Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 23, 1876, Page 15

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 23, 1876 Page 15
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WAITED—TO RENT. —■RKNT-THB--lSr OF MAY BY V oang gentlemen, a suite of furnished rooms Address CLAUDE, Tribune office. , rtTA\TED-TO RENT—A BRICK HOUSE WITH \V £wa or sir rooms on South Side; rant moderate. Ad » with 101 l particular* caganling rant and location, ffitlPEH. Tribune otfieo. •: RTaNTKD—TO -HE NT—FOR POULTRY-RAIS - inr » mall place from 310 6 acres, within 10 or 15 wilasof Chicago. Address PSS, Txibone oflico, staling Sima sod conveniences. '' -. ■ • ?TTAVrED—TO RRKT—FURNISHED BOOM*.OR \V eniw. with or without board by a single genUoman. X fih Tribute office. —"ANTED —TO RENT— LANDLORDS HAVING homes for rest can obtain good tenant* by leaving a JSTof the same at oar cfice. W. H. /aMPSON Keal EeUto and Kerning Agency, 141 LaSallo-st.,- Odi Block. HtaNTED— TO BENT—S UNFCHWIIsHED ROOMS \Y m upper floor of modem bouse, south of aladison* rtaod oast of Centxe-av.; family, two only: will pay and liberally for suitable accommodations. Ad- JEKPERIf, 2a3 and 255 Canal-st. irr ANTED—TO KKNT-A CHEAP COTTAOE; WILL IV nartiirooor *uc month*' root in advance. AddrOiß. Q 93. Tnbiino o&ce, stating location and Venn*. —taSted-to rent-on west sidk a sick orf Uma fn>nt hoass : mix. twa in famllr: to mJoubted. Addre»»o»7. Ti-ibgnc.offlce. -iTTsTKD-TO KENT-BY TWO ADULTS 4 OK 5 W Mamini si«»“d east of State and north of Address YBS. Tribune often. StaNTED—TORKJ.T-A SECOND FLOOR, SOIT- W iblo tor light hoasctoolilffl:. hetman Liho And Ain RuUMtSk. A»l*ndn. md Ilobey-.t, Addreu or Mil p C, 1W Snath Lincoln-fit. , Ks D Y^ A S ! t A ??cs’K “i^ddre^^SU^ ace ofccg. VttaSTBD-TO rent-a careful family W S totakechargeof a dwellitiK, or londihcdTfor sir montlie or two jean, to suit. Address X Tu, Tribane office. STEIPru BENT-PROM 3 TO S. UN FOR- W Swdroome on Sonlh Side, north of Twnnt»;eoc- Addrean Q 37, TnUnnooßea. • uriNTKD-TU REST-iTItUOM BRICK HOUSE. U nsniyftirnlshcd. and board miners for rent; went to lakoa fowoUier first-class boarders. Can giro rnfer- Address S 2S. Tribnne oHce. VITANTED—TO liENT-A FURNISHED HOUSE UY \\ a gentleman and wllo with no children. Address P 17, Tribune office. •»17 AVI'KD—TO RENT—SEVERAL PLEASANT UN- W"fomi»hfd tooaji. with modem for boo*fthtfepiag for three persons, by aweiwimble J ena “J* fireglass. Toma not over sls per month. Ad ixets a 6U. Trilmae offico. ESTATE. TOR SALK- BY J- U. KEELER, U 5 CLAKK-ST.— J U lrdiazfl-5.T.. U:«, neat cottage, 9 ro°ms, uith lirlck buemcnt, and lot MxlsO. treat mrty-Mcond-st. iluatb© ioid ttftore the Ist of May; wantan offor- ■ j h*w» Lancley-ar., near Oakwood-at„ m<»ui Erick house Irt room*, all modern conycuie—cus, Tntlo\ 84.S0Dt «s»«ib, balance long time. Dt*stoneyearag»i««,U)o. South several gMdcottagoe. llonses and lots in parts of tic city. • West Van JJaren-st., collage and «l»oqp. I«lichigaa-av., near Thln.-am-sl., -aalsJ. want an * l ji'khi S in-ar., near Thlrtr-scctmd-st.. ttiUi: want an ‘ p£lrie-.r., nortli of Thirtr-fiith*t.,«W23! Sa>P« foot. east of Halsted, attaint . ].! ™at-Taear Polk. 84e per *»t. liarrboD-at., near Loonm, 2axlla; want an offer. mobsXlmso: ua WAiiASH-AV.. at a great* f rtcrifico, 2-etory and basement mai-hio-front, II ivoms, marbls manuris. and ali modem improvements; rood bora and lot JtSxlW loot. .... ... an elegant doable ;br!ck • boose with 100- foor bars* lot sale *i a decided bargain; loca-^ Prairie-av., 2-Btory and basement marble-front, modern improvements: good barn; only s'S,WXi. _ West Side, - marbio-fronu on W aamneton-at-, nmanec In superior manner, 12 rooms, “marblo mantels, and Vados, brick barns on lota; terms very easy. . Weare otfurinff a large list of residence property to Bliieh we invite attention, including some rare bargams. bHltt). L. rAJvE r tU,, S 5 Washington-**- rr: Foil BALE-HERB IK YUUB OPI-OH'- Fark-av., elegaat marcio-frout house, lotSUilS Wiachtuter-aT.. near Adxnj»-it-, A .No. 1 cortapo. Li=colu-st.,n«irilo3rot.% nro --story frame, with largo Yzra. Taoabovo places will bo sold very cheap u taken ids week. TTAIfT OFFERS. AibkwJ-aT.* corner Adah»-*t:« IU'iIW. . ‘ Woaroe-s;., near Jeflers-oa Park, choice lot, SOiUS. Hocruc-bU, near AshlaaJ-av., 50i153. Jackaau-Sw, comer'XVestern-ar.. ono or more loti. Jiairison-at., noarLojiiiis,iliJlL. - ; ' ; Ogden-av., near Jackson. iM feet froatisg two street*. Yaaiinroa-bt., amrOgica-aT..2aiUW. - H. ObaiuhN & Suit. 118 LaSaltofat. nutt SALE—AND EXCHANGE: ‘ • I? Washington and Oakier-et*., COfec tacd two houses. . \sbiaad-av., near Van Bur?n-sL; Sfcao-iftmt » WalautandOaklcy-urs., fraaoUou*eandJot. Waalungtda and Cliuton-cts.. brick building and lot. 'Adams and Wood-sts.. brick h&uso And lot- .. Icdlaca-av. andThirty-fifxh-st., brick house and W-fcet and Twea ly-eighth-bL, briok booae and Have list of exchanges. city and suburban. ' L. L. CANrILLD. 67 LaSalle-rt. bOR SALB-Wfi WANT AN OFFER FOR 525 WEST t* AcLms-ct. ...... ' Wewu-t anofferforSlor^iLaaelcr-nv. We wa*t an otfer lor £il Wosfc Van Bareu-st. We want anoffer for 537 West Adam S-st, - Vfe vast au offer for sWsThirty-first-st. WewantaaoJierforil3or£SfFmnoat-»t. Cottaga and let comer Leavitt and Ohurchill-its.... Hue rtmie-tront Lako-av. We mean last this: tacso houses must bo sold. LEVI WING A CO., il Dearborn-W. filOß SALE—HOW TO SECRUB A HOME—THK g? rent trill nearly p«y for a ne*v brick house, , SJftO-SStWduwu, SW per mifßih. ,i—jjuxj djna, S4O pt-rmuntn. SS,(JtW-si€odown, .>-40 mrrmvnrh. UEO. a. HESS A C 0.,. 106 frpß AT VHKY LOTT i : figures oa Ghicago-av,, Superior. Huron; Kaa* Ohio. Nohlc. A rmour, and Indiana sis. Lots at Maplewood, rrth s4*a). at $250 each. Also aero property very cheap. C.BIUKLKOIKE, 2uß-LaSaile-»t,. basement. rijjt SALC-54.6W WILL BUY THE TWO-STORY J? and basement brick house No. 573 Oongrcss-st,, near • Asiland-av., Including furnace trad gay-tatnrrs., The borne baa been newly grained and papered. ’ loos at it. Keyat 575 West Cougress-st. |XR SALE—AT A SACRIFICE—OR EXCHANGE X* tor vacant lot—An elcgantncw brick house, all mod ern kuprovemouta, payment® easy, on West Washington-, St. fc'.A. WE AGE, IB Washioyton-Et., Room 2; ' . }“>(» SALE-iifl FEET ON TWENTY-THIRD-ST., ' near Calmuet-av. A great bargain fora biulder; Bce'ourto cash and three years* time. BJafiEr I*. BILL. 142 Doarbora-61. T?CR SALE-ON THE 27TH DAY OF APRIL*. AT 1 J? t’clock p. m., on the premises, 1 will sell the follow fngjroperty: No. 1335 Indlanarav., subject to an incum bramo of $6,500. and accrued interest and taxes, at pub lic at ction. Q. D. WETHERKLL. Trustee. Tpo* SALE—RKSIDENCE AND BUSINESS PROP- I? crtyNn all parts of the city. K. S. A W. G. JdoCOE MICv.ISS LaSolie-st, FUi SALE—SI,OOO—TWO LOTS AND C-ROOM COT*ncarN. W. car-thops, inride city-limits. Ad* Areas L. D. i’OPIN, 631>$ West Laka-st. FOr SALE-AT YOUR OWN PRICE, LOT £SXI2. oFulton-st., just west of Paulina: want an oiler Addnss Y 8, Tribune office. I?OL SALE-AT A BARGAIN—2-STORY FRAME . touso and a lot, with all Jinprovcmcnts; also bam. Apply at 70 Canaliwrt-av. • ’ TT-Olf SALE—I WILL SELL FOE CASH FIVE LOTS, i? tie cheapest residence comer on the South bids. Addnss owner, V sb, Tribimc olfice. SALE—3-STORY BUILDLN’O, TWO STORES, ij aid two docUlnpi above, on Lake-si., ncarHalsted, ;locg timo. Owner, 7t<7 Wabaah-av. For salk-cheap-a splendid two-story horse, with 6 rooms, 6 bed-rooms, 4 closets, and 4 pantriai. Inquire in the roar, after 7p. m.. Idol South Dcarbm-fit. IJOH SALE-CHOICE LOTS ON WENTWORTH AV. 1 aal ArnoJd-st., between Tliiriy-sevonth *b4 Thixty nintb-tts. J. K- Ru^fLlsY, 153 Dearbum-st. 1 HUE BALE-LOOK AT THIS-A NEW S#-STORY 1 louse or 12 rooms, lur3 families, never, been occo- Sied, price $2,000. SSOO cash; balance in 1,2, and 3 years, per cent, interest. West Fifteenth-fit., third hoftse west «f Aahland-av. ITHIi SALE—TWO COTTAGES WITH LOT ON IN . diaua-st., between Kobt*y aud Iloyne-srs;, on long tune. Also, cottage on leased ground, cursor of Twelfm •ad CUntou-sts. Apply at JullN T. DALE’S oihee, Room 7, Tntiano Building, ■ FOE SALE-EXCHANGE, OK TO RENT—A.CLEAU Ist uo J'hirdav., with Dcarborn-at. front Li H, f KEIBERGER, 116 Wathiagton-st. Room 4. FOR SALC-BETORE BUYING A HOME, TAKE iblwaukec-av. Humboldt Park car to Weetcrn*av. oa Noriiav., two-story bnck houses 31x30, and lots 3ori2£ to wide alter. Price of house and lot, SI,7M. Easy terms; tooatbV payments: school, cart; eewer, city water, trees. fcdcMaJta. Inquire at corner North aud Westcm-avs.» or at mMftce.- No. I Ogdon Building. corner Clark and Uke-ste. pOR SALE-HOUSE AND LOT ON MOMIS-ST. 1? for SCO, worth Sl.£oo. GIVINS <t GILBERT, 7 btyta Block. % . . POHSALB-OR KXCHANGE-2-STORY.DWELL- I? tor xna born on Butteriisld-st., noArThirty-first; tight tacumbranco; other property taken. Boom O, la LaSallMt. For sale-at a decided, bargain, the t*o 1-room oottago JifoiirOe*fit.; largo lot, with eaten sever and gas. \VIX£ON A DAVin. Room 3, Ua Haadolph-st. ; £ _ T?0B SALE-OR EXCHANGE-GOOD TWO-STORY P dwclkag. brick basement, west of Lincoln lark, in •ae otderdlgot incumbrsuco; other property taken in cx hiiegß.- Loom O, 138 LaAdlo-St. ... ■ {TOR SiLE—CAPITALISTS, ATTENTION -SEV- I- eralcloice business blocks In Chicago at low price breash. 3. a. ULRICH, Room a. B Washlngton-sr. SALE—2-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK I house, tast front,on Ellis-av*., all late improvements; kJI be tacriacod for ca*b; make yonr ofier and take it. EOLMKS fc CO., 73 and 74 Dearborn-st, POB SA^E—ELEGANT TWO-STORY, MANSARD I rtufaac basement, octagon, carved stone front real knee,—a dislrablo comer on Indiana-av., —partially rur tehed; goal bnck barn; price low. Would tako ss.ojw cdflarabtecjearprypcrtylnpart payment. HOLM jCQ., 72aid 74 Dcarborn-st. * DOR SALS—WE CAN OFFKR SOME GREAT BAR. •- gates incity and suburban real estate, improved and gmjroved JOHN W. MARSH & CO..- W Washing- Eoa SAIF—OROUEES AlfD SALOON MBff AT tontloa-A largo grocery, 10 rooms above. barn for 6 turaes with ot, on South Side north of Thirty-irat-st. At efetban boldines cott; price aakud: 82,500. bat owner ■ l=tcrnuQecu* toll at any sacriboo so ho Bella atones. Omar two oticr pieces of property which, aust .is sold »bcs: orices they will bring. THUKSD ELL i BUG \VS, LiiiiUi-tfr. CX)B SAU-WK HAVE 2 UR 3 DWELLINGS-AND I lata beloiging to owners who are weak. They say ueysnutbel, and no reasonable offer will' bo’relused. R*«»rinformation on us. TKUESDKLIiA 2ROWS, ha ruth-ar. . - . Tj>C'R SALE-WEST SIDE—II 6 HONORB-ST., TWO ' etoryand issement brick, tnodem ImprorwZnenti; BL2JO ca«h, balance-oily time. J. B. G3 \Yest3loaroe-st. I?C>H SALE—YE AllEr AUTHORIZED TO SELL A ‘-'few lets 01 the Iforth, Soath, add Wcst Side*, in laCebt the fire-imite. -They are near the street-caw Ri have nil i*ktwater. PIUK&SOVAK, KSrilth-iT., tMcaeou . VOK.SALK-a.tlOO OASH AND 81,000 ON TIMS' 1 . wuipurcb&M business property on- one of. tbebeat streets ii Chicago. Is now psrlne orer 25 p£r g°A. y a *OOO. XBUKSDEIiL* BBOWI*. 108 CITT REAL ESTATE. JpOE.SALK-rRY T.B.BOYD, ROOM 14, 146 MADI SI2,OOO; a'splendid 12-room dwelling, barn, and lot 60x 150, east fronts on Calomet-av., near Twonty-foarth-st, 83,000 down. ' « ■ -- * .$3.000:1365 South Doarbom-st., large 14-room dwelling and lot 25x123: rents at S4O/ Part cash, balance monthly. $6,000; 16-V5 Pr*irio-aT.. near Thirty-hftli-iU, splendid atone front dwelling and lot; a bargain. $5,000; a splendid 30-rocnn 3-story dwelling, and lot Qs 10U, on northeast cornerTluron and Fran^lln-sta. - $2,100: No. 101 NorthOaMer-ar.; anlondid 5-roonr.bay window cottage, and lot 25x125. east front, near Fulton-st. 1L250; Til West Foarteonth-st.,' good 7-room 2-story .dwelling, and lot 24x134. south front, noat.Panlina-st,; a an elegant S-story frame dwelling, 11 rooms, good barn, and lot 25x135; No. 1429 lodiana-ar. Marble mantels, hot and cold water, bath, and gas. This lithe cheapest dwelling offered in the city; S6OO down. Pas-: session at once: house In elegant order. $3,500. half cash; 10t37x123, north front, on southeast comer of Thiity-htth-st. and Pratrio-av,; decided bar gain. —1 want an offer on lot 60x180, on between Thirty-first and Xhirty.-second-ata., west front. It will go low. ;l want to sell B+4 West Madison-st., splendid 8-room cottage and bam, lot 35x180;will tell low for cash; Small payment down.- • . •- . • - ..... F' OR SALE—NEW OCTAGON MAHBLK-ERONT house, Ashland-ar., near Adams-sU, At a bar* Loomis-st.; near Jefferson Park, fins octagon mar ble-front. gas fixtures, and all conveniences sfi,Boo Jackson-st., 5-room cottage and lot 1.500 jaik»on-»t., &-rooincottage, and lot 24x225 9.300 Buttcrfield-st., 5-room cottage and lot (paved street) 1,9 M Bnttortield-st., 9-room cottage and lot 2,1)00 Commercial-at-. corner Wabash-ar., 2-etory house and lot.'. 3,000 Erans-av.* near Borty-nRh-st., nice cottage and lot 2,500 Calnmot-av., near Thirty-sccond-aL. 2-atory and basement octagon marble-front bonso; barn...... 6,500. 912 Fulton-sU, domt 8-room house and lot 2.SOU Western-ax-. near Bultoa-st., 5-room cottage and '10t....; taco Hastings-at., corner Wood, cottage and lot. 1,55 SSO/Roßh lincoln-at,, cottage and 10t..;..... 1,100 wo bare avery largo Use of desirable residences for eale in ail parts of the city. H. B. WEAVER «t 00.. 1?J OR SALE—CORNER OF WABASH-AV. . AND . Thirty-third-at., 60-feet front. 'Will sell very cheap, and on long time. 37f00t front on Wabash, between Thirty-fonrth and Thirty-lifth-su., on same terms. JAMES U. G. MEKUU. 70 LaSiUe-sU For sale-store on west madison-st.. near Morgan, cheap for cash, or good property taken In exchange. Room So Aabland Block. - For sale—central business property, 9 per cent not rent— 50 feet on Warrcn-ar. and Wash* ington-st.. west of Oakley. *99 foot on Van Buren-st..cor ner of Oakley: 50 feet on West Adams-st., between West ern and Campbell-ave. < GEORGE M. HIQGINSON,No. 96 Hast Waehington-et. 171 OR .SALK-AT A BARGAIN-SPLENDID DOCK ) lot. tUiIBO feet, south front, on Chicago River,between Dearborn and Clark-sis., clear; this is splendid tor mills, elevators, or .steamboat landing;-will sell low on long time. T. B. BOVD, Room H. 146 Madison-st. F)R SALK-AT A BARGAIN-NORTH SIDE*WEST of Lincoln Park, fine neighborhood—Very fine 3-story, and basement French gothic house, 19 rooms, water, gas, marble .mantels, cn Borling-st,, between Webster and BeMen-avs., lot £0x133. K. it. GONGAR, Boom 8! 149 LdSalle-fct. For sals—cfikap—a cottage containing seven rooms, pantry, clothes press, water in hduse, bam and shed, npon leased ground. Apply on premises, 6& Blue Island-av., comer.Kighteoath-st. IPOU SALE—CHEAP —FIFTY FRET. SPLENDID ’ corner on Adams-st-, West of Wood-sU Improve- 1 meats ail in. Good neighborhood. Good clear title. By the owner, W 5 West filadisoa-su. Room ’J3. ~n*OU SALE—2-STCJRY JIKD BASEMENT BRICK i 1 house and lot. House boa sixteen rooms and large store-room.- Reason Tor selling us about to leave to. to. Inquire of owner at i'O South Park-av. .pOtt SALK-SIX-ROOil COTTAGE AND LOT, IN X? good neighborhood ; pared street. Inquire of Owner on premises, No. 377 Park-av. ■ FOR SALE—CHEAP—FINE STONE-FRONT RES-, Idence nbar comer Wabasb-ar. and Twenty-six tb*st. ■\Vonld tako part trade. 2-story and basement octagon-front brick on Adaraa-st. Block and ball west of Lot 33 feet front. , octagon stone front. Id rooms. Park-av., near 1 Leavi;t-&t. Also a number of other frery desirable residences. Fine locations. WALLER BROTHERS, S 4 Washington-Et. Foil sale-tssiso corner on north dear bora-st-, east front, cheap: 121xl4‘J Dearborn-st, Hoar Goethe. DANIEL N. HASH. Room 6 Otis HlucE. MuR SALK-lOSaIM NORTHWEST CORNER'» J* Pralric-ar; and TMrtietb-st., the best vacant comer bn (bn street; must bo fold. DANIEL N. BASH, Room Cutis Block. »« -- F- Uli .SALE-OR EXCHANGE-TWO-STORY ANI> basement'marble'frnuthocse oa Grand Boulevard,- near i nlrty-!tith-»t.: win bo sold at a bargain. HAN ILL BASH. Room 6 Otis Block. . ' ‘*. ' I?OU SALE—SOxI9O SOUTH PARK-AV.. 8100 PER r 4 lota on Shartleff-av., near Thirty-first-st., for jjtw.i hut arc worth 5*1,200; also other proparty. D.. Is. BASH, iaouad Otis Bloch.. I?OR tJALE-OR HUNT-HOUSE AND BARN,BEST- X 1 locationon West Side for truck' teams; house suit able ter two families; barn lor ten horses. Apply to G. W. DEXTER, 52 ilivgr-st. F" OKSALK^A-SACRIFICE FOR CASH: EQUITY in a marble-front house, and lot, on Ashland-av.; Htouo sloop and all modem 'lmprovements. Aadrdss AB, Tribune oifice. . : - ; FOR KALE-81.5W GASH. BUYS TUB ENTIRE conk-uteof aaeiceant macble-iront house; ail new, and decent; cost months sinco. Address 01-. Tribune ottica.-. ‘ ■' . ; - ' OR SALE-OR EXCHANGE—THRKB-STOHY and basement stone front; South Side residence, with or without, Andress R .71, Tribuny oikce. . s. - v _ - . - |s6r SALE-SECURE ONE OF THESE; STATE- X St., near Taylor. an A No.l three-story brick store, iroac thoroughly built, nil .rented; Madisoa-st. near- TTerl-cta-av.. two-story, frame house, and lot SxLkV If -yitu have anymoney cail aodmakeanouur. H. OSBORN A aOX. 12d i.aSallc-St. . • - ... 'WOU SALE-A VERY DESIRABLE RESIDENCE X 1 on the West Side* •ontaining 12 rooms, bath-room, hotand cold witcr; bam. etc. The housu la of bnck and ■snbstantiallj bail!; a lirgJ. dry collir nndor lha whota boose; large grounds, beautifully laid out, dot 100x1 JO. Will sell cheap, and take part in other cobtl city real estate, or will fell howo and 10 feet. Apply on premia oi. &12 South Lcamt-st., comer Van Buren. . • For sale-manufacturing site on north Branch. llri-foot dock, large building, formerly giaafe works. A. J. GALLOWAY A SON, southwest comer State and Madison-sts. ~ ttiob sale-two fine lots at a great bar- Jj. sain, and several houses to rent at Englewood, Irving Park, and in muciQvat reduced rates." B. NEW MAN. 173 East Madison-st. • • ' - tti’Oß sale-the northeast corker of X? Twelfth and Deaplalnes-atfi. , , <5 feet on Tweirtb-st-. 127 feet on Desplaiaos-st. Will soli ata heavy sacrifice.- Call and see. - vruiaou« sAAI DEL GKHR, IU Pesrborn-st. For sale-at a great* sacrifice; or- Ex change—Coe-fourth block southwest coiner of Goethe and AstoMlfl., surrounded by streets and alleys. In front of Union Square and near lake-shore drive. Booms 6 and 7, 66 Dearborn at. WELL-LOCATED COT- P tago and Isrgo lot on South Side; first-class neigh borhood, convenient to is a bar gain, and can be bought on easy terms. H. E. WEAVER & CO., I© wSallo-sU FOR SALB-CHEAP-SSiALL COTTAGE AND LOT. Slfi.Wost rnOlt SALE-OR BENT-HOUSE. LOT. AND BARN, 1? 75 South Lincoln-st., near Madison; house contains nlnerooms. watcrandgas; lot 25x125; term*easy, la quire at 45 Honorost. TTIOU SALE-ONE OF THE FINEST MARBLE- M front residences on the W cat Side, II rooms, batb ‘ room, hot and cold water, marble mantels, etc., no base ment; Jot 30x125; will _eell at a bargain on easy terms. JAC(3bC. MAG ILL. 77 South Clark-at. TTOB'SALE-BUSINESS PROPERTY. MONROE |i B * block of marble front stores near John V. l ar wbll A Co. Will bo sold oa easy terms. WC*t Loke-st.. store and dwelling near Aahland-av.. now rented for $900; only SB, OOO. . , • South Water-st,. several very desirable b!6cn paying over 10 per cent not rentals. . ... . Wc him «lw business property. FRED, XPOB SALE-BARGAIN! *1,003 IN CASH Y, IL 6 X buy lot 25x125 on Wert WMblnswn,!. ono blnot wcßtofWaatarn-ov. Title perfect: owner mint seU. Ap ply to WMV H. SAMPSON A CO.. 141 LaSallo-st. -CtOB SALE-OR EXCHANGE—I7V FEET SOUTH- J* cart comer of Ogden-av. and liarnson-st. BAKKI SON ii WEEKS, 106 Fifth-ov. - _ UOR SALE-AT PANIC PRICES ON MONTHLY P naimcnla 2-story frame or »iii trade for lowa land. J. K. WHEELER, lU2 Bashing toa-st, ... ■ TTIOU SALE-A HEW 4 STORY STONE FRONT. jj house. No. 2SSOhio-st-, between State and Gass-sts, all modem improvements, built on honor: will sell tor leas than it cost mo for cash; 7 minutes walk from house to Palmer House; neighborhood is lirst-class. Now Is your time for some one to make nioney and get a first class home. If you don’t mean business I don’t want to seeyoa. T. C. BOYD. 147 State-fit., plnmber. tv«OR SALE—OR EXCHANGE—THE BUILDING J? at No. 20 West Randolnh-st., with two years’lease, on reasonable terms; suitable for jnaoafacrcrinr pur poses. Apply at SPRINGER'S Iron-Yard, C 3 South Clm ton-st. . IPOR SALE—IMMENSE BARGAINS—ELEGANT J* 3-gtory, octagon marble front on Park-av., a lew feet tram Union Park; $10,1)00, worth $15,000. .. 10-room octagon marblo front on Calumet-av.; 4 marble mantels, furnace, etc. fine location. $5,500. Neat new octagon brick On StAnton-av. for $4,000. SovcVal cheap cottages. M WICKS PALHEK. . 144 LaSalte-st., Room 6- —OR SALE-THREE NEW COTTAGES AND LOTS, five rooms, water in kitchen, on monthly payments. Sftcnro ahome. F. R. WILSON. SlßWashingtoa-et. TTIOR saxe-hocses I.V THE following lo- P cations, at ono-balf their value; LeavittrSt,, north of Polk. • - No. 73 Twonty-second-st., all clear, $6,500. ‘ T&xieofeet. With fine honso, dt Maplewood, 31»W. House and largo lot at Maywood, clear. ' Lot, on 1-qllartnn-av., °fcgfr SHIKG . m Bato-rt. TTtOR SALE—NORTH SID&-DWKLLINGSIN BEST F notehbSh£dSo«th-»d «»t gggg: monts; 3i percent below value- R. S. *>>- O. Aicotm- MIOK, 153 LaSalio-et. ■ - ■ TpOR SOOTH OF TEmTT JD Eighth, one or two lots east front, at sacriflco. J. D. •WKBKH, IShßandolph-st. ' OK sale-fixb besidencrlot. oalumet- BT. t no&rTwcntfeth-Bti. asp^^baralo* for low-priced boaso and lot. EIL £ ontu HA?*, MaPcarborn-st, P' Oil SALE-NEW BRICK HOUSE OFS KOOMSIN first-class location, wcrtb $6,503. Will take S4«SOO. AddrrraP ST.jrrnrnnC ofhco. . salk-hodses of alt. descriptions. om-iT. and Van Earea-st. Bi»ua» . . _ WASTED f® UfP.W Q. TRAYEHA QOit -’... r^nRESALE—GREAT BABQAINS-IN RESIDENCE’ • plds«a cafl and oxaraiua oar AOOm aa W^hiagtba-it. ~ nT > raTaBISIoOK - OF OH - SOUTH IjS^AUX B<Mm 5,61 VostlUadolph-Bt;. > ■ 'RSSSSSSfI OontMT^ THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE; SUNDAY. APRIL 23, 1876-SIXTEEN PAGES. CITY REAL ESTATE. FOR FOUR ' story swell-front, fnmioo,’l2 rooms; $6;CI00. Ellia-ar., 10-room octagon brick. iS.OuO. Brcxof Boulevard. choice octagon brick: 86,000. > Ptalrie-gr., double brick and 100 feet; $35,000. Uichigan-ar,, several elegant residences, very low. D. wVSTORRS,U+ WashinctOD-st. For salb-marble-pront house, dining. •room and kitchen on parlor floor, Sooth Park-av. and Twenty-flfth-st. A. J. GALLOWAY iSO.N, southwest .comer State and Madison-sts. SUBURBAN REAJL ESTATE. ■pOBSALK-I WILL SELL CHEAP FOR CASH. P or trade for personal properly or diamonds, SI clear lota in Hatton's Subdivision. Santh Chicago, abstract and,title perfect. Call at 115 East Moaroo-st. JAMES H« ALLEN. . J.' proved farm: a fine 2-story, brick basement, 10-room dwelling bouse, with modem improvements, acres of ground, nicoly inclosed with square pickets and board fence, at Highland Park. WM. B. BOUEfiS. Room 8, 157 South Clatk-Bt. FOR BALE-I OWN TWO LOTS AT WASHINGTON Uotehta and two &t Jefforson.xloso to main depots. I will sell either two for S4OO cash(nalf their present value), and will giro bond with real estate security that tho par* chaser can sell at $575 lo two years. Z SB. Tribune office. For salk-at englewqod. now is your chanoo. Beautiful Gothic with brick basement, man tel .and cornices, large comer lot: onlj 523 0 down; month ly payments. -Don’t throw away any moro money in rent. V, W« STORRB, SI Washington-sc. . - ■ ■ Fob sALE-aioo will buy a beautiful lot at Olencoe; sls down and $5 monthly for balance; lots shown frco: cheapest property la tbo market. IRA BROWN, U 3 LaSalle-aL, Boom 4. . . . T?OB SALE—SSOO WILL BUY AN UNFINISHED 1; cotioKo and two lots at Park Uidgo; good collar and well: 3100 down and 815 monthly for balance. UtA BROWN, Iti LaSalle-st./Room 4. ~ FOR SALE-TWO 5-ACRB BLOCKS RUNNING coat from Asbland-ov., corner Slxtieth-st; streets •ended, near tho boulevard, all clear,’ and at h(vrd-.Liines prices. Apply to owner. J. BELL. SS4 South Clark-st. OR SALE—SRVEUAL FIRST r OLASS HOUSES AT ■South Evanston, new and in complete order; booses with grounds from $2,500 to—mnch cheaper fhtia Jtm can build.and on terms to suit. WARREN, KEENEV ; CO., 162 Washington-at. For sale-lots at northwestern car shops. near Central Park, at s4uo. on monthly par-' meats. The cheapest and best lota iu the market. S..M. GROSS. Boom U. XU6iTifth-av. . . For sale-or* exchanger-two lots in Washington Heights; two lots, bouse, barn, and coal yard In Dalton, 111.; will soil on liberal terms or exchange for farm. For farther particular* address JOHN LIE YOUNG,DaIton, 111. FOR SALB-fI.UO WILL BUT A SIX-ROOM cot tage, good cellar and well, with 3 lots, at Olenooe:. S3OO down, SIS monthly for balance; much better than renting. IRA BROWN, HSLaSalle-st., Room 4. TOR SALK—CHEAP FOR CASH ON ACCOUNT J? of owner going away, house and lot. 10 rooms, 3 closets, 2 pantries, 1 bay window, basement, bsrn, and chicton-yanl, hard and soft water, lake water in street; all paid for; house almost now; well painted, all wood workitifidd well grained: good and warm house; lot Mr 190; pleasant location; on Hinman-ov., sixth house south of Dciupstor-st.. £>i blocks south of Congregational Church, and 1 block east of tho Baptist Church; valued at 84,W0; will sell for $2,700, and sl,uno can stand 35$ years. For particulars address JOHN‘JOHNSTON, P. 0..80x531, Evanston. FOR SALE—CHEAP: Hinsdale—House and 100 to 200 by 260. Clyde— Houbolaml 60 feet or 10 acres. Riverside—House and 100 feet , lloglowood—House and largo lot. Austin—Housanear depot and 100 fo 300 feet. Hiusdalo-320 aerds. • Improved and.vacant residence property at Waukegan, Lake Forest, Highland Park, Glencoe, Wlnnetfca, fivauS ton. Rogers* Park, Ravenswooc, dntT other points, HAvolargo list ofbxchahgies suburban and country K. L. CANFIELD. 67 LaSalle-st. For • sale .comfortable uwelllngs, substantially bn J ltof brick, with all modem-improvo monta, at Sutmnenlale. adjoining Havenswood. Prices, 5.2,01 W and upwards. 'lenns to suit any thrifty family with the disposition bnt lacking the ready cash to secure a home; 7 cents for 26 minutes’ ride: lake water. 21. URSHH. southeast corner Monroe and Markct-sts. I*"p OR SALE—REN f] OH EXCU A.NU K- HO US ES I and lots at Hinsdale— cheap on easy tonus. Houses of 4, 6, 8. 10. and 12 rooms. 'High, dry lots, and 10 cacti fare. O. J. STOUOII, 12J Dcarborn-st IpOK SALE-HOKOAN PARK-HOUSES AND LOTS ' ou monthly payments. Only a email c?uU pnymoyt re quired . House of 0 rorfms and lot SOrlW, 5*1,300; monthly payment?, • House of £ rooms and lot lOJxlfiO, .*l,7>'o; monthly payments. . House of Orooniiand lyt 7.1 t 15u, 62,4*0; monthly payments, $27.C0. Houses, cob'iqjj double those iiriccs, double thb monthly paymenti. tail . road. fare,. 10 neats. .liwulre of GEO. a,,CLAKKHi Agent, .So. 11 Chamber of Commerce. T?tOR SALD-S-StORY HOUSES BUILT TO ORDER i? on 60-fpot lots, at Western Springs, on C. B. AQ. TLTL. it from S3CO t0€1,600, with sidewalks complete, near station, oil caitf payments, at shorffttitlce.’ Several nice new houses to rent cheap. T. 0. HILL, 4 Lakeside Rmldiug. . . .. : . - TjIORBALE=f-HA*VE AT HINSDALE A HAND* J? some gothic housa of; IS rooms, and large Jet: a, fin© house-of 15 moms, and » variety of houses of 4 to 8 rooms, that 1 will sdl at actual value of improve meats. Faro 10 cent.*, and the highest land suburb Of Chicago. O. J. STOUGH, 128Doatboro-st, ; TT’OR ACRES NEAR JJ Yards, Chicago. Title t perfect, b. GALLOWAY, M. D., Llbertyrille, Lake County, Illinois. ■ ITtQR SALE—AT EVANSTON - HOUSES WITII ? modem improvement*. Lots lo any part of the village. Blocks or acres at North Evanston. WUlbuild •houses to suit customers:. For ren' one h'laso near the university. HENRY M. RIDDLE, 4o IClark-st. . - ■ • . ■ - ' ' - t?6r salb-or rent-ohkap-good houses. 'X with Ito 6 acres of land, fruit, etc., in the villaeo of ‘Palatine. 6y minutes’ ndo from Chicago. G. C. WHIP PLE, 139 Clark-st. . . . FOR SALK—ENGLEWOOD-HOUSE AND COT tags one block from depot; lake water; large lota; verydesirable; terms to suit customers. Afro tine resi dence iu South Evanston. Call and see ns. TLLLOT SON BROS.. 52 Wa*hfrigfdn.6t. FOU SALK—residences at lake forest— Two placos very desirable for situation, with large gronndi very finely ornamented. Al«o. for rent, a large nase, famished; central location with lino grounds ami f-ood garden. Also, an elegant'bouse, neatly new. on a ob of. one acre, in a boaotiful neighborhood. Apply to S. LIND, U) LaSalle-sL - . . . ■ For sale-great bargains in houses and lots at La Grange. .Prices and terms to suit tbatunes. COSSIXT A LAY, 105 Dgarboro-st. _• ■ , IJIOH SALE-AT $25 EACH IP TAKEN MONDAY i Five lots la Allan’s subdivision. See. 24, South Chica go. JAMES ALLKN, Room 19, 145 South Clark-gt. inou SALE—S4(W WILL BUY BU9OO EQUITY IN 8- J? roomhonse, new. 60 foot lot, at Englewood; Possession given. Address O 61, Tribune office. For sale-or rent-cottages and lots in Park Ridge on easy terms; also some acre property. Y 55. Tribune office. „ tnOR SALE—I WANT AN, OFFER ON 2TO-ACRE J? farm 20 miles from Chicago, 2 miles from Lisle sta tion on C., B, * Q.R.K., 3 miles from Prospect Park station on N. W. U. R.: largo frame dwcUiagof 15 rooms, bam for 40 cattle, ont-buildiugs of all ; kinds; splendid orchards, 20 acres good timber, lasting water, etc., etc. : $5.000 down, balance on long time; farm is fireUclaas and will bo sold at a sacrifice. T. B. BOYD, Room 14, Wo Madison-st. ■ • - XIOR SALE-A WELL LOCATED AND ARRANGED 1? house In Lawndale, near station. Price, |3,3U0. K, E. JOHNSON, Retail Carpet Department, Held, Letter A Co. . . For sale-at austin-bargains in lots arid acres. .Houses cheap.. Easy terms. O. L. CRAFTS, Room 26 Metropolitan Block. . )R SALE-AT CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN Railway Car-Shoos-Lots and acres cheap. Houses andlotsSl.OOOeach; easy terms. O. B. CRAFTS, Room S 6 Metropolitan Block. For sale-a story and a half house. 24X 40: lot4o foet front:can be bougbttor throe-fourths its value for cash. Inquire of N. L. GILBERT, Depot Agent, Austin, 111. . TTIOR SALE-LAST CHANCE TO OBTAIN A J? beautiful home at a great bargain. In the desirable town of Englewood, now ouly $2,00c, worth 84,000: omy 7 mile* from depot on R. _Como »dfi*o*lt. Call or address THUS. GORDWILLIE, comer bixty-fifth-at. and Wcntworth-av> Other bargains ollered. OK SALE-TEN LOTS AT $8 EACH. WORTH SSO 1 each. In a flourishing suburb on the Jake shore; owner must have money, aud that atonco; til Ip perfect; Abstract furnished. Address \ 29, Tribune office. OR SALE-AT OAK PARK-YOU DOKTT.K7OW hnw cheaply yon can boy one of tha finest residences, largo lot, shade trees, all new, and complete. S 3 Matro polTlan Block. M. C. NILES. For sale—at englewood-3 cottages,, e to 8 rooms, bams, near depots, mommy payment®; price very low. WRIGHT, 90 Washlngtoa-st. T7IOR SALB-fiJtf ACRES IN L%GLEWOOI>, SUB- P divided, arid situate within 4 blocks of the depots, chcau; a nice chance for builders and speculators to acquire a desirable piece of property at a low figure. Ad dress P £O. Tribuuo office. OR SALE—OR TO LET-A DESIRABLE PEOP erty at Riverside, with brick bousp. all Improve ments, stable, etc.: 2 acres of land.* Apply -o T. T. WATSON, 108 Doarbom-st./for farther parncnlors. TpOR SALE-70 LOTS, MILE N. W. GRAND i? Crossing. Uydo Park; nndwlthlrt twoblocss of R. It. depot; can be bought at hard-pan prices, ace owner, Hoorn 11, No. l37.Kast Madlson-st. . TJIOR SALE-WE OFFER POR A PARTY SO LOTS IN x* Lake-Shore Sub-division, Lake county, .free and clear, for s€oo worth of merchandise, or an established business. Room 19,145 South Clark-st- • ■ F' OR SALE-OR TO RENT—A GOOD DWELLING honsoat Lake View, containing 10 rooms and now brick basement. situatedona boautilol lot In block od ioinioe dummy road and ono from the lake; barn, «c. Kent. S3O. Apply to C. COOKSON. the owmor, on the premises, or ad dross him at P. O. Wright s Grove, Cook County, ill. ' Fob- SAIiB -OR EXCHANGE-100 FEKT AT Ravens wood on Ashland-av.", near High School; Also, tome lots near depot, Washington Heights. 47 Sonth Unlon-st.; pp-staira. ; TJIOB SALE—A SMALL COTTAGE OP 7 BOOMS JD and large lot. In Wlnnctfav, to be almost given away An montbly payments or otherwise,. if. applied tor. tamo diatcly. KEDZIE, 120Banuolph*sl., Koom4. XPOB SAijE—AOBES FOB HOMES. GARDENS. J? and poultry places; aero and 5 acres for sale or rent. EDMUND G- STILES, 99 Madison-st., Room 7. F- OB SALE-AT CHICAGO LAWH. NKAR .CITX; .one S2O down; railroad possos free three roars monc , loAncd to band. JAMK3 VVERB. HP Ugarbnrn-st. ■jjlOß SALK-75 FRET SOUTHWEST COBSEB OF J? Wabash-av. aud forty-eixth-st: will bosold cacao. Apply to J; ESAIAB WARREN. Chamber Commerce. OR SALB—AT ENGLEWOOD— CENTBA-LJjY LcT catod lots'and houses built to suit purchasers on easy terms. SPOFFOEU. BTRNB 4 DRAKE. Room I. Iti Cldrlc-gt. •' V.-IOR SALE—AT- RAVKNSWOOD-Vryß MILES X* oiJy fatitn tba cdty, a 7-rodm' cottage, with 100 foot front.’ H-WILLSONA CO., rearlCCUrkrst.. •_ ttior sauUok fine h nlacesat Hyde Park, Kenwood. and Oakland; can bargains for cash;£ooxl6 J fast at Kenwood ata tiaa with homo, elegant location, can bo bought cheap. B A. W COUNTS'? RE&L ESTATS. o. LIPPINOOTT’S FOX LAKE H dcllrbtfnl and romantic enclosed trronnds on ie bS&of the beautiful* Pox LaJro, Lafca County, 111.; mtaerS brings. elegant shore beach, pure water, dcllght- Sl batffig, b«Wiabing la, the Mate, and croquet b trlik* and- drives unsurpassed; steam yacut, ymaii boats, and Ushiag entt!tr,etc., ft? soldwitb the place. Prico $7,000; terms reasonable. the coining etnnaer... Apply to oc address CUL.^ Government Gcwds DepotflSu and 197 La leftist. —Ho SAT.W-FAKM OF .lflO ACRES.I MILE FROM ontbeC.!* St. Louis R. R.. 60 miles /rota iH t n A* ip°e ndld piece of Und, with tettteln ofcoU corf adds most fc. K.Wthu »Mk. C*U »tS77 SUduoarfit* 9 *“ d U». m. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. FOR SALE—S-ACRE building sites on thb shorn of Geneva Lake, Wia.,* within a hall mile of Whiting House. Tho last and only chance for a residence of this desirable nature. -Various chances for sales and bargains In village and lako shore lands about thia de lightful resort. Terms made known by addressing J. R. BURTON, Geneva Lako, Wia. . . Fir marsh & graham. real Es tate, Loan, and Insurance Agents, Allegan, 'Mich;, village property, farms, fruit lands, nine lands, and saw-mills. A large list of unimproved farms. Send for list of property. ; ’ v' Forsale-highly improved karm a miles from Lament, DoPaga County, 1114 has a good house, barn, etc.: also fruit-bearing trees thereon: part caah, balance time. Portlier particulars at 290 West .Washington-st. ' . For salb-or exchange-fob good city property/a good farm with-lino Improvements and well located In Lincoln County, Kansas, 164 acres. Ad dress B. lOPAWeat Harriaon-st. _ For sale-or exouange-larqb lot and frame dwelling in the city of Bloomington, on leading street, and within three blocksiof Court-House. A choice properly. A. W. NASON, .86 Washington-st. For sale-small farm in village so milks from Chicago', 75 or 116 adres, good Improvements, two house*, cheap. O. E. CRAFTS, Room 26 Metropol itan-Block. • ' ■ ■ • -. TIOR SALE—IOO ACRES 25 MILES"WEST OF CHI- J? cago, in DuPage County, prioo £5.500 : 40 acres 1 mile from Geneva, prioo £3.000; 50'acres I mils from St. Charles, price £4,000;-alI of-the above farms bare good honaos, barns, orchards, wells, etc.: all improved and undor a gobd state of cultivation; terms about ono third down, balance timo. Call on or address S. L. TV'LL COX,- at. Charier/ DL • - ~ Fob salb-missouri dairy farm-wood land dairy farm, 860 acres. 280 improved, with excol- Icnt water, nna timber, and convenient to market, lo cated at Woodland.-Mo., a station on Hannibal ABC. Joseph R. R., 19 mile* from either Quincy, 111., or Han nibal. Mo. Town of Woudlondlaidontonfarm: untold lots included In sale. This opportunity is worthy par ticular attention as a profitable Investment. Address P B. GROAT,Hannibal. Mo. - •• For sale-a farm of 40 acres of choice land, with good lmim>vemente.abondanceof fruit.wood, wator, noarscUools. poetr-ot6ce.churcbcs.oto.: a very da sirable rhsiddnee property in tho iubttrns of a thriving town: offered’on"favorable terms.’ Apply to owner on the place. SAMUEL L. ADAMS, St. Charles, Kano C0..i11. . . - - - TCTOR SALE-OB EXCHANGE—I,OBO ACRES LAND 17 In Pone and Johnson Counties. Illinois; 2.400 acres land in Central Missouri. ,W. Q. BAKER, 143 Monroo st.. Room 1. Fob sale-ob exchange-good 2-sxory dwelling and 17 lots In Pueblo. Col.: 3 blocks from Conrt-Honse; clear. Clear Cbicrgo or farm property will bo taken. Address YS. Tribune office. ' TpOR SALE-OR EXCHANGE-GOOD FRUIT J} farm adjoining Benfon Harbor, Mich., two hoosoa, largo bam; will take other property in eicbange. Ad cross R 70. Tribune office. -■ FOIt SALE—OR EXCHANGE—4O-ACRE FARM, nicely improved, 5 miles from McHenry, in L«ko County; 111. will go at a bargain (or cash. T. 13.110 YD, Hoorn 14, 146 Madlson-st. ■ . F“ OR SALE—IOO IMPROVED FARMS IN THE BEST counties in Illinois, lowa, Mlssoarl, and Kansas: can suit all. Send (or printed lists with location and prices. J. D. SPKAH, 144 LaSalle-et., Room 33. . SALK—OR TRADE—IOO,OOO ACRES OP GOOD Jj lows lands. Apply at 149 Bast Madison-eL, Room 6. JpOR HALE—OH EXCHANGE—A DESIRABLE AND X* attractive residence on the sea shore, within ono hour’s ride of New York, on the Hartford A New Havon Railroad, about 3 miles from Stamford; .Improvements tirst-clase, beantiml grounds, fine house, bam, lodge bouse, bath bouse, boat bouse, with boats, - etc., etc.; good Ashing end bathing.' Will'soil*or for Chicago property. Apply to or address u. C. IHAYLR & CO., 82 Wasbliigton-st. . - TltOR SALE—OR EXCHANGE-OVER SCO FARMS, jj located and Improved to suit every ono; full particu lars with J. G. HUSZAGH, I2iDearborn-st., Room w. P" OR SALE—THE ADVERTISER OFFERS AN EL egant country residence. wifh 11 scree ground, all in Scrfect order, within.ono hour of New York Oityjon. Phil*- olphla Railroad, falfaddat 525.0 M, which he will sol! or eacnango for desirable improved Chicago real estate. Ad dress, giving full particulars. H K. Palmer House. REAJb ESTATE WANTED. WANtED-BRICK HOUSE NEAR UNION PARK: Yf will pav iu unincumbered property and assume iu cumbrauce. ISAAC CLAIM.IN A CO., Marine Building. WANTFi)-A RESIDENCE ON SOUTH SIDE. 54.00 J Vi to 4C,ww, cheap for all cash. D. W. GRAHAM, 133 Dcarbora-st. ' WANTED-FROM ONE TO TWO HUNDRED FSF.T of good property at Montrose. Address X 83, Trib une office. WANTED-HOUSE CITY, V;aLUR, y i 'SS.OCO to Sio.oyh, in exchange for choice lots m Evan ston; will assume. A. BlXlll', 173 and 177 East Mad- Ison-st. 1 IT ANTED—HOTTER ON NORTH SIDE:CASH PAID VV foe a good substantial two-story frame that wHI bear moving; give location and tfrice. AddrcSs Q 63, Tribune oiUco. . ■ • WANTED— TQ BUY A BRICK-HOUSE AND LOT on South Side, north of Thirty-tirsf-lt. and o'istof ■ Wabash-av.. price not over S6.(M); must. bo a bargain; cash payment. Address T 13;-Tribuno office. • WANTED—WITHIN EASY REACH OP CHICAGO, Vi Ifo to 3 acres of good garden soil, with oa assort ment oi good bearing fruit trees, good water, and email cottago. Neighborhood of Waukegan prefarred. Price about $2,300, not to exceed SLUCO. Address S 83, Tribune office. ' • ' . TArANTED-A COTTAGE AND LOT IN EXCHANGE V Y for ror omlty of hemac. su-footlot, on West Side, near Wostern-av.; will pay from SSOO to 61,000 cash. Worth Side preferred. X 63, Tribune office. - . - YTTANTED-A GOOD HOUSE AND LOT. IN THE VV city or good subiirb, worth about $6,1)00; will pay about $2,000 cash and two houses on Stato-st. on leased ground, paying-about S4f> per month clear; worth'About J 1,000, Aifdruss X 9J, Tribuao office. ' . . WANTKb-FAIIM NEAR. OtUCACO-WILL PAY VV $“2,000 Ca*h and tw6 houses on leased ground. worth 009, paying 550 per month clear. Address- UlO, Trib une ollico. - - TV r ANTED*—I.OCO ACRES OF IOWA LANBTsTATE V? price, and give full description. Address PKS, Tribune office. - W ANTED—EVANSTON 'COTTAGE AND LOT worths2,WX>—?ash. - ' Goodnurtoaiiorcresidencewonhsio,ooo, la exchange forcity; will naysome cash. , , . . , Thlmproved proporty in exchange for good city resi dence; will pay some cash. ; : , “ '‘ . Real estate, owuew wishing tq disposo of their property to givcmo priCM. CANFIELD, S" LiSoIJo-Bt. WANTED— I WANT A SMALL BUT GOOD HOUSE dud Tot with Barn, fa good IbraUon not jar out, on South orWcst Side, forwhich I will give loufoot on corner at Ravenrivood, worth 82,506,-a small cottage and Jot in south part of city; SI,BUO (both clear), and 51,01)0 cash. Give full directions so that I can look at what you have to oifer. Will not assume anv incumbrance; would prefer to trade with principals. Address P 7. Tribune office. WANTED-A GOOD HOUSE.AND LOT WITHIN three blocks of Union Pirk;trtll ciren destablo hsU block at Lawndale and assume. Address AIOULION-, 20 North Clinton-st. ' TirANTED—PROPERTY IN OR NEAR SAN FRAN VV cisco in exchange for Chicago property. Address Q 30, Tribune odice. - ■ WANT KD-TO PURCHASE A FINE HOUSE, ON one of the avenues botween Eighteenth and Twenty, fonrth-st*.; will pay all cash, $23,000 to fll).003. l/>ts not less than 50 feet front, fall depth. Must be a bargain. B. PHtLPOT, 95 Wasbington-st.. Room 5. WANTED-A STORE IN GOOD LOOALITjf, OR nice residence, or vacant property ripe for improve ment In payment of which I will give a choice acre-tract, unincumbered, taxes light. South of Chicago* Valued oaca at <35.000, and worthit now, but will not sell, tor inch figures; might assume, but a big.bargain will be given to improved property, clear. Please state location and price confidentially to w 31, Tribnno office. - • ■ - WANTED-TO PURCHASE AT A BARGAIN, OR A 10 years’ lease of a lot on West Side; state price and location. Address 018. Tribune office. txfANTHD-OENTRAL BUSINESS BLOCK WORTH .Vf $100,000: will assume and pay in elegant lake shore property «t Komtood. D. W. SMBBS. SI WaHUng ton-at. • Wanted— is to 25-foot lot for new piano. No. KS7 Adanis-«t'.~ ~ ; WANTED— ICO JTO 600 ,FEBT ON STATE-ST. OK otieuher one of the avenues east, and north of Six ty-third-st.; will pay S3O per foot, one-hall cash and bal ance in clear property on the avonnes forth or south; Ad dress X 21, Tribune office. ~ WANTED-WE HAVE PARTY WHO WISHES TO purchase for ono-balf cash, balance easy terms, lot between Harrison and Madison; Abemeen and Hpyne fig. Want also for customer 3-story and basement bnck boose conveniently - located. South Side, $5,600. H. L. WEAVER A CO., IS3 LaSallo-st. TXi ANTED—CITY OR SUBURBAN HOUSE AND VV lot, or lot. for improved business property (clear) in flourishing town G) miles from Chicago worth so, P 00; will assume small .incumbrance. J. O’DONhELL. Room 3, 106 and 111) Dearbom-st. * •tTfANTED —A LOT OR LOTS IN GOOD ?» residence localities, to Improve Immediately. Part cash: balance second mortgage. N 7. THbnne oinco. BOARDING AND DODGING. West Side- U SOUTH SHELDOK-ST.-SUTTE FURNISHED rooms, with board, for gontleman and wife. U NORTH MAY.ST. _ KIOKLY JDRNISHBD rooms to rent with Hoard. In now ones house, au modern Improvements; front alcove and suite ox rooms. Call after Wednesday. : • 1 rr LOOMiS-ST.—PLEASANT BOOMS WITH FIRST JLI class board. . - - 00l WAIWT-ST,, ONE BLOCK,FROM UNION Park—Furnished rooms with board; hot sad cold water. Terms low. * ' ' nri ABF.RDER.V-6T.-PLEASANT FRONT ROOMS. en suite or «t n glo. Tdblo boarders accommodated- OA AND 33 OGDEK-AV., CORNER WASHING- Otr ton-sL—Board aud rent, parlors, floors, alcove rooms, cn soitb and single, rooms fnffiiaßed or unfur* hiahiSd. . DO ABKRDEEN-ST.—TO BENT WITH BOARD, dj an elegant suite of front rooms, furnished or un furnished; rooms pan bo seen at any time on tho premises; references given and required. - - A A SOUTH MAT-ST.—ONE PLEASANT FRONT tfctt room; closet; modem convoniencos; suitable tor A c SOUTH ANN-ST.—FURNISHED OB UNFUR- aished rooms, with or wlthont board. • • ■ . Art WALNUT-ST., TWO HOUSES FROM PAO i Una, West Side—Two of a family want a few board ers as a family. - - j_ An SOUTH ASHLAND-AY.. FRONTING UNION •*tl Park-Board, with parlor , floor, three rooms, bat and cold water; also other rooms, large and small, mou urn improvements. Ac. .. . A Q- SOUTH ANN-ST.—ONE LARUE-FRONT AL- cove room handsomely famished, with nrst-claa board; aim other rooms. ' A Q WALNUT-ST., ONE BLOCK WEST OP UNION *±tj Park—Rooms furnished or unfurnished, with o. without board. _ l. C-1 ASHLAND-AV., FRONTING PARK-PLEAS t)X ant rooms to rent, with board. . -- • : c A SOUTH A.NNST.—A BOOM SCJITABLB i'OE Q-X two gootloiaco, with board. r-rr PIEROE-ST.—BOARD AND PLEASANT 80031 Q I fortwo, .with oao of bath; reasonabla pricga» . . C Q PEAHC E-ST., NEAR Ow ladjAadcentJemaaor.two. yoon— men,with uiceij furnished front room ; no olh?r boarders. ; rr~ SOUTH Pl»ttla-ST.-PUif£KUHeD IWOM? |0 with board for gentlemen. ‘oay boardars accom modated. . . . ' •' - : 0(1" ABBHDBEK-ST.—PLBASAKT ROOM, WITH Qy good board for two; private family. •no JUDDiST.-iGOOD BOARD' AND tjO famished rooms stfl P«r weak; within I rod of the street cars and one-hall block of the street bases* BOARDING AND LODGING. "West Slde—Conttanod- 1 (\ r f SOUTH PEORIA-RT.—FROM MAY 1. FRONT XU I room, with or without board.' Gas, bath, hot and cold water, cic. .Convenient for bu&lceaa. 11(1 SOOTH GRKKN-ST.-NIOELY-nJRKISUED liu room la private family for gentleman and lauyv two gentlemen; one block from Madison-st. - • nq SOOTH PEORIA-BT.—FRONT PARLOR, ON XX O furnished, except carpet.and .cortaina; also,other .rooms, famished, with poard; no move. TO! SOUTH SANOAMON-ST.-LARGE FRONT JLfail room with board; modern conveniences. WEST MONRO E-ST.—TO RENT, A LARGE. nl?olyfttrai«h6d front room, wlth.good board, to two gentlemen, or gentleman, and wife; cheap to re* sponsible parties. ■ IQQ SOUTH GREKN-ST.—PLEASANT ROOMS, iOv nicely famished, and firafc-cUss board at reasona ble terms. '■ ■. ICO PAKK-AV.-A SUITE OF UNFURNISHED luO rooms and A famished room for single genii Oman, with board. . *1 7 H SOUTH PEORIA-ST.-A FURNISHED. .OR Xi U untarnished front parlor to rent» with.boar'd. mWEST WASHINQTON-3T. PLEASANT rooms and good board at reasonable rates. House .nejryJUted and furnished throughout, modem improve*' meats, etc. nn Q WEST LAJCK-ST,—COMFORTABLE HOME iLUO with room and board at S 5 per week; without board only &2 per week. JOHN DAVIS, Proprietor., ( j~\ n FTJXTON-ST., CORNER OF PEORIA-BRICK JjIXJ house.' two w'ell-furuUhod front rooms for married folks t eOreta! alhglorooms also; all improvements; first* class board. . • 099 MONROIbST.-FRONT ROOM TO root, wun beard, for gent and wife or two gents; also hack parlor to rent. . OQ*|- WR3T WASHINGTON-ST. FURNISHED ZOX room, breakfast, and 6 o’clock dinner, for two gentlemen. 97/C MONROE - ST. - NICELF FURNISHED £| O rooms with firet*claw board. ohn WEst SvasHINGTON.-ST.—TO RENT, ZjUKJ whh board, large pleasant room on second floor; also one ball-room on first iloor; hot and cold water. OQQ FOT/TON-ST.-A • FURffiSEtro _ aUITK OP front rooms in private .house, with or without board.' Od.A WEST BANDOLPH-ST.—PLEASANT. NEW- fy refitted rooms, with homo table*faro; terras Very moderate; two ladiss accommodated; day-board, $4 onfl WEST ADAMS-ST.-FOB RENT. WITH Ov 0 board. 2 desirable sultes.nafumJshod: also, largo room on first floor; references required. Apply at 3M. QI C) AND 214 WEST •WASHINGTON-ST.-FUR- Ola Dished or unfurnished rooms, single or en suite, with .board. - • ... OOQ 330.28. ASD3M WEST 'WASIU-VGTON-ST.— Furnished and uafumiahed rooms fur rent with board; suitable for families or single gentlemen. •jocs and ara west washingtok-st.—desir- OdO able rooms, famished or tmfarnlsbod, single or ea aoito, with hrst-claaa board. q,«O WEST WASHINGTON-ST. - HANDSOME aieovo room, on second floor, front, furnished or unfurnished, wlthtirst-olasa board. Moderate term* to permanent party. - O/f P WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—WITH. BOARD. O*dbo force, nicely furnished rooms: house haa all mod era lip pypyen^ptv. References required.: . . or*Q WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—VERY DESIRA OOO bio rooms-to let, with board. "( n'/pwSsT EANDOLTH-ST. - -FURNISHED rooms for gsatlcmcn{ also an unfurnished back parlor and bed room, with hot and cold water, with A (>Q WEST MONROE-ST.-IIANDbOME bUl’lL ‘tUO front rooms (alcove), furnished, with board; also beck room;private family: location; etc., first-class; tonus rcasonahlu; cheerful homo. Aon WEST MONKOK-ST., NORTHEAST COR nerof Jefferson Park—A fino suite of rooms on second flour, with boa hi; also a few very - pleasant single rooms lor gentlemen; good table; hours to 'salt, .And terms reasonable. • Tori WARitEN AV.-PLKASANT ALCOVE ROOM. ttOD and other rooms furnished dr nafuralshad, with good board; also day boarders. TTrt ■; alcove room. also largo room, faralaacd or auiumliihea,mod ern Improvements: private family. COK PARK-AV.-FOUR MEN OR TWO MEN OJjO with wives can be accommodated with goon board and ' -&■•»•> OAKROLL-AV.. NEAR -UNION . PARK UOO Board, with famished or unfurnished rooms. CVS | -WEST MONRO E-ST.-TWCT VERY DESIR- Do~r able front, room's fo rent, with board. House be tween ijalohiad Jfiffefsoa Park*. All modem improve ments. „ —- ?• O O WEST ADAMS-ST.-NICELY-FUUNISHF.D • oruafamlsbed rooms; with board; brick bouse, nowly painted acdcslcimlned within. . h£n TVEST MOSROE-ST.-TWO DR THREE DE OOX su-abto ro<wu«nfiirnlshodfcWithboard.ia private family.’ Modem improvemcate. References exchanged. /TnrJi x^^iTmonroe-st.— very desirable DfJ 02 rooms cud board;prefer parties who will fur nish. Possession May L . . - • • r% rnn west sionroe-st.-a desirable suite I Up of rooms, furnlshod of unmrnlshedy with board. rr-t o WEST MONROE-ST., CORNER LINCOLN- I li Fine front room; with board; modem improve meats; Tcfprcncgs exchanged. .... .1 790 jra.TOSrST.-O'O REirr, -WITH FIMT- I-£0 class boanL a.vpry ploarsut, room,. nzrmaheu or unfarnlahod;ho objections jo children. ntiO WEST CORNER LINOOLN-ST.- I Jj O Rooms to rent with or without board; noosenewly naintodr papered, andcalcimlned; furnituro all new and now pronriotor. Tthnmi oh aoito or single, with first c lass board. . .. . ffOQ WEST LAKE-ST—LARGE ROOM, WITH I OO board, foe two cents; also single room; terms very low. - ' . ' - - ■. _ rrna OARROLL AV.-A SUIT OFROOMSON SEC lijU end floor to rent, furnished or unfurnished, with hoard; In a qafet family, with the comforts of a h6me. XT?LEASANT PLAIN BOOM WITH. PLEASANT J\ plain people, on West Side, and good plain table, for a plain prfcff, may be had for two pleasant plain gen tlemen by addressing O 45. .Tribune oiSco- 'i KELIA It LB PfBTT CAS RENT A NICE AL- A cove, with board, farobhed or unfurnished, on Mnr gan st.,.naar Madison, In private family. Andress Q 60, 'Tribune oifice. . , - - - ■ • DAMS-J??., THIRD HOUSE WEST OF ROBEY - Sonth front, new. desirable roonigwlth board. * Ad dress X 81, Tribune oifice. ■ ' " - _ H rONROE-STi NEAR LINCOLN—LARGE FRONT iTi. rooms eh salte, hot and cold water, marble mantels, bath-roofas, with board to correspond; references ox chnnged. Address V 100. Tribune office. . . . T>LBASANT LARGE FRONT ROOM, FURNISHED X_ or untarnished, with good ccnilomanjina wife or two gentlemen, two blocks ©art of Union Tart; references exchanged. Address T IT, Tribnoe onice. T)LK\SANT SUITE OP UNFURNISHED ROOMS X in most desirable part of West Adams-st.. with board for two or throe; private family. Addrcsa.R SI, Trtbnne office. ‘ ' ~ Southeast corner adamsjst. and centre av.—A desirable front room for two, with nrst-claas house, private family. References exchanged.. j_ m\VO PERSONS GAN FIND FIRST-CLASS BOARD- X ing Inprivata family, Thlrtoenth-st. and Mlchigan-av. Address Rg3. Tribune office. . Yan burkn-st., near ashland-av.-an elr gant unfurnished front room.. with alcove, swell fronts hot and cold water, fronting south, with board, In private family, for gentleman and wife. Address S 86, Tribono oflJoo. .- ■ Soritfi Side. 9HUBB ARD-COURT—PARLOR - FLOOR, ALSO .one snUo.abQte. torentwlth. board. . . .. . ELDIUDGE-COURT-IN. MARBLE-FRONT dwelling, witli board, rooms single or on suite, mco ly furnished;* house-cleaning done; no moving. Day board $4 por week. . ■ ! QO PECK-COURT—LARGE FRONT ROOM TO Ot7 rent, with board, soluble for gentleman and wife or single gentlemen; also a few single rooms. Fyi THIRTY-FIFTH-ST.—PLEASANT FAJfiLY OU rooms to rent, with board, famished or unfur r nished, in private family; modern Improvements; location between Fair-view Station and Cottage Grove-av. Refer enccs exchanged. . qr) TWBNTY-FOURTU-ST.—A LARGE FRONT AL DJj covo room, with board, suitable for two young, men or a married coupled at sl4 per week. nTTvAN NEAR STATE-BOARD FOR 1 O ladies or gentlemen; $4 to $5 per week with use of piano. i oTIIOWBN-AV.. SOUTH SIDE-FINE LOCATION Otr for summer for two or four boarders. Apply this week. ■ _ 1 rrrr CALUMET AV.—CO FINER TWENTY-FOURTH I-1 | st;; to rent with board. In private family; pleas ant rooms, famished or unfurnished; reforenoes requir ed. ' ' -1/7 7 TWENTY-THIRD-ST. A LARGE HAND JL | I some room and good board. t rrn TWENTY-THIRD-ST.—A FEW GENTLEMEN iI O can bo accommodated; 84 to 55 per week, with uso of bam. in, AND IS6 SOUTH STATE-ST.-FURNISHED •10-l-nor.,!! to rent; with hoirrt: all ncwlj fitted up; also a uitc nicovo tojm; Khtfablo for a fsnilly. rkt-v-i EAST JACKSON-ST.—FIRST CLASS BOARD 22Il5diiomat|l.S0awcot. Dar-hoatd, 83.Mper tfedk. one MIOHIGAI»»AV.HFROST AXCOVE BOOM, ZhO furnished or unfurnished, suitable for family or four gentlemen. Terms reasonable to. permanent par ties. - ; nn. MICHIOAN-AV. —PARTIES WISHING ONE ZOO or two ploaaaut fumiahad room a with boatd. can bo accommodated: ono lartro front room. References required. Ol A MIOHIGAN-AV,-SECOND FLOOR OF FOUR tSIU rooms, in suits or entiro, unfurnished except car pets, to rent witn board; also a room on tint door, fur nished. ■ • ' : OCf\ MICIIIGAN-AV;—IST, 2D, AND 3D STORY, OOU front rooms, and adjoining rooms, to rent with .board. QTQ miohigan-av., BETWEEN TWELBTH 0(0 and Thirteenth-sts.—Booms,- with board, fur nished or unfurnished.. . OQO MICHICAN-AM.-HANDSOJIEI.T-ITJRNLSH OOaZ cd rooms, bac* and front, with board. Alao bam to rent; accommodate tour brumes. . - : OCM AUCIiIGAN-AV.—TO BENT, WITH BOARD. OOTr a suite oi second story front rooms, famished. References exchanged. . "ooTcalumkt-av.-vkey desirable rooms qOt withaUnu)d2tnhnorovcmeuta;iarauhedor un tarnished. References exchanged. - QQA MIOHIGAN-AV^-A IARGR FDR- OyD nlabcdfrontroom for rent, with bolrd, to gen tleman and wife or two gentlemen. References required^ MicuttlAN-AV., CORNER THfRTEENTH \ /, si.„Uooais,famiahcd or unfurnished, with board; references exchanged. , ■ • • " a -] i SIICHIGAN-AV.-A NICELY FURNISHED QcLO: room., suitable for two or four coatTemen; with board. References exchanged. AlO WABASH-AV.-KUKSISHfiD ROOMS,WITS H-1Q breakta*t and snppgr> at si.. __ I rj-i MICUIGA.N.AV.-DESIRABLE BOOMS. FOR- I ornaftmriabed. pa second end third floor*. if.fl WABASE-AV. - KICKLY FIJtI.\ISUED 4rOO front rooms, trlth or wlthoat boirfl. . -HO WABASH-aV.-ELEOANTLY FORSISHED OUo rooms: references rogolrcd. . r WABASU-,\>>-yEFtyBWmAi;XE FRONT t?10-n»au. lumlsnod or unfurnlibgd. nltli good bgird. COO WAR ASH-AV— ROOMS TO REST., WITH <irwll2idot board: .spacious and well Ventilated; A Han« nmrlr SnHJrtr rrttß all modem improvements; first-claw day-board fnmiahod; jelereaoes given and nxinirod. BOARDING AND LODGING. * South Sido—Continued fTOQ MIOHIGAN-AV.-KOOMB, BREAKFAST OZjO and. o’clock dinner for 6 gentlemen. JPrice 3ASO per week. £/( Q WABASH-AV.. NORTH OF TWELFTH-ST.- OtO Handsome famished rooms to rent; &a o Wabash av.-good nooiis and good board. Moderate rates. • CQ A WABASH-AV.-FURNISHED ROOMS WITH OOdt modem improvements to lat, with board. AAf> wabaSh-av.-plf.asant FURNISHED O UO. rooms with bath-room attached; hotand cold wa ter; alsoaincla rooms for gentlemen. - ftno WABASH-AV.-PLEASANT BOOMS. WITH O U t/.or without board. , - • ■ a>7Q WABASU-AV.-A LARGE. BKAUIIVuL O I O front room, famished, with board; hot and cpld water; 2 few table boarders accommodated. an A - WABASH-A V. —A- VERY -DESIRABLE OIT anite of front rooms, on second door, to rent furnished or-anfumiahed, with first-class board; other rooms can be had by Ist of May. Day-boarders also ac commodated. Table the very best. Best of references. t»Qn MIOaiGAN-AV.-BLEOANT-FRONT AL OOv core room, famished or unfurnished, with board; ab» other rooms; references required. . .... /.Q7 -WABASH.AV.-A LARGE SINGLE ROOM, Ot/.l with board; reference required: . • fTA Q MTCmOAN-AV.—TWD PLEASANT ROOMS; f ttO with board, In private family; reasonable terms.. nA a MICHIGAN.AV.—A DESIRABLE - P UR- I dtO nished ornnfnrnishcd room, with board. rrr-i AND.7S3JWABASH-AV.-2 FRONT ROOMS. I vJX single or cn suite, on second floor, nicely fur nished ; also one double and ona ainglb room. Bofhrences exchanged. MXOIUGAN-AV.—FROM MAY 1. THREE 1 *J\J largo fnrnlthcd. pleasant roomi on sccod floor: also largo front room on third * floor; • best' of references given-and required. - ~ ■ . rrQQ WABASHT-AV.-AN ENTIRE . PARLOR i fjfj floor, consisting of a largo front parlor and 2 E feasant sontta -room?, -with dressing-room; containing otpnd cold water andcoavenioat closets. Also ohs or two other desirable rooms, with excellent board. Qi\n WABASH-AV.-LARGk front room for OU I two at SlO per week, with bo&rd. QQA MICHIOAN-AV.-TO RENT. WITH BOARD. OOv/ nlccly*funuahod zooms, en finite or single; largo dbaet, hot and cold water; reference given and feqniretL QQ9 MIC JUG AN-AV.—PERMANENTLY LOCAT- cd—Two or three pleasant rooms and board for gontoel boarders; fourth door sooth of Twcnty-thlrd-st. QCjO INDIAN 4 A-AV.-IN A SMALL FAMILY, A OUAi Urge front oloove room, good closets* dressing room, running water, to rent, with good board- 007 WAP.ABII-AV.. NEAR TWENTV-SBCOND OJJ I St.—Several (htnlshda single rouffis/ With or wllh oat beard; also day board. 04 0 WABASH-aV.-A pleasant suite of front rooms to rent, with board, to gent and wife or two gentlemen. • ■ • Q 77 INDIANA-AV.—TO RENT. WITH BOARD, fj % i pleasant rooms on parlor door.: . ■ I A/\0 WABASH-AV.-A SUITE OF. FRONT XUUii rooms, second floor, with board; also one room for smaller two. . - - - TftftC WABASH-AV.-ONE LARGE ALCOVE XUUcJ room anitablo for gentleman and wife or two gentlemen, with board. 1 ni£ WABASU-AV.-PLKASANT booms, fbr- XUxJ nished or nnfomisbad, with or without rwaru. TAlff WABASIi-AV.-TO BENT, WITH BOARD, XUXI two handsome front alcove - . 1 HQQ .WABASU-AV.—HANDSOMELY FUR XUOO ntshed rooms to rent with, excellent board at reasonable-prices. • ~ ~ 11 £{j PRAIRIE-AV.—FURNISHED FRONT I I Dri with bbard. Terms reasonable to permanent parties; . . - llffp WABASH-AV—FINE ROOMS BK SUITE ii | Q room* for gentlemen., with board. TOOO PRAIRIEAV.—A PRIVATE TAMELY X££*J could accommodate four boarders; very pleas ant rooms, famished or nnfornlshcd. ■ fn,<7 INDI.VNA-AV.-T0 BENT .ONE.FRONT J.Zit: I alcove room, alto One zhAdidm-sizod room with board, la » private family.' • - 1 OKQ MTBHIEiSf-AV.-WAKTEB JIATI, A PAS!- XJjO O fly to board In a four-story bfown-stonO-front houso. comer Thirty-second-st. and Wabash-aw Address Bf WH, as above. . - 1 hQH SOUTH DBARBUKN-ST.. NEAR THIRTY- At/eJ v first.—Two or three gentlemen dan. bo accommo dated vnth board and pleasant rooms at reasonable rjrtes. Convenient lo etroet-cars ahd a&commodatioD-traliti, ■ TV REX EL BOULEVARD. SIXTH MOUSE SOUTH XJ of Forty-hrat-at.—Handsome rooms. . . . ~ Worfli Side* .. : UCENTRE-ST.— FIRST FLOOR. FRONT AND back parlors, ed- suite; second floor.- • front room, with alcove, farnbhed.ocnntttmisbe'd; also single roans; with board; house all modem improvement*. ■ 1 Cl NORTH BOABD .or can' got good hoard. Day, board S4;SJ per-week. A Q RUSH-ST.—AN ALCOVE SUITE AND OTHER St ro--<m».; furnished or onfnmishcd, with board, ih QQ NORTH DKiVRBQRN-ST. —ONS NIGKLY FUR OO nished bach parlor,* with board', gtb font 2laj 1. References. -■ ■■ - ' • • • •• - . Of* walton-placr^-hAndsoMeltfttrnish y O od rooms s all cofevoniepces: oxcelleriS. board. • m NORTH DEARBORN-ST.-TWO VERY OF r sirablo shite* of fomishedrooms with good board. Also room* for yoaag.gcnts.. References egchangtyL 1 an NORTH DEAKBORN-ST.-tA large,pleas* XO I .ant front room, famished or anfamished, with dr without board: * ni T NORTH STATE-ST—DESIRABLE" ROOMS .%} to rent, with or wttbdnt board. - ; 000 NORTH OT,ASICST.-DAT BOaED is a private family-for four lacica-or gentlemen r $3.5U peirweek. ' ■ . nrto ILLINOIS.BT.—A- PLEASANT FROST /iOO rooji olccir (ttrnbbed« Rood txisrct to{to- I® man and wife or two gentlemen; also other rooms,. . O/IQ EAST 1A t DIA2i*A'ST<‘-SOCTH; FRON.T, £-±*j rooms furnished and unfurnished, with- board: also day boarders received. - - • . . . • . . i o-;r INDIANA-ST,, BETWEKN'DEARBO'RNAND JjOO State—One aleoro- strife,-unfurnished;*oho largo and oad .emill iamlahed, with board; modern improve ments. •. • ~ . -.- • - : ■ . nnr WDLASA-ST.. CORIfER STATE—LARGE £j DO fumiahed front r00m,.: with. board,. suitable for two seats; all modern improvements. . ■ , 0/*Q ILHNOIS-ST.. EAST OF RUSH—.NICE Janro sooth front rooms; tihlofirst-class; a few Select boarders: grerythlag sice. • • ' ~ : . '. „ CALUMET AVENUE. NORTH OF TWENTY.—After May 1; oeslrablo > furnished or un furnished rooms; WJtixboaro, can bo had; Apply to Mrs. BREWSTER, No. law Prairieav, - - ■ ; North side, vicnory os Ontario and Dearboru sts.—A second story frons room, iurnfehod complete: will rent from Ist of June, oc.hcfora if. want ed, tor SW a week, with- board, to a couple who • will re* Tniiin throggh the Addreta P 79. Trihnho'office. Hotels. TJROWN*S HOTEL, 276 STATE-ST.—NICELY FOR- Jj nisbed rooms with board: ringlerooms, Seaweck; two in groom, $5 each; day boarders^s4; lodgings,soc. • BISHOP.COURT HOTEL, NEAR UNION PARK— Now-running nicely.; south front suites and tingio rooms atm vacant; terms reasonable. Nevada : hotel, j-us and 15d. wabakh-av., near Monroo-st.—Firsfc-chua board lor 81-50 to $3 per day; S 6 to S 8 per week: day-board. SI. 50 per week. Randolph house, corner, canaipst— Pleasant rooms to let, cn suite or single, furnished or not, with or without board; day board, $4. 104 AND 136 MIOHIGAN-ST.-3T. CLAIR HOUSE J.O«b —Boarders can get neatly famished rooms, with or without board: good table; bath, hot and cold water; room* newly famished. Gountrr. - . . A FEW. BOARDERS CAN FIND FIRST-CLASS accommodations lor tho sammar at JrfiVe Forest by addressing P 3. • Tribune office. - AT LAKESIDE HALL—COTTAGES INTHESAME park, at Evanston: quiet rooms, lovely grounds, rides. Ashing; and bathing, at family rates. Address Lakeside Hail Company, Evanston. ■ • Miscellxneoras- ONE OB TWO YOUNG MEN OF. GOOD MORAL . character, can tlnd a pleasant room and board la a strictly private family, where tho comforts.of a home can be had. Price satisfactory. Address or call oa Monday cm C. 35 South Cosal-st., third door. References ex changed. . , ■ - BOARD WANTED. “DOAHD-AYOUNG, WELL EDUCATED GERMAN J 3 teacher in the city, on the South Side, who can rive lessons in all branches of .learning; also in. xnnsle on piano, violin, organ, and in harmonics, wishes from now nil fall. In an educated private EhglUh family, cheap boarding. M. GOTTESLEBEN. 34» .South Clark-st. UOARD-WITH TWO UNFURNISHED ROOMS (NO Jj alcove). on West Side, byayouriir couple; perms neat If suited*- Terms most be reasonable. • Rcleroncos exchanged. Address, with fall particulars, S 57, Tribune office. • BOARD-BT A GENT, WIFE, AND ONE CHILD: two rooms required; location between Twelfth ana Twenty-secnnd-sts., nd ease of State. Address Z 65, Tribune office. . BOARD-WITH ROOM. FOR MARRIED COUPLE. In vicinity of Church of the Atonement, West Side: tziust be reasonable; prefer private family; gentleman gats dtriTuw down town. Address V 90. Tribune office. TJOARD—WITH SEPARATE ROOMS, FOR TWO Ij gentlemen. In a private family, on taoNorthSide, aouth of Chlcago<av. .Address Rgtf. TribnnaoSce. TIOARD-Wrra TWO GOOD-SIZED UNFDH- X> nte!iiKlroom*.wuUiof Ttlrtj-Bat-it.. toriolf. .lie. and litiloSxl 017,011,. GUI oradareai J Cfa, SdindW T-*keat. Terms most be reasonable. BOARD— WITH SUITE OF, FRONT ROOMS DN famished, except carpets, m bouse cents ruing all modem improvement*, for self, wife, and child 6 years old. warranted tame: or would take rooms convenient to good day-beard. AddroOs. giving terms, P 56, Tribune BOARD— 11 GENT, WIFE. AND bMALL CHILD for tho summer; private family preferred; location near business centre; will furnish rooms except carpets. Address. etatinjr.tcrro% OU. Tribune office. Answers without tends will not bo noticed. . . ... TSOAKD-BV A PROFESSOR pFMUSIC .IN EX •n chance for piano lessons near business centre. Ad dress Q t 2. Tribune office. TJOAIIb-rOK nRSTLT£STAN, ."WIFE* ASD IK r> rmt, between Vlnconnea. DonjtlajwaTs.iiad ]i»tfp [ aloaro dr thtto o£ roams.aoianUsbad; ffdbd tsblo >nd reasooabto price. Address U, Uoom 2,161 B&a --doloh*- • .. . . ■ TJOAim-AIOJ TWO COST3?SIENT BOOMS PART- D ]r iomished, in private family. north of Tveaty-Sftij «•* for throoKrofrp j>en»on». .jstato price and,.location. Refcreneoa exchanged. A'ddreas V 31* Tribane office. B‘ UARD—FOaGBNTWSMAPf, WIRE* AJTD SISTKU, child 2U month* olcL South Side, between* 'Jrv*oatt &udThlrty*HC7cath>dU.; private family preferred. Address X 9&-Tribaao odco. Board-worth sipz prki-'£h.ued, bst a joooc man engaged in. £bo city. Address, terms, le gality, etc.. W S~>. Tribune office. ■DOABD-BY AIiADY. I f N A PRIVATE FAMILY. JD oath© Souttt Side, vicinityo£ £Ula Perk preferred: accommodations mast be first-class. Nrf Doardipg-bDuao keepers need answer. Address Xll, Tdbane othce. DOARD-BY GENTLE.MAS. WIFE, ASO SON. i j with two or three hooso or private family, bn one of the arenucs, norta of Tofeoty-eecdnd-at. References exchanged. Address t, 80, Xnpoaooffice. .• - . _ omoh rSBOARD WANTED. tjoard-witet a frost room, nicely fur. JJ nialioJ, on eecpnd.flpor, on Michigan-av.» for self end wife for a year*, private family preferred; Koto term* end location, Reference* exchanged. Address W 27 Trib noaoffice. - ■ ■ Board— by A-GEntlbjuan .and wife, with famished front rooms, m a private family- South Bide nrelprrcd. ; Teriqsmiue bn moderate, to S6*por month. Address, -stiung term*, -B--96,:. Tritmrm office. ...... . . ... T)OAP.D—ABOUT MAT C FOR A GENTLEMAN JJ and wife, near Fairvfewot-Oakwood Station. Ad dress \V 90, Tribnne’oPco. ~ iDOARD-BY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, IN A PRS- X> rate family, not more than 1 mile from Conrt-Honso. References. Address- statin* terms, T IVTritaia •office. ' l • ' ' - . T)OARD-FOaBELii AND-WIFE (NOW. OR MAT X> 1). in quiet family. Location moat be pleasant and terms reasonable. Atuwm most contain fall particulars. Address T 83, Tribnno office. T)OARD-FOB GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, ON X> South Bide, east of Btate-st. Address V. 3, Tribune office. •_ j T)OARD—AND SINGLE ROOM IN A PRIVATE FAM- X) lly. br a young lady employed daring the day. State terms. Address Q "DOARD—AND ROOMS IN, PRIVATE FAMILY, Jj where there are a few or no boarders. North of Cen tre. east of Blnel-st. Please state terms. Address P 77, Tribnno office. . . .. BOARD— GENTLEMAN AND WIFE AND GE.V tleman friend want a boms, not a boarding boose, after May 1. with some private family oa the South Bide. Addfesa J M 2. Trifanne office. BOARD- AND LODGINGS; BYA GENTLEMAN IN .a private family where no other beirdervaro kept; I minates’ walk from HaUtod and Randolph-sts. Address, stating terms, Q 63. Tribana-offioe. ■ Board— furnished or unfurnished rooms with board, or.pear good table board, by a gsnllcman and wife; strict!yfl«tic!ass locality. Address Vl3, Tribono office. Board-fob furniture-any party who will fcroUha Urge .front room with rmst-ciasa fnrnl tare and take pay in the best. of board. Address-Tl7, Tribune office. . • . : - . BOARD— WITH PLEASANT EOOM vUNFURNISH ■ ed eleept carpet. In nice' family for self, wife, and child, westof Union Pafrb. Address T. 27. Tribune office. ■OOARD—BY GENTLEMAN, WIFE,. AND BpY IN JJ a private family on the North Side: must be east, of dark-st.; want a room oh flrst floor with smaU room ad joining, dinner atnoon. Address O 3L Tribune of fice. . - UNFURNISHED ROOMS. FOR D lady; private f&odlypreferred; references.. Address Va?. Tribnoooffice... . • . _ BOARD-FdR A GENTLEMAN, IYTFE,. AND Lp 1 - tle girl; location smith of Thlrty-first-st.* and east of Cottage Urove-av. - Will foznish rooms except carpets if destted. Address Vs~.Trlbnh6 Office. . BOARD-WTTH FURNISHED ROOM TfY‘ TWO young min; must more than, five Mocks rrom Thiny-iitthjt. and Cottage Crowbar. Will giro refer ences. Address X 64. Trioun© cmee. " • Board, with use of bath room and par lor, lor gentleman and wife or two lady school teach ers, In private famUf where there tri ho other boarders; bonjoU brick, «ell djushed; and la located- on : Dsrujs tpr-jt., between HabtetLaod Ueaplaincs. Terms sl2 per west. Address QlO, Tribune otßc©. Board— bt gentleman and wife, in thr vicinity of Union Park, private family. or where there are bnfi for othec bosrdon.pTofetred; price .not to exceed SSO per morlth: will famish room except carpet; ruter ences exchanged. Address giving 101 l particulars, N su, Tribune office. - - BOAKD-WHERE THERE ARK NO OTHER . boerfertj on Wabash-an.- ot--between Fonrteeaui and AOamiMta. State price, and address N {Of Trlbhus office. .- . , . - . r • t>OAED—AND BOOM; BY A GENTLEMAN. ON li South Side, cost of State and north of Twelfth-els; state teem*, otc. Address W 7. Tribana office-. . - Board— from may vbla single gentle jnani IttvicJnKy of Union Park; private family pro ierrail, AdarcssY 75, Tribuno office. . . Board— BT- gentleman and ..wiFK' .and . jmther frmJttn«-l, :inh private .Lundy, or wharo ‘there are bat few boarders: would want sivtiag-roop aad two if agreeable, the use OLthQ family jjsr- Iqr.aad'..two,bCi*-robi3.,aad S&.tho craro«£nro«ei a homo: would famish the ettting-repm R desired. Address Itating location. terms per month, etc. SgJtTttbanoomco. feOARD-BETOKE Ott- ABBOT..THB IST OF MAS' X) forrwntlcmaa and wife with • furnished room, or un furnished except carpet; be tweed Aberdeen, Jacks On. Kdbjrr add Lake-kte. ■ State •-location, .accfiivunodutton. and terms, Which must bo Tesaonablo attonuoa wm be eijMt. References given and required. Address C. Drug Store. 212 Lako-st- . ASB J 3 wife convenient to Clark-st. bridge. Address W-to. Tribune office-: • -> - - •> - . BtWBD-AXD USIUBSISHED *OPM. Atenittonlra.J)r,sßtWron wile., lit preferred. Tcnaa moderate. office. «. -r. . - —. ' DUAKB-A OHNH-BMAS -A. NICELY ,n furniabed sunny room in a nice neighborhood in soma ■oborban townnotovoclojalleaoat for fnO'sammef.' A onfat, hpmo or mMl*rido»«» temllvof refine •measaSnS. Befarencw nHhnngeil. . AAcfrasaßO O. Tribaoo Office. • j . - _ TVQA.RD-.IN A STRICTLY f.KfVATRFAMILY TOR Jj rent >nd son Ryears o’d; child taoto thaa care; termsifiastbo pcroxncnt aia.piweMt homo main object. A No. I references, Addrcsa R $). tjolkd-by gentleman and wife, in phi- OJ: vita firmly whom there wo bo. other, pleasant rooms on second floor front, weU fnausaMLin good neighborbood, bathroom, etc-. „Ia aaawering stito what (Amlly.consiats ai and grob faformaUoir or do • UU. Addtffijif K 55, Tribune office. • - . . • ’ •DOARD-BY MARRIED COUPLE, .WYTS BTBOCr- XJ Is private tfamiiy. gentleman away.part: of QiOjthaß. ©Bice. * BOABD-HY a. YOUNG - nishedrOTmtor-wiil enpplr fumitero: terns- $lO per week; -Must rtrfetly'private UxtOlf and nopiaiater moving. Address S3i Trlbono office. / ' OR -D suite.-far gcsrtleman »d wlfe; permaueaM»jaoe do- Birod. Pried not over 850 per month. AodrtarQa. Tnb unooffice. ........I .. ...■ :■ .*.v-t A GENTLEMAN. WITHiA WIjPOW Jj or other unmamed lady keepinghcrj)TOta?.OTa*d tng) house; none bat gance and refinement «re required. Address! 81, Trib une office..: ~ . : ; - - - ■.; - ~i: I. T>OARD-FOR MAN AND WIRE ANDWO SMALL JJ ehfldfeti suite or alcove rommm^.JcoeaoitiPtek. .Termsreasonable.. .Address Triboog. office. ;■■ ; T)OARD—TWO YOUNG- MSN WANT BOAKDM Jj dienes. Address, with full particulars. P_U, Tribune office.- . 1 ■ > BOARD— ’A GENTLEMAN AND WIPE DBSIRB board on West Side; location mast bp plesant ted oast of-Robeyand north of Monroe-st. Beoauitst; good rikinsaadagoodL table.. Should, tera# permanent if satisfied. Address, stating tonne and references, T fc, Tribune office. ■■ • • ••* . BOARD-A young married couple wishes room and.boardin a privatefamily oatheW«tS:de. Tennamnstbe moderate. Reference, given .If .dgirgd. Answer, giving location and price. Tribnuo cfllcec "DOARD-rON . SOOTH, SIDK BY. FAMILY-tfITH Jj mo child. Must bo .and select, Refor encosex changed. ’ AtfdresaO 5, Tribune office., . . ' ■ TWDARD-.RY. TWO .GENTLEMEN. SOUTH SIDE. JLTnortb.of Eldridgo-court. T 75, Tnbone office. Board— Dt a- private family, by a gen tleman and wife and two daughters; would forauh all ukeptcarpeta; terms muss bo seasonable. • Adurwa X SS. Triouno office. . - ; »•••-■ : r . 130 ARD-A WIDOWER, TIRED OF HOTEL AJTK, l> wants a fumlahed roOm, wrth or without board, where he canbavo congenial society. No jaojcction to an agrees* ble room-mate. -Xddrias S Tribhnrf Office. BOARD— A. - YOUNG-'. GENTLEMAN WANTS A la a gtiiit. famfly oa the Wmi Side. Addreas Q75/fribunooffice., Board- and a nice suite opßooais..,>vid : w modem. Improvomante,. fpv. daughter, with a private £amily.,or where there are but few Doarclers. For good accommodations a fair price wiJ I be paid; ' Address F. 2U and 213 LaVe-st.- ' ~ Vj—— SEWING MACHINES. i A A -BARGAINS LV. ALL HANDS, aiNGERS. AAA Davis. American/ Wite * A Wilson Improved, Victors; aUkiadaol firffcflays ma chines on band very cheap. Grove; hot, good as new. cost 5125, for *SS.- Karelber«tts for nurchasors this week. No- mlarepsosontations. d. GEORGE P. GOBS A CO.’S. - ■ A BRAND NEW WHEELER * J T ’ n 22, l i„St A pros eti f.iail!? Bobrins frf% Grover A Baker family machine, 525. MARTIN’S, IM State-st. • \ GOOD GROVER BAKER Achine for safe cheap orerchango for lady’s gold watch. J. B. CLARK, 346WswMadisoo-«t. A SCiGER KEWTMG-MACnTNE. WITH' OqyTlß, A dSvS. npd toreni: aU tot. .for (31l Moodaj. IP MllttaW.*- ■ - 4 N SSS SISGEE "FOB SALE YOB S3S. R* WEST A Menroo-Et, ' . tnoiTSALE-AN IMPROVED UNION BOTTOM i* boio machine; Ingood order; for shoe or clothing work. O 73. Tripone office. . . lOR SALB-VuaVIS SEWING-MACHINE, IN perfect order. Inquire aUSdVemoa-av. ..... FOR SALE—several late improved, ma cbines, embracing all kinds in tto market, to be sold reir cheap to w advance*. _ Money loaned on xnacnlaes. "Private i*<un Office. 125 Clark-st., Room £, upiuilrf. taor; sewing machines. krw or second i? hand, ctULtet tbo Remington office. 163 MawanEee t7.: 1 Grover 2s Baker. SIS: IJ3owe. 2po; 1 I AStna manufacturing. S2S; I Home, 323. H. MAP&QN. T?IRSTCLASS SEWING-MACHINES FOR SALE. P puible in work' dono at borne. IRA D. EMt MaAisnp-st. . . . ■ West IfadSoo-sL T WILL. GIVE A GOOD WH E BLER • * r 'W?L3p3 .L machine, ora Singer. t in exchange lor calflzmnmc* £O3 West Madison-et., Singerofljee. .. ■ /\NE IMPROVED SINGER. U or A Wilson. SW; I Wdlcox A Gibbs. iIS. l Honie, pjl; alflnperfect omcr. 2C3 Wat Matfcsod-rt.. 'Singer CfTJcc. __ cluaes. N. T. LARSEN. 3do Rut Plristofrgt. ntvmt qv*KtV*P fjp A J St3 WSST S SSi 1 «oW,”3 S’ r S thtl rented, and Open ttU P«_-g» • CMVGER. WEED; WUEELER Jr WILSCW. WTTU Sail tba attschmaaw, from r» to other# an?- qaartcr theirvalca; aeo&cslarall £• S?gH r all kinds and wamnttbem/of one jeor. J. C. SP-L^- CER. 414 West jttaJlott.’ - _ _- mHB IfSW STYLE NO. 8, iirnver ± Baker. Itemia.spo, Victor. Stotar hi £S"a inrmcJw b, X. T. lAitsiSSTaß Kart Division-***. ; - . - • 1 coon Cry. 287 Ststu-Bt. ■:.... ■ - • *• ■-- ■ • ton DOMESTIC- m WTIKtLKS.yfe OOU provdd focd, 151 Wst MadL»'iG-3C., oppAMte tb»Qt>Of»-Hoqg»» - TO iSASE* FOR OR..THE wtoos ot the fnmitnrs for tele.'Of a betel, three how* side of Ufaicaso; To-a practical total toan paly. Z a.Tribnao ogee. . • mo LEASE—Fok LONG TERM OF YKAR3_"A?n> J low rauL iofc njear M.StSI AwOtoO. LONr.lto.=nff.l«WM&WP»- To LEA3B-BOMBBK DOCK, C 6 LDMJ Qairt of A. J. WKIGUT. liQoiauMfc 15

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