Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 23, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 23, 1876 Page 1
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VOLUME 29. BiinrsAiE OF groceries, Previous to Eemoval. j as i Carolina Rice, 15 pornOs for. SI.OO Canned Corn.per dozen Pine Apples.per dozen... - preserved Ginger, large jars, tt—.— 1.3 a ndSches, yellow, 3-lb cans, per doz.. 1.75 Green Java Coffee, per pound 0.27 Blackberries, dried, per pound— 0.12* Cherries, pitted, per pound [j*2b fie Wdodng 3 ' oO ■ Oneida Conmuinitj Canned Fruits aid Vege tables at Cost teas ATT, marked down. i Japan, perponnd - SO-|| Gunpowder and Oolong, per pound 0.35 Gunpowder and Oolong, extra choice.— 0.50 AI arte line of Bankrupt Stock of Citars at ' e Se h Sove B Prioe» for ONE WEEK only, to save cost of removing. All Goods Marked Down. J. HICK.SON, 167 South Claik-st, Will Remove May Ist to 113 East Madison-st., near ClarK. PORTRAITS. THE ART CEITEE OF THE CITY. BRAND’S BW FHDTOSMPHIC BID FOHRB STUDIOS. ipw. is the most perfectly appointed estab. Bstoient of it* kind in the united States. The light and accessories are simply incom narable, and facilities for obtaining beautiful Photographic compositions are unrivaled. Ererr requisite for obtaining CHILDREN’S PICTURES ola superior quality are available. Engage ments fbr sittings can be secured at any tune at the Studio. 310 lad 313 Wabaah-av. THE AMEArtGaltery, 596 Wabash-av. The above well-known Photograph Gaßery /a still open for business. lam furnishing the finest and moat exquisitely-finished CARTE DE VISITE Photographs ever made in Chicago at $3 Per Dozen. BOBEBT P. HUGHES. PAPER CARPETING. Paper Carpeting. Ornamental, Durable, and Costs only One- Half as much as cheap Oil Cloth. Also, Moth-Proof Carpet Lining. BARRETT, ARNOLD & KIMBALL, 164 Lake-st- Chicago. HI BLANK BOOKS, STATIONERY, &o* BLANK BOOKS, Stationery and Printing, Famished promptly and at fair prices, by J. M, \T, JONES. 104 and 106 Madieon-et. TO RENT. TO RENT. Three splendid office rooms, now occupied by Che North British Insurance Company, in Washington Block, southwest corner of Washington-st, and Fifth av.Veast and west fronts; also several other offices In same bull dins. Cheap rent to responsible tenants. Apply to JOHN P. OLINGEB, Southeast comer Washington and Dearborn-sts. TO IR/HUNT 1 . ■ The elore end lerpe floors lately occnpled by Strong Furniture Company, 26C and 263 Wabeah-ar., well adapted for any busineas requiring a largo amount or room. Key at atore 263. Apply to WILLIAM C, BOW, 10 Tribune Building. TO sTT. The large Commission Store No, 189 South Water st., 20 by 150 feet, between LaSallo-et. and Fifth-ar, how to responsible parties. J * SAMUEL GEHB, j 114 Dearbom-st. FOR RENT. U»e four-story and basement heavily timbered brick store No. 35 Mlchigan-ar., 24x131 feet to wide alley, with complete hoisting apparatus. FRANCIS B. PEABODY k CO M 174 Dearbom-it. to zr/EjUstt- Ths4*itory building 244 Lake-st., with front also Ipon South Water-et. Has water, elevator, Ac, Will tent very low to a good tenant. JOHN A YALE, 153 LaSalle-st. Dock to Rent. The dock and coal yard northeast comer of Chlcago lv. Bridge and river, 225 feet front. Apply to WM, C. DOW, 10 Tribune Building. Dock to Rent. 750 ft. front on South Side, near Twenty-eecond-st. bridge, with good railroad connections. Apply to WM. Q. DOW, 10 Tribune Building. Wbt Pailn TO RENT. TO RENT! THOSE NEW 3-Story Basement and Sub-basement Marble-Front Residences on Indi ana-av., just north of Eighteenth-st. They are warmed with steam, have ranges, and are now offered for the very low rent of $1,600 to respon sible private families. B. W. THOMAS & CO., 132 LaSalle-st. TO E-S33STTI OFFICES I LA SALLE BLOCS. The very desirable double office, comer of LaSalle and Madison-sts., now occupied by Miner T. Ames & Co. Also 163 Madison-st., and of fices Nos. 9,10,15,18, with eleva tor; have good vaults, and are warmed with steam, c B, W. THOMAS & CO., • Room 5 LaSalle Bloch. TO IKHUsTT. Store and basement on the Corner of South Water aiCM-sts. The best corner on South Wator st. Apply to A. A. LATHROP, 88 LaSaUo-st., Room 24. FOB BENT. filar* €1 Badolpb-st, with or without basement, etcnd, third, and fourth stories. Inquir* of f7yTA-RT.ES TABOO. American Express Company* FOR RENT, Dock on South Branch, 150 Ft. Deep. Abo, Lots on comer Beach and side-track, suitable for lumber, coal, or wood yard. C. H, k G. C. WALKER, 13 Chamber of Commerce. FOB RENT. The whole building 108 Madiaon-st., form erly occupied by us. Location first-class. Inquire &tUB and 120 Wabasb-sv. % WM. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers. TO IR/IEItTT. Three-story and basement atone front dwellings, with brick bam to each, on Michigan-av. f near, Thir teen th-at. Are now being pot in complete order. BAIRD ft BRADLEY, 90 LaSallo-st. For Rent, Booms singly and In suites In Reaper and McCormick Blocks. Also store* 71 and 73 Dearborn-st., and eecondi, third, and fourth floors of 34 and 36 South Water street. Apply at Boom 9 Reaper Block. TO RENT. A first-class bouse with 18 rooms and 2 bath rooms, three-story and basement, Vermont marble front; 609 West Adaxns-et.. comer of Laflin-st, Inquire of CHAS. W. PARKER, 127 LaSalle-st„ basement. FOR RENT. ONLY SSO A MONTH. WABABH-AV. HOUSES, comer of Thtrty-fourth-st., marble front, with all modern improvement*. J. 0. McCORD L CO., Room 4, 99 Washing! on-ft. FOB BENT. At low figure to good tenants, fine com mission stores on Kinsie-st. Will put in water power elevator if desired. y B. S. &W. Q. McCOBMICK, 155 DaSalle-st. FOR RENT. Desirable dwellings in all ports of the w Q HcCORMICK, 155 LaSalle-st. FOR RENT Pine offices in Lakeside Building at low prices. Inquire at Room 5. OFFICES TO RENT. Chesp offices to rent at 193 Wsshlngton-ft.. south front, one flight stairs, .ingle or en suite, with -vaults and basins. Absolutely the best for the prices. Stores to Rent. Hew stores 4, 6 and 6>f North Clark-st., adjoining the bridgs. Also 194 and WS South Water-st. Apply to * 1. M. MOHIAETY. G North Clark-st. TO RENT. 6101, nd basement 12C South Room 1, 126 Clark. St. TO RENT. With or without basement, the elegant store 168 Clark st., between Monroe and Madison-ats. Inquire at IS6 Fifth-av., up-Btairs. TO BENT. A furnished house on Michigan-av,, near Eighteenth* st. Address DTE, care of A L Hale & Bro,, 230 Randolph-et. TO LEASE LOW. For a long term of years, 75 by CO feet, comer Hal ted and Wyman. N. B. CHID ESTER, 61 North Halited-rt. TO LET. Offices single and en suite, very centrally located, with FIRE-PROOF VAULTS, in the City National Bank Building. 156 These offices are wmeciallT adanted for commission business or law officer MEAD it COE, 155 LaSHlo-st. TO RENT. Offices on second floor, well lighted, and arranged for Law. Real Estate, Loan or Book Agencies. Come and look at them. Apply to Boom 2, MadHomrt. TO RENT. coSid 9 , or“AMiy n to ß, Sm n l l if6 I B2rt TT Q. STONE. TO RENT. A choice office (two rooms), second floor. Also, aa elegant apartment of four rooms (corner) on the third floor ODDOsite Palmer House, floor, pp °~ epoeke 3. PIKE, Hoorn 8,163 Stalest. TO RENT. egua SM." SSTisssfflSS Apply to PAGE. BRO. k CO. FOR RENT. A large comer basement office; also dedrable up etainofilces. In the Metrc^U^BJ^Apply^ CHICAGO, SUNDAY, APRIL 23, 1876-SIXTEEN PAGES. FIRE INSURANCE. REMOVAL. iinriu GENERAL CIS. AGENCY HAVE BEHOVED TO is. 161 & 163 LaSaM We represent the following STAND- ARD Companies: MILLVULEIUTOiIi MARINE AND FIRE INS. 00., OP MTT.Ii'VXLI.B, N. J. ASSETS 51,400,000 TRADE IS. GO., j . OP CAMDEN, IT. J. ASSETS - - $267,237.37 Policies written in above Compa nles at equitable rates. SHNERAL WATERS; GJ-E2NTCTXj> Bottled under the supervision of the French Govern ment, HAUTHRIVE, NAMES OP THE SPRINGS, 'SrAMi" CUtILLB, J UOPITAL. For Dyspepsia, Goot, Gravel, Diabetes, Diseases of the Liver, Kidneys, and Bladder, CAUTION. To avoid counterfeits and imitations, require that the capsule bears the name of one of the above-named Springs, and also the year of the bottling. Can bo dnmk at table, alone or with wine or spirits. For sale by all leading retail Grocers and Druggists, ■nrt to the trade only by the Sole Agents, BODCHE FILS & CO„ 37 Beaver-et., New York. For sale by CKC-AJPX3ST Sc GORE, 73 and 75 Monroe-sL QEBmME FHTED RICH SHALL Restores the Appetite, re mores BUwuroe**. keeps the Hexd clear, the Blood cool without weakening tho ova* tom. certified by Baron too Liebig to bo a mot* salutary beneficial water. For sale by . CUAPIN A CORK, 73 and ?5 Menroe-et. Price, s<.so per PIANOS. imm UPRIGHT PIANOS ARE the only instruments of their class that have stood the test of time, proving their durability ana capacity for standing in tune longer than any other stylo of Piano, Nearly COO in use in Chicago and vicinity, all of •which have given the most unqualified satisfaction. LYON & HEALY, State and Monroe-ets, Just Received. some esa* E" gnperb Ifew Scale fe BJS DJriflJit Pianos. ÜB^os.H Persons wanting their Pianos FINELY and SOLID LY tuned can. by leaving orders at our warerooma, secure tho services of Mr. A. G. Barker. CHICAGO PIAA’O HEALKUS’ ASSOCIATION, N. \V. comer State and Adams-sta. W. K. NIXON. President. _ GENERAL. NOTICES. Public Notice. City Comftrolbeb's Office, > Chicago, March 29, 1876. f CTotfca is hereby given to all persona owing Eoal Estate Taxes to the City of Chicago for tho year 1875, that the City of Chicago will, at any time before May 1,1870, borrow from such persons the amount of such City Taxes due from them, and will allow for such loan two and one-half per cent (2#) on the amount borrowed, and will issue vouchers therefor which may be used in payment of the said taxes, and which the Collector will be di rected so to receive. . _ _ By order of the Mayor and Finance Com. Apply to S. S. BA?ES, Comptroller, Boom 3 City Hall, cor. Adams & LaSallc-sts, McrviasTG. *• OLD RELIABLE” is still in the field with Urge trucks, and careful, experienced men, to move all kinds of household furniture. UNION TEAMING CO., Room 3, 156 Washington-st. Engleman’s Transportation Co. Win Run a Line of Steamers the coming season be* tween Chicago, Manistee, Ludington, Pentwater, and Frankfort. Freight received at Nos. 22, 24, and 26 River-et. FOSTER & SHEPHARD, Agents. GREEN TURTLE SOUP & STEAKS For Dinner to-morrow. THOMAS ANDREWS, 77 Dearbom-st. WATER CURE. KENOSHA WATER CURE, KENOSHA, WIS. Recently enlarged and improved. Fine lake view and good boating. Bummers remarkably cool and climate delightful. Chronic Diseases; Diseases of Nervous System. For circulars, terms, &c., address N. A. PENNOYER, M. D.. Physician, or E. PENNOYER, Proprietor. MISCELLANEOUS, WPEESEEVED FROM WnmTJC 1 T—thoßUM-jlUinO J. g. BAMS & CO.’S, 70 Maiison-st., near Stale. GREEN TURTLE SOUP S STEAKS For dinner on Monday. THOMAS ANDREWS, 77 Dearbom-st. FIRM CHANGES. DISSOLUTION. The copartnership heretofore existing under Che name and atyle of Cregicr, Clarke & Co. ie thla day dissolved by mutual consent. Xhos. C. Clarko will continue the business, assuming all liabilities and SkSg all assets. DEWITT C. CREGIEB, THOS. C. CLARKE, April 17,1876. WM. H. PURDY, furniture. POPULAR FOBmE HOUSE! Oir Clearing-Ont Sale Of Parlor, Chamber, liibrary, and Dining-room Sets has commenced. We are offering great inducements now at the opening of the season. Every article in our store is marked down. Mis WlB te Busy. We know that times are hard and make prices accordingly. Our stock is complete in every thing, and we can satisfy all buyers that they can save money by pur chasing from us. SIWCAi, 251 and 253 Wabash-aY., meab JACKSOIT-ST. 4p^cv^ f ’«aEMojfi^ i Urothd=& 1 Manulhcturers of the Austrian Bentwood Furniture. Furniture of all kinds for Par lors, Bed and Dining-rooms, Libraries, Bill iard and Smoking-rooms, Restaurants, Cafes, Concert Halls. Offices, etc., etc. The AUSTRIAN BENTWOOD FURNI TURE is world-renowned for its unsur- Eassed solidity and elegance of form, cqzn ined with superior lightness and elasticity. BRAHCH HOUSE fl 179 STATE-ST., Palmer Honse. f. f ; sine Mm Co. Having removed to their New and Elegant Store comer of Wabash-av. and Adams-st, And having 1 purchased a large stock of goods at the present very low rates, are now prepared to re ceive their friends and the public generally, and to make such prices as have never been offered by the above House. DESIGNS AND ORDERED WORK A SPECIALTY. 195 ii 197 WaM-ai, CHICAGO. PROPOSALS. Proposal to Lease Sclool M Property. Sealed propesals will be received at the office of the Clerk of the Board of Education; No. 85 Fifth avenue, till Tuesday, April 25,1876, at 33 m., to leaaofor a tonn of year* the following described property be longing to the School Fund, the same to be leased in whole or in part, to-wit: 104 by 120 feet on the north east corner of Dearborn and Monroe streets; 48 by 120 feet on Dearborn street north of the above de scribed property; 75 feet on Clark street north of Har rison street; and 366 by 600 feet on the southwest cor ner of Harrison street and Fifth avenue. . For information in regard to terms, to., apply to Charles a Chase. School Agent, Room 20 Bryan Block. Address proposals to u Committee on School Fund Property," indorsed “ Proposal to Lease School Fund Property. *• , . The Committee reseives the right to reject any one or all of the proposals submitted, as they ehall deem for the best Interests of the city. L ,.-ut 8. JOHNSTON, Clerk of the Board of Education. CARPET CLEANING. OLD RELIABLE. EXCELSIOR Carpet "Cleaning and Renovating Company of New York, having established their work* in Chicago, are now prepared to cleanse and renovate all qualities of Carpets, removing all spots, stains, and insects, car pet* thoroughly cleaned, purified, and without removing them from floor if desired, without raising dust or dirt. Carpets sent for and delivered free of cartage. Special rates given on large amounts of Carpet*. Onr process and machinery not in use by any other company. We guarantee not to us* any acids, and In no way to injure or damage Garpetapy our process. Orders left at oar office or by mail will. be promptly attended to. „ ESCELSIOB CABPET C. AND R. CO*, 142 LaSalle^t. CURT BUM! Boston Steal Camet-Cleaninn Worts. ». ROTHCHILD & CO., Proprietors, Office and Works, 44 and 46 West Adams-st.) Chicago. Branch Office, 10J Twenty-second-Bt. S CARPET _ CLE.A.IN’JIN'G AND RENOVATING WORKS, 943 Wabiah-ar., near Twenty-ftrst-at. Established 1871. Fitting and relay ing a specialty. Feathers and hair renovated. 8 PHILLIPS fc GARNETT. CARPET CLEANING. We hayo better facilities for cleaning and laying car pets than any other firm in Chicago. __ J. R. WHITE fc SON, Upholsterers, 4fiT> West Lake-st._ PAPER HANGINGS. AT SHEPHERD’S, 320 StaM, n Conjress, You can buy Paper Hangings for 8, 10,12J4 ots per roll; Satins, 18 to cts per roll; Gilts, 30 to 50 ots per roll. Paper hung by careful workmen HATS. i~mri Gents’ andßoys’Hats, fli I|IV Latest Styles, Lowest A I A P j! C S 6 . B BAEHE3 & CO., I& JL K/ 70 Madison-st., B6SI SfiE. FINANCIAL. THE Merchants’ Farmers’, & Mechanics’ Savings Bank, 75 CLAEK-ST., CHICAGO. ffIVESTKNT CERTIFICATES. Perfect Secnrily-Lilieral Interest Every Certificate Secured by mortgage on Improved Heal Estate. TABTiE of increase of ** Investment Certifi cate*)** secured «n Improved real estate* bear* log Interest* payable in quarterly install ments* at the rate of 7 3-10 per cent per an num* Showing tbe accumulation of sums in vested for the benefit of Children or others; Amount Invested. Time. S 100 5 years. S 142.01 100. 18 years 349.97 100 2l years 432.31 500 a years - 710.10 500.- 18 years 1,749.85 500.- —....21 years 2,101.55 1.000 5 years 1*420.10 1.000 IS years 3,499.70 1.000 -....21 years 4*323.10 Estimated upon tbs basis tbit Interest, when das. is erediUdonssTinn account, sad Invested in INVEST MENT CERTIFICATES whenever SUM is thus %ectima laUd. Any holder of a Certificate has the privilege of exam ta int the conditiro of the trust at aaj time on eallln* at theoSceof lb#Trustee. Certificates forwarded, and interest, when due. rein vested. if desired, or remitted by draft or express to aaj part of tbe United States. Addren SYDNEY a ITERS. Manager. SATIIS^BAIIK, cmherj nr 01 dm* Eiclnrively a Savings Bank. 105 CLAM, ffleUt GU Blocl Receives Savings Deposits upon interest, snbject to the rules, and negotiates mortgage l oanß for others. ftffliti Trust Caw. OF NEW YORK. Money to loon on improved, first-cl ass real estate. JAMES J. HOYT, General Manager. GERMABI-AMERICAN BANK OF CHICAGO. Office, 173 East Washington-st, BBANCH OFFICE. No. 69 NOBTH-CLABE-ST. JUSTUS EUXiXAN, Prerident. W. J'. TTAT.T.EB, Cashier. 7 PER CENT. Money to Loan at SEVEN per cent. We wish to BUT for a non-resident one or two first-class business blocks. SCUDDEB & MASON, 108 Dearborn-st. BOOTS AND SHOES. E EIEIIIDIIEB, 3ETAIL BOOTS AND SHOES. Largest Assortment In the City. 80 Different Styles OF FXFTF MEN'S SHOES TO SELECT FROM, SATISFACTIOI EDAEAHTEID. 138 South Olark-st. Boots. Shoes. We ask Ladies and Gentlemen wanting anything in this line to see the PRICES we have made on our strictly first-class stock. WE WILL HOT BE UHDEISOLB. Vi & Vttr, 82 State-st. N. B.—Those $5.00 French Kid Button and New Style Box-Toe, for Ladies, are having a great^ TAILORING. Irctat Wits, 39 Monroe-st. BASE BALL- Base Ball. A FEW EICELLM SEASON SEATS Tet for sale. Applicants most apply soon, as they will be sold to the first comers, THE RIGHT OF ADVERTISING on onr SOUTH FESCE and on the STOKE OaBDS tbroughont the season can be contracted for by calling at once on 0 _ srAIJ 3i N o ft HRO.. 118 Randolph-st. ZOLINE. ZOLINE Has become a household word, as essential in the family as starch. It mixes perfectly in starch. Every lady can do herownlatm. dry work by name Zoline. Bold by all retail and wholesale Grocers and Druzzists. AUCTION Bj»XES. REMEMBER! The Great AUCTION Sill RIGDON PROPERTY, 24 Stone-Front Residences, Amsaot Accumulated. Cottage Grove-av. and Tliirty-first-st., To-morrow (lift), April 24; 2 ip- M., ON THE GROUND. ELISOET, POMEROY £ CO., ATT CTIONTSKBS. IP you WAITT A FINE GOLD WATCH, AN ELEGANT SET JEWELRY, STERLING SILVER WARE, SILVER PLATED WARE, of the finest quality, or anything in Rich Fancy Goofls, Bronzes, (Ms, Russia Leatlicr Goofls, GO TO MILLER’S GBEATCIBABING AUCTION SALES, AT 61 WASmSGTON-ST., Commencing Monday Morning, April 24, at 10:30 a. mu, and 2:30 p. ni., and following days at same hours. EUSON, POMEROY fc OOL, Auctioneer*. Mr. J. H. FRENCH wOl conduct *he sale. SPAIDS’ QHICAGQ TKAIHB w urn? SI Star c M Is now for sale by most gro cers. All wholesale trade in America and Canada supplied direct from Factory. T. E. SPATES. BUSINESS CARDS. 4 Speaking Tubes, Electric, and Ordinary Bell Hanging, call on J. F. WOLIiENSAK, 230 and 232 S. LaSalle-st. Letter Boxes for 50c. Mail orders solicited. “IONE PLACE.” The finest Drive House in America, now open to the public; situated on Grand Bou levard, near Portv-seventh-at. JEBE DUNN, Proprietor. ;j “Dom Pedro.”' Hare your Furnltnr® loided on 0. S. ** SPRING TRUCKS,” bo as to show to Iho best advantage, by careful sen. tis Michigan-av. Fine ffatcli Repairing A specialty. The beet workmen. B. R. P. BHURLEY, 55 South Clark-Bt.. opposite Sherman Houee. EGGS FOR HATCHING From cor Unsurpassable Strain of THOROUGHBRED LIGHT BRAHMAS. Pedigrees, $5 to $8 per setting; Kot Pedigrees, S 3 per setting, nicely packed and delivered in the city. A few choice birds for sale. WOODWARD k RICHARDSON. Sixty-third-et. and Woodlawn-av., Hyde Park. ALDEN’S SEAFOOD CO. Alien’s Grannlatel an! Comma „„ Chowder, Soup, and Fritters. B A 111 V FOR SALE I | f]lllll At all Grocers and Markets. UlllilitJl GREEN TURTLE SOUP & STEAKS Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. THOMAS ANDREWS, 77 Dearbom-Bt. Just arrived per Steamer Ber muda, Onions and Tomatoes. THOMAS ANDREWS, 7~ Dearbonut. DR. M. H. ASPINWALL, XOBIKrXIST, BEHOVED from First National Bank LLIXjT’T'Tt Building to 5C Washington-aL, over Ooaaage’a, Haring .scored great redaction in rent, pro note, io m.k. great redaction in prices. Special atten tion to SUisg and preferring too natural to»to. dnn& OF TKCB STARCH. FOR SALE. DENTISTRY. NUMBER 241. WASHINGTON. The Don. Blarney Caulfield Wrestle! Valiantly with Corruption. Sis Virtuous Crusade Leads to Pain* ful Disclosures of Democratic Wickedness. He Is Greeted by Unsavory Odors from tbe Old Tammany Cesspool. Ur. Bristow Talks Plainly to th« Unsophisticated Invos tisators. Committees May See or Copy Hi! Records, but They Cannot Remove Them. Blaine Will Mate a Fall Denial of the Bond Story To-ilorrom Names of the Parties Who Ban the Eottsa Side of the Preedmen’s Say ings Bank. BARNEY’S BLUNDE*. THIS INQUISITIVE SHALLOWS. Special Dispatch to The Chicago IVitrcjrwu Washington, D. C., April 22.—Mr. John X. Davenport returned to New York this afternoon on the train leaving here at half-paat 1 o'clock. He was before Mr. Caulfield's Committee abend an hour, bat made very little progress with his explanation of the money paid to him from tba Department of Justice. He bad scarcely en tered upon his connected story before members of the Committee began asking questions, some of them evidently for the purpose of obtaining information, others to enforce soma point against the witness, while in other cases the questions were of the bullying, brow beating kind sometimes heard in the police coarts from fourth-rate lawyers. Tba Committees as a whole saom disposed to ba fair, and to treat the subject with due consider* ation. For the most part it may be truthfully said that they have NO KNOWLEDGE OF THE SUBJECT about which they are asking questions. It be* cornea evident to>day thataome of the members, if they had over read the Election law, are nor* entirely Ignorant of its provisions. The in quiries in many instances, therefore, seemed like questions that might be propounded to am expert in mechanics by some persons that neven saw a machine. One or two illustrations will better explain the point. Davennort bad explained how. after the registration had closed, he had sent the Supervisors end Marshals to houses im the city to search out the people registered, and see if they actually lived at the places from which they had been recorded. There hod bees a good deal of testimony upon this point, wbiefal ended in the discovery by the Committeeman that the calling at residences to ascertain whether certain persons.registered were living at the numbers given was in accordance withi the law, and was necessary before warrants could be issued at all. Then the Committed found that M r. Davenport was entitled to a fe« of $1 each for tbo 1,200 warrants issued. BARNEY DISCOVERS SOMETHING. Here was another opening, into which th« acute Mr. Caulfield immediately rushed wifi* the utmost delicacy. Ho asked Hr. Davenport if it would not bo possible on the suppositions that bis office was filled by a dishonest mao, for, five or sir men to be eent around to register is various voting districts a great many times ia order that the Commissioner might issue his warrants, and get $1 apiece for them. Caul field was greatly surprised at Davenport's re* ply that a Chief Supervisor could nob carry on such a conspiracy as that without the* - absolute certainty of speedy detection. When it was explained that a large number of Super visors. both Republican and Democratic, would necessarily have to be in the conspiracy, Mr_ Caulfield declined to press the point that th» fraudulent registration was done m order that warrants of arrest might be issued for $1 * piece. Then Mr. Cochran, of Pennsylvania, ques tioned Davenport very sharply to know why hai bad not gone before the courts with bis] evidence concerning the fraudulent chano-| ter of the registry, and cause ths names which ho know were wrongfully oa* the fiat to be stricken off. Cochrane asked A GOOD MANY ROUNDABOUT QUESTIONS before coming down to the point, which reveaN ed the fact that he was demanding of Daven port to know why be bad not acted in the City; of New York in accordance with the Election*' laws of the State of Pennsylvania. Sir. Conger, the Republican member, whs watches the investigation closely, asks very feir questions. He is likely to have something to say before Davenport leaves the stand, huh seems in favor of giving bis Democratic col leagues a good deal of rope, of which they promise to make excellent use. Mr. Davenport's statement to-day began wisk an account of the fraudulent naturalization business, and be exhibited a large bundle of thte fraudulent papers which ha bad secured froo*? time to time, with the affidavits attached, mad*i by the holders, showing how they had come into; 'possession of tho papers. The Committee ii>— quired closely as to the method in which Daven-* port was paid for drawing these affidavits, and: found he had charged fees where he was en titled to, but had not drawn those which wera voluntarily offered without compensation. Wit- i ness explained more fully DOW FRAUDULENT REGISTRATIONS WEBB MAE^. persons giving as their 'residences the number** of stables, of lumber-yards, of vacant honseaw; etc. Thirtv men were registered from one smalt! house on Hudson street. He showed bow, by: his block-books, these frauds were detected anctr the voting prevented. The specimens of block—* books were carefully examined, and the tioo bow they were paid for was answered that 1 there was a bill in the Comptroller’s office foe.* extraordinary expenses, in which the last of these 3,000 small blank-books was charged. The methods by whicia frauds were prevented in 1372. were fully explained, and the issue of warrants foe the arrest of fraudulent voters was very sharply. inquired into. The same subject will be pur sued further at the next meeting. (To Uu Aueaated Preu,} Washington, D. C., April 22.—John I. port, the United States Supervisor of Election ab; New York, resumed his evidence today before*- the Committee on Expenditures of the Depart ment of Justice. Ho explained the frauds com mitted under the form of naturalization, and hia , method of discovering them. _ He was paid for the work of preoanng affidavits in several cases of fraud, as any other Supervisor was paid. He issued warrants in 1372 for 1.200 persons regis tered. beliering that they had no existance. Ad journed. BRISTOW AND JEWELL. tsbT propose to preserve their bzcozdr Special Ihsvatch to Tie Chicago Tribune. Washington. T>l C., April 22.— The Secretary of the Treasury was to-day before the Commit* tee on Expenditures in the Treasury Depart ment, vritU reference to some old accounts ia the Bureau of Captured and Abandoned Proper tv. Bristow, of course, had little personal knowledge of the technical details of old claims adjusted long before be became Secretary of the Treasury, bnt Secretary Bristow's testimony to day was important in that it foreshadows a new departure in the relations of the Executive De partments to Congress, and a possible conCicfc between the two. The Committee asked Secretary Bristow to furnish them with the original books In certain important case®. This Bristow refused to do. He stated that by law be oouldfi

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