Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 22, 1876, Page 5

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 22, 1876 Page 5
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HANGED. glx Human Oblations Offered to Offended Justice Yes terday. A Gotoiie of Five Out-Throata Exe cuted at Fort Smith, Ark. Detailed Chapters of the Abhorrent Crimes for Which They Died. Qutfot and Orderly Nature of tlto Solemn Carnival* Dolan, tho Murderer of Noe, Locally Strangled in Now York City. Qinfiwtoa of tho Boston Belfry Beast— Other Criminal None* BORDER BUTCHERS. FlVik MAN-KILLERS ABOLISHED. Ltitle Poor, April 21.—A special from Fort Smith by courier to Ozarko, 05 miles distant, ro eelvod law to-night, says of tho hanging to-day, that *ll six of tho doomed men rose early this Inornlng and ate a hearty breakfast. Boon after this a reprieve from tho President for Banders was received, which loft but five of tbs tloomod men to suffer on tho scaffold. ABOUT 0 O’CLOCK (bo shackles were removed from tbo doomed Tp*tt, The usual black gowns, at the request of tbo moo. wore dispensed witb. Tbe morning boars were passed In company with tbeir spirit* taal advisors. At 10:45 tbo guard formed, and the prisoners •wore marched out, heavily ironed, ann-in-aria •with tbeir guards, through a dense crowd to tbe gallows. Leaob, Ishtonubbee, McQoo, and Wilson made dying confessions, . • ALL WAS QUIET, tint to the last moment tbo negro was smoking, pnd asked the executioner not to draw the ropo Vio tight. . At.U:4B tbe trap was sprung, and the five bodies dangled in tbo air. Wilson died in eight inmates, Sealey and Isbtonnbboo in nmo, Loach in too. and McGee instantly; Soaloy groaned several momenta. Wilson's limbs touched, and ho broke the crucifix from tbo ribbon attached Ao bis neck, bolding it In bis death grip. Tbe bodies wore then oat down, end those .who had friends took possession of tbom. Leach’s remains wore given to his wife, and Wilson’s to the Catholics. was orderly and quiet. There were 7,000 spec tators. There was one occidental shot. Wilson urged all bis friends to Join tbo Catholio Onaroh end meet la Heaven. The remarks of tbe In dians wero Interrupted by an Indian. Loach forgave (bo Court and all bis enemies. Many of Ozor Sandora’ Indian frionds wore present, and were Jubilant at his reprieve. Of tbe five men hong at Fort Smith to-day, one was » full-blooded negro, two wore full bloodod Choctaws, ono a full-blooded Cherokee, and one white mivn. They were ail sentenced at tho late term of the United States Court for ths West District of Arkansas. On the 3d of September last six others were hung. These nht wero pxooutodl on the same scaffold. Aaron Wilson, the negro, was convicted of tbo murder of an old man named Harris, from Nebraska, who was traveling to Texas witb hla littlo eon in September last. Tbe son, aftor witnessing tbo murder of his father, pleaded for mercy, but tbe negro sent a bullet whizzing through his hr&iu also with his father’s pistol. This was near the Wichita Agency, In tiie Indian Territory. Tho murderer then wont to the reservation of Uio Wichita Indians and told the savages what be bad done, and offered tbom some of the spoils, bis victims having boon possessed of a good wagon and toam, a lot of goods, provisions, arms, etc., but bis attrooione deed AITALI.KD EVEN TUB INDIANS, and,lnstead of accepting hie offer, they reported (be facts at Fort Smith, and caused tho arrest of the murderer. Ho was taken to the scene of his foul deeds, having previously told the Indi •db where be bad killed the old man and bis •on. and by this means their bodies were dis covered. Wilson was of medium height, a native of Yirgluia, and of considerable intelligence. Ho served five yean in tbe United Btatea Army. 18 HAM 8 BALT, ajed about 25, and Gibson Isbtonubbee, both Choctaws, wore convicted of tho same crime, (Im nardor of an old Choctaw named Finnegan, au Indian doctor,and bis cook, a colored woman. This was near Stone-Walls, in tbo Choctaw No tion, about four years ego. The murder ers ealled at tbofr victims’ house one evening to stay all night, and during t>* night Gibson split tho old man's head oeen with an ax, whlio Bealy boat tbe woman to cealh with an old gun-barrol used to koep the door of tbe cabin shut. Beyond tho booty of a fsw worthless articles of clothing tho murderers had no object in committing tbe awful work of blood. The woman wae killed for nothing, but it was for her murder the prisoners woro tried in the United States Court, for hod both victims bten Indians the murderers, being Indians, too, the United States Court would not have had Jurisdiction and the murderers would most iiko y have gone free. Chewahm, a nephew of the old Indian doctor, discovered the murdered bodies tbo next da; as they were left by their murderers. He and Bap tist Wilson, grandson of the old man, were the chief witnesses. As usual in such coses, the murderers could not keep quiet. Wilson told a woman, Kittle Cobb, of the affair, and it soon leaked out, and led to tbolr arrest, trial, and conviction. onrners m'qbe, Choctaw, with his brothers Dave and Cbarlee, owned a place near the mouth of Doggy, on the Ded Diver, In the Choctaw country, and with tlielr brother-in-law, Moses Horner, were known throughout the country as a wilt), rock lets set of men. In their vlcinicv lived Robert and W, V. Alexander, wbito men, brothers, who often aided the authorities against the McGees. The latter, therefore, entertained feelings of interne hatred towards tho former. Oa April 20, 1874, the condemned, bis brother Dave, and Uosoa Bomor, his brotbor-ln-law. murdered Robert Alexander within one mile and a half of bis homo, and robbed him. Borne of bis property was found upon the accused. Af terwards thdy. in a spirit of recklessness, bragged of their deeds to some of their friends. Uoses Homer was killed in au attempt to cap ture him, Dave McGee was tried and cleared, While Charles McGee was also killed by the of ficers of the law In ao attempt to arrest him for some other offense. Orpheus McGee paid the penalty of the law on tho scaffold at Fort Bmith OZAB SANDS, a Cherokee, middle size, light complexion, was connoted of tho moot llondiah murder. Aug. 42, 1876, he, in company with William Mallaur, also a Cherokee, approached tho house ®f an old neighbor, Thomas 11. Carlisle, a white turn, hut mamod to a Cherokee woman. Carlisle ♦'as an intelligent, induetrioun former in very ffeod circnmslsncet', living about 60 nuloe north ®f I'oit Smith, near the State line, in the Chero kee Nation, lie was sitting on the porch of his house after his day’s labor, iu the cool of the evening, with hU wife, who was iu very dolicaio cisalth, and several children. He direct * little son to step down and open the gate for the young men, who were Veil known to all the family, the latter rising from their seats and offering them to their vis itors. lioachlug tho porch, the floods, who had kept their weapons fu readiness, with the at tuost pieaodltstion, deliberately SUOT DOWN TUEIU VNSUSI>KOTmn UOBT hefore the eyes of the horror-stricken family. The wife aud children fled in despair to the “•ids. Late in the night they got sumo neigh bors to return with them to the dwelling, aud found their husband and father cold in death at the foot of the porch. The lleuds bad also taken off with them about $1,600 In national Cher okee scrip, and among some other articles the ■boss off (be foot of the murdered man, aud which were found (wo days after on the fast of Sanders. Bandars was taken by the Cherokee authontlee Aug. 6, two dsys after the murder, end turned over to the United ptatae authorities, while bis confederate, Ualieaf'Was killed in an attempt to Capture him* Bandera «u Identified by Mr*. Carllalo, who, to Arid to tbo terrors of that fearful night. wan de livered of a child. Ilor children's testimony, among them a daughter nearly grown, alao pointed to Sanders as the murder. WILLIAM LBACIt, the sixth man, wan white, a native of Georgia, about 85 yearn old. For a number of yearn Letch bad’beon living in the Cherokee Nation, about 26 miles from Fayetteville, near the State lino. In March of last year ho murdered in the Ohorokoe Nation a wbita man named Watkinn, a wagonmaker, Junt across ttie line in Washington County, in Kansan. The two had been last aeon together near Fraoman'e shop, Leach ahot Watkinn from behind, and then dragged thn body to a big log near. After piling a lot of wood on the top of it, ho ant the pile on fire. Borne weeka afterwards the bonen of tbe murdered man wero fouud aod identified by a number of artleloa nuepnnumod. such aa a knife, tho motal of tbe bow of bin llddlo, which he had with him at tho tirao of his murder, oto. Loach aronsed the sonplclon of people soon after Watkins’ disappearance by come very Htg niflennt remarks, and being found in posßWion of tho ehoos Watkins wore on tba day of his death, a pistol, gun, and other property recog nized as belonging to tits deceased. *1 he mur derer was unable to destroy and efface all tho evidences of bis crime, and soon a chain of evidence was woyou around him that led to his arrest, trial, and conviction. Each and all of tho six when sent for claimed to be innocent. 07. RU RANPimS. Marshal Pagan received yesterday word from nulto a number of prominent Indians, notifying him that tho friends of Ozor Handers would quit tbo Fort and figbt tbo Marshal boloro they would permit him to bo executed. Sanders be longed to a secret organization of Chorokoos, every member of which swears to live or dio for his brother. Several times tho friends of Band ora attempted to interfere, but they were promptly met by tho Marshal's forces. Banders made a written statement protesting his inno cence. WILLIAM LEACH, a while man, made a written statement abont his early life, but declined to say anything in reference to tho crime for which be was bung to-day. TBUAM DEALT loft a written statement that bo was guilty. • He said ho killed Finney's horse about midnight one night, and found tbo old man in bed. lie called at the door, and Finney admitted him, when he look an ax and hit him on the bead. Ho did uot die at once, and ho cut his throat with a knifo and then stuck tbo kulfo in his back and loft it there. QIRRON IBUTONURDEB, who was convicted of the crime witb Isham tioaly. He said ho killed tbo colored woman, the cook of Finney. Orpheus McGee left a statement in which he admitted that he was guilty of tbo crime charged. Ho was 23 years old and Joined the Presbyterian Church. DOLAN. RE SLEEPS BCRTERRANROUBLT. Btueittt Dispatch to Tho Chicago ’tribune. New Youk, April 21.—The execution of John Dolan for tho murder of James H. Noo took place to-day in a most orderly and unexcit ing manner. Ho maintained hla composure, and protested his Innocence to the last, but be was purplo and cold for hours before tbo execution. Id consequence of tbe fact that bo was con victed on purely circumstantial evidence, he has had two or throe reprieves, and made applica tions for a new trial which were denied. The evidence was of tbo most complete and con vincing character, and Dolan was probably the only man in tbo city who had any doubts of his guilt. He was of tbo worst character of Now York roughs, and hod boon guilty of many crimes. He was no familiar to tbo police that ho was recognized from tho descriptions given of him by the dying victim, and arrested on eight. Many persons have been led by Dolan’s protes tations of innoccuco to bohovo that bo was wrongly condemned. These doubts are not shared by tho Tombs officers, who woro mostly familiar with tho prisoner. Ills reputation among them is that of a PHENOMENAL LIAR. They seem to think bo coold not speak the truth if no really wore innocent. He owes bis death to tho treachery of hts tongue. Tho circumstances attending tha crime were peculiarly atrocious. On tho morning of tho 22d of August. 1876, Mr. James H. Noo was found gagged and tied in his brush factory, No. 275 Greenwich street. His skull was fractured, and ho died a fewjdavs afterward in the Chambers Street Hospital. Ho bad* dis covered a burglar in bis warerooros. and had fought with him. The robber atruck him down witb an iron bar, bound him baud and foot, and then brutally denied his prayer for a dnnk of water to 000 l bis parched throat. ms ouounioT. Dolan was sentenced to die in December with three negro murderers, bat was respited at tbo eleventh hour. It is difficult to account for tbe apparent indifferenoo concerning tils own fate exhibited by Dolan during tho last few hoars of his life on soy other theory than that be secretly believed that ho who had escaped death ao often and so narrowly would escape it yet once again. He received tho intelligence of Qov. Tildou's final determination to allow tho Jaw to take its course with tho greatest composure, simply remarking that fho case would have boon different if ho had boon a rich man. Last evening, after ho had been told that his execution was inevitable, ho still proaorvod an outward appearance of porfeut calm. He oven affoctod joviality. Ho talked in cessantly,—eomodmoa about himself, some times about. other persona, some times about euoh matters of daily occurrence os wore likely to interest a man of low and vulgar Instincts. He amoked incessant ly and furiously, this being indeed tue only sign of mental anxiety given bv him. in his Inter view with bis wife and mother be alone was un moved. Ho had got to die, be said. Wbat wae tbo use of making a fuss about it? When his friends loft him. ho still continued to talk and smoko. He seldom alluded to his approaching death, unless to protest his innocence or refer to the case of somo wealthier murderer who had escaped tbe gallows. OUTBIDS TUX TOMBS. Tho knowledge of an Impending execution within the preoluota of tho Tombs has an ex traordinary faaciuatipn for tho inhabitants of the slams. No matter what kind of weather may prevail,—hot or oold, wot or d»y,—tho thieves, drunkards, and idlers of tbe Sixth Ward loave their foul nesw on " hanging-morn ing” and stand in solid oo urauo gazing fixedly on the stone walls of the prison. They can see nothing, and hear nothing, but tbe conscious ness that one of their class is laying down his life for a crime Is, for them, a sufficient attrac tion. To-day the gathering of these ill-favored citizens was unusually large ami repulsive in appearance. They congregated by hundreds on Franklin, Leonard, and Elm streets, and, from time to time, surged heavily against the double linos of policemen that kept thorn within proper boundaries, in Dolan they felt a special interest. The three negroes who were strangled in December were poor wretches of no account, bin this man was one of themselves. THE GALLOWS was erected in the roar of the male prison, on tue film street aide of tue Tomba, It was the same structure upon which the negroes were hanged, with the exception of a now cross-beam. It front ol It, ranged along the walla, wore loata for reporters aud Jurors, while an open space lu front was left for the Deputy aud Special Dep uty Sheriffs, Dolan, alter loaning himself restlessly upon bis bod for two boors, arose ami drueaed blmsolf at CdlO a. m. He was apparently refreshed, and was as cool and calm tut ever. Hood afterward he at tended mass. Then came the final parting from 1118 WIFE. a woman who has shown him much fldolity, aud whose wedded life began within prison walls. The poor womau was terribly affected, and wept piteously, but Dolau controlled bis feelings with wonderful fortitude. He shed a few tears, hut soon recovered his composure, aud bade his wife an affectionate farewell, giving her as a token of remembrance tho pot of flowers which stood in bis cell, ito then wrote a letter to hla counsel, thanking them for their labels in his behalf, ana again assert ing las innocence with the utmost solemnity, and declaring that the real culprit would bo dis covered before long. He listened attentively to the ministrations of fathers Durarquot and Barry until after 7 o’clock, when the Bheriff warned him that his titno bad come. He hoard the intimation without trepidation, aud sub mitted himself with wonderful apathvtothe hands of the hangman, who was present to pinion him. THE AtmBiNOE OF TUB CBJMINAL created a most unfavorable impression, even In the micas of those persons who bad brevioualy bsao Inclined to doubt his golll. fils bead k&d faM till 6 undeniably THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: SATURDAY, APRIL 23, 1078—TWELVE'PAGES.'- theta of a resolute, brutal. Ignorant raao. The loir, reheating forehead, email, treaoheroaa eyas beneath beetling brown, high cheekbone* and maatlff-Hko Jaw, all anoko of a bruto-liko ami plulos* nature, fie exhibited no svmptoms either of fear or shame, He walked firmly and deliberately, without a spasm or quiver, between tbo prlcsta to hia appointed position beneath Ibe beam, mattering vrnrda of pravor. BENEATH TOE OALLOWH he knell for a minute, then rose and stood fac ing tho assemblage. Ills face was slightly flushed, but, in all other respects, bin appear ance was that of dull unconcern. He raised ids eyes boldly and looked curiously at the crowd around him. lie then klnsod the era cilix, and immediately cloned bis eyes and kept them closed until Uia cap was pulled oyer hia face. he mr.t> vrrt EAnn.y. He neither kicked nor struggled violently. The Hheriff gave the signal at 0:84 a. tn., and In thir teen mluntes Dolan wan dead. After ho bad been hangingfortwo minutes his pulse boat 7b to the minute and afterwards 10U to the minute. It then gradually declined until the boart ceased to boat entirely. THE SPALDING DEFALCATION. HOW TUB MONET WENT. Bah Fbanoisco, April 31.—1 n the Spalding court-martial, Joseph Crawford, clerk of tho Navy Pay Office, testiflod with regard to the re lations of John 0. Uaoscom, Farwoll ,t Co., and J. E. Do la Moutagulo, with the Pay Depart ment, that tho amount on tbo certificate book purporting to ho duo Ilansoom from tbo lllh of September, 1874, to tho lot of Jauuar?, 1375, was $155,000.82. Tho amount actually duo, aa showu ou tho oxpcmilturo-book was $46,000. There wore certificates issued to TTanecom and Farwell & Co., aa shown on tbe cortiflcato-book, between tbo Ist of January, 1676, and the 81st of August, 1675, amounting to $297,180.85. The requisition-book only calls for $37,000 due. The certificate-book shown that certificates amounting to $187,722.50 wore issued to Do la Muntaguie from the Ist of July. 1874, to tho let of January. 1875. Tho amount really due was $20,000. This corroborates tbs statements of Farwoll, that ho know nothing of the number of certificates standing la bis name, and of Uontaguie to tho same effect. MISCELLANEOUS. GETTING TUKIB DESERTS. Special IHtpaUh to the Chteaao Tribune. Madison, April 21.— Bail for Mr. Wbootor, tbe embezzling LaCrosee National Bank President, on trial boro this week, is fixed at $30,000. Suit has boon brought against President Ruler, bis predecessor, to recover $103,000 which it is al leged he has misappropriated, and bail fixed at $50,000, which bo has gouo to LaCrosee to pro cure. It is expected he will also be arrested on a charge of embezzlement as a criminal offense, be appearing to have been more responsible than Wheeler for depleting the bank resources. UUBIO’S SENTENCE. Special DUpateh to The Chicago Trfoune, Caebondalb, 111., April 21.—1 n Marion to day, before adjourning, tbo Circuit Court, Judge Crawford, soutoucod asm Music, who was given fourteen years, tbo lowest the law allows, and the Forriii murder case was continued by the people’s attorney. A BT. LOUIS MURDER. Sr. Lotus, April 21.—About 10 o'clock this morning Tom Cooper, a hired mao on tbo place of Mr. Lowrv, In tbo western suburbs of this city, wont to the house of Nathaniel Hudson, at tho corner of Shaw and Grand avenues, in tbo western part of tbo city,shot Mollie Dean, a serv ant Jin Mr. Hudson's family, aud then shot him self. Both were shot In tbo bead, vary seriously wounded, and will probably die. Tbe affair is said to have growu out of tbe refusal of Miss Dean to marry Cooper. Bt. Louis. April 21.— Mollle Doan, a young woman shot by William Cooper this morning, died this afternoon, aud Cooper ia in tho hospi tal expected to die at any moment. It appears Cooper had paid his addresses to Miss Doan for some time, but of late she hai attempted to break with him, she being engaged to another man. To-dav, Cooper called at the house where Mies Doan fivod, and she wont out into tbo garden with him; but, aftor a few mo ments' convorsatiou, oho uttered a scream ami ran towards tbe bouse. Cooper followed ami tired two shots, both of which entered tbo girl’s head, and she fell to tbe ground mortalir wound ed. Cooper tbou not tbo pistol to bis own bead and sent a bullet through his brain. TUB RED CANON MASSACRE. Fort Laramie, Wy. Tor., April 21.—1 n my dispatch of yeaterday about the lied Cauou mas sacre, I mentioned tbo throe wounded men as being loft at a Cheyenne Hirer rancho. This morning Geo. Bradley, commanding this district of tho Black Hills, soot a detachment of cavalry with an ambulance to bring thorn to tho hos pital at this post CAUGHT AT LAST, Louisville, Ky., April 21 James Wilkinson. of tbe lirm of Drewor 3c Wilkinson, New Or loauß. merchants, has been arrested here, charged with having committed frauds in Nashville, Om - ciunatl, New Orleans, and New York, amount ing in all to SID,OOO. Wilkinson was apprehend ed by Detective Cave on a train between here and Nashville on information tolegraohod from New Orleans to hold him. He offered the officer SBOO in gold to release him. saying detectives o!sa whore had done so. Cave brought him to this city, TOOL-THIEVES. Special Diepatch to The Chicago Tribune. East Baoinaw. Mich., April 21.—For some time a systematic robbery of the tools of the railroad machine shops, carpenter, and other shops, has boon going on, and during s row among the thieves one, Fred Bohultz, squealed, end*tbo officers recovered about 9boo worth of the stolen property, and are after the rest of the gang. TUB DBLFEV UUnDBUKR. Boston, April 21.— Thomas W. Piper, son toncod to bo executed May 26 for the murder of Mabol Young, in tho belfry of the Worron Avo nno Church, to-day made a sworn statement that she received the injuries that caused her death from a trap-door falling upon her head; that he was frightened lost ho would he accused of mur deiing her. and therefore denied all knowledge of tbo matter, trusting that his concoction with U would not be discovered. INSANITY. Special Diepatch to the Chicago Tribune. Dudoqub, la., April 21.—Charles Multhrop, a young man, aged 18 years, at Grand Bpiings to day drew a revolver and shot his brother, in flicting a flesh wound In tho shoulder, and then shot himself through the heart. He had no words with his brother, and tho action la attrib uted to insanity. Hie mother has been tele graphed from Hoboken, N. J ATTEurrno uiiiiiebt. New Oulbans, April 25.—The Grand Jury has found true bills against J. F. Darrell. Jr., for at tempting to bribe Bute officers. In default of ball ilatrett wee sent to tbe Parish Prison. THE WEATHER. Washington, D. 0.. April 22—1 a. m.—For the Upper Lake Regions, southeast winds, sta tionary pressure and temperature, and partly cioady weather. LOCAL OMEUVATIONS.I UmoAQO, April 21. Time. iliar.tThr llu.l Wind. jjUtniVrVtber 6:BSs, mJ30.37l SI. 47‘W„ geutla,.,.', a. m, 3U.111 fid, liijN. K.. freab.. . •jwOp. m. wutl 55j -3J E„ freab ). 8:53 p. m.iSU.UU' 6'i| 40 l K. (l frerfh I, 5:00 p, m.ilW.Ul 54 43.8. K., freab...l. 20;18 p. M.180.1Q1 651 4«*H. k., geplla..|, Maximum thermometer, 69. Minimum, 47. OESiWUL ODSEBVATIONS. Ouicauo, Apr! l 2t—Midnight. BUtlun. | B>r.|TQr| Wiud. lUln, Weather. Cheyenne 3f1.0|l CO 8. W.. gentle .....joumdy. BUiuerck '30,03. 4118. E., fresh [deep. Breckinridge..[3o.lll 41 N. E., froeh ..Clear, DsTsuiwrt....l3o 08| 6UN. E., Ireah. .....lOloudy, Denver 130 01 018., freeh {Fair. Du1uth........ 30.09 41 Calm iGlear. Kacanaba. ... 30.03 41 8., gentle... .30 Fair. Eaokuk '30.09 00 8., fresh.,.. Cloudy, Leavenworth.. 30.01 Art N, E,, geullo ... JI.U rain. llilwaukM....lsw.o3 40 8. W„ (Fair. Omaha (90.00 03 Ca1m.......« .00 Fair. PUtta 00.01 «0 E., gentle Fair. Bt. Pau1...... 90,09 Att N. W. ( freab Clear. Hall Lake 30.34 61 8. \V., fraah (Oioudjr. Santa Fa..... 30.39' 00 N. W„ fresh, Cloudy. Ft, 0ib00n.... 3U.00| 705., gentle... ..... Cloudy, Ft. Parry..... 90.19| 90 W.W.. gentle [Clear. JOURNALISTIC. Special DUpateh to Tht CMeaao Tribune, Minneapolis. Mldd., April 21.— Great excite ment prevails among citizens here. A few days since it waa announced that the Daily Evening Mail of this city bad been purchased by the i'iorwr-PreiJ Company of Bt. Paul, and a day or two (hereafter that the Dally Tribuue would be consolidated with tbe Dionecr-Dreat and be published simultaneously In both cities. This left Minneapolis practically without newspaper representation, at wbiob tho citizens were great ly enraged. While the men were taking possession to-dsv, twelve leading citizens cams lo and ordered them to vacate tho premises. The citizens bad paid up a chattel mortgage overlooked by Ue HtoneeisPreil, and thus, by payment of $35,000, secured entire posses sion. Policemen dot gnard tbs entrance to all rooms, and ths caper is virtually without editors. It is anticipated that tho will initltnto forcible proceedings to obtain pos session. they now havttg guards in the office. *Tho citizens propose tekoeo the paper aa a Min neapolis Institution, md will reorganize tbe Company and appoint editors lu a day or two. THE SNf BRIDGE. Hpf/lai DUvateh t*TS» CAfcaae Tribune. Louisiana, Mo., Apr! 21.—The Bny orldgn of tho Chicago tc Alton Bud. 2 miles east of this place, lost two bents to-night by tbe sudden rise lu the water, caused bytbe breaking of a levee north. Mod aod materials are on the way hero from Bloomington heidquartcrs. Officials of tbo road this afternoon bad arrangements made whereby through passeigora East and West will go through via. Ht. Lotls without delay. Pass engers who left Chicago at noon to-day go via HI. Louis. Through travel will be Impeded onlv a short time and local travel will uoibe affected. BUSINESS NOTICES. 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At 25 eta. Silk Mixed Mohairs. Plaids, and Stripes, to match t worth 40 eta. At 25 eta. Plain Col d Mohairs, Diagonals, Serge Stripes. Ac. i formerly 40 cts. At 00 cts. Finodt Camel's Hair Suitings, light shades i prerioual.r sold for 00 cts. At 30 dp. Handsome Diagonal Costume Cloths, Twill'd D'beges. anu Arabesque Poplins \ cost 45 cts to import. At 37 1-2 cts. Extra-Fine All-Wool Dljege? t regular 50c quality elsewhere. At 50 cts. Superfine Merino Wool Serge D'begcs; previously 05 cts. At 50 cts. Elegant quality All-Wool French Baptistes, choice shades« formerly 75 cts. At 60 cts. Damascus Fr'ch Cashmeres. Camel's Hair effects in stripes and plaids j worth 05 cts. At SI.OO. 0-4 Camel’s Hair Soilings t regular #1.50 poods. At 12 1-2 cts. 10 Cases finest Printed Percales; regular 25c quality. Elegant lines of all latest and Choice Dress Fabrics in the most fashionable shades. Special Bargains in Bl'k Cashmeres and Drop D’Eles. Oar Sato of Cold Lyons Gres Grains at the as tonishing prices previously advertised still continues. Special Notice Our Grand Opening Exposition nnd Display of Millinery, Suits, and Now Fabrics, will bo continued on Saturday Evening at the request of many customers. The public is oor dlally invited. FAMILY SUPPLIES. ESTABLISHED 1805, ROGEWOODBROS., 102 <t 104 North Clark-st., OHIOAQO. Tea, Coles, & Grocerr Hnnse, WHOLESALE AND DETAIL. GOODS TUB FINEST. PRICES THE LOWEST. We offer from one of the Largest and Finest Stocks of Teas iu (ho city. Flue Moyuus Young llytom, Quit* nowdm, Imperials, Japan Teas, Formosa Ouloaga, Souchong* (EugUah Breakfast). lloaiuug and grinding ONLY the FINEST Coffees, ■we warrant them pure, and at leas pries than Is asked by dealers for sduUaratsd goods. A Snmr 10 Standard A Sugur 10} Standard Granulated Yellow 0 Granulated Sugar 9 Proctor A Gamble's German Mottled Soap.s4.&> Kirk's German Mottled Soap 4.20 Kirk's Plain German Soap 3.00 Ki«{plbrd'a Silver Gloss slarch, 6-lb box. .00 Durjeaa’ Batin Gloss Starch, 6-lb box... .00 Tomatoes. 3-lb tins, per dozen 1.00 3*lb tins Baltimore reaches 2.50 SnpirCorn. Elpin, per dozen 2.00 New Dried Blackberries, per lb 12} New Dried Peaches, per lb 12} New Dried Apples, per lb 10 New /ante Currants, per lb 8 New Valencia Raisins, per lb 12} Importers of McCann's Irish Oatmeal. Importers of Iloblusou's Scotch Ostmsst. Sole Agents for the Patent Flour, *■ White Batin,'* which we offer In lots to the (rads. Finest Winter Wnast, •* Belleville Star." Choice Minnesota Spring Floor. Clear. Fair. | Fair. Cloudy. Cloudy. lOllody. HATS. GENTS’ DRESS BUSINESS HATS, MTS Including many NOV ELTIES for Spring and Bummer Wear, at Hi & Barnes'. State & Monroo-ate, HATS! B RBWSTER It. W. 00r. Olark and Madison, Sboffi tU# Largeil aad Utit Stock, and uuku tba Lowaat Wcoa. IT mn I GENTS' Si BOYS' HATS. ■lr \ I ulal lowisl Prlft*. 1I 11 I BABKEI k oo„ < AiAJLM I niUduwHi., uutuit. : iifflS’S Latest Advertisement. 10,000 CLOCKS TO £l£) emu away s A.T $1.50 Each, WHICH IS Hot Qne-TMrd Their Real Yalne. IMif Black Walnut Oases, Brass Works, Lever Movements, EWOHAIAffIBA CORRECT TIIE-KEEPE Orders by Mail Must Enclose Price and Express Charges. PRICES LOWER THAW Known In 20 Years POU MEN'S, BOYS', AND GHILDEEN'S CLOTHING, •A.TTO FURNISHING GOODS. NUTTING, G. 0.9. CLOTHIER. AND DEALER IN Geits' Pratsliii Cools, 184 & 186 State-st. OPPOSITE PALMER HOUSE, OHIOAGO. iNOS. STEINWAY'S Matchless Pianos Have obtained the tllgheat Honors ever awarded lo any rune Manufacturer in lb* World. FIRST OF THE BRAND GOLD MEDALS OF HONOR, World’s Fair, Paris, 1867. London, 1862, The world'* grcaleit Pianists and Composer*. Inolnd- . Imr the renowned Dr. FRANZ LISZT. ANTON RUBINSTEIN, BERLIOZ. HENSELT, JAELL, MARMONTEL, GOUNOD, The Academies of Fine Arts of Faria, Benia, aad Stockholm; Profeseor lIKLMIIOLZ, of Berlin, (b« highest author- Uy lu tha Bctence of Acoustics, Aa well as (be plauo-purebaaiug public of Europe and America, all unite lu Uio unanimous verdict of tba SDPEDIORITY OF THE STEIMAY PIAKO over all others, and declare tt to be tha STANDARD FUND OP THE WORLD. All American Plano Manufacturers, WITHOUT EX CEPTION, and a large number of the moat celebrated European Makers, have been forced to copy the Stein way acalea, peculiarities of comtrucUoa, and various Improvement*, and to adopt the BTEHTWAY OVERSTRUNG SYSTEM. Of their Immense number of Testimonials BTEIN WAV A BO.NB beg to submit the following: ANTON RTTBINSTBIN. New Voox, Msy, 31,1873. Messrs, Siclnway k Rod* . (■Gentlemen: On the eve of returning to Europe 1 deem U my pleasant duty to eiprna to 70a 107 moot heartfelt thanks for all tho kindness and coarteey 70a hsveshown me during my Hay in the United States; hut tlio, and above all, for your unrivaled Ilanofortes, which oocetnore have done full Justice tu their world* wide reputation, both for excellence and capacity of enduring the severest trims: for during all my long and dlfQcult journeys all over Ametlca, In a very in clement season, I used and have boon able to use your Pianos exclusively in my 'JIS concerts, and also In pri vate. with the most eminent satisfaction and effect. Yuura vary truly, ANTON UDUINBTEIN, An nullmitcd gmruslee furniabed with each nutru ment. nr Illustrated with Prlc* Llit, nailed fra* on application. LYO IST Sc laCB-A.Xj'Sr, State and Monroc-stn, GROCERIES FKESH ROASTED COFFEES AT SLACK’S BJMMOTH GROCERY J3J3E, 109 East lailsoj-st. Buy your Supplies here. Save from XO to 80 per cent, and get Standard Goods. The Only Grocery House in the northwest Using Burns’lm proved Steam Boaster. We sell more Coffees than any other ten Grocery Stores in the city, which is abundant proof of superior quality and close prices. NEW SEASON TEAS. Fine drawing Moytme Gunpow der, Voting Hyson, Imperial, For mosa Oolong, and Japan Teas, from 50c to 80c per pound. Colgate’s Cashmere Bouquet Soap, per cake, 20c. New Orleans Sugar $ .OS A Sugar 10 Standard A Sugar lOJ Standard Granulated Sugar 11 Proctor & Gamble's German Mottled Soap 4.115 Kirk’s German Mottled Sun 4.20 Kirk's Olive Soap. 20 bare per box 1.25 Kirk’s Plain German. tiO bars per box... 3.75 Kirk’s XXX German. 60 baru per b0x..., 3.25 barytas' Satin Glum Starch, per O-lb box .GO Now Orleans Molasses, per gal 70 & .85 3-lb Cans Baltimore Poaches, per doz— 2.50 3-lb Cans Tomatoes, per doz~ 1.75 2-!b Cans MeMurravs Corn, per d0z.... 2.10 Choice Minnesota 'Spring Flour, per brl .. 0.00 to C.fiO New Proceis 7.00 Good St, Louis White Winter 7.00 to 7.50 Carolina Rice, per lb 7 and .08 Just received, a large Invoice of Pure New Maple Sugar. Weiron* leave the (tore for aQ parts of the city aad taburba every day at 1 o'clock. ga r ßeod for a copy of our Price Current. FURNISHING GOODS. 01SPEJALTIES VHDEEWEiR For Ladles, Gents, and Children, TFT BILK, BALBRIGGAN, MERINO, LINEN. Muslin Underwear for Ladies, an elegant assortment. Hosiery, a fuli line of all me novelties. GLOVE Kid. Lisle Thread* Silk, Driving Gloves. IMS. All the latest "Novelties" in Laaes and Looe Goods, Embroideries, Booties, &o. OORBBTS<—A full line of Thompson's Qlove.Fitting Corset. Bun Umbrellas and Canopy Parasols. PREICH'S, Cor. State & Mo’nroe-sts., OPPOSITE PALMER HOP3E. LAKE NAVIGATION. GOODRICH STEAMBOATS ON THEIII KODTES, CHICAGO and SUEUOYGAJV, XOB MILWAUKEE, ETC. BI()8K£GON« fob GUARD HAVEN and MUSKEGON. aT JOSEPH »nd DENTON UARBOB. TADGSUELL, ydn EBOANABA and QUEEN BAY. HE ffCBE. " 'ron LUDINQTON and MANISTEE. liad fcslgM to Oeodrioh’s Dog, ifioxUiJlS** HARDWARE, ftp. EXCELSIOR MMUF&GTIIRIHS CO. 612, 614, 618 & 618 N. MAIN ST. ST. IsQ-QTS, MO. WS3U3AL3 IEALEU HI TBIS-PLATE, WME, SHEET XROCT —> COPPER. Uato always in Stock a complcU asuortmcnt or every class of goods used or sold by TIN AND STOVE DEALERS, iss as t cols uißur&enms or m C331j3!333n.i1T3tf33 FAMOUS USED FOR ECONOMY IN PRICE, SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION, QUICK i UNIFORM BAKINQ, AND PERFECT OPERATION. Orders from the irndc rciprctliilly solicited, RnnranteeißE PIEST-OLASS GOODS, CAEEPUI PACKING, PEOMPT SHIPMENTS. AND LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES. SEND FOR NEW LISTS. ADDRESS ISSOESZbSSOR Muni Company, ST* 1.0V.M8, MO TRIMM'NGB. Chas. Gossage <s• Cb. l - Trimming Dept Ladies will find in this Dept, the most extensive and richly assorted stock of Fashionable Novelties, in Dress, Suit, and Cloak Trimmings shown in the West Black Silk Twist and Braided Fringes np to twelve inch width; Colored Chenile, Braided and Twist Fringes in every shade and color. Black and Colored Moss Trim mings, New Gold and Silver Trim ming Braids; Colored Trimming Braids and Trimming Buttons in new and unique styles, Pearl Inlaid, Painted Porcelain, Oonoh Shell, Ivory, and Nail Head Buttons, with Braids to match. New Ornaments stylish and cheap. State-st.—TV asliin<rton-st. LADIES* SHOES. PM. ssl. $5.00. $5.00. LADIES, THE BEST PEI KID Mu ail Man Skat IN THE OOUNTBY, For $5,00; AT M. WHEELER & CO.’S, No. 74 12twit Dladlaon-st. UTEST BFBKS UD SBBIER STYLES Latles’BoxToe Sldbs. ALSO THE BEAUTIFUL BOX TOE CENTENNIAL BUCKLE, LOW WALKING SHOE. M. WHEELER & CO., 74 EAST J\IADISON-ST. SPECTACLES. [SIGHU Brazilian paadLfc bpuotaclk, _ op * 5

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