Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 27, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 27, 1876 Page 1
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VOLUME 29. FXIfANOIAI*. pIDBLITY SAVINGS BANK SAFE DEPOSITORY, N«s. 143* 14J and 147 Bondolph-st. THE VAULTS of this institution are tho accepted models ot Safe Depositories throughout tho United States. They are built of solid masonry, and are lined with itoel plates several Inches thick. They con itltuto an absolutely „ IMPREGNABLE FORTRESS against tho assaults of any and all Burglars uving. Their utter defiance of flro Is proved by tho fact that they withstood tho _ GREAT CONFLAGRATION OF 1871. They afford a Place of supremo security for tho storage of Money, Coin. Jewelry, Silver- Plato. Deeds, Bonds, Wills, and valuables of all Kinds. Beoent additions and improvements have made the FIDELITY the most oomploto and extensive, as it has always been the most secure, Safe Depository intho world. Single Boxes and Drawers for Bent from $5 to $76 a r,ar 'THE SAVINGS DEPARTMENT of this Institution pays Interest ot tho rate of 0 per cent per annum on Savings Deposits and Trust Funds. This Interest is added to the principal on the drat day of each Janua ry and July, JOHN 0. HAINES, President; JARED GAGE, Vice President; OHAULEU J. HAINES, Caehlorj GEORGE SL PAGE, Assistant Cashier. 7 PER CENT. Monty to Loan at SEVEN per cent on first-claw bn*, taeaa property. We may HOY ono or two choice mort noea at {Uglier ratee, BOODDEU & MASON, • 108 Dearborn-et. GENERAL NOTICES. PERSONAL. Last Call. TIBSMY AND FRIDAY, April S 7 and «©, Aro tho last days on which you can interview JOS. M. SIMS, Broker, Boom 14, 107 and 109 Washington at., relative to tho L.5.L.00. DISTRIBUTION. Which positively occurs at New Orleans on Saturday, April 29. NO POSTPONEMENT. Public Notice. Orrv CourmoLZEn’a Optics,) Chicago, March 29, 1870. / Notice la hereby given to all persona owing Beal Estate Taxes to tbo City of Ohio ago for tbo year 1875, that the City of Chicago will, At any time before May 1,1876, borrow from such persona tho amount of auoh City Taxes duo from them, and will allow for such loan two and one-half per cent (2tf) on tho amount borrowed, and will issue vouchers therefor which may bo used in payment of the sold taxes, and which the Ooueotor will be di rected so to receive. _ _ By order of the Mayor and Pinonoe Com. Apply to 8. 8. HAYES, Comptroller, Room 3 City Hall, oor. Adams ft LaSolle-sts, OFFICE OP THE CMtiß Gas LBt & COM, Gas Consumers about to ohango their resi dence or place of business will confer a fa vor by Bonding notice to the 011100 of this pompany, 76 and 78 Dearborn-st. JAB. K. BUiITIB, 800. Office of the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway Co. Cleveland, March 88,1810. The annual meeting of the Stockholders of this Company, for the election of Directors for the ensu ing year, and for the transscUnn of other appropriate business, will bo held at the office of the Company, In the Olty of Cleveland. Ohio, on Wednesday, (ho Sd day of May next, between the hours of 11 o'clock in the forenoon and 3 o’clock In tho afternoon of that day. GEORGE I). ELY. Secretory. KENOSHA WATER CURB, KENOSHA, Wls. Recently enlarged and Improved. Fine lake view, and good boating. Summers re markably eool, and climate delightful. Chronic Dis eases: Diseases of Nervous System. For circulars, terms, etc- address N. A. J'ENNOVER, M. D,, I’hysl dan, or E. PENNOYER. Proprietor. SPECTACLES, iICtIES! [sight] BRAZILIAN PUDDLE SPECTACLES Suited to all sights by inspection at UAMASSE’S, Opti cian, 83 Madlson-st. (Tribune building), GOLLEGTION AGENCY ABB prepared to give fall information concerning un claimed estates in Europe to all believing themselves twin to the same. We also have the names of sll for whom sums of monsy in now waiting, and will in vestigate and adjust such claims speedily and on rea sonable tertna. FRASIER’S COLLECTION AGENCY, no State-sL, Chicago, SPORTSMEN'S GOODS. GUNS, FISHING TACKLE, ETC. At B. E. EATON’S, 53 Stato-st ESTABLISHED 1803. blank books, stationery, &o. BLANK BOOKS, Stationery and Printing, £mitab*d promptly and at fair prices, by J. U. W, JONES, 101 and 104 Uadlioa-at. FOR SALE* STnnn TUAT astonish alt., at it j V per pair, Indies and Children’s, ' 1 \ a* STEIN’S DOLLAtt STORE, lUillJ 106 m BABLOW’S INDIGO BLUE. Its Bertie ss s Wasu Ulus have been full/ tested and aaoraad by thousands of housekeepers, soot grocer Might to have It on eels. Ask him for It. ’ * OTa.WIWUBROKB, Proprietor, Ho. g» Worth Seoond-»t., Philadelphia. FOR SALE. >5 feet Walnut-Top Counters, 7 Oas-flxtures, 1 Awn tag, 10Oce Desk. Call at 308 weal Uadlson-at., be tween a and * o’clock to-day. IOH. We win seQ out our entire stock of lee. from 8,000 to MXC tons, new in store at Oshkosh, VVts. The pur ihaact can have the use of loa-houses all sunuaerif leslrsd. J. U. BEAUS It CO., UO Washingtan-sh, Uewnsak^ Pailn SEfilmiit. ART PHOTOGRAPHY. A CARD. I think it fitting, upon the opening of my now Ait Osllery, to thank my patrom ana friends for their eneoaragoment and liberal patronage bestowed on mo for many years past, and to say to them that it is thou ap preciation of tho higher order of Photo graphic Art that led mo to give to Ohioago what 1 helioro to ho the finest and most ele gant Photographio Gallery in tho world, And now that I hare aronnd mo all the ap pointments and heantifnl accessories neces sary for the production of tho best work, I can promise them the finest pictures that oan bo produced, All visiting my establishment, whether ordering work or not (and all are welcome), will be assured of polite and courteous treat ment. All my corps of assistants will he found to he, not only artists, with all that term implies, but gentlemen as well. Trust ing that the quality of the work I shall give yon in the future will prove tho truthfulness of my words, and that every Ohioagoan will fool some pnde in my establishment as one of the local institutions, I remain faithfully, !E, L, BBAKD, 210 and 212 Wahash-av. TO BENT. Dusirai Offices TO RENT I3NT TUB TRIBHEBMDM. ENQUIRE 07 WILLIAM 0. DOW, Room 10, Tribune Building. TO RENT! In 000 of tho best locations la Chicago, opposite tbo Palmer House, two largo well-lighted business-rooms; rent low to good parties. Mi and 186 Stato-st. TO RENT. Brown-stone front of 14 rooms, on the northwest :orncr of Wabash-tv. and Thtrty-eocond-st. Has all modern improvements, and la ono of the most desir able dwellings on the South Side. F. 0. VIERUNO, Boom 18,130 Dcarborn-st, TO ZR/ZBUSTT. Dock Property. 200x200 feet Jnot south of tho Sixteenth Street Rail road Bridge, with Blip on south front, and best rail road connections. 8.8. AW. O. McCORMIOK, 155 L&tiaUe-et. For Rent, Booms singly and la sal ten In Reaper and McCormick Blocks. Also stores 71 and 73 Dearborn-st., and second, third, and fourth floors of 34 and 30 South Water street. Apply al lloom 9 Reaper block. FOR RENT. Store No. C 5 Lakc-et,, with two lofts above, on coi icr of HtaUyat.; 43x60, with elevator. Apply to WM. U. SAMPSON k CO.. 144 LaUallo-st. to iolesiwt. Largo business-room, on second floor of No. 183 Stato-st., opposite tho groat Palmer House. Also 3 on 3d, aud 3on 4th floors eama building. The beet adver tised place in town for the mauufacturo of Jewelry. Ac., Ac. Inquire on premises. AMERICAN EXPRESS BUILDING, 70, 73, 74, 7(3, 78, AND 80 MONROE-ST. FINE OFFICES FOR RENT, with use of Elevator. TO LET. Offices single and en suite, very centrally located, with FIRE-I'ROOP VAULTS, In the City National Bank building, IBC Woehlngton-et, These offices are especially adapted for commission business or law o 111 cos. MEAD k COE. 168 LaSaUo-at. FOR RENT. A large corner basement office: also desirable up stairs offices, in the Metropolitan block. Apply to A. A. MONGER, Rooms. PAPER CARPETING, Paper Carpeting. Ornamental, Durable, and Goats only One- Half u much aa cheap Oil OiotU. Alio,. Moth-Proof Carpet Lining, BARRETT, ARNOLD & KIMBALL, DISSOLUTION NOTICES. DISSOLUTION. Notice la hereby siren that the oo partners hip heretofore existing between the onderelgned, and known asthe firm of Cashing. Warren * U0.,1* (his day dissolved by mutu al eotueni, and tbs property and accounts of the said firm am placed In the baada of Jobs J. Short for settlement, •ale, and adjustment, as the Interests of alt parties con .rod mu win. n. 11. OUSIIINQ. N. 11. WAKKKN, Chicago. April me. U. O.WAI»tBW. DISSOLUTION. The firm of J. Klsendrsth U Co., IleoUfylng Dis tillers, Nos. 11 and 83 lUver-st.. has this day been dissolved. N. EI9ENDUATH, H. A. LEVY, vr. N. EIHENDBATII. DRY CLEANING. SHAWLS Of every description cleaned to look like new, and it abort notice. AUO. tiCllWAltZ, 100 Bouth Olarx, 1M Illinois, and ita W. Madlson-sts. PHILADELPHIA ADVERTISEM’TS fIBNTKNNIAL LODGING ROOMB-AOCOMUODA \J Uon for gentlemen lodgers la newly htled-up private rooms. Apply at A. LUTZ’S furniture womuom*. lit Bouth ttlevsath-at-, PbiUdalphla, WASHINGTON. Davenport Still Investigating Caulfield’s Committee. That August Body Obliged to Adjourn to Escape His Importunities. Tho Small Change Famine Little Affected by tho Silver Issue. A Goodly Stock of Fractional Paper Currency Never Yot Issued. Democrats Propose to Keep Their Investigation Mills Running, During (he Recess; Or, as the Only Alternative, to Postpone Adjournment Till November. Two More Officers of Hie Confederate House Become Investigate. The House Democrats Decide to Abolish the Fast-Mail System. DAVENPORT. basket's bunglers bamboozled. Bpeetai Vuvateh to The Chieaon Tnbune. Washington, D. 0., April SQ.-Caulfiold’a Commutes made another short attach to-day on Mr. Davenport, but retreated almost instantly. The Democrats tried to bully him into answering yea or no, but failed iu that to close his mouth. Ho insisted upon answering questions in his own way, and was apparently intending to talk about Democratic election frauds, when tho Committee stopped him, and to got rid of him for to-day precipitately adjourned, ' lu a subsequent secret ses sion U was decided by a party vote that be should an swer categorically such questions os tho Chairman might ask; bat an Davenport Is a good deal shor]>er than any one of tbo Democrats, ho will no doubt glvo them some Uvoly answers la spite of their gig. Washington, D. C., April 2t),—The Committee on the Expenditures la tho Department of Justice ad journed UU to-morrow, when Davenport promises to produce Touchers for all tho moneys received and ox pendod for the suppression of frauds la New York, His preaenco before tho Committee to-day resulted iu showing that tho Oommltleo would not permit him to explain In bis own way, sod that ha was disinclined to adopt tho Oommittce'u plan. I'OBT-TltAQKlIBnirS, Gen. E. W. 8100, of lows, 10-day testified before tbo Oommltleo on EspoudUnrvs In the War Department to tho effect that bo had received about JH'J.UOO from post'tradcrfchirr., and for Interesting himself with tho Secretary of war to procure appointments for friends. Qon. Belknap &cr any one also bid any Interest in his matters. SMALL CHANCE. d A 60ARCITT OF TUB COMMODITY. Special Diepaleh fa The Chicago Tribune. Washington, D. 0., April 20. —A steady stream of applicants for silver currency continues daily at the Trosßory Department, each person pro* sonting a email amount of fractional currency for redemption. The sum already paid out boro, including that forwarded to other points where there la no Assistant Treasurer, by express, ex ceeds 8200,000. The shipments by express will bo small hereafter, as tho Treasurer has begun making remittances by moans of checks drawn on the various Assistant Treasurers, payable hi silver. Tho amount tuns remitted in this way is more than SIOO,OOO. Tho total amont paid oat at all ofllcos to date Is not far from $600,000. This amount has had no perceptible effect in relieving the small-change famine, and the silver tbas far paid out Booms to have been to a considerable extent HOARDED by those who have received it, Instead of having gone Into the circulation. This is believed by Treasury officials to bo the result of tho method of distribution provided by Congress. Tho Treasury Department already finds considerable difficulty,ln getting tho silver com which it has on hand out into circulation, and tho opinion pre vails among officers that tho law would have been more effective had It authorized tho issvo of at least $0,000,000 of sliver at ouco lu exchange for greenbacks, or paper fractional currency, in order to afford immediate relief for tho scarcity of small change consequent upon the two months' stoppage of work at the FrluUng Bureau. Many biiHiui«s-iDcn, who really prefer (taper to silver, ana who desire to obtain the latter only because they are unable to got the former, omnoiZß TUB ItEQUIBEUCNTS OP TUB LAW te very severe. The only way lu which they can ob tain the coin Is by the presentation of the paper frac tional currency, aud If they had that they would prefer te keep It, Instead of exchanging It for silver. The distribution of paper fractional currency hmt ceased, although theca is uo provision of law against its issue, end uo obstacle to its further use except tho want of an appropriation for running tho presses. There remain in the Printing bureau many sheets of fractional currency partially printed, which, In tho In terest of economy to relievo tho stringency of thn small-change famine, might bo finished aud issued, A considerable number of theeo sheets have their bocks printed at a cost of s.ll a thousand by outside bank note companies, and these, unless they ore issued, will bo cut up for money straps, or macerated into pulp and sold at a fraction of a cent per pound to the Georgetown paper-mill. Tho amount of finished paper fractional currency in the Treasury vaults is more than fCOU.OOO, and for this APPLICATIONS ABB CONSTANTLY ÜBOBIVEO. Tbla might be paid out to incrcuo the stock ex changeable for silver la the hoods of the public, sod much of It will, oo doubt, be Issued to disbursing officers, sloes the Treasury Deportment Is nut under the low authorized to furnish silver In the pay ment of their drolls. As su Indication that there sro people who do out suffer for the want of small change, it may be staled that a considerable number of depos itors of fractional currency fur redemption take greenbacks for it instead of sliver. Attention has also been called to tho fact tha the ex pense of Issuing and handling tho paper fractional currency has been Ore per cent; that s five par cent gold bond was sold to obtain the silver with which to retire the paper currency, end that the recent law car ries the paper currency redeemed to tho sinking fund, with annual interest charge* of 0 per cent in gold, until the national debits paid, the latter item of In terest being compounded annually. MISCELLANEOUS INQUIRIES. TUB BOTH KXTEHMINATOB. Bptcial DupaUK to Tho Chicago JVtfttms, Washington, D. 0., April 20.—Uufua Ingalls waa examined this afternoon by tho Olymor- Oommltleoe in regard to the moth contract, lie eald that he had no earthly interest in any moth contract, and he did not know what Don Piatt was talking about. One point Ingalls did not make very clear. A clause waa inserted in au appropriation bill lost year prohibiting the expenditure of any money for any patent moth process, but it.sppesrs that Uufua Ingalls did expend a Tory oonaldersnle sum of money last year for that purpose, charging it to tho labor for pre serving clothing. There was an appropriation for labor for that purpose, and under this comprehensive appropriation Ingalls considered that be had authority to purchase that which waa directly prohibited by law. At least this seemed to bo the inference from his tee tlmony. TUB DBMOCBATIO FBOOBAUMB. A prominent Democratic member of the House eald to-day that their aide will not allow an adjournment before November, unless tbs Republican* agree that CHICAGO, THURSDAY, APRIL 27, 1876. ■lt Investigating Committees which desire to contmni may sU during the recess. OtherwUs, they propose to bold Oongreoi and keep those Committee* gulag throughout the entire campaign, with the intention of keeping lbs Republican candidate, as well ■■ the ad* toiaUtnUon generally, under Are from first to last. POSTAL FACILITIES. A SCHEME TO CURTAIL THEM. ffptdal VlijxsUh to rhe Chicago Tribune, Washington, D. 0., April 20.— I The House Ap* propriatlons Committee bos decided to destroy all faet*ma(l service, and in ibis respect to en tirely cripple tbe Fost-Offloe Department, and place It and tho Government at tbe mercy of tbe railroads. Under tbe plea of economy, tbe Com* mittoo proposes to deprive tbe people of tho benefit of tbe present mail Byatom, and to give tbe railroads tbe power to charge wbat they cbooao for rapid transmission. Tbs i’ost*Ofiloo Ap propriation bill, so far as It relates to mall transportation, entirely destroys the power of tbe Tort-OfDce Department to secure any portal car facilities on the best trains, and will abolish the fast-mall service. The railroad com panic* agreed to the rales, 6 mills per found per mile, run at a speed less than 25 miles per iour; 7 mills at a speed less than 30 miles; 8 mill* for 35 miles, 0 mills for over a miles, provided the bill went through as referred to the Committee; that Is, the Department assuming all terminal and side service, or the delivery of mails at tho Post-Office. Ihe Committee, understanding fully what tbe conae* quencea will lie, have cut off tbe 7 and H-mlll rate. This throws off all the fast sendee, and will put the Department at tbe mercy of the railroads, who will doubtless refuse to givo fint*ctosß service for 0 and 7 mills. IN CONGRESS. THBASUItT AOENTd. Bpecia Dttpnleh to The Chicago Tribune, Washington, D. 0., April 20.— 1 n tba Sonato, Senator Sargent continued bia opposition to the Special Treasury Agents, by aeoariug the adop tion of a resolution directing tbo Secretary of the Treasury to inform tbo Senate of tbo num ber of Special Revenue Agents, under what section of tbo Revised Statutes they bold their appointments, whether any of them have re ceived any compensation in tbo nature of spe cial awards, and if so, by whit authority of law, and whether any of them are under tbo direc tion of any oflicor nob a subordinate of the Treasury Department. Mr. Morton renewed bia arguments in oppo sition to tho bill which prohibits popniar suf frage in tho District of Columbia, lie said such an act was a proposition to gradually destroy universal suffrage in all Uio Htates. Hu maintained that the peo ple of tbo District at present are taxed without repre sentation, and arc unite as much serfs as wore the llnsriann.* Uoulwoll concurred la very much that Morton said, but was not prepared to carry the argu ment os far. in tho House was (he adoption of two resolutions to investigate two additional officers of tbo llouso. It la ncedlcns to say that these resolutions were offered from the llcpublicau side. This makes eight clerks and officers who already are resting under tome kind of sutplcluu. The Democrats succeeded in creatlnga Special Com mittee to Investigate the Federal officers in Now Or leans, but failed In tbo very purpose for which tho resolution was originally introduced. It was known to bo tho intention of tbo Democrats to aezure this Committee with power to sit during the recess, so that during tho campaign dally bulletins of scandal might bo scut from Now Orleans. The resolution was adopt ed with tbo proviso that tho report shall be made to this session of Congress. THE L7.GIBL&TIVB HILT.. In the debate on the Legislative hill, which occupied tho rest of tbe day, the Appropriations Committee was more successful than yesterday, for (bo reason that tho passages under consideration referred mainly to the salaries of Government clerks. Tho passage re luting to tho. War Department was adopted as reported by the Committee. Western members vainly attemped to secure the restoration of tho clerical force in the General Land Office, and dwelt at length upon tao advantages of that office to tbo Western country, but their effort was fruitless. Judge Lapham, of New York, one of tho impeach ment managers, Introduced a novel Joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Cwustltutlon, provid ing that whenever an appropriation bill is passed by Congress, and Is presented to the President for bis signature, bo may withhold his approval Irom auy particular item lu tbe hill, etatiug his recsou for so doing. , NOTES AND Nf'.VS. . impeachment. Special Ditpctch to The Chicago Tribune, Washington, D. 0., April 20.— The Bcnato and tbo impeachment managers have made full preparation for tbo renewal of tho impeachment proceedings to-morrow, but it is intimated that Bolknap’a counsel may ask for an additional two weeks of delay, and that tbo Bouato is likely to grant it. THOSE MIMING BONDS. Some of the oflicere of tho Union Paottic, now hero, stnto that tho Bovornl stories ia circulation in Now York ond elsewhere, relative to tbo missing Union Pacific bonds, aro nutrne. These officers say that tho bonds have not boon traced to Ham. tbo Treasurer, and that they have not boon traced at all. They givo It, howovor, as their opinion that tbo bonds woro lost about tbo timo of the Fisk raid,and that, having boon deposited a<* collateral with some dishonest broker, tboy wore hold and not returned, although tho notes for which they wore collateral wore then paid and cancelled. LAKE FUONT DILL. Tho Houso Commlttoo on I’ublioßulldingaaad Grounds this morning had anothormootmg unou tho Harrison Luko front hill, wiihuut reaching a conclusion. Harrison has himself moved in tho Commission a snbstitutn for his original bill, which was published In Tun TniuuMt, The Sub-CumnilUeo having ebargo of tho bill reported it favorably to tbo Committee itself, but two resolute opponents aro found in Cook end lloimnn. Cook worn* la consider that tho Government nos nu undeniable title in tbo Unit, and thul the Government is enuthd U be eoa.- pcimatcd for 1U value. Holman .wtoluu tho bill nrro carefully guarded in tbe Interests of those who ac quired lake-front lots at tbo original side of tho Fort Dearborn Addition. Similar objection was hail to tho bill In tbo Judiciary Conimlitoo, Tbe Harrison bill, us It now stands, grants wha'ever title tbo Government may have to all tin uid Fort Dear born addition, with tho rlparlau accretion, to tho City of Chicago without conditions. TUF. LUNATIO WJTNP.SU. Tho President, tn conversation with a gentleman to day, told tho true story of Hid madman wbo has re cently given such romantic testimony before the Com mltteo on Expenditure in tho Interior Daiurtmcut. Tbo President says that ho was conscious for many weeks that ho was being shadowed; that ho could never leave the While-House with out fiudlng tho maniac turn upon him at some struct corner, ana glower upon him with his roaming eyes; that the espionage buoamo Intolerable, aud tho iTcsideut cue day slopped the man and told him that it must ccaao, or ho would nave him arrest ed. It did not cease, and tbe President iu his walks carried a cano. Thu madman •till continued to haunt tbo White-Hours grounds and the streets, aud was finally taken to tbo Asylum. Uu had been there but a abort tune, when bis friends here told tbo au thorities that they would take him to his homo In Ireland if ho could bo released. The requeet*Was Immediately granted, aud be was sent to Ireland. By what means that madman was brought here probably tbe Democratic Investigat ing Commlttoo know moro than the President. The Mouse Committee on Foreign Affair*, tk (U meeting this morning, authorized Ur. Faulkner to prepare a report on the resolution Introduced by Ur. Cox several days ego In regard to the euturtalnmeut of tho Emperor of brazil when lie visile Ihta city on bla return from Californio. Thu Committee have come to the conclusion that, as the Emperor eeoma to prefer to travel In this country as e prtvato citizen, and baa taken i-alua lo avoid as much as possible all public receptions, It will be more courteous on the part of Congress and the Govern tuent to allow blm to visit Waablugton without cere mony. The reiiort wblcb Ur. Faulkner will prepare, and which tho House will no doubt •uupl, will oontalu an expression of rcsiwct for the high character and position held by the Emperor of brazil; gratUlsallon of hla visit to tills country, aud good wishes for the welfare of tho Empire of Brazil and its distinguished ruler. Pom i'edro Is expected to arrive on the Blh of May, aud will probably spend but a few hours In Washington before going to Philadelphia, to be pres ent at the opening of the Centennial Exhibition. To (As AMoelaliJ IY**s. Tlltt HOT HPUINOS. Wxsuimotow, I). 0„ April iW.—Steps are being taken by the Atlornoy-Qouiral to take possesion for the Government of the Hot Springs reservation, Arkan sas. Judge Plerropout will tuoru fur the appointment of a Receiver for those lauds. It U understood that throats have been made against persons attempting to take possession for the Government, and in this event It la certain that troops will be brought into requisi tion to enforce tho decision of the Court. THIS NOUTUKUN I’iClklO. The House Committee uu the Paoldo Uallroads to day came to a favorable conclusion on the Senate blil, giving eight yuan' additional time to lha Northern PaclQo Uailroad Company to construct and complete their road. Ur. Throckmorton will, at the next meeting, submit an amendment to the hill requiring the Texas Pacldo Uailroad to build ISO miles of road from Ban Diego eastward wllhla the next two yean, and extending the tune for tho completion of the road to MW. Mr. LuUiaii will also submit an amend want allowing all settlers within the land-grant (e perfect their titles, and Affording others »n opportunity to purchase land ■t 12.05 an acre. The Texas Paolfte Railroad Com* piny ie required to complete 3d miles of road from Hvn Diego eastward each year, and to complete the entire rood Jq alx years. Falling to do tills the lands granted the Texas I’adflo ere to be given to the Houtb* ern Pacific, or toy ether company that will build the road. An examination of the books of I* 11. Chandler, a Tension Agent,at Norfolk, Vo., who committed suicide recently during temporary insanity produced by tbe charge In Democratic now* pa pern of being a defaulter, has been completed, and tbe result shows that the Government was iddebted to hire, at tbe time of bis death, orer 12.006. Mr. Chandler's friends charge that thrro wo* & systematic scheme on the part of tbe Democratic leaders of tbe Norfolk District to ruin him and destroy bis popularity, because of bis an* nouncod Intention to accept a Republican nomination for Congreve next fail. Mr. Chandler was formerly United KUtes Attorney for Virginia, and drew up tbe indictment that was found against Jeff Davis for treason. In (he Louisiana cootestuJ.election cue, ill mem* bers of the Committee will report In favor of seating Kpeocor, Democrat; Uirt-o in favor of retaining Morey, Republican; and one (Baker) will submit a resolution declaring tbe seat vacant. THE MAY INTEREST. New Torn, April 20.—A Washington dispatch saya : “Tho Secretary of the Treasury ha* directed the pay. mentof (he May interest, amounting to oror $10.050,• 000, to be commenced to-morrow, without rebate." Washington, D. 0., April 2fi.—Mr. Anthony, from the Committee on Printing, called ap the Senate bill to facilitate the printing of public documents. Pa*sod. Mr. Sargont submitted a reaolnlioD directing the Secretary of tbo Treasury to inform the Senate bow many persona aro now employed as revenue or internal rovonuo agents, giving tbe dale of tbeir respective appointmonta, rato of compensation, and expenses paid to oacb, and alao to inform tbo Bonate whether in any cases Bpocial rewards have been paid to or received by any ouch agents; whether moneys have been disbursed by any such agents; whether any, and if so, which of them have been or aro under direction of any person other than the Secretary of tlio Treasury, and not a subordinate Treasury l>o patlmeut, and 1 1 so by virtue of vbat statute or other authority. Agreed to. Mr. Sherman presented a Joint resolution of the Ohio Legislature In favor of amending the Pension laws in regard to filing claims for pensions. Iteferred. Mr. Cooper, from the Committee on Public hulld. logs and Grounds, ronorted favorably on the House bill to further provide for bnlldiug a Custom-House, Poat-Olllcc, and Court-House at Memphis. Calendar. TUB SILVER DILL. The Senate resumed consideration of unfinished business, being tho bill to amend tho laws relating to tho legal-tandcr of silver coin. Mr. eherznan submitted an amendment to tho eec ond section, so as to authorize tho Secretary of tho Treasury to exchange subsidiary silver coin of the United Slab's for an equal amount of United Blatai notes, as well as silver dollars authorized to bo coined by the blit, such notes to bo retired and cancelled, and not to bo again replaced by other notes. Ordered printed. At the request of Mr. Morrill (Vt.}. tho Silver bill was Informally laid aside. Sir. Morrill (Vt.) then called up tbo bill to establish an education fund aud apply a portion of tho proceeds of the public lands to public education, and to provide for tbe more complete endowment aud support of tbo national colleges for tho advancement of scientific and Industrial education. He made a speech thereon. At the conclusion of Mr. Morrill's speech, Sir. Moxey (Tex.) submitted an amendment In tho nature of a substitute for the Educational bilk Ho explained tbe pul^MluU l , and mid it consecrates tho net proceeds of the tales of public lauds to tho support of common schools, endowment ot colleges, etc. It did not Inter fere with tbe Pre-emption ami Homestead laws. It distributed (ho money raised among the several State* and Territories, and the District of Columbia, accord ing to population, and it In no manner interfered with tho management of schools and colleges, leaving that to the control of tbo States and Territories. The bill and sabstitulo were laid aside, and the Sen ate look up tbe LIU relative to tho Japanese indemnity fund. Without actlou, tbo Senate weut Into Executive Bos alou, and toon adjourned. Tbe Speaker appointed tho following Conference Committees : On tho Deficiency bill, Messrs. Wells, Atkins, and llale: on the Consular and Diplomatic Ajw proprlation bill, Messrs. Hlugleton, Uaudall, and Wal dron. Mr. White had reed a newspaper article charging tbo Clerk and his subordinates with lobbying against reductions In the Legislative Appropriation bill, anil offered a resolution directing as inquiry into tbo truth ol the charges. Agreed to. Mr. While then had road a letter to himself contain* log a vague charge of poisoning against tbo Engineer of the llonao, the writer of which was •übeo.pKinUy appointed Assistant Engineer. llefem’d. On motion of Mr. Banning, the bill for the redac tion of the army was made the special order for Wednesday next. Mr. Qlbaou offered a resolntion for the appointment of a Select Committee to make a thorough investiga tion into the conduct and management of the Custom House and other Government offices at New Orleans, and to scggißt the necessary changes and reforms, with power to sit in New Orleans, and lo report at the present session, and that too proceedings of the Com mittee bo public. Adopted, THE LEGISLATIVE APPROPRIATION DILL. The House then went into Committee of the Whole, with Mr. Cox In tho choir, on the Legislative Appro priation bill, commencing with tho appropriation for tho War Department. After progressing as far an Pago 89, leaving only eight pages to bo disposed of, tbs Committee rose. Mr. Weills, from the Conference Committee on the Deficiency bill, made a report recommending that tbe Senate recede from three of Its amendment*, aud (bat tho House concur In threo others of 1U amendments none of them of any Importance, Tho report woa concurred In. Kefiolutlona were offered by Messrs. Banning ami Jtaudall, culling for information as to th« sale of com tr.Ur.arr articles, and as to tbo amount of post funds at the Military Academy at West Point, Adopted. The House adjourned. lowa City, la., April 2fi.— Oar city is still in a high elate of oxcitomoot bocitneo of tbo terri ble calamity of which I telegraphed The Tiub- UNElaat night,—tho drowning of tho children of Prof. Parker, of tbo State University. Not only have hundreds of our citUtcuH boon ia constant scorch for tbo bodies, but handrodd of University studouls also, but thus far without avail. They were tho only children uf Prof. Parher, and very in teresting. Several Professors of the University have offered through tho papers S2OO reward for tbo bodies. The calamity easts such a gloom over Professors and students that but little at tention is given tho classes. Bearch will bo con tinued again to-night, and until tho bodies are found. There is a fatality about lowa llivor at this point. Not a season passes tbit there aro not 000 or moro persons drowned. CAfIDOMDiLE, 111., April 20.—James M.Prickell, an old citizen of this place, and City Judge, met with a painful accident 7 miles south of Lera to-day. He wont down near Makaoda with a flehiur party. At nooo, becoming tired, bo Lad started aloue for Makanda titation, to catcb the evening train home, ilo sat down upon a tio, aud fell aaleop, and was awakened when tUe train struck Llm. lie is severely but not fatally injured. He was brought Lera and takeu homo. At tit. Johus to-day, Patrick McCluto, a labor* er in the salt works there, foil In a vat of boll* lug liquor salt, and was badly scalded. His life is despaired of. DOit PEDRO. Oshkosh, April 20.—Telegrams from Wanssu and Blcveni Point state that the greatest freshet ever known Is taking place. Several men are reported drowned, aud booms and dams have been carried out. Tho north part of Slovens Point 1b submerged, and tho citizens use boats in going from place to place. iNDUNapous, April 20.—Mrs, P. Duller, a col ored woman, went to bed Monday night with a pipe la her mouth and woke up to And her clothes on fire. Bbe died lost night. Horn her injuries. New Yohk, April 28.—This afternoon there was an explosion at flopgood's torpedo factory, by which ten or twelve girls wore seriously in jured, two fatally. THE FRENCH CABLE BROKEN. London, Eng., April SO.— Tho French Atlantic cable is broken 200 miles from Brest. DRIVEN TO SUICIDE. THE LOUISIANA ELECTION CASE. THE RECORD. SENATE. CASUALTIES. THE IOWA CITY DROWNING CASES. ,Sj-»ctnl Witmf'A 3V.eCV.ih.i7U 2>tbmic. PAINFUL ACCIDENTS. &prcuf Ditpaieh to The Chicago TVihuna. GREAT FLOOD AT BT£VEN3 POINT, WIB, Special Ihrvateh to T As Chicago TVthuns. BURNED TO DEATH, ffpsetoi Ihsvateh to Tht Chioaoo Tribune, FIREWORKS EXPLOSION. WHISKY William McKee, of St. -i ois, Sentenced by Judge 1 ■% • lon Yesterday. JP The Court Fronannccs . fine «f SIO,OOO and Two Years in the County Jail. Judgment Suspended for Two Weeks, and $25,000 Bail Accepted, A Great Petition for Presidential Clem ency Aon Circulating in Missouri. Important Circular Issued from the Treasury- Department. Chicago Nows—After tho Morris L>lßtillory—The Wads worth Trial* ST. LOUIS. U'kCL’s RENTENCE. SvteUU fHmoh/i (« The Chitano iriftuns, Et. Louib, Mo., April 2G.—The lost act of tbo great whiaky drama was presented to-day, when tbs venerable McKee was brought boforo tbe Bar for Boutenco. As a closing scone it was solemn and Impressive. A groat crowd was present. A deathly hash prevailed, and Judge Billon spoke with an emotionUiat thrilled every auditor. During tho delivery of tbo first part of tho sentence, McKee exhibited a marked nerv ousness, the muscles of his face twitching and trembling in a manner that showed an over mastering excitement. As tho Judge proceeded, however, tho defendant's nervousness became less apparent, as, when ho had progressed far enough to indicate the result, the old man’s face began to assume Us usual placidity of ex pression. It was plain that tbo termination of tho suspense which bad overshadowed blm so long would have been a genuine relief, bad it oven brought with it tbe most adverse of lodg ments. He bad, at least, escaped tbo Peniten tiary—tho calamity which be dre&dod with BCCII ABJECT PEAR, and a consummation which bis enemies hod so ardently hoped for. Wbou Judge Dilton pro nounced tbe dual conclusion of tbe sentence MoKoe exhibited a cheerfulness that agreeably surprised bis friends, many of whom thought ha would utterly break down if tho ultimate result was adverse. After the sentence was passed there was a busy stir la tbs court-room, many people pushing out to tell ths news, and others remaining to gaze at the defendant, who oat unmoved near hla counsel. When quiet had been restored, Judge Cram arose and sold: “ If the Court pltaso, wo ask that a suspen sion of sentence may be bad for tbe purpose of ena bling this defendant to obtain, S possible, a commu tation of hU sentence. We think that, under tbe circumstances, when tbe facts surrounding the defendant ore submitted to tho Executive, they *lll not ouly be regarded os proper grounds for Executive clemency, but tbo President will take such action aa will load to a commutation. Wo do not think this request unreasonable or improper, especially in view of the circumstances under which the defendant appears before tbe Court, Judge Dillon—lias tho District Attorney any sug gestion to make in this connection 7 Col. Dyer—No suggestion with reference to (bis matter, but 1 rise to call lb© mention of your Honors to tbo fact that, after your Honor Judge DlUon had left, two weeks ago, an application was made, aa I understand, to secure executive clemency in behalf of Constantino Maguire. I was applied to to secure a stay of execution till this application should be passed upon. Of course 1 bad no power In the premises, but 1 made a request for lb© delay desired, In order that I might not be con* ■ldrrod over-seaious. I bare now waited more than two weeks, and aa the case has not changed Its aspect 1 am unwilling longer to shoulder anymore responsibility hi thn premises. I foci (bat lam but doing my duty in withdrawing that request. Judge DlUon—With reference to tbe McKee caes, we would rather afford facilities than to throw obsta cles in tbo way of application to tho Executive Depart ment of the Government fordcmcncy. Hence we will adjourn court, when wo do adjourn, until two weeks from to-day. This Judgment will not be enter ed on record until that time; meantime tbo dafendsnt will bo required to give an additional recognizance of to that filed to appear hero at that time and submit (a the order of (bo Court. We find, on exami nation, that the recognizance in this particular c&ae Is only |l,ooo. This increase is not dictated by fear of tbe disappearance of the defendant, but by a custom which prevails in nil cases whero a motion In arrest of Judgment nss been overruled. BACK TO TUB UAOITQS CASE. Col. Dyer now entered into a more detailed state ment of tbo fact of tho Maguire case. Ho said that, only last Monday, be had received a circular which act forth that It was a rule of the Executive Depart ment that, before action lie taken on on application for commutation, format nntleu of the time l>o served on tho Court and on tho District Attorney where the raoo wan tried. This circular, thru, wxa the formal notice referred tn, and he (Dyer) acknowledged service, and sent It back to Washington on either Monday or Tuesday, He understood that Mr. Ma guire's friends were still at Washington working In hla behalf, but bn bad determined that It was hit duty not to countenance further delay. JUDGE TDEAT nsld that the counsel for tbs defendant hod Informed him that there was a rule lu tho Executive Department requiring, as stated by Col. Dyer, that notice bo served on the Judge and District-Attorney. lie hod told the parlies, os this was a novel proceeding, and entirely unknown to him during bis long experience on tbe Dench, be do sired to see (bo notice. They showed him a printed circular which road as G6l. Dyer had diacrlbed, and nut desiring totbiow any difficulties lu (he way, yet at (he nme time not desiring to concede any authority on tho part of tbe Executive Department to make him a party to these proceedings, bo hod Indorsed on the bock an acknowledgment that the paper hod been read to him, coupled with a statement that ha did not recognize any effect that such notice might be supposed to bare. This be did os a matter of courtesy to tbs Department, and to avoid giving rise to difficulties. Judge DlUon said that, in view of the fart that these notices ImV yet hardly bad time to roach Washington, he saw no reason why further delay ought not to be granted, and beucs the Court would take upon itself tbe responsibility of ordering that the matter remain lu statu quo until two weeks from to-day. THE eSMTCNCE waa quite brief, the Court coming to the point without much circumlocution, and wasting no lime In a review of the clrcumeUucee of the vase, aa these were deemed to be ao firs* m the mludi of the people as to reuder their narration unnecessary at this lime. Judge OilUou concluded u follow* : It will be observed Uiel, within certain limit*, the aUtuUa glvce to the Court a discretion u to the amount of punishment. We have a dlaeretlott to fix a pocunlary penalty to bo paid In the mm of 9tO,OtMI* There la a diacretlou alao m to tha place of imprison ment. the Uuguag* of the statute being 14 and to Imprisonment not more than two years •’ —this particular atatute not atatlng where (whether In (he County Jail or In the Penitentiary of the NUte) that Imprisonment ahall be bad. If we should con* alder only the magnitude of the alleged frauds in these W **’ If WB BUODLD CONSIDER THAT ONLY (for we must assume tu pronouncing Judgment that the verdict of the Jury is line).—lt would lead lha Court to pronounce the highest penalty and the severest pun* labuieut, bat when vre consider that certainty rather thin severity of puulahmout baa been shown, by the history of criminal laws and Jurisprudence In all countrice, to conduce to tho roost efficient administration of criminal law; that the object of JmUclal eentance la not primarily, U at all, to punish the offender, except eo far as ihu la necca* aary to the protection of society; that there la alao a civil liability for those frauds in actions on bonus or In so action aa at common law to the full extent, or to the full extent of the partloe’ ability to respond to them a# a criminal responsibility! andthal those penal pro* visions are largely Intended to aid ihla civil responsi bility and to prevent those frauds and become the Instrument of reimbursing the Government, that there la a dis Unction taken in the atatute, and one which 1 may remark also exists in reason and to the nature of things be tween official offenders and those who have occupied no official ixwlttous, broken no official oaths, and bo* trayed no official trusts,—thasa are circumstances, en the other baud, to be considered in mitigation ia af* Aung the amount of pumstunent. TUET UAV* hi EM CONSIDERED. la, thw it ia alao but Just is rammbag th* previous good character of tbs defendant. la a rrut •trslt and extremity like thin, along lifetime of nsefnl. net* and upright eondnct should eons largely to hie ttd, end, with ns. bM been a Terr controlling el*, went In guiding onr discretion m to the place of pun ishment. I confess to another consideration which has great weight with me,—perhaps greater weight than it should burs,—that Is. the Indelible stain and stigma which attaches to Imprisonment In the Penl* tentlary,—not upon the man alone, but upon bis wlfo and children, and upon the latter after ba has gono from them, it is a terrible consequence of crime, that its dark shadow cover* the unoffending as well as ibo offender, end IT H A TXRtttfiLß THOUGHT that one's children sre likely to be tainted with it in after years,—that their father bae been In the Peni tentiary of the Bute. In felonies, among confirmed offenders, in.crimes Involving great turpitude, such punishment is absolutely necessary often, bat In mert misdemeanors, particularly when committed for the first time, it is to bo avoided where it can be con sistent with a sense of dnty. 1 would rather hare tbs reflection, when 1 Us down at night, that I bs<l erred—lf err I mutt—on tbe aide of mercy than on tbe Bide of undue severity. It wrlft glre sweeter sleep and leave behind It better memo ries. Now, considering all the circumstances of this case, without farther enlarging upon them, our Judg ment is that tbe defendant pay the maximum fine of, and that be be Imprisoned in the County Jail for the spaoe of two years. XFPORTB TO BATS M'KEB. There will be a monster petition In behalf of clem, ency for McKee. A circular appeal has been pre pared, numerous copies of which will be circulated over tbs city and State for signatures. Tbs petition ■ asks that President Orant commute tbs penalty to n 1 pecuniary fine. MtkL* L,V,I, DUliil. It U the general supposition tbsl tbs Distrlct-Attop*.. ney has been for several months preparing* tbe dvttl salts against members of the Whisky Bing, and that* suits will cow ho (Mod without deity. Itlsex pocted that some benvy attachments of private prop*' erty will to nudo within a very few dayi. WASHINGTON. AN IMPORTANT CIRCULAR. Rvteial Ditvaleh to The Chicago TrOurta, Washington, D. 0., April 20.— The Treasury Department has leaned a circular inviting In* formation aa to frauds upon tbo Government, relating to distilled spirits. The circular saya i With a view to an honest collection of toe tax upon distilled spirits, and tbs prompt punishment of per sons engaged in defrauding tbo Government, I ask tbo cooperation of honest distillers, rectifiers, ana liquor-dealers. The experience of this office has been that, when fraud U being perpetrated by distillers, honest manufacturers and dealers aro among tbo first to discover it, but have, heretofore, been restrained from giving information to this office through fear oi being compromised in some way. or by ft natural aversion to being termed informers. It Is Li due to honest manufacturers a m well as to tho Government, that every gallon oft spirits placed upon tho market should pay the tax lm-. posed by law, and this result can only be through the vigilance of revenue officers, heartily talued by the honest portion of the trade. 1 there-' fore respectfully ask distillers and dealers in liquor* having knowledge of fraud, or good reason to suspedi 1U existence .to communicate the fact or snitpidon to* this office. They may do so with assurance thatlbelrl communications shall be troated aa strictly eonfldonJ tUI, The information thus given will be made the] baels of an immediate Investigation by some officer off Inters si Revenue. D. D. I’batt, CommlMloacc. CHICAGO. THE MORRIS CASE. The District Attorney's office was enlivened yesterday morning by tbo presence of RevemuH Agent Miller, who introduced to tbo antboritlo9i ono McNoUie. of Morris. This geutlomaai knows something of tbo Conklin-Conkrito crookedness at that place, which occurred along> In the fall of 1874 and tho spring of 1875, Mr, McNeills, Jndgo Miller, and Assistant District* Attorney Boats conversed in whispers behind ft row of chairs piled up with malice aforotboughb and with tbe intent of keeping off reportoriab visitors. They eat for some time, and Mr. Mo- Nellis let himself loose on tbe subject of tbo crookedness at Morris. He will bo one of tno witnesses in this cose should It ever come to trial, and of this there is llttlo doubt when it is remembered that tbo good-natured and corpulent Miller Is quietly but earnestly pursuing tho thread of his invesUcrailons lu. tbe soma successful manner In which bo worked up the Milan Distillery case. Kotice was given Mr. Storra yesterday that the Wads, world case will be called the 101 b of May, tho day on which the now petit Jury will be Invited to seats In tbo United Htatcs District Court Room. Tho Hon. J. D, Ward’s trial will probably come alter Mr. That gentleman has been traveling In the East lately for tho benefit of his health, and la expected to ardvs In tbe dty tMa morning. THE Division DEPUTIES In the Collector's office are Just now in (be mldut o* receTlng the annual applications of liquor, tobacco, and cigar dealers for licenses, the old licensee expiring the Ist proximo. The office was kept pretty well Oiled yesterday by dcalara who were anxious to pay op aft once, and thus avoid tbe rush which will no dnubt b» mads aa the first dav of the month draws near. The applications were made In the office of the Division Deputies, and the licenses paid for in the Cashier’s office. Tbo number of applicants Is larger this year than ever, and (be - crowd will constantly In crease in numbers until tbe Cuhtom-iJoaa* corridors are actually Jammed with men of all nation alities, disposed, la view of tbe strictures of tbu De partment aa revealed in several trials daring the past' wiriter, to conform to tbe law in all Us provisions, ondf thus avoid all future trouble. Deputy Supervisor, left last evening for Peoria, where bo has been coocetitrallug bis euorgiaa for tae posit few weeks In tbe development of what seems to m w neb case of crookedness. Ue bad not fully recovered-, from the effects of a sprain received on bis lots tour' to Michigan, but was able to travel to wlut U Just* now tbe seat of war. Just which, or bow many, o© the nine distilleries In that suburb the Colonel la after* a Tuliit'NK reporter could not learn, but the develop-, meats will not be Inog forthcoming If tho supposed crookedness la traced to its source. u'kee'b sentence. Th 9 sentence posted on William McKee, of (h»Bt*. Louis Giobe-DfmorriU, aa published in yesterday after noon’s pallors,—two years' imprisonment and a fine of f 10.000,—caused almoet a panic lu the ranks of (In* whifkyhes In this dty. Coming events east their l shadows In advance, and at (his juncture tbe Is one of greater proportions than was expected. Wills Dick Mornck, better known ns “ Maryland Dick,* each, crooked whisky xmn can truly aay, “Now, Indeed, ana I walking through Hip tihviow of the valley of doilh,** but, unlike him, they cannot say “lam not afraid." TUB UOVEUNMENT DLTUHSO. The receipts of Internal revenue yesterday »gm» gated f2J,5C0.85, of which there were obtained from tbs tax on whisky, g15.217.N0, and from licenses. £2,345.00. Tbe revenue office was visited yesterday by several brewers and a tew of (be distillers, seeking blank* and information concerning the bonds, which the law n* quires them to enter into on or about the Ist of Uinr each year. The Department at Washington has issued orders that hereafter no distilling company win txr recognized aa inch. Tho members thereof will bw looked upon simply as partners, and tbe corporation must give aa bondsmen others than tbe members of the same. Tbe authorities have some to this condu it] on since the developments attending the exposure of' th* Whisky Ulngs lu this dty, Milwaukee, and Bt» Louis. THE BEECHER SCANDAL. ffloulton HecUluir Arblirntlon Between Himself and Ueeclaer. New York, April 20.—Prancio D. Moulton, ia an open jotter toJHenry Ward Beecher, eayss ••I will ao amend my complaint that the iesua shall be, if it ia not ao offered now, that by your perjury you caused me to be indicted for libel for saying you were an adulterer; you then welb knowing that what I said waa true.” Moulton offers 10 submit this Issue to a Jury summoned In the ordinary mode, or by ex-l'reslJont Wool ■oy, of Yale College, or by Deacon George 0. Bobineon, of Plymouth Church, or by a jury, one-half to be eelooted by Thomas G. Shearman and Edward K. Beecher, and the other half by, himself, the yordict of tho majority to be ao* ‘ copied aa the final decision. FINANCIAL Jtoteiat DitpaUh to Ttu CMeago rritavw. LaCrosse, Win., April 20.—J. M. Hutchins A Co., of Wells, Uiun., doing a general store bosl ness, failed yesterday; aaseie and liabilities not ascertained. The firm of late have bought the balk of their goods ia Milwaukee and Chicago. Frank Qutgesll. engaged la the etoam*bakory baeinoaa In this city for tho past twenty years, closed hie doors to-day; aasola about f 8.000; liabilities in thu neighborhood of <>20,000, divid ed mostly between parties in title oily and vicinity. _ OCEAN STEAMSHIP NEWS. New York,. April 20.—Arrived—Steamships Russia, from Liverpool, and Anohona, from Glasgow. Queenstown, April 20. —Steamship Helvetia, from New York, has arrived. Ban Francisco, Cal., April 20.— The attach-, meat on the ooal and stores of the steamer City of Now Yon having been released by bond, she sails to-day. TURPENTINE. Wilmington. N. 0., April 26.— Spirit* of tar* peaUne firm at We.

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