Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 23, 1876, Page 14

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 23, 1876 Page 14
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14 TO REST—HOTTSfeSi TTX) RENT-DWELLING, 73 WEST. WASHINGTON- L ft-, "SSe month. Cortege, with grounds, 70St. HOB RAK.M - >abaroan* fPO RENT-WIOKEU PAItK-FROM MAY I. A X larpe cofags of 610 9 handsome room*, rardsn. and bu-foot lot, clo&o to the park, corner Park ana Eve*green *v„ No- 'fl. -. ’ : ; , . - . T'O KENT—AT HINSDALE—HOUSES ON HIGH dry lots from s6tos2o p?r month* farolO cents, O. J. SToUGIi, 123 Dearborn-s- * ' , H'O RENT—TO RESPONSIBLE FAMILIES. TWO I new 2-story and basement Ift-room octacen front bnck bansoi, bcndabmulr finished and csnveaieatlyarxangod; I~k-- K.acr and r-orf-t.-; dr-iiascr, with bams; •odendid n-'-tuborhoafii one block from Kenwood Mation. JAB. B- GOODMAN A CO., 68 Washlng lon-st. . ' - ■ • H'O RENT-VERY DESIRABLE TWO-STOKY AND X bcacment at Kenwood, 10 rooms, all w.odcrn improvements; Madisan-av., near corner of Forte'-sevcnth-st., and opposite station. Fine trees, charming view, mid use of largo srronods. Root, S6O per WAS. H, SAMPSON * CO„ 144 La- Balle-st. - • ~ - ' ri'O RENT—AT KKNWOOD, TWO BLOCKS PROM X depot on Lako'Sfiore.hrick house, furnished or on furnished, for the anmraer, or by the year. Address £ 7-'.. Tribune oC-oe. ri’O RENT—UOUSLS AT LA GRANGE, UN THE X C., B. AQ. R. IL. 7 tnfles from the city limits, at price-i which will make it pay to live la tho country, COSSITT A LAY, lus Dearhom-st. TO REST-AT CORNER OFWOODLAWN-AV. AND Forty-six th-et., two 2-story cottages containing 6 rooms, collar, gas. eoft and hard water, 13 minute*’ walk from Kenwood Elation; also one house of £ rooms; zent£>s and 535 per month lor a year. G. B. DUPEK, corner of Clark and Sixteenth-ste. - mO RENT-SOUTH BVANSTON. AN ELEGANT X reddnnoo. Tory low. TILLOTSON BEOS., 22 Wash lugtoa-at. __ mO BENT—HOUSES AT SOUTH EVANSTON. X Tanging in price from sls to S-Wpermooth. WAR KKN. KKKXY A CO., 102 WaAhbagloa-q. . TO RENT-AT EVANSTON-FINE HOUSES, GOOD location, Bto 1U rooms. S2O to $35 a month. H. WHIPPLE, 1M Warblngton-et., Room H.' T" 6 KENT—CHEAP—A NICE BEICK-BA6KMENT, 2-aUrry cottage with a good stable and an acre of ground, on the dummy railroad adjoining my residence property in lake view. -Address me or call at 41 South Clark-it., Room U. J. B. WALLER. 1" X) KENT—IO-BOOM HOUSE IN HYDE PARK, . near Depot- CHACB & ABELL, IS4 Dcarbom-st. KENT—AT SOUTH ENGLEWOOD—NEARLY X new.nine-room house: bam, Smfoot Jot: only one block from depot; SlO per month. A. F. NOBLE, Boom S. No. 10 Stato-st. TO RENT—ENGLEWOOD-HOUSE AND COT tage near depot; lake water, excellent schools, and good neighborhood. TILLOTSON BROS., S 3 Washing ton-et. rpo RENT—TWO NEW BRICK OCTAGON-FRONT JL house* near Hyde Park depot: rent s4oper month; lurnishod, S6O. GEO. W. BINfOED, Captain of Police, Hyde Park, 111. ri\) RENT-GOOD FIVE-ROOM COTTAGE, WITH JL lake and cistern water, all in good running order. Comer Sixty-first and Wcght-sts, Englewood. Inquire on premises. TO RENT—A FURNISHED HOUSE AT OAKLAND, Fortydlrst-ec: 3-atory and basement brick, complete. GEORGE WOODLAND, Jr., Prairie State Loan and Trust Company. mO RENT-AUSTIN-NEW TWO-STORY HOUSE X of 8 rooms, largo lot. veil, cistern, and brick collar. Sent very cheap to a good tenant. Address B. W. moWKN. mO EENT-OR SALE—MY NEAT AND COMPLETE X cottage and grounds; soluble for small family- A. b. B RONS ELL, Amharst. IlL.Agt. O.'A.N. W. R.K.* rpO KENT—LAKE VIEW—NEW BRICK HOUSE ON x. Doanlng-si.. close to city limits and Lincolo-av., 7 largo rooms, pantry, china covert, wardrobe. 4 closets, c. liar, garret; and outhouses; rent. S3O per month. Ap ply to owner. C. J. SUNDKLL, 72 South LaSailo-»t- f PO RENT—EVANSTON—FURNISHED. MY HOUSE X and grounds at Evanston; hot and cold water, gas. nvrratf'ry, stables, and carriage house; will rent to l*t November or'for oos year: coachman and gardener •A- uld tcu.ain. A. C. DUCAT,-155 LaSallo-st. ' TO RENT-FRONT BOOM, HANDSOMELY FUR i nisbed, iortwo persons, with board; also back room lanlMnmiihed, near PhlrviewStetion. Inquire at 129 l-Muirlss-place. fPO BENT—A NINX-ROOM SUBURBAN HOME. 1 largo grounds, with barn, shade and fruit-troes. well end cittern water; good schools; 13 mhos from Chicago; r -reasonable. Address C. A. BAWLKY. Park Ridge. or N. C PODGE, Knnm R 1 yri-hinp Rnllding. - rr'b RENT-AUSTIN-GOOD 6 TOIO ROOM HOUSES 1 atsiitoesoaxcnash. O. E. CRAFTS, Room 26 Me tropolitan Block. rpO RENT—HOUSE AND TWO ACRES, WITH X orchard, at Clarendon'Hills; fare 10 canto. H. C. MIDDAUOH. S 4 West Sladiaon-sc. fpo RENT—TO A GOOD TENANT A LARGE X house and grounds, including orchard and cherry trees and other fruit, situated in W eat Lombard, ten min ute*’walk from depot. Lombard is on the Northwestern Rxilmxd. forty-five minute*’ ride from Chicago; five pas senger trains stopping there dally from Chicago; oneac •jnitnodatinn'train, which only runs to Lombard lathe evening and back in tbo morning. Rent, 817 per month, ur will rent half of the house to a small family and retain naif for .widow with one child. ttf.iza JOHNSTON, Lombard, Dupage County, liL rpo RENT—FURNISHED HOUS* OF 12 BOOMS, X five minutes' walk from depot; wiH take board for self and wife towards rent. For particulars address or call on 11. ijWA.UK£R > Clarendo3Hiiia,lll. ( o&o.,il.4QXi.B. rpOBENT-HOUSH“ANirBARN^ - WITH 30 08~00 X acres on navel road, near Norwood Park, cheap. Alao first floor, five rooms, fur boosskeeplna: good locality, neat street cars. West Side- R. P. WILLIAMS. 128 Clark-st. rpo BENT—TWO NEW 2-BTOBY AND BASEMENT X octagon stone-front houses, containing each Ul rooms, with bath-rooms, clotolq, water, gas, ana all modern im prcvcmenla,' on Waehington-av., Hyde Park, two blocks from depot. G- W. GEICIiELL, 170 Labaile-st- rrQRENT GOOD, WELL-FDBNISHKD HOUSE. X at Evanston: good location. H. WHIPPLE, LM AVasliioglon-si,, Boom 14. rpO RRNT-TERV GHEAP-A COTTAGE AT £N- X gleuood; choice of three railroad* to and from the city at convenient boors. For particulars inquire at 157 South Clas&ct., Rooms. r pO RENT—A CHARMING HOMESTEAD: WITH X . lance oak and evergreen pack, at liavoaiwond, 20 minute* by Milwaukee A Chicago Railroad from Wolis-et. dri»oi; iCO-ride ticket at 7 ceata; house near to depot. *& urcbes, <rraded and high schools. Key at Bavenswood reatlca. s3u, • - rp’o RENT-A NEW HOUSE AT PARK RIDGS; X good pardon, zont low. and is a very desirable home; will sell cheap, andJoag time. Apply to J. J. LoCK uOD, S9Dearboyn-eL rpO RENT—VERY LOW TO A GOOD TENANT,* X pno of the most delightful homes at Washington Heights: gas and other modem improvements, with flue high umbemd grounds, good walks, and convenient to depot, schools, and churches. Alee a cottage with SO teres. orchard, otc.. near Tiacy-av. Depot at-alow rent, wtpply to'W. H. BAKER, 70State-at., Room 2. TO RENT—AT PARK RIDGE, A GOOD COTTAGE with 3 acres of ground, fruit-trees, etc., only ™ilp from tho depot, with good sidewalk all the way. Inquire »f C. W.JiXKT£Y,irXLaSaJIe-st.. Room 9. BENT-SEVERAL GOOD HOUSES AT HYDE X Park. £'<l, $25, and S2O per month. B. A. ULRICH.' Koom 3, £5 Washington -et. 'DO RENT—AT HIGHWOOD—I HOUR’SKTDB; OOH- X mutation; 15 cents: I-room cortege in handsome lawn.. $ 8 5-r;>oi:i huobO. bay window, etc.....................,...-15 5 mom hou««, two boy window* 12 i-roum Loaso, with piazasall ar0und................... 10 Ltrge house, with boy window, suitable for hotel and t •■unmer “boarders. '. 20 lor summer or year; tfao low prices inducement; try lllghwood; want homeopathic poyiscian, lawyer, roal t & late broker,'* ddntisl with "office in city. * • • JL ASHLEY HEARS, ■ 100 Washkigtoo-st. rpo bknx-at geneva, ill., a good two- X story bouse. 13 room.: good cellars, furnace, well, cistou. bora, garden with largo and steal I fruit,lawn.and sunda* trots.' Tn<nilro'of CHARLES PATTEN. Esq., of Geneva, uratNue.'S and 4 West Van Baioa-st., oTw.M. LAURABBE. qig^KKNT-CHKAP—COTTAGES IN' EVANSTON, X South 'Eranbtan,' and other suburbs. Also several h jUte* and parts oXhonses, cn rho Nurtb and West Sides, b. Id. (HLADAfiI, 123 Dcarbonutt., Boom 14. r RENT—A NICE GOTHIC HOUSE. 9 ROOMS, largo garden, 3 blocks from depot in Maywood, 10 miles'from Chicago, on'Chicago & Nbrtfawesfcrn Rsll r-ad. Price. sls per mouth. Inquire of G. R. HALL. Maywood, Or D; R. GROW. IfiO Claxk-bL RENT—TWO-STORY BOUSE OF NINE ROOMS, X andlarge lot, nt'Maplewood. noar depot, S2O. JOHN W. MAKhll A CO., 9» Washlngton-st. ~ TO BENT-BRICK DWELLING OF 10 ROOMS, largo all "modem improvements, near Hyde ParkSiatioiL ’ Apply at ICS LaSallo-st.; in the basement. TO RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE AT HYDE PARK. PaYk-tr., just north of hotel, third house north of Gak-st. adjoining James Morcon'sresidence. iCentcnlySso per month;9 rooms. Apply to Whf. H SAMPSUX A CO.. 144 LaSalle-st. - TO RENT—RAVENSWOOD-A NEW BRICK house two block? from depot, .10 rooms. 8 closets. 5 marble mantels, pantry, cellars, woodshed, bard and soft water. 50 minutes* rsto. 7 cents, $25 per month; slso a good bam It dedred. J. W. HOOPER. Lake View, RL ~ mo RENT—AT HINSDALE—HOUSES AND LOTS, A soma vary eboleo places, from $6 10 £25 per month; 10 cents fare.. D, L, PERKY, 110 Deirborn-tt. TO BSNT-AT BAVENSWOOD, ON THE MXL wauhre Railroad. I miles oat, a 7-room cotta* e. H- V/ILLSON A CO., rear 1C Clarf-tt. rno RENT-CHEAP, SOUTH EVANSTON, DESIRA- A ble bouse, near depot, bandsomolr carpeted: lady and' twolitUogirlswill board torrent if desired: elegant par iur set for sale cheap. Room 14 Methodist Chorea Block. 'IX) RENT-BT H. C. MOREY. 35 CLARK.-ST-, 6 L acres, and cottage and barn, at Eaglowood, two blooka sooth of Boulevard; will be reeled low to good tenant. • * ' - - ... TO RKNT-OR EXCHANGK-A NICE HOUSE AND ground at Waukegan.- Apply at 132 West Adams-et. TO RENT—AT LAWNDALE—TWO TEN-ROOM A brick houses, water and sewerage, sonth fronts, and one 10-room wood boose, 53-foot lot, at low prices. ply to A. C.M ILLARD. 1M LaSalfo-sL TO RENT-SEVERAL PLEASANT AND WJJLL loc&fed faousos in Evanston very-cheap; one beautiful same elegantly furnished: one house, 11 rooms, fnrntsned, f 45; two squares from depot. - D. B. DEWEY, Room 11, i>*» Fiftb-av. : TO BENT—A GOOD HOUSE 10 ROOMS ON THE X west ridge in Evanston, opposite J. D. Eastus, which 1 will rent for S3O per -month, former -rent £SO; good dry cellar, also good barn and garden. One *tn-Glencoe for glSpermoush. • Also nine tn North Evanston. sto 8 rooms, with irom 1 to 2 acroa of well-cultivated- land at tached, only* short dlftanoo from depot- church, and school, rest from £7 to oer.xppnth, which is less than half price. 1 will deduct T 5 per oent from these prices if the rent is paid yearly in advene©. No man who cannot p\X bis rent monthly in advance nerd apply. CHARLES E. BHOWNK, Boom 1L 1W Fifth-av. ' - ‘ TO RENT—A WELL-LOCATED SUBURBAN HO- A ■ tel ail furnished. tilled with boarders at good prices. None bnt a firet-eUss tenant need apply. Good references •cqulrod. Address ZII, Trlbone office. • •. • ■ j\) RENT—AUSTIN, 810 AND £I3—SEVEN AND 1 nine-roomed bouses, Poplar-tt. and Willow-av-, near I spot. O. P. WORE k CO., 183 State-st. TO RENT-4 BKAUTHTTL HOMES NEAR DEPOT. A Highland Park: SISio SSO. Rent applied on pur unase U bought Within one year. Addresa Y 7L Tribune otheg. - ■ - - ' To rent-se\t:ral first-class houses ik South Evanston, largo, with fine grounds; rent from Slfitoß4oper month; so excellent noose for $25 rer month. •'WARREN.' KEENEYACO.. 102 V/ashingtoa. TO RENT-A Kl(sr HOMESTEAD OF 6 ACRES. • good bone#, bam, ioe-honse, trees, etc., la Hyde Park, crar grand croesiag. For further partioulaia ap ply-a»96lak»<t; • r - v TO VT>SOME BRICK RESiDfiKOE. 11 roosa. oa fiaertwef land, at Higbwood. near Blgla TO BENT-HOUSES. SnlrerSan—Continued. TO.RENT-.-Gui.WILL RENT UOUfK, BARS. AND 10 acres of Fann for cho year, Q miles oat, near bt- LouisA Alton MRS. BISuOP. 75TBrca_ty4Ifth-»i._ TO RENT—ROOMS. TO RENT—ROOMS FOR HOUSEKEEPING. BY KDMUNDA. CUMMINGS, U9and 121 LaSiile-rt.: 45 and 47 Third-ar., unite* of 3 rooms each, brick building, balls lighted, $lO to sls. ICH Tblrd-aT., 6 rooms, very pleasant. •- SH LaSalle-st. (opposite Grand Pacific). 4 rooms. suites of .3 to 4 rooms, each train £3 to SSS -72 Milwaukce-ar., brick building. 84 Wcct Warifingtofi-et., 8 rooms.iroat, sls. _ 757 WcstMsdison-st,, 3 roams, second story, »li TO lIKNT^tTANT FKONT ROOMS, WELL arranged far lum*okoep:atr,’at 628 West Lako-st. Ap ply to M. iJAUGfIAN,ILoomSI «7 CUrk^t. T' OllENr—ifoOM, WITH OR WITHOUT POWER. Abpli f atTT North CUntoo-st. mo RE NT—BOOMS, PARtLY-FDRNISUBD. FOE X lighthoasekeeplng; »!1 modern Improvements; four doorsTrom street-cars. No. 253 Hormitagg-sv. ' rnlninKT-KIX ROOMS. FIRST.KiTE ORDER, TO , X family without children. sl6 a month; would sell bouse, 12 rooms, cheap. 20 Gold-st. To RENT—inURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED rooms witliont board; bouse occupied by private fam ily, in tbe best neighborhood on West Side. Parties wish ing a pleasant location, convenient to South Side cam and business, please address with reference. F. O. look Drawer 5C9. moTIBNT—CHEAP TO RIQUT i PARTY-BASR- X ment of etano front house. No. 331 Warren-ar., with or wilhont furniture; Bchtand dry, and with all modem conveniences; good neighborhood. Call at premises or on is. Ni BROOKS. 25 Randolph st. fpO KENT-CLOSE TO LINCOLN-AY. CARS. A L aicoly-arrapged snito of rooms, second story, modern improvements; $25. CHAS. N. if A LK, 153 Randolph-st. mo RENT-FRENCH FLATS OF 4. fi, OR9 ROOMS X each in.brick block, northeast corner of Michigan ar. and Tblrty-hrst-et,. in good repair. I am at the buildingmrerTmomlD" about9o'clock. F. W. SPRING ER,IS3 Dearborn-eh. Room 3. TO RENT—FRENCH FLAT, 6 ROOMS, WITH ALL modem improvements. No. 10 Rush-st., in now brick block, front* eastandiumthr-wecond floor; S3O per month. F. IV. SPRINGER, 152 Dearborn-at.. Room 3. T’ O RENT-SUITES OF 3 OK 4 ROOMS ADAPTED for housekeeping in Mendel Block, N. E. comer Van Barca and Pacific-av. Inquire at 156 Fif th-ar., up-stairs. TORENT-liANDSOMELY FURNISHED APART ment* to unexceptionblo parties. 282 Wabaah-ar., comer of Van Buren-st. TO BENT - DESIRABLE SLEEPING-ROOMS, front and rear, in suites, at low rent, at 46 mud 48 Sooth Clark-st.. Room 8. TO KENT—ROOMS AND COTTAGES ON SMITH at., 1 block West of Union Park. 810, 8 Li, sl6, and iSO per month. Call on premises. No. 80. . T’ *0 RENT-PART OF BRICK HOUSE; 7 ROOMS, modem Improvements. Apply at 93 Walnnt-»t» To uent^upper"part of house m Morpan-st,, corner Congress, suitable for email fam !y. Inquire on promisee. TO RENT—TWO TENEMENTS OF FIVE AND SIX rooms each, with bath-rooms, being the first and sec ond floor of 674 Foltoa-it.; rent $lB and $22. Call be tween 2 and 4 p. m. TO K K ST—LOWKR PART OF NO. 151 SOUTH Hoyno-st.. eight rooms, modern improvements, $lB. Apply at 678 West Monroe-st. T~ O RENT—FROM MAY t, NO. 1278 INDIANA-AV. —entire second floor to parties without children; well arranged for housekeeping; water and water-closet; rent 830; references. TO RENT-6 ROOMS AT NO. 16 SILVKR-ST.; 6 rooms at No. TUI West Madison-st.: largo bam, room fur 30 horses: fine storeroom. No. 791 West Madlson-st. R. KENNEDY, 123 Dearborn-st.. Room 10. ' TO BENT—A PLEASANT FRONT BED ROOM, south front, suitable for one ortwo gentlemen or l&diss: al*o a nice back room both of which will be rented cheap to good parties with reference. Apply at 746 West Lako-st, TO RENT—A LARGE FURNISHED ROOM AND suite of rooms for housekeeping .at No. 124 North Clark-st. Inquire at the drag store. . TO RENT—SECOND AND THIRD FLOORS, SO AND 23 Stato-st. Inquire of TURNER A RAY. Drtt floor. TO RENT-ONLY $2 TO $3 A MONTH PER ROOM, fine suites T to 7 front rooms for housekeeping, in new bride building, northwest corner Lake-st. and Westem^tv. Tb RENT-WELL-LIGHTED ROOMS IN SUITES of four, comer of Twenty-ninth and Axnold-ats./ cacap. . rpo RENT-FRONT CORNER ROOM IN PRIVATE X family, famished, for two gentlemen; first-class. 41 Carpcnter-st., near Washington. TO RENT-SUITE OF FRONT ROOMS AND BED room, unfurnished, st 6SB West Washington-st. TO KBNT—NICE FURNISHED LARGE ROOMS for housekeeping. Cook-stoves, cloieu water, and conveniences. Inquire at 219 Wes t Adams-st TO BENT-FURNISHED ROOM IN A PRIVATE family on North Dearbocn-ftl-, cast Clark, and sonth of Huron; to gentlemen only without board. Address V/17, Tribune office. TO RENT—FIVE ROOMS, NICELY FURNISHED, suitable for housekeeping. Inquire at 882 Division st,; cant by the dour; calf Monday. rpO BENT-FIVE OB SIX- ROOMS WITH MODERN X improvements, at 353 South Park-ar. Inquire on premises. , TO RENT-NICE UNFURNISHED ROOMS, OB rooms for light housekeeping, at 414 Wabash-av. TO RENT-8 MCE ROOMS AT 821 LAKE-ST.; rent $lB. and stable if wanted. fT»O KENT-TWO NICELY FURNISHED BOOMS ♦X to four gentlemen, at 325 West Randolph-st. rpo RENT—A MCE BOOM. SUITABLE FOB ANY X small business, at 648 Cottage-Grove-av. rpo RENT-4 FURNISHED ROOMS FOR HOUSE- X keeping. Furniture for sale. ISI North Faulina-st. fpO RENT-ROOMS SINGLE OR EN SUITE. FIRST a class brick houso, fine location, hot and cold water, aad mantel in rooms. 35Unlvaraiiy-place. TO RENT—A RKI-TNED GENTLEMAN WANTED to share apartment in two elegant rooms on the North Side, east of Clark-* t-, near business centre. Address Q £2, Tifbuno'ofics. rPO KENT-FRONT ALCOVE ROOMS-AT 13 ELLIS X Park, furnished or not. Will board If desired. rpO RENT—FIRST FLOOR OF HOUSE NO. 94 A Twcnty-fifih-st., Srooms, la the best of order; $25 a month. Inquire on premises. ■_ 'DO RENT—DESIRABLE ROOMS FOR SMALL X family, cheap and new, 14 Union-place, near Con- one block west of Campball-av. mo RENT—THE DP-STAIRS PART OF COTTAGE X No. 346 North llsy-aL, corner of Horen: 7 rooms and bath room, also front room. Furniture fSc sale or rone, all la A 1 order; References required. Rent cheap. TO RENT-COMFORTABLY FURNISHED FRONT room for two gentlomsa at 1149 ladiana-av. Alio one single room. Keietcacas.' ‘ TO HKNT—MAIN FLOOR OP NEW BRICK.SWELL front, very pleasant: rent sls unfurnished, or S3O fur nished : small family. 53 Campboll-park. Call. T»cTeENT— ONE OB TWO FINE FRONT ROOMS, untumiibed, at 564 Miehigao-av. Best references re quired. ' rro RENT—A SLEEPING BOOM FOB ONE OB X two gentlemen; price moderate. No. S 3 North San gamon-at. ■ . TO KENT—ROOMS TO A MAN AND WIFE, OB slagle lady, who will board a family of three. Gall at 640 West' Van Borca-it. TO REST—A SUITE OF OXFURSISHEU SOUTH front rooms. Apply at 453 West Jacksoa-st. TO RENT-DESIRABLE ROOMS FOR HRUSB keeplng, fumlsliod or not. L L. WEBSTER, SIS Cottage Grove-av. rpO RKNT—ROOMS, AT 335 THIRD-AV.. NEAR 1 Twclfth-st., sl3 to sls: also at 179 West Lako-st.; $10: also cottage, sls, No. 327 Third-av. t near Twolf th-sL J. H. EOFF. Room IX 95 Clark-st. TO BENT—ON WASHINGTON-ST., NEAR UNION Park, anile of 2 or B firet-ebua sooth front rooms, un furnished : all modem improvements. Good day board nearby. AddressD. SHAY, Tribuneofßso. rpo RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS FOB HODSE- X keeping. 222 North Clark-st. "" * • • T> BENT-3W9 INDIAN A-AV,, ONE FLOOR FUB niahed forhoasekyplng; pleasant rooms. • TO RENT—397 WEST MONROE-ST.—LARGE UN furnished parlor'suite, also XumKhod single room; brick boose; modem convanioaceafvety reosonablo. ' 'I'D RENT-LOWER PART OF 418 WEST MONROE- X et-, overlodking Jefferson Park. S2O. TO RKNT—A FURNISHED ROOM FOR ONE OB two gentlemen. C 4 North Wells-st. rpo RENT—UNFURNISHED FRONT ALCOVE X room: also S smaller rooms, in Irving-place, fourth house from West Jsckwm-st. •• BENT—ONE OR TWO PLEASANT ROOMS, X fsmisbod or ■unfurnished, in private family. 5 min utes 1 walk from business centre, to gentlemen only. 40 Cess*at, between Illinois and Indiana. TO RENT—TWO GOOD FURNISHED ROOMS FOB one or two gentlemen.’ 525 North Wells-st., up-stairs,' TO RENT—FOUR ROOMS. UNFURNISHED OR part famished, for housekeeping. 66 Vest Hsrrison st. Now brick. TO BENT—FOR HOUSEKEEPING—FOUR BOOHS at No. 18 Twcnty-sixth-st. TO RENT FOUR BOOMS ON THE LOWER - floor, 250 West Randolph-*!.: fresh c&lcimined, pa pered. and painted. Inquire at 226 West Randolph-st. rjX) RENT FOUR ROOMS ON THE LOWER A floor of 9 Sooth Greon-sL, la good order. Inquire at 33$ West Randolph-st. Rent £8 per month. • - TO RENT-16 ROOMS. SECOND AND THIRD stories, on Y&nßaren-st., near State, 87i Inquire of R. LANCASTER. 149 Monroe st.. Room 3. f JX) RENT—A NICELY FURNISHED SIDE BOOM i. fora gentleman desirous ol a pleasant and quiet borne. Adore si 4SI West Van Burea-st. rro RENT—3 SUITES OF ROOMS ON PARLOR X door, not and cold water and bath-room. Inquire at 66 Park-av. ■ mo RENT-3 BOOMS SUITABLE FOB LIGHT A .housekeeping at33o Sonth LaSalle-ti. ' ■• - 1 TORENT-DESIRABLK ROOMS, SINGLE OR IN suites of two In building‘northwest earner Halsted and Harrison-sta. Tnnn<f,nf-Unttar w*.T VI . gBBT.RU ItfOlarfr-et. • TO RENT—2D, ZD, AND 4TH FLOORS OF BUILD. ingNos. 251 and 263-Clark-at., near Grand Pacific Hotel, containing 60 rooms, wall arranged rail modern cuxrmuences. Apply te-WM. G.-DOW, 10 Tribune Building. - - • TO RENT—PARLOR FLOOR, SUITS OP THREE famished room?, hot and cold water, closet s also single furnished room. 254 Indisna-su T»0 RBNT-FINELY FURNISHED BOOM. SECOND A floor, location A L- t6iWtbatbHT.| betwaan Twenty, first aid Twepty-secood-sts. TO RENT-TWO FRONT ROOMS, TO A GENTLE* man or lady, at 1&4 Ceotre-ev. ’ - - TO RENT-ONE BEDROOM PARLOR. ONE SlN gle zoom, famished in Bryant block, oomar Dearborn andßandolpfa-st; - Apply at Room 55. TO BENT-LARGE E-VST FRONT FURNISHED room, first floor; bathroom and modem improvements in boose. 158 SeutbGreen-eL, between Adams and Vaek son-stx.'- TO RENT-APARTMENTS AT NOS. 853 AND 955 Waba&b-ar.. neirTwanty-fint-at., conveniently and pleasantly located,-room* single or en suite; prices to suit tenants; Iramadtate potietaioa glraa; modem im TO RENT—3 OR 4 PLEASANT UNFURNISHED rooms northeast comer of Wsißtad and CaatmaL, aaar Xineola Park. ‘ ** " * ~ - rpO BENT—UPPEB-PABT OF NEW BRICK HOUSE X to' a genUamsn and wife, consisting of (our rooms and thro* eloiati,* with* modem ■lmprovemeata. frw blocks east ef Union Peck, aeei eea; Addmea XK LttliMflll * . THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: SUNDAY, APRIL 23, 1876—SIXTEEN" PAGES. TO BENT-.IiOOIIIS. rrio REST-ELEGANT LOCATION': VEKY I cte.i»— Dißinc-roora *ad kitchnn on iwrlw-flfMtr, MS TV«ihlßi£Tn-«t,. ana block w 4’ t i/,^!S£K a PERUI- !l ' ar ° nolt door or of H- « HEELLK ii IMtil ov. mo RENT—SI9 PER MONTH. THREE ROOMS. X' bath room and closets. Apply at 416 A cmon-av. T‘ O HENT-FUBNTSHKD FRONTROOM FOR TWO gentlemen without board. Private family. S 8 Indiana »t. References required. rpO RENT—TW(MJPPKB FLOORS OFNOb. 203 AND X' 203 State-st., jest south of Adama-et., with elevators; premises wall lighted and venr suitable lor manutnemr- Iti2 business. i£ G. -MASON, Room 1, No. 40 Dear* born-st. . rhb'RENT-LOWKR FLOOR OK 453 WEST MAUI- J.r eon-st.. 7rooma;unpsrfloorof497 of 51 and S 3 Snath Sholdon-at., 5 rooms each. R. 11. BUCKLEY, 123 LaSallo-st., Room 4. q^6~~RENT—ROOMS FOR HOUSE- X keeping; a couple without children preferred; terms, sls. Apply on premises. 231 South LcavUt-st. q>o X'Hisbcd. separate or together; modern conveniences; between Wabash and Michlgan-avs. Apply at 17 liar mon-court. ■ - fpO RENT-TWO FURNISHED ROOMS, SINGLE X or en fcuite. 1 ICO I’rairic-av. . TO RENT-FIRST FLOOR NEW BRICK Resi dence, with cas fixtures, window screens, closets, and sub-cellar; terms reasonable to a contool family without children. Call at 14 Twenty-olghtn-st., between State-st. and Wabaeh-ar. mO BENT—WITHOUT BOARD. HANDSOME UN- X famished rooms; also furnished single rooms, newly painted sud caldmlned; private family. 470 Wabash-ar. Apply at 472 Wabash-sv. Kelerencee exchanged. r RENT—SEVEN NEAT AND CLEAN BOOMS AT SC6 North May-st. ■ TO RENT-A LARGE BEAUTIFUL SUMiUSR room nicely famished; five windows; at 745 Wabasb-av. O~RENT^A - SUITE OF FRONT ROOMS FOR light housekeeping in a small American family. 743 State-st. * TO RENT-TWO SUITES OF4 AND 6 ROOMS FOK housekeeping. Good neighborhood, independent rear yard; sl2 and 315. AtS4SWcUConsress-Bt. TO RENT—ON MICIIiOAN-AV., NORTH OF Thlrty-llnt-Bt., rooms furnished or unfurnished. Con venient to first-class tibia board. Zl2, Tribune office. TO KENT—FURNISHED ROOM AT NO. SSB WKST Monroo-st. TO RENT-TWO UNFURNISHED FRONT ROOMS, en suite; without board, at No. 307 Thlrtleth-st., be tween Statc-st. and Wabaeh-av. fpO RENT-ONE OK TWO FRONT OR SIDE X rooms, with clothes-press, furnished or tmfuraUbed. In a private family, to gentlemen only. No. 48 South Morgan-st. T" O RENT-SUITES OF ROOMS IN MARBLE front, Po 3 and y 55 Wo« Labo-at., newly oalcimined and painted; atroet-cars pats door. Apply to jb'. WORK MAN. 565 West Lake-st. mO RENT-SEVERAL WELL LIGHTED ROOMS, JL with ateanv power. 70 to 76 West Washington-st. F. W. KRAUSE.. TO RENT—SI6 PER MONTH, 5 ROOMS, 713 FUL ton-st* downstairs; *l3 per month. 4 rooms, SSS Oon ereis-st.: clean as new. GEORGE J. TITUS,Inter-Ocean Job Printing office. , * ' TO RENT-PLEASANT SUITES Of ROOMS FOR housekeeping, at 636 West Lako-sL J. D. WEBER, 120 Raudolph-sL TO RENT-4 OR6ROOMS TO MAN AND WIFE FOR housekeeping; good location. Sooth Side; 816 or 820. • BEVKRLKV, 125 Dearboro-st, basement. TO RENT-MAY, 4 NICE KOOMS.SECOND FLOOR, for housekeeping: also 8 rooms, third floor, lor one ortwo families. Inquire at 180 North Clark-st. TO RENT - VERY PLEASANT FURNISHED rooms, en suite or single, wt 453 West Washlngtoa-st. rpo RENT—ONE OH TWO NICELY FURNISHED X rooms, with use of bath-room, on Prairie-av., near Twenty-ninth-st, Address,with references, S 41, Tribune office. TO RENT -A FLAT OF SIX ROOMS WITH WATER and gas. Also a brick cottage of seven rooms with water and gas. Inquire at 1415 Wabash-av., corner Thir ty.sccand-st. TO RENT-NO. 20 WALNUT-ST.. SUITE OF UN tarnished rooms, with board, suitable for man and wife or four gentlemen, one block from Union Park. Hot and cold water. ~ mo BENT-A SPLENDID FURNISHED ROOM FOR X one or two gentlemen with good references, in a pri vate honso. Inqulro 6U5 Wabaah-av. • TO RENT-ELEGANT FLATS OF SIX ROOMS, five closets, largo hall, pastry, bath, water-closet, wash-trays, 8 marble mantels; hot water in four rooms. All on main floor. 591 and sj*3 North LaSalle-sU: S3O and 532. Inauiio at 591, basement. ■ • • ' TO RENT—6O4 WEST ADAMS-ST., PLEASANT suite of unfurnished front rooms, on second floor of brick house; all modern improvements. • TO RENT-240 WABASH-AV., CORNER JACKSON st., very desirable rooms; to good tenants. Apply in the drug store. rpO RENT-CLOSE TO POST-OPPICE-A FLAT OP X rooms, all modem improvements, 10 Third-av,, first door south of Jacksoa-st. TO RENT-A SUITE OF ROOMS, FURNISHED OR nafuroishod. 93 Thirty-seeond-st. . TO RENT—FURNISHED BOOMS AT 171 BAST Randolpb-st., Room 63. . f|XJ KENT—A FLAT OP 6 BOOMS FOR BOUSR- X keeping; well furnished.' Address T 84, Tribune office. ' TO BENT-3 ROOMS ON FOURTH FLOOR AND 3 on third floor of No. 182 Sta:e-st..' the best for jew elry manufacturing company.' This building is well ad vertised for the purpose. Opposite the great Palmer Hotel. TO RENT—CHEAP—6 BOOMS ON FIRST FLOOR, Erons-av. and Sizty-scvooth-st., $6 per month. J. MCDOWELL, 164 LaSalle-st., Room4l. fpO KENT-4 ROOMS FUHNIa.IED FOR HOUBR- X keeping. Call after Sunday. 146 South Sanga mon-it. rpO UKNT-188 NORTH DEARBORN-ST., A FRONT X suite of nnfomishod rooms, second floor, without board. T*o RENT-TWO SUITES OP ROOMS, FIRST floor: good location for physician or dressmaker. In quire at 203 West Madison-st., in dry-goods store. TO RENT—TO A GOOD TENANT* 5 ROOMS, 2 pantries, and closets, second floor, nicely grained, in good order. £>TO Fulten-st, T* 6” LARGE EAST-FRONT PAR lor. without hoard: will famish now and handsomely to the right parties. SS.Sonth May-si. TO RENT-LARGE ROOMS. WITH HOT AND cold water, furnished or unfurnished i day board close, or with use of kitchen; private family. 65744 Wahash-av. No change May 1. TO KENT-EIGHT ROOMS IN FIRST-CLASS order, at 293 West Madison-st., over jewelry store. Apply at 213 South Morgan-st. TO BENT-THREE OR FOUR ROOMS FOR UGHT housekeeping. Inquire at 830 West Van Huron. rRENT-CALUMKT- AV,. NEAR TWENTIETH st. Parties intending making changes for the sum mer will find a delightful front alcove room, partly fur nished , all modem conveniences. Address Q 88, Trib une.oflice. TO KENT-SIX ROOMS IN GOOD REPAIR AT 879 South Park-av. Bent, 816. TO RKNT—FOUR ROOMS: LARGE CLOSETS, water, bath-room, otc; sl3. Btard'noar. No ob jection to light housekeeping. 17 Vlnccnnes-place. f*pO RENT—BEAUTIFUL FURNISHED ROOMS. X with all modem improvements, with or without board; rooms are facing the entrance of l.»m>nlw Park. 72D North Frankiin-st., comer of Wisconsin. rpO RENT—I 4 ROOMS OYER STORE 255 SOUTH X Clark-tt., between Jackson and Van Boron; good place for famished rooms or bourdiag-hoaso. Inquire in ■tore of JAMES MATHEWS, from fo to 4. ' TO RENT—NICELY-FURNISHED FRONT ROOM in a private family, with or without board. 849 North Wells-st. rrto KENT-WELL-FURNISHED, WARMED ROOMS. X $3.60 to S 7 per week. Roligiu-Philoaophlcal Publish ing House, 127 Fonrth-av., two blocks south Post-Office. rpO KENT—FLAT "OF 6~RDOMS~AND 4 X In private residence: separate entrance; vary desir able. Apply do premises. No. 45 Cottago-plaoo, between Thirty-first and Tfairty-second-sta.. near the iako. TO RENT-GOOD ROOMS, WELL SUITED FOB living in, 69 Raudolph-st. 8. B. HAVEN. Room 10. 134 Clark-st. TO RENT-UPPER PART OF 931 WEST LAKE-ST.. sls. O. A. DIBBLE, 97 Clark-st., Room 6f. O RENT—TUB FIRST FLOP Rtf )P 947 DillTnull place, 6 rooms, 4 cJosots and battery; gax, “water ami ■ewer.- sls per month.- * ‘ r TO BENT—FIRST FLOOR OP A COTTAGE HOUSE. 6 rooms, all good site: will rant ohosp. Apnlvatil Seoley-ar. • • ■- - .- ~ ri'O RENT-ROOMS IN PRIVATE FAMILY ON X Saugamon-rt. Inquire at 196 West Washington-st. TO RENT-SIX NICE ROOMS AT 880 NORTH Clark-st TO KENT-ONE LARGE AND ONE SMALL FDR. nished room with or without board at 269 West Mon roe-Bt. TO RENT-THREE OR FOUR FLATS FOB HOUSE keeping on SirtoenLh-st. All modem improvements la new brick budding. None bat responsible parties need apply. Call at otbco of City Hotel JACOB HARRIS. TO KENT—JUST OPENED—NKW| AND ELEGANT famished room*. Te rents only. 85 Dbarbom-efc. Room 25.' TO RENT-FURNISHED BOOMS WITH A DENT ist, private room oil for reception parlor*, with all modem improvements; well sailed tor a physician. Northwest corner ef State end M&dison-sts.. Room* 1 and 3. rpO RENT-7 LARGE ROOMS IN NEW BHIOK A bouse on corner imodem fanprovementß; cheap -to family of adu ta. 308 West Harrlsoo-st., comer Gold. TO BENT-ROOMS, FURNISHED AND UNFUR nhbod iaall parts of the city. Call sad look over our lists. Partial fist la Landlord and Tenant." IT COY A GANSON. 193 Sonth Clark-st., Room 3/^ m° JIgST-THEEE DHFUBKISHED BOOMS FOE 06 .l’ *“ Md ‘ tl in.proT.rn.DU, « TO RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS TOR T.mHT , hctuielteopliig; also lodging, at 834 Watt Ran polph-st. ' fpO RENT—NO 163 STATE-ST.—CORNER MONROE. 1 south froot, opposite Uio Palmer Uo?M. Fo>ir fiS rooms od third floor, together or separately vnimen A. CUMMINGS. 1U andl2l - “ 'PO BESTREW AND ELEGANTLY FURNISHED i room,: location uattal iu.d dailnbls; can b. nan Pooriaf <1^ 1 * th * S® Wtn HadioMt” nu npORENT-LARGB FRONT ALCOVE: BOOM ON A .West Washingum-at.. near Union Park, cheap to right party. Addresa W 77, Tribune offloe. *° TO, REND- NIC ELY FURNISHED ROOMS. SlN gle and double, at renewable pride*. at 896 Watt dolph-st. • - • .. ~ „ rpo REs'T-PLEASANT LODOING-ROOMS. FUrT A nlihed or not, tingle or en suite, modern eoavsßisneaiT low rate. 105 West Raadolph-sf., TO RENT—BOOMS FURNISHED OR UNFURNISH. #d, with or without board. WTOanolLar,, corner John’ • • . , - ■ * TO RENT—4 ROOMS, PANTRY AND CLOSET TO TO BENT—FURNISHED ROOMS. AT 453 Ti bash-av. T° BENT-PLEASANT AND WRIX-FUBNISHED Ls°^% month, a#ij T 952 M 9 BLEQANTLY FURNISHED AT JL 128 Eaet Van Boren-st.: price $l per day. arIB tw*7 per week. Mra SADIE STALES. - TO BJSNT-ROOMa. r RENT—IS! WEHT WiSBINGTOK-ST.. EAST a! Liiiuu I, uitlr, pular Uoor. twoclo,- eta, hot and cold water. . nib 7- RENT-258‘NORTH STATE-ST., OPPOSITE X, park, pleasant front room on first floor for gent; fif teen minutes’ walk from Madiaon-st. ri-io JIENT—BY COLE, KISvEU. 4 MOSHER. X house-renting agouts. IBS West Madbon-st—riau in the Colo Block, sand 6 rooms each; 8 rooms 77 So^jh HaUted-st., nearA!odisoa;3flata, 7 rooms oaco, and 141 South Halsted-st.; 4 fiats, 6 rooms each, 95b to 9.2 West MadUon-st., and other large and Plta*» call and look'oror our list. COLE, NIfcWELL * MOSHER, 188 West Madlsofi-at. Tp KENT-A NKATLY-FURNISHED ROOM FOR jono or twocsutlouien, without board; private family; rout low. No. 175'North iJaaibora-st. riikXT-TH REE ROOMS, PANTRY, anU rmtor, for housektojtlng. S3Tbroop-Bt. •. • riX) RENT—FUIINISIIED ROOMS FOR HOUSE- X; keeping or lodging. 253 West lUndolph-at. TO RENT-6 ROOMS IN BASEMENT BRICK X • house, suitable for light housekeeping or small fami ly ; dry ami comfortable rooms. Inquire at 429 North La- Sallo-at. Runt, S2O per month. TO REKT-COMPLETELY AND WELL FUR ! nlshcd for 4 or 5 .muuthß, one of the jdeasantest Jilaces on thu North Side; 7 rooms and every convenience: ow to a small family. Address X £3, Tribanc mhco. alO UEN^NICHr7^FURNiSHKD~HOOSIS OF 7 . roorog.-Michigun-ar., S4O. Apply at 557. RENT-ROOMS AT IS9 WEST MADISON-ST.; beat location on tho West Side; for gentlemen or for housekeeping. fUU RENT-TWO SUITES OF ROOMS ON SECOND X and third fioora; S2O and 330. Inquire'at 124 North Clark-st. mO RENT-NORTH SIDE-FOUR ROOMS FOR X housekeeping purposes, largo pantry. closoU, ud bath-room besides, ana good collar; $25 per month. 245 liuroa-st., botiveen Clark and Dearborn. fjp6 RENT-NfCELY-FURNISHEDFRONT BOOMS; X; also three rooms for light housekeeping. 78 East Van Buron-st. TO RENT—672 WARASU-AV ITR.ST--CLASS UN fumiahod rooms, all modem improvements, single or en suite. 7pO RENT-232 SOUTH SANGAMON-6T., A FRONT X suito of rooms, furnished or unfomisned, wither without board. References. * ‘ TO KENT-FURNISHED ROOMS IN HOWE Sowing Machine Building, 243 State-st., Room 29. rpO corner of illucois- X Furnished rooms, with use of bsth-room, hot and cold water, with or without board. fpO RENT-NICE QUIET FURNISHED ROOMS X; to ladies and gentlemen. Address V 19, Tribune otfico. fPO RKNT-FURNISHED ROOMS-TUOMPSON X House. 163 South Clark-st., Office E. a" ■'O'KENT—A CHOICE SUITE OF FRONT ROOMS for a physician; also. alocplng-rooms, neatly fur nished, wilu closets. newly painted and calclmlned. 191 M est Madi»on-at.. Roam 11. TO I!EKT—(11 WEST MADISON-ST.—PLEASAHT rooms, furnished or unfurnished; board convenient; no light hou&ekooplng. rp‘s PLEASANT FURNISHED X front room, only 87 per month. 12 Bowerrst., jost off Van Boron, half-block above Morgan. .. . rpO RENT—THREE UNFURNISHED ROOMS, EN A. suite or aiuglo: modern improvements. Apply on third floor 23 West Washington -at. . Norton Block. T’ O' KENT-ON THE WEST SIDE-A NICELY FUK nished room, for gentleman and lady, with board for the lady only. Address W 19, Tribane office. rpo RENT—A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM X for gentlemen only. 129 South Clinton-st. T‘ O~RENT-A LARGE FRONT ROOM, ELEGANTLY famished, for ono or two gentlemen. ,254 Oniario-st,, between Dearborn and State. rpo RENT-FLATS FOR HOUSEKEEPING. ALL X Improvements, at 243 and 345, and 296 and 297 Wabash av. t. A. STEVENS. 91 Lako-st. r»H) RENT-TWO SUITES OF THREE ROOMS X bach for housekeeping, in the brick building Nos. 97 and 99 South Dosplalnes-et., between Madison and Mon roo-st. Apply on premises. rpO RENT-TUE TWO LOWER FLOORS OF A X fine 3-atery and basement brick, with all modem im provements, with or without bam: line Lincoln Park and lake views. Inquire at 7t)4 Wolls-at., or at AL PAUL SEN'S office, 59 North Clark-et. T'~o RENT-SECOND STORY OF 154 ILLINOIS-ST., near Clark.. $25. Apply on the premises. • TO RENT-NEW AND ELEGANTLY FURNISHED rooms, single oreo suite; finest location in the city, northeast comer Wabash-av. and Hnbbard-court. TO* KENT—TO - J ENf US M KN"uhTmaRRIED COU ple. a nicely furnished front buite, with bath-room and ail modem conronioacos. 226 West Washington-st. .rpO RENT—AT 422 WEST MADISONdiT., A PLEAS- X ant parlor, famished for gentlemen, cheap; bedrooms and rooms furnished or noimuiahod for housekeeping. 1To _ RENT-Ai* BW, FIVE”ROOMS, BATU-ROOMTs . closets, pantry, and collar. 163 Contro-av. Apply on promises, brick house. lUJ RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS NEWLY* PAINT . edaud calciminedat reasonable rates to respectable parties. P. F. RYAN',296 West Madisoa-et. rpO RENT-A SUITE OF FURNISHED FRONT X rooms in private family, 83 South Poorla-st. mo: RENT-FRONT ROOM WITH ALCOVE, FUR- X nishod or unf uraished, hot and cold water, bath-room, gas, and heated, between Van Huron ana Madison-sU., near iiojmo-st, Rularenco reyHired- Address R 73, THh nao office. mO RENT-FURNISHED FRONT BOOMS AT 233 X West Washing loc-t.U fpO~ RENT-T WO - LOWER STORIES OF NO. 197 X South Woud-st., coar Adams.; six rooms. Kent. $22.50. TO RENT-FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED Erst floor of dwelling at 666 North Fraaklin-at. Five room?, feur closets ana jnautry; modem improvements; two blocks from Lincoln Park and street can,. Furnished to a good party fur $35. Call on tho owner at Cho prem ises. rfb BEST-160 SOUTH SAXGAMON-ST., FRONT X alcove room, famished, without board. fIiOBBiST-T WO'LARGKrUNFm^ISHSTFRONT X room*. for lo aging, in n private family. Inquire ftt 17 South .May-Bt. • . rf»o REN'f-ONE SUITE OF 4 ROOMS, AT UX X North Stato-st., root 3 18 per month; also, lodging rooms, with or wiluuat board. mO~RENT-A VERY DESIRABLE FURNISHED X room, in private family, on West Waahington-st.; 10 the right party, oh good terms. Addruas T ifi, Tribune office. TO RENT-IN A VERY DESIRABLE LOCATION on West Side, east of Cnrtis-at., near Washiagton-st., a nicely furnished back parlor, wita use of piano and li brary. to ono or two aonuemon, with of without board, in private family. Address, with references, V 27, Tribune offico,- T' O RENT—FOR THE SUMMER, OR LONGER, near Lincoln Park, bock parlor, room oil dining room, kitchen and'room off, sab ooQar. ’ Address Q 48, Tribaaa office. TO RENT—PLEASANT FURNISHED BOOMS FOR gentlemen, at 733 Wabash-ay. TO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS-ONE FRONT suite. Call at 149 East Monrop-st., Room 17. rno RENT-FURNISHED FRONT PARLORS ON X ground floor. 763j£ Wabash-av. TO KENT-AT 47 SOUTH DESPLAINES-ST., A front snito of nicely furnished rooms, east front.- mo RENT—tea MIOHIUAN-AV.—TWO nicely X famished frost rooms, with all modem improvements, pleasantly located. rpO KENT-123 SOUTH PKORIA-ST.—A PUE- X nishad front parlor, with or without board. rpO RENT-FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED X rooms, with or withont board; very nice and very cheap. New brick, comer Randolph and Halsted-ato. (St. Cloud). TO RENT—ROOMS—UNFURNISHED SUITES, elegant in appointment and detail. Board in bouse if desired. Southwest comer Jackson and Stato-sts. En trance on Jackeon-st. ■ qiO RENT-PARLOR AND BEDROOM, SINGLY OR X cn snito. Apply at No. 6 Porter's Building, and Clark-st«. TO RENT-PLEASANT rooms in NEW MARBLE front, second or (bird story. 408 South Clark-st. TO RENT—STOKES. Oi'FXCES. &o Stores- TO RENT—ENTIRE OR PART OF BUILDING 123 East Lake-at. Stores and basements, 146. ISS. 201 and 203, 222, £26. and 315 South Clark-st. Also store and basement 36S Stato-st. Office rooms In bonding 123 and 130 (Kentucky Block) Sooth darkest. Sleeping rooms la building 234 and 238 Booth Qlaxk-st. Also rooms for families.' Residences 643 and 645 Michlgan-av. Rents low to good tenants. Apply to' MALCQM MoNKiLL, 224 South Clark-st., Rooms. TO RENT—ON SOUTH STATE-ST., NEARLY NEW brick store 75x26 feet, basement, and two floors'above, with 19 rooms: all modem conveniences; for bakery, sa loon, boarding-house, or other business. NICHOLS. BRAGG A CO., 145Dearbom-Bt. ' rriO RENT-CHKAP-COUNER STORE, VAN BU- X ren-st. and Tbird-ar.. ■4oxloo. Good office, fire-aroof vault, etc. -Apply at 75 Van Bnrea-atl • rpo RENT—THE LARGE AND SPLENDID CORNER 1 store No. 346 South Halsied-st., north of A'splendid place for a firstrdass dry-goods atord.. TO RENT—THE BRICK BUILDING NO. 13 STATR st., near Sooth. Water, heretofore occupied by JL jU Smith A Co., liquor dealers. SAMUEL GKHB, 114 Dear hornet. rr O KENT-LARGE BRICK STORK 144 TWENTY- X eccond-fif.: best store on tha street. A. M. NKY. MANN. 49 South Franklln-st. ■ TO RENT-NORTH DIVISION. A STORE IN A brick block near Lincoln Park;'good location for Ice cream parlors and baker's stock. Inquire at US Ban dolph-at.’ . . . . . .... rpO RENT-STORES 318 AND 323 STATE-ST.; ALSO X flats in same; new building.! W. WALLER,' 41 Clark sc.. Room 11. TO RENT-STORE AND BASEMENT 218 EAST Washington- st.', ’ 20x83.* with side'windows*. Rent. 860 per month. D. S. FOOTE, Boom 9 Quiniaa Block. 81 and 83 Clark-st, •- fPO BENT-STORK 346 LAKE-ST., 20X80, WITH J front on South Water at.' H.' A. GOODRICH. 78 Dcarbom-st. TO RENT—ELKGAT STORE, BASEMENT, AND third' story, - ebruer of Madison and Franklin-ata;. Field, Loiter A Co. Block. Possession given May 1. Ip. quire at Union Trust Company’s Bank. 135 Clark-st. fPO RENT-STORE NO. 34 RIVER-ST.. 32X100, FIVE X stories and basement, with use of dock to tbe river. This building was constructed for storage or iron busi ness, and has been occupied by Jewett A Root for stoves. Bant low. ' Apply to MEAD A COE, I£s L*: Salle-st. ' TO RENT-A BRICK STORE, WITH GOOD CEL lar, and-complete in all Ita appointments, corner Klstcnand Waubantia-avs., near North Chicago Mills. 1 Rent lew to a good tenant. Inquire atatonj. • TO BENT-HANDSOME NEW BRICK STORE and dwelling. 336'0gden-av: t 'fronting on Flournoy sad Robey-ata.; crst-class location for drag store and dry goods. Rant low. - Apply to owner on premises, up stairs. r RENT-STORES AND BASEMENTS. 286 AND 190 Sute-st., near Van Boren; 860 per month; stores 851 and 355>j State-st., only $25 per znonthr O B WALLER, 41 Clark-st, Room 11. TO RENT—STORES 217 AND 219 RANDOLPH-ST Apply to WM. H. SAMPSON * CO.. Raal Estate and Renting Agency, 144 LaSalle-st. • TO RENT-STORK 159 SOUTH CLARK-ST. FROM Hay 1. Apply to P. R. KING, 207 Madiaon-et.' AND BASEMENT, We AN the corner of Calboun-pUCe, 119 Fifth - ar., with suites of room for office er living, on second, third, a** TO BEKT—STOBES. OFFICES. So S torea--Contiimed. fpo RBMT—STOKK.S, BY EDMUND A. CUMMINGS, X 119 and 121 LaSallost. • 44 South Clark-st., (near Sherman Hooso,) new with vault. Ac. 116 Quiucy-st., three stories and basement. * , SCcSSutost. and basement. 62 West Washington-st., and basement; $35. M West Washlngton-eU, ami basement; $35. 299# West lUndolph-at., .with vault; s±3. • 7SI WestMadlson-et., near Lincoln; $35. 297# West Lako-st.; if 18. 163 Hrth-av., store and basement, between Madison and Moaroc-ata. rpO RENT—STORK WITH BASEMENT. ALSO X store with 4 rooms in roar, Mendel Slock, N. Eh corner Van Huron and loqairo 153 Fiftfa-av..up*atain X • 4RB Statist.:onlys4iieaeh; stono fronts. . Residence 63U Wabash-av., very low'. ‘ j D. llAJtay HAMMER. 158 Madison-st. Tor rent—a store at 95'and 97 suolto : st.- Tbd stock for sale, as the owner is retiring. TO KENT—A GOOD STORK. APPLY AT 353 South Morganst.. near Blue Zaland-av. - . corner Franklin: two entrances. Low to good tenant. Inquire of JACOB C. MAG ILL, 77 South Clark-st. ffH) RENT-STORE NO. 733 WEST MADISON-ST. X Good location for retail grocery. Apply at 129 South Wator-st. ' TO RENT-NEW STORK CORNER VAN BUREN ■ and Roboy-sts.; S2O pgr month. Good location; TO BENT—CORNER THIRTY-SIXTH. AND STATK sts., store and four rooms; $39. Call at Otis Block, Room 15. . ' fro RENT—MARBLE FRONT STORE, CHEAP- X nndcr Crow's Opera Hall, inquire No. SIS Madison* bt. N. S. GROW. ■ ' TO RENT—STORK AND BUILDING 799 WEST Madiaon-st. Inquire at 603 same street. This Da* good location for a grocery, hardware, or dry goods store. and Hubbard-ets.. with 4 rooms Lad closets in back; now occupied as a retail grocery. To the right party very reasonable rent. Apply at 251 Hobbard-st. f|Mj RENT-CORNER STORE IN BRICK BLOCK X corner Lincoln and llubbard-sts., cheap. ANDREW PEARSON, 96 East Randolph-st. T’O RENT-A LARGE SALOON, WITH DWELLING, pas, and water, or the whole house, at the new State* st. tarn. -Apply 1774 State, corner of Thirty-ninth-at. TO RENT-STORE AND 4 ROOMS FOB sl4. OR will lease tho boose. Ulrooms, with store, for $24. 473 Twency-cluth-at. ■ mo RENT—FINE STORE-ROOM. DWELLING AND X bam at 791 West Madisoiwt. Good business loca tion. B. KENNEDY, H 3 Dearborn-at., Room 19. TO RENT-SPLENDID STORE WITH FIXTURES, three rooms, and basement; rent low. Inquire 1246 Stato-st., up-stairs. r IX) R ENT —VERY CHEAP-FINE BRICK STORE, X No. I location for any business; also large corner basement for barber-shop, saloon, oto. Apply on the promisee, northwest comer Lake-st. and Westom-av. TO RENT—STOKE AND 4 ROOMS ABOVE JFOR 835, corner State and Thirty-thlrdsta.: will be rented separate; also two flats of 6 rooms each, s2l, eoroer State and Twenty-fourth ate. Inquire 443 Cottage Grove-av. TO RENT-TWO-THIRDS OP STORE South Olarlc-st., low. , TO UENT—THRE K-STOBY AND . BASEMENT business honvs, No. 104 West Randolph-at.. and 1-1 rooms at .44 South .State. Apply to J. GREENWOOD, 153 West Harriaon-st. TO RENT-WATER-ST., FLOOR 19X70. CORNER . North Ciark-st.. 3213 par month; also two nice offices. Apply to J. C. MAGILL, 77Clark-st. TO RENT-AT WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, FINK 3- atory frame store, with dwelling attached, cellar, well, and cistern, near main depot. ISAAC R. HITT £ BRO.. office 19 Major Block. rpo RENT-LOW TO GOOD TENANT, STORKS S 6 X andsa Rlvcr-st., 48ilU), with line dock. Apply to REA A COATES, 95 Washington-st. 1* 10 RENT—THE MARBLE FRONT STORK, 23 Rosh-sc., with rooms and basement, or separate, cheap; a good chance for dry goods, millinery, and notions. TO RENT—STOR? 77U COTTAGE GEOVE-AV. AP ply as 772, noit door. f rp'6 RENT-STORE AND BASEMENT, 233 WEST X Madison-st. (Thompeen’s Block), opposlto Carson. PLrlo A Co.. business centre of tbo West Side. 23x70, suit* ahleior any first-class business, rent moderate to good tenant. WM. 11. THOMPSON, 229 West Madiaon-st. TO RENT—BY MAY 1, THE FIRST-CLASS STORE 18-1 North CL\rk-sL, occupied at present as a dry goods store; rent to suit the times. Inquire at 156 North Clark-at. TO RENT-AT YOUR OWN PRICE, FINE STONE front stores, t3d West Lake-st., and US North Clark- Bt. J. D. WEBER. 120 Raodolph-at. T" O RENT—THE LARGK STORK AND BASEMENT 71 East Monroe-st, between State and Dearborn; giro 27 by 140. Inquire an premises. TO RENT--THE4-STORY AND BASEMENT STORKS 15 and 17 Markot-st.; also lofts in Garrett Building. Apply to O. LUNT. Room 17, lifl Waahingtoo-st. TO RENT—STORK AND 6 ROOMS ON UANDOLPH ut., west of Halatod. J. T. GOLDEN, 45 Park-av., comer of Paulinajst. rpo KENT-STORKS S9O, .893 AND .03 COTTAGE X Grore-ov.; new, clean, and one of the best locations for buslnes in the city; rent not so much an object as to get business established. A. O. HYDE, Room 10, 126 Dearburn-it. rpo RENT-STORE AND BASEMENT NO. 136 X South Clark-et. P. D. HAMILTON. Boom L 136 Clark-st. rpO BENT-BEST STORE ON WEST MADISON-ST.. X near comer of Dssplalnos-st., from Ist of May: will reduce rent from 875 per month to $56, to responsible' party; no saloon-keepers need apply. Inquire at photo graph gallery, 101 West Madiaon-st. ' ■ r RENT-STORE NO. ICO SOUTH WATEB-ST. Inqniro at Room 2, S 7 Washington-st. rpO RENT-BRICK STORES NO. 95 SIXTEENTH- X st. and No. £2l South Stato*st. Apply to JACOB HARRIS, City Hotel, corner State and Sixteoath-Bt. TpO RENT—THE BEST LOCATION IN CHICAGO X for retail hardware and house fnmlshinggood?, M 2 West Van Boron-sU T. E. PATTERSON, 50 Lako-st. TO BENT—BRICK STORES NUS. 847, 949 AM) 851 West Maflisoo-at., with iron fronts, stono sidewalk: good dry basements la good repair; very cheap to good tenants. Apply at 153 Washington-st., Rooms 23 and 27. rpO RKNT-ON BETWEEN STATS X and Dearborn. Two storerooms, first floor, and basement. 1 One storeroom and basement 63x90. Oao second-story roots -Ur-t). One store 9 stories, street front and rear, steam-power if required. Alsu stores, storerooms, and basements in now manufacturing building, Fifib-ar., near Jackaim-st. B. L. BROWN, atbnildings: or BROWN A VAN ARS UALE, Michigan and Kingsbury-ste. rpo BENT-STORK AND BASEMENT, ALSO BEO- X ond floor, 616 and 6l4.Stato-st„ in suites of 4 rooms, with gas and water aud wawr-closots on each floor. In qulro 00 promucsfrom 12 to 4. riiQ RENT-STORK AND ROOMS BACK, 929 WEST X Lake-fit., 813. O. A. DIBBLE, 97 Clark-it'., Room TO KENT-STORE 194 CLARK-ST., CORSES OF A 20-foot alley. Inquire at 194 Clark-st., Room X J. H. ANDREWS. TO RENT-NEW BRICK STORE 758 VAN BURRN st. Good business place for dry goods or any kind ot business. rp6 RENT—THREE STORES ON MILWAUKEE- X sv.: uuo an old grocery stand, with fixtures. Apply at 331 West HandolpQ-st- qtu RENT—STORKS ISO, 199. 479, 481, 372. 370. 231, 251jv. X and 481 South Clark-st.: stores and basements 4» South Stato-BC. 62 and 64 Pacifio-av,; stores 50 and 52 Founh-av.; stores 184 East Van Buren-st., 739 West Lake- St. : a first-clata corner basement, 193 South Clark-st., with six side windows. OFFICES—Elegant banking-rooms in Speed’s Block, besides offices to suit any good class of business, and same Rlucpiog-ruqms: otficcs aud aloopiag-rooma in Kentucky Block. 117 south Clark-st., and m various parts of the city, by J. M. MARSHALL, House Renting Agent, 97 South Clark-st. TO'RENT-ONE-UALF OP STORE 101 EAST MADI son st.: tbs otbor side occupied by goatlamen’s fur nlshiug store; rent low. rpO RENT-STORES-TWO STORES IN BRICK 1 block southwest corner Laka and CUnton-sts. Store 663 West iladisoa-st., in Washingtonian Home. H.O. MOREY, 83 Ulark-3t. TO RENT-THE WHOLE BUILDING 103 MADI- Eon-Ht.. formerly occupied by us: location tirst-class. Inquire of J. H. ANDREWS, owner, or at 118 and 120 Wabash-av. ffM. A BUTTERS A CO., auctioneers. TO RENT-A VERY DESIRABLE SMALL STORE foe retail business, on good stroat. within one block of Court-House square. For particulars apply to ED MUND A. CUMMINGS. 119 and 121 LaSrilo-st. . TO RENT-THE STORE AND LARGE FLOORS lately occupied by Strong Furniture Co.. 366 and 263 Wabash-av.; well adapted for any business requiring largo amount of room.' Key at store 263. Apply to WM. C. ])oW, IQ Tribune Building. TO RENT—STORE AND BASEMENT 142 LAKE BL. 20x142. BAIRD A BRADLEY, 90 LaSallo-at. TO RENT-THE BEST STORB-ROO3I ON THE WestSlde.Tron front, plate glass windows, 16 feet celling, comer of Portia and Madtson-sts.' ' mo RE NT—«TO RES 110, 163. 166, 174, 122, 211, 213.316, X 218. 283, 316, 260,256. 2ft. 270, and loul West Madison st.; 77and78Sonth Ualsted-at., near Madison; 140.141. 470 South Hslsted-st.; 65 Blue Island-av., a splendid lo cation for saloon: the two tea stores, 163 sod 165 West Madison-st., old-estabhahed stands; three splendid stores lu the Davy Block, corner Green sad Madison-st*., for gents’ furnishing goods or dry goods, no bettor loca tion in the city. Call and look over oor Hst. COLE. NEWELL & MOSHER. 188 West MadlsQn-at. TO RENT-STORK ON STATE-ST., WITH DWKLL lncovdr;half usual rent; good loeal business. Room 15 OtU Block. « OX) RENT-STORK NO. 63 LAKE-ST., NEAR COR- X ner State,' 22x»J, with three lofts on comer. 44x80, In Drummond’s Building. Rent moderate. Apply to WM. u: SAMPSON A CO;. 144 LaSalle-st. , TO RENT-46 ADAMS-ST., NEAR STATE-WILL divide, making two desirable stores, with fl«w> chow windows, at very low rent. TO RENT-STORE AND BASEMENT; 830 PER month: 137 Micbigan-st., 2 minutes' walk from Crim inal Court; tho boat location in tbe city for wine or liquor business, .or lager bocr.' ' ' ■ TO RENT-LARGE STORE AND BASEMENT, 176 Bast Madison-st.; wiUrcmove tbs partition and give both windows to right tenant. A. L. CROCKER, 176 East MadUon-eft. TO RENT-STORES 193 SOOTH WATER-ST., AND 845 and 237 Wabash-av.; will be ranted low. F. a, STEVENS, 91 Lake-st.' TO KENT-A NICE HALF STORE, 388 WEST Madison-st. Inquire of Winter, next door. TO RENT—A FIRST-CLASS STORE. 25x85, OR Adoms-st., opposite tbe City Hall; cheap rent; pos session given immediately. Inquire in tha of 141 EascAdams-su - - • TO RENT—S FIRST-CLASS STORES IN THE NEW •tone front block on Balsted-st. comer of Peoria, one block from Bine Island-av.; rent very law to good parties. JOHN A. TALE, 153 LaSalle-at. TO- RENT-FROM MAY 1-STORB AND BASE moot 116 Franklln-st,, near Madison: has steam ala vator. R. M. QUTIiiCT, ISO LaSailo-at. TO RENT-STORE,AND BASEMENT ON SOUTH Wcter-st.-, near Clark; has good office and elevator, and will rent low. Inquire of A. A. LATHROP. 88 La Salle-st., Room 24. T" O RENT—STORES AND BASEMENTS. 836 AND 328 Snath Clark-st.. very cheap. 8. R. HAVEN, Room 10,134 Clark-st. TO RENT-STORE, 180x30, IN HARDING BUILD* Inc, 170 East Madison-st., with bast vault In the city- Also, nnt-elass otSoo* la same building. Also, manufac turing room, 80x30, on ssoond floor. In rear. Kents low to first-class tenant*. Apply to W. A. BARNES, Boom 16. 170 Madison-st. - - mo RENT-FOB LAUNDRY OR OTHER BUSINESS. TO RENT--STORES- PFFIOES. &o. Stores—Continued. / TO RENT—BRICK STORES, *WITiI Oft WITHOUT basements,' on State-st., near Twelfth. Terr cheep. T. A. JACKBON, BitfStato-at. Ofiioosi. rpO RENT-SEVERAL DESIRABLE, FRONT OF- X . ficos ou eocond and third floors of I nllertoa Block, 9 Dearborn-st. Apply at Room 4in the bonding. r KENT—SPLENDID OFFICES IN THE HOWB Building, southeast corner of State and Jackson-sts., single or en suite, at low rent, Inquire on premises- rno BENT-FIRST-CLASS DESK-BOOJI, *5; SPLEN- X did private room. $lO, light and cheerful,. Rooms 2£and 91, No, Ip Pqarborn-at., J. rnp RENT-ONE - OF“tHK -FINEST OFFICES IN X Chicago fnrbankiujr, insurance,'or railrpad: also high basement offices, pjato-glass fronts, with vaults: suites of pleasant-front offices at 46 and 46 Sooth- Clark-st.; Room 3. • ' ~ ’ TO RENT-DESK-BOOM IN LARGE FRONT X office, second' door, near corner Clark and Madison sts.. must contra! location to the city Apply toG.W. KNOX, Room 1. ISI Olarit-sk. . TO RENT-A FINE OFFICE ON SECOND FLOOR of Ucapor Black; physician preferred; ronfe reason* able. DK. KENNICDT'T, 90 Keanof Block. T' O RENT-A VERY FINE OFFICE, SuXK) FEET. on the corner of LaSalle and Adams-sls.. nicely par titioned into four rooms; has a tiro-proof vault whb com bination lock, and everything la nice order. The room is now renting forsso per mouth, but will rent to a first class tenant fur one yearfor!?3s nor month; and if the rent Is puid oue year in advance will lot It go for S3OO. Call at Room 19, 5103 LaSallo-tft., and soo tho rooms. r RENT-CORNER OFFICE ON SECOND FLOOR of tho Otis Block, LaSalle and Madison-sts. Apply at Room L. TO RENT—OFFICES IN FIRE-PROOF, FIKST- X class Republic Life Building, $lO per month and up ward. JOHN U. AVERY, 159 LaSalle-bt. rpO RENT-ONE HIGH BASEMENT OFFICE,WITH X vault, at $55 a month. One high'basement. 60 feet deep, with vault, at SSO a month. Goo office on first floor, with vault, at S4O a month. One offico on first floor, no vault, at 315 a month. Offices on second and third floors, in proportion vary low. At Schlooucr Block, 200 to 210 LaSallc-st.' K. SCIILOES3ER. • /"TO RENT OFFIGIiS IN SECOND STORY 196 X Wasblngton-st., single or en suite, front or roar, with vaults and basins;’ very low rent, and well adapted (or commission business. Apply to owner. Boom 17, No. 133 LaSallo-st. 110 KENT —OFFICES IN.SECOND STORY 193 . Wahbingtoa-st., single or oh suite, front or rear, with vaults and basics; vory low rent, and well adapted for commission business. Apply to owner. Room 17,183 La- Salle-st. TO RENT-ANY FIRST-OL.VSS DENTIST WISH- Ing to locate ia the Weal Division can learn of a raro opportunity to offico with on established regular physi cian ; rent cheap; rooms large and wr-il fumuhed, on a good business corner; street-cars pass the door: no dentist within several blocks. Look over tne field and judge tor yourself. Address PHYSICIAN, 171 and 173 Kaadulph-bt. TO RENT-THE DOUBLE' OFFICE BASEMENT nndor PRESTON & KEAN'S, lOU AYashiogtou-st. 5 also oUlcus In same building. Apply u> Q» LUNT, Room 17 TO RtfiNT-A FINK SUITE OF OFFICES. WITH largo vault, at 191 and 193 Clark-st. Also single offices, all cheap. Oomo and sea ttieai. Apply at Room 10. T‘ O RENT—DESIRABLE OFFICES AND ROOMS in tbo building No. 187 South Ulark*sc. Low figures. BOYD A WIS-NlJ.ll. 19 Dearborn-st, NO. 75 TO RENT—THE BEST AND CHEAPEST DESK room la tbo city, $5 per month. No. 13 Exchange Bunding. ' ' H’O RENT-DESIRABLE OFFICES AT LOW RENT i in noteholder building, southeast corner Clark and Randolph. JOHN W. MARSH, 94 Washington »t. TO RENT—CHEAP—A LARGE OFFICE AT 208 LA- Sallo-st., in Scblomcr’s Block, corner Adams and La- Salle. it b well lighted on two sides, and very desirable for an insurance office, law office, printing office, or light manufacturing. Apply to Janitor of buiidmg for key, terms, ' TO RENT-4 OFFICES IN BUILDING, NORTH west corner of Madison-st. and Fifth-av. Apply to REES. PEIRCE A CO.. 99 Dearborn-st. TO RENT-DESK ROOM IN A FIRST-CLASS OF fice location at low rate: call at 99 East Madbon-st., Room 4. J. W. HIDENBEKG. rpO KENT—VERY DESIRABLE OFFICE ON MAIN J. floor 'in Stoats-Zsitnng Building. Inquire at office of Illinois Staata-Zclcnog, corner of Washington at. and Fifth-av. fxto ItENT-THK DOUBLE OFFICE, NORTHWEST J. corner of Clark and Madlson-sta., now occupied by Justleo Wallace; other rooms in same building for offices or sleeping rooms. 11. C. MOREY, 95 Clark-st- rpo RENT-SECOND STORY OF BUILDING 213 X State-st., for offices or business purposes. FRED L, FAKE A CO., Waahingtoa-at. rpO RENT—FOR OFFICES, IN SUITES OR SIN- X gl?, newly fitted no, on the second floor, elevator in tbo building. In Bryaut Block, corner Dearborn and Ran dolph-st. Apply at Room L 5. rjX> RENT—OFFICES AND DWELLING ROOMS. X Apply at Room 7, 173 North Clark-st. ~ TO RENT-A PART OF MY OFFICE TOfl USE of vanlfc and desk. P. B. HAMILTON, Room 9, 84 Washington-ac. TO BENT-CHOICE OFFIOF.S AND BUSINESS rooms on second floor in building northeast corner State and Jackson-sts. MARK KIMBALLL, 235 Stale st., Room 6. - SliaceiianeoTuv. mO i RENT—OB FOR SALE—DOCK AND YARD X on Ogden’s slip, corner of Butler andTweuty-foorth sts.,noar Archor-av. Inquire In office, or No. 97 Hon oror-st- L. FRANZ. TO RENT-A FINE PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY and living-rooms; also brick fetoro and living-rooms. Apply on the premises, S 5 East Chicago-av. ‘ TO RENT—THE SF.COND, FOURTH, AND FIFTH floors of 181 Stato-st. Inquire Insturo. TO RENT-DINING-ROOM AND KITCHEN 'TO A widow lady who understand, the business. W7L Trib une office. ... • • - TO RENT-DOCK. OFFICE. AND SCALES SUlT able for coal men. Apply at 4 Weal Lako-«t. TO RENT-pINING-JiUOM. AND KITCHEN. ALL furnished, in Bishop Coart Hotel, Rant payable in board, No. pUJMadboa-at. N.b.GROW. rpo RENT—LARGE ROOM, 51 AND 53 SOOTH X Sheldon-at.. lately occupied by Kindergar urn. school, suitable for soma light manufacturing business* shoe chop, bxrber chop. K. U. tiULKiitix, 15a Laaullo-et., Ro.-m 4; ' ' .* ■ ■ TO RFNT-A, RESTAURANT STORE WITH 16 rooms above und basement bolow. A rare chance ciron an enterprising lady dr gentleman. 129 Fourth-av; AtldreM Z 69, Tribune office. • - ~ - ItO KENT—A BAKERY AND DWELLING IN A good location. No. 144 North Faullaa-st., by - f. AT. bLOOD, 629 Hubbard-st., up-afain, corner Paulina, fpO RENT—WITHPOWKK. A NEW4-STORYBRICK X buildingCCaiO feet): each floor 12 >3 foot between jubiU, splendidly-lighted,- heated- by t>team pipes, with rood power, welladapted for manufacturing oi any kind. I will rent the floor* all together, or separate, and giro Juw rcnt to a good tenant. Apply at once to \VT S. HaLL,ICS South Caual-st. P. b.—Ground for storing lumber, mad also a dry kiln can bo rented with the aboro building. ,• QIO “RENT—FOR GARDENING PURPOSES, 11 . acres of lani, 6)<f miles from city limits; good build ings. Nona uhuii apply except they moan business. A u T. SNELL. 425 West W ashiagten-at. rpo RENT-ROOMS WITH"POWER; STEAM RLE- X rater.. 81 South Canal-at. T" O BENT—B/VKERY - WITH ALL TOOLS AND fixtures. 1511 North Rueksr-st. rpo KENT—ROOM 23x150 ON THIRD FLOOR, WITH X steam power and elevator in holloing, at 63 South Ca> nal-at.' F. G. WELCH; 142 l,aSalle-at, rpO RENT—CHEAP—BOOM, WITH POWER. AP- X ply to J. P. DOIG, 32 West Qulncy-at. 110 RENT—3-STORY AND BASEMENT, 50x150. 29 . South Glinton-st. H. O. MIODAUGH, SI West Madison-st. rpO .KENT-FUR MANUFACTURING OR BTOK- X age—The basement, second, third, fourth, and fifth floors, saxlcOft each, of the very substantially built build ing on the sopibcast comer of Michigan and LaSallo-sta., known as Hemlock Block. The building is light, has largo steam elevator; plenty of power, ana is well adapted for any kind of manufacturing or storage. The flours will bo rented together or separately, with power to suit. For particulars inquire of A. G. WEBSTER or W. W. PER KINS. Room oil 'Major Block, fPO RENT-593 STATK-ST.-SALOON AND FIX- X turns, together with billiard tables, etc. Also dwel ling above the entire premises, rented cheap. Inquired GEO. G, hhWBUHi, Rooms 8 and 9, Bryan Block. T" O RENT-LARGE BASEMENT AND SLEEPING rooms and offices on tbo second and third doors, also lags ball. at 277 and 279 South Olark-st. Inquire of GEO. G. NEWBURY, Rooms & aud 9 Bryan Block. TO RENT-SALOON AND ROOMS BACK,CORNER Clybourn-plact and Soutbport-av.; SA). 97 Clark st.. Room 64. . , . • . TO RENT-LOFTS-SECOND, THIRD. AND fourth floors, SUxl7s, In part or together, with use of elorator and rear entrance. Suitable for salesroom and minafacturing. Will make satisfactory arrangement and terms to a good party. Inquire W. S. LORD. Jr., 60 and 82 Randalun-et., up-stairs, between State and Dearborn eta. - ' ' • TO. RENT-SMALL TENEMENT FOB ALAN AND wife; no children. 161 Ceatro^av. TO RENT-CHEAP—TWO FLOORS AND ONB half basement ol 863 South Wator-st. Inquire in .store. TO RENT-PART OP SECOND OR THIRD FLOOR. 48i150, in a firsbclaaa building, la good location, with office oa second floor; voter elevator. Address a 34, Tribune office. TO RENT-BUILDING AND MACHINERY AT 142 Palton-it., now occupied by tbo Chicago Sheffield Steal Works; rent low. Apply to W3L H. SAMPSON A CO., 144 LaSalle-st; _ • - mo RENT—BASEMENT 167 AND 163 MADISON-ST„ A together or eopsrato. Apply to WM; o. DOW. 10 Tribune Building. j TO RENT-TO MECHANICS-FIRST-CLASS STONE building. SUxiqp foot, S*tory, with dwelling and two acres of ground, all abutting the railroad track and near tue depot at Sooth Chicago; superior position for manu facturing business of any Triad; Apply to K. B. BAB GENT, 765 Wabaah-av. TO RENT—PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY, FUR ulshod, on one of the best basinets • treats in the city. Kent paid to May, 1877. Owner can’t attend to it. A good chance for a practical photographer. TKUESDELL A BROWN, lt!8 Fifth-av. TO KENT-SECOND. THIRD, AND FOURTH floors of 80 snd 33 South Water*!., together or separ ately. Stairs from the street and elevator near alley run ning to each tloor. Apply to ENRIOHT 4 KELLY, 48 and 60 Franklin*!. rpo RENT-LOFTS. BY EDMUND A. CUMMINGS. X 119 and 121 LaSalle*!. 44 Clark*!.. near Sherman House, thtwi laorth Coon. • - 30s Stato-st., second and fourth floors. 167 Jackaon-ct., second and third floors. 303 West Madison*!;, second, third, and fourth floors. TO RENT-A BRICK BARN. NOW OCCUPIED AS a milk depot. Fourteenth-at. and MlcMran-ar. An. ply at the comer, 460. rpQ RENT-A LARGB BRICK BARN. TTVQnTRg X at 240 Hurou-st. - T 9 BKNT-PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY 167 WEST tow to a good tenant. - OOLB. NEWELL A MOSHER, 133 WestJJadlsoa-st. TO RENT—B LARGE LOFTS snYiso FEET WITH 3 elevators, at 101 South Water*!, Inquire on tbs premises. - WANTED—TO RENT. TyANTED—TO RENT—A PLEASANT FURNISHED TI ■ room, without board, by a lady In a private family: location between Lake and Madison-aU. west of Wood*!, and east of Westorn-av. 13est of reforeasas given and re quired. Address X 97, Tribune office. Ty ANTED—TO RENT—A FUiXY KITRKIUH Vp TT bouse la good,locality;NorthSida preferred;ar> raagvasnts to board dub and family if desired: refer- RENT# \\i AXTKD-TO BKNT-A JX 7iih entitle, ft. a r S r V *h £-•» c,b?utlu or lumiks south. Addros*. Vd«« N b 5, TnEooo office. • WANTKD-TO RENT—ftY PROMPT ptvisH B*cly, throe or four rooms for rent. -Address,*with price, 0 89, *• ~ Mr WAKXEO-TO MAN ANDWiSE*3TO TT 5 roams for housekeeping. References esehamril Address, stating terms. JAMBS, 161 u “ Ked * WANTED-TO KENT-LARGE. WELL FTP nisbotl house, Worth SISO por month or more «„£* aKI-SS? 1 Addtosa - WANTED-TO KENT-ON WEST .SIDE, pfpTT ftfitrtonrt for-hrtuVckeeMng: familysmall* no dron. Location wusi bo desirable. Best eltr gUn; ■ Address U 43,Trtbune otßee. J^toreacw WANTED- TO OR c6tT logo of:4 orsrooms for housekeeping bra *V nr . l ‘ man and wife, south of Twenty-fccond-st. andoi-rtr,/,k Mmblcan Southern Railroad. Address O 3, Tribuaaoffic* WANTED-TO KENT-A HOUSE OF ABTTutTKN rooms, with parlor, dining-room,' and kUch»nv>il same floor. Address, giving location and bottem-orica *5 an undoubtedly reliable tenant, 013, Tribune offi!*.. w T\rANTED— TO RENT—A SUMMER RESIDKNL’?: T V must be a first-class place, in a good location whhu* ca>y driving distance of Chicago; mtid have qW grounds, and a stable. In answering give fullpartlcnlunL location, size. of house and grounds, price, etc. Kora nice residence a responsible and desirable tenant nu* hi found. AddressT S 3, Trlbnndoffico. ,U 9 \\r ANTED—TO RENT-A NICE SUITE OF UNFITS. YV; alshcd rooms on Madison-st. Address T 73. Twk! one office.; - . VIfANTED —TO RENT - PLEASANT. BINGLB Vt rt»m for gent, without board. Address V2J Triff onaotSco. • - • * WANTED-TO RENT—A FURNISHED HOUSE OF M 6or 7 rooms, near street-cars; root not to axe«wi S3O permonth. Address N 15, Tribune office. w W~ ’ ANTED—TO RENT—FURNISHED HOUSE COAL plate; good neighborhood: about 8 rooms; home andfnmllnro would be mod well: gentleman and wif* only. Jtont most be reasonable. Pay sure, and ia ad. vanco If desirable. Giro details. S Tribune office Wakted-to rent-two or threeltr: niahod rooms suitable for light houaekeeplne fup gentloman, wife, and child. Pay promot and sura. Ref. erencos exchanged.. Address, stating price and nan!*, ulars, V7lB, Tribune office. WANTED— TO KENT—ROOM, WITH OP. WITH™ out board, by two gentlemen, east of Staia-it. and north of Twelfth. Address, staling terms, O 73, Triboaa office. .. ; ANTED—TO RENT—HOUSE OF 10 ROOMS prefer dining-room and kitchen on parlor floor* prefer location oasc of State and north of Twentioth-at* Will pay $ IU to S6O for a house in good repair: nauacitW wanted. Addressß. PALMERAIACKEY, 733 WaLalh. tVaNTHD-TO BENT—WHO HAS the” 3KST V" house sonih of Twouty-si-Tth-st. for not more than S4O per month f Haro not boea o month in arrears In 7 years. A.ddresa Z 75, Tribune oince. WANTED— TO RENT—A FURNISHED lIuOMIN 'vicinity of Waba*h-ar. and Twenty-secood-st. Ad* dross, elating terms and location, Q a. Tribone office. WANTED— TO RENT—TWO OR THREE ROOMS near Lincoln Park. Address, with particulars, O 89. Tribano office. . WANTED-TO RENT—A FURNISHED COTTAGE for a small family: would have the bast of care; ran* moat bo low; no small children. Address Y £B. Trib une office. RRNT-SODTttSn)B, NORTH Off IT Sixtceuth-aU. furnUhoa* room fur two gentlemen, with or without bCord; stato . erms. Address Q 00, Trib* uue office. WANTED-TO RENT-FAMILY OF ADULTS WITH V T first-class references want good house on West Sid?, - and board owners; privilege of other boarders. Address Ql2, Tribune ofllce. W'~ ANTED—TO RENT—a LAW OFFICE, ONSOB two rooms, with vault, on ascond story. stating tonus and location, X 6, Tribano office. • WANTED— TO RENT-THREE-STORY BUILDISQ on -10 or uO-foot lot, corner preferred, for raanulx*. taring purposes,<m South Side, between Van Boren aod Adatus-sU. and cast of Clark. Portias having lot u above and willing to build will find tint-class tenant foi term of years by applying to WM. H. SAMPSON M CO., IH LaSallo-st. - • T\f ANTED—TO RENT-HOUSE IN GOOD NHIOIF V V borhood, not to exceed S3J per month; prompt pay. Address W 67, Tribnne office. WANTED-TO FKNT-ROOM UNFURNISHED except carpet, with or without partial board, by i Jiang couple without children; mast bo convenient ta Ijdison-et., between Pcojia-st, and Asbland-av., or will give furniture in part payment for room and board. Ad dress KIL Tribune office. TtT'ANTED—TO RENT-PARTIES DESIRING TQ Vr go Erst during the' Centennial and having a for nbhtd bouse .to rent and to bo taken care of can hoar oft responsible party by addressing C S 4, 'tribune office. TAT - ANTED—TO RENT-TWO PLEASANT. UN- V v fumbbed rooms, where good board can bo bad neat by, or roams suitable for light housekeeping for gentle manandwife; good references. Address Ha). Tnbtxna. TIT’ ANTED TO RENT TWO FURNISHED n rooms, with or without board, for a gentleman and ladv. Michlgau-av., north of Sixtscnth-st., preferred. Roforonces given and required. Address V 47, Tribune. \\f ANTED—TO RENT—THREE OR FOUR UN* v V famished rooms for light housekeeping, bctweci Green and Ada. Fulton and Adams. Address befon Tuesday, AMERICAN FAMILY, 319 Westßandolph-st. VVANTED-TO KENT-ONE OR TWO UNFUR* Vr rooms, without board, in private familyt good reference. Address AY. 145 Munroc-st. TfTANTED—TO RENT—i ROOMS FOR LIGHT W -housekeeping on West Side; most bo cheap. Ad* dress U 19, Tribano office. ’ \\T ANTED—TO RENT-GOOD DWELLINGS. 15 »» you have not rented for conuagycat and will tears description* soon, I will secure good tenants ornocharge, EDMUND O. STILES. 99 Madison-st., Room 7. \v ANTED—TO RENT-ROOMS, FURNISHED OR 'Vr unfamisbad, in all ports of (be city, for nousekeep* Ing and lodging.' Persons having such rooms can got m enpnsiblo tenants by leaving description on our bulletin beard. McCOY A GANSON’S Room-Renting Agency, 199 South Ciork-at., Room 3. * ' ITf RENT—BY TWO GKNrLEMEN r i V large front room, with or without board; overytMna first-class. To insure attention terms ani location mail bo given. References. Aadrci* O S-t, Tribune office.- V\" ANTEtf—TO KENT—TWO OR THREE PLEAS if snt untarnished rooms, with or without board, for a family of three adults, on Bouts Side, cost of Ssate-st, State location and terms. Address S Tribune office. : W'* a:;ted-to rent-two or three nice rooms, with gas, bath, and crate, for mas and wife, pear good day-board; location weitof Grcan-sU.ncar Mad ison.- Good prico for good rooms. Rent sore. State lo cation and price, ami whothorlunflaned or unfurnished. Address R &, Tribune office. WANTBD-TO RENT—A PARLOR AND BED IT room, uufnrnbffied. South Side, north of Twelfth -6t.; pay sls. Address Q 53. Tribune office. . "XXT ANTED—TO RENT-PARTIES GOING ABROAD * T for tbo summer and wishing a married couple to euro for and property for the rent of same can do so by addressing N 2d. Tribune - cflica; highest reference. • \XT ANTED—XO RENT-A FURNISHED UOUSB DC V r , good neighborhood. Parties who aro going to bo ab sent from tbo ehy for the summer or lunger, and desire to leave their house in charge of a responsible tenant ' (no children), can hear of suen by addressing Y 63, Trib une office. \\r ANTED—TO RENT-HOUSE OP. 9 OR 10 ROOMS. IT barn, modem improvements: prompt pay if suited* Address, airing terms, etc., WILLIAM LAWRENCH, care J. V. rarwell A Co, ITT ANTED—TO BENT-2 OR 3 UNFURNISHED »» room*, in respectable locality. West Side, con venient to Van Baron street cars, oast of Paulina. Ad dress X IS, Tribune office. WANTED—TO RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE OR IT dining-room wita boarders, and board owners. Ad dress S 19, Tribune uffico. WANTED-TO KENT—BY A YOUNG COUPLE, IT without children.rooms for housekeeping, oo the North Side. Address L. R. SMITH. l‘J2 North Clark-st* TIT ANTED—TO RENT-A NEATLY FURNISHED T V Quiet ream, where there are no other boarders, and where psopla attend strictly to their own business. Ad dress, with location aud prictr, XlO, Tribune office. TITANTED-TOItENT-FRONT^'SUITE'OF UNFUR- Ti nbhod rooms for gent aud wither without board; first-class location; West or South Side. Addrau W 39, Tribune office. WANTED— TO RENT—S-ROOM COTTAGE ON South Side by a prompt-paying tenant. Address, stating terms, Y S 5, Tribune office. TV ANTED—TO RENT—A £STOUY FURNISHED «• bon*e. North t-idc, for gentle man and wile only* Address Y 68. Tribune office. WANTED-TO RENT-TWO OR THREE UNFlTS nishod rooms, fifteen minutes* walk from the Tre mont. In residence iqcahty near lake; third story and North Sido preferred. Address Y 24 Tribune office. WANTED-TO HENT-BY YOUNG MAN AND wife, no children, throe or four unfurnished rooms for light housekeeping, in clean and quiot ‘nclgnborbood, thirty minutes’ walk from Court-House; rent not to ex ceed $lO orsl2 per month; prompt nay and good refer ences. Address, stating terms and location. 01L Trib une office. ! WANTED —TO RENT-BY A KKSPONSIBLB I prompt-paying tenant, a cottage dr flat of 6 roomsl located m tbo North Division, east of Clack-sL *wi south of Norlh-av.; rent sot to exceed $25 per Address Z 29. Tribune office. WANTED-TO RENT-5 OR 6 ROOMS FOR LIGHT j housekeeping: North Side, cast of Clark •at. pre ferred; family consists ol throe persona. Address A, 233 Onurio-st. • WANTED-TO RBNT-BY A GENTLEMAN AND wife, furnished rooms, with or without board, be tween Twelfth and Twonty-second-sta.. cast of Stats; references. Address, stating terms. S 49. Tribune office. WANTED-TO RBNT-BY A YOUNG MAN IN A • few weeks, famished eittlng-rOom, 'with bedroom attached, private family preferred; don’t'Cite fur style; give your lowest terms, including breakfast. Yloß,Trib- j nno office. WANTED-TO RENT—FOR A FAMILY OP 8 ’J adults, the upper floor of a 2-story and basement brick bouso; with bath room and Water' closet. State lo* cation and number of rooms. Addroai Q 99. Trlbons of fice. . - WANTED-TO RENT-BY A RESPECTABLE PAH •» ty, a boarding bouso in city or country, already fur* Pished, with boarders.' Y 25.' Tribune office. \\TANTED—TO RENT-ROOM OR ROOMS IN PEL ' veto dwelling, brick preferred, occupied by owner, for storage of dean household goods; would tike to pay cost of storage in furniture. Address V 40. Tribune of fice. ' ' . ' ■WANTED-TO RENT-TO A SMALL FAMILY. A * \ cottage or 4or 5 rooms, west of Klizabeth-st. and between Van Boren and Chlcsgo-ar. WP.'MS No blo-st, • ■ • ’ * Ty ANTED—TO RENT-A FLAT, PARLOR FLOOR* • * or Sor 4 unfurnished roomA by gentleman vile. Address Z 69. Tribune office. WANTED-TO RENT-FOR HOUSEKEKPINO, 4 or 6 rooms for a family of three adults, in the vicini ty of Sixteenth*!, and Wanssb-ar. Address P A Trib> nue office. ... WANTED-TO RENT—A STORE SUITABLE FOR s.saloon, la some good location, by May I. Address, stating amount of rent and location, Y 69,Tnbuco offlea WANTED-TO, RENT-AT CHEAP RATES, A ; * weli-Ucbtod loft with power for manufacturing. Ad- Irets T 68. Tribune office. ■ • > WikTRU-TO . RENT _ TWO BOOMS FUR TI anlsbed or unfurnished oa first floor.' for daily use, oa Wlbsah-av. between Twelfth and Twenty** coad-sU. Koom6, 208LaSalle-st. - WiNTKD-TO REHT-MDST HAVE THIS WEEK, a famished or ucarly furnished house of 10 or'u rooms, convenient to street-cars, and in a desirable loca tion on South or West Sides. Rent not to exceed S3O per month: Private family, good reference. Address, before noou Monday,-T. 68, Tribune office. W ARTKD-IO EEMT-A MUSIC TEACHER WITH , J > small family wishes three or four light rooms sod closets on lower floor, with yard; rent reasonabl;lf posgi btoall or partly paid with lessons. Or who will reel t • i i ■Un m shew. AdreasdWSt Tribpae

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