Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 23, 1876, Page 13

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 23, 1876 Page 13
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I TO REyT~HOPSEB> SSTTrVp-BY WM. B- SAMPSON * CO.. &BAL sad Renting Agency. I*4 OUa Bl**« SOUTH DIVISION. tO6 Bostb Park-a .. 2-atory tad UMOttt brick, for- aiwry and basement nurble-froat. It s-*tory and basement stoas freul bout, .£Jms css.fiatures. sad luroaco. Psrk-av.,B room*. S3S smooth. mSt Indians-**.. *0 room*. 845 s month.. IS.* story brick houses oo wsba«b-av., between Blfty * sod FUty-eighth-els., 13 room* each, brick barn*. r P*frame 12-room hoot*, in fins JSlflarre lot with good bam. •J-e Wabash-av., largo 3-story brick bon»e.22 rooms, far* gUbsd w>t* carpet*, taurois, etc.; formerly occupied bj ®«n£mhPark-aT., S-ttoryand bajoment brick boo**, winmesaod coed barn. SBS a month, fV“xilii-*v., *u>oc front, lu rooms, 85Cs month. iiT7Prairle-a*M culiage. 6 rooms, a roomb ..ti.aT,. 2-storr and basement brick hoot*. II liSfiadiana-av., 2-story frame, 10 room*, and bam. ftSWaftsJi-**.. 15 roams, marbl* front, and bars, only State-it., 6 rooms and water-closet, S4O • , 2-story and basement marblo front, m toozbv, only a month. . and basement marble front house*. corner of TbhW*“ tb-,t ' and Grand boulevard, 12 room* each, only •v?« : **., 12 rooms. S6O a month. aWoudlaad Park, large Irame house. 9 rooms, bath largo lot and barn, a ha* residence for the ama *m? Michiran-ar., 2-story and basement French roof u rooms and bath-room. 3-slory and basement atone front Sooth P*rk-av.,2-*torT and basemeatbrick.lfl rooms. Ts4Slndian*-**..matblo iront, inruaco. SaWabasb-**.. lo rooms, only 875 a month. £ui*nd 1W3 ilichigan-av..3-storyttono front boate. 12 *°lT4Kffaa-aT., B-story and basement brick, only 855. 50 * Wabash-a?., two-story frame, brick bassmeat, IX JZr., crained in bUec walnut. _ . „ t 8 near Thlrty-fir*t»st. fes and 1629 Wabaah-av., ccUgan marble fro*-. 10 large marble front, 14 rooms. r!lanffloT-av.. 19 rooms. , . . §sSfreaih-tt., xnaiWe-front, 11 rooms, gas-fixtures, chir I m^av.. 2-story and basement stoas front vouss, U rooms, bam, due location. as i?Sf&,visios. ~„ . Twoktory frame home, northwest corner of Aberdeen, tad Mon roe-a la-. 9 rooms, only $41.67 per month; good *BU West Ton Euren-at.. cottage. 9moms aadgas-£z fehek bon 0. lu rooms. . „ *7 North Cir;*cuter-»t., large frame house, 13 rooms. 355 Womjn-ar..-*fctocy tau easement stone front noose, lit room*. S;.Q & month. _ . . . fflU and 812 West Washlngton-st., fine stone front booses; these houses ore extra fine in every respect, 10 n 6l?»nd < 6l9*Fult^^t..grooms each, only a month. t 53 WcstVfashlugtoa »t..9r00m». 846amonth, sa Patk-av., 14 rooms, only cW* month. ■ USaad 161 South Paulina-st., 10 rooms each, 845 a Adsm-st., brick house. 10 rooms. , * 300 West Washlngton-st., large stoao tront house, 10 rt ai? West Washington**:., mxfblo front, 13 rooms. Tho new 3-sujry and baaemont stone treat houses, northwest corner of and Ashlaad-ar., 14 “uj basement stems front bosses on Adaiaa-aC, just west of Aahland-av., south freats, W TO*tarti-*r, t Hofei, 30 roome, only $75 a month. stone front houses on Ashland-*;., just north of Adsms-st., west frontr, 11 rooms esch. £57 West iloaroo-st., brick, 9 rooms, S6U a month. 213 and 219 Sooth Sangamon-st-, marble fronts, 13 and 14 rooms each, tine 1 oca*.iou. ill West Washlngton-st.. large frame house, 13 rooms. NORTH DIVISION. *7 Rash-st., marblo front, 12 rooms, only $53.33 a month. 230 ohio-st., 2-story and basement bnck, IS rooms. ft6Oak-st.. Lrtckhouae, 10 ro*.ms. . . <96 North LaSalle-st.. beautiful 3*storymarble front, 16 teams, only sluD a month. _ New stone front houses, 543, $44, and $46 North la* Ealle-st.. 14 rooms. 399 Suporior-st., largo brick house. 13 rooms, «3 ladiana-tt., largo brick bouse, 13 rooms. A large list in all parts of the city. _ WM. H.* SAMPSON A CO. TO BENT - TUKEB-STORY AND BASEMENT (tons front residence, elegantly situated on Rush-at., and replete with er 6 *7 convenience. auo iwo-story brick dwelling, 23x50 feet, with sub-cellar and finished attic; all modern conveniences. S3O Obio-st. Apply to L. C. PARDEE, 136 SUte-et. fJV) RENT—FROM MAY 1. HOUSE 1U WABASU- X av., wide lot, good barn, IS rooms, ail modem la# pnjrenienU; cheap te a good tenant. Apply at Clifton Boose. TO RENT—THREE S-STORY AND BASEMENT brick and stone-front bouses on Calumet-av.. one-half block soutb of Twenty-muth-st,, new, with all modem taproremcats; very cheap to good tenants. BULLOCK BEOS., So and S 3 Madison-st. * TO RENT—A 3-STORY AND BRICK BASEMENT bouse. U room*, modun* improvemeots, in good order. No. 19 Lske-ar. at t'elrriaw cheap. T. C.H-ILL, I lakeside Boil ding. rpO RENT—2-STOBY JANDrBASSMEN* X lor. No. 1129Prairia-ar,; easy terms to goodteaau*. MYRON L. PEARCE, M 3 Dearborn-st. TO RENT-HOUSES 215 AND 219 SOUTH SANGA tsoa-st.; stone fronts, two-story basement, and Man* sard tool; have gas fixtures, furnaces, stationary tubs, sod window screens; complete in every way; 215 ready for scenpiscy now. being newly painted and grained throughout. H. H. SmJFELDT, 184 Adams-at. IHJ BENT-HOUSE NO. 1041 INDIANA-AV., WITH modem improvements, at 233 per month; also sev eral cottages at S2B, all between Twenty-second and Twenty-third-sts. Inquire at 1039 lodisna-av. TO REKT-AN UNFURNISHED NEW S-STOR* and basement octagon stose-front dwelling, with all modem improvements, beautifully located on P*rk-«r., within 4 block of Union Park, with 15 rooms, Protar to rest 10 family with no small children, who would board nyeelfi wife, and servant, Ko professional boarding boos* widow women who have no money, credit, or fur* alter* need apply. I want a pleasant borne, and will £te best of reference® and expect tho tame. Ko objec ts to other boarder*. Addreae A 72. Tribune office. rpb RENT—A NEW TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT X brick bouse, just finished in excellent shape. No. IMI Indlana-av., between Thiriy-clgntb and Thirty-ninth- K*. Low rent. JONAS HUTCHINbON. 80 Dearborn-et. TO RENT—3 NEW COTTAGES, 7 ROOMS EACH, gas and water, bath if wanted, and stable. Prairie av. and Thirty-ninth-et. F. W. SPRINGER. 153 Dear born-aU, Room 3. TO RENT—ELEGANT MARBLK-FRONT HOUSES one to four blocks from Lincoln Park and near Lln eola-av. cars; bouses contain all modem conrenieacJos; all wellloeated. Want applications from good parties. CHA3- N. BALK, 153 Kaodolph-st. fpO RENT—3-STOBY BRICK HOUSE. 10 ROOMS, new, on lafltn-at,.nasr Van Boron; §25 a mouth. OLIVER BESLY, 157 Washington-at., or 41 Carpenter. rpo BF.NT-A FINE OPPORTUNITY FOR A SMALL X family; no boarders nor small children—The use of a l-story basement brick dwelling, IS rooms, elegantly for uisheo. modem improvements, will bo given lor the board of three persons; locality. Union Park- J. W. TUTTLE. 477 West Randolph St. TO RENT DWELLING WITH MODERN IM provements, No. 567 Wabash-av. J. W. POSTER, 19 Bryan Block- rpO RENT—THE TWO-STORT AND BASEMENT J. oet&go&fcoat brick building No. 663 Sedgwick-st., ece block west from Lincoln Park. For terms, apply to C. C. HOLTON. Nos. 225 and 337 State-it. rpo RF.NT-STONE FRONT HOUSES 10S1 AND ICB3 X Michigan-av., li and 18 rooms, brick bams; $lO6 per month each. Frame house with brick basement No. 1037 Michigan av.; (70 per moot A Two-story and basement brick booses 15C0 and ISOS Prai rlo-av; and £45 per month. HENRY Y. YOUNG, Room 6 Bryan Block. TO, RENT—THE NEW 3-STORY BRICK DWELL ing-bonses, containing from 6 to 9 rooms. on Fulton and Waloot-ets., between Sxcrxmeato-av. and Oglesby «U, will be rented to good tenant# at from sl2 to $lB per month .’convenient to horse and steam-cars; each honso has city water and modem conveniences. Possession Even Immediately. Apply to W. D. KERFOUT A CO., Waabingtcn-at, rpO RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE, KO. 1031 WA- X basb-av., 3-story marble front, 15 rooms. Very low rent to a responsible tenant. Apply to or address D. F. CHASE, Matteson House. r RENT-NOS. 1411 AND 1417 MICHIGaN-AV.*. 8 and 2(1 rooms each, all modern improvements, large front yard, etc., only $25 per mouth; posaeaaion May 1. Apply to H. O. STONE, 14a East Madleon-et., Rooms. TO BENT-HOUSE OP II ROOMS. AT 99 WEST Jackson-st. Inquire at 21 West MadLson-sL, in hat store. TO RENT—S2S PER MONTH-LARGE TWO-STORY bouse and large grounds No. 80 Harvard-st., near Caapball av. Inquire at SBS Westera-ar. IPO BENT-A NICE 3-STORY BRICK HOUSE 7 X rooms, hot water, bath, clo-ot, gas-fixtures, nicolot, sad barn: famltnre lor sale or rent: located near Lincoln Park; rent only to small family. CHAS. N. H.AI.R, 153 Randolph-st. RENT-THREE NE W BRICK HOUSES, GOOD X location and accessible, $lB. S2O. sls. Also cottage, $6. JOHN F. EBKUHAKT, ip Washington-st. WO REST—OiI FOR SALB-ON EASY MONTHLY A. payments, 6 and 8-roorti cottages on West Snperior near Lincoln-st,: or will exchange. Apply to owner, AliZa CRANE. 4S Clark-st., Boca 3. TO RENT-705 WEST MONBOE-ST. —TWO-STOBY marble front, $55. „ _ _ t ,' w 19 LaQia, near Monroe-sL,' W fine 2-story English basement; SSO. 675 West Adams earner Honons-st.. 2-story frame. S3O, - OSBORN A SON, laLaSaUe-sU r RENT-OCTAGON-FRONT BRICK HOUSE, newlytiaporedand painted; 10 rooms, bath-room, acd all modem Improvements, furnace and cas-tixtnroe; t<‘J per month. ItiS West Monroo-at., near Wcetem-av. Applyto J. WEST, 877 West Monroe-st., scarLeavitt. H'O RENT-BRICK BOUSES OP 10 ROOMS EACH, A 124, 128, and 130 Tnroop-st.; one all furnished, and stable. JuiXD D. MAC LEOD. 294 West Washing ton-at. TO RENT-NO, 8 WaSUINGTON-PLACK, A VERY desirable 3-story and basement brick bouse containing Urajrns, opposite Washlogtoasquaro; one of the most delightful locations in the city; would rent to a private twnilj only, and with furniture now in the house. MKiJ) • CQg. ll>s La'Sallo-st. TO RENT-NO. 45 TWKNTY-FOURTH-ST., TWO story and basement bouse, all modern Improvements, gas fixtures and furnace; good barn. Kent reasonable to reliable tenant. Apply to A. KEEP, Bead's Temple ol Music, iC Van Bnrgn-st. •pu rent-istoey and basement brown- A stone house, with all modern Improvements, on North Ucarbom-et., between Goethe and Division. Carpets and Part of fnmitore for solo. Possession Ist of May. Call arc address 469 North Doarbom-et. * H'O BENT— GEM OP A BRICK HOUSE ON • Langley-ar.. $33; frame and brick houses from sls month. GEO. H. HESS A CO., 106 Dear- T 0 RENT-COTTAGE 460 WEST INDIANA-ST.; A. also fists In new budding 313 and 323 Sute-tt. W > ALLEIL 41 Clark-st., Room 11. WO RENT—TWO-STURY AND BASEMENT HOUSE, A modern Improvements, also two cottages, rent sl3 Varnon-ar., comer TX) BENT—OR FOB SALE-A PRIVATE HOTEL a comer and central location on the best business street « city, accommodation for 63 boarders, rent cheap, newly wcamned and newly cleaned and fall of boarders. Ad- Press X 8, Tribune office. 'O REKT-A COTTAGE OF 7 ROOMS. 76 SOUTH ■jEangamon-t. Key atS54 West Madisoa-st. HENT-CHKAP-ONB TWO-STORY FRAME JPldtag, 6 rooms. U good shape. JSa. North 8H a month. XL O. JOVES. Beoml, Mnr- TO REWT—HOUSES. TO RENT—AT TUB GENERALI RENTING AOEN; cy of GEORGE O. NEWBERRY. Rooms! and I Bryan Block— ~ 853 Indimna-aT., throo-story and ba«ara*Dt marble front. .»•?• •• ®® SS7J»andß76Mlchlgan-av., two-story and baaameat 71 T wonty-Vlith-fct VwV-iVoiV f ramo. 8 room* SS, two-story frame, 9 r00m5...... SO Hi* Vabasb-av., two-nory and basement frame, Id room* W USI Wahath-ar.. three-story and basement marble front, barn - 7 North Sbelden-it-. tbree-story and baaament mar ble, completely renovated,... II 4£saad4f9PaUon st.. ten-room noose, with modern conveniences STS Fnlton-at., two-story frame. 12 rooms, with closets, IS St. JohnV Place, two-i'ory frame, water, bath,eto St IS6. 568. and 574 Weal I-ako-st., \wo-»lory and base ment marine front*, with allimprovements; barns. 55 SBS South Park-av., two-story ami basement house.... (00 Athol House. corner Km and North Clark-sts., a nice family hotel, with all the convenience*, bath and closet on each floor, etc 2,400 478 North LaSallo-st., three-story and basement brick, all conveniences. * 60 II and 15NorthPooriA-*t..enttagcs,6roomsoach. 20and 25 323 Wes: Lake-*t.. two-atory frame. lu rooms 3y 723 and 753 Waba»b-tT., two-siury frame, with brick ba*emost; all conrjolonccs: barns SOI West llamsoa-it., two-story and basement bouse. Id rooms <g 1229 Michigan-av... two-story and basement dwelling, dining-room and kitchen on main floor; barn B&£Calumet-av., new two-story brick, with furnace and other improvement* 45 749 Mlchlgan-ar., throe story and basement marble 30SLako-»v., tw-i-story and basement dwelling, one block from steam-cars 40 Also, a number of ether bouses not in this list. Please call and examine before renting- TO RENT-BY HENRY C. MOREY. 95 OLARK *£.: 554 Calomet-ar.. 3-sfory and basement brloiu 1569 Indtana-av., cottage, 6 rooms, *lB. 2118 Wabash-ar., two-story frame, $33.50. It Kgan-av,, 2-story frame, 50-foot lu, *35. *l3 Wentworth-av., basement cottage, *ls, S 3 Abcrdeen-st., 2-story stone-front, basest set, and tub-collar. 249 booth Psnilaatt., 3-story frame and ban. 658 Carroll-av., cottage. 6 rooms. sl3. 632 U>st F01k,3-story frame, $18; lot, 45x150. 365 llanbhold-av,, 3-story.framo, S2O. S-ttory and basement stone-froats corner Ashland-ar. and Walnut. 24 South Ashlaud-av., frame, 10 rooms. $45. IiORKNT-543 NORTH LASALLE-ST.. COTTAGE, . 6 rooms, large lot, s2sa mouth; will be painted and put la first-class order. 133 liurlbut-sr,, in fine order, 7 rooms. 825 a month. 338 Warron-av., brick house, all modern improvements, SSO a month. Johnson place, brick bouse. 3-etory and basement. $S a month. Lesritt-st., swelled front brick bouse, *2O a month. HENRY WBIPPLK, 10-3 Wasbiogton-at.. Room 14. rro RENT—N?2W OCTAGON STO.VK-FRONT. TWO- X storir*. attic, and baaemont, 14 roems, hot and cold water, batfa-ruom. vrater-closeti, etc., brick barn, hand some lawn, large lot, shade trees, marble tile sidewalk, etc.. $75 per month. No. 44 Cxrroll-av., corner of Sbel don-st. Also, three-a'ory and ha«emant stone-front, 14 rooms, stationary wash-stands, with hot and cold water in all tho rooms, bath, xrater-clokot, furnace, etc. bam In rear. No. 73North Mhcldun-st-. S6O per month. Also, now 10-room bnck houses, with conveniences, on Ada-stL and Arb- .r-placc, at from $25 to S3O per month. S. S. HaVKS. Room 7 Metropolitan Block. TO RENT-HOUSES BY - ED 81 UNDTaTCU.M MIN OS, 119 and 121 LaSallo-et.: 10 Vlacetmcs-place, 2-srory and basement brick. $25. K Viuccnnes-plaoe, 2-story and basement brick, 1849 State su, near Fortieth, cottage 6 rooms, sls. 1351 Ststo-tit., near Fortiotb. cottogs 6 room*. $ 15. 91 North Ada-et.. 2-»tory and basement brick, $35. SI Smainary-av., 2-atory frame, brick basomant, 11 roums, bam, $23. 81 North Ada-st., 2-«!ory and basement brick. $35. 73 Huauro-st., S-story and ba*emont brick, *3O. rjiO RENT—77S WEST J ACKSON-NT., TWO-STORY X frame house. 6 ruotna, la good order, water and gas. WM. C. DOW. 10Tribune Building. TO RENT—TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT BltlCK No. 124 KHls-av., cheap. D. B. DEWEY & CO.. Room U,lC3Fiftb-ar. tro’bent-new'BRICK COTTAGE, NO. issexn- X nold-st.. only $29 per month. D. B. DBWKV A CO., Room 11. U)j Fifthly. fpO RENT-HOUSES IN ALL PARTS OF THE L city. Fall list and particulars in "Landlord and Tenant" at our office. Jt. S. XW. G. McCORMICK. VA Lafiall-st. TORKNT-TWO-STOIir AND BASEMENT HOUSE 1066 Wabasb-av., in perfect order, with gas fixture*; possession given TO RENT-COTTAGE SIS GAS' bath, hot and cold water# Inquire of owner, Sl3 Jackson-sb TO KENT—A COTTAGE WITH 9 ROOMS. WILL reut cheap by one family from May 1. 677 Hoyne at.. Wicker Park. TO RENT-PRICE TO SUIT TIMES—MARBLE* fronts comer of Cottage Grove-av. and Thirty-first, •t.; boose* entirely new; location unsurpassed. L.W. PERCE, Room 17, I£o Clark-st. TO RENT- 101 SOUTH SANOAMON-ST., HOUSE of 7 rooms, closets, etc.; all modern improvements. Apply at 155 Aberdeau-sU T~ O RENT—BRICK HOUSE 219 ILLINOIS-ST., 1* rooms, all modem improvements. Inquire 231 Illinois* •t. T‘ 0 BENT-CHEAP, TO A GOOD TENANT, LARGE S-slory bouse, modem Improvement*. West Side, by -wner. JOHN N. WXSNKR. 134 Wa*hiagton-Bt..aoow 53. rpO RENT-SOUTH SIDE, NEAR HORSE AND X steam cars, houses of 6to 10 rooms, from sls to S3O. KESLKR BKOS.. 6S WaaUiugtoa st. TO RENT-323 LINCOLN-AV.. 3-STORY DWELL- It»g, 13 rooms, suitable for two families, with large grounds, S4O. CHaPMAN * BARBER, 126 Washing ton-et.. Room S 3. _ TO RENT-351 EAST INDIAN A-ST.. IB BOOMS; UP per fiat of S<3 North Clark-st.. and street flat 186 Obio-st.; also bouse over store, and cottage, 6 rooms, each $lO, North Side on car street. A. T. GaLT, 93 Dear* born-st.. Room 23 »pO RENT-60 SOOTH M AY-ST.-3-STORY, 13 X rooms, in fint-clavs order, at 845 per month. OG DEN. SHELDON A CO,, southwest corner Labe and C lark-eta. _ rpo RENT-NICK 10-ROOM ERICK HOUSES, NEAR L Lincoln Park: all eonTooiencos: will put in good order and rent low. Q. 3. WALLER, 41 Clark-et., Room 11. rpO RENT—A NICE ENGLISH BASEMENT COT- X tags, with all modem Improvements. No. 63 Thir ty •seveatn-sU TO rE.VT—TWO-STORY FZLUfE DWELLING. NO. 292 West Jackson-st-, (15. Apply to ii. J. JONES, Board of Public Works. TO RENT-HOUSE, 20 ROOMS. 543 WEST WASE- Ington-sL, comer Ann, Dr, R. H. HARCOURT._ T~EKNMHBAF-TWO" BEAUTIFUL front bouses, Nos- 544 and 3*6 Vernon-av.: atl modem improvemoots. P. 11. KICK, 178 East Waahingum-st. _ TO~RKNT-HOUSB NO. 213 NORTH STATK-ST-. containing 10 rooms,—2-story and basement, with all modern improvements; to rent cb-vap from May L ELLIOTT ANTHONY, 95 Dearbomst. TO RENT-BRICK HOUSE NO. 72 THIRTEKNTH et.; will bo put in good order; rent, s6oo par year. F. RYAN. <33 Stalest. TO RENT-DWELLING NO. 12 SIXTEENTH-ST., 14 rooms. Present occupant will show the bouse. Address if. A. SMITH, Winnoita, 111. fpO RENT—HOUSE 720 WASHINGTON-ST., TWO i. story and basement; all modem Improvements. H- O-GOODRICH. 737 Waahtiigton-at., or 90S State- Sev eral other houses to rent. TO UKNT-A TWO-STORY FRAME HOUSE ONE block from Lincoln Pack, 8 rooms, with alcove, gas, and water. Inquire at 92 Liocolo-av. Pleasant rooms. rpO RENT-850 PER MONTH-836 INDIANA-AV,, X 2-storyand brick basement boose, 10 rooms, with barn. Inquire of Goss A Poilllp* Manufacturing Com paay. Flak and Twenty-aecond-sts. rpO KENT-HOUSE NO. 300 FULTON-ST., CORNER X of St,, new paint, calmmlme. etc., for nscs, and gas-fixtures, tor $69. Fine suburban bouse, with barn. $12.50. HUNTING A CO., 39 East Madison. TO RENT - 335 SOUTH BALSTED-ST. FINE brick bonne, 14 rooms, largo grounds. Apply to O. J. HULL, 167 East Washiogton-st.. Room 35. TO RENT-A NEW SIX-ROOM COTTAGE NO. 553 Sedgwick-st,, near Lincoln Park. Inquire of LOUIS O. KUUTZ, office of rEtna Ins. Co.. 172 LxSalle-st, TO BENT—TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT TEN room house No. 3M Calumet-av., with furnace and modem improvements; oconpied b/ one family since ite construction- FARRINGTON k HACKNEY, ICS Wasbington-st. TO RENT THRKK-STORY AND BASEMENT brick houas. No-18 Kldridgo-conrt: bouse will bo pot in thorough repair. FARRINGTON i HACKNEY, 105 Washingtop-st. TO RENT—THOSE BEAUTIFUL OCTAGON, 11 room bouses, with all modern conveniences, at the corner of Kush and Oak-sis., North hide; rant SSO per mouth. Apply on the promises. TO KENT—TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT MAR bIe-front3B3 West Raadolph-at.; large cellar under toe basement: furnace, range. gas-Sxturca, bam, Ao. inquire of H. D. EASTMAN, 47a.Bandolph-st.. TO RENT-247 XNDIANA-ST.-TIIREK-STORY AND basement brick, containing 14 rooms, closota, and bath-room, furnace, gas. to a responsible party at 890 J poryear. Apply to KNAUER BROS., corner Clark and Kinrio-st*. TO BENT—HOTEL SITUATED ON THE NORTH oast corner of Wost Madison and Desplaines-stsfor merly known aa the Sr, Denis, nearly now. Apply to the owner. No. 64 South Dcsplxinss-st., or to C.E.llULMlid, No- 69 Sooth CliatoQ-st. TO RENT—FURNISHED HOUSE. VICINITY OF Union Park, all modem conveniences, to a small pri vate family who will board lady owner; will offer liberal terms. Address O <6. Tribune office. TO RENT-NEW AND ELEQANTLY-CONSTBUCT ed marble-front residences to block northeast comer of Waahlngton-at, and Union Park. DUNSTANAOO., Room 5. IW Dearboru-st. TO RENT—4I9 WARREN-AV., TWO-STOHY AND basement octagon, in perfect condition, and brick bam. Inquire on tae promises. TO RENT-HOUSE 229 NORTH LASALLB-ST., 3- story and basement brick bouse in good repair, with brick stable in roar. Apply to WM. O. DOW, 10 Tribune Building. T*o RENT-14 BOOMS. 3-STORY AND BASEMENT, 258 Untario-st., with all modem improrements. In quire at premises. TO RENT—AT $25 AND S2O, FIVE NEW HOUSES on Forty-tirstst., west of Cottage Grore-ar., or will sell on long time, monthly payments, or terms te suit the times and purchaser. These houses are two-story and base* ment, b&ltof brick, with modemimproremenU; neigh borhood the very beat, and near tboDroxsl-bouierard. W. A. BARNES, Itoom 16,170 Msdison. TO RENT—HANDSOMELY-FURNISHED HOUSE of 7 rooms: would be rented cheap to a email family. Apply No. 45 Cottage-place, between Thirty-first and Thirty-scoond-eti.. near the lake. rpO BKNT—PARTLY-FURNISHED HOUSE ON JL Park-av., near Park, and board family of three, with oririlece of taking three more; family without children preferred. Address W 76, Tribune office. TO RENT-RESIDENCE NO. 546 MIUHIOAN-AV.; very cheap. 8. U< HAVEN, Boom 10, 124 Clark-st. T" q RBNT-NO. 1028 MICHIQAN-AV., THREE story and basement frame bouse of 12 rooms, furnace and gas fixtures, ki*chon on parlor floor; rent SI,OOO per annum- Apply teWM. 1L SaMPSON A CO.. 144 La- Salle-st. fpO RENT— CHEAP—TO GOOD TENANT, COT- X tage. six-rooms, with bam, on Langtsy-av.. sear Fortran fth-st. Will be put la good repair. Apply te D. LITTLE, Woodman's Bakery, 56 Sonin Clark-st. TO BENT—COTTAGE OF 8 ROOMS. CLOSETS, etc all hih f<tnmftl y furnished, with bam for horse, one block from street cars on the West Siderin first-class fi.So“toboaxd*A* and wife. Address *7% Tritons office. ; eent-cottaok, large b arn, two lots, i, iifj gwtk C«MUIi THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: SUNDAY, APRIL 23, 1876-SIXTEEN PAGES TO RENT—HOUSES. TO RENT—BY WU. D. KEttFOOT M 00.. IS BUT W&thlnitUo-Bi: , , HOUSES. ißdiaaaaT..between Sixteenth and Elghteenth-*t*.,twe wtory and basement booses; rood bams. 'Will be pat in first-cUti order sad rooted sety lon to responsible i>artJe« Ruihst.# northwest corner Indiana, block of S-story and basement marble-front houses, with modem impr-ore txientt. Will rent corner home at 370 and inilde bouses at SCO pertaonth each. Dearbcuri-st.. near Chestnut, and omlooking Wash* incton square, three new 3-story and basement marble- Jront boose*,with tnrnacos and all modern InnroTemonte. WestWashlngtoo-si.. No. 640. Mtor? and basement brick homo, with all modern Improvements, cheap Walnut-st.. just west ol Ashland-ar.. 2-story.basomeat, and mansard roof house, 13 rooms, f4O per month. Lake-ar.. near Thirty-filth-st.. 2-»tory frame and brick basement boose, 9 or 10 rooms, 930 per month, comlortable 2-story brick honee. Brooms, near Webster-ar.. f 25 per month, on# block from Clark stream. Warren-,... jut mil of Woo4-,t. 2-itorr fram, boose, 60 foot lot, and barn. F s?‘^o? t " at,,o * 4 r s °P ilU ' a - ,tar y brtek boasts, a rooms each. *25 per month. Wabasb-av.« near Seventeenth-st,, 8-stoir and base* meat brick bouse. $75 per month, * West L&ko-st. , near Robey,desirable tenement* of 3 and 4 rooms in Barclay’s marble-front block at from 810 to sl2 par month each. TO RENT-FOUR NEW 3 STORY AND BASEMENT tnarblo-front buildings on Twanty-aocond-st.. comer ol South Park-av. No*. 402 and 404 South Clark-st., stores with twe floors above. Basement and second and third floors. Nos. 114 sad 194 North Clark-st. No. 30 McGlasben-tt.. cottage and bam. No. 205 West Elghteenth-st-, collate* Omcas and rooms In buildings. * Not. 151 and 157 Randolph-st. No. 183 Randolph-st., store 20x80 feet. No. 179 Randolph-st.. stora. basement, and second, third, and fourth floor for dwellings, Apply to JOHN GUNZENUAUSKK, lal Randolpn-st. , lIOQQ 1. TO KENT—OK FOR SALE—TWO-STORY FRAMS bouse, with or without furniture, gas-Qxtures. etc., containing 11 rooms, bath-room, etc. Inquire at 128 Ful toa-st. rpO RENT—I WILL RENT MY X3OUSU OF SKVBN X rooms, bath-room, etc., partly furnished, and pny (lo per month extra for board or royaeif and wife. Good yard and barn. Apply at 446 Verpoa-av. TO RENT—BY MAY I, A 6-ROOM COTTAGE NO. 41 walnut-st.; also upper port of 83 Walaut-st. In quire at S 9 Walnut-st. - TO RENT—S2S PER MONTH TO GOOD TENANT, new 10-room brick boose on Bowes-ar.: water and gas. C. J. ADAMS, 59 Poarborn-st. TO RENT—IiOUSK 7 SOUTH MAY-ST., 10 ROOMS, moaorn laprovomanla; parties wishing to 100 It call between 10 and 4 o'clock at 226 West Wadlsoa-st.; refer* eocos required. a 10 RENT-HOUSE 95 EAST HARRISON-ST., 9 . rooms. Apply at Room L Oils Block. l Torrent-neat, cosky'six'-ro6m cottage. 966 and 963 North Clark-st, S2O. Alto three others, tame size, further north, sls. Apply at 125 South Clark st, Room 11. TO RENT—S3O PER MONTH. COMPLETELY FUR nishod cottage, ooualgtlug of eight rooms. 848 Cain* zset-ar. TO RENT-VERY LOW. PRICE S7OO, NEW HOUSE on T'birty-flfth-st., four doArs west of Lake-av.. etone front, th tea stoiics: modern conveniences; first-class neighborhood; couvpnlqot to Uyds Park trains. Apply to C. &. MTIfiWALL, 76 6tate-st. rRKNT— PARK-AV.,2 STORYFIIAME, BRICK basement: rent moderato to good tenant. F. LIN* SGNBARTH, <8 South Caoai-st. TO RENT-UPPER PART OF NO- 611 FULTON-5T.; also upper floor of No. 255 West Madison-st., by JAMES FiIOICE. 86MotropalltanBlock. TO RENT-192 CENTRE*AV. t TWO-STORY AND bssomeuc brick bouse, with a good barn in tns roar, and all modern Improvements. Call at &&7 West Twolfth-st. fPO RENT-FURNISHED OR UNFUKNISHED.THB X marble-front bousa 664 Michlgan-av. A. J. AVER* ELL, 127 Dearboru-it. TO RENT-HOUSE 679 WEST TEN rooms, bath-room, hot and cold water in every room, no basement, large dry cellar, surrounded with trees, in elegant condition; only SBO » month to a Jood tenant. In quire of COUIJ X CO., Xaß West Madlsou-st., orß. VAN BUREN. 76-1-hfth-av. • TO RENT-TWO TWO-STOUY AND BASEMENT sew brick bouses, all modem improvemonts, on West Waihlagtoa-st., SSO; cottages for $lO and sls a month. ’F. A. WE AGE. 95 Waihlagton-gt., Room 2. TO RENT—A NICE SIX-ROOM COTrA.GR. WITH tarn, in rear 17i West Van Bureu-st. Apply at 313 Soutb Morean-st, TORRENT-COTTAGE HOUSE OF 7 ROOMS. NO. <3 North Curtls-st. Apply at 327 Wost Lake-st. TO RENT-1029 WEST MO-NROE-ST.. NEAR WEST cru-av., 2-twry frame dwelling-house, 8 rooms, In the best condition, lot S 3 feet front, yard raiaod and sodded. Rent S3O per month. Apply on premise*. RENT-THfi S-STOBY AND BASfcMENT MAR- X ble-front house 31 Twenty-fifth-st-; furnace and all modern Improvements; hnttjefa thorough repair; reut very low. O. H. A G. C. WALKER, 13Ouambur of Com merce. TO RENT-A BURNISHED HOUSE TO SMALL family for the summer; desirable location on Prairie* av.. near Tweaty-tirst-st. Inquire of IS. U. MYBUS. Law Bookseller,93 Waablngton-sU TO RENT—PRAIRIK-AV., NBARTUIIITY-THIRD sU only one left of those aeat east front bouse, all modem conveniences. WRIGHT,BO Washimriou-at. TO RENT-ON MICHIGAN-AV„ NEAR TWENTY* thinl.flt-, bouse of 16 rooms. On Warren-av., 13- roem bouse, SSO. On Twenty-fourth-st.. near Wabash av.. 8-room house, cheap. Six pleasant houses at Lom bard, $3 to $lB par month. ISAAC CLAPULN A CO.. 31arise Building. mb RENT-TWO 3-STORY BRICK BASEMENT X elegant residence on Ind Una-av.. $26 per month, all new. M; N. LORD, 151 Randelph-sU TO RENT-THE BRICK OCTAGON-FRONT D WELL ing 1293 Indiaua-av., in good order, ready for occu pancy. Also dwelling lot South Park-av.,11 rooms, bam, Ac. Kent low. W. I). COOPER, 13 Tribune Building. T6~RENT— NIIOB 6-ROOM COTTAGE 932 FULTON ■t, only 312 per month: Uko and cistern water la kitchen. Apply to owner, next door east. TO RENT—COTTAGE, AND LKASK FOR, SALK for S6OO. Apply for three days at 359 Twenty-ninth-«U TO RENT—bS7 WARASU-AV., 5-STORY AND basement brick, 13 room*, closets to each room: la In good repair. Apply on promlaoa- TOUENT-NO. 27 PINE-ST., ELEGANT S-STORY and basement brick, 16 rooms, close**, 3 water closets, fnmaco, 6 marble man Ma. all modern improve ments, 860, by BURNS A KXLINE, Room 50, Reaper Block, 97 Clatk-st. rpo RENT-HOUSES OF FOUR ROOMS. WATER IN X kitchen; SB, 810. and sl6. Apply at 327 Woat Lake-et. rpo RENT-MARBLE-FRONT HOUSE AND BARN X No. 463 Pnlton-st., 18 rooms, all modem Improve menta- House and barn (new) on Imllanvav., No. 1853, with all modem improvaxoeots. House No. 1295 Prairio nv.. Id rooms. Cottage, 6 rooms, No, luC9 Jackson-st. Cotuga and barn. No. 2299 South Dearbora-et. Tho above are.all in good order and will be rented cheap to good tenant*. Inquire of owners, LOOMIS A FOLLKTT, 146 MadUoa-aC TO BEN T-TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT booses. Nos. 23 and £5 Fine-st.; all modem improve ments ; SSCO a year. To bhnt-ma'rblk-front ROUSE, ALL MOD ern improvtnents, 82 Vlnceanes-av. Po*«eseion atones to good tenant. 1L W. BRIDGE, 15 Tribune Building. TO RENT-aN ELEGANTLY-FURNISHED HOUSE on the North Side, wit Mo tea minutes' walk of Court- House. Cheap at S2OO per month. Address KZ, Suats Zeitung. _ r RENT—TWO-STORY FRAME HOUSE 1437 IN* diana-av.; 830 per meoth. _ TO RENT-HOUSES. STORES, AND LOFTS TO rent and forsale in all parts of the city. FARRING TON Jt HACKNEY, lus VVasbiaglon-st. TO BENT—THOSE BEAUTIFUL OCTAGON. 11- room bouses, with all modem coovoniencea, at the corner of Rash and Oaksta.. North Side; rent 860 per month: also the largo comer bouse, same place, suitable for professional gentlemen, at 3&0 per month: also 11- room octagon bouse. No. 4SU MarshnHd-av., at S3O per month: these are toe cheapest booses to tenants in the city- Apply on the premises. TO RENT-NEAT GOTHIC AND PLEASANT Swiss cottages of 6 rooms eech (cars. gas.and water). Call at 188 North Cnrtis-st., West Chicago. TO RENT-A NEW BRICK BUILDING, CONTAIN ing store and 16 rooms in second and third story, 183 East blonroe-st. T' ~0 RENT—MARBLE FRONT HOUSE, FURNISH ed or unfurnished, having all modern improvements, in good locality. Y 52, Tribune office. TO RKNT—SIY DWELLING-HOUSES 1226 AND 1229 Wabasb-av. and bam*, one with 9 the other with 13 room*, with all the modern improvements, east fronts, and very pleasantly situated; rent cheap to a good paying tenant. If agreeable would like to board and roomwitn aamall family la the corner house. Inquire of O,D, MOSHER, photographer, 951 Wabasb-av. TO RENT—FURNISHED HOUSE. 10 ROOMS, modem improvements, to responsible party without children. Call at 1849 Indiaas-ar. TO RENT-TWO-STORY DWELLING, 10 ROOMS, good csiiar aud attic, eituatod on Ecook-st.. second door from tho lake, one block aontb of the Oakland sta tion; posression given immediately. Inquire of C. GOODWIN, 63 and 65 Watfaingtoa-st. • TO BRNT-KU. 383 SOUTH UOYNE-ST., 10 BOOMS; root S2O to a careful, prompt-paying tenant. Apply at 285 on promise*. TO RENT—COTTAGE NO. 46 NORTH RUCKER, at,, between Indiana and Hobbard-sts. TO BENT-FRAME HOUSE. 2-STOUIES. HKB mltago-av., south of llarriton-st.; 830 per month. WaT-LEk BROS., 84 Washington-st. TO RENT—S4S PER MONTH, ELEGANT NEW 2- etory and basement brick house on Indlana-av., near Tnlrty-fourth-it. Address O 12, Tribone office. TO RENT - 127 CALUMET-AV., CORNER OF Twenty-third-**., 3-story and basement marble front. 14 rooms, with gas-fijUurea, pier mirror, and barn. In quire of occupants. rpO BENT—A 2-STORY HOUSE, 9 BOOMS, GOOD a. repair, water and gas, S3O; aud 1-story cottage, 6 rooms. In coed repair, located on Bowea-sv.. half block west of Cottage Orove-av., bandy to street and steam cars. Apply at 114 Thlrty-fiftb-st. TO RENT-HOUSE NO. 7 FORREST-AV., ALL modem improrements, with bam. Inquire of DECKER BROS.,Michigau ar.and Thirty-first-sU Meat SSO per month. • mo RENT-NEAT 7-BOOM COTTAGE, BATH- X room, Ac., east front, lain Imiiaoa-av,, $25- S, WICKS PALMER, 144 L&Salle-sl., Room 6. TO RENT-Thr. BEST COTTAGE IS THE CITY. 25x60, near Lincoln Park, parlor, sitting, dining, kitchen, three bod-rooms, with nico closets, bath, large and small pantries, waabtubs In basement, hot, cold, aad toft water, roams all roniiiatod, and house heated by for nace. Apply to WADE ABBOTT, Room 6, 173 Adams. TO BENT—S is MONTHLY. NEW HOUSE, EIGHT rooms, mar North and Mdwaukee-ara, two blooks to street-cars. Inquire at 94 State-st. TOBBNT— CHEAP TO A GOOD TENANT, COT tage No. R4O Fuiton-st. Apply at IM6 Fulton-st> mo RENT-340 WARUKN-AV.-TWO-STOBY AND X basement brick octagon-front, 12 rooms, modsrn im provements. Apply on promises. TO RENT—SIS, OR FOB BALK ON MONTHLY payments of nice 5-room ootuca-housee with 1 »rge lots, in choice osigUborhood, West Haron-et., east of Ko bsy-st.; IndUna-sv. cars. S. T. KING, 115 East Ban doJpb-st- TO RENT-TWO FINE MARBLE-FRONT HOUSES on the boulevard, noar Thlrty-slxth-st.; also a mar ble-front bone, No. 103 Vinconoes-av.; also a vary flue hoasoon Michigan-av., near Twsatletb-*t. WABEUN, KREXBV a CO., 103 Wasbtogtop-at. __ TOO RENT—A HOUSE HANDSOMELY FURNISfI- Xed. with evemthing complete; ox, would sell the faml tnre. Apply atsCß Wabasb-av. TO RENT-HOUSK OF 10 ROOMS ON FORTY fonrih-st and lndiana-*v. Price S3B per mouth. In nulre atFortySirt-et. and lUahlgaw. L. W. STONE. ryo rk aS£* TO RENT—HOUSES. TO RENT—FKOITMAY 1- 470 South State-st.: Sooth HaUt«d-sL f second and third floors, separately; 368. 365. 370, 372. 479. 481, second floors, with 8 to 10 rooms each; 291 sod 293 South Ctack *t., 28 rooms, ecitabla for a boardlac-hoase; U and 63 Pontth-av., with S 3 rooms: 729 Wsst Loke-at.. store and up stair*. 868 West MadUon-*t. 10 rooms; hot and cold water. 186 Sooth Peorls-st.. ll rooms, elegant ortlar. 91 Hojno-st., cottage. KSHoyoe-at.. rear, & roome.. ’ 828 West Jackson-st.. 19 rooms, elegant toeatteh, 463 West FuUoa rt., 12 rooms, marble front. £3O West Jacksooet., 8 rooms, eery low. 816 West Jacksoo-st., 6 rooms. 833 West Monroe-st.. 10 rooms, rileer prices, 163 Waatworth-af., lo rooms, took at this. 433 Sooth Clark-*t., 9 rooms, brick. 234. 224jtf, and 225 Fourth-ar., 11 roozna took, brisk, til In good order and cheap rants. 1&8 Fourtb-av. 585 South UaUted-st, 10 rooms. 827 Prairio-av., 11 rooms, all modern Improvements. Scores and dwellings on TMrty-first-st., near Michigan av.. by J. M. MARSHALL. Real Estate and Heuso Bant* lag Agency. 97 South Clark-st. ijiO RENT-GO AND LOOKrTHEY MUST BE BflNT* 233 Portland-ar., near Twenty-etghtb-st., 9-room dwelling and barn - $ 27.C0 Wallace-st.. near Thirty-firat-st., grocery store, 10 rooms and baru 25.00 137 W#»t Indiana st., Istabiry. 4 rooms 8.00 837Wc8tIudjaa»-sf,, 3d story, 4 roorat 10.C9 Will allow 25 p ir cent for 6 months rent in ca«b. TKUBSPBLLA BROWN. RN Fiftb-av. TO RENT-A 6-ROUM COTTAGE. CCD FULTUN-ST. Also, 6 rooms. Apply at 89 North Aan-at. Cheap to a good tenant. - 'TOtRENT-ON FARK-AV.. 2W, S3O. ALSO.UuUSN. X 7 rooms, sls. Inquire at 535 West Madisou-st. ToIiENT-SMXLL COTTAGE. & ROOMS, NO. 857 Choreb-st.. sl6 per month, or will foraisb tho same elegantly for S3J per month. By A. L. CROCKER, 176 Bast Madison-at. TO RENT—FURNISHED HOUSE. WEST SIDE, FOR tho summer, to responsible and careful parties only; bouse has all modem eonrenloncaa and in good neighbor hood. Address R2l, TrihuoaotSco. TO KENT—COTrAGK 7 ROOMS, 239 SOUTH PEO ria-st. Heat reasonable to a small family. J. iL KEELER, 145 Clark-st. TO RENT-DWELLING 381 SUPKRIOR.ST.. TWO story basement octagon (runt; very dotdrable location; south front: newly painted and calclminod. R. 8. A W G. McCUKMIOK. 155 LaScUe-st. alO RENT-MJCHIGAN-AV., SECOND HOUSE eonth of Tblrty-slxth-s;., west side of street. Apply at 78 and 80 Lake-«t- TO RENT—3SB NORTH DEARBORN-ST., FROM May 1. F. C. TAYLOR, 1M Uearborn-st. TO RENT-RARE CHANCE FOR A DSUGFITFUL boms or boarding-house—The house and beautiful grounds knowh as tho Sturgcs Place, on Nortn Clark-st, near Diversy. at tho city limits. X acres, green-houses, barns, beautiful trees, drive*, etc.; horse-care every IS minutes; house partially furnished. B D O, 184 Dsxr born-st.. Room 5. Q IO RKNT—TWO-STORY AND BASKMENT BRICK, . 383 West Harrison-it.. corner cf Aberdceu. 11 rooms, with all modern improvement*. JAS. T. VO UNO, 596 West Uarrison-st. TO RENT—$33—255 SOUTH SAN GAM UN-ST.. H room*. $». 86KeodaU-st,, 8 rooms. J. A. OWEN, 183 Waahingtoa at. • HlO RENT-13 NORTH OURTIS-ST., 3-STORY, fl X room?, $25. 375Belden-av., 2-story, grooms, $25. !/7? Daytnu-eL,second floor, (rooms and bath, sls. CHAPMAN & 3ARDKR, 126 WaihingtoP-st., Room S 3. TO RENT-FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED housed. J. S. GOULD, 63 TO RENT—'TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT OCTA gonstono-front. Wabasb-av.. second sooth of Thirty* thlrd-st. Two-Btor>*ano basement brick, finely (urniabed throughout, 28Thirty-eighth's:., block from EIUm Park. MANN A CONGDON, Room 11. 109 Dqartfora st. aib RENT-16 ETJORIDGE-COURT—HANDSOME 4- X story brick with all modern Improvements; all newly repaired and elegantly furnished. Also unfurnished rooms. rpO RENT-ONLY «S 9 PER MONTH. NO. I TWO- X story 10-room house, arranged tor one at tiro families, Orboardiug-house. Apply at northwest corner Lake-tt. and Wostem-av. TO RENT-1227 WABASH-AV. (EAST FRONT).TWO story frame, brick basement, house 13 rooms, finished la black walnot; hot and cold water on each floor; gas fixtures and furnace; barn and carriage house; also car pets and other furniture. Will rent tea first-class tenant, cheap. Address owner, C. W. RHODES. 147 LoSoUe-et., Room 6. mO RENT—HOUSE NO. 70S WEST MADISON-ST., X corner of lianore, 9 rooms; two-story frame. Apply s£ No. 687 West _ TO RENT-THB AND BASEMENT BRICK houie Cl North Dearborn-at., 11 rooms, all modem improvements. Apply to owner, CHARLES HAMPEL, SU6 North Suto-it. TO RENT—SSO, BRICK HOUSE, 165 SOUTH MOR gan-st-. 10rooms, gav fixtures, and stable; pleasant location, near cars. Apply on the corner nest south. rpo RENT-VERY CHEAP—ONLY SSO A MONTH; X those elegant new xuarblo-front houses st tbo comer of Tbirth-fourth-st. and Wabaso-av,, all modern im provement*. location unequalso, houses new. Inquire on the promt***, nr of. J. C. MCCORD A CO.. Room 1 (base ment), 99 Washiagion-st. TO RENT—A S-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK 10-room dwelling with all modern improvements, sit uated at li£ North; sßuo per annum. Apply at 9dLaSalio-Bt., basement. fpo RENT—FOR BOARD OF SELF AND SMALL X family a large handsomely-furnished bouse (no base ment) eomploie iu every re*prct. near Twentv-aecond-st. and Praihe-sv. Strictly fint-cisss parties only address V 60, Tribune oiSco. TO’ RENf-TO GOOD TENANTS WITHOUT CHTL dren, for four months, nicely furnished bou-o, all mod ern conveniences, with bam. 161 Twentj-tifth-st. , TO RENT-CHEAP TO PROMPT-PAYING TEN ants, two cottages, Irriog-plaoa, south of Pulk-sL.near Leavitt; in first-cIaM condition; nearly new; in a good neighborhood. Inquire at 716 Monroe-st. mo RKNT-NRAR LINCOLN PARK, HOUSE 24 AND X 23 Grant-place. 7 rooms, rte basement, S2O. M. PORTER, U uraot-pl&ce. rpO RENT-1637 PRAIRIE-AV., NEW 10-ROOM X stone-front boose, all modem improvements, $lO. Room 7 Tribune Building. rjX) RENT—BRICK HOUSE. 155 LOOMIS-ST., BN* X glUh basement. 9 rooms, bath-room and closets, hot and cold water. Inquire within. TO KENT-CHEAP TO 6ooi> TENANT. COTTAGE seven rooms, Carroll-av., near Ellzabeth-st. Innttire at 132 West Labo-et, TO REN 1-NO. 353 PAJIK-AV.. 3-STORY, 9 ROOMS. S3O. No. 180 West Monroo-st., 3-story, 9 rooms, $25. Nos. 435 and 437 West Van Bnrcn-aL, --star? and base ment. 8 rooms, modern improvements, |AX MYRON A. DECKER, owner, $43 West Congress-si. TO RENT—I4S9 PRAIRIE-AV., COTTAGE. SEVEN rooms, gas fixtures, marble basin in bedroom, marble mantel in parlor, eood order, price S9O per month, B.F. NpURSE.4I Wabssb-ar. TO~RRNT-A COTTAGE WITH 7 ROOMS AT 337 DeKoven-st., aearHalstod. Rent very low. TO r!IVT-GOOD2-St6rV HOUSE. 7 ROOMS, IN perfect order, largeyard; rent to good tenant gujper month; possession May L Apply on premises. No. 10 S«X monr-st., near laLb. TO RENT-DWELLING IN BRICK BLOCK OOB ner Lincoln and Hobbanl-ste., new and in good or der: rout sl3 per month. ANDREW PEARSON, 9$ Eaat Uandolpb-st» «pO RENT-TWO 12-ROOM MARBLE-FRONT i houses, new, with si) modem improvements, situated corner of Ccisagtvav. and North Stato-st- Also a 12- rncm frame dwolijnz 263 Superl T st., east of Daarbarn. with all modem improvements. Inquire at No. SU6 Cfal cago-av. TO KENT—HANDSOME FLOOR INBRICK HOUSE, south front, modem Improvements, furnished or un furnished, suitable for light housekeeping. Apply at 73S West Adams-st. rpO HKrtT-FOR S4O A MONTH—A 3-STORY AND X basement house, newly painted and calclmluod. and bam, l*ftS Mlonigao-av., to a responsible tenant- WM. McKINDLEY, ftl Ciark-et., Rooms 8 and 9. TO KENT-LOWKR PART OP 635 WEST MONROS st., oornar of Honero. Apply at 657 Monroe-st. TO RENT—IOS3 MICHIGAN-AV., 3-STORY AND basement brink in good order, ?SU. 1043 Wabasta-av.. 10-roora brick In good order. S6U. 961 Wahash-av., 6 rooms, in good order, $25. K. P. SMITH, 633 Wabash-ar. TO RENT—A FIRST RATE 12-ROOM HOUSE ON Calnmet-av., nearTwcnty-third-st.; house is 21 feet wide and arranged as follows : On the top floor are sU bedrooms and bath-room: on main floor are two parlors, dining-room. kitclun, pantry, and closets; in basement aro laundry, collar, inmaco-room, coal-room, otc. All modem improvements: very deep lot; will bepntintlp top order; tent $660. HENRY L. HILL. 143 Dearborn-si rno-RKrrr-wi miohigan-av., with range, X fixtures, and furnace. 123 Gnrley-sL, suitable for* laundry. Half house In Oakland. YOUNG A ROWLEY. 152 Dearborn-et. ' TO RENT-295 OALUMET-AV., 3-STORY AND basacaeat brick. 476 West Adamx-st., «tone-front, all modern Improvomeqta. H, Al« OAHLICK, 174 La- Salle-st., main floor. rno RENT—HO USE 42 NORTH PAULINA-ST- COB- X ner Fulton, 10 room# and bath. TO RENT—HOUSES SOUTH OF TWENTY-SKO ond-st,, at from SIS to $75 per month. Owner, Boons 6 Methodist Chnrch Block, J 3 to 1 o'clock. TO RENT-1103 AND UM INDUNA-AV-. NEAR Twenty-fourth-at.; rify and $45 per month. EUQKAiC Q. LONG h. BHD., 73 RaatWaablngtaa-st. TO RENT-DWELLING WITH STORE FRONT. 6ff» Wabash-av. EUGENE O. LONG A BRO., W EaetWaanlogion-et. rpO RENT—HOUSE NO. 149 SOUTH OBEBN-ST* X Apply at 23 Franklia-at. 1 TO RENT-DWELLING HIS WABASH-AV., COR-t nor Thirty-second-aU. with or without furniture. T‘ O RENT—TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK, 850,13 Fomst-a*., near Thirty-drst-at.: 10 rooma, ate. T. O. ILLS LEY, 1209 State-aU, pear Twonty-tUth. TO’RENT-A FURNISHED HOUSE, 1106 INDIANA ar. Apply on premlaoa or to M.E. COLLINS, 171 LaSallc-at. rpO RENT—SEVEN-ROOM COTTAGE,_NO- 893 X Pulton-st., by GEORGE DUNLAP, 14* Waat Mad- Ison-ct. T‘ O RENT—A TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT brick bouao, S2S Warrsn-av.; 10 rooms, sil modem Improvements. Apply to D. R. DYCHE, northwest cor per State and Randolph-sts. r RENT—B-ROOM COTTAGE, 826: ONK 7-ROOM, 820; one 6-room, 816:3 rooms, 819. 619 West Vaa Burea-it. . TO RRNT—HOUSE OF SIX BOOMS. EVERY CON venlenoe, 818. Apply to-day at 359 Weat Folk-at. TO RENT-BRICK HOUSE 356 WEST OONGEESS «L; 8 rooms; hot and cold water. TO RENT-BY GOODRZDGS A STOKES, HOUSS rer».ing ajrenta, 869 Weat Madison-st,, houses, stores, and rooma. See “Landlord and Tenant. Ccptse tree at oar office. ' TO RENT—HOUSBS FURNISHED AND UNFUR nished ofl North Side; rent for one taken In board. AddrotsSoS, Tribune office. „ TO BENT-BRIOK COTTAGE, 60 FULTON-ST. Apply at 68 North Unoola-et. TO REOT-A S-ROOM HOUSE IN GOOD ORDER. Will rent cheap. No. 219 South Hoyno-st. TO RENT-A SKVBR-ROOM COTTAGE ON WEST OaktaMt.; nat »IS. A. A. LATRROF, B» I-SAlto at., Hoorn 34. _ TO RENT-1530 INDIANA-AV. FINE HOUSE. ALB conveniences, large grounds, 14 rooms. . .... Loomis-at,, near JeOcrvon Park, oetagon marble-front house, all convenience*, gas-lixtnrss, furnace, etc., gea. Oakley-tt.. near Madison, 7-nx>m prick house. 825- 689 North rVanklin-at., neat Lincoln Para, oloaiy-far» nished boose. $35. . ... , _o. Wo have sereral detirablo cottages from 815 te 8» P«r month; alto, a large list of flne resldencae terras.atl rea- MUbla r»ui U 7 K. WEAVER A OO- » I^SUIMt. rRKNT-YKRY CHBAP-J NBW ELEPANT, dvaillaga. with aQ modetw aiwat** nerthWMt eoner ef Wahaah-as. aad Thlit»kuß-«t. TO RENT—HOUSES TO RKNT-BT F. C. VIKRUNO, BOOM U. 136 Dearbom-st., near Madison: 257 £ut indlana-st.. fins tbx«s*stor7 tad buaatnt brick, wUh all -cproTements. Brown itoc* :ront«« 14 rooms. with all laproTsmsnts. •o the northwest corner, of Wabaah-sr- aad XkixXj second-st. Is oa tot tha rinji! of residences. 4M Hurlhut-su, brick, IS room*. Am. 1493 Pralrle-ar., buuso of 9 rooms. 1229 Pralm-a?., house ol 13 rooms*, brick of 11 room*. 1440 Sooth Doarborn-st., house of 11 rooms. ISM South Dearborn-si., cottas* ei 7 rooms. gins store on Stato-st., near forty-ssrsnUl-sA 237 Morjan-st.. cottage o? S rooms. 754 "West Jackson-it., collage of 9 rooms. 369 West L*ke*»t., house of 9 rooms. ©Grant-place, brick of 13 rooms. SOS Bast store and lofts. 495, 650, 654. 636, and SSJiitate-st., stores. Furnitbcd bouse ot 14 rooms 00 Twentyfonrth-lt. • 2MBlsjelJ-sl., cottage of 9 rooms. F. C. VIKiiLING. Hoom 18. 126 Dearboro-st. TO KENT-BY K. C. COLK k CO., 144DEARBORN »*: sourn HIDK. 939 Michlgan-ar., 2-stor? brick, good barn, large 10t.960 1156 Pralrie-ar., etoaefruni, French roof €5 WEST Slot*. 416 Randolph-*!,, stone front, 2-story, 130 and 326 ilcnruc-st., It-vtory bricks, good barns..., 79 43.44, aad 46 North Sheldon, 2-story stono-frout. St Ashlaad-OT., Jarre huiiKs. 19 rooms, good bare; house boon pat in ord?r this spring 75 f 5 Centrc-aT., cottage, $33; 129 North Union-st., 815;77 North Peorla-st., 2-itcrjr, brick basement. $20:196 Carroll-et., $13:513 West ifadiMu-st, $30;BS8 Indians* #t-. slß;76NorthGroen-st.. s2u; SO North Grooa-it.,815; 500 Marshlield-av., $25: 4&7 Chlcago-av., 10 roomsotor store. sls; 142 and li2'4 Jaubsoa-st.; will be patio order, sls; 1(07 Adams-st.. S-story bouse, S2O; II South Carpen ter. splendid boose sod large grounds, $63. TO RENT—SI3 CAU7MBT-AV.. 9-STORY AND basement octagon stono-front 10-room bouse with furaacoaod brick bars, rent #45; 536 Carrol I-ar., 10-room ■tune-front house, marble maotols, hot and cold water, rest S4O; No. 631 West Lake-sc.. 3-»uj ry frame. 6 rooms and barn, rent cheap: No. ©i Won Lake. 3 pleasant front room*. rent sll. M. iiAUCETAN, Room 21 Reaper Block, 97 Clark-st. T‘ O RENT—II 23 INDIANA-AV.. 16-ROOM HOUSE. with baro and large lot 74x150, rent S7O per month; will be put in first-clars repair. M. MaUGHaN, Room 21 Reaper Block, 97 Clarlc»at. TO RENT—THE WHOLF. OR PART OP 197 SOUTH Paallaa-st.: bath, wash-bowl, and closet. TO RENT-1148 PRAIRIK-AV.. 3-STOKY AND basement, 13rooms, gas fixture*. and furnace; low rates to good tenant. Apply at 1148 Prairie-sv. TO RENT-19 ABKRDEEN-ST.. 11 ROOMS. WITH brick cellar; hot and cold water. Inquire at 183 Soutb Jefferson-st. mO RENT—COTTAG K HOUSE 720 WEST JACKSON JL st., furnished: good references required; modem lm proTcmcnta. Apply at 710 West Jacksou-st. TO RENT-COTTAGE NO. 61 NORTH CARPSN ter-at. TO RENT-HOUSE NO. 113 NORTH WOOD-ST.; 10 rooms, hot and coJd water, bath-room, sad cloiots; rent 825 per month. inquire next door, er at 621 West Afonroo-st TO RENT—A S-STORY FRAME HOUSE AND etoco basement, containing 13 rooms, No. 681 Hub bsrd-st., corner Wood; rent cheep. D, HORTON. Room 12 Keeper Block. mo RENr-1173. 1175, 1176 WABASH-AV., 8-STORY X stone-fronts With Mansard. BONFIELD. SWKZEY A SMITH, 163 WMhlacton-at. * mo RENT—TWO OF THE NEW B-STORY AND J. basement stone-front houses situated on the north* vest, earner of Adams-it. end Aeblend-er.. eest fronts. 13 room* eecb. nil modern Improvements. Also, two new 2-story nod beeemeut stone-front beaees on Adsms-st. just west of Ashlsnd-av., 9 rooms each; thesehoueossro drat-closs In 01017 particular. Neigh borhood tint-class. Apply to WM. U. SAMPSON i GO.. Reel Estate end Renting Agengy, IH LeSelle-st. TO RENT—THE NEW JUSTORY AND BASEMENT Slone-front notn>e*. corner Wssbihgton-st.and Ogden st., front Unim Perk; ologsut locsiion, 10 to 131 rooms each; all modern improvements. Apply to W. H. SAMPSON A CO.. Real Estate and Renting Agoacy, 111 LaS&lle-st., Otis Block. r RENT-A FURNISHED HOUSE, 7 BOOMS, handsomely located, modem conveniences, at slow rent to a careful tenant. Inquire on the premises, 394 Park-sv. TO RENT-HOUSE NO. 528 WEST LAKE-ST.— Bent S3O per month. Apply to W, 8. PECK, 81 South Clark-si., Room 1. . 1 TO RENT—TWO^STORY FRAME HOUSE, 857 Wabssh-ST. Apply to C. MrUPDIKE, corner Tsy lor-et. and Paoific-av. RENT—S3O-311 WEST RANDOLPH-ST., A NICE . residence, 8 rooms, for private family; five minutes* ride on ears, or ton minutes' walk from toe business con tra. Call at 313. TO RENT TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT bonnes on St. John’s-ploco, block from Union Park, byS. W. OSGOOD, 16 Timesßuilding. rpO P.ENT~FUitNISHP.D-A TWO-STORY BRICK X bou*e on Michigan-av., near Tweaty-olghth st., or will rent to a party that will beard owner. Address 818, Tribune oflies. TO RENT—2-STORY 9-ROOM HOCSK, TS AbER* deea-st.. n6‘wly painted and a put la gbod order; ga»- fixturoa Included; ont only $37.60 per month. Apply to owner at railroad office, 59 Ciark-at. ______ TO RENT—BY F. A. BARNES. BOOM 7. IM LA- Salls-st.—l7o West Jackson-st., 3-story frame, II roozoM, bars. sl6; 537 Carroll-ar., cottage, 7 rooms, gas, marble mantels, etc., 525; 119 South OaUcy-eU 2-story frame. 6 rooms sod bath. sl6; 151 South Oakloy-at., 2- story frame, 7 rooms, sl3. TO KKNT-COTTAGE NO. 75 FOR REST-AV., NEAR Thlrty-third-st.; 5 -ooins, 3 closets, sad pantry. Ap ply at cottage, or to METER BALLIN. 621 South Hai sted-st. ‘ • I\o RBNT—TITR2-STORY MARBLE FRONT HOUSE, furnished or unfurnisbed. at 611 Von Buren-st. Mrs. S. O-COgFEY. rpo RENT-NO. 392 UICUIGAN-AV.—S-STORY AND X basement marblo front, in com pleto repair, with fur nace, range, and gas-fixtures; renting now for $1,8U0; will rent very low to a first-clsas tenant. Address L. b. MAJOR, No. 20 Major Block. TO RENT-S2S P'Ul MONTH TO GOOD PARTIES— The Milwaukee pressed brick octagon front IC-room houses on Bowen-av., near Vlncennes-av.: not and cold water on each door and in two mala bed-rooms; bath room, 4 marble mantels, encased blind*,! aidayard to each home, trees la front. IL J. PSET, liß Washing ton-at.. Room li. T'b RENT-MARBLE FRONT 3-STORY AND BASR ment residence on northwest canter of Mlcblgan-av. and Thlneenth-et.; cheap to responsible parties. H. J. PIgET, loa Washlngton-Ht-, Room U. TO BENT—I 69 MICHIGAN-AV., S6O, 14 ROOMS. New houses, near Tbitty-nintb-o*.. and Cottage Qrove av.; sls to $25. B. F. HEAD. 96 Wasatngtoa-st. mO RENT—IO744 WaBASH-AV.,—POSSESSION AT X cnee, Itl-roora h >nsu, newly grained, with gas fixtures. Inquire at 1053 W\basb-av. TO RENT—TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK boose, 10 rooms and brick barn. 10 llonoro-rt , halt block south of Madiaansu cars. Cottage 761 Jick*»a ■t. corner of Koboy-st,; 7 rooms in good condltiofi. one block tram street-car*. 679 Maulson-at., 10 roomsimowly calcimhied and painted; suitable for ono or two (aifeillo*. JNU. G. ROGaRS. City Hall, or 163 A*hland-av. TO RENT—€2B WABASH-AV..E-STORY AND BASE znsnt brick house, all modem improvement!; rent $75 per month. Inquire at U 9 Monroe-»t., Room S. To REfiT—TWO-STORY AND BKIUUJ BASEMENT houso. No. 73 TwenTy-*ecoad-at.; $45; JOHN W. MARSH A CO., 94 Washington-st. ? mo RF-NT-BOARDING-HOUSE OR SMALL X hotel: SI rooms, ecu;rally located; good building; low rent. EDMUND G. STILES, 99 Madison-*t..Koom 7. TO RENT- 579 MICBIOAN-AV.. BETWEEN TWKN tleth and Twenty-dwt-st*., east front, a two-story basement bouse of 13 rooms; location unexceptional. Apply to MEAD * COE, 155 LaSalle-st. TQ RKNT-HOOSK OP f ROOMS, S3O A MONTH. U Pratt-pUce, West Side- TO RF.NT—2-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK residence one block west of Uocolu Park. Low rent to goed tenant A. A- LATUKOP, £4 Lahalle-st.. Room 26. TO KENT—A iSKADTIFtJL 3-STOKV AND BASE mentframe bouse. 214 Warren-ay., U roonwswlll ail modoto improvements, and is all in first-class repair throughout; location as good as any on the west Side. Will Be rented low to the right party. Apply on the premises. • rpO RENT—A TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT J. noose on Mlchlgaa-av.; to perfect order: unfurnished. Will take rent in board for self and wife and pay differ cnee in cash to a small family who ©an furnish nicely. Reference* exchanged. Addresa Y 96, Tribnno office. TO RENT—THE FIRST FLOOR OF TH ij NEW booao No. JS7 Knib-iU.. 10 Imall and reaponslb). lam- Uy. atJEoor month; 6 rooms; modarn Improromam.; bavement aud yard. Inquire of h. DHEi> HFIh»LD, Burke's Hotel, 140 Madisou st. rpo KENT— A 7-ROOM COTTAGE. NO. 130! VAN JL Buren-st., $13.50 per month. Apply at No. 54 South Morgan-et. rpO RENT-MAY l-TWO-STOKY AND BASEMENT X honso aOWalnnt-st., only $25 per month. K. M. OUTHET, 160 Labalie-at. mO~RKNT--SKVKRAL TENEMENTS ON WEST X Side near strooUcars in good order. Low to good parties. GEORGE D. PEASE, Room S 3 Reaper Block. ffIfTBENT—FURNISHIiD-rNIOB COTTAGE HOUSE 1 onPark-av. Owner would board with small plaasant family for cent. IX Tnfanno ofleo. rpOEENT—GOODTI£NEMKNTS IN THE FOIST. 1 cl&u stono-front la it ora oa premise* or of JOHN W * MAHbli, 94 Wash iagtoo-st. ... mo NEW 3-STCRY and X basement vet*tou brick-house on L*a*Ut*«t.. first booM tooth of Polk; 3 mantel*. water, ga»: wIU bo I block from Ugden-av. caw. 233. Inquire at 49 Campbell Park or of JOHN W. MARSH. 94 Washing ton-at- mORENT-HO USE, 8 ROOMS, 222 TWENTY-FIFTH- Hrau? Croons. 2-1 Twenty-flfth-it.. $25- House. Grooms, 596 Wabash-av., 81W. Two house#. comer Uncolu-av. and Orchard-st,; bar .•ldl one has 18 rooms.forsso.and 1 baa U rooms.cellar, aatl attic.for 845. Apply at l&J Lake-# L or 596 Wabath-ar. TO RENT—TWO-STORY NO BASEMENT BRICK taonses. good location. North Side; also62S West Ad ame-st.: also ■orer-vl good boosea Sonth Side. LEVI WING A CO.. 57 mo RENT—HOUSE OF 17 ROOMS, WITH ALL X modem imoroTementa, large groanda. wilt eet with treat; bno place. Inquire oa premises. IBS KlU*-ar., or Hoom 12. I32Dearboro-at. mo”RENT—INDIANA-AV., SOUTH OP THIRTY -1 flnvat., elegantly furniahed octagon atone front, u room*. brick bam. Address Y 33, Tribune office. mo RENT-BY COLE, NEWRLL A MOSHER, 188 X Weat Madiaon-st.—lloaiea 387 and 687 West Adama nt. • CU9 Wost Vaa flnren-at.; 572 and 4dl Wcat Washisg ton-et.: 241 and 463 West fCandolph-sL :#*, *2o» 63L and 633 Warren-av.; 414 and 730 Weat Madlion-at,; 42 Seely, av.. near Adama-at-; 350 and 741 Weat Monroe-aL : and aleo a large list of large and tmallhonaea- AlUtwUlb* found in this week’s *” Landlord and Tenant,” giringette ef houses, location, and price. Copies free at our office. TO REST—A GREAT BARGAIN FOB ANT ONK commencing housekeeping. I will sell the entire contents of my &>story and basement brick bona# on Indi an va*.. for 81,600 cash; this Includes furniture, carpet*, gas fixtures, furnace, range, kitchen and cooking uten sils. crockery and glassware, paintings, mirrors. Ac., Ac., Ao.; all bought same day 6 months since at a cost of nearly ay f*ii. ana none the worse for wear. Any person wishing to furnish a bouse can sate !?I,OCO. Will rent the house for 860 permontb if party wishes. Address 013, Tribune office. - 1‘ 10 RENT—A YOUNG COUPLK (AMERICANS who hare ao furniture) can learn of a rare chaneo to go to housekeeping ingeateel style, at rednood cost of Uviut. by addressing Y 37, Tribune office. fficTESST-A FIRS’FCLASS BOUSE WITH IB X rooms end 2 bath rooms, three-story ana bw ment, Vermont marble front; 6u9 Weat Adame-st.. corner of IS£SL UqtOceof 6HAS. W. PARKER, 127 LaSalic TO KENT-FURNISHED. A NEAT DISTORT cottage. T rooms, 94 Seutn Saagamoa-eL, near AfadL eom; attached. rrio KENT—CHEAP—A TWO-BTOET. AND BAS*- X men* brisk imoee of alae roams. la«Qfso am Ua TO RENT—HOUSES. To RENT—NO. 91 CALUMET-AV., KICK BOUSfI is A 1 rapalr, isrge lot. Jl. 000. 109 UlehUan-av., second honas oonth ef Twenty* •itbth'Bt.. is food repair. S6O. 19 I^ks-av.,3-story trams, with lanta lot. ts 9. - 13 Lake*av.. 3-story frame, osar station aad •tniUUi, t<o. SoTwsaty-slghtb-st.. 2-story basamsot and Mansard* roof, briok, sooth front, batwesa Wabash and Michigan* STs, .850. CO Cottage Grovo-av., i-storr sod basement tram*, with 80-foot lot. S3O. 1129 Pr&irlo-ar., 2-story and bassmsst swell-front briok. only (60. 1281 and 1251 Jd Indlana-av., S-itory madbasanaatbrown* stooa fronts; modarn conveniences: bars. only 145. Prairia-av., large, elegastly.farnlahsd house. with L, FAKE A CO., TO RENT-NO. 331 ILLINOIS AND 34 AND 26 ST. CUir-at., 3-story bricks; modern improvements; $46 per month; cheap HAIK, 174 LaSalle-st. fro RKNT-TWO-STORY COTTAGE. FIRST HODSE X south at Ogden-av.. on Kobey-at., first floor, sl3; socood floor, sls per month. HAIR, 174 LaSalle-st. TO KBNT-VKRY CHEAP-TWO STOKT A-VD baasmont frarao No. 14 Ir*ini PZtoo, • rooms, nao Deishbnrbood, sl9. Cottago. 6 rooms, Sfil CoQf rei«-st., sl2. Blx rooms, 191 Souta Joflersoa-st., $lB. Largo storu with 7 rooms. upstairs, 171 Souta Halftod »t. I». E. FISKtf. 70tii B.ucfc. TO KK.VT-JSTORY AXP BRICK BASEMENT house, 10 rooraa. No. 13 Parlor* and baiemont grained; rest S4O. WILL TRUE, IH Z>oarbora*st. •- TO RBNT-900 WABASH'AV.. WITH MODERN Improvements, pat la goad repair at SM. O. S. THOMAS. Room 8.149 Laballe->t. TO RENT-FORTHE SUMMER—FROM THE IST of Jane. A medium-sited noaie completely furnished. Call at tbe bouse. SI South CurUs-sU TO BENT—29O CALUMET-AV.-A LARGE FRAME house with Urjro barn for a term of yean. Also 1200 Pralrloar., with all modern Improvement*. mo RENT—COTTAGE 165 SOUTH UNCOLN-ST.: X basga*. bath, good sewerage, and la good repairs; real only SUO per month. Also, 167 and 169 Soutb Lin coln-st,, six rooms, sewerage complete; rent only 325. Apply at 23d Weil Washington-**.. to C. a. HARVEY 'PO RENT—COTTAGE CORNER TWENTY-NINTH- X it. and Pralris-ar., 7 large rooms on one floor. C. YOUNG. 125JUicbjgas*ar. TO RENT—IMjTaND 262 OHIO-ST.. NEAR STATE. Cheap to prompt tenant who can wait till May 15. In quire at Room 5. 177jC>ark-eU TO~RENt-n29~WABASH.AV., BETWEEN TWEN ty-ftfth and Tweaty-sixth-sti., one large twe-story houw 355 oor month. Inquire on premises. fllO RENT-COTTAGES 771 AND 765 (6 BOOMS) X WentCoogresa-at., 820. k Cottage 795 (7 rooms) West Congress-sl., $33. 26. 28, and 30 (5 rooms) Willard-place. sls. 349 Carroll-av., 10 rooms cod barn. 4 - ii. Suites of 6 rooms la Thompson’* Block, suitable for housekeeping, modern improvements, on tint and second floor* (one corner). BjwM. li. TiiOMFbUN.SSd West Madlson-at. I ItO JIKNT—TWO O? THOSE OCTAGON BRICKS comer EJlis-sr. and Brook-*t., cast front, near Oak land Station: look at them and call on owner, I*. A. CHASE, S 3 Waaoingtoo-st.. basement. mo reNt-fur.vished UuVSB. LARGE GROVE 1 ground*. Wilmette; cottage bouse, hno ridge lot. South Evanston: brick cottage. North Side, near rolling mills. W. W. STEWART, Attorney, 104 Washington. TO RENT-ONE OP THOSE ELEGANT 3-STORY and basement atone fronts near Union Park; all mod ern improvements; grained throughout. Apply toowser, 453 West Kandolph-st. TO RENT-614 WEST WASBINGTON-ST., 2-BTOBY and basement brick, all Improvements, $45. 633 West Washlngton-st.. 2-story and basement brick, all Improvements; bnck barn; 350. C. W. BROWN, Room 1* southern cor. Clark and Washlngton-sto. TO HENT-IH6 PRAIRIE-AV.. 13 ROOMS. BRICK. $73; brick houses near Chicago University, SSO; stone fronts, Adaxns-tt., earner Robey. (SO; 323 Hojne-st., (20; other houses. J. C. GABRIGUS, 123 Dearborn-st.. Room 10. _ alO RENT—A 3-STORY AND BASEMENT MAR . ble-front bouse, with barn, 212 KUis-av. Inquire of JOHN H. MYEK. 2Q7Lake-av. TO RENT-CORNER ABaMS AND OAKLF.Y-STS-. a sew octagon-front brick boose, two stories and basement. 10 rooms, bath-room, store-room, fruit and china closets, elothos-closet*. water, bot and cold, on every floor; everything first-class; rent low. Inquire on promises Alondny from 8 a. m. until 13 m., of owner, or in evening at 93 Wmchester-av. TO RENT-SIX NEW STONE-FRONT S-STORY and basement houses on Adams-sb., corner Leavitt. New boose with about 1 aero of ground at Maywood. House with two lots at Lawndale. ail oi these bouses will be routed low. ABNERTaYLOR, Room 3, TSPearborn-st. TO KENT—I 43 SOUTH SANGAMON-ST., 7-FlNS room cottage In excellent repair; (30. Apply on the premises or to D. B. DEWEY, Room 11, lCßFiim-«r. rPO KENT-123 KLLIS-AV., VERY FINE 2-STORY X and basement brick, elegantly grained throughout. $49. Apply on the premises or to D. 3. Dfi WE Y* Room 11, 103 Puth-av. TO KENT—B-ROOM HOUSE. BARN. CARRIAGE bouje, garden, aad fruits of all kind: a very desir able place: rent low. Call on M. VAN ALLEN, 67 Dear born-st. TO RENT-HOUSE NO. SOB HURON-ST., CON talat 11 ro-iras, in good repair: arranged for two fam ilies; price «40 per month. SCHRADER Last Madiiun-st, rpO UKNT —HOUSE 676 FUITON-ST.. NEAR A Paulina; 6 rooms, Selosoie* pantry, and two store rooms, on each floor: vary conveniently arranged; well lighted, sewer, water, gas, and gas-fixtures; lower floor, sls; upper, S2O: entrances separate: very,pleasant; cheap tenements. H. M. SHERWOOD, 180 Mouroo-st. TO~ RENT—A MOST DESIRABLE RESIDENCE opposite the finished part of the Lake Front* either fumiaoed or not, as desired; all modern improvements: will he put in thorough order for first-clsss tenant. Ad dress, by letter, H, aturmaxx House. 'PO RENT-COTTAGB 1468 PRATRIH-AV., JUST X south of Thirty-lirst-st.; also 1639 Wabssh-av.* two story basemout marble-front; modsm improvements; very low to good tenants. L J. CLA RKE 4 Co„ 178 Dearborn-st. _ T“*o RENT-NO. H 99 ISDTASA-AV.. COMPLETELY famished, except carpeta, which are for tale. HOLMES A CO.. 73 and 74 Dearbom-st. TO RENT— I TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK 13-room house, 250 per month, at <63 North Dear* bora-st. TO RENT THRKK-STORY AND BASEMENT octagon frost, brick house. No. 146 u Prairle-av.; sso* UOLM&N A CO., 73 and 74 Dearbornst. f PO RENT—TWO-STORY HOUSE OF 8 BOOMS. IN X good order: gas, watar-closot, etc.; No. 1456 South Dearbom-st. Apply to 1). T. WALKER, 870 Wabash-av. •mo RENT—FROM MAY 1, A STORY AND A HALF X cowaae. ©North Morgan-st., with bam room fort«o horses, ti. M. KDDY. 44 North May-st., or 76 lillnois-st. r RENT-TWO 9-ROGM HOUSES, MODERN IM provomeata. Sootawest comer Calrmst-av. and Twenlj-sUth-st. Also second floor, 8 rooms, 123 Ramsay* it. Rontcoeap. CLARK BBOI'HEIIS A CO.« S 6 East 'Washiagtoo-»U rpo RENT—COTTAGE NO. Sl7 THIRD-AVI, NEAR 1 Tweltih-it.: sls per month: naw repair. J. a. EOFF, Room 11. So Glark-st. mvjj KK.ST-THK 2-STORY AND BASEMENT X house. No. 1057 Michigsn-av.; 920 permonth; hot and cold water, gas hxlnrca, etc. D. G. HAMILTON, 128 Sooth CUrk-st. rro RENT—NO. 234 SOUTH LINCOLN-ST., C-STORY X and ba*ement, 1U rooms, at 24a: also two octagon fronts i n Hjarooy-st., nmr Caapbell-av., rent $25; or will sell on easy tanas. CLaHK, 713 Jsok»on*Bt. rpo RENT—COTTAGES AND SUITES OF FOUR 1 rooms. Apply at 1573 Booth Dearbom-st. r VO RENT-MODERN 10-ROOM HOUSE, NEAR 1 boulevards. 533: $lO to sluu in each division of the city. EDMUND G. STILES, 99 Bast Madison-sU, Room?. 'PORKNT-10 AND 14-ROOM HOUSES WITH BARN 1 for sl6 and q2O per month. MALLEUS, Room 5, Uo WashlngtoP-st. fpO UE.vr-A GOOD HOUSE WITH 9 ROOMS. BK- L tides pantry, store-room, and closets, with a good bam and wood or coal-boose; rent 225 a month to a good tenant. Apply at the house, 862 Carroll-av., orto J. J. LOCKWOOD, 69 Dearborn-si. fPO KENT-A NICE TWO-STORY 8-ROOM HOUSE. X No. 316 Fromunt-st., with large lot, only S2O per month to a good tenant. kOYD A wISNKB, 59 Dear* born-au /VO RENT—329 INDIANA-ST.. NEAR PINE. IN* 1 quire of PHILIP A. HOYKE, U. S. Commissioner. 21 Republic Life Building. TO~ [iK.vr-OOSY HOME. 8 ROOMS. S-STORY and cellar <not basement), fnruaco. water, gas, tower, coalcrat-'v, inside blinds, window-screens, barn, etc.: eisrof acceii- 1707 Pralrie-av., comer Thirty-seventh st. HIR\AI HADLEY, Sand 0 Washingum-ftt. TO RENT—NO. 67, 1,‘4-STORY HOUSE. 7 ROOiIS. $22; cottages 69 and 97,6 rooms, sis; all on Twenty fifth-si., between Prairie and Cottage Grove-avs. Boom li 149 La>allu-st., from 13to 2. M. o. BASS. TO RENT—PLEASANT TENEMENT, CORNER Congress aud Robcy-sts.. to small family of adnlu: partly furnished 1? desired. Alien first floor. $lB. Call or address K- E. PRATT, 79 Jackson-st rpo RENT-A 3-STORY BRICK HOUSE, STORE. X and 3 rooms ea third floor. Inquire at <O9 North Wells-st, rpo RENT—I 223 PRAHUB-AV.. & BOOHS. BATHS. JL furnace, gai-batores. mantels, JUkMIOK* 2 Ot La3alle-at,, Room 36. • . not forget that the amebi- Ju COD Plaiting Maohine will do more kind* of work, ud can bo dona f&xar on it than on any other plaiting ma chine la market- Be itxr* to call and Me It at K. H BANCROF T 4 CO.*S» 133 East Madison-et _ rpORENT-LAHOE. NICE COTTAGE FOR ONE OB 1 twofamilies, with water, km, eewer. and bam. cor ner Thirty-third and BntUrdeld-ets. Apply at 1571 Bnt torfield-et. . - mo RENT—TEN-BOOM HOUSE ; FOBNACB, OAS JL fixtures, and range: low rent? 928 Michigan-av., good order? F. LAKNitP, fid# Vemon-av. rp6 RENT—A HANDSOMELY-FURNISHED HOUSE X la one of the mott desirable neighborhoods 1° tbo city. Parllce willing to pay a year** wt la cst a great bargain- Properly inanrod for 94.0(0. Ad drew H 41, Tribune offloe. . rr6 RENT-8 ROOMS. WITH OIMSBTS AND“ALL X modern iaproremenU. Inquire at 138 Oa*-*a, North .Bide. . , TO RENT— $25— 9-ROOMED HOUSE, DOUBLE IDT and good bam. 101 Wettem-av., north, open. G. F. WORK A CO., 133 State-sU TO” RBNT-92a-12-BOOMED BRICK HOUSE, usual conveniences, 8 Seminary-av.. north of Fuller ton; open. G. K. WORK A CO., 133 State-st» TO RENT—VERY CHEAP—THREK-STOBY HOUSE 319 M<eaigaa-ar._M. J. PALMER, Palmer Home. TO RENT-ITURNISHBD MODBKS HOUSE, FWB corair: W««( Sldi. Homes aataxnUhfld; North, heath. and Weit Side*. EDMUND Q. 3TILK3, » W«4lson-st., Room 7. __ rrO RENT—NO 117 SOUTH R ARK-AY., FUR- X nUbed. No. 171 Vernon-ar. If j. Twenty-ninth i* No. 75 East Tweaty-Mcoad-st. H. 0. UoAELLL, UoomT, No. 834 CUrk-st. rpo RENT-NO. 117 BOOTH PARK-AV., PUR- I aUb*d iid la coed repair. Cbup to i coed Uaut. E 0. MoNKITiLi Boon 2. No. tU OUrk*U rRKNT-HODSS OF < BOOHS, sl4. U 7 ADA it., near Indiana. TOJRENT-DWKLLINQ NO. CSS WBST 10 rooai; will b# in porfect ordar. Bant SS9 i»r month. ipplj to WM. B< SiiIFSUM A CO., Itt U Salla-at. ; mo RENT-TWO BRICK DWELLINGS. 7 ROOMS X each, pantries and ©louts, 152 and 154 Waal Con* graaa-st., hall block from itmUan. , rrd RENT-NICK STONE-FRONT. CO HONROK. X modsrn IcmroTsßisßts andnU® otdart 11-rpom sli«h baavnont. Its Wood, naaf Monro*, —rod tXcrr M P^HB« t fteagMadiaan« T~O room*. 133 W»b»h-«T. i luw IW MO> i ulUluiMlfiulKK TO RENT-HOUSES. IJO RENT—BT A, & BUTLBR kQO, 0 171 Haw-st.. In fine order. 73 Grant*place; brick boaso and bare* now 163 Fremont-at.. brick, new. very deniable.* Gotble cottage corner Centre sad Bar Uam. < Twelfth-**.; onck. <9 and <4l Beldsn.av..veryoheaj;Ulfacaiiktß. 483 Harlbat-.s. 3 and 6 Hammond-at., cheap. 144 Uncoln-ar., first-elaas. C Grant-place 78 Grant-place, flatef 9 rooms. Wanted —6o dwellings for easterners, TO RENT—THREB PLEASANT 7-ROOM Cffp! tag Apply at U Pratt-plaoa.* between Jackson aa4 Van Home and Leavitt-ets. TO BENT—2IO WALNOT-ST.. TWO-STORY FRAUI boose of (rooms bath-room, gas and gaa-flxtnree. oat block.(ron ..ra«Uui, rent s3t. Apply lo owner, U| Soatn Peorust. - KKNT-AT union park, those very de. •* , wwoi* two-itory and baaaoaent oct**oa-/root brie* rasldaacM. Irontiat aau on St Joha’a-placa. No. 27 4 * 960. and 19 (corner) at 953. M pa, woath. Bach coo uto 1U rooms, fantaca. all njodara conttnleocea, in perfect order, and rat-pn>o(. O- T. HOTCHKISS. 231 Watt WuhlostoO'SC. Pi»' rpdRSNT-S* PAUK-AV.. aT $43 PKE MONTH, i. Ton fs a oaiaehtd and new two-atorj aad baaamtau octacoo-froat brick, ooouiam* it rooms, faroaca. all modern eoa«»aience», and IronU aoulh. C. T HOTOH. KISS. West Wastungtoo-at. .. a*»d basement uousk. m. Id roozjf, modern coarenjanca. nurbla maateJj «a«b-bowJ», botaod oald water, b«:b tad cloaec, (nut and backyard, bars. etc. Aoplj at 371 baiwean Sut»»t. sad W*btih-*r. J. a. l-Asp TO RENT-A FURNISHED HOUSE, TWO STORIES And basement, Id rooms, modem convenience. owner would board for the rent, U desired. Home eam/erta more an object than style. Apply at JJI between bute-st aod Wabatb-av. J. A, LASHAR. TO RENT-177 TWRNTYFIFTH-ST. CHEAP TO A good tenant. Either wholly or In floors. ApKy «• premises, or 837 Wabaib-av. TO RENT-171 ADAMS-ST.. 1-STOHY BASEMENT brick. ID rooms, modern improvements, 340. iaquir* at 863 Adamsit, TO RENT-223 PARK-AV., BRICE BOUSE. V rooms, modern Improvements, lot <0 feet front. Ap ply at Room 20. 94 Wasblngton-et. rpO RENT—BB DOUGL4S-PLACE. HOUSE LARGE. X with modem Improremente. south front, 50-root let. quite near both street and steam car*. Would nut for a term of years. ffO RENT-WEST SIDE. UT NORTH PAUUNA- X it., only 325 per month. 9 rooms. 20 per cent discount for cash. Inquire of M. O'OaLLaGHAN. 109 North Paoliaa-st.. or S 9 A«hlaod-a». TO BENT-329 AND 319 FULTON-ST., «TORY b'sement brick. 10 rooms, furnace, gaa fixtures, bartu OTTAVVaY. 127 aouth Clark-<C. Room 44. rpO BENT-NEW HOUSES ON NORTH SIDE. AB -1 solntely the best for lb* price, 450 per south, threw story and basement, east marble-front, stone steps* food neighborhood, within 1 mile of State at. bridge* niruaoo, sad hot water throughout. R. S* 4 w. O. Mo UORMICK. 155 Labalie-st. T" O RENT-361 HERMITAOB-AV., FINE LABGI cottage and barn, la excellent condition and deetaa ble neighborhood, just west of Aahland-ar. MOULTON, 2d North CUntOQ-at. TO RENT-NEW STONE FRONT HOUSE US Thlrty-third-st., near the lake. 10 rooms and bath* room, closets; rent low to good tenant. Apply at Um 00050. TO RENT-2© HERMCPAGtt-AV.,m 268 SADTfI Wood-it., *37. Two-stenr and basemeot brisk build. lags; modern ponses. T. K. PATfEKbON, 60 Laka-st, TO RENT-ONE OF THOSE FINE STONE FRONT houses oa Westsm-av. and Monroe-st, to small family, and board self, wife, and sister. Inquire at 115 Win ebester-av. rpO RENT-HOUSE NO. 201 SOUTH PAULINA-ST- X suitable for two families; also good bam. O.H. OAE* PENTER. 203 Lake-st. rpO RENT-TWO NICE NEW DWELLINGS, NINE X rooms each, fronting en Thirty-alghth-st., on*-hah block west of Grand-boulevard. aMThird-av, 13 rooms. SSO per month. A. D. HYDE, Boom 10. 131 Dear boro-st* TO RENT-TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT OOTA goa-front booses on Erring-place. Just south of Vaa Buren-et.: east front; cheap. WIIBON 4 DAVIS, Hoorn 3,118 Bandolph-st. TO RENT-TWO TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT stone-front bouses. Nos. 607 and 509 Carroll-ar.; price* per month. Address Boom 53 Major Block. rro BENT—TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK X dwelling 608 West Washlngton-st, Inquire of WXLL UM COCHRANE, 42 and 44 Kaadolph-st. rfo RENT-TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT BRIGS I ho uses Nos. 460. 482, 723. 737, 739 North Wells-st.; S4O per month each. First floor and basement. 13 rooms, of marble-front house on Lincoln-place, No. JA, 83S pee month, or with brick barn. S4O per month. Second floor* 7 rooms, in 18 Lineoln-place. 938: 3-story, 8-room reefc denco. Highwood Station. $lB per month; TO North Franklin-su. all new, 13 rooms, all improvement*. s4spes month, close to - Lincoln Park. E, S. DRSxES* 9 Uoarbom-st. rro RENT—COTTAGE ON DUWNINGET., NBAS X Llnccln-av., one block north of Follexton-ar.; sll.ll a month. r RENT—HOUSE NO. 469 WEST VAN BURKIE st., U rooms, with brick basement, modem Improve msuts, furnished or onfuimished; cheaplogeod temafc Apply at 158 Washington-*;.. Rooms 35 and 37. TO RENT—COTT AEG NO. 337FU LTO N-ST. ,AT $9 per month to a reliable tenant. LYMAN B- XTCBM* NOR, Boom L 136 booth Clark-st. r«O RENT—3-STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE. X U 7 Walnut-st., modern improvements and bam* only S3O per month; also complete suburban residence 9 miles west ol city, near depot on O. B.BQ. K. 3. S. DBIiA* MATER, 86 Washlngton-st. rro RENT-TWO-STORY AND BASEMEN] X house in good repairs* looking on Union Park* will be tented cheap to tho right party. Call on proprietas ms premises 14 Walnut-st. TO RENT—S46—S-STORY AND BASEMENT MAR ble fooat, 186 Vlnceones-av. Will take $25 da men the la advance. J. H. EQFF* 14 Reaper Block. TO RENT-HOUSE OF ABOUT 15 ROOMS, VEST desirable {or hoarding house, & Fork Row, ia a«w re* pair, 81.100. J.H.EOire.U Reaper Block. TO RENT—“LANDLORD AND TENANT * OCT yesterday, contains over 2,000 houses, stores, office*, rooms, flats, etc . for real with fall particulars, Prices, etc. It Is iarslaable to those la search of beosee sad rooms. Copies Scents. 155 Washington-st., Boom 13. TO RENT—BY O. W. HER VET, 171 LASALL2-5T., an elegant gstory octagon stone'front house.<ll North Dearborn-si.: hss all modem Improvements and finest location in the city. Also, a complete!/ famished home on West Side, near Union Park,' to a ftzst-cLu* tenant only. Owner would board. The 3-story and bsgmeal brlck-hoo»o,8?2 Indiana-av.»noar Eigntoenth-st, Boom in all parts of the city low to good tenants. . TO RENT-BV M. C. BALDWINACO, 253 DBAS* bora-st.. Boom 6. , , . . _ 1455 Pralrie-av., comer Thlrty-secood-st., 1-story end basement octagon stone front, every Improvement, 250. 15l> t'orrest-ar,, 2-story and basement stone front, S6O. The 9-story frame boose, aombeast comer Twenty»stxtfc it. and Calumot-sv.. 7 rooms, S3U. rpO KENT-2531 INDIANA-AV., TWO STORY AW3 X bssemeot brick, 10 rooms, all modsm convenience* with tamace and gas flztores, on paved street; cars pass tbo door. Inquire at 255 Thirty-hfth-st., or 8* Majoa Block. O KENT-199 SOUTH, PEuRIA-ST.. BEST COT tage on West Bide; east treat. hss garden; 7 rooms, bath room and all modem InsprdvemenU «will rent te seed tenant at Sis per month. Wth rent famished U dssuod. O. W. DAVIS, 199 South Peerla-sL rpO BENT-NEW STONE DWELLING $lO INDIANA X it., near Hash, has hot sad cold wafer on every floor, fire grates, mantels, bells, speaking tubes, bathrooms, water closets, furnaces, laundry sad drying roam, etc., dining-room on tint floor; will not rent for board lag-house. FaKKACQ., 88 Waahingtoa-st TO BENT—TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK dwelling with bay windows, large yard and bam. No, 319 Webster-av. . , , . Two-story and basement, octagon front, new Dries dwelling 238 BisioU-st., near Centre. „ 'Two-story frame dwelling on Oakley-«t-» near anti av. BAIRD A BRADLEY. 9Q LaSalie-st. rpo RENT—CHEAP—THREE GOOD HOUSES; X also, tenement* of 5 and 7 rooms, on ThMy-aevenUj •t., between EUis and Lake-avs. Inquire of D. D. GAR* »:aND, 48 TO RENT—S 49 PER MONTH TO BKSPONSIBUI tenant*, now. 2-story, sub-basemsnt, S roosts, stone front, on We-torn-av. and Monroe-sL. waty, ge*. bath-* room, closets, etc. Apply to T. B. DRAKE, 90 Ge»* rolt-sv. TO RENT-148 MIOHIGAN-AV., 3-STORT AND basement brick, all modem improvements: eenagt of 5 rooms T hiriy-fourth-»t- near Wabash-av. *• 0» OAUHABRANT, led Deatbom-st. rpo RENT—OAKLEY-ST.— 6 ROOMi |l2; COI. L gre it.—4 room, ,12. TARRY. mo RENT-NEW 2-STORY AND BASEMENT* J. tagon front brick, on Wood-st., between Pelkaas Taylor: pries, SIS par month- Inquire on prenliM, « ■ WM. A. SAMPSON. 144 LsSalio-st. 10 RENT—SI4—COTTAGE 1528 ARNOLD-ST. IH*» quire of owner, first boose south. mO BENT-TWO 10-ROOM BRICK HODBESO* X Millard-sv., at 825 per month. Anply is A. O. mTIJ* ARD, 159 La-Salle-st. O BENT—THREE OCTAGON STONE FRONT 1* story and basement dwellings, with stablee, os wt bssh-av., corner Thirtieth-si.; alsoiftxvt-cUse Vemon-av., ntar Thirty-third-et. T. A. JaOK&Oji, M Stalest. TO BENT—DWELLING 919 "WEST MONROR-ST. Apply in feed etore corner Green and MonroaaU. O KENT—CONVENIENT COTTAGE. 4 ROOMS* rent 910;rear 133 Twenty-fourth-et., east of Bute. TO RENT—TO MILKMEN, RTO.-THE'PEKinSM 371 and 873 Weet Lake-et., with harm ther eto.# very loir. Apply on the prtmiaae at to JAMRd EUAN, 196 East Maoison-at, . TO BENT—SIX-ROOM HOUSE; ALSO, THRU room* near basinets centre. Rani free first meal*. Apply at Boon 60 Reaper Block. . TO RENT-MAY L 128 T WENTY-NINTH-ST. - 3E tween Calumet and Pralrie-ara, baaement cottago, famished throughout, or nnf nmished, with xaooerm im provement*: Urge bam with room* for coachman. **’ qoire of HRS. O. C. DUPFIRLD. 799 Wahaeh-av. TO RENT—3-STORY AND BASEMENT BBWX bouse on Wanea-av., partly furnished. Apply te j- B. HALL, 130 Dearborn-*!. TO BENT-NEW 88108. 3 1 STORIES AND BAJEJ Bsenthonee, Pralrle-av., 955; also, «ae II rown* a stories and basement, S4O, modem flau from 810 to 835: new house, Sgoina. Hills, 13 miles out, fare 10 seals. W. K~ WKHA *** 01aiu-et|, Room la. - mo'REST-in SOUTH SOBEIOT.. 1 Burao. clmß^*n»n«»d*aJ tabbed; Ul»tapro»«menW; Bnaooirtiitloa. »a» taw t» aVoodtaDKot. 6.y.COY,9mMbtagtoa-«t. rpO BENT—TWO 10-ROOiJ BRICK HOJJS2S; KOg- J.^ e 7o UnproT«manU; »lta*Udcora»rThroop*adAd 9S Mldl*oo-«t. W. P. BBAZKLTOJf. mnttHST-TffO-STOBYAMP BAagMaMT BOICK 1 botua and barn. II room*, mpdani tonnrtajaanK. 742 fiedrwiok-at.. on* block from Lincoln P*rk; r*a*» B~* L S pX oiil/. Cali or •**«. 85Cbiog»CT»a •rcnla<»ofC«rto clock. _ TO BENT-NICBLT FURSI3HBD BOUSE. HO. JO Moonlit- POTWIN k COKBY. l«De»ibowU_ J-STORY AMD BASS -1 meat brick house, all modem ImproTamtnUt io W«J rto-ar., near Rob«7-tu. to gentleman aod coitdrsn. Kosponaiblo partiea only dim «PMT. W 4 OORBY, Iti Daaxbora-tt. rno RENT— J-STOiIY AND BASSMBRTBTOM J. CtoaUtweUlos, II roome. sUmectere ImggWßyetif* •! Athffis * »CHtOSBHAS, Ui fart fad*. - | rpo E»!«T—BBIOK'DWBIXISO. I ROOM* 1 »tobl«. «nd til modTn lnpro»Mj»«tfc JJ Umt ■Miiduu;nDi Ka >/ UW. *. rurf m iiiißi. ■ -a mo rent—a. mo« .royigSS-u* 1 Bonk af BiaMM** taLP, m mrtlßiaaf 13

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