Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 26 Nisan 1876, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 26 Nisan 1876 Page 7
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corporatVra rnakM—were steady. Prints were fjofet and unsettled, floutbbridge tod Knickerbocker f&ner printa were reduced #e. Ootton drew goods ff ef« Mlllnß mom freely «l reduced prices. ‘Woolen gooda were quiet and depr«Med« foreign goods were llnll In first bands. CLEVELAND PETROLEUM MARKET. OtETXLAND. April 33.—Petroleum weaker; X® lower ijl around; standard while, ltd tort, I0X®; prime gfctts, 130 taat, Ux® la ear lota. PITTSBURG PETROLEUM MARKET. fjTTSBcao, Pa., April 25.—Petroleum nominal and jtaadyi crude,sUts at Fatker’a; refined, dub; 13X Philadelphia delivery. THE PRODUCE MARKETS. NEW TOBK. SptHat tHirafeh ta 7%< Cftteng* rrfim*. ifcw Tobk, April 35.—Wheat—Market heavy and 10 lo lower; sales, 75,C00 bo at $1.13 for fair Ho. 3 MU* wstikeo; 11.15 for very choice do, part on spot and to irrlvo soon; and No. 1 Milwaukee on private terms; Ho. 3 Milwaukee, seller May, offered at $1.18; the lot lowing quotations are mors or less nominal: $1.04® 1,01 for rejected spring; $1.0501.16 for ungraded iprlog; $1.1031.13 for No. 3 Chicago; $1.12(91.10 for 50,9 Milwaukee: $1.3001.39 for No. 3 Chicago; $1.31 01.33 for No, 3 Northwestern; $1.2101.24 for No. 2 Milwaukee; $1.3001.34/or No. 1 spring: $1.1001.33 for winter red Western; $1,30(91.40 for amber do; $1.33(91.47 for white Western, llye UuU at 85(9870 for Western; 96303 c for Stale; Vie for Canada to bond Harley quiet and unchanged. Corn—Spot lota firm; fairly active; future parcels heavy and declining; nice, 30,000 bo at CO08!o for no grade mixed; 05® (6x® for steamer mixed; 07e for old Western mixed Is store, not strictly prim a. Oats heavy; sales, 99,000 bu at 42®47c for mixed Western and BUtoj 41047 c tor white Western and Bialo, including 14,000 bu mixed Milwaukee at 450 la storo; and 8,000 bn prime Chicago at 4Sa in store. Provisions—Middles heavy at 12,V®12itfo for long clear. Lardlower; sales eflOOtrs at SI3.C7X lor prime steam : at lbs first call, for April $13.63X was bid and $13.60 asked; for May, SI3.C3X wsa bid ami H3.C7K aaked; for June, 750 tea sold at 1D1.R3; for Inly, $13.97X was hid and $13.98X asked; for August, R4.OS was bid and $14.15 aaked. Wuitax—Market quiet; held at $1.12. with buyers it 11.11. Sugar—Market quiet and steady; fair to pood refining quoted at 7 9*19(97 13*16o; prime at 115-lCo; Nos 10 to 12 Havana at 7X@BX°- Coffee— Market steady; fair demand; 1110 quoted at 15X0 18X® In gold; Maracaibo at 15X®190 1° gold. Tallow—Rules quiet and steady; prime country tnd city quoted at 6 7-18(90 15-10 e. [ftiMi Aiioeialnt JWM.I New Tons, April 33.—Cotton—Easier; 131-IC® 13 We; futures barely steady; April, 1320-93(A1315-160 ; May. 13,39-33313 15-lCo; June, 13X013 5-3‘Jc J July, 13 1i.33013X®l August. 13X013 17-a*Jo; Beptembor, 13 October, 13 6-ICOI3X®; November, 14 7-33'Al4ke: December, 13 7-33®I3Xc. Flour—Dull; prices stitl rule strongly in buyers’ Favor: receipts, 11,000 brls : superfine Btato and West* irn, $1.10®4.50; common to good extra, $4.00(35.35; rood to choice, $6.3005.70; white wheat extra. $5.75 97.75; extra Ohio, $4.0007.00; Bt. Louis, $5.3309.00; Minnesota patent process, $5.0009.50; No. 2, $3.00® |,75. Ilys flour unchanged. Gorn-U a al—Quiet; Western, $3.7509.35. Oiutm—Wbftut dull and lower; receipts, 190,000 Mi: nngndad spring, $1.00; No 3 spring. $1.1.1(31.15; No. 1 spring, $1.8041.83; No. 1 Milwaukee in store, jljo; No 3 Chicago spring, afloat, $1.33; No. 3 MU' mnkee spring. $1.2041.33: No, 3 Milwaukee notnl sally $1.10(31.13. Itye dull; Htate, 1154110 c; Weat im, 65487 c; Canada, In bond, 00491 c. barley quiet tnJ unchanged.* Malt dull and unchanged. Corn- Demand fair and market firm: receipts, 88,000 bu; nixed no grade, 60(<t01o; do steamer, WK'lOSjro; do mded, 07c. Oats—Uccelpts, 38.000 hit; mixed Western md State, 4044ta; white Western and State, 41430 c. Hat—Firm; shipping,764Boc. Hors—Quiet; Eastern and Western, 10410 c; New fork State. 13418 c ; California, I&4I80. Groceries— Sugar quiet and unchanged. Coffee quiet bnt steady; lUo cargoes, 16HC*18>4o In gold; lobbing, IBJ/QlOJfc 1° gold. Molasses in moderate request ; Porto Rico, 434330; Now Orleans, 43@<>0c« Rice dull and unchanged. Pktbolxvk—Dull and heavy; crude, 7j£o; refined, l3Wc; in cases, 17}f4910; naphtha nominal. Tallow—Heavy; B?i(§BJic. Strained Brsih—Steady; f1.7341.82tf. Spirits Turpentine—Steady; 30c. ) Kaos—Heavy; Western, 16(nH7c. Provisions— New mess pork, 193,35(323.30; May. |3'J.13(&92.23; June, $32.00. Beef quiet; plain ana extra mess, 12tfOI3tfc. Out meat* quiet; aweot Kiklod bams, 13c: middle* dull and heavy; long dear estem. 12*0; do city, 12He. Lard heavy; prtmo ttenro, $13.70: May, $1D.03Q13.70: June, $13.80413,83. Burntß—Heavy; Westers, 3U@U2u. Cheese—Quiet; 6413 c. Whisht—Quiet; 11.1101.13. BT. LOUIS. St. Louis, Mo., April 33.—Oorrow—Lower; sales TOO bales; middling. Pitfo; low middling, lltfo; good ordinary, o*;c. Flour—Buyers asking concessions; little doing. Grain— Wheat unsettled and lower: No. 2 rod win ter, $1.30 cash; $1.8041.36 May; No. 3 red winter, |1.30 asked, $1.20 bid. Com unsettled and lower; very excited and unusually large speculative bus luces; 434 45tfo cash and April; 4484435 C May; 44X4130 June; over 1.800.000 bu sold. Oats dull and lower: Mtfo cash; 3uo old for April. Bye and barley dull ami unhanged. Whisky— Nominally unchanged at sl.Ol. “Provisions— Pork dull and lower to toll, at $32.33 5 Jobbing sales at $u2.80. Lard dull and unchanged; current prices are 12tfc. Bulk-meats dull and lower s shoulders. Wo; clear rib, clear, 12*£c. Bechxpts—Flour, 2, C00 brio; wheat, 13,000 bu; com, 61,000 bu; oats, 6,0*10 bu; rye, 1,000 bu. PHILADELPHIA. PniLADSimu, April 26.—Peibolkum—Easy; 13J£ @l3Rcfor refined; 10Vo for crude. Heeds—Clover, flG.utiftlO.CO; timothy hold at $2.75; flax. *1.15. Floob—Quiet and steady; extra, f1.75ft1.80; Wis consin and Minnesota family, fß.73frfo.Co; i’ounsylvs ilia, Indiana, aud Ohio, fO.2SQjU.76; high grades, $7.25 68.60. Grain— Wheat fairly active; Pennsylvania red, $1,60 ft 1.62; amber. $1.62(41.81: sprouted Western, 010. Rvo unchanged. Corn unsettled; yellow, 63ft660; white. C3ft«3#c- Data In fair request; white, 4Cftslc; mixed, ilijtfc. Wuisut—sl.l2 for Western. Burtsa—Dull; New York and Bradford County extras. 33®3f10; firsts, »4ft3sc; Western extras,3oo do; firsts. 28031 c; rolls—Western extra, 20031 c; Ants, 2fl<s 28e. Ciikesk—Steady; New York, 12,V®140; Western, flue, 18012*0. Boos—1'lrm; Western, frenh, 16017 c. CINCINNATI. Cincinnati, 0„ April 26.—Cotton—Doll, weak, sad lower: 12*0. Floor—tilcady; fair demand. Ojuik—Wheat dull, and lover to sell; f1.12ft1.25. Corn inactive; 60C463e* Oats steady; 9Cfti3o. Rye Steady ; 71070 c. Barley dull and nominal. Provisions—Pork steady ; $2X26 cash; S2X6O buyer Stay; odo July. Bard Inactive; steam 13,'f0 bid; lUqo asked; kettle. RJJtftUo. Bulk meats steady; good demand for future delivery; shoulders, 8 Vo; clear rib, ll*o; cash 12c buyer May; 12*odoJuly; dear, lljfc. Bacon quiet and unchanged.. Wiliest—Steady and firm; $1.07. Bdttkb—Weaker; choice Western Reserve, 26ft30c; choice Central Ohio, 230270; mudlum grades dull; fair to good, 2lfi23c* MILWAUKEE. Milwaukee, April 26.—Floub—Dali, weak, and lower. Qua in—Wheat opened weak; IVo lover; dosed firm; No. 1 Milwaukee, |UW*; bard, $1.24; No. 2 Milwaukee, $1.02*; May. 11.03; June, $1.04; No. 9, 920* Corn steady; No. 2,610. Oats—Fair demand; lower ralca; No. 2 May, Sdo; June, 83*. Rye weak and lower; No. 1 fresh, 700. Barley quiet but firm; No. 2, b7o; No. 3. 43c. Provision*—Dull aod drooping. FuKiaiiTS—lnactive aud weak; wheat to Buffalo, 4c; do to Oswego, Bc, ..... Receipts—Floor, 7,000 brls; wheat, 27.000 bn. ButrifSNTS—Flour, b,6W) brls; wheat, 30,000 bo* TOLEDO. Toledo, 0., April 28.—Floor—Dull. QUAlH—Wheat we >k; No. 3 whits Wabash. $1.24*: No. 2 white Michigan, $1.17; amber Michigan, spot and May, $1.23W; Juno, $1.26 ; No. 2 amber Michigan. (LOOM > No. 3 red, $1.11; rejected red, 88c. Corn dull and lower; high mixed, 53)i0: June, 4l>o; July. 60c; old. t6o; low mixed, 4 **o; no grade, tbo. Oats dull and lower; Michigan, 35c, Receipts—Flour, none; wheal, 10,000 bn; corn, 70,1X10 bu; oats, 6,000 ba. Bhipments— Flour, 1,200 brls; wheat, 4,000 bu; coni, 61,000 bu; oats, 8,000 bu. BALTIMORE, Baltiuou, April 23.—1'loub—Steady and firm; unchanged. Grain—Wheat quiet and firm; No, 3 Western (red, IUiXsvI.U: I’onnsylvaula red, Corn do* prcsied and unsettled; Western mixed. 64Vc. OaU steady sod unchanged. Ilye firm; quiet; Ss(j|bTo. Hat— HUudy and unchauged. J’liovtutuNH—Quiet, steady, aud unchanged. UnrtsH—Steady sod firm; Western prime to choice, l-'MJIc; fair to good, UOidUJc. I’niaoLicim—Crude. refined, 13>tfo, Cornm—Hieedy and unchanged, Wuuat—Nominally $1.12. MEW ORLEANS. New Obleavs, April 05.— tiuoAB— flood demand; firmer; common. Ti<*7Jio; fair to fully fair, 7&<aßhc; prune, choke, Mulajbxh—i'innfr; fermenting common to atrlcUy prime, &K4ißo; prime to choice rebelled, 60(j,5&0, Cons—Hauler; 01(1564a. Hat—Quiet; prime, SIB.OO. I'ona—Dull and lower i f i‘i.79, Othcra unchanged. boston. Boston. April 33.— Flour— Quiet; Western super fine, $1.ii0(44.50; common extra, H.0M5.00; Wlecon »iu. $3.60^40.23; Minnesota, winter wheat Ohio, ludlana, aud Michigan, $7.05; Illinois, SO.2SQi V>o; at. Louis, $0.50(3U.U); fancy Minnesota and WUconiln, $7.33(40.30. Oraim— Corn dull; 6T3710 for mixed and yellow. Ball in moderate demand; mixed Noe. 1 end 3,40(4 luo; rejected, 43<ai6o; No. 1 while, 533360. BUFFALO. Buffalo, AnrilM.— Oraim— Wheal dull and heavy; SuOhuNo.l Milwaukee Club at $1.29. Guru scarce andateady; i care new Western at 60c; 2car* new Kansas at 630. Oats nominally 23c. Ilya dull. Barley quiet and easy; 4 cars two-rowed State at Ido; Scare Canada at Mctf*U». MARINE. ■ PORT OF CHICAGO. APRIL 35. Aairvan— tichr BUckhawk, Stony Creak, wood; Amr Corona, tit. goo, auadrica; prop Ucaaenger. Ben kia author, suudiiea; almx Sheboygan, Manitowoc, sundries; sehr Belle Drown, BaUej*s Harbor, eedsf peat*; scow Granger, Bangatnck, lumber; acbr J, V. Jones, Muskegon, lumber; tug New Era, Grand Haven, towing; schr O. V. Allen, Grand Haven, lum bor; acbr City of Grand Haven. Grand Haven, lum ber: schr Marvin Hannahs,Beaver Island, wood; prop w, il. crimrtn, Manlaiee. lumber; prop Charles ItieU, Manialoe, lumber; schr F. Laalrr, Manlaico. lumber, CtratKO—Slinr Sbaboygau, Manitowoc, sundries ; aebr B. P Rogers, Sack Day, SO bit oats; sebr Mary Helen, While Hall, 400 bn corn, fl brls pork, ana sun dries; ichrH.J.Tlldnn, Buffalo, 38,474 bu wheal; schr D. I*. Dobbins, Buffalo, 30,177 bu corn ; schr M. A. Gregory, Hummer Island, 200 brls pork; schr T. B, Bh I miner, Muskegon. I tco lard ; prop Me*aenger, HI. Joe, 10 brls pork, 40 kegs beer: schr M. A. Mult, King ston. Out., 19,000 bu wheat; schr Clara Parker, Port Colbome, 37,CC? bu wheat. LAKE FREIGHTS. CHICAGO, The schr Srema Ik Hayes was taken for 38,000 bu through via Sarnia. Thera was no demand for ves sels for Buffalo, and ntss for that port were unquota ble. The last charters for corn wers mads at BXO 8«o. Milwaukee. Wls., April «.-The only charter heard of was tbs steam barge It. J. Uackatl, wheat w Buffalo at ic. Detroit, April 32,—The market Is dull. Grain freights areCMoon wheat ioOswego; fio to'Oswego, 3c to Buffalo, and 3« lo Cleveland. F. Bambie h Lo. Lave loaded the schr Goshawk, coal, Cleveland, to Mil waukee. at COo per lon. O. K- Dixon reports the acbr lAjmsa/csdar. Rogers City to Detroit at $J per cord, on rail. B, Whitaker h Co, report the schr John J. Molt, chartered with dry lumber from lawas to Chi cage, delivered on rail, at $1.76 per 1,000. ILLINOIS AND MICHIGAN CANAL. BamoKroar, 111., April 35,—Amoved—Gold Hunt er, LaSalle, 10,000 bu oats ; Cayuga, Borneo, 7,600 bn oals; Phtroix, Lockport, 1,075 brls flour. Clcabud—Maple Leaf, Lockport, 6,119 bu wheat. BUFFALO HARBOR. Buffalo, N. April 33.—Thera are no Indications that the ice embargo at this port will b* removed for •evera) day*. ____ MISCELLANEOUS. CHICAGO. A dispatch received yesterday by Mr. Dleffen* dorf, agent of tha Northern Tnnalt Com pany, atatce that (he prospect* an that hie boats sow bucking at the ice in tbe Btralta will aucceed in getting through to-day or to morrow. A large numbar of veaaela are getting ready to leave for the Lower Lakoa in a day or tw0.... The following veiaals cleared for Buffalo yesterday; Hchra B. J. Ttluen, M. O. Muir, J. W. Dome, D. I’. Dobbins, Frauds I'aims, and bark Lafrtnlcr. All of those veaaela wero loaded with grain. ...Business at tbo lumber dorks remains dull, and moat of tho lumber that baa arrived during tha last few days remains for aale....Capt. Crawfonl’s gunboat Gcorgo W.Wood went Into commission yester day. She looks magnificent in her new coat of paint. ....The achr Gartlugford, which lay Idle In the canal during the whole of last aeaaoo, will go to work Ibis Beacon. Shots being fitted out by tho Chicago Dry- DockCompany....Ttieateam barge llalclgh and con sort, grain-laden, left for the Lower Lakes yesterday. ERIE, FA. /Tp««‘alD(/poffA (o IX* CMeao* TWAunt. Enus, Pa., April 03.—Three arrivals and Are de parture to-day. The Pennsylvania Ball road U work ing bard to supply canto ship tha Immense quanti ties of grain In store bore and afloat to the Eastern markets. About 800 empty Milwaukee Ac EL Paul can arrived from the West yesterday, the Penn sylvania Company falling to And can enough of tholr own. Tho grain Is all ehlppcdby the Anchor Line. ELSEWHEDB. Tho steam barge Abercorn ran sgronnd below Algo me on the Middle Ground last Friday. At lost ac counts she was well out, and lightering her deck-load of lumber. ...The prop Meteor, her engine, machinery, boats, tackle, and furniture will he sold by United States Marshal J. B. Bonnot, at Detroit, In a few days....A dispatch from Fort Huron states that the scow LoClse went ashore 1 mile south of Lexington Monday evening, during a dense fog. Tbs sea, setting In, was crowding her on the beach, to prevent which ebo was scuttled.. The tug Frank Mof- fait has been sent to her aid.... The nowschr Lucia A. Blmpoon, while attempting to soil into Milwaukee Sunday night, ran Into tho North Pior and broke sev eral planks and frames on her starboard bow, besides losing Jlbboom and foretoproast....The barge Wolver ine, beached near Baugalueb, has been released and taken to Grand Haven for repairs. ...Tho scow Silver Cloud, which sunk at Horn's Pier on the 30tb, bos been raised and lowed into Manitowoc by the tug Kilty Smoko....Capt. Jerry Murphy baa purchased a half interest In the schr Hinckley for $10,500. . -When the prop Benton reached East Tswss upon her first trip this season aho was received with more than usual ceremony. Prof. Olnhatucn and cornet band of sixteen pieces mot her upon her ar rival with some of their finest music. In return for the compliment Capt. McGregor invited the members of the band to one of the best places of entertain ment in town, and bad tbo best tost the place offered placed before them.... The Detroit soys : “ Tho cheap transportation folks Insist that the canal car riers should quit Including insurance on grain in tho freight and let the owners of the property do Ibclr own Insuring, the earae as they do on lake and nil. As an Eastern paper says, It is not elear why the canal carriers should assume the charge of insurance, when the railroads and tho foreign and the coastwise ship ping Interests refuse to do so. Of course, all carriers or* responsible for the safe delivery of their goods; but If all other carriers decline to insure what they carry, and the shippers consequently deem it best to nay tho coat of Insurance themselves, and thereby virtually relieve tho carrier of responsibility, we do not see why canal carriers abouldn ot do Iho same. 1 ’....8ays the Tonawanda Unald: “Tho Buffalo Tug Association last season adopted a schedule of rates that discriminated very greatly against Tonawanda, as our business men believe; and our Lumbermen’s Association are de termined to have tbo matter corrected this season by peaceable, conciliatory measure* If possible, but otherwise if necessary. A meeting or the Board of Director* of the Lumbermens Aoaodatlon was held at the office of Messrs. J. A. McDougall ii Co, last Wednesday evening for the purpoao of considering tho mutter. We are informed, however, that tbo managers of the Tug Association In question manifest n willing ness to treat Tonawanda shippers fairly, which we trust will be the case.’ WISCONSIN. An Investigation Now tn Pregrsss at mad Ison, ffpeeial JHepalch fo the Chicago Tnoune. Madison, Wlb., April 25.—T1i0 Committee ap pointed by the last Legislature, consisting of denature Treat aud Bsrooy, and Aasopiblymon Griffin, Fagp, ana White, to Investigate the ox pendltare of contingent and eneml funds by Govs. Washburn and Taylor, and tho accounts of the Superintendents of Public Property,Col. Mer edith, Mr. L. Doan, and Cant. Knight, mot boro to-day and began tbeir examinations, employing T. W. Haight, Secretary of the Board of Chari ties, as clerk, Tho Committee baye to-day looked over the accounts and vouchers of Gov. Washburn and Oov. Taylor of tbo contingent funds and special Superior harbor and Wiscon sin Hirer improvement funds, * The accounts aud vouchors of the llepnblican ad ministration were found correct and com plete. Those of the Reformers in tho aame Instances shotted discrepancies with each.other and with known facts ho as to require explanation, though eomo deficits have occurred •Idco the adiournment of the Legislature. Pre liminary stops have been taken for witnesses. Mr. Bird. Taylor’s Secretary, and Cant. Knight, baa last Superintendent, are boro. The proba bilities are that our Democracy will soon find an interest tu homo investigation, eo that they will not need to give Washington all their thoughts. Qov. Taylor's confidence that his record is clear aod straight is shown br bis retaining promi nent lawyers to establish bia innocence. It is suggested by those well posted that a proper subject for investigation by a HUto'u Committee would be the occasion for his special interest in Indian matters, particularly certain bills snoot ing the Winnebago Indiana. SIMIINGFIISLD, Prison Reform medical Auditor’) I'cvs—lncorporation, Special Dievatch to the Chicago tribune. BrniNOFiEU), II!., April 25.—Tbo Governor will shortly appoint a delegation to represent Illinois at largo at tho fourth annual meeting of tho National I’rlaou-Boform Congress, to meet being hold aa preliminary to the meeting of the International Congress, which Is to meet at Stockholm, Swe den, next year. The Blato Hoard of Public Charities will bo represented by tbs Key. Prod 11. Wines, the Penitentiary by McLaughry, Warden, and the State Itoform School by some ofticer of that institution. The Central Illinois District Medical Society (Allopathic) convened in this city to-day. Dr. Thomas J. Whitten, of Irving, Montgomery County, presided. There are about forty members present. Tho session willlaat a day or two. The semi-annual report of fcea received by (he State Auditor for aix months ending April 1 »aa filed to-day, showing: Insurance fees, sls,bUs; bond registration fees, 4203; total foea received, 410,073. Tho amount has been paid into the State Treasury. The Secretary of State to-dey issued a license to organize the Shipman white load works of Chicago; capital, 8300,000. B. YOUNG. Salt Lake, Utah, April 25—Brigham Young says he has no intention of capturiug the Ter ritorial Government of Now Mexico; nor is there any truth in the repotted settlement be tween himself and Ann Elisa. THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20, 1878. THE REFORMED CHURCH. Meeting of tho Bynod of Chicago* Lengrthy Report on tbo Question of Synod* leni and Missionary BUhops. Tho Subject Is Finally Left Undis posed Of. Trying to Sottlo tbo Boundaries of tbo Synod—lndorsing the "Appeal,” An adjourned session of the Chicago Synod of the Unformed Episcopal Church waa held yesterday morning In Ht. Paul's, near the comer of Ann and West Washington etroete. The lit. Itov. Biehop Cheney presided. Previous to tho commencement of the busi ness of tho session, religions services wore had, which wore conducted by tDe Rev. Dr. Fallows and'tbe Rot. J, D. Davis, of Chillieolhe, HI., and which lasted about three-quarters of an hour. The Dov. Mr. Davis delivered a sermon on the duties of tbo ministry, taking his text from the fifth chapter of Sooond Corinthians, 19th and 20th verses. TO RDRINESB. The business of tho session was than pro ceeded with. In tho absence of Secretary Moorboueo, Mr. W. W. Wilson, of tho Peoria Transcript-, was chosen temporary Secretary. Tho following dolcgatoa wore present: Ministers—Chicago—Tho Rt.-Rov. Bishop Cheney, tho Rev. Dr. Fallows, the Rev. Dr. Cooper, tbo Rov. Ernst Qnntram, tho Rov. M. T. McCormick, tho Rov. R. 11. Boaworth, tho llov. Albert Walkloy ; Peoria—Tho Rov. J. D. Wilson ; Cbilllcolbo— I The Rov. J. I*. Davis. Laymen—Christ Church—Gordon 8. Hubbard, William E. Wheeler, Henry A. Porter, William Edmonds, Ocn. O. F. Buckingham; Bt. Paul's— Col. J. W. Bennett, F. A. Bryan, D.J. Colbourn, E. F. Brooks; Christ Church, PoorJo—T. B. Wed dle,'W.W.Wilsoii, Transcript ; Charles H.KeUogg, •Tamos Balfour, U. C. Townsend ; Emmanuel— J. Wooster, A. J. Burbridgo, P. fiosioope, E. Peldritch ; Trinity. Englewood—W. N. Hmlth, J. J. Young ; Bt. John's, Chtllleotho— Stephen Martin. Solomon Stowoil; Church of tho Good Hbopbcrd, Chicago—R. Colo. Trinity Church, Englowood, was recognized, and its delegates admitted lo membership la the Synod. Tho Bov. Mr. Wilson wanted to know if any action was necessary by this Synod in order to bring tho selection of a Bishop to the notice of tbo General Council. Bishop ChoDojr thought some decided action should bo taken, and a memorial should be pro*, pared to bo presented to tbo General Council. the nianormc movement. Tho Bov. l)r. Coopor offered the following paper on the subject: The Synod of Chicago respectfully represent that, In accordance with the provisions of Art. B of the Con stitution of the Reformed Episcopal Church, they were duly organised as such Synod Sept. 38, 1673, and Charles Edward Cheney, D. D n Missionary Bishop of the Northwestern Jurisdiction, was elected Bishop of the same. Whilst cheerfully conceding tnat there Is room for rightful difference of opinion as to tbo Con stitution of the Episcopate,—that Is to say, as to whether the Synodical or the Missionary system, or both, bad bettor be Anally adopted as tho permanent order of onr Church, this Synod now solicit your con firmation of their action, to which they were moved very largely by the considerations herein set forth. We am as yet fooling our way in regard to many fea tures of ecclesiastical polity. Wo have cut loose from the bondage of traditionary customs, and, unless we mistake, our Ohnrcb stands fully prepared to giro all a candid hearing previous to coming to an ultimate decision In whatever particular. Wo incline to think that, with proper safeguards, both tho MISSIONARY AND TOR B TROPICAL STATE MB might be lor tho present, if not permanently, adopted with advantage, it Is certainly toe mind of the De formed Episcopal Ohnrcb that no one of the Bishop* should bo fastened to the soil, and that all. whether Synodical or Missionary, shall exercise thdr office under the direction of the General Council. The most serious difficulty In the way of the exclu sive adoption of the Missionary Episcopate presented to lb* mind* of those who organized tho Synod of Chicago is that of finance. Evidently, for years to come, the Church at largo will bo unable to sustain Itinerant Bishops in number sufficient for the discharge of the Immense wor k now needing to be performed. With us the prestige of the Ejilscojiato is unquestionably s most important factor In missionary operations. There Is A MULTITUDE OF CITIES and towns tn which the Reformed Episcopal Church could at o»co be oabibllshed had we Bishops who could devote themselves entirely to pioneering the work; and, until these can bo furnished, the church must continue to bo hamixired and restrained in her growth, aud therefore cramped for the meant where* with to carry forward the great business which wo firmly bellcvo Ood has given her to do. It seems evident to ua that wo cannot adopt either the Arcbdescoualo, the system of Itural Deaneries, or the Presiding Eldership. Ilouoo the need of Bishops as our foremost agents, to do the work of planting the standard of this church In places when nor services are being constantly called for. Aud tills need, already a constant and pressing one, will not cease to be such, at leaat In our day. We re quire au ample number of strong, able, and dovotod men lu the prime of life, who shall devote them* selves, lu season uud out of season, to“ this one thing.” men who. by their evangelistic work, shall exemplify the true Ideal of a Christian Bishop; whose sole aim and object shall be to proclaim from place to place, with no other than temporary limit of territorial Juris diction, TUB UNSEARCHABLE RICHES 07 CUIIIBT. Such, we have faith to believe, can bo found. All that Is lacking la the means to equip aud sustain them In their appointed fields. And apropos m to means. Wo are a poor church, and, it la to bo expected, may loug continue so. Buck was and Is the church of the AJbigomos aud Wal* deuses. It Is well to understand that those who enter the ranks of the Church must do so, not lor the sake of the honors and emoluments *be has to give, hut for the lovs of her distinctive principles, sod of the work to which Ood has called her. Her Bishops, equally with her Presbyters and laity, should bo men who know what the stern reality of Its experience la the dally life. Bishops of exalted talent should bo willing to accept moderate salaries; and tho lolly should bo willing to do their utmost to provide them, accord ing to the measure of their church’s need. Just here we think we con perceive tho advantage of a Bynodi* cal Eplxcopate. while (be missionary stall mnat of necessity t>o a charge upon the Church at large, tho Byuodlcnl Bishop will, In the very nature of the case, be a parochial minister, with limited episcopal respun* slbUUlos, and wholly dependant upon his parochial support. Manifestly, tbo more there are of aucb Bishops, located tn tho leading centres, and at the head of strong churches, the more free will be tho Ulsslousry Bishops to extend their operations into the “regions beyond. 1 * The largo cities, such fsr example as Now York, Philadelphia, Baltimore. Dos* ton, Ht. Louis, aud Chicago, being constUuiod Hynodl aal centres. Uiolr Bishops ministering to the wants of immediately surrounding parishes, nut more than two, or at most three, etScluut Episcopal Itinerants, with the assistance of evangelists, would bo required for the actual MISSIONARY work of the Church for yean to come. Wo are In favor of only suen au extension of the Episcopal force as tho necessities of the work Imperatively demand: and (or lack of which that work' u even now tremendously suffering. Who can doubt. In view of the facts, that If we had the moans of putting at onco Into the field two. If not three, trusty andwtdU tried men, invested with the prestige of the Episcopal office, whoso work should he conatsntly sud exclu sively that ol laying foundations, their efforts would, by the blessing of Ood, result within one year In the establishment of strong congregations In many of our large cities, besides an Indefinite number of places of emsllcr note 7 Aud the necessary complement once pro vided to set tho machinery In motion, sud keep it run ning, there would be no great need of their speedy augmentation. Guarded as it la in the Reformed Episcopal Church, we see no reason for alarm at the Idea ■of a moderate Increase of the Epis copate. Bo long m the Church has an abundance of work for them to do. aud they do It, so long. It la to bo exacted, will our Bishops prove to be right meu in tho right place; and wheu there shall be no longer need of their services as Ulsbops, the General Coun cil, which holds the reins, and In which Bishops are simply honored Presbyters, having no more voice than their other ministerial brethren, can quietly reuse them. Tho following resolution accompanied (be paper : Huotud, That lha paper now presented on the sub ject of Hyuodical orgaolxatlon ba adopted by this body, algued by the HccrcUry on behalf thereof, ami lutruated toacunimlUae of three, who ahall present the same to tho General Council of the llefortned Episcopal Church, at lie approaching aoialon In the City of Ottawa, Dominion of Canada. toon place on the memorial. The Bey, John Wilson thought that It was time enough to com mence a fight when an attack was made. Guo. Buckingham thought tho paper was too long to he passed upon then, and he moved that it be referred to a committee of throe clergy men, to examine tho document, and to make a report. Dr. Fallows, D. D. Wilson, aud Mr. Davis wore chosen, and Dr. Cooper afterwards added to tho Committed. Tho session then adjourned till 3 o’clock in tho afternoon, the Hyuud aud members of the preas having been invited in tho meantime to partake of a lunch provided by the ladies of Uio church, which was heartily enjoyed. At iu close, on motion of tho liev. Mr. Wilson, of Peoria, after eov oiul humorous speeches by W. W. Wilson, of the peons Transcript, and Bishop Cheney, a vote of thanks was unanimously tendered the ladies for their kindness and attention. (shortly after 3» o’clock Bishop Cheney called the Bynod to order, Ur. Wilson acting aa Seere* taty. Brrotrr ow tar, kkmothal. Tbe Rov. Ur. Wilson, from lbs Committee on Memorial, to whom boa been referred Dr. Coop er's paper, reported as follows: Yanr Committee would rcapectfudy report that they have had under rouaideratloo the papar read before the Bynodlral Council bythelUv. w. If. Cooper, D. D., relating to Bynodical and Atloaionary Ulthopa, and would rrcomraend tbe adoption of tde following : Jltwlrtd, That the said paper be printed with the proceedings nf tbe Bynod in the Apvta'. liewivtJ, That the Bynodical Connell submit to tbe next General Conndl its action in reUtten to the elec tion of a Bynodical Dlabop, and reopeotfully aak of that body the confirmation of the same. JifvJi rd, That a Committee of three Presbyter* and two laymen bo appointed to present the subject to the General Council. 4 ..... .„ . Haoivfii, That H la the aene* of this Brnod that a Bynodical Bishop abould not bo removed by the Gen eral Council from a Bynod without the conaaat of sacb Bynod. Aeaoierd, That a Committees of two Prenbytara end tlir<e Uytnen be appointed to lay tha proceeding* of Uila Council before tha next General OonnctL UNDER DISCUSSION. Tho Rev. Mr. Wilson then explained tbe reso lutions. Tho report was accepted, and the reso lutions taken up seriatim. Tbo first two were adopted, but the third evoked considerable dis cussion, Dr. Fallows, tho Rev. Mr. Wilson, and others, taking partln it. Dr. Coopor wanted the third resolution to lie over till next meeting. 110 moved to amend that tbo resolution iio over until tbe next meet ing of the Synod. Tho Rev. Mr. Davis, Gen. Buckingham, tbo Rov. Mr. Wilnoo, and others, opposed it. The Rov. Mr. Wilson wanted to see tbo matter decided at this mooting. Dr. Fallows thought sow'wse tbe time for discnaslng the matter, and if they were going to postpone anything, be would bo in favor of postponing tbo whole matter. Tho volo to postpone woe then taken, end tbe motion was lost. AN AMENDMENT. Tbo Rov. Mr. Wilson then offered the third resolution, amended as follows : JletolrttL That it is lh* MRMOf (his Bynod that a Bynodical Bishop should not be removed fromaurb Bynod by tho General Council (except in accordance with the provisions of Canon 11, Title 9, of tbo Canons of tbo Deformed Episcopal Church, and of such amendments as may be made thereto) without the con sent of each Synod. Mr. Bonnotc spoke upon tbe subject, after which the resolution ae amended was adopted. The Rov. Dr. Cooper moved to reconsider the voto Just taken, in order to amend “That tbo Bishop shall not bo removed unless by consent of the Synod.” Tho motion was lost. TUBFODUTU ABSOLUTION was then taken up. The Chair staled that be would nob like to take tbo responsibility of ap pointing tho Committee,—that that ehoald he loft to the Bynod. Tho resolution was changed so as lo read that tho delegates bo elected, and waa adopted. Messrs. Wilson and Fallows, Goo. Buckingham, Col. Bennett, and A. G. King were elected tho Committee, in accordance with the resolution. Mr. Weddell moved that tbo next meeting of tho Bynod be held In Christ Church, Peona, Carried. . CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS. The Her. Dr. Fallows, from the Committee on Constitution and Caaoun, proposed an amend ment to Art. L of the Constitution, as follows: The Synod of Chicago aball embrace tbe Counties of Iroquola, Ford, Livingston, Woodford, Peoria, Knox, Warren, Hondonwn. and all that portion of tbe State of Illinois lying north of eald counties. Also, the following amendment to Art. II.: Tbe Council of tbia Synod aball be composed of all ministers of tbeCburcb leaiJlng within tbe limits of the Synod, and of two delegates from each organised parish, and ouo additional delegate for every fifty communicant* connected vrltb such congregation or parish. One delegate from each organized congrega tion may be admitted on vote of the Synod. Tbe Bov. Dr. Fallows moved that tha vote by which Articles 1. and 11. of the Constitution woro adopted bo reconsidered. Carried. lie thou moved the adoption of tho amend ment to Article 1. Qon. Buckingham and tho Hot. Wilson took part against tho amendment. Col. Bounett spoko in favor of tho amend ment, and bold that there should bo a territorial limit to tho Synod, which would not prevent thorn helping tho churchoa outside of it. Thoro was nothing to biodor thorn from doing good at other places. The itov. Mr. Wilson hold that tho Synod al ready was well marked by territorial limits, and thoro should bo no change at present. Dr. Fallows said that the matter bad been In troduced to evoke discussion, and if another Synod wore found necessary the territorial lim its would have to be fixed. Dr. Fallows' amendment to Art. I. was then rejected. The amendment to Art. IE. was next taken up. and was discussed by Bishop Cheney, the Bur. Mr. Wilson, and Dr. Fallows, when it waa unanimously adopted. Tho two articles as ameuded veto then passed liua'ly. The Ror. Mr. Davis offered the following Ilftolreil, That la the senna of this Council tbe Appeal Is well entitled to tbe cofldeuco and critical support of all tho friends of tho Reformed Episcopal Church. It was unanimously adopted. The editors of the Appeal wore requested to publish the Bov. Mr. Davis’ sermon, preached before tho morning session, in a future number. The Bor. Mr. Wilson believed in having ad journed meetings, instead of stated sessions, since thoro was no name fixed by tho Constim tiou. Tbo Ilav, Mr. Davis moved that wbon tbo Council adjourn, U do bo to meet in Christ Cburcb, I’ooria, tho first Tuoaday of October. Somo discussion followed, when the time of tbo next meeting nan fixed for tbo second Tuesday tu Sop’tombar at Id a. m, Tbo Bov. Mr. Davis then moved a vote of thanks to tbo ladies of Kt. Paul's Church for tholr outorlttinment of tho delegated, wbtob was unammoudly carried. Dr. Fallows moved that the several congrega tions of the Synod of Chicago bo requested to elect delegated to tho Synod during too Easter season of each year. (Jen. Buckingham moved to amend “ that they bo elected for tho meeting at Peona, and at Easter time for ovory annual mooting to be held hereafter." The llov. Dr. Fallows' motion prevailed. Bidhop Cheney then congratulated the Synod upon ita having acted eo kiudlvaud harmonious ly upon ovory subject that came before iu The Synod thou adjourned, the Bcv. Mr. Wilson offering a prayer. Tbo Doiology wan sung, and tbo benediction was pronounced by Bisbop Gbeoey. THE COURTS. Record ot Business Transacted Tea lerday* ITESItf. Judge Drummond is ougsged la bearing tbs case of Bourne vs. Brandt. Judge MoAlilelor will deliver bis opinion this morning In bis room lu tbo case of (be Board of Public Works vs. B. 8. Hayes, involving tbo va lidity of (bo city certlQcatos of iudobtodoess. t Tbo motion :o show cause in tbe case of Gro ver vs. Lanpbero & Rigdou comes up this morn ing before Judge Williams. divorces. Lorenzo B. Curtis tiled a bill yesterday against bis wife Melissa, charging her with baring de serted him In March, 1874, and asking fur a di vorce. Mary J. Blake also wants a divorce because ber husband, James Blake, baa boon guilty, as she alleges, of cruelty, drunkenness, and deser tion. UNITED STATES DOUBTS. William E. Eaebeit began a anit In trespass against tbo City of Chicago, laying damages at 910,000. uANsnurror matters. William 11. Banka tiled a voluntary petition Monday afternoon. The preferred and secured debts amount to 91,970.99 and the unsecured to 913.CC0.01. The assets comprise about 91,000 in notes and bills, and 92,400 m open accounts. Reference to Register Hibbard. Edwin E. Thomas and Charles O. Thomas, partners at Woodstock under tbo llrm name of 12. E. Thomas A 800, Hied a voluntary petition yesterday, showing a list of secured debts to tbo amouut of 93.C34, ami 90,8*9.00 lu unsecured claims against them. Their assets c.mmitj of a lot in Woodstock on which their store stands, valued at 92.000, but mortgaged for 91,085, also notes and securities to the amount of about 9550. and a stock of general goods worth 91,000; also, three shares of stock id the Wood stock Canning A Tickling Company, ami 91,025 in open accounts. No individual assets nor lia bilities. The petition was referred t<> Register Coon, at Marengo, and John E. White was ap pointed Provisional Assignee. A discharge was issued to James I*. Taylor. R, E. Jenkins was appointed Provisional As signee of Terry A Brother. Qoorgo W. Campbell was appointed Assigns* Thomas McArthur. An Assignee will bo elected and a composition mooting hold this morning m the case of J. W, Butler A Co. superior court in brief. Catherine Latmsoy begun an action In ties- pass yesterday against John Ollleo, laying dam ages at SO,OOO. _ . _ Ruth C. Oudo filed a bill against J. E. Abell, George Hederlck. J. C. Hyde, M. W. Manning, 1,, o.l*. Freer, George J. Hloneon, LD. King, Thomas Snyder. O. W. Lyon, P. P. Oederick, F. W. Wcsgn, John Baldwin. Jr„ and L. R. Carswell, to foreclose a mortgage for SBOO on No. 529 Wait Madmen rtreet. CIRCUIT COURT. John 8. Wallace began a euit for $4,000 against W. H. W. Cuahman and leaao Hardin. COUNTY COURT. In the estate of William Lion the will wae proven, and letters of administration were granted to Mary Lion under bond fur $15,000. CRIMINAL COURT. The trial of tbe Andrewaes for renewing stolen goods wan completed, and a verdict of oot guilty was found. Timothy Ityan pleaded guilty to larceny, and sentence was suspended. P. W. Norton pleaded guilty to larceny, and wae remanded. William llalp.n wae tried for an assault with Intent to rob, found guilty, and given three years in tbe Penitentiary. O. W. Logero, convicted several months ago of horsestealing, wae arraigned, and eeutence wae suspended in consideration of tiia baring turned State's evidence. Uonry Itaodali pleaded guilty to larceny, and wae remanded. Iticbard litchards pleaded gnllty to larceny, and was remanded. Henry Peleobow wae tried for forgery, found guilty, and given five years in tbe Penitentiary. Charles williams and Thomae McCarthy were tried for pocket-picking. The former was found guilty and given one year in tbe House of Cor rection. Michael Reynolds was tried for' burglary, found guilty, and given one year in the Peni tentiary. THE CALL. Judor Blodgett— Sot oases. Judoe Gary— 3C3 to 363, inclusWo. Judge Jameson— 44,3o2, City ys. Walker, and 45.342, City vs. Fish, and other caeca in their order. Judge Rogers— 29o to 320, loelnaWe. Judoe Booth— 2Bo, 288 to 810, inclusive. Judge McAllister— l7o to 175,and 21C to 220, Inclusive, of Judge Rogers' calendar. Judge Farwell— No call. No 873 on trial. Judge Williams—Set cue 1,003, McKechnle ve. Button. JUDGMENTS. Burr.mon Court—CorueiosH—Otorga F. OUlman tb. Mary Kelly, $433.70. Cidcuit Cooar—Jddob Hooks*— E. Van Hess at al. n. Francis 4. Tiabe and U. J. Kims, $130,49, Henry Scbleaals ri. Charles Languor, s37.—Margaret Orillln n. Caroline Blumentbal; verdict, 129.30. Jddob Hoorn—J. B. Baoae v*. Midiael Olio 5 ver diet, S2L— J. V. Farwell k, Sarah Pinkerton; ver dict, 1119.10. THE BUFBEME COURT OP IOWA. Special DUpaUn to Tht Chxeaoo TVifttnw. Dudcque, la., April 25.—Tbs Supreme Court mot at 9 o’clock. R. Beardaley, appellant, va.' Cottrell k Babcock et at; from Dee Moines District; reversed. Nichols, guardian, appellant, ve. McOUthery ; from Floyd District; roveraed. Lyon, appellant, va. tha Keokuk k Die Moinea Hallway Company; from Van Buren Circuit; af firm cd. Uonack, appellant, va. Morris et at; from Adams district: affirmed. Joiiws api>tlUnt, va. the City of Dea Molnea; from Polk District; affirmed. Dickermao, appellant, vs. Asatadrr ; from Winne bago District; dismissed. Moses va. Arnold et aU; appelUnta; from Jasper District; affirmed. McKlnlay vs. tbe Chicago k Northwestern Hailroad Company ; motion to dismiss appeal and for rehear ing overruled; petition granted and argument in print to be filed for tbe Jane term. TIIO Dee Motnea oa* Company vs. The City of Dea Molnea; motions continued to the first day of Ike Juno term. Montgomery County vs. Tbe American Emigrant Company; cause to bo argued orally at tbe June term. Bash vs. Tbe Dnbuque k Ht. Paul Hailroad Com pany: motion to affirm overruled. Moots vs. Johnson, appellant from Hamilton Dis trict; dismissed. Whitcomb va. Whitcomb; appellant to pay into court within ten days, and In default appeals to be dismissed; and cause continued to June U such pay ment la made. Loomis, appellant, vs. McKenzie: from Delaware District; affirmed on motion of appellee. Hobbs, administrator, vs. Kenton ct aL; affirmed on motion of appellee. Adjourned dine die. MILLINERY, sfEie STYLES lUIIY. 124 ST .A. TIB-ST., Two doom norib of Madison. WBBSTEES’. NEW PUBLICATIONS. MR M MIC BOOR The People's Ohorus Book. An unusually good •election of chornsee, for mixed voices, nearly all new. ** When Allen-u-Uale wont a limiting,” “Chosen One,’’ “Thu Owl.” are capital glees, and art fair specimens of the pieces of this liue collection. Price 81*00. Per Dozen. 80*00* Centennial Collection OF NATIONAL BONOS. A book for the times, with tho ratriotio 0 f many notions, very wed arranged. BhoiUd be in uni versal use during the festival months of this famous 'ear. Price lit Paper* 40cts*t Boards. 30 els. Dictionary of Musical Information. ByJ. W. Moobk. A book that U attracting much attention, aud ia the moat convenient book of reference on musical subjects extant. Price 81*33* Shining Hirer. A Bebhetb-School dong Book, which has been out t few mouth*, juit long enough to prove it oaa of thi beat. Buy it aud try it. Price 35 els* OLIVER DITSON Sc 00*. Boston. €• 11* DUsod & Co., J. E. OUson tc Co*. 771 llroailway, Bucc'n to Lae k Walker, New York. Philadelphia. LYON & HEALY. Chicago* PROPOSALS. Afl?erlismg Proposals for Keeping Bnoys. OmcE or ijnsT-ilortK l*»rtcTOa.J Kuvr.NTU i»i»Tßipr, > DKTBOtT. illob., April W. 1971 2 fiorartts Mated proposal* will bo reooifM at tbla offlea until Uo’clock, m*<io, on Tburaaay, Juno 1, oott, lor raiilnc, roplMiug. awl kooptn* tntbair proper noaltloaa alltbo buoyauow placed, or required. In tliofollowlnc channel*, and lor marking ttw followini namod obatrao tlnni. Tig. ! I. ivmlh Channel of 81. Olalr FUU. 8. hi«io*w Bay and River. , _ ... 5. Otecn Hay. Including tbo bucyi la nock lataad paaiaae, at Point Peninsula, Kaoanaba, lions tthoa Uool, Pouaaukoo Bboali all bnojala bturcoon Uartibo buoia narking Iha entrance to and In the rot Hirer, Wit., and two buoy* marking entrance to north Bay, Uka Mlchlcati, Wl*. Alan, eaioot iand koeplan la peat pllao marking % balo'o Back tthonlaod PoahUje 4. At month o t Grand Rl*ov and la Laka Uukocon. Uleb, * 6. on the Hoof off Calomat. HI. 6. On tbo Itoel off Racloo, wle. 7. On tbo Roof oil Sboboycaa, Wle. 0, Banlt tite. Maria, from Potrrnr on Lako Ham. •boro and below tbo Canal, to aad Inolgdlo* tbo mid. die f round bony off Round Island, Lake Uuportor. and each others las authorised, for one year from tbo Ist day of July noxt to tbo sooooedlnc p/tb day of Jane, aooordlnc to the roiulaUons of tba Light House Board, ooplea of which can bo bad by applying at this office. All bids must bo carefully sealed and Indorsed ••Pro posals for Keeping Hums,’* and than placed ta another ourelupo, and addressed for deilrcrr In person, or sent, prepaid, through tbo mall to tbo noderalgned. The right to reject any or all bids, or to waive defects, tf It ta detuned for the interest of the Uovarnmant to do so, Uresttred, Hy order of tbo Light llooee Board. W. P. McOANN, Commander U. B. N„ Inspector Elereath Ught-liouse DtatricU PROPOSALS FOR GOAL. Sealed Bids will bo received at the office of the Vessel Owner** Towing Company, 344 South Water-at., Chicago, 111., until May 1, 1870, for furnishing (7.000) seven thousand tons of Coal, more or less, during present season of navigation, screened and delivered on board of tug-boats night or day. Bids must specify location of dock for delivery. The Company reaervoa the right to accept or reject any or all bids. JOHN M. LONG. Secretary. , AMUSEMENTS, ADELPfII THEATBE. More New Fnccs this “Week. .. COTTON k DIUDOE. ftls wee* only. Mi« NELLIE LARKKLLR. Mias ALICE KSMP, COTTON and litRDUE. BARNEY REYNOLDS. WILLIAM A. ASHTON. MIM NOLLY I'IKRH, OEOROE rad CHARLES REYNOLDS, Miss ANNIE fOX, JOE A. OULICK. iltnrj Byron • Uagbable musical barlrtqtia, the 3D 3D, «t, tb« liexuly and the Brigands* The Great Ollc. George Raynold‘l origins! sketch. the DIZZIES. Matinee* Wednesday and ttiturday. Ladle*' night* Tuesday tod Thursday. fndtjr evening benefit of Mia* Null* Pl*ris. The lowest price* to the city. Or»nd Matinee* Wednesday and Saturday, 2 p. m. I Tice*—Rea erred Beats. 50a; admission, 28c. NLV7 ENGLAND CHDROH. Corner North Dearborn*#!. anil Delaware-place. THREE GRANDCONCERTS. rirrt Concert TIIORBDAT EVENING, April 27. MB. JOHN WHITE, Organi'L MIBB JKBBICA HASKELL, Soprano. J. Iteladeamt Fugue~B minor bsch 4. M On Mighty Ml" Handel 8. Allegretto Onllniant 4. Variation#—A Hat Tbtela 6. "bee the Bright Seraphim" Handel r>. Ollerlotre—F minor UUUte 7. Andante Buck TlcJwla for tbreo coacerta, XL Blngl# tlckeU, 50 cenU. For wale at Lyon k Jleaty^a. Mi 'cOOBMIOK'S HALL—Vonßiilow. WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY KV’OS, my a and S, and SATURDAY MATINEE, May 0, . Farewell appearance* in Chicago of Hans von Bulow, Amlited by (be T6ung American Soprano. 3MISS LIZZIS CttOTSTYKT. Admlulon, tl; Secured Seat*, tX Seat* for aala on and after Friday, April 2-t. at Root k Bona Music Store, 160 Stated., where pro gramme* can be had. Chlctering inane* need by Von iiatow. McVIOKER’S THEATER THIRD WEEK OP EDWIN BOOTH. B. }hamlet. Thursday—RICHELIEU, Friday—OTHELLO—BOOTH as IAQO. Halurday Matinee—LADY OF LYONS. Batnrday Right— BOOTH w Hlr Giles Overreach. Monday, May I—BOOTH AS HIIYLOCK, „ HOOLEY’S THEATRE. MAGOIRKA lIAVIiULY Lessees. Ono "Week. MONDAY, April 34. Matinees Wednesday and Satur day, tba Peerless Comedlaona and Vocalist, Slltt KATltt PUTNAM, aided by the sterling actor Mr. j. J, SUL LIVAN, the celebrated Comedian Mr. OKO. W, HOW. AKD, and an excellent Comedy Company. Monday e*aa> log, Fanebon ttia Cricket. Tuesday evening, Little Rare foot. Wednesday Matinee. Little Barefoot. Wednesday evening, Fanebonthe Cricket. Thursday evening, Jana Eyre. Friday evening, Old Cariosity Buop. batnrday Matinee, Old Cariosity shop. Satordar craning. Old Cu cioalty Shop. Monday, May L SALSDURY'B TUOU UADOURH. Prior* aa aanaf. THE COLISEUM. MONDAY, April 34. and daring the week, more brilliant new stars. The exquisite musical sketch ar tilts FRANK LAVAIINIK, Mira CARRIE LAVABNIE, and Miaa FANNIE MO.NXAOUE.wbo ataad unrivaled, and come to us with an enviable reputation in all the Eastern dtlee. All Uie principal features of last week retained. Crowded houses nightly. Everybody de lighted. The beat entertainment for the price in Amcnca. US~ Admission Us£pnts. WASHINGTONIAN HOME, The talented ULLIE It. AKERBTROM in her Inimit able Humorous and Dramatic Readings Thursday evening, April 37. Admission, 23 rents. WORCE3ERSHIRE SAUCE. LEA & PERRINS’ CELEBRATED PBOROUKCED BY - JC=» EXTRACT of » LETTER from m CONNOISSEURS gM iIHDIOALOBNTLK TOBKTUH |[ "DULY GOODtffe SADGEj” ||Pj RiNS that tbetr Sane*' Pni 'VJVi *• kl«blf adeemed ta And Applicable te India. and ta, la my opinion, tbemoat piU« EVERY VARIETY KS^-S uWe a. well m tbo EftVtf . >*3 mint wliolernoe aauoa OP DISH -f ■* tbai U made.'’ Worcestersliire Sauce, field Wboleaala aad for EiporUtioo by the Proprietor*, I,HA A PKRIUNH, Werecater. Knglaad: end Rbloil by Dealers is fiaucoa generally tbroucbont tba world- Ask for Loo & Perrins’ Sauce. Attha URItAKPAST TAIILK It Impart* the moat exquisite relish and zest to Uol cr Gold Meat, Foul, Flab, Drolled Kidney, Ac. At Iba DINNER TABLE, La 8«p, with Ft.b. 110 l Join*.*, (jams, and In all Gratia*, it circa a dallf btful tiarar. At the LUNCHEON AND SUPPER TABLES It I* deemed Indltponitblo by those familiar with It* ettl mb I a qualities. [From tba New York Tim a*.) Thera la no relish In the world which is *o universally ked aa Lea A Perrins’famous Worcestershire dance. The excellence of thla SAUOR baring caused nnmar ont Imitations. (be NEW LABEL baar* a tat rinffscl tba proprietors’ aigßSture, whlab U placed open eaob bottle. JOHN DUNCAN'S SONS, PHIX.AOEI.PHIA APVERTISEM’XS HOTEL AUBRY, WALNUT-ST., From Thirty-third to Thirty.fourth-it*., ON TUB EUBOPEAN PLAN, WILL OPEN APRIL 15,1376. Distant only l.&oCl (eat from PENNSYLVANIA BAIL* ROAD DEPOT. pkaaetifter care for Centennial Ground* paaa door ftrery few mlnutee. Beataurant unexcelled la quality, jltlllard Boom with nine Collemler Tablet. Accommodation* unaurpaiaed, Adilraaa JAMES T. BTOVEU, Manager. UNITED STATES HOTEL, Fortj-eecond*Bt, and Columbia & Elm-ava,, OPPOSITE MAIN EXHIBITION BUILDING, CENTENNIAL OUOONDB. Thie Cogent Fin-Proof Hotel It sow open (or the reception of fueele, It eoutolne 3iS room* replete with eil modern Improvemente. VUitore to PuludeU pbU wIU nowhere meet with better eccommodetlooe or more reeeoneble relee- V, R. BOOTHBY. Meneger. ST. GEORGE HOTEL, Broad aad AValnut*sU, PHILADELPHIA, Opcaed April 11, 1870. Tbt ucommwUUoai, furni ture, and •ppolatmeaU Benerrlly »r« of Um beetd*- •cription, end CbeboueewUl t>« conducted ln*U t*» ■p*oU u o flnt«cU»e UoUl. UEIinANTOWN COTTAGK lIOnCN. Individuals or families vUltlug tbe CenUuulal i:»bl« blUoo an now engage Comfortable Room* and Pint* CUm Hoard at 12. W par day. Oa toil after May 1w« will be prepared to entertain a Urge number of gueels. It will bo BNwary for vUitora to engage room* at as early a day aa poeeible. Cut tula out for reference. Addroaa WM, 11. SMITU, Proprietor, 141 Eaai Cbellcn*ar., Omusutown. Philadelphia, Pa. CENTENNlAL.—roobsylvaula Military Academy, ObMter. Pa. These spacious building*, occupying aa elevated aiU and commanding au oxienslvs view of tbe Delaware Itlver and surrounding country, will be opened during tbe eummer vacation commencing June "M tot tbe accommodation of visitors to tbe Expo* sltlou. Hourly tulua direct to tbu Centennial Build inns. 40 minutes' ride. Circuljm on explication. • * HYATi* A Manager*. [ACHINEHY. STBAI WARffIINB WBOUQHT IRON PIPE AND VENTILATING APPARATUS UAKVracTUBCo at CRANE BROS.MFG.CO. 10 N, Jofforson-at. RAILROAD TIME TABLE. ARRIVAL AND DEPAftTniUTOF TRAINS Rtnuum* ov RrrunKKc* jutxt.—lSaturday ru («9t*4 *flandar excepted. t Mnday etosaud. TA* rlraSanday at4:Na. o. ft DHIf, 1 CHICAGO k NORTHWESTER* RAILWAY. IUW Ofett, « CUirir-rt. (fflnw mi tl , •■.eeraer jfaditon rt,, mdmtlk*d*ptti. Arnr*. •fselfi* Past Llo ~ •|O:M a, m. * S:*)n. m.' , • liubo jas Day hx. via Clinton.. MnsAln. m. * a:«p, m. •Duhn>ineNi*&tKx. via Clinton. tlltflOp.m. t«:lOa,m. I oOmaha Nlfhl Kxpreas. Ml :00 p. m. I BUt) a. tn. arreeport A Dnhaan* Kspram.. * 9,15 a. *n. Miltp. m« arrseport k Dnbnqo* Ksprass.. ’lfliOOp. m. *7:coa.m. . ..MilwankeePau Mall (daily)... 4 7:30£ in. »4:Bnp, m. •Ml waasaa Ripresa Mono a, m. • TiNp. n. >M Iwaokee Pa'songer...... • 6:i«p. m. M0:»a. m. SMllwaobo* Patieoxer (dally),.. 511:00 p. m. | B.nia. m. -Often Day Kipmi * 9:30a. n. * ?:Mp, m. •hi. MaiilA .Minneapolis Rtpres* •tliMa. m. • 4:nop. m, i.SU Pan) A Winona Kiproaa it 9Hftp.m. I 7»M)a, m. ftMartjuailo RxpreM MosiiOp.m. • «:Ma. m. •'bum iaks KxptflM • Moi(sa. n. mpneva Uka Rtpfa»» 1* <;f.p. m. * 7;onp. tn. •-Depotcornerot wTlHand Aiorie-su. r t-Dspoteoratro( Canal and Klnsle-tU. MICHIGAN CENTRAL RAILROAD. , f<“>\ of tnkf-tt., and /pot pf ttemty-iifpfvl-n, Tiektt-etf'rt, g? flark-»l., toulhmH trmtr 1/ Pandolok, and *( /\>(mer Ilpiut. MaII (tiA Malq And A1rU0«1..., * a. ro. I>»r • a. m. KalariaaooAecommodAtioo '<Mp. ta. AtUaUo Kspre«A(dAllt>. It'liD. m. Nlfht KiproM l*9;Mp. m. OiIAHD DAf IDS AND XOARBOO*. uiiAiiM nAnus An Moraine KiprM*. Night hxpreM..,. 1 Baterday Ex. * Bond*? Ki. t Monday Ex. I Dally. CHICANO, ALTON * ST. LOUIS and CHICAGO. KANSAS CITY A DENVER SHORT LINES. Cn<»n HViI ?nt*. rrirr ffttrUutn*tl. trf itjt, TieJctt Ofi'ft: At ttrpot, end 181 Hnn<Mph-*t, Imm. Arri**, Kaotaa City and Den»er Pari Rx. *I3 M p. m. •»:40 p. m. * M. lamia and Kfrlntfleld I'x • H;noa. m. • 7:V>p. m. AC Koala. Springfield A T«m,„ 5 •«p,ra. 4 7:10 a. m. Peoria I»»y Etnrraa • 9 ; no m , • 7jto n. m. Peoria, KeoknkA Horjington.... • 9:00p.m. • 7:40a.m. Chicago A Padueab Hallroad Kx. • fltflOa. m. M;Mp. m. Stmauw, Ueon.Ha»blaglflnEi. *13:30p.m. * 8;40p.m. Jr»llf*t A Dwight Accommodation. • 6;iWp. m, * 9if) a. m. LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAH SOUTHERN. L*ar«. Ant re. Mall, rituals line A:Ma. ra'. 0:10 p.ra.' Special W. t. Kspra'i 9-0 a. m. i:00p. m. Atlantic Kxerea*. dally 4:lAp.m. flaria. ra. Accommodation r:4op.m. 11:10a. n. Wight Kxpreaa t lOflQp.m. I 6HO a. in. CHICAGO, MILWAUREeTsT. PAUL RAILROAD. P nienDtroi, ttmtr Uadittn and Ctaal.ili, neliil Ogle* , 63 South Cl*rk~*U, tppmittSSiman Ho an, and at Dtp* 4, • Ltat* Am**. Milwaukee Rxpreot • 6£4 a. m. • 7:30 p.m. WlieootlnA Mlnneeota Through Day KxpreM *!ofloa.a. *4:COp. m. Wiieonaln, lowa, and Mlnneeota Kipreo«...... *5:03 p.ra. *11:01 a. m. WUoooild A Mlunexota Through Wight Kxpreaa ‘f 9:47p.m. 17:00a.m. All t/alna run via Milwaukee. Ticket* for HI. Paul and Mlnneapcllaa”* good either »la Madison and Prairie da Union, crria Watertown, LoCrotie, and Winona. ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. Dtpot.fiH of tMkrrt. and foot of riarnty-woadri. n«4<« O/irt, Ifil Haud*lpli-*l, near Clark, t«j«. Amt‘. DCL001a8xpreai................. •a.™*. ta. *B:4Sp. ra. ht.Lonla haat Line (j£Si. m. ! 7-;'Jia, ra, CainA NewOrleane Ki * 'U:<4p. m. UaltoAWewOrleane Ex ; t*;;rio. ra. ' Ij’Mt, m. bpnogfield. Peoria, and Keokuk * B:IOa. m. •B:B0o. m. hpnoxOeid Mgnt Exnr«*M 1 8:'fl p. ra I 7:'ua. ra. Peoria and KcjXuX Exprut * Hittp. m, * 7:90 a. m. Dubuque A Sioux Ulty itx * a. m. • * d. m. Dubuque A htoui Oily Eipreaa.. * s*:2i p. in. • 7:00 a. ra. (•liman Paaianxer. * A; -1, * ra. CHICAGO. BURLINGTON % QUINCY RAILROAD D*poti,juet nJ Lakt-tU, India****' * ni ditlnntH,H m undVunatand SitlttnUMl*. fkw ii OLxrk-it andai'ltpoli Xrarr. .Imre. Mall and Uxpreie ’7:Ma.o>. • 7:4o*p7m* Ottawa auU otrvawr • ?-<w a. m. • 7 MO p. n Koc.iwr i.liDbuuua A Sioux Oily 'Piiie. m. *4:3)n. m.' paeioc Eaat iaue, tor Umaiis .. ’lu::Ua. ni. • 4a«D. « Kauiaa City. LMToowurta, A etmoQ A Su Juiepu Em 'litrWa tn. * 4:00 p.m. iexaa Exptesa * l-.'rMla. id. t 7:la a. is. Aurora pMiotumr * ;i:lfcn. in. ‘7:44 a.m. Ilepdota. Ottawa A Streator Pan' ‘ <:7)p. ro. • 9/«a. m. Aurora Paatcuser. • p. m. * Ahla a m. Aurora Paj*»neur than 1an.... li'tjp.ra. I<>:l'i a. ra. pnbwaunAbiouxUtty Kxp. ... *T:Wia.ra. Paeiho Wight Kao. for Omaha.. lu;idp, m ‘.7:14 a.m. KanaaaOlly. At ebteooAhu Jotepn Kin It Mii. in. 1 7:lfia. m. Ouwncr'aOruTvAccimmjn Uiixti *ll -'ji a. in. ‘S.nSp. ra. liuwuet'adrure Arcoinmonnttoi • in, * ’-il'ti. m. Oowncr'iClrore Accotnma,lnt| > 'f. X >■. ~i. I fi<s i, ra. I * " " lx. Bondar. lid. StiDraar. JEx. Mondxj. ERIE AND CHICA33 LINE. ftfUl Oflfft. HJ rV-ir, luhtitr rrind rafiUtL aiwf ai Its MitAtjtin-rtr,, eorntr jifaJUan, Train* «<4fr /run iluil-lmj. D*t Kipreu-Pollmao Draw- " las-ltuoiu nleoiii.ig Can, to how Vocu without cljatuts 8:8* a. m. 8:18 a. h. Atlantic Eipren-Pullwau I*ol. of? DrawltJe-Honn Canted Howl Can fcCSp.m.l 8-13 P.m. Only ll>if rtinntn* th? n poraTT VoirYoric. ‘ PmsBURci.FT. w»r STT CHioaa miLwnr. U %y * Kx P ra ” • J'wiflc fciprtw ;!.*> p, m.U l'a.wi »jr-i , ..iAUjj I m. I! * Sunday excepted. { Dally. 1 Saturday t Monday except .*d. _ . . BALTIMORE a"oh7o RAILROAD. IVaim era*' yrom r«ur o t Kxfioiitivn LulttinJ an! fort at IVsnlotreuei/il, l>tvol torn** and. Mteh loaii ar. I'ilyofiet, St C'a’k-il,, nrnir oj I TatK. iuatvh. Accommodation Pay ICtpro*. Past Express IDally. *Dally, Sundays eicapl CHICAGO. ROCK ISLAND & F Dtpol, corner of I'an B*rtn onf SJ b'ruad /'Uci/w 1 Om*ha,L**»*nw'lh JAtcbleonlU •lotikia. m, * 4,iop. m. PerßAceointuudatlou * »swp. m. * 9:YJa. a. WUbtKapreie „|tIO.OOO. Q>. t p»| FINANCIAL.' SSO. SIOO. S2OO. SSOO. SI,OOO. AIXX. KIUITIIINjaiAM Ae CO.. Dankara mod Itruker*. iJwall-at.. N. V., makeforeiutvmen desirable UiTMlinonU of large or •mill amount* la stocks of a legliltnate character. which frequently pay from H»* to twouty times tba amount torwled erery thirty days. Stocks bought and carried a*lone u desired on deposit of 6 par east. Circular* and weakly raporW sent free. wnw v<> hk. MEDICAL CARDsT DR. JAMES. Loci BosDllal, cor. WasUoetoo k FMIMs. - Chartered by the State of Illlaoli (or tbe express par pus* of (lilnf mimediala relief UJ all cases ul private, chronic, and ariaary diseases iu all complicated tuna*. U uwell known mat UK. JAMES baaatuudab theheaduf tbe profession fur tb* paat U /car*. Asa and axpuneoea aru alMmpurtant. Heuiliml Weakness, nlgnt iuae«* by dream*, pimple* on lb* f*o*,ioet man. hood, can positively be cured. Ladle* wanting the moae dellcale attention, call or write. Ploaeant borne for pa ttetila. A bowk fur tbe mtllloo. Marriage Guide, whlcn tell* yon all abont tbaae dlseasea—wno tnoula marry—why not—lOcanu to pay postage. Ur. James bae 8u rooms tail parlor*. You aoe no one but tha Doctor. Dr. James Is rltiy rear* «f aej. Consultation alwat. freeaod I net led. Office hour*. In. in. Hundaye, 10 to Ua. m. AU business itnotly conbdentUl. Dr. C. Bigelow Has removed from 370 Booth Olarb-et, to 83 Wert MadUou-et.. where be wIU be pleaeed toaeehUold patient*. He will continue to treat Chronic Nervous and Bkln DUeaev. The poor will be treated free from aU»ip. m. earl* day. HU Marriage Guide. Urge alxe. 300 page*, giving all information to tboao who Intend to marry and tboee who are lu any way infilled for marriage. Price &0 ccnta; acut to any ad dree a. Offlo* boura from oa. to. to 9p. m. Hondaya, 2toip. o » Everything confidential, DR. CLARKE* TUo unfortunate of both nm eoxuolt tba celebrated Or. CLAUKE. WTSend two ataupefor “ Safeguard of Ilealth." tF’Sond two itaropa for' work oo Kerf on* tod Bexutl Olaeaaea. Celebrated Vernal* Pllta, fI.SO aud $3 per box. Hooka j “ JEaolurlo Antbropol oay,”|l, * - Vour Sileut Friend," 23 cent*. “ Tba (treat Secret," IS rent*. Seminal Weakneaa cured at once. CouaulUtlon free and aacred. Addreaa letUra to Or. V. O. CLAUKE, m SoutU Clark-aL, Chicago. no pay l '! Dr. Kean, 173 soiu cim-ii, couir ol HdumCiraio. , Mtybeeooiulled. personally or by mail, lyesof a barn, an all ehronie or nmoua diseases. Dk. J KBANlsUie cair pkjsiolanta lbs city wbo warraaU cures or ooaay. Uttaebunxa. tie, m. telp. m.i Mondays itomßloil. NEKVOUM liXilAUbriON—A MKUIUAL lif»bAY, coniprtsiog a Mriee ol leelutvs delivered el Kahn's Museum of Anatomy, New York, on tbu cause and cure ol premature decline, showing indisputably bow loot bealtb may be regained. sdorUmg a clear synopsis of the iuipeduueuls to maritsg #, and tbe treatment of oervoue aud physical debility. neUie tbu rveult ol M years' eape* rleace. Pries ft* cent*. Address tbe author, UH. I-J. KAIiW, office end residence 41 Eaat Tuutb-et., Mew York DR. STONE, Hi Madiaoa st-. Cblosgu, Hi., treats all Chronic aud I’ri* vsie Disease*, Memlual Wesaneta, Irnjxjlancr, r stasis DU* Acuities, etc. Medicines lumlaoed for 44 to|ju { cuim guaranteed or money refunded. Consultations conodto* tie) aud Use. personally or by latter, A 110 UK for but# •ores, Illustrated, aud circulars sent, sealed, (orlsiAaWe 7 * TdlQp.m. • 8rl»lp. re. Mo:3n s, m. Mm t. m. .8 JO a. n. * 1.-M g. m. tßjflo o. m. * I:Snp. ra. * H JO ft. m. ‘7:tt)p. m. : a. m. ;P:UOa. tn. . •):.»( a. ra. 1 p. m. trap*. | Jrriea. * 7:IDa. m.l* S:IOp. m. * S:tJ a. in. 1 H;lu a. m. 5 t;id p. m.1*11.10 p. m. *ACIFIC RAILROAD. SAirmorj.jU. TitiuloJUt Himl.

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