Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 22, 1876, Page 10

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 22, 1876 Page 10
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10 •ffigtiltor. It la placed horizontally ■ln O Urge . sheet-iron vat, which contains 100 tanks ■of ltd litrei each. An incon gsalable; liquid. Railed watnr.ii constantly emulating m tho interior of the refrigerator by means of ft helix. Tina liquid in rocooted to About —7 dorr, lu a normal couree. and It lioka on hero.urn tho Hides of tbs tanka winch contain (be water to bo frozen. In the space reserved between the tube of the refrigerator, the sul phurous acid liquid is volatilized; Us vanora are drawn up. by an aspirating forco-pmnp. which comprcucß them wttnout tbo condenser. Tine condenser la a tubular boiler, the eame as the refrigerator; only a current of ordinary water poshos constantly into tbo interior oftbe tatdifl. to carry otT the beat produced by the change of the gaseous into tbo liquid state of the milpbntous acid, and by the work of com pression. A tubo furnished with a gauge-tap, adjusted by the baud once for alt, permits the UquoUod .sulphurous acid to return into tbo refrigerator, to bo subjected (mow to volatil ization." Tins machine manufactures 230 kilogrammes of ice per boor, ami requires a force of 7-horsc power. lie advantaged are time summed up : •* 1. The pressure never exceeds four o'tnos pberos. 2. Thoro te never any entry of nir to fear, —the prortsmou, as far as —lO degrees C., being alwaia that of the atmosphere, J. The volatile liquid employed la per icctly stable, undocom posable, and without chemical action or tuemls. 4. All greasing in the machine is dispensed with. 0. Tuo volatile liquid is obtained at a very low price, and it is accompanied by no danger of ex plosion or fire. U. The cost of production is about 10 francs per ton of ice." HOW SEEDS FORCE THEIR WAY INTO THE GROUND, Mr. Francis Darwin lately road a paper before (he Lineman Society, London, on tbo manner in which seeds force thoir nay into the ground. Too subject has been investigated by able ob servei.*, who havo determined that tho phenom enon was duo to tho hygroscopic nature of tho thouo. By a series of careful experiments, do voted chioUy to tho seeds of the Feather-Grass (Stipa pvuuola), Mr. Lanvin has demonstrated some now facts in tho case. He finds that each of tho eop&rato colls of tbo seed displays torsion on its own axis, resulting from tho absorption of moisture, and that the enmomed action of nil the colls produce* tho torsion of tho entire or gan. ••One icmarkaulo feature of tho phenom enon is, that, win I j the twisting, which in Ilia 4 result of the absorption of moisture, torecs the at ox of tho reed into the ground, the untwist ing. whirl) results from gradual drying, instead or again withdrawing it, an might pnma facie be supposed, has tbo eilcct of fencing it still Lu ther into tho sud." RELICS OF THE CAVE-DWELLER 3 In tbo upnng of om'tgctio explora tion of tho Thavugon Gave, near Hchaffhauaeii, aafl conduclod hy Herr Mercz, a young and en '.buaicblio muurabht. Ttio roanlt of bis re icatcbcH liavn boon communicated to ihoHucloty •f Antiquanea at Zurich in an essay, which has lately boon tranulatod into English. During tho sxcloranon, nbicltoccupicd seven vreoku, JOliuu dred weight of bunco wot u 1 emoved from tho cr.vo. From theao remains, txenty-livo dltlercut spo iiot) bavo boon dctoiiiiincd with cortniutv,—only tno of which, tho fox and tho raven, uro still m aALiiituts of thu district. Domains of 25J rein iooi v.-ero luund in tbo culicctiou. but only a tingle human buno was uiwcovcrcd in tho wiiuio mat*u. I: i>* notable (hat every hone likely to :ui(aui marrow had been broken in order to ex tract tho Piibbtancc, Among tbo roltcs of human noikmnubhiii rc-coverod wero IH.UdU iliat-llakes, and ab'Uit a dußCu drnv.ingsou rcindoer-onllors aud on lintmo, Tbo uo;k in ihii gallery of prchisioim art was a free and fair sketch of 0 (ciudccr engraved upon u piece of an antler. f LORA OF THE CENTRAL STATES Of AMERICA. A London brm contemplated issuing a tiara of tbo Central States of America, which shall bo uu jumplcio as can ho compiled for horbria and published works. Tho catalogue will iucludo *• habitats, oames of collectorn, collectors' nutn born, notes and 1 cmarks, references to original publicatioiii*. and one good pialo (if each exiatj of each Bj)ecien." Descriptions of somo of tho mors uucroeiing ami rouiarkablo species will bo admitted into tho won:, with plates of certain chaiDclenutij ivpni not hitherto illuslrated. The preparation of tbo svork bai been ihlrustcd to Mr. W. B. Hclubley. FLORA OF RODRIQUEZ ISLAND. Tho botanists who accompanied tiieTremilt-of- Vouua Expedition to llodriguez island oolloctod 280 Bpccissof tlowouug plants and ferns. Of tbceu, 110 species were common ulsowhuro. and 170 woro iudiguuouu to tho i.daud, Tina ilhui tratiun of thu flora of Jtuililgues vhowe that it belongs to the tomporati region rather than to tho pinoiy tropical. The itlaml has an area of l&mdea. LIQUID CEMENT. Tho following receipt lor a liquid comonfc to bo used by uncroncopistß, la given iu Uanlicick'a Selene c-Gossip: Equal putts of compound trag •cunth-powder mul pondered gum-aoacia, •* moistened, according lo requirements at tho time, mth dilute acetic acid, or, If tbe color Mill uotboof&uv liupoitancn, with ordinary vino tar.” Tliia cemeu: is recummoadtd aa superior to any that can bo bough: toady made. PLANTS FOR THE CHALLENGER EX°HDITION. Mention ia mado of a lato consignment of plants from tho Challenger Expedition, lo tho ilotbanuia at Kovr. limy wero collected in Japan, tho Sandwich Islands, Tahiti, and Juan Fumade?.. A largo production of th» piauta *ro Cryptogams. uud. with tho oxcoplicn of thouo from JumlFcriinndoz, the dowering plants ato fragmentary end contain fovr novelties. A SCANDINAVIAN POEM. f u fA« Editor of Ti e Ciiirnco Tribune In offering you n\y tr&nelaliun of Mr. Nybom’n brilliant poem, “ Niagara,” 1 uhm to nuko a few iommonhi on it, with a view to acquamt the American reader with a stylo of writing which may perhaps require, not only a coiuuiou poeti :al Bontimcnt, but also a touch of that admira tion of tho awlui, grand, and powerful, peculiar to tho Scandinavians. And although, looked at from a certain religious manilpo.ut, Him poem may bo considered somewhat objectionable, still it has, aside frem its high rank as a literary DiVoit, oven m a moral ucuao some very com mendable features, ropicboutiug, as it does, tho hotter imitoi a dissipated but high-toned man jondeiuomg tho vices und sum which bo is not able lo conquer, or into winch ho has Imrlca himself in that ucimo of disappointment aim despair which the iinthlcsanoss of u betrothed has aroused iu his soul; and, at the same time. Uiat doliaut prulu which prompts him to uxpuro himself and denounce ids follow-men. whom ho, with a keen insight mto human nature, known to bo tar liom what they aisumo tu bo. Aa lo thrilling force and metaphorical language, tills poem is undoubtedly superior to tlm •• Heuutilul nuow," and in regard t» pump ui diction it has, but few equine among lute productions. E. A. M.MUJIA. ITrantlalttl Item Ihe .Sue.luh uj ft'ybum by CUintrJ J*ou,) 1 atood upon hUgsra's dreary shore, Consumed by Haines wliluu my busom'seore: Mi-tbought me awlul woiid that rolled witlnu me Uorouuumied than theiaUs whose roars would din me A jet-black, starless cupola lay spread— A |ull upon the wave*—above my bead; The ILuudeni ahook tbs sky, at if to tear It, Uut only 1 aud nightly ghoita did hear it, All Ufe sosuddenly did flee away When thus tbs Death began its giant play; Aud laugh did Sauu from Um doep, so ihrllly That ait the marrow In my bones Idt chilly, Thus through the midnight of my heart la baa Prepair drives msdly on Us SmV*ko span, Aud demons of ths passions laugh, whilst rolling 'Uoogsl breakers of the vlcci—ruing—idling. Once did I meet a maid to playful (Inure, bo sweetlj blushing, with an uugel’s g|.<nce; That glanoc dm lu. A fool, whom heart was truthful, 1 thought her squat purs os fair and youthful. A Send of darkness with an angel’s sway, Boon id another lover’s anus shu lay, And diMinpt about pleasures as his capture, Aud drank the cup of tempting tins with rapture. Dare did tlioy also sing for me a song Df eodleee love sod forth : that Uy was wrong, Uut easy yst lu sing: my heart was craving To ace their banner from lu castls waving. Thou human race I of what wilt thou yet boast t Thou art a whllewasUed tomb, Just aa thou w-at. Ihcealh the mask thou hld'at thy face of terror, And boldly then denounc'd thy equals' error. A pack of savage wolves, with glance of lamb, Thou rtwm’st all ’round (be earth, wltn idle shed. Of Ood thou eay’et that thou bear'et yet a tavur; But that (thy pardon 1J has of lie a flavor. Ah t vrert Ibou in one person here to-ughi, ] then should hurl thou from thy lauciwl height Into Niagara's tremendous river, Aud bury thee, with ail thy crimes, forever. And, when thy ahatoa was with thyself &.luci>, I’d hurl oiyacu into the giant dup. Bow awful surest {O Nature I mutter's molLier I) VhCOOno Nugara duvoura the other I UorSEKEEPi.Xd Somo Good Qquaro Scnso. T« (hf Kdih T rf Vltf Vhe-.v.0 /rU»»n* ; Chicago. April IP.—".My God." reared the man that I hvo with, as l»« read the recipa in your paper the other day for getting rid of sour bread, •* What can a female bo made of to sug gest such a piece of deviltry ? Sour bread soak ed In soda-water, fried in grease, and then fed to little children 1 By the memory of nil the Saints in the Catholic calendar, I weald make short work of the woman who would give mo and my children such fodder ofl that to eat. That's llio way tbo women of the present day, who have the bad luck to have children, go to work to get rid of thorn." •• Nonsense." said 1; *• the woman that recom mended that dish has no chiUliou. Shu is one of trio kind that cits tbreo stories away from the kitchen, and, when obliged to cook, rune down and llxcs up something that can bo douo alia force.” “ Well, if Bitch onlv col the food made after their receipts, tho world won't suifcr lung from their presence,''said ho. *• 1 never knew but one person that did it, i’iof. D ot, and ho died tho other day of dyspepsia. The American women, though, aro no cooks. In your wnolo repertoire, if I may use tho word, you havo hardly a dozen different dishes, aud half of tlio.<o oro of tho most concentrated mixture. Who carca about 1 cicam-cookics,' • spice-cake,' aud • pop-ovats ’ ? If these women havo any real ideas upon tho subject ot cookery to promoto health, why in the light of tho living sun don’t they give us tho botiodt of finch hnoffMo? Old .Mmschott once said, • Dwr nienxcA <r(*3 er ms/,*— tho man is what ho eats.—and your American raco begin toshuwr.a generation’s feeding noon hot salorntna biscuit, cookies, and nnnen pie. Such cooking makes a Mqody and Sankoy possi ble, an inelirmto asylum,and emcido excusable." This » bott dialogue with my man sot mo to thinking whether 1 might not bo able to give eomo valuable information in reyard to the preparnlii.ii of several dishes which seldom *;>- pcar upon tun tables of our Yankee families, but which nro very conducive to health, and I Cftino to llio conclusion that 1 « a.i able. Now a low words by. way of prologue: Every woman tins an originality m tho management of her affairs; an individuality. A senon of letters tram several Indies, descriptive of tbo system of each, would bo exceedingly interesting and instructive. As u young pill who id about to he married said to mo tho other day: “I walk up and down Dearborn. Slate, and Kush, and their cross streets, peering into the windows of tho beautiful houses recently built there, and wonder how tho women at tho head of them manage their elegant ouiahhahracntH, lot each house ban ita characteristic fouturoa." Wc are mich a cosmopolitan city wo couid all doubtless loam mmiotbiug from each other, if no had seme medium ot communication. Your paper offers tho space, and if our women will only occupy it by telling those things that aro necessary and interesting to bo known, instead of old recipes that can be found in any obsolete co dc-hook. they will confer much henutlt as well &u plonsuro upon many young, and, I doubt not, old housekeepers. 1 live in ouo of those architectural abomina tions, n throo-story-aml-basomont house. Tho man who invented tbo stylo intended to kill his own wilo as coon oa possible, and that all other* men who followed Ida plen should succeed m doing tho somo thing. ‘When I read, a short time ago, tho statement of that Frenchman who has lately written upon tho social life of Amer ica. that tho decay of the family m this country was a hxed aud acknowledged fact. I said to my IniHbaml, Something of this decline must bo laid to tho diabolical cjudruotion of our houses. The basement is turnod over to iho servants ex cept during the short meal houisj the second lloor belongs exclusively to callers or visitors 5 tho third thn patents may occupy in connection mth tho bath mid sowing-rooms, while tho fourth must hold the children, however numerous. The keeping of such itu establishment in order necessitates the addition ut threomoul unfriend.y souls, ivo giric and n man. The whole house must ba waniiid by the dr, mg heat of a furnace, aud lighted by foul pm m which not even the hardiest plant will grow. Hero wo place our chilaieu, aud expect tncin to become strong m body and intellectual iu imud ; but they do not become so. ihtro is no place m such a house to bo familiar or even friendly in, therefore tlieio can bo no family feeling. iii thin idler 1 prop’oso to udto a day’u l>ill-of fftic. each td wo have once a weak, Monday or Friday. For breakfast : CoA'co, corn-broad, bam audegen. nml bulled potatoes. Whan inning your ojifoc, if yon order -1 poumlJ Old Oosorntufeul .(jivik to 1 poiuul Jllo, tour ccffcu will have more bod? to U. Ihown it; w hen almost done. lor 1 pound sprinkle over it tWO BjlOOllfulß oj wllltO Nilgai* Ml 1 bill* thor oughly. J tio augur gln/ca every kernel. (inml fur ton. two cups. Put m tiller. Jhvvo water all tue tune bulling, mid pour over n litllo at a tiiiio tiiuil your two quart co. Toe-pot m luT. If you like it drunker, pour out into a pitcher, and pour over again, hooping tho coilco-poi o j tho uiovu whiuu It will keen hoi. but not boil. Goto bread goo.* good wituham. mid nverybotiy in thin country uhonld ho ashamed n-it to itno.v how to main It. Gut tho ham r.ithorUmi. Duu’t cook it to death ; upon inch picco of ham place a raui-uuno cgt: or uo. fried m Irrnb lard and salt sprinkled over them. The potatoes muat ho boiled with (hoir jacV.clH on. pooled quick, and torieod imo the pan whoru you have fried tho hiitu; cover and shako ovci tho tiro u niiimto or two. Never lake up anything fur hinnkfitst un til tho family me all uculod ut tho table and the blousing ovor. Dinner at 1 o’clock : Pen coup: 5 pounds loin of veal; lettuce salad; nmntn*d puta oua and paiHiupu; custard nml coffee for lUotn who wish lIUMU. Now. upon tho subject of soups, I must bo allowed to digress a little. I have studied tho science of “Wnal u cat end ho >t to cook it,” and 1 know what I um talking about when I say that thu groat need iu our Amer ican di.‘t is tho daily eating of soup. Six years ago I uuiiio.l u man who was bound to iiava his soip every dav lor dinner. I Iraruea to raiuo several litiios, and began to cat tc like a civil,zed person. 1 found my imilth improving as well ns mv looks, And if 1 could nersuadu every mother of a Jamily of growing chihlion to make her daily simp, 1 should loci thn* I hud boon a bonofacmr tomv, To-dav wo liavo pea-soup. Vou miiet huvo your s mp-kettlo. Uuy 15 coats’ wo:i!i of soup-meat nr Lone; at b o’cloo!: put over a slow tiio in tliroo quails of cold water. After boiling a few minutes, salt and slum olf, amt put in atm union, cut in quarters, onu carrot, two small turnips, and two potatoes. Now set on tho range iu small Uottlo two cups of peas, split or whole, in cold water, with a little piocsof ham. Whoa nil boded soft, pour into a colander; rub through and put in uoup at half past 12 o’clock, utter slumming out the moat and taking uil every nit of grease. It must be kept boiling hut. Loin of veal: IMit in small fry ing-pan over tho lire a great spoonful of butter imt molted and a slice of sah pork cut lino: sunk slightly four slices of I. rend; salt and po : iper; cut into tho liyimt-pau half an union iu tiny pieces; let brown; thou pul m vor.r wot broad, and lot it cook until nourlv dir. Stuff your veal. putting ui a bail about m big u« u man's haf. bill over a Milo Hour, Balt, amt p g , p er . T.vo or three cluvta, oiiu or two Lata o{ cauot and turnip in tlio pan with u Blicu ol Halt poik, given the voal an oxcflllout llavor. Tamo frequently. U m’l lot tbo children cal any veal; mind Unit. At II o'clock put moat in oven, and phrmipa onto boil. At 12 put ou potatoes peeled aud quartered. I'arauipa.oiu done, cut lungthwisu and fry in htiln buttor or Halted lard. Now for tbn mind. WubU tho Ictiuco in cold water ana press drv. Wash your bauds clean. Tairo a HpnnUlo of suit aud Home uhoio peppers; throw over tho lettuce: put in a cup 1 lablcspoonlul ot good mustard; pour in )<j cup gopu wins or cider vinegar; mix well. Now take your olivo ml, and tor four heads letuice pour over It two lull lablctipooiifulH. Witn your clean hands turn it over and over until wilted; lUcn pour on your y> cup of vinegar aud mustard. Pack on a platter, and cut llnoo hard-boiled eggs in slices for a garnish. Don’t let it swim in vinegar. Tout u not genteel. Everybody knows how to maah potuloua. I’laco a Milo dot of parsley in (he middle ot your polatooa, imd around your veal a tow b| rigs look nice mid clean. Ail the dishes must be ready a few minutes before I o'clock, but not placed upon tbn table until the soup is eaten, ‘i ho groat aim in iioobiug should be to have the dinner come upon the table boiling hot, for nobody like* tepid vegetables, lukewarm soup, or cold coffee. At such a dinner, I make my children eat soup, and if they vvaut meat, a fen slices of the soup meat is placed upon tliu table, which, salted a little, and oaten with msaued pota toes. is all they need after a good healthy pea-soup, Thu boiled custard or cuuiard pio, they cau eat after removing tho crust. Eor supper, cold yeast bread, a dish of prunes, and lor my husband and tho gentleman some baked Potatoes snd cold vuul. or the voal made u» with a sauce, or it no veal is left, but tin' well two or tluco round pun., amt brush in three egg* apiece, cook slightly, putting m each man'u piato a pan of these They will sail uml pimpor lu lasto. i'erhaps my letter is too lung ; than leave out bteryUnug hut the eouy, lor in tho sptiugouu Icetu bihous uud dmgiutui with uoltd food. Tin; CillUA(.t) 'i llllU'iiE: SATURDAY. APllll. 2- Fa'ndi. re.i and h-au mow good «n« laat 1 want over; body to mritu them. Mus. Earmi L . Apple Puddings, To Iht r-Uf'<r of l‘hi Chicago (noun* Cmcvtio. April ID.—Don’t he alarm*.], mr dou young housnßeepor. A’o-g the path of hfo llicieoro mnny shadows that oitou take tho shape of llcna in the wav—Urns satth tho preachers. If John aud you desire an olden time Indian pudding, it is not nt all necessary, as " 11. M. M.” seems to suggest, that you ait in tho aah-hox and weep by way of piohmtnarles. This is tbo lovely centennial year, in which wo aro to elrow lilies of pcaco for a I humanity. It becomes us to lav a palm-leaf upon our wounded digul.y, mid to mold tbo sugar-drop of pity for “ li. i.l. .M.”— poor thing! who was not burn a Now England woman, and never bad a Stamlinthor that steeped patriotic tea in tho union loauot. How do wo know it? Who aver hoard of n daughter of that bravo land despairing of suc cess in tbo housekeeping lluo before shs had ever attempted ? Wei), these are limes that try niPu'.H souli, and a few women's also. Uut wo forgive tun cutting words in. Saturday's Trim unk, and forbear remanm. with tho humble hope that •• 11. M. M." mav go to her grave m peace. Yet wo cannot hut remember tlia shade of Jonathan Edwards is on tho other slilo of tho veil. Our footings will not bo rootramed; they are harrowed oven unto teats lest the old philonopher.crossing his path, mar suddenly recall to mind his wonderful worn on tho " Will." aud raise his glasses m search for Us effect in American women. “ Despair of success ?" What mean you ? Is it no*, full twenty, nay thirty, years since the brick ovens were generally closed bv tho pres ence of the more convenient cocdting-uioven ? Aud hid tiis Eastern mothers of the generation u>w ruling the laud been so faithloia to their tusks that, when inculcating no many transcepd nnt virtues, thev yet neglected tho lova of tho Indian pudding 1 Go West, young woman, go West. "Despair of success ?" Despair Is not oven a visitor in the New England homo. .Mis. liar uionous will toll you thcro is uo reason why it must bo in a Western kitohon. The stove alio bus in ÜB3 is like hundreds of othoip. a mod erate-sized cook-stove and a coal-bitrnnr. 'intro aro days, all hemeekntpors know, a lion the kitchen in comparatively deserted, mnoo other (ni ts of the house mu receiving tine attention, lut tho lire must bo kept ail tho name, for it is needed at noon and at night. Tno pudding may ha placed m tho ovou m tho morning, and thrVo it ntand.i. Opening tho door, after Its long rot, you will most surely find n siicjosu, providing the directions havo boou fo,lowed. If meanwhile the children havo not routined from school, and llio father, having gone miles tinny, Imo been ciiicbt in a storm, It will bo time for " 11. M. 31." to begin to worry. Let her rolensu tho happy pull back, tie tho strings to her sack cloth bonnet, take her spectacles and hunt for despair. Perhaps she miy line! it near tho fiont gatu ; she need not luok for it in tuu kitchen. And " 11. 31. 31." says such a pudding would last her faudly for several desserts. I‘erliapa it may lie thougut nrovorout to apply to so high a source, but will tho sun, moon, and stars please to inf. rm us to what taco that family belong upon whoso cl’ithes-lmo aud duor-plsto thoy llml insenbod "11. 31. M."? Do they livo on nir or uator-gruoi ? Ou ouo point wo aro satislied. Theto aro people in this wyrld who havo never' scon IXaiinoncuii and tho Doctor with a baked Indian pudding at tho samo tanlo. Sow, tho oUoiniut never gives a thenqlit to the oulinnpr departninat of tho noubelluld. Very possibly in the reuntn where ho dwells ho never sous a tabic. He lives above tho world, so everybody thinks. llo ( ia even said to answer the wifely midnight punch or tho picasioy cry for water, ami never know* it. Aud, too, llarmonouH is not i< robust man. Wc have hoard tho Doctor and him gtuan uvor thmr inability to perform the toil their lathers did. The uliumist particularly passed a gicat many hours with nta feet to tno grate, revolving tho problem of tho weakness of tide gouoravion. And vet it is iihtonianiug tho amount of labor those gou tlemoii will got through with, If left to thru)- solves and an Indian pudding. No, no. dear Madame, do no*, deprive your foully of tins lux ury. Th*v will tomrn their h<tu'Uolt gratitude. But after its omiii.uarauco,—truth compel 1 tho btaioincut,—tueiu wi.l b* lamnitations in tbo pantry from llio-o who rcluso to be comlorlsd brcanau thcio is none. lint wo can offer another pudding (o “ 11. M, M..” which perhaps cm bo tried without ranting tho nag of dcjpatr from her kitchen chimney. An apple pudding this time, it in easily made, tho very resn of perfection, mid mio winch hoc wilt not hoeitato to allow tho children n second plate. Vo.i will need two doop dielios, ouo that Ills pcrtocllv over thu other ; a Hlouo baking-dish and a tin pun mil <Io. bill llio balnnu-aiah wiili mil. apples, paied mid quorloicd. nearly to thu tup, .sirew over thorn ono-half cap sugar. Then cover with u biHcim-crust uuuo ua is customary, o.llioi mtn coca or uiLing-pu'idor. The crust shou d ho soft, and not over ono-haii' mo>t m thidaioes. Now cover with thu deep tin pan. Place ou tho lop of the utuvn, cot iinmudintely ovor thu hro, hut u littlu hid;, and lutito.iuid t'Vomy-iivu minutes. Tno steam tiom Uih ap ples wdl cook iho ciiiHt mum. hoauiiiully light and tender. If you luar i». irt nut fully balled, try with a straw. If it rduruu clean, tiio pud ding is douo; othonvihQ lot it stand uvu minutes or mure. To ho served with Bwcct ovuco. Ct.od hick attend you, and good naturo will ait around your hcauhttunu in bhppom. Pudding; Sauce and Oat-LZeal Gemo, Jo c:<f Ltlur-r of ihe (Vitrapj Tr.btm:: Warsaw, lnd>, April 15.—I’cr tho bcnellt of •*U. I. M.” I offer u fo.v recipes for pudding uauco s Heat ouo egg and ouo cup white cugar toguthor thoroughly; pour on it four tallc spooui'ful of boiling milk, stirring briskly ; then cut it in the lop of the teakettle to cook twenty minutes, burring often. Flavor with vanilla or lemon. Another: Ons cun white sugar and two tnbtespoonsful of batter; stir together in an oartlnn dmh until white; then put into a sauce pan with u teuo.iplul of hot water, and uat on the stove; stir steadily until i: ooiln; then add a toiiupuuuful or two of lounn-juico or rose water, and bit it boil up again. Pour into a sauce tureen und grate uuunsg over it, Avery null sauce may bu nnidu by stirring together butter and sugar until while and smooth. Flavor. Au egg nmy lm added. For removing ink-mums from linen I know of bettor man washing iu owtet milk, in which a little salt is dis lolveii. 1 will add a recipe for oal-inoal goms, which wo think very good and hoallolul: When nuk ing bread I aivo out a pvt of thu sponge, after it has riieu ; mto this I mix uat-moal muali— tho much can Lo made the day piovtous ; mid a tabluonuulul of butter, a lilllo sail, und Hoar enough to mold ; havo mo dough us soft as can ho worked ; mold luio little cases; place m gem irons, ami, when light, bake iu & <iuick ovou. it is also i.ico made mto loaves. 1 um very much interested In tho Honaekoop mg Department, amt especially in all that poi tanm to homo adornment. 1 hupo much more will bo tmtieii on the subject. Will some one pDosu give directions for mal: mg velvet picturo-i'iumes, L. E. 31. A Voice from tho Mountains. To tie Minor ut The CViicik/o Tribune I'csoho. Col., April IS.—Your housekeeping department has Interested me from the start, and at last has worked my feelings up to that degree which demands expression. When I have said my soy no doubt 1 slmll fool relieved, aud I hope that uo one will bo tho worse if not the aider. So if you can see any good purpose to bo served by what I am about to wnto. pray put it where it will uo its appropriate bharo in •• leav ening the lump." 1 notice that uo v aud thou a certain prevalent and popular opinion llnds expression here, to-wit t that all invalids are foots. No doubt moat of them have baen, othsnvuo they would not bo invalids. But .having graduated at the school of said experience. they mind be dull indeed if they am uo wiser than thorn who swell and swaguor over tboir temporary tri umphs m tho rudimoidal claves of tho samu progressiva school. Every man of fair cunoti tulion has his little day of mipuaitius. during which he can boast ot being able to eat aud drink just what hu likes, andean proclaim to tho invalid with aa much pump snd gusto au ho may fuel willing to assume that hu Um alwnvs tumid his appiduo to bu nu infuiliblu guide id what was ueaL No doubt it has boon hu infallible gutdo to wuat ho likml beat; but when a tus mure mouths or years have added him to the list of those who groan and belch orwhoezo aud cough, and ho has begun to learn tho uuuhiy lohsuiis of life and death, it will turn to listen in slloncu to the declamations jf cornu inspire.i but inoxp«i.eiK'uii idiot. When a pouem’s digestion baa become «lu ranged, and for months or perhaps tor years inu system has been cheated and tubbed of i-luiutiits that arc csotutial to health aud strength, ho in gradually lakcq by u luugiiu ukia to (bar of the dnnkir IV, tlm.tgu moro diffus**.] un 1 indrilna'y.e. 11.-i »i>p tto looks, and .ougv, an I cr.ucs tu all «ltr j* i>).n i<r that which no InoiHihn a uliiv to asrimiiato { and if it such a hum m lupp.niH 10 bo in ilic pow.'r of a or hu'iAchcop'.ir whohalutuidly tump slum with un wholoiomo or linliucsabU food, ho has but one choice.—oicn m nr death. Tho ways of k lliug mo very many, ami fhnreio a nice gradation fjom tho i*»if;-win<cd hatchet to tno lingering do.uh hr ulcouoi. Buwcon them—ami at what particular point 1 will not protend to say—is th*> domain of tho omit and tho kitchen: hut tho thousands nt overv age who nro falling around mi liko autumn leavou attest tho u.iiciouut and tho universality of the massiora. Uotv li(tl« docs woman, the homo malior and tno oravo-makcr, norm to roaliz# how maoy p,fading li.uidn aro rn eod to her in vain, to cavo them ’em they perish! Yes, all In ram! —for bohold tho pica and- cake. wa> m broad, hard ocgK. fried veal, and r<cl) puddings am) pioservbrt nro still brought on. Add to morn than half of Huso who comldUigly indulgo. there coins* continually an unheard but prophetic un doilono. saying, " Trust where thou Invest, be hove whoio thou caust not knot*, partake and dm I ” . Murder, you know, in whatever form It comes is but tbo shortening of liloi and 1 have often wondered why it is l.utt by one form ws should bo so shucked whilo by another wo aro pleased, in my own particular caao (if tmoh an allusion is not out of phico) thn proco** had but Ju»t be gun, wan delightful whilo it lasted; tot hero I hope " thus much shall end." But wnen a per rdatont attach of hot baauuit and nuicv pios has bnuished ono ivmu home*ami fnoudti with tbo Uopn of escaping tho •• (ros dcstroyor " 10 tlia mouulaims ho ought to bo oxonaed lur Aiib».crib ing himself ’ Ax Exilb. A Ploa for Sunshine. r ,r.f FMlor tf J’.a Cfii:.x*o tnbHM: Quincy, Mich., April IP.—I am glad (o sea tho hoimoUncuing department in Tm: TmiiUNJJ wld onlL'g its topics or information, for while pood cooking in of tho first imoomnco in every homo, all tho collaterals that go with it to make a healthy, honest, uoaful household should not be lout eight of by any moans, and tho (sugges tion* of ‘'rrogrens ” in last Saturday's popor are timely. Though I’m ctrongly tempted to make tho much-abused pie the subject of this letter, and would if I thought theio was real danger of Bn being oxoremod from' our tables; but its own, intrinsic raanl. and tho constant dotuind for if, will preserve it. Ah I tho boys need not fo«n molhor likes to bop tho look of Bauefaction on thuir plump, brigul faces too won as tarty rush In from school •* almost starved to death, ’’ and light upon an unclaimed piece of pis in tho cupboard. Vis, iliofo aro too many damp, darkened homes for health nr comfort, mads no by ton much shade. Not I am not going to luimih window-blinds amt ohadc-trcca to tho desert of Sahara whore they would bo most acceptable bo doubt; but 1 would keep tho one open more, and sot tno other farther awayliom the honou, so that all sales would ho open to the mm. Slimlo-irocß are iiuliopensablo lor tho street, giving comfort lo the wayfarer, and receiving much of tho dust that would otherwise mil into yards nud houses along the way ; a welcome r.itroat ou tho cro quet-ground or In every tilled Hold of the coun try, whore tho laborer and herds can find shelter from tho scotching rays of a midsummer aim ; besides always affuiding a ploamnt picture lor the oyo to rest upon. Wucu tho laws of hygiene are understood and practiced, the rays oi thu Mfo-gMng sun will not bo excluded fiam am* dwellings. Who has not experienced tho gladsome foolthg a.v&kouod, by tho Riiddon hroulung of u nlroa'.; of sumthiue in to the loom ? Tho children aro uuacopti bio to its influence,, uud are mada ns happy as birds iu its gonial warmth, if hoaHclicopom could bo induced to pull down Ilia hoivy, dark draplngs at their windows, and substitute light, airy ones, letting the bright light into rooms otherwise cheerful ana pica&aut. though it docs expose defects in paioc, paper, or upholstery, or fade carpets oven,— by tho way, lot your furmshingubem jlghtcolor?.— or ontico tho dvor-iudimiaiing houso-flr. that nest of all good, tidy huusowhvfl. whoso buzz, against 9.v-pauo id after all suggestive of hoityi»Bpllior, and tbo good old days ncrcojia floffiiotliu;' lurned tho whole huusohold into a vigilance committee, unusing, flirting paper-brooms perform all eoit.v of antics, with such cries n< these sounding m your care: •• iltiut that door, iimcltl" **o mv, sco that *ly J” But you havu your ro vurd ai List, whau quoit is restored and tho last intruder u limped out, and you recline upon your lounge with your favonto author in bund, uml can laugh nud mock at tho struggles of v>uir i.nur.n of eimminj on the oumuls of the netting, unao'd to reach you. But I have dlgreoscd, and, I fear, have made rim letter too lung. 1 would like to inquire what kind of food is best to inako hard, durable teeth. Yours, iU. Puddings, 3auco, and Salad. Jo the l.dtl r <\f / hr V nftnrv; Gmcaao, April 21.—The following recipes mil ho found to be excellent, ntul not expen sive, if made according to th« directions : Excellent snot pudding—One cup mot; 1 cop sweet milk ; 1 cup molasses ; 1 rap raisins ; :iy.j caps flour. Boil without stopping for throo bourn, nod uervo with mice. Hauco for pu.lJiug.i -One plat 0 sugar ; 1 tablespoon of vinegar; butler size of an egg; X tablespoon of ihur. Flavor with lemon or va nilla. and boil for livo nnnuicu in a pint of water. Lemon sauce—One heaping tablespoon of corn ulaidi. mixed in a littlo cold water; pour boiling water over tins till about the thickness of cream; heat 1 cup of sugar mid 1 egg together; add n lit tle Halt nud butter tho t*:iro of a walnut; add to thin tlio juice aud grated rind of aim lemon and add to thocremn without delay. Servo while hot. G. W. 11. Cabhago ealad—Onn small cabbage or half a large one; X cup of vinegar teaspoons aalt: 1 of nepper; lot milliard ;(1 tablespoons swoet milk ; 2 full tablespoons melted butter ; 1 egg ; a little sugar nny bo a ldo-1 if vou lino it. Chop the cabbage line, uitd reald with the vinegar and npicoa; and tlia milk and etrga lust, and hung all lo a hod, tUuu a *h do not let it boil, tierve hot or cohl. The above recipeu 1 know are nplan.lid, for I ueo them all thu time mu‘ctx. Tho suet pudding must bo boiled in a bag. 1 always put name thing in tho bottom of tuo koltlu to prevent Us uurnimr, and also flour the imudo of thu pud ding bag. Let some ouo try those and lot mu know of their succeau. Mas. F. A. W, Recipoa for PudcUnjjo. - To thi Editor of I he Chuagn Tnbun*; OtncAQO. Aptll 21.—Cottage pudding—One tablespoon of butter; one cup of nugar; ouo cup of snoct milk ; one teaspoon of huluoir powder, mixed with two cups of sifted flour. Lake an cake, and oat with liquid aauco, as fol lows : Ouo pint of boiling water ; ouo cup of browu sugar; half-cup of butter; flour to thicken ; flavor with lemon, vaiulla, or nutmeg. Loil a fuw nmmtuH. Mrs. Lvnd’s suet pudding—One cup of mo la>ao-i; ouo cup uf suet, Coop ed tluo ; one oup of raisins; two cups of flour; half-cup of milk. Tie tight m a doth, and boil hard for throe hours. Water must boil htiskly when nut in. Sauce: Half-cup nutter: one cup pulverized sugar, well beaten together; iliou add tho whito of au egg, boston light; flavor to taste. Tapioca pud ling—Soak half a tea cup of tapioca in a pmt uf water (or several hours. When soft, pour off the water; ad I ouo quart of sweet milk, three eggs, a little salt, ha f a tea cup of migar; flayer to taste; bake till the custard is mcoly done; stir occasionally while baking to prevent tho tapioca (rum settling. Good either cold or hot. Floienmio pudding—Boil one quart of milk: mix otiw teacup of coin-starch mnootlflv with a Utile milk, into which stir the yolks of throe eggs; flavor with lemon or vanilla; nhr into boiling milk when the consistency of thick starch; pul into a pudding-dish; when coni cover with a Meringue top made with the whites of the throo eggs beaten to a stiff troth, mixed with flue pulverized sugar; place in the ovens when a light-brown'Us done. Uervo cold with mdk or cream. Aunt Lucy. Ooarso varaua Fine Flour. Totht Killtorof 17.« cTucave /'noun* Chicago, April 21.—Year housekeepers' col umn la both useful and lutoresting, Dietetics com© la for a share of your atteutmu, and to that department of your column I be# leave to add a paragraph or two. When a perron ilnus itut too much sweet stuff (duo citfe*. mtuuo pies, etc.) has clogged aud scidulatod Lot* stom ach, coated her tongue, and decayed her teeth, iltnay not be too late to tlud a remedy without taking nbjoio A outlie of citrate of tuaguosU may alTotd temporary nlief, but a belter thing ie a coarser diet. Abstain entirely from the ujj of ooufecitcui, pastry, and * cake ; u o oru bread of (Lotto: than liiaham) attrition ilour bread. Thu perfect, white eiumcl pocaiur in the tcotli uf tiuu:l*4iu aiuroco who c<t; no Uue buitod •2, IS7B-TWELVK PARES. whra'. hrcjd ISmur-v a t.i: a?w.rtm;i n/ sMiu.mii duel*- u Uut. wh flu- ’lt u*. .ion; I. i;.. flour cuntnloing Cm jci a-;d corn mint have n mikil'i 'iil 1 ) nr.h'prii-ahle t r ill.’ vlh uf umm I. n lire tenth. h’or tin lilui ißinn i. the universally ui vl tin* white .lo ir uin* d« I tU.i or no norvo stmncthonimr and mure e-making IK» v«rrt. Attrition ihur and corn in; al, no thn oontiary, contain Uni requisite do noire—that hi to t*ar. the I'tion tinii;*. itl.i.'li maim real bread, “the hlav of lito, 1 ’ Indeed. A simple rim. of ejarso broad and tmtiltio'.m road beef or nicak, Id iho oocroi of health. Ukiid. Golf-Rtiioinjj riour. Totlt KtUtircf t'hr Chirnnn 7nCnmi*. Chioack*, April 21.—1 hnvn boon much Inter ested in the Articled on bread-making which have appeared in your valuable paper, noil an I am an old housekeeper 1 think I will give your readmit a litilo of my oxncrionco, if you will kindly allow it apace in your paper. Soma livo years afro my attention wa« called to Kitisr A Owen's rclf-r»;siug. flour, ptopnrod witli llon fotd’s broad preparation. i tried It and liked it so well that I’vo continued tin ueo over einuo. and do not think I can keep h mtuout it. I have recommended It to several of my ineiidn. whoagioo n-ilb me in thinking it lnegrußto«t con venience of the ago. An the prui'aralioii m thoroughly mixed wiiti the dour iiuforn I pur chiiße it, all 1 pat in te cold milk or water, nlirrmg it with an iron spoon till I have a niltT battvr for biaouit* or luoad, or a Hun tiattor for grlildlecakcw, uud hake itumediatoly. Caro nhoald bo taueu to have lha quite lint when you begin to mix, and the pans should bo warm. tins are the boat to bukg the biscuits m. 1 And mv family can oat them hot from tho oven witlionl hailing thorn in tuu bast. If you wish to make pis-cru-i, rub thu shoitoning h> tho dour; limn add thn water. And for cuko, stir your cpi’b. nngar. buitor, flavoring. etc., together; then arid the Ilnur. This Hour is ox* cellantfor ovoi> thing in tho lino of cooking w.ioro llonr is usod, mid muen ohoapor than iho ordlaary flour and baking-powder. I’. D. L. Servant Olrle. To thf Jtditrrof Thf Chicago Triomte. JUciKr, Wlb., April UO.—I am a reader of your paper, and have just baeu reading an articln written by a Chicago bachelor about aorvaut girls. IU rieos to explain what ho knows about ihtm. The idea of a bachelor iutsrfrring with the girts and their wages is ridiculous I JI O uay.i they are well paid for their work. \V h r shouldn’t they in? Wo will now speak of the mutioru baciip.iorn. They aro veterans in vice before they aro 130 voana of age, and tholr cm.iilitutioim rtro wi-akonud and uliatiereii by strong drink ami liccntlo-.ißiiJsi in ovary form. Tho uneven stop and tho hlonlcd form and face all toll too plainly the Ufa they lend. Tim poor w-ukiug-girls urn a persecuted cot, ami this tiiuctceinii<e:iturv baclminr is a bad lot. Oh I the soiiirUnchU of thu human heart I When people have nothing o!aa to oicnpr their minds, they pitch on tho poor wotking-gtrle, bh thougli they had not enough to contend with uiro.idy. i’ooplo an u gonetal rule dc.vorvo no one holier than a heathen Chinoo lo work for them. Now, 1 hope that liapoi tvit Chicago growler will hereafter lot tiio girls alone. The bachelors must have nil tho luxunoi of life, hut they must not try to uubdue these Western working-girls. A iUctxi: Giul. Brcalcfuot Holla. To thiK'litm’ of The <?hvu;ia 'tribune Chicago, Apiil 21.—1 n answer to •'UMIaE." I a ill coalribulo the folio>vmf; rodeo for break* fast rolls, whli*i I know to bo splendid. as I bare uaod it for several yeaia for breakfast or tea. 1 would In the Unit pheo say good winter* wheat flour Is necessary to warrant success : Two ((nans of Hour; tiro tablespoons of whlta sucar ; two Üblctponnn of cold lard; rub thc»;o thor oughly together, then add a pint of scalded milk partly cooled and two-thirds of cup tf yeast; nils milk ami yeast’ with two-third* of tho tionr, and cot in a warm place to rise. When light • mix nil together, and mold thormsghlv ami intno again. When very light, roll out with ah little Hour as possible; cut in shano ; tub melted buctor over the top, and fold together. Bake whon very light, M. 11. C. “ That Will To All Tight ” To the ItoiiAiir, Inc)., April Id.—i wish to thank •‘XX.," of Chicago, through your cohunna for tho excellent recipe for rolls which I found In your issue of last Hatuuiny. I tested them and find them to exceed nny that I over ato Loforo. i’luaso receive my Lcarticv.t’ tlma-ti for that rocipu, and 1 hope to iicar from you noon and oiten. X also wish to thank you, Mr. f.ilitor, for tho oncouiagoinoiit yon give loold housekeepers to give their experience in the culinary art, ho* cause it is such a help to beginners. Again thanking you mr tho nsAislrtuco 1 have received through your columns, X remain ver? respect* fully, Mks. C. J. .M. xlamorinf; Ink Skuma, 'jr q( The. Chiauu Irtbun: To the /.' CiiicAiie, April I:l.—A concaf undent aoku how to extract ink-stains liom linen. Tliore is noth ing mere effectual than Braking aod rubbing tho spots in sweet milk. If the Hlaiti ha not nil re moved ot ouco, it will afterwards disappear in tho ordinary process of warning. M. 11. W, Kansas. A Good Word ior 'fiTiut Mate. fpttia! Corresiimuhnce of The Vhwum'J nb\me. Fort M-orr, Kan., April IB.—No pur; of tho United Sitamn has been mono talked about, or more written about, than ivauuas. Vet, I believe, alter a two yonr.T residence in tho titale, and after having visited many parts of it, that no patl of the comuiy h Ipsu understood by people who have not been here. When no have had a halo imuuiout oxci‘.oim.-nt among Mm sctllurs; when uu Indian scare has siaitlcd the people cu the border ; when a fuw hoieo-thievcs liavo Irceu hung, ur a Lender made his escape ; when a uraetooi-por-ruid has eaten up every green ihmg ; when a rascally Pomeroy ur Lap pm has oovn exposed.—liieti tho news M her alded cl) over tho country in tuu moot extrava gant and exaggerated form, and people rend and uclitive wo havu nothing in Kansas but excite ment, rubbery, murder, dir acaeous, gimahop purs, and Pumotoy politicians. Now, all Uiis ie a gical mistake. Wo have a vast majority of gcorl, quiet, and industrious, who are laboring diligent.y to develop thu cjuntry and matte homes lor Ihur lambics; and, while u largo nuiuunr of speculators and adventurers havo visited Kansas, us they do ult new countries, and left their ntuiu upon her name, yet the lad that a majority uf ucr citmoua are of the bettor class is apparent everywhere, m both loan and country, uy tho public improvements that have noou made. Tho uchuulUouseu and churches, particulai ly, are nuiicoablo,—no much ao that it ts a cunuuou icmuik that’ they are much better than mu seen m the oouuiry, and in towns oi tho sauibiLze, in the older Hiatus. Fur instance, in Fort bcDU,—a littlo city uf h.UoO lUuamtsntH, add a young city, loo,—there *ro wcil-puvua sitcom, lighted witii gas, two good buck schuol buildmgs, and a guou daily new.paper. There is probably not another cay of the same size ami age iu tuo United mates mat can boa a tuu same ptogress in these respects. And almost every other Kansas town is similarly forward, in pro. portion lo size and ago. Lo much for our civili zation, evidences of public spirit, and desire for real immovomont. Now a fuvr winds shout material xclouicjs; Tucrs are munyrcaaona why Kansas is oue of tht> boat places in tho wurld; if not tho very best, fur agricultural pursuits, and tbs Kindred puieuits of fiuit and ulGOiwuisiug. Louie of these are the old ones always advanced: good climate and fertile noil. Wo have these; but, os wo must admit that oibor auctions have them too. lot mo call attention to Boom features peculiar to uauu*s: X; Wo cantatas a much lamer va riety uf staple orupi than are raided in any uthoi* section. 2. Wo havu au abundance ot stone, «nd. in many parts of the btalo, an abundance uf coal. a. We have an abundance of grass for both pasture and hay; long summers mid short winters; making tho boat possible conditions for successful stock-iairing. 4. Wo uro mime dta.eiy aujaesut to Houiharn and Western as • oil as Eastern markets. Texas already is a great market fur corn, dour, and fruit; and, as it and the mining legions of tho West till up mtu Block-men and minure. th&v r.lli afford good markets for all kinds of agricultural pro ductions; and Kansas, being the nearest agri cultural region, will have the advantage ui other autos in supplying these markets. Another matter that needs coiroctlon, I think, is the preference given by uum.grauta to thu western over tho casern part uf the Hum. Tuis may result from tuo fact that they suppose the eastern ran is all occupied, or perhaps that laud m tho west is cheaper or bitter. Hindi in not too csss. Kitner improved or tuiimpiovid laud cun bo hid in the east'i u. and paitradarlv in Urn s.u.luau'.ciu, oj.ukuj u thu Htals. of a bo.ter qaa;.tv, with uuro advan tages, mid at even lower rale*, ihuu in tho tar went. i’crlnw the ouctliou ucojj lo U anjworod. • I/MM-Mf'.' nij;'j a l.airi'TPi uid i;mvJuv,ivi» nv !! in nan u.‘, any :l"» t'amim w li.mi heird m.* ’ Tim i* • Hie* of 'v io mi* corupa ail.c-ly pno;’. Thev<* po.T ruiv a li'u* vaar.i sen. They tuvn nos Invl timet* n; on aui improve their farms amt lav up miy nvnip>. year's (ami Uicv li.tvo lui i a Inrun H U ] mi sir. yours out of *ov n) Ucj b!*::n uoid nt a l-irj.'n pure *r.r inM' corn an I taiUto' Hni I‘* t.» W coals n-r huiltel). in oilier to make needed Inn rovumont*. He, when avoai’fl t.llliire mince, thev have itoUnmx Hint Uiov rixn oat. nti j vmv little Hint limy can hf>ll, to fnll liaci; no. Another fuluio. if It come, will ilmltim people liitlo prepared to moot it. IJeimli’M. a liotior hvhl'-pi of f.'tindahor. which is nrailunlly bom;' introduced. will almost, if not entirely, P',av»nt failures uf crops. l»Ut, wuli all iit>!(‘«. Kansas io m ull inspects the bait coiiiaiiimft cif hri- ago lint has over been known m Uio history of mo country. T. M. N. A L UOIi.V. Ooislp ami N’csvm of tho Wc«!i—'The improvement Amncinliinwriio Com* iiinti Council levator {Services Amtuuminiij. t'uirrapum/citrc s/ Tie CV.f-'fff/o Tribune. AruoiiA. 111., Ai.rll 21. Vor eoao Cti yn past no liato been pcrmiitcj to enjoy a reipilo from Uio conllimonii raiiia which for many nocks have rcudnrcil onr city no dull ami monotonous. Tho stream hnvo hecomo dry, in fact dusty, ami roads in tho country oro gradually becoming passable. An a mnttor of courao business la itn* proving 'oinowhat, but farmers aro onergcttcally pushing ibnir epring work, and *ro seldom met the atroetn. Sonin of our Imelncsn men aro do jnotod with tbo outlook, though moat of thorn Htill predict a heavy noanoo's trado and boro made unusually oxtonalva preparations to fully moot tbo domnnJ in timlr rospcctlve linos. tnu tiu-HOYEiiukr association seems to have auccoedcd in gotting tbo commit* mty inlorniitad to a curtain extent hi their projects for beautifying tbo city, and on ovory hand private grounds are being cleaned up uud rendered mere attiaotivo, ns tbo means of Uio owner will permit. Immense quantities of or* tumenlnl trees ora being set out, houses t opaiut o'l. uiviaiuu to.ices lomovoJ, and new sUlon'itlkn laid. Xlio objects of ibu Ansociation. however, in the way of oitablialunq maeuractorios. aro Homowhn indoilmto as yet, thottuh wo look for bsnollcial results from their doliomntions. One groat i'joJ winch lias been otlcctod tlironsn their agency is the prevention of cattle tunum;{ at largo in the strootu. THE COMMON COUNCIL panned tlio requisite ordinance ou .Monday even ing laiif, ond tbetr action is heartily concurred in by fully four-llftbn of our citizens; the remain der of course grumble, ami nwonr. ami tluoatou. ami liavo an able champion in Judge I’arka, who imagines that tio will have no clillicuUy to ruling into ilia Jitato Ljyislf.tuio upon Uia back of tbo poor mau’s cow. Time wan when tboJudge pos noaacd tremendous tnllusnoo over tbo maw of tlio people, notably •♦those fellers with tboir breeches m their bools," but bis power baesiuby vraumi, nud new, though they turn out in groat uumbero to boar bin windy speeches nnd.aro amused with the elo pieucj bo profusely intur luuloJ wilU vulgarity, slang, and obscenity, bio statement;! nro tabeu with a groat deal of allow* once, and bid protesta/dons or Honesty ami ref* ormution accepted with mi InctodnionH emtio. Tbo Council tl its lost meotni j also established limits coulimuc tbo salo of intoxicating liquors to tbo Inifincim portion of tbo city, and Mayor Util will doubtless see to it that tlio ordmanco is rigidly otilorocil. Within this limit are located Homo tbnty saloons, quite mifiiciotn, one would imagine, to fully supply tbo de mand, though a mimucr of utbcm have heretofore boon doing u heavy bueincsu in tbo outside wardri, in dollanco of biw At their previous meeting tbo price of liquor li oumie for tbeouamug yearwas liiedat vlif/J, but at tbo last meeting a petition from lbs saloon* keepers prayed that the amount bo reduced to d‘i(K), tbo sum cbaißod last year, and alter a vaut amount of talk tbo prayer of the petition nos grunted—tml boforo tbo ordinance could bo ro* scimlod and a nifty ouco passed, tbo opponents of tbo tnoasuro succeeded ia breaking up tbo honorable body in a row. His Honor called a •pcoial mooting for Tuesday ovamug, and (bare not being a quorum present tbo Marshal wan dispatched to briuz in absentees ; but after half so bom’s liullless search tbo dOlcor repotted that they bad doubtless oil “ crawled into tboir bolus sud drawn tbo holes In after thorn." Tbs Mayor then called a special mooting for {Saturday evening. Tbcro is sumo tuibulout olomont in tins body wuicU .Mayor Hill will dud groat dtOl* ouity in handling vriiboat tbo exhibition of more decision and sternness, and asms of bis frioudu fear that iio may bo a littlo too much inclined to conciliate. During last yosr frequent sconce in tbo Council Chamber would have disgraced au organization of school-boya, and it Is alucoro- It to be bop»d that wo uro not to b&vo a repeti tion of tbo programme. After tbo Jant bt.ih.ou. a facetious fnoud of tlio Mayor gravely romaiked that •• when Mr. Hill gets through with that m.uqgcno tbers will bo nothing Jolt of him ex cept a gold-bended cane, an overcoat, nud a mlk Imt”— but I imagine tuat bo will display uu(U* clout norvo when occasion demands. Thorn Ins boon p.u unusual araount of nlcltnoao Ibis spring, consequent tuainly upon the contin ued damp weather, though tbo mortality par* laiis Uai not boon nroator than in former sea bond. Oo tiuuday Inst, the funeral of AN OLD CITIZEN, named J, M. UlaU-sloo, occurred from the Firat M. Ji. Churcli. Tho romanis note fulloned 10 tlie.r dual restme-'daca i.y tho lire doj artmoat, of which hu was for many yearn a member. xlue aorviccK » era conducted uy tho Hoy. N. A. Ptou lj4H. of the Fir.-t Congregational Chinch, and were of a peculiarly iutorenting character. KAKTEit untmcLu woro hold In several of the churches, but most beautifully dcccratod for tho occasion woro Tnuitv (iAplecoj al), and tho First 11. K. Church, of which iho llov. Dr. Thoman iu rantor. lam piuancU to uUua that tbo Doo»or has sufficiently recovered to bo able to rthunio the duties of bis pAntoiuto. HU long ilhiein, Ai;d that u( his tf.aiilv, cast n gloom over tho entire community, and ail tcjoico over bis recovoiy. duiiiK biikiucfco on tho West lilde wao foiled a low days einco m attempting to porpotiuts on act of villainy, which, hud ho tmccuodod to car* tying out lus intention}, would undouotedlr have roeu tod to Uih susucnsiou fi oqi one of our liimn-posls. It was uullmit; toes than the way laying of a little girl Hi years of see, whom hi unlisted m accompanying to liar homo 2 miles id tho country, over a lonely road. Tho uhiM suc ceeded m escaping from him before j'oUlnc quite out t t tbu city, and unnodUv found a pro tcctiuu. Au mvokticaiicu is to bo had, and the name of tbo guilty party with further particu lars of tbo ouuagu, I aball rcsoivo for my next letter. AJIOS2MENT3. Tho Mendelssohn (juiiitoito* Club gave us s (100 eutcrtaiuuiout on Monday svouiug, but was grooted with a very shtu audience, probably owing to tho fact that we have of lata had a surplus of amusements. 'i'lio Soue of Album ou Monday oreoing travc auditor of their English suclablos at Mtuic Hull. Time. are atnuug tlio most enjoyable parlies given iu the city, and fltuoo tbs oub.nlu lion of tea a«d cuffed for oeer aro'becoming exceedingly popular. Mn. Caldwell still coutmuns tbo revival ser vices at thu Qaloua Street M. E. Chuiclt. The lady ie au earnest worker and eloquent speaker, audosureuidt of her livoora hero some fur.> adult converts uuitai with this church on Sun day last. ill. William Wilson, Master Mechanic of the Chicago. Eu.lUiK.oa A Quincy Railroad, who has boon oouiinod to ids rcaiduucofor uloo woeka with inflammatory ibuumatium, is once more able to be out. , Moure. Putney L Qcitllu, of Wcitcbecloi County, N. V.. arc again iu our cuv uuyiu.; horses. Iu February, thoy puiohasod rifiy-Uo hue horses boro, uauaj good prices m cash. Aid. J. iN. ilurd, of thu ieuth Wa.d. is Inti,: very ill with typhoid pneumonia, which «::p!auir his absence from the special meeting 01 iU> Couucd Tuesday evening. Ad. Meagher, nl the Fourth Ward, wao alsuut ucai the city on business when the call was made, mid is ex cused ; but tbs Aldtuiuen from the Viral. Thlro, Kevonth, aud Eic.itii Wards simply desired to dodge au issue, am an highly censured by their coustitueuta aud the ojiuumuit/. IN THE DEPTHS. 0 thou dear one, who wjil’at lor me, tiuuiowh -r« on nailb, or oi*c ahovo,— Fine .mil true Mat > :t ...u.u U*,— 3ly »;l« of dr) lb i tu> m':d of U;o- f v 1 ito.'U thy e:r(uc«h—l u*. J toy love, For brller life I yr.ini wjlh, ll'it l .iltl-Ml ».!*.t ny cU---i.-i a *-i n. Our i.'vo ««• liiri',- ■■ ia ii c'lter*: • til. i'; u i'i ia. 11. -.1 Ufo;',* year*'/ ’j*. ij h i. t!.;. or .main. I li.a", dv v J.'iv.-, t.l ;• :,y :r;w; I .1.1 f>l .r. ii 1 M I: i.i , . O l : ;f l ill »iil*civ riM.i iui;| rt tuow In ‘A-uliUi lU> f I * u.u ijiil low, Taou v.o.iiU kiii .'tjiu', mid tuiermr. AuU Uiitu F. D W AT'SREMEpips,^ or TEN TEARS' QttOWTU CURED El E SWAY'S RHIEDIBS. InAV BMIB»raffi O v A . „ _ ANH AttßOft. Dfo, I*7, Ists Dn. RaimvaT: That other* may bo boaonicil, I malt* tlUftS'VUllKml: “ s 1 Hate n»d an Ovarian Tumor In the 0»«rte» and hnw*l. for tea rears 1 ImJ the bcM physician* uf this placoand inner* irlttnmtaur Imncltt. U tra* grtiwin#m*aoli tmnfj, Or (hat I could not bars Unit mnch lonrcr. A filond n| mlim lodoond me l« try Railway'* itomedioa. I liad tint nim-ii lalrb lu lh«m. bulßuolly, altar rauen dtlibocailon 1 tried ihini. **» I (■inclined «ix ItoMl-* of the Re*»l*ent, two Imxci oi the i’ill*. and two hoi■ lei of inn Kell )!, I used limit, with, out any ntipirrnt heaebt. I dotormlnsd to porionro. I died tunlv* more huttlrs of Uio Itosolrant, two «l Ihn III! hot, end Urn Imxns o( IMl*. Itclu.-g they wore con* 1 bad loiU.u-nlr llropmiii *. . , r I continued u> mo tho medicine nntil I was inro that I was entirely cured. I itio niedle'no nbmt tiro nvmtbi. and durin* that llmt Inst forty-bfo poundi. In ?. U 1 ,V , ,’. k jliteedcrenfutile* efiha Iteiolroot, tlx bet. Uni Ucllof, and «lx Loitn of tho I’llls, 1 I feel Perfectly well, and my Peart la hill nfcratltudsts God f..r lids hrttp in my deejr amictinn. To you. Hr. and your wonder ul medicine. I foci deeply Indebted, and m] prayer la that 11 may he «a much of a hloinoc fo nih-r« >. U b.i* been to me. (Sicuod) AIKS, i:. o. IlimtlNH .Hr*, nibbh*. trh,» isaVoi tho oert ilcaU-. |« il, ner*oD for wn-.m I r»,.nutted y.oj to nad m?-i!| a Juno, Ik .a. |ho me-Ilcliiua ahure Mated wer* l>cii«bt rd mo. with Ilia exception of what wna tiaa*- to hoe Jiy rnn 1 mayearthat her ßta;rr.ioutH correct wlthmit nonallrleal lltn. (hli-nerl) L.«. M-IKCIL Dru/trrlM andOhemlH. Ann Arbor. .Mich. This ‘may c-rdly tlini Mr*, mi-blni. nho makes is, Abort, certlliuate. 1« ua<l hag i ft.r many yoan »'ii known to u». nno iho fact* thmoln al.atcd ara iindn.ibt4»ll* nnd undeniably oirrrct. Any uuo wuu .knj.n Ain. Jiik. bint will boilers hep statonunC * lU °‘ (Signed) BKN.I, J). CplilCHU. MAUY It. POSCt, IkU. I'UND. U DK. JftADWAY’S Sanaiafilliai FalM, TEE GREAT BLOOD PDRUTEII, For (lie Cure of nil Chronic Discum Scrofula or Syphilitic, Hereditary or (hnlHglous, ha it Seated in the Lumjd or Stomach. Skin or Hones. Flesh or Nerve;. CosTtipl- tfcc SOHII.I nib! VitMti.ig the Fluid*. Chmrjlo Ictiomaalisnt, Scrofula, GlanilulivStMlllntx llncktnir Dw Conss, Oancsrmi* Attention!, HjrnblllUi <-omi)lainU, of the Lime-, Orwtnia. W&im llraili. Tie Dolorous, Witte Hwellln.M/'riiuioif, Ulc-ia, Skin and inn Übea«o% Mirctirlil Petals Oum. I'lalaU, Oiml, Oni'V. JMcken, flail Upturn, It^.nohliU IwcK?cV‘i i gU' l iig*vV3?.‘ 1 " t *<■ nuld by I)ruirai«l<. EE. RAHWAY & 00., 32 Warroa-st,, N. Y 3r^ m Badway’sEeafiyßeliel CURES TUB WORST PAINS In from One lo Twenty Miiiss. NOT ONE HOUR After willing (Ilia Adrerllseraont need anroa tuiler rvllh pain. Radway's Ready Relief JS A CUBE FOE EVERT PAIN. llwas tho tel and ia tin Only Pain Remedy That inttuntlj iUn>* tha mon eicradaUn* pilni, allay* inflammation!. ana enrol concettiom, vßiitnor ot lb* Luagi, Stoumob, BoireU, or other giaads ot orsaoi, ty one appLcaUon. In from One to Twenty Minutes, Ifo matter hw violent or eaeraolatlnw the pain, thi Jihoumatlc, llcd-iiddsn, Infirm, Crippled, Norreiu, tfou ralitlo, or prostrated with dlsoaia saay suffer Radway’s Ready Relief WILL AITO2D INSTANT EASE. Inflammation of the Kidneys, Inflammation of the Bladder, Inflammation of tho Bow* els, Mumps, Congestion of the Lungs, Sore Throat, Difficult Breathing, Palpitation of tbo Heart, Hysterics, Croup, Diphtheria, Ca tarrh, xnfluonsa, Headache, Toothache, Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Cold Chills, Ague Chll s, Cuiibrums. Droat Biles. Tii# application of ihe Read* Relief to the pert or parts wtnro toe pala or difficulty exJ*U wUI adufJ •*** audoamlort. . . ... 'lweuty dropi is half a tumbler of water will, Ins f.’» mlnulfli, cure Cramps, Spralut, Slur Hlnaino j, 11.-Art boro, Hick lleadaobi. DUmiex. Uynnlurr, Uaolle, )Viud iu ibo UowaU. amUU Internal paini, Tra»el«u**hruUialwa»» carry * bottle of RADWA\ •} HHADV IHCMICi I 'with lliom. A fsw drain in watsMdP Erufent ■leknst* or • alas from chance of wall*. It otter than fruucb Uianar or Bitten u a lUmuhat. FEVER AND AGUE. Fu««r and Acuo cured fir fifty toot*. Thera l»naU reti eilial assnt in the world (hat will cure fercr and *x >% aod all other malarlnu*, blllutu, icarlot. typhoid, yell" r > aod ether (e*ot» (aided li* Uadnsf’* FllUl «ogateau l'.fcdw«y’« Heedr AoUaL fifty cent* per hold*, lioldty inuirsute. DR. EADWAY’3 Regulating Pills pu.kctly iu.ule.», iicsautli coated »<Ui *vt.a if I *' ru.Sii, tejuui., pudi), c.uau.o. aad •ua-.^i-c.i. *>•* « «-«•(., ,ut u.j eara ol all duurd i» wi i,u “" * m.-r. Ma.iv>*,, l.lajaar. i.eau*o:ie. CguklVsllou, CueUTonow, luduo.uu, *lk. Miliuittu'e. uniiia. .wVO. -udaiii I.fl^ 1 * " bi..«w., Jne., au l «ll Ho.aiu,ouieju w wio liitim** **i uu. l.n i.,uteiU» otltcla pu»UU»ci*. * i eia.l , n.-jtaioitu u) mercury mlnaraU or dcluu«*-» d, i!r* Oh»ji*J m> ruuUm* l.ou ‘ "i *l* I:, bin n *. nm'xt l'io H«* <• *<h ! ' ll v in ■ nluVn'i C H*m A r »ho‘ CUeuVuoib*. aid «••*» WSJ*}, W&AWSiT.MV.S-is. Y .«« ( mil #'lt a almve-nanod dUordiut. I'rlceSi «ul* l lex. Eo’.d by druMhM. jKoiul “Falnc nnrt Truo,” *rn»l uiu to UAUWAV U UU., W«tr»n-«t., He» Yura, lolunaallua woriu Uiowaade ■ill tiaaaut tuu. :A

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