Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 25 Nisan 1876, Page 12

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 25 Nisan 1876 Page 12
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8 THE CITY. general news. Oonrsd Nlcdert yesterday filed bis bond as Constable for the Town of Elk Grove. F. I!. Rowe, from the Town of Bydo Park, yesterday filed new bonds, and is again Con stable. The temperature yeilerday, as observed by Manases, optician, No. 83 Madison street (Pitis tnvs Building), was, at 0 a. m„ 40 degrees ; 10 a.m„ 47| 12 m„ 47? Bp. ro.. 50; 8 p. m., 40; barometer, Bs. m., 29.20; Bp. m.» 29.31. The police are searching foreman named Michael Fllzglbboos, wbo baa boeu missing from No, 804 South Halsted street lor several weeks. Ho lo 6 foot 10 Inches In height, has dark hair and oyca, fair complexion, sandy mustache, and weighs about ICO pounds. The United States Bob-Treasury in this city Is the possoesor of some 545,000 In silver oo n, and to-day will receive about $125,000 additional. Parlies owning scrip In any sums not exceeding SIOO can have the same redeemed In silver at any time between the hours of 9 and 12 to-day. In the report of tbo Christian Convention bold in Farwoll Hall Friday afternoon, as pub lished In Saturday’s Issue, the opening sentence of Miss Willard's address was incorrectly given. It should read, “Of the 40,000.000 in America, one in every seven is lu the habit of drinking, not “are habitual drunkards/' Peter Burke, of No. 07 Archer avenue, while riding In * boggy yesterday afternoon on In diana street, between Qrocn and Peoria, was thrown out and somewhat seriously Injured by a fractious borao. Tho animal then popped its bead through an Indiana street car, and tried lo chow up a blonde Individual’s wig. and in do ing so received many Injuries about the head aod shoulders. Tbo beast was soon afterwards /allowed to wind up bis belligerent career. Charles Eiokhoff, a farmer of tho Town of Lake, while driving north on Halsted street yesterday morning in a buggy containing hie wife and bis 2>tf-yoar-old daughter, collided with an omnibus near Twenty-second street. Tho borne dashed off at a frightful paco, throwing tho occupants of tbo vehicle heavily to the pave ment. Mrs. Elckhoff hod her collar-bone broken, end received a number of painful bruises, but ber husband and child ©scaped with but little Injory. Tho lady waa taken to her lister's bouse on Centro avenue, near Twentieth street. Tbo horse and a tembly-domolishod buggy were captured a few blocks away. The Chicago Society of Physicians and Bar bold a semi-monthly meeting at the Grand o Hotel last evening, tho Vice-Proeldont, Dr. HamrolU, la the chair. Dr. Charles E. Davis road an interesting paper concerning the sudden death of a man in the manufactory in the North Division, whore ho bad been employed. The post mortem examination revealed tbo fact that death bad boon caused by cerebral hemorrhage. The novel medical points wore strongly brought out. and caused much comment from those present, particularly Drs. Etheridge and Stockwoll. Dr. O. Paul Simon reported a curious case that had come under bis notice. It waa that of a double monstrosity In ftbo still-birth of two girls faco to face, and join ed together near tho middle of tho bodies by a fleshy band similar to that connecting tho Siam ese twins, Chang and Eng. This monstrosity was lengthily discussed; af tor which the meeting adjourned till May 8, when the annual election of officers takes place. HARMS. The Court-House Square presents a more active and busy scene, and Granger Harms now has some sixty skilled diggers and pile-handlers at work laying foundations. Harms has rigged up another pile-driver, a machine capable of driving a 40-foot-log. This is to ho used to drive tho dome-piles. A test-bod of concrete was started yesterday hear the northeast comer of the square, and by Wednesday this portion of the work will have fairly commenced. About three weeks more of pllo-dming will complete this work. Instead of tho followers being driven, they have boon placed between those already sot, and it is claimed that the ground has boon made more compact by it, and that tho foundation will ,Wovo all the firmer. THE BALLOT-BOX STUFFERS. Al? ASSESSMENT FOB THEIR DEFENSE. There is a story onrront, end which seems to have a good foundation in fact, that tho County Board Blog made an assessment upon some of fice-holders of the county and several con tractors to pay for the defense of tho tocontly- Irlod ballot-box atuffore, whoso cases were transferred to Joliet on a change of venue, Among those whom It is said wore bled was Ar chitect Egan, of the new Court-House, ond that bo was mulcted to the tune of $75. A Tribune reporter called upon him yesterday afternoon to glean some information from him in regard .to tbecase. »Bald tho news-getter: "Did yon con tribute anything to defend the h&llot-box staf fers, recently tried 7 ’’ . Mr. E.—Beyl . . Bop,—'Were you assessed S7O to aid In Tar nishing means to defend Johnny Crawford, Benry Sexton, et al., ballot-box staffers, tried recently in the Criminal Court? , Mr. E.—l won't answer yea or no to that ques tion. Rep,—l presume it will bo safe to say you an swered yos to that question ? Mr. £.—l have mode an application to bo ad mitted Into a deaf and dumb asylum. You aro the second Tribune man who has boon hero to 'interview me to-day. The Inler-Occan mao has jast gone, and the corpses of two Times men sure lying in yon room. An £tcntng Journal man’s funeral will take place this afternoon. Hep.—But didn't you pay tho $73, that is the •question 1 would like to have answered ? Mr. E.—l am non-committal. I tell you I won’t say either no or yes to that. Bop.—lt is safe to say that you meant yes, then? Mr. E.—Let’s go and look at tho Harms piles. Exeunt Egan and tho reporter. Homo surprise has boon expressed as to bow (hose Twentieth Ward Judges wore able (o sccuro , the money with which to pay Lawyers Trade ond O’Bnon, but it is now explained. Tho money was wrung from persons who wore under obligation to tho County Board or its ruling members. Egan paid S7S, Tom Nelson paid ss(l, 'smd others wero assessed larger amounts. Who took around tbo hat is not yet known. There aro several officials who aro interested in Twentieth Ward ballot-box stutters. Cleary and Mulloy wore helped to their election by such rascalities, and Corcoran and Agnow may not have forgotten their old friends. It will ho known In a day or two. THE COUNTY HOSPITAL. VTII&T IT IS COSTING. The detailed statement published in Satur day's TiubOsb giving tbo coat of the two pavil ions, now under roof, of tho new County Hos pital, showed lhat the tax-payors had already been bled SIBO,OOO, with nothing to show for tho money bat two ornate fire-traps. In connection with this statement It should bo added that while the books ore correctly kept, all tho accounts are run in together in the lodger, though some of tho items aro separated. Tho books aro kept merely from & loornol, and tho ledger is simply run on a mixed-account siuglo-cutry hauls. Among the items mentioned are over $4.00(1 for sun dries, and $503 for coal. It seems queer, but m the Bundryitoms appear repetitious which should to explained. For instance, thoro Is an entry of $503 paid for coal, yet in tbo sundries is another bill for coal of nearly a like amount, If not moro. It certainly cannot bo that it has taken over $l,lOO worth of coal to run the empty buildings several mouths. Then tho engineer has been allowed $375 for supplies; $875 worth of cotton waste and oil—which aro about all tbo supplies an engineer needs—seems a pretty large sum. There are many items which need scruti nizing, especially those for plumbing, and a lit tle fuithor investigation by tho Grand Jury into this matter might bo notable forTruittul results If carried oat. • V. J. SEXTON. the Editor of Tho Chicago Tribune t Ouioaoo, April 23.—As you have devoted con* ■lderable space to a description of tho new County Hospital, my name frequently appearing mixed up with a mass of misstatements and in* biouations calculated to injure me and others concerned, X hope yon will give mo space for a few words In my own behalf. 1 claim that all the work dons by me on the new Hospital Is well done and as cheaply as u could be done by any one who pays 100 cents on the dollar at too time agreed upon, and further, any charge or Insinuation that 1 resorted to any un fair means to secure the work is entirely false. The Qrand Jury being now In session, I am at their service, and challenge the closest examine* tloo of sll my holiness with the County Hoard. Respectfully, ate., P. J. Bexton. OOBOBOTION. In as article in reference to the Comity Hos pital pubiiahed Saturday, (be reporter stated ibat Ur. Tern Ooortney bad offered Commission- M OarroU #9,000 fox (be job, and tbit Carroll refused. The conversation which actually oc curred Is substantially as follows s Said Mr. Courtney t " Carroll, what do you moan by giving this $09,(100 to this man ? I can do that Job for $05,000, ana could pay a commu nion of $3,000 If required.” - Carrolls reply was, "I don’t want It,” to which Courtney rejoined, •• i did not offer it. But Ido not boo bow, In the faon of all those things, you lot this contract to these people.” To which Carroll responded by expressing his contempt for his constituents. LOCAL LETTERS. A NOTE FROM XUU OALLOWAT, To the RUlor of The Chicago Tribune: Chicago, April 21.—My attention has bean called to an editorial in tho Juler-Ocean of this morning, under the caption of “Township Or ganization.” Tho writer claims that the Town Board, In ap pointing Mr. Callaghan to tho OoUoctotship of tho Soutli Town, offered a direct Insult to each of tho 0,000 voters whocastlhclrballots for mo at thero cont town election. Snob a thought never occur rod to mo, nor do 1 think to tho great body of tax payers who gave mo tiiolr unsolicited support havo any such fooling. It was well understood that I was fully committed to tho discontinuance of township organization at tho November elec tion, and, therefore, had no expectation of ovor performing tbo functions of tbo office If elected. 1 nave already signed a petition to havo that question submitted to a vote of tho people of Cook County at tho noxt general election; and I learn that Mr. Callaghan has done tho same. There Is no reasonable doubt but that the vote for discontinuance will rcoclvo a very largo ma jority of both Republicans and Democrats when tho tlmo arrives. . .. . Upon such action of tbo people, tho Sheriff to be elected at the same time becomes ox offido Collector for tho whole county, and will bo act until legislation can bo had to provide for a bettor system. To a number of friends who have expressed regret that I was counted out, for reasons per sonal to myself, 1 have replied that If they really wished mo to collect the taxes for 1670, all tboy would havo to do would bo to aloot mo Sheriff of Cook Countv noxt November, when 1 would not only collect tho revenues, but would olso, as chief executive of the county, try to aid the courts in meting out justice to offenders against tho laws. Very truly yours, A. J. Galloway. [One paper, whoso groat regret Is that Mike Evans was hoisted out of the office into which his pals had etuffod him, has several times alleged that U was through tho influence of The TniDONE that Mr. Galloway waa not ap pointed by tbo Town Board. Tbla charge la false. Tho fact Is, tho editor of The TnniUHE did not so much as know that vacancies would bo declared or anybody appointed that Saturday evening until after they were all made aod tho Board had finished its work and adjourned.— Ed.) OCR POOS. To the Jidttor of The Chuago Tribune. CmoAao. April 24.—Chicago must be fall of dog-fanciers, for dogs of all -degrees seam to abound hero as they do nowhere else, except it may bo in Constantinople and other Oriental cities, whore they perform the useful part of scavengers. The Chicago ours, however, dis dain such humble though useful occupation, and aim at higher game, viz.: the logs of by-passers on tho street. In certain parts of the city there seems to ho a mongrel cur or two in front of uoarly every house, not a few of which aro roadv on all occasions to nse their tooth if they'get the ch&aoo. Their owners apparently do not think it worth their while to teach them manners, and, indeed, it could hardiy ho ex pected that they would, for tboy do not take tho trouble of teaching oven good behavior to their boys. The result Is that both dogs and boys aro generally speaking nuisances very much need ing abatement. In regard to tho dogs, allow mo to suggest that, as tho warm weather is at hand, U is none too soon for the police to begin poisoning those found at largo unmuzzled. It is a groat pity that & dog-tax could not bo imposed. It would be the moans either of raising a largo revenue for tho city, if properly collected, or of greatly diminishing the dog nuisance. lu foot, it would to a certain extent operate in both ways. Good or useful animals would be paid for—such as aro no nuisances; tho other sort would bo destroyed. Gave Can ksi. THIRD WARD CLUB, To tho Editor of The Chicago Tribute. Chicago, April 24. —Tho interest taken by the Third Ward Republican Club for tho past few months in the discussion of political subjects, especially those bearing on municipal reform, and the Influence which It is believed has been exerted by such discussion, leads ms to request the correction of tho report of the meeting of the Clnb lost Saturday evening, In which tho fol lowing resolution, by William Aldrich, Esq., is stated to have been voted down : Utaolotd, That, fully recognising tho evils that are liable to grow out of ward primaries, yet knowing of uo system tbat will bo tlKcly to obtain more fairly the full expression of the wishes of all (he legal voters of our party, wo recommend the County Central Com mittee to call the next County Convention in the usual way by calling upon the werua to elect delegates at a Ume ftpecliica by the primary eyatem. Air. Oalloway amended tho resolution so as to rec ommend that tho appointment of delegates bs tho same as that of tho last City Convention. Tbs resolution was passed by a largo majority. William 0. Code, Secretary. THE CITY-HALL. The City Collector gathered SBOO yesterday from back-taxes and license fees. Water-rents yesterday wore $1,619, and re ceipts from the City Collector $1,603. Tho City Treasurer was happy to be able to mako tho statement that the city had no money deposited with tho City National Bank, which weakened yesterday. Tho Board of Public Works opened bids for hauling water-pipe during the coming pipe-lay ing season yesterday morning, Andrew Sullivan was tho lowest bidder, at 68 cents per ton. J. p. Dickey was tho highest bidder, at OJ cents per ton. Tho Committees on Railroads and tho Com mittee ou Public Buildings failed to meet yester day afternoon. Tbo Committee on Public Buildings was to havo considered a resolution directing tho Board of Public Works to adver tise for proposals for the construction of tho foundations of tho city’s portion of tho now Court-House. Tho Hon. John O. Ucllwrelght, ox-Mayor of Melbourne, Australia, paid his compliments to Chicago's Chief Executive yesterday. Tho visitor is sight-seeing, and is on his way to tho' Centennial. Among tho other visitors at tho City-Hall wore Mr. Watkins, President of tho Bouth Bide Goa Company, and Jake Bobra. Both of those gentlemen had a confab with tho Comptroller. Tho Fire-Marshal prepared hie quarterly re port and sent it to tho Council lust evening. Tho report shows that there have been during tho past throe mouths ninety-two fires ; of those thirteen aro known or supposed to bo cases of iucoudiariaia \ tho loss by lire has boon $53,403 \ tho insurance was $1,100,075: tho apparatus has traveled in tho aggregate 1.400 miles ;• the av erage of miles traveled by each piece was 37)tf ; 101 hours 50 minutes havo been spout in work at tiros; each ougtuo has avurogod (iu tho ag gregate) 4 hours ami 35 minutes ; thoro have boon 52 false alarms, and B 5 still alarms havo boon responded to j the total oxpouso of tho De partment for tho quarter has been $123,007.30. The report blue shows exactly what property is in tho hands of tho Department, and is very complete ami detailed. Thoro is nothing said about salaries, except that the tola! amount of expenditures includes tho salaries which havo uot yet been paid. CRIMINAL. Detective Morgan captured a thief named Jobu lioiloy Just os ho was making off with some shoe-leather from tho store of tiimoudsik Stoddard. No. 162 State street. llourv 8. Wood, a fugitive from a New Verb jail, was captured yesterday morning by Oftlcor Costello, of tho West Madison Street Station. In tho afternoon he was turned over to Ollicot Henry D. Smith, of Rochester. Detective Ilynu yesterday arrested a 41 poor white'* giving tho name of Charles Wilson, who was sneaking around Clark street trying to pawn a brown cashmere dross, which is supposed to have been stolen. It is now at the Central Bta turn. James Filnlu, an old plckpooket, was captured yesterday* just aa he was making off with a iiockelbook containing $22 belonging to Mrs. Mary Preudy. taken while she was purchasing in a grocery store at tho cornet of LaSalle and White streets. Karly yesterday morning John O'Connor went to his homo at No. 187 Division street, and, aa ho was about to .enter, met a suspicious-looking chap just coming out. Ho shouted for help, and the fellow was soon in the custody of Ofiioor Bartlett. Upon his person were found a small revolver loaded and cocked, a pair of burglar's THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: TUESDAY. APRIL 25, 1876. nippers, and some keys, laud upon bis foot light rubber shoos. At the station he was racog nlged as an old sneak-thief named W. H. Brown. Justice Kaufmann recognized his talent* bv sending him to the Criminal Court in $1,200 ball. The thief wbo was arrested for the Be Pule Bouse robbery, and who Rare the name of Wal ter Crawford, turns out to bo a.dlfforent person altogether. Tbs only Waller Crawford in town Is now In the employ of Justice Bammlll, end is above all such knavery. The notorious John Novels, burglar, thief, highwayman, and everything nine that In wicked, waa again looked up In the Armory yesterday. This time ho Is accnsed of bolng ono of a party of ruffians who assaulted and shot Officer Mc- Cormick a little more than a week ago. There aro at the Chicago Avenue Station awaiting a claimant, two Jars of butler, ono containing 31)tf pounds and tho other about 50 pounds. They wore found by the Wells street bridge-tender nrnlor tho north abutment to the bridge, and Jaro supposed to havo been stolen lu that vicinity. A Mr. Weinberg and family, residing on tbo second floor of No. 255 South Clark street, re turned homo shortly after 2 o’clock yesterday morning, and found the door to ouo of tho rooms open, and n man In tho act of escaping, and all tholr wardrobe lying in a heap upon the floor, packed for o speedy departure. Upon closer examination Mr. Weinberg found that his sou’s clothing and his daughters Jewelry wore tho only things taken. From tbo description given the police of tho man who escaped as tbo family entered, a few hours later Officer Loudcrgan captured tbo brace of thieves In tholr don at tho Chicago House, a notorious placo at No. 826 South Clark stroot. Ono of them bad left a pair of boots In Mr. Weinberg's room In his hasty departure, and this fully identified thorn. Furthermore, the missing articles wore found la their poesession. They gave tho names of John Oaffany and John Saunders, and delivered up a quantity of articles used by snook-thieves. ANNOUNCEMENTS. A bird concert will bo given by tbo Union Mission Band, at tho University Place Baptist Church, this evening, commencing at a quarter to 8 o’clock. Miss Susan B. Anthony will deliver a lootnro in this city Sunday evening, at the Third Uni tarian Church. This lecture will bo one never before given In Chicago. The house-renovating, moving, and general repairing season is at hand. Tho Young Men’s Christian Association, through its Employment Bureau. No. 115 Fifth avenue, proposes to fur nish, free of charge, suitable persons for such work. Tho United Socialists of tho United Siatoa will hold a grand mass-meeting at Vorwaorts Turner Hall April 20 at 7:30 p. m. Important questions will bo discussed. Mr. P. J. McGuire, of Now Haven, Oonu., will speak in English, and Mr. Gustav Luobkort, from Cincinnati, 0., will speak In Gorman. Miss Mary E. Brown, of Evanston, will de liver her popular lootnro on “ Art Symbolisms ” this evening, at tboSocond Presbyterian Church, Michigan avenue, corner of Twentieth street, for tho benefit or the Woman’s Missionary Soci eties of the First and Second Presbyterian Churches. Admission, 60 cents. There will be a mooting of tho liopublican Cook County Central Committee Saturday at 2 o'clock p. m. at llopubllcau Headquarters, north east corner of Lake and Clark streets, for tho purpose of calling a convention to soloct dele gates to represent Cook County io the State Convention, to bo held at Springfield May 24. The Young People’s Temperance and Social Union will give a free entertainment this even ing io tho leotaro-room of tho First Methodist Episcopal Cburob. corner of Clark and Wash ington streets. Thomas N. Doatnoy, tho cele brated temperance lecturer from Boston, will deliver an address. SUBURBAN. EVANSTON. Prof. It. L. Cumnock, of the Northwestern University, will give an entirely now selection of readings this evening, in tho Presbyterian Church. Tho Professor’s reputation wiii un doubtedly call out a full house, especially os the readings will bo all now ones, and as the pro gramme has been prepared with care. Tho now Board of Trasteos will hold Its first meeting this evening. .RAILROADS, FREIGHT RATES. The anticipations that tbo breaking np of tbo Eastern railroad pool would uot result in an other disastrous railroad war havo not been re alized. Ever since tbo breaking up of the com bination the war has raged fiercely between tbo various Hues leading to tbo East, and rates bavo been going down lower and lower every day, and there is no tolling when tbo bottom figures will be reached. Most of the companies. have issued tariffs making tbo rato ou grain 30 cents per 100 lbs from Chicago to New York. But uot one of the roads ts adhering to this rate, and ait of them aco making contracts for grain at 250 per 100 lbs from Chicago to Now York, at to Philadelphia, and at 22 to Baltimore. It was reported on ’Change yesterday that in some instances rates had boon made as low as 22>£ cents to New York. This report, however, could not bo traced to any reliable source. Tbo lowest rato reached during tbo war between tbo Pennsylvania and Baltimore & Ohio Batlroads was 25 cents, and then the roads claimed that»tboy wore losing largely. So, If rates are made at 22>tf cents, tbo intention mast bo to drive one or moro of the companies to the wall, and force them back into tbo combination. Whether this game will succeed or not remains to be soon. ITEMS. The now freight office of the Pittsburg, Fori Wayne & Chicago Bailrosd and tbo Black Star Liao, in Tnthill King’s building, corner of Bear bora and Washington streets, is, beyond dis pute, tbo finest office cf the kind in tbo country. The elegant counters are the ones used by the Cook County National Bank, and are arranged in a neat and convenient manner. They are of black walnut, elegantly carved and highly polished, with marblo-lops of tho most valuable kind. The floors aro covered with fine English tiles, and everything else about tho olfieo is of (be richest kind. Tho private office of Mr. B. C. Meldrum, tho General Western Freight Agent of theso linos, is in tho roar of tho room, and Is good enough fora Bailroad President. At a mooting of tho stockholders of the Ohlca §o, Burlington A Quincy Bailroad, held yestor ay morning at tho oificu of tho Company, tho by-laws were amended, as proposed by President Hards at a previous mooting, so that all meas ures for tho extension of the road or making now leases have to be passed upon by tbo stock holders, Instead of by the Birootors, os hereto fore. A Western correspondent of Tub Tribune wrote a few days ogo that, tho Chicago, Rock Island A Pacific Railroad was tho ouly liuo which whs Helling through tickets direct to Custer Oily in the Black Hills. This in injustice to tho other linos loading to the Webt. All of them have mado arrangements by which they can issue tickets direct to Custer City. Tho lloceivor of the New Orleans, St. Louis A Chicago ilailroad has decided to run hereafter but one through train between Cairo and Now Orleans. This action has compelled the Illinois Central Ilailroad to make a change also in tho running of through sleepers to Now Orleans. Tho New Orleans sleeping-car, which heretofore loft in tho evening, will hereafter leave lu the morning. PAWS & DANVILLE. tipteial iMmiteh la Th» Chieaoo Tributu, Danville, 111., April 24.—'Tho Paris A Dan* villo Road, which has been running trains ouly to Robinson, has completed its lino to Lawrence* villo, and to-day ran tho first train through to that point, whore it connects with tho Ohio A Mississippi Railroad. How About Your Furniture} A. L. Hale A llrothor will surely close their furniture business out this time, for their store Is sold and possession is to be given July 1. This is the best time over soon in Chicago -to buy bauasotue furniture at minimum prices. Nos. 280,202, 204, and 200 Randolph street is tho place. * Lease of French Flat and Furniture, Pur Hub*—Attention is called to the advertisement on our third page under 41 Household Goods " of a splen did chince for parties desiring to go to housekeeping st No. aw Wabash avenue. A great bargain may be had. The negotiations for tho engagement of Dilse's baud for Philadelphia have been broken off. The Committee will probably engage the celebrated band of the Thirty-eighth Regiment of infantry, which gained the prtia at (bo Paris Exposition. THE CITY NATIONAL Another Bank Iletlrod to Private I-lfo. The Hope Expressed that Its Depositors Will Not Suffer. Theories as 1o the Causes Which Led to the Suspension. A Full Examination to Bo Made by the Bank Examiner To-Day. Yesterday morning soon after 0 o’clock an un usual crowd gathered on the sidewalk In front of Mo. 150 Washington street. At time hour the street is always lively with people connected with the Board of Trade and tho neighboring offidos, but they aro continually going and com ing without often stopping lu ouo place. It takes, in fact, something quite extraordinary to call an assemblage together at any particular point. Such was tho case in tho present in stance. Tho attention of tho crowd was riv eted upon A WRITTEN NOTICE posted on tbo door of the City National Bank. It was as follows : The undersigned regret to announce that the share, holders of this bank have voted to dose Us business and go into voluntary liquidation. Tho steady drain upon tho caab raaonrcoa of (he bank, and the impossibility of immediately converting Its assets, seemed to require this atop as best calcu lated to subserve the iorcroats of all concerned. In the opinion of the Directors of tbo bank its assets aro amply sufficient to pay all its liabilities. It will require a short time to convert our assets, and In the meantime we ask tbo indulgence o! our de positors. By order of the Directors. A. B. Mmzn, Cakhler. A Tribune reporter called around at tho bank shortly before noon to ascertain tbo reason for this sudden movo on tho pact of tho bank man agers. Tbo statement regarding tho closing of Iho doors of tbo concern was only theoretically true, as lbs hank was open, and tho regular force of dorks wore busily employed as usual. MU, vr. DUBUNELL, President, was found in tbo private office an swering innumerable questions from anxious and inquisitive visitors. “ Can you give mo some information as to tho cause of the Bank's suspension?”inquired tho reporter. ••1 must decline to make any public statement at present,” replied Mr. Bushnoll. After aomo further conversation, the reporter was vouchsafed a slip of paper containing tbo uamos of tbo officers of the bank. They are as follows : President, W.' Bushnoll; Cashier, A. B. Miner; Directors, W. Bushnoll. E. H. Gam mon, E. 11. Beod, J. J. Gillespie, A. B. Minor, Mr. Basbaell farther stated that the suspen sion was unexpected by tbo officers of the bank nntll Saturday evening, when It was found that there was not enough cash on hand to make tho clearings Monday. Accordingly a mooting of stockholders was called, and held before banking-hours yesterday, at which, as stated iu the notice above, it was decided to doss tbo doors. «n. ccam-es w. amoos, of tho law-firm of Bonnoy, Fay & Griggs, waa next visited. Ho bus boon actios oa attorney for tbo bank for some time, and might naturally bo expoctod to know something about Ita condi tion. Ho stated to the reporter that the auspon alon waa entirely a surprise to him, and that bo bad always bod tbo utmost couQdouco in tbo In- Btitutloo, having there at tbo time of Its clos ing SBOO on deposit. Ho did not appear, how ever, to feol much disturbed at tbo event, ex pressing tbo opinion that there would bo no loss to depositors. The liabilities to depositors, bo said, wore abont SBOO,OOO, but tbo assets would more than cover that amount. Tho cause of the suspension, aa ho bad boon informed, waa not recent, as might bo supposed, and as bo bad • supposed nnlil told other wise, but there bad boon a grad ual stringency in ita affairs for more than a year. Saturday afternoon, when tbo clearings wore made, it become evident that there would not be enough caab loft to m&kotbo next clearing, and therefore tho Directors wise-' ly chose to suspend at once, rather than attempt to carry tbo concern along in tho hope of bettor times. Tho assets, be thought, wore of a very good and available character, being mostly in real estate and Arm mortgages. Tbo bank owned three-fourths of tbo building In which it was located, being a foor-story stone-front edi fice. known as Nos. 164 and ISO Washington street, and waa a very valuable piece of proper ty. Tho losses, if there wot e any, would fall mostly upon the stockholders from tbe shrink age of stock, which bad been until rcceutly quoted at 180. am. a. n. mined wan occupied all day in giving out checks through the Merchants’ National Dank, on the corner of Laßallo and Madison streets. Ho declined to make any statement of the affairs of the hank, saying that a complete report would bo mado to the public in two or throo days. Tbo City National Hank was organized in 18C5, A. L>. Hood being tbo original incorporator, with a capital stock of $250,000. Mr.' Heed has since withdrawn, the principal stockholders at pres ent being E. U. Used, his nephew, E. H. (lam mon, A. 13. Minor, W. Buslinell. and J. J. Gillos pio. Tbo bank was examined about two months ago by Examiner W. I’, Watson. TUB LAST OFFICIAL ItSFOItT of tbo bank was published March 10, 1670, and waa as follows t Loan* and discount-), Overdrafts: 0,871 United Suits bonds to secure oWcnl&Uon.... 65,000 Other stocks, bunds, and mortgages 31,900 Due from approved reserve agents. m.0.'0 Duo from oilier National Banks,. 48,110 Duo from huto banks and bankers 13,747 Ileal estate, furniture, aud natures 173,000 Current expenses Checks ana other cash items. Exchanges for clenrtnn-lioiißo 49,8.11 Hills of other National Banks 40,210 Fractional currency and uickcU.. 490 Legal-tender notes 170,900 llcdcmptloo fund 2,475 uAiuuncs, Capita) stock paid 1n... Hurplus fund Other undivided prods, National Bank notes.... Individual deposits..,.. Demand certificates, Certified chocks. Due to bonks... (1,511,629 The fact that (ho bank baa been paying 5 and C per cent interest ondeposits, while tbs strong est Panks in (ho city pay no more than 3 per cent, lias lately excited suspicions of its man agement. tub immediate cause of tub suspension is said to hovo boon a loos of deposits, and tho maturing of somo $200,000 of paper rediscount ed in Now York. Thu country business was largo, and country customers havo boon drawing down, their balances, as in tbo caso of other banks. Tbo present deposits of tho bank aro stated on tbo authority of an attorney who examined tho books iu behalf of some of tbo depositors to bo about $600,000; Tho assets comprise $200,(100 of good bills re ceivable, duo iu May; $150,000 of similar paper duo in Juno ; and of similar paper falling duo this month and In July, about SIOO,OOO. in ad dition is tbo three-fourths interest in tbo build ing and lot occupied in part by the bank; (ho building Is worth about $50,000, and tho 00 foot of laud aro worth about $73,000. This malms tbo bank’s interest about SOO,OOO, clear of all in cumbrance, The bank lias on hand SIIO,OOO cash. There will bo a margin of about $16,000 cults bonds securing cliculaliou. In addition, (be depositors havo tbo double liability of tbo stockholders. THE OM'iTAI STOCK is $250,000, with a surplus of $130,000, and is said, in tho last statement, to have boon all paid In. How this Is could not bo ascertained, but it is stated that, whoa Hurlbard nos Comptroller of the Currency, ho threatened to close up tho bank because tho capital slock had not been paid in. Among tho principal stockholders are H. Gammon, of Gammon A Leering, who holds about s32,Out); W. Bushnell has $70,000; A. I). Heed’s ostato, $50,000; William A. Bator, $25,- 000. About fonr out of tlvo of tho stockholders aro believed to bo good for tbelr double liability. The bank holds bad paper to the amount of $150,000, roost of it made by Bam Walker and his real-estate set, and earned by tho bank einco tho panic. Tho fact that Wm. A.Bulor, occo Cashier of tho City National, was President till recently of the LaCroas® Hirst National Hank, Just col lapsed, gave rise to the rumor that the one fail ure bad caused the other, but no evidence can bo discovered to (hat effect. THE 11HCENT ACTION OP TUB CUURUIO-liQl'aß ' In adopting a rulo for the examination of dubi ous banks ifl believed to have brought tho bank to a slop. Its certificates of deposit, bearing 6 fer cent interest, were notice to all interested hat something was the matter, and an anticipa tion that the Clearing-Home Committee might begin a speedy Investigation as to what it waa fatigued tho Dirocloru to auch an extent that they decided to Ho down. Hank-Examiner Watson la now In Wisconsin, hut lias been telegraphed to return and assist in making up tho accounts. Depositors have ao far expressed confidence In Mr. Bushneli. the President, and few complaints hare been mauo against the other ofiicors. Mr. Miner, the Cashier, ie snopoaod to have lost eonatdorablo money in the Metropolitan Printing Company, of which he In the principal stockholder. In order to correct any misapprehension, it should bo stated that tho broken bank is not tho City Havings Bank, which le located in tho same neighborhood. Tho similarity of names Caused considerable vexation to tho last-named Institu tion yesterday. TUB FOLLOWINO HEAL*ESTATE TRANSFERS, all dated Mot. 0. but not recorded till yesterday, relate to tbo affaire of this nnhappy bank; A. D. Sllner to Winslow Bushnoll. for $29,000, 213x2.13 feet on tho northeast corner of Warren avenue and Yager street; and 60x245 feet on tho son:b side of Warren avenue. 303 (cot oast of Yager street. „ „„ A. B. Miner to W. Bushnoll, for $42,000, 00 1 147 foot on tho southeast corner of llaletod and Lake streets. , A. B. Miner to W. Dnehnoll, for $20,000, ISOx 245 foot on tho southwest comer of Warrou avo ouuo and Yager street. TUX METROPOLITAN KUNTINO COMPANY. The suspension of tho City National will prob ably seriously effect tbo Metropolitan Printing Company, owing to the connection of Minor with tho latter coucoro. It is stated that bo obtained control of tho Metropolitan by assum ing a mortgage on its material, and that it has always been a dead weight on his hands. Tho Company's office is located at No. 72 Fifth ave nue, and ft. B. Ford is its Secretary. AMUSEMENTS. "QUEEN MARY" IN LONDON. Tennyson's now piny, founded on his dramatic poom of “ Qucon Mary," was brought out at tho Lyceum Theatre In London Tuesday last. Tbo Now York Herald publishes a notice of the production, procured by cable and extending over three chlnmos. Mr. Tennyson has had a number of cotiaboratours in tho preparation of his work for tbo stage. Mrs. Tennyson, Qoorgo Eliot, and many otbor literary people, assisted with their advlco. Mrs. Bateman, manager of tho theatre, gave tho play every advantage of scenery, decoration, and coslmno, ami brought It out in a stylo of magnificence oven surpass ing that of tho Simkspearcaa revivals recently undertaken by her. Tho costumes aro oxnce copies of old costumes now Diluting in Pom fret Castle, Hampton Court Palace, Wind sor Castle, Stafford House, and the Na tional South Kensington Gallery, and aro also taken from pictures and portraits found in tho same places* Tho scenery representing ex actly old Loudon before tbo fire—old street*, old rooms of tbo period and tbo old Guildhall—is taken from old pictures actually in existence. Tho company that gathered to witness the first performance of tbo play was ono of tho most brilliant over assembled in a London tbcatro. Among those present woro Bobort Browning, tho poet; Goorgo Eliot (Airs. Lowes), tbo nov elist; John E. Millais, B. A., and Frederick Lclgbtou, A. 11. A., tbo painters: Lady Hamil ton Gordon; Mr. Furmval, Director of tbo Bhakspoaro Society; Arthur Hallam Tennyson, son of tbo laureate; Mr. Bussell Sturgis, of Baring Brothers; Tom Taylor, tho art crlllo an d playwright; Miss Braddon, the novelist.—in abort, most of tho prominent litterateurs of Lon don. together with representatives of tho En glish, French, Gorman, Italian, Basslan, and American prow. At tbo rising of the curtain, te tiieur fa A'oailles, tbo French Ambassador, is discovered, and opens with tbo linos from tho third scone of tbo original play: If Elizabeth lose her head, That makes for France, And if her people, angered thereupon, . Arise against her and dethrone tbo Queen, That makes for France. And If 1 breed confusion anyway, That makes for France. Tbo drat two scones, and part of tbo thin), of tbo original poem have been cut away bodily, and this is but one instance out of many of tbo freedom with which tbo kuife has boon uaod. Thus, in the second act, everything relating to tbo rebellion is cut out, and tbo parts of yVuaU and Knyccll arc entirely omitted; in tbo third act, tbo first lour scones are remorselessly slashed; of tbo original fourth act nothing is loft but tbe short patmago-at-arms between tbo two old women, Joan and Tib, and a now fourth act is carved out of tbo first scenes of tbo fifth, to which Sir. Tennyson has made some addi tions. Tho now fifth act begins with tho third econo of tbe poem, and then skips to the last scone of all, representing tho death of Mary. Mr. Irving as Philip ond Mrs. ilatomao-uroro as Mary won hearty applause and general commen dation from tbe critics. Tbo papers concur in praising Mrs. Bateman's splendid mise en iccnc, but predict only a short run for tho play, owing to its inherent defects. Tennyson, however, lias no reason to bo dissatisfied with tbo result. Tbo Poet Laureate won not prosout at tbo first representation. M'VICKER'S THEATRE. Mr. Booth’s Hamlet needs no special commend ation at this lato day, yet it is proper to say that in (he course of timo bo has developed tbo char acter into bettor propoitions instead of allowing it to cramp or fetter bis genius. Tbo merits of his acting in tbo part aro mado conspicuous by comparison with Air. Barry Sullivan’s short comings. Sullivan had so little perception of tbo true spirit of ibo play that bo ruthlessly cut tho important sceno between Volonixis, iMcrlcs, and Ophelia, and tho admirable prayer-scone of tho Jung kud Hamlet , and mado other changes scarcely loss objectionable. Mr. Booth has shown bettor judgment than Mr. Sullivan, not only in wbot ho has retained- but in what ho has discarded. Wo thought also that his delivery of tho lines last night was more beautiful and expressive than over before. The writer has listened to him sev en or eight times in tho samo part, never with loss predisposition in his favor, and uover, it mast bo said, with more complete submission to tho power of his genius, liis intelligent do livery of the tots lino, " It is not. and it cannot conic to good; " his exposition of tbo line ad dressed to Ophelia—" For honest men Know well enough tho monsters you make of thorn" —by representing a growth of horns at ultbor sido of tbo hoad ; bis address to tbo players: his closet scene with tho Queen,— all seemed to bo correct and animated. Mr. Booth, wo per ceive, has accepted tbo bint of Coleridge In his answer to Jioscncram, when tbo latter says, "My Lord, you did lovo mo onco," Hamlet replies with noticeable surprise, ".So do 1 now, the meaning being "1 lovo you now as well us ever I did." If Mr. Booth is not the greatest living Hamid, wo do not know whore to look for n greater. The audience was largo. Mr. Me- VjckoraHtboGrarcdwcjcr, Mr. Wardo as I.aerles, Mlko Cummins os Ophelia, and Alina Carroll as tho Qumi, camo In (or a largo share of opplausu. Tim Tuiudnb suggests to Mr. MoYiokor tho propriety of engaging a squad of policemen to preserve order in too lost scone. If a few of tho boors who rush frantically from their seats juut before tho curtain goes down wore clubbed back again, the comfort of the remainder of the audi ence would be greatly increased. ,S 797.813 12,4-43 51,011,629 .$ 250,000 . 13:',000 . 211. GIG . 49,690 . 495,038 20,017 7,794 621,C31 HOOUTS THEATRE. Allan Katie Putnam opened at Hooloy’a Theatre last night, with her own company In "Fauchon." Tho organization baa about tlmtdogroo or merit which might bo expected. It was gathered to gether for the purpose of traversing the coiyitry towns of the Northwest, aud it has douo this work iu mast oicollunt spirit. Mum Tut mm tui iVmc/nm catches all the fun of tho character. Her shadow-dance mutches, if It does wot surpass, that of Maggie Mitchell, Hut iu the exhibition of the deeper emotion which stirs and controls t'anenon. Miss Putnam is ludicrously unsuccessful. Bhe acts and speaks beyond her power of fooling. To-night “Lit tle llKofoot. ADELPHI THEATRE. Tho principal attractions at this place of amusement last night were a local sketch called "Tho Lizzies," representing high life In "The Lizzy Actors' llotreat," aud a burlesque of "Fra Htavolo," in which Hiss Nemo Larkollo and Miss Alice Kemp appeared. The latter feature of tho programme had considera ble merit, and, in view of tho limited musical re sources of tho theatre, was better douo than might have boon expected. " Thu Lizzies " wore drawn from hfo-atudlos, and soomod to provoke a good deal of merriment among those who un derstood the surroundiuglugsof "Tho Retreat," as formerly described in Tun Tuidunb. Rooher and the Centennial. The frieuda of 11. Uocluir, No. 724 Watasb avenue, are respectfully invited to inspect (he pictures intend ed fur (he Centennial, nuw on exhibition until Friday, April 29. To Investors. Our financial arrangement* with Havana are the meet complete and extensive to be found anywhere. Highest rites paid for Spanish, hills, Ooremasnt^eto^. PrlnM cashed, order* filled* and all neceiwry Infor mation given on application. Circular* sent free by addressing Taylor k Co., banker*, U Wall street, New York Oily. P. O. Box 4HS. Renidonoe at Auction. We shall aell at auction this afternoon, on th* pram- Ism, the floe two-elory and basement with Mansard roof dwelling, No. 468 Went Washington street, east of and noor Union Park. The bouse la brick with stone trimming*, and finished Inside In the beet and most ■ubntanilal manner. The sate ta peremptory, A bar* gain may be expected. Roly Upou It, They Aro StylUh. Parties buying wall paper, lace curtains, otc„ of small dealers should remember Hllgor, Jenkins k Fax* on soil as cheap, or cheaper, and only late, stylish pal* terns, and what they do will bs dona right. Unfading Loveliness belongs only to (ho immortals, but whoever uses tho fragrant Bozodont can at least defy time to Injureouo of the clomcnle of beauty, a good eel of teotb. Removing Llfo'o Heaviest Burden. To remove the burden of disease, tho heaviest (bat poor humanity Is compelled to bear, is certainly a grand object, a glorious mission. Assuredly the dis* covoror of a remedy which accomplishes this result Is entitled to the gratitude and respect of mankind. Bach a remedy Is Hostetler's Stomach Billers, whose great success la attributable to tb* fact that Its re storative action upon the debilitated and disordered system Is in accordance with the principles of common sense. It Invigorates the sick, and, as tholr strength Increase*, the burden of disease grows lighter. It reforms those physical Irregularities which render weakness chronic, and thus eradicates (he evil at Its very source. Liver complaint, malarious fever*, con stipation, urinary troubles, uterine weakness, and many other causes of geueral debility and ill health are completely removed by the combined tonlo and alterative operations of the Bitters. MARK AGES. CARBONNEAU—JAIOK9—In Chicago, April 23, by the Bov. Henry O. Perry, Hector of AU-Balnts' Episco pal Church, Joseph Carbonneau, Esq., and Miss Emily Jalcke, all of this city. BALCII—ELLIS-Attho residence of (be bride's K rente, Syracuse, N, Y., on the 10th last., by Henry Lockwood, Rector of Bt. Paul's Church, Syracuse, N, Y„ Frank W. Belch and Lucy 0. Elite. ' DEATHS. RAE—April H, nettle, wife of Robert Rae. Funeral at (ho residence, No. 70 St. JoUn’a-placo, Wednesday at 10:30 a. m. Friends are Invited. CREMEN—ApriI 23, at 10:20 p. ro„ NolUe, eldest daughter of Michael and Alice Cromon, agea 10 years 8 months and 23 days. ' ... Funeral from No. 403 South Blatoet., Tuesday, April 25, at 1 o’clock p. m„ by carriages to Calvary Ceme tery. ttfDetrolt papers please copy, PARRY—At No. 2(9 Weetorn-av., on tbo 23d lost,, of heart disease, William I’nrry, aged 67 years. Notice of funeral hereafter, or London (Eng.) papers please copy. . FISHER—At Chagrin Folli, 0.. on the 18th Inst., at tbo residence of his daughter, AblJoU Fisher, In tils 100th year, who was born in Massachusetts. l(o wns the father of I. Uydo Fisher, of this city. t3T Oouon (Mess.) papers please copy. LADRB—Denis Frenler, beloved wlfo of Peter Lsbbo, at their residence, No. 225 llcnry-et.. on tbo 23d Inst. Funeral Tuesday. Aortl 25, at 9 o’clock, at tho Church of Notro Dame. High mass; thou by carriages to Calvary. ttr~ Quebec papers please copy. COOK—At Elgin, 111, April 7, Constant Cook, aged 45 years, formerly of Rockford. For twenty years tbo deceased had been a groat suf ferer, his disease terminating In congestive apoplexy. Ho leaves a wlfo and ono son. Remains taken to Au rora, ill., for Interment. AUCTION SAXES, by 13LISON, FOMJBKUST & CO. Auctioneers. 84 and 80 Randolph-st. M ail intMtne A.T -A-TJCTIOIsT, At Private Residence, 1470 WA3ASEC-AV., Tuesday Morning, April 26, at 10 o'clock, The entire outfit. Parlor Suit, Marble Top Chamber Seta, Easy Chairs, Library Furniture, Brussels Carpets, Dining Room Furniture, Beds, Bedding, Crockery, Glass and China Ware, Kitchen Ware, etc. Everything first-class and positive sola. ELIBON, POMEROY & 00., Auctioneers. SPECIAL FURNITCB.B SALE AT OUR STORES, TUESDAY MOUNINO, April 25, ut 9:30 o’d'k. A largo stock Elegant Nov Parlor and Chamber FURNITURE, Marble-top Tables, Carpels, Lounges, Easy Chain, Sofas, Office and Llhrtry Furniture, General Housekeeping Goods, Ac., Ac., Ac. ELXBQN, POMEROY h CO. POR fatfcliail JEWELRY, Silver or Hated Ware, GOTO A. H. MILLER’S QEBAT OLBAHIKO AUCTION SALES, EVERY DAY THIS WEEK, at 10:30 a, m. At 61 Washington-st. ELISON, POMEROY L 00., Auctloneora. Mr. J. 11. FRENCH will conduct thoaale. Ricli Parlor Suits, Library Fnniitnre, SPLENDID CHAMBER FURNITURE, Her Mirror*, Lace Ourialna, Billiard-Table, complete, Brussels Carpets throughout the house, Dlnlag.Roou Furniture, full Chins Dinner und Tea Ret, Crockery and Glass-Ware, Kitchen and Laundry Ware. Entire Hods and Bedding, etc., etc., etc. The above Magnificent Outfit for Housekeeping will be told AUCTION, without reserve, at residence 337 Michigan-av., Wednesday Morninff, April 26, at 10 O'clock. ELISON, POMEROY & CO., Auctioneers, On Thursday, April 27. At 10 o'clock a. nu, tno entire Furniture of I>3aiVATB RESIDENCE No. 243 Ohio-st., near Dearborn, CONSISTING OP Forlcr, Chamber, and Dining Room Furni ture, Elegant M. T. Side-Board, M. T. Hall Tree, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Bed ding, and ovory thing usually found In a llrst olass rouldcnoo. Ono Richmond Palace Range, cost $125, near new, ELIriQN, POMEltoy A CO., Auctioneers, At Private Residence 065 West Washmgton-st., THURSDAY Morning April 27. at' 10 o’clock, Plano, Parlor, Chamber, and Dining-room PURKTITUnEI, Brusicls and Wool Carpets. Crockery ami Glassware, Kitchen Uutllt, lieda and Bedding, Ac., Ac. Family declining housekeeping. ELIHON, I‘OMEUQY A CO., Auctioneers. WATCHES, THE CENTENNIAL WATCH. The watch for the Centennial can easily bo kept at a very moderate eosl by purchasing one of those slugaol • LADD PATENT GOLD WATCH CASES, fitted with a floe movement to match. Try It and see fur yourself. These Cases are mado In Ladles, lientlomen'e, and hoy*' sixes, In haacloa, Mansard. and Plat shapes, in all styles of engraving sod finish, for stem and kuy-wluder movements of American manufacture. Tor sale hi dealers everywhere. None genuine unless atamned G. W, Laun's Par.” under the boxel. Circulars deierlpUvu and historical sent on application by the Manufacturers, J. A. BROWN & 00., ll_Matdea lane. Now York. BUSINESS CARDS. BUTT T m "SSih, AUCTION SALES* By a. *». GOUI3 & CO., 68 and 10 Wabash-av. A.TJOTXO3ST BALB3I Large and attractive Auction Sate of id: R/y o-ooids. Ou TUESDAY, April 25, 1870, * At 0:30 o’clock a. m. Special attention la directed to the following tinea, the same being New. Fresh, and Regular Goods. Staple and Fancy Dry Goods in all (heir variety. Lines of Casslmores, Oherlote, Ootlonades, Jeans, Ginghams, Stripes, and Checks, WHITE GOODB—Dresa Linens, Lawns, Mulls, Nsin* Book*. Ladles' and Children's fine Underwear, Gents' and Ladles' fine Linen Handkerchiefs, fine Table Linens, Towels, Crashes, ha. 'ALPACAS—We nave (he finest line to be found In the city, from medium to the finest Grades, and par* llcular attention Is Invited to the same. CLOTHING—'Very superior Custom-made Clothing, In Men's, Boys', and Youths' wear. Goods nil new and regular, sizes rogidar, and quality guaranteed. Country Merchants will please note. MISCELLANEOUS—PopuIar brands Brown Sheet tags, BUinhrd Prints. Hamburg*, JUU and Caps, Kid Gloves, Notions, Huperlor Pocket Cutlery and Razors, BUver-platod Goods, Fine Toilet Boa]«. Satchels and 11. It, Bags, Shawls, Suspenders. Co reels, Orershlrto. Dress Blurts, Neckties, Hosiery, Flowers, Urushes, Ac, Now invoices Collars, Laces, BnflUngs, and Drtao Trimmings. Carpets, an entirely new and very choice line. OCO. P. GOBE k CO., 68 k 70 W*baah-«v, 2G4 VEUNON-AV., corner of Thlrly-flccond-rt. At the Marble-Front Itoaldence, ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, On TUESDAY, April 05. at 10 o’clock, sharp. Most of the Furniture was made to order. Elegant Parlor Butts, Turkish Obalrs, Patent Beckers, Lounges, Li brary Table, Marblo-lop Tables, Chamber Bets, Hall Tree, Bedsteads. Bureaus, Lace Curtains, Cornices, Engravings, Paintings, Bedding, Extension Tables, Chairs, Refrigerator*. China, Glass, and Plated Ware, Stair Carnets, English Brussel* Carpels, Lowell Three. I’Jys, Cook and Parlor Stores, Shades, Ac. Take Cot* tags Grove cars. O. P. GOBE k CO., Auct. Boots, Sloes & Slipers Largo Lines of Medium and Fine grades of Spring Styles wIU bo sold by catalogue on WEDNESDAY, April 90, at 9)j a. m., to which all dealers la search of bargains aro InTllcd. OEO, F. GORE A CO„ ' 68 and 70 Wabash-av. On THURSDAY, April 27, at 9:00 o'clock. We will offer another largo stock of Household Furni ture, and will eell Parlor and Chamber Bets, Hall Trees, Walnut Bedsteads and Bureaus, Turkish Chairs, Ex tension and Breakfast Tables, Marble and Wood Top Tables, Walnut Choirs and Rockers, Mirrors, Mat tresses, Wordrooei, Bookcases, Parlor and Office Desks, Walnut and Plated Showcases, Carpets, a car load of Walnut and Aab Extension Tables In tho white. 300 Walnut B. A. English Cottage Choirs. 2 Fine Tone Pianos (new). 1 Elegant Parlor Organ, (uow) wholesale price, S2OO. O. P. QORG k CO., Auctioneers. On TmmSDAY, April 27, at 11 o’clock, . We shall sell some fine Carriages, Open and Top Bug* gles, Democrat Wagons, Phaetons, Side-Bar Road Wagons, Harnesses, a. P. GORE k CO., Auctioneers. HANDSOME OCTAGON Brick (Stone-Trimmed) Dwelling-House 463 West WaiedilKxetoxi. AT AUCTION, Tuesday, April 25, 1876, at 3 o’clock p. dl, ON THE PREMISES. The house Is finely finished and substantially built of (bo beet material for the present owner, who su perintended the bulldlug in person. It contains ev ery modern improvement, with fine Saloon Parlor 31 feet long, library and Bitting Room, 4 Chambers, with marble basin, hot and cold water, Dining-room, Kitch en, Panlrlcu, Closets, bath-rooms, water-closets, cellar with concrete bottom, rat-proof. The onlo In peremptory, and on very easy terms, Tho house can be Inspected at any time. WM. A. BUTTERB k CO.. Auctioneers. LADIES’ SUITS & POLONAISE, Silk Velvet Sncques and Basques* Cloaks, Jackets, Water-proofs, Wrappers, Etc., .A.T AUCTION, This morning, April 25, at 19 o’clock, at oar sale* rooms, Nos. 118 k 120 Wabash-av. WM. A. BUTTERB A CO., Auctioneers. HOTTEKB i CO.’S REGULAR SALE. WelMay Moraine, ijrll 26, it 9;30 o’clict, At 118 and 120 Wabash-av., N. C. cor. Madlson-et. 300 PACKAGES ASSORTED GLASSWARE, WHITE GRANITE WARE, In Packages and Open Lots. Yellow and Rocking* bam Ware. 50 rolls All-Wool Carpets, Pin© Table Cutlery, Cigars. 20 brie Ground Coffee, &0., Ac. At 12 o'clock PH A.TITONB, BUGGIES, fc HARNESS. BUTTERS & CO.’S REGULAR TRADE SALE, DoalraWo lints of STAPLE AND FANCY DRY GOODS, EEGDIAE MADE CLOTHING, For Men’s Boys’, and Youth’s Wear* FURNISHING GOODS, notions, Edgings, Embroidorios, Hosiery Gloves, Eats, Gaps, Boots and Shoes, Also STRAW GOODS. THDIiSDAY .MOIISINO. April U 7, .1 0:00 o’doci, t» tbelr Auction Rooms, 118 and 130 WsDasb-sv,, north* east corner of MedUon-at. it ftrlle-Froat Dielli, No. .707 West Adnms-st., Thursday Morning, April 27, at. 10 O'Olooh, The entire furniture of au outgoing family, count ing of Parlor,, and Oliambcr Bets, Brua aela Carpets, Beda, Bedding, Mirrors, Crockery, China and Glassware, together with everything requisite for housekeeping. VTM. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auotlonoers. FIXTUEBS & FURNITtJEB OP THE OITIZBW’S BAJSTK. AT AUCTION. FRIDAY MORNING, April 2d, at 11 o’clock, at the Banking Room, northeast comer of Madison and La- Ballo-ats., the whole consisting of Dceka, Counter* Chairs, Railing, PortiUoua, Goa OUandelleni, Brackets, etc. Also, a Quo Burglar-Proof flafe, coat |iso. WM. A. BUITKIta A CO„ Auctioneer*, BUTTERS A CO.'S REGULAR SATURDAY SALE. FURNITURE, CARPETS, HOUSEHOLD GOODS, PIANOS. AND OTHER MERCHANDISE, EVERY SATURDAY Ofr O’CLOCK. By WaL X'. 11000138 & CO. 226 h 228 West iMTfIB-St, NEAR PEORIA, Tbs entire contents of the two largo Threo-Btory 131UCKIIES1DEN0EH, JUT -A/CJOTIOnST, Tills (Tuesday) Morning, April 25. at 0:30 o’cl’k, Consisting of 38 Rooms, furnished. Parlor, Dining, Bitting, Chamber-room. Kitchen, and Laundry Furniture, Beds and Beddmg,Orookary,Glassware,Plated Ware, Cutlery,Ranges. Beating Stoves, Refriger ators, &0.. &o. Sale positive and without re serve, rain, hail, or shine. WM, P. HODGES, Auctioneers, fl 03Wo a tLake-st. Uy 8. N. roWLEIt & oo„ Auctlooeora, 374 and 270 East Madhon-et, ON WEDNESDAY, ML 26, AT 10 A H, Will bo sold on Immense stock *f SECOND-HAND GOODS, Iho contents of a fifteen-room boose, Invading Furni ture of all kinds, Carpels, Crockery, a&d Glassware, together with a largo lot of Uficellaueoie Goods. New and elegant Parlor, Chamber, library, Office, aud Dining-room Furniture, Hoots aid Oboes, Dry Goods, etc., etc. j liy JAS. I*. MoNAJUAIIJI& CO., 117 Wabaah-er„ N. W. corner Madlson-«t. 2,000 cases Floe Bools and Sites at AdcUoi, Tuesday Doming, April 2d, at 0:10 o'clock. Also &00 Bankrupt Assignee Lots (NO HUMBUG) at BP ’ W ’ UoNAMABA A CO., Auctioneers. ~ ' CONFECTIONERY. CM nWBI ■■ CELEBRATED throughout fl BillV MU 1

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