Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 28, 1876, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 28, 1876 Page 6
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6 FINANCE AND TRADE. Caoo&l Finances Dull—Prepara tions for Sottlomonl>Dny. Now York Exchange Firmer—The Clearings $3,000,000. Xfcs Produce Markets Very Irregular, and Most of Them Weak* A Sharp Decline in Provisions, Wheat, and Corn. A Libre Active Outward Movement of Grain by Bail. FINANCIAL. The bank* are baring the demand usual towards Che dose of the month from the Hoard of Trade for accommodation* with which to moot tha obligations of settlement-day. There were no other new features. The movement of country produce to market baa not much more than begun. There arc some additional orders for currency reedted from tho country, and some of the banks report a decreasing number of application* from their customers for loans. This Is on account of an Improvement in collodions, which is perceptible, though not considerable. Obligations maturing are promptly mot, and moat of the banks find tbomaelrcs growing stronger. Hates of discount are 8310 per cent. Concession! tro made to Independent outside borrowers. On the ktrecl, tho loan business Is Tory dull, and tha supply of good paper scanty. Hates are per cent. Now York exchange wsa Armor it 33&50c premium betweoa banka for SI,OOO. The clearing! were $3,000,000, SILVER. fractional currency la becoming scarce la this city, and silver change Is at a premium lor targe amounts. The disbursements by the Sub-Treasury are too elow to supply the demartd. The silver that baa been tuned plainly fall*, m Tna TntDUNB predicted would btlbo case, to perform the asm* amount of service aa currency as the fractional currency it displace* dIJ. There can bo no doubt that a large part of the silver that has been leaned la being hoarded. The same •Ule of alTalra la observed elsewhere. In New York, fractional currency is at a premium of cue-half of one per cent,and of the $480,000 of silver change which had been Issued in that city up to Tuesday night, very littio bad mado Its appearance In the shops, cars, or at the ferries. The New York Journal e/ Commerce calls attention to the Inconvenience to which the Treasury Depart* meut Is putting the business of the country in this matter: The circular order of (he Secretary of the Treasury directed parties desiring more than fIOO to send to Washington for it. In obedience to tills requirement a firm hero sent to the National Capital for a certain etim, sod after waiting nn unreasonable tltno received, instead of n silver draft for (he whole amount, silver coin fur abouf five-sixths of tho sum and legal-tender notes for Ibo balance, and moreover tho com was sent by express at a charge of of I per cent. If the mints could not supply tbo demand there would bo some excuse for this tardy process, but thcro Is an accumulation sutllclcut for a long time, and there nj>- pears to bo no reason why the public should bo com* polled to sutler lucuuvenli nco and submit to pccu* ulary loss merely In order that •• red tape ” may rule. With slfi,ooo,ooo of silver change on hand tho Uovorn* ment should not subject business men to tho delays and expense Involved in tho present course. BAN FUANCIfICO MINIMI STOCKS WEAR. Tbo stock market was somewhat groggy when U opened yesterday morning at tho Informal sopelon. Nevertheless there was a rtlej>osUiou manifested to sustain price* as marked at the cluso of the previous evening. Alpha and Mexican, tbo rcproicntatlve stocks for speculation, situated at opposite points on tho Comstock, showed considerable strength, but failed lo Impart any portion of It to their neighbors. The bonanza stocks woro tho first tu stagger under the load, and os they grow weak tn tho Joint* oven tho latest favorites ho<l to succumb in sympathy. In tho absence of Keeno as a leading oimrator, Ids mantle fits well tho shoulder* of brown. Tho intrepidity with which ho forces slock values up or down tiyotfcrlng to purchase or sell in largo lots is only excelled when Keene attends Board sessions full of lifo and metal. The prophecy made on Wednesday that tho calm which reigned was rather ominous appeared tube on ths verge of fulfillment Just before tho cloho of tbu open aasslou.—.Van Franeuco Cnroutele, Avnl 21. NATIONAL DANK OF TUC STATE OF NEW YUUU. Al a mooting of the members of (bo Clearing House Tuesday, au application was received from the Hank of tlio Stale of New York for reinstatement, which wu referred to a committed. GOVERNMENT DONDB. Did. Asked. United atsfesflsnf *Bl Vii‘i Vil't United HUU-c 6-io* of W in** 11»‘, January and July . ÜB»* 1I9 1 ; 6*2os of *f<7—January sud July VJI *,' 121 W 6-20* of ’(id—January aud July jajij United States now 6a of ’Bl United Status currency C« 143,* 001.11 AND unCCNUAOKB. Gold was 1120112 V- Greenbacks were eO.V'SM’.'c on the dollar In gold. FOREIGN EXCHANGE. blzlydays. Bight. ...*M 490 ...4107*' 51'JV ... I‘6-. POb' ...Blfiij 512, 1 ; ... 4071 41 .. .6lC’j Mitf Sterling I’aria—francs, Germany Belgium Holland Switzerland.. Sweden, etc.. Austria OtTY AND COUNTY HONDa. _ Did. Asked, ChlcagoCltyT Vd, bonds.... 10.*i ftlnt Chicago City 1 V ct.seHcr.igo. lUS Alul <3hlc*go City 7tf ct.waterlosa 105 k iut. \Jook County 7 V ut. bonds (•Uort) Cook Count/ 7 V cl. bonds (touß) 103 ilnt. IMfclnt, West PsrL 7 Vet. bond* Vlkiut. ftortb Cblcayo 7 Vet. bonds (Lincoln Park), 104 k lot. 106 It iut. LOCAL BTOCKH. Bid. City Hallway, South Ride, ex. dir Ita City Hallway, West Hide 113 Cily Hallway, West Bldo, 3 y cent certificates lOlKfclaU ID’S A: iut. City Hallway, North Side... .Mi Ijj Traders'luiurincu Co. uz.dir. 127 Chamber of Commerce 10 Chicago Gas-Light A Cuke Co Exposition atock,... oJ KTOC’KB, BONOS, ETC. Niw York, April 37.—G01d opened at 113);, Ad vanced to ll JV, and closed at IMjtf. Borrowing rates, B(£7 per annum, and I-C431-J2 per dlora. Loans were also made list, and 3&J fur carrying towards the CIIHC. Governments were firm. llallroad bonds wore strong, State securities were quiet. Blocks were dull, with an improvement in coal road*, but generally weak and lower. The market was without inurcatlug feature*. Among tho sales at tho Block Exchange were 2VM) I‘acltic Mail, JI,WO West ern Union, c.uoo Krte, sud 13,nw lake Bhore, Money market easy at i. li'rlmu mercantile paper, Uustorus receipts, {377.0X1. The Assistant Treasurer disbursed SIOO,OOO. Specie shipment* of silver, JUri.IKU. Clearing*, (I' Biorllng exchange firm at Cotipooif *fl IvJ*, hew USJ/ Coupou*, 'W 11m), I KMo», rcii Uh*,- Kew ..IIJ | ]o*uia, touptfUß,... l .lln}i Ooupoui, ’cj ...liix : Cunouck* Coupoun, 'W I PTOCCI. Wrak-rn Uni0n...... 6 s*; | S. J. Centra1...,,.,,. D7W Qulekaltrcr Ifi Uwk MauJ, 10J’* yuli-kiilrrr pfd */j ) Hi. 4'anl :i7»; I’adflo Ma 11.......... ; HI, Will frfd. Cijtf Marll-oa* 7 Wanaah a • ' -* •• ilaripCMpfd,., 7i/|'V*h#ah pld 3 Adauu Eiprea*. 1C" | i’ortWoyua 1011/ >Vellnl'»rKO.. tf7’j J Terr# Haute,... 3* American Hxpru«B... tii>; ( Tune ilmiitw ph1.,,,1 ) p > V. B. Ci|>nu.« | Chicago t Alton M Kow York Central...Utfli Cbn*ano Ac Alton pfa.lUl Erie J6# | Oblo a iUMluippi... n»/ EriepfJ ‘2fl i A’L. n W.IISI. Harlem I3< IA. k 11.I 1 . Ttl Harlem pM,,., 133 | Mtiauurl I’acttb- 14 AtU-blgau Central.... 63 j Atlantic K I'aclOa jifJ 3 I'atiama •£) I Indiana CVnlral 4»; M<K.IC ..til I Chicago " ' Uulon I'adOc kU>c'<(., f'i I clilcsgo, 11. k g 117 Sboru 63JJ [ lUuuU-»1 ii til. joo. li>- JIIUiOW (Antral UT | Central ri*T«l*nai'l’UUburg 94 Union i , 4dAclxiud«<4L JVorttiWMttru j U. l‘»ciflc UuJ-grnnUua KirtbwMteru I'M., ft - ** iU. I*, aiuklcg luuit C., C., C. * 1 WU | LuuOj 8l«v ■TITB DOKPS. TeuntesttCs, old ... s:i | Virginia Ci, new 03 TennesaoeCs, new... toj; M1«»0ur1Ci....,..,.,101J» Virginia 4s, old. it REAL I:c.TATE. Tba following Instruments were filed for record Thursday, April 27; cut ruoptnir. Oakley at, 310 ft dof Fulton at, « t, 00x130 ft, dated April 34 | 3,500 Bams as the above, dated April 31 k.UX) Kroger st, a e of llaclnu tr, a w f. 14 8-lOalW ft, with building, dated April 8.,,.. 8,003 Bams as tne shore, dated Dec. til, 2874 4,UU> Superior st, s w cur of Cass st, o f, 3fixi(W ft. dOad April JC g SU Collar drove ar, a w cor Thirty-Oral «t,efi A aaa 3341311 ft. dated March .. 6.0 M Johnson place, 330 ft n of Thirty-ninth at, w f, 321138 ft. dated April 3ft 4.231 Rees at, ;iiO ft w of hunlics at, it f, 22x'J8 ft, dated April 4 400 Gardner at. 3T'» ft w of Ijirrabee at, ■ f, 22t98 ft, dated April 4 950 Dayton at, 17ft ft n of Willow at, w f, 50x123 ft, dated April 31 2,000 Aabland ay, 100 ft a of Adatna at, w f, 47x149 ft, dated April 2ft 14.000 Rattle aa (ho alwrc, dated April 32.... 13,000 Paulina at, SO ft n of Jane at, w f, 25x130 ft, dated April 27 800 Bardina ar. lift Weal Ohio and Indiana at»,w f, 50x133 7-10 ft, dated April 32 1.200 The premlaca No. 190 Third ar, dated April 30. 4,500 Iturlbut at, 10;t ft n of Connor* at, e f, 23x130 ft, with building, dated April 10 3,000 Learltt at, bet Ilarrlaouand Polk at a, e f, 20>*i 125 ft. dated April 28 6,000 Wrat Van Huron at, 23 ft w of California ar, n f, 23sl'K) ft, dated April 20 COO DeKoren at. 13-1 ftw of Canal at, a f, 33 xlO6 ft, dated April 27 2,200 Milwaukee ar, 32rtX (I n w of Fig at, n o f, 29 1123 ft, dated April 2ft 8,000 Weatern ar, 120 10-12 ft n of Wilcox at, e f, 40x 131 ft. dated April 20 14,000 Weal Madlaon n. 151 .<< ft eof Throop at, n f, 2'*xl2o ft, dated April 23 8,000 south of errt uum wmim a badios or 7 UILXS or oounT-nousii. Jefferson ar, 100 ftanf FiCty-ecconJ at, wf, 20x1f.0 ft, dated April 25 9 6,600 Throop at, 233 ft n of Sixty-third at, o f, 28x 120 It, dated April 33 400 COMMERCIAL* The following were the receipts and shipments of the leading articles of produce In thla city during the twenty-four hours coding at T o'clock on Thunday morning: EIPTf. ampul 1 1875, IBTO, ( 31 7,9r.7| 10.081 H| M.r-O 171.374 5| &i “Ism Flour, tai1..... Wheat, n 0,.,... Coni, bu. 8.9T31 3 l.ftOOi a*.,7To| Uftla.bU 64,756 23,000, 60,676 lly# 014, 11,720 Harley, bu 4,020 4,100; 1.321 Grasa iced, lb*. 67>i76 93,106 137,804 FlAxaced.tba.. 107,0» 08,000 00,547 Hroom corn,lbs 14,(00 12,000 60.100 Cured meata.tba 134,040 00,3301 741,017| Deof. i>rla 40 Pork, lirls I 3 Lard, Iba 141 1.031 Tallow, It 4,000 j 917,4.13 Puller, Iba 20,075 20.010 4 ',024 Dressed tioea.. 44,802 30,146 31,200 Lira lion, No.. 40 63| Cattle,'No 13,060 14,‘ilPj 4.66'. Sheep, No 4,:ieo 6,8'B 1 4.932 Hide*, lb*. 4W 1,000 056 Hlghwlnea, btla 162.700 80,012 74,100 Wool, Iba lot* 309 63 Pnlatoca. bu... 109,52T| 43' 20,800 Coal, toil 1,13(41 3,738 Hay, tons I,C*C 481 Lumber, No.ft. uu, 151 auiagloa. N 0... *1,667.000 3,413.000, 1,629.772 Lath, No 1,303,0 o| 443.000 , 983,0u0 Salt, brla 312 076 1 2,391 Poultry, 1ba.... o,iha| 6,4011 Poultry, coopa. 21l 3>U|,......, Game, pkga... Egga.pkga.... Cheese, bxa..., Or - n»pnle*,br. Deans, bu 2 95: 7i 2,132 *! 1,191 I 330 .1 iot Withdrawn from store on Wednesday for city con* sumption: C,814 bu wheat, M 9 bu com, 737 bn oats, I, bu ryo, (1.583 bu barley. Tho following grain was inspected Into store on Thursday morning: 5 cars No. 3N. W. wheat, 12 cars No. 2 spring, 10 cars No. 3 do, 6 cars rejected do. 2 ears no grade (34 wheat); 64 cars high-mixed corn, 133 cars No 2 do, U cars now mixed do, 30 cars rejected do, 4 cars no grade (230 corn); 6 cars white oats, 31 cars No. 2 do, i cars and 5,400 bu rejected do (41 oats); 6 cars No. 3 ryo | 3 cars No. 3 barley. Total (.133 cars), 140,0>0 bu. Inspected out: 50,810 bu wheat, 61,085 bit cam, 12,330 bu oats, 1,320 bu rye, 11, bu barley. Yesterday was a season of general weakness In prod uct) circles. With few exceptions, and none of them In tho leading markets, there was a decline all round, in provisions and grain. ' It is often the case (hot bog product* and breaUUuffs raovo lo opposite diiectlona; but both were agreed yesterday, and the decline was unusually extensive, ITopcrty was literally “ thrown " right and left under a wide-spread desire to got rid of It, and prlron suffered In consequence. Fur somo of this nervous afrimlon there was bu evident reason—for the rcsi. nothing but sympathy with tbo leading markets. There was mors doing for shipment, but chiefly by rail. The early news from the Straits Indicated llttlo change In tho situation there, and the present low' rsitS of rail freights attracted operators who wanted lo get the grain through. Hence lake freights were very dull, though shippers woro moderately active, some buying quite largely. Tho weather wa* fin* and warm early, but later there were premonitions of a storm, which had some little intlucnce lu preventing a further de cline. There was a good deal of nervouanesa early In regard to failures, many thinking it probable that the extensive shrinkage in prices would force several to ask for tonus. Uut In this they were agreeably dlsap ] oluled. Two or three cases were reported of parlies who would probably bo unablu to fulfill (heir engage ments. but one of them was hinted on last Tuesday aa more than probable, and all wore small. The trade h»*ro seems to be unusually well fortified, »l the prop erty Is held by strong parties, who are able to bear severe losses without wincing. In moat eases they sold only because they were tired of the prospect of holding on. It was rumored that grain was contracted for to New York, by rail, at 20c per 100 Re, or 130 per bu on wheat. The wheat prospect waa the subject of very much disciifiloii yesterday—as often enough In the past. The boars were hrgely In the majority, but there were net wanting argument'* on the other side. One oper ator flgured up h margin of profit-of 2s per quarter on direct shipment to Liverpool, and characterised tbo downward turn as entirely unnecessary. Others charged that (Us decline would never have occurod if the bull ets fur future were held to deliver the property they Bold short. One prominent operator slated that May wheat would be selling at sl.lO per lu lustcad of 98c If tho old rules of the Hoard of Trade were now In force, as there Is a great deal mare wheat sold for nest mouth than there is lu store here or can possibly come in before tbo first of June. I‘or contra, wo are permitted lu uso the following extract from a New York letter tea leading commission house here; it wu dated lautTueidav* W k Int, “We you telegram* to-day which tel! of tba state ur aflairs aVruail, They cauuol, they will not, ataod our ronlluutd and iucrAasod shipments of apring wheal, for they are already overloaded. Jmt think of It.—O.iOtM-OO lu the sturt-s of Liverpool, 000,000 bu on the quay of Livoriool U-day, iiOJ.OuU by steam from New Vork now alloat to Liverpool, 200,000 to go and already cuutiacted for. Tin.-** are flm-l facta, and no bull ” can get away from them. With fcara of fall ure in the dutrraaed rondillunof the trade abroad; with lliu leading New Vork exporter* crippled, and the Uggcat atock of the poorest wheat wo ever had at tbla aeuauu of the year; with a groat aupply of corn, and ocean freight* on the up turn; allow ua daylight if you can. It baa come a little sooner than wo expected, Lut the end Is not yot lu tho downward movement. Dry goods were active, and, excepting prints, firm. The demand for groceries continues liberal, and tho teuur of prices waa again steady and firm. Butter was dull and unsettled. Cheese was Inactive and nominal. There was an active movement In dried fruits at uniformly Arm price*. Fish were In good demand at prevloua ilgurea, in the oil market there la fair sod increasing activity, and prices ruled firm, except for carbon. Coal and wood wer* Inactive. Bagging, leather, tobacco, teas, and canned goods were un changed. At the lumber-yards a moderate business waa trans acted at Irregular prices. Baveral cargoes were sold at the docks, and few loads were left over. Piece stuff declined to $3.00. Metals and hardware were re ported In fair demand and steady, Nalle were rather quiet at $3.10. There were no notice able change* In wool, bay, hide*, broom-corn, or hop*. Timothy iced was firmer, and other varistie* weak, clover lied being nearly 15c per bu lover. Poultry was eaay under larger offerings and a rather limited Inquiry. Kgga wero alow and weak. The re tail demand for potatoes was moderate and easily sat isfied, and there was no Inquiry for car lota. There was a rumor yesterday that tho straits were open, hut it was not confirmed. Tho Mackinaw dispatch stated that the propellers on tho west side had been. )>ouudltig the lew several hours, but without succeed ing in forcing a passage up lu the date of the telegram- It la thought hero that tho opening cannot be delayed many hours. H*vcnJ tall-vessal* have left Ibis port with grain for the lower lakes within Ibo past throe days, suit will probably not have to wait very long fur the sirsits to open after their arrival at the northern end of the lake. I'OtlRlON rictiTed it Ujo Chicago Customs, April '/1,1976: W* F. Uouia U Co., 3 cues cigars; Xouherger k Usui, 3 casks wine; Burley k Tyrrell, 7 packages earthen ware; Downer h Demis brewing Company, 2,MX) LuMals barley; M. Loring, I css# dresses, Amount of duties collected, 11.C60.3J, TUK UUlTlail WIIKAT CHOP. Tbe Mark Latie Kiprut, in its review of tbs grain trade for tbe week ending April 33, says: Tbs teuiierslure during tbs put wotk, although low. recovered from the unusual depression previously noticed, and vegetation recovered from it* temporary check. Juspituof the improvement m tbe aspect of the country slier a brief i erlod of sunshine, tbu con dition cf the land Is stdi Very backward for Ibis time of tba year, uvea lu the most favored localities. Autumn-sown crops, altbiugb backward, make a Mr show, and appear not tu Lave suffered ao much as was thought probable. Tbs wheat plant U sumawhal tbia and sickly ua hoary u».«u but with THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE; FRIDAY. APRIL 28, 1870. warm May weather will doubtless make fair progress, although a heary crop la aearcely to be expected. The deficiency of acreage under wheat thta year, while no doubt attributable In aome measure to a bad full time, la alao duo to the improbability the farmer fore aeea of being able In calibrate Hie crop remuneratively now (hat the low price and rapid transit of wheat from India render competition raoreaercre. Tiie heary ahipmenta of wheat from Calcutta hara formed a rery marked feature in the trade thli aeaann, and the fa cility with which thla data of grata can I* sold aliowa that to the miller It muat posses* grinding finalities of no mean order. Add to this the fact that the price ranges little over 40s per quarter, and It must be patent that, with the enormous resources of land and cheap labor In India, the prospect of selling English wheat at an arerage of 80a per quarter la rendered rather dubious. Now that such fscllltlca are offered for the transit of wheat from the East, the low class of grain from Ameflca and Huaala la almost entirely neglected, and the Influence! thua brought to boar on the course Of prlcca la a matter for careful eonslderallon. As some quantity of Calcutta whest haa recently been taken for the Continent. It la plain millers there begin to ap preciate the article, tod An axtensloo of English trade In this direction may possibly be looked lor. The course of trade haa umlrrgouo Utile change alnco our hat weekly report, and thn Easter holidays bare ren dered transactions somewhat limited. Wheat haa ateadily maintained Its late prices, but there haa been no appearance of Improvement, except for flue while qualities, which bare been occasionally a little dearer. PROVISIONS. 1100 PRODUCTS—Ware anllra and unsettled, (end ing strongly downwards during tha greator part of the session. Tho receipts of hogs were again large, and a further Important decline wai telegraphed from the Stock-Yards, which acted In a depressing way on other points, as wall aa on our market for product. Bellcrs were rery anxious, tod at limes it wa< dllllcult to effect sales at anything like the quotations current at the time, while at other times (be short interest took bold rery freely. Tho buying seemed to bo chiefly done by them. Shipper* still bold off, though tho out ward movement of ordered meat* continues fair, and will probably do so till the advent of hot weather. Tho business of summer packing bids fair to bo quite act ive, wiib a plentiful supply of the nw material, airs* Ponx—Was mure active and very Irregular, declining 300400 per brl, ami reading 200 afterwards, with a relatively firm feeling la (ho latter part of tho session. Bale* were reported of 500 brls cash (for ex port) at $20.73; 4,230 brl* seller May at $10.50 rf 20.70; 20,000 seller Juno at t20.7Da30.90; and 9,50*1 brli seller July »t $20.95021.10, Total, 80,250 brla. The market closed firm at 120.70(2120.00 cash, according to weight; $30.70 seller the mouth; 920.70030.72Vf seller Mir; $30.90020.03)4 sailor June, and $21.10021.13)4 seller July. iTlme most pork was quoted at $20.35020.50, and extra prime at $16.29. Laud—Was quite active and rery weak, declining 25030 c per 100 lbs, and dosing 20e below the latest quotations of Wednesday. Liverpool was quoted un changed and New York dull. The offerings hero were very large. Sales were reported of 0,700 tea seller May at $12.80013.00; 17,330 tee seller Juno at » ; f 1,75« tes seller July at $13.00013.30; and 160 tes keg Urd at $14.25. Total, 30.700 tea. The market closed steadier, at $12.85012.90 for cash or seller April; $13.83'<t12.87«4 for May; $13.02)4013.03 for Juno; and $13.17 J 4 @13.20 for July. Meats—Were quiet and again lower, with scarcely anything doing except In short ribs for fu ture. There was some changing over. Cash lota were reduced in price in company with futures, being of fered more freely than heretofore, but are still quoted relatively high, os most of tho meats are massed into round lota, and being carried against forward sale 1. There was some Inquiry, but shippers acted as though they expected to be able to take hold at still lower tig urea by waiting a few days. Sales were rejmrloJ of 20,C00 fta shoulders on private terms; and ftOO.OCO Its abort riba at $11,05 for June, and 911.40011,43 for July, loose. The market closed dull at the following range of prices: Shoul- Long Short Short den. clear. rib. clear. Salted, loose 7V US' 11*.' ll»f Boxed 1% I!),' Il»; 12 0,550 12.463 130.782 17,110 4.077 51,017 602,205 107.932 20,000 32,321 6,673 4,204 1,343 171,53*. 127 7.620 1,156 2,108,800 2,144,000 991 ,7V II Ifl't* llSi ,7V 11V ll*,* 11*; July Vi lljtf ll** Bacon, cash 8*; .... 12‘; 127; Ixmg and short clears at ll‘,', and ll*;csellcr May, Imaed: green bam*. 11*;4t12,4a> sweet pickled do, Cumberland*. li*;(dll7;c,r**bor sell er April; long-cut hums, 13013*40, boxed; bacon hams, Italic. Grease—Was quiet at W@9c. BEEF PRODUCTS—Were steady and quiet at $10.30 C%11.00 for mess, $11.60013.00 for extra mess, aud $3:1.50(424.00 for ham*. Tallow— Waa quoted at Bj;<3B#o for city, and 8c for country lots. BRFADSTUFFS. FLOUR—Was quiet, though with more doing than ths prarlous day. There was a moderate demand for familly flours on local account, and former prices were sustained, while shipping grades woro dull and nominally easier In sympathy with continued weak ness lo wheat. Bales wore reported of 3uo brla winters on private terms; 1.150 Lrls spring ox tree, partly at $U3(35.87,V. Total, 1.430 brla. The market eloaod steady at the following range of prices: Choice winter extras, $1.30(37,80; common lo good do, shipping extras, $1,30 » 4.80; good do. '54.8505.10; choice do. *UO@S.CO; patents do, $0.0000.00; Minnesota, $5,0000.00; spring ■uporfincs, $3.00(£3.75; ryo flour, 14.33(34.37*1. Bran—Was in fair demand, and mure active at Wednesday’s quotations. Bales were reported of 6-J brla at (11.760U.00 free on board care and on track.*— Sales ware 20 tone at $14.00014.23 free on board. HcttKUNlsas—Sale# were 10 tons at $13.00 on track. >—Coarse was nominal at $17.60(319.00 on track. WHEAT—Was unusually active, and again weak, declining P*oonJtmc, ana 2‘,'c on May, below tlio lowest quotations of WodiiMtlay. The weak point In tlio market waa the fact of large offerings for May, with a very email demand for it, and In consequence of this the difference between the prices for the two rooutha widened at one time to 3c. Some Idea of the sympathy with which Mar wheat was regarded maybe gained from the statement that during the sale of 33,G00 bu the market fell from 90’.f to 03c. The volume of trading for June nan, however, enormous, and omh lota wore much more active. The decline brought out s good demand for shipment, that and the further weakness in rail freights enabling j-arllcs here to All orders which were limited below the figures pre viously ruling. One Arm alone took 75.000 hu for direct export. The public advice* from Liverpool reported little change there, put private cables quoted the Dritlsh markets as weak, with a scarcity of buyers, and Now York was heavy. Our receipts wore again smalt with liberal clearances by take and rail, but the news from outsldn source*, with favorable weather for the nest crop, brought out sellers In great force, as above noted. OuUlda of the ahliplngdemand. tbo offerings wore cblcity taken to till snorts, there being aupireutly very little long buy ing. Holler June opened at .1.01, foil off to sl.uo, sold at |l.oo‘f, declined to iMc, and advanced to 927(0 at the close, heller M<y sold early at and weakened irregularly to U7J<c, closing st Od'.'o, heller July sold at $1.0.1. and ranged Domlmliy at about 174 c above seller June. Cash lota of No. 4 spring ranged nomi nally about }{q below May far regular, closing at 07.I*, 1 *, after telling at 97Jtf(!!93c. Oilt edged receipts of do sold at 93c, not being In demand for carrying. Cmh sale* were reported of 75.300 bn No, 1 spring atO7M «98c; 17,000 bu No. 3 do at B.'OSJMo; 'J.BUO bu re jected do at 77K(3'80; and AuO hu by sample at 9374 c. Total, 9i3,ouu bu. Minna*ota Wheat—-Was In bolter demand at a decline of 3<£3#o, corresponding to the movemeut In the general market. Bale* were 1,300 bu No, 1 at Jl.ll* 1 23.200 bu No. 3at 11.01tt1.01 ; and 3.400 hit by sample at $1.0001,30 free on board care. Total, 34,100 bu. COUN—Waa rather loss active, and declined Volc per bu, about half of which wi* recovered la l ho Utter part of the aeaelou. There was no social change re ported from other points, though Now York closed dull, but tho receipts here were larger (360 car-loads Inspected in), and tho market sympathized with the downward eourae of wheat. The anticipation of Uraer receipt* was alleged os a sufficient reason for a further shnuluge la prices, and sellers were more numerous than buyers tor the future. But there was s bettor demand for nil shipment, including one lot of lo 1,003 bu. the order for which arrived here the day pre ceding. but could not then bo fllh-d, am the limiting price waa too low, Tbla better inquiry for cash lota steadied tho othorjurt of the market m the latter part of the session. The selling for future seemed to be largely on country account of corn bought during Uio wet weather of a fow weeks ago, when a great many people were afraid that seed-time would fall to the Centennial year. Tue local short* filled in moderately, chiefly at or near the inside fig ures of the acaalou. tkller May ojwned at soul at 4o){e, declined to 46jfc, and aavancod I) 400 at the close. Holler June sold at tt.'t'-tJO/io. closing at fS'gc. Heller July sold at closing at 40*; (4407;c. Heller Uio month, or reguisr*No. 3, soldut 46 chiefly at 460. closing nominally at i6,'<e. Car lota of do (fresh receipts) sold at 4lj{i4l6);c. Cash sales were reported of JM.fiOO bu No. 3at tjQICMc; 9,300 bu high-mixed at 46^(449>;u; 2,000 bu usw do at 44k0; '.’,300 bu new mixed at 3,000 bu reject ed at 41c; 3,000 bu by sample at 40C443C cn track; and 0.400 bu do at 44<3 HJ4O froo on board car*. Total 133,000 bu. OATS— Wot* more active early, and quiet during the Imhour, The market declined Md.Vtt cbieily In sympathy with other grain, though the rucoipta were main liberal, and the lunge appeared auxluua to close •mi. Theahoru bought quite freely, but withdrew before the close. Seller May opened at Wo ami fold downtoUlMc, clewing at Juno fold at and eloaed at Jl There woe very little Inquiry for caah. Freeh eerf aold yi>,(rfJlJ*c. and regular was nominal at alfout Jlo. Uojected void at *J7c. The alums llhrral aiilpincuu, which probably include some of thu cargoue loaded aume hme ago that have recently left for tho lower USea. Cash aalea were reported of a,too hit No. 3at SIV« SlJto; »,4W>»m byaamplo at Wri |Sto for mixed, and 3<S'C4J7 for white; il.tUxJbu do at W&J'Wo frou on board. Total, 17,tu0 bu. lUE—Was very quiet at 64’<o for Ko. 3, 'flu re* c.lpu »;««Ijraw. ilia U'O aui, rtpun .honol tiut neall, 13.0 Wbu h.a b«n a bl|>rM cut. Cub ulu were limited to 40-.) bu No. J atot «c, BAULKY—Waa fairly active early, advancing about Jc, and subsequently declining closing dull and weak under comparatively liberal ottering*. Tbo trading was cbielly lu May, Use *Uoru being the Usd- Imr buyers. Mayupuuodat 5«, rose to Asuc, men Ml back to 690, wheu buyers withdrew, and at tbu close a sale was mad* at 01c. June w»* nominal at 00c sarly, and closed at 03c. Oasis wu In fair request for shipment and firmer at OOfjOic. dMlng nominally tower. Tbo low grades were scarce and study at Vi& 43c for No, 3, ana 9lu for rejected, Bsmpics were in active. Cash aalea wore reported of 7,3ju bu No. 3at 80.) bu No. 3at tbgjiio. Tula), 9,(Ml bu. riUST CALL. Wheat was a shads) firmer, Bales 50,000 lu seller Judo at 93V493,’<c, Mess pork was steady. Bales. 330 brls seller June at |3o.bei. LATKBT. Mess pork wu active and firmer early, with sale* of 10.330 brls st $70.75 nab; f20.78030.MW toller Msy; f jo.;nio3i.M tiller June, and |H.J0.i031.30 toller June. Mnl w*« In moderate demand and easier, sales helm* reported of 2/i.Vi lea ntt13.U0013.05 seller June. short rii>« were flfiner, with satin of 100,000 Ira at ft I.t'J#oil.l» seller June. Wheat wan active and very Irregular owing to large offerings and rumors of fsllnmi, closing |*c lower for June. Heller Juno opened at W(o, declined to #9’, o. and closed at Wo. May sold ftt S7#o2B#r, closing at 07#e, Corn declined about #e, dosing at 43 >4O for May, 45c for June, and 46 ,0 for July. O.IU wore quid at 91 #OO3I wo for May and June. Barley was quid at 98057 c for Slay, and a few ear loads were sold at for May delivery. Toe s.dir C. A. Ring waa lekeu for 12,302 bu wheat to Kingston on private terms. OAI.L HOARD. vai.u iiujiliy. Ifr*# pork was very ncllve and 20025 c per brl high er, closing at <21.16(431.1711 seller June, and $11,900 21.15 seller July. Halea : 14,3-10 brls at $20.78 for May, amt f11.t’0021.20 for June. Lird wan quid, clewing at f13.00019.03W for June, ami <12.60013.86 for May. 8a1e*71,250 to* Bl f 19.00 seller Juno. GENERAL MARKETS. ALCOHOL—Wss steady at $3.11, BROOM-CORN—Continues in moderate demand and steady. Dealers report a fair Inquiry for aeedfrom lha Illinois farmers at $1.6003.50 per bu. but llllie or no Inquiry from the Slates west of the Mlstlssltv V>. Quotations: Choice hurl, 809 e; No, 2 hurl, 7r.48c: choice medium, 707#0; good medium bruah, 803#c; fair inside and covers, 50O#o; Inferior, 10 4#c; crooked. 3<4Cc. BUTTER—T!ie range of prices was about the same asm the earlier days of the week, but It waa a drag ging trade, the conviction that prices will rule lower a little further along In the eeasoji loading buyers to In sist upou concessions. The demand, a« for some time post, waa strictly lu accordance with current needs. Wo repeat our list: Choice to faucy yellow, 30095 c ; medium lo good grades, 23029 c: inferior to common, 140230, BAGGlNG—Business continues to improve, and prices show more steadiness than during the earlier weeks of the season. Stocks are not larga, and among holders there Is a feeling that prices are now at their lowest. Stark A, 3So; Peerless AA, 260; Lewiston, 350; Moutaup, 25c; Ontario, 35«; American A. 22#c; Amoskoag, 23c; Otter Crook. 23c; burlap bags, 4 bu, ll#olß#c{ do, 8 bu, 15016 c; gunnlca, single, 14# 015 c: do. double 23034 c. OHKEBE—The market remains unsettled, and any quotations that could be given would. Just at present, l>o simply nominal. Old U virtually out of the narknt, and tho uow make thus far offered la mostly of unde sirable quality, and sella Irregularly. The demand Is smsll. We quote poor to new, Jobbing, at 7011 c. COAL—Was In light demand at former quota tions: Lackawanna, range and nut, Sio.ou; do egg, <9.59; csnncl, $7.0007.32; Erie, $7.00; Blotahurg, $7.2007.02: Hocking Valley, s'>.oo; Indiana block, $5.30; Diltimnro A Utilo, ffi.ou; Illinois, $4,0001.60. EGUH—Were plentiful and alow at 13a, the usual asking price. ITHU— I There was a moderately active market at steady pricos. Wa quota; No. 1 whlteflsh, #-brl. 41.1O05.X1; N 0.2 do. $5.0005.10; NO. 1 trout. $4.00; No. 1 ehoro msckeroi new, #-bri, $12.50013.00: No. 1 bay, f2.2U0V.23 ; No. 2 mackerel, #-brl, SIOOOB.II ; family macKcrcl, #-brl, SO.Su; No. I shore kits, largo. 12,00; No. 1 bay kits, $1.50; Isrgo family kits, f 1.22 ; bonk codfish. $4.7605.02: Ocorgo's codfish, $1.3205.76 ; Labrador herring, Split, brls. $7.7508.00; do #-hrl, $4.0204.29; Lab rador herring, round, brls. $ * do #-brl, $1.3003.75 : scaled herring, per box, 42c ; No. 1 her ring. 39c; Columbia River ssltnor, #-brl. SB.OO. KUb‘l l\S AND NOTH—Continued activity In the fruit trade was noted, and pricos of most lines still •how decided firmness, Stocks of domestics are reduced to email dimensions. Imported varieties are in amnio supply. We quote : Foiiuoh—Dries, 8-«i0#o; figs, layers, lAAlOo; flgv, drums, 11012 o;, Turkish prunes, new, 7 #O7 .c; French prunes, kegs and boxes, 10«i9c; raisins, layers. ; loose Muncuiel. $1.0.'0:1.4(t: Valencia. 11 V0ll#e; /.■ ire entrants. 7 4 0f*o: citron, id.l2to. DoxiEnto—Alden apples, 1* 4120; Michigan apphu, common, 2'((410c ; cuoice, lb iuIUKiO: pooches. halves, 12 l .(0li#o: do, pared, 17012 c; blackberries, 11.'<,012c; raspberries, d.kuidlo; pitted cherries, 23 Vile. Nuts—Filberts, 11 011. almonds. Tcmguna, 12.V020c; Naples wal nuts, new. Irtn l7c ; French walnuU. now, iij^o 12. Grenoblo walnuts, 16\0t)tc; Brazils, OM012o; pecans, Texas, llVAl'iVfe; ' Wilmington pomnts, (H4B)gc; Tonnessoe peanuu, 506 c; African peanuts, GO2Lc. Gi.LEN FIIUITS--Wora In fair request and steady, except apple.-, prices for which favored Layers, as mnen of tno stock Is decaying, and aellors an anxious to dispose of It. Wo quote: Qxd to eboleo apploi, per brl; Messina oranges, $1.0005,16 for box: Valencia do. f 12.00010.20 por ease; lemons, $3.5000.02 per box. GItUOKBIBS Business condones satisfactorily act* Ive. Interior merchants &ra present in goodly num bers, and Judging from Ilia character of (heir ardors the stocks at Interior points oiuat bo exceptionally llflbt. Doth ataplo ami aide article* wera moving on a generous scale, and tho market displayed a firm and heillhy lone. We quote: toot—Rangoon, Carolina, tltfaSjtfo; Lon* laUm, ii w'liac, OoKKECfI—O. G. Jar*, 30>A31e; Java, No. 3, 37(9 2fic: choice to fancy llio, good to prime do, common to fair, 29\(ft21e5 roost* Ing, 12 «0lui;o5 Singapore Java, 25f326c; OoaU Blca, 23iA2(c; Maracaibo, 3 tiunans—Patent cut loaf, 11VQ11 ; crushed, 11V (iill.’iC ; powdered, lIVcAUVo; granulated, 1 OJi mlie; A, standard, ,c; ao No. 3, looio'.'c; U, ounO, o‘,®o>*e! 0 No. 2. yellow ONo, 1, UV do No. 3, 9@o. l 4o: choice brown, ; fair to prime do. BVte ß V°: com* mon do, 7: choice molasses sugar, HVOBCO ; common to good do. 7VO9V°! Mew Orleans, iu biaur#—California sogar-loaf drips, «807Oo; dia mond drips, (1.(1.501.10; silver drip*, extra fine, GO<J 05o; good sugar-house sirup, .W£33o; extra do, 58(4 Wc; N’ew Orleans molasses, choice, G5(368c; do. prime, do. common to good. 48(i)t0c: Porto lUco mo hnnes.4B.gsoc; common molasses,Bß(34oo; blackstrap. * bricr.a—Allspice, 17<ai7Vc; cloves, 93083 o; casela, 33032 a; popper, 1 i nutmegs, (1.23(41.25; Cjl outta ginger, U.^l^tS^c. Soars—Truo lllue, 0«<c; German Mottled, White Lily, Cg3Hc; White Hose, lloyal Sa von, SVtfdc; Savon Imperial, <So; Golden West, franca—Excelsior, laundry. 6?4@70; do.glosa.BV 0yo; do, com, Kingston!, pure, 7*40; do,sli ver gloss. UVS'J-Xo; do corn, lOtglU^a HAY—Tub better grades of timothy and prairie were in moderate dem ind and steady. The lover gradee wore (pilet. No. 1 timothy. (13.50013.79; No. 1 do. (13.00: mixed do, (lO.OO'riIU.SO; upland prairie, (10.00 011.00: No. t do, SB. 0&9.U0; slough, (11.50(37.00. UIGUWINEH—Were (juiet and unchanged. Sale wm rajmrted of 100 brls at 11.U7 per gallou. There vaa little demand, and the market was generally quoted dull. HIDES—Wore steady unaer a fair inquiry. Dam aged stock la now quoted at Se. Wo quote; Green city butchers’, .W.oV c i green cured light end heavy, 7c; part cured, flV(?<H<c; green Bolted kip. 7a; green country. ; green calf, 13c; flint hides, dry kip and calf. Me; dry suited hides, 13o; deacon skins, 44 0500. Sheep pelts, wool estimated as washed. 30032 c. METALS AND TINNEUB' STUCK—Remain steady under a fair Interior demand, which appears to be on the increase. Following are the prices: Ttw Plate—lo, 10x14, (3.60; do, 1X,10x14, (12.00: roof inp, 14x20, IC, (u.oo. I’iu Tin—Large, J7o; amall, iflo; bar, 32c. UoLoia—No. L 20o; No. 3,16 c. Loud— -I'IH, 7>;o ; bar, B)4° S lead pipe, 9c. Oorsni— Bottoms, :>4c; abealhing copper, 33c. Siikrt Ztso —Full teak*, lOtfc; slabs. 6‘«'o, Bo*rrlnoi»—No. 34, 4c rates; Russia Iron, No, 3 to 13, 16o; do, No. 1, stained. ir>o; American Russia A, 13c; D, llo; gal vanized Iron, No, 30, Mo; discount, 25 per coot. Wins —Noa. 1 to fl.uc: S.T.toP.lOo: 10 to 11. lie; 13. ll'tf; Uandl4,l3c; 165nd18,140; 17,19 o: 18,10 a; 13, 13c: 30. 30c; full bundles, per cent discount; fonco wire, BVo; do, small lots, 6j<c. NAILH—‘Were Arm at (3.10. Tbs specolatlre de mand bas dropped oft since the advance, and the In quiry now is chiefly from home merchants, who order to meet the immediate wants of their trade. OlLS—Oarbou was off another «ic, with which ex ception the range of nrlcos was altout the same as on the preceding days of the week. Trade Is steadily im proving. We quote ! Carbon.ll3 deg. test, UOdai;i«;do Illinois legs! test, 150 deg., IdVfT.H; unov White. ISO test, 17c ; do headlight, 179 deg, extra winter lard oil. (1.19; No. 1. OTftgHu; No. 2.7t)(4H0a; linseed, raw, doc; boiled,(He; whale, winter bleached, 7H& bOc: sperm, (J.15<i(1.3i; reatsfuot oil, strictly pure, (1.1501.30; do extra, ti&c: do No. 1, S9o; bauk oiL 63c; straits. (5«; plumbago oil. 80075 c; turpentine, 4t048c; tnpbtha, deodorized, ftlgravity, 13H0H!4o; West Virginia oils, natural, 30 d?g., 91035 c; natural, 30 deg., 3b ' :wo; reduced, 38 deg,, 2002i0. POULTRY—Was In moderate rwjuo«t and easy under lllwral otlcrlngs. Chickens were quoted at (3,5004.50. Turkeys sold at Keltic, and ducks at 13.50 wI.OO. SEEDS—Timothy wu active and firmer at |2.25 for fair to choice prime, closings! l.'.M. Clover wee mors active at s reduction of per b>i. Prims sold early »t fO.ftO sod later at li fe*. The trade being about over bolder* wore amloua to realize, and tbo few buyitrs in lb* market held oil until tbelr demand fur literal concussions was accceded to. Hungarian was ratber alow at flOaMc, and millet aold at fine. Cb'ike quoted at 650. SALT—Was in moderate demand and steady. We quote: Higlnaw flue, $1,40; Canada do. $|,4A : ordinary coarse, $1.70; dairy, without bags, |J.76; dairy, with bags, fli.CUj AabUm d«lr», per sack, $1.50. IKAH—Tr.Uo wj» fair at unchanged prices, Tfte finer grades are bold firmly, but fur common amt medium the market is not socially firm. Wo quote: Oritrowimn—Common, arqjMOc; good do, 4"<<tlAc; medium, 4V*froe: good do, MflMc; flue, ftftf.O'Hic; finest, choice, KKSi76c: cholceat. fancy. fl.uif4i.iA, latisuuL—Common, uj t-aUicj good do. bnt44oe; mudluni, 40(4450s good do, 4V5500; fine, finest, CVgcdo; choice, 6j(j|7Uc; cholccat, 7Cf475c. Japans—Common,so<a3so; good common, medium, 1(144:0: good me dium. 45«ise; flue. 60(4580; finest, s.V.viflo; choice, UMCSc; choicest, 73f47f1e. UnuiNus—Common, soft UJo; good common, medium, j good medium,4'(<(4Ac; fiue,4iJAJc; finest,Ssijsbct choice UMti'Ju; choicest, lAoteUo. \ V. Ur-’.V** dud at i.-jltfc, the outside balug for cbnleo ciUux, Wiiuli—There wte no rbangs, Orders are arriving for email lot*; otherwise there 1# tittle Inquiry, and the mtrk'-t la rather «t»k. Tuh-waiUed, pritno, 6O0: uo, poor to good. iltfitHot washed fleece, fine, good conditioned, ujqjtocj wtsced, mediuiudo, 4iJ ; unwashed, fine lu uvy to ligul. 'li do. aio diutu, pulled, .W.u3 J f. # LIVE STOCK. CUICAciO, UecsipU— Cattle. Hog*. Sheep. Monday 4,‘W C.'Jrt jjju ?U‘*day 4.946 14,410 1,6*1 Wcdusaday 4.8 W la,l*o ’ 49a Thursday C.WX) 14,G00 900 ■ Tt ;i a, **;**:**--r* .>»■«> ”81130 Same Urn* leal wuttk... ,*il,lU ~,, Week before lost 18,037 41,139 8,231 Shipment*— Monday 1,715 1,718 432 Tuesday |,UO 4/,’>a MS Wednesday 4,0'J3 4,868 980 Total 7,833 ll.oifl 9,333 CATTLE—Tho market wet without Important change In comparison with Wedneaday, There wat not quit* aa much animation In trade, but the demand from the different eourcce waa, after all, fairly active, and the alight adranco of the day before «u auatalned. The atipply was unaapectedly large, but that fact waa counterbalanced by the slightly more favorable tone of orders from the Bait, and, all thing* oonildered, the teller bad little reason to complain at lha course of Uio market. Trading was at $3.5008.39 for Inferior to choice, chiefly at f 9.0003.75 for butcher** atnff ;at $1,6001.00 for alockera. and 14.0004.C0 for fair to prim* shipping tarns. The hulk of tbecattlo changed owner*, and Iho market closed ateady. oATTte sales. No. Av, Price. Drown, Price A Co. to Bees 33 1,311 fl.lri ToKahn S 3 l/M 4.06 A. W. Vaughan to Monroe. 10 1.373 4.85 To Monroe IS 1,934 6.22 To Monro 1,381 4.80 Ingwersen Bros, to Diehl ..34 1,0/7 4.15 To Keefer 03 1,113 4,35 To Monroe 91 l/i!2 4.37tf Uarpole A Lott to D. Thompson (bulla) 50 1,487 9.00 Holmes A Beckett to Wadaworth Istockera) It 053 9.50 To D. Thompson (oxen) 10 1,019 3.73 Rosenbaum A B. to Marie 18 1.824 4,00 Goo. Adams A Co to Uorrla A W. 31 1,193 4,X1 To Morria A W 15 1,313 4.13* To Morria k W Irt 1,M5 4.15 .To McCormick (calves) 33 991 9.00 ToDyokman (calvea),,. 0 t>3 3.50 To Dyckman (calves) 19 99 V.SU ToDyckman (salves).... 16 27 3.60 To Doud JO 1,3x4 4,60 To Hayden (bulla)... 60 1,383 9.20 Drown, r. k Co. to Chapin 10 1,010 4.15 To Pfeifer 20 1,047 4.30 To Pfeifer 30 1,117 4.30 To Morria A W 18 1,364 4.80 To Pfeifer 14 1.19 J 4.35 R. Htraboru A Co. to Morria AW. 10 1,138 4.9.1 To Arnold 10 1.180 4.60 To Haley 61 1,319 4.45 ToKccfcr 17 J,3» 4.75 To Kocfor 25 1,133 4.35 Nieolea A Addema to Bender (feeders) 18 1,031 4.12 M ToßwiftAU . 80 1,213 4.40 Alexander, O. A Co. to Doud 10 1,050 4,30 To Taylor ACo 17 1,950 4.60 To Maateu 13 1,227 4.50 81. John A Drown to Eastman... 10 1,299 4.65 To Bender (feeders) 10 1,014 4.10 Gregory. Cooley A Co. to Doty... 93 1,131 4..15 To Morris A W..,. 04 I,oß> 4.37J4 To Allerton. 17 1,925 4.55 TO Doty.. 08 1.U97 4.30 To Hartnett 8 1,096 3.30 To Morris A W 10 1,178 4.40 To O'Maley 0 1,019 4.20 H. E. Mallory A Dro. to Eastman. 06 1,900 4.01 To Cornwell 18 1,013 4.00 To Allerton 30 1,61 J 0.25 T.i Fogan 40 l,l:.« 4.25 lo R. A. Thompson 48 1,208 4.6 U To Dyckman (calvea), 13 1,343 4.25 Horine Bros. A Co. to Eastman.. 17 1,288 4.25 MirLn Bros, to Morris A W...,. 14 1,181 4.87# To Morris A W 10 1,4(2) 4.12 u To Hirsh, M. ACo 37 1,170 4.95 To Mitchell 16 1,003 4.12 U To Hayden. 34 I.OiO 4.'io‘ Benalya. W. AD. to Welsh 48 1,074 4.20 To Allerton 40 1,907 4.C0 To Eastman 17 1,202 4/25 Denney A Redmond to Kahn AP 48 1,308 4.65 ToKalmAF 37 1,948 4.62# To Kahn A F 18 1,9*1 4,C0 Conover A Hall to Doud 17 1,242 4.76 To Morris A W 17 1/.09 4.00 To Morria AW ~.. 18 1,972 4.»0 To Crocker 158 1,208 4.00 McDonald, March A Co. to East man 79 1.107 4.80 To Eastman 29 1,240 4.t5 To Bponccr 20 1/282 6.00# Halt, Patterson A Co. to Turner. 19 1,127 4.40 To Turner 17 1,113 4.32 To Crocker IS 1,485 6.25 To Homer 15 ],OJ3 4.05 To Hortshorn 15 1,031 4.20 To Martin 83 1,970 4.85 To Haley 44 1,377 4.42 To Haley 17 1,243 4.40 To Hlrah, M. ACo 33 1,340 4.60 Wood Bros, to Dood 38 1,120 4.50 To Allerton 14 1,227 To Clifford 16 1,002 4.10 ToD.Thompson 23 «« To Carter 12 210 3.40 To Crocker 44 1,470 8.90 Bentley, Johnston A Co. to Mor ris A W 10 1,345 4.37# HOG H—The market opened dull, but became active a little further along in the day, after pricos had been lowered 2dc per 100 lha. The range of the market waa $6.2508.20 fur scalawags to extra Philadelphia grades, but there was little trading shore S7.GO or below s7.iu. Sales of light weights were chiefly at $7.4007.55, and heavy at $7.4207.60. The market dosed weak, with many unsold. No. Av. Price. A. W. Vaoghan to Mass 4A 3(3 $7.53 Grover Bros, to Tilden S 3 103 7.60 To Tilden 03 INS 7.60 To Atlerton 60 313 7.60 To Dnrand 48 298 7.70 To Durand 31 270 7.70 ToOrrl 203 7.G0 ToOrvle (S 350 7.70 Ingwersen Bros, to Allorton 48 at .1 7,60 To Lockett A Go 37 222 7.66 To Tabor 20 185 7.60 Todoogina 21 274 7.7 S Dlckaon A Byera to Schwartz SO 23a 7.55 To White 31 212 7.50 To Armour. .... 33 291 7.30 Hall. Patterson A Go. to Armour.. 64 246 7.60 To Armour 31 2)9 7.40 To Arm0ur........ 40 204 T. 60 ToThallon 29 177 T. 65 To Tailor 60 215 7.60 ToOrrla 37 246 7.C0 To Lockett 62 219 7.WJ To Powers 37 246 7.60 Bentley, Johnaton k Co, to Boyd . fi L. 77 153 7.60 To Boyd k L 40 149 7.00 To Boyd k L 34 119 0.75 To Fowler 30 193 7.50 To Fuwlar 60 202 7.50 To Fowler 63 190 7,60 To Fowler 67 205 7.50 To Fowler 27 214 7.60 Harpolo k Lott to Armour 50 219 7.50 To Crane 85 200 7.60 Holmes k Beckett to Mobs 40 211 7.05 lloaonhaura AB. to Kent 39 308 7.00 To Spring k II 33 202 7.60 To Wbltu 04 VOfl 7.60 To Armour .. 43 232 7,40 McDonald, March k Co. to Allor* ton 35 236 7.50 ToAlterton DO 204 7.50 ToAllerton 60 2UI 7.50 ToAllerton 65 213 7.55 To William Smith 44 209- 7.fiU H. Green A Go. to Tabor 129 202 7.50 To Moss 16 244 7.60 Wood Bros, to Orris 98 919 7.65 To Orris 28 214 6.76 To 0rr1e..... 48 270 7.66 To Fowler 163 2.0 7.50 To Armour 64 214 7.50 To Armour 69 238 7.50 To Armour 64 2C3 7.60 To llalatcd (B 244 7.65 To llalatcd 47 222 7.58 To Halatod.... 48 lyi 7,55 To llalatcd 31 lu2 7,60 To tialated 63 198 I.CO To Thompson 22 2T5 7.75 Conover A Hall to Bicker 07 208 7.6 u To llomp 70 193 7.50 To Fowler 48 2(5 7.59 To Fowler 21 189 7.50 Th Fowler 68 lU7 7.60 ToAllerton 60 2(4 7.59 ToAllerton 62 216 7.60 ToAllerton b 3 211 7.65 To Allvrtou 73 206 7.G6 To Fowler.... 43 2J5 7.59 To Fowler.. 70 209 7,59 To Maher 20 180 6.7 J Brown, Pries A Co. to Fisher 48 283 7.09 llorlne Bros. A Co. to Craue 06 2uß 7,5 u To Davis A A 42 207 7.56 To Armour.... 71 2h) 7.59 To Armour 32 271 7.69 To Fowler.... 65 198 7XO To Fowler 43 232 7,50 To Fowler 63 222 7.50 To Fowler 60 200 7.60 To Utahluecker 78 128 . 7.60 To Belknap 61 204 7.02 M Toßchwurlz ..... 25 322 8.20 George Adatna A Co. toTabor...., 68 212 7.69 To Tabor 60 216 7.65 To Armour .64 24( 7.69 To Armour.... ... 88 254 7.69 Brown, T. A Co. to Fowler 62 224 7,60 Bensleja, W* A fl, to Tab0r....... 26 217 7,50 To Tabor 77 127 7.60 ToTabor 49 193 7.60 To Tabor 36 207 7.60 To Tabor 91 128 • 7.50 To Tabor 42 196 7.60 To Tabor 34 211 7.60 To itUMfd1........ 25 263 7.86 Denney A lUdmond to TUallon... 42 178 7.65 To Marsh 48 281 7.79 ToMarab... 44 Vhß 7,115 To Marsh 43 248 7.60 ToAllerton .... 68 228 7.55 ToAllerton ..... 48 213 7.55 ToAllerton 87 221 7.55 ToAllerton 3Ut 215 7.55 To tackett 34 311 7.<» Bunker A Cochran to Fowler 60 126 7.50 To Kent .61 261 7,60 ToTabor 61 2IT 7.69 To Tabor 41 290 7.50 Martin BroatuLarklna 33 174 7,59 To Armour..... ..,,21 yji 7.50 To Armour 61 2sl 7.50 To Bicker 63 122 7.60 ToTabor 43 I*o 7.60 TuUrvle 21 297 7.69 TuticnwarU..,. 48 2U9 7.69 To tirhwacta 43 230 7,55 To Kchwartl... 63 2>W 7.65 To bchwartc 14 217 7.55 U. Hlrahoru A Co. to Grans 63 205 7.55 To Spring AH 18 217 7.60 ToOrvU 2ft at! 7.60 To Whits 87 121 7.C0 To Whits „43 pJU 7.60 Nicoles A Addsms to Marsh 87 '264 7.f0 To March 44 344 7.60 To Ukkor 84 192 1.69 St. John It Drown to Marsh .40 067 T.f-d a m 7.W To Lockett It Co. Of'gory, Cooley A Co. to 0rv1a..., 61 276 T. 60 Tn Spring ft || 73 17(| 7.50 To William Smith ~.,13!) 93J 7.60 To Mi*cut a-j am 7.:w To l:m;lin|) Jh(S 6.75 To Cnlliu* 53 al7 Todrvl*.... 87 an 7.60 To English ns *J2I 6.55 To Aruiour 71 311 7.35 To Armour 62 aro 7.50 To Amour 131 317 7.40 ToScliwtrU...., «| 313 7.60 Jolm Wallwotk lo Marsh.*. 35 361 7.60 To Mini 3C3 7.00 To Marsh ti 7 a«n 7,67 H. E. Mallory k llro*. to White.,.. «9 I.K) 7.50 To While 41 132 7.:0 To Arnold 31 378 7.60 To Lockett k C 0,.. aa aat 7.*fl To Kllllok 25 3„7 7.70 To lilukcr 51 192 7.50 SHEEP—Wcro In tight demand at $4.0006.25 for poor lo choice. Baton wore mostly at $5.00^0.00, new ycmK. New York, April 37.—Bertm—Receipts, GOO, making 3.860 for three days, against 8,760 asms time tail week; market active J closed flfm at yesterday's prices; or* dlnsry lo prime, O)40ll)4o; yards cleared of stock. tittCßi*—Receipts, 3,350, making 5,740 for three days, against 7,650 samo time last week; supply scarcely equal to demand; market etrong and active; higher prices; clnmed sheep. B)tfoßJ4c; common to good unshorn, 0540714 c. Swink—Receipts, 1,000, making 7,360 for throe days, against 9,990 same time last week; none offered alive. BUFFALO. Buffalo, N. Y., April 37.—Cattle—Receipts, 300; total for the week, 8,78 V; no market to-day; fresh ar rivals through consignments; yards bare of stock. Sneer anu Lamrs— Receipts, 1,300: total for the week, 8,000: market slow: arrivals shipped East, leav* Ing the yards bsro of stock. Hons—Receipts,.3,loo; total for tbo week, 0,000; market slow; 1 car Yorkcn, 164 lbs, $8.15; 3 ears heavy, $8.3508,60. EAST UDEIITY. East Lmsnrr, Pa., April 37.—OATTLE-Recrtpts to* day, none; total for throe days, 963 head. No bust* ness doing at all; pens dear. lions—Receipts la-day, 1,310 bead, total for three days, 4,0:5; selling. Yorkers $7.6007,90; Philadelphlas $8,7508.60. ¥ Siikri-—Receipt* to-day, 1,700 head; total for throo days, 9,000 ; 000100 16 clipped selling at $5.3506.60; 70080 lb selling at $1.50 <*5.00, BT. LOUIS. Sr. Louts, April 37.—lions—Quiet and unchanged; light shipping at $U1U7.30; Yorker*. $7.3107.65; bacon, $7.3007.60; butcher*. $7.6007.76. Cauls—Quiet and unchanged; good to choice, $4,7605.12)4; medium to fair, $1.13)404.3714; pony steer*. fJ.7604.Wi cow*, $3.6004.00; etoekera, $3,760 4.3sNfeeden, $1.3304.60, CINCINNATI. Cincinnati, April 27.—U6oe—Steady: common to Rood light, $d.76(V£7.75; fair to good heavy, 97.T0098.00; ••to* chiefly at $1.5097.70. Receipts, 1,900; ship* meuta, 1,700, LUMBER. A moderate business waa reported at the sale-docks at easier prices for piece stuff, which sold at 99.00, and coarse inch brought $3.00, and was quoted at |9.00®13.0J according to quality. Shingles, ••A," sold at $2.36. The market closed quiet, with few cargoes left over. The following aalea wore reported: Bcbr A. O. Hanson, from Manistee, 176 m Jolata and scantling at $8.26, Manistee tally, sold by William Huger. Barge Orippen, from Manistee, 333 m Joiala and ■cantllng at $3.00. By Blanchard, Borland b Co. Hrhr O. N. Filer, from Ludlngton, 230 m Joists and ■cautUeg at 91.00 ; Two Brothers, from Ludlngton. 190 m Joists and scantling at $5.00; L. A. Burton, from Ludlngton, 300 m Joists and scantling at SB.OO. By J. AT. Loomis A Co. Barge City of Grand Haven, from Grand Haven, 115 m ft common boards and strips, at I'J.CO; 128 m ft do, Much, at fd.CO ; barge O. F. Allen, from Grand llavim, '.’Bo m M A” shingles at $2.33; 301 m No, 1 do at 75c; CO m lath ut $1,50. Sold by Irish, BulLn It Ci. The yard trade was only fair, and some descriptions of lumber continue weak, but not quotably lower. Quotations: D First ana second clear. . .$10.009..... Third clear, 1 Inch 3 1.009..... Third clear, thick 03.0 .<4 Cle.r flooring, tint aud second, rough., 3U.OJ.<»:i}.oo Clear aiding, lint and second . 17.v,91,i.00 First common aiding 15.U0910.09 Flooring, first common, dre««cd 30.00.(4.,... Flooring, aecoud common, dressed 33.00 434.00 Box boards, A 36.00 4 Box boards, B 33,0-1(4 A stock boards, 10 and 13 1n... 30.0iir433.00 B block boards ■j3.fHH423.00 O stock boards 16.0H4 Fencing 13.60(4 Common lumber, 18 ft aud under 3 inch 11.00(4 Common Inch 19,009 Joints and scantling, 30 to 34 ft 13.00-a16.00 Lath 1.00(4, ... A shingle* 2.f;r@ 2.00 Bhlugieaon track X4o® 2.03* TELEGRAPHIC MARKET REPORTS. FOREIGN MARKETS. Nptcfol hitpatch to Tht Chieaio Trilrunt, Liverpool. April 37—11 a, m.—Flour—No. 1, 34a; No. 3,23 a, Grain—Wheat—Winter, No. 1,9 a 10d; No. 3,9 a 8d; spring, BaQOe 7d; while, No, I, OalOd; No. 2, 9a7d; dub, No. 1, !oa6d;*No. 2, 9 a lid. Corn, ltd. Fbovuions—Pork, S3*. lard, 69s 3d. Liverpool, April 37—Latest,—Cotton—Steadier: 6)f(4C7-lGd; sales of 10,000 bales, including 3,000 for •peculation and export, and 7,800 American. Breadstuff*—California white wheat, average, 0a 7d(59s 10d ; do club, 0a HdQlOa 6d; No. 3 to No. 1 red western spring, SsftOi 7d; winter red western No. 3to No. 1,9 s HdCfH'a lOd. Flour—Western esnsl, 23«9 34a. Corn—New western mixed, 26a@2fla 3d; old Woat* arn mixed, 29a. Oats—American, 3sosa fid. Barley— American, 3a fid. Peas—Canadian, 37s 6d®3Bi. Clover Seed—American, 935362 a. Fro visions—Prime mess pork, 86a; prime mesa beef, 87s. Lard—American, 69a 3d. Cokeis—Fine American, 60s. Bacon—Long clear, 635; short dear, 66s B<L Tallow—Flue American, 41a fid. Petroleum—Spirits, 8138 s 3d; refined, 11a fid. Linseed Oil—33s cd. Rosin—Common, 4a 9d; pate, ICa. Hpinira Turpentine—24a. London, April 37.—The bullion In the Bank of England Increased XHO.COO during the past week. The proportion of the bank’s reserve to its liabilities is 48‘; per cent. Consols—Money, 05 3*16; secount, 05*. American Securities—Cs», 103*; 67a, 109 V; lo tos, 107*: uew 6t, 100*; Now York Central, 101; Erie, 14*,'; Erie preferred, 33. Buoar—No. 13 Dutch standard spot, 31s fid; sfiost, 21s edftSla Od. Linseed-Oil—22s 3d323s fid. Sperm-Oil—Ms, Paris, April 37.—Rentes—I08f 3*c. The specie In the Bonk of France Increased 19,603,- 000 franca during the past week. Franetobt, April 27.—United States Bonds—Now 6a, 103*. Antwerp, April 37.—Petroleum—38a. SOUTHERN COTTON MARKETS. New Oiluri, April 27.—Cotton— Demand fetr; prices steady*; sales 3,G00 bales; quotations un cnauged; receipts, net, 291; gross, 1,402; exports to tbs Continent, 100; stock. 189,789. Moon.):, April 27.—Cotton unchanged; middling*, 12o; set receipts, 033 bales; exports, coaslwlae, 60; •ales, 1,000, Savannah, April 27.—Cotton quiet; middlings, 12 M6c; net rocelpta, 168 bale*; gross, 177; aAles. 208. Galveston, April 27.—Cotton weak and Irregular; middling, 12i^o; net receipts, 696 bates; gross, 666; exports coastwise, 101; sales, 701. Ouasumton, April 37.—Cotton dull ; middlings, 12S'c; not receipts, 216 bales; exports to Great Britain, 01; coastwise, 600; sales, 100, NEW YORK DRY GOODS MARKET. New Your, April 27.—Business la moderate with package houaee. Tlicro wu a quiet Jobbing trade. Cottou good* wore io steady demaod at currant price*. Prints, cambrics, and ablrtlnga, were rather more active. Amoakaag print* cloaed out to a largo Jobbing bouae, and are celling at So by the caae. Woolen good* ware quiet. Cotton dreu good* ware active at lowe r price*. PITTSBURG PETROLEUM MARKET. Pittbbdbo, Pa., April 20.—Petroleum—Firmer; Crude active and price* advanced; quoted at S2.O2Jf at Parker'*; refined quiet but Arm; I9jfollo, Philadelphia delivery. CLEVELAND PETROLEUM MARKET. Cleveland, April 27.—Petroleum quiet and ua changed; standard white, 110 teat, lu^o; prime white, 160 test, lljtfo In car lota for cA»b, THE PRODUCE MARKETS. HUM YOUR. Apsetal lUipaleh Is Tht Chleaqo fWiun«. New Youe, April 27.—GuaiN—Wheat market heavy; Jo2e lower; sales 129,000 (met $1,0(01.00 for reject* ed spring; f 1.0601.13 for ungraded spring; $1,090 I. for No. 9 Chicago; $1.1101.19 for No. 9 Milwau kee ; 91.1001.21 for No. 2 Chicago; $1.1001.21 for No. 2 Northwestern; $1.1901.22 for No. 2 Milwaukee; 11. for No. 1 *priug; $1.1001.91 for winter rad Western; $1.1801.97 for amber do; end $1,330 1.(6 for white Western. Dye steady; Bales of B,ouo bn Milwaukee for neat week's delivery *t Sic. Darloy dull and uncbsngad. OeU dull J sales of 29,00 Jbu at 40H0(7e for mixed Western and Stale, aud (60 lie for white Weelera and State. Corn steady; fair demand for export end home use; sales of 28,000 Im at Cl>tfa fur no grad* mixed; 660 for steamer mixed; aud 67a for graded mixed; also, 10.000 bu graded mixed fur April at 67e ; 10,000 bu do for first half of May at 62c; and 10,000 bu do fur all May at Pbovuions—Middles unchanged, at 12#012jf« for long clear. Lard lower; sales of 1,000 tea, at sl9 60 lor prims steam; stUia first call for May $19.40 was bid and $19,43*4 uked; for Jane, 113.57# was bid and $13.60 anked; for bid and $13.77)4 asked; for August $15.82)4 was bid and $18.85 asked. Whi*rt—Market lower; aalaa of 100 brla at sl.u par gallon. Onooiaica— Sugar—Market quiet and unchanged; fair to good refining quoted at 7 0*16(3713-lflo; prim* at T 15*16e; No*. 10 and 19 Havana at 7)409)40. tfb »A« fVm.i New York, April 37.—Cotton—Quiet; 13H0 13 M6e; futurea closed weak; April, Israeli 35-aIo: May, 13VA13 21-3'Jo; June. 13 15-16013 ?lt*83o: July, IS'iiaiSft-iUo: Anguat, 1:1 B-10o; September, 18 8-320 13 5.16 c; October, M 3*32(313 ft-32c{ November, 13 I*l6 013 a-330; December, l:» i*ir(A]3 S-noo. Pmou-Moderate export and home trade Inquiry; receipts. 13,(iOO brla t euperfina State and Western, $4.1004.50: common to good extra, $4.90(35.35: good to eboleo do, $3.3005.70; white wheat extra, $5.75(3 7.15; extra Ohio, $4.0007.00; St, L0uie.55.2509.00; Mlnueaou patent process, $8.6009.60; No. 2, $3,000 3.75. Hye flour unchanged. Cork-Meal—Steady; Western. $9.7503.35. OitAtN—Wheat henry; fair business export; re* ceipla, Kl7,two bu; ungraded spring. $1.03)4 ; No. 3 spring, $1.0901.13; whlto Michigan. $1.44; while Can. ada In bond, (Uss; No. 3 Milwaukee, $1.3001.31; winter red Western, no grade, $1.03; amber Michigan, $1.34; No. 1 spring, $1,3801.30. Hye steady; 5111* wank**#!© arrive, 88c. Com quiet and unchanged; receipts, 43,000 bu. Oala—Receipts. 15,000 bu; mixed Western and Slate, 40046 c; whlto Western and State, 466163 a Hat—Firm and unchanged. Hoi's—Quiet; Eastern and Western, 10<al6o; He* York Stale. 19,rf190 ; California, 15018 c. OnooKiUßs—Sugar quiet and unchanged. Coffee firm; fairly active t cargoes, ISMgISHe In gold; Jobbing, 15*4019*40 In gold, kioiaaeea quiet and steady. Rice quiet and unchanged. Petroleum—Excited and higher; crude, 8c; retinal 14c; In eases, 17V021C. Tallow—Steady: B*4o. Strained Resin—Steady and unchanged. Brtßira TORraNTiME—Steady; 86c. Kuos—Lower; Western, 16)4016)40. I'novisiowa—Now mess pork, $31.50031.60; May. $31.35031. n0t June, $31.45031.60. Beef, qalotppiata and extra mess. 130i:io. Out meats—Western, quiet; long clear middles, Western, J3Vc; do city, rJVo. Lard—Prime steam, $13.40; May; $13.30018.10; June. $13.40013.60. • ’ Butter—lrregular; new Western, 30030 Q, Chresb—Unchanged. WUISRT—SI.II. 6T. LOUTS. Br. Loot*, Mo.. April 27.—Cotton—Steady and unchanged: aalee 400 bales. Flour—Dull and drooping; only a until local de mand. Grain—'Wheat Armor and Inactive; No. 3 rod win* ter, 91.35r.a8h; $1.40 May; 91.33 Juno: No, 3 red winter, 11.35 May; 91.20 June. Corn dull and lower for caoh; good demand for future delivery; Ho. 3, 44*«e»4\'c bid cash; 44*c April; 41*(445‘,'0 May: 44*94.5c -Tuna. Oita Inactive; No. 2. 33>;0 cash] 33>;c bid April. Rye • higher; 67a. Barley dull and unchanged. Wmanr—Steady and unchanged, 91.09. Provisions—Pork nominally lower: $32.00, Lard dull and unchanged, Bulk-meats dull and lower; shoulders, 4ta; clear rib, 11*911*0; clear, llfi& 11 *c. Bacon uuaettlod and lower; abouldare, 9o ; clear rib, 13*(4U*o: clear, 13*912*0. * Receipts—Flour, 6.000 brie; wheat, 10,000 but corn, 80,000 bu; oats, 14,0 O bu; rye, 1,000 bu. BALTIMORE. Baltimobe, April 37.—Floob—Quiet and unchang* ed. Chain—'Wheat dull and heavy; Ho. 3 Western, red, Pennsylvania red, 91.6441.63. Corn weak and lower; Wei’era mixed, (HVo. Oala dull and easier; Western white, 46948 c; mixed, 42914 a. Ry« firm hut quiet; 85999 c. Hat—Siftidy and unchanged. Provisions— Dull and heavy. Fork, $33.00. Bulk Meats—Shoulders, B*<4B*e; clear ribs. 11*911*0, loose. Baeon—Shoulders, 9*910c; clear rib, 139 IJifo; hams. 150ICc. Lard—Quiet and weak; re* flued, U'f^W^c. BUTTim— Dull and heavy; Western prime to choice, Q7(.rt DOC; do One, 31(3:)Jc. Petroleum—Crude excited; T)tf97*c; refined quiet; U’;9i3*c. Coitek—steady, firm, and unchanged. Wuiskt—Quiet; 91.13. PHILADELPHIA. Philadelphia, April 37.—Floob—Doll; better grades steady; extra. 4.37*3.5.00; Wisconsin and Minnesota ostra family,ss.7a .if 1.73; State, Otiio, and ludlauA, 9C.00.40.76; high grades. 17.23(4 f.6if. Grain—Wheat quiet; Pennsylvania rod, $1,60; am ber. 91.51(«1.r>J; white. $1.63*91.63; Western fait to prime, $1.1591.33. Rye, HrQuc, Corn declining; yellow, C.H4t»lo; mixed, 61 *o2c. Oats neglected: white, 40(45lJo: mixed. 43445 c. Butter—Weaker; New York Rule and Bradford County extra firsts, a.'<B34c; Western extras, 37233 c: first*, 359370; Western rolls, extra, 27(£300: firsts. 30*2*. • ’ ’ Cheese—Unchanged. Enos—Pennsylvania. New York, and fresh, 17Q180; Western, freab, 1C9170. TOLEDO. Toledo, 0.. April 37.—Flour—Steady. Grain—Wheat ateady; fair demand; No. 9 whits Wabash, 91.37; No. 1 white Michigan, $1.33: No. 3 do, 11.2(1; extra white Michigan, $1,37; arul>er Michigan, 91.23;; Juno, 91.24 V; No. 3 amber Michi gan, sl.l»s*;No. 3 red winter, $1.30*, to arrive; No. 3 rod held at $1.04; rejected, bOfec. Coro ateady; good demand: high mixed, spot and April, S3Vq; May, 61«fo; June, 50c; low mixed. 51o; No. J white, 61o; no grade,4Bc; damaged, 43c, Oita dull; No. s olTorod at 35c without buyers; Michigan, 36Wc. Clover Herd—s3,oo. nwiurTfl—Flour, none; wheat, 10,000 bn; 00m 47,0u0bu; cals, l.uoo bu. Shipments—Flour, roobrls; wheat, 39,000 bu; com 11,000 bu: oats, 4,000 bu. CINCINNATI. Cincinnati. 0.. April 37.—Cotton—Dull; 13*0. Flour—Firmer; not quotably lower. Grain—Wheat dull: 91.13(41.25. ComqoJot; 60951 a Oats firmer, 39943 c. Rye steady and unchanged Barley dull and unchanged. * PnovieioNS—Pork quiet; 921.60 bid, 922.00 asked. Lard luactlve;ateam,l3o: kettle. 13*913*c. Bui) moats uuaoUled and lower ; shoulders nominally Ac; aalea of clear rib at lie cash in settlement; ll*o buyer June; 12*. do July; clear nominally IlHglltfo. Bacon dull; nominally 9*®9*c; 13*(jl3Mo; 12*9 13*o. WniSKX—Steady; $1.07. Buiteb—Easier ; not quotably lowor. , MILWAUKEE. ftIiLWAusEE, April 27.—Flour—Dull and tx»> changed. Grain—Wheat opened weak: closed weak; No. 1 Milwaukee, sl.os;h*rd, $1.24; No. 3; May, 91.01*; June, 9L03; No. a!9o*c. Com weak; loss active; N0.3,61c. Oats fair; demand; lowei rates; No. 3 May, S3*c. Rye quiet and steady; Nn.l, 70c, Barley firmer; No. 3, B9(490o; No. 3,63 d PuovtaiONa—Dull and neglected. Meaa pork, 939.50. Lard—Utcatu, 12*@130. Fbeiobts—Very dull; nominal; wheat to 40. Receipts—Flour, 6.60 U brla; wheat, 38.000 bu. Shipments—Flour, 6,600 brla; wheat, 12,000 bu. Boston, April 37.—Floub—Steady; Western super* fine, 94-60(46.00; Wisconsin extras, *5.3996,86; Min* nraota, 95,90@7,00; winter wheat Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan, 96.00(47.35; Illinois, 9d.33MK.60; 8L Louis, 9d.60®9.U); fancy MiunusoU and Wisconsin, $7,369 8,50. Grain—Com dull; 66970 c for mixed and yellow. Oats ateady; 45*n*5uo for Mixed and No, 3 while; 4J(«4Cc for rejected: 53®5C0 for No. 1 whlto. NEW ORLEANS. New Orleans, April 37.—Huoab—Firmer: com* mou, 7f47*c; fair, 7*98*0; prime, 6*98*0; choice, Uc. Conw.McAL—Dull and lower; $3.31. Oats—Lower; eiKKilc. Point—Dull; $12. , .56{a22.50. Others unchanged. BUFFALO. Buffalo, April 27.—Onant—Wheat neglected. Corn quiet; 8 care at COe; Sears Kansas at OKdOic, all ou track. Oats Inactive. Rys Inactive. Barley dull. MARINE. PORT OF CHICAGO. APRIL 27. Arrived— Sebr Rob Roy, Baugaluck, lumber; stmt Corona, tit. Joe, sundries; prop Messenger, Benton Harbor, sundries; etmr Sheboygan, Manitowoc, sun* dries; sebr Maggie Thompson, While Lake, lumber; achr Amoskoag, Aluikogou, rallroAd-Uot; sebr Seventh Ohio, White Lake, rallroad-tles; scow Magdalena, Paul’s Pier, wood; schr Ella EUsnwood, White Lake, wood; tog Beu Drake, St. Joe, towing; schrO. W> Weutcott, Grand Haven, wood. Clearances— Btrar Sheboygan, Milwaukee, itm drles; prop Portage, Buffalo, 60,000 bu oats, 1,280 btlf floor, 100 tes and 3 kegs lard, 100 brls pork, 700 bags oil-cake; prop Messenger. St. Joe, 23 brls dour, can* dries; schr O. 11. titockbrldgs, Manitowoc, 40 bfU flour, 20 tons iron, 10 tons hay, 3 tons coal; icbr Lumberman. Dleck Creek. 8 Iris beef, S brls pork: sohr UaJ. W. H. Perry. While Lake. 3 brls port, 30 pkgs mdss; scow-M. Hannahs, Beaver Island, 1 brl pork, 1 brl lerd; prop M. Urob, Manlates, 08 bills trot, and sundries. LAKE FREIGHTS, CHICAGO. The market waa again vary qolet. There wu an la* qulry early for a veaael to take wheat to Kingston at te, but nothing waa done. In the afternoon t&a 0. A. Klngwa* reported for 10,600 bn wheat to Kingston oa private term*, and ro-jm waa partly teourod for about 16,000 bu corn by steam to OgdeniLurg, Toledo. April 91.—Dull and nuebanged. The following ebartere were reported aiooe our laat: Bchr Laura Della, corn to lirlo at 2tfc; M. Caprun, corn end wheat to Oewego at 6 Mediterranean, heme ■licks to Duffalo at SI.OO per not 1,900. Day Citt. April 23.—Charter* of veaeel* ire reported at $1,73 to Chicago and g 1.60 to Cleveland, A chart* of 91LC0 to Buffalo 1* alao reports^ ILLINOIS ft MICHIGAN CANAL. DcinaxroßT, 11L, April 27.— Cleaueiv— Cblesg* Belle, Peoria, 90,674 ft lumber; Phoenix, Lockport, 8,134 bu wheat, 100 m shingles; prop Montauk, lawk* port, C.OOO ho wheat; Admlfkl, Joliet, 60 cds hsrkl prop Whale, Seneca, 17,048 It lumber. 190 m ablush*. 690 posts; (friendship, Seneca, 99,719 ft lumber; Map* Leaf, Lockport, 6,000 bu wheat. A SERIOUS DISASTER. _ The fore-and-aft schooner Falcon, which was on ttM beach near St, Joseph all winter, aud was released by the tug Ben. Drak* last Tuesday, cepslaed and a»uk yesterday afternoon at 6 o'clock, about one-quarter ol a mile south-east of the crib, while on her way to this port to be repaired. The wind had been very high all day yeatarday, bates It waa blowing from (ho south th* lake was comparatively smooth until the vessel cam* wllhtu a abort distance of the crib. At mu point a rougn sea was encountered which opened tn» seams of the vessel to such a oiumt that Copt, lualsy <

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