Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 28, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 28, 1876 Page 1
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VOLUME 29. MILLINERY. MILLISBRY. MW BROTHERS. ** Our buyer having again returned from New York with the latest nov ilties of the season, wo will open to* lay some ohoioo and roonoroho itylos in trimmed BDNHETS AND ROUND HATS tHH BOTn,BVABD. HELMET, OHABBBIEB, Wow all tho rage in Paris, can only bo found at our establishment in their original faoon. Reception, Evening, and Travel ing Hound Hats and Bonnots. Paris Flowers and Feathers. French Chip, English Milan, Pedal and Swiss Chip in 600 different shapes and colors. 121 & 183 State-st. GENERAL NOTICES. FIB IR; SO UST-A-IL.. JOS. mT SIMS, Boom U, 167 ani 169 VasluDfiton-st., Has valuable Information to impart relative to tho DISTRIBUTION of means La.SXi.Co. WWoh positively takes place at New Orleans on Saturday, April 29. CALL TO-DAY, FRIDAY BEFORE 6 P. M. IsT OTIGE. Tbs creditors of the (late) Cook County National Bank are hereby requested to meat et the Grand Pa tl&e Hotel in Chicago on Tuesday, May 3,1870, at S o'clock p. m., to consult relative to their interest* lq loaneotiou with tho a (Tain of that Institution. Dewitt county nat. dank. Clinton, m. FIRST NAT. DANK, Crown Point, Ind. ■ OEO. HAZZADD, Now Castle, lad. CITIZENS’ STATS BANK, Now Castle, Ind. W. 0. MURPHY. New Castle, Ind. Offloo of the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Ballway Co. Clkvrlakd, March 23,1871. The annual meeting of the Stockholders of this Company, for the election of Directors for the anao tag year, snd for the transaction of other appropriate business, will bo held st (bo office of the Company, In lbs City of Cleveland. Ohio, on Wednesday, the Sd day of May next, between the boure of U o'clock in Ihe forenoon and 3 o'clock in tha afternoon of that day. OEOnOB B. ELY. Secretary. TO RENT. Dtsirie Dices TO RENT IN TUB TRIBUNE BUILDIK. INQUIRE 07 WILLIAM 0. DOW, Boom 10, Tribune Building. TO ZR/EIsTT. Dock Property. 900x200 feet Just south of the Sixteenth Street Rail road Bridge, with Slip on south front, and beet rail road connections. 8.0.4 W. O. McOORitIOK, 165 LaSallo-ft For Rent, Booms singly and tn suites in Reaper and McCormick Blocks. Also stores 71 and 73 Dearborn-st., and second, third, and fourth floors of 34 and 35 South Water street. Apply at Boom 9 Reaper Block. Two Large, Well-Lighted BUSINESS ROOHS On tho second floor at 184 and 180 Btate-at. Bent low to good parties. FOR RENT. A large corner basement office: also desirable up- Nalra offiasa, in the Uetropoliten Block. Apply to . A. A. UUNOEB, Doom 8. FOR RENT. Btoro 100 South Oloifc-st., from May 1. P. R. KINO. _ Inquire 807 Madlsou-gt. ■ FOR RENT, rfdrabls fiats lor housekeeping; all Imptoferaentot entr !<•* DiaoUs walk from bos loess centres, at M and tw Wahssh-av. fitetas No. ISO South Water and m Waluuh-ae. , g. A. bTEVKNB, 01 Lake+4. OLIVE OIL AND VINEGAR. Cwo of the meet difficult things to obtain tOr, the preparation of % Salad, are PURE OLIVE OIL ■"CIDER VINEGAR. These are offered, guaranteed as repre looted, b* Q. TATUM. 14Q E. Madlgon-at, WANTED, WANTED TO RENT. Store and basement on Uadlaoo, between Dearborn Mnfth-av. Answer Q M Tribune office. Wat cffl()i£aoo Pails CURTAIN GOODS, ftoi CURTAIN UjMitef Hoods. A.E. LANCASTER & CO, Succomora to Allan. Maokoy & Co-, 233 stn.te-st., Having purchased their stock at a largo discount from regular prices, are offering to tho wholesale and re tail trade Curtains and Upholstery Goods at a groat sacrifice. Bargains m Terries, Flushes, and Cashmeres. Bargains in Sateens and Cretonnes. Bargains in Swiss andNottinghamLaoo Curtains, Laco Shades, ana Lambrequins. Bargains in Nottingham Laoo. Bargains in Fiano Covers, A job lot of Striped and Figured Twills lor loose covers, for 260 per yard, worth 500. Lam brequins made to order 26 per cent cheaper than over before. Tho attention of country mer chants wishing to replenish their stock, and all others, is called to our stookof Carpeting, Oil Cloths, Bed ding, and wall Fapor, which we of fer atunprooodontod low prices. E. A. LANCASTER & CO., SB3 STATE-ST., One Block South of Palmar House. WEDDING PRESENTS. WEOIM PRESENTS. Wo havo nowin stock, and aro con stantly receiving diroot (from the factory ot the celebrated. GORHAM MFG. CO., ologant now goods in Sterling Silver, made expressly for Woddlng and Anniversary Presents. In extent and variety our stock is unoqualod in tho West, and all wares sold by us aro engraved in tho most artistic manner. Our prioos aro uniformly low, N.MATSOMCO. STATE AND HONROE-STS. FINANCIAL. MERCHANTS’, FARMERS’ & MECHANICS’ SAVINGS BANE, No. 75 South Clark-st., Chicago. COMMENCED BUSINESS IMI PERFECT SECURITY and LIBERAL INTEREST. TUB INVESTMENT CERTIFICATES of thla Bank are secured on improved Ileal Estate, the eecurlUoa being in special trust. The Certificates bear Interest payable in quarterly installments, at the rate of 7 MO per cent per annum. They are more secure than a di rect mortgage loan, and much more available. They may be obtained ponoually or through the malls, to sums of SIOO and multiples thereof, at this Bank. Interest at (ho rate of 6 per cent per annum paid as usual on savings,—book accounts. ■ SYDNEY BIYERB, Manages. PRESTON, EEAN & GO., 100 WASHINGTON-ST. 7 PER CENT. ' Money to Loan st SEVEN per cent on fint-olasa bus iness property. Wo may DIIY one or two choice mort gages at higher rates. BOUDDEU k MASON, 108 Dearborn-st. PIANOS. WB KLA/VT3 OST HAISTT> And offer (or sale a number of superb second-hand STEINWAY Square Pltnoa, eome of which have had bnt UtUe uae; are practically aa good aa new. and will be acid at ex tremely roaaonalua prices. Parties in quest of the beet Ptano at a low price ahould aiamlne these tuatrw manta, LYON & UEALY, State and Uonroe-ata. DENTISTRY. TEETH. Why pay S7O and S3O when yon can get the beet fuQ set of teeth .at DU. UcCUEBNEY’fI for SB. The finest and most fashionable resort in the city. Corner Clark OIL TANKS. .Wilson a Evenden, A I OIL TANKS amoSHIPPING CANS, KTSStti « 47 ft 48 West Lake Btreet. oHXOAao. aw-i»»p rostittioeL's. . REMOVALS. Monroe, Bisbee & Ball, ATTORNEYS, dAVB REMOVED THElll OFFICES TO Rooms 37,28 ond 20 Merchants* Building, OO XjaQallo«Bti N. P. IGLEHART & C 0„ REAL ESTATE DEALERS, • UAVE UEUOVED *l*o SO X)earloom*at. WASHINGTON. The Senate Again in Session as a Court of Impeachment* Belknap’s Motion for an Ad journment Till Decem ber Denied. The Taking of Testimony "Will Now Be Proceeded With. Public Printer Clapp Twirls ills Digits at the House inves tigators. And Declares that He Is No Officer of Theirs. Cate’s Witnesses Against Bristow All Turn Out Men in Buokram. Davenport Reads One More Lesson on Tammany Frauds. Judge Cartier Will Discharge Kilbourn from tho Custody of the House, IMPEACHMENT. ACT TUB TUIBD. Btxcial DUval:h to 77u CAtcoo* THbtmt, Washington, D. C. f April 27.—Aa tbo impeach ment farce progressed this afternoon, the crowded and fashionable andlonco was treated to two sparkling displays of legal comedy. ndgo Blair was rather heavy in his remarks, hut Judge Black, who followed him, brought down tho house several times by hia humorous invec tive and boon sarcasm, quite wonderful for a man nearly 70 years old. Then C&rpoutor came on the stage like a dashing dragoon, and not only assailed tho Confederate House with tho rudest violence of denunciation for its action In persecuting bis client, who bad fought so gal lantly for tbo Union, tmt ho pitched Into the investigating committees and tho Managers with a rare disdain for their honeyed words. His de scription of tho scone on the adoption of tho resolution .for impeachment, when, to use bis expressive words, the House “wont off like a bottle of champagne," was capital. Blackburn and llicster Clytner, who sat together on a sofa, didn’t enjoy it a hit, and the Houbo managers, who had declined to orate, looked as mad as March haras. . Both Black and Carpenter wore especially se vere on Attorney-General f iorrepont for placing detectives on guard over Belknap without the least evidence that bo thought of escaping'. Taken altogether, thoae speeches wore the moet brilliant, scorching displays of pyrotechnic oratory ever heard or witnessed in the Senate Chamber, but tbe Senators sitting aa a High Court wore not con vinced that the trial should bo postponed until Christ mas. Now will oometbs arguments on jurisdiction, with Interval* of two days between for preparation, and moaowUUe (he legislative business of the session is do* Isyed. Qen, Bazoo, who is Oen. Belknap’s bitter enemy, was present during the trial, with ex-Benator Fewlor and Judge I’olaud. Notwithstanding the brilliant arguments on tha mo. tlon to postpone the Impeachment proceedings until next December, the vote of the Senate in secret ses sion was unanimous that the motion should bo denied. Although the managers In their answer deny that Mr. Clyxner bad any understanding with Oen. Belknap about resigning, air. Clymer himself informs bis friends that be did say to Judge Blair, Belknap's counsel, that if the Secretary did not resign by 13 o’clock be would Impeach him. The proposition of the managers to-day, after tbs Senate bad decided to go on with the case, was, in effect,to go on with the hearing, take all the testimony and (her decide both the questions of jurisdiction and guilt at the elose. lib IXs Atiocialal lvm.l MOTION FOB POSTPONEMENT. Washington, D. 0.. April 37.—The Senate galleries were again crowded to-day, two-thirda of the audience being ladles. At 13:30 the legislative business was suspended, and the Impeachment trial began. Mr. Lord submitted a motion that the evidence ro uting to tha question of Jurisdiction of the Senate bo given before the argument relating thereto, and If such plea la overruled, that the defendant be required to answer the articles of Impeachment within two days, and tha Honae'e reply, If they deem It necessary, with in two days, and that the trial proceed the next day after tbo Joining of the issue. Mr. Oarpenter, of the counsel for the accused, moved that the trial ba postponed till the first Monday of December next, and asked that the tune for dis cussing this motion tw fixed at two hours for each aide. The request was granted, 48 to 13, and Mr. Blair addressed the Senate in favor of the motion. JUCdE ULAOS spoke an hour,and dwell atsomo length upon tha politi cal excitement against the accused, contending it was so Intense that each party was committed to his ruin. It waa impossible for film to have a fair trial, though he might nave an honest one. lie also intimated that bla deieoae would bo so painful that nothing but fear of absolute loss of hla reputation could move him to it. At the conclusion of Jndgo Black's speech Mr. Ed munds moved that the Senate withdraw for consulta tion. The motion was agreed to—yeas, 35 ; nays, 31* QUESTION or PARLIAMENTARY LAW. Before tho Senate retired, Ur. Hoar, one of the Man agers, called Ita attention to the rule of parliamentary law which restricts the Senate In tha discussion of what baa taken place In the House of Representatives. He desired to know whether that was a rule governing the proceedings on the trial, so that the Managers of the Ilonas might govern themselves accordingly. lie was lad to allude to the subject from ihe fact that ooe of the learned counsel bad boeu permitted to aisle that a scone of disorder took place In the House on a certain occasion. He did not make any motion on the subject, but merely desired to call the attention of the Senate to It in order that the Managers might under stand Vhat their rights and duties were to tho prom isee. Ur. Carpenter and that, on tbo part of the defend ant, counsel wished to bo beard before tbat Important question vu decided. uErcNoairr’s motion denied. The Senate then at a o'clock retired for consultation, and returned to the Senate Chamber at half-put 4, when the presiding officer announced tbat the motion on the pari of tha defendant via denied, and tbat counsel on tha part of the reapondent would now be heard on a motion mbmltled by tha managers, which le that the erldence oo the question pending to the pica of Jurisdiction bo given before arguments relate lug thereto are beard, and that if such plea is over ruled, defendant should bo required to answer the articles of Impeachment In two days, and tbat trial shall proceed on the nest day after joining Issue. Ur. lilalr, counsel for Delknsp, rose to open tbs argument, bnt. on motion of Mr. Anthony,the Senate, sitting as a Court of Impeachment, adjourned until to-morrow at half-past Hi. CLAPP. bis nrvmioATioii. Opteiai Ditpaieh to The Chicago frltans. WaeniHOTOX, 1). 0., April 27.—A. M. Clapp, Qovernment Printer, bat formally demurred to tbo Juriadlctlon of tbo House Committoo on Printing over bis office for tbo purpose of in~ vodtigatiou. On tbe Slat of April be addressed a letter to tbe Chairman of tba Committee, Mr. Vance, of Ohio, of which tbe following id a copy: Aa I have been assured by your Committee tbat I may have the privilege of reviewing tha testimony taken in the printing Investigation, and of Introduc ing rebutting testimony, and as I am not versed In tho laws and rules of evidence, I desire (ho privilege of being attended by counsel. Will you please answer If (hat privilege will be granted. (Signed) A. U. Otarr, In topi; to this letter, tbe dork of tbe Com mittee ou Printing addressed the following to Clapp on the 2Ub of April: 1 am directed by tbs Committee on Printing to la- CHICAGO, FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 1870. form you that they ire reedy to beer the teettmoay of •uch additional witnesses m yon mey desire to pro duce. lain farther Instructed to «ty that the Com mittee bare it yoor request ilready examined i nntn her of witnesses from the Government office, but, do •iroui that do mein* he left unturned to arrive it the truth regarding the coat of puhllo print ing, ahall be pleased to near the statements of other*- It is necessary tbit tin investigation bo brought to a dose, and you will therefore bring for ward your witnesses during the latter part of the prev ent week. You are farther Informed that you an ex amine tho testimony at any time after Thursday roam ing at 10 o'clock In tbo Committee-room, and tho Com mittee dee Ire ms to add that you are at liberty to bring before them any reputable member of tbo legal pro fession as counsel. TUB CONDITION that Clapp’s counsel should bo a “reputable” member of tho legal profession was pur posely inserted, members of the Com mittee say. because during an inves tigation of the Government printing office by tho Douse Committee of last Congress Clapp introduced the notorious Dick Harrington as his representative, and the Committee wore unwilling to havo anything to do with men of his character. CLAPP’S LAST. Tho following letter was received by Chair man Vanco, of tbo Committee, to-day : » Orncs or tub Conobessional Print**, Washino tow, D, 0., April i7, lßCo.—lb fAe linn. J. L. Vanet. CAuirman of Committee on I'rtnlinn— Deab Sin: 1 desire to acknowledge the receipt of the note of your Clerk,under dato of tbe 'JUh Inst, On consultation with counsel t am advised thaMnaamurb as I am an officer of the Senate of tho United Slates, your Committee has no Jurisdiction to in vestigate my conduct In office as Congressional Primer, and that your Committee will nut pretend to do so, Bo far as your inquiries under the resolution of the House of Representatives are concerned, 1 have no special interest, and, therefore, I have concluded that 1 havo no doty to perform except to give you any Information in my power in regard to tho subject un der investigation by your Committee, which I havo already done. (Signed) A. M. Clapp, The law to which Clapp refers Is See. 1,768 of tboltovlsod Htatutos, which provides that the Sen ate shall elect a person who must bo a practical printer, and versed in the art of hook-binding, to take charge of and manage the Government Printing-Office. Ho shall bo deemed an officer of the Senate, and shall bo called the Congres sional Printer. Clapp's friends are greatly sur- Briaod at tho demurrer to tho jurisdiction of the [ouss Committee, as during the whole investi gation they have behoved that all tho alleged irregularities and apparent extravagance in the printing-office could bo satisfalorily explained. The course now adopted by the Congressional Printer seems to them to he an abandonment altogether of any attempt at defense. HERE AND THERE. rnENDBit. Special Ditvnteh to Th* Chicago Ttibunf, Washington, D. C., April 27.—The Commit tee investigating the Treasury Department frauds continued tho examination of Frooder, of St. Louis, who made the ridiculous state ment that, while a clerk in the Treasury, he know that largo sums of money were stolon, ood that thoDepartmont statement was fictitious. Tho Committee has no technical knowledge on the subject matter of the inquiry, but from tho Investigation thus far tboy soopi to have very little confidence io Pronder'o statements. DBIBTOW AM) CAULFIELD. Caulfield baa written a letter to the Secretary of tho Treasury trying to placo him lu the atti tude of refusing to produce tho records. Tbo Secretary has replied that every japer in tho depart ment la open to tho Inspection of the Committee, and a room will be placed at Ita disposal, and all the clerks and officers having most knowledge of the documents would be present at any time to assist in a thorough examination of auy subject. The order against tend ing original records to the Capitol is the order of tbo President, and strictly In accordance with law. Cer tified copies of auy document wanted will be sent on demand. PBOiirrLT ANSWBBBD. Senator Sargent's resolution asking the Treasury whether Special Agents were not employed without re gard to law; whether they have not received special rewards, and bow much has been paid (hem, received a prompt answer. All agenta have been appointed strictly In accordance with law. No rewards hare been promised or paid any. end the amount paid in unearthing the Whisky frauds la run Francisco is about SSCO. •’ GATE'S BDOABOC T Two of Judge Cate's witnesses against Secretary Bristow have been beard from. £x Dlstnct-AUornty Hazelton, under whom tbo seizure of tUe larquu Mary Merritt was made, telegraphs that be never gave Cato to understand that the case reflected in any degree on Urlatow, and Deputy Collector Weirs, who recom mended the seizure, is here, aud will testify to-morrow that there was nothing whatever in the case that touched the Secretory in the slightest respect. DAVENPORT. MORE or TUB SAME BOUT. Sneridl viepatehto The ChUcgo Tribune, WAfIuiKQTOJf. D. C.. April 27.—Davenport's examination was continued. Caulfield waa too alok to bo present to hoar Davenport's story, bat ho was well enough to bo about tbo House. Frequent attempts were msdo to prevent Daven port from tolling the story in his own way, os he has been ashed to do, but ho was courageous enough to persist, and did givo tho Committee a very interesting chapter on Tammany frauds. On the direct subject of the luiiulry be showed that ho bad Touchers for every coot of his expenditures. (ft Iht Altveiiilfd I'trit, V WAfliiiKt»TO*, D. 0., April 37.--john I. Davenport resumed his testimony this morning before the Com mittee on Kxpendlturcs in the Department of Justice, Mr. Candler presiding and propounding questions In the absence of Oaulflold, who 1(111. Wilucsn ex plained Uiut lu '7l. Ti, *7;i, and *7l be received la all JdI.OOU from Hie Attorney-General, (or the uxi'ondi dilute, of which bo had the receipt*. Ue exhibited bis plana for detecting and preventing frauds at elec tions. and Mated that ho expended of bie own money (5,000 prior to August, 1871, for which be bad no voucher*, and that the money* re ceived were to reimburse hlu and to pay future ex peace*. Tho money was to pay for work actually done, and not for Information. Whatever was paid fur Information was paid out of witness, pocket. Witness saw tbo President at Long Branch, and exhib ited his books and papers to show the class of work he was doing. Ths money was therefore given him. Iloccss. Davenport said that be noror carried a written order from the President to Attorney-General Williams far mouoy, Ur. Williams had stated that lo be tbo cose, but he was mistaken. Tho only obJecUoa Mr. Will iams ever made to paying that money was the fund to bo used in the Booth. If Ur. Williams stated other wise on this point, he was mistaken in that also. At torney-General Williams wrote to Whitley to pay wit ness the money, and then Whitley's connection with It ceased. All vouchers for expenses between July 111 and BvpL 30, 1673, are in tbs Treasury Department, except perhaps a fow bills. Adjourned. BLACK SHEEP OP TUB DEMOCRATIC PBIWUASTOS. Special IHevateh to The Chicago tribune. Washington. D. 0.. April 27.— Geo. Boufjh ton, clerk of the House Military Committee, to day resigned bis position. The resignation in considered by the Bopublicau members of Ibe Committee as a practical confession that moat of tbe charges against bia coaid be proved. Tbe Committee itaolf adopted a resolution by which it decided to pursue the investigation no farther on account of tbe exi>enae of bringing witnesses from Tex**. Tbe Committee, however, could not retain wclork in view of the partially proved chargee, hence hi* rmlgniiloo. WHY IS Tins TUL'H ?* Confederate archives then) baa Just been discovered a letter from the present Chief Clerk of one of the Comptroller** officer* in the Treasury, to a person connected with the Confederate State Govern meat, recommending the bearer of that letter to office In the Confederacy, The result of that letter was. that tbe person who presented it waa appointed. Tue writer of the letter has been for a greoiraany year* a prominent officer In the Treasury Department,of known Democratic affiliations. Hi* loyalty ww more than once doubted during the War. Ilia association* alnre have been with many of the pronounced opponent* of llepublicaulam and lb* Union. He baa town aui|>ected by associate officer* la the Treasury of having fur nished secret Information to Democratic investigating committees in violation of Department regulations, and it Is noticeable that while tbe salaries of all of ficer* of corresponding rank have been reduced from 10 to 10 per cout, hi* salary baa been reduced by tbs Democrats butjlix). CHICAGO BANKING MATTERS. TUB COOK COD NTT NATIONAL. Special DitpaUh to 7'A* Tnbun*, Washington, D. 0., April 27.—Corydoo Beck with, n. 8. Monroe, Ur. Bpoucer, ' and A. □. Burley have arrived hero to confer with the Comptroller of tbe Currency about certain old matters of tho Cook County National Bank. In tho sale by Bponcer to Allen of the Cook County National Bauk in May, 1873, bponcer guaranteed the collection of 265-500 of tbe paper then in tbe back, and agreed to pay that proportion of any losses that might be sustained Ut the oolleo- Hon of tbo paper. Afterwards Bpoocor and Alloa tnado a settlement of that guarantee, which was published in Tint Tninomt in Januray, 1873. A question having arisen relative to the validity of the settlement, Mr. Hurley, Receiver of the Cook County Nsllonsl, agree* to sub mit it to Comptroller Knox. 11. H. Monroe, s* attor ney for the Receiver, snd Beckwith- a* attorney for Spencer, have come here with all the papers relating to the matter. They have respectively submitted tbeir pa|«rs each to the other, and will submit them to tbo Comptroller for his decision. The questional issuo la this: Certain specified paper was guaranteed in the manner above mentioned, Allen gave a portion of that patter, and look other paper and security with* oat the knowledge and consent of Spencer. Spencer claims that, as Allen gave up the paper or renewed it, and they aotlied afterwards, he Is discharged from liability, ' tur ciiioaoo cm national Senator Logan, Farwcll, Ciulfleld, and Carter Bar riaon havo been In receipt of a great number of tele grams during the dty. recommending various persona to act as Receiver of tha City National Bank. Among tho name* recommended in (he«o telegrams are Bogue. Parker, Oils, Caulfield, and William 11. Rico. It iahyno means certain that tho Comptroller will ap point anybody Receiver at,present. He ha* no power to do so. There is a very general misconception of the law relative to the i«owcr of the Comptroller to appoint Receivers, except In case of voluntary liquidation. In the present condition of the City National Bank, Comptroller Knox can only appoint a Receiver when he ha* received a protested note, snd it is in the power of the hank to prevent a protested note by paying it when presented. This seems to ho tho official construction of tho law. The law now pending In tho Henale. which has passed the House, and which was recommended by (he Comp troller of the Currency, given to the latter greater powers, and enables him at any time to place a Receiver in charge of a bank whenever it may seem to be in an insolvent condition. A DEMOCRATIC OFFICIAL. ma antecedents. WathimjUm Corruvondmc* Cincinnati Enquirer ( Utmoaatie ). If the Democratic Hooso had appointed a Coramiltoo to make the worst possible bdoctiona for its various officers, more unfortunate selec tions could not have been made io several In stances. Among these is that gallant Confed erate soldier. L. 11. Fitzbngb, who never smelled gunpowder during the War. By some hocus pocus ho was elected Doorkeeper of the House, and he has managed to surround himself with a fine lot of ward hummers and har-flioa. Fitz bugh looks like an angel, hut ho hoa a devil's record. For several weeks a combination composed of correspondents of loading papers in the East and West have had a man employed io hunting up Fitzhngb’s antecedents. This man has been very successful. Ho has found documentary evidence that would convict Henry Ward Dccchor of being a bad man. 1. There is a cony of an Indictment from the rec ords of the Lincoln Comity (Kentucky) Court of 1971, charging Mr. Fitzbugh with ars’iu. lie was charged with (docking the Crab Orchard Hotel with furniture. Insuring It at twice lla value, and then having the swoperty5 woperty burned down. It ta but Justice to say that a ury of Hluo-Oraaa gentlemen found lam not guilty on this charge. 9. There is a copy of an Indictment from tho records of the Lincoln County (Kentucky) Court charging Mr. ritzhugh and two brothers and a few negroes with grand larceny In stealing two bed-qullU tod other things, which was an oftense against the "peace and dignity of the Commonwealth.” 3. There is a copy of an indictment from the records of tho District Court of Lincoln County, Kentucky, charging Mr. Fitzbugh with i>erjury. 4. There is a dq>oeitioa f rom an Internal Itovenne ofllccr of Texas, charging Mr. Fitzbugh and wife with attempting to levy black-mail and prevent a United Stales officer from discharging his duty. 5. There is evidence showing that Mr. Fitzhugb'a son waa killed r.t Donitou, Tex., by a mau whom Sir. Fltzffugb woe attempting to "host.” The murderer waa never brought to trial, but waa discharged on the ground of JutUQaOlo homicide. 6. There are letters in Mr. Fitzbngh's bandwrite that prove him to be a mao of unsound mind aa wtll as bad morals. It strikes mo (bat the sooner tho Democratic House gets rkl of Mr. L. 11. Fitzbugh the bolter it will be for themselves and the party, and the sooner will they nip in the bud a large amount of incipient rascality that has begun to crop out among the men under Mr. Fitzhugb'a employ. I write what I write with regret, but I have come to tho conclusion that if the Demo crat!# House expect to do a thorough luutnwa lathe reform line they had -better lick their own platter find. Purify those that be of the household of faith, and then preach purity to the Gentiles. IN THE HOUSE. TQX LEGISLATIVE APHIOI'UIATIOy SILL. Sufetal Uuvateh U* The Vhvaao Tribune, Washington, D. 0., April 27.—Tho House, owing to tbe pendency of tbo impeachment pro ceedings, accomplished very little. Tho day woe epent la the further consideration of the Leg islative bill. The Democrats themselves saw that their redaction of force In tbo Fost-Ofilcn De partment woaid cripple tho service, audiocreasod It to eome extent. It woe discovered la tho courso of the debate that (be Democrats in charge of the bill had made a deliberate misrepresentation as to the ecouomy proposed by it in reporting (he LIU. Mr. liandatl bad said ttiat it was H. 000.000 less than (he corresponding bIU of last year, hut tbe bill of last year Included Jd.OoO.IKW for paying Judgments of (be Court of Claims, which have been omitted from this bill this year and placed in another. An amendment was in corporated into tbo bill making Bit a misdemeanor to tak or to receive money from any Government officer for political purposes. NOTES AND NEWS. sirnffOEn. Special Ditvatch to The Chicago Tribune, Wasiiixoton, D. 0., April 27.— 1 n & recent loi ter to Tub Tiudobb from Atiasotirl, a statement was made that Senator Mortou had signed a pe tition for tbo pardon of John Uiteingor, a distil ler, convicted opon his own pica of guilty. Senator Morton authorizes tho most emphatic denial of this statement, and sars that ho not only has not signed a petition, hut that, until tho publication of tbla letter, bo did not know tvbo Ilittingor was. An examination of tbo papera lu tho cose ou Ale showed that Morton's name was not attached to any of thorn. LABDBM CONTEST, Congressman Landem, of Indiana, Just returned, congratulates Illue-Joan Williams upon hbi nomination, and insures hyn that be will heartily sup port him for Governor. This ends Landers' Indepen dent campaign for the Governorship, and probably settles the doubts as to the unity of the Democracy in the campaign. Senator Jones In bis silver speech, referred to more than fojtr hundred volumes in the Cougressloual li brary and elsewhere, and said It would take six tons avoirdupois of silver coin lo redeem the HOiOdO.tKWjof fractional currency now ouutanutrg. UTEINRKROmt has sent a special envoy here for tho purpose of secur ing the interference of our Government In his behalf. Do has thus far met with absolutely no success. KILIIOUKN. Judge Carrier will tomorrow render hi* derision In Urn rase of Hallol lUlbourn. It 1* understood that tho opinion will be a very elaborate review of the entire law of habeas corpus, aud a definition of the preroga tive* of Congress, executive and Judiciary, with re spect to that writ, aud that Ktlbouru will be Uncharged from the custody of tho House, aud hold to ball to an swer the Indictment. (Is tho AstocitUd J'rtm.] A DKUOCUATJO FAMILY gUAUUKL. Wajuimoton, D. 0., April ‘JT.—jl }wnouil alterca tion occurred yesterday, between lU'nrreentallvs lilackburn and ox-llopre«cnla(lvu Dan Vooihet-s, of Indiana, both bitter Democrat*. Dlackburn atsalled Voorhecs for defending the purity of tbe District Ju diciary, and aald it was corrupt and used by “job bers." Vuorheee reseated this, and said it did not be come a mcml’cr of the preeent House, which could not be trusted, aud wa* composed largely of dishon est men, to talk about the purity of the court, which waa houost, lilackburn. at this point, became greatly excited, aud denounced Voorbee* personally, aud tbe partioa would have come to blows bad not tbsir friends interfered. , Washington social life. UNPLEASANT DWCLOSUUES —A FUEDICTION TBIU yjnu—6OCIETY HEHUEED—CUAIUTAHLB ENTEU TAISUENTU —NATIONAL lOCKEY-CLUD—THE OHIO INAL FEMALE INTERVIEWEE—DETECTIVES AT WOEK—CENTENNIAL FATUONAGB—NYE AND SON —FIIESIDENTIAL RUEOUS —FOLLOWING Till FLAG —MASONIC—m AND AETtftTS—AMUSEMENTS,, Spertal Comopomienc* *f Th* Chicago Tnhunc.' Washington, D. 0., April 25.— Spring and sus picion I Sunshine and scandal I What a pity that this delightful vernal season hero should be embittered by calumny and disfigured by ac counts of wrong-doing, dragged from tbe sowers and sink-boles by tbe drag-nets of iuveetigating committees I Tho most outrageous lios arc started over tbs telegraph-wires In every direc tion, while contradictions follow slowly by mail. No man's character is safe, aud yet. it must bo confessed, there are occasional truths brought to light, which show the need of reform in al most every department of Government. High officials have pocketed presents, and clerks have willingly accepted small deceurs for extra set- Tices, while heavy foes have boon paid to y lets of high and low degree. And It la sot that tbo consciences of tho recipients. £,* ioso unlawful gains have beon*blanted b'e de mands of their families for moans to cr*J? Jguro la Washington society, with Us ff o’ * and frivolities. ‘‘b a lesson rno« insronr o* lurood np, a day or two since, as Iglancing over tbo pages of the antobtogn £* of Amos Kendall. When lie came hero in *vf to hold an office under Jackson ho wrote to his wife:' “ This city Is tho centre of extravagance. Many of the clerks and others, with an income eufll cioot to satisfy reasonable men. keep themselves poor by attempting to apo foreign Ministers and the high ollicora of Government In tbotr entertainments and parties.” And a few weeks later ho mentioned having attended a party at Mr. Dickons', a $2,00U dork In tho Treasury Department, adding: “It is said bo now wants some valuable office, and as a moans of getting it, 1 suppose, ho la wasting In extravagant par ties ail hla salary In hia present office. When I get to be a clerk 1 ahall do no auch foolish thing. Mind that, wife I” Kendall kept his word, and lived *o frugally as an Auditor, and subsequently as Postma«tcr-Qeucral, that be accumulated property, which, by later investment* In telegraph stock, made him a millionaire when he died., on tho other hand, two aged maiden daughters of MV Dickens may be eeca almost every oay at the Capitol urging the passage of a claim for extra ser vices which their father rendered. It is only since the discovery of tbe Belknap crime that Washington society has received A BLOW BETWEEN THE BTES which has made It reel and stagger. It bad been bored that Vanity Fair would bo opened for n time after Lent, but the »Low cannot be revived. Tne pub lic day receptions, the evening fashionable mobs, and tliedxuccs whereof the lady correspondnnu wrote glowing (IcActiptlooA, have not been revived. Vet there la a good deal of social enjoyment here, hot it ia more reasonable and less advertised than were tho Junketings and Jollifications In-fore Mrs. Marsh's Jealously prompted her to explode the poat-tradcrahlp mine beneath the lielkiups There are pleasant din ners, there am enjovtbla evening parties; Lady Thornlou receives her Inenda every Thtiraday even lug at the British Legation, and there are quiet dances. But the electrotype glitter ns« gone where the wood blue cbmbeUi, and shoddy la at a disc mnt. CUAUITAIXC KNTF.UTAINM£NT9 entertain many who cannot flourish In society. but who do so love to see their natues In the newspa|>era. Scarce a neck passes that one is not Importuned to purchase a ticket to tome qtitertalmncnl "for chanty’s sake"’ and on attending the pocket uerro is success fully touched. A great deal of money Is raised in this tray in addition to the liberal appropriations by Cou press for eleemosynary purpoaes, and In sumo of the Association* there is a noble ignoring of sect. THE NATIONAL JOCKLfCLOU bits Ixvn revived, with Richard Wallach as President, and there will be three days of running races kinder Us auspices, commencing May IC. From lai'J to 10U the National Jockey Club here flourished famously, and its national course was the scene of triumphs by such horses as Eclipse, Bir Charles, Boston, and Fash ion. The whole surrounding country crowded into the city during the races, and tbo two House* of Con gress used Invariably to adjourn, that the Senator* and Representatives might attend. Randolph,* Clay, John Quincy Adams, and Webster acre always on the ground, and Jackson when President bad a fast colt broughtfrom the Hermitage and entered In tUs name of Maj. Donaldson, Rut Commodore Stockton's Im ported Lmgford defeated It. Qov, Samuel Bprtgg, of Maryland, was the last President of the old Jockey Club, and now ex-Oor. Oden Bowie, of the same State, Is a Vice-President of the new dub. MltS. ANNUOYALL should have her portrait In tho reporters’ gallery of the Senate as the original female interviewer and write* for the press at this metropolis. She was the widow of a Tcnnescto army officer, and. coming here to get a pension, took up personal literature for a livelihood. At first she published an annual volume called The il.’a:k llnok,— thou she got an old Ramagc press and a battered font of long primer type, and, with the aid of tramping Jour neymen or runaway apprentices, published for sev eral years a weekly paj«cr called 7Vi/ Uuntrtm, She was a small, scraggy woman, with keen black eyes and a tormldalilo nose, and her costume would havo graced a field of growing corn as a scarecrow. Every (tUtlugnlshcd pernon received a visit from her, and, If they subscribed for The Ituntrus, the account given ot them was complimentary, but. If they declined, she thenceforth abused and denounced them with her ec centric pen. She bad an aseistant handmaiden framed Sally Block, tho counterpart of her employer In all except the length and activity of that unruly member, the tongue. Ouce. when Mrs. llojall bad become un usually abusive, she was Indicted by tho Grand Jury, and tried an “a common scold,” —cmnmtmurtratru, —an offense under the old Colonial code of Maryland, still in torcy lu this District. The District Attorney labored hard to have her sentenced, after “ouvlctloti, to be ducked In a pond, but the Court Imposed a fine of $lO, and to gtvo security for her good keltavlor for one year. Her counsel moved to arrest the Judgment, on the ground that tbo law for the punishment of common scolds was obsolete In England and never was In force in (his country. Rut Chief-Justice Crancb decided that ** tbo offense Is not obsolete, and cauuot become obsolete so long as a common scold Is a common nuisance.” Mrs. Royal! died in October, IW4, at the advanced sgs of DU years. CUKIXNNIAL. PATUOMAOE. Clamorous Congressmen, who hare packed the Da partments and the Government Printlng-OiSce with their hungry retainers, who art) in return to “work” next fall for the re-election of their patrons, have found a bonanza at Philadelphia. Policemen, dorks, secretaries, mechanics, and watchmen have been “placed " at the Centennial by Congressional friends, who voted for the appropriation, and who demanded of Goabum situations ior their retainers. The result is that one-half of lha employes thus selected are no* toriouely unfit lor the positions which they draw the par of. This “patronage Is playing the very mis chief with every grade of officials, and the quicker that Congressmen are deprived of the “ perquisite *' the better. TUE NYEU—FATUEB AMD SOW. Poor “ Jim Nye,” as every one used to call (he witty Senator from Nevada, is now the inmate of au asylum, with a softened brain, and then is no hope for his re covery** His son Charlie, who bM been a sad scape grace, and who has given a world of Ironbln to the old humorist's mends, has been converted during the re cent revival hero, and Is one of tbe best exhorters. He will hardly quote his father's irreverent remark when Parson Newman was eloquently descanting on the danger to Christianity from Chinese immigra tion. ’• Well 1” exclaimed Nye, “if Joss can get ahead of God, 1 am for Josh ! m fILIFH OF TUB I'EJf. The President's incorrect assertion tn his recent message that the original salary of the l*recldcnt was hied by the Constitution, recalls the phrase lu one of President Taylor's messages: “Ws uro at jwace with ok (As world, and acek to maintain our relations of amity with (As rsif of tmtnJand.” This prompted « Democratic Hens tor to write: “lillss,” said the Chief In accents brief, “ lirtng me a map of all ereadoti, Including Newfoundland, And all (list part of Uindoatan liclougiug to our nation I " Van Duren made a lied mlauko on the day of hla In auguration. When the dlplomatio corps bad an aud isuce, aud the senior member, Don Angel Caledrou, made him an addrvua of congratulation.Mr.Vau Huron, in lua reply, rather astonished the foreigners by ad drcasltn; them as thi>tfcmo.*rafiecor|«. The Uepreaenta. lives of crowned heads stood rather uneasy under the epithet, until it was suggested that the President meant (be diplomatic corps. THE PRESIDENTIAL CALDRON U lolling and bubbling over Urea built of mined rep* ulsUoua, ami thoco who have been named aa probable candidate* are one by one rendered hort da combat,. It la daily becoming more ami uioro evident to clou observer* of public opinion, that the people want, and will have, a camll* dulu who la nut only personally unstained, but who haa no entangling alliances with the Jobber*, the Bbyilerera, alia the plunderer*, who have entailed ao much disgrace upon the Ik-pubhran parly. It la equally ecrtalu that, with such a nominee, tbou Uo fiubhcaua who went aalray four year* ago wIU wheel nto column again, keeping step to the mutlo of the Union. The bad foaturo of the contest now being waged among candidate* fur the Cincinnati Coa* veullon, la TUB LEGION OF DETECTIVES now at work bore, endeavoring to blacken the repu* tatlon of every prominent man named. There are known Instance* in which the Hcsalao character* aaaaaaina have taken fees from a mau'a friend* and enemies, furnishing the "bane and antidote.” A movement Uon fool among representative* of both parlies to secure the Insertion of a clause on every appropriation bill, making It a high crime for the head of any department of the Government to per* mlt tba payment of a dollar for aecrct service. of any description. If tbi* cun !*• done It will free Washing* ton from a despicable set of speculator* upon crime, vanity, and human weakness. Nor have we yet heard all of the scandal which the secret service has garner* cd up. FOLLOWING TUB FLAG. Our naval officers, with the exception of (bs AdmJ* raU, are uot permitted to take their wive* with them on their crulso*. but some of the devoted women will manage to sec their huabauda occasionally at diatant porta. One of them, tbs wife of Lieut. John Dleocker, U. b. N., left here on Friday to vlalt bur father at Urookllne, Uaaa. On the lit of June aha will take a steamer for Liverpool, where ah* will ro-etubark on another steamer tor Mottle Video, riaLUbuo and Madeira, a aea-voyage In all of 10,000 tidies or more. It la to bo hoped that whan tbs gats there she will not find that her buaband has been otv dared to the Pacific or eloewbar* a* has sometimes happened. MASONIC. BepreaenUtlvs llopklui, of tbs Pittsburg District of Pennsylvania, Is Grand Master of the Kulgbta Tern* ptar of tho United bUte*. ami about sdOMiu olher Heostor* and Itepmeutatlves, who are also bir Kulgbta, wcortcd him to Daltlmore on the evening of Easter Monday to witneaa tbs public Installation of the officers of dve commanderles. The Baltimore Bir Kulgbta are enthusiastic over the proposed encamp* mrnl of the Order at Uldtey Park, near Philadelphia, In June, July, and August, and they confidently ex* pact to soo tbsce many commanded aa from didat ant NUMBER 246. •octlona of the RepubUo, especially Iba North wswt They anticipate a glorious time. „ ART AND Aim STS. nif. and Mr*. Paasott gave their lut art reception of thsa«won on Oatnrday evening, and their studio «u cr ?. w .' *'! wlth Udlea tad (teoUoroon of literary and artlitic tastes s Miu Flora Fassetl, who had Just re. Inraed frotn studying at toe Cleveland Oonaerratery of llaaic, contributing to the musical enjoyments of the evening. Iflaa Ransom hu taken her picture ot P. 0 . 1 ?* Thomas to Philadelphia, where it will be ex. hlblted at the Centennial, but her chanoM for selling It to Congress are mall. William A. Walker baa .V 3 "'ll 1 **!" blitortcal painting of “ Washington at Valley Forge " to Congreea for *3,000, bat failed. a AMUBBUBNTS. j.Pf® 4 * f?”? 8 WCT * »ado to eecnro the attendance of distinguished people at the performance of Charles Oeyler'e play called “Inflation,'* draraallaod from tooko a Nasby papers, but It was ratner a tame affair. Next week we are to have three nights of so much of Jarrstt k Palmer's "JiiUua Otar ’’ as can be gotten on to the small stage of our theatre, followed by thro*- nigbU of so amateur opera company. The Hay dano> Ing-school exhibition* will soon commence, and It will not be long ere strawberry festivals will be in season. Bo we move along. JUooazxca, THE RECORD. SENATE. Wahuinoton, D. Cm April 27.—The Confer* once Committee report on the Defloienoy Appro pri&tloa bill waa agreed to. Mr. Lapham Introduced ao amondmoot to tb* Conetitulion, authorizing the President to ap* prove or disapprove of the separata clauses oi provisions of a bill. Referred. Mr. .Morrison reported back the Senate amendment to tho House bIU defining tins tax on fermented or malt liquors. This amendment adds a proviso that nothing in Ibe aot shall change tho present mice of (be law reepoctlng the evidence In any prosecution or salt. The amendment was concurred In. Mr. Turney made a conference report on the bill ex cluding Missouri from provisions of the act of the 10th of May, 1672, to promote the development of mining resources. The report adds this danse : " And all land In mid States shall be subject to disposal u agricultural lands." The report m agreed to. LBntHLATTVR PILL. The flotuo, after deciding to print alt the testimony taken before the Committee on Naval Affairs, went Into Committee of tbo Whole, with Mr. Cos la th« chair, on the legislative and Executive Appropriation bill, resuming its consideration on page 67, where ap propriations are made for the Surveyors General and their clerks. All the Items for Bnrvcyor-Genorals were, on motion of Air. R*n Jail, struck out of (lie hilt on theauggai tion that the Committee on Public Lands was investi gating the subject, and that provision could bo mode for it In the Civil Appropriation bill. The Items for the Post-Office Department brought up the question of fast malls, Mr. Foster charging that the Committee was going bac" to the old coach avstem, and Mr. Randall insisting that the rec ommendation* of the Committee were fully aoprovod bribe Postmaster-General, and that the mail service was cot to be In the slightest degree diminished by the economy in expenditure provided In tno bill. Mr. Whltebouse offered an amendment to Bor. 1 prohibiting any employs of the Government from giving to or receiving from any oilier persons, directly or indirectly, any money or thing of value for political purposes. Adopted. offered an amendment providing (bat no member of Congress shall recommend appointment to or continuance In ofllce. or removal therefrom, of any clerk lu any of the Departments union the hood there of shall first apply for hla advice lu writing. The amendment was rejected—s 7(o 97. Mr. White moved to amend by Inserting a provliln that no money appropriated by tbo act should be p*U to spies or Informers. Rejected. , Mr. Dennison moved to insert a pifirialon that mot* eya paid under (bis bill should bo paid In the lawful coin of (be United States. Mr. Holman moved to amend the amendment by striking out “ lawful coin ” and inserting M lawful money.'* Mr. Holman’s amendment was adopted, and tbea the whole proposition was rejected. Ur. Hoar moved an additional section providing that whenever. In the Judgment of the head of any department, the duties assigned to a clerk of one clan eon be u well performed by a dork of a lower class, or by a female clerk. It shall bo lawful for him to dimin ish the number of ciotks of the higher class, to Inereost the number ot derka of the lower grade to tbs mpt extent. Agreed to. Mr. Jenlu submitted an amendment transferrins, after the first of July, 197*, the Pennon Bureau from the Interior Department to the War Department. Re jected—6s to 9 -t, Mr. Vance (K. 0.) renewed the amendment offered by White, that no money appropriated by this bill shall be paid to sides or lulormon. Rejected—7s to 78. Mr. Glover moved to invert on addition*! aectloa prohibiting executive officers of the Government from exploring any clerk, agent, engineer, draughlamao, messenger, laborer, or other employe lu any of tbi executive departments, in the City of Washington ot elsewhere. except those for whom npeclfle appropriw Uons are made in the bill, Agrvvd to. The Committee then rose and reported the bill U the House. Without voting on any of the amend* in ante, the House adjourned. THE SILK INTEREST. lit Condition and Prospects— Amen tenn JTlaiiufncl tirors Prospering Foreign Workmen in New Jersey, Etc. New York. April 27.—At tbs annual mootioj of the Bilk Association of America, P. W, Clionoy was chosen Presfdont. Tho report! road show that the American silk manufacture!! are prospering, am! rapidlv mooting tho de mands of homo consumption, The total valai of American silk goods manufactured in IH7I was £27,1-'>3.071; American silk ribbons manufao* turctl were valued at S>4,Bo7,'Jß.'» > and th« value o! imported silk ribbons was oulv $2.U!41,271. American manufacturers of aowing-Bilka and twist are Maloti to be competing snccossfnllv wilb tho EnghaU mnuufacttirers in the Canadian nmrkot. 8t *p« were taken to establish a •• Con ditioning Human ” in this city to determine tho amount of moisture in raw silk, which is sold by the pound and U very sensitive to moist uro. A onarkod feature of the increased* activity in the Hilk trade at Paterson, N. J., last yea**, lias boon ttie immigration of a number of so-called mau ler silk-weavers from France ami England. These men individually own several looms, which la some instances’ they hare brought with them. They carry on weaving at tboir homes, one or more rooms being fitted up (or that pur pose. CASUALTIES. DEATH FROM THE BITE OF A RAT fJwcvrl DuuitcH to Tht CAirocs 'fnb'iru*. Ann Anuon, Mich., April 27.—Joebua O. In land, a prominent resident of thin city, died to day from tbo effects of tlie bito of a rat 110 attempted to kill a rat. when It bit him on tbe bond. Borne time after tho hand and arm com. moucod swelling, and continued to swull till they reached an enormous size. Death resulted in about a week. Mr. Iceland was 70 vonrs old. came to this county forty years ago, when it was almost a wilderness, lie was formerly a mem ber of tho Htato Legislature, aud prumiuout la many things. THE IOWA CITY ACCIDENT. Svteutl Ditvatch (• 7'A« Vhtraoo Tritons. lowa City. Ib., April 27.—The children of Prof. Parker, of the State University, drowned in the lowa Hirer last Tuesday, have not yel been found. Hundreds of our citizens and students sod friends of Prof. Psrkor from other parts of the Stale are io constant search. The river is high, tbo current rapid, and the bodies may hare lloated down toward the Mississippi, Yot hopes are entertained that they will bo found. Tbs students of tbs University have loft tboir classes and divide into squads and search night and day. ACCIDENT ON A VESSEL. Special DitpaUK to Tht Chteajo Tritons. Milwaukee, Wls., April 27.—Whilst tbs wreefe* log*tug Lsviatbsn was winding a vassal In tba Monoainee lUver to-dav, a handspike was caught in tbs tow-ropo, whirled around, and •mashed In pieces, striking William Ilagedorn, one of tbo hands, crushing a log so that ampa* tation was necessary. A splinter Injured Lem Ellsworth, owner of tbs boat, and necessitated bis being carried home. RECOVERING. * Svteial IHtvaieh to Tho Chuwc Triton*. Cabuondale, 111., April 27.—Judge Prlckett, who was severely injured yesterday, is thought to be post danger, and hopes aro entertained (or bis speedy recovery. OCEAN STEAMSHIP NEWS. New Youa, April 27.—Arrived—Steamship ferisrs, from Havre. * London, April 27.—Steamer Austrian, * (rose Baltimore, has arrived oak

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