Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 25, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 25, 1876 Page 2
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2 FOREIGN. Iho Turks Hastening to Repair Their Recent Reverses in Herzego vina. Egypt Called upon for Troops to Garrison tlio Fortresses. Russia About to Reinforce Her Mediterranean Squadron. A Sorlona Rupture Threatened Between Austria and Hungary. Oompromiso Offered by the Basque Provinces to Alphonso’s Gov ernmont. TURKEY. TUC SITUATION IN HERZBOOTINA. Constantinople, April 2L—lt is stated that Mouhlitnr Pasha boa.received ton battalions of reinforcements, and will now renew the attempt to rovlctual Nicslo. It ia reported that the Emperor of Austria baa scut a lolOßrophlc dispatch to Count Zlcby, Aus trian Ambassador bore, instructing him to toll the Porto not to act against Montenegro or Ser bia, but to trust to his caro for bringing about a peaceful termination of the insurrection, which bo hopes will bo effected shortly. London, April 25.-A dtsnatch from fit. Peters burg to the Russian Telegraphic Agency says Prince Qortochakoff on Saturday convened the representatives of the live great powers, because the Turkish Cabinet reserved on Friday to in vade Montenegro by way of Scutari. The nows from Constantinople is again bettor. The mod erate party ia resisting extreme counsels. Iroah negotiations are being pressed for a prolonga tion of the armistice and TUB RBVICTUALIXO OP NICSIO. Conferences with the insurgent chiefs are cfolug on. Tbs I’rmco of Montenegro denies that Montenegrins took pact In the recent engage ment. RUSSIA S SQUADRON. A. Timer dispatch from Berlin says it is stated that the Russian Government is going to rein force the Mediterranean squadron by the iron clad Peter, the groat frigate Buutioud, and the corvettes Askold and Dogatir. TURkISU HESITATION, A telegram from Athens savs the Porto la hes itating on tlio question of declaring war against Montenegro. The war party is strong in the Cabinet. Russia strongly objects. EOVKT TO HE GALLED ON. Tlio Porte has asked Egypt for auxiliary troops, so it can sot free the Turkish garrison of towns in Asia for service elsewhere. Ten thou sand Egyptians aro to occupy these places. UNREADINESS. The troops have not yet assembled at Scutari, Albania. Nothing is ready for immediate hos- Uhtios. Great agitation and alarm prevails in Constantinople. AUSTRIA. xtumoaus disratistied. Lombok, April 25.—A Vienna dispatch says tho Hungarian Minister, Tisza, haa informed the Liberals of Pealh that bo hod placed tho resig nations of himself and bis colleagues in the hands of tho Emperor on account of tho compromise negotiations. Tbo Em peror, however, refused to accept them, aod requited tho Hungarian Government to confer with tbo Liberal party. Minister Tisza further slated that Hungary has trained concessions with regard to tbo oustoma tariff, which will insure her 8,000.001) guidon • yearly, and has also obtained what she demanded with regard to restitu tions on taxes. In relation to tbo Hank question, however, it has boon decided that an ludopoodeut Hungarian National Hank would not bo a success, because foreigners would al ways prefer Austrian notes. Tbo Minister is well swaro that this agreement will make tbo Cabinet unpopular, but is convinced that if tbo union is uot uphold tbo oouutry will go to rum. Sixty Ihvmvios at onco declared that they would not accept union on tbo above terms. Herr Tisza's position is very precarious. Tbo Hungarian Ministers aro to return to Vienna to-day to givo tbolr decision. MEXICO. DIAZ AT MaTAMOBAS. New Orleans, April 24.—At Matamoras yes terday Oon. Diaz paraded the National Gaard, about 800 strong, and presented tbom with bat tin flags, after making a stirring speech. He requested oil who would volunteer to march to the interior to stop to the front Only ouo otliccr and two men came forward. The whole regiment was then ordered to their bar racks and disarmed. This morning a rumor pre vails that the revolutionists were badly defeated near Monterey, and the whole cavalry force loft the city hastily m that direction. Dias remains, and is conscripting Mexicans to increase his force. Washington, D, 0., April 21.—Lieut.-Com mander Johnson, commanding the United States naval forces on the llio Qrando, tele graphs to the Navy Department that all reports of forced loans ou foreign merchants at Now Laredo are untrue. SPAIN. toe basque ruomcEfl. Ban Sebastian, April 21.—After another very etormy debate tho Junta of Guipuzcoa to-day olectod flyo delegates to proceed to Madrid to confer with tho Government. All aro Irreconcilable partisans of tho fuoros. Tho Junta Instructed tbom to de cline any compromise fettering the future notion of Guipuzcoa, to oppose the conscription, to consent to moderate taxation in aid* of tho National Treasury, aud to withdraw from tho conference and protest If tho Government at tempts any modillcaliou of the faeros. Tho municipal authorities of tiau Sebastian perse vero in their urecoucilablo attitude, aud the Irri tation in tho Interior of the province continues. BARBADOES. KIOTdoSTBANSACTIONS. London, April 21.—A telegram from tbo Bar badois Defense Association says : “Blots bsvo occurred throughout the islands; plantations and houses have been sacked, animals destroyed, ami uu enormous destruction of property has taken place. Over forty of tho rioters havo been shot. Troops are actively eaiployctL Tho City of Brrigutown Is threat ened ; hut-lnes-i is mifpsudod, and families are tacking shipping for tatoiy. Tlio rioters say that they have tnu Governor’s sanction for their actions. The immediate recall of Gov. John Pope llenucssy is requisite to save tho colony. . GREAT BRITAIN. Tllli UOVAL TITLUH PILL. London, Apt il 21.—1 n tho llouso of Com mons. Mr. Fawcett, member for Jiackncy, asked Disraeli to luoililite tho discussion of his motion [or an address to tho guoou praying for her uun-ohsumptiou of the title of Empress of India eefuru the piocUnmituu was ii-aued giving it ttfi'ct. Disraeli declined, whereupon Mr. Faw ;«ti gavo notice of a motion more stringently thallcngiog (ho conduct of rite Government, iiii'juniing to u vote of censure. FRANCE. ELECTION. Pams. April 21.—1'ages, a Überal Conserva tive, was elected to the Assembly from Mon. lauban. OPITL'ABV. Pabib, April 2L—The death of the wife oi U. Louis Blanc is sunouucod. ABYSSINIA. TUB EUVITIAN IKVADEBB. Caiho. April 21.—'The Egyptian troops US to krlng from Abyssinia. TELEGRAPHIC NOUS- New Yobk, April 2L—The Atlantic 4 Paolflo Telegraph Company will at ouco bqild new lines from Washington to Now Orleans and Mobile, taking in several cities on the way. DiepaUh to The Chicago Tribune. East Baoixavr, Mid).. April !il.~Au eulbu tUuuc moeiiug who lield IbU oveuiug. baviot; for Ue oLJost tbs formation of a Hoard of Trade. A committo* to draft articles of Association was formed, and tbs mooting Adjourned until Tburs- day evening, when an organization will bo per* foCt<> Si*<<rtl DUvaM M Tht Tribun*. Bloomington. 111.. April «.-Tbe floo. ard Bwett, of Chicago, was cbovoti' to-day bv the County Executive Committee on the Fourth of July Celebration a§ orator day. Mr. Bwett for ninny year* practiced law al the Me- Loan County Bar in Bloomington. Philadelphia. April 2L—A fourth wit for tibol was instituted tbit morning by Nathaniel H. McKay against Mosers. McClure A McLaugh lin. of the Philadelphia Times. Tbo four caeca are all based on various articles In the rime* newspaper connecting McKay’s name with al leged irregularities lo the navy-yard matters. ffiuaat UUralch to ths Chieaoo Trtbun*. sladi»oj<. Win, April m.—Tb««l«U»o Committoo to investigate tbo contingent funas of tbo Governor and the accounts of tbo Btato Bunerinlondont of I’obllo Property for the last two years Is called to moot to-night, but only three members are hero, and nothing will be done till to-morrow. , Baltimore, Md.. April 24.-Tbo etory Is pub lished to-day that Uou Oarloe and three of bis companions have landed at Halifax, from the steamship Hibernian, and that Mr. Forroll, who camo thiough to Baltimoro in the steamer, loft that city on Saturday for St. Louis, where he will meet Hon Carlos. WH ISKY. pacific coast. TOE BAN FRANCISCO FRAUDS. Ban Francisco, Cal., April 21.—'The Chronicle this morning continues its exposure of the Whisky Ring and matters at Maro Island, and publishes a letter received by Charles Werner, the former partner of Jont A Co. in the Antioch distillery, which was recently seized for running crooked.” Werner gave important evidence to the revenue agouls, including the books of account of the various distilleries with which ho had boon connected. The letter is as follows i San Foancuco, Jan. 1. MG.— Hr, Chcrlts Wtmtr: Tbo Whisky IUnR will kill you if you appear as a wit ness. PiUzman will bco It done, and they nave money Plenty to lay for It. They cto do it boro as well« in sny other place, and better. You must take noticed this. Schultz haa plenty of money, and It will bo a pleasure for (hem. You know how to take care of yourself. This is to notify you. (Signed) FaoM an Old Fbiend. There ia other evidence that such threats were made, and tbo loiter is probably genuine. lhe article states, in continuance, that \ver oor had keen connected in distilling with several members of the it og. being an experienced, practical distiller; that tbo Ring had systematic ally swindled him. not lotting him into their se crets to the extent of participation in the profits, and credits him with the statement that Oiilton, a prominent distiller, wioldod an inllu onco at Washington, through Sargent, which in formation was given him while in a business connection with members of the Ring. He says the corruption was outrageous in IBGd, 1807, 18U8, and 1809. during which time tbo Govern ment was defrauded of $1,500,000. Rotative to Mare Island matters, it charges Isaiah Hanaoom, the Chief of the Bureau of Construction and Repair, with conspiring with his sou, John Hauecom, and J.JE. uo la Mon taigne, contractors, to defraud the Government in awarding and filling contracts, and that Ad miral Rogers and the Naval Constructor. George W. Muchmore, at Mace Island, wore cognisant of at least some of tbo frauds, several of which aro specified. The recent examination of iho accounts of Revenue Collector Hedgowlck by Supervisor Hawley shoved everything correct. AT THE SOUTH. now THEY ESCAPE. tfpecfal Ditwtch to Tht Chieaoo JHfttma. WAsuiMoxo/r, D. C., April 21.—Supervisor Totten arrived hero to-night from a six weeks trip in the South. Ho says that many of tbo persons indicted for whisky frauds there bavo escaped bv challenging the Grand Juries, on the ground that ex-Oonfcdoratos wets on them. CHICAGO. OOL. MATTHEWS' UCOBMT VISIT (o Canada waa fruitful of results. At Windsor ho saw Boot, Ackerman (of I'ekiu), Btephaul (of Belleville), Ernst Mattero, Smith (of Fokin), Uovt, Conklin (of Milwaukee), and Nowbaus. Bridges hod gono oat into the country hunting (or a Job. With tbo others Matthews talked long and earnestly. They wore all anxious to como homo. Ho was anxious to have them. They asked tho terms on which they could como. .He told them they could bavo safe conduct to and fro if they would toll all they know. The Colonel now proposes another raid. Tba big Hub of tho wbiakr puddle have not yet been captured, aud some of tho exiles bavo tbe evi dence to convict them. Of all tho batches the third will bo tbo smallest la number, nut tbo largest in importance. Compared with tbo third, tbe first and second are as naught. Prep arations for tba raid will bo completed iu a month, and toon tbo banished gentlemen will appear. They will bo allowed to plead guilty to one count in their Indictments, aud toon to go or stay as they may choose. Tbo result is happiness in tbe ranks of the wandering riugstors, for they aro coming home again, and all may yet be well. TUB TUUUI. It is expected that tho whisky trials will com mence Wednesday, May 10. Saturday afternoon Commissioner l/ovno, at the direction of the Court, drew a petit jury for tho May term of tho United Slates Court. The term opens ou tho Ist, but tho Jurors will bo summoned for the 10th. Tho principal cases to bo tried are those of Messrs. flluun. Ward, and Wadsworth, aud Aid. Cullerton and Hildreth. • FLNAJSCIAXu MILWAUKEE. Special Dispatch to Ths Chieaao TVfbun*. Milwaukee, April 24.—Tho suspension of Bchrocder A Lmdhlom, commission merchants, to-day, was expected. They were largely inter ested in the last corner, and, although »QCcesu ful in operating tho corner, did so at a greater sacrifice than their means Justified, os stated in The Thiiiunr at tho time. Other houses it is fcorod aro involved, but not hopelessly. MINNESOTA. Special Dupateh to The Chkaao Tribune. LaObosse, Wlfl., April 21.— Private Informa tlou received to-day slates that the Winnebago City Milllog Company, of Winnebago City, Mian., has (ailed ; capital stock said to bo $30,000 or $10,01)0 ; assets and liabilities not ascertained. rmus. AT FORT WAYNE. IND. Special IHivateh to The Chicago Tribune. Tout Wavmb, Iml., April 2L—A lira at Colum bia City, Iml., destroyed four buildings,—one owned and used by Frank Hupplo as a grocery, two owned by A. Shank, and used by K. Ellin os a saloon and resi dence, and one owned by O. Ulrich and not occupied. Bupplo’s loss is about $3,000, with insurance of SI,OOO. Ellis' loss is about SBOO, snd the buildins was worth about $2,000. The lire is supposed to have been the work of Incen diaries. SAMUEL D. LOCKWOOD. To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune, Chicago, April 21.—1 n the lint of defaulters which you published tho other day, you included tho name of Hamuel D. Lockwood. Into Justice of ourHuproino Court, as a delinquent as (to ccivor of Fublio Moneys at tho Jacksonville Laud Olllco. Lockwood was never a defaulter. |mt was aued, and not only were bis accounts shown to be all right, but tho Government was found to bo in his debt $1,600. Judge Lockwood told me this in Juno, 1810, as an evidence of not only the loose manner of keeping the books of (he Treasury Department, but of iho overweening anxiety of Dlatrict-At turuevs to have and charge for a large number of suits, since at that time they had no salary, and indeed they now gel only S2OO per annum. O. V. Diku. OCEAN STEAMSHIP NEWS. Fuiladllvuia, April 21.—Arrived, steamship Illinois, from Liverpool. N»:w Vouu. April 2L—Arrived, steamships {Switzerland, from Antwerp; Adriatic, from Liv erpool. Plyuuotu. April 21.—Steamship Bcrrlo. from Now York, has strived. Han Fuancisco, April 24.— The sailing of tba Pacific Mall steamer City of New York fur Australia is j>Oßtpunod till to-morrow. Tho En glish mail has not yei ainvod. and tho coal and stores on the steamer axu still under attach ment. CJleensiown, April 24.—Arrived, the steamer I’cuusylvama, from Philadelphia. THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: .TUESDAY,- APRIL 25, 1870., THE GRAND JURY. It Plunges into the Lightning* Hocl llusincßs. A SSOO Check Put Up for the Benefit of Certain Commissioners- Rumors as to the Object of All These Investigations. How Mr, Hcsing Trletl fo Get the City Printing for the “ Times.” His Eflbrts to Corrupt the Inoorruptl- bio Comifikey. Tbo Grand Jury cam® together yesterday morning apparently refreshed from a day’s cost. Mr. Storey, the,foremen, had his usual bundle of »• notes ” under his arm, and as bo ascooded the winding stairs mot a long list of witnesses, who, as they gazed upon him, wondered what they hod boon called for, and what it was that they gnaw that could possibly Interest iho Jury. The most Important witness called during the day was a gentleman by the name of who ou account of a - publication in these columns a mouth ago was supposed to koow something about a certain contract for tbo putting up of lightning rods on tbo county buildings. Notwithstanding the efforts of Mr. Btorey to keep the work of the Jury from Tub Tribune, it is enabled Cb give the substance of what ho said: He had some time ago con ceived the Idea that tbs tax-payors of the county wore in immiuout danger from lightning, and that unless all of the county buildings were pro- toclod by rods, tbo bordou of taxation would bo speedily tuoroasod. Comprehending tbo perii cos situation of tbo public, bo warned to furnish bia particular lightning-rod. To tbia eod ho saw uot Periolat, bat a court Bailiff by the name of Wllkorson. who told him that it would coat tnonoy to bo auccosaful. Ho appreciated tbo situation, gave him a certified check for SOOO to bo used, aud authorized him to use it. A fow days later be saw Commissioner McCaffrey, who had boon scon by Wilkoison in tbo meantime, and was told by him to make bia bid, leave it with Wll koraon, and he would work it through tbo Hoard. Bull later ho eaw McCaffrey and Bebmidtin conversation, aud heard the latter inquire who had put up tho SOOO. Later still McCaffrey manifested a groat Interest in bia tod and bid, and said that to get It through it would bo pecetsury to bare tbo matter in the bands of a certain committee, or to postpone any action In tbo matter until after election. McCaffrey tried to take the matter, subsequently, outoftbo hands of tbo Committee to which it bod been referred, but waa uoauccesslul for some reason or another. Finally bia bid failed, which ho thought was because some one had put up more money than ho bad. He had rchod upon Wllk orson to distribute his money, hat ho faded to do it effectually, ilia chock was returned to him.wbd tho work awarded to some one else. MR. WU.KEBSOM was next called. It having been understood in advance that bo bad declared that bo would '‘Jump tbo town, commit perjury, or cut bis threat," rather than give away bis friends— McCaffrey aud otUois of tbo Hoard—bia testimony did not amount to much. At least it was uot vory damaging. Notwithstanding bis reticence aud ludivpoeition to tes tify in tbo matter, it Is understood that it can bo proven by several parties that bo was in paseosmun of tbo SSOO check, that Mc- Caffrey know it, aud was figuring for bis share of tbo amount, and that Schmidt manifested bis inleiest m tbo matter by bolding a certain sam ple of rod in bis hand and advocating it when tbo proper Committee made tho award of tbo contract. Several other witnesses wero examined, but noue who gave the foreman of tbo Jury much comfort in Uis search for ground upon which to base indictments. Tbotr testimony related to tbiogs in general rather than auviblng particu lar, and covered a wide lango, Noue of thorn threw any light upon tbo Court-Houss question, but all reflected io one way or another upon I’criolat and tbo Couutv Board, two things which tbo Jury have learned to boliovo aro ono and tbo same. Those witnesses will' bo examined to day. and neb developments are promised, espe cially iu tbo construction of the now hospital Those outside of the Jury-room, aud who pride themselves that they know a thing or two, are inclined io take A STBAUOE VIEW of the whole investigation. It was intimated a fow days ago iu those columns that Mr. Storey, or some of his employes iu authority, wore liable to get mixed up iu county olfairs if tho investi* K aiiun was pushed to its legitimate end. Now, it is assorted that tho investigation was pushed upon Mr. Storey bv designing parties, among whom are some of ins employes, the object be ing to displace reriolat as the agent of tho County Board in engineering public frauds and steals, and to give the position to some ouo olso, —a gentleman from the South Town who re cently withdrew a hhol suit against the Times. Iu hie interest, it is said, certain overtures baro bocu made in tho last few days to certain county officials, who woio given to understand that whatever they could do to klit tho influence of I’eriolat and build up that of the South Town man would bo liherally paid for. Another |>ui( of the plan, it is said, is to KILL CO AN AS ADCUITECT, or at least as superintendent of the construction of the Court-House, and put in his place a pliant tool, tho idea being that ‘‘there ore millions In it.” to enjoy which it is necessary to got rid of Ponolat because of his greed, aud of Bgan be cause of his disposition to do right. Whether tlioto is anything m these statements or nut Hr. Storey will, of course, ascertain. am. HEfIINO AND TUB “TIMES," A reporter of tho SUiata-Zeitiuvi interviewed Mr. A. 0. UetnuK aa regard* Ula testimony bo* fora tbo Grand jury Haturday, and obtained the following, tvbtcb was printed iu yoaterdtty'a Zeitiimjt It.—Who conducted the examination 7 Mr. I!.—aioroy hlm&olf. When 1 went in and had l«»u sworn I was given a choir at Ihe upjer end of the tabu, at which there sal, Iwtddca Air. hbiroy, the clerk of the Jury uud Assistant HUle's Attorney lilo b. blorcy laid to mo : •• Mr. llesiug, wo havu Uguu au luvoallgstluu of corruption in this county, and alnco your uuiuc baa been often connected with It in the juetia, wo want to know whether you havo over offered Aldermen or other nubile olllcepi money for corrupt purposes 7” 1 replied, “ No; I uevor In my life mads corrupt proposal* to AJdormon or any other public of fleers with one solitary exception, and that was when I went to John Cumlskoy, then Alderman, ut your ro finest. Air. Storey. aud offered him lirst |AOO, and then, K ho would vote to give tho r,uus tbo city printing.” it.— What did Storey say to that 7 Mr. 11.— lie aald he did nut remember tt at all, and scorned lobe surprised thut I should make such a statement. btorcy asked mo then whether any architect or con. tractor baduvtr suugul to gain my influence in regard to thu couslrucUou of tho Court-Mouse, Hospital building, Insane Asylum, or the purchase of real es tate. 1 replied that ua a uuw«pu«r publisher they bad a»mo to mu about as often s« they but to thu foreman ot the Grand Jury, Mr. Storey; that almost every architect who tried to gut tbs construction of public buildings bud cutue l» uie aud begged ms to nau my influence In hia lator. ht >rey lukcd then whether K ; mu ft Armstrong had called on ms. aud, when I rvpUd In Ihe negative, whether I had Ueu their opponent. Implied that 1 had been told by many cIU/.eus who were fpiabtkd to Judge that Kgan was a good architect, but I was against Armstioug, and was also against lean's building tho C >uri.Uou-ic alone, 1 nsd always insisted that the should be built by a Hoard of three, aud my cmdul.tie won Theodora Karla, whom 1 knew as » i onij uti-nt and rising young man. A* a third, lu order to au.ld til dispigrecineut.aud b) havu the public cun* lUiueu n the Ui. rd. 1 proposed Hurling or Hovlug ton, both of whom X knew possessed pulhlc confldeuee in a high degree, btorvy w-kud whether 1 km-w that 0 >y. or Karls, or Muir, ot other arebitm t», bad given m-t sor mum pto I'erlolal lu order to get the Job. 1 replied that I knew nothing at all about it. htorey then said, *• The charges were then generally nude lu the pa|*n that Iheuc mill had sought to gut 1 his work by bribery, and that i'cnolat had l-eeu tno mlddhuum; uppateutiy you, too, havo made lh«*u charges; what U«U hud you for them 7" I icplicd. ** On thusauiu liustn that you had when you accuted mo of being thu owner of thu Aux Hablu stone-quarry, and that 1 wished to build tuo Court-House from this sumo-quarry, while at the time I aid not know there was a niwrry of that name. 1 * fetorey laughed, and •aid, “ well. Mr. Htolug, my people were wrongly In formed,” Then be asked, “ Mr. (Honing, Kgao has stated hero that i’eiiulat asked money (com him m order to pay you for your influence; bow Utbal? 1 ' I replied, “Ttiit, Mr. Hinny, Uu4 is Just at contemptible a lie as mat of thu t*iuu scoundrel to Matthews, for whom bo wonted to acli the hoiplUi lot, when bo said that bo bad greased the Chicago (»»«<• aud tho other papers and bad them ell right, aud that bo wanted fd.UOO for Ueatog’s paper. Neither J nor tho AfaaM-JfrHunq ever got » cent:* whether tbali»ir«got anything 1 don't know. Thai is fur you to answer, Ur, btoroy,’* It.—Hid he answer? Mr. 11.—No; he only laughed, and was apiareally about to close the 1 exsyuiuuiiou, but IJlcch supped lu end asked n.u, - Mr. litsiug, iu wuat way and lor what purpose was It Hist you wnutto JubuComlakoy t" htorey interrupted— 1 “ Ye*. Mr. Musing, let VS know all about li.” 1 replied, - You ihall have every. thing, lo 19W, when the Republican Convan tlon had ncmtnatad BJ friend Edward Halo, mon, all tbe XNWspaper* barn, with the exception of lb* Prrt <nd Jf«l and Ihi fKoae*-fs<l'iflff t »ada■ e syndicate, and put np » ticket which wm elected. The day after the election you, Ur. Storey, began to attack In the rimra the men yon had helped to elect. I oould not at Ant understand whit It meant, but aeon round out that you conceived it lob* for your own interest to be on a good footing with the vanqulahed, Mr, Chandler, your bnalnea* manager, o*me to me a abort Uma after tb* slaetlon and asked me whether' lU* Slaal*Zett'ina was not willing to go Into a comblna* tlon with the Timtt to get tbe city printing. I replied to him that tb* nt<M*-ZHtuna did not no*d to make aucta » combination i that the printing waa aaaured to ua by law, and that, If I von to haln toy paper, it would lie tbe Aramn/7 /’ ott, einee It waa the only one which bad stood by ua. Chandler said: • Very good; but, If you And onl (hat the Aiat has no chance, will you then help oaf jtild: ‘Very willingly, alnca your paper la to-day much mors .uennhllcan than Tun Tiudumr, litpub* limn, and Journal The day alter I got an Invitation to go to your office, Mr. Storey, and waa led to your library, behind your bualnuaa office, where 1 found you and Mr. Chandler. Yon explained lo me there that you were willing to pay from SIO,OOO to |IS,OuO to get tne dty printing, ana observed that If the City Council could bo purchased to do that It would also be easy to induce U to put np the price lo auch a figure that the money thus expended could tie gotten bark again, I got anotlier Invitation the some week, and found In your library many men and an ex-Alderman, who aeemed to ba the principal Individ ual and to nave charge of the bargain. There I learned that yon had the oecesaary number of Alder men, that you wanted only a mouthpiece, and you aaked me, since John Comlaxey appeared tobeyowr enemy and not to be on a speciri friendly footing with the ax-Alderimn, to go to him and see whether ho could not ba moved, if not through peranaaton then through an offer as high aa JIO.OW, to apaak and to vol* for tb* rims*. 1 went ComUkay, told him of your offer, and got aa a reply, • Not under any circum stances can I bo bought, and I would not vote for Storey'a paper If ha offarod mo a whole block opposite the Court-Honae. Mr, lleslng,’ added Comlakey very emphatically, ‘do you bollavo I have forgotten the Kllgobbln article ?V 1 know that another Aldcnnan waa notlQed that bo need only to atato (be sum for which he oould be bought, or If be Chose ho could have the beat homo from the ox-Alder roan'a ■ table, but he, Uko Oomiatty, was embittered agalnat you and tbe rfmei and exposed tbe whole business, the result of which waa, aa you know, that the Chicago IlfDubltean, and not the Chicago Ttmaa, got the city printing.” '• Storey, who, during thla Umo Cad l»cn moving very uneaally around on hla chair, asked me. “Bnt. Mr. Hcalng. did we have a confers i- Hon about thla: dla not Chandler look attar tbe busi ness alone?” I replied, “Mr, Storey, we not only talked over the matter in your. library, hut even in your editorial-room, and every word of that which I have aald her* Is true." To which ho replied, aomewhat meekly. “ Well, I can only say that Ido not remember anything about it,” Theeo, said Mr. Iloslog, are the principal points In the examina tion, to which tbe Jury manifestly listened with great interest. iVhon I mentioned Storey’s name the Ant , ilmo they all drew thclrchaln nearer and pricked up their ears to order not to loae a word, and 1 could | road on their faces that the thing was exceedingly enjoyable to them. COHIBKET. A reporter asked Mr. Comiskoy In reference to the above statements yesterday. lie bad not road them, but upon their being road to him ho had nothing to say. His over anxiety to say nothing in reference to the subject resulted in his tearing his coat in his effort to got out of the presence of hta Interviewer. Inasmuch, how ever, as he has repeatedly confirmed the state ments, and others know of their truthfulness, hia reticence cannot bo conatrued into a denial. Xiiolr truth may explain, oo the other hand, why ho has not boon able to got before the Jury, though summoned several days ago. PBENDEirS STOUT. It i« corroborated t»y Hts Albany Chum* At.hawt, N. Y„ April 21.—The substance of the Interview with Matthew Blchardson, of Ibis city, referred to in Proudor’s statement alleging frauds In the United States Treasury Dcpart .mont, will appear io the Argus to-morrow, Tbo Argus says Ur. Richardson waa a clerk in Treas urer Bpiuoor's Bureau, entering upon his duties iu tbo year 1864. It was bis duty to keep the books of the department for the cancella tion of moneys or representatives of moueys, and bo was ono of tbo Committee through whoso hands such moneys passed. Fiank Jones was chief of bis division. Bonds and all forms of currency passed through the hands of this Committoo amounting to many millions of dollars. Ilictiardson states that in 1666 a package amounting to $10,600 was miss ing, and was SEVER DISCOVERED. A certificate stating tho fact tbat tho money bad boon lost was tiled. This certificate also u.ated that (bo money bad been canceled, wbfon ilicb ardsou says was not true. As it was Ilicbard soa'n duty to make out this certificate, bis sus picions woro naturally excited by the tiling of false certificate*. That tbo slo.6oUwas atolou is ovideut from tbo fact, as stated by bim, that, before bo loft Washington in 1860, all dot $5,000 of tbo sorios bad boon redeemed, Some tlmo after ibis transaction a package of $70,000 was diverted from too usual courso of destruction bv tbe Chief of Division. A small portion of it was cut up into strips for binding other pack ages of currency. Mr. Richardson was request ed bv tbo Ctnof of bis Division to make out a certificate that tbo entire amount bad been de stroyed. UE PEREMPTORILY DECLINED. When Jones saw that bo bod made a mistake m bis man. bo called bim out into tbo ball and said : “lUcbardaoo, eay nothing about this, for, if you do. you mil raise boll with mo.” iHob ardoon was surprised, shortly after, to learn (bat Jones bad tiled a oortillcato with Tioauurcr Bplnnor stalled that tbo $711,000 bad been de stroyed. JUebardsou further ascertained that certmeatea of destruction of currency, instead of being preserved, wore destroyed from time to time, thus removing all opportunity to detect fraud. lUcbardson attempted to secure an In* veatigation, but all biu oiTotta failed. CASUAiaTIES. A GREAT HAIL-STORM. Topeka, April 21.—A nail-storm passed oror this county Saturday afternoon a milo wide mid extending miles south which destroyed all the orchards and wheat crop. Not a single leaf, bud, or blossom remains ou the trees. A largo num ber of cattle were killed, lu places tbo hail wu< b inches deep aud the size of liens’ ogge. Wag on loads could bo scooped up this morning, thirty-six hours after the fall. Very little dam age was done lu the city. avteiat DwpaUh to Vht Chicago Tnbun*. Lawhsnck, Kan., April 24.— A very violent rain and ball storm occurred in tblu county Sat urday night and Sunday morning. Ton milca uoulbwcat of Kawrpuco boil-atonoe foil in aucb quantities o«d of aucb size aa (o remain unraolted through tbo extreme boat oi Sunday till Monday, when (bey were brought to town by (be box-fuD, measuring, many of them, \}i incites in diameter. In lo calities where tbo bail was worat, tnauv bouaoa were entirely deprived of and for* ward fruit orebarda gave up even a ghoat of cbuooo for (bis ycar’a crop. Fortunately Uio fall of bail was limited to a arpyll territory. Tbe-ralu couaed a mo in all tbo atroa/ua. cud at least two railway lino# loading lu here are badly damaged. The Lcavenwottb, Lawrence A Gal veston. am) Atcblsou. Topeaa A Fauta Fee loHt oitboi bridges or embankments, and are pul to no little oxpouao for repaira. THE SNY LEVEE. QoiboY, 111, April 21.—The tiny niched Its highest point fiumlsy night and commenced falling yesterday. The decline, however, in slow. It is believed that the thousands of acres of eploudid wheat in the bottom* are ruined. The river at this point is 16 feet linches above low water. .Meetings are being hold in Jlanuibal to malio arraugotaeutb to repair tbo )eveo. The worst crevasse is op* uoslto Hannibal, and is 600 yards In length and BO feet deep. The biidge acroua the Huy ou the Chicago St Alton llailroad, eaet of LoaiifbiDa. wnl he reopened this U'Jiniug. and trains will pass to-day fur the first time since Thursdav. Iho contractors for (he repairs ou (he Hannibal bridge, broken ey the uteamor Dictator, say that it will be completed by May 15. UNCOFFINEP AMP UNKNOWN. Sda*i<W pitmiUK to The Chteaao Tribune, Bcui.inoton, Is., April 2L—A negro floater was found to-day at the mouth of tikpok Jliver, 8 miles below here. The Coroner's jury haa rendered a verdict of accidental drowning. The body is thought to be that of some dock-hand, and baa not neon Jdoutilied. DEATH OF AN INJURED MAN. Sptfiai OwMkh fa Tlu Cftuw yrouiM. Wis„ April 21.—Mr. Albert Pierce of this 4ty, who was rvm over by a Main on the Chicago A St. Paul near Kov Saturday night, died this morning. His remains wore brought hero thiejafternooo. KILLED UNDER A HOUSE. SpecuU HytyiUh (o Tin t’/ucoyo Tribune, MawAuapE. Win., April 24.—William Schultz, a laborer engaged in removing a house, was, killed by the sudden giving way of a screw and' the consequent fall of the ilructuro upon him. POLITICAL. Sleeting ot the Old Twentieth Ward Citizens’ Club. What They Have Accomplished in Pu rifying Elections. A General Overhauling of Lincoln Park Affairs Asked For. A Suggestion that Mr. Hosing Roslgn-llow Has Hit Money Been Spent 1 TWENTIETH WARD CITIZENS’'OLUB. rnOOEEDINOB 09 THE PIBfIT ANNUAL KEETINO, The Twentieth Ward Citizens* Club held ita first annual mooting last evening, lo the North Side Tumor Ilall, there being a rather moder ate attendance, considering the Interest hereto fore manifested. Mr. Julian 9. Rumaoy called the mooting to order, and Mr. H. N. Mann acted aa Secretary. Mr. Rumsoy stated the object of the mooting, which was a gathering of the Citizens’ Club of the Twentieth Ward—not tbe Republican club— to hear what bad been done (hep&etyp&r. Sec retary Mann then road tub Fouxmism report : In new of Ute ramarkable mull* aeoompiUhea by tbla Society during tbft past year, U afford* mo great plMiure to present tUla tbo drat annual report or the ■ame. One year ago the Twentieth Ward waa regard* ad. lor corruption and fraud at election*, aa one of too want In the city. To-day abo aland* fu ly rcdeoracd from her purt mlidoed*, and it roala entirely with the belter class of cltluua If they are going to keep tbe now Eighteenth at tbe bead of all other warda, or whether they will let the Corcoran gang again take control and eo dUfraochlM ulna-tootha of the voters, In order that ad may fully understand the alhiatlon. I hayo written oot a partial history of this Bocialy. Being contloced Uut grpai fraud* bad been perpetrated at the fall electlona of 1874. when Jamea A. Kirk waa elected Alderman, but was counted out of bia poatbylho Ualcb House gang, ond anticipating the aamo doings at all coming election* If they were not put down, a meeting of the Twentieth Ward cltltena, Irrespective of party, was called and tbla Society organ!tad. Twenty-three cm ccra were elected, of whom ft part hava Barred the Club falihfuUy through all tbo diacouraglng, laborious work It bad to perform to reach aticoeaa previous to laat October, when it gained valuable aeoetalona to aomaof our boat and moat earnest dtl/ona. Somo 1 dropped off because they fancied tho work waa not popular; others became, though peraonally mfavor of a pure ballot, they were afraid It might hurt their party or tkdr political aspiration* to be ronnootea with such a movement. The Eiecutlro Committee bu from time to time filled vacancies, but It baa been bard work to find person* willing to spend their time continuously on this work. TUB FIBBT ELECTION which tbo Club participated was Id the memorable Oily Charter ©lection.” A large masa-mootlng waa organized at McCormick Hall, at coueldcrablo expense to tbo Club, to arouse tbo citizen! luto action, and to urge tbo other wards to organise and prevent the fraud* which wore aftenratiu perpetrated. Though tbo mooting waa well attended, ft did not accomplish the expected result. In this ward wo tried to have 'better Judges of election appointed, but without suc cess. On election day we appeared .early, but two of the Judges would not allow our challenger in aido for nearly two hours, during which time they managed matters in thdr own way No poll* Huts were kept, end ovary pao allowed to voto whether ho was challenged or not. Having been thwarted et the polls, wo determined to find out the law lu the matter. Tho lUstOmid Jury we found id been brought VosetUer with apudal reference „ur cue. but contrary to tbo manner proscribed by law. Bo w« bad tbe law propel/ enforced, and then went before ttio Grand Jury ana aocured Indictment* agalnsttwoof the Judges. Later we found the law ro* Hording epeclel elections was so loose end indefinite that It would be hard to secure a conviction without earning It up to tbo Supremo Court, and, os it would make no change in the election whichever way the do* cialon waa, wo concluded not to Incur tho great ox* penfo of testing this case. In thle connection our thanks are due to tho Uon, J, li. Doolittle lor services and legal odvlco rendered. rmon to tub election of last fall roorgaulwUon of tbo Club was effected. The Oppo .Uon party having Boeured tbo co-operation of tbo .orrunt element in oar ward, wo worked through the llcpuhUcan party organisation to secure Us overthrow A canvass of tlio ward was roadu, and each challenge .-orlded with a printed list of tbs volets In Mb pr Inct. Everything went on well except at the Fire tua Second Products, where tbs Corcoran gong wen. again at work. Jo Iho First Precinct lbs cbul'cngors were not admitted (111 baif-pist P, at which time all ballots were in tbo box. Challenges were disregard ed, our men forced from Uio polls, and proceeding* carried on lu a hlgh-bandad manner. In (bn Second Precinct tbo challenger was ad mitted, and everything went on quietly till 11 o’clock, when orders wore received that that would not do, aud our challenger was put out and not admitted till It o clock. Then uo ws* allowed lu and pgt out again when tbs Totlug was over, an they did pot want any one to watch while (bey wero counting tbo votes. After tbs election these Judges were indicted, but one, J, O. Orcon of tbo Second, waa noror found. It seems be lives In Cincinnati, amt happened to bo In the city on election-day, so be was picked out by the II itch* Itouu clique as a proper man to servo. Theodore Asm us wm acquitted, bs undoubtedly baring served without any Idea as to what Sexton was doing. Sex ton was found guilty and fined sl6 by Judge McAllis ter. Comment on tula sentence is unnwoisarr. Tbo Indicted Judgce of tbo Tint Precinct bad one trial,which resulted In a disagreement/the Jury stand ing eleven for conviction. The Juryman that stood pat was ons llominglon. who associates with that fra ternity, and, lu Umlaut election, a led os tiio!rci< u«<*f In the Hatch House ptrelnct. When the i-wh m called for trial the ncoml time • change of remit a, secured to Jo lot, WIU Count/, where the c.we wll iiao up Uni flwt Monday iu June. Wo iiropoM to irre end try to eeoure » fair Iflftl* What the/huvi wlei up In makiutf IUaI chaagp wo will learn la *lu< me. TOWH KMtCTIOXA having bean manage*! very loosely Heretofore. through itie ctlorM of thin Cmb nil Independent ticket wjb put In tie Hold, and every name on it oU-'ted, in spite of tbe opposition of botfi parties end of (lie pres*. Homo of tbu remarkable features of Ibis caiaualtfu wore that none of tlio candidates bad sought the oillco or ever held an oth> o before, and wore not na LUd upon to con* tribute one dollar towards tarrying on Uio election. AT TUB BUIKNT EktOTlOil the Club again worked through tho Uopubllcan party omauUAtloii. and for the Umt tlmanlu:o the tiro se cured an hom-el vote without dictation from the “Hauiti Hou«o. r A full vote w»e pulled, hut no repcatero or uon-rcaldcntp allowed to participate and no ludtctiueulH of JudgM will hM'oto lie profeated. To ahow the dlflV'reuco between the laat aud fotmer election*, I nave prefund a atUotuaut u( the vole coal by the liatdi Huuao product; . In IrtTO, U'fore the lln*, tlprlpg ‘ho larwolMVeot* worm cfiupalgu 3W To jtrfd. , , Vi ixf.i joui* received Ml, and the ontiro vote was.tOJ n . ... . •>*“ - la 1h74 CcrcorWi received OIC, ,*W'l Uu> cnllro vol KU. ]u 1*76 Uieoiitlrfi rolo wui lU7 In 187<5. when iu> doubt ad votod wbo were entitled t 0......... ...... JMS3 Tlierp U Mo doubt Uul Ibe fJiIMMs of (Ue ‘l’wpnllelb Ward tmvo liccu dlifrauchUcd since die tiro, as tbo rote of the Flnl Precinct, to«aher with tins repealer* iLey would rim Into ibe other pracbvclii, waa nlwaya UrKO euouttb to deride (lie whichever wny they wished. Neither Jonaa nor Uuruurau were emitted to mia ua Aldemiati from this ward. TUK UECEUTb QV TUP HOCIETV liayo been ~ ... .....$l,lBO OX IhU, for law pipepe.H, Notify feci, toidug ? evidence andcopying 420 [all and room-rout and Jauitor Cst Printing and advcrtliing *<W3 Fi«ur«a.. .....................................W aii debt* Af Uie SocUty we About Catboa 1uM...... lUiauiliuf ' The ouUtlauillug llW),—not to weed (bat amount,—wu#t of It being for Iwll-reut. After May Xwo will use Turner Uull for headquarter*, which wilt only nw-rwiUto our routing a lull lor oliU) uieeliiiga, ami uUI nouo cheaper limn renting a room for coutmuoys u«o, m we bare hut fowurge The report waa accepted, Mr. Uuuiaey elated that ibis waa on annual meeting, and it woe for the Club to eay whether they would continue iu eiiatouco on the Eight eenth Word Club. The Becretaiy’s report was (bon unanimously adopted. TUANKB. Mr. J. D. Jlarvoy said that the goutlomon who had carried ou this labor of loye were deserving of the tbaaks ol (he citizens aud the tax-payors of the old Nineteenth aud Twentieth Wards, as well as the pubno generally. Mr. C. A. Gregory said that ho owed a debt of thanks to the ip.'intcrnon of the Club, who had wuikeo so assiduously lu the iutereit of the puri ty of ihs bal.oi-uox, lluwaa willing to contribute all he could in nine aud money 19 further carry on the work, Jlr. Lo Moyne was deservl ig of thanks for contesting the election of .Mr. Far well. The Itepublicao party had no right to ory fraud when it bail Us due share witluu Use!/. Only mean, miserable fellows, bad committed these fraud*, neither good Itenubhcans nor Dem ocrats. Ho was glad to see the leaders of both parties present, and bo hoped all parties would bo represented in the club for the protection of the b&UoUhox la the future. L. A. WHITS also mode a few remarks in favor of continuing the organization. Ons of their objects was to insist upon good men, regardless of party affilia tions, for municipal offices, and therefore they bad united the parties. They h*d reason to congratulate themselves upon (he work accom plished, and ho believed it bad bad It* due influ ence in all parts of Chicago aud at the town eluctious. This was a work that they should bojd on to, kod not allow it to he spasmodic, Thoy should combine (be good meu Of both par ties for the defeat ot bodguen. Mr. Gregory again spoke iu behalf of tha con tinuance of theorganhittipu, and thought when* ever there was reason (0 believe that a good n\&Q htd boon detested by frsod) Um Olnb •boqlt) contest tbo •lection, miu nuMsit . , . Ihousbt that this wu tb» most IroporUnt Übov i or rsform that had ever been performed In this ward. It had been almost a disgrace lo lire In the ward a year and ahslf ago. yet now It was the beat organized In tho city, lie alluded to tho town meeting as showing what had been done, and drew a parallel between that and tbo Sonia Town, whore tho mob eleoied Thornton moder ator. ll* contrasted the election of laat fall and the one recently held, as previously stated In Tm Tbiodnb. lie thought if they kept to work they could always got In hooeat men, regardless of party, for city ofDcers. People bad some Ideas of their own. and would only vote for the best men. as shown by the laat amotion. He suggested ao amendment to tbo report of the Secretary, where be elated that m tho First I ro* duct they bad 811 voles Iq the box at 0 0 clock id the morning. FAJIK. Mr. lloDghtftliDff offered the following i WruotAi, The dtluns of North Chicago bare been taxed for Ursa flume of money for Lincoln I’ark, and no report of ibfl dlabunemeot of the same bu boon rendered to thfl publlej and, n.«. WnuiKAa, Tbere baa boon manlfealsd for long lime nut t great want of confidence In tbe present Hoard of Commissioners. owing to reports that unwarranted and extravagant sums have been oald for addltlona to the park, aa wall a* want of ear* M» the paying ont of TiHKTiVii lbe*senee of thin meeting thaltha Intereeta of the city demand that there flhould be more vacancies In th» said Commission. JUtoittd, That tbe Prealdont of this Olob appoint a committee of five to prepare and present a petition to the Governor of 'the Stale to fill the vacancy now ex isting tn tbe Board of Oommleeloner#. by me appojnl ment of ; to vacate tbo appointment of A. 0. Ilealng aa one of aald Commissioner!, and fill «uch vacancy by the appointment of —' ~t and to slrsu late auch petition for Iba elgnatorep of the vax-psyera of North Chicago.' Mr. Harvey offered iba following amendment, wblob «u accepted: And that tha aald Committee be directed to cal) upon the Board of Park CommUilonera and request an ex hibit of the receipt* and expenditures of the Board, and that a aUtoment of the aame, If obtained, be pub lished In the daily paper*. UK. UOtJOKTAIIKO enoka In support of bis resolution. Ha thought It was time tuov bad some kind of a report from the Lincoln Park OommUalon, whiph bad handled their money, and ll ; at some of the mem bore of the Hoard wore pot by any means pure, —Jako Ilebm, for instance, than whom there was not existing * more corrupt-hearted mao in the United States. A. C. Hestng was another. The other men were respectable, but be did pot be- Havo tboy had the confidence of the community, Xhoro woro some exceptions, but three-fourths of tho tax-payers agreed in theee sentiments. Ho wanted to soo reform all around, and wanted to eeo men whom they trusted appointed to ex pend their hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ho did not mean to pass Parsblf pn all tbo mem bers of tbo Hoard, but h« bollovod tbero waa reason for offering the resolutions. Mr. Gregory made a similar spuocb, but thought tbo resolutions should be referred to a mass-meeting to bo called hereafter. Dr. Hlako agfood In this vie w. Mr. L. A. White thought tbe Club should In nngurato the movement, but that a mass-meet- | mg should first ba called. miu j. n. n*nm . , thought that tbo Park Commission had not acted dishonorably in auv eonso, and that no money bad boon reek lesflly or foolishly expended. It bad boon expected that Mr. Hoeing would resign, but ho had not done ft. Mr. Winston was Treas urer of tbo Board, and bo believed him honest. Ho thought that Mr. Houghtaling should be recommended as one of tbo Park Commtßßlon era to fill tbo vacancy, and that tho Governor bo requested to appoint him. CONTINUE TUP WOBK. Mr. Hougbiallog said that be did not want tbo ofilco, but would take U as a matter of duty. Tbo suggestion of Mr. Hougntaling for the position was received with loud applause, and his name was then unanimously recommended by tho Club for the position. Sir. Gregory offered the following! That we. have beard (be report of (he Twentieth Ward OUlrena’ Club with groat satisfaction, and rrjolca at the work they have done towards Insur ing protection to tbe elective franchise, and express our hearty thanks to all members of tbs Executive Committee and of this Club who have so seriously and generously contributed thoir services and mean* to too work of pacification and protection of (be ballot. JUso ved. That, whereas, the Twentieth Ward lias became extinct, that wo hereby request the organiza tion of the Eighteenth Ward Citizens’ Club to Uka up and continue tho work of the former Twentieth Ward Citizens’Club. Tbo resolution was adopted. Mr. Houghtnllns’s park resolution was then taken up. and Mr. ItmuHoy (bought that they should pot cast a reflection upon the Hoard of Park Commissioners, ami he wns not in favor of tho resolutions, an he believed Messrs. Culver, Winston, and Stockton wore honest aud flret class men, and would render a report if fibkoa for it. Mr. Gregory moved tn lay the resolution upon tbe table for tbe present. Carried. Mr. Gregory then moved that a Committee of Nino to suggest names of ollicers. regardless of patty, for tho government of tbo Club, ho ap pointed, they to report at a future mooting. The motion prevailed. Tho following named were appointed tho Committee : Messrs. 0, li Gregory, 0. It. Corbin, D. 0. Turner, 11. N. Matin, James MoMullin, Jaoob Hart, Adolpn George, M. A. Devine, aud W. D. Jierloot. at ir AjAIN. Mr. HoughUliog wanted to know if by hav ing tabled tbo resolutions (bo mooting Indorsed tbo I'ark Commission. He jvauted to kom If JIW.OM bad bftou paid for an aoro of ground. If it bad, the pooplo bod boon swindled. lie bad boon asked by banker* wb> North Chicago people bad put up with these races do long. There were Injurious reports m circulation against (be Commissioners, and h*- thought they should bo investigated, ilaj. DarrvU thought lb«J JJ>atd should not bo con demned until they hod boon flitlbeard from. They might have made errors, but he did oot believe that money had beou wilfully utolon or squan dered by iho Park Commission. There were three men pa tbo Heard agaipot whom uothiun bad over boon binted' or sold, end who woro bolieyed to be boucst and fair mot. 110 usd iu favor of asking Mr, Hesipg t<> resign, but no did not think (be Comuiißßioa ought to bo oopdeumod as a whole. • Mi. JJumsey tlnjn made an oaplauatlon of bis previous remarks. A fm (bar discussion was bad on tbo subject, when Mr. David Wylio oHored the following : ItfMii'fi, That the cit)/eus of tlm ElgblornUj Ward hereby api oint the following Ovo gentlemen >.« « cooi inituw to luvn lg*»e and report to »future meeting o. the Club the receipts and expenditures In detail of the Uoi'eiu Tark Comuilaiioaars: o. A. Gregory, C. W. Puller, J. W. Uoughtalhig, Ueorgo Carmichael, and J. p. Harvey. Iho roaolutioa was laid upon the (able. Mr. J. D, Harvey moved for a committee of tlueo to welt upon the Lincoln Tsrjt Commis sioners, aipl request (horn to publish a report in detail of their rocolpts and expenditures. The following committee was appointed: 0. A, Gregory, V. 0. Turner, and J. D. Harvey, I Ur, Harvey thought the Governor should All tho vacancy. aa Us behoved he had used It as a political dub long enough. • He offered a reso lutiou to the effect that Mr. Houghialiug be recommended to (he Governor* for (he position. It was dually concluded to stand b.v tbo yepotu meadatlon of Mas Hjorfeboig. Tbo meeting thop adjoin oed till next Monday evuutug at S o'clock, vhea oJlWers ni)l he elootod. (1,147 MISCELLANEOUS, A TflULt DEitOCAATIO THICK. Srncutt fHiiwtr/*/* lU* vhitaoo /'nAun*> Indianapolis, Ind„ April 24.—‘The Democratic membore of the Council to-dav played a bold aud desperate game lo defeat a true expression at the pooplo’s will At tbo city electiou next Tueu day. Recognizing the fact that they would be yoduced from a majority to a minority by the ip cult of that election a special moating was called for tula afternoon, At which lime a redieirmtiutf ordinance wan introduced »pd made lUe special order for the regular mpeuug to-night. At tide meeting pone but Doqyoorate were woneut, pone other# hating been noijihul, I'o-jiigbt the passage of the measure wan achieved by a ‘strict |>*rly vot*. ami auolher infamy added to the long ca'aloguo which already disgraces the record of tbe party here. It U more tbpu probable that tide game will not'avail the party anything, a# it is thought to be top jate now to PlTset the Approachinn electiou. An indignation meeting will do held 1 to-morrow night, at which Ume a course of action Will do determined upon by the Republicans. VfUNIC LANimua has decided pot to run m mdej>eodeiit candidate for <iove/nor. The Indepeudeot Hxecmlre Committee have intimated to him that hia room was preferable to his company. He returned to Washington to-night. The Independents will make no nomination in Ids placo at preseut. A UMitwrJCtMc. A Philadelphia court hod * rather queer case before it the other day. A woman riding in a crowded home-ear, and not bolding to (he strap, was thrown down by a Jar In stopping the car, and had her knee-cap fractured, end brought euit against the Company for damages. The judge charged the Jorr Ibat women are bound to hold on to ihaalrape suspended from the roof, “if tueyoao douoonvmimntjy J " put, at the »wc time, ore not to be held to the some rules wujod in such cue*, gad the JUT? £*r» HM yWnWff 96,600. RADWArS REMEDIES. OMAN TOIR OP TEN TEAKS' GROWTH CORED Rl E ROTAH REMEDIES., I HAVE HAD AIT OVARIAN TUMOR TIT THIS OV* RIUS AND DOWELS FOR TEN YKA&B, 4 ■ „ _ _ 4 . AwAason, Ow.|7,!m. Dit. lUdwat: That ethra |oay be benefited, I make tb t statement! I bar* but an Ovarian Tgmor In lb# Ovariea tod bowels for ten rear*. 1 triad lb* beat physicians of tbit plaeeand ptbara without any bsnslU. It wu «rowln«atiapb rapid, hr that I ootid not nave lived mnob looter. A friend o| mine Indnoed me to try Radway’a Remedies. I btd nm much Itltb la them, bat finally, after tnueb deilberttloo. 1 tried them. 1 pnrohastd atx bottle* of tbs Retolveoi, two boxes pf theTillt, tad two bolUet of the Itellof. fused those with, out »nr tppmnt benefit, f determined to persevere. I psed twelve more bottles of the KeiolTsnt, two of the Ho. lef, and two botes of Pill*. UefOra thor were cone I bad oil twenty-five pound*. feontlnaed to use the raedlolnennlil Iwu rare that J was entirely eared. I took the medicine about fire months, ana dnrloc that time lost forty-five poanda. I® all I took three dosen bottle* of the Uasoltent, lix bau ties Relief, and slstozes of the rills. roar wonderful medicine, I feel deeply Indebted, and me Kr. r b'^ l^iA^, l9^M” h (3!A.i^' , a%?n 0 A h ij, r 5 u Airs, lllbblas, who makes the above certificate, la the Sanaa for whom I requested you |o send taedlelnola one, 187#. The raodlolnss above stated werebouibt o| roe, with tbo exception of what wu tent to her by fou. I mar say Uiat horatatoroentli correct without a nuaUnoa uo„ i Mich. : This mar eertltr, that lire. BJbblne, who naku the above certificate, la and baa been (or many yarn well known to ns, ane the facts therein pUted ate uqdqpbtedlf and undeniably correct. Any 6n* kpswt Air*. Hlir' bins will belloro her statement. _ laisnod) HKN.M). OOOKKR, MARY R. POND. , (oikdbu/ COOKIIII, it, M. roSp, DB. ItADWAY’S Tsmrillw Mnl„ THE BSEAT BLOOD PDHIFJEB, For tbo Caro of nil Chronic Plagues, Scrofula or Syphilitic, Hereditary or Contagious, he It Seated in the Lungs or Stomach, Skin or Bones, Flesh or Nerves, Corrupt ing the Solids and Vitiating tho Fluids.' Chrnnlo Uhcmmallnra, Scrofula, Olandnlir BjfpUtnn, Hacking Dry Coneli, Caneerou* Afloctloni, HypnilUla Complaint*. Blooding of tho Lunge. Dripopila, Water Brash. Tie Doloroux, White Swelling!, Tumor*. Ulaars, Skin and Ilin Binoatos, Mercurial Diseases, Fcraalo Corn* plaint*, Gout, Dropsy, KlekoU, Halt Ithnnm, BroooblUa, Gon*umD<lon, Kldnoy, Uladdor, Llror Complaint*. Ao. PItIGK. 61 BOrfLK. Bold by Druggists. SB. BATWAY & 00., 32 Warron-et.,!?, X IR- IRtm lE3i- MwafstofljMel CUBES TDB WORST' JOINS Id fl’om One to Twenty Minnies. NOT ONE HOUK After rending tills Advorllramont need nny ci niffor ivlth pain. Radway’s Ready Relief IS A CORE FOR ETERY PAIN. llwastlm (Irdt ami is Chi Only Pain Remecw That fnrtantir stops (ha mou o»ortiQl»t|n* pilm, alUn latUmmMlom. and euro* conamliuai, wlioU,r oi lilt l.ung<, Htnunoh, Uowcli, or other giaadl or organ*, v) 000 si’i’lieaU’ia, In from One to Twenty Minutes, fo mstlnt hnw vfnlwtt nr norucjftllna iho mia, tho heumsUo, llod-rldditj, Inflnn, O.lnplcq, Nerraua. Neu ralgic, or proairatcd with dUasoo ng/ ■udor Radway’s Ready Relief WILL AFFORD INSTANT BASE. [nflaramatlon of tbo Kulneva, lofiammaMoi, of tbo Hladdor, luhammatlgn of the Dow els, Mumps, Oongestlon of the Lungs, Bore Throat. Difficult aretabmg. Palpitation of the Heart, Hysterics, Group. Diphtheria* Go* tarrb, mfluenso, Headache-. Toothache, Neuralgia, Rheumatism* Gold Ohills, Ague Gbil s, Gmlbiauu, FvostDitos. Tlis application of tbs Ready Belief to tho part J* tua pain ur dipiojltr o<iits will atfufJ ***• o dVopi fa half a tumble* of water will, in a f« fj;. u ,'&£xyK'iKK to the llowoh. and all Internal psm*. „.r»tv»vs *A waUr jtiil Eb»o; TEVER-AND AGUE. Fe«r sod A*«* eared for llfljr c«nU, Tbsro I* B«l» tmi.adiai •■tot la (ha world that will sure f«*ar isa sfinffeßsaas** •»»—""•ii* DR. RADWAY’S Regulating Pills pediftUf ta*Ule»i, vUgtaUr a«Ud trim twnH sjiJ* ruiit. rvxuistd, mill/, ciesA**, end itrsaslbim. •M*« * f i2rwrf mycure U*U Ji*unlj«y «» rut *W«M* nttir, no-eU. KUu*>*. hu&fsr, N*r*oiu ha***»*« UcftOtcb*. UiiutUpayun* Oestiveoess. tedwUjia > p«t>*i».|)iUuUftUtw. plUuu* »«i!ftwu»*U*tt ef OilwtTt, PUM/endair U*!ftnjt*««aUe. iet euift. VtarrsDUMltoeifeeia potlllr# cure. W eiftulo, eoeulaluu at mercury mtoerals or dslci«rt« ‘Wuwi Mluvm# ftiwvtotas mulUn* f"“» IvL. fTr.MuL"rullftftit of Vfatit]) In lb* UlaiiucD, . u ‘ i;. 0 r .^“ l *• flrifttb nuttsrlmre at the Heart. Cboklu* vr SbS<m£ ■ Jlo»d MPrtUe and True," Hand Ml U-UmUm U fi.iRWAY A GO.. Wfc JJ wl%X , Km\eflu "WsseUsa werth Uesssah wUlhessatyea.

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