Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 25, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 25, 1876 Page 1
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VOLUME 29. LINENSI fin Linens, .k ffield, Leiter & Co. 'STATE & WASHINfiTON-STS., ARE NOW OFENINOt BLEACHED TABLE LINEN, all now designs, SPECIAL BARGAINS at 75c, 80c, and $1 per yard. BARNSLEY TABLE LINEN. 8-4 wide, $1.25. 5-8 NAPKINS at SI.OO and $2. Bargains in 3-4 NAPKINS, new patterns, at $3 and $3.00. Novelties in COL’D DAMASKS, Red and Black, Bod and Green, , and Bed and White. CREAM DAMASKS, col’d border, entirely now goods. Novelties In LUNCH CLOTHS, and NAPKINS to match. <Ve call Special Attention to our BLEACHED HUOK TOWELS, at $2 and $3 per dozen; also to a Groat Bargain in LINEN SHEETING, 00 in. wide, at $1,20 per yard; and full lines ■JIARBEILLE3 QUILTS, now pat terns. MERCHANT TAILORING. CENTENNIAL Price List FOR CASH C. O. D, BUSINESS SUITS. - FORMER PRICE, NOW. S4:O $33 43 4:0 50 4:5 Spring Overcoats. $35 $32 40 36 J.B.HALL&CO., TAXXiORS, 130 Dearborn street. OCEAN NAVIGATION ONLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE. The Usoeral TtatuaUanilo Company's iloil Bmatuora between New York and Uav>e. eaili.i* at fijm.iuin a». Uj lur me ia.u iugu. p-..s*n*ere. Tbeapleadld Teste la •o this lavonte rout* lor too Continent (beta* morn S nearly Uten any oilier), will uU from Pier No. tt, 3rth River, u toUowi: * LAUKADuK. binder. Tuesday, April 4 AMBIIIIJUK, Ponwls Tuesday, April la rß*y« K. TroJeli Tu •vciav. April 2& PRIOR OP PASSAGE IN GOLD (Inoludlss wiae). First cabin, Silo and 8120. aoaordtug to acoo.iunodatloiu Mcendcabin, 872:thlrd. 940. Itetnrntfoketaat reduced rate*. Steerage £26, with eupenor aooomtaoaatiooe. in* eluding w,d , nojaius. « d lU-neUswlthuutexlra ahares, gteams/a marked thui * do not carry steerage uossnuyors. IajUIU DsREBIAN. Agent, 66Uroadw»y, N.Y. .W. ■F. WHITE, No. 67 Ulirh-el., Ojr. Koodolpli, Agent lor Chicago. NORTH GERMAN LLOYD. Tbe atounora of this Company win rati every flatur* day from Bremen Pier, foot of Thlrd-xt., Holwkon. Bate* of passage—From New York to Southampton, London, Havre, and Bremen, first cabin, $100; second cabin,s6o, gold; steerage, S3O, currency. For freight n passage apply to OELUIGIIB h CO., Great Western Steamship Line* From Mew York to Bristol (CugUnd) diroot. Cabin Faaeage, 870; Intermediate, SIS i Steerage, 830. Excursion UckvU, 8120; Prepaid steerage oortltioaics |2A Apply at General Freight Depot Lake bhoreAM. O. IUIU QUO. MCDONALD. Axent.___ White Star Mail Line. To and from Europe and America, Bate* os low aa by any other first-class line. ORlce, 130 East Ran* dolph-et.. Chicago. ALFRED LAGEKQUEN, General Weetorn Agent. Drafts on Great BrlUtn and Ireland. OUNARD MAIL LINE. Balling three times a week to and from British Porta. Lowest Prices. • Apply at Company's Office, north wait oornarCUtkand ° P P. i |i.'fr) U VAw BT, General TVsstsrn AgsnU INMAN STEAMSHIP LINE, Carrying the Molls between EUROPE ANl> AMERICA. For passage, apply at Company’s Office S 3 H, Glark-«t t Chicago. FRANCIS C. BROWN, Gen. West, Ag'U tw-Drafts on Great Britain and Ireland. PHILADELPHIA ADVERTISEM’TS BT. GEORGE HOTEL, Broad and Walnutrsts., rUIIiiDELnUA, Opened April 11,1870. The accommodations, fuml ml appointments generally an of the boat do* •crlptioa,ud tbe house will'bo conducted In ill re* «sects as a first-elsa* Uotol. nBNTUNKIAL IXJiXJINQ BOQMB-ACCOMMODA- V Uoa lor goaUamaa iodweri In newly fllted-UD private «***?*• Apply ai A. LUTZ'B furniture varetootn*. U 1 flynAßJoTemb-el.. PUtladeltihta. want: Parmer Wei. ,4 boalneeammwith >lo,oooto*ls,oooor more, to jattcaarge tod entire auporlntendeuoo of • largo men* Picturing eatabUahment In Chicago, la which >IOO,OOO ■ now Invented, end In euooeeelul operation. Article* •“pie, and aalea (or caeh. No patent rlghta o( any nsd connected with the boainaa*. Principal* only ap „ MERRILL k KNQLK, C*«£gßogleaPloe>, cornet Randolph and i-»«*i|6^ta, blank books, btationeryTa^ BLANK books; Stationery and Printing, *JUB!ihed promptly and at fair priced, by J. U, W, lolj Ea. 101 and 100 Uadliooal. ’ ' FOR SALE.* fish AND VEGETABLES Freeh and Asparagus luat ir. *l a. booth's, Corner Lake and BUte-ata. a 2L # »a**ll *otour entire nock of ice. from 0,400 to JMWO tons, bow in store at Oahkoeh, yla. Tnopur- tbs os* of los-houaee ]dl sunuiurlf J**™. J. 11. BBAS6 k CO.. ISO Wishingtoa-sL, bsseensat. FINANCIAL. STATE SAVINGS INSTITUTION. $500,000 CAPITAL, SIIO,OOO SURPLUS, Tbs Oldest and Largest Seringa Bank in the Northwest. Pays 0 per oent Interest per annum on deposits, semi-annually, on the Ist of January and Ist of July. All deposits made during the Ist three days of a month draw interest for the month.- TUB SAFETY DEPOSIT VAULTS Oftho State Baringa Institution wero built for tha accommodation of tho Business Men and Bankers of Chicago and the Northwest. They are Fire-Proof and Burglar-Proof. Money. Dlaamonds. Bonds, Deeds, Coin, Bullion. Silverware. Wills, and other value, bios taken on special deposit, and guaranteed security. Safes in those Vaults for rent at reasonable rates. D. D. SPBNOEH, Pres’U A. D. GUILD Cosh’r. OEO. 0. COOK. Mid’kt Safety Vanlta. MVEEE! Citf Saip Baal, CHICAGO, ILL., No. 176 Washington-st., CORNER FIFTU-AV. OAPimjiIOO.OOO. This woU-eatabliahod Initltutlon receives Deposits and Trust Fuads* and pays interest thereon. * JOHN H. HAMMOND, President. OBADIAH JACKSON, Tice President. F. H. BOSS, Cashier, DIRECTORS, EUJIh M. Haines, Frank U. Boss, J. Charles Haines, Philip Maas, John H. Hammond, James Klncada, Obadlah Jackson, Henry Alborg. Wall St- Caricatures, A New Book, 48 pages, containing 14 engraved flln*. tratlom, wits iktobuation ron stock rtkcolitom ; price, doth covert, 10 cents; paper coven, rnsa by mall. TD&IBRIDOE k CO- Bankera and Broken, ‘i WaU-aU, New York. 7 PER CENT. Money to Ldan at SEVEN per cent. We vrlab to BUY for a nonresident one or two flraUclau bmineaa blocks. 80ODDER k MASON, 108 Daarboro-ai. TO RENT. Mai Offices TO RENT XKT THE TEffiDHE WEBM INQUIRE OF WILLIAM 0. DOW, Room 10, Tribune Building. A Few Desirable Suites of Rooms For housekeeping left In tbe new building corner of Wabaeh-av. and Uarrlson*sU Bath-rooms, closets, gaa-UxtiircN, and all modern Improvement! with each suite. Prices rsngo from $35 to $lO per month. Good references required. Also lour first-class stores with rooms fitted uplor living In roar, with einks, water* closets, gas. and water, for rout cheap to good parties. Apply to B. P. HUTCHINSON, 15 Chamber of Commerce. FOR RENT. The four-story and basement heavily timbered brick ■tore No. 93 Mlchlgan-sv,, 34x131 feet to vide alley, with complete hoisting apparatus. FRANCIB D, PEABODY k GO., 174 Dearborn-st. For Rent, Rooma singly and in suited In Reaper and McCormick Blocks. Also stores 71 and 73 Dearborn-st,, and second, third, and fourth floor* of S 4 and 30 South Water street. Apply at Room 9 Reaper Block. TO RENT. Brown-atooe front of 14 rooms, on the northwest corner of Wabaah*ar. and Thirty-aecond-sl. lias all modern improvements, and la one of the moat desir able dwellings on lha South Side. F. O. VIEULINQ, Room 18, 138 Dearborn-st. FOR RENT. A Large and Elegant Office on First Floor of MER CANTILE BUILDING, opposite Board of Trade. HENRY E. MARBLE, llfl Laflallo-at AMERICAN EXPRESS BOUDINS, 70, 73, 74, 76, 79, AND 60 UONBOE-BT. FINS OFFICES FOB BENT, with dm of Elevator, TO LET. Offices alogltt «ud en aulle, very centrally located, with FIRE’i’HOOIf VAULTS, to the City National Hank Uulldlng, 1M Wublngtoa*at. Theie office* ere eapocially adapted for comulsaion tmalneaa or law office*. MKAD * COE. ÜBaUe-al, FOR RENT. A large corner basement office; also desirable np ■tatra office*, in tba Metropolitan lilock. Apply to A. A. MUNUEK. Itooma. STOCKHOLDERS* MEETINGS. Office of tho Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Bailway Co. Cleveland, March 23, 2870. Tbe annuel mooting 0/ the Stockholder* of this Company, lor tbs election of Directors for tho emu lug year, and for tbs transaction of other appropriate business, will be held at tbs olQce of tbs Company, la tbs Oily of Cleveland, Ohio, on Wednesday, the 2d day of May neat. between tbe hours of U o'clock in tbs forenoon end 3 o'clock In tbe afternoon of that day. UEOHOB B. ELY, Secretary, ZOLINE. ZOLINE Eu become a household word, as essential in tbe family as starob. It mixes perfectly In starob. Every lady can do her own laun dry work by ualnc Bolin*. Bold by aU retail and wholesale Qzeoaee tad Snuslata. DRESS GOODS. DRESS ROODS. ifoifflSfft In consequence of the dull ness of trade In the Eastern markets, large quantities of the beat Dress Fabriques are being SLAUGHTERED in the Auction Rooms, Being con stantly represented by our res ident buyers, we have pur chased largely in Dress Goods, and will offer the BEST BAR GAINS in this Department ever offered. 500 pcs English Diagonal Cloth, now Spring Shades, IScts, half price. 260 pcs Plaid Suitings, very desir able, at 20c, 25c, 36c, 40c, and 60c, Pure Wool Camel’s Hair Cloth, spring weights, in Stripes, Plaids, and Plain, 37jc, regular prlco 00c. 5 oases Centennial Plaids, now and stylish, 25 cts. 2 cases Gashmorcs, all wool, best Spring Shades, 75c, worth SI.OO. Beautiful French, British, and Domestic Brocaded Fabrics in new shades, Ecru, Seal Brown, Gray, &c., for Overdresses, and for combination with silk. Onr Great sale In Black and Col ored Silks will be continued dur ing this week, and invite tho public to examine same before purchasing elsewhere. Samples sent on application, free. 121 & 123 State-st. Michi£an-aY. mi My-secoM-sl PAPER CARPETING. Paper Carpeting. Ornamental, Durable, and Coats only One- Half as muoh os cheap OU Cloth. Also, Moth-Proof Carpet Lining. BARRETT, ARNOLD & KIMBALL, 164 LaVe-st., Chicago. 111. PIANOS WB H.A.'VB ON KCAJTO And offer for sale a number of superb second-hand S.TEIIWAY Square Pianos, some of which have had but little nae; are practically aa Rood aa new, and will be sold at ex* trcmely reasonable prices. Parties in quest of tbe beat Plano at a low price should examine tbeaa Instru ments. LYON A HEALY, FOOL ROOM. DEXTER PAEK POOL BODE BASE BAIL GAMES TO-DAY, CHICAQOS vs. LOUISVILLE, AT LOUISVILLE. CINCINNATI vs. ST. LOUIS, AT OINOINNAI'I. Pool* .Ml .. m. A. F. mx. ' GENERAirNbXICES. " Public Notice. City Comptbolbeb's Office,) Guioioo, March 30, 1870. f Notice is hereby given to all persons owing; Beal Estate Taxes to tbe City of Chicago for the year 1879, that the Oitv of Chicago will, at any time before May 1,1876, borrow from such persons tbe amount of such City Taxos due from them, and will allow for such loan two and one-half per oent(2>{)on tbe amount borrowed, and will issue vouchors therefor which may be used in payment of tbe eaid taxes, and which tbe Collector will bo di reeled so to receive. By order of tbo Mayor and Flnanoo Com. Apply to 8. 8. IIAYEB, Comptroller, Room 3 City Hall, oor. Adama & £aßaUe.ota t KENOSHA WATER CURE, EENOBIIA, Wis. Recently enlarged and Improved. Hue hka view, and aood boating, tiummen re markably 0001, and climate delightful Cbronlo Dl»* ea«ea; Dlseusra of Nervoua System. For circulars, terms, etc., address N. A. FEKNOVER, M. D., I'hyst clan, or E. I‘LNNOYKK, Proprietor, MOVING. Trucks and careful men furnlabed at 133 Michigan* av., corner Madlaou-at. SPORTSMEN’S GOODS. GUNS, FISHING TACKLE, ETC. At E. E. EATON’S, 53 State-st. ESTABLISHED 1853. SODA WATER APPARATUS, SODA WATER APPARATUS, For tba manufacturing of Soda Water. (Huger Ale, Wines, Mineral Waters, Mead, Hoot Deer, etc. Also Bottling Machines, for corking and Oiling; Marble Dlapenelng Apparatus for the Counter, on new princi ple*. Send lor Catalogue with reports of Judges on Apparatus, WILUAM QEH, Cor. Elm and Franklln-sts., New York. OIL TANKS. SWILSON A. EveKDEN, Aj oil tanks uSSS\ A CANS, WiqclacM W 47 At is West Lake BUoeU IwSTOßfcfcs. oxxzonaoa y»*S\ *** easa lua eualaaua CHICAGO, TUESDAY, APRIL 25, 1876. WASHINGTON. The Interior Department Investi gators Encounter a Genuine Blare’s Nest. A Poor, Pitiable Lunatic Pa lates His Charges Against tho President. They Appear to Be of a Spir itual and Not a Mate rial Nature. Belknap’s Final Rejoinder to the House Replication. He Claims Exemption by Virtue of an Agreement with Olymor. The Widow of tbe Late Lamented Boggs Badgered by a Committee. Mr. Jewell’s Inquisitors Meet with Inglorious Failure. CAUGHT THE PRESIDENT. JUHT HOW THE COMMITTEE DU) IT. Special VUpateh to The CMovjo Tntunt. Washington, D. 0., April 24.—The Demo cratic members of at least one of the House Committees to-day discredited themselves far more than they can hope to disgrace tbe Admin istration. In the history of the session thus far the gqttors of politics and society have boon raked to make a case against the Cabinet. Bank-accounts have bpen ransacked, tattle of frontier camps baa been listened to, detectives have been made oracles to prove high officials of the Government guilty of crime. It wan only a few days ago that a Committee permitted the false and malicious statement to bo telegraphed throughout Christendom that the Presi dent had been detected In tak ing money from the Treasury to. purchase his election, but It was left for the Committee on Expenditures in the Interior De partment to-day to surpass all others m the at tempt to catch Grant. Tbe Democrats # on the Committee bad caused all tbe Republicans to bo notified that AN DtTOBTANT WITNESS was to be examined, and chat all ahonld be pres ent. No bint was given of tbo nature of tbe expected evidence, but the fact escaped from some of tbo leas careful Democrats, that tbo Committee hold President Grant hi the bellow of its hand. The Committee bad been sitting with open doors, but the mysterious wltuoaa was producsd, and the doors were barred for two hours. The witness upon whose lips tbe fate of (be President of tbo Doited States hung was an ordinary-looking b.tsiness man. Tbo Democratic members were on tiptoe with ex- Sedation. Tbo Republican! wore interested, ut ignorant of tbo forthcoming results. Tbo witness was almost indifferent. ma marvelous stout tu this: Somo years ago a parson in high station did him great injury. It became im portant to thu peace of miud of that groat per* souage that witness should bo harmless, Hired dctecUvou soon hurried him to ibo Govern ment mad-house. 110 was kept thoro, friendlesM and powerless, for months, vrhen one day agents of this groat personage approached him, giving him his choioo between life-impris onmout with lunatics or a life of exile iu Eu rope. 110 Chose tho latter. The detectives ac companied him to tho steamer, and he lelt lor Europe. Becoming weary of Europe, he re turned, and appeared before tho Committee to day to tell the atory. Tho Committee seemed paralyzed in part with astonishment, in part with diabolical Joy. u Who was that great personage that wronged you?” aeked tho Chair men. “The President of the United Stales,” waa the reply. “ What wrong did he do you ?” There the witness paused, lie would die before he would 1011. It was a dollcato subject and should not be mentioned. Tor an honr the Committoe plied him with questions. Thoy threatened him with imprisonment, with severo punishment, and with terrors of contumacy. The witness yielded, lie said tho President of tho United Slates had DONE mu MORTAL WRONft ; (hat be hod ruined his (the witness’) betrothed, and since that time witness had boon a pro scribed and persecuted men. lienee those de tectives, hcuco those mad-house bars. Tho President had frequently come to the house of witness abont it at tho dead of»nlcht, and had importuned him at his bedside not to ruin his groat . fame. “But," interfered a Bopoblicao member. “ how did the President got to your bedside at that time of night ? Bid ho ring tho bell ? Tho cli max bad come. Tho Democrats were enthusias tic in their sardonic Joy, aud wore Just roadv to roudor their verdict against tho President, when witness tho guilty inlluonco ; “I want you to uudoistand, geutlomou, tbat-Proaldont Grant iu tho body never did mo or mino harm. Ho has only done me that groat wrong as a spirit." Tho collapse came; tho witness was a mad man. The Committee instantly discharged him, immediately ordered tho stenographer to sup press hie notes, and beggod tho Ilcpublican members to keep tbo matter silout. Ono of the latter, with a good deal of Indignation, said that he hoped ho might be as mad as witness if he kept still. In this wav the Democrats of the Committee on Expenditures in the Inletlor'Do partmeut caught tbo President. BELKNAP- A DIFFEUBNCB OF OPINION. Spteial Dfevateh to The ChU-aco Tribune, Washington, D. 0., April 21.—There is a considerable difference of opinion between tbo Managers on tbo part of tbo House in the im pcacbment of Qon. Belknap, and Uia counsel, as to tbe manner and time of proceeding with tbo trial. Tbo counsel for Qon. Belknap have pro ceeded upon tbo hypothesis tiiat on Thursday, by order of tbe Senate, the pleadings were to bo all in, and tbe issue made np, and that time was then to be allowed to prepare tor tbo argument of the Issue as to Jurisdiction, and they bad decided to ask for two weeks. The managers, however, take a very different view, and insist that on Thursday the trial aball actually bqgiu, and that argument aball bo made at ooce upon the issue aa made upon that day. With this end to view, they have been preparing to proceed with tbe trial. fTb the AHoeiaUd Prtu.\ « ItBJOnrDBH TO TUB UODfIK REPLICATION. Wasuinoton, D. 0.. April 24.— I This afternoon tbe counsel for William W. Belknap bled with Secretary Qorbam Con. Belknap's rejoinder to tbo replications of tbe Ilousoof Representatives in tbo matter of bis impeachment. A general demurrer la interposed to the brat of tbo two roplicatlooa, alleging ita Insufficiency. lie next deoloe tbe statement contained in tbe aocond replication—that be was Secretary of War until and inducing tbo 2d of March, 1370, He then douica tbs assertions of tbo replication to tbo effect that bo was Secretary of War until a Com mittee having authority from tns House bad investigated uia official conduct, and asserts that, up to tbe time of bis resignation, tbs House bad not given authority to any Committee to investigate any of the matters sot forth lathe chargee made against him in the articles ef la* peacbmeni. The last pica of tho rejoinder con tains IMPORTANT FREEH matter, and Is u follows : And said Belknap, as to Iba uld aeeond replication of the Uouas of Representative* secondly above plead ed, farther Bald that tbs *ahl House of Representa tive* ought not, by anything tn that replication al {wed, to have at maintain said Impeachment against him <*tl(i HMknap), because hs say* that, although true •» Is that he did resign bis position as Secretary of War on March 3,1&70, by a resignation in writing, ad pressed to the iTealdent, and the President did then and there accept uul resignation m writing, nevertbe le*a it is qot true, a* alleged in tbal replication, that “•d Belknap resigned his said position with an at tempt lo evade any proceedings of the uld Uouas of Representative* to Impeach him, bnt, ON THE CONTRARY THEREON, he arera the fact to be that a standing commutes of - H. s nowa u Hie Commute* on Expenditure* of the war Department, without any authority from, or direction of the aald House of Representative* to ex amlno. Inquire, or investigate la regard to tho matters and thing* set forth In the Mid article* a* offlclal mis conduct of him (the said Belknap), had examined one Marah, and hs made a stitemeot to the aald Com mittee, which said statement, if true, would not eup tort articles of Impeachment against him (aald Bel nap), but which said statement waa of such a char acter IN RESPECT TO OTHER PERSON*, some of whom Ltd been, and one of whom vu.n near); connected with Lira (said Belknap) by domestic ties as to greatly affect him and make him willing to aecnre a suppression of ao much of said statement aa affected such other persona at any cost to himselfJ therefore, be proposed the said Committee that if the said Committee would suppress that part of the said statement which related to toe said other persons,Be (tha said Belknap) though contrary to the truth, would admit the receipt by bun (the said Belknap) of all the moneys stated by the said Marsh to hare been received by him from one Evans, mentioned In the said statement, and paid over by the said Marsh to any other person or persona; but the said Committee DECLINED TO ACCEDE TO THE SAID PROPOSITION, and the Uon. Hiester Clymer, Chairman of the said Committee, then declared to the said Delknap that be (the aald Clymer) should move In the House of Representatives. upon the statement of the said Marsh, for the impeachment of him (the aald Belknap) unless the aald Belknap should resign hla position aa Secretary of War before noon of the next day, to-wit, March 'i, 1876, and the said Belknap, regarding this statement of aald Clymer, Chairman aa aforesaid, aa an intimation that be (the aald Belknap) could by thus resigning avoid the a mic tion Inseparable from a protracted trial, in a form which would attract tha amallcat degree of public at tention and humiliation, by availing himself of the defense disclosed in the said statement Itself, which would not cast blame on THE SAID OTHER PERSONS, be yielded to the suggestion made by the aald Cly mer, Chairman as aforesaid, believing that the same waa made in good faith by the said Clymer, Chairman as aforesaid, and that ho (the said Belknap) would, by resigning hla position aa Secretary of War, aecnre tbs speedy dismissal of the said state ment from the public mind, which said statement, though it Involved NO CEIMINALITT ON BIS PAET. was deeply painful to bli feelings, and did resign his aald position an Secretary of War the 2d day ot Starch, ISIS, and at 11 o’clock In tbe forenoon of tbs day aforesaid, bo (Belknap) caused the eald Committee to bo notified of bis aald resignation and of tbe accept ance thereof by tbe Prcaldcot of tbe United States, all of which was in pursuance and In consequence of tbe suggestion so made byGlymer; and thereupon tbo slid Committee declared that they bad no further duty to perform In tbe promises, and be (Beiknsp) submits that, while tbe said House of Itepreseatatlvee claims tb&t Clymer waa ACTING ON ITS BEHALF In said pretended examination of Marsh, tbe House ought, ui honor and in bw, to be estopped to deny that Olymer waa also acting on behalf of said Home lu suggesting tbe resignation of him (Belknap), and ought not to bo beard to complain of a roaignaUon thus Induced. And this he (the said Belknap) is ready to verify, wherefore ho prays Judgment If the said House of IteprcsentatiTea ought to have or maintain Impeachment against him. Wnxiui W. Belemap. DENIAL. Gen. Belknap has written a letter to a friend, denying in'positive terms that bo has made any confession whatever concerning the charges against bun relative to tbe Fort Bill post-trader ehip. MRS. BOGGS. REUUT OP UABItr BOGGS. ateevtt uuuateh to Tin Chicago Tribunt. Washington, D. 0., April 2i.<—Tbe Special Committee appointed early in tbe session to investigate tbo District Real-Estate Pool se cured a few weeks ago tbe passage of a resolu tion authorizing it to Inquire in regard to any other subject tb&t might bo brought to its attention. Acting under this authority, this Committee bay recently examined several wit nesses in regard to tbo appointment of Maj. Clemente, Pension-Agent in tbo Northern Mis souri District, and tbo story as told in tbo testi mony is a very interesting one. Previous to tbo War tbo President, then C»pt. Grant, was a business partner in St. Louis of Harry Boggs, a first cousin of Mrs. Grant. Tbo intimacy between tbe two families was very great, and has continued until tbo present time, Mrs. Boggs having on several occasions during the War, as she Las testified, rendered important services to tbe Grant fam ily. especially in times of sickness. A few years ago and his wife was left with a sister and daughter dependent upou her for eupport. tine was at the time acquainted with Mr. Ebert, who was Pension Agent at Macon, Mo., aud wrote to him asking for aciorkshipln his office. Ebert partially promised her a situation, but sho never received it, notwithstanding the fact that she forwarded to him a letter written by tbo President, Intimat ing that her appointment would bo very pleasing to him. Tho correspondence iu regard to this appointment thus begun was continued by Ebert long after Mrs. Boggs ceased to reply to his totters, and in ono instance, when his com mission was about to expire, he offered to divide his salary with her provided she would soeuro his reappointment, and cause tbo names of 800 or 1,000 pensioners to bo transferred from tho Bt. Louis district to his own. This proposition she showed to Col. Eastou, Pension Agent at Bt. Louis, and acting upon his advice ictuaod|co have anything to do with Ebert’s prop osition. Ebott was not reappointed, but MaJ. Clements was given tbo position on tho reconi mondaiion of Mrs, Boggs ond others. Previous to bis appointment Clements wrote to Mrs. Boggs saying that if sho would help him to got tbo place ho would give her au appointment at a a salary of SIOO a month, or its equivalent. Tho following la an extract from MILS, UOaOB’ TESTIUONT od this point: Q.—Did you write to tba President? A.—Yea; tad I (old him I thought thit Msj. Clements* appointment would bo an advantage to me. la my letter which I give MaJ. Clements I and, “ Msj. Clements vims Washington on bUflnew, the accomplishment of which will be of more advantage to me. 1 Loj-o you will bo able to favor hia application. After Ms}. Clements was appointed bo paid to Mrs. Hoggs, who stnl continued to reside in Bt. Louis, and to teach in a private school there, ONE HUNDIIKI) UOLIAIIS A MONTH. Her testimony on this point was as follows g.—Wb»t onropeuwvllOD hi« be given you 7 A.—He bos gheu ms at tbe rate be promised uaUUast Be. cvmlwr. lie baa not paid me anything since last De cember. g.—Wbat does be eiy about that t A.—lie bad paid toe quarterly before. g.—The urns baa not arrived yet for tba next pay. tneut, ha« it 7 A.—Tbo lime bas pused, but on ac count of (ho llolknup affair it waa thought that a groat deal might I s made of tbla bttle matter; sud it U tao itly understood t>ciweon tia that It might bo suspended,' or that it might be altogether done away with. g.—How much bos be paid you altogether 7 A.—He bu paid me altogether 91,100 at variuua ttmea. • Since tlio appointment of MaJ. Clemente, tba former Tension Agent, Ebert ban written letters to Mrs. Boggs, some of tbo lato ones being of a very threatening character. Ha informed her that be bad ascertained tbo terms of tbe agree* meut between her and Clements, and intimated that there was SOUBTUINO CRIMINAL ABOCT IT, ’ and that if it waa publicly known it would cause great trouble to her and the President. One of these threatening letters she sout to the President, and on being questioned in regard to it testified as follows : 1 think lu my letter to the President I said : 11 Her* l» a loiter from Ebert threatening great barm to yoa and me on account of MaJ. Clemente holding this of flee. If bis bolding tt is harmful, or if them is any thing in what Ur. Ebert bos threatened, ne bod better be suspended,* Q.—Was that letter written before or after your con versation with Mr. Clements, upon bis return from Washington, in January of ibis year 7 A.—l think it was alter, but 1 am not positive. Q.—lied you seen tbe Belknap exposure la the pa pers at lbs Urns 7 A.—Tos. Q.—Did you ever inform tbe President that Ur. Clements was complying with bit agreements 7 A.— Tee, air. 1 never got any answer back. 1 de not know whether hs reocived It or not. Q. o»yMr. New)—Bow did yon Inform h' c By letter? A.—Yes. ~Q;— The letter m maned, was It? A.—Y<rs .» »»' Jiml a little note mentioning tbs fact in allot o v Istter. Q. (by Mr. lime w>. Hut lo = .eat 7 A.--Some time dnrlnq l,v»i summer. '2 Q. (by Mr. New)—You eaj tbal was in aos In an oilier letter? A.—ltwia aJ<k<l to a Utf;? .ota. It was not written expressly for that nurpo It was a mere line added in another letter. . Q.—You may tUto whether or not the President has known, otnee the appointment of Clements, that yon have been Uiarhing in Ht. Louis, a.—Yes, air. lie knew it, at lout I supposed ao. launmsehs knew 1 waa In HU Lout*. 1 Q. (by Mr. Pratt)—You culled the President’* atten tion to all these thins*, did you? A.—l did. Well, I could not call hi* attention particularly in detail lo all these matters, bnt of course be knew a* well a* 1 could tell him. Mrs. Boggs’ testimony wss corroborated by that of (bo otbor witnesses, except Clements, who attempted to give a slightly different ox £ lunation to bis part In tho matter. Mrs. oggs ahowod a strong dosiro to SHIELD TUB PRESIDENT FEOit BLAME, and said that the appeal ehe made to him was one that no kind-hearted man could resist, and that sbo never suspected that tboro was any thing wrong In the transaction until since tho investigation began in Washington. The money ehe received, eho urged, was not collected from pensioners, nor waa it paid by tho Bolted States, but from the notary of tbe Agent. She waa in groat distress from fear that tbe Presi dent should suffer on account of his kindness to her. JEWELL. ANOTHER FRUITLESS INVESTIGATION, fil/rcul LitjtaUh to The Chieaoo Tribune, Washington, D.C., April 24.— Tbo Committee on the Expenditures in the Post-Office Depart ment bae closed its inquiry in regard to tbo alleged overpayment to eovcral Western roads for transportation of the -malls. Tho principal ebargo was that tbrongh a Mr. Safely, agont of the throe almost parallel roads from Chicago to Omaha, namely, the Nortweetom, tbo Chicago, Burlington St Quincy, and the Bock Island, each road had received pay for all tho mail matter transported between Chicago and Omaha. This, it is said, was dono through the system of welching whereby one road would weigh ail malls for the month of January, another for tho month of February, and tho other for tbe month of March, each road receiving the eame pay as tbo others. An examination has been made by tbe Committee of tbe records and paper* in the Poat-Offico Department, and tbe alleged fraud Is found never to have exited, and that tbe roads received pay for only what mail they ear ned. IN THE SENATE. XWTEBNAL HETENCE BUTEIITIBOBS. flptctai Dupatch to The CAicoso Tribune, Wasuinoton, D. C., April 24.—The Senate in the theming hour dismissed at considerable length the bill authorizing the Commissioner of Internal Revenue to fix and designate the places at which Collectors and Supervisors of Internal Revenue shall exercise the Unties of their of fices, the question being on the amendment of the Senate Finance Committee to abolish iho office of Supervisor of Internal Bovenuo, and de volve the duties of the samo in certain in stances to special agents. Senator Sargent, in the course of bis speech, took occasion to re fer with much bitterness to the recent report of E. L. Phillips, of Springfield, Hi., upon the alleged California whisky frauds. Tho state ments of this report ha denied in detail to day. but both Senators Sargent and Sherman were in error in arraigning the Treasury Depart ment forgiving publicity to the sensational fea tures of that report, as it is a public document, having some time since been called for by tho House. A letter from Commissioner Pratt was rend, urging the abolition of the office of Super visor. SENATOR JOSEI ON THE CUnHENCY. Later in tbe day Senator Junes tmtdohls loag heralded speech upon sliver coinage. It was carefully prepared, and, unlike his first effort in this lino which created such a sensation, was read from printed manuscript. Senator Jonta* views upon silver coinage have been anticipated in tho correspondence of Tin: Tbujune. Tho bill before tho Senate for coinage of sil ver dollars and Increasing (heir legal-tender value is understood to go but a short way toward meeting the views of (bo Senator from Nevada. Heretofore ho has appeared as tho champion of tho gold currency, and bis first aud only speech in the Senate on that question brought him a sudden fame. He was further distinguished by being selected by President Grant as the gentleman to whom tho latter indited a letter for publication expressing bis private and unotficial views on tho currency question. Juuos is now la favor of A DOUBLE STANDARD, making eilror a full legal loader with gold, of couruo increaelug the weight of tho silver coins to make their values correspond with that of gold coins. The hill before tho Senate is eira ply an euterins wedge for an attempt to socuro tho duublo standard, and however it may bo dis guised now, there will bo no concealment after it has passed. Tho bill may pass tho Bouato. It is alleged by tho friends of the moasorelbat tbo President approves it and would sign the bill. This representation of his views ia of course anautbahtativo, and may probably bs erroneous. CATE. now SS OBTAINED nis BEAT. Spceiai DmiaUh to Ths Chieajo TnttMs. Waahinoton, D. 0., April 21. — I Tho memorial of tho Wisconsin Legislature requesting Con gress to iuvostigato tho right of Qoorgo W. Cate to hold a seat in Congress as Representative of tho Eighth Wisconsin District was received hero to-dav. It presents a very curious record. Tho memorial sets forth that McDill, Republican, received a majority of votes over Cato; that by throwing out two polls tbo Democratic canvass ers found a majority of two for Cato; that this rejection of tneso polls was fraudulent, Tho case was appealed to the Supremo Court of the Slate. Tho Chief Justice, Ryan (Demo crat), in commenting upon tho action of tho canvassers, says : “It leaves upon our mind a most painful impression that tbo County Canvassers utterly neglected their duty iu this respect, and illegally and wantonly disfranchised all of the electors who voted ut such election iu the rejected town and ward." The Court adds: *• Ho who by fraud willfully disregards his sworn duty and defeats tho will of tbo people, as ex pressed by their votes, commits a political crime next to treason, and nearly akm to it." The Court characterized the action of rejecting those polls as •* ti most indecent and flagrant violation of duty, too palpable for blunder, too corrupt for anv mercy of construc tion." This memorial was approver! by tbo Wis consin Legislature March 0, hut has been with hold by the Democratic State officials until now, evidently to shield Cato. Cato is the gentleman who has arraigned Secretary Rristow in the Mary Merritt matter. THE MICHIGAN SENATORSHIR. A TUIUSE-SIDED CONTEST. DUoateh to The Chieaao Tribuni. Wasiunutos, D. U., April 21.—Uov. llagioy, of Michigan, Is in Washington for ths purpose, it is conjectured, of discussing with bin friends in the Michigan delegation lu Congress the chances of his election to the United States Senate neat winter. Ills presence hero reveals tho sxiatenco of a ■ three* sided contest for tho succession to Senator Ferry, whoso term will expire on the 4th of March next. Senator Perms a candidate lor re-election, bat bis claims will be contested by Qov. llagley, while both of those men will in turn have to dispute the ground with Zook Chau* dler, Bocretaiy of the Interior, Uov. Dag ley la very rioli, being a rival m this respect of Bocro tary Chandler, and Senator Ferry is also a wealthy man, so that the smews of war will not be wanting to make the fall nominations la Michigan and succeeding struggle in the Legis lature a most lively campaign. NOTES AND NEWS. KIFIICSB COMPANIES AND TUB POSTAL BILL. Special IHtnuUh It Ttu Chicuao Tribuni. Wasuinoton, 1). C„ April 21.—Qov. Hubbard made an argument before tho House Post-Ofllce Committee this moruiug es attorney for the ex prees companies in opposition to retaining .the 4- pound package of merchandise in the mails. Uht arguments were those in familiar on in the *aat Congress on behalf of the express coo- ti • • cc *- i 'B* 2 i f -J —l NUMBER 243. P&nios. Qe maintained that oo (lie long stags roatOß the Government bed to pay twelve timet the value of the etampe for the transportatloa end that private parties coaid not compete a| such roinoas sacrifice. Ho aald that tho Poet. Ollico authorities have directed stage contractor! under an old statute to postpone carrying thee# pjckagos till snch time as it is convenient. NAVAO INVESTIGATION. The Nava) Committee returned from Phila* dolphia to-day. During Us absence it has ex* aminedlU witnesses. Tho Committee found great laxnoss of adminietratioo on tho part of tho naval oflkers thero, and of (bo bureau of* floere in Washington having charge of the Phil adelphia yards. That Hat McKay and other con tractors did not atrip the yards for their own bonoflt the Committee found to bo due rather to tho boneety of the contractors than to th< efficiency of naval administration. The action of Naval Officer llartt, who has recently been assigned to tho Boston yard, is especially condemned. Tho Committee discovers that tbo Arm of E. O. Cattail, in addition to the 4140,000 paid them by Mathews, of New York, clothing contractor, fortbalr influence, receiv ed 4130,000 for a bonus at the Philadelphia yards. It also appeared that any influence that the Cattails may have exorcised vaa exer cised with bureau oflloers, and not with the Secretary of tho Nary, and that no Influence of any sort is proved to have been need upon the Secretary. WITNESSES. A. Mrs. Van Boron of Chicago is expected hero to testify before (he Insane Asylum Com mittee. Tourtellotte arrived hero to-day to testify be fore the CsnlUold Committee as to tbo share office. [To tfu AuoeiatM Pro*.} TOE ALABAMA CLAIMS BONDS. Washington, D. C., April 24—The Secretary of the Treasury baa directed (be Assistant Treasurer at New York to sell on Thursday next the gold to bo paid into the Treasury on ao* count of bonds sold to pay the awards of lodg ments of the Commissioners of the Alabama Claims. Deliveries* of gold will be made os follows: $2,000,000 on the day of receiving the proposals, if desired by purchaser or purchasers, or such portion thereof as be or they may wish. If not on that day. $3,000,000 on that day, $1,000,000 on each suc ceeding day until the whole amount ia delivered. THE 6 PEH CENTS. Bids were opened at the Treasury to-day for the sale of 6 nor cent coupon or registered bonds of the funded load of 1881, authorized by the acts of July 14, 1870, and Jao. 20, 1871, bearing interest payable quarterly from May I, 1870, in lots of not loss than $600,000, to a total amount of $5,683,000. The total bids aggregated $02,447,000, at prices ranemg between $102.25 and $103.78 Inclusive. J. W. tieligman A Co., L. N. Hoffman A Co., Philip Speyer A Co., Morton, Bliss A Co., Amo unt Belmont A Co. (for N. M. Botbscbild A Son), the First National Bank of New York, Kuhn, Loob A Co., Droxol, Morgan A Co., each offered to take the whole amount or any part thereof. Belmont and Drcxol, Morgan A Co. were the highest bidders. SUrUXMK COOBT DECEUOI. The Supreme Court affirms the Judgment oT tho Court of Claims in tbe Hot Springs cases. The decision is that none of tbe claimants aro entitled to lands as against the Government, and that all claims advanced axo equally an-' tenable. Walker vs. Suivant, error to tho Supreme Court of Louisiana. In this case, which was an action to recover for refusing refreshments to defendant in error on account of color, tho Court reaffirms that Art; VII. of tho Constitution, providing that In suits at common law, whore the valno la controversy shall not exceed S2O, the right of trial by lory shall bo preserved, relates only to trials in Fed eral Courts, and say that tho States, so far as this amendment la concerned, are left to regu laio trials in their own courts In their own way. A trial by jury In suits at common law pending in tbe State Courts ie not, therefore, a privilege or immunity of national citizenship, which States are forbidden by tho Fourteenth Amendment to abridge. AKEuaiAN-DAVXNVOUT. Ex-Attornov-Gonoral. Axorman appeared be fore the Committee on Expenditures in tne De partment of Justice to-day, oud testified that ho authorized the payment to John I. Davenport of money to defray tho expenses for the sup- Breaaioo of frauds in tho New York elections. !o woe asked if ho .consulted with the Presi dent before paying tbe money. Mr. Akerman desired time to consider what reply ho would mako to tho question, and was given till to-mor row. THE RECORD. SENATE. WaaiUNaTON, D. C., April 21.—Tbo bill to abolish tho oihco of Supervisor of Internal Revenue was dlscuuscd until tho expiration of tho morning hoar, when consideration of tho bill to amend tho laws relating to tbo legal tender of silver coin was resumed, and Mr. Jones, of Nevada, took the floor. Mr. Jones made a very long argument In favo* of the double standard of gold and ailver money, and when about half lurough his speech tbs Senate ad journed. Tbs following are among the bills Introduced and referred under the call of Stales. Uy Hr. Campbell—To increase tho circulation of Nillonal Rank notes; to rollers tbs national Banka from tho tax on their circulation; to liquidate the na tional debt: and to strengthen tbs publlo credit. , Hj Ur. O'Brien—To reorganize ths navy. It pro vide* that there shall bo on active list of six Roar Ad mirals, eighteen Commodores, fifty Captains, and aev-‘ cnty.flvs Commanders, and that tho promotion* la these grades shall cease until these numbers shall bs reached. Dy Mr. Hayward—'To permit National Banka to Issue circulating notes equal in amount to luo per cent of tho current market value of tha bond* depos ited by them. Mr. Faulkner, from the Committee on Foreign Af fairs, reported a Joint resolution, requesting ths Pres ident to take such steps as msy result in tho usrly re lease of Edward O'M. Condon from* his imprisonment in England. Passed. Air. Baylo presented the petition of the tobacso m»Tw nfarturen of Cincinnati. 0., and Covington. Ky„ fora reduction of tho tax on tobacco to 10 cools per pound. Referred. Mr. Gibson offered a resolution for ths appointment of a select commutes of nine to make examinations Into tho management of the New Orleans Custom- House and other Federal offices in that city, with power to ait In New Orleans during the recess. Air. Hurlbul objected to a special committee, and suggested that the subject should be referred to a regular committee. Mr. Olbsou moved to suspend the rules. Mr. lisle asked Air. Olbaon to let the subject goto one of the regular committees of tbs House, and to strike out the remarkable clause as to the Committee aUling during the reuse. If he would do eo (he reso lution would go without objection. Air. Qlbflou declined Ui »*xode> to that suggestion. Mr. Hale—Then wo must have the yoas and nays on the suspension of the rules. A vote wus thru taken, and the rules wore not soa pended—yeas, 116; nays, 77, not tvo-ihlrds in ths affirmative. The vote was s strictly party one. DUTIUOT MATTBHfI. Tbs lions* then considered ut business of ibe Dis trict of Columbia. Sir. Buckner, from the Commltto* for the District, reported a bill to resolute the assessment sod collec lieu of Usee for tbe support of lh* Government of the Blttricl, and proceeded to eiplsln sud advocate It. Without si'llou on the bill Mr. Buckner yielded tbe floor lu Mr. Blaine, who proceeded to make a personal explanation Id regard to the newspaper charges con utcUutf him with the Union Pacllio iUUroad Company, The Uouiu then resumed consideration of the Dos. trlcl Tax bill without action. Adjourned. MINNEAPOLIS MAD. Spteial Ouvatch to I'tu CAimc* Tribune. Minneapolis, Minn., April 21.—Nowspape* coupllcatiouß increase. An injunction has been served and the Wonner-Press now enjoys posses sion of tho Tribune oiQce. the stolon forms haw ing boon returned. A brass band waa driven through the streots to-day. Circulars for an In dignation mooting were distributed and 1,500 at tended tho meeting to-night. Itesolutloue were adopted to support newspapers owned and pub lished in this out. Speeches were made accus ing Bt. Paul of misrepresenting Minneapolis in terests. The Tribune will be Issued In the morn ing for first tbe time in four days. THE BONANZA MINES. Ban Fiiancisco, April 24.— Tbe Stock Reporter to-day publishes an interview with J. 0. Flopd. The latter emphatically denies the reports re cently circulated that tbe Bonanza is *• petering" oat, asserting that the mince never looked bet tor. and would continue to pay dividends right straight along. Ail report* to tbe taaicary are falea and »aUoleas.

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