Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 26, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 26, 1876 Page 2
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2 bis position without so error. and. indeed, with out much excaso for ono. Itlues rather aston ished the audience by his fast running and gen erally stirs fielding. TAKEN AS A WHOLE, tbo first game of the Chicago* of 1870 was a creditable one, end promises veil tor the score at the end of the season. The LonUville team were beaten to-dav by their fielding errors, as well as by tboir utter In ability to hit Bpalding’s delivery. They have not yet woikcd together long enough to play as a unit, and yet they show toe power to trouble any team in the country to take away a ball from them. The crowd, especially tbs backore of the club, aro deeply chagrined tins evening at tbo score, bat not so much at tbe lose of tne game. Very little money wae wagered, tbo Cbicagoaos gen erally refusing to give tbe odds of five to ono which were demanded before tbe game. Tbo general expression 18, •'Wait till Thursday, when tbe next game coraos offl M For my part. I promise you for the Cbicagos afar bolter bat ting game. WITTE WEN AND AN UMPIRE. There wae. during tbo game, considerable open dissatisfaction with Mr. Warren's umpir ing, but It ecomod no better based than tbo usual cry in caeoiwbero tbe borne club is getting beaten. ‘As nearly as an unprejudiced observer could Judge, Mr. Warren made four errors of Judgment—two in which tbe Cbicagos took tbo worst, and two in which tbeygalnod. Tbo most important wero: Glenn tan in and took a low lly near the ground, making a beau tiful catch, which the umpire would not recognise, and again, when White was touched off third and was declared not out. Inasmuch as White took no run by the error, it would seem that the criticism wa* un important, Still, tbo talk was so loud this oven lug that Welch, of this city, was agreed upon as umpire (or Thursday's game. Ho did very good ftork fer tbe games in Chicago last year. LOUISVILLE IS DISPLEASED, but unrepentant, this evening, and finds it* con solation only in rejoicing at the defeat of the Bt. Louis Club by the Cincinnati pony team. Louisville proposes to wreak its revenge on Cincinnati for anything that Chicago has done or can do. The Courfcr-Jaurnnl of to-morrow morning looks at the results of yesterday's game philo sophically, aud says that not much more could have been expected of its new nine. It in effect consoles itself with the idea that a trifle closer (ieldmg would have made a tie game, and Chat povlin must provo a hard pitcher for any club to hit. CONE haa severed his connection with (he Chicago Club, and has taken a situation in tho Mattoson House. The act was wholly voluntary on bis part, and resulted from his seeing that tho White Blocking team of twelve men was too urge, and must in some way bo reduced. |UE POSTONS DEFEAT THE MUTUALS AT NEW TORE. Srn(at Ditvateh to The Chliaan Tnbunt. New York, April 25.—Tho first championship rame between tbo Bostons and Mutuals aas filayod on the Union Grounds to-day to about I.OuO persons. Tho day was unfavorable, there jolng a high wind. The Bostons won tho game <y superior batting in tho moth inning, when 'ho score stood G to 2 against them, they making tve tase-hits and scoring five runs. The follow ing is the score : ' MUIDALB. .KUI’A Km uobton. ill II Pi A B WrlglU, •. « ... 0, «; 1 R Lflimani, i b... u n 4 1 O’ltonrks.l.f... 0 3 0 0 Marais, 1 b.., 0 0 7 0 debitor, 3 b,.. 3 0 4 9 MoUlnlex. 0... I u 8 1 Maautn*,r.f... 2 2 11 Morrill. e. f... 1 2 1 D .UordcD.p 1110 I Total, Srsver, 1 )>.... I 0 4: 4 V«ao/ t I. 1.... S a 0 0 \irt. I b D 311 (i s.lllnaa, a. a.. 3 3 o 4 Sckn.o C I C 1 r. I i 3 o l.>ltl«nurili.o.f. < vie (atljcmt. p..,. b..,. iii 2 .. .. II 1< Im h n .0 01130010 InHurt— ft.Uual |d»t&».V.V.V.V.V.V.V.’.V.V.V.’.*V.V.’o oooooai 6-7 Umpire—Mr. Laofbtln.of the Arlington Club, Hum earned—Mutual. 0: Roalon. 1. Mretbate on error*—Mutual, 4: Rotten, 7. Time of garao—Two buun and twenty-flro mlnatM. CINCINNATI USDS—ST. LOOTS RUOWWfI. Lnsvatch to The Chieaoo irtZmrw. Cincinnati. 0., April 25.— Tho came to-day Vltveon tbs Hod Stockings, of this city, and Down StocElogn, of St. Loulo, the first of the league games boro, excited ranch attention in lie city, and attracted out to tho grounds about luOO persons. It was a rather remarkable n mo, the Buds catching out 21 on flics and tho nruwns 14. There was flno fielding on both idea. Tim Reds did bolter hatting tboo tho "row ns, Tho Reds oatnod nothing; tho Browns •oruod thoir solitary run. Thu score stood : Jua’iit*— J 2 3 4CC789 t’d Btocklnfjw 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 o—3 frown Blockings 0 u 0 1 0 0 0 0 o—l WRESTLING. ieiobteb throws cmuaroL xvnca ih three ROUNDS. Xlio New Chicago Theatre swarmed with a pixed audience. Backers aud merchants, gam lars aud roughs, wero huddled iu together, tvoiy piiaac of society sect a delegation, aud tlio aces uf overy nationality reflected the glare of lie lights. Tbo gods iu the gallery wore of tbo 'igbeat aud lowest degree, aud tho faro-dealor U tho parquetto jostled the back President. But ow aud God-foreuken as some of tbo crowd yero, tbo element of respectability prodomi ulcd. Tbcro wore 80 per cent silk bain, aud 40 jor cent $5 hats, aud 30 per cent sioucboa and jape. Tom Allen assisted tbe ticket-taker at the loor, and preserved order when forcible cutty rr&s attempted. Two or those times tho roughs node a rush, bar, Coding it ae aeo, died inland look their saats quietly. It waa 880 when Wilbolm lleyßßtcr and Andre Chnetol apnoarod. and wore iutrodaoed In a priof address by Allen. That gentleman ratted on Mr. W. B. Curtis to act as referee, and ho stepped from his box to die stage, Allen withdrew, and tho wrestlers jtepped forward and shook bauds. Uoygslor Is a mountain of solid dealt and brawn; CUnstol i statue of quicksilver. Tbo former weighs neatly 300 pounds; tho latter about 175. It bos been lioygster's beast that be never has been thrown, and ss lie stood there last night, bis huge trunk quivering, aud bis legs, like iinall towers, planted tirmly, it looked aa if U would take a herd of bulla to toss him. Fiiurr hound. ■ There wtsjno time lost aud they grappled. It was evident that tbo German depondou upon bis weight aud immense strength, while Cbristol relied upon bis agility aud science. They grasp ed each other around tbo neck, each feeling for the other’s stylo of wrestling. OUnstol tried to got bis arms around bis adversary's waist. Hard as lie struggled, bis bauds would not touch. Pressing bis chest downwards upon Ueygstor's stomach, be torced tbo IlcsU below tbe waist, aud then gripped bis own fingers on tbo German's back. Tbs stomach buog down as though it bad boon out from above. As Cbristol pressed forward, tbo flesh swelled out on each side, and qulvotod, and heaved, and ebook, as tbe combatants ewayed to and Ira. llelcasiug bis bold to relieve himself, Heygster took another bold on Cbristoi’s back, lie lifted Cbristol, and, as tbo latter came to bis feet again, both foil on their sides. In a mo ment both wore up sparring for a bold. Cbristol slipped behind Heygster, and, throwing bis arms around him. they wore almost buried in tbo huge stomach in front. Tbe skin tightened and fairly shone. Aa Cbristol tried to lift Heygster, the two mosses above and below bis arms shook ind shivered. The Frenchman found it im possible to lift Hoygstor U inches off bla feet, rbla was recognized by tbe crowd, and tbo bouse resounded with yolla of derision. Heygster turned suddenly aud caught Cbristol from be hind, but Cbristol, bending forward,Jdropped on km bauds aud kuoca and sent tbo man, whom a pomeot before be bad failed to lift, spinning off bis bead. But tbe exertion waa aucb that be tould not follow up ibo advantage. At Ibe next flinch, Heygster sent tbe Frenchman flying Ibroagb tbe air. But Cbristol turned and foil »u bis bauds and knees. A dozen catches aud trips wero tried, but tbe men were raining perspiration and their bodies were slippery. Twice tbe German threw tbe Frenchman, wiio tamed on bis face and slipped from under bis tdveraary. Once Heygster wss underneath, and m be lay there quietly, trying to regain bis breath, Cbristol tugged at him till tbe muscles itood out, but in vam. He didn’t oven move kirn. Both were up again, and lu a moment were down ou their aides. The struggle was then on the floor, each striving to turn the other on hia shoulders. Boon they separated and were up again. The next clinch was the last. Doth fell, lieygstsr ou his right side sod the Frenchman across him. with his left arm under Heygster's waist and tus right arm under hia loft aim-pit. Suddenly slipping around, so they lay head to bead, Christo! with a quick movement turned bis adversary, and the moaning, panting Teuton lay fairly ou bis back, both shoulders ou tbs ground. Ons fall for OhrUtoL Time, 10 min* tlea. Long sod demonstrative was tbs applause, tnd Ooristol appeared, bowing. Fifteen minutes were allowed for rest, sod the mso were carefully rubbed down. Then they appeared again for tbe They stood side by side, each with a neck and Utouldsr grip. The German bent Christo! over, and by a quick trio throw him. falling heavily upon turn. The Frenchman was on bis back-but, as Heygsler'B arm was nndsr him. the shoulders coaid not touch. HoyKSlor rolled off «o free bln arm. and In a second Christo! bad eoled out fiom underneath and was on top. Both arose, arid iloygster waited Cbnstol over his head. The latter fell ou bis feet, amt, draemg llsyestor down with him, stood upon ms own bead and beoln, tbs Gorman's bead being under him. They occupied that position for a minute and a half. wbenCbrittoi wrenched himself loi-ae and sprang to bis feet. Four or five lime* ilsTpster threw bis wiry opponent, but the latter oozed out from under him in some indescribable way, and the advantage changed bands. Finally Heygsler got behind Cbtistoi, ami lifting him high in the air, dashed him down and, falling on him, pressed him back, despite his most desper ate struggles, until his shoulders touched. One fall for iloygater. Time, 20 minutes. The excitement was intense. Tbe crowd bowled and stamped. Fifteen minutes more for rest, sod tbe men came ap again fresh as they had been at tbo end of (lie first. Just before their reappearance a man in tbo back end of tbe hall tried to sell some pouts, bat there wore no bids. TUB TlltllP ROUND was short and sharp. Heygnler tried twice to throw Christol over bis bead and failed. The third effort waa successful, but the Frenchman turned In the air and came down on bis face. Each then got a neck and waist hold, and the struggle of tbo evening commenced. Neither stirred, but the muscles stood out in knots. At length Christol gave way suddenly, and fading, twisted and came on lioygstcr, the latter face downward. It was a splendid effort. Throe times iu succession tbo German threw Christol, who always came down on Ins face. Four times they went down together. Once Christol was on his book, both shoulders nearly touching, but by a sudden turn ho mounted lleygeter and tried m vain to turn tbit worthy over. The Teuton crooked one of his massive legs inside Obristol'e knee, and tbo Frenchman fell like a log. Ho tried bis old slip, and would have suc ceeded in getting out, but unfortunately for him bo pulled the Gorman over on top of him, and there be lay, fiat on his back, with BUO pounds of flesh to hold him down. Second fall for ilegyster, sod he was declared the winner. Tbe crowd cheered, the wrestlers bowed pleasantly, and the fun was over. The stakes were 9239 a aide and tbo entrance money, and ae the theatre was filled, the winning man will probably realize something like SI,OOO or 91,200. _ THE TURF* ENGLISH RACES. Stue tal Ditvateh to The Chieaao TVtftutu. London, April 25.—The first great handicap of tbo season was run for to*day at Epsom, tho city and suburban handicap, about IX miles, which derived additional interest from tho fact that among the eighty-three subscribers were two American horses, Mr. M. 11. Sanford's brown horso Mato, by Australian out of Mattlo Gross, aged, to carry US pouuds, and his bay colt Hay Final, by Lexington out of Bayloaf, 4 years, to carry 109 pounds. The latter was not started, but reserved to start for tbo groat me* tropolilau handicap to-morrow. Since Freak* ness* defeat on Thursday had shown that tho American horses wero yet high in llouh, (iG to 1 was laid against Mato. To-day's race was won by Thunder; LUtle Harrv second; Merry Duchess third. The American horso Mate fin* ished in tho last six, and never throughout the race had a j romiuont position. The following (able, never before published in America, shows tho winners, their a| weights, ami riders, ami tho nuiubor of hoi starting foe tho raoo tinea its establishment i 1 “ r. Won by ! Hit. i 'Rltbaron. Butterfly.... Klh«lbert,u. Vlragn 'lreland Yet.. Jloapltalliy., Adame* M. de Chantilly jiileabnok.... Comforter, 6. Uantlno Hawcmtor.... Adventurer.. Merry Heart. Argonaut.... Ueltgbt A burgoldla.. dpconlunj.... Alpenitook.. Sabhiua .tack .Spigot., •ligby Utano. Mornlngton., \lJilob Jalbam. it A tier (load beat wltb 1 h Alter dead b :at with L Trotn the above tab! race is wou by a yn horse In tho great maj AQUATIC. TOT CHICAGO YACHT CLUB. Tbo Chicago Yacht Club bold a regular mouth* It mooting last evening in tho Sherman House Club-Boom. Commodore T. M. Bradley presid od, ond C. 13. Kromor acted as Secretary. Among those present were Commodore T. M. Bradley, Vice-Commodore William F. Hlgzio, Bear Com modore J. A. Barrow, C. 13. Kroraor, John t’rigga, John ITindivilln, ,T. J. Wilson. John Feigns. E. W. Baruum, 11. C. Bradley. 11. Eilort -Bou, Ed Baud, F. W. S. Bntwley, 11. Henderson, W. 11. Burk, and George O. Wrlr. It. I). Gray aud Lnreo Jacobsen were elected to membership in tbo Club. Mr. Farrow moved for a committee of live to get up a petition to tbo Lincoln I'ark Commis* sionera asking them to commence tho piling in front of the lako-dtivo (iua summer, so as to hasten tbo formation of a basin for pleasure boats by the erection of a breakwater. Jobn rrlmllvillo, W. E. Mcllourv, William Higgle, F. W. ti. Brawler. John Farrow, and T. M. Bradley wore etionoa tho Committee. Tbo eame Committee was empowered to con fer with tho Illinois Central Ballroad Company to eco if they would allow tbo Club to put up a temporary plank sea-wall on the pilings iu front of Washington street alongside of tbo Com pany’s property. The amendments to tbe by-laws recently re ported changing the classifications of measure ments of boats was taken up and adopted. Tbe classes have been arranged os follows: First, boats measuring from 00 foot and over; second, boats measuring fiom 45 to CO feet: third, from 31 t 045 feet: fourth, all under Si foot. Tho Club thou adjourned. CENTENNIAL. ILLINOIS. SpamomLD, 111., April 25.—Governor Bev eridge to-day issued tbe following proclamation, which was referred to In the dispatches yester day : la iht PtopU of (A« Slat* of Ullnoh, Orttltnj t WnravAM, The Seuata and tho House of Jlepreaeat*- tlrei have issued, and the President of tUs United Slates baa approved, a joint resolution on the celebra tion of tbs Uoutomiial in tbo several counties or towns, wblob Joint resolution la aa follows, vis: ** U» U utalttd, by ths Senate and Uouse of Repre sentatives of tbo Unlled.flUlea of America, That It be ami U hereby recommended by tbo Uenato aud House of Itcprtseulaltvra to the people of tbo several States tbst they assemble la tbe several coun ties or towns on tbe approaching Centennial anniversary of our National Independence, aud that they cause to have delivered on such day an historical sketch of said county or town from its formation, aud that a cony of said sketch may bo filed lo print or manuscript In the Clerk's olUco of said county, and an additional copy In print or manuscript be filed in tbo ofilce of tbo Librarian of Congress, to tbs intent that a complete record may thus be obtained of the progress of our institutions during tbo first Centennial of their existence. 1 * New, therefore, 1, John L, Beveridge, Governor of Illinula, do hereby earnestly recommend to the people of our Stale that prompt tueaauri* be taken la each county and town for the selection and appointment, hi auch manner as may be deemed boat, of one or more peraoua who alall prepare, ae auggesied in the resolution, complete, thorough, and accurate historical sketches of each county, city, town, or village, from the date of Its Ural settlement to the present time; one copy of each of said sketches to be filed la tbs office of the County Clerk, and an additional copy lo be filed In tho office of the Librarian of Congress, at the City of Washington. That these sketches may be of the greatest historical value, I would especially urge the Importance of the utmost care in their preparation In order that they garner many interesting facta connected with the earn* eat daya of our titale, the knowledge of which, record* ed only lo the motuortre of our older citizens, is grad* Daily patting away, and soon will be loat to us forever. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my band, and cauaed the great seal of the Utal* to be affixed. Done at the City of Bprmgflutd, thla 2Mh day of April, A. D„ Ibid, Jouu L. Bavoniua*. By the Governor: Uioua* H. Hablow, Secretary of State. PHILADELPHIA, PazLAhALruu, April 25.—Mayor Blokleyhaa sworn In 650 men of tho special Centennial Guard. The guard is divided ioto three compa nies, under the general command of Col. Clay. SAN FRANCISCO ITEMS. Sah Fbakcisco, April 25.— 1 n reply to the statement of J. 0. Flood relative to the Bonanza mines, the Caronfc/o this morning publishes an interview with J. It. Kean, a well-hnonn stock operator, who alleges that the ore lu the body of tho Consolidated Virginia is impoverished by working, and la deteriorating in width and quality as it descends. Ho also chains that Flood lias bee* soiling Consolidated Virginia and California, when bo could d<t so without breaking the market, while advising bis friends to hold on. He admits a bad feeling between himself and Flood, and says the latter nates him because be insisted In the rehabilitation of the Bank of California ; that among the causes of its failure, outside of tbo irregularities iu ita management, was tbs lock-up of ooln by Flood, who wished to break tbs bank, and build up the Nevada Bank on its ruins, tie admits that the present usne is a question of TCtaoltj between himself and Flood. The Pacifie Mail vcstsrdav applied to the Bomb District Court for a discharge of tbe at tachment ou the coal ami stoics of the steamer City of Now York. The Court ordered the Com pany to file a bond in tJO.OOO. when tbe attach ment will be discharged. Tbo bond is not yet filed. ’ WHISKY. CHICAGO. THE OOTEBNMINT RUILTUNO. Business around tbe Government Building was tediously dull yesterday. Judge Bangs and a couple of tbo Deputy Marshals were engaged moat of the day in getting the papoia ready for tbe sale of the Biackbawk distillery, which will come off Friday. This property was originally owned by “ Buffalo * Miller, and was by him deeded in fee-simple to WTlliam Cooper to en able him to run the house. It is generally sup posed that tbe property will be bid in for tbe original proprietor, and the presence in the city yesterday of 11 Buffalo's " brother, the Mayor of Houth Bend, lod., gives color to the supposition. The Dowell' distillery—South Branch—will bo eold Saturday. Bvron M. Callender, a Ganger, who was in- dieted early iu tbe game, and who departed for the sunny Booth early last winter, returned to tbe city Monday evening. He la satisfied that there is no place like Chicago. Chicago with a cart-load of indictments la a much fairer land than Georgia without (he trouble of giving bonds and dodging United States Deputy Mar shals. Judge Millar, one of Col. Matthews' right bowers, returned from tbo rural districts Mon* day afternoon. Ho has secured a trunk full of interesting reading concerning the truo inward* loss of certain crooked gantlemoo who live not more than I,OUO miles from Morris, 111. The Judge thinks ho has aa good a case there as be had at Milan, and every one knows ho carried that to conviction. Tho internal revenue receipts yesterday ag gregated 627.287.40, of which $18,027 camo from whisky and $2,G45 from licenses. Cot. Matthews left for Springfield yesterday morning on a brief visit. He * contemplates making another trip to tho Town of Bristow at an oarly date. TUB RECENT INDICTMENTS. Among tbo hatch of indictments returned by the Grand Jurv of the United Btatos District Court Saturday wero the following: Jacob, Benjamin, and George P. Freyslnper, of Book Island. Defrauding the revenue. Bail, $5,000. Tbo indictment contains throe counts, charging tbo defendants with conspiring to defraud the Government of the tax on 40,000 gallons of proof spirits. The indictment is framed nudor the provieiona of Ssca. 3,281, 3,290, and 5,440 of tho Revised Statutes. Augustus Do Gray ami Alfred Bushnsll, run* nlng an illicit dietillorr In Hyde I'ark.. Bail, S3,QUO. There aro six counts, and tho defend* ants are Indicted separately. John S. Chord, a Gauger, unlawful negligence and eoQßpiraoy. Conspiring with William Cooper. Simon Powell, and Bollauijne. Law* reuco A Co., to remove a largo quantity of proof spirits with iutoot to defraud tho Government of the tax on the same. Bail llxed at $6,000. UMer. 'Marlow,, KauJall. • Wa11a..., dluilovk Forciham... >prealy J, Adam*.., ('aatance.... 1.. Noomten. L'tiaionor.... NoLilo MISCELLANEOUS. MILWAUKEE. Stesial DUpntch to The eMcaso iribune. Milwaukee, April 25.—Christian Gunther, flguro-hoad and nominal ownor of tho Mamie* macbor distillery, has returned from Canada for the purpose of giving himself up, and walked into court to-day, whore ho was at once arrested by Deputy-Marshal Burke, and, being brought before the Court, pleaded guilty of conspiracy, and way hold lu $5,000 ball. Morten’!! W Ila Kenyon... Iluitabla. l.'amotoa. .laftter.,., 1t0we11.,.. f. Cricklimro. F. Webb Alordan Mirbvy Mill*... New Orleans, April 25.—The trial of Fehren* back U progroHuing slowly. The testimony ie voluminous, but direct, showing numialakable crookedness in the management of the Fehren* back distillery in 1873 and 1871. . 4 yuan, 73 pound*, ion, 6 year*, lift pound*, ill bo scon that the ad lightly-weighted if instances. FIQHTINO MINERS. A’Wfial Ditvilch to The Ctucaao TVituiw. Halifax, April 25.— There was cuusiderahlo excitement In Now Glasgow last night between 200 and 300 miners from adjacent collieries, who made a political demonstration by marebiug into town carrying an effigy of Mr. Carmichael, aud a banner inscribed with a motto condemnatory of that gentleman's utterances in the Dominion Parliament on tbo coal question. A party of men of the town stopped the procession and wrested tbo elfigy and banner from the miners. Blows were struck, but no one is reported seri* ously injured, although the minors arrived with pick-handles. Nashville, Ttiou,, April 25.—Sunday night at 0 o'clock a while man and a negro, heavily armed, effected so entrance by artifice to tbe Carthage Jail, Smith County, overpowered tbo jailer, got tbe key, and liberated four prisoners from tbo iron cage inside tbe jail building. One of tbo liooratod orlsonor* is lit Curtis, a noto rious horse-thief and outlaw, who nan escaped from many jails. A Vigilauco Committee is in hot puisuit. A FORGER ARRESTED- Special IHtpateti to Tn» Chirano tribune. Fond do Lac, Wia., April 25.—A roan named Henry Buitze committed a forgery iu this city some throe months ago and then tied the coun try. Tbe officers of tbo law have been tracking him ever since, and succeeded in capturing him in Oshkosh yesterday. Tbe forgery consisted in signing bis brother’s name to a small note, lie will go to tbe Penitentiary, os it is a clear case. THE CHARLEY ROSS CASE. Philadelphia, I’a., April 25.— WeatenreU,who is in prison for complicity in the Charley Bona abduction, has boon vlaikod by tbe widow of Uoeber, tbe abductor, aud earnestly entreated to give some clew as to tbe whereabouts of tbe boy. He earnestly declared that be know noth ing of tbe matter. He went into tbo conspiracy in hopes of securing a part of tbe reward, but bad no direct part in tbo abduction. DIGAMY. Special DUpatch to 2 he Ckieaao TVtburw. East Saginaw, Mich., April 25. A man named Terry Orlppen nu arrested at fit, Charles and brought to thin city and lodged in Jail to-day on a charge of bigamy. The complaint Beta forth that Crippen married one Adolia Mather in Booth Saginaw, August, 1873, and August, 1874. married one Dora Wricht, both being living. The last named hi complainant. Saudcskt, 0., April 25.—Postmastsr Vantyne, of this city, was arrested to*uight by Deputy Marshall Odell, of Cleveland, ou s warrant is* sued by Commissioner White, of Cleveland, charging him with embezzlement and robbing tho United mates mails while Postmaster here. Accused will be taken to Cleveland to-morrow for examination before Commissioner White. BIGAMY AND ADULTERY. WMcial UitvaUh to Th* CAicaao Tribune, Dzs Uoimeb, la., April 25.— Thomas Daks* straw, In jail here, who eloped with the sister of bis wife No. 3 ou Friday last, ts likely to answer to the charge of bigamy in addition to adultery, ss bo has wife No. 1 at Little Dock, Ark, Meufqu, Tenu., April 25.—Joseph B. Riolan, of North Carolina, has been arrested here on a charge of defrauding the Government in the tax on tobacco, but it is said the real object of bis arrest is to secure him ss a witness against the Tobacco King there. A FIOHT BETWEEN WORKINGMEN, Taor, N. Y., April 25.—A mob of masked Unionists attacked, thla mormug, tbs boarding house of uon-Uuiou men, sod probably fatally injured four. One of tho assailants was mor tally wounded. Nsw You. April 35.—Barney Williams, the well-known Irish character actor, died this af ternoon. THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: WEDNESDAY, APRIL SIB, IH7O. NEW ORLEANS. CHIME, JAILORE'KINO. ROBBING THE MAILS, HELD FOR EXAMINATION. OBITUARY. COUNTY CROOKEDNESS. Mr. Storey and His Grand Jury Still Pennine Array at Official Ir regularities. It Is Frobablo that Nothing but a Moral Indictment Will Do Found Against ilio Corrupt Itlnj. Egan Tabes a Hand in tho Storey-Hosing- Foriolat Oonrt-Koueo Unpleas antness. What the Inquisitorial Chamber Did Yesterday. The Grand Jnry yesterday morning resumed its investigations into tho alleged frauds In con nection with tbe management of Cook County affairs. Tho examinations bad boon of a skip and-Jump character, and tbe foreman being cel ebrated for bis consistency, It qaa very natural that witnesses should bo called who would testi fy in accord with his policy. Ho far the evi dence bad covered a wide range, one bonr delv ing into tbe mysteries of fraudulent contracts, and another Into the personal character of con tractors and the moral worth of tbe several members of the County Board. Ho had soemod to ho sol in a determination to search out TUC SMALL THINO3, being oblivious from Ignorance or tho want of capacity to tonch the larger questions, and It was very natural that tho witnesses examined should testify to miscellaneons facts or sur mises. At least each is the opinion of those ho has dally examined, who complain that, while he has appeared In his paper to know a great deal, his wholesale charges of corruption against everybody and everything have failed of proof. The witnesses examined were principally in reference to the work on the new Hospital. Sev eral bidders for contracts testified that they had been bidders, and that they ought to have re ceived the award. Others testified that there bad been an understanding between Sexton and Cochrane, which oxplninecThowit was thatSoxtou bad gotten tho contract at a loss to the county ol from S9,QUO lo $16,000. Mr. Willard, one of tbe old contractors, testified that ho had paid Cochrane S2OO for plans upon which to work after tbe contract had been awarded to bim; that owing to tbe blunders and Incompotency of the architect certain arches In tho original work had to bo taken down or had fallen, wnich was an expense that nobody knew of; and that ou ibo whole the ouinty had boon BCniODSLT FLEECED on tho hospital work, through the Bing con nivance in tho County Board. Air. Dumrhy, one of-tho rival bidders for the late contract at tho Hospital, tostilled in substance that the architect had favored certain parties, and expressed tho belief that Boxton had never made any figures in tho matter, and that bis uid was a fraud, and in proof instanced the fact that he was sub-letting tho work to tho original bidders, from all of which ho drew the conclusion that a margin had been created in the lotting of tho contract which did not savor of honesty or square dealing ou the part of tbo County Board. Tho result of tho investigation, so far, la looked forward to with a simlo. The examina tion of witnesses has been characterized by an inexcusable looseness. Mr. Hch imr. It is true, told all he know, ami whatever facts ho revealed wore voluntary, and inclined to retlcct more upon sumo member of tho jury than tho public officials. The other nitncsflcss have volunteered nothing, and, as a consequence, nonirMd has ukcm oaimed of which they have complained ou the outside. Who is to bo ulamed must ho found out, but it can only he done when Mr. Storey, who is practically tho jury, presents hisropmL This report, from what can bo learned, will amount to nothing moro than a moral indictment of those having tbo management of comity affairs, all of which is attiiimtnbto more to his manege ment of what ho has undertaken than to tin* want of facts in the cases. For instance, ho will liberally nso adjectives in reference to Periolat’s connection with tho county dflclals, and learo Mr. Periolat jmt os he was, noises tho ” Times Ring” succeeds in oust ing him through tho Board, and naming a now agent for tbo corruption fund In tbo construc tion of the now Court-House, which should not ho. And the chances are that ho will leave tho iwrd with the same character it has so long en joyed and so richly deserved, ami besides, in the possession of tho assurance that to stoat will remain a virtue, whether it bo in soiling tbo bodies of tho pauper dead, in doiramling tho destitute of thoir rations, or in exacting per centages from every countv contractor. Tho matter of investigation which has so far excited tho most interest with tho County Board is tho LiariTNiNa-iioD ulhinebb. In addiiiou to «bathes already boon published as appearing in tosuuiouy before tbo Jury are some damaging facts. In this job it is well knowfa that Commissioner McCallroy bad tbo management aud final disposition of SSOO pat up in tbo interest of a certain bid. Tula was ex posed weeks ago, and yesterday it was revived uy tbo testimony of a Mr. Smith before the iury. Now it appears, in addition to what ban oen heretofore presented, that, immediately after the original expose of the job bad been made, McCaffrey and Wilkinson—tbu lormor being supposed to bo tbo recipient of tbo mousy and tbe latter known to be the d.sponsor of tbe same—called upon Mr. Smith, and, backing biu into a vault in tbe City Ifulldiug. de manded that bo should retract ull that bad been published, at tbo risk of bis life. Tbe contest was furious, if reports be true. McCaffrey said tbo thing would blight him, aud Wilkinson was of tbo same opinion, Smith, it is said, however, stood up nobly; and that bo refused to retract what bo bad slated to a TimiUM! reporter is evidenced by tbo fact that bis testimony before tbo jury, as published yes terday, was substantially tbo same. It is said that it was demanded of him that be should sign certain papers, when cornered in tbo vault, denying all allegations against them; but that be did not accede is abuudautly attested, not only by the testimony before tbo Jury, but by the foot that, after tba publication yesterday, McCaffioy was found in WiUiubOu’u store by a reporter, and bis whole manner naa characterized by an anxiety to see Wilkinson in advance of an; one else. IIESINQ VEUSUS STOUEV. In the discussions about Jury business yester day, nothing was mote prominent than Urn tos mony of Mr. Hosing on datmday, which was condensed in these columns Bundsv, aud repro duced from tbe Staah’ZeUung In full yesterday. Everybody confessed that Mr. Hosing bad gotten tbo better of tbo Jury in the matter, but there wus some grumbling that tbs HUmls-Zeil ting bod nut tuld tbo wbelo tale. It was said, for instance, and truthfully, that the report omitted much that bad a beanug upon tbe present condition of affairs. It was said that in Mr. llestug's testimony in reference to bow tbe city printing had been ob tained by (bo Times m JStl'J, Mr. Htoroy said that Aid. Hildreth bad come to him and de manded money, Ur. Hosing certifies to Mr Storey Laving made the statement, but Hildreth, on the other baud, denounces it as an aggra vated lie, etc. Aud this brings to tbo surface another question, aud one calculated to refiect upon tbo memory, if not tbo integrity, of Mr. Hlotey. Mr. Btorey said to Mr. Hosing, when before the jury, that Egan bad testified Chat bo bad approached Perietal to buy bis (Heelns’s) lufiuooce in tbo Court-House matter, etc. This is denied in a letter received from Egan by Hos ing yesterday, which has been forwarded to Pori olat. aud upon tbe strength of which Mr. llcsiug says that Mr. Htoroy, with duo respect for bis position as foreman of tbo Grand Jury, is a very naughty mao, and if there is such a thing as “ a hereafter and brimstone,' 1 be deserves to see it all. TUB COMMERCIAL LOAN DANE. Aside fiom all of this county muddle, the Jury la dailv examining into minor complaints. The latest and most important is against Mr. Meyers. Cashier of the defunct Commercial Loan and Trust Comoauy, who is accused of haviug re ceived dof-oaita when ho knew that the bank was ou the eve of closing—even a few hours before closing. The result is iu the hands of Mr. Btoroy. NON-COMMITTAL. A Tiudunb reporter yesterday sought Mr. Cbaudlur, once business manager of tbe’Timrs, in order to ascertain what ho had to say about the material points of Mr. llosiug's testimony before the Grand Jury last week. After con siderable search, Mr. Chandler was found to be one of the partners to a cigar-manufacturing establishment ou Wabash avenue, near Lake street. The interview was as follows t Reporter—Wsro you counseled with the Times In Ibbil. Mr. Chandler? Mr. Chandler—l was. [ IL—Have you seen the report of the interview «Ub Mr. Hosing rapotiod in Utla morning! Tumour? Mr. o.—lhavs. Jt.—Have you anything to say about It f Mr, o.—l have no connection with the fans!* nMi mm. Mr relations with the pirtios are pleasant, ami 1 do not wish to say anything for or iigAinßi tho statement. IL—Tlmn you decline to deny or to corrobor atn Mr. Ilcslng's statement. Mr. o.—l do. Matters are so In this city at present that whether a person denies such a statement or not, ho Is dragged Into a contro versy. I wish to avoid any inch result In this case. it,—Wh.t nnißt I atsto to the raadera of Tiik Taidunb, thou ? Mr. C.—Y >u can ear that I decline to atata anything mih reference to the subject CASUALTIES. THE ENGINEER ASLEEP. Speetat Dispatch lo The Chieage Tribune Wkllawd, Ont., April 26.—A (etribla railway aocideeb occurred at the Junction of tbe Canada Southern Hallway and the Welland Canal, half a mile south of this town, last night at 10 o’clock. The railway swing-bridge was open to allow a lug to pass, and Juab then a freight-train came along, and, although tho proper signals wore up, the train gave no signs of stopping or slacken ing speed. On arriving at a pond Jnst before reaching (be canal, tbe engine plunged into the water, dragging after It eight oars loaded with merchandise. Somo of tho cars passed over the engine, striking against tho swing bridge, pushing it almost C foot off the centre. A wrecking-car was promptly on tbe spot, and a spare engine from Fort Frio, bringing with them W, K. Muir, Gen eral Manager, and other railway ofllcialn. John Van Nougulon, tho fireman, was killed. The engineer, named Aaron Cady, of Torre llauto, lad.. Is supposed to be buried In tho debris. No other lives lout. Tho lino will probably uot bo open (or irafflo for several days. Tho canal will not bo obstructed. Tho engineer is supposed to havs been asleep. LATZII. Arrangements aro made whereby there will bo no Interruption to through paeaonger and freight business on the Canada Soutlieru Bait way. Until repairs aro completed at tbo scone of the accident passengers will be transferred at Cautield via the Grand Trunk Railroad to and from tiro East. DROWNED. Sveciat Ditpaten lo The Chicago Trftunr. lowa City, la., April 25.—A sad accident oo enrred here to-day, about a milo up tbo lowa Hirer, just below the dam. Prof. Parker, of tba State University, was rowing in a boat with his ueloo, a young ladv, bis daughter, aged 13, and his son, aged 15, and reached an eddying current below tbo dam, when suddenly tho boat was drawn aador the water and capsized, upsetting all the parties. Prof. Parkor clung to tho boat, seizing hla ncico, and attempted to got hold of bis daughter, but failed. Ills sou was a good swimmer and floated for a short distance, when the current was too strong and took him under. Tho daughter went under before his eyes. Persona on shore with another boat suc ceeded in rescuing Prof. Parker and bln nnico, but his sou and daughter were drowned. When Prof. Parkor reached ahoro ho was well nigh in sane. and was only prevented from leaping into tho fearful current again to rosouo his drowned children, by the strength of two men. It ie one of the saddest accidents which has happened hero for along timo. Prof. Parker fills tho chair of Ancient Languages, and his son was a member of tha Freshmen class. Onr citi zens are out «n amass with torches, dragging tho riror to find tho drowned children. THE SNY LEVEF. Qoincr, HI., April 25.—Work has been com menced by tho Toledo. Wabash & Western and Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Companies to repair tho portions of their roads washed out by the Buy opposite Hannibal. Tho Quincy A Bt. Louis Lluo runs over (ho Chicago, Burling ton A Quincy and Chicago & Alton, and Quincy again has direct communication with Bt. Louis. Tho track of tho Bt. Louis, Keokuk Northwest ern Hoad between Hannibal and Keokuk is out of water at last, but it will bo several weeks before tho road la open. The Q. M. <k I*, has to transfer on account of washouts. Tho water is fast receding from tho bottoms in this vicinity. Tho decline in tho river to-day was inches ; height above low water mark, 15 feet y inches. Bovcral boat-loads of material wore shipped from this city to-day for tho repairs on the broken Hannibal Railroad bridge. RUN OVER AND KILLED. Eptciai Uitxxtleh to Hit Chicago TVifruru. Deb Moines, la., April 25.— At uoqd to-day the oaet buui:il train on tbo Chicago. Rock Inland A I’acUlo Road, when turning acmvo near the city, ran over and killed Charles Collin non. Xio was walking toward (ho engine and tho engineer reversed bis engine and applied brakes, but too late. The man was drunk, and but a abort time before bad boou re moved from tho track. He was a tailor and loaves throe children. FATALLY BURNED, ffprml IhtvaUh to fhe Chicago Irlbunt, Deb Moines, la., April 25.— About 3 o’clock this morning, 0. H. Purlin, living over bis store, at Wiutorsot, was awakened by groans from tbo store. Hastening down, be burst open tbe door and found bis clerk, Eugene L. Glieiau, lying on the floor, terribly burned about the bead and breast, aud bis bod on fire. He died in a few moments, being unable to speak. It is supposed bo left a kerosene lamp burning, and while asleep overturned it upon him. DAM DAMAGE. ffooeiai DitpaCch to Tho Chieaao JVftunc. OmrrswA Falls, Wis., April 25.—One hun dred and forty feet of tbo Eagle Rapids dsm wont out this morning. Fifty million feet of logs from tbe jam above came crashing down, bat wore caught la A. E. Pound A Co.’s boom. Damage slight. Tbe Cblppowa is high, but fall ing. FLOODS IN UTAH, Balt Lake, Utah, April 2.—Tbe snow on tbe mountains has been melting rapidly for tbe past week. Many farms in tbo valley are flooded. KAILUOAD9. THE CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. Ur. Albert Keep, President of tbo Chicago A Northwestern Railroad, Issued tbo following Im portant circular yesterday t Mr. 11. U. I’ortor, baring resigned tbe position of General Manager of this Company, feeling that bta olbsr duties necessitate bis giving them all bis atten tion, Mr. Martin lliigbltt baa bsso appointed bis suc cessor, Mr, Ilugbltl will continue to perform tbe du ties of General superintendent, as heretofore. This change will toko effect May 1,1H70. Aluest Kehv, President. It U rumored in railway circles that the main cause for Mr. roller's resignation was the fact that Mr. Jay Gould had succeeded in getting control of a majority of the stock of tbo road, and that at the next annual election au entire change in the management of this road would be made. It has been well known for aomo time (>ast (hat Mr. Gould has boon after this lino to secure a connecting link between the A Chicago, In which ho baa a largo Interest, and the Union Paclllc, which he owns. PERSONAL. Mr. John’W. Garrett, President of the Balti more A Ohio Railroad, arrived here last evening by the Baltimore A Ohio Railroad in a special oar. Uewill leave to-day for California, whither he is bound on a ploasuro-tnp. lie is accom panied by a number of prominent gentlemen. Mr. 0. M. iligglusou has been appointed Pur chasing and Hupply Agent fur tbo Chicago, Bur lington A Quincy Railroad, with headquarters in this oily, MEXICO. Galveston, Tex., April 25.—The Kcwt special from Ringgold Barracks, 25tb, says Gen. Tudro, with 8,000 Federal troops, is eu route from Mon terey for Mior. Queiego will bold Monterey. Tusro will doubtless moot Diaz' forces at Mier or Camargo, Han Puanoibco, April 25.—A dispatch from Han Diego reports the Mexicans gathering again across ins frontier iu the vicinity of Camuo. Hume fear is entertained of another raid. Pickets are posted. PROTECTION FOR. BLACK HILLS PARTIES. Ouaua, Neb., April 25.—Orders have been Is sued to the Commanding Officer at Fort Laramla to (as far as possible) protect travelers between that point and Custer City, bat his fore* is in adequate to tha task, after other than occasional scouting parties, tierioua trouble is appre hended from roving small bands of Indians, who will not attack largo, well-armed parties, THE COUNCIL. Slight Progress Made in Canvassing the Koturns, Apparent Unwillingness on the Part of Some Aldermen to Finish lip. They Adjourn to Friday Night to Dispose of Thoir Unfinished Business, Ad adjourned meeting of the Ootmoll was bold last night, Aid. llixou In tho Chair. There wan a bare quorum whon the roll waa called, and Aid. Fotoy, after the Canvassing Committee had begun Ua labors, Instated that they had no legal right to proceed unless the required num ber of Aldermen was present. The Chairman—There waa a quorum present when tho roll waa called. Aid. Foley—l am satisQed (here 1* no quorum now. This position of the worthy Aldermen alarmed tboeo who wished to got through with the can vass, and special messengers wore dispatched for those who wore* taking their evening boor across the way, or chatting with their friends in tho lobby. Tho Chairman ordered the roll to bo called again, and twenty-two Aldermen answered to their names. IJusmoss was (hen proceeded with, but there was anolbot attempt to adjourn during tbo next five mlrjutes on account of the absence of sev eral members in tbo ante-room. Tho Chairman ruled that no vote was being Inkon and tho proceedings were perfectly lit order. About a quarter past 8, Aid. Hildreth moved that when tbo Council adjourn It bo until Fri day evening, when alt matters in tbo bauds of Committees should bo brought forward and con sidered. Carried. After one or two more precincts bad been can vassed Aid. Campbell wanted tbo house called to ascertain how many Aldermen wore present. Tho Chairman saia no business could bo en tertained at present. Aid. Campbell would (ben move to take a recoss. Tho Chairman—That cannot bo done. Tbo returns, according to the Law Department, must be canvassed in open Oouncil. Aid. Campbell said there woro not fifteen members In tbo house. He moved tho call of tho house. The Chairman—That Is in order. Tho Bor geaot-at-Arms will bring in tho absentees. Henry wont out with (oar and trembling, this being tho first timo bis services in this capacity hod been called into use, and remained until after Clerk Forrest had declared seventeen mom hots present. Aid. Campbell—What Is the duty of tho Chair whoa there Is no quorum present ? Tho Chairman—A minority of tbo Connell oan adjourn (torn timo to time, bat it requires a ma jority to do business. Aid. Foley moved that tho business bo sus pended until there was a majority in attendance. Tho Chairman said it was for tho Council to docido wuat it should do in such a case. Aid. Campbell asked if it would ho legal to count the votes in tho absence of a quorum. One or two of the men who had gone to liquor up dropped in at this point. The Chairman—Thnre are some Aldermen mining in now. What does tho Council dcsiro to do ? Aid. Oampbolt—Tho Chair should declare (ho Council adjourned if there Is no quorum. Aid. Hildreth—lf we canvass tho vuto in the absence of a quorum we will bo acting Illegally, and 1 don’t think it safe to do so. I move that tho canvass bo suspended. Tho Chairman—That is equivalent to a motion to adjourn for tho want of a quorum. Xne Chair will put the motion. Aid. Longaohor—Lot us wait for a quorum. This suggestion was not well received, ami tho yoas and nays were demanded on tho mo tion. Aid. Foley, who had gotten’ on hie overcoat and was moving toward the door, cried out that tho Council had already adjourned for want of a quorum. Tbo Chairman explained again that the minori ty ooold adjourn from timo to time, and that the motiou to adjourn was in order. Aid. Campbell—Can you call tho roll on tho motion without tbo presence of a quorum ? Tbe Chairman thought this could bo done. Ala. Heath—Does tho motion to adjourn to Friday night still hold good, (hen ? Tho Chairman—Vos. Tho motion was tbon put and declared loat. A division was demanded, which resulted, as near as coaid bo ascertained, as follows : Ayta— Lengacber and Hildreth; Abes—Campbell, Waterman, Heath, and Cloroland. Aid, Cullerton then moved that the Sergeant at-Arma bo instructed to imiNO IN TUB ABSENTEES. It wao explained that several members had gono out for a low minutes on the understand tug that tue canvass-would proceed uninter ruptedly for tho next two hours. Aid. Campbell said quite a number of tho anxious gentlemen who made (laming speeches Monday night to tho olToct that they should canvass at once, wore not present. That was all humbug. Aid. White—What is all humbug ? Canvass ing tho returns ? Aid. Catnuboll—No, sir ; making tho speeches. Aid. While thought that Aid. Campbell should he appointed a committee of ouo to bring in those humbugging Aldermen. Aid. Ilildrotu. seeing that no business was likely to bo transacted, moved that Aid. Camp bell deliver tho *• maledictory. 1 ’ Aid. Campbell expressed his readiness to un dertake this delightful and congenial task, but thought It a little early. Since the Conned was doing no business, ho would move they take a recess until half-past IX o'clock. JIo could not undoist&ud tho policy or pressure that induced tho minority to sit doiog no business. What ever tboy might do under present olroumatauoua would ho void. llcuiy hero put in his appearance, very tod lu tho face, and looking as if tho search after the deserters wan au arduous hut uut altogether an unpleasant duty. THE SERGEANT'S REPORT. The Chairman—Wo will hoax what tbs 6er geaut-at-Arms has to report. Henry reported that i’eto Mahr was throwing dice acroua tho way for beer, and that tho othera were nowhere in the vicinity. The Chairman—Tho Borgeant-at-Arms has been nnablo to find the absentees. Aid. llyan—l shall movo to adjourn, then. This motion was put and lost, amid some little :onfußloo. The Chairman, vigorously pounding the desk with his gavel, here declared that under the charter the Council had power to compel tho at tendance of absent Aldermen. Aid. tipaldlug—l move that the Borgeant-afc- Armu bo om]>owcrcd to bring in tholr bodies. Aid. Camuboll—l move that tho Police Do parlmout he called upon to send oat the wholo force after them. Booing Frank Adams and City-Attorney Jamieson present, tho Chairman, as a dernier resort, appealed to thorn to know If, tbore being a quorum procont when the%ount commenced, tho abssreo of odo now prevented the Commit* too proceeding. LEGAL OPINIONS. Mr. Adams s&U in bis opinion it did not. He thought the Committee could go right on. If (hero was a quorum present when (hey reported, that was all that was necessary. Tho Chairman—Then I shall rule tho Commit* tco proceed. Mr. Jamieson concurred in Mr. Adams' opin ion. There haring boon u quorum present when the Committee began, they could not ho stopped now. Aid. Campbell throw the fifty-seventh clause of the charter at tho devoted heads of the Law Department. but they didn't wince a bit. Being appealed to further, Mr. Adams said the Council must necessarily act through a commit tee in tho cauvass, and tho adoption of that Committee’s report was equivalent in law to a canvass by tho Council. Aid. Campbell—Thou U is not necessary for os to bo in session ? Mr, Adams—ln my Judgment Ills not, but I think it is prudent for tho Council to remain. Aid. Campbell—lf It is good law for the Com mittee to proceed without tho presence of a quo rum, it is Just as good for them to retire and do the work without our presence at alt. Mr. Adams—lf they did that, upon their re port being adopted by tho Council that would legally ho the canvass of the returns. Aid. Campbell—That being the case, then U no need for us to rutuain. Aid. Heath-Then allow tbo Committee to proceed. The Chairman then directed the canvass to bo resumed, but after a few minutes' work Aid. UUdroth came to tho fore again, saying that very gtave questions arose ou this subject. Inasmuch as they had agreed to adjourn until 1 Friday night, to prucoed further might lead to litigation. He considered it unsafe to go on, notwithstanding the opinion of the Law Depart ment. He would move to adjourn, Thu motion was put and lost. A division was called fur, but tho Cuumittoo stating that thcr were nearly through tho Ninth Ward, It was da elded to waltunlU tho canvass of that ward had. been completed. In a fowmlnuloa tho Ninth Ward wan declared counted, and tho motion U adjourn wan again put and carried. The Council therefore stands adjourned until Friday night, Tho Committee wore desirous of proeoodlni with tho canvass to-rhdrrow, but Mr. Jamoison was of opinion that, having boon commenced, th< count should be carried throug In open Gounod, FINANCIAL. ADVANOKB MADRON WATOIISS, JRWELRV Jx diamond*, revolver*, opata**Ui*e*. book*, fan. in. •Iromont*. eto., ©to.,at GOliDtiMlD'H Loan and Daitloi ofbco, feiEaatMadlsun-al. C&'h paid (or old (old and all. *or, «old doit, ailverbar*, proclou* atonaa, and vaiuaelat of ovary description. Unredeemed pledge* (or tale. ADVANCES MADE ON DIAStONDS, WATOIIEJL bond*, etc., at LAUNDERS’ private offloe, lie ju» dolpb'tu, naar Clark, Room* 6 and S. RaUblUkod 18M. Baldwin, walker a go., i jewlky nufTrT ins, corner Ueatborn and Msdlion-it*., bar* fanda I* band m loan on real osuta for tbrea rear*, la aumi from SI,WO to *6,000; OAHU ON HAND TO LOAN ON OIHOAQO PROP, erty IniQmaof *6OO, *1,000.81.600, *2,000, oto. Went aono but (ba boat loonrlllei, and will tnak* loUt. oat and oxpoiuoa corroapnndlnKlr low. HABI'L Glilill, Mortrare Loan*, \fOIWK. KIMIIALLA CCL. “ “3 M ifANKKItb. IBNKwUt., NEW YORK. Member* Now York Stock and Gold Kicbaajo. Treat, act general banking and brokerage bniioßt*. \fONEY TO LOAN ON GOOD CITY REAL ESTATE ivl In antna of *soo and upward*. JOHN W. MARSI) A GO., 11l Wa.liinglon-gt, y TVfONBYTO LOAN ON REAL ESTATE IN SUMS IVL IronlMOupwarda. 11. J. UUKISTOFU, 167Ka0. uolpbit., corner LaSalle. WANTKn-*7,COQ FOR FIVE YEARS ON FIRST cltiilmproved raildsnoo property. 7 per cant la. (erntt. Addreta JOHN QUINLAN, SwOblo-tt. WANTED— *6,000 FOR fl MONTHS; HAVE 850.00 a •lock* and liond*. Will pay 3J4 per eeatpor month. Addroai T 67, Triban# odloo. ■ U/aN’TED-85,000 on GOOD IMPROVED PROP. TV orty at Maywood, and *I,BOO on good aeeurlly at Oak Park: will pay lOpflr cent ami oorarnliiioo. A.T. ÜBU. INdVVAY, Room IS. H 3 LaSalle-*t. SAND 0 PER CENT—MONEY IN BUMS Otf *6no to *19,000 to loin on cliy real eatato and (ami la thl» vicinity. W. M. WILLNKB. 129 Laßa»»at.. Room 1, 1 n PER CENT FIRST MORTGAGE RONDS RU6L JLI/ nlna 4. 6, ft. and 7 yoari, aocured on real oatato, water power, wnru and machinery to the amount of *IOO,. U0(l. Only *26,miof bond* offered) flratia. lint iorvo<(. Addreia J. E. BURTON. Beoretaiy of Orawfonl Mowoi and Reaper Work*, Ogneva lake, nil. Cl ShW* l , And auras to unit, to loan on Uhl. 'JUUU cago or llydo Park Improved or unimproved property. TURNER, A BOND, InJ Washiagton-ai. £•] (\CU\ WANTED FOK SIX MONTHS Oil ONT? tpl.uUv/ fear on clear nntraprovad property worth ii.noOj will pay 10 and 6lf doted at onco. Address 09, Tribune office. <£o ruin AND LARaRH AND RMALLKR RUMS X4.VUV to (Ota. Call at ones. A. S. FALSIEU. JR., Itoom3, 84 Waahlogtomat. ££ fWlft AND #IO.OOO AMOUNTS TO LOAN ON 'PtUMJtf productive city real estate, at veryd*«lra. ble rates. Rulldldff Inana made. DEAN 4 PAY NIC, nurtlioait comor Randolph and Doarborn*ata., bank Uoor. . (WWI #IO.OOO. 80,600. AND other rums to •pd.vWU *utttoWn on city real estate at currant ralca. TURNER A UUND, IQJ Waahlngtouat. ' BOARDING AND LODGING. West Sliln. ÜBODTIT RIIRLDON-ST.—SUITE OF FURNISH, od rooma for guntioman and wife with board. Una single room for gout. West washinoton-rt.—to rent, wmi iUUXJ board. largo room* on drat and aooond llouia to geullamanand wife or single gentlomeu} alau single room*. QOQ 830.833. AND OM WHBT WASUINQTON.RtT — Furnished and unfurnished room* lo root with board. Sultablo for lamlllea and alngla gentlemen. Of* I WEST UANDOLPU-BT.—PLEASANT ROOM# OU ± and good table (are. Term# Tory moderate. Two ladle* accommodated. Day board, 84. 7HO ADAMS-ST.—LA*IIdtt"*PLKASAKT ROOM, IWtf with board, for gentleman and wife ortwogoa- Uenicnt modem bouse; private family. rri O WEST StOKUOK-HT.-LAUait FINE ROOMS I IZi on eulte, with board) all moUorn ImproTemonlJ) references unchanged. rpWO Pi.RBO.NB OAN OBTAIN KART FRONT X room and, board in a private family, hat! a block from Madlion-it. can, M mliintca from Tribune office, al #7 per week well. Address with reference* W 4, Tribune office. South Side. rrn VAN nUURN.HT., NEAR RTATB—BOARD FOR I U lodfoe or gontlomon at #4 U> 83 par week wlUi use ol piano. 9Q- MIOHIOAN-AV, - PARTIES WIRHINO .-OtJ large, tiloolr furoUuod front room or baok room, witti board, oan be accommodated. Roforouooa re quired. ooVi AND 833 STATB-ST.—A LARGE ORMOHT. OOU (ul room, unfurniihed. wlth.board, fur middle* aged gentleman. Mu, liUHON. A qq wkst wahiunoton-st.,' hart o'p'unioH .L'OO Park—Parlor tloor, wltb board, throe rooma, twa clours, hat and cold water. Rafareocee rogulrod. ri'i; WABASH.AV.—VERY DKBIHAHI.K FRONT «JX*J rooms,fumlthod and unmrnlahed, with good board, r>f)Q WABAHII.AV. - FURNISHED IlOOMfy 1)1/0 with board, with all new Improvementa, (or lamt lies or gentlemen. Alio a barn to rent. fio7 W ABASH-A V.—A LARGE DOUBLE ROOM, 00l also aslqglo room, with board; rofuronoa re* qulrod. Qiirj WABASU-AV.—TO RENT, WITH BOARD, OUt) two alcolyfurnished parlor*; also rooms eusuiM orsluglo. nci WAHABII.AV.-TWO ROOMS, SINGLE OH XI'JJ. on tulle, In atone front, lino location, with board; old resMou g; satisfactory rates. Nortli Side. CALUMET AVENUE. NORTH OF TWENTY. Tlilrd-tt.—After May 1. dcclrabto lurnltbed or nn furnished room*, with board, can bo hod, Apply to Mrs. IIULW6Ti.It, No. taio Prolrlo-a?. Hotels. Adams house, corner olark and har. rlsonsta.—Bptondid room* to root, with or without board. Terms low. TtauilctiU, 81.60 to 83 porday. Nevada hotel, m and im wabahii.av.. near—First olaii board for 81.60 to $1 per day; 86 [ o bur wonkt day-board, it 1.50 per wuek. _ BOARD WANTED. Board-in a private family for gentle. man and wlfo. Terms not exceeding 800 In $7« pel month. Addreu. stating location and price, N tO. Trib une offieo. • tjOAUD-UY ONE OR THREE YOUNG MM JJ (strangers), In a nloo, private family. Terms mail bo r«asouaPle._Addms, Immediately, Z 78 Tribune oflloe. Board-for SIAUUIHD couple in strictly private family, North or South Side; win pay from 850 to SOO por month, according in accommodations; ref* ereaoos exchanged. Address H Ki, Trlbono office. BUSINESS CHANGES, A VALUABLE INVENTION—A GARDEN. LAWN, and park rortlllcur. From a common hydrant 1 ob< tain O.UU ponads pressure; It extract! the ammonia froa common manure and convoys It to Ita place of dastlaaUoi In a diluted farm, as nature would prepare it. I dnfrthi world to boat It. It can bo soon dally In operation at tbt •'Tree Nutsary "at43Host itandolpbst, E. U. CUM. MINUS. . A GOOD PAYING HOTEL FOR SALE AT A BAR gain, with frame building and loase of lot. ce»l depot; complete outfit. Apply ML. U. FIUtIBEUGhU, m Waablngtou-at,, Room 4. Fi'RBT-OLTa'l OfOAH STORK AND FIXTURE! fur sale cheap at No. <1 Nortli Clark-st. T AUNURY, DOING A GOOD BUSINESS. FOR 1J sale; also meal-market, taking 874 daily. Waoufxe* luring buxines* and uthor baslnosa ehaooet for solo os exchange. l>. P. HWIKT A BON, 79 Dearborn-st. f EASE .'AND FIXTURES OF LIVERY, BOARD Jj log, and tale stable for sale cheap. Beat ebonoe la the city fora guod man. SH Weet Lake-sU MY FERTILIZER FOR THE CITY OF CHICAGO for tale for 84,000. It U worth BICO.OOO for the eevsa- Icon years, including the parks. Call at 43 kastlUn dolbh-si,, at tho w Tree Nursery." and examine the pda olpfe ami tee It tested. B. 11. OUMMINQB. „ PUBLIC HOUSE ON THU CORNER OF DEAR* X born and Jackson-sts,, opposite tho new Custom* House, for sale. Is doing a good transient bustnox*. I)AUTY OUT OF EMPLOYMENT HAYING ew* A cash can learn of a good thing with big money In m even in tbeeo Lard ttmee. Addrtes O w, Tribune ofleo. milk BTOGK AND FIXTURES OP A grocery J. and tobacco bouio for talc. Inquire at 75 North Hallo-tt., comer of llllnoli. W' ANTKD-MAN TO OPEN WAQON SHOP AT lllghwood. 15. ASHLEY MEADS, lUO WaiUloi bin-it. - MICAUS, fw VvANTUD-O'aPU’AUHT TO JOIN MANUFM> Vi wr«rla manufacturing a tuple Uua goodt toWPJ all flrtL-clu* groom i Urg*. (lock unmanulaotured gt**** oa hand. Profit* largo. Factory In oumvloto running order. Capital required S3.CUO U> <5.000. luvoatraant **• cuiad by nock, llefereneu required and exchanged* Addrau T S 3, Tribune ofljoo. . BUYS LEASE, FIXTURES, PARTiTIOno". iptJU oarpeU, Uce ourtalna, abadet, Unipi. **•: tlxlurvt. ota., complete, vis lir»t-cU»» drett-maklag Wper pattern batmen; not. atom tad roomt, SAL w pit Uku-tt. , i>nnn iTuys lIALFINTKHEBT IN •I.OWSTOns] IptJUU with ttrlctly etth batlnete clearing over |M lUndolnb it.. Room 10. 6TORAGE. WAREHOUSE. O ooruor of Sixteenth end Stale its., U tho Urgett *“'* moit convenient la Ibo Wost; wlib atoam clojtwri *c» handling goodt:lt accettlble to all tho railroadt to tbls city. I’orsuci tiering furniture or other r*id* will tied tills tele aud convenient, being Iroo from doM. rate, and vermin. lUtet of oUiraf o vary law. Money low ed ou all kinds qI property at reasonable ratea of InlerMt- U. U. SAWVBit, proprietor. _ bf(jRACJK-db TO tub‘central WAHBUOUO^ p cor. Rath ami Klatle-iti., to itora your furniture JW huutthold good I, You will find It a convenient, cleanly place, where they will be properly cared l<jri »»• tuttd and tlurcd at the moil reatonamu# rata. 1 «!** **? pedal attention to Put clatt of good*. and Invite I VIU patronage. HORATIO W. RUST,Proprietor. "t'TORAOB FOR FURNITURE. BUGGIES. STpRI p fixture, and geotral ■nerobandiae In flrs-prool «*•*• bom*, 160 W.Munroe-at. Monty advanced oa saty Ungy SEWING MACHINES. I?LKOANT SINOKR, WIIIfELBIt A WILSON lh Howe. Weed. Vtoior. Grover. A Baker (vhuttUb Wilton family aud manufacturing utcblm-i. at fruui t J t<o. Warrautadovw aud perfect. 1. N. MAKih'i * w ftbath-av. ■ CISQKII omoisor A. J. MEL.UIItKj. «a_n7bT P Aladl*on-tl. Mavblnet told on manlbly paymenu. rented, and exchanged. UotutUlSp. n». - W' 'B ARK CLOSING OUT A LA 808 BTOCK Of ... .tesrtsix'ws? ssasi’fe&ssTSSßs aa J *0 Wabath-a? ■ IRVOYANTS. MiCn \ M tniniMARDEN, FOUIUNB TELLER, M

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