Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 24, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 24, 1876 Page 3
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NEW YORK GOSSIP. Ibo Millionaire Stowarl'a Will and lit Dlioppolntmenli. nla Clorks Paid for Tlielr Own Orapo at the Funeral. Z Heir York Tounir Lmljr Who llaitorod Pslcnl-Illghts Lair. Iho Bomfintia History of an Episcopal Rector's Wife. Various Uistako of a Dotootivo About William M. Twood. nuclei CorranotuUnet of Tht Chicago 7nbune. New York, April 21).—Tho Stowsrt will was In doed a surprise. Tho mau died at bo lived, a mystery. Ho remembered some who in tbo judgment of their associates bad fow claims npou him, and forgot ttiouo who served him the most faithfully. Tbo bequest to Judgo Hillon woo expected, as tbo Judgo has bcou bis confi dential advisor for many years, audit will be recollected that when Mr. Htowarl was appointed Bocrotary of tbo Treasury bo made a proposi tion to convoy all bis Interest m tbo dry goods business of bis firm to Judge Uilton in trust for pub lic charities during such term as beheld thooffics. Tills was Iho earliest intimation to the imbllo that he itteemed tbo Judge In any remarkable light. Tbe say ing that to him that hath ihall be given is Illustrated In tbe gift of Ur. Blewart to Judge Uilton. before bis bequest tbe Judge wae a wealthy mao, worth probably JCOO.OOO or |3CO,OcO. He ia said to be a worthy successor of the deceased merchant, sml will ropy hie methods in every particular, lie boliovoa the best proof of success is—success I now tub btbwart clehhb weue treated. On'tlie Authority of odo of tho Rtowart clerks, It la stated thr.l on the occasion uf the visit to tho Btowart dwelling to toko a l»at look at tho remains of their employer, all the clerks, ratio ind lomalo, wore required to pay for tho crape they wore ae a badge of mourning. Possibly no proposal was made to Mr. Lihboy or Judge Hil ton to donate from tho slock sufficient crape to iDBWtr for tba occasion, but it is certain the clerks had lo psy for the crape they mod. Furthermore, they lost one day by the closing of the stores, and those not unpluyed in taking an Inventory of the stock lo settle (lie olTaits of the old firm lost i day's wages by tho interregnum. In the vast business oj (.rations of tho llrui ft is possible these SblngH may become necessary, hut - U Is Just surh milts thut estrange employes from tholr omuloycri. kgslu, thn contributions ot the clerks for tho lloral tributes sent from tba store to tbo funeral in the tliurcb were virtually compulsory on tho part of tbo tmpluyod. It was dune In this way t The bead of n lepartueut went around to the clerks and stated that R was designed that the clerks should raise • fund to purchase (lowers for the occasion, and that the amount would bo a sum ranging fiom 23 cents to $1 lo each, (t Is not known that a single derK refused—they flared not; a refusal probably would b&ve been fatal io their places. While we are singing eulogies to tho leparlod, let tho claims of tbo living have equal re (>cet. TUB “OHITALni" HOTEL IN TBOCDLE. It is understood that the old established and roll-known Now York Hotel, on Broadway and Fourth utroot, Is about to bo olosod. This 1b the Javorito hotol of tho Southern chivalry of tbo Rebel Bourbon stamp, and was known during die War as the rebel headquarters in this city. The ptopiletors once or twice doomed it oxpodl rot during the hclgbth of tbo War to raise the Stars md Sitipos, but it was frequently a noteworthy lucl lent that when Hags worn everywhere dying in token if Union victories there wore none visible on the New fork Hotel, and Its corridors wore always filled by lehol sympathizers who rather gloated over Iciest* of the Union armies than re joiced over their victories. Its registers tear the names of tbo most famous rebel leaders, rod oven to this day the Southern chivalry faction rove, by common consent, made it their hcadquar crs. Tho building has been rented for the post five rears at a rental of |Ci.OuO per annum to Measn. Trank Wrialoy & Co., end, (hough tho landlord has ifferod to reduce it to |3o,COtf per annum hereafter, lie lessees decline to accept it. Thors ie a double sot tf mortgages on portions of the furniture, and It la lonbtful If tbeindootedness can bo discharged without brooiosure. Yesterday tbs boarders were notified to Iml other quarters before the Ist of May, and for bo present transient guests will be accommodated tor only one more week. Devotion to the lost cause iss cost this hotel Its popularity, and bones the fail ire, WHAT A WOMAN CAN DO. la a recent lecturo on tbs “Progress of Neman," a very brief allusion was made to a tomato in this city who baa mastered cbo Imri lacioa of patent law, and la now employed by mo of tba largest patent-right Asms here to pre pare cases and tako depositions for nso In the Courts Id snob cases. Her name was nut given, and In fact all particulars were withheld. The woman In question deserves more than a pasting notice for , her perseverance and energy In overcoming the obsta cles which at first interposed to prevent her success. The lady’s name is AUm Kate Howell, and ahe may bo found any day in business hours at her desk In one of tho Park Row offices, busy as a bee, and as Industrious and Intelligent in her chosen pro fession as any of tho msscnllne condor, llcr briefs In patent-right cases aro well known tn Wash ington. and are esteemed models of accuracy end neatness. Her earliest efforts In patent-law knowl edge ceue about in a singular way. Bbo was em ployed In making mechanical drawings os exhibits in ippllcsUous for patents and in Interference oases bo lero the Departments, From this sho became fs nlllar wllh some of the legal requirements, and do brmlnod to master the details of the business. After Ivo years’ bard study she acquired sulllclout kuowl tige to takv a rcsponslblo position In a leading olllcc, ud already she baa had the substantial work to do In livers! famous cases. Her perseverance shows what a nsoluto woman can do. TUK ROMANCE OP A OBCTO&'a WIFE, people who visit ono of tho most ultra-fanh- Imable Episcopal churches in this city, and min go with the Rector's family, have very little wqualntanco with tho romantic history of his vtfo, or tho circumstances under which they tjro married. They aro both well advanced m jar* now, and it muat msko them both grin when they contemplate their early acquaintance. This wo* (won trodd years ago, In a Western city, whore the hus band (the present Rector) held * lucrative Govern- Dmt office. Ha hod about as much Idea of being a tlirgymon then aa ha now boa of being Tycoon of Ji?eu. ms wife—then a Mita—was the proprie tors of a dancing academy in tho city, »nt it was in pursuit of knowledge of 1 the Ugkt fantastic that the young man made the ocquoln- Utce. lie was an attentive pupil, and learned not ea|y tho uso o( hie heels ami toes, but also of bis bear!. In brief, he saw, loved, aud conquered the fall preceptor, and in due course they were married. <lait before tbo wedding the intended husband started s poblla testimonial to his future bride by her pupils— in ether words a ball. It was a success, and brought fiunoroua ducats to ber purse. After the marriage th* husband passed through several stages of doe (ileal belief, and finally landed in (bo bosom of tbo kpucoptl Otiufob, Hero he has been petted and mode tmuhuf, The former danssuss la an excellent wile, a medal of benevolence and pattern of goodueae, but probably she Is Inwardly rejoiced that bar early his tory is unknown. SINGULIS DETECTIVE MISTAKE. Amajority of oar police detectives adhere to lbs belief that tbe notorious William M. Tweed Is lUll concealed somewhere in this city, end Bupirintendeut Walling of the police unheeitat iugl; declares that it is impossible from the way In which tbe polios were distributed immediate ly Attsr the escape, for Tweed to have gotten out of tbe rity ly eny land, walre, or, in feet, soy of tho ordi nary avenues of communication, end all the theories of particular vessels having been engaged to carry Tweed to particular ports nave long since been ex ploded. These clows have boon thoroughly wouked tod exhausted. It certainly seems extraordi nary that a nun of Tweed's pec all or per •ottsl appearanea-bU crooked noie, cross •Id, large frame, end well-known corpulence— toold have been lean la eny foreign country without thoovery. Pictures end descriptions of Tweed have tau tent to ill foreign countries, and particularly to wellies which have no extradition treaties with our uoTimmeut, end still no authentic information has toto received of his whereabouts, U is saUmatod tost Bberiff Conner has expended 110,000 already la tooting Tweed, and he Is still keeping it up, resolved to capture blm If possible. There are twu or three Ptfsuoa In this city who closely resemble Tweed. One or thuu is a Fifth evenue physician, upon whom a Practical Joke was recently played. He was summoned M 3 o’clock in tbe morning from hie house on a bogus call and e detective, meanwhile posted by su anonymous totter that Tweed would at a particular time call at s Wilaln house. The detective end a patrolman were to baud at the time, aud saw their victim. There wuld be no mistake about it. It was Tweed and no otoert Tbe detective arrested the Doctor, end all hie precautions were In vain. At last (bey contented to use him to Superintendent WelhogV residence, end at 8 o’clock!, m. tbe Superintendent wee aroused with Information that Tweed was to custody sad muting (or him down stairs lu sompany with officers, walling Jumped from hie bed wild wita Joy, sad half jJMeatq rushed downeUtreto see tbe prisoner.' He tod ones before been partly fooled by the reseatUanoe. y* ootuae tbe Doctor was released, and he retired mad tod disgusted. Tbs detective does not uov believe to anonymous letters,and says bs would Ilia to dad (b« fallow who fooled him. tub aatinos-hank nnsi.SESB. Two of the leading Ravings banks bar* pub licly announced that neroafter they will pay only S per coot interest on deposits. These banks will snjoy all the more confidence on this ac count, although they may do lota bUSinORI). It bit coma to pass in tbsae latter days that partita with aararal Ibouaand dollar* of funds which tbey deilrs to retain In such shape *a to be readily available, hare adopted tbs plan of offering depoalla in large sums to the sarloga banks, but the beat Institutions hare •leadlly refused them. Tbs President of the bowery was lately offered (s,OOO on deposit, and although this is one of the s per cent banka— deposit was declined, on the ground (bat It was not disposed to allow capitalists to lake advantage of the terms 'offered to mechanics and tradesmen. The party imagined he had some right* In the premises, and that tba lank could not legally refuse tbs tendered depoalt, but this Is t mlilak". All the savings banka lu this city havo etrrets provisions In their ebartars by which the receipt of dejoali* U optional. This is nearly ash’d as tbs practice of the old Utate banks, widen <o this day decline to receive deposits unless the proposed depositor Is Introduced and vouched for by rows respouaible party. Ills not, Ibereforo, so easy to open a New York bank account as may be imagined. UOAtIDINO nuenOKAL CtmORNCV. Already lu view of tba oarly redemption of fractional currency to silver coin at the Sub- Treasury, people are beginning to regard tbo small bills ss especially valuable. For several days it bas boon remarked that th# number of dollar grconbacka offoiod in payment of small accounts had grown immensely. You sea It in the borso-cara, at tbs news-stands, and elsewhere to a greater extant than ever before. This Is preliminary to tbs boarding of tho silver itself, for, notwithstand ing the oxteuaivs publication of Uis depreciation in the gold valu* ot alitor, there are hundreds nf thousands of people who etill prefer ellver cola to the small greenback known as frac tional currency. For a few months it will undoubtedly be fouud that propie will hoard sil ver at a rata that will make small change scarcer and scarcer. It ia amusing to witness tbe confusion of people who are honestly opposed to telling a lie when the hom-cnr conductors, for example, ask them If they haven't anything smaller when offering a ft Mil lor a fare, before a week tbe practice will become so universal of hoarding tbs small currency, that it will occasion inconvenience. Ibe shop proprietors who exchange bums not over $3 for tbe fractional* ore already complaining that they get nothing now hut tl and 43 bill*. Great ia the day of silver 1 UORC OP JAV QODLO’tt TBIOEB. When it was announced a few weeka ago that Jay Qoula had tbiown overboard all bis Pacific Mail Steamship Company’s stocks, tbo price rapidly docliuod,B(Rrtiagatß4 and declining to 17 lu loss than a week. Now there w an upward turn again, and the stock to-day is quoted at llljtf. The secret of it is that Gould sold at about 93 and 94, and delivered tho stock. Then be began sell ing short at 3), W, and so on down to 17? f, when ho cornered ami bought back all bo could make contract* for. Afte* he had purchased s large line at 17(4 and IS, the difficulty was for the seller to deliver, end Gould has made a prollt at both ends,—first, by sell lug out ala high price; and, second, by squeezing the hoars when bo could no longer use them. The stock la now regarded on the street as practically worthless, sud the undoubted cud of It will be that tho Central Pacific Itiilrosd or the Panama Uailroad Company will gobble up tho property at a nominal figure. Gould's Mid on tbo Western Union has been manipulated In tho s .iiio way. First ho sold short and ran dowd the Knees bo as to make him s handsome profit, and now ols operating for a rlss again. The Wall-atreet op erators, it la reported, to-day havo smerod Into a strong combination to defeat Gould's raid on Western Unlou. and It Is regarded as doubtful whether he will make any money out of that slock or not. * lUE CUAIII.ES O’OONOU CONTBOVEItBY. The controversy respecting the justice of Cbarloß O’Ounor’a acceptance of a largo foo from Urn. Sinclair for services in the Forrest divorce eaeo alter tho repeated declarations that no fees were to bo charged, baa grown into a public question, owing to tho combnliveness displayed by Mr. O’Oonor for investigations. Tho question is an unfortunate one for tho principal parties interested. Mrs. Hlnclslrls understood lo say that she his no gilorsnce against Mr. O'Conor which she desires to vindicate before tho public, but she simply stands on lbs admissions uf Ur. ©’Conor himself. The latter says there was no such understanding that in honor or good conscience bound him to taku no fees for bis services, and be points triumphantly to the remark of the itoferee who awarded the alimo ny, that the amount should he Urge, owing to the sum required to be paid for counsel zees. This matter would have been hushed up but for a blunder of the foreman in tho Times ofiice. It wae ordered sup pressed after It b*d boon put Into type, but by a blun der another article was supprsased and the O'Conor matter printed in Its stead. How is this for American hospitality : Dom Pedro found twelve begging letters awaiting him ou his ar rival at the Fifth Avenue Hotel! THE CRECHE AND GUARDIAN SCHOOLS IN BELGIUM. Special Corrupondewt of Tht Chicago Tribune, Dbussbu, April I.—A groat deal is done boro Id Belgium for tho poor, and dono in a very sys tematic and helpful way. Since wo have boon in Liege wo bavo visited two institutions for a class very much neglected lu our own largo oillcß,—little children,—namely : the Crooboand the Guardian Schools. They aro institutions for taking care of the children of Ibo very poor from the timo of birth, ouo might say, up to 7or 8 years of ago. Physicians toll ua that the treat ment a child receives during the first two or throe years of its life is of tbs greatest impor tance to its whole future development, moral and physical; therefore the Creche is a moat useful chanty, and one sadly needed iu our overcrowded cities. Any person, and more es pecially any women, who has visited tho homos of the very poor in our largo cities in the States, must have had their hearts really wrung to see tho pitiful neg iuot in which a groat many working-women are obliged, by “ the hard necessity for daily broad," to leave their little children. A womau who has several small children, and whose employment takes her from borne for a great part of the day, as is often tho case, Is obliged to leave the baby, or tho little one of a year or two old, to the tender mercies of the eldest girl, probably little more than a child herself, from whom you can hardly expect the constant care and watching that a helpless infant requires,—cares that some times tax even a woman's loving patience. Of course, it would bo better that there should be no need for snob institutions as the Oroobo, and that each mother of a family, however poor, should bare leisure to bring up nor own children. For this much-to-ho dcsirod state of things we must look Obioily to a simple and practical education for women of the poorer classes, such as will enable them to matte tbs beat use of the moans they bavo. lo tbo meantime, as the poor have much to contend with in lusuiUolentor unsuitable food, close and badiy ventilated rooms, or too confin ing work, it seems bard ail should not bo done for them that possibly can bo. 1 remember once at bouo m Chicago passing by a poor tenomeut bouso on a hot summer afternoon, and seeing a liltio creature of about 18 mouths, who had crawled out of the house, and was sobbing in a weak manner, with its head laid down on tbo door-step. Fearing that It might fall off the stops, 1 wont up to it, lifted It up. aod carried it it iuto tbs bouses seeing no one anywhere, finding the child bad been left all alone, and was faint from hunger, I mode bold to give it some food, which X found ready prepared on a shelf, aod then laid the poor little thing on its bed, where it soon fell fast asleep. A neigh bor, whom 1 called down-stairs to speak with me. told mo the mother was a washerwoman, ano was in tho habit of leaving tho baby with Us little brother while ebe went to her work. Tbe boy ran off, to play, probably, and left tbe baby to take care of ilacff \ and, in ite desperation, crawled out of tbe bouao, seeking some one to feed it. What tho poor little oue must bavo suffered from thirst during tbo long boars of a bot summer's day, no oue oao (ell. This is not an isolated caso—thousands of little ones pass tbe first year or two of childhood amidst Just such privations. Now the Oreohe remedies all this. Tbe ooa we visited in Llogo, and which baa its duplicate in each quartior or ward of tbe city, to a private enterprise j but it seems to me that (be health and well-being of its poor la of so much importance to a citv that some of the public money would be as well spent iu founding Creches as in tbo education of older children. On our arrival at the building we were told was the Creche, our ring was an swered by a young girl, whose mother was Mat ron of tho establishment. We were ushered mto a lare room, warm and comfortable, and lighted by several windows. There were about forty bale bods and cradles ranged aiound tho walls, with the name of Its occupant written above each. Any person by paying a certain sum oao have tbo disposal of a bed. and can keep oue email pensioner at tbe Creche. Wo thought there were too few nurses for the num ber of children,—one to every eight, when there •Uonld be cue for every five. The nurses are without exception elderly women { this is a gaod arrangement, for they are more experienced than young women, aod the work, though constant. Is light, and better fitted for those woo are pael hud labor. Tbe Creche is open from half-past 6in (be morning until 8 m the evening. Homo of tbe babies are occasionally left until that hour { hut the Matron told ms U was a bad ar rangement, and usually the result of idleness or 11115 UUIUAUO 1U1BUNI5: MONIIAY, Al’KlL 24, 187 G. nsglseton tho part of tbs nnlhani. Each child has its own bon, lltllo chest of drawers. And Mil’ll chair When the child ih brought in the morn ing, it to washed and diOßiiO'l in oiotliJH ko;it at the Croclio for It; And It In again tin* droeied before It ia takmi homo At night, and ilo own clothes put * upon It. The bourn for meals am l>, 12, and 4. When a mother leave* a miming baby she in expected to nnrao it at the Creche once or oftooer during tho day. It was about -I o'clock In tbe aftornoou wnon wo viaitod llio Oreoho. and neToral of the little onen wore aheady mani festing signs of utieaHincee. Children who coaid Juab walk dragged tncir tir<d Jitlio foal about after their favoiite huiho, banging on to bur nklrte, hoping to bo taken upon burlap. One little follow walked about nole and solitary, making a ddoroua notoo; ho wan a now-comcr. and wan not qmto uacd to bu Burroundings. Wo were shown tho hollo of tbe institution, a bright oved little thing, who bad a sweet. shv emilo for every ono. Wo veil'd the biota-room alth its piles of fiauuolo and small blue ami wtute checked drnssod. Everything whs of the plain sat and cheapest material*, hut strong and cloio. Tbo Matron baa charge of tbo stores. Wo looked into tbo kitchen, and saw row* of tiny, bright saucepans. All the food tbe chil dren got during tho day is prepared at thn Creche, and proparod with great caro and clean lines*. All tho arrangfluiL’iita counseled with tho Creche aro economical. On leaving tho Crocbo at tbo age of 2, the child entorn thn Kcale Oardirnne, nr Guardian Bchool, which is maintained by the oily or Commune out of thu publio funda fur local expenses. OUAnDIAN BCHOOL. Having obtained pormlßHlou at tbo Hotel de Vllle, wo visited one of tbeae Qumdlsn Schools. of which there are sovotal In tbo City of Llogo, all conduct ed on tho same plan. As we entered the first room, where tbe youngor children received their instruction, about fifty palm of bright eyes turned toward* uh. Tbe rolstroe.4, a kind, intelligent voting woman, on hearing that no were Americano, received us very kindly, and wao moat anxtoua to make no thoroughly acquainted with tho Bvetom adopted lu tbe instruction of those little ones. The children lu tble room were from 8 to 4 yearn of ago ; In tbo second room, from 4 to (5. Whou tney leave tho nccoud room thor are ready to outer the primary department of the public school. The children note sealed on benches before small tabled,—the girls on one side of the toom, tod tbo born ou the other. Tho school bnura sre two In the morumg and one and a half lu tho afternooti; tbo iutsi veiling time Is devoted to plav, out of dooro, If possible. Dinner la provided for them at tbo school, lu the first room the children are taught (acts shout commou things by objcct-loaaoue, aa tho domestic auimals, the suapco ana uses of different things. «to.: thor are aieo tnught to oltig, and are amused by little nlajo, sod receive leaaoiiH iu calisthenics. The mmtroßß gave au object-lensun forum cuioitaiu nient, bv tho help of a rod woroted ball upon • hicb obe aeked several quosUuuo and received from tbe little once intelligent answers. Hho asked Ha color, shape, whether it was animate or inanimate, etc. Every few momenta oho made them all answer together to keep their at tention. Thor each one roao to answer, with their hands folded, and their Btolid Belgian faces turned toward ns. I looked bark at them and thought these form .part ot tho coming generation of workers; those who are to bear so largo a portion of tbo beat and burdoa of the nation al hfo. That tbey will ho able to act better their Important parts for the pains and labor bestowed upon their early education, 1 am con vinced; teaching the little girls to tbink for themselves, and by gontle treatment softening tho manners of the future workman, of whom two wero sitting on a liitlo bench by thomaolvcH, as a punishment for misconduct. and nouding hsir-oby. half-aahamod glances iu tbo direction of tbo visitors. Tho cuildrco sang for us; and tbon wo wero invited to visit the second room, for oomowbat older children. On oar exit the lit tle onoa rose and kissed their hamlo to no by way of parting salutation,—the girls with half smiles, the bova with honest indifference. Wo passed into tbe second room, whore tno mistress, an intelligent middle-aged, but rather, dohcate-loqkiug woman, received us with much kindness. The whole class were engaged in draviog.— those who wore just commencing, on slates, while tho moroadfancod scholars had paper, and some of them had pencils of all c-fiers. Every thing is provided for tbs children at the school, the parents mcurrlug no expense of any son. Thov are taught to draw by the help of the hlookooard, vortical, boiizoutal, and perpendic ular lines; square, triangular, and round figures ;• and thou they mvont thoirowu designs, forming combinations to suit themselves, wulch, if thov do carfully and woli. they are allowed to enliven by moans of colored pencils. In those Guardian Schools tbo little pupils are not even taught their letters, and the old (heoiy that teaching should commence with the alphabet is quite ex ploded. Wa asked tho mistress if she taught arithmetic, and she showed us about fifty small buudloa of smooth slicks, each bundle containing ten sticks; with these tho children go through tuo first four rules of arithmetic, uptotou. Drawing, object lessons, singing, and piaotical arithmetic with sticks form tho curriculum in the second room. All the Guardian Schools follow tbo same sys tem. One Utile follow of 0 years, who is to outer tbo public school at tbo end of this terra, showed ns a neat and really elaborate drawing with great pride. Aa a carpenter or builder, this early training in linoe and squares may be of groat oso to him. The children make fancy mats of colored tissue-paper, indeed, every de vice that can bo imagiued for amusing children without fatiguing them is brought into prac tice. No severe punishment Is allowed. A lady who is much occupied with tho subject of education for rich and poor, told mo that she much admired our free mingling of tbo soxoa from childhood in their studies and plays. Our system might have Us drawbacks, but that these wore loss prejudicial to the general moral tone of tho publlo than a too careful separation of the sexes. There is, however, a happy medium. Putliug boys and girls together is quite an inno vation In Belgium,and is ooiyallomptod m those Guardian Helmets, which tbo children leave at the ago of 0 years. It should bo a serious con sideration for us Americans, how much thought ful and earnest workers in the Old World look to us foV a happy solution of tho social and religions problems that aro fast becoming the great questions of tho dav. And 1 often wish I could give a more hearty " Yes " to the auxious and oft-repealed inquiry, whether the spirit of liberty and toleration that guides our insti tutions did not prove itself to bo tho true solu tion to all these difficulties. Bbactf. Tbo system of education of which 1 havo tried to give a faint idea, though simple m ap pearance. aud really so for the child, demands great care aud patience on the part of tbe teacher. I should aupnoao they would have to bo tramod toil. Indued, it would seam that old acbool-roqm aayiug that "Thera was no royal road to learning" was proving itself to be Into many another good old saying, a fallacy. X. Pouring- Ten* Uouttkttver, There Is more to bo learned about pouring out hot tea and coffee than most ladies aro willing to lotlove. If those decoctions aro made at tho table, which is by far the best way, they require experience, Judgment, and exactness; if they ore brought on tho table ready made, it still re quires judgment so to apportion them that they shall prove sufficient In quantity for the family • party, and (hat the older members shsll havo the strmgcr cups. Often persons pour out tes who, not being at all aware that tbo tint cup Is tbe weakest, and (hat the tea grows stronger ss you proceed, bestow Hie poorest cup upoo the greatest stranger, and give the strongest lo a very young member of tbe family who would havo been bettor without any. Where several cups of equal strength are wanted you should pour a little into each, and then go back. Inverting the order as you fill thorn so, and the strength will be apportioned properlv. Tnls is so well understood m England that an experienced pourer of tea waits til) all (be oupa of tho company aro returned lo herbofore'suo fills any a second time, that all may share alike, Thrilling Incident* A thrilling Incident is rotated concerning a pas senger train oa the Missouri, Kansaa A Texas llailroaJ. One day, not long since, as!it was dash lag towards livanavlllo, Mr. Chappell, tho upgi. poor, saw, cot a hundred yards ahead, a luigo tree lying across (ha track. Instant death seemed inevitables but Chappell pot on the alr-bralio, reversed tbo lever, and stood at bis post, never flinching, as tue engine dashed into the obstruc tion. The locomotive reared up. was stripped of its wheels, and hurled to one side. Tbo tender and baggage-car wore touted iutp tho ditch, but (be paaaougor-cars were left standing on (Us track uninjured. The engineer and fire man crawled out of tho wreck, stiaugo to say, both unharmed, and the conductor quieted tho frightened passengers. It was a miraculous es cape for the whole (rein, and the credit Is due to the brave engineer, who faced death like a Upartan. Oarlyls on Vivisection. Hr. Thomas Carlyle baa been heard from on (bo subject of vivisection, lie save that over since bo was a bov, when he read tho accounts of Majondle'a atrocities, he lias never thought of the practice of vivisecting animals but with , horror. Qe believes tho reports about tho good reiulls aaid to bo obtained from tba practice of vivisection to be immensely exaggerated. Keen supposing (liu gnoJ results to »>• much creator lliiu Mr. Uoilyio behoves they are, ami apart too from tho shocking pain Indicted on helpless atilmaln, ho would anil tlnoli tho practice no bru talizing to the operator that be would’iameetly wish clio law on tho subject to be altered eo aa to mako vlvlaectiou. when practiced by private individual!), an Indictable offense. liergU be* lioves substantially tho namo. OSHKOSH. Nnvlirntlnti.Maniilacturlns:- Porson* al l tome—fourth»*l»j uly Cclcltru. (lon. h’pteM' Cornivonilensf. Ohkosfi, Win., April 21.—Navigation on the Wolf and I'ox Rivera began April 20, by the de parture of tho steamer Tom Wall for Now Lon don. Tbln is about an early an the average opening of navigation for the pant ton years. Last year tho Aral boat started April 25. About a dozen of the saw-tnilla and ehingle milla of this otty have started up, and so.voral more will commeuoe on Mondav. All have a supply of loga on hand eufllcieoUo last until the now crop or loue roaches market. Tho Wieoonsio Cooperage Company, hereto fore engaged in manufactunug Uuur-barrele, have chaugod their works into a box-factory. Miss Alma, a young, beautiful, and promising daughter of Hon. C. A. Weiibrok, died jester day. aged 1U years. Tho family of tho lion. Pbiletue Sawyer have returned from Washington for tho season. Audrow Matron, our new Uavor, is the first Cnibulio ever elected to that position. Arrangements are being undo for tbe largest celebration of thn Fourth of July ever known in Wisconsin. A Committee is at work securing orator, arranging programme, etc. The disagreeable weather has caused much sickness, and tbe doath-rato has increased alarmingly. A IQyitery Wolrcrt. Ur. N, Arland, under date of Norlbeant, Pa.. April 17. IH7C. aavei “'I Uirty-fivo years ago IhaelUH Goodrich, an earlv soitler of Cleveland, 0.. became suddenly mlMing, and at tho time all efforts wore mado to solve tbe mystery, but to no avail. E>ery ouo supposed that he bad b«on foully dealt with, until now it is learned that he died in December, 187&, in South America. A few months before Ills diaappoar anco, bis wife, a vary estimable lady, died, and ho was loft with two small boys, la whom ho was very much attached. His deparluro at such a time made the occurrence still more strange. Why he should have gone away la not known, and it is attributed to Ills desire to rosm, as at the time of bis very mvaterioua disappearance he was financially proeperous and highly esteemed by all who know him. He baa loft a fortune of $8,000,00U, whicn falle to Ur. J. Dudley Qroodnch, youngest sou and only heir.’* The New York correspondent of the Cologne Qairtif writes thus concerning the groat pianist: '•Herr von Dulow'a fortunes boro have been still more peculiar than those of Wachtol. There is but one voice in regard to bis art, which, in objectivenoie and completeness, re ceives the preference over ibat of Rubinstein, whoso caroor in tbe United titatea was so tri umphant. Uufostuiiately, tins man docs not only play—bo talks aho; and wbat ho ears strikes tbe ear very differently from tho tones whioh hodtawa from the piano.” CITY REAXi ESTATE. Por'sale'.'"'^ WKST RIDE. Two-atory and basement resldonco on Woit Adamaat.. naar Throop, 13 room#. Urge lot. 413,500. flight-room cottage on LoavUl-ti., corner ot Walnut, J uratory home on Madlion-at.. near Aabland-av., 11 rooma, $7,5jC. Ttvo-aturyand basement octagon brick house on Mon roo-at., near Weilorn-av., Jt.tuo, One-story and brick baaetnool bouse on Morgan-tl., near Plot IsUudav., |2 rooma, ft3.uo. Threo-atorr and basement marble frent on I’ark-av., ncarUnlon Park, all modern Improvement!, 14 rooma, ■iWatorr and basement brick, front* on Randolph-el., near Kllfaboih, 10 rooma, all modern Improvements. 81u.- WO and 813,000. One-story and basement cottage on Walnnt-st.. near Wood, II rooma, #4, out). Two S-tiory and nntlnpbed basement marblo fronta on Woetom-av., *7,00). Two-tiorr and buement brick bonioa on llorrolUce-ST.. $3.6«M0 _ _ , SOUTH KTDK, Two-story frame boat* on liresol bonlsrard, near Brook-it., lot 6<Jilßolo2o*footaltoy, 810,CM). 1 woitory attic brick hours on llrjant-ar., near Via* esnnci-ar., all modern Improvements, JS.oou. 'i'wo-story frame home, 10 mom*, on Kllli-ar., near Thirty-iereath rt., large lot. 80.U1O: and othor good houses In (ha same nsigtiborhood Tory low. His-room collages on SUloet., near fortieth, aheap. Two-sioty frame homo o f I’ortlandar., near Thirty eightb-it., 7 room*. 82,(00. Tnroostory amt naaenio/t atone front nn Pralrlea».» nsarYwenty-ninth-st,, all /lodarn Impressments, ilium. '1 woitory and bate • ont I rick liouae, atnno trimmings, on Komut-ar., ncorTUlrt,-serenth-st., U.fcOU. Two-story and basomon; uarblo front on Ellis Park, 10 rooms, $7,0(10. Two-itory atom on Aroblr-ar., near Tvonty-Mcond-at., 30,000. NORTH SIDE. On Stale st., LaSallo-st., and Lincoln-av., and other good streets in this and othor parts o( (he city. (Jail and ■so our Hit. TUUNKU A lUJND, Rooms 11 and 18. lift Wasblagton-al. noil SALP.~S4,WW WILL BUY THE TWOdiTORY 1' and basumout brick house No. 573 Congratstt., near Ashlsndav.. including furnace and gaa-iiziures. Tho house baa boon uewly grained aud papered. Look at it. Ivey at 675 West Goagrcs*-»t. For halr-for 911,000, is worth sis.a-o. a - slciry octagon marblo-front home with lot Stull'S. oa \Tabaih-av.,|uoar Twonly-Dlnlh-st. Oo and lao it II you want a baigalu, TURNERA UOND.jCrJ Waihlugton-sL P6it BALB-A TWO-STORY 'AND EASEMENT brick houae on Honoroit. All modern Improve* monte, at a bargain. TURNKR A ROND, lu3 Washing lon-st. [BOR BALR-ON THE 97TH DAY OK APRIL. AT I X 1 o'clock p. m., on the premises, 1 will tell tho follow, tug proparty: No. 1885 IndUnt-ar., subject loan Incum brance ot .10.500. and accrued tntcroit and taxes, at pub lie auction. O. D. WETUKRRLL, Trutleo, IPOR HALIS T W6-STORY AND BASEMENT X* brick bou-o, 9 rooms, all modern Improvement*, on llowe-et., near Sophia, 85,0u0j a groat bargain. TUR NER A ROND. t ['Oß SAI.H-A HOUSE AND LOT ON KLLIS-AV., 1 near bone aud itetin cara at a great bargain, fan bo bought for lot* than the ground U worth. TURNER A ROND, 103 VTublugton-et. FOR - HA LR—THE NORTHEAST CORNER - 6V Twelfth and I)e»plalnoa-ala. 45 feel on Twelfth-at. 127 feoton Deiplainea-il. Will tell at a heavy sacrifice. Call and tee. SAMUEL OKHU. 11l Dearbom-tl. FOR BALK-THK ELEGANT BUENA VISTA •lone front residence on Thlrty-fifth-st.. at Hie head of the Uraad Boulevard: all modern iiuprovemen'si ac* coaUble by eteaut or hona«eare. In one of tha choicest rmldanco district* of tho city: etty torus. TURNER A ROND, 101 Watblngton-tt. [BOR SALE BARGAINS KNOWING THAT I* bouses If sold at all thU year will be likely to be sold before May 1, wo oflor during the month a few bouses that aro really bargains: prices ranging from $3.0u0 umMu.iiV. Gill and Investigate before purchasing, TURNKR A ROND, 103 SUBURBAN B£Ali ESTATE. IBOR SALK-RENT, OH EXCHANGE-HOUSES L' and Inlaal Hinsdale—cheap on easy tonus. llunsui of 4,6, 8, 10. and I'J nwroi, High, dry lots, and 111 oouU fare. O. J. ST'OUOH, US Psatborn-st. n'OR SALE-MORGAN PARK—UOUBKS AND IXITS L 1 on monthly parmoaU. Only a small cash payment re quired , Houseol o room*and lot UHISO, (I.SjUi monthly payments. <14.66. Hooseof d rooms and lot,tin; monihly psymonU. $13.17, House of 8 rooms aud tut 76z 141. s3,4ito; monthly payments, $37.(8. Itnuios costing double (ho*o prices, double the monthly paynienti, Rail* road fare, lu cents. Inquire of GEO. it. CLARKE. Agqnt, No. II Chamber of Commerce. li'Oß SALE—2-STOUY HOUSES RUILTT'O<>RDER I.' on 60-foot tote, at Western Springs, on O. R. AQ, It. IL, at from $560 (o $1,500, with sidewalks oomplete. near station, on etty paymonta. at short notice. Soverat nice new houses to rsnt cbtap. T. C, HILL, 4 Lakeside Ruildlog. FOU SALK—RESIDENCES AT LAKE FOREST— Two plicae rery deilrabla for iltnitlon, with (arcs C;rotind» very nnely ornamoutod. Also, for rant, a larga louae, funtuhrd t eaoira) location with lion ground* and flood garden. Al»o, an elegant lioum, neatly new, no a ntot one acre. la a boauUlol nalgboorbood. Apply to 8. LIND, WLaSallo-at. FOU BALK-OH TO LKT-A DHSIRADI.R PROP orty at Rivonlde, with brick hou*a. all Improve meat*, itabls, etc. s J acre* of land. Apply to T. WATSON, lUßPaarboru-.t., lor further particular*. COUNTRY'HEAL ESTATE^ PGR HALE—i-AOUE BUILDING SITES ON THE aliore ol Uooara Lake, li'ii., within a ball mile of WhlHna Hour*. Thalaat and only cbauca for a roaldeoea of tbiruaelrableuaiun). Varlou* cbanca* for aalra aud bargain* In village and lake ahoro land* about thi* du llghtiul roaort. Term* tnada known by addreaelog J. E. RUHTO.V, (umara Lake. Wl>. 'real estate wanted. Wantkd-wb have several cash in- IT ijutrltarorhuuaaawarthfromSl.pOOiotS.OUO. Own art wielimg to tell plea*# call and learn particular*. Now lathe lime. TURNER* HOSD. U? J Wa.iilngu.i. ■«!. PERSONAL. I NFORMATION WANTEDOFJOIINT. BROTHERS: 1 laat htard from wa» In Chicago. Any Information of him will l>* thankfully recalled by biaaUtvr, AHmAI AG GIE 0. BROTHERS, SUibpruoa-at., Camueu, New Jar- pEUfjONAL-NOUTU AV. AND CLtUK-bT.. SAT XT urdayafternom, 4:1). If agreeable. Ilia grutleiuea a wagon wculd Ilka lolorn tha aogualaiancv of tha li ra who noticed team. Addruei U 3. Trthuuo office. P" KirsONAL-joyiTpri'WOOD-Dr’Tb T. D., CALL for a latter at tha Paat-uaico. LOST AND FOUND. LOST-A TAX RECEIPT ROOK CONTAINING A •urn of menu/. AaoltabU reward will be paid fur H* return loihla oflioaor to 33? Dayton-al. U.U. VER NON. £l n RKWAUP-LOST-NEWFOUNOLAND DOG. OiU black, wary balr; bad a brau collar, marked. G. UUitUARD. 4ANorth D«arbjru »t.. Chicago. SEWING MACHINES. IPOR SALK-SEVERAL LATA IMPROVED AIA- X chine*, embracini all kindi la tba market, to be aold very cuaap tu twy advance*. Muu*y loaued on tnaculnea. PmawLoan Uihuu, IJ> CUrk-*l-. Uoouil, npatakr*. CINOKiVoFFICEIjf'a. j. MELOIIERT, SuS WEST aj AladUon-et. Afachln** aold on monthly payateata. ranted, and Cvoa till V p. iu« TO RENT—HOUSES. To UKWt-itv v. u. viKituwu, room w. la J Detrbcrn-M.. riiar M»ei«»nj 35* Ka»l lndUi*t-«i.. t.ii i Hue c-nicry and bi'cmsut brink, wnb nil Imprursm^n*/. Brown itene trout»( It roonn, wllli nil l.nprorimnnli, on the noriltwait corner of ami Tiurty ■moo’l'tt. lioneot (lie rlnmtnf rMldunoit. 440 liurlbiit-nt., brick. 12 room*, lino, tiyl f’rtlrls ar,, homo of 9 room*. If.K I'raine »»., lmu:e of II roomt. 78 Twint»iti(hit., brick of II rnoma, lit) Rouih L)«»rl)Qrn-*t., bonis of II toomi. leUNonlh Omrlv.rn-M., nMtrn'fj rrw>m«. Fins etora on Maio-i'., n*»f F'lrtr-auveattlit. HI Moriran-at.. c*itiayp of S r- ,im, 751 Won Janimii a*.., cuM»#o*.f a rootai. »«•(.( Ukq-.K., »...r:-C < f •• l FJ Oram-olac*. brli kof li tu-.ti.a, S'ft Unit lUtitPli.hM.. Mora an-l loftr, 4;*',, «», Kit, a.t!, and A’>S Main »*., itnrri. Ptirnltlifl li'iuie ol M room* on I woiiirfotirth-iU 'Jit Ulusllit., eottaeerif 9 moral. F. O. VIKuI.I.NfJ, li'inn 16. 175 nqarhnrnit. To .skmTnt _ martU.front tiolldlod on Twoutyiodood as., comor efßotilh I'artcar. Nut. 4t/2atnl 4il South Clark-at., (torts with Ito fl->or» htniru. Ba*tm*nt ai l aocoad and third floor*, Nai. 191 aad 1&6 nonh f»o. On Mc'(li‘hen-«t.. cottage and haru. Wo, S'** V.oil, collage. Oftleoi ami room* m I,'iildluts. Woa. 161 and 14; Bandtlph tt. No. P'3 Hamloliih-.i,, it.,r»2o**ofeat. No. ITe lUn«loli.h-*t.. aiors. bailment, and ■eemd. dw.lliiiKi. -Apply to JOHN UUNZKNILiIf.SMt, it) kand'ilpn-it,, Hoorn 1, rro UKNT->.u NuUTii i.a HAi.r.K HrTf riorrAokl largo for, 4r,»rn-,uthi Wlllbo paints and piilln flrat-claii ordsr. I*} jjurlbut-st., In lino order, 7 rooms. *25 a month. .13 Wanou-av,, brick homo, all modern linprofomeats, Q 5« a month. Johnroo place, brick homo, 9 story and baromant. 825 a mould. Loarllt lt., awaited frost brick Imni-', LV) a m.-inth. hl-MllV WllllM’l.K. lot t\niiuigti>n-»i.. Hoom 14. TO Rltvr-NKW OOTAfION hfi INK-FRONT, TW(J". J. itorlc*. ut'lr, aod baxenicnl, 14 lior and cold walnr. (>att,-room. etc., brick barn, band lomolawn, larao lot, *hado trroj, tnarblo tile »ldo*«»ik, Ale., 474 per mouth. Wo. 44 Camill-fii., curuor ol sncl don.*t. AUo. throe fl’ory and bniemcnt itonq (root. I4roomi atatlouary wanh-ntaiidi, with hot and cold water in all tho rmitm, hatli, lurnace. oic, bars In ttar. Wo. 4*1(1 per nvm»h. Aln, new lO foom brick lii.uror, wltii conreEljao-r, on and Arb .r place, at from tr. i» «M t or monib. H. 8. UAVHrt, Itooin 7 Mitrupoiitan |g<xk. fPO UKNT ”THI!KK*BTOiiY UAM'.MK.Vf X etonn (mot raitdence. eleganllf situated os Uuih-tl., and roplila with ever; ctmreinr nee. . . . . AMO 'l brick dwelling, S5xM foot, with soh otll*r aad finlibed aitle; *ll modem ccntrnlciu-e*. Z’oohlo *t. Apply to L. C. PAMDKi:, . 135 RENT-I'UOM MAY 1. HOUSE 714 WMtAS"n- J. av„ wld* lot. Rood bam. 13 room*, all modern Im provement*; cheap to a good tenant. Applral Clifton Home. r [’ O " E E S-sTo RY A ND"' it A SKMKNT a brick and atune-frnnt huuxs on Calumrl-av., one half block south of Twenty-mmh-*(., now, with all modern Improvement*} very cheap to good tenants. UULLOCK BROS.. to and M Madl*on-at. TO" RENT—A 3-STORY ANDU it ICkIusFMENT house. H room*, modern improvements, in giv*d urdor. No, 19 Lakotv. at Falrvlew Station, cheap. T. U. HILL, 4 Lakeside Building. rPO RENT-HOUSES 215 AND 319 SOUTH SAMOA i mun-tt.; atone front*, two-story basement, and Mao. tardronf; bat* caa fixtures, furnace*, stationary tuba, and window acreoni: complelo to ever/ war; 315 r*adf fur occupancy Due, being newly painted and grained throughout. U. H. SIIIJFKLDT, Ifel Adama-ah TO KENT —DWELLING Wifll MODERN IM. pioteincnta, No. 667 Wabaab-ar. J. W. PORTER, If Bryan Pluck. ’ TO ItllNT-Tillt TWO.sroUY AND EASEMENT 1 brick building No. t»l Bedgwlck*it.. one writ from Lincoln I’ark. Lor term*. annlr to No*. !£& and 227 State-.t. r\ RENT—THE NEW H-STORY BRICK DWELL ing-honaoe, containing from 6 to V room*, on Fulton and Uulnut-at*,, between Sacramcnto-av. andOgleaby at., will be ranted to good tenant* at f«om sl2 toflepor month; convenient to horse and (team care; each house haa city water and modem convenience#. Fomosslou given Immediately. Apply to W. D. KEItFOOT A CO., Bd Washington*!. IPO RENT- FURNISHED HOUSE, NO. IWI WA JL bo*h-ar., 8-atory mirblo front. 15 room*. Very low root tj a f.'«,»un»lblo tenant. Apply to or addreaa D. F. CHASE, Matteson Ilouso. rro HENT-UIS I , RR MONTH— LAUOK TWO-STORY JL bouse and large grounds. No. SO Harvard*!., near Catnpboll av. innoira at && Uuat«ri>-av. rpo RENT-OUTAOnN-ViIONT B'RICK HOUSE, X nowly papered and painted; 10 room*, bath-room, and all modern Improremunu, fnrnaeu and gas-tlxturo*; £IJ per month. UCd Woil Mooroo sl,, near Weatorn-ar. Apply to J. WEST, 877_Wo*l Monroo-it., near Leavitt. Tl» RENT-NO. iW a Sll IN OTON- PL AC kTaVERY deatrablo itatory and basement brick bouse containing Id roonir. onpovllo Washington square; 0000 l the moit delightful location* in tho city: would rent to a private family only, and with furmtnro now m the home. MEAD A CUE, llu La^allo-tt. TO RENT—NO. 45 TWENTY-fOURTII-ST., TWO atnry and basement bn uo, all raodorn Improvements, gas fixtures and furnace; good bnrn. Pout rvaaonablo to roliable tenant. Apply to A. PEED, Reed'a Temple of Mualo, Vi Van Dun-n at. »ro iiknt—w south JiAV-ST.-a-sroiiy, is 1. rooms, In first-classorder. at *li per month. OCL l>hf>, NIIULDU.V A CO,, southwest corner Lake ana CUrk-sts. rHKNT-UOUSK NO. 913 NORTH STATK-ST., containinglUroomi.— 3-itorjrandbasement, with all modern tmprurrnicnta; to ront cheap /rum Mar 1. liLLIOFI’ANI’iIO.NV, M Desrborn-it. 7 rpO KKNT—In7-l!v ; WAIJASILAV., —POSSESSION AT X oneo, ]<i-rooin huuso, nowly (trained, with gaa fixtures. Inquire at lOM IVabsab-ar. TOKKNT-«H) RICH MONTH—BM IMHANA-AV.. 9-atoryand brick basement house, 10 rooms, «itb bam. Inquire ol Cota A I’nlllipa Manulacturtns Com. panjf. Flak and TO Uic.Vf -8R SOUTH fIALSTED-HT. FINK (►rick hmnb. 1-1 room*, largo crounda. Apply to G. J. HULL, I *l7 Katl Washington.*)., Itoum 35, rpo UKNT-NKA'ri COSiiV HIX.nbOM COTTAGE, X. I*oo and !WS North Glark-st, sIKJ. Also three others, aamotlzo. further north, {ls. Apply at Lis South Clark at, Room 11. f'pO RENT—FURNISHED OK U.NFURNISHKD.THK X marbl'WrunthjusoC6l Michlganav. A. J. AVER* KLL. 12' Dearborn-st. 'VO RENT—THE F.STORY AND UAREMKNT MAR- X ble-front bouse 31 Twoniy-ttfth-st. 5 furnace and all modern Improvements: hoQM In thorough repair: rent »ory low. C.ll. AG. C. WALKER, 13 Chamber ol Com- rIIKKT-TWU-STORY AND EASEMENT BRICK 18-room louse, t'so per month, at 460 North Dear, bora-et. 'PO RKNT-THH 2-STORY AND EASEMENT X liouio, No. luVf Mlchlgau-av.; fso per month: but and cold water, gas ILxlaret, utc. D. G. HAMILTON, Hi South GUrk-st. 116 RENT-BV M. O. BALDWIN A CO , Ro DEAR bern-at., Room 6. 1155 Pralrlo-ar., comer Thfrfy-iocond el., 3-story and bKomsnt octagon stone front, every Improvetnent. ss>i. 150 I'urrestav., 3 ttory and basement atone trout, ssu. Tboa story frame bouse, southeast corner Twenty-sixth *L and Galumotav., 7 room*, 130. rpOjIKNT-TO MILKJIEN, RTC.-TIIK PREMISES X ?7l and k7S Wett laso-sI., with btrn. shed*. etc., very low. AtipD on tho prumUot or ta JAMivS EUAN, JW East Madiion-t;. 'P9 RKNT—IS3 80UT11 PEORU-ST., 2-STORY AND X imicmont tume front dwoUlug. U room*, til modern liDpn>vom«nte. inquire of ADAMS A SCHLOSSMaN, 144 East MadUon-sl. rro RENT—THOSE BEAUTIFUL OCTAGON 11. X room bouM»t, with all modern conveulencet. at tbe corner of Uuih and Oak-itt . North Side. Rent $lO per month. Apply on tbe premise*. a'O RICNT-MJ NORTH LAHAI.I.IC-ST,, OCTAGON . brick, all modern Imnroramenu, lurnaue, 14 rooms, north of Uhicago-av.. $75 per montU. May shad* price to ttvslclaas tenant. D. H.FUUTK.EI Clarkst., UooroV. »pb RENT—A~S-sFoRy^DWIH.LIsbT - 'FITH~KTFiF 1 nlture. with leu room*, hot and cold water, and bath room. M 4 Wabub-av. Apply at the house. HENRY WHITEHEAD. Suburban. r RENT—AT HINSDALE—HOUSES ON HIGH dry lots from 18 to ftU per month: faro It) cents. U. J. STUUUH. I£l, r l'b~ilßNt^lO’^ItbttPONHHILE FAMILIES, TWO 1 new 3-stury and lasi-mont IU-ruum oolagou front brick bouses, haudsoroulr finished and oonteulnutly arranged! lako water aud porfeoi drsiotgo, wlin barns; splendid nslghborbood: Kemroud av., ono block from Kenwood Station. JAS. R. GOODMAN A GO., 68 Washing* toa-st. r PO RUNT—AT CORNER OF WOODLAWN-AV. AND X Foriy-slxth-il., two U-siory ooilaget containing 0 rooms, cellar, gas. soft and hard water, TO minutes' walk from Konwobd Matloni aUoona iionso of n rooms 1 rent|3» and 135 per month for a yuar. C. R. DUPLE, coruur of CUu and SUteentn-sle. fro KENT—AT EVANSTON—KINK HOUSES. GOOD X location, Bto lu room*. &2J to 435 a tuuulb. 11. WHIPPLE, JWWa»hlnßton*i.. Knom 14. It'D RUNT-—HOOD, WELL-FUUNINIIKI) HOUSE. X at Enntlon: good luoathm. 11, Nrllll’PLE, lot W*»Ulugu>o-»t., Room 14. fpd KENT—AT GENEVA, ILL.. A GOOD TWO- X itonr bou»e, El room*: guod cellar*, iurnaee, well, ciatain, barn, garden with largo anil ainall fruit, lawn, aud • had* tr#o«. rnyulro ol OiIAJILtiS I'AlTra, Eau,, o( Gene**. or at Nua. S and 4 Wait Van liuren-at., of LAIUUUEE. ' fVo RKNT-A GOOD IJOUHIi 10 RHUMS ON THE X wtat rids* in Kriiulon, oppoalto J. D. Ka.tur, which 1 will icm lor Mil par mouth, funner rant <W; good dry cellar, alio *ood tarn and garden. One lu Oluucuo fir ®ls per month. AUo ulna In North Erection, b to B room*, wllb from I to S aero* of well cull (rated laud at tached, only a abort duianoo from depot. church, and eonoul, root from 4 J lo flO pur mouth, which u lea* than half pitco. 1 will dadnet 15 por vent from tho»e prior* if tha rail U raid yearly in advance. No man who cannot pay bt* rant monthly In advance uead apply. CHARLES IC. RUOVVNE, Room 11. Il* FUtb-a*. f PO RENT—MAUULIf FRONT HOUSU AT LINCOLN X Park, wllb modern lintirorainonta. Rant 140 par month. Apply at M. KItONUKIUI. ll'j South Siato-et. TO RENT—HOOMb. fpO TO A GENTLE- X manor lady, at Ul Canlrear. X diuiwfl pur weak. Ueliglp-ITilloaophioal Publlih lag Ilouie, lifl iourtu-**., two block* aoulh Poel-Oftioo. fiHiiiENT-HOOMH elkoTnily f Iju^imTuiTat X U 1 mat Van Ui>r*n-at~prluo 41 par day. or 43 to t 7 pet weak. klra. SADIE STILES. ItoVm l. * rpo KRUT-FURNIHIIED ROOMS NEVVLY~ PA I NT- ' r° RKNT-IWWABA8»I-'a\%-ELH(1ANT ALCOVE X andeiboruafuroUhadruomai alao guJd brick bam. T^Urk N j~^*^*HOOMS~AT £0 NORTH rro KK ( Nr—SUITES OP SIX ROOMS IN THOMP- X eon a Slock, aullabla fur buut-koeptug i modarulm uroramaaU-. ou dnt aud *«ooud door* luua ooruar), liy ATM. 11. 1 iIOMPSO.N. 'jUMWaai Mullmu-.t. TO Hi,NT— sionts. Offices, 61.0 Stores- TO RENT-OnUAP-CUUNKU STORK. VAN UU rao-at. and Third-**., «UI(W. Good wlbuc, hso i rujf vault, Btc. Apply at lb van Rurun-at. fPO HEM-THK HRIUK~RUI LUIMJ NO. JJhTAIi:- X *U. near buuih Water, beroioiora (.cmipladby M. M. Smith ACo.,Uiiuordaalar*. SAMUELUEGR. 11l Daai bom-aU , - rro RENT—ELUOAT hI'OUE, HAKKMKNT. AND X third etory. corner u| iladUca and FAuklln at*.. ktcld, A Go. dock. Puaaeatlou siren Alay I. In quire at Union Tnut Company'* Rank. Lti Ctark-at. TO REWX—STORES. OITtCES. &o, fetorpt—Continued. TO RENT-StOKR 31? r.AKKST., 3.1 X**. THTH 1 on Homu Waterit. 11. A. GUJUUICII. 7S D'arl.orti-at. TO tiKiT-STOKR NO.3tRtVRK.RT., yJXtW, FIVK J .•'oris**o*l bawmeot, with moot dock to (be rim. nils t.uildin* «m C'lnitruced for >tnra*nnr Iron h<i«l nrti, am] hit henn occurdrd hr tinwall 4 Root for atorla* Rulirit * Unt ,J '* Al, f |^u> **KAO * OOK, IU l.v T U J‘«*T-HT( AND HRHKMRNT, *33 WRAT tr. . ' I {l'.rettTio’i llloeki, OPiwtlte Carson. IJ V . • ljU,| ' , ‘"'.o l trrrfitn Wait hlde.iiiiTf). miu n iu..r aarnrt cuii limn,*««, rent mnderat# torood u.iun'. tv.,l, li. i iM\U',vm', 2ft Won Madlijivti. 0 O Ri.NI-F:TfiKK' AND hArK.MRNT' NO. 12« Oiafk.°«i ,bC Mk ‘* t * F ' U> HAMIi.TON. Room U 126 TO HKVT—RTORKH tro. V/}, <;i. <« 373. 370, SM.CSIV. J and m South Clark-; .. itom Vod bMomaaU % Ruiilh niata it. tJ aad M Inr kite bv. ; atom SO and II loofi.j-ar ; a’orra 1M ha.. Van Huron it.. 739 WaitLakw *l.; a hci-dya enrnor bai-nm », 190 South Clark-il., with Hi aide window*. ’ , ’VI* banliincfi-jffit i u Spacl’a lUook, (imi;oa to anlt anr r| ftM huitneia. and an-ne t rpliiuM o'r.a ; oiucn, and abei-la* n.-.n.i tn Kootuckf It.xok, 11. .■viull) and m r | .i,* of (ho s'* H'.i'' M ' VUa,UU - Atfaotf *7 to'hi'.nt--thiF wl mcir nu iTuTsi fl w~madd I ..-."“'Vv f ‘lr‘ nf . rl J, , :? C sH l^ d br U * : tUtl-CIMS. lannlrouf J. 11. AWi»UKVV.S, owiior, or at 111 anil VM UabnU-ar. Wit. A HUrnillS * CU.. au«tiun"eri. ffO UKNT—4 OFFICES IN IJUIMnNU, NORTH -2„ »e»t e-raerof and Mfili-av. Apol/to ItKfcS. I'KIIUJK AjjtJ , KMisarburu-it. TO HUM . FA KT OKSAM-.SIIOOM. WITH omfJß J prlnlrsci; al*«, wall Hphi*d roomi, wlt*i u«e «l .u-am elnvalor, aud power if desired. Applr atSI aud Jtl Huum Canal-st. rro iir'.S*i-T»K i.auck r;riM\tissiojf KToirKNo. i. . UJ lioutb Weter-iU VOit&OtnM, l.imrea *t. • nr! nrcii-ftr>i I-»«r to ruipgnilltU ptrllci. BAM UKI, OKllit, 111 Dearborn *l. Olhoot- rPO RENT—SEVRTUI. DKMRABUt FRO*T OF -1 flea* on aocr.nd and third floor* of Fullerton Block, 9 Dearborn-H. Apply at Room 4 In ttii bnlldlnc. rrb RF.NT-SI'LBNDII) OKI BJKfS IN TUB JIOWB 1 Build In*. aoutbraai tornrr of Kute and Osekaon-au., »ina!o or an aulta, at low rant. Iniftilraon prenuw*. r r6‘ i:bnt-a choice oiticu kju PiivsiciA.’f. J Aim alegar* rutt« of room*, and iwonle* room* for • (•ntliiiieo, tn Flr’» Block, comer ol Walmliar. anil Apply at ollico l;l,V A DO., up-ualr*. Mlscollnnoonn. TO RENT-DOCK OS SOUTH lIUANOU. 150 TKRT X (ruut.*.! on cornor licacb autl M»Uier«U., with • i-lc tnck, tultfchl* Cnr lu'iti*r, eo»l. or wood j»rd. C. 11. X O. C. WALKKH, 1b Chnmbsf o( Commerce. TO UK.NT-tlll? HECuTfD, FOURTH, AND FIFTH floor* of Ifil Slat*.it. Inquire la atore. 'l’o ki:nt-huom aaxiso oNTmTuTFLoou, with 1 ileum power ami eleraior tu building, at £3 South Ca* Dat-iil. T. U. WELCH, IO 1-a Salle (I. TO REN l : -HoTEL SITUATED ON THE NORTH* 1 cut e.,rncr of W«it MadUoa and Deiplalno«*«lß., for merly known «■ Ih* St. Duuii. urarly now. Apply iotho No. M South DeipUtnai*tl.,or to 0.8. HOLMES, No. fij South Clt»ton**t. MISCELLANEOUS. A OKNTS-GALL AND SKK TUB CELEBRATED /*. obromoaof “ Beatrice." “ Snow-Storm," “Gold Flib," “Fruitand Flowe**," each June Inalxe. Glreo away a* premium witii the llluitratod Weekly. Wo have Ireen Infortnod that a o mcorn from Philadelphia I* oiler- Rigour chrjtnoi (oraals hr re, and we hereby warn agent* that the chromi’* •oolfrred aro a lot of mlaerahly poor pictures made fur and rejected by ui, for tbo reaiou that any attempt to folti thorn upon our aubtcriber* would hare been a dug race to m and an Imult to our agonta. There chromo* aro being u»*d In direct violation of an agreement made wiib nr. and a continued mpply of them la thuauuecmrlly uncertain. The* can only aorro, at all event*, to auiit oor honoit agenU from the very fact tbat they aro *<» inferior. CU-tS. CLUCaS A CO., lit Muiroe-it. All cash paid for cast-off clotiiinu. carpiU, furniture, and tnlicclUnonui good* of any kind by aandtng a letter to JONaHomiUKK.KriSUte-et. A GENTS-CALL chroroo* of “ Beatrice," “ Huow Storm," “ Gold Fl*h," “Fruit and Flowers," each MxMlnalae. given away m premium* with the llluilratvd Wookly. CILAS. CLUCAS A CO., lit Monrofr-at. t DVEUTIBKRB DESIRING TO RKACI! COUNTRY /V roaden can do to In the cbeai*ett aud bu*t manner by using one or more tectloua of Kellogg 1 * Great Newipaper l-i*t* and Mato Dlvltloui. For llliMtraled catalogue and map addteia A. N. KELLOGG, 7V.lack*on-it. A 'BEAUTIFUL INVENTION—SKETCHING PROM nature taught In one lotroa. nut Including eliadlng, !urßfi, at reiidencoa. AddrouC. ELVEKNA, WMaoi iuu-*u DESTROV COCKROACHES AND BED. RUGS now. Giro contract or buy article (warranted;. Call o» or addtcu ARTHUR OAKLEY, ltd) Washington* it.. Room 6. [ A DIES’'IMPORTED FINK HAND-SEWED DOG* lj akin driving glorci, two button*, 91, worth sl, <5. Pari* Kid Glo»e Store, M stnto-»?. OUR ENTIRE FEB fb'«KCURK A PATENT IS $10: careat. Si. Room 4;’, lid fiait Waablnglon* it., Chicago, 111. ffHE NAI ION CHKO.MO COMPANY, OF PIIILA- X delnhia. are irlllsg, through their agent In thl* city, the “Cnriitlan Voice*" for 41.60 to yearly aubfcribcr*. aud giro aa a premium a cuuica of one of the throe chmroo* " Reatrlcp," “Snow htnriu," or “ Gold Fl«h." ” Fruit* and Flower*," or the paper forS yean; tulco, S 3, and all throe of the chroiuoi. 127, Room »« fpilE “CHRISTIAN VOICES" IS THE BEST RE* X llgtnni piper tn the world, and tbo chromni are of the hlgbcit order of art. We intitn art critic* to call aud ex* amine our hoautllnl good* at I: 1 ' .Madi»r»n *i.. Room 11. BOARDING AND LODGING. Wont Sitlo* 900 WEST IAKE-ST.—COMFORTABLE HOME L'O with room and board at <5 unr week : without board only SJ pur wock. JOHN DAVIS, Proprietor. Sonth Sid«. Tft "VAN DURKV-ST., NEAR STATE-HOARD FOR 1 U ladies or guitlcmon; 4t u> per weuk with use of piaooj 070 MIOfIIOAN-AV., HETWEEN TWfiLPTH 010 and Tblr.ormn-st*.—Rooms, with board, far* nliucd or untarnished. OQ f MICIIIOAN-A V.—TO KENT, WITH HOARD. OOx a suite of seoandalory front rooma, furnished. References exchanged. 7Q7 WARASH-AV.-TO RENT. WITH UOARD. I d I second-story front rooma, en sullo or singly. tnr* Dished or untarnished; alao. large back room; reference*. North Sian. UOENTRE-AV.-FIRST FLOOR, FRONT AND back parlura. en aoUe: iceood door, tront room, wltb alcuT*, furnished or unfurnished; also single rojaa; with board; bum* all modern ImproTamenta. CALUMET AVENUE. NORTH OF TWENTY- Thlrd-st.—After May I, dntlrabla furnished or un furnished room*, with board, can be bad. Apply to Air*. lIRKWnTEU, No. 12JJ Pralrio-av. Hotoli. •VTEVADA HOTEL, 149 .AND ISO WABAKII-AV.. i-i near Mnnroo-it.—First class board for 41.Wt0 $. perjny t_day-bnard. 44.6 n per week TO EXCHANGE. pOR EXCHANGE OH BAI.B-WIAT lIAVKYOIT i.' to trade for 83u acres in DUonand Cedar Countin'?, Nebraska, Biota in Evanston unincumbered; alto 3acres Northbhore Drive eaat of Grsseland. Knotty in city prop erty orlnany merchandise taken in exebanze; will at. autne. Address T t>4, Tribune office. »PO EXCHANGE—AT A SACRIFICE—S URICIC 1 stores vrltb dwellings above on Arcbsrav. Dull llusa of brick now last fait. Can sell together or separately, and make » Urge or small trade b> suit purchaser. Will take rood counrir property In this or adjoining SUles. KIUKR NEWELL. Room 18. M Washlngton-st. ' I'D KXCHANGR-diO.WO IN TOWNSHIP RONDS 1 Issued by oneof the boat counties of a Western State for dry goods, boots end ab»oe, or other personal proper ty. Address JANUARY, Tribuneolheo. W’K HAVE A FINE RESIDENCE, WITH LARGE •• grounds, in a suburban town near Chicago, worth 92.1.011 1 , freo (if inoumhrsiiro, wlileh w* can eieuango for city property. TUKNEIt_.> IUIND. 1M Wa»hln<bui_-»t. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. B. T. LEE, CITY AUCTIONEER, ESTAULISHKD 1913, eunilnu-i to soil furniture at rnldeoca*. Parties desiring to sell will plaa*e call at 193Wastilagtun-et. I,■'OR lb RKNT-A ‘TWO YICARH, I 1 lone with fixtures and furniture complete, of Iba must ootnmudloui French lUt In Chicago. floor of No*. kßd and SSt Waba*b-*v. Three bloek* from Palmer House and Grand Paciilo Hotel, couth and wo»t eiivueure, view of the Ijke. 9 room*: ten onUlde wln> dow*: oonstnieted and newly furnished last year for the owner's own use. Has Just been thoroughly renovated and U In perfect order lor linmrdlste occupancy, lisa all modern conveniences. Including hot ami cold water throughout, baihs, laundry, and drying room. la taste fully furuisho.l, and has every article and appliance for the most comfortable housekeeping. Will he sold for half eosi. if not sold by May 1, will bo rented furoiabed. Apply at tbo promise*. ITtUUNITUIIE FOR BALE. NEARLY NEW. AT ItA I 1 Kill*.sv. Inquire on the promises, or at Room 13,153 Doaiboruit. GMIK ENTIRE ELEGANT UOUBKHOLD PURNI -1 tore of 1 jot Wabasb-ar. at auolloa Wednesday, Aprils, at 10o'clock a. m. MUSIC AX. T?BTRY ORGANS, NKW STYLES, NEW AND KLE. Li want caaea, Jnal received at STORY A UAMF'S. Call aud aoe them at 311 Siato-at. FANOB AND ORGANS FOR RUNT AND FOR tale on loiullineutt or on eaiy term*. at bI'OUY A UAMF’S, SUSiaie-ai. PIANOS AND ORGANS FOR SALK ANU TO RUNT . cheap; lulling and repairing promptly attended to at tba Uctory. W. T. RFID, 861 State at. IJ BOON Dll AND riANOS ANI>“dUOANS FOR O oale cheap at STORY A CAMP'S. Call and exam lue pneea before purcliaatng el.ewhore at 811 Slato-al. WEBER* PIANOS, RECOMMENDED AS - THE boat by Iba leading imdomoa. can be obtained at TQaaoßabln tartna at STOtiV A CAMP'S.3II Siato-at. 'storage. STOUAGt-Tllli BURLINGTON WAREHOUSE, oojuor o{ SliUientn and State ate., la the largaal and moat convenient m tba Wmt;uuh etcam elevator* lor handling good*: la acceaalble to all thu railroad* leading (ci iliva city. I’uraou* t’onng lurmtnro or utbur good* will bod tbn tale and onuveuioul. being (rue from ami, rata, and vermin. Halo* of iloraga verylow, Muncy bail ed oo all kind* of property at reaaonabU raw* ul lutareaU U, £.tiAWYEU, proprietor. OIORAtiK—OO TO THE CKNTRAL WAREHOUSE. O cor. limb aud KlnMe-at*., to tloru your furniture and bi-uvabuld good*, kuu nlll nod tin Cunvaulunt. aoto.aud cliauty place, where they will be caied (or; m aured and atured at the imi»t reaaouablu* rato. I give oa pecial attention ao tin* ciaaa of good,, aud Invite your pauonage. IIORATIu N. ItllST.l'ronnHor. DIVORCES ■niVOKCIiU OBTAINED WU ROUT PUBLICITY, U legal evorywhere (or Incompatibility, etc. Realdoooe net avoeaaary. Athdavlt «uuuiuul. reuatter decreet Iftyeara* experience. AdJnaa BuiMS.P.O-.Chicago.UL D IVOUOKS LEGALLY OUTAINKI) FOR INCOM palibtllly. do. UclJoucenur uotaonal proagnow not moulted. Amdavita aumcljui proof. Fee alter decree. Addreaa U. K. olMb, el Ciaik-#t.. Chicago, 111. i kIVoitCKS LKUALI.V AM) OlflttrLY 1 OBI’ANKD I.K In every male of the I?ia.*>u lor incompatibility, etc. Realdoooeuuuecoaaary Fe«alter decieo. Twolveyoart exuurUnuo. Addreaa Foat-tfihoa Box ln.t7. Chicago, 111. EDUCATIONAL. VtMJNT END INHITTUI’K. FAMlLYSojltiol.FOR W young ladiua. Mils. b.L. CADY, New Hmcw. Coua. head for circular. WANXEp--MAEEJIEL?. Tranet* TV ANTRD-TWOOOOII STIC APT WA.vjKb - st6NK.Guitkn»,^e*hnYMl.v: .mri, n ’i.* onv » o u , ' , fs.r orkl ß ror P»ftlcalsri ln-|niri W ° UOD p AWtlias‘. CAM. Atm V\^i- r: is '^FW' rv - - N . D oa lc fMfN k ns: »* at ,*W. 67 South Oaalerai. O. 1., UAILCV. * W J .•mtn-FIRST.OI.AHS OOAT.MAK RRHrwONK JAB * Smnlovmont Acanctoi. \tT A NTI.I). 50 (; OAL MINF.RSi KARR ADVANORT); VV antru-man with outfit to run no/TiTtr. 1 ’ , (oam«: railroad amt (arm liandt.aiSU Unn Kandolpa-it. J. 11. SPURUKOIC A CO., ■unaoi>ni« to fj, V. anoll A (Jo. W A M^I- ,u PJRM HANDS. APPI.V TO AN *V liltl.W t». KINO A (JO., 17 Nortu CUrk-it. Mlacouanoon*. • TOAHTRD-SAI.K.'IMICtf TO SMX OLASS-CUT. »» ebnmn, lunrtle*, photograph*. •tercoaconot 5° j .r*’ "tr«:c(n*M. trannparancu'i, and a bun* area nthor Un-*ellmc artiolev me Urnctt atock and lotr. en|irJce«lQ thjcuuuujr. u. M. UMNuTOtf, MISUM ■L, Ctilcitzo. ’ ’ A.NTBII - <’ \\:antki» - CANVAii'isKiw him Tin; nkw „■ / American maculae. Liberal imiuocmoaU. 141 Wahsoher., Uhleefo. \\'ANncn-Aou>r.*i. a.nvma.nwitii huaim* M can make SSVJ a mnnU>, mn>l eipotiec'. nolim* out JoMor e jiiyiuff nook. Adjjoo mat liar a lottor to write will l.u/ U. ,>o pro«j or wAtor ni"rt. .scn.l 43 for eamplo, it ?w ,mp ,or clrouUr * fcXci;L»roiico„ i« 'irmuo* t ANTKD—MBN FOK TIIR FASTIIST BKU.INO _V trtiel-jin Atnnrlc*- fl MmplM frro u» nion who meanhuimn*. HAY 4 CU., ClmUifo, 111. VUAJCTKD-MKS'Tb BKLL PKUFUMK, *atl notion*. AmoriCM * ,OT «J , I <-o;nii»:ijr, (13 l.*m Audliontt., (loom l‘J. •W'ANTKU- li >iUOD 0A N VASHKIIH~ ADORfS3 *ni| to*»t t> *("ifi? l>10 NAaoN WIIOTIiKIW, 311 ANTCU-M 7 * „„ . ,‘' N WITH «3W)CASir. FOR A 810 mono; making huMti***. Partnership op salary, and kJ ' Adam* liou<e, Harrison \V4 N ih K “r? :s ' , . A . WKKK AND KXPRNSRS PAID llo* m Si. .1 !i“, I.‘ m. u ‘" •ISbpnn.n llpou, WANTED-I’EMALE HELP. Domestic*. WANTED-GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSF.WORK, t- i l <r°*? u *"* Ujk(fMn i« G * >r “ a,, . or Swede preferred Call Tueiday morning at 10 a. tn. *l_Ncrtl» Green-at. \U*ANTED-W GOOD UIUI-S~VoU “6“KNIi?IAL fc . b , nla, ® 1 7, 0 !, k aocoml work. Lartlm wanting tint* aisy" lT e * ,ng 0u MKa * “ANUKiC, VTANTKD— THIS MORNING-A COODCmLFOR • general bookwork In a imall family. Apply. pro* pareotoitay, attu4 Fulton it. v WANTED- A~ GOyir'ol:itMAN OR SWEDISH » » (tin to do aecond work and take earo of A | )K br in a •mall family. 10JJ Pralrla-ar., betwvau Twoniy-kccond ami Twonty-thlrd-ita. ■Nnpaoe. WANTRD-A COMPKTKNT KURSK. ONE AO* ;i cuilomed to the caro ufynung children: Gorman, f‘.ngll«h, or American preferred. Apply Monday at 6f< Mlchlganar. j muit bring good refenmeoa. Emplonnonc Aconoioa. n’ANTF.n -HERMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN • r cirla fur private famine*. hotel*, and lanndrloi.elty and country, at Mr«. DUSKi-’S. to Mllwaukeo-av. SITUATIONS WANTED—wfIT.Tt,~ Goolikftopora. Clnrlts. Etc* SITUATION WANTf.D—ANV MUM IN WANT OP O a competent bookkeeper, aleo a porter with loyrau l reference and experience, can meet with the aamo by ad dressing their former employer. T 7-1 Tribune office. SITUATION UANTED-1N HOTEL OFFICE; REST p of reference into capabllitv. do., understand the l»urine»i_la_all_lta brancuui. Addrci* U SJ, Tribune oflice. SITUATION WANTr.D - liV'*AN — INTELLIGENT K Toungraana* clerk In a grocory.alore. Addreaa S IM. I ntiinii omeo. SITUATIONS WANTED—I'EMAEE Domcsttca. CITUATION WANTED-IN A RE.SPECTABI.H ►.j family by a ynnng lady from the Eaat to do wound work. Apply at No. aaFultou-et. Emnlonunnt Atronoio*. CUUATIONS wanted-Families in want op vJ good Seandmarlan and Gonnau lemat* help can Hw lappllod at .Mr*._DUßKh’S mhco, so Milwankce-ar, UITUATIONB .W A NTK D—LA I) I K.S WOULD DO O well to re member that goed lorranu do not answer ad> 7^ r U»K ; 'i? ,, .;^ ,, .V ec, '. , 'V.' J !.7 sctlo m ® ,ur •Rtiation*. Ur*. LA PULSE. 1M VV eat Madlima.»t. 'FINANCIAL. ADVANCES MADRON WATCHES. JEWELRY Xk diamonds rcvoUen, opera-gliMo*, look*, fur*, hw •ir.imomi, etc.. ctc.,at OOuDSMID'S Loan and Rulhr.c oihcc. Ptfl-.ait iladi*on*t. Caih paid lor old gold aud ail vi'r, gold dual. Hirer ban, preclou* (tone*, and raluabloi of i-rcr; di'ictiptlon. Übrodc-euied ploage* lur rale. Advances made tis iTTaSioniis. WATrnrs bond*, etc., at LAUNDERS 1 private oihcc. P.u Rau- Uolph-it.. near Clark. Room* l and fi. EatahliMud l&il. /'tASH ON HAND TO LOAN ON CIIIcTOTTPIiofI \J erty Imams of §:kK), if l.ww, 41,«ki, ifi.nui. «tc. Avant nono but tha be*t aecurltler, and will make later* cal and expenav* currrtpuadlcgly low. SAATL UnliU, Mortgage Loan*, MOII6K. KIMBALL A CO., ~ . HANKERS, 19 NKW-ST., NEW YORK, Membon New York block and Gold Kxcbangu. Trans act general banking and bnkcrogu hiuuius*. Money to loan in sums op 41.000 and up. ward on.real estate security. U. W. THOMAS A tiu., 123 LaSallo-st Money to loan on diamonds, watiiks. pianos. *ewing-machino«, and other colUturals. Prl tat# Loan Office, 123 CUrk.*t.,Rootu 2, upstairs. W ANTKD-TO LONG »\ part of lan.OKl on good real estate In the interior of Indiana; will fnrnUh all the security desired, and pay ox panic* of examining. Address O 4-t, Tribune uffici. WANTED— f 7,00 ft FOR FIVE YEARS ON FIRST class Improved residence property. 7 tier cent tu torcst. AddresaJUllW QUINLAN, StJOhlost. 1 f) PER GENT FIRST MORTGAGE BONDS RUN.' xVf ulna 4,6, 6. and 7 yesn, secured on real estate, waterpower, work* and machinery to tlio amount of *IOO.. 000. Only 416.(1X1 nl bond* ottered: tint In, Unt servoJ. Address.!. K. iiUUTUN. Becretarv of -Crawford Mower and Reaper Work*, Geneva l-uko. >Vi». Q.“nO BUYB HALF.INTKUE.vr IN iUWuSTOOK', VtJtrl/ with atrlctly cash bu«lne<s clearing over ®luu monlhly. 100 Eaat, Room ‘JO. yDUU, tsialo for 3 or A year* In the city or Hyde Park. TURNERA LuNp.JOJ Wkshlngtun-st. Q 9 non «s.ww. Ulu.tKw. and oniLii vuiIMRL aumi to loan nn ally real oetato at currcul rates. TURNER A ROND, lu3 wiebtagtuq-at. Q 9 K()n TO LOAN ON OHIOAGO REAL KH- Utoaoourlty. WILLIAM 11. KING, 1U oinn non loan » |n hums to suit, at <JI.UW,UUu lowestcarrent rate*. Prompt action aud in. Morale commisilou a tpeclally. A. W. KJCL* l.tlfiO, hai"mnitP9 HORSES AND CAHRIAQES, AUCTION - TUESDAVH. THURSDAYS. AND I\ Haturda/a-Horees. camacos. and uarn,<*a a tiw v WES TON A CO.’H, Nos. Jw and 194 Fait Wash, button-*!. Ample time given to lest all nurses sold undor a warrantee. Stock on band at private aalo. A LARGE LOT OF TROTTERS ANDPAOKUS FOR sale, varying in speed from 3.M to 3:23, Indmllug P» clB « horse Toledo, at M REN k CO.'S, 191 end 191 Waiuitigton-at, Auction bales of hoimea, ruggikh, and batnesaPß.ou., Monda/c.Wednesday*, and Fridays, enmmunctag at 10 a. m., at WREN A UG.'H, 193 and hi wasblngtou-at. A HANDSOME JtAROUCIIE. ALSO AN ELEGANT coupe, coupe rockaway, sli-soaud park pbaoton, lop aide-bar road wagnn, tup aud open buggies, nbantnas, harness, do., lor ssl* at panic price* at tbo Northwest, ern Tat tensile, from 1 toil Alonroo-su, eornor Blleblfian. a?. E. D. lIAII.KV, proprietor, A HANDSOME UUMNKBB AND PLEASURE wagon combined. Thu WatortowoßN. Y. I platform spring wason. with role and ahafia. for aslo vury low »s the MJHTHWEnTRItN TA’JT Kil.S ALI.H, 1 to 9 Mon roe-st., cornorMlublgau-av. It, D. 11A1LKY, proprietor Fgr Bale—at half"prick-a~nuiii,k pair nf carriage hones; will wmlc ullbur single or double; a period match: sound, kind, true, and v> ry handsoino. also ennpe. sumroor carrlsgu. buggy, and ilnlgn, nuarly new; double and single brruets, r«t>os. bolls, eto., all cunilltming a oinpleru and elegant fainlu ontltt; will be sold slnaly vttrcheap, ortho untirv lut aiualf ptloe. Ad dre*f O 07, Tribune nflico. T?OR BALE—A GKiCF.N TROTTER: UAH SHOWN 1' 8:&; la half-brother to Phil Sheridan; mil be told at ball bla value. MU CH ELL'S Stable*, Eld Wait Lake-al. C’OR SALK-AT A RACUIFICK-A BEAUTIFUL A’ park wagonette or Engltali dog-cart: coat ifl.COu; wlllt'u ilangntore-1 at $230 l-.t a day or only. MITCH ELL'S Stable, Md Waal l.ak»-«t. 1.-ioUSALK-ANIOKPAIUOFOAHUIAOHUOUSEd' 1' 1 expreaa botae, nud a very email aaddle jamy, nt Leroy Ueyne'illrary a table, oppoalte Expuaitlou Build log. BUSINESS CHANCES. A VALUABLE INVK.NTION. K. 11. CUMMINGS' great Fertilizer Mill bo on exhibition dally a', the "Iras Nunory." No. 43 Eaat Randolpli-at, near mate. Jiyihomeuf this altupls machine atablu manure, uow worthlet*. la made worth Jjai j>ar tun to beautlly your houw, will). All thuuld ace it, oud uiiHidally atrangjia from oibar cltlaa. A 'VKI.i, ASSORTED STUCK. OF UROUEUIfcA gV with good ruu of anatom, lor aala or exchange for real oktatu or oibar iiropetly. Owner ortjra for aale for the reaaon be oaooyl giro the buaiuoat attention. Apply at U Uoierlo-at.. between 18 and J o'clock p. m. / iIIEAP FOR OAhll, OR WILL EXCHANGE FOR U real ealaU, a vell-oaUblUbed and paying ol’y mil linery and fancy good* buain:**, In an exßollonl location. For particular luquiruat obtre of O. U. FISK A CO., comer Wabatli-av. ami Wa»btngton-*t. liMRSr'CLAMS SALOON WITH I'TlOlz-TAIILE; AL- J 3 ao borae aud buggy; from |il to IP) taken dally, for aaloireat cheat). Apply ala? North WolU-at., FuUU llt-J.'KKU’S cigar ature. FOB' SAl<£. For sauc-maiuilk soda-fountains isev oral bandaome unoa, uaad one aeaeoul at about half frlco. .Seoihum bcforoputobailugolaewbere. BIUELOYf OUNTAIN CO.. FOR SALIVA Ih-liALLON ICE-CUKAM MICIIINK. lu good order; al<o, a large quanitiy ul tuba and Ireetcra cheap. Inquire at SM North Clark-aL, up auita. ' DUILDING MATERIAL] '" I 'poll SALE-W.OUO BRIOK.COfINEH OF FlUtMr. 1 tin and klnuroo-ala. For turma lonulre at 164 Lake »t. PARTNERS VVANXEDi TJAUINER WANTED-EDUCATED/ REFINED X lady phy.iclau, with capital, to atari a pdvMa IrUfi-ia kuapUal. Addiuae NM, TtLbuu««ay»e. 3 1U Doarborp-st.

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