Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 25, 1876, Page 11

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 25, 1876 Page 11
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COUNTING THE VOTE. The Common Council Decide to Canvass the Vote at tho Kecont Election. No Action Will Bo Taken on tho May oralty Qae.tion Until the Can tui Shall Be Completed, A Large Andlonoe Who Dispersed Some what DUappolntod, For it Was Eipootod that an Effort Would So Madr, to Indefinitely Postpone. Tho Canvassing to Bo Resumed This Evening. The regular meeting of the Council waa held last night, President Dixon In theohslr. Tho absentees were Btono (Fifth Ward), MoOlory, Gunderson, and Murphy. There was quite a Urge attendance of the general public, who were attracted by tbs rumor tbat there waa tp bo some fun,ln reference to the canvass of the votes of the |ste election, ■ After the Connell oama to order, Aid. Bohaffnsr moved tbat the Connell do now proceed to canvass the returns of tbo election. Aid. Sommer asked If the motion was in order. Aid, Campbell hoped tbo canvass would bo postponed until 0 o'clock. Tboro was soma busi ness to transact. Aid. Hcbaffoer said (boy would attend to the business afterwards.. Aid. Hiobardaon objected to the motion. The business should be gone through lu the regular order. If there wore any communications In the bands of tho dork, tkoy should bo consid ered first. ~ Aid. Bob.ffaer —I innt.t opoo my motion. If the Council choose to vole U down, lot them do So: I have nonobjection. Tboro Is nothing be fore the Oouuftl which will suffer by the delay of one, two, or throe hours, or one, two, or three weeks. I know of nothing so Important hand ing that U cannot bo deferred until this matter is settled. Aid. Richardson—'Will not that question keep (or a couple of hours? ... Aid, ficuaffnor—You can Judge for yourself. Aid. Campbell said ho was just as anxious to no the vole counted as anyone, but be did not tee there was anything personal or political to bs mado mat the ordinary business should be delayed in order to proceed st once ' WITH THE CANVASS. After getting through the regular business ho would os willing to stay until i o’clock, Itnoccß lary. to make the canvass. _ Aid. Bohaffner—l don't want to sit so long. I •rant to get through and go home. Aid. Hildreth thought some day should bo fixed for the count, in order to sUp* the Aider men.elect to bo proiout. and give them on op portunity to oloav up unfinished business in tho meantime. He movod that tbo vote be canvassed tno week from to-night. - Aid. Bohaffner questioned the propriety of tho motion. This was an important mooting, and both Aldermen and pooplo expected the returns to bo canvassed. There waa nothing to bo gain id hr putting it off. Ho did not know what was to bo made bv finishing up the business; there ■as not a single measure pending that he would •are of voting on. It was thstr Imperative duty to canvass the vote to-night, aud settle this question of (bo election. Ho hoped they would quietly submit to tho will of tho pooplo, declare the result of tho election, and uext Monday give np tbeir eeats to tbe new men. Aid. Bicb&rdnou said that was nil very well If e person desired to gain popular applause and tredit and make a little buncombe out of it. Tbe Mpditlon of tbo ojtv, as far as tbo Council was eooeorned, was different now to what it was In years past. It was the custom heretofore to B.vCt tbe Aldermen in tbo autumn, who under tbo'old charter took tbeir seats tbe first Monday in December. That arrangement generally al lowed throe or four regular meetings to inter vene between tbe time of tbo election and tbo time the now Aldermen took tbeir seats. This Eavs an opportunity to oloar up the business on and, and it seemed to him if they were to fix upon the second Monday in May for tbo bbw men to take tbeir Boats they would bo dolug nothing out of the way or nutieua). Tbo balderdash about tbeir leaking to bold over until next December was ta idle bb the wind and everybody know it. Mot t~u in five of the present Council hid desired re-election, aud not one in forty now wonted to keep bis seat longer than was absolutely neoes ■ary or proper. Committee* had spent along time la luveetigatiug certain mailers, and the city bad boon put to tbo expense of publishing their reports, end it would certainly be MOB* DEWBAHLE to push those matters through than to bate (born recommitted tod republished. At tbo same lime be did think ihoro wan anything of ?ory vital Iropurtauco before them, but tbov irould have tirao to ran over the business and to through the canvaes tbit night. Aid. Campbell referred to tbe provisions of Ibo old charter, and said it was always deniable that some little time should lutervono noforo iho new Aldorraeu took iboir seats. He bad drawn up au ordination living the second Monday in May aa tbe tbe lime wbcu tbov should vacate tbeir seats, wbiou ho would offer as a aubstl tUAl*d. Bohaffner asked l( it waa tbe intontlon to lofer tbe canvass. Aid. Campbell said be did not propose to dq ler tbe canvass. Tbe substitute only fixed tbe dme when tbe new officers should nqallfy. If qo such ordinance were passed, tbe officers sight qualify at oifferent times, and so cause undesirable confusion in the public offices. TboChaliman said according to all tbe in* formation ho could obtain ou tbs charter, tbe Council wan required to canvass tbe returns and aoolarn Ibo result, sad they then bod no power to transact Inrtber busmens. Therefore, If ffiere was any unituisUed business, It would bo is well to dispose of it at once. Aid. Campbell said bo bad bad tbe opinion of M,ood lawver, who fiitortamod the view that womens could be afterwards transacted. Aid. lUobardbon inquired if (hero was an trdiuauce from the Law Department in regard to this matter in the hands of tbe Clerk. Mr. Forrcat—No, sir. Aid. lUchurdsou—X understood there would be one. job. ociuttmEU tskod if the Law Bepartmout, or any momber »f it. bad staled that after the canvass aud the declaration of tbe rosnlt, the Council bad any tutburity tp transact further business. The Chairman—That u certainly as 1 nodor rtaud it. Aid. bcbaffner*-Tben 1 insist upon my mo tion that we proceed at once with tbe canvass. Aid. Waterman asked if the Chair held that the substitute of Aid. Campbell waa in order, The Chairman was of opinion that it waa. Aid. Waterman—lf this Council have any fight or power to ear that the newiy-cleotad Mitosis shall take their scats on the eeo »pd Monday in May, U necessary follows that ve might fix the second Monday to November for uor retirement. We have, 1 think, no power )ver this matter, One of two things exists at ibe present time, Either this Council holds tvsr until next December aud the now Council lo not take tbeir seats until then, or wo have do authority now to do anything but canvass the roto. 1 behove tho latter. Under Ibo existing t • rendition of affairs, tbo Council has no power lo do anything else, and any action wo may take Dutaide of that will be utterly illegal ana void, there are a number of UXASpUKS fftNUINCk in which X fool some interest, sod in favor of shtoh 1 woild voto if 1 thought It proper for the Council to aot thereon. I may mention Ibat profiting (or a horse rsilwsy ou Dgden avenue, but J think we bare no power iu Ibe premleei. But out of rtspsoi to tbe people who have eltoted other men to fill oor places, tnd in obedhnoa to the law. we should linmodi- Italy esuvoM the vote aud adjourn. Tuaeir mastanons under which ws have mat this oven- Dg ore altogether different to tuosa under sbichwe ba'e previously met. For the fiiet lime the Council U eleoied under a new charter, toa it now consists of only thirty-six members. ku ordinance bM gone into affect reducing Die irorde to eigftt&sn. This is aoalagoua to the icnditiou of a Stale which baa adopted a new Constitution and eluted a new Legislature, We have uq option, but to proceed it nnoa with ibe cauvais. AID- WUIT* laid, legally ipsakiuw, they did not know there ves any election until the vote wee brought be fore mem end canvassed. No other courtesy mould be extended to the Aldermen-alect then lb. ol J offloon .ipcneno.d »n»t Welt «l»oUou. Ue thought Td.j ibauU l» »Uo««4 >»° ».u.l liiltli d.y» 10 Oui.n up ih. I'Uuo «•» oiTuumco. ou lit. r«owrd. with «ld«b Ul. oU AW.IIU.U *eto tuul )( Uioy »*ta uudtd MoMuot. o.vt eomadtww uouU t. .ppolutedwd tho »M» gtouod wt««l “P 601 * *0 >d. cltjv. nt would move thik (bo returns bo canvassed the sscoud Moodsyio May. Ths Chairman—theis ta alrsady a substitute offered. Aid. White saksd If (be amendments wer* ox* baastsd prior to tbo substitute being offered. The Chairman—There la a notion) an amend* tnouti and a substitute before the Connell. The anandment la by Aid. Hildreth, to vacate on the leooud Monday In May, There Uno amend* meat to Uie amendment. Aid. White would second Aid. Hildreth's amendment, limt, and hoped It would prevail. The oew Aldermen would bo able If It were car ried to take their Beats the third Monday in Mar. Ho oould not comprehend the hue and cry to foroe the men Into oilloe before (he proper time. It was a grots outrage to trv and (oroo the old members prematurely out of their Beats. ALD. niOUAHPSOtf said he had favored the postponement of the canvass because he supposed the Law Depart ment had prepared an ordinance covering the whole ground. As there was no such ordinance, ho would withdraw iho objections ho bad made, and hoped tbo vote would bo counted at once. Aid. Woodman thought they should canvass at once. Under tho now charter no man could sit Id the Council who owed tho city any taxes. Boveral of the Aldormeu-elect did owe taxes, which would have to be paid before they could take their seats. They should bo notified of tbelr election and given a week or two to set* 11 Akl.' Watorman—Tho City Trowury la vory much In need of money. Aid. Woodman—Yea, we want to pay our •ohoolmarms. . ...... Aid. Cullorlon believed It wee their duly to proceed at ouco. Tno fifty-second section, Art. 4, of tho now charter provided Diet 41 At tho first election under this not there shall bo elected tbo full number or Aldermen to which the city shall bo entitled. At the (tret meeting of the Goun od after such election, tbo Aldermsn elected shall be divided by tot Into tno clause*." Aid. Bcbaffuor asked if tho Alderman under stood that the Council would have to docido which of the now Aldermen should serve QMB OU TWO YEARN. Aid. Cullotton said no; there was a little more lu tho section he bad not read. The Chairman thought tho fifty-seventh see tlon Instructed them aa to tho|r action in tbo said that section provided, “ After the closing of tbo polls tho ballots shall bo counted aud the roturuu madd* out and re turned. under seal, to the Oitv or Village Olorlr. os tbo case may bo, within two days after the election i aud, thereupon, tho Oitv Council or Hoard of Trustees, as the case may bo. shall ex amine and canvass tbo same and declare (ho re sult of tbo election, and cause a statement thereof to bo entered upon Its Journals." Ho thought that cut no figure as compared with 800. 53, Aid. Sommer said he did not care whether tbo canvass was done that night or four weeks hence, so long os they did a little business. Qo moved tho*pieviouß question. Aid. Bweenoy—Withdraw that. Aid. Sommer—What for; do you want to say something? . . . Aid. Sweeney—No; hut this matter should bo fully discussed. Aid. Bommor—Tory well; I will withdraw the motion and give tho Alderman an opportunity to speak. Aid. Hildreth said he did not attend that meet ing, as some might suppose, because it was said l he bad some CUII 51 TO THE MAYOn.VI.TT. In justice to himself, ho wished to state that bo was no party to that project, end would not lend himself to any suob scheme. His reason for holding over for two weeks was to the best in* tercets of tbe city, as there woro matters In tbo bands ot tbo Clerk wbiob It was desirable should bo arranged. . . Aid. Cooy was in favor of canvassing immedi ately, so as to allow if possible the now men to take (boir seats on Monday night. Any busi ness which might be undisposed of would not suffer at the bands of tbo now Board. THE PEOPLE WEB* ANXIODB that the Aldormon-etoot should get to work and do seme good for tbo city. au). Campbell raid It was perfectly competent for them to count tbo votes, aud then adjourn to Wednes day, or sumo other night to transact wbat busi ness might remam. Witbtog&rd to Aid. Culler ton's point, it should bo remembered that tbo election was not complete until tbo canvass was made.—it was port of tbe election. Ho did not desire to postpone tbo matter other than m tbo interests of tbo city. Ho bad bis sandals on. bis staff was to bis band, and be was ready to travel out ot this place In which be bad attained euob glory. Aid. Schiffuor—You are weary pilgrim. Aid. Campbell— Yob }I am ready to wander away, probably on to somo political desert. Qod only knows wnoro l SHALL TUIIN UP. 1 don't expect to meet my friend from tbo Seventeenth In tuls Council ogam, but I do think there is decency in oil things. I have been willing to bo lushed by tbo press, aa our successors undoubtedly mil bo; but there is a decency which the newspapers ought to rooog* uiza, and not, tbe moment an election expires, commence a TIOAOB as if the Council worn going to held over. No thought of the bind over entered the cranium of auv one except an editor. 1 trust tbe prose will not coutmuo us In office by continuous misrepre sentation. , , The Chairman—l Hod that your substitute is simply au ordinance. Aid. Campbell—l shall strike the bead off, and put resolved In us place. Aid. Culiortou—Would it not come in as an amendment? The Chairman—lt cannot bo entertained as au amendment to the motion that we now proceed to canvass. ALP, WOODMAN said be was informed by a heavy tax-payor that as soon as the now Council woio installed SIOO,bOO taxes would no paid per day. Tbe city was lb want of monoy. and ll would bo true patriotism to give the Aldermen elect their scats ul once. Aid. Oullerton suggested to Aid. Bobaffnor the piopnetv of wiihdrawiug tbe motion to imme diately canvass, aud make ibo time half-past 9. This would give au opportunity to clear uu the business on hand. Tney were bound to proceed with the canvaes that night. Aid, Campbell—Wo mav be bound to proceed, but suppose we cannot gstturongu? Aid. Bouuffuor—Were these ordinary times and this an ordinary election, 1 would say lot tbe matter take tbe usual ouurse, Aid. Oullerton—l withdraw tbe euggoatioo if tbe Alderman is going to make a epomffi. Aid). fIOUAWNUn bad a few words to say. He believed not alone the press, but the groat malorlty.of the people, desired tbe presout Council to step down and out, aud that the new men should take posses sion of their seats as early as possible, lie had not the slightest objection tocomulymg with the wishes of tbs people in this respect. Aid. Campbell said the quickest way, if the Council wished to comply with ibo alleged wishes of the people, would have boon for each man to have sent in bis resignation after the election, and ou allowed tbe now men to taka bold at once. Aid.* Oullerton—Resignation after defeat t [Laughter.] Aid. Campbell—Vos. Aid. Bobaffnor said be did net come under that bead. He was thoroughly in earnest in what be said. His object and desire was that the Coun cil do not act on a solitary matter in the bands of tbe Clerk. There was nothing ponding but what would bo just aa well treated by tbe new Council as tbe preaeut. bomo defereuoe ought to bo shown to the WILL or TUB PEOPLE as expressed at tho election. Ha could not un derstand wbv the Council should desire to hold ou for two or three weeks longer. They should step down and out \ go to their homes or their business, and leave tho city affair. iu the bands of tbeir successors. . . Aid, Fitzgerald moved tbe previous question. Aid Waterman rose to a point of order. The amendment to postpone the canvass for two weeks was contrary to the statute, which im peratively elated the returns should be canvassed ak said tbe amendment waa out of ° r A*d. Bohaffner’a motion was then put and car rlAld,ngutrk moved that a oommlttoe of five bo appointed to assist tha Clerk in canvassing the TO AW. Woodman wanted to know if ll waa pro posed to count the ballots. Aid. Quirk said not, ~ .. .. Aid. Campbell wanted some sidewalk ordi nance takso up. The Chair inquired if Aid. Quirk's motion waa seconded. ... , Half-a-dozen Aldwmen—lt is not. Add. Oallerton moved that a committee of three be appointed to assist tbo Clerk In can vassing tho vote. The resolution was adopted, and the Chair appointed Aid. Bpaldmg, Cullar tou, and Schaffueraa such Committee. Aid. Bcbaffuar—l would rather be excused. Tbe Chair—Then Aid- Lynch will please serve. Aid. Lyneh~l object. tub ouAin pounoep hie desk with his Utile gavel. Aid. UohaSasx withdrew his objection and si- THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: TUESDAY, APRIL 25, 1876. pressed a willingness to serve—to promote har mony, as he explained. The great unwashed in the lobby made some more noise, and toe Chair once more made the welkin ring with his littls gavel. TRS CANVASSIMO BOARD (ben took seats In frent of the administration post-laureate, who damped tho oontsnta of sev eral ballot-boxes on the table. Their contents were composed of huge envelopes inclosing tho poll-books and tally-sheets need at tbo different voting-places at die recent election. Aid. Oullerton appointed bimtelf a committee of one to do the calling off, and Deputy Clerk Moody did the cheeking off. , At this stage Aid. Cullerton asked what should be done about lbs vote for Mavor. iho Chairman thought It should be counted by the Committee anusprsad npon the record. Aid. Fitzgerald could see no Justice In this, tnasmnoh as the election of a Mayor was not called for. Aid. Campbell thought they ought to have the opinion of the Law Department on the question. Aid. Oullerton suggented that the Committee entertain the vole for tho time being, aud the point oould bo discussed when the result was de clared. Aid. Campbell thought if it was discovered that some officer not in the osll bad been voted for, It was eminently proper they should docido what waa to ho done in regard thereto before proceeding farther. The Chairman—That can bo decided after the oanvaas le completed. Aid. Campbell—l shall move that the canvass bs made as to Iho offioera voted for under tho osll. The Chairman—That motion is not in order. The motion prevailed that tho canvass should bo proceeded with. Tho Committee then settled down to work, notwithstanding repeated efforts to have tho point settled tbon and there. When tho Third Precinct of the Fourth Ward bad been called off, Aid. Bohaffnor throw up tho sponge and retired to the Pacific for refresh ments and a fresh light. During the progress of the canvass tho hoi polloi who had crowded the lobby m expectation of witnessing a Homan holiday gradually with : drew, and long before half the wards had been called over by tbo elocutionary Cullerton tho Council Chamber was half deserted. At the conclusion of tbo Cannes of tbs Sixth Ward, Aid. Woodman moved to adjourn until thia evening. The motion prevailed, and the Council stood adjourned. TUB COURTS* Assessment Casei-i'ox A llowntd— llunhruptoy Uusliicss— llccord off Judgments and Now ffuttv-OrlmU nal fflutlers* TOX A UOWADD. Just before Judge Drummond left for Mil* waukee, about throe nooks ago. bo delivered a decision in tbo matter of the petition for review of Hodgkins and Orauo, from an order of Judge Blodgett, in nhiob bo reversed the order of tbe District Judge, affirming a sale of certain prop* orty of Fox A Howard to Oouro & Catkins, for a future determination. Yesterday an ex* tended argument was made by tbo attorneys on both sides, and tbo Judgo mado an order that tbo sale to Oouro & Oarklns should bo sot aside, and that Hodgkins and Orano should bo allowed to bavo It on paving slo,6oo,—the amount bid by Oouro ft Gorkin*, —oud also on paving for any improvements mado in the property since tbe sale. The latter aro to have the amount of choir bid refnodod to thorn after deducting tbe value of any ot tbo property that may have boon sold, and tbe amount of tbo profits derived from its use. TOE aUUUEB VACATION. The following ordar waa promulgated yester day by Judgo Gary,-of tbo Sui/orior Court: There is to be no call of tbe calendar In July, but. If both parties to any owes agree In writing to try tbo same la July, a calendar ot eooh oaeea wilt be made up, the call thereof to begin July 6. Cases on such calendar will take precedence in the order in which they Blend on the general dockets. Judgo Wllbama, of tbe Circuit Court, alao thinks that in order to keep up with his busi ness, he will be obliged to bear any oases where tbe parties agree to Lave them set. There will be no compulsory call, as was agreed by tbo judges last week, bat there will in ell likelihood be plenty of oases submitted to keep three or four Judges bnay the greater part of vacation. CONDKUMATIOH VEBDIOTS. The following verdicts wore rendered yester day in certain condemnation suite lately tried before Judge Jameaoo. City va. Clark Lipo otal., for assessments of benefits for opening and widening West Wash ington st oet from tbo railroad to Central Park. Verdict that tbe premises of those who objected to the assessment are not assessed more than they will be booelltod. or more than tbeir share of tbo improvement. City vs. H. 11. Honoro ot at., for the assess ment of benefits for tbo extension of Vernon avenue from Thlity-sovonth street to Egan ave nue. Barns verdict as id preceding case. City vs. pickiusoujat al. for assessment of boo oflts for opening West Von Duron street from Ilovno to Leavitt etioot. Verdict that certain nieces of property are not over-assessed, sod that others are noder-aesosßed to tbe amount of *4, WO, UNITED SrATBH COURTS. Peter L. Yoorhies, Administrator of Benjamin T. Davis, deceased, tiled a bill yesterday against William and Jane ilopiiinson. George Gardner, and Mart E. and John W. Cumiugtou to fore close a mortgage for $3,000 on Lot 10, in the middle tier of Oakeuwald Subdivision, UANKUUI'TCV XtATTKUS. A petition waa filed Saturday agalnnt George D. Dunton and Alexander Vance Drotm. com mi-B>on merchants under tbe firm name of Dun ton. Brown A Co., bv tbe following of their creditors : B. Adams A Co., who claim $202.50 ; Underwood A Co., $987 ; BUlos, Qoldy A Mc- Maoon, $025 ; A. A. Rankin A Co., $275 ; Jones A Raymond. $375; Norton. 800 A Co., $313.76 ; McCormick, Adams A 00., 8275 { William Young A Co., $225 : A. Eiobold A Co., $012.50 : John Dupee, Jr., $1,055.25 ; E. O. Duncan, $103.75 ; Juliuso. Guthrie,so2s; George Ellison. $212.50; and William Lion. $425. It is alleged that the firm made a preferential assignment of about $30,000 worth of notes, claims, book ac counts to E. A. Otis, etc., with Intoot to defraud their creditors, aud also that ther lo contem plation of insolvency made a payment of S7OO lo 000 Martin of Beloit, one of their creditors. A rule to show cause Uav 2 was entered. Andrew Lucas and William I**. Hunt, bard* ware merchants, at Noa. 53 aud 60 Lake Direct, under tbe firm name of Edwlu Hunt A Bona, filed a voluntary petition yesterday. Their pre ferred debts arc $090.38, the secured $19,409.00, aud the unsecured $75,793.80. The aiaels con sist of opou accounts amounting to 931.- 365.06, ohoeos lu action about $22,500, stock of goods $51,000, and fixtures worth about 93.500. W. F. Hunt baa interest lo some land valued at $3,700, besides this neither partner has suy liabilities uor assets. Tbe potitlou was referred to Register Hibbard, and Mark Kimball was appointedProvlsiouai As signee. _ A petition was also filed against George H. Hozet, a real-estate dealer of mis city, having bis offioe at Boom 10, No. 13 Wasninglon street, by tbe following persons, creditors of bis i Joseph A. Griswold, claiming $1,823 ; Sarah E. It. Smith, $21,01)0; John M. Waite, SO6O *, B. N. fViloox, $3,289.31 : Mary Ann Rozet, of Philadel phia, Penn., $9,350 : O. Cowles A Co., $912.57 s Harnsou it Whitehead, $003.21 ; George O. Smith A Brother, $4,153.08, and Mar tin Andrews, $273. Suspension of payment only is charged. A rule to show cause May 2, waa made. .... . .. Thomas J. Blrcbler. a book idler at No. 117 Randolph street, went into voluntary bankrupt cy yesterday. His debts are all unsecured, aud amount to $4,399.86. The oaaets oompnse oU stock of goods, worth $3,000: open account?, $371.91: fixtures lo store, $143, and other per sonal property $317. The petition was referred to Register Hibbard, and ll E. Jenkins was ap pointed Provisional Assignee, with to take possession of tbe slock. . „ In the case of the Peru Coal Company, an order was made yesterday on ail persona Inter ested to show cause by May 14 why tbe proceed ings should not be dismissed. The proceedings against Levi Wolf were or dered to be dismissed on payment of all costa. A fiiet dividend meeting will bo held May 10 in tbe matter of Moss A Bamsou. Au Assignee will be chosen this morning for Thomas McArthur. William (1. Banka al«o filed a voluntary pel Hod. the pwtloalm of whioU oeouot be pivea u&til to-morrow. Philip 11. Decker commenced eo action lu trespass against Edwin JA Beeves end Warren A. wells.laying damages at #5,000. John U. Vkn Osdel Jk Co, Hied e petition against Charles W. Higdon, 0.11. Van Cade), It. U, Kelley, and others, to obtain a mechanics’ lion to the amount of •3,000 on Higdon's Bub* division oo the oortheasi eorner of Cottage Grove avenue and Thirty-first street, Baldwin & Btone began a salt la replevin against It. B. Smith, 11. L. Turner, and W. A. Bond, to recover two accepted drafts for 9500 each. Oven Etana began a suit In reolevtn against Rachel GUI and U- B. Galplo to recover two car* rlases valued at f I,MQ. JosUU If. Warren filed a petition against Charles W. Rlgdon, E. 0. Laophere, and others, taking for a mechanics’ lien to tho amount of $1,782.31 on Higdon's property on the northeast corner of Collage Grove avenue and Thirty-first •treat. circuit count. D. W. Cooper and Abide 8. Oarvin began a amt in trover against Robert O. Fowler and Amlornon Fowler, laving damages at s2,otKl. Thomas JJnrton filed a bill agaiiHl L. C. Iluck. C. E. Scbarlan. and Edward Phillips to restrain them from advertising nr Bolling cer* tain personal property of hm which has Loon seized to satisfy a tax of 6318.37. lie claims that hie propertv was at the tlmo It was assessed only worth S3OO. OOOKTV COURT. In the estate of Thomas E. Walsh, the will was proven, and letters testamentary were granted to Johanna Walsh under bond for SI,(KJh. Thomas Uronnan was appointed conservator for Patrick Egan, adjudged Insane, under bond for $203,000. In the matter of the village of Hyde Park, Daniel (I. Horne. Deiomas W. Potter, and John IL Lewis wore appointed Commissioners to as* boss petitions lu pay-rolls Nos. Cl, 62, 63. 61, 66, 60, and 67. CRIMINAL COURT. The application for a change of venne In the Turner forgery ease was yesterday withdrawn, and the trial was set for a week from Monday. The Andrews Inal occupied tho Court yester day, the charge being against him and bis wife that they had, as pawuhiokers, received and disposed of stolon goods. The indict ment ms found .against them at an expense to Andrews, as ho says, of SI,OOO. Tho goods in question were valued at about $6,000, and are said to have boon stolen from Foreman & l ,t rledlandor several months ago, and subsequently found tu an auction store Bt> Louis, whore they had been placed for sale by a brother of Urs, Andrews, who is a pawn* broker iu that city. The evidence was conclud ed and the argument to tbo*Jury on tho pait uf tho prosecution commenced. The trial was re markable for straogo swearing on tho port of tbo Bt. Louis parties, and an eoually strange verdict is anticipated, as money has not been spared iu the management of the defense. THB CALL. Judge Blodoett -Sot cases. Judge Oaut—3o3 to 382 inclusive. Judge Jameson—4s,3o2, City va. Walker. 49,- 808, City vs. Eddy, and 01.174 Oily vs. Kent. Judge IlooEßa—27B to 800 inclusive. Judge Booth—2Go to 285 inclusive. Judge McAllister—No call. Judge Farwell— No call. No. 873 on trial. Judge Williams—Bet cues Non. 812 and 20. JUDGMENTS. Superior Court— Courwatoya—Michael Orager vs. Andreaa and Theresa Beusncr, s333.—Robert T. Mar tin vt. Charles B. Holmes, fI9I.SU. Circuit Court—Judoc Rogers— John Dlllenberg tr. Jacob lUohiey, STS. Judos Booth—Joseph Frank et al. ts. Minnie Cum mins. $347.16.—J. F. Mill* et al. va. John Roller and Marlin Keller, $138.54. RANttRUCTCV PROCEEDINGS AT SPRINGFIELD, ILL. ffOMMU intpaun to Tl>* VhteMu Vrurim. Springfislu, 111., April 2L—John C. Iluutor, of Owaneco, Christian, County, to-day died a voluntary petition in bankruptcy. A decree of foreclosure has been ordered in tho United States Court to tuo case of the Farm ers' Loan and Trust Compauvuf Now York vs. tho Chicago A Illinois Boutneru llailroad Com pany. Proceedings in bankruptcy against William McNeill, ILB. McNeill, end F. A. McNeill, of Fans, bare been dismissed. THE ILLINOIS LIQUOR LAW. Not long since a case Involving the conslilu- Uonalltv of tho Liquor law was tried before Judge Tipton, who affirmed tho constitutional ity of tbo law, and tbo offender was sentenced. Gen. MoNulta, of defendant's couueol, has now obtained a writ of suoorsodoiui from Judge Dickey, of tbe Supremo Court. Tuo point is ratsod that tbo title of tbo bill did not receive a constitutional majority vote on Us alleged pas sage, and that tho titlo being au essential part, tho act is therefore wholly void. IOWA SUPREME COURT. Swctal Dupateh to ttu UAtetwo Iribune. Dubuque, Is., April 24.—Tho following decis ions were rendered la tho Supremo Court yes terday : Farley, appellant, vs. Willingham; from Woodbury District; alarmed on plaintiff's appeal and reversed on defendant's appeal. . , .. t Ilsramond vs. Tne Chicago ft Northwestern Rail road Company J from Marshall Dlatrlct; aftlnnod. Bhsehy vs. Cokloy, appellant; from Uahsaka Dis trict : a termed. Armstrong va.Lester ot si.; from Warren Circuit; afflmed, _ . . „ Atleo ft Co., appellants, vs. Frailer; from Henry DU- Irlct; affirmed. . _ ... m „ Fell va. The Burlington, Cedar Rapids ft Missouri River Railroad Company, appallanU; from Muscatine Circuit; reversed. „ . Bute of lowa va. Haven, appellant; from Howard District; reversed. Adjourned to Tuesday. THE CHOPS, ILLINOIS. Special Correspondence of The VMtaan TVfSww. Loda. Iroquolr 00., 111., April 22.—Knowing tho deep interest fell iu the croi>-proap»ct at this time, 1 thought 1 would give you the result of nw obaorvauoott- This bciug iu tbe ooru-balt of tho titaio, our farmers roly mostly oti their corn crops. I hud tho farmer* here twenty-live or tbirtr days later with their plowing thau last year.' I visited ouo farm of 900 acres where, at this time last year, they had 200 acres plowed, and this Tear there aro not 5 acres plowed; ami tuia is the situation of this pari of the count.-. 1 have eeon a groat many farmers gather iug their last year's crop of com. 1 examined one farm and found the corn very badly damaged, and only fit for feeding bogs. There has been more raiu the past nine mouths than over known be fore. Tuo weather was so wet la*t fall that the corn-crop did not mature well. Animat ami September woio very wet sud cold,—so much ho that (ho corn-crop was shortened at least 25 per cent from what farmers anticipated: and there was no cold, frosty weather to season the cob, so that a largo amount of corn w*a loft in the stock in tho hold. Corn was at a low price, and (boro was a largo amount of it fed to cattle and bogs, and wasted. Almost all of the corn in the Bauds of fariueis now is uncovered, and, 1 tblnk, badly damaged. It will be Impossible for farmers to make deliveries of corn uut.l after they have sowed ibeir email grain au.i plaotad their corn, which will take thorn until June 10, provided wo have favorable wsathar from line out. 1 think there will bo a Urge amount of o. rn-gioimi lie idle this year. Tho farmers will have to use every bursa, mule, oto , co got th«ir crups iu tho ground la time. Horans are soiling at high prices hi this county at this time. Our farmers are sending into Indiana and Southern Illinois to pureliaflosioott-boga. Qua farmer has shipped iu here 250 Logo to consumo damaged corn. X. llLACkbEimr, Kano Co.. 111., April 23.—W0 have bad very Hue weather this ween for farm iug. The ground is becoming unite div. and farmers arc pushing their work as rapidly as pusolble. Hat very little gtoatid was plowed last tali. The hoavv rains and open winter have made the ground very hard. Sowing pro gresses vorv slowly. Thoro will probably ho loss wheat aud barley sown iu Kano County this year than ever before. Coin and oats will bo tho principal crops raised. Thu moan tempera ture, at oa. m., of this moutn up to tho 22d, nos2sdegrees; corresponding period lost year, 23. The buds of fruit-trees aro swelling out, and tho grass la growing fluoly. J. I*. IJ, • IOWA. .StMCtti Dispatch Ca The Chicago Tribune. XUvEHroa-r, 10., April 2L—Tbo continued flno weatbor Is allowing the farmers of this county to get m largo crops of wheat and barley, Tbo seeding of tbo latter is about completed, aud that of wboat will bo done this week, Of barley last year this county produced 1,000.000 buaUelo, and the crop of this your will bo equally as largo if tbo weatbor U good. Prospects fur fruits aro good. DttnaUh to The Chtcaao Tnt>un*. lowa Girt, la., April 21.—Farmers herea bouts are much encouraged in the prospects of a fair soed-timo. For the past week the weatbor bas beeu splendid for gram-sowing and farm; work generally. More wheat will be sown tins soaiou (ban was anticipated a week siuoe. Three-fourths of the acreage e<jua! to last year ia already sown, and another fourth will bo sown by the last of this week. There will bo a larger breadth of com planted Ibis season than last. Wealuor warm, aud vegetation advancing rapidly. KANSAS. fliXtfial DtoeetoA la rfu Chute* jnfrurw. Lkatshwobtu, Kan., April 23.—The crops in ibis State look line. Unless eomo very unusual event happens tho wheat crop a ill bo both tho largest aud tbo best ever known iu Kansas, lu •vtirv direction broad holds of wheat, green and luxuriant, meet tbo eye, shd tbo farmers are jubilant. Norwich Bulletin: A Preston man was very sngry, on going home tbo other night, to bud that bis wife had lent tbo only Bible In tbo boueo. Ho aald It was a disgrace that In this period of Christian wiliguiemaout * family should bavo only one copy of the Bible. It •eoma be wanted to decide a hot as to whether It was Paul or Cephas who said “CodkbHenoy, thou art a jewel. INSURANCE. Tho Annual Report of the Auditor of State. Profit* and Losses of Ibo Insurance Com panlcs—Tbeir Asset* and Lia bilities. The report of tbo Auditor of Stale to the Govern or, advance shoots of which have been fur* Dished Tnr. Tribijhb, there are now 187 fire and fire-marine Insurance companies complying with the laws of this State, divided as follows: Nino Joint slock companies of Illinois: 1 mutual company of Illinois | 160 joint stock companies of other Stales j 7 mutual companies of other titalos t 14 foreign companies : total, 187. During tho year last past thirty-four fire and firo-marlno Insurance companies of other Etatea and foreign countries have complied with tho laws of Illinois and been admitted to do boil* ness in thin Htato. Their aggregate capital is $7,039,221,600. Tho detailed statement of the assets of tho fire and fire-marine companies doing business In tbo State is as follows for the joint-stock companies of Illinois s Aggregate aueta. ,« 78i,K0 911,Ml IM.MI 100.104 aca.ojo 1*0.212 4TJ,UK» eat,>»eo *23,479 Company. American..., Empire Fire. Farmer*'..., Fidelity Fire. Forest City.. German Fire German Insurance anti Sarin** Institution Globe Uockford Trader*' Total *3,747.011 Upwards of 130 lomt-etock companies of other States, owning real estate valued at $5,045,CC3.'21, and with toul aggregate assets of $100,018,- 030.11. are doing' business in tho State. Bo* sides those there aro seven mutual companies of other States doing business in Illinois, tho available assets of which are reported at ei2.85W.037.30. THE FOREIGN COMPANIES doing business In Illinois are tbo following Company. - Commercial Union Association, England. .. 4 Hamlmrg-Urcmer fire. Oennany i Imperial lire, Ilnglanu Lancashire, England Liverpool 4; London k Globe, England,...„ S, A»anranr« Corporation, England... North British ft Merchants' Fire, Ureal D... 1, Northern Assurance, Great Britain Queen, England 1, HcottUh Commercial, Scotland ToUl $11,689,966 Those bare branch ofilcesm tho United States. Bcsldei these tbe following foreign companies also do business hero: Companies. Assets. British American Aaaoclatlon Co., Canada..s 883,Ml lloyal, Enilaud 18,009,499 ;oynt Canadian, Canada.... k'tslern Assurance, Canada. ToUl $01,400,200 The segregate capital of all insurance com panies taking risks in the Slate ia reported at 51GG,254,011.70. THE LOSSES ADJUSTED, UNADJUSTED, AND RE- SISTED of the Illinois Joint-stock companies aggregate €181,07458, and their aggregate liabilities €3,- 026.U28.2C, leaving a surplus over of paid-up capital of €503,010,89. and aa regards stock holders of €2,435,383. Tbo joint-stock com panies of other Stales doing business in Illi nois report total losses adjusted, unadjusted, and resisted at 84,429,301.40. leaving a surplus of paid-up capital of 824400,23463. and ae re gards poUcy-notdors of $70,501,922.17. Total liabilities, 84,624,279.04. The mutual companies of other States report total liability for losses of €405,674.29, leaving a surplus fur benefit of policv-holdera of $9,- 144,8-13.75, with aggregate liabilities of 83,- 455.093,55. The foreign companies report total losses ad justed, unadjusted, end resisted at €1.127,- 503.35 : total liabilities, €24609.431.13 : and sur plus of paid-up capital €3.751,067.83 (wbfch IB given for but four companies) ; and surplus as regards policy-holders of $13,280,11436- THE PREMIUM RECOCTS weie as follows fur tne year ; Illinois joim-stook companies. €4067.928.44 ; Joint-stock companies of other States, $60,018,- 702.69; mutual companies of other States, €2,834,891 ; foreign companies. $14,398.- 812.5:1. The premium receipts of all tbe companies were 869.310,332.01, which Includes all thoir business In and without tbo Blato. Tbo losses paid daring tbe year were $35,525,874.15. showing a balance in favor of tbo companies for the year’s business of nearly $31,000,000. Tbo fire risks written during tbe last vear in Illinois amounted to $484,792,042, at so average premium of 1.28 per cent, amounting to $6,220,- 604.n1. Tbo losses in tbo State paid during tbe same time wore but $4579,339.02. or 25.24 per cent of premiums received, and 32-100 per cent of tbe risks whiten. SEVEN TEARS* BUSINESS. The following tabular statement gives a com parative view of the buomess of all the com panies doing busineas in tho State for tho past tevon yoais : ssiiSlil *Bopivdmua jo 'o£ jniMs, W go£ 2 S £ s ?“S=SSp rsss.s> ? S 5 6 h £ui JiMiiu, nonCTM n .iu w I p » h , t 5 j I kKMkkis. BJVJ innimnd oauaay "fl w •* iilSssSjE.S ?\Hmm *u*m ju wu 3q a j— ——■ — —■ l ■ ■ 1• o Ve» “pOA(OJdJ 010(0104(1 H 0 tl_*t| S I O'* 'rj 1 feSakkkti. Tho profits ami losses of (be Companies dur iuk tbo Biiuo years, estimating tbo espouses to bave been ill) per cent of the receipts, are re ported as follons: Year. No. of Cos, Loea. jgjj uu $ BSfl.Jia.TI 1810 .........IW ... » MMM.« }2|V w 23,417,000.2 c ns a.Mo,wuo I«7J ... I« 2.0*5,818.24 {S74 157 10a,3«w.'.'3 besides tbo foregone tboro wore risks io force Doo. 31, 1875, in township ami other mutual tiro companies to the amount of #U.PCO,7IQ. THE CENTENNIAL. The inhibition of iirltlaU Art. J>hiltidrl[ihiii Jr UK Mr. Joseph M. Joplitig, Superintendent of the Kino-Art Section and Secretary of the Brit lah Cummittoe, reached Philadelphia by tho American ateamer Indiana Oh Tueaday, and la alroadv engaged in the reception, hanging, and placing of those objects. Among tho oil-paintings aro live from her Majesty too Queous “The Marriage of bia Royal Highness tbo Prince of Wales, in Bt. George's Cbapoi, Windsor, tho 10th of March, 1883,’’ by William Prtwoll Frith. It. A.; the iwitrsii of “liar Majesty In Coronation Robes, H by Sir George Hay ter; “The Mart I ego of tbe Vouog Prince Rlouaid, Duke of York, second son of King Edward tho Fourth, with Annie, daughter of tbo DuUo of Norfolk, l&lb of May, 1478," by the late J. North cote, 11. A.t tbe “ Death of Gen. Wolle." by tbo late Benjamin West, P. It. A.: “The mooting of tbe Member* of tbo Royal Acade my," by tbe late Jobau Zoffany. There is also a water-color painting by Dor lloyal Highness tbo Princess Louise, Marchioness of Lome; tbo colossal group of “ America, H by John 8011, from tho original marble at the Albert Memor ial, reproduced in terracotta Ly Messrs. 11. Boulton A Co.} tbe bust of the lata Benjamin Weal, by tbo late Sir Frauds Legist OUautroy. Unt by tbe Royal Academy, Loudon; tbe bust of Flasmao, by John Adams Acton, lent by the Royal Academy. Among the oil paintings we notice the American >tmter, Q. 11. Doughtou’s, “God Speed,” lent >y A. M. Marsdeti, Esq., valued at £1,050 ; Tbs Three Bisters," by 7. Archer, U. 8. A., lent by Ilerfry .Joacbln, Eaq., valued at £500; "The wlesta," by H. Calderon Philip, lent by Ueears. Aguew A Bone. Them la a picture by Kroftt. loot by W. Howe. E«q., "Ligny," worth £IOO s aoolher, by Eyre drone, lent by Movers. Agnow A Sou, "Alter a Him /’ one by William Charted Thomas Dobflon, worth £I,OOO. litlo, "Children's Chil dren are the Crown of Old Moo/' lent by J. Carolus Sterling, Esq.; another, worth £BOO. by the same artmt, “Tho Widow's Sou Raised to Li!o; H three by Allred Elmore, U. A., lout by John Doris, two of thorn on Scriptural subjects, oach rated at £1,0.10: Frith's great picture of 11 Tbs Hallway Station," lent by Messrs. Graves A Co., value. £5,000; throo by Sir*Francis Grant. President of the Royal Academy, of treat blelorio values one by Mra, Louise Jod- Ing, wlfo of Mr. Joseph M. Jonllng, the Secro tarr, “ Tho Five Slatora of York,” from Nicholas Niokleby, value, £577. Following those are works in the elaborate catalogue from the late R. O. Leslie, H. A.; from J. O. Lewis; from tbe late Daniel It. Maelise; one from Jobu Evorott Millais. H. A., “Early Days”; one from F. P. Poolo, 11. A.. valued at £1,500, “ The Lion in tho Path,” loaned by Meesca. Agoew A Son ; portraits by 6ir Joebua Hoyoolds; an original portrait of Washington, by the lalo Gilbert Stuart; an original Turner, “Dolbaddoo Castle, North Walts;” aoma Landseers: an incompatabln display of vator-coiora and old engravings, with laaov eqaallr rare architectural designs. Many of those contributions are for sale, with tbs prices fixed. THE SUCCESSFUL PHYSICIAN. From the St. Louit Olobe. There ta probably no man to whom tbo com* inanity owe eo much as to (bo bonost, fair* spoken physician who does bis actual duty both to himself and to bis patients. Itoally skillful physicians are not so numerous that their vir tue! need no mention, sad boaco tbo advertise* menl of Dr. IL V. Fierce, of Buffalo, may well claim the reader’s situation. Dr. Fierce la a type of a class of meo who obtain success by careful and well-directed effort, not attempting too mucb,' or creating fatso ideas as to ability. Tbe only reliable physician in these days of com* pbcated disorders and higb-preaauro living la the “Specialist,” tbo man who understands hie one branch of tbo business. Such in bm lino is Or. Pierce. For the boneilt of bla readers ho has written “Common Sense Medical Advisor," which is wall worth readiua by those who need such s work. With strict business honor, bish professional skill, reasonable foes, and a largo corps of competent assistants, Dr. Fierce will doubtless mako bis name familliar as *• house* bold words.” Asatti. 790,693 614,163 996,403 600, M 2 L £91.316 8-17,867 1,719,009 369,634 1,369.8*8 617,818 WHISKY. KEHfOCIY FAY6RITS! TEE PUBEST STIMULAHT. TIB Fist Ilf Km 1,389,738 1,111,611 SOLD B‘2’ J.K.VANDUZER ISB LAKB-ST-, CORNER CLARK. amusem: EXPOSITION BUILDING. Friday KlAbt, Saturday UatlnM. and Oalorday Night, May 5 and 6, 1876, FIRST GRAND CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION IN AMEBIOA, UM>EB TUB AUSPICES OP TUB FIRST REGIMENT, I. S. G., GILMORE’S FAMOUS BAND, Including fifty eminent musicians. TWO PUIUA DONNAS IN THE FIELD, MAD. EUGENIE PAPPENHEIM, Tb*grt>eiettPritna Donna la Atnorlc*. from tho Str kosoa ItaMan ()p*ra. llor tint apneiranoe lu Chicago. MISS EMMA C. THTJESBY, Tbo PavurUo American Soprano. MU. J. LEVY, tho greatest Comet-Player Urtng. MH. M. AIIHOCULK. tho crcat American Cornet- Play**. Tho wbelo nodor direction of Mr. P. H. Ull/- MUIIE. bis last appo-ranee betore opening the C inon nial KxcomtoD at Philadelphia, on too 11th ul May. Tbo Programme, wiuoti wilt bo a uuunood ihnrily. “11l Include Mlcetlona lr*Mu Lb a popular p.nn*o»on>, ami Na tional air*, and will cbno at-ibo -md of each performance wltha OBNTrtNMAL MaHCU. Tbo tint Mmta I. S. Q. will appear In a L ULL DUKSS PAKAUit at each Cono-rt. Tbo Concert will bo inaugurated by firing of cannon. Arrangement* ha*o boon niado vrlih ttm railroad* con tiring In me city to rnoapvcial twLia, and reduced rate* will bo offered to panto* attending the C<l.-br*tlen. Notwithstanding tbo raoitaoui etp«n*o attoadlng the grand undertaking. tbo price of adoiUilun to all parte of tbo building baa beou placed a‘ SO CENTS. The sale ol iicksls will commjao* on Chursday, April >7. at sU Uu leading book and wuslo stores. parties a-tending from other cities desiring Information, should addrosa Headquarters First Hcgiuient, I. S. G., CUICAOO. IIX. ADELPmjCHEATRE. More Now Faces this 'Week. COTTON 4 BIRDUE, ttUa week only. Uua NELLIE LAUKELLE. Mias ALICE KEiU*. COTTON and LIItDUK. IipNEY lIEVNOLDH, WILLIAM A. ASUTON. Mi»»NL’LL\ lILULH. OCOUOE and CHARLES REYNOLDS, Miss ANNIE VOX, JOE A. OULICK. ... Henry Dyroua laughable muilcal the 3D 3D or, u>e Doauly and tho Uriganaa, The Great OHo. George Reynold 1 * original sketch, tho X)I2SZiXJ3JB. Malinoea Wednesday and Saturday. Ladles* uJahl Tuesday and Thursday. Friday evening Unefli ( Mia* Sully Fieri*. Tho loweat In tho city. MoOOEMICK’S HAM.—Yonßnlow. WEDNESDAY »nJ^FRJD A HATUiuUY 6, Farewell ai<pearuic«a lu Chicago of TTims von Bulow, Assisted by tbs Young Ameriwu Hoprano, LIZZIE OBONYN, Admission, U; Becurcd Boats, &Uo sud >1 ultra. Bvsts for sals ou and alter Friday, April Tt, at Hoot A Bona Music Btore, 166 BUte-st., where programmes can be Usd. Chlcherlng Pianos used by Non Uulow. HOOLEY’S THEATRE., MAGUIRE Alt AVKULY. •■•••..• • Lent Oue Week. MONDAY. April SH. Malteses Wednesday end Salur day, thel'aerloMUumediejuesnd Vocalist. Ml«« K* 1 IK PUTNAM. aided by lUs slerlte* sotor Mr. J J. BUI* uVaN!tfrTaWauCTOwSHuo Mr. OKU. W. UUW. ARP. and so excellent Comedy Company. Monday «»sn ins, Fanoboa Hie Cricket. Tuesday evening, Util* Hare loot. Wsdnesdsy Matinee. Utile llsiwmot. Urdnoadsy evening. Fsocbuntbo Cricket. Thursday pvonliig. Jane Kyre. Friday evening, old Curiosity bttop. betunlsy U.Un.., UU CiyliKUr Bbyp. “•'“rfjl.Hf.Wjf' VlAfi? - oloalty Shop, Monday. Mar 1, oALSuUUV O TUUU* BADOUItb. Prices as usual. __________ UOHDAY. April 24, And during the week, moro brilliant near atari. The exquisite musical sktteb ar tists FRANK LAVARSIB. Mws CARRIE LAVAUNIk, and Mias FANNIE MONTAGUE, who stand unrivaled, and coma to us with on enviable reputation in all tue Eastern cltlea. All lbs principal features of Uatwcik retained. Crowded bouse* nightly. Everybody de lighted. The best entertainment for (be price in America. Mr Admission ‘AS cents. three QEANDOONOEETS, New England Church, corner North Dcsrborn*st. and Dataware place, i'lrsk wmcoit THURSDAY, APRIL 37. Ur, John While, organist; Uise Jessica lurtoll, «o prano. Tickets for three concerts, |I, single tickets, 60 cents, for osle at Lyoo_AJlealir^_ |MM^_^^M^_|> ” TIIBABIIBY DBPATBMBNT, dvricu or Comvtrdu-xu or tun Cuuajtxai.l urruso waeiilttOXOli, Feb. JL IM. I All DsrtoQs bstlni elsbui ocsiust tbe fuurlb NeUous BenkoJCldcego, ifl., srebßisby noUfled mj.meat tb. iri w ist* legal Ptool tbs/eol within ibre. aoßtllk tu Chatbrt U. khsrmaa, lUe*l»ef, el tbe afflee u SSalMkwaoiw.iouWjjljk j. Y KNUX , OoapUQllst w tbe Owreaoy, RAILROAD 71) ARRIVAL AND DEPART! :me table. F. OF TRMN3 KIPt,A?»ATIOf» 01 UsrRIISSCRV copied. *Sandarexeaoto<). IM rl»# dander atfliWe. m. t P»flr. CHICAGO it NORTHWEST JTtAd Q/lrei, SI CtirLrt. (Sh*nnat il., rorner Hadhan it,, an *Unsa.—r Saturday ou londajr oxospnJ, I Ar* rSR’i RAILWAY, n /Mum). aniTft n<i ai lh« 'tipiti. a. tn. • 3:te p. m» *!(»:>» v ra. • Mlp. m. HI KW p. ri. t SsMa, m. HhOnp. m. t 9:30a. m. •9.15 a. m, * IsMp, m* MOiOflp. ra. * T:ce », m. 11:311%, to. I 4:03 p. tn. •10 ;(*)». m. M:Mg. m. • nt. *111:148. m. 11l :W p. m. m. H i.cMa. m , l 7:i*ip. m. i *10:00*. m. * 4:00 p. in. it|| ‘Min, m. iM'tMlp. m. * 0:00 a. m, ~* 4(COp. m. , 10:».V4. m. * 4:1*0. m. 1 * I'lMg. m. Pent Linn aOubugne Day Kt. n« Cllotoi).. oDulmgoa Night K*. «|* Clinton. aOmena Night Rxproai oFmuportA Dnbnqus I'xprcM.. otreeport A nabauao Kinmn.. •Mflwaokoe Fait Mall (lUll/)... Milifiikn Rxproaa Milwaukoo Pauongor... MlltTAiiVno PMMinger (•mil),.. Grog Hay Ksnrna 1 •S’. I'mil A MlnnoßroU* Ktproea tflt. Panl A Winona Kzpreas t.MarquoU'j Rxuress i aiJonnra Lako Korean tConora I*k*Kipro*a -Di’potoomrrof WellmndKltuiMte, •Depot corner of Canal and Slazla-stt. MICHIGAN CENTRAL RAILROAD. Dfpol, fool rf 1., omi fool o/ fWnifv-imon*l~«. , TiekiUefiei, 07 Cinrk-H., wuiAeo «l comer V /timbl/iA, , uml at I'altntr //out*. * Unit (rid Main.and Air 1.1n5),.., * firoo a. m. * 7-4)0 p. in. ] >ir uxpret*.. * 9:PO a. m. * 8:08p, m. I Kaliuufttoo AoMtumrKlaUuu * ■»:«) p. m. MOJO a. m. AUutio KxpreM (dalir) 5 ftttn p, m, I Sroo %. n. i Night Uxprct*... t'O Mp. m. f OIIAHD lurillt AND MUHKKQON. | i* 9:fo a. m. tt»K>JD. m. Morning Kzprtm.. Night Rxorw* t Saturday Rx. ’Sunday Ux. t Monday Ex. {Dally. CHICANO. ALTON & ST. LOUIS and CHICAGO, KANSAS) CITY & DENVER SHORT LINES. I Union Dijx>l, IfWf Si<tt, nmr M'ljt. Tiekrt 1 OfirtM- At Depot. onJ 1113 Handolphait, J Kamaa City ami Danny Fml Ex. *13:30 p. tn, Ht. Lmitaaml Sprit) ahold Iti * 0:30 a. m. St. Loula. Springfield A Tozaa... 5 OrtU n. m. Peoria Day •O:UJ a, m. Poorla. KooknkA Burlington..., * Chicago A Paducah Uallroed P.x. * OrfW a. m. Ntraatur, Lncon, Waililngton R». *12:30 0. m. Joliet A Dwight Acc»mm'’d it ion. * 6;JJp. tn. LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN. 1 Lease, Aruu. ■ ft:to a. tn. fl:10 p. tn. . 0:'t) a. in. 8:C0p. m. SilAp, tn. Stitia. m. • 3:40 p. m. 1I:l0a. B. flight Kxureta t injup. m. 1 MO a. m. ) CHICAGO, MILWAHKeFaST. PAUL RAILROAD. Union J>tro*, tormr fladiton and Oinil-ill. Ttekei 0/I*4, ; tOSouthClark-H., oppoetlt Sherman Uouk, and at Depot. Lear* Arr Ira. ' Milwaukee Esurou • B:Cfi a. m. * 7JO p, nu WfaconalnA Mlnnoaota Through \ DayEzproaa *lO.-Wa,m. *4;oop.m.i Wisconsin, lowa, and Minnesota ; Bzprea* *C:oip. ta. Ml :00 a. m. I Wirouuaio. A Minnesota Thruujti | Night Ciprets m. i All trains ran via. Milwaukee. TicVotaforSt. Paul and] Minneapolis arn good either via Madison ana Prairie eta-1 Chlon, or via Watertown, LaCroste, and Winona. ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. Depet,So* o/'Lakft. an J foot of Tttnt'j-tteand-n, JT/drt J VJHee . 121 ICandotph-et, near Clark. Lean. Arrive, flLLonlsttxptese..... ’Maura. *S:t6p. nu fit. Louis I'ast Line .. ; B£6 >. m. 1 7 Jiia. m. UattoA NowOrleana Hi * B;4it a. m. ra. CalioA Now Otlaaoa Ex. t h;.Ho. in. * J:M a. nu hpriogrield, Peoria.ami Kejkuk * 8:40a. tn. *&:3op. in. hpnnonenl Night Exnrcn } B:ri p. a. } I:3da. m. Pooriaaod Keokuk Kxnrvsv. * B:3# p. m. * 7:S»a. m. Uuhngne ASioux City R« * 0:30 a. re. * hho. in. Duhuguo A tiloux City Ezprusa.. • 9:14i0. in. i* 7 tOO a. as. OUmau Passenger * 5: So. re.-* 9:31 %. m. CHICAGO. DURLINQTON % tf UINCV RAILROAD. DrpoU.jouta/ Uikfrt.. /nJUna-aw. an I Xidttnt , i.H H a tut Canal uxj tliiUvilh-tSu TUkot OJttU, bi Qlir’tJl , andaliityolt — ' Imm. .irtiH, Stall and ttapreae... • 7m. ru. * 7:40 pTnP uuawaaud otraatur Paiirnirdr. • 7;So a. in. * 7:Wp. n« K„i—*-r ..ttubnuuo A aloo* Oilj * 9:30 a. m. * 4:3u p. nu PaclDc Paat uiue, for Umaua... *10:wla. n>. *4.njp. a. Kauaaa Uiu. ueaTeuwortn. A.- emeon A hi. Juacpu Ivxn *>0:00 a o. * 4:00 o. nu Texaa tfip.uea * I0:i0a. m. 1 7;lo a. in. Aurora Paaaeauer * 3:1 p. m. * 7:i5 a. m. Wooduta,OlUPaxotraatorp4as * 4:2) p. m. * H;W a. ta. Aurora Paatenxor. * &;3l p, m. * tiro a nu Autora PaMoncur (Sun lay) l:Wp, ta. lo:li> a. cu Uubuoue A SmuxOlty Hip. ... *'i;dip. ui. *7:'7Ja. ro. PacUlo Nlsht Kao. lor Omaha.. )lO:WJp.m. 17:19 a. nt. Kanus 0117. At ctitMinA Hu Joaopo Kip 'IO:Wp. m. *.7:l9a.ui. lAinnor'aUroro 'll ;iHf .*.. in. • 2:t'i P- «n. Jhmner’aUruro Accommodation I:l'>|>. m * in. Uunner'aU.-oio Ac:utum »J,tth> *(i -j •>, <r.i* «> tr>iutn. •Ex. Sunday. YKx. tUmrdar. ERIE AND CHIC* TUktl Oflou, fcl Chtrk-tt., <**.,« and at Vefiot, Uuh>uan-av., I'UM /ruin /Irtxxilivn lluildin. JEx, Moat ISO LINS. corner VaJ< Day Kiproaa— Pullman Dt*.*-i 1 lug-ltooiu hluopi'ix Can. !<•* j Now i’orx wllUonl otiasiao 1 B:.Va.rn. i 8:(0a. m. Atlantic Expr«««—PuDnivi I aoa UrawiQK-Kooio Uloopimjl { Can and iluioi Cat* I m.l m. Only lino running tho b v»l ovit<* Now York. PITISSURb.Fr. WaYnTTchiCASO RAILWAY. Du Expreaa.. .... • p;M'a. in. *J:O)p. m. Paoulo itipreia. ; « ; u p. m. ; r, a. m. I. cII ...gir i-'ilt mo* .1:11(1. m. fi'rUOa. m. I'a»t Lino tl- :ix- (> m. i b■.“■». is. Mali j* ' ;0". a. m. • h;*i r » p. rn. • Stinrtar oicnpiod. } billy, t l-'alurday excepted. I Monday except ’. BALTIMORE &'oiiTo RAILROIO. Dmim bar •jrum rear of EtvotU,ji Ujiilin l anl foot a / It*«nlv-Mcu«i l-*i. JJtuol turner Uxliun-il. a*J .t,t<Ai«an-u*. VUyuJiee, Si CUrU-tt,, torn*r nt Watiu inoion. A coonitnod Alloa, * 3 Hu a. Di.<* <>:lU t>. m. * B;W a. ni .1} H:IJ a.m. Il J:vS p. iu_r B.W p. m. ku’i kjpfuM I JDallf. 'Daily, Buodfi)*oxcet>l< CHICAGO, ROCK ISLAND ft P DtpoU Mfiwr a/' Vuh Hurt* anJ t’ iinxnl lUeifio PACIFIC RAILROAD. iWrmJnifi. IScMeliMt Haiti. Om»b*.l***oa» , lb l iAluiii»oDlvi| 4 lo;i4J(*. ui. * FeraA«oommjil*Uon m. * a. itlo.uuD*. rot It iiv'i*’. o*’>! NUihlttzursM. FOR SALE. MOT/TlfilO WorkUftokeU. Market U 1/ LaalioU.ll.ajdll.iik.jte, \\\ HI a \ iM Sl'lllN H DOLLAIU uiilj 1 k). BARLOWS INDIGO BLUE. Ha m.iritaw a Waia Rldk base bona fully tested and, Indorsed by thousands ol housok-ipi*rt. Your groom ought to have it ou salo. A.k miu f..r U. 11. S. WlLTUhiUOfcll. Proprietor. \o. spj XortQ Second-st . Phlludelnbla. _ MEDICAL CARDS. DR. JAMES. Loci Hospital, cor. MWra k rraiilln-slB. Cnaitored by tha SlaUof Illinois for tlio axpr*«poi«» pose ol siring unined.aia rcllol in aUos»««o< private. cQtvuio, ana urinary disease* iu all thglr couipUcaUMl lotus. U is well known mat Dlv. jAMr.S liuiiuwJal tho ueaduftha proiesslun lor tba past Du year*. Ay* and oxpjrieuoo aru alMmport*nl. rivuiiuul Uunkneoa. Client io»*-s by dreams, pimples »o ton (aoe.luat man bo.'d, oau positively (mi cured. Radio-»aa‘iug tho tnosa delicate atluution. call or write. Pleasant iinmo lor pa liooti. A bo-.k tor tho million, Marmxntluloa, whjoft lelit jou all about these dsoaao*— wuo Simula marry-why not—lueonu to pay p Dr. Jaiooshaa a) rooms sod parlors. Vuukohu coo but tho Doctor. Ur. JsuwaJa *u y >«ar» Co sjlia’lnu *lwv»s freeaod tnstwd. Olhcobonrs. ka. in. Ui7 i*. m. Sunday*, JO to UO. in. All business strictly cuiilldentlal. Dr. 0. Bigelow Us* removed from 37U Mouth (JUrk«st, to b"J Wert Uadlsou-st., wbero bo will bo pleased to see Us old patients. lie will continue to treat Cbrunio Nervous aud Hkla Diseases. The poor will bo treated free from •i to 4 it. tu. each day. Ill* Marriage Guide, Urge mr, act) page*, giving sit iulornuttou to tboss vtbo intend to marry aud those wbo sro lu auy way uultttod for marriage. Price 60 cants; sent to cny addrees. Ofllce boon from II a. m. to U p. tu. Sundays, iW4p. m. Everything conlideotlal. DR. CLARKE. TUe unfortunate of both sexca consult the celebrated Dr. CLARKE. JiTKcud two stamps for “ Safeguard of Health." |3TBcnd two stamps for work on Norv oue snd Sexual Diseases. Celebrated FotnaU lilts, 41.60 ami S 3 per box. Hooka: •• .Esoteric Anthropol ogy," fl« “Your Sllout Friend," aa ccuta. Ibo Great Km-rcl,’' 13 cents. Seminal Weakness cured at ouco. Consultation free and axciod. Ad lry.s U'ltora to Dr. V. U. CLAUKEj_IH‘i Sjulli e»»rk-«t„ Cubugtf. __ SB™l Dr. Kean, 175 scum Oart-Jt, comer (I KMiw.CDitan. magaaTj' XTEUVUUS EXHAUSTION—A AII.UIOAL r.NSAY. N ebmoriilo* . serts «f Wucsa d.Uven.3 el Ksbu’e Uusuiuu of Anatomy. New York, on the mu*i and cure ol piematore decline, shewing indisputably bow lest beaita way be regained, alfordmg a clear ajnoptis of tbs UuuodUuouts to marriage. sad, tbs treatuiepl of osnous aud pbysicsl dcuhly, oclng tbe result of Wjreera expo rwuce. Pi ten 33 cents. Address tbs auiW, DU. h. J. KAIiN. oCico end residence M East lautU-st.. hew York I'ltiiscitim'ioN FUKii For tbe speedy cure of Bernina) Weakness, Z«s( Via* hood, and Ml disorders brouabt on by indlsczetlona «• exccoa. Any druggist bos the lt\gredUu(g Aailwgg DAVIDSON k C 0„ IW* Now Yojl, 7 .f* t;9) p. m. .1* 6:3J A. m. * 9:40 o. tn, • 7:'flp. m. } 7:10s. nu • 7 M p. in. * 7:<o A. O. • 7:SOp. m. • 3:40 p.m, • BAla. tn. p n.f (jvi. Ttaixt

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