao 1 Brooms, an ncro of ground planted with fruit and shrubs. Address U 25, THbuno office. ■ F~ OR SALK—THE GREATEST BARGAIN AT WASH- Ington Heights, 40 sores, close to stations, and all Im provements. Wo havo until July 1C to soil this property, after which It will bo withdrawn. BTORRS A WAKE, 94 Washlngton-at» For salr-4 lots on wabarii-av., all grove, oast front, throo minutes' walk from Englo wood depot: decidedly tho most beautiful roaldonco prnportyon tbo South Sldo;C6 dally pnaaongor trains; yearly commutation, $45; ItiO-rldo tickets, $lO. Tltlo ab solutely perfect. Abstract furnished, IIULBURD A CO., 2()8 For sale-at enolkwood, $s choice build lug lots, with sidewalk built, shade trees sot out, and surrounded by first-class Improvement*} seven mlnulos’ from depot; 66 dally passenger trains; commutation. $45 for yoar, or $lO per hondrod. 11ULDURO A 00., 2CB ■aSallo-sU For salk-at south lawn, fine high lots or aoroa 17 miles south of Madison on Hnlsted: com mutation rates, Several hundred acres of'trees already sot. A few lota will still bo given to parties who will build. YOUNG A ROWLEY, Room 3, No. 163 Dear burn-st. > TTIOR SALE-NEW COTTAGE, 8 ROOMS AND 6 XI aoroa good dr?, Improved land, ouo-half mile from Hobart depot on hart Wayno Railroad, from Chicago 82 miles; price with crops $625, cosh SIOO. balance sl2por month; no agency business: office days Monday. Wednoa dny, and Friday. J. EARLE, owner, RoomS, 163 Monroe. IflOR SAI.K-OAK PARK ACRE PROPERTY, NEAR depot. 34 acres, together or in blocks. A.T, HEM iNQWAx, Room 36, 149 LaSallo-st. • l?OR SALE-AT RIDQELAND, ACRE PROPERTY X' and lota Uiat will poyaflno investment, only throo miles west of city limit*. A. T. HEMINGWAY, Room 80, 149 LaSallo-st. X Joining the village. Beautiful property and oflored at a bargain. 'A. T. HEMINGWAY. Room 86, 149 LaSalle. 171011 SALE—I HAVE SOME CHEAP COTTAGES X to sell or rent at Hinsdale. Call from 9tol,at 72 and 74 Dearborn-st. O. J. BTOUOH. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. For sale-a beautiful farm op 73 acres. 18 miles from Chicago depot, and adjacent to railroad station, on tho Chicago, Alton A 8t» Limit Railroad; land high, from 20 to 100 foot,splendid grove,good framo house, b«rn, well. Ac.: price, SIO,OOO. J.BUAIAS WARREN. JB Oliainlior of Commerce. REAL ESTATE WANTED. T\rANTED—HOUSE AND LOT-S3,OMTO $4,000 ON V Paymmntsof $l2O per month: North Slda prefer ed. JACOB O. MAGILL, 81 and 83 South Clark-st, VITANTED—HOUSE AND LOT—A GOOD HOUSE. • > well located, $8>l)00 to sl6,uUoj have customer tlmt can make large oa*h payment. JACOB O. MAQILL, bl and 83 South Olark-sl. WANTED— HOUSE AND M-FOOT LOT-PART 81 1141,11100 oaall ‘ JACOB O. MAOILL, FINANCIAL. A RARE INVESTMENT—S3O,OOO STOCK IN A manufacturing company just established for sale in amounts of 1, OOOatid upwards; £0 per cent dividend guaran teed, for which $34,00U worth of real estate will bo hypothe cated ; $70,000 alruady in tho buolnoss. Those dealring to Invest, will address stating place of interview, M 92, Trib une office. FOR SALE-SAVINGS AND COMMERCIAL BANK charter: legal status and organisation unquestioned. Apply to WAI. 11. SAMPSON A CO., 144 LaSallo-st., Otla Block. Money to loan on city real estate, g. S. HUBBARD, Jit., I&j Wnslilugtou-at. •\TONKY ADVANCED AT LASSEN'S LOAN OF -I>l floe ;Jato JACOBS A C0.,0n diamond*, watches, and other valuablos; 177 Clark-st., corner of Monroe, Room 6, Money to loan on real estate in hums from $6,000 to $60,000 at 9 and 10 per cent. Short time commercial paper wanted. Q. £». LAOEYA CO., 119 Doarhom-at. a 7O LOAN-MONEY IN AMOUNTS SI,OOO OR MORE - on chy real estate or Illinois farms within 100 miles, li. L. PEASE, Hooper Block. Good mortgagee bought. nVo LOAN— FOR* B TO 6 YEARS. X D. COLE X SON. Loan Agents, ■ ' 168 West Madlaon-st. rpo LOAN-HONEV ON CITS'HEAL ESTATE ATS X and loner couts can close without delay. J. H. BIS -BELL.4S Bryan Block. TAT ANTED—S3,OOO FOR 6 YEARS ON FIRST-CLASS I T improved residence property worth $12,000; no other Incumbrance; will pay 10 per cent. Principals only need apply. Room 3, 143 LaSallo-st. ‘VAT'ANTED—SB,OOO TO $6,000 ON MY TWO BRICK VV stores worth $13,000; will pay commissions. Address O 89, Tribune office. WANTKD-TO BORROW SI,OOO ON HOUSE AND VI lot on North Side, worth duuhlo tho amount, on two years, will pay 10 pop cent Interest; no brokers need apply. Address M 87, Tribune office. WANTKD-A GOOD, RELIABLE BROKER TO sell $21,000 worth of manufacturing company stock, nowpaying good dlvldjoeds. Address atating real name and whom aulntervlowmaybohad, M 85, Tribune office. WANTED— $6.COO TO SIO,OOO. FOR ONE YEAR, ON unexceptional collaterals, at 10 per cent and no com missions. Prlnclpala addroai Q 26, Tribune office. OTA nnn WANTED-A PURCHASER FOR .viU.UUv SIO,OOO worth of stock certificates paying 20 per cent per annum; will sell In amounts to suit. Ad drosa M Op, Tribune offloo. d?OA AAA IN SUMS OF $5,000 ON INSIDE .taiArv,l/« »U properly; also, $1,000; money In hand. Notes bougut; lone and short time. A. B. PALMER, Rooms 16 and 17. 94 FOR SALE. FOR SALE-THK CHEAPEST AND BEST STOCK of Eastern baby carriages in thooltyat tbo Willow Ware Manufactory, No. 235 west Madlsoo-at. I?OR SALE—CANNONS MOUNTED-FIREARMS. .' ammunition, Hass of all kinds, Ohinoso lanterns, rod andbluo lights for illuminating, fonts, wagon-eorors,mil itary equipments at Qovernmont Goods Depot. 105 and 107 East Lako-st. IPOR HALE-RAWDUST BY GARDEN OITY MANU ■ factoring Supply Company, corner Twouty-eocuud and Morgan-ats. For sale-fixtures op a clothing and shooatoro, nearly now; also, show-case, lounge, look ing-glass. andtublua: oboap. 91 Arohor-av. MACHINERY*. TnOR BALE-OIIEAP—TWO GOOD MOWING MA -U ohlnps! agood chanoo for farmers. Inquire of O. KAESTNER. M South OanaUf, T?OU SALE-A 126 11. P. OORLISS ENGINE IN X perfect running order, and good as now; also two lumen, Mason’s mako, 16 feet x 60 Inohos. Phoenix Planing Mills, corner Sangamon and Oarroll-sts. rpWO FIFTY-FOUR INCH SHAVING BLOWERS, X and oao thlrty-slx. for sslo by Q. U. M. b. Co., cor* nor Twonty-seooml ami Mnrgsu-sts. INSTRUCTION. 7?OR BALE—S3,OOO WILL BUY A FIRST-CLASS X’ private buaruing-aohoel on tliu Mississippi Ulvor, near Keokuk, If taken euou. Highest rofereuoe. A rare bur* gulu,. Address Dr. J. M. ANDERSON, Montrose, la. TpOIILAND MILITARY ACADEMY, WORCES XXter. Mass., fits boys and youug men fur common and Bclontliio purtultß, Its superior merits stated la circular. 4J. R, MKIOALF, A. M., Superintendent. BUILDING MATERIAL. T>UKNA VISTA STONE, SAWED TO ORDER. MIH JJ snurl Scotch granite, fur columns, etc. Vermont mar ble, in bluoka or sawed to sizo. Alarblo tilo. J. 11. SMITH, 48 Houth Uliuk-st_. * woit hale-oTikap, a lot of'uryTumher I 1 sultablo for partitlous. Room 4, No, 7 Markot-st. ilust bo sold to-day. LumhYcr and timber cheap athheparivs Yard. North Pier, near Llght-Houso, 106 m It lung joist, mils cut lo order. CLAIRVOYANTS. DR.' MATHEW AND MADAM MAYNARD, BUS!- neusanil rnetlloni mndltims, 105 West Madlson-st. DIVORCES. Divoroes-liiqally obtained-fee after dooruu. Hcmmlal avoided. Nino years' in.-agtioe In the courts of TO BENT—HOUSES. r RENT—THREE-STORY HOUSE,.II ROOMS, IN enmploto order. modem • Improvements, No, 1002 Wabash-ar., near Twonty-fourth-it. Inqulrtst No, 22 Bryan Block. ' , ■ rro rent-tilt, Novr.MnF.n on dkokmokb. as, 1 X doilrod, No. 837 Prairie**?., near fll«toenth»«l», basis* wont, parlors, and bod-rooms, well furnished. with every*, thing nooded for bousokooplng. Persons wishing to ou ;joyacooi, agreeable aummor roaldenoo can 11ml nothing more desirable. A first-olaas piano, and l.OOO.volumo library: all mndoru Improvement*. A party of gentlemen would find tbla ohcapor and morn luxurious than IliohoaU l od botol llfo for the aummor. Roforonooa given and re quired. . • TORKNT-A BOARDING-HOUSE, TWO STORIES, 1 with basement, situated on North IlaUlod-st. Inquire, at 1W North llalstod-st. , riio lIENT-SHTOHY AND IIABItMCNT X front rosldpnoq, 11 rooms, 1096 Wabash-av. Inquire of FEUD. W. PKOK, Room 8, Nlion’s BnUdlag. fpO RENT-CHEAP, UNTIL .MAT NEXT, ANEW X two*storyand basement marblo-frontbouse, Banting on Kllia Park. Apply to CLARKE, LAYTON A CO., ISO liaSallo-st. • TO RENT-OR FOR SALE-HOUSE, ELEGANTLY . X furnished, valuable ground. loaso. Inquire on Ibo ; prembos, No. SI South Ilalstod st. TO RKNTr-TWO STORY FRAME HOUSES NOS. 34, 36; andffl Tltlrty-sovontb-Bt., near KlUa.av., 10 rooms. 1 goodropnlr; very roasunsblo rent, S.. E. WELLS, 188 B,p. m. , • . .. mO RENT—NEW 2-BTORY BRICK HOUSE { HOT X and cold' water, bath, do. Basement 163 Randolph* at., near Bborman Houso. W. J. DAVIS, 146 Madlson-at. TO RENT-HOUSE NO. 460 WABABH-AV., GOOD Inoatlon for a millinery or dross making establishment. Apply to W. 0. DOW, Room 31 Tribune Building. ( alO RENT—HOUSE 371 WABABII-AV., FOR A tonnof years; houso 1(123 Mlcblgan-av.; now house on near Mloblgan-av.. ohoapto a good tenant; fintiso 40 union Park-pl&oe.' SNYDER A LEE, Ift Nison Building, northeast comer of Monroo and La* Ballo-sta. • rrpo RENT—3-STORY' AND BASEMENT FRAME X dwelling. No. 1070 Wnbasb-av. Inquire corner of •,Twenty-second and Stato-sts., over Broadway market. tnio HUNT—FOR 8 MONTHS, WITH FURNITURE X complete, home of 18 with nil modern Ira , |proTOtnon(n, such as bot and cold wafer, two wator-oloiola /and bath-rooms. gas, fnrnaoo, do., located on one of tbo •avenues on Went Side, one block from omnlbni and hone ■earn; a responsible party withont chlldron doßlrod, Ad* ! dross, with reference, M 82, Tribune office,' rpo RENT— A. NICE 4-ROOM COTTAGE. OONVEN . X lout to hono ami atoam cart. Apply <m tho promlaoa ;No. SO Hanovor-at. TO RENT—SIB—A NICE OOTTAQE, FIVE ROOMS Mid cloaota, No. 3 Ruotcer-st.. oornor Kinzlo. Inqulro , atSBB Hobbara-it., orsK3North Clark. Suburban. I rro RENT-10-ROOM BUIOIC BASEMENT HOUSE, X near depot In Englowood. The oyninr would board with tbo party taking tbo homo or not, and would furnish ‘ ttaoir own room.' Address AM A, Englewood Post-OUlco, Cook Co. . < , mo RENT—HOUSE OF 7 ROOMS, AT MAYWOOD. X cheap to a good tenant. 11. J, ARNOLD, 99 East Madlson-st. TORKNT-AT OAK PARK, THREE NEAT COT tagee, convenient to depot. A. T. HEMINGWAY, Room 08, 149 LaSallo-st. TO RENT—I HAVE TWO NICE FARMS. WITH comfortable houses and largo orchards, near the depot; would make good summer homos for city business men. O. J. STOUGH, 73 and 74Dosrbom*at. TO RENT—OiI FOR SALE—AT HINSDALE—SOME nlco places for tho summer! large orchards and grounds. Inquire of O. J. BTOUQH, 73 and 74 Dear -1 bom-st., Otola. m. - • . TO RENT—ROOMS. TO RENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, by tbo day, week, or month, terms reasonable, at tho * 'St. Jullon, lot and 163 Dcarbom st. I RIO RENT-FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED ■ X .ooma, with or without board, at 70 Buttorilold»st. JlrpO RENT-FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED X rooms at 13 Twolfth*st.,now house, near tho lake. JTIO RENT-FIVE NIOELY-FURNIBIIED ROOMS. X suitable for housekeeping, SB7, 863 Divlslon-st*; curs by tho door. rpO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS, 115 WEST RAN- X dolpb-st.; for gentlemen only. TO RENT-SECOND STORY OF 61 NORTH MAY st., a rooms, pantries, closets, gas, and water. In quire at 168 South Jolferson-st. • TO RENT-3 FRONT KOOBS, WITH OR WITHOUT board, at 44 North HaUtod-ai,, next door to Rovoro ! llouso. TO RENT—A FURNISHED ROOM, LARGE AND airy. In a private family, suitable for two gentlemen, At 173 West Monroo-st. TO RENT —FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED room at 146 East Madison-at., Room 23. Oall before 9 or after 4 o'clock. 1 fTO RENT—LARGE, NICE FURNISHED ROOMS; X also largo front room, with use of piano, suitable for one or two gontlomon, southeast corner Bast Van Buron and Franklln-sU., first floor, Room 6. TO RENT—VEHY HANDSOMELY FURNISHED rooms at the St. Elmo by the day, wook, or month, 85 and 87 Dearbom-it. Charges reasonable. TO RENTVFURNISURD ROOMS FOR GENTLE nmn. HflSonth Dearborn-si., Room?. TO RENT—STORES. OFFICES. &c. ifllO RENT - OFFICES, AND UNFURNISHED X rooms for gentlemen, In Pressing's Building on State at..between Congress and Harrison. Inquire at tho olfleo ! of Pressing Vinegar Works, 841 State-st. RENT-DOCK PROPERTY ON SOUTH BRANCH near Twenty-aocond-st. t 100 foot on tho river by 226 foot to O. AA.R. R. Apply to HENRY P. ISHAJd, Room 33 Portland Blook. , . - 'mo RENT-SROOND FLOOR. GOOD LIGHT IN X front andsldo, corner of alloy, suitable for Jobbing business; will bo rented low to good tenant. Apply on first floor to HERRING A 00., 46 Htato-et. TOKENT-THE SECOND FLOOR OF NO. 68 LAKE* it., ooroor of Btato; well lighted: oaay of aoeoss. Inquire oo tint floor.

TO RENT—WITH USE OF STEAM ELEVATOR—3 lofts, oaohsaxteo,with front aido and rear light; first loft finished, and heated by steam. Thoiolofte are con* trnlly located, and among tho-most desirable In tho city; and to a reliable tenant tuoy will bo rented at an extreme ly low rate, much bolow tholr value. Inquire on tbo promises, 8l Lako-st. Mrno RENT-FINE FURNISHED OFFICE OR DESK* X room on firntifioor. Apply to E. 12. RYAN A 0.0, LaSallo-at.j corner of Adams. 1 rpo RENT—TUB LARGE STORE JUST BEING COM- X plotodon Kaat Modlsou-et., near corner of LoBallo; • -five stories and basomont, 80x160 foot; suitable for whole* Lenin «r rot-nil; a most desirable location lor any business. -.SNYDER A LEU, 15 Nixon Building, northeast corner I• Monroo and LaSallo-ste. WANTED—TO RENT. WANTED— TO RENT-LOFTS—THEY MUST BE well located for'business, with or without steam, cither on Michigan or Wabasb-avs.. or South Water and Rlvor-sts., north of Lakoandcasc ofDoarborn-st; glvo price, do. Address BOUBFIELD A POOLE MANU FACTORING CO., 169 Mlohlgan-av. 1 TJr ANTRD - TO RUNT—A HOUSE CONTAINING - i f ten or twolvo rooms, suitable for two small families, within two miles of tho Court House—South Side pro* derrod. Reut not to exceed 350. Address, with location, terms, Ac., J. D. HALL, Circuit Clork's offlea. ■\\TANTED-TO RENT-A HOUSE OR COTTAGE, 6 TT to 8 rooms, on North, South or West Side, In good order. Would lease two years. Address 015, Tribune -ofilco. ‘■■iXTANTED-TO RENT-A STORE ON WEST MADI j TT son-Bt., between Halstedand Jofforaon-sta., wither Eiwlthout fixtures. Will buy fixtures. Address O (XI, Trlb fUmo olfioo. ('WANTED—TO RENT-A ROOM ABOUT 80x20, 1 _tt with power. Address MM, Tribune office. LOST AND FOUND. FOUND-ON STATE-ST. OAR, SUNDAY, JUNE 22, a pockotbook containing s small antn In currency. Losoroan have same by describing property and paying for this advertisement. Apply at Stovo Foundry, comer Jeffarson and Van Buron-au. a ROUND-NEAR FIELD, LEITER A CO.'S, THE 1 bank-book of Z. J. Pratt. D. HARRY HAMMER, «jc6 and 188 Madison-st. Lost— a black horse, with large white star lu his forohoad, bad on a dooblo harness; got .'taway from man bringing from shop; lost soon at ooroor Hof Van Huron and Dosplalnoa-ste. Any Information or l.roturuofbnraowill bo liberally rewarded by R. KOTV **LbU, at4U9 West Wasblngton-sl., or at office, 162 Wash* •lngton-it. *T OST-BAIURDAY NIGHT, ON ADAMS-ST. OR ',JJ Mlohlgan-av.. pockotbook containing $225 currency, MJand warrant for KM,908, notes, papers, Ac., no uso but f-U> owner. Finder returning papers can keep the money. I JAMES B. BTORgy, Hi and B>3LaSaUo-Bt., Room 25. 1“ OST-a BRASS OAFS TO CARRIAGE. A LIB- J oral reward will be paid for tholr return to OSCAR 'YIELD, 43 and 44 (Jongrose-at. LOST-AK ADVERTISING doNTRAOT BOOK. OP no valuo ozoopt to owner. Address E, Tribune olHca, L" OST-BUNDAY AFTERNOON, A BOY 7 YEARS old, named Mlohtol Ford; light hair, brown eyes; no bat or aboos on. Htrayod from his homo, 81 Wrigbt-st. information of him will be thankfully received by ids i;paronta. LOST— POOKLKTDOOK WITH MONEY IN IT, ON Fulton or Elleaboth-st., Saturday night. Owner can Tbo found at 803 Fulton-st. •T OST-ON FRIDAY NIGHT LAST, A CHESTNUT JU sorrol hone, with black stripe down oentro of back and white spot on book caused by saddle. Whoever wilt glvo infonhatloa to U. LESLIE, U7 BhurUofPav., will bo - rewarded. Lobt-on the way from FIFTH-AV. TO THE R. I. A P.U. R. depot, a portfolio containing money endpapers. Floaaa deliver some at 180 Fif Lh-av. and bo rawardod. LOST— $10 REWARD-ON TUB B2D ULT., ABOUT ono mile south of Hydo Park, a small white poodlo •dog, answers to tho namo of “Penlo." TUo abovero» 'Ward will be paid if lost at 1293 Btato-st. T 08T—$5 REWARD—A GOLD MONOGRAM OFF A JJ gentleman’s looknt. Abovo reward paid if returned to 16 Plumber of Omumoroo. L~ OST-AN V ONE”wiib WILLRETURN MY ORDER books, or inform mo wburu Lean find them, shall ro* colvo a suitable reward. MARK A. TOURISY, 1W Stan ion-av. I" OST-ON HALBTEDBT. NEAR MAXWELL, J Juno 81, a small Lay mare, with part of tho harness on. A liberal reward will bu paid to any ono returning tho some, or giving any information of the same, at Nos. , ltd and 168 Wost WashUigton-st. TO EXCHANGE. TO EXCHANGE—I.SOOFEET FRONTING MORGAN Park, at Washington Heights. 1.000 foot on Btato-st. andWahash-av., near Englewood, Ono noro (rosldenco lot) at Aurora, and $2,000 oath. Will uzobangu tho whole or part fur good building lots or other property lu thooity, GILBERT, BUMWAI/T A CALDWELL, UnO LaSaiio-st. rno EXCIIANUE—NEW TWO-STORY RKHIDENOE, X for unimproved luU t house in oumploto order and pos aossiou at onoe. j. H. WOLFE, 116 Dearborn-si. riio EXCHANGE-LUMBER IN YARD IN CIIIOA- X go, for an Improved stuok farm. Addruas L bd. Tri bune olUco. mo KXOHANGE--OR FOR SALE-A BTBAM CANAL X propeller, In complete running order. A. MoKIIUJY, SJI South Doarbornst., or G. I*. BAY, M 3 North Clark at TO LEASE. I.TOTEL FOR LEASE—THE FINEST BUILDING J.X ia Southern Illinois, Just oumplutod, and ooutalnlng <0 rooms, will bo leased on easy terms to good parties who will lumlsb It. Call ou or address Xu)RTii, CAMP BELL A 00., O&ibondalo, Hi. BOARDING AND LODGING. Wost Sldfl) 9 SOUTH MAT-BT,—ROOMS WITH BOARD FOR gentleman and wlfo, or alnglo gontlomon; boat of accommodations, - ITO SOUTH SANOAMON'ST.—TWO OR THREE gentlemen can obtain ploasant rooms, nlooly fur nlahod, wlth.llrst.claai board. 2 a Blshop-court-just taken, newly fur. ur ulshed. flno largo rooms and-lirat-oUaa board, soo»' ond door from Madlson-st. Pricos vory low, 0(1 WEST VAN BURKN-HT.-WUR SOBER, QUIET OG boarders wanted {Tory good accommodation at $6 pur week. : , _____ 0,1 SOUTH MORGAN-BT*, NEAR MADISON—FUR*. O ir nlahod front parlor to rent, cheap, totwogontlo* men orgentlomau and wlfo. /■ . Q/X SOUTH MOROAN-ST., NEAR MADISON—FUR (DO nUhod or unfurnished rooms to ront, with board, suitable for families or single gontlomon. llouao baa modem Improvements. i’b/l WARREN.AV., CORNER WOOD-ST.-BKfiT XO.C accommodations for several young cents and for married couples: front rooms, best air and light. Table superior. Surroundings unusually Inviting. Only ouo block from Madlson-at., uoar Union Park. ' ' 1 KKI WEST WASIiiNOTON-STi-NIOB COOL 1002 rooms, with or without board; day board, S4.CO per week, In coolest dining-room In tho olty._ ' 1 7 9 WEST .I AOKfION.ST.—FURNISHED PARLOR X I wlthbodroom, for gentleman and wlfo or sltiglu gontlomon, with or without board; vory moderate charges. QAQ west MONROE-BT., NEAR MORGAN— OUO Largo furnished room, adjoining bod-room, with board; aovcral tablo-boardors wanted. /tQQ WEST MADISON-BT.—TO RENT, WITH board, vory pleasant am) nowly*furntsbod rooms to gentlemen aud lliolr wives, or slogla gontlomon. Table boardora can bo aoconuuodatodt CQQ WEST ADAMS-ST.—FURNISHED OR UN OVO famished moms, with board, for gontlomon and their wlvosor single gontlomon: torms'Huodorato; loca tion noar Union Park. nft C\ WEST MADIBON-ST.-BOARD FOR OEN- I l/U tloman and wlfo; no othor boarders; sl6per wook. fpHB ST. CHARLES HOTEL, CORNER OP WASH- X infttoh and Dcsplalncssta; will board merchants,' clerks, salesmen, etc., tor $6 to $7 par week. Day board, $4 .DO, and accommodations tirst-olass. ■* TITANTED—-TO BOARD-3 OR 4 CHILDREN PROM Tr Sto 10 years of ago, by a widow woman who has a comfortable botno for them. Only two in family. Will take entire charge, wash, mead, end mako their ulothos. Call at 141 North Itoboy-st. . South Sido> IQ ELDRTDGB OOURT.-A VERY DESIRABLE XO front room, (umlabodor unfarnUbcd, to rout wild board. /JQ HUBBARD-OOURT-NKW BOARDINO niO bouio;first-clasebonrd, with rooms, $4 to $5. M per wook, wltbiißo of piano. Dayhoftrd, $4. A Q SOUTH OARPENTKR-BT.-FRONT ROOM, jut/ with closet «nd alcnvo; homo with nil modem Ira* provomonta. Good table board at roasonablo rates. OQC MinmOAN-AV.—PLEASANT FRONT*ROOM overlooking Uio lake, with board, for single gon* tleman. Also room for another gentleman. A QQ SOUTH DEARBORN (BURNSIDE-ST,),NKAR rUOu Twenty-ninth—A nlco, cheerful family hotel, tip-top table, now furniture, and positively tbo lowest prices In the city {single rooms, $6. BOARD; DAY Ot/U board. Bam to rent. non WABASILAV.—FURNISHED OR UNFUR -1 C/U nlsbod rooms, with or without board, to first class parties. References exchanged. Q1 Q STATE-ST.—TENORFIPTERN SINGLE GEN yXv tlomon can find good board at from $4 to 96.60 per wook. Also pleasant furnished rooms to rsnt. ICi 7/1 WABABH-AV.-A SUITE OF FRONT XU | *x rooms, with largo olosot attached; also a largo back room, unfurnished, wither without board. VI QQ PRAIRIE-AV,, NORTHWEST CORNER XXt/O Twonty*sixth-fit.—Flrst-olnsn board and rooms in private house for man and wlfo or two single gentle men. IQI/1 INDIANA-AV.—PLEASANT ROOMS, FUR XOXU nlshod or unfurnished, with board. Near rllts park-*desirablb rooms to rent with board, unfurnished except carpet, (o a family or a party of adults; house modern. AddroasGlO, Trib une 011100. Country. TN EVANSTON—A FAMILY OF FROM TWO TO X six can have pleasant rooms, with board, by writing to Mrs. H. Evanston, proof tho Evanston "Index.** ' HORSES AND CARRIAGES. AUCTION BALB OP HORSES, BUGGIES, WA- Jjl gens, and harness, oto,, every Wednesday and Satur day, at 9 o'clock a. m., at No. 600 Bine Islond-av. JOHN MORTON, fr. W. HOWE, City Auctioneers. All persons having horses, buggies."or express wagons of any doacrlptlun to soil will find a ready market by leaving them with us. Plenty of eastern era at their real value, at 261 State-st. Safe stables of horses, buggies, and harness. BRADLEY A WILLS. A PINE ASSORTMENT OP ROOKAWAYS, slide-seats, Jump-seats, phaetons, and top and open buggies, at 27 ana 29 South Olfnton-st. H. B. HILL. A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF ROOKAWAYS, cabriolets, pbaotons, slide seats, top and no top bug gles, Ac., atlowprioos. 837State-st. P. L. SMITH. EORSALE-BY MILTIMORfc, STRUNK A CO., 100 West Monroo-at.: stono truck, team and harness, 4 second-hand wagons, express and buggy horses, oloso carriage. TjlOR SALB-OARRIAOES, PHAETONS, ROOKA JD ways, buggies. Ac., at reduced prices, to .ruduco stock till July fi at SS3 and 866 West Rondolph-st. Q. L. BRADLEY, Oil BALE—ONR UOKSH, EXPRESS WAGON, and harness, cheap. Inquire of W. T. NOBILE A GO., 76 Van Duron st. For bale-under a chattel mortgaoe- A span of heavy horses, wagon, and barnots. Alio, a E air of very fait mules: grocery throe-spring wagon and smoss. On view at 421 State-st. BOILVIN A CO., 48 Booth Olark-it. TROR SALE—FOUR LARGE WORK HORSES, ALSO X 1 a 6-year-old maro for $65. 747 Wost Mitdlaon-st. FOR BALE-ONE OF THE BUST FAMILY HORSES In tho State: will bo sold cheap: owner cuing West. 178 State-st., Room 12. IHOR SALK-A LIGHT SHIFTING TOP DELIVERY wagon, nearly now. llursn and hat-nos*, separately, or together; cheap for cash. Addrosi QlB, Trlbnno olllco. FOR 8A LB—AT 311 WABASH-AV., 4 ROCKAWAYS. 1 brot, 3 pony phaetons, suitablo forladlo*: and all kinds of buggies, at low prices. J.U. CARSON. IMPORTED ARAB PONIES-A PAIR OF 6 AND 6 years old (to bo sold together or separately), very hand* some, tho property of an English gentleman, who Import* od them, and Is now In this citr, warranted sonnet and perfcotlyqulet. to drivoor saddle: would salt a lady to drive,and ono of them has constantly carried their owner, who weighs over 300 lbs. Fur prloo and particulars, in* miiro ai 100 and 103 West Monroo-et., or at Mr. WRIGHT'S Livery Stables, Quincy and State-st. I HAVE FOR SALE ONE SECOND-HAND Ex press wagon, and light second-hand upon buggy, light amlhoavy express and delivery wagons, of all kinds, at 863 South Canal-st. JR. BROOKMAN, 190 TWENT Y-BKCOND-BT., • corner of State, having folly resolved to retire from business, offers for sale tho lease of a good-paying livery stable and dwelling, with tho stock at a fair valuation; terms liberal to a responsible party; rent very low. WANTED— 100 CAVALRY HORSES. M. 0. WIL- BUR A BRO., 167 Mlchigan-av. TSTANTED—TO PURCHASE-THREE OR FOUR tt heavy work horses or males. Coal office, 188 South Canal-st. TXTANTED—A GOOD ROADSTER; MUST BE A T T good traveler, and well put up. Inquire, between I andS, or A and 6p. m.. with horse, at ALLEN A BART LET!*, 443 to 451 Woit Van Buren-st, ' WANTED— A 2-SBATED LIGHT CARRIAGE, with shifting top; must be of good workmanship and quality. Address B, care Carrier H. WANTED— I WANT A HORSE AND TWO seated buggy from Sto 4 hours daily. Very light work. Addreis, at once, Q 31, Trlbunootflco. WANTED-A QOODJTEAMS ABOUT 1,800; STATE price and ago, Will not pay fancy prloo. Ad dress Q 24. Tribune office. AGENTS WANTED. Agents wanted-47,000 problems (more or ion) lu Interest, computed for four distinct business Sorted* of time, In nno minute, at any rate percent, ow arithmetical alphabet. Tho Leaver. Absolute right «od of finding cube and square root: also, anunluu lumber of ways; tbo most remarkable discoveries of tho Nineteenth Oontory; hook contains 108 pages. Prloo, sl. Address J. A. HENDERSON, A. M., Author, San Frsnotsoo, Oal., Box No. 85. Agents wantud-oood canvassers are making $lO te sl3 a day with my noodlo-books, ina* ohino-neodtes, dross elevators, Ac., Ac. O. M. LIN -INQTON, 177 BastMadlaon-st,, Chicago. A GENTS WANTED—TO SELL OUR NEW BUT xi. ton-hole cuter. noodle-threading thimble, and otlior cow articlca. 89 But Mudlson-at., Room 6. Agents wantf.d-male and "female, for tUo fastest soiling goods in America; $lO a day easily nude: aomo make s3o. Gall or Bond. Samples to country free. MERRILL AGO., 25 West Lakost. A GENTS WANTED—THE BUSINESS MANAGER J\. of tho finest illuatratod work of tho day is now in Chi cago with a vlow of locating pormanout agonolos in till* nuts and Wisconsin, and will bo glad to rocoivo applica tions from young, driving men who ara workers, can show a fair reoord, and provo their ability for tho business, Letters, which aJioala bo as oomplato u possible, may bo addressed F 71, Trlbunooflloo. Agents wanted-to sell our new button boloouttor, nosdlo-thrending thimble, and other now articles. 99 East Modison-at.. Room D. Agents wantbd-to solicit for patent iron comer window screen. &5J Wost Madlaouet., in roar. ■ Agents wanted-m more agents for the city and country. Business legitimate, honorable, and profitable. For particulars call at 26ti Mlohlgnn-av., corner Hubliard-oourt. SEWING MACHINES. ri ROVER A BAKER’S SEWING-MACHINES—GEN VT oral otlioo, IM) Btnto-st. j branch ollioo, U?J Wabush av. Persons having old Urovor A Baker sowlug-iuaohtnoi are invited to call and soa tlio now improvements, and bear something to their advantage. SING BU S EWING MACHINES—OFFICES OP NIGH ULH A PEARSON, 141 South Ilalstod-st. and 191 North Clark, corner Ohio, inaahlues sold or routed on easy payments and sewing glvou whoa required. Mo chinos repaired. QINGRROFFIOE, 216 SOUTH UAL3TRD-ST.-11. J. D MKLGIIURT, Agent. Machines sold ou monthly pay ments, and routod. Open evenings. THE NEW FLORENCE SEWING MAOIIINE-WH chII spoolal attonllou to recent improvements made In •the Florence, also to the now and elegant stylus of oases added to our list. To meet tho views of those preferring a machine feeding tho workaway from tho operator, wo have made Nos. 13 and 14, which combine tho desirable features to bo found in machines made by others, with nil tho peculiar ozoollenolos of thu Florence. WM, 11. SHARP A 00., General AguuU. 264 Htato-st., Chicago. WHEELER A WILSON SEW INfLM A GUI NE 3 ,~TI IE now improved, sold or routed ou easy monthly pay ments. BURNHAM A FLANNERY, City Agents, oftlco 1 66 S Uto-sU Ctl A WORTH OF ATTACHMENTS GIVEN AWAY to every person purchasing a sowing machine at frWHtato-at. STRAYED OR STOLEN. STRAYED— $26 REWAUD-FROM THE CORNER of Halsted and Furty-soventh-ats., Sunday afternoon, i a pair of black horses shout 16 hands; ono bad star lu forehead nud white blndfouts hod halters on; miuafivo ring and tho other a web bailor. Tho above reward will behold upon returning thorn to tho owner, A. B. BUT- WANTED—MALE HELP. ' Trades, T\TANTnD-OAnPKNTRIia AT 822 BURNBIDE-ST.. VT betweenTwonty-nlntband Thirtleth-ats. "IXT ANTED—A. 'OONTRAOTOR TO FURNISH ALL vT material ami build several brick bouses, luaulroof J. ILMAULROD, 180 Throop-st, ■ WANTRD-eOOPPRRSMItITS ; NONE HUT FIRST VV class menneod apply. KDWAiUIHMEKTH'HBrana and' Copper Works, corner West Randolph and Dot* plalnes-sts. WANTKD-A OAKR BAKER* ornnmenter, and confectioner; also a helper, at 121 Twonty-iooimd-st. J. 11. MANDICVILLE. WANTKD-A OAUIUAOR WOOD-WORKKR. AP pljr at 1400 South Btato-«t. IV carriage palntom at 232 South Oanal-st. WANTBD-A GOOD UPHOLSTERER, FOR stoadyomployment, at 729 west ANTKI)—FOUII BOYS 18 TO 19 YEARS OLD TO tlnUb chairs: those who have worked at tho bu»|. ness-.lmmediately. Sll East Monrno-st. • WANTED-A GOOD WAGON-MAKER. TO A good man steady work. 608 Bluo Island-av. Connhmon; Teamsters. dfco. WANTED-BOY TO bRIVK EXPRESS; MUST BR » aciiunlntedln city.' Apply at 748U110r-st., corner o( Polk. . • Employment Agencies. T\TANTED w BOOKKEEPERS. ONK BARBRR, Tl barkeeper, throe sales Indies, ghls for generr.l house work. at Mutual Benollt Employment Bureau, Room C, iCI Madlson st. ’ ~ • TVANTISb-1.000 MEN FOR RAILROADS IN WlS tt cumin, Canada. BnaUiorn, Illinois, and Michigan,’ Wages from 91.78 to 93.40 porday. 80 for farms and bark* pooling. ANUKLL A CJOAKEK, 21 West Kaudolph-it. ■ WANTRD-100 RAILROAD LABORKRS; ONB year’s work; good wages; onl Iroly froo fare and com* puny work. Apply at 374 South Wator-st. BHAWACO, WANTRD-100 RAILROAD tIon train for Michigan Central; (roe fare. Apply at46Wcstßapdolph-at., Room I. ■ '■ WAKTED-2S SAWMILL HANDS TO GO To night. Apply at BNBLL A SPBRBBOK'S, 97 West Rnndolph-st.,lloom 4. . ■ V\fANTED-200 RAILROAD LABORKRS FOR TUB vr Wisconsin Central Company; wages S3 porday; faro and nffico charges advanced. Apply at Chisago Era- Eloymont Bureau, 259 East lUndolpn-st., Lind Block., .V, SNELL, Manager, Sawmill bands and men for city work,' WANTED— 100 BIEN FOR CONSTRUCTION TRAIN In Michigan; froo faro; also. COO for Ohio and Indi ana; onoyoar'swork; also, men for city work, naw-mlll hands, farmhands, choppers, bark-poolers, and quarry men. For particu'atrs ami transportation, apply to CHRISTIAN A BINO, 1 SouthOlatk-at. MisooUanoonst TTfANTED—MEN IN EVERY TOWN, COUNTY, Vi ami Btato; biggest ohnnco ever offered to make money. Our articles aro now, and soil at sight. If you want to mako monoy in a light and pleasant'business, don’t fall to call at W East Madlaon-st.,Uoom 6» WANTED—MEN OUT OP EMPLOYMENT. TO VY call on JONES A CO., 71 South Oonabst.; 930 to s4opor week, auremoney. 1 . . - TITANTED-MEN OR WOMEN OF. ANY AGE. TO Tr anil Prof. Henry’s non-oxplosivo compound for koro* ■one oil; $0 to sl6 a clay easily made on small capital, In city or country. A. RAY, 26 West Lako-at. - • • WANTED- A PORTER AT LAURIE’S HOTEL, Canal and Madlaon-ata. tstanted-a few young men in city and Tr country; SBO por week,and all expenses paid. 99 East Madlson-st., Room 6. . WANTED-MEN IN EVERY TOWN, COUNTY, and Rtalos biggest chanco over offered to make money; our articles aro now, and sollatslght; If you want to mako money In a light and pleasant business don’t fall to call at 99 East Madlson-st., Room 6, -• WANTED— 200 R. R. MEN; $3 PER DAY; FREE faro. MWcatßandolph-ot., Room 8. \V a NTED-6 SALESMEN, 4 FOR LIGHT WORK; it otbor situations furnished; ono man for big paying business, SB6O. 178 Statist., Room 12. TTTANTED-MAN AND WIFE; MAN TO WORK ON YY farm, woman to cook and do gonoral housework. Call at 69 LoSaile-at.. from 9tolla. m. O. J. HITCH COOK. • . WANTED— CANVASSERS TO MAKE $26 TO S6O por week soiling our novelties. Useful In every family. A. M. RICHARDSON, 146 Madlaon-st. WANTED— THIS MORNING, AT B&5 STATEST., 10 energetic agents to cnnvoaa tho oily; $6 per day warranted to good man. O. J. WILLY. TIT ANTED—A YOUNG MAN WITH GOOD RICO YY ouimondations, to make hlmaalf generally useful in a furniture store. -E. GOLDSTEIN, 666State-st. TTITANTED-A STEADY YOUNO MAN TO WORK YY In stable, at 204 South Doaplalnca-at. -TATANTED—AN EXPERIENCED PORTER. NONE VY but those who can furnish tho boat of reference need apply. Apply to O. A. ORKLL, 78 and 80 Stato-st. WANTED-9 GOOD MEN TO SOLICIT ORDERS YY for tea and coffee: ono most apeak Gorman. Ad* drees, at once, Q 22, Tribune office. TIT ANTED—FLUTE AND PICCOLO AND A NO. I VY comet player for a minstrel party; good wagon and steady ogagoment. Apply, this forenoon, to JOHN OUTIL 9 South Halated-«t. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domestics. T\T ANTED—A YOUNO GIRL TO HELP DO LIGHT YY housework and take oaro of a baby. Apply at Room 21. 89C!lark-st. ( any time after IPs, m. * WANTED-A- PROTESTANT GIRL FOR SECOND >Y work, la a private family. Apply at 44 South May st., between Washington and MsdUon-sta. WANTED— A RBLIABLUGIRL OF GOOD OllAß actor for gonoral housework; good wages to ono who Brings references. 155 Centro-av. TITANTED—A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT GIRL YY to do'gonoral housework at 112 South Oroon-Bt. WANTED— A GOOD RELIABLE GIRL FOR kitchen work in private family, to go to Hlnedalo. Apply to MRS. BATES, No. 10 Pock-court. TTTANTKD-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL VY housework, except washing. Apply at 168 East Har* rlson-at. WANTED— A GOOD WASHER, IRONBR. AND cook at 467 Mitcholl-st. TITANTED-OIRL TO DO THE COOKING, WASH VY ing, and ironing for family of throo, on South Sldo. To tho right person liberal wages will bo paid. Call at 138 and 140 LiSaJlo-st., basement ofßoo. ANTED—A YOUNG GIRL FOR GENERAL hoasuwork. Apply, for two days, nt 170 Thlrd-av. WANTED— A GIRL; GOOD COOK AND IRONER, no washing; llboral wngoa. 83 Warron-qv. WANTED— A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work. 163 Thirty-first-«t. WANTED-A GOOD COOK IN PRIVATE FAMILY, ■no washing or ironing. Call Immediately with refer ence. JIM Pralrio-av. TITANTEb-AT 1833 PRAIRIEAV.. A GOOD COOK, VY Gorman or Norwegian preferred. Good reference roqnlrod. WANTED— A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE work in a small private family: mast bo a good laun dress ; will pay good wogos, at 773 >\ oat Adams-st. WANTED-QIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK; must bo a good soamstrou. 37 Twonty-flftU-st., near tho lake. WANTED— 3 GIRLS TO WORK IN KITCHEN, and ono to scrub, at BENNETT’S Dining-room, in roar 83 South Wator-st. ' WANTED-A GIRL TO COOK. WASH. AND on; $4 a wook to a good ono. 766 West Lsko-st. WANTED— A GOOD, RESPECTABLE GIRL FOR general housework In a small family; good wages; must be well rocommeudod. 66 South Pooria-st. WANTED -COOK, WASHER- AND IRONER; second girl, also a good nurso tor children. Inquire for two days, ¥39 olichlgan-av. WANTED A COMPETENT GIRL TO COOK, wash, andiron. Good wages will be paid to a girl that wUI lilt tho bill. Apply at iw Ooutro-av. WANTED-A SERVANT IN A SMALL FAMILY; cottage boaeo. 914 Mlchlgan-av. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS COOK FOR A RES taursot; a woman preferred. Apply at 98 Thlrd-av. \\TANTKD—A GIRL FOR GBNEKALHOUSEWOUK. Y Y Apply at 244 lilinoU-st., up-stairs. TVTANTKD-AT 168 SOUTH BANGAMON-ST., A YY competent girl for general housework; also ono to tako care of children. WANTED-A GIRL BOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK in a small family. Inquire at 173 East Van Duron at., op stairs. WANTED— GIRL-A GOOD COOK, WASHER, and Ironor, and general housework; small family; apply atonco. 1310 Prairie-ay., south of Twonty-nlntb-st. WANTED— SERVANT GIRL; MUST BE A GOOD cook, woabor, and Ironor: throo in family. Apply at No. 1 Blue Island-av., corner Itarrliog-st. • WANTED— TWO GOOD SCANDINAVIAN GIRLS, one kitcbon aud one aooond girl. Apply at 16 tioutu Unlon-st. Also a fow boarder* wanted. WANTED— A GOOD GIRL TO ASSIST IN DINING* room and do ohambnr work. 78 West Lako-at. WANTED— A GOOD COOK AT THE PEOPLE'S Dlnlng-8011, 100 East Monroo-at. j goodreforenooa roqulrod. Lanndroßßos* WANTED— 8 GOOD IRONERS AT THE ORIENTAL Steam Laundry, 420 West Madison at. - WANTED-AT 237 WEST RANDOLPH-BT., ONE tlrst-class shirt Ironor, one tirst-oloaa ladles' clothes ironer, and quo good waahor. Apply Immediately. WANTED— A FIRST-CLASS IRONER; ALSO A good washer. 11l and 118 West Madlaon-st. \TTANTED-A GOOD LAUNDRESS AT 100 OALU- Yr mot-sv. ■UTANTRD-A GOOD LAUNDRESS, IN A PRIVATE VV family, at 66 Rosh-st. ■ WANTED-AT WILSON’S GRAND CENTRAL Laundry. No. 399 South Stato-at., llrat-olaas Iromira Ironors for all kluda of work to work on plooo work at 6 cents aploco for old ahlrta, Seamstresses. TITANTED—GOOD DRESSMAKERS, WITH MA TV ohlnos, at 90 South Poorla-st., In basement. WANTED-SEVERAL GIRLS WHO ARE GOOD > T on sowing tun. Call this morning between 7 and 0, 103 Mlohlgan-st. WANTED— A GOOD TAILORKS3 WHO IS A NO. 1 ouat-makor; no other need call. Apply to-day all ready for work, at Bo7# Waluut-at. Employment Agencies. WANTED-G HUMAN' AND SCANDINAVIAN girls for private families, hotels, aud laundries, city and oouptry, at 80 Mllwaukoo av. WANTED-A GOOD PASTRY COOK; ALSO, 6 dining room girls; also, 10 girls fur general house work: also, aomo good tomato cooks fur boat*. Call at Mrs. MARX'S olboo, IMThlrd-av. Miao eUauoons. WANTED -TWO EXPERIENCED OHAMBER maIds. Call early at KLINE’S HOTEL, northwest corner Clark and luiko-ala. i_ TVTANTED—A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT DRY 'I - goods saleslady; must furnish boat of city references. Apply early at MURIGOLD A LLOYD'S, UN West Madl son-st. \j\TANTKD— IMMEDIATELY, FIVE YOUNG LA IT dloa to assist In making up a transformation scene lu a French theatre; good salary. Apply to-day only, bo twuuu the bourn of o nud 9 o'clock p. m. F. CUNY, 187 Hast Adami-at. - WANTED— LADIES TO SELL M Y RUBBER GOODS for ladles and two excellent toilet articles; $d to 813 a day can bo made. MRS. PALMER, Room fe, 24 West Lako-it. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Nurses. TirANTRD-NUnSB-.TULY 1, NRAR OORNBR 1? Blloblgan-ar. and Twolfth-at.. a competent nurso Jilrl, to assist mother In oaro of clillil. Prefer one who can ridge at homo. Address immodlatolr. with references, G IT, Tribune office. SITUATIONS V/ANTED-MALE. Booldcoopnrs, Clerics, &o* GITUATION WANTED—AS PRESCRIPTION OH AIU CITUATION'WANTRb-IN Tlfifi DlilTO BUSINESS or a chemical manufaolory, by a competent nnuluatii in pharmacy, with oily references. Address K U 11. onro of Dr. Andrews, No. BHlxtoonth-st. CII'I'UATION WANTRD—HY - Aff "itXIMSIIfKNORD O shipping clerk, lias had 7 years' experience In SK'SVVi «7 0 ip l Tl 1,u,11, «* Ul1 ’ Oouil rolorsnons. Andreis (J 83, Trtbuuo office. OFI'UATIOSWANTEn-lIY A YOUNG OHRMANT O write, mm itio.k., in .omo vrhitioimlo nr dS iuiyrlbnnGoOi;.!' ’' o Ail. GITUATION WANTKbriIV A YOUNO MAN AS b/, iiiilnsman In somoklnd of business. Can speak tin P. Oormau, and RngUah languages. Address P Mt Irluuno office. GITUATION WANTED—AS BOOICKKRPRR, SHIP, kjplng, or entry clerk. Hovonyoara’oxoorlonco. No ob jections to going out el the oily. Address Q 20, Tribune office. Coaolimon. Teamsters, &o. GITUATION WANTED-BY A SMART COLORED k? man aa cos oilman and groom, and to bo generally use* ftil.lti a private family: good rocommondallons. Address G W, Tribune office. GITUATION. WANTED—AS COACHMAN, CAN kJ take care or stock; am a practical gardener: can give good references from last employer. O 93, Tribune office. GITUATION WANTED—BY~A — STRXbk YOUNO \J man, In a private family: thoroughly understands tho care of horses, bamoss. and carriages; can give good ref* eronco. Address 260 West Lako-st. GITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN WHO JO can take oaro of horses or Lo a teamster. Apply at l:t8 Twolfth-st. GITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO MAN AS O coachman In a private family, thoroughly understands the caro of nones, harness, and carriages. Address M 83, Tribauo office, w GITUATION WANTED—ANY:GENTLEMAN THAT U wants a good onaohmnn., can boar of one by applying to Mr. WOIFRRD. 170 Twonty-socond-s*., for two days. Trades. CITUATIONS WANTED-TO BOSS BAKERS-BY 2 M. ? oa, i« m ? n * nno aB lianJ .on cake, tho other see ond hand on broad or cake. 177 Ohlo-at.; SITUATION WANTED BY AN EXPERIENCED O brats flnUhor and tlanor. Addrota FV, 875 Woat Kinrlo-at. (SITUATION WANTED-A YOUNG MAN, WITH kJ good references. wishes a position os engineer or fire man on tho railroad, or as engineer of stationary ongiuo. Addroia F 4; Tribune office. ■ ■ SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED 1J fireman, one who imdurstanda high and low pressure. Addrota O. 276 Flfteenth-sl. , Misonllnnoons. QITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG ENGLISH. U man, aged 20, at any honest work at which fair wagon can bo made; is used to tho oaro of horsca, and has starved at gardening and Inagrooory utoro; iastrongnnd nnr (Sr C l»T^!»Tu nß; cimi giro references. Addrosa PHILIP and'W^jaafi-a 1 * 1 ’ 0 ■ r * ran^n MaoVoagb, Lako-at. (SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNO COLORED kJ man In a private family to take caro of horse and do chores. Address Q 17, Tribune office. QiTUATION WANTED—TO HOTEL KEEPERS— J;,-L By » firat-claa* dining-room atoward or head wnltar, "l ho best of roforonco given as to ability. Address X 93. Tribune office. ditUATIbN WANTED—BY A MARRIED MAN, kJwitn faro lly, on a stock farm; capable of taking charge Address for one week, WILLIAM MouREOQIt, 608 South llalsted-at. CITUATION . WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS kJ colored hoad-waltor. Can giro good roforoncog as to ability. Address O fd. Tribune office, for three dam. SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALU Domontios. CITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED kJ girl with boat of reference as secffml girl or take oaro of children. Call until Haturday at 11H9 Indlana-av. CITUATION WANTED—TO ~i) 6” SECOND - WORK • p by a respectable girl. Apply at M West Qulncy-st. CITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD GIRL IN A kJ rcapoctablo American family to do general housework. Call for ono day at 173 DuttorHold-at. CITUATION WANTED—BY A GIRL 15 YEARS OLD Oto do second work. Apply alt IN Taylor-at. CITUATION WANTED-TO DO SECOND WORK O and bow or light homework in a small family. Call for two days at 201 Dumsldo-st. CITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD GIRL TO DO k3 general bnnaowork In a private family. Please call or address 23 Rublo-at., Woat Side. SITUATION WANTED—AS CHAMBERMAID OR dining-room girl in tho country. Apply at CU2 South StAlO-Bt. CITUATION WANTED-BY AN ENGLISH GIRL O to do second work or take charge of children. Please call at 91 Onriboldl-at., between Twonly-clghth and Twenty-ninth. * SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO GIRLS, ONE TO do second. tho other to do gouoral housework. Ad ply at 653 Norm Franklln-st. QITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL TO DO kJ general honsowork In a private family. Can bo eouu at 23 Blue laland-av., lu voltage In the rear. SITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS GIRL as cook In a private family. Addrosj M 93, Tribuoo oQlco. QITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT GIRL O to do gonoral housework on tho South Side; good rof oronco. Apply at 703 Stalo-st. S' ITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD GIRL TO DO general housework inn small family; host of roforen* cos given. Call for two days at 116 Bruwn-st., la tho base mont. QITUATION WANTED-T0 DO SECOND WORIC O or nn-stairs work, and would take oaro of a child and sow. 850 Thlrd-av. S*~ ITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE girl to do second work In a private family or general work in tho family of two. Pioaso call for two days to Room Sifllflh door, 169 LaHallo-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE younggirl to do second work in a tirst-olaas private family, or housework In a small family. Pioaso call or address, to day. No. 12 Mtlwaukoa-av., op stairs. SITUATIONWANTED-FOR A FIRST CLASS GER. man second girl in a private family. Miss BAR* TON'S Qfllco, 883 Stale st., entrance on Elghtoenth-at. Soitmatrossoß. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED dressmaker Innrlvato families, by day or week. Call or address At 8, 177 Ohlo-st. . Nnraos. QITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED O nurso, just arrived from England. Cali oraddro.s M H, 177 Ohlo-st. S" ITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS NURSE of 14 yours l oinorlonco; bust of references furnished. Address MARY JUSTICE. 80 Qulnn-st. SITUATION WANTED—AS WET NURSE, BY A lady of no Incumbrance; would like to got a baby to tako homo. Cell on or Address Mrs. WADE, 166 Wesson et., corner of Hobble, North Sldo. SITUATION WANTED—AS A NURSE GIRL OR TO do second work. Call or address KATIE, at 81 Samp son-st., West Sldo, Tuesday and Wednesday. Honsolcoonorsi SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WIDOW woman, with a little girl 8 years old, as housekeeper. • seamstress, or to do second work in a small family. Has a sowing machine. A homo more desired than wages. Address Mrs. CORNELL, 856 West Washlngton-st. Employment Agencies, QIT'UATIONS WANTED—FAMILIES IN NEED OP O good help of all kinds can bo supplied at AIRS. THOMPSON’S otfico, l(JooStato-at. Miscellaneous! SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE yonng lady as governess in a private family, ono who Is thoroughly educated in all tho English branches, or would bo wining to tako caro of a baby and travel with a lady. O 91. Tribune olflcn. MISCELLANEOUS. CASH PAID FOR OAST-OFF CLOTHING AND intsoollnnoons goods of any kind, by sending a lottor to I. QKLDKR, Loan otßoo, 861 Stato-st. Ladies, if you want a good switch of roai hair, from 89.60 to $lO, call at tho reliable little hair store, 358 West Madlson-st, MO. OLANOY’S LOAN OFFICE. 61 WEST MAUI. • Bop-ot., romovod to 161 South Olark-st., Itoum'J. Refrigerators, ioe-boxes, ice cream freezers, wator-flUorors, at low prices. DALTON A CO, 8u and 88 Randolph-it., near State. SUBSCRIBERS TO ZEAL'S DESCRIPTIVE HAND Atlas of the World, who Uavo removed, will nlonso call or sond their address to E. C. LEWIS, 132 South Clark-at. The work la now completed. SOFT WHITE HANDS—SEND 60 CENTS AND RE cuivo In rotum a receipt for making tho roughest hands soft and white, with hot Tory llttlo oxponwo, and perfectly harmless. Address OB,P, O. Box 107, Chi cago, 111. IHIB PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING . under tho tlnu name of Fitzgerald A Ryan, store, du, and hardware dealers nud manufaoturors, doing buslnem at No.IOS llluo Islaml-av., Is this day dissolved by mutual consent. Tho business will bo ourriod ou at tuo ahovu number by John Ryau, who wlllsot tin nil claims against and collect all dobts duo tho iirra, JOHN RYAN. Juno 13, 1873. TWO ABLE AND WILLING NORWEGIAN LADIES accustomed to tho work would llko to got a fow oilluoa to tnkooare of, Ploasocall on or address MRS. JOHN SEN, No. 47 llubbard-at. T\TANTED—A SIAN WITH <6OO CASH. TO TAKE VV n half Interest In gr.adlug 16 tulles uf railroad. U West Rnndolpb-st., Room 9. WANTED-FOUR TICKETS FROM OHIO AGO TO Denver and return. Also, will attend to any bu>d ness la Colorado. Inquire of J. D. MACLEOD, 130 'Throop-at. WANTED— 10,000 PERSONS A DAY TCTkNJOY tho luxury of a good swim in tho Lnko Bathing Hnnsoa. foot of IlllnoU-at. and Norlh-av., Lake Sboro. WM. uUKTBOIIUW & CO. TV ANTED’—PORTRAITS TO PAINT, ANY STYLE, VV reasuuablo prloo. A. 11. DOUGLAS, No. 8 iilgh toonth-st. WANTED-AT NORTH EVANSTON-GOOD OAR pontura aud musnns to build 30 homos, aud uwu their ownbomos. O. L. JKNKS, 116 LaSalle-st. WANTED-GOOD StOCKS OF MERCHANDISE of any kind; also, now and second-hand furniture, pianos, and all kinds of household goods; also, horse and otproad or light truck wagon, at cash price. WILLIAMS, 68 South Onual-st. WANTED— A LARGE IKON Oil WOODEN TANK for holding water; second-hand. Address G 19, Tribune 011100. . TITAKTHD-TO PUIIOHASE—A GOOD. CLEAN. VV flrst-claM retail stock of dry-goods of 49.000 to 811,000 cash. Location must bo good. low. For particulars Inquire or J. 1 1 . PIERSON, 1-1 Doarboru-st., Itonmd. MUSICAL. rpO RENT-AND FOR SALK-NEW AND SECOND- J-JffSSiiSSriS: Btateit. 7

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