Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 24, 1876, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 24, 1876 Page 6
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6 FINANCE AND TRADE. Review of tho Flnnnclnl Situation I.nst Woolc. Discounts Moderate, Deposits Steady—Clearings Small. lbs Produce,,Markets Stcadior—Pro vision, in Better Demand, and Firm. Grain Generally Easier, Owing: to Continued Fine Weather. FINANCIAL There wen no new featnroa in (ho flmnrial ilination last week. The embargo on country (ravel and trafllo baa not yet been raised by tho fair weather which haa prevailed, and tho change in finances which will fol low the opening of the roads la still deferred. Retmt tancoa from tho country are light, and there la n de mand, though not large, from tho country for loans. Receipts of stuff hero are small, and the opportunities restricted on tho Board of Trad# for tho employment of money In carrying produce. Tho main mercantile and miscellaneous demand for accommodation is based ou the failure of collections. There is some borrowing for summer packing. Tho surplus of the banks la not largo, but is ample for tho supply of tho few desir able outside borrowers who appear. Rates of discount sro 8010 per cent, with conces sions to good Independent borrowers. On (bo street, rates sro 7018 jxsr cent. The supply of funds Is largo and the doraapd small. Now York exchange was weaker, and sold at par to SGc premium per f 1,000 between banks. There were but small receipts of currency. Ttio clearing* of Ibo Chicago bans* for the weelt ara reported oa follow* by Manager D. U. Halo, of the Clilcago Clcarlng-Hooso Clearings. Balances. .$ 3.641,8)1.43 | B'/MtJ.CO . . 9U1U.313.U7 307.447.3% ~ 2,.'4.t,882.48 347,623 00 . U, (W 0,045.31 2*»,820.09 Date. Monday.... Wednesday, Thursday.. Friday RatnrUay, THE CARSON MINT. Total.. Dr, Lloderman, Director of the Mint, writ*** *° tho editor of the Now York liVrfd )»>•* «is not correct (hat 11 trade dollars ” nt the Carson Mint have boon found vontxin to 2 cents less pure silver 41»m required by law. SILVER. The applications for the now sliver cnrrcncy contin ue to bo largely In excess of tho supply. Tbe country demand is especially heavy. Considerable misappre hension prevails among tho country banks with regard to tho proper steps to take to gut silver, and wo repub lish for their benefit tho clrculais issued by tho Sccre vary of the Treasury, and by tho banks of this city. Tbe first circular below has been sent by tho leading banks of this city to their country correspondents : It is very apparent that for some time (o come the issue of silver coin by the United Slates Treasurer will bo entirely inadequate to meet tho immediate and al most universal demand. Wo are disposed to do nil wo can to furnish our correspondents silver coin, but our ability is dependent upou the regulations ami restric tions of tho United Stales Treasury Department. At present Uie Issuo of culu is limited to the exchange for fractional cvrrency. It is required that the fractional currency bo as sorted bv denominations and put up In packages of 300 each of whatever denomination. This require ment limits our supply of silver to the amount of fractional currency wo can control. It being further understood that tho Treasure'' exercises his discre tion in the amount ho will disburse to single parlies. Should you therefore desire any com, you will plcaso send us tho amount In fractional currency, properly rut In |iack»ges. marked with your name, and wo will forward tho coin to you as soon aa It can be obtained. It Is lo l)o remembered that the currency yon may bo Bend us wilt go forward to Washington to bo counted, and for any errors reclamation will bo made upon us, which wo shall expect you to make good to us as occasion may require. J.VACCCUATB a Ait FBANCIRCO JIINISO STOCK QUOTA- TIO.VfI. Numerous complaints have reached ns from time to time of tlio Inaccuracy of tho quotations of mining stocks supplied by telegraph from San Francisco. Tho mistakes were so many and serious that The Tbioukb omitted fur Bomo time to publish tho quotations. Tho following from tho Han Francisco LulUtin of April 10 explains tho probable origin of Ihoso errors; Tho San Francisco Stock Board has at last decided upon taking action and Instituting a reform In the manner that tho official business of tho Board has boon published by tholr Official lloporter, Franklin Lawton. Tho Innumerable errors and tho trouble* that arose from them havn been more than oven tho most pailont of brokers could stand; and, although Uuotudtlnio again those errors have been pointed out, no effort was mode by the Official Iteportor to provont a repe tition. Last Thursday a most gross amt palpable error was made, which led lo so many quarrels between brokers and clients that In thD'aftcruoou Board, at a prhato meeting, a resolution- was Introduced to abol ish the office of Officlallleportcr, and tho vote will bo taken upon It next Wednesday. At $5 per month for each list a profit of at least SOOO accrues to tho Official Importer, and this in surely n handsome salary for two hours a day. that lime being only required to attend properly to his duties. unntw op tue finances. Central shrinkage continues. Ttio few railway earn* tags reported tills week Urns far are satisfactory, but tlio delay In reporting, by some roads which bare usually been prompt, U not a good sign. Thera are reports of new wars between roads running south* weelwardly from Chicago and Bt. Louis, and apprcbcu* alonn of a war between Eastern trunk lines, whiles new pool Las been formed by wads running coal wardly from at, Louis. In (be coal traffic, shipments continue larger than those of last year, and cotton re* cclpta are larger by 8 57,350 balca, but clearings continue less at nearly every city, and the decline at aomo points during recent weeks has been cpillo largo. The surrender of bank circulation continue*), with a shrinkage in hank averages, though the outflow of legsMcndcrs from this city uppcais to bo checked, Failures have nut ceased, nor la there any general Improvement *u prices to encourage opcratlous. On the Stock Ex* change tranaaettous of less than a million shares were chiefly marked by general disposition to sell and gradual decline in prices, excepting of Investment se curities, Notwithstanding the low coat of materials and labor, the return of new buildings for the Orst quarter shows a slight decline lu number, as com* ram! with last year, ami a largo Increase lu estimated cost,—lrom 51,7315,100 to $5,731,747. In imports there Is no revival, while exports continue slightly less than those of last year to date.—rfte i'u6((c, 20. THE NEW CDUIIENCT IN NEW VOUK. Tho bullion brokers aro bidding 1 to I.V premium for silver coin, having orders to till f«r considerable amounts for shipment to tho West Indies and South America. When this demand Is supplied they will not buy tho cola except at a discount In paper. Judging by ante Uihnn oiperienco they ozpoct that silver will bo offered at a discount after a while, and fur this among other reasons: A considerable portion of ths fractional currency la circulation posses Into tho hands of the receiver* of city railroad and ferry companies, and It is estimated that they take in about $3,000 per day. This they deposit In (ho banks. Tho bank ing Institutions will now send (ho “ stamp" lo tho Treasury for exchange for silver. After tho novelty of tho coin wear* away U will bo in pretty general circulation ami ilud Its way into Urn railroad and ferry office*. It Is doubtful whether by that time the hanks will want to take It on depslt in largo sums, and as it Is a legal-tender for only $/> thu sjierlo brokers UXIHKI that It will And Its way mto Wall street to be sold at a discount fur Jegsl-UndiTs. Tho brokers will In turn dispose of It to manufacturers and others em ploying largo number* of persons, who will buy It ut a discount and pay U out at par. uf course (his depends eutlruiyupouihunricoof tUvcrbare. This way ad vance so 0* to place sliver coin at u premium, end in that L-oso it would bu hoarded, and, tho fractional cur rency U lug destroyed, Uiu business community would bo put lo inconvenient e for small change.—. Yew Fork Journal Commerce, Avnl 21. mrouTa fhom ourat Britain. W-ÜBIMOTOK, I). 0., April 21.—Thu followlou Mato- Dial abowing tho tiparU of (ho principal article* of Urdtoh itiul Irinh produce ana manufacture* from (bo United Kingdom nf Great Urltalu and Ireland to (lie United BlalLß during tbo three month* ondad March HI, IttTS and ltdG rcapoctlvely, has been furulabed by (bu Chief of tbo Uurcau of KUllatlcn; f’oiimmdlllLH, Alkali, cwt Ai jari'l uml alujia. lia r ami ale, brla. Co| jKT,-uowrouKhi,cwl.,...... .... -u wrought, twi *o Jl7 ColtDß, piece good*, yurda 129,101,100 23,»'J3 •jurj Earthen and ihlnaware xmn.uui llaUnlaabery X2dJ.GIT Xll Mil Hardware and cutlery XlwJ,ri.n» Iron. uJtf, tom j/jy-i W* Iron. liar, uuylc, bolt, uml rod, tuna Iruu, railroad of all aoru. torn. Irou.Un luau*. tuna.. Iron, buop, aud ala-el, t00a..., Irou, cast or wrought, toua... Irou, old,for muuufarture.uxu. Hied, uuwrouKht, tou» Lead,' piy, rolled, aiitel, etc., 10U1,,,, 1 JIQ Uueuidei* «aala, varda 37.075,600' 30.5W.i00 Machinery, other than attain ,w * 7 1573. ]R7fi, MS,US 4Vi,491 X’J-t.'Ui XH.hul 1-'*M 7,H1 73« l 6T4 9,mi *5 29,744 21.013 4b4 4ii 1.30 S 1,412 iC* i.avi 3.4-1 1.724 eiigiUc * J'ajer, writing, »ud j-rintitti;. wid entclujti, cwt I.ijl *•*. J*«*r,uUi«r kind*, cwt 1,1,1 • r-n Balt, rock tp<l while, iou» M,USB 6&.0C8 bilk, Iroml atuila cl tjlk or ,UCB •&Uu, yard* 141.0:!l i»ts7 ÜbKOMUUUIDt, : A.’sy] i£lS Xi7,«l» X71,0M Other ertlclee of Bilk onl, X29.MS XM.3H Articles of silk sod other ms- lerlit Xld.dS* Spirits, British and Irlah, gal- j oß i lfi,B'.)l »,l°D Stationery, otherihan paper.... jCIMAt Tin, nnwrought, tons.... . ®,ou Min Wool, sheep and lambs’, 1b5.... H0,!i00 M^iOO Woolen and wonted mauufac turcs. yards 1,130,000 <36,800 Worsted etuffa, yard Carpets, yards WO,IOO 878,000 GOVERNMENT BONDS. aid. A.knl. United Klales C» of 'Hi 12J 1 U'i Untied Hiatt* 5-lWa of ’C-V 117 V HH‘, 8-idfl of January sud July.. 118V* 110'a 6-'A)aof ’B7—-January and July... I‘iOV 121 X 6-20* of 'M—January aud July 121 X 1 22V lin’d United Htstes new 8a of 'Bl, Untied BUtos currency Ca... OOI.P AND GREENBACKS. Gold wai 113Viail3V- Greenbacks were on tho dollar lu geld. FOREIGN EXCHANGE. blriyday*. Bight. ...488 400"x 6l:«X Flerllng Paris—franca, Germany Belgium. Holland.. Switzerland. Bwcden, etc Austria. I.OCAL MXOCKfI. First National Bank, Fifth National Bank Corn Exchange National.... Merchant*’ National Bank.. Commercial National Bank. Homo National 8ank....... National Bxuk of Commerce *0 W National Bank of Illinois HA H| German National Bank..., 11* Hide and Leather Bank, Merchants’ 8., L. 4i T. OoV.V.'.V.* City Hallway, Booth fildo HD HJ City Hallway, West Bide H 3 City Railway, West Buie, 10 i<er cent cer tificates..?! 1M 105 City Railway, West Side, 81 cr cent ocrtltl cates ipt.X Chamber of Commerce *0 Chicago Gas-Light and Coke Company.. 123 X lid Chicago Gas-Light aud Coke Company JW Lincoln Park bonds. ’ v c ‘ m i«« Cook County Tper cent loud# (abort*),.. 1»» l'»s Onlcago C.ty bonds, 7 V RW Chicago City certificate W ..... Chicago City c*rtld-ale», seller thirty 07 Traders’ Insurance Company 137 130 •And inter®**. GOLD, DOND3, STOCKS, ETC. NkwYobs, April 22.— G01d steady throughout (ho day at lll»fOU2;f, having been the opening and closing prices respectively. Bates paid for carrying were 1 and per cent. Loans were also made flat and at is, 2, and 1 per cont per annum, and at I*6l per diem for borrowing. OoferomcaUclosed Arm. llailroad bonds dull and steady. State bonds quiet and prices nominal. The stock market was firm and higher in the early dealings, but after tbe first call a decline In Western Union under large sales bad a depressing effect on the whole market, which latter became steady, but weak towards the close, finally closing dnll and trregnlar. Western loll to to**, the lowest per cent of the week. Pacific .Mail closed at l:*s. Transactions at the Bjock Exchange aggregated 122,600 shares, of which 2,80 were Erie, 35,00) Lake Shore, 3,600 North* western, 11.000 Pacific MaiL 6.000 SL Pta!, 47,000 Western Union, and 6,000 Michigan Central. Money ‘2% per cent on call. Prime mercantile paper 4,V«ifl. Custom receipts SIBO,OOO. The Assistant Treasurer 'disbursed $17,0H). Clearings $13,000,000. Sterling Exchange—Bankers bid 4&B&QIS9X. UOTKHNMEKT DONDS raj* . Mew 6a 118 K 118 110-108, rcg lll*j ua;; j 10-io*, coupcne iia>i Coupon*, ’HI, Coupons, ’65, New CoujKiiiS, ’G7 121 | Curiauclfa Cotipoua, ’(W .123 V I STOCKS. Western Union 6»*, I N. J, Centra1....,,.,. 97 U Quicksilver IGX j Hock 151and,,„,....103,S Quicksilver pfd 2.1 (Bt Paul- UtikT Pacific Mall 10 : St. I’anl pfd Cl % Maripoaa 7 I Wabash in,- Mariposa pfd 7>< I Wabash pfd 3 Adsms Express IDS {Fort Wayne 101 K Wells-Fargo HOVf Torre Haute ajtf American Express... GO,Q Terro Haute pfd Ift U. 8. Express Chicago k Allcfa W New Turk Central. ..112 Chicago k Alum pfd, 107 Erie.... 15’,' Ohio & MlttlialppL..lfiJtf , w'* 1 Delaware, ii .IM* *. & I*. Tel.. v W( Brie pfd, Harlem. Harlem pfd 133 Missouri Pacific. 14 Michigan Central.... 6JJ£ Atlantic it Pacific pfd TV Panama 128 Indiana Central 4 Union Pacific stock.. 64 Chicago, D. k Q 117 V Lake Shore 43# Hannibal it St. Joe. IS Illfljols Central 97V Central Pac. bonds..loo Cleveland At Pittsburg 94 Union Pacific bonds..in3# Northwestern 40 U. Pacific land-grant. 88V Northwestern pfd.. f. 9 U. P. sinking fund 0., 0„ O. It 1 MV bonds 90# state noMus. TonnetseoGs,old ... 42*{ | Virginia Cs,new 34 Xuuncssoti Gs. new... iilU i Missouri 6s 104 W Virginia Cs, old 34 I Bax Francisco, April 21.—The following are ths latest stock quotations at tho Stock Exchange: ConsoUdt’d \ irginia.. 7ft Crown P0int,....... 10?* California «2X Yellow Jacket 80** Segregated Belcher.. 82 Alpha CD M IWchor.... 110# Confidence. ’"V fllcrr* v - Ophlr., Chollar Blma Nevada,,,.,,, 20y Savage, Impflilal 6*4 Exchequer, Mexican Overman... Heat & Bolchor IBJJf Justice,.,. Ooiild k Curry 19# Caledonia lialo & Korcroas 70 COMMERCIAL. The following were the receipt* and shipments of the leading article* of produce In tbli city during lb* twenty-four hours ending at 7 o’clock on Saturday rooming: utCEiPTH. suirucnrs. 1876. 1876. 1876. 1876. Flour, brie..... 12,870 O.C3D 8,019 11,717 Wheat, t)U„.... 2J,fi62 06,690 60,636 1%113 Corn, bu, 69,103 231,025 112,278 17,378 20,215 24,820 81.819 10,811 Uyo 1,100 1,650 3,63! 1,077 lUrloy, bu 3,800 11,450 4,053 7,708 (•rase seed, lbs. 112,080 46.3961 801.664 116,463 Flaxseed. lU,. 117,404 87,616 84,050 61,623 Jlroom COra.tbH 28,000 80,756' CSH Cured mcaU.lho 87,600 104,490| 1,711.279 823,771 beef, hrls 10 1H Pork, brls 210 I 403 682 Lard, ILs 333,000 211,130 489,655 81,698 Tallow, lbs 10.050 IL4C6] 20,800 400 butter, lbs 37,115 23,080 61,010 37,813 Dressed hogs.. 67i 2 live hogs, No.. 10,187 o.tnot 6.147 6,742 Cattle, ho 6,509 4,113 4,287 6,320 Sheep, No. 1,051 2,010' 1,451 1,332 Hides, Jbi 148,844 71,017 09,1)30 167,212 lllghwlncs.brls 3i2 2:tß 180 . 374 Wool, 110,477 82,H0 41,300 127,090 Potatoes, bu... 1,230 3,608 380 3,236 Coal, tons 2,203 .......... 640.. Hay, t0n5...... 40 > 10.. Luml'or, No.ft. 2,072,400 1,092,000 1,227,200 1,764,707 Shingles, N0...| 2,700,000 2,720,000 366,020 1,270,020 bait, brls 315 1,069 1,060 Poultry, 1b5.,.,1 31,218 2,787 225 Poultry, coope.l 1 69 Oamc, jikgs,... 1 33 EvgM'kg* | 1,012 2,832 • 115 1,110 Uhei-so.bxn.... 921 19(1 333 407 (lr'n apples,br.,l 64 IH 16 beans, bu | y J3i» ( y <2l Withdrawn from store on Friday for city consump tion : 3.8 U hu Wheat, 1,031 bo coni, 629 bu rye, 4,203 bu barley. The following groin was Inspected into store on Bat* urday morning: 1 cot rejected winter wheat, 13 cars No. 2 N, W. wheat, 25 can No. 2 spring, 20 cars and 1,800 bu No. 3 do, 7 oats rejected do (09 wheat)s 23 cars high-mixed corn, 104 cars No. 2 do, 21 cars now mixed do, 19 cars rejected do, 4 cars no grade do {165 corn); 28 cars No. 2 oaU, 4 cars rejected do; I car No. 2 rye, 1 car and 800 bu rejected do; 1 car No. 1 barley, 3 cars No. 2 do, 1 car No. 3 do. Total (270 cars) 113,U>0 hu. ‘inspected out: 40,037 ba wheat, 61,159 hu corn, 117 I 086 bn oats, 1,241 bu rye. 4.801 bu barley. ’ The following wore the receipts and ablpmenta of breadstuff* and live stock at this point during the past week and fur (he corresponding weeks ending as dated: April 32, . April IS, April 24, Iteceipts— INTO. 1878. 1875. Fluur, brls. 69,247 60,220 01.747 Wheat, bu 162,850 1 87,142 SS6.tWI Corn, bu 241,150 283,823 *86,515 Oats, bu : 151,668 29,197 193,477 bye, bu 4,660 7,85 ( 6.946 barley, bu 11,800 82,120 49,670 Dressed Logs. No 221 430 Hi Live bogs, No 47,322 66,217 68,392 hhlpmeuts— Flour, brla 61.T10 42.099 87,666 Whfut.ha 509,628 211,435 177,170 Coni, bu 223.041 1fiC,928 153,114 Data, bu 1V2.U57 07,11)7 00.494 bye. bu 2,290 2.BUJ 6,630 22,750 £8.953 39,620 Live bogs, No 22,717 .... Cattle, So 18,734 18,578 44,176 The following were thu exports from New York for (bu weeks ending os dated; April 23, April 19, April 34. p, . 1870. 1876. J 875. Flmir, Ins lH,«rj U.2C9 13,360 ” l*Wt| bu 012.258 024,675 #92.000 Cu ”i, Id 60,581 137,820 294,930 Tho leading produce markets wore somewhat Use active on Uaturday, with loss extensive fluctuations la prices,—the range in Lrcadaiuß’s being small, and iu provisions kas than thu day previous. The weather was flue and more tfUl«l, and the crop prospects fair, while the news Iron, the Straits staled that there Is open water over such large areas that a good many operators here saw reason 10 think tho owning of lake navigation will not U later than the average. Thera wm oa »cUre dry-goods market, Mies to the Jocalretallcra, as wcllaato the interior trade, being on * gentnraa acale, Interior merchant* are not “ stocking np ” aa heavily aa la some (ortnor actanns, but they ere operating with teaa merva than to the recent peat and our jobbers report asatisfactory busi ness in progress. Aside from prinia. prices of which are atllllnan nnaottlcd stale, (he market preserves a atcadjr (one, Groeerloa were fairly active ami were generally firm, Tho only notable exception was cof fee, which eared off Xc. lUco waa Arm at ,Xo ad vance. An advance of %(e In N. O. sugar waa alao rstabllshed, In tho dried fruit market the only change of note waa an Improvement of fle per I>ok In layer raisins—now quoted at fiMidXOO. Pritnea, currants, applca, peaches, and blackberries remain very Arm Fish were In fair demand at former quotations, Prices of loan, tobacco, bagging, loalhor, eoal, and wood re main aa before. There waa more life In (he oil mar ket. the ftno weather of tho put few days having called out an inrrcnsed demand, loth from the local and country trade. There wire no new features lu lumber. Trade con tinues only fair, ami prices are irregular owing to the Increasing arrivals by lake. Iron and nails were quot ed Arm at the rc-.eot change*, nud in fair demand, the trade being cumulated to some orient by fears that oilier advances will be mado by manufacturers. The wool, hop. and broom-corn market* were rather quiet, and unchanged as regards prices. Seeds were quiet, aud those varieties which will noon bo nut of season were rather weak, though tho offerings were small and generally held at full recent figures. Poultry and eggs were steady, tho latter being about X® lower than on Friday. Tho dally dispatches from the North Indicate that tho ice lu tho Hindis la mplilly giving way, though vessel men are so tudlilerent about the Btraha opening early, that they api«.ir disposed to give emphasis to the “solid tco” part of the dispatch whenever any mention of lea la made. Saturday clear water waa ob served in the north paasago oaet of the Mackinaw docks, sud an open stretch of three Allies westward from Old Mackinaw, hut beyond solid lee to W*im“ •banco. .11HX 118 V .136* , QBX l'« .817 X 813 V . 40. V 41 • 817 X 813. V Bid. Asked. aa» a<i» FOREIGN l«ro«rATIONfl. Received •* euicago Customs April Ms Frank Btur- B ea x Co., (il botes tin-plate 5 Groomca A Ullrich, d X casks brandy. Amount of duties collected, $3,1*37.41. OTIIEB STATISTICS. The New York J'roduce Kxehanje Weekly has the following: The risible supply of grain, comprising the slock in granary at the principal |K>ml« of AocumuUtlon at take and seaboard port*, to transit by rail, atul frozen In on the Now York canals ami tho lakes, April l.'i, 187(5: . Wheat,, Guru, , Oats, Darla/,, Kys, Instoreat La. Lu. Ini, bti. , bu. Now York 3, Pa'-, 433 ~H1,449 *d,Vcil Albany ll.ftco 4,»<0 lA.uo 91,Boo! .’M.tmi Huftala 71U,;i7‘ 15.W7 23,991 M.6H.11 IS.bti Chicago 2,b;».,:wi I,fi>M7rt tol.K'i 22J.499 lot.CG Milwaukee. .. U.fcsi.Ar.a 21.266 162.W1 U9.7M SJ.£<i tiuiuiu Toledo ttv:,7 34 7if,sAl 2:1,62V 9-21 Tl»; . Detroit. 13.610 29.676 W,h7i» U.fAt. 4eu Utwego* W,w»i 29,14X1 P.'.Cmj 4,1« i St. Louis KO.ftuo 829.611 129,(41 Brt.M*. U.fllu PoorU 7,939 17.KVJ 46,015 ItJrt 73,074 (lotton 977 10, Mi 144.7tt 15.W.7 it! Toronto 94T.. 7u3 too i 0.34.» 140,466 I.CSI Montreal 411.429 19.170 1?,£4 0,636 Phlladslpbla*. 540.00 U 2C.I,(M>, 126,0,0 11,0X1 S.lWi iUltlraoru’... 76.861 193.0 10,(M), I J.IMJ Rail ihlp'nti I - week 607,(371,119.418 197,469 69,350 11.731 Op New York I cauale 4M.OW, 109,000 130, COO 1 Afloat at Now I York 40,000 80, OX) Tut, Apr.l9/70 14,114,117 4,94.Vw11747.8Wi W0,(5 310,710 W’k Apr. B,'<6 15, iil, loVNO'* I ,u-Vl •.’.Wo.MJ, 1,1116,761 by, 4*l W’k Apr. I, *76 I ~019.7153 5,410,773 3,11‘1,73,U,:H1.!«‘-t 375,219 \V'kMcb.3A,*<6 :i,SM.tx)|t,47o,itf7':v7,7*!s W’k4l«a,lo,’7G 10,443,919 6,106,K2.' S.BU.Vot 1.01i.W7 IM.ILI W’k.Moll,ll/76 10,5tVt,660 0,371,Kii 3,4i«,£;l 1,8«.4<fc1115,H3 W’k Mctl.4. *7O 17,109, *79'6.335,71»i 3,261,663 2,168,131 1i*421 W’k Fab,9o/7'i 17,034.823 5.8G6.1M 1k926,H14 LlM,2i»i 431,907 W r k Apr.17,'76 10.3W.663i7.0W.2h i,078,2(4| 4U1.61i»| 66.674 * Katlmated. The redaction la the vlxible supply of wheat to more apparent than real, probably considerable lu vessels In Chicago included. Comparative stocks of wheat in eight porta of the Gulled Kingdom: 1970, 1875. Wheat, qra. April 1. Dcc.3l. London 415.000 657,1>23 Liverpool 8V5.W3 7i‘3,ui3 Glasgow 370,041 200,412 Dublin „ 220,000 210,107 Bristol 80,COO 60,430 Hull 133/100 130,000 Belfast 43.000 63,000 Went Hartlepool .... 18,201 17,218 Total, nn 2,012,678 2,113.718 The stock lu Belfast April 1, 1876, was 0,300 tons of wheat and GOO tons of mulzo, against stock Doc. 31, 1b75, 64,001 qrs of wheat and 4,340 qrs of maize. The stock of wheat at Parts, Franco, April 1,187 C, was 101,100 cvria, against 01,080 cwta March 1,1870. PROVISIONS. HOG PRODUCTS—Were in good demand and firmer til round, under a general expectation of a redaction from the decline of Friday. The markets at other points were firmer In tone, and the receipts of hogs were small; lu addition to which was the fact that tho great activity of the week bad resulted In changing from tho hands of tho weaker holders tho product owned by them. Ths Daily Commercial Report and Market Review gives the following as (ho shipment of provisions from this city for tho periods named: Fork, Lard,|llama,.tibouid , s[ Middles, hr Is. tea. 1 ics. j lbs. ( lbs. Week ending I I April2o, laid.. 2,890 3,163 1.774 Bameweek, 1975 2.413 1,1154 3, (CHi! 476. Old S.W, 071 Macs Nov. I. ’75 166,43 d 148.3-2 St.WMlll. 173,6 W 19J.tW.H03 bams time ’74-5 173.272 173,603] 44.622125.163.635 173.HU26 Mub Pork—Was active and per brl higher than at the close of Friday’s trading, or 37#c above tho lowest prices of that day, and ruled much steadier under a fair demand for future, out with little inquiry for cash lots. Bales were reported of 40 brls cash at 132.005 250 hrls dost $21.75; 0,500 brls seller May at $H.800a.92X 5 7,500 brls seller Juno at $22.02X022.- 15; and 2,250 brls seller July at $22.27X032.40. To* tsi, 10,610 brls. The market closed steady at $21.80 <? 31.90 cash, according to weight; $21.80021.85 sailor tho month; t2t.853H.87X seller May; f23.10022.12X seller Juno; and $32.33 seller July. Prime mew pork was quoted at $20.50, and extra prime at $16.60. active and firmer, advancing 3,7?IOo per 100 tbs from Friday’s doting, or about 20c from the lowest quotations of that day. Liverpool was quoted Cd par 113 tbs higher, uud the pressure to unload boro was apparently over. Hales wero reported of 230 tes cash at 113.27 X 5 6,000 les seller May at $13.35019.30; 13,760 tea seller June at $13.37X013.45; and 3,200 tes seller July at $13.£5013.60. Total, 21,260 tea. The market uloaed steady at |13.26iai3.27X for cash or seller April; $13.25018,27# for May; 113.40013.42 X for June; and 113.85013.57 X for July. Meats—Were in hotter demand for shipment, tho recent decline haring brought out buyers, and were stronger in consequence, but there was leas doing for future, and the market ruled quiet as compared with Friday. Bales were reported of 100 boxes shoulders at BS'o; 0)0.000 its do at 7*;o for May, HqoHi(o for June, and 8X« for Jnly; and 1,200.000 tba short ribs ut Mi(c for June, aud 12c for July. The market doaed at tho following range of prices: HhoiU- Long Short Short den, dear. rib. clear. Balled, 1005 e.,.... 7’,' U>; 11'.' 12 ; Boxed 8>; liv U PH,' May 77,'0» 11*3 UK 13 Juno HVf lix 11**' 12 Bacon, cash 9XO9X .... li", i;p 4 Long and short dears at 13c cash, aud 130 seller Muy, boxed; green bams, sweet pickled do, 12X013Vo; Cumberland*. ll’.ttflUc, cash or sell er April; long-cut bams, 13013XC, boxed; bacon bams, 14 J|so, Obsask—Wue quiet at o#ft9r. HEEF PllODUUi'H—Werv needy and quiet at $10.60 (BII.OU for mess, J11.MXa13.09 for extra mess, and $21.92(334.00 for hatne. Tallow—Was quoted ifg’^Sjfc. BREADSTUFF'S. FLOUR—Was dull and steady. There was little do mand, but stocks arc eo small that lltUa vu offered, and holders wera firm in tliclr views, notwithstanding tha easier fooling in wheat and dullness reported in Hour in New York. Sales wore reported of SWU brls winter*, partly at $5.80; 100 bris winter superfine! at (1.73, and ISO brls spring extras, partly at (9.00. Total, WO brts, The market closed firm at tbe fol io wing range of prices : Choice wlnlur extras, $7.30; eotmnnn to good do, |6.80(|t7.10; shipping extras, H.aOdLBO; good do, (1,43(35,10; choice do, |U<H£B.GO; patents do, $0.00(30.00; Minnesota, $9.00 <§a.oU; spring superfine*, rye flour, JI.W * ' . h«AK—Was more actlv.e and firmer. Sales wuroflO tons at $ll.OO on track, and freo on board taxi, CoBN-Mi*t—Ktjß wm mule ot 10 ion> coanoil 118.00 on um*. WHEAT—Waa only moderately active, and about lower, but geutraliy steady. Liverpool was re ported quiet by llserboliin, but private advices quoted that market aa dull and easier, and New York was Inactive and weak. The markets to the eastward of us were probably affected nut more by tbu continu ance of nue weather than by tbu news of tliodrchuu in freights here the previous day. which dimiuisbud the difference between the prices paid to thu pro ducer sud by thu consumer, that latter wanting hia share of the advantage. There wore also rumors of further undercutting, and tc« in a;>eclo pur 100 Its to Liverpool was talked of. hut we do uot know that it was accepted. The same remark may bo made about !iuo curreunr to New York. ‘ It Is only cumin that a good deal or wheat has burn contracted to go out by rail at tbe reduced rates. This will dimmish tho stocks here, hut amends for that may be found iu tbo increased receipts from Umncaou. take I'opJn u uow retorted open, sud thu wheat stored •at river towns will ao«u u ou the way blthor, though IU volume u believed to bo much less tbau a year ago. There was ices buying for eblpiuuut ou Saturday, hut this Was liartiilJy due to thu fact of light ofiortugw. The mar et for future delivery was ap]iaieutly "sustained” by a slow but peraUuut effort by lutsrcuted parties to rieveut a further Uftciiue, Hdlur Juuu opened at l.(H>a, recoded to |LO4J 4 , advanced lo ll.fl'i, and THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: declined so f 1.04. closing at fI.QIS', Heller May sold al 11.03 T(4I.OIJf. and seller lbs month, or regular No, •l spring. was nominal a1|11.(V(41.0.1,'f, both closing at IheliHde. dill-edged m-tlpls of iln closed nt fI.OIV* No, I was Inactive, Cash «s**s were reported of 6,003 t.n No. 3 spring at 9l.o:i>4'«a|.(i.!■< ; :i.4ih> lm No. 3do at 09k003c; 1,(00 bu rejected do atß3ofJi(o; and 3.000 bu by sample at 7fleosl.oo. Total, 13,630 bu. MWNHOi* Wutar—Was In good demand, and rels lively firm, Iwlng wanted for shipment, and aample lots were strong. Bales were 9,900 bu No. lat 51.16; 3.000 bu N 0,3 at 11.CC01.07 2 (,(00 bu by sample at 11.0801.18 on track; and 4,400 bu do at sl.l9ol,3ofree on loirdcara, Total, 10,160 bu. COBS—Was more active, and steadier, lint declined about >ic under n rather strong pressure to soil, which was gre.ueri for nest mouth, a good many parties bo* lug anxious to settle or trauafir their May deals be* foro tho crowd should move in that direction. Liver* pool was 3d per 4ri> 11m lower, and Now York wsa easier, while tho wenthce hero was One, and our re ceipts exhibited a further Increase. There was little cmiulry for rash lota, and samples were dull and 100 lower, as a consequence of increased supply and leas* enod demand. The shipment* from New York during tho week were very small, only 90,9*1 bu against 157,* 3.0 1m tho week previous. The reported shipment* lu re lor tho week, 1U.1,841 bu, we re nearly three time* tho receipts, hut they Ineltided tho cargoes which had been afloat during a great part of (be winter, and have not left our port yo(,—only cleared on paper. Holler May opened aU7;;e, declined to 47‘jc, and closed At 47>»c. Hiller Juno aold al 47047j»c, closing at 47.:i47.',0; seller July sold at 47*(C448c, closlug at 47'tO. Holler the month was nominal nt Ibo closo at (iMf, and gilt-edged tecslpls of Nu. 3 quiet at 47*i'c. Cash sales were reported of 4,100 i.n No. 3at 47V0; 800 bn do (short receipts) at 4P,' 4 c ; 9,'iOJ hu high mixed at (7 «<o; 3.(00 lm new do al 4.9 c; 3,000 lm new mixed at 4l0(l**o ; 3,000 bu re* jeded nt 43 a ; '.1,006 titx by sample at 4o(418c ou track; und 4,8061 mdo nt 40046 e free on board cars. Total, DU.t-Oo bu. OATH—Were egaln fairly active, the trading being chiefly speculative, and easy at a decline of .Mo<ao. Tho market weakened wtr\g under continued lair re ceipts, flue weather, and In sympathy with other grain. Tho demand was chiefly from the shorts, who were buying quite freely for Mar, which opened at 33c, soon sold down to at»J closed at 3J*(c. June was slow at :ni,X<433;ie, closing nt tho Inside. Itegular No. a was nominal st ll.’c, aud fresh was sale «.io nt .liyc. Samples were nported slow and easier, owing to larger arrivals. Cash sale* were reported of (.‘.'CO hu No. 3at 3J>j'o; (i.OOu hu No. 3 white at 33.4 3J.'.;c; 7,fe06 hu by sample ut 3iM33c on track. Total, Irt.'.OO bu. UVE—Wssdull anda shade easier. There was no dumsud of consequence, shippers having withdrawn, and, allhough the ofiorlngs were small, lbs market was rnthor weak. No, 9 was quoted at Ofl and rejected at 63c. A sale of 400 bu by sample was made at >!sc on track. 13AHLEY—Was dull and weak, there being not a sin gle trade In option* until after 1 o'clock. Tan receipt# were again small ami a few orden for car-lots wore placed at recent figures, Operuiors generally were dis mcllued to enter Into any new deals, as It was felt that Iho warm weather now coming on would toon close ■he malting season, thus stopping Iho consumptive de mand. oml leave a surplus on hand which few care to carry into another harveet, Seller May was quoted early at &!)#>■, nml sold al (tie very does nt 89c. June •old late ut fillip. Cordon of No. 2 brought 03c, and rejected was salable at 3J-d32e. Cosh sales were re girted of Sou bn No, 2 at Hi: I.iMO bu No. 3 at 4204 ic, outside In N. 8.; and KO bu by sample at 64(<48d0 on track. Total, 3,800 bit. -ALCOHOL—Was steady nt $1.14. BROOM-CORN—'Was steady under a moderate order demand. The low grades are quoted easy, as the stock in Boilers’ bands is supposed to consist Largely of these qualities, which are rather slow sale at present: Choice hurl, H09o; No. 2 hurl, 708 c; choice me dium, 7©7>scs good medium brush, OQCJtfo; fair inaldoand covers, Oo.Vtfc; inferior, 404J$o> crooked, •MCc. BUTTER—The position of the market for lb Is staple remain# as previously noted. Beyon Anpply lug linmellato wants, buyers show no inclination to invest, and light as are the current receipts there is n gradual accumulation of stock, and prices are slowly but nurely working downward.. Quotations were re vised a# follows: Choice to fancy yellow, 83037 a; me dium to good grades, 3503Oo; inferior to common, 15011 c. RAGGING—There was more doing than at the be ginning of the week, and from this time forward Jobabrs look for a gradually improving demand. Wo quote: Stark A, 3ilc; Peerless AA, 330; Lewis ton, 230; Monlaup, 230 j Ontano, 250; American A. 22>tfo; Amoakoag, 2305 Otter Creek. 330; bur lap bags. 4 bu, gunnies, single, !4#@160; do. double, 23034 c. WOOD—Was slow and weak The offerings are small and light ordtrs are received dally from Western mills, but holders are anxious to unload, and would probably make concessions for largo lots. The Eastern markets are rejiortod very dull. Tub-wanhod. prime, 50c; do, poor to good. 440 l8o; washed fleece, flue, good conditioned, 3S04Oo; wanned, medium do, 40 043 c; unwashed, flno heavy to light, 35028 c; do, medium. 30033 c; pulled, average, 30034 c. CHEEBB Prices ranged about the same as on the earlier days of the week. Fine goods are scarce. We quote poor to prime old at 10018 c, and new skimmed at 6 *loc. COAL—Trade was lifeless at the annexed range of ? rices; Lackawanna, range and nut, $10.00; do egg, 9.60; cauucJ, $7.0007,30; Erie, $7.00; Bioealmig, $7.00 07.80; Hocking Valley, $7.00; Indiana block, $5,30; Baltimore & Ohio, fU.ou; Illinois. $1.0004,80, EOCIB—Were soiling slowly st The offer ings wore liberal, but the reUllera had stocked upon the previous day, hence were not out In full force. FlSH—Business was reported good for the season, with prices ruling about steady. We repeat our list: No. 1 white-fish, Jtf-brl, $3.1008.23; No. 2 do, $1.0005.10; No, 1 trout.s4.oo;No. 1 shore moefcero now, tf-bii, $12,50013.00; No. 1 bay. $9.0009.23; No. 3 mackerel. >s-brl, $4.0008.23; family mackerel, Jtf-brl, ffl.2.'io.U.f>u; No. l shore kits, large, $3.00; No. I bay kits, $1.80; largo family kits. SI,3U; bank codfish, $4.73 05.00; George's codfish, $1.3008.16; Labrador her ring, split, brls, $7.7308.00; do jrf-hrl, $4.0004.28; Labrador herring, round, brls, $6.6000.73; do ,‘i-brl, $3.5(10:1,16 ; scaled herring, per box, 400 : No. 1 her ring. 330; Columbia River salmon, V-brl, SB.OO. FitUITH AND NUTH—A satisfactorily'active busi ness was lu progress at firmly maintained prices. Layer riutus were held 60 per box higher, oth erwise the quotations are the same ai previously given. Fomutm—Dates. 6M(s7o ; Ugs, layers, li (‘title: figs, drums, HOUc; Turkish primes, new, fJs'Ql? 4° I French prunes, kegs and boxes, Ific; raisins, layers, i • loose Muscatel, I Ibis 20c; Michigan apples, common, u,H«tO?4c; do choice, 10,V(Jlo><oj peaches, halves. ]2V(£l2k;o; do, pared, Keltic; blsckberrlcs, ll)g<ai9c; rasnberrles, a;i@ate ; pitted cherries, Nuts—Filberts, 11 Qlltfc; almonds, Tcrragona, lOAfftQUai Naples wal nuts, new. ItVallo ; French walnut*, new, l!i)$o; Ureooble walnuts, 16K@tito; Brazils, iJJiOlOo; pecans, Texas, HKQl'l.'tfc; Wilmington pomuts, Bfdjß&c; Tetmesaeo peanuts, African peanuts. GROCERIES—Trade continues lo Increase unitor tlio iultuoncu of pleasant weather, and tho general market wears an Improved look. nice was firmer, prices advancing a if a all round, Sugar, sirups, molasses, spices, soaps, and starch were also firmly held. ’Collets continue weak and unsettled, and we reduce quotations of itlo grades a The New York Jliulcttn gives the following statement of stocks: Itfrt. 1875. 1H74. 1873. New York, bags.. ..130,775 41,883 130,337 74.481 H.dUmurc. 03,711 n.ino la.ww 33.203 New 0,800 4,605 6,303 13,003 Mobile, 3,000 Galveston 5,000 3,100 .... 0,000 Kavaunah .... .... .... lloutuu iUmpioi) Uuaiia... B.BIC Charleston. Total... Wo nftoio kick—Uaugoou, C>i®7a; Carolina, Lou bslaua, flVdT^c. CoPKKF.d—O. Q. Java, 30:131c; Java, No. 3,37 ft 3flo; cliolce to fancy lUo, good to prime do, common to fair, 3<lh}ft3lo; rout ing, 10ft 10Ifo: Singapore Java, 35ft34c; Co«U Idea. ajft'Jlo; Maracaibo, 3M3IC. bimua—Patent cut loaf, UKftllS'o; crushed, 11V ; ]K>wdcrrd. lU,'ftUWc; granuUUxl, Ut}{ (.sUc; A, uiumlard, lO'.ciooKo. 3, loi,c: 1), «tfo; exiniO.'.t.ViS’iC; 0N0.3, 9*«c ; yellowONo. t, OVfc; choice brown, fair to prime do, BJtf'i«H c l common do, 7}<ftNC • caolcu tnolasse* au* gar, common to good do,7Jiftfli<o; Now Urleana, I ft'- c. binupß—California sugar-loaf drip*, 68ft70c; dia mond drips, stive* drlpa, extra fine, 60ft f>sc; good sugar-house simp, SOftVlc; extra do, 68ft W»c; New Oth-ina mnlsiaea, choice,Blftfiflo; do, prime, BSftSHo; do, common to good, Porto Ilico, mo* losses.4BftftOc; common molasses, SHftlOo: blackstrap, 3'Jft.Kte. Mi'ioßft Alliplcr, 17<ai7#o; eloree, 63A.i3c; castla, Sd&l'ic; pepper, 1 1 *1*111!, o; nutmegs, Cal> cutta ginger, llKfel&M'h Huai**—True blur, n*c; German Mottled, 6V(37c: While Lily, White Hum, Hoys: Ha* von, Havon Imjicrlal, tio; Golden West. O’.c. hrincti—Excdaior, laundry, O%Q7c; do. gloaa, B.V (RUc; do, corn, UftUqc; iUugajorU, pore, 7>{u; do, ail* vvr gloss. VQfs'Jh'o; do. corn, l(j(ailuj*c. UUEIi.S i'UblTd—Lemons are dim In sympathy with Now York, Thu dvmaud|for all fruit* is fair, und full recent price* are uamdly obtained by deal* ire. Tbs olicrlugs of oruugr* were larger; tiers held at (oritur prices, (lie fresh arrival* hiving been bought since th» advance hi Nsw York. Good to choice *n rO.yo dd.U) per brl; Mmslui orange*, g\iovis,i4 per box: Valencia du, jiur cose; lemoui, f.j.(W(sSC.OO per bos. • HIDES—Were In moderate demand. The receipt* are largely damaged, which dealers quote at *i price, and «»>■ tla*y have no dllUcully In getting all they want on that bail*, but on the street Be la atlli demanded and occasionally obtained. Quotations: Green city butchers', C<si%e; green cured light and heavy, 7c; part cured, green sailed kip, 7c; green country. 6*c: grecu calf, 13c; hint hides, dry tip aud calf, lie; dry suited hides, 13c; deacon skins, 49(<s 60c. BLeoii pelts, wool estimated aa washed, ho39ic. HAY—The outer grudoi were m good demand aud dimer. lb-.* receipt! were email, and arc expected to ctJiitlnuii hi while the farmer* are giving all their time to planting, Ttm oilcilugs of loom hay continue fair, bu; will philul ly fall oil soon. Wo quote: No. 1 Urn* oiliy, $13..j0,Ui.73; No. 3 do, JU.UJ; mixed do, SIU.Uu; upland prairie, lll.tu ; No. I do, Eu.bXA'.MKI; atough, $«7.50. LUMIIEU—Tho yard buelno*s waa agalu only fair. Thu shipment* continue smaller than forthecorro* period a )wr ago. Prices are somewhat lr rcgirf*r. At Urn duct* a few cargoes of shingles were oUcrrii, and two or throewcreaold. Salt*: Schooner Kearsigo, from .Marliluo, *1) m timber, 30x3t ft, at 1'.60 ; liDm JoUtsaud scantlings at SJ.M. Bold by William Unger. Pint ana second rtsxr. Third dear, 1 inch Tumi d«»r, thick MONDAY. APRIL 24, 1876. GENERAL MARKETS. 3,163 8,600 .... 1.000 .311,003 C 0,737 100,433 137,167 ....IW.Mtfl .... .... M-OA*«.W Clear flooring, tint and second, rough.. 80.6008100 Clear aiding, first and second 17.W018.00 Pint common siding 19.00(410.00 Flouring, first common, dressed BO.POO Flooring, second common, dressed 9 J.01M31,00 Box boards, A..,,. 89.01V* Box boards, U 99.000 A stock bosrds, 10 and 13 in 98.00036.00 D stock board 93.00098.00 O stock boards 15.000H.00 Fencing 19.80(419.00 Common lumber, 18 ft andnnder 11.00019.00 Joists and scantling, 30 to 91 ft 13.00015.06 Latb 1,050 3.00. A shingles 3.5 f @ 9.90 Shingles on track 3,40(4 3.83tf 011.8—Carbon was quoted weak and Afn otT. A re duction in the quotations of turf ntluoand West Vir ginia lubricating oils was also noted. Trade Is " pick ing up," and tbero Is a mors cheerful feeling among Jobbers. We rerlso our list, as follows: Carbon. 115 degrees test, language; do Illinois te* gsl test, 13Udegrees, 1 Koliv { snow white. ISO teat, 17 *1417X0; do headlight. 175 degrees, 17 t,(i*ll •io; ex tra winter lardnll, $1.13; No, 1.97008 c; N 0.9. 78(4 80o: Unseod, raw, Co(4*.9c; boiled, Csot7c; while, win ter bleached, 780hOo; sperm, s3.l’>(33.'.'S; noalsfoot oil, strictly pure, fl. 1901.30; do extra, Pftc: do No. 1, Rio; bank oil. 05c; straits, tk'et plumtMgooll. 60 C4"3c; turpentine, 4tK-»47c; naphtha, deodorized, o:i gravity, 13X014X0; West Virginia oils, natural. 2'J deg., flic; natural, 30 deg,, 970; reduced, 98 deg., 90c, HEEDS—Timothy and clover were quiet. The of ferings were light, and held at rerent figures. Frairls timothy was quoted at f 9.49 and prime choice at t'JJ'A. Flax sold al f 1.3001.40,.3001.40, and Hungarian was steady at for prime. Millet was quiet at SSOCOC. HALT—'Was steady under a fair Inquiry and mod erate offerings; Hagluaw floe, $1,40; Canada do. (1.49; ordinary coarse, 11.70; dairy, without bogs, •3.7 ft ; dairy, with bogs, $3.60; Ashton dairy, per sack, $1.60. roULTHY—Continues scarce and firm under a comiarallvelr good demand from the city trade. The weather was too warm fur dressed poultry, but the offerings ware very light and fouud quick sale when ever >n good condition ; Turkeys, So coops, l(0lAo; chicken*, f 1.39(911. 06 per dozen, VEAL—Ia quoted dull and weak at foße, The of ferings continue large, and lbs wotlher (Saturday wia very warm, which fact made sellers anxious to disuse of tho stu if, and many wore willing to make conces sions Jo order to do so. TEAfcJ—Wo quota the market moderately active and steady at the quotations following: Ounpowiikh—Com mon, 3O04Oo; good do, C'.ajtSc: medium, 45(4S«c;good d 900.9*<c. Quo, 55(£<iOc: finest. OUodn; choice, 70079 c; choicest, U <(9390; fancy. $l.O-9(41.14. luPKniik—Com mon 3n03,c; good do, 3.*0»60; medium, 4004'c; good do, 49(49J0; fine, *)6r4950: finest, 99 ACOo: choice, u (4i‘Cu; choicest, iOol6c. Japans—Common, 330 3’>c; good common, 3«o;38o: medium. toti4.c: good medium, 450 Ho; lino, 90(3950; finest, 95 t i;(V; choice, CUOG6o; choicest. 7J>479c. Oolokqs— Common, 3ik4 .tic: good common, 3303.*0; mixllmu, 40.. )9o ; good niodlmn, 4 i(4(3c; floe, 48050 c; finest,s3o6Bo! choice (lOrACJo: choicest, 780 80c. WOOD—'W..s In fa,r demand at nominally unchang ed prb es, or at $8.30 for maple, at $7,80 for beech, aud $3,30 for slabs. LIVE STOCK. CIUCAUO. Receipts— Cattle. Hogs. Sheep, Monday 3,0<»2 5,w)3 2,14 ii Tu aday 0.407 7,180 1,937 Wednesday 0,870 0,901 1,300 Thursday 5,048 1 2,009 1,034 Friday 0,606 10.187 1,0.4 Saturday 1.300 4,000 COO Total 37,03# 48,331 8/83 Same week last yean 21,720 05,973 iu,7.0 Last week 24,223 63.101 7,438 Week before last 33,610 43,640 8,411 Shipments— Monday 1.4H0 1,803 Tuesday 1,614 1,500 89P Wednesday 3,987 4,810 873 Thursday...; 4,378 3,310 681 Friday 4,287 0,147 1,451 Total 16,640 16,180 8,807 stock rnEiours. Chicago to— Boston Now York. Philadelphia, Baltimore... Buffalo, Suspension Bridge, and Pittsburg..... 25 Cleveland 18 Dunkirk Toledo and Detroit. CATTLE—The past week’s receipts, 27,032 head, were larger by nearly 1,000 bead than over previously reported. They were 3,? M wore than for the pre vious week, and 2,237 in excess of tbs number received during the corresponding week last year. In view of the overstocked and generally demoralized condition of the markets below, It is safe to say that one-half the number of beeves actually received would have amply supplied the legitimate trade requirements; therefore It will bo seen that holders were—so far, at least, as the arranging of prices was concerned—en tirely st the mercy of buyers. As a consequence a lower range of values was established. From the opening to the end of the week there was an Intensely dull market at a decline varying from 10s to 23e per 10(1 lbs. The number of buyers present was large, unusually so, but there was an on tiro absence of competition, and stock was allowed to accumulate in tbe ysrda until every available fool of ■pace was occupied. As regards the quality of the of ferings, it was equal to Iho best sent forward during the season, but wo And, nevertheless, that the bulk of the trading was dono st prices below sl.63—at $3.80..< 4.C0, Scalawags held at $2,5003.00, and extra grades at $3.8005.68. Thu bulk of tbo sales to tbo local trade were at $3.0003.73 (for cows, bulls, stags, oxen, and common mixed lots) and to feeders at $3,7801,00. Springers were alow of sale at $20.00040.00 per bead, with sales mostly at $48.00033.00, Prices aro from $1.8001.75 per 100 Bis lower than one year ago. Saturday a market was dull aud heavy. The supply was overwhelmingly in excess of the demand, and buyers had their own way as regards prices. Sates reached only a small percentage of the offerings, and the week closed on an extremely bard market. QUOTATIONS. Choice Decree—Fine, fat, wdl-formcd 3 year to 9 year old steers, weighing 1,300 to 1,861)11* tMOQS.SO Good Decree—Well-fattened steers, weigh ing I,’JOO to 1.400 IU 4.30(94.05 Medium Orsdce—Steers in fair dealt, weigh ing 1,100 to 1,300 It* . 4.0004.25 Butchers’ Block—Poor to fair ater- Block—Poor to fair atecr«,»and common to choice cove, for cltj slaughter, weighing B(W to 1,160 1be...,, 5.50(33,90 Stock Cattle—Conun on cattle, weighing 800 to 1.050 tbs... 3.50(34.00 Inferior—Light and thin cows, heifer*. stags, bulla, ond scalawag I teem,.. 2.50(39.50 110aB>«Altbough the receipt* were tome 15,000 bead lets than for the week before, there wore boa* enough to satisfy the demand, and the quotations given one week ago have barely been sustained. Early In the week, under the meagre receipt*, there wae an upward movement to the extent of ll'dtlfic, but later the advance wae loet, aud cloelng price* were 7.95 for common to prime light wclabts, and 8.00 for poor to choice heavy. Extra heavy quoted at tß.Jofllß.as. On Saturday then was a moderately active market, at Prices showing no quotable variation from those of Friday, sales tusking within tho range of the above quotation*. Few uroves sold above $7.90, and not many under $7.70, $7.7££7.86 taking tho bulk. SHEEP—Tho receipts, as will be seen by reference to the foregoing table, have beon moderate, but the state of trade at the East has been such that only a limited shipping denuud existed, and the supply proved excessive. It was a more or leu dragging trade from tho beginning to the close of the week, end prices showed great Irregularity. A few extra flocks were taken at $i7007.1!S for averages of over 100 lbs, but then were fsw transfers abova $1.22. We quote closing price! at $4,0&44.75 for common; $3.0440.30 for medium; and $5.60(40.26 for good to choice. TELEGRAPHIC MARKET REPORTS. FOREIGN MARKETS. SpteiAl VUixitcM |« TAa CAlcava fWoun«. Liverpool, April 23—11:30 a. w.—Flour—No. I, 3(a: No. 9,33 a. ' Gnaw—Wheat—Winter, No. 1,9 a lid; No. 1, Da 84} apring, No. 1, Oa fld; No. 3,8 s; white, No. 1,10 s; No. 3,0 a Od; dub, No. 1,10 a7d { Mo. 3,10 a 3d. Coro —No. 1,30 a Od; No. 3,36 a. Provisions—Pork, 83a. Lard, SSa Od. laviarooL, April 33—1:30 p. ta.—Provisions—lard. 69*. Sect unchanged. Liverpool, April 23—0 p, m.—BaiiDrzorre— California white wheat, average, UsSsftlOa; do club, 10a 3dftloa 7d; red Weatern apring, No. 3 to No. 1, OaftOa fld j do winter, No. 3to No, 1, OafldftOalld. yiour—Wealam, 33ft34t. Corn—Naw Western mixed, 36»ft'J6s Bd; old Waelem mixed, 39a. Gala—Ameri can, daft’ia O<L Barey—American, 3a Cd. Ptaa— Canadian. 3M. Clover American, 03aft09a 6d. Provision*—Prime meat pork, SSa. Prime men beef, Hl# M. lard—American, fida. Bacon—Lona clear middle*, Odd od, Oiixuß—lli%) American, 03s. PvmoLruw—Spirits, fla Od; refined, 11a BdftlSi, Linsuo Oil—33a Od. Hewn—Common, 49#; pale do, 16a. hriuiTs or Tuhpmtuo—34a, Lonlon. April 23.—IUtr of Discount— In open market lor throe month*’ blili, litf, being id below me Bank of Eugtand rate. Consol*—Por money and account, 90 0-10. Amuuuh Srcuuitiu—o6a, 1031, ; 475, 109 k 1; 10- 40a. Uo>i; new Oa, 109K{ New York Central, 101; Kne, 14HT; Erie preferred. 34. apißlia Turpkntinb—33a 6d. Penis, April 33.—Ukhtm—«flf 80c, fBaMSFOKr, April 33.—United bravaa Donna-New «». lots. ANTwanr, April 33.—Pmoucru—Sfla. Brussels, April 33.—The Dank of Belgian* baarw* dated Its rate of discount from 3 to 3>f per oent. NEW YORK DRY GOODS MARKET. KkwYqbi, April 22.—The dry.goode bualneas vu quiet with package bourn and ImporUrt, and the Jobbing trade was light. Cotton goods steady In flrat hands at current quotation*, vine bleached iblrtloge cloiely sold up and Ann. Brown ibeoUage la steady demand. Prints quiet and unsettled. Shirting print* and cambrics In fair requeat, Dreaa fabrics aud mcul wear woolens continue quiet. CLEVELAND PETROLEUM MARKET. Clbvilxmo, 0„ April 37.—Petroleum steady and uuchsngod. Wo quote: Standard white, lid teat, 10J,'o; prime whits, 190 test, by cor tots. BOSTON WOOL MARKET. Boston, Maas., April 33.—W00l dull and prices rule In favor of buyers. More doing la fleece wool than last weak; XXX Pennsylvania, t8o; Ohio, i&c; extra Ohio, iajiOOJic; Michigan and other Western fleeces, 88(i40o; aoma very good Weatern fleece* (old (t Ble. In pulled wool* s moderate bnalneea w*a done. 8*l«* At 37943 c for good average lota of auperflne, and 389 43c for extra. THE PRODUCE MARKETS. NEW TOOK, Aprefst Dlmateh l« Tht CMtogo JVrtuna, New Yon*, April 2L—aaAt*—Whest market dull and allghtly In buyer*' favor; tale* BI,OUO bu at |1,06 91.10 for rajeoted spring; $1.0991.30 for ungraded spring; $1.1391.1$ for No. 8 Chicago; $1,1591,18 for No. 0 Milwaukee; $1.3391.37 for No. 2 Chicago; $1.23 31.27 for No. 2 Northwestern] $1.3591,38 for No. 9 Milwaukee; $1.3391.08 for No. 1 aprlngt $1.1391.89 for winter red Weatern; $1.3091.45 for rfmbordo, and $1.3791,50 for white Weetern. Rye quiet and nominal at 889*80 for Western; OVdOSo for State, sud 820 for Canada in bond. Barley a shade firmer; anlce, 0.60 U bu No. 2 DayQulntealsl.os. Com lower and heavy; sales, 16,000 bu at 84,V0 for no grade mlxr«l, 6flc for ateamer mixed, and 700 for old Woitcru mixed delivered} also 8,000 buahela grad ed mixed, for Aral half May, at Kbid! 20,000 bu do for all May at «3t,c; H'.OOO bu do for same delivery at <UMo; 0,0)0 bu steamer mixed for tlret three daya of May at Me; H,'k)o bu do seller July at 82c, and 20,003 bu do, seller to nth of Mav, at 84c, Oats, quiet; sales. 21,000 bu at 43948 c for mixed Weetern and State, and 4'95J for while Weatorn and State. I’ntmatONs—Middle* dull, at 12H9124f0 for long clear, i-ard Armor; sales 100 lea at $13.C0 for prime steam; at the first cal) tor Anri) fl3.(Wu was bid and $13.73 asked; for May, $13,571* bid »nd $13.70 ashed; for Jntin 350 tea sold at 113.77 V; for July sales of 24 tea at 113.00; uml for August fH.ojw bid and *U.OS asked. Wiiiiuv—Market firmer; sale* 100 brla atfl.UVO 1.12 per gallon. iinoomiM—Sugar—Market steady, with a fair de mand; fair to good refining quoted at 7 0-109? BMtfo; prime at 7 15-ltic, *mi Nos. 10 to 13 Havana at7.V9 h,'4C. Co(T«*—Murkat quiet, but atcody 5 lUo quoted at lAM9IQVC, in gold; Maracaibo at 16>*91lfe, In gold. Tallow—Rules firm and In fair demand; country and dty quoted at BJ(9Oe. ( n> lA* Atioelnltct J New Yobk, April 33.—FLoun—Receipts, 4,000 brls; very moderate export and home trade inquiry; No. 3, $1,(093.78; super State and Weatorn, $1.H'94.48; common to good extra, $1.9U98.3'i; good to cbolce, ss.*o *B.IJ; wntto wheat extra, $8.7697,76; extra cum, $1.0J97.ii0; 81, Louis, SB. 590.00; Minnesota patent process, $8.60 9.60. llyo flour quiet End unchanged, Corn-Meal—Dull; Western. li.B 9i.3u. Guain—Wheat— Receipts, Ho.ouo bu; holders more dlsfoecd to I'oall/o; ungraded spring, $1.31; No 3 spring, sl.r>(4l.te; No i spring, $1,3091.38; No 3 Cbtoagj spring. 51.23; No 3 Milwauke, fi.3591,38; wulle Woiteru, $1 47; Xo 2 Northwestern, SI.3J. Bye —Qulot and nominal; Weatorn, State, 959 bo; Omuls, In b0ud,71971c. Barley—Firm; No 2 Canada, $1.05; four-rowed ti.alo, BJc.—gnlet aud un changed. Com—Heavy; receipts, 48,000 bu; mixed, no grade, OlH'iilCttic: do steamer, 8:988; old West ern ndxed,, ioc: new Western, mixed, ungrad ed, B)'9iUc. Oats—Heavy; receipts 9,5C0 bu; mixed Western and State, 42918 u; white Western, 45951 c. Hat—Firm and unchanged, II *ri—(Juki; E-istcrn ami Weatorn 10310 c; New York Stale, 13i«16o; Californian, 15®19c, UliJOKnies—Colfco quirt and unchanged. Motaa eei steady with moderalo inquiry. Sugar steady with moderate demand; fair to good rellulag, 7 9-1647 t3-18o; prlims 7';93c; rollncd steady at i»V9H)ajC. ’ PitmoLKOM—Dull and heavy: crude, &>,; rofiuod, steady nt Uc. Nij htho, nominal,J Htrainkd Resin—Unchanged, tin hits Tuiipbntuos— liaHior at B8)*o. Lkatiikr—Xomlu >t; hemlock sole, Buenos Ayres, .uid 1110 Urandj light; middle and heavy weights, 31 9250 ; comm m do. and California do, 3i93tc. Wool—Dull and heavy; Western, 330;,7c; pulled, 23 011 c; uuwashod, IJQJ-lcj Texas, 1.4-t-juc. Provisions— Pork tinner; now mm. f22.35022.fi0: May, $22.40022.5); Juno, $22.00. Beef—Plain ami extra mesa, 12k013W. Gut media—Western quiet; long clour middles, Western, c: do city, 12;,c. Lard firmer; prime slena. f13.0iW013.fi3 cash ; May and June. $13.77^013.80. Butter— Heavy; now Western, 20®35c. Chcese—Quiet at f-012)tfc. 9100 lbs. Whisky— Firm; , 'vi.ll>rf. alktals— Manufacturing copper steady; now, sheathing. 31o; Ingot lake steady at $22,30022..5. Iron—Hcolch pig quiet und unchanged; American dull at slß.OOo23,OO.Russta sheeting, 120 In gold. Nalls—Steady; out, $2,7602.83; cUuou, $1.51X89.25; horseshoe. No. 8, 200-Go. PHILADELPHIA. Philadelphia, April v2.—Seeds— Clover, $10.50® 18.00. Timothy, $2.75. Flax, f1.t201.i5. PrrnoLKUU—Refined, 13,^'oJ lie; crude, Flour— Moderately active and unchanged. Guam—Wheat steady and dull; Pennsylvania ro l, $1,60(41,53: Western sprouted.; white. $1.50. .Corn dulland weak; yol-low, fi.(4Bdo: while. Us. Oats—White, 40051 c. Provisions— Dull. Mess pork. $23.23023,50. Beef hams, smoked do, 1501fic; pickled do. 13 if 014 c. tsrd, $14,02014.50, Whisky—Western, $1.12. Butter— New York Stats and Bradford County, Pa., extras, 30037 c; firsts, 34035 c; seconds, 2OOJOO : Wcstcrtf extrav, 31(431c; UrsU, 23032 c; seconds. 21 0270;' Western rolls, extra, 22y>3iu; firsts, 2<Ks27o; seconds, 20.«2(i0. Onr.csx—New York State, 13V014o; Western fine, 12k013o: prime. 11*40130. UEaos—Prime New fork and Delaware, fresh, 17 Q l7Xo; Western,fresh, 1C4170. •7. LOUIS. Sr. Louis, April 22.—Flour— Dull and unchanged. Oram—Wheat dull and lower: No. 2 red whiter, $1.4001.42 cash; April; $1.4001.41 March; No. 3 red winter, 51.2tij401.30, Corn dull and lower; No. 2, 4(51*0470 cash; 40jjc April; 4UVfO4OWo .May. 0»U um-ctUed and lower; No. 3, 84 <4 033 c. Rye dull und lower at ttso bid; regular, Ofijjo hid, strictly fresh. Barley dud sad unchanged. Whisky—Quiet and unchanged at $1.09. Provisions—Pork dull ana unchanged at $23.60. Lard dull aud lower at 100 asked. Bulk-meats Inac tiro; tbouldors, Ho; alder. llJtfisU*c. Bacon firmer: ■boulders, Do; clear rib, ; clear, 12»i(3 13*0. KtcexPTfl—Flour, a, OOO brla • wheat, 18.000 bu: corn, 03,000 bu; oats, ao,o-iobu: barley, 8,000 bu; bogs,2di bead; cattle, 104 head. OALTIJIOBE. Baliimohe, April 32.—F10 till—Quiet, firm, and unchanged. O&aih- Wheat quiet and steady; Pennsylvania red, $1,0:101.67: others unchanged. Corn active and firm; Western mired, 00c, Oats quiet, atoady, and unchanged. Bye nominally firm at 03380 c. liar—Firm. Provisions— Dull and heavy. Pork, $23.00. Bulk meala—Shoulder#, H*o; clear riba, 12(413*0. Bacon —Shoulders, OJXQIOc; clear rib, 13(41:1*0; bams. 13 @loc. Lard dull and weak; refined, 14*014*0. Uirmn—Quiet and steady at 33^350. Pktooledu—Dull; crude, 8o; refined, 14c, Ooffhe—Nominally unchanged. WutSKt—Quiet; $1.13. MILWAUKEE. Milwaukee, April 22.—Flood—Quiet and un changed. Onan—Wheat opened weak and *o lower, and closed weak; No, 1 Milwaukee, $1.14; hard, $1.23; No. 3 Milwaukee. $1.05*; May, fi.oc*; June, $1.07; No. 3,03 c. Corn nominally steady; No. 3, file. Oats steady; No. 3 fresh, May, aJ*Q3J*o. Bye nominally atoady; No. 1,72 c. Barley atoady; No. 3, OOo; No. 8, 61(45i*0» Provisions—Quiet and weak. Fiuuouis—Quiet and nominal: wheat to Buffalo, lltCEipTS—Flour, 0,000 brls: wheat, 31,000 hu. Buipubnts—Flour, 6,603 brut; wheat, 13,000 bu. TOLEDO. Toledo, 0.. April 22.—Flour—Steady. Grain—Wheat atoady; whits Wabash, $1.30*; No. 3 do. $1.23; No. 1 white Michigan, $1,37)4; No. 3 do, $1.17; extra do,sl.Bo*; amber Michigan,sl.24l4(4 1.35; May, $1.23*5 June, $1.20*01.32; No. 3 do, $1.07*; No. 3 red winter, $1.30; No. 3 red,sl.l6; re jected rod, 90o: do, D. A M., hoc. Corn callers high mired, 33*0; May, 310 : June, 30c; low mixed, Wo; Kantaa, Wo; No. 3 white, 63; no grade, 60uc; dam aged, 47c. Data dull: No. 3,86*c; Mlchlgau,3o*o. ItKOKiFTB —Flour, KM brls; wheat, lu.OOU du ; corn, 67,000 uu; eats, 3,000 bu. bmpuiHTS—Flour, edO brls; wheat, 4,000 bu; corn, M,OOO bu; oats, U,ooo bu. CINCINNATI. Cincinnati, o.,AprU32.—Floub—Steady and firm. Ouain—Wheat dull and drooping at $1.16(41.U0. Corn dull and lower at 61(453c. Oats quiet ami un changed at 86(4430. Bye easier at Barley dull and unchanged. Provisions—Pork quiet at $23.33. Lard stronger; atcam, I3*olil*c; tbs latter asked aifli* close; kettle, W*t4l3l,'o. Bulk meats firmer; shoulders, BV(Jti, l ,c; clear rib ll*o spot and buyer April; closing, ll*,'o asked spot; clear, 11,'fc, Bacon firmer at U*e, y. J ic, U*c,l3*c, 127*0,13c. Wuisuv-Steady at $1.07, Buttu—Quist and unchanged. LOUISVHXB. Looiovillb, Ky„ April 33,—i'tooa—Dull and un changed. Obiim—Wheat quiet but firm; $1.1591.30, Cora firm at 40948 c. Guta la fair demand, and the market firm at 39913 c. HyoduA. raovu»oNs—A;«irouger feeling. Pork. $31.50. Bute meat—shoulder*, b>;o; clear rib. $11.(56911,75; clear. 13c. Dscou—Shoulders, 13.3699.37 U; clear rib. $13.63*913.75; clear, |U.87*913.00 luma, l«Wdlsc. Tluroalard, U’tidUWc; keg, 150. Wuuex—Steady; $1.07. NEW OBLBAMB. Hew Obuumb, April S3.—Cobh Meal—Dali; quoted at 13.4006.U0. Cobh—lu light supply and firmer at 639060. I’novmon*—Pork dull; Jobbing aalos at $33.64, lard—Tierce, refined, quoted at lAo. Bulk meats, 15c, Hama in good eupply; large aiieverydull; small aUe,choice eugsr-cund, fare* quest; urge quoted at UJgo; medium, X3J*'9l4c; small, 14140. Wuu*t—BoctUed lo light supply; only Jobbing da* msud; Louisiana, $1.11; Western, $1,1191,13. BOSTON. Boston, April 33.—Vtotm—Steady; Western super fine, $4.0094.w; common extras, $4.75(i6.36; Wteooa* sin extras, $6.6096.33; Minnesota, $3.60(47.36: winter wheat Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan, $7.31; Illinois, 18.3698.6 U; SU Louis. W.6099.W; fancy MutnesoU and Wisconsin, $7.3*40.60. GiuiM—Coro dull at U 04730 for mixed and yellow. Oats—4696UO for mixed and No. 2 while; rejected, 43 916 c; No. 1 white, 639660. uurrALo. Buffalo, April 23.—Daanr—Wheil neglected. Corn dull; on track at COc. Oats neglected. Kye neglected. Barley dull. MARINE. PORT OF CHICAGO. APRIL 22 AND 29, Abbitbd—Prop Trader, Ludlngton, lumber; icbr Belt, Ludlngton, lumber | etmr Corona, St, Joe, lam* bor; prop Messenger, Benton Harbor, lumber; acbr Seventh Ohio, White Lake, railroad ties; acbr Day Spring, Horn's Her, wood; eohr Sardinia, Muskegon, lumber; echr 0, J. Boeder, Casco* Her, railroad tlea; achr Two Brotbere, Ludlngton, lumber; scow Hilton, White Lake, railroad Uea; acbr Q, Barker, Ludlngton, wood; achr Isa ball* Bands, Hanlatee, lumber; •chr Oraee E. Viler, Ladlngtgg, lumber | bcow Mary Helen, White Lake, lumber. achrO. Shaw. South Haven, wood} aehr Minerva’ Mutksgon, lumber; sehr Ottawa, Grand Haven, hm’ her} aehr Beloit, Alaska, bark; scow Bailor Boy, Mni kegon, lumber} aoow B. P. Wllion, Booth Haven, wood; aehr Jolla B. Merrill, Grand Raven, lumber •ebr Frank Crawford, Muskegon, lumber] asow J. m' Hill, Manistee, lumber tatmr liuskegoa, Muskegon' sundrlea] aehr Battle Fiiher, Taylor's Pier, rallrote Ilea; achrO. 11. Uackley, Muskegon, lumber; aehr Advance, Unskegon, wood; brig Starlight, Maoittee lumber} aehr Winnie Wing, Pemwater, lumber* acow L. Painter, White Lake, wood; acow Din ner, Holland, bark; aehr Topay, Mmk*. goo, wood; aehr Clara, Manistee, lumoert ■cow J, A. Johnson, Banoatnck, lumber; acbr Minnie Mueller, Muikegon, wood} aehr Leri Grant, Musks! gon, lumber; acow Flora, Saugituok, Inmber: aehr L. A. Burton, Ludlngton, lumber; aehr Melvin*. Mn« kegon, lumber; aehr Glad Tidlnga, While Lake mil. "“dtlee; ecbrA.J. Mowry, Btlrar Lake, lumber* aehr E, U. Portch, While Lake, wood; aobr J, V, Tar ‘ lor, Manistee, lumber; aehr Mery MoVea, Jackson, port, cedarpoate; aehr Gypay, White Lake, railed tloa; acow Mermaid, Grand Haven, lumber; acowT 8. Skinner, Grand Havou, lumber! aeon Mary E. I’scksnl, Caldwell'* pjor, lumber* aehrß. 0. Andrawa, Cnaco Mer, railroad ttcs.srow Minnie Ckrlott, Muakegon, wood; acow Magdalina. Ht. Paul's Pier, wood; aehr Jos. Briaden, Grand Haven, wood; schr Jooea, Holland, wood ; aehr p Itaab, Horn's Pier, woodj avhr Little Belle, BiUrjS harbor, cedar posts; schr D, F, Wade. Clay Banka, wood; aobr it. 11, King, Otugiiuck, wood; scow Sea Bird, Baugaturk, lumber; aehr Rouse Blmmona Miiakcuon. lumber; acbr Ida, Muakegon, lumber’ jehr Mary Ludwig, South Haven, lumber; acbr a! ircdrlch, Baugatuok. lumlier; echr Belle, Pontwutcr wood : Bchr Mariner. Horn’s PJnr, wood. Clkaokiv— Schr F. I* Danforlh, Buffalo, 67.000 bu °V , L. ,chp ,.. Fiyln «. Ml,t J u "ff»lo, 18,BOfl bu wheats aehr Oily ortho Straits, Buffalo, 3.1.0C0 bu corn; acbr Menrs, Buffalo, 30,°00bu com; schr Kate Winslow. Buffalo, bn corn ; acbr Samuel L. Walat n Buffalo, 43,633 Lu corn i acbr Rod Wing, Buffalo 6U,8(t0 bn oata s aehr Lney Graham, Grand Haven, aim! drlea; prop a. D. Caldwell, Port Huron, 23 j7O hn corn, J,7iiu Irla flour, auudilea; atmr Corona, 8t Joseph, :i brl* alcohol and sundries; prop Meaaeuger’ Denton Harbor, Obrlapork, 30 bare Iren, 01 keua U-or, amlaundrlea. LAKE FREIGHTS. OIHOAOO. Lake freights were Inactive and nominal at BJ*c for corn to Buffalo, Tbo railroads were taking the freight at very law rates. Dbtboit, April VO,—Freights ire quiet, with little offering. Wheat(o Oswego. Co; to Buffalo, 3cs to Cleveland, 20, free of elevation. 0. W. Norton reports UlO schooner Cascade, wheat to Oswego at Ba. CLEVELAND, April 30.—Coal to Chicago, 50c. Toledo, April 30.—Corn and Oo to Erie tad Port Huron. MISCELLANEOUS. CHICAGO. Tha first lumber fleet of ttio season arrived bare yes terday, about twenty c irgocs... .The tug Harrison bu boon rebuilt at tlio North Side dry-dock. It will come out to-day....Bailors' wages nt this port are from $1.23 to $1.50....Th0 stmr 0. Townsend, having In tow the »cbr«L.lward Kelley and Empire Huts, left for the lower hkea Saltird.y....The prop Truesdell of OooJ. rluh’a Hue left for Green B.»y last evening. ...Insur. unco raite on hull* us agreed upon by the Insurance Union aro 0, tl>u, and cents. ELHBWHERE. The bay at Alpena Is said to be clear of 1ce.... The Marine Inspector at Dsy Oily has condemned the hull and toller of the prop Buffalo.... Tho s.-brs O, W. Adams. St. Lawrence, and Chandler J. Wells are awaiting the opening of the Htrall* at port Huron, to leave for Milwaukee and Chicago.... Heavy lea ox tends up tho lake from Buffalo some GO miles, and It is thought the port will not open before the let of Mi*y,...Capt. (Joldemlth, of tho stmr Jay Cooke, re. ports tome unknown scow sunk at the cast aide of Middle li.isi Island. The name was not ascenalood Tho wreck does not appear to bo In a Lad condition and may bo rawed In a few days Ran tho Cleveland uailer : Tho steam barge Cormorant and her consort the Wall left for Suglu&w last eveatun lor lumber to Chicago. The Oonmmmt also had la tow the schrs Lucerne and Goshawk, both loaded with coal, tho former bound for Chicago, and tho latter for Milwaukee.... Tho buoys around Toronto haroop aro now placed at tho Don, at the Etatcrn Oup, In tho wealeru channel and off Lighthouse Point. Tho bearings aro nearly the same as they wore last yo ir Relative to elevator charges at Buffalo this season, the present outlook would Indicate that they will be reason-’ able enough, te It la doubtful about thoro being any association. Should thoro bo an association, cluroea will bo about !/o ter bu to grain, and ",o to vessels. If no association, charge will prob ably bo nothing to grain.... The attention of Collectors and Surveyor* of Customs has been called to the fact that vessel* ore Balling under marine documents which have not ibe name and the port to which they belong painted on the stern, on a black ground. In white, y«£ low, or gilt letters, of not leas than 3 inches In leauih. as required by law. Chief officers of the Customs will therefore canto an examination to be mads to each case, so as to satisfy themselves that the requirements of law hove been literally compiled with before grant ing such documents... Tho schooner which was aahoro on North Harbor reef, and supposed to be the William Shupo, has turned out to bo the Harriot Boss loaded with corn, and Iwund from Toledo to Erie* Hha ran aground during one of tbs recant gales, hut was extricated from her perilous position by the tug Pringle, and passed on her way without seri ous damage being sustained.... Says tho Evening Wit* emutn; war has commenced between tho steamboat companies for business from Benton Harbor and 8L Joseph to and from Chicago. It la rumored that an other company besides Graham, Norton h Co,, and the Goodrich Company, will have another lino of boats upon that route. Tue Beaton Harbor and St. Joseph people won't object,...The sebr Live Oak, partially loaded with coal belonging to O. T. Barrett, of tils Wolfe Island Mills, was sunk at her anchorage at Kingston, by an ice shove, on Friday of last week. She llos In 6 feet of water, and can be raised with* out difficulty. The Live Oak Is owned by Cant. P. IL Glees, oi Rochester. UQUT-RODBE work for 1876. In • UtUr, the Superintendent of Conti ruction for tha Eleventh Light-House District says the work pro posed to be carried outthls season Is as follows: A now coast light of the fourth order at old Point sux Barques, near Port Auiliu, Lake Huron. A new coast light of the fourth order at the mouth of Sagi naw River, together with a fifth order beacon, the tws forming a range for guiding teasels through the cut Into tho river. A new coast light of tho fourth order atTawas Point (Ottawa). lake Huron. A fog-algnal at McGulplo's Point, entrance to Straits of Mackinac, Lake Michigan. Range lights to guide into the harbor of Eagle Harbor, Lake Superior. A harbor light and keeper's dwelling at L’Auso, Lake Superior. A now coast light of the fourth order on Passage Island, off east end of Isle Royale, Lake Su perior. Other works of much Importance to the navi gation oftbelakaaarelo anticipation, subject to tbs approval of Congress. Among them may be men tioned a new light-station between Port Gratiot, at the foot of Lake Huron, and Point aux Barques. A new elation at MacUhse, to guide through ths narrow channel between the Island of Macklnoo and Bound Island. A new station on Htannord’s Rock, Lake Superior. This “ rock "la one of the most dan gerous reefs on the lakes, and lies in Uis track of ves sels passing up or down outside of Keweenaw point. It is a large reef with little water, and la 27 miles from the nearest coast. Its distance from visible objects renders It a terror to navigators, who, not knowing Us exact position, often Ball many miles out of their course In heavy weather to avoid Its danger. fipirfal JHtpateh to Pl< Chicago Trtbuni, FOIE, Pa., April 23.—Three arrivals and two d*. partures. Charter*—Bchr Alleghany, coal to Obloago at 000. llecelpts of grolu thus far for this season nearly 603,000 bu. A grain fleet ts on the way from Canada. MEDICAL CARDS. DR. JAMES. met Hospital, cor. WasMnetoi & rranilln-sts. Cnartersd by (be State of IlllnoU for the express pur* puts of giving immediate rollol la all cases ui pri»»U. chronic, and urinary dleeaeee in ell ih*lr complicated' form*. It is welt known mat L»jt, JAMES tiassiuodst tho head of the proiculuo lor (he pan 8j year*. Asa and. experience ar# aJI lmporunt. Nominal Weakness, nlgnt lueeee by dreams, pimple* on tho feaa,lucl wen' hood, can poilUrel/ no cured, Ladlet wanting 100 moit delicate atuotlon, eeU or write. Pleasant homo for pa* UenU. Abouk for (be mtllloo, Marriage Quids, which (alia yon all aboot these diseases—wno inonla ra*r»7-wby net-ill eeute to pay postage., Dr. Jamea baa ft name end • parlors. You scene one but the Doctor. Ur. Jama* ,a aliiy }nin of age. L’onaitiiatloa alwara frao aod I netted. Otoce hour*, 8a.m.10 7g. m., Sundays, Uto 13 a. m All business strictly coafldaotial. Dr. 0. Bigelow ITaa removed from 373 South Clark-it, to 83 West Uadlaon*at., where be will be plotted to are bis old patleoU. He will continue to trout Chronic Nervoua and Skin Diseases. The poor will be treated free from 3to4p. m. each day. Hie Marriage Qulde. Urge aUe. 300 pages, giving all information to thoae wbo intend to marry and those wbo ere In any wsy unfitted for marriage. Price 63 centa; amt (o any aadrea*. Ofllce bourt from oa.m.too p, m. Sundays, ato4p. m. Everything confidential. mSpaym Dr. Kean, 175 Sonia Ulayc-st, ccmr ol Kcnroe, cilcajo. MaybeeonsnlUd, personally or by mall, frss of obsrge, eoaUcUrouieurnsivousdlssesee. Dll. J KBANlslue only physician lu the city who warrants ourss or no pay. Qiaoshour*. Ba. m. to 6p. DR. STONE, 171 Uadlsonet., Chicago, 111.,UralsaiJCnronjo»udPrl* vat«Du*aae*,h*mlnai VS askness,UnpolsnoT, rsusie Du* fioulUss, eto. Medloinae luruisood for $6 ut sio ( cutes guaranteed or mousy refunded. Consultations confides* Ual and free, personally or by letter. A IMiyK for both sasee. illustrated,and elmuiaresent, sealed, forlstaup* ■vrsuvoua uxiuustion-a mkoioal unuav. iN comprishif a series of lectures delivered at Kahns Mussma of Anatomy. New York, pa ins cause and euro of premature decline, showing Indisputably no ■lost health may be regained, affording a clsar synopsis of the impedimenta to marriage, and the treatment of >}erfeas

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