Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 28, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 28, 1876 Page 3
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BOSTON. Tbs LogUiailrs Investigation* Special Ihtpateh to Tht Ctti-ano Tribune Boston, April 27.-—Moses Kimball addroiaod (ha Honso of IloproMnlatlroß this afternoon up on tho roaolvo concerning the prouotmtlon of tbs Boston A Albany llaitroad Directors. It was generally understood that Ibla was his Intention, ood oonsidorablo iineoMnesn was manifested by the members fn the traneaetlon of preliminary bosinoss. Mr. Kimball obtained the floor at tbs earliest opportunity, and spoke for nearly an hoar and a half. Many of the Senators left the Benito Chamber and came upon tbe floor of tbe House to listen to his re marks. lie declared himself at the outset to be In favor of the passage of tho resolve, and then proceeded to criticise tho manner in which Hayes’ report wo* prepared, and tte con tents. Ho denied that there was anything wrong or dishonorable in his connection with the gravel contract, or In his holding tho stock of the Iloeton A Albany llailrood. tho property of his wife. Stating tho faots in tho case and arguing npon thorn, he admitted that perhaps ha mlgot hare laid himself npon to criticism hy his connection with tho Ware lllvor Itailroad, hut staled emphatically that ho had no inten tion of wrong doing In his actions. With out asking any favor of tho members of tho Iloueo, lie claimed as a right that hla tong and honorable life should have some weight in tho estimation they should place on him now as an honorable man. Wlion npoaking of tbo matter of lila personal reputation, bo was raucli affected, and his emotion won visibly shared in by very many members of the Houno. Ho spent considerable timo in tbo course of bis remarks in commenting upon tbo animus of (bo persons wbo bad boon moat active in Investi gating and conducting llio investigation, and severely criticised tbn course of tbo Attornoy- Oenorai in tho prosecution. At tbo cloho of bis address bo rocolvod tbo congratulation* of many Koprofloutatlvoa. UHSIOAAs. T7LROANT NEW DR ROODB PIANO, (m Cf MARTIN'S. 1M HUte-iL Splendid now F. O, Llghte pianoforte, 8226. MAllTlfi'S, 1M Rtato»l. Very fine tan* Maine* Brother* mano, S2W. * MARTIN’S. IMState-lt. Tho*. A. Dowling * Co. now, upright piano, 8275- MARTIN’S. 154 Htate-st. nich and powerful tone Hardman pianoforte. $260. MAUI IN’S. 154 Huta-st. STKY ORGANS. NEW STYLES, NEW AND ELK c..V.,10.t ,-eelT.d U Bl'oKY 4 OAMfa. Pall and Me thorn at 311 Slate-«t» VTORSALR—A FIRST-OLASB PIANO. 7X OOTAVR, V rich rosewood caso, agraffe altaohment, etc., at a treat bargain, 1 will tako ono or two carriage horses aa part payment. Address O 93, Tribune otHce. PIANOS AND ORGANS FOR RENT AND FOR saloon Installments or on easy terms, at STORY A DA UP’S. 311 Suto-it. niANOH AND ORGANS FOR BALK AND TO RUNT I cheap; tuning and repairing promptly atlenaed to ft the factory. W. T. REIU, 262 Htato-ai. crcqnd-uand pianos and organs for O sale cheap at STORY A CAMP’S. Call andezara loo prices botorn purchasing eltowbsro at 311 Stata-at. rnUNINO AND REPAIRING PROMPTLY ATTEND -1 odtoat O. A. GKUOLD'S Piano factory, ISSandlM Otark-st., near Monroe. WEBER PIANOS. RECOMMENDED AS THE host by tho leading profession, >*an be obtained at reasonable (e»ma at STORY A QA.MP’S.gH fltat«r*t. STon WILL BUY AJBEAUTIFUL TONE, ROSE -5) I wood piano, with French action. Stool and cuter Included. Vt.T. MARTIN, 161 Slate-st. sh 7 C "wiu, HUY a” "ROSEWOOD. 7-OOTAVE ipX I O nlanoforte, wltb ovontrnng has*, agralfo, French action, four round corno-a. carved legs, and lyre. Made by Higgins,Now York. It.T. MARTIN. 154 State at h'fffi WILL BUY A NEW HAINES BROtHERS TH-octavo pianoforte, with agraffe and all im nrnroraon’s. richly carved leg* and lyre- Manufacturers' llst-prio > 8700. Fully warranted. iC T. MARTIN, 154 Btalo-st- TO EXCHANGE t'OU RXOHANOE—THE EQUITY OP 81,100 in a good bouse and two ioU, In unn of UlO host suburb*. Hmuo has 1 rooms, lake water, ate. {two blocks from Srpot. Address W 48. Tribune office. ttOTTEXOIIANOW—OUOIOK IMPROVED FARM, I' lUaoros, Neosho County, Kan*., far rusldenco; will mornu, D. lIENRY SHELDON, ifa Waahlugton-st. ItQ KXCH ANOE—EQUITY OF 86,000 IN FRUIT farm at BontcnD arbor, Mich., lor vacant lota In or near tho city. It IQ. Trlbuno uttico. TO EXCHANGE—CITY AND SUBURBAN LOTS OR land forbonscbold furniture: farming lands for Chi cago property; betel completely furnished tor city dr farm property; woll furnished brick residence and vsosnl Int*(nrfarm; Cook County (anus (or caib. MANN A CONGDON, Room 11, 1(0 Dearbom-at. 'IN'TOWNSHIP BONDS issued by ono of tho beat counties of a Western State (or dir goods, boots and aboca, or other poraooal proper ly. Address JANUARY. Tribune ortlee. fpO EXCHANGE—FOR GOOD WESTERN LANDS. X a fine residence In Maywood, near depot, largo lot, atrnio cellar, well, cistern, all complete. Owner, 4GO We*t Huron-st.* 1 IV ANTEO-TO EXCHANGE —UNINCUMBERED vv suburban lota forfurulturo for housekeeping to tho amount of 81.500 to 83,600. IRA IHtOWN, 143 La- Balle.*t., Room 4. MISCELLANEOUS. ADVERTISERS desiring to roach country reader* can do ao In Iho cheapest and best manner by using one nr more tedious of Kellogg's Groat Newspaper Lists and State Divisions. For Illustrated catalogue and map addicts A. N. KHLfX)oo.79Jaok*on-*t, ALL CASH PAID FOR OART-OPF GLOTtIINO, ii carpets, furniture, and mlsoellanoousgood* of any kind by Bonding a letter to JONAH GKLL)BR,U!S State-at. B""io horn akdltklwwßtonTscompanv now fitting oat at Government goodi depot, 61 Randolph st., where firoartns, tonls, blankets, etc., can bo bad very cheap. ; COCKROACH, RKDRUO. AND MOTH EXTER mlnat-.r. warranted, wboloaaloand retail. Contracts taken. In/onnaUot. free. AUTUUK OAKLEY, 169 Rail Washington-*!.. Room 6. p RAND OPENING—K. B. OLMSTED A SON WILL U open Iholr splendod gymnasium on the cyealngof Msy I, situated ou the suuinwast corner of Halsted and Washlogton-*U.. over tho bank. The public are cordial. ly Invited. T ADIES ANTICIPATING CONFINEMENT, AND JJ those devlrlng treatment for chronic ailment*, will find good board and skillful attention by addressing Z S 3, Ttlbuno nfllce. STORAGE. CTORAQK—THE BURLINGTON WARBHOUHE. O cornerof Sixteenth and Btateata., lathe largest and Emit convenient in the West: with steam elevators for andllng goods ji* accessible to all the railroads leading to this city. Persons storing furniture nr other goods will find this sate and convenient, being froo from dust, rate, and vermin. Hates of storage very low. Money loan* ed on all kinds of property at reasonable rates of Interest. U, B. SAWYER, proprietor. STORAGE— ON WASHINGTON-ST., NEAR WA b.reli-av., la a largo, convenient, safe, and elosu place: will store all kinds of honichuld goods and mer* ihandUo; inoaoy advanced or loaned on good* In store at tery low rates. Address THUS. A. HiLL, 123 Dear- Wrn-st. ■ CJTORAGK-OO TO THE CENTRAL WAREHOUSE. □ cor. Rush and Kinalo-tts., tn store your furniture and household goods. You will find Ita convenient, syfo.aod cleanly plane, whore they will be properly eared for; ln snred and stored at tbo most reasonablos rate. I give es pecial attention so this claw of goods, and lnv)le yonr patronsgo. HORATIO N. RUbT. Proprietor. BUSINESS CHANCES. AT AUCTION—UGGT and huge STORE KM. bracing 3-story building 8U West with Mh Shoe boxes, all shelving, counter*, carpets, show cates, etc., ontlsy 9, at S o'clock. TItUEHDELL A BRGStN. Mortgagee*; HIRAMJIRUHII, AooUuncer. A~REBTAURANf ON TUB SOUTH BIDE FOR A sale: will be sold cheap for caah t dolnggood badness; eh-tprent; no exchange ukon. Andrus* NC9, irtbane kffiee, A FEW HUNDRED DOLLARS BUYS HALF IN- A terest In cash business that paya 9*oo monthly. 70 lAStUe-sU, RooctU. TEXTURES AND LEASE OF A RETAIL LIQUOR X’ atora (or *ale. I* now doing a email jobbing trade. 0. W. BARNARD, 14 Stato-at. piiui.ia house on this corner of dear. X born and Jackaon-aU., oppoilto the new Coatom- ILmao, for aale. la doing a good Irani tcntbailnoaa. CALOON WITH POOL TABLE FOB SALK- MUST p be aold this week. Small capital required. 7(0 Wait UtHh QCnn HUYH HALF-INTEREST IN STOCK COST gOUw tag BI,CUO, and aaUbllahed cub bualneea paylngHS.Otxi yearly. 188 But Itandolph-at.. HooomjO. SEWING WL&CHINES^ pLEUANT SINQEB'B, 846: WIIKRLBB■ * WILSON. Jj 840: Howe, Urover 4 baker shuttle, Weed. Victor, AJtna. 898 each; Singer No. i, Howe 4 Wilson Manufac turing, 436 (all new and perfect, with tucker and all at* Meiiuioaia/wananlod three jean. T, 11. UAUIIN.2OO Wabaah-av, iiMRST-CLASU SEWING-MACHINES FOR HALE. X' payable la aowing done at home- UIA D. OWEN 4 CO., 3)3 Bait Madlaoa-at. I?UR HALE-siNQUB HEWING MACHINE. NF.AU- A' |jr now ; all Improvement* ; euit |OO, will aoll for 035. LalleltitCamrll-av. OLS’QKHOFFIOKOF A. J. MELOHBKT, 808 WEST U Madl.on-it. Machine* aold on monthly paymeuti, Hated, and nsebaugod. open till Bp. m. MACHINERY. ATT. 8. 4 A. J. KIUKWOOU’S. !7I L4KB-ST.. di aieatji.englnea. pumpa, and botlere, all alxee. Iron and wood.working machinery, belting, aapplioa, Jeaaa Aa beauie luatenaJa. Ifim SALK—ONIC STKAM UOILKU U VKKT LONG. AJ 814 feol to diameter, with 44 Hue*. JnadtUtion, «Uam wat«r gauge. mod drum. a No. I UUk# puisD. •tc.j, ana •variUuug •» good m u#w. Inquire 01 U, r, FKRIULAT or aVQ. FitaCUKU. 80 and a Adamant. PERSONAL. pBRRONAt -WANTKO TlltC ACQUAINTAWOBOF •8. 4 (Mpoctftblo, good-looking yoong lady, locllnaa to BltlftOJOUir, l/y 4 young 0140 la tU41040U14 builasn to tuo tuoturr. No lllrta need anawar. btrictly ouutidautUl. Addrou to-day, YlB. Tribune ottoe. educational. \l/Kt»T UNO XN&TIIUTU. FAMILYSCHOOL FOR VV young ladle*. M ÜB, B. .L, OADV, Principal. K«w Haven, (Jona. bead ftt circular. printing materials; VORtULR-R GORDON PIIKBB, NO. • STANDING X? creax, pApar cutler, ahe*r, An. Ht DUaols-el. CITY REAL ESTATE. 'OR BAtB. ? WF.ST RIPR. Two ttorf Anri basement residence on west Adamssl., oearTbrooP, IS room*. Urge lot, *11,600. _ Two-ttorr »ol ball basement pnek house, on Fillmore gi.. near WesUrnar,, Broom*, *3,000. . Klght-motn eottage and baaemcnt kitchen, corner tear* Uiaod WalnoHU , »<UW. On* and H-alorg trams cottage on Meolson-st., pear Aihland-ar., II roona, *7,80a. Two-storr and basement octagon brlek on Monroe-it., near Western-ar., •t.MO. Onsstorr and book basement. boat* on Morganst.. De*rTwelith-st., It rooms, *I,OOO. Throo-eiorr and basement marble front on Park-ar., near Union rark, li rooms, all modern Jmprorsraeots, and baeement brick front*, on Randolph at., near Biitanath, 10 room*, all modern Improvements, $lO,- 0W and $19.««. _ Two-ytory frama house with brick haaareaat ea Warrao ar.. near Lincoln-*!,, large lot. $7,6w. Two l-etory and baaereenteottogeoa Wsloot-it.. near Wood. 11 rooma each. 84,000 each. Hotrrn sum. Two-etory frame bouaa on llutterfleld-st., between Twenty•aoranUi and Twentr-nlnth-aU., $4,000. Twu-etorr frame honao. 0 room*, on Droiel boulevard, near llrouk-al., lot ftitUW to 30-fool alley, *K*.OOO. Two.story frame house, 13 room*, on Booth Dearborn-*l-< Dear Fortieth, $3,0u0. . Two-story frame boaae, 10 rootne, bathroom ana laundry, on li)lls-mv., near Thlrty-eevenlta-et.. large lot, "iWitory house with brick baecraent, corner BHIs-av. and Thlrtyflftli-it., 13 rooma and 3 balh-rooma, farnaeo, all modern conveniences, 113. W- _ . , Two-alory 10-room honaaon Kllisav., near Oakwooa-*»., vary near horse aud steam-esrs, lnl6Ail6o. ewOWi. j Ono-story frame cottage on Ullia-a?., near Oakwood, |olH6xl7B. Broome, SS.OUU. . Two.story brick bouse, with collar, 13 atid atl modern improvement*, on KIIU-sv,, near Thirty-seventh- frame honae on HUU-av., near Thlrty-nlnth *SllfVruom^cotuge, 'on Potty-flflh-sl., near Krana-aT., and basement marble front on Michigan at,, noir ThlrtseaUi-el., 19 roams. SIB,UU). Two-story and basement frame Louse on Oakwood-ar., near Drexal Boulevard. did,oo(l. No. 243 Porlland-ar.. l-eiory frame, 33,600. Twu-story frame boaae, II rooms, on rhlrty-Mvetua-4t>, near liko-a?., H3.8U0. ... . . ... Two-story, basement, and Mansard atone (rant house, corner Tbirly-liflh it. and Grand Uoulerard, $40,1)00,, TwoS-atory, basement, and aurae-frant houses on Tnir ty-lifi(i-it„ at tbe bead of Grand Uoulerard, $23,1(0 each. Three-story frame house on Unlon-ar. near Ltngley-ar., and baearoent, rwoll-front. 12-room bouse, on Wabasha*., DoarThlrty-thlrd-il., $16,000- Two-atorf frama house wllb brick baaemanl, on Vernon s'nsarTblrtytlfUj.ft.. s4,Ouu. Two.story and haiomont, octagon brick honse, 14 rooms, on VorDon-a*,,noarThirty-ttfth-*t., $7,100. NORTH HI UK. Fire 2-siory and basement marble front bouses, on Lln cnln-ar.. near Centrist., 10 rooms and bathroom. $7,6w to tS.UXJ each. Other good resldcnflsa and choice building lota In all parts of tno city for sal# on easy terras. v TUKWKH A BOND, . lifl WaihlDgum-st. For balk-marble front house, dining room and kitchen on parlor floor; comer South Park av. audTwanty-tlfth at. 890 Pralrio-av,—Brick house, mansard roof, 10t88*177 Brick bouse on ludlana-ar., near Eighteenth-*!., to fool loti will take 2Nfoot loton Mleblgan-av, In bnmt district aa part pay. . . Largo frame house with Zlif-tooi lotos Wab**h-*v., near Fourteenth-*!. _ . , . , Mleblgan-av., near Peck court—Lot WxliS feet. Thlrty-llfth-at,. near lake-26 feet, aoutbfront;Vernon av., noarThUty-nm-*!., toln»t. _ . A. J. GALLOWAY A SON., Southwest corner State and MadUon-it*. UR SALR-ALPINU BQUARK-FINIT”maRULK two am) tbrao-Hory and basement bouse*, swell, oc logon, and plain front*. with all the modem improve ments. Aldme Square is situated on Vlnconnot-av., Just south o( Thirly soTontb-aU s Is finely laid out, hav ing shaded walk*, line shrubbery, trees, ami a beautiful lake. These nouse* can bo bought at reasonable price* on liberal terms; plans at our otlloo. Apply to W. D. KBRFOOT A CO.. 63 Kaat Washington*!. POH SALE—OROUERS AND SALOON MEN AT tcnllon—A Urge grocory, 10 rooms above, large bam, with lot, on South Side north of Thlrty-ftr*t-it. at lose than buildings cost; prtoe asked 83.600, but owner I* determined to rell *1 any sacrifice ao ho sell* at once. One or two other piece* of property which must bo iold for what they will bring. TRUKhDELLA BROWN, 108 Flfth-av. For kale-thb northeast corner of Twollib and DespUlnos-aU. 45 foot onTwelltb-at. 127 feet on DnstiUlnea-at. Will sell at a heavy sacrifice. Call and see. SAMUEL GEHR. HI Doarboro-at. FOR SALE—AT A GREAT BARGAIN—BY JAMES H. HILL, 94 Dearborn-st., Room4—A fine reeldanoo on Pralrio-av., having ID ruoms. a good bam. and doop lot: worth 820.000: 818,000,88,0000a*h andgood properly; balance astunio. • For sale-how much will you give for 0-roora house, barn, and lot, 333 PortUnd-ar.f Cost ownor 83,400. Name your best offer, and amount yon will pay down. TUUKSDKLLA BROWN. IbßHfth-av. T7IOR SALE—RESIDENCE AND'BUaiNKSS PROP r erty In ell ports of tho city. It. S. A W. U. slcoolt- MICK, 165 LaSalle-st. 5 For sai.k-or to rent—B-room cottage with brick cellar and bam. 409 Warreo-av. Owner. PORT BALK—TIIO9R ELKOANT STONE RESL dunoos at the north end of the Grand Boulevard, comer of Thlrty-hlth-aU Those are the flnestand best built house* In tho ally, and can bo bought at a bargain on good terroa. TUHNfcH A BUND. 103 Waablngtap-at. For bai.e-ou rbnt-at a decided bar gain, a H-room foralabed residence, witb bath-room, waler-oloset. Ac., 18gaa-bnmen: bam, hone, buggy, all complete, near Union Park. Adore a* W 5. Tribune office. FOR SALK-TWO HOUSES WITH LOTS AT COR nor of Sophla-it. and SbolfieM-av. Tonne low to suit Sood parlies. By HARRY MORGAN, on promises, or 1. W. BRIDGE, Trlbono IiVOR SALB-A VERY DESIRABLE RESIDENCE, 1 243 South Loavltt-st., corner Van BurentbouMis of brick, and contains 13 room*, bathroom, etc., Urgu dry collar under tho whole bouso; larac grounds, iPOzISJ. beautifully laid out. In a choice neighborhood. Wlllaoll at price to suit the tiroes, or would sell bouae and 60 loot, ■non’SALE^OirRENT-IfoUSE, LOT. AND BARN, r 76 South Llneoln-at, near Madison. House contain* Brooms, water, andgaa; 10t35x125; termaaaay. Imiulre at 46 Uonofe-»U rrtOU. SALK—IMMEDIATE DECISION WANTED— D We aw authorixed to offer the boat bargains of the day If Ukon at onoo before routing: rark-av., elegant marble front, lot 80x123; want an offer. .. . Uneoln-it., fineS-etorr frame, with largo barn, Wlncboaier-ar., an A 1 oottaao. 11. OSUOUN A 80tf, 128 LaSatle-st. For ralb-at a kaouificb, i-htory and collar octagon ‘brick bouse, four rooms deep, all modem conveniences, two blocks east of Ellis Park. u> be finished Juno 1. Apply for one week Uoom&Keapci IRock, SUBURBAN RE AX. ESTATE. For bale—knole wood—house and cot tago one black from dopoti lake water: largo lots; very desirable; torroa to suit customers. Also tine red* donee in South Evanston. Call and aoeua. TILLOT. BON imoa.. W Ij)ORBALR—ENGLE WOOD—VERY CHKaP. TWO 1’ aionr brick basement, 13 rooms: splendid location, near depot: lot 60 or IW*I7U. HUUIUItD A CO., 908 Laßalle-«t. FOR SALK—ENGLEWOOD—HOUSE AND OOT tago one block from depot: lake water: large lota; very desirable; terms to suit customers. Also fine resi dence In Snntn Evanston. Call and ewroa. TILLOT HON BROS.. W Washlngton-st. _ I?0R BALE—STYLISH NEW HOUSE AT NORMAL r School. Englewood, with large green lawn and tree*, 8330 cash, balance monthly. Own your own homo. it. C. WARE. M Washlngton-st. For bale-special inducements-! offer lota In Evanston 83 feet front by 160 deep, for 8600 each storms, it cash, balance In ouo, two, and three years. orltOraonthly payments; come with mo and aoo trio Improvements and Inducements 1 mm ottering. ROBERT COMMONS, 138 LsHa»e-st.. Room 2. TPOli BALE-8100 WILL BUY A BEAUTIFUL X 1 grovo lot I*3 feet deep at Glencoe, Chicago's host lake shore suburb, with 21 dally train*. 816 down and 86 monthly; cheapn.t lots In market, and shown froo: also abstract free. IRA BROWN. 143 LaSalle-st., Boom 4. I non BA LE-UEBT SOUTH ENGLEWOOD IX) TS, ■ sits eleb, pavabla $lO cash, and $3 por month. MAT' HON HILL.V7 Washlngton-st. IROR SALE-RENT, OR RXOIIANOK—HOUSES X 1 and lota at Hinsdale—cheap on easy terms. Houses of 4, ft, 8.10, and VJ rooms. High, dry lots, and 10 cents faro. O. J. STOUOH. I 2» Dearborn-st. Fou balk—ti.ouo will buy a rix-hoom cot. tsge, good cellar and veil, wltbSlots, stGlenooo; 8300 down, 815 monthly for balance; much bettor than renting. IHA DROWN, 1« 4. For sale-or kx'cii anqk-goud 3.'htouy boose, well, cellar, olstern. etc.; comer lot luOxlbtV near school, store, churob, and depot, In Glencoe, |I,UKJ. MUUTON CULVER, Room_4 MetrupullUn Block. FOU BA I <K—H 01 1 GAN PARK—HOUHKH AND WTH on monthly payments. Only a small cash payment re quired. House of 6 rooms and lot 60x150. 9l,&Ui: monthly paymsnU. 114.C6. House of 6 rooms and lot 100x160, <l,7Cu; monthly payments. <19.17, House of 9 rooms and lot 75x 160, 83,4(1); monthly payment!, *37.06. Houses costing doable these prices, double lbs monthly psmenti. 11*11- road fare, 10 coni*. Inqnira of GKO. It. CLARKE. Agent, No. 11 Chamber of Commerce. 1~ jtOR SALK—3-HTORV HOUSES lIUILT TO OUIHSU 1 on 60-fool lnU, at Wealem Spring*, on O. U. 40. It. U,, at from S4OO to 01.800. with aldewalke complete, near elation, on easy payments. at abort notice. Several nice new homes to root cheap. T. O.HILL, 4 I*kealda Building. WOil SALE—*SOO WILL BUY AN UNFINISHED X* cottage and two lota at Park Htdge: good cellar and wall: Slut) down and 814 monthly lor balances nowelop renting. IUA BHOWN. 143 LaSalle-at. IpoU SALK-A PABTY WITH 8900 CASH TO MAKE * Ant payment can eeonre one of the rarest ohancea ever offered tobuy a homo In Koulb Englewood or at Clyde. Owner had to lake them cm a debt, and baa no ate fur them, and wll aoll (or whatever he can get. THUKB - BROWN. lie Fifth-av. T?OITSALK-kXOKLLKNT HOUSES AT HAVENS- It wood and Humtnerdale on eaay terms: lake water: Bequent tralnas low fare*. A. BENNETT, agent, .oath east comer JUonroe_aod Market-ate. rVoiTSALK-OB TO LET-A DESIRABLE PROP trty at Blveraldo. with brick bona*, all Improve menu, atable, eto.:i acre* of land. Apply to T. T. WATbQN, 108 Doarboni-«t. t for further particular*. ■ COUNTRY REJU, ESTATE. ijinu BAi.K-you p.aii. at bottom pkiokj. 1’ I (tnto 1,000 acre* lowa landa. Call tbie weak. K.F. ADAMS A 11l WHS ... Full SALK -A DKAUTIKUL TABU OP » AORBB, Elgin, 111. REAL ESTATE WANTED^ Ok' 11,(00, btimoi clear lota. Il« 0. MOlilti. w Uark-u. ANTED—WR IIAVK who want home* worth about #d,WO. CaU of ad drcnTU UN Kit A BOND. U? Watidngton-at. DIVORCES, I'VIVOUORg LKGAI.LY OtIIAINKU FOR INCOM JJ patibllity, *te. Ueeldonc# uor uettoual presence not required. AlfidadUeufflclmil proof. Fee alter decree. AddreaeO. CUik-»l„ Chicago, IU. __ _ BIVOUOUS OBTAINED WiTlluUT i'UBIJOITF, legal everywhere. (or incotupaUblllly, do. UvDdcQce not becaMary. Affidavit laicimU _ Fog atur decree; Uyeare l experience. AdduceDoxlHM*■ U., Chicago.DL *1 \IVOHOKb LEGALLY AND WUIUTI.y 'Mil ANKD I f |q arrry Hut# of lh# Colon (or incompatibility, etc. lUaldeuoe uauoc'MMrv. I’m cl tor deoiae 'I waive yuan experience. Adaiaea roei-ODoo flat 1931, CWoago, lit. THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 1876. TO RENT—HOUSES. rnENT-nr r. o. virri.ino, room is, iai n«Mbom»t., near Madison: llrnwti turns front ut 14 rooms, with nlllmproremonf*. on Ilia northwest corner of Waba«ha». aud Ihlrtjr ■oennd-sl. la ooeol tho finest of mluoneoe. 4tft I’ralrleav., buns* of 9 mom*. 229 Pralrie-ae., bout* of 19 room*. 8 Twenlyeiilb-rt., brick of 11 room*. 440 South Dearborn-et., bone* of II roorea. QSISoaUi D#*rborn-#l., cottage of T room*. • In# etore on HU'e-st., near Forty-sereath-li. TV Morgan-et.. cottage of 8 room*. 734 Wml Jackson-et., cottage of 9 room*. K 9 Weet l-ake-st., house of $ rooms. gyj Stalest,. 9 line room*. . , , *34 Twenty-flffh-st., hatwoon State and wabub-ar., floe S-mom homo, with all impmretnema. 698 Mlateit.. atom «Rh aairxm fltlorea. ]Su6 Month IJsarbora-it.. cottage. Rest Randolphs!,, atoro and lolls. AVi, AM, and AM, Ktate*at.. stores. Furnlilied house n( 14 rooms on Twenly-fonrtb*et- F. O, VIRRI.INO, Uoora 18. IW Dearborn-et. rro URNT-db and look, tiiky afuHToit UHrn - 933 Vortland-ar., ouar Twenty-elgbtb-at., fi-routn dwelling and barn 4 17.C0 near Tblrty-Orst-al., grocery store, 10 rooma aud barn SS.Cd Kn West Indlana-at., Ist st/>ry, 4 rooms fI.U) EH West ludlana-il,, 3d story, 4 room lu.oo Will allow 84 per cent for 8 months rent In ca-ti. TitUHHUKMiA UHGWW, 104 Flfth-ar. HID RBNT-TIIH NKW 9-HTORV AND RAfIRMRNT 1 atons-front lioium In tho new block situated on the northeast corner of West and, and fronting Union I’ark; iucaitou llrsl-ctaaa: contain IJ to 14 rooms each. Four houses left on Ogden ar. and throe on Wublngton-at, front. These houses are first class In arery particular, and will be rented lowtogo'Ml (•nants. Apply to W. 11. BAMPHON A CO.. H«af Ks tale and Ilentmg Agency, 144 lASallo-at. rRKWT-M'Aum.K-pnowr housh, mo miohT gan-ar., glou per mnttlli. Mathle-front house, 10*1 Mlehtgan-ar„ S9O por month. Frame house, I(M7, sß6l>«r month. Ilrlck house, I'sn Prairlo-a*., 140 por month. Brick house, IWW Fralno-ar., Super month. IIKNKY'O. YOUNG. Room B.Jlrjan Block, rpo RKNf-TMR LAROR RRIOK DWRLLINO, WITH 1. bam and largo lot, on southeast corner Warren-ar, and Wood-st., from May I. WaLTSU M. HOWLAND, W Loßalle-at. rpo RKNT—FUUNIBHRD HOUBK 1081 WADANII- I ar., l-story marblo-froot, 16 rooms, low rent and very desirable: also, 8-roora cottage at Houln Kvanatuo. Ad dress or apply to D. F. OHA.SK. Mattcson House. TO RKNT—MIOHIOAN-AV,. NO. 815, FOR 1 YKAR from May I, at $76 per month i in firat-cUu repair. H. H. KVHRIIART, Room I, No. 84 WMhiagmn st. rpo RKNT—A FIRHT-GLAHS IIOUHB ON MICIII i. gtn a*., near JUgbteeoUi-st,, haring ererythlng, to an A I tonanl for I or 9 years. JAMU3 11. HILL, 94 Desrborn-it., Room 4. TO HRNT B-BTOBV AND BABKMKNT BRICK home and barn. 260 Calumct-ar, Terms very low. A. BOOTH, corner alate and Lake »la. fno IIBNT-THK TWO-STORY 10-KOOM HOUSE 1 No. mWaba-di-av. Apply to R. J. WAUUIB, Mo- Vleker's Theatre Building. a* lO RENT AN ELEGANTLY FURNISHED KKSl dfinec on North Side, within (on mlontea’ walk of the Uouft-Homu», cheap. To rent-ootaoon-fhont brick HOUSE, newly papered and palntod; 10 rooms, bath-room, and all modem Improvements, furnace and gas-fizturotj $lO per month. IA3 West Slonmest., near Wcstern-av. Apply to J. WEST, 671 Woet Monroo-st, near Leavitt. GIG LINCOLN - PARK. A NICkT 1 room brick: hot water, closet, bulb, bam; first-claw neighborhood. Parlor carpets and part o( fumitnrafor aala or root. Oil AS. N. HALE, 153 Itandolph-st. fpO RENT*-A NICE 8-ROOM HOUSE IN GOOD 1 condition, with largo lot. 916 Fremont-at.; 910 to good tenant, KNAuUR BROS., earner Clark and Klntlo-sta. TO RENT—TENKMRNT OR LOWER PART OF 074 Fulton.*t, consisting of alx rooms and closets. Ap ply from S to 4 p. m. HIO RENT—AT UNION PARK-THAT VERY DR- J. alrablo brick residence 27 St. John’ contains 10 rooms, furnace, all modern conveniences, and Is rat proof. C. Tj_IIoTOUKISS,_22I JVeat Wasbiogton-st; rpo RENT—4II CARROLL-AV. AND SHRLDON-STy X pew octagon alone-front, rooms, mod ern improvements, line lawn, side tut. brick barn, hand sumo shade tiee*. Also 427Carrotl-av., octagon stone front, 13 rooms, and conveniences; one of tbohandsomest locations In the city. Alsu several new 10-room brick bouse* on Ada-at. and Arbor-place at 825 and s3l nor month. a. a. HAYES. 7 fllutropolttan Block. TO RENT-BYII. O. MOREY. &5 OLAUK-BT. Callage, 1609 Indlana-av., 818. 251 (Jalumct-av., 3-story brick. 14 I’gan-at., 50-foot lot, 835. 6T, Park-ar., 3-slor7 and basement and bam. SSO. 23 Abordocn-at., 8-atuiy stone-front, 13 room*, mb cellar. 60H Carroll-av-, 6 room*. 818. 451 Carroll-av., D-slory atone front, 8&0. BtU 9-story frame, 60 feet, $25. TO RENT-699 WEST MONROK^ST., BTONIt FRONT* fine carpal*, furnace, gaa flzturea. very low to good tenant 837 West Adam*-st., 8-rooin. cottage. 820. 120 llnnore-st.. Just south of Van Huron, large Id-room brick, furnace, hot and oold water, at 840. OWNER, 701 West aionrocst. TO RUNT—WtTORY AND BABP.MRNT BRICK bouse, 8 rooms; alto one jiartly (unilslied, on Warren av. Apply to J. B. IIAI.K. 13J Dearborn at. TO RENT—<S7S ADABIS-ST.. CORNER HONOUR, $25. im Monrwxt., ... 19 Lafllu-at., fine brisk. In complete order, 860. U. OSBORN A SON, 13a LaSalle-at. TO RENT-NEAR LINCOLN PARK. AND CLOSE to can, a brick bouro of 8 rooms, hot water, bath, closete, ate., for <35. OHAB. N. UALK. 153 Randolph. rpo RENT—KLKO ANT W A RULE-FRONT TEN- X rocm bnuse«, one to Ihroo block* (rum Lincoln Park; flnt-classneighborhood; house* contain modern conns nlencos. and terras will bo reasonable. CIIAS. N. HALE, 168 Itaodolpb-at. mg RENT—S6I ALL TU’O-STORY AND BASEMENT X brick dwelling, 778 West Adame-aL; rery roasonablo. A L. RUCKWKLU 80 LaSallent. f|TO BENT-CHEAP TO GOOD PAUTIKS. WITH X or without furniture, a pleasant house, oa West Bide, no»r cars. Addroa WW, Tribune office. rivj RENT—NICE 10-ROOS! BUICtt'iIOUSKS, NEAR X Lincoln P*rk:all conveniences: will put In good or. dor and rant low. 0. H. WALLKR, 41 Clark-st.,Uoom 11, T- IQ RENT —HOUSB - 671J ■FUI.tON.'BT., NEAR Paulina; 6 rooms, S close!*, pantry, and two atore* room*: very conveniently arranged; wolMlghlod.wwor, water, gas. am) ga»-llitnr<*»: 82<i; a very pleasant, cheap tenement. H. M.BHKRWOOD.J3h KastMouroe-st. rpo“UKNT-FrNK IIOL’HK lI ELLIS PARK; ALL J. Improvement", water. gat, and furnace; cast front. Apply to JACKMAN a BON. l&j ami 164 Booth Water. rro RENT—UOTTAGKS, *8 TO 813; NEW BRIGKH. I <3O, 923, <M? one near union Park, with barn. JOHN F. F.BRRIiAUT, 167 Wasblngton-at. fpO RENT - TWO-STORY AND BABEMKNT X bonae, looking on Union Park: good repair*; 125 per month. Call on proprietor, on premises, 14 Wnlaat-st. r l'o RKNT~w’r\vKST WASHIN’OT ON-ST.’. 3IAR- X bio-front, three stories, basement, subcollar, modern conveniences, etc. slow to right party. Apply at3i7 West Kandolph st. rjvo RKNT-238 SOUTH BANGAMON-ST., 11 1 rooms, pantry. 4 closets, olr.: good order: largo gar den. Apply to owner. J. A. OWEN. 183 Washlngton-st. riYo~iVKNT-419 WARIIKN-AV., NICK OCTAGON X stono-tmnt, tivo-story and basement botiso, and brick bam, tlf*. Inquire on Iho promlios. or of 0. A. DIB BLE, M Clark-st*. Room 61. 110 RENT—CORNER ADAMS AND OaKLP-Y-STB.' a now octagon front brick noose, two stones and basement. Ton rooms, bath-room, ature-room. fruit and china closets, olo'hov-elcsjts, water, hot and cold, on every floor: everything first-class: rent, <W P 9r month. Inquire on premia's Mondav from Ba. tn. until 13 m., of owner,or In ovonlng at W Wlnchosler-av, TO RENT-TWO FINE 6-ROOM, COTTAGES, AT Iho north city limits, for <ls. which are really worth <35; also3others. Apply 123 South Clark-st., Jtcom 11. fno RKNTa-A CHANCE SELDOM OFFERED-ONE L of those 4-story rnsrhle-front houses fronting Union Psrk. richly sad coraplstely furnished, rent free, to a small family, for the board of four person*. Adure»s one week, with full namo and reference, It 97 Tribune office. TO ~RKNT-FIRST.CLASS' 2 STORY AND'BRICK basement house, fur one or two families. <3O per month. CallatlSSPark-av. ritQ RENT—NEW AND WELL BUILT OCTAGON X 3-story and basement brick bouse on fint brick soutii of Pnlk-tt.: modern linprnremnals: <ls. in quire st4D Campbell Park, or of JOHN W. MARSH, 91 Washington at. . rpo RKNT FURNISHED a-STORY HOUSE. 10 i moms, bath and water-clovet, 68Q t'ultnn-st.: calcb mined and painted throughout. Owner wants board for ■elf and wife, or will rent without board. Apply on the premises. rno RENT—A RELIABLE PARTY WILLING TO X board a gentleman, wife and child for rent of a cot tage nfl> rooms. with modem Improvement*, with bam, near Robey ami Mouroo-sts, please address y 73. Tribune OffiOOj TO BENT—A "NEW 8 BTOUY STONE FROST house In tho very best location on the North Hide, It la newly furnished except the parlors, and will bo routed until Nov. Ist to a lint-class private family only. Address O. 88.Tribunoofllea 110 BKNT-THK TWO STORY AND BASEMENT brick homo 411 JleldeD-av,; (urnbhml complete, Mann. ato. The beat bargain wo have offered. (J. 8. iIUTLV.U t e».. K»ltml\mt-»t. rrcfni:NT-Two story and basement house X No. KXa Wab.Mh-av.__J£nquiro No. 10. M Wabaah.av. L trllfitat, and Lakoav..and Or(*f eland av. ; mud cm Ininrovemenlasvery cheap.*4o. SSO, aod 080 per month; K, onjhe promUoa. fIV) RBNT-S’STORY AND RAKRMENT BROWN- I aUm« booae, with all modern ImprovemonU. on North. Uoatbornet., between (lootbe and ILvlilon. Carpets and uartof furniture for tale, I’nweaalim Ist of May. Cal) or addroaa 469 North Doarborn-»l. TO BUNT—TO KIND IMMEDIATE TENANT, WK wtll rent the 8-alory and basement brick dwelling No. Sol North LaSalle-et- for 89U); bae brick baro. with gaa and water. Karat No. toi. Fur further particular*.ln quire ol MERRILL 4 KNOLE, Boom 9 Metropolitan Block. _ r BENT-NO. 1548 (OLD NUMBER) WABASH av., corner of Thltty, the Sl-atonrsud base moot brick dwalling-hr are, either furolahed or unfnr ulabed, and either with or without a barn; furnace, gaa Dilutee, end but and cold water laid In: cheap to an ell- Ilblo tenant. Atply dallyon the premlaea between Wand o’clock, O. J. MOW At. rn6* RENT-MIOHIdAN.AV.--Nq. 418 MICHIGAN. X av., to a reaimnakbl* private family, $l9O furnished. 0100 nmornlahocL rifb RENT -NO. 811 FULTON-BT.. 6-UOOH HOUSK. X cheap to good tenant: ie clean tad nut. By J. FRAKK, Room >l. 1631taudolpb at. vno BENT—HHink HOUSES OF M BOOMS F.AOII, L 134.134, and I3u Tbrouu-at.; one all (iirDtahod. and atablo. JtdlND. MACI.KOI), 8m Weit Wuhlnglon at. mb RENT—OiIKAB—A TWO.KTOUY ANI> BASK- X rueut brick houeo of nine rootna, Apply oo prumlaea. 33 Sllvcrat. | mO KKNT-IJKVKN UOOM OOTTAOK, VKUV DU. X tirftblf locaUid. un*r Twont/ lidh-H.. on rialn*4T., tl|M. I’UBTUK. U Ut,.n Hloct * filU HKNT-*M PBIt MONTiI. tfid INUUNA-AV., I ii-»Ujr» mad brick b*«omor>t ui>iu«. lu rvoma; «Ub litre. O. A. tiPUINQKU. M Do*- rnGRKNT-ttl MURTii DKAUitOHN-BT., A TWO -1 elorr »ml baaomenl bout# |.»r two paritue. gn. waters In good order; B tourne, two floor*, <130; ttrwt floor, A loom*. >'JS. , fiHMIKNT—S-BTpltY FUAMK HOUSE OF KIpHT 1 room*, 141 Weet Jaokeoo-ek. Inquire o( rtIOUAB 11001), Hoorn 10 UrleaUl liuikllng, jEi Labaile-et. fpoTrjlKNT-7 ROOM COrrAOK NO. im 1. *t., aUo »U room* at |li. M» It, FORT M Do*ii>oju tl. mij lUivi'-A FKW KLUHANT It LSIDKNCES ON I the North Bid#, iodealiabloloeatioui.alUiwcelpnc#. U. U W. U. McCORMICK. 1m U.Sailoit. riw iikst - m souTii hTi.stkdst. - rlsji 1 brlok )>»UM. It room*. Urge gnxjuda. Apply to O. J. JHJLL, M KaaVWaaUluAluu-at., UoutuU. TO RENT—HOUSES. tDO RRNT-497 WRIST ADAMB-BT., NEAR 1,15- JL coin. smith front. two-«tory and basement. Jirtck, with furnace, gas-fliture*. hot and cola water, all In complete order, iM per month. . . 73u Weal Madison-et., iwe-story frame, hot and cold rM nvn ffiagiiua**,., mu. hi. wu.u water, and gsa-Aitaro*, only 030. liM Ilonroeet., near Jackson, two-itory fraraa, with barn,Jj» per moaih. ...... . ... . , 467 weit Madl*on-*t., nltabte (or two famllloa, hot and Mid water: 040 per montht al»o a large ll»t el large and email home*. A foil doeertpUoa win be found in the Landlord and Tenant Conte* froe at our office. COLE, NEWELL k M'J.SHBR, 1W Wen Madtson-at. f|»o RKNT-IN THK NKW BLOCK OP B.BTORV J alone-front homo* alinated on Iho north weal earner of Ashland «». and Adami-et. The houses are flnhbed la blaekwalnut, and are tiral-elaae In entry particular; II Momt, aub-oellar, eld. Throe hontoi left facing Aib land-at. Alio, the new3-«tnrjr and basement a tone-front honaeaon Adam»-su, Juat weal of Aihland-ar,; {grooms; one bouse loft. Thoao home* will bo rented reasonably to good ten ante, (/n ation boat la the city. Apply at once to WM. 11. HAMPdON k CO.. Real KaUte and Ranting Agency, 144 Ufialle-ab O rent-house ON WABASH-AV., NEAR Twenty.autb-at., 19 room*, alt modem Improre tnla; 473 per month- . .... ... /trp bouao at Keowood, with fine grounds, at low trick home and 16-foot lot at Hyde Parks water and R Plata at cheap rent, 010 per month, near M-, fl. i 11. I. 11, 1(. depot. B, A. ULRICH, Room 8. H 5 Washington*!. ritO RENT—HKVKKAL VERY PINK TWO AND i throe story and basement awellod oast front brick dwellings, with all modem Improvements, furnace, barn, chandeliers, Ac., Nos. 81 and S 3 Forr#»t-av., south of Thirty.fir«t-«t.; 14*d Pralrle-a*., aoofh of Thirty-second at. I also two-st/>ry and basement on Wetl Hide, on Hob* bard-st., near Hoyne No. 719: rent lor latter only 03" per month; noil adapted to two families. Apply to JOHN COVERT. mi Indiana-a*., or at 43 Ktate-et. JOHN COVKUT. 030 RENT—THE NBW 3-BTORY BRICK DWELL i Ing hcuaet, containing from 4 to 9 room*, on f-ulton and Walnut-sts., Imtwooo KaoramenP>-ar. and Oglesby at., will be nntod to good tenant* at (rent 019 In 019 per month {Convenient to hone and atcamears: each house hat city watnr and modem conreniooces. IWesaion giren Immediately, Apply to W. D. KKRFOOT k CO., IS WasUington-et. ’ 'PO'RKNT-THR DP. FOREST HOUSE. CORNER JL ol Clark and Krto-sta.: 36 room*, suutb front, newly calcinlnod and painted; a splendid location, and with a rnpmatlun that will certainly Insure a good business. Apply at bouse. niO R ENT-930 WEST LA KB; ST.-COTTAG E.'FOf JR X ronma. newly painted and calcimlued; 016. ED MUND A. CUMMINOS, HO and 131 m6“RHNT-8l NORTH ADA-HT., S-STOHY AND i basemonlbrick dwelling; bath, wator-closef. etc. 1 084. KDMUNU A. OUUailNOa, T"b RENT—FOR SUMMER MONTHS. to"GOOD tenant* without children, nicely furnlsbed bouse, all modern conveniences. Inquire at Itl Twenty-Uftbat. a*iO~RKNT— MICHKiAN-A'’.—2-STURY TjCTAOON marble front, 18 rooms, 3 bath-room*, furosce, gas rtiturrs. bam; 8100. Would soli on monthly psymenu. Call at Room 31 Reaper Block, - 'IXIIIENT- 14 VINCBNNKS-PLAOR, 8-STORY AND 1 basement brick, in Rood order: 423. EDMUND A. CUMMINGS. ligand 131 lAHalle-st. ' rpo KENT—IBSI BTATB-BT.-NRAT COTTAGE, « 1 room*; will bo pal In rood order. EDMUND A. CUMMINGS, llstnd 121 LaßaUe-st. r PO RENT—NO. MNORTIi ASHLAKD-AV., TWO -1 story frame. Brooms; the fourth bot»e south of I*ake. and fronting upon Union Park: S3O per month. in Rood repair. WM. D. PALMER. No. lei NUto it.. Palmer llotuo. TO RENT—NO. 74 HONOUE-ST., NEAR ADAMS; 4- atort brick. 13 rooms; S3O Per month. and in good order. WM, D. PALMER, No. 185 Blato-st., Palmer Uouso. rpo RENT—43O—TO A FIRST-CLASS I’AUTYO.NLY, X lulu I’ralrlear., comer Tw«nty-nlnlb-st.., largo rooms, all on one iloor: water and gas. O, YoUNG, 133 Michlgan-av., corner Madlaonst. • rpo RENT —l6l THIRTY-NINTH-ST., 2-KTOUY J, frame and brio* basement, 11 rooms, hot and cold water, gam, and furnace, barn on premises, convenient lu Cottage Grove cars and 11/de Park train: track laid on Tiilrt/.nlntb-st. toSlock-Yarks; s;U)amonl*i. Also borne for small family, 7 rooms, A3O. Ajtpl/ at 168 Kgan-av., or at WISWALL A GREENE'S shoo store, 131 Xwont/, second-sL rno RENT-ON TWKNTY-FIFTII-BT., RRTWKBN X Prairie and Cottage Orovoavs., No. K 7, I Si-story honan, 7 rooms, |SO: ® cottage, 825: good repair. Room 13, 149 l-a-Sallo-sl,. from 13 to 2. M. 11. LASS. O RENT—II*96 PRAIRie-AV., MARBLE-FRONT. 14 rooms; cheap to good parties. Apply at 48 and M Wabaah-av. rpS RF.NT-f45- 13-ROOM 11U1CK BASEMENT X bouse 417 Micblgaa-av. j all tbe conveniences. U. F. WORK i CO. ,_V33 htalo-st.__ T'omiNT-«50-an66M BRICK HOUSE: usual conveniences; 8 Somlnary-av., north of Fullerton. G. F. WORK ± CO.. 133 Btato at. r RENT-410 PER MONTH, EIGHT ROOMS, cottage near Wcutworth-av. and Twenty-sovnotb-su; 410 and Sls; tlx room* on Blatc-st. OKU. 11. HESS A CO., iu6 Dearborn-st. r PO RUNT—NO. 197 SOUTH WOOD-BT.. 3 LOWER T stories of nice bouao; good neighborhood; $23.60 per month. rpo RENT—NICE 6-ROOM COTTAGE. SOUTH-EAST X corner Mlchlgan-av. and Twenfr-tlfth-st.: rent, S? 3 per month. April/ to WM. U. BAMFbON A CO., 144 LeSallaSt. 'IX3 IHINT—A TEN-UOOM HOUSE, NO. 701 NORTH X Frsnklln-st.. newly calcimlned. papered, and paint* ed inside and out, hot and cold water, stationary basins and gas. In tirsuctaas neighborhood, one block from Clark st. cars, with lino view of Lincoln Park; price, HQ. Apply at 85 South Ulark-st., Room 17. rpo RKNT—(£3 WEST ADAMS-KT.. TWO-STORY X and basement brick bouse. 13 looms, all modern Ini* provemenu and furnace. House will Iw put Ja enmplst* onler. Reasimablo rent. Apply to WM. 11. SAMPSON A CO.. 144 LaSallo-tU ri’O RENT—CHEAPEST OFALL—TWO-STOUY AND X basement frame, No. II Irvlng-place; 6 rooms, water, nice yard: tine neighborhood: very chosp at 818 r 6-room cottage (*<3Congres»su. near Weitorn-av., sit! ; 6-ronm cottage, 313 North Halstod-st.. 911; 6 rooms, 191 South JoOorson-st., sls. D. H. FISKK. Room 7 Utl* Block, rpo RENT—TWO-STORV AND BASEMENT OCTA* X gun marble-front house; has just been put in the very best repair, gas flltnroa. furnace, and all modern Im provement*, on block adjoining Ellis Park •, one of the finest locations in the city. 8M) per month. Aildrosa K, M.,lOl#iSuN, Board Public Vtorks. m o“Tt knt in uTi i<Ta n- a v. . tiirek-story i and basement, 13 rooms: furnace, range, and gas fliluros, with barn. Apply on promiaot from 9a. tn. to 0 p. m. mo RENT—THE TUT).STORY AND BASEMENT X marble-front dwolUng-bouao, No. 1643 Prslriosv., between Thlrty-llfth and Thlrty-ilxtb-ats., oonttlning about 10 rooms and furnished with all modern Improve ments. A. LOKII A BROTHER, liOand 131 Laballe-st. fpo - iP.NT—THREE B-STORY AND BASEMENT X brick and sUmo-lrunt houses on Calanietar.. unobsli block aouth of Twonty-mulh-at., now, with all modern ' Improvements: very cheap to good tenants. BULLOCK BROS., W am! W Madl»on-at. TO KENT—HOUSES 216 AND 219 SOUTH SANOA tnonit.; itone front*, two-itory basement, and Man sard roof; barn gas fixture*, furnacci, siailoiiary tutu, and window eorooua; complete In every way; 216 ready for occupancy* now, being newly painted and grained throughout. 11. ». SIIUFKLDT. hi Adams-it. rpo'ifOT-THB TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT i octagon-front brick bnllding No. 63 Sedgwlck-st., one block west from Lincoln Park. For terms, apply to C. O. HOLTON, Nog. 333 and fell Klate-st. f|X> RENT—THE 3-STORY AND BASEMENT MAIL X blo-front house 31 Twonfy-tlfth-st.; furnace and all mudoru Impmvemente: house In thorough repair: rent very luw. 0.11. AU. 0. WALKER, 13 Chamber of Com- TO RENI—THOSE RRaUTIFUL OCTAGON !L room houses, with all modern conveniences, at the comer of Hash and Oak-sla.. North Side. Rent S4O per month. Apply un the promise*. rpo RENT—TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK X dwelling ft* West Washington-it- Apply U> VSM. COCHRANE. 43 and41 Randulph-st, fPO RKNT-FROM MAY 1. HOUSE 711 WABASH- X •«».. wide lot, good bam, 13 room*, all modem Im provements; chcapto a good tenant. Apply at Clifton House. 1)0 RKNT—IIW WABABII-AV..SHTOUY AND RASE . monV marble-Ironl bunsa, It rooms, In perfect order, with furnace and ga* fixtures, nnly ijtlrt per month. JAa. 11. CUUUAIAN A CU.. C 8 Waahlngtou sl. f|Xi RENT—IIOUSKB IN ALL PARTS OF THE L city. Full list and particulars In " Landlord and lunant' 1 at our eflloe. R, H. AW. tl. McCOllillCK, Ibo lASsllo-st. fPO RENT—A KICK FURNISHED iIUUSE ON X Mlchigan-av., north of Blxteouth-et. OSCAR FIELD, 164 Mlchlgao-av. f(U> UENT-ON MICIUOAN-AV., JUST SOUTH OF LTldriy-tltth-iL, with 6 and tu room*,all modern Improvements, fur *36 per mouth. Apply to 1L O. ttTONK, 116 East Aladteon-st., Roam 9. 'IV) RENT—HRICK DWELLING-HOUSE. TWO* X story and basuiueut. In complete onicr, No. 104 In dl*na-av. AppH atjliwm 9 llespar Itlnek. nio lIKNT—COMPLttTRI.Y-'KUUNIrtiIKI) IIOUSI X No. 131 H l’f*lrio «r.; tlirofl-»U>r7 «ml hawtmenl uim blofronU ISmomi! all modern Ininrnreni-mu: rent lo< A jipl/ u> Wii. 11. bAMI'SUN A CO. I’PO KKNT-NO. 711 WKST m7Tn»MH£BT“TWO 1 »torx amt brisk baiumout dualling. curtaining I*. 1 room*, wit ball mortem lini>ni»orauiiia; rent low to a goo toaam. Apply at 734 Wail Alonruo-it. Suburban. rRRNT— TIIR VKUy HNK HOUSKS Ul’lf.T 11V W. 11. Rad (* b. Wrlglar at lUranula, h**ln« »»• ami water, (uruacei, ga»-fi»turu*, mod liard-wooU Uuuti tbroaitbout, «ru otfrr»<l (or rent for ooa rntr. at «W I’KU MO,NT 11 KACII. Thaio homo* ent to build 4UOIU uumv* vnk mj uuuu HU,O)O EACH, &ml are In perfect order. 1 *l*o olfar ill cottage* at if W to 920 per month. „ JAMES D. lUVNOMK*. U3 Dearborn-*!., (loom rro UKNT-CIIKAP-NIOU IIOUKK. MODERN 151- J. pruvemanU, near depot on C'., It. aO. It. It., only kinlloe woatof llmite, Alto 12-room bouae. modern tin pruvemeutv, and barn, near Union i’ark, only per month. S. Uhl-AMATBU, edWasblogloo-al. r|H> UENT—WINNKTKA HOUSE. 10 UUOMS. X hani.out-hoaiea, oto., bacreao! garden, evergreen*, abrubbory, native oaka, fruit truce, grape tinea, etc., heautllulblaco, full flow of tho lake, rent <ii per month. Call on WILUAM OAKLAND. Wloooika, or at 78 Doarburnit.,Hoorn 21. rno UKST—ENGLEWOOD—HOUSE AND , COT- X tago near depot i laku water, oicellenl eclmnl*. and good neighborhood. TILLOTSON UKOS., W Waahlug tonal. rpt’HKNT-AT OAK I’AllK. SEVERAL OOO'p i home*, with largo Intv at *lO. aW. 4 A 9>W. A, 1. URMISUWAY.JtuomW. l«l*halle-*t. IPO RENT—AT MAYWOOD-FURNISHED HOUSE, 1 with large grnuode, for the aumuier. at low rent. A. T.HBMINOWAY, UooiaM. 14J USalla-at. _ fpOUENT -*A FRAME HOUSE OF 8 EOOMS.'tHKKE X block* from tba llydo Park depot. Inquire of F• o. HLAIN. Malting Oaparimwut i»l-Oific«i. rno KENT MAYWUOD-VKHV I!HKAI‘-TVvO 1 »lorr, 9 booil room, oo Ura# m»a, [Mr yo*r. J. 11. iIUUUAUU, 9i4 L* »lghl - Btlla-U. nib liKNT-OU KXCIUNGK-ITNK HUHWKNCR 1 m lltgbwcod Button, Highland. Park. li. b. DUKY« KU» IJ Uoarborn*at. _ mb in'.NT-Id)UNrBIIKD lIOUSK ON LAKE BIIOKK I A t Kenwood. fur ilx month* or o roar, tooisk*claac tooaul. M.J-. PKARCB. ISJ Uoarbora st. /ro'nKNT-nV:SIIU«LK''IIOUSK AT UAVKNS- X wood, *35; a bousee at Suuiwurdale, (A) oaeh. A. HKSM-IT, Agoul, eouthsaatconur Monroa and Alar ktl-ats. __ fl'O'ltKNT-VKBV okBIRAIILK HOUSE AT KILN. 1 wood near station, Iwoslury audbasuueot brick, now oeiupUd by V. Norwood, Ban. llaa uvea, Qso of large grmud*. beautiful* Tie*. House bai Id rooms and all mulsrn Uuproiai&auU. Root low U» cum tenant. Aj» VljW WILLI Ail 11. UAMPSON A (ill.. Ul LaSallost. TO RENT-HOUSES* Snbnrbrm—Goniinnod* 110 RENT—AT HIGHLAND PARK AND HlGH wood; e'linrn'jtetlnn. lineals: Collage, bay wind jw, 4 |9 ft.mara house. two bar windows, % rtnma IS N'inaro home, two bsy window*, 4 room* lu Large elegant residence, four bay window* In both etoriee, Blargoroome..,. II For ininaier or year; all surrounded by old foreeftreo*! want nice families, and will make an inducement lor anmmen will guarantee dlflereoeelo lain* on lurnitnro will par car-faro, want lioftioupaiblo physician and dry* good* merchant: will etching* for gn.*l property. K. ABHLKV MhARS, UtJ Washington flVj RENT—AT' HINBDALR HOUSES ON ' HIGH I dry bits from 16 la I*l per month; faro 10 cent*, o. J.hToUOH. ISO Dearborn-*!. rro R'kNT-NEAR OAK PARK, BEAUTIFULLY X improved homo, with 8 acre* of lend. 030" (tor year. A. T. HEMINGWAY, Room 36. 113 leHallu-at. rro families. two A new 2 «nrr and basement 10-romn octagon front brick houses, handsomely finished, enmeniently arrancod .lake water and i.orf-ol drainage, wilh barna, splendid neigh borhood, K*n*o >d-er., one block Irnm Rnnwiod titatlnn. ,|AH. H, fpiH]»UN A CO., 69 Washington-*!. TO RENT—ROOMS. rro H O US({KEEPING, BV L F.DMUNDA. CUMMINGS, Wand ill LaSslle-al.t 4S and 47 'lMid •**., ( of 3 room* each, brick •building, halls lighted, /flap, -»|». bit Hurd a* , 6ro .ms, very pk-a<anl. 030 to 025. 2TJ Laftalb*-*!. (opposite Grind I’ltcifloh 4 room*. 413fvato «t., suite* nl 3 to 4 room*, oath from 09 to 023. 761 W<-«t Madtaon-at,, 7 ruunia, aocond etory. Will bo pot In wood nuler! only o'.*). tail Weal JUudolpb-at,, orlck. I room*, second story, Bandolph-at, brick. 6 rooms, third story, 026. rUO RENT-ELEGANT IM;U.SISIIKIMU)OM3“AT‘i3« A Madlton-et.. formerly Klmlcj’s Restaurant: alto a low nniurnlahed. Rent rcry low. r|H> RENT—FIIIST FLOOR(JF HOUSE NIL IM’oaK- A ley-»t. Imjulrn ol tenant on second floor. Price, 013 per mouth. rpO itKNT—'VKLL-FUUNISHi:I>. WARMED ROOMS, X 03.50 to 47 per week. Rellgl'vPtill'Wo|>lilc*l Pnblltb* Ing House, |X7_Fourth-ar., two block* south FosUOlbce. IPO RENT-NEW AND NIC ELY-FURNISHED i rooms; location central and desirable. 227 West Madisou-at., near Peoria. 10 RENT-A FINK SUITK OF FRONT ROOMS, fnmHfasd or nnlurnlshcd, without board. 1164 ralriear. 'O RENT—AT 86 OAnS-ST., CORNER OF ILLl nolt, pleasant room*, nicely fnrsubed, with nacut lb room, hoi and cold water. ____ rpb URNT-TWO FRONT ROOMBKN SUITE, OR T . largo room alone, nicely fnmlsbed. tnootagoD**front brick house, with all modem ImuroTemtnt*. Turme rea sons bio; good table hoard n»*r liy: reference* erehatigoJ, 41 Oak-ar., two blocks souUt ol Douglas House. rrn RENT-14 ROOMS OVER STORE 2» SOUTH X Olark-st., between .Tsrkson and Van Uureo. Inquire In sbiro of JAMES MATHEWS. rpo rent-hix’-uoom flats in new building X Otuiisa Bui#su W. WALLER, 41 Clark-sl.. Room 11. O RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS FRONTING Till! lake, with private family. Northwest corner Tbirteantb and ludiaua-av. rno UHNT-10 ROOMS. WELL LIGHTED, AUMIH- X aid/adapted for sub-latUug foraiabed room*. Ap* pi/ at store 3.C Htalo-st. TO RENT-VERY HANDSOME ROOMS AT 543 Wsbasb-av,, furnlsbod or unfurnished. Etctj coo- Tonlcncc possible. lO RENT—TWO ROOMS, SINGLE OH KN SUITE. . 11OJ PraiHa-av. rf'O RENT—A MCELY-l-URMHHF.D SUITE AND X other pleasant routue at reasonable rates. 351 West Monroo-st. ■rent - NF.W AND NIU KLV• FU R NIS UK D X rooms, single nr en snite; finest location in the clt/. Northeast corner Wabaah-av. and Hubbard-oourt. |X>'RENT-WirU OR WITHOUT HOARD, TWO L front alcove rooms, it'd East Cklcagoar. TO RENT—TO GENTLEMEN, A GOOD SIZE, wall furnlsbod room; also, an nnfnrnisbed front parlor (will furnish It desired > in new brick bouse with all modern Improvement*. 44 South Curtie-st., between Madison and Washington. rpo RENT—SUITES OF SIX ROOMS IN THOMP- X son’s Rlock, soluble for bnus*keo|nng; modern im provements: on first and second (Imrs (onn corner). By WM. 11. THOMPSON, Sat West Madiann-et. TO RENT—STORES. OFFICES. &c. Storoa. TO RENT—CHEAP—CORNER STORK. VAN BU rnn-st. and Tblrd-av., 4uxtOO. Goodutßco. tiro-proof vault, etc. Apply at 75 Nan Uuren-«t. a'O RENT—TilfTlllilCK RUILDING NO. 12 STATE . st., near South Water, bereloiore occupied by M. M. Smith A Co., liquordeaiors. SAMUELGKUR, 114 Dear bornst. rO RKNT-THE LARGE COMMISSION STORE NO. I'\/ i.r..u-iiii. unj.ui. u. v.„. *iv. l“9 South Watcr-st., 20x160 fret, between lASall“»t. .ml Fiftb-av., low to responalbls partioa* SAMUEL JEHU, 114 Doarborn st. TO RENT-MAY J—STOUR AND RAHEMKNT, H 6 Frankllnst., near Madison. R. M. OUTUET, IfiU Lafisllo-st., afierS p. in. dallr. TO RENT—VEKy LOW-STORK. WITH OR WITH out a fine rerldanco aboie. Choice location. Apply at 276 West Van liuren-st.. corner ot Morgan. r|V) RENT—A FIUST-CLASS BRICK STORK, NO. X HOUDivislon-st.. In front of Cl/buuni-ar. rpO - UKNT-NOT - ICO STATEdst. (HOOKSELIJ-IKS 1 X Row), stum, basement, and second Hour, connected hr elevator, togothor or separate. Apply to 146 Madlaon st.. Room V. H. O. STONE. TO RENT-STORKS. I!ASF.tfF.NTS, AND FLATS in now building, Sieand SSJtitats st, W- WALLER, 41 Olark-at., Rixm/11, rpO RENT—THREE STORKS ON MILWAUKKK- X *t., one an old grocery stand, with fixture*. Apply at SR West Randolph-st. mo RENT—FIRST FLOOR AND BASEMENT. No. TO X lJtke-it.: also second Hour, No. W 1-akn-il.; directly opiKxdto Tromont House. Inquire of U. 11. LALLY, 8 UVo-it. . r'o ’UKNT-STonP. AND BASEMENT. CO WP.ST I. Madlson-st. (Thompson's Block). opposite Canon. I’lrio A 00., business coutro of the Wo»t Side, Ssi7o, sult ibleforany first-class business. n>ni mod'-rato to rood inuaat. Wil. U. THOMPSON. g£» Weil Madison-et. rrb rkst-a very desirable small stork X for retail business, on good *tre«t, within one block of Court-House Square. For particulars appljlto ED MUND A. CUMMINGS. 119 tod Ikl LaSsllojau rTio rent-stork'7&i wksf madison'st., be -1 twooo Lincoln and Ruber. EDMUND A. CUM* MINUS. 119 and rilO RKNTVSTORK lOi MADISON RT.. FORMERLY X occupied by us; location tir*i-cI*M. Inquire at 119 and 180 Svaboah-ar. WM. A. BUTTERS A GO., Auc tioneers. Ofncca- TO RENT—OFFICES IN BUILDING NO. 1 MAR ket-at.; alio iiore No. 3 Market-st,, building No. 6 Market-st., and aalaon comor Market and Lake-sts- Reaumable ren* to good tenant*. Apply to JOSEPH ULLMANN, 1U Market-st. TO* RENT—SPLENDID OFFKIES IN TIIK HOWK linlldlog. southeast comet of Stale and Jscksoa-ita., tingio cr on sullo. at low rent.lnquire on premises. TO RENT—A CHOICE OFFICE FOR PHYSICIAN. Also elegant suite of rooms, and two nice rooms for alnglo goiitluincn, in Ely's llluck. cumorof Rahaihav. and Monroe-st. Apply at oitice MA A CO.,_up-*tairs. mO~RKNT—OFFICES. CHEAP. SUITES, WITH OR X without fireproof vault: also single otlicui, 3 very light (rent oUleos. with largo double window*. all at 191 aud 193 CUrk st.; good entrance; cuiuoand sco thorn. Apply at Room 10. __ fpo' RENT-SEVERAL DESIRABLE FRONT OF- L dees on second and third Hours of Fullerton lllock, W Dearboro-it. Apply at Room 4in the bnildlng. rpo UKNT—DESIHAIIi.H OFFICES AND ROOMS X for business purpusca on Ibo northeast corner nf Stale and J*ck«oa-sls.,ctiosi'to gnud tenants, by MARK KIM HAI.K 234 Kuto-it., Iloom 6. rri6 RENT—oi’FlcflS IS HUILDINO, NORTHWEST X oonwr Clark and >!*dls«in*sii. ! from $5 Ut *3O per month, all In good repair. H. 0. iIORhY. 94Cltrk-st. frO RENt-LAROE'OFFici:, SFICOND FLOOR, L r A X Raadolph-sL, near tihormaa House, Inquire la building. fro UE.ST—DESK-ROOM IN FRONT RASEMENI* X office. U. E. WEAVER A CU.. H» Lahalle-at. Mi«ootinnoona< TO RENT-DOCK ON SOUTH BRANCH. IU FEET (rout. AUo.lnts on corner Reach and Mathcr-»U.,wlth side-track, suitable for luiutwr, coal, or wood yard. C. H. A tl. C. WALKER, U ChamL-erof Cmurneroo. brick “iiuiLDiNri and X yard attached, suitable for storage or manufacturing, situated «n Writ Side, adjoining Fort Wajue lUllmad. AddioiaTSA, Tribune othoe. rpo nkST-uiiicAi’-two two-s'touy . imicic i alablc*. rear of WOaml WJ We»l l.ak»-»i. Kacb wtili val«r, k*», *ulla. haraori-room. mau’» room. wafer. cl'MM.aud well Will rent »lnslv ‘>c cuauctl iltnin If doilrod- Adiinni L (i. l i AlltllA.<K l UO Wu*l Ultii-il. rUO UKNT--l)OCK NKAII SOUTH UNO OP SOUTH J Cmul-11.. Ijium. with railroad track: al»o (look on r a.t fill.i of rlror, UoilW, rinar I’Utalmrif A Ft. Wajnu U. lIOI.MU*. *ft» South Lllnloail. mo HUNT—A IMIOTOUIUIMII lOAU.KHY CKN i trail; lucaloil. clicap. Al*«>aroum tdiii wnh llgiit on l«n iidei. fur 11 k Lit mamifaclurlnit, Cali or Mutt.** J. JOHSSON. UMrtuiilli Waier-*t. _ fro UKST—fI Ul’l’UH* FtAHIUS OF I*o SOUTH 1 riark-*!.. MliU or nlihjiil ateau power. C, . IHIvHCU, 1W L)*»arl»uro*al.i Kcwwtf. rno eiknt-Tii'ka hioiiv a nu kaskmknt nyTi.n- J Itie No. :« *t)'l 40 Wp»l >Urll*>n«t.. known *J (Jroat U6»)avi«ißV. ImiuUv ut L . * u. CAabi, 41 *tvl 43 Klfth Av. WANTED-TO RENT. \VA'NTKI>-rO IIKKT—ACOTTAcVk OF B OH 8 \t ruouia, comeuUnt loaueot-cara, pb’avant location 1 , rant muat be reaaonahlo. Addrcae NM, Trlbuno othoo. W ANTRD—T* i 11KNT—A* IIKAI, ESTATE MaN~ i> with aainal) family, will take a amall bouae or Hal. where rent will bn taken In tunica*. renting, collecting, Ac.; eecurip given. X 7d, Trlbuno olheo. VV children. 3or 4 n»im» in good neighborhood on Weil Side, tor light bmitakuvplng; muat bo raaeonablc: pay prompt. Addrcta, atatlug tonne and location, O 64, Trib une oiliue. \\r ANTED-TO HKNT-lUUNISUKD HOUSE ON 1* Kootb St.tu for tho mminir eaaaon by wan and wife who have on children; boat ol referuncoa. Addroaa FI), lyi S .ulii Waler-»l. FOR SALE. volt HALE—OFFICE FIXTUHKS AND HAILING il cheap. JUIIN H, AVERY A CO. 162 U Sillo-M. J' nnuaitilng burglar prvol vault, very cheap, Inquire at I'M ldko-at., up-aialre. h,U.K—TMK kiti -CH l£ Al’, IN IJUANTIUKS TO 1' kiill, m»plo *mi «ib. C*ll balwceu li »uj I o'clock. bOMIKI.U6. Kino JoarnAlOißc*. 136 WiililoglouH, ~ bALK-MAUULK BO I) A - I'UU N T AIN a (SHV i uial Uaudaotuo ouca. Uauil uuo icaiuu) al about ball i>rio«. Soatham baforo purchasing tdaoahur#. BIOULOVr FOUNTAIN CO.. 131 LakiMt. I>OU SAMC-13 fkkt heavy black walnut I’ uificu railing, Including gate, Tory cheap. laqairo »t JEuoiit a, bft Washing ton-»t. __ T?OU‘ KALK—A UKAUTIFUL t.ITTLK FAMILY 1' slaaiuboal; will carry • iluivo or liftovu persons. «o». trcd deck, mod-ruljr lulli, Unuiood In aih and aalmil, and llret class luvTuqr rvspuct. Apply al 1.4 Lake-st., tjp-sulre. INSTRUCTION WA KTKU -iXI) Y ’ TKACHKU POITDISTRICT school i family usual ransom lo suburb. None but rueboldiug acaiUdoaU* need apply. U. B, RHODES, W Washlogtoo-it., Uuomlft, WANTED—MALE HELP. AJooltkeeoorn. Olorka. &e. WANTED-BY JOSEPH R. HNIPLEV, HI BLUR 1? Gland ht,, an cttierleoced man a* foreman Intel* store. for three nay*. ___ WANTED -AN EXPERIENCED DKY-OOUDS man for drilling window* end ornamenting (tore generally; one who understand* writing ticket* preferred. Adore**, etitlnc where employed, N I, Tribooe office. Traae*i ■\\TAKTRD-A CQOI> BARBER AT NO. <1 WEST TT Steadyemployment. \ujTNrKii-noKn6v' pnRHS~noY who can tt mak* ready t*.rm». Mile experience and wage* riveted. It IT, Tribune oilier. WANTED -LATHERS ANM) PLASTERERS. NONB hut goM mun need apply; wage* 63 per day: come ready for work. Apply at t.uildlng* corner We*l Fnlton and Yaget et*.. oeaMJentral Park. W’antkd-two conn Ti;i;kTpoTffTKiw. ap^ ply to 11. 0. CHAMPION. 67 South Watef-ft. VUANTKIi - O.U.OIM'INKUS. APPLY AT 117* blale-»t.; eomo ready lur work. W, L. HOFF* A NIK D-PA INT KIIH ~A NI» f!A IfIMINKRS, AT » I iftb-av. GEARY * SCHIIELKK* \\*ANTED—SIX GOl»l>~(iALtfl MINERS, READY IT for work, 10-oay. at 23d Thirty-hm.»u, corner la* dlana-sv. \V ANTED A YOUNG AND HEALTHY WKT >V tmne, with milk from threj to four w*«k« old, (8 KoMe-vt. ■\VANTED-FIVK FIRST-CLASS HOUSP,.PAINT* >T er* ui-d*r; atoady work; wa«o*, 42.t0 per day. Apply at No. U l Sixteenth *t. W'aNTKD-A OAUDENIHI; MUST gl*o good reference. Call till* looming at 38 and W Michigan-*!. W" anted'- paivtruh and oalciminkbs, hlgbr.l wage* paid. SOIWeU Lake-el. \v7aNTEI)-CARRIAGE BLACKSMITH AT - iff TV Went Lakoet. WANTED-A SUITABLE MASON. CARPKNTEB. TV or locksmith to act a* solicitor for a plumbing and •ewerage botinr**. English and German education re quired. Hardware etore, 177 Worth Clark*»t, WANTKD-GOOD OARVKR-ilOY: ALSO GOOD •hnllaekar. Apply early at 163 and IU Mlcblgan-av. KKLLY A GRAHAM. \tr ANTKD-TWO OR TliliKß FIRST-CLASS CAR* \V H*go painter*; al*o one or two My* at apprentice*. Applr to Court-Place Carnage Painting Company, Court place, between Ftftb.av. and Frankllo «t. \VANT"RD-A PIRET.OLARB CARVER AT H. W. » BATES A CO., iA Adame-et. VirANTED—TWO GOOD TAIIXMtS TO OO TO THE it country; good prlre* paid; one cost and ono psnta hand. SMlftl A BUXBAU>I. 800 Eaat AfadUonai. WANTKD-FIVE OR SIX FIRST-CLASS CALCI* TV miners; room for none bat good workmen, to whom •trad/work and best of wsgorwtll be given, 11. IIKIA* TOW; K 1 Wabaab-av. WANTRD-A EIKBT-CLASB BARBER, NO. W 7 It WettMmdUoPiU Coachmen. lonmiun. dEo. WANTED-A MAN TO THE CARE OF lIORSRS It and work about hoUM, references required. la* quire at t& Lake-at. Employment Agencies, T\TANTED—Uu LABORERS FOR THE N. P. R. B.j IT 300 (or the U.. O. A il. it. R. It; Id (am band*. m Sooth Water-st. E. O. HAIUIIT. WANTED -U MORE SHOVF.LER3 FOR THE Y¥ country: free fare-. also farm hand*, ooal-ralnor*, etc. K. F. UHRISTIAN, U 1 South Wauit »t.. Boon t. Miacelinneona- WANTED CANVASSERS FOB THE NF.W IT American *et»ing machine. liberal Inducement*. 241 WabuhaT., Chicago. \\TANTEb-AOKNTS. ANY MAN WITH BRAINS IT can make tWJ a month selling our latter copying book. Aaron* that haa a letter to write will buy It. No pres* or water used. Send 63 foraample, or stamp for circular. EXCELSIOR CO., 16 Tribune Building. TirA.NTED—f B A DAY ANU'rKXPKNSRS TO NO. VY men as agonla. Apply at 177 Hast Madieon-at. Room 13. W anted-men to bell perfume shells, Blass.cutters, ebromos, and jewelry. American Norelty Company. 113 Kaat Madlaon-st., Hoorn I>. Tt'ANTED-MEN FOR THE FASTEST SELLING IT article in America. 91 sample* free to men who mem buslDMa. W" A-NTKD-A MAN TO anlit tn pfantogranb otllcrr. A rood chance for a editable pereoo at Art Gallery, 101 Wert Medisoa-et TOIXTaNV'KIND OF WORK, 11 aieo to drlre dellrery wagon. WILUO.VU LaaQdrr, IM9 South hute-et. _RAY A CO., Chicago. I\f ANTED—A SINGLE MAN' TO TAKE CARS OF VV horxea, work ia garden, aod make blmiell generally i»efal, 10 tnlloalroia city. Call at Room 3, 70 bute-al., from 8.80 to S) a. m. \\f ANTED-MEN OF GOOD ADDRESS FROM » fU Vf 45 ream of are to go to lowa to aollcit orden for our puMleatlmu. To men of ability who, after a few month*’ experience, can taka entire charge of a State, wo will pay a liberal ralary. Mutt brio* tir»t-cU»« reference. Ad* dre*t. elating ago, experience, oto., W. J. HULL AND A Cu., 68 L*te-*t.,_Chlcago, ill. TtfANT *■ rwr\vu FNKitOETIC SALESMEN FOR IT Ulinoii, Wlaeomtn.and lowa, to aell fiah aod pro rl«ioni cm rnmmi**ion. AdiJro.* for fire da;*, striae reference*. V Trlbann office. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domestics. WANTRD-A GOOD OIRL FOR GENERAL houtework; tunit be a good conk and laundruaa; bring refetepeo. Call for two day at 749 Mlchlgan-ar. \V r ANTRD —SEU V A NTS. PLEASE CALL IN PRR- M sun or by nulo at 6h3 liaal Klnxle-at.; corner of Pau lina. A!. A. A. \\T ANTIt D A FIRST-GLASS WOMAN COOK FOR • V a uoall howl in tha city. Addxoa* X 62. Tribune office. ■\VANTED—A GIRL TO DO SECOND-WORK, i Y take care of children, and aailat in towing. 319 La> lin-at.. near Taylor. Wott Side. ■\\TANTEO—A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE- Y> work in a family of three. 31 South Aahlaod-ar. T|TANTKD~A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE- I > work; would prefer Ciena an. 151 Loomia-at. WANTKD-A STRONG. COMPETKNt'PIIOTKST YY an I woman (German preferred) In go to Nebraika. to eook. wash, and Iron (or a am all family. Apply at 805 Snpctior-at. WANTKD-A CAPABLE GIRL TO DO GENERAL tv housework In a iraall family, either Norwegian, German, nr Swedish; reloroncoe repaired. Apply at *45 West Washington-*!. W" ANTKD-A GOOD COOK, WASHER AND jrnner. alto a aecond Kiri; referencea required. Ap ply at 499 North LaSalle-il. •\UANTKD-AN EXPERIENCED GIRL TO COOK. >1 waah and iron; good references. Apply at 413 Waat Van Buren-at. WrANTKD A GIRL; BUT TWO IN FAMILY. Yv Call at 6TB Weal Madtaoo-at. WANTED-A competent girl for general homework. German, Swede, or Norwegian. Ploaae call between 1 and 6 p. m. at 33 Indlana-av., near Thlr tcentb-st. \VANNTKI)-A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE- Vt work StrANTED-A GOOD COOK AND A GIRL TO AT VV tend a child. Call In afternoon at 53 Sfiternlb-at. •ANTE!)—A NEAT DINING-ROOM GIRL. AP ply at Room 80.115 Fait Randolph *!. XIfANTED—A KITCHEN GIRL AND SECOND » helper tn a email boardiag-bonae. Apply for two daya at No. 2m K*»t Washington-*!. Milliners. WANTED—BIILLINKU. A GOOD TRIMMER. TO YY go out of the city. Apply to D. B. FISK A CO., comer Wabaafa.av. and Waihlngtooet. seamitreHov WANTED-SEAMSTRESSKS-HANDS ON LA- Vt die#' underwear, u> take their pay lu rowing ma chine*. IRA 1). OWEN A CO., aii Ea»t Madiaon-at. Fltirafl*. •WANTED-TWO COMPETENT NURSES TO TAKE YY care of twin* a year old; German preferred. Apply at 63 Calumot-av. WANTED-A GOOD NURSE GIRL TO TAKE YY care of baby9month* old; wage*, 81.5 U. SIS Via ccnnca av., corn»r HORSES AND CARRIAGES. * UCTJON - TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS, AND /V Saturday*—lti>r*ea, carriage*, and harnero a ape WESTON A CO.'S, No*. laoaud 1W Ka*t Wash ington’*!. Ample time given to teat all norsee sold under a warrantee. btock_on hand at private aale, Auction sales of houses, ruguies. hah ueai, carriage*, blanket*, eto., Monday** Wednes day*, ami Frida>*. commencing at 10 n. m.. at WREN A CO.'S. V.M and m WaahlngWu-rt. AFIKST-CLASS BUSINESS BUGGY AS GOOD AS guud a* now and harnea* for SSO. Call at 884 Hubbard. /'iKNTRAL CARRIAGE WORKS, 117 AND 119 (Jutncy-»i., between LaSalle and Flilh-av, Mannfae titring, repairing, aod painting done at fair rates. JAS. O'MiuEN, 1 ate ol the hrm at it aydo A O*Urien. l.’Oll SALK—ONR PLATFORM (fKAK WAGON. I' Can be uied a* a cigar. cwutecUouery. or outijn wagon. Wilt be anld cheap, iloal be sold to-day. FItEES BROS.. SKJMilwaukeo-av. ('Soil SALE—CHEAP—TOt* BUGGIES, PHAETONS, 1 aide-bare, one grocery wagon, ono bon* end bamoaa. Inquire roar 603 State-tU pORBALK~A GOOD FAMILY HUIUSK AT A UAU JL* gain. Inquire at 69 Lake-at. ROAD WAGON. IN GOOD I* order, weight 139pound*. Can boteen atatable rear UTTwonly-fourth-at. TpOU SALE-NEW LIGHT AND HEAVY DELIVERY I* wagon* of all kind*, very cheap. at 361 South Canal* VnOR SALE-SEVERAL KKCOND-lIANDHUOniKS, i> a>*o two faintly pbautont, clioatt, at 7UI and 733 State it. E._q, HAYDR, anccewor to Hayde A O’Brien. I poll SALE-A SAFE FAMILY MATCH SMALL ' hureoa, (good carnage, and barneaa; warranted aouod: very cheap for caab. ISO Waal Madlaon-at. mooiU;. ipdil SALIi-AT A tIIAIUUIN FOR CASH, A i' boauliiul looking, largo alae, young, gontlo family mare, or auitable furganilumaa’a ruadater. Acblld can drlveher. Alan four other mareo Hi for any aort of city delivery or farm uae. Tbe above mutt bo told .to-day at 3U Weal FKtiHinth-at, ono block Eaat of lllno laland ar. T I OlLSka TO PASTURE—GOOD PASTURE. WITH i L plumy of water and elude. at Willow St'ilnga, on Alton A St. Uiaia Railroad. IIUGH ALEXANDER, 1W WaaUiugtun-et. IVANTKD-A span OF CARRIAGE lIoRSES in iV aacbange tor a llrvl-oUat piano. Addrcaa a 83, Tribune office. __ Tk’rANTED—TO HUY A HORSE FOR DELIVER’ \v wagon. Inquire at 6H Wal.a.h-av I? _afi^wn : __ BOOKS. GK.UERT’S OIJ)-HOOK STORK REMOVED 10 1M WaahUigum-aU, between LaSalle and FtlUkav. We are receiving a large stock of b.«;ka and atatlouery, and are prepared to oner rare bargain* to book collector*. iia.W bought either by the tingle volume or by cartload. O. U. GILBERT, 1W Waablugton »U irnhii voijl'olu and new rooks; Harris* tJ.UIK); Taft'a Operative D.ntUUr, «J. 60: Hlcba-daoii’a Mechanical UanUatry. $3: lanuy't Znuliiwv i 3: Grutk Tuatamoul, »L6iL Chambers’ du. iS volV., SJO; the aarne, 6 vela., $94; Inlng'a Work*. Cl lot. Oa»li paid lor old book*, magaa uaa, aud abeel Mimic. MILLER**, tb-iaeinent) HE Madia .o at. . BUILD!NO MATERIAL. TudWOOD LUMUER-WILL OUT HARDWOOD timber or lumber any lengths and tlaoa dealred. Ad dual aMESA i’UUSr, «BuUlb DeapUluea-al.. Cbloagn. SITUATIONS WANTED—MALE. Bookkeepon, Glrtrki, Eto. SITUATION WANTBD-AN ACCOUNTANT lIAV leg aeron year* eipetleneo with ft larg* wan* otaetarlngeompany Nopen to engagement. Good refer* enee*. AddroM X 66, TiritAineoftce. Tradest QITUATION WANTRD-TELRORAPIIIO-fIOO RB- O wird-l will tlr« tloo to ur person securing me ft eft* nation a* telegraph operator or atailon agent on any rail* road; salary not lee* that AM per month i good reference t folly competent. Y, 63, Tribune Office. Coachmen. Tnnmiters, dCo. QITUATION WANTRD-BT A TOUNO MAN O (Dine) at coachman in a Hnt-ela** private family t bo*tof roference*. AddrewOM, Tribnneotßoe. MlftecliatteoTtft* QITUATION WANTBD-BY A MAN OP SEVERAL O yean’etpeHeuee. aa commercial trareler and eot* lector. Good recommendation*. Address Sl3, Tribnne SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE Domestloft* QITUATION WANTRD-BY A PROTKSTANT WOM- O an to do cooking or eecond work; would like to have her little girl (13 yeafiold) with bar to toodbaby, Ap* ply at Util De.irborn-«t. for tiro day*. QITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT OAR* O rlago and wagon maker, city or country. Can far* nt*h Mreyosr.’ refonaieo* from latt employer. Addreu X 97, Tribune oßico. SITUATION WANTED—IN A HOTEL Afl SECOND cook. Koforoncet U wantel. Apply Frldayat No. 9 Klgln-it. QITUATION WANTKD-A8 COOK. WABHBH. AND O Ironcr In a private family. Reference* If wanted. Ap* ply at No. 9 Elgm-at. QITUATION WANTED—BY A GOOD COOK OB TO O do general homework. Good refereooee given. Call at llTii Siftto tt. QITUATION WANTKD-BY"A YUUNOOIULTO DtJ O wcond work. Pleaae call at present place, 9(3 In* dlana-av. QITUATION WANTED-DY A COMPETENT OER* O man girl to do *eoood work: be.t of refereneea. Call ortwodayiatttoQbloat,, basementdoor. QITUATION WANTED—TO DO OBNERAL HOUSE* O work, orfcltchen work, bf a comnetcrt girl: good cuok. wtaber, and Irener, Call at 670 Weat A'aablngtoa* at. Oo')d reference*. QITUATION’WANTF.D-IJY A GERMAN GIRL TO O do or wimitmr and take cam of ebll* drop. Addrea* Ibl Larrabe* *U» QtMUlr*. Emnlormont Atronoioa. , QITUATIONS WANTF.D—THR MOST COMPETENT O cook* and homework girl* in the city, girl* of all na tlon*. can be found at No. CO SUt«-*t., In basement, northweet corner Randolph, and 416 Wabuh-ar. These ottcesare reUablo. Mr*. BAKER. SITUATIONS WANTED—FAMILIES IN WANT OP O good Seandlnartan nod German female help can be supplied at Mr*. DUSKK'S oltice, ijf) Mliwaukee-ar. SITUATIONS WANTED^!A D 1 F_S WOULD DO O well to remember that good servants do not anawor ad. rertlaetnsDta. bat oome direct to me lor situation*. Mr*. LAI’UIHK. 3M We«t Madiaon»st. Mlaoelinneon*. QITUATIOK WANTED—DV A LADY AS GOV- O erntH or companion. Acquirement*: English, French, music, and drawing. Addma EL, lw youth HUte-it. BOARDING AND DODGING. Sonth Side. - CAI.UMKT.AV.-A LABOR ALCOVR BOOM TO U rent, with board, furnished or cnfuroUhod. 7f» VAN BURP.N-ST., WF.ARRTATE—BOARD FOB I U l*dl*e orgenUemim, 94 to 95per week, with o*eof piano. ni rv MIOHIOAN-AV.—SECOND FLOOR OF FOUR Oi.l/ roomi. in aultoa, or entire, untarnished, except carprts, to rant, with board; also alnglerooms for gen. llarnen. furnished. nn MluiliOAN-AV., CORNER THIRTEENTH. *±lZi at.—Room* furnished and anfurniahed, with board. Befereneca exchanged. A A 7 MICHIOAN-AV.-A LABOR. DESIRABLE I front mom. furniabed, for gentleman and wife, also room lor two gentlemen, with board. Terms reason able. non SHCHIOAN-AV .-PLEASANT ROOMS WITH Ut/U rood clotet*; tollable for two penwna. AUo, one tlnglo room. Term* reaaonablo. Reference* ox. CblilCM* 077 INDfANA-AV., CORNER TWENTY-FIRST- O I | *t.—Suite of roama on parlor floor, tomb wins; alao tulte oa Moond floor, lamUhed. with board, to pri rato family. -IAH7 WARASH-AV.—UNFURNISHED ALCOVH XU U I and other room*, wftb nr without board, la the new Pollan*bee Block: alao good barn. ifri WAJJASH AV.—PLEASANT ROOMS, BIN- XiOX do or on rtite, with board, in bouee of modern Improvement*. Fine location and aatitfactery rate*. CALUMET AVENUE. NORTH OF TWENTY- Thlrd-et—After Afayl, dealrabte forntibed or no ftirnitbrd room*, with board, can be bad. Apply to Mr*. RItKW.STHR. No. 1300 Pralrie-ar. Woit Sidn. 1 nr SOUTH PKORIA-ST.-A PLEASANT SINGLE X Oi) front room with good board. Small family. OQ- WEST RASDOLPU-ST.—PARTIES WISH AO«J In* good board and pleasant room by the lit of Slay will ttnd what tbor doalre. Of* | WEST RANDOLPH-ST.—PLEASANT ROOMS OUt and good tablo-fare. Term* very moderate. Room for two ladioa. 89; day-board. <l. NorUt Side. 077 INDIANA-ST.. NEAR STATE—DOUBLE All and atngte furaltbed tooth front room#, with board; alao north room. Q 7 A CHICAGO AY.—NICELY FURNISHED O I TC room*, second floor, atogle or on tulte, with board. Price* moderate; modem convenience*. Refer, cnoaaexchanged. Hotels. Nevada hotel, m and ho wabash-av.. near Monroo-st.—First claaa board for $1.50 to <3 per day; if 6to Suiter week: day-board, 81.50 per week- BOARD WANTED. HOARD—IN WEST DIVLSION, NEAR JEFFERSON D or Union Parka, (or gentleman, wife, and little gin 6 years old. Suite of well furnished room* and good table board. Reference* will bo exchanged. Slate lo cation, accommodation, and term*. ana addroa* S Triban# office. FINANCIAL. A a a —175,000 TO LOAN AT 9 PER CENT ON . /V ,A. well located city property. Apply tott.D. KERPUOT A CO.. W 8 tUit Waablngtoo-at. Advances made on watches, jewelry diamond*, revolvers. open-slaitoe, book*, far*. In- Biromenu, etc., uOLDSMID’SLoan aod Bullion office, V 9 Kaat Madiaon-it. Caah paid for old gold and aIU v»v, gold dual, alitor bare, precloua stone*. and valuable* ol every description. Unredeemed pledge* lor aale. Advances made on diamonds, watches, bond*, etc., at LAUNDERS* private office. 130 Ram dolpb-at*. near Clark, Room* 5 and 0. Established lasi A - MODNTS”iLon OR MORE ON PRODUCTIVE real aetate lo Chicago and on Illinois farm* within IQOmUro. R. 1». PEASE, Reaper Block. Baldwin, wai.kera co., 7 iiawlry ruild. jag. onracr Hear bam and Uadlaon-aU.. have fund* In hand to loan on rual (Male for three years. In auma from *I.U» to $5. Quo. CASH ON HAND TO LOAN ON OIHOAQO PROP erty In aorua of <SOO, $1,00), $1,500, C3.OU). etc. Want none hat the best tecartUea, end will make inter* oat and expense* oorrropondlngly low. SAM'L GEIIU, Mortgage Loan*. lit Dearborn-at. Morse, kimballaco.. RANKERS, 10NKW-RT., NEW YORK. Member* New York Block and Gold Exchange. Trans* act general banking and brokerage limine**. Tt f ONKY TO I-OAN ON GOOD CITY URAL ESTATE iYi In anm* of SSOU and upward*. JOHN W. MARSH A CO., M Washington-*!. \rONEY TO LOAN ON ALL KINDS OF MBR. ill. ebandiao, taken In atore: interest and storage at very low ratoa. Address iUOUtbA, ILILL, \Zi Uts*. bon>-at. npO LOAN-83.000 ON GOOD UNIMPROVED PROP -1 eriyatapercent. B. H. IIF.EDU, 41 Sooth OUtk-at. WANT $17,000 FIVE YEARS. 8 PER CENT, NO eommUalon; security inside property, brick improve, menu, worth $75,000, paying s7.ou) per annum. A. VAT TKKSON, lU3 Waafungton-at. SAND 9 PKR'CENT-MONKY IN BUMS OP •UO to sl(t. (Wu to loan on city ro&l rotate and (arm* In tUla vicinity. W. M. WILLNKK, la LaSaßo-at.. Room I. 8 PER CENT-MONKY TO LOAN ON CHOIOR property in any mm over 95.000; under that amount 9 per cent. Fund* here. A prompt answer to applications and low commissions. TURNER A BUND, lift Wash- Ington-et. Of\n/Y Il.rtb, and soma to suit, to loan on Chi- OtJUU cagj nr Hyde Park Improved or unimproved property. TURNKR A BOND. UU Waahiugton-ai. lie nnn AND SIO.OO amounts to loan on VU.UUU productive oily realeeiaw, at vcvrdetlr*. btoraUie. Uulldidg loan* made. DEAN A PAVNK, nurthwul corner Randolph uJ Uaarbont-eU., U&( door. ________ or /Win tio.ooc, *3,600, AND OTHER BUMS TO OO.U'M; suit to Into on city real aetata at current rate*. TURNER A ROND. KB Waahtngton-at. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. 011 A Sill K H ~BKT AND HOUSEHOLD FURNL •/V ture wanted In exchange for iou or farming land. MANN a CONGDUN, UootaH. HBDe*rbore-at. B. T. LEE. CITY AUCTIONEER, ESTABLISHED 1819, conllnui-a to tall farolluro at reeldencca. Partlo* deriving to aell will please call at 193 Waahlngton-ac. FoifsALK— riißlwflßH HOUSEHOLD furni lure at 738 Uarroll-ar., at private kale. TpOR*BALK-diIBAP. IF TAKEN THIS WEEK. A |» hotel eeok-atove with ruaerrulr. Hat been In uao a a abort time. A [iplr to BKAVKY A CO.. 1M Uke-at. /iuu Woven wire-mattresses and peek- W loat calilmit-lieda are the beat in tbe market. Aik fur them. WHITTLESEY A PETERS, Ul Madlaon-at. rpHK UNION FURNITURE COMPANY HAVE A L largo line of furniture to Mil at retail on weekly and monthly payment*. StOWaat Madlaon-at. W'ANTKD-OAUPKTS AND HOUSEHOLD FUR- V V niture In exchange (or good auburban low, or part Eaymoot on nice country rvaldence. Room lilulropou ui Block. , 1 fin PARLOR AND OHAUUER SUITS, JOU ready lor Immediate delivery. Price* Vewst than ovor known. . RECENT PUUUUASES FUR CASH enable ua to oiler bargain* In Furniture nut to be bad elaewliere in Chicago. ELEGANT PARUIR SUITS. Tarluua covering*, 7 i>l*»o* aacb, »“• *'*■ betweenMadtaon and Monroe, LOST LUST-WKUNESDAY. APRIL 9s. 1 PAIR GOLD aUaae*. Incaae, on Madt*ou-iL car*, or on Auaiaa at. between Paulina and Honora-at*. tinddr amplr re ward ad by leaving at 631 Adama-at. or No- lubtate-ct. r OST-ATLirrLK enqlisii poodle pqu. A id liberal reward will be given II be la returned U> the CulUoum Garden, •? South Clark-at. 1 OSTEON rTH.AN AMtn-YIIST EAU-RING. BE |j tween lloorve, tiiib-av. and Mlcblgaa-at. Liberal reward will be paid If left at Tribune oibce. . TOSICPOOKICT DIAKY CONTAINING VARIOUS Id paper*, valuable only to owner; aito. Photographs. Finder will confer afavorand to rewarded by laeilng at Room 9 Dearborn Building, corner Madison. 3

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