Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 24, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 24, 1873 Page 8
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8 THE SPORTING WORLD. Entries for Hie Dexter Park Meeting Close This Evening. Programme of the First Mooting of tho Aurora Driving Park Asso ciation. A Specimen of Eastern Turf Rascality- Two Interesting Baso Ball Qamo s. Opening Games of tho Now York Billiard Tournament, THE TURF. THE ENTRY-HOOK lor tbo Dexter Park race mooting, to bo hold next month, will oloso this evening, at tho office of tho Dexter Park Association, in the Grand Pacific Hotel. Those who have fast horses, and have not entered them for any of tho splendid purses offered, should do so immediately, as tho last opportunity will bo afforded to-day, Tho Secretary’s office, In tho hotel named above, will be open all day and late into tho evening. THE FIRST MEETING of the Aurora Driving Park Association will commence on tho afternoon of July 3, anicon tinue daring tho forenoon and afternoon oi tho following day. Premiums amounting to $3,600 are offered, and entries for them will close at 6 o’clock on tho evening of July 3. Tho follow ing is tho programme: First Day—Trotting premium No. 1, SIOO, confined to horses owned in the Town of Aurora, previous to April 1, and that hove never trotted in a race for money; owners to drive; five or more subscrib ers to fill; SSO to Ist, $35 to 2d, sls to Bd. Trotting premium. No. 2. S3OO, for horses that never beat 2:60 ; five anhaenbora to fill; $l5O to Ist, SIOO to 2d, SSO to 3d. Double team premium, No. 3, §l6O, horses to be owned In Kane, Kendall, or DuTogo Counties, and driven by their owner; throe or more subscribers to fill; best two in throe ; $75 to Ist, S6O to 2d, $25 to 3d. Second day. forenoon—Pacing premium, No. 4, $200; throe or moro sub scribers to fill; * SIOO to Ist, $75 to 2d, §25 to 3d. Trotting premium No. 6, S6OO, for horses that never uoat 2:40 ; five or more subscribers to fill; $360 to Ist, SIBO to. 2d, S6O to Sd. Foot race premium, No. 6. $25; free to all; distance 100 yards ; sl2 to Ist, $8 to 2d, §5 to 3d, Third day—Running premium. No. 7, $300; catch weights; mile heats, best two in throe; five or more subscribers to fill; $l6O to Ist, SIOO to 2d, SSO to 3d. Book race premium. No. 8, $25 ; free to all: distance 40 yards ; sls to Ist, $lO to 2d. Trotting premium, No. 9, S6OO, for horses that never boat 3 minutes ; five sub scribers to fill; S3OO to first, $l5O to second, SDO to third, S6O to fourth. Trotting premium, No. 10, $1,200, for all horses; five subscribers to fill; S6OO to first. S3OO to second, $175 to third, §125 to fourth. TURP RASCALITY. Tho Springfield (Maas.) Hepublican of a re cent date says : Tlio trial of tho suit of Miller vs. Smith, to recover damages oa account of tho alleged tiusonnduoßS of Nonesuch, occupied all of yesterday boforo tho Superior Court. Tho testimony was of considerable interest to tho men who own, drive, or talk horso, and tho audi ence had a largo proportion of tbpso. Tho richest thing of tho day or tho trial was Tom Carpenter's testimony. Car penter was a quarter owner of Nonosnch when Hiller, tho plaintiff, paid $9,000 for the other three-quarters to Smith, ami ho had charge of her for two years; tho wind-sucking or cribbing trick never injured bora whit, or madohor worth n cent less. Then Tom wont in to explain tho fdluros tho mare had made, and told with tho utmost nonchalance how ho “ throw ” tho race at Prospect Pork last year, in which ho was her driver, bcoauso ho had a bet on Sea Foam, one of her competitors, and couldn't afford to havo None such win tho second money, though she could have done it easily. Ho said, concerning tho purchase of tiro mare, that ho was employed by Hiller to buy her, ana received a roan horse for his foo. On cross-examination ho said bo did not tall Miller tho mare was a aribber, because lie supposed everybody know it, for she was a notorious libber and wind-suckor. Tom’s talk was “ turfy," and his unblushing confessions of the rascally way ho lost tho Long Islaud race justified (ho ordinary traditions about jockeys. BILLIARDS. Special Dispatch to Th* Chicago Tribune. TUB INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENT.* New York, Juno 23.— I Tho International Bill iard Tournament, for tho throo-ball champion ship, began in Irving Hail to-night. An audi ence attended that was remarkably respectable iu appearance, including a dozen woll-drossod ladies, and numbering something like 1,200. Isidore Gaurand was chosen umpire, and Mr. Wilraarth marker. Tho first gamo between Cy rille Dion and John Doory was begun promptly at 8 o’clock. Dion won tho string ana led off with atwo-cushion carom, following with five more easy caroms, losing an easy ono on tho seventh shot, and leaving thorn for Doory. Tho latter, however, only mode three, leaving tho two whites oloso together in tho up per comer, with tho rod in tho contro. Dion made tho carom, eliciting opplanso, and by that and throo more difficult shots getting them favorably, ho rolled up a total of 17 on tho lower half of tbo table. Doory followed with another easy trio, hut loft tho bolls for Dion, who widened tho gap by a run of 12 in his nixth inning. Dion, with some neat ouahion fchota, made 7, and ended with missing an easy caiom. Doory got somo applause in his sixth by a good doublo-oushion snot across tho tablo, and barely missed scoring 6 by a close -shavo. Doory followed with a nought, leaving tho balls fairly for Dion’s run of 8, neorly all clover attempts. Decry next brought down tho house with a noat follow shat, but only mado 3. Tho first draw shot of tho Same, and a vory good ono, marked a run of 7 for •ion. A miss followed for each. Then 3 for Doory, leaving an easy carom for tho French man, who got tho balls well together for tho first time, nursing them cautiously down tho tablo oa ono side and ocross tho bottom for 12. Doory had to go around tho tablo for 2, and then Dlou missed on easy ono. Doory then got somo npplauso for a throe-cushion shot which left them in a hunch, yielding 10. One of tho lower corners was tho field of Dion’s boat run thus for. A series of dolicato touches yielded a dozen, followed by a dozen cushion shots, which brought tbo balls together again. The run aggregated 71. Somewhere in tho thir ties, tho ivories bugged each other so closely that Doory watched them for a freeze, but with out avail. Tho applause was llborol as each mul tiple of 10 was announced, and deafening at tho eloso of tho run, which was throughout a moator- Eioco of cool work. Tho final miss was on a ard draw. Tho result now stood 132 to 80. Dion played for ono. leaving a difficult carom tho length of tho tablo for tho basis for ten. His bald hood now shone beautifully, tbo tem perature of tho hall having grown stilling. Dion's sixteenth Inning netted 24, and was marked by throo or four nicely gauged all around tho cushions. Decry earned his next 6 by hard work. Indeed, tho bails hod tun badly for him all along. After Dion bad missod, ho hardly oamod 3 moro. Again Dion missed, and Doory made 1. A misscuo mado another oipfier for Dion, and his hard-working opponent managed to mass tho balls in tho oomor, only to run 6. Nothing noteworthy was done from this to Dion’s twenty-first inning, when ho got some pitying “ Ochs " for missing a close carom. Doory ’fol lowed with hotter luck, a scries of dainty caroms in eloso quarters aggregating 22, and cloning with a failure on an oauy draw. Dion turned his second hundred on his twenty-third inning, at oxaotly 0 o’clock, Decry being only 72. As the game proceeded and Decry, although making many deservedly applauded shots, failed to lesson tho gap. tho audiouco grow apathetic and chary of applause. His brilliant run of 20 iu hia thirty-ninth Inning aomowhai rouaod tho hearts of his friends. But tho grime still stood 221 to 133 against him, and Dion immedi ately mado matters douporato by getting tho balls splendidly fixed for nursing, working them slowly down the right cushion and across the bottom. Ho ran 70. Tills loft him only 8 to go, and when Doory took tbo ouo, some un mannerly auditor hissed. The gamo occupied an hour and a half. Tho following was tho score: Diok—«, 17, 12, 0, 0, 7, 2, 8, 7, 0, 12, 0, 71, 10, 2, Decay— 3, 9, 1, 0, 2, i. 0. 8. 0, a, 9, 10, 1, 0. 3. B, 8, 1, B, 3, 93, 0, 0, 7, 7, 0, 8, 13, 36, 1, 2-131. second oAue. After a recess of ten minutes. Daly and Übassy took the table, tho former leading for nothing, and tho latter following for 1. Tho youngster then got to work with tho balls oloso together for 10, foiling miserably on a mouse. Übassy stopped ot Bon a kiss, and Daly nursed them delicately for 0, and had to put moro arithmetic Into tho work for 0 mcro. His fifth inning was also a deserved aggregate of 10. Übassy following, kept them handsomely together, being especially safe in his drafts, and netted 10. Then came tho most brilliant shot thus far of tho evening, a beautiful four-oushlon carom by Daly, greeted by deafening applause. A moment after all woro laughing as heartily at a scratch by Übassy, followed by good play and a count of 0. Tho brilliant erratic plays of tbo Frenchman and tho cool work of tho boy began to arouse enthusiasm, and tho players kept tol erably well together for tho first dozen rounds. Daly wont twico across tho table for a carom in his eleventh, and Übassy wont clear around in his tenth with Hho success. Applause greeted both efforts. In his twelfth, Dbasey got them in tho corner, and made 17 before ho slipped up. on a masse. Again, In tho fourteenth, they clung together for him, yielding 22, his dead sure draws being largely responsible for it. Daly turned tho first hundred in his sixteenth,— his opponent being DO. Partisanism showed itself in a few hisses at a scratch by tho for eigner, but was promptly rebuked by thunders of applause again, when Übassy led for tbo first time, score, 114 to 100. On the eighteenth innidg there woro hisses by loafers, followed by orios of " Bharao 1 Bhamol" by docent people. In his next be fastened tho balls to tho ousliion and made half his run of 47, before scattering. Daly, however, did as ofToot tivo, but not mmo os showy, work in his ensuing run of 62. These runs fairly illustrated tho varied strength of tho players. Übassy seemed almost certain with his draw shots, while Daly avoided (hem. At tho close of this inning the score was 176 to 168 In favor of Übassy. Tho excitement was very great. Both apparently grow nervous as they neared tbo second hundred,-nook and nook, but tho old man got arotmd ahead with tho load of 12. Thoyoungstor cooled down to hiswork again, and shortly earned every point of 86, which gave him tho load of 24. Booh after Übassy got tho balls so close that Daly sprang up to discover a freeze. Tho umpire decided against him, and Übassy touched his own ball with tbo cue very lightly, perhaps accidentally. Daly cried "Foul,” and ifhassy suspended his cue. The umpire ex amined tho balls, and evidently concluded there bod boon an impact and rebound, and decided that a count bad boon made. Tbo audience ac cepted tho decision. Übassy built up on it a run of 23, gaining tho load by 0. The players at this moment woro the coolest men in the hall. Daly followed with 28. Then Übassy missed. The loafers couldn’t help applauding his failure, although hushed by cries of " Shame I” After a masterly run of ID, Daly had 2 to go, and Übassy lacked 40. It took Daly three innings to make them, tho game closing at ft quarter to 12 o’clock. Daly-O, 13, 15, 3, 10, 2, 0.18, 0. 0, 4,11, 8. 4, 7, 7, 4, 5, G2, 0, 11, 0, C, 1, 1, 4, 1, 80, 3, 0, 1, 28, 4, 3, 10, 1, 0, I—3oo. Übiflfly—l, 3,1, 2, 10, 13, 10, 0, 1, 1, 0, 17, 0, 23, 0, 8, 10. 7, 47, 0, 0, 1,17. 0, 0, 0, 6, 2,17, 3, 3, 8, 28, 0, 1, 0, 0-256. On Tuesday afternoon Joseph Dion and Qar nier wiU play, and in tho evening tho Dion brothers are matched with Übassy and with some one to bo chosen. BASE BALL. MUTUALS VS. ATHLETICS. The following is tho Now York TTorftfs ao count of a good game played between tbo above clubs on tbo 20th t Thcso clubs played tboir fourth match together this season yesterday on tbo Union Grounds, about 1,000 people being present. The Athletics were unable to play their full nine, Fislor not being in condition, Alßcach playing at second in his place. Tho Mu tuals placed their men as strongly as they can do now, Hatfield playing at third and Higbam at second. MoQoary caught on tbo Athletic side, Qlapp playing at short-bold. Flay was colled at five minutes to 4p. m. by Charley Mills, with tbo Mutuals at tho bat, they giving cosy chances for their retirement in one, two, three order. On the other side base-bitting by McQoary, Anson, and Boado led to a score of two runs, one being earned, thus giving tbo Philadolphiaa the lead in the gnmo by 2to 0. The close of tho fifth inning saw the Atblotios still on the baeo, end by an Increased score, as they batted well in their third inning for threo runs—one earned. In tho interim tbo Mutuals wore finely fielded out for a succession of blank scores, but one base hit being made In tbo five innings, and that Was mode by Hicks. Sutton’s tbird-poso play in those innings was a feature, his throwing being surprisingly swift and accu -1 rate. Hatfield also did service at third base, a fine catch from a hot liner being especially I worthy of rom&rk. In tbo sixth inning tho game ; took qulto a change in its aspect. Previously it was 6to 0 in favor of tho Athletics, and tho | Mutuals would have bean whitewashed in their sixth but for a dropped fly-boll by McMuliin. I After two men wore out, however, throe flrst- I base hits gave a run, and a dropped fly by Fisher and a wild throw homo sent m four moro, five , runs being scored and nono earned. As tbo Athletics were blanked in this inning, tbo scoro at tbo close stood at five to flvo, and tho gamo in an interesting position for tbo betting men, the Athletics hanng been backed at odds of two to I ono. In tbo seventh inning moro fielding errors assisted the Mutuals to two moro runs. This would havo given them the load but for somo wild throwing by Hatfield and Mathews, by which the Athletics scored iwo unearned runs, thereby tioing the game again. By an error of Hatfield’s, the Athletics added a run to their score in the eighth inning, tho Mutuals being easily whitewashed, and as they wore put out | without scoring in the ninth, tho victory remain ed with the Athletics. The following is a aum j mary of tho game Union Grounds, J I gamo of tho cbompl 1 and Athletics: | Mutuals, 11l Drookl lonshi] i, E. D., June 20.—Fourth jeriea between the Mutuals Athletic. Eggler, c. f lHgham,2 b..... Hatfield, 3 b Start, lb Martin, r. t ..... Hicks, o Mathews, p...... Gedney, 1. f Holdaworth, b, b. McOeary, b. b. McUddc, p.... Anson, 1b.... Reach, 2 b Flsbor, r. f.... Sutton, 3 b,... Clapp, c.. Murnan, o. f.. McUuUiu, I. f. Total*. Totals JOKED. Mutuals o 0 0 0 0 6 3 0 0— 7 Athletic 3 0300011 I—o Itmia Earned—Mutual, 0 ; Athletic, 3. First Bane on Errors—Mutual, 0 ; Athletic, 4. Total Fielding Errors—Mutual, 17: Athletic, 8. Umpire—Mr. Mills, of the Atlantic Club. Tinio of Game—'Two hours. THE PIBBT TIE GAME HUMS Bi ....0 .a of the season between professional clubs of standing was played in Washington on tho 20tb. The Now Yorlt World special says : One of tbo most intensely exciting games over wit nessed in this city was played bore to-day be tween tbo Atlantic and Washington Clubs, and resulted in a tie at eighteen runs each, the At lantic strangely leaving tbo field without finish ing the game. Tbo game was splendidly con tested up to tbo fifth inning, when the Atlantics took a decided load, which they hold up to the ninth inning. Tbo Washingtons wore last to tbo bat, and they commenced their lust inning with tbo scoro at IB to 10 against them, when, by a streak of tbo finest batting over witnessed in a single inning on tbo Olympic Grounds, they succeeded in making eight runs, six of which wore earned. Tbo umpiring of Mr. Hooper was very unsatisfactory. Tbo following is a sum mary of tho gamo : Washington, 1). 0., June 20.—Third gamoa of tho charnplounUlp series between the Atlantics and Wash ingtons: ~AttatUio, ft /I PA\ Washington, H Till'd Barlow, o I’earco, h. a.... Burdock. 2 b,, Boyd, r. f Vurgusou, 3 b. Britt, p BuUlmtn, 1 b, Baber, 1. f Itomion, o. {,. Wuiormau, o. t. UltlCH, I. f...... Olemi, 1 b Dunmilly, s, a.. nulMkl, r.f..., Thomas, u b..,, H«yd«r, 0...... Hlearua, n,, Warren, a b, Totals,,, Totals Ib W!OUtil>, Atlantic, ..a i a o a 4 o o ...a i a jo a a u In, a: Washington, y, —Atlantic, 0; Washlfiglfl —Atlantic, 0 ; Washlngim ijxjr, of tbo Maryland (Jli 23.—Base bull: 11 *s, 8. WMhhiuUm Uiiiim liorucd—At Bases on Called 1 Bind Boon by Kn Umpire—Mr, M. lUi/riMuiiK, J phias, 13 ; Balth ToloffrapUlo llruvltloa* Thoro will ho no formal celebration of the Fourth in Waukegan, but celebrations are to be held at Highvrood, Wtmooula, Cedar Lake, ami other places in tho county. Gen. Ilurlhut’a announcement of a competi tive examination for the appointment to a cadet ship at West Point, to bo held at Elgin, July H, creates some intercut among tho young imm in the district. The Hon. John P, Irish, editor of the lowa City Daily Dress, met with a sodom accident on Sunday evening. While walking on the street bis foot turned, throwing him violently to the ground and severely fracturing hlu ankle. Eden Booth, of Hobart, Ind., was hilled yea- TUB CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 1873, torday by being buried in a well ho wan digging. Tho ground caved in on him last Friday and buried him 6 foot, bub ho was got out alive, al though ho was under ground thirty minutes. Yesterday it caved in on him again, and before ho could bo reached ho was dead. AMUSEMENTS. “ CASTE " AT IIOOLKY’S. Air. Hooloy's ambition has boon realized. Ho has succeeded in putting upon tbo stage of his beautiful theatre a comedy of world-wldo repu tation, acted in a manner satisfactory to tho most exacting and critical of audiences, and mounted as nothing was over mounted boforoUn this city. Tbo first was an easy task, far easier than tho second. " Casio ”is without doubt tbo favorilo in Chicago, at any rato of Bohortaon’s glittering dramatic gems. A care fully drawn picture of society is one of its most Interesting phases; It is at once a philosophical chapter and a volume of carica ture. Tho elements of which modem society is composed are brought together in situations which are at once full of pathetic Interest and intensely ridiculous contrast, and that, too, with such consummate skill on tho part of tbo author that tho pathos Is intensified, and tho contrasts, whilo they are strong as it is possible to depict them, never wander beyond tho limits of; ‘probability. Tho coloring is high, . but never glaring; tho sltna iions startling, hut always intelligible; tho sentiment deep and tender, but never maudlin nor commonplace; tho humor keen and satirical, but never broad and compromising. " Caeto ” is a photograph. Instantaneous it seizes upon tho attitudes of tbo moment, and is tho moro lifelike in consequence. It has boon touched ftp by tho cblorlng-hruuh of tho artist to suit it to tho exigencies of tho stage; it has suf fered nothing by the adaptation. All tho char acters are strong in individuality* Each is defined with tho clearest outline; not one hints at a repetition of another. Each fills Us own place with mathematical exactness, and all accord in perfect harmony. Such a piece demands the most scrupulous study on tho part of every actor, and, receiving it, more than repays for the trouble it gives. The beauty of tho whole must bo equally plain to tho indi viduals who participate in it, and to tho audi ence who are carrnod away by It. 'While it is moro especially designed to bo a picture of tbo peculiarities of English social organization, it applies with similar, if not entirely equal, force to tbo loss distinctly marked society of democratic America. ifawirec, Oerrklgc, Seeks, the Marquise, all have their counterparts in modern society tbo world over, and tho appli cation of " Caste ” is universal. It is essential that a picture so exquisite should not bo locking immaterial. Itsjcharm lies in tho dovetailing of characters. They must bo of oven excellence. It is no picco for a star and a poor company; it demands a company of stars, and such a compa ny is a rarity. "Unoto’' was played not moro than two years ago by s company as nearly perfect os a rural town like Chicago (vide tho Now York press) could hope for. The Wyndhom Combination gave Chi cago thoatro-goors a revelation, and this was the piece chosen. • Hr. Ilodloy has engaged in his company two of that company in Mr. Qid dona and Hiss Cowell. Those two artists wore essential in Chicago to tho success of tho piece. To have tho original Seeks. Mr. Hooloy hunted up Mr. Byan, thou in Now York; tosocure a lady to play tbo Marquise , ho engaged Hiss Susan Bonin. whilo in his own company ho had tho material for tbo balance of tho characters. It is not paying him an exaggerated compli ment to say that in tbo cast of last evening he was equal oven to the original combination, in some respects much superior, in others inferior. As a whole, it was a deliciously oven, unique performance, worthy of tbo theatre and its patrons. Mr. Byan as Seeks was revived with three or four rounds of applause. It is conceded on all sides that bis im personation of tho character is perfect, what room - there was for improvement ho alone appeared to know. Ho has introduced some now features, trifling in themselves, but enough to give tho character a fresh flavor, a piquancy moro racy than ever. There is noth ing lacking. Seeks is not apart that can play itself. It requires a thorough artist to interpret it, and Mr. Bevil Byan is that artist. His Seeks is as perfect and unique a char acter as Fechtor’s Hamlet, Booth’s Jiichctleu, and oven Cushman’s Meg Afcrrilics. Tho same is true of Mr. Qiddens’ Sam Gerridge. Hero there is nothing lost. Ev ery motion of tho actor is a study. Tho gentle manly Giddons is utterly lost in tho good-heart ed, vulgar follow who " had It In him and never mentioned it." Tho artist never forgets 'him self. Not an intonation nor a gesture is out of place. There is Sam Gerridge and nobody else. Miss Cowell as Solly Seeks is another artist. Since that delightful little l&dy settled down into the dignity of a matron, she seemed for ft time to have lost her vivacity. There woro traces, last evening, of that sombrenoss of domoamor, but they woro only occasional. Whilo hero ana there one could miss that abandon which once character ized her, the fooling was overcome a moment afterward by. her spirit and evident interest in tbo piece. Miss Eliza O'Connor filled a hiatus which once existed in tho character of Esther Secies, and in doing so redeemed tbo piece from tho mediocrity of Mr. Norris’ soling, la “ Alixe,” and some other pieces, Miss O’Con nor made a hit in Chicago, and mode an impres sion which her impersonation of tho part which sho played last evening moro than justified. Tho peculiarity of of Miss O'Connor's acting is the power sho pos sesses of simulating tho deepest emotional in tensity. The pathos sho expresses is real, not an imitation. Bho succeeds in giving it that truth and sincerity which compels tho sympathy of an audience, which cannot withhold from a deeply wronged and unfortunate woman, tho highest form of pity and self-reproach for its share in her injury. Such a character is Esther . Society, In its inexorable law of casto withholds from her tho recognition of her purity, because of her bumble station. Society, represented by her aristocratic mother-in-law, would boo her die of starvation or a broken heart before it would help her, because she bas dared to marry into a higher grade than that of hor drunken father. But oven whilo it is thus re lentless, It finally yields to the tme nobility of hor character, and accords to her that right which she has won by her in trinsic worth. Miss O’Connor fully under stands, and truthfully represents, tho injured lady. Bho is always a lady, whether In scorning tho supercilious natronage of hor high-bom con nections or in rebuking tho disgusting propensi ties of hor own worthless parent. Mr. Blais doll, as George S'Alroy, boa not tho scope which other characters have given him. His part, whilo it is essential, Is not altogether representative. It lacks tho clearly-drawn in dividualities which mark tbo others. It Is a rather common-pace typo. What there is to it ho gives acceptably, and succeeds in rendering the highly philosophical interjections which the author lias rather clumsily mado as well os any body could. But Mr. Blaisdoll needs reminding that a gentleman who so devotedly loved a woman as to risk a marriage wbioh must isolate him from his own relatives would display some littlo solicitude for hor when sho lies In a swoon at ids foot. Tho audiouco cannot but loso their sympathy with a man who indifferently goes through a catechism with his mother whilo his wife its In a dead fatnt. It would bo moro bo coming lu him to exhibit some of bis boosted af fection by tbo application of nai-ammo nia or some other restorative, instead of leaving hor to tho moroy of Sam Gerridge and Solly Seeks. Miss Busan Donin os tho Marquise possesses tho figure and manner requisite to tho part, but, having boon accustomed to a larger house, hor voice needs considerable modulation. Hho appears too young too, a fault whiuh can readily ho ovoruomo. Of Mr. Norris 1 ns Cajit, Jlawtren wo cannot say much, in eulogy. Thu character Is that of ft warm- Pearled gentleman veneered with tho follies of fashionable society. Bhoiild ho appear in public in a imcquo coat of wine-colored velvet, and pantaloons of tho color worn by Mr. Norris, ho would bo pelted by tho i hoot-blocks and costermongers of London, i Oayt. IhiwU'tm is not a Jim Fisk. lie is an army officer and a gentleman, Tho dressing is inexcusable. Mr. Norris must abandon that coat at once. His voice is too low. Tho drawl of an English "swell” dees not consist lu feeble • utterances with a period between each word. Mias Cowell eau give him a good idea of it. The part is a must oluutio one, and, if Mr. Norris cannot create a character for , himself, lie cun imitate (Jharloy Wyndham with ,, out losing any credit. " Cantu ”is destined to a i long mn at liooley's, for, despite the insuffera ble heal of last evening, there was quite a good house. Mr, Hooloy has hod another window ' put Into ids building, and tho vou ' Illation is ail Dial can bo desired. - Tills notice would be Incomplete without a 1 mention of the mounting. Tho drawing-room sot in the second act Is tho most perfect hit of t scenery that has been put on any stage In this 1 city. ' M’VinKEIl’S THEATRE. 2 3 0 1 1 1 01 0 0 0 1 I 1 0 a-iH B—IS A person wlio would go to a theatre and sit for two mortal hours Unioning in a stats of per spiration to sweating actors, with the themiom* etor at ninety, must have tho constitution of a horse, the patience of an elephant, and the endurance of a tiger. It was hot last night, and no mistake; hot everywhere, but especially In tho theatres. Nothing loss than a violent mother-in-law, or tho small-pox next door, could bo expected to drlvo ft' man from tho ooolnoos of the door-stoop, and no. lady with a fond husband to fan > hor would venture away from homo. It was not strange, therefore,' If Miss Katie Putnam had not a crowded house. It was not a bit crowdod; indeed, thoro was lots of room, Tho play was " Oapitola, or the Hidden Hand," said to ho a 11 now drama,” though whore tho newness comes

in is not apparent. It has become tbo fashion of lato to affix a now namo o old plays so as to deceive tho poor public into a belief that tbo play is not tho same old two and sixponco. Those who havo soon tbo "Hidden Hand ”havo soon “Oapitola" or nearly so. and as tho former is familiar to most everybody, so Is tbo latter, and a detailed narrative of tho plot would bo a work of supererogation, as tho wicked husband remarked when ho thought of chastising his loving wife. Tho play Is tho host Miss Put nam has produced, though that may not bo say ing very much. Thoro Is moro fun in It, and some of tho acting was good and tho scones fair. Miss Putnam took tho part of CapU tola, and Mr. Brown that of Wool , the funny contraband. Whatever of interest Is in tho play centres around those two, and their respective parte are, in their way, as good, if not bettor, than any of tbo characters in which they have appeared. Persons who will go to theatres such weather as this will havo an op jortunity of Booing this play ovory evening dur ug the week. lekt’s circus. Among tho attractions of tho present wook may bo included tho combination of equestrian talent, natural, and unnatural curiosities of L. B. Lent's Circus, whoso tents,.like tho touts of Kodar, are pitched in tho vacant lots near tho corner of Twenty-second and Btate streets. They cover a largo amount of ter ritory. While the circus possesses a fair showing of wild animals, a traditional animated skeleton, a " What ia it,” a boarded woman, a Circassian lady, and a man nearly eight feet nigh, it con scarcely bo repre sented as a first-class show. Tho equestrianism is only fair; thoro is very littlo of it; tbo clown ia a wretched failure: tbo tumbling of an in ferior order; and, wbatovor elso there may bo to tho circus la on a par with those. Thoro Is one other innovation about Lent’s circus, which is not opt to recommend itself to tbo public at largo. The circus performance is followed by n variety en tertainment, to which tho original admission ticket does not entitle tbo spectators. It is an nounced to tho audloneo that for the ad ditional sum of twonty-flvo cents thoy can procure tickets to all that ia "now, novel, unique, and beautiful ” —wo quote from tho programme "in music, mirth, melody and minstrelsy.” As a plain matter of fact, it looks os it tho audloneo gained by their original admission ticket merely tho privilege of mrebasing another. Looked at In that light, it b not strange that tho number' of extra tickets sold yesterday was preposterously small. As an apology for this, it is announced that "all who remain at tho concert will havo an opportunity to witness tho feeding of tbo wild animals.” It may bo a mistake, but it is an opinion ex pressed by many, that Mr. Loot’s "now and novel” moons or making bis circus popular in Chicago will havo a very discouraging effect, especially oh it is not .tho finest show over soon in this city. NEW YORK. Fatal Result of an Accldont-Frlght oned Oamblors—Xlte Workingmen** SUarkoy’s Sentence Postponed—Wal worth,’* Trial —TCho Olaflin and 'Woodhull Trials* New York, Juno 23.—Clark, the jockey, who was injured at Jerome Park on Saturday, by tbo horse Sorrel Dan falling on him, whilo exorcis ing for a hurdle race, is reported dead this morn ing. The proprietors of tho faro banks, learning of the contemplated raid by tho police, Lave closed their establishments. Tho Federal Council of tho International Workingmen's Association, at its mooting yes terday. listened to tho reading of communica tions from Spain and Switzerland inquiring if, in coso of a general strike among all tho workers there, tho sections in this city would loan them money to Carry out their plans. At the request of tbo Counsel to-day, Becordor ITiokott deferred passing sentence npon William J. Sharkey, who was convicted of murder on Saturday, to giro time, to prepare a motion for a now trim. On motion of Charles O'Conor, the trial of young Walworth for shooting his father goes over till to-morrow. Carl Vogt, the alleged murderer of Baron Do banco, has been hold for extradition to Belgium; The United States Circuit Court is engaged to day in impaneling a jury for tho trial of Tennid 0. Olaflin. and Victoria Woodhull. Tbo Judges refused to postpone tho trial in consequence of the alleged sickness of one of tho defendants. Tbo band of tho Ono-Hnndrod and Eighth Bogimonfc of Saxony arrived this afternoon on tho steamship Vandaila, and wore received by tho Fifth Regiment of Now York National Guards, and handsomely entertained. CITY ITEMS. John Cisooo, a laborer at tho Bridgeport Roll ing-Mills, was badly burned, at 0 o’clock last night, by falling over a block of red-hot iron. The alarm of firo from Box 845 at 12 o’clock last night was occasioned by firo in a packing house on Bluo Island avouuo, near Folk street. Damage by firo and water, SIOO. Tho alarm of firo from Box 17, at tho corner of LaSalle and Madisoustroots, at fifteen minutes of 2 o’clock this morning, was occasioned by firo breaking out in Messier’s Building, Nos. 12G and 128 Clark street. Tho firo was discovered on tbo eocond floor, in a hot-air fiuo. The Babcock No. 1 put it out boforo it bad dono much damage. Tho alarm of firo from Box 251, at half-past 6 o'clock yesterday afternoon, was occasioned by flames breaking out in a two-story brick building, No. 153 Indiana street, occupied by John Mayfiold as a dwelling and grocery. Loss on building. SIOO ; loss on stock, S2OO. Insured in the North Missouri Company, of Macon. Tho fire originated from a defective fiuo. A Blx*Year Old Oblld Kills an Infant Ifruther-MlSo Draffs the Uody to tlio Woods and Hides lt« From the Vicksburg Herald, June 18, A. few miles from this city, oq the opposite eido of tho river, is Mr. Qoorgo Humphrey's plantation, known as tho Dalkioth place, on which thoro are several colored families living. The pride of ono of those families is a very precocious little 0-yoar old - boy, whoso upright ness and intelligence have boon tbo joy and ad miration of his parents, and the remark of all who know tho little follow. Some time ago a little stranger appeared in tho family to claim a part of the love and care of tbo parents and divide tho parental affection with tbo little 0- year old. Ho had no love for the baby, was jealous of it, and its presence in tbo family was a sting in bis littlo breast. In bis own childish way, ho brooded over the matter foroomo time, and seemed finally to decide upon a course or action. Day before yesterday, while tbo men woro In the field at work, and tbo women either with them or engaged elsewhere the children wore left alone about tho cabins to amuse themselves as they might see fit. Tho mother of tho infant aud the Utile Q-yoar old had left the baby snugly stowed away in tho cradle asleep, and Tier little boy in the yard playing with tho other children, when she wont away, film bad scarcely gotten out of sight, when tho little boy gathered up a brickbat, almost os much as ho could carry, and, walking into tbo oabiu whore tho baby lay, began to noli it over tho head with tho brick until ho actually succeeded In breaking tbo infant’s skull, aud mashing it almost to a jolly. Ho thou managed to got the child out of tho cradle, and dragged Us lifeless body to the woods a short distance from the house, whore he hid the body in the hushes, aud returning to his playmates said to them: "I hoove 1 till ole baby/' Ho thou led them to tho spot whore ho had loft the Infant lying, and sure enough there lay tho littlo innocent with Us head crushed, and life extinct. When it is con sidered that tbo perpetrator of this most foul and atrocious crime is only 0 years old, it almost staggers belief, and wo can scarcely credit our own souses. The littlo follow did not seem to realize tho fact that ho bad committed a murder, • or that ho had done anything more than dispose of a disagreeable rival to his own advantage. His parents, who .are honest, hard-working col ored people, are In groat distress over tho affair, but the little criminal is stoically indifferent, and apparently unconscious. Tbo tp-Towu Movement In Now Yorlc City. Corrcs/iom/fJicr of the Motion Journal. Whon John Jacob Autor moved from the Aator House block to give wav to hit* now hotel, people marveled that bo should move so far up town, away from business, friends, and society. The marvelous distance was near Prince street, opposite the Metropolitan Hotel, a wild country, with Nlblo’s Theatre out doors. William O. moved far abovo Blookor, and put bln mam moth mnnfllon—Btill a groat dwelling—on tho then faßblouablo street known. aa Lafayrtto place/ To tbo disgust of iho citizens of &ow ’York, Mr. Aator placed his library iu that far-off Elaco, beyond tbo rooob of tbo cUizonn to o benefited by tbo library. Tbo residence of Mr. Aator, and tbo presence of tbo library. drew tbo fashionables, and tbo finest residences in tbo city wore in that locality. Churches followed tbo crowd. Bt. Bartholomew's, tbo Collegiate, Ur. Mason's people, and tbo aristocratic Catholics put their bouses of worship on Lafayette place. Long ago fashion took its flight uptown. Tbo Col legiate Oburob becomes a mission station, tit. Ann's, in whoso pulpit I)r. Maaou thundered against tho Catholics, was sold to a Catholic congregation. Dr. Osgood’s old Church, Units riau, was turned into a theatre. Bt. Bartholo mew's was abandoned to trodo. Tbo lordly mansions became boarding-bousos, restaurants, homos /or tbo fanoy, with gambling bousoa un numbered. Yofc William B. Astor stirred not. His gloomy mansion stood, with blinds and shutters down, no sign of llfo anywhere, as if tbo owners of tbo mansion woro trav eling in tbo Old World. At 0 o’clock, dally, a heavily-built man, full 70 in appearance, with a decided Gorman look, a stoop indicating ago, yellow hair, nearly gray, apparently without interest in auy of tbo affairs of life, could be Boon coming down tbo stops of tbo mansion, walking slowly with a heavy tread, down to Fourth street, thence to Broadway, down to Prince, turning into a little don of an ofilco looking like a cross between a country bank and asmaUpoltoo station. At 4 o'clock tbo same gentleman could bo soon returning, and one's watch could bo sob by tbo movements of tho aforesaid gentleman. Besides ibis there is no sign of llfo about (bo mosslvo dwelling. But ovon William B. Astor baa bad to succumb. Ho has erected a lordly dwelling on Madison ave nue, which is tho fasnionablo avenue par excel lence, and Thirty-fourth street, “To Lot” flames on tho old dwelling, for tbo Astors buy and do not sell. THE INDIANS. Poaco Treaty with the Sioux* ■Washington, Judo 23.—A dispatch to tbo Sec retary of tho Interior from tbo Chairman of tbo Indian Commission, mentions that tbo council hold with tho Bioux Indians, at Port Laramie, resulted sucoossfally with regard to a change in' the agonoy and a continuance of peace. Railroad Now*. DesMoikes, Juno 23.—N0 execution has yot boon issued for a sale of tho DoaMoines Valley Railroad under a recent decree of foreclosure by tbo Circuit Court of this county. Ban Francisco, Juno 23.—Tbo Board of Bu gorrisors passed to-night an order granting tbo outhora Pacific Railroad Company tho uso of a portion of Louisiana street, along tho water front of Mission Ray, for tho term of twenty livo years. J. 0. Ainsworth, President of tho Oregon Stoam Navigation Company, has boon appointed Managing Director of tho Northern Pacific Rail road on this coast. Grasshopper Devastations In North* western lowa* Special DUpatch to The Chicago Tribune. DesMoines, lowa, Juno 23.—Reports from Northwestern lowa state that the grasshoppers are still working serious damage to the crops in that locality. Immense fields of wheat and oats that five days ago promised an abundant harvest aro now utterly destroyed, and tho grasshoppers bavo commenced on corn. Osceola, O’Brien, and Clay Counties bare suffered severely, tbo larger proportion of all tbo crops baring been destroyed. Alleged murderers In Irons* Cincinnati, 0., Juno 23.—A. J. and O. W. Donahue wore last Friday arrested near Qroon upsburgb, Ky., on their farm, on tbo charge of murdering an old man in Mercer County, Mmu., about two years ago. They wore taken by Sheriff Campbell, of Minnesota, and are boro now in irons ready for transfer to Minnesota. Fatal Coal Oil Explosion* Detroit, Mich., Juno 23.—Carrie, tho daugh ter of Robert Everson, of Plymouth, Mich., was killed on Saturday by the explosion of kerosene, with which she was urging a file. Her father, in endeavoring to save tbo girl, was burned fa tally, and the mother was severely injured and will probably lose her arms. Tho lowa Kopubllcnp Convention* Special JHtmUch to The Chicago Tribune, Desmoines, Juno 23.— Dologatoa aro arriving by every train to the Republican State Conven tion on We dnosday. Dysart’s chances for Lieu tenant Governor aro stated to bo improving every hour. Fatal Fight Over a Game of Cards. Cincinnati, Juno 23.—Elijah Montgomery and Frank Roberts quarreled over a game of cards in a saloon In Oxford, Ohio, on Saturday night, and cawo to blows, —Montgomery frac turing the skull of Roberts, from which he died yesterday. Montgomery escaped. Stoambo.nt Snagtrcd. Cincinnati, Juno 23.—-A special says the steamer Telegraph, coming down from Ironton, snagged to-night, near Portsmouth, and sunk on the bar opposite Gaylord’s rolling mill, but was subsequently repaired, and gotten off by the iEtua wifh very little damage. Ocean Steamship Hewi. Liverpool, Juno 23.—The steamships City of Baltimore, Manhattan, Olympic, and Westphalia, from New York, have arrived out. New York, June 23, —Arrived, the steamers Wyoming, from Liverpool: Vandalia, from Ham burg, and Denmark, from Loudon. Fatal Fall* San Francisco, June 23.— The cage fell in the Eureka Company’s mine, Nevada, to-day, 200 feet, with two occupants, John George and George Dobbs. George was killed, and Dobbs had both legs and ono arm broken. Ho cannot recover. Obituary* New York, June 23.—Lewis Tappan, one of the forenjost workers In tbo anti-slavery move ment in Us earliest efforts in this city, died (aged 85) at his residence In Brooklyn on Sat urday. Admitted to Bail. Richmond, Yn., May 23. —The seconds In the Mordecai-McCarty duel wore to-day admitted to bail in $5,000 each, to appear before the Grand Jury, July 7. Fatal Shooting Affray. Milwaukee, Juno 23.—A man named Clark, connected with the Transatlantic Circus, was fatally shot at Ripoix to-day. MARRIAGES. JAMIESON—DANIELS—At the residence of the’s fathur, William Y. Daniels, Kstj., on file Slat in«t., bythoKov. William 11. Ryder, Mr. M. M. Jamie eon and Miss Julia S. Daniel*. DEATHS. IRISH—Juno S3, Sarah Katolle, second daughter of S. A. and U. 0. Irish, aged fl years and « months. Funeral st residence, No. 43 Twumy-eUth-et., Wednes day, at 3 o’olook p. m., by carriages to Oakwood Ceme tery. BRITTON—Mr. John Britton, aged 88 year*. Resided at Its llucon-et, ... « .... Fimural Wodnoiday, at 1 o'clock, to RoeohlU. OUOWELI/—On Monday, Juno S3, Sin, Sltry B. Oro roiuaiua will be takon to Sag Harbor, N. Y. PRNDUY—At Albion. N. Y.. Junoß3, Julia A., wlls of Win. 11. I'undry. MATTIIKWfI-Junoffl. Mary fl. Matthews, daughter of Oharlee and Mary Matthews, aged fi yuan aud il [•'unnral from residence, 101 Twenty-nlnth-st., at 12 o'clock. ttT*ltnat»n Highland* napnrs please copy. MEDICAL. DBS. E, G. k 11, E, 11 770 Wabash-av., Vso Dr. lUino’s Caneor Antidotes. TESTIMONIAL. McCokdvjli,b, Ind., Doo. 23, 1872. In the encouragement of the aflllotod, I desire to say that, cm the 19th of October, JWll. J ounsullod Dr. Ballou (of Ur. Kline's Branch 011100, Cincinnati,) for a Cancer of the Breast (if eight or lon years’ growth. Its clroum forenoe was 26 Inches, and had to bo supported by a band ago. One of the most mninont Burgeons of Indianapolis had pronounced It a Cancer of malignant or dangerous type: but 1 am happy to say that In nine weeks the whole mans, between live and sort-u pounds, was removed; since which time I have enjoyed eioelloiii ließUli. ond am iatls tlod the ouro Iscnmpliilo... M A ltd A ItKT^cCOUD»^_ PATTERNS. JUaVCH. DBMOREST’S PATTBBUS 300 WEST MADISOW-ST. Hits. U. M. UUU, .gent AUCTION SALES. By WM. A. BUTTERS & CO. DESIRABLE STOCK OP Assorted Glassware, Tens, Groceries, Hardware, Table Cutlery, Carpetings, &c., AH A.’CraTXOKr, On TUESDAY. Junn 21, ntO)rf o'clock, In Bowen's Block, IGund 17 East KnndolplMG. VVM. A. TIUTTERS A GO.. Auctioneers. FINE HEW- TOP BUGGIES, Open Wagons, LonWe ail Single Harness, AT AUCTION, ntHand67SouthOansl it., Wednesday morning, at 10 o'clock, WM. A. BUTTERS 4 CO., Auctioneer!. GENTEEL FURNITURE, 58 LANGLET-AV., A.H -A.TTC'X'XOISr, On Wednesday, Jie 25, at 10 o'clock. Tho Entire Household Furniture ol* 58 liunglcy-av. Also, several Black Walnut School Desks, Chairs, and Book Oases. WM, A. BNTTBHS & 00., Auctioneers. Heavy Throe-Spring Wagon, Double Harness, Pair Bay Horses, Pair Handsome Mules, AH AtrCTIQU, On WEDNESDAY, Juno 25, nt II o'clock, .155 end 67 couth Claoal-at. ■ WM. A. BUTTBItS A GO., Auctioneer*. GREAT AUCTION SALE South Shore Property. 80 half.acre lota of beautiful Groro and Lake frontego. lOaore-blockaof Lake (roatago. ON WEDNESDAY, JUNE 25, At 3 o'clock p. m., at 16 and 17 Eaat (Bowen Bros. Block). Tho above Is (ho mosthoantifnl Groro and Lake front, ago property south of Chicago, WHICH MUST BE SOLD. To seo tho property, tako tho Michigan Southern, Pitts burgh, Ft. Wnynu A Chicago BHO p. in. train to Cornell Crossing, where conveyance will bo found to take parties to tho property, returning Intlmototako thoflp. m. train. For parllculara see maps and bills at office of T. S. Fitch £ Co., 157 Boarbom-st.. and IVM. A. BUTTERS 4 CO., Auctioneers. FREE TRAIN TO WAUKBGAI AND RETURN. THE FAMOUSLY-KNOWN TM MM ESTATE, IN THE . CITY OF WAXJKEGAIT, WILL BE SOLD IN 100 RESBEHCE LOTS, ON THE PREMISES, AT AUCTION, THURSDAY, June 26. Thin in tho finest GHOVB PROPERTY in tho West. Twenty Oars Will leave the Milwaukee Depot at 0 o'clock on morning of sale. Sale will oommonoe on arrival of tho train. Waukegan will pivo you a FREE LUNOH, Go early and got FREE Tickets, which tako you to Waukegan and return, and plat of the P^.(? o por*oontr cash, 15 per cent in 30 days, balance ono, two, tnroo, and four years. WM. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers, 16 A 17 Bandolph-st. M GOODS, CLOTHING. &E., AUCTION, In Bowen's Block, 15 ami 17 UandolpU*st., on THURS DAY, JUNK2rt. at9Mo'clock. WM. A. BUTTKR3 A CO., Auctioneers. 200 LOTS FRONTING ON HUMBOLDTPARK, North, Pierce, Dickey, Beach, and Weage-avs., All well graded, and wide avenues, WILL BE BOM IN Whole Blocks and Lots, a.t ON THE GROUND, ON MONDAY APTEMOON, JUNE 30. A Special Free Train on tho Chicago & St, Paul Railroad will leave tho Depot at Madi aon-at. Bridge, at 2:45 p. iu. Solo to com mence on the arrival of the train. Term* very easy. WM. A. BUTTERS «St CO., Auctioneers. BANKRUPT SALE, On Thursday, Juno 28, at 10 a. m., At Comer of Lake and Halsted-sls., Chicago. Tho assets of GUILDS A VKItIUBK, Bankrupts, con sMlng of 14 HOBLS3E3S, Six Double and Two Single Wagons; also. Harness, to gutbor with all bnkor’s tool*. ami other property lately mod lu Ibe business of said. Hsnknipu. 1 onus cash. Peremptory sale. li. H. JUNKINS, Assignee. BANKRUPT SALE, On Friday, Juno 27, at 10 a. m., At Nos. 75 & 77 Mlclilgan-st., (Map. Tho assets of STORKR A OSGOOD, BankpupJ*. con alsllng of ouo now Havon Lathe, IB ft, bod and 30 In. »wlng; ouo do. 10 ft. bod and 20 in. swing: onoaoiai Gray A Wood's Planer: one No. 3 Hladosdull Drill: also, a larce lot of Patterns: 1,000 Iba. now iron, assorted: Lum* bon Holla, Castings, Pulleys, 4o.l«1»o. horse, one wagon, ono buggy, harness. Ao. Terra a cash. I oromp toryjsaVj. ' It, E. JENKINS, A»alcuoo._ BY HODGES & CO. Wo bays orders to aoll tbe onllro onntonta of tho private dwelling No. 113 Wttlmit-at., between Llnoolusnd Wood aU., On May Morning, Jnne 24, at 10 a. m, Consisting of 1 elegant 7-ocUto rosowood Plano, parlor, (lining, 3 bedrooms, and kitchen furniture: also Crock ery, tJnlna, Glassware, Cutlery, largo UofrUt’rator, Ao.* Carpels, nearly new. In uso loss Uian ouo. year, together with tho barn, one »n« span of Horses. 3 Hugglos, 1 Cut ter. 3 sola harness, and slablo Implements. bale positive and without rosorvo, as ounar is going abroad. HODUKH A CO., Aiioliimoors, PROPOSALS. Me View-Site for High Scliool Wantc Lake Vlow property owners are hereby notified that Sealed Proposals fur tbo sale of a Jot of about one sere, suitable for the luuavUm of a ‘ High SaUoot," Intbosald township, will bo received at the t!i w J , ni i|» Treasurer, Hooms 7 and 9, Clly lla|l, OhlcMO, 111 lli o’clock in., July 1. 1873. Proposals W. H. LAUXAHKK, Treasurer, and will bo endorsed, * ‘ Hid for Hale of School IlgujojjM*!— BOARDING AND LODGING. Onn WBBT MADIBON-BT.—ROOMS. KN BUITB 4\)\J cr single, with board { all modern Improvements. Toms moderate. AUCTION SALES. By EMSOM & FOSTER. The Adjourned Sale OB’ THU UiiiWStatßsßrlMaclieCi); B"ST -A.TJOTXO3ST, WILL TAKE PLACE THIB 1 May Morning, June' 24, at 11 o’clock. At the Soutbonst Corner of Clin ton and Monroo-sts. Also, on WEDNESDAY MOBNINQ, June 26, at 11 o'clock, at tho Brick Yard of said Company, on tho Illinois & Michigan Canal, ono-half rallo west of Brighton. By order of HIHAM L. LEWIS, Assignee* EDISON & FOSTEB, Auctioneer*. FIVE LOTS ON SHTJRTLEFF-AY, I Bet. Twenty-ninth'and Thirtieth-sta./' AH ATJOTIO 3NT, IN TUESDAY AFTERNOON, JUNE 24, At 3 o'clock, on tho ground. Being Lota SI. 35, 26, 83. and 83; 34 foot front by 128 foot' deep. to a 16-foot alia/. Title perfect, Tomn—Ona fourtnean}), balance 1, 9, and a ys&re, with Spar coat in to ro«t. Tho«e Lot* aro aliuatod only flro blooka west of Stato-at., Inatblokly-soUlod portion of tho city, andarei ▼alaable for roaldenee purpose*. Persona attending tba aalo can taka the SUte-it. Oar* to ThirUoth-at., which lat ent/a few minntoi* walk from tbo property. i HOUSE MD LOT, 537 Wentworth-av., Between Twenty-ninth and Thirtloth-sts., -A.T AtTCTIO IST, On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. Juno 24, at 8* o’clock. 7 on tho promise*. Lot 25 by 135, with two-alary Irani* bonio. Rente lor S4O a month. Terms, J<CMh:pnr eba*er to assume a mortgage of 91,200, duo October, 1674- at 10 por cent Internet, and baUneo in 1 and 2 yean, wltn 8 per cent Internet. Title perfect. ELIbON A FOSTER, Anctlooeen. First Great Sale, BY AUCTION, FIVE ACRES, TO BE SOLD IN LOTS, On Tuesday Afternoon, July 1, At 3 o’clock,' on tho Ground, SITUATED NEAR THE NORTHWESTERN CAR WORKS. Being Blook 4 in Morton’s Subdivi sion, E. 1-3 of the N. W. 1-4 of Sec tion 11, Town 39, North of Range 13, East. Eleven lots, fronting north on Chicago-av. Thirteen lots, front ing west on Hamlin-av. Thirteen lota, fronting east on Ridgeway-av., and eleven lots, fronting south on "West Huron-st., only two blocks dis tant from Central Park and the great improvements of the Northwestern Oar Works, less than two minutes* walk from tho Central Park Depots These lots are situated in a part o£ the oitywhero property is rapidly advancing, and no better opportuni ty will over be offered to secure a pleasant home at your own price. TERMS OE SALE—I-4 cash, bal ance in X, 2, and 3 years, with 8 per cent interest. Title perfect. Printed abstracts will be furnished each purchaser. A SPECIAL PEEK TEAIN of cars will start from Wells-st. depot at a o’clock p. m. on day of sale, stop ping at Halsted-st. and Park Station, and return at 6 o’clock p. m., for the convenience of those desiring to attend the sale. A mammoth tent will bo erected on the ground for the comfort of alt present. Flats and information furnished by ELISON & FOSTER, Auctioneers. 87 Mj^KSTiST. By TAYLOR & HARRISON. AUCTION SALE OP Grocery Stock and Fixtures, at store No. 43 West Van Baren-it., Tuesday, June 24, at 10 o'clock, a. m., the ontiro stock consisting of sugars, teas, coffees, spices, syrups, extracts, soaps, candles, oils, etc., etc. The fixtures comprise show oases, counters, shelving, uaska, scales, awning, etc., eto. The lease can also bo boagbt at the some time. Sole peremptory. Terms cosh. TAYLOR 4 HARRISON, AncUoneert. BY GEO. P. GORE & CO., 08 & 70 Wabash-ar. Tuesday Morning, June 24, at U 1-2 o'clock DRY GOODS, NOTIONS, HOSIERY, ETC. Gents', Ladies’, and Children's Underwear, Men's and Boys* Felt and Straw Hats, La dies* and Misses’ Trimmed and Shade HaU* Ingrain Carpets, etc., at Auction, by mao. P. GORE & CO., Auctioneer*, 08 and 70 Waboah-av. BANKRUPT AUCTION SALE OF TIIK Boot anfl Slioa Stock 0. B. BURGER & 00., On Wednesday, Juno 25, ot O 1-3 a. in., sharp. This is an elegant line of Seasonable Goods. 4£o oases of Goods, from OVI2USTOOICBD MANUFACTURERS, will be offered at same sale. GEO. P. QOUR A CO., Auctioneers, (ft ami 70 tVabasbar. SPECIAL SALE OF 1,500 Oases and Barrels of Crystal and Plint Class, assorted packages. 10 Orates of Decorated Ware. 15 Orates of W. G. Orookory. 10 Casks of Yellow and Eookinglmm 'Ware, On THURSDAY, Juno 26, at o'clock. aup.JP. OQRISAOO.. Auct'ra. 68A70Wabash a*. BY BBUSH, SON & CO., 41 South Canal-st- Wednesday, June 26, at 9:80, will be told new and eeoond-baud furnltnro, marblo-top sole, bureaus, bod* atoada, oommodea, tables, spring bods, mattresses, lounges, cook stores, show-cases, looking-glasses, out* lory, and general merchandise. Also at It a, m., • large lot of superior chromos, tube closed out to make room for our Saturday’s sale, UUUSII, SON A CO., Auctioneers. 41 South Caual-st. By HAVENS, OSGOOD & CO, SPECIAL SALB On Wednesday, 25th lust,. At onr salesroom, atSp.m., we will offer the finest 001. Isolion of "Chromos," consisting of 130 choice spool* mens. They will be sold to the highest bidder, without reserve. Ladles respectfully Invited to attend. On fiat* unlay, our regular sate of Household Furniture, Looking aliases, and 40Ikst-oUss Hewing Mschlnos. _ * iuvenJ, oauooDd 00., * <a aouOsiWut.

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