Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 26, 1876, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 26, 1876 Page 8
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THE CITY. GENERAL NEWS. Commissioner Queothor reports that his con* lltuents are very one-sided on the Gubornato lal question. Beveridge cannot get flvo votes o bis town. SergL Hood, of the police force, declares (here Is no truth in tbe story that ho and some of. hie men electioneered actively against Mark Bberldan last week. He says ho Intends to ask the Police Board for an InvcetigatiOD. Tbs temperature yesterday, aa observed by Uanasse, optician, No. 88 Madison street (Trio deb Building), wae, at 8 a. to., 61 degrees { 10 a. tn„ Cat 12 m., 53; Bp. m„ CO; 8 p, m. t 63 ; barometer, Ba. m., 29.30; Ip. m., 29.80. The wife of John Kramer, residing at tho cor ner of Thirty-first and Arnold streets, died sud denly yesterday afternoon about 2 o’clock. Sbo bad been ill for somo time, but It was not sup posed seriously. Tho Coroner held the inquest at 4 o’clock aod found that she came to her death from heart-disease. Shortly after 10 o’clock last evening an era ploy oof the North Chicago Rolling Mill, named Fred Bogaohagan, wae severely, though not fa tally, out and bruised about tbe head aod shoul ders by the fall of a massive chain connected with tbe elevator in the steel mill, which ho was attending. He was taken to his homo, No. 11l West Division street. Aboot 8 o’clock last evening a horse driven by Adolph Laclede took fright at a house being moved by tbe City Railway Company in the vi cinity of Wabash aveane and Thirty-first street, and ran away, throwing ont tho driver aod his eon. The father escaped with but few Injuries, but tbe son was severely injured about tho head. They reside at No. 481 Thirty-ninth street, whore tbe son was attended by Dr. Trowbridge. Tho result of the hoy’s Injuries is m yet uncertain. A susceptible young man from Alton came to town on Saturday aod sold, among other fruits that he brought to towu with him, a lot of strawberries at 60 coots a box. Then ho went to call on two of his female cousins and took them to tho matinee, after which ho took them to tho banqueting house, and tho banner over them was, "What’ll ye have, girls?" He fed thorn with strawberries and comforted them with cream, and paid for the same at tho rate of $1 a plate, Subsequently ho discovered that thoy were his own strawberries. • He departed for Alton by the night express, declaring that hence forth he would wage eternal and relentless war against middlemen and monopolists. Thin is the merry time of auctioo sales, when women wander forth with galochoa on their foot and grim determination on their countenances, and seek bouses whore sales are to tako place, reluming homo so tired that thoy cau hardly lain, to declare that if thoy had the mess and rubbish some people call furniture they'd use it for kindling-wood be fore tbo/d display tboir poverty and poor taste to tho public. A woman on Uoyno (drool was about to move, and con viucod her husband that thoy couldn’t do bettor ibao soil off their furniture at auctioo, and buy tome more at auction, maintaining thus the ap parently Irreconcilable thoiics that (1) you can always get things at auction for loss than their worth, and (2) that you con always get more at auction for things than (hoy nro worth. Ac cordingly she disposed of her household effects i'rlday. Saturday sho wont to another auction tori bought back for $19.76 the girl's bod-room set that on tho day pre ceding sho had sold for SIO.CO, less charges .and tommission. When her husband reminded tier »f it, she burst Into a flood of tears, asked him ff this was all tho thanks sho got for trying to iavo his money, and (glared that it was all his fault for having the sale Friday, which she al ways had tried to make him boliovo was an un lucky day. BELLIKO orr OLD CLOTHES. A prudent young man up on Seeley avenue, itho sells all bis old clothes wbou tho spring lime comes, has hit upon an ingenious plan for Inc: catting his revenue from this source, 110 oaiclullynnakcs a bole In tho lining of ono of (be pockets of tho vestment whoroot ho is about to dispose, and puts tberoiu a small wad of tissue paper wrapped about with a greasy Con federate note. When tho dealer comes around to purchase, he naturally explores tho pocket, and, fooling what bo takes lo bo a compact wad of 'greenbacks, lays, “How mooch zo vest?" “Tho vest?" replies the prudent young man; "O, that la an tmlucky vest. I haven’t worn it since last Christmas. 1 thought I had a roll of green backs atnodotiQg to SBO in tbo pocket, and when { came to foel for it ii was gone. And yet," ho adds, musingly, “ 1 could havo sworn no one was near that vest. But it’s a good vest; coat m 0511.50." “And bow mooch you takes for him, my dear?" says tbo merchant, in avoico trembling with emotion. “O, well, limes aro hard, and 1 must get all 1 can,—sß.7s,” replies tbo prudent young man. “ tight thaler so?* inty-fivo cents I” screams the dealer; “you (ought J was dor Belknap, horn? leaves you (unfty cents." “Fifty Erebus!” replies tbo prudent young man; “pull down toot vest and gimme back mino. I’ll wear It another season; in this Centennial year wo ought !to rotum.lo tho economy of our forefathers ; I’m going to return to tho economy of my forefather; gimme it.” “ Acb, no. ” answers tho dealer, who dreads lest the precious garment should bo reft from him ; “ 1 goafs you uoox thaler.” •* Well, seeing it's yon." says tho prudent young mao, “ you can havo it,” and so the dicker is consummated, aud tho dealer hasten* away with bis prize. Ho has done such on extensive and protiiablo business that he thinks aoiiouely, if there only aro enough (old-clothes merchants in town, of baling some ready-made clothing him self and selling it as second-hand. Tbe some of ebook is exhibited by tho Junk dealer who pays U cents to a credulous woman for a sC*pounu weight, declaring that be gives a cent a pound for old Iron. ACADEMY OPISCIESOCS. An adjourned meeting of the Chicago Acad emy of Bclencos was bold last night at the Acad emy, No. 203 Wabash avenue, E. W. Blatcliford in tbe chair. Numerous donations to tbo museum and library were reported. Tbe first scientific paper was road by Dr. Ed mund Andrews on the character of tbo drift for mation in tbo neighborhood of Lake Michigan. Its object was to determine whether the formation was due to tbo action of trosb water glacioreorto sea icebergs. Tbe speaker bad procured Ike analysis of water obtained from different portions of tbe drift, and bad found that it (tbo water) contained 18 grams of salt to tbo gallon, giving CO.OUO barrels of salt to every square mile of surface lu tbo neighbor hood of Chicago, This wont to prove that tbe formation of the drift was duo to the action of salt-water icebergs, as the water of Lake Michi gan, lust above, contained only a third of a grain of salt to a gallon, ami tbo water of tbo rocks below contained but 8 grams of salt to tbe gal lon. Mr. Peabody exhibited and explained by black board drawings a specimen of larv®, which bo bad in a phial, aud which, ho said, had boon ejected (tom tbe nose of a colored gui while sneezing. Tbo girl had boon subject to convul sions. The insect was supposed to be of similar species to those that bavo heretofore been found In tho human bead. Prof. Elios Colbert presented some interest ing calculations on Crook’s experiments on tho repulsive force of sunlight, iuvolving the quan tity of matter contained in comets, tbo expulsive motion of a comet's tail, aud tho losa of plane tary atmospheres. Dr. U. A. Johnson described a naw method for illuminating microscopic objects, which was valuable io the observation of difficult objects, as tbe counting of tho lines in tho bands of Noberl'a scale. PHILLIPS GOES TO LAW. HE WANTS TUB EMOLUMENTS Of OFFICE. Tbo ousted To mi Assessor, Edward Phillips, filed bis long-threatened bill st last yesterday against Hermsnu Lieb, Joseph I’ollsk. L. D. Wallace, Calvin D'Wolf, J. Bummerflold, Peter Foote, George A. Mooch, J, Charles n&iuos, Robert T. Llncolu, James Qloeson, and William B. 11. Gray, being tbo County Clerk and Town Hoard of the Town of South Chicago. Phillips states, in detail, tbo town meeting on the morn* log of April 4, at No. 204 LaSalle street, the coarse of the election during the day, and its results, which was, among other things, to mako him Town Assessor for the ensuing year. Due notices of election wore sent to all the officers by the Town Clerk, Gleoson, and the proper certificate was tiled with the County Clerk, who indorsed it in the usual manner with the date of filing and his name. Phillips poos on to rbow that the County Clerk La bound to make up piopor hooks before May 1 for tho Town Assessors of the lands to he assess* ed; that ho went to Mr. Lieb and demanded the books for tho South Town Assessor, hut was refused : and that Lieb is uow about io deliver the books to W. H. 11. Gray. If this be per* milted Phillips fears he will bo deprived of the emoluments arising from tho oflico of Town As* sensor. The Town Hoard also is intending to recognize Gray as Assessor, aud fix his pay H required by law. Tbo complainant then (mi m to slats that tho Town Hoard could doW •lerolsa their authority to appoint any town officers unless under the following con* dltiont or exceptions! that a vacancy bad oo ourred In eomo one or ail of (be town office* either by a failure of the town to elect tbe proper number of town officer* or that ooe of those elected bad failed to qualify* or when a vacancy had occurred by death or resignation, or if any officer had become insane, or had re* moved from the town or ceased to bo an in* habitant of tbe district for which ho was elected, or hsd been convicted of an infamous crime, or of an offense involving a violation of bta official oath, or had been removed from office, or had refused or neglected to take tho oath of office, or failed to give or renew his official bond. None of these conditions having happened, THE TOWN BOARD HAD NO POWER to declare as they did the offices of Supervisor. Assessor, Collector, and Town Clerk vacant, and bad no power, therefore, to proceed and fill them by appointment. But even If the Board had had such power at the meeting of April 16, they lost it by admitting that the election was valid in recognizing and allowing tho resignation of Pat rick K. llyan, tho Supervisor, and in allowing Glooson to Jolu with them in tho appointment of R. T. Lincoln in Ryan’s place. The Town Board also issued a certificate of tho election of Lincoln and Gray, which has boon filed with the County Clerk, hut Phillips alleges that it bears uo mark or date of filing, and remains in (he County Clerk’s office for somo purpose to him unknown. Mr. Gray gives out that bo is the legal As sessor, and is about to receive the books from the County Clark, sod the Town Board assert that alioy will recognize him as Assessor. Phil lies. of course, domes that Cray has any right to the office, and therefore asks for an injunc tion to restrain the County Clerk from issuing the Assessor’s books to Air. Gray, and to pre vent tho Town Board from recognizing him as such Assessor, or voting him aoy salary: and also to nrovont Mr. Gray from receiving tho books, making any assessments, or taking tho Town Board for any salary. Messrs. O’Brien, Barge & Dixon and Haines & Tripp appear aa solicitors for tho complain ant. An application will be made this morning to Judge Parwoil for a temporary injunction. LINCOLN PARK REPORT. RECEIPTS AND DISBURSEMENTS JOB TBE TEAR. Pursuant to the law requiring tbe Commis sioners or Lincoln Park to mako an annual re port during tbe month of April, tho following report was submitted yesterday. Ornos o v tue Coumtmiohriu or Lincoln Pabk, Chicago, April 21, 1875.—r0 the lion. 11. b. Colvin, Mayor of tlis City of Chicago — Sir : In pursuance of tho Isw under which tlio Commissioners of Lincoln I’Ark am organized, wo (as we have hitherto done) re spectfully submit herewith a report of tbe financial condition of tho Board, with a statement of tbe re ceipts and dlshunomunts for tbe yoar ending April I, 1870, and the various accounts to which expenditures have been charged. Tho Commissioners of Lincoln Park, By F. U. Winston, President, Chicago, April I, 1870.-7*o tht CommUifanert of Lincoln Park— Gentlemen : I herewith submit state, ment showing receipts and disbursement# for the year ending April 1. 18*(>, and amount in bamiaof Treas urer to credit of this Board, together with statement showliet source of receipts, and the account# to which the disbursements have been charged: On aeconnt of tax of 1874... Drive assessments Proceeds of bonds ' of 187'. f.pedal amesßmentß....._, f undrios . Bauuoe April 1, 1875, flalance April 1, £2,331 April 8,359 Hay 22.490 •'uno 33,081 • uly .01,113 August 83,831 i.ojitcmbor 60,882 I'Ctober 4,673 li'overnbcr 83,010 l>oi-ember 4,koj J’ebrusry 3,000 March...... 261,'.*00 July August. ... t eptember, October..., irovember. liQcember , 1870. Jinuary... l obruary. iVrcb..... On account of cemetery... 4,413 A ulmal expense „ 1,890 t naineef and surrey 3,H9 Arlesian well 299 Improvement 33.4U1 Loan 26,000 Interest 2,301 Lake Shore drive 4Su Manure... 41 Cffeou house 1,770 |,ako shore protection 2.60 H Hoad 2,413 JlomllnterMt 83,80.1 LtockUm drive 0,1'J4 Land 353,877 Legal expeme 4,873 tewor 231 Oifice expense , police expanse 4,019 Pine street drive 133,418 Silary 6,6)0 Jtace course 12,883 Connection drive. i0,t)56 Tree 10.784 Sidewalk 3,.126 Miscellaneous expense 60S Receipts (o April 1,1870, $031.200.40. Orders paid, 3&H,0G3; to balance, JUO.IO. ToUl, 1031,200.40, li. S. Tatlos, Secretary. Balance In bands of Tmiurer April 1, 1878, JUtu.lo. Above amount paid to me. Joint DrKovcx, Tmaarcr. Chicago, April 25,1870.—At the request of Mr. John BoKoven, Treasurer of the Commissioners of Lincoln I’ark, I have made an examination of tbe accounts of said Commlaalouers, and find the foregoing statement of receipts and disbursements for tbe year ending April 1, 1870 (from orders and vouchers), comet. THE FOUNDLINGS’ HOME. cniLUEttN’e pAtn at tub pacific hotel. The children resident at tbo Paelfio deter mined upon a fair to aid of the Foundlings’ Home. Probably not one of them has the re motest Idea of tbo functions of tbo institution, or tbo sorrow and misery of which it Is tbe out growth, but they bad board of a bouse full of voungstora to whom toys are strangers and lux uries unknown, and so they decided to bold a fair and devote tho proceeds to tbe comfort and consolation of tbe unfortunates. For two weeks the seven little girls and two very small boys who constitute the world of society at tho Pa cific have been busy. Not perhaps In the manu facture of salable articles, for, from tbe display, that branch seems to have been committed to older and defter bauds. Bat they have been busy in discussion of the project, and wild with expectation of Us consummation. Cau cuses have been held in odd corners and behind doors, between young ladies whose drosses stuck out very much behind, and young gentlemen with remarkably pointed collars, and pan taloons fringed with clearly defined scallops. Uyndiuatcs wore formed, sud, as after tho estab lished custom, parties, nogs, and cliques grew up and UourlsDod. Bat those latter were only as to details, for all tbo charitable young mission aries agreed solemnly that their duty to society demanded of them an effort lu behalf of the un fortunates to whom one cow’s milk is substance aud a sugar-rag a luxury. Yesterday was fixed for the Juvenile Exposi tion. One of the parlors had been selected and hermetically sealed. Inside were Katie Bello Barter (aged 7), Amy Geekill (aged 8). Emma Kellogg (aged b), Tiny Nims (aged 10), Helen Dunlovy (aged 3), May Meyers (aged 8), Eulie Andreas (aged 7j, Palmer Kellogg (aged 11), and Willie Beckwith (aged 8). Outside wore a score of wide-open mouths and two score of expectant eyes, their owners awaiting tbo opening of tho door. At a few minutes after 3 tho portal was unlocked, aud tho guests rushed iu. Everything was in keeping with the fair, its object, aud Its prime movers. Ail was on the young and inno cent order. Hlx tables (6 is about tbe average ago of tbe children) were ananged to take up as little space as possible, and to bear as much pressure as necessary without tipping over. TUt TABLES. Table No. 1 bore a mountain of fancy goods. There wore mats for toilet cases; cornucopias in perforated paper, worked in marvelously blended colors: groat book marks, with quota* tioue from tbo word of the Foundling who came from tho (Danger; plu.oushious of rare design and exquisite workmanship; fancy boxes with impracticable lids auu deceptive bottoms; dolls of raro beauty and remarkable expression; dolls' dresses that would have carried ouvy to the heart aod terrible twinges to the back aud legs of Miss Jenur Wien. Upon the second table was an Inanimate young lady, arrayed after tbo prevailing mode-of tbo dav. Her pull-back, ilouucea, boots, corsage, sleeves, tournure, hair) all tu that remarkable TIL'S CHICAGO TRIBUNE: WEDNESDAY. APRIL 26, 1876. fashion which we tolerate when It clothes live bodies, and laugh at when it adorns a doll. The third table held a bed, probably Intended for tbe voting lady oo (ha second table, when tbe eas terns of society and the oapneo of her owner will permit her to enaicU a few winks of tbe balmy. Table No. 4 was loaded with flowers, rare sweet flowers, that filled the parlor with per fume, and made tho room contrast strangely with those apartments for whoso ocoapanis tho fair wae held.—not very ploasantlrooms at best, and filled with Utile beds, and they in turn too often with little sufferers, to whom a flower is like an angel, unseen this side of the grave. On tables Nos. 5 and (1 wore the toilet-sets and accoutrements of tho various dolts. Everything In miniature, sverytoing complete. Bnroans, dressing-cases, bedsteads, alt that makes the fashionable doll sufficiently comfortable and languid for her station in society, And aronndthem all wore tbe groups'of chil dren, hurrying from one fascination (o another, and delighted with all. They Boomed to thor oughly understand that tho income from all this array was to bo devoted to somo nondescripts, popularly known as “poor children," and gen erally supposed to have tho full complement of legs, arms, and digestive apparatus, but beyond that their information apparently failed, and also their Interest. Of course tho hand of restraint must bo fell, and Mrs. Coddington Billings, Mrs. T. 0. Barter, Mrs. R W. I’oot. Mrs. 0. P. Kellogg. Mrs. Samuel Parker, Mins Nana Quinn, Miss .Mary Oaskid, aod Miss Hattie Gasklll kindly volun teered their services to keep tho children quiet, aod bond the twig of tho proceedings in the way it should go. And the result was a pro nounced success, aod, when the doors wets closed, some S3OO had hooo realized for the lit tle urchins, who came into tho world to bo inno cent carpet-baggers, and whoso existence de pends upon some such charity as that developed yesterday. MATRIMONIAL. ETLBMDERO-MARKS AND JONAS-MAUKB. A Hebrew double wedding of more than usual interest was solemnized at Klare's Hall on North Clark street last evening. Tbe con tracting parties wore Mr. A. Eylonberg end Miss Polly Marks, and Mr. B. Jonas ami Miss Henrietta Marks. Tho grooms arc partners in tho hide and leather business in Joliet, and tho brides ero sisters and respectably connect ed in this city, The ceremony, which was a very Impressing one, was per formed by tho Rov. Dr. A. J. Mossing, who mado a fooling address, which drew tears from many of those present. The wodding was numerously attended. Among tho persons pres ent wore Aid. Jones and wife, Mr. Franc Wilkie of (he Times, Mr. Charles Donoohj, Justice H. A. Kaufman and wife, Mr. Herman Marx and wife of St. Joseph, Mo., 11. Ulrscli aod wife of Quincy, 111., .Mrs. B. Cohen of Palmyra, Mo., Mr. James A. Tower and wife of Evanston, Mr. Harris Bwiskey of C&rrollton, HI., Miss Emma Powell of Quincy. 111., Miss Nettle Harris of Hannibal, Mo., tho Hon. John McGlo of Sioux City, Ia. f 0. Brookhouso of Now York. Mr. and Mrs. 8. Nathan, .Mr. and Mr. Joseph Lipman. Mr. aod Mrs. 8, Marx, Mr and Mrs. M. Cohn. Mr. and Mrs. Woifaobn, Mr. and Mrs. J. Livingston, Mr. and Mrs. C. 61. Wilhber, and a number of others. $85,758 71,000 Cil.OPl c,oco 15,100 There wore also present a groat array of Hebrew beauties, but chief among tbom all were Hie two brides. Their uploodid .figures and lovely faces showed to groat advantage m tboir licb drosses of heavy ashes-of-roses silk, trimmed with orange blossoms. Among tboso present, particularly conspicuous for tboir fine toilette* wore tho Misses Rebecca Harris. Emma Powell, Jennie and Sarah Suikoy, Esther Harris, Bottle Marx, Theresa Livingston, aud Rachel Marx. ,(513,200 At tho conclusion of tbo ceremonies a banquet wee given, in which ovur 100 couples partici pated. Tbo whole concluded with a soiree, and (ho dancing was boot up until this morning, tbo Groat Western Light Guard Band furnishing the music. Tbo presents received by the two couple wore valuable and numerous. Aid. Jo* nos, who is the brother of ono of the grooms, grvo a check of $600; Mr. .11. M. Marks, brother of the brides, furnished the outlit and paid tho expenses of the wed* dings. Mr. Colvin presented two silver lisb* spoons; Air. S. Harris, ono dozoa silver spoons; Mr. and Mrs. Nathan, salt-cellar and plooappio spoons; Mr, and Mrs. Joseph Liproan, silver bouquet-holder sed fruit basket; Mr. and Mrs, Snmmerliold. silver Ice-pitcbor; Mr. Bniakoy, silver tea-set; Ilormau Haas, parlor ant; 11. Marx, Bt. Joo, solid silver tea-sot. There woro also a number of other valuable presents, both useful and ornamoutal. .(631,208 28,633 . 86,721 . 74,003 , SO.MiO . 43,390 . 88,213 . 0,007 .$ 2,031 . 2,649 , 253,015 $131,080 TriE CITY-HALL. Commissioner Prlodlville wout to Milwaukee yesterday. Ho returns to-day. Tbo Mayor was absent from his office yester day, being detained at borne by a bad cold. The City Collector took m SCOO yesterday, mainly from license fees. Tbo City Treasurer's receipts yesterday wore $2,850 from water rents, and $874 from the City Collector. Patrolman Henry Smith was yesterday exam ined on a charge of drunkenness preferred by one Clark, keeper of a Canal street divo. Six witnesses (omplovos) wore produced by Clark to swear that tbo officer was drunk, and tbo case was taken under advisement by tbo Police Hoard. About the only excitement current at city headquarters vostorday was speculations on tbo decision regarding city scrip. Too employes aro all confident that a favorable decision will quick ly replenish tboir purses, while an unfavorable turn, they think, would ruin them irretrievably. Colvin’s rival in pertinacity—Concbsholl Rey nolds-called In rain upon the Mayor yesterday. He was In search of information us to bow many votes be fllovnolds) received for the office of Mavor. lie bad noard thousands of men say that he was tboir choice. It Is unnecessary to add that he got no satisfaction and departed. $831,088 DOAUD OP HEALTH. At tbe meeting of tbe Board yesterday after noon, Sanitary Superintendent Miller reported (bat 130 people died laat week, 10 more than in tho previous week, though 13 less than during tbo corresponding week of 1875. Of tbe 130, only 30 wore married. There wore 01 males. Fifty of tbo deceased were under 3 years of ago, and C wore over 70 voars. Tbe ailments were : Accidents, 6; apoplexy, 2 ; brain, 3 ; bronchitis, 3 ; convulsions, 15 ; cyanosis, 3 ; debility. 3 ; diphtheria. 5; dropsy, 3 ; enteritis. 3 ; puerperal fever, 4 : scarlet, 8 ; typhoid, 3 : heart disease, 7 ; inanition. 4 ; meningitis, 7 ; phthisis pul monaiis, 10 ; pneumonia, 0; small-pox, 1; syphilis, 1; scrofula, 1; whooping cough, 6. lu L. Oa&di. AT THE SUB-TREASURY. TUB I’UDLIO ORBED FOB SILVER continues unabated. The more that cola is given out tbe greater Is tbo demand. Yesterday morning specie payments wore again resumed at tbe Sub-Treasury, In accordance with tho previ ous aonouncomout, and long before tbo hour for opening the Government offices a crowd gathered about tbe entrance in Arcade court. They wore mostly messenger-boys, porters, and clerks, and were provided with tho usual assort ment of carpet-bags, satchels, and botes. As soon aa tbe door ol theHub-Tro&mtfy was thrown open, there was a rush aud scramble for the first Cisco st tbe counter. A policeman wbo had een detailed to preserve order was obliged to exercise more than ordinary force to keep back tbe crowd. He finally succeeded in forming the tumultuous mass in Hue, aud, when formed, it extended out of tbe door, down tbe stops, and a long distance along tbo court towards Clark street. Aud there was no diminution of tbs number during tbo forenoon. Sir. Miller, the obliging Cashier, stated to a Tridunk reporter at uoou, that there had been 943.000 in sliver In the vaults when tbe office was opened la tbe morning, and of that amount about 910,000 was paid ont. Much more would have been disbursed, only the rules limit tho amount to each person to 9100. Those who de sire larger sums are obliged to soud tboir orders to Washington, whence directions ere returned to the Hub-Treasury to pay the sums requested. ; The payment of silver ceased at noon, as there were a large number of orders from the country to bo filled which required tbe help of all tbs clerical force. The com thus seut to the country Is forwarded by express in leather shot hags. Tho customer has to pav the exnrostt charges and tbe coat ol the bags, which is only 6 cents for each. The receipts of coin from Washington still continue at the rate of 910,000 daily. Charles King, a handsomely-decorated boarder at the Gardner House, was yesterday arrested by Detectives Elliott aud Gallagher, and in his possession wero found several coats stolon from boarders at different betels. Frederick Boldt, who resides st the corner of Thirteenth aud Ttuoop streets, was before Hoyoe yesterday, charged with passing a conn* torfell 910 note on William Schneysr. Freder* Ick, the bold, was held In SI,OOO to appear to day. George Ward, alias Wood, and Tbomei Car roil, alias Clark, wore before Jostles foots yesterday. Ward, for restating an ollloer, was sent to the Bndewoll for 104 days, and Carroll got fifty-four daya in tbo same institution. Both had boon engaged in a theft, which was the cause of their arrest. The hydraulic Jack found upon the burglar Bogers, who was shot white robbing the dry goods houee of Pardridge A Co. several nights ago, is believed to have been stolon from the Illinois Contra! Railroad. Bogers is still con fined at the Armory, and is rapidly recovering from his wound. Ernest Kcllor, a fugitive from the Justice dis pensed by tho national authorities at Dubuque, was yesterday arrested by Detective Dargou st McCormick’s reaper factory, whore ho has boon at work since bis arrival in this city. In the afternoon Deputy Marshal Bhodduck, of Du buque, took him in charge, and returned homo on tho evening train. Four more of the roughs who amuse them selves by Insulting and staring passers-by on Chicago avenue wore last evening taken in by tho police, nndor orders from Capt. Guild, Their names are Bichard Faith, Thomas Daly, Bichard Warren, and Henry liaesis. Though young in years, they are old and daring in crime, Warren being as perfect a desperado as there is in tbo city. Bupt. Hickey yesterday received notice of tbo arrest of George Depone in Baltimore. George is wanted in this city for swindling several par lies during October met year. On complaint of E. Wolfe, of No. 330 State street, and E. Doete,' a dyer on Adams street, he was arrested and brought before Poliak, bub skipped during tbo pending trial. lie will bo brought back to Ibis city as soon as possible. Monday evening ox-Ald. Tracey, wbilo return ing homo, was assaulted and robbed by four toon near tho cornor of llaletod and Stern streets. A gold watch, presented to him several years ago, gold spectacles, and a plethoric ptirso were among the valuables captured. Shortly after the occurrence Burnt. Hood happened by, and with the aid of Mr. Tracov succeeded in captur ing two roughs, who gave tho names of Michael McLaughlin and Dome O’Donnell. Thoir cases wore continued in SI,OOO bait by Justice Bum merfleld. to give the police a obauco to capture their confederates. The grocery store of J. A. Lnndstrom, No. 12C5 Wentworth avonuo, robboil of a cheat of tea by burglars on the night of the 2d lust., and. on tbo 12(h last, following, tbo residence of C. 0. Webster, No. 20 Sixteenth street, was burglarized of sli>o worth of silverware. Cir cumstances indicated that both jobs wore done by tbo same person. Monday afternoon Officer Croak visited the houso of Mattie Lnndin, No. 1010 Butterfield street, and recovered all tbo stolon goods. William Hamilton and Oeorgo Williams, two ne groes. who ore the suspected burglars, wore also taken In, together with throo of Mrs. Landings children. Justice Summorllold yesterday hold Hamilton in SSOO bail to tlio Criminal Court for the burglary of tbo grocery, and tho casos of the two men wero continued, for want of complete evidence, in SI,OOO bail, for the burglary of Mr. Webster's house. The Landins wore hold in S3UO bail each for receiving stolon property. The noonday prayer-mooting to-day on Ar cade court will bo a promise mooting conducted by 8. A. Kean. Tho Sumner Literary Society, which moots In the Baptist Church on the corner of Paulina and Washington streets, will have a “mock trial” Saturday evening. Tho Italian societies of this country will soon open their boohs for subscriptions for a fund to build a monument to cost $500,U00 to bo erected In Now York City to tho memory of Ohnstophor Columbus for tbo discovery of this now world. They will also turn out in 'grand parado In com memoration of his birthday annually hereafter. Tho Board of Trustees of Hyde Park mot yes terday afternoon; all present, Mr. Taylor pre siding as temporary Chairman. Balloting for a permanent President was re sumed. and after fourteen ballots Mr. Beasley was elected by tbe following voto : Hensley, X ; Taylor, 2. Mr. Beasley then accepted tho posi tion in a brief and quiet apoeoh, and tbo Board was ready for business. An ordinance was then offered by Mr. Schlund to the effect that, as the funds to the Treasury wore low and there would he low taxes collected before September, the foUomng.nnmed offices be abolished : Village Attorney. Village Engi neer. Superintendent of Public Works, aud Cap tain of Police : also that tho throe first-named officers tnm over all their books, papers, ole., to tho Village Clerk, aud that tho Captain of Police tarn oyer his papers, etc., to the Sergeant of Police. The ordinance was then adopted by tho following vole : Yeas, Pogue, Schlund, Taylor, aud Bensloy; nays, Farrell and Powell. A resolution was then Introduced by Mr. Bogno to tho effect that a special committee of three bo oppolutod to examine into tho questiou of office duties required of and salaries paid to each, the number of policemen employed, whore stationed, and salaries paid: and that the special committee be instructed to report to tho Board tho result of their Investigation, together with such suggestions in tho form of ordinances as m their judgment will decrease village ox ponses and economize and simplify tho workings of the Municipal Qoyorumeot. The resolution was adopted unanimously, aud tho President ap pointed Messrs, Bopuo, Schlund, and Powell. The Board then adopted temporarily the rules of tho old Board, except tho one relative to tho time of mooting, which was fixed at 3:30 o’clock Tuesday afternoons, instead of Saturday, as heretofore. Tho Board then adjourned to moot Tuesday afternoon. The choice of President was one requiring a long contest, owing to the difficulty of malung a selection between two such excellent men as Mr. Bon&loy aud Taylor. Tho latter has largo Interests in the village, and his vote upon tho ordinance reducing tho number of salaried offi cers showed a praiseworthy desire to reduce ex penses. Mr. Bonuley is too well known as Pres ident of tho Chicago Board of Trade to need further mention. Tho first action of the now Board is in the di rection of cconotnr and reform. The aggregate of salaries paid the four officers whoso places have been abolished was SIO,IOO. While there will ho an undoubted necessity for somo one to attend to tho legal business of tbo vil lage. the engineering operations and the public works, it is not so certain that the officers need bo oontiuuallT on salary, and there is strong probability that the Board will vote to employ legal aud engineering talent for soecldo pieces ot work aa may be necessary. The special Committee appointed to look into the question of tbo number of officers required wijl endeavor to report at tho next meeting, when the matter will be settled. The Board of Trustees met In the Town Hall Monday. Tho petition to open a street In Edeson's auhdivision between Lincoln avenue and Dl vorsoy street and the petition of proporty-own era to rescind the ordinance for improvement of Washington street wore laid on the fable. Ou motion, the rules were suspended and per mission granted to property-owners on lloscoe street to lay wator-pipo at their own expense. Tho following was presented by tho Chair man, and, ou motion, adopted. Mftolttd, That lbs following rule bo added to the mica already adopted by this Hoard, and that all com* mlltees report lo writing, and such report# shall bo signed by a majority of tbs cotnniltlco, Thera shall tw right standing committees, as follows: Water and Water Improvements, Weckler, Cands, and Ooodc; Heads and Bridges, Hcbafer, Goode, nndCamla; Li* censes, Cauda, Goode, and Wcckler; Police, Goode, Wcckler, and Hcbafer: Printing and HUUonery, Bcbafcr and Wackier, Finance, Hupervlaor Wackier and Canda. The Water Committee, to whom wore referred the applications for (Superintendent and Engl* ncor of tho Water-Works, reported that they Lad selected tho application of A. H. Gurnee, and on motion the report was ordered received and placed on Die. Go motion, Mr. A. ft. Gurnee was appointed Chief Engineer and Superintend ent of Water-Works. The following was adopted: That hereafter all water supply pipe laid shall bo of tho weight kuowu as extra strong, and that need for plumbing Louses shall be of weight knows as strong. The final water test and acceptance of ma chinery. etc., was referred to the Committee on Water Hupply, to act is covaectiau with the old Water Committee, who wore given full power to act. Thd*ofllcial bond of fi. F. Ilanchelt, as Treas urer ana (Supervisor, for f300,00Q, signed LyT. >l. iJradloy, ft. L. Chase, and 21.11. Clark, was read and approved. The retiring Treasurer presented hie report and turned over vouchors and hooka to tho now Hoard, and tho examination and approval of his account were referred to the Committee on Finance. CRIMINAL. ANNOUNCEMENTS. SUBURBAN. ntPB PARE. lake VIEW. Ou motion adjourned to Monday, May 1. THE CITY NATIONAL Bank-Exnminor Watson at Work on tho Hooks. Movement to Reorganize the Concern*** Petition of tho Sepoiitori. Surprise In Washington at tho Suspension —Tho Shareholders. Bank-Examiner Watson returned from Wis consin yesterday morning, and, after “ cleaning up." ns the usurping Mayor classically expressed It to King Kaiakauo, proceeded to the City Na tional Bank, whore ho remained all day examin ing tho books and records of tho institution. In this arduous task ho was aided by rrosfdent Bushooll, Cashier Minor, sod tho various book keepers who have boon Identified with the bank. Late In tho afternoon a Timurne reporter dropped in to ascertain tho progress of tbo work, and with lha hope of obtaining an in telligible statement of tbo assets and liabilities of the suspended institution. On applying to Bank-Examiner Watson for information, ho was informed by that gentleman that ho had nob completed more than ono-lmlf of the task, but ho hoped to havo it done this evening. “ Then you will have no objections to furnish The Tiuddne with a copy of your report ? " said the newsgatheror. “Yes, air. 1 have," ••Why?" “I cannot furnish any one with a copy of my report to tho Comptroller of the Currency, with out his permission. lam not allowed to do so.’ * THAT REAL ESTATE. 11 Mr. Busbnell,” said tho reporter, “ I notice in this morning's Tribune that the deeds of cer tain parcels of property transferred to von by Mr. Minor were placed on record yesterday. Was this done by Mr. Minor for the benefit of tho bank, or is it a private transaction ? ’’ " I havo not yet mode any statement, and am not prepared to make any now." " But if It was done for tho interest of the bank, why not lot tbo public aud the depositors know it? It will increase their confidence In the ultimate ability of tho bank to pay.” A hurried oonsultatiou was held between Mr. Buslmoll, Cashier Miner, ood Mr. Watson, over tho momentous question propounded by the re porter, and after tho lapso of a couplo of min utes the answer was returned; “ Partially for tho benefit of tho bank." “ Can you give mo an Idea as to bow much ?’’ "Well, no, I cannot, it is partly a private transaction and partly a bank one. and tho two are so interwoven that I cannot now explain." At this instant the Assistant Cashier appeared on tho scene and stated : “If you want an item of nows you may state that there is a movement on foot to neonaaxizis tub hike and contiuao tho business.” “Ho you propose to tako in now capital ?” “ Yob, wo are negotiating for prominent local capitalists to tiilio hold of the concern and put it ou its font. But not enough has yet boon ac complished to justify mo in saying It will bo done.” “ Can't you turn to your boohs and give rao tho amount of yojir assets, which are convertible at onco, tho amount that can bo converted in two or three mouths, or six months, aud tho amount of suspended paper which you are carrying?" “X could only give you tho approximate amounts now, and tbov are of no mo in showing tho condition of tho bank. Besides, the depos itors who havo been lu hero to-davjbavo not ashed any «uch questions. Thor are tho only ones Interested, and, when they don’t, why should you oak such questions ?” “ But The TninoNß would liko to know for tbo benefit of (ho public.” “Tho depositors don’t ask to know ; then why should tbo public ?" “ Tbo suspension of a bank la a matter of pub lic interest, and tbo details of Its affairs are equally so." the prnnotf. “See hero, look at this petition. Hoad it, and you will see that tbo depositors bavo confidence lu us, and I tell yon that tbo bank will eventual ly par up everything. There is no B. F. Alien hero.” Tbo following is tho petition? CutoAoo, April, 34, 1876.— The Hon, John Jay Knox, Coinvtraher of the Currency: The undersigned, who are depositors lu tho City National Bank of Chicago, 111., for the amounts set opposite their names, respect fully pray that sold bank may bo allowed to go Into voluntary liquidation, and settle up Us business, being satisfied (bat tho bank can in that manner adjust its affairs nnd pay Us liabilities more quickly and satis factorily than in any other way. Yesterday afternoon tho petition had received tho signatures of depositors whoso deposits ag gregate almost $200,000. Finding that uu mare information could be ob tained, the reporter withdrew. The suspension of the bank caused the Metropolitan Printing Company, of qhlch D. P. Burr was Superintendent, to do likewise. It closed up Monday evening, and tho men em ployed therein wore discharged. It has boon a losing concern for some time. Nji telal DUmlehto The Chicaa- Tribune. Washington, D. 0., April 21.—Tho failure of the City National Bank, of Chicago, was a groat surprise to tho Comptroller of tho Currency. Tho latest reports from tho bank have showed it to be in a favorable condition, aud there was nothing oitbor in tho last report of the Exam iner or m tho loot regular report from the bank which could load (bo authorities bore to boliovo that tho bauk was not in a sound and healthy couditlon. BanK-Examlner Watson, in his state ment of Feb. 8, which is tho last regular state ment of tho Examiner, reports tho capital stock ot$250,000; surplus, $130,000; undividedproffte, $18,792; individual deposits, $160,000; duo to National banks and Btato banks, $619,000. From this statement tt appears that the liabili ties of tho bank wore something more than $1,000,000. The amouut of bonds deposited as security for circulation had boon reduced to $55,000. Tho bank had $260,000 with other banks and bankers, including their reserve. They had $220,000 in legal tender and National banknotes; also $07,000 in exchanges for the Gloarina-Uouse. Their bills receivable wore $718,000, of which amount SOI,OOO were over due ; $20,000 wore loaned on real estate, aud $76,000 loaned to Directors of the bank. The last report, made March 10, differs only slightly from tho regular report of tho Examiner above cited. The Examiner on Fob. 8 reports the hank as doing a good and prolltablo business under careful aud conservative man agement. The legal reserve was fully up to the standard. The value ot tho bank building was returned at SIOI,OOO, which the Examiner did not think was overestimated. As far as can bo Judged from the statement of tho Bank Examiner, the Comptroller of tho Currency thinks that the bank ought to bo able to pay all Its liabilities, but the Comptroller has not as yet boon advised of the especial circum stanced which may have occasioned (ho failure of the bank. The occeunts of the bank with Its country correspondents wore very targe, hut no reason is here khown why ou that ac count the bank should have been alarmed, ovou if the drafts from country bankers had been vary great. The only explanation which can here ho given as to the probable failure of tho bank is tbat unusually large drafts wore made from country correspondents, which the hank did not feel itself able to fill. The Comp troller thinks that this ought not to bo the case, as the report of the Examiner shows the bank to have boon strong in cash. According to the statement of the Examiner, it would seem that the bank ought to have stood drafts to the amount of at least $300,000. The following is tho list or names or biiaiieuolobiis of the City National Hank of Chicago on tho llrst Monday of July, lb7C, tho latest list filed here: Name and residence. No. abares. W. Bushneil, Chicago W. Dustmed, Trustee, Chicago. J. J. Ole suer, Chicago E. 11. Gammon, Chicago J. (J. Hoag, Evanston.... I A. 1). Loomis, Chicago 20 J. F, Lord, Cuicsgo ~,,,100 Warner, Getry U Webster. Wheaton 60 W, il. Morton, Treasurer, Hulllngiford, N. U...... 109 W. 11, Morton, Cashier, Itolhugiford, K. H 20 A. D. Miner k Co., Bradford, Hi.... BO Miner St Heed, Chicago 10 A. D. Minor, Chicago ....22U Phteulx Mutual Ufa-lusurauctiCo., Hartford,Conn.lo3 Carolina Heed, Cnlcsgo 75 Ratal# A. I). Heed. Chicago .........fill R. H. Heed, Chicago Frauds C. Trego, Chicago N. 11. Warren, Chicago y, li. Warren k Co., Chicago Warder. Mitchell h Co„ Springfield, o, N. 11. Walworth. Chicago,,,.. THIS VO(.LOWING IS TUk LATEST IIEPOIIT received here from tho bank, dated March 21 lost; Loam and discount on paper with two or luoro iudifldual lira nature.... ..$030,337 On alugle name paper, ouo pereou or (inn with out other security 108,940 On mortgagee end other real estate security... 83,813 Lulled bUtca Untile Lemand loans 823,931 AUutbet loam. Included In tbs lotos tts suspended sod over due papei, 633.833 'labilities al Directors, In divMuv* «nd drm. is payers. $71,037. Other stocks. bonds, ami mortgages—Wlnthrop Iron Company stock | r<oO Chicago Eiikmlllod stock 500 Chicago. Danville and Vincennes Railroad Company bonds. JO.OOO Approved reserve agents—Du* from Continen tal National Dank New York 114.0911 Cash Horn*, revenue stamps. ate. 616 AMUSEMENTS. THE rin3T REGIMENT CONCERTS, Tbs forthcoming concerts at tbs Exposition BaUdJnc, to bo given by Gilmore's Band under tb* auspices of the First Itoglmont, are already beginning to create groat Interest among our musical people. Tbo general public will be at traded by llio regimental features of the prom* onado concerts, and tbe musical people not only by Mr. Gilmore's admirable band, but alee by tbe superb solo talent ho will bring.—tbo two prime donnas, Mmo. rannonbelm and Miss Tbursby. and tbo two famous cornet players, Levy end Arbuchlo. It will bo Mmo. I’appen* holm's debut In Chicago, but dor fame has pre coded her from her winter’s season of opera la Now York, llrat with the Wachtol Oor* man troupe, end l&tterlv with Btrakoscb's Tit* tons troupe, in both of which organizations she was indorsed ns one of tbo finest singera in tho operatic annals of this country. With Miss Thnrsby and tbo cornotists, Levy and Arbuokle, tbo nubile are already familiar. As the price of admission to those three remarkable concerts has boon Jlxod at tbo reasonable rate of 50 coats. (here can be little doubt that they will be at tended by immense crowds, and that the First Regiment will have a gala time of it next week. THE VON BULOW CONCERTS. The noted pianist, Dr. Ton Dulow, wilt mako his farewell to Chicago in thros concerts tjext week, on Wednesday and Friday ovonings did Saturday afternoon, at McCormick’s Hall. The programme for tho opening nights will bo com posed of ohoico selections from Schumann, Men delssohn. Schubert, and Liszt. On Friday night tho selections will bo exclusively from Beetho ven, including tho sonatas op. 31 No. 2, on. 20, and op. 101; tho fautanio op. 77, and rondo ca- Sriccloao, op. 129. and tho fugao and andanto nale. op. 35. The selections for tho matiuoo will bo from Chopin, Including hie third sonata, op. 58, tbo concert allegro, op. 40, and several of bis nocturnes, waltzes, and mazurkas. Tbo sales of seats commences on Friday next at Boot & Son's music store, 15G Slate street. A BIG STEAMER. JErranaoNviLLß, Ind., April 25.—Ton tboaaaa d people witnessed tho saccossfal launching of the now flloaroorltolortE. Leant Howard’s ihip-yard today. nor entire length is 820 feet. She will carry 8.000 bales of cotton. Her cabin is to bo a dazzling palace, which will defy Ibe competi tion of all predecessors or rivals for publio favor on the groat Mississippi. She has nine monstrous stool boilers, and her engines will be marvels of mechanical shill, and will rank the largest high-pressure engines ever built In the West. She is built for tbo Mississippi River by J. W. Cannon, of Mow Orleans, and when com pleted will cost over $220,000. JOURNALISTIC. Spfdal'Oienateh tn Th a Chieaao Jriburu, * Decatur, 111., April 25.— Tbo Review, John Lindsay's panor, was sold to-day to Mr. King, of Batceville, Arlc. Tbo Review has boon an Indopondont paper. Mr. King is of Republican antecedents, nut is very reticent os to the fu ture course of tbo paper. The PrcnlUoncy—Wtmt IVoxl7 There is no question whatever that the unanimous cboico of tbo people has already con ferred the title of President, In & sense readily understood, upon the Mow Automatic Sowing- Machine of tbo Willcox it Qibbs 8. M. Co,, see ing that Its characteristic features make it facile princops—chief of all sowing-machines, and, in fact, tho only one worth having in tho family. Aro Von Ooinar to iionsolcooplng'l If bo, go first to A. L. Hale & Brother's, on Randolph street, just west of Fifth avenue, and select your furniture. This Arm are sell ing out at ooet. Their store has been sold ami they must leave July 1. It Is tbo best op portunity over afforded in this city to prooaro excellent and stylish furniture at low prices. Pianos, Organs, Sheet Music, Music books, violins, guitars, brass and Gorman-silver band Instruments, flutes, clarionets, banjos, tom botijinos, drums, iccordcona, concertinas, dulcimers, harmonicas, violin and guitar strings, etc., etc., In endless variety, at The Root & Sons Music Co.’s, ISO State street. To Investors. Oar financial arrangement with Havana are tho mo<i complete and extensive to bo found anywhere. Highest rates paid for Spanish bltlo, Governments, etc. Prizes cashed, orders filled, and all necessary Infor mation siren on application. Circulars sent free by addressing Taylor k Co., bankers, 11 Wall street, Now York City. I*. O. Hex 4418. Lease of French Flat and Furniture For Balo is (called to tho advertisement on our third page under “ Household Goods ” of a splen did chanro for parties desiring to go to housekeeping at No. kits Wabash avenue. A great bargain may bo bad. Richmond's Double Oven Palace Range, or the now ‘’Empress Range,” Dalton, 102 titato street, baa been made general agent of, can be relied upon na tho only first-class ranges in tho market. You will find there a very large stock to select from. See Specimens of tho Handiwork of nilgcr, Jenkins ti Faxou in the decorating of hun dreds of our finest public and private buildings ; then compare their estimates with inferior workmanship. No. 231 Stale street. UouscfuruUhlmr Row. Our French Dry Cleaning Process. Ladles bring your dresses to us for cleaning. Yon need not tako off trimming or rip up. Cook h Mc- Lain, AO Dearborn, U 3 and kill West Madison street. Ozonized Ox-Marrow for the Hair, by Duck & Rayner, makers of tho “ Mara " Cologne. DEATHS. BURNS—ApriI 21, James Burns, aged 09 years and 4 months, native of Limerick Parish. Rallyhrown. Funefal from bis late residence, No. 78 llobccca-st., April 20. by cars to Calvary. I 'Jr Now York papers please copy, MtCUlB—At La Orange, on tho 2Uh Inst., James Mirlue, aged OH. Funeral leaves tbs residence of Dr. O. M. Fox, La Grange, at U o’clock SGth lust. BcrrJcoa at Catholic Church. Lyons. Remains will bo tskeo to tho Rag Bridge Cemetery. AUCTION S ALES: By G. 1». GOKI3 CO. # C 8 and 70 Wabash-ar. Boots,Sloes&Sliers Large Lines of Medium and Fine grade* of Spring Style* will be lold by catalogue on WEDNESDAY, April 30, at OJtf a, m., to which all dealers in search of bargain* aro Invited. GKO. l>. OOUE k CO., firt and 70 Wabaah-sv. On THURSDAY, April 27, at 5:30 o'clock, We will offer another large stock of Household Furni ture, and will sell I’urJjr and Chamber Buts, Hall Trees, Walnut liedalutids and Dureaus, Turkish Chairs, Ex tension and Urcakfaai Table*, Marble and Wood Top Tables, Walnut Chairs und Hookers, Mirrors, Mat tresses, Wardrouca, Bookcases, Parlor aud Office Beak*, Walnut and Plated Hbowcaata, Carpets, a car load of Walnut and A*U Extension Tables in the while. 300 Walnut 1). A. English Cottage Chairs. 3 Fine Tone llanos (new), l Elegant parlor Organ, (uewhvrholeealv price, |2OU ( O. 1% OOKE t 00.. Auctioneer*. On THURSDAY, April 27. at U o’clock. Wo shall sell some flue Carriages, Open and Top Bug gies, Democrat Wagon*, Pbaelous, 61de-Bar Hoad Wagons, llarueaaeo, O. I'. GORE k CO., By will, r. HODGES CO. 1439 SOUTH DEARBOBH-ST. THE ENTIRE CONTENTS, This, Wednesday, Morning, April 20,at 10 o’cl’k, Consisting of ono. Rosewood Pianoforte, Parlor, Dining, Bitting. Chamber-Room, and Kitchen Purmturo, Crockery, Glassware, Outlory. <k0..&0. Bute poaltlvo. VVM. i‘, IIODQEB, Auotloneor, CONFECTIONERY. WfIUU i u&s.SSSS!:**' Uoa/r 797,019 AUCTION SALES* By BiiisoN, pomMoTTco Auciionaer>.B4andS6nandolpb'Bt, * FOR HttemioiiJs, JEWELRY, Silver or Plated Ware, GO TO A. H. MILLER’S GREAT CLEARING AUCTION SALES, EVERY DAY THIS WEEK, at 10:30 a. m., At 61 Washington-st. ELI6ON, POMEROY b 00., Anottonem. Mr. J. IT, FRENCH will conduct lb* tala. Rid Parlor Sails, Library Mite, SPLENDID CHAMBER rUMITDRE, Pier Mirren, Ltoe Curtains, Bllllard-Table, complete, Brussels Carpets throughout Uia bouse, Dining-Room Furniture, full China' Dinner and Tea Set, Crockery and Glass-Ware, Kitchen and Laundry Ware. Entire Bcda and Bedding, etc., do., ato. The above Magnificent Outfit for Housekeeping wtfl be aold at -flLitjo'rxoKr, without reserve, at residence 337 Micliigan-av., Wednesday Morning, April 26, at 10 O'clock, ELIBON, POMEROY b CO., Auctioneers. On Thursday, April 27, At 10 o’clock t. to., the entire Furniture of PRIVATB RESIDENCE No. 243 OMo-st., near Dearborn, CONSISTING OP ” Parlor, Chamber, and Dining Boom Furni ture, Elegant M. T. Side-Board, M. T. Hall Tree, Brussels and Ingrain Oarpoto, Bed ding, and every thing usually found in a first class residence, Ono Richmond Palace Bongo, cost $136, near new, At Private Residence 065 West Washington-at., THURSDAY Homing, April 27. at 10 o’clock, Plano. Parlor, Chamber, and Dlnlng-toora 37* XT OR. OT X 'B? XJ 3BL 3E5- Drusscls and Wool Carpels, Crockery and Glassware. AUchon Outfit, Bed* and Bedding, Ac,, to. Famibr declining housekeeping, EDISON, Po.VEROV t CO., Auctioneers. AT 211 NORTH STATE-ST., Thursday Morning, April 27, at 10 O'Olook, We sell the Parlor, Chamber, and Dining-Room Furniture, Gas-Fixtures, Carpels, Crockery. Glass. Kitchen-Ware, etc., of private residence. EDISON, POMEROY t CO., Auctioneers. 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Desirable lines of STAPLE AND FANCY DRY GOODS, REGULAR MADE CLOTHING, For Men's ijoya’, and Youth’s Wear, FURNISHING GOODS, Notions, Edgings, Embroideries, Hosiery Gloves, Hats, Gaps, Boots and Shoes. ALSO BTBAW OOODB. THURSDAY MORNING, April ‘i7. at 0:30 o’clock, it their Auction Rooms, 118 and 120 Waoaeb-uv., north cast comer of Madlsou-st. it lari-frit Biellii, No, 707 West Adams-st., Thursday Morning, April 27, at 10 O'Olook, The entire furniture of an outgoing family, consist ing of Parlor, Dining-room, and Chamber dels, Rrus. sets Carpets, Reds, Redding, Mirrors, Crockery, China and Glassware, together with everything rouuislto fo| housekeeping. ¥M. A. BUTTERS A CO., Auctioneers. MORTGAGE SALE. Entire Fixtures anil Fittings of Restaurant, In Basement, 112 and 114 Raridolph-st., Friday Morning. April 38. at 10 o’clock, WM. A. BUTTERS k CO., Auctioneers. FIXTURES & FURNITURE OP THE OITIZBISPS BjA-ISTK AT AUCTION. FRIDAY MORNING, April 2H, at 11 o'clock, at tbs Banking Room, northeast corner of UadUomaod Halle-sta., tho whole conalstlng of Desks, Counters, Chain, Railing, Partitions, Gae Chandeliers, Brackets, etc. Also, a fine Burglar-Proof Safe, coat $350. WM. A. UUlTElta A CO.. Auctioneers. _ By S. N. FOWlililt & CO., Auctioneers, 27* and 370 East Madlsou-st. Liberal Cash advances made on consignments. First-class Storage for Household Hoods ani General Blerciundtee at Lowest Hates. This a, m. at 10 o'clock, wo *btll aril a full line ot new and vary superior Chamber, I’orlor, Library, Din ing-room, and Kitchen FXJK/IsriTXJK/E! Lounges, Easy Chairs, Commodes, Wardrobes, Office Desks, Mirrors, Carpets, Ao„ Ac. Also an immensa stock of Second-hand Furoltors and Household Goods. A good chance for dealers as the goods are to be sold wllbopt reserve. By JAS. I*, McNABIAKA & CO.. 117 Wabash-av., n. w, cor. Uadlson-at. BOOTS, SHOEUBB HATH® A-T AUCTION, Thursday Morning, April 37, at 0:30 o'clock. 500 Lota Uoota and Shoes, 73 doz. Kin, Calf, and (lost Skins. JAS. r. MoNAMAUA k CO., Auctioneer*. Auctioneers. WATCHES: THE CENTENNIAL WATCH. The watch for tbe Centennial can easily be kept at * very tnodoraUi coat by purchasing 000 of tboao slogans LADD PATENT GOI.l) WATCH OASES, mud with a line movement to match. Trf It an't see *?* youitulf. These Caao* are m*da In l«»dles. CauUomcn*. and Buy*' alxua. iu llasoluo, Mansard, and Hslehepe*-*® all atylas of engraving and llniib. for sloin and «. B >*y luovetuouUol Amtticau niauulsature. ror esM Uj •veiywberu. None genuine unless sUmnod u. Lsnu’a Pat." uudar the bexal. cucular#doeorlpUv*»d his tori cal sent tm application by the Maculae turns, J. A. BROWN & CO., 11 Malden Lane, New Tm*

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