Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 23, 1876, Page 12

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 23, 1876 Page 12
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12 PRO AND CON. IbetiLojndar’f wife, and Zambia friend I Ifbat «f it? Ton know she it a woman above rappoaeh,—though liweu The droop of the tr*4ld. the gHmpaa of tbit inkle, is studied, _ And I i zsaa of honor, who ft*** sot ft frits a un aware Loved her once? Tea, snoct likely—l thought to— some three yean ago. She made fools of meet men, danced auperbly, sane rather nice. Bui perhaps you znsy hare heard that some fluids from heaven Barer strike is the ftftzse place twice. Zee, I Idssed her, Ko harm done, I acknowledge twaa foliy; But, with such Upe so near, vu ft man very much to blame ?• And then that deuced warm, sensuous air of October Had finned my heart to a whita-heal flame. Pahaw I I bate the acton great fool*. _No offenae in a kin, or any great ground for a fend, throwing dirt has gone by; we hare our Pi aim in marble. Pare m new-born babee, and nearly ai node. Mannfsevering motmtslne of mole-hnii don’t pay—to the maker. Etjl to him that thinks erfl. The fever yon get. If yon fear it. Vhen yon bum ytrar hswd, mao the pain, for friends say ugly things: * The fin was too hot,” oar “ Ton too near It,** Bh ] Just tbs faintest p* n * of pink In htv cheek when next we met; A touch of ice in her voice fora day, s week, or so; And then—womanlike—the forgave sad forgot. It was best,— TO ooald not always bs sparring, yon know. Mow do I know lam forgiven f Why—that is—l think to. That waa her voles from tbs that eaUad me just then. s* a just bloomed.** I%m fond of their ffs- grnnee. Oi<i ly 1 Be at Brunswick's tonight, at sharp tea. Cud OaßTa. MARRIAGES. BAIXDtQKB—FULLER—In Chicago, on Wedhe»- bjevening, April 12, by the Bar. David Swing, Mr. J. A. Ballinger, of|Appl*ton« Wljl. and Ml** M. Joaie Pallor, of Chicago. iiOßß—STEEN—Married, April 12,1876, .t the real deuce of the officiating minister, the Eev. Robert Col lier, 8. C. Bobb and Mrs. Hattie M. Stem, all of Chicago. PEKING—FREDERICKS—Thursday, April 20, at the residence of the bride’s sister, by the Rev. Dr. Ryder, Henry P. Dering and all of Chicago. No cards. WXLBUE—YOUNG—At the residence of the bride’s parents, in New York City, Wednwday, the 19th inst., Dr. Charles A. Wilbur, and Chicago, to w#i«m p, Young, daughter of B. T. Young, Esq. MARTIN—PIERCE—Marriage ceremonies of Mr. S. H. Martin, of Cleveland, Ohio, and mi— M. J. Pierce, of this city, will take place at the residence of Mr. W. L. Darrow. No. 132 West Monrow-«t., at 10 a. m., Thursday, April 27. No. cards. The friends of the family call from U a. m. until 3 p. m. DEATHS. HAWLEY—SamueI F. Hawley, April 30, aged 48 years. Funeral to-day (Sunday) at Np. 60 Twenty-eighth at- at 2 o’clock p. m.; tmned at Graceland Cemetery. Friends invited. WEBB—Wednesday morning, April 39. tt 67 West Randolpb-sU. Ur*. Maggie E. Webb, aged 85 yean. tsr~ Utica (N. Y.) papers pleaaa copy. MCDERMOTT—ApriI 22,5 p. m., Jane McDermott, wife of Patrick McDermott, aged 52 years. Funeral from hie residence. 140 Fulton-sL, Sunday, SSd, bv carriages to St. Patrick's ChapfeL from thence to Calvary, sf 10 o’clock. CLARKE—At her home, Barnard, TL, April 18, quit* guddcnly, of congestion of the lungs, Mrs, Jasper Clarke, nee Stevens, aged nearly 7i yean, mother of Dr. L. D. Clarke, of this city. **Gon« Home.” %3T Wisconsin papers please copy. POTTLE—Saturday afternoon, April 22, uf diph theria, George Thoms*, youngest son of William and Harriet Pottle, of this city, aged 4 yean and 1 month. Funeral from the house, 339 Park-av., at 2p. m. to day. Friend* of lb* family are cordially invited to attend. ROGERS—Maria Qlbllo, beloved wife erf Daniel Bogere, at their residence, 110 White-st.. 22d inst. Funeral at 10:30 o’clock Monday, 34th, to the Church *f the Holy Nanm High Wm,1 i thane* by cars to Cal vary. PERSONAL. 1N FORMATION WANTED OF JOHN T. BROTHERS: A last heard from was in Chicago. Any information ml blm thankfully received by his sister, Mias MAG bIK O. BROTH It Kb, 330 Spruost.. New Jew- lERSONAL—JOSEPH WOOD—D, TO T. XL. n*T.v. for a letter at the Post-Office. "PERSONAL—LADY in BLACK DRESS and X brown fur cloak, who, on election day, noticed gen tleman with silk hat, on Milwaukee-av., and afterwards took open car down Uilvaake**-av.« will pis*** address B PERSONAL— A GENTLEMAN INTENDING TO visit the places of retort is Wisconsin thi f Uasires correspondence with tome »f the jobs* Isdfes that State. would be plteted to hear from tome of the lediet alao. Addreas PERCY VALE, North bide ¥. 0.. Chicago. "PERSONAL—A YOUNG WIDOW WOULD T-Ttrg A to form the acquaintance of as elderly hbUibu of lease. Addrett T 83, Tnbane office. PERSONAL—A YOUNG GENTLEMAN OP PLEAS- A ant addrcaafetranger in the dty, dotiree a lady ae isaintanoe with whom he can spend tome of hla evenings pleasantly. Addreet G 81, Tribune office. PCRSONAL—WILL MRS. NPLLS MBBT ant ST US State-sL, Monday at 3 p. za. Personal-frank, dont fail to meet mb at the ball at Central Hall Thursday erasing (37th) h‘i week. EVA. PEBSONAL-WANTED-BY a LADY THE Ac quaintance of an intelligent and middle-aged gentle naa. Address W 38, Trifaane office. * PERSONAL—IMPORTANT—ANY ONE KNOWING X the address of Robert Singer, of Cook County, will h . T •““Ha* «=>• to Dr. H. G. hAKR. IndUgspolie, led. PERSONAL-WANTED TO FORM THE AC* qaalntanos of a gentleman of means by a respectable, intelligent lady, to assist her in business. Address in pereen or by mall Monday forenoon, 1061 West Lake-st. PERSONAL—MRS. EMMA fBLACK f!RDRR> wir X out of town. Write again. Same address. House. PERSONAL— A GENTLEMAN OP MEANS WISHES X to make the aoqnatntaaoe of an attractive young lady, with a new to matrimony. Answer in A J. Tribune office. PERSONAL-MADISON-ST. CAK. FRIDAY, I P. X m. Will the lady who left car atClarfc-st., and went up-stairs on Madison, please send address to gentlo cuan who sat opposite, and left oar at same than. F. EL LaDUE. West Ride £. 0.. Chicago. PERSONAL— A GENTLEMAN WISHES A LADY aoQnainUaoa. Addreas O 30, Tribune office. PERSONAL—FRIDAY NOON; STATR-ST. CAR; X blonde lady; black and white striped silk; petite lady friend wore glasses; cot off at Harrlsoa-et.; gentle man followed. Please appoint interview. Apdrass B 16, Tribune office. PERSONAL—A GENTLEMAN WOULD LIKE THE X acquaintance of an agreeable young lady or widow who writes a fair hand and understands plain sewing, and has two or three leisure afternoons daring the west. Address 8 73, Tribune office. INSTRUCTION. A GENTLEMAN WOULD LIKE TO KXCHANGB lessoas. either FreneU, or Spanish, for the A TALK GRADUATE WILL RECEIVE TWO MORE Btodsnts who are preparing for either summer or Xail examination; lowest terms. Address ZSL Tribune ftffioc. AS EXPERIENCED TEACHER OF MUSIC CA Udjr) would Uk* to make an arrangement with a re •P*®!*"!* American family where her eerrices as teacher, with other light household duties, woold compensate for Che privileges of a home and board wholly or In sort. Ad* dreis S EL Tribune office. AM A NO. I TEACHER WILL GIVE PRIVATE JU*eonsmGr*sk,LAUQ. mathematics, rhetoric, or any English branch at lowest tanas. Address R Ift Trib nuomoa AM ARTIST WISHES TO GIVE LESSONS IK A drawing. oil-painting, and pastel. Also, classes is French and drawing. Address C 61. Tribune office. A LADY WITH HIGHEST REFERENCES WILL take pupils is slooction and i«ttgn«g tt addr»— v RTTrtbnne office. * * ALADYWISHES TOTEACHKNOLLSD, FRENCH, drawing, and oil in a family. Jtafereacea. Address C at, Tribune ofiice. WILL GIVB SO LBSSOKB IN jSHOfcT-HAND POE Aress O 66, Tribnne office Latin, English, elocution, or any branch of mathematics taught at your residence by > competent teacher. Address u 91, Tribune office. ■JV/TBS. M. L. CUMMINGS WILL RECEIVE SEV XU eral scholar* to travel abroad: % few fer imguagM and elocution before departure, g 79 Wabash-av. CITUaTION WANTED—AS GOVERNESS BY A O lady of good education and amiable disposition. The beet of references given. Call at 1851 lndlana»av. SITUATION WANTED-TO TEACH ENGLISH, O German, and sawing. Apply at 777 Wabash-av. CITUATION WANT ED-BY A FRENCH LADY IN A O private family to teach and sew; no objections to the country. Address C. W. DAY, SO Blrer-tu W ANTED—LADIESI AND GENTLEMEN TO LEARN v f tuition paid after situation is secured. Oirtaw House Telegraph College. MEDICAL. DB. G. A. BISHOP. MAGNETIC HEALER, 4S* West Randolph **u, Chicago. Neuralgia and rheumatism cured without drags. Diseases of the lungs, kidneys, and liver treated wltn unvarying success. Pro iaseperspiration produced by manipulations alone. Im* mediate relief given in the worst coses of female weak* neaa, from whatever cense or however long »ten ding, and permanent cure where all other «*«"■ have tailed. Correct disgseeee made of the most ebsotue *<—«—« Consultation iree. Office hours Uto A *XrBS. a THOMAS. M. D*. LADIES* PHYSICIAN, Xll KB South HalstwLeh. Patients oaa obtain rooms PRINTING MATERIA!*’ iaj'AsTKl>-AJT EIGHTH-MED HJK OOKIXUf A A A FOR BALB—DIN 15G -BOOM TABLE, • xl. eix dining-room chairs, cook-stove. with lurnitnre, bedstead with spring, one single bedstead, in* grain carpet, etc., all la rood condition. 6U Mich igan-av. ALLLOOK! LOOK ! AT OUR $45 MARBL&TOP Chamber Suits before buying! oar $35 Chamber Salts; oar $75 Marble-top Chamber Salts surpass'all; oar S4O, SSO, $66, and $75 Parlor Salts are tmequaled. Marble-Top Tables. $7. SB, $9. $lO. sl4. Hair Mat tress, beat tick, sl4. French All-Wool Terry Lounges, sl2 to sls. New spring stylos of Ingrain, Two-Ply, Three- Ply. Tapestry, and Brussels Carpets. 40c, 50c, 75c. sl, SLSS per yarn; superior Quality, lowest prices. Cook- Stores and Ranges, warranted first-class, sl4. sls, S3O, $24, S2B. $33. Headquarters for all goods In the boose rumiahlng line, namely: Furniture, carpets, stoves, crockery, shades, curtains, cornices, bedding, etc., on Installments, or for cash, at prices lower than too lowest. Examine our stock; it will pay yon. Easy terms and square dealing. Booses furnished throughout. The celebrated Empire Parlor Bedstead. In seven styles and new desfims for 1376, saves room, saves rent, saves money. The Empress lounge,—an adjustable lounge, combining ease, comfort, luxury,—either right or left, and tbs climax as an invalid's rest. See it, and you will buy so other. Send for Illustrated catalogue. EMPIRE PAR LOR BEDSTEAD COMPANY. 353 West Madison-st. ACARD-THE UNION FURNITURE COMPANY have in stock stylish and serviceable furniture, which they propose to sell to good parties, cheap, either for cash or on time. Whether yon desire to furnish tout bouse or to *' piece out" moving time, we shall be glad to soo you and receive your order. Ifyouwlll examine our stock we are confidant yon will bs pleased. "One price and a low one "is our motto. We particularly desire to attract the attention of those who ' ‘always pay cash." for we can con vice yon of at least a fewadvantages our time plan posses ses these bard times. 503 West Madlson-st. ipl&ce, vulgar—«how A GRAND OPPORTUNITY TO PURCHASE SEW* itut machines. Elegant brand new filncer, price $45, retail $75 Grover ABaker. absttle. new..... 35, retail 75 Wheeler A Wilson, #eabinek;nev 40, retail 85 Rowe, Weed or Victors, new. 35, retail 75 Singer No. 8 manufacturing 35, retail 90 Howe, Briton manufactory 35, retail 90 Second-hand Singer machines SO, retail 75 All ham tuckers and attachments, and fully warranted. THOMAS H. MARTIN, S6o Wabasb-sv. A YOUNG COUPLE (AMERICANS, WHO HAVE no furniture) can leans of s rare chance to go to hoosekeeping in genteel style at reduced oosk of Bring, by addressing Y S 7, Tribune office. AN ASSORTMENT OP GOOD. SECOND-HAND furniture, carpets, Ac., will find a cash customer by addressing 8. P. BAMBERGER, 639 Lake-at.; appraisals made free. AGOOD PARLOR SET OF BROWN TERRY with scarlet puffing, S3B, atF. COGSWELL’S. Z7B West Madison-s t. Blegabt Italian marble-top dressing-case eet of three pieces for the low price of $65, at F. COGSWELL’S, 378 west Madison-st. DDRKSS TO 93 KWING-ST. FOH ALL KINDS of drapery an i furniture covering cat and nude to order. Mrs. BARRY. BABGAINS -BECOND-HAND PIAKOS. MARTIN’S. 154 BTATB-ST. We are offering second-hand planes of Tarlooa makes at unheard-of prices: Bingham 6-octave piano ,$ 60 Deltmar A Sons' London piano 40 Halses Brothers* pianoforte.'. 100 Keogh pianoforte 110 Boardman A Gray piano 100 Van Winkle rosewood piano 120 Upright piano in perfect order..... 150 1.. Gilbert pianoforte. 7-octavo, carved legs 140 Higgina* New York pianoforte 175 Hardman New York 7>>'-octave piano 210 Ligbte New York 7,5-octar* piano 240 Splendid De Boode square grand pianoforte 350 b. t. martin, B. T. LER, CITY AUCTIONEER, ESTABLISHED 1813, continues to sell farmtnre at residences. Parties desiring to sell will please call at 193 Washingtoq-st. Bargains for cash only-at whipple’s manufactory, 327 State-st., in mattresses, bedsteads, springs, bolster*, pillows, pillow-cases, sheets, comforts, blanket*, cots lounges, feather*, Ac.; old mattrease* ana feather* renovated; satisfaction guaranteed or money re funded; etuiless variety of brackets, wail-pocket*, book and clock shelves, Ac. /CARPETS, STOVES, SITTING AND BED-ROOM \J furniture, pearly new, for tale at 94 Twenty-fifth-st. CASH PAID FOR SECOND-HAND FURNITURE in large or small lots: furniture of private residence* Snrehased. 177 Boat Madison-st., Boom 1, J. L. BRED CO. ____ T7LKOANT NEW PIANOS HALF REGULAR FRICKS. ELEGANT NEW PIANOS. HALF REGULAR PRICES. R. T. MARTIN, 164 STATE-ST- BETWEEN MADISON A MONROE. HEADQUARTERS FOR BARGAINS IN PIANOFORTES. VO AGENTS. NO COMMISSIONS, NO MISREPRESENTATION, ONE LOW CASH PRICE. ABSOLUTE SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. AN IMMENSE STOCK ELEGANT NEW PIANOS BY VARIOUS CELEBRATED MAKERS: ALL NEWEST IMPROVEMENTS, PACKING AND SHIPPING ATTENDED TO. B. T. MARTIN, Easy payments and prices to suit the times. The Wilson Adjustable Chair Company sell on in stallment* all kinds of household furniture, carpets, stove*, crockery, chromes, at lowest pOMlbl* prices. 40 lb hair mattresses, best ticking, only sl*- Otber goods proportionately low. Quality of all goods guaranteed a* represented and only one price. Before porcbatlng elsewhere os9 and sew eor goods and prices at oox newly enlarged salesrooms. 41i and 413 Stat*-st. For salb-or to rent-a two years, lea** with flxtorea and furniture complete, of the most commodious French flat la Chicago. Second floor of Noe. SB6 and 288 Wabash-av. Three blocks from Palmer Hones and Grand Pacific Hotel, south and west expo*ore, view of the Lake, 9 rooms: tea outside win dows; constructed and newly furnished last year for the owner's own use. Has inst been thoroughly renovated and is in perfect order for immediate occupancy. Has all modem conveniences. Including hoi and cold water throughout, baths, laundry, and drying room. Is taste fully furnished, and has every article and appliance for the most comfortable housekeeping. Will be sold for half cost. If not sold by May 1* will b« rented famished. Apply at the premise*. tpOR BALE-SOME PARLOR FURNITURE, AT 81 X* Campbell Perk. For sale-or to exchange fob house bold goods or merchandise Two-story frame building, with IP-rear ground lease, on •ne of the best eorsars os the North Side, Two and ose-half scree of land In Lake View, unin •umbered. Cottage and 40-foot let os North Side, onin cumbered. Cottage and 35-foot lot on West Side, aaln cum bared. Two sne piano-fortes, latest stylet. One elegant parlor set, 7 pieces, nearly new. Call on or address B H. 263 Centro-at. Fob balk—auction pricks-furniturr, .carpets, oooHng-atorea, pianos, and organa. 839 Wa bash-ar. Fob salr-for two days, Monday and Tuesday, second-hand carpets and stores at 46) West Adamt-tL pURNITURB FOR SALE, NEARLY NEW, AT 185 A 1 EUis-ar. Inquire on the premises, or at Room 13.123 Dearborn-st. F“oa SALE-A PARLOR CARPET. 71 YARDS; ball. 19yards: stair, lo yards; and bedroom carpet: little used. A. W. WHEELER. 141 Lake-st., op-stairs. pOR SALB-AT 6a WEST ADAMB-ST., AT A BIG X* bargain this week, fine refrigerator, dining chairs, table and carpet, cook store with new water <»Hin> dishes, etc. All abore bat little nsed. POB SALE—A SMALL LOT COMMON FURNI tnro. rery cherp, with or without six good rooms, at tlOpermomh. 138 a Shurtlefl-ar. For sale—a very neat parlor suit *, bair clotband walnut, aa good as new;oostsl2s:wlll sell for S7S. Address V 40, Tribune office. pOR SALE—EMPIKB BEDSTEAD. BOOK-CASE X* top, for S6O; cost $100; nearly new and in good order. $47 Mienigan-ar. For sale-a handsome walnut parlor aet of eeron pieces, brown and crimson, for S6O. No. 34 Tweocy-aighth-ec. For sale-no. 9 paragon range, watbr baefc, etc.,etc., price. S4O, and eomeuseful furni ture, cheap. Address O w C, Room i. US South Wa ter-st. QEKAT REDUCTION IN PRICKS. ffe* and elegant parlor and chamber anita below the cost ol man of ac tore. Price* lower J,hanjjrer known. MAKTLVS. 154 Statelet. Recent parchaaes for cash enable as to offer : Hand some suit, 7 pcs., walnnt and terry, only S4O; new style parlor suit, 7 pcs., handsome reps or haircloth, only 865; elegant walnut parlor salts, newest styles in ooTsrinps of crimson, brown, ormsrooa terry, or hair cloth, 7 pea., only *7s—worth fUJS; haadsoms Turkish sort, sloo—sold elsewhere at SITS; “Maris Antoinette" parlor suit, brown terry, and maroon plash pnfing, $95; elegant rose wood and crimson silk brocade parlor salt, 8 pcs., $175; plain walnut chamber salts, $35; handsome walnut suits, of 8 pcs.. Including elegant dressing case, bedstead, ana washstsnd, 865, $76, SBS, fIW, $125. A few bookcases, sideboards lonagss, and easy chairs, cheap. MARTINIS, 154 Stato-st., between Madison and Mom-os. Halls, statp “ sell* * 4 ALLS, STAIR. AND PARLOR CARPETS, BRUS- I tells, in good condition, for sale »t BO cents per yard; alto other faraltnre. Call Thursday at GOO AdsmMt. I HAVE THE FOLLOWING SECOND-HAND COOK ■tores, with sew ware, for sale cheap; One No. 9 Gibbs'cook, with resorroir; one No. 8 Grand cook, with roeervolr and warming closet: one No. 8 Excellent, with copper roeerroir; one No. 6 Magee’s portable range, six holes. The abore are all in good order and warranted. Call and see them day or evening. JASPER N, RUS SELL, 144 West Madison-st. . I HAVE A COOKING-STOVE WORTH 9401 WOULD like to sell or exchange for other goods. W 45, Trib une office. JAMES HANNEGAN, 283 TAKES much pleasure in announcing to the public of baring mado a great redaction in his rent and other expenses, enabling him to sell his goods rery low. His large and well-assorted stock of form tore, carpets, oil cloths, and a great variety of household goods has been bought with at tentioa and care, suitable and tcrrlceabls for house keeping purposes. Parties requiring anything in his line the coming season will tind it to their advantage to faror him with their attention. Payment taken in convenient weekly or monthly installments, at cash prices. No in terest. Goods warranted. 389 State-st. l*iioM prir&t*. "xd- ON EASY TERMS FURNITURE, CARPETS, •tores, and crockery. Cash prices and on terms to salt the purchaser. We carry the largest, moat tollable, beet finished. and beet selected stock ol furniture on the West Side. Oar roods are largely of our on& manufac ture. We can, therefore, give our customers a closer figure on bolter goods than other establishments. We have a large and carefully selected line of the sowost 6atterns of ingrain and Brosaels carpets and oil cloths, ought since the recant decline, that we offer os time at the lowest cash prices. In our stock of ranges and cook* log stores, wo have some of the best and most favorably* known that are In the market. It pays to get ear prices examine ear goods before buying elsewhere. JOHN M. SMYTH, IStWest Madison-tU OK INSTALLMENTS FINELY-FINISHED AND handsome marble and walnut top chamber suite, parlor salts, and lounges that are stylish and well mad* on easv weekly or monthly payments at cash prices. Good goods and square dealing guaranteed. JOHN M hMYTH. ** ON PARTIAL PAYMENTS-INGRAIN AND BRUSI eels c erpete from £f cents e yard eud upward, on weekly or monthly payments. We are making lower prices than ever before, and giving more favorabU term*. JOHN AL SMYTH, IX WestMmdWst. TOrmo ** Mrm »- PARTIES WHO ARE UNFORTUNATB ENOUGH to have a chattel mortgage 00 their household goods should go at once and see Hodges A C0.,N0. &3 West Lake-st*. have your mortgage paid, and not allow it te be foreclosed and placed la the hands of an officer and slaughtered, end then still be In debt by the eaermous expenses 01 custodian fees, byaidgj forty ether charges by men whs de a*t know the valae of goods and ears lees. Call on er srtrtrees WK. R nnnaVi * OP- i ■ttlii mn, Je»«aWmtTefrasA —• HOUSEHOLD GOODS. 154 STATE-ST. THE CHICAGO SUNDAY, "APRIL 23, 1876-SIXTEEN PAGES. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. PARTIES BREAKING UP HOUSEKEEPING, OR about to more, and baring more household goods, carpets, etc., than they are in need of, will do well to send them to Hodges <k Co.'s, Auction-Rooms. No. 662 West Lake it. Large advances made on goods. HODGES A CO., Aoctionaers, No 662 West Lake-st. SN. FOWLER 4 CO., AUCTIONEERS AND COM • mission merchants, 274 and 276 East Madlaon-tt, make liberal cash advances on household goods, and give particular attention to sales of household effects at resi dences. (pUE ENTIRE ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FURNL X tare of 1001 Wabash-av. at auction Wednesday. April 25, at 30 o'clock a. m. WE COMBINE WITH LIBERAL MONTHLY PAY manta good furniture at* low prices and square dealing. We offer 40 marble-top tables, $5 to $22 each. IS marble-top dressing-ease chamber sets. SSO te $125. 20 easy chain and rockers, $lO to $lB. 15 bed lounges, sl2 to $lB. 15 siagle lounges. $lO to $25. 14 parlor teU. S4O to SIOO. Great variety of other ftmii tore at factory prices either for cash or ou time. CALHOUN. CHENEY A CO., WANTED— A BBT OF BROWN REP PARLOR furniture ;mnat be cheap for cash. AddrsssTTl, Tribune office. WANTED-A GOOD BEDROOM SET. AND CAR. •" JPot«. to exchange for Unde in Missouri, or loUln Washington IlelgbU. X 86, Tribuneoffice. ~\\T ANTED—COM PLBTS OUTFIT OF FURNITURE J» and carpets, for lot on Twenty-socoud-st., clear. T 95, Tnbone office. WANTED— NEW OK SECOND-HAND CARPETS and furniture: also, dry goods and some job prlnt ing In exchange for dentistry. P 47. Tribune office. ■n/'ANTED— FOR CASH-OUTFIT FOR HOUSE- U keeping; most be good and cheap. W, 87, Tribune office. WANTED-A HANDSOME CHAMBER-SET IN exchange for ladles* gold watch. Address Z 6J, Trib une office. \\T ANTED—A BLACK WALNUT SIDEBOARD; TV marble-top; state price. Address V 87, Tribune office. WANTED—ABOUT 50 YARDS BRUSSELS OAR »> pet; cheap lor cash. SSI. Tribune office. toll buy my entire outfit for (PUIS housekeeping. No. 1 sewing- machine Included. 263 South Halstod-sU, orer shoe-store. parlor and chamber suits, Uu ready for immadiato delivery. Prices lower than evor known. RECENT PURCHASES FOR CASK enable us to offer bargains in Furniture not to be had elsewhere in Chicago. ELEGANT PARLOR SUITS, various coverings, 7 pieces each, S4O. SSO. S6O, $76, 895. SIOO. $lB5. HANDSOME UHAMltkll Sl/ITS. s4fi, $65, $76. SBS, 890. SIOO, $125. MARTIN'S 164 Stalest., between Madison and Monroe. H VILL BUY AN ELEGANT pianoforte, with agraffe, French action, over* atrung bias, elegant rosewood eaao. carved legs and lyro. Manufacturer's price-list S6OO. For sale with stool and oover for $2lO. IL T. MAKTIN, 1M Suu-it. ON EASY MONTHLY OB WEEKLY PAYMENTS— Fomitnre! Furniture!! Furniture! !! Carpets! Carpets !! Carpets!l Stores ! Stores!! Stoves!!! Crockery! Crockery!) Crockery!!! We now bare the finest stock of goods in Chicago. Four floors of the three story and baaoment stone front building are filled with choice goods, which wo will sell at prices lower ever known before In Chicago. Wo have fine wood and marble-top tables for S 3, $3, 34. $6, 37.60. $9.50, JU, and upward; good chamber sou at $25 and upward; good par lor sets at S4O, $45, SSO, S6O. 373, 390, and upward; good carpets atWc. 60c, 75c, 85c. 90c,51. and upward; good hair mattresses with best tick for sls; good stoves and ranges at 316 to (90; good lounges at sl2. Now is tbo time to commence housekeeping while prices are low and rents are cheap, and remember wo are the only house in Chicago who can furnish a house complete with first-class goods, and that we can and will eel! good goods at lets Prices than any other bouse in Chicago, as we own oar building and pay no rent, and bavo very light expenses. Having all classes of goods under our roof, we can afford to sell cheaper than those who keep just one Urn? of goods. Goods can be purchased at this tims to be delivered at any time daring the spring. It will pay all to call and examine before purchasing elsewhere. W. A. LOWELL A CO.. 735 West Madison-st. pARPRTS! CARPETS!! CARPETS! !! CARPETS! Carpet*!! Carpets!!!—The finest selection of car pots in the city. New spring stylos are now arriving, and we will sell at less prices than any house in the city. Great care will be taken to shew onr easterners goods, and we will warrant onr carpets to be the voir best In the mar ket. Call before purchasing. W. A. LOWELL A CO.. 736 West Madison-st. CROCKERY! CROCKERY!! CROCKERY! !1- Tbo best class of crockery and glassware on easy monthly payment*. W. A, LOWELL A CO., 736 West 'Madison-st. STOVES! STOVES I ! STOVES ! ! !-WE HAVE the largest and best assortment ofistoves west of New York, which we can sell at very low prices and on easy monthly payments. W. A- LOWKT.T. a 00.. 73t West Madison-st. FIN AN GIAIm AAA -WANTED, FOR A TERM OF YEARS. A ri.ii.iiL. loan of $25,000 on first-class improved city property. Address O 30, Tribane office. AAA MONEY TO LOAN IN SUMS OP $1,600 TO P-Tl-a. Want S6OO on $3,000 lot, Willpay 10 p*r cent. ISAAC H. PRIOR, 188 Madison-st., Room 7. A A A AND 9 PER CKNT-MONEY TO LOAN riilA. In sums of 35,000 and upwards on Chicago $5 Ks&.S' w - SYMAiI, JB-. * CO„ Boom U, No. A A MOSEY TO LOAN IN SUMS TO SUIT AT .-1* lowest carrent rates. J. D. HABVEY, 97 Dearbora-st. A CAPITALIST WANTS TO LOAN 360.000 AT THE lowest currant rates, os first-class improved city property. Principal* only need apply. Address T S 3. Tribune office. A PPLICATION3 FOR LOANS OF SSOO AND UP £ dßjaaajggrsgjgiga&sff" b * KDMUND A DVANCES MADE ON WATCHSS, JEWELRY -Cl. diamonds, revolvers, opera-giassc*. books, furs. In strument*, etc,, etc.,at OOLDSMID’SLoaa end Knllloa office. 99 hast Madison-st. Cash paid for old gold and sil ver, gold dost, silver bars, precious stone*, and valuables of every description. Unredeemed pledges for sale. Advances made on diamonds, watches. bonds, etc., at LAUNDERS’ private office, 120 Ran dolpb-st.. near Clark,Rooms 5 ana 6. - Bonds and stocks bought and sold, com. merctal paper, and mortgage lotnt negotiated: Texas land ■ crip for tale. PERRY A HUNT, 129 LsSalle-st. CASH ON HAND TO LOAN ON CHICAGO PROP erty in sums of SSOO, $1,000,81.500, $2,000, etc. Want none but the best securities, and will Inter est and expenses oorrospondiggly low. BAJa'L OKUR, Mortgage Loans, Money to loan at s and 9 per cent oh Chicago property. J. H. REED. New York. JOHN H. AVERY. Chicago, TLfONEY TO LOAN ON CHICAGO REAL ESTATE Xu. and improred farms within 100 miles of Chicago, in nuns of SSOO and upwards. JOHN W. MARSH A CO.. 91 Waabingtoa-st. VTONKY IN HAND TO LOAN ON CHATTEL OR IVI collateral seoority. WILSON & DAVIS, Boom 3, 118 Kandolph-st. Money wantbd-sulooo on improved city and $5,000 on farm in IlUnois: will pay 8 and 3 commission. MAILERS, Room 6,118 Washington-st. \TONEY TO LOAN—IN SUMS OF $1,600, SI,OOO, lU and $5,000. H. J. FEET, 182 Boom 13. *\TONEY TO LOAN-IN SUMS TO SUIT-ON CITY l*i and suburbanQroperty. £. F. aiiAMS 4 DRAKE. 113 Pifth-ar. MONEY TO LOAN ON MERCHANDISE TAKEN in store: rate of interest 10 per cent: expenses ox tra. THQ3. A. HILL, 133 Dearborn-si. XCONEY TO LOAN ON IMPROVED FARMS IN ITJL Illinois. G. P. TUCKER, Room 14, No. 159 La balla-st. XfONEY TO LOAN AT 8,9, AND 10 PER CENT ON ItX Chicago real estate and Illinois LUMLEY INGLEDKW. IS2 LaSaUo-sL, Room 177^*" TLfONEY TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS, WATERS, XU pianos, sewing-machines, and other collaterals. Frl rate Loan Office. 125 Clarlc-sL, Boom 2, upstairs. *\ TONEY TO LOAN-IN SUMS TO SUIT, FROM S3OO i’ 825,000. at 8 and 9 per cent on Chicago real estate or Illinois farms. Small commission. DR, S. PLACE. IC3 Dcarborn-st, basement. Money to loan in sums OP S3W and dp ward* on city improved real estate. Alto for b&lq 5 lotßonLUl&nd 6 lota on Sdnlatry-av,, nwvrPoUtrton av.. tt&Mcerifico. N. m. BLUMENl f HAL, Eoom 4L No. 23 North Clart-tt. % M°P EV JO LOAM ON FUUNITURK, PIANOS, i.TX diamonds, noose* on leased lota, and other rood se curities. No. M 3 Clark-st, R00m34. K. WLNNE. if ORTGAGB FOR SALB-8375 CHATTEL MORT "JL gage on house; Insured, and lease nms seven rears: nut sell. Boom 6, 64 West Randolph-st. \f ONEY IN HAND TO LOAN ON CHATTEL OR ML' collateral security. WILSON A DAVIS, Room 8. 118 Randolph-st. \fONEY TO LOAN IN SUMS OF 91.000 AND UP ivf oa.real osUte security. B, w. THOMAS A CO., IS2 LaSallO'St pKRSpNS HAVING VALUABLES IN PAWN UPON A . which they wish to reduce the Interest one-half, cod those wishing loans upon diamonds and iqwslrr at reasonable rates, address Zl. Tribune office. 10 LEND—FROM SEOO TO *5.300. CITT SAVINGS Bank, comer Pifth-av. and W«<h(nrt<»n-et. OX) LOAN-MONEY IN SUMS OP ?3.000 AND T.ttgg A, ,i? n K or short time, on real estate. Notes purchased. Ij6 Wasnington-et.. Room 35. vwwujwu. npO LOAN—3B,OOO ON IMPROVED CITV PROPERTY “"WWKBSMA. TO LOAN-A FEW THOD3ALD DOLLARS UPON toproTea city ttl»l or cbolc. oobuFrorod .1 w-nlmtloA G. D. PEASE. Rr.o.r Block. 10 LOAN-SMALL BUMS; SHORT TIME. GOOD coUttor,! neuritj. Addreii TS 7. Trlbnne 0000. W A2^%r T ? borrow-«i,ooo for oj»b yjjar. rr on fint-clMj ieoarity. Address N 45, Tribune office. W ™SS~oSLi b( J rro W-*IM FOB THREB V Tg. ,! .'sr “ d ““«» !,Ut * WANTED—FOR CASH—PERSONAL PROPERTY, watches, jewelry, furniture, harnesses, wagons, •to* 1 buy and sell on commission and may* cash advances. DR. LAW. 13i W B ,°nS 0W ON 8 LOTS IH THE , best suburb of Chicago; big Interest. Princlnaia office 4ddroU ’ £iTl ° £ Um# interview, X 63, Tribcuae WAKTED-TO BORROW—ON LONG TIME AW t 1,. °I $20,000 on good real estate in the interior nf IndUnft; will fumUb .11 tio deiSdTlJS'o.. poaw ot ..mining, Addm. Q TribSi SSaSSSSg WANTED—S7,OOO FOR FIVE YEARS ON FIRST • • class Improved resldenoe Dronertr 1n» , M i Urwt. Addnw.JQH;< c * al bt ‘ DREAL cigals only wiU be considered. K CS. Tribu^oS^. Piln * ISS™iSSS°-siS W ekglewood property VV SUMH FROM «M TOlSa: financial- WAKTED-TWO SDIIS. »I,«W AND BEST tt unimproved city property: security; 3t05 years time: 10 per cent interest; no commission. Loan agents need not apply. Address NILO VIO, Tribune office. TSTANTED—SHORT SECURED PAPER; MONK’ TT loaned on collaterals. C. J. ADAMS. 69 Dearborn X\T ANTED—S2S TO HELP PATENT VALUABLE TV invention; money in it. For interview address S 1, Tribune office. \AT ANTED—FROM $6,000 TO SB,OOO ON FIRBT- T T class suburban property for five yean, for which 10 and 5 per cent will be paid. Address Q 37. Tribune office. tvanted-shares OF EXPOSITION STOCK AT TT 62 cants. Address W 96. Tribune office. TITANTED—SIO,OOO AT 7 PERCENT; SECURITY; T T central, improved, and the veiy best. Address D, GB3 Fhlton-st. 8 9, ANDIo PER CENT-MONEY IN SUMS OF i SSOO to SIO,OOO to loan on city real estate and farms in this vicinity. W.M. WILLNER, I2BLaSaUe-st., Rooml, <£7 TO SIO,OOO ADVANCED ON ALL KINDS OF »DX personal property, lurnituro, watches, diamonds, uwgry. etc. 177 East Madlson-at., Room 1, J. L. REED I ft PER CENT FIRST MORTGAGE BONDS RUN- Xv/ nlng4, 5, 6. and 7 yean, secured on real estate, water power, works and machinery to the amount of SIOO,- 000. Only $25,000 of bonds offered; fl rat In, first served. Address J. K. BURTON. Secretary of Crawford Mover and Reaper Works. Geneva Lake, Wls. nnn T J2 LOAN ON BEAL ESTATE. J. W. <PX»UUU WAUGHQP, Room 26,97 Clark-st. <£l OHO «MO. $2,000. AND LARGER AMOUNTS. »J)X* lAM/ii to loan on city property or farina; A 9, and 10 percent. PETERSON A BAY, 36Clark-st. <£l non T 0 34.0 W) op MY OWN MONEY TO <jpX .uUv loan at 10 per cent and no commission. Se canty A 1 real estate, and good parties. State particulars and address for 6 days S 2. Tribune office. Ci 7 C/m TO LOAN ON REAL ESTATE SE -91.0UU curity by CHAS. S. WILSON, 84 Reaper Block. 01 700 WANTED FOR ONE OR TWO YEARS <£>X« | UU on 33,780 well secured notes; reasonable in teract. Address C. Room 11,109 Dearborn-at. 0O 000 TO LOAN, 3 TO 6 TEARS. ON CITY iJJiii.UvU ml estate; loans made on good collator als. W. OTTAWAY. 127 Sonth Clark-st., Boon 44. 0O OfU| TO LOAN ON REAL ESTATE SB r.«t curity, in one or two suns. NEWTON LULL, 153 LaSalle-st. 0O KOft T 0 LOAN ON OHIOAQO REAL es «p4.JUU tato security. WILLIAM H. KINO, 160 Clark-st. 0,4 900 TO loan ON GOOD IMPROVED CITY •PT.ZiUU property. J.H.KEDZIB, 120 Randolpb st., Room 4. nnfi AND SIO.WO AMOUNTS TO LOAN ON 'vO+yjxJyJ productivecity roal estate, at very desira ble rates. Bnildidg loans made. DEAN A PAYNE, northeast comer Randolph and Dearbora-sta., bank Hoot, A. LOAN ON FIRST-OLASS improved real estate, inside. None but g-tociptie neod s#ply. S. O. HAYES, 234 Madfson-st., (inn TO LOAN on first-class inside 'IU Uproperty; nocommission*. Addxos OWNER. 129 Plfth-av. 4*l n non SUMS and upwards to loan on tpLU.UWU productive city reel estate at 8 per cent interest end 1 % commissions. WILLIAM LINDSLRY. Room 14 Methodist Church Block. ©ea non wanted-sro SHARES op the •PtfU.UUv capital stock of a manufacturing com pany for sale. Business profitable and under A 1 man agement. Principals only nead apply. Addre&a W 50, Tribune office. fci nn non TO loan at 8 PER cent on in *DX\f aide Improved. Oar own money: most deal with first parties. It 71. Tribune office. FOR SAX.B, l?OR SALE-CHEAP FOR CAS H, FOR GROCERY. I.' drag, or liqnor stem, three beautiful counters and three beautiful shelves. Inquire at 13 South Olark-st.. basement. For salb-a fire and burglar-pboop safe, 5x4 feet, at No. 6 South Market-st. FOR SALK-MARBLE SODA-FOUNTAINS (SEV oral handsome ones, used one season) at aboat half louN^%^&T£sT^ lnge^wher<u BIGELOW FOR SALE-EAGLE CORNICE BRAKE IRON pipe folder, ail as good as new. J. BEVAN A CO.. 112 Third-av. For sale-ob will exchange for uorsb or piano, tbo tight of the Boston Carpet Cleaning Machine for the city of Peoria. Address O 31, Tribune office. FOR SALE-GROCERY COUNTERS AND SHELV- Inu, very cheap; will trade for groceries. Apply to JOHN P. CO AN. 6b4 West Twonty-tirst-st. t?or sale-derrick and pole, masons* X scaffolding, etc., rearof new building 316 West Madi son-st. LIOR SALE-GOOD BILLIARD TABLE. CHEAP, X Call at or address 1510 |Wabaah-av., corner Twenty ninth-st. Fob sale—a secondhand anchor and chain. 2fi2We« For sale—board of trade membership for 3450. Address X £l, Tribune office. For sale-3,000 well-assorted choice cigars and tobacco, low for cash only. Addresa N 98, Tribune office. For sale-cheap for cash or will trade for cigars., anew counter, two upright wall-cases, writing-desk, and invalid chair. Inquire of AUGUST GOUDKIND, Matteson Bouse cigar stand, eratP. L GAURirrS candy store, lOOVaaßuren-st. For salk-cheap— 44 feet black walnut upright show caring with under drawer*. Apply to JOSEPH BUTLER A CO.. SO State-st., second floor. SALE-CHEAP—FISHING TACKLE AT JO- X SEPH BUTLKB A CO.’S, 90 State-st., opposite Field, Letter A Co.'sjalsobreech-loadersrepairodaad shell* loaded to order. IjtOß SAIE—AT GREAT SACRIFICE—26 TRUNKS. X: satchels, and lob of notions: mast be sold at any price, at ISL* Amold-st., bctwean Thirty-fifth and Thirty* sixth; booth Side; leaving city. T?OR SALE-OU TRAUE-TO CONTOAOTORS-17 (.' scrapers, 12 wheelbarrows, one 4-horsa plow, and two 3-borsa plows aa good aa new; a bargain. Y 49, Tribune office. I?OR SALE-OB EXCHANGE FOR GROCERIES. A* aliver plate. Address Q 48, Tribnne office. FOB SALK—a new, powerful, emotional drama, which has recaired the praise of aereral of the best critics day. Address 8 71, Tribune office. F” OH SALB-RLEVATOR (REEDY’S MAKE), COST SSOO; also a glass partition, 3(1 toot long, with door: all La good order. E, £. BROMILOW, 10 North WelU st. FOR SALK - A NEW MILCH OOW. WITH OR without calf; calf thrae weeks old. Apply at 650 West Waabiagton-it. T?OR SALE-TUB FIXTURES AND SAFE OF A A? bank in a good location. A party with soma capital eonld continue the business. Address Q ML Tribune office. L'OB SALK-SITTING AND CYLINDER DESKS. A standing desks with counter back and glass os top. rotary chairs, tables, et0.,60 feet of railing bat little osod at ono-third cost e! new. AU work and material warrant ed. Factory comer Lake and JeOenOMta, E- D. MILLER. FOR SALE—board op TRADE membership. Address K, Room 40 Merchant's Building. ORSALE-OHEAP-ONIC MKDinM.STZim Trip ling safe. S. J. SURD AM A 00.. 178 Lake-at. FOR SALE—A FRESH MILCH cow. inquire of MARTIN FARRELL, in rear of 12J4 Pralne-aTT on Monday. T?OR SALK-PINK WATER-SPANIEL DOG, OR X' would exchange for Newfoundland ar St. Bernard dog. S 3 Walier-st.. np-stairs. FOB BALE—CHEAP-LARGS MARVIN SAFE, burglar box. Room O, 128 l-aXatie-tt. For salb-onb stone*boat. address y ss. Tribune office. TT'OB SALE-DUE BILL-FRESCOING. WALL- X 1 tinting, etc.; reliable parties wauling firat-olasa work can obtain liberal terms and discount, WHITE. Room 19,175 LaSallo-st. F)B SALE-TWO NICE FOUR-LIGHT OHANDE IIen, suitable for front and back parlor; almost new: giaeaoh. 75 Doarbomat. CHARLES MATTHEWS. HOB SALE—A BOARD OP TRADE MEMBERSHIP. ■l/ Address W 6S, Tribane office. OR SALE-LARGE STOCK OF FINE APPLE trooa. 3 and 4 years old. very cheap for *•»«*», Room »♦ 123 Dearborn-»t For sale-tables, counters, suelvlng. l, ! rM “ , tholr In .tore iai and la 3 South Clark-st This week only. TOORSALE—CHEAP, 8100, ORDER FOR WROUGHT X*. iron foacp or grating. Room C, LaSalia-iU TPOR SALS—BOARD OF TRADE TICKET. CLEAR X 1 and assessment paid. Address Z 43, Tribnne office. T?OR SALR-A GOOD TREAD POWER WITH SAW, A 1 all com Blot© for wood sawing; will sail verr ohean. Inquire at 186 Sooth Uroen-et. 9 FOB SALE-SIGN AND RACKS FOR WALL PA per and ahadoa; stock to be closed oat away down, 167 west Madison-st, pOR SALK—THREE DIAMOND RINGS, SET DIA- X mond ear-rings, 8600 notes and mortgages, ICO-acre Urmia Michigan; also 80 acres In Michigan, or will ax. chango for hotel furniture. at 88 Fifth-av. FOR SALE—AT A LARGE DISCOUNT, SEVERAL hundred dollar*of first-elaas painter l * doe bills. data. ?le in painting at cash prices. 119 Fifth-ay. FOR SALE—see here, 1 SET of 6-TON plat. form scales tor sale cheap; also to root cheap. 3 small stores and rooms for a lew families, at 400 West Polk-at. UALRY. SALE-SOME DIAMONDS. LADIES* WATCH! es, point laces, two silk dresses, and one opera be sold to close business. Room 9, Ul and For sale—to pay advances-ladiks and goats* gold watches, diamond plus and rings, plated, rare, sowing-machines, leather-top and one enon )TTAWAY, 127 South Olark-st., Room 41. gSJ For sale-a large stock of shade. ornaT nunontaL evergreen, and fruit trees, shrubs. Tines. S'SathgutcS." FOK SALE-BO4RD OP TRADE MEMBERSHIP, «I«o cltizi on Citln«n,* But Addrau W IL, Trist une office. TjIQR SALE-A VERY DESIRABLE SODA FODN. For particulars call or address 150 South Hal- IOR SALE-SOME VERY FINE BAR AND RES, taurant fixtures. 241 and 243 Stato-st., Room 9? T?O®BAXE— A LARGE LOT OF LBATHKR-HKap. WHALER. A - W - For sale-a lot op axle pulleys atjs cents per dozen; saah cord chain a w WHKKLERTi4I Lake-st.. up-suS. P ' ** W ’ For salb-a lot op steel rakes at so snd 40cents; shorels, steeL 60 eente each; scoop snorels 80 conU each. A. W. WriLBELERTIti Lake, st, op-etairs. • A LARGESTOCKOPLOCKS, KNOBS. TJIOE SALK—A LOT OF BRACES. WORTH- Rl st 1808 SALE—CHEAP FOR CASH. MEDIUM-SIZED i- »fe. good as new. Address W 99. Trihnnr^ffl^ POR SALE—BUTCHER-KNIVES WORTH 60 CENTS for SOo: worth 630 for 3&e; and 8L&0 itoH-i A. W. WHEELER. 141 Laks-st., ‘EIOR SALE—A LOT"HNb Qititjtu PLATffI *** d ‘“ M - w - waaS FOR SALB-TWO WATER-CLOBTg. mnnni. I. livery bars. Suia arul Tb4rti*tA-*tfc fob SALE. FOU SALE—THK LARGS AND ELEGANT: SODA water fountain now la me at oar State-st. store. Alto, beat? plato glass mirror aboat 6x3 feet; will be told cheap for cash to make room for a larger fountain expected daily. BUCK A RAYNER. _____ EOR JsALE-A GROCERS* COUNTKRSOALK, PfCß foct, Tory little mod, cheap. Inquiro at 88 Siaie-st. TPOR SALB-A SPLENDID NEW STEREO-PAN- J. optioon outfit, with ugor ISO views, all complete, cheap. 88 Sute-st. For sale-cheap-housb to be moved; 20x40.' 8-itory. 203 Porti&ad-ar., second door from corner of Twenty-seventh-st. For sale—a lot of &ball maple-wood fine aoslity croquet acts at CL£O each. JL W. WHEELER, HI apTiUlrt. T7OR SALE-CHEAP-SODA APPARATUS WITH 8 A’ syrups and 3 drafts. Inqulr Sandal *n nrntn g or Monday morning at 363 West Madliou-sU EOR SALE-CHEAP—GROCERY FIXTURES. sugar bios, and ala box. 142 West Adami-st. FOR SALE-CHEAP—COUNTER AND SHELVING. 222 Blue liland-av. FOR SALE—a COMPLETE SET OF Gas Fix tures for a 10-room bouse; nearly now. Call and ex. amine Monday. 309 West Jackson-st. FOR SALE-GAS FIXTURES SUITABLE FOR store or office; good as new; also standing desk, glass top and railing. 91 Wasnlngton-st.. Room 6. FOR SALE-A GOOD DOUBLE-BARRELED shot-enn, cheap. Address Q 65, Tribune office. pOR SALE-A NEW STORE, WITH BARN, ON J? Fonrteonth-at., near Ashland-av.. to be removed. Inquire at 607 West Fourteonth-at. P. B. FINKOAN. THOR SALE-A LARGE LOT OF TABLE-KNIVES X and forks at a great sacrifice; carvers worth $3.50 for sl. A. W. WHEELER, 141 Lake-st., op-stain. For sale-a lot of very fine, full blooded black and tan pups cboap. Also, a skye ter. tier dog; warranted a good Idllar'or no sale. Address 122# Brno lajaad-av. For sale-or exchange-for good fur nltaro*and carpets, millinery and notion store fix tares ; complete sot,, in ptgfect order. Address at once N 75, Tribune office. I?OR SALE—AN SBOO PIANO. NEW, FOR $<«J; A X printing office worth SI,OOO, for S4(A); and a cabinet case sewing machine, $125, for $76- Address Xl9, Trib une office. OOR SALE-A FOUR-POCKET POUL-TABLE, 1* manufactured by Stephani, Manhelmer A Hart, with Collonder’s patent cushions. Will be sold cheap to any ono wishing to purchase immediately. Address W 63, Tribune office. TIOR SALE—THE COMPLETE FIXTURES FOB A X* grocery store, consisting of bins, counters, and shelv ing, saloon counters and ale boxes. Ak GORDON’S, 51 Fifth-ay., under Briggs House. BOR SALE—FOREST TREES, AT THE DUPAGE .. County Nursery sale ground. No. 257 South State-st. For sale-9 isoda-fountains and 3 mar ble-top counters. Inquire of GEORGE KIN'OaDE, 196 Clark-st. t?OE SALE-A 10-GALLON ICE-CREAM MACHINE. X 1 in food order; also, a large quantity of tubs end frector* cheep. Inquire et 834 North Olark-st., up stairs. MUSICAI* AN ELEGANT DECKER BROS.* PIANO FOR sale at half price, or will rent it low. Also, a good toned, 7-octave pUno for 895; rent, $4. Also, an eztnt toned one for sl3ti; root, 35. 30q Warren-av. ANY ONE LEAVING CITY AND WISHING TO leaqe piano with responsible party with little nse.may address AGO, Carrier 13, South Station. WWpay cash for good bed-lounge and 80 yards good Brussels carpet. ESTEY ORGANS, NEW STYLES, NEW AND KLE cant cases, jest received at STORY A CAMP’S. Call and see them at Sll State-st. pOR SaLE-HANDSOMB ESTEY ORGAN, TEN X stops; used bat Uttle; cost 8225; price, 315 CU Ad dress S 53. Tribune office. SALE—A VERY PINE VIOLIN; PRICE, SICO. X Also, a B clarionette; price, $33. Both are excellent Instruments. Inquire at 123 North Clark-st. (Drugstore). ITIOR SALE-ONE PIANO, CHEAP FOB CASH IF X taken this week, at 959 Indlana-av, Apply to J. W. D. KELLY A BRO.. 88 Msdison-st. TjIOR SALE-ONE ESTEY A CO. COTTAGE OR- X' gan, only two months In use; cost 3175; will lease to good party at 3100 on monthly payments. ISOState-sU j?OB SALE—A NKW~VUOEITHUGHES SEVEN- X' stop organ for 399, also a parlor grand piano. 841 and 243 State-st., Room 9. FOR SALE—JULIUS BAUER a CO., corner OF State and Monroe-sts., Palmer House, have lost completed,.and are offering for sale their new piano in a cherry wood case, instead of rosewood veneered, which enables them to sell this new instrument at a very low figure. It has all the patented improvements, aself-boar fngagraffe attachment, and concave name board. Ac., and is in every other respect just the same as the rose wood pianos. hirst-class and fully warranted. Don't fail to tee it before you purchase. FOR SALE-OR KXCHANGE-3275-ORGAN, 3600- piano, 3125-sowing machine, all new, part bal ance room furniture, gold watch, horse and boggy. S 82, {Tribune office. TOOR SALE-MASON A HAMLIN ORGANS ON X easy payments. We have a complete assortment of these celebrated organs always on hand, and are prepared to sell them on terms to suit purchasers, from o months to two years* time, in monthly or quarterly installments. JULIUS BAUER A CO., corner State and Monroe-sts., Palmer House. Fob saus—or exchange for household furniture—An entirely new $250 organ. Will sell very cheap for cash. 66 Stato-sc., fourth floor. F‘ OB SALE-A FINE STANDARD MAKS PIANO, excellent tone and condition, for 380, with stool ana cover. Call after 7JOp.m. at £76 Indiaua-av. T?OB SALE—X NEW SIX-STOP CABINET ORGAN. X 1 never been used; cheap for cash. Inquire first floor 230LaSalls-st. GO To THE ORGAN FACTORY FOB THE CHEAP eat first-class cabinet organ in Chicago. Price, SSO and upward; wholesale and retail, monthly payments or cash. Old Organa repaired at moderate cost, or exebang edfor now. NICHOLSON ORGAN CO..63lndlana-st. Good oakved-leg ti-s-octave piano to a careful party at a low figure. J. B. CHAMBERS, corner of darkest, and Madison. IF YOU WANT TO BENT A PIANO, GO TO PROS SER’S—Be makes renting a specialty; on commission; instruments at low prices ana easy terms. SIS State-at. MADE BY X. SPANG. SMITH AMERL \J can Co.. Blake Organ Co.. Taylor A Farlay, SSO, $93, 9100. $125. R.T. MARTIN. ii 4 Sute-at. ** ' PIANOS AND ORGANS FOR RENT AND FOR sale on installments or on easy terns, at STOBY A GAMP’S, 311 State-st. PIANOS FOB SALK AND ToRENT, REPAIRING, and toning at the Chicago Plano Factory. 240 South BUte-at., by J. PRESTON A SONS. PIANOS AND ORGANS FOR SALK AND TO RENT cheap: tuning and repairing promptly attended to at the factory. W. T. REID, 263 Stato-at. PARTIES DESIROUS OP PLACING THEIR piano with private family for good keeping can find opportunity by addressing or calling at 86 Washington-ai., in the basement, or 377 Sooth Park-av. PIANO WANTED—A FIRST-CLASS INSTRUMENT (Steisway, Stock, or Chiekoring preferred) in exchange for a fine lot at South Evanston; will make It to advan tage of any desiring to sell. Address B 83, Tribune office. SECOND-HAND PIANOS AND ORGANS FOB O sale cheap at STORY A CAMP’S. Call and exatn ine prices bet ore purchasing elsewhere at 2U State-st. TX) RENT—S 7 PER MONTH, OR WILL SELL X cheap on sls monthlyMymonta— Elegant, first-claae, new piano. Address S 68, Tribune office. rr>as hardman piano. X THE CHEAPEST FIRST-CLASS INSTRUMENT IN THE MARKET FOB 36 YEARS. OVER IN USB. FOB SALE ONLY BY R. T. MARTIN. 154 STATK-ST. WEBER PIANOS, RECOMMENDED AS THE best by the leading profession, can be obtained at reasonable terms at STORY A CAMP’S, 311 Statn-st. TAT ANTED—A NEW OR SECOND-HAND [PIANO; tt must be first-class, with all late improvement!. Ad dress T 45, Tribune office, giving maker's lowest cash price, and all particulars. WANTED— A PIANO IN EXCHANGE FOB ▲ first-class gold watch and some manor, or a lot SU, Tribune office. ANTED-FOR CASH—STEINWAY UPRIGHT piano. Moat bo a bargain. 823 Ogden-av. MACHINERY. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF NEW AND SEO ond-haad pulleys, hangers, blacksmith’a bellows, auvila, vises, otc., etc., at the Garden City Machinery Home, 61 South Canal-at ~ * A LOT OF NEW AND SECOND-HAND ENGINES, boilers, wood and iron working machinery, steam pumps, shafting, etc., oto.. for sale eneao at the Gardan City Machinery House, 61 South Caual-gj. FOR SALE-ONE BOILER AND ENGINE (POR table). 15-horse, almost new, coat $1,200. will be sold for SBSO. Address » 33. Tribona office. - SALE-NEW FOOT-LATHE, 12 SWING, OOM- X* pleto, with slide-rest, scroll-saw, drills, etc.: srioe. SiCO. li3 North Grocn-.U B FOR SALE-PORTABLE KNnrsg, ftyT-Typpß 618, boiler IQ-horso. 81 Sooth Canal-at. FOR SALE—IO-HORSE BUCKEYE PORTABLE engine and boiler, in perfect order; been need fifteen months. A. U. GARFIELD A GO.. U fil West Waahlngton-st. FOR SALE-GRATB-lIARS, IN STOCK OR MADE to order, gearings, pullojs, shafting, bar-iron, stool anvils, bellows, vise*, tongs, nails, wire, building anchors. saw-Übles and boring baxi-ulanor etc., at Springer's Iron Yard, 63 South CUntoo-st. FOR SALE—24-INCH burr stonr 969 Sooth Halsted-st. Scrolls aw. bandsaw, sloper, etc., "to rent, with room and power. No. 60 South Oanal-st. The engine lathes, hand lathes, forge shafting, chucks, rises, and twist drills of a «™»ll shop which wo purchased at auction will be told very cheap. W. A. JAMES A CO., 275 South Oanal-st. TXT ANTED—BOILER AND ENGINE, TWO TO Vi four-horse, same stylo as Baxter angina; also one 6th medium Gordon press, for cask. S 43L Tribune office. W ANTED—HOLLOW MANDRIL TO TURN S inches. 60South Can&l-st. WANTED— A PORTABLE ENGINE FROM 3TO 8 bone power; must be cheap. Address Sl9, Tribune office. ‘SI «n- SH 5 PA “ D ’? baok-obabed, screw <DAOy catting loot-Ulh», Bl£o. Send lor cltoaUr conulofng .II m!onn.tion. JOHN H. BRYANT A GO . P. O. Box 160. Chicago, 18. • 8 non WORTH OP IRON OR WOOD WORK. • Uuu lag maeblnerr wanted for good paring town town real estate. Andrew X 25. Tribune office^ STORAGE. QTORAGE—THE BURLINGTON WAREHOUSE, O corner of Sixteenth and Statute., is Che largest and most conrement in the West; with steam elevators for handling goods :1s accessible to all tha r*«irna/t« to tots city. Persons storing fornitnre or other goods will nod this safe and convenient, being free from dust, rats, and vermin. Rates of storage verrlow. Money loan, f? °S a a w&At Property at reasonable rates of interest. H. E. SAWYER, propnetor. Q TOR AG B—GO TO THE CENTRAL WAREHOUSE, O cor. Both and Kiaxle-sta., to store your furniture and household goods. You will hod ita convenient, sefe.aod cleanly place, where they will be properly cared for; m sured and stored at the most reasonable# rate. I give es pecial attention so this class of goods, and Invite nor patronage. HORATIO N. RUST.Proprietov. J QTOBAQB FOR FPRHEfTIRg. RnomiPL RTATitt general merehanrflee In Ere proof ware- Wedisane «L Mcaey advanced ok easy tasma. MISCELLANEOUS. Agests-oall and see the celebrated obromosof " Baatrlco," 44 Snow-Storm,” "Gold Fish,*’**FroltandFiowo'x.” each 21x30 Inaixo. Glxon away aa premium with the Illustrated Weekly. Wa bar* boon Informed that s concern from Philadelphia is offer* ing our chromes for sale bore, and we hereby warn agents that tho ehromos so offered are a lot of miserably poor pictures made for and rejected by ns, for tho reason that nay attempt to foist them upon our subscribers would have been a disgrace to ns and an insult to our agents. Those ehromos are being used in direct violation of as agreement made with ns. and a continued supply of them is thus necessarily uncertain. The/ can only serve, st all events, to assist oar honest agents from the very fact that they are veiy Inferior. OHAS. 0 LUO AS A CO* 114 Monroo-st. ANV PARTV WISHING TO NEGOTIATE WITH me for a patent llambeaoi for the Centennial cam* paljrn, will find it to their advantage to call at my office, feEMtfiladiaoa-at., Boom 2. W. OASLER, A BARGAIN-FOB B. R. CONDUCTOR OB OKN tleman wanting a fine watch: 1 Tory fine stem winder Swiss repeater, cost 8100, $250. - 1 roty fine stem winder Oh. F. TUsot, cofit£Wo. $175. 1 very fine stem winder Jules Jorgenson, cost $375, $250. Address Q 94, Tribune office, and I will call and show goods. A YOUNG BUSINESS MAN WITH *20,000 capital and the very best of references, wishes to engage In a solid mercantile business; msnafaetnringproforred. He would also be willing to tako a responsible position in a good stock company. Communications strictly confidential. Address Z 73, Tribune offleo. AT 396 SOUTH STATK-ST., BY J. LANDSBERG. lato of New York, will pay the highest oath price for ladies'and gents’ cast-oil clothing, carpets, furniture. Ac. Orders by mail promptly attended to. Ladles attend-* ed by Mrs. Lsadsberg. A LADY WHO IS A THOROUGH BUSINESS woman, wishes to meet with a gentleman who wonld invest some money In a good paying business; ono who wonld like to travel preferred: good references given and required. Call at 134 Sonth Clark-st., over the bank, at Boom 23, from 10 a. m. to 7 p. m. ■ ARE YOU TROUBLED WITH CATARRH? I WAS ?for nearly twenty-tivo years, and, after spending over 1,200 in vain, cared myself by my own remedy, of which will give free trial to all woo will bring this notice to my ■office, 169 East Dr. C. H. SYKES. Open week days from Ba.m. to 6:30 p. m.. Sunday 2 till 4. By mall, send 10 cents for full Information. Cut Hit* out. ABE YOU BILIOUS? CALL AT ROOM 7,169 East Madlson-st., or send for circular of the New England Liver Tonic and BUiocs AnnihlUtor A LADY WITH BUSINESS TALENT WISHES TO moot a gentleman of means to assist her financially; proper security given. Address P 92. Tribune office. ACARD-I TAKE THIS METHOD TO INFORM my friends, that I have changed my place as sales man, from Wilde, Bluett A Co. to Edwards A Browne, ISO Stato-st. 1 shall be happy to see all my friends, and will make it their interest to call upon me. J. P. WLNE BRENER. - ALL CASH PAID FOR OAST-OFF CLOTHING, carpets, furniture, and miscellaneous goods of any kind fay soadlng a letter to JONAS GELI)EJt r li2B State-st. All persons wlsing for repairs op ant kind for clothos wringer*, ttovos, or children's car* riayee, irill receive piompt attention by fending postal card to H» S. THAYER, 116 Moaroa^st. A RELIABLE COUPLE WILL SARB FOB HOUSE .with barn for family not wishing to leave premises alona during summer; good references. Address Z 16, Tribane office. A GENTS-CALL AND SEE THE CELEBRATED chromos of "Beatrice,” "Snow Storm,” "Gold Fish,” "Fruit and Flowers,” each 24x30 In site, given away as premioms with the Illustrated Weekly. GHAS, OLUCAa A CO., IU Mouroe-st. AJ. RYDBERG —BUILDINGS MOVED ON • springs. Houses, roofs, etc., raised scientifically. 73 North Saagamon-st. All persons desihino advances on jew eliy. silver, standard sorring-ujachiaoj, etc. Real estate bought, sold, and exchanged. ILQ East Washing too-st.. Room SB. AIRS. SHOCK. A dvertisers desiring to reach country A readers can do so in the cheapest and best manner by using one or more sections of Kellogg’s Great Newspaper Lints and State Divisions. For illustrated catalogue and map address A. N. KELLOGG. 79 Jackson-st. BEAUTIFUL INVENTION-SKETCHING FROM nature taught in one lesson, not Including shading. tor 85, at residences. Address C. ELVEHNA, 56 ilsal son-sc. IQ Rons ASD TfCLtOWSTONfi COSfPAST, 1 cow fitting oat at Gorommont Good* Depot, 185 ke-iU, whero fire-anas, tents, blaakots,ete., can be J Terr cheap. 0 iLDi-RS’ HARDWARE AND WrRG-CLOTH— •XJ We Invite builders and others before purchasing to call and examine our stock and prices; though located on the West Side we can and will compote with any house in the city, both as to qnalitj and price. HODGE A HO UKR, 47VVest Randolph-st. CARPETS TAKEN DP. CLEANED AND LAID. OR altered for other rooms. J. K. WHITE A SON. Upholsterers, <65 West Lake-st. CORSETS MADE TO ORDER BY MEASURE AT 525 North Wella-st., op-stairs. C CYLINDER DESK. NOT SMALL,WANTED SOON. > Kood order; write fall particulars and prico; no other answers noticed. Addrese & 66, Tribune office. pALCIMINING DONE FOR 60 CENTS PER VJ square or by the job. and first-class work. Send or dors to 136 East Harrison-st., opposite police-station. W. a. STONE. pOCKROACHES AND BED-BUGS EXTRRMIN \J ated by contract, warranted, or article sold. Informa tion free. ARTHUR OAKLEY. 189 Waahington-st-f Rooms. • DOCTRESS UODSON, THE CELEBRATED OHl ropodlst, can be found at 177 South Clark-st., Room 28, where sho attends to all diseases of the and feet, and also attends to all nervous affections, neuralgia, ca tarrh, sore eyes. lumbago, tiodoulonreuz anA all other fevor sores. Diamonds mounted in the neatest and latest styles to order. Call and bars your diamonds securely set by A. LAUDKRBACK, manufacturer of dia mond jowalry. 70 Msdlsoa-st.. corner State, up-stain. COCKROACHES AND BED-BUGS XJ now. Give contract or boy article (warranted). Call on or address ARTHUR OAKLEY. 189 Washington st.. Room A BkON’T pay MORK THAN $1.60 PER DOZEN FOR ' wrd pictnres whan you cab get them for that to-day At WHITING’S, 594 West me»»u, bw Union Park. Designs for comio pictures that apply to any basinets tarnished short notice. Designs (or either brick waIU or cards. Semple of work, north east corner Twelfth end StAte-su, Address J.M.BEN SON. 631 Yoric-it.. near Paolinsu BINDER FOR MUSIO AND PKRIOD- Xj ioals. Emerson’* clip and file for office papers: the library binder for circulating libraries end private in dividuals. JOHN R. BARRETT A CO.. Bookbinders and sole proprietors. 150 Stato-et. First-class caloiminlno and painting at <0 cents par square, cash or trade. Address N Cu. Tribune office. For adoption—a beautiful boy. 3 years Of age. Call at the Chicago ProUatant Orphan Asy lum, 78) Michigan -av. FOR CALOIMININO AND WALL TiNTIKG OF % tho finest quality at lowest prices, addreu B 48. Tribune office. Grand opfning-k. r. olmsted a son will open their splendid gymnasium on the evening of May I. situated on the southwest corner of Halatod and Waihington-sta.. over the bank. The public are oor d tally Invited. IF YOU WANT YOUR CARPENTER WORK DONE cheap and good address CARPENTER. 1016 West Lake-at. T ALL THE UVB MEN IN THE A . cl S. w h? will take hold o( a good-paying article just oa *- "Mf chance for local or traveling agents. fonMI capital and big profit. W. D. SHERWOOD. Room 13. 103 Washington-et. T7-NIFE. SIDE. AND BOX PLEATING MADE FOR XV3 and 4 coutsper yard, at Has.LYON’SDresamak- Ing Patlofs, 885 West Madiaon-et. Plea ten for sale. T ADIES* AND CHILDREN’S BOOT-BUTTONS. -Li mice on. always on. by using Patent Eureka Fasten ers: a child can place them; no tools required; sent by mail ou receipt ofprice. 20 coats do*.: 35 cants 3 dos. * 45 cents 3 dot. C. HANOHETT, P. O. box 76. Lena andebson. who lived at 429 miohi gaa-av., will pleaso call immediately at 823 Wabash-av. T ADIES* IMPORTED FINE HAND^SEWED-DOQ XJ ekJn driving gloves, two buttons. sl, worth SL7S. Paris Kid Glove Store, 94 State-et. T ADIES—WE INVITE YOU TO CALL AND EX XJ amine onr dressmaking; all orders executed with dis patch; our terms are reasonable; perfect satisfaction guaranteed; pleatiags made for 4 and 6 can (spur yard: piaster* for sale. MRS. H- J. FURLONG A CO.. 75 East Madison-et, Room 51. T ADIES ANTICIPATING CONFINEMENT, AND JJ those desiring treatment for chronic ailments, will hnd pleasant, titty, well famished rooms, excellent board, skillful treatment, best of nursing, and all the comforts of a qnlet home, at tho private residence of an educated and experienced lady physician, by addressing Q 82, Trlb uno office. 1 ADIES WANTING CHILDREN’S CLOTHES AND XJ underwear made nicely and at reasonable terms please call at 305 East Ohlo-st.. on first floor. Vf OCORMACK THE FLORIST IS CLOSING OUT J.TX his rreenhouso and bedding plants at very low prirea. Verbenas 75 cents per dozen. Call and examine. My hoosas are on Thirty-elghtb-st.. near corner Cot age Groro-nv. Call and see my iw»*nH stock- C. GLESUF successor. tI B SI- K^ M A I d^.{r UJIEa ' aPBSg ’ HEMOVED BS. LANDTO. SKILLFUL LADY PHYSICIAN. .. *w»ts all female diseases and difficulties. Special aUention paid daring pontmemeut. Patients accoramn dated with room* and board at 2ts West Van Buren-at. iNLYSIXpAYS MORE WILL I TAKE BERLIN Wl - WUITXNO - n^ G T 2 . TH f, PROLONGED SICKNESS OF >A!?tJ pn i? rieto «* e^ I’’ 1 ’’ haa concluded to do so 9*\ "“Jf tl “? °f bar glassware and aU kinds of P* r ,tt *cli regardlesa of cost; most be closed by the Ist of May. 805 Eaat Randolph-st. ONLY UNTIL MAY IST WILL I TAKK PHOTO crapoafor Sl.aO per dozen. Como to-day and bare ypnr photographs taken. WHITING'S, 694 Wert Lata st.. near Union Park. f\FF FOB THE BLACK HILLS—SALOON AND FIX VA tores, with two bilUard-tablea, for rale for one-third of its real value. Inquire from Ito6p. nu at 714 South otate-ec. f\UR ENTIRE FEB TO SECURE A PATENT IS •V. **■ B °° n m *“* WMhtattM. pAINTING.7 PAPERING. . IOALCIMINIKO-NOW X is your time! Above work done for lowest oash Dries orwill Uka part pay in trade. Katbnatea cbeorftilly •“ttdaliad. AU work guaranteed. Addresa Kt, Tribune PLBASB OUT THIS OUT. A VOUNOLADY DB alroi patronage from citliona oi Chicago lot repairing and renlatlng of ail-erwire, je.olry, watches. bronaeaf w oth warranted. Old gold and uSS bongfat. Addroaa 60 Sonth city. R B^,pnd^ n7 rM o iynt. A L^ O J: TjfiPADiS FOB STOVES MADR IN ST. LOUIS, lv Ctoveliad, Loai*Tia», Qnincy, PcazU, u 4 adjaghere, »*SOB W— •*» STAMMNtTf] STAMPING ! ! »TAM?EfQ !I f FUanaltldrta, allalzeaand patterns,... .....15cto30c COTOBr »* new ttjtea fcoo rtUow>bams, wraatha and oomara, pwn>if„,„- tno Extra lar*a Jotters .7. .VTT! * !0a Handkerchief letters. per dozen. **SSa p i a ' 30 “*•—*- •» S‘ IKMISAL WEAKNESS AKO IMPOTKHOT-ANT —' oqß fofferlDC with tbo *bor« oomplalaU, can have Santh OUfk-«t. Owbd Sunday «iUmoo«*. a r,B1 ’ CODDIHG, FILLING, AND TRKK-FLANTETQ DONE O tmoaibto torn aju) At abort aMiet, Wested ta bvr from tw« to firs ama «i *?tH m m ■ililmTt T a. Dosoaim, i m a»t» mnamm x. MISCELLANEOUS. rpHE NEW CENTENNLIir^KTj^ * box piaster; It pleats one yard of goodsaminn*^ o th« different kind, °I trimm[nj« w» pWu.ildo plxlu, box pint,. double boxT trioi.’Sf. *£'<• box, oluatera, quilling, gophering, France tfn?i ** °nt th. ujo oj Wlujl “xio x tmr. pSSt an Inch wide. It pays all dressmaker* tn . JiT q« the different kind?S w“fo ;ri *• attend to all orders sent by post. SslssnvM^toV** o«£33iA*a THE LADY WHO WAIU'S HLK t'iXK .properl/cleaned will natural]/ Mn d 1 to Pm MUUjtR, 253 South C*aal-*t.. who own tha p*tont curpot cieaner, and mats a apoctohy ot^fiaajSjy to^m^s Mraa,=Bent * it ° aM - w-astta rro housk-movrrs — want a. codplr^ts X bouses moved. Please call at 157 Wsihtil-® Of Room 6. J. F. EBEREART. IBKBS .FOB SALK AT FORTY-THIHnJ?rT=s Michigan-av. L. W. STONE. mi4D * ST ‘ ASH Translation from thk germs* ■*:—. * French to English, and vice versa;comcai As D antcod. Address W Bg, Tribune office. rrec£aets tnap. To. vessel owners—wanted draught vessel to sail under7feet: nartv ftitr. ® patent: can command steady trade. Chlca-o pTril °°s* nrANTED-1,000 DKESSMAKEHS To Catt~Tss V> ox«« ola»ant atjlM of trimmed terns at the dress and cloak-making rooms of ii«TO* LINSON A GRAHAM, £6 State** Mn * *o*. WANTED —TO PURCHASE OFFICE Vt Chaire, and Üble cheap for cash. 13. 137 East Madlaon-st., early Monday. PW M R °a» \CTAOTEp-A GENTLEMAN WU'H sl.™ »» office business in this city, worth s±suo a RICHA UPSON, 150 Doarboro-st.. HodmaT WANTED-TO CONTRACT FOB BDILmvrT two-story and Mansard roof brick houaa«rt^k ,, * ties who will toko port pmj in root MUto : iSStSIf" - sals will be received for each kind of material brick, lumber, stona. mlllwork, plumblS? hardware, mantels, roofing, etc. For plsnsaart” oat’ooe call on GKO. GROSSING, corner Sophia-«ta. **••** ryANTED—A FEW DOZEN LIGHT fittsm/T VV chiokons. Address Y 78. Tribuno office. lUHUa WANTED— A NO. 3OR 3 SECONDHAND Ton? safe. Address JWD, West Side vSuamJ&* day, April 34, stating price, Ac., moa ’ WANTED— PLATED SHOW-CASE, 7 BURT n? more. Cell at 163 Vfett lUrrlscn-7t. aSI 08 WANTED-PAISTING. PAPEEINoTTSiToTr? eimminr dono ill oictunro for rood aUMfniSr Apply at S 3 Oakwood-bonlovard. Da * OUrw, ANTED- •A. GOOD SECOND H. VKL. HOISbNA cs",*hJE£t kS^,! 8- 01 TyANTED—PARTY TO TAKE* HALF JsmpSS J f. brick. Tenant* ready toreitwhS finished at $1,400 per year. Will guarantee SO JL??? $2,000 only required, which will be aocorod. booth Chicago. WANTED— 24 FEET OP OFFICE PAETmnw. cheap for cash. S 63, Tribnne offlcef in ° y| Ty ANTED—PURCHASERS FOR MEW PATPw? f r stove and famace; direct radiator and vorfaiiti. buroa any kind of fad,.never clogs up, and boiltstSd coat of any other. Address H, Brocket., nearlSSS, WANTED— THE USEI OF A BABY-CARRIAOB for the sommer. Address Q 75, Tribane office!* 08 T\TANTED—A BUSINESS OR AN INTEREST Tw * v f business worth from $1,500 to $2,000 for *t*A pvl eago real estate. Addrcsa X 43, Tribane office. TTTANTED—SMALL VESSEL PROPERTY. STari VY price, etc. Address Y 63. Tribune office. 01,4 Ta WANTED-TO BUY GOOd”PaYINQ SAXOoT will pay SIM cash sad s3oo worth of balance in payments. Address Q 65, TribaaaoflcT 1 Wanted -about 100 feet bp rubber hos£ WILL SECURE AND PAY INTEREST ON 1500. OR t.l Jake In active or silent partner, legitimate. e*u£ llahed, paying boainoss. Address V 57, Xnbaas "*'t_ TTTANTED—BIDS FOR BUILDEVO" BLOCK OP I octagon, marble-front reaidencos. isaan w PRICE, lad East Madiaon-at.. Room?. ’.AUTEIJ—A Mlehlgaa-ar. CLINKEE-BDII*T SKIFP. a TTTANTED-MARBLE MANTELS IN EXCIUSG3 TT for carpenter work. Address Wl3. Trlbmfa TIT ANTED—A COTTAGE TO MOVE. CHSAPPOB Addn> “ Hll ‘ N ™ T\7 anted—i would like a child to cam • r tor, and would yirtZ. wot-aono it. CUlu « South Dearborn-«t. LNTED-A SECOND-HAND DENTAL CHAIB. Address, stating lowest price, Z 98, Tribaao oßes. "O? ANTED—GAS FIXTURES FOB A TKN-ROOM V. house; mast be nice and cheaS for Call u address CLARK. 188 MadUon-st., Room 11. \\T ANTED—LADIES TO KNOW I WILL TEACH T « dress making by a model that cuts 387 different ail ments for $6. and can famish situations at once. Call's! 224 booth Clark-st.. between Washington aM Room 83, orer the bank. WANTED - SECOND-HAND DESK SUXTABU for attorney; state price. Address T 7, Tribuas. “WANTED A SECOND-HAND FAIRBANKS T T scale. Capacity. Sor 6 tons. Northwest comer Carnß and Aaa-sts. WANTED RELIABLE COUPLE WITHODI children to occupy basement of house for four months. Unexceptionable reference required. Apply «J 1033 Prairie-av. WANTED—AN EXPERIENCED BOOKKEEPER "». wlsbee to employ his evenings in porformingaai work pertaining to books. Flm-claas references sins and terms lew. Address T. B. LEVEL, can Loiter A Co. WANTED—A PARTY WITH $5,000 CASH TO TiKi TV an interest in a quartz mill. San Joan dMtdsb Colorado: Andress Q 77, Tribone office. WINE AND LIQUOR LAB ELS-A LARGE AS. eortment ksptinstock; aleoespsandtlnfjU. Aar floured brand made to order. Samples sent on ■oslioto Hon. PRANK ROEHB, maaufactuior, comer Martel And Randolph-sts.. Chicago. TXT ANTED-TWO BREECH-LOADERS, ONE Rt 11 tie. oaoihot-son. Address, with descriptionssi cash pnee. 31 Market-st. WANTED— A VELOCIPEDE FRONT WHEEL about 50 inches in diameter. Inquire at 43 Kz* change Building, corner Washington «"<j Clark-sts. TtTANTED—SECOND - HAND HEALTH - LIFT, .'.’j cheap for cash; Marsh or Mean pattern preferred. Address S 77. Tnbnne office. CA CENTS RaCH-KTERY lIMABBIED LAD? should bar* one. Sant by mall on receipt of pries. Full directions * g T' w "rtsTiy aaoh. p o. 401 Vat Madiaoq-st. FOR A HOUSE. ALMOST NEW. FOUR years* lease of lot fenced in. 689 Warren-av. <XU\ nnn WORTH op builders, hard- Viy.UuU ware,mechanics*tools, cutlery, ate., for ealsat less than maaafaoturers* prices; must be sold within the next twenty days; rare inducement* to daai ets, builders. and mocbaaics at 107 Blue liUnd-av. LOST AND FOUND. A LIBERAL REWARD WILL BE GIVEN TO TM person returning overcoat and papers taken from the barn in the rear of 467 North Doarborn-st. Sunday, April IS, between the hours of k and Id o’clock, and no questuaa asked; if not both, please send papers by mail. S. if. T7IOUND—WEDNESDAY, APRIL 5. 1978. ASPLBN* X’ didiy bound history of tho Virgin Mary, which tbs owner can have by ««iHny a ( 534 South Oanat-et. WH. O’CONNE LL> LOST-THURSDAY AFTERNOON ON THE WAT from Lower Farwell Hall to State-et., thonoelaffi* ana-av. cars to ICB2 lndiana-ar.. a pair eteel-fram* ipso* taclea,madxi specially for the owner who basdefwnri eyes. The finder will be suitably rewarded bydelivsrisf Uiem in good order to JOSEPH JONES A SUNS, tt I* SaUe-st. LOST-ON THURSDAY LAST. A BLACK-A3D tan dtig. answering to name of Snip; collar with Reward paid at 720 Lako-et, GRO.& LOST-ASET OF BRASS KEYS (6) AND COLDEST ring on throe key-rings joined together. Tbs fisdtf wUI be liberally rewarded by returning to KICHaBDEOF BROS., Ifllfla West Laao-st. LOST— FROM 1003 WABASH-AV., LAST WEDSKS» day noon, a black-and-tan pup 4 months old,whW breast, named Gyp. Ketom and receive reward. Lost- an elevation plan ofatwo-stobt house, marked with the name of ** C. O. Haases. Finder will be rewarded. Address TS 3, Tribune office. TOST-ON THE lITH~OF BKD JU rotter dog. with vrhlto points; answers to the asms of Bang.” Any person returning same to 133 Tweaty* socond-st. will bo liberally rewarded. _ LOST-ON THE 15TH INST., A SKYE TERRIER collar marked 4 * Bob.” a suitable reward will be paid on hi* return to 30 Lake-sL LOST— BLACK-AND-TAN DOG. UNCUT BARS, answer* to tbs name of "Freddie.” Reward paid *e return to 438 Michlgao-av. LOST-A RETAIL LIQUOR-DRALRR'S LICKSSS. Return to 72 Blue Island-av. and rooaive reward. T OST-EVKN KG OF THE 3PTH INST.. AT MASOS; JLi io H»U, corner Lndians-ar. and Tblrty-first-et., Udr> yroali Russia leather portemonnaie. Finder will pi**** 1 oare at Commercial National Bank, and receive reea*®*_ LOST— ONWAB ASH-AV., BETWEEN HAEMOS? ' court and Twenty-lint., Thursday evening, »««““ | containing note. Instrument*, book- etc- Any one £ I turning the same to Dr. DALE. 523 Wabaib-ar., «&B M I rewarded. 1 T ,<>st-betwren 90 east Washington ajtij U lMLaSalle;flt..TU Clark and Madlson-stA.dd"* cold chain and looket. liberal reward will be paid if ** turned to 168 LaSalle-st. Lost-a tax receipt book containing a ■nm of money. A soluble reward will be P*ld ** iwretura to this office or to 327 Daytoa-at. S. B. VB** T? SWARD-1 WILL PAY A REWARD FOR At- ororcoaC and contenu stolon from my «®«*. * Wednesday last. RUFUS KING, £ MstropoUt** Block. rpHE PERSON WHO TOOK AN OVERCOAT JEOJj A Matteaon House last evening will be rewarded by **“ turning the same to OARROTZZTS Musical lasUhM 103 buto-st, . <t£ Reward and no questions asked roa vd the return of the briteban of a uksa rear of 133 South Green-st. - ®C REWARD-FOB THE BETURN OF BABt w carriage talon from my door on the otenlngolß* lath, and no qneationaagkod. U 1 North ada-rt. CK REWARD-LOST —OH TUESDAY AFT BE noon April Id. a blactrind-Un dog. anrrort totj* natno of Tipo," and baa the mangoa. TbolfcdK*S recelro the afro TO reward by re turning film to SB9 Bd— Olaxk-et. _ cnn REWARD -DARK POLVfjtR DOG. VJ-V brown epota, &nxwen to the n»m*of * Djw» eb*|n*tUcb6d: U*t seen on corner Polk and CUrk*** April *a. Return to L. S. AM. 8. biggago-rooa. 41 n ekward-lost—n Kwi'OU.vbLA.’>6~^§> >“>».• b»d » »nu collar, •«>* Q» HUHBAJiD, 4JBNortaDetrboßi-it-» Chicigo* _ EEWAKD-NO QUESTIONS ASKEpJg Vtw diamond «tud lost at Sherman Hom>e tl»« «g» •< U* ttooUon. D. W. MULLS, Boom S, MSCUrk*- DIVORCES. WITHOUT PUBUOnJ* OTerywhere. for incompatibility, etc. Beald®*®* not Btoewry. Atfidxrit aatficjoat. Feoa:tar l&jeaa* experience. Address BoxS4I.P. 0.. Ctucxte.^ "TVIVOROKS LEGALLY OBTAINED FOB ±J ptUbllitj. etc. Booidanco nor panoail pi—aaoap recoirad. ASd&rits mfficluot proof. Fes iitbt doer** Addm» G. H. SQia, Si CUrk-£t., Chicago, 11L - T'vIVOROEa LEGALLY AJtD QCFIKTLTOBTASW JL/ la ever? Slot* of Um Union for taeompotlbllKr* TzL Worideaco iTTHicoMMj. Foe oftor dooroo. T»*l**HSr ■urimn ▲dd/Mo Peot-Oftoo Bax 13tJ$ CfeioM*

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