Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 27, 1876, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 27, 1876 Page 6
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6 FINANCE AND TRADE. Operations in Financial Circles Not Active* Surplus of Funds Increailng**-Tho Clearings $3,000,000. Xko Produce Mrtrkola tfmous»»*Pro rislons Actlvo and Tory Weak. Groin Steadier—Wheat Firmer—-Ooru Strong. FINANCIAL. The bnslneta of the banks was dull. Payments amount to mors than new loans, and the surplus of tho loanable resources of the banks is consequently Increasing. Receipts of country stuff are larger, but tho demand from the Hoard of Trade for loane to carry aluff with remains light. The country roads are reported to be drying rapidly, and the movement of country produce and cattle has boon quickened, and Uio movement of currency to the country has grown. These signs precede an Improvement In col lections and a return o! ease In the loan market. For tho present, there ie a moderate number of applica tions from the mercantile and other customers of the bank. Rates of discount are 8010 per cent, with a growing disposition to make concessions to desirable outside borrowers, ' On tho street rates are 7016 per cent, with a super fluity of funds. New York exchange was sold between banks at par to 25c per SI,OOO premium. Tho clearings wore $3,000,000. rnosPEcrs of tub silver isscb. Treasure' New says tbs different euMreatarles and the Treasury hero will pay out within tho nest six weeks about $10,000,000 In silver, and that after that the supply will bo greater than Hie demand. It is very likely that within two monthe Congress will pus an act increasing tho legal tender of silver, and that the Mint capacity of the country will be consid erably increased. It ie argued that the vast machinery used Jn the mining of silver has caused too rapid a production to last long. Tbebonanzaiste say they aro bound to touch bottom In silver production within a few years, and that tho continual decrease In tho production of ?;old Will make silver coin an absolute necessity in rade. They Insist that the popularization of sllror must bo tho first slop to apcclo payments, and that the opportunity to oxchaugo small denominations of legjl tenders for silver must bo tho first thing, coupled with an Increase In tho legal tender of silver.—HasA- I ngtun Cemsfxmdmee 2iev York Daily DuVMin. GOVERNMENT BONDS. The bids for the $6,833,000 of now 6s. part of the Alabama Indemnity Fund, were opened at tbo Treas ury In Wasblngton on Monday. There were twenty five bids, and the oggrogato amount bid for waa $70,- 000,000. The highest bid was $103.78 7-10 for all or none, by Droid, Morgan k Co, for N. M. Rothschild t Sons, J. 0. Morgan. August Belmcnt k Co., and them selves. Tbo award was made to them. Tbo bids In detail were as follows: J.W. Scbgman k Co., $1,000,000 at 10318-100; $1,000,- 000 at 103106-1000; H.0w.000 at 103 7-100; StlOJ: $500,000 at 104 08-100; $783,000 atlo2 03-luo; 1800.000 at 102 91-100, L. Von Uoirtnan k Co., $5,883,- 000 at 103 26-100. Philip Speyer k Co., $1,000,000 at 102 25-100; $500,000 at 102 48-110; $500,000 at 103 7-100; $500,000 at 103 24-100. Pint National Bank of Mew York, $5,883,000 si 103,29. Oroesbeck k Ketcbam. $500,000 at 103,27. Woorcshoffar k Co., $500,000 at 103.16 V. Kidder, Peabody k Co,, $1,000,000 at 103.01. Kuhn, Loeb k Co., $1,883,000 at 1C2.C3. Richardson, Hill k Co., s'oo,ooo at 103.7. Foote h French. Boston, 1 $500,000 at 103 27-100. Schooler Bros., Now Fork. 1500.000 at 102 65-100. GatlnUn National Bank, New YorK, $'.00,18)0 at 102#. Now England Mutual Insurance Company. Boston, $300,000 at 103. Drexal, Morgan k Co., for themselves and as sociates, |6,853,0C0, or any part thereof, at 103,71 V. or the wholo amount at $103.78 7-10. Winslow, Lanier Co., $I.0OO,(tUO at 102 99-KW; $1,000,000 at 102 94-100: W,300,000at 102 89-100; $1,000,000 at 102 84-100jfl.OCO,- CM> at 102 79-100; $383,000 at 102 76-100; or the whole amount at tbo average cate of tbs above. Morton, Bliss At Co., $1,000,000 at 103 21-100; 11.000.0C0 at 103 15-luO: $1,000,000 at 103 11-100; $1,000,000 at 103 3-100; $1,000,000 at 102 97-100; $883,000 at 102 81-10), O. O. Haven k Co., $500,000 at 102 55-llKi; $700,000 at 103 15-100. Rntton k Brown, s’>oo,ooo at 103 34-100; $500.- 000 at 10‘i 66-100; $500,000 at 102 03-100. Flak Ac Hatch, ri,ooo,oooitlo2 77-100. Fisk k Hatch, fl,ooo.uot> at 102 83-100. August Belmont k Co., for M. M. Roth schild k Bous, $5,883,UV0at103 71V-100. Fisk A Hatch, $1,383,000 at 102 54-100. Fisk A Hatch, $1.60(1.000 at 103 42-100. Fisk k Hatch, $1,000,000 at 103 20-100. Secretary Bristow’s course In adopting the $500,000 limit for bids, thereby denying all persons of small moans any cbanco of obtaining tbo bonds at first band from tbo Government, Is viewed with general disap proval. Tho Mow York Bally Butfeitn expresses the prevailing opinion on this point when It says: No act of Mr. Bristow since ho has been Secretary bu provoked so much unfavorable comment as what he has dune In regard to this bond-sale. We are of those who believe that It la merely a mistake on his part; bnt, whatever It Is, it In unfortunate. We heard 10-day that ha drew tho taw under which the Bale is made. GOVERNMENT RONDS. Did. Asked. United BUlcs6eof ’81....... 122 V 122*4 Doited Btatcs 6-20 e of "05 117*4 H«' 6-208 of ’6s—January and Ju1y...... ..118V HO l ,' t-20aof ’67—January and July V2l 121 V 6-2 Us of ’C3—January and July 132 V 192), 19-498 ...118V 118'.' Omted Btatcs now 6s of *Bl ,uh*; ho United BUlefl currency 6s 125’,' GOLD AND GREENBACK!!. Gold waa 112Vail3*;. Greenbacks were b9.VO 89 V« on the dollar la gold. TORSION EXCHANGE. Sterling Paris—francs, Germany,.... Belgium.,... Holland Bwltzctland. Sweden, etc, fcuitrla.,,.. CITY AND COUNTY BONDS. Sid. Asked. 105 A: lot 105 &iuU lOfi it luU Chicago City 7 7? eh bonds.... Chicago City 7 ct. sewerage. Chicago City 7 y ct.walerloaa Cook Comity 1 Vet, bonds (snort) Cook County 7 y ot, bonds lOi kinU 105 tint 105 fclnt. 100 k lot U7 k tut. OoDB) Weat I'ark 1 V et. bond* North Chicago 7 y ct. bond* (Lincoln park) LOCAL BTOCKrt. Rid. Aiked. Olty Railway, South Bide, ex. div City Hallway, Woetßlilo City Hallway, IVwt Side, B V ccut certificate lOaX&int. 10' It lot, ia» i.-a rn in 70 7rt City Railway, NorthSlda... . XTadcra 1 luaitranco Co. cx.dlv. Chamber of Commerce, Chicago Oao-Light k Colco Co, BzpoalUoa at0ck...... STOCKS, IIOJJDB, ETC. KbwTobs, April 20.—Gold opened aud closed at 113,*;, with aalea in tbo Interim at 113>tf. Carrying rate, 1 per cent. Uorrowlug rate* fiat at 103. Honey market «aay,!p2|4; prime mercautilo paper, W®o. Coatoma receipt*, 1313.000. The Aaalatant Treasurer dlabumd |3,(W, Clearings, SJd,(X<J,Ooo. Steeling tUm; 4n"(<#.iVJX, Uovcmuiuuta were firm! Itallroud UmJa were aloud/. HtaVu securities were dull. Blocks w«ra dull and generally lower. Fluctuations Wero confined within narrow limits, aud tho market was devoid of internet. Traiuactioua aggregated loj,- 000 shares, of which ki.Otw Wero Paillio Moll, 117,000 Western union, ‘gJ.iXkJ l*ke UUoru, O.uoO Ohms, aud 0,000 Michigan Ccutral. auVKkKUIMT UQKtlft. Coaj'ons, '81,.......1'-'J, 1 ; | New 6a 118 Couiuue, r (iA. lid { UMUe, mil 117 I«ew lly j I'MUa, couixmc 11" Coujkjiui, 'C7 I Curiuuclea CuUiMJOBf '63.*.....•!£*>« I Vfatcro Union 69* N. J, Central 07 Quicksilver 1C Itock IbUuu,.lo3* Quicksilver idd..,,,. 44 til Taul 38-' TadtuMall .... If 1 HI. Taulpfd Civ Slarliwaa..... 7 Wetasb ....... gi Miripompfd,7* Wsbmb ptd.....,.,. 4 AdtiuS Kiprom 1(8 Tort Wayne ..10! * Wolla-Fargo SO* Tarrellautu,........ j* American tipicm... Cl Term iUuUi pfd...,. li V. b. UxptuAS 68* Chicago k Alton >jiu Now York Central...ll4 Chicago k Alton Hr1u................ lOK Ohio It Mississippi,., p,w Kiln jifU 2'j Delaware, k- k W.l d;.- liarleiu 148 A. & I*. Tel Is UarlßOJ ti11.,,,......143 UitaourlTactile 14 MlcblganCvuuai.... 94 Atlantia k Tadba pfd ju Tauama 147 Indiana Central 4)4 Union Tad no aleck., i(4 Chicago, 1). k Q.,,.,117 Lakutiborw M* Hannibal la til, Joe, 1972 Illinois Central V 7 Central Tar, bonds..)u;y; Cleveland & Titteburg 04 Union Tad do bonds..M4 ;i Northwestern....... 3V* U.TatUioliadqfraut.lOO Northwestern |>/il . f.** U. T. sinking fund a, a, c, k I.H W Loud* fil* Tennessee 6s, 01d..,, i'i'i | Vinriola Os, new 93 TenntMeeCa, new... 44* ; Missouri 6a 104* VlrglulaCe.chl...... 93 I CaurouNta uimiko siocxa. Saw Fbakoisco, ’iO.—Thu following are the latest sttxk quotations at the Htock Lxcbaugu: OonaoUdl'd Virginia- 77 Yellow Jacket grig California 90 liui>«rU). 9 Begregatcd lick-bar.. 74* Exchequer 18* Dnbir. 68* Blerra Nevada,,..... 17 Obollar 07 Aljitia fij* lavage lo* au Mexican,., 91 Overvea.,.. mu last h BalrMr 94* Juallca.,,2J* Hale AKorcross TO ! Confldsncs. Oould k Curry It* 1 Caledonia.. Crown P 010!........ V)i , REAL ESTATE. The following Instrument! wero filed fo* rword Wednesday, April 28. cut PBorwmr. West Sixteenth at. 48 f • of Washtenaw ar, s f, 24*124 ft, dated Aprtl 26.,* ••■• •• I M 0 Madlaon at, 33 ft w of Western av, n f, 15«119 ft, dated April ••••♦ 5,000 Marlon place, 166 ft a of Kllen at. e f, 47x107 ft, with buildings. dated March 34 1,^90 lira* »t. 330 ft w ot Larrabee at, o f, 91 97-100 x H 7 n. dated April 4 ’OO m ; 'i ua at, I'.ifl ft nof West Fifteenth et, wf, •j* ft, dated Jan. 30,1875 1.600 ■'on it, fin o-io ft w of Fifth av, b r. vo i ...u ijißl 210 ft, with Improvement!, dated Man h 31 (William 11. Maun to Joseph W. Williams) 60,000 Huron nw corner of Cass at, e f, 40x100 ft, dated fob. Langley ar, ■ e corner of Thlrtr-elgbtn at, w f, WXXtll ft, with bulldlnge, dated April 95 10,000 Cl»rk at, 950 ft b of Van Huron at. w f, vtlilOT ft 5 also Clark at, 175 ft n of Folk at, w f, 33x MX ft; aUo Michigan nr. near Fifteenth at, e f/OOzlßl ft, dated April WOO Went Madlaon at, 13(1 4>io ft w of Yager et, • f, Ist) ft to Warren nr, with other property, dated April 17,000 HoKnlbat, 319ftn wof Flourney at, nwf, 48x 100 fl, dated April 33 8,000 West Madlaon at. 175 ft « of Western ar, a f, 35x197 ft, with improvements, dated April 95 6,000 The premises No. 08 ami 10'J Vincennes av, dated Nor. 6, 1875 11,000 West Twenty-first at, 134 X ft o of Western ar, Df, 35x1310*10 ft. dated March 850 Lowoav.l4l ft ■ of Thlfty-elxth at, w f, 41x 123 7-10 ft, dated April 1.900 loom or errr unm wimra a naoius or 7 uilu or COURT-HOUSE, Stale it, 95 ft a of Fifty-second si, w f, 23x161 ft, dated April 95 . .......4 1,600 Wabash av, near Fifty-third it, o f, 93i131X f>, _ dated April 94 5,100 Page at, between Fifty-third end Fifty-fourth ate, wf, 150x135V ft, dated April 0. .. I.MO Blisell at, a w corner of Fifty-third at, e t, 148x195 ft, dated Apri1195.................... 6,000 Blssoll ar. 141 ft • of Fifty-third et, a f, UUx 125 ft, dated April 35 5,000 Stony Island ar. V 134 ft a of Flfty-eercnth at, e f, 10x3(04 ft: also JefTorson ar, between Firty-Mvcuin st and Park way, 1,468 ft front age, dated March 22. 99,750 COMMERCIAL. The following wore the receipts and shipments of the leading articles of produce In this city during the twenty-four boors ending at 7 o'clock on Wednesday morning: 1876. Flour, brls. Wheat, im.. Corn, bu... Oata, h 0.... Rye Barley, bu Grass seed, lbs, Flax aeod*tta.. ilroom corn,lbs Cared meats, lbs* Beef, brls Fork, brls Lard, fts 216,160 Tallow, tbs Butter, tbs Dressed hogs.. Lire hogs, Mo.. Cattle, Mo Bbeep, Mo Hides, Its lUghwinea,btla Wool, tbs Potatoes, bn... Coal, tons Hay, tons Lumber, Mo.fl. Shingles, M 0... Lath, Mo Balt, brla Poultry, tbs.... Poultry, coops. Game, pkgs.... Egg*, Cheese, bxs.... Gr'n apples,br.. Beans, bu 3,364 60 1,463,000 1,7fc0,0u0 Withdrawn from store on Tuesday for city con sumption: 8,664 bu wheat, 769 bu corn, 8,213 bn oats, 427 bu rye, 3,005 bu barley. Tho following grain was inspected Into store on Wednesday morning: 24 cars Mo. 2M, W. wheat, 1 car Mo. 1 spring, 19 cars Mo. 3 do, 8 can Mo. 3 do, 0 cars rejected do (68 wheat); 33 can high-mixed corn, 74 car* No 3 do, 9 can new mixed do, 25 can rejected do, 3 con no grade do (144 corn) J 12 can whits oats, 23 can and 17,500 ba Mo. 2 do, 8 can rejected do, 1 ear no grade (50 can oats); 1 oar No. 3 rye; 1 car No. 3 barley; 9 can No. 3 do. Total (237 can), 126,000 bu. Inspected out: 31,384 ba wheat, 69,307 bu com, 38,751 bu oats, 13,667 bu rye, end 7,137 bu barley, A grain firm In Californio, generally regarded as good authority, estimates that they will have in that Btate this year probably 1,000,090 tons of wheat, and certainly not lees than 800,000 tons. If tho larger quantity, It will bo nearly double that of last year. The prospects are excellent, tho Ban Joaquin Valley being in unusually good condition; but there is little old wbest loft In tbs Btste, “Put it down to yourself" Is now almost a stand ing Joke on ’Change. A man goes into tbo wheat market and buys, or sells, is the case may be, a lot of wheat from a broker, who says on tba conclusion of tho bargain. “Put It down to yourself." The Idea prevails in some quarters that these transactions are of the kind familiarly known aa “ washes,” but this la a mistake. Thera are enough of bogus transactions on the Board, but In such cases tbo parties never ex pose their bonds by such a remark as that quoted above. The case ult usually occurs Is about tbns; A com mission merchant receives orders from several par lies by telegraph or otherwise, some telling him to buy, on (Loir account, sod some wanting sale* made. The commission merchant may bold several of those orders at the some moment. If he should set one against the other, In his own office, ho would be open to grave suspicion of pocketing a double commission, while making a fictitious market. If be aboald enter the crowd to fill both orders, ho would scarcely do Justice to both, and perhaps to neither. Bo bo gives one order, or sot of orders, to a broker, and may take tbo other himself. They outer the market independently, but one wants to soil at tho market piice, aud the other wants to sell at tho cur , rent market quotation. It may aUo occur that no cue else is anxious to trade si that moment, and so tho (wo transactions are made simultaneously and lu an open manner. Both orders have been filled, and tbs bro ker gets his commission on one transaction, while the settlement of tbs trades Is loft lu ths bauds of one man, so far as the Board Is concerned. Blxlydayi, Bight. ...488 490 ...616V 612 V ... *J5»i 90V ...516',' 612 V ...40*,' n ...616JJ 61IV 43V S 3 k int, Tula fact. that oue operator may receive aorcrol or* dera from different partita to trade lu different direc tions, cot Infrequently cauaea coufuilou. urea to tUOM who ought to L>e well peeled. They see a man buying now. aud flvo mluutoa ofterwarda aelllng tbe aame quantity, perbape at a leaa price than bo paid for It, aud tbiuk be baa lost bla bead and la going to tbe dotje, ur ibey sue bim give uu order to a broker to Bill, directly after which bo goee Into tbe crowd to buy, aud they fancy bo baa a deep-laid acbouio to bull tbe market that be may unload at a profit. bucU schemes are undoubtedly concocted and carried out, Bouietlmca; but uot by any meana lu every caao where a man la buying aud aelllng ■ I tbo loino time for tha aauio deliveries. Of course the buying fur oue mouth aud aelllng fur another, technically called “changing over,“ la a very dllKunt thing from that above ro* forjed to, and nut bo liable to U» uileuuderatood by a cuaual observer. The loading produce markets were again irregular yesterday, aud In a different direction to that which has been the rule recently. Provisions wera weak, while grain was steadier, under a Utter demand, and most of tho grain markets wore firmer, This se«iued to be chlctly a natural reaction from the weakness of the past two or threo day*. Tho reduced prices In tiled buyers, though there was not much Inquiry for shipment, tho trading being chletly for future dully. *%crowaa little that was new to note lu the dry goods market. In all departments fair activity was appurtht, while In sluplo cottons, prints, seasonable dress goods, and notions (be movement was brisk. The demand for groesrits fully equaled the expects, tiuus of the trade, being fairly aoliva both oa local aud Interior account, lu ptlcoa there wore no lu* portent changes, tiugara wore easy. Coffee*, rice, teas, sirups, splccs, etc,, ruled steady. The butter end cheese markets continue dull end depressed. Dried fruits were again quoted active wltb prices of both domestic aud Imported varieties ruling firm. Flab sold u>s fair aggregate at steady figures. No price changes were developed In the leather, bagging, coal, wood, paint, and oil markets. Tho demand for lumber In cargo was sgalu rnoder tle, and the market ruled easy under liberal offerings. The yard trade continues only fair. The drug, metal, hardwire, and Iron merchants report increasing ac> Uvity la their several departments, and s general dis position to adhere to current rules for all staple goods. Tbs wool market was quiet, aud meats, hois, aud broom corn were unchanged. Hides wera In demand at To for grueu-salUd, aud So for damaged stock. Timothy seed wai more active aud stronger, and other seeds quiet, clover being dull sod nominally lower! Ths better grades of hay were in request and steady. Poultry was easier, owing to inerwod offerings, aud eggs closed weak at Pic. HOG TIIODUOTB—Wrra actiia and weak. Tbs re* celpta of hogs were again Urge, and the/ were quoted lower tithe Stoek-Tarde. Tbte wss only an Incident la the genital situation, which appears to bo that hoc* are coming forwerd much more freely than iru ex pected, end that the Work ot lummor packing I*. therefore, proceeding eo rigorously m to materially leeeen the demand for wlnler-cured product. Tbte toede holder! afraid (bat present price* era too high to be eustalned, end they offered their property very 17 * ... »X freely, aome rather Urge operators l*lcg referred to u tmlona to get entirely out of the deal. The buying wee chiefly done by the abort Interest, They filled in to e Urge extent. The shipping Inquiry continues •mail. Mess Posh—Was fairly actlra and very weak, de clining an arersgo of 63c per hrl, and closing only 80 10c above the lowest figures of the session. Sales wore reported ot 939 brla cash at $21.00031,27X! 8,000 hrU seller May at f30.90@91.37X • 19,730 ljrl " " ellor Juno $31.10021.00; 3,8*0 brls seller July at $31.35031.80; 1,600 brla seller August at f31.79X@93.00; and 600 brU Boiler the year at *18.50. Total, 37,189 brU. The market doted firm at $20.91091.15 cash, According to wriaht: $2(>.ai'420.97X seller the month; $20.»50 90.9;S seller May; f33.90@91.93X «U«r Juno; and 121.43U031.45 seller July, I’rime mess pork wse quoted at $20.00(330.50, and extra prime sold (tuO Iris) at $16.35. lAtio—Was unusually active, and dedlned 20029X0 per 100 lbs, though rejwrted 8d higher in Liverpool ' (that may have been a mistake). The offerings wero large and persistent. Sales wero rojiortod of 0,760 tea seller May at $13.03013.30; 16,71(1 tea seller Juno nt $13.30013.37X1 and 2.500 tea seller July at $13.85(4 13.17X* Total, 25,000 les. The market closed tamo at $13.05(ai3.07X for cash or seller April; $13,050 M.OTX for May; $13.93X013.93 for Jnuo; and $13.40 013.43 X for July. Meats—'Were active In changing over from one mouth to another, with a fair number of sales for future delivery, but little doing In cash lots. Tho market was weak under large offerings, being quoted fully Vo lower on tho principal cuts. Balesi wore re potted of COv.oOJ lbs shoulders at $7.36 47.37 X for May. and 18.05 for July; 15J hxa short ribs at 11 Vo; 9,:U)O,(Wi) D* do at fU.130U.2S for May, UXftUXo for June, and 111.650i1.65 for July; also, 6U bu Staffordshire sides at 13c. Tho market closed dull at the following range of prices: Shorn- Long Short Short dera. dear. rib. clear. Balled, loose 7* liy 1W '*?fi Uoxed Vi 11* J'f'i >!sy 7»i 114 ll ‘» M.*» June 7X ll* MX MX July 8 nx nx 1I?S Bacon, cash 9 .... 73X 13 Lougand abort dean at HXa caeh, and 12e seller May, boxed; green bams, 11J(0I3Xc; sweet pickled do, 12**013X05 Cumberland!. l«XoUXc t eaahor aell er April; long-cut hams, 130l3X«. boxed; bacon hams, 14<4150. OriXASR—'Wa» quiet at ftXo3e. HHEP FllUDOOrs—Wore steady and quiet at $10.50 011.00 for mess, $11.50019.00 for extra mesa, and 131.50034.00 for hams. Tallow—Wm quoted at BJ{OBX° for city, and 8o for country lots. FLOUR—VTss very quiet, and really doll, though Ann. Ujldcra adhered to former figures, tho stocks being so small that there WiS no competition among sailors, and buyers held off for a decline In keeping with the recent drop la wheat. Sales were confined to 123 brls winters at $6,5035,73; sad 600 brls spring extras at 54.&30 5.35. Total. C 25 brls. The market closed steady at the following range of prices; Choice winter extras, common to good do, $5.8007.10; shipping extras. $1,30* 4,80; good do, 144.8505.10: choice do. $'>.1005.00; patents do, $0.0000.00; Minnesota, $5.0000.00; spring sartrflncs. $3.0003.76; rye flour, $4.2301.37#. Bran—Wes quiet and firm. Sales were 30 tons at $11,75012.00 free on board cars. Feed—Sale waa made of 10 tons at $20.00 free on board. 1875. 1 0,710 1 9.253 I 61,091 i 13,383 11,853 10.557 32,616 89,V0 60,037 13,2011 03,390 188,910! 40,7101 32?,' 1,500 103,2081 1,750 *7M«| 178,081 88,284 68,181 7,813 3,:179 107,38.1 47,658 89,040 4W) 445 80,000 342,040 142,221 4,700 99.203 43.381 34t 210 319,738 1,385,384 29.700 11»,3.*-0 60,2)1 10,470 34,080 11,404 47,0)3 29,4&5| 36,042 4.632 6,434 1,146 3,292 KU4 80 79,810 81,740 79 144 181,056 4,220 9,9i8| 4,8-15 2,418' 313,999 382 1,880 6.813 14,410 4<jin 1,826 139,942 100 31,141 4SOi 10' *ls 1,885,11)0,1,537,100 805,000 1,305,000 **** 3,036' 049 1,555,600 6,3-0,000 190,000 , 819 17,491 VJ 13,684 PRO’' ,a»ONV THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE! THURSDAY, APRIL itl, 1876, BOEADSTUFFS. Screenings—Silo was reported of 10 tons at $12,03 in track. Corn-meal—Salo was made of 10 tons coarse a< 18.00 on track. WHEAT—Was active and firmer, being about Vo per bn higher, with a bettor demand for future deliv ery—chiefly for Juno. The English telegrams quoted greater firmness In the lower grades with a continued demand for cargoes off coast, white tho better grades were dull and easier. This was accounted for by the statement (bat continental operators are buying the lower grades of American wheat, and sending their better wheat to the English markets for sale. New Yorkwss nominally steadier, and tho receipts here were light, while the Impression prevailed that n lead ing operator had got through with his raid on the niarket, be having sold heavily during (lie (wo preced ing Uaya of (he week. It was also whispered that a new combination had been formed, and that as a re sult anaugctucuta wore already In progress for ship ping a large quantity to Now York by rail at the low rats of 13Vo per bn, Tbla fact counterbalanced tbo stronger feeling in ocean freights, and brought out buyers enough to make an active and firmer market, though sellers were numer oui, os fe cl ally for May. This was (bo weakest point of the market. Only three more business days remain before deliveries of May wheat are lu order, ami there were a good many parties anxious to find places for grain which (hey expected to receive early next week. There was so much pressure cither to sell May or to change It over Into tho succeeding mouth that tho dlffereuco between May and Juno widened to IVOlJ»c* The lower grades wore In moderate de mand for shipment. Belter June openod at sl.Ol, soldloll.Ol'i, then at SI.COV, rose to 11.01*,, fell back to sl.Ol, advanced to $1.02, and declined to SI.OIV at thedoso. Seller May sold atfJO‘(col.OOV, closing at SI.OO. Boiler July was quiet at 101 Vo above Juno. Bailor (ho mouth or regular No. 3 spring waa very quiet at 99 .Sto9 , J*(c, closing atal*>ut99Vc,and gllt-adgod receipts of do solus t 11.00V01.00V- Cash salui were reported of 800 bu No. 1 spring at 11.10# i 2,400 bu Mo. 2 Jo at 99Vc051.0; 6,600 bu Mo. 3 do at 90 401 o; 400 bu do (Central) at 92 #o; 1,400 bu re jected do at 80o; and 1,400 bu by sample at 92#0 VOVo. Total, 19,2 >0 bo. Minnesota Wheat—Waa quiet, with sales confined to sample lots. Mo. 3 waa offered at $1,04, with {1.03 bid; and No. 1 waa scarcely mentioned. Sales ware 2.000 bu at 98c051.10 on trade, and l,oiX> bu at $1.12# 01.15 V free on board oars, COHN—Waa In better demand, and advanced }tf@ Vc per bu. There waa no Important change lu Liverpool, but Mtw York waa firmer, and tho decline of tho pre vious day had brought out more buying orders. The volume of receipts was small for the eeison, and there waa a prospect ahead that the volume of our coru in store will be materially reduced by free shipment, as it was understood that contracts bad becum&dsto ■hip out aorae 800 car-lo uls to Mew York, at about 22# c per 100 Rni, or I'J.Ca per bn. These low rates make corn here very cheap at preiont prices, and It was argued that current quotations are low enough fur .safety, especially os there la little expecta tion of big receipts In May, ami a largo line of shorts oat for that month which may occasion some difficulty lu clearing up ifiuso trades. This phase of the situation cau»od relative strength In the May delivery; it advanced Vo more than the option for July. There Is reason to think that the (one of tbo New York market was weakened later by the receipt of tho nows thorn that largo rail shipments wore projected lu that direction; but tho nowa of tbs easier tone there made little difference to the market here. Seller May oooued at 4fl';c, declined to 45’ic, and advanced to 4fl**o at Uw dose. BolUr Junoaoldat43’;o4C',o closing at 4(JVc. tidier July sold at 48V047H0, closing at 4?Vc- tidier the month, or regular No. 3, was nominally about *;c below May, and gilt-edged receipts of do closed nominally sWOJyi’. Orsh sales were rej-orted of 17,8 a) bu No. 2 at 400 40*;c; 8.490 bu high mixed at 4i#olflVo« 3,000 bu new doat 44V014V c i 1.690 bu now mixed at 43c; 3.000 bu rejected at UVo ; 1,990 bu ears at l do; B,aUJ im by sample at 370*70 on track; and 11,900 bu do at 43048V0 free on board cars. Total, 62,800 Lm. OATS—Were moderately active and a shade easier. Tbo receipts were again liberal and the reported ship ments larger. There was very little Inquiry for cash yesterday, the trading being confined mostly to May and June. Tho shorts were filling lu their May denis, and some wore changing into nest month, which was a shade firmer, closing about l ,c above May. Fresh receipts of No. 2 sold st 31',"c. Reli«p Juno sold at Jl\(*3J’|C, aud closed at J2c. May opened at 32c, re ceded to 311(0, rallied to 31','c, hii 1 closed at 32n sellers. Hamidos wore la good rvqnoit, Cadi sales May reported of 409 bu No. 2 at Ul'jc; 8,U)0 bu by sample at •13033V 1 -’ fur mixed and 33037vc fur white on track, and 6,100 bu at 35V(440c free on board. Total, 14,900 lm. UVK—Was dull and tfo lower. There wan vury little Inquiry from any aourco, and only a few lots wero of. ferod on ilia market, It in reported (hat arrangements have been madu for shipping ftbout IS.OU'J bu K:mt by rail. Cash sales liuluiU <OO Ini No. U«l and tuu LU by ■amble at C7c; uoj bn do at idc—tU ou track.; UAULKi—Ouli barley advanced l#o under a good demaud for shipment, and options, though were a shade Amur Id sympathy, Tho receipts also wero atoalJ, aud tho offerings of ta*h and oi liru* moderate. Early there was some trading lu options at 61 w 0 for May end Wo for June, botn closlim at these figures. Holier July sold et Ota Borne operators thiuk the lino of shorts out for May has been considerably reduced, a good meuy dmU having boon settled within the puit few days. The demand from local consumer* Is light, and moat of the cosh liarley drawn out of ator* I* shipped East. Cash No. ii sold at fi -Or. No. 3 was nominal at 40<3l!ic. Itejcolcd was inquired fur. but none was oilrrcd. Samples remain quiet. The stock in aiore at the ilo/W of liat Week exceeded (hat of the corresponding date in April, IsTi, by nearly U7,iwo bn, In.lead of f>o,oUi bu, as w»« orrontouly stated In Wednesday's (sane. Cash sales wers reported of 10,(010 bilNo. 2 at 6etfsoc, 7IJUT CALL, Wheat was lower. Halva } 110,000 tm at 90*90J,*0 for May, and |l.u'i) i 'ai,U)’i for June. Mem pork vvm ali-Ady. Kales ! 4,730 brlt at flO.DS'a 3(>,V7l< for May; t11.10144i.v4* for June: aud $41.15 (£41.47* lor July, LAmt. Meat pork w&a fairly active and easier, sales being reixirted of 9,0c0 Urle at iiO.Ji 1 .. for May; for June: for July: and |11,70 lor August. lard was fuuly active and steady. titles: 9,000 tea at $13.0(013.10 fur May; 1U.44* for Jane; and liiUAgU.d) tot July. Meats were steady. Hales: 900 hotel long and abort dears at 11*0, 100,000 lUa abort rlna at (11.40 (or Wbe»t was active and Irregular, hmklng early to sl.oo* for June, and recovering afterward*, dosing at *(. May aold at od*c,d|t.ouV, and closed at fl.uc'utl.OU*. Corn was lu fair request at for June, clot lug at the ouUido, and 4U»o for July, aud 4u*c(or May. Oats wa»a quid at SlflQMo for May, and Slofor June. CALL TOAIID. Ueaa pork was freely offered, and closed 10.3150 per brt lower, at $11.03 for June, aud (41.43 lor July. Bale* a.ivo brie at |id.o»;C4l".Bi* auller May, (41,05 ••Her Jans, and $11.49 teller July. lard was quiet and steady, at 113.03 lor May, and 1,000 tea wets sold at $19.44* for June* MpsU—Bstaa 20,000 Iba shoulders ladef lb; *t T Jfo; 80,000 Ibe abort riba idler M»y at $11.30. GENERAL MARKETS. ALOOIIOL-Waa steady at $3.14. miOOM.COllH—Dealers ars retailing from itore at the annexad prices i Choice hurt, &(S&o} No. 8 hurl, TOflot choice medium, good medium brush, ScdWc; fair inside and covers, MWc; Inferior, 40 4Jfc; crooked, SVflc. HUTTED—Remain! dull, and pricea are atilt work* ing downward. There la no demand beyond supply* lug immediate wants, orders being deferred In expectation of a further decline la prices. We quote: Choice to fancy yellow, ai<g3Be{ medium to good grades. 25f.*38c| Inferior to common, 140123 c. DAdOlNU—Batee to a pretty liberal aggregate wero effected at the annexed prices: Htark A, IKJoj Pcorleea AA. 33c; Lewiston. 250; Montaup, 33c; Untano, 350{ American A. 33>4c; Amoekesg, 33c; Otter Creek. 330 j burlap bags, 4 bu, ; do, 5 bn, 15916 c: gunnies, single, 14>fi3150: do. double, 33931 c. OUEUfIE—Tho position of tbe cheese market was tLo samo as for a number of daye prevloue. The eup ply now on hand consists almoet exclusively of in* forior grades of old, and new skims. Now is quoted at 80 lie. COAL—There vii ft light demand «t unchanged irlrea: Lackawanna, range and nut, flO.Ou; do egg, 0. 63; cauuol. $7.0007.50! Erie, $7.00; Bloeshurg, 7.0007.50: Hocking Valley, $<7.00; Indians block, I ,',.50; Baltimore k Ohio, Sfi.uo; JUlnoii, 1t.0004.60. DIIUOS ANDCIIEMIOALS—Trade U Improving, the maiket U steady, and there It no prospect of an Irommll ate change In Tallies. Quotations! Add, critic, lb, SI.OO ol.lo;acidtariarlc, powdered, lb, 580680? ammouis, carb, 330350; axle-greose, doz., $1.0001.35; borax, ref, lb, litalKo: blue vitriol, It,, il#0Ho; cream tartar, pure, n>, 46048 a, cochinoaL iiond,, lb, 76080 c; chloroform, lb, $I.O20U»; glycerine, bulk, lb, 17® 38>r; gum arable, picked, 5O075o; gura arable, aorta, 35'<v83c; gum camphor, lb, 83038 c; gum opium, lb. gum shellac, tb, ft6oCso; iodine, tb, |; morphia. Hulph., oz, $4.1004.35; oil. c»a tor. BOCO |I,W) per gal 5 do, lemon, 94.350 4.90; potasea, diior.. ib, 3.V-«l0o: putaiilum, iod., lb, $1.9003.60; quinine, sulpb., oz, $'3.3303.30; red prodpU lb, $1,300 1.23; root ipecac, povrd., lb, H.5001.C0; root rbel. E. L. powd., lb. $1.3>01.50; salt, e;«om, lb, 2#o3c; sil ver cryil.. 02., $l.uo@1.10; soap, Castile, geo., lb, 10# 014 c; sulphur, lb, 4>*oCo; aasiafrasbark, 13015 c, EUUS—Were soiling to a fair extent at 13c, with ru mors of sale* at lie. The receipts were liberal. FlSH—Prices remain unchanged. Quotations are as follows: No. 1 white-fish, #-brl, $3.1008.39; h 0.3 do, $3.0005.10; no. 1 trout, ft.oo; No. i shore mackerel now, #-brl, $13.60013.00; No. 1 bay. $9.0000.35; No, 3 mackerel, #-brl, $4,000 8.33 ; family mackerel, #-brl, |C.2500.Ru; No. I shore kits, large, $3.00; No. 1 boy kite, $1.60; large family kits, $1.30; bank codfish, $4.7809.00; George's codfish, $3.6005.78; Labrador herring, split, brls. $7.7908.00; do #-brl, $4.0004.35; Lab rador herring, round, brls, $0,6006.16; do #-brl, $3.9000,75; scaled herring, per box, 40c ; No. 1 her ring. 03c: Columbia Hlvor salmop, #-hrl, SB.OO, FitUlTB AND market had no now features. Trade continues active at fully euatained prices. NVerepeat ofir bet as follows; FonWQK—Dates, (Wale; ngs, layers, 14<aloc; figs, drums. 11013 a; Turkish prunes,new,7*o7',o; French prunes,kegs and boxes, lO nibo; raisins, layers. six>o3.yu ; loose Musca'ol. $i.H503.4»; Valencia. llW0U«c; Ernie curMuts. 7*ioßc; citron, 33031 c. Douxaxio—Alden apples, 1801-OC ; Michigan apples, common, »i<oloc • choice, peaches, halves. do, pared, 17010 c; blackberries, ll#012o; raspberries, a:ii(4Jic; pitied cherricj, 33-.5340. Not#—Filberts, 11 011 i/c; almonds. Terragona, 19#03Oo; Naples wal nuts, new. Id -<l7O : French wamuU. now, ll#o 13> 4 c; Grcnoblo walnuts, Urazlli, 9#@loc; pecans, Texas, ll#0l3#c; Wilmington peanuts, (*08>)C: Tonncjseo peanuts, 600 c; African peanuts, COSWC. UItEEN FltClTS—Foreign fruit* were In fatr re oucat and steady. Apples were rather Weak under larger offerings, and a desire of sellers to close out, the season being nearly over, and (he fruit is decaying rapidly since the advent of warmer weather. We quote: Good to choice apples, $6.0008.00 per brl; Messina oranges, $ per box; Valencia do. $13.00013.U0 per case; lemons, $3,0000.00 per GROCERIES—Trade was reported active at un changed price*. Wo quote: mcE—Rangoon, Carolina, 7#08#o; Lou isiana, CoKruFS—O. O. Java, 90031 c; Java, Mo. 3, 270 290; choice to fancy lUo, 32.'*«3jc; good to prime do, 2i4'.3jtfc; common to fair, 2iiCjo3lo; roast ing, lo h,'olo , f c; Singapore Java, 3902C0; Costa Blca, 3302i0; Maracaibo, 3t«3lc. Sugars—Patentcutlnsf,ll#®ll#o; crushed, 11# 011»:c ; powdered. llh,'@ll#c; granulated, lo;* 011 c; A, standard, 10,‘tc; uo Mo, 3, ll>#c: B, 9#o 0»:e; extraO.UJifgOVot 0N0.3, 9#o; yellowONo. 1, OVo; choice brown, 8#08#c; lair to prime do, BV08Mo; common do, 7XOXC; choice molasecs su gar, common to good d0,7,V08#0; Mew Orleans, 7.' 4 o!'c. sirups—California sugar-loaf drips, 080.0 c: dia mond drips, $1.0301.10; silver drips, extra fine, 000 05c; good sugar-house sirup, 9O095o; extra do. 880 duo; New Orleans mqlaMscs, choice, 09068 c; do, prime, 89(3680; do, common to good, 48050 c: la#ses.4Bo9oc; common molnsacs. 38®40o; bUckatrap, 29030 c. ririces—Allspice. 17<317#c; cloves, 62053 c; cassis, 30033 e; pepper. I<<f(aiß#e; nutmegs, $1.3301.39; Cal cutta ginger. 14#016#0. Hoars—True blue, German Mottled, fl#0"o; White Lily, O0O#c; White Hose, 6®o#o; Uoyal Ba von, ojfytfo; Savon Imperial, Sc; Golden West, 6#@ B#c. BTARon—Excelsior, laundry, 6#®7c; do. gloss, 8# 0l<o; do, com, SK.»U#o; Rlnguford, pure, 7*fo; do, sli ver gloss. 9#09?f0: do* corn, lOolu#o. HAY—Was tn moderate demand, the call being nsu- ally for the bf*t qualities. Wcm were unchanged: No. I timothy, *13.60 «rU.oo; No. a do, f 11.00; mixed do, *10.0(1: njilauil prairie, *ll.OO { No. 1 do, *!i.6W* 0.00; slough, f7.0iKn17.50. UIQIIWINLS-Woro Inactive and nominally an* changed at 11.07 per gallon. There were no buying or* den on tho iloor, but holdera were firm. HIDES—Wore saliinlo at former jirlcea. On the street tho ruling rale for damaged Blocks appears to bo 6c. It Is reported that the combination formed to break down prices to two-thlrda the value of sound Bklna has Ix'cn broken. We Quote: Oroencity butch* era', Bf4')Mc; green cured light and heavy, Vc; part cured, green aaltod kip, 7o; green country, 6,i(c; green rail, lie; flint bides, dry Kin and calf, Hoj dry aaltod hides, 12c; deacon skins, IStfSOo. Bbeep ifclis. wool eatlmatcd aa waabed, 3093&. HOI'S— I Were rather quiet at HWUc. Small ordera are received dolly, but for largo lots there la little In* quiry. LEATHER—Remains quiet, with prices nominally steady; UZULOCK, Calf, NO. 1 SI.OO tU.VLID« 39(3 3T Call, No. 2. alaugh; VealH, So. 1 75«1.U0 ter iolo (but) 33£ 33 Rti« 6U<<* 73 “U. A.” 801 e..~ Ul*l»r, No. 1.... 213* 2t|‘‘D. A. O. D," Upiwr, No. 2.... IG><4 201 Hole llaruosß 31(£ Utllfiaole, otic. OOt&l.Su.llarnm. 60i4 W Sol 20(3 3*l fUKMOIt STOCtt. Upper. Calf 1.6033,001 Kip $1,0001.50 OlLS—Thin market was without important change. Thom is a steadily improving demand, and most de mrlpUou* are steady aud firm. We repeat our quota linns of Tuesday: Carbon, U 5 tloyf, tc«t, J3V“*UVc;do Illinois legal test, 150 dog., 11 ; snow white. 150 test, ]';■«« ; do headlight. ITSdog , I7>*c; extra winter lard mi. No. i, 070960; No. 2.7doWc; linseed, raw, «;u&H2c; Imllcd, Cso'i7c; whale, winter bleached, 70 «*wic; sperm, $2.15(33. , 39; ucatsfoot oil, atriclly pure, ii.1501.'30; do uxtrs, Ufto; do No, 1, 89o;bank oil, 95c; straits, floe; plumbago oil, C0i3790; turpentine, 4'c; naphtha, deo>iuriz»d. CJ gravity, JOttidMtfo; Wu«t Virginia oils, natural, 39 dog,, 3-’OJSc; natural, 30 deg., 3tiiv3oo: reduced, 2d deg., 2J033C. I'OULTllV—'fho ollirings wore larger and the market weaker in consequence. Chickens sold at $(.39 Oit.lfl j*>r dozen, aud some mops were quoted at sd.76.*f 4.00, TnrUeya wero quoted at 13>*(4Hc. HKKUB—'Timothy was in good demand and Arm at (3.(50. , .90 for prime, and $3.3503.(0 for fair (o good sitii|>lis. Clover was dull aud weak at s'J.39'.w9.dO. prime was offered at $0.35 without sales. Hungarian sold at and mtUct at Wto. Good crushing llax brought $J.:t 101.35. SALT—Was steady under a raoderato Inquiry. A good deal of the salt shipped out lately has gone west, the dealers ju Kansas snd other States having sent in liberal order# early, in order to got the suit through liefuro the advance in freights, which ocourted a day or so ago: Hagtnaw hue. $1,(0; Canada do, $1.49; ordinary come, $1,70; dairy, without bags, $3.79; dairy, with bags, $3.90; Ashton dairy, par tack, $4.90. TEAS—Jobbers wi re having a fair trade and weru ob taining very full figure-*. We quote: UirNi'uwimn— Common, 3"04Oc; good do, 4 Kv)tsc: medium, 43050 c; good <iu, 900950; hue. 650M0; finest. CO065o; choice, 70079 c: choicest. tW0O5o; fancy, $1.0501.19. lurcMan - Common, 3MJSc: good do, Jd0(Oc; medium, 400490; good do, 45(49ec; Auu, 900990; Anest. I90(>oo; choice, «K4JCc;choicest,7oo79c. Javans—Common.9o<339cs good common, 3V.>Udo; medium, (0043 c; good mo* dlura, 4901*0; fine, 90099 c: finest, 990fiOe; choice, 6i) 4C50; choicest. 71479 c. Oolonos—Common, 300 33c'; good common, 3903H0; medium, 4(M43a ; good niedliun, 4i(><4sc; flue, 4H05Oo; finest, 63(4960; choice COMfl.’o: choicest, 790UUc. VLAL— Was weak under heavy offerings, The out side price for choice calves was 7,54 c, aud common to good were quoted at 3>40 l 'c. WOOL— Western manufacturers contlnne to order small parcels to keep their mills In operation. Stocks are light, but the market Is woak, holders generally being anxious to unload. The receipts aud shipments are supi>oaed to be mostly i'aetAc alone wool. Thu now season promise! to opou slowly and at unusually low figures. Uardlug, Gray A Dwey’s circular, Do*- lou. April 23, says; “The market continues quite as dull as previously noticed, manufacturers purchasing only in small lots us wanted, aud uncos continue to rule In favor of buyers, with no prospect of any Im provement at present. Pfl.ta, however, have now touched so low a point there is more inquiry from largo buyers, and a fair prospect of more active move* mints than we have had occasion to notice for tome weeks post." We again quote; Tub-washed, prime, 6Uc; no, poor to good, 410 Ho; washed fleece, Ana. good conditioned, 3doiUc; wasned, medium do, 4UO 43c; uuwaehed. flue heavy to light,'i3o’33oj do, me dium, 300330} pulled, 3U0330, LIVE STOCK. CUICAdO. 0 Cattle, Hog*. Bbeep. ... ...T... 4.037 A,213 820 Receipt*— Monday Tuesday.... Wednesday......T, ,13,999 14,832 3.096 ,19,3(9 33,1 M 0.1(8 .14,0(8 00,098 8.111 Total Same time last week,... Sv’esk before 1a5t........ Bhipments— Monday Tuesday 1.T48 1,718 039 1,140 0,638 634 ToUl 3,ftl fI.JJO 1,261 OATTLK—There vu decidedly mor« lift to the cattle trade yeeterda/, aud » biller, firmer feeling jimtllcd, though to vtut influence* the ImproTwaeut wit dot It would bo dllßenlt (o determine. Hii ro* eelpte were only • lltllo below Ibe recent averago, nor did advlcee from Ui# Kill Indicate any very pro nounced change for Ibe belter! bat from whatever mom doe there certainly waa Improvement both In Ibe character of the demand and In prices. There vrae a large turnout of bayen, and between the differ ent elaaaee the balk of the freeh receipt! and a goodly number of the etale cattle were picked nr. Trading true brtek from the opening to the cloae, at |5.60«3.00 for Inferior: al|:U>«3,7fl for butcher*’atufT: at H.M for etocketeere, and at |4.00(a5.00 for fair to ciioloe ahtpplug boevee. The market oloieu firm. tUTTL* IALU. KO, 11*11. Patterson k 00. to Morris _ k W. W To Morris k W IB To Morris * W » To Morris k W IS To Morris It W 73 To Swift At 11 B 1 TO Swift h H IB TO Swift k II 18 To Swift k H <1 To Swift h II 30 To Swift It il 13 To 80n0............. 17 To Bout. 11 To 0'8rien.................... 10 To 8ender.......... 10 ToAllertoti 03 Denny It Redmond t000ud.... 18 To Ootid 13 To Oberhoff 30 To Hereb. M. k Co 71 To KabD k F 68 To Kabn It F 14 To Kahn k P IS Define, tiro*. It Co to Scbeibel... 13 Conover It Hall to Monroe 71 To Hartnett 18 To Wheeler 39 To Wheeler 34 Strader, Wadaworth k 00. to Keefer 34 To Eastman..... 48 To Dewey. IB To Dewey IS To Bono 34 McDonald, March It Co. to Fagan 33 To Morris k W SO To Wood 33 To Bender.... 37 To Bender 10 Wood Broe to Allerlon 10 Goo. Adame It 00. to Bond S 3 To Merk* IS To Morris It W 28 To Wilson 11 ToQrolier.... 39 Te Djckman....,............. 12 To Lee.. 17 Boutbwortbltß.toßwlftill,,. 14 To Pilot 14 To Martin 11 Holmes k Beckett to Bone 14 To Bone 19 Rosenbaum It 8. to Alexander... 08 To U.ick k 11 18 To Dautz 11 Martin Bros, to Boatman 34 To Kahn It F 08 To Kabo k F 14 To Kabn It P. IS To Morris It W 17 Bensleys, W. kB. to Sweeney.. 16 To Uuib 17 To Allorton.. IS To Allerton 17 To Allerton 80 Brown, Thompson It 00. to Ham* raond 18 To Marks 8r05................ 13 R. Straboru It 00. to Eastman... 16 To Uersb, M. k C 0............ XT To Wolab 17 To Welsh 10 Gregory, Oooloy k Co. to Monroe 30 To llewli, M. k Co 17 To Mooro 17 To Moore.. 17 To Crocker 14 To Bolilebl 13 To Eastman 39 To Eastman.... IS To Clifford IS To Clifford 17 To M, B. Doty 33 To Crocker 14 To Spencer 17 Zmrwenien Bros, to Morns It W. (Colorado) BS To Uapn 18 To Teufel 16 To Doud 83 To Moaaman 18 To Goodman IS To Nlckey..... IS To Uyman. 10 Bentley, Johnston It Co. toll., M. & Oo U U. Green It Co. to Carutbors..... 10 To Adler & D. 31 ToMutrooney 14 To Wall 31 To AJlorton, 16 H. E. Mallory k Bro. to Com* well 15 To Morris It W IS To Crocket 34 To Dyckman (oalvea) B ToOroott.... 14 To Uersb, M. It C 0............ IS ToOarutbera 10 Brown. Price & 00. to O'Brien (Texan) 63 033 4.00 A. W. Vaughan to Mouroo 33 1,434 4.75 To Unnt0e....... 35 1,438 4.75 Groves Bros. Morris It 88 1,335 4.C0 To Delhi U 1.061 4.38 HOGS—The market waa again anaetUod and lower, f trices showing a decline from Tuesday of 10c par 103 be. At tho reduction trading was active, son during the day moat of the bogs changed owners* Halos woro reported at $7.0037.70 for common to prime light, at 37.50CA7.70 for poor to good packing grades, and at 37.80(48.38 for prime to extia shipping hogs. Phila delphia grades wore In dsmand at |d.1(J(58.35. The market closed weak. noo SAbza. Ho. AT. FrlCo. Martin Bros, to Ricker 71 210 7.70 Iknaluya, W, AB. to Brown 45 380 8.00 To Laytou AOo ...35 317 7.75 To Layton A Co., 34 337 7.50 To Hcbwarta 4J 333 7.7 S To Tabor 64 207 7.C6 To Tabor 37 201 7.63 To Tabor M 30 193 7.05 4» 331 7.75 To titablnecker...... 38 230 7.76 ToFlaunagan 20 377 7.C5 Toßcbwam 01 238 7.75 Dower It Redmond to Tildcu C 5 2JO 7,75 ToTlldcn 44 213 7.70 To Ualatead A Oo 30 2.'5 7.75 Oruvt* Broe. to Ailcrtoa.. 87 303 7.70 To AllertoD 4‘J 257 7.75 To A11er1un...... 37 175 >7,60 ToMaber... . 20 220 725 To While 31 19'J 7.05 Zogwerieu Bros, to Qoogtna,. 31 228 7.73 To Clink 24 230 7.00 To Clink 30 285 7.00 To Tabor 33 190 7.65 To Tabor 41 1W 7.03 To Murphy 21 242 7.40 Gregory. Cooley A Co, to Ifaletcad. 33 213 7.70 To Allertou... 61 200 7.70 To Allertou ~... 47 233 7.75 To AUcrtOQ .. 37 243 7.76 To Tballon 51 184 7.75 To Aliertoo SO 235 7.70 To Allertou 49 2u6 7.70 To Allerton 49 215 7.10 To Allertou 107 2u3 7.70 To Allertou 43 238 7.73 ToTballou 39 184 7.75 ToTballou 43 183 7.75 To 87 231 7.80 To Maber 23 lt9 fUO R. Btraborn tt Co. to Tballon 21 193 7.16 ToTballon 25 198 7.76 ToTballou 83 190 7.80 To Allertou 63 184 7.70 To Kebwartx.... 21 345 8,25 To McCrae 21 268 7.75 To McCrae ... 89 263 7,75 To McCrae 01 255 7.73 Alexander Caaaell it Co. to While.. 21 IV4 7.65 To I’laut 29 265 7.05 U.Orecu ACo. to Tabor 56 208 7.70 To Tabor 3J 211 7.65 To Tabor 35 207 7.C0 Wood Bros, to Metcalf 47 32 3 7,75 To Pavia A A 77 214 7.75 To Bcbwarts 36 504 8.25 ToHcbwartZ ...11l 2*33 7.80 Tollo»t 8r0e..... 53 225 7.75 To Ituae Uroa, ........87 213 7.75 To Belknap 83 879 8.09 To Metcalf A 0.... 47 216 7.75 H. U. licury to Ricker 60 233 7.75 ToOUlett., 20 202 7.05 Hliearer A Webb to Butler . 65 251 7.75 Ball, I'alteiaon A 00. to Tabor,... 48 191 7.06 To S 3 180 7,05 To Ricker 71 179 7.10 To Ricker,..., . 48 196 7.70 To 63 214 7.70 To Ricker 86 187 7,70 To Rockett 49 3J2 7.75 To Metcalf, 33 258 7.86 To llaluea 41 IVI 7.00 Bentley, Jobualoo A Co, (oOrvla.. 38 294 7.76 To Utablueckor.... .... 00 3JS 7,75 To tibermaO 67 294 7.70 ToOUlett S 3 306 7.70 To Fowler. 122 214 7.79 To Brown 21 Sl9 8.25 Conover A Hall to Aliertoo... ....112 214 7.75 To Allertou. ... 69 203 7.75 To Metcalf , 50 249 7.75 To Boyd A L 30 101 B.xo To Kent 85 300 7.75 To Urvia 38 H 5 6.00 To Fowler. 55 191 7.70 To Fowler. 110 191 7.70 To Fowlar 66 243 7.75 To Fowler. 21 319 1.70 Uorlue Brua. A Co. t0F0K1er...... 21 218 7.C0 To Fowler 53 3il 7,73 To Fowler 61 227 7,70 To Fowler 118 218 7.79 To Fowler 31 199 7.C0 To Fowler 41 332 7.70 To Fowler 03 368 7.70 To Fowler 69 179 7.C0 To Fowler 47 193 7,t5 Oeo, Adama A Co. to F0w1er...... 67 2uo 7.69 To Fowler ... 63 216 7.65 To Fowler 167 .219 7.70 To Fowler 41 200 7.00 To Kelley 37 381 7.90 To Kelley 61 3*3 7.00 To Ftant 109 2j9 7.79 To FUut 69 3(.0 7.80 To Tabor 4* 201 7.39 81. John A Brown to 0rv1a...... .65 230 7,06 U. E. Mallory A Bro. to 40 319 1.75 .To AUertoa 26 218 7.70 To AUerlun 61 19T 7.10 To AllMloo 37 *!• I*®* To 39 ieS T.b» To 34 US 7.W 250 27 20(3 35 55(3 40 300 43 To Bond, To Collins'.!!!!..,l*. 95 941 7.80 Bunker * Cochran to Btablueeker. 43 921 7.70 To fltiblnecker 47 913 7.70 To Itose Uroe 39 907 7.70 Tn Rebwirtf 4l 307 7.70 To Kent 90 979 7.70 McDonald. Mircb b Co. to Crine. 97 930 7.60 To 79 189 7.70 To Hahtead, To A11ert00........ To Allertou.. To Allertoo To Maher To Maher, JimM Jackrod to 1U0ker,......... 83 Ml 7.70 McFtrUml A lUckttf 81 2U 7.70 To lUckor 69 21* 7.70 _To lll:k*j v . 81 200 7.70 AT, Frio*. 1,31,1 JI. ID 1,383 4,37# 1,163 4.10 1.301 4.90 1,800 4,05 1,33) 4.60 1,104 4.30 l,;mi 4.48 1.301 4.70 1,440 4.C0 1,113 4.38 1,109 4.30 1,048 4.38 1,035 8.80 1.100 4.30. 1,1n7 4.30 1,357 4.75 1,0(73 4.33 1,000 4.33 1,303 4.75 1,445 6.00 1,314 4.40 1,338 4.40 1,118 4.30 1,331 4.48 031 B.KO 1,103 4.40 1,308 4.80 Bouthworth k B. to J. bold. To J. Bold To White. McFarland feVo.lorilrker!!!.64 333 7.T0 81IEEI'—The market was inactive «t nominally an* changed prices. There was a limited local and East ern ueinaadatll.Uo9s.oo for common and medium, aud at f5.959C.95 for good to choice. New Took, April 26.—Beeves—Receipts, 3,940, agalnit 9,390 at the same time last week; quality me dium to good ; demand active for light and medium grades; moderate for good to prime heavy steers, with sufllaluad prices for belter qualities and an ad* vance of 3<o on medium and fair; beet car-load ail primu aleera, upwards of 1,450 Its, sold at Ultfo; light Cherokee common to good native steer*, 99110. ' HliEXP— Receipt* for two ilaje, 9,400, against 9,980 at the same time last week; market fairly active at an advance of .Vo ; poor to chulco clipped, 4Jtf9ol4 e { common to choice uuahorn, MBc, Swime—Receipts for two days, 9,850, agalnat 9,350 at the same timo last week; 9 car-load* light Ohio bogs at |8.4098.60 t«r 100 tbs. Buffalo, N. Y., April 90.—Cattle—Receipts, 1.877; total for the week, 8,483; market slow; moit arrival* through coDßlgnmeni; aalaa only 25 cars ; prices well maintained; yard! bare of stock. Suikp and Lahds—Receipts, 1,009; total for the week, 6.800; market moderately active ; sales, 1,603, of which 800 wore for foreign exportation, at strong last week'* prices. Iloos— hecolpls, 1,600; total for the week, 6,900; market active; for good Yorkers, $8,3596.60; 1 cor medium heavy, sß.39ss, 1.348 4.31 1,433 4.71 1,3i>3 4.90 1,1'>3 4.38 1,141 4.35 l,:ito 0.00 1,304 4.45 1,413 8.00 1.137 4.10 1.010 4.10 1,167 4.35 1,3*59 6.00 1,315 4.30 1,378 4.00 1.331 4.00 1,300 4.37# 890 0.00 1,099 4.17# 1,313 4.37# 1.193 4.35 1,287 4.W 1,185 4.40 1.137 4.40 1,335 4.40 1,173 4.30 1,107 Ll3tf 1,163 4.45 l,)Bt 4.30 1,390 4.03 1,103 4,50 1.181 4.12# 1,076 4.13# 1,109 4,35 1,311 4.50 7.182 4.30 1.193 4.35 Bast LtnxRTT, Pa., April 25.—Cattle—Receipts to* day 19 cart through and 15 cars of yard stock, or 678 head; total for two days, 952 bead ■ laat week, 0,700 head; medium to good, $6.00 to $5.69; common to fair, $4.00 to $4,75 ; bulla, stags, aud cows, $3.00 to $4,25; stackers in demand at $3.50 to $4.50. Boos—Hccelpta 10-day, 1,856 bead; total (or two days, 9,His; Yorkers, $7.60 to $8.00; Pblladslphias, $8.96 to $6.50. Suebp— Receipts to-day, 8,830 bead; total for two days, 7,300 ; selling at $4.00 to $6.95. Balituorr, April 2ft.—Oatxl*—Market dull; prices a shade lower: rorr best, BftCo; first quality. 4 >4380; medium or good fair quality, aftijrfo; ordinary thin steers, oxen, and cows, 3’.fft4os most sales, 4J4ft6 H°* receipts, t ,35ft j sales, 1,181, Xloos—Dull and heavy; prices, lower range, Oftllc; receipts, 4,074. Baxsr—UuU and unchanged: rate* range 4fts*4o; few extras, Co; receipts, 3,'J10. Lambs—Demand fair, 3ftsc. St, Louis, alo., April36.—Hoo»-6ftloolower; light ■hipping, $7,10i>47,6y; butchers’. $7.50(37.79. Oatzlk—Good demand; good to choice natives, 4*i ft6*»c; medium to fair. 4>((<ylj;o; pony steers, BKft 4(,c; cows, 3>4ft4o; Blockers, 2tfft4J¥o; feeders, ftOtfo. 1.303 4.0 S 1,0.13 4.30 1,377 4.00 1.140 4.40 1.1 IG 4.30 1,097 4.30 l.lrid 4.31# 1,145 4.40 I.U7U 4.12# 1,143 4.30 1.370 4.05 1.370 4.90 1,300 4.60 1,391 4.90 1.216 4.15 1,180 4.15 1,182 4.38 1,381 4.60 1,330 6.00 Cincinnati, April 36.—lions—Quiet and steady; common to good light, $7,0Uft7.73 ; fair to good heavy, $7.8C(33.00; few choice, $8.10; receipts, 1,800; ship* meats, 655. LUMBER. The demand for oargoea was again moderate, but (be offerings were smaller, and at the close only about half a dozen cargoes were lying at the docks unsold. Piece stuff declined to $8.25, and other grades and shingles were weak. Common boards sold at $10.60 and lath at $1.50. Following are the sales: Cargo tchr L. Grant, from Muskegon, 200 m good common boards nod Birins at $10.60; Cl m lath at $1.60; mill h>Uy. By Ewer b Carbons, Schr J. Bands, from Manistee, 200 m Joists and scantling at $8.35. By Blanchard, Borland & Co. The yard business was again Jiut fair. The large arrival! by lake tend to weaken the market, though dry common lumber Is usually hold at recent prices. Quotations: First ana second clear... $40,00(3..... Third clear, llnch... 3.1.00(3 Third clear, thick,,.. 39.03(3 Clo-r flooring, first and second, rough.. 3U.0M32.00 Clear siding, first and second 17..5i)ft18.00 First common aiding................... 15.00(310.00 Flooring, first common, dressed........ 30.00(3 Flooring, second common, dressed 334.00 Box boards, A 39.00*3..... Box boards. B 25.00 ft...,, A stock boards, 10 and 13 In 80.00ft33.00 B stock h0ard5.,,.......53.d0ft25.00 O stock boards 10.0Uft.,,,, Fencing 12.50 ft...., Common lumbar, 18 ft and under 3 Incb 11.00 ft...., Common Inch 12.00 ft.,.., Jolsta and scantling, 20 to 24 ft 13.00ft16.00 Lath I.ooft A shingles 2.00 ft 2.00 BhlngUaon track............ ......... 2.40 ft 2.03J4 1,607 4.60 1.1 tA 4,:ts 1,177 4.35 1.U76 4,90 1,140 4.40 1,193 4.12# 1,304 4.45 1,118 4.18 1,140 4.25 1,214 4,37# 1,378 4.85 943 3.75 1,019 4.13# 1,393 4.30 1,190 4.20 1,325 4.99 1.370 4.C0 130 4.23 048 4.00 1,430 5.00 1,373 4-35 TELEGRAPHIC MARKET REPORTS* FOREIGN MARKETS. f>p*eM DUtmleS to Th* Chle-ayo IWSun*. Lrrr.npooL, April 26—11 a. m.—Flour—No. 1, 34*; No. 2, m Grain—Wheat—Winter, No. I,Oiled; N0.3,0t 8d; spring, 8a Od; while, No. 1, Os 10d; No. 3.9 s 7d; club, No. I,los 6d; No. 3, Oh. Com 306(^3083d. Pttovmofiß—Pork, 85*. Lard, 60s. Livervool, April 20—Latest.—Cotton—Dull ind dsprceeed; sales of 8,000 balsa, Includ ing 1,000 for speculation and export, and C,300 Amsr lean. ÜBKiDßTUrrs—California wbito wheat, average, 9s 7d(s'Js IQd; do club, Oa lldtflOs fid; rsd wsstsm spring, No. 3to No. 1, Bi9os 7d; winter red western No. 3 to No. 1. Os tidgOs lUd. Flour—Western canal, 33»>,2t5. Cons—New western mixed, 33aQ20s 3d; old wosUrn mixed, 30s. Oats— American, $3!23a M. Bamlkt—American, 3a 6d. Clover Seed—American, CTi^BJs. Provision*—Prime moss pork, 86 a; prims mess beef, S7a. Lard, American, 63s Od. OtlEESS—Fine, 01s od. Bacon—Long clear. 634 3d: abort clear, Sfii 3d. Tallow—Fine American, 4ls 6d. Petroleum—Crude, Ba£9a 3d; refined, lie Od. Linseed Oil—23s OJ. llOMtN—Common, 4a Od: pals, ICs. BITHIT* XOaPEHTIKE—34», London, April 30.—Bullion gone Into the Dank of England on balance to-day, £13,000. Consols— Money ond account, 96 7-16. American Securities—66s, 103‘i; C7e, loo*;; 10- 4Ui, luT*; now Gs, lofiVt Now York Central, 101; Eric, 14 V; Erie preferred, 23. Spirits or Turpentine—33a 6d. Common Rosin—4a Od^fii. Paris, April 30.—Rentes—KWf 910. FiiANErooT, April 30.—United States Bondi—New 6s, 103!,. Antwerp, April 36.—Petroleum—27V*. SOUTHERN COTTON MARKETS. New Orleans, April 26.—Cotton—Demand fair* galea 3,600 bales; prices easy, but not quotably lower; receipts, not, 1,005; exports to New York, 4,413; stuck. 180,470. Guableston, April 30.—Cotton quiet; middlings, 13Vo; not receipts, 419 bates; sales, 350. Mouilk, April 30.—Cotton weak and irregular; middlings, 13c; not receipts, 88 ba'cs; exports, coast wise, 201; sales, 700. ’ Galveston, April 30.—Colton dull tnj easier; middling, 13Xo; net receipts, 1,199 bales; exports, coastwise, 90S; sales, 410. * Havawmau, April 36.—Colton quiet; middlings, 131'ltlo: uet receipt!, 129 bales; gross, 333; export*, coutwiM, 3dl; sales, 630, BOSTON WOOL MARKET. Borrow, Aurll 36.—W00l market dull, aalee being Imltcd to lota aa wanted by manufacturer* ; no proa* |>«ct of better prieea ; choice XX fleece held firm at 41 (4<50; X Otdo and Paunaylvanle fleece*. 430130, me* dlura aud No. 1 fleece, 43Q450; XXX fleece, 47i4i6e ; Michigan and Wlacoualn flodeoa, 39£40e; Wealeru floocea, 35d39c; combing and delaine fleeces, no change; very Utile dons; pulled wool* la moderate demand; 250t8c, NEW YORK DRY GOODS MARKET. New Yoni, April 38.—Buxine** waa aiuggieh with manutecturera, agent*, and Importers. The Jobbing trade waa moderate. Brown and bleached eoltona were in fair were more active. Largo calea of cotton dreca good* ware made at re* dneed prices. Prints were quiet. Woolen goods were duU In agents’bands. BUka ware sailing low at *ue» tlon. Shawls war* dull. CLEVELAND PETROLEUM MARKET. Olkvilakd, April 36.—Petroleum weak; wo quote a decline of igo all around; atandard white, ]lO (eat, 11VO i Dtliu. white, IN) till, I>*« In cr IhU la cub. PITTSBURG PETROLEUM MARKET. Firraacao. P*., AprU 36.—Pelroleunt-Crods uo* Milled; |i.iMlLtfW at P*rk#rt; refined qoi«i;l3\9 Philadelphia debvery. THE PRODUCE MARKETS. NSW 10SK. apt*i*l DifPalt* lo n$ CKitojo JVliwi*. Ksw York, April 36.—OsAiv—Wheat dull and to* definite ; market requiting a conceaeion ox lo to maks salts; holders, however, firm at yesterday’s quota* tloua ; No. 3 Milwaukee sold at 11,23 afloat; Bhaboy gan, 14.30 bid, |1,38 asked { No. 1 Uinssscls, May d** livery, 9LSO sakad; nothing doing la viators j markst 91 999 «.M eleict dnU; a shade firmer In tone, Bye dull • Wee| ern held at WV3|flßo; Canada In bond, OOftOlo; Hl»t 0 96e. Coro not actlte, but about Jo better; unm« cbanUbla Now York, Mo; New York mixed Tfeattm 07o; do ■teenier, 85X91 do so gride, • cara.oiVo, PennsylranJa md Southern yellow May, OlXo. Qits dull md eaaler; mfxod Bute, 450; mixed Western, 44 o<So In store; No. a New York, 45Q400; white WoaU era, 47<3520, 911 0.30 ... 60 99f 7.88 ;... 40 197 7.00 .... 69 901 7.05 PnovtiioNs—Lard—Market dull md lower; cub lard sale* ou first call at $13.90 for May; slX9lXfor July; 600 tea at $13.63; second call, 390 toe, for Miy at 113.45; 950 tea for July at $13.77* 5 Drat call, April, $13.50 bid and 118.57 X aaked; May, $10.60 bid auj $13.69 aaked; June, SI3.C7X bid and $13.70 aaked; July, 113.83 X bid and lIXB7X asked; Angiist, (13.91 bid and $14.00 asked; second call, April, $13.40 Mj and $13.69 asked; May, $13.(5 bid and sl3,n# asked; June. $13.00 Ltd aud $13.69X ssked; July. $10.75 bid and SIX6O aikcd; August, $13.99* bid and $13.05 asked; year, $13.95 bid aud 112.6 TV asked. 89 940 7.70 09 930 7.M ~91 145 «.w 61 350 7.90 43 99 it 7.90 ; 44 911 Tallow—Weak market; ordinary, 8)tfo; prime, e;<c. KEW TORE. WmstrT—Dull and quiet; Lighwlnee, AdbrU sold at |Ul«<; alcohol held at $9.13. Freiobtb—Pull; to Liverpool, grain, 6V<3 B Xd; (e London, grain, 7d; to (llaagow, grain, 7d; totiie Continent, grain, 6s 9d@os; to Cork, orders, grain, Ca. „ [ To tf,» Juoefnlt'l tTMt, J New York, April 26.—Cotton—tileady; 12V(a 13MCOJ futurea cloeedflrm; 19'<919 99-33 5 Mar 29-ojo; June. 13‘fo; July, 13 11-320; August, id)tfc; Heptember. 13 Oclolter, 13 Mna 1311-39 c; November, 13 7*39<tl3ka; December, u 7-33913 KC. • Flour—Receipts. 9.000 brie; sUghtly In buyers' favor; fair export and moderate home trade; auper* line State and Western, ft.UH34.50; oommonto good extra, i4.0(K35.35; good to choice, $6.7597.75; white wheat extra, IUO9II.UU; St. Louie, $5.9590.00; Mlmio* sola patent process, 50.5099.50; Mo. 9. $3.0093.76. Bye flour dull; $4.7399.16. Cork-Ural—More active; Western, $9.7593.85, Grain—Wheat—Market doll; closing, holders mors dii|K)iod to realize; receipts, 93,000 bu; No. larrlng, $1.3091.34; No, 8 spring, $1.1091.14; ungraded spring, 11.16 ; No. 2 Chicago, nominally J1.10(41.33; No. 9 Milwaukee, afloat, $1.29; while Ohio In store! $1.40. Bye quiet; State, 90996 c; Weatern,Bs9B7e; Canada, in bond, 00931 c. Barley dull; Mo, 1 bay, $1.90, Malt unchanged. Corn in fair demand far export and homo trade; • shade Dimer; receipts, 79,000 bu; mixed no grade. oOK96l)fe; do ateamer, do graded, U7o; old Western mixed, In star* 65c. Gala dull and unchanged; receipts, 97,000 bu. Hat—Pitta and unchanged. Hops— Unchanged. BUFFALO. EAST LIBERTY. Groceries—Coffee firm; Rio cargoes, 16J4ftlBJ4i In gold; Jobbing, 15*4ft19.V0 In gold. Sugar Quiet but aleady; lair to good refining, 7 1*16:47 19-ltic; prime, 7Jsftßo; refined, firm. Molasses quiet and unchanged. Rice dull and heavy. Pktrolkuu—DiUl and nominal, 7?£cioo; raflnad. WJfftWKoj la casas, 17J4ft310. Tallow—Heavy. BTRAINKO Hssor—DnlU Eooa—Heavy; Western, 16*3JTo. Wbukt—Steady. Lkatrbr—Hemlock sole, Bnenoi Ayres, and RU Grande, light, middle, and heavy wslgnt, 31ft230; California do, 21ft340: common do, 21(4340. Wool—Dull and heavy; domeaUc fleece. 35ft570; pulled, 95(3430; unwathe*!, 13ft30c5 Tetas. 18ft;i0c. Provisions— New mrH pork, $33.00*422.16; May, $31,3j»a2.05; June, $33.00023.26. Beef quiet and unchanged. Gutraeala—Western quiet; pickled hams, 13a: tong clear middle*, Western. Vika; do city, Ufce, Lard—Prime steam, U3.60@18.86: May, 119.46(313.69; June, $13.00019.70; July, $13.77,54013.83. Butt**—Heavy; now Western, 20<d32e. Oiikkbr—Unchanged. ■ WUJBXT—SI.II#. Metals—Manufactured copper alcady; Ingot Bake, $33.35(333.80; Scotch nig dull ind heavy at 29ft:ilo; American heavy Irregular, 18(33Jet Russia sheeting, 12ulngoId. Nalls atOAdy; cut, $2.76(33.861 clinch, $1,60(36.29; bone shoe No. 8,20ft2d0. UALTIUOnfi. AT. LOUIB. CINCINNATI. PiIILADELVmA. Philadelphia, April -30.—BsKns—Clover, sl6,ooft 17X0; timothy,s2.6Ufti.7s; flax, $1.05. Petroleum—Nominal; iSfto for refined; IOUO for entdo. Flou*—Quiet; no demand except for better grades; extra, 4.23ft4,90; Wisconsin and Minnesota family, $5.73ft0.C0; Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio, |o.ooft 0.79; high grades, $7.25. Grain—Wheat Inactive; Pennsylvania red, $1,60; mber. $1.92(31.63; white, $1,63; Western sprouted, common to fair, $1,00ft1.07. Rve 87c, Corn dull; yellow, 63ft040; steamer, 00c; sail, CJc. Oats—White, 46ft500; mired. 42.<4i3>40.' Provisions—Pork, $23.00ft23.60. Lard. 13Jaftl4JXo. WnrsXT—sl.l2 for Western. Burtsß—Blow; Now York and Bradford County extras, 35ft3Hc! lints, 34ft3Sc; Western extras. 30ft Ode; firsts, 28ft310; rolls—Western extras, 22ft910; firsts. Q0(3230. Cheese—Steady; Now York fancy. 12,VftUo* Western fine, 13ft13)4c. Eaoo—Firmer; Western, freeb, 10ftl7c. BT. LOUIS. Bt. Louis, Mo„ April 20.—Cotton—Fair demand, but at lower rates; middling, 12 }(e; law middling, lie • good ordinary, 9’^c. Floor—Qulst and weak; superfine fall, $3.25ft1.75; extra fall, $1.3504.60; XX fall, $4.7503,30 ; XXX fall, $5.2906.76. Grain—Wheat higher* No. 3 red fall, $1.37(11.37)4 cash; f1.38ft1.40 May; No. 3 red fall, $1.29 X bid April. Cum moderately active; higher; No. 3 mixed, 45>4ft45’4e cash and April; 49’fft45*;o May; 19>,'0 45MoJune. Gala dull; lower to sell; No. 3, 33&0 bid cash; 330 bid May. Bye, buyers and seller* apart; nc trausictloiis; 860 bid. Barley dull and drooping; choice Minnesota and Wisconsin, 51.00ft1.05. Whisky—Demand chiefly for speculation; $1.03. PnovisiOHS—Fork dall; $23.25. Lard dull; 13ft I3i,'c. Dulk-tnesls—Market excited and so unsettled that accurate quotations can scarcely be given; shoul der* irregular and faUly active; Do; aides, 12>4ftl3Jio, Bacon—clear rib told at 12,‘,'c May. Receipts—Floor, 200 brls; wheat, 10,000 bu; com, ICB.OOQ bu; oats, 21,0X1 but ryo, I.QOd bu; barUy, 3,600 bn. BALTIMORE. Baltimore, April 30.—Floub—StaaJy sod tin clisngcd; firm, Grain—Whealslcadyand firm; No. 3 rsd Western, $1.00(31.53: roumylvsnls red, $1.3001.58. Cqm fairly active; Western mixed. C3)jc. Oats in fair demaud and steady; mixed Western, 43®440; wbito Western, 4l>(/MBc. Bye, 88(3870. Hat—Steed;; Pennsylvania and Indian*, $31.00(9 30.00. Provisions— Men pork, $33.00. Bulk—Shoulders, «Vo; clear rib, l!jfc, loose. Bacoa—Shoulders, 9V(j 10c; clear rib, 'iama, IfiftlCc. Laid—ue* fined, $M.97X914.50; goodunchanged. Petroleum—Bull; crude, 7v<37J»o; refined, 13Jf 019)jC. Comte—Firmer; Ilia cargoes, ISX&ISXc, Job- bing, wvftiavo. Wmsai—<jmot; $1.13. CINCINNATI. Cincinnati, 0., April 36.—CorxoK—Dull, weak, sad lower; n.So- Flour—Steady and firm. Grain—Wheat In fair demand; $1.12(91.36. Com In fair demand; 50(9630. Oats quiet AUd steady; 37« 49c. Rye steady and unchanged. Barlay dull And drooping; California,sl.3o. Provisions—Pork du11531.76(233.00. Lard easier; ■team Idvflld 1-lCu; kettle steady, 19V«Ho. Bulk moats unsettled and lower; shoulders offered at do; dear rib, HXo caab; saloe at I3V« buyer August; claar nominally lIV(£UVo. Bacon nominally i*w ebangsd. WuiseT—Rtsady; $1.07, Butter—Euler; not quotably lower. UU.WAUKCB. Milwaueee, April 26,—Floub—Dull and n» .changed. G rain—Wheat opened steady, a shade higher; oloeed firm; No. 1 Milwaukee, (MO; hard, $1.36; No. $ Milwaukee, $1,09; Mar, $1.03V ; June, (1.04 V; No. 9. 92c. Corn firmer; No. 3, 51 Vo. Oats—Quiet but steady; No. 3 cash or May, 93V°1 • Ity® steady. No. 1, 700. Barley firmer, higher; No. 3, Wo; No. 9, 530. PaomiONa—Dull and weak. Meat pork, s3l Aft. Ream lard, 13(219 t« o. Freights—Boh and weak; wheat to Buffalo, 40. Receipts—Flour, U,400 brla; wheat, 96.000 bn, SlurAiEKTtt—Flour, 6.000 brla; wheat, 43,000 bo, Toledo, 0.. April 20.—Flour—Steady. Grain—'Wheat steady ; No. 3 whits Wabash, $1.37} No. 1 white Michigan. (1,38 V: No. 3 do, (1.19; eilrs white Michigan, $1.97: amber Michigan, (1.33 V; May, |1.33!{ ; June, $1.90; No. 3 amber Michigan. $1.00*5 No. 3 red winter, $1.90. Com strong; Ugh muod, •pot and April, 64c; Muy, 638 ; June, Ouoj old. 00u{ low mixrd, 01c". May, 60c; no grade, 48c; damaged, 44Vc. Gats dull; No. 3,96 c. CLovxn H**i>—l'j.3s, Hxcurrs—Floor, none; wheat, 6,009 bu; corn* 27,000 ou; oats, 2.000 bu. Huu'MKNTa—Flour, 1,000 brls; wheat, 5,000 bu; coni, 70,000 bu, oau, 9,000 bu. NKW ORLEANS. Nsw Oolcanb, April ao,—Sugar and moUsaeS, flour, and coru*ineal unchanged. Guam—Coni dull end lower, at 600630. Oata qut> Ott choice Qaleua. 13c, llniM—Quiet; 7Sc, Hat—Dull; quoted, ordinary, $10.00; prime, $20.00; choice, $23.000*2*.00. I’auvwioM—Pork dull; $22.79. Dry salt meatsduU; ,8lio; la.’io. lucou doll aud esudoc; 2},c* lJ*;e: 13c, herd unchanged. Hama steady; choice iu«*r-oured, 13 aa la elaa. Codoe an 4 whuky unchanged. noatox. Boston. April 36.—Flour—Quiet: Wealera mper. flue 11.iHX34.35 ; common extras, Wlscon* tlu aud Minnesota eUra family, 1j.6(U41.ut1; winter wheat Ohio. Indiana, aud Michigan, 16.0041.23; lilt* noUi $6.33(4H.r > 0: St. Louis, $6.41)142.1X1; fancy klm neeola, $7.2342.60. . UnaiK—Corn dull; mixed and yellow, Civile* Oats mixed aud No. 3, iftafioo: rejected, 43(4i00j I while, 6305G0* ItUPKALO. Buffalo, April 36.—UiutH—Wheat—Light demand audunaeltled; Sheboygan, IV.'lbj No. \ while, $l4O Corn dull aud lower: now, 620UU0 on track, K*us**» C1(4620, Oats ueglocud. Bye neglected, JUrloy quiet, MARINE. PORT OF CHICAGO, APRIL 29. Annrran—Bchr J. P. l>e Condres, Grand Zlarea. wood; atmr Corona, St. Joe, auudrlee; schr Uxaie Doak, BUJoe, lumber; acbr'L. B. Coate*, Moake goo, lumber; tebi Coral, While Lake, railroad lie** slmr Chicago, MsnUowoo, sundries; itror iluakegon, Muskegon, sundrle* ; prop 0. P. iieath, Baugaluck, sun dries; sebr Delta Blood. Muekegoo, lumber: sebi ¥. D. Btockbrldge, laugstucs, lumber; sebr 0. Worth, Whits laks. lumber; schr if. D. Moore, Ssugatuck lumber: sebr Vermont, Muskegon, lumber. Clkakku—Ulmr Chicago, Manitowoc, 60 *** eoffH and auudrlee; almr Corona, BL Joe, sundries; acbl U. V. Baldwin, Buffalo, 94.M3 bucorn I sebr PwhUga Buffalo, 30,001) ho corn, prop 0. Bail*, Msnlet—, K

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